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'ww ,Q ,MMM 'Km w wmmnw ugwlwfumg-yum . , X my ig nv ,ff hand' GW! Av 3,,,,.,.w, The I 959 Mae Volume XII McGraw Central School MCGfGll,7, New York Yearbook S taff Foreword A yearbook is a collection of the events in a student's school life. lt not only is interesting at the present time, but it will be an enriching recollection of one's high school years in the future. ' We, the staff of the L'lVlac,,' sincerely hope that you'll enjoy the contents of this annual now and in the future. Editor-in-Chief John Nauseef Assistant Editor Charles Card Business Manager Gail F riedah Photography Robert Hamilton Typing Judy Freer Administration Peggy Stabler Classes Pat Crisfield Nora Brown Activilies Joyce Ryan Athletics Eugene Barker Advertisements Lyle Bush Advisor Mrs. Nellenback Dedication We, the staff of the 'Q '59 Mac" proudly dedicate this'yearbook to Robert Warfield. For the past nine years he has served our school as head custodian. His jobs are too numerous to mention, but he works diligently at all of them. One important thing We should never forget, Bob never refuses to help anyone at any time. When we ask him for assistance, he always grants it gra- ciously. It's this kindness and eagerness that makes us certain the dedication of the Yearbook to Bob is justifiable. Table of Contents Administration High School Classes Elementary Classes Activities Athletics Advertisements dminisfrafiou , R C , X ' We Q ' -:1 3 K MA 1 QCVK 332332 1 K+ ' few- if Ii N L 5 A SEATED, left to right: Larry Winfield, Joyce Perkins, Norman Alcott, Fay Belknap, Mr. Howe, Wilma Phelps, Don Carr. STANDING, left to right: William Youngs, Dudley Shore, Stephanie Brown, Eugene Barker, Sharon Connelly, Vicki Fowler. OFFICERS: President-Donel Carr, Vice-President-Eugene Barker, Secretary-Wilma Phelpsg Treasurer-Sharon Connelly, Advisor-Mr. Howe. . The Student Council is the student governing body of the school. Don Carr, as council President, not only presides at Council meetings but he also serves as chairman at all school assembly programs. Arrangements for having spectator buses to take students to the out-of-town basketball games are worked out by this group. They have cooperated with the Village Recreation Committee of McGraw in helping to plan its recreation pro- gram of the year. Student Council Mr. Howe not only is advisor to the Student Council but he advises the students on their class financial affairs. Here, Mr. Howe is helping Bill Schaff, treasurer of the Freshman Class, keep his class records. '5fun'i? MR. WILBUR HOWE MEETIEIQEQLEEN Vice Principal Senior Play Student Council Advisor Sophomore Advisor Mathematics English Cloalli Facu Fi f i f 1 MR. DAVID BROWN M , r 4 Krooked Korner Store if 01" Director of Adult Education - 1 ,f - , y-f Commercial ' f V Junior Advisor X Z5! ' t 0 0 0 O O O E v' ' , .. :,I.L,:. A U 0 XJYJ ,Q 1 ' Q D in ,- MRS. CLARA WILDMAN Cheerleaders " , Girls' Health :ffl Q, if l MB- WILLIAM KEMBLE Physical Education if i' .K " L 'ff , Sclence x I 2 1 4, ky .kt 1- if X my Q X00 ww ,E- Q MRS. HELEN CROSS Librarian Instrumental Music Guiaance MRS. JEANNETTE NELLENBACK Yearbook Advisor Senior Advisor Citizenship Education w 4 R A --F 5" 5 qw 'W i ...S MRS. LOUISE HAINES Freshman Advisor Homemaking 13? o 0 9 ivy W4 Z P x 4 fOWg59 A Q '1 MR. JAMES NEIFERT Coach Boys' Health Physical Education x," L, ol . 1 l MRS. ESTHER Vocal Music -'mf sf MRS. MARY OURSLER Junior Prom .lunior Advisor Latin and English li f W is if wb E ,.., .J MR. RONALD PEARCE Freshman Advisor F.F.A. Advisor Agriculture MISS SANDRA HUNT Seventh Grade Advisor I' sqm? Y T353 iw GROS A t Mrs. Ruth Burk Hit righll, Eh-nientury 5U1Tt'l'Yl5Ul'. liurdett Greenway and Huy Brown are Correcting silent re-uiling 1311110 r s g these buys lcurn hy finding their own CITU IAS. hlra. l,illl'lL'lll 'llLlVLlIlU lulmw U. i- nur Dvnlul l'lyg1im-nisl. hired hy the liuujM'l'LlllH' limlwl. llrent Hulli-h-r dm-fn'l Iuok too wurrii-d. Nw. ,lulinwn the-hvwi. is ex- pluining the vision test to Kam-n Mui, This lhiuseli Sz Lomb Vixiun Tester which wus pixu-ligised this year pro- vides u inure s-lleelive eye 5L'fCL'I1lI'lg Iwi. 'Ji -s it QQ SPEECH TEACHER Mrs. Edumiidsim, our speech teuelivr, is lat lm-lil with Cliurles Haviland und Judy Greenfield. Thi-y ure Hfish- ing" for sounds to learn cor- rect prudueliim uf sounds in piqmruliuii fur building words. Mrs. Muriel Hulbert llielowl is Clerk and Secrs-talry. Her smile is pleasant. her achieve- inenlf im-unipairulilc. and her nssistuiiee lI1VLllllLllPlC. URSE FIRST ROW, left to right: Anna Harris, Sally Van Epps, Sandra Reynolds, Carol CAFETERIA MANAGERS-Left to right: MrS. Mitchell, Roxanne Atkins, Sherrill Hammond. SECOND ROW: ,lim Parker, Ferris, Assistantg Mrs. Bean, Cook-Managerg Mrs. Philip Coombs, John Nauseef, Charles Card. Moore, Assistant. Mrs. Bean is our pleasant Cafeteria Managerg here is a display of her gentle humor. Cafetena Left to right: Pat Henry, Barbara Moore, Joyce Ryan, Terry Corl, Nancy Kinney, Judy F reer, Joyce Perkins. Joyce Ryan is the Cafeteria cashier. , . R BUS DRIVERS-Left to right: Earl Fox, Clarence Maybury, Aden Ferris, Richard Morgan, Harold Cates, Ralph Cline, Orma Sheeder. chool Personnel CUSTODIANS-Left to right: Hubert Widger, Robert Everett Rulison and his son, Jerry, are shown here Warfield, Aden Gilbert, Walter Halsey. Mr. Warfield building a cab for the snow plow. Mr. Rulison is the is Head Custodian. Glenn Potter Knot pictured herel Automotive Mechanic at our bus garage. is the Custodian at the Blodgett Mills School. lasses I n Memoriam Robert Craft-friend, classmate, and a reticent, reserved individual-that's how l, the editor of this yearbook, remember him, and how, l'm sure, all the Seniors recall bim. Unfortunately, when be was in the sixth grade, Robert was killed accident- ally. As we Seniors stand on the brink of our future at commencement, he will be absent. However, Robert has reached his zenith, we are only striving for it. enior Officers Left to right: Student Council, Sharon Connellyg Secretary, Gail Friedahg Vice-President, Gerald Osborneg President, Donel Carrg Treasurer, Clifford Allen. CLASS FLOWER-Mamie Eisenhower carnation CLASS COLORS-Pink-Blue-White CLASS MOTT0-Wfhe man who tries to do something and fails is infinitely better than he who tries to do nothing and succeedsf, Well, the Senior year has arrived! These past thirteen years are years of joy and ones to be long remembered. Many of the original class members who started in kindergarten are yet among our midst and through the years new members arrived and some dropped out until we now total eighteen. Our economic efforts in the eighth grade play, fusl Ducky, afforded us a trip to Albany which we'll all remember for a long time. Our Freshman year was quite uneventful but as Sophomores things started popping! Pencil sales and refreshment sales at basketball games gave us our start toward the Senior trip. As Juniors we experienced the qualms of salesmen in our magazine sales but it was the Prom which was the highlight of our yearls activities. Now as Seniors welll always remember the Senior play, Charleyis Aunt, and of course the Senior trip will rate a larger spot in our memories. As our last year draws to an end we'll always have these memories and the many personal joys encountered in these-the most wonderful thirteen years. ,cs gh M. ff fi- -xv i 'Q . Z .:- W:-1, 7 1, 15.1733 A--"HSL by Q , , . L, iff. f 'I K xi 1 --Wifi, -S 4:V5N..Q'M- - M.-:wg .. '-Q , X UQ 'i.'4 " 'l' ' ff f- ? X H Wie , .x.. Nz. ,A,,N.,,,,w, Wg, M ,A .1 V - , M sw we-yfvfck' if 'gigs' fv ,fre-Q 4,14 fax aa Sf f 2 X mwif, fw,,,wxf:.4 vugfig- 4 M f, vwwxefi 'Q w 1 Q if , A- i . ,- 11 V 15' K ' . iigffm A A f- Q. ,X - .j . R xx A Uak- 4 H . .g2'l9fswSs x - ww . Q ,. ,W Q g gf X vm W' wg' 4 kk - Q X DONALD FULLER '5Bull, May 14, 1941 Yearbook Club-1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer-1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball-1, 2, 3. 4 Intramurals-2, 3 Track-1. 