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Medical College Hospital School of Nursing - Cap and Candle Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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K -+ 1 b I .Q- ' 41-.' ' 4- ' sg if- u 5 N Q57 'I i N . I , . at X ' ,-,, iv .r 'V fi ' - rank Y Av X , if-'tsl Tl, I- -1 O an ...M M- W- - W ,gg -. 4 NN- , - - 0 x Q C 'Q' .--new nga-a-o -.. I - MJ. .un-AJCQIN-v---fd -Via I .Q if wg 1' :f,,g J: . ..,... . ...huilvs -:N Sli . I... srl N p fi E . .r'Ip'!Q T 5 vu - l:?:L2- . -35.4.3 5 'fo fx 4 5 5, .. ,. 8. LQ, ? .' .rt Q ' - ,. ' um 1- ,. - no -A b 'i .a:'!'sb:f' ' N .ll 0' ' I .,-Q X5 v I yah. iz! 3, L E ' , . ,Q 1 . V 5 ' . . 0 , - ,- . . . Q . 4' . . w.K .p .4 ' Q vi . I A A 1 H 2 -2' . , ' 1 ig. 5 A no '- - sux 'x I Q .t ' 533' T7 - r ' A 1 'W I 5 ' 1 gb .,6- K . 5,0-. Q I 2 . 'x C4 ' ' . u 1 sa ' I' . - 0 ' ' ' I 5 V s,., F .3 . ' ' , ins. w ' T . ' I . . -- - P ..,, 1 0 0 A i r . V ::'N '.4 '04.f, 'i1n..4 1. . .- A I ' ' L .1 - . l I hun Ot i Y Qorcuford In the days to come we hope this book will grow in value. Many years from now, you will leaf through this 1954 volume and re- call various experiences in nursing school. Many of them will be brought to life by the sight of an old friend's face. We on the yea r book staff sincerely hope that the 1954 Cap 8: Candle will help you relive your students days. May it bring you joy ona reminiscent night in the future. We also hope that it will bind you closer to your present friends, that you may not forget them later on. We would like to thank all the faculty, nursing administration, physicians, students, and friends who helped make this book pos- sible. Now we present to you students and faculty of Women's Medical College Hospital, your 1954 Cap 8a Candle. NUM IV1 llx gli' 5 1- : 115 L ,,,a!. 5gf:r. j I: ' -.,:'.,1,, 91 f -Jn- f, Jr fu he-44-'N' .I ', ai, ' f ,'r-:.,5'.a, 4 L,.,. lv '. '- ' ,,'. Q A 1 ., , 'Ana' :,.'.-ig if '11 J ' ,A U.. 1 . .1 Z x P4 1 . -.J- 'l F ' 'A-, . H. '-U' 'Q 'M-1 N ' . L , Lv F. ., og F21 rf f--- i J 43 i-af-9 ans 4, . ,. , , vfznvm-f ra-' '....,m ., v- 1 ' . ,, . b ,,, nu . A V ,u 'Q- . f - . 1 I ' 1 I h v nf ' ' 'l':., ' ' '-J ' ' ' 0 -' I 1. 'J' 1 ,., ' ' 4 - ' . . -. ,i ' . A , ' ,f FQ fbi ,144-ffffllffj' ffiliffff 1-ff gf 77 ff ,f,'f,,,-iff, 'fl' , . 'Q fliiw if ?iyif.,i'f1, -iw ' .'-' f r. z, 1 A , L' ..-- 9 -J .,.. Jr-, Wil fs hx,- E'U'.'. ,Juv .x , r. Q I v sm .- 1 , I V- ... , , fx 5? 7'x Shi. A -div!-mx We wish to express by this small gesture our ap- preciation for all that you have done, in our behalf these past three years. So to you Mr, Murphy, the graduating class of 1954 dedicates its yearbook. fix 1 MRS. KARL OWEN, R. N. Your untiring efforts have lessened our difficulties and smoothed our path toward graduation, We, your sixteen d a ugh t e r s, wish to express here, our deep gra titude for all that you and your husband have done, We will look at this page, in the future, and recall the work, but mostly the fun we had together. Director of Nurses MILDRED SWICK, R. N. It is a pleasure to congratulate the 1954 Graduating Class of the School of Nursing of the Hospital of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, Ahead of you lies a profession rich in opportunity and purpose, Approach your future with a zest for living and with respect for the dignity and worth of your fellowman. Iwelcome you to a profession of service with the fervent hope your goals for continued personal and professional growth will advance you to security and happiness, It was said of Florence Nightingale Nothing too small, no creature too humble, to awaken her sympathy and tenderness, Make this applicable to your professional life and you will gain the satisfaction of work well done, A Assistant Director of Nurses MOLLY WALLACK, R, N, 5 . N 1 X Educational Director MRS, DORIS PRYCE, R,N, Clinical