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Wi? :fy 3 3 'E Q P 1 1 f-L X VISTON TAYLOR 0 Edifor-In-Chief WALTER LOGAN 0 Business Manager PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE MCCALLIE SCHOOL CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Alma Mater McCallie, clear McCallie School, fhy loyal sons are we, Sfrong in +hy sfrengfh we'll ever siand, and +rue we'll always be In +hee we place our fonclesl' +rus1', For 'rhee our prayers shall rise: Oh, Alma Maier, hail, all hail! We Iiff our song +o +hee. Oh, Alma Ma+er, hail, all hail! We lifi' our song 'ro fhee. As rhe wooden soldier marches on, liHle knowing whai may befall him, so march we in+o rhe baHle of life wi+h many precious memories of rhe peaceful and joyous days which we have spen+ ai McCallie. We go nor, however, wiih fear, for our learning received here is our weapon, ancl our McCallie spiril is our armor. We have prinred +his book in an effor+ fo provide reminiscenf marerial for your lafer years, and we hope we have in some manner accomplished our goal. The Sraff. Y P Y l' Y P1 to William Laurens Pressly Diligeni 'reacher and sfaunch friend, who Through his unclersianding naiure and help- ful advice, has won a place in ihe hearf of every s+uc.len+, we cleclicaie +his, lhe I939 PENNANT. WILLIAM LAURENS PRESSLY CECD CLASSES MILITARY ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS FEATURES 'L SFS f Q r - Engggalllzlg- , 7 3 D D D D D : , ,li-Q---M T .-.R...,,, ,. CAMDUJN In many schools the curricular relationship is the only one existing between the faculty and the student body, and there is, therefore, very little friendship ex- isting between these two groups. Hut at McCallie one of the first impressions which a boy gets is the fact that the members of the McCallie faculty are not merely teachers but real friends. One might think that with such a close, friendly relationship between the teachers and the students the school work might not he satisfactorily accomplished. However, the fact that McCallie has ranked near the top scholastically among Southern prep schools each year disproves this supposition. It is at very few schools indeed that one finds such a capable, well- rounded faculty. To go into detail of the various characteristics which endear so prodigiously each of these great men would be futile, since they are unlimited. It is only necessary in passing to present their objective positions, for their subjective qualities will linger long after the pages of this hook have yellowed and decayed with age. They are: Dr. J. P. McCallie, Headmaster, Dr. S. xl. Mc- Callie, Headmaster, Dr. T. E. P. VVoods, Associate Headmaster and head of the Bible department, Mr. R. l.. Sager, head of the scholarship committee and mathematics department and assistant in athletics, Mr. C. M. S. Mcllwaine, athletic director and instructor in mathematics, Mr. VV. VV. Purdy, head of the science department and musical director, Mr, A. L. Burns, Ol Q O A cl m I n I 0 SPENCER J. McCALLlE, SR. AJS., Pr2n.D. 1'1t"lll1lIll1XfFf "Professor," as he is affectionately called by all who know him, was a graduate of Southwestern and a postgraduate student at the liniversity of Chicago. There are few boys indeed who have heard his many and varied chapel talks and have not prospered by them. He has been in a large respect responsible for the high po- sition which McCallie today holds among the secondary schools of the South. head of the modern language department and master in charge of dormitories, instructor in French, Mr. K. H. Howard, head coach of football, basketball, and baseball, head of the history department and instructor in commercial law and economics, Captain H. P. Dun- lap, comrnandant, Mr. S. J. McCallie, jr., instructor in mathematics and history, Mr. YN. L. Pressly, head of the English department, Mr. R. L. McCallie, in- structor in English and soccer and track coach, Mr. M. bl. Flowers, Jr., instructor in Spanish and manual arts, assistant football coach, and boxing and tennis coach, Mr. VV. C. Sledd, head of the Latin depart- ment, Mr. J. R. Earnest, handmaster and instructor in English, Mr. C. A. Davis, instructor in English and assistant coach, Mr. W. A. Venable, instructor in sci- ence, Mr. N. M. VVatson, secretary and instructor in the commercial department and in public speaking, and Mr. T. E. Kipp, instructor in mathematics. Mr. C. M. Redfern was instructor of mathematics until the death of his father, when he returned home to enter into business. Also onthe staff are: Mrs. S. J. McCallie, librarian, Miss Cora Perry, assistant librarian, Mr. Charles Hamilton, business manager, Mrs. B. C. Roper, hur- sar, Miss Zella VVoods, recorder, Miss Mae Jones, resident nurse, Mrs, VV. S. McClain, school hostess, Mr. Charles McDowell, in charge of night study halls, trainer, and assistant coach, Miss Mary Belle Good- win, assistant to the hursar, and Miss Deborah Pat- terson, dietitian. ation O JAMES PARK McCALLIE BA., M..-X., Pn.D., I,I..D. 1 f 171111121 ni'1'1'r "D0ctnr," Il graduate nf the l'nivc'rsity of Virginia, is a mam whose friendship is cherished dearly by all who know him. XVhen boys are troubled, the first persun to whom they gn is "DOCtnr," :ind Illllj' never fail to find him fair and undcr- standing. Ile is truly a great cduciitnr and ai great friend. ffmn! Rnw: R. I.. Sngcr, K. H. Howard, S, McCalliv, J P Nic al ie P Wloude H P Dim A Srrinzif Kina: XV. XV. Vnidv. C, M. S, Nlcllwainc, R. I., Nltffzdlie i Du. T E Kipp L H1m1tm1 Tlunl Ron: S. Mccailiv. Ji., R. Eainvst. XV. A. Vcnabli-. W' I Pic x 1 N XX at on C. N1Dum M. 1. Fluwt-th A ,.1 f.V I V, km V X7 yn s X 2 ,W :- . ,U I Af f . V' A K I MV K 5 W A ' "Nf'?.q YY H, X ' f W' T545 AA ' 4 A ,V .V . .. Vw M ,VE VV in V f V Vx, .yVV,VV,, 'W p .11 wg ,N V A ,M W, -i an L V, V1 f 'Q -wg Q ff ' 'S 11 If Y ,, ,fl ' ' idk -A ww., dw , V , wglffgf f 8 I V 4 .' X, 3 A - 4 - HV XV QV' ' 1, K, ' , H3 V . xt 2 , V I A V, ff? .X y sie if 5 Q ff, , V1, K ,fri ,. VM 4 AP ,. 1, ,, , A , W3 K f -I, y ,Sky af :Lrg 0 4, WMV ,Vsfgf W.: .Q 'J Q ' f"'.- Q ' X - ' a - 24" H H 5531- , '+ ., , ,W " K . QQ 'Z N ,, . . ,- S fveQ"K K 2 , ,X i . Q .f - nf 1 V VV , rw 3' , .4 A Q rl' ' Y 5' K A V, A . .4 V V3 FQSW VV ,. QV. wiki .1 Vjgn V: R V .' VV' 4 Q, -A 4 " VVXV , ,, A , 415, ,fn , sgjiw V.. ' My ' f ,V K, RH X NAV, 14 W WU xp " 4 as M3922 gmhw u ,V A 5 ,V Vw V , , , r: X I 4- , f ., x .' u V f ' I VA. V . 4 .V H. . , M xv! . 1 3 wwf . ,z- 1 , ff 2 K 2 2 5 1, V ' VVi'ig,g?g,V QV, I- Q' ,VV - .4 N V f,,Vp3jw5V45f, mfg V .MV , Q kQilffv-v5k5'f5''f-43331, ,grid f lgiamw 3,20 , X ' :yn -"df 15151524 'aQ1f,',V, -315, . r-' ' " " ..V as ,f ' ' K Aff VV ,SML 'mgg A "M2Mm-1 4 -.7 V ,f ,VXVEV-,J .QM 1. V . fi. 'A K - ,.zf' , f . ,M 1 .V V, , . ,fy W If V Hmm: ,mm - +V ' , vi .,., , My ,- 1 ' N Wi: ' . , ' fl , f , , 'X , V af, , ,4-4" ,V 4, ,j,,wV V ,, V, Q f pw 1L5f:f51!w W' f' ,m?'afQ W I 5 , 9 A em, , Y - f L, V,W,,f,,x V 14 ., if ., BZSQSFQ evqkVy3'5W ,VQV:'a,.,,VicR'Q,,, .,Qf,g,f'f1re 4, 3 , 55, 13- - :' . 1.P.'lI.gV' fr - K .M 1 1 X X N N if' ,,,xm2s - VA yi . Y AP' V '- . Vgfi' I as - ,, W, N ' y H 5 it-Hg., f- , Qi, ,I Y. A A , A if 1, V f .- ' -4 . ' 'WM 'W 1A.."'Q'-w,,M 93' ki A Q1-V., ,, ,sw i ' Y-Y WV- Amr, Q , I, sf. 'Wlfls V . 'Tw w,,,V,a , 'gi , L , ggi? 2 : V A - x ' 5 VUL 4 M ' ' r' . V, I Q, I -A www f 15, A- l ' R 1 X 1 , w1A"'1f JIQNVQ , Q xNV,f',,,,,, xv, if Q ' 7: " 3 :TQ ff' ,,- N 5: I 4 , Q Ii A VA Y K' lags . - . if V A .,, VV? V -1, sg, Y ,, ,v QLESEHV V ff we A If n.,V g EMIS 1 ,We W' . "5 .J W, V Sli' w Av I .Z 'K 2 ,, if wa ,Q Vxmsvi , . w 1'-5, Q4 'wlgxix 'ni lx iwvxs ' mul wwf: 19 R if x CLASSES X X fl V Illl! enior Class OFFICERS Howmzn 'PHILIP lVlC-lL'NKIN Cl'lARI.ESTON, XY. VA. Prrrident Enrolled Sept. '37, Varsity Football, '38g Boxing, '38, '39, Varsity Track, '38, '39, Vice-President Monogram Club, '39g President Student Council, '38, ,393 President Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '38, '39, President, Senior Class, ,38-'39g Keo Kio 1Vice-Presielentf, '39. PETER BI.-XRSH.-XLL Bnowx Youxo CH.-XRl.O'l"l'E, N. C. Vice- Presidmt Enrolled Sept. l37g Third Football, '37, Varsity Football, '38, Varsity Swimming Team, '37, '38, Varsity Soccer, '38g First Sergeant, Company "A," '38-,393 J. H. Allison Award, '38, Best-Drilled "Rat," ,37-'38, Excellence-Im Privilege-Rating Award, '38, Vice-President, Senior Class, '38-'39, Keo Kio, '39, Associate Editor, The Pennmvl, '39. JOE XVALKER, jk. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. S rfrriary- Treasurer Enrolled Sept. '37, In Play, "The Ghost Walks," which competed for State Championship at Knoxville, ,385 Junior Soccer, 337-'38, Assistant Manager, Varsity Football, '38, Varsity Soccer, '38-'39: Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class, '3Rf39. l181 wr' VIRGIL C. ADAMS., JR. Cli A'l'I'A NOOCA, TEN N. liurolled, Se t. ' , "B" Football ' ' 8' Lieutenant Com many "D," '38, '39, Pwllzalzl Staff, P 37 y 37, 3 v y l . '37, Minstrel, '38. GEORGE BYRON ALDER, JR. CHA'li'IirXNDOC.-X, TEXN. Enrolled Sept. '34, Fourth Football, '34, '35, Fourth Basketball, '35, Boxing, '38, Varsity Football, '36, '37, '38, Varsity Track, '33, '39, Picked Platoon, '35, '36, Best Drilled Company, '35, '37, Sevond Lieutenant, Company '?,: '37I,,I'lo1ro,,a1'y First lieutenant, '38, Minstrel, '38, .c oo ay, 3 . EDWIN BRABSON ANDERSON CH AT'l'.K YOUGA, TE N N . linrolled, Sept. '33, Fifth Football, '33, Fifth Baaketball, '34, Captain, Fourth Football, '34, Fourth Basketball, '35, Third Football, '35, Third Basketball, '36, Varsity Tennis, '36, '37, '38, Junior 'l"rack, '36, Varsity Football, '36, '37, '38, "B" Basketball, '37, "B" Track, '37, Alternate Captain, Varsity Football, '38, Varsity Track, '39, Best Drilled Company, '34, Best Drilled Cadet, Eighth Grade, '35, Best Drilled Corporal, Company "C," '36, Picked Platoon, '36, Corporal, Company "B," '37, Best Drilled Cadet, Company "B," '37, First Sergeant, Company "A," '38, Major of Battalion, '39, Most Popular Junior and Best Drilled Non-Commissioned Officer, '37, '38, Minstrel, '34, Junior Glass Club, '33, '35, President, Eighth Grade, Freshman Senator, '36, Sophomore Senator, '37, Junior Senator, '38, Senator-at-Large, '39, Keo Kin, '39, Military Editor, Tllr I'r11nanI, '39, Honor Roll, '38. JAMES EDWIN BANKS HUTAW, ALA. linrolled, Sept. '37, Company "A," '37, '38, '39, Excellence-In-Privilege Rating, Award, '37, '38, Honor Roll, '38, Algebra Medal, '38, Intermediate Bible Medal, '38, U91 JOHN MONTGONIERY BELK Cll:XRLO'l'l'E, X. C. Enrolled Sept. '36, Fourth Football, '36, Third Football, '38, Fourth Basketball, '37, "B" Basketball, '38, '39, '1'rack Squad, '38. JAMES LEAR BIBER Sl':XR'liANBURC, S. C. Enrolled Sept. '36, Varsity Basketball '37, '3S' Captain Basketball, '39, "B" Track, '37, Varsity Track, '38, 39, Base-ball, "37, '38, "39, Sergeant Company "A," '38, '39. HENRY MCCOY BLANCHARD, JR. L'll .'X'l"l'ANOUC.X , 'l'liN N. Enrolled Sept. '36, Fourth Basketball, '37, Third Basketball, '39, Third Baseball, '38, Corporal Company "C," '39. CHARLES KEMP BOREN c:As'roN1A,, N. C. Enrolled Sept. '33, Fifth Football, Baseball, Basketball, '33, Fourth Football, Baseball, 734, Third Football, '351 Track, '36, '37, Soccer, '37, '38, Assistant Varsity Football Manager, '37, Corporal, Company "B," '35, '36, Corporal, C"omp:ioy "A," '36, '37, Sergeant, Company '37, '38, Quartermaster Lieutenant, '38, '39. i201 JOHN RATHMELL BROOKS cilA'Vl',xNoof:A, TENN. Enrolled Sept. '32, Fifth Football, Basketball, Baseball, '32-'33, Fourth Football, '33-'34, Man- ager, Third Football, '34-'35, Head Cheerleader, '36, '37, '38, '39, Sergeant, Drum Major, Band, '36-'37, First Lieutenant, Drum Major, Band, '37-'38-'39, Picked Platoon, '35-'36, Best Drilled Company, '34-'35, Junior Glee Club, '32, '33, '34, Glee Club, '37-'38-'39, Minstrel, '32, '33, '37, '38. '39s Ofvlwstrrl, '36. 'sn '58, '39- THEE GARRETT BROWN, TENN. Enrolled Sept. '37, Tennis Manager, '37, Third Soccer, '37, Varsity Soccer, '38, Third Foot- ball, '37, JOHN THOMAS BRUMBY MARIli'l"l'A, OA. Enrolled Sept. '38, "B" Football, '38, Basketball Squad, '39, Golf Squad, ,39. EDWARD KEDAR BRYAN SHANGHAI, CHINA Enrolled Sept. '36, Varsity Swimming Team, '37, '38, '30, Holder of Mid-South and School Backstroke Record, Member two Relay Teams, holding Mid-South records, Soccer Squad, '39, Corporal Company "B." l2ll HARRY MILLER BRYANT GASTONIA, N. C. nrolletl Sept. '38, Third Fomlnnll, V381 Varsity Baseball, '39, Third Basketball, '39, C0111- pany UA." JAMES I-IECTOR CLARK, JR. lfI.lZAliI"i'l'lITUVVN, X. C. lnrolletl Sept. '38, Third lfnotlwull, '38, "H" Hawke-thall, '38, Track Tc-ann, ,QQQ C'omp:1uy UA." JOSEPH H. CONGER lilH'IN'l'0N, N. C. lCnrnllc-tl Sept. '38, lhircl Football, Hnskketlwall, '38-'39Q Cfoxnpany HB." ROBERT JAMES COOPER, JR. cH.x'1"l'.xN0ouA, TICNN. nrollecl Sept. '34, Fourth Football, '34, Fourth Basketball, 735, "B" Football, '36, Varsity Football, '37, "B" Basketball, '37, "H" Track, 737, Varsity Basketball '38-'39, Track Squad, 38, Minstrel, '37, '38g Corporal, Company "A," '36, Sergeant, Company "A," '37, Captain Company "B," '38-'39, Feature Editor, Tln' Perznanl, ,39, E221 ROBERT DALTON, JR. CIIARI.o'I'rE, N. C. .Fnrollcd Sept. '37, Assistant Manager, Soccer, '38, Track, '38, '39, Soccer, '39, Picked Platoon, '38, Associate Editor, Tornado Staff, '38, Sports Editor, Tornado Staff, '39, In play, "The Ghost VV:1lks," which competed for State Championship at Knoxville, '38, Sports Editor, The Pfllllllllf, '39. CARL BENTON DAVIS CllA'l"l'AN00fi.-K, TENN. linrolled Sept. '34, Fifth Football, '34, Fifth Basketball and Fourth Football, '35, Fourth Basketball, Third Football, and junior Baseball, '36, Third Football, Basketball, "B" Baseball, '37, Thirtl Basketball, Varsity Baseball, '38, Captain, Varsity Baseball, '39, Soccer, '39, Corporal, Com any "C"' ' 6, Sergeant Com any "C," ' , Lieutenant Com any "E," ' 8' Honorary I1 , , 3, 1 . P . 