3 Volleyball-1, 2, 3, 4 Rifle Club-1, 3 FFA-1, 2 Krooked Korner-3 BARBARA GATES November 17, 1941 Band-1, 2, 3, 4 Select Band-3, 4 Dance Band-3, 4 Chorus-1, 2, 3, 4 Select Chorus-1, 4 Yearbook Club71, 2, Cheerleading-1, 2, 1ntran1urals41, 2 Rifle Club-1, 2 Majorette-4 School Reporter-2, 3 4 SHARON CONN ELLY Shern Au ust 6 1941 Class Officer Secretary 2 Student Councll 1 4 Chorus 1 2 4 Yearbook Club 1 2 Cheerleading-1, 2, Intramurals-1, 2 Rifle Club-1, 2 Krooked Korner-3, 4 GAIL FRIEDAH Secretary 1 4 Student Council 3 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Yearbook Club Typing Chalrman 3 Business Manager 4 Rlfle Team 2 3 4 Cheerleading-2, 3, 4 Intramurals-1, 2 Rif e Club-1, 2, 3, 4 Krooked Korner: Assistant Manager-4 GERALD CAMPBELL uilerryn December 2, 1939 Yearbook Club-4 Basketball-1, 2, 3, Baseball-1, 2 Track-1 Volleyball-1, 2, 3 FFAf1, 2 Krooked Korner-3 DONEL CARR G5Tarr57 October 18, 1941 Class Officer: President44 Soccer-3, 4 Basketball-3, 4 Track41, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball-2, 3, 4 Boys' State-3 Junior Prom King-3 Krooked Korner: Manager-4 agp ui W , 1 ir? k 46 iA,. W M. ,..4L L?H I D , , . , ,iykfh 5 g k . v,.. 'iii ffl 153 V- --" , 4 , , 2 wx 3 " we ,'g,-,f57','.g.M. '- 2 1f:'ff.S1m'iai-159 ., . ., ,. LL,, ,LLi,. xi .V .mefxfafzwx , 'ff' 355 fli3'5iS3E?'3!d7'fQ3C 1 . . K - 211, QM eff. ,V K, x 55:5 .1 ,. ,M ,- x V f M .,r ,., ,,f. .,. M M ,L M SEATED: Diane Allis, Joyce Ryan, ,lohn Nuusecf, Mrs, Anthony-Director: Carole Bilodeuu, Lyle Bush, Barb Cates, Don Fuller. STANDlNC: Sharon Connelly. Elaine McCibb0n, Don Carr, Jerry Osborne, Cliff Allen. Dielc Bean. Cliff Parkin. Putty Crisfield, Carol Mitchell. 'iCharley's Alllllv Produced by special permission of Samuel French and Co. enior P lay Left tu riglltz llon Curr, Cliff Allen, ,lerry Osborne Left to rigllt: Lyle Bur-ll, Dun Carr. Diane Allis. .lobn Nuuseef, ,lnyce Ryan. Dun Fuller, Barb Cures, Carol Bilodeuu. SENIOR TRIP-1959 Clutpffrunt-s ' Mr. Baer, Mr. :ind Mrs. Howe THDRSDAY. MARCH 26 5:f50fBrr-akfast at School raft-tt-ria. 6:004Lf-avr school by way of Cort- land County Bus Lim-Q. Cities on routv lu Washington: Binglunnton, Tunkhannock, Wilkcstllarrc. Bnrnirk, Bloomsburgz. Northumberland, Harrisburg. Gt-ttwlutrg. Fr1'tlorit'k, Md. 12:00-Lunch at Harrisburg. 2:30 Tour of Gvttysluirg haltlr-fivld. from whit-lt you can src' Presi- tlvnt l-lift-itliowf-r'-5 farm. -!:00fvl,vaw- Cr-ttyshurg for W'ashirtg:ton by way of l"rt-dt-i'it'k. ltlnrtlnnd. 6:00-Dinnnr on route: to Washington. Arrivt- at Hott-l Stratford 8:15 l'.Nl, surfing Capitol and ntonumvnls at night. ffongrt-saional l.iIura1'y and Union Station. FIRIIJAY, MARCH 27 6:15-T:30f-fllrr-akfawt, 7:15--Lcaw hott-l in hue, 8:001 Bureau of Printing and Engraving. 8:15-Lincoln lllcmorial. 9:15-Ford Tlicntcr, Linvoln ltlust-um. 10:30-l-'.B.I. Building: and tour. 11:15-Pit-lurc on lawn in front of li. S. Capitol Building lyefurr' taking tour of lluilding. 12:00 Suprmno Court Building. 12:00-Lunt-h. Calvturia. Basement of Suprt-nw Court Builtling. l:30ffFolgt-r's Slutkvspearcan Library :md Congrt-swionnl Lilmrrtrx. 2:13-I:30'-Sinitheonian Institution Xlusuum. 5:00 fllotul and Dinnvr. T:l5 Allond shun. FXTIWRIW-XY, MARCH 28 6:15-7130-'lin-akfaat. 7:15 l.t'aw hott-l in hue. 8:00-Washington Munuuu-nt. 8113- Jvlfot'-out Nlvinorial. 10:00 Whitt- Hausa' ll :007 l.t'avt' for Xlounl Xvrnon. l1Z:00"l.unt'h. Alounl Vvrnnn. 2:30fVixit National :Xirputt on ivturu from Mount Vt-rnon along Potonmt' Drivv. 3130- Xiwil Zoo. 0:00 lint:-l and dinnr'r. T115 Go to Glvn l'iClt0 Park in Alarylautl. IQXSTICIC HVXIJXY, MARCII 20 6:00-'l.v-au' lit line to .tttund l'fa-tor Sunriw- Svrticc' at .Arlinggton Alvntorinl firinvtort and Tomb of lhknown Soldicr. 8:30AGo hack to Hott-1, vat lmrvakiait and t'h4't'k out to lvnvc for N. Y. Cily. 9:30'-Via llaltiniorv. Md., Wfiltuittgton, Url.. and NSW .lvrsvy Turn- pikt' to N.Y. lfztt lunt-lx on routv. 6:00-Arrivt' in Nvw York :tt Hott-l Knit-kr-rluot-km-. 7:30 fllinnvr at Tiinr-s Squurv. 8:30-l2:30f'l'our N.B.C, at Radio Citx. Yisit Einpirf- Stats Building, Pvnnsylvania Station and Grand tfvittral Station. MONDAY. MARCH 30 9:00--Grax Lint- 'l'our to East Side- and lowcr Munliattan. Chinatown, liovtc-ry. l.ittlt- Cllturvh Around tht- Cornrr, Wall Strcvt, Fulton Fish Nlnrkvt and thu Battery. l0:00-Statue of Liberty. 12:00-Lunch at Statuc of Lilmrtx' Snack Har. l:207Al'rivv al U. N. Building. 31004 Empire Statv lluilding. 6:00-Dinner near Hotel. 7:30fCircus at Madieon Square Gardvn. TUESDAY, MARCH 21 T130-Radio City Eaatcr Sltow. 11:00-Shop at MaCy's, have lunch. livturn to hotvl, pack :intl lu' rvady to leave for home by 2:30 P.M. 2:30fl.c'avr- for lunnv, return by way of George Washington Bridge, Routt- 17, lXlitldlt'ttm, Libvrty, Hancock, Binghamton, arriving home at 9 :30 P.M. Jerry, Barb, Sharon, Joyce. Clif A, Don enior Baby Pictures Diane Dick Cliff P. Doug Lyle Gail JCTTY John Carol B. Carol M FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Brown, Elaine Mvililwlvon. Annu Ilarris. Ann Phelps, .loycc Perkins, Geraldine Walhurn. SECOND ROW: Donna Williams. Lenora Brown, Joyce Paddock, Nettie Kinney. THIRD ROW: Larry Fowler, Terry Curl. Wayne Moore. Stewart Duty. Frank Smithkin, Dick Osborne. Juniors JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS--SEATFID, lvfl to right: ,lnyre Perkins-Student Council: Roh Hamillon- Sevrclary: Gene Barker-H l'1'osiflr'11t. STANDING. 14-ft to right: G1'TLll' dine Wallmurn -'l'rm'as11rerg Judy Hotchkiss-- Vice-President. FIRST ROW, lefr to right: Jane Owen. Kitty Loupe, Sarh Van Epps. Vaulinc Wlvstviiclorf. Edna Nivholson, Belly hlorgan, Ruth Cranson. SECOND ROW: Donna lin-clfrml. llhililm Coniiilrw, IlllLll'll'S Card, David Powers, Judy Hotchkiss, Judy Frcer. THIRD ROW: Holm Parkin. Cary Eaton. Roh Hamilton. Eugene Barker. Eugene Russell. William Wright. If R A highly successful magazine sales cam- paign initiated the Junior Class activities this fall with Larry Fowler as general chair- man, and Joyce Paddock and Charles Card as captains, the class netted a considerable profit. The hard-earned money will be care- fully hoarded toward the expenses of next year's trip. Junior Activities The highlight of the social season at Mc- Graw Central is the Annual Junior Prom. By vote of the high school students and seventh and eighth grades, a, girl and a boy from the Junior Class are chosen to reign as king and queen of this event. One would scarcely recognize our gym, after it has been transformed into a veritable fairyland by the work and imagination of the Junior Class. Each year the members of the Junior Class have the privilege of selecting a high school ring. To order a ring, each one must have fulfilled certain requirements scholastically. S0 you see, when we start wearing our rings, it will mean that we have crossed quite a hurdle in our high school careers. 24 FIRST ROW, left to right: Mary Harris, Barham Morgan. Judy Nauseef, Rohort Picks-rt. Larry I,or0ws, David Crisfieltl, Robert Harris. Patrieia Schmidt. Sh:-rill Ilammontl. SECOND Row: Sandra Dolly, Jerry Wildman, Cordon Watrous. Miki- Collins. Leon lit-ntlit-, Sharon Stafford. Dawn Smithkin, Arvada Hollister, Ida Ix'ICUllllJl'l'. THIRD ROW: Sta-pltaiiie Brown, Suv Staels,-ns, Delores Mallery, Peggy Stzlhler, Linda Carr, ,lane Ferris. Pat I'Ivn1'y. Sylvia Illicit-rwood. FOURTH ROW: Caiy Wheelock, Ray Dodge, Don Torrey, Stub Alvott, Gerald Congtlon. Dick Hicks. Jim Parker. 0 phomores SEATED, left to right: Stephanie Brown, President, Sherrill Hammond, Secretaxyg Norman Alcott, Student Council. STAND- ING: Dawn Smithkin, Treasurerg Peggy Stabler, Vice-President. Left to right: Sherrill Hammond. Sandra Dolly. Miko Collins, Delores 'Nlalls-ry. Dawn Smithkin. Arvada Hollister. Gerald Cong:- tlon. tlormion WllII'tlll4. These Sophomores are getting ready for a basketball game: they make their class money hy Selling refreshments at the games. The apple machine is new this year. 