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,V , W M, in au- ym M Q4 Wt 'M ff. QW, wx, ' Aff Ji L. ,va 1 - af if ,Q 1 , I a or YJ, g 1 ' : y ,' lr S' .SW -W. .V .M Jw """' W,-W4 .1 2 1 .17 ,Han M151 1 if if wh, I'i'+ QJ'? file xv Z N-.fx 3' . ,M T' 5. ,.,wf4O'f"41 S. u Q M, ..ff""" was I W ,gg 17A V "W"-.lmf-.Q , 1 f I y,,,V5k K .few M915 M V -.ia H., my . - :fam xx xx' X V XX K 1 - ' fx - v. N 5 .,-1 1 K A - I X I 14 6,4 ,1 qv: YW , z V r 1- -gf- ILP A , if -47? ,Milli ll If f .I as Yf' n 1 v ix . Y I I ' ' I I l, PM , 15 A A" . - ya ni' A V ' L . ,lf Q" Z' K' . ,I 'd ,' mmf' i.x'?51'p. - Q' I .' if 1 5 '5 N' ' ' Y' ' X J .- sc ' ' A' lv I.-'a4z' Q X J' Y. -gh 5 ,'.- ' A D . . U K . . ., - M .., . , x 5, V .3.Q,,u Q ,A 5,415 , - Hr- Q' , , A-sn -A s.- 'vim . ,WM v 1 1 A 1. 4 , W A 2 1 , x -v F4 1 x J Wgikfrf t . 1 s .44 I-Q-lb, fi, ,xi . F. ,mr , 1, . 11. I ,Q wi F ' " 5330, V -A-' ,LR 'r- , , gb, .gil ' , I5 -PE- - ' "kb-. P ,4.,e--.- -' .d '55 M., in K ,ig ak J" ' ..f'2','. ' via f . 'JS-' A 1, ..' 1 . . 1 fi. ,ver .Q V:-ff.. . ,:f3, -'J' Y, I 'fix 1 M ga," 1 ,Q ' .. L '- LH 14: -7 M : Z 'I L' J. , W . x., ,L '-K x ' , 4 125' ' 'ur jv '- 5, X :J :gp ' 1' I JW-2., , f - .. 1 , U 521 ,,, 75, I ,, .Yr . i ,.f' .. ilu Tm-f.4i11l'-1fiiixf-A.i,1i,. ' 51.k,,,, 4 .JN , , A ,4 ,, - .. . . ,Q .. I . E , , 'H I 1:1725 " .- . .Lag . - 'UL-31 f V -,nl ,Cl 214'-L 7, LHLA F- ,Q -',. v -J ' 4 24-- 1.1, 55 'V ' ' I ,l ' .-, "5-1. -' ', -. .'!'. . ,.,. 1, M, K V 1 - Y- 1,1 , ,, .A Y: . -. veg: ' 'ia ,fir ff A Q- -We --51"h,L1,,: . 4 11, Q 1 . - ,, ,. T,-4,Z,..,ng' , 1:-' 'V' 'Lyn - 1 :,.,.5.wz'g , 'F .rlsf 7 . ' :P 'FfR',. A L 4 . ,.a 5 .plffr 'L fl ii H ,, .. 3. EIN. .J My M :gg . my 5.11 x U' I A11 ls : ,7 -1 -,wifcgf QGWE-gn. W.-A . - L 4? HL , .JM .5 . v .15-.,, fu, 1 1 1 5 r 1 u V ' n iv N. lAbb It b , V :gi . Q? i , , HT, .-- M 4 ' 4, ' -f L. Ag V ,jg-A 1 . I ' i- ' ' 2115? 'ff1. f- . N Tlfiuv gf ww: .lime -1 '-Ln . lr .was H :. L , - 4, ,K 1 '17 . , " ':- JF' rl . Qf K' 42- LXQ-,.D.Q ' 1-f ' f I :sa ' K 1- QF, fy? QL A , A "i:J.i,3u"?L1'4Q:,7, ,lr 7' .g 1 , - V V. 4. ' : hfu, . -, , ' . ' ' 42g-54: Iifiifz. fb 3Qfff?'E 3 , Er ."'- iffg:f24i:f.f--if WLS' -v"f5w - 'M iw . iv ' f '+.Z, L-,jili L.-.1i' ua ' "5" AM 1 ., 1 f 'r3" 'YA'-R 5.' 1 .1 , V pg-I X' fr- Vw ' , M"-'A ,. 5. 314- . ' 5 , .f 3,4 I vi -ii-.I + . ,H a A' - 1 . " -ax 3 A. N .-i' f, wx' ,- , ' 53.3 . - - 1 , , . ' ' , .if 7 .ff 2-5 - ' xy -11 'P 4 u. 5. ' I . 12" b 'ffl' fs, -If W V- .. . 'au kv-ll! fr-Q1 sail 4- 'ff " 5- 9 L'fi1, 'Q ,:',-5.gj',5,, mn , T1 Q' ,, , A ,ips Ldjlf- vi Z qw - I Y- I JW !.k.,."':2 4,5149 ,1'E"'i' 4 f M ZEN., . , A K. X ,I .l . ,E . , v 2 1 . 4 i . 9 "2 ': ,, r T ,. I-9, If . .J Q . , ,shqu ,-, N 1 ,U ,U-4 , ., J ,- H' . 1 yg . K Q- 1 . 1 YSWT .f2N' s' :CRY ,-XMJ, LHS NN. Q A Nwfi' umm, an ,K THE MAC Volume IX McGraw Central School McGraw, New York :iii at xy. 1 1-nv- .nzu in "'-',w.f,Q'1Mi' We" my if f I .W .fm M .me A H+' X. E a g i i fi ' ies W? Ee'l'S"?"t Z Q e E M- M WMI W Q' ai, n- gff,,f.:v.i'1gn--f I ii l?5,5if FQitM-1y5iTL5MEi2ZHllig-yggefiiii' it Q Eats? -i,,f ggi? e?sx eMg5i9 fsggxfi. igifugggf jg Q fff tiftf2sffff..i1reiff1-Alfa H1 HH' H '2' H aw ,ez-flhultilf ,alia 'r'g'rf 'TIT 'r'r'r ' 'r'r'r :T l't't'T 'l"l"'? 1 . S 'Wt lst "l'l"l , ,fam slew qw-wwf vw-ff-W N w ff-. f uma Q it H4 nun- ,yi--MM.-nam wq H... i 3 . ? t I la N .-H "5LC2' . :-E ii : M ai Q me A, i L-I v' -M i, F21 w ss I 'N' " .""""" i'+,'qtl L U mrfzi ,sig ,gm , ,t,..,.. M Q 1 ' .wt as "A N . , O Aw, snr-'f W ,nf ,,mL .,,, On the other sicle of these floors lic many opportunities lor every young person to prepare himself for a hetter future. llay after clay as the floors swing open, the school girl and boy enter the great storehouse of knowledge where the caretakers and teachers , wait to show them how to use the key to release the enlightenment helcl with- in the confirms of the ages. As time marches on, these doors just as in the past will Continuously swing wide to welcome all who seek knowledge and wisdom. Information will change to keep pace with the times, but always there will remain the oppor- tunities, the givers and the seekers. gif? -iii ill II II II I qw.-.Q -- Q , , .U . 4 aww 'QA Contents :-11.1-!'5"'.E-'-:'-. - pvpuw- fra-M rw gg L , L -5 -tw ADIvIINIs'I'IIATIoN T' CLASSES S ACTIVITIES TT' l"T'T' I TT TTY' I-rr rw- f -I """"' 5 SPIIIITS h fi 1 k fb ' L TIL Img?-31461-MIS-ELLIIEI ADVERTISEMENTS E I '+.1w:E'fs'g,ljg?.,!1-M I M W' f J Dedication The Yearbook Club of 1956 is proudly dedicating the ninth edition of "The Mac" to Everett Rulison who for the past six years has had charge of the bus garage. Besides this, Mr. Rulison is one of the regular bus drivers and teaches welding for the Adult Education Classes. Repairing and keeping eight buses and three station wagons in "tip-top" shape is in itself a task, but many smaller things occur frequently such asg flat tires, broken chains, driving for field trips and basketball games which take up much time. Although much responsibility rests on Mr. Rulison's shoulders, he finds time to answer questions and help the shopboys with their mechanical problems. Many times we take for granted the things done for us by people such as Mr. Rulison-to him in sincere appreciation we dedicate "The 1956 Mac." 1 ff- 49f5 MWMWW Q-9 i."4 First row, left to right: l,ouis Russell, lrene Kinney, Donald Ryan, President. Charles Alexander Muriel llullnert, Clerk. Second row: Edward llilodeau, Joseph Weisliaupt, Leroy Baer, Principal Chester l,aey, Distriet Superintendent. Absent: Irene Bordwell. Adult upervision As we look back, a great many different feet have walked the halls and classrooms of McGraw Central School. Each year a new group begins and another group leaves. The dividends of your investment in education are the changes brought about in the lives of these boys and girls that make them better citizens in your community, state. nation, and world. The Board of Education and administration are continually trying to make your investment pay higher dividends by improving the teaching and the facilities for teaching. The following poem lay Viney Wilder entitled "Your Investment ln Character Building" expresses this line of thought in an interesting: and helpful manner. With infinite pnlienee, eonipassion. and love That shnre in ll wixrlimi beyonrl mul above The mere net of tlnty mul all il implies We'll answer tlze challenge we .wee in ,VOItllI,S eyes: We'llgi1ie them irleals mul uw-'ll lielp them tn elimll Tlie rliluliviilt hills. we will give Iliem nur time, We'll tenelr tliem ln' being olirxelres. vlirst ol all Exmnples in moral mul spiritual lme. Well lie more eoneernetl willl Ilie mliles we gire. Will: tlie streets antl tlre towns zellere elliltlren must lite: Tlirougli vision tlmt sees tlie potential in youth Tlle worlrl enn lie srrrerl for tomorrow nntl trutli. For many years, Leroy llaer, Principal of McGraw Central. has unselfishly devoted himself to the welfare of mernlu-rs of the student body and the faculty. He's helped many of us over a rough spot. Here he looks the true administra- tor, hut later in the hook you'll find him in a not so serious role. .10 U Se-ated. lm-ft to right: llarbara Mclntosh, Richard Hopkins, Charlotte Smith Gene Connelly Jackie llclknap, Ronald Congdon, Ronald Smith, Sally Mclntosh. Standing: Charles Card Richard Rood Sharon Connolly. ,lane Ferris. The Student Council has been busy planning the assembly programs for this year In this picture, they are going over the calendar with the assemblies llstcd on lt President ,,,. ,, Vire President ,,,, ,, Secretary-Treasurer Advisor . , , ,, , iff CHARLOTTE SMITH Youn, Democracy WGENE CONNELLY L JACKIE BELKNAP ,,,,,,.,,,,,,, MR. HOWE MR. WILBUR HOWE-A0ur Guidance Counselor and Student Council Advisor. Faculty of MRS. .II'fANNI'I'I"I'IC NICI,I.ICNIIACK MR. WILIIICR .I. IIOWIC MRS, IlI'fNIfVII'IVIf 'I'AYI.0R Citim-nsI1ip I':tIllCiIII0ll Mzltllc-tlultics Art rf xi I "X X tx NIR, TNI.-XIIRICIC I'0'I"I'ICR MRS. KA'I'HI,IfICN ANTHONY MR. II.'KROI,IJ WIIITICRRICAD I'I1ysim'uI I':tIlli'llIIOH EIIQIISII Svit-mv MISS IIAZICI. 'I'AMI3I,IN MR. PATRICK MCCRADY MRS. IUUISIC IIAINS 8 Ifnglish. I.atin Instrumental Music Homemuking M.C.H. . MR. DAN Ill BROWN MRS. CLARA WILDMAN MR. CLIFFORD BUSEKIST lhisim-ss I'IlIlll'ilIIllIl Physical Education Agriculturv fx? I hx I R 1 MRS. llI'fl.I'fN CROSS MR. Kl'INNI?I'I'H HUBBARD MRS. MIIDRICD HOPKINS l,ihrau'iun Driver I'Idl1Cutioll ,luniur Iiigh Ifnglisll. BIillIll'Ill1lIIl'S f , ,, ., r...,f . AGA Na Mi , W.-q . 0 MISS IIICLICN NVILKINSON MRS. III'II.I'iN BRICVVICR MRS. FI,ORI'INClf SCIIAFF Vocal Music' ,Iuniur High Citizenship Junior High English. ICducutiun Nlathf-matics 9 " il E 5' 5 Cafeteria Personnel Left to right: Albert Bidwell, John Wal- hurn, and Donna Smith. Janice Van Epps takes the money with a smile. 't 1, .-. 5 K. ..if'i4x-n'N"t li-ft to right: Janice Strack, Cheryl R4-ynoltls. Joan Owens, and Mary Har- ris. Janice Strack and Cheryl Reynolds sell the ever popular ice cream and potato chips in the cafeteria during the luneh hour. First row. lt-ft to right: Violet Greenleaf, Annice Stafford, ,Ioan Perkins, Martha Heller. Second row: Ptlix Hicks, Stuart Frcer, Cary Beiter, James Kin- Left to right: Beatrice Kmnty Vivian Russell. Alice Perkins, and qylvia Ryan All help in making samlwlchee but Sylvia seems to he tloing the work Mrs. Marlva lim-an is tllt- cook Ill8llllgt'!' and Nlary Moore' and Marjorie- Ft-rris arf- assislant tnanag:-rs. Tllvy are' cle-vvloping a strong nutritional program in our school, st-rving lwtwt-t'n 300 and 360 balanct-tl tnvals a tlay. -f Q lt-ft to ri--lit' 'Klart xloorv. Nlarlra livan. Nlarjoriv They livvp wlotuing Our vuftotliunf llaw L1 long anrl ltartl jolm km-ping our rooms antl lntiltling vlvan. 'l'ltt'y also l-gt-vp tlu' ontsitln- attravtiu- tnowingg. making rvpairs. and A sltowling wallv. V, ll.:-NE -4 - OPE F lrft to right: Robert Warfit-ld, Aclvn Cll- lwrt. Walt4'r Halsvy, lra Stvvvns. The rlrivt-rs of our Sl'llUlll llusvs havt' to watclt out for tht' safvty of tht- sturlvnts. Tlwy do a good jolm. llvsitlt-s tllvir rvgnlar routv, sonn' of llll'lll tlrivt- for spt-cial at'- tivitivs such as: lmaske-thall ganws and swimming lvssons. Wt- are vm-ry grate-ful for tht- lmus tlrivors who art' always rvatly to do what thvy can to tnakt- tlwsn- outside' sports availalmlt- to us, tlu- studs-nt body. First row. lt-ft to Figllli live-rvtt Rulison. Rivliartl Morgan, Clarence Mayberry. Second row: 'l'lu-adorv Kinnvy. Frm-d Strong. Ada-n Gilln-rt. Dt- Puy Frecr, Aden Ferris. I I Mrs. Muriel llulhert is a very efficient uffiee se-ere-tary. H:-r duties include, in addition to regular offiee routine, the filling out of high sehuol report cartls, and the assisting of stu- dents with their pruhlems. Shefs always ready with a friendly smile ancl a helping hand for f'Vt'I'y0Ilt'. lilievkingg the weight of every member of the seluml hotly is just one health serviee rendered hy the st-liuul nurse. The picture shows Mrs. l'at llolstein, schoul nurse, weighing Christine S1'IllQ'I'ill'0, a kintlergartner, who is receiving her first general health vheck-up. ln this picture, Mrs. Betty Bus:-kist is handag- ing Marlene Delow. Mrs. Busekist has been with us sinee January, replacing Mrs. Hol- stein. She is no newcomer to McGraw. having worked here from Septeniber of '53 to June of '55, aww ff We Go ke..