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Black and Gold MCHINLEY SENIUP1 HIGH SCHUUL W. L PAXSUN, Principal CEDAR RAPHHLIUVVA .HVg. 1942-1943 DEDICATIDN lwlrrxnxuux X ' UNH Jlcm-4-I'-u:yg,gxX ,h'm"x"' V. . X VI alicia-aux-ru.,.,x,,,,m VTJI, --ff -f-"ns: Q 'X I fflgri. ' Tmfl ol: 1 " iieiee 5 is l l ,,,,,,....----'- We hereby pledge our loyalty to the former students and teachers of McKinley High School who have joined the armed forces of the United States of America. They represent us by carrying on our school spirit of good sportsmanship and of real Americanism. To them we dedicate the Black and Gold of 1945. t . .V- THE BLACK AND GOLD 1942-1943 Nlchinley Senior High School presents "The V Book" I Commandos cmd Re T II Mooeovers III Post Exchange MCKINLEY FACULTY Top Row CLeft to Rightj- P. Anthony, L. Paulu, A. Sindclar, L. Nelson, R. Miller, W. Wick, VV. Paxson, VV. Basler, C. Crowell, ll. Kelley. Middle Row fLeft to Rightb-A. Zohin, F. Fisher, T. Wilkixisoii, K. Bryan, M. Hamblin, A. Taylor, B, Hansen, A. Rogers, C. Otto, H. Horn, li. Matousck, G. Mullins. Bottom Row CLeft to RightJiM, Davidson, V. Chamberlain, M. Martin, C. Soutter, R. Nelson, M. Emerson, H, Hanson, K. Kendall, C, Leven, R, Griffith. BLACK AND GOLD STAFF Four JAMES REGER SHIRLEY PINSKY PAUL PERDUE GEORGE SEROVY ARDA MAE Cox NORIVIA SORENSON MARGARET HAXK'KINS LEORA ZAHORIK MARY ANN KURASA DOROTHY KUEIAs ZORA PAUK CHARLES Dozois ROSALEE BUNCE ROBERTA OWENS DONN CAss HARRY RETZ FULTON Ross FLORENCE SIIONKA DEE ITS cum ons AND RU CLASS OF JANUARY, 1943 BLUME, AUGUST lily days of peace and slum- berous calm are fled. Uperetta IZA3 Clarion 12A. BUNCE, ROSALEE The reward of study is wisdom. A fappella IUA. II. 123 C,A.A. 12, Footlight's Club 10, 1l, IZ: Ularion 12113 Geology Club 10' Operetta IO. 11. 123 Illinstre Show 123 Majorette 11, 123 One- Act Play 113 Black and Gold 123 Sncrzitecian 123 Senior Play. BURKE, BARBARA Rejoice, lest pleasnreless ye die. Hi-Y-Ette 10. 11. 123 G. A. A. 123 A Cappella ll, 123 One-Act Play 113 Senior Play 3 Vhoral Reading 12: Iiootlight's flub 10, II, 121 Operctta IZ. CAVROS, LoUIs "Louie" Everything handsome about him. Latin Club 103 Track 123 Oper- etta 11, 123 A Cappella 11, 12, CLINIC, HAROLD A great interpreter ot' lite ought not himself to need interpretation, Rifle Club 123 Treasurer 12A3 Vice-President of Class 12143 Clarion 12A. COLLINS, RUSSELL Ile was himself. Rock Island Hi fh School Track ls 103 liootlrfill IU. ll. 123 Track Il. 123 Basketball 1213, Six Dozois, CHARLES t'Pinky" And still they gazed and still the wonder grew that one small head could carry all he knew. Latin Club 103 Hi-Y 11, 123 Ri' tle Club ll, IZ 1President Il, 121: Socratecian 11A, 12 KPres- ident 1,2AJg I'7ramatic's Club 11, 123 Operetta 103 Senior Play. DURHAM, RICHARD ffnickff I am monarch of all I survey, my right there is none to dispute. Latin Club 103 Rifle Club Ctreasnrer 11. 1233 Football 10, 11, 123 National Athletic Schol- arship Society3 'I'raek3 Senior Playg Socratecian 12. DYRLAND, CORINNE "Keenie" The sweetest thing that evci grew beside a human door. Roosevelt-Hi-Y-Ette 10.-X3 MCA Kinley-Clarion 12A. FISHER, GEORGE A morale sensible and well-bred man. Olserettn 10. 113 Model Rail. road IU, 113 Rifle Club 12. GRIFFITH, EDWIN "Noon" Born for success he seemed. Activity Council 11, 12, fvice- prcs, 11, 121: Football 10, II, 121 Basketball 10. 113 Pres. of Llass 12li3 Vice-Pres. of Class IZA3 National Athletic Scholar- ship Societyq Iloys Stateg Rifle Club 11, 123 Tennis Team 113 Senior Play, HADDX', GEORGE The only way to have a friend is to be one. Senior Play, CLASS OF JANUARY, 1943 HARVEY, SHIRLEY Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low. Hi-Y-Ette 10, 11, 125 A Cap- pella 12B5 Art Club 121 Span- ish Cluh 12: Girl's Voice 11: Mixed Chorus. HoNz1x, IONE She 1augh'd and rlane'rl and talk'd and sung. KANELLIS, DAVID "Dave" A man of wit and character. Palo-A Cappellag Football5 Hi- Y iPres. 1175 Footlightls Cluh Qsec. 12131, Iron Horse Clubg Rifle Club. Clarion. Kocn, LEONARD .-:Lenny I live not in myself but I he- come of that around me. Hi-Y 10, 11, 125 Rifle Club 10, 11, 125 Activity Council HB1 Cheerleader 10, 115 Football 11, 125 Operetta 10, 11: Choral Reading Class 125 Senior Play5 President of Class 1213. KOUTNIK, FRANK Man is his own star: and that can Be honest is the only perfect man. Manager of Basketball 11g Hi-Y KUBIAS, DOROTHY "Dottie" She was a form of life and light, l1.A.A. 12A5 French Club 12 fVice-Pres. l2AJ5 Hi-Y-Ette 11, 125 Black and Gold. KUCHYNKA, HELEN She walks in beauty like the night. G.A.A. 125 A Cappella 125 Op- eretta 10, 111 Choral Reading Class 125 Student Activity Council 11. MACH, ROBERT AB Ubu The world knows nothing of its greatest men. Hi-Y 11, 12: Baseball 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 115 Operetta 105 French Club 125 Activity Council 11. MENTZER, MARY ARedu Nu lark more blithe than she. Clarion 12. MILLER, GEORGE Genius hath electric power NVhich earth can never tame. A Cappella 10, 115 Letter Club 10, 11. 125 Basketball 11: Foot- ball 10, 11. 12: Operetta 10, 11: Track 10, 11, 12. MITVALSKY, NADINE nlvau A kind and gentle heart hath she to comfort friends and foes. Hi-Y-Ette 10, 11. 12:5 A Cav- pella 11B, IZA: Activity Coun- cil 12A5 G,A.A. l2A: Operetta 11, 12B5 Mixed Choir l2BZ Red Cross 11A5 Art Club 125 Spanish Club. NAss1E, MARIE All things come round to they who will but wait. G.A.A. 125 A Cappella 12Ag Op- eretta 10, 11, Minstrel Show 1'25 Choral Reading Class 1ZA. Seven CLASS OF JANUARY, 1943 NAVRATIL, RICHARD ffoifkf' VVitl1 too mucli thinking to have common thought. Rifle Club 11, 125 Draniatics Club 10. PENNINGROTH, CHARLOTTE In virtues nothing earthly could surpass her. G.A,A. 10, 11, 12 CPres. llA, 12119: Hiav-Eine 10, 11, 12, CV1Ce-President 1155 Foot1ight's Club 10, 11, 1Treas. 101: Min- strel S-how 115 Socratecian 11A. 12: Flagtwirler 125 Band 125 Latin Club 103 French C Club 12, PERDUE, PAUL "P0dunk" A public youth ot light and leading. Basketball 10, ll. 125 Track 10, 115 Marching Band 10, 125 Or- chestra l0, ll, 125 Band 10, 11, 125 Activity Council 105 Min- strel Slmw 115 Boy's State 115 National Athletic Scholarship Society 10, 11, 121 Socratecian 11A, 123 Black and Gold 12. PINSKY, SHIRLEY Happy an1 15 from care I am free. A Cappella 11A, 12B5 Hi-Y. Em 10, 115 G.A.A. 12A5 nm- matics Club 11, 125 Cheerleader 11A, 12135 Operetta 11, 125 Black and Gold 12A5 Mixed Chorus 11B5 Girl's Voice 10. PRATT, MARIBEL Behold t11eVF1rst in virtue as in face. Hi-Y-Ente 10. 11, 12 fPres. 1255 11'ootlight's Club 10, 115 G.A.A. 125 French Club 125 Latin Club 105 Socratecian 125 Band 125 Orchestra 10, 11, 125 Cheerlead- er l0A, 11155 Senior Play. PUGH, WARREN As n1usical as bright Apollo's lute. Football 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 11. 125 1135193111311 10, 11, 125 lland 10, ll, 125 Orchestra ll, 125 lron Horse Club 125 Golden Bear's National Athletic Schol- astic Snciety 11, 125 Boy's State 125 Activity C Council 10, 115 Marching Band 105 Minstrel Show. Eight RAHN, JOAN Our youth we can have but today. REGE11, JAMES 11 Ji my To do is to succeed. Activity Council 11B5 Rifle Clubg Black and Gold5 Foot- ball 12A5 Class Treasurer 12. Wilson-Footlight's Club 105 Latin Club 105 Science Club 10, RESSLER, GEORGIA 1t's safer being meek than fierce. French Club 125 Clarion 12. ROMPOT, MARTHA We are all born for love. Clothing Club 115 Operetta 10, 11, 12: A Cappella 12: G-A-A 125 Minstrel Show 125 Dean's office 12. SHONKA, FLORENCE VYork Hrst and then rest. Latin Club 10 KCI:-mrion Report- er95 French Club 12 iSec. 12BJ5 Socratecian 11A, 125 Black and Gold, STODOLA, LILLIAN 1.Lily,, A loving heart is the Beginning of all knowledge. Hi-Y-Ette 10, 11, 125 French Club 125 Clothing Club 125 G.A.A. 12A5 Dean's office 125 Operetta 10. ASS OF JANUARY, l943 l y- --f- -- --:zfaaafftags T V1 1 . THOMPSON, SHIRLEY ',Qff'f. ' "T0mmy" 1.5 -I she laughed and the wand if 2 laughed with her. HLY-Ette 10, 11, 12, A Cappel- Q, la IIA, 12Bg G,A.A. 125 Cheer- leader IOA, IIBQ Spanish Club "" 5551 ? IZAQ Activity Council 1 IOA, ' 12Ag Operetta 10, 119 Class Secretary 12A. f E' CLASS OFFICERS President ....... .... L EONARD KOCH Vice-President ,... ..... E nw1N GRIFFITH Secretary ...... .... S Hnzuzy THOMPSON Treasurer .... ....... J AMES REGER CLASS SONG To you, McKinley High, we sing of memories so dear, Oi Friends and teachers one and all in each and every year, We leave you now for paths unknown, And though we'll be away, Our love and loyalty to you is sure with you to stay. Keep up the standards of our school in war as well as peace, Our thankfulness for days spent here we hope will never cease. Welre proud of our McKinley High, we leave with some regrets, We're glad welvc known each one of you-in fact welre glad we met. CHORUS: 'Til once again we meet, farewell, McKinley High. Nine CLASS ABODEELY, RAMZA H. '4Rammy" Silence sweeter is tl1an speech. Clothing Club 105 H1-Y.Eue 12. AKERS, JOHN W. .1Red,, He may live without books . what is knowledge but grieving? ARNOLD, MARGARET R. tlpegn VVisdom and wit are little seen. Hi-Y-Ette l0A5 Latin Club 115 Zoobot Club 115 Cedar Falls High School, Cedar Falls, Iowa 105 Girls' Auxiliary 105 Junior Auxiliary 10. BAKER, ARLENE L. nldeen Happy am I. from care I'm free, XVhy aren't they all contented like me? French Club 11, 125 Spanish Club 11. 