McCallie High School - Pennant Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN)

 - Class of 1941

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McCallie High School - Pennant Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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M ,,,,m,, Wig- .. H -. -Q-I -A A--H'-f V ' Jag!!!-t,.A K ,Hgh-fmzl . -J-,A 7-A-,L fu.. Y.. ,. A.. , 4 x Q G I 9? 'A JP vi' 4 , I. H 'L 12 i gl ,Z X 1. i 2 Q vi 8, t. q, fi 'J Y P b L 4 I I f 1 i 3 -1 1 x 141 1. F 3 2 ? 1 3 3, 51 1 i .fr 1 5? 4 Q5 15 R, 4 i L6 i I, ,U -su. I , I 1 r r F w P 3? 1 r 1 1 P w V r L I P 1 w 1 W 1 n V V n v I . E p L V 1 f'--:jg5n'v-Af'-,-'--l-b- --VA . ,X..,.,,. .f.. JD I in M .- .wx ,hi 'gif ff-xinimn,.fW,. 1 J..-ux...-Qfif-aw A - 1 ""' A-' Q 3 'C Ti- 11 7? .IVA I E X ., Wea v xx .-f' may .W ,,A, , Si fi 5 Y Nw TOM BUFFALOW 0 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF JOE DAVENPORT 0 BUSINESS MANAGER V06--das uw4soupu,.4a-2-slubui-h-wsu-apuw. ' A V' J V ' ' nun-6-.. -'Mr' s-Q.,-. , .,. .,.. 4,.S..,., . . , ,L . . , .,..,.,,,1,,,-,. I in ,L BLISHED 'ANNUAL BY THE SENICR CLA OF MQCALLIE SCHO ATTANOCGA, TENN. fgff-"Ni i AS OUR GREAT NATION EMBARKS ON SUCH A VAST CAMPAIGN OF WAR-PREPAREDNESS, WE REALIZE THAT THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA IS OUR GREATEST DEFENSE. THIS PATRIOTISM IS ONLY ONE PHASE OF THE WELL-EMBODIED SPIRIT OF ALL FREE MEN THAT HAS BEEN SO NOBLY INSTILLED IN US IN THE YEARS OF OUR INSTRUCTION AT MCCALLIE. WE, THE STAFF OF THE I94I "PENNANT," ENDEAVOR TO PRESENT IN BLACK AND WHITE SOME OF OUR EXPERIENCES AT McCALLIE IN THE HOPES OF ALWAYS RETAINING THE TRUE McCALLIE SPIRIT, AS FAITHFUL, BRAVE, AND PATRIOTIC CITIZENS OF AMERICA. CCN TEIXITS CLASSES J-Hia ORGANIZATIONS M.L.TARYgEQ3W A FEATUR THLETICS ES 4-n4.u..u-nseQu--numnltanal-an-ua.. D EDICATIG TO ROBERT LEWIS MCCALLIE X . X' .,,,X--was QA y f WAWS vi A XX . , .- ,, X. , .X ,, .- ,, X z,.XX f, . V, - mXw:XWf.fWfXi?Y,S'm -X-im X X X x . X , A 7 X X X a . .X W 'f 2,01 4 . . X 1 1 X X. BX .X -.XX X, X xg X, X, , X1 2, X3 - A XX' , X X5 X-3 ,fg , K,.w,,.XX,5XJf X xxwgm-X-va-Xi 2 U I .h X fu , M yjg.-M'gX7f, X ' T.. X X Q N" Qffilik fgf,'XXN,Q,R wwmw- 1 W : 'I-4: ..L ' -'A X- I , , . . 1 -' X --1 X- , ,, . f' lg sq N XS . fig, . x f -'71-gt- wZ. g ,Z.X , .X X X ,.X,,XX,XX,,X5 WX, M., 9 sf 5.XXX,gg X ,, ff fig 'gf' 5 W .. W, jk W.: 4 ,.. , ,I ,Q :NX XXX X. X TT XX .5 S ff X .X,. D , A 2 S, .mg SXX1 A X4 f X ' X X Q-X:gf-WXAW KW X .,.,X X,"-iw 171 'PXXQWX X . XS XX, .pm X. ,, L. ,M , ,X V65 C Aff XX X X' XA .31 - N57 X' Xt CX , M, Q ,ZWQX f- f,X-f,eX-QX-,mv 'fv X 4 af , -4. Z.XXWXb,g wfxfb i4y4Xf2s-QQ f M Q 2 , ,. . . XV VT X V - ,. , krlx , W fa-Xf,ZfXf1ffXXf:X, ,g,X,.X,1X z., ' 7 ,XZ if f 1 W X ,Xa , , W APPROBA- HUMQRIST. HAME W0 F ,ff w, X, fgkgngwiga imram 3 ,. , ,, ,, - XV x.., 5, Xx,, ,QQQQQQQQ X X XX fx , ff -1 .Xf, vM5 QM? M' N., ,K L ,, .X ,XQLXW Xfmf , WW ,f,, ,WQzQa,- J AFL ZX QZAXXQQ V X X W s VK W XX? "A Mwfw .. , M W ff V 1 1 fbi f,, 2 Q., W W X ,V f v fe' X-ff ffgxfif X-X' X , X Q51 ,, . . , . J, SA X, ,gif . ,, , , . ,7. ,, K f 1, f . ,. , gf. 2:fi'M44R6 "x Y' I Ji I AX X X I AX ' kv WX ZSWXX 5 ' f ' ' 'X X , 'ziqf' S Q , K Z,iYY .ff-MX 7 . , .X , J, .. ,, 1 ., X 7,5 Qgxyiwwggf Q -2 4yQ,XXW.SwXw4.X ..i, X K. ,, j Q, Q , 1-Q '4 EZS I W 22 X1, 'X , ' 6 , ,, MX ,, .- , ' , , 1, 'Q X Q X4 " if his ,w XL ' H K 'f m w,.1w'XwXs'yQ71V X2 WMM' X V, I.. ff, X, ff f , V , M ,Xi QQ. jf 59 Av ,X , f, ,- ,f ., ,, X X3 , J, fm f- W W 'QQ 3 XL 1, X, f 4 ff ' " MX-L fx in -f X 'sh if X XX XM ,,w,,7gL ,,X , X. Y. . 5, WX. ,ZH ggi? , X , . v ,' f 1 X Xf ff W, C X W -few' ,eff asc,-X' ' X ' ' -5 ff W-A ff, -W , - ,Q . , ,, . 4, X., ..-,, 26 , e . ,. ,, ,, ,, ? 5 f X, ,X-MX-Z . WX. J, ', f ,f f 'f V -V - f .-3, Q, f Xi? X f, X ' " K 9 'V ff -XM, X , XJ A 1 f 'Xf X , , K !,,w , XX, , E Z Z 5: ., 4' K 1 X In ? I f -MXQXZ , , f , - iw' X ,, f ,V W w .W X- ff 0 , Vgf 3,3 W ,, W FW' fi W . .X , , I f 1 X 4 new g 3 y ff 1,1 V- ,L fm fj X. ,4 X. X5 Ogg - 5,412 X M f, x f .w,.X1z, X,, W ,, 0 f' V f --Q, X ,,. -nf,.Xw,X-w,..-Xf,X.-qw' f- g.,ff Q f ,...W J! I I f I y 1 X Z..-f, U!,jfZjg.g?b,if-S2,s?9.,, f 6 X 16 dy X, , ff X f ,, , ,. ,, .X , f: , ff, .-A , ,MQ ,7 X 'f X , f X- ,,, -, .,,, ,,X: LN 4 Wgjvfgff wh ,f wrvi- f U gf, X w ' f i,X,f " , , ,., f , :'w2',h'5W',.1WZfQ ,, + 1 -hw, as Q1 2 ,f , ,5 f f.., as ff X45 1 f f X " f " ' V' Wi ZX ' 1 'X 'X' , , I I f , ' X X0 ' W f fx 1' v f, ,ff X f , ' , , fi XQXVQ '- -A 49 -3 .Q ,fi X f , ,, 1 , K 3 mfw- X Z 4 9, ff,,,, ,X Q 4 'iff f ,f -M XJ, 1 X X., , f, A ' 1 X f f f f X , , fy, fj 0 Q XXWX f f f 9,4 f , 'fl' Mg, ,xyxn X, --W me-7, VQQAX X. , ., f QQ 1247 X2 I I 'L Aims -' ,XWKW fx Q- 0 y 7 ' y X.,J!fef-fp X Xe, FX 'Wf"XfW f w W Vw fi735'x.ffi U'0M1w?iV,fYf?QXXf:, iam f X, X , ,r . . . 44,.WXvf,Xfi f FQW' QQXX X2 Xu X X3 6 'X 4 'X' : T X ., -. A ff.: ,MF N9-X62 .s,,f,'S fix f 4 N ,, X 1. MX! , f . , , hX,fffw::- 1" - ' , , f X I f , f.Xw.Xf, f W WW' 'Af' f +3 ZlXyg,g,5gy, Q, f f X ff X X f f 9 4, , M ,. X QQ X9 YA, XXQ -YV . w if XX' WW fy . WX,,.XXW4, 'WX , WX, A ,XX -.wa-.4 LXX X XSXX , X' , ef w.X xi.:-if Q-m,X1'f, , :1"'f5a233'54,f1,'rf.-wa,-X'-"fi42 .M Q ,iX3hwiZfW- gkf ea, if5..f?g2gfb" A ' ? , 146,279 wi-WQ VX AXVAYW X , Xf A 3 f f,XXv5Ww.fgfQkX,q'S4,,k .44 X , , f ,Xggg3.Xf,, W. f 4 -Q, ,M N - A..--nf - it-4-.1- '3 me-" Y W H I 3 , at-MM., A M, ig, JJ.. il.- .- i JL. LH ,- L . MCC f ,, f1Z,1,WZ!Zf,Wf7,f,, NX, KW, fy 'pf jjffff X f 1 7 W 5,lfff!z', I ff ,, ,MWMW , , ,y I f ,fffM'? 7,4 Lf X , W 'f ,W f 'fy Z, f my P wg ' 1 Sf 5 x - A X N XXX Rf' Middle Hall , , See jxfsg-5 . XX X px X Q X 6 nes a+ Hue Fall Dances . . Baylor Baslmiball Game- . Colm INI X 3 X- 1 f ipil S M X wx NN X . mx S- N- . N S f ni x ,. Ag- kk i ff YN Q Y ww- . is .3 ,N R M K" U3 Y C4 5 fa up l l l .U W l SPENCER J. McCALLlE. SR. A.B., A.M., Ped.D. HEADMASTER "Professor," a gracluale of Soulhweslern wlllm posfgradualo worln M lhf- Univorsily of Chicago, has been prominenl for a number of years among local and Soullwern educa- Honal circles. He is lcnown by all flue sludenls for his sympallwlic inlorosl in every bow and is l'ruly a 'Fine example of a scholarly Clwrislinn gvnflomnn. Im! I-IEADIVIASTERS JAMES PARK McCALLIE s.A., M.A., Pho., LL.o. HEADMASTER "Doc1'or," who received his degrees from lhe Universily of Virginia, is largely responsible for fhe spirifual phase of fhe curriculum a+ McCallie and fhe Chrisfian afmosphere for which fhe school is so well known. All fhe boys know him as a cons+an+ adviser and help in fime of frouble and respeci' him as a greal' educafor and a frue friend. lflll ggj 4.3" ' -Hp...--.gpsgr,r"-fl" .' 5 .1-4 y j-fig:-1.u'vk"ab y, - ha- vw f -my-I H , -..-. ff ., -:X I' 1 M, 31, , A . OS: V ,555 , I ,1,. , V X .M QQ, S ,,,, A f My - K X? ffm ?K Z FACULTY DOCTOR THOMAS EDVVARD PECK VVOOOS Associate Headmastzfrg Hrad of Bible Df- parhnrnl DOCTOR JAMES LEWIS Bllzla School Pllyfifiall RlcHAlzln LEE SAOER Hfad of ,Malflrzrlaiiw D1'jlarInl1'nI ARTHLR Llili Bllzxs llrad of .WIOJFVII I.1111gfl111gfr Drpfzrtnlrrll C.-Xl"I'.-XIX Hlilal-ll2R'l' P. IJINL.-Xl' Co11l11l1111J111zf,' lf11.f111l'.f,f .xftllltlflff v v NX lI.l,l.XNl NX .Xl.l..XL'li Pllzllx' ll1'1l11 nf Sl'i1'lIl'1' 111111 .Uzzxir D1'f111'l11lr1ll5 1 L'll.xl.xll-ills Nl. 5. xIL'lI.XK.XlXl- l1ir1'1'lnr uf .1lf1lrli1'.f,' l11.f!r111l1fl' ill .U11ll1r11llllll.v liuxxl-1'l'll lllll slum lllm xllll flrrl-f 'ff lli.fIul'y IJ,-fl11rllllf1ll.' lll1l.i l.,'m1lf.' Sl'l-xlll-ll -I xlax xlzlx NIA' XI l ll , ilu. llI.l'lf'llllff1 ill lllllllly .lll.! xIl1l".'4"!l1fflX Rllllllll' l.l xxlx NIA' XI l ll llrmf lf! I' 11.11102 l7.f.llf"l."r.' .I .J v 1 D UJ NKIU' ' I R Top Row RI.-XRSHALL JACKSON FLOWERS, JR. Instructor in Spanish and Mecharzical Drafwg 1ng,' flsststant Coach lf W! J K JOSEPH RHEA EARNEST Instructor in Englishg Bandmaster NEILL NICKAY WATSON ' Head of Commercial and Public Speaking Departments CONVERSE ABRAHAM DAVIS, JR. Instructor in Mathematicsg Assistant Coach Bottom Row OMAS EUGENE KIPP structor in Englishj Head of Fine Arts Department CHARLES IREYS DIEHL Head of Junior School GEORGE FREDRICK HUMPHREY Instructor in History JOHN HARVEY KENT Head of Latin Department Below JOHN WILLIAM BASS JAMES CRAWFORD COOPER, JR. MOFFATT GRIER LONG Instructor in English and Instructor in English Instructor in English Mathematics U31 ,filly -W OF SI'-xx ef .--. 'Q -'.,:. .x.--L - ' AL. ZS. CHARLES HAMILTON Business Manager NIRS. B. C. ROPER Bursar CHARLES NICDOWELL flssisfant in flthleticsj Director of Night Study Hall MR. VAUGHN CORNISH Musical Director MISS ZELLA XVOODS Recorder MISS MAE JONES Resiclcnf Nurse in Charge of Infirmary MRS. W. S. IVICCLAIN School Hostehsf Matrong Szzperfuisor of Laumlry MISS CORA PERRY flssisfani Librarian MISS IJERORAH PATTERSON Dielilizm MRS. I. C. RIINICK Inslrucfor in Public Speaking and llrizmarics NIISS IXIIARY LOUISE B.-X'l'lfY Isgri.Ita11l in Junior School and In ll'I1IIl."IIfcll .1lusiI MISS BEATRIQE THR.xl1.RII.I, .-lssisfanl HIIIIWII' FICE STAFF i si. v! f wi' X xaxf X Y' .- K--- - - X 9 Vx 4 'x h N,, J, , 14. .....f'Z-- --,L-L igiffj 1,,:.', iff. , ...--'L JOM ' x I 1 n'? U0 U' lj? M . 'gf 1 x.f uk W XJ A, U J ITA ov M A I mf -gl. vl Ya? N' L1 i E i ! I F fwx- f U' 'Q ,. I -xl' X , 'nfl' . ' fx" I fa Ll 'I' I A" .Ns l 1 1 I-E4 QQ? Ll' X1 . .I 1, FV J- A I V E 1 I f 1 ' v r H ,J we mrfffk, U' Q PA Lx Wy K, 1 . 'J I, 1 J 1 ,I " .1 ' I J f A X 1 ' ,iq f' M .NS I, R U ff 'X , ' , , . ., ILL! ' . - NJA, - A J, 1 I :X vz Jw-1 .Jl Ji ib 'I S X Q C. A. MASSEY , . . ..... President J DICK HARTLEY Vice-President MARSHALL GOREE . . . . .Secretary BOB CALDWELL . 4 . .... Treasurer .x I4 mi MM ENICJR CLASS CJFFICERS i171 SENIOR CLASS D.-XNIEL Cozm' ANDERSON Cll.-X'l"li.'XNO0CA, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '38g Private Companv '38-'39g Corporal Company "D," '-40: Second Lieutenant. Quartermaster Staff. '40-'-11: ,lunior Soccer, '39-5403 lVlinstrel. '30g Stage Blanager of Plav. F39- '40-'4lg Debating Club, '303 Declamation Contest, '40: Chex Club. '40-'-41: Turri.n1'o. '40-'-411 Class Editor. PFNNANT. '-11: Advertise- ment Campaign. '40-'-Hg Brainerd Club. '30-'40-'-11. Iiimixim L'i,.xx"i'nN .-Xsiimg ll MOYNI' .XlRY, NORl'll LYXROI INK lfnrolled Svptciiilu-ig '-10: Teiinix. '-80: Golf Train. '-ll: PIWJTK Companv "C," '-N7-Sl: Noiili lfxioliiia flxilx '40-'4l. X Q1 , ,Q fi xx S r..- .. we ffymj 0 L 10 Zfp' I L ,MRM all p I !,s1y! , ,vfffi w4'm7 . ,if - ff ,fff W . 'SG ,ivy U 4 4 4 Xf'f 'J 'X J U S .fx jj SENIOR CLASS J ' . SAM ALVIN BALLOFF JOSEPH HANSLEY BANDER LA FOLLETTE, TENNESSEE LONGVIEW, TEXAS Enrolled September, '39, "B" Football, '39-'40, Varsity Soccer, Enrolled September, '38, Boxing Team, '39, "B" Basketball, '40, 140, Varsity Track, '40-'41, "B" Basketball, '40-141, Monogram Varsity Basketball, '41, Varsity Track, '40, ,413 Runner-Up, Club, '40-741. Senior Tennis Tournament, '40, Private, Company "A," 138-'39, Corporal, Company "A,,' '39-'40, Second Lieutenant, Company "Af, '404'41, Best Drilled Company, '40, Picked Platoon, 139, Prefect, '40, Vice-President, Student Council, '40, Secretary, Y. M. C. A., ,40-'41, Monogram Club, '40-'41. C . FRANK ROSCOE BEALL, JR. HENDERSON BELK . ATLANTA, GEORGIA CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, 140, Varsity Football, 140, Varsity Basketball, Enrolled September, '39, Fourth Football, '39, Fourth Basketball, '41, Most Improved Backfield Man Trophy, '40, Monogram Club, '40, Track Squad, 140, 141, Third Football, ,40, Third Basketball '40-'41, Private Company HB." ,40f41, Student Council, 141, Squad, '41, Private Company UB." '39-'40, Company "Af, ,40- Georgia Club, '40-141. ,41, Glee Club, '40-'41, North Carolina Club, 139-'40-,41. 1191 -S--N.. xx I uaks Z1 I' ull infra, Q,-. , if A IQ. , ff - .J C X! ' EMWQ A-ix SENIO IRWIN BELK CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, '37, Third Football, ,37-'38, "B" Football, ,39-'40, Fourth Basketball, 738, Third Baseball. '39, "B" Basket- ball, '40-'41, "BH Track, '38, Varsity Track, '39, '40, 741: "BH Soccer, '38, Monogram Club, '40-'41, Private, Company "Af '37-'38, Corporal, Company "A," '39, Sergeant, Company "Af '40, Glee Club, '37, Hop Committee, '40, Missionary Commit- tee, '40. u JAMES LEWIS Buss, JR. CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, ,34, Fifth Football, '34, Fifth Basketball, '35, Fifth. Baseball, '35, Fourth Football, '35, Fourth Baseball, '36, Yars1ty'FootbalI, ,4O, "B" Basketball Squad, ,41, Varsity Track, ,413 PUVHFCI C0mPHHY "D,,' A34-,35-,365 Private, Company "B," 403 Sefgeaflf, C0mP3l:lY "B," '41, Missionary Committee, ,40-'4l' MISSIQHSTY Ridge Club, '34-'41, 1 R CLASS IALLAN VYADEN BENNETT ALCOM A, VVEST VIRGIN IA "l"f-1, .gil Enrolled September, '-105 Soccer. '-Ill PYIVHW- C0mP3nY UA-U '40-'4l. O Lotus Ml1,1.ER Born S.-XI.ISIIURY, NORTH C.XROI.IN.-X Enrolled St-ptvmln-1. '40, l'1iv.1tv LTOIHPJIN' '40--411 NWII' fuwlmx flul '50 'll ,. 1 . X . x xi 7 ESI 1 I I 1 V' xt -J I . Ig. V 1 I J L, 1 1 I, if . L N 4 lx X 1 "r I 7' X af ,, 4 I I r 4 , . , , 5 a g I I i ,Ti 'll MTN L I E I i s s Nl MM SENIOR CLASS RICHARD GWYN BROCK, JR. CHATVFANOOGA, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '39g Varsity Football, '39-'40, Varsity Track ,40-'41, Wrestling, '41, Private, Company "Af, '39-,40-'41: Monogram Club, ,39-'40-'41, THOMAS JACKSON BROWN CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, ,343 Fifth Football, '34-'35, Fifth Basketball, '34-'35, Fifth Baseball, ,353 "BH Football, '38, Varsity Football, ,4Og Varsity Basketball, '40-'41, Private, Company "C,,' '34-'35, Company "D,', ,35-'36, Company "D," '36-'37, Corporal, Com- pany 'AB," '37-'38, Sergeant, Company "B," ,38-'39, Sergeant. Company "A," '39-'40, Captain and Adjutant, '40-'41, Radio Drill, '35-'36, Picked Platoon, '37-'38-'39, Best Drilled Company, '39-'40, Minstrel, '34-'35-'36-'37-'38-'39, Glee Club, ,4-O-'41, Monogram Club, '40-'41, Hop Committee, '40-'41, Military Editor, PENNANT, '41, Keo Kio, '40-'4-1. WILLLAM LESTER BROOKS, JR. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, '39, Third Football, '39-'40, Third Baseball, '39-'40-'41g Golf Team, '40-,415 Private, Company "A," '39-'40, Corporal, Company "B," '40-'41, Best Drilled Company, Prefect, '40-'41, Charlotte Club, ,39-'40-'4l. '39-,4Og HENRY THOMAS BRYAN, JR. LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, ,375 Third Football, '38-'39-,403 Third Base' ball, '38, Private, Company "B," 337-'38, Corporal, Company "Af, '39-'40, Sergeant, Company HC," ,40-'41, Best Drilled Company, 738-'40, Acl Campaign, PENNANT, ,39-,405 Lookout Mountain Club, ,37-'38-'39-'40-'41. 211 -1-Z' 2 13171: ,fp ll . X--. V-'Duper QQ',.rUW'f" ' ' L Q. - ' ff V nf ,ff 4 ff fflw ff ,f J ' M , f,y , X, Q6 . JL SENIOR CLASS f 1 :Q lj ' ij Qlfl.. 1 ., 1 X I -I 3" lx N 1 v-xf I. A t tj ' 1 5 .FJ M SOUTHVVORTH FIELD BRYAN QUSCXR rl1HUNI.XS lSL'IfIf,Xl.0XX IR JEFFERSON, GEORGIA L'll.'X'l'l'.XXOUG,X, 4l'lfXXl'iSSlfl'f E 'll- Sr - lv". '37: F"l l'.5k'lxll. N"-'TSQ Tl'd Bsbb ll. Enrolled September, '40g ,Varsity Football, ,403 Varsity Basketball. 'ig?334'40t:pt1g3,,Git.,,up. fylfitdlwr 'IEJHRB 'IZm,,L3n,cnElr 'SST 351501 405 Monogram Chile 491Cf'Waf?, pompany Br 40'4l5 Tennis Tn-nm, 'Ng lxlilllilgiil. Ymsnrv Baseball. 40: Best-Drilled eorgla ubf 40' 41' Corporal, Band. '33-'Wg Supl-nm. Band. 'W-'-10: First Licrxtcnant. Band, '40-'4l1 Mimtu-l, 'YHRWOQ Puvnlcgo Rnung Medals. SS-,302 x P. O. Lvnclm Algclwn lxlcdnl. 703 'I' '30-,402 Sports EJIIQY. 'I'urn.nlu. '40-'4lg Ad lixunprugn. Pl-NN-xNT. 'W-'-W: Editor-ur Cflm-f. ljlfNN.'KNl', '-MV-41. Rmx1eR'1' IIIQNRY L''r:1,l. . l.UUK0l"l' N1Ul'Xl'.XlX, ll"XXl"SSl"l'L lfnrollud St'Pll'I1ll'l'l, 'lhg l:ll,ll1 l:ootl'.1ll, Wh: Fifth B.l5k0IlXlll. Fiftlm llnsclwnll, 'VH lfmutlm l-'mul-.1ll, 'Vg lrourtlx ll.l5llt'Il'3ll. iff .lu-mm T-lark. WH. 'l'1....1 lf.-.-In-..11, '11 'l'n....4 MRL-fl-'ll 'Wi 'fb Fnutlmll, 'KOQ V.usi!x' lfnntlmll, '-Ng X'.H5lIX l3.xakvtl'.lll. '30'i'll3 Vnrritx' Tm-nun. 'N '-OO '-H1 l', KSUIUPJIIX "U," 'af'-.Qui 90111 QJUW HC." 'VWH1 llvxl Dullml Clmpoml, L'mnp.xm ."li."N4l5'-wi AX 51"'Re':lnt, lim!-Dllllvd lzlxlrl, QENIHPJIH' '30 401 . .iwfwfl J MES HOWARD BURROUGHS 1sqm1i...., '40-VII: l'uvnl-wiv l:..l..m M.-.1..1N. 'N my rx1,.S..-1. Q- . CONWAY, SOUTH CAROIINA Plflvwl lllntuun, 'IN 'Wg lxl0ll0p1l.llH Klub, 'W '40 411 01' 1,-H11 ' lnittvv, "lll"ll: Svn.m'. '30 "Ml: l'uwld-'nxt of Sq-n.ur. '401 X-lil' Enroud S b , t . H H I , W l,l'1'SlLll'lll', Kms Km, ,'-805311'.lNlllt'l, Svnmx lxlasxs. 40-41- -fE:?ff"142."41i9zr.E'1a'53Q.1,Cf'22f3a'a1.,,..f3:,, ,32?1.fI:?f.fgl""a """" Q12 :'::'.. 'f.:'.'l'l"' 'K"""' - l22l r hx :te f----. -4' 7 x ..c 'YR ' ' -4 G 4 .ara ' - w YY-x S U N .41 ,v Sy .ly I '50 f I .,,. l. V .X f X I I N N ' SENIOR CLASS HENRY ALEXANIJER CARRINGTON TAMPA, FLORIDA Enrolled September, '38, Fourth Basketball, '38, "BH Baseball, '40 Cheerleader, '39-'40-'41, Best-drilled Corporal, Company "D,H '39 '40g Second Lieutenant, Company "E," ,40-'413 Best Drilled Pla toon, '39-'405 Dramatics, '40-'413 Student Council, '39-'4Og Pre fect. '39-'403 Glee Club, ,38-,39. o ROBERT LEE CHAPMAN CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLIN A Enrolled, September, '38, Third Football, '38-'39, Junior Soccer '39, Varsity Soccer, '41, Third Baseball, '38, Third Basketball, '38 Minstrel, ,39-'40, First Class Private, Company "Ang Corporal Company "A", Color Guard, '4l. i I .an- gf Y, T, ,.,.,.,Ku,-,,,.-.,,...,.- ,vo ' -H' u . ,- A-,,,,..-.-gqgara. I-1' , vu- ,xp , XE! j J." I 1 I .J 'i ' K f Q iw , X3 WJ? I ajft" lip! , . , . L55 xhxj, j JJ-J I H F I Y 'ul I - x f X ., N f Q1 6 .i X fa I jj' f ,Af Ss - S 'sr K, . 1 -Ii E I i i . I I f ff y affiafaff zffjl. 1 AJ 1. I- ji! JYJIL -flfili-'fs-jfs, :fl fic' 0.1 -ff,I,u4L5l9" ' SENIOR CLASS JOHN LETCHER CRIST CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA- Enrolled September, '39, Third Football, ,39, Third Basketball, l39-,40, Varsity Baseball Squad, '40-'41, Varsity Football Squad, '40, Varsity Basketball Squad, '40-'41, Missionary Committee, '40- 4l, Private, Company "Cf, ,39-,405 Band Sergeant, '40-'41, Pre- fect, Founders Home, ,41, Charlotte Club, '39-'40.- WALTER NICHOLAS DIETZEN, JR. CHATFANOOGA, TENNESSEE Enrolled, '38, Varsity Football Squad, '40, Fourth Football, '38- Third Basketball, '38--'39, "B" Baseball, '39-,405 "BU Football '39-,40, HBH Basketball, '39-'40' Varsity Basketball ,4l' Pri t a v Company "B,'l '38-'39, Privatei Company "Af, V39-E405 ggi: porallr Company "P:,",'40-,41, Bestfdrilled Company, ,39-'40, ornado Staff, 40 41, Sports Editor of PENNANT, '41. ms 'J 1' fo.. . J' ' films 1 -J--ww . I Pyviji 1- J' N' JOSEPH HOWARD DAVENPORT, JR. LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENNESSEE Enrolled, '36, Fifth Football, '36, Fifth Basketball, '36, Fifth E, Baseball, '36, Golf Squad, '40-'41, Private, Company "D," '36- T '37-'38, Corporal, Company "D,l, '39, Sergeant, Company "B, ' -3 ,4OQ Special Drill, '38-339-'40, Best-drilled Company, '38-'39, Lookout Mountain Club, '36-'37-'38-'39-'40-'41, Captain, Com- pany 'lC," ,40-341, Vice-Chairman of the Missionary Committee, '40-,41, Business Manager, PENNANT, '40-'41, VVILLIABI HERBERT DUNN IVIAXTON, NORTH CAROIJNIX Enrolled September, '37, Varsity Football, '39-'40, "B" Football. '37-'38, Varsity Soccer, '38-'39-,413 Captain of Varsity Soccer, '41, Varsity Baseball, '38-'39, Varsity Track, '41, member of Nlonogram Club, Corporal, Company "B," 'Z-8339, Sergeant, Company "B,"' ii '39-'40, Senior Captain of Battalion, '40-'41, Best-Drilled Cadet or F' Company "B,U '39-,403 City Cadet Championship of Nlilitary, '39- X' '40, Best-drilled Company, '37, Picked Platoon, '393-10: Best Non- .ll Commissioned Officer, ,39-'40, Student Council, '39-'41, prefect, I' '39-'40, Hop Committee, '40-'41, Koo Kio, '40-'41, Draniatim, '4l. Q' l24l - - 5 S I , li. Yu XR .Q Q I .1 I , .1 l ,Lf I l .V 4 ---A...