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P 233851 221536 1W3fg 2eWQgf'Q,:X wwf iwi? if 1+ 3,455 2 C' fm, 36 XWNEEQQQE, 283 Qifwqfie Www Qnmfiexq ' 9311 Qewbgsgq m QQNCSGC1 QQZDU if egg Q2 fl SBQW wggfea H772 if QQQSQMT5 Eg sea 0' 3 Sfiwiikifwf 0 KU-J 1, I 4 Q?-ELJCUQQQ x" my 6290 Xwgfbsggge ag Qu fgnfg biglflixgw cjfigqg 2 ,J 26 c-3 QB" I x 1 1 1 l UNL' Gicagqf if WJ, ,g .O ,,,, I ,.. 02? UBS fiffwx CP- ffhwgjco SXQJ 'QQQ jg an U "5 ?EQO'39fQQ C55 4 ah. M Siva, J' . C Q igiw SW 6253 552969 9 T' 5350+ 1 5 'ifxfi ryan Zigi? JU S 5 gs, 2-if 1948 m 'D 1 C1 gif - ffiifgw, A PUBLISHED BgFTIflt STUDEMS i ifkfofff fgagg qkpekw ' ,! gifncgeuv Cv 55253-D 930 Q., qs .ijgfeqf w C? 57185369 C5296 self? f ig-Sf 'U 3523155 M W 0 ., Q Q J 000 69111 Jlfamilg 353119112 aT Math .Family at Bing Satin! ?l'ifr flmrbritirs Zmrmuirs 31 51111312 Jrienhs ooo K 0 Ek 0 Q-jybfx Page One Miss Estellm Crewson I . Clinton H eacock Miss Hazel Hartzell DEDICATION This book is affe dedicated to the Se Sponsors, whose capable understanding patience, sacrificing labor have each the title, 'Friend. Page Two ctionately nior Class guidance, and self- won for n roaewfxnn Q O ,il Q MQ D ' 9 . o 0 v J Xxx -Qwaoa 0f7et's pretend it is the year 1984 and we are - 'ibitting in s comfortable old rocking chair L, 1, looking at the family album of 1947-1948. As we leaf through the yellowed pages, we see many familiar faces and scenes, which remind us vividly of our many friends and the good times we had te- gether. Look at the clothes we wore! It seems we called that the 'New Look.' As we recall, the young men of the period didn't particularly ap- prove of the changed styles, and many faces drop- ped with the hemlines. We remember that it wasn't all fun. There was work--much work--to be done, but even the most difficult task was made enjoyable by the patient and understanding Wlldersn, who were always close by to advise and guide us. Finally we turn the last page, and as we fondly close ou book of memories, we realize anew how fortunate we were to belong to a family whose aim was to develop its members physically, men- tally, spiritually, and socially in preparation for life in our U0ne World,' which seemed only a dream during those chaotic days of our youth. Page Three 5 Q l Q 0 SEQ, Cgzoiwgf Giga do QLD agofmvsfiw fggggf JD Q okay CD YF Q I ff! E Q 0 0 D532 CSSDWQQJQQAQQ PL? Q554? ! Q Q 0 4 v A I fr' 4 x k U' Q . 3 f , ,Q 051 GO Ja Q? Og? O 0 D 004: ggi? my if 5 ixg Arlx O 05 , , ifixwf X' 1, -2 gps. 1 igh ji K . H 1 .4 p W X 'I l , +C ob? SQC f Aw ,l i X " ' K 0 O is ,XM A fmiw X 23321 gm Q26 mf . 2 ' WM VJ -if Q egg' ' '1 'CHQ gain X K if Q LN 4-fy ,D Wig 0 CD Q0 Q I f- ff QQ Cai if L AWB O Ji v fl Lwgku x Q1 Q L , -. is , w w ff QQ SMOQ QQ SUB RINTENDENT M . Badertscher, a graduate of Bluffton College and Ohio State Uni- versity, served McKinley High School as principal for eight years before establishing a private business in which he was engaged for two years. In 1946 he returned to us in the new capacity of Superintendent. He is a prominent citizen, an outstanding educator, and a friend to all. BO!-XRD OF EDUCATION gg! Qgg Hr Tate, M Badertscher, H . Hills, lr. Gottschall. Q 'Lg lr Dimit, Mr Barclay, Hr. Herman. Page Fave mc U uv .mms L. mcnnlns, Ana., mn. Mr. McBride, our high-school principal, claims Mount Union College, the University of Wis- consin, and Ohio State University as his alma maters. He is a spon- sor of the National Honor Society and lists fishing, reading, gar- dening, outdoor life, and travel- ing among his favorite hobbies. JEANNETTE BREADY, B.S. in Ed. Miss Bready, a graduate of Ohio State University, teaches girls' physical education and commercial subjects. She is sponsor of the G.A.A. and co-sponsor of the Sophomore Class. She is also in charge of the dispensary aides and advises the junior-high cheerleaders. She is one of fou teachers who list golf as a hobby, we'd like to see them form a foresome. VERDA LEEK, B.S. in Ed. Mrs. Leek has been teaching in Sebring High School for two years She is sponsor of the B. L.0. T Club and co-sponsor of the Junior Class and the Y-Teens. She is a graduate of Kent State University and teaches typewriting, book- keeping, and office practice. Her hobby is collecting hand-carved wooden articles. EVELYN L. MALLERNEE, B.SC.3 M.A. Miss Mallernee attended Ohio State University and Duke Univer- sity. She teaches general science and biology and is sponsor of the vertebra Club, Scalpel and Scope, and co-sponsor of the Friendship Club and Grade Seven. Miss Mal- lernee left us in Feb uary to accept a government position as a science teacher in Germany. She was replaced hy Mrs. McB ide, who finished the year. Page Six News F AC ULTY ELAINE N. FREED, B.S. in Ed. Mrs. Freed returned to the teach- ing staff of our school this year after an absence of several years. She attended Miami University an teaches home economics. She is an experienced homemaker, as her two children make certain that she has plenty of sewing, cooking, knitting, and embroidering to do. She enjoys all this and likes to read and make scrapb oks. She is sponsor of the F.H.A. and co- .sponsor of the Friendship Club. CLINTON H. Hmcocx, B.A. A Mr. Heacock really got around in college. At least he attended a lot of them. They were Musking- gum College, Mount Union College Northwestern University, Ohio State University, University of Michigan, West Virginia Universi- ty, and Bethany College. He has a large coin collection and env joys hunting and fishing. He teaches government, history, and boys' physical education. M . Heacock is Senior Class sponsor and football coach. 9 DORA n. HENRY, B.S.g M.A. Miss Henry is a graduate of Mount Union College and Ohio State Uni- versity. She teaches English and sponsors two publications, TH ECHO and THE TROJAN. In addition to these activities, she is co- sponsor of the Freshman Class. Her hobbies include traveling and golf. asm-Ima s. RAY, B.A. Mrs. Ray, our McKinley High li- brarian, attended Wooster Col- lege, Ohio State University, Mount Union College, the Univer- sity of Chicago, and Kent State University. She teaches French II, English 10, community civics, and library practice. Page Seven f A V r r FA CULTY FRANCIS J. CONWAY 'PatW attended Dana's Musical In- stitute, Mount Union College, and the Akron School of Music. He is interested in music, travel, fish- ing, football, basketball, and his family. If you happen to hear some music floating in the halls, you can be sure that it's either the senior band, the jun- ior band, the high school orches- tra, an instrumental ensemble, or some of WPat's' athletic publici- ty. BETTY EDWARDS, B.A. H s. Edwards, a former member of the McKinley High School faculty, returned the second semester, af- ter an absence of several years, to teach general mathematics, world history, and English. She is a graduate of Mount Union Col- lege and enjoys playing bridge, cooking, reading and gardening. MILDRED L. HOWELL, Sch. Mus. B. Miss Howell attended Cberlin Col- lege, Mount Union College and Wheaton College. She is in charge of devotions, and is co- sponsor of the YhTeens. She en- joys reading and collects books and phonograph records. Miss Howell teaches music appreciation and junior music study, she dir- ects the Junior Chorus, SeKinley Singers, and McKinley Choir. an scrmmsn, A.B. If you didn't happen to know who that tall fellow on the bench was we'll let you in on the know. It was Coach Schaefer. He attended Georgetown College and teaches history and geography. Mr. Schaefer says he enjoys going to movies and watching baseball games. He is co-sponsor of the Sophomore Class. Page Eight 1' FACULTY NELLE D. Bos'rEn,l A.B.3 M.A. Mrs. Boster attended Rio Grande College, Ohio University, and Kent State University and did re- search work at Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvan- ia. She teaches Latin and Liter- ature and is sponsor of the Latin Club, co-sponsor of the Junior Class, central treasu er, ana serves on the faculty von ittoe of the National Honor Society. In her leisure time she enjoys music and golf. H. B. SNODGRASS,B.S.5B.S. .in 121.3 MJ.. Mr. Sondgrass attended Muskingum College, Kent State University, and Ohio State University. He teaches general science and chem- istry, and is co-sponsor of the Seventh Grade. His hobbies' are reading and collecting records of various kinds of music. He also plays a trumpet in the United Presbyterian Sunday School Or- chestra. 1 EDWARD L. STRAUSS, B.A. Mr. Strauss will challenge any student or faculty member to a game of chess or checkers, or even a series of games. How about taking him up on it? He attended Mount Union College and teaches American history, science, social problems, and economics. He is the sponsor of the Hi-Y and co- sponsor of the Freshman Class. M . Strauss also enjoys sailing, picnicking, and playing golf and tennis. EDWIN Tnorr, B.s. If you happen to run across an interesting biography, Mr. Trott is the teacher who would be par- ticularly interested. He plays the clarinet and enjoys tennis and basketball. He attended Mount Union College and Kent State University. Mr. Trott is co-sponsor of the Eighth Grade and teaches plane geometry, alge- bra, and physics. He is also coach of the reserve basketball team. Page Nine F5ACUlTY ESTELLA M. cnmsou, B.s. ULet's go now,' says Miss Crewson to the members of the Purgoldra Masque when they are ready for rehearsal. She is-a graduate of Kant State University. She teach- es English, directs all the school dramatic productions, and is co-sponsor of the National Honor Society an the Senior Class. Ask her what she likes most to do and she will say, UTrave1'. HAZEL F. HARTZELL, B.S. in Ed. Miss Hartzell attended Mount Union College and Kent State Uni- versity. She is the junior-high principal and teaches arithmetic. As co-sponsor of the Senior Class she has helped to add a great deal to the class treasury through her efficient management of the concessions. Roy o. MERRELL, B.s. in Ea. Do you enjoy sports, hunting, and photography? ,M . Merrell, who' attended Kent State University, also enjoys these interesting hobbies. He teaches industrial arts and is co-sponsor of the Sophomore Class. MARY LOU McB IDE Mary, one or last year's gradup ates, liked the school so well that she decided to come back this year. It's her friendly voice that echoes, 'He1lo, McKin- ly High Schoo1,W whenever the telephone rings. She is usually busy at the typewriter, especial- ly at six-weeks test time. She is our school secretary. Page Tm : cu STODIANS I . Meacham, U . Noble, Irs. Mslson Among the hardest working members of ou family are our faithful custodians, who have spent many long, tiresome hours.keeping ou building warm and c1ean-- not only for the class and extra-curricular activities of the school, but also for the many community groups which use the building for their meetings. Page Eleven sermons ELEANOR JEAN AILES 'Worry and I have never met.n Bind C1a2s3:41' TROJAN C413 Latin Club C1,215 B1o1ogy Club fig, c.A.A. C3,41? Yaroono DONALD ANDREWS 'Glorious things are said about you.' Choir 441: Latin Club C2-Trea- surer 21 Hi-Y C3,L13 Basket- ball CI13 Nat'l Honor Society CProbationary Member 413 Sem- per Fidelis C313 Junior Class Vice-President C313 Senior Class President C415 Prom Ser- ver C21g Boys' State C31. DONALD BECKIET 'His life has many a hope and aim.' - Football Cl,2,3,415 Baseball C413 Hi+Y C334-President 413 Latin Club Cl,215 Choir C413 Biology Club C2,31g Senior Class Vice-President C41. , BETTY JEAN BROGAN 'Just like a stormy sky, never blue.' SeKinley Singers Cl,2,3,41g Biology Club C213 B.LQO.T. 435 4 . EARL B, ALLCQRN- I WHe's first on our Hit Parade! B1o1o y Clubl C2,315 Dramatic Club C413 Football C313 Base- ball C2,31g Basketball 41,2,3, 4 . . VIRGINIA BAKER WA quiet girl and quite a girl. Biology Club C215 G.A.A. C2,3, 41' Dramatic Club C413 F.H.A. C315 YPTeens-C31. PATRICIA BEST 'Poppy describes this dark- haired lass.' Dramatic Club C3,A 5 YLTeens C2 3,4-Cabinet3, 4 j B.L.0.T. C315 Latin Club- C2,31g Major Plays C3,413 ECHOCL1g TROJAN C3,413 SeKinley C2,3,413 Nat' Thespians C415 Speech Contes- tant 4313 Librarian C3,41 DORIS HRUNIE 'She'a a likable, lovable, live- ly Miss.n Dramatic Club C3,41g YLTeens C2,3,L1g G.AoA. C2,3,413 Latin Club Cl,215 Biology Club C31, Band C3,41g Prom Server C21. 