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 - Class of 1928

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VIA NX i IE!! P' GI K f. hi 1 E a s E I 5 1 E, F il -,- , : F9 00104 fb JG!! f726 Z xv mg, 1'gf???j,, Q13 ' f 'Z X . D fo, Q fe--ff 1. .,.,, v, 4, . x. up , I I-r dd ' n n ,fa ,Q A ig..-e - V2-Z! I t .. ' rf k zs N 4 4 -Lag-.g',. ,.,.',. , , A l H 1, ,N . .,, . , . . .A . ,. -- rpg' 4-. fm I ' W' ,P 4 ' 5 3 fx 1 .w "' Q" J 1 i H A f . 'V " -- Q? -' .uf "fn ,. -Q 4. fr ' ' " K ' ' , 5 ' .+,.,. v"' " ', ' f .'F?.1' fF,Q'i W 1 ,fix ' T 1' z .1 I J W 1 I d V js., 'G' . I 4- X V 1 . I ' r 3 1 . il .., 4 'QV L K , I W , . I ,v Y . . Q.. ' :rr -3, .. .M .- I - , , - 1' . . - .- 1 . . V il, . i u -, . A ' .- X . 'U' f',, Z X11 Y- . X '- , 4 " 11 ' fl ' ....,..i-Q-M .Fx - ' .441 ,. ,7 x. , , 5 ' . -.-,.-3J-fiT5F-- .. .. 1 V ' . .Jw lfzwg-2' 11211, . , , K J.,yn,-:,:3,41'.f1K,q31-, . t "WIS-2513 ,fi-, 72411: ' ' ' - L7J'fe'?:-i:,f51i?iZ', -' . . ' . ' ' 5721-:IG EfiK+?:-Ski -f.-9117-'11 1,- ' ..w-'fa'-, .-rg. ...1--,---1fz'--'x-.:- I Y Y 'F 1 W ' f " Af.-IfiidfiiffhfQQ--i,r1f,,,:.-wag.i'if:"' - - ' ' ' - , .. -175, .,5,,,g-A'-L ",j,,,,- ,mp " H . -- . A "2-"'QA:A1rre,'n-f-fTl5- 'gk 'F'- ,kfz KR- 5::vf4.,::,.QzQg:,,' -u 1. . nn' -'v,ef:'- APE. J'-g','i?:f4f Y. . 'f:1TiQ-:At:f11?'-'6355- ' 'macr-'Q-fffvea-'Q-f. 'uez-54:13-3:jg'I,!:Lv-Rf ---f.-v H., -c.y-.,,1- . 4 M it Copynght, 1928 Enwun Cnunss DWELLE, Jn , Ednor an Chzef MARK KING WILSON In , Business Manager ,N P -J I X M ,rw riw. ,I v fu nf' ,fx P 'U kg' LLK-ni4.u4H'khan..sLP.uf!?li K 'iv- Y '75 W 0 THE 11928 PENNANT x 1 4 1 s X xi 'W X 21 - t A Yem' Book 3 - fi THE C MCCALLIE SCHOOL CHATTANOOGA TENNESSEE fx -if , ge YZ fg 2 I 1:--ek-" FOREWURD T has been the purpose of the editors to reflect in as large a measure as possible the life as it existed during our Senior year at McCallie. With the passing of time and the deepening of friendships formed while at lX'IcCallie these pages will no doubt become sacred to you. So in the later years of your life may you turn to the pages of this book and see emblazoned across them the motto of the school, "lWan's Chief End is to Glorify God and to Enjoy Him For- ever," thereby causing you to renew your vows upon the altar of love and to resolve all the more to be a cham- pion of the high and noble things that are for the betterment of mankind. FQLQL CCONTIENTS ' BOOKCJNE CLASSES BOOK'TWO MILITARY BOOK'THREE ATHLETICS BOOK FOUR ACTIVITIES . t K X U gf IX tx EE! 1 Y x Q x 1 G m wash 1 I DEDHQATHUN ' ,QI 0 I - G, I GEORGE CLAYTON GRIFFIN I G 7 WE RESPESSHQOF'llflim ms 5 ' 1928 PJENNANT I tg! I 3' A X Q 0 ' Y 5 Yi Q 3' if A-0 1 f F . 1. 12 .M Q 5 '1I1IIII'IaFSIslI I DEIDDJICCATIIUN I I 1 I , . 1 I I I I Ely IQ D I 4 I' I I I I I I itil 0 bl.-miles I'.uu4 lxICCAl.I,lIi, MA., PH.D. Ilradmasicr Nothing enjoys a healthy growth unless this growth is directed toward an ideal state. Mefallie was founded in 1905 as the result of a very definite vision of the ideal in the minds of the founders. The great reason for Nlcfallie is the making of Fhristian gentlemen. To McCallie men everywhere, Dr, J. P. McCallie typifies this ideal. 8 SPENCER -IARNAGIN McC.fu.1.1E, M.A., PEn.D. Ilfnnlmaslfr V Professor McCallie has devoted himself unselfishly to the life and progress of the school which bears his name. An unusual combina- tion of personality, humor and intellect has made our Headmaster one of the best known preparatory school men in America. 9 Faculty 'FI-IOMAS EDWARD PECK WOODS, A.M., B.D. AssocxATE HEADMASTER llrml Bible Dfparlmrnt XVENDIELL FLOWERS WREN, AB Ilmd of English Dt'Pll7'fll107Il,' Asxistanl in ' Atlzlftics CHARLES EGBERT CANNON, A.B. Ilmd of Modrrn Ll17ly1ll1fl1' D1'p!lffIII1'7ll LYIXIAN HENSON HARRIS, JR., AB. Ilrad of History Departmrnl RICHARD LEE SAGER, A.B. llfafl of Malhrrnalics Departmenfg plssixlanl fllhlrlics ARTHUR LEE BURNS, AB., A.M. Inxtrurtor in English and Latin HIERIZERT PRITCHARD DUNLAP, BS. C0lIlIIIll1lddHl,' Inslrurtor in Englixh CHALMERS M. S. MCILWAINE, AB. Ilfarl Latin Department I0 i 1 A L D928 . .- - , 'y f , M-.- ,L - , . , .1 A+14-A-Q f PENNANT L -a ' I ' ' -, 4 ' b I x l' ff 1- !Vl I I Faculty i XVILLIAM WALLACE PIJROY, JR., B.S. Ilfad of Science Departrnentf Musical Director EUGENE WALTER HILL Instructor in Manual Arts GEORGE C. GRIFFIN, B.S. - Instructor in Mathcrnaticsg Director of xlthletics I i ' ' .IOHN FAULKNER RAINEY, A.B. Instructor in Latin 1 ' I JESSE MILLER DALE, A.B. I Instructor in Spanish I , I ,' I I I I JOHN GREEK VARNER, AB. A1 I Instructor in Englishg Musical Director i A CHARLES RUEUS WALTERS, A.B. Instructor in Science and Mathematicsj Xlssist- I ant in Hthletics i I I I I II I I CHARLES C. HANIILTON ' V V Business Manager I I -I I I I rx viii. I- 'Q Q 'f I , N ,xx ' if , . -" I I C" A I -'II'i-X 3 ' .5 ' I ' I.--LIIKIVUX L My - UW ' ' 9 ' I I --is I -'il --2---I I is -If11I3f3.,,,:'U4Jf'X .I iS.. ,N 01133181 iii-:flip -fl928 Peering into the Future 5 sg 3 AD the Headmasters of the McCallie School tried to peer into the future on that first day of school in September, 1905, ,QUQ when they started with 40 day students and 8 boarding stu- dents in the one 7-room frame school building in the rear of Founder's Home, it would have stretched their imagination to foresee the present school plant with its fourteen buildings, its many athletic fields, and beautiful lake. What about the future of McCallie now? Dare one make any prophecies or even hazard a guess? McCallie now has an enrollment of 320 students, 130 of whom are boarding students, 190 day students. The future will show 200 boarding students and 200 day students as a maximum. A beautiful chapel facing McCallie Avenue, an enlarged study hall, a bigger and better library and laboratories, large rooms for literary societies, a larger dining room, an up-to-date cafeteria, a con- crete stadium seating 5,ooo, an indoor heated swimming pool for winter use, and a large recreation hall will be among the physical developments. A young people's summer conference in June, a summer school during July and August that will eventually equal the winter school with splen- did camp features, a Bible Conference for men at the end of August will make the grounds and buildings useful the year around. Entrance examinations for students to the winter school, a Bible course unexcelled anywhere, character training, practical instruction in Christian service, a course in music, in business, in agriculture, in biology, and in hand work, will complete the curriculum., McCallie School has need to live only as it trains boys better, physically, mentally, socially, morally, and spiritually. It is the aim of the present Headmasters to build for the future, while earnestly striv- ing in the present to reach the ideal of a truly great preparatory school. The motto of the school is ever before them, "Man's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever." U -5' new WW 1, , 1 63 Nigfiffw . fff ,d 1HWmmLE JP oosoeecoe- jg-55:3 saoasoaoo -its .figj 'K v 3 A L I FW F 453 f , , , Lf' - 5 I s ' mil" ' -sf v 4 Y fi If L A is A T' 9 l LL Q ' ' . ,....,. I 'ly f 5 A Q M I X V A LL ...K ', yd V W. x - Zi ,. 3 W- ,.-n..- , r u b, 5 krr, .. . LV L " L ,L L U-1, -. -i L v i. W 5 5 fm" ,-QI ' ' TES' X E L V Sa, , ' U Il ig n m -4, . ' L L i' 4-1 ,Q """' A - "W Uv. U s n ig ,fit - i L' L K wi WLLL,f...,W Q nm 'W X - ' dv av ,L ...nun W A , ,L pw L A Q - H 3 ' x W? 3 Q AM Li .X xx I n Af? f 'QW ..,. . ., . 4: 2 A - A S 9- L:.fLi9w,, W L A 5 V Lf . -, L. A K ji , www' Q., y .,.,, 4 W- G U lp L LmL , L L " NL.. 'V 1 1 9 I L L ff, - ,, ,L-' f W 1 LL A b QM A. L52 4 ' 5' LL - 'fm . 'Nr 5 3 ...Ma 'Ne m ,. 5. GQ. 227 1 .K ,LfWgfjg. kffflfifs. A 4' W, WM I I ,iff 7'- . . Af f YR' F, , 2" ,vm v, . ,, M I k WN. yi '14 A Lrg? W V k 4 ,Sify 31 Q ' I f5t,4W,g 1 f JA Q A QV I L I . , Q Ak 12, M A LW 'A ' lif'?'iafg - 'W :KQV '- ew , . 4 ' f A 'aff ig, na. 559. ,E 'Af A-gif NFS . mg-mf. ' f 1 .ipfmgy ' if m t Nh A 450 ' - .4 Q WW! ,,, ,K 5 5 - ,0 Vw ' , ,N AW we --v if fs... as 1 W ,mv M B OK ONE The Classes Z X .-. Y , T L -.. - .l'-' . ll -ii ,..1.... -. 3 lg' if iii. :- - i-- -,, .- .- il.-1 .- .-YQ "... -1-1-..---1-1--1 Qs QNX W 1- X 7 Xxx N K fx- f I . - ...1.1.l.1-l. .--1-.i.i1--1.qi. ss lik ,.T -il. i -- .,,. LZ .Huy A-i ' .,.V,, ,- ' YE?" .Ei'V' -ff' MFI-5:1 ' L, ' ' PQ. , - ,,Q, V -in -Ii P'ii'Q.Q -fa, -.V-124 . ,gV!..Zy, L-, .V ' fffi 22 'QU -ua'-V :aw 4, .13 :V- . 5,2 - w,., - 'e,1,,'..- .finnw I Ng- iv. ' 'T-. -- ,in - 2 .,V,1, . 'c n , . . J . -.3--If , , g -..f'j' 'V ' . , -1 , . N 1 1 Qu-VV V - .nag I -:VV ff - 6,111 --gf"-Q., ,.V-. ' 'fr' -5 1'-' .54 f'y"f Iiffffurf ' V wi-V " 15 ..-Ei'-"V..l.,1'l:'1 'VSEZW .- 4 V . U -...,Uk.f.,.V,l.3-N W- .1 1 - ' L.. LV 1 V .V . V .V . . ' f '.,'.--.iff-tm... ' , -JA?-' U19 . mp- - 4 - 5,-f.LVgy nys.. g , . - uni? ' "-'-Tf.9L'-Ju gV"'-fi , I .3-'Q 'fff'f..i 'fugyfd-." ,V-' J-I W- "N hifi ,W I. .' uV",7:,,. 1-79w.. ,I N 11- W .93-. 4 J - 1 ,.,,-. .Vf.f ,Q-9, -HU. ,V V, ,Z N A-3. . k V... V' V. -" 21. "ni-'eiiz .- .V V1-EL-951-4 ' x ' '- .. 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UV ,. ,,4,,,, YI LT , .1 , ..,m,V,.1b.. ., .F ., '1ff15.fs'f-rw? xr ATM- ax '1e5, V1' 1 yu?-.L 1-,ff VJ. 1 .JLMVM-. A i , H' L, , , 'wfvftf .. ,,..V V- .- ,VL ". "ww .1. 1 ...r 1 ,Ll A , 435.-,3yf.?fF. ' .Vnf."RL'yEi .5 QV. 'x xg ,-.5 A , ., :'. '. ' 'g,.,:.g.'. - V-fgjfggiqf 5 if- .:- !,V J '-1 '-fx-',:,kj'1 I 31'-ef K?-'4:'1f -My' Vv Vg fp V.,-..:,.V+. Q Vx,--17 -far' .-F, 1 '- , -, .gr+g. :V.,,,,v. ,4 V: .Vu'- , - ".'!Q-.':,.,jf.- Vg-f',.V-2 .-'-..y 1 ,- V' " 7' 21' ,VSV , A: 1 fi" V V ...ww - :,ffg.'f. 1 V VX vs- V.-,W .,. , , V- ff V. .1-.Q 'E --'a' :-, -J -, L. ,.V71, 5'1'?b-2,2 ,1':bf 'T,':f-. mf-. 'f,'.V.'f -,-W3-, 1: f-.,.-Qgff-" gf' fr.-11 Q. 4.,f. .- , .- V-1, -,f .f 5', 6 .5 .s f. X, V . ' -"ms, ,-,f u5.,:V' .Q-1+ - ,pf ,f 1, -. - A-,L-'QV ' ' :rfgvf .. 1 F ' ' mir- 'rs ."f.ii. J 1 - , f .fr V- 33, ,.r ' V ,- -3. .ziq - -. Q' ,s -:wV,:V- " 'rf'-V '. E-fb' 'Z- 54-2, 1-, 'A 1 ,-1,-, . ,L ',1t:.v .GJ-r 1 QV Y V , . If 1. is ,EQ-V-1?,1fltE. E.. ,V .T'KV'Q""' 2 ,.,i'7Qf1Y'5.--"'l.F V '17 X .uf 1, -LGU V. :j.,'l..g4',, f, -- 4:7411 mf.. V- .- 1: .V -, .. .mg .53 7-gl... ,-..,,,. 51, , V gl., . W V .. l.. . , 4 H, ' , Q F A I .AV 'Q . W A . ' 75, . i':'3"' Z--.,'!-gl 2 :fl 1545 -. w 51, A +ngl'VV-4 if r yi .nl f v.' A -'. f" N J . '. .-, "-ffm: -.1 . V, V., -Vfmg, hid' w, V ,fu +!,. .L43 ,,:.1xA.::.5g xv V, .. , AV, ' Q4 L.: r Qzfl 5 f , E f C y"V:v,. "!..s". 1 -. ,.. , IV, . . Vg,z,?,n5-.. A W I ,V VV .e , 7 ETA, , 4 x -rf Vw. . ., . , .1 ,mf .mgrvl "' U j". I- .mfr 'N . 1 1-'-ps-. ' :"'1, V ' ' 1. .. " r- . 1 .wb V , 4 . -A. . IV... ..,, V: .,- A -L 4,41-, -'31f, f.V., -BV.. W J' V.: V 2,Y.f,.Vl ". I I V pi- I. J, . 91.4 ,' V lg jx,j,.ql.,. . ...ui 3? 1 V"'.y,f ,-k1f..,k' ' 4 .77-f' V ' 11 , C ' -11.4. ..j . , 1. N . V 5' :V':f':- 11 5 HE.-. V?,ffn.i. .-1 " '- x -.Dr .F JP, 5' .- 3 -. ,. V fs . 21,-.V-.V Fe V Www .fm 7 4,21 1 . ff!-E-AY.: - 1 .1 .V f .--V Y .. Q.: V ,uf ue. L U .,.. . ig. 'f. 1. ,. .A rff- v .. Fi... ' ' 1.- M, ...V an ' v 1 L . , , . , 01,2 ,. .... L - 1 ,w U. , 5 lf!- un- . 44. .qgg 23.3, 'noun 'QQ' un.. wsu nn. .1 . :wx ,,... ,na ' .4 'A l 1 KW i , 5 a...- tum me 3 , O" ,104 no V.. .32-1' ,gs a -" .Tv ni .Q-Cv 5 N v gg ...... 1 5 5' 5 ' , may ,:..f. , 9 ng J nt ..x 1 .v nn n .. 1 ,, ,.-53,5 553 'I- ..... 9 .0-.V 3 5, ,. rg -1 ',,, my Wynn 0 ... . "ad M gg i o if Q Q W S rm 'S , X x A 1 X , 22211 qher M L X- 3? if If I ll is INN? 0 ullllllunp iillliil ' g1m sw l 3- WE llllllllg fc??WI ?"-E 2451? Q Q QQQQIQ2-:J k :il X' Y' hf?Q Wm 1 N'Xj': Wm? i as .MW 't ' All .N '1 ,ff 4' ' Q, . 