-... .--naunaqn,s,uoluuanas4fn.-'v4l-4unqs.uharu-amAvAinnisnb4cb-a-- -Q-sang-nu.-as-his-4 V J L' ' " ' - A - ' ..a-..-,..r- ---- ssc.-.R . Ia H- .. ...... . . . ,tl .i '1 6 Z 4-4. --M. .Z 11, 'R l ,vgksf Glu, SENIOR CLASS FRANK EDWARD DUNN WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, '38, Third Football, '38, Third Basketball, '39, Third Baseball, '39, Swimming, '40, Private, Company "A," '38- '39, Corporal, Company "A," '39-'40, Second Lieutenant, Com- pany "D," '40-'41, GEORGE GUILFORD EAVES CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '37, Fifth Football, '37, Fifth Basketball, '37 Fourth Basketball, '37-'38, Fourth Football and Basketball, '37-'38 Minstrel, '38, Private, Company D, '37-'38, Corporal, Company D '39, Second Lieutenant on Staff, '39, Honorary First Lieutenant, '40-'41, Tornado, '41, Chattanooga Club, '37-'38-'39-'40-'41, Mis sionary Ridge Club, '39-'40-'4l. WALTER WOOD DYER CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '35, Fifth Team Football, '36-'37, Fifth Team Basketball, '36-'37, Fourth Team Basketball, '37-'38, Fifth Team Baseball, '37, Private, Company "D," '35-'36, '36-'37, '37-'38, Private, Company "C," '38-'39, Corporal, Company "B," '39-'40, Color Sergeant assigned to Quartermaster's Staff, '40-'41, Chatta- nooga Club, '35-'36-'37-'38-'39-'40-'41. CLARENCE WILSON EDMONDSON LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '36, Fourth Basketball, '36-'37, Tennis, '36-'37- '38, Third Basketball, '38, Third Football, '39, Badminton Tourna- ment, '39, Manager Boxing Team, '39, Bowling, '40, Third Basket- ball, '39, Private, Company D, '37, Corporal, Company C, '37-'38' Sergeant, Company "C", '38-'39, First Lieutenant, Company "D,' '40-'41, Picked Platoon, '38-'39-'40, Lookout Mountain Club, '36- '37-'38-'39-'40-'4-1, Treasurer, Missionary Committee, '40-'41. y 7 K E251 1 it fo, I. DV, X 'Q' 1 I ge QM ' ' as I I 3 I 1 ' v"I .QIQQQ , , . XJ . ' ,Q f I I. ., , x if ' ' x'-H" O Tx' ' 2 I f SENIOR CLASS GEORGE NOBLE ENNETT MONTREAT, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolledlseptember, '37, Varsity Track, '38-,39-'40-'41, Captain, Track, '41, First Non-letterman in Cake Race, '39, Winner Cake Race, '40, Private, Company "Af, '37-'38-'39, Corporal, Company "A," '40, First Sergeant, Company "A," '40, Second Lieutenant, Company "A," ,415 Cheerleader, '39-'40, Head Cheerleader, '40- ,4Ig Prefect, '39-,409 Business Manager, Tornado, ,4O-,415 Best- drilled Cadet Company "A," '39-,40. JOHN MILTON GATES BECKLEY, WEST VIRGINIA Enrolled Septembyer, '39, Tennis, '39, Swimming, '39, Varsity Bas. ketlzfall, 39- 40- 415 Varsity Baseball, '41, Varsity Track, '40, Assistant Coach, Fifth Team Football, '40, Private, Company "B " '39-'40, Private, Company "A,,' '40-'41, I VVILLIAM ROBERT CTAINES LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA Enrolled September, 383 Third Basketball. '38-I39: "B" Basketball. '39-'40-'41, Junior Tennis Champion, '39g Varsity Tennis Team. '40g Monogram Club, '40-'4lg Private, Band. '38-'39: Corporal. Band, I39-,403 Second I.ieutenant, Band, '41, INlinstrel. '38-'-40: Glee Club, '39, Tornado. '40-'41, Chairman. Nlimioriary' Com- mittee. '40-'41, FR.-INK fhl,EX,-XNDER lT.XI'l.T l,.'XKli VYACC.-IINI.-XXV, NORTH C.-XROI,IX.X Enrolled Scptcmlvcr, '39, Swimming, ' 30-'40-'-Il: S:WL'0l'- I w.'i'IQf Varsity Baseball, '40-'4lg Trainer. '40-'-Il: Private. Q,' LA. .39-'40, Best-drilled Company, 'W-'-40: Sl'l'Rl'3lII- IWURI4' S NPS- ' '40-'41, Prcfcft. '40-'41, I261 L . x 'T O . AI N l 57' I I I , 1 'v' 4. X v I I -1-. .1 .-1-um.....--..s..-1.9-u::.a,p.,,-4-1-..n...., .. M-.4-an-... - f- 'von-n -- - --f - -. .- --- . -- ... - , , . , S is E-N WMM HENRY BOUTON GILMAN BENJAMIN MILLER GOLD CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, '37, Fourth Ba ketball, '38-,393 Third B sket- , . . H ,, , , . ball, '40-'41, Private, Company "Ci" '37-'38, Corporal, Corrzipany Enrolled September' go' Private' Cclmpafny A' 40' 41' North - arolina Club, 40- 41. "C," '38-'39-'40, First Sergeant, Company "C,,' '40-'41g Picked Platoon, 737-'38-'39-,405 Minstrel, '37-'38. VVILLIAM MARSHALL GOREE CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE O Enrolled September, '34, Fifth Football, '34, Fifth Basketball, '35. Fifth Baseball, '35, Fourth Football, '35, Fourth Basketball, '36, Fourth Baseball, 7361 Third Football, ,365 Third Basketball, '37, "BH Baseball, ,37-'38, "BH Football, '37-,38g "BH Basketball, 338339-'40-'41g Varsity Baseball, '39-'40-'41, Varsity Football, '39-'423 Alternag Captain, lgootball, '40, Monogam Club,CE39-'40 ,413 rivate, ompany " ." '34-'35-,365 orporal, ompany "D," 3,6-'37, Begpfiilea Cadgt, Compagy HD," '56-'37, Cor. EDWARD DONALD GRANT, poral, mpany U ,H '37-'38, ergeant, ompany " ," '384'39, , Bestaclrilled Cadet, Company "C," '38-'39, Captain and Adjutant, RICHMOND' VIRGINIA '39-,405 Honorary Captain and Adjutant, ,40-'41, Picked Platoon, 1 337-'38-,39g Secretary and Treasurer, Keo Kio, '39-'40, President, Enrolled September, '39, Varsity Tennis, '39-,4O-'41, Private, Keo Kio, 740-,4lQ Hop Committee, ,39-'40-'41, Secretary, Senior Company "B," '39-'40-'41, Glee Club, ,40-'41, Tornado, '39-'409 Class, '40-'41, Senate, '40-'41. Virginia Club, '39-40-'4L l27l w it ni 2953? SENIOR CLASS ROBERT ADAMS GREENE CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '37, Fourth Football, '37, Fourth Basketball, '38, Third Baseball, '38, Third Football, '38, Third Basketball, '39, "B" Basketball, '39, Varsity Football, '39, Bowling Team, '40, Varsity Baseball, '40, Varsity Football, '40, "B" Basketball, '41, Private, Company "C," '37-'38, Sergeant, Company "D," '39-'40, Honorary First Lietutenant, '40-'41, Minstrel, '38-'39-'40, Mon- ogram Club, '40-'4l. ROBERT JOHNSON TIAMILTON CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '35, Fifth Football, Fifth Basketball '35-'36' Fourth Basketball, '37-'38, Bowling Team, '40' Finalist Junioi' Tennis Tournament, '39, Private, Company "D,"' '35-'36-'Private Company "E," '37, Corporal, Company "D," '38, Supply Ser: geant assigned to Quartermaster's Staff, '39, Quartermaster's Staff, '40-'41, Minstrel, '37-'38, Chatanooga Club, '35-'40, -f""S K - 4..,.,-y..v.-4n-nqgsa.uQdur- " A . ' un- ,. -..q3q.q.-.-Gizmo.. I V l s I" 'I' 'N 1 I , , , .9 Q' r .J l tn 1 'lf Q I t fl ,I K x ,- X , l I' , r -. Nl 5 . 3 6 ,sl .' " I5 R, ' , N .A i Q v ,I I I V IX f 1 "' ' I : i F I X l 1 , I f , . 5 3 I 'f' C .ff -ffqxflfl. '?l:e7L-AL 453' I 1 I ,V . .1 .f'.-.T7-.I 45f4,i'f,, . fs I ,,,,,-4,v,'.,NJr .H A. . - - Z1v,'?1.'y,wGQ, - f f., 5119- ' Q--L , ' E- -' 1 9' 1 --f , A Lg... I ,. I If I- ,sl , Jig' fafqval A .. ' 'Cf ,,g,41.z,.,4f- I . . ',xfL,,,.-v 'iff' . , I l!.,ff44,4 ,.- is I I, ay! . Q' N 'a".yA!',-' 5 ' i f r ' .fi ff I w,...,, 1 ,..-,,, ,',.,a,f,J',- , if, v Q if V f. c- V ki. ,f iifii'-,,tL , ' ,, , V f .. f, 4..- . l IT!-xi. I ' C at -f ' in . X ' w...-, Ts. . .I --WA , 1 . of rf-2f:f1e,,a - y ,. I -Y I' RICHARD DAVIS HARTLEY HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, '39, "BH Football, ,39-'40, Varsity Basketball, '40, All-City Basketball, '40-'41, All-Mid-South, '40, Private, Company "B," ,39-'40, Corporal, Company "B,H '40-'41, I-Iop Committee, '40-'41, Missionary Com'mittee, ,40-'41, Keo Kio, ,40- '41g Monogram Club, '40-'41, Y. M. C. A., '40, President of Senate, '41. FRED MOXTERMAN HAWLEY BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA Enrolled September, '39, Private, Company "C," '39-'40, Private Company "B,,' ,405 Corporal, Quartermaster Staff, '41, Junioi Soccer, '40, Swimming Team, '40. l29I EDSON KEITH HARTZELL BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Enrolled September, l40g Third Football, '40, "BH Basketball, ,415 Private, Company "B," '40-'4l. KRIEGER VVILLIAM HENDERSON CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, ,35Q Fifth Football, '35-'36, Fifth Baseball, i36-'37, Third Baseball, '37, Boxing Squad, '37, Fourth Football, ,37, "BU Football, '39-'40, Baseball Squad, ,395 Track Squad, '40, Bowling Team, '40, Times Five. Mile Race, '39, Private, Company "C," '35-'36, Private, Company "B," '36-'37, Corporal, Com- pany "B," '37-'38, Corporal, Company "A," '38-'39, Best-drilled Corporal, Company "A," ,393 Sergeant, Company "A," '39-'40, Best-drilled Cadet, Company "A," '38-'39, Captain, Company "A,,' ,40-'41, Picked Platoon, '37-'38-'39, Best-drilled Company, '37-394' 340, Secretary and Treasurer, Glee Club, '40-'41, W. O. Benner Business Award, ,393 Hop Committee, '40-'41, Dramatics Club, '39-'41, Assistant Athletic Editor, PENNANT, '41, ,XA ' , ' "' ,Q ff.-ff' af ,X -ff ' , ff xp OV- Y 1, 2+ WEN L X S3 4" I ' . t J , uf X SENIOR CLASS JAMES ROY HODGE CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '39g Private, Company D, '39-,40-'4lg Junior Soccer, '39g Assistant Business Manager, Tornado, '4Og Ad Solicitor, PENNANT, '4Og Varsity Trainer, '39. WILLIAM LUMPKIN HUNTLEY, JR, CORAL CABLES, FLORIDA Enrolled September. '39, Varsity, Tennis Team, '40-'4lg Band, '40g Sergeant, Band, '40-'41, CARL TERRELL HUGGINS CHATTANOOCA, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, ' 371 Private, Band, ' 37-' 38: Corporal, Band. ,38-'39, Sergeant, Band, '39-'4O3 Second Lieutenant: Band. 40- '4lg Glee Club. '39-'40-'4lg Orchestra, '39- 40. JAMES CL.-xRENCE INZER, JR. GADSDEN, Al,,-XRA51.-X Enrolled September, '37g Fourth Football, '371 Fourth Basketball: '38g Third Baseball, 'KSQ Junior Soccer, '301 Third Baseball, 90 "B" Football, '39g Varsity Soccer, '30-'40-'-Ol: QVarsitvxFootball '40g Private, Band, '37-'3Sg Private, Companv 33- 301 QW' poral, Company "Pr," '30-'-30: Sergeant, Companv '40"4l lf30l Fuji? I-.... -1" I l 1 'I , 1 1' W .. ,... .-nv-o..,r.--saganaze.-ea.. 1.4....,u.. .. r'-'A-H - A 1 - . . . 4' I Jawa, SENIOR CLASS CLAUDE WILSFORO JOINER, JR. LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '37, Fourth Football, '37-'38, Third Football, '39g Varsity Football, '40, Third Basketball, '38-'39, Private, Com- pany "C,,' '37-'38, First Class Private, Company "Cf, '38-,39g Corporal, Company "B," ,39-'40, Second Liteutenant, Company "B,', '404'4lg Best-drilled Corporal, Company "B," '39-'40, Picked Platoon, '38-'39-,405 Lookout Mountain Club, '37-,4l. THOMPSON WOLLE JONES CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '35, Private, Company D, '35-'36-'37-'38, Corporal, Company "D,', '38-,39g Best-drilled Company, '38-'39: Sergeant, Company "C," '39-'40, Picked Platoon, '39-'40, Second Liteutenant, Company "E,', '39-'40-'4lg Sophomore Senator, '399 Minstrel, '36-,375 Primary Bible Prize, ,35-'36, Intermediate Bible Prize, ,39-'40. ll 11' ....... - --...,,,.r.-q,gr-qnvu'7v f'1'1'!"4"'?5-!3'5"""""l"" , ,M ,M ,M ,M WJ mia EDWIN GODWIN KELLUM TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Enrolled September 38 Private, Bandg Tennis, '4lg Boxing, '4lg Orchestra, '4Ig Florida Club. THOMAS CREIGHEAIJ Lrzwrs SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Enrolled September 40 Vanity Swimming, Ti-1m Prrvatt Corn pany D 40 41 fl-busitoua SENIOR CLASS -loHN MCDOWELL KING CHATTANOOCA, TENNESSEE Enrolled September '35, Fifth Football, '35: Fifth Basketball, '35s Fourth Football, '36g Bowling Team. '39: Companv '3Y'36- '37-'38, Corporal, Company "D," '38: Sergeant, Companv '39g Lieutenant. Companv '40-'-411 Beat-drilled Compania '38-'39, Special Drill Platoon. '30: Feature Editor. PFNNRNT. '4l: Nlimionary' Ridge Club. '35-'-ll. l,oNNu3 Huutrsox l,L'NlSlll?N. lll Crl,x'1'1'.rrxoot:.x, 'rrfxxrfssr-'F linrollvd Svptcrrrlror, 'Wg Fifth Footlmll. '35, Frith liukvthall. 'Roz Fifth llnsclmll, 'log Fifth Football. 'log Fifth llaskvtlvrll. 'Vi Frith llnsvhnll, '47, Fourth Footlmll, 'Vg Fourth l3.nkrtlN.xll. '38, Fourth Footlwnll, 'IRQ Fourth llaslzrtlull. 'Wg Fourth Footlmll. 'Wg ,lunror Soccvr, '-10: hlrumgvr, X'.1rsrtv liukr-tlrall. '-ll: l'rrx:rtr. fonupam "D," 'IYWSQ Corporal. l'orrrp.1nr' "D," 'IS 'Wg Srrgr-ant. Kom- PHIW "D," '30-'-301 11. 'orrrwrnx' "D " '40 '4l' Best tirr Con pinx it -I I rurr x 1 xxr X X ' I t , h ' Lrtturr, L 1 . , . llrd " , , I - 3 ' 1 '- 1 ' I - '. 'IN-'Nz llrikwl l'l. oorr, 'IS 'W ' rg Mil . lr -'rl r ' - lvrru' Mr-.l.1l, Klorrrparrr "ll" '40 l 52 l - Y V Q ,Ax f ,ill ' X X -ft s , - ., Y f I ' YZ I' 5 'S ' 1 I 5 Y .., 3 . X , H ,kt XX A lg - 'Q S 4.-' F iii MT' K-fe-' MRM' Q W! ,J- x ff V! s E N I O R O L A s s , f GEORGE DAVID LYNCH, JR. ROBERT DAY MCAMIS CH ATTANOOGA, TEN NESSEE Enrolled September, '35, Fifth Football, '35-'36-,373 Fourth Foot- ball, '37-'38-,39, Third Football, '39-'40, "B" Football, '40-'41, Fifth Basketball, '36, Fifth Baseball, '36, Junior Soccer, '39, Var- sity Soccer, '40-,4l, Eleventh Annual Cake Race, '40, Private, Company "D,,' '35-'38, Private, Company "B,', 338,-'39, Cor- poral, Company "B," '39-'40, First Sergeant, Company "E," '40-'41, Junior Glee Club, '36-'37, Doubles Semi-Finals, Southern Badminton Tournament, '41. HENRY KELSO MCKINNEY LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENNESSEE Enrolled '37, Private Band, '37, Third Football, '37-,4O, Track, '40, Orchestra, '37-'38-'39-'40, Glee Club, '37-'38-'39-'40, Min- strel, '37-'38--,39-'40, Corporal, Band, '38, First Sergeant, Band, '39, Captain, Band, '39-'40, Lookout Mountain Club, T37-'40, Ad Solicitor for PENNANT, ,4O. A , l33l C9 CHATTANOOGA, TE NNESSEE Enrolled '37, Fifth Football, '37, Fifth Basketball, '37, Fifth Base- ball, '38, Private, Company "E," ,37-'38, Fourth Football, '38, First Class Private, Company "D," 338-'39, Swimming Team Man- ager, '40, Corporal, Company "D,', '39-'40, Special Platoon, '39- '40, Third Football, '4O,V Sergeant, Company "B," '40-'41, ELVER WEBSTER MCLEOD, JR. DECATUR, ALABAMA Enrolled September, '40, Private, Company "C," '40-'41, Fall and Spring Tennis, '40-'41, Third Team Basketball Squad, '41, Tornado, '40-'41, PENNANT, '41, Glee Club, '41, Alabama Club, '40-'41, ff!!-J-Z U ' fff Y P M ' I xv' I X Dv I ' .P I, , ff , .1 H IIIQ .max yu 'TI I Q13 SENIOR CLASS ROBERT JOHNSTON MCMULLEN, IR. CIIIESTIZR A-Xxxnfmu N KI xxsm' SHANGH.IXI, CHINA NI IRI YII I I , II X XI SSI In - . - If T- -- 'l- ' ' 'Z 'Q ' 'Yuan Enrolled .IHUUHYYI '41s Soccer Squad, ,415 Glee Club, -I0 41: IHHHIII 522' IMI"-' 55 XMIM It-'flux - F Io 40' N ' Db - 1 I B I M- I II,1,L,-null. x0 -IU -IIQ Xnumxx kwI!, 10 -III -311 XAIMU han-ball. e ating Team' 41, and' 4K 41 'II3 INIONI Imp:-wuII Ixm-sm.1nX II.-5-In, 303 .-XII KIM JDJ :XII- NIIII South Ifo--II-.1II. "IU, .-XII K IIN Ii.uL.-II-.:II. '40 I-31: .-XII 5113- Soutlm II.1NI.vtI'.1II, '-303 .-XII fXI:.I5.w::I1 KI-NI1. '-10. I'1xx.ur.xL0!11 I'-UW -I5 .303 lqoxp-'x,1I, K..-xuxpgm " AX H '30 'MIL 5n'0mI Inu! n.unl, I-UIIIPJIIY '-10 '-II, Ii.-xr .IIIIIQ-.I K'-wupam. 240i I'uwnI--111, S--nm: flaw, '-IU '-IIg YI..-I'1-wxIi1v11. Y X1 is -X.. 'III 51 I lux' ,IIHI ,lill'.lNIXIl'I, SIUII--nr lx-1:xw1I '40 "II, Svflvl-IH an-I . . . . . , . . . . , Iulun-1. kr-w km, 'IU -Il, Nm!! -M' -II: I INNKNT 54-III. "I I I I'xrIr-I, '30 I-IOQ NIU: :mir K',1p:.1m II.xxIrII'.1II. 40. K 0 ALLEN BLAKE IXfI.fxYs GRHENWOOD, SOUTII CARUI,ITx,X K'.lI'I.lII1 IIMI-'II'.1II I'II II mm XYXII xr: NI: xl-OR, -IR. Iilll SIUXI l.XI', XINILIXIX IHIOIIQ-.I 51-pl ml-In 'hh X ,UWM I,-.-IIXIII 'MH NI.m.-,4I.un KIIIII' Enrolled Se b 1 - -III I'ux,nrv KI- I 1 "Ii " I-II IN I- I 'J' I51nu.1ux ptem gf 39' Va,-sity Tm.k vqol Q .v . U . .1 xx I, -. Jun, 4 .my KI, K I 1 I L . , . uulI1 c..IIOIIIl.l fIlIIul KIM' hx. X lulmll VINE. -mi 'mm H ,N hh... K MII, .hx I I'I I 'Y' V... V 1 xv X. xi XX 'ii nv I Y I I 'I I 1 ,X 4..- I- 'Y 'ff AM 0233 -J?-he . - N Elw- 5? Ili -' ' r W SENIOR CLASS DOUGLAS MOOSE MILLAR BLUEFIELD, WEST VIRGINIA Enrolled September, '36, Fourth Football, '36, Third Football, '37- '38, Third Baseball, '38, Track, '39, Hop Committee, '40-'41, Prefect, '39-'40, Play, '40-'41, Minstrel, '39-'40, Band, '36-'37-'38, Company "B," '38, Best-drilled Company, '38, Company "A," '38-'39, Military Excellence, Company "A," '39, Sergeant, Com- pany "C," '39-'40, Captain, Company "B," '40-'41, Picked Platoon, '38-'39-'40, CARNOT GUILLE M1LL1OAN, jk. LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '35, Fifth Football, '35-'36, Fifth Basketball, '35-'36, Fifth Baseball, '35-'36, Fourth Football, '37, Fourth Basketball, '37, Junior Baseball, '37-'38, Third Football, '38-'39, "B" Football, '40, Company "D," '35-'36, Company "C," '37, Corporal, Company "B," '38-'39, Sergeant, Company "C," '40, First Sergeant, Company "B," '41, Minstrel, '35-'36-'38,-'40, Look- out Mountain Club, '35-'36-'37-'38-'39-'40, Picked Platoon, '38-'39. MAYNE VVILLIAMS MILLER JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '40, Boxing, '41, Company "B", Declamation Contest, '40, Glee Club, '40-'41, Debating Team, '4l. JAMES HENRY MILLIS HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled, '37, Fourth Football, '37, Third Football, '38, "BH Football, '39, Varsity Football, '40, Fourth Basketball, '37-'38, Third Basketball, '39, Tennis Team, '40, Junior Track Team, '37, Third Baseball, '38, Hop Committee, '40-'41, Prefect, '39-'40, Student Council, '39, Private, Company "D," '37-'38, Corporal Company "D," '39-'40, Lieutenant, Company "C," '40-'41, North Carolina Club, High Point Club. RQ l351 , M A .......v, - -- -3 ,:-rw- - ' f ffQ2Q X , K Z fy V 4 X 1 ., F3.q 'Qlfl WATER I W-il ll! ' URM? VVILLIAM FRASOR MITCHELL lam Rlumus. JR. MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA IDOKULUI' x1m'xl1x1x, 'wxxrssr-r Enrolled September '393 Football, ,395 "BH Football, '403 lfl1l'0lll:x.l SrplL'llll'n'l -3331 lrllllli lrnvtltlll, 'lil Flllllj lq.hl.m'!l'.1ll. -N502 Boxing, '4lg Private, Company "B,,' ,39-,40-'4l. Fifth Basvlmll. Wh: luwmtlm I-nnrlmll. fXl.1n.1g.-xl 36:-FOUIUH kvlbnll, Mnlxngrl. 'VT -luxum lim-lxmll. 'Vg llmd Pvoorl-all. '02 "B" Football, '-801 lg.1skm'Il'.1ll. :Xvnranr Nl.1n.1gv1, -Sl: QPIIYJUY Compnnx' "D," '35 Wh: llxxxnrv. lsUI1NP.'AI1Y "if" '35 '3f9:vf1'Yr2"'-"m- 1 Compnm' "nk" '40-'-10: l'-IIA! lu-ulvxmm, fnmpanx -40 .411 1 nm .1..u.-,1 c'.-mmm-. 'w wo- lm.-1 x'1.m-H, 'T 15. no 'Ol O Sum-rv Ifdmu, 'lk-m.:.l.v. '-10'-H: P1 xxxxx Nllfl 40- JAMES LANDER lx1ORGAN I-'nu-iuwr-'Rumi Hu uw Nlmum LAURINBURG, NORTH CAROLINA vu xrlwxumzx Il xx: me Enrolled September ,39' Third Football '39 ' ' ' ' ' ' - ' - ' ' ' . 1 - , ' . 3 Jumor bucu-r, W- 403 I- .ll-,l if l' 1 ,. pi. xi, R" Q5 I-an lg ,l lxnm 40 41. Thlrd Baseballlw-40IiI Varsgy.?pcce,-D '40-Z4l:'Dcflnnmmm CUHUM' 1':l,:,:.,:l.,. 'gg :gill ul.,,.,l:rjl, NJN' thx- .Xlillgjxl,x,,,,l IH, xxxxx. , ort 31011121 Club, 39- 40- 41. '-007111 l'h.xu.uwu,g.n K lu!-, 'V '38 'W .40 AH- l361 ,x ,. 1...1f-X Y .f fi .N- P gY X, X xx S 3 1 X ' v X X V LX?-:J ., .na-u-..4--aaa..