McKinley High School - Trojan Yearbook (Sebring, OH)

 - Class of 1955

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xx. x-5 fl ,I .' . "Tempus Fugitf' Yes, thaw? W5 Zk h really flew- in this scl year. Our autumi t Kish" season came to an end and it was time exp ?53Lgnl.and ring in the New Year. And then . f It K W, ,A zoom, dm . . . another high point ygetball, Juniors 'gm f 'h sf' 'I 5' J " sl V W5 if, 2. present their first Senior off to WVashington. At lMf,hfl gkhgaWaited moment is here-graduation. I 'Q 1 if In the '55 Trojan we have tried to piece together all of these wondeiftdy happy moments that made his year slip by so iyQ , TROJA num scllool. RING, 0lll0 gl' 53,1 2333362 ! s ,sy THE SENIUR TR TEGISTS ,gms if Connie Vogt, Miss Poinski, George Hindall, Carroll French, Jack McAbier, Mr. Miller and Pat Copeland. I Found Rome Brick and Left It Marble. -Caesar Augustus M9070 Xie! l X wx lg Ch BU 737 fr WA 4 if .M 4 3? ,C h fkvdggf' mf X li fa' T! IVAN ARTHUR BAKER The heginning of success. Choir C115 Biology Club C21. DONALD CLARK BAYLESS A truer friend was never had. Hi-Y C415 Track C3, 41. ROGER JAMES BRADSI-IAXV ANN BANKERD Meet public energy, number one. N.H.S. C3, 41 Presidentg National Thcspians C415 Vocalaires C2, 3, 415 Choir C115 Band Cl, 2, 315 SeKinley C215 Echo C2, 3, 415 Trojan C2, 3, 415 Latin Club Cl, 2, 315 Hi-Teens C2, 3, 415 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Future Teachers of America C315 Librarian C2, 315 Biology Club C315 Quill and Scroll C3, 415 Prince of Peace C2, 3, 415 Ir. Marshal C315 Scholarship Team Cl, 2, 3, 415 C.A.A. Cl, 2, 3, 41 Presidentg Class Treasurer C215 Ir. History Award C31. SHIRLEY MINNIE BLASIMAN We will "Shirley" miss her Hi-Teens C3, 41. Although he :sn t very tall at witty remarks he s on the hall H1 Y C41p, Track C41 'NIARGARET LOUISE BOALS She goes right when things go wrong Band C1 2 31 Orchestra C1 21 Hx Teens C2 31 Biology Club C2 31 GAA C2 31 T OX RICHARD PAUL BRIMLOVV Around the rink he is seen5 Lou and Helen are quite a team. Choir C3, 415 Band C3, 415 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Football C21, Manager C315 Basketball Manager C2, 315 Track Manager C215 Cafeteria Helper C41. MARY JANE BROWN We dream of "Janie" with the light brown hair. SeKinley Cl, 215 Echo Cl, 2, 3, 415 Trojan C415 Latin Club Cl, 215 I-li-Teens C2, 3, 415 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Librarian C3, 415 Prince of Peace C215 Homecoming Attendant C41. WILLIAM CHARLES CLAPSADDLE You can't hide abilities. National Thespians C415 Band CI, 2, 315 Orchestra C315 Echo C215 Latin Club Cl, 215 Hi-Y C315 Dra- matic Club C3, 415 Prince of Peace C415 Miniwanca CAROL lANE-T CASE C355 Baslfetbau CU: Track U' 2' 3' LU? Math Club A talented girl we all agreeg u violin player of the C41 President. . first degree. N.H.S. C415 SeKinley C415 Orchestra CI, 2, 3, 415 Latin Club C2, 315 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Class Treasurer C115 Librarian C2, 3, 415 Girls' Ensemble CI1. DONALD EUGENE CLARK He possesses a keen sense, a common sense, and just a little nonsense. N.H.S. C3, 41 Treasurerg Choir C415 Trojan C3, 415 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Quill and Scroll C3, 415 Miniwanca C315 Scholarship Team C3, 415 Math Club C415 National Thespians C41, Debate Team C41. DOROTHY MAE CLOSE Light of hair and light of heart. Echo C415 Trojan C415 Hi-Teens C3, 415 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Math Club C415 Dispensary Aid C3, 415 Chorus C115 St. Alousis Club C115 Debate Team C41. PATRICIA LOUISE COPELAND A future lady in white. N.H.S. C415 Latin Club C115 Choir C3, 415 Band C35 415 SeKinley C115 Echo C3, 415 Trojan C415 Hi-Teens C3, 41 Pres. and Treas.5 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Student Council C41 Pres.5 Class Secretary C3, 415 Biology Club C315 Prince of Peace C415 Miniwanca C315 Scholarship Team C35 415 U.N. Pilgrimage C315 Jr. Marshal C315 National Thes- pians C415 Quill and Scroll JOHN LAWRENCE EANS GERALD FREDRICK DIVER Many lasses he will win with his shy but charming grin. Hi-Y C3, 415 Biology Club C315 Football C41. I-le's small, but so is a stick of dynamite. Hi-Y C3, 415 Basketball JAMES ELLIS DURBIN Some say he's quiet5 others doubt it N.H.S. C415 Echo C415 Trojan C415 Student Coun cil C415 Boys' State C315 Track C3, 415 Scholarship Team C415 Quill and Scroll C4 THOMAS JAY EATON I never worry5 it only gives you grey hair. Band Cl, 2, 315 Latin Club C115 Hi-Y C3, 415 Basketball C11 LAWRENCE GENE EELLS l rest well in all my classes. Hi-Y C415 Basketball C315 Track C41. ROBERT DALE FLOWERS When fun and studies just don't mix-label studies NIX. Class Vice-President C315 Football Cl,21. DAWN DARLENE GARDNER Happy she isg happy she'll stay. Vocalaires C415 Choir C315 Band C2, 315 Hi-Teens C2, 3, 415 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Biology Club C2, 31. TERRY GORDON FEDOR Don't study-it's had for your health. I-li-Y C415 Biology Club C2, 315 Football C3, 415 Basketball Cl, 2, 315 Track C2, 3, 41. WILLIAM GEORGE FAITH No mechanical breakdown is too difficult for Bill. Choir Cl, 2, 415 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Biology Club C215 National Thespians C41. CARROLL DAYTON FRENCH Talented along the musical line5 a lad we think is really fine. Choir Cl, 2, 3, 415 Class President C3, 415 Football C115 Baseball C115 Cafeteria Helper C41. CHARLOTTE SUSAN CRIMES One of the girls with the natural curls. Choir C315 SeKinley C2, 415 Dramatic Club C3, 415 G.A.A. C2, 31. Cl, 2, 315 Echo XVILLIAM DEAN HEESTAND Where1'er there's a camera, y0'u're sure to find Bill. iw ii lan RONALD LEE HARLAN A squeal of tires and a rush of air5 we turn around and his Mercurjfs there. Biology Club C315 Football C31. KAY FRANCES HERBERT She coudn't he neater. Vocalaires C2, 3, 415 Choir C2, 315 SeKinley Cl, 415 Majorette CI, 2, 315 Echo Cl, 2, 3, 415 Trojan Cl, 2, 315 Latin Club C115 Hi-Teens C2, 3, 41 Treas.5 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Biology Club C215 Librarian C215 C.A.A. CI, 21. CHARLES HOWARD JACKSON l never alone nuthin', but I w0n't do it again. Hi-Y C3, 415 Basketball C11. WILLIAM KEITH HINDALL In football life he was a star5 an athlete known both near and far. Choir Cl, 2, 315 Echo C3, 415 Trojan C415 Hi-Y C3, 415 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Football C2, 3, 415 Basketball C2, 315 Track Cl, 2, 3, 41. Echo C415 Trojan C3, 415 Quill and Scroll C41. GEORGE FRANKLIN HINDALL All great men are dying-I feel skk myself., Dramatic Club C3, 415 Class't Treas. C41 Scholarship Team C415 National Thespians C41. Aff cz-ri ivy' LINDA LOU JACKSON lVith as pleasant a smile as u'e'1'e ever seeng