7F4',l gf 'X ff 'Q ' ' X I if?" X J' J! . K ,KJXX l ff' X 95" 71 I N. N NN KV -Q -M , ff A X V unuulu g , '11 I , - vIi,,,.tzf' ,N-i G, J Q .....,..,. .......... IQQB The Class of 1928 HE Senior Class started in 1920 with only four men, but now v we are sixty-nine strong. We hail from the North, South, iff! East and West: namely, Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, Ala- bama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Michigan and far-away China. We have grown slowly but surely, now being the power of the school, politically, socially, and morally. In our class will be found Fred John- ston, captain of the football team 3 "Doc" Thurman, captain of the track team: Ned Dwelle, editor of the PENNANT3 E. J. Walker, editor of the "Tornado", Newton Dicks, manager of the football teamg "Bill" Butler, president of the Senate, Vol Ferguson, president of the Y. M. C. A., and a majority of the military ollicers and men prominent in the greater school activities. Drifting along without any organization until our junior year, we at that time elected "Del1ie" Marting president to guide us through the year. He did so well in that office that when the time came for the organization of the class in its final year we again elected him president. Here we have only a brief sketch of our days at McCallie. Some wish that they had been better, but as we face the future we resolve to make good, carrying with us that indescribable quality, Character, which was instilled in us here at McCallie. SPENCER MCCALLIE, Jn., Historian. 24- 55323- Nig'-, Nm 5 ffl' f-' '11, ...... , , -.. .1 -4 ' I-' ,:" .a .. . , .---,,, , ,., ., X- ff Qs X52 'W' , f , PE N N A N V fn LF I928 sf ' W. A. MARTTNG Miss BETTY HARE President Sponsor Senior Class OFFICERS W. A. MARTING ..... .... ...... . . President F. K. JOHNSTON, jk. . ..... Vice-President W. BUTLER ...... . . Secretary-Treasurer S. 1. MCCALLIE, JR. . . . Historian 25 Ziff.. s We 5' A-I' 'f" v 'Nr V H T x -s --43, l -ff-ew? ' "wge- , AN., it l I 1 l i SENIOR CLASS ' r A jaxnzs iAl.0NZO AIHSRNETIIY 5 KWINTBR VIIAVENI, 1-'LORIDA V S l "Ah" came to us iu '25 from Xvihltf Haven, Florida, "The 'Lind of Sunshine and Oranges." He takes part in many forms of athletics ahtl does his share in the school activities. Always smiling and cheery, he is ready to takeianiactive partiii either work or play, 1 Being an Honor Roll main several time! in his sojourn at TMcCallie, he has shown himself l to he an excellent student. Next ylar as he Continues his work at Davidson we wish him luck l . . and all poss.hle success then, and throughoutvhas college career. i l,--n VVhitv in-rm-y sm-it-ly. 'IT-'ZM Denwsttmneu Literary 1-'Qi-idly, '25-'2Gg Pot-kt-t 'lu-stinnt-nt League-. '25-'Eli-'27-'2X: X. M. V. A.."25-'26-'27-'ZSQ Pl't'i'9K't, '26-'27-'TM Student. Uounuil, '261 Florida Vluh, '25-'26-'27-'ZS3 Pm-nmmt Biota Staff. '27-'2N: Uvmvullb' "B," 25-LEG: Honipany '27-'ESQ Sm-ct.-.- V' Team, 25-'26-'27-'28'g Tennis Squad, '2.,Jl1i- 27-'28, ' tl ' l Mici-mm. NIORRISON ALLISON, JR. l cmujrssooqs, Tai-messes " L just about everyone in "Mike" and his little brown l Chrysler. A familiar sight it is on the any hour. Of course we do not mean hy that that "Mike" is an owl of thegirgigitjlabvnt' thattiometimes he simply neglects to take it 3 away from in front of the Tivoli. l li wi :A i , Being one of our most hrflliant students, he is ever ready to help a classmate with one of those seemingly impossible problems. In YM estimation of both the students and the faculty few surpass this prodigy from across the rhrerf,-"As he goes to Dartmouth, we are sure that he will carry over East with him much that willdo credit to his Alma Mater back in Chattanooga. l l'om-km-t 'l'sfst:nun-nt I.e-agile '2l-'22-'EIS-'B-I-'25-'ZH-'27-'28: Fourth Footllall Tm-am, '22-'23-'24g Gramixnar 7 St-hool Play, '23-'13-tg Vritir- ll. IC. live Lite-rziry Sovit-ty, '21-'22-'23-'2-4: t'ritic Um-lo Remus Llti-Vary Society, '25-'ilig Vim--l'1't-siilt-tit Imuiel Wulistm-r Literary Society. '2Tg Uornorul Company '22- '23-'24-'253 First P't'l'gt'2llll Uonlpany, 'ZGQ Sm-rgvant t'um1rany "U," '2Tg liicutvnunt Company "B," 'ZXQ "Pennant" Staff, 'ZRQ j'Tm'nado" Stuff, '28. 26 e . S. . . .J ,,... .....s..x, ,..a:.-t... ...-v...,.,.4. ig...-H. 4-:v..,u-1...-ffl. ,.. . . --vu 'H :--nfsqrve-'fate--6:1115 SENIOR CLASS BINGHAM BALLARD, JR. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Here is another one of the representatives from the grand old state of Alabama who have made such excellent records at McCallie. In football he has upheld the honor of his home state well, distinguishing himself on both the third and first teams. Recently his fellow Alabamians gave him the honor and distinction of being president of the Alabama Club, to which ofhce he has more than done justice. His friendliness and jolly good nature have made him one of the best liked men in school and we feel sure that he cannot fail to make an equally good record in the University of Alabama. Daniel VVQ-bstor Literary Society, '26-'2T: Len White! Literary Society. '27-'2S: Som-ur Football, '27- '2Sg Third Football Team, '26, First Football Team, '2T: Y. M. C. A., '26-'27-'ZNQ Pocket Testament League, '26"27-'28g Alabama Club, '26-'27-'28, GEORGE BANK BARNETT, JR. CHATTA NOOGA, TENNESSEE "Barney" has been with us four years and it is needless to say that he is one of the best known and best liked boys in school. He has that enviable quality in him that makes everyone like him. This even applies to the fairer sex, since he is known as something of a heartbreaker. His work in the military department and on the athletic field have been indeed commendable. McCallie may well be proud of turning out such a boy as "Barney," and may feel sure that he will always uphold the good name of the school. Daniel VVi-hater Literary Society, '26-'273 Len NVhito Literary Society, '27-'2S: Pocket TllSl?ll11l'lli League, '23-'24-'25-'26-'27-'281 Braini-rd Club. '27-'28: 'Fhirml Baseball Squad, '3T: Varsity Baseball Squad, 'ZZSQ Third Team, Basketball, '261g Company UD." '24-'25: Company "C," '25-'26ig Corporal Company '26-'2Tg Quartormaster Sergeant, '27-'28, 27 "' ' 1- -vr -..oz I ' l 1 sEN1o1ig,' vQLAss 3 ' 1 ll I' VVu,1,L7m: .lloniriys lBL1s,k12 i .RORiH i,, , V Burke is one of those fellows wl10m7'one ihafbrlielknvmvsilietfer each day that he associates with him. His dry wit ar1tl'1lBiI3'LLQi,pgwelt5,If0 Ifldflkiifit forever Qausing smiles on the faces of his companions. 1 j Y, A' V 7 i In Burke, Carolina has ati gon, mme vghiitth she-Yhayafvqeli he proud. "Carolina, here I mine," is his favorite song for Hi,ng1pjeasls'lliITl so much agfthe anticipation of his return to North Carolina for a well-earn: iholiday. 'L ' An able student and a l n ipopnlar withi nfl classes leaves us' as Burke goes forth to enter the University of North Caro A . 1 ,, - Q , l, lmnit-I NNW-liste-1' Lil:-rzlry Focit-iiji 'lm-'2'!g Leu Ylliille Lit.eru.1'y Sbciuty, '27-'2Sp Y, M. C. A., 119927-'2N. F F 1 . . es ' 1 i7ViliLlAM JACKSON Burma , cr1.ermx3oocA, TENNESSEE' M4 1,...-, -. 3 "VVhen "Bill" came to MeC'aTl'i'e many yeatiago, he had airery high standard to live up to, that of his brother "Boh." But nobody cohla' say,-now that he leaves, that he has not done so in all possible respects, for his achievements, aip,many.l As president of the Student Senate, be has'd'hne a.Wonderful work toward maintaining the Honor System for which we strive so mlieb. He dog! not stand out alone as a man of honor but as an athlete. Many are the times when as'ftkc'hopes of his Alma Mater were falling very low, he has shown his superior metal of brain and of 'brawn by helping to overwhelm a seemingly unconquerable foe. I -, ' Jam:-s Fm-niuiorv f'00lN'l' l.itn-l':n'y Sovit-ty, '23-'Ng Daniel VVebster Literary Such-ty '24-'25g In-u XVhitt- Lltt-rary Sovit-ty, '2li-'27g t'urpoi'al Vompamy "C," '23-'24: l'ox-pornl VIVITHIJIIIXJ' "H," '25: Polar Gunrtl, 'ZTQ Comlmny, "B," '27-'ESL Pocket Testament. League, '23-'24-'25-'26-'27-'2SI l'1't-slrl--ut ol' Senate. 'ETQ Sm-wrt-tary ot' S1-nior Ulns:-1, 'ZRQ Minstrel, '26-'27-'2Ng Fourth Football 'l'e-am, 'lil-'1Z14: Third Ifovmtlrnll Te-ani, '25-'2li: First Football 'Vt-am, '26-'27-'QNQ 'Flrirtl Tcum Baseball, '25-'irfig Varsity Travk Squad, 'IIT-'2S. 28 ,.. .. ... ,4---1,3 - 5 ,re . ,1 ..-.- .A ,. . -W t, L,-- Y ,y w,-fy!! f .. 'Qrgi-yr x.i54-5-f -sniff, --4.,L.,1 - .. A.. , ,,-hL,AlLL...'fj' i .1-f,-l.... . , ,. , : ,,--aus., -a4,..-s.4..1.4L...ag5 ...-.:. ,,, Y , Mm inf' , .,, , ..-1 Qs. -hp ,ru an liliti1!ur1nnm.....:- !- ",-oruenlmuu Ln.. 'rl nf-Aninun.iL.m Q g ,Q ep SENIOR CLASS A 6' af-. i -,I JOHN ALLEN CARTER CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE A long while ago, back in the fall of 1919, a little cotton-headed boy with mischief in his eyes climbed up the main steps to enroll as john Allen Carter. It was only a short time until he was dubbed "Boob," which later developed into "U Bobo." It is truly proven here that time can work miracles which few believed were possible. For there is no finer example of young American manhood on the campus than is shown in our Major. In feats on the athletic field as well as the drill field he has long since proved himself to be one of those men of which there are few, a real man, physically, mentally, and morally. .laiines Fenimore Cooper Literary Society, '20-'21-'22-'23: Sergeant-at-Arms, James Fenimore Foopor Literary Society. '24, vice-President James Fenimore Cooper Literary Society, '24g Vice-President Woodrow XVilson Literary Society, '26, Len White Literary Society, '27g Sergeant Company "C," '23: Second Lieutenant Company "C," '25, First Lieutenant Company "D," '25-'26g Captain Company "B," '26-'273 Cadet Major, '2T: Senate, '25: Third Football Team, '25g Varsity Football Team, '25- 'ZG-'2Tg Third Basketball Team, '24-'25Q Varsity Basketball, '27g Varsity Baseball, '2Tg Varsity Track, '271 Monogram Club, '25-'26-'27, Minstrel, '27. BELEIELD HOWELL CARTER CHATTA NOOCA, TENNESSEE In Carter's three years at McCallie, he has made a record of which anyone would have ample reason to be proud. He possesses a keen sense of humor, a delightful personality, and a genial disposition, which qualities make him a general favorite with both the students and the faculty. He leaves behind him a host of friends who wish him the best of success at Vanderbilt, Uncle Remus Literary Society, '24-':Z5: Daniel Vl't-bster Literary Society, '26-'27: Len White Literary Srwii-ty, 'LET-'2Rg Conipany "D," '24-'25g Company "V," '26-'27-'2S1 f'orpo1'al Cmnpany "if," '26-'27, Sergeant Company "P," '27-'23, Varsity Traek Squad, '28, 29 o SENIOR CLASS CHARLES CAPEAN CASTLES, JR. ATOKA, TENNESSEE This little fellow, although with us but one year, has shown up very well in many things in so short a time. Coming to McCallie with a brilliant record as valedictorian of his High School class, he has shown a likely aptitude to make an excellent student. His playing the cornet as a member of the band has been recognized by many as superior. Long after Castles' days at McCallie are over he will long be remembered by many as one who was ever willing to help another in any way possible. Rand, 285 Pot-ke-t '1't-stamc-nt League, '27-'28g Y. M. C. A., '27-'2Sg Tennis Squad, '27-'2R. WALTER CLAIR COLDWELL, JR. CIIATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE A bright light shone on McCallie when some half dozen years ago "Dub" entered school. Although at that time just a little shaver he has steadily developed until now we have a hand-- some young man, the well-known object of much feminine admiration and desire. A leader in many lines of school and social activities, he has long since shown himself to be one of