-:mn--4. W ' I ,Y A , , 'Hi 1 1 I ' T5 ' f -' f -r vw , 'EARN I MER mg MQ WAN SENIOR CLASS CHARLES DONALDSON MUNROE QUINCY, FLORIDA Enrolled September, '40, Varsity Football, '40, Winner of .Most Improved Linesman Trophy, '40, Monogram Club, '40, Private, Company "A," '40-'41, Florida Club, '40-'41. TSARL BUSBEE PACE GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA '40-'41, Private, Company "D," '39-'40-'41, Tornado, '40-41 Astronomy Club, '40, North Carolina Club, '39-'40-'41, Enrolled September, '39, Tennis, '39-'40-'41, Touch Football, '39- HARRY HOBSON ORGAIN, JR. CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '40, Winner Fall Tennis Tournament, '40, Pri- vate, Company "B," '40-'41, Tornado Staff, '40-'41, PENNANT Staff, '40-'41, Dramatic Club, '41, Winner, Declamation Con- test, '4O. ARTHUR COLLINS PENDLETON, II CHARLO'l"1'E, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, '38, "B" Football, '38, Varsity Football, '40, Boxing, '38, Swimming, '38, Varsity Track, '39-'40-'41, Soccer, '41, President, Monogram Club, '40, Private, Company HB." '38,- 39, First Class Private, Company "C," '39-'40, First Sergeant, Company "B," '40, Second Lieutenant, Company "B," '41, Vice- President, Student Council, '41, Vice-President, Y. M. C. A., '41, member Keo Kio, '40-'41, Prefect, '40-'41. 19 E371 1 -I aff f f , ZW fic? i I CQ!!! 7, 'fp sq I 1 Q40 i 1 F Q3 ' In Q fllxjlkk N all ' Q : MNA W. 'A Ullllyllll T l 4 NOAH ODAS PITTS, JR. XVIl.l.I.XNl KENT l'm:s'r GLEN ALPINE, NORTH CAROLINA mu'xln'. YIRUIYH Enrolled Sffgemlger' Zi36i.Private, ,gn CorPol.?g'u,3?j6 lfnrollvd Sr-pu-mlwr, WS: Qfvxxilfxxmx' "U," '35, L30: L'+'rf1I'i1x1v ergeant, g econ xeutenant, 5 ompany , - Q -, U - lc pn- K -gs -, ll X' . ' fl 'as' 4 h Varsity Football, '36, '37, '38, '39, '40, Captain, Varsity Foot- 'll 4 "l" N ' 'l""'l ' l ball, '40g Soccer, '36, '37, '38, '39, '40, Varsity Track, '38, '39, '40, Best-drilled Company, '38, Minstrel, '38, ,39, ,401 Monogram Club, '38-'41, Baseball, '37g North Carolina Club, Second Team O All-City Football, ,39Q Honorary All-City, '40, Mid-South Cham- pion Relay Team, '39, '40. S o -lumixllxsll.R.xx1Nl-'Y.,lR- Xlll XURK kllll ROBERT MONTEITH POVVELL lfnnolllc-rl S1-pn-xulwu. K", liwnxlm l'.m:l'.1ll,"5", lfomrly-ll.1il1'1lf-fll- ' WS: llnul limll-.1ll, '30, "ll" lf-w-xlxxll. lb: ,lHl1lN lmrvt, -:O WHITEVIUAE, NORVIH CAROLINA "Vg Xfllulx' 'llx.nL. '35, '30, '-Hg l'llN.lll', llUlHP.lllX "l. '-r'l'f1 "' 1 44 ra , '37, .132 lin u1.l, lin M '53, Srl 'K'-INV ll"lllll'llll ix' Enrolled ieotember, 405 B Football, Qeclnmnuon Contest, 'Amg 150: ISHN l,:.l,,,l,:.,,,,. :l'l,l,,l,l1l,l,,,, --.X " im Sal, lint nllxllrxl RMU Q TO:n.g'T Ov G01den,G1oveg Champion, 'lltl llunncr-up in Fall pmy, 'VQ 'ml M,,,,,,.-1, 'Q-J, '-au, '41, lM.un,m.l Club. ' e nts ournament' C?0llPnVgf'bC?mPal?y Bvl lllov lllli lNl0l'lll Ml, "ll: Wlalhlrxvllx K'lul'. '30 "H, llvp tlmulmurv. lllxxkxl arolna u ' 40' 41' Smlll lll-Le'-l lll.lI-mn llh, THQ '40 8 l 3 l 7' - X f"'S 3 .-7 nf" X? X l Y . 0 . ,fl x, Y- Q- 4.0 -. .....w-of-n..a4---anuuimcnnml, V - , v-- ---v--A-.----f-. , ,, , , , Mail 4 I ft, Nefijffxffb I s A SENIOR CLASS ROBERT EUGENE RIDENHOUR, III CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, '40, "BU Football, '40, Varsity Soccer, '41, Varsity Baseball, '41, Private Company "C," '40-'41, North Car- olina Club, ,40-'4l. O DAVID WYETH ROYSTER, JR. SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, '40, "B" Football, '40, Swimming, vate, Company "Af, ,40-,4I. -...ff ri- I39I EARL MILLER ROTHBERGER CHATTANOOGA, 'TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '3'5g Fifth Football, '35-'36, Fourth Football, '37-'38-'39, "B" Football, '40, Fifth Basketball, '36-'37, Fourth Basketball, '38-,395 Swimming Team, '40, Private, Company "D," '35-'36-'37, Corporal, Company "D,,' '38-'39, Best-drilled Cadet Seventh Grade, '35-'36, Eighth Grade, '36-'37, Sergeant, Company HC," '39-'40, Second Lieutenant, Company "B," '40-'41, THOMAS BENTON SELLERS, JR. NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Enrolled September, '36, Third Football, ,362 "BH Football, '37, Varsity Football, '39-'40, Varsity Track, 240-'41, Monogram Club, '39-'40-'41, Private, Band, ,36-'37, Private, Company "A," '38, Corporal, Company "A," ,39-,403 Sergeant, Company "B,,' '40- '41g Keo Kio, 740-,415 Glee Club, '41, Missionary Committee, '40- ,4I' Vice-President, Y. M. C. A., ,405 Student Council, '39"40g l President, Student Council, ,40-,4lQ Senate, '40-,4l. 1 C Q 1 K, QE' 2 S J Enrolled September 37 Fxfth Football 37 38 Prlvate Compxm Q tl rn?3W UD-U MoUI1RIl,Gr0Rrm " N '-ml" " ' I 11111 x ' l' 'l"'5"X""H .111 Squad, 5 'AQ 'MY '4l. U Y 1 Y X V U 1 X X X ,rx .' 5 1 1 x l f' N ,f f N 9 1 X X l SENIOR CLASS WALTER HUNTER STAMPER, JR. CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '35, Fifth Football, '35, Fifth Basketball, '36, Fifth Baseball, '36-'37, Manager, Fifth Basketball, '37g Fourth Football, '38g Third Baseball, '40, Private, Company "D," '35- '36-'37g Corporal, Best-drilled Cadet, Company "E," '37-'38, Cor- oral Com an "D " '38 '39 Ser eant Best drilled Cadet Com P 1 P Y 1 ' i g 2 ' 1 ' pany "D", Captain, Company "E," '40-'41, Best-drilled Company "D," '38-'39, Picked Platoon, '39-'40, Eighth Grade Bible Prize, '37, Tornado, '39-'40, Photographer, PENNANT, '39-'40, Assign- ment Editor, Tornado, ,40-'41, Secretary, Missionary Committee, '40-'4lg Associate Editor, PENNANT, '40-,415 Astronomy Club, ,37-'38. EDGAR JOHN STONE, JR. ST, ELMO, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, ,395 "B" Football, '39-'40, Boxing Team, ,40-,411 High School Heavyweight Golden Gloves Champion, '41, Band, '39-'40-'4l. l41l VVILLIAM PERRIN STEELE WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, '39, Private, Company "C," '39-'40, Private, Company "A," '40-'41, Varsity Soccer, '40-'41, Varsity Swim- ming, '40-'41, JOHN FRANCIS TAYLOR PINEHURST, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, '40, Spring Football, '41, Private, Company "D," '40-'41, North Carolina Club, ,4O-'4l. , V Y Xf " X Y Y, ,. 'Y V ,Z f , ',,.f- , S 2 rr 54 l 7"n. Lqlll l J X WEN SENIGR CLASS WILLIAIXI NELSON 'IHUSS x X v 1 x CHATTANOOGA, 'IFNNESSH 1 Y Enrolled eptern er 39 Glee Club 39 40 Fourth Bnkrrlwll ull 1 Im K Nl lm, K 40 41 Corporal Comp ny D 0 RICHARD QLOLC H 'I HOMSOX "Hx GAFFNFY SOUIII L XROI IN X l I nrolled September 39 40 rlvate Compmy C' N 'H lm HHXN UIIIOI Soccer llV1 l c 0111 Ullll :--1' ,.. Y R X' x 4 s Q43 w-oqgadlnnuululnebbinsu-Q. A L x , js-an--M' 6 X J. If 'Y' VJ 4' 1.9 X . I 1 fp ii 1. mm Cy " vb' ' I -KJ Viv' ' of'fl r,' ,uf SENIOR CLASS LYNN BRADFORD T1LLERY, JR. VVILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, '40, Fall Tennis, '40, Third Basketball, '41, Baseball, '41, Private, Company "A," '40, '41, North Carolina Club. Q c1EORGE INIAGOUN XVA1,I,ACE, 11 FORT BENNING, GEORGIA Enrolled September, '37, Fifth Football, '37, Boxing Squad, '38, Fifth Baseball, '38, Fifth Tennis, '38, Fourth Football, '38, Boxing Squad, '39, Third Baseball, '39, Fourth Football, '39, Third Soccer, '40, Third Track, '40, Third Football, '40, Varsity Soccer, '41, Varsity Track Squad, '41, Private, Company "D," 37, '38, Best-drilled Company, '38, '39, Corporal, Company "C," '39, '40, Platoon Sergeant, Company "D," '40, '41, Alabama Club, '37, '38, '39, Virginia Club, '39, '40, Georgia Club, '40, '41. 1431 JAMES TO1X'IBRAS CI-IATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Enrolled September, '38, Third Football, '38, "B" Football, '39 "B" Basketball, '38, '39, Varsity Baseball, '39, Varsity Basketball 40, Varsity Basketball, '41, "B" Baseball, '40, Sergeant, Band '38 '39 '40 '41 x : x ' CHARLES HENRY WARD HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, '40, Fall Tennis, '40, Baseball, '41, Private Company "C," '40, '41, '4 - r v r f -li Enrolled September 40 Band 40 41 B Team Football 40 nrollrd S puml 1 S r xx l Lompmx 10 40 Lorpvral B Team Basketball 41 Varsity Tennis 41 Charlotte Club Compnnx -X 4 I 1 r 1 'l ra K Tramer 40 40 41 North Carolma Club 40 41 OXIIIL 1111141 . N ur 1 Q UWllI1'l ul' mm 40 1 1 Y l Y 1 Y v 4 I ml ,-I,.4Q.-,,5g,lAlA, WN. ii' 3' r 13 M f a 'Jug SENICDR CLASS FRED MADISON WILLIAMS, JR. CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE GEORGE RICHARD VVILKINSON, JR. GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, '38, Fourth Football, ,383 Fourth Basketball, '38' Third Baseball '38, Fourth Football, '39, Varsity Soccer, '39, Enrolled September, '38, Varsity Soccer, '40-'41, 'lihird Football, Third Baseball 'self Third Football, ,405 varsity soccer squad, '40, i405 Private. Company HB," '38-'39, First Class Private, Company HB.H '40, Corporal, Company "B," '40-'41, Prefect, 41. , Varsity Baseball Squad, '40, Private, Company "B,' 385 First Class Private, Company "A," '39, First Sergeant, Company "D," '40, Special Platoon, '40g Business Staff, Tornado, ,4O-'41, Brain- erd Club, '38-'39-,40-,41. ' f SUMNER MCBEE WILLIAMS HADLEY MCDEE WILSON GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA LENOIR, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolld S b , '38' ' S '38-'39' V ' S , ,393-,43-'41?pElE!:nrIiE Squzid,Ju'r:lJI Prtisiiiley, Compariy "g?iEy'3gD-Ege5- Enrolled September, '39, Company "A,", '39-'40, North Carolina 403 Corporal, Company "A," '40-'413 South Carolina Club. Club? BOXIHS Sfluady 40- I451 ll a E I 1 I I I VWW We , 1 MN SENIOR CLASS LEWIS PRICE WOOIJ .IANIIIS RumsR'1'sux XYumvsux, .IR. I DAVIDSON, NORTH CAROLINA l.0l'ISYll.l.lf, KI"X'l'lxL'KY 1 Enrolled September, '393 Assistant Manager, Varsity Soccer, '39, Enrollvd ,lsmu-uv. 'Wa ,Iunxm Smr.-1. 'Nz SNIHHHHHPL- 'w1,Y3f5'U Q: ,409 Manager, Varsity Soccer, '40-'41: Private, Company "B," Socrcr. '-40'4l: Pm-.m'. 1'-wxiii-.axis 'N-'-407-11: kvriru-'KN 2 : '39-'40-'41g North Carolina Club. mm Q 1 i . . . ' f r - i JOHN LEMUEL XVOOTEN fil-'URLCI-I Cl. xluxwx XYuR'rn GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLI N .X Sli XXUII XI, VIIINX ' E ll S , - ' ' . -A Q, - - , , . , . nm edPriigi2T"':E:J?nP3gg, EfE?HTflEIlyS4l349'1,r3:w:,Li yllaaltgtllizxll, -Hg linmllvd, -ll, l''n:iIp,uxmx "li, ' '-N' -H, Mlm' K lult I I 1-mn f , N, i-1f'X , N, I. ,-0 ,, 'Y nv , ... Y Y ! Y" l ! wi I K N 'V -I Q Blu DGAMMAQ vii I f " - -' '-' '- - -- ' -- . .,.....--...ui-....--.....-ef....:a.....-,-........4.-..m..-.- A--. 4 .....,. ,.,.-.. .. . .. , r , "..'T."" 'A R il? bn PM SENIOR CLASS JOHN PEALE WRIGHT JAMES SCOTT YOUNG CHATTANOOG.-X, TENNESSEE CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, '35, Fifth 385 Manager, Third Football, Manager, Varsity Track, '41, 37, Corporal, Company "E," Football, '36, '37, Fourth Football '39, Manager, Varsity Football, '40 Private, Company "D," '35, '36 '37, '38, Corporal, Company "D,' '38, '39, Sergeant, Company "E," '37, '38, Second Lieutenant, Company' HD," '40, '41, Best-drilled Company, '38, '39, . ALGERNON AUGUSTUS ZOLLICOFFER, JR. HENDERSON, NORTH CAROLINA Enrolled September, '41, Private, Company "C," '40, '4l. Enrolled September, '39, Chess Team, '39, '40, '41, Junior Soccer '39, ,405 Volley Ball, '40, '41, Tennis, '39, '40, '41, Cheer leader, '40, '41, Private, Company "B," '39, '40, '41, Prefect '40, '41, Glee Club, '39, '40, '4l. 0 FREDERICK CYRIL STIMMEL Enrolled September, '36, Badminton, '36, Soccer, '37, Private Company "C," '36, '37, Corporal, Company "B," '38, Sergeant Company "B," '39, First Lieutenant, Company "B," '40, 41 Glee Club, '36, '37, '38, Mission Ridge Club. E471 y " .-xl I I dl I i 4 I I I I I I 0 is In Il ,I I I 1 jj? 411 qi I I II II Ei ,II Iif I I I - ff' I ,I-I' UW 1, . wma JU NIOR CLASS IAMES MEHA1-'FEV ,AIJAAIS CH ATTANOOCA, 'I'I-IN N. XVRM' :XICKIICHAEL Axmg IIIfIII POINT, N. C, .IANIES ARTH UR Hxcox CI I A'I4'I'A NOOCA, 'IE N N. .I urns Izmxc: II.XI.I..'1.RIJ cum I xxmrgx, www, CHARLES ICIDWIN IIIELUHZR BI.L'IiIflEI.Il, XY. YK. 1 1 I IIUNIAS XIl1.mRxHEI.K CIIXRIUIII' Y C ,Imax Iirzkm' I fRrtF5slumn, my. I . D .Od X 1 42' f",g4Wfww4ff aw' .zu .I un-N I-'Imax IIIRIHNFLI. kIIl'K'kI'N, II-NN. Izrczrixli I.lXl1S xx' Iimmn' CII.-YI I.XNU1NI,X, '1 rv x x, I.I'IXXl'I.X1DNNII1NSI.If UNRNXIIII, IINK, I'la'rrQR Rm xl. Iinxxwx II-'I Axn, mv, iimmzr I'-RYINI' III RNNFII NI'XRIXNlilK1.' x. Ip ' . lmvxuvl Mm xnxnx, lux I4Nl NIH mx IMI-ku UNI!! IIUNI X l'Xlll, K, xl . I-yaigjl uf fwiff if , . fy , ' I , J I- Ifufflv' I IQMJ, P" ffl D 0-f f J U N I 0 R C L A S C.-NRI. GI' 'N Cc -N I . ES O , N. . I Im TE . JN COVINGTON 5 QHA OT . N. C. 5 IF I rw? O LOT N 1 NN AUL ERNEST DENNIS I ' ' CHATTANOOGA, TENN. my XV5,kAR RNARD EERDMANS GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. HUGH BRECKINRIDGE ELLISON KNOXVILLE, TENN. ' VVILLIADI STARK ENSIGN CHATTANOOGA, TENN. WILLIABI MARSHALL FLACK MEMPHIS, TENN. DAVID PALMER FRANK CHATTANOOGA, TENN. WARREN SANDERS GARDNER, JR. CHATTANOOGA, TENN. CECIL CLARK GARRETT, JR. ,li ' uf V. -- A-1 ,.. n' X. ff' 3171. ' ' ,J zffvpf f. ' ,I R"' Q ,fin '9'64.J ,fdxxigh J -LKI1 I lf- J ' " QQ If A, I , fb-4L5f.,,L4D,,, Lak-XV f J ,II' I, HIGH POINT, N. C. JAMES ANDERSON GILLESPIE MARYVILLE, TENN. K I I I Y I3 Q I EMMETT RUSSELL HALL ' ' MEMPHIS, TENN. fx . QQ I' II .I QQ XII I I ,X 'I W JOSEPH MARTIN HARPER ' CHATTANOOGA, TENN. J C491 I il fx 1 Q 41 big y xg Qi xlzf- N 4 I - E S.- ' I X w, W ,S If ' l Z" ' ' Mgf Kilgfif Y 1 ww If .I kj IM JUNIOR CLASS LEW, VVOODVVARIJ HARRISON ,f I TENN. - 0- U I Ay ff' . A- , If f 1- I 7, , Afffi! 1-fhv . K. R JR LEET HE,-XL.AIN 1 M ' I i' f' IATT.-XNO0fi-X, TENN. ' ., ' , I' If , !g'-'lf' I' 11' F - ' ONALD ROBERT HENDERSON MII,I,ER,S FERRLIAr,.x. 'V 'MJ M THOx1,xs XVIXCHESTER HENDRICK 04, . BIRMINGHAM, .x1..x. CLARENCE ALLEN HESTER CIIATIYINOOCA, TEN N. 'I'1E1m1,xs XYII.I.I.XNI HODSER IIYERSUIQRC, 'II-iNY. ROBERT HOUSTON -lI?WI2I.I. CIIICKAM.-XL'C.X, CX. HENRY I'iI.I.lS -IOHNNON, JR. CHX VIQXNINNI X, 'I PNN. xVlI,I,I.XNI I,Esl.1E .IONEN 0 5 - S. k':4.,1, QQY, 330535 5, X II,-XRIIOVRYIIIF, KY. i 5 ,JW- ST. MK .q,vl: i , NI .Xk 5 . -. vxl.l. IUUKIIVI MUVXI XIX, IFYN. CARI, STI-ix'rfNsON KINUXIII L'l,lN'lUN, 'H-NN, Rumfm' Y XNVI-I l.xxxmfR1' IHNIHRNUX, RN, XX Xl.ll-R llxxn-R I.xNvxNHR .IHIINKUN vllx, NNN, I xxxuumn HXNNIII I.xNNx1'1fR 1llXllNXUUa.N,IlNX I'v0l H ' Cy JUNIOR CLASS THOMAS FLOYO LEATHERXVOOD MEMPHIS, TENN. JAMES BUEORO LEVAN CHATTANOOGA, TENN. DOOLEY CLINTON LOTHROP KNOXVILLE, TENN. ROBERT BENJAMIN LUNDY GREENWOOD, MISS. VVILLIAM HARVEY MCCLANAHAN CHATTANOOGA, TENN. HUNTER MCDONALD NASHVILLE, TENN. GEORGE ASHLEY MCELVEEN KINGSTON, S. C. KENNETH WILLIAM MCNAIR ALABAMA CITY, ALA. KEARNEY ARTHUR MAHLER HOUMA, LA. ROBERT COX MARTIN BIRMINGHAM, ALA. JAMES HOUSTON MATTHEWS, JR. GASTONIA, N. C. FREDERICK MANSFIELD MILLI I LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TEN XV ' f' f 3 Q5 A' ,ffof JAMES ALLEN MILLS f 1 jf,AJ' wif x MEMPHIS, TENN. ' f' f,-.fy VXI! GEORGE WALKER ST. CLAIR MOORE BLUEFIELD, W. VA. E511 .qi 1. S? - 2, GSK gs 'Q-A 5 My 'xx .K ' "C Q A 'QB q A .lmrqg f ., , f. rbfy GJ N. , - " ' l ' 'ZMDQ how? I ' i'fJ7I1"!!wf ,MJ 0, 1167015 fff . 1 fgf I Ukhddf I 1 I jf W! Q4 E 0 , 'SAW' Il: .Il .2' fi R, iv M1 N In II Z.,-' -L X. v,'Qf-J y,,,,,,xgJ 1 sfgf bg wma, on JUNIOR CLASS JAMES GIBSON PATE GIBSON, N. C. CHARLES THOMAS PERRY BEN MADISON POWELL CHICKAMAUGA, GA. CHATTANOOGA, TENN. STEPHEN LEONARD ROGERS FRANK MASON ROSS 'c AREL HILL, N. g. . j I LV!-4 V,,f ' ft, 'V X, jj! Y " Y' , 'lf' , nf ,ff 'iff - 'S CHATTANOOGA, TEN N. gl 1' f HENRY SANFORD SCHNEIDER SPRI NGFI ELD, MO. ' JMBSILLY WOODS SOHUMPERT fx SHREVEPORT, LA. VVILLIABI SHANNON ROBERT MANN SIMS MEMPHIS, TENN. X , FRANK LUCINE SPOON BIRMINGHAM, ALA. .iffy s f' My GN' W! fi E ALSTON SNIITHERMAB SHREVEPORT, I..-X. WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. HAROLD SAM STAR DALLAS, TEXAS BAILEY EASLEY STIIXISON CIIATTANOOGA, TENN. JOHN CH.-XRLITS SVMERPORD l521 IIFSLIF, G.-X. J U N I O R C L A S S JAMES HUBERT TALIAFERRO CH ATTA NOOGA, TE N N. JAMES COLUMBUS TALLEY KNOXVILLE, TENN. HOYT PATRICK TAYLOR VVADESBORO, N. C. LEO MORRIS TRUPIN AQ- s ' U , 4 f-A 1 ' nf 4 ' nf 4 A-,,' S ' 1-Ll: C-it 1 LCS "-I it 'cl af k ,I r'I L.-,', 42' CHATTANOOGA, TEN N. ENOCH JAMES VANN CONASAUGA, TENN. FELIX DELEON WALKER COLUMBIA, S. C. CHARLES HENRY WARWICK WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. cf, www. XjfI,4,79fVWf CALVIN LOWE LL WELLS 0 JACKSON, MISS. XYGLXLXO wb W' JOHN CLEMENT WHITCOMB S FORT BENNING, GA. HUGH WALFORD WILSON, JR. COLUMBIA, S. C. WILLIAM ROY WOLFE FORT OGLETHORPE, GA. wiv x,,Xw'kO FRED PELTER WOODALL CHATTANOOGA, TENN. ROBERT MCALPINE WORTH SHANGHAI, CHINA i531 Mjffjl I -I 'I 'I ..,, "-,-Of '-' A' ' Y If Azb' yy-JC' JfcJ'pjf,' I MZ - ,ni I JI, JL!! -,-XQJQLV' If L, f'J-ffiy, V it V A I ' XX TN .1 I 1, Ig if I I f MII .IW M A 'I If I s V Q' , I W I 'N' VII I 'I Ii In I I! :I 7 QI , Ely I I I I ,il I I: I iz I .III I I I IIE WI Ing 'I E541 III 'I J I SOPHOMORE CLASS EDVVARD GORDON ABLE, JR. NEWBURY, S. C. JOHN BORDON ALLISON LONGMEADOW, MASS. EDWIN CARY ANDERSON CHATTANOOGA, TENN. 1. '72 QL-1,71 5,1553 I ' JOHN GORDON ASHJIEX' A 3 :riff-. I' ' MADISON, FLA.v 'QL-1' TWJ J' ' Pf'-:f,,.. " !.g2I3:f.f iv, GRAYSON AVERILL BAILEY ' . 1, ' DAYTON, TENN. , fa " Ross ORINALL BALDVVIN FORT BENNING, GA. ALBERT SIDNEY BOWEN CHICKAMAUGA, GA. HARRY VVILLIAM BRANTON LELAND, MISS. GEORGE THOMAS BRIGHT LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENN. MAL OSCAR BROCKETT CHATTANOOGA, TENN. FRED HERM.-KN BROWN CHATTANOOGA, TENN. CHARLES CIR.-XHAM BUCHANAN CHATTAN OOGA. TEN N . NORTON RAGAN CAMPIIELI, CHATTANOOGA. TENN. BLIRRETI' REED CARYER CHATTANOOGA. TENN. EDWIN FRANK CIIOROT, JR. CHATTANOOGA. TENN. NOEL NORIIIROI' COE PANAMA CITY, FLA. JOIIN C'OI,I.E1"I' MORGANTON. N. V. JOHN IXIILICS COREEII CHATTANOOGA. Tl? N N . 7 - Afyflf ff .1 Y' 4 1 I SGPHOMORIJETA CLASS JAMES FRANKLIN CORN CLEVELAND, TENN. JOHN FREDERICK CRISMAN CHATTANOOGA, TENN. CHARLES RICHARD DIETZ EN CHATTANOOGA, TEN N . HOMER HENDRY DOWNS 5 COLEMAN, GA. I EUSTIS, GA. rr JOHN MARSH FRERE fl CHATTANOOGA, TENN. GEORGE WILSON GUNN BLUEFIELD, W. VA. BEN MOSBY HAGAN CI-IATTANOOGA, TBNN. THOMAS ELWERT EXCHELBERGER LAPSLEY WALKER HAMBLEN, JR. CHATTANOOGA, TEN N . FRANK HARDWICK CLEVELAND, TBNN. SAM BUFORD HAYTER NACODOCHES, TEXAS STEPHEN GARRETT HENRY, JR. FORT KNOX, KY. JOHN HENRY HILL CHATTANOOGA, TENN. PAUL NEWTON HOLT CHATTANOOGA, TBNN. JAMES PAUL JOHNSON CHATTANOOGA, TBNN. RAYMOND ALLEN JONES CHARLOTTE, N. C. WALTER MASON KING CINCINNATI, OHIO WILLIAM SPEARS LATIMORE CHATTANOOGA, TBNN . E 0 f r . rf 0" 1 I MSM ,MMV 4 GLB-Qesa 'I Cf ,J E551 l'7!!5pi'fQ'rJ: L ! A539 C57 ff L Qvif ff A-'4' f SOPHOMORE CLASS SAMUEL BRUNSWICK LOVVE LOOKOUT MGUNTAIN, TENN. EUGENE EGBERT MCNEEL MAR!ETTA, GA. TINSLEY MACK ORANGE, VA. CLARENCE STEVVARD MII,LS CHATTANOOGA, TENN. MORRIS BELKNAP MOORMAN LOUISVILLE, KY. JOHN EDVVARD MORELAND CI-IATTANOOGA, TENN. 19 KM ZA!! -. , flow Im DAVID BARBOUR MULFORD BURLINGTON, N. J. GEORGE EADIE ORR MIAMI BEACH, FLA. CRAIG HOUSTON PATTERSON HENDERSONN ILLE, N. C. WILLIAM JACKSON PAYNE CHATTANOOGA, TENN. H.AROI.D JACKSON PHILLIPS MIAMI, FLA. HENRY LAMAR RANKIN JEFFERSON CITY, TENN. JOSEPH MCLEAN RICHARDS JAMIESTOVUN, PA. XVILLIAM CRAIG ROBERTSON NASHVILLE. TENN. GEORGE CECIL ROE ERISON NASHVH LF. TENN . ,. ,.u I I! X ll .1 4 f "J 'Alva I L , I, f . l56! "I 1 P SCDPHOMORE CLASS HARRY 'IIHOMAS ROBINSON LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENN. JOHN ALLAN ROBISON NASHVILLE, TENN. EUGENE HARRISON SCIIIMPF CHATTANOOGA, TENN. NASHVILLE, TEN N . ALFRED DANDRIDGE SHARP, JY' PAUL WILLIS SHEPHERD CHATTANOOGA, TENN. JAMES BURNET SIZER CHATTANOOGA, TENN. GORDON LAIDLAVV SMITH CHATTANOOGA, TENN. HARRY DEFOREST SPENCER CHATTANOOGA, TENN. GERRY UNDERWOOD STEPHENS CHATTANOOGA, TENN. EDWARD GILBERT TALIAFERRO CHATTANOOGA, TENN. CHARLIE THOMPSON CHATTANOOGA, TENN. MACK THOMPSON CHATTANOOGA, TEN N . GUY SUMERFORD TRIBBLE LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENN. ALBERT DUNBAR WEDEMEYER FORT BENNING, GA. WILLIAM LAWSON WILLIAMS CHATTANOOGA, TENN. I X I57I , le if Q, fdbvwja-' ,. ,wwf KS M" f ' K vljap 146417 J' , f - ff - ,ff-6, 31.1202 .I1n4.y.,,4 '.Nf:ffff-Mfwv V" 4, ,Z-if rwffj. I -v'd!!v4f Ljiif A. n ' . A711 41, 1 ll! .ar 'hs 1 W E581 FRESHMAN CLASS ALBERT SCQR ARCHXE, JR. J CHAT 'GA, TENN. RO BROVVN BACON K ,. ATTANOOGA, TENN. , V25 IZ '. mf ,A ' :J RODERICR BEDDOW I 'X' ff BIRMINGHAM, ALA. f of DJJ ' X h JAMES ELLIOT BLAYDES L., VI 7. BLUEFIELD, W. VA. BEACH ALEXANDER BROOKS CHATTANOOGA, TENN. ALLAN GREGORY BROVVN CHATTANOOGA, TENN. CHRISTOPHER VVILLIAMS CALDWELL CHATTANOOGA, TENN. RICHARD ADAIR CLARK CHATTANOOGA, TENN. JACK BERNARD DAVIS CHATFANOOGA, TENN. CICERO MCCUICHEON HARDYVICK CLEVELAND, TENN. JIM MCINTOSI-I HEDRICR WINSTON-SALEM, N. C. JAMES HOwARD HORNSBXZDVJ QVJX v PEAKLAND. TENN. , N .' .P N ROBERT CANNON JONES 6 rr!! CHATTANOOGA, TENN. If ,fu s.,1' Q .