she carried the title of "Homecoming Queen." SeKinley Cl, 213 Majorette C2, 3, 413 Echo C213 Hi-Teens C213 Biology Club C213 Librarian C215 Homecoming Queen C413 C.A.A. CI1. ALFRED EDWARD KRAHLING Always nice to everyone. Hi-Y C3, 413 Football Cl, 3, 41. in. T57 F? L4,sno"b lv 45 ESTER LOUISE KING Third finger, left hand. Band Cl, 2, 3, 413 Orchestra C3,413 F.H.A. Club Cl, 215 Dramatic Club C33 41. if HAROLD LEE KINSER He who invented work should have finished it Echo C413 HiaY C413 Track C41. CHARLOTTE IMOCENE MANKIN Really a cutie, by ",lim"meny. Choir C413 SeKinley C113 Hi-Teens C3, 413 F.H.A. Club C413 Student Council C41. POLLY ,IO MARSHALL She talks to live and lives to talk. SeKinley C113 Band C2, 313 Echo C3, 413 Latin Club Cl, 213 I-Ii-Teens C313 Dramatic Club C3, 413 Student Council C413 Biology Club C2, 313 Librarian C2, 3, 413 Prince of Peace C213 C.A.A. CI, 213 Debate Team C413 Future Teachers of America C31. JANET MARIE MAY Home on the Range-Kitchen range that is. Band Cl, 2, 3, 413 Orchestra C3, 415 F.H.A. Club C415 Dispensary Aid C3, 41. IO ANN MUSSELMAN A friend through thick and thin. 1 JOHN RICHARD MCABIER A snappy cager on the Trojan team, and with the gals he's on the laeam. I-Ii-Y C413 Student Council C415 Class Vice-President C415 Boys' State C313 Football C413 Basketball C3, 415 Track C41. Choir C415 SeKinley C219 Band Cl, 2, 319 Orchestra HARRY RAY MCCLELLAN C115 Hi-Teens C2, 3, 415 Dramatic Club C3, 413 Biology Club C2, 31. 'ka Not a care in the world Band C1, 2, 3, 41 ARTHUR JAMES PEARSON Laugh and the world laughs with you. Choir C415 Hi-Y C3, 41. Q 'lil V1 EDWARD CHARLES PINKERTON 1 3 tv Greater men than l may have lived, but l doubt it. Latin Club Cl, 213 Hi-Y qs, 43, Basketball C11. QQ G VVILLIAM LEE ROUDEBUSH - Some think the world was made for fun and frolic5 '--ff and so do I. Band Cl, 2, 3, 415 Orchestra C3, 415 Echo C115 Basketball Cl, 21. MARY ELLEN POTTER Pep x A good time : M.E. Choir C3, 415 SeKinley C115 Echo C215 Latin Club Cl, 215 Dramatic Club C3, 41: Biology Club C2, 315 Librarian C2, 3, 415 G.A.A. Cl, 2, 315 Cheerleader C3, 41 Head5 Dispensary Aid C41. GORDON DALE SCHRECENGOST BEVERLY ANN RUSSELL Do l look like a ladies' man? Well, I am! A smile for everyone who comes her way. Choir C115 Football Cl, 2, 3, 415 Basketball Cl, 2, 3 Track C315 Baseball C11. Choir C3, 415 SeKinley Cl, 215 Echo Cl, 2, 3, 415 Trojan C2, 3, 415 Hi-Teens C415 F.H.A. Club Cl, 2, 415 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Office Aid C41. TTf . J RTC if A L ' 'LCKKKL RAYMOND ELWOOD SPEAKMAN Full of wit and full of fung he livens the class for everyone. National Thespians C415 Band Cl, 2, 315 Orchestra C415 Latin Club Cl, 2, 315 Hi-Y C3, 415 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Student Council C41 Treas.5 Class Treasurer C215 Track Cl, 2, 3, 41. CAROLE ANN SHIVELY There are two sides to every question-mine and the wrong one. Choir C3, 415 SeKinley Cl, 2, 315 Hi-Teens C415 F.H.A. Club C315 Dramatic Club C3, 41. QW-9 ALLEN LEROY STANLEY Undiscovered Will Rogers. I-Ii-Y C415 Track C3, 41. LEROY HOWARD STEELE A kindhearted lad who never seems sad. Hi-Y C415 Football Manager C2, 3, 41. JANET LOUISE STONF DELBERT LOUIS STINE A loyal memher of the Senior Class. SeKin1e C115 Band C1, 2, 315 Hi-Teens C25 3, 41 Sometimes I sets and thinks5 other times 1 just sets. Y Football C1, 2, 3, 415 I-Ii-Y C21. Dramatic Club C3, 415 G.A.A. Cl, 2, 31. KENDALL KEIT11 T1-IORNSLEY Better late than never! Choir C2, 3, 415 Biology Club C2, 315 Football Cl, 2, 315 Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 415 Track C1, 2, 3, 415 Baseball C11. CONSTANCE JENE VOGT A girl with a personality that's hard to heatg to go with her is quite a treat. N.H.S. C3, 41 Vice-President5 National Thespians C415 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Band C315 Vocalaires C415 Choir C3, 415 SeKinley C115 Librarian C2, 3, 415 Echo C15 2, 3, 415 Trojan C415 Latin Club C115 Hi-Teens C25 3, 415 Student Council C41 Vice- President5 Class Treasurer C3, 415 Future Teachers of America C315 Biology Club C25 31 Vice-President5 Miniwanca C315 Math Club C415 Homecoming At- tendant C415 Scholarship Team C415 G.A.A. Cl, 2, 3, 41 Treas. and Vice-Pres.5 Quill and Scroll C41. ROBERT MILTON XVALKER :ln artist to tlze umpteentlz degree. Choir C115 Trojan C2, 415 Latin Club C115 Biology - V Club C31. if GARY MARTIN VVILSON llly fathers hair would all fall out, to see me peel NORNIA JEAN WILLARD my auto about. Choir C115 Band Cl, 2, 31. 'W-7N1s5,' 1 X l..x Q-at my 1 RAYMA JEAN VVAREHAM Rayma, Rayma, always tlzere5 cute as a bug with golden hair. Vocalaires C2, 3, 415 Choir C315 SeKinley C215 Band Cl, 2, 315 Echo C25 3, 415 Latin Club Cl, 215 Hi- Teens C2, 3, 41-5 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Biology Club C25 315 Prince of Peace C415 Dispensary Aid Cl, 41. RUTH MAY VVILT A little miss who never misses. Choir C315 Echo C2, 3, 415 Trojan C415 Hi-'Teens C2, 415 Dramatic Club C3, 415 Dispensary Aid C3, A giggle or two and maybe a laugh while she cranks the mimeograplz. Choir C315 SeKinley Cl, 215 Echo Cl, 2, 3, 415 Trojan Cl, 2, 315 Latin Club C115 Hi-Teens C2, 3, 415 Dramatic Club C3,-415 Biology Club C2, 31. 415 Cafeteria Helper C41. -X CONNIE LEE VVOLFE Illusical talent in lzer fingers5 true friemlslzip in lier heart. Scholarship Team Cl, 2, 415 G.A.A. C115 N.H.S. C3, 41 Secretaryg Vocalaires C2, 3, 41 Accompanist5 Choir Cl, 2, 3, 41 Accompanist5 SeKin1ey C11 Ac- companist5 Orchestra C115 Latin Club C115 Cafe- teria Helper C41. TWILA ARLENE YEAGER PATRICIA LOUISE WOOLF Taken. Band Cl, 2, 3, 41, Orchestra C11g Echo Cl, 21 Trojan Cl, 21, Latin Club Cl, 21, Hi-Teens C2, 3 413 Dramatic Club C3, 414 Biology Club C2, 31 Prince of Peace C41, C.A.A. Cl, 2, 3, 41, Cheer- leader C21. HELEN CHRISTINE YACELLO Skip to my Lou, my Darlin' N.H.S. C415 National Thespians C41, Vocalaires C214 Choir Cl, 415 Band Cl, 2, 3, 41, Orchestra C319 Echo C2, 31, Latin Club Cl, 21, Dramatic Club C3, 41, Scholarship Team Cl, 3, 41, G.A.A. Cl, 2, 319 Cafeteria Helper C41. Slze's often silent, always sincere. FRANCES MARIE YANACOS SeKinley Cl, 21, Choir C3, 41, Hi-Teens C41, F.H.A. Club C115 Dispensary Aid C3, 41. ti uf Slze'll do anything slzz can to help. N.H.S. C41, Choir C415 SeKinley C11, Echo Cl, 2, 3, 41, Hi-Teens C2, 41, Dramatic Club C3, 413 Student Council C41 Secretary, Class Secretary C113 Biology Club C2, 31, Librarian C2, 3, 415 Quill and Scroll C3, 41, Scholarship Team Cl, 3, 41. NOT PICTURED CHARLES EDIE Like Olrl Man River, lze just keeps rollin' along. DAVID SIMMONS Fine and reservetl is lzeg lies nmer mmle nn enemx 1 131 1 vo ii ,B xN bn N N f f 0,1 'gif I '92 I 1 ,W JU IOR 5...- ag...