those chosen few whose fame and popularity will live long after the days of youth. "Dub" has participated in practically all lines of athletics, making a very creditable showing in them all. May the best of luck be yours, "Dub," as you go forth from our midst. Ilnr-lv lh-mus l.ltex'ury Soc-ioty, '22-'23"24: James Fenimore Fooper Literary Society, '25-'2G3 Len Whllf- l.ltt-rnry Sm-it-ty. '27-'28, I"0urLl1 Team Football, '24, 'Fliird 'Foam Football, '27: Swimming 'Pe-sun. '27-'ZNQ Varsity '.l'l'1ll'lC Squad, '2Ng Glue t'lub, 'ZTQ St'l'f-l'i-xltllt Company "B," '27-'ZSL Minstrel, '26-'27-'2N. 30 SENIOR CLASS DAVID JEFFERSON CRowEI.I. CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA Although this is Dave's first year at McCallie he has annexed many loyal friends right from the start. His cheerful smile and a willingness to ever help his fellow students have gained for him friends who will continue to be friends on through the years. His prowess on the cinder path is very well known by all of us for he covers the well known course of a hundred yards very close to the minimum of ten seconds. In his studies he has taken a good stand, always being well up toward the top of the class. In-n XVhitc Lite1':u'y Society, '27-'28: Company "B," '27-'28: Varsity Track Team, '27-'2S: North Carolina. Club, '27-'28, JAMES WILLIAM HART CROUCH CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Long ago in 1923, Jim crawled up the steps of Middle Hall and enrolled as a Freshman in our worthy institute. At that time a very small boy he has now grown in stature and in wisdom until he is a man, both physically and in understanding. During his years at McCallie Jim has accomplished many things, the chief of these being to gain an enviable reputation of high regard and admiration with both the student body and faculty. As you leave us to enter college, jim, we wish you the best of luck in all of your undertakings. Ilnvlo Remus Literary Society, '23-'24: VVoodr'oW Wilson Literary Society, '24-'25-'2G: Len White I,iter:n'y Society, '27-'2Sg Company UD." '2-13 Company "fi" '25-'ztig Company "A," '2T"28g Pm-ke: Testament L4-agile, '23-'24-'25-'26-'ZSQ Bl'ililll'rIl Cfluln, '2S. 31 SENIOR CLASS HUBERT H. DANIELS CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Almost since the beginning of history, there has been a Daniels at McCallie. In his seven fleeting years with us "Skinny" has truly upheld the good name that he has in a way to do credit to all concerned. On the track, being an unusual dash man, he is excelled by few. The famous relay team, of which he is a member, has brought many outstanding honors to McCallie. With the best wishes of both the faculty and student body he goes forth from our midst to the sea of life. ' 5 I'm-le Rm-nius Literary Snciotfy, '21-'22-'23-'24-'26: Daniel Vifebster Literary Society, '25-'26g Ln-n White Literary som-it-ty, '2Tf'28g Pocket Testament League, 'Z1-'22-'23-'24-'25-'26-'27-'283 Pmnpzuiy "ll," '21-'22-'2Zl: Comany "f"' '23-'24-'25g Company "B," '26-27-'28g Fourth Football 'I'm-am, '25, Third Football Tc-am, 'QGQ First l"0otba.ll Team. '27: Varsity Track Team, '26-'27-'2R5 Sm-vt-1' Font- ball, '2'I: Swimming, '27. BERNARD DAVIS SHELBYVILLE, KENTUEKY The closing of this year marks the departure of one of the best liked boys of McCallie. This certain boy whose first name is Bernard, hails from the country of wine, women and fast horses. If ever there was a thorough Kentucky Colonel, Bernard certainly is one. On the gridiron he is a marked man, but due to an injury he was kept out of the last games of the season. In Bernard, Washington and Lee will have a man to be proud of. Again, Bernard, we salute you! Y. M. C. A., '26-'27-'ZISQ Pocket Tt-Statment Lt-agua-. '26-'27-'ESQ Band, '263 Sergeant, Band, 'IIT-'2Sg Third Team Football, 'ZZGQ Varsity Fnotlmll, '2T: Ort-hestrzt, 'Zti-'IIT-'2Sg Minstrel, '26-'2Tg Pennant Starr- Staff, '27-'2Xg Monitor, 'ZITQ Varsity Raselmll. 'ZNQ Ki-ntuvky Club, '26-'27-'QRQ Luuisvillt- Club. '20-'27-'2s. 32 SENIOR CLASS N EWTON BRAUSE Dicks NORTH CHATTA NOOGA, TENNESSEE For many years Newton has been a most invaluable fellow to all of us. A more brilliant, systematic student is very seldom found. When Newton starts to do a thing that thing is always finished and finished in a way that would do credit to anyone. The members of the football squad are deeply indebted to him for the excellent care that he took of them by at all times doing everything possible for their personal comfort. VVorking on the staffs of all publications he has been a steady and reliable man. Few such real students have been sent out from our midst and it is with the sincere good wishes of the faculty and student body that he leaves. ' Robert E. Lot- Literary Society, '23-'24-'25g Vifoodrow Wilson Literary Society, '26, Len White, '27: Secretary and Tl'l'HSUI'f'l' of Iioliort E. Lee Literary Society, '24, Critic, '25: Company "D," '23-'24: 4'on'ipany "U," '25: f'om1mny UB." 'lflig Company "A," '27-'2Sg Si-1-ond Lieutenant Company "A," '2Rg Gramniar School Play, Pennant Store Stuff, '26-'27, Manager Varsity Football, '27, "Pennant" Staff, '27-'28, "Tornado" Staff, '28, Pocket Ti-stargt-nt League, '23-'24-'25-'26-'27-'28g Monogram Club, '2 . THoMAs BURNS DUNCAN LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Of the many fine fellows furnished us by Kentucky, we are most proud of our likable Tom Duncan. He nobly assisted in the important' role of cheer leader and has been fine material for Mr. Sager's basketball squad. This has been Tom's third year with us and we certainly do hate to lose him. Few excel him in the game of hearts, for "Tommy" is generally known as a "lady-killer." Our best wishes go to you and we feel sure that Washington and Lee will receive a fine fellow with your advent there. Y. M. P. A.. '25-'20-'27-'2S: Pocket Testament League, '25-'26-'27-'25, Secretary Student flouncil. '27-'28: Daniel Vl'ebster I.itei'a1'y Society, '25-'263 Len XVhite Literary Society, '27-'28: Third Bas- ketball Team. '25-'26: First Basketball Team, '27-'ZRQ First Squad Baseball. '26-'27-'ZSQ Third Team Football, '25-'26g Tennis Team, '26-'27-'ZSQ Golf Team, '27-'28, Picked Squad, '27-'28: First . Team Sort-er. '25-'26-'27-'ZfS: Prefer-t, 'ST-'LNQ "Tornado" Staff '27-'QSQ Cheer Leader, '27-'28: Com- pany '25-'26-'27-'ZSQ Kentucky Club, '25-'26-'27-'2S: Louisville Club, '25-'26-'27-'28, Swimming Team, '27-'28. 33 ..-- ,Ja . .eh-L is ' lb... i I l l 5 4, E' "rn ll SENIOR CLASS 1 L Wu,1.1,m Wiu'rNaY DURANIJ, bl 14, l ' Hail! Our Major. Some believe that "Happy," as he is known to us, has been here since Middle Hall constituted the entire school. You will find "Happy" to be the same wherever he may be, on the drill field, on the athletic field, in the class room, or in a social gathering. It may be added that he is quite the social lion. Coming out to McCallie in the fall of 1920, "Happy" has grown with the school. VVhen he i leaves us there will surely he a vacancy that no one else can fill. As a soldier "Happy" is "the" military man of the school, being a soldier in the true sense of the world. Playing end on the "Blue Tornado" of '27, he was excelled by few. With a true feeling of regret we bid you "good-bye," "Happy," and we are sure that, regardless of where you go, you will be a real credit to McCallie. Fourth Football, '21, 'l'hirrl Football Team, '24-'25, Varsity 'Fnoilvall Squad, '26-'27, Grammar S1-hool 'l'I'1ll'lC, '20-'21, Thlrcl Basketball, '23-'24, First Baseball Squad, '16, Pocket Testament League, '20- 'Z1-'22-'23-'24-'25-'26-'27-'ZX, Robert E. Ln-e Tilt.:-rar-y Society, '20-'l1, Critic, '22, Critic, .Iarni-s Fenimore Cooper Literary Society, '2S: Daniel Whlhstel' Literary Society. '25, Company '20, Lieutenant Company "lJ." '23, Lieutenant Company "C," '24, Sergeant Fompany "A," '26, Cath-t Major, '27, Picket Squad, '25, 'Riverview Club, '264'27-'28. ' CHA'i'l'ANOOGA, TENNESSEE HARRY NEWTON DUPRE MARIETTA, GEORGIA This lad is another one of those peerless representatives which the state of Georgia has sent to McCallie. He is a rather quiet, unobtrusive fellow but his grades show us that he must be about as "bright as they make them." His work in the classroom is not the only branch in which he stands high. His basketball playing added greatly to the team of '28. As Harry graduates this year he leaves a record behind him, which may well be a mark for some of the lower classmen to work for. Doubtless the years to come will impress upon his fellow students more the unusual ability of Harry DuPre. 1.1-n XVhitt- Lit:-rary Som-ie-ty, '27-TIS: Georgia Vlub, '27-'18, Y. M. F. A., '27-'28, Company "A," '27-'28, Varsity Basketball, '27-'25, Track Squad, '28, Ti-unis Squad. '28, 3-1- W m. .....f-i..-1-G-.. ..........a-...,,....S. - . -4- .s...,.... . . -. .... ,., ' 'rw""' rw-"' 1 -1" """ ' ' "'- '-' "Q ' - , --.., ,.1... ,..r.i... .eh-.. ns-- -Abit . -. - L:...a. .Le ...AAA .gli -J .,...,,, ,,l,-M. .... ,. . mv. ,afrgnm-.itz SENIOR CLASS EDWARD CHARLES DWELLI2, JR. CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA Ned, during his stay here has made :ln enviable record in all of his many undertakings. As editor of this Annual, he was, due to his personality and ability to put things across, the main factor in its construction. In his position as Senior Senator, he upheld the Honor System in every way possible to the utmost degree. Being an authority of the highest rank in all of his classes he has proved himself to be a student of superior quality. None can surpass and few can equal his popularity on the campus. Doubtless, in future years, Ned will continue the excellent record at Princeton, that already he has made here. p Daniel NVehstt-r Literary Society. '26-'2'Zg Lon Whitt- Literary Society, '27-'28, Pritiv, '2T: Pot-ket 'l'estann-nt League '26-'27-'2S: Y. M, C. A., '26-'27-'2S: Company "B," '26-'27, Svrgeauit Fozninuiy "A," '37-'2R: Picked Platoon, '27-'2N: Senate, '2T: Prt-foot. 'ZTQ Marshal. '26-'27g North Uzrrolina t'lub, 215927-'28, Tennis TL-mn, '26-'27"2S: Third Football Team, '2tig lVIal1a.'