-f ..- 3-t"""e Seah-rl, left to right: ,laeque-line lie-lknap. Student Council Rt-pre-sentativeg James Coetcheus. Treas- urer: in-ne Connelly, President. Standing: Patricia 1.'Hommt-tlieu. Vice Presidentg Beverly Nauseef. Secretary. The twenty-eight members of the Senior Class of 1956 have had a wonderful year. They have the largest class that has ever been graduated from McGraw Cen- tral. Our first big project of this year was the Senior Play under the direction of Mrs. Anthony. Although we fooled around backstage. off stage, and on stage. 6'Headed for Eden" was a success on November 17 and 18. After the fun of the Senior Play it took us a while to settle down to serious work such as selling ads for our yearbook. the L'lVlac.', Once we got started. we proved to be good salesmen for we went over the required amount. With the yearbook ads collected or billed, we started our plans for the Senior trip. With all our plans com- pleted, we left for New York and Washington on March 23. spending five exciting days touring New York City and enoying the beauty of our Nation's Capital. Although the trip is over we will remember forever the fun we had. All through the many activities. there was still homework. With help from Mrs. Nellenback, our class advisor, we managed to be a success in activities and home- work. Our class was exceptionally active in extracurricular activities. All eleven boys of our class participated in sports during high school, and seven of our girls have been cheerleaders. Twenty-five of the seniors have taken part in the chorus. They have also been represented in the band, Rifle, F.H.A.. F.F.A., and other activities offered at M.C.S. The class of 1956 selected the blue carnation as the class flower, light pink and light blue as class colors, and the motto: "One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning." wg I . V WK, A H , E if ,MH .. X ,L M .3 .YR-,S 52" , qi xmveggggfm f Ni 5- 'Y U xv? AP - I ' fl? ,S 21 1. 1Y10R0'l'IIY MAY ELSON ,lunuary 19. 1938 11211111 1. 2, 3. 11: Glu- Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Yvarlumk Club 2. 3. 4: 1711A 3: Library Club 2. 3. 4: 111-sr-rw' 11111114 Club 2. 3. '1-Z 111110 Club 2. 3. 4: 50110111 111-porlvr 2, 1V1AI,COLM 1'1llGICNE GILBERT Ovlulwr 13, 1938 11111111 1. 2, 3. 4: C11-v Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Yvarlmnuk Club 3. 4: Riflm- Clllb 1. 2. 3, 4: Danving Club 3: Kroukwl Kornvr 4: lnlramurals 1, 2. 3. 4: 11115111-tluxll 2: lloyf' Slam' 111-prs-S1-nlutivv 3. JAMES R1ci11A11nG0E1'C111zus lN1ur1-11 31. 1938 'l'r1':1sl11'1-r 11: 11211111 1. 2. 3. 4: C100 Club 41 Yvar- book Club 11: Kruukml Korn:-r 3: llaskvlball 1. 2: llusf-111111 2: '11Till'1i 2. I,1NnA JUNE 11ALL ,lunv 1-1-. 1937 Ya-z11'l1nuk Cl11b 2. 4: Riflm' Club 2. 3: Kruokvcl K4il'll1'T 3: 1llll'H11lll1'2l1S 1. 2. 3: FHA 1, 2: Nurse-'s Club 2. S1-1'1'1't11ry 2. 1V1AR'l'IIA 1.0l1ISl'I 1'1FZI.I.ER .luly 13. 1937 C11-1' Cl11b 1. 2. 3. 4: Yvurbook Club 4. Typing flllillflllilll fl: 1111111 Club 2. 3, 4: Intramurals 1. 2. 3: 151111 2. 3. 4: Library Club 1. 2. 3: N111'se"s Cllllb 2. S1-1'r1'Ir1ry 2: Rvsvrve' Book Club 2. 3: 1V1u111-rn 11ilIlt'l' 3. CAn01.1a ANN HOUSE May 21. 1938 Ulm- Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Yl'ZlI'1l00k Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Riflc- Club 2, 3: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior 111111 Cross 4. I6 N49 'S , -fn ': LT r ' wp' 1 F 12'-'H' ' if S ' I ,FN ' 4 :"7 TI X N-A,4Mn,.4, a ' I 4, 2? ,- v 54 A Q55 f , x 1 ., 34 . K MX W :fa A J 14 - , , iknzf 5 W ,wk Ai ,f W 22, , R H . ml,- . 2 irgi ,v,":?5: X F L-:SF A 'f-'Riga 1 'I+ Wm W7 "L 's .. ., X .!,' ? 41 f 'uh' " iy .fn -' , X "lin vw 4, fx' 'I ,Al P wg, , Q H .1 JA 3,1 A 3 .u :II 15,152 ROBERT GORDEN PHILLIPS July 12, 1938 Band 3, 4, Yearbook Club 4, Business Manager 4, Rifle Club 1, Krooked Korner 4, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Volley- ball 4. DAVID M. REYNOLDS November 26, 1938 Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 3, 4, Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4. RONALD CHARLES ROWE December 28, 1937 President 3, Student Council 3, Glee Club 3, President 3, Yearbook Club 3, 4, Boys' Sports Chairman 4, Krooked Korner 2, 3, Intramurals 3, 4, Basketball 3, Manager 3, Baseball 3, Soccer 3, Track 3, Volleyball 2. VIVIAN FRANCES RUSSELL August 14, 1938 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Copy Chairman 4, Rifle Club 2, 3, 4, Krooked Korner 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, American Legion Oratori- cal Contest 3, Dancing Club 3. DONNA CONNELLY RUTAN November 24, 1936 Treasurer 1, Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Club 2, 4, Dancing Club 3, Rifle Club 2, Krooked Korner 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Cheerleading 3, FHA 1, 2, 3, Nurse's Club 2. SYLVIA RYAN August 11, 1938 Glee Club 1, Rifle Club 2, Nurse's Club 2, 3. NANCY LEA SMITH October 21, 1938 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Rifle Club 2g Krooked Kor- ner 43 Intramurals 2, 3, FHA 2, Mod- ern Dancing 3. JOHN THEoDoRE STAFFORD September 21, 1937 Yearbook Club 1, 4, Rifle Club lg Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 4, County Secretary 2, County Reporter 33 Basketball 1, 23 Library Club 43 Reserve Book Club 2, 3, 4. JANICE MARIE STRACK April 23, 1938 President 23 Student Council 2, Treasurer 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Council 2, 3, 43 Clee Club 3, 43 Yearbook Club 2, 3, 4, Assistant Edi- tor 3, Editor 44 Rifle Club 2, 3: Nurse's Club 3, Treasurer 35 FHA 1, 2, 35 Cheerleading 2, 3, Co-Captain 33 Intramurals 1, 2, 33 Krooked Korner 43 Dancing Club 3. JANICE AvALoN VAN EPPS December 7, 1938 President lg Student Council 1, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Quartermaster 2, Treas- urer 3, Band Council 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3g Yearbook Club 1. 2. 3, 4. Copy Chairman 33 Rifle Club 2, 4g Dancing Club 3, Krooked Korner 4g Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4g Cheerleading 2, 3, 4g FHA 1, 2. .- v -v-6-v' 1 First row, loft tn right: Mary Clark, HQ-tty Potts-r, If-an llvlknap, Cent-vie-vv Ryan, ,lack Mitchell, Richard Stafford, Vvlma Kvllvy, Lois Stevvns, llvatricc- Kinney, Rosalvf- Turner. Svvonrl row: Kvnneth Bae-r, Rivhard Hopkins, ,lohn Clark, Char- lotte- Smith, Miss Tamlrlin, Paulina- Briggs, Ann Rush. Davicl Nilvs, William Thomas. Thircl row: Walter Grant, Norman Alle-n, Evan Hulbert, F1-lix Hicks, Russf-ll Elwood. Raymond Owvns. Absent: Connie Christe. fumors Highlights of our junior Year are: maga- zine sales. class rings, and our Junior Prom. Junior Class Offive-rs are: RICHARD HOPKINS RAYMOND OWENS BEA'l'RlCIE KINNEY KFNNICTH BARR tIHARl.0'l"l'li SMITH President Vive' President Secretary ,, Treasurer Studeriz lfounril Rep. r t a Q . K ,A " tmxffif f. -ff: l,e-ft to right: Charlotte-. Rivhartl, Ke-nm-th lleatrivc-, Raymond. slr If f I fi, i Xw , f . in lfirsl row, loft lo right: john Loop:-. Sharon Winfic-ld. Ronald Smith, Patrivia Holm:-s, Sharon Hammond, Norman Monk, ll:-vi-rly Cox, .loan ll:-rkins, Clwryl Rx-ynolds. Svconml row: Raymond Allon, Stuart Frvvr. Carole llvrvan, Marion Towvrs, Mrs. Anthony, Ke-nn:-th Ke-rss-y, ,laniw Towslvy. Cloria Kvlle-y. Rohm-rt Card, Mary lilizalwth Curvy. 'F- 0 m 0 T 8 5... 5 liz- Vasa Callie-rx-ml around thi- pingspoug talilv arc- the five- This is just one' of the Sophomore- groups class olfiw-rs of tho Sophomore' Class. IA-ft to right: whivh sold l'l'fl'Q'SlllIN'IllS during all bas- Sailly Mvlnlosli, Prvsidvntg Cary llc-in-r. Tn-asuru-rg kvtlrall ganu-s. This projr-'cl is one of tho llonuld Owvns, Sm-rf-laryg Choryl Reynolds. Vive ways the- Sophomores raise- monvy for llra-sidvul: Ronald Smith, Slllllt'Ill Counvil livprv- Ilwir Senior Trip. Left to right: Raymond se-nlalivv. Alle-n, IA-sh-r Bordwoll, Harold Muncy, Elizalwlh Corey. First row, lvl! lo right: l,c-ste-r llordwvll, Dale' cil't'f'lIl1l21ll, Barbara Russell, Jamos Caufie-ld, Ailenc' Phillips, Donald Own-ns, Jamos Fvrris, Cl:-nna Whit:-. Harold Muuvy. Sl'l'lDllll row: Rolwrt Adams, Darrvll Corl, James Kinney, ,lov Slahlvr. Gary llc-in-r, Mr. llusvkist. Sally Mvlntosh. Vosta Hinos, Pe-arl Hayvs. Betty Hulslanclvr. 1 Y Q l X12 Parkin. Maldon Moon. Roln-rf Re-ynolds, llianc' Allis, Sliaron ffoiine-lly. lflaim- Nluncy. licvm-rly 'l'ow4-rs. Sf-cond row: Sandy lla-ine-in. Juliannm- Salisbury. William 'l'ravy, Mrs. llaines. Donald l 5 1 ff l fi V First row. lf-fl to right: ,loan Pow:-rs, Annicv Stafford, Verna Hollenbf-ck. Barbara Calm-s. Joyce Ryan, Douglas Morris. Clifford All:-n, floiistaiiva- Cam:-r. Diane Hall. Svvond row: Bova-rly West, Lyle- Bush. Duane- Korsey, Mr. Whitebrc-ad, Carol Mitchell, Patty Crisfivld, Cliarlom- Mills-r. G1-rald Osborne. Third row: John Nausc-vf, Ronald Congdon, Carol Bilodvau. Freshmen l"N'Slllll1:lIl Class Offivvrs y RONALD CONCIJON President CllARl.l'fS NIVER Vive President RORl'iR'l' Rl'1YN0l,llS Serreltlry fIllARl,U'l'Tl'i MILLER , Treasurer SHARON CONNI-1l.I,Y Student Council Rep, i S First row. lr-ft to right: l'i1igvri:' Russ:-ll. .Ianws llpdykv, Clifford Fullvr. Violr-I fire-1-nlvaf. Gail Frivdah. Nita Kc-llc-y. Third row: Ruin-rl lluda. li:-roy Smith, C1-rald flamplu-ll, Douglas Brown. mfnllllllilf llilE"l""s'i and Sharon- Slllinfli R0lN'l'f- fllizirle-5 Niwr. All54'lllf Nlivllavl Nallsvvf. Konnvtll ll:-nry. 'mr ' F' 'lm 'md l' i a r 1 U il . I I l 0 la f 3 l I ff P 4 L I Door to Knowled e English 9 students prepare book re- ports. Carol and Ronald use the die- tionaries as Barbara searehes for a sheet of paper. Clifford is thinking intently while Lyle has a question to ask before he can get started. ln English ll, mueh emphasis is put on build- ing a good vocabulary. Students learn to reeognize word meanings by working from Latin originals. Reading from left to right are: Gerald, Vesta. Pearl, and Joe. They are filling in the voeabulary tree, with Eng- lish derivations from the Latin word "cur- rere. Q a as 5. 