-. , , 1 I is f J . TOM DEAN CARY HEESTAND President Vice-President Q BEVERLY BARNETT KENNETH WALKER Secretary Treasurer Row 1-M. Stanley, K. Schartzhoff, T. Wilson, B. Sams, L. Rosier, N. Ware, L. Shoffner, D Smith. Row 2-W. Persillo, S. Stanley, L. Wilson, P. Sanders, M. Rochford, R. Tusch B. Robison, L. Riggs, Mr. Strauss. Row 3-C. Papadeonise, K. Russell, D. Prendergast, L. Stanley, B. Potter, E. Senior, D. Tuel, C. Thomas. Row 4-J. Yanacos, A. Zeppernick B. Slagle, W. Stanley, K. Walker, T. Tuel, V. Yeager, R. Wogan, B. Snair. I. Ellis. 0- ' ' LSE... .. T, ..r-SJ-1-H Row I-B. Barnett, A. Baldwin, F. Chaney, Bye, S. Davenport, C. Burgess, M. Beck, B. Burkey. Row 2-D. Augustine, T. Dean, R. Brotherton, J. Bradway, M. Carver, J. Baker, B. Court, Mrs. Miller. Row 3-R. Cox, D. Crawford, J. Cannell, L. Close, I. Daniels, B. Brenner, D. Conny, D. Brotherton. Row 1-C. Mort, S. Cartrell, V. Layne, M. hleir, L. Hurford, P. Edie, S. Menges, A. King Row 2-D. Levine, D. Mylar, 1. Fullerton, C. DeBolt, B. Mueller, M. Elliott, M. McCaus land, J. Kinser, Mr. Tetlow. Row 3-G. Lipply, M. Kitzmiller, C. Heestand, VV. Creier, A Hawkins, J. Hoff, G. Lutch, W. McDaniels, R. French. Row 4-H. Lee, E. jackson H. DeMuth, R. Jackson, J. Kolesar B. Miskelly, J. Fitzgerald, R. Mooney. f. A Row 1-S. Woolf, B. Smith, J. Steinwender, H. Schartzhoff, B. Wilt, M. VVeiznecker, A. Tausch M. Ritter. Row 24lVIrs. Edwards, P. Smith, C. Stanley, F. Richman, F. Sweely, D. Watson J. Fullerton, Tumer, S. Schott, N. Carpenter. Row 3-H. Stanley, J. Yothers, R. VVard N. Simmons, T. Reison, M. VVedclle, K. Reed, S. Utley, R. Gartrell, J. Smith, D. Brotherton Row 4-G. Virgil, C. VVilt, R. Stevenson, L. Underwood, K. Rosier, D. Sweely, R. Crick M. Postey, T. Smith. OPIIOMORES Row 1 I Ackerman, I. Burlcey, L. Brooks, C. Fink. fi ffplfbl - ip' Bow 1-hi. Cannon, B. Crosby, D. Carr, M. Cox, D. Demark, E. Crum, P. Edgar, E. Edgar Row 2-C. Bailey, R. Bissett, C. Denny, L. Dicko, C. DeBolt, M. Ackison, M. Abney M. Cams, C. Fink, L. Chaney, B. Bonzo, Mr. Stump. Row 3-B. Cline, M. Carr, 1. Chape low, L. Brooks, L. Ferguson, B. Cobbs, P. Apple, B. Faudree, T. Fedor, G. Durbin. Row 4- L. Buckley, L. Carnes, J. Court, B. Erb, C. Carver, R. Brogan, J. Fitzgerald, J. Ackerman J. Burkey. Bow 1-R. Kyner, P. Johnson, M. Lippley, M. McGrath, E. Smith, D. Hunt, S. Hughes, J. Porter. Row 2-P. Greiner, B. Heestand, B. Kelley, N. Kinser, S. Myers, S. Marsh, B. Latham I. Johnson, Mrs. Gednetz. Row 3-B. Gruszecki, J. McFerren, F. Martin, J. Maldoven, A Pizedas, S. McCracken, R. Pearson, D. Nezheth, D. Hoffman. Row 4-J. jordan, J. Green- walt, J. McAbier, G. Lamp, K. Paine, M. Howard, J. Maldos?nfi C1 v 4 M V .svn.. i,. ,." Y . af.:- Q. L Q " ,WA , 1 I l O is 3 QQ! : 5, 450 Y 'X . .... M Q hW h ,, LA-- 1-43's Row 1-R. Monter, M. May, C. Neafie, H. Meir, M. Mason, M. Lelrevre, B. McCombs, C. Lee. Row 2-BI. O'C0nner, Lee, Jordan, C. Kilbreath, K. Mueller, M. Mcllvain, M. Blartin, S. Maldoven, M. Krug, Mr. Trott. Row 3-B. McGrath, J. McDaniel, XV. Marshall, J. Kapalko, G. Irwin, R. McCullough, B. Marshall, G. Landis. Row 4-B. Lower, J. Jones, D. Morrison, R. Mcllvain, M. Kinsey, A. Larkins, C. Jackson. Row 1-P. Haupt, J. Hively, E. Hill, E. Cardinal, A. Clay, S. Speece, J. Devine, J. Ernest Row 2-K. Eans, P. Dever, D. Ferguson, I. Dawson, C. Buck, VV. Humphrey, M. Chaney J. Fedor, Mr. Hudson. Row 3-D. Hoopes, S. Handy, B. Hineman, J. Irving, V. Hartley J. Graham, B. Faith, T. Gable. Row 4-H. Tschappatt, I. Buehler, 1. Calhoun, R. Ewing, C. Handy, N. Hill, D. Heffelfinger, A. Burns, J. Brown, I. Buehler. 'Q D'n up-L 5 4' FRESH fi 7 . 4, ...a.4,, W nxif Bon' 1-D. Brown, S. Briggs, D. Con- rad, Benner, R. Binius. D. Ackison. Ron' 2-B. Adams. B. Alhcrt, l Il. llfLlilSl1llXV, C. Alcorn, -I. llrucllvy, 'Q D ggi. f I 4 Q 1 Row 1-P. Fullerton, M. Yarian, E. Robison, P. Thorpe, D. Schwarahoff, J. Welch, P. Schindler I. Shively, C. Stratton. Row 2-L. Zurbrugg, I. McEldowney, C. Roose, E. Steele, E. Trimmer I. Rosier, D. Welch, I. VVeigand, S. Zeppemick, L. Rogers, Mr. Schaefer. Row 3-VV. Swank H. Weizenecker, L. Yothers, T. Schwartzhoff, R. Sheets, B. Yothers, R. Prendergast, Smith gg R. Simmens, T. Vogt. Row 4-I. Stanley, T. Persello, J. Simmons, P. Riesen, T. Tue I. Tanner, Papadeonise, B. Schrecengost. Q-fig. U L V Miss Henry. Row 3-L. Bvals, VV. . Beck, D. Bland, L. Birkheimer, D. 'Albemk' Lower' Alito, S. Albert. 'lu F4 '7-11:43. n--I D Y r 1 1 ,.t:-,F BOW 1-J. Lewis, P. Lee, C. Henderson, Briggs, C. Batyski, Ecltelberry, C. Boyle, T. hliller, S. Chambers. Row 2fG. Brotherton, C. Courtney, C. Augestine, B. Franke, G. Keller, Keller, W. Hoffman, C. Ilurford, J. Dctchony Mr. Morgan. Row 3MVV. Berry, K. Hender- son. B. Boyd, B. Abney, M. Daniels, D. Lewis, B. Hawkins, H. Kelley, P. Bilky, B. Beaver. ROW 1-I. Johnson, B. Klercer, K. Blenges, M. Martin, M. Larkins, M. Martin, M. Kilkenny, P. Jackson. Row 2-Mrs. Snodgrass, B. Kilhreath, XV. Richmond, B. hlinor, C. McDaniel, B. Ormiston, G. llough, T. McNutt, T. Moss, B. Ilughes. Bow 3-L. Bliller, L. Lamp, E. Iddings, S. Miller, C. Morrison, B. Mcllvain, E. Porter, J. Mylar, S. Keene, C. Mcllvain. Rou I-C. Smith South, J. Schapfer, lizzari, P. Wilt, J son. R014 2-Mr baugh, L. Myers, J J. Shankleton, P N. Stanley, P. Pc- Tricltett, L. Morri Snodgrass, J. Poor Williams, J. Work 'A' , , 'f mquvbgzywu N fm, , A W 4 64 M, ,av ' M4 ,. g ,gs nz 'X ww f Q-0 t 1--sud.. fi-fx T .w'wwu Alu. M La-NA ,Y igauxiv U Sf' 0'-in , 1 . W 5642, MA M 4 Q ? fm R E XX 'L xx 65 01615 V Oi qs E i 5 3 5 S . in r 5 , Y: Row 1-K. llindall, B. Russell, J. Durbin, N. Willard, A. Bankerd, P. Copeland, Miss Poinski, C. Vogt, C. Denny, F. Chaney, D. Wlatson, B. Vllalker. Row 2-KI. Brown, IXI. Cox, D. Demarlc, M. Cannon, Bye, C. Mort, K. Sehwartzhoff. Row 3-C. Crimes, B. XVilr, KI. Roehford, ll. Tauscli, Al. VVeiLt-neclcer, A. Tausch, Kinser, D. Levine. Row 4- E. Durbin, B. llcestand, Fitzgerald, Hoff, B. Potter, B. Cruszecki, R. Ludwick, C. Pink, Pi. Kelly, S. Myers, M. Ritter, M. Frederick, D. Close, D. Clark. TBIIJAN S AFF Tll for lllll T HOW 1-Bliss llowell, P. Sweely, P. Dewr, Zeppernick, S. Briggs, I.. Ferguson, johnson S. Hughes. Raw 2-B. Albert, Cv. Landis, D. Sweely, French, B. Cline, E. Trimmer. ff 1 4 f 1 . A i f . ' JE ' 2 N i gifs " 5 .Q i f f 1 15 fs .F 3' .t P552 K :Lg . W . Ii 'I j y 'C Row 1-P. Copeland, P. Marshall, H. Yagello, A. Bankerd, C. Vogt, F. Yanacos, N. Willard B. Wilt, R. VVareham, B. Sams, K. Herbert. Row 2-K. Schwartzhoff, M. Brown, R. Wilt I. Durbin, Bliss Degler, K. Hindall, B. Russell, M. LeFevre, I. Ernest, M. Cannon. Row 3- Menges S. Schott, M. Abney, L. Brooks, D. Close, I. Musselman, C. Mort, M. Beck, S. S. Davenport, A. Tausch, H. Schwartzhoff, C. Denny. Row 