-Z01', '2Tg Editor-in-Cliit-f of "Pennant," '27-'28, ALEXANDER MILLER EARLE, JR. STOVALL, NORTH CAROLINA Another able son of the great "Ole North State" we have pictured above, Earle, better known as "Nuts," has surely proved himself to be a mighty fine fellow in his lone year's stay with us. An ever willing readiness to help one in trouble, a wonderful disposition, a delightful personality have surely gained for h'm a host of true friends that are certainly an enormous asset to him now and will continue to be in future years. In his classes, "Alex" has conquered all obstacles, being recognized as one of our most depend- able students. Davidson will here receive a f'Gentleman and a Scholar" as we lose him. Secretary Len VVhite Literary Society, '27-'S'8: Fompany "V," '27-'ESQ Parolina Club, '27-'ESQ Y. M. C. A., '27-'ZSQ Pocket 'Testament League, '27-'28, 35 SENIOR CLASS CHA1u.Es EDWARD EARNEST CHUCKEY, TENNESSEE Although, before Charley's arrival we had never had the little town of Chuckey to cross our minds, it is now most indelibly imprinted in our memories. ln the oratorical field he has indeed proved himself to be a fitting follower and pupil of Demosthenes. Many are the times when we have enjoyed for long periods his most expressive and unusually forceful delivery. A great future may surely be safely predicted for one with so useful a talent as this. 4- as Durfng his two years at McCallie Charley hggained countless friends, many of whom will continue to cherish this friendship long through the years to come. Daniel XV:-hstvr Literary Society, '26-'27g Len White Literary Society, '27-'2Rg tiorporal Company "A" '27-'2R: I"1'el'et't, '28g Tennvsseo Club. '26-'27-'28: Y. M. C. A. '26-'IIT-'2Sg Pocket Testament N,L0ilg'lle, '26-'27-'2S. 4. WALTER REEVE EARNEST CHUCKEY, 'TENNESSEE Walter hails from Chuckey, and has been with us for two years. One of his greatest traits is that which his name implies, earnestness. He always does his very best in whatever he under- takes. His extremely amiable nature and willingness to help a friend in need have won for him a host of friends. He is also a boy of high moral standards and is looked up to as one of the finest students in school. Long after many of our experiences at McCallie have pamed into oblivion, we will remember the friendship, sincerity, ability, and general character of Walter Earnest. Ilnnh-I Nklahstvr Lita-rary Soc-is-ty, '26-'27, Lon White Literary Society, '27-'2Sg Pocket Testament League, '27-'28, Y. M. C. A., '27"2S: Tennessee Club, '27-'28: Tennis Squad, '2Sg Company "C," '27- '2Sg Pennant Store Staff, '27-'28, 36 SENIOR CLASS FREDERICK WILLIAM EDWARDS CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE "A good man is a blessing, A true friend, a treasure! n Ever since this class of '28 was in the sixth grade, Fred has certainly lived up to the ode above for he is indeed a true friend to man. Even though Fred has not been athictically inclined he has taken his place as one of the leaders of the class by his excellent work in the classroom and the editorial departments of the various publications. All who know him recognize him as one who has exceptional ability in all literary undertakings. ' As Fred leaves us the eyes of the Faculty and Student Body smile sadly yet favorably. Pocket Testamcnt League, '21-'22-'23-'2b'25-'28-'27-'283 Compaqay "D," '21-'22-'23-'24, C'ompn,ny "C," '25-'26, vompany '-B," '2Tg company "A," '28, Robert E. Lee Site:-ary society, '22-'23-'24-'25-'ztsg Len NVhito Lite-I-ary Society, '27-'28g Secretary and Treasihrer Ro ,rt E. Luc Literary Society, '25, As- sistant Editor-in-Chief of "Pennant," '27g Pennant Store Staff, '26-'27-'2Sg Social Editor ot "Tornatlo," '28, Assoc-inte Editor-in-Chief "Pennant," '2S. LOUIS BARIQFIELD FARMER LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TE NNESSBE Entering McCallie in '23, Louis at once began to take a prominence in activities that is rarely shown. After two years he went to VVebb for two more years and now is back in our midst for the Final lap of the race. Because of an injury he was prevented from playing football this year although this should not bother him at college. On the tennis team in this last year we shall expect great things from Louis for on the court is the particular place where his ability is best shown. As you go to college, Louis, we wish you the best of luck and are sure that all success will be yours. VVoodi'ow VVilson Literary Sovicty. '23-'fZ4: Daniel XXX-bstei' Literary Society, '24-'25: Lon Whltc LiteI'ary Society, '27-'28, Compzmy "D," '23-'2-4: Company "C," '24-'25g Cfompimy "B," '27-'2S3 Fifth lfontlmll Team, '2Z!3 l+'oul'th Footlmll Team, '24g Tn-nnis Squad, '24-'25g Pocket Tostmnent League, '23-'24-'25, Vlfohh School, '25-'26-'27. 37 SENIOR CLASS Vo1,N12Y Wl'IEAT FERGUSON, JR. PARIS, KENTUCKY llere we have a real man. Ever since we can remember "Vol" has been a real leader, physically, mentally, and morally, in the McCallie School. There is no activity in school in which he has not always taken a leading part. His work on the gridiron as a trusty tackle of the "Blue Tornadoes" of several years past, is without equal. Many are the times that, when just a little more grit and fight were needed in the deciding moment, "Vol" has driven through that opposing line to open a hole for that back to put across the winning touchdown. In the Y. M. C, A. and Senate, he has long occupied the foremost positions and has exer- cised uplifting influence over the other fellows. Tmnir-I NV1-liste-r Litf-rary Sm-in-ty '24-'25-'26-'27-'2Sg President, 'Sli-'2T3 Sm-nate, '27-'ZSQ i'l'l'l't'C'f. 'fli- '2T-'2Ng Ke-ntuf-ky Vinh. '24-'25-'26-'27-'LZR1 Pr:-slrlent, '27-TEN: Sf-1-ond Vompany "A." '20- '273 I-'irst Lim-utr-nant r'on1pany "A," '27-'28g Var itb' Football. '26-'2T: Pri-siilt-ilt Y. M. l'. A., '27-'2N: Monogram Club, '26-'27-'28, ARTHUR ATHFIRTON FINCHLQR, JR. CANTON, GEORGIA ' In this, his first and last year with us, Fincher has shown a willing spirit to help in all possible ways. His pleasing personality has won for him many friends and ai reputation for being willing always to help a friend in need. Ilis personality is supplemented by the immeasurably high stand that he has taken in his classes. The fierce determination to succeed that he has shown here in his preparatory school work will surely continue to exert itself later in college and even after that in the great sea of life, in which we are sure that he will make a marked success because of this perseverance. Le-n VVIIH1- Lit:-rary Sm-it-ty, '27-'ESQ Vi:-v-I'r't-sith-nt, 'QSQ Y. M. F. A., '27-'2S: I'm-km-t 'Pvstalnr-nt L,1-:tgirl-, '27-'2Ng H4-u1'9.:in, Vlnlw, 'LIT-'2N. 38 SENIOR CLASS JAMES GARNETT, JR. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY i "jim" came to us in '26 and during the two short years of his sojourn here he has made many friends and an enviable record. No one ever asks if his name is on the coveted Senior Privilege list, for everyone knows that it will be there. His ability is also manifested in several branches of athletics in which he proved his ability. A sad day it will surely be when "jamey" leaves us to return to the blue grass country and thence to Washington and Lee. That great University will indeed be fortunate in securing such a man. Daniel Vifebster Literary Society, '26-'27g Len XVhite Literary Society, '27-'28, Pocket Testament l.e-apruv, '26-'27-'ZXQ Kentucky Club, '26-'27-'28g Louisville Club, '26-'27-'2R: Profvct '27-'ZRQ Corporal Vompany "A," '27-'2Sg 'I'hird Football Team, '26, Varsity Football. '27-'ZSQ First Baseball Ti-am, '27-'ESQ First Basketball Team, '27-'28, Swimming Team, '28, DANIEL GILCHRIST, JR. COURTLA ND, ALABAMA Even though this be his first and last year with us Dan has accomplished many things. The most outstanding of these is the unusual number of friends and admirers who have been drawn to him because of his attractive personality, agreeable disposition, and a willingness ever to do a kind deed for a friend. Despite a great deal of absence on account of sickness Dan has made an excellent record in the class room as well as in his other fields of undertaking. May the best of luck be yours, Dan, as you leave us to venture forth to other fields of conquest! Ls-n NVhitv Literary Society, 'IIT-'2Sg Pompany "Cl," '27-'QRQ Povlu-t Testament League, '77-'2S: Y. M. 4'. A., '27-'ZNQ Alaliama Ulub, '27-'28, 39 SENIOR CLASS jonn M. G1L1.rzs1f112 GREE NSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA John has been with us only one year but in that time has done many worthy things which will live long after he goes. As a tennis player he is unsurpassed. Many of the best players in our school have gone down before him one after the other, for it is only a mechanical thing for john to triumph on the C0urt. In the deeper, more important work of the class room he has shown just as much ver- satility uf ability, always making a good record. We mourn not alone as john leaves us, for his popularity among the ladies is a well known thing about the campus. 'l't-mils 'l'l-nm, '27-'I!Sp Len XVhlte Lit0l'a.l'y Society, '27-'2Rg Y. M. O. A., '27-'ESQ Pocket 'l't-stnnient Lieaguc. '27-228: Panroliuas Club, '27-'28. Romakr CAMPBELL GILMORE, JR. SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA In his two years with us, "Pete" has done many things and like Caesar, he came, he saw, he conquered. This conquest covers practically all of his undertakings in the classroom, on the drill field, and on the athletic fields. Being a senior privilege man "Pete" has of course taken a high stand in his classes. Be' cause of this and many other things he holds the high admiration and sincere friendship of the entire faculty and student body. His work on the track and various other athletic fields as well as in the military depart- ment has been keenly felt and appreciated. Y N vt' '2 -'27-'2S: Vice-President. '2Tf'2Sg Pocket '1'estamr1nt League. '26-'27-'2S3 Prof:-ct, '2T: . . . A., 6 Som-meer Squad. '27-'2R: Track Squad. 'ZIT3 Swimming Sqtlzul, '28: Dunivl Vhllaster Litf-rziry Soc-it-ty, '26-'2T3 Lon Vl'hlt0 Lita-1'ai'y Sm-if-ty, '27-'2Sg St-rg:-ant Fomlmny "U," '27-'2Sg f'zu'olinns Ulub, '26-'27-'2N. 4,3 SENIOR' CLASS WILLIAM LAWRENCE HILL, JR. SHARON, SOUTH CAROLINA This was one of the two representatives the state of South Carolina had at McCallie this year, but he proved himself very capable of showing that state at its best. His rather quiet, but congenial good nature, together with a willingness to do anything for the good of the school have made him one of the most valuable "assets" McCallie has. His determination to make good and will to work are qualit'es which we feel sure will never allow him to fail in anything he undertakes. This determination will doubtless carry him far on the seaof life. ' ' ' V - 1 ,il l lvl Lon XVhlto l.itoru1-y Society, '27-T583 1'a,rolinas Club '27-'ZSL Y. M. F. A., '27-'28g Third Basketball Team, '27-'28, EsTEs VAUGHAN HOWARD LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA Estes came to us last year from Lynchburg, and ever since then he has been showing that Lynchburg produces the type of men who are much sought for but rarely found. His scholarship is of the highest degree of excellence, and his name may always be found at the head of his classes. Classes are not the only thing in which he "shines," for he can play the piano excellently, and also is a "marked" man on the tennis court. His amiable nature and readiness to help at all times have won for him a host of friends, who will remember him long after he has left McCallie. Len White Literary Society, '27, YV!-l.11dPl'l'!"S Club: '2T: Y, M. U. A., '27-'QSQ Pocket Testament League, '27-'2Sg Sergeant Company "A." '27-'28g Tennis Squad, '22, 41 1 SENIOR CLASS ALLEN CLARK JOHNSON, ja. CHATTANOOCA, TENNESSEE For many years Allen has certainly been a most necessary fixture on the athletic iields, on the drill lield and in the class rooms of McCallie. During the years that he has been with us at McCallie he has worked as hard as possible to better our school in every way and has hacked all of its undertakings to the best of his ability. His m'litary ability is shown by his coveted position on the battalion staff and by the excellent way in which he has executed the duties of this position of honor, The many friends that he has made are the kind that will continue to help him during all of his career. Vnmpaliy "D," '24:,rt'nnipai13' "V," '25g t'orp0x'i1I VOIIIDIIIIBLI "F," 'Z263 tfolor -Sergeaiit, QS: Unfit- Remus l,ltt-rnry Sm-ii-ty, 'Lag llaniel Webster Literary Society, 'Jig Len VVh1te I.itcrary Soc-it-ty, L83 Pocket 'l'K'Sl8Illt'lll League, '25-'26-'27-'2Ng Tliiril Baseball Team, '25, FRED KYLE ,itll-INSTON, Jia. CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Of all words, the one that we think alone will describe "Frog" is "b'g" Hy this we mean that he is really big in all things, on the gridiron, the track, the drill field and as a participant in the greater activities of the School. As Captain of the "Blue Tornado" of '27, he nobly led hfs team through the season with a never dying spirit. Always be was there with a cheerful word, a bit of worthy advice, and an unbeatable personality. His standling as an athlete is surely no new thing because for many years he has been one of the mainstays of both the football and track teams. Many years will pass but very few all-round men such as he will ever go forth from our midst. Varsity Footlmll '25-'2li4'2T: Uaptziln Varsity Football, '2Tg Varsity llzise-ball Squad, '28, Vnrsitx' Basics-timll, 'ZXQ 'I'liii'il Football Team, 'LH: Varsity 'l'rac'lt, '25-'26-'27-'28, Varsity Baseball Squad. "H-"JS: Third Team Bust-l.rull '25: 1V1islgi-t Football, '21-'22: Fourth 'Foam Football, '23: Third 'Pm-ann Ilasks-thall Squad, '22is'2-13 'l'hii'1l 'l'i'avk 'IR-am, '22: Uaiitain. 