337 Y P I 3 , . FIrst Lieutenant, '39, Tornado Staff, '37, Student Council, '35. CLAUDIUS SIDNEY DAWSON CRAMliK'I'0N, N. C. linrolled Sept. '37, Varsity Soccer, '38, '39! Company "C," '37I '38, '39, Prefect, '38, '39, FRANK SPAIN DENNIS, JR. AUGUSTA, GA. Enrolled Sept. '37, Manager, Varsity Soccer, '39, Company "CT," '37-'38-'39. I231 JOHN HARRY FEAMSTER FRANKFORT, KY. Enrolled Sept. '35, Fourth Football, '35, Boxing, '38, '39, Corporal, Company "A," '37-'38, Color Sergeant, '38-'39, Rifle Squad, '36-'37. JOHN ANDREW FEUCHTENBERGER Bl.UErxEr.n, w. vii. Enrolled Sept. '37, Swimming Team, '38-'39, Mid-South Prep Diving Champion, '38, Varsity Soccer, '39Z Cheer Leader, '38, '39, Corporal, Company "A," '38-'39, Glee Club, '38, '39, "A" Class, ,37, '38 '39, Honor Roll, '38, U. GREY FLOWERS, JR. VICKSBURG, MISS. Enrolled Sept. '36, "B" Football, '38, Medal for Best Spirit, Varsity Football Squad, '38, Boxing, '39, Track, '39, Corporal, Colors, '37, Lieutenant, Company "A," '38-'39. EUGENE D. GLAZE, JR. CHATYANOOGA, TENN. Enrolled Sept. '35, Fifth Basketball, '35, Manager, Fourth Basketball and Junior Baseball, '37, Sergeant, Company "C," '38-'39, i211 ERNEST GRAHAM, JR. coI,t.1MBIA, S. C. Enrolled Sept. '34, Fourth Football, '35, '36, Third Football, '37, "B" Football, '38, Swimming Team, '35, Soccer, '37, Corporal, Hand, '36g Sergeant, Band, '37,' First Lieutenant, Band, '38-'39. SAMUEL ERVIN HALL RICHMOND, VA. Enrolled Sept. '36, "B" Football, '37, Soccer, '37, '38, '39, Varsity Track, '37, '38, '39, Captain, Varsity Track, '39, First Sergeant, Company "B," '38-'39, Secretary, Student Council, '38-'39, Keo Kio, '39, FREDERICK FOLSOM HALL PONCE, PUERTO RICO Enrolled Sept. '36, Fourth Football, '37, Third Soccer, '38, Varsity Soccer, '39, Prefect, '38. JAMES HAMMOND MEMPHIS, TENN. Enrolled Sept. '35, Sergeant, '37-'38, Lieutenant, '38-'39, President, Y. M. C. A., '37-'38, Student Council, '37-'38-'39, Student Senate, '37-'32, Prefect, '37-'38, Vice-President, Y. M. C. A., '38-'39, Feature Editor, The Prnnanl, '39, f25l JAMES CLAUD I-IAVERTY MEMPHIS, TENS. lnrolletl Sept. '37, Junior Socver, '38, Best Drill:-tl Company C"l3"j, '37-'38, Company "A," C '33"324 WALTER LEE HENDERSON, JR. CllA'l'l'ANOOflA, TENN. nrollccl Sept. '36, 'l'l1irrl lttlllfhllll, '36, '37, "B" Football, '38, Boxing Squad, '38, Thirc lioskt-tbzill, '39, First Sc-rgcznit, Company "D," '38-'39, Minstrel, '37. JOSEPH WARD HOOPER, JR. VVll,MlNG'l'UN, N. C. lnrollc-cl Svpt. '37, Third Rusk:-tlwall, '38-'gol .lnnior Baseball, '38, CVOITIPZIIIQ' "A," V37-'38-'39 Junior lizlselwzlll, '38, Colnpzlny "A," '37-'38-'39, Tornado Reporter, '39. EDWIN L. JONES, JR. t'HARI.0'l'l'E, N. C. ljnrullecl Sept. '36, Corporal, Band, ,37, Sergeant, Band '38, Company "Af '39. l26l a I-IUBERT MORTON JUDD ll.-XLTOX, CA. linrolled Sept. '37, Baud, '37-'38-'39g Honor Roll, '38. FRANK SIMMONS LAMBETH 'l'll0MIXSVlI.l,E, N. C. linrolled Sept. '37, Varsity Baseball, '38, '39, Coinpauy "A," '37-'38-'39. LUKE LEA BIRMINYIIIIXM, AL.-X. Enrolled Sept. '37, Varsity Football, '37, '38, Varsity Sovcer, '38, Peglar Award, '38, Student Council, '38, '39. WILLIAM FRANK LEE ClIARI.O'l'Yli, N. C. Enrolled Sept. '37, Varsity Basketball, '38, '3og Baseball Manager, '38, Baseball, '39, Glee Club, '38, '39, Prefect, '38-'39, Special Platoon, '38. f27l WALTER WELLS LOGAN ClIA'l'l'ANO0fiA, TENN. linrolled Sept. '32, Fifth Football, Basketball, '31-'33, Captain, Fifth Football, '33, Fifth Baseball, '33, '34, Fourth Football, Basketball, '34, Boxing, '35, "B" Football, '36, Varsity Football, '37, '38, "Bitsy" Howard Trophy, '38, Treasurer, Monogram Club, '38, Corporal, Company "C," '34-'35, Company "B," 36, First Sergeant, Company "C," '37, Joe Allison Award, '37, Picked Platoon, '35, '36, '37, Captain, Company "B," '37-'38, L. C. Leach Cup for Best Drilled Company, '38, Minstrel, '33, '34, '35, '37, '38, '39, Tornado Staff, '36, '37, l'FlHIllIll Staff, '35, '36, '37, Business Manager, Tin' l'1'!lIlllll1', '38, '39, Keo Kio tSecretary-'I'reasurerj, '39. EUGENE S. LOKEY GADSDEN, ALA. linrolled Sept. '36, Sergeant, Band, '37-'38, Lieutenant, Band, '38-'39, School Plays, "Seventeen," Y '36, "The Haunted House," and "The Ghost VValks,' which competed for State championship at Knoxville, '37, "Mistakes at the Blakes," '39. JAMES EVERETT MCASHAN, III KNOXVILLE, TENN. Enrolled Sept. '37, Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, '38-'39, Tennis, '38, Corporal Company WA," '38, '39, Minstrel, '38, Tornado Staff, '37-'38-'39. DAv1D PARK MCCALLIE Cl l .YI'l'ANO0GA, TE N N. Enrolled Sept. '33, Fifth Football, '33, '34, Fifth Basketball, '34, '35, Fourth Football, '35, Fourth Basketball, '36, Varsity Football, '37, '38, Varsity Soccer, '37, '38, "B" Track, '37, Captain-elect, Varsity Football, '39, Corporal, Company "C," '35-'36-'37, First Sergeant, Com- pany "B," '37-'38, Captain and Adjutant, '33-'39,' Picked Platoon, '36, Best Drilled Company, '33-'34, '35-'36, and '37-'38, Minstrel, '34, '35, '36, '37, junior Glee Club, '33, '34, '35, Dramatics, '38-'39. l28l DAVID WALLACE MCCHESNEY man JACKIQT, W. VA. Enrolled Sept. 337, Baseball Squad, '39, Sergeant, Band, '38-'39g Minstrel, '38, '39, Glee Clu '37-'39- RICHMOND HAROLD MCCLUER FUl.'1'0N, Mo. Enrolled Sept, '38, Company "C," '38-'39. STANLEIY HENRY MCCULLOUGH, JR. Cl1A'l"l'ANO0GA, TENN. Enrolled Sept. l33, Manager, Varsity Soccer, '37, Manager, Boxing Squad, '36, '37, Best 3 P Y Drilled Company "CT," '33, Lieutenant, Company "C,' 38- 39. EDWARD CLAYWELL MCGIMSEY MURCANTON, N. C. Enrolled Sept. '38, Tennis Squad, '39, Band and Orchestra, '38-'39. l29l WILLIAM ANGUS MCLEOD, JR. SANFORD, N. C. Enrolled Sept. '38, Baseball Squad, '39, Glee Club, '38-'39, Company HA," '38-'39. ROBERT MASON MENIPHIS, TENN. Enrolled Sept. '38, Varsity Football, '38, All State Back, '38, Boxing Squad, '39, Company ttAA,u 138-139. RICHARD DEAN MILLER CIIA'1"I'ANoot:A, TENN. Enrolled Sept. '32g Fifth Football, Baseball, Basketball, '32-'33, Fourth Football, Baseball, Basketball, '33-'34, Sergeant, Band, '36-'37, First Lieutenant, Band, '38-'39g Junior Glee Club, '32-'33s Glee Club, ,35, '37, '38, ,395 Minstrel, '32, '33, '36, '37, '38, '39- SAMUEL R. MILLER, JR. KNOXVILLE, TENN. Enrolled Sept. ,375 Third UB" Football, l37Q junior Soccer, '38g Company UA," '37-l38Q HB!!! 138-339' l3Ol THOMAS A. MITCHELL COPl'ERllll,l., TENN. Enrolled Sept. '38, First Class Private, Band, '39C Honor Roll, '38. JOHN GILCHRIST MOFFAT, JR. SCRANTON, PA. Enrolled Sept. '34, Corporal, Company "D," '37-'38, Lieutenant, Company "D," '38-'39, Junior Glee Club, '34,-'35, Minstrel, '35, W. O. Benner Business Award, '37, GILLESPIE MONTGOMERY MERIDIAN, Miss. Enrolled Sept. '36, "li" Football, '36, Varsity Football, '37, '38, "B" Basketball, '36, '37, Varsity Basketball, '38-'39, Track, '36, '37, '38, Trophy in Football, '38, Sergeant, Company "A," '38-'39g School Play, '37, Minstrel, '37, '38, NEWELL BARNARD MURPHY, JR. TRION, UA. Enrolled Sept. '36, Varsity Basketball, '37-'38-'39, Football Squad, '38, Track, '37, Corporal, Company "C," '37-'38, First Sergeant, Company "C," '38-'39, Prefect, '37-'38. l3l1 CARL RICHARD NEIDHARDT CnA'rTANooGA, TEN N. Enrolled Sept, '35, Fifth Football, Basketball, Baseball, '35-'36, Fourth Football, '36, Third Baseball, '37, Varsity Baseball, '38, '39, Corporal, Company "D," '37-'38, Lieutenant, Company "C," '38-,3Kj,' Minstrel, '38, Associate Editor, Tornado, '38-'39, Photographic Editor, Thr' Pnznant, '39. ROBERT GOREE NELSON, JR. TAMPA, FLA. Enrolled Sept. '35, Fourth Football, '35, '36, "B" Football, '37, Fourth Basketball, '36, Swimming Team, '37, Captain, Swimming Team, '38, '39, Mid-South Diving Champion, '37, Varsity Soccer, '38, '39, Sergeant Company "D," '37, First Lieutenant, Company "D," '38-'39, Prefeet, '37, Keo Kio, '39. ROBERT ACHESON NIXON ClIA'I"l'AXOUG,-X, TENS. Enrolled Sept. '35, Fifth Football, Basketball, '35-'36, Fourth Football, Basketball, '36-'37, Third Basketball, '38, "B" Football, '37, '38, Corporal, Company "C," '37-'38, Lieutenant, Company "B," '38-'39, Tornado Stall, '37, '38, '39, Pennant Staff, '37, '38, '39, Dramatic Club, '39. ALVIN SAMMONS NUCKOLLS, JR. 'S1IAWNl'fE, 0Kl.A. Enrolled Sept. '37, Third Basketball, '38-'39, Company "B," '37-'38-'39, Special Platoon, '38. l32i JOHN PARKS JOHNSON CITY, TENN. Enrolled Sept. '38, "B" Basketball, '39, Company "A," '38-'39, Honor Roll, '38, Vice- President Y. M. C. A. f BILLUPS PI-IINIZY PERCY CRIEENVIIIB, M ISS. Enrolled Sept. '35, Fifth Football, '35, Fourth Football, '36, Third "B" Football, '37, Fourth Basketball, '35-'36-'37, Third Basketball, '37-'38, Varsity Tennis, '37, '38, '39, Corporal, Com- pany "C," '37-'38, First Lieutenant, Company "E," '38-'39, Best Drilled Company, '35-'36, Student Council, '36-'37-'38, Prefect, '36-'37-'38-'39, Class Ifditor, Thr Pfllllfllll, '39. NOAH O. PITTS, JR. GLEN ALPINE, N. C. Enrolled Sept. '36, "B" Football, '36, '37, Varsity Football, '38, Varsity Baseball, '36, Varsity Soccer, '37, '38, '39, Corporal Company "B," '38-'39. ROBERT EARL POPE CH A'I"I'ANOOlZA, TEN N. Iinrolletl Sept. '34, Fifth Football, '34, Captain Fifth Football, '35, Boxing Team, '35, Fourth Football, '37, "B" Track, '37, Corporal, Company "D," '35-'36-'37, Sergeant, Company "D," '37-'38, Special Platoon, '36, Best-Drilled-Cadet Medal, Company "D," '37-'38, First Lieu- tenant, Company "A," '38-'39, junior Glee Club, '34,-'35, Minstrel, '35, Photographic Editor, The Pennant, '38, Tornado Reporter, '38, Associate Editor, Tornado, '39, Class Editor, The Pennant, '39. l33l PAY PRIGMORE Cl-IA'l'l'ANO0GA, 'I'IiNN. Enrolled Sept. '32: Fifth Football, Baseball, '32-'33, Fourth Football, Basketball, '34-'35, Third Basketball, ,36, ,372 C0-Captain, Third Baseball, '36, "li" Basketball, '38, Corporal Company "C," '55-'36, Sergeant, Company "C," '36-'37, Picked Platoon, '36, '38, Best-Drilled Cadet, Company "C," '37, Captain Company "E,'l '37-'38, Honorary Captain, '38-'39, Minstrel, '32-'33g Freshman Senator, l3..1.Q Senior Senator, '37, Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class, '37-l38g Assign- ment Editor, Tornado, '37-'38-'39, Class Editor, Thr Pfnlmnf, '38, Advertising Manager, The Pfnnalzl, '39, Keo Kio Cljresidentj, l39. NORVIN RASNICK BARBOURVll.I,E, KY, Enrolled Sept. '38, Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball, '38-'39, Company "A," '38-'39. WILLIAM GAIL RILEY MERIIHAN, Mxss. Enrolled Sept. '38, Company 'tD,l' '38-'39. ROBERT JAMES ROBERTSON VVIIIIVIINGTON, N. C. Enrolled Sept. '38, Company "A," '38-'39, Glee Club, '38-'39. i341 HERBERT CONVERSE SANDERSON, JR. ORLANDO, FLA. Enrolled Sept. '38, Varsity Socver, '39g Company "C," '38-'39, FRANK THATCHER SAUNDERS, JR. SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. Enrolled Sept. '35, Fourth Football, Basketball, '35-'36, "B" Football, '36, Varsity Football, '37, '38, Corporal, Company "B," '37, Sergeant, Company "B," '37, Captain, Company "D," '38, Business Manager, Tornado, '37, Junior Editor, Thr Pfllilllllf, '38, Best Drilled Cadet, Company UB," '37-'38, CRAIG R. SCHMIDT SIIELBYVILLE, KY. Enrolled Sept '38, "B" Basketball, '39, Band, "Blue Melodc-ers," Glee Club, '39. Nici-roms FINZER SENTER CHA'l'I'ANOOCA, 'l'ENN. Enrolled Sept. '31, Fifth Basketball, Baseball, '31-'32, Fifth Football, '32, '33, '34, Fourth Football, '34, '35, junior Baseball, '35, Third Basketball, '37-38, Varsity Soccer, '37, '38, '39g Varsity Baseball, '36, Varsity Football, '36, '37, '38, Corporal, Company "C," '34-'35, Company "B," '35-'36,' Sergeant, Company "B," '36-'37, First Lieutenant, Company "B," '37-'38, Honorary First Lieutenant, '38-'39, Senate, '35, Prnnanl Staff, '36, '37, '38, '39. E351 WILLIAM DEMPSTER SHARP LA l"OI.l.E'I"l'E, TENN. Enrolled Sept. '37, Assistant Track Manager, '38, Varsity Track Manager, '39, Company "C," '37-'33-'39 ARTHUR PLEASANT SIBOLD, JR. L'IIA'l'l'ANOOfiA, TENN. Enrolled Sept. '32, Fifth Football, '32, '33, Fourth Football, '34, '35, Fifth Basketball, '33, '34, Fourth Basketball, '35, '36, Fourth Baseball, '33, '34, Third Baseball, '35, Varsity Football, '36, '37, '38, Varsity Basketball, '37, '38, '39, Varsity Track, '38, '39, Captain, Varsity Football, '38, President, Nlonogram Club, '39, Corporal, Company "C," '34,-'35, Company "B," '35-'36, Picked Platoon '34, '35, First Sergeant, Company "A,' '37-'38, Captain, Company "A," '37-'38, Honorary Captain, '38-'39, President of Senate, '37-'38, Senior Senator, '38, President, Freshman Class, '34,-'35, President Senior Class, '37-'38, Minstrel, '33, '35, l'ennanf Staff, Tornado Staff, '37, Grayson Memorial Mt-dal, '38, Associate Editor, Tornado and The l'fnnanl, '38-'39, Pri- mary Bible Prize, '34, E. VVl1ite Patton Mathematics Medzil, '38, Keo Kio, '39, JOHN GRAHAM SIMS CHA'FTANOflCA, TENN. Enrolled Sept. '36, Swimming Team, '37, '38, '39, Varsity Soccer, '39, Third Football, '37, First Sergeant Company "E," '38-'39, Minstrel, '37, SCOTT GUSTAVUS SMTTHERMAN SlIREVEPORT, LA. Enrolled Sept. '36, Varsity Football, '37, '38, Boxing Squad, '37, '38, '39, Tennis '37, '38, '39, Lieutenant, Company "A," '38-'39. T361 ARTHUR L. SNIPES GKEl'INVll.l,F, S. C. Enrolled Sept. '38, Company "A," '38-'39. WILLIAM IRVIN STEELE, JR. S'I'A'I'ESVlI,l,E, N. C. Enrolled Sept. '37, "B" Basketball, '38, Manager, Varsity Basketball, '39, First Sergeant, Band, '38-'39, Orchestra, '38-'39, Student Council, '38, Secretary, Y. M. C. A. '38, Tornado Reporter, '37. CHESTER OLIVER STEPHENS, DIR. ClIA'li'l'ANO0CA, 'l'liNN. Enrolled Sept. '33, Fifth Football, '33, '34, Fourth Football, '35, '36, Manager, "B" Football, '37, Manager Varsity Track, '38, Corporal Company '36-'37, Sergeant, Company "C," Radio Drill, '37-'38, Best Drilled Company, '33, '35, Best Drilled Cadet, Company "C," '37-'38, Captain, Company "C," '38-'39, Tornado Staff, '37-'38, Circulation Manager, Tornado, '38-'39. THOMAS FREDERICK STIMSON CH.-Vl'l',-XXOOGA, TENX. Enrolled Sept. '33, Fifth Football, Basketball, Baseball, '33, '34, Fourth Football, '35, Fourth Basketball, '35, '36, '37, Third Baseball, '38, Training Room, '37, Third Basketball, '39, Cor- poral, Company "D," '35-'36-'37, First Sergeant, Company "D," '37-'38, Captain, Company "E," '38-'39, Best Drilled Company, '33-'34, Best Drilled Cadet, Company "D," '35-'36, Vice- President, Eighth Grade, '34-'35, Minstrel, '34, '35, '36, junior Glee Club, '33, '34, '35, Tornado Reporter, '38-'39, 1371 EUGENE MORGAN SUTTON l"AYliTTliVII.I,E, N. C. Enrolled Sept. '38, Cheer Leader, '38-'39, Basketball Squad, '39, Varsity Tennis, '39, Company HA,-y 238339. PAUL A. SWANK HOUSTON, TEXAS Enrolled Sept. '36, Third Football, '36, '37, Captain, Third Football, '38, Varsity Swimming Team, '36, '37, Corporal, Band, '37-'38, Lieutenant, Band, '38-'39. VISTON TAYLOR, JR. C H A'l'I'A NOOCA, TEN N. Enrolled Sept. '33, Corporal, Company "C," '36, Company "B," '37, First Sergeant, Company "C," '38, Best Drilled Company, '34, '36, Pieked Platoon, '36, Captain, Company "A," '38-'39, Minstrel, '34, '35, '37, '38, '39, Secretary Eighth Grade, '34, Primary Bible Award, '33, '34, junior Glee Club, '33, '34, '35, General-Excellence-Privilege Medal, '36, Glee Club, '37, '38, '39, Associate Editor, Tornado, '37-'38, Editor-in-Chief, Tornado, '38, Editor-in-Chief, Thr' Pfnnanf, '39, Honor Roll, '38. JOSEPH T1-IATCHER LOUKOLUI' Mocxmlx, 'rENx. Enrolled Sept. '33, Fifth Football, '33, '34, '35, Fourth Football, '36, "B" Football, '38, Corporal, Company "C," '36, Best Drilled Company, '33, 35, Lieutenant, Company "E," '38-'39, Minstrel, '33, '34, junior Glee Club, '33, '34. i381 WILKES TERRY THRASHER, JR. CI-lA'1'l'ANOoGA, 'I'liNN. Enrolled Sept. '33, Fifth Football, Basketball, Baseball, '33-'34, Fourth Football, '35, Third Football, '36, '37, Boxing Squad, '37, Varsity Track, '37, '38, '39, Corporal, Band, '35, First Sergeant, Band, '37-'38, Captain, Band, '38-'39, Debating Team, '37-'38, Summerlin Oratorieal Medal, '38. STANLEY I-I. TINSLEY, JR. KNoxvII.I.E, TENN. Enrolled Sept. '37, Third Football, '37, '38, Track Squad, '38, '39, Company "A," '37-'38-'39. WILLIAM DAVID TUCKER cIIA'I"I'ANooGA, IENN. Enrolled Sept. '32, Fifth Football, Basketball, '32-'33, Fourth Football, Basketball, '34,-'35, Third Football, '36, '37, "B" Basketball, '38, '39, Varsity Track, '36, '37, '38, '39, Times Five Mile Race, '36, '37, 38, 39, Corporal, Company "B," '37, Lieutenant, '37-'38, Special Platoon, '39, Honorary Lieutenant, '38-'39, Minstrel, '32, '33, '35, '37, '38, '39, Glee Club, '36-'37-'38-'39, Tornado