4-R. Kelly, C. Fink, E. Durbin D. Brotherton, B. Heestand, H. DeMuth, J. Fitzgerald, M. Cams, A. Pizedas. ECHO STAFF Q ILL and SCRULL Row I-D. Clark, A. Bankerd, Miss Poinski, Miss Degler, F. Yanacos, P. Copeland. Row 2- B. Hecstand, C. Vogt, Durbin. rl' YQ? Row 1-K. Schwartzhoff, P. Johnson, R. VVilt, S. lN1enges, C. Mort, D. Demark, M. Cox, S. VVoolf, B. Crosby, M. Cannon. Bow 2-B. Burky, M. MeCausland, M. Elliott, M. Carver, T. Yeager, S. hlyers, Rl. Frederick, C. Denny, P. Copeland, lXlusselman, B. Russell, C. Wolfe. Row 3-Miss Howell, M. Roehford, S. Hughes, L. Dicko, P. Creiner, Porter, P. Edie, C. Mankin, L. Schoffner, J. Bye, F. Chaney, C. Bailey, M. Meir, A. Baldwin, D. Klylar, S. Gartrell, C. Shively. Row 4-L. YVilson, D. Smith, T. Vvilson, N. Vvare, li T N D. Levine, Kinser, S. Davenport, R. Kyner, H. Schwartzhoff, A. Tausch, lNl. VVeizeneCker, I - S A. Bankerd, D. Gardner, B. VVilt, L. Hurford. Row 5-M. Abney, S. Schott, S. Marsh, R. Kelly, C. Fink, C. Burgess, L. Brooks, M. Ritter, D. VVatson, A. Pizedas, S. Blasiman, D. Close, L. Ferguson. Row 6-E. Sweely, Johnson, N. VVillard, S. Utley, K. Reed, P. Apple, B. Potter, R. Tausch, Hoff, R. VVareham, Stone, K. Herbert, C. Vogt, M. Cams, E. Yanacos, P. Woolf. ROW 1-T. Eaton, R. Brotherton, A. Pearson, BIcAbier, BI. Eans, V. Yeager. Row 2-B. Pink- H I Y erton, I. Kolesar, T. Tuel, C. Diver, T. Fedor, A. Stanley, C. Jackson, K. Hindall. Row 3- 1 J. Yanacos, B. Slagle, I. Cannell, B. Rogers, E. Speakman, C. Erench, B. Stanley, R. Brad- shaw. Row 4-Mr. Strauss, K. VValker, R. Miskelly, B. Brenner, B. Clapsaddley H. Kinser. K. Rowl I Calhoun G Landrs M Abnew M LeFesre S Schott ohnson Ernest M Cams R Mrskellw H XKCIZCDSCRCI Rau 2 S Nlsers A Puedas S Hughes B Albert D Ftr guson C Buck I Irsmg V Hartlew Bradshaw R Kellx L Fmlx E Trrmmer Nlra Buster Row 3 Buehler B Gruszcclu II Stanlu Burltu R Ludxuck R Lower Court Row 4 J Davsson C Allcorn M Chanew J Stemuender C Roose C Lee E Cardrnal J Dee C Kllbreath M Mason L TIN C U CLIDEANS Row 1-D. Clark, C. Vogt lxmser lx XX alker B Clapsaddle H Schuartzhofl S Nlsers M. Frederick. Row 2 Ludxuclx R Gartrell J Smrth T Gable R Lower T Xogt P. Shindler, J. Hivelx Kellv E Trrmmer B Albert Row 3 I Rrchards C Thomas I. Fitzgerald, J. Court Tue B Mlskellx I Irvmg S Schott A Pxzedas NI Cams Mr. Trott -. 4 4? ini !.,F!ll LEW ' Row 1-M. Cannon, B. Crosby, S. VVoolf, P. Fullerton, M. LeFevre, M. Cox, J. Hively, M. Stan ley, Ernest, A. Clay. Row 2-C. Lee, D. Schwartzliolf, K. Schwartzhoff, L. Hurford, S Cartrell, E. Cardinal, M. O'Conner, J. Shively, R. Kyner, P. johnson, M. VVeizenecker C. Grimes, Mrs. Edwards. Row 3-H. Schwartzhoff, A. Tausch, C. Denny, K. Eans, J Devine, C. Kilbreath, L. Schoffner, D. VVelch, A. Bankerd, M. Frederick, F. Sweely, S Hughes, S. Zeppernick, B. YVilt. Row 4-J. VVeigand, L. XVilson, M. Rochford, P. Sanders S. Davenport, J. Kinser, P. Creiner, P. Edie, J. Fullerton, VV. Humphreys, D. VVatson S. lXlyers, lNl. lXlartin, S. Alberts. Row 5-K. Reed, Bradley, C. Vogt, Stone, P. Apple S. Schott, Rl. Ahney, Rl. Cams, C. Allcorn, P. Xvooll, Johnson, A. Pizedas, M. Carver D. Levine, R. Tausch, Fullerton. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSIICIATIIIN FUTURE IIIIDIERIAKERS of AWIEBICA ROW I-E. Crum, D. Brown, A. Baldwin, May, A. Clay, C. Ncalle Ron '7 Xlrs Nliller B Russell, BI. Rochford, B. Faith, L. Rosicr, C. Xlankin, S. Briggs R011 3 I Pmosirr B II ne man, B. Potter, J. Bradway, S. Handy. 81 3 . l A U N 1, 1 Q 796 '.. v I ...A ...F 6 ,,.,..,.. 4 ssl-J fs-and 'Q' Row 1-D. Levine, S. Stanley, B. Russell, C. VVoll'e, B. XVilr. Row 2-C. Burgess, S. McCracken. A. Hawkins, L. Brooks, NI. Roclmford. IIFFICE IDES Row I-L. Rosicr, C. Manlxin, P. Edie, I.. Sclwllhncr. Hay. R. Walt. Hou' ZAE. King. C. Case. T. Yeager. S. Blasiman, D. Close. How 3-ll. Yagcllo. R. XYLlTCll.lH'l. Nl. Pottcr, llradway, f ...,..,.... . 7 .-.WE . , .-,,, - , . ....-., ...,,,, f .--. . -. . A -..M ,.... . ,, E , ... WW , 0 Q A-3 -we T-. as " . .-..-., Q :Y 1. 6 Fifa if n . - T V ' v+M f' V Y., 4 . T... ,I x. xiii ul 49 TT 'vk xg? "" 'W Q M M "M . 4 - f W wN.T...M to Q A-M KQ I . , .,, VA .J . .,..... f 35' 9' f Af' NRS' 1.5 Q '- ,,,.- -. 46' A -.s NC' ....-4-..-A . . T--Q.-A -4 fi Q7 Q Oi 'Jr 46 SC-.D R011 1 M Stanlu K. Schwartzhoff. L. Hurfurd. Y. Layne, Bye, F. Clmmu 'Xl Broun R011 2 Mrs Bay, Xl. Bochford, B. Burky, M. Mcljuusland, B. Robinson XX Perselln M Beck J Ixmser B. Sams. Row 3-M. Elliott, B. Mueller, B. Potter, M Putter C Xtgt F Xanacoe B Tausch. C. Case. P, Marshall. LIBR BIANS CAFETEBI UBKER Bow 1-B. Bonzo, Fullerton, C. Vllcnlfe, L. Drcko B VK 1lt R Wrlt D Broun I Luus Row 2-M. Carns, H. Yagello, N. Carpenter L Rogerc B Burkv Q Alberts J Fullerton C. Burgess. Row 3-C. Augustein, H. McClellan I. Blrkhnmer B Boudebush K VK alker T. Dean, R. Brimlow. ' 33 O' , 1-4 ,A ' "" .. "7 -W 61. wts l i' fi' ,Q-as 1 "HN --4 -A 1 1 M s NX .', -5 . U s- -I -L - ROW 1-C. Vogt, N. Vllillard, B. Russell, F. Yunacos, C. Shively, C. Case, R. XYilt. C. Crimes C. Yvolfe, E. King, Bliss Crcwsun. Row 2-Nl. Brown. P. Cnpelannl. D. Curtlncr, il. Mussel man, Stone, H. Yagcllo, KI. Putter, B. Faitli, R. Wliircliani, B. Cliipsiiddlc, G. llintlull K. Herbert, R. Brimlow, E. Spcakman, D. Clark, D. Close, K. Hindall, A. Bankerd. PLAY CAS NATIUNAL TIIESPIANS Row 1-C. Vogt, P. Copeland, A. Bankerd, H. Yugcllo. Row 2-B. Faith, C. Hindall, B. Clap- saddle, E. Speakman, D. Clark, Miss Crewson. C! S3 3 9 T VY Row I-D. Clark, A. Bankerd, C. Xvolfe, C. Vogt. Row 2-H. Yugcllo, B. Burley, B. Barnett, B. Blucllcr. Row 3-Miss Crcwson, K. Schwartzhoff, B. Sums, C. Case, lf. Yanacfms, Dur- bin, P. Copeland. NA'l'l0 AL H0 0B S CIETY mv I-H. Yagello, Cv. Hindall, D. Close. Row 2-A. Bankcrd, D. Clark, C. XVOHQ, Mr. Cope. ' ai E ,fa A . f...,, .4 . .......5f .-.g " 1' - I ,. . 5 e 'ga Q -,ag . 0 -M N Q X ! F 552 Psi -nw, ZS' S UDE C UNCIL Bow I-C. hlankin, B. Sams, Yagello, llylar, E. lddings, iXI. LeFex're, M. Beech. Row 2- DE S. Schott, L. Brooks, lXI. Ritter, A. Tausch, S. Alberts, S. Chambers, D. Ferguson, P. Cope land. Row 3-Mr. VVise, D. Nezbeth, R. Lower, 1. Burky, T. Fedor, J. Billingsley, J. Poor- baugh, I. Snyder. Row 4-C. Vogt, J. Durbin, T. Tuel, B. Brenner, J. IXIcAbier, E. Speakman F. Yanacos. UNCIL 'l'0R This year our new Student Council has done much to benefit our school. The officers are: President, Pat Copeland, Vice-President, Connie Vogt. Secretary, Frances Yanacos, and Treasurer, Elwood Speakman. The Student Council, advised by Mr. VVise, our principal, has worked on various problems including the Trojan crest on rings, noon recreation, and a system of library passes. ST DE S and TEACHER fi, of Not pictured Mrs. Edwards 1739 fav G' V . ,, sh. the YE i . r it .0- iff! if "' DELEGATES MINIWANCA R1CNg p1dXBkdR DCIkBCIpdll5: 'V DELEGATES T0 BUYS' and GIRLS' STATE ff' V' i . , , . 