125 McKinley Major- ettes 11, 125 Franklin High School, Cedar Rapitls, Iowa 10. BELL, SHIRLEY Her voice was ever soft, Gentle, anrl low . . . an ex- cellent thing in woman. Latin Club 115 Spanish Club 11, 125 Footlights Club 125 Forensic Meet 125 Play Festival 125 Sen- ior Play5 West High School, Waterloo, Iowa 10, 115 Debate 10, 115 lleclamation 115 Dra- matic Club 10, 11g Inter Nos Club 10. BISSELL, G. FRED HBLYH I awoke one morning and found myself famous. Football 125 Basketball 125 Track 125 A Cappella 125 Class Vice-President 12135 Activity Council 12I-I tSecretaryJ5 Up- eretta 125 Roosevelt High School, 10, 115 Class President 105 Football 10. 115 Basketball 10, 115 Track 10, 115 Record Stati 115 Print Shop 10, 115 R. Club 10, 115 Sports Club 10. 11 CPresident 1135 A Cappella 10, ll. Ten or JUNE, 1943 BLAKEY, MARJORIE The temple of our purest thoughts is silence. A Cappella 11, 125 Operetta 10, 11, 125 Girl Reserve 10, 11, 12. Boxnl, BONNIE JEAN What is under that quietness? Lisbon High School. Lisbon, Iowa 10, 115 Girls' Glee Club 115 Homemaking Club 105 Jun- ior Class Play 115 Operetta 11. CABALKA, Leo J. ..D0c,, All things have I enjoyed greatly. Basketball 10, 11, 12 CCaptain 1255 Golf 10, 11, 12 1Captain 1115 Marching Band 105 Orchestra 10, 115 Band 10, 11, 125 Hi4Y 11, 125 Golden Bears Club 11, 125 N.A.S.S. 11, 125 Football 122 Track 125 Activity Council 12B5 fPrcsidentJ5 Class President 12B5 Class Vice-President 12A5 Clarion Staff 125 Baseball 11, 125 Senior Play. CARRITHERS, BARBARA "Barb" The reason firm, the temperate will, Endurance, foresight, strength and skill. G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 Hi-Y-Ette l0. 11, T22 Orchestra 10, 115 Latin Club 105 Footlights Club 11 125 Minstrel Show 11: Spanish Club 115 Activity Council 11B QSecretarylC Socratecian 129 Play Festival 12. CASS, Dorm ffwolffi Great men die youngg I feel ill myself. Latin Club 10 tVice-Presidentjg Zoobot Club 105 Activity Coun- cil 10B5 Debate Club 105 Bas- ketball l0, 115 Marching Band 10, 125 Commencement Orches- tra 10, 125 Band 10, 11, 125 Ten- nis 10, 11. 12 fSchool Champion 10, 11, 1235 Play Festival 115 Spanish Club 11, 125 Hi-V 11, 12 CTreasurer IZBJ5 Footlights Club 11, 125 One Act Play 12: Clarion Staff 125 Black and Gold Staff 125 Senior Play. JOHN, CHEHAK "Chic" No man is happy who does nut think himself so. Latin Club 105 Football 10. 115 Track 10, ll: Basketball 10, 11, 125 Tennis 10. 11, 125 Band 510. 11, 125 Ritie Club 105 Activity Council 11A CPresident73 Boy's State 11: Minstrel Show 11: Spanish Club 11. 12, CLASS CHRISTLE, EMIL The secret of success is con- stancy to purpose. Latin Club 105 Baseball 10, 115 Basketball 10, ll, 125 Activity Council l1A5 Hi-Y 11, 12 tPres- ident 12131: Class Pres. 12A5 Socratecian 125 N.A.S.S. 1-25 Uolflen Bears Club 125 Senior Play. CIIRISTLE, VIRGINIA ANN "Chris" A witty woman is a treasure. Clothing Club 105 Operetta 105 Mixed Chorus 105 Hi-Y-Ette 10, 11. 125 A Cappella 125 Victory Corps 12. Cox, ARDA MAE nRedu Born for success she seemed. Bowling Team 105 Girl's Voice 105 Hi-Y-Ette 10, 11, 12 LSecre- tary 11, Vice-Pres. 12j5 Foot- lights Club 10, 11, 125 fViCe- President 111355 One Act Play 10, ll. 125 Make Up Class 10, 11, 12: Orchestra 10, 11, 125 G.A.A. 10, 11, 123 Assembly Room of the Air 10, 11, 125 De- bate Club 115 Mixed Chorus 115 Swing Trio 115 String Trio 115 Socratecian 1lA, 125 Oper- etta 125 Victory Corps 125 For- ensic Meet 125 French Club 125 Clarion Staff 12: Black and Gold Staiif 125 Senior Play. DAILEY, NITA "Nita" In youth and beauty, wisdom is but rare. Play Festival 125 Hi-Y-Ette 12: Footlights Club 12 fTreas- urer 12AJ9 Activity Council 12A: Victory Corps 12: Clarion Staff 125 Senior Play, Roosevelt High Scrool, Des Moines, low-a 10, 115 Hi-Y-VV 10. 115 Defense Stamp Committee 10, 11 QChairmanJ. DANIELS, ARTHUR W. JR. "Brad" How good is man's life, the mere living! 1Soy's Voice 10A: Football 10, 125 Operetta 10, 11: A Cappella l1A, l2A5 Activity Council l2Bg One Act Play 125 Hi-Y 125 Bas- ketball Manager 1Z5 Senior Play: Franklin High School, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 10. DAUCHY, HARRIET I am a part of all that 1 have met. Hi-Y-Ette 10, ll: Operetta 10- 11, 125 A Cappella ll, 125 Ac- tivity Council 11B5 One Act Play 115 Victory Corps 125 De- bate Club 125 French Club 12 1Secretaryj5 Senior Play. OF JUNE, 1943 DAv1osoN, JEANNE M. If to her share some female errors fall, Look on her face and you'll forget them all. Courtesy Desk 11135 Footlights Club 125 Hi-Y-Ette 125 Cv.A.A. 125 Victory Corps 12. DIcKsoN, CORINNE J. "Connie" Her air, her manners, all who saw admired, Courteous though ccy. and gens tle though retired. Clothing Club 103 Hi-Y-Ette 10, iz, G.A,A. IZA: Activity Council 1213, IZA. EDENSON, MARLYS LOUISE "Marly" Her beautiful hair A Makes this maiden fair. EITZER, MARGARET "Ein" Thou hast no faults, or I no faults can spy, Thou art all beauty, or all blindness, I. Clothing Club 105 Hi-Y-Ette 10, 11, 125 Activity Council 1013, 12A5 Mixed Chorus 115 Foot- lights Club 115 Victory Corps 125 G.A.A. 12A: Clarion Stat? 125 Make Up Class 11. ELLIS, BRUCE A. "Flash" NVhat men have done still can be Clone, And Shall be done today. Rifle Club 10, 11. EVELAND, CARL ucoykyn Patience is a necessary ingredient of genius. Eleven CLASS EVELAND, PEARL M. "Pail" Silence is the speech of love l'he music of the stars above. Hawkins Ifnion Free High School, Hawkins, VVisconsin 10, 11, 12113 Girl's Glee Club 10, ll, 1213. FAABORG, Bos ABM,- Goodly qualities may he hidden by a quiet manner. Football ll: Beardsley High School, Beardsley, Minnesota 10, Basketball 10, Baseball 10, Football 10. FISH, HERTHA A. '1Suzie" And I oft have heard defended Little said is soonest mended. Clarion Stat? 12. G1AN1znA1c1s, ANNA A happy heart filled with kindness. Hi-Y-Ette 10, 11, 12, Orchestra 10, ll, 12. HADDAD, DOLORES HDMI, Her eyes as stars of twilight V fair Like Atwilights too her dusky hair. Orchestra 10, 11, 12. I-IALv1:1zsoN, PAULINE npollyv A daughter of the gods, divine- ly tall, and most divinely fair. Girl's Voice 10: Swing Choir 103 Assembly Room of the Air 10, 11, 129 Footlights Club 10, ll, IZ: Operetta 10, 11, 125 G.A.A. 11, 125 Hi-Y-Ette ll, 125 Activ. ity Council 11B, 11Ag A Cappel- la 11A, 1-23 Mixed Chorus 11Bg Make Up Class 11, Swing Trio 115 French Club 12 tVice-Pres.Dg Voice Production 125 Socrate- cian 125 Clarion Stat? 125 Black and Gold Stat? 125 Music Fest- ival 10, 121 Coe Music Contest 12. Twelve ,1943 HAMMOND, PATRICIA K. .1 Pat., She was a phantom of delight. Hi-Y-Erie 10, 11, 12, Clothing Club 113 French Club 125 Victory Corps 10,. HAMPTON, BONNIE She is pretty to walk with, And witty to talk with, And pleasant to think on. Band 1lBg Minstrel Show 11: Mixed Chorus 11Ag Hi-Y-Ette 11, 123 Victory Corps 12: A Cap- pella 12: G.A.A. 12: Footlights Club 12g Activity Council IZA fVice-Presidentjg Clarion Staff 12, Marion High School Marion, Iowa 105 G.A.A. 10: Glee Club 10. HAw1uNs, MARGARET "Sadie" Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. Operetta 103 Latin Club 