- y J JAMES PALMER IxELI,EY 'i1,,, LAVERCNE, 'rENN. 'A-J' 1 , GARNEIT CROSS KINC.AlD vi' CLINTON. TENN. N1AR'I'lN DOvc:I.AS LEVAN CHATTANOOGA. TBNN. XVI N S'I'O N B RY A N LI N A M CARACAS. DICTRICT FFDERAL . VEN FIU KLA LINUS XVII.I.I.-IM LLEwEI.I.x'N K'HA'l'I'ANO0GA. TENN. FRESHMAN CLASS XVII.I,IAM MCEIAVEE MILLER PHILADELPHIA, PA. LEONARD AIXCIIERSON NIXON CHATTANOOGA, TENN. REID ALLISON PAGE ABERDEEN, N. C. OLIVER VVENDELL POTTER KILGORE, TEXAS JAMES MADISON PURSIEULI. PINEVILLE, KY. DAVID HERBER'F REAVES KNOXVILLE, TENN. VVILLIAM W7EBER ROBINSON CHA'l'I'ANOOGA, TENN. RAYMOND WALLACE ROTHBERGER CHATTANOOGA, TENN. Q I jf HENRY SANFORD SCHNEIDER SPRINGFIELD, Mo. 5 'I' ,I ' I, I' L' f JACK HERBERT SHANNON Q , BIRMINGHAM, ALA. ' FRANK ODELL SHERRILI. CHARI OTTE, N. C. HAROLD GARST SIBOLD CI-IATTANOOGA, TENN. A JOHN MARSHALL SVVOPE CHATTANOOGA, TENN. HUGH LYNN THATCHER CHATTANOOGA, TENN. VVILLIAM TAYLOR VVADE CHATTANOOGA, TENN. ! ,J f'f STEPHEN ALLEN WILLIAMS CHATTANOOGA, TBNN CHATTANOOGA, TENN. ROBERT TOOMBS VVRIGH1 . J I EI L Ag K' 5 iz- S + A 35 FA J WILLIAM PETER WILLIAMSON ' A MW. my 1, .:..,, 1 -A , A, MOUNTAIN, TW- A I Lk 59 I II' III Tw I In ,,.,-.,f,,N rl A-,-1-a.f.-x-.J ......, ,..a E I G H T H G R A D E First Row Third Ro-za' WILLIAM SIMON BECKER . . WILLIAM CORNELIUS BOLEN . . CHRISTOPHER TIMOTHY BRYAN . . THOMAS LATHAM BUTTRAM . . GAINES PENDLETON CAMPBELL . WILLIAM CARL CARTINHOUR . . Second Row JAMES JOSEPH COGHLAN . ROBERT JOSEPH FISHER . THOMAS ALLEN GARDNER . JOHN MURRAY HICKEY . . , MURRAY FRANKLIN HICKS . . KENNETH HOUSTON HOWARD . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Chattanooga, Tenn Lookout Mt., Tenn Chattanooga, Tenn Chattanooga, Tenn Lookout Mt., Tenn Chattanooga, Tenn . . Athens, Tenn Chattanooga, Tenn Chattanooga, Tenn Chattanooga, Tenn C'llZlfl'1lll00g'il, Tenn l601 JOSEPH CTRIFFIN KISSINCER . . , FRANK RAYMOND KOI.I.h1.'XNSPERtTER, ClInttaIIOoga, CHRISTOPHER STEPHEN IYIOORE . VVILLIAM CLAOOON ROBERTSON . GI,ENN STANI.Ex' RO'I'IIRERt:ER Fourth Rota' RALPH Gmns SPANm.ER JACK VIQURNER 'lXxx'I,OR . JOIIN COURTEN.-xx' 'l'wlN,XM . . GEORGE FREO hvllll.-XMS . , CIIARI.Es JXLAN Y,Ix'l'Ifs . . I Q M1 ,, ,i Clrattanooga, Tenn Tenn Lookout hit., Tenn Ch1lII1ll100gll, Tenn Chllfllllltitigll, Tvllll BIllIlClk'SIt'l', Tfllll . . Arcadia, Ln Chzlttalmoga, TGHH t'lI:1ttaIIoOga, '1'0lll1 lwhlllfillltitigll, '1'Cl1l1 SEVENTH GRADE JAMES HARLI' I.U'I'ON .ALIIIER k'HAT'I'.-XI OOGA, TEN N . NEIVELI. SANDERS ALLISON LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENN. HERSCIIELI, HOOD BOYD ROSSVILLE, GA. LI.EXVEI.LYN BOYD CHATTANOOGA, TENN. CHARLES HOIX'ELL CAMPBELL CI-IATTANOOGA, TENN. VVILLIAM VVARD CRUTCHEIELD CI-IATTANOOGA, TENN. RODOLPH BLEVINS DAVENPORT LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENN. THOMAS MCCALLIE DIVINE LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENN. DAVID VIRGIL EDMONDSON LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENN. JIM MELVIN ENNIS CI-IATTANOOGA, TENN. JIMMY ROBERTS GAMBLE CHATTANCOGA, TENN. EDVVARD DUNBAR JEVVELI. CHICKAMAUGA, GA. RALPH SPARKS JONES CI-IATTANOOGA, TENN. JOHN ROBERT MCKINNEY LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENN. VVIILIAM DONALD MUNSON LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TENN. JAMES FRANK PRESCOTT CHATTANOOGA, TENN. JOEL HAMILTON PRICE CI-IATTANOOGA, TENN. EVERETT JOE RAVVLSTON HIXON, TENN. CHARLES TALMAGE ROBINSON CHATTANOOGA, TENN. ROBERT OV5'EN ROWLETTE CI-IA'1'I'ANOOGA, TENN. SETH WALKER SIZER CI-IATTANOOGA, TENN. 611 4 L-Jq.'.L:L1m A I ,LJ Ll M W M,-,fgx.M.,k M ,' A X - Wav ,N A 3. N ,A . . f K- vf'f"a'f ' , A M Af, g ' -W ' 'mf 'NK fi-' . M, AL 4Q'I'."f2?i-an ,f ,- 'M""i" :.f.'h --:-.:4.l7:'1v,'Q ' .. Tek? 'A 3'f"'gxf:s ..f'3.,,7 1? V " M ff' IEEQEQ-.-. " -'..al6.f ,fig , . A -W uw - ., 'ffl 2 rg N 11 ., ff .P mggfwk Mg My Y 'x ,... 'X .rw 'X ' I Q f5.' M i - . it -'fY'I?9'FN ww M, U' N- vb " . x x' s Cwxflfwv x x-x gk' 1' ,A 1. 'vw X L 4 Inferior Locke'r'r L od , ' .- 96 . Final Dull, l940 Hun MM g.,,,,J,,,x, QH,Ux,s and Spongprg, y........ """LV' .bG'Vl P I z 1 L k i 1 a i l i 1 A 5 1 1 1 3 1 r I Q v F E m r I 5. I Q 1 l G V, 5 ...l-.1-.u..,.,-....:.. :M .vw,1-.- .....-,.- .. ,-..-Q-up--v ...u-Qnnunsznqnivbpc-..nsudnn.nn.,.vn-4 - .. M.-. .-. 1 ..1 --um... wx ,Y......... ......4.. .. . OFFICERS XVILLIAM NIARSHALL QEOREE . . . President ROBERT HEXRX' CALDWELL . . . Vice-Prwiclent CHESTER IAMERICUS 1VI.-XSSEY . . . Secretary RICHARD DAVIS HARTLEX' . . Treasurer O MEMBERS THOMAS JACKSON BROWN WILLIAM HERBERT DUNN ARTHUR COLLINS PENDLETON, II THOMAS BENTON SELLERS FACULTY MEMBERS ROBERT LEWIS MCCALLIE ARTHUR LEE BURNS l65 KEO KIO lfolzrlflrfl 1939 In Recogni+ion of LOYALTY-HONOR-SERVICE I I 27 I O BOB CALDWELL MARSHALL GOREE BENTON SELLERS DICK HARTLEY . DICK HARTLEY BOB CALDWELL . BENTON SELLERS MARSHALL GOREE Front Row, left to right: Talley, Sellers, Hartley, R. Caldwell, Goree, C. Kincaid. Back Ron: l"IIr:kev, Silaold, Llewellyn, H. Robinson, B. Sizer, Cz-Irtinhour. First Term Senator-al-Large , . . Day-Student Senator . . Boarding-Student Senator . Senior Senator CARL KINCAIO . HARRY ROBINSON LINUS LLEwEI,LI'x JOHN HICKEX' . Second Term Senator-at-Large . . Day-Studenf Senaior . . Boarding-Sfzldfrzl Senator . Senior Senulor nhl fx JIM 1.Axl.1,rtx' . BURN:-71' Sxzrfk . l'l.-XROLD SIBOIII . . Junior . Sopfzomore . 1'i!'c'5lllHt17I Izuzior School . . .Ill!Il0I' , Sopfxonzofu' 4 Fr'n,v!,'rr1I1r1 l5ll,l,Y C.XRl'INll0l'R . . .lmzior S.fxooI' Srnaior Senator Srnafor Scnafor S:'IIL1fUI' Sfllclfrlf' Srllllfllf Srrnzfof' If ff 'i 'i dv' ali' ,mf gil THE STUDENT CO First Term l9IfxI'ON SEITERS . . .... 1'n'.sidwzI ,TOE BANDER . . . . C. A. MASSEY . . Sefrelary ARIIILIR PliXDl.E'lxOX ,TIM TALLEY CARL KINCAID BILLY SHANNON BILL JONES Second Term BENTON SELLERS . . . . . .President ARTHUR PENDLETON . C. A. MASSEY . . Secretary BILL DUNN BUSTER BEALL JACK WHITCOMB lVlEREDl'l'H JONES BOB LAIvIBER'I' CARL KINCAID Front Row, left to righl: B. Jones, B. Dunn, Pendleton, Sellers, Bander, Massey, Beall, M. Jo Shannon, Kelley, Whitcomb, Talley, Lambert, Dalton, C. Kincaid. UNCIL . Vica'-Prfsidcnl JAMES KELLEY . Vice-President RUFUS DALTON JAMES KEI.I,EX' nes. Back Row: W. T671 X . Joe Davenporl' and Tom Buffalow THOMAS BUFFALOW WALTER STAMPER WALTER DIETZ BOB CALDWELL THE PENNANT EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief , a l . Associate Editor EN , . Atliletie Editor . . Class Editor . . Class Editor JOHN KING . J. B. RAMSEY . C. A. MASSEY . . KRIEGER HENDERSON SIE TI-IORNE . . . Feature Editor Feature Editor . . Assistant Athletic Editor . . . Assistant Athletic Editor - . . . . . Copy Editor TOM MOORE . HARRY OROAIN Assistant Editor CHARLES MONROE . A I I Typlist DAN ANDERSON Assistant Editor HUBER1' TALIAFERRO 1 Typist JACK BROWN . . . Military Editor VVEBSTER MCLEOD . . . - Typhi BOB SMART .... ....... T ypist BUSINESS STAFF JOE DAVENPORT . ..... Business Manager BEN POWELL . . , n-Id Sogimof EDDIE CHOBOT . . Assistant Business Manager CON MILLIGAN , , .JJ Solififor TOMMY CLARY . . Ad Solicitor HENRX' MCKIXNEY . , ,-ld 501ifif0,- HUBERT TALIAFERRO . . . Ad Solicitor JIM HODGE . . . , 4,1 Solifgfm- Front Row, left to right: Brown, W. Dietzen, Stamper, Buffalow, Davenport. R. Caldwell, D. Anderson. T. Moore. Middle Row: Orgain, H. McKinney, Massey, Ramsey, King. K. Henderson. Chabot. liiclq Row: Powell. Hodge, H. Taliaferro, Clary. I lbfil THE TORNADO BOB CALDWELL . VV.-XLTER STAMPER . FRED MORRIS . GEORGE ENNETT . CARY ANDERSON DON ARNOLD JAMES BURROUGHS BILL CALDVVELL EDDIE CHOBOT mf S W ,.-- Wal+er Sfamper and Bob Caldwell I EDITORIAL STAFF . .Editor-in-Chief THOMAS BUFFALOW . .flssignment Editor TOM MOORE . . . Assistant Editor DAN ANDERSON . BUSINESS STAFF . . .Business Manager SIE THORNE . . . . JIM HODGE .,... Assistant Business Manage REPORTERS WALTER DIETZEN GEORGE EAVES GEORGE ENNEIVI' BOB GAINES JIM HODGE LAWRENCE LASSITER VVEBSTER MCLEOD C. A, MASSEY HARRY ORGAIN BEN POWELL I. . Sports Editor . Society Editor . Chapel Editor . Circulation Manager JOHN SMITH HUBER'I' TAI..IAFERRO FRED WILLIAMS JOHN VVOOTEN Front Row, left to right: Burroughs, T. Moore, Thorne, Buffalow, R. Caldwell, Stamper, Morris, Ennett. Middle Row: F. Williams, Orgain, Johnson, Wooten, W. Dietzen, Massey, Gaines, Arnold, Lassiter. Bark Row: C. Anderson, Smith, McLeod, Powell, Hodge, Eaves, D. Anderson, H. Taliaferro, Chobot, W. Caldwell. E691 Y. M. C. A. First Term DICK HARTLHY ..... A Pfgjidgn, BENTON SELLERS . . I'ife-Presidenf JOE BANDER .... . . Secretary Second Term ARTHUR PENDLETON .... Presidenz C. A. MASSEY . . , Vice-Presidenz JOE BANDER ....... Secretary Left Io right: Massey, Hartley, Pendleton, SellerS, Bander. MISSIONARY COMMITTEE Front Rome, lrf! to flfljllf Bob Gaines, Lewis Bibb, Clarence Edmondson, Con Milligan, XYnlter Stomper. liark Rout' Dick Hartley, lack Crist, Ben- ton Sellers, lke Bella, -loe Davenport. I'iru11f Rnqg, lfblil In Vtffflfl hltvt' RlCl11lTtls, -Inc liztntlcr, Gt-vt'gc NYilltinsnn, -lim 'llztllt-3, l.t'stt'r liroolw, .Nriltur Pendleton. ,luck Crist. f X I limi' Ru-:rj liniord XX:ltt'rs, l-t.tnlR kntnrt. lint' Rllflllltlltl 'Iona--, ,linnnx Noting, Wal ' King, llolw XYnl'tlt, Xml Kim: HOP COMMITTEE Frou! Rofw, left io righls Krieger Hender- son, Jack Brown, Bob Caldwell, Marrliall Goree, Dong Millar. Back Rofw: Dick Hartley, Basil Ramsey, Bill Dunn, Ike Belk, Jim Millie. DEBATIN6 TEAM Front Rocw, left to right: Harry Meador, ,Toe Richards, Mayne Miller, Harry Orgain. Bark Roux' Pat Taylor, Bob lVlClVIullen, Eddie Chobot. CH ESS CLU B Seated, left 10 right: Cary Anderson, liur- net Sizer, Dan Anderson, Eddie Chobot Standing: -Tohn VVooten, Frank Ross, jimmy Young, Hubert Taliaferro. GLEE CLUB , 7 - Front Row, left 10 "Wm-' Haffy Meadgr' Charles Vi ar wick, jimm5' Young, Milton Cobb, Kf'egefBPginiirS32' Charles Belcher, vllm COYU, Gwfge Moore, h " Henderson Belk, Emmett Hall, Graham BHC anim' Bark Rofw: Don Arnold, Donald Grant, George Bright, jack Brown, Gene Shimpf, jack LeVan, Fred Hawley, Mayne Miller, Bill Flack, George McElveen, Carl Huggins, 4 2-7 C UQ :- :s O C "1 : ,.. Il? B:- cn. -1 FD 0 P+ O 71 We l i 1 r l l re we ix X vmx QS! N ,W at F xwl 'HX S 9 N SX K l ii SNR 3 X ' i t ' A Q A fi- ' gf it DRAMATIC CLUB "Your Jllom'-v or Your U'if4"' l Seated, left to right: Charlotte Goree as Mrs. llzunil- i ton Cabot, Ing Hilda Hude as Millicent Grayg liliz- abeth Bradley as Grace Jonesg Liza Allison as Doris il Jonesg Anita Lynch as Daisy Dix. Sflllldillgf Bill Allen Q l as Charlieg Betty Carothers as a Bridcsmnidg Krieger I Henderson as Dudley Jonesg George liaves :us Rev. l72 l l L-QM , lXi1lIIlll'XY l-fntxvlristleg lluelq .-Xmlerson as ll Brides- muidg lieeil Rznnsex an Ned Gmliqnmig Katherine NWC! as ll lgl'lliCNll1lllliQ Gene Connell as ll lirideslnallill Bill' lmrzl Bowl :ls ll liridesinglirlg llqirry Nlezidor as Pickett. the liutli-rg ,lease lfvqim as ll liridcsllllllill DUNS Milla" :ls l'lirisl4ipl1er lfnggg llnrry illillllill gls llaunilron Film! lll Nh ind? , Bl! HW ,mln df" MONOGRAM CLUB Front Rofw, left to right: Hanes Lancaster, Ike Belk, Bill Dunn, C. A. Massey, Arthur Pendleton, A Marshall Goree, Joe Bander, Lester Brooks, Dick Hartley. Second Rorw: Bob Greene, Sam Balloff, Buster Beall, Charles Monroe, Bob Gaines, Bob Lambert, Bob Caldwell, Meredith Jones. Third Rofw: Noah Pitts, George Ennett, James Inzer, Jack Brown, Lewis Bibb, Palmer Frank, Southworth Bryan. Fourth Rofw: john Wright, Harry Robinson, Walter Dietzen, Harry Meador, Gwyn Brock, Jim Tombras, Benton Sellers. Not in the picture: Rufus Dalton, Bill jones, Lonnie Lumsden, Monteith Powell, Ed Stone. I OFFICERS ARTHUR PENDLETON . . ..... ..... P resident C, A. MASSEY .... . . Vice-President MARSHALL GOREE . . . Secretary E731 J ? 5 'U I! 1 1 F Q v V - -.v g M -if .-. V ....,,-,,. ,. , V 1 1 ,Av . .......n- "' " f"- 'QQ' 4-Sax Z...- ,,,4v-. A ,nails ,X QQ, X ' . . Q4 JK - X ,X -X X f . s. , ' ID M., ,iq XX qs f H QW fi .X ' . 1' Fiffimi . NX f -1 -1 ,wif K , X X U-X Q .QS -V fu, X 4 N X 5 -- X' "Q ,Q Wye. 'Y Xu ,V X- X I x -- X.7XX,Q S' XX X' , . 2 K ,Q x 3 .sysszgff XX x' ' . x X K 165 . X .. . m .ar 1 X, xaw, fb,5g,i,i X, X . A. X ,X 'A W, WX! ,X-X .X X ' t I N a ,,,,,,,,,,.X 51-x 'fX X ,wh 'SX f 2 5 sw , ZW' W 1, X v , - x f . S 1 X X ,Xi N, . My 1 ' I X , , X K A 5 I, V ,I . ip f r ...M X ' It XXX' Q , V Xp H- 5-, , X...-a ' , X1 - X .Xf r. X -X ,M . :. f ,, , -- : , g 'MXXX x K 'X . - Z ,, 3- , SQ Mmmfw gy, . Q ,,.. ,X L 'X 5? X 1 'f X W' Y' 'J' 1 if w W ,X h 51 JXX 5 W1 X, X5 A , , N 'L ,X s ' V ' b : iw ,N -X A I X KX --'M KX' K s X 1 E ' V' Q X z . 0 . Q4 ,X-1-...N f. f'i X,.XX......XX , MMM m N K 8 ,g k ,X - I Q 5, 'I ,. -sgjwi . , , N C, 4 X Q ' . Q . , n 0 0 6 gyw , f . " , ' . J ' ' W ' ' , ' df X M E ,lf f ' ft' ZX 'MX M ff" Q A 4x4 , X HX' ' 'N ' ' f ZX Y " l . K -M'-v 1 ,jp X' f f P - 1 Q' 1 Q W.. X A A A I X , y 5 if 71 , ,gf Q wbw- 9, O Q 1 -A. he SXX X, CN " 7-01 ik.. ,gnu-14. f yf "rt pau, QR' . 'W 4 N J " X ,3 Z' 2? X 'Lf ' . X ' Q 1 0 . I Q ' ' was X 95 X. -. f, a. 99: '4 ,V Q X- . N QQ ,XXX YS fx X XX ,X 2 ' , 'XXX EXXN N I Q O ,XTX E K '- J X x ...M C 'S Q N ' up ! l Fi X l 5 .QE N Z 2 Q , an X X S S Q X V fx X x in O . Q X A X XX AX X XX XXX-.XQQXXX ' Q xx - XX AX - - X XX X.. H XX.-giwx Fi-A St J- -'ck " ,X X X X ,S Q31 . ' -if ' hx X X s 1. X hk.. N, -3 X X X RX max fax, 'Xb' wi-NXQQ X J: X EXW ,:XXX?g,xi ' 51N Qi -X N XX X X, . . I XP Xxx N Q Q XXXX I - X-X-NY QNX. XX - M'-New X X XXX XXXX x. X ,SX L . , r I 7' ' V 5 4 1 4 lkvl :X ' XJ WW f I E 1 i 1 .pg I ' 5 I , , I 1 4 1 1 Y . : 5 5 s l HERBERT P. DUNLAP Captain 323rd Infantry, Cornmandant "Cap," as he is affectionately known to the boys, came to McCallie in 1925. For these fifteen years he has continued to build a very creditable military organization here at Mc- Callie. Preceding his appointment as command- ant at the McCallie School he had an out- standing record at The Citadel, being awarded the honor of "Best All-around Cadet." ' i ' wir I ch 7 if ' N - BATTALION STAFF ROBERT Camwrfli . . . - - - MMU" JACK BROXV5 . . Captain and qldjutanl BHII4 Dgyy . . Senior Capiain O QUARTERMASTER STAFF ROBERT HAMIL'l'ON . . . First Lifulfflflnf HAROLD STAR . . . First Lieutmzanl DAN ANDERSQV . .Sfforld Lieufenfvll THE COLORS CORPORAL BOB CHAPMAN SERGEANT VVOOD DYER CORPORAL LESTER BROOKS CORPORAL ALBERT WEDEMEYER Cade: Mujiwr ROBERT CALDWELL Cade! Captain and Adjutant Scnior Capmirz JACK BRONVN XYVILLIAM DUNN Commissioned Officers lkil HONORARY OFFICERS XVu.1.1.xM IXIARSII.-Xl.l. Gomer: . Captain and .-Idjufanf LTEORCE Guin-'onn Eiwics . . Svcond l,ivulrnant ROEER1' Amms GREENE . . Sammi Liwulfnant O The military department of the McCallie School plays no small part in molding the boy's character in that it instills in each cadet a sense of disciplineand courtesy which he may obtain in no other manner. At the final parade each year are given these coveted awards: the Carter Trophy, a sabre to the best officer in the battalion, the Allison Award to the best-drilled private, the Leach Cup to the best-drilled company, and a medal to the best-drilled cadet in each company. The intense desire for these recog- nitions of merit inspire each cadet to dili- gently apply himself throughout the year. Some cadets loolc upon the military life as an added burden, while others thinlc of it as a nuisance, but the greater majority realize that this one feature plays a great part in developing every cadet into a true McCallie Ma.n. WILLIAM MARSHALL GOREE GEORGE GUILFORD EAVES ROBERT ADAMS GREENE Maior Caldwell presenting flowers to Mrs J P McCaIIle aI' I'he parade in her honor KRIEGER HENDERSON . ---- Captain BASIL RAMSEY . . . .First Lieutenant C. A. MASSEY . JOE BANDER . GEORGE ENNETT ARNOLD BELK, I. BROWN, F. CHAPMAN COOK BALLOFF BELK, H. BENNETT BOYD, M. BROCK COVINGTON ELLISON GARRE'l"l' GA'l'ES GOLD . Second Lieutenant . Seeond Lieutenant . . First Sergeant D SERGEANTS HARPER, J, SNIPES TRIBELE CORPORALS J DIE'l'ZEN, VV, LAMnI:R'I' XVATERS HAMBLEN ROGERS VVILLIAMS, S. JOHNSON, J. SMITH, G. XVOODALI. It PRIVATES I HAGAN MULFORIJ TILLERX' P HARRISON, VV. MUNROE XVARVVICK, J. , HAYTER PATTERSON XVELCH , N HENRY PAYNE XVEDEMEYER JARNACIN PHILLIPS XVORTH, G. JONES, A. ROBINSON, W. VVILLIAMS, W. JONES, M. ROYSTER XVILLIAMSON, W, KENDAI.L SHARP XVILSON, M. NICDONALIJ SIvII'I'HERMAN XVHITCOIIIR I MAYS SPENCER XVOOTEN L' MCELVEEN S'I'EEI.E ! . MC, S Six .. A . . SX S-NY WAN XS 4 S SQ . ' X D Xxgx N .L - S ,S . . K- I A---iffgjx Nm PX X. S S . Sg.?,5X,.IwXSx .QSO S S .K S, A X. ,Q X X C .C S AQ. ' ,N xg- 21 S: Rf, ' S-QR XA Y. .QS A ,y S xxx ' 1 A SS A S i841 'Lx M! 2-H N! 42, ,A . DOUG BIILLER . FRED STININIEI, . CI.AL'DE ,IOINER . EARL ROTHBERCER ART PENDIIETON HIBB IXZER BALLARD BROOKS, L. C.-XLDXVELI., XV. ALLISON, J. AMOS BEALL BECKER, R. BERRY BIRDVVELL BRYAN, S. CHAILLE DALTON EERDMANS GRANT SERGE.-XNTS NILXTXMIS SELLERS CORPORALS CORN JEVVELL, R. l'I.-XRTLEY LEVAN, B HESTER LOVVE PRIVATES H.AR'l'ZEI.I, ORR HAWLEY PAGE, R. HENDERSON, D. POBST HOUSER POTTER KELLEY POWELL, MEADOR RANKIN MILLER, VV RICHARDS MITCHELL ROSS IVIOORMAN SCHIMPF MORELANO SIBOLD OROAIN SMITH, J . . . . Captain . First Licutcnant . Safond Lieutenant . Srfond Liautcnanl Firsz' Sargcanl STIMSON T ALLEY MILLIGAN, F. MOORE, G. ROBINSON, H. SPOON THORNE VANN VVALKER VVARWICK, C. WELLS VVHALINO WILSON, H. WOLEE VVOOD YOUNG, J. JOE DAVENPORT TOM MOORE . JIM MILLIS . JOHN KING . HENRY GILMAN BRYAN, H. GARDNER, VV. BACON, J. BALDWIN BRIGHT ASHEY, E. AUTIN BACON, R. BAILEY BEDDOW BELCHER BELK T, BLAYDES BRANTON, H. BRANTON, R. SERGEANTS LANCASTER MILLIGAN, C. CORPORALS BROOKS, B. DENNIS BUCHANAN HARDWICK, F. CHOBOT JONES, R. PRIVATES BURROUGHS LUNDY BURWELL MCLEOD CRISMAN MACK FLACK M.XHLER GRIFFITH MARTIN HALL MILLAR, B. HARDWICK, M. MOORE, C. HARRISON, B. POVVELL, B. KING, W. RIDENHOUR LEATHERWOOD SCHNEIDER, LOTHROP SCHUMPERT . . . Captain . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . . First Sergeant PITTS LATIMORE SHERRILL THOMPSON, C. SUMERFORD SWOPE TAYLOR, H. THOMAS THOMPSON, R. VVARD VVILLIAMS, A. VVOODSON WORTH, R. ZOLLICOFFER ,... -.H.,...,,.f-m f.,,.,,1,-ff E861 . , .',--4,-4T,g!. -NT-,. 6. f,- ..- fp, 1. Wu: N-R ll: NE EQ! 3. X. I ' LOXNIE LLIMSDEN . . .... Captain CLARENCE EDMONDSON . . . First Lieutenant FRANK DUNN . . . . Second Lieutenant JOHN VVRIGHT . . Second Lieutenant FRED VVILLIAMS . . . First Sergeant SERGEANTS ADAMS SIMS, M. THOMPSON, M. 'WALLACE SHANNON, VV. CORPORALS ANDERSON, C, DIETZEN, R. PERRY SIZER, B, BISHOP FRERE ROTHBERGER, R. THEISS CORBETI' LEVAN, J. SHEPHERD VVADE DAVIS LLEVVELLYN STEPHENS WRIGHT, R. PRIVATES ABLE COE HODGE ROBERTSON, C ARCHIE COFFEY HOLT ROBERTSON, G ASHELY, G. COGHLAN HORNSBY ROBINSON, T. BECKER, W. ENSIGN KINCAID, G, SHANNON, , BOGLE GARDNER, T. LEWIS SMART BOYD, H. GUNN LINAM TAYLOR, F. BROWN, A. HENDRICK, T. NIXON THATCHER BUTTRAM HICKS PACE WILLIAMS, G. CAMPBELL, N. HILL ROBERTSON, B. YATES CARVER , E871 WALTER STAMPER PALMER FRANK . HENRY CARRINGTON . WOLLE JONES . . GEORGE LYNCH . . First Lieu Second Lieu Second Lieu ' LJK1 I .I . First Sergeant T- ' .H ii "C . . .Captain MJ.: tenant he ,Q fE7ZCl7Zf fE7Ill7Zf E I ,B I 'Lf' I SERGEANTS BROCKETT KINCAID, C. PRIVATES ALDER CARTINHOUR HICKE1' PRICE ALLISON, N. CRUTCHFIELD HOVX'ARD RAVVLSTON BOLEN DAVENPORT, R, JEVVELL, D. ROBINSON, BOWEN DIVINE JONES, S. ROTIIBEROE BOYD, L. EDMONDSON, D. KISSINGER ROWLEITE BRYAN, T. ENNIS KOLMANSPERGER SIZER, S. CAMPBELL, G. FISHER MCKINNEY, J. SPANGLER CAMPBELL, H. GAMBLE MUNSON FIXXVINAM HEDRICK, J. PRESCOTI' W. Q M R, G. , hm, I 1 ...AL .LJ' Ita- l881 'Ir HENRY BICIQINXHY . ..,, Capfam TOM BI'I'I-' . ,First Liguft-nan! CARI. HVGGINS . . Second Lieutenant BOB GAINHS . . Second Lieutenant B11-L JONES . . First Sergeant SERGEANTS CLARY HUNTLEY MCCLANAHAN TALIAFERRO, H CRIST TOMBRAS CORPORALS EICHELBERGER HEAL.AN MORRIS TALIAFERRO, G GILLESPIE MILLS, C. SIMS, R. TRUPIN PRIVATES ALLEN JOHNSON, E. MATTHEWS SCHNEIDER, H. BIRDVVELL KELLUM MILLS, A. STONE, E. CLARK LASSITER MORGAN STONE, J. COBB MCMULLEN PATE, J, WARWICK, J. COLLETT MCNAIR PURSIFULL ZEMP DOWNS MCNEEL REAVES I89l HERMAN BROWN HARRY ROBINSON BILL LATIMORE . GERRY STEPHENS BOB SIMS . TOM LEWIS . . BILLY CARTINHOU JOHN HICKEY SARGIQ Al,l,ISON Wan HONOR CADETS Bw! Drilffu' C.'o1'jm1'ul, fffllllfllllil' ".l Bw! Drillrd f.'UI'fTUl'tl!. l.'o11Ip.I1Iy "li 13051 Dl'IHI'If l.'Orp01'IIf, f.'Ull1fWt1lIJ' "lf III-'51 Drillfuf l,'1n'jm1'u!, Clllllfllllj' "IP . . . Iifxcl DriHI'.I l,'m'fmml, H1171 . ..... lff.-I IJVIHAI' "Rui R I ,II 1 l90l lim! Ul'lllI'Il lffnlrl In .Vw-:'r11tf1 UHIJ im! DrilI'r.l l.'uIlr!.v in Ifigffllll fsfzhlt Jlllfm 1 A , ,N m V 1 K F , F 13 1 L '3 fin: ' ,M Y ', "Q 5i fl -1, gi f' 5, wi ci, ' YE- .Q 1 1 , 1 1 , F I 351 ' 11 5? V . 1 S Q! ff if.. L 4 X w W I 1 r 1 1 1 l l i 4 xi 1? XV 1, ? w 1.4! ' W Q, Y , W w 4 i I 143 4 :Q ah, l 1 '. J 1 v 1 1 -. 5 A-if ! , I V M E K 9 ' L H K N X r 'Z W I N ' ir ' la lg I fi 1 5 I AI 1 ! Q il 3 a W l we i f H ,I ,ig I ,zz HM V I 1 W ', ' Ja' 11' L 1 1 , rf . 3 l i, 19,5 W' l .V ,XV A .N ,XM I I ,551 1, ' 2 Q ,h V A J . i.'L.'-L L . T Fronl' Row, lefl lo right: Bob Caldwell, Lewis Bibb, Bill Dunn, Marshall Goree, Meredilh Jones, Noah Pills, Benton Sellers, C.. A. Massey, Arthur Pendleton, Buster Beall, Bobby Greene. Back Row: John Wright, Claude Joiner, Harry Robinson, Fred Milligan, Bob Lambert, Gwyn Brock, Jack Brown, Southworth Bryan, Harry Meador, George Snipes, Hanes Lancaster. O CAPTAIN NOAH PITTS Halfback MARSHALL GOREE Center Allernale Ca plain FOOTBALL COACH BITSY HOWARD Quiet and unassuming, this keen strategist has turned out eleven McCallie teams Whose fighting spirits and fine precision relleet perfectly his great ability at sound coach- ing, his careful emphasis on fundamentals, and above all his calm Confidence in his men. E931 C. M. S. MCILWAINE Athletic Director Due to the extremely stiff competition in the Mid- South Football Association this past year, Coach Ken- neth Howard's 1940 Blue Tornado did not have any too successful year as far as the won and loss column is concerned, winning three games, losing five and tying one. When the squad first reported for practice early in the fall, prospects seemed very bright for a successful year. Seven lettermen were returning and new talent seemed plentiful. But had not it been for the supreme fighting spirit and hard training of the members of the squad, the team would not have fared as well as it did. The success enjoyed was due also, of course, to the hard work done by the skilled hands of Head Coach "Bitsy" Howard and his able assistants, Con Davis and Buck Flowers. Never did they stop striving to build a successful grid machine for the Blue Tornado. Faced with one of the toughest sched- ules in McCallie's history, these men did a very satis- factory job in coaching the Blue Tornado of 1940. Coach Howard molded his team around seven re- turning lettermen including Captain Noah Pitts and Alternate Captain Marshall Goree. Also returning were Bob Greene, Gwyn Brock, Benton Sellers, Art "BUCK" FLOWERS Assistant Coach VARSITY FOOTBALL CON DAVIS Assistant Coach Pendleton, and Chester Massey. Several new men and a few ex-NB" Team players filled out the squad to its full strength. Chester Massey and Lewis Bibb, a snappy guard playing his first year at CcCallie, were honored by being chosen on the All-Mid-South team and by unni- mously making All-City here in Chattanooga. Captain Pitts, Goree, Pendleton and Beal were also picked on the second team of several all-city selections. Any summary of the team would be incomplete without mentioning the valuable assistance contributed by Mr. McDowell, a trainer, Mr. Mcllwaine, as a competent athletic director, Mr. Purdy, as the minutely correct statisticiang Cheerleaders Ennett, VVhaling, Young, and Carringtong Trainers Frank Gault and Buford VVat- GWYN BROCK BOBBY GREENE "OX" PENDLETON BEN1ON SELLERS l Tackle Guard Halfback Tackle if ag. il 19-W ,J Tl self" cz! 'fl W I Pdf' ,L 111 I 1 .of 291' abr? 55' pl SU' G5 skit ml' H4 all .,. AP Nm T U! lLL Ulm r 8 nnnzmi :dvr pimp: nltlfif -jim' ilvff slim' ,,,ugt.U? ,adm gafflk' 1.99185 ' wit ms'f""Ei l -I. nw' ersg and the hard-working manager, johnny Xvright, A brief snnnnary of the Blue Tornado record of ioao follows: McCallie, l4g Duncan, 0 The IQ-SQ edition of the Blue Tornado opened its season with a hard-earned victory over a strong Dun- can eleven from Nashville by the score of 14-o on the home field. just before the end of the first half, Art Pendleton scooped up a blocked punt and scampered .to yards for the score. Again in the early part of the third period, Pendleton, on a spinner, cut off left guard and swept 53 yards for the second and last score of the game. McCallie, l4g Nofre Dame, 0 Again appearing like world beaters in the second game of the year, McCallie revenged last year's loss to Notre Dame with a crushing victory of 14-o. Both scores were the results of long drives. Buster Beall, taking the ball for the first time in the second period on a short plunge, and "Ox" Pendleton scoring in the third period via the same route. Beall's unerring toe accounted for both extra points. CHARLES McDOWELL Trainer McCallie, 7: Cify, 7 The Chattanooga City High Maroons succeeded in holding the Blue Tornado to a tie in a game played Fullback "BUSTER" BEALL JACK BROWN End E LEWIS BIBB Guard All-City and All-Mid-South C. A. MASSEY End All-Mid-South and All-cify on Chamberlain Field. The Blues counted their lone score in the first half when Chester Massey scampered I9 yards on an end around run, City scored on a long pass which Fred Cope took across after a fine run in the fourth quarter. McCallie stormed back down the field and a goal failed. B. G. A., 6: McCallie, 0 Bitter defeat finally upset the McCallie Blue Tornado when the team traveled to Franklin to play the big game of the year with B. G. A. The lone score of the game came on a pass late in the fourth quarter to Hinkle, B, G, A. end. McCallie was never able to threaten seriously although they kept B. G. A. deep in its own territory for most of the afternoon. Darlington, I4: McCallie, 0 McCallie was again touched by defeat as the team journeyed to Rome to take on the powerful Darlington Tigers. The Tigers scored in the second period on a 25-yard run by Mathis, Darlington fullback. It was not until the final period that Darlington again struck pay dirt, this time when Mathis gathered in a des- 519 'av SOUTHWORTH BRYAN BOB CALDWELL nd Quarterback 0 CHEERLEADERS 3 I BOB WHALING HENRY CARRINGTON GEORGE ENNETT rm" V JIMMY YOUNG CJ' as V ' perate McCallie pass and galloped 40 yards for an- Mccalljel 6: Baylor, 2I r other score. Although the Blues threatened several The Mccallie 1940 Blue Tornado Went down in de- times, they were never quite able to shove across 8 feat in the final game of the year before its traditional score. - , - , McCallie-01CaS+'e Heighh- I3 iililiffoifj'.t.iiylii05SZ'Z.,fTE.f13T.2hf.fl2f.Ei?iEf.1f wi The Blue Tornado was again unable to break the In the second quarter, Procop again scored after taking IH scoreless jinx as it dropped a game to Castle Heights a forty-yard pass from Spaulding. Two more points lib' on Patten Field. John North scored both of the vis- were added when Devoe tackled Robinson in the end gilt' itors' touchdowns, the first in the second period on a zone. In the second half, the Blues made their come- ghvi 65-yard pass and the second on an 80-yard end- back. All through the third quarter the Blues pounded sul around that caught the Blues Hat-footed. The Tornado in pay dirt territory. Noah Pitts went across just be- had possession of the ball most of the afternoon and fore the quarter ended. Again the Tornado got pos- 5,11 threatened seriously several times but were never able Session of the ball and Started up the field' Time hm, to score. after time they were denied, and just before the game If b Mccalljel 0: B, A.. 26 ended Procop took the snap from center and ran 95 E., McCallie suffered its most humiliating defeat of the yards for another touchdowq' The gflme ended with tilt' year when they traveled to Nashville to play the pow- the Score Baylor' 2115 Mccallle' 6' Thls game' n0.mat- wh H erful Montgomery BCH eleven. The final Score was ter the winner, will always be remembered by friends nk 26-0. The Blues seemed never to be able to get going and patrons of M?Call1e HS one of the Hnest ever after VVashington and Cox scored for M, B, A. in the played by a Mccallle team' 15, second period. To ice the game away, Ball and Wash- 35.1. ington scored again later in the second half. Lewis CAPTAIN NOAH PITTS' Mx'-Back 1551, Bibb and Chester Massey turned in exceptionally good Captain Pitts with his UUd5'ing Spifit W35 3 great :mfs pe,-forma,-,CCS in this game, stimulant to the Blue Tornado throughout its 194.0 'si season. Noah was a line, hard-running fullback. Al- ' 1 McCallie, 6: Wallace, 0 though handicapped by a shoulder injury, he came The Blues finally broke a long scoreless and losing back at the end of the year to make a wonderful show- lb jinx when they beat the heretofore unbeaten and untied ing against Baylor. tm . Wallace from Nashville by the score of 6-0. The game 1 f T was clearly McCallie's as the Blues had possession of ALTERNATE 'CAPTAIN MARSHALL GOREE. MT-Cenfef M the ball almost the entire afternoon. The Tornado's Marshall held down the pivot position this year for Bi' lone score came in the second period when Pendleton his second successive season, and developed into a Qi. plunged over after a prolonged drive down the field. mighty fine center. Marshall played Very good heads- Although McCallie threatened continuously they were up ball, and his excellent defensive play is going to able to score but once. be greatly missed next season. ma BILL DUNN JAMES INZER MEREDITH JONES HARRY ROBINSON fl Guard r, Tackle and Guard Halfbaek B "Ox" Pendleton ploughs through Castle Heights' line for sizable gain. ARTHU R PENDLETON, M'-Back Arthur played his second season on the Blue Tornado this year, and was one of the hardest running half- backs that we have ever had. His hard, low running gained many a yard for the team this year, and it is going to be hard to find someone to take his place next season. GWYN BROCK, M"'-Tackle Gwyn, commonly known as "Stud" to his teammates, deserves a great deal of credit for the fine defensive and offensive work he contributed this season. He was one of the most valuable cogs in the machine of the Blue Tornado, and really did play some good ball when he got all of his six foot two inch frame into action. LEWIS BIBB, M-Guard Lewis played this season for the first time on the Blue Tornado, but he played his position as a veteran. Lewis, who made All-City and All-Mid-South, played excellent ball throughout the entire season, and he surely is going to be missed next season. ROBERT GREENE, M'-Guard Bobby played his second season on the team this year, and could always be depended upon to play fine ball. Although "Root" is not very large, he made up in fire and spirit what he lacked in size. He is one of the many others who is going to be missed next year. ROBERT CALDWELL, M--Back Although Bobby is not very large he played some excellent ball this season, which was his first on the BOB LAMBERT HARRY MEADOR Center Guard Blue Tornado. His smart quarterbacking helped the Blue Tornado to establish quite a record for itself, and he is going to leave a gap that is going to be hard to fill. BUSTER BEALL, M-Back Buster, who was moved from the position of guard to that of a back, played his first season with the Blue Tornado this year. He did a swell job in his new position, and really deserves much credit. His excel- lent ball handling in all the games is going to be missed very much next season. HARRY ROBINSON, M-Back Harry came up from last year's MBT' team to fill a regular place on the Blue Tornado of this season. Harry, who has two more years to play for the Tor- nado, played some very fine ball, and his consistent ground-gaining is going to be a great help to next season's Tornado. CHESTER MASSEY, M'-End Chester played some very good ball during his sec- ond season on the Blue Tornado, and as a result, he won a position on the Mid-South and also the All- City teams. Chester could always be depended upon to play a bang-up game, and the Blue Tornado is losing a mighty good player when he leaves. JACK BROWN. M-End jack is another one of the many good ends that the Blue Tornado is very proud of. Although he didn't play very much last year, Jack didn't quit trying, and CHARLES MUNROE JOHN WRIGHT M na er Tackle 6 9 as a result, he played quite a bit of mighty good ball on the Blue Tornado this season. He was another one of the team's dependable players, and he always gave the best that he had in every game. SOUTHWORTH BRYAN, M-End Southworth played very consistent ball, and held down his position as a veteran even though he was playing his first season on the Blue Tornado. He could always be depended on to do his job and do it well. His spirited playing is going to be hard to match next season. 1 JOHN WRIGHT, M-Manager John was one of the best managers that the Blue Tornado has ever had. John was always right on hand whenever help was needed, and his hard work and untiring effort made it a pleasure for the team to have him as its manager. He deserves much credit for the way in which he handled his job, for the job of managing the football team is one of the hardest jobs in the school. BILL DUNN, M-End Bill completed his second year on the Blue Tornado this season, and he played some mighty fine ball all throughout the season. His hard, low tackling gave much spirit to the Tornado, and caused a great deal of worry to all of our opponents. JAMES INZER, M-Guard "Doon" was greatly handicapped by an injury and didn't get to play much this season, but it could never be said that he ever quit trying. This was his second season on the Blue Tornado. His never-say-die spirit was a credit to him and to the team. IIBII The McCallie "B" Team had a fairly successful season against larger and more experienced teams, winning three games and losing two. A record of the season follows: McCallie "B" . . . og Dalton . . 7 McCallie "B" . . 7, Central . . o McCallie HB" . . 13, City . . o l940 CHARLES MON ROE, M--Tackle Charles played with the Blue Tornado for the first time this year. Although he didn't play much at the first of the season, he certainly made up for lost time when he went into the Baylor game, and he won the cup for the best improved lineman on the team. MEREDITH JONES, M-Tackle Meredith, who played excellent ball for the Blue Tornado this season, was one of the many good tackles with the best spirit that we have ever seen at McCallie. His fire and spirit gave the Blue Tornado much added pep throughout the entire season. This was Meredith's first year with the team, BENTON SELLERS, M'-Tackle UT. B." came back to us to play his second season on the Blue Tornado, and he was one of the mainstays in the team's forewall. He was one of the immovable posts in the line and very few plays got by him during the season. HARRY MEADOR, M-Guard Harry played for the Blue Tornado for the first time this season. Although he didn't play much he was a very good guard, and his excellent showing in the Darlington game was one of the best showings that we have seen in a long time. BOBBY LAM BERT, M-Cenfer Bobby was our substitute pivot man who came up from the "B" team to play some fine ball for his first year on the Blue Tornado. He is an excellent center and a very good backer-up. He is going to be a very important factor in the making up of the Tornado of next year. TEAM McCallie "B" . . . 33, Central . o McCallie "B" .... 7, LaFayette ..... I3 Lettermen included Ballard, Hester, I. Belk, Joiner, VV. Dietzen, Woodall, Balloff, Ellison, Ridenhour, Branton, LeVan, Eerdmans, B. Harrison, Harper, Crist, Millis, Shannon, Lothrop, Corn, Vann, Chaille, J. VVarwick, Hartley, F, Milligan, C. Thompson, and Chobot, Managers. "B" Team Md Md Md Mn Mn Mn Md Md Sid Md Fl Fm KI. 59 iii hu fn. G-4 Dm Elm Sha On CQ NR:-, '!,: 1. 2'-.Tl iswl nghn .f"-- nhl high? 's L5 h5lW,m l""'m-Q Q rs bij" naman, '-in 'Timaru wa ,F ,QM we-M, :mint 5 ' V vw -,,,. -flag K ry, 3, , 581314. ,,., ,pg at-a i as i y I 9 rr 'H- Q i..f"f'.' A5407 IIT" .Q ' - ' ww' .N Front Roar. left ru righl: George XVallace,"' Paul Dennis,"' Lester Brooks,"' Stephen Henryfl' James Patefk Warren Gardner." jack Robison? Harry Branton, Bill Ensignf' Lapsley Hamblenf" Fred Williamsfk Tom Claryf Wray Amosfl' Bark Rong: Graham Buchanan? 1ManagerJ, Jim Talleyfk Allen Mays, Ed Birdwell, Albert Wedemeyer, G01-don Smithyaa Gene Smitherman, Tom Nlack. Burnet Siler," Keith Hartzell, Cecil Garrettf Woody Harrisonf and Morris Moormanq' McCallie . . McCallie . . McCallie . . lManagcrJ . THIRD TEAM FOOTBALL . og Dalton "B" . 6, Dalton "B" . . 135 Bradley "B" McCallie . FOURTH TEAM FOOTBALL SEASON'S RECORD McCallie. . McCallie. . McCallie . McCallie . McCallie . McCallie . McCallie . . . 34, Highland Park . 6 .14g Notre Dame . . o 7g S, M. A. . . 7 og Baylor . . 6 63 S. M. A. . . 