9' J, Durbln, KlcAb1cr, Q. XVollc. if-, .., ' WM QQ WY AN Row 1-P. Edie, Kinser, Bi. Xxeizeneeker, C. Burgess, R. Kyner, L. Wilson, L. Brooks. Row 24 C. Stratton, L. Alien, VVorkman, T. Vogt, R. Grirtrell, A. Burns, E. Jackson, L. Jackson, H. Yageilo, B. Snair, VV. Berry, Daniels, Ii. Nleflellun. V. Yeager, F. Chaney. Hou' 3- 1. Smith, L. Brimimv, Xl. Ciiginey, J. Sliiinkleum. j. i'u:irbin1gl1, ll. XXX-izeneeker, L. Sum! grass, Buehler. UI. Ernest, ll. Yutliers, 'lf Grirver. How -J-j. Smith. N. Miller, B. Faith E. iNrICDCJDOUgi1, M. Abney, S. Myers, If. Trimmer. T. Dean, Hughes, S. Zepperneek, I. Shiveiy, Sir. XXYHILIIIIS. Row SAE. King, May, II. Sehw.1rtLimff, johnson, S. Utiey, D K. Yvaiker. B. Roudebush, Albert, rlrielxett. P. leiizzuri, B. Miskelly. .-.i . n . u' I-E. jaicixsori, E. Speukrnun. F. Trimmer, T. Dean. H, Roudelxuxii, E. King. Hou' 2-J. Smith, D. Brothertun, K. Huw.-ll, C. Che. I. Klay, Mr. XYiHianiS. -4 F1 UNIUB IIURUS po Kr Hou' Row G56 W! IAB. Brutton, P. Lee, Ilulx-rl.1ncl, N. Amlgttns, M. lit-ct-It, C. Amlric, I.. Cublns, B. Benning, J. Lvwis, II. Xllullicr. Hou' 2-Nlisx Ilmvt-ll, ll. llull, D. C.tlnlcrunc, ll. Klarslmll, C. Stccml, G. ClJLlfII1L'f', Keller, G. Kcllcr, Cl. limtlwrttm, yl. Cwpt-l.mtl. gCl1Xl'.lI'IlllUlI.. G. Campbell, IE. Billiy. Hou' 3-S. CIIILIIHIJCIN, IiL'liL'll7L'I'Yf', C. Ilnylc, G. Iirlu' V. Best, C. Campbell, S. Furcc, Elliott, C. Btttyski. S. llrtmt. KI. llriggt, C. Ilvnclcrwn, Gldss. Row 4-K. Ilenclcrson, Dctclton, C. Ilurlurtl. ll. jcnlxim. IT. l3.1ltlu'in. C. Cmw, B. Ilollntan, P. VVeckly, D. Yotllcrs, I.. C.mntm, Yutlmcrs, ll. Iimnkc, C. .'XLlL1llNIL'lI1. T. Carver, R. Berry, B. Beaver. Hou' S4XV. Berry, D. Ilitclmtcla, K. llmolxs. Ilitclxuwk, II. Kelley, C. Crowl, T. Nliller, KI. Daniels, IJ. Irxxis. R. Chwclllxgtn, If Ilolltutm, I.. .-Xllncrt. I3. .'Xl'1ney, B. Boyd, L. Iinclall, P. Billxy. I-J. AICIlV41in, P. Soutliy .-X. Xvilliqttms, C. Smitlm, KI. XXIAFCI. C. Sltulllner, KI. Fullerton, C. Shopfer, S. Vomw, D. Xlllllxcr. Hmm' 2-K. Ilya-rwrm, Sclwplcr, XI. Vivian. P. Iaclison. D. Vvriglut, S. YVilli.trus. K. YYl1itl.1tul1. II. Rica. -I. Slmtmklcttfn. -I. Xlftrrcn. Row 3-J. YVork- rmm, Poorbauglt, I.. Sntydgmw. G. Block, P. Scllrvcvngtvxt, C. Rubuzyi, Snyder, SIIG' wttltcr, Rubwn. Rau' -J-I. Ylgvlltt, -I. Slmttkluttwn, N. Pwrrcr, X. Xlillcr, K. Speukman, E. Scitz, Mills, S. NY.1lkCr. I.. KI-trriwn, Triukctt, P. XYi1t. P. Pilizzari, X. Stanley. Rim' 5-II. Klucrtlm. I.. Miller. P. R-mclxwcll. XYilli.1mf. tl. Hvintcrs, D. KICSWCSUEY, A. Cr! miston, A. Tuel. ll. Ormibt-rn. F. Xllgtmur. I.. Nlycrx, XI. Tlmerigult. 'WV' . K ir Mun LEY anon: BOW 1-Il. Stanley, B. Sclrrcccngmt, Smith, Iirrpklw, B. Prendcrgqst, L. Zurbrugg. Bow 2- A. Baldwin, L. Boals, Bye, D. Sclrn'.irtllrwl'l', B. Sams, C. Klankin, A. Clay, C. Shivcly C. Mort, D. Brown, U. Ackiwn, Nl. Xluy. Hou' 3-Miss Hmvt-ll, T. XVils0n, Do Smith D. Mylar, P. Edie, I.. llurlbrcl, S. Allmurt. Sliiwly, S. llaixwrrywrtw Fullerton, P. Sanders KI. Boclrford, B. Tuuscli, M. AlL'c'.i'llSl.lIlLl, Il. lk-rinc, 1. Jordan, Xl. Muir. Ron' 4-P. Cope land, Mussclmun, E. Rcmbisun, I.. XX'cux'cr, XY. Pcrscllrm. Nl. Bock. ll. Stanley, L. Stanley B. Adams, N. VVare, A. King, Spcccc, J. XKvL'iL1tlllLl. C. Stratton, B. XVilt. Row S-NI. Putter A. llawliirix. Bradley, Crrilixirn, C. Vogt. Xl. ftirns, li. Ynriricws, ll. Yrrgull-1. Xl. Carver il.. Yeager, l. Bosier, li. Swat-ly, l.. Riggx, CI lkluult, B. Busxcll, Cf. XVull'L'. Bon' 6-D. Nu bcith, T. Fcdnr, A. Pcurwn, ll. Loc, IJ. Clrrly B. Brotlierton, B. Brcnncr, K. Thornsley B. Klcllvuin, K. Krulrling, B. Slriglc, B. llitli. B. Klcfullougli, L. Brimluw, D. Brimlow D. Bnmtlicrtun. 4 tl SeKI LEY S NGE Bow 1-M. Lipply, I. Ernest, C. Lee, M. LeFevre, P. Thorpe, D. Carr, D. Demark, M. Mason M. Cox, S. VVoolf, M. Cannon. Row 2-Miss Howell, H. Schwartzhoff, C. Kilbreath, M Hleizenecker, P. Smith, E. Phillips, M. Fredrick, C. Denny, C. Bailey, Kinser, F. Chaney F. Richards, R. Kyner, R. Bissett, B. Smith, P. Johnson, M. McGrath, E. Cardinal. Row 34 C. Stanley, C. Buck, D. Ferguson, J. Lee, C. Roose, P. Dexier, I. Dawson, M. Chaney, M Aekison, J. Fullerton, L. Dicko, tl. Porter, P. Greiner, A. Tausch. Ro-w 4-S. Marsh, D Gardner, C. Crimes, J. Turner, N. Carpenter, L. Ferguson, C. Case, D. VVatson, M. Ritter B. Bonzo, S. Myers, L. Chaney, C. Debolt. Row 5-Pi. Kelley, C. Fink, S. Schott, J. Brad shaw, A. Pizedas, J. Irving, P. Apple, V. Hartley, K. Reed, S. Ziecles, M. XVedclle, J. Hoff C. Alcom, K. Herbert, T. Risen, B. Lathem, C. Burgess, I. Porter. Row 1-P. Sanders, S. Menges. Row 2-I. Bye, A. Bankerd, J. Fullerton, C. VVolfe. Row 3- B. Yvareham, K. Herbert, C. Vogt, D. Gardner. Row 4-C. Case, Miss Howell. -,X , , , , 1 '- w, "1 L A kr, V. A , . ,IUSL 1 OL t not I I ' S III lx if I D-lil. "' . ' ' , ' "1 , 1 I L Y a j '- w xy , 7 , . , . , , , I .I I I :L L I " ' K, i Yi 7 . A . . QA. 'D I I 1 L . ' , y - . Y . T ' , I I . g f .I . 1 ' A ' 4 L " I ' 7 -I I , 'I ,- D - - 7' 11 - 7 A Jw By' joys' IIUII' I 74' I4 IPI 'Q I V' N' D41 w I' wsc LH' - "ck . L " lg I- A U 'f 1 , '. 1 , I y, , ' A U. , jk 1- .' 4, , 1 ', 3. 5 I YK I CDIIL unc Cl imu XII1 Ium- XV-i un-Ik r 4: I lx -uki , In I' , , I N .3 - I mc mum SLLIIUII s III 1 CILIIXCI n uctm INUC5 No mmf IIIIIL It O L IIL II IV IICII pruLnfuI IIIIS bowl mn xour Inc II I IIIF IROIXN I RUUPIR5 IDI IDR IN CI IIFI XSSISI XNI I DITOR SFNIOR LDIIOII UNDHRCI XSS LDIIOR XC FIX ITX IIDITOR XIUSIC LDITOR SPORI LDII OR II1 XIURI. LDITGR F XCULTX I DITOR ADVERTISING EDU OR X xmru Bmkud Conmg X ogg P It Copd md I'ILLl1 Chmu CIIOI Dumx SIIICIII Nurs IIH DLIIIDIII NI lrx Rlmr Dom XI Amon Don Clirk XRI I DITORS Xl In Rmxxn md Rob XX7lIIxLf COPX IDITOR Roscmlrx Ixnllu PI IOTQQ R XPI IRR IJ1II IIu5tL1mI XDVISOR x L XI1rg,1L C mn 1 r thw C1 Xlirgu. C mx Dump Demark Fugnnc Durbm Carol Iumk xmas I-IIILCILIII Nhrw In Iuxdx UI r R In C fl IL Ixuth II1nLIaII Nllss Pomslu L Imat Ixm cr R gnr Iudxu Ldml NI rt Br nmu Pc ttyl' Nlar R chfurd Bexerl RusSeII Ixdthr n Qnhx 1 Xrkm Iuxsch r 4 1 N mm XKIIIITQI B bblu XX 1It YI! 1 X fffl fffff Z I dxf ff ff' I ET' Wg-F A X ,- S. N XM .-. K f in M X v M 'I Q! f A X I S Sq, x 1 A wvvfm -nxutptl V IVA 1 s I U4 Q ' Q X fc f 'I" Af" if 3 QV 42 ,f J, , 'fyA'7i W , W YMANI: ,Q l 5 .. 