10 fPres.DQ Hi-Y-Etta 10, ll, 12 flnter-Club Representative 11, President 121, Footlights Club 10, 11, 12 CTreasurer 10AJg Sec- retary l2AJg Make Up Class 10, 11, 12, One Act Plays 10, 11, 12, Socratecian 11A, 112 CTreas- urer 12ADg Victory Corps 12, French Club 125 G.A.A. 12: Cheerleader 123 Clarion Staff 125 Black and Gold Staff 123 Senior Play. HEALEY, EDWARD H. H7-edu Look before you leap. Art Club 10, 11, 12 CVice-Pres- ident 1135 French Club 10A, 11, 12B fVice-President 11BJ: Op- eretta 10, 12, Football 11, 12: Victory Corps 12: Assembly Room of the Air 123 Hi-Y 12 CSecretary 12B, Vice-President 12AJg Senior Play. HEINS, BETTY AST, A heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute. Latin Club 10: Footlights Club 10, ll, 12 CVice-President 11Ajg Hi-Y-Ette 10, 11, 12: G.A.A. 11, 12, Activity Council 11A fAlternate 11BJ. Henri-:L, AM1zL1A V. "A mic" Being gifted with a tongue, I use it. Center Point High School, Cen- ter Point, Iowa 10, 113 School Club 10, 113 C-lee Club 10, 11. CLASS OF JUNE HESSER, JAY, JR. "Hess" Rejoice, o' young man, in thy youth. Minstrel Show 113 Operetta 11, 123 A Cappella 123 Rifle Club 123 Football 123 Franklin High School 1013. Hoovz-:R, RICHARD W. "Dick" He wears the rose of youth upon him. JAYNE, FRANKLIN 'tFrank" It is not good that man should be alone. Operetta 103 Track 11, 123 Cross Country 123 Victory Corps 12. JESINA, MARY LOUISE Linger a while . . . So fair thou art. Latin Club 103 Operetta 10, 11, 123 Hi-Y-Ette 113 Footlights Club 113 Courtesy Desk 11A3 G.A.A. 11, 12 CBouncer 11A, Vice-President 12AJg Victory Corps 123 A Cappella 12. JOHNSON, CLARA Be to her virtues very kind, Be to her faults a little blind. KUBASA, MARY ANN "Kubie" To those who know thee not, no words can paint thee, And those who know thee, know all words are faint. Latin Club 11 fTreasurerJ3 Hi- Y-Ette 10, 11, 12 Clnter Club Representative 1233 Operetta 10, ll, 123 One Act Play 113 Footlights Club 11, 123 A Cap- pella 11, 123 G.A.A, 1lA, 12 fllouncer 12Aj3 Victory Corps 123 Cheerleader 123 Clarion Stat? 123 Black and Gold Staff 123 Music Festival 10, 123 Senior Play. ,1943 LADD, MARILYN npatu XVith thee conversing I forget all time. Latin Club 103 Operetta 103 Hi- Y-Ette 10, 113 Art Club 11, 123 French Club 12. LAKER, DONNA JEANNE Young in limbs, in judgment old. Latin Club 103 Activity Coun- cil 10A fAlternate 10BJ3 Hi-Y- Ette 10, ll, 123 Footlights Club 10, 11, 123 G.A,A, 10, 11, 123 Band 10, 11, 123 Marching Band 10, 123 Orchestra 113 Operetta 123 Spanish Club 11. LINDEMANN, RoY E. "Lindy" A good face is the best letter of recommendation. Elgin High School, Elgin, Illi- nois 103 Franklin High School 11. LISTEBARGER, JoI-IN F. "Johnny" This above all-to thine own self he true. Football 113 Victory Corps 123 Franklin High School, 10. LNENICKA, ALICE IRENE VVhat a sweet delight a quiet life affords. French Club 12. LNENICKA, VIRGINIA R. '1Ginny" 1 have no other but a woman's reason. Rising City Public School, Ris- ing City. Nebraska 10, 11, 12133 G.A.A. 10, 113 Junior Class Play 113 Choir 10, 11, 12133 Junior Class Secretary 11. Thirteen CLASS LoRENcE, GERALDINE "Gerry" A tiny maid, a live wire. Orchestra 105 Band 10, 11, 12135 li,A.A. 12. Low, JOHN "Johnson" There is no wisdom like frankness. Activity Council IOB5 Zoobot Club 10, 115 Operetta 10, 11, 125 Ir0n Horse Club 10, 11, 125 Football 10, 11, 125 Minstrel Show 115 Hi-Y 11, 125 Track 125 Basketball 125 Golden Bears Club 12. McCoy, MARGARET L0u1sE npeggyu She is not so meek as she looks. G.A.A. 12A. MCGOWAN, GEORGE .lslugll lt is a point of wisdom to he silent when occasion requires. Football 10. 125 Track Manager ll: Track 123 Hi-Y 12. MCNALLY, BARBARA "Balls" Vliondrous is the strength of cheeriulness. Activity Council 10A5 Hi-Y- Ette 10, 11, 125 G,A.A. 125 French Club 12. MCNELLY, STERLING "Slim" The greater man the greater courtesy. Iron Horse Club 11, 125 Victory Corps 12. Fourteen OF JUNE, 1943 NEMECEK, DEAN The mildest manners with the bravest mind. Activity Council 1013, 1lA5 N.A.S.S. 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 125 Cross Country 10, 11, 125 Golden Bears Club 10, 11, 125 Boy's State 115 Hi-Y 11, 12 fYice-President 1113, President 1QAJ5 Socratecian 12 tPresiclent IZAJ5 Debate 12135 Class Treas- urer 12A5 Senior Play. NOEAL, MARY LOUISE l.L0uy,, A place in thy memory is all that I ask. A Cappella 10, 11, 125 Operetta 10, 11, 125 Ii.A.A, 12. OVVEN, DARLENE L. nDa,v She was as good as she was fair. Activity Council 10A5 Orches- tra 10, 11, 125 Footlights Club 10, 11, 12 1Vice President 12Al5 Hi-Y-Ette 11, 125 G.A.A. 11A, 125 Marching Band 12B5 Class Secretary 12B5 Victory Corps 125 One Act Play 12. OWENS, ROEERTA D. "Bertie" To know her is to love her. Swing Choir 105 Orchestra 10, 115 Hi-Y-Ette 10, 11, 12 CTfeas- urer 1115 G,A.A, l1A, 12 CTreas- urer IZAD5 Socratecian 11A, 12 KSecretary IZAJ5 Art Club 115 Courtesy Desk 1lA5 Footlights Club 11, 125 A Cappella 11, 125 Activity Council '12B CAlter- nate IOAD5 Assembly Room of the Air 125 Victory Corps 125 Operetta 125 Black and Cold Staff 125 Class Secretary IZA5 One Act Play 125 Play Fest- ival 125 Senior Play5 Music Festival 10, 12. PAUK, ZORA The joy of youth and health her eyes display'd. Art Club 11, 125 G.A,A. 11A, 125 Hi-Y-Ette 11, 12: Make Ur Class 11, 125 Footlights Club ll, 125 VVest High School, XVest, Texas 105 Dramatics 105 Pep Squad 105 Czech Club 105 Delamation 10. PORTER, WILLIAM R. ABM,- Thou wert my guide, philos- opher, and friend. Debate 115 Minstrel Show 115 A Cappella 11, 125 French Club 125 West High School, W'ater- loo, Iowa 105 Boy's Glee Club 105 Inter Nos Club 10. C L A S S PROSKA, PAULINE 147-udu Vl'ith all thy faults I love thee still. Activity Council 10A5 Band 105 Marching Band 105 Hi-Y-Ette 10, 11, 1'25 Operetta 10, 11, 125 Fnotlights Club 11A5 A Cappel- la 11, 125 Victory Corps 125 Girls Voice 105 Swing Choir 10. SEGRIEE, HOLLIS .1 S e gn He is the milrlest-mannered man. Creston High School, Creston5 Iowa 10, 115 Tumbling 10, 11. SEROVY, GEORGE "Bud" Talent is that which is in a man's power5 genius is that in whose power a man is. State Music Contest 105 Oper- etta 10, 115 Marching Band 10, 125 Orchestra 10, 115 Band 10, 11, 125 Minstrel Show 115 Cour- tesy Desk 11135 Activity Coun- cil 11A5 Hi-V ll, 125 Track 11, 125 Victory Corps 12 fAir Ser- vice, Flight Leaded: Senior Play5 Black and Gold Stal? 12. SIDWELL, BETTIE MAE "Queenie" My song jets forth so clear, so proud. Operetta 10, 11, 125 A Cappella 11, 125 Minstrel Show 115 Foot- ligllts Club 125 G.A.A, 12. SORENSEN, NORMA E. She that was ever fair and never proud, Had tongue at will, and yet was never loud. Girl's Voice 10135 Operetta 105 Hi-Y-Elite 10, 11, 125 Activity Council 11B fSecretaryJ5 Foot- lights Club 11, 125 G.A.A. 1lA, 125 Courtesy Desk 12B5 Victory Corps 125 Make Up Class 11, 12135 One Act Play 125 Senior Play. SPRYNCL, LEONE 1. L e en Her only fault is that she has no fault. Activity Council 10B5 Latin Club 105 Hi-Y-Ette 10, 115 Op- eretta 10, 11, 125 Minstrel Show 115 A Cappella 11, 125 French Club 12 1PresidentJ5 G.A.A. 125 Sncratecian 12. ,1943 STALZER, DoREs rKBabeN 'Tis good to he merry and wise. Clothing Club 105 Hi-Y-Ette 105 Victory Corps 125 Activity Council IZA5 Senior Play. STEVENS, BETTY M. "Shrimp" Thou smilest and art still. Operetta 10, 12, STUDER, MARY Jo 14101, Her very frowns are fairer far, Than smiles of other maidens afe. Debate 12135 Hi-Y-Ette 125 Vic- tory Corps 125 Footlights Cluh 125 Senior Play. Svosorm, CARL uGu5u A fearless man among men, But among women, the meek- est of the meek. Band 10, 115 Marching Band 10, 115 Victory Corps 12 1Air Service, Assistant Flight Leaderj, TOPIN KA, LIBEIE A worker, always attending to her own affairs and doing her level best. TZORTZOUDAKIS, GEORGE "John" Silence is golden. Fifteen CI-ASS VE Jim, MARIE The true pleasure of life is to live. Activity Council IOBQ Operetta 105 Footlights Club 11, Minstrel Show llg Music Festival IIA, A Cappella 12. VONDRACEK, LUMIR J. ffstary, Thinking is but an idle waste nf time. Vosnw, Donoruv LEONA "Doodles" Quiet and composed, VVhat she thinks, nobody knows. Umeretta ll' Minstrel Show- ll: I - Franklin High School, 105 Operetta 10. XVALL, NADINE FRANCES She is a bonnie wee thing. Mountain Home High School, Rloutain Home, Arkansas, 10, ll. CLASS OFFICERS President ,.,..... ---EMIL CHRISTLE Vice-President .... ---LEo CAEALKA Secretary .... .... R OBERTA OwENs Treasurer--- ---DEAN NEMECEK Sixteen OF JUNE, I943 ' WENNERMARK, MAUREEN M. VVlien once a friend, she is a friend to the end. WENNERMARK, MAXINE MAE .IMMH A true friend is forever a friend. WIIEELER, JOHN JR. "Dynamite" Silence whereso'er I go. WING, RUTH ONALEE "Jockey" Live this day as if it were the last. Operetta 105 Footlights Club 123 A Cappella 12. Cl-ASS SONG If this rose could but tell All the joys known so well, In our memory, here in '43. As our parting is nigh, And we bid you good-bye, Oh, we'Il be so true to you, McKinley High. CLASS OF JANUARY, i944 l2B Top Row fl.eft to Righlb-G. Mullman, G. Cavros, J. Mafllock, B. Pinsky, G, Berry, N. Thomas, B. Lewellen, B. Minshall, R, Scholl, C. Briggs. Middle Ruw CLeft to Rightj-B. Kventsky, B, Lehie, S. Johnson, H. Wilson. F. Kaceruvsky, E. Bacher, B. Frame. R, Kohl, F. Habota, J. Lehmzui, B, Pycha. E. Smith. Bottom Row CLefL to Right!