6 o' T. M. I. . . o 6 Baylor .... o FIFTH TEAM FOOTBALL Front Row, left to right: Frank Kollmanspergerf: Bill Robertsonf' Sarge Allison, Leonard Nixonfk Bucky Howardf Glenn Rothbergerfi Charles Yates, Ralph Spanglerfl Cary Andersonff Jack Davisf' Second Row: Bill Bolen, Bobby Fisherfs Dunbar Jewellf: Garnett Kincaid, Bill Beckerf Allen Brownf Hugh Thatcherf John Twinamfl' Tommy Gardnerfk Third Row: Chris Moore? fManagerJ, David Edmondson, Seth Sizer, Jim Alderfl' Jim Ennisfk Bill Rowlettefk John Hickey, Paul Holtfl' Stephen Williams? Back Row: Gaines Campbell, Charles Robinson, Jim Gamble, Tim Bryan,'f Howell Campbell, Tommy Buttramf: jim Coghlanf: Bud Hicks, John McKinney. SEASON'S RECORD McCallie . . McCallie . McCallie . , McCallie . McCallie. . McCallie. . lBoys marked teams. J og Moseley Park . o zo, Lookout Mt. . . I3 og S. M. A. . . 7 og Dayton .... 28 6, Moseley Park . 24 og Baylor .... 7 made letters on the various SEASON'S RECORD U 7 ll . 6 McCallie . . 205 Central "B . . . o McCallie . . 65 Bradley "B" . . 7 . o McCallie. . . og Baylor . . . o . . 7, Baylor . . 1.1. Below, Front Row, left to right: James Kelly, Pat Taylorfl' Taylor Wadefk Cecil Robertson, Roy Bacon, Craig Robertsonf Ray' Rothberger, Winston Linam,"' Carl Kincaidfl' Middle Row: Walter King, Leland Bogle, Dick Clark, Mal Brockett,"' Hugh Wilsonflf Roderick Beddowfl: Bob Wrightf Leo Trupinf Bob Simsf' Wray Amos, Jack LeVan.'E Back Row: John Collett, Harry Brantonf' Shannon, Linus Llewellyn, Paul Johnsonf" Tom Belk, Bill Caldwellfl' Houston Matthewsf Carl Coffeyf If I94l BASKETBALL TEAM CITY CHAMPIONS Front Row: Bob Cald- well, C. A. Massey, Joe Bander, Dick Hartley, Walter Dietzen. Back Row: John Gates, South- worth Bryan, Jack Brown, Jim Tombras, Frank Beall, Jack Crist. ON THE HARDWOCJD COURT Under the faithful leadership and instruction of Coach Bitsy Howard and Assistant Coach Con Davis, the 1941 basketball team won fourteen games and lost eight to capture the City Prep Cham- pionship, for which they tied last year. Although they went out in the first round of the annual Mid-South Tournament, the Blue cagers were among the leaders of the Mid-South race up until the tournament, to give them a very successful season on the whole. McCallie chalked up 689 points this year as compared with an offensive of 694 last year, while their opponents scored 619, slight- ly more than last yearas total of 593. The Blues opened the season with an easy 36-20 victory over St. Andrews, and immediately stepped into the City Prep lead by defeating Baylor and City at the auditorium by the respective scores of 30-24 and 36-23. After losing a hard battle to Castle Heights on the home gym by the score of 33-24, McCallie increased her City Prep lead with a victory over Central, 23-19. McCallie then suffered a setback, losing to a Hghting City five on their gym by the score of 27-23. The Blues avenged a 39-31 defeat at the hands of the Tech Freshmen in Atlanta the following week by de- feating T. M. I. and Darlington in lVlid-South HART,-EY games at the ho-me gym. Making the annual trip - ' - . . . , f A Mxsssx C0 CaPla"' to Nashville, McCallie suffered disappointing Lcoucapmn ll001 s R s ' 1 kr 5 IM m -, . s M . Q 'Q- ' Q .- -v.. sg I Q5- SOUR' mum: fx.: f.. , . Y 7"'T.L. was fz:4 -e url?- -1 losses in the Mid-South race to Castle Heights and M. B. A., by the close scores of 34-27 and 32-29, respectively. The Blues returned to their old form by strengthening their City Prep lead with victories over City, 35-31 and Notre Dame, 42-36 in two fast games on the losers' courts. After nosing out a close victory over the U. C. Freshmen, McCallie had a chance to clinch the City Prep title by de- feating Central in their next game. However, the Tornado met disaster, for after leading Central by nine points at the half, the Blue cagers were held to two points during the entire second half and three overtime periods, thus succumbing to Central by the close score of 23-21. The Blues marched on to three more straight victories in defeating Notre Dame in the City League and M. B. A. and Darlington in the Mid-South race in exciting contests. McCallie then missed a sec- ond chance to clinch the title by going down in defeat to a spirited Baylor quintet in an exceed- ingly close game, 37-36. Then after decisively defeating T. M. I., the Blues finally succeeded in capturing the undisputed City Prep crown on their third chance by defeating Baylor in a hard-fought game on the home gym by the score of 37-30. In the Mid-South Tournament held March 6, 7, 8 at the University of Chattanooga, the Mc- Callie cagers, although seeded fourth, were upset in the initial round by a spirited Darlington quin- tet, whom they had defeated twice before in the regular season, by the score of 30-28, in another exceedingly close game. The team was led by co-captains C. A. Massey- and "Hook" Hartley, the latter of whom set a new scoring record by sinking a total of 251 points, thus breaking Fletcher Sims' old mark of 249 points in 1934. Hartley, who was in a large part responsible for the success of this year's Tornado, scored 102 points in the six games played against Baylor during his two years at McCallie, averaging 17 points a game, and de- serves a lot of credit for his part in McCa11ie's winning five of the six engagements. C. A. Massey, the other half of the Hartley- Massey scoring combination, which scored almost two-thirds of the total points scored by the team during the season, racked up 197 points, besides proving a valuable asset on rebound work. Both Hartley and Massey were unanimous selec- tions for the All-City team last year and this year, and both were also picked on the A11-Mid-South team in 1940, but due to the fact that the team was eliminated from the tournament in the first round this year, only Hartley made the coveted squad, being placed on the second team. Other scoring was divided among members of the team as follows: Caldwell, 965 Tombras, 475 Bander, 345 Dietzen, 265 Brown, 235 Bryan, 75 Gates, 65 and Beall, 2. Foul percentages were unusually high, with Hartley having .5895 Massey, .5885 Caldwell, .6215 Tombras, .7335 Bander, .4355 Brown, .2735 Dietzen, .4005 Bryan, .0835 Gates, 1.0005 and Beall, .500. Letters were awarded to Co-Captains Dick Hart- ley and C. A. Massey, Bob Caldwell, Joe Bander, Buck Dietzen, Jack Brown, Jim Tombras, and Manager Lonnie Lumsden. Action shots ot wins over Baylor and Notre Dame in march to City Title. f BOB CALDWELL WALTER DIETZEN JOE BANDER L Q 1 JACK BROWN LONNIE LUMSDEN McCallie McCallie McCallie McCallie McCallie McCallie McCa-lie McCallie McCallie McCa-t1e McCallie McCallie McCaQQie McCaQlie McCaQQie McCa.QQie McCaQQie McCaQLie McCaQQie McCaQQie McCaQQie McCaQQie . . . . . . . . . - . . . . Q . Manager THE SEASON'S RECORD St. Andrews . . Baylor . . . . City ..... . Castle Heights Central .... . City ..... . Tech Freshmen T. M. I .... . Darlington . . . Castle Heights M. B. A .... . City .... . Notre Dame . . . U. C. Freshmen . . Central .... . Notre Dame . . . M. B.A. . . . Darlington . Baylor . T. RT. I. . Baylor . Darlington .20 .24 .23 -33 .19 .27 -39 .15 .22 -34 .32 .31 .36 .19 .23 .23 .38 - 34 - 37 . 30 . 30 . 30 619 . 1. - .. Y.. . .-Q.-um.-.--a.nfr:-as--.vva .--.up....anqfu1-1.f,a..sQ-fmanusa--. -2.0.4-.. .. .4. ..,. i - I I I .I. , H i 1 3 nt'- .Ai W l . - '11 1 . X 729 BASKETBALL TEAMS "B" TEAM SEASON'S RECORD McCallie . . . . . 24: Cvlmuil . . . . 14 McCallie . . . . li: B4Wl0l' . . 27 McCallie. . - ll: CMV - . . . . 30 Mgtfgllie , . . . 21, Darlington . . . 13 lN1cC.illie. . . .261 T. lNl. I. . . . 19 McCallie . . . . 153 Citi' - ' - . . 30 lN1cCallie . . . . Ii: Central . , . 31 BlcCallie . . . - 321 HlNiikWl1 - . . 25 lN1cCallie . . . . 16: Central . . . 37 McCallie . . . . 313 Bavlor . , , 23 McCallie . . . . 33: Darlington , . . 22 McCallie ..... . .213 T. Nl. I. . . . . . .20 McCallie ........ 25: G. M. A. ........ 24 Front Row. left to right: Jimmy Adamsf: Tommy Houserflf Jim Baconf George Moore, Keith Hartzellf Middle Row: Brrck Ellison, Charles Thompson, Jack Paynef Jim Talleyfl' Bill Caldwell. Gene Schimpf, Joe Harper, James Pate. Bizck Row: Bob Greene, Sam Ballofffl: Bill Robinson, Bob Lambert, Nlarshall Goreef Ike Belkfk Bob Gainesfk Gordon Smith. Not in Picture: Jim Ballardfg Jack Crist? THIRD TEAM seAsoN's RECORD McCallie . . . . 345 Baylor . . . . . 17 McCallie . . . 325 Hardy .... . . 22 McCallie . . . 225 Sewanee "BH . . . 24 McCallie . . . 275 Baylor .... . . 18 McCallie ..... . . 8, Sewanee "B" ....... 15 McCallie ........ 215 Brainerd .......... 20 Front Row, left to right: Oliver Potter, Jimmy Vann, Gus Zollicofferfk Carl Kincaidfi: George McElveen,3' Jim Millisfg Bradford Tilleryf Warren Gardnerfl: Bill Flack, Bill Rob- inson, Mac Hardwick, George Orr. Middle Row: Bob Mahler, Henderson Belk, Carl Coffey, Charles Belcher, Elliott Blaydes, Albert Wedemeyer, Pat Taylorfk John Smith, James Mills, Gene Chaille. Back Row: Cecil Garrett? fMan- agerj, Wray Amos, Bruce Harrison, John Welch, James Kelly, Jack Phillips, Lamar Rankin, John Moreland, Ben Hagan, Frank Ross, Bill Ensign, John Wooten, Grayson Baileyf Tommy Eichelberger, John Berry, Lester Brooks, Jim Corn. FOURTH TEAM sEAsoN's Recono McCallie. . . . 265 S. M. A. . . .13 McCallie . . . 163 S. M. A. . . . 11 McCallie . . .173 T. M. I. . . . 24 McCallie . . . 24, Darlington . . . 17 McCallie . . . 165 G. M. A. . . .20 McCallie. . . . . . 233 Darlington . . . . . . . . 6 McCallie ........ 225 G. M. A. ........ 25 Front Row, left to right: Bill Theissfli Norton Campbellfa Bill Carverf: John Corbett? Marsh Freref Paul Holtfl: Back Row: Taylor Wade, Billy Latimoref: Eddie Chobotflz Richard Dietzenf Walter Kingfk Roy Bacon? Not in Picture: Tom Belkfk EIGHTH GRADE SEASON'S RECORD McCallie . . . . 233 Darlington . . . 21 McCallie ........ 103 T, M. I. ......... 14 McCallie ........ 125 Red Bank ......... 27 Front Row, left to right: Bill Becketf Ralph Spanglerfg Bill Cartinhourfl: Bucky 1-lowardf John I-lickeyfk Tommy Gardnerfl' Bud Hicksi fManagerJ. Middle Row: Tommy Buttram 'H Cris Moore :ff Charles Yates, Jack Taylor, Jim Co hlanl George Williams. Back Row: Frank Kollman- g sperger, Bob Fisher, Bill Bolen, Glenn Rothberger, Gaines Campbell, John Twinam. SEVENTH GRADE SEASON'S RECORD McCallie ...,.... 21, Darlington ........ 8 Front Row. left to right: Coach Charles Diehl. Rody Davenportf' Bob Rowlettef Jim Ennisf John McKinney,:': Joel Pricefg Seth Sizerfk Middle Row: Jim Gamble, Charles Robinson, Donald Munson, Charlie Campbell, Jimmy Prescott, Heschell Boyd. Bark Row: Ward Crutchfield, Tommy Divine, Dunbar Jewell, Sarge Allison, David Ed' mondson Llewell n Bo d 1 Y Y ' lBoys marked 1' made letters on the various teams.J SOCCER 1-Iampered by very inclement weather through most of the season, Mr. Bob McCallie's soccer team did not have a very successful season, winning one and losing one with Asheville in the annual series, and losing three and tying one game with Baylor. The team was captained by Bill Dunn, excellent goalie, throughout the season. Due to his fine leadership, no one can say the McCallie losses were due to lack of spirit, for these soccer boys were lighting every minute of the game. The Blues dropped a thrilling game to Baylor to open season on Patten field. The first score was Baylor 4, McCallie 3. In the next game the Tornado was able to hold Baylor to a 1-1 tie in a game played at Baylor. Asheville then invaded for a game with the Blues, and McCallie came out on the short end of a 4-3 score. Baylor came to Patten held for the next game and the Blues were shut out by the Raiders, 1-0. The Blues then invaded the Baylor campus only to be defeated again by the score of 2-1. In the final game of the year, lV1cCallie finally brolce its losing jinx when the team traveled to Asheville to take a hard-fought game from the Asheville School for Boys by the score of 2-1. Letters were awarded to: Captain Bill Dunn. M. Jones, Star, lnzer, Mchlullen. S. Xvilliains. W. Shannon, Xvillcinson, XY'liiteoinh, 1..lllC.lSICI'. Lynch, Pitts, Wfoodson, Ricliards, li. hlilligan. Griffith, li. Xvilliams. and .I. Allison. Ip-pL' ' IIZJIS l. anim Einar ,dai drink ohh nail' Hifi' 155' law hmm prinilf ,gm .s--'Cf' ,ggi QDW WW 1.-W" 1655833 l BCJXING Interest in boxing reached a high peak at lNlcCallie this year as the school entered a team in the Golden Gloves '1'ournament and sponsored a school t0Ll1'- nament of its own. Also on several occa- sions exhibition bouts were given as an added attraction to basketball games. For the first time lVIcCallie entered a six-man boxing team in the Golden Gloves Tournament, and this team made more championships than any other high school entrant. They placed second to T. lVI. I. for team honors, but in propor- tion to the number of entrants the McCallie squad won a higher percentage of their bouts than T. M. I., who entered twice as many men as lVIcCallie. For lVlcCallie E. Stone won the high school heavyweight division. In the 147-lb. class hlonteith Powell, a last year's Golden Gloves winner in North Carolina, was crowned champion. Rufus Dalton, fighting in the 135-lb. class, was the other winner for McCallie. These three boys were awarded varsity letters for their excellent showing in this tournament. Mitchell and Branton, R., who were on the team entered a most commendable showing by winning 'H e ' Golden Gloves Champions Rufus Dalton, E. J, Stone, Mon+ei'l'h Powell in the tournament, were awarded minor sport letters. ln the school tournament there were five divis- ions, and the winner of each division was awarded a minor sport letter. This tournament aroused quite a lot of interest in the student body, and it was so successful that it has been planned for this event to be an annual affair. Winners of the different divisions were as fol- lows: Allen Brown, 120 lbs., Bob Sims, 126 lbs., Dick Hartley, 147 lbs., Harry Robinson, 175 lbs., Charles Miinroe, heavyweight. l105.l I940 TRACK TEAM .Qt em l 'b: B'11 H , Bob Amos, George Ennetr, Arthur Pendleton. Billy. Kidclv. Klan: Iggfli Ijaneiso Igficaistenl yMiti'3tilfeerRow: Pat Williams, Benton Sellers. Sam Balloff. lrwin Bella. Bill XX hire, Bill Jones, Joe Taylor, Fred Milligan, George Snipes. Back Row: Karl Kesmodel 4,lVlanagerl, Bob Moore. .loe Barge Bill Webb, Krieger Henderson, ,lack Brown, Gwyn Brock, R. 1.. McCallie lCoachI. ON THE CINDER PATH The 1940 McCallie traclc team swept through seven dual meets, notsed out Lanier High of Ma- con and Baylor for top honors in the Baylor relays, won the undisputed City championship, and finished third in the annual Mid-South meet at Sewanee, to raclc up the best record a Mc- Callie team has made on the traclc since the state championship outits of 1928 and 1929. MARK HAYS i who sei a new school rec d 1 . , 0' 0 52 satondi E Oh 440 . t won high-polnl honors al lho Mid Soulhnn1ooT I ml l lllfi Unly five lettermen. Captain Ed Lawman, holder of the school pole vault record. Marla Hays, George Ennett. llte Bellc. and Noah Pitts. were on hand from the 1939 team. together with Billy Kidd, who had starred on the 1933 team. hut Lawman was unahle to compete due to illness. and the team was left without a capahle pole vaulter for the season. and llqe Belle was unahle to compete until late in the season due to the effects of a siege of pneumonia. Three early season meets found the Tornado on the long end ol' a tw'-40 eount against Central. a 511-45 winner over lee lligh ol' Clncltatnauga. last vear's North Georgia ehatnpions. and a oo to 33 winner over lim. Kidd and liars were OUT- standing in the spflllls in these meets. with Fnnett in the distanees. Pendleton in the liroad lump. and lit-oelt in the weights sliowtng up well. Other hrst place winners lot hltkiallie were lancastet. NY'illmnis. and llitts ln the liaxlot it-los Kltkiallle won the htst team ll0l'i'lX l'Xt'l ullrtetl tu ilu' meet. piling Nl' -W lvlmb l "V I0 .hll lot l ,inlet lluili of xl.hi'll. and . ' 19' ll-lllvl lli.- lilins .itwlx now two lllal lxl-V95 m ll va , rains. slain time ,Quail 441:11 :min xii!! iam IIN' pfnli? Vw sixty udp' .af-'I if V405 nw' uf' milf aff :V Ugg +129 880-YARD RELAY TEAM-MID-SOUTH CHAMPIONS Billy Kidd, Billy Houser, Bob Amos, Noah Piffs, Mark Hays the meet, with Kidd taking the century, and the quartet of Mark Hays, Noah Pitts, Bob Amos, and Billy Kidd winning the 880-yard relay, but they kept in the running by placing second in the other three high school relays, honors in which were split between North Fulton, Boys' High of Atlanta, and Castle Heights. Brock took second place in the discus throw, and Pendleton won third place in the broad jump and fourth in the javelin throw. Ennett ran a beautiful mile on the medley relay to take second place after trailing to the last lap. With the last event, the mile relay com- ing up, McCallie was trailing with 22 points, Lanier had 242, and Baylor 212 points, and the Blues had to come in ahead of Baylor and make three points more than Lanier to win. Had the judges placed Hays third in the hundred as pic- tures later showed he ran, the pressure would have been considerably eased, but he was unplaced. The McCallie quarter-milers came through, however, in the pinch, running a strong second to Castle Heights, just ahead of Baylor, which finished third, and when North Fulton shut out Lanier by capturing fourth place the trophy was won. The following week McCallie turned back a strong Castle Heights team 64-58, when the un- beaten relay quartet won the deciding event. Kidd and Hays were double winners, the former captur- ing the 220 and low hurdles, and the latter the 100 and 440. Pendleton, Brock, and Williams were the other first place winners for the Blue. Rummell won the pole vault and high jump to lead the Heights scoring. McCallie annexed the City championship the next week by winning from Baylor 65-57, in a thrilling meet which was again decided by the relay. Hays and Kidd were again double winners, and Ennett in the mile, Jack Brown in the high jump, and Brock in the discus also won their events. Brock broke the school discus record, ARTHUR PENDLETON IRWIN BELK JOE BANDER GEORGT ENNETT PAT WILLIAMS -Ei? AS Mc-CALLIE WON THE BAYLOR RELAYS Billy Kidd wins the l00 and anchors McCallie's winning 880-yard relay feam with a toss of 119 feet 82 inches, which he later bettered twice in the T. M. I. and Mid-South meets. Brown, in winning the high jump, broke his wrist and was lost to the team the rest of the season. Baylor got off to an early lead by sweeping the shot put, but McCallie countered by taking first and second in both dashes, and a clean sweep in the high jump, and was never headed. Akers of Baylor took high point honors with 16 points followed by Kidd with 14M and Hays with 13. The following week McCallie took a 95-31 verdict from T. M. I., with Brock rallying 162 points and breaking his own discus mark, and GWYN BROCK who ser a new school and Mid-South record of l25 feet 9 inches in the discus throw l10Fl Kidd, Williams and Lancaster also scoring heav- ily. The Sweetwater Cadets were below par this season, without their usual strength. At the Mid-South meet held at Sewanee the first week in May, McCallie was outmanned by both Baylor and Castle Heights, the former win- ning their tenth straight Mid-South crown by pil- ing up 51 points to Castle Heights' 48, and Mc- Callie's 38. The Blues were handed a severe jolt when Kidd's leg failed him, and with one of their ace sprinters, who had won both sprints two years before, not up to his previous form, McCallie bowed to her two main rivals whom she had pre- viously beaten. Even with Kidd in top form, it is doubtful that McCallie could have won, but the finish would undoubtedly have been closer. McCallie's half-mile relay team of Hays, Pitts, Houser and Kidd remained unbeaten by winning its event Friday afternoon, Mark Hays won the 100 and 440, setting a new McCallie record of 52 seconds in the 440, and winning the high point trophy with a total of BM, points, Gwyn Brock broke the discus record with a heave of 125 feet 9 inches, and Ike Belk won the 880 with a beau- tiful sprint to the tape. Other McCallie men to place were Kidd in the sprints, Ennett in the 880, Banner in the high hurdles, Pendleton in the javelin and broad jump, and Pitts, Webb, Belk, and Ennett in the mile relay. The final meet against the Asheville School in Asheville was won by McCallie 67-55 with Gwyn Brock scoring 17 points, and Hays runner-up in points scored. Letters were awarded by Coach Bob McCallie to Billy Kidd, Mark Hays, George Ennett. Pat XVil- liams, Arthur Pendleton, Hanes Lancaster. Bob Amos, joe Bander, Sain Balloff, Xvilliam Xvhite. Noah Pitts, Bill Jones, Frank Nlay, Billv Houser. Bill Welvb, Ike Belk, Gwyn Brock and managers Karl Kesmodel and Max Gardner. George Ennetr was elected captain for the l9-ll season. IOO-j'3I'Cl dash . . . 