1 " X W. X x .IQ ' . I N ' -9' 5933? Vw ' WWW N me A Xfgiifgvg 1-X 'K-mi-H - Qty . wi 1 Gm A FTNX W-. Q27 , "NT'J, Ky 2.1! A '1 , 'I xi X if-J Q '- X W 'X--' R - N! 1" 'X' 1 KL '4 I " ' 1 Xe'-? X' i -. , I,'1I',f' - 'X X ' y Yi NN -V r M'nw 'f fist N , ,Z 'WY ff. f X QM M yy xy xx ' 'In f Vf xii'-3ri'n... "" ly"l,y,'lw',10,Zf Aff! ff4 --Ns. y ' Um : ' Wflff X ,. mv, ,,ff 'ff If f ,I I I X -lx .K 1 Q 9 P,..? e 6 an nf. 1 Dick Augestein. junior guard on the Trojan football squad, received Honorable Mention on the All-Ohio Football Team this past season. "Augie" is the first Trojan football player to receive this well-deserved honor. In one game, he alone made 17 tackles besides the ones in which he assisted. All of the Trojans are proud of "Augie" and we wish him the best season ever next fall. JR Ill ll F00'l'B LL Row 1 L Cannon G Campbell I gLlNXdfILl'lfil Copeland C Steed, B. Blarshall, G. Bleek, J mdtr R011 7 ll lxclltr C lu tr lx lltnrerson C Crm Nl. Therault, Muerth, E llocliutll R Lhapmin Ron 3 ln H .xgmr L Nlillu A Tuel, G. XYinters, B. Abncy, if fi? 4-:ji , hir XTSMJKXQ 2 , Z M ,. , .s , W, . 5 1 V wwf, , 1 Vu .Ad 1 K -f 4 -. 'V M.. , 5 X OT 7X 33 f Q 'Nlr lNIorgan E Speakman Kulesar T fulur A Qmnlu D Qxxulx lx Russell lx llmdall B Rogan Durlum C lutclm B Cruvculu TRAC Q X -46? ww' i l X Xxxbiix XX Q X' XX X XX I jf, x ' 3 . Qc Ag R Zi rr S RESERVE CHEERLEADERS C. Fink, M. Mason, A. Tausclm, YVcigund. l 1 l K '- f 7 I , ,f ,1 xx, ff ,-x... A' I ' 515 1 ' Executing a T.T.T. ffrendous Trojan Turnj " ...A -X ny yell ywu can yell I c.m yell louder!" s if A X. 'x N ll I' Z IFN ! 'ffx x Vw Jwiw 11 in 1 f lo X 9? 'igfjy' w C8 7 'O 5 L4 V v I ! X 1539 W X ff f X X ,Q Yi , W x,, 3 xx? Three of these girls-Connie Vogt, Linda jackson, and Mary jane Brown were voted by the student body to reign as Queen and at- tendants over the Homecoming Celebration. 4.13 IIUME OMING EE Once upon 21 time there were six Senior girls chosen hy the football team as candidates for llomeeom- ing Queen. These girls were .-Xnn Bankerd, Pat Copeland, Charlotte Manltin, Connie Vogt. Linda Iaekson, and Marv Jane Brown. During the game the Queen, Linda Jackson, and her attendants, Connie Vogt and Mary 'lane Brown, watehed the Trojans fight for victory, l r' LINDA JACKSON After the game, three of the Trojan football players escorted the court to the Homecoming Dance. The Queen, Linda ,lack- son, was escorted by Gordon Schrecengost. The attendants, Connie Vogt and Mary jane Brown, were escorted by Terry Fedor and Alfred Krahling. After all the lads and lasses had danced the evening through - my story ends, and all live happily ever after. MARY JANE CON NIE BROWN VOGT MUTHER IS A FBES C33 fs C? 4 w x nr AN ff Qin' ',QX":'. , 9 1' nm! ,- 2'- "BlOTl'lER IS A l3RESllNltXN" was a light comedy presented by the Senior Class of 1954. This play concerns a young widow who accepts a scholarship at Pointer College to secure enough money to put her daughter, Susan, through college. Mother and Susan fall in loye with the same professor, providing many laughs, but all's well that ends well. THE- CAST: .-Xnn O'Conner. Xlary Nlargarct liowler, Sandra Strayer. Elsie Locke. Lucille Buehler, Joanne plndrie, Rose Klary Knecht. Ruth Krahling, Nancy Ernest, Carol Ritter, Evelyn llaupt, lletty ,lo Kendrick Carol Ciriudley, Lenore Christen, Ruth l.el7ex're. .loyce Sharp, Xlarjorie Xlaugus. Xlary llose Kolesar. Richard liliel-ringer, 'liom liorhes, llichard llwiug, Charles Xliller, llruce l-ou'er, llohn Badertscher, Sue Clartrell. Nlarilyn Polen, Kenneth Nlclaughlin, Byron lluntington. and Raymond Yeager. STAG LINE l Q. STAG LINE "On Stage." These words ended the hectic preparation of the Juniors for the hilarious comedy "Stag Line" directed by Miss Crewson. This play portrayed a typical teenager, Maudie, and her troubles with her many heart-throbs. 5 'N V 1 011 ry F TIIEB 0W BES .... "FATHER KNOWS BEST" Each year the Senior members of the Purgoldra Masque Dramatic Society present one play from which the profits go to the Rotary Club to benefit crippled children and other worthy causes. This year the play chosen by Miss Crcwson was Father Knows Best. Something new was tried this year, and it worked very wcllg the play cast was honored to have Mr. Elwood Lewis, secretary of the Rotary Club, to play the part of father. The plot revolved around Fathers predieaments, which were the very outcome of his trying to prove that father really knows bcstl i SE IOR SCIIUI. IIIP TE 'EL' 'Z' Rmv 1 Helen Yagello Francrs Yanacos Ann Bankerd Connle VK olle Pat Copeland Row 2 George Hmdall Conme Vogt Don Clark Carol Case rm Durbm DRIVERS TRAINING DRIVERS TRAIIX ING Rowl L Rosler B Sams T Yeager C Manltm NI Carxer V Laxne D 'Nlslar S Nlenges R Wareham C GflmCS Nlr Strauss R Xxllt C Xogt C Shrxels Nlusselman T Vlrlson A Kmg D Smtth L Vhlson H Yagello 'X XX are D Close J Fullerton P VK olle E lung Row 2 H lxmser Xl Eans L Steele I Baker A Pearson B Clapsaddle B Falth T Eaton V Yeager B Stanlew B Slagle B Heestand R VValker E i 3 sf 2 ,, 5 i Q if be gf u 1 '. 11 N S K ,r K 5 KW ri " iff' -N, OOH, XVIIAT A NIGHT! I DANCING MAKES YOU TIAIIRSTY HREE IS A CROVVD. "DIC THOSE KATTY KIDS" TEACHERS NICIIT OUT .R . ii ffS!5Q 5- ' r Cf'y'f KX -K , L 7 I1 f,?.1 . xt ' XX at 5 ' 1 PN., W SENIUR YLASS SCIIIILARS P. Copclnncl anal Durbin Z ff Q, . g ? CELEBRITIES fl.ASS 11.0 xv NS Il. SIM'.lIxIN-III .mel P. Xlnrsllglll S-12-A DI UST VE BSATILE rl. XIL'.Xl3iL'I'lil1d C. Vogt X . X .X IOST Xxx X. '- d ' C bf , ,Y XYXxXXix?'YQSY3 fl. BAN ,CIAELY TQ . 'ON ' 'L ' LAPS K XXXN ADDLE '4 iff is CL. SCI IRECEXCQOST 1 I-. JACKSON POPULAR is E .Li-4. . X . ' , '55 4 4 I -4 XV 5 A, 9 4 NP? if l.. - I-ev'!hw1 Ur last Ili .Xml mm .nw ,rail-,4,2z5:x11: xp H12-Nxxnlal mzxlw-I' lnf yy . ll Qlu Ilcvl l 'A if nxt ul ll -QM :uimlzmm-, 2ll'l'. II :xml IIX 1 hau- Vll' llWl'l' llvvl rm: what 11-Y P'-Arn-1' l -W-m M 'Q qw ' 1, all H11 ilu- k llfg-,A Q E 3 ,Q U hrulul ul llc A Q . fv' : ' 1 my lvvtu lllus X , 'b , " Q ' 'N'-s mf' K HS yum' l-1:1 mum R-lm. wrun Q" Y ' ' Nl v 'H M4 Illmm Q llilflli, 'f' , xly 5 ning ,V vu f Ju A gvf W . , lm. , f 'fm l A W' '.--H ."-f', ' ef , ,f M V V, .M FDU! Nl hlflll .... xv M., 1' Xt' ' ':" Q l - f ,, L M " v , liln mv in Sl'l'lll'iY1,LZ' firms for pussilllo ad- -vr tml--am. x1'l'llN1'I'r in the- nvw pfllllt' 'arm ul' thu : ,I , 'll1N"ll :uv-1 imp--r'. Thanks In tlw 11-um' lilo have my ,nw zml xm-1l.1l LYIYPII mm- hints fm' llIlPI'UVt' - who svlmlzlstiv :nlw :zxvv cm-oLn'z11.5vme-nt. to N113 Nlvngc -V l cs twi " 'n 1 ,Lfa 7 ""ll"l W ww - QW' PN" Huiw Vh ' f ffafl, an 2 rx l " nf- xmlm- Fl' ' ' ,V 'f ,' ,X am '.e...n , N 'll will ur' V l vill1 us. Yve fully ':..v- U 1- 'I-uw XI.l.wr1111: LAX, ww, U' VIH, UUYU L, My jf- U, Con- lrmllll' K. V-JH' lx , X" ,XL ilmunn fu, Q. 1 ly ,., Xvant 5"'U WU' 1 Nfl 'ilil' l-"fl"l' llw H2lllFl'll :xml Lu X L 1 glgl V ." ,,, 1'izxte it, Y" "l'l9lll "l l"l "'- l ill-A -lf Wlllll Hill ix zx Lfllviil favfn'i!m- zmmng the if ..' xt least. X e-x' lliuh Svlmul and who l-im . M fill mb' 5 Q ling '0 ' slflry. lm-lpvd 4 1 Ulm ont have apex' that V, fanacus X XQIDS XXI II XLI XX OQIDS IDLXX I XIX XX IX X S x III XIEIWI QOPI 1 II I I XXI SIIOXXIII 111 1 XCLS X XX XQOS C I X LIL Ix XIOOXI X XXII XIX I IO IXIX SLIIIIQIXI JSI X I XXIxII X XIII IISI X XXII IIIXIJIIISUX Cx I 'I I IITSIA XX I III XI IX I 'fl' XIIXY I LIIIQX I'I7I'I'I'IX Iff 1' gg ,IIXI XX' ' 1-'II zIzz 1 'zs' 1 1: XIII. XIILIdLIIf-"IVI1111k 15:11 X1 ' XI XIIX' III'II'I'IlIIm'I-111' 1g11.IX .f11. I 1,1 I11 111111111 ID.XX f Q.XI1IJX'III-rliw., tf:'1' ' QII- '1 'V EMI' II1'II I 1111? IOX I 7, . YJ' VCIIII 3 ffzf 11'1II?' II.