1- . ' 'W f 1 - 4 . Q. 1 u- ' . 3 l f -v "' A basic part of the study of literature for English lll is to learn about the eondition that existed during the period in whieh the literary selection being studied was written. Velma, Genevieve. Jack. and Felix are doing research on the historieal baekgrountl for Diekens' great novel, A Tale of Two Cities. Good speech is important to the attainment of one's personal goal in life. As a part of the English IV course of study, individual speaking and group speaking is emphasized. From left to right are seniors: Donald, John, Vivian. and Patti who are listening to the play-baek of a panel discussion. 23 X l Ninth Year Civics is an introductory course in Citizenship Education. This is made up of Geography. Resources. Cultures of the World, and Current Events. Connie, Charlotte, and Marilyn are using library material to find out more about the subject they chose for a research paper. S Others Marchecl ' Quf,f'1f ff- rim" X ' l I ' szzffi, aj, Sw' Left to right: Charlotte Smith, Beatrice Kinney, Kenneth Baer, Richard Hopkins. Raymond Owens. In World History class to make things more clear they use visual aids. Ancient Greece, Rome, or the Middle Ages don't seem quite as difficult after a filmstrip. Dick's the operator with Charlotte, Beatrice, Kenneth, and Ray scrutinizing carefully the picture. American History is a senior subject. This Citizen- ship Education course covers all phases of past American history and correlates it with present day World problems. Dave-What're you trying to locate for Kay? i , A Carol, llarliara and Joyce art' Cllvcking ,Inlm in Algvlvra Class wlm's rvvivwing straight lim-s nn a graph. Adding reps l,1-ll In rigilltz Norman Ml:-n. lfxun lltillwrl. llii'lla1t'il Stuffuril. Norman. litem :intl llivliaril ure' :living :in 1-xp:-rilm'nt invulxing mnme-nts nf lnrvt- in sintpli' ma- cliinvs. I Pvarl Hayes and Vvsta Hinvs are- watvlting Darrell Curl as he shows the-m smut- Gvomi-trio di-signs drawn lry tht- Plano Cvninvlry Class. 5' Le-ft tn right: Janivv Vanlfpps. li:-ve-rly Nausi-rl. Raymond Uwt-ns, Junirm' Struck. Untlvr tltc' xlirvv- tion nl' "Dov" Wliitclwail. llu- struggling riwclival studvnts pcrforrneml tltvir first opvration. Whilt- prnliing tlu' inside- of tlu- animal a study was mailt- uf this alime-ntary canal. Tht- patit-nl giuve- liis all for nu-ilical n'smirm'li: tht- upnssnin is nn lunge-r with ns. 4- Q sin x ll' t if fl S. Better Lwm ff P' Left to right: 'Nlary Clark, Connie Christie. Jean Belknap, These girls an- also lfulure Homemakers of America. 'l'hey're :lemon- strating another of the many features of- fered by Home-making. Mary is using the sewing machine with ffonniv anml jean keeping vlose wateh. Some are making their own vlothes. l.elt to right: Velma Kelly, Lois Ste-vc-ns. Betty l'otla-r. 'l'lu's:- girls have learns-cl I0 set the table in thi- proper fashion anrl to prepare- the fooil for their meals. This is just one of the many things taught the Fixture Home-niakers of America. Velma and ll:-Itv look as if tha-y're enjoying Lois' serving. llolwrt Hard anrl Waller Grant are sem-n hw-rn' putting ai luraef- on the saw tahle. lhis pivtura- shows th:-m using somm- of the shop tools now :ivaiilalvle in thc- vlass. 26 . .ylzzwdrgi-'2 J' . -fal?.1 '-I li:---1-1 . f 'TW ., t ,pig 16513-,SF L fiwiitfsrfffefir Q ,abr - V 2-.H ,Q-.4 ,, uf. Q--,-f L-. Left to right: Dale Creenman, llonahl Owens, Mar- ion Towers. Cary 'Beiter, Mr. Rulison. .lames Ferris. Tlic-se boys are learning how to operate the generator. The-y're also learning how lo take- it apart for servicing it. Shop class is not only making articles but getting acquainted with all sorts of tools and equipment. Here Mr. Rulison, bus mechanic, is handling the ale-monslralion. What handy men our shop boys are going to lu' arounrl their homes! First row: ,lim Coetcheus. Bob Phil- lips, Vivian Russell. Second row: Pat L'Hommedieu, Gene Connelly. llolm is working on plans for a "future home" drawing it to scale in ineehanieal drawing class. This is an elective offered at McGraw- popular with the upperclassmen. Pauses That Refresh Uur music director. Mr. McGrady, is lead- ing a trombone quartet which is one of the music' sectionals held for senior band on Monday. Nita, Robert, Clyde, are blow- ing with great determination by appear- ances. ln W? Y. Left to right: Beverly Cox, Donna Rutan, Elizabeth Cory, Doris Clark, Donald Niver, David Niles. The students in General Art are making designs for a tile. Some of their other projects have been bookends from linoleum blocks, posters and other constructive items. This. too, is an elective-equally popular with the student body. 'Q-iq First row, left to right: Walter Grant, David Niles, Russell Elwood, Lester liordwell, Felix Hicks, Mr. Hubbard, Ken Baer, David Reynolds, james Kinney. Second row: Sylvia Ryan, Doris Clark, Alice Perkins. Linda Hall, Jacqueline Belknap, Janice Van Epps, Beverly Cox, Kay Monk, Donna Rutan. Martha Heller. Third row: Dorothy Elson, Sharon Hammond, Charlotte Smith, Evan Hulbert. S to pf Look! ,-,-e-9...- ln the driver education program, the students must know and understand the functions of the various . parts of the automobile found underneath the hood. David is demonstrating his knowledge by showing Sharon and lleverly some of the mixed up parts that make an automobile operate. L-. After learning how the car operates mechanically and how one drives a car, the students learn how to do the discouraging and disgusting, but fast dis- appearing task of changing a tire. Here, Jacqueline and Sylvia are co-operating in order to get the job dune faster. Sylvia has approved Jackies' method of jacking the ear. One of the duties of a librarian is to assist stu- dents to understand how to locate specific infor- mation by using the index of any book related to the subject to be studied. John, Nancy, Sylvia, and .lim with help from Mrs. Cross are finding their problems enjoyable. f .ini-pl 41- -Et1f.. nw fey to Learning 4- l"irst row, front to liavk: Mahlon Moon, Barbara Gatos, Eugene- Russell, Joyce llyzin. 5:-vond row: Sharon Connolly. Clifford Parkin, John Nausm-f, Diane- Allis. The- Latin I pupils art- busy doing some iast minute re-vie-wing for a test. Joyvm- is giving liugt-no a little- t-xtra ht-lp while- Diane is ht-lping John. Mahlon, llairlwara. and Sharon se-t-in to lie- doing all right but Clifford nt-Pds help. Le-ft to right: lliam- Hall, Ge-no Connf-lly, Nancy Smith, Madge- Alt-ott. This is our school store which is run by the Salt-s and llusine-ss Manage-int-nt classes under Mr. Brown. Thx- storm- carrit-s school, gym, and music supplies to lic-nz-fit thc- studs-nt of all grades. Officf-rs are Gene Con- nt-lly, Manage-rg Rohm-rt Phillips, Treasure-rg Marge Alcott, Sc-vrc-tary, with profits going toward an annual trip to Syrat-us:-. Mr. Brown. the typing instrurtor, is 1-xplaining the funda- mental parts of the- type-write-r to Sharon Winfic-ld and Richard Stafford. 'l'h4-rv are two typing t-lass:-s 1-vt-ry day. Tlit-so rlasst-s also in:-r-t om' 1-xtra pe-riod a wt-1-k acting as a st-vn-tarial pool to typo lvttt-rs, ste-nails, and manu- scripts that are- nr-n-dvd hy te-ache-rs in school. This is tht- connnunivation unit in Intro- duction to Business, Carole- Bilodeau and Lyle- Bush are showing the correct way to ust- tht- tt-lt-phono furnished by the Ncw York Statc- Tc-lc-phone Co. in Cort- land. , u,. -W.,-4 H 1 lluripvrzitimi is tlu- hasii- lzivlor in givninastics. Thi' :-limilmla-r-kiivr lvalainm- is uni- stunt that i-xvmplifivs this 1-ssa-ntiul. Hail and Ailf-ne' pe-rform it with ahilily and prwisiori. e I I i n 0' C' i ll W I 0 ll fl i l i 0 n lluriiig thi- sc-liiml yvzir our gym classes try lu pr-rlvvt tln-iris:-lws in clilformit sports. ln Sc-plc-iiilwi' iw start ffmtball. Socrvr and vari- uuf- nth:-r niitsirlv sports. Ahoul the last Of Nuvviiilwr vmiws luislu-tlnzill ami vollvyhall. Aft:-i' thi' lmslwtluill plziy-offs we start Stunts zinfl wurlwiits mi thi- rings. As the year clraws lu ai vlusc lmsvluill :incl truvk are the pre- fluiiiinzml Sports. ,lanivv Tuwsc-ly anrl Bc-vvrly Towers- ,lanive anfl llc-vvrly arf' practicing for thi- gym ilvmonstralion. This shows the preci- 30 sion and balance- rc-quired for the stunts. lmft to right: Charlie lNlVl'T has Huh:-rl Rt'j'Ili5lflS im the- mat with llala- flrvvn- man vuuntingg him out. .latin-s lfaiifivlfl and llunald Uwvns art' waiting: for tht-v'rv nf-xl, I.:-ft to right: ,laiiivs lfaufivlrl, llnnalfl Uwvns. .lc-rry Uslmrii. llonalml lfullvr waiting thvir turn un thi rings as Huiialil Fmith sliuwf liuw simply it is flum-. 5... Eighth Grade First row, left to Tight? Jane Owen, Jean Smith. Geraldine Walburn, Nettie Kinney, Carole Pettet, Marian Walker, Pris- fillll Svhillk- Pilulinf' WW-N'Hli0Tf. Margaret Nowalk. Marcia Cartner, Ruth Cranson. Second row: Pauline Moon, Anna Harris, Judy llrown, Sylvia Underwood, Mrs. Brewer. Sylvia Congdon, Judy Hotchkiss, Blanch Carter, Carole Albro, Marilyn Murrey. Third row: David Kersey, Robert Hamilton, Frank Smithkin, Chester Hayes, Burton Monroe, Bill Dieseher. Donald Beattie, Wayne Moore. Absent: Patricia Henry, Larry Fowler. Seated: Charles Card, Student Council, Carole Al- i bro, Secretary, Judy Hotchikss, Vice President. . Standing: Richard Albro, Treasurer, and Barbara , , , , MJ K Sh lir,Q-ivnh Selling cards and novelties helps raise funds for t n os , 1 it the annual trip to Albany. With Barbara watching and Richard acting as hookkeeper, Judy is getting her cards from Gene. First row, left to right: Richard Osborne, Charles Card, Cordon Watrous, Terry Corl, LeRoy Hollenbeck, Katherine Loupe, Joyce Frost, Ann Phelps. Joan Owen, David Powers. Second row: William Wrigllt, Cary Fox, Philip Coombs, Joyce Perkins, Mrs, Hopkins. Donna Williams, Joyce Carter, Richard Albro, Thomas Monroe. Third row: Robert Parkin, Edna Nicholson, Donald Clark, Stewart Doty, Judy Freer, Barbara Mclntosh, Sarah Van Epps, Phillip Hammon, Eugene Bar- ker. Absent: Carole Schink, Beverly Morse, Leon Beattie. i i ffhth Grade Smit:-ml. lu-ft In right: llurul Mlwro. Sylvia fiungclun, Ruth Cranson, Judy Hotchkiss. Carolv l'e'ttc-t. Standing: ,Iuyvv l'm'rkins. llill Ili:-svlu-r, llury lfux. lflmrlvs Card. lfiigzvnz- llarke-r. Stvwart llotyhludy Frr-Pr. Cary and Fings-nf' as Hal and Andy plan to se-ll fabrics, the-y arm- ww-airing. I l'Is'5 ' A I A ' W, pg n l.:-fl tu right: liulh, Gary, and ling:-nv. tlll- tlirz-1' planners, gn-4-I flllliflll' in his lnflian gmrlw. 