'E-1-e' 'Andy' 'Don' 'Jetty-Bean' tbuobt N-CClnnyNM F 'Dat' 'Dodie' Page Twelve JACK EDWIN BRUNIE 'Don Jmn d:ldn't do so badly either."" Latin Club 13,4-senate 313 Baseball 11,213 Cheer Leader 1313 Industrial Arts Club 131. : r' . 'lf J '- ' .v " A. i-- I PAUL BURGESS, 'Sees all, hears all, but says l:ltt1e." IIARTHA -.TAYNE CARDINAL 'Why should any man prefer a blonde?" ECHO 12.24.411 'menu 13.1.13 Biology Club 12,311 B.L.0.'.l'. 1313 G.A.A. 12,3,41j Dramatic Club 13.413 Maier Plays 13.415 !LTeens 12.3.4-Cabinet13 Nat'l Honor Society 1B,4- Secretary 413 Scholarship Team 1213 Lib- rarian 12,313 Semper Fidelis 1313 0T0h08trl 11,2.3,413 Miniwanca Delegate 1313 Prom Server 1213 Outstanding Fresh- man 1l13 Quill and Scroll 13, 413 Nat'1 Thespians 141. KENNY ZURHUBG 'There are two sides tex every question3 mine and the wrong one." Biology Club 12,313 Hi-Y 13, 415 Footh-11 1192939415 33' ke'l'.h.l1 111. SENIORS WILBUR J. BUEHLEB. 'You can't refuse himany- thing when he flashes that grin." chan-.141:' rnomz 13,413 nn- .matic- Club 13,413 Latin Club 1l,2,313 Biology Club 12,313 Hi-I 13,413 Scholarship Team 1313 Cheer Leader 131. MELVIN BURKE! "Hs who invented work should have finished it." DOIDRES CARTWRIGHT 'Never trouble' trouble till trouble troubles you.' Band 11,213 Biology Club 1213 G.A.A. 12,3,l.13 Dramatic Club FeHoAe Parliamen- fa8.I'i8-1113 Y-Teens 1313 Prom Server 121. JOAN IRB' 'A little cutie who's not a bit snooty." Band 11.2.3,1..n 1 mono 13,41 TROJAN 1415 Biology Club 12,31 B.L.0.T. 13,4 Treasurer 3-Vice Pres1aenf.,.11.1s Dramatic Club. 13,413 I-Teens 12,3,4 Treasur- er 1.15 Librarian 13.1.13 01'- chestra 121. , ' A F Afnl ff ig- ,. If vi. , g,,,4. 'Jackie' 'LiHdY' 'Ulrty' 'Spihe' Wwillien 'Beech' 'Dee' 'Jo' -Page Thfflllfl DOROTHY ANN EWING 'Beauty is a blossom' Latin Club 11,213 Biology Club 1213 G. A. A. 12,3134 Dramatic' Club 13,4-Vice-President 413 llajor Plays 13,413 Y-Teens 1213 Jr. Dramtio Club 11,213 Nat'1 Thespians 1413 Carnival Queen 131. EDWARD FAHNERT "Haven't I seen you someplace before?' Clwilf 111269413 TF-UJAN 13,413 Latin Club 11-Vice-President13 Dramtic Club 13,413 llajor glsys 13,413 Nat'1 Thespians L o DONALD FOBEAN "Don't take life too serious- ly, you',11 never get out of it alive." B3-nd 12 3:4413 cha'-T 11 2939413 mcno 141: TROJAN 13,413 Loom Club 12,313 Dramatic Club 13, 413 Major Plays 13,413 Orches- tra 13,413 lat'1 Thespians 141 CLARENCE E. GASSIILN 'Wait till he turns those big blue eyes on you." nomo 11,2.3,4Js Choir 1413 Hi"! SENIORS 'Doi' "1-nd' 'nom' vcloovv 'Lo' Page Fourteen LOIS FITTRO 'Her happiness is conta- gi0u8e' Choir 13,413 'rnonn 1413 Latin cm: 11,213 Biology Club 1313 G.A.A. 12,3,413Librar:lan 141. Enom: FAHNERT ' , 'Guess which one." Choir 11,2,41a 'rnonu 13,411 Latin Club 11,2 Senate 113 lla:- ior Plays 13,413 Dramatic Club 3,413 Nat'l Thespians 141. DORUIHY GARINK 'A charming girl sith a charming personality." Choir 1413 .Vocalaires 1413 I-Bti!! Club 13,413 G-4-L 1413 Dramatic Club 13,413 llajor Plays 1413 I-Teens 11 2,4 Cab- mot 41: ofonootro 131. JOAN GERBER 'Pencils she holds do. won- derful things." Eno 133415 TROJAN 139415 Latin Club 1l,2,313 Biology cm, 1313 c.l.A. 13,41,.1.1b- rarian 13,413 Dramatic Club 11.1, I-Toono 12,3,4 cabinet 1.1 Quill and Scroll 141. Gene' 'Do' 'Jo' Scholarship Team 11, 2,31 3 lf DALE GFELLER 'He's a man among men.' 1'f:311j,l.,'f'1 1'iZ,'f,,.kjjf:p I N A '13, ,,..-un. . l.- -471 'I -,..l C.-. I JOHN W. HAENNY ' 'Merit is Iorthier than fame.' Fbotball 12,3,4-Manager 413 Baseball 1315 Industrial Arts Club 131. DONNA JEAN HEESTAND 'Secretary, you can sit on my 1ap.' . Band 11a2a3a413 ECHO 131415 TROJAN 13,413 Biology Club 12, 313 B.L.0.T 13,4 Vice-Presi- den: 313 G.A.A.12 3,4-Secre- tary 3-Treasurer 415 Dramatic Club 13,413 YLTeena 12,3,413 Librarian 13,413 Homeco Attendant 1413 Cffice Aide 141 Jr. Dramatic 1213 Intramurals 119-233941. NAIDI HILTON LOTZE WHer thoughts are elsewhere.' SeKinley Singers 1l,2,413 Vocalaires 141' TROJAN 1413 Latin Club 11,253 Biology Club 1213 YLTeens 1413 Scholarship Team 11,213 Prom Server 121. SENIV RS JOANN HABERLAND 'A bundle of activity with personality tied in.' ' Band 1192!3a413 FBHO 139413 Biology Club 12,312 B.L.0.T 13,413 Dramatic Club 13,4 Sec- retary 413 YhTeens 12,3 4 Ca- binet 413 Librarian 13,413 Or- chestra 121. BETTY HARR 'Good deeds are never lost.' Librarian 141. MARILYN HENRY 'She's first and best in everything.' choir 141- Vocalaires 13, 413 ECHO 13,453 THOJAN 13.475 Prom Server 1213 Latin Club 1l,2,3- Senate 1-President 213 G.A.A. 12,3,L13 Biology Club 12,3- Secretary 213 Dramatic Club 13,413 Maier Plays 13,415 Ovi- standing Freshman 1113 lLTeens 12,3,4 Cabinet 3,413 Quill and Scroll 13,413 Nat'l Honor Society 13,4 Vice-President 41 Scholarship Team 11,2,313 Jr. Dramatic Club 11,213 Prince of Peace 1413 Office Aide 13,413 Jr. Marshall 1313 Nat'1 Thes- 'pians 1413 Intramurals 1l,2,31 GEQRGIA HUTMACHER WA friendly heart has plenty of friends.W SeKin1ey Singers 12,313 Choir 1413 ECHO 1313 Dramatic Club 13,413 F.H.A. 11,2,3,413 D18- pensary Aide 1313 !LTeens 141. 'Gee' 'HankN WHeestonianW 'Naidie' 'Haba' 'Bets' WO'Henry' 'Georgie' Page Fifteen KATHLEEN HUTMACHER 'K-K-K-Kate--beautiful Kate.' Band 4l,2,3,4-Head Majorette 415 SeKinley Singers 42,315 choir 447: Lotlo Club 4l,2,315 Bo I-lo Ou To G'A'A' Y-Teens 42,3,41g Vocalaires 43,A7. DOROTHY JEAN JACKSON 'A little miss who. never misses.' Band 42,3,413 Latin Club 41,21 Biology Club 4213 Dramatic Club 43,413 Y-Teens 42,3,4P Devotional Leader 413 Scholar- ship Team 431. HAZEL KELLEY 'By her eyes you'll know she's Irish.' A G. A. A. 42,3 475 F.H.A. 42,3 President 353 I-Teens 44s Cabinet 415 Librarian 42o3a41o DORIS KING 'She's as likeable as she is 1ookable.' Band 41,2 3,415 ECHO 447- rnosw 447: Latin Club 41,2,31 5 Biology Club 4375 G.A.A. 4375 Dramatic Club 43 413 I-Teens 42,3,4-Secretary 313 Librarian 43,413 Quill and Scroll 441. Class Secretary 4415 Intramur- als 42,31. SENIFRSS CLYDE E. ISRAEL 'Wise from the top of his head upon Choir 447s H1-Y 447: Football 4475 Baseball 41,2,3,415 In- auotrlol Arts Club 437. THOMAS RICHARD JONES 'She came, I saw, I con- quered.' ' Band 41,2,3,41g Biology Club 4375 Choir 43,415 Dramatic Club, 43,475 Major Plays 4375 Football 41,2,3,415 Baseball 225415 Industrial Arts Club 3 . EUGENE KERR "I never done nuthin, but I won't do it again. Choir 42,415 Dramatic Club 43, 47. W ,., 1 L f "W" J -. .....,, ,.. . - 1 .. , SI LEE, JR. 'Little world, I am ready to conquero' Choir 4l,3,413 Echo 437: Latin Club 41,213 TROJAN 43,413 H1-I 4415 Dramatic Club 43,413 Miniwanca 437s Major Playa 43, 41- Football 437: Basketball 421, Librarian 43,413 Speech Contestant 447: Nat'1 Thes- Pians 447. 'Kate' 'Jeanie' ' 'Hazel-nut' 'Dodie' 'Barney' 'Dick' 'Gene' . 'Si' Page Sixum canor, ANN LOCKHART vnigno of hair and 11gno of hearts' 'SeKinley Singers C435 Choir C335 G.A.A. C2,3,l,3' F.H.A. C2,33g lkTeens-C2,3,L53 Intra- murals Cl3. .SHIRLEY mmm 'Good Nature is her second nature.' Band C2,3,43g SeKinley Singers c1,2,3 435 Ecuo C3,L35 YhTeens C2,3,43s Biology Club C2,f33s B.L.O.T. C333 c.A.A. C43. CAROL MOCUNE WShe's a mixture of nice things.' Ecuo 13,4-Editor 43: TROJAN C3,433 Latin Club C335 Y-Teens 43,435 Biology Club C335 Major Plays C3,435 Dramatic Club C3, L35 Quill and Scroll C433 Na- tional Thespians C435 Alliance C133 Tampa C23. DOROTHY ANN MIDDAGH 'When fun and studies clash. Let the studies go to smash.' S6Kinley Singers C2,3,433 La- tin club C3,435 B.L.0.T. C3,43 Y-Teens C43 . SENIORS MELBA JUNE LOWER ' 'She's proof against the word failu e.' SeKinley Singers Cl,333 ECHO C335 Choir C2,43s'1'R0-TANC3, 435 Latin Club Cl,2,3,4 Senate Chairman 3,433 Biology Club C2,335 Dramatic Club C3,435 Major Plays C3,435 Y-Teens C2, 3,433 Net'l Honor Society C3, 1, President 43: Scholarship Team C1,2,33g Office Aiao C435 Nat'l Thespians CL3. EVELYN JEAN HcCAUSLAN NHome on the range--kitchen that is.0 Band C2,3,435 SeKinley singoro C1p293 43: EEHO C433 YSTBGUS ,C2.3,43i Biology club 42,333 BQLQOQTO PEGGY MENGES 'She goes right when things go wrong.' SeKinley Singers C133 ECHO C43 TROJAN C43: Latin Club C1,2,l5 Senate3g Biology Club C233 LPH Cl,2 L35 G.A.A. C2,L3g YLTeens C2,4S5 Dramatic Club C433 Scholarship Team Cl,23g Quill and Scroll C43. MARY LOU MORRISON WA1ways like her name--merryo' Band C1,2,35433 ECHO C3aLJ3 TROJAN C3,43g Biology Club Cz, 335 B.L.o.T. C333 Drnnntio Club C3,43g F.HLA. C1,233 on- chestra Cl,2,33g Y-Teens C3,L3 Quill and Scroll CLD. 'Tootsn 'Bugs' 'Mac' 'Dot 'JumieP 'Toni' Wfatn 0Mitzi' Page Seventeen DONALD MUNSELL 'Not much talk, but lots of thought.' 'Industrial Arts Club 431. RAYMOND OLSON 'A-hunting we will go.' Choir 42,415 Biology Club 4415 ni-Y 447s Basketball 411. THEODORE PUSKAS NThe modern blonde Romeo.W Choir 441. OLGA DELORES SCHENK WThe sweetness that goes with her size.' Choir 43,41' Vocalaires 43,415 TROJAN 43,415 Latin Club 42,3, 4-Vice-President 215 Biology Club 4215 c.A.A. 42,3,4-cor- responding Secretary 315 Ma or Plays 43,415 Dramatic Club 3, MSENIORS JAMES NEZBETH nMister, be careful--that's my heart.' Industrial Arts Club 4315 Prom Server 421k LOUIS DARLENE PEARSON .WSerious for a minute, laugh- ter for a month.' Band 41,215 ECHO 43,415 Latin Club 41,215 Biology Club 4315 G.A.A. 43,415 Dramatic Club 43,415 Y-Teens 42,3,4 Treasur- er 3, Vice-President 415 Dis- pensary Aide 43,41. hOBERT RUNION 'Let's not be overstudious.' Baseball 4115 Basketball 4115 Industrial Arts Club 4313 In- tramurals. EDWIN SCHMID 'If at first you don't succeed--forget it.W 415 Y-Teens 42,3,4-Cabinet 3- President 413 Nat'l Honor So- ciety 43,415 Librarian 43,415 Semper Fidelis 4315 Quill an Hi-Y 43,4 Treasurer 415 Prom Server 421. Scroll 4415 Outstanding Fresh- man 4115 Homecoming Attendant 4415 Miniwanca Delegate 4315 Jr. Dramatic Club 4215 Intra- murals 4l,2,3,415 Nat'l Thes- plans 441 . 