-XXI ',XIIIfII.XXI -f II'1'I1f 1 11.1 ' .1 I'iI1I CQIQOIIIQIQ IIIXIJXI I HI ffzf 111111-3'1" LIII.XIII.UI"I'I'. CLII . IIQS HIIwi:i.11'1. I'11,I1111I XII'. S'I'II.XUSf--"1'11 r-11 v',f g 111 1 fff' , I'I' '1'1'1111,' I'.XX' LII! I' 7-"Cf fcffffj 'ffffII,f ' 111 111f' CAROL C.XSEf"CC ' ,XII -F Iznazl' tI1111g' XIII. I Qf"I'f111 'U I1 c'I1rA .IIILQ 1a'1'.I.I:111j IMI!" IIOC9 QI CLXIIIIIII,I.1IJ1111, IJ III'1 Cf1'111If1111 IXX Q'I I'I ,I'g II-f-"I-'I-'I I II ' XII5' IQ . "Y 1111 w 4 fIff. I 111 11111 111111 I II II 111 I'IIgXf f 7' f I . fr 2 Q1:1I ffzl II "1w'1g I1 ,IQl'IXlD1XXII.I8 "" 1'1 15' IIOIIX' XIXIIXI I XII- "I 111 Q11115 III III I 111 111 1 I1 'Q I 7.' "X 1111 111 .11 '1::11 1. 1 I-I-lI'f11I LU f Z ' . JC f11111' 1115 fr' QKII , f ' I Q ' Q1 .CI M1 11111111 1,11- XI1XII'I3IQI'II IIIIICQILS "IIN 1'I1 I 11'111f.1 1-, .XXX I N Ill 'I1'g111.1111711: IILQ :,1:I1111II1 IJICI. L I I. Im' MII ,11, I I 11111 CO1 , Q. QI I I ' 7L'L 1111z 'fm ' ,Q fix f X 9 'E- X x Z LL ,CZ If? W f Y ' K nf' ,J Xyllf, xX xg ' x ,v L,-I R5 xxx 'A t X u N X A X A N 'U I it fx fly X v . 2'f N Lx f X ,, 151 x 'X x M U x , Q M N H Ik f x f f Ns l f 0 1 XA A i NH .XA ll X t41, ,::, "U ,Q 'Q-SK :Ky ' v U X K ,ff N- ,,,, Lrg, fm N3 .542 75 f,' ""' .- xy . f A x faxx .WIC 'X 'F this 'Q X --..., X qw, wwfa Irom thy dull ol mlm '5upQr1ntLndLnt Crcetmgs to all our Srudcntb 1nd Spcual Sfilutmons to our Scmors xx tlns frorrn sum rs 1 run car for rnrn mln o plC.lSlIlI lssocmuons 1nd closg frrcndxlnps mrdp ululg ittcndrngg NlCKlTllLy Hlglr School ID 5ClUf1I1g. 'Thr Trojan. bv its stories 'md pictures, lmccorncs '1 bound mamory and should. in thu YL'lfS to cornc. Lndclr irsclf to you 'md your friends." Xlr. Loon Force I O 43 X - ' I' CR ' Z S SISCNU. W wwf WWOLX ,Alb V V PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT PRINICIPAL D VK if 00566 4.65 0" L xi-+148 QA 'T G Rf 1JEAx or GIRLS D1:Ax OF BOYS 4, ik 7 Wm' 2 , W... 'N x g L . 7. VVise Hazel F. Hartzell .Q ff - ' e C X-' " 'N X A X111-6 4 ! 3 I if ...I II,I 'kdm in S" , . I W ,Ji qw J? C4 I Q f f Gab f Evclj' I.. I 3 ' Rag' Schaefer ' F ss Xa X 4 P Y 4 5 'af . V , 'X 0 VOCATIONAL Miss Degler, Mrs. Miller, Miss Poinski, Mr. Miller. 1 Qin' Mr. Schaefer, Mr. Strauss, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Stump, Miss Crewson. -AM, C' Bill of X X RUSHTS S Mr. Wiilliams Q Epi Miss Howell K fl, all , 1' "' . - r v K 5, ...,. ,- rv- OMC -4 f A MATH AND SCIENCE Mr. Tron, Mr. Snodgrass, Mr. Hudson, Mrs. Gednetz, Miss Hartzell. ENGLISH ,X Mrs. Boster, Mr. Tetlow, Miss Henry, Mr. Cope, Mrs. Ray. J L 4 1 5 + 4 sg? ' S x X ' v'1?f'?T'1 ' 1925 WI 'S wr 15 iw' f 1 PHL' i " F55 if QQ 'FIM D1 .. - ,f AfSmv,f'., X' ev- Q jp., 1 .zen "'Q1fPf N'yvww.N.3,,, , Ei i 5 FACULTY MRS. NELLE D. BOSTER, A. B., M. A. XIRS. JEAN ANY CARTER B. S. VIR. JAMES F. COPE B. A. XIISS ESTELLA CREW SONI B S In Ed NIISS ALICF NI DEC LFR B A B S 'XIRS XIRS BETTY EDWARDS A B EVELYN L GEDNETZ B S NI A 'VIISS HAZEL F HARTZELL B S ID 'NIISS DORA D HENRY B S M A XIISS 'XIILDRED L HOWELL Sch Nlus NIR JACK HUDSONI B S M E 'NIR H I' MILLER B S NIRS RUTH W NIILLER B S In Ed Home Ec NIR DAVIDJ NIORGAN B S 'XIISS OLGA POINSKI B S m El B Ain RIDSTEB Rio Grande College Ohio University Kent State University Research at Harvard and Univ. of Penna. Nlount Union College Nlount Union College Ixent St ite Unix ersitw West Virginia Institute of Technologw Dans 8: Elleins College XIount Union College Ohio Stite Unuersitw Dulte Unuersltx Northwestern Unnersitv Nlount Union College Ixent State Unixersux Xlount Union College Ohio Stlte Unixersitx Oberlin College Xlount Union College W'heaton College Ixent State Unix ersitv Ixent State UUIXCISIIV Ohio State Unnersm Wlittenberg College Ohio State Unncrsm I oungstou n College Latin, English, Speech Cerman English french I Social Studies Commercial HPE German Biologx X ocatlons H P E Arithmetic Assistant Principal English Nlusic Biology Ceographv Industrial Arts Home Economlcs H P E Ccography Commercial NIRS ESTHER S RAY B A N RAY SCHAEFER A B M NIR NROIABERT B SNODGRASS B S B S I NIR N N N NR EDWARD L STRAUSS A B D E XVILSON W STUNIP B S In Ed ALXA TETLOW A B EDWIN TROTT B S THOXIASJ W ILLIAXIS B Nl XI DONALD W WISE B S M E NI d Nlount Union College Ohio State Unrversitx Chicago LITIIXCTSIYS Ixcnt State Unnersitx Ceorgetoun Ks College Kent State College Nluslungum College Ixent State Unlxersm Ohio State Unlxersntx lxent State Unnersm Nlount Union College Ohio State Unix ersitx Blulfton College Xluslungum College Xlount Union College Xlount Union College lxent State Unlxersitx lltnismn Unlxersitx Northwestern Unlxersm Ixe nt State Unix ersitx History C hemlstrs C en Science Cen XI ith Ame rlean I Ilstorx Dru er I'ducat1on Social Studies English XIAIIICUTGIICS Instrumental Xlusie Boo leeertng Prlncipa I I , I I , I , W Y - r f . Y . . I I I , . . . I I' I' I I . 1 1 , . ., . . I-I ' ' ' I ' ' - W' , I . I I ' Y , ' - . . ., Y 1 v - I - ' X. ' . I . I . I , . ., I . . I I . I ' 1', V ' v ' v 7 ' e V h ' . . l A I J . . 4 I . , . . ' I ' ' ' , I' . , . ., . . I ' ' I ' , j I I . 7 , . I . . ' - I ' I I' . ' I , . ., . I I I' ' r ' r, I . ' . '. , . . '- 1 " ' W - I . '.I , . .' .,BI. .' ' " ' ' I . . I II, . .in Ed. ' ' ' . .'., . I .V I' I 7 k 7 ' Y 1 I I , . . e. ' - ' 1 - - I . . VVooster College Librarian A . N - I u V 1 Y 1 V 1 I 1 IIR. , . ., . E. ' , j., ' I - - I' , . ., . . in E ., I J ' f j, . I A .I 1. ,. . A I 7 I n . I 1 . Y 1 . . I - I . . , . ., . . ' ' ' " 1' ' 'f 4' IIR. ' I' '. I , . .' -. ' " ' NIR. I I, . . l R -1- 3 ' . . 7, I IR. I I ' , . . I ' I ' ' IIR. I . ' I , .I ., I.II Y-'-I - f A 'K II. I' '. ' , . ., .. '- I I " .kj ', Row 1 Mr F G NI1llQ Uri ohn Rc-ddx Mr George Cottsclmll Ron 2 'Nlr ames Blllmgslx Nlr R R Clapmdnlle 'Xlr Leon Force Secretary to the Prmupal XIISS GRACE VK OODS 4 rm io flu qupcrzntcnz L NIRQ XIORC KN bx 5 SL Q ETEBIA CREW Nlrs Nlorgan Urs Hartlcx Nlrs Cnrxcr and Nlre Smlth OUR SCHOOL NURSE ust 15 IJHICIILS mu LUSIOLIIIIIS ug urum 1 on CJIIXIII Dutch ll n QW-D X ful Ilmdlll Nlr AIIIXLIF gtgcln XII Nmmm Ixcnmclx XI s u 1 A1155 Iflxa Bout if 1 U ' gf . , , f Ye- . . 