Stall, '36-'37, Pennant Staff, '38-'39. WILLIAM B. TUCKER, JR. DALLAS, TEXAS Enrolled Sept. '36, Third Basketball, '37, Varsity Golf, '36, '37, '38, Varsity Basketball, '38, '39, Best Drilled "Rat," '36-'37, Corporal, Company UB," '37-'38, Best Drilled Company "B," '37-'38, Lieutenant, Company "B," '38-'39, Prefect, '38-'39, Copy Editor, The Pennant, '39. l39l RAYMOND BOND WALKER NEW' ORLEANS, LA. Enrolled Sept. '38, Varsity Football, Basketball, Track, '38-'39, Company "A," '38-'39. FRED C. WALLACE, -IR. AUBURX, ALA. linrollvd Sept. '37, Boxing Squad, '38, junior Socver, '39, Corporal Company "D," '39, Special Platoon, 139. JACK RUSSELL WILKINSON, JR. cIIA'l"I'ANoocA, TENS. linrollcd Sept. '33, Fifth Football, Basketball, Baseball, '33-'34, Third Football, '35, '37, Best Drilled Company, "C," '33-'34, Corporal, Company "B," '36-'37, Sergeant, Company "C," 3 '37-'38, First Lieutenant, C'onIp:Iny "B," '38-'39, Minstrel, '34, '38, Dramatics Club, 39, Tornado Staff, '37f'38, Assignment Editor, Tornado, '38, Editor-in-Chief, Tornado, '39, PERCE I-IOXIE WOOD, JR. MEMPHIS, TENN. linrollcd Sept. '36, Fourth Football, '36, Boxing Squad, '37, "B" Football, '37, "B," '37-'38, Bert l7ril'ed Company, "B," '37-'38, l,ieutenant, Company "E," '38-'39, Student Council, '37, Prefect, '37, '38, '39. l40l 'll2l I0 2 9 Q5 5 A 75.5 l 3 .I ll n In Il 1 .lunior Class FoRREs'i' IADAIR, III Atlanta, Gcnxgia JODN BREVVER AMES Selma, Alabama ROBIZRT THOMAS AMOS High Point, Carolina IUUNALII VVATICRS ARNOLD Chattanooga, Tennessee IIENRY LEE BADHAM, III Birmingham, Alabama JOSEPH HAxs1.Ex' BARDER Longview, Texas JACK IIICNIJIERSON BLACKVVELI. Birmingham, Alabama CHARLES BEVERLY BROWN Raleigh, North Carolina JOE LYON BLTICI-1 Charlotte, North Caiolina I.AFAYE'I"I'Ii IIARIDVVICK CAI.lJVVliI.I,, J Lookout Nlountain, Tennessee SAMUEL JEFFERSON CAUDIL1, Shelbyville, Kentucky HENRY BAKER CAULx1xs Chattanooga, Tennessee EDWARD YOUNG Cl-IAPIN, III Lookout Mountain, Tennessee JAMES LAWRENCE COOPER Huntsville, Alabama JOHN MURDOCK CROIYELII Chattanooga, Tennessee 'THOMAS CRUTCHEIELD Chattanooga, Tennessee l42I .lunior Class GEORGE PORTER DILLMAN Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia ANGIIS fiII.l.lS DOUGLASS, JR. DeFunialc Springs, Florida THOMAS EDVVARD DOVVNEY Sale Creek, Tennessee GEORGE fiII.BERT EAVES, III Cl'l3fI3n0Og3, TEIIIIBSSEC QEEORGE NOBLE ENNEIT, JR. Montreat, North Carolina LOFTON PERRY FUQUA Milan, Tennessee JON DRUE GODSEY Bristol, Tennessee JAMES lN1A'l"l'I'iEXX' GODWIN, JR. Bluefield, West Virginia XVILIJAM MARSIIALI. CEOREE Chattanooga, Tennessee XVII.I.xAM E. CIRAVES, JR. Winston-Salem, North Carolina ROBERT AIIAMS GREENE Chattanooga, Tennessee CI-IARLES MICIIAEI. GRETIIER Chattanooga, Tennessee ' SAMUEL PARKER MCGOEOII HAMILTON Chattanooga, Tennessee CHARLES AI VA HARIIIE Uberlandia, Minas, Brazil FRANK .ANDERSON HARRIS Chattanooga, Tennessee BENJAMIN IRVIN HARRISON, JR. Bearden, Tennessee i431 l Junior Class , THEO HIRSCH HARVEY, JR. New Orleans, Louisiana MARK HANNA HAYS, JR. Chattanooga, Tennessee VVENDELL DAvls HII.L, JR. Chattanooga, Tennessee GORDON TERREL HUDDLESTON Maryville, Tennessee VVILLIAM CLARENCE HUDLOW Chattanooga, Tennessee ROBERT L1NvrLr,E HUTcHENs High Point, North Carolina JAMES CLARENCE INZER Gadsden, Alabama VVxLl,rAM HARRY ISBELL Auburn, Alabama JAM ES ORviLLE JOHNSON Chattanooga, Tennessee VERNON CLEMENT KELI.EY Chattanooga, Tennessee KARL FREDERICK KESMODEL, JR. Birmingham, Alabama Y VS ILLIAM BRADFORD Kmn Birmingham, Alabama CHANDLER Kms, JR. Chattanooga, Tennessee RICHARD ADOLPH KOELLA Rockford, Tennessee I-141 J unior Class EDGAR HUELL LAVVMAN Chattanooga, Tennessee W7Il,LlAM BRADFORD LEE Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM EDVVARD LOCKETT Knoxville, Tennessee joux ALEXANDER Lusx, IH Gadsden, Alabama 1 VSILLIAM BOWVER MCCARTT, JR. Jackson, Mississippi 'Fl-IOMAS HALIEURTON MCCOY Puumena , Hawaii GEORGE ROLLANIF MCELROY Chattanooga, Tennessee CHESTER AMERICUS MASSEY' Maryville, Tennessee ROBERT HENRY MOORE, JR. Tazewell, Virginia ROBERT FRASER MUNROE Quincy, Florida ARTIILR COLLINS PENDLETON Charlotte, North Carolina ED PASCHALII PITTMAN Water Valley, Mississippi TJAVID TUCK POTTER Louisville, Kentucky HOUSTON PRICE QUINN Anderson, South Carolina E451 Junior Class J AC K R E ES E Chattanooga , Tennessee JAMES DAVIS RIVERS, JR. Chattanooga, Tennessee RICIIARD HoLI,Is SCIIIER Lookout Mountain, Tennessee VVIIIIAM LEE SCIILEMMER Chattanooga, Tennessee JUNIUS PAGE SIIAMBURGER Aberdeen, North Carolina IMMANUEL CHRISTIAN SIEVING Chattanooga, Tennessee VVILLIAM PAUI. SIMMS Austin, Texas Ros ERT EM ERSON SMITH ERMAN Shreveport , Louisiana JAMIE D0Ur:I,As STIMSON Chattanooga, Tennessee ROBERT HUNT STREET Chattanooga, Tennessee ROBERT EDWIN STROUPE High Point, North Carolina JAMES CREEKMORE WANN Chattanooga, Tennessee VERNON BURLEIGH XAYHITESIDE Pass-a-Grille, Florida PAT MURPHY VVILLIAMS North Wilkesboro, North Carolina lf46J C3 'A LUWEIQ CLASSES 15, I In Sophomore Class EDVVARIJ RENCAN ADAMS Atlanta, Georgia DANIEL COZBY ANDERSON Chattanooga, Tennessee IRVVIN ISAAC BELK Charlotte, North Carolina JOHN THOMAS BENZ Miami Beach, Florida THOMAS JACKSON BROWN Chattanooga, Tennessee HENRY THOMAS BRYAN, JR. Lookout Mountain, Tennessee OSCAR THOMAS BUFFALOW Chattanooga, Tennessee WILLXAM ERNEST BULLOCK Birmingham, Alabama RfJBER1' HENRY CALDXVELI. Lookout Mountain, Tennessee HENRY ALEXANDER CARRINCTON Detroit, Michigan ROBERT LEE CHAPMAN, JR. Charlotte, North Carolina THOMAS LAFAYETTE CLARY Chattanooga, Tennessee JOSEPH HOWARD DAVENPORT, JR, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee WALTER N1c01.As DTETZEN Chattanooga, Tennessee Wil,1.1AM HERBERT DUNN Maxton, North Carolina FRANK EDWARD DUNN Winston-Salem, North Carolina l48l Sophomore Class XRVALTER VVOOD DYER Rossville, Georgia CLARENCE VVILLIAM EOMONIISON, JR. Lookout Nlountain, Tennessee JOHN EMERY EFIRD, III Charlotte, North Carolina CHARLES KENNETH FINNEY Nachadoches, Texas DAVID PALMER FRANK Chattanooga, Tennessee WILLIAM ROBERT GAINES Lexington, Virginia HENRY BOUION GILMAN, JR. Chattanooga, Tennessee GEORGE HARRISON GRICE, JR. Chattanooga, Tennessee ROBERT JOHNSON HAMILTON Chattanooga , TEHHESSEE JOHN BADOER HART Nashville, Tennessee KREIGER VVILLIAM HENIDERSON, JR. Chattanooga, Tennessee CARL VIQERREL HUGGINS Chattanooga, Tennessee CLAUDE VVIIISFORD JOINER Lookout Mountain, Tennessee WILLIAM LESLIE JONES Barbourville, Kentucky THOMPSON XVOLLE JONES Chattanooga, Tennessee JOHN MCDOWELL KING Chattanooga, Tennessee lf491 Sophomore Class LONNIE HARRISON LUMSIJEN Chattanooga, Tennessee fiEORGE IJAVID LYNCH Chattanooga, Tennessee ROBERT DAY MCAMIS Chattanooga, Tennessee H ENRI' KEI.s0 MCKIN NEI' Lookout Mountain, Tennessee ALEXANDER MARTIN TVICLEIILAND Nlooresvillv, North Carolina JAMES NORMAN MANSF'lEl.lJ Chattanooga, Tennessee Doucms MOORE MILLAR Bluefield. West Virginia CARNOT LSUILLE MILILIGAN, JR. Lookout Mountain, Tennessee JAMES IIENRY MII.I.Is High Point, North Carolina TOM MOORE, JR. ' Lookout Mountain, Tennessee FREDERICK IJAVIU MORRIS Chatanooga, Tennessee EMMETT CLEVELAND NEILL Vicksburg, Mississippi HARRY CRICRMORE PENCE, JR. Valdosta, Georgia WILLIAM KENT POIssT Grundy, Virginia JAMES BASIL RAMSEY New York, New York EARL MILLER ROTIIEERGER Chattanooga, Tennessee E501 Sophomore Class -THOMAS BENTON SEI.I,ERs New Orleans, Louisiana JAMES MEREIIITII SIMS Chattanooga, Tennessee CQHORGE JACKSON SNIPES Knoxvllle, Tennessee VVAI.'I'ER HUN1'ER STAMPER Chattanooga, Tennessee ll.IRoI,Im S.-IM SIAR Dallas, Texas FREIJI-:RICK CIRII, STIMMEI, Chattanooga, Tennessee SILAS OVVEN TIIORNPQ, JR. Charlotte, North Carolina JAMES '1'oMaRAs Chattanooga, Tennessee GEORGE lYlAG0L7N VV.-XLLACE Auburn, Alabama GEoRf:E RICHARD WILKINSON Greenville, South Carolina FRED MAIIISON WII,I.IAMs, JR. Chattanooga, Tennessee SUMNER MCBEE VVILLIAMS Greenville, South Carolina FRED PELIER XVOOIIALL Chattanooga, Tennessee JAMES ROBERTSON W00DsoN, JR. Louisville, Kentucky Jo N Al II A N P EAI. E NVRIGIIT Chattanooga, Tennessee lill ,Y JUN 4991 nw -mf il' E521 Freshman Class JAMES MAIIAH-'r:x' AoAMs, JR SAMU-ii. C.Xl,DXYlil.l. XXL!-lX.XlNIJIiIi . JAMES AR1nL:R limos . , IZ1'r:EwE Lrwnsu lilSlItJl', JR. I.E1.ANn Lsoxs li0IIl.l-I . . MAI. OSCAR BRoeRlf'1'1' . CHARLES LlR,x1rAM liL1Cl'l.XNAfx AxnREn Jravkixs BL't'oRn . PAH. DENNIS ..,,. Gr-:oRr:E PoR1'rfR l7ll.l,M.XN . IIENRA' liINl'ORll IQIIZANK . XVARREN SANDERS GARnxER IFRANK TTARIJXYICK . Jon Mrurrix IIARPHR . .ARIHLYR LIE!-YI' lTl-Q.Xl.fXN . CIARI-1NCIi Amr-Lx IlliS'l'l-IR . XVILLIAM XVlI.Xl.l"Y loot, JR. RonER'r 1IoL's1'oN J lilYl'l.L, JR. CARL S'IiliX'P.NSlJN Kiserun . NV,u.'1 lik Hamas l,AseAs'rl-QR JAMES lil'lfURD Li-:VAX . . VVll.I,I.XM HENRY LINER, JR. SAMUEI. BRLYNSWICR I,owE i'lRIilJ ixIANSl-'lEl,lJ Miirnznx lluzu TTREIIFRICK PARRER flH.'XRl.ES TICIIOMAS PERRY . BEN TNTAIHSON PooE1 r., JR. . Jonas A1rAx Ronrsom , , . S'rEe11raN LICONJKRIJ Roc:ERs, JR XV11,1.1AM II AM Mr-il. Sruxxos ICARI. XVIQARS Sxvnrn , . . I,AuR1-:RCE AIACKSUN SPIQNQE 15An.Ex' 1iAs1,Ex Sinvisow . JESSE ISENJAMIR STIJNICR , J.fKMl5S Hen:-:RT i1l.XI.l.XFlfRRtl, JR JAMES Cfll,L'MBL'S 'Tl,Xl.I,liY . MAcKTnoMPsoN . . . . fiL'X SL'MMr-'REoRn ' . I.Eo NTURRIS TRL'v1N . . . Firrl Ron' . Chattanooga, Tennessee . Charlotte, North' Carolina . Chattanooga, Tennessee . Chattanooga, Tennessee . Maryville, Tennessee . Chattanooga, Tennessee Seffnlrf Row . Chattanooga, Tennessee . . Anniston, Alabama , Chattanooga, Tennessee . Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia . . . Rossville, Georgia . Chattanooga, Tennessee 'llllirff Row . . . . Cleveland, Tennessee . Chattanooga, Tennessee . Chattanooga, Tennessee . Chattanooga, Tennessee . Chattanooga, Tennessee . Chiekamauga, Georgia lsflllffll Role . . Clinton, Tennessee . Chattanooga, Tennessee , Chattanooga, Tennessee . . Chattanooga, Tennessee . Lookout Mountain, Tennessee . Lookout Mountain, Tennessee Fifth Ron' . . Knoxville, Tennessee . Chattanooga, Tennessee . Chiekamauga, Georgia . Murfreesboro, Tennessee . Chattanooga, 'Tennessee . Birmingham, Alabama Sixth Row . . Paducah, Kentucky . Chattanooga, Tennessee . Chattanooga, Tennessee . Chattanooga, Tennessee . Chattanooga, Tenn. , Knoxville, Tennessee Seimztlz Row . . . Chattanooga,Tennessee . Lookout Mountain, Tennessee . . Chattanooga, Tennessee l53l E541 Eighth Gracie JAMES TTANIUI, Iiulas , Rlcuxkn Xen, Iiivini. . Wn,1,1.-XM Aloxics lioxn , . -IXMES xiCKXIfIlil liRxul,l'x' Ciisokmz 'THOMAS l3iur:u'l' . FRED III-'Rxmw Iikowx, lic. l'iR,'INKI,IN Pluwcre l5Ros'l,l-is HI-'NIXKIIX' gXIf4iL'NIIS lixkn jolw lVlCfilN"I'I' CAMvmci,l, lonw Huis Coknerr . , CIIARLIZS Rlcnfuuw IIIFTZEN NTURRIF ,lFYIIIER I-'rw . . . Alonw Mtuzsu FRFRP: . . , .'Xl.BliR'l PEYIIII-'ll'l'i fYilI.lIWl'Il L,-xvsmw VV.-u.Kr:R Illxmnmsw Rosvifi Wni wo II xsem I ii .lAMliS PALYI, -lonxsow, AIR. . Wuixni S. I.x'1'1xioki-, IR, IVi.f'iR'I'IN llotrfzms IJQYAN, ,Inc XVixwn.x Hmm Liwxxi . . Ai,is,l.xwnm PIEIRI . . . I-.xx1xR Rxxrqxx' ..,. lI.uz1zx '1'noM.xs Ronmsox, In RVH5 Conn 5,XL'Ii, III , PADI, W'u,i.1s SIIICPIIIZRD . I-'RAXK Onriii Siu-.xl:xi,1, -Ik. -lAMIiS IIIIRNEI' Siziak, III , Goknox Inxnn xu Sxntn, jx. Iznuuxkn fiIlIBliR'I 'li.XI.lAI"liRlUl I"i,".i'f Row . Clmttnnoogn, Tennessee . Charlotte, North Carolina . . . . Longview, Texas . Riclgeville, South Carolina . Lookout Mfjlllllllill, Tenueesee S4 mm! Ron' . Chattanooga, . Clmttfmongzl, . Clmttanoogzi, . CiI2Ilf1llIOI7Q,'Zl, . Cllattanoogn, 'lilzirfl Row . Ch attanooga, Tennessee iI'EIlIIi'!4Sl'C Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee . Bluefield, VVest Virginia . fiilflffllllllilgfl, Tennessee . . Tazewell, Virginia . Clmttauoogn, Tennessee 190111711 Rota' . C'l1uttanoog:1, Tennesvee . ClI1lItZIIlO0gII, Tennessee . cxhiltflllllillgll, . . . . . cihilffilllilligll, Tennessee Tennessee . l':u'ipi1n, Venezuela, South America lliiffll Ruiz' . . CTZITIICZIF Venezuela South America Y Y 1 , . . . , efferson Cltv lennessee , . 1 . Lookout Mountzun, Ienuessee . . Fi'l1ItlIlII00fI2l, . Chattanooga, Sixtlz Rau' Tennessee Tennessee . Charlotte, North Carolina . ChZIffZlll00gZI, Tennessee . Chattanooga, Tennessee . Flizlttzlnooga, ' E551 Tennessee I Seventh Grade ALBERT OSCAR JKRCIIIE, -IR, . GEORGE WH1'1'1No BALES . . BEACH AALEXANIJER Bkooxs . . , CHRIS'l'OI'HliR W1LL1AMs CALOWELL JACK B ERNARD Dxvxs ...,. ROBERT CANNoN joNr-is , . LINES VVILLIAM LI.EW'EI,I.YN . EARL KN1t?H'I' MAoR,x'rn, jR. . . RAYMOND WALLACE ROTHBHRGER CHARLES EDXYARD TAl.I.l5Y . . . Ilurm LYNN 'l'nA'1'enER, AIR. . HARRY I-ILLlO'1"1' VERRAN . . . VVILLIAM 'ITAYLOR NNADE . . . STEPHEN :xI,l,EN hvll.I,I:XMS, Ill . ROBERT Toolvnss WRxon'1' . . . First R 076' St"tT07lll Row Third Row I 561 . Chattanooga, . . Chattanooga, . . Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain, . . Chattanooga, . Chattanooga, . Chattanooga, . Chattanooga, . Chattanooga, . Chattanooga, . Chattanooga, . Middleshoro, , Chattanooga, . Chattanooga, . Chattanooga, Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Kentucky Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee 5 N MILITAIQY BATTALION STAFF fllajor CADET EDVVIN B. ANDERSON Captain ana' Adjutant CAD ET DAVID P. McCAI.I.IE Quartermaster Lieu- tenant CADET CHARLES K. BOREN HERBERT P. DUNLAP Captain 323rd ln'Fan+ry Commanclani' Captain Dunlap came to McCallie School in 1925, having graduated that year as the hest all-round cadet of his class at The Citadel. Through his faithful and eflicient efforts as Commandant and with the loyal cooperation of all the battalion, the McCallie School has achieved a military rating of "Excellent" from the R. O. T. C. Officer of the Fourth Corps Area. f 'ccccr E591 EDWIN B. ANDERSON Cadet Maier DAVID P. MCCALLIE CHARLES K. BOREN Captain and Adiuianf Quartermaster Lieutenant sf- est, 1.551 The Military Department of The McCallie School endeavors to give to each Cadet those fundamental princi- ples of military training that will be of the most help to him at McCallie and in later life. It strives to promote a spirit of loyalty both to the Battalion and to the school. It ofiiers opportuni- ties of leadership and emphasizes mili- tary discipline and courtesy. Ir affords Commissioned Officers "Picked PIa+oon" the boy a wonderful opportunity of de- veloping and improving his body physi- cally through the proper close order drill and calisthenics. Through the loyalty and the coop- eration of some of the Alumni and Patrons of the school the Military De- partment has been helped greatly. The Carter Trophy, The Allison Award, The Leach Cup, and The Clemons Memorial Cup are presented each year to those Cadets achieving excellency in various phases of the military worlc. Each year the R. O. T. C. Oflicer of the Fourth Corps Area malces an in- spection of The McCallie Battalion, and on each inspection for the past sev- eral years The McCallie School has re- ceived an oflicial rating of "Excellent" The Picked Platoon corn- manded by Cadet Bob Cooper of Company 'IW' gave a Special drill Iw- twcen halves of the Mc- Callie - Baylor football gaine that won the ap- plause and admiration of the thousands of specta- tors. This same drill was given in the Memorial Auditorium in February bc-ture :ix thousand peo- ple and was acclaimed by the large audience as the host exhibition of drill ever given in Chatta- nooga. I COLCR GUARD CADET HARRY FEAMSTER 0 CADET SAM HAMILTON CADET BILL LEE 0 CADET EDGAR LAWMAN P Captain .... . . VISION TAYLOR Fzrxl Licuienunr . . . . . . . ROBERT POPE Swmnd l.n-ulmant . . . SCOTT SMITHERMAN Second Lfeuirnant . . GREY FLOWERS Fzrsl Sergeant . . . PETER YOUNG SERGEANTS BIBER CROwEu, MONTGOMERY SIMMS, W. CORPORALS FEUCll'l'l5NBERGliK GOIJKVIN HENDERSON, K. IIUDLOW MCASIIAN R1vERs SCHLEMMIZR PRIYATES ,ARNOLD IIOOPER MCCOY ROBERTSON, j, BANDER lIUDl7I.ES'l'0N MCJUNRTN SELL!