'mon' 'Raya wreav 4 Olga 'mee' 'fam 'Lou n." anew Hman ' Pql Eighteen CHARLES STEARN 'Blessed is the man who in- vented sleep.' Industrial Arts Club C35. ALICE B. SWEELY 'The eyes have it.' SeKinley Singers' C453 G.A.A. C3,L53 F.H.A. C2,3-Vice-Presi- dent53 YLTeens C3,453 Librari- an C3,453 Intramurals C1,35. RITA TUCKER 'What people call our gifts are really fruits of labor.' Band C2,3o453 ECHO C3p455 TROJAN 43,453 Latin Club 41,2, 353 B.L.O.T. C353 Dramatic Club C3:455 G'AvA- C2939453 F.H.A. C153 YhTeens C2,3,45f National Honor Society C3,455 Scholarship Team C1,2,353 Or- chestra C2,353 Dispensary Aide C453 Junior Moro:-1o11 C355 out- standing Freshman C153 Speech Contestant C453 Quill and Scroll C3,L53 Class Treasu er C3o453 Intramurals C2,35. NORMAN WARD 'The world will always need people like himo' Choir C355 Football C253 In- SENIORS THEQPHAN STEVE, JR. 'He's5 small, but so's a stick of dynamite.' mano C45s Latin Club 41,253 Dramatic Club c3,L,g Major Plays CBQL5' Hi-Y C3p453 Foot- ball 423,453 Basketball 42,3, 453 Scholarship Team C255 Baseball C1,2,3,L5j Semper Fidelis C353 Junior Class Pres. C353 Outstanding Fresh- man C153 Nat'l Honor Society CProbationary Member L53 Quill and Scroll C453 Miniwanca Delegate C355 Prom Server C25. PAUL TAYLOR 'Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.' Biology Club C2,353 Industrial Arts Club C35. JACQUELINE WARD . 'Tiny but terrific.' mono 445: TROJAN C3,45s Latin Club C153 Biology Club C353 G.A.A. C2,3,4 vlC6'PI9SidBDt55 4Dramatic .Club C3,453 Y-Teens C2,35. JOCELYN WATERMAN UThe girl with the Persons ality P1uSo' Band C1,2,3,45j Biology Club C2a353 B-L-0-T- C3,455 YFTSSHS C2,3,45S Dramatic Club C3,45S Orchestra C2,35. dustrial Arts Club C353 Bao- kooooll 425. 'Chuck' 'Betty Lou' 'Tuck' 'Norm' 'Dominic' 'Herk' 'Jackie' 3 'Jocey' Page Nineteen 1 HAR! AUGUSTA SCHROEDER t 'I!mLZ.A2l1!1l! : cotay' A good time Biology Club K2 313 B.L.0.T4 43,4-President 45, c.A.l. 43, 41, Dramatic Club 63,415 YhTeens K2,3a41. GEORGE HALLEY SICKBE 'An artist to the umuteenth degree.' I Choir C293 415 ECHO T39 4,5 Tnoun 13,413 n1a1agy Club 42, 313 Dramatic Club f3,41. DOROTHY'SNYDER 'She doesn't say muchg she just thinks it.' Band 12,3475 B101-:gy club C21 B.L.0aTa f39L15 F.H.A. f113 Dispenser Aide C315 Office Aide 431410 'RICHARD T. SPEAKMAN 'Do I look like a ladies' msn? Well I am.' Band K3,413 Choir Cl,2,3,415 Dramatic Club 13,415 Major Plays 43,415 Hi-Y Kala Basket- ba11 61,215 Football C2,3,L1g naaabau C415 Industrial .u-ta Club 4315 Net'1 Thespians Q41. SENIORS urvvron SHIVELI A 'That grin will get you if' you don't watch out.' . Band 41,2,3,1.J: IROJAN 431: Latin' Club Cl,2,315 Dramatic Club .C3,A,Treasurer L13 Boys' State 431: Pladvr Plan C3413 1-11-I ws 'nat '1 Thespians. 141. CARROLL SMITH WTo be a man is'to be a hero.W Football Kl,2,3,L1' Baakatban 41,215 H1-Ycs,45s' Biolo Club Q2,315 Boys' State f3g? Qll Tri-County Football Team 3 . MARJORIE IL SNYDER 'I giggle, giggle as I go.' Band f2,3,1.1s TRO-IAN can Biology Club 1213 B.L.0.T Q3, Agseoretery L13 Librarian C3, 4 . AUTON D. STANLEY 1 WHe'd have the last word with an echo.' Band f1q2a3941f 'Hi'Y 43941 Football Cl,2,3,413 Baseball ll,2,41g Orchestre C1,2,3,413 Prom Server f21. 1 X 'C0tsy' A 'Ha1'. 'Dot' 1 'Ra T.' I Wlilt' 'Smitty' Wlargien uRed' Page Twenty IARYBELLE WATSON WMeet Public Energy, Number 0ne.' , o.A.l. C2,3 43, F.n.l. 42,35- YFTeens C3,LSf Librarian C2,31. ID WHETSTONE 'There are three evils. The eea, the fire, and romen.' RUTH K. YOUMANS 'Her personality is based on sincerity5' Band 41,2 3,413 saklalay slag- GTB C132 415 Vocalaires C413 Choir 435, ECHO 43,1.J' mom 43,4J, Blala Club C313 C1335 Treasurer C411 B.L.0.T. 431, 6.1.1. C3,413 nraaatla Club C3,4 Backsta e Manager 413 YQTBBDB C2,3,413 Scholarship TURN C315 Nat'1 Honor Society C415 Dispensary Aide 441. PATRICIA WOOD WNot all the stare are in heaven.' , Band C2,3,413 SeKin1ey Singers C213 Choir C3n413 Vocalaires 441s ECHO C315 TROJAN 441' Latin Club C3,4-President 3,41 Blalagy club C2,313 Dramatic Club C3,415 Madvr P1878 C3,41? YhTeens C3,4 Cabinet 3,413 Nat!1 Honor Society C413 Prom Server C213 Homecoming Queen C413 Quill and Scroll C3,413 Class saaratary C313 Office Qlga C413 Nat'l Thaaplaaa 4 a SEN! ORS DALE WEIZENECKER 'All great men are dying--I feel sick myeelf.' H1'Y C39413 Ba39b311 C39415 Football 4l,2,3,41, Basketball C1,2,413 Librarian C3,41. JEANNB WILLIAMS 'Short and Sieet.' SeKin1ey Singers C113 Choir C2,3 413 Vocalaires C413 ECHO 43341, TnoJlN 4313 Latin Club C1,2 Treasurer 1-Secretary 213 Blalagy Club C313 c.l.a. 42,3, 413 Dramatic Club C3,4 Pres- idgni 41: Hager Playa C3,41, YH eens C2,3,4 3 Nat'1 Honor Society C3,4 Treasurer-413 Scholarship Team C1,2,313 Out- standing Freshman C113 Claes Treasu er C315 Librarian C413 Cheer Leader C3a413 Jaalar Marshall C313 Prom Server C213 Nat'1 Thespians C413 Quill and Scroll C413 EUGENE IOLFE 'The young man with the horna' Band C2,3,413 Orchestra C2,3, 4 a PATSY WILLETT "Here, there and everywhere.' TROJAN 441, chair 4473 Canton- Girls Baseball League C113 Choir C1,2,313 Frlaaaahlp Club C1,2,313 Dramatic Club C1,21. wnaav wnahlaw 'Ruthie' HPat0 nxlllar-nillarv Haaaalav 'Gene' 'Pat' Page Twenty-one - .semoas CLASS MOTTO UThe future belongs to those who prepare for itn President Vice-President Secretary Co-Treasurers cmss comms, Blue and Silver. CLASS FLOWER Yellow Rose, OFFICERS Don Andrews Don Beckett Doris King Rita Tucker Ruth Youman SPONSORS Mr. Heacock Miss Crewson Missphartzell Work! Work! Work! That was the cry of the Class of 1948. First it was work at the football games, managing concessionsg then came the selling of Christmas, cards, Trojan penci1s,, emblems, Christmas wreaths, license plate emblems, bas- ketball pencils, and noon concessions. After footballa season, they had concessions at the basketball games, and finally at the 'All-Ohio Tournament. . In the meantime the class was busy with such social activities as the WSenior Enter- tainmentn program, the Homecoming Dance, the Rotary Play, and the Christmas Fer al. In February they conducted a successful campaign for their candidate for Carnival Queen. ' March and April passed quickly, and soon the hardest work was here, the final senior play, class night, and Commencement. ' Yes, this was work, but whoever enjoyed their work so m eh? Everyone heard them say after each difficult task, 'The harder the battle, the more glorious the victory.' Page Twenty-two Jumoas E J gg gg - Janet Chapman, Carol Carver, Jacqueline Bichsel, Joan Gfeller, Norma Dorsey, llarilyn Eastham, llarcie Bradley, Helen Fleming, Marilyn Gartrell. Eg! :Egg - Robert Elliott, Joanne Campbell, Sara Jane Cartwright, Willa llae Andrie, Letha Barnett, Betty Blake, Virginia Dawson, Charles French, Mrs. Leek. .11-gg Three - Roger Carson, Bob Evans, Eugene Burgess, Richard Burson, George Amabeli, Tony Amabeli, Pete Carlino, Gene Cook, Wesley Alberts. 593 Egg-r - Ronald Farish, Robert Barrett, James Daniels, Bruce Fink, Gordon Borton, John Allen, on Brown, Russell Early, Roy Lee Allen. OFFICERS President Don Santee Vice-President Charles French lmmmmmm Good! Secretary Phyliss Munsell Bake Sale Treasurer Florence Williams Page Twenty-three JUNIORJS The Junior Class has already been 'stepping out' by sponsoring many school activities, conducting a paper drive, p selling mums and. magazines as well as being active in many school organizations. J The 'Cornshalk Shuff1e', a Halloween J dance, was one of their mjor successes. The Junior Play in larch and the Junior l Senior Prom in llay were 'Grand' conolu- J sions to their busy year. J Next year the juniors will take their place among the older members of our family. JUNIOR SPONSORS Hrs. Leek Mrs. Boeter Q gag - Roselle Martin, Martha Sweely, Norma Gorby, Ann llanypenny, Elizabeth Kinser, Thelma Knecht, Betty Tucker, Jane Hutmacher, Janet Pettit. ' gg Tig - llrs. Boster, Frances Welch, Ardena Poorman, Dolores Zurbrugg, Jean Steele, llartha Hanna, ina. mar, Sarah Talbot, Florence Williams. , Q Qhggg - Bob Rockwell, Doris Oswalt, Vaunda Moore, Barbara IlcCune, Nelda Byers, V Phyliss llunsell, Beverly Gooding, Fdna Krahling, Bob Polen. gg! I-gg - Vernon Shively, Junior Lamp, Glenn Johnson, Donald Santee, Valas Winters, Albert Greeneisen, Richard Lee, Richard Neafie. A Pile Twenty-leur SOPHOMORES gg Qgg - Doris Fobean, Dorothy Fairbanks, Joan Folk, Virginia Fryfogle, Mary Case, Carolyn Goodman, Florence Ellis, Patricia Flowers, Joyce Coleman. Egg 153 - Ruth Buehler, Lillian Bradt, Caroline Burkey, Carole Hannen, Gladys Baker, Florence Cramer, Rebecca Gill, Mr. Merrill. ' gg! Thgeg - -Kenneth Carman, Harry Elder, Donald Brooks, Dick Greenlees, John Chambers, Cleon Gallagher, David Barclay, Jim Fierro. gg! Egg: - Don Amon, Charles Birr, Walter Clegg, Bob Fergason, Johnny Ailes, Duane Buetler, Raymond Fittre, Tom Hampton. ' OFFICERS 10-A , A ' President Dorothy Fairbank Vice President Carole Hannon Secretary Florence Ellis Treasurer Doris Fobean soraouomn sPoNsoRs as D C as A Mr. Schaefer - Miss Bready I V Mr. Merril Pla Twenty-fm SOP I-IOMORE S Do you recognize them?? They're last year's Freshmen, and although they were a grand class then, we see a great improvement in them this year. Just read on and see for yourself. The Honor Roll would look mighty slim if the sophomores didn't contribute every six weeks. Remember thelll-School Party7? llhat party could be dull with such a lively initiation planned by the sophomores? They really are an ambitious lot because already they have mde money for their class by selling llcK:Ln1ey High emblems and pennants. Yes, they're doing very well, and we wish luch and good fortune to the progressive Sophomore Class. - OFFICERS 10-B President - Jim Sabatine Vice-President Gene Welch I Secretary Nancy Sabatine Treasurer Dale llohr B93 Q35 - Ruth Thompson, Barbara Locke, Deloris lcBride, Betty Weekly, Nancy Sabatine, Donna llorrison, Ruth Shively, 'llaxine Beverly, Doris Higgins. Eg! gg - lliss Bready, Eleanor Reynolds, Helen King, Jeanne lorrison, Ilary Jordon, lary Woolf, Ruth Klntner, Phyllis Simms, larilyn llay, lr. Schaefer. E91 Qggg - Don llorrow, Richard Wright, Rose were , Helen Rice, Esther Krahling, Anada Sweely Darlene Steele, Doris Zurbrugg, Eugene Wayt. gg! Egg - Edward Snyder, Delmar Israel, Jim Sabatine, Ralph Ward, Norma Zumbrunnen, Phillip Sanderson, Dale Kitzmiller, Bill Stanford, Jack Reddy. L91 1113 - Raymond Jackson, Donald Justison, Jimgv lcCausland, Bob Tuel, Dale Pittman, John Smith, Dale llohr, Karl Kersmarki, Laverne Hartley, Bill Wilson, Ralph Zurbrugg, Dave lullett. Page Twenty-six rrussrmxen gg! Qgg - Edna Hoff, Margaret Augustein, Anna Mae Elliott, Mollie Harris, Gertrude Hartzell, Betty Mason, Nancy Henry, Mary Calderone, Doris Jordon. gg! Tgg - Marlene Marshall, Ruth Haberland, Beverly Cox, Nancy Conrad, Billie Lower, Patty Boehner, Erma Gump, Joyce Eaton, Miss Henry. gg! Th gg - Dunaine Ebersole, Frank Hogue, Ethel Burrier, Dorothy Marshall, Jean Ann King, Anna Lockner, Margaret Kirksey, Charles Lingo, Charles Manypenny. Egg Fog - Bud Breckner, Harry Beals, George Luduick, Herbert Aeling, Fred Bissett, Bob Meek, George Cress, Dean Albert, Robin Keifer, Elvin Barnett, Donald Krahling. Trying to find their rightful places in ou family, are the freshmen, who, during the short time that they have been among the older