-U. Davis, A. Paulsen, O. Berger, H. Navi-atil. N. Thompaon, I., Tompkins, Y. Vogel, M. Pechar, V. Ruffin, V. Vaugn. CLASS CDF JUNE, i944 llA Top Row il.eft to Rightj-G. Anderson. L, Ampey, ll. Prochaska, M. Andrlik, A. Krupiclca, C. Berry. F. Marshall. Middle Row fLeft to Right?-I. Deal, J. Lurence, J. Xlfestcot, G. McNelly, E. Packinghnm. B. Trunecek. P. Morrissey. Rottom Row't tn Rightb-fl. Dock, M. Stusak, B. Frederickson, D. Fry, S. Frish. H. Sliss. Seventeen CLASS OF UNE, IQ44 NA Top R021 iI.eft to Riglxtj-R. Smith, VV. Erlen, M. Sparks, H. Kolar, R. Hartung, D. Barrett, K. Bowker. C. oss. Middle Row CLeft to Rightb-D. W'arren, J. Robinson, D, Kitchen, D. Marshall, G. Tow, R, Pierce, IJ. Homsey, H. Retz. Bottom Row Cl,eft to Rightj-B. Herbert. I.. Sterns, B. Bean, D. Meeks, D. Kncera, M. Switzer. E. Hlzivacek, H. Carlson, CLASS OF JUNE, l944 UA Top Row il.eft to Rightj-M. Britclxer. V. Stern, B. Lester, J, McNamara, B. Davenport, A. Hulets, D. Hoyt, U. Street. Middle Row fLefl to Rightd-M. Parks, U. Quinn. I.. Voeltz, R, Homsey. R. Richer, M, Xlfeunerniark. T.. Zahorik. J. NYalker. Bottom Row U.eft to Rightj-B. Low. E. Cnvros, R. Milligan, E. Ross, A, Kflcena, B, Uonalrl, J. Wvhite. Eighteen CLASS OF JANUARY, 1945 A NB Top Row CI.eft fo Rightl-B. Bracy. K. Coon, IJ. Christoph-ersen, S. Xlittan. M. Rys, U. Fosterf D. Beaty, J. Bishop, M. Kacere, liottomxkow Qleft to Rightj-M. Best:-1, E. Packingham, I. Tislwr, J. Hinnerwarlel. I.. llavid, S. Jenkins, B. ':ura. CLASS OF JANUARY, 1945 X AI NB Top Row CLeft to Rigl10-H, Clark, G. Schade, T. Franks, T. Carrithers, J, Smith, J. Schaber, M, Chase, B. Heral, Arthurs. Bottom Row CLeft to Rightj-L. Ruthauti D. Burt. R, Ressler, B. Ard, B. Hanshaw, E. Smith, V. WValker, T, Risk. Nineteen CLASS OF lU.-NE, 1945 Top Row fl.eft tn E. Davicl, G. Primer. R, Foreman. IS. Carns, A. VVall, Bl. Jones, I.. Burion. ll Middle Row CI.eft to im, B. Bruhalcer, R. Heath, R. Pisney, DL Furey. W. Storm. Sclmoehelen, U. Novak. S, Fulnmer, IJ, Bailey. Bottom Row Ll.eft to Right?-V. Spooner. M. Unclerlmrg, N, O'Cunnur, J. Skinner, D. Pisner, ll. Locke, R. Akers. D. IJel.al1unt, I.. Cejka, ll, Foreman. C. Cortez. CLASS om' JUNE, 1945 .L . lOA Top Rnw 4I,cft tn Rigmm-lf. mixing, E. Zahnrik. '11 from, T. Knew, J. Kline, J, imlvmm., E, Yardley. n. ls,-me. n. Schulze, T. Rum... R, cf2.wff,f.1, 11. rim. lliclclle Row Cleft to Riglltl-M. Bnrlingliam, I. llowker, ll. Shaheen. .-X. Alwocleely, fi. Helinel-c, K. Coerlerman. J. Kahler. IJ. Singer, D. Clemmer. M. Lcslcr, Y. Ahorlcely, D. Dietz. linttmn Row lLel't to Right?-L. Anderson. N. Reilly, 'l'. Frmrtez, M. Hansen, F. Booze. M. llarvey, Ll. Tate. I. Pirlima. ll. Boxti. A. Klekar. Twenty CLASS 0 JUmEWl945 10A 3.5174 Top Row 1l.eft tn Right!-M. Toman, . Homan, D. Ilavirl. C. Knf , . Mesknes, P. Sulter. H. Horacek, H Y fl 7 Qh kl' I Y ..oa. .. , an ln. Rliclrllexguw' gI.eft to Righty-I., Bammert. B. Trachta, H. lfaches, Wocester, J. Mittnn, P. Swan, l', .' urs, ,. Rice. Bottom Row't to Riglltj-I. Delieus. B. Shonl-ra, R. Nemecek, G. Hatldy, B. Navratil, I. Sullivan, 1. Ford, C. Sangster. M. Meats, , CLASS GF JA UARY, l94!, Y .Ars Al lOB A Top Row Cl.eft to Rlghtj-Bl. Bergen. E. Slaman, R. Hansen. I. Bean. A. Mills. E. Eden. BI. Strang, G, Klinsky, K, Shiptun. T. liena, E. Tresnak. llinlrllc Ruw Kl.eft to Right?-P, Arthur. R, Kennedy, J. Ryan, T. Albertson. R, liauclxy, G. Lcnzen A. Blakey, l, Donald. il. Cimlvurek, N. Kacerovsky. Bl. furran. Bottom Row fl.eft to RightJfS. Klasse-n. BI. Ahrln, E. Tre-jtnar, M. Scherick, R. Buckheister. Y, England. A. Alex, E. Owens, I. Dehloss, M. Mills, B. Arenas. Twenty-one I N .J V' - -J ' ,Q ' I w rri.4.l,k, QT? A :fs l 10855 Top Row fl.eft to Rightj-F, Eflalsurn, B. YYats0n, B. Polmrsky, R. Haddy, I. llillfler, H. Thompson R. XVillenl1org, IJ, Pisney, R. Jenkins. Middle Row 1I.eft to Rightj-B, Riley, V. Sorenson. J. McLain, NV. Harger, J. Clark, D. Huffman M. Hepker, I.. Spinka. Bottom Row Cl.eft to Riglltj-NV, Thompgon, M. Besta, C. Stool-cey, N. Moorman, J. VVilliams, M. Olliara J. Gearhart, U. Risk. Twenty-two 4 'XL SOCRATECIAN Socrotecion Scholarship, leadership, character and service are the four cardinal principles of the Socratecian Chapter of the National Honor Society, which was organized in 1937 at McKinley Senior High School. High scholarship is the first requirement for admission into this Honor Society, as only those in the upper fourth of their class are eligible. Leadership, to lead others intelligently and thoughtfully and service to others are also necessary re- quirements, but these would not be com- plete without good character, All four principles are considered equally impor- tant for a rounded personality which ex- emplihes the best pupils. The flaming torch is the emblem of the Honor Society 'lto bear forward the searching light of truth, to lead that oth- ers may follow, to keep burning' in our school a high ambition or the enduring values of life and to serve." Five percent of the class is chosen in Twenty-four Honor Society 1lA, tive more when the class is in 12B, and five more in IZA, so that fifteen per- cent of the graduating seniors are mem- bers. The officers for the fall semester were: President, Charles Dozoisq Secretary, Paul Perdue: anl Treasurer, Maribel Pratt. The officers for the spring semester were: President, Dean Nemecek, Secretary, Rob- erta Owensg anl Treasurer, Margaret Hawkins. The 12A members are as follows: Dean Nemecek, Darlene Owen, Arda Mae Cox, Norma Sorensen, Harriet Dauchy, Leone Spryncl, Pauline Halverson, Emil Christle, Roberta Owens, Barbara Carrithers, and Margaret Hawkins. The 12B members are Frances Kaccr- ovsky. Ray Scholl, Ortha Berger, anrl Charles Briggs. Those chosen from the 11A class are Bill Trunccek, Frances Marshall, Leora Zahorik, and ,lim NVestCot. ACTIVITY COUNCIL Top Row CI.eft to Rightl-R. Owens. M, Switzer, F. Kacerovsky, D, Stalzer, J. llinnerwaclel, l.. Zahorik, R, Milligan. A. Krupicka. F. Marshall, E. Packingham. Next to Top Row ql.eft to Righty-B. Heins, B, Lester. B. Pinsky, R, Pierce, R. Dauchy, I.. Cabalka, F. Bissel, B. Minshall, A, Daniels, B, Carns, B. Artliurs, E. Cavros. Next to Bottom Row Cl.eft to Right?