32 if Ili:-ir Clothvs to pay for the ruinvd clrvss ll.-up lhg llm-f. i.lllll'llf'. pusv- il Illm' womlvn lnmliam In lvzul Wir. :nu Nlrs. Pipvr off the- trail of Usvar, the se-ul. Rulll ffransun. as Vicki. prnumlly flispluys 1 '-NIIIl'llYu mavka-rn-I 5 Uscar's dinnvr. .4138 It 1 Seventh Grade First row, left to right: Robert Harris, Walter Kelley, Robcrt Oliver, Robert Pickert, David Crisfield, Judy Nauseef, Donna Youngs, Sandra Reynolds, Cheryl Hammond. Second row: John Diescher, Gerald Congdon, Richard Fuller, Eugene Taylor Mrs, Taylor, David Van Epps. Sharon Stafford, Dorothy Monroe. Third row: June Morris, Karen Teichert, Richard Ilick Jane Ferris, Terry Zirbel, Margaret Stnbler. During the school year of 1955 and 1956 the seventh grade had 57 pupils. Our first year in the Junior High Department has been a busy one. We have participated in many activities such as: Junior Chorus, Junior and Senior Rand. Intramurals. Boys' All Stars, Junior lligh Cheerleading. and 4--H Club, in addition to our regular school work. First row, left to right: Michael Collins, Larry Lorows, Leon Cook, Richard Rood, Delores Mallory, Joyce Clark, James Bacon, Gary Wlieelock, Robert Nuuseef, Mary Harris. Second row: Gerald Wildman, Dawn Smithkin, Joan Sawyer, Helen Day. Mrs. Schaff, Teacher, Norman Alcott, Donald Torrey, Sandra Dolly, Noreen Thompson. Third row: John Kinney, Nancv Kinney, Linda Bell, Sandra Falso, Lee Murphy. 5 xv 92 Margaret Stabler, Secretaryg Jane Ferris qtudent Council Representative: Richard Hicks, Viu Presi dentg Richard Rood, Presidentg Linda Bell frcas lH'PI'. C7 X251 xr l Seventh Grade fr First row. lr-ft tn rigln: Row- NlcNamara. Winifrml Whit:-, William Youngs, ,lamvs Bush. Dale Coombs, ,lamr-s Potlc-r, Rivh- urll llavis, Harold Walk:-r, lilzl 'l'olmias, Kay llruwn, Juan Usborne. Sc-volul row: Kay Allis. Sharon Loftus, Rngvr Ellis, liugvr Monroe-. Nina Nivholsun, llunny Svllink. Nlr. Hulrllarrl, Danif-l Wl1itz', Lewis Cvnson. Robe-rt Brown. William Sfllllff. Ilnrmlw Mille-r. 'l'l1ir1l row: We-slvy Morris. Donald Smith. Cary Ripley, Cary Hof-, William Weeks, Cary Fink, Wilma llvzilll. llurlz-nv Whiting. Alwsvnt: Hlanlvy Kullman. Here Are . . . ., - . - ihit.. ' fgb, I,1-fr In rlglll: Slilllllw' Klllllllilll. Sllzirun lnflllx. lxzls Xlll- uri' llllilllglllljl llw l1izil1gvl'e+a-1-rim-lu mzikz- il Iimk us l'l'illlNll1'il?- pmqlvlv-. llrnrollly Millvr, llalv Coombs, lcla 'llulrizls arc' wlf-vurailing Illr- CllI'lSII112lS Irm' for Ilwir CllflSllllilS parly. E 3 First row. lt-ft to right: Janws l.t-onartl, Roh:-rt Atkins. Darlvnv Whitt-. Donna Smith. Vivian Monrm-. Laura Ht-nth, Marilyn liavon, l'anlinv llolnart, Maria Tie-vin-rt, John Walhurn, John lirown. Sc-voml row: Dt-lore-s Pottvr, ,lavlc f:Z1ll1llllf'll, Alb:-rt llitlwvll, Eh-nita llvan. Xliss Manning. Ct-orgrv Plan-, Sharon Svln-llingt-r. Martin lialmrit-lson, Margarct Htllltl4'S. Third row: l,e-roy Ki-rse-y. Dianna Fox. Linda Winfir-ld. Javk Towers, Gvorgzf- Carr. Gloria I.:-wis. Barbara Moore, Frank Diaz. Sixth Grade Classes l'his pivturt' illustratc-s tht- introduction to the yvar's work in Social Ytutlii-s. 'l'i1'lu-ts. lnagggagc' antl passports are- Clie-vkewl, wviglwd, Q-tr'. Any qui-stion pt-rtaining to a trip to any country visitvd involves suvh a prow-tliirv as shown in tht- pirttlrv. I.:-It to right: liurlumt Nloorv. llnrlvm- Xilntv. l.lorni I.:-wis. ,luvk . V 1 . , 'xtl1t'l'lt'Ll. oftvn rt-frm-rrt-tl to as Ihr- N11-lting lot. is rt-pre-sm-iitml hy various nn-inlivrs of the- sixth grail:-. Eilfll nn-nilwris nationality is use-tl as ti hzisis for vitalizingl tht' rlass study in So:-ial Ftutlivs. Sonn- Artivlt- pcrlztiningl to his or ln-r vonntry is shown hy 1-avlt pupil. :if it M1 A - . A "W , .41 My si? V .. 5. 3- A, ., an '-' ii -A f it I . W " ,xxx i ' ,Q X ' A X I , . Laniiplwll. Sharon 51'llt'llIllQlt'I', .Nllu-rt lmlm-ll, Qvatm-tl. It-ft to right: l'aulinv Holuart. Martin fvulmrit-lson. .lohn Brown, llvorgrc- Placv. Nlaria Tie-cln-rt. Frank llial. Stunrling: John Yvalhurn. l'atrit'ia lfasv, First row, left to right: Floyd Kenyon, Martin Williams, Patrick Collins, Paul Bennet, Darlene Ur-an, Carol Creenlc-af, Roberta Mallery, Roger Stafford. Larry Winfield, Theodore Hammond. Sovond row: Raymond Paul, Ellen Slocum, Kenneth Hollenheck. Gloria Diaz, Mrs. Corsi, Larry Mitchvll, Sharon Frost, Katherine llrown, Arlen Perkins. Third row: Donald West, Charles Crven- man, Ellen Davis, Donald Carr, Judy Towers. Lilla Elwood, Helen Genson. Absent: Nancy Lorows, John McGrady. Ln-ft to right: Sharon, Larry, Roger are com- pleting the room's Santa Claus. lt's a BIC Santa, as you ean seo-so he can carry lots of gifts. 36 Fifth Grade Classes Loft to right: Larry, Gloria, Rohn-rta are putting the finishing touohes on Christmas wreaths for their par- PINS. 4 Edt- CM N .I umm-s in tlw nn "Tl thx- annual Christmas Concvrt. 0-A-I iv- MT a -1 'mi et u. SWIG First row, If-ft to right: lrvm- Moon, Wilfrc'cl Wl1itc', Rita Willialiis, Jann-s Lapp, Ronald Tracy, Ronald Dolly, ,lamvs Hotvhlciss, Sandra Hamiliton, lmv llc-nwnt, Sally ,lo Massingill. Svcond row: lfdward llvaumont, lra Alle-n. Paul Svliavlvr, James P4-rkins. Mr. Allen, Cary Clow, Bonnie Snydf-r, Karvn Nowalk, Marilyn Bilocloau. Third row: Ronald Carr, William Harvey, Dale Watrous. Raymond Frost, Rosemary Davis, Robin Harm-5, B:-tty llm-nnvtt. Absvnt: Sharon Coff. llotvhkiss and Sally ,lo Massingill are doing their part fifth grade- Christmas play. This was an original pantomimv iv Night lim-forv Christmas" pre-sented by the grade at sm. AEE t -MI ,gn--. qandra l'l3l'!1llll0Il Sharon Goff and Ira Allin an having., a discussion on commun- ity lifr' in Sovial Studios. IE! R A if ,ls K Fir-I row. Ivfl In right: Rnlwrl Clow, Donald Kvllvy, Julia ,lr-nm-r, Daviwl Vlfinfie-lml. Janws Halvy. Rirharal Dually. 'I'ln-mlmw Holy. 111-cargo Davis, I.in4lz1 Sisson, Rf-nv Marvy. Svconul ruw: Sharon Binkham. Larry O'lJonnr'll. l'z1- Irivia Ilan-ilumi. l.arruim' Nlnrsv, Hrs. Mvlvalf. Bonnie' Palmvr. Frvdrivk Cross. Cvurga- Hayf-S. Ray Putin-r. 'llhirrl row: llunnf- Ale-xumh-r. lliunv Parsons. llluria Stilwvll. Fay Bc-lknap. Holme-rt Full:-r. Joann Cc-nsun. Rita ndflllliifl, Ray llruwn, Alrse-nl: Waynr- Fm-rris. Ill: 11-nv rs from llu- plav IH't'41'llll'll an Lllflil ml snixllr-cl llvur 5ilIllRl Klaus. lwrsl rnvv, lvl! tu ll Ill: liulwrl. Fre-rlrivk, Rulwrl. ,lilIIl4'4, lluxi4l l'mu1r. Sm-mul ruw: julia. llvnrga-, lluune-. 1 llvfll liilu. llmlniv. anrl llnmulrl, Fourth Grade Classes This is allutlu-r scvne' from Ilu- lfhristnmw play "lla-ur Santa Claris." First row. lvl! to right: Rvm: Linda. Waynv. Svcoml row: Larry, Lur- rainv. Kay. Third rnw: Ce-urge-, llianzl. Fay. Joann. Rivllarcl. Sharon aml Ray. "?t'sTIf First row. li-ft to right: Ray Osborne. ,lanicv Strvf-tor, john Scliai-fc-r, Bonita Rvynolds, David Doran, Gloria Nichol- son, Frmli-rick Monrov. Gloria Dellow. Lois Baker, Judy Wildinvn. Sm-cond row: Sharon McGrady, Mary Leonard, Rolwrt Chorlvy, jam- Carter, Mrs. Fish, Carol Fuller, Carry Towers, David Fisk, Donald Foster. Third row: Dean Ke-rss-y, Kiln Walrous, 'l'e-rry Snyder, Aaron Congdon, Edward Potter, Marge-na llrazvv, Virgina Abdallah. llnvid is pointing out the- diffvrvnt countrivs while- John and llonila ure- looking on, Qlizirun, lfdward. and llavid arv having fun tc ting foods to sm- if Ilicy have starch in lhvm. 39 Rl First row. loft to right: Thomas llrown, Judith Pivkort, Richard Harnhart, Vivian Tobias, Paul Sabin, Linda Mallvry, Kara-n Johnston. filtarlvs Tlollvrllravk, Shirlvy Widgor, Maynard Harris. Sevond row: Joyvv Moon, Judy Underwood ll:-ruld Walk:-r, K:-nt Slim-tl:-r. jr-rrod Clark. Mrs. llowc-, Gt-orgc Case, Barbara Atkins, Roberta Ames, Maryanne llul- slandvr, Roh-nv Wright. Third row: llrian Kullman, Raymond Towers, Malcolm Heath, Larry Lawrence, Suv McNamara, llarry Ure-e-ttfirld. Luvinda Stilwvll. Tvrry Mavotttlwr. v Third Grade Classes Loft to right: Vivian, Robvrta. Sur, Barry, llrian. Rolone- are' making pilgrims for thvir pilgrim villagv. This was a Thanksgiving unit and thx' Childrrrn enjoy:-cl the project wry much. l,1-lt to right: Maynard, Judith, lVlalcolm. Thomas. Kent, Nlaryannm- am- coloring clay dishes in Art class. Thoy pn-st-ntvd the-ir dishvs to thvir parffnts as Christmas pros- vttls. First row. If-ft to right: Wvilliam Crcvnlvaf. Mary Jam' Snyqlvr. Bt-vvrly Pottm-r. Kvnnf-Ill Norton. Shannon Glassforcl, .lame-s Town-rs, Linda lfaton. Phyllis Ryan. Paula Tvivlwrt, Virginia Jenner. Svrond row: Dale' Talbot, Roger Horak, Wayne: l'aro, Lorvtta Parkin. Mrs, Tallmot. lflizalmvtli Bonst:-cl. ,Ianivc Kvrsvy. Carroll Harris. Patricia Nause-4-f. Third row: Mary Ann Rim-. Iiivliartl Monro. Williur Turns-r. Satltlic- Carr, Ts-rry Mitchvll. William llulslanfler, Betty Lou Frevlovc. ' ,.., . H , ... . W . . 2lQ4fi?55 E5 ' I f fs - .- A ,-.. .. . t - . -4'ft 4 ' , , , , 6 1. . . E , , f Xt. AQ . 5 L 9 2 ' v in 1 . mit X , l.:-fl to riglltz Kt'IlHl'Il1 Norton. llvtty l,ou l"r4-a'lov4', lflizalwtll llonstvvl. Rvgxinaltl An- ge-li, Smltlit- Curr. ,latin-s Duff. The-y we-ra studying fruit in Sovial Studios. Rvginaltl is sm-rving the' fruit salad. Seated, lm-ft to right: Pa-tor Lauria, Ernvst Laurvnm-. Standing: Patricia Nausevf. Rt-ginaltl Angvli. Tliv cliiltlrvn have rc-ail storivs almout animals in the- zoo. 'flu-y arf- making and painting some animals that arv fouml in ilu- zoo. '73 J l"irsl row. Ie-ft lo right: Douglas llrown. Thomas Anim-1, Dvlorvs Lyon. Patricia Uillwrt. Constanfic' Frost. Kay llvvkwilll. Mlm:-rt Williams. Joann Williams. Sharon Clow, Bvrtha Cody. Se-cond row: Rogvr llonste:-l. Ronald Cf-nson, Paula Burl dick. lie-rnld Schar-fc-r, Raymond Ilowz-ll, Mrs. Wadsworth. Donald Card. Alan Mayf-rlv, ,lohn Ric:-, Joseph Harris, tfandavv Ks-ynolds. Third row: Linda lflwood, Roy Gvnson. Marilyn Morsv. Carol Slilwf-ll. Edward Parks, Edith Wllitv, Patsy ll:-1-kt-r. Joan SH-lmlmins. Urs. Waulsworllil Nl'f'UlNl grade' while- studying pilgrims. 