-:RS BEER, I. IIUTCHENS MCCLEOD SIIAMBURGER BELK, J. JOINER MILLAR, M. SNIPES, A. BUFORD JONES, L. PARKER SN11-Es, G. CHAPMAN LAMBETII PARKS STAR CLARK LOVVE PENCE SUTTON DUNN LUSK QUINN 'FINSLEY ENNETT MASON RASNTCK WVALKER, R. HAVERTY MASSES' VVOODALI. l6Zl P lfajrfzlin .... Firxt'utv111111t Sffolld Lil'llfl'7IlIlI1' . . Sfmfzfi Lzrulrnzuzl . Hrs! Sfffjfllllf . . , JACK VVILRINS WII.I.IAM VFUCKER ROBIfR'I' NIXON . ERYIN HALL . . . ROBERT COOPER ON SERGEANTS BRUIYN, J. CAI.DVVEI.I., ll. CAULKINS LAIYMAN CURPORALS AIIAIR BRYAN, K. COUIIER, I.. DUNN, B. EIPIRII HAYS PI'I'Ts RA Ms Ii Y STIM M I-:L PRIVATES Amos, R. DILI.IvIAN, G. juIINsoN, O. NLICRQLS BACON DIIIMAN, R. Kasmoom. PENDl.ETON BAIIIIAM DOUGLAS K0IaLLA Poss'I' BROWN, T. G. IZUBANR Lmz, VV. l'oT'I'I-:R BRYAN, II. FUQUA LINIIR SIvII'I'IIIzRIvIAN, R BRYANT, M. GoIIsIcY LYNCH '1'RIBBI.E CONGER HALL, F. NIILLER, S. XVIIITESIDE DALTON HARIJNYICK MILLIGAN, F. XVILKINSON, G. DIIITZEN, W. HARRISON M0oRI2, R. VVII.I.IAMs, F. WII.I.IAIvIs, l63l Cnjwlain .... , CHESTER S'rraPHF1Ns Fim Limlrnnnl . . . .... IMMANUEL Slsvmc Srfnmz' Ijrutwnarzl . , . . RICHARD NEIDIIARDT Sfmnd'llf6'IIKUIl . . S'1'ANI,,r:Y MCCUl.I.0Uf:11 lfzml Snrgfazzt . . . . BARNARD MURPHY SERGEANTS ULAZE MCELROY GIJIREE S'rREE'r CORPORALS BIANCIIARIJ CAI.DNVlil,I., R. EDMONDSON KssL1,Ev LocRm"1' M1l.1,1GAN, C. MOIJRE, '1'. PRIVATES Ii1,AcRwlf1.1. INCNNIS, F. HARI' SANDIERSON Bxowx, IS. USER HESTER SCHIER l5Roux, If. Iirznnrvuxs HILL Sruxxox HRUMM' FRANK INZER SHARP IQUCJIANAN LIILMAN LEA, L. SPENCE limmcx CFREENIC MCCLUER 'I'AI.I,EY, J. C.XRRlNG'I'ON KPRETHICR Mu.1.1s VSkI.KER, j lhwsux H,fxRmH NEILI. W 00n50N DEXNIS, F. lI.xRR1s RQRISON, A. l64l Captain ..... . FRANK SAUNDIRS Firsi ljrurrnanr . . - . . GORHH NELSON Semnd Limztmzazzf . . . . VIRGII, ADAMS Suond Li6llf6'7IIIllf . . . . JOHN MOFI1'A'l"1' Ifirxl Svrgmnl . . . VV.-XLTER IIENDERSON SEROEANTS CIIAPIN HARVEY RRIISE NVANN CORI-ORALS DAVENPORT JONES, VV. LVMSIDEN STAMPER EAVES KING, J. ROGERS WAI,I,AcIs, F. HAMILTON, R. LANCASTER ROTIIBERCIQRY E. VVRIIIIIT, J, PRIVATES ADAMS, E. CAI.Dvs'EI.I,, VV. LRVAN, B. R0'l'HBliRGER, R ANDERSON, D. KPARIINER LI.EWlf:I.I.vN SAULS BI.x"I'IIR lIAMIsI,IeN MAGRATII SMITH BOGLE IIASSIQIIH MCAMIS SIMS, M. BOND JRWELI, MCCARTI' SIIMSON, B. BRAwI,I:Y -IOIINSON, J. RIIIEY XV,xI.I,AcE, G BRIGHT LATIMORI-1 ROBINSON, H. VVIIIIAMS, A l651 Cnjrlain l"ir.vl l,if'll11'llllIlf . . Suomi 1,il'llff'llll 111 . Sworn! Lif'IlfI'7ldIIf . First Sl'l'!1l'I1llf , Al,lex,xNnER JXRCHII-Z ISALHS, Bxsnolf BROCK li'I"l' BROOKS, BYRD f'0RBE'l"l' B. S IERGEA NT S'r1MsON, J. PRIVATES Davis, J. Dllfrz EN, R. Fox Fumes f:II.l,l5PII'I HARPER AIONI-is, R. ICINCAID I.HVAx, j. .l.lNAM PERRY P11e'1'k1 POXYEIAI. SH EPI 1 ERD Su Ekklm, SIZER . . TOM S'1'1MsON . P1-HNIZYPERCY . . PERCH WOOD . jon '1'HA'l'CHER . . JOHN SIMS CORPORAL ADAMS, J. T.xl.1.Ex, E. 'I'HA'rC1llalz, II. THOMPSON Tuokmc VIQRRAN XVAOE YNRIGHT, R. EXE D Caplain ...... Fzrst Ijfzmfrzmzt . . . Sammi lnfulevzmzl . Sli4'0llml -Lifllffllllllf .... FUJI l,1ruiz'11ant Hugh' Corps . , Fzryl Srrgvanl . . , . . IJOYVNEY IiL'FPAL0w AMES, J. BALES, G. lixm'x.Es C,XL'DII.I. CIHXRY Fzxxm' SERGEANTS KING, C. MCCIIIESNEY CORPOR.-XLS BIQICE CRL"1'Cmf1El.D Huscrxs MCKINNEY TAr.1.ufEkRo, H. PRIVATES GAINES LEE, B. HEALAN MCGIMSEY IGOL' McLEl.1.Axn ISBELI. M.-xNs1fxELD JONES, B. N1I'l'CllELL Juan MORRIS . VVn.KEs THRASHER . . .DEAN MILLER . . .PAUL SWANK . EUGENE Loxsx' ERNEST GRAHAM . IRvxN STEELE VVn.1,xAMs, M. Gmcu Pl'I"1'MAN SCH Mun' STROUPE IQOMBR.-XS TRLIPIX I',xl.1AFERR0, G. Honorary CDfHcers Ifmirf Captain ARTHUR Smom Cndfl Ifajrlzrilz NV.x1.'1'rck Lmzfw lfndrl Cnjvlain FM' l'k1r:MoRE I.'mfr'I .First IriI'1ll'I'7lH711f RATHMI-:l.r. BROOKS Cmlfl lfirxi I,iful1'11anl liriokcri A1,Dlak lfmirf First l,irufvnm1t CARL Ihvls Cmifl Fin! l.iI'1lfl'7lC17Il NICKY Sl2N'1'l1:R Cmirl Fifxrl Lirulrzmrzi Dfwum TUCKHR Cmlfi Firxl I,il'Ilfl'llll7ll jmxvn II.xM:vxoxn Honor Cadets CADIVI' KRIIEGIER IIHNDERSON lffyl Drillzwf Corjmral, Comjmrly 'U7' C'An1i'1' JACK EFIRD lim! Drillnl Corporal, Cnnrjmny "IV C.-Xlllil' Bos f'.Xl.IJXS'EI.I. Ii,-xl Drillnl Cnrpnral, ffonrpany "C CADIH' HANES l,ANCAs'1'ER I3 4'W. Q 'I llrilfni Corjwral, lfomjmny "D C,wra'r j1MMs' An.-wls Iiwxl Drillfuf Cnrfmrnl, Company "lx" C.xmc'l' TOM BLM-',xl.0u' lirsl Dri!lr.I ffnrpoml, Thr Bllllrf Cfmm' BOB Dn.1,MAN Iirxt Drillmi "Rat" Nvfw Cadfl CAIJIFI' BURNIFI' SIZIQR limi Dfiflrui in Eigffllfz Cradw C',xmc'r jrrxcx Dxvrs liusl Drillrui in Smvlllfz Grzniw ATHLETICS Coach Bitsy Howard We can never in these few pages hope to pay due tribute to the man who through his earnest and most efiicient work carried an underrated grid team through the fourth undefeated season in McCallie football his- tory. In leaving our ole Alma Mater, we will always remember Coach Bitsyls splendid coaching on the hardwood court and on the baseball diamond, as well as his establish- ment of great football machinesg but one of his greatest traits that will continue to lin- ger in our hearts is his willingness and de- termination to help every boy that crosses his path on the playing field. FOOTBALL SQUAD r t lx t XX1lLer ll hid ulilt ron A du on E.. Hudlow, Sauxnlt-rs. Sibold. Alder, lNlcAshnn. Schlemmu Adair Sumul Ron lhsimick Tlntihu lawman Nlmphy, Nlontgrmmery, Nlcflallie, Logan, Young, Sims, Vlrjunlcin llmd Row Nixon Ita Pills Smithexmln Stnler, Willialiis, Nlason, Nlunroe, Henderson. C M S McILWAlNE Athletic Director The star'-studded foothall season tor tl1e year ot 1938 ls one that will go dow11 through the years at McCallie as an unforgettahlc o11e. The mighty Tornado, undcrrzited i11 its early stages, swept through a season that can proudly he hoasted of. C'oach "Bitsy" lloward, with the able as- sistance of C'o11t'l1es Buck lflowers Illlii Con Davis, turned in one of the most predominant seasons of his career dur- ing the 1938 season. Scoring 135 points to the opponents' twenty, the Blue Tornado swept through an enviahle sea- son with eight victories, no losses, and one tie. VVith ten lettermen l'CIllI'IliI1g from the season of 1937, C'oat'h Howard molded a squad which, under the cap- taincy of Arthur Sihold a11d eo-eapt:1incy of lid Anderson, showed much power in the opening game of the season when they overwhelmed tl1e IJUIICIHI eleven, 27-0. How- ever, this victory didn't i111press many as heing a game to test the power of the Blue grid machine, hut after the Blues tripped Notre Dame, 14-0, and then City, 6-0, it hecame an undisputed fact that the Ridgers were a strong eleven. The Blue eleven were first scored Oll in the fol- lowing gilllit' with Battle Ground Academy, when McCal- lie took a 24-14 victory. The most exciting game that the Blues played during the season was with Darlington at Rome, Georgia, H'l1t'Il tl1e Tornado took a 6-o victory' in the last forty seconds of play, After tl1e Bluemen sent the fastle lleights eleven hack home i11 a tail-hack position "BUCK" Ftowsns itr r Assistant Coach F00 of an I8-7 victory for the Blues, it appeared that McCallie would he a strong contender for the Mid-South thro11e. On the next week-end the Tornado celebrated a "s0-f:1r- so-good" season by taking the Asheville School for Boys ill a 47-o victory. The heartbreaking game of the season came on the next week-end when McCallie battled it out with the Baylor Red Raiders on a held of mud to a score- less deadlock-the o11ly blemish ill the almost perfect sea- son. On the following week-end the squad was awarded a trip to jacksonville, Florida, where they easily defeated the Bolles School i11 Il 13-0 victory. No single individual did a great amount of scoring, since the scoring was done hy the hackfield as a whole. However, Boh "Brick" Mason led the individual scoring hy racking up thirty-eight points. Special mention should he given to "Brick" here for making the All-State team, as well as the All-City team, hoth of which he certainly deserved. Nfllis hrief resume would not he complete with- out mentioning several other individuals who have all proved great assets to the team as a whole. The line work do11e hy Mr. McDowell as trainer, the splendid work do11e hy those two managers, Blackwell and Buiceg the efficient work do11e hy Cheerleaders Brooks, Sutton, a11d SIBOLD ANDERSON ALDER MCASHAN MASON CHARLES McDOWELL CON DAVIS Assistant Coach ALI.-' lienehtenhergerg the work ot Nlr. Nlellwaine on the busi- ness end: and that genius ot the statistics who we have all seen dashing np and down the held following the hide, Mr. Purdy-the work done lw all of these, who are really a part of the team, can eertainly not he appreeiated and thanked too mneh. A hrief resume of the games played hy the lilne Tor- nado during the season of 1938 follows: McCallie, 27: Duncan, 0 ln the opening game of the season, Niefallie, led lw C'aptain Art Sihold, defeated the Duncan Longhorns of Nashville, Teiniessee, under the are lights of Patten Field. Art Silwold, Captain and pivot man, tapped the keg for the season when he stepped into a Duncan pass and galloped 71 yards for the first touchdown. ln the seeond period, Mason netted a second touchdown and VValker a third. There was no seore in the third chapter, but lid Ander- son lmroke away on a 3l'f'lli'li tonehdown gallop in the tinal vhapter. iVall4er made three points after touchdowns from placements. Trainer McCallie, I4: Notre Dame, 0 The lilue 'l'ornado, appearing even more powerful than it had appeared in its opening game, seored a deeisive victory over the Notre Dame Greenies in a game that was paeltsd with thrills. The mighty Nlefallie forewall proved too strong for the invading eleven, so in the statisties the Greenies were ahle to show little yardage from serim- mage. The 'I'ornado wasted little time in getting started, and in the opening chapter scored the first marker when Adair, waiting in the end zone, took Andersonls 16-yard passg a minute later Adair's toe moved the score np to 7-0. There was no score in the second or third quarter, although the Blues offered many threats. 'ln the final pe- riod MeAshan scored from his own tifteen. VValker netted the extra point to luring the final score to I+-O in a victory for the lilue Tornado. McCallie, 6: City, 0 lVleK'aIlie finished its third game without being seored on when they handed City lligh a 6-o defeat in the two schools' thirty-fourth meeting. The scene of the mighty grid hattle was Chamberlain Field, which on that night seemed to he the dust howl, for sueh was the mightiness of that territie contest hetwern the old rivals. The two elevens were so evenly matched that at the end of the first MCCALLIE SENTER SMITHERMAN SAUNDERS LEA ww CHEERLEADERS surroN rmooxs Feucursnaeke-ER half it appeared to many that the conliict was going to end in a scoreless tie, hut shortly after intermission "Brick'l Nlason scainpered -13 yards into pay dirt for the only score of thc gznne, which meant victory for the Blues. McCallie, 24, B. G. A., I3 Bicfallie ehalltcd up its fourth straight win for the season when it trounced B. ti. A. in a thrilling game that was spiced with a field goal, an 80-yard touchdown gal- lop, and razzle-damle. Although B. il, A. scored twice on the Blues, not one morncnt in the lvattle did the de- fensive power of the 'l'ornado seem weak. lVicCallic made two ol' their three touchdowns on nine-yard runs, hoth heing made hy Mason and the other hy jim lNr1c.-Xsltan. Forest Adair, Blue halfhaek, spiced the game with a field goal. McCallie, 6: Darlington, O The mighty Blue Tornado once again came through in true story-hook fashion as they pinned a 6-o defeat around the necks of the l7arlington 'Litgers down at Rome, Geor- gia, hclore a capacity crowd that packed every nook and corner of the Darlington School's football stadium. Among the 2,100 fans in the stands were the McCallie students and hand, constantly cheering their tealn on to victory. As many ol' the fans began tiling out, convinced that the game would end in a goose-egg tie, the fireworks: sud- denly popped, and "Brickl' Mason plunged over from his own five-yard stripe for the marker in the last forty sec- onds ol' play, clirnaxing an eiglity-yard drive. The at- tempt for the extra point failed, hut it was not needed: the game was over, and lNIt'C'allie had just won itS fourth Nlid-South victory. McCallie, l8g Castle Heights, 7 McCallie roared through its fifth Mid-South victory when, hehind Adair's soaring punts and Senter's alertness, it defeated the cadets of Castle lleights on Patten Field to the tune of 18 to 7. All of the Tornado touchdowns go to "Nin1hle" Nicltey Senter, who shone in the spotlight throughout the entire game. Nickey's First touchdown came in the second quarter when he pounced on a blocked punt that was houncing around in the end zone. Nickey wasted no time in scoring again, and in the same quarter he caught Mclishanls fifteen-yard pass into the end zone. Nickey could receive no inspiration for his third touch- down until the visitors scored a touchdown on the first play of the fourth chapter. The third McCallie tally found Nick on the end of a pass from Mcfishan that was good for thirty yards. Thus, the mighty Blue Tornado was kept in the fight for the Mid-South prep crown. McCallie, 47: Asheville, 0 In cclelurating their so far successful season, the Blue 'l'ornado easily laid the Mountaineers aside as the Blue touchdowns came as follows: Mt'ASllllI'l t5-yard plungejg Rasnick C30-yZi1'Cl pass from McAshanig Kidd grabbed credit for two when he returned a punt fiftyfthree yards for a score and again when he returned an intercepted pass for seventy-seven yardsg Pitts also made two CIS- yard pass from Adair and a I5-yflfd plungeig Adair made one on a one-yard plunge. Adair made three points after touchdowns from placements, and Kidd one on a pass from Adair. Although the boys from thc mountains fell far from victory, they put up a strong scrap, which kept the game off the dull side. McCallie, Og Baylor, 0 The hearthreaker of the season came when the Tornado was unalile to hand its greatest opponent a defeat. Both teams lacked the knockout punch, which forced the game ADAIR WALKER LOGAN SCHLEMMER WILLIAMS l to end in a scoreless tie. lloth teams staged a mighty hat- tle, and Credit must he given the whole Blue squad tor staving off more than one Baylor threat. Although Adair's punting meant a great deal to the lilues, and although they staged what appeared to he a mighty tllreilt ill illH elosing minutes ol' the game, the 'l'ornado earne off the field after fighting their hearts out only to reeeive a goose- egg tie. lVleCallie's only hlemish. McCallie, I3g Belles, 0 The Nlcfallie lilue 'l'ornado played its last game ot . , , BLACKWELL the season when it dug deep Into the Southland to play Manage, liolles School of -Iacksonville, Florida. Although liolles showed its strength throughout the game, Nlef'allie was able to steal a I3-O vietory from them. Co-Captain lid Anderson attrihnted tor one seore as he broke off on a thirty-yard gallop, and then, later on in the game, lid l I tossed the hide to Her Rasniek for the tinal tally. 