'S fi FIRST ROW, left to right: Maria Teichert, Dorothy Miller. Jean Morgan, Bonnie Schink. Laura Heath, Sharon Schellinger, Donna Smith, Kay Allis. SECOND ROW: Elenita Bean, Noreen Tliompson, Joyce Clark. Donna Youngs, Alice Kinney, Wilma Phelps, Marilyn Bacon. THIRD ROW: Nancy Kinney, Marilyn Doty, Janie Owens. Sharon Loftus, Rose McNamara, Gloria Lewis Haines. Freshmen Left to right: Sheldon Sharp-f-Vice-Presidentg William SchafffTreasurerg Wilma Phelps-- Stutlent Council, Kay Allis-Secretary, Bill Youngs-President. FIRST ROW, left to right: William Youngs, Bob Atkins, Roger Monroe, Lewis Censon, Sheldon Sharpe. SECOND ROW: William Schaff. Martin Cabriclson, Gary Sink, Stanley Kullman. THIRD ROW: Dick Fuller. Gary Ripley, David Van Epps. S ii 55. 3? vf 1, uf English lg.-PM Xlmw. loft In right: Xvillium Youngs. llury Sink. and IALIIIVLI l'l4'Lllll arc wurli- Almw, l1-ll to right: Sllilfliil Stailfnnl, Bull Harris, ing with ilu: 1'ill'll Cillillllgllil us pnrt uf lhvir English I 1'0LlI'N1', und Sur' Slill,'lt,'IlS. Slll1.ll'l1lS of the tvnth grade Ifnglish c-lass. urn- wnrking with lnuillv. 1"llk'l'liiIl2 ' u uc1'nFim1ully from Ihcir sawn hooks. 39245 xg., Bvlow: Xluyuvinc- l'1'I1HI'lN play ai wry impurlzin rule in AlIlL'Tll'i1Il llistnry, Frmn lm-fl I0 right ,li-rry Cillillllwll. ,Ivrry i,5llUI'IN'- Eunnu St'lliIlli and Don FLllll'l' are looking mm-1' prospz-s-Iiw nmgu zinc' u1'li1'l1-s. Xlmw. Small-ml. lvll llv righl: lllurizl IA-wia Wil 1111 V-Illil l,lIl'lIlN. Sli:-lslun SllLll'lN'. Slillltlilly. ztzzenshzp In right: lxlllfllll lvulmrlvlwll. Kay .-Xllis. UNC of the- ninih griulw llIlllN was lln- Nlllllflllg ul Ilw mullllrw ul llllll'I'l'lll 4'lPlIllll'll'S, A Ivrm IILIIIUI' HRIN urlllm-n luv l'lll'll slmlm-nl on lln' 4'1illlllI'N nl Ins mlwiw, llu'-v wlurlvnlf urn- 1'XillIlllllll! tha' wurlx ul Illl' nlhvl' IillllllN. Earth Science 'g,EQSgig2j55 . ,.: At right: Gordon Watrous and Joyce Perkins are doing a vital chemistry experiment on the ionic theory. As salt is poured into the solution the bulb lights up. Left to right: Judy Hotchkiss, Pauline West- endorf, and Joyce Perkins are burning various chemicals to produce color changes in Earth Science. Left to right: Dick Osborne, Dick Bean, and Don Carr are inspecting a graph in Inter- mediate Algebra. This is one of the many phases studied and looks as if it were fun. 27 km, At right: Peggy Stabler believes that practice makes perfect. Here she is improving her typing technique. it SN bv0W'YtisfR Latin Left to right: Stan Kullman, Kitty Loupe, Marilyn Doty, Sharon Loftus, Billy Schaff, and Janie Owens are examining magazines as part of their Latin I Course. This is prepara- tion for Caesar which they'll encounter in Latin ll. At left: In Business Management the student learns more about the banking system, taxes, life insurance, and the business world in rela- tion to personal affairs. Furthermore. as part of the students' business experience. they operate the Krooked Korner Store. At right: Gloria Diaz, Dorothy Cox, and Lawrence Price ltwo cornets and a mello- phonel, are taking a music lesson in prepara- tion for future participation in Baud. At right: Bob Parkin is inking a Mechanical Drawing plate. Music n At left: Mrs. TallJot's third grade is one of the four participating groups of the third and fourth grades that are learning to play the piano as a part of their Elementary Music. At left: In General Art, Carole Bilodeau, Carol Mitchell, and Elaine McGibbon are trying to make clay molds to fit inside the dishes they carved out of Balsa Wood. Hope you succeed, girls. TE At left, FIRST ROW, left to right: Cary Eaton, Carol Mitchell, Diane Stillwell, Anna Harris, Mr. Hubbard. SECOND ROW: Gene Russell, Clifford Allen, Bob Hamilton, Rox- anna Atkins lin the carl, Stewart Doty, Don Carr, Robert Parkin, Emma Schink, Sally Van Epps. Absent: Betty Morgan, Nettie Kinney. At right: Stewart, Gary, Carol, and Emma are learning the parts under the hood of a modern automobile and what they do. Know- ing the-se parts and their function helps them to operate an auto more economically. Driver Education Below: This "intelligent" pair, Ceraldinc Wzlllrurn and David Powers, are looking over a carbur- etor in Driver Ed. Don't they look ll'lI1'l't'SIK'll? FIRST ROW, left to right: David Powers, Cliff Parkin, Cene Barker, Robert Harris, Geraldine Walhurn, Ray Dodge, and Joyce Paddock. SECOND ROW Charles Card, Richard Osborne, Gordon Watrous, and ,lim Parker. THIRD ROW Judy Hotchkiss, Nora Brown, Ann Phelps, and William Wright. Bob Parkin taps an easy shot over the nct and Stewart Duty covers for tllc Jerry Campbell and Don Carr arc practicing the possibility of a fast return from the opposing team. skills of volleyball. oys ym B ' G .lcrry Osborne lback to the camera? has just served and awaits a return from Dick Bean. O 3I At right: Anna Harris and Sandy Reynolds are doing head stands.. If the girls stayed up much longer, all the blood would go to their heads. Above: Linda Carr, Sylvia Underwood, and .lane Ferris are playing a game of basketball in girls' gym class. Girls' Gym Below: This "spike" ought to Score a point! Here our girls are practicing volleyball for a big match with the girls from Marathon. Below, FIRST ROW, left to right: Sally Van Epps, Anna Harris, Sharon Loftus, Sue Staelens, Arvada Hollister. SECOND ROW: Sandy Reynolds, Delores Mallory, Sharon Schcllinger, Joyce Perkins. THIRD ROW: Stephanie Brown, Joyce Paddock, Barbara Mor- gan. TOP: Mary Harris. 'yr' i l H omemaking n Dave Powers and Stewart Duty are filling the apple Ruth Crimson is serving a piece of cake to Edna machine we got this year with the thought in mind Nicholson. Certainly looks delicious! "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." lis is Ruth cll'Lll1!4UI1 cutting ,i czllxe for H4Pllll'l1llllilHg Ill. During the your rlu- girls do Ll lot of lurking. . V ' f'-'."i+lw', I' i 1 FIRST ROW, left to right: Theodore Hammond, Richard Davis, Joan Oslaornv, James Bacon. Marilyn Bilndeau, Roberta Mallery, Charles Pe-rk, Lawrence Price, Susan Bt-ncdict. Edward Bt-aumont. SECOND ROW: Vicki Fawler, Roger Stafford, Paul Bennett, John McGrady, Kathy BIKWVII, Peggy Hollnes, Carol Crf'c'i1lPaf. Darlvne- Campbell, De-lnrci l"uttf:1'. Floyd Kenyon. Ronald Dolly. THlRD ROW: Judy Towers, Dale Vlfatrous, .ILIIIIUS Lapp, Billy l,lolJlJ, Daxid Carr, Edward Dutton, Dale Cumulus, Ht-len Gcnson, Donna Thoinpson, Paul Schaefer, Donald Paddock. ,llCLlCllCI"f' Mrs. Helvn Brewer. Eighth Grade 3' 14 A Uki. Sandy. Marilyn and Sally Jo are admiring SEATED. left to rigillt: Sally ,lo Nla1ffi1ig:ill-'-Svt'- Nlrk. llI'I'Wt'l'.h lllfllltlily Valw. rt-taryg David Carr xlll'C-llI'L'SlCl!,'IllQ Dunald l'ad- dovk Student fhulxivil lzt'liI't'Nt'IllLlllNt'. ST.NlYll- INC: Larry Wvinfivld 'llrr-asurvr: Yivki l"1mle'r '- l,l'K'Nllll'Ill. Ai. . :in X., 'F 4, : W , v k.Q,ai'l FIRST RUWY. It-ft tw right: Sally ,lo Mawingill. Kay llr0wn,.RolJe'rta Svlimidt. lda Trlllias, ,lulin xxfrllllbllfll. tjlnria Diaz. l"atrit'lx Ljullilis. Arlvn l,l'l'lxlIlS, Lilla lllwtmtl. Marla Smith, liarlxara lil'k'L'Il, Sandra Hamiltun. SRUUND ROW: Fltwrwuml Mvtlilmlmn. .lamvs Hntvllliifw. Larry W'iniit'ld. Nancy llulculnln, Rubin llarrww. .lt-an llc-lllmid. llarlrara Nlmmrn-, Dianna l"ux. l,ida Kirin:-3. Nina lXit-IwI- mn, Dumtliy thnx. 'l'llIRD ROW: ,Iulm Drown. .l.llIIOS Lwmard. clllLlI'lt'S flartvr. Martin 'll1lMllM'Iltl. Vtilliam W'c't-Its. llary Rm-. Garry Ric-rl:-y. Druid lie-itcr. ,ltlllll Caniplwll. Dawid Patltlurk. Rllyllltbllll Paul. Tcaclicrz Mrs. Mildrvd llupliiiis, MFATHER BE CALM ! 