'WZ V 5 at X Q 5A A W, f ,I Q A A U X T1 5 E , F L Ae 1 2,,,g V .III 4 Q N 3 3 L As? il , i ,5 s K i 4 ' . 1 'S 7. ,?fi..u J.L. I -L k.l,,"E,,Y.,1, Klr. 'L " " " lm 143 l Ir. L: ' ' 1 ff 1 .' . ' , ' ' . rg. Lul I1 itll I XX MANY THANKS TO OUR ADVERTISERS FOR THEIR CO OPERATION The Trolan Sfaff PAUL S PHOTOGRAPHY SEBRING HAUPT S FOOD MARKET Phone F f M CALLISTER S DAIRY PRODUCTS 8 6433 I CompIimenI's QHIQ of We - ea ure C I ln+erior Furmfure Floor Coverings Accessories Lamps and Decorahng Consulfahon COPE FURNITURE CO. Decorafing S+UdlO GDLUIR A Hi COMPLIMENTS OF HARVARD CLOTHES For 'the lafesf sfyles In mens and young mens clo+hmg and furmshungs 464 EAST MAIN .J ' Alliance, Ohio 1 CONGRATU LATIONS! INEIGHBORSD SEBRING SENIORS and Faculfy on your Academic Achlevemenfs Earned by Applying fo 'l'he Task ai' Hand So ll' is wlih us a+ Siarlcs Endeavormg fo Apply Ourselves +o +he Task of Brmgmg Home and Family Needs fo You Wl+h Mufual Frlendlmess Conn Olds Marhn Band lnsfrumenfs Compleie Self Serve Record Depf Wurlnher Pianos and Organs Renfal Plan Repair Depf 4 1:00 Complefe Music S'l'ore Alliance Ohlo Phone I 7I32 0 5 fl 0. 0 Morrison Theaire Bldg. Complamenfs of SEARS ROEBUCK an COMPANY ALLIANCE , H KLEIN an RODERICK Complele Men s and Boys Sfor Phone 2 I 3I 344 Easf Ma Hazel s Coffee Shop and Dairy Sfore Ad' Reservahons for Parfaes and Clubs In Alliance 0 Full Course Dinners ' Lngh+ Lunches 0 Home Made Ples ' Dalry Producfs Cliff and Hazel Trammer Phone I2398 Compllmenfs of TURNER DRUG STORES Reliable Prescrnphon Serwce Your Famnly l-lealfh Cenfer Alknce and Sebrlng Compllmenfs of Frlenclly Furnllure Sfore . if cl d S e ' A FLYING SAUCER DRIVE-IN Good Food Served in Flne Fashion an Flying Saucer Curb Service Easf Sfafe Road Mounf Umon Dalry Isle DAIRY WHIP PRODUCTS Ma y a d M chael Conny Prop d 605 Wesf SIa+e Alliance, Ohio r n I , . PERMATONE PICTURES The Fmesl' In School Pncfures is- ln Pho'ro Finishing .nf r if Permafone Pncfures are an Exclusive Producf of THE CAMERA SHOP Alliance Ohio l' Compllmenfs of Feafurmg e POLKA DOT SPECIAL ancl +he CHOCOLATE SLUSH Yea Ro dCurb Ser ce Rf 62 W af Parkway Phone All l0209 2 ln Color Finishing 'l'h TSCHABOLD MOTOR CO 906 Soufh Un on Avenue AIIlance Oho CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE Sa es a d Se THOMAS 8: NEILL INC Kalser GMC Trucks Wnllys Jeeps Repa ng o All Makes Cars and Trucks A W TschaboId Phone I9l48 Pres and Gen Mgr Phone IO439 204 Norih Arch Sfreef AII ance Complnmenis of Compl menfs of O NEIL S "".1'.'..F','.'2""""" NRIIIWIF- MARKET zur.rnsm:ra. PK 918 ALLIANCE. 0000 HOUSE Complimenfs of HEGGY CONFECTIONERY 3I9 Easf Main Sfreei' Phone I77I9 Compl menis of AIIiance Ohio Complirhenfs of ENGLAND DRUG CO. Park and Main Phone I 7754 Q,-9, COMPLIMENTS OF EAST STATE AMOCO fag J' Wwwarr W E STATE RD THE CLARK 81 GLASS CO GENERAL CONTRACTORS COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL CITY SAVINGS BANK BLDG. PHONE I 55I5 Darlene Levine Now that you vo soon them all you can ludgo why the H E gui 195555 ffffwf Q, MIKE BILYEU The only car desngn that has won 30 outstanding awards ?,.4h!""d 1 FMMW WWW' W' ahdi d Studebaker so much better made worth more when you trade! Your Sludebalcer Dealer New and Used Car Sales and Servuce Phone 623l 883 S Umon Alliance Ohio SEBRING ALLIANCE ROAD White Rose Gas En Ar Co Oul Tasty Food l O O O Q l Q ' u - . 1- uw-si.. .. ' am lmqus n.n.n-.. ,naw .I ran and neu , , 1. 1 . . . - I Now that you've seen vlrru- lines and looks that agai ally all th l9" s. you easilyayenr ea ns - kno h l 'S ebaker sil- n ss. I creased power a d h ' h i I on perlo ' . loo. New low- c d'g .B Sd- l'I ellleprices. , baker has gone even ore Check up now at your nearby ' distinctive for N55-with Studebaker dealer'l. 1 ' . . . ..- u n - - I 1 ' - ' V 1- -1- , . . V. ' .I .K . .'.:,'-- - ,Ah A' I , ' ', ' - -vi. 11 Phone All I 85I8 Flnes'I' In Foods Exper+ly Prepared ...I bn J -WW 'Cro 1' - cis. ALLISON S TURKEY FARM :pc it. '+1--1!,,. 8 237' cope FRUIT FARMS + P 8 04 'I' Wallace Greenhouse QLAN, funk 'I J BANDY MARKET TUEL S GEORGE CARDINAL for beH'er BE? Plumbing and Heahng MAPLE RIDGE MARKET E 0 S b 8 2002 e sebfmg 1 Cm W company LJ BUEHLER S Jusi' Rule Cleaners -nf- it MM S Phone 8 6258 S. I2 Sfreei' Shop ai' lsaly s or Dairy Producfs CARLI LUMBER CO Z' A . A I , f 'F hiqhesf In qualify lowes? in price eg . hv Q C Q Q 0 THE GEM CLAY FORMING CO. 'ff ,AQ u.il4'I THE I-I. BETTIS BOX COMPANY E.. Lu Insurance Agency V0 OLIN R SHOAR WEST END GROCERY TUEL S Complumen+s of THE LEONARD HARDWARE CO CHUCK S SHOE SERVICE ASHTON S 5 81 I0 222 N. 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DENNY and Federal Reserve Sys em ' 5 e R ' Alliance, Ohio l I MILLNER M0 ww CCNP ELSASS DRY GOODS STORE S I5+h S+ QUALITY SERVICE IS OUR AIM OSTERMEIER S JEWELERS 235 N I5+h Sf CLAPSADDLE APPLIANCE K i g ISII1 SI' GROMOLL DRUG STORE I5+I1 Sf COFFMAN AND SMAIL KINSER SHELL SERVICE TIRES BATTERIES LUBRICATION F + Fu ouch., w ' l 27I . reef . ree+ I . h I I I I . 5 ...' ' .I W1 I f fC 4 w f ' ,.. f I " 'E 5 nan" - , . Z, 5 D u , . ff T 4, Afgj N. ree+ N. ree+ 0, R i Ines in rnifure . I an e K Car ashing ,Q , ,H I X W. -if , If f:1 , qigw' 5 W W., I x 34? V , N I I gg gr Y + ' ,S H, A its 7, X " 'ifilff I an Q .W f 'J 1, I - . .wif T", A .., '4 B R ' ' f .. I..,,,,.,... - 3 VLVA -Q Agikwu1 .' ROYAL CHINA INCORPORATED ,, p., . O .O s . ' 5 0 Besf In Family Enierfainmeni I ,N f l Q - . 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COKE COAL HAROLD C JONES R D No 2 MEDINA OHIO PII e Sharo Ce I 9282 MINERAL FUEL AND SUPPLY COMPANY LISBON SAND SHALE L G BALFOUR COMPANY AMERICAS HOUSE OF INTEGRITY 0 'Ib Easfern Ohio Manager on n n er 1-ui .V xy N R CULLEG ATE P Kunsus Cnty I Pu: New low' Mnwfunhv-', BNKB FACTOQY HOME Qffiff -we-vw:-w..-,-,.-f--.......-i..-,..,. , .,,1..,., :.. ., -,f---i1... .w-.- . V , - - - . . dm, s 4

Suggestions in the McKinley High School - Trojan Yearbook (Sebring, OH) collection:

McKinley High School - Trojan Yearbook (Sebring, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


McKinley High School - Trojan Yearbook (Sebring, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


McKinley High School - Trojan Yearbook (Sebring, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 20

1955, pg 20

McKinley High School - Trojan Yearbook (Sebring, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 32

1955, pg 32

McKinley High School - Trojan Yearbook (Sebring, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 81

1955, pg 81

McKinley High School - Trojan Yearbook (Sebring, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 115

1955, pg 115

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