'l'hus, Pllltfll Illlll will he renieinhered for hrealung up many the Blue lornado finished a season that eaniwell he Plilbh llV1l.tVf'Vf'.1melUl7Tt'1l flU'0l'tlh'l'l5 lmflflfffl' The left boasted of. The 5m,,,,, ,.C5,,hed in tight Wim, one tie, guard position is one slot in the line that will not have and no 1,,,,,,e. ' to he worried ahout next year. The following men were awarded letters: CAPTAIN ARTHUR SIBOLD, M"-Center Captain Sihold, hy liis playing and never-say-die spirit, led the lilue Tornado through its third undefeated season in six years. Art played practically every minute of every game that the Tornado played, not only did Art play the game, hut he played consistent, heads-up toothall. Ile outrushed his opponent in every game, though outweighed, PAT WILLIAMS, M-End "Pretty Pat" was one of the hest Hankmen on the team, and his ahility to break up those attempted end sweeps proved to he a great asset to the team. Pat was one of the most likahle hoys on the team, and it was for this rea- son, plus his alertness as a toothall player, that he was eleeted to the position ol' eo-captain for the 139 season, Great things are expected lrom Pat next year, and he and tew gains were made through his position all Year. X,-,H hp hplnvd from in thi- lim, Art will certainly he missed on the lVleCallie gridiron next year, and the gap lelt hy his ahsenee will he hard BOB MASON, M..BaCk to llll "l5rit'lt," coming to Mefallie tor his first year in the tall of '38, was perhaps the hest all-round hack on the undefeated Tornatlo this year. llis line smashes and yard- gaining jaunts will he as hard to forget as that toueh- down whieh he made against Darlington in the last forty seconds of play and gave the '1'ornatlo a 6-o victory over the Tigers. "Brick" played foothall in the opponents' haekfield tor the majority of time and throughout the sea- ALTERNATE CAPTAIN ED ANDERSON, MH-Baclt Alternate Captain lid Anderson, though hampered hy injuries throughout most of the season, turned in an ex- eellent performance for the time that he played. His mighty line-hurlting proved to he very useful to the team, and when he got loose there was no stopping, as his hroken-field running was perteet. 1- son proved to he a constant threat to the enemy. "l3rit'k'l Due WB Bflill? tTcCC5T'?'lIEkl?'nM in Cigitrdpm If , H, e was high seorer on the lilue grid maehine, and it was 4' .. A ' 1 s:'s 1 t'etu u - - - - - -- . . . ' this nl uno w tl lis the " t. tl tt 1 ' l 1 5 t line, and for the determination that he showed throughout ,,,, ,hal ATl,g,l,,,1, :,,.,,g .,Nr,iiLill,,1 01,3 ,lilxll-lglR,,l,3iE Nm the season he was eleeted to the position ol captain for A M K' A ' ' ' the ,39 season. Dave sparkled in every game that he MUNROE HUDDLESTON YOUNG RASNICK MCJUNKIN WILLIAM SCHLEMMER, M--Tackle Schlemmer, with experience on the HB" team, came up to the varsity to make an excellent Iinesman and an out- standing tackle on the team. Sehlemmer's defensive play- ing was a great asset to the team and his vicious blocking paved the way for many of the backs' touchdown jaunts. NICK SENTER, M'-End Holding down that end position for the second straight season, Nicky showed his ability to snag passes and block punts. Nick's alertness has helped McCallie out of many tight spots, and he will really be missed next year. Nicky may he commonly known as "Three-'1'ouchdown" Senter, for his alertness gave him the only three touchdowns that McCallie made in the Castle Heights game. GORDON HUDDLESTON, M-Baclt lluddleston was a newcomer to the varsity this year, but despite his inexperience made an excellent broken-tield runner. Gordon will be hack next year and will figure largely in the backtield, as he is fast and can really lug th: mail. PETER YOUNG, M-Guard Peter came up from the third team to shine on the var- sity. Ile was not a llashy player, but a steady player who did his part every minute of the time that he was in the game. Pete is leaving a slot in the line that will be hard to fill next year, and he will be greatly missed. llis light and determination to outguess his opponent won him his letter UM." I76l "B" TEAM The results of the season were as fol- lie 13, Bradley of McCallie 0, Central and Nixon, XV., Simms, VV., Hudlow, Flowers, Thatcher, bl., Brown, AI., Dunn, B., Mc- Elroy, Pendelton, Brumby, Godsey, Goree, Harvey, and Snipes. THIRD TEAM The results of the season were: IWC- Callie 7, Central 6, McCallie 6, City 7, McCallie 6, Baylor 7, McCallie 0, Darlington 19, McCallie 7, Central o, McCallie 7, City 6, McCallie o, Dar- lington 6, and McCallie o, Lee High 7. Letters were awarded to Swank, Graham, Conger, Tinsley, Hardie, Da- vis, C., Ramsey, Belk, J., Godwin, Chapin, Sieving, Vllann, Caldwell, R., Greene, Millis, Amos, Milligan, F., Caulkins, Millar, M., and Managers linnett and King, C. FORREST ADAIR, M-Back Une of the main reasons that McCallie went through an undefeated season was the kicking of Adair. His long, spiraling boots which averaged close to forty yards will long be remembered in the minds of McCallie fans. For- rest was talented to place the ball in the enemyls cofhn corner, and it was this talent that put the opposing team in many a tight spot. His presence on next year's team will be welcomed. GEORGE ALDER, M'-Guard George was Mcilalliels second All-City man this year, and if any player ever deserved an All-City berth, he did. Not only did George make the All-City team, but he was chosen to be captain of the team. It is easy to under- stand why he was elected to such a position, because he was like a bull on defense and his rushes into the oppos- ing team's lwackfield accompanied by hone-breaking tackles made him the man to watch in our line. He will be greatly missed on next yearls Tornatlo, and his place will be mighty hard to fill. JAM ES MCASHAN, M'-Back .lim was probably the most consistent player in the lilue backlit-ld. It was his voice that harked the signals throughout MeCalIie's undefeated season, and it was his mighty line drives that put the Tornado out in front. ,lim proved that he could be depended on, and it was his ability to really play football that gave him a well- deserved berth on the TillI!'5I All-City team. lows: McCallie 7, Bradley 6, McCal- 6, and McCallie 0, Dalton 28. Letters were awarded to Co-Captains Murphy Adams, V., Henderson, LUKE LEA. M'-Guard Luke was a dependable reserve in a pinch and could always be counted on when sent i11. This was Luke's sec- ond year on the varsity, and his blocking and tackling throughout both years were always consistent and out- standing. Luke, being a two-year letterman, will be greatly missed next year. RAY WALKER. M-Baclt Ray was a 11ewcomer at McCallie this year, and it didnlt take long for him to show his ability in athletics. Ray easily made the football squad, and by his ability to boot those extra points and wham that line for any needed yardage earned him his varsity "M," SCOTT SMITHERMAN, M'-Tacltle Scott was one of the lettermen that returned from the previous year, and for the second year straight Scott shone as an outstanding tackle on the Tornado. Scott had that certain trait commonly known as "fight," and without him the Tornado would have certainly been at a loss. BER RASNICK, M-End Ber was held out of the Tornado lineup during the first part of the season due to the fact that he had a bad fin- ger, but toward the middle of the season he started play- ing and there was no stopping him. Ber was usually on the other end of the McAshan-Rasnick passing combina- tion, and Ber scarcely missed snagging one. Ber snagged two passes that netted two touchdowns for the Tornado, and it was this, along with his ability to smear the oppo- nents' end sweeps, that gave him a well-earned varsity letter. FOURTH TEAM The results of the season were: Mc- Callie 13, East Side og McCallie 7, Conasauga og McCallie 0, Conasauga 133 McCallie o, Sewanee og McCallie 6, Darlington 63 McCallie 26, Baylor 6, and McCallie 12, Sewanee 7. Let- ters were given to Caldwell, H., Join- er, Lowe, Eaves, Lynch, Hester, Diet- zen, VV., Levan, B., VVright, -T., Sizer, Adams, J., Lumsden, Robertson, H., Talley, Lancaster, Dennis, E., and Rothberger, E. FIFTH TEAM The results of the season were as fol- lows: McCallie 0, Lookout Mountain 13, McCallie 0, Brainerd 21, McC.1l- lie 28, Lookout Mountain og McCallie 0, Sewanee 52, and McCallie 0, Bay- lor 32. Letters were earned by Alex- HIlKiCI', liishop, Bugle, Brawley, Brock- ett, Caldwell, VV., Davis, J., Gardner, Harper, Hasselle, jones, R., Kincaid, Levan, -lr., Linam, Llewellyn, Mc- Grath, Rothberger, R., Taliaferro, H., Thatcher, H., XVade, XVilliams, A., and VVright, R. FRANK SAUNDERS, M'-Tackle Frank carrie back for the second time to earn his var- sity Frank showed that he could well be depended on when he broke up many of those attempted off-tackle plays made by the enemy. Frank is leaving a position that will be hard to fill next year, and it is with much regret that we see him go. HOWARD McJUNKlN, M-Tackle Although t'Baldy" was hampered with injuries through- out most of the season, he proved to he a powerful ram- r:1d against the enemy. In every game that l'Baldy" played he proved that he was a great asset to the team, and it was really a tough break against the Tornado when "Baldy" received a knee injury that kept him out during the last half of the season. WALTER LOGAN. M-End Logan came up from the "B" team to take away honors as the best improved lineman on the squad. His blocking was essential to the backs' end runs, and on defense his ability to break up end runs on his side of the line stood out. He was one of the most consistent linemen on the team, and he will be greatly missed next year. JACK BLACKWELL, M-Manager No football writeup could be complete without mention- ing jack and his efhciency as manager. jack was proba- bly one of the hardest working managers that ever hit a McCallie football team, and the student body, as well as the team and coaches, are sincerely grateful to jack and what he has done for the Tornado. , 5 fx .Mig gl 5' igsiifik' 3 Ag.: x SQ? SOCCCI' VVith only three lettermen from last year's squad ahout which to mold his team, Coach R. L. Nicfiallie built a fairly successful team, considering the team's share of adverse weather conditions, sicknesses, ineli- gibilities, and little experience. Although the team kept a line spirit throughout the season and was led by Captain Goree Nelson, one of the best soccerteers that ever hit McCallie, they were unable to boast a season any better than one win, four losses, and one tie. Cap- tain Nelson and "Storage" Davis proved to he the spearhead of the attack, but with little experience in the forward line they were unable to rack up many points. Nelson scored all points of the season with the exception of one, which was scored hy Dalton. Kedar Bryan, on the right wing, proved a threat, but was unable to score. Dawson, one of the returning lettere men from the previous season, kept the enemy ball un- field whenever it came dangerously deep in McCallie territory. Dunn and Hall, F., fought for the position Box Although the boxing team has no interscholastic sea- son, Coach Flowers has given it an important role in the sports of the school. Although Mcjunkin, winner of his weight in the local Golden Gloves match, was unable to fight due to an injured knee, Coach Flowers entered the following men in the 1939 Golden Gloves Tournament: Pendleton, Mc- Elroy, Badham, and Pietre. Al- though none of the boys were able to win in their weights, they all made a strong showing. Pendleton, a strong favorite with the McCallie fans, came almost directly out of the infirmary to take part in the tournament, but dropped his bout, probably due to his recent sickness. Mention must be given Pietre, who went to the second round, and Mc- Flroy, who went to the local finals. of goalie: but while Dunn probably claimed it, Hall was able to play in the forward line as well. In the opening game with Baylor, McCallie held a 1 to o lead until the closing moments of the final quar- ter, when Baylor placed one between the uprights to tie the game. However, in the next game with Baylor, McCallie was able to steal a decisive win, as the game ended 341 for Mcfallie. McCallie lost all four games with Asheville, the scores coming in the following order, respectively: 241, 4-0, 2-I, and 1-o. Special mention must be given the last game, as McCallie played a fine game throughout, but lost in the final seconds of the second overtime period. Letters were awarded to the following men: Bryan, K., Feutchenherger, Nelson, Bryant, H., Dalton, Davis, C., Dawson, Shannon, Boren, Hall, F., Dunn, B., Schlemmer, Chapin, VValker, Koella, and Dennis, man- ager. I Letters were awarded the following: Pendleton, Mc- Elroy, Badham, Pietre, and Feamster, manager, Basketball The 1939 basketball team failed to live up to pre-season expectations, and closed their sea- son with a record of eight wins and thirteen defeats. The Tornado cagers chalked up 601 points to their opponents' 618, won three and lost seven in the Chattanooga Prep league to finish fourth ahead of Baylor and Notre Dame, won six and lost Hve in Mid-South competition, and closed their season in the opening round of JAMES BIBER Captain E801 the Mid-South tournament by losing to the top- seeded M. B. A. team, which went on to win the tournament, by a 24 to 20 score. The team started off by winning five out of the first eight games, then hit a losing streak of seven straight, after which they split even in the final six games. The scoring was led by "Bern Rasnick with 155 points followed by Jim McAshan with 104, Captain "Gootch" Biber with 101, Alternate Captain Gordon Huddle- ston with 71, Arthur Sibold with 56, C. A. Massey with 55, Bill Lee with 46, John Belk with 6, Craig Schmidt with 2, and Pat Williams and Robert Cooper with 1 each. McCallie took the annual series with Baylor, winning at the Auditorium and on the home floor, and losing an overtime battle in the Baylor gym. Highlights of the season include the game in which they probably hit their peak for the season, the first Central encounter which McCallie won 29 to 23, paced by Ber Rasnickg the Darlington series with the home team win- ning in each case by a one-point margin, the game at Rome going two extra periods, and the final home game against Castle Heights when McCallie avenged an earlier defeat, and Biber rang up 17 points. McAshan and Rasniclc were both mentioned for all-city honors and Biber was selected on the tournament honor squad of eight men by the officials and sport writers. Letters were awarded to Captain Biber, Alternate Captain Huddle- ston, McAshan, Sihold, Rasniclc, Massey, Lee and Irwin Steele, manager. Huddleston and Massey return as a nuelues for the 1940 team. llIeCallie lXIeCallie lllCCallie GORDON H U DDLESTON Alternate Captain THE SEASON'S RECORD Chattanooga Frosh . Bradley. . Baylor . . . lNlCC:1llie Darlington . lXICCallie Notre Dame .... McCallie llfIeCallie CJ. RI. A. . Central . lVIeCallie Sewanee . lXIeCallie Bradley . lNIcCallie City . . . . MeCalli C .... The McCallie "B" team wound up a sea- son that proved to be much more success- ful than that of their larger hrfrthers hy taking thirteen games and losing only five. The season results were as follows: Mc- Callie 37, Bradley 32, McCallie 18, Ross- ville 19, McCallie 32, Notre Dame 365 McCallie 38, Notre Dame 21, McCallie 26, Darlington 18, McCallie 35, Central 325 Meilallie 15, Bradley 37g McCallie 32, City 405 McCallie 47, G, M. A, T51 McCallie 24, Baylor zog Mefallie 33, Red Bank 19, McCallie 26, City 295 McCallie 34, Darlington 19, McCallie 23, G. M. A. 21, McCallie 30, City 27, McCallie 22, S. M. A. 20, McCallie 29, Central 253 McCallie 60, Baylor 24. Letters were awarded to the following men: VVilliams, M, Montgomery, Belk, J., Schmidt, Ander- son, E., Brumhy, Tomhras, Murphy, Tucker, VV., Sutton, and Percy. IIBII IX'IeCallie. . hlCCallie. . lXIeCallie . lXleCallie . lXleCallie . IXIeCallie . llleCallie . lXIeCallie . lXfIcCallie . lNIcCallie. . 