220-yard dash Cstraightawayl . . . 220-yard dash fone turnl .... 440-yard dash . . 880-yard run . Mile run .... 220-yard low hurdles 120-yard high hurdles 120-yard low hurdles Shot put .... Discus throw . Javelin throw . Broad jump . High jump . Pole vault . . 440-yard relay . 880-yard relay . Mile relay . . Two-mile relay . . Times' five-mile race Cake race .... 100-yard dash . 220-yard dash .... . . 220-yard low hurdles . . . Discus throw .... . Broad jump . AT THE MID-SOUTH MEET AT SEWANEE Mark Hays scores a double in the I00 and 440-yard dashes McCALLlE TRACK RECCRDS 9-8 Seconds - .Bob Andridge, '36 22 Seconds - . .Bob Andridge, '36 22-6 Seconds - . . Bob Andridge, '36 S2 seconds ..... . Mark Hays, '40 2 minutes 3.4 seconds . . . jack Marvin, '36 4 minutes 40.9 seconds . . . Earl DeMoe, '38 26.4 seconds .... . . Bob McCallie, '29 16 seconds . . Billy Wilson, '36 14.6 seconds . . . .Billy Wilson, '36 44 feet 5 inches . . J. D. Lackey, '30 125 feet 9 inches . . . Gwyn Brock, '40 170 feet 3 inches . . . . Billy McKay, '32 21 ft. 4 47-8 inches . . Collins Thurman, '28 5 feet II inches ................ jess Turney, '28 II feet 2 inches ..,.... . ........ Ed Lawman, '39 45 seconds . . . Curtis Rorebeck, Roger Frank, Bob Andridge, Ed jones, '36 r min. 33.4 secs. . Curtis Rorebeck, Roger Frank, Bob Andridge, Ed jones, '36 3 min. 33.6 secs. . . . Frank Tennille, Bob Ferguson, Alex Halyburton, Alex Hughes, '30 8 min. 55 secs. Frank Durand, Jim McCoy, Billy Venable, Bill Lybrook, '30 28 minutes 34 seconds ............. William Stutz, '23 5 minutes 29.5 seconds . . . David Tucker, '39 MID-SOUTH MEET RECORDS HELD BY McCALLlE ATHLETES IO seconds . . . . Bob Andridgev '36 22.1 seconds . . . Bob Andridgen '36 26.5 seconds . . . . . Ervin Hall, ,33 125 feet 9 inches . .... Gwyn Bf0Ck, '40 21 feet 3 inches . . . Collins Thurman, '28 JUNIOR TRACK TEAM is :ye dist- ,FJ . I' 4 . . lr at , I 'X Je'-4, 1 .... 1559 ma WW , iff , 4 f f ea!! X s. f f I GOLF The golf team under the leadership of Coach R. L. Sager turned in an outstanding record for the 1940 season with only two returning lettermen, the team won both the city and Mid-South cham- pionships, and captured Hrst place honors in the University of Tennessee Invitation Meet. Besides these feats, Frank Garrett, a newcomer and num- ber 1 man on the squad, did credit to himself and the team by winning the Mid-South and U. T. meets. The team began the season by beating Central and winning U. T. meet. Next they traveled to Rome, Georgia, where they lost to Darlington 5M to 122. Following this a 13 to '5 victory over G. M. A. and a 17M to win from Baylor put them baclc in stride, but they lost an important city match to Central 72 to IOM. In the Mid-South Tournament which was this year held concurrently with the Southern Prep Glolf Tournament the McCallie linksmen showed t eir superiority by winning the Mid-South meet by some fifty strokes. In a playoff Frank Garrett beat Billy Napier of Xvallace for individual honors. Frank also made a commendable showing in the Southern Prep contest by placing seventh out of a field of one hundred and forty. Following the tournament the team avenged an earlier defeat by Darlington bv downing the Geor- gians 12 to 6. At the end of the season McCallie and Central were tied for the eitx' championship. In a challenge match the McCallie foursome de- feated the Central team after Brooks sank a four- foot putt on the last hole to gain the winning point. Because of this unusual record the team, com- posed of liranlt Garrett. Gordon liuddleston. C- A. Massey, .uid lester Brooks. was awardfd varsitv letters. joe llavenport. although not rf- eeiviilbl .1 letter, deserxes inueh credit tot his fred' italile perforin.uit'es during the season. hlassev -mtl Brooks return next xeai to form the nucleus of Khi' 1041 team. X Z Q 1 1 15, -Q hi, ' A -l jfnzrrr 'vi' a-If aim ffm' .HGH md? -vt' rift ,M 'mf 1- sfmti wg 1556 we at U' TENNIS l'he Nlcfallie School has always been known lor its mm! tennis teams, but the mio team was one of the rest' and had one ot' the IIIUSI successful seasons the SL-howl has ever had, winning both the City Prep and Mid-South championships in singles and doubles. McCallie and City were running a close race for the Citv Championship, but our teams cinched the title by beg-ting City a second time by the score of 5 to 2. This gave the team its second straight City Champion- ship and their third in four years. It is interesting to note the record Coach "Buck" Flowers' tennis teams have enjoyed in the seven years he has been coach. ln high school competition they have won titty-seven matches while losing only seven. They have won the Mid-South team trophy in 1934 and 1940, and were in a triple tie for team trophy in 1938. In this same tournament they placed second in 1935 and 1939, and third in 1936, In the University of Tennessee meet which the team participated each spring the team captured the doubles' title in 1937 and 1939 and was runner-up in the singles in 1939. The Iellm won City Championships in 1937, 1939, and 1940. This is certainly a record which any school would be p roud to hold. During the past season the team won nine matches and lost one. Their one loss to Darlington was soon avenged when the team defeated them in the Mid- South Tournament. Vernon Kelly, the number one man for McCallie and also the Mid-South singles' champion, was the only player for McCallie who didn't lose a single match in the City League. In the Mid-South Tournament the team showed their superiority over the other Mid-South teams by capturing the singles', doubles', and team trophies. Vernon Kelly won the singles' title, and he and Bob Caldwell annexed the doubles' crown. Letters were awarded to Vernon Kelly, Bob Caldwell, Hardwick Caldwell, Bob Gaines, and -lim Millis. To celebrate their successful season the team was given a banquet. SEASON'S RECORD McCallie T. M. I. . o McCallie Baylor . o McCallie T. M, I. . 1 McCallie Baylor . 1 McCallie Darlington . 3 McCallie Central . . . o McCallie Darlington ..... 6 McCallie Notre Dame . . o McCallie City High ..... 3 McCallie City High . . 2 McCallie won Mid-South Tournament. llllfl i l BASEBALL The baseball team got off to a poor start with only four lettermen returning from last year's team, and with few boys coming out, the team did not show up well in competition, winning only one game in seven starts. At times the team played first-class ball, especially when they beat Sewanee 12 to 6, but a deficiency of experienced players kept them from having a polished ball club. John Wood carried the brunt of the McCallie pitching. John had a good fast ball and a sharp breaking curve, but the team had to rely on him to pitch nearly every game, and he was somewhat handicapped by overwork. Captain Theo Harvey, always a leader whether his team was behind or ahead, stood out in the outheld. "Buck" Fuqua, who was a letterman on last year's team, led the batting with a percentage of .429. Fuqua was fol- lowed by Palmer Frank, who averaged 286. Even though their record for the year was none too impressive the team had four men on the first and second all-city teams. Buck Fuqua, snappy little outfielder, made the :first team, and John Wood, pitcher, Palmer Frank, catcher, and Henry Caulkins, third baseman, were chosen for the second team. Members offthe team who were awarded letters were: Fuqua, Frank, Neisler, McDiarmid, Harvey, Stewart, Caulkins, Inzer, Lockett, Wood, and Har- rison, Manager. THE SEASON'S RECORD McCallie ..... . . . 2, Central ..... , . , 4 McCallie ..... ..,. 1 23 S. M. A. .... . . . 6 McCallie ..... , , . Og City ..,.,, . , . 6 McCallie .... . . . 5, Central , , t . t 17 McCallie .,.. . . . 53 Bradley , . . . 6 McCallie ..... ..... 3 3 Bradley , , 12 McCallie . . , .... 3, City ..,,. . . . . 6 mmf: mmm- :Jn mmm :x:xiS nam? 2.52.73 znjihrf nifi' rs:-4 if ng in ,. 5, 6 l 17 is l l SWIMMING In spite of the fact that the members of the 1940 swimming team were inexperi- enced, they made a wonderful showing throughout the season under the leadership of Mr. Thomas Kipp. Although the sea- son wasn't a very successful one, the team deserves a great deal of credit for the show- ing that they made. The team finished in third place in the Mid-South meet, and Jon Godsey won the only first place for the team by his excel- lent diving. By winning this first place, he automatically became the diving cham- pion of the Mid-South. Captain Dick Koella with his untiring effort and spirit to win for the team was one of the best cap- tains that the swimming team has ever had. The members of the team were L. Jones, McElroy, Dennis, Stamper, Koella, Roth- berger, Gault, W. Brown, Daly, Star, M. Steele, Godsey, and McAmis, manager. THE SEASO-N'S RECORD McCallie. . . .,,.. 423 Central ...,,..... 24 McCallie placed second in U. T. Invitation McCallie . . . ,. 19, Castle Heights , . . 47 meet. McCallie , ,.,. 293 Darlington ...... 37 McCallie placed third in Mid-South meet. YI. Q ,VY f r 2 xc: ,, aff m 1 xi, f 'V 'W ' k 4 9 V , I If, ? 2 if ff Rx Q V xx i -Q X gxi XR -K Xa: we X ' S N Q S A A1 . - N TX. xwws -WM . Xxx ' W- , Y. XM X. XX N F 1 4 Q 1 f Q- f 4 ., I Q 9 3 U I i z A l A ! i s l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I +- I I I l I I I I I I I I MISS HIIDA HUD PENNANT" SPONSOR for Tom Buffalow, Edifor MISS EVLLYN DAVENPORT "PENNANT" SPONSOR for Joe Davenporf, Business Manager MISS ANITA LYNCH BATTALION SPONSOR for Maier Bob Caldwell ' Miyff "5 zsjvxf. WL, j W .Q .Q MISS MARCELLA PLOWDEN BATTALION STAFF SPONSOR for Capfain and Adiufanf Jack Brown M ISS BETTY CAROTH ERS MILITARY SPONSOR for Senior Capfain Bill Dunn MISS BETTY CARBAUGH COMPANY "A" SPONSOR for Capiain Krieger Henderson 3 'N -2 5 .-..:v Ia P'yquQg vw L- li ul"-3' u U' 12.51 I Ev' In 9 gli' .jf MISS DOROTHY THARPE COMPANY "B" SPONSOR for Capfain Doug Millar MISS SARAH TEMPLE COMPANY "C" SPONSOR for Capiain Jce Davenporf MISS BETTY BLANE COMPANY "D" SPONSOR for Oapfain Lonnie Lumsden MISS BELLE HOLBERT STAMPER COMPANY "E" SPONSOR Capfain Walfer Sfamper MISS GENE CONNELL MRS. L. HARDWICK CALDWELL BAND SPONSOR SENATE SPONSOR for for Capfain Henry McKinney Bob Caldwell, Presidenf tm. ' MRS. KATHERINE SELLERS BROACH STUDENT couNclL SPONSOR I I I I 1 I I I lklbi, MISS MILDRED CAROTHERS MISS POLLY WATERS are Y. M. C. A. SPONSOR SENIOR CLASS SPONSOR for for -A., 1 Dick Hartley, Presidenf C. A. Massey, Presideni' MISS CHARLOTTE GOREE KEO KIO SPONSOR for Marshall Goree, President MISS JESSE EVANS "TORNADO" SPONSOR for Bob Caldwell, Editor MISS SHIRLEY ANDERSON FOOTBALL SPONSOR for Noah Piffs, Captain ir F svn- ...,.. L n Q .- -..- . .-'.. I u -,-Q 'QS ui rvbltl haf WE' rv v 5 39 I MISS CAROLYN WINN BASKETBALL SPONSOR for Dick Hartley, Co-CapIain MISS GENE GRAHAM BASKETBALL SPONSOR for C. A. Massey, Co-Capfain MISS DORIS POPE BASEBALL SPONSOR for Palmer Frank, Captain MISS GRACE PENDLETON MONOGRAM CLUB SPONSOR for Arfhur Pendleton, Presidenf MISS NOOKIE REESE MILITARY SPONSOR for Honorary Capfain and Adiufanf Marshall Goree MISS MARGARET FULTON TRACK SPONSOR for George Enneff, Capfain 'RUBY I kms U N QQ ra I lib SKU 11 P will f L f ..u, , W fi 5, ,A-an PENNANT SELECTIONS BOB CALDVVELL . Most Popular B ! ENTON SELLERS TOM BUFFALOW LEWIS BIEB , Top Row C. A. MASSEY . . . KRIEGER HENDERSON . DOUG MILLAR . . . MARSHALL GOREE . Most Courteous, and Most Brilliant . . . . . Most Accommodating . - . . . , . . lllost Studious . . Best Senior Rat Bottom Row BOB GREENE ....... Biggest Bull Shooter M FIALI EY Most Popular Junzor JI . ....... HANES LANCASTER . Best Non-Commzsszoned Officer Center Row . . . Best A-Itlzlete Best Military Offfeer Biggest Ladies' Man . . . . . Neatesl I N, BOB CALDWELL JACK BROWN TOM BUFFALOW Lookouf Mounfain, Tenn. Chaffanooga, Tenn. Presidenf of Senafe, Maior of Baf- Chaffanooga, Tenn. . . H H Ediior of "Pennant" fallon, Edlfor of Tornado. Captain and Adiufanf of Baffalion. . . 1 I I l 1 2 2 5 Q ,V F T S T 1 r i i i I JOE DAVENPORT GEORGE ENNETT PALMER FRANK .Lookouf Mounfain, Tenn. Monireaf, N. C. Chananoogan Tenn, Buslness Manager of "Pennan+." Captain of Varsify Track. Captain of Varsity Baseball. I O I llrl I I 1 V5 s..,". -C' N H' xl if i' 'lr if if if if DICK HARTLEY C. A. MASSEY MARSHALL GGREE High Poinl, N. C. Maryville, Tenn. Chaymnoogai Tenn. President of Y. M. C. A.g Co-Cap- Presidenl of Senior Class: Co-Capfain Presiden, of Keg Kigl lain of Varsity Baskefball. of Varsify Baskelball. BENTON SELLERS ARTHUR PENDLETON NOAH MUSC New orleans, La. I Charloffe N. C. Glen Alpine' N. I I President of Sludenl COUNCIL Presidenf of Mcinogram Club, Caplain of Varsity Foofbal- ll29l COMMENCEMENT HONORS. I940 Clifford Barker Grayson Memorial Medal . - PAT VVILUAMS John C. Campbell Award ...... ' ' THE0 HARVEY Don C. Peglar Award . ' ' ROBERT AMOS Valedictorian . . . . - 'ROBERT STREET Salutatorian ..,... - - DAVID MCCALLIE Washington University Award . - - HOT-TON HARRIS John Parks Senior Bible Medal . .J . . - - HOLTON HARRIS Dr. J. L. Bibb Intermediate Bible Medal . . . VVOLLE JONES Primary Bible Prize-Eighth Grade . - - - ROBERT VVRIGHT Primary Bible Prize-Seventh Grade . . . VVILLIAM CARTINHOUR Summerlin Oratorical Medal . .................. HOLTON HARRIS Faculty Medals for General Excellence . ROBERT CALDWELL, HOLTON HARRIS, EDWARD CHoBoT, NOEL COE, WILLIAM CARTINHOUR Pembroke O. Leach Algebra Medal . . . O. MAX GARDNER, JR., HERBERT Gmsox J. Philip Gibbs French Medal ......... ......... E D CHAPIN, III Frances Thornton Strang Memorial Medal in English . ....... CHANDLER KING Roy Jackson Physics Medals ........ . . HOLTON HARRIS, DAVID MCCALLIE E. White Patton Mathematics Medal ..... ........ M ORTON JUDD E, G. Tucker Commercial Department Awards . . . . CLARENCE STEELE, EUGENE GL.-XZE Music Medal for Improvement ...... ...,... T HOMAS CLARI' W. E. Brock, Jr., Chemistry Medal . . . MORTON JL'DD Spelling Prize ....... . . CHARLES GRETHER Citizenship Medal for Seniors ..... . . THEO HARVEY Citizenship Medal for Grammar Grades . . TAYLOR XVADE Chester Stephens Athletic Award . . . ............. PAT XVILLIAMS Tennis Awards ...... . . J. MARSH FRERE, JDE BANDER, QIEORCE BAI.Es, XVILLIAM CAR'l'lNllOL'R, JACK DAVIS MILITARY AWARDS John Allen Carter Sabre ........ . . GEoRI:E Mclilkox Joe Allison Award for Best-Drilled Private . .....,.... llol 'rox ll.'XRRlS Lewis C- Leach CUP ............. Cornpnny A, GEIIRIIE lblL'lQlROY, Cnptznin Best-drilled Cadet Medals .... Company A, filillkfili lCNNli'l'l'Q Coxripamxiy li, lilll lWI'xxg Company C, RORliR'l' CAl.DXYlil.l.: Coxiipnny D, WAI VFR Sl'.XMl'liR, I'0NNl"3 I-LIMSDFNZ f'0IIIp:Iny li, JAQR llxvlsg Rand, Run .loves llml ii Q W3 Q Q s xx IO ll if W, . 1 A- 1. I MN.: .' , A F 1 Ig! gf G il f ! fr X 3 ,ummm X 5' 1 ln' N ' i sa 2:1 5 . XX ,Jn .AM MW' I J V n fr It W! Ax, r f 5 ' 1 , 1 f ,. , .,f,.!3 3,0 . X , ,f ,, Oyf- 2, , . f 4 t ' 1 . 1 " f fi f I f gp 1, fm? ff A 1 Q, f, f. W , f 56 . I FJ I fs K ,f , ? xg, Y., f ,a I f , l 5 fs W,, , if 5 62 Y 5 Q A ,J f f!-agp, A"i ' ff 1 X X 5 i if , 1 . 0. 9 Q N ' :ws . . fs, 1 io. E , ' my X ,al f YQW af 1. V xnxx "N, i u 9 Y 1 v I Q S i 1 E ,I dlllldXl.0lfL Td6l!6 di d:!!0I l rilllc' x L sxlq I ! MW ,, -1- RETAIL MERCHANTS' PAGE II t CLEMONS BROS. COMPANY COMMERCIAL STATIONERY B. SUPPLY COMPANY DAVIDSON CLOTI-IINC COMPANY EDWARDS B. LEBRON, INC. TI-IE EISCI-IER CO., JEWELERS I FOWLER BROS. COMPANY I-IARDIE B. CAUDLE JOY'S KOBLENTZ MEN'S STORE S. I-I. KRESS B. COMPANY ' LE GRAND JEWELRY COMPANY LOYEMANS, INC. MILLER BROS. COMPANY PALMER CLOTI-IINO COMPANY T. I-I. PAYNE COMPANY PICIcETT'S INC. SAMUEL STAMPING AND ENAMELINC COMPANY TEMPLETON'S, JEWELERS THE VOGUE I 'P -I- .-.-:.Ir5-s-an-uAnba...z...-..., ... ..-A- .. ..4..---Av-0.0, .... -'C ' -' - " ALLISON'S HAM ww? 5 .X -I -ISSN S Xyg, 'Airy 'QL L A Exif J' Smoked Wood I ' i QT 'a"Q"'w. - 4 ' -ELS.. A x, .fif QIsi'iI.Qji I... I 1 D " - 1 D 'flihlia qnlull .. -wegg,1:?.3 '-, N .. -'-,' . ., X.-.-Null Wa.: .3795 l x A : - - -A1 - V ' - -L. .Li..".. - 1 .1 . - ' i A i A.. X kf5',L.IQwES':S.4: . .' IJ - .- :w .. :51' -'- A.. A G - 11,1 -WN-Q-sf ' ' ' ' .' 'iff P36315 . 2 x -5q,'5':ff,w1?. . . , X A vfg Tu- . . - . f J X X 'fs-,-',f::xygl11 W S 'I' H. k .9 X 1 ..., I wee IC ory - ,y . '- 4, .- :. ' . qi-ffm. . .. -. ' av .Q A N iglu-' " E R E :,+vt.i.. ' '..l.1- r. . . . .' X . gig? xii ' ' ' ' ' 'a.lZ5! : . 0 '--li--5 f 1 - f iwbliffai-9. ' -'Z . . Y . t Q .,x,",:9'-' wx' J. H. ALLISON AND COMPANY S. Inspection in All Departments Chattanooga, Tennessee Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept CALENDAR 9-Everybody looks for Miss Goodwin- a drastic mistake. 11-Introduction of teachers. Mr. Sager cracks his lips trying to smile. 12-Physical Examinations. Several boys are embarrassed by Doctor Bibb. 16-New boys get first real taste of dormi- tory life. Many recall past sins. zo-"Blue" looks at football material and turns in resignation. -VVe have a missionary speaker in chapel. Doctor is breaking the new boys in early. -Scared look begins to wear off many faces. There is not much left. -First day of drill, Captain Dunlap makes list of next year's promotions. -New boys wonder if there is a good- looking girl in G. P. S .... so do the old boys. fContinued on page 1352 ACME COAL CO QUALITY coAL AND cows sToKoL sToKERs 6-II83 Pleasing You ls Our Pleasure SEE CHEVROLET HAMILTON MOTOR CO I204-IO Broad Street TENNESSEE STOVE WORKS Manufacfurers of COOKING AND I-IEATING STOVES I for COAL, WOOD, OIL, AND GAS MODERN MAID RANGES TORRIDAIRE CIRCULATORS Complimems OI: ComoIImen+s of CHEROKEE MOTOR COACH A. G. STIVERS LUMBER COMPANY COMPANY Complimerfrs of COmpIImenIS of I GEORGE WALLACE, JR. HAI-E,S FLCWERS -I-II-E 84 TERRAZZ0 C.en+raIIv1arke+ 6-OISI MOUNTAIN CITY COMPLIMENTS STOVE COMPANY QF g RIDGE DRUG COMPANY 4I8 Dodds Avenue Phone 2-I I7I EQUIPMENT WILBUR IW. I-IOIIGIES, Pmp .. .,-un .