7' FIRST ROW. left to right: Edward Beaumont, Larry Winfield. Butch Kenyon, Paul Bennett, Don Paddock. SECOND ROW: John McGrady, ,lean Duhlond, Paul Schaefer. Vicki Fowler, Sally ,lu Massingill, ,lint Hotchkiss, and Mrs. Hopkins-Director. THIRD ROYV: Darlene Cilliljtllljll. Peggy Holmes. Diane Fox, Dave Paddock, Dave Carr, Helen Censon, Bonnie Synder, Marilyn Bilodeau, Sandy Hamilton. Ei high Grade Play CAST Father Cllr. Hamilton! , Paul Schaefer by Ruth and Nathan Hale The Art Craft Play Co. .Worker lfllrs. Hamilton! .. , ,lm-an DuMond Dick Hamilton ,, Junior Hamilton lilarilyn Hamilton Redford Sanrlberg Bert Hemingway Gloria ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Nlargy ,,,,,,,i. Everett Parker Patrolman ,,.,... ,, Miss Aliler ,,,,,,,,,,, , Grandpa Hamilton John McGrady ,. Butch Kenyon Vicki Fowler , Paul Bennett Dave Paddock Sally Jo Massingill Sandy Hamilton Don Paddock Larry Winfield Marilyn Bilodeau Jim Hotchkiss w 'MDP L. wwykwg WM1 was FIRST ROW, left to right: George Davis, David Doran, Rene Marcey, Linda Green. Patricia Haviland, Mary Leonard, Lois Schaefer, Margena Brazct-. Sharon Bingham, Linda Sisson. SECOND ROW: Theodore Doty, Duane Alexander, Wesley Lang, Martin Williams, Lawrence Henry, Herbert McCiblJon, Wayne Ferris, Frederic Gros. Frederick Monroe. THIRD ROW: Thomas Toronto, Terry Snyder, Frank Diaz, John Ramsey. Ronald Carr, Donald West. Philip Beiter. James Perkins. Absent: Carole Fuller, Doris VanEtten. David Winfield. Donald Smith, Larry O'Donnell. Teacher: Miss Hunt. Seventh Grade OFFICICRSW-Left to right: Fred Crosw-Secretary-Treasurer, Duane Alexander Student Council: Fay Relknapffljrcsident1 Ted Doty--Vice President. FIRST ROW. lt-tr to right: Ray Osborne. John Smithkin, John SCl1al'ff0l', 5llL11'0Il MCGIYIKIY. RICIHITCI Dolly, Donald Foster, Nanev Lorows, Gloria Nieholson. lletty Peek. Karen Friedah, Gloria Dvllow. SECOND ROW: James Haley, Cary Schmidt, Ray Potter, Judy Wildman. Carry Towers. Jann- Carter. Diana Parson, Virginia Abdallah. Kim Watrous. Dudley Shore, Rita Williams, Jalna Atkins. THIRD ROW: Joann lla-nson. Sheila Doty, Norman I3l'LlLlSllilYN'. Larry Mitchell. Aaron Congdon. Charles Greenman, Thomas Sloan, Jack Towers, John llvllvr. Fay Belknap. Gloria Stilwell. Linda Lawrence. Teacher: Mrs. Sehaff. E137 5 W3 , lem entary ,- - tw ' 4 -ww A FIRST ROVV, li-It tu right: Linda Eaton. Reginald Angcii, Bonnie Crzllidalii. Shiricy WiLigc'r, Carroll Harris, Elizubvlli Uuiistn-vi. Murjury Vain Hcisdiiigvn, Sylxiu iluwc. Paula 'l's-icili-rt. SECOND ROW: Huyniuml TUW'l'I'F. Many June Snydcr, Linda Mullcry. Brenclu Fuirliuiiks. Hicliard Niooiw, Huy Brown. .lvrmi Liiilfii, IiI'iLlll Kuilnmn. THIRD RUWT: Lllf'iIlliLl Sliliwi-ll. Mary .Min Hicv. Bonniv i,1lill1l'l'. Kvnnn-lll limlffml, Hurry ciI't'I'IlfiL'ili. Wllyiic illlisluiuiviy Larry Lawrcncv. 'l'cuc11cr: Minn Manning. Sixth Grade FIRST ROW. loft tu right: Viviun '1'nlii11S, Loretta Parkin. Roberta Ames, Muryaiiiir' Hlllsluiidcr, William Lil't'4'Ilit'Lli-. Ernest L11vvl'c11cc, Holi-no VV1'igiil, Bonnic Hn-ynulds. Phyllis Hyun. Paul Sabin. SECOND HOW: Rugci' Ihnuk. Slninnnn Glussfurd, Clicryl Hin-1'lcy, Burlnum Atkins, Caitlin-rinc Dmdlonci. Wiilliaun Hulslunplcr. Mary Hvlen Evans. Gvruldinn' Hnwv. THIRD ROVV: Tvrry AIQICOHI- lrcr. Terry Mitchell. Gary 'I'l1u1'ingtm1, Suu AIl'Ndl11llfd. Sadie Curr. Hubert Chorley. Duvirl Fisk. Bm-lty' Lou i'i1'L't'iUYU. Aim-nt: Dalit Taliliul. '1'm'aClls'1': Mr. Hliblnalul. sw if-sf' STANDING, left to right: Elizabeth Bonsteel, Mary Jane Snyder. SEATED: Wayne Huls- lander, KNEELINC: Shirley Widger, Regin- ald Angcli. This demonstrates a workout of measurements used in Arithmetic. DAY Stunts or STANDING, left to right: Linda Mallery, Brian Kullman. SEATED, left to right: Jerod Clark. Kenny Bedford, and Richard Moore. Tllese students are examining weather in- Nscuv Stunts or U S 'tuna Bunn Buanu U,S.U:nu:n l U l , I strunn,-nts in connection with their science studies. L-...J Sixth Grade Activities Left to right: William Hulslander, Shannon Classford, and Vivian Tobias are experimenting with simple machines. This is the lever experiment to learn where the fulcrum, weight. and force come. and how simple machines can save us work in everyday living. Left to right: Dale Talbot and Robert Chorley are recording an English report on the tape recorder to see how they sound and to see how clearly they speak. . v- YW.: ' , .. . zwwf- 463:11 ffswfi. ,b vfiifiwif Hiizlii 1 vf'W:gw2effQff51.-, .viii . A Mffxfw -'iV, ., .Q 1 .f A .AM ,.,. , , gi: ,,.,CA1Lfb A .xy 2 mem. Jw . up , ,kyzis L- A. f ,,..7'.., W. V ww Avi. Q. V 2 V . -, ..,, , ff ., . , A- A Q A . L, 1 ,A . B 1 -1 K i --1:1p.f.5,, my -w ffff ' -- ' in Q ' ' -J, if M ig- yy ' 2' Zjigg,zifQi'L-az, 6 fi A 5 X. , , N . M M 71' -- G 'ja' ' ' A 'V V g m ' ' 'A fz,,f.k1,?M" '7 1 , Wgitfz l3?T1?f'.fw 'W ' S W , N, , . K , , ,,,. I ,V ,NF ,A g f :fs ,fn " N, ,,,, ,A 'HL ,fm f ' . N ' 7 Q X , 'L , ., ' ,. ,, ., A ., - A NW V I A Af H EE L AAA... . H .. ,,f A ,A 'K 'z-gs! . . 5, 7? , ,. "1 R . E. f .. ., L ' ga ' Q S 4 W j A. . ,, Vs-QSA M K 'Mm TU 2 K :-fggf I K 5, 5 bf fggjjgggli. A 3,57 k MW ga Y K . I 31.254 I A S, .W K .. A, M if A rs? 2 L5 ' ' g :mari -7 Q . . ,., X - . fy f , , .A f 4 s ff .5 ' A f , ff. 1, dm L , .9 A .x , X gg ,if .T 1 95 ? + .Q gg azelffg .witsfgg g , Vg if, . ,. f ' 1 'EA-5222 ygfpgg ,- :, ,, ' :g M fy . K Q, .L jg.-3iA ,V ,.,, 5, - -Q yn A A K 5 .gi gp. 57 LA' ii, A , . W , f ,,Q. , A WA, Q5 . W. J f .1 A Af fs-,9g,,f W .- M. ,. -V f' ff . 'v'4.ig,A,gf1Ew ,W 5, wi' - - - W . ' , QW Rf:?3'l3Q3f' x Y -' . ll 5 Nr f L xiii! Z .ex am., . ,A ,, A I '35 1 'gig J, lg? S QA A, .. ,WZ , in V V 5 M Y UL ff fi PLVPI l Y X Nh' 2' A. 91? , W 4 .A,.5,5A 2 ,JA , 1 Y ,Q .AA . :MA J ww. A e., -hw -,V ,A ., 3' -gg 'A 7 my lv gags' fvgggga. E? K 5' Q W. nf ,, - A 1 f QV .- i A " " S .19 Q ' W 1 - QQ A N At left: Dave, Lonnie, Toni, and Sharon are examining Valentine cards received ut their class Valen- tine-'s party. Fifth Grade Activities Below: Joyce and Edward are showing the structure of the body which will help the class to better understand the functions of the body. Watching from left to right are: Wilbur Turner, Linda Elwood, Rita Hammond, Shirley Mowry, Annette Parsons, and .loan Stebbins. FIRST ROW, left to right: Pamela Angeli, Janice Thompson, James Olson, John Bush, Adele Todd, Joann Williams. SECOND ROW: Judy Pickert, Joel Clark, Darlene Haviland, Carol Ann White, Muriel Deischer, Lawrence Hills, Burdette Greenway. THIRD ROW: Thomas Fuller, Robert Hulslander, Edward Sloan, Mary Jane Benedict, Elwood Parker, Dixie Shufelt. Teacher: Mrs. Fish. Fourth Grade FIRST ROW, left to right: Willis Streeter, Sheila MCC-ibbon, Sharon Nauseef, Marlan Dellow, Leslie Monk, Richard Pickert, Donald Brown, Robert Hills. SECOND ROW: Janice Leonard, Joseph Harris, Kathlyn Fairbanks, Michael Cameron, Michelle Boyer, Linda Crandall, Sharon Widger. THIRD ROW: Marlene Hobart, Leona Glassford, Stephen Prentice, Howard Leonard, Kathleen Collins, James Macomber. Teacher: Mrs. Metcalf. ievarut MW,-f Mrs. Metcalfe students have been learning proper dental care. Here Ri Above: Janice, Willis, Robert, Michael, and Sharon are decorating their tree for the class Christmas party. hard Pickert is explaining to Roxanne Harris the correct method of c , brushing teeth. Fourth Grade Activities Left to right: James Olson, Mary Jane Benedict. Sandra Horak. The children are studying rotation and revolution in Social Studies and science. Sandra is demonstrating the rotation of the Earth. 4, FIRST ROW, left to right: Bonita Morgan, Diann Quattro, Roy Williams, Gilda Cruver, Charles Dence, Billy Rice, Rita Parsons, Penny Burdick, Walter Heim. SECOND ROW: Jerry Sink, Wayne Christopher, Larry Fuller, Billy Schaefer, Richard Atkins, James Sloan. Sharon Harris, Susan Reif. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Carr, Pamela Ludwig, Leo Lawrence, Paul Gilbert, Donald Williams, Danny Greenfield, Ralph Jaekson. Teacher: Mrs Howe. Third Grade FIRST ROW, loft to right: Sharlene Smith, Richard Ames, Lois Doran, David Lynch, Sheila Hills Billy Marcey, Cheryl Jackson, Richard Dorman. SECOND ROW: John Monroe, Donald Hartley Gary Sehemerhorn, Dorothy Leonard, Michael Partridge, Fay Reynolds, Mearland lVIcUmher Donald Perkins. THIRD ROW: Naomi Nicholson. Carl VanEtte11, Stephen Shore, Sheila Gardner Susan Bonsteel, Kathleen Harris, Carlton Predmore. Absent: Barhara Foster. Teacher: Mrs. Talbot f .. -1- AM, , E sz 't l kgs , fl m . 1411: IT ,, 4 W? Q X ,Q gs - j . - . .. ,,,. ,QQ ,ax , H ,ng:?5. H 425 - fm , f- A S: ' ,S - . ii .K W eww 2 we, X ,S VP? f' IF nisgk MQ, GX my K 4 1 Q 2 'QQ ff X X sf , 8 se V W S X K 5 X Q k Q A d a' f V -wwf i U. H 1? 