'Fliird 'l'rzu'lc Team, '22g Swimming 'Pm-iam. '26-'27-'28, Vaptain Uompany "ll," '27-'2Nq Monogrnni Vluh, '25-'26-'27g l'nt-lv lit-mus liiterary Society. '2!: .latin-s lfi-iiiiiitiiv Umipi-r, 'iii-'Zig VVmnlruw VVilson I,itt-rary Society. '25-'2lig Vice-l'resirlt-lit. '25g 7 P M ?"'llZlit', 'LIS-'1.'ig .'n-1-regtz1l'y nl' Senate, '26-'27, la-n W'hitv l.itcrai'y Society, '26-'2Tg "'l'nrnztllo" Stuff. '2T: St-rixa-ant Uomlumy "D," '25, l'm'ki-t Testanu-nt l.eag'ue '21-'22-'23-'24-'25-'26-'27-'281 Band, 'till Sn-on-tai'y ol' .lnnis-s lf't-niinmm www-i' liitr-i':u'y Sm-iety, '231 President, '24g Fergi-r Plat-0 t'lul.i, '25, First Si-rgoant Company "B," '25, 42 SENIOR CLASS ,IQHN RANKIN IQELLER GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA Behold Apollo himself! Above we have the internafonally known slayer of feminine hearts -one John Keller. As King of the Tivoli and many other like places frequented by the ladies, john reigns supreme. VVhen an unfair Saturday afternoon campus is placed upon thfs innocent youth many feminine hearts are very, very sad. Not only does he excel in the above mentioned way but he takes a prominent part in the varfous school activities and is ever willing to help a needy thing. His class records will show that, along with his other desirable traits, he has made a creditable record in his studies, Len NVhite Iriterary For-icty, '27-'2Hg Company "A," '27-'28g Pocket Testamont l.t-zigut-, '27-'1!Sg Carolinas Club, '27-'28, ,IOHN WATT Krxuamrrucii GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA The olti "Gator" state has always been represented at .McCallie by some fine men and one of the finest of these is VVatt. ln spite of the fact that he is far from home his longing for former high school days does not dampen his true McCallie spirit, Although he has been with us for only one year, he has made himself very popular with the boys as well as members of the fairer sex of the city. As an athlete Watt is not to be ignored for he handles a tennis racquet in a superior manner. As time elapses he will doubtless prove himself to be a basketball player of great worth. In his entrance, the Vniversfty of Florida will surely get a man of whom any school may well be proud. lion XVliilc Litvr:t1'y S1 vit-ty, '27-'ESL Tliirtl 'Raisin-tball Team, 'QSQ Tennis Squad, 'ESQ Y. M. P, A., '27-'2S. 43 . -, , M, ,A .t , ...... ..,.,....,- . .-" -' " . 'v' " ,"'-, '1 --4 . -. ... -L 1 . , ..... .va-s..:..:g lnh-.L qui-no Q- ,-L.: .. gy., A-. an' --. ,t 5 rn: "-.. .q qpqpum- .V .tn-pup-Q...-.y-'gy EM- -,.-,mi SENIOR CLASS FARHL BANIAMIN L'HnU1u':UX CHATYANOOCA, TENNESSEE Behold our chief claim to fame, a Sousa in the' making. I.'heureux's work in the hand and orchestra have definitely shown him to be far out of the ordinary in this line. VVe recognize him as one of the mainstays in these two most important organizations of our school. Not only does he excel along musical lines, for ever since we have had the yearly minstrel he has loaned his excellent talent to help make it a success. Farel has participated in many other of the activities of the school and has done well in them all. Being a student of excellent caliber he leaves a scholastic record behind him of which he may well he proud. llanir-l XV:-Instr-r Soul--ty, '26-'271 Len VVhitv Lihvrury Souix-ty, '27-'BBQ T'o4-lu-t 'l':-stunin-nt Ia-ngtn-, '26-'27-'2Sg Urn-ln-slrn '26-'27-'ZRQ Glaze tfluly, '26is'2T-'2N: Minstrr-I, 'ZH-'27-'ZNQ IR-nuant Store Staff, '27-'2Sg Corporal Band, '26-'2T3 Sergeant Band, '27-'2S. COOPER I-IOLTZCLAW MCCALL CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE At the end of each year there are a select group of boys in the graduating class whose alrsenee will he felt greatly by everyone. Outstanding among these is Cooper, "The boy with a smile supreme." Like his brother, a student of former times, Cooper has stood well in his classes and in the regard of hoth the faculty and student body. His true sportsmanship, his courage, and his good nature on the athlet'c field and in the classroom will long he rememhered hy his fellow students. It is with a sad feeling that we send you forth to the Vniversity of Virginia, Cooper. May luck he always with you! Fifth I-'ontlnall T:-am, 243 Fourth Football 'IH-am, '25: 'Fllird Frvotlrall 'l'n'arn, '2tig First Footlrall 'l'm-am, '2Tg lloln-rt E. Lea- Literary Society, '24-'25-'263 lmnii-l XV:-luster l,itcral'y Soc-icty, '26-'27, In-n White l.itr-rary Society, '27-'EN1 4'onmany "li" '24-'25g 4"ul'11lIl':1l Company '25s'26: Sergeant Uonipatly "B," ':1lf'2T-'LEM l'o1'ket Testament lmavtlv, '24-'25f'2li-27-28: Som-vi' Football, 273 Studi-nt Monitor, '27-'2S. 44 i SENIORA CLASS ROBERT LEWIS MCCALLIE CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE 'tBoh" is just another one of those reasons that prove the diversity of the McCallie family. Being here since 1920 he has taken part in a varied portion of student activities, starting with the grammar school play and terminating with varsity football., Not only has "Bob" been a loyal and ardent supporter of all school activfties, but he has been very close to the top of the scholastic record during all of his years. He will surely u hold the traditions of the brilliant McCallie famil ' for he has shown us that a more brilliant P . student is seldom found. Davidson may well he proud to get you, "Bob." Robert E. Lee Literary Society, '20-'21-'22-'23-'24-'25, Secretary, '22g President, '24g Vice-President, 'L!5g Len WVhite Literary Society. '26-'27: First Sergeant, Company "D," '25-'2G3 Fifth Football Team, '21-'22g Third Football Tearn, '26: Third Baseball Toarn, '25g Third Track Team, '24-'25-'ZGQ First Trar-lc Tr-am, '27-'28, First Football Sqtiad, '2?g Soccer Team, '27-'28, "1'emmnt" Staff, '28, Si-c-ond Lieutenant Company "C," '2T. SPENCER JARNIGAN MCCALLIE, JR. CHATTA NOOGA, TENNESSEE "Spence" is just another splendid specimen of the McCallie family. His genial disposition and magnetic personality have endeared him to the entire student body and faculty. Always full of fun, 'tSpence" is ever able to settle down to real work as his scholarship record shows. As a student monitor he has proved himself to be a rare leader of men. Likewise his splendid judgment and business abilfty have been shown by his able management of the "Blue Tornado" of '26, In this McCallie, Princeton will truly get a real man, one who will do credit to that greatest of preparatory schools from which he comes. James Fenimore Cooper Literary Society, '22g Robert E. Lee Literary Society, '23-'2-11253 Sr-cretary and Treasurer, '2S3 President, '24-T553 VVoorlrow VVilson Literary Soviety, '26ig ln-n VVhitr+ Literary Society, '27-'28, Grammar School Play, '233 Manager Varsity Football, '26g Monogram f'Iub, '26-'27-'2N: Pi-nnztnt Store Staff, '26g SlECl'l'fZ'lI'y Junior Vlass, 'ZTQ Historian Senior Class, '2Ng Stuslf-nt Monitor, '23, -I-5 1 SENIOR CLASS VVILLIAM DJXVIDSON NICCRAVEY FOREST, MISSISSIPPI From the great old state of Mississippi came this youth to us this year. Again he has shown us that many great and able men come from the "Delta" state. ln spite of his being here only one year, "Mac," has engaged in many activities and enter- prises. An able student he has shown that the determination and grit necessary for the long road of life are his. This has been proved not only on the tennis court, where he shows up well, hut in the classroom, for there he has done his greatest work and has done it in a way to do credit to anyone. Davidson will surely receiye a good man in this one. la-n White liiterzwy Society, '27-'ZSQ Mississippi Club, '27-'285 Tennis Squad, '27-'2S3 Por-kt-t Tcstanivnt Loaguu, '27-'28: Y. M. C. A., '27-'28. RUSSELL MCKINNEY CHATTA NOOGA, TENNESSEE In the dim past when "Rut" made his first appearance on the McCallie campus he pre- sented a largely different figure than now. At this time his elongated form is a familiar sight to the McCallie boys of the past two years. But not so in 1921, when his chief 'physical char- acteristic was a decided chuhhiness. As one of the outstanding men on the campus, "Rut" has acquired a wide circle of friends in which are included many of those rarities, true friends. Um-lv Remus Literary Som-1:-ty. '21-'22: Third 'Team Football, H133 Radio Club, '233 Varsity Football, 'L:li-'Zig Vnrsitv Base-hall, '27-'2Hg Golf 'l'vnm, '26-'2'l: Serial-unit Uompany '26-'27g Faptain Vom- 7 I pany "A," '27-'psy Glev Vinh and Minstiu-1, 'LT-'2Ng Monogram Pluh, '26-'27-'28, 46 SENIOR CLASS DUDLEY WILLIAM MCIVER, JR. CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE A good many years ago came into our midst a tiny tot who was destined to do big things at old McCallie. That youth was, and is, Dudley Mclver, small of stature but great of mind and heart. The scope of his achievements and conquests is wide and varied, being shown on the drill and athletfc fields and in the classroom. Last but far from least must be mentioned his high position in the hearts of all those connected with the school. Whatever course you may pursue, Dudley, at VVashington and Lee, you may be assured that McCallie is proud of you and will always be behind you in any undertaking. Sergeant-at'Arms James Fenimore Cooper' Literary Society, '25g Robert E. Lee Literary Society, '26, Daniel VVebstcr Literary Society. '2Tg Len White Literary Socity, '28g Fifth Football Team, '25-'26, Fourth Football Ti-am, '27g First Football Squad, '28: Track Manager, '28, Midget Basketball Team, '27g First Basketball Squad, '23, Company '25-'26, Sergeant, '27: First Sergeant, '28, Montreat Club. '25g Pocket Testament League, '25-'26-'27"2Sg Varsity Swimming T1-am, '27-'2S. JAMES NORMAN MCLEOD JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Two years ago, when "Jim" came to us, Jackson surely rendered a service to McCallie. On his arrival "jim" entered into the activities of the school as well as the hearts of everyone with a vim which is seldom seen. This unusual personality will surely bring Wonderful results to him in later life. Great things are predicted of him on the basketball court. A shining light on the varsfty, we shall certainly hear of his athletic feats in the years to come. By his entrance "Ole Miss" will gain a great deal as McCallie loses much. Third Team Basketball, '263 Varsity Basketball, '27g Company "A," '26-'27g Color Guard, '27-'ZRQ 1'icks-tl Platoon, '27-'28g Daniel hXvt'bStf'1' Literary Society. '26-'27g Leu White Literary Society, '27-'28: Mississippi Ulub, 'Eli-'27-'ZN1 Y. N. 1'. A.. '26-'27-'ZINQ Pm-lu-t Testament I.:-ztguv, '26-'27-'2N. 47 SENIOR'CLASS JAMES WILLIAM MARsHALL Mmm, FLORIQA . In his three years at McCallie, "Bill" has been an active participant in practically all the activities of the student body. He is an unusually good Student, being especially talented in mathematics. The enviable Senior Privilege list usually showed his name. While not a varsity man in any sport, lhe is a very good all around athlete, and is always one of the most ardent supporters of the team. We feel sure that such boys as "Bill" Marshall cannot help but succeed in college, rand also in that great world of business