'luring Ilia- Tlianksgivingg sf-as-mon, lwvamc' wr:-sl'-cl in Ilia' Indians ol that limo. The- vliildrvn mule' xzirions urtivlvs similar to on:-s uscd by tho lndizins at that Iilllfh lift Io right: Douglas, Paula. Sharon, liogvr. Tonilily and Joann. econd Grade Classes This is a hm-allh projm-vt of our srvoml gradi- class. In this study wcfvv boon li-arning the right foods to out if wc- want to have' hvalthy rv:-th. L1-ft to right: Kay. Candace-. Raymond, Linda. Donald, and Ccrald. .iding in story "Un Pleasant Street" which finished the Unit. l l in U B Il. and Leonard acting as the teacher. ao .0 1' pl' vl First row. left to right: April Partridge, Sharon Hills, Leslie Monk, ,John Hubbard, David Hobart, Philip Nowalk, Kathleen Nowalk, Gerald Smith. Robert Hobart. Joyce Doran. Second row: Patricia Diaz, Rita Hammon, Charles Perkins, Thomas Putter, Wayne Stebbins. Mrs. Card, Leonard Moore, Leona Glassford, Regina Barnhart, Barbara Bacon, Lonnie Marcey. Third row: Sharon Hall. Stuart Coombs. James Davis, john Pease, Vincent Williams, Sheila Murphy, Marcia Bennett, Nlauriee Turner, Linda Doran. Charlotte Walker, Daniel Lapp. Absent: Linda Miller, Annette Parson. I t right: Charlotte. Sheila, Lonnie, Maurice, Regina, ar- i Here we are making a serapbuok for a mem- her of the class, Annette Parson. who has rheumatic fever. lt was fun for us doing it and we shared some of our ideas with her. l.eft to right: Kathleen, Wayne, Marcia, 'l'homas. -v 9 L- 43 I - I 1 f i ,ng -4 We -' - J. I il I - l 1 First row, le-ft to right: WaynvCl1risl0pl11-r, Carolyn D1-ckvr, Linelu Murphy, B1-tty Monroe, Willis Streeter, Sharon Nausvvf. William Rim-, Advln' Todd. jamvs Kvllvy, Gary Svlwnwrliurn. S1-conel row: Murivl Divsf'l1f'r, Sandra Horalc, Mary Turn:-r, llanii-l Ure-4-nfii-ld, Joel Clark, Mrs. Williams, joyvz- Slvlnlmins, Marjorie Davis, Rolwrt Hill, Carlton Predmorv, Franvine' l'ar0. 'llliirql row: Janws Macuinlwr, llnwarml L1-onard. Rolwrt Hulslanmlvr, ,lolin Allvn. Lawre-ncv, Hills, Lvnn I,2lWI'I'lli'l' llixic- Sliuln-lt, Dixiv llf-ll. . MM ,W 6, ,, First Grade Classes WE" "' " ' "MV ' 'X HE' .f,,,:1, ,..f' .,,., 5' Hulwrl and Ailvlv ara- shown at tln- clocks. lfirsl gruflc-rs lvnrn In n-ll time: Eavli of Ilwfa- 1-locks sllnws tlie- illllf' of swim' of nur :lapis avtivitic-S. ' V llixiv. llixiv, ,lznnvs and Flizirun nri' lvurning lluw to rnuka' ' flulgv. We- hull fun le-arming: and fun vulingx. rm A , u y lioxunnv. and Marian zm- painting Iiungvrs as xlIlll1S pI'K'S1'IllS for ilu-ir IlNlllll'I'S, On lhvsx- llllllQIl'l'S ure' o s lor llllllgllllgl lwlls. I' f' 5' W5 li L E 'l ii I X ' . L 'Y 6. . 1 sf. in - iii First row, lvft to right: John Bush, Shirley Nausc-ef, Donald Brown. Mich:-llv Boyer, Rivharcl Pickert, Catherine Pom-r Kalhlm-on Collins, Mirhac-I Partridgzv, Fay Re-ynolfls, Marlan Dvllow. Se-1-ond row: Thomas Fuller, Gilda Cruvvr, Chvryl Carr llarle-nv Haviland. Norma Russell, Shirlvy Johnson, Samlra Brooks, Sharon Wirlgc-r, Pamvla Angeli. Thirml row: Waynm Pottvr. Kan-n K4-rs:-y, Marh-ne Hobart, Roxanne Harris, Carol Ann White-, llarrc-ll Lyon, Richard Rumsvy, Mary ,Iam- llciivclivt. Absent: Michael Caine-ron. I lllllkl lllillll'N in Ihr' llllNl'il'l. :aa j, 0 . , it . L L 'Xliwliaivl llaum-ron :mil llihlu ffruu-r am' re-xii-ii ing uorul-. :Xfh-r illvntilxiug Iln' worml on an upph- ilu-v pu-la ilu' :lpplu :mil pu! il Ill ilu lm-ku-I, l'.:u'l1 pupil lruw In Nm- who Villl gwl lhe 1? Q Is zmlergarterz First row. le-lt to right: l.arry Rttllm-r, Roy Wlilliams, Nlivhau-l Nowalk. llunalcl Hartlvy. Jvrry Sink, Willialrt Scltavfvr. St't'0llll ruw: Naomi Nivkvlson. Dorothy Lvunartl. Christine' S4-nwrarn, l't-nny liurrlivk, Clara Bt'nc'dit't, Stvpltvn iXl1'tt'all', Ili-lmrali l,amlwrt. Randall llarnhart. Thirrl row: Shvila Cartlnvr. Paul Uilhvrt. Hivhard Anws, Mrs. Ruwc, Barhara Small, Samlra Ki-mlrivk. l'amt-la Whilnvy, Ahsvnt: Sharon Harris, Sylvia Kvnrlrivk, Susan Rt-if. Kathy Pickert. -or ill it nv-w it-4-ir. lhuae- who 1 haning fun with tht- nt-w im-1-hanim'al tm au- frmn lf-ft In rigltt: in tht- jvvp laru: lPl'lll!14l tht' in-vp. llnnalml. N-rf intl rnmi llurntlty. William. Naomi. Xlit-lim-I. llni'l+ara. l'atm'la annl Samlra 46 Ihr- lilIHl4'l'Qllll'll'll is tht- prvutttl puwvs- iri- The- vhiltlrvn arv prvparingz lor thvir Tliatiksgixirigz Party. 'flu-y arm- using as the-ir thvmm- tht- First 'l'hanksgiving, whvn thc' Pilgrims anti the- llltlillllh 1-vli-Inratwl thc' bountiful harvvst. 'l'h4 four vhilclre-n who art- popping th: warn from li-ft to right arv. l'1-nny Randall. Sh:-ila and Richard. Mrs. Howr' math' silltnttt-ttv:-1 uf t'ilt'lI chilil in he-r grad:-. ln this pivturv th: sillioixz-ite is Christine- and standing looking at hr-r is Paul. y 4 I.-'X 'Q-453' A' Q T: 3'5- 4 K5 7197- 47: 55 5' was -s. ,N I ' , 1 Q1 'x .,-. X - Ai V' QF-' 555 'Q 5 ,ni gwxfi' ,cg t' U , M 'R gs 4 X, iw ae fa, my , ' ' V Q .P .:ogfs2Z ' I ,Mfr ' X wk. E A52 A V 4 g 5 1 ' 5. fi E ' F' - 58 A ' Wg, ' 7'Q-'T W Q .. Q- 3 asf ,W A Mx r A Q , , giizw- f xl! MZ, , E L... ' th . f ...l" S, k ' - ' "'A" A ---' 16 , A -f' 'gk 5' 'A' Ji: ' . r 5 94 N, . v lx " . J I 2 a n , , V, 5 ku: I 11'-' ,I Q ng W , X Aj o Q . 1 L, E iw.x""A ' - . f f K- K !9 K - 'nf Af'5ha k A 4:5 K J q ha - L, MQQ2 . - S ' X xg ,fa Q, Q, f A - ' 5' by g 4 M s -P ,HQ A-X4-5,' .A, ,ii , 339:13 ,al 213 cj -A- ,1.wqrf. 2 . , Qwr. '- ' y n , LL.. Q ghfgiiv wf1S!, 5- X "sf . fly' z .4 Q W' i S, ' .4,..,3ga!152yqg:!,, 2 5 .cf Q .if fly: A 'fa' -Q -Q26-5.f sfQSf22w1f fi - f E t W. if , K ' "V"'T 3:-f",,,Vxf? k"" 3351 " 'S 1- , ' c .. ' Lx Q n 5 - m A . . i... A uf' vw' 'Q ., W 1-was Sm - ,,.:, . :Il .36 JJ, I if in Q. :zzgfsf Agfvfn A KP? n .Eg 5 M- L V K . uw: 16 55... " ma fuk x, .lr . ,, 1 QF' :I ll , ' iff 2-Q fu if F Q? .- fi -.m mf -F Y 049. kwa , , 4 . ,-n fa fs, . 1. 115184145 " ' Qwwnf ,,. Q" an .a ,- an-GV 2 gi 2. iii? fm 47 Nr 6 First row. lt-ft to rifrhtz l'nir'har1l llvnry. lfmlgar llatsfortl. Ang:-lu Tziraritu. llzxvinl King. Hulwrl vlihamhvrlain. Timothy Whit- ,- ucx. llmlglus llvnry. llivlizirrl Small. Svvrnxiil row: Dawn llvlta-I. Sllilfllll Hallste-aml. Sharon Smilhkin, Mrs. Duty, buszm I I lirimii. ,ln-am Ht-ll:-r. Arlc-la Howl. Thircl row: Slwila Sanisun. ,lunv llu-lps. Susan Iuwm-rs, Douglas Owens. Barllara llrvc-il, Smit lfriwluli. W1-gli-y lfhumlwrluin, Fra-ilric' Van Dusc-r. Hlmlgvll Mills First mul Svrmul Grfulas llu--v -vvnml ggrzulm-rs arf- working: with IIIU llu-ir ovsn vlnrlis un how I0 tt-ll lilnv. Fw!! is Qluwving Susan. She-ila unfl Wi-sl:-y 11' on his vltrvk. Thi- 4'hil4lrrn il vi-rtzun tin maui fini 4- the-ir own vltwks untl the-y likv tu l thi- mm' with thvm, -I -POOR! 'Q i X I 1 l 1 llivw fir-t Qll'.l4ll'TN am pl :tying zi llulrvrt numlu-r ,uaiinrz .-Xrli-tx :intl llilVl' vzxvll tzikvn ll wuril hy giving thi- vnvrrwl zirisvwr. liirlizlrtl has IIINI gin-n thi- vnrr L 'l' 1 " '. ,. ,.. thi- mu-I Vuril-. vc! an-4 wvr fu lu' 1 mirili Thf- rlliltlrvli liki- -1 .R ,. 1.5 , W-J' bv First rnw, It-ft to right: Roln-rt Nlrlntush, ,lohn Smithkins. Wtiyiim- Chamln-rluin, Cary Henry, Terry Whitney, Bill Daven- port. lltivitl llrt-1-tl. Sz-voiul row: Jam' llauinan, l.unashie'r Ruotl, lfurinv Runisvy, Mrs. Crevnman, Marlea Smithkins, Beatrice- llmlgv. Clit-ryl Nlvlntosli. 'lihird row: Darryl Van Dusvr, Shi-ilu Duty, Philip Ilcitvr, John Hvllvr, Shirley Kinnvy, Karen lfrivtluli. Alrsvnt: l,uwrn'm'e' l'e'trie', Putty Small. 'li 1 Y ' A I' Third mul Fourth ""M Grades ri 1,1-ft to right: john, John. and Philip. 'l'lic'sc lmys svvni rvally in- it-rt-st:-d in rt-ailing this tl1m-rmomt-- tc-r. The- frm-zing point. boiling point. and tl:-gn-vs almvt' and ln-low xvro arc' Smtiv of ther 1-ssential facts that tht-y arv lt-urning. lmtt lu right: janv, llcutrivv. Tvrry, Marlva, Shvila. l'luying1 stun- SK'l'Ill!4 to ln- lun for tht-so vltililrvn. ' A 'i" Shi-ilu is at that cash rt-gistvr. Making the right vliuiigv is lu-lplul now as wt-ll as in later lilv. Al- tliough worthlvss, toy monvy ln-cuinvs valuable in zirilltint-lim' wha-ii usvtl for the imaginary purchasing of toys. J .- 4- 'ii g331...,!!ll-- l .. W 8. N , mn WI M Wim L14 Zqwfwl- Highlights of September 6-Superintendent's Conference September 7-School Opens September 22-Soccer at Virgil September 27-Soccer at Truxton September 29-Soccer at Cincy October 4.-Soccer at Homer October 6-Soccer at Marathon October 7-Zone Conference at Binghamton October 11-Virgil at McGraw, Soccer October 12-Columbus Day Observance October 13-Truxton at McGraw, Soccer October 25-Marathon at McGraw, Soccer November 11-Veteran's Day Observance November 17-18-Senior Play November 10-Jamesville-Dewitt, away, Basketball November 23-25-Thanksgiving Recess November 28-School Reopens November 29-Whitney Point-here December 2-Cincy-away December 6-Dryden-away December 9-Truxton-here December 16-Virgil-here December 20-Dryden-here December 21-Christmas Concert December 22iChristmas Recess January 3-School Reopens January 3-Tully-here January 6-Marathon-away January 10-Newark Valley-away January 13-Homer-here January 20-Cincy-here January 23-26-Regents Week January 27-Truxton-away January 30-Second Semester Begins February 3-Virgil-away February 4-Oxford-here :Ji the School Year February 10--Marathon-here February 13-Lincoln's Birthday Observance February 14'-South Otselic-here February 17-Homer-away Feburary 18-Chorus Festival February 25-Basketball Play-Offs March 3-Band Festival March 7-Physical Education Demonstration March 23-Eighth Grade Play Bdarch 29-Recess for Easter Vacation Bdarch 30iApril 4-Senior Trip April 9-School Reopens April 21-National Rifle Association Sectionals April 26-McGraw at Truxton, Baseball April 28-Citizenship Education Conference April 30-Virgil-away May 3-Marathon-here May 7-Homer-away Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday Bday June June June June June June June 10-Cincy-away 1 1-Junior Prom 14-Truxton-here 17-Virgil--here 19-Track "B" Sectionals at Cortland 21-Marathon-away 24-Homer--here 25-Memorial Day Recess 26-Final Class "B" Track Meet at Cortland 31-School Reopens 31-Cincy-here 4-Athletic Banquet 15-21-Regents Week 22-School Closes 22-Junior-Senior Banquet 24'-Baccalaureate 25-Class Night 26-Commencement i -Q s f . C si ' ' 1 54c4fi3i"fi 3 QS' iz' 9 N 3 2 1. " D Q4 fLi: ?,, . E ! pb 'Nj QQ? Q4 'Egg WN ,'-Q34 M' L! ' ' " 1 ' l ,W 'Q' A ff f lf 1 f Q f l f 5" 'g -Q 1 if 1' f fi . 'g!"5 ... Q "ff .y . 3 .. '-' .' Y- 7" 3 a vin' Q 1 3 . w if 'P S, A 'N 'Tix 1' - 1 an A gy fk I ix Nw,1 if' -w P W b .X ,. - x 55W 4, 24 ' 'ig rj . tis: X E: :ga ig -M n La 0 , .. f If P, f 4 - - 1,14 0 ' ' .V , .,r1-Q, f ,,'- .qw , 4.1 -v . ,, .EJ -i I We ,ff 1 X ,,, I ' v 2 :L . K f N A 1 ' X 3 ii 'r e s Af x V 4 EWR 1, 13 1,511 . 1- sp., ,, A Ll +14 if? ' it ....