-M. Besta, N. llailey, J. Gcarhart, M. Moats, N. Scherick, Ri. Curran, 1. Buwker, T. Risk. M. Eitzer, C. Dickson. Bottom Row tl.eft to Rightj-J. Halverson, I, Kline, T. Kacere, J. Cimburek, G. Mollnian, V. Stern, 11. Clark, C. Briggs. Activity Council The members of the fall semester Activity Council under the guidance of its officers and several members of the faculty promoted sev- eral worthwhile projects. Leo Cabalka, Pres- identg Edwin Griffith, Vice President, Fred Bissell, Secretary, and Frances Marshall, As- sistant Secretary, took the initiative in plan- ning McKinley's first Homecoming. The Rally, held in the big gym, was a huge suc- cess. A program planned by the Council launch- ed a large sale of Activity Tickets, The "Cranberry Jam", our fall mixer, was fash- ioned after a Barn Dance and was decorated with shocks of corn, pumpkins, and strings of cranberries. At the Council's proposal a list of former McKinley students and teachers who are now in the service of the United States was com- piled and an honor role made, Advice was given to Williamsburg High School as to how to organize and direct an activity council. A suggestion was made that there should he art showcases on fourth floor for the use of Senior High art students whose work is not generally viewed in its place on third floor. With Benny Pinsky, Presidentg Bonnie Hampton, Vice President, Frances Kaserovs- ky, Secretary, and Bob Lester, Treasurer, the spring Council began its work. First of these was the campaign for the collection of one hundred good books for men in the armed forces of the United States. The spring mix- er, a Gay Nineties affair, was both socially and financially successful. All attending were asked to keep the spirit of the settings by dressing appropriately. An unusual feature of this mixer was the fact that the 9A stu- dents Were invited to attend. Twenty-five A CAPPELLA CHOIR Top Row fI.eft to Rightl-M. Switzer, R. Owens, M. L. Jesina. M. Pecliar, F. Ross, F. Bisse 'l'. Carrithers, G. Cavros, H. Clark, M. Parks, M, Vejda, M. Knliasa, H. llauchy, V. Vogel Mirlrlle Row Kl.eft to Rightl-A. Baker, B. Pycha. E. Smith. J. Walker. P. Halverson. A. limi s j. Schaluer, ll. Foster. I. l.0w, I. Hesser, R. Kohl, l., Spryncl. R. Eiclier. Rl. E. Stamy. liuttnni Row fl.eft to Rightl-ll. Kvetensky. F. Marshall, D. Yostry. V. lnicnicka, li. bulnc Ix I lx Nl l l I llis lf. 'accrurskyy V. Cliristlc, M. L. Nofal, ll. Navratil, '., Pang . . B acey, . VW McKinley A Coppello Choir The A Cappella Choir again carried out R. M. Eicher R. Wing two traditions this yearg they were: singing D. Vostry Z. Pauk carols in the halls of McKinley, and at Kill- V. Lnenicka H. Navratil ian's at the opening of the Christmas season. B. Stevens R. Kohl Throughout the term, the choir partici- M, Blakey M. L. Nofal pated in several religious services at the J. Walker B. M, Sidvvell churches' P. Proksa M. L. jesina Along with the orchestra. the choir fur- Igiggirson 7-mms nished the music for commencement in Jana Bi Pvcha H. Clark uary of this year, and also sang in the pro- HI Iiauchv F' Bissell grams of the Music Festival given May 6th ' J, Hessel, and 7th to the senior high, junior high, and A1105 grade schools. M, Parks Baritones Small groups were chosen from the choir M' Switzer F' R055 to do patriotic singing. F- Marshall G- Cavms M. A. Pechar A. Daniels Members of the choir were: L. Spryncl I. Willis Basxcs Sopranos E. Smith T. Carrithers F. Kacerovsky M. E. Stamy M. A. Kubasa J. Low B. Hampton A. Baker R. Owens J. Schaber Y, Christle B. Kvensky M. Vejda D. Foster Twenty-six OPERETTA "RIO RICO" The opcretta t'Rio Rico" was well-liked by all who attended the performances on the nights of November 20, and 21 under the able direction of Miss Maurine Hamblin and Mr. Paul Anthony. The leads fitted their parts well and the chorus was behind them all the way. This story was based upon a Gold Recov- ery Expedition which was backed by Lewis Morgan, a wealthy financier, in order to pro- vide a diversion for his daughter, jane. Pro- fessor Molecule brought along his latest in- vention, a device for detecting buried gold, with which they started in search of gold buried by Black Spider and his mutineers. Instead of finding the treasure, they found the sleeping mutineers themselves! It ap- peared that, having drunk deeply from a spring on the island, they had been in a trance for centuries. Molecule revived them with his Magic Nerve Pills, and they made him king of Cocos Isle. All went well until the pirates missed their treasure and threat- ened to make the gold hunters walk the plank. As King Molecule did everything possible to entertain the pirates until their yacht, the "Southern Cross!', returned, he buried trink. cts for the mutineers to dig up. Aunt Julia taught them ballet dancing and Clara brought their English up to the minute. As their last efforts, they put on a broadcast in order to summon aid. After giving up all hope, the f'Southern Cross" was sighted. The climax came when the pirates removed their disguises and turn- ed out to be friends from Brighton College who had been brought to the island by Lewis Morgan in order to provide excitement. Lewis Morgan was played by Bill Minshall. Marilyn Parks took the part of his debutante daughter. Frances Kacerovsky was Aunt Jul- ia, Fulton Ross, Professor Amos Molecule, Arda Mae Cox, Clara. Nan, another co-ed tplayed by Roberta Owensj sang a. duet with Bill Burton Uoe Arcej. Betty Sidwell made a hit as Pansy Borealis, the singing chef. The romantic lead opposite Marilyn Parks was Louis Cavros as Jack Davis. ,Tay Hesser was Tubby Tomkins. The Black Spider CDavid Fosterb was aid- ed by George Cavros as Dead Eye, Joe Schab- er as Spade Beard, and Tom Carrithers as Skittles. George Lenzen was the Ghost of Christopher Strutt. There were thirty-six gold hunters in the chorus. All departments of the school contributed to the success of the show. Twenty-seven Clarinet Trumpets Tom Kacere BAND Top Row Cl.eft to Rightj-E, Lorence, I.. Dutton, Mr. Anthony, Instructor: J. Pugsley, J. Krumholtz, D. Kitchen, G. Primer, ll. Fry, G. McNelly, L. Cabalka, J. VVesteot, G. Serovy, R. Mead, D. Cass, ti. Fimburek, J. Halverson, VY. Harger. Middle Row't to Righty-F. Booze. R. Buchheister, S. Shenefelt, T. Risk, P, Raftis, Y. Abofleely, ti, Anderson, B. Nay ratil, R, Shipton, I, Tisher. A Bottom Row tl.eft to Rightj-B. Smith, J. Kline, li. Trunecek, E. Pugh, M. Moats, E. Tretjnar, D. Tate, T. Kacere, McKinley Bond The event of the season, was the concert given during school hours, At that time, the novelty number 'tDangerous Dan Magrue' was introduced, and narrated by Arda Mae Cox. Members of the band held monthly musical programs in their own class. Names were drawn to see who played in it that month. Along with the orchestra, the band was host to participants in an all-city solo and cn- semble contest held at McKinley on May 7 and 8. Picked members of the band played in the all-city band which closed this contest- festival. They were: Ellen Tratjnar, Eldon Pugh, jack Kline, Larry Dutton, Faye Booze, Dorothy Tate, jerry Cimburek, Paul Raftis, Bob Mead, Glen Primer, and Jim Weseott. The band helped present the two music week programs for our own senior and jun- ior high pupils and the grade schools. John Chehak Nick Thomas Dick Marshall Donna Laker Jack Kline Bill Trunecck Bill Smith Faye Booze Ruby Buckheister Thelma Risk Larry Dutton Ernest Lorenc John Krumboetz Sandra Shencfelt Bass Clarinet Vivian Abodeely .-llta Sax Glcnys Anderson Betty Navratil Tenor Sax The following were members of the band: George Servo' Fluff? Oboe Baritone Sax Marilyn Moats Paul Perdue Darrell Kitchen Ellen Tretjnar Eldon Pugh Isla Tisher Twenty-eight Glen Schade Dorothy Tate Bob Shipton Jerry Cimburek Wayne Harger Horns Warren Pugh Beryl White Paul Raftis Benny Pinsky Trarnbones Don Cass Bob Mead Baritone joe Pugsley B asxex Jim Westcot Glen Primer Percussion Leo Cabalka Dorothea Fry Charlotte Penningroth George McNelley Maribel Pratt ORCHESTRA Top Row Cl.eft to Rightlwli. Haddy, Mr. Anthony, lnstructor: J. VVestc0t, D. Owen, V. Engllmlllv Middle Row't to Rightj-H. Horacek, J. Sullivan, T. Kacere, IJ. Tate, J. Halverson, J, Ixme T. Risk. B. Trunecek, G. McNellv. l.. Spinka, Bottom Row't to lightp-A. M. Cox. M. Rys, D. Haddad. E. Tretjnar, J, Hawker. C. Cortez. McKinley Orchesfro Under a new system started this year, mem- bers of the orchestra under the direction of Mr. Anthony, have given monthly programs for the rest of the class, consisting of five or six soloists. Names were drawn and these chosen entertained the others with solos. The orchestra furnished the instrumental music for commencement in January of this year. They also played for the operetta, K'Rio Rico", and the two senior class plays. Members of the orchestra took part in a picked city orchestra which played in the concert closing the two day contest-festival on May 7 and 8. They were: Marilyn Moats, Thelma Risk, Mildred Rys, Arda Mae Cox, Canatanea Cortez, Elma Fern Samuelson, Dar- lcne Owen, Yea England, and Herbert Hora- cek. The whole class, along with the band, and the A Cappella choir, helped present the two music week programs given for our senior and junior high pupils, and the grade schools. Members of the o Violins Arda Mae Cox Mildred Rys Janet Sullivan Herbert Horacek Delores Haddad Jean Bowker Libhie Spinka Canatanea Cortez Bill Faches Mary Slader Viola George McNclley Cello Darlene Owen Vca England String Bass Jim Westcot Maribel Pratt rchestra were: Flule Ellen Tretjnar Oboe Paul Perdue Clarinet Bill Trunecek Jack Kline Thelma Risk Nick Thomas Horns Beryl White Warren Pugh Trumpetx Tom Kacere Isla Tisher Glen Schade Dorothy Tate Piano Anna Gianedakis Richard Haddy Twenty-mne FOOTBALL Top Row Ql.eft to Right!