which follows. Daniel Webster Lltcrzu'y Society, '26-'2'l: Len White Literary Society, '27-'2Sg Pocket 'Pestanient L1-nguo, '26-'ETJQSQ Y. M. U. A., '26-'27-'ZSQ Drum and Bugle Corps, '26-'2'lg Florida Club, '26-'27-'2K. WALTER ADELBERT MARTING PORTSMOUTH, orno i "Hey! Dell" is forever being heard on the campus from reveille to taps. The reason for this is obvious that he is an athlete without e ual, a brilliant student and a man amon men. si n 1 u s 4 Q On the gridiron, on the d.amond, in the classroom, and as president of our benior Class, "Dellie" has shown to all his unusual diversity of talents and his ability to lead men. Beside playing an invincible quarter on the Blue Tornadoes of '27 and '28 and a reliable third on our baseball teams. "Dellie" has stood right at the top of our class ever since its beginning. li, Yale will surely receive a real man in "Dellie" Matting. President Uncle Rc-mus Literary Society, '23-'24: VI:-e-Pri-sith-nt Daniel Xvobster Lit:-rnry Sm-lt-ly, '25g l'1'ox-ildx-lit, '26-'2Tg President Lt-n VVliitt- Literary Snell-ty, '281 President Freshman Class, '24-'25, Pre-slclunt Junior Class, '26-'27g President Senior Glass, '27-'28, Senate, '25p Captain Fourth Football Tunni, '233 Vaptnln Third Football 'Pc-uni, '243 Varsity lfootlmll, '26-'Z7: Third Bnsolmll Tn-um. '24-T253 Varsity Baseball, '26-'2Tp Soccer Footballl Team, '25-'26-'27g Monogram Club, '26-'27-'2N1 Marshal, '26-'Sig Put-ln-t Tvstxrnit-nt lmnguu, '23-'24-'25-'26-'274':5SQ Pl'Hiit'l'f, '24-':5g Student Count-il, '24-'25, Y. M. U. A., '23-'24-'25-'26-'27-'2Sg Secretary, '27-'28, 48 SENIOR CLASS NEIL B. MIMS MORRISTOWN, TENNESSEE Make way for "Tony,', the peanut man! Above we have pictured the greatest single amusement of our class. Besides being noted as an entertainer, he is also famous as one of our most versatile men. In the short time that he was in shape, his work with the "Blue Tornado" was greatly felt and appreciated, but due to aninjurcd hand he was kept out of the game a large part of the season and therefore was ineligible for a letter. On the basketball court he showed up well as a very flashy forward. And furthermore his high stand in his classes is not to be equaled for there he was always among the select few. Len VVhite Literary Society, '2'T"?Sg First Football Squad, 'ZTQ First Basketball Squad, '27-'28. VVILLIAM I'IELM NETTLES GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA In his two years at McCallie "Bill" has proven himself to be a fellow of diverse talents, many in number. His cheerful smile and pleasant disposition have won for him many friends among both the faculty and student body. Besides being an excellent student "Bill" is an even better athlete. As a wielder of the tennis racket he is surpassed by none. He indeed has done justice to the nickname of a second VVilliam Tilclen. On the gridiron his work was greatly appreciated by his fellow members of the third team. May all success be yours, "Bill," at the University of Florida. Third Tvam Basketball, '26-'2T: First Team Basketball, '27f'2Sg Third Tc-am Football, '27-'2Rg Tennis Tt-am, '27-'28, Company "C," '26-'27g Company "B," '27-'ZSQ Len White- Literary Society, '26-'27-'2S: Pocket Testament League, '26-'27-'2Sg Y. M. C. A., '26-'27-H283 Florida Club, '26-'27-'28. 49 ----.-....--s. -- 3...-. vm-vw... . S E N I O R C L A S S lfinvvmao 'I'HoMAs NEWICLL, Jn. ' ' CHA'l'I'ANO0GA, TENNESSEE Back in the fall of 1924 a slight, black-haired boy str gled up the front steps to enroll as j the famous personage-to-be that one sees above. Not one teamed at that t'me that there was one of the future leaders of McCallie. Many times has that prophecy been shown to this day. As captain of our tennis team, Ed has distinguished himself as one of the excellent athletes of the school. Many are the times when he has carried his Alma Mater to much glory on the court. As we lose, the Vniversity of Virginia will surely gain a rare specimen of manhood, in athletics, in scholarship, and as a really popular man. 'IH-nnis 'Fe-sun, '26-'27-'2R: Faptain Tennis Team, '2,8: Third Football Team, '263 Fourth Football Ti-am. '25g First Football Team, '27, Soccer Football Team, '25-'27-'ZSQ Baseball Squad, 'ESQ Pony- pany "Ib," '24-'25: Corporal Voxnpuny "B," '25-'26-'2Tg Color Sergeant. '27-'28, Daniel Webster Lit- i-rury Sm-lvty, '24-'25-'26-'27, Inn White 'hifelwtry S0031-ty, '27-'2S: Pocket Testament I.:-agua-, 24125- '26-'ZTQ Pehllihf Store Staff, '27-'ZSQ Picked PIEIOOYI, '27-'23, WILBUR OAKES, JR. , ' CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE . lt has been said that "Bobo" Carter can make more noise than any five boys in school. But the person who said that had surely not heard VVilbur on the Golf Course, for that is where he "shines." just ask that youngster from Tech High if you are really doubtful of his ability at "Cow-pasture pool." As we said before he is very noisy on the Golf Course but not so around ladies, for that's different. VVhen they show up he's as meek as a lamb, for blondes are his weakness. In this case it is proven that "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." Some day, as we read of him winning the "National Open," we shall look back proudly on those long ago days at McCallie when we went to the same classes with him. Uncle Remus Literary Sovit-ty. '22-'23-'24-'25, Dann-l Wm-bsti-r Lita-rary Society, '25-'26-'2Tg Svvri-tary Uncle Remus, '24-'25g I'oz'lce-t 'Fostnms-nt l.v:l2'll0, '2-1-'25-'26-'27-'ZSQ Sergeant Uompany "B," 'ZIR- '2T-'28g Riverview Club, '26-'27-'2H: Captain of Golf Team, '26-'27, . 50 i, 5 :e:..l,n..:11.'fg.1:-g:'::::gnnv.f . - 'I-L-if-' ,wff" ---"M -'--H - -----H--Y--A-" ,A Af- X:-,rf --,-,,,,--1-,tgp-W vwv rw-1.7 --U ' m . V' "--. r -- of Xe , "' I, . " - ' -- . ,n-,og L.. th- ALM' 1,4-,,,,.,.aL ,,4',.gk,,,-3.3, ,JW f .. V,--..-...EZ-..t.. ..+.....i.. ..-...,.-Aan As.. -.,. 1 faint-tau-.n. -. .na.n.sfx.e-nt ' Fi' ni L t u . SENIOR CLASS jlcssa CALVIN PARKS, jk. CHATFANOOGA, TENNESSEE "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Truly, that quotation was made for Parks, otherwise known as "Speedy," the fastest of them all. Although he has not shone in athletics, Parks has stood for and helped all athletics for the betterment of the school to the largest extent of his personal power. His sunny smile and cheery disposition have won for him many friends during these last few years in which he has been with us. Outside of being a very good student, "Speedy" has proved himself to be one of the most valuable members of our able golf team. As he leaves us we may state assurance that J. C. will be an outstanding addition to any college to which he goes. Si-11:1-:tilt t'oIIIpaIIy "A," '27-'LESQ Daniel Wt-bstor IriteI'aI'y Society '24-'25-'26-'27, Lt-n XVhitmf Literary Soi-in-ty, '27-'28, Golt' TL-am, 'ZSJ27-T285 Soccer Squad. '26g Chattanooga Club, '24-'25-'20-BT-28. JAMES OsCA11 PHILLIPS ROGERSVILLE, TENNESSEE This extremely quiet young lad hails from the mountains of East Tennessee. Although this potential city is new to our knowledge of geography, we are sure that something exceptional produced this young man. ' "Jimmy" is the commander of many friends on the campus notwithstanding his short stay of one year. One boy was even heard to say that he liked h'm so well that he wished "Jimmy" were twins. However, he added the request that there be but one nuke" between them. VVith his musical and scholastic ability and the power of making friends, we predict that "jimmy" will make Z1 great success at the Vniversity of Tennessee. Len Vi'hitv I.iteI'nI'y So:-iety, '27-'2Ng Y. M. C. A, '27-'ZNQ Company "C," '27-'2Sg Glee Club, '3X. SI f"'f'tf'5,g-fw1- '- n::.'i1-5.f'S::7f' '. ' 4: 1 SENIOR CLASS HUGH HAGAN POWEL moxom' moum-Ars, 'riswsizssea Our old friend, Hugh, has been with us but seven short years and in that time he has done more than his share toward bringing about the Wonderful rise in the school. His personality and good nature will be long remembered by his fellow students. As an athlete his achieve- ments speak for themselves for his services on the gridiron were keenly felt and appreciated by all. In many other activities, the name of Powel stands out prominently and we are sure that as he goes to college he will show to outsiders just what a true McCallie man is and represents. Povkvt 'Postztnu-nt League, '21-'22-'23-'24-'25-'26-'271 Robert E. Lee Literary So:-it-ty, '21-'22-T231 James Fenimore Cooper Literary Society, '24-'25, Woofirow Wilson 'Literary Society, '26-'2Tg Len Whito Lite-r:u'y Sm-le-ty, '37-'28: Corporal Company "D," '22-'23, Sqrgeant Company "U," '24-'2!5: Drum and Bugle Forps '26g Corporal Company "B," '27: Varsity Football, '26-'2Tg Fourth Tr-am Football, '24, Third Team Football, '25: Soccer Football, '273 Varsity Track, '2S. CHARLES PARTEE PUGH ci-iA'rrANooGA, TENNESSEE ' Charlie is a boy who regards hunting as one of the piincipal things on which the world revolves. On these frequent trips he never fails to bring back something to show that his time has been well spent. His work in the classroom shows the same notable characteristic, that of a determination to come out ahead. We are sure that this quality will carry him high above the clouds of life and that success in all ventures will come to him. ' Vompmiy '25-'ZTJ Company "F," '27-'ZR1 Uncle Remus Literary Soviety, '25g Daniel VVQ-bster 0 1 l.lt1-rairy Soc-it-ty. '26-'...7g Lon NVliito Litt-vary Sovlvty, '28: Fourth 'Fm-ani Football, '27g S vm-r Poit- lmll, 'ZTQ Swimming Te-mn, '2S: Tennis Squad, 'ZSQ Povkrt Testament League, '25-'26-'27-'28, S2 ., . . . W . ., ...M J- . . .six L .ix L .ull - - 1-,.,:':!l2--.- ,,..mei1,-112-,, ' " ,W .Q SENIOR CLASS JULIAN LOUIS REYNOLDS LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Three years ago a very singular personage came into our midst-one "Squat" Reynolds. Never in the realm of our acquaintance was there a more happy-go-lucky sort of fellow, ever willing to do his neighbor a favor. If the sun does not rise or if there be snow in July, little does this worthy youth care, "Squat," as his name implies, is of rather an unusual build, it being said that both his length and his width coincide. With all his likable traits, he is undoubtedly one of the really good fellows in school. Wherever he may go in search of other conquests in the future all may well be assured that success will come to him in a large measure. Senate, '27: Student Council, '26-'27, Protect, '26g Pennant Store Staff, '251 President Danit-l Wveiistor Litt-rary Society, '25g "Tornado" Staff, '26-'27-'28g "Pennant" Staff, '26-'27g Minstrr-I, '26-'27l28g Manager Third. Team Football, 265 Sergeant Company "C," '26-'27-'2S. FRANKLIN ROBERT SHAMBOUGH ROSSVILLE, GEORGIA Even though Franklin has been with us but one year he has taken an active part in the school. A backer of all enterprises of the school, he has shown us a never failing school spirit, always willing to help to the fullest extent of his abilitv. His quiet, unassuming personality, although difficult to pierce, has made for him many friends, all of whom are the kind who will remain loyal. By his dauntless perseverance in his studies and all other undertakings he has shown to us that he has the necessary metal and determination that mean marked success in later life. Len NVhito Literary Sm-ioty, 27-'28, Company "A," '27-'ESQ Georgia Club, '27-'28. 