- -1-v I ' fw 'J 1, 1 Q" .,? .14 i , ., A . U! , J , 'F , 1 Sign- , 4 ' .L- N if ' ,Qty X, 1 9336: . Q L' 1 Q 4. A 1 42 ij 4 N 1 X .. av ' - S ff ' 3'fk V.: 1 vi ' I Q X 15 ri 3 f Our Sen wr Trzp FRIDAY, MARCH 30 Breakfast at School Cafeteria Arrive Hotel Knickerbocker Cathedral of St. John the Divine Easter Stage Show, Radio City Dinner near Times Square Empire qtate Buildin ' II Visit Penn. R. R. Terminal and Times Square SATURDAY. MARCH 31 Sight-seeing trip to East Side Iloat Trip to Statue of Liberty lunch on Bedloc Island Tour of Il.N. Building Shopping at Macy's CBS TV Show "Beat the Clock East-West All-Star Basketball game Madison Square Carden EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 1 Easter Service at Riversidf Ihurch or Corpus Christi Church Crant's Tomb, Columbia University Easter Parade Leave for Yvashington Arrive Hotel Statford MONDAY. APRIL 2 Jefferson Memorial I".ll.I. Building Class licture in front of Ca itol I Congressional Library Supreme Court Visit to US, Capitol Franciscan Monastery Smithsonian lnstitutio Stage Show at one of Washington s Theatres TUESDAY, APRIL 3 Washington Monument Lincoln Memorial White House Leave for Mt. Vernon Arlington Cemetery and Tomb of Unknown Soldier Lincoln Museum Shopping Rocky Glen Park WEDNESDAY. APRIL 4 Bureau of Printing and Engraving Leave Washington for Gettysburg Barbara Fritchie House Arrive at Gettysburg Arrive Home tn- Nm 1 -x 1 HK 5 A t 4 xx Better Homes First row, left to right: Violet Greenleaf, Beverly Towers, Elaine Muncy, Martha Heller, Mary Clark, Beverly Cox, Rosalie Turner, Patricia Holmes. Diane Hall. Second row: Annice Stafford, Beverly West, Janice Towsley, Vesta Hines, Mrs. Haines, Carol Mitchell, ,loan Perkins, Connie Garner, Patricia Crisfield, Sharon Hammond. Third row: Glenna White, ,Iohanne Salisbury, Betty Potter, Jean Belknap, Alice Perkins, Genevieve Ryan, Betty Lou Hulslander, Charlotte Miller, Lois Stevens. Absent: Jackie Belknap. First row. left to right: Vesta, Secretary, janiee, Sergeant-at-Arms: Jean, Vice Presi- dent. St-eontl row: Rosalee, Historiang Patricia, Treasure-rg Diane, News Reporterg Alice, Presirlt-nt. .Y K gi 5 Left to right: Rosalee. Mary. Alice, Betty. The F.H.A. girls brought fruit and are decorating a box to take to the County Home as a Christmas gift. Ei as ,013 lmfttu 11117115 lilo' ""W- l"l' Y" Vltilllf f:l11H'l1'F Niwr. lmslvr llorilwt-ll. .lann-5 Kinney. Holler! li4'ylllllllr. Swoml row: llonalml lt Ufltllllx lllowfn. Ce-ralil ffamplwll. .lllfli 'lltl4'll1'll. John Clark. Russvll Flwooil. ,lohn Stafforil. John l.oopm'. fflifforml N lhiril row: Waller llrant. liivllaril Allif. llaymoncl Allvn. Mr. lhisekist. ,lose-ph Slahlvr. llarrx-ll llorl. Kolwrl Carol. lliroi xlllll4'y'. Jannvs l'pily-kv. .Xlrseiitx Norman Nlonk. liylv Hush. Honulil liongtlon, Kenneth lla-nry. Nlivliavl NUllFl'l'l, lin larn N 1 aim-4-f. William 'liI'll1'j. The l".l".,'X. Chapter Officers arc looking over somv of the projc-vts that will he used for money mailwrs. 'l'In-so hoys servo as program planners for the- yearis activity. A hoy must have coinpleted one year of vocation- al agriculture aml have met the requirements for ilu- Chapter Farmer Degree he-fore he is eligihle for oflive. ln this way. only those who are familiar with the organization can hold office. la-fl to right: llhurle-s Niw-r. John Loupe. Doug Brown. .lavk Mitvlu-ll. 'l'hm-se four haw Charge of two acres of lanil on whivh the-y grow various kinils of Corn, using: mliffn'l'c'nt typos of fvrlililvr. l'n'.wnIf'11l .l.-XNIICN KINNICX lin- l'n-,mlffrzf l.l'i5'I'lili ISU l'n'u.snre'r .IHIIN tllftlili 5l'1'l'1'flll't ,IUIIN S'l'.fXl"l"ltlill R1-porlw lil'SSlfI.I. l'fl.NYUUlb .5RlllI'll1'l ,IMQK NlI'l'lflllfl,l. .'11lI'l-.VH Nlll. Ill SICKIFI' 1 f 5 ,i , 31 F. F.A. Uemonstratlon Plot O 1 5 In Cooperation with G.L.F. HIIXXI I I 1 : 1 lwlllmolt fluff . ,. W ..w..m...44,w..,a w................................-..,-.L...I .W........N.. . - -.-..-.. . -- lfirst row. It-ft to right: Dorothy Rlson, Kay Monk. tflivryl R:-ynolds. Mary Clark. lflizzilwtll Cory, Patti l.'llomme-di4'u. Nlarlha llvllvr. RlI9illt'4' lllllTll4'I', lfhurlottw- Smith. Sandra R1-me-nt. liarhara Gatvs. l.ois Sl:-va-ns, Sharon flonnvlly, Dian:- llall. 51-fond row: Nanvy Smith, Alirm- llc-rkins. llonna Rutan. fllydq- Rordwc-ll, john Stafford, llill Thomas, Mrs. Nvllvn- hawk, Rivhard Stafford, llonald Nivvr. Russ:-ll lflwood, ,lohn Nausa-e-f. Raymond Owt-ns. Third row: Ronald Rowv, llvwrly Nuns:-1-f. 5ylvia Ryan. lfonnix- flhristiv. Jr-an R1-lknap. Vesta Hinrs. Rvvvrly W1-Qt, llvtty Potts-r, Janivv Towsle-y, Vivian Russ:-ll. Roh:-rt Phillips. Mar-ioriv Alcott. Fourth row: Patty Chrisfield. Richard Hopkins, Kvnne-th Rae-r, ,lim Nile-s. livin- ffonnvlly, Iluvid Crandall. livzm llulln-rt. David R4-ynolds. .lanirv Van Epps. Bvatricc' Kinnf-y, Cvne-vivvv Ryan, lfarolv lloost-, Malvolm Cilln-rt. ,Ioyvv Ryan. ometimes We F altered lftlilor .l:KNl1fI'I S'I'R.MIK ."N.Yl'Xf!Illl Iftfilnr MARY CLARK IfllXllllt'SX 'll11n1l,Qr'r ROIIERT t'IIILI,IPS Tspirig fflmirmnn MAR'l'llA llRI.Ll'lR l',IUl17,QflllI,l-Y fflmirman -WILLIAM THOMAS Copy filhlliflllflfl' VIVIAN RllSSl'll.l, Cirla' Sporlx ffllllliflllllll JANICE 'FOWSLEY lfoyx' Sports lfliairman -RONALD ROWR Advisor MRS. .IEANNETTE NELLENBACK First row. lvft to right: Vivian Russvll, Janice Strack. ,lanicv Towslvy, Mary Clark. Se-vond row: Ronald Rowe-, Robert Phillips, William Thomas, Martliu Hvllvr. This is your ,lunior Rt-tl Cross counvil ri-pre-sr-nling IllQ'lIllll'I'5 from gxracln' sc-ven tn lwt'lvv. Tllvy llavr' vltnrgc- of all Junior Rf-rl Cross artivitivs. ln tin' fall llwy Con- tluctvrl tin- annual invnilwrsliip drivc. at Tliaiiksgziviilg tlivy pr:-parvml a tnvnu. pur- l'lillSQ'll zinml mle-livvrvcl at foml lraslu-I for at lvast two nwals to ai family of ninc- incin- lwrs, and in tlu- spring tln-y supt-rxist-tl tin- filling of gift boxvs for boys and girls ovm'i's4-us. First row. lc-fl to right: ,lorry lialnplwll. Ct'Ilt'Vit'Vt' Ryan. Pvarl Hayvs. Stunrl Fra-1-r, Carole- lloose-. llclort-s Niall:-ry. Svvoml row: Rosalvv Turuvr. Rohm-rt Hamilton, Mrs. Sm'l1uff.,l0ym'c Ryan. ,lumly Nausvvf. J i T ll T +A Y 'llllQ'St' ussisl our school librarian at Ilia' dt-sk, each working in his from- pf-riod. llc-re' jinnny and Gary are waiting whilm- llorotliy vliargvs a lmok to Mike. liifforsl. liolm, Dalv, Doug unml Don assist Mrs. Cross in gc-tting nvw lmoks rvzuly to lw put into cirvulation. They also rvpuir any wliivh have ln-voinv dainagod and he-lp kc-vp ilu- many hooks on the- lil1rary.sln'lvr's in proper order. J uni or R ed C ross Front: ffharlotlv Nlillm-r. lfluine- Munvy. Roar: Ve-rna llollvnlxack. livvvrly Tow- vrs. Charlotte-. Fluinv, Vvrnu, and livv- vrly ka-vp lmavk issue-s of popular maga- zinvs in vlironologival xml:-r for vasy refc-rt-nw. The-y also takv rare- of th:- equipnwnt and supplii-s. O l i wt st . A3 l l . l 4 First row. lvft to riglft: Kvnnvtli Bavr, Rivliarfl llopkins, llf-vt-rly Nuns:-4-f. Sm-cninl row: Janivs Fvrris. John Nzillsvvf, Ailt-nv Pliillips. 'l'l1irrl row: Mivliar-l Collins, William Wriglit, llurrvll Curl, llarliara Russt-ll. Rnlwrt ffarfl. .lucly llntvlikiss. lluvirl Nil:-s. lfllge-nv llurlce-r. Standing: Clmryl Hr-ynolds, Malilon Moon. Almsr-nt: llonaltl Nivvr, Joym' Ryan Itivk llupkins was vlinst-n H Ilia' first Drum Nlzijur ut Nl:-llrtiw lf:-ntral St-luml. Ile- elm-s tht- rlrum major outfit prmnl. 1 ,,L, 3 E, x I I F Nr. Nl4'Ura4ly--nur lraml dirt-vlor f ill uvtiun. l X t 1 ll tk ,N a z . J. , 2 Q . 4 E 4 X Fixx! row, If-ft to right: ,Iumly Nullsvvf, Uorulhy Pflson. Svvuiiel row: 'll-rry Curl. Ruyniuml Uwvns. Sandra Dully, Wil- lium Tlimnzls. Third row: ,lanicv Van Epps. Jllllivt' Slruvk, llurlmru Calm-s. Hunulml Smith, Mulvolin liilhvrt, Nita Km-llvy, Holi:-rt Atiiillli Clyde' liorrlwvll, ,lunws U0l'li'ill'll4. ,laum-s ifaiufim-ld. Slaimlingz Rub:-rt Pliillips, Carol:- lil'l't'ilIl. -3- Tln-sv four snapy niajorvttcs add a lot to our hand since- ilu-y r1-m'viva'4l ilu-ir nvw uniforms Illia past ya-nr. Iivft to riglil: Aile-no l'llillips. Curolo lie-rvun, Judy Holvhkiss. and ffhvryl Ruynolfls. if iw, if 25 iff -fwffffffg' i cf? ?dw5: nward First row. le-ft to right: llianv Allis. Sharon Connolly. Jnyve' Ryan. Kay Monk. William '1'l1UlllZlS. Caroh- llvre-an llvvvrly Nausvvf. Svvonxl row: llianv Hall. Patricia 1,.HOllllIIf'tli1'll. Ruhr-rt Re-ynolcls. Uloria Kr-ll:-y. Cllr-ryl Rvynnlm llarlmara Gatos. Sanmlru ll:-im-nt, Charlotte' Smith. Thiril row: Carolv Huusv. Vivian Russ:-ll. .lanivv Slravk. Nlarjnrn Ali-ntl. Janivv Towslvy. Sally Mvlntosli. Vvsta Hinos. Pc-arl Hayf-s. Fourth ro'w: ,Iamvs Kinnz-y. Clyde- Bormlwv John NHllSl'f'f. Huh:-rt Adams, Malcolm Cillme-rt. Felix Hicks. Evan Hulln-rt. At thc piano, Rivharul Hopkins, CHORUS EVENTS Christmas-December 21, 1955 Chorus Festival-Feh1'uary 18, 1956 Spring Concert 62 Miss Wilkenson. llireclor Ye People Q i 1 1 e i K X 2 l'irs! row., Ivfi Io right: Miss Wilkinson, Vl'ill11l Ke-Hy, Mary tiiilfk. ffurul ix1iil'iN'ii.,lU1lll Pcrkins, Luis Sli-vvns, Murllix Ili-lla-r, Ilnrotliy lflsmi. Si-iwsiiil row: l'zilrii'iii 11risfi4'l4l. Kosulii- 'l'urm-r, Aili-nv Pliillips, Sllzirim Wii1fim'l4l, ,luun 'uwi'rs, fiziil I'il'iQ'li1lIl, H1'Yl'l'iy xvvsl. Iillil Aliw Pvrkiiis. Naiiivy Smilli. lflimlwlll il vlly, AlLllliK'4' Vllll lfpps, .lzirkiv Ii4'ikllLlll. 'll'l'l llolinvs. llurluirii Russi-Il. 'l'liir1I ruvv: Russm-ll iflwooil, John Lnopi on-y, lloris lflurk. Fourlli rnw: .lziinvs Nils-s, David livyiioliis, livin- Con ii4'1lll'ii'1' Kimi:-y. Anne- Hush. llviivvii-vi' Hyun. lint rem. lvfl 1:1 right: Mary Harris. N4ll'TI'l'll Tililllllwlill. livriiimiim- Walliurn, Slivrrill Hu111111u11d. Donna Ymiiigb. ,I11114- K,NVf'HQ. l11:111 0 'vU'Il', Sillllifil RQ'Vl11li4iS, S1'l'Ull1i row: Killill'TillQ' l,11o11'. ,luhn Ilia-wiivr. Nluruarvl Nnwzilk. Dziiiql Yun lfppf. jilllt' i'il'TI'iN. . I . l'11-villa S1'llillii. Sylvia lilillgllllill. Allll l'I11-ips. ,luely l"iI'1'l'l'. Niuriuii Walk:-r. Pairii-in Hviiry. lfairolw- P1-Ilvt. 'lliirxl row: llqiun Illilllkillr. l.illlllI lie-ll, llvlun-5 Nlullvry. livlf-11 llzly. 5u111lrz1 Fulw. Sylvia llliclvrvvinml. lfmlna lYiK'iI0lS0l1. Carol .'XlllI'U. xlill',LL1lI'l'l Nlilllll'I'. lllifllllly Nluiirnr. Alum' Morris. Fllllflil row: Allllil Harris, Phillip llilllllllllllli. Larry Fowl:-r. Wuyiir' Klnnrv. xxllliillll lll1'S1'lN'l'. f.1H'lIi 51'lllIlii. l,4'1'a1l1l 1.1111 g1tl1IIl.,lUyl'1' l'rusl.J11flyINu11s1-vf. 1.4-ralcl xxlllllllilll. Pianist: Nliss Wilkinfoii. .Uiwiilz l'.llg!1'lll' iilylllf. nly Time Will Tell l'llNl row. I1-fx lu right: lliillllll' lfnx. l.i11mlu Winfivlfl. ,lllilll fjhllUl'll1'. Ifdna Nivlinlsfuii. Knlwrla Mnilvry. I.ZlUI'il llvmli. Dulorm Nizillviw. l.i11fl:1 llvll. li:-Rm' llnllviiln-1'k. Philip lfnuinlrs. 51-cniiil row: Sally ,Io Nlufsiiigill. 'lilivuuloro Doly. Krlliwriiiv iimwii N. I'IIHl-ll .Xli-1111, R11-l1z1r1l Raimi. 5I:111l1-y K11ll111:111. 'lil-1'1'y Sllylilxf. Rngvr Staffwrfi. Erlwanl U1-111111111nt. ,IZIIIIPS Holviikiss. Tiiiral row lrlgrllll. lililfiill 1la1I114i1-IN111. l'z111l sl'l!Lll'l1'I'. Ulorizi Diaz. lr1'111-N'l+mn.Sl1aron Goff. HKMZQZ4 - .iq 1M15,,,-A, 1, gif , I F .-V.- Q' N, Q f' 31 P V. fQ, fQ J xf, W M i , M 'www-1 4g ' ig f NQ,g.' up-W-?' 