- ..4 .. ',.n..v..a..a..w-.wr:..a.-w.ube.vs..-I.. ... -. -. ..,.-mf.-.M ...J-......-5-.-vrru .-xafrr' 4, X H ' I I I I Q I I ER I f ! 'I Q... ,f l nf 2 ANY 3 A V .b '. .5 ,fi-:'. 2 ,12 rt vm- .. DIXIE MERCERIZING COMPANY Oct. 2- Oct Oct. Oct. Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct. Oct. .5- CALENDAR Caldwell sews on his stripes and starts heavy dating. Moore pulls a Wann and slops to drill with a walking stick. Our first 'tdance" is a boat ride. The deck chairs get a good workout. USarge's" presence is sadly missed in the business office. The place is com- pletely deserted. Goree starts looking for a sponsor. When Stamper snaps to attention you can nearly see the big, red letters on the box. New boys wonder what Doctor is do- ing in Caldwell's ofhce. First six weeks exam. Twelve boys say they didn't like Physics anyway. 27-Mr. Spence is trying hard to find one friend. 30-Halloween . . . So what . fffontinued on page 1372 BRAINERD DRUG COMPANY Compliments ot DON CHERRY TIRE CO I3th and Broad Streets Compliments ot CHATTANOOGA FISHERIES Corner Ninth and Lindsey Compliments ot RIDGE MOTOR SERVICE TI-IE MCCALLIE SWEATERS ARE KNIT SAND KNITTING MILLS COMPANY Manufaciurers of Exclusive Knii Goods for AII1IeIic Wear MARTIN-THCMPSON CC. Local DisIriIouIors coMPLlMENTs HCME PLATE L. C. LEACH 81 COMPANY JEWELERS 738 Cherry Sfreei Official Jewelers for Ihe McCallie School I Class Rings and Pins DRINK nn- PLAYII 0 SEMINOLE BOTTLIN6 COMPANY DIAL 2-l92l COMPLIMENTS MARTIN-THOMPSON COMPANY O PHONE 7-3373 CALENDAR v Nov. 2-"Root" is contesting with Purdy for the title of the sorriest joke-teller of the COmplimen+S year. NOV. 5-Lytle's insomnia cure. of Nov. Io-Professor tells boys to do or die. Sev- eral Hip Coins, TENNESSEE EGG COMPANY Nov. 15-'lNational Guard" Henderson begins worrying about the draft, V Nov. 22-Baylor game tomorrow. Smoking Club donates cigarette butts to the bonfire. Nov. 23-DOC Hodges makes a fortune selling Sen Sen. DDLERY CO. Nov. 27-Millar and Ramsey work up a week- find 'iparasiten off King, but HJ. P." throws a ban. Retail and Wholesale Nov. 30-Buffalow comes back from Knoxville with that gleam in his eye. He worked ' h h k' '. . . six mont s on t at iss Dealers In Kinds O-F Leather Dec. 2-Craine and Tysinger start their vaca- tions early. KContinued on page 1392 Goods COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS 8 OF BRCCK CANDY COMPANY Drink I In BoHles WN-:iff 'vfi 1 D Q . , 3 X K i --1--.., . ,,--.. ul. ., 4, xg-. 4 ..... . .... .... -I I Tx . . -. X U1 Fi 14- 1 .W A' . g "f O' . '1 'I : -wa t . in ly, 0 PDY W 1 nsl1" Q I I I I I I f COMPLIMENTS OF KING DOBBS AND COMPANY WHOLESALE eiaoceias INEZ HYDER sci-loot or THE DANCE Studio 4-IO McCallie Avenue ECONOMY LUMBER COMPANY North Chattanooga, Tennessee PRICE, QUALITY, SERVICE Phone 6-7385-6-7384 NEW YORK NASHVILLE DODGE-PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE CHATTANOOGA ol 7 Broad Street Chattanooga. Tenn. Phone: Office 6-8I8I Compliments of STUTZ BROTHERS Hearing and Roofing KNOXVILLE ELDER 81 COMPANY Members: New York Stock Exchange New York Colton Exchange New York Curb Exchange lAssocia'resI Chicago Board of Trade Dec Dec Dec Dec. CALENDAR 5-The O, D. duty is now called l'Dun- lap's Folly." 9-"Good humor man" Purdy starts working out his Christmas vacation assignments. -VVas it true that Lumsden had a date with Moses and tried to get his Christ- mas present early. -jan. 6-Everyone rests and gets plenty of sleep so as to make a good start when they come back. THU. 9-Each boy tries to tell a bigger lie jan. Tan Jan about his vacation than his seat mate can tell. I2-DHVCDPOYI gets his stripes out of his safety deposit box for the big parade, but it rains anyway. I4-Woodall starts practicing for the Cake THCC. I9-Exams, There are now oflicially three seniors. fContinued on page 141j Compliments ol UNIVERSITY OF CHATTANOOGA Anci-ne M. PALMER, Presidenf General Agenl J. Penn Muiual Life Insurance Company EDW,EEnS'lEenlgE1DWN t I COMPLTMENTS OF MCA M N I9 .floulxf Complefe Ou'rfi+'rers for Men and Young COMPLIMENTS Men OF ENDER O 8: C LE RADIO STATION WDEF H SM 4 T WO MAN JOE ENGEL, Owner FRED BUGS. Manager Esfablishing Our Way on Honesl' Values and Service THATCHER OIL COMPANY Wholesale Pelroleum Proclucfs Complirnenls of COmpllmer1'lS of THE PARK HOTEL FRIENDS XS ummm,-r. v .. . .. ' :ua-ai-Q--vw-HI-v-1-PHD'---""" """ " """"" ' "" ' Q X X fig Iviwm TIE ,-.3---1" -1.111--' J I . I I 1 COMPLIMENTS J. ERNEST MONA E OF BABE MITCHELL ESSO SERVICE Wauhatchie Pike 84 Tenn, Ave. Ha Motoring Head uarfers JOHNSON INSURANCE AGENCY "Insurance for Every Need" PPY GI 403-4 James Bldg. 7-2073 YOU'LL ENJOY SHOPPING BELK BROTHERS COMPANY Charlotte, N. C. The Carolinas' Largest Store Ian. Ian. jan. Feb. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb CALENDAR 23-The Middle Hall cafeteria was com- paratively quiet today. "Brew" Bryan was absent. 25-'lChina boy" Bob has not opened his eyes since he got here-or has he. 29-Mr. Burns tries to stand at attention when they play the National Anthem, but his suit won't cooperate. 2-Bass starts dancing lessons . . . ain't love grand. 4-South Hall has blackout, courtesy Roy- ster. 9-"Spider" starts his annual gripe about Senior's PENNANT write-ups. 15-"Lulu" decides Gilbert isn't worth it. I8-Sims and Dyer promise they won't throw erasers for three days . . . An- derson comes to school without his mother. ZZQHOHOIS to McDowell-the best night- watchman in town. KContinued on page 145j COMPLIMENTS OF CHATTANOOONS FINEST HOTEL THE READ HOUSE I Complimenls ol THE BRIGHT SCHOOL INCORPORATED Com olimenls of THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. "We Cover Ihe EarIh" Complirnenls of GORDON GAMBILL INSURANCE COMPANY Complirnenls of CHATTANOOGA HARDWARE COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF HAPPY VALLEY FARMS O ROSSVILLE, GEORGIA VACUUM swlfnv F' ,M ... out POUND HLLOPMANI PROTLCYLD BAGS COFFEE,..m..I..I,m.L.I........ .... .....m.a I SEEFAGIXIAUEERQS E T' v -F r 1 ll i Q W pow M. I No Dinner ls Cornplele Wilhoul STAGlv1AlER'S VACUUM CUP BRAND COFFEE I-Lb. Packages Less Expensive Than Cans Challanooga -lerrilory Gels Our Payroll and Should Buy Our Proclucl' Complirnenls of STOVALL HARDWARE CO. 7II Cherry Slreef Chaffano Complimenls ol G. P. S. Complirnenls ol SOUTHERN FERRO ALLOYS COMPANY Qullillers for Boys .am Slmlvnls THE BOYS' SHOP 3 S -1-1 ,111- .., 4-1"- ,v-1" lf. f Ii .X f ' If flfg MCCALLIE BUYS LIKE OUR BEST WISHES TO HAVERTY MCCALLIE BOYS FURNITURE COMPANY 6l9 Marlcel Slreel When you leave McCallie 'ralce away wifh you lhe besl lhing you have found al McCallie School- Headquarfers in C'ha.H-anooga for 5 Com- THE MCCALLIEMSZliglgctllfsfzlllmrlglfe youla beller' plele line ol: Meadows Washers ancl lroners Phone 6-SI96 for a demonsfrafion JAMES SUPPLY CO. HWS Easy +0 Pay we Haverfy Way.. SIS E. llfh S+. Challanooga, Tenn. Courfesy of Oomplimenfs of GENERAL MOTORS ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION THE BRASER COMPANY Compliment of Complimenfs of INTERSTATE LIFE 8: ACCIDENT CO JOSEPH W. JOHNSON, Presidenf DR. MARCHBANKS COMPLIMENTS OF STANDARD COOSA THATCHER CO. COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OI scorr N. BROWN, '26 A FRIEND Pqqg Q BYQQ I v. i- N I I I I I I -i--. I f l t i . I l. f l i ' I I I I 'i 'I It .n It II .I I I I ' I I .. I. I . I I I I I I I II Compliments ot M. F. HICKS TYPEWRITER Complimemts COMPANY 7I7 Walnut Street OF Compliments ot PHILCO WDOD BROADCASTING COMPANY ' "Wonderful Dynamo ot Dixie" Compliments ot DR. O. T. BUFFALOW Osteo pathic Physicia n Compliments ot TIVOLI THEATRE COM PLIMENTS OF MILLS LUPTON SUPPLY COMPANY Feb. 24- Feb. 27- Feb. 30- CALENDAR "38." All first period French students will understand this. King should have been rated the best- drilled commissioned ofhcer. We have no school today. Mar. 1-The play-need we say more? Mar. 4-Goree gets a sponsor-and how! Mar. 9 Mar. II -Flowers loses thirteen pounds playing the gambling devices at the Grill. -Lumsden decides to tote "Scatter-good" on the field. McKinney said he was going to buy diapers for his sponsor. Mar. 13-We are trying to find one boy who Mar. I7 Mar. I9 hasn't been pushed around by Temple. -Cap. says no promotions for dating Ducky . . , Ducky stays home for three week-ends, -Coach Howard states that his room is not "the Blue Room," Cooper says his room is not "the Chicken Coop." fffontinued on page 1492 Compliments ot BURKART-SCHIER CHEMICAL COMPANY Compliments ot CHATTANOOC-BA BUTTON AND BADGE COMPANY IO9 East Seventh Street Compliments ot MCKESSON-DUFF DRUG CO. II32 Market Street PIWOV19 7-2I2I Compliments ot MR. AND MRS. C. L. BUCHANAN Complimenfs of E SCHOOL 0 BUSWESS AFRIEND el-:A-r-rANooeA C. W. EDMONDSON, Presidenf I Complimenfs of 0 BROWNING 81 HAMILTON IOOO Markef S'rree'r Complimenfs of WILLIAMS 8: VORIS LUMBER COMPANY OOMPUMENTS OF DR' W- H' EMIS Veferinarian MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY IO94 McCallie Ave. CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE C Vm mL f Complimenfs Of 'amp' e S O VALLEY MOTORS, INC. A Sales Enliilcservice I225 Broad S+ree+ Phone 7-333I HUBBUCH GLASS COMPANY Manufadurers of Mirrors-Jobbers of Glass I855 Cen+ral Ave. Cnafhanooga, Tenn. Comphmenfs of Compliment OI LANSFORD PIANO COMPANY ROTHBERGER DIRECTORY OO. Cherry S+ree+ CHATTANOOGA xNOxv:LLe CO. Complimenfs OI 3I7 Brainerd Road "We Clean Everyfhing-Dye for You" THOMAS' FOLTS A BROWN ll-in- , v 9. I I ComplimenTs of WANN-CHAPMAN FUNERAL HOME Complimenlrs of Agia lncorporaTed X 6-2112 I ComplimenT T 53 p Im s o 3 If , MUTUAL DRUG CQMPANY I1 , , I, Incorporafed rm F X IATQRLQ2 7,1HAlM1lY N T 1 ComplimenTs of W 5 GENERAL APPLIANCE CCRPCRATICN Q "The General Elec+ric S+ore" 3 635 Broad STreeT Telephone 6-474I . B ComplimenTs of Arrow Transfer and Sforage Co. ARCHER PAPER COMPANY PAUL S. STEWARD, '17 Paper Produc+s H THEO. F. KING, 'I6 TrUsT Your Car To The Oil of Charader Compliment' OI uc QUAKER STATE MOTOR OIL L-UY R"'Q2fB'Ni- QQENCY . . I1 el'WI'II'efS 0 l'anC es O nSUI'anCe Soufhern Oil Service D1s'l'r1bu'lors 'ZZ' Vol Bldg. ":'17-331 I ComplimenTs of HOWARDS CLEANERS QCP. -- 'Z SEWANEE COAL a SUPPLY co. COmp"men"S of 'Coal-Building Supplies-Sfokers R' K' SCHQLZE GROCERY fcg, ,038 E. Main S+. Chamberlain and Dodds ,ggml-E f u Z' For Qualify Alwayg Regardless of Price NATIONAL SHIRT SHOPS NEWTON CTHEVROLET "CPP-S+ +P COM+" W 329 Markef Shea 735 Marlcef Sfreef 2 KIMBALL HOME OF FLOWERS lncorporaled ChaHanooga's lvlosl Beaulilul Flower Shop 2409 McCallie Ave. PHONE 2-477l OF Complimen+s of DR. STEWART LAWWILL JOHN E. LOVELL Manager Complimenls of E. l'l. LAWMAN O Compllmenfs OT cn-lATTANooeA, TENNESSEE NEWELL SANITARIUM "Do you wani' +o know whe'rher you will be a success? If so, The lesl is simple. Can you save money? If you cannot you may as well drop oul, for The seed ol success is nol in you." JAMES J, l-llLL-The Grea+ Railroad Bulder. Life lnsurance Today slands as The one Thrill plan for saving ol money lhal has slooo The severesl lesls of The lasl IOO years. Plan your Tulure now Through a Volume policy for The sooner you plan your Tulure, The beller your Tulure will be. 6 THE VOLUNTEER STATE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY "A Soufhern Company of Chowder" Cecil Woods, Presidenl' Ql,M,l,,,,x,qx, 1l,.,.,l is-3 'li E l-7-1u 1- l y-.09 , . QQ' V we g LUCEY BOILER EAST LAKE CCAL CO. AND MANUFACTURING B CORPORATICN esl' Grades of Coal and Stoker Coals Manufacturers Agent for Oil COUNTY Boilers' Smoke Stacks Winkler Automatic Coal Stokers lnsulalecl Boiler Covers EAST LAKE YARD ROSSVILLE YARD 3-:zoo 3-1175 oHATTANooeA, TENNESSEE JAMES P' ROBERTS JCQ-LQjfffAF"PjQL'QE Mar Mar 2 . 2 Mar. 2 Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr CALENDAR 2-Mr. Watson has turned into a fire- bugg at least things in typing class seem pretty well "burned up." 5-Mr. Kipp, our stellar swimming 7 coach, falls in the lake and it takes six boys to save him. -Our PENNANT selection . . , Brock, 'tThe biggest Garrett in school." 1-There is no collection taken up in chapel today. McKinney uses his own car. Professor doesn't want to 'tadd just one word" in chapel. "Hook" says "No, sir." . . . Please note the date. 3-Mr. Spence is still trying hard, 6-Moore turns in his mid-term English CXZUTI. 9-McAmis and Clary spend an evening at "The Barn"g Hester thinks he was there, too. fContinued on page 152j V COMPLIMENTS OF PEERLESS WOOLEN MILLS A COMPLIMENTS OF MEADOW BROOK FARMS, INC. GRADE "A" PASTEURIZED MILK ' 4 , 'f . V 1. xx, ff, V . I , , 4 "fs "Q 38 I4 Brainerd Road uaIiIy Firsf-Service AIways" Phone 2-3826 CompIImenIs of TUNNEI. DRUG STORE RAY WOMAC. Prop. 3IO Brainerd R d caan Rf- General Insurance 3744 Brainerd Road. 914 Phone CI-IAITANOOGA BANK BUILDING PHONE 7-IOI5 A , Complirnenfs of A FRIEND Complinwoms of CRISMAN HARDWARE CO 7lII-I 509-I3 Mmkvt 51:1-M 505 If I:.,.,,,4 Q -sq' L 1 1 1 - -ve 5 :fi -.1-1' -1111" I? nf? g 0- , y ,I 14. .11 X" . 1, ,- , "t. 1 WILLIAMS BLACK-DRAUGHT THE PURELY , VEGETABLE Oil Trea+ecI Sioker Coal I Our SpeciaI'ry 'E' Qualny euarmeed Ph. 6-1 134, 6-1 135 I-AXATIVE Complimenis of . 1 - A i,3:,e14iMI Since ' 54. 1887 Complimenis of E gg, 11 1 .. ' fi - LAWRENCE BROS. MOTOR 'yjidigawqjbf COMPANY Mercury and Lincoln Dealers Com plimenls of RICE BROS. AUTO CO., INC. CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales and Service I60O Rossville Ave, Phone 6-5I88 J. ERNESPI DARR Wholesale Fruifs and Vegefables Farmers Marlcei, E Iifh SI. Phones 6-2I28, 7-3359 Chailanooga, Tenn. A CI-IATTANOOOA INSTITUTION SERVING TI-IE NATION 0 OVER 500,000 PERSONS NOW PROVIDENT PROTECTED 0 PROVIDENT LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY ROBERT J. MACLELLAN, Presidenf fs 33 E " if ' ,Qssig W 'xx qi CompIimen+s of Campbell Roofing 81 Insulafing Co. NORTON R. CAMPBELL, owner 1307 McCallie Ave. Phone 2-3l36 REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE MORTGAGE LOANS PAUL SHEPHERD REALTY COMPANY II33 Volunleer Bldg. "The Appliance of -Ioclay za 6 for Years Io Come." o emi, - . A Complimenls ol OUINN DRUG coMPANY I4OO Dobbs Ave. FAST DELIVERY Phone 2-3I68 "The Thrill' Siore of'rI'1e Na+ion" COLDSPOT REFRIGERATORS SILVERTONE RADIOS KENMORE WASHERS I-IONORBILT FURNITURE CROSS COUNTRY OIL CROSS COUNTRY BATTERIES HERCULES FURNACES SEARS, ROEBUCK 81 CO. SIXIIT af Marlsel and Broad Phone 6-7344 .X p 1' CALENDAR 11-"li111'Iu I511-111-11 1- SIIII 1r1111g111-I11-1 ' N VI ull I11N 1111 111I1 .1I1-1111 I11-11 111111'I1 lx1-11w- 11'I1 11011. II1 -11111x111I1.111 11-rg1111r11 II11' S11g.11 I-L111xI '1 1' . .Xpr 111 R.1111w1 IlT'.lTX IIIIIIS 1 111 I11x ':1x1 l1.1ir- 1'111 S1111-1' lI111-1111.1a. A111 IS LI1.11 1I.11 111I.11. Xmx I-111 'H11Ix111:1 11l1.11 1l1.11 'I11g, 11-1.z11I 1Iz1' gm Ia II111 I1.111 l11r1. xx.-1 I 11.31 1xI:111 II11 I.1k1 11.15 lllll 111' !:.11I '111 XIX 1111-1:1I1x II111 1 .111.I 1-1 .1 1. X111 .'1 1..I1I- 1111.1 I1 ' 1 IX 1 mu. 1X.l1llN X111 u URI I11- 1 . , .1-1 I11-KI .1 11--21111114 -1I11:1 11. r1.1:1..111 --1 1I:1 p.1s1 11.1 HI1111 111 I111I KJ! Xxus. N111 ' ll111.1 I 11 1 '11' 1-I. I-1 1111' N111 1 N11 N 1 1 , lL1.'I1 I I 1 K 1 .1"1I II I 1l-1 Il 1 J - . 1 -,,..,...-o-" 55. UI I ml P ex 'Pl-wx 'lil ln, that ,TQ 4 ." - SD WCQYSCV I nur: lv ua, 21 'ff uit. gs 211115 lu! ,rw .Hint 3165 V rl f -lljgii n-'ffl I ,H :Ulf s fl' 'K' KV. .Mr xx THE McCALLIE SCHOOL FOR BOYS On Battlefield of Missionary Ridge CHATTANOOGA TEN N ESSEE FOUNDED BY REV. T. H McCALLIE D D We believe in our students. They are the best advertisement that McCallie has. Thai' is why we advertise In their annual For AH'rac+ively Illustrated Catalog Apply to HEADMASTERS S. J. McCALLIE, SR BA M A Ped D LiH D J. P. McCALLIE BA MA Ph D LLD May May May May May May May June June CALENDAR 7-The boys are just recovering from Dunlap's Roman holiday . . . a six- mile march, 9tMf. Purdy thinks Pensacola is the finest metropolis of twenty-six people in the world. If you don't believe it, just ask him. -Our "last lapn pep talks start. -Mr. Spence gives up hope. -Cobb fails second six-weeks exams. -Finals, and we don't mean dances. -Parents' day. Each company is equipped with four stretchers. I-Th3tlS all there is, there isn't any more. Some of us thought we liked itg some thought we didn't like itg others knew that they didn't, but we are all glad we are out. 5-Pitts is trying to swap next year's foot- ball playing for a this year's diploma. Cornplimenlrs of CENTRAL FRANKLIN PROCESSING COMPANY PACKAGE YARN DYERS TRUNDLE PRESTIGE ENGRAVING Presfige Engraving Greafly Enhances 'Ihe Appear- ance of Your Business Lefierheads. Enveiopes, Cards. Trade-Marks. Social Sfafionery, Wedding and Visifing Cards. TRUNDLE BROS. ENGRAVING CO. 833 Cherry SI. Complimenfs of MERCER PIE COMPANY Mercer's Delicious Pies 7IO O'NeaI SI. Chaffanooga, Tenn. KELLY MEAT MARKET FRESH MEAT AND SAUSAGE V WesI'ern and Tennessee Meafs Phones 6-52l8, 7-2761 3I3 Ninih Sireelr nu-r vr. Complimenfs of AVONDALE STONE COMPANY CI-IATTANOOGA TENNESSEE PHoNE 2-4834 Hun will ming bringing Ignnr Elinrnilg. Ignnr Butz In I I l 38511 lrainrrh Hush QSIIHUZIIILIEIQZI. Ernnrmirr ll. 113. Illirharhb lrthra l0umrr anh QBIIHQIH' PERFECT SERVICE STATION Woco-Pe p-Tiolene Oli Washing-Lubricafing 2400 McCaIIio Avonuo I'lmnu 7 29Ib Compliments of THE WEST CONSTRUCTION COMPANY MODERN WAY LAUNDRY COMPANY zomc CLEANING Compiinwnix of SPEARS 8: LATIMORE I3-,L I uw I Q I I T , .Q-he "'--. 'Q I I I I I I I Wm , I Q Xi I XI 2 XX 51 ,I Compliment of WILLIAM D. SPEARS CompIimen'rs of FULMER. REEVES 8: WARE SEE CLOSE FURNITURE COMPANY 436 Marker S+ree+ FOR FURNITURE We I-Iave Everyrhing for The I-Iome CompIimen+s of TERRELL ELECTRIC COMPANY AMONG A COMPLETE MENU The Fines? Seafoods Soufh of The Norfh Pole TOMLINSON'S RESTAURANT 422-428 McCallie Ave. POPULAR PRICES PARTIES CompIimenIs of A FRIEND J. AVERY BRYAN CO., Inc. Funeral Direciors Lowesr Prices Finesr QuaIi+y Besr Service BROAD STREET GARAGE Packard Dis+ribu'rors 627 Broad Sfreelr Phone 7-ZI79 I Complimenfs of FENN-HAYS TIRE CO. KeIIy-Springfield Tires Dependable for 46 Years Complimenis of A FRIEND CompIimenIs of A FRIEND Complimenis of A FRIEND SOUTHERN PRODUCTS CO. III9 For'I' Sfreef Dial 6-I438 Considers McCaIIie ScI1ooI's use of Hs producI's as an endorsemenf of fheir qualify. 'U .J COMPLIMENTS OF HUMMING BIRD HGSIERY G SOLD EXCLUSIVELY AT THE VOGUE Xi - I I I I I II I I. I I I I i I I I I , 3 2 .Ii , WE 3 VisiI Our Newly Equipped Siuolio For PCRTRAITS 0 Compleie Line of CAMERAS, FILMS, SUPPLIES 9 Eine-G rain Developing-Velox Paper 8-I-Iour Service Special Laboralory for Finishing Minialure Films Only IOc for Developing C.onIacI Prinis 3c Each, 4x6 Enlargemenls of These bc Each O CLINE STUDIOS II5 EAST EIGHTH STREET CLINE PHCTO SERVICE J ' ff I 2 I . ,E 2 5 V 3 5 L ' - 5 ff I - A A lk n: l ,g it 5 sf - ? 5 ' E 5 A . c , if is .1 QLI: aih fi 1 4 5? A 4 . 21! . :jx fi, A A Q 1 nf, HW 5 g P? 1 3 5 1 , 2 'N I 5 2 if 3 v Q E x u .J a 3 5 Q f . . 1 I 4,

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McCallie High School - Pennant Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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