53 'I -" 'Ulkf-3' "1!1!':wil1-'.at'LllQl'vNi.Wi-Lswhannin . . M ' .eff "Hu-1-'Q -'nrv""v"" 'err' K , i lj-Y l 1. . ., 3 l ,M ll . W y 1 l i' si 1 Q 5 3 , A .E ,. ll . l-, .il ' L 'l rr or S l. Q A! . . SENIOR CLASS A FRED.. l'IfA-DLEY STIi1'HENs1, jk. l -.QbKe?1?"CHaTfAN0fm,' vis Wave' , ' l If il C 4 ,- Several years ago a smalii lldf fitting name as.'Step1aens,' entered school. Since that time , H he has shown notahle growthlhbth physicaliy and mentally until now nothing can hold him. , l On the Varsity hasehall pqirid,-'Hadlefs ability as 3 Catcher is unequaled hy anyone and A fl when at hat the Helders do sUrGij"Yrmve'bz1Ck. - , Being a man of few NV0lilSs'hC55.l'0lllTD1llldS an attentive lisvtener when he does choose to say i something for all know thatfhis Words are never wasted. At the University of Tennessee he will donhtless show up as excellently' as he his here, Rob:-rt IC. In-0 l.itt-vary Sovic-ty, 'Q4'r'L55-'25: Daniel Wsbsti-r Litlerary Bowie-ty, 'ZTQ Tmn NVhiti- I.itn-rnry , V I Suu-h-ty, '2Ng I rnin nnrl liilglt-, Vgrgsr 'LNs'Lh- 213-'iT-"..5Z Third 'I'vzL1'n liasi-hall, 1532135 Varsity Unso- , BPL. 'ZTY-'ZNQ P4-nnqnl Store Stiff, WIN. , If .V I ' ' I , - f 3 5 Q-jAeonl18TraEwM,T, jk. rv 'I ' -- ooncoxn, xoxru CAROLINA r Hlius to Concord!" All right "jake,,' it ,Wl'm't he long now! The one thing that pleases "Jake" most is the visit to his great old Concord. Between vacations he can do nothing in his leisure hut relive some of his childhood and adolescent pranks 'way hack in Carolina. VVe truly helieve that somewhere "There's a C'radle'i.n Carolina" for "Jake" 4 ' In his two years here he has endeared hirifself to many of us in every way. There will he 1 many who look hack sadly to the times when he was one of the "gang," May you have good 1 , luck at the University of North Carolina in future years, "jake" S21 .2 'l 5 lrnnin-l XX'i-lash-1' iiifPl'1lI'j' Sm-im-ty, '26-'ETL Len XVl1it0 l.iter'nl'v Sowit-ty, 'IIT-'Mg Y. M. f'. ,tu '26-'27 'SSQ f'n1npnny 'itll-'11T1'2h, 5-l '-.......,--- f f w..,,.,,.. - ., .r+-'- 'Pav' """xI l 4 , Mba.. ,J.5rs-,n..i.... Asa... ,ieili A r me ww , "- - 'lc 'ivlrliki 4711-YEFUQ SENIOR CLASS HENRY HAYS SWEETS, JR. LOLHSVILLE, KENTUCKY The addition of this lad to McCallie School proved to be the biggest of the year. However, his two hundred and twenty pounds do not in the least keep him from being one of the most active men on the campus. As humor editor of the Tornado he has made that department the best ever. The familiar saying that, "there's nothing in a name" is anything but true in the case of 'tSweety." His .agreeable disposition and exceptionally good humor made him one of the best liked men in school. We feel sure that Centre college will find in him one of its most popular men and brightest students, In-n White Lit'-retry So:-ietjr. '27-'2Sg Uompany '27-'LZSQ Pocket 'IH-stflmm-nt Imzxmlo, 'YT-'2S: "Tornado" Staff, '27-'28g Debating: T4-nm, '28, FINLEY TALBOT SHANGHAI, CHINA Here's to Talbot, the tennis star, To McCallie he came from lands afarg Unassuming' and always neat, A truer friend you'llvnever meet. He has ability to Wih great fame And it's with pride we mention his name. Lon VX'l1itv Literary Sm-iety. '27-'ZRQ Ka-ntun-ky Club, '27-'2Rg P1-ivate in Company "B," '27-'ESQ Y. M. 1 '1' n 1. A., Ll-'-Rp l'nc-ket Testament League, '27-'28, 55 .' SENIOR CLASS jmms COLLINS THURMAN, JR. CHATTA NOOCA, TENNESSEE Above we have pictured the famous uuderstudy of the world renowned runner of the cinder path-one "Doc" Thurman. Men with such speed, such diversity of pace, and such dauntless driving power are indeed few on the cinder paths and gridirons of our nation. As captain of our championship track team of '28, "Doc" has many times proved himself to be of inestimable worth when the supremacy of the Blue and VVh1te was in doubt. Few men have left and fewer still will leave the halls of old McCallie who carry with them the priceless friendship and unlimited admiration of the entire student body and faculty. .larnr-s Fr-nimorv f'oopvr Literary Society, '23-'2-13 President Jam!-s Fenimore Hooper Sm-it-ty, '2,Ig Private in Vompany '23-'24g Corporal in Comprmy "B," '25, Private Company '2tlg Fourth Team Football, '23-'tl-ig Third Truck Tearn, '24g Daniel NW-bstet' Literary Society, '25-'EGJLETL Presi- dent in '25: Se-rgt-aut-at-Arms, '271 Third Team Football, '25: Firsl Term Football, '26-'ETQ First 'Frack Squad, '25-'26-'27-'2Rg Alternate Captain Football, '2Tg f'a,pt2Lln Track, '2Rg Sr-rg:-ant Major. '26-'27-'2Sg Swimming 'IW-am, '26-'27g Monogram Ulub, '25-'26-'2T: Pocket Testauierit Loagul-, '23!-'2-l- '25-'zzli-'27g an-miner of Relay Team that won Southern Ohauxpionship in '27. HARRY LEE THURMAN CHATTA NOOCA, TENNESSEE Harry joined the ranks in '24, and immediately made himself known in the military world, being selected as the best drilled soldier in his company that year. lle has now attained the rank of captain. VVith his ready smile, he has endeared himself to us all during his sojourn with us. In his little red "Ford" there is always room for a "buddy" regardless of how many may already be there. His numerous acquaintances among the fairer sex alone prove his outstanding pop- ularity and good fellowship. May all success be yours in future life, Harry, .Tamt-s Fenimore Cooper Literary Society, '24-'25-'261 Daniel VVe-luster Lil0l'ary Society, '26-'ZETQ Pom- pany "D," '24-'25, Lieutenant r'rvm11any "TL" '26-'ZI7: Captain Company "D," '2Sg Fourth Ts-11111 Football, '25-'2tl. 56 SENIOR CLASS J ess TURNEY LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY As jess leaves McCallfe this year the school loses one of the best known and most active men who has ever entered the door of Middle Hall. Being an outstanding man on the track, he will be greatly missed at the Sewanee and similar meets next year. Many points have been added to McCallie's total in the times when Jess has crossed the highest bar. He will always be remembered as an all around good fellow and a true friend. NVe sincerely hope and have cause to believe that his life history will continue to tell the story of success it has begun. Daniel Webster Literary Society, '24-'25g Len White Literary SocictY. '25-'269 Kentuf-ky Fluh. '24- '25-'21i"2T-'LCNZ lmuisville Club, '24-'25-'26-'27-'ZRQ Pocket TE?8t2l1X1E'I1t lieailllv, '24-'25-'26-'27-'LEXQ Y. M. C, A., '24-'25-'26-'27-'28g "Pennant" Staff. '26-'27-'SEQ Pennant Store Staff '26-'27g "Tornado" Staff, '27-'ZXQ Monogram Club, '27-'28, Monitor, '27-'281 Minstrel, '26-'27-'28g Fourth Football Tr-am, '24-'Zig Varsity Track. '24-'25-'26-'27-'ZNQ Company "A" 'Ili-'25-'ZZGg Sergeant Company "A," '27- 'ZNQ Picked Platoon, '27-'28, EDVVARD JOHN WALKER, JR. CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE VVhen "Mink" came to McCallie years ago his talents were soon recognized both in athletics and work. Since that time he has distinguished himself both on the drill field and with the publications. As a real man of "Society" he is excelled by absolutely none. Never is there a dance or any sort of party where t'Mink" is not. In the years gone by we have lost very few men so valuable in every line of activity as we shall lose in this one. He has been a shining star in everything which has happened on the campus for many years and will surely take that stand wherever he goes. The hearts of many will be saddened when this popular fellow of ours goes forth from our midst. Rand, 23-'ZZ-43 Uompany '24-'25: Sergeant Foinpaiiv "U," '25-'26g Best All-Around Cadet in Pom- pany "'l',', '25-'ziig Second Lieutenant Uompany "P," '26-'2Tg Captain Company "D," '273 Captain Company "F," '23: Minstrvl, '24-'25-'26-'27-28: Vhcer Loader, 26-'27-'2Sg Varsity Track Squad, '2Tg Track Te-arn, '2X: Monogram Club, '27-'2Sg "Tornado" Staff, '26g Editor-in-Chief of "Tornado" '27- '231 Critic Demosthent-s Literary Such-ty. '26, Pocket Testament League, '23-'24-'25-'26-'27-'2S. 57 SENIOR CLASS Wu,1,1AM '1'owNEs WA1,iuaR, ju. MILLBORO, VIRGINIA Bill entered school last ycar, but in spite of his short sojourn with us, he has established a fine record. Dependability, which he shows so often, is one of the many desirable traits that he possesses. On the gridiron, Bill ranks ace-high. Many are the times that when a McCallie goal line has been perilously near being crossed, he has broken down all opposition and saved the day for his Alma Mater. As to scholarship, few surpass himg this being shown in actual figures when the ninety club is posted. May our best wishes be with him as he saunters forth into the realm of college life. Ilanit-I We-hste-r Lite-rnry Soc-it-ty, '26-'27: Iwn White Ilitm-rary Sm-it-ty, '27-YS: Yau-sity Football, '26- ':T-'ENQ Y. Al. 1'. A., '20-'27-'2Ng Col'11ox'u.l Company "A," '26-'27-'28g Managm' Putman! Storm-, '2T: Manzifzs-r Gymnasium, '27-'ZRQ Monogram Vlub. '26-'27-'28, VVIIITLOW BETTERTON VVALLACE CHATTA NOOGA, TE N N ESSE E VVhitlnw is truly one of the "charter members" of the class of '28, Ever since anyone can remember he has been right here on the job, ever ready to lend a willing hand to help a fellow student. Many of the activities of the school have claimed his worthy services in past years. Although not a great athlete, VVhitlow has helped to push many a McCallie team to success in victory by his sincere and whole-hearted backing of the teams. Behind a somewhat reserved bearing is found a keen and enjoyable wit, a friendly nature, and a sincere personality. Ifnvlt- lit-mus'l'ary Sovit-ty. '24: XVoo1lrow XX'ilson I.itex':iry Society, '25-'illlg Daniel NVQ-hsxtt-r I,it- 4-rziry Society. 'ZTQ Pm-kt-t 'l'n-stzunmsut l.euf-:'um- '24-'25-'26-'27-'28, 58 1 i SENIOR CLASS FREDERICK WESSELS, III. SAVANNAH, GEORGIA In spite of the fact that Fred came to us only last year he has done many things' of which anyone might well be proud. As possessor of perhaps the most extensive vocabulary in school he has many times usecl his argumentative powers to defend some theory or idea in which he most arclently believed. I Also, Fred has taken a good stand in his classes and has 'achieved many things in the lit- erary fields open to him. He leaves behind him many friends who will continue to be friends on through many roads of life. lion VVhitc- lritn-1':u'y Soc-ioty. '26-'27-'BRC Y. Ill. P. A., '26-'27-'2R1 Pocket Testament League-, '26-'27- 'ZXQ Company "A," '26-'ZT-'281 Gelrgia, Club, '26-'27-'28, 'l'HoMAs HENRY WATKINS JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Having been here for four years "Tom" is one of the really "old menl' of McCallie. In that time he has proved h'mself to be of great worth as a member of the junior football team and of the track team. He first distinguished himself by winning the cross-country race in his junior year and has kept that reputation as a member of the regular team. As a scholar, he has shown that few are above him since he is an established member of the Senior Privilege Group. The I'nivers'ty of Virginia will certainly receive a well-rounded man as Tom enters. His worth will clouhtless he soon recognized by all. la-n Whitt- l.itoi'ary So:-ii-ty. '24-'253 .Ianni-S Ft-nimore fkmpor Literary Society, '25-'2li: Daniel Wuh- stor Litn-rary Society, '26-'2T: Fifth Football Team, '24: Captain Fourth Football Team, '2b: Third l-'oollmll 'IR-ani, '2T: Varsity 'Frat-k Squad, '27-'2R: lllono2'ra11i Club, '27-'ZSQ Fompany "D," '24-'25: Svrgi-urit Company "D," '25: l.ieuti-nam Vonipuiiy "D" '2Tg Mississippi Flub, '24-'25-'26-'27, Y. M. C. A., '24-'25-'26-'27, Prcfect, '273 Pennant Sturt- Staff, '26-'27. 