'YSIFJ N ' 5153! "3," aw QW! 15 f.":?"r"' ,, 19' law' ff mfr? X X H35 'ww ' , N' Hgcx 'A' W NC. xsfl , 1 ni i ' . ' Q W ,az 4 34 va A , 1 if f Y. at . ! iv ' X I xl ' Ev X V I R f KX - 1 lx 1 X N X- f' M5540 xvwflll N' Aw NM!" 8 T, 4 M5544 NMA' N' M NGN, may 1 - Mm ' H gpg, K A :Il f"k'?K'f,Qq W ffvgwl :x fix , ,Qui A W 4 in - ' 3 f '.ff.i we ' l i 'AH MW III I 4 I ' I :V j mga, as ' gi: fi, . wllwifiiu ,.. ,.- FMT' H! 'S 2? ' 2 F1 I!! A 1 1 UL RK' wx' V - 1 ba- ,., I C we I 1 I ' H, .JS .,., ..". - L I " 5-. vN.Mt - , . m.,,, 1. , U ,, , 1 yn . ,4.,,,.,,Y M ..+ 1 M 5 60 ,wh ai.,,h"-4 : g' L' wX"if,.g.K5-Q ' ' . 52-g-f 'R -2N"'h" ev . ' gg gi . M. N,1L,ij5 Lf' , QR A 1, '- L af V' ' , .. utfy-4514, L in 'gj,f.,,' 3 ,'x,W,,gtfgL,4yf'9, in L kj 57 4 Mzfggxlffs 'F SWL -V ,Sw W AQE5f'z+f,4?" . .,., ,,, .,, . .. 5 f 111' If h'f,f2?" . A-x : W-isriz rw- , .' J . A 4,..1,,H ,,.., f' ,. :X ,,,k,m,aA,, , Q -Q' 1 , I A ,ff-nik ix, . Q. Z I as A 1 K 'Lv UK G .. . gl X, m A M ' r ' 4- ' fs- I ',k- " fig, . kt., gif? f' QI. K A k b ' QQ.. W 'X it 555.51 l,,VVQ-q5,fgTEi,g4'if Q .w Q - gl F-2 ' ' I 'r f A , . ' - .5 1 k v ! 1 . 1. ,iw V 4.Mt.,.., Y? - x"" ' L f " 3 z 3 " W- am, ,aw , , .W ge V, sig ga C .l K M M 3 ., -f A , I v 3- ..,,.,,w vi 35? A 5 -V f A 1 " M ' ussfws . iw uv- e Y V ,, ,kx iii T' GRA H n ! J i I . 1 , , i 3 K Q-:K , 4 Q " - Q -Q -K Mm: -if ., :IJ , g , f - .i KW ...g ,M , x I in 1 mg f Mn .N l Mi , 6 E lm- ' Maxim .. , , ,. N.: ,. ' Inf'-1-Aw ' uusgi i i Q , A a ,Q i,, First row, lvft to right: Dale Crm-nman, Roln-rt Phillips, Jam:-s Nile-s, John Clark, Donald Nivvr, Norman Alle-n. Bavk row: Ruhr-rt Adams, Cvnc- Connvlly, Gary Be-itvr, Str-wart Frver, ,log Slahlvr, llavirl Rr-ynolds. John Nails:-e-f. just a Little Umph Front row. lvft to right: Rohvrt R4-ynnlrls, Charles Nivs-r, Dunalil Full:-r, John Loopo. Back row: John Nauseef. Robe-rt Phillips, Cl-nf' Comic-lly, Jim Nilvs, ,Inv Stable-r, ,Ivrry Camplwll, Ronald Smith, Norman Allan. ,n yu,-5. in -z1mwwlm4 mil 7 ,- lust row. lvl! lo right: lmairli l'nttm-r Um-rw tlonnc-lly. John Clark, ,lalnrs Nil:-s, David Rvnolals, Kenneth llavr, Sw- ontl row: Hllyllltilltl Owvns. liolwrt Phillips, Donald Niv1'r,Hi4'l1z1r1l Hopkins. Although plagued hy sickness and ineligihilities, this yearls team ended up with a 5-13 record. liven though we are losing live players to graduation we have hopes of a good team next year with some good looking material coming "up', from the Junior Varsity squad. ICVAN HULBERT-Srorelreeper ROBERT ADAMS-Timer Phillips Baer .,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, Niver ,.... ., Niles Reynolds Clark Owens ,,,, Hopkins Connelly United We Stand F G FT 58 51 41 22 48 33 14 21 24 45 50 65 5 14 24 15 24 26 T 167 106 129 49 93 165 24 63 74 COACH POTTER . A E. First row, left to right: Gerald Osborne, James Ferris, John Nauseef, Ronald Smith Dale Creenman John Loope Donald Fuller, Clifford Parkin. Second row: Donald Clark, Marion Towers, Robert Card Joe Stabler Stuart Freer Cary Beiter, Jerry Campbell, James Caufield. Nauseff ,, Smith .,,l,.,,,,, Greenman Fuller ....,,7. Towers ,..., Freer ...,. . Belter ,.,,.,...,,, Campbell Divided We Fall . . 110 7 101 . 182 C 74 C, 10 69 C 153 To keep our basketballs in good condition, Charlie Card and Eugene Barker are giving them Z1 good clean- ing. 1' iv' 3-' WYE-Q, 35- if, Nuff v Y'-'N' Ni QQ 52-5539x53f' v S BQ ltas a Hit if First row, left to right: John Loope, Donald Clark, Gerald Osborne, Manager, Cifford Parkin, James Updyke. Second row: Jack Mitchell, David Reynolds, Gene Connelly, Donald Niver, James Niles, John Clark, Robert Phillips, Dale Greenman. Third row: Donald Fuller, Norman Allen, Richard Hopkins, Kenneth Baer, Gerald Campbell, Raymond Allen, Ronald Smith, James Ferris, Robert Reynolds. April 19-Dryden-H ere 24-Dryden-H ere 26-Truxton-H ere 30-Virgil-A way May 3-Marathon-Here 7-Homer-A way 10-Cincinnatus-Away 14-Truxton-Away 17-Virgil-Here 21-Marathon-Away 24"H0mCf'Hef9 Left to right: Richard Hopkins, Robert Phillips, James Niles, David 31+CinCinnatu5-Here Reynolds, Ronald Smith, Donald Fuller. Richard Hopkins honored us by win- ning the Singles Championship in Bad- minton in the county. Robert Phillips, -G James Niles entered as doubles in Bad- 'bgigfh' minton. David Reynolds entered in singles QNTYQ' it , X, x in Ping Pong, while Ronald Smith and , A Q X Donald Fuller entered as doubles in Ping 'V ' J' Pong. I K iw I J First row, left to right: Fugene Barker, Richard Osborne, Cary Fox, Charles Niver, Terry Zerbel, Richard Fuller, Richard Diesher, Robert Pickert. Second row: James Wildman, David Crisfield, Charles Card. Managers, Donald Clark, Ronald Rowe. Richard Hicks, Gene Taylor, Lawerence Fow- ler. David Powers. Third row: Bob Harris, Frank Smithkins, Managers, Dale Greenwood, Ronald Smith: Stewart Doty, Robert Brown, Don Torey. Fourth row: Diek Alhro, Pat Collins, David Van Epps, Robert Hamilton, Managers Gerry Osborne, Stub Aleott. Rob Parkin. Gary Wheelock. Absent: John Naust-ef, Manager. Our Little Leaguers Front row, left to right: Robert Chorly, Edward Potter, Edward Beaumont, Robert Fuller, Managers, Gerald Osborne, Donald Fuller. William Weeks, Jack Campbell, Ray Osborne. Second row: Lee liement. ,James Hotchkiss, Cary Sink, Manager Eugene liar- ker, Clifford Parkin. Robert Ellis, Lawernce O'Don- ald, Robert Walker, john Shaffer, Third row: Ted Doty, Terry Snyder. Albert Bidwell, Charles Card, Ronald Smith Manager, john Walburn, Paul Shaffer, Wesely Morris. Fourth row: Raymond llrown, Fred Cross, David Winfield. Charles Greenwood, Norman Alcott, Dale Creenwood, Managers, Williatii Shaft, Paul Bennett. Pat Collins, Robert Clow. Absent: Donald Kelly. Aaron Congdon. 72 All Stars First row, left to right: John Dieseher, Robert Hamilton, Norman Alcott. Second row: Eugene Barker, Charles Card, Frank Smithkin, Stewart Doty, Richard Albro, Cary Fox. Third row: Richard Osborne, Donald Torrey. David Van Epps, Robert Parkins, Larry Fowler, David Powers. lil . Q E,-ijt, t 1 1' an s oo ou, as First row, left to right: Charlotte Smith, Vivian Russell, Beverly West, Connie Christie, Janice Van Epps, Malcolm Gilbert, Patricia Holmes, Johanne Salisbury, Betty Lou Hulslander, Mary Clark, Douglas Brown, William Tracy, Lyle Bush, Douglas Morris, James Updyke, Eugene Russell, Dorothy Elson. Second row: Patricia L'H0mmedieu, James Ferris, Ronald Congdon, Russell Elwood, Richard Stafford, Lester Bordwell, Elizabeth Corey, Carol Mitchell, Connie Gardner, Charlotte Miller, Martha Heller, Joan Powers, Gail Freidah, Carol Bilodeau, Joyce Ryan, Sharon Connelly. Diane Allis, Sharon Hammond. Third row: Charles Niver, Danald Fuller, Michael Nauseef, John Loope, James Kinney, Richard Osborne, Richard Nauseef, Robert Reynolds, Jerry Campbell, Dale Greenwoom, Robert Card, Sandra Bement, Barbara Gates, Doris Clark, Joan Perkins, Vesta Hines, Janice Towsley. Fourth row: Diane Hall, Robert Adams, James Caufield, Stuart Freer, Felix Hicks, David Reynolds, Richard Hopkins, Evan Hulbert, Mr. Baer, e . C56 a y 4 St David Crandall, Ken Baer, Gary Beiter, Alice Perkins, Jackie Belknap, Genevieve Ryan, Jean Belknap. The rifle team did it again this year. They won the Section IV Championship for the third consecutive year under Mr. Baer's supervision and expert coaching. The High Individual Trophy in the Section was won by Evan Hulbert with a score of 237 tout of 2501. This is a mate to the trophy won by David Reynolds last year with 188 tout of 2001. ln a majority of the matches this year five shots kneeling were added to the usual ten prone, five sitting, and five standing. Thus, the possible individual score was 250 and the possible team score was 1250 in these matches. Five boys shooting regularly on the team showed outstand- ing improvements. Hulbert and Reynolds have earned the Distinguished Rifleman award, the highest award, prescribed by the NRA in the Junior Division. Hopkins and Baer should complete their qualifications before the season is over. Beiter has completed the qualifications for Expert and will work for the Distinguished next season. The team goes to Deposit April 21 to enter the NRA Sec- tional. Last year McGraw placed first with a score of 715 out of 800 with 19 teams competing. Evan Hulbert won first place in the individual match with a score of 183. The Rifle Club, composed of both boys and girls, had a successful sea- son. For the most part they fired noon hours from December through March. They all showed marked improvement and although the team will lose Reynolds and Crandall by gradu- ation we should have a fine team next year. The girls shot against the Weedsport girls and lost 421 to 462. The Board of Education has improved the facilities of the club this year by purchasing five target rifles and acoustical tile to apply to the wall and ceiling. The tile was put on, at no expense, by Mr. Baer and team members. The Club wishes to thank the board for their interest in this activity. Your Aim Must Be True S ated, left to right: David Crandall, Leroy Baer, Coach, Evan Hulbert. Standing: Gary Beiter, Richard Hopkins, Kenneth Baer, and David Reynolds. McGraw 1093 Windsor .1042 E. Hulbert "McGraw .... 916 Norwich .. 871 D. Reynolds McGraw ,... 1108 Vestal ...... 1106 D. Reynolds ""'McGraw ..., 119 Deposit .... 899 D. Reynolds 'McGraw 908 Weedsport 843 D. Reynolds McGraw 1105 Windsor H1046 D. Reynolds "McGraw 918 Norwich .,.. 887 K Baer . McGraw. 1140 Binghamton North 1 1107 K Baer g "McGraw, 913 Weedsport 873 E- Hulbert iK":Mg'Graw 1147 D.-posit .1050 E- Hulbl-rr. McGraw .1147 Cincinnatusmlg E. Hullwrt ivii W """"McGraw 1135 Binghamton Riglnlxdls and North 1139 E ,ff ff' 'eeee'e as McGraw 1163 vt-Stal ...... 1146 ' U 'ff' H B """"'McGraw,, 1131 Binghamton E. Hullwn North .. 1.1081 ?Kneeling Omitted "'1:Postal Match 'V""'First two teams in NYSPHSAA SECTION IV Tournament I." sv CO 1 Besi' Wishes From SKATELAND ROLLER RINK CORTLAND, New YORK QW THANK YOU, MR. HAMMOND The members of +he Yearbook Club wish fo express 'rheir ap- precia+ion +o Mr. Carl Hammond who has so generously con- +ribu+ed io "The Mac" again +his year. Yearbooks cosl' money and wifhoul' cooperalion from +he merchanfs we could noi' sell our books al' a price wilhin range of our s'ruden+s. And +ha'r has been Ihe Club's purpose-+o gel our yearbooks in+o as many McGraw homes as possible. We are singling ou+ Mr. Hammond because he is refiring 'From business +his school year. We have appreciafed his adverlising since we s+ar+ed "The Mac." I+ is adver+isers and conlribuiors like Mr. Hammond who make if possible for us +o publish our annual yearbook. Confribufors Complimenls of CORTLAND WHOLESALE ELECTRIC CROWN CITY BARBER SHOP ADEN FERRIS The Bakers of HARRINGTONIS OVERHEAD DOOR SUNBEAM BREAD RINALDI LELAND LEE LIFE AUTO ACCIDENT AND HEALTH GENERAL LIABILITY . NATIONWIDE INSURANCE CO. DEWEY S TOYLAND Columbus. Ohio HAROLD B. WHITEBREAD 25 N. Main S+. 