4, X . A gill K X, 3 1 3: g,iQ,fjSi ,. f F A 7 ' -H' iiI5?i:fi?w 'lf gg, ., L 5,4 K wfkkixf V v,,W5 V.,f R .P Q sk Y 2 M vis? 55,27 My SQ 5:5 5- ' Q f gsm 3 ' ,Q 'H A L in iii? Q 2 1 i, . , M . - 63' 4 ,. in ' 4 ,.,, A,,,,,,., , . , z:'iQ:::xl6i5-: in A - 5 1 We 5 Q su K . A WWME. wh . 1. -Hy: 4 Qi, wgwgzfryfeq :we 2" IQ, ffm? gg ' A 1f,g5?a+ '5- l. FIRST ROW, left to right: Edward Harris, Diane Head, Kathie Metcalf, Kathy Pickert, Kathleen Mcflrady, Wayne Doran, Gerald Bacon, Roland Thompson, Varley Brazee, Suzanne Brown. SECOND ROW: Jeannette Walker, Kathie Rood, DClJLT1'Hl1 Stauber, Barbara Gros, Deborah Mahan, Barbara Merihew, Clesson Bush: Patricia Ludwig, David Olson, Rick Warfield, George Herbert. THIRD ROW: Charles Parks, Kevin Coombs, Brenda Hollister, Frederick Fuller, Deborah Lambert, Mark Cameron, Douglas Williams, Brent Hollister, Neil Bennett. Nancy Harris. Absent: Russell Dence, Elaine Hallett, Alan Eaton. Teacher: Mrs. Card. econd Grade FIRST ROW. left to right: Deborah Rierley, Michael Waters, Montgomery Heller, Larry Robbins. Steven Metcalf, Michael Wright, Malcolm Brown, Augustine Hall, James Peck, Peggy Towers. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Leonard, .ludith Fisk, Alan Stebbins. Lynn Mallery, Robert Tomik, Janet Loomis, Suzanna Lambert, June Widger, Terry Tcichert, Raymond Fuller, Marvin Chris- topher. Charles Haviland. THIRD ROW: Judy Greenfield, Mary Chase, David Hicks, Steven Owens, Jack Kinney, Thomas lNIoore, Arline Horgen, Faith Oliver, Jody Kennedy, Judy Walker, Joan Howard. Absent: Linda Harris, Frederick Marshall. Teacher: Mrs. Wadsworth. SEATED, left to right: Malcolm Brown, Steven Owens, Linda Harris. Judy Greenfield. STAND- ING: Mary Chase, James Peek. The children have made a sanctuary and feed the birds daily. Here they are playing a game called Bird Lotto. Second Grade Activities Kathleen is narrating a story ahuut the nSll0l'lllilli6l' and the Elves", the children in the 1110111 are singing the choruses. The Slmeniaker, played hy Ceorge, and his wife, played hy Elaine, are pictured with the elves. Dave. Suzanne. Debra, Edward, and Diane. We put this on for the kindergarten. FIRST ROW. left to right: Beth Haley. Susan Gilbert. Teresa Haviland. Arnold Hartley. .lohn Marcey, Stephen Williams. Jefferson Morgan. Arleen Stevens. Robert Clark. SECOND ROW: Susan Ames, Nancy Glassford, Darlene Harris. Charles Oliver. Clifford Niven. Charleau Fair- banks, Patricia Ryan, Barbara Olson. THIRD ROW: Roger Predmore, Hazel Chorley, Allen Howard, Kenneth Mahan. Sharon Underwood. ,Io Ann Laurenee. Charles Wing. Lonna Mayerle, Charlene Gabriel. Teacher: Mrs. Howe. First Grades FIRST ROW. left to right: Karen Stauber, Robert Van Helsdingen. Douglas Turner. James Doty. Cheryl Greenfield. Kathy Hill. Gregory Le Roy, John Cortright, Wayne Torrey. SECOND ROW: Faith Freelove. Loren Alexander. Lynnette Kjelgaard. Glenda Lasby. Karen Aloi. Fred Gardner. Susan Wildman. Gary Wurtenberg. Dale Ryan. Victoria Simpson. THIRD ROW: Jareth Clark, Sharon Thorington. George Mowry. Charlene Soshinsky. ,lane Leonard. Gary Predmore. Daniel Fairbanks. Eileen Neild. Connie Merihew, Nathan Boyer. Absent: Linda Reynolds, Judy Demond, Teaeher: Mrs. Russell. ,f i w 'I' 'elPf .,g,.'. , . , 'V' f ' Q lrss ' 1 i . ., .,.-2 Q- iw, . Ji 5, :"'1- ' I 'A e"' :i,:. FIRST ROW, left to right: George Mowry, Charles Wing, Fred Gardner. SECOND ROW: Wayne Torrey, Connie Merihew, Robert Clark, Clifford Niver, Gary Wurtenburg, Hazel Chorley, Lonna Mayerle. THIRD ROW: James Doty. With the help of the Music Department, these first graders gave an excellent Christmas program. FIRST ROW, left to right: Glenda Lashy, Lynette Kjelgaard, Douglas Turner, Victoria Simpson. SECOND ROW: Karen Aloi, Caroline Bush, Jareth Clark. THIRD ROW: Charlene Soshinsky, Judy Deniond. FOURTH ROW: Cary Predmore. Donlt you think this Christmas tree is mctr than the ones we had at home? First Grade Activities FIRST ROW. left to right: Beth Haley, Kathy Hill, Joanne Lawrence, SECOND ROW: Sandra Turner. THIRD ROW: Eileen Neild, Susan Wildman. SEATED IN CHAIR: Charles Oliver. FIRST ROW, left to right: Kenneth Mahan, Charlene Calmriel, Patricia Ryan, Teresa Haviland, Karen Stauber, Robert van Helslinger. SECOND ROW:.Susan Ames. Nancy Classford, Charlean Fairbanks, Arleen Stevens, Nathan Boyer, Sharon Underwood. Absent: Dale Ryan. 4-.4 1 H, , 55 if Q I: gf! f,'tj,3 My Y wi., :ff rf V, .N w ee- -, J A 5 x ,gy ff 54 if 3' - w ,frgsiix sg lg 3,733 :ggi k,,,,.wW.A f 5 Q ,H 31 .4 ,, .5 Y..-:uf an Q 1' 4 v , Q, 'xg 2 ' - 3 'gi Q. N 4, 9 gi , ,Q R 5 ,' Q 'X 3? ,Qf Q ,,L,,Q, :ia i f N Q25 Y X ,4 3 , if 7 , . , , -. fi' , Q 3 2 sw-iii . N . ,A at ,rn 3' 3 wg 7 161 Jef", 7 wsfv fs? 2' H A 'r 4 B'affK?ik, a ,Qkgig ,Q l321g:?VQA,.., af, an A 551 50 X ix ,, Q3 322 Y Q -,Q-wi, H A 1 wi A .Milf Wg W2 vm J W L1 iz Q, SI E! FIRST ROW left lo ri ht Gerald Batsfurd lohn Breed ,lamee Loveless, Earl Kinney, Charles Benedict fre on Schmidt Nllcllarl lllorntnn SECOND ROW Sally Pointon, Gene Little, Helena larrison Mrs bilhert Sharie Hall lead Susan Polnton Laurie Lang. THIRD ROW: Donald Wlor an Slliron Nlillrr Stephen Sprou e William Little Rohm! loveless, Yvnnne Breed. Blodgett Mills F Lrst and econd Grades SEATED. left to right: Charles Benedict, Slu-rie Hallstcad, and Stcplicn Sprouse. STANDING: Donald Morgan, Yvonne Breed. 'l'lu-sc children are reading and talking about a suitable breakfast for children. FIRST ROW, left to right: Wayne Benjamin, David King, Richard Henry, Angelo Taranto, Ronald Batsford. SECOND ROW: Catherine Potter, Sharon Hallstead, Clara Benedict, Mrs. Jones, Sharon Smithkin, Sylvia Kendrick, Sandra Kendrick. THIRD ROW: Lawrence King, Douglas Owens, Linda Miller, June Phelps, David Owens, Seymour Bradshaw. Blodjett Mills Third and Fourth Grades FRONT ROW, left to right: Sandra Kendrick, Catherine Potter, David Owens. SEC- OND ROW: David King, An- gelo Taranto, Linda Miller. Standing Beside Their Cot- ton Projcct: ,lunc Phelps, Richard Henry, Sylvia Kendrick, Seymour Bradshaw. FIRST ROW, left to right: David Breed, Wayne Chamberlain, Cary Bradshaw, Douglas Henry, Dale Benjamin, Edgar Batsiord, Wesley Chamberlain. SECOND ROW: Dawn Pettet, Lynniece Ryan, Marlea Smithkin, Mrs. Foreman, Beatrice Dodge, Corine Rumsey, Beverly Potter, Jean Heller. THIRD BOW: Daniel Lang, Gary Henry, Lawrence Petrie. Philip Staelens, Shirley Kinney, Susan Brown, ,lane Bauman, Barbara Breed, Scott Friedah. Blodgett Mills Fifth and ixth Grades Beverly Potter is stand- ing heside .lane Baua man who is giving il book report, one of the requirements of sixth grade language. Seated in front of ,lane and Beverly are Philip Staelens, Lawrence Pet- rie, Shirley Kinney, and Corine Rumsey. cfivifies f Q Q FIRST ROW, left to right: .Iohn Nauseef, Bill Wright, Don Paddock, Fay Belknap. SECOND HOW: Sally ,Io Massingill, Miullai-I Collins, Katherine Brown, Vicki Fowler. THIRD HOW: Sharon Bingham, Tod Doty. Pat Collins, Sharon McGrady, Eugene Barker, John McGrady, Edward Beaumont, Roger Stafford, Joyce Ryan. STANDING: Fred Gros, Stephanie Brown, Joyce Paddock. enior 4m+.:..f"' STANDING, left to right: Judy Nauseef. Janie Ferris, Delores Iuallcry. SEATED2 .Iudy Hotchkiss, Barbara Cates. JOHN NAUSEEF Drum Ilujor Majorettes FIRST ROW, right to left: Judy Nauseef, Terry Snyder, Virginia Abdallah. SECOND RQW: Lois Schaefer, Linda Mallery, Sandra Dolly, Jane Ferris, Terry Corl, Janie Owens, Delores Mallery, Martin Gabrielson, Judy Hotchkiss, Philip Coombs, Barbara Cates. THIRD ROW: Stanley Kull- man, Brian Kullman, Richard Moore, Wayne Ferris. STANDING: Paul Bennett, Nancy Kinney. At right-Left to right: Gene Barker, Joyce Ryan, Stephanie Brown, Barbara Gates. Judy Hotchkiss. The dance band provided music for three mixers this year. They practiced hard. and their music was enjoyed by all. Band SEATED, left to right: Phyllis Ryan, Roberta Ames, Linda Mallery, Mary Jane Snyder, Candice Reynolds, Barbara Atkins, Donald Card, Jerod Clark, Gerald Schaefer, Shirley Widger, Roger Horak, Patricia Diaz, Leonard Moore, Karen Johnston, Elizabeth Bousteel, Marcia Bennett, Barbara Bacon, Susan McNamara, Carol Stillwell, Patty Gilbert. STANDING: Roger Bonsteel, Barton Brown, Alan Mayerle. Absent: John Heim. ,1 'A awk ii .11 , 1 - f 1 . , .,,L 1 1 W ,. , 11 . 