Instructors MRS, MARGARET AIKEN, R.N. MRS, DORIS WECKERLY, R,N. Supervisors MISS DOROTHY WOLF, R, N, Pediatrics MISS KYLE LARREMORE, R, N, Operating Room MISS GRACE LEAR, R.N, Obstetrics iPhoto Unavailablej N-4 f 1 Head Nurses MISS MARY HOWARD, R. N. Third Floor MRS, MARY ANN KOSINS, R. N. Pediatrics MRS, ESTELLE LONG, R,N. Fourth Floor MISS DOROTHY MCFARLAND, R. N. Out Patient Department iPhoto Unavailablej House Supervisors MISS EMMA NICHOLSON, R, N, MRS, CHARLETTE STRAUSSER, R N MRS, VIRGINIA RIDDLE, R,N, MISS MARIE GORMAN, R,N. Central Supply Room fPhote Unavailablej 6- i DR. BURGESS LEE GORDON President of College DR. MARION FAY Dean of College DR, EVA FOX Medical Director i 6 S L. KRAEER FERGUSON AoBo9 MQDQQ FsAoCoSn Surgery ffm, 5. uf' , . ,iff ,J ' ' fra s.- 9-1-fl' 40 'S I-V'1'.m J' 115 ANN GRAY TAYLOR JEAN CRUMP, M. D, v1 D., F,A,o,G,, F,A,c,s, Pediatrics Obstetrics s 1.. I MARY DeWITT PETTIT A.B., M.D., F.A.C.S. Gynecology STANFORD W, MULHOLLAND M.D., M.S.. F.A.C.S. Urology .Ia f9N-A,'l ' .nn Medicine Dr. Kesselman 'x ey rv- I., ' 'csv 0 Obstetrics Dr. Hyde Gynecology Dr. Hanson Surgery Dr. Overleese Dr. Chang I vw ANATOMY CHEMISTRY Uur 6011575 .7u5tructor5 and 61115555 During our first six months we concentrated on the sciences, The function and structure of the human body was a mystery but our lectures and lab work helped to solve the unknown. Books and exams went hand in hand and looking back now the time went all too fast, Patience and perseverance played an important part and the untiring efforts of our teachers will always be remembered, PHYSIOLOGY ANATOMY T There were times we thought we wou1dn't But we finally got it done, It took a lot of effort, But we had a lot of fun. EDITOR CO-EDITOR Here it is . . . we hope you like it THE STAFF 4 J -0 V, xf V T - ' V hi f if use Harkness H0 Scenes Arnaud D rs :'fZ'r:- '-, Medical soho the Hampzzs C0116 Se Hosloifa I O Student Health gp ,hx ge Ann Preston Hall i - 'S 0398, 1 ' 'V -r A- . w.. . ff Q- eo tudcnt Galfcrnm cnt STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council, composed of five elected officers class presidents and a representative from each class, presides every Monday evening at six thirty. Here decisions on convention plans, recruitment trips and student policies, Not only is student council up to the minute on our own hospital affairs but reports on the progress of other school of nursing are given. Vera Phillips was elected Vice President of the Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania. It is through the S, N, A, P, that these reports are made possible, STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President - - - ----- vera Phillips Vice President - - ------- Lois Taylgr SGCFCUIIY '-- - - Elizabeth Westermann Treasure! - ---- Carol Reulein Program Chairman - - - - Mildred Chivinsky STUDENT BODY Student activities, social functions along with rules and regulations are discussed Monday evenings under the capable direction of Mrs, Swick, Guest lectures and the annual pre- clinical program proved to be both educational and entertaining, The last student body meeting closed with election of new officers and plans for the big events to follow, graduation and the senior prom, 'fgffr r Y 'rw ' at ., 'W , z'1 i -z5.1JZif'Ner.r?sNA r J fl q4.n ,ug 0 's I .Il 'J Qrcshmm President -------- Marilou Kaempffe Vice President - - ---- Vera Phillips Secretary - - - - - Emma Omlor Treasurer - - - - Marjorie Spring ' 611155 Ufficers Vera Phillips Q x W Q 7 cniors President --------- Marjorie Spring Vice President - - ---- Vera Phillips Secretary ---- ----- G erry Shaw Treasurer ------- Kathy Van Embden Student Council Representative - - - - - Diane Herman Program Chairman - - - Mildred Chivinsky G' 1 'K sdfl' -gf Q 1 'Ti B l ' kr junivrs President -------- Marilou Kaempffe Vice President - - - - - Carol Reulein - - - - - Ruth Rita Slaney - - - - Kathy Van Embden S ecretary Treasurer xx' Q9 b . 