-C, Keyes, P. Tow, li. Lester, R. Lee, G. Cavrua, J. Pngsley. l.. fahallwa, F. Saldana, J. Arce, D, VVarrcn. 'l"hird Row il,eft to Right!--C. Paulson, coach, A. Daniels. ll. Clemmer, G. 5lcNelly, 1. Low, R. Sanders. J. Lewis, B. Pinsky, -I, Reger, J. Hesser, T. Healey, Mr. Paulu. coach. Second Row Cheft to Right?-A. Blakey, J. Chehak, I.. Koch, B. Davenport, VV. Pugh, E. Griffith. U. Miller, G. lD'eVaul, N. Thomas, C. Berry, G. McGowan. Bottom Row Cl.eft tu Rightl-J. McNamara, F. Bissell. IJ. Novak, F. Santos, H. Nelson, manager: R. Collins. D. Durham, J. Madluck. BASKETBALL Top Row Cl.eft to Riglltl-R. Lee, G. Cavros, J. Low, C. Berry, U2 Marshall, U. VVarre-n, A. Daniels. Mgr. Bottom Row flmft to Riglltb-E. ffhristle, G. Tow. F. Bissell, L. Calmlka. A. Blakey, U. Novak. Thirty TRAC K Front Row CI.eft to Rightj-J. Madlock, G, McNelly, Ii. Trunecek, G, Serovy, D. Nemecek, I.. Cabalka, B. Pinsky, F. Cavros. J. Bean, J. I.ow, G. DeVaul, B. Davenport. Back Row CI.eft to Riglltj-WV. Towner. F. Santos, I.. Dutton, R. Lee, M. Jones, B. Lewellen, C. Berry, IJ. Foster, A. Blakey, D, Novak, D. Clemmer, R. Crawford, D'. Sheronick, R, Heath. V943 Trock ot McKinley Led by tive returning lettermen, john Madlock, Dean Nemecek, Andrew Blakey, Dick Novak, and Benny Pinsky, McKin- ley's I943 track squad began its season by placing third in the Mississippi Valley Conference Meet held at Iowa City. Four boys were taken to the Drake Re- lay-s on April Z3 and 24. They were Bill Trunecek, Leo Cabalka, John Madlock and Bill Davenport. Taking the- lead early in the meet and holding it, the team nosed out Franklin in a dual meet held on the Franklin track, April 21. l942 Footboll ot McKinley City Champs! That's the title copped by the McKinley Gridders as they battled through their eight games with only two defeats. Winning three conference games, the team finished with a third place tie in the Mississippi Valley competition. Under the capable handling of Coaches Paulson and Paulu, a strong line was de- veloped to merge with the veteran back- held. ' . l 942-43 Boske Although hampered by constant losses of key men due to illness. injuries, and graduation. Coach Al Sindelar produced a hard-fighting cage team that won five of the twelve games on its schedule. In one of the best games of the sec- tional tournament, held in the Coe gym, McKinley was defeatel by Franklin, 36-33. High scorer of the squad was Fred Bis- tbol The Bears defeated Grinnell Zl-0. Frank- lin l4-0, Roosevelt 14-13. Oelwein 25-0, Marshalltown 13-0, and VVilson 13-7, losing to Iowa City 40-0, and ,fo VVest Waterloo ZZ-13. ' VVith all boys playing outstanding ball, those leading the way were seniors NVar- ren Pugh and George Miller in the back- Held along with john Chehak, Len Koch, Ed Griffith, anl Dick Durham in the line. I ot McKinley sell, who accumulated a total of 92 points. The eleven boys receiving varsity letters were Carl Berry, Fred Bissell, Andrew Blakey, Captain Leo Cabalka, John Che- hak, Emil Christle. Dick Novak, Paul Per- due, VVarren Pugh, Clifford Tow, and Man- ager Art Daniels. Of this number, only four, Berry, Blakey, Novak, and Tow, will be back next year. Thirty-one JAN UARY CLASS PLAY "Tons of Money" JUNE CLASS PLAY Th 13: "Quality Street" Guidance Program The Guidance Program has been function- ing in McKinley Senior High for three and one-half years and has proven satisfactory and valuable to our entire student body. Un- der the leadership of Mr. Kelley, the program offers ways and means of discussing the de- velopments of personality, character, and vo- cations. G. A. A. The officers of the Girls' Athletic Associa- tion for this year were as follows: Fall Se- mester-President, Charlotte Penningroth, Vice-President, Anne Kacena, Secretary, Bar- bara Carrithers, Treasurer, Ruth Kohl, Boun- cer, Mary Louise Jesina. Spring Semester- President, Helen Wilson, Vice-President, Mary Louise jesina, Secretary, Mary Ann Pechar, Treasurer, Roberta Owens, Bouncer, Mary Ann Kubasa. The meetings were held every other Wed- nesday under the direction of Miss Rosalind Nelson. The club cooperated with the other Cedar Rapids High Schools in sponsoring and attending "Play Days." Everyone had plenty of food and fun at each meeting. Rifle Club The Rifle Club has now been in existence three years, Its purpose is to develop good sportsmanship and to improve marksmanship, Mr. Chester Crowell is the director and the officers were: President, Dave Foster, Vice- President, Tom Carrithers, Secretary, George Cavros, Treasurer, George Lenzen. l-li-Y-Ette Hi-Y-Ette is an organization open to any interested girl enrolled in Senior High School. Its program is varied, offering opportunities for enjoyment as well as service work. This year the Hi-Y-Ettes sponsored the Junior Red Cross drive in McKinley, made scrap books and party hats for boys in the Service, had their semi-annual Senior Teas, and cooperated with the other Senior High Schools in sponsoring a Ladies' Choice Dance. Miss Helen Hanson and Miss Alice Rogers are the advisors at McKinley, and this year's officers and cabinet members are: President, Margaret Hawkins, Vice-President, Arda Mae Cox, Secretary, Leora Zahorik, Treasurer, Frances Marshall, Interclub Council Repre- sentative, Mary Ann Kubasag Membership Chairman, Marilyn Condon, Worship Chair- man, Sarah johnson, Social Chairman, Betty Lebie, Service Chairman, Darlene Owen, Publicity Chairman, Roberta Owens, Music Chairman, Marilyn Parks. Lotin Club The McKinley Latina Sodalitas meets once a month under the direction of its elected aediles. Its purpose is to gain a better knowl- edge of Roman civilization and customs. Miss Caroline Soutter is the advisor and the officers are: Fall Semester-Consul, Tom Carrithers, Pro-Counsul, Evelyn Packingham, Scriba, Joan Hinerwadel, Praetor, Ray Scholl, Nuntuis Clarionis, David Foster, Aediles, Beryl White, Betty Heins, Loreen Ruthrauff. Spring Semester-Consul, Edwin Zahorik, Pro-Counsul, Shirley Lewellen, Scriba, John Halverson, Praetor, Joe Schaber, Nuntius Clarionus, Flora Blum. French Club Le Cercle Francais is organized with the purpose of obtaining a better knowledge of French life, history, and civilization. At the meetings songs are sung in French, reports are given on France, and plays are presented in French. The business part of the meeting is usually held in French. The IZA officers are: President, Leone Spryncl, Vice-President, Pauline Halverson, Secretary-Treasurer, Harriet Dauchyg Report- er, Margaret Hawkins. Thirty-three Footligbis Club The Footlights Club has been successful for the fourth consecutive year, under the direc- tion of Miss Marjorie Emerson. Its purpose is to promote a greater interest in dramatics, and to advance the standard of acting and the appreciation of good theater. During the year, the club presented several one-act plays for assemblies, and classes were held to advance the knowledge of stage make- up. The officers for the Fall Semester were: President, Fulton Ross, Vice-Presidents, Betty Heins and Ruth Kohl, Secretary, Shirley Pin- sky, Treasurer, Helen Wilson, The officers for the Spring Semester were: President, Le- nra Zahorik, Vice-President, Darlene Owen, Secretary, Margaret Hawkins, Treasurer, Ni- ta Dailey. Art Club The Art Club exists for the benefit of the art students and any other students who like to sketch. Many pieces of work were cn- tered in contests and posters were made to advertise various school activities. The club is under the direction of Miss An- nabelle Taylor. The officers were: President, joe Pugsley, Vice-President, Helen Navratil, Secretary-Treasurer. Shirley Harvey. Sporiish Club The newly organized