1 mr 1 ? Ii ' 1 ,, K iw if Ig 1? 2 -1 Semor V ."1i11Ix. K11II11-11110 L1111111: Num I31'11w11 KM' Mliw ,Imcc Rx 111 FIRST ROW. lm-It 111 right: 1141111111 NI . .I 1 .. 1 -1 , .xllllll IIlll'I'lh. SICIIUNII HOW: I'1-ggy 5I11I1l1-1'. Huw NI1'Na1111111'11. Allll IIIIPIIIXQ I'.1lty fl1'iwi'ivIcI. ll.1iI I'II'I4'4I'lIl gIlll'l Il Yvlu-IIi11 11' IIIIIIIT POW IIllII SKIIIKIQI SI1 N 1 . . . 1 .. . x ': 1 . ' 1 ' .I 1-I1I1111 .'I1111'11. Li111I11 IILIIT. Sully Yllll I':l'IWX. .I1111i1- Uwems. .I'151'1' I':11I1Im'IX. IJ11111111 5111ilI1. l"OlIR'l'H HUWI: Ilivk II1'1111. Cliff 1XII1'11 Ihlviml y'lIl F11 IJ I' ' 9 ' " . 11 1 N. mug I 111w11. . l1lIlI1'y IXllIIlIlllIl. lv1'1'5 Curl, IIIl1lI'IIf' if.1rcI. 1X1-1'11111p:111i4I: Ilvlnrvs IXI41Il111'xp Select II1'11w11 l"IIiS'l' ROW. Ivfl 111 riulll: Nl.11'Ii11 1Q11Iv1'i1,-IQ1111. WiIIi11111 Wright, IILlI'IDLll'.l H1111-5. ,Indy IIul1'I1Ixifs. .Ivm-v IIV1111. SICIIUNII NNW' IJ1111--I1 I'1' v111 Xlik ' ' ' I 1 . ,Q 111 , , 1' L+1II111s, Ii11'I1.11'1I IIl'Llll. T1-rry Curl. ,Iuhn Y1111w11I. Iwve' I"11I4I111'Ix Ill1IY I'1'x-1-14 'XIII ' ' ' " ' I U 1 . , 1 . , 1 II11-Ipx. 5l'1lIl'lI 111 I1111141: ,l111Iy IN.lllrl'4'I. SIL-pI1.111i4' Chorus FIRST ROW, left to right: Diane Allis, Judy Nauseef, Sharon Connelly, Roxanna Atkins, Geraldine Walburn, Laura Heath, Paul Bennett. SECOND ROW: Stephanie Brown, Wihna Phelps, Marilyn Bacon, Gloria Lewis, Edna Nicholson, Elenita Bean, John McGrady. THIRD ROW: Barbara Gates, Judy Freer. Jane Ferris, Judy Hotchkiss, Sharon Loftus, James Hotchkiss, FOURTH ROW: John Nauseef, Gary Sink, William Schaff, Bill Wright, Martin Cahrielson, Philip Coombs, Michael Collins. The Three J'sfJane Ferris, Judy Freer, Joyce Paddock. These girls sing at special activities. Below: The music department has benefited greatly from this beautiful Wurlitzer piano, a gift from the Senior class of 1958. FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Paddock, Sally Jo Massingill, Katherine Brown, Vicki Fowler, Sharon Bingham, Fay Kelknap, Shirley Widger, Virginia Abdallah, Terry Snyder. SECOND ROW: Ted Doty, Sharen McGrady, Linda Sisson, Janice Streeter, Pat Collins, Jolm McGrady, Edward Beaumont, Roger Stafford, Paul Schaefer, Roger Sloan, Dudley Shore, Dorothy Cox, Gloria Diaz, Paul Bennett, Susan McNamara, Lois Schaefer, Roberta Mallery. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Ryan, Linda Mallery, Mary Jane Snyder, Jerod Clark, Barbara Atkins, Roberta Ames, Gloria Dellow. FOURTH ROW: Roger Horak, Wayne Ferris, Richard Moore, Brian Kullman. STANDING: Fred Gros, Larry Winfield, Floyd Kenyon, Roger Bonsteel. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. McGrady, Scheila MeGiblJon, Joan Williams, Shirley Nauseef, Sharon Widger, Pamela Angeli, Janice Thompson, Michelle Boyer. SECOND ROW: Janice Leonard, Carol Ann White, Muriel Dieseher, Dixie Shufelt, Kathleen Collins, Marlene Hobart, Roxanne Harris, Sandra Horak. THIRD ROW: Willis Streeter, James Macomher, Joel Clark, Burdette Greenway, Edward Sloan. Robert Hulslander, Tommy Fuller, Michael Cameron, John Bush. 1' 1- 1 ,9"'5V 'iff f 1 ' L . 1 gf ' 1 Sf i,, I unwr Hlgh 1 1 FIRST ROW. lvfl to riglllz AL'L'UI1l1JLlIll:l. Virgilliu JXl1d11ll11l1g Durii Yilll Etlcn. R1vl1c1'ta Scllmidt, Jilllhl Atkins. Kgll'L'Il FTlL'llLlll. xlLlI'lL1 5111ill1. Vivki l'l11WlL'l'. Sdlly .lu Nlufsingill. lQl411'i.1 lh-lluw. 5llLll'lII1 M1'G1'111ly. 1iE11t'l' Xl.11'L'y. Li111l11 Sixsun. SICCUNIJ HUW: llllillll' xXl1'x.1111l1-14. Hollcrlu Mulla-ry, Y I Lillu Elwrml. l'11Ity llalxililml, Xl111'ily11 l3ilu1l1-1111. .libilll l,jHlNil'I1t'. Silllllfil l'l11111il11111, lu! Cnlline. Flnyd KCI1j'11!l. lfrzrcl 611155. .llrllll 51'l1:11'l1'1'. 'l'l11'ml111'1' Duty. 'l'l'llHlJ HOW: 51111114111 BTllLl4llLlW. Fay Bl'lliIlLl1I, Linda 11111111-11c'1-. llvlkln fl1'11:1+11. Rnlrin ll11r111's. lJi111111 Fnx. l'1-ggiy llul1111w. l.i11cl11 Wi11licl1l. l,ll111'i.1 Slillwvll. Sl111m11 lllllgllillll. l,1111'11lllj flux, liullny l,lI'UWIl. lXLlIlL'y H11lc11111I1, l"Ul3li'l'll RUVV: lllllllllll 5111itl11 llilllll H1-llcr. Jxlllll lllDllg1,lUll. lyillll 51'l1111-lvr. 'llvrry 511ycl1'r, l.L1fI'y Nliifjllvll, Dulc Cm,1111l1s. .lim Hutcllki-s. Xvllylllf Fc1'1'is. ,lulm N11-lQr111ly. l'1111l Us-11111-tl. Fllifl' ROW. I1-fr In flgllll Li111l11 3l11ll1'ry. l'z1I1'i1'i11 lllill. lS11111'11v 1l1'11111l11ll. lllblllllt' RL'yI10l1lS, ll1'Il1 Bomlr,-1-l. K1'1111Q'tl1 liUlJlJlIlS. l,l1lI'llPll lll'UNK1l. Kwmllll lla-11w11. li11l1'111' Wriglu. .luvlx l'1-uw. Jxlllll lxIilQL'I'li'. IKUQPI' l3o11N11'11l. SEQIUNIJ NNW: Kiljlllllllll llmu-Il. lll1111'l1-llv VV11llx1-r. lll'l'lll1l xVLlllil'I'. April l,Lll'll'lllQLt', Huy C1-115011. Slllilfl lllbllllllb. 'l'l'lllllJ HOW: Mary Alllll' lllllSlLlIllll'l'. KLll'l'll ,lUlll1SlUIl. Nl111'4,-1.1 lgk'IlIlt'll. ll1ll'llilI'Ll llLl1'4lIl. l,i111l11 l'l:1I1111. llillltlilft' liY'5IlUlllN. Ri1'l1u1'1l Xlmmrv. flll.lI4lL'S P1-1'ki11s. H1-gm' H1il'illi. Willi11111 ll1'1'1-11l1-11l'. l3u11gl115 llI'lHNlI. ,Xlln-rt Willi.1111s. lflll H'l'H HOW: , H , . vf. . lililwflil ,Xl1ll'S. l.lIL'lll4lil Sllllwvll. llilIlI1'l l.ilIIjl. l'll' l ll hUW: l111rl1.11'.1 Jxllxllli xxlllllllll lIlll'lilIll,ll'l'. Cn-1'al1l 5t'lli1l'lvCl'. .111-1111 xlirfgilll. SlX'l'll RUW: llriam K11ll1111111. l.111'ry l.1lNK'l'l'lll'l'. xlill'jlbI'lL' yllll ll1'lsdl11g1-11. ll111'11l Stillwvll. .l.11111-5 'l'11xu-rx, .lulm llefim. l,LllI'lt'lLl llilln-rl. l'l1yllix Hyun. l,111111i1' lX1111'w'y. SliYlfN'l'll HOW: llll'I'l'Y Nlilvllzfll. W11y111- Hl1l5lilIlll1'l'. Slll' lx1l'lX1lIlIi1I'il. Ul'I'I1llLl FLllI'lJLlllliS., -. . . , 5LllllC l,.LlI'I'. IJU1111111 l,LllIIlL'I'. l.l1vryl ll11-rl-15. Kl11l1-ul111 ll1-11Il1. W1ll111111 H1-11ll1. llllS IN llu- ggraule- scllool 1-l1+11'11N LIN lllky mug lm' ilu- 1ll1rlQl11111N llI'l1QI'illll. llllll' gllrllll 1-1111-ifls nl' Nl'l1'l'l4'll liltll and 1-lXlll grumlv Nl111lv11ts, :XL-4'1f111p.1111xI: Nlrx. Kvrm. lTl--V-W- 1. bl FIRST ROW, left to right: Mary Harris, Ida McUmber, Barbara Morgan, Anna Harris, Maria Teichert, Aliee Kinney. Katherine Loope, Nettie Kinney, Gloria Lewis, Laura Heath, Joyce Perkins. Gail Friedah, Carol Bilodeau, Elaine 3IeGibbon. SECOND ROW: Willittttt Youngs, Kay Allis, Sharon Schellinger, Dorothy Miller, Arvada Hollister, Stephanie Brown, Jane Ferris, Marilyn Doty, Nancy Kinney, W'ilma l'helps. Donna Smith, Patrieia Henry, Dawn Smithkin, Noreen Thotnpon. THIRD ROW: Robert Atkins, Mike Collins, Marilyn Bacon, Peggy Stabler, Sharon Loftus, Clifford Parkin, Gerald Osborne, Larry Fowler, Linda Carr, Sarah Van Iilpps, Joyee ljaddoek, Robert Harris, Sherrill Hammond. FOURTH ROW: David Powers, Raymond Dodge, Richard Osborne, Gordon wldIl'llll5, Philip Coombs, Richard Fuller, James Parker, Martin Gahrielson, Charles Card, John Nauseef. Larry Lorrows. Robert Pickert. FIFTH ROW: Robert Parkin, Gary Ripley, Donald Fuller, Norman Alcott, Gerald Wildman, Stewart Doty, Eugene Barker, Robert Hamilton, William Sehaff, Stanley Kullman. Advisor: Mr. Baer. FIRST ROYV, left to right: Diane Allis, Noreen Thompson. Dottie Miller. Kay Allis, Sherrill Hammond, Maria Teiehert. Mary Harris, Anna Harris. Jane Owen, Joyce Ryan, Judy Nauseef, Barbara Morgan. SECOND ROW: Sharon Connelly, Sandra Dolly, Donna Youngs, Ida Mellmber, Laura Heath, Wlilma Phelps. Katherine Loope, Donna Williams, Sharon Stafford, Marilyn Bacon, Nettie Kinney. Bonnie Sehink. Gloria Lewis. THIRD ROW: Elaine Metlibbon, Sharon Sc-hellinger, Pat Henry, Jane Ferris. Delores llallery. Donna Bedford, Pat Crisfield. Carol Bilodeau, Sue Staelens, Donna Smith, Ann Phelps, Geraldine Walburn, Nora Brown. F0l?H'l'll ROW: Dawn Smithkin, Marilyn Doty, Stephanie Brown, Peg Stabler, Sharon Loftus, Janie Owens, Gail Friedah, Barbara Gates, Judy Hotchkiss, Judy Freer, Sarah Van Epps, Joyce Paddock, Rose McNamara, Robert