members of our school, have become active in the various clubs and activities and have tak- en a prominent place on the honor roll. The freshmen were officially welcomed in- to the family circle by the sophomores at the slag all high-school party and launched out on a social career of their own when they enjoyed a OFFICERS 9-A very successful Christmas party. Judging from the splendid showing they President Joyce Eaton have made, we can expect great things from Vice-President Harry Beals our freshmen. Secretary Anna Mae Elliott Treasurer Donald Krahling Page Twenty-seven F RES I-IMEN OFFICERS 9-B I President David Smith Mr. Strauss Mies Henry Vice-President Walter Ward Secretary Esther Wright FRESHMAN SPONSORS Treasurer Phyllis Nichols -1191 gg - Martha Smith, Twila Steele, Betty Rockwell, Nancy Ruth, Phyllis Nichols, Esther Wright, Alice Williams , Florence Ruth, Anna Mae Phillips. , LQ! 259 - Helen Schall, Kathleen Musselman, Jean Metz, Rosetta Young, Bessie Stearns, Ethelyn Stowe, Helen Taylor, Mary Ogden, Ruth Wilson, llr. Strauss. gg! Thrgg - Junior Wise, Homer Sihock, Wayne Speakmsn, Bill Youmns, Herbert Smith, Bernard Wood, Irene Peterson, Gene Trimmer, Joe Tucker, Dick Miller, Don Pittman, Ronald Neafie. Q Egg - Charles Tausch, Jack Shoffner, Bernard Russell, Walter Ward, David Smith, Steve Sobat, B111 Tuel, Jerry Snode, James Schrader, Neil Paine, Jerry McBride. Page Twenty-eight , EIGE-l'l'I-I GRADE gg! Qgg - Kenneth Gardner, Neil Abney, Bob Baker, Harold Hetherington, Gene Underwood, Bobby Wal- lace, Paul Goff gg! 212 - Martha Crutchley, Genevieve Marshall, Lynn Wiley, Janet Reddy, Jule Ann Briggs Charlene Zorlenzan, Peggy Stanford, Dorothy Lazear, Shirley Mylar gg! Three - Mr. Hullet, Beverly Wilson, Ruth Eckelberry, Barbara Eells, Joyce Mack, Janice Eddy, Barbara Fullerton, Mary Menges, Eleanor Morrison, Peggy Wright, Mr. Trott gg! Four - Mary Bisset, Marie Dorff, Marie Burnett, Avon McClellan, Lynn Briggs, Ruth Wemmer Joyce Mankin, Jerrie Lou Schrader, Wilma Willett, Hazel Lamp BQ! Five - Jerry Tuel, Benny Weizenecker, Donald Woolf, Bill Marshall, George Sinea, Jack Morre, Tom Moore, Kenneth Mylar, Dale Cameron, Anthony Conny Eg! S15 - Tom Mills, Sam Potter, Dale Wilson, Billy Tinker, Ray Early, Charles Fink, Dale Lofland, Paul Hoffmeyer, Carlos Smith, Walter Weekly, Clinton Hoopes, Jack Harris OFFICERS 8-A OFFICERS 8-B President Jack Harris President Carlos Smith Vice-President Dale Cameron Vice-President Walter Weekly Secretary Jule Ann Briggs Secretary Benny Weizenecklr Treasurer Dick Loffland Treasurer Sam Potter Sponsor Mr. Trott Sponsor Mrs. Edwards Page Twenty-nine SEV! NTP! GRADE gg! Qgg - Jerry Fink, Bill 0'Donnell, Wilbu Hughes, Eddie Gallagher, Jim Bradley. Egg Qgg - Janet McBride, Deloris Higgens, Patty Tuel, Sharleen Marshall, Eleanor Simms, Martha Brown, Betty Lou Bradley, Shirley Watkins, Dorothy Woolf. Egg Qhggg - Miss lallernee, Betty Bradley, Shirley Marshall, Betty Weaver, Joyce Welsh, Constance Clark, Shirley Crewson, Shirley Dailey. B21 Egg - Mary Jones, Lucia Hunter, Joanne Ritter, Harriett Prendergost, Janet Raub,Barbara Wayt, Violet Cathers, Bonita Bretton, Helen McBride, Ona Johnson. gg! Five - Don Springer, Gary Beale, Roger Willett, Jim Eells, Ernest Yeagley, George Tuel, Raymond Pinkerton, Eddie Jordan, Steve Tucker, Richard Hitchcock. gg! Sgygg - Warren Brooks, Jim Heslep, Wayne Rhue, Gordon S1ms,Dean Hutmacher, Tom Menges, Raymond B onn, Roger Speakman, Andy Safkow, Allen Rice, Jerrold Utley, Jack Fullerton. OFFICERS 7-B OFFICERS 7-A President Shirley Crewson President Steve Tucker Vice President Jerry Fink Vice President Patty Tuel SecretaryfTreasurer Sharlene Marshall SecretarybTreasu er Joanne Ritter Sponsor lies Mallernee Sponsor M . Snodgrass Page Thirty FAMILY CAhlDlaDS Page Thirty-one lv Q3 fdgc G4 J' OQCQW QQ gk Ga QP 9572 f-539 ii dpwfkicggiqkxp 45+ 7 7 f GD Yll v QV Imwwnwwau f g L f Z5 O? K jj Q X? fdjf if Q? ti 1 7 mx 7 2:52 ?2"5ff bp gf 'WHL ff W :HWY K5 cf, 'J f f 04" O26 Cv 03913 S59'5'QFff-510 CX-Q2G25fiXi5'SQQJDQ52D :BQ J, GD CQ am LQ Clic gwo rf fiigcijagiaf WS ks CJ QP gdivigc PEQ J. fb 'Q up ' l- ga 4 1 ' P f G X f. g f I ' f ' L f 'E A X Q: Q X' g V7 572 , I XZ - ' xg" AIII LI , N X 1 , ' K ff 'X 1' .f , X - 1 Cf- x? 'Z ., .,r- - QXK , 1 'r J . -"7 if " ' ' f X X , .L -W -m v 70 If I -- I I I ll. K ff 'H Q ,OKI gl ' 4 lx - 1 x fx? ,rf h f I f r 4 if ' f N 3, f A . KW X f .gn X 4 I - N -.- - -- 3 J I ' 'f N Q! Vx "A - 4-VE. 'ffj ' N - N ' - -, L' f, w 9' f rr 1:5 ng M , ' cf f I '7 Qin! 'Q' Z "Qi M' ' ' A - 'I , I ' , 'Mg NAA A -.V W l Cigar' f ff ragga, X arf J -f - -' X - U ff X 7' 3 - - 2 1, ,fm Y fff- + I ' . uf f "- JW' , ci f 1 -f 'iw , X' ' 9? 5- ' ' ' , +6 f J axx ' ,W fn- ,QW X 7 .hw . ,df QQ5' J 355 K ' I f 0 ,iff fZ7,If , , f , f , - 6, ' r 2 V, , 'V 1,4 - ' ff if , A A? x 1 '1 7 , K l ,V A-mf' m ,,., A f ! V! fl A V- x off I. " K f X 1 X I - r Ig! I X f 0 3 L .r ' , f I, fi F Kfj sf 'fx 5 n QQ! Qfu ' 3 X f C ' C hge Cfb ' lg ' cf? - , . 'W 'E I 0 364 BAND Row One - Nelda Myers, Doris Brunie, Marilyn Eastham, Kathleen Hutmacher. Eleano, Ailes, Pat 'ffdodf-Donna Heestand. - Row Two -,Mr. Conway, Rita Tucker, Jocey Waterman, Joanne Haberland,4 Joan Erb, Eugene Woolf, "D'5rI5 King, Clarence Gassman, Eleanor Reynolds, Elvin Barnett, Jean McCa.usland, Dorothy Fair- banks, Jean Metz, Dorothy Snyder, Mary Lou Morrison, Dorothy Jackson. Row Three - Robert Evans, Janet Pettit, Esther Krahling, Virginia Fryfogle, Ruth Youmans, Jean If5UaT1'sIT5d, Jimmy Daniels, Bob Meeks, Dick Greenlees, Dale Kitzmiller, Barbara Locke, Darlene Steele, Jack Harris, Eddie Snyder, Jerry Tuel. . Row Four - Norma. Dorsey, 'Dick Lofland, Harold Hetherington, Kenny Gardner, MaI'I101'iS SHYGSI' Chai'- les Lingo, Nancy Conrad, Jerry McBride, John R. Allen, Jimmy McCausland, Walter Clegg, Wayne Soeakman, Harry Boals, John Chambers, Milton Shively, Dave Barcley, Phyliss Munsell. Row Five - Paul Hoffmsyer, Don Morrow, Don Santee, Don Fobean, Dick Soeakman, Don Brown, Carole Hannen, Doris Fobean, Dorothy Fairbanks. 6 A Resnlendent in their colorful new uni- forms McKinley High School's sixty-four niece band has entertained at all football games and narticioated in many narndes and similar events in Sebring, and the surrounding communi- ties. Under the leadershin of Kathleen Hutmach- er, head majorette, and assisted by Donna . Heestand, the organization has become an out- standing marching bank, widely aoolauded for its soectacular formations. In addition to its outdoor activities, the band proved itself as a concert organiza- tion by its excellent oerformances in the annual band assembly and the spring concert. The band rehearses one oeriod daily and its members receive one-half credit for each year of work satisfactorily comoleted. Letters are awarded to senior members who have completed at least two years of work in the band. 1 Page Thirty-three MAJ oarrras Nelda I--Iyers, Doris Brunie, Pat Wood, Kate Hutmacher, Eleanor Ailes, Marilyn Eastham, Donna Heestand JUNIOR BA ND Row One - Kathleen Musselman, Phyllis Nickols, Jean King. E E - Don Santee, Clinton Hoooes, Dale Cameron, Dick Meller, Betty Rockwell, Raymond Brown, Richard L offland, Bruce Fink, Bob Evans. Row Thr-eg - Don Fobean, Janet McBride, Shirley BOWeI'S, Joyce Welsh, Ona Johnson, Janice Eddie, WaTy?Bissett, Joyce Mankin, Anna Mae Elliott, Ruth Haberland, Beverly Cox, Nancy Conrad, Florence Ruth, Anna. Lockner, Mr. Conway. Row Four - Betty Bradley, Jenny Marshall, Patty Tuel, Shirley Grewson, Joanne Ritter, Ruth Weifmer, Marie Burnett, Roger Spealcman, Mary Jones, Violet Cathers, Lynn Wiley, Nancy Ruth, Irene Peterson. Row Five - Bill O'Donnell, Kenneth Gordon, Sharlene Marshall, Shirley Marshall, Hazel Lamp. UH5r'IEsTManypenny, Margaret Wright, Barbara. Fulllerton, Martha Smith, Twila. Steele, Ruth Eckelberry, Evelyn Stow. A , J Row Six - Jerry Fink, George Tuel, Roger Willett, Ken Mylar, Harold Heatherington, George Sines, G'5e"lJ'rYderwood, Bob Baker, Tom Menges, Dale Wilson, Hugh Potter, Jack Fullerton. Page Thirty-four ORG-lES'I'RA RQ! Qgg - Raymond Fittro, Helen Rice, Rita Tucker, Eleanor Reynolds, Dale Kitzmiller, Alton Stanley, Robert Meek, Charles Manypenny, Edna Hoff, Jocey Waterman, Eugene Woo1f,MErtha Cardinal Eg! Eng - Harry Boals, Wayne Speakman, John Allen, Don Fobean, Robert Evans, Mr. Conway, Marcie Bradley, James Daniels, Carolyn Goodman. Ou orchestra, under the baton of M . Conway, provides appropriate music for assemb- ly programs, school plays, baccalaureate, commencement, and other indoor school, and community events. It is a regularly scheduled part of the curriculum and affords those students who par- ticipate valuable training in instrumental music. Rehearsals are held daily, and the course carries one-half credit per year. Marcia Bradley and Don Fobean serve as accompanists, and Eugene Woolf and Don Fobean, as librarians for the organization. Pins are awarded each year to the senior members who have been in the orchestra for at least two years. Page Thirty-five se :cnmev smfsfas A gg! Q33 - Miss Howell, Mary Celderone, Ruth Haberland, Kathleen Musselman, Jean King, Marcie Bradley, Ruth You ans, Ruth Kintner, Billie Lower, Marlene Marshall, Esther Wright, Rose Ward. gg! lgg - Phyllis Nichols, Gertrude Hartzell, Nancy Henry, Ruth Buehler, Beverly Cox, Jane Hutmacher, Nancy Conrad, Pat Best, Ruth Thompson, Nancy Sabatine, Grace Herron, Margaret Kirksey gg! Qhggg - Anna Mae Elliot, Joyce Eater, Martha Trott, Dorothy Marshall, Shirley Mayhew, Jean McCaus1and, Naida Lotze, Betty Brogan, Carol Lockhart, Marjorie Grimes, Doris Jordan, Donna Herren. gg! Egg - Helen Milinkovich, Dorothy Middagh, Margaret Augustine, Jane Winters, Florence Ellis, Deloris Zurbrugg, Dorothy Matthews, Rosetta Young, Bessie Stearns, Deloris McBride, Alice Sweely, Virginia Dawson. M ry ::dP" Q1 .F Q U n Outstanding for musical performances in f McKinley High School are the SeKinley Singers. Numbering fifty voices, this all-girl chorus sings three-part songs of sacred, secular, and semi-classical nature. They appeared in the Christmas Concert, the Spring Music Festival, an assembly program and were represented in the Mount Union Music Festival. e Miss Howell directs this group while Mar- cie Bradley is the accompanist. Page Thirty-six g Mc KINLEY CHOIR gg! Qgg - Dorothy Jackson, Pat Willett, Alice Meir, Martha Sweely, Kathleen Hutmacher, Melba Lower, Miss Howell, Georgia Hutmacher, Ardeena Poorman, Norma Dorsey, Marilyn Eastham, Dolores Collums, Joanne Campbell, Marilyn Henry. BQ! 21g - Jackie Bischel, Thelma Knecht, Olga Schenk, Janet Pettit, Edna Krahling, Virginia Dawson, Dorothy Garlock, Norma Gorby, Lois Fittro, Sara Cartwright, Fonda Menges, Barbara McCune Janet Chapman, Joanne Gfeller, Jeanne Williams. I gg! Three - Bob Elliott, Bob Polen, Ted Puskas, Clyde Isrewl, Karl Kersmarki, Don Beckett, bob ARockwe1l, Ronald Farish, Don Fobean, Bob Tuel, Roy Allen, Eugene Kerr. gg! Fogg - George Amabeli, Don Andrews, Glenn Johnson, Valas Winters, Si Lee, Clarence Gassman, Eugene Fahnert, Ed Fahnert, Halley Sickle, John Ailes, Charles Birr. The McKinley Choir, composed of sixty- four members, undertakes the singing of