Spanish Club was originated to advance the students' knowl- edge of Spanish life, history, and civilization. The club is under the direction of Miss Ce- celia Leven and the officers are: Fall Semes- ter: President, Donna Laker, Vice-President, john Chehak, Secretary, Barbara Carrithers, Treasurer, Ruth Kohl. Spring Semester- President, Ruth Kohl, Vice-President, Sarah johnson, Secretary, Betty Lebie, Treasurer, Verlene Vaughn, Reporter, Doris Davis, Pro- gram Chairman, Bill Minshall. Thirty-foltr' l-ll-Y During the year of 1942-43, the Hi-Y or- ganization sponsored a collection of canned goods for the Children's Horne, had a basket- ball team, and volley ball team that played against the faculty to raise money for ex- penses. The club promoted a collection of foods for gift boxes for McKinley students in the Armed Forces. This project called, 'tBoys Of The Week." consisted of weekly campaigns to collect cookies, candy, and gum. The girls of McKinley were honored onc week by UGirls of the Week." Mr. Paul Anthony was the advisor and the officers were: President, Emil Christie, Vice- President, David Warren, Secretary, Ted Healy, Treasurer, Don Cass. Iron Horse Club This marks the third year of the Iron Horse Club, whose purpose is to further knowledge of all phases in model railroading. In spite of lack of material, the result of war demands, the club progressed nicely, one cir- cuit completed with three automatic switches. At the writing of this, work is to begin on a second circuit which will be elevated. This will start the construction of the mountain division of the Cedar Rapids and North- western Railroad which is the name of the road the fellows are building. Victory Corps This year some students volunteered to spend at least two hours a week doing work essential to the war effort. Those doing this are enrolled in a work called 'tVictory Corps." Mr. Harry Kelley is director of General Mem- bership. The general groups and supervisors are: Air Service, Mr. Leonard Paulu and Mr. Frank Guyott, Land Service, Mr. Chester Crowell, Sea Service, Mr, Wayne Basler, Pro- duction Service, Mr. Harold Nelson, Com- munity Service, Miss Rosalind Nelson. Thirty-jivf Thirty-six PII 5T EXE HAI GE INTELLIGENCE TEST Do You Know the Teocher? FILL IN BLANKS . Barb. Carrithers gets ..... .... o n her report cards. Whose Whose Whose Whose Whose name is the same as a bird? name is part oi a lamp? initials are W. L. P.? name is the same as a writer? name is the same as a car? Whose name is the same as one that runs a granary? Whose name is the same as a lover? Whose name is the same as a bird with Kell, added? Whose name is the same as an English States- man? Whose name is the same as a band instru- ment? 2. Benny Pinsky has .... .... h air 3. Joe Pugsley has .... .... Des Moines. 4. Dot Fry, Mary Ann Kubasa, Helen Wil son, and Marg, Hawkins are ..... 5, Fred Bissell was high man on the- ------team. 6, Mr. Paulson went to .... ...... 7. There are still ,s............ steps from the cafeteria to 4th floor. MCK OUR DREAM GI RL Mary Ellen Stamy--- ,,----- MCK TRUE OR FALSE 1. Helen K. and George M. are steadies. 2. Georgia Ressler is the female version of T'Mr. 5 x S," 3. Mr. Crowell always buys his lunch at the cafeteria. 4, Bonnie Hampton has a man in the Navy. 5. John Listebarger is still going steady. MCK MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Harold Clinels nickname is C13 Squoit, C23 Stinkie, C33 Herbie. 2. Charles Dozois is C13 a wolf, C23 ll wolf, C33 a wolf. 3. We are C13 idiots, C23 imbeciles, C33 morons. 4. Ruth Kohl wears C13 skirts, C23 slacks C33 SLACKS. Thirty-eight 1 Marilyn Ladd ...... .... X 'ocabulary Nita Dailey .... ....... Y 'oice Janet Lehman .... ..,. P ersonality Shirley Bell .... ..,. G lamour Marianne Lester -- ..... Shape Joyce 'White ...Y ..... C lothes Dot Fry ,....., .--------- P HD Leora Zahorik --- --Cheerfulness Doris Davis ..,, ---Bashfulness Betty Heing ........ .... I ntelligence Mary Ann Kubasa ...A .... A mbition Norma Sorensen .... ..... F reckles MCK OUR DREAM Benny Pinsky -- Brad Daniels --- Bill Porter --, BOY ----,,--Hair ----Vocabulary -,-----Voioe Emil Christle e-- .... Personality joe Pugsley -- .... Glamour Warren Pugh -, .... Physique Louie Cavros -- ...... Clothes Dave Warren -- ............ P619 Leo Cabalka --- ..... Cheerfulness Carl Svoboda .... .... B ashfulness Dean Nemecek .... Intelligence Jim Wescott L-- .... Ambition Jay Hesser -- ..,.. Freckles I'm Tired So I Can Sleep ........ Art Daniels OUR "GAMES" John Halverson, Jack Kline, and Tom Kacere. Art Daniels, Leo Cabalka, Ted Healey, and "Baldyl' Warren. Jean Bowker, Vea England, and Ruby Buck- heister. Wayne Harger, Jerry Cimburek, and John Mesknes. Barbara Riley, Gloria Lehti, and Ann Selden, Paul, HMac", and "Putsy". Margaret Hawkins, Darlene Owen, and Ro- berta Owens. jim Westcott, Bill Trunecek, and George McNelly. Fran Marshall, Marilyn Parks, and Mary Switzer. Mary Ann Kubasa, Nita Dailey, and Shirley Bell. MCK T rembling E xcited N aive T rusting H appy E xtravagant L azy fsometimesj E nthusiastic Cnot alwaysj V ain E nvious fof the seniors, N ot too wise T roublesome H ali-wits T ired Wise E nergetic L eaving with regrets F aithful T rustwnrthy H oping Cto graduatej MCK MCKINI-EY TWOSOMES Rfbberta Owens ............ Gaylord DeVaul Dot Kublas ......,.,.. ..--,,,, J im Rigger Charlotte Penningroth .... ..... P aul Perdue Dot Fry --.......... ---Dave Warren Maribel Pratt -.---- ---Ed Griffith Shirley Thompson U- ....,,..., Len Koch Mary Bergen .....-...-.. George McGowan MCK Could you learn to care for a fella like me. If he wasnat too much like you. REMEMBER THEM? Two Dreams Met ----Roberta Owens and Gaylord DeVaul Three Little Sisters Mr. Anthony, Mr. Kelley, and Mr. Paxson Mr. Five By Five ..-.--..-- Marion Sommers Got a Touch Of At Last .--...- I Came Here To He's My Guy-- Texas .-...... Dave Warren --------------George Miller Talk For Joe ..-. John Low --------------Maribel Pratt There Are Sueh Things -----... Bill Minshall Why Don't You Fall In Love With Me --,--------------------- Bettie Sidwell I've Heard That Song Before ---- Nita Dailey Me And My Gal -----.---... Len and Shirley Moonlight Becomes You ...-.. Dick Durham MCK You're Going To Miss lr Barbara Burke's dignified chuckles, Shirley Harvey's boistrous outbursts. The mussed-up hair of Louie Cavros. August Blume's elderly ways. Florence Shonka's straight "F" report cards. Marg. Hawkin's moron jokes. Russell Co1lin's Hmolasses in January' way of running. Mary Jo's "Heliotrope". Arda Mae Cox's chattering. MCK Mr. Crowell: What occupation do you in- tend to pursue? Ione Honzik: A man. MCK RATION DATE Miss McKinley: QMeets date at doorb- Hair a mess KNO bobby pinsj Wearing anklets Cno silk or rayonj Bulgy hips fno girdlej Mr. Date: QCalling for datej-"Have to walk" Cno carb "Even if I did have a car, no tires. Even if I did have tires, no gas!1" Miss McKinley: 'fOh, well, lets stay home and make fudge" Oh! oh! Cno sugarl Hnoth- ing to drink" Cno coffeel "I'm coldl' toil heath UNO LIGHTS"-Qhmmmmm a blackoutb. Thirty-nine CAN YOU IMAGINE? Baldy Warren without Dot Fry? Jay Hesser taking vitamin tablets? Ray Scholl flunking Chemistry or George Serovy flunking Physics? Franklin winning a football game? Bill Minshall taking school seriously? Mr. Wick in a had mood? Harry Taylor wrestling with Dick Hoover? How Mr. A's first batch of fudge tasted? Anyone calling Mary Ann Pechar a weakling or Janet Lehman a sissy? Art Daniels in a zoot suit? Ted Healy giving up mathematics? Don Cass not late in Miss Otto's English 6 Class? Dave Foster without a new joke? Marlys Edenson being boisterous in the halls? Betty Stevens without her ring? Ruth Wing without Betty Sidwell? McKinley without Leo Cabalka? Miss Nelson teaching History? Bonnie Hampton with John Wheeler? Everyone busy in study hall? McK DO YOU REMEMBER. . What happened to Miss Martin's candy bar and cookies one 3rd hour in the Journal- ism office-and how a similar selection of articles found its way to the exact spot the next day, along with a note to her explaining things? How long it took Ted Healy to pick up the paper in the waste-paper basket he had knocked over in the locker corrider? Quote Mr. Healey, 'AI didn't