3 C.,,,,,,., S+ree+ CORTLAND. NEW YORK MCGRAW TE-6-520I woRIcMEN's CIEEIIEIP. PQQSVEL ACCIDENT Toys News sms iusnta L.. ...S Our Besi' Wishes .Q-ff. 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FLIP S RESTAURANT FRUIT AND VEGETABLES OUR SPECIALTY A SATISFIED CUSTOMER IS OUR McGRAW, NEW YORK BEST ADVERTISEMENT R. D. COREY CO. General Elec+ric Home Appliances REFRIGERATORS WATER HEATERS HOME FREEZERS AUTOMATIC WASHERS RANGES DRYERS Frozen Food Cenfer COMPLETE KITCHENS PLANNING SERVICE GEORGE BOWKER SHOE STORE 5 Main S+ree+ CORTLAND, NEW YORK The Reliable Family Shoe Sfore COMPLIMENTS of SEARS OIL CO.. INC. ROME, N.Y. Disfribufors of DOMESTIC AND INDUSTRIAL FUEL OILS COMPLIMENTS or JOHN'S STORE Main S+ree+ McGraw, N.Y. Phone TE-6-225 I MARY ANN'S DINER A Good Cup of Coffee Snack or a Meal MARY ANN AND GEO. PLACE Complimenfs of THE CORTLAND STANDARD Your Daily Newspaper In Appreciafion for Your Cooperalion Throughoul' I'he Years Complimenfs of CORTLAND AUTO SUPPLY CO.. INC. Corfland, N.Y. SK-6-757 I 6-7572 AuI'o Glass Window Glass Mirrors Glass 'For All Purposes CORTLAND GLASS SHOP J. s. sToNE s. F. sToNe I47 Soufh Main lCorner of Williaml Dial SKyIine 6-5252 FABRIZIO'S MEN'S SHOP Men's Cloihing and Furnishings JARMAN SHOES- ARROW SHIRTS 99 Main SI'reeI' Cor+Iand, New York Phone SK-6-9022 Com pIimen1's COMPAGNI CONSTRUCTION CO. Excavaiing - Concreie Work DIAL SK-6-7022 CORTLAND, N.Y. WILLIS TELEVISION HOTPOINT APPLIANCES SYLVANIA TV Phone SK6-8542 Cor+Iand. N.Y. DANIEL'S CLOTHES 32 Main S+reeI' CORTLAND. N.Y. Nerf +o Marine Midland Bank VARSITY CIGAR STORE AND SODA BAR Sodas Lunches Ice Cream 30 MAIN STREET CORTLAND, N.Y. CORTLAND PAPER CO. Qualify Paper Producis 'For Use in HOMES, OFFICES, SCHOOLS, STORES AND FACTORIES I38 Main S+. Dial SK 3-I050 CORTLAND, N.Y. CompIe+e Glass Service 7 VALLEY GLASS SHOP Ph. SK 6-2082 I67 HOMER AVE. CORTLAND Complimenfs GOODALE DAIRY, INC. CORTLAND. N.Y. Phone SK-6-593 I Complimenis CAIN'S TRAcToRs AND IMPLEMENTS Ford Tracfor, Dearborn Equipmenf Mall Saws Cobey Spreader, Gehl Equipmeni' Phone SK b-687I I49 CIin+on CORTLAND, NEW YORK DWYER STUDIO. INC. "Beau+i'FuI Por+rai+s" 2I CIinI'on Ave. Ph. SK6-8272 CORTLAND. NEW YORK SNAP-ON-BLUE-POINT TOOLS W. J. BISHOP Auihorized Dealer LUDLOWVILLE, NEW YORK Tel. I+haca 4-4856 For Special Service WriI'e or Call SNAP-ON TOOLS CORPORATION 323 Irving Avenue Syracuse 3, New YorIc CONGRATULATIONS on Your Gradua+ion and Success in Ihe Fu+ure SHEEDER ELECTRICAL SERVICE Complimenfs of WICKWIRE BROTHERS, INC. CORTLAND, N.Y. RAY E. KEENEY 8: SON RETAILERS Lumber- Painfs and Varnishes Builders' Supplies DIAL SK 6-9977 CORTLAND I14 PORT1WATSON sr. F. D. SMITH HARDWARE 46 Main Phone SK 6-58I2 SUCCESS TO CLASS OF I956 CORTLAND PRODUCE CO Wholesale Disiribufors GROCERIES PRODUCE Phone SK-6-7583 Complimenis of Besl Wishes Io VAN HoRN-wooDwoRTH, INC. Class of '56 VAN HORN - JEWELERS - BARRILE DEXTER'S II Clinfon Ave. Coriland, N.Y. 5 Gram. S+. Dial SK-6-7337 CQRTLAND Besi' in Foods CONGRATULATIONS 'Io fhe Class of I956 AXLQUIIS Congrafulafions fo fhe Senior Class ABDALLAH DAIRY MEN'S STORE 224 TOMPKINS ST. CORTLAND 3 Main Sfreei Coriland, N.Y. "Saving Makes 'Ihe Difference Befween Wishing and Having" AW Fife CORTLAND FIoa+er Farm Liabiliiy SAVINGS BANK Comprehensive Personal LiabiIiI'y and Oiher Member of VERNON E. WILLIAMS TE-6-548 I Federal Deposif Insurance Corporaiion "SERVING THE COMMUNITY FOR 90 YEARS" Congrafulafions and Besi Wishes FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CORTLAND CORTLAND. NEW YORK Member Federal nepeen Insur enee cefperehen CompIimen+s co-oP. G.L.F. SERVICE of INC. CORTLAND COUNTY ' Bus LINES FEED - SEED - FERTILIZER Farm Supplies-Family Foods Sferling Planck O Phone TE 6-504 I CORTLAND. NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS CONGRATULATIONS of +o +l1e Class of '56 OLDS 81 FULMER I-IOMER I-I. JONES SHOES FEED MILL. INC. 42 Main S+. Coriland, N.Y. Complimen+s of Complimenfs of THE CRESCENT o'sI-IEA's TIRE SERVICE CO., Tompkins S+. Ext COl"lldf1d N.Y. Corfland Phone SK 6-708l SEMERAN BROS. QUALITY MILK PRODUCTS Deliveries Made in CORTLAND - HOMER - MCGRAW - BLODGETT MILLS Phone Skyline 3-I48l Pollcville Besi' of Luck +o +he Class of '56 VESTA CCRSET CO., INC NATOLI BROS. LATlMER'S Sfore for Men Groceries - Meais Fwifs -' Yegeiabies Manha+I'an Shiris - Sporiswear SKYLINE 6-2942 20 Ceniral Avenue I47 Pori' Wafson COFIIBHJ. N-Y CORTLAND, NEW YORK RUPERT HOPKINS Give Flowers by 2 REYNOLDS Q P ri n 'I i n g l Phone SKyIine 6-6882 IO9 Tompkins Si 64 Norih Sfreei Phone TE 6-2462 CORTLAND, NEW YORK L' S GARDNER 8: CAIN OIL CO. Furnifure - Appliances 57 Em com gheef Complefe Home Furnishings PIIOHE SK 6-7722 C0l'I'Iand, N.Y HOTPOINT APPLIANCES Phone TE 6-2I6I McGraw, N.Y. GASOLINE - KEROSENE- FUEL OIL Experi' Oil Burner Service A. B. BROWN 81 SON Hardware and Farm Machinery HOMER-CORTLAND RD. Q' ,, -N-I3'I1 , Q12 .A ,I QA, X tix "IIA, :fig 'X X IQ -WSE 'Pjxnmlk Q? for IIII ORANGE KIST BOTTLING CO. 48 Elm Sf. Corfland, N. Y. Phone SK 6-53I2 CompIeI'e Decora+ing Services and Supplies Cusfom Made Wroughf Iron Cusfom Made Awnings HASKELL 81 DUBOIS Sfore ai' 85 MAPLE AVE., CORTLAND, N.Y. Ph. 6-6585 or 3-0854 Com pIimen+s of JAMELIA'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone TE 6-4I2l McGraw, N.Y CompIimen+s of ATLANTIC STATES GAS COMPANY 37 Por? Wafson Sfreei' CORTLAND. NEW YORK JONES JEWELRY 55 Main Sfreei Corfland. N.Y Telephone SKyIine 6-9626 BERN ARNOLD. INC. DODGE - PLYMOUTH Sales and Service N. HOMER AVE. CORTLAND. N.Y. Com plimenfs of HIGGINS SUPPLY CO. McGraw, N.Y. Flowers 'For AII Occasions gl . f6i'l'a GATES COMPLIMENTS GREENI-louse gf +I.. I '-igvfii' WE DEUVER McDONALD FARMS ur! I " Phone TE 6-527I 9 Highland Avenue McGRAW. N. Y. Mfg MELDRIMS CORTLAND COUNTY WB WALLPAPER-PAINTS G.L.F. PeI'roIeum L15 WINDOW SHADES Gas Kerosene his and Fuel Oil ' I i 'i FRAWNG Ph- SK 6-635' Come in and See Our Compleie Selecfions CORTLAND - MCGRAW RD. PHONE SK 6-6I62 8 COURT ST. CORTLAND. N.Y. Good Luck +o Class of '56 BUSINESS INSTITUTE CORTLAND, NEW YORK Complimenfs of TALLMADGE TIRE SERVICE GAS SERVICE - Anywhere An Exacf Duplica+ion of CiIy Gas Service for DOMESTIC, COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL USES GAS RANGES - WATER HEATERS - DRYERS - HEATERS Look for 'Ihe Familiar N '?ro ane P bull' S s .Service SUBURBAN PROPANE GAS CORPORATION P. O. Box 789, Corfland, New York Phone SKyline 3-00Il Complimenls of NOSS RADIO CORTLAND, NEW YORK STAUBER DRUGS The Kodak SI'ore The Rexall SI'ore R. A. STAUBER Pharmacisl' and Chemisl' SKYLINE 6-759I 53 Main SI'ree'I Corlland, New York Complimenls of We Appreciaie Your Business A 5 . H, Your Lincoln and Mercury 'W FREETH MOTORS Dealer 60 Main SIree+ CORTLAND - HOMER ROAD SK 6-573I Corlland, N.Y Complimenfs Complimenfs of of EMPIRE INN McGRAW, NEW YORK JOHN B. BRIGGS HOMER, NEW YORK CORTLAND OIL CO. LELAND DICKINSON Mobil Heai Gasoline Kerosene Mobil - Oil - Grease DIAL SK 6-62I2 CORTLAND. N.Y. CongraI's THOMPSON BOAT MFG. CO. I27 ELM STREET CORTLAND, N.Y. TAKE COUNTRY STYLE BREAD America's Finesr Bread Congra+uIa+ions +o Class of I 956 McGRAW BOX CO MCGRAW, N.Y. KENNETH W. PRATT Coal - Wood - Cemenf STEVENS OLDSMOBILE BUILDING MATERIALS Phone TE 6-227l McGraw, N.Y. Sales - Service Safefy Tesfed Used Cars HOMER AND CORTLAND RD. Complimenrs of HARRY PURCHAS FEEDING SATISFACTION Wifh "Syndica+e Feeds" FARMERS SYNDICATE, INC 4I ELM smear CORTLAND, NEW Yom: KELLOGG AUTO SUPPLY CO AuI'omoIive Pa r'rs Machine Shop Service PHONE SK 6-9944 I55 Main S+. CorI'Iand. N.Y. SANDER'S Spori' and Luggage Shop Everyihing in Sporiing Goods QUALITY LUGGAGE 32 N. Main Sfreef Corfland, N.Y. Comphmems BEST WISH ES of Class of I956 VAN-S BRoTAN's F. "The Cef'l+eI' OT C0l'H6hdH Qualify Nahonally Adverhsed Apparel MCGRAW' N'Y' for Men, Women and Children LESTER'S MOTEL BEARD'S Home of a Meal in a Loaf of Bread Dance Every Saiurday Nighi SK-6-8OI4 Rouie ll a+ Coriland, New York POLKVH-LE. N.Y. Phone SK 6-56l4 2 Miles Soufh of Coriland, N.Y. The Righ'l' Clo+hes Congraljlallons an ai' fhe Righi Time Bed, Wishes fo 'ihe Class of '56 GRANT'S BAKERY Hand Sewn Loafers and Saddle Shoes Congra+ula+ions by Sandler +o ' Class of l956 O. E. STRCNG 81 SCN SARVAY SHOE CQ, Esso Gas and Oil us CENTRAL AVENUE COBTLAND, N.Y Q Besi' Wishes 'Io Class of I956 X 'EQ A A'i Over 40 Years Friendly Sales and Service X 9-S15 I XXRRRXEEE CINCINNATUS AUTO CO., INC. 06 ,6 PHONE 2l CINCINNATUS, N.Y. '97 BUICK 'I K FARM MACHINERY McCORMIC INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER TRUCKS Sales - Service J. W. SCHENCK BRQCKWAY 81 SON. INC. Homer PI 6-2604 Cor+IancI- Homer Road SAFETY - DEPENDABILITY - SERVICE EZITXSZSITEZSEZQYQZZLMSHE laocKwAY MOTOR coMPANY, Inc. Complimenfs Ml.'f.ffl' Dail. Miiili.Q,N' Y' of LEWIS W. WINCHELL Insurance zsyz MAIN STREET CORTLAND, NEW YORK SOBIG DOG FOOD COMPANY Look for Sobig A BALANCED DOG FOOD RATION Field Trial Proven RICHFORD. N.Y. C. H. HAYES HOOSE OIL CO. C. G. WRIGHT, Mgr. Producls by Richfield D. 4 Corlland, New Yorlc Phone SKyline 6-9262 5 I j....... K 8: B PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. Plumbing - Heafing - Hardware Sales - Service IAu+oma+ic Gas. Fixed Hof Air Furnaces. Boilers. and Conversion Burners, "' AUTOMATIC WATER SYSTEMS "' APPLIANCES "' REFRIGERATORS 'I' WATER HEATERS "' HOME FREEZERS Marafhon I47 McGraw TE-6-493I Eas'I' Main S'I'ree+. McGraw, New York Com plimenfs of FREDERIC P. WIEDERSUM 81 SONS VALLEY STREAM NEW YORK TICKNOR'S The Profii' Sharing Sfore COURT ST. CORTLAND M E iff Makes Friends Complimen+s of CENTRAL PAPER BOX CO. INC CORTLAND COCA - COLA BOTTLING COMPANY AUT0GQg1Q?7 214. M LMA. I Zbduddkzd M pax, f' ff M4415 I 7 1' O f'mpuf'7'X ?ZQ O QQMLAQ T 455112 . X x J 1 fx xfwffi my I W J Qiufjfiiuhwqjz QWWw'fXLVLA M ,J f 3 'ff 'J ' 86 4 lg S31 ij if QA xv ,.N. I u ,, , x ' I 7 I , , rx ,I ,j f If 1,1 A Q' - A A L1Jf24',foQ,! f. j77,6'f-ic fix, Y: fx A L lim H .ge X .num I -, nz ,,, :ima , b if fgfv.. ,nd !5' mv. ,, 3-W?-' .AM .5 , . .,..,,. "Sv . , .. ' -"f s Haig' w gs. .. , N. . u a s -11 '1 --4. N . -S 1. gs. Aa -. A 1- . .,:.r sl. J... hh, , 11,7 , .gr ,Vw ,zz aff., .N 5: N :JL , I, sn lg Xp I mnlamj -.,,,.,, "'s.,g, N. R. ff? 1 'U 'I f J' Wm 5, "atv sd O BX: ,nf x my X4 'Q- x ERE in-.. .J-wj ,,fw'W"w-ww-""' ki? fi 2 ,W li g g ww vp ff -Z fr , 99 ' J , ' i w inf ,HM-if

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