1 I , ski, f , 11.-qt.. ' X f' c .'4 fy U5 W. 'Z 'Nr MARGARET HARDY Serious minded, friendly and fun to be with is our Peggy. Never forget- ting a birthday or special occasion denotes another one of her charac- teristics. It is sometimes hard to believe that our little Dennis the Menace is looking forward to attending Bible School in the Fall, and a missionary career in the heart of Africa, MILDRED CHIVINSKY Straight from Mahanoy City with her winning smile and friendly air, burst forth Mildred, On many an occasion we lingered to hear her fingers dancing over the keys of our Baby Grand, Those same fingers have a talent for writing and we wou1dn't be surprised to soon find her name upon a published storiette DIANE HERMAN Dee 's delicatessen has saved many from those odd hour hunger pains. Her voice and recordings are en- tirely responsible for turning stu- dents' weary bones back into vim and vigor. Along with wit and a homespun personality Dee is cer- tainly going to be missed. MARILOU KAEMPFFE Here's the sole red head of our class. Far from her native city, Boston, Marilou enjoys a good time mingled with pizza pie. The doorway of her chosen New England college has already swung wide to engulf her versatile personality, and claim her ability to undertake higher education, OLGA KOZAK When Kitty is not out dancing, bowl ing, or roller skating, she is spend- ing her leisure hours Crocheting. Kitty is a good listener, and always willing to lend a helping hand, Her future is undecided, between that age old question, marriage or a career. For Kitty it will be one or the other, ROSE KRUT Rose is soft spoken, and easy,to get along with, this is combined with natural curls and dimples. Her pleas and manner and graceful ways will always be her identification card. Rose's nursing career is a stepping- stone toward her future life whether single or married. The future looks bright, good luck. ELEANOR O'DONNELL The antique stores and old curiosity shoppes are Eleanor's frequent haunts, We will miss her wit, which is satirical, cynical, and quite original, also her sophistication and good taste in clothes, books and music. Of course coffee at Lintons will never be the same without her discourse upon the warp and woof of Bohemian subjects, MARTHA MCGOLDRICK Natural golden curly hair goes with her flare for clothes, her quick movements and scintillating per- sonality. A capable nurse, she will be an asset to any of the numerous fields her profession offers, We will all remember Massie for her broad mindedness and cultured air, tht A 'z rf' VERA PHILLIPS Completely at home in her native city, Vera continues to enrich her mind with classic studies of ancient philosophies, music and works of art of Van Gogh, Long will we remember her boundless energy and especially her contagious laughter stemmed from Walt Ke11y's I Go Pogo. VN' U I, EMMA OMLOR Here's to Emmy as cute as a button and the size of one, Her nimble, gay nature is always looked forward to at dances and her tiny sneezes will be missed by all. One of her most enjoyable experiences in training was her affiliation at Friends, where she became a per- manent fixture in the snack shoppe devouring hot fudge sundaes, CAROL REULEIN The Bronx have given us a special friend. Carol's dry sense of humor and motherly attitude will never be forgotten, She makes her own clothes and thrives on Boston Cream Pie This ambitious girl will some- day call Maine her home, A I X R RUTH RITA SLANEY Neat, petite, pretty and good na- tured are the qualities of Ruth Rita. During the past three years we have found you to be a sympathetic lis- tener and always willing to give a helping hand, We sure will miss your sunny disposition when you re- turn to your hometown in New Jer- SCY. GERALDINE SHAW Gerry's love for good music is quite evident by her collection of records, It