Harris. FIFTH ROW: Robert l'iekert, Gary Vlfheeloek, Bill Sehaff, Richard Hicks, Clifford Allen, Donald Fuller, John Nauseef, Stanley Kullman. David Crisfield, Michael Collins. Gerald Wildman, Linda Carr. SIXTH ROW: Philip Coombs, Douglas Brown. Lyle Bush, Donel Carr, Robert Hamil- ton, Riehard Bean. Eugene Barker, Gerald Osborne, Gerald Campbell, Charles Card. .lllyee Perkins. Advisor: Mrs, Nellenbaek. Rifle Club FIRST ROW, left to right: Dick Hicks, Stewart Doty. SECOND ROW: Cary Ripley, Robert Atkins, Billy Youngs, Robert Pickert, David Powers, Michael Collins, Sheldon Sharpe. THIRD ROW: Douglas Brown, Lewis Genson, Robert Harris, ,lim Parker, Cary Wheelock. Advisor: Mr. Pierce. F.F.A. At left: F.F.A. prepares the young farmer for sue- cess in farming after graduation. Sheldon and Bob are testing milk, this indicates to the young agri- culturist if any improvements in their milk are required. Below, left to right: David Powers, Secretaryg Cary Wlieeloek, Vice-President Stewart Doty, President, Richard Hicks, Sentinel, Jim Parker, Treasurer Robert Pickert. Reporter. ,pp ' ' . ...,... fi S9 1 i I mnsviw-sw ' FIRST ROW. left to right: Larry Winfield, Floyd Kenyon, Brian Kullman. Ted Doty. SECOND Row: Jack Pease, Marcia Bennett. Terry Maeomher. Rolenc Wright. Virgina Abdallah. Sherry Hammond. John Heim, Kenneth Robbins. THIRD ROW: Richard Moore, Emma Schink, .Iudy Frcer. Cliff Parkin. Charlie Card, Bill Schaff, Larry Lorrows. Nancy Holcomb. Advisor: Mrs. Metcalf. Our swimming program at the YWCA was made pos- sible through the generosity of Carl Hammond of MC- Craw. IN WATER: .Ioan Oshorne. Roxanna Atkins. Helen Censon, Linda Sisson. Susan Slaelens. Noreen Thompson. FIRST ROW: .Ioan Henson. .Iudy WIICIIIILIII. Roberta Sehmidt. Arlene Perkins, Mary Leonard. Jalna Atkins. SECOND ROW: Gloria Diaz. Patricia Harland. Rena Marry. Carol Fuller. Nancy Holeomh. ON DIVING BOARD: Nancy Lorrows. Dorothy Cox. Sheila Duty. Lilla Elwood. Doris Van Ftten. Sue Staelens is practicing the jack-knife. This is one of the many things we learned during the year. Carol Fuller practicing the haekward stroke. thletics n ig 4 Q ww 'fx if Mfmffxifg' ,QW 3 S "9 3 if K H VVYKQ 'dy if E-Q4 X - 2 ' 4, W Q1 . 4 A N.. 45M Q, A f 1 if fkl f W1 bf, ,V V ' fxgw f kr: VVV, L , 3 ' if A ,miami fwgfk fx L 1 if ill 52423, is im 5,5 , 5 3455, pq ji Ragga! QB if ,, 2 W, ,,.,lt ,, gga , EX. f, . , JR y ' H V 0 f,, ff,w, X ' i Y ' , ' V.fV '1 1 f 44 Q K A 1,.. Q W Y Q ,, f if .-',:2.,: , 1 - "Q,1 .Xfl . A A 7 if Q x we ff :M 5 is A' Q 1' ' ' fx, 1 3 ' LL VZL, VVu,.,f A ':J'iL ' A Q. f - f lwiv N 'W ,. 124, , K ,, V ' f 'K , 'W M 'f m 'jf - .J 'fi J I ., , LV-,5,,A H ,,,,: .. H 1 l ww 5 E K' 'F A 5 . 1-ex 2 ff? an '53 g K? wmvf-w -2 3 S - R v , 5 twin '3 1 S, iw 6, .4 ,,,., 7 it-mf 'wx 1 0.63, -x-it McGraw Central School Rifle team closed its 1959 season by taking the runner-up trophy of Section IV on the IBM Country Club range at Binghamton on Saturday, March 14. A strong Vestal team took the championship with a record breaking score of 1149 out of a possible 1250 points. McGraw took second with a score of 1110, and only one point behind, lthaca High School took third place with 1109 followed by Weedsport with 1106, Windsor 1056, Deposit 1056. and Cincinnatus 1031. T. Merry of Vestal took individual top honors with a score of 238 out of a possible 250. lVlcGraw closed the season with a record oi 5 wins and 5 losses in dual matches with Vestal being the only team that McGraw failed to get a win over this season. HIGH INDIVIDUAL McGraw ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 987 Weedsport 1077 John Nauseef ,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,, 214+ ::ilNlcCraw ,,,,,, ,, 316 Norwich , 353 Eugene Barker ,, 170 McGraw ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1080 ltliaca ,,,,, 1100 E. Barker ,,,,,,,, , ,,,, 223 hlcflraw , 1091 Vlfeedsport 1074 .l. Nuuseef , , 2241 h1CGraW 1078 VEStZ1l ,,,,,, 1146 Nuuseef , Y Xlvflraw , 1094 Winflsrur W 1039 AI, Nrrugggf V H 234 McGraw ,,,, ,,,,,, 1 123 Norwich 1040 E, Barker YYY,,,-YYV 231 y1Ckil'ilW , ,, 1088 Vestal 1145 J, Nrrugeef W 231 hlcfjraw ,,,,,,.,,,,,,, 1118 Cincinnatus 1066 E. Barker Yrrrrr YAYYV 2 28 McGraw' ,, 1089 Windsor 1086 -I. Nrrusgt-f N Y 227 Out of Il possible to tal of 1000 points Rifle Mr. Baer, rifle coach, shows Gail Friedah and Ann Harris how to ad the rifle. just the rear sight to Hzer About sixty members of the club, about evenly divided between boys and girls, shot in the intramural program held during noon hour and after school during the months of January, February and lVlareh. The varsity was unable to compete in the N.R.A. Sectionals this year because of the distance to the nearest sectional. The rifle team will lose through graduation, ,lohn Nauseef and Gerald Osborne, but the season outlook for next year is good with a number of freshmen and sophomores showing real promise to fill in the gaps and give the team more depth. I Xlxlxllx DON IAHH luniwr Svnim' Ilviglllz 0' Hvigllt: 6' XY:-iglulz 1lfn11ws, xVl'1g1l1I 165 lbs. 1'1villIN:1110 Points: 100 A I Varsity Basketball ICRIU CIAXNIPIZELL S'1'EW:XR'1' DOTY Npnim' .luniur Hviglll: ff 2" Hvigllt: 6' W'm'iglll: 160 1115. XYrvt'1Q1l1I l901lrs. Pniul-: 82 Points: T3 Xwlxlgm-: 0.1 Awrugo: 4.6 DUN I"l11.1.1'111 JOHN N:Xl15E1:1F Yvlliwr S1'lI11lI' Hviglllt 5' ll" Hvigllli 5'1o" W1-iglll: ITS H15, Wfiglltz 1fmOll1s. Puinlg: 3325 Points: 181' M1-rumah: 19.0 Aw-uxga-: 10.7 CLIFF PARKIN Senior Height: 5' IOM" Weight: 150 lbs. Points: 27 Average: 1.8 CHARLES CARD BOB HAMILTON Junior Junior Height: 5' 10" Height: 6' Weight: 155 lbs. Weight: 150 lbs. Points: 11 Points: 16 Average: .7 Average: 2.0 Varsity Basketball DON TORRY FRANK SMITHKIN junior Sophomore Height: 5, 11" Weight: 135 lbs. Points: 23 Average: 1.5 Height: 5' 9" Weight: 155 lbs. Points: 0 Average: 0.0 'M 1 X, This year McGraw has a speaker system for the basketball games. It is run by Jerry Osborne, left. Dave Crisfield in the center is the timer, and Ray Dodge at the right is scorer. 1 L32 .ME ff m, ,, Q 3 K w 1454 , fi eff, F 2 M Q if 5? M ,, , bm s- w , Q1 J :iffy Ap. if .ff 5 10 Y fi M 40' ek F ,sf ,Q , We W Q 1 v 1 ,Q S My ' Six K Q . T ! ,W ' ,Q LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Hamilton-67. Stub Alcott-V93. David Van Epps-34, Bill Schaff-3, Larry Fowler-104, Woody Meflihhon-2, David Powers -76, Dick Usborne-149, ,lcrry Wildmun -3, Stan Kullinan-2, Dick Fuller-62. FRONT: Boh llarris-Manager. Absent: Boll ParkinA4, Gary Sink44, Frank Stnithkin-53, Dick Hivks--56, Jerry Oshornz:-2. This year's J.V. team had a very good year winning 13 and losing only 3 games. They finished in second place in County play, and they did not lose a non-league game. These aggressive boys will add needed strength to next yearis Varsity. . V. Cheerleaders Left to right: Sharon Loftus, Peggy Stuhler, Judy Brown, Sharon Schellinger, Kay Allis, Stephanie Brown. Na 'wwf ll li ,,1. 'X "'WF"Mnnnn-ff 0-mvf""'musmf M. M wmmnma-Q., xx A :Qui mga. Q 'S' 95 H4 RA ,gash X ,ty 531744, ,M -aff Volleyball FIRST ROYV. left to right: Uivk fl4llHl'Ill'. lfhurliq- llgml. Iliclx Hicykx. Hun 'lllil'Ik1'N. H1111 l'ull4-V. John Nausewf. SECOND ROW: Stub QXIMIII. lhin llurr. Divk Hman. 5lvw:u'l llwlv, fwlu- Ilnrlwr. Bob Hamilton. FIRST ROW. le-fl to right: Ilnul 5t'llLl1'l4'l', ,lnlm Wullvurn. 'fe-rry 5113114-11 .lim I'IlIlI'IllxlNF. Daw Paddock. Hvrlm lxIf'llilllNil1. Pal flullinx. SICCUNIJ NNW: l'.muI l:4'IlI11'll. Xxvilflll' l'vr'riN. ICJ llmu- munt, Fred llrus. Hugger Stafford. lllltllx-y Slum: THIRD ROW: H011 ffurr. l'I'llI1li Umm. Dun' Curr. Tmn Snlan. MWA Best of Luck to Class of '59 VESTA CORSET CO., INC M SANDER'S SPORT SHOP Everyfhing in SporI'ing Goods AIN ST. CORTLAND. CompIimen+s of MARINE MIDLAND TRUST COMPANY of Sou+I1ern New York Cor+IancI New York Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Sales Service GLEASON BUICK 26 Cour+ S+. CORTLAND, NEW YORK CompIimen+s of HIGGEN'S SUPPLY CO. MCGRAW, N. Y. Complimems BesI' Wishes of From P 8. c MARKET SKATE'-AND I79 N. Homer Ave. ROLLER RINK CORTLAND Corfland, N. Y. HELEN and JIM KING CompIimen'I's of BETTER'S DRY CLEANERS MCGRAW N. Y. Contributors: CORTLAND FLOORCRAFT MuNsoN's PAINT CORTLAND SEA Foon CompIimenIs of CLIPPER SERVICE STATION, INC. Complimenis of F. H. COBB CO., INC. I.G.A. SUPPLY DEPOT CORTLAND, N. Y. MIDWAY DINER 24-Hr. Service STOP AND SEE US Com pIimen+s of THE RUMSEY BROOM CO. BLODGETT MILLS, N. Y. SK-6-8775 Complimenis of SHAMROCK INN Complimenfs of HALL'S CompIe+e Home Furnishings PHONE-TE-6-2I6I MCGRAW, N. Y. CompIimen+s of McGRAW 81 ELLIOT 50 MAIN ST. 