do it ! I", un- quote. The slumber parties the girls had, where they danced until 4:00 the next morning?? Do I remember!! Slept four in a bed and finally forced myself into a troubled sleep at 6:00 to wake up at 9:00. Was out of school the next three days with-the flu fit says herej . . . john Akers snoozes in Consumer Problems, and what fun Miss Griffith had waking him up and making him blush so?? The swell band concerts we had, and the pre- sentation of f'Dangerous Dan McGrue'l by our world famous actress, Ardios Mais Coxovitch?? The Auditorium? ? ? ? ? ? ? Forty The 'tohs' and 'Kahs" that were expelled when the announcement was read that the Chi- nese Play had been postponed because of the Hmeasles' again? Initiates, confessions during the G.A.A. in- itiation, and how they nursed 10 butch- ered fingernails for the next few days??? Fred Bissell's "appreciation" of good music in A Cappella Choir? Says Fred, f'What good does it do ya"??? Marg, Hawkins' suggestions at every social function to import a raft of Ucadetsv from Coe? How Darlene Owen in Eng. 7 class, decided that the floor made a better seat than the desk and promptly made it her place of residence for the moment??? Why Bettie Mae Sidwell asked Mr. Crowell to dance with her at the Fall Mixer??? The long rides we took in Hesser's "hearse" after each dance, and the hard time we had finding a parking place downtown? When Gaylord DeVaul started studying t'life" in art class and wouldn't permit anyone to see his drawings for the next couple of days??? The day the Hi-Y's collected 108 donations for Boy's of the Week??? Zora Pauk's attraction in 3rd hour study, and the conferences in art class she had with Andy Blakey about this dark-haired basketball and football star??? The orchestras we had at Fun-nite this year? But, kids, this is war, and they will im- prove??? The notes written in Morse code so that no one else could read them, which were re- layed by George Serovy in English 8? Then came the morning when we dis- covered George could read Morse code better than we could. Blackmail is against the law, George!!! MCK BOOK REPORTS Gone With The Wind ..,.,....... Jack Deal Berlin Diary ,........ ..... C harlie Briggs This Above All ...... ...., G eorge Lenzen Report From Tokio ........,... Ellen Bacher Websterls Complete and Unabridged ----------------Barbara Carrithers On Borrowed Time ...... Miss Fisher's Office The Moon Is Down ........,,.... Final Tests The Man Who Came To Dinner--Jay Hesser Dynamic Tension ............. Louie Cavros HIGHLIGHTS OF '42 '43 Football practice. Election of club officers, New cheerleaders. Class officers. Operetta-t!Rio Rico". Our first homecoming. We are now city football champs. Mixer. Christmas Vacation. "Tons of Money." Tests. Graduation. Basketball. Class officers. "Gay Nineties". Play Festival. Music Festival. Spring Vacation-Boy, do we need rest! Track. 'Quality Streetu. More Exams. Now we're leaving everything up to you! McK Mr. Paulu: There are only four in the class doing passing work. Russell Collins: Who are the other three? McK Bob Lestcr: When I lived on the farm, we had 1 mule that was just like one of the family. John Low: Yeah, and I know which one, McK MORAI-E BOOSTERS D21i53' --------.Y........ --Virginia Christle R050 --- .Y,.. Zora Pauk Violet ----e ---George Serovy Sweet-pea --- -Marlys Edenson Tulip ...... Iris ..... --- --- -Pat Hammond ----Joe Pugsley Carnation --- ..-- Leone Spryncl Pansy ----- ..... F red Bissell Hollyhock --- --.. John Chehak Oriihid --- ---Darlene Owen Lily ----- --..--. P auline Proska Gardenia -... Barbara McNally Lilac ----------- -.--. M arilyn Ladd Forget-me-not. .... -- Primrose - ...--.. ---- Bachelor Button -Margaret Eitzer Jeanne Davidson ------Bruce Ellis Snapdragon --..- .---Harriet Dauchy Bleeding Heart --- ------ Fulton Ross LEST WE FORGET. . . George McGowan's red Jacket, and Frank- lin Jayne's gold 0l'lC. John Low's stubbornness. Eight-page Clarions. OUR FIRST HOMECOMING. McK What is Harold Cline's average income? I think it is about midnight. Suzy Jenkins: ending ? McK Did the play have ri happy Joyce White: Oh, sure, everybody was glad when it was over. Miss Hamblin: hair that makes Louie Cavros: Miss Hamblin McK What do you use on your it so Slick? Crisco. Why Crisco? Louie: Saves haircutsg it's shortening!!! McK Ruby B.-Wasn't it terrible to sit in the bus and see the collision coming? Jean B.-Yes-all I could think of was lying in the morgue with a run in my left stocking and a hole in the toe! McK By These We Shall Know Them . . . John Chehak -- Ray Scholl ----- ------------Sense Of Humor -----That Gleam In His Eye Benny Pinsky --....-- CSay, are you kiddin'J Eddie Zahorik .... ---- G ood-natu redness Nick Thomas -- f'Putts" Tow--- ------------- Sincerity - ..------- That Loud Voice David Foster -- ----Home-spun philosophy - ---- George McGowan Bruce Ellis ------ Mary Bergen -- Marianne Lester -----Pilot's License --------- --- Sweetness McK Mr. Miller: Can you tell me what a grudge is? Corinne Dickson: It is something you park the car in. McK Ignurant Pupil: Does Shirley get her own way much? Len Koch: I'll say she does! She writes up her diary a week ahead of time. Forty-one Lillian Stodola tions Shirley Pinsky in the test : Sure, it was the answers that bothered me. Dentist: Where you spoke of? : Did you get all the ques- this morning? McK , exactly is the aching tooth Helen K.: Crelapsing into role of usherj- front row-second to left-in balcony. Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Forty McK SENIOR ROI-L june, 1943 BOYS Masculine ......,,........ Fred Bissell Handsome --- ---George McGowan Popular --.- ...... L eo Cabalka Sincere -- ---. Emil Christle Athletic .--. ..-. F red Bissell Ambitious .-.. --.. J ohn Akers Likeable --- .... Ted Healey Intellectual -- ....... Don Cass Dependable -... ..-. D ean Nemecek Happy ..... ..... T ed Healy Practical .... .... E mil Christle Considerate --- .... Emil Christle Inquisitive ................. john Low Youthful ..,..-..,,...... Dick Hoover Attractive Personality .... Leo Cabalka Sporting -...-,-..----... john Chehak Witty .-..-...-........ Dean Nemecek Likely to Succeed ..-... Dean Nemecek GIRLS Beautiful -.------.-.. Bonnie Hampton Romantic .... .,,.... R uth Wing Feminine --- --,. Corinne Dickson Popular ..--.. ...... R oberta Owens Enthusiastic ..,,... Margaret Hawkins Lovable ..-.. ...... R oberta Owens Witty ------- ..... L eone Spryncl Dependable ...- .---. L eone Spryncl Tempermental ..--...- Norma Sorensen Alluring --..... ....... S hirley Bell Sophisticated --- ---Marilyn Ladd Merry .----- ----- B ettie Sidwell Modern --- - ---Mary jo Studer Friendly --- ----- Darlene Owen Dated --- ----- Bettie Sidwell Vivacious ---- --.-----.-- S hirley Bell Fun-Loving ------- Margaret Hawkins Sporting ----..----- Barbara Carrithers Athletic --------.--- Mary Ann Kuhasa Likely to Succeed ------- Leone Spryncl -two F oster O wen O Hara T ate B aker A kers L ester L ow B lume A rd S pryncl K acerovsky E veland T rejtnar B lakey A rthurs L lewlyn L nenicka T hompson R ompot A bodeely C hehak K ohl McK I WARREN you, de-K1-lNE to reod this. 'fwas a long time ago that this tale took place. A LADD, DAVID'S SON, one night left his AKERS in his little FORD to go to the ARENAS to see a new SCHOLL. On the way he had some 'ARD luck. A bull crossed the road and made him go into the ditch. He took a RISK when it started to CHASE him, but it fell into the ditch on its BENA and was knocked out. But the LADD was STUCK-er in the mud. Then BAKER BROWN came along and made a DEAL with him to help him out with his ALEX. So they both took off their COATES and laid them on DE MOSS so they wouldn't get dirty. OWEN to his help, he got to town in AM- PEY time. Before it started, he went and had a ham-BERGER with some WOCES- TER sauce, and some FRENCH FRIES, be- cause he was hungry. It was the BESTA VOGEL picture he had ever seen, although he only had a BOXA to sit on, He arrived HOM-sey in the YARDfley the next morn- ing when the COX crowed. I bet YUVA mind to KING us for this FRISH article, and we dor1't blame you. AUTUbl'1APH5 K- QQ, . 3 f . 1 1 fin h is X 'R V H Lv X W X AUTOGRAPHS

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