is also evident that there is another love, and that is her future hubby, Jack, Good luck to you both, Those blue prints on your future ranch type home are exquisite. if MAIUORIE SPRING Margie is tall, stately and well poised, With a Pepsi in one hand and records in the other she is quite at home, Tennis and swimming are her other favorites, She will long be remembered for her school spirit and leading ability. Margie will someday tour Europe with her nursing background, KATHRYN VAN EMBDEN Kathy is another ambitious member of our class. In the Fall she plans to attend college to work toward her degree. We will always re- member her love for the out-doors and the long walks we shared. Kathy's off duty hours were spent creating new patterns with her crochet hook or occasional chess playing. vwan-tflwyf MARY TRICKER Where you hear the noisiest chatting you find our tall, blond, gray eyed Mary, Her flashing smile greets one and all, She is a lover of dogs, and takes pride in showing Boxers. Her collection of blue ribbons is growing rapidly, but not quite as fast as those incoming phone calls. .ef Senior 611155 Prvplzecy Z if h -Q n' Z 4, . I boarded a jet plane for my well earned vacation, took my seat and dreamily looked out of the window. My state of euphoria was instantly interrupted when a smartly dressed woman called me by name. To my astonishment I found my flying companion to be Carol Reulein. As the plane took off Carol and I started reminiscing about our school days at ole W. M,C, H. Carol had not changed much and I knew she had been enjoying touring the continent with her nursing background. Later she made knovsm the fact that Martha McGoldrick and Gerry Shaw were happily married and busily raising families. I wasn't surprised to hear about Rose Krut's accomplishments in frontier nursing and that Kitty Kozak really took great pride in her prominent position with Public Health. The conversation drifted to our probie days and we both remembered the hilarious experi- ences in anatomy and physiology classes along with the old bus taking us back and forth from Harkness House to the hospital. Cnot yet quite awakej With the mention of a few names I recalled reading about Diane Herman accepting the task f'?J of infirmary nurse at West Point. I had heard from Marilou Kaempffe and knew she had received her degree but was in the midst of raising a few red-heads. Of course I couldn't lose track of my old room-mate, Emma Omlor, deep in the field of industrial nursing. Carol and Istopped talking long enough to eat a quick lunch, laughing between bites as we looked back on Ann Preston Hall. Remember the bathroom? The windows that is . . . and how we took showers in the dark y X . - for three months because of a slight mistake. fpeople could look in but we couldn't see out.J The hostess interrupted us long enough to say, We are now flying over Africa. With that I thought of one person. Carol reached into her brovsm alligator bag and handed me a pamphlet. I leafed through and sure enough it was there. Peggy Hardy was standing among a group of African natives. Iread a few lines under the picture, A well known missionary with her grow- it HI! D sL'xR'261 ing congregation. The Stewardesg passed out magazines so Carol and I amused ourselves for a while. One advertisement caught my eye, A1l discriminating people smoke Herbert Barrington. We both agreed it was a lovely picture of Vera Phillips. Our plane was about to land in England, Carol and I exchanged addresses and bid farewell. fs lell. After a quick tour of London I checked in at my hotel. On the guest register Iread a familiar name, Colonel Mary L. Tricker. I got in touch with Mary and we made arrangements to have dinner together. Over our fifth cup of coffee we discussed my lat- est book Seconal For Supper . With the English atmosphere Kathy Van Embden drifted into our conversation, We both