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For I00 Years Ihe Finesi of Everyihing in Music PIANOS-HAMMOND ORGANS HI-FI, STEREO PHONOGRAPHS RCA COLOR TV Records-Sheei Music CLARK MUSIC CO. 4I6 S. Salina S+. Syracuse, N. Y. Gei' Your Shoes for School or Shoes for Dress aI' SARVEY SHOE CO. I3 Cen+raI Avenue CORTLAND. N. Y. CompIeI'e Glass Service 7 VALLEY GLASS SHOP Ph. SK 6-2082 I67 HOMER AVE. CORTLAND Success Io 'rhe Class of '59 FLIP'S RESTAURANT MCGRAW New YORK Complimenis of OVERHEAD DOOR CO OLDS 8. FULMER SALES AND senvlce 200 Tompkins S+. CorI'Ianc.I, N. Y 42 Main Sf. Cor+Iand, N. Y. Tel. SK 6-56I 6 BROWN'S ELECTRIC SHOP Philco Radio, TV, and Appliances Sylvania 8 WASHINGTON ST., MCGRAW, N. Y. TE-6888I Compliments of CORTLAND COUNTY BUS LINES SI'erIing Planck CORTLAND, NEW YORK CompIe+e Musical Service HICKEY'S MUSIC STORE 330 Easf SI'aI'e Sf. ITHACA, N. Y. Phone 4-IIOI CORTLAND SERVICE CENTER MAIN AND PORT WATSON ST. Brake and Road Service Open 24 Hours PHONE SK 6-9803 CORTLAND OIL COMPANY MRS. LELAND DICKINSON Kerosene, Gasoline-Fuel Oil PORT WATSON ST. BRIDGE CORTLAND, N. Y. Dial SK-6-62 I 2 Congra'I'uIa+ions Io Ihe Class of '59 HOMER H. JONES FEED MILL, INC. Grave Digging Backhoe and BuIIdozer DiI'ching and Excavafing IMaximum Depfh I0 FeeI'I MORGAN J. BROWN, SR. BOX 46, BLODGETT MILLS, N. Y. SK-6-54I0 Congra'I'uIa'Iions and Besi' Wishes +o I'he Class of '59 GRANT'S BAKERY CompIimen+s of CHRIS CALABRO'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP I26 Main S+. CORTLAND, N. Y. CompIimen'Is of JOHN'S STORE 36 Main SI'reeI' McGraw, N. Y. PHONE TE-6-225I VIEHDORFER PHARMACY Bes+ Wishes +o Our Boys and Girls Who Will Be Our Fufure Cifizens MOOSE CLUB RAY E. KEENEY 81 SON Retailers Lumber-Painfs and Varnislres Builders' Supplies DIAL SK 6-9977 CORTLANO I74 PORT WATSON ST. LESTER'S MOTEL Home o'F a Meal in a Loaf of Bread SK-6-80l4 ROUTE ll al' POLKVILLE, N. Y. 2 Miles Soulh of Corlland, N. Y. Congrals DONUT SHOP THOMPSON BOAT I37 Main S+. MFG. CQ. C"'l'a"d T27 ELM STREET CORTLAND, N. SK-3-0491 Flowers for All Occasions A . WVU Vw 'if4'1'-Rif'5iT iw "5?5 , K' IJ H Url' GATES flex GREENHOUSE We Deliver Phone TE 6-527l 9 Highland Avenue McGRAW, N. Y. Complimenl's of THE CRESCENT CORSET CO., INC. CORTLAND, N. Y. Complimenfs of 86 Dress Rigl1l'-You Can'l' Afford Nol' To! Complimenls of CORTLAND TIRE SERVICE R. D. alfl McG-RAW, NEW YORK M- PAYNE BROS. OFFICE EQUIPMENT, INC. I4 MAIN STREET CORTLAND. N. Y. SK 619933 - Phone - SK 6-9934 JONES JEWELRY C0mP'lme"+S EMPIRE INN Main Sireef COr+iand, N Y. MOGRAW, NEW YORK BETTY 84 ROY'S AUTO EAT Home of +he Giani Hofs and Fish Fries DIAL SK-3-l29l Rouie No. 28I CORTLAND. N. Y. The Righi Clo+hes a+ +he Righ+ Time STEVENS OLDSMOBILE Sales-Service Safefy Tesied Used Cars HOMER AND CORTLAND RD. Complimenfs of TRUMAN'S STORE BlocIgeH Mills S.K. 6-7895 GROCERIES MEATS GEORGE BOWKER SHOE STORE 5 Main Sfreef CORTLAND, NEW YORK The Reliable Family Shoe Sfore WILSON 81 GREENE LUMBER CO. Home Building Counselors CORTLAND, N. Y. Congrafulaiions +0 I'he Senior Class ABDALLAH DAIRY 224 TOMPKINS ST. CORTLAND GOOD FURNITURE a+ REASONABLE PRICES Busy Furnishing Homes Since I888 CENTRAL AVE. CORTLAND Complimenis of FABRIZIO'S JAMELIA'S MEN-,S SHCP Men's CIoI'hing and Furnishings I0 565+ Main 5+fee+ 99 MAIN sr. CORTLAND, N. Y. PHONE TE 6-4I2I MCGRAW, N. Y. 5K.5-9022 HOOSE OIL CO. C. G. WRIGHT, Mgr. Products by Richfield R.D. 4 CORTLAND, NEW YORK Phone Skyline 6-9262 BILODEAU'S SHELL SERVICE R.D. NO. I Corfland, New York SK 6-6425 3 89 We Appreciafe Your Business SPIEGLE AND CHARLIE Give ....... U..: .I.... WILLCOX s a. H GREEN sTAMPs ' on 60 Main Sfreef GUESS WHAT sic 6-5731 CORTLAND, N. Y. JXIWPKLL MELDRIMS i W H WALLPAPER-.PAINTS G- H- WII-TSIE EI F WINDOW SHADES READY-TO-WEAR iss E u and Accessories Domesfics . -' FRAMING China and Glass Cgme in and See AI' Your Friendly Deparimenr Sfore in Our Complefe Seleciions CORTLAND Phone SK 6-6I62 8 Courl' S+. CORTLAND, N. Y. Complimenfs Shoes 'For School or Shoes 'For Dress, Come 'l'o SARVAY SHOE CO. I3 Cen+raI Avenue CORTLAND, N. Y. M E Makes Friends STAUBER DRUGS The Kodak Sfore The Rexall Sfore "BeauI'i'FuI Porl'rai+s" R, A, STAUBER 36 EGSI' C0Ur+ S+- Pharmacisf and Chemisf CORTLAND, NEW YORK SKYLINE 6-759l 35 Main S'I'ree'I' Coriland, New York Compliments of THE CORTLAND STANDARD Your Daily Newspaper IN APPRECIATION FOR YOUR COOPERATION THROUGHOUT THE YEARS BEST WISHES TO SENIOR CLASS The FoIIcs a'I' DEXTER'S FINE FOOD 5 Grani' S+. Cor+IancI, N. Y. Congra+uIaI'ions +o Class of I 959 O. E. STRONG 81 SON Esso eAs AND on. LATIMER'S Sfore for Men MANHATTAN SHIRTS-SPORTSWEAR 20 Cen1'raI Avenue CorI'IancI, New York Complimenfs CAIN'S Tracfors and ImpIemenI's Ford Trac+or, Dearborn Equipmeni' Mall Saws Cobey Spreader, GeI1I Equipmeni' PHONE SK 6-687I I49 CLINTON CORTLAND. NEW YORK PADDOCK'S MARKET II4 River S+reeI' CORTLAND. N. Y. FruiI's and Vege+ables Our Specialiy A Saiisfied Cusiomer Is Our Besf Aclveriisemenf Complimen+s of CORTLAND AUTO SUPPLY CO., INC. CORTLAND, N. Y. SK-6-757I 6-7572 Complimenrs of LEWIS W. WINCHELL Insurance 28V2 Main Sfreef CORTLAND, NEW YORK The Righ'I' Clofhes a+ Ihe Righi' Time CORTLAND GRANITE WORKS 39 Main SIree'I' Corflanci, N. Y. TYLER D. BETTS, Prop. PHONE SK-6-6272 Serving This CommuniI'y Since I 845 M. C. HULBERT Insurance of All Kinds McGRAW, NEW YORK WH ITE'S I.G.A. IVAN E. WHITE, Owner Qualify MeaI's and Groceries Phone SK 6844! Il8 Clinfon Ave. CORTLAND, NEW YORK KELLOGG AUTO SUPPLY CO. AuI'omo'I'ive Par'I's Machine Shop Service PHONE SK 6-9944 I55 Main S+. Cor+land, N. Y Aufomalic Aufomalic Gas Wa+er Sydems Flxid Hoi All Wafer Healers urnaces Boilers Appliances Conversion Home Freezers Burners Refrigerafors K 8. B PLUMBING AND HEATING co. I Plumbing-Hea'I'ing-Hardware Sales-Service Maraihon I47 McGraw TE-6-493I EAST MAIN STREET, McGRAW, NEW YORK INSURANCE AUTO FIRE FLOATER PHIL'S CASH MARKET Groceries-Mears COMPREHENSIVE, PERSONAL, Produce FARM, LIABILITY F D I. Owners, Landlords and Tenanfs ree ewery and Olher Lines PHONE SK-6-295I TE 5481 Give Flowers by REYNQLD5 HIGGINS SUPPLY CO. Phone SKyIine 6-6882 I09 Tompkins S+. CORTLAND, NEW YORK Complimenls of MCGRAW, N. Y. 93 Complimenfs of CORTLAND COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY DERBY'S COLONIAL co1'rAc-se BEA-RD'5 Efhan Allen Early American Furnifure HOMER, NEW YORK DIAL Pi-9-3290 MEMORIAL HOME Corflancl, New York Phone SK 6-56I4 Complimenls of REAKES' BEAUTY SHOPPE 4I N. Main S+. CORTLAND Complimenfs of ATKINS' RED 84 WHITE STORE MCGRAW, New YORK Complimen+s of DAIRY TREAT POLKVILLE, NEW YORK THE YEARBOOK CLUB wishes +o fhank each of fhe ad- vertisers and confribufors. H' is you who have helped us make our yearbook possible. Besi' Wishes Io 'I'I1e Class of I959 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CORTLAND BROCKWAY CongriI'uIaI'ions o Class of I959 Safefy-DepenclabiIi'Iy--Service BROCKWAY MOTOR TRUCKS Division of MACK TRUCKS, INC. MCGRAW, N. Y. Cr+I dH R d HOMER N Y is ,219 fwjyw WWW E Q. W? QQQKWWQQM ' -3 Knew A .. ad my gf he EN Wwvwwn 'E ml' AM .X W. W an 1 ,W wmmmwm . WW mmy N. M- ' ,N W, www-M WWMMMMW' "Q W N km Wh ,X Vi X 1 + wwf V IV v w n M X am x ' V . vm A , iw .WW M -Tw ww. ,mf .waavmwfv --V" MM " " ' ,,. ,.a,,,,ww-v.M.-.,W - .Q v',- 1 H-ww 'mow M, , X mf- ' wMWmwW'W""'w M W ,34- ,bww L, wr' .gy ,mf HM we, ,W W We 'QM NP M ,M ,J L pw-:ffiirf ws: ,w,.m.f11-B . Y. WW.- .Mmm-N. A 1-W 'Wvm...,,,,, , fmmgw """Nw,,vW,, -mu ,,

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