5 NI. B. A. . . 24 lyl. B. A. . . Castle Heights Baylor .... Notre Dame . Darlington . . Baylor . . . Asheville . . City . . . . . Central . . . Castle Heights TEAM BASKETBALL T811 JUNIOR SOCCER Front Roux' Downey, Bishop, Sherrill, Lowe llester, Rivers, Perry, Buvhanzln, Bogle S1'f'n11t1' Rnfw: Robertson, A., Mcilimsev, Hart NViII4inson, Cl., lnzcr, Pabst, I.yni:h, I.c- vall, J., Cooper, L. I THIRD BASKETBALL Frou! Rofw: Joiner, Caldwell, R., Glllman Gaynes, Fuqua, Kelly, V., Green, Chapj IUZIH. SITVIIIJ Row: McCoy, Igou, Edmondson, Hen- derson, VV., VVann, Caulkins, Amos, Dunn, M., Blancharcl. Tffirtl Rafts: Dennis, E., Conga-r, Bnffaloe, Belk, I., Siimson, T., Hooper, Mitchell. Neill. I FOURTH BASKETBALL Frfnzf Rom-.' Liner, Baron, Gardner, Carriage ton, Trupin, Robinson, j. .S'I'mz1.1 Rrmc: Stimryon, B., 'I'aIIey,E.,Adams, bl., VViIIiums, If., l,ancastcr, Riley, Fin- ney, Harvey, 'l'., Reese. Third Rofwf Sims, M., Hales, U., Kincaicl, Mt'Amis, Roihhfrger, E., Rogers, Thomp- son, 'l'rihIwIe. I FIFTH BASKETBALL Fran! Roux' Arcliie, VVl'igl1t, R., Davis, J., Verran, Ihatvher, Il., VVacIe, -Tones, R., Corhett, Linam. S'wrr11nlIlom'.' Bright, llarpcr, Smith, G., 1 Magrath, Siler, Saul, Lalimore, Wil- liams, S., Rothlwerger, R. Tlzird React l,lewelyn, Frere, Hassell, Hales, NI., Birtl, Bishop, johnson, T, Levan, J. Swimming The McCallie swimming team for the year 1938 finished a very successful and eventful season by win- ning seven of their nine meets, in addition to capital- izing the season with winning the Mid-South swim- ming champion:hip. l'nder the alale coaching of Mr. F. B. Benton, and under the essential captaincy of Goree Nelson, the Blue Fi-h not only finished a season hy taking the majority of their meets, hut they clipped five school records. The opening mtet of the season found the McCallie fish handing Centr:1l a 40-26 defeat at the Chattanooga Y. M. C. A., despite the fact that Central had two Southern A. A. If winners. An outstanding event of this meet was the surpris-ing defeat of the Central tankmen in lwoth relays. Un the following week-end, lWcCallie traveled to Knoxville to take part in the Cniversity of Tennessee invitatim meet. The meet ended in a tie, with hnth McCallie and Chattanooga Central scoring 21 p.ints. Together McCallie and Central won all the first places of the meet. A surprise defeat over Darlington, the 1938 champs, was staged on April oth, when the Blue tankmen were alwle to ezlge Darlington out in a 36-30 win for Mc- Callie. The meet looked as if it would end in a "toss- up" until the last event, when a relay team, composed cf lioella, Mclilroy, and lEryan, came through with a victory to give McCallie the win. Castle Heights was the next victim of the Blue Fish, as McCallie easily downed them, 4.4-22. VViLh McElroy and Shanltel carrying away the individual honors, Mc- Callie managed to win six out of eight first places. Castle Heights was weak in the dashes, and McCallie took all advantages, which gave the Blue tankmen a decisive victory. i831 Although the City meet found McCallie minus five men, McCallie put up a terrific battle and took second place witl1 41 points. The main event of the meet found Koella, Bryan, McElroy, and Shankel breaking the first school record in two years hy winning the I6C-j'Hl'll relay in the fast time of 1 minute, 23.6 sec- onds. The next meet found McCallie in vie with Darling- ton in the home tank on April 30th. The Tigers from Rome, Georgia, managed to take only two out of eight first places in a meet which McCallie took, 37 to 29. Un May 5th the Blue tankmen once again met Cen- tral. After their fourth meeting of the season, Central was ahle to take a hard-fought lwattle from McCallie by winning, 35-31. Kedar Bryan broke the old back- stroke record, which was held jointly hy Peck and Marvin, hy swinnning the race in 1 minute, 31.1 sec- onds. ln the meet following, McCallie again handed Cas- tle Ileights a defeat, this time by 4+-22. In this meet the iso-yard medley relay record was clipped by Bryan, Grier, and Mclilroy, who swam the race in III .I. 3 The final meet of the season found McCallie taking th: Mid-South championship in the McCallie pond, winning with 63 paints. Darlington placed second and Castle lleights third, lioth taking 43 points and 37 points, respectively. Shannon proved to he high point man with IZTQ points to his credit. Bryan hroke the Mid-South baekstroke record, and Koella, Bryan, Shan- non, and Shankel hroke the 200-yard free-style relay record to end one of the most successful swimming seasons held at 1N1cCallie. Lettermen are Bryan, Koella, McElroy, Shankel, Nel- son, Feuehtenbcrger, Grier, Shannon, and Young, manager. Tr Vndcr the eapahle coaching of Coach Bob McCallie, the 1938 track season turned out to he a successful one, considering that only four lettermen returned from the previous season. Taking more victories than were an- ticipated, Co-Captains Earl DeMoe and Powell Snipes led the cindermen through a season of three wins and two defeats. Fastle Heights, Morristown, and the Asheville School for Boys were all defeated, while Baylor and CI. M. A. stole wins over McCallie. rf. EARL DeMOE Captain, I938 6 l-541 ck The Blue cindermen inflicted a decisive victory over Castle Heights in the first dual meet of the season. Two strong features of the meet were the sweeping of the 880 by McCallie as they took the three first places lDeMoe, Tucker, and Belk, I., respectivelyl, and also Kidd's victory in the 220 as he swept in way ahead of the flock. Mainly due to ineligihilities, McCallie lost the next meet in a close score of 55-50 in favor of G. M. A. The highlight of this meet was DeMoe's mile run. His 4:45 ripped down the school record, which was then held hy Bill Stutz, who had set it in l922. Kidd easily swept the loo and 220, coming within one-tenth of a second away from a 22 flat on the 220. A superior team from Baylor easily won over Me- Callie in the next meet as McCallie lost hy a score of 8352-3652. However, Earl DeMoe again featured in the meet as he hlazed the mile in 4:43.6, once again hrealting the school record, this time his own. Billy Kidd's and VVilkes Thrasher's victory over Cushman and Silverstein in the 220 proved to he another fine feat of the meet. The Morristown team proved to he an easy victim of McCallie's, as McCallie defeated them by the score of 76-46. Once again Earl DeMoe proved to he the toast of the cinders as he clipped his mile record with a blazing .t:4o.9. Billy Kidd again galloped to his usual victories in the loo and the 220. McCallie managed to win third place at the Mid- South meet as Kidd and Hall scored upsets by defeat- ing Cushman and Ryan, respectively, Kidd once again whipped Cushman in the loo and 220, while Hall romped home in the 220 hurdles, setting a new meet record of 26.5 while breaking Jim VVhite's old record Traclc of 27.2. Sickness prevented DeMoe from taking part ill the mile run, but he won second place in the 880. In the last meet of the season the Blue trackmen made a trip to Asheville, North Carolina, where they were able to inflict Il win over the Asheville School for Boys for tl1e first time ill eight years. The 880 was clinched hy Sihold and the mile hy Tucker. Thrasher took a third place in the too and a second in the 220, and also was a mcmher of the winning relay team. Biber won the broad jump as the rest contributed their share to Il worthy cause, thus ending a successful sea- son for the Blue cindermen. The SCZISOIIYS high spots were: lIall's 26.5 seconds performance on the 220 low hurdles, which set a Mid- Eiouth Meet recordg the mile relay team's record of ERVIN HALL Captain, H39 3236.3 fcomposed of Sihold, Kidd, DeMoe, and Halll, and the record for the mile run set by Earl DclVIoe, his time heing 4:4.o.9. Special mention must be given De-Moe for also slashing the cake-race record, an an- nual event held in the spring at McCallie. The following are Mid-South records held by Mcfallie athletes: 1oo-yard d :ish-Bob And ridge ..... . . . . . . .10 seconds f1936l 220-yard dash-Bob Andridge . . . ..... . . .... 22.1 seconds H9365 120-yilfil low hurdles--Billy Wilson ............... 14.6 seconds QI935J fTicd for record with Evans of Castle Heights and Jones ol' Darlingtonj 120-yard high hurdles-Ilunt Collins , 220-low hurdles-Ervin llall ..... hlile relay tSihold, DcMoe, Hall, Kiddj . Discus throw-Russell Tate . . . . . Javelin throw-Bill McKay . . Broad jump-Collins 'llhurman . ....,.. . . . .17 seconds LI937D . . . 26.5 seconds 61938, . . . 3136.3 seconds 119385 . .117 feet, Illi inches llglgl . . 163 feet, X inches fI932b . . 21 feet, 3 inches C192SJ MILE RELAY TEAM Holders of the Mid-South Reccrd: Arthur Sibold, Earl DeMoe, Bradford Kidd, Ervin Hall Baseball The McCallie baseball team for 1933 had a mod- erately successful season with tour wins and seven losses. If the team had not h.-en hampered by adverse weather eonditions at the beginning of the season, whieh Caused them to lose many valuable days of praetiee, they would probably have had a mueh better reeord. The team started the season by slipping into a slump, but as the season progressed they snapped out of it and went on to take four of the last seven games. The pitching staff was eomposed ol' "VVitnpy" Jones, who did most of the hurling, "Fireball" Chastain and Forrest Adair. "XVimpy" turned in two victories against tive losses, while C'hastain turned in one vic- tory against two losses. Adair had a perfect reeord for the season with one victory in as many starts. He is hack this year and should really go places. jones and Adair led the batting with averages of .382 and .368, respectively, which helped the team average, 269, a good hit. Co-Captains H. H. llarvey and "Butch" liarnes led the lielding with their shoe- string catches and flawless pegs. lieeause of the play of jones, Adair, and Harvey they were placed on the seeond All-City team, and also received s0tTl9 votes for the first string. Uoaeh Howard awarded letters to eleven players, who were as follows: Vofflaptains liarnes and Har- Third Team vey, jones, Davis, C., Adair, Chastain, Dalhn, Efird, Davis, Dunn, McAshan, and Payton. A letter also went to Lee, XV., for his managing the team and help- ing the team by his excellent spirit. This season the tsam has about the same schedule as last year, with possibly one or two additions. There are five lettermen baek from last year's team, being led by Captain 'lStooge" Davis, and these with the Wealth of raw material in school should he able to produce a wellerounded team. Lettermen returning are Captain Davis, Adair, McAshan, Efird, and Lee, YV. LAST YEAR'S SCORES Central . . 22, McCallie . . 2 Bradley . . . 5, Nleflallie . 2 City High . . IO, MeC'allie . . 2 Darlington ..... 14g Mt-Callie , . 1 Georgia 'lieeh Frosh . 23 Mefallie . . 5 Bradley ..,... 75 Mefallie . 5 Pity High . , 6: lVleC'allie . . 7 Darlington . . 122 Mefallie . . 4 S. NI. A. . 3, iNlef'alli:- . I2 S. M. A. . 4g MeCallie . . II Central . . log McCallie . . 5 Fifth Team Golf Considering that the season was opened with only two lettermen returning, the McCallie golf team, under the co-captaincy of Bill Tucker and john Steiner turned in a fairly successful season. VVith the addition of new linksmen, Mr. Sager was able to mold a team which' turned in five wins and three losses for the 1938 sea- son. Darlington, G. M. A., Central, Ramsey Tech, and Baylor were all beaten once, while Darlington defeated the Blues once, and Baylor beat the Tornadoes twice. VVatt, Huddleston, VValker, j., Blackwell, VVillis, Jones, H., and Train all tried out for the team, but jones, H, and Train were selected to round out the foursome with Huddleston as alternate. McCallie defeated Baylor for the first time in three years, as the Blue linksmen turned back the river-rats II I-2 to 6 1-2. The team made a good showing in the tournaments during the season. Bill Tucker won the Vniversity of Tennessee Invitation and also tied for first place in the driving contest there.' The team was well up in the running in the Southern Prep Tournament, sponsored by the Chattanooga Rotary Club, but fell just short of winning. The lettermen for the season were Bill Tucker, John Steiner, Harry jones, Leroy Train, and Gordon Hud- dleston. Tucker and Huddlestcn are the only lettermen returning, hut a very good team seems to be in store for '39 with some of the reserves along with some of the new boys. ennis The tennis team under the leadership of Captain "Lannyboy" Frazier and tlre able coaching of Coach "Buck" Flowers turned in perhaps the best athletic record of the 37-38 year with ten wins and one loss. The loss was to Baylor by the score of 3-4. This loss cost the team the City Championship and spoiled a perfect season. The Blues beat Central 7-o twice and City 6-I twice, and they also beat Baylor 4-3. Out-of-town teams were beaten badly by the Blue nettcrs as Darlington was the only team that was able to score on them. McCallie beat Darlington by the scores of 5-2 and 4-2. Kingsport, Ci. M. A., and john- son City were all blanked, and the "B" team beat the varsity from S. M. A. by the score of 5-I. The team tied for first in the Mid-South tournament with Baylor and M. B. A., all with' I3 points. Frazier went farther in the singles than any other member of the team hut suffered defeat in the semifinals. Both doubles teams, composed of Frazier and Littleton and Anderson and Percy, went to the semi-finals. Letters were awarded to the following members of the squad, ranked in order, for their play during the season: Captain "Lanny" Frazier, "Phin" Percy, Gus Littleton, Ed Anderson, Vernon Kelly, Jimmy Hick- man, and T. G. Brown, manager. The team lost three of its members by graduation, but with three lettermen returning and several new boys in school, who can really knock the cover off of a tennis hall, the hopes of this year's team are far from low. GOLF TEAM Lffi fo Righl: STHNER, TUCKER HUDDLESTON, -loses, II. TRAIN TENNIS TEAM Lffr m Right: HICKMAN, PERCY FRAZIER, ANDERSON Kmm' COACH Frowmzs Monogram Club ARIIIIIR SIIsIII.II .... I IIIIILIRII M CJLI NK1 N 1211 .ANIJHRSUY . . . xV:XI.'1'HR FrIIzIeII5'I' AIJAIR f,IIiURfIE AI.l5HK JAMES BIEEIQ JACK BI,AcIcwI:I.I, KIZIJIXR BRIAN CARI. DAVIS JACK 1iIfIRIm -IIIIIN FI5LIcII'I'I5NEERr:IsR IZRWIN II.