spoke of the wonderful work she was doing with the A. N. A. After that enjoyable evening I bought a New York newspaper and went to my room. The picture on the front page read, Chosen As Number One American Family. Ruth Rita S1aney's blond hair and smile was unmistakable. The morning fog was lifting when the plane headed toward France and the Riviera. Since the last few days were full of events I took a restful sleep until we landed at the airport. I hailed a cab, stumbled over the French language but managed to get to the Riviera before dinner. The sun was hot and Icouldn't resist the water and beach. I had just settled myself and was enjoying the most welcome breeze from the sea when I was greeted by four familiar faces. Wh yes, of course, Mildred Swick, Margaret Aiken, Doris Pryce and Doris Weckerly. They were taking time out after the Convention of the International Nurses Association held in Paris, be- fore going back to the states. We noticed a crowd gathering further up the beach so I followed a group to the site. A tall, goggled, greased woman walked out of the water and was hailed in all languages by the people. This woman had just broken the speed record for swimming the Channel. I too began to cheer as I recognized Margie Spring. My trip would not be complete if I didn't pay my respects to Maxims. It was just as I had imagined, exquisite gowns, expensive perfume and atmosphere. I lit my last cigarette and slowly sipping my after dinner cocktail, noticed the waiter making his way toward my table. Iread the note and gave my approval immediately. A few minutes elapsed before I was joined by Eleanor O'Donnell. Her black evening creation was strictly Dior but she was still sporting her short hair style. We reminisced for a while and then discovered that we were both scheduled for the same plane back to New York. Finishing the evening with Eleanor's Swedish brand cigarettes we made plans for tomorrow's trip. Mildred A . Chivinsky ..., li last Will and Testament We, the Class of June 1954, being of sound mind and body leave to Women's Medical College Hospital, School of Nursing, and to those following our footsteps the halls of a wonderful school and three years of learning, fun and friends. To the next pursuers of Anatomy the survivors leave Dr. Weissenberg's wonderful mooduls. To scholars of Physiology we leave-the grand operation on rabbits to those with iron clad stom- achs. The departing class leaves the polysaccharides of Chemistry to underclassmen - we prefer cane sugar. To enterprising students we leave the mysteries we did not solve in Pharmocology and Materia Medica. With bitter tastes in our mouths we leave our burnt hamburger to future diet therapists. To the ensuing students of Microbiology we leave our BUGS and agar plates. To the future students of Professional Adjustment I and II we leave the insurmountable test of becoming happy, well adjusted student nurses with no problems. To those taking Medicine and Surgery we leave our comprehensive C?J notes on the doctors' lectures. Mildred Chivinsky leaves her ability to pack nothing to wear into twelve suitcases. Peggy Hardy bestows her Dennis the Menace personality to anyone who has nerve enough to use it. Diane Herman wills Ike her famous red elephant to Marie Nimon. Marilou Kaempffe leaves Philadelphia to the Philadelphians and returns to the rock bound coast Kitty Kozak leaves her blithe disregard for Jurisprudence to Pediatrics. Rose Krut leaves her dimples and gliding gait to a Junior who can do them justice. Martha McGoldrick leaves her easily acquired tan to the persistent beavers who only blister and peel. Eleanor O'Donnell wills her assortment of exotic perfumes to help fourth floor's b.p. hopper. Emma Omlor leaves her rain soaked hats to the Junior with the same good luck. Vera Phillips leaves her extensive ability of tinkering to the Maintenance Department. Carol Reulein would like to leave ............ Training? Gerry Shaw leaves her tingling of keys to the next lack Benny with hidden UCZSUISS. Ruth Rita Slaney leaves her ability to take notes to anyone who understands I-lieroglyphics. Marjorie Spring gives her taste for Pepsi Cola to the thirstiest Junior. Mary Tricker's friendliness is willed to Karen Havbro. Kathy Van Embden leaves her it all depends to anyone who cares to evade the issue. 1954 TO 1955 WITH BEST WISHES OUR BLACK BANDS 0 41.5 h-1-A-h wk' i. Zappiug Weshmcn girl. J 'x jggnding I 53 Kdkdlhy H 0 ,-,fs N a gf-QV ' JS: ,KA N- X flflbfy K i x I 19 Seniors ,DO 1 ,-fy U 4? J' Qrieuds The jangle of keys, the snack bar and our neurosis were all a part of Friends. Our experiences, were new and different, ECT, Insulin Therapy and the walks to O, T, We will always remember the azaleas in bloom. How could we ever forget the century old tunnels and our first encounter with them, The tennis courts offered many enjoy- able hours and the Boulevard Pool in -1 if smirk the Philadelphia heat, was really an asset. Classes ending and our three months affiliation drawing to c close, we came back with a well rounded knowledge of the mentally ill, v L 4 ' P V Q v '. . in sw 4, , .-,. , 4 . N ,M 1 T Nil 4 3.5. Muni Contaminated, anti-toxin, West End and T, B, were permanent fixtures in our vocabulary at Muni. Again we meet new friends and settled down to books and case studies, Our work with polio, pertussis, measles and mumps never permitted dull moment. We all looked forward to that day on ambulance duty and the thrill of our first ride, Two months flew by and moving out of our cubicles, we welcomed a new class. . ....,S. E sf.. .,,,.,a,. I , Mcmvries In September we all looked forward to that day at the shore, The chartered buses, new faces and the Ke11y's summer home, . sr 4, 5 5 We extend ourqdeep appreciation and thanks to Mrs. John B. Kelly for all of her thought- fulness. THE STUDENT BODY ...,.-4' V WHS I VM' 1 Hsu alendar of Events Halloween Party Christmas Party Carolling Introducing Probies .. W.. , x X F-' '44 I' , 4:-'gn'-J,', M V . .J JSA! AJ Q I V I xllg' I J 'Q' 1 , 'V' f' wv' ' .La , .Qu , .4,..f' 'Y x ,b 5.-X f WI l3'ask dba!! Umm dlfizlefic 61116 Here we would like to add a warm thank you to Mr. and Mrs, John Anthony, founders and sponsors of our Athletic Club. With their help and willingness, basket- ball, tennis and swimming along with our monthly socials were made possible, , , I' O O mx Y f 'Q Glen' Klub ANYONE HOUSEMOTHERS Miss Margaret Bell Mrs. Anna Bennis Mrs, Vi Ella Spears Mrs. Agnes Spring I une- R.-f..-fn-.0 X -Jflf llf, 'il 3 . . 'R ' , 3 7 I GM W ' -Vgws 'I Qian J gl 'I I ,I We xx --- flirt-ngqi' M -7 -v-2 N 7 s- f if A With Apologies To Will To stay, or not to stay, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to master or withstand the classes and wangensteins, Or to take arms against a sea of orders, and by opposing end them? To graduate: to be a student no more, c Q , C9 - - Jan l'E.-wg And by a graduate to say we end the heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks that probie's are heir to, tis a consummation devoutly to be wish'd. To graduate, to be paid, To be paid, perchance to have our own checking account, ay, there's the rub, For in that state of euphoria what dreams may come When we have shuffled off these mortal blues, and take on whites, There's the thought that makes our career of so long life, I The juniors wrong, the seniors contumely, 'OX 0 on The pangs of restriction, the laws enforced, The superior of office, and the rewards that .X ? patients merit of our worthy tasks, NX? Q fi When we ourselves might our profession make, ' X. with bare hopes, who would state boards, pass, To toil and sweat under a dramatic life, And that the dread of yellow sheets after deadline, in accordance with tmfinished summaries from whose bourn, no student willing endures, puzzles our will, And make us rather bear the task we have, than fly to other pleasures we know of, Thus conscience does make martyrs of us all, And thus the natural hue of resolution ls sicklied O'er three years of work and study, And molds us of great pride and constitution, With this regard our currents will never turn awry, And lose its name of action. Revised by ,-J vu-1: ur ul Mildred A. Chivinsky 'K Y ' 3 Q1 ' 3f , ' ll'-C f ffuqiul i is Z ui I X 'inli J! r 1 I EY ,1 .QQ .s. i ,M xxx Q 'bf fo QA 5 T . 