fou part music of sacred, secular, and semi- classical 1ature, with well-blended tone and clear enunciation. Accomplishments of the year included the Christmas Concert, featuring a cantata and l several nu bers from Handel's Messiah, and participation in the annual Spring Music Festival. Several members of the Choir were among the representative group which took part in the Mount Union Music Festival. .' Miss Howell directs this group while Olga 4 Schenk is the accompanist. Page VO CALAIRE S gg! Qgg - Dorothy Carlock, Sara Jan. Cartwright, Ruth Youmans, Naida Lotze, Pat Wood, Miss Howell a gg! IIQ - Jeanne Williams, Janet Chapman, Kathleen Hutmacher, Barbara McCune, Marilyn Henry, Olga Schenk. The Vocalaires, a small selected group of talented singers under the direction of Miss Howell, represent McKinley High School at many church and community functions. Among their outstanding performances were a Christmas assembly, a program in connection with the Senior Follies, appearances at the Church of Christ, Presbyterian Church, and Methodist Church. They also entertained the Sebring Woman's Club, Eastern Stars, YLTeens, Beloit P. T. A., and Maple Ridge P. T. A. PERSONNEL First sopranos Olga Schenk Kathleen Hutmacher ' Sara Cartwright Second sopranos Jeanne Williams Barbara McCune Naida Hilton Lotze Altos Pat Wood Ruth Youmane Janet Chapman Violinist Dorothy Garlock Pianist larilyn Henry Director Kiss Howell IRQ Thi ty ugh! JUNIOR i-IIGI-I MUSIC Eg! Q22 - Paul Goff, Bill 0'Donnell, Jerry Fink, Gary Beals, Steve Tucker, Wilbu Hughes, Jim Bradley, Eddie Gallaher. gg! Egg - Deloris Higgins, Shirley Watkins, Genevieve Marshall, Eleanor Sims, Dorothy Woolf, Janet McBride, Miss Howell, Martha Brown, Lynn Wiley, Jule Ann Briggs, Martha Crutchley, Shirley Bowers, Eleanor Morrison. gg! Three - Dorothy Fairbanks, Margaret Wright, Barbara Fullerton, Charleen Zorlenzan, Janet Reddy, Lucia Hunter, Betty Weaver, Dorothy Lazear, Dorothy Mylar, Mary Menges,'Peggy Stanford, Barbara Eells, Ruth Eckelberry, Patty Tuel, Betty Bradley, Shirley Marshall, Shirley Dailey, Constance Clark, Violet Cathers, Helen McBride, Bonita Bratton, Shirley Crewson, Mary Jones. gg! Fgur - Joyce Welch, Betty Bradley, Shirley Marshall, Joanne Ritter, Janet Raub, Barbara Wayt, Ona Johnson, Beverly Wilson, Marie Dorff, Joyce Mack, Jule Ann B iggs, Jerry Lou Schrader, Joyce, Mankin, Ruth Wemmer, Harriett Prendergost, Janice Edie, Mary Bissett, Wilma Willett, Hazel Lamp, Avon McClellan, Marie Burnett. gg! Egve - Don Springer, Richard Hitchcock, Andy Safkow, Jack Fullerton, Jim Eells, Bob Wallace, Warren Brooks, Jerry Utley, Allen Rice, Ronald Ybder, Dale Cameron, Neil Abney, Bob Baker, Bill Marshall, Ernest Yeagley, Raymond Pinkerton, George Tuel, Roger Willett. gg! S15 - Gene Underwood, Jim Heslep, Wayne Rhue, Roger Speakman, Dale Wilson, George Simes, Raymond Brown, Tom Menges, Ray Early, Charles Fink, Carlos Smith, Walter Weekly, Dean Hutmacher, Bill Tinker, Clinton Hoopes, Hugh Potter, Jack Moore, Benny Weizenecker, Ed Jordan. The Junior High Music group is made up of ninety-seven members. Its purpose is to sing and enjoy two- and three-part songs of beauty and interest. Since the group was so large,it has been divided into four Hpartsg Junior Chorus One Junior Chorus Two, Junior Chorus Three, and Junior Music Study Class. The entire group partici ated in the Spring Music Festival. Dorothy Fairbanks is accompanist. Page Thirty-nina 'ra-us TROJAN STAFF Egg Qgg - Joan Gerber, George Sickle, Willa Mae Andrie, Peggy Uenges, Marilyn Henry, Olga Schenk, Pat Wood, Don Fobean, Rita Tucker. gg! Tgg - Jackie Ward, Donna Heestand, Marilyn Eastham, Mary Lou Morrison, Martha Mankin, Lois Fittro, Ruth Youmans, Carol McCune, Carol Carver, Miss Henry. gg! Tggeg - Pat Best, Joan Erb, Vaunda Moore, Sara Cartwright, Barbara McCune, Nelda M ars, Janet Pettit, Martha Cardinal, Thelma Knecht. - gg! Egg - Doris Oswalt, Rosella Martin, Virginia Dawson, Delores Zurbrugg,'Melba Lower, Doris Brunie, Edna Krahling, Pat Willett, Betty Tucker. gg! Figs - Beverly Gooding, Naida Hilton, Bob Polen, John Allen, Si Lee, Ed Fahnert, Br ce Fink, Wilbu Buehler, Eleanor Ailes, Doris King, Several years from now when we take down the dusty old family album, many of us will recall the pleasant hou s we spent in gathering the material and nu erous pictures which went to form it. The TROJAN staff hopes that in years to come this 'albu ' will bring you many hap- py memories of the days 'when we were young and gayn. Bom: or Enrrons y Editor-in-chief Marilyn Henry Faculty Editor Peggy Menges Senior Editor Olga Schenk Lower Class Editor Art Editor Sports Editor Feature Editor Activities Editor Snapshot Editor Photography Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Subscription Manager Adviser Willa Mae Andrie George Sickle Don Fobean Pat Wood Rita Tucker Marilyn Eastham Mary Lou Morrison I Joan Gerber Martha Cardinal Donna Heestand Miss Henry Page Forty' Time Out for Lunch! ECHO Eg! Qgg Dale Kitzmiller, Donna Heestand, Jeanne Williams, Joan Gerber, Carol McCune, Peggy Menges, Sara Cartwright, Martha Cardinal, T Steve. -gg Egg Miss Henry, Joan Haberland, Joan Erb, Mary Morrison, Ruth Youmans, Betty Weekly, Florence Ellis, Betty Tucker, Rita Tucker, Jackie Ward. Row Three Pat Best, Willa Mae Andrie, Norma Dorsey, Virginia Dawson, Shirley Mayhew, Jean McCaus1and, Eleanor Reynolds, Mary Woolf, Ruth Kinter, Marilyn Henry. gg! Egg Beverly Gooding, Phyllis Munsell, Nelda Myers, Doris King, George Sickle, Donald Fobean, Lou Pearson, Deloris McBride, Jeanne Morrison, Nancy Sabatine. Under the editorship of Carol McCune, THE ECHO has kept all members of our family in- formed about the major happenings around our school and has even included some of the lit- tle personal items so interesting to those who know well the people concerned. In addition to the service rendered to the school, the publication of the paper has given valuable experience in the fields of journalism and business to staff members. Since the staff was limited to approxi- mately twentybfive members, each had to do his part to make this one of the ECHO's most suc- cessful years. EDITORS AND DEPARTMENT HEADS Editor-in-Chief ' Carol McCune Social Editor Peggy Menges Sports Editor ,Theophan Steve Feature Editor Martha Cardinal Art Editor Jeanne Williams Business Manager s Joan Gerber Advertising Manager E Jackie Ward Subscription Manager Sara Jane Cartwright Adviser Miss Dora Henry Page Forty-one OFFICE I- IDES gg! Qgg - Ruth Eckleberry, Jeanne Williams, Martha Cardinal, Marilyn Henry, Charlene Zorlenzen, Twila Steele, Marie Dorff. gg! Ing - Miss McBride, Pat Wood, T. Steve, Don Andrews, Melba Lower, Ruth Kintner. onsvsrlsfxav .L was Eg! Qgg - Bonita Bretton, Betty Bradley, Mary Jones, Donna Heestand, Rita Tucker, Peggy Menges, Letha Barnett, Jean McCausland. B-Q! 2-vgg - Miss Bready, Maxine F-everly, Ruth Kintner, Ruth Youmans, Virginia Fryfogle, Alice Meir, Lou Pearson. PW ,my-,wo SCi'IO!.AS'l'IC 'FEI-XM gg! Qgg - Ruth Shively, Dorothy Fairbanks, Marilyn Henry, Melba Lower, Marilyn Gartrell, Rita Tucker, llarilyn lay, Maxine Heverly. Q Tn - Dorothy Jackson, Sara Cartwright, lhrilyn Eastham, Ruth Youmans, Vaunda Moore, Joan Gerber, Peggy Menges, Jeanne Williams. ' 233 Three - Naida Hilton, Dale Kitzmiller, John Chambers, Wilbur Buehler, Jack Reddy, Willa llae Andrie Hard at Work! ,Here is a group of which our family is really proud. They represented our high school in the Ohio State Scholarship Tests and for the most part did very well. For instance, Marilyn Henry placed seventh in the district for advanced algebra and Willa Mae Andrie ranked third in the district and thirteenth in the State for biology e We admire them greatly and so we encourage all the younger members of our family to strive for similiar honors and accomplishments. Page Forty-thne LIBRARY STAFF gg! Qgg - Jeanne Williams, Olga Schenk, Donna Heestand, Si Lee, Dale Weizenecker, Marjorie Snyder, Norma Gorby, Hazel Kelley. , gg! 11g - M s. Ray, Janet Pettit, Joanne Haberland, Joan Erb, Dorothy Ewing, Martha Cardinal, Pat Best, Marilyn Gartrell. gg! Qhggg - Betty Herr, Vavnda Moore, Joan Gerber, Lois Fittro, Willa Mae Andrie, Doris Brunie, Doris King, Sara Cartwright, Alice Sweely. The librarians are among those who ren- der outstanding service to both students and faculty. They perform such routine tasks as checking out books and materials, shelving returned materials, and helping students find information they need. Because of faithful performance of these duties, McKinley High School has a library of which it can be justly proud. New librarians are trained at the begin- , ning of the second semester an , du ing the last six weeks of school, take over the dur ties of senior librarians. Mrs. Esther Ray serves'as head librari- an, while Willa Mae Andrie, treasurer, hand- les financial matters. Page Forty-leur PURGOLDRA MASQUE gg! Q95 - Rita Tucker, Pat Wood, Ruth You ans, Joanne Haberland, Jeanne Williams, Dorothy Ewing, Milton Shively, Olga Schenk, Donna Heesta d. gg! 212 - Jackie Ward, Kathleen Hutmacher, Joan Erb, Martha Cardinal, Dorothy Gatiock, Cotsy Schroeder, Dorothy Jackson, Pat Best, Marilyn Henry, Miss Crewson. Egg Qhrgg - Mary Lou Morrison, Virginia Baker, Melba Lower, Carol McCune, Doris King, Eleanor Ailes, Lois Fittro, Georgia Hutmacher, Lou Pearson, Doris Brunie. gg! Egg! - Dolores Cartwright, T. Steve, George Sickle, Dick Speakman, Si Lee, Don Fobean, Eugene Fahnert, Ed Fahnert, Wilbur Buehler, Joan Gerber. To create interest in dramatic work and to provide entertainment is the pu pose of Pu goldra Masque of McKinley High School. E The group achieved its goal with its four productions, which included the one-act play 'Pot Luckn, The Rotary Play 'A Date With Judy! .the Junic play, and the final senior play. Club members will long remember another highlight of the year, their trip to the Hanna in Cleveland, January 31, to see the play 'I Remember Mama.' The Pu goldra Masque consists of active senior members and pledges from the Junior class, who may qualify for membership by per- forming back-stage tasks throughout the year. Fourteen seniors have been honored fo their commendable work by being admitted to President Jeanne Williams the National Thespians, hone society of high Vice-President Dorothy Ewing school dramatists. Secretary Joanne Haberland Tr888Ur6r Milton Shively Stage Manager Ruth Youmans Sponsor lies Crewson Page Forty-DW 54 mate Cwitf gtg 'rl-QE FAMILY AT WO Page Forty-seuien 'K' if gf 4? 