-II.I, GQRIIIIN lIL.TlJlJI.FS'l'ON VERNON KIaI,I.Y OI'l7lCERS M EEIEERS RICIIARII KOEI,I,.4 IZIIIIIE LAWMAN LIIKE LEA BILI, LEE U. A. MASSEY -I.,xIvIEs MCASIIAN ID.-XYIIJ MCCAIIIE CII-IORCH MCELROY Bon MASON Bon MUNROI-1 CIOREE NELSON PIIINIZY PERCY I881 Tr . . . . 1'rf'.vid4-nl , lYit't'-P7'F.YidPI1l . Srfrflary f'H.YlH'I'f BER RASNICK FRANK SAUINIIEIIS BII,I. ScHI.EIvIMER NICKX' SENTER Scum' SMITHERMAN CIIEs'I'-ER SIEPIIENS VVIIIKES TIIRASIIER DAVID TUCKER RAYMOND NVALKER PAT VVII.I.IAIvIs PETER YOUNG I'I'I'I'I'I' IITI- I' IT V I' I' Vrrr UDGANIZATIUNS N FD ANDERSUN . ARTH UR SIBOLD . lin LAVVM,-KN . . LUNNIE I,l'.XISIJIZN julfis T.XI.I.EX' . ICD .ANDERSON . The Senate FIRST TERM SECOND TERM HOWARD RIQRILNKIN . lin I,.xwx1.xN . XVULLE AIUNES . tlfxmlfs T,-XI,I,EY . l9l1 . SI'l!I1f07'-f1f4IJIlI'gP . Srnior Swmfor . Junior Swmtor Sofwlzonzore Smmtor I'wl'FXl11llI1II Svnamr . Sf'I1llfOl'-Hf-LIl1'g6 . Swnior Slillllffll' . Junior Snmlor Sofvlzonmrc Svnrzfor .Fl'l'SlIl1lfl7Z SFIIIIIOI' STUDENT COUNCIL Frou! Rofw: '11ALLEY, J., KOELLA HUICE, EFIRD, J. Bark Rofw: LEA, L., STE1al.1f, IIAMMOND Mk. A. L. BURNS, HALL, E. MCJUNKIN Y. M. C. A. CABINET IVICJUNKW . . Prrsideni lIAMMoNn . . Vin'-1'rw.sident S1 lfEI.E . . Snnlary PREFECTS Front Rofw: Bmcrt, Amos, R., Locum: DAWSON, C. Earle Rofw: KC7El.l.A, '1'ucu1ak, W., Prckcv VVo0n, H., Liss, VV. GLEE CLUB 1.,f1 In Riylzl: Chairle- Ilxmlie, David McChwlwy, Gene lnkey, Rathmcll Broolw, David 'l'uc'kur, Craig Schmidt, Bill junvs, Viston 'l':1yl0r, .lou Buice, Sum Cziudili, lmmamlvl Sieving, Dean Millcr, Henry Cxirriugtmi, Henry McKinney, lfrcd Milligan, Angus McLeod, Curl Iluggins, Fri-rl llurris, :xml Dan Anderson. ORCHESTRA limi' Roar: Rzlthlnell lirunk-, Cfilig' Schmidt, Henry ixil'KiIlIlCf', XIZIITIC4 NICfiill1ft'f', Hill live. l'ru11! Roux' C1111 Milligan, NUYIIIQIII xi1lllNTTEili, Hill jornw, Nil: Harm--t, -Tue Buirc, Irvin Steele, Carl Huggins. HOP COMMITTEE Ifruzll Roms: Robert Cooper, VVultcr Lugzln, Yistmi Taylor, Nil Anclerson, Arthur Sihold. liafk limo: Chzxrlus Horen, Iframk Saumlvrs, Erwin Hull, Ilnwzircl Mcjulikin. gi TAY LO R LOGAN Tfhis yvar ai late start luuidicappvil the staff of the PIZNNANT, but hy diligent work this was 0YCI'COIllL', and thc hook was com- pleted iiiilue tiuic. :Ks is thc- aini of the staff of L-very ycarhook wc have striven through our chlnts to counnlr an accurate record of the Icadhlg evcnts of dns svhool year. llinvcvcr, the prhnc purpose for which wt' c'ndc'z1vorc'il in the l,liNN.'XNT was riot so uiuch a recorth as a nicnroraiuluin of things winch are dear to us aH and xrhich will bring us unlimited pleasure in later life. If this piuqvose is accrnnldidicd in some manner, Wu will fc-cl that our work lias not hcvn in vain. The Visrox r1i.UI,0R . xv.-XLTER I,m:.xx . PETER Youxc . HOB Daixrox . lin Awmzkscm . lioB1'o1'la. . . PIIINIZY PIERCY . Ronzem' COOPER . . j.xMrs Ilimmoxn . DICK NHIIJILXRT , XVILLI.-XM '1'l'CKER . ARTHLJR Sinurn . FAY PRIGMURE . . IMMANUIZI. Susvmc jim Hoovlik , . . FRANK SAUNDERS . Pennant STAFF . 11551. litkirioli XVHVII-ISIIJIS, . . ICDGAR LMVMAN . . ROBERT SIRIAIET . jfuvus STIMSON . . VVILLIAM IIUm.ow . MARK IIAvs . . VIRGH, ADAMS . FRANK HARRIS . . .Ifditm'-ill-Chirf , Ii11.rim'Xx jltllllljlff . .lssofizzlr Erfifllf . . ,llhlvlir Iiifilor . Milifary lzllilor . . Class Editor . , Class Iidilor . Feaiurn Ifflilor . . Frafurr liilimr l'flr11ngjraj'rf1i1 lflfilor' . . . Copy liflifnr . . flssislant Editor -1dfvrrli,ving 1Hanag,'r f1dfu."rIi.vi1zg MIIlIflffl'lA flsxl. fltfllrfiz' Editor Assl. Fealurf Iiflilor . .Cvpyisl . gldSnlir'i101' , .-1i1Sulifilor . Ai1Snlif-itor . Hd Snlirilor . AtlSnliri1or . Hd Solifitor . A'dSn1if'itor T941 The Tornado .lack XVn.KivsoN Iixi' Piumioiui . Visrox 'I'Ax'r,oR . Roni-:Ri Darirw . -lures llnixioxn Riciuium Nlnll1llARHl' ROBERT Nixrw . RUUER1' Pom-3 . . STAFF lfi1il9l'-ill-Cllilhfi . .lfflfllllllfllf - .LT.r.mcial1' . .Sjworlr . . . .-lsrsfzfflllf' . . .I,v.mfial1' . . .4,r.mrialr . . - .Y.r.fmial1' Fdilnr 1fdfl0l' Ifdimr Edilor Ifrfilnr Edilvr Edflnr Q'iii5s'i'rR S'1l-'mirxs , . . l.'irru1alimz llanagfrr REPURTERS HENRY CAULKINS lin CHAPIN -Ion HUUPEK JOHN Moi-'i-'A'r BARN.-ikn lNll'RPHEY IMMANUI-Ii. Sirzvmo TOM Si IMSON Bijki HIGH XVHII r-:Sim-i Amillik Sinorn jim MCASHAN WILKINSON PRIG-MORE The Tornado has appeared this year as a regular six-week publication. By the splen- did supervision of Mr. R. L. McCallie, fac- ulty advisor, and the assiduous efforts of a loyal staff, the high standards of preceding editions have been maintained. This year it has been a special purpose of the Tornado to be of interest to the grad- uates of McCallie by featuring a series of l'Alumni Notesf, Also, its efficient report- ing of campus activities has brought much enjoyment to the student body. I '95 fl . - ' , ', f ,,,,-g5':g"f"x 'WK' ' 'gif :,,, 71 K . , 'W -W ,, jf J-ff' 'T' ' " H v , 'L 'R' .MQ M gf. mW.f'f A ,4' z' 'iA2"'!h1f?f:,-f-1,-x,,.-I-.,',f?-fv A ws Q if l l 'l W F ff QA 'ii 515 Vg., fax v, ,QQ 1 8 X fi 5. 5 I H5 4' i-f 'IQ wfewfs W .Q N wwai ? . S x ' ' f- ,..-. N-4 i 2 N' I fr..- w , . W ' ,ms ww , 59 5 fy : , ., AES, .wifi ' 21 ri' f z 1 , M V :gk s ,N . Q ,lm 4 A.,Wg rg, ,JN W' 4 . ,A 4 w V1 ' an 'W'- W yi w Q, W w1r4ufFL M- ' . . . .xx -. , ,,,, I ,, is ,WG 7 if - . U ff - .- ' - J, f x A w X fvgx fvgx WMN Q-5, . A f- ,J , ,f H VA- ML- , , ,. Qs-, fm,-7,-1 ,X 9 . .. ' I -. .'.f,.,,,,v. 7 . lx by F Q ff'-Q f. . ll ' t wff- A 1' W W V V W W H Wim Vi X . ' -.N ' N tv , -sf: E21 K' 'i X W U 'rw 1 ,,-N I . use Y 9' Q " Y ' ,Q v X ,Q , . ,,,.., ,....., , . ,ff--1 N... va W f" 3 ' , S 3' ,,....,..M .M , , ,F L, ,5 , . X. A . ffm X Q' 1 U Nj, nj!-s NU! q fm-,fr ', . 1, ' 1 Y.,- Q f Q Q , W L-35, 5 axe uf iwX?'Rvgf' Y ,X 1 . , A N get , ,A as ff as 9 rj-A xi " , 'W'., W' :VV wg Q?53"8Q,f , M xii A . , : V kg! fe I W nj 'ff' v f 1 - 1 if Ei A ,Q HT U I H L. w ki .4 j. I gi' MN A L , U iv vu x gifs, N N' WNW N N w 45 59 invf3,f",5 f-YT 1,4 ure ' U s Y Q 'Tiff 3, . . A ,- . K UQ, W , nv, .y Aw W 'v -w.-mga if ,, X- .M Q f wma if J W - 'A W Q f'-Im' 1 V V'-Z3 ii lf ZF Q s wr is Q' sl ,i if' Q Q ,QQ x ' 1 .ig I ' 5 fi 2' , X 1 " W W W V M fa 6, VV X M' Q N. W, ' 35 ,,.n ' " ' ,VJ Ns , I , K 'Il 9 , Q at if H , 'L lw' A Q U A . Y if if f in -X' R4 k I 13 ".k . W My XLA, O Q F ' Lux ' 2 ' 'Al 'ir . R'2f' .f,,1.,n2'f-M-M1,: Q , 1 wif ' ,-wi TT" ff-W-fff 2, if fr. if if v ww -1 rs W W Q " fi 53 V f 'K " x X' f' " 1. 7,4 bf X K i x as QM' 'ff kr X 5 Ng fs ' A i 53 fax Wm: 'T A H -.Q h Q ' it 1' ' A '15 ,AN rjfj ,ix ' g N 2 'l , L 'N W Mi' Y , I V A h v ' it A E-. f , ji- ' ,:a.Q, V f , , Mig' ' ? ' Q 5 il U U li ,, ,f Lf'fl- w , 'W sf HN V' .em f n Qi Q, ,,b.A bjwj W . f ' RL' n 15 A 1 'Lf " , . 1 N7 , ,, W - , W . 1 , j if I - QD ,L A :Tj 'P "1 312 . "M, J-X ' X . W fl. X i , . 1 . W , was , x W A, if . V . . . ', M ' l ' 1 . W Q ... v ,- - ' ' V 1 1 W? '- ,:.. ""'-X VY Q 1 fxf' WCW f 1 0 FT 'V z El? fl xUf:, U,bbf1-N, U v 'x?ed hQ'A W., f ,i--g:'7,f1Q7 rw 'W U si L 15 5? Keo Kio Established in 1939 In Recognifion of LOYALTY-HONOR-SERVICE MCCALLIE 11 o :fx O S? I9 5 9 CHARTER MEMBERS FAY PRTGMCRE ....................,..... Presidenl IAIONVARD PHILIP MCJUNKIN ,..,... ....... I 'zre-Przsidrnt WALTER VVELLS LOGAN . . . . . . . Secretary and Treasurer EDWIN BRABSON ANDERSON SAMUEL ERVIN HALL ARTHUR PLEASANT STBOLD ELECTED RIEMBERS ROBERT GOREE NELSON, JR. PETER MARSHALL B. YOUNG NIEMBERS IN FACULTATE MARSHALL JACKSON FLOWERS ROBERT LEWIS MCCALLIE IIOOT 1+ 9 Hi' 4,41 FEATUIQES MISS DOROTHY LIENNESSEE "PENNANT" SPONSOR for VISTON TAYLOR. EDITOR MRS. IZ. NEUHON LOGAN "PENNANT" SPONSOR for WALTER LOGAN, BUSINESS MANAGER MISS MARY KATHERINE ERED BATTALION SPONSOR for MAJOR ED ANDERSON IIIISS IIZZIE IIQIE ALLISON IIIISS EDIIII MARION SMITH IIIISS DOI20IIIY IIIAIZDE COMPANY "B" SPONSOR COMPANY "C" SPONSOR for 'for CAPTAIN ROBERT COOPER CAPTAIN CHESTER STEPHENS A ' I I mn IHISS ANNE IIIXON COMPANY "D" SPONSOR for CAPTAIN FRANK SAUNDERS NIISS ANN HUNT B A N D S P O N S O R for CAPTAIN WILKES THRASHER IIIISS MAIZY IIAYNES COMPANY "E" SPONSOR for CAPTAIN THOMAS STIMSON IIIISS ANNE MGJUNKIN STUDENT COUNCIL SPONSOR for HOWARD MCJUNKIN PRESIDENT IIIISS MARY KING SENATE SPONSOR 'for ED ANDERSON PRESIDENT IIIISS JANE MIIUNKIN Y. M. C. A. SPONSOR for HOWARD McJUNKIN, PRESIDENT ,!'.,pI MISS ALICE IIAIII SENIOR CLASS SPONSO for HOWARD McJUNKIN, PRESIDEN MISS MAIIYEIIIEII MUSEBECK FOOTBALL SPONSOR for ARTHUR SIBOLD, CAPTAIN MISS BETTY IIIAICIIIQIZ "TORNADO" SPONSOR for JACK WILKINSON. EDITOR MISS BETTY MARGARET WAII MISS MAIZY LOUISE EVANS BASEBALL SPONSOR TRACK SPONSOR for for CARL DAVIS, CAPTAIN ERVIN HALL, CAPTAIN IHISS MARY ELLEN BURTON HIISS MARY KATHRYN KENNEDY MONOGRAM CLUB AND MILITARY SPONSOR M I LIT A R Y S P O N S O R for for ARTHUR SIBOLD PRESIDENT AND HONORARY WALTER LOGAN HONORARY CAPTAIN CAPTAIN IHISS JAYNESHUTTING KEO KIO AND MILITARY SPONSOR for FAY PRIGMORE PRESIDENT AND HONORARY CAPTAIN We -sew 16 . V- f K fi Q ' as E ' A ' M A. Q,-g'.,:fa ' Gigi? :, J mf!! fk x v K WNW I WW . .. ' gnxfl-'uf I gafszim - Aygsaim fwsa,-, Mm my vfvsfzl, S A iff 5"-eif'f15g?Q:11gi f ff? , Q Q5 . :M kc Km? 'iz S5 S fsggw .1 I V gh. McCallie takes chargef The play cast, Mildred and Gene. Mary Kathryn, David, and Betty. Golden Glover McElroy. Krieger and Mary. Bob, Betty, and Ellen. Bite one! The quints. Officers' bull session. Heil, Taylor. The president visits Mcffal- lie. Coach Redfern. Asleep in the deep fof a French lzooki. Off lo Darlingtonl Get out! Up an' at 'em. "Little Bull" Pitts. Our punter. Brekin, the record. At the rninstrel. Mr. Bob at desk. Hold 'em upf Look to the front, Schivrf Maestro Purdy. Hep, two, three, four. Here's the answer to the fire alarms. Doctor. The coaches Work, for a change. Fixin' up the track. "Mistakes at the Blakey" Dennis and Doctor look 'em over. Fire drill. Fire! Spence and Jo. A good platoon' Chef! Over the pole. Look at that step! "Gentlemen, I hate to do this, but-U Swing itl I'Vild Bill. ' wa fl ,yn M' -ww f ,..... MW 'pi 453' av, -, 1 4 I IL -fzffriiit V M ,JL ww -w Q-1 f Q, W 91 M ffwiffifff 55 i - V -1, fy , i fit, SER' I, wrmf-fmL.Q, ' -7 ' iff f if 1.2922211541-..s1'f1-1 - ff--- ,mf-gff -Tw, ,owi .,V. L. , N:gg1qm,1 A :iw iz? 2fiY??if5L , ' 1, 1 f X msg4Q:yW,A,,,M mmfmftg I asf 53 -1 4 .ff 5,2 H ,Mfr ' x :1'ffTJ'Iii?f5ii:Li, 5,2 15 Wfqmnv fi ', 11. vi me ,.L,.,,g, .V K mms W. 'X - -,..,g.v: H of , 5 5 5 R ew ,w, 5. 1 Pennant Selections lin ,ANIYIERSUN . . . .Wuxi I'n,I11zlar 1111.1 lim! .Vililury lluffnfw ARIHIR SHZHIJJ . ..,,.,.,,, Um! lfo11r'lrf111.v jfxcx NV1l,K1NsoN . ...... Moy! .flrrnf11n1fnlnii1zy1 .IIMMN BANKS . ......... Mr1.vl11r'iflia11l -IIIHY Pxkki . . , .lluyl xfllilffllh' am! Iirxvl Sfllifll' Ru! XYx1,'Hk l.frf.xx' .... ..... I iigfgffzvf I,a'lir.v .xlllll "IiR1uC' Muni . . . ,,.,....,.. .,....,. I hu! ,llfflrlr Pmn-'assuk S. j. ML'C',xl,1.11a .,...,,.,..... ....,. I iiggffxrl lin!! Slmnlw' Mk. Sm-:NCI-'K Md'.x1.l,llf, jk., und NICKICY "lf1NmsR" SISVIICR . . . Tir for Sflflilal liigfyffxvl liull Sfmnlvr lin l,xxxx1,xx ....,.,......, .Hvsl l'f1jv11Im' .luuinr ami lim! .Yun-l,'r1flzlllixyirfrlnl Ufffrw' - - - - Campus On these two pages are pictured the presidents of the leacling organizations, the heads of the school publications, two highest military officers, and cap- tains of the four major sport teams at McCallie. ED ANDERSON Major of the Battalion ancl President of the Student Senate JAMES BIBER Captain of the Basketball Team CARL DAVIS Captain of the Baseball Teafin ERVIN HALL Captain of the Traclc Team WALTER LOGAN Business Manager of the PENNANT L26dCl'S .... These boys have done much by their interest in the various activities of the school to help keep alive the "McCallie Spirit," and have given gen- erously of their time and talent to the school. DAVID MCCALLIE Captain and Adjutant of the Battalion HOWARD MCJUNKIN President of the Student Council, President of the Y. M. C. A., and President of the Senior Class ARTHUR SIBOLD Captain of the Football Team and President of the Monogram Club VISTON TAYLOR Editor of the PENNANT JACK WILKINSON Editor of the Tornado Commencement I 9 3 8 H O N O R S Clifford Barker Grayson Memorial Medal .,,l,.....,.. ...... ,..l A R THUR SIBOLD Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Campbell Award IExcellence in Leadershipj ...... ED JONES Don C. Peglar Award IBest Influence in Dormitoryj .,..,.... . . . . LUKE LEA Valedictorian ..,...,,,......,,..4,,,.......,..... .,... R OBERT JOHNSON Salutatorian ,..., . . , ..,,. JOHN MCLELLAND Senior Bible Medal ..,,.,, ..,. T HOMAS JERNJGAN Intermediate Bible Medal , , . . . . , . . JAMES BANKS Primary Bible Medal . . .7th Grade: HARRY ROBINSON, 8th Grade: JAMES ADAMS Summerlin Oratorical Medal ,....,.. ..., ....l,.. , . ..,,. W ILKES THRASHER Faculty Medals for General Excellence . . ,,.... JAMES BANKS, PETER YOUNG, ROBERT JOHNSON, THOMAS BUFFALOW Penmanship Improvement Prize , BEVERLY BROWN Pembroke Leach Algebra Medal . .. ,. JAMES BANKS E. White Patton Mathematics Medal ..., . ARTHUR SIBOLD W. E. Brock, Jr., Chemistry Medal .,.... ..,. . , . . . .JOHN MCLELLAND Frances Thornton Strang Memorial Medal in English . . . ,,.... ROBERT JOHNSON Roy Jackson Physics Medal .,....,...,.,...,..,.., ,.... I-I ARRY JONES W. O. Benner Business Department Award .. ,ED SNODGRASS Music Medal for Improvement . . . . . , . . . , , . .GEORGE GRICE Washington University Award . . THOMAS JERNIGAN Citizenship Medal for Seniors .,.,..,... , , .... . . ..,.......,. FAY PRIGMORE Citizenship Medal for Grammar Grades ...,.,,,.,. JAMES ADAMS, HANES LANCASTER Tennis Awards B. W. BEAUMONT, ROBERT CALDWELL, THOMAS BUFFALOW Chester Stephens Athletic Medal . .... . . ....... .... , .... , ED JONES MILITARY AWARDS John Allen Carter Sabre .,................ .,.... ..,.,..., B R ABSON LITTLETON Joe Allison Award to Best Drilled Private ,....,.,,.,..,l..,,.,,,,.. PETER YOUNG Lewis C. Leach Cup . . , . , Company B, WALTER LOGAN, Captain Fred C. Clemons Memorial Cup to Retiring Major . . . ,..,. BRABSON LITTLETON Best Drilled Cadet Medals . . ,Company A: GASTON GRIMES, Company B: FRANK SAUNDERS, Company C: CHESTER STEPHENS, Company D: ROBERT POPE, Company E: WALTER STAMPERQ Band: JOE BUICE liisl A RETAIL MERCHANTS' PAGE T. H. PAYNE CO. ARCHER PAPER CO. CLEMONS BROS. DAVIDSON CLOTHING CO. HARDIE 81 CAUDLE TEMPLETON'S EDWARDS 81 LEBRON, Inc. JOY'S THE FISCHER CO., Jewelers LOVEMAN'S, Inc. LE GRAND JEWELRY CO. SAMUEL STAMPING 81 ENAMELING CO FOWLER BROS. CO. M. B. EAVES 8: BROS., Inc. KOBLENTZ MEN'S STORE MILLER BROS. CO. COMPLIMENTS Baia, R044 Always Good-Try A Loaf Today Drink JUMBO-A Super Cola DOUBLE ORANGE and DOUBLE COLA it SEMINOLE BOTTLING COMPANY DIAL 2-I92I Sept. Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept. Oct. Oct. THE CALENDAR FOR I938-'39 5--New buys blessed with first view of Chattanooga, Tennessee-the "Dynam'm of Dixie," "Scenic Venter of the South," "Little Manhattan," etc. 6-Boarding students enroll-day students in bed. 7-Off to a flying start-all faculty mem- bers presented to the buys. 11-We have medical exam-what a cul- leetion of humanity. zo-Football fills the air-or is that rubber burning? 23-Guodlue plays for first dance. Every- one has swell time, and Sibold, Saun- ders, and Adams declared "glamour boys!" 30-DUTICIIII bows to McCallie in thrilling opener. Nice work, boys. 3-Professor vows that all is lost to th'e boy who loafs nnw-nobody can find Boren. 4.-Prospects brighten for a very dull year. Oct. 6--HPretty Pat" McHugh runs wild Oct, against McCallie for il total gain of minus seven yards. He meant well, anyway. 7-SZlgCI' walks Hum' all night. lt's a buy! ALLISON'S HAM Smoked With Sweet Hickory Wood V J. H. ALLISON AND COMPANY U. S. Inspection in All Departments Chattanooga, Tennessee Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov Nov Nov. Nov THE CALENDAR FOR I938-'39 13-VVe heat City High six to nothing. Sweet revenge. zo-Boys declare that no human being could eat as much or talk as much as Mc- Ashan, but he proves that he can do both at the same time, thrice daily! 22-MZSOH and Sibold lead team to victory over B. G. A. 25-Two Sleepy People-Badham and Mc- Cluer. 28-McCallie defeats Darlington in one of the tightest games of the year. Thanks, Brick. 1-Doctor declares Thanksgiving holiday . . . April Fool! 5-Nicholas "Finger" Senter completely annihilates Castle Heights single- handed. 8-All boys horn on this day have a birthday-Lucky Things!! rr-Asheville is torn to pieces as "Blue Tornado" roars on. I9-BZlj'l0l' and McCallie fight to a score- less tie-all that for nothing! Picked platoon upholds honor of battalion at half. A Compliments of CHATTANOOGAS FINEST HOTEL THE READ HOUSE V COMPLIMENTS OF HOTEL PATTEN JOHN E. LOVELL Manager V' CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF JACOB REED'S SONS PHILADELPHIA V Makers of High Grade Uniforms Since I824 INTERSTATE LIFE AND ACCIDENT COMPANY LIFE, I-IEALTI-I, and ACCIDENT INSURANCE O JOSEPH W. JOHNSON, M.D., Presidenl THE CALENDAR FOR I938-'39 Nov. zz-Six boys and two teachers lost in fog Nov. 25 Nov. 28 Dec. 3- Dec. 8- Dec. iz- Dec. 14- Dee. I7- ecming from FnunrIer's Home to Doug- las Hall. This town is getting foggy as Alder. -Football team ends very successful season hy defeating Holles at Jackson- ville. Saunders loses pants-"Buck" Flowers goes over big with girls in Florida. -Rod'n'l'Iamma Club formed with Sen- ter at the helm. Carry on for the good of all! VVe have a very colorful foothall dance to the music of-guess who! Football Banquet held at the Read Houseg lettermen receive silver foot- balls. Observatory has its first visitor . Doctor. Everybody is packed and waiting for Friday. Some have already left- the rest of us just can't tear ourselves away. Hooray, we're free again. Every man for himself! FRANK KELLY Fresh Meats and Sausage V WESTERN AND TENNESSEE MEATS V Phone 6-52I8, 7-276I sis NINTH sneer COMPLIMENTS OF HAPPY VALLEY FARMS V ROSSVILLE, GEORGIA jun lun .I an jun ,Tan .Ian ,Ian -Tan Jan jan 23- 26- 27- THE CALENDAR FOR I938-'39 3-Boys start hack to school after il taste of real lite. "Beet" 'fucker elnims he is a seven times loser-try again, Tuck. -Professor tells us that it will he hard, hut that we must once more tnke our tasks with Il smile. VVe'II try it, but it's fl losing fight. Monroe, Kidd, and fil'flVt's suhserihgf to "Open Road for Boys." Major Badham puts on shoes and comes out to drill for the hrst time. Our prodigal sons are hack-minus Kidd. Graves leaves 8gIlIIlilYI1ZlI'S going on here? -Micl-term exams-into the valley of death ride the 3002 "FaIstaff" Kipp latest sterling addition to MeC'alIie faculty. Campus a con- tinual hum of aetivity since his arrival. VVorld holds hrenth-who will recover tirst, Sehier or the swinging door? "VViId Bill" Pressly rides again-right thru a card tahle. You are getting mueh too old for that sort of thing, VViIIiam. McCALLlE CHOOL gives preparation to start in Iite PROVIDENT PROTECTION gives preparedness tor living-a sure retirement tund when working days are over HOME OFFICE LIFE AGENCY BROOKS CHANDLER H, P. WILHOITE CARL P. LLEWELLYN W. CARL DYER A. DEFOREST SPENCER J. READ VOIGT HENRY J. SIMS E. O. MARTIN P. M. RAY Manager General Agent PHUVIIJENT LIFE Ann AGUIIIENT INSUHANIJE GUMPANY A CHATTANOOGA INSTITUTION CHATTANOOGA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, INC. BROAD STREET cl-IATTANOOGA, TENN. COMPLIMENTS OF HOME PLATE ACME COAL CO. Quality Coal and Dry Stored Coal Agents for STOKOL-"Tl-IE WORLD'S GREATEST STOKER" DIAL 6-usa Chattanoogak Only Locked and Sealed Delivery System COM PLIMENTS OF UNIVERSITY OF CHATTANOOGA ARCHIE M. PALMER, President ein:-o ,lan Jan. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb THE CALENDAR FOR I938-'39 28-MOH0gY3m Club gives Il very success- ful dance with' music by Goodloe. President decides to throw his "Ball" that night too. Special Drill pleases crowd. 30-VVe take a long hike. Cadets Hardwick and 'IDutch" Magrath drop by the wayside. The rest of us drop by the junction. 8-Baylor defeats basketball team by one point. That makes one apiece-we beat them at the auditorium. 11-Team goes to Rome. Loses by one point in two overtime periods-it is getting to be a habit. 14,-VVe have Il liquid air demonstration with Isaac Belk as guinea pig. I6-VVe are entertained to no end by an electrical show. Archie is shocked by the miracles of science. zo-Several boys in Mr. Purdy's class are slow in getting the point, but I guess they'll get it in the end. 23-Alder meets faculty for exceeding ab- sences from Saturday school. EAST LAKE COAL CO. Best Grades of Coal and Coke and Slolcer Coals Agents for WINKLER AUTOMATIC COAL STOKERS EAST LAKE COAL YARD ROSSVILLE YARD 34200 3"'75 JAMES SUPPLY CO. JAMES P, ROBERTS J. P. "JACK" PAYNE Mdnaqef CALVIN PAYNE 5I5 E. Eleventh Sf. Chattanooga, Tenn. McCALLIE BOYS: We congratulate you upon the selection of MCCALLIE as your school. May you make her honorable Iradilions a perl of your furu re life DAY McAMIS, FLORIST Complimenls ol WANN-CHAPMAN FUNERAL HOME, INC. 6-2II2 ,, THE CALENDAR EoR A 1938-'39 Feb. 24-I guess we all make mistakes some- where. Mr. Burns makes "Mistakes at Blakesf' Feb. 28-Spence, Senter, Swank, and Prof. run a dead heat for the biggest "bull-shooter" in school. ,!T'l l'- .fl SINCE ' :asv .JF it V, ,sq jllyfl gg gl f. .'-. 'A5I...g1,- , FT 1 "i?ni,!l19 3, A Challanooga lnstilulion Serving Ihe Nation Over 500,000 Persons Now Providenl Protected PROVIDENT LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY ROBERT J. MACLELLAN, President Mar . 2-"Earnie" Earnest directs his boys to victory in school dance. Mar. 6-Schier unanimously chosen to bs Mar. Mar Mar. Mar. Apr. school's neatest cadet. Tough luck, Douglas. 12-Boys up at sunrise-no wonder they are sleepy. 15-Boys begin to try to get up their last rnonth's hack work so that they can take off for home in the near future. 24-Boys "spring" at the chalice to take a holiday. 30-After holidays boys begin to take new attitude toward their work. XViIkinson gets last week's work up this week in- stead of putting it off until next week. r-Meflallie wins Baylor Relays! Basil Ramsey and Isaac Belk Win two thrill- ing first places each. VVhat couldn't we have done if only we had had "Clie-Olympics" Hall. Kindly take note of date. "ll Pays lo Play" V Compliments of MARTIN-THOMPSON COMPANY V 7-3373 Complimenls of E. Y. CHAPIN, JR. Complimenls of R. R. NIXON Complimenls of EDWARD E. BROWN, General Agenl PENN MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO. RICE BROS. AUTO CO., Inc. cl-IRYSLEKPLYMOUTH Sales and Service CHATTANOOGA. TENN. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. THE CALENDAR FOR I938-'39 7-The Kenliin Clulw prnves to Ire ri true :athletic supporter in ull the teams' nn di-rtakings. xr-Bnxing Tnurnurnent npens, Alder looms :ls "white hope." 15-Muntgmnery seems tn be the Iwest- lnoking Country boy in school-he's the only country boy in sehnol. 221IS0j'S :ire kept nn their toes as they march behind the cavalry in parade. 28'TiVCI'j'0lIff seems to be enjoying the fnod more at the table where Massey :ind Huddleston used to sit. They get more now. DOCKERY-WITHERSPOON CO. REALTORS-INSURERS MORTGAGE LOANS Volunteer Bldg. Phone 645' I I STATE LOAN AND THRIFT CORPORATION bll-6l2 I-larnillon National Bank Bldg. TELEPHONE 6-6IOI A. C. ROLLINS, Manager Complirnenls ol NIEWELL SANITARIUM May 2-XVell, we are entering the hum: stretch. IJUIIII weaken now, Imoys. Mzly' I5-Your correspondents, Cnnper :ind II2ll'Il- mond, determined to lead college en- trance exams grades :ls example for Compllmerlls of nther striving seniors. May 23-Finals start-College or bust! Max' o-Bust! ' 3 I7 East Seventh Sf. 802 Broad 5+ Complimenls of EDITH GOETZ, FLORIST MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY James Mg, prone H345 I I Complimenls of Complimenls ol FREE PRESS PRINTING COMPANY LUCEY BOILER AND MANUFACTURING CORP. Manufaclurers Oil Counlry Boilers Smoke Sfaclcs Insulaled Boiler Covers Chaffanooga, Tennessee SOUTHERN SADDLERY COMPANY Relail and Wholesale DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEATHER GOODS 0097- if E F 'ITN 0 gl gi' Q o II H GETTP PROTECT YOUR EYES WITH GOOD LIGHT You have only one pair ol eyes Io lasl you a lifelime. Prolecl Iheml Be sure you use a lighl for reading or sludying Ihaf will be lcind Io Them. The modern, scienlilically designed l. E. S. sludy lamps offer sale, ade- quaie illuminalion-a Iiqhl you'lI lilce. THE TENNESSEE ELECTRIC POWER CO. fYour eiemc service .S 6 develapmenl of privale enferprise Complefe Ouffiffers for COMPLIMENTS Men and Young Men OF HENDERSON 8: A. cs. sTlvERs COLEMAN Esfahllbjggljnjgf gLr1ihNiZae5iOn H +V I es and Service MEET ME AT THE COMPLIMENTS OF CRESCENT MOTORS if 'A' DIXIE MERCERIZING COMPANY NEW YORK NASHVILLE CI-IATTANOOG-A KNOXVILLE GREENSBORO ELDER 8: COMPANY New Y Ir S In E Iwange, Members New York Co++orI Exchange, N Y Ii C In E In IAssociaTeI, Chicago Board of Trade GAGER LIME MANUFACTURING COMPANY PROVIDENT BUILDING CHATTANOOGA TENN COMPLIMENTS OF DAVENPORT HOSIERY MILLS, INC. CompIimen'rs of R. H. HUNT CO. complsmems of MOUNTAIN KING Dosas AND CITY srovE co COMPANY V CAFETERIA WHOLESALE GROCERS EQUIPMENT TENNESSEE STOVE WORKS Manufacfurers of COOKING AND I-IEATIN6 STOVES for COAL, WOOD, AND GAS For Many Years KRESS STORES H Specialized in Sclwool Requireme BIG VALUES-I.iIIIe Prices "WATCH KRESS WINDOWSI' Compliment of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. Complimenfs of CompIimenIs of QUIITIE 3592 CO- ORVILLE E. JOHNSON F Sl DeIIVe'Y i Phone 2 N68 Cerfified Public AccounIanI LANSFORD PIANO CO. DR. W, H. EMIG 730 Clierry SI. V Jr l . Baldwin Pianos, Conn Band Insirumenls e ermarlan M Ii 6 A Sh I' M i I IO94 M CALLIE AVE CI-IATTANOOGA TENN Complimenfs of Complimenis MUTUAL DRUG CO., INC. VIOLET STUDIO CAMERA PrescripIion Druqqisfs Diai ZAI I27-28 McCallie 81 WIIIQW II Easi SevenII'1 Sfreef KIMBALL HOME OF Complimemls of Incorporaled Clwalianoogai MosI BeauIiIul 2409 M C II AVSITIOWSF Shop Ph 2 477I Compiimenfs of Complimenfs of DR. MARCHBANKS THE BRASER CO. HAMILTON OTOR co. IQO4-I2I0 B ad SI. IT Ph 72I7I CI-IATTANOOG-A, TENN Complimenis of DON CHERRY TIRE CO. I3IIw and Broad SIS. CompIimen+s HENSON 8: CHAPMAN BRAINERD DRUG CO. Bes+ WIsI1esIo MCCALLIE SCHOOL R. J. COULTER Jim Sfimson says "My CIo+Ines Are Cleaned by MERTIN'S" Complimerds of C. V. BROWN 8: BRO. CompIImenIs of D. S. ETHERIDGE and The WorId's Fines+ Au+omobiIe PHILCO-Greafesf Name in Radio RADIO SALES CO. Dishibufors Complimenfs of CHEROKEE MOTOR COACH COMPANY Complimerhs of CHATTANOOGA BUTTON 81 BADGE COMPANY IO9 Easf Sevenfh STreeI CompIimenIs of DR. STEWART LAWWILL Complimenlrs of WARD REILLY Complimenfs of PEMBROKE O. LEACH JACK O'DONOHUE COMPANY Complimenfs of L. C. LEACH 8: OO. CompIimenIs OI JAMES R. CHAMBERLAIN COMPANY SEE CLOSE FURNITURE CO. 436 Markef Sfreef For Furnifure We Have Everyfhing for fhe Home CompIimen+s of GORDON L. SMITH ArcI1IIec'r BUICK PONTIAC VALLEY MOTORS, INC. Chaffanooga. Tenn. 7 333I I225 Broad SI Complimenfs of A FRIEND Complimenfs of THE BOYS' SHOP C O m pl I m e n Is , scuaaz arsuslfvsssf I STOVALL HARDWARE CO. , I f flfi Chananaoga, Tenn. Marunlvsnaarm :HEHAY d C p EIIcIore,ilrNTincI'1esI'er, Tenn. C- W- EDMONDSON- PYBSICTGHT . Complimenfs of Comphmenfs of DR. JAMES L. BIBB , t A Greaf SIore in a Greaf Clfy Complimenfs of Complimenjrs of THE BRIGHT SCHOOL TENNESSEE EGG COMPANY Incorporafed Complimems A 5 Complimenfs STERCHI BROS. STORES G. P- Sa lncorporaIed Comphmm of MAGS DRY CLEANING co. MR. E. H. LAWMAN 3I7 Brainerd Road We Clean Everyfhing-Dye For You Complimenlrs of MILLS LUPTON SUPPLY CO. Complimenfs of CHATTANOOGA GAS CO. "Public Be Pleased Service" Insurance and Surefy Bonds LYLE STOVALL Chaffanooga Complimenfs of AN ALUMNUS Complgmenfs of Cornplimenfs of GEORGE WALLACE, JR. FOUNTAIN SQUARE TILE a TERRAZZO PHARMACY THE MCCALLIE SCHOOL EoRBoYs On Bafflefieid of Missionary Ridge CHATTANOOG-A, TENNESSEE o Q . Q Q Founded by REV. T. H. MCCALLIE, D.D. We believe in our sfudenfs. They are ine besf adverfisemenf Thaf McCallie nas. Tl'1a+'s why we adverfise in Jrneir annual. For AHrac+iveIy lllus+ra+ed Cafelog. Apply fo HEADMASTERS S. J. McCALLIE, M.A., Ped.D. J. P. McCALLIE, M.A., Ph.D. Complimenlrs OI MEADOW BROOK FARMS, INC. 'A' Grade A PasIeurized MIIIQ 'A' 38I4 Brainerd Road PHONE 2-3826 Compliment of PEERLESS WOOLEN MILLS V CompIimenIs of A FRIEND CompIImenIs of REEVES PRODUCTS COMPANY For The Besf Hamburgers in Town See GEORGE Complimenfs of CHAMPION KNITWEAR COMPANY, INC. Complimenfs of CO. R. K. SCHOLZE GROCERY III9 Forf S+. Dial 6-me CI'1amI3erIaIn and Dodds C d M C H S ,W I f P d ,I d I I Th q Hy TI-IE MCCALLIE SWEATERS ARE KN IT SAND KNITTING MILLS COMPANY Manufacfu rers of Exclusive Knif Goods for AIhleIic Wear MARTIN-THOMPSON CO. Local D1sIr1buIors BLACK-IIIIAUGHT T Th P I V bl e ure e eta e CREAH I. A X I V E 3744 Brainerd Road. Phone 2-3032. Complimerds of FILLAUER DRUG AND SURGICAL SUPPLIES Opposife ErIanger I'-IospiIaI ARROW TRANSFER AND STORAGE COMPANY PAUL S. STEWARD, 'I7 THEO F KING I6 Visil Our Newly Equipped Sluclio for PORTRAITS Com plele Line of CAMERAS - FILMS - SUPPLIES Fine-Grain Developing-Velox Paper 8-I-Iour Service Special Laboralory For Finishing Miniafure Films Only IOC For Developing Conlacl Prinls 3c Each, 4x6 Enlargemenls on These 6c Each V' CLINE STUDIOS CLINE PHOT0 SERVICE 5 E I." ll li ll Q ul so ? U' 5' va 5' 0 'Z 1 1 -I 2 Z! C1 Z 5 'Z nuuq aiauog go 1, 2 -4 2 X GQ E Z F' F' l'l'l dfiftograpbs -in 1 . . W W 4 x . 1 D W Y W J . ,, W O u f . W W W-QW W 1, I, V Q , - W I W4 W ' I W W p A v- W W n Q ' . W -W " . u-Fr 1 W . W A W W ' - , W . a Q 4 -, W A o , 4 ,W 5 W' ..g,Q , , 4 ' W 1 . 4 ll. . 5 'W-. - 1' D ' , . W 1 ' 1 W' .' . . ' Q WN., 4 P ' 4 - 1 D W ' . Q ' W 4 - a U I W 1 1 1 , " 1 .-A Q O A 5 , 9 . 0 Q . r .- . t 0 .-. 4. K. -. M' af- A--il' ' W' W' . X nv , Q W W 1 4 , 1 4 . . dh' W a W ' ' W - O U . .I . U

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