1 Y l'-5 I 1 u ,..,- f A 1 .....d...... 4 Fi-T ,ini I . JH 4 L , A A5 ,A '1 . A Jaxx.. v-xg f- 'nz 4 , ' l '..i' . v .1 , , 3,345 . xv . 41 Lf' ' V Q Xl , r- fy . M 1 I 43 's :gy 5 ' .' 41 fgra X X 1 'AAA I if Y- XXX . Y , 3 . J 4. !'. '? Q . iw -LQ , . TTT 1--Jfgm , Nga' ' ' l 'T.' 'S. I -gm' 1 W ....c K 9 W. up Q Q f x xy M J N 'S 3 vig . ,Y ih f , r If-4 - g. 1 JO 545 4,4 N J-uc: f ur,- PATRONS We wish to thank the following for their generosity which makes this yearbook possible. Margaret Aiken, R.N. Mr. and Mrs. John Anthony Max Batzer Edna Ahlstom Boyer, R.N. John Brooks lvlarie Therese Burke, M.D. Nlildred Cadwallader Ellen Condon, R.N. Norma Cross, R.N. Elsie Curtis, M.D. Alice Develin, R.N. Gladys Dozier, R.N. Ida Draeger Margaret Dugan, R.N. Ann Dunsmore, R.N. Abraham Frumin, M.D. Margaret Goff Harry A. Goldman Margaret Heely, R.N. Ivlr. and Mrs. C. LaRue Herman Catherine B. Hess, M.D. Mary Howard, R.N. Bajarisan Jumbala, M.D. Edward Kavjian, M.D. Blanche Keeley, R.N. Elizabeth Keely, M.D. Russell Kesselman, M.D. Mary Ann Kosins, R.N. Kyle Laramore, R.N. Grace Lear, R.N. Jane M. Leibfried, M.D. Alice Lombardy, R.N. Marjorie Long Alberta Lundy Dorothy McFarland, R.N. Emil Mathis Mary Martin M. Jean lviichael, R.N. Stanford W. Mulholland, M.D Emma Nicholson, R.N. . Kathryn Neidig Mr. and Mrs. Karl Owen Philadelphia Stationary Co. Hazeltene Parmenter Eva Radick, R.N. Virginia Roberts, R.N. Martha Ross, M.D. Evelyn Shilliday, R.N. Eleanor Mallay Smith, M.D. Vi Ella Spears Joseph A. Splendido, M.D. Agnes M. Spring Mr. and Mrs. Paul Spring Oscar E. Spring Irene Stover, R.N. Leoni Sullivan Mildred Swick, R.N. Anne Gray Taylor, M.D. Howard Teaf Molly Wallack, R.N. Joan Walsh Esther R. Walter, R.N. Doris Weekerly, R.N. Marion Williams, M.D. What Not Shop ln Highest Regard - BRICK W0 RK- Iohn B. Kelly, Inc. OF PENNSYLVANIA 1720 CHERRY STREET PHILADELPHIA PENNA -Ab ts FINE DAIRY PRODUCTS smcs 1816 This Seal is Your Assurance of Fine Quality in Ivlilk - Ice Cream And Other Dairy Products Ab boizizs xifzzka, INC General Offices Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The Nursing Profession Knows .... There's Only One Blue Cross There's Only One Blue Shield .. ASSOCIATED HOSPITAL. SERVICE OF PHILADELPHIA The Most Widely Used Ethical Specialty for Care of the Infant's Skin OINTMENT Decisive studies substantiate over 2.5 years of daily clinical use regarding the ability of Desitin Ointment to ....... protect, soothe, dry and ac- celerate healing in Diaper Rash - Exanthema Non-specific Dermatoses lntertrigo - Prickly Heat Chafing - Irritation fDue to Urine, Excrement, Chemicals or Friction, DESITIN cnzmlcu cormnv 70 Ship Street 0 Providence 2,R.I. cmffzafwg dcm4,TcvT5e CLASS OPI 9 5 4 NURSES ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION of THE HOSPITAL OF THE WOMAN'S MEDICAL COLLEGE OF PENNSYLVANIA COMPLIMENTS OF M M 'Z M HOME OF FINE PRINTING 20th and Washington Avenue Philadelphia 4 6 , Pennsylvania A LITHOGRAPHED 74qlof2'mz4'e YEARBOOK DALLAS o TEXAS n,.4 '..' '. uh' ' Io' . W.' +I'.'1I j an I' 'V K HUM' '-', l.'.. ,N . N I I I . 'wha' I W :I 2 V21 ,. 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Suggestions in the Medical College Hospital School of Nursing - Cap and Candle Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

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