055035 C-, w w ax I I Qu cf' ff ff' 66? Mid ff bug EQ if 5 QE , , -"' if U, C-Q cf Siiggflaofivwdkpfggijgif X I f,fj,4Z7 1 mf' diff ff W f f',f f 7 f , X X X S .35 +5-QQ. J5SQ3'fXf avllf Qi? Qfi C966 X FOOTBALL BQ! Qgg - Clyde Israel, Don Beckett, Dick Jones, Carroll Smith, Kenny Zurbrugg, Alton Stanley, Theophan Steve, Dale Weizenecker, Pete Carlino, Karl Kersmarki. gg! 13g - lr. Schaffer, Charles French, Wesley Albert, Bob Rockwell, Gordon Borton, Dale Mohr Bob Barrett, Tony Amabeli, George Amabeli, I . Heacock. gg! Qhggg - Gene Welch, Gene Burgess, Ralph Ward, Tom Hampton, Don Justison, Ralph Zu brugg, Russell Early, Roger Carson, Bernard Wood. RQ! Egg - Managers: Robert Elliott, John Haenny, Bill Wilson. The thirty-fou members of the football squad for the year 1947 will long be remember- ed in the Seb ing High School sports, annals. Through the tireless efforts of the squad Coach Heacock and Assistant Coach Schaefer, McKinley High School enjoyed a very successful season on the gridiron. Co-captains of the team were two senior boys, Carroll Smith and Kenneth Zurbrugg. During the season the boys played a total of nine games. Of these nine games, they Ion seven and lost only two. ' The opponents and scores for each of the season's contests follouz Newton Falls 0 Sebring 7 East Palestine 6 Sebring 33 Louisville 6 Sebring 0 Minerva 0 Sebring eo Lisbon 20 Sebring 7 Carrollton Sebring 7 Columbiana Sebring 25 Leetonia 0 Sebring 25 Boardman 12 Sebring 20 Page Forty-nine vfxnsrrv aAsxe'raAu 1 Eg! Qgg - Dave Mullett, Earl Allcorn Ray Jackson, Theophan Steve, Gene Welch 5g!'1!g - Mr. Schaefer, Bob Rockwell, Glenn Johnson, Dale Weizenecker, Dale Mohr, Bill Stanford, Manager. The Sebring McKinley High School basket- ball team, coached by Mr. Ray Schaeffer, was made up of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Theophan Steve, a member of this year's grad-- uating class, is the captain of the team. The lettermen are as follows: Theophan Steve, Dale Mohr, Bob Rockwell, and Wesley Alberts. SCORES Eg The! Struthers 33 51 Canton Lincoln 27 25 f Carrollton 33 25 "' Louisville 36 77 Minerva 29 32 Leetonia 39 19 Louisville 34 45 Canton Twp. 33 43 Boardman 35 L3 Canfield 34 36 Columbiana 38 43 Goshen 48 15 Lisbon 29 33 Newton Falls 41 29 East Palestine 21 32 Salem 39 58 Page Fifty-one 14' W . v Xa. Nz. X S Q area -XX . X X X ,FY Q EQ b QS' ' Q XXX 5 K X . NES? S.- :Iii s fi. QM, Q X X X x X X X x X N x A NS X fx XS X X X XX WX R x X 3 Q X YL X x N X P Q XX qw .-X X SIX . 5 iv S . 5 E X25 3 Q M wi Q A,A. :Xa 5 S: :X-f . N xx N N x X X X m x XX X X N Q X N X X X gg Q X X X x N Q X X w X. KN Q . X1 ' X Y f X X X X XX X Q X X X X N ,Q EW? N X.kX .. .Q T - .3 X . A :f 52:5-I:-5 . s 5? '-: x K X Q 'x XxX S. :X :gs :Q Lf PK b .. -.4 x.k. A xixwwwwmmxzxg H H 1 S X X x QX i X X X 'X M. X 33,255 X . X .f.. N2 QQ xx ig X XX x X X -A . ,QS X 1 Jt?5 .ggiiug X T gr x , : .. X. N Q Q -::, Q . P if 2 1 ZX W SE , Q 5 Z ,. 1 'X X X ' . X :" " 4257. 'Ti- S X - xg 3 N Nwg. X:iggxv N X N4 XXX 2 N iii X l X 1 z gi if-X . -s X , X -::-53313-:g:5g:i 35 X, 1' x f X - .,,. . X A 2 . X 5 ff 5? f X AWE ' ' - V :F ' X I -1 ' Y : .NX5 5 1. N . R61 - .X X 4.3 2 ' x ' 'NX X x 'A . X X 5. 'i gif' ew ,X 5 , 'R.Q.Y"-Jfkgglffsiw ' gil? . -E-XT W' .',,'. 5 - X '- it-wie? a1"ff'f31Q.5' fxrwwf-XQ-ff?f-XXX5.XXXXXXzXXXa-:gram ' H P XM.. Qs, ., XX- P 5 , X X 1. Q L - R 3 .I 5' .251 23. 'I-if-if iz X :H I 2:5":f2: 51g5:5.N , ' -- .. 5 1 - Nw., 3. X . xX x 25X ., N K. i A .XX X X . X XXX X X sf' U 5.1 X 5 N' X RESERVE BASKE'l'BAl.I. Q gag - Jn F191-ro, Joe Tucker, Dave umett, Sonny Ward, Bun Brenner, B111 Youmanh. D gg! Qgg - M . Schaefer5 Walter Ward, Jim lcCaus1and, Laverne Hartley, Bill Stanford Bob Meeks, Philip Sanderson, John Allen. I Our reserve team, made up mostly' of freshmen, won six of the sixteen games it played. . SCORES , Hg ' They . Struthers 39 , 20, Canton Lincoln 40 30 Carrollton 16 40 Louisville 53' . 25 Minerva 14 16 Leetonia ' 12 ' 27 Louisville 35 26 Canton Twp. 42 28 Boardman 43 26 Canfield 32 22 Columbiana L2 29 Goshen 14 17 Lisbon . 32 30 f Newton Falls 24 15 East Palestine 26 29 Salem 33 20 A Page Fifty-three BASEBALL gg! Qgg - Dale Weizenecker, Dick Speakman, Dave Mullett, Clyde Israel, Alton Stanley, Dale Mohr, Bob Rockwell, Don Brown.- ' ggEa2gg - Bill Wilson, Pete Carlino, George Amabeli, ,Carroll Smith, Dale Kitzmiller, M . 0 9 ers . ' B91 1322 - Joe Tucker, Richard Burson, Dale Pittman, Ja es llcfiausland, John Haenny, Theophan Steve. ' P , fd v Mx -' R Last year's baseball team had what we 3 might call an off season. 6 fa ' ' Playing only three games during the sea- , 5 , son, we were defeated in as many tries. . , This year with more experienced players . ,UQ V, XNXX , we hope to have a better team and a more suc- 'TN QQ, cessful season. ' North Jackson ll, Sebring 10 Louisville 6 Sebring 1 ' Louisville 8 Sebring 6 Q jx, 1 x, S Page Fifty-leur JUNIOR i-llGi-I TEAMS Row One - Jerry Fink. Jerry Tuel, Gary Beals, Steve Tucker, Benny Weieenecker, Eddie Jordan, JH'BFaHley, Neil Abney. Row Two - George Tuel, Anthony Cormy, Hugh Potter, Bill Marshall, Dale Cameron, Jack Harris, G'e'r'ie'lT5dervvood, Ragrmond Pinkerton, Donald Springer, Mr. Hullet. Row Three - Clinton Hoopes, Walter Weekly, Carlos Smith, Ray Early, Charles Fink, Dick Lofland, BfIIv'TJ'frTker, Dean Hutmacher, George Sines. gg! Q-gg - Buddy Herren, Steve Tucker, Jerry Fink, Benny Weizenecker, Dean Hutmacher, Raymond BI'OWDe gg 1 - Jerry Tuel, Anthony Conny, Jack Harrie, Dale Cameron, Andrew Safkow, Mr. Trott. .1391 QLQQ - Sam Potter, George Sings Dick Lofland, Eddie .oroz,ca1-mos Smith, Walter Weekly Raymond Pinkerton. ' A Page Filly-five emLs'A1Humc AssocnA1noN Eg! Qgg - Nancy Sabatine, Betty Tucker, Thelma Knecht, Donna Heestand, Edna Krahling, Vaunda Moore, Pat Best, Virginia Dawson, Joanne Campbell, Marilyn Henry. gg! Tgg - Miss Bready, Rita Tucker, Olga Schenk, Dolores Collums, Lou Pearson, Caroline Goodman, Dolores McBride,' Peggy Menges, Willa Mae Andale, Phyllis Munsell, Marilyn Eastham, Norma Dorsey gg! Thggg - Ruth Thompson, Ruth Shively, Ruth Buehler, Maxine Heverly, Marilyn May, Ruth Kintner Joanne Gfeller, Frances Welsh, Janet Chapman, Martha Sweely, Dorothy Garlock, Jackie Bischel. gg! Eggg - Doris Higgens, Darlene Steele, Martha Cardinal, Cotsy Schroeder, Joan Gerber, Shirley Mayhew, Carol Lockhart, Lois Fittro, Letha Barnett, Fonda Menges, Marcie Bradley. . gg! Flys - Hazel Kelley, Marybelle 'Watson, Doris B unie, Virginia Baker, Doris King, Eleanar Ailes, Deloris Zurbrugg, Norma Gdrby, Jane Hutmacher, Ruth You ans, Alice Sweely, Sara Cartwright. ' Did you say intramurals tonight? It must - be Tuesday and again time for one of those ex' M citing sports contests sponsored by the G. A. N A. for all members and any girls who wish to become members. V ' The Girls Athletic Association tries to foster an interest and participation in group sports by sponsoring the weekly intramural program and by holding a play day with .other schools in the spring. Its members have worked on other types of projects too, this year such as decorating the ing up a Christmas basket for a needy family OFFICERS auditorium for our Christmas program and mak- President Edna Krahling P in the community, Treasurer I Donna Heestand Recording Secretary VBUDGS MODIS - Corresponding Secretary Pat Best Sponsor Miss Bready Page Fifzy-mm ?4.......4...... cp CD J3 -3 , f cf? sw f' 4- 5 G0eZQCpexbQEO,lJQ36WCr,?3ggDC3Gg X W LD C9 ,-QSDAK C39 X 9 Gfb f 1 X 1 CP Q f " I f - y? , Q ' ' 4 I . f" "" .7 G1 5 ' f f f 4, J, JJ Q ,ll , fA g:24r,' M x ' f ' I X CP 4 , ,f' QKQ7 FK: A 'ag . ! I lg 'I A , Q!! ffl' ,V .TPA 1' 5 Y' A .ff ' Q i WKQW 1 , U -.Qs ,gn . I EE ,f .0 i XE , !! X , X , . 'fa' ' ff 6 X 'We fx UN, M Ms '51 ww xl C- f , v ,XA CID X . Xvg5:5.'lxX l ',W,!K N FJ' X 4. X Y fm 3 WHEN W 1 'Wn'f7w!K i . V ,Af .1 . ' ' Q BW! ggi" - 4 ! ,1'1,,, , f' :.ge5x ciaggg-"X, W ,Zf ,J X 6 H gf" : gn N :fi x ' fy S , - f , ,,4, 1 . 1 flaw gig, 1 l V, :ITM j A 1 Q: -f ,fl ' 4,9 R ' t I fm' ' A V I ' f PM N- "ff ff ' V ff! . ff f wwf W ' f A f . ,. - C-0 ,gb .JD C9 ' QD if fig? Mew Jwhfjigc, gg +559 . ,I 3-I f oc ' ' L9 . J5 1 0. f vie X S cg O26 2,112 JD - 20 Q I+ - it G-D Y-'r:.-rams gg! Q33 - Dorothy Garlock, Edna Krahling, Dorothy Jackson, Nelda l ers, Ulga Schenk, Lou Pearson, Joan Erb, Hazel Kelley, larilyn Henry, Pat lood. gg! 212 - Irs. Leek, Joan Gerber, Iarcie Bradley, Jocey laternan, Donna Heestand, Joanne Haherland, Norma Dorsey, larilyn Eastham, Barbara lcCune, Janet Pettit, Joanne Ganpbmii, Peggy IQILKQQQJDYJI Schroeder. lies Howell. . , Bow Three - Detty'Thckem5 Jackie Biehsel, Joan n G eller, Fran ce Weleib Arden: Poormu , lilll it-3E'S'ara Cartuight, Kathleen Hutmacher, Virginia Dawson, . Hxttro. ities Swealyg Rita Tnlilr5 Helen Fl minge U -I - Thelma Xnecht, 'Roselle krtin, Vaurida loore, lartha lankin, Sara Talbot, Jean lcCaus1and, Shirley layhew, Carol Lockhart, larilyn Gartrell, larybelle latson, Jeanne Williams, Carol Carver. Egg 211g - lary lorrison, Carol lcCune, Doris King, Doris B unie, Beverly Gooding, Phyllis lunsell, Ruth Ibumans, Eleanor Ailes, Deloris Zurh ugg, Georgia Hutnacher, Jane Hutmacher, lelba Lover, Janet Chapman. The purpose of the !4Teens is to develop the mental, social, and spiritual phases of each girl's life. CABINET During the year the club adopted a' President girls' home in Brenan, Germany, sent three delegates to the !4Teen Conference in Colum- bus, sponsored a recognition service, a 'Dey of Worship' at Christmas, a banquet, an Bas- ter meditation assembly, an '1pple.Po1ishing Tea', and were co-sponsors of the movie, 'Youth for the Kingdom.' Vice-president Secretary Treasu er Program Chairman Worship Chairman Service Co-chairman Social Co-chairmen Finance Chairman Song Leader Pianist Sponsors f Page fifty-iliac Olga Schenk Lou Pearson Nelda l ers Joan Erb Pat lood Dorothy Jackson Edna Krahling Joan Gerber Basel Kelley Joanne Haberland Dorothy Garlook lar Pat Best ilyn H lies Ho::li l s. Leek menosuzw cwa Egg Qgg - Anna Mae Elliott, Patricia Flowers, Joyce Coleman, Florence Ellis, Betty Weekly, Esther Wright, Joyce Eaton, Donna Morrison, Barbara Locke. 391 Egg - M s. Freed, Ruth Shively, Ruth Buehler, Esther Krahling, Jeanne Morrison, Mary Woolf, Doris Higgins, Marlene Marshall, Betty Rockwell, Miss Mallernee. gg! Three - Twila Steele, Betty Mason, Maxine Heverly, Marilyn May, Jean Metz, Billie Lower, Ruth Ann Kinter, Beverly Cox, Nancy Henry, Mary Calderone, Martha Smith. Eg! Four - Doris Fobean, Patricia Boehmer, Carole Hannen, Gladys Baker, Mary Jane Jordon, Carolyn Goodman, Deloris McBride, Nancy Sabatine. gg! Five - Dorothy Fairbanks, Dorothy Marshall, Jean King, Kathleen Musselman, Darlene Steele, Virginia Fryfogle, Anna Lockner, Helen Taylor, Ruth Wilson, Edna Hoff, Margaret Augustine. A new organization in McKinley High can be found this year under the name of the Friendship Club. This group was organized as a Wkid sistern club of ou Y-Teens. Both freshman and sophomore girls are eligible mem- bers. - . Most of its activities have been carried. on in co-operation with the YhTeens. . Such projects included the presentation of the Christmas program and packing clothing 'or German children. The enthusiasm of the girls of this club is a sure sign that they ,will be enthusiastic1 Y-Teens later on in their high school careers. OFFICERS President Betty Weekly Vice-President Esther Wright Secretary Joyce Eaton Treasurer Florence Ellis Co-Sponsors Miss Mallernee Mrs. Freed Page Sixty i-ll'Y Eg! One - Ed Schmid, Wilbu Buehler, Dale Weizenecker, Milton Shively, Don Beckett, Carroll Smith, Don Andrews, T. Steve. Eg! 139 - Mr. Strauss, George Amabeli, Tony Amabeli, Kenneth Zurbrugg, Donald Santee, Alton Stanley, Clyde Israel, Pete Carlino, Charles French. gg! Three 5 Dick Speakman, Clarence Gassman, Bob Rockwell, Si Lee, Gordon Borton, Don Brown, Raymond Olson, Richard Lee, Eugene Burgess. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Adviser OFFICERS Donald Beckett Gene Bu gess Milton Shively Edwin Schmid M . Strauss This organization is made up of twentyh six boys who have as their purpose to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community the highest standards of Chris- tian character. Outsta ding events of the year included swimming at the Youngstown Y. M. G. A., pre- sentation of a chapel program, and Sunday attendance at various churches. The club has endeavored to develop char- acter, citizenship, and school spirit among its members. Guest speakers have addressed the club at several meetings. Another highlight of the year was the banquet co-sponsored by the !hTeens and Hi-Y. Page Sixty-one LATIN Cl.UB l 1 I 1 1 ggi Qgg - Dale Kitzmiller, Carol Hannon, Melba Lower, Pat Wood, John Chambers, Ruth Shively, Peggy Menges, Jean Metz, Jim McCausland. gpg EIQ - Maxine Heverly, Joanne Campbell, Marilyn Eastham, Florence Williams, Ruth Thompson, Billie Lower, Mary Ogden, Betty Blake, Mrs. Boster. gg! Three - Florence Ellis, Ruth Kintner, Esther Wright, Norma Dorsey, Marcie B adley, Pat Boehmer, Edna Krahling, Dorothy Garlock, Joyce Eaton, Marlene Marshall. gg! Four - Charles Ling, Harry Beals, Jack Reddy, Bob Tuel, Bob Ferguson, Herbert Aeling, Jack Shoffner, Alvin Barnett. The Latin Club, having approximately sixty members, provides an opportunity for students to learn more of the cultural back- ground of the ancient Romans as well as an op- portunity for social activity. 1 The first event of the year was an ini- tiation ceremony and the installation of of- ficers. This was followed by a Prandium at Thanksgiving, a Saturnalia Festival at Christ- mas, a 'Julius Caesarn program observing the Idea of March and a Roman banquet concluded the year's social calendar. One outstanding program featured a guest speaker, who told of her travels and study in Rome. As a final act, the club presented a substantial gift to the Latin department of OFFICERS . the school. Praeses Pat Wgod SENATORS Sub-Praeses Ruth Shivgly 301158 Carole Hannen Melba Lower Peggy Menges Dale Kitzmiller Quaestar Jqhn Chambers Jim McCausla d Jean Metz Harry Boals Sponsor Mrs, Boat., Page Sixty-two s F U T U RE i-IOM EMA K1-ERS O F AMER! CA gg! Qgg - Betty Rockwell, Betty Mason, Roselle Martin, Anada Sweely, Ardena Poorman, Alice Meir, Thelma Knecht, Doris Oswalt, Jane Hutmacher. gg! Tgg - Mrs. Freed, Twila Steele, Martha Smith, Pat Flowers, Doris Higgins, Jeanne Morrison, Joanne Gfeller, Frances Welsh, Jackie Bischel, Anna Mae Phillips. gg! Three - Janet Pettit, Anna Mae Elliott, Joyce Coleman, Martha Mankin, Jean Steele, Mary Woolf, Deloris Zurbrugg, Doloris Cartwright, Florence Ruth, Alice Williams, Elizabeth Kinser. gg! Four - Mary Case, Darlene Steele, Helen King, Virginia Fryfogle, Carolyn Goodman, Mary Jordon, Georgia Hutmacher, Virginia Baker, Joanne Folk, Letha Barnett, Ruth Wilson, Donna Morrison. OFFICERS President Anada Sweely Vice-President Ardena Poorman Secretary Alice Jean Meir Trea urer Roselle Martin Historian A Thelma Knecht News Reporter Doris Oswalt Sponsor Mrs. Freed What's a family without a cook? In our family we usually find that our best cooks are among the members of the F.H.A. WToward new horizonsn is a motto which truly expresses the purposes of their organ- ization--learning to live better today that our lives and the lives of our families may be better tomorrow. 1 All Thirtyhsix members have been kept ac- tive by such things as a casserole supper for their mothers, a spring style show, a project of textile painting, working for the Junior Homemaker's degree, and working for the Chap- ter degree. At one meeting the group heard Miss Souse of the Alliance Y.M.C.A. The F.H.A. progress doesn't stop with the close of school. During the summer they plan to spend an afternnon swimming followed by a casserole supper. On another date they intend to cook their supper out-of-doors. Page Sixty-three BUSINESS LEADERS, OE TOMORROW gg! Qgg - Thelma Knecht, Betty Tucker, Marcie Bradley, Joan Erb, Cotsy Schroeder, Marjorie Snyder, Marilyn Gartrell, Jane Hutmacher, Helen Fleming. gg! Egg - M s. Leek, Jocey Waterman, Donna Heestand, Nelda Myers, Joanne Haberland, Barbara McCune, Janet Pettit, Joanne Campbell. Egg Thggg - Jacqueline Bichsel, Alice Meir, Frances Welsh, Ardena Poorman, Marilyn Eastham, Willa Mae Andrie, Dorothy Snyder, Sarah Talbot, Joanne Gfeller. gg! Four - Rosella Martin, Vau da Moore, Betty Brogan, Martha Mankin, Beverly Gooding, Phyllis Munsell, Janet Chapman. The Business Leaders of Tomorrow is an organization helpful to those members of the S. H. S. family' interested in commercial vo- cations. The club meets the seco d and fourth Thursday of each month. The club sponsored noon dances which were held Wednesday. The group also has ordered a film con- cerning a day with a secretary and has made several interesting field trips du ing the year. OFFICERS President Cotsy Schroeder Vice-President Joan Erb Secretary Marjorie Snyder Treasurer Marilyn Gartrell SPOHSOI' Mrs, Leek Page Sixty-four SCI-XLPEL AND SCOPE gg! Qgg - Ruth Shively, Barbara Locke, Betty Weekly, Harry Elder, Tony Amabeli, Carol Hannon, Maxine Heverly, Donna Morrison. gg! Tgg - Ruth Buehler, Ruth Thompson, Ruth Kintner, Esther Krahling, Marilyn May, Jeanne Morrison, Janet Chapman, Miss Mallernee. gg! Three - Bill Stanford, Jack Reddy, Helen King, Mary Jordon, Gladys Baker, Doris Fobean, Rebecca Gill, Bob Ferguson, John Chambers. gg! Fogg - Ralph Ward, Bill Wilson, Charles Birr, Bob Barrett, Valas Winters, Walter Clegg, Ray Olson, Ralph Zurhrugg, Tom Hampton. Those students especially interested in biology find pleasure in belonging to the Scalpel and Scope, ou biology club. They try to become acquainted with biology, develop understanding, and foster attitudes which will make them better people. Throughout the year they have had var- ious speakers at their regular meetings. Other highlights included visits to the Massillon State Hospital, and the Alliance OFFICERS ' City Hospital. p A President Tony Amabeli Vice-President Harry Elder SecretaryeTreasurer Carole Hannen Sponsor Miss Mallernee Page Sixty-hue VERTEBRA p CLUB, gg! Qgg - Twila Steele, Nancy Henry, Dorothy Marshall, Dulaine Ebersole, Don Krahling, Bud B eckner, Esther Wright, Martha Smith, Betty Rockwell. gg! Qgg - Miss Mallernee, Ruth Haberland, Joyce Eaton, Edna Hoff, Ethel Burrier, Jean Metz, Billie Lower, Mary Ogden, Anna Mae Elliott, Marlene Marshall. gg! Tgggg - Junior Wise, Charles ,L1ngo, Bill Youmans, Jean King, Kathleen Musselman, Pat Boehmer, George Ludwick, Don Pittman, Ronald Neafie. gg! Fog - Charles Manypenny, David Smith, Paul Hoffmeyer, Jerry Snode, Bob Meek, Bill Tuel. Gene Trimmer, Bernard Russell, Jack Shoffner, Harry Boals, Elvin Barnett. The Vertebra Club is an organization for freshman students who have a keen interest in science. They promote such traits as cautiousness, openmindedness, tolerance, accuracy, and good judgment. The group has had many interesting meet- ings such as the one at which Marshal James Marshall spoke on the science of fighting crime. At another meeting Mr. Merrell spoke on photography. To round out the year, the group held a spring banquet which had as its theme WConser- hation.' Page Sixty-six President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor I OFFICERS Donald Krahling Dunaine Ebersole Bud Breokner Dorothy Marshall Miss Mallernee SOCIAL LIFE Pa S't ffm? W f ffzw z ax My f X QR ff w+w4CMPk , faixfibiggqi 5552 8395961 ' QQ as QP 8053926 3 J, e Qgof Co W5 PQQO 629 fi? 39253 f Wg cj? 4 JD wi 'QJQQMW?QfR dak? O fda? 'Q-O 0 Z5 S Y Q fegfz 165 f v Qf, in Q I Q I A U 5214 A Y . . I Q X "" 0 I . 4 9 ' 6 ,X f 1 1 ' K' ' , s -f f I if, ' jx 44, 5 1.7 ff ll" fx!! j f I 8 ' 'I JB 1' 'I ff ,, . iff - Q .- Q A' , X", fly if -"' I X x I I ,fi ll I!! V' . K . , V , , ff! M 1 -' ff V, ' 'lf' lf t . 1, Q. 1 fl IVA. v':,, I 4 ff. J f J, B u M . q M , A. ,1 ,7 I! gf HN .Wx I lf, J - ' V 935 ,fy X f ff , 4 CP' f ' 1 ,fi A, ' ,ff .X ' K. L , R ' i ff A cp . 5 V f 1 l 'A ri Z "v - " f ' .F ' 6756 1 2 - ' xi . 1 'K' " .Y 'E' qfglgsefgfffa cfg N AT O R S O CI ETY gg! gpg - Martha Cardinal, Marilyn Hen y, Melba Lower, Jeanne Williams, Olga Schenk. Eg! I-gg - T. Steve, Miss Crewson, Don Andrews, Mr. McBride, Ruth Youmans, Rita Tucker. Pat Wood Cnet picturedl. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Co-Sponsors OFFICERS Melba Lower Marilyn Henry Martha Cardinal Jeanne Williams Miss Crewson Mr. McBride The Semper Fidelis Chapter of the Na- tional Honor Society promotes scholarship, leadership, character, and service in our school. ' At the formal initiation, October 3, six members, selected last year, became active society members. Their activities consisted of acting as guides at open house, a meeting with members of the football squad to discuss scholarship, a meeting with clubs and class officers to discuss co-operation between mem- bers and sponsors, Red Cross work, and a Parent-Member get-together. Fou juniors and six seniors were initi- ated into the club at the end of the first semister and took their part in the various activities. Page Sixty-nine MINIWANCA AND BOYS' STATE D,E!.i-XGATES gg! Qng - Miniwanca - Olga Schenk, Si Lee, Theophan Steve, lartha Cardinal gg! Tgg - Boys State - Milton Shively, Carroll Smith, Don Kndrews Each year delegates are chosen from the Junior Class to represent our high school at Boys' State and Camp Miniwanca. ' These students are outstanding in charac- ter, personality, and class work. Boys' State is located at Delaware, Ohio and there the boys participate in the running of a mock state government. The experience they gain, better prepares them to take their places in the world as intelligent citizens. Beautiful Camp Miniwanca is situated on Lake Michigan in the State of Michigan. The purpose of the camp is to develop in its mem- bers the fou -fold life--emphasizing the phy- sical, mental, religious, and social phases. The inspiration one receives from the perso- nalities and perfect examples of the leaders challenges one to,greater heights of Chris- tian living. ' ' Page Seventy NATIONAL TH ES P IANS gi-91 9-g-gp Rita Tucker, Jeanne Williams, Olga, Schenk, Mary Morrison, Doris King, Carol llcCune. ow I-ug - T. Steve, Martha Cardinal, Marilyn Henry, Joan Gerber, Peggy Menges, lliss Henry. Pat Wood-not piottmedl. - QUILL Annscaou. on Q Q-gg - Miss Crewson, Eugene Fahnert, Don Fobean, Si Lee, Ed Fahnert, Milton Shively. LQ! In - Dorothy Jackson, Olga Schenk, Pat Best, Melba Lower, Marilyn Henry, Martha Cardinal, Jeanne Williams, Pat Wood, Knot picturedl. . Page Seventy-one 1 1 N X 1 1 Q i 1 W I .rcfafrs RITA TIIIKER NDREIS Cfenior SIZE C"Cu2Z'7l7'l2TJ gust' 9reJ'809 DORUIHY GARLOCK WHEPSTONE pqa' Swan!!-W0 K fesfnogy PAT WOOD DICK SPEAKHAN Cfenior gig "'qfVf?171 eff atfgtea' JACKIE WARD most' venratif om scam: N Cfemior v'qfDz"n'ne1J' cgwvw' LOU PEARSON SRAEL A A Page Seventy-losr - omecomin 1947 DONNA HEESTAND PAT WOOD OLGA SCHENK Page Seventy-five CARNIVAL QUEEN DOROTHY ANN EW I NG Page Severity-Elf' L N M gre green wash 1945 Rita Tucker, Olga Schenk, Marilyn Henry, Mar- tha Cardinal, Jeanne Williams, Theophan Steve. 1946 Sarah Jane Cartwright, Bruce Fink, Marilyn Eastham, Peggy Menges, Willa Mae Andrie, not' pictured. Awards are presented each year to several outstanding freshmen, chosen by the Honor Society and faculty for their achievements in scholarship, leadership, character, and ser- vice--the four cardinal principles of the National Honor Society. This encourages the younger students to strive for those qualities which will make them eligible for membership in the Honor 1 Society when they become juniors. To be chosen for a freshman award is the highest honor which can be bestowed upon a freshman. n 1947 S ' Maxine Heaverly, Dorothy Fairbanks, Dale Kitzmiller, Marilyn May, Ruth Shively. Page Seventy-seven I 03539 O? if ff' Q2 C5305 gk GQQQQXGFQQM diggs qgifogo CSD if O ogg gb szfofcggih XY Q iam? cggjgwjg xgxii J' QQ? jig +13 JEQXO V fi A+, im H W O80 JD S Q' X wks + 'fa Qi? QD :gg 2 3 gm , Cf Q XY W ff CO , xr - X ' QM.. 5 TA I hx N X 'i-42:53 'fi N JE W4 x g WGN Q H Cf QU 14 J O30 , ' 2, ,gfligwl 'views . 5 ' a 1 'Q fQ'Zt'15 +52 H r Ajyrq 'P iff! x . my , fw iiifiw 121' W W X 1 Q2 - ' X X V M f 'Wy' QD K Qu , W, NX fy X X Y fx ' 1 .ff U I 1 I fo can , ,, X Q .54 go XX CP A CJ X KX? ag sv, 5 . Jfiifi Xfqfifbeb QQJEQXO S Qii,,I5i7m1f Wemoifs CX? iffhafgfwff-9 im? .If 36 Cff5E3'ep ?a?'cD 'if ogg 333012 34 Page Seventy-eight CALENDAR 41 l N .4 SlP""' 1 F S . . -ii? 1 W 4 5 5 "Schooldays, schooldays ,Q 5 M1 2 3 U 17, 13 Dear old back to school days." ' - f x0 20 ' . S 9 18 19 - QW. .,. 1 '12 in '19 so Going to school is not so bad if 'you go in couples. t The Latin Club had installation meeting. Roses are red, lemons are yellow, What' vacat 15? if I fo Ga ,f 5 N K an 5: ' if, 1' JZ? V T fa That's Carroll, our captain, and hero hug- ging the ball in our first home game ------- Louisville. Q S a Puerf Withaut a Puel-la? Kate takes charge at Lisbon half-time. On September 3, 19L7, the students of McKinley High School, with vivid memories of summer ion began another year in their eager quest for learning. Page Seven ly n 'nc 5 CALENDAR V A 'ii ' ,Zaire W ,ffgfk Q' I f S l . - 3 - .. - was as , M 1 2 xx. With lesson assignments un if N ff 55m,lszJ5hK 1 8 9 13 W der control, 'nf ,Q m "Q , ' WX 5 6 A x5 16 A .15 Social activities begin to 1 If I , 12 13 211 '22 23 '11 ' roll." A 'N 3 W 20 is '29 39 ' ab '17 ' Not even a down-pour could dampen these girl's spirits. aj 1 Quf ff MW' 6 4' I f if ' Ji ff WX X X X W 1' Vlm fiyff ff f r I, 4 V' I ?5Xx WW' ' I Time for refreshments at the Youth Center Halloween Party. Running: for a touchdown in the Carrollton games 1 1 w Practice began for the Rotary Play. October was highlighted by the annual coronation of the Homecoming Queen and court. We fear, ' others hope, a new tradition was inaugurated when the football captain and the escorts con- gratulated the girls with resounding kisses - mmm! Page Eighty 957 ll ' s u0"'pm 'V' 1 s 'A 1 1 ' 4 5 95140 -1 31112101112 9 10 ,B 19 ,1 as 4 3195334 '1""' so CALENDAR . . 'fi l Th fro u 1 th pumpkin- Z' Ang thesnosgsogre in the books- W "bk six weeks Tests! . .5 ,,, 'L s- 325 , U' ,fl 'R 15:-2:5-' X -' ,.. 2' , XJX 56 -- 7 Is'-WR QUM , fi If 'Z This is our band fitted in their new uniforms, of which they are so justly nroud. The uni- After hearing Garnett Hazard's illustrated tall? forms are this result of the bandjmothers' ne' on art fy 1 H ' ed' W ver-tiring efforts and the band has put forth our feeble wlitgmptlgphgeded mgri-atlifah inggiig,-ed its best to Show its amreciation' tion.. ' This is the way we storxned those Boardman Spar- tans. This requires greet concentration . School studiesnand extra,-curricular activities were crowding each other for our attention,but six- vreeks tests tipped the scales in -favor of the more studicus things in life. Ooooohl Page Eighty-kms cAusNoAn as I 11. , A I-.x n"":n ' '5 so " ,px 0 ,Ili 3. 113 'l X .2 to Yin' an "Dreaming of a white Christmas" ' Ci . i " . I "" , , :A X5 1032. 45 '15 71 and mid.-term vacations. A113 P- E 1 .0 'CN 1 . ff' -W , '1 5-.. ax 22 39 31 . MQ "-N "I L Nxt e ? -- ' xv K Q 'P W f"f"' X" -iiff 19 , ul V -'XX9' 4 V Irv? Ul qil l mf' C 'WVR t ESE? l ef' MZ? Yllwid ,Fix Q f,Qvl ,K .7,2:,,.,,e Everyone had fun at the Youth Center Christmas party. s Q 1 N A We had "A Date With Judy". 1 or In our first home game we defeated Canton Lin- ' ' A C 9013 21.25, Doors closed for vacation. The weeks before vacation were crowded' With activities and the spirit of Christmas. All the clubs and classes presented their sponsors with gifts. The auditorium was the scene of mary Christmas parties, the most outstanding of which was the long-awaited Christmas Fomal. The term ended with the clearing away of gay wrappings and decorations while mary "Merry Christmasesn were echoing through the halls. ' ' - - Page Eighb-two ' . CALENDAR .1 su S 4561, aiu. ' ' 3 SV. 'A I 1 V x 1 0 "Ring out the old, it 5 " s 9x1 Ring inthe new, mf' h 03 5 1 5 16 1 V Ring happy bells 1 V ff 4 A 5 xg 15 l ,L qs 1' Across the snow." ff I1 I Q, 9 13 ,D 128214 30 31 CAnd we do mean snow., fy , A A, -7,5 xt 11 , .. as 1' The Vocalaires had many engagements during January. Among these was broadcast over station W.F..A.H. Alliance X ff K V ex l tltll Snow, Snow, and more Snow! The newly installed coke machine vas quite an attraction - AE - all the profits went to the Backed enthusiastically by the fans, our team seniors. fought its best at every game. Lights, camera, action! We vreren't making a movie, THE TROJAN staff had started to work and the photographer was here to do his duty. Despite the snow and severe cold, students plodded their way to the door and life went on as usual at S.H.S. Page Eighty-three 1 CALENDAR 1 "0 1l"u.:I ' is S1 , an ' 4 5 M Roses are red and violets are blue, t 1 3 U 12 13 ,N It's Valentine month, and Leap Year 8 9 13 xg 19 231 as X tv0O0 15 16 '14 '15 26 22 '13 n 29 N A A my That's Carroll Smith taking part in the Hi-Y as- sembly on "What our club stands for". X A :ZZ Qi? , -11 gvfb- 2 J , WA 'nf' s ' ...i- fjvff 'M X ,mf 2 W H N1 f d as e n Everyone goes to the "Spot"-but to eat??? 'East Palestine was the last game on our home court. dance. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Lisbon post-game Cupid's darts flew fast and furious at the Valentine Dance sponsored by the sophomores. Other lrlgh lights ol the month were: the assembly given by Emanuel Mansfield, Negro tenor, and the Jaycee indoor carnival. This month also marked the end of basketball season. Plgl Bill!!-IW' CALENDAR t. islet' 1 is sb , an '1 3 4 W X3 Lqtoxcsiqio A "' 7 x5 1b 11' .15 'gb '37 "In her Easter bonnet, with all tl 13.23 14 the frills upon itn - u '11 39 31 She had that ilngpr lggkll, vi' f f y? X P46 Q .90 175 , , K4 ' Victims of a severe epidemic - spring fever! JW S W .11-1-2 .f4E'ff T , ' . vfv' , f l',?"'? f "'.4.a. ' I 'lj 9 , if iffy' , . f I ' , ' . J' , Q, ' k M-7. V , Wifi' ,LP , 'l l Qf I fl YQ' Three boys were saying, "That's my girl." Seniors working hard - thinking of that Wash-, ington trip. Youth Center still going strong. The band assembly is always a treat. This year as usual it maintained its high standard and was enthusiastically received. Pqe Eighty-he CALENDAR s X A, I 1 Z!-gui-rAh1,' ' .glllw 1 Y 3 S 8 q 1 X ' 1, X 6 5 U, 11 "It't raining rain you know" W jqfjq W 1 .13 QA This is just a heavy devrl ,ANX 'I 1 h am xl 1:6 28 'B 15 X n 1 1 'so h : 5 'zo-lu sb - jxxwliif h f fx X , f A J A 'I!d like to share that umbrella, Barbara! . The-month for taking pictures and - W, what a beautiihzl subject. ' F 6 , A young man's fancy turns lightly to thoughts of love . ...nm you loaferll No fooling it really was a wonderful banquet when the Hi.-Y. and Y-Teens had their annual get-togetm er on :ggiQLFoo1's daqr. The committees of both, clubs oo-operated to make this a splendi " oo1" proof . A -A PII' HIM?-858 CALENDAR n s d , Q 2 ? 1 105 F S 1 Q z Q? ,I 0 1 X , 5 we had the May Ndazen. n 1 Y 11' vf.o s b x5 - 5 xA 1.1 3 A V1-X3 'D 11 Q -1 X011 x., 10 2,19 8 zz W 2:5 ab 1' 13923 - ' I 3 rt .T-.5-7- Ax Jqqifnb P: '1 1 .,-2' Z V 23 693 limit 4 ' tm " C Prom committee, 19b7 They graduated with heads high. Pram servers, 19h7 Washington, here we come! The Prom and Post-prom climaxed the social season, and to the strains of UPomp and Gircumstancen the graduating class marched forward to receive their diplomas for four years' work well done. Then after seeing the seniors off on their Washington trip, we closed our book of Family Memoirs Page Eighty-seven ON TO WASHING TON Page Eighty-eight ' C' QXOW Q-Q .fs 532 ef' Q?PXQwO9:j1cX:?sdg0f Qvqgowoifgcgcg J A QU X7 95303295 ff-gf g,!lQf'D QEQJD Q ? X45 Q JB W QQ, ff , gh QW f , Q29 X J gfif f 5855 X Ziff! Q egg? jg? xW ff S UW we . Q30 T 'J exif? Wbffiodgotifgiivcbsgbffb M123 :af2.,,+ ,W H25 :mg Qacggcb J5XGw+ 92592 Cf QD 'gif Q86 mis 6310 Q 5-4 KW , fb nf, f :ij ,ffl f-f' M 4 :ff ? ff!! U, Wf f, ! X7 QU ,J egg f l X V 024350 f , 0.3 X 4 f QI 7 If ggi? ffm WV ! Z7 f Cf Qfff w f fb f ' W7 GQ ' I Xiu ff f 4 ,f M, Q13 -4 fl N Q .- 6351 3. GZ 5 v., V ' U ogowrf 1 Q.. , Q 'K' 9 - - A Ja Cyan? V28 I JD 552' ff -Z -r-Y CQQQD .m jfg 1 4 S 5112413111 muuw M ILE CICS HOME BAKERY Qt our JLQJ 1 QYEYFAQUKQEEUD at Q 'Bom tm n FXS1'1lNG ,, MQWWWWS EQUIPMENT 275059 cfm EDDIES QWDCHV ' Page Ninety-one IH Wu UWM Cqfga HCQWJQQWQOQQ r soon FOOD . 1 .ZZZZQDfMl'E ual! afaa2aQ X17 ff! JQWZCQ Manhattan cleaning co. .P e fn-I n q a0fr fo MYM Ztnesfnyganj 6 E -: . ' CVVQZL2 Qzgce 9 1W Qesiau mmf FUEL s QMH MMD SMUDJUEHW B - LET'5 exiwgi-xi'QuAiNrED I gggtg, X Q U JC 621.1 Gibbs f Cjnsurance' T O 3762, Ccmpany ' Page Nintty-three E NN - l Q, 'V X4 ,, 046 ff' 't ,QV , b ,Q V fl QA 9 of kb QQT?7d J' . H dw' 5' LADIES 1-sms f' Q enouses T URNERS HERMANS DRUG STORE DRY 60005 W 1 V 1 - l 6 , j,,,,,"'N Qhisiif f S fefjsqyf AMW THE STACKHOUSE GREENHOUSES QMENWIQWE A2611 MMF? 1 5. Sxvlhlifizmg Wim iagezizgzi xii E22 PHUIIE fv amp ff fm My NM ,5'6'06'lll5' UW D10 Calde rone'S Market LMXQNGQ S MAQWQ 7 f hav f'9W.i' M fmffaef X My C'omf2e7E Mme zgrnismys :L his .9.-MIA 1576 .rlhef youth Wh iq xv' U 94:09 Cvagea' LUIGCI. gill? MQ ,, BELL I .Y Fixx Q n ,l X N . f ' NX V9 at x..Z Q I .2 iff' f mf! g M L SNK, fff.. f H as 5 p. 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Suggestions in the McKinley High School - Trojan Yearbook (Sebring, OH) collection:

McKinley High School - Trojan Yearbook (Sebring, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


McKinley High School - Trojan Yearbook (Sebring, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


McKinley High School - Trojan Yearbook (Sebring, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 58

1948, pg 58

McKinley High School - Trojan Yearbook (Sebring, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 46

1948, pg 46

McKinley High School - Trojan Yearbook (Sebring, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 59

1948, pg 59

McKinley High School - Trojan Yearbook (Sebring, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 88

1948, pg 88

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