59 SENIOR CLASS CLIFFoRn DUBosE WHITE SPARTA, GEORGIA "All aboard for Sparta" is the battle cry of this youth, straight from the wilds of Georgia. Forever we are being shown how "those Georgia boys would do that." As a protege of our noted Zack VVheat, he is surpassed by few when it comes to playing the position of catcher in our national sport-baseball. That ever reliable peg to second has many times saved the day for old McCallie. During his few years at McCallie, "Clif" has made many friendships, many of which will go with him on through the highways and byways of life. At the University of Georgia we are sure that he will display the same qualities for leadership and will acquire as much success as he has here. . Y. M, U. A.. '26-'27-'2Ng Lf-n White Literary Society. '26-'27-'ZSQ Company "B," '27-'ESQ Company "A," 'QITQ Georgia Club, '26-'ZTJZSQ Varsity Baseball, '27-'2Sp Monogram Club, '27-'28, 60 . v' '.', .'o , o.o.v, 1 r v 4 V 4 ' sg o N X - ' fo' 0-2.1.9 use" - lv' v QV , -1 , , ,rv . Qs" 5, 'A N VS. O' ,' 'ln '1- ' S ux z . ' 953251 I 4,,:,10' ff Q V QQ N N 0 4 X ' - , , . 5' '65 9 21: fig .W-'SM o 9 .' N "f "3 92' -' W -.' ' X" 4 , 4 9 4 o . va . . Q .n -'wi s, J Os 1 . r 1. 'I s 0 0 Ol S ' 6' - ' X Y',9' Q f -.I W " ' W ' ' . M ,f I , fq Rs.. F 1 lf, kip ,bl 1f M 0, 9' X Qf 7 L is if X ig Nm cf 9 B 7140 X 'rr' 95 3 kr- 4x,g,e-"' . ' Q Y4,s-- Y f 31. Y- Ei D wgwx Q . gf x' V' Xiwlzzg if Us B' 4, .xx -ay X Y 91 br Qi ,. ,. 2. EQ"'1T' '7 L'lI1i0I' Class S'1'.fxN1.15Y Boruis ANGLE CIlA'l"l'ANO0CA, 'l'lZNNESSHli XV11,1.IAM CYARNIETT Al'S'I'lN CIIATTANOOCA, 'TENNESSEE f3lEORGE El.liIZR'l' li.x1l.Y HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA BEN READ Ihlusltlz KNOXVILLIE, 'IYZNNESSEE xVII,I,l,-UNI Snrzvllnkn Ihlzlalfllzl LOUKOUT lVIOUX'I'AI'Q, 'I'liNNl5SSEF IQOBERT EZEKIEI, BIGGERS, xl CIIATTA NOOGA, 'l'lE NNESSEE 'Tuoxms ANDREW Bowuas, jk lHfCA'l'UR, ALABAMA S'rAN1.m' c1A'I'lZVVOOll BRAmNc: Cl I A'l"l'A NOOCA, TF NNESSEE R . JL1l'1i01' Class GEORGE ALBERT BREITENRUCHER ATLANTA, GEORGIA ROBERT BROWN BROCK FLORENCE, ALABAMA XVILLIAM RICANNIS BROWVN KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE JOHN MARSHAI.I. CALLAWAY Cl'IA'l"l'ANO0CA, TENNESSEE FRANK STAMPER CARDEN, JR. CHA'I'l'ANO0GA, TENNESSEE JAMES CASON, JR. MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE WALTER REES CHAMBERLAIN CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE RALPH VVILLIAM CLEMONS CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Ma.- Junior Class CHARLES DAVIIJ COLIJWELL CHA'l"l'ANO0GA, TENNESSEE FELIX FISHER COLLINS MILAN, TENNESSEE HARRY NICLVIILLAN DANIEI, BRISTOL, TENNESSEE XVILLIARI TL7RI.liY DAVIS CHATTANOOCA, TENNESSEE ROBERT XVESLEY DRANE, JR FLORENCE, ALABAMA SAMUEL NIARTIN ENGLEHARDT, SHORTER, ALABAMA HOWARO A. FARRAR MANCHESTER, TENNESSEE JOHN STORRS FLETCHER, .IR CHA'l"l'ANO0CA, TENNESSEE Junior Class JAMES BENJAMIN FRASER, JR FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA JAMES COMES GALLOWAY MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE LUTHER ANDERSON GALYON KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE CHARLES ALBERT GILLESl'IE, J KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE WILLIAM DOUGLAS GRAFTON, I Cl-IA'l"I'ANOOGA, TENNESSEE VVILLIAM WILLIS GWINN, JR TCHULA, MISSISSIPPI CURTIS PRESTON HALL, JR. SHELBYVILLE, KENTUCKY THOMAS INICCAIN HEARNE ALBEMARLE, NORTH CAROLINA ,Tumor Class RICHARD LOWRY HILLER WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA LIAROLD DAVID HIXIJN ROSSVILLE, GEORGIA XVALTER BAILEY HJJDSON, ju. KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE BENJAMIN PAXSON HUNT CHATFANOOGA, TENNESSEE WILLIAIII EVELYN HLTTCHINGS, -II: LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY HAROLD FORBES JACKSON BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA NVITIII1Ovv CDDELL jAcOIss DELANI3, FLORIDA -IOIIN PADI, JOHNSON TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA Junior Class VVILLIAINI EDGAR JONES CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE D1xoN IVIARTIN IQIRKLAND CIIATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE JOSEPH RANKIN LANKESTER CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE LEVVIS J. LAwsoN, III. GREENSBORO, ALABAMA JDHN WELLS LDGAN CI-IATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE BERNARD EMANUEL LOVEMAN, J CHATTA NOOGA, TENNESSEE VVILLIAM REYNOLDS LYBROOK WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA THOIXIAS HOOKE IVICCALLIE CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Junior Class XVILLIAM MONTGOMERY MCMAKIN, JR SIIELBYVILLE, KENTUCKY TVARREN CAVENDER MAOILL CIIATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE NVILLTAM KENNEY NIASSIE, AIR. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY CHARLES EARNEST MOORE, jR. CHARLO'I"I'IZ, NORTH CAROLINA JAMES ALBERT NEWTON CIlA'I'I'ANOOGA, 'TENNESSEE ERNEST URTRIEIR CHA'l"I'ANOOGA, TENNESSEE RICHARD WATSON OWEN, jR. EVANSVILLE, MISSISSIPPI EARNEST VVHITE PATTON, JR. CHATTANOOCA, TENNESSEE 68 I 1f,!:4,.,s l. 1, . ' 4 A '. - .,T!!1'I !- ju M 'LQ "H "T , ,vmxyww -4,1 ga" NYY pf ' Nplp.. A ,Aan--. ,..n-.Gran-. . F1 ill .,,..-, -,,,-,, , X r,,,4 I x II ww 4, ,I . 1 I , M? 1 G4 I , ' V I' Jumor Class V, I 5 1 ' I A' I HI LLOYD CRUME PAWLEY ' 1 DELAND, FLORIDA f I IN 1 I I BENJAMIN OWEN RAVENEL I CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA g I ' I 1 ' I I I JOHN CLARENCE RICHARDS, JR. 3 A CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE ' I I I I I ' I LUMAN 'WATSON SAVAGE, JR. I 6 CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE 1 f I I I I I GEORGE SERGEANT SHERROD I 1 ' GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA li as I IF FRANK HERINIAN SNIPES, JR. I KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE lr 3 . . ROBERT EDWARD TALLEY CHATTANOOCA, TENNESSEE RUSSELL TATE CHATTA NOOGA, TENNESSEE , I I 5 I P 69 I -1'--M' , Aff" fiqlr I L , 1-:R W Fx f' Rf r 1 M M I-AVWMAHV-Y-.AV Mvvghv-1-Q. . ' F, ' ', , JM-,L ,,-,LL ", 1 W, YM-Mi x in -with iv i I vw- v-rfvr' 'Y' I 'w,Q 1:ffi'W" , -qv-qf U'f,--..J-u-.,.o-hQ,A-b-,hA- ' ' "i3:":h- fl ' 'M 44 4. ,..,, - .-,, A-. A-7 Y,-.V . -..-E-.U-M--.--.--.-.--. ...TW .,W,,Y, ..,- .,,,-f,- .. , ,-,A Nm W - ,V M 5 W, H , fAmrmg-.inf .. ,K-WMD f X , S .-ZH .. Sli . 1 ' x ,. L . 4 ,l ,, Q 1 ' IQQB XI' I . I Junlor Class NIARCUS ALEXANDER NVAKEFIELII LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY FRANCIS ATWITER VVATSON CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE DAVID ROBERT WEILL, AIR. CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE NIARK ICING WILSON, JR. CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE XVILLIAM HENRY WORKMAN CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE ROBERT MORRIS YOUNG LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY 70 ' Els RNS? , Y Wi'U'J,,w, Iv, EQ, f Z' YUM YIZISNM ' W I Z Wm ,M M ' W S S Sm-u .N WW l H WM W Z 7 f .M A K f Mg i f 4 ff W ,M W !,- 17 'W-. V ,A i' . ff , 3 , f pf ,f A v . , 2. , ' f P 7 ,f 755:-- , -- . V , Y, f f ff, W .L:, -2 ' , X IW I 'ff f bg. , fy ! 1 , f1g', ff 1 . , ,gf v. L K, , f r 7- 1 ,I " 4 f 'V 1 f y ff 'fg' '2 f ' f 4' I ' ' 1 1 . , , ., , , W If I ffl ' f EE AI.RxANI1IeR ALLEN, W. AUSTIN, V. BA'I"I'I.R I!owI.Hs, B. Bowes ISROAIIIIURSI' C'AI.I.Is CANIILRR, VV. f'ARL'I'oN CARRAVVAY CATH CHAPMAN CLARK CURTIS DANIELS, A. DEMAREST , '-A -Aw 'a Sophomore Class IJUWLHR, DRAKE DURANII, FARRAR, FAUs'I' F. DUNCAN, I F W FERGUSON, FISHER FOSTER FRANK cIAGER C I AR N Ie'I"I' fIlI.I.ESPl HALL, H Ev HANDLEY PIARBIN HICKS IIILI., O. II. , T HOBBIE lIU'I'cIIIas0N IVINS jouxsox, W. j0IINs'I'0N, II KIIICORE Kovsrovsxuz LA PSLEY LIISEUER I.IPsc01vIn I.IvELY LOGAN, N. MCGINNISS MCIVER, L. MACLELLAN MAIIONEY MILLIGAN MOIILIN MURFF NEELY PARKER PARRo'I"r PIQTERS PUGII, R. RICE SAMUEL SIIARP SIvI1'I'II, VV. STRIN, L. STEM, M. S'I'REE'r VENABLE VVALKER, A WARLICK ALLEN, H. ALLEN, M. ANDERSON ANTIIONI' BALLARD, BARROVV BENIIER BICKERS F. BIGGERS, 5. BREWER BRYAN, E. B U'I'I.ER, F CAMPBELL CA NDLER, A CIIOWNING F1'CSl'1lTl8.I1 COALTER CONNELI. CRocKE'I"I' CUMMIXGS CUNE0 DAVIS, R. IDICKERSON DONALIISON DOWLER, VV. ELDRIIIGE, D. f2II,LIE'I"l' GIIIMIXN CERAY GVVIN, J. HARMUN 73 Class H ISMPHILL KELLY KRUESI LAMB LANIJIS LEAK LINER LI'I"I'LE LONGLEY MCLEOD, V. MANNING, VV. MILLER, H. MILLER, M. MILLER, R. MITCHELL, L. MONTAGUE MORGAN PA'r'roN, j. PEABOIII' PICKEL REED RIFKIN ROBERSON RYIJER SCo'I"I' TATE, M. W AITE VVILSON, H VVOOTE N ZACHRY Acmcsox Al,l.1s0x, J. liENNra'1'r BRAN NA N BROCK, R. Buxx Amlsox, IS. lim'1'1.r:x' Bkooks BRYAN, J. CARDIEN, C. Clllvlxrwox Grammar SCIIOOI ICIGHTI-1 LQRAIJE Kibxkk Mclvlax, Il. fI.INlz N1Il,l.liR, C. HIi.l.IARD Mx'l'cma1.r., ,I l,Axn Moss Lfxws I'A'l"1'Hks0N LONG PIQRKINSON SISVIQNTH f:RADIZ Cl.lcMuxs, F. MCKINNI-xv, Dicks, II. Mfwxlxfz, F. I'1l.llRIllCl5, W. Mmws Gwlxx, M. MM' lI.'XRCR.'XVHS ORR Lrzfxcu Pm:l.x's Mcfm' Ruvnvn-:R 74 S.xv.xcs1i, II. SIiN'l'liR SMA R'l"l' S'1'Ers1.!c VVEILI., II. Wrzsrnkonx Rosrixm,LrM SMITH, D. STOKES 'l',x'1'UM 'l'11A'1'crlHR 'VHOMPSOX O K T Mlilitmfy X 111. 11 ,, 7, .-11 T -.--. l1 .1i,,..-...h - E -F -- - -1 1 , gf- i iw- ' Wm Nw f lf! Z ,..- ws S 7 4 -K . ll amass-as lilllif' n a 1' ' H. P. DUNLAP Lieutenant, 0. R. C. The Commandant Because of his complete knowledge of Military Science and Tactics, his perseverance and determination to win, his popularity with and ability to handle men, and his outstanding all-around excellence, Lieutenant Dunlap has made a recognized success of his work here, no doubt having the best battalion in the history of McCallie. 77 , - .xi 455' ' V Y 'lx N65 .txlg lpv W Ni' I J, eosawaeoe- . 14 TH E COLORS COBIMISSION ED OFFICERS STAFF BATT.-XLIOY RATTALION STAFF Ifirxi Twrm Offfrrrs 81 BATTALION STAFF Sff07ld Trrm Ojfffff 82 E w i 5, Z . 3 ? 3 4' . L 5 S 1 , "'+-N-. r 9. ' .K 4 ,. 4. 4.4 ,.....,...--.- V f-Y OFFICERS ED ON ISSI M NON-COM 5 'r QI Z I 5 1 3 l 5 A" COMPANY OFFICERS 8+ f 'I 1 ,. SJ I wi., ,,f,',., ,eq , R M., ,. A .f,,.,, , , ' ,. ik , Q, I sw., e- A 1, I.. , u-'-- ,Aw a uv ,R ' 'I 4. ,.... R-M 4 '5 I 'U :""""Q4. 2 f . .4113 , "' J ." f . Mr -Sw V 1 ,,, Vt MX. S.. A.:-. .. ' ,-f -wf .Q xx ,f ' E-S.- . 1 1 p f-, Q 'Q ,NA " ,J E54 C' ...ff Company HAM ROSTER MCKIXNEX', R, . . ..,. . ..... . Caplan: FERGUSON, V .... ..... I' 'irst Lieutenant FISHER . , . . . . . . .... 9 rmnd Liculcnanl IJICKS, N. . .......,. Sfmnd Lifulznanl JACOBS, First Swrgrazzl SERGEANTS ANGLE IEIUNT DWELLE 'IQURNEY PARKS, J. C. HOWARD CORIIORALS WALKER, VV. NIARTING BALLARD, B. CIARNETT, J. IQARNEST, C. HUTCHINGS PRIVATES BURKE, W. LAPSLEI' HUDSON ICOPETOVSKE CIRAY SIIAMEOUGII KELLER ANDERSON SNIPI-:S BROVYN, W. VVESSELS PEABODY JACKSON HATS FINCIIER LAMB HALL, VV. ABERNATIIY flII.LESPIE, J. LEAK BROCK, B. CARRAVTAY KELLX' CROUCH MITCHELL, I.. LONG CASON WALLACE PETERS DANIEL, D. FARRAR, H. CHOWNING STIREWALT MILLIGAN VAUGIIAN AUSTIN, G. COLLINS DUPRE REED HIXON VVATSON GALLOWAY 85 W ,, 1 4,1 ..,,, ff. .,.!y.--. -ve ,V Q, ,wiw , 7 ,,'.:v, iv - I ' E E: A-Aft-'E , ...:-E.z:.- ,--LA .EA In- ...mG1..,vI ...M 1.1: - "R , fx:-rv ' 1':r"T14v1v-af-Sw 'un' 'Irv H 1' E-f"H'1f:"'1I' -'T:::'T""t':2.'r-.'-W? BU COMPANY OFFICERS 86 V. 4. RN, - " Company "BN RQSTER JOHNSTON . ..... , . . . .,..... . . Capianz BLVILER, VV. . . . . . .... . Firsi I,il'IlfI'Illl!l1 ALLISON, M .... ...... ..... . Y Nami Lll'llfl'l1lIllf CLEMONS, R. .......... Srmnd l.i4'ul1'nant RICHARDS, First Srrgranl SERGEANTS OARES CoLnwr:LL, NV. C. MCCALL DANIELS, II. VVORKMAN CARDEN, F. CORPORALS GXLLESPIE, C. DUNCAN, T. KIRRLAND HALL, H, POWEL, H. MONTAGUE PRIVATES SMITH, VV. CHAMBERLAIN I'IARMON PAWLEY OWEN 'TALBOT MARSHALL, VV. FARMER GALYON MILLER, M. ENGLEHARD1' DAvxs HvTcr1EsoN MxLLER, C. MURFF CALLIS CATE CUNEO FRASER PARRo1'r BENNETT CARLTON RIFRIN MCMAKXN VVHITE SHERROD '1'A'I'E, M. MCKINNEY, T FERGUSON, H. BREITENBUCIIER HALL, C. HOBBIE RYDER GVVIN, XV. CRocKa'r'r MANNING, F. FARRAR, XV. CARR 87 "C" CQNPANY OFFICERS 88 VVALKER, E. J. . XVILSON, M. Company 'LCN MCCALLIE, R. CARTER, B. COLOWELI., SHARP BAT'I'LI2 GILMAN IvINs LONGLEY SAMUEL JOHNSON, VV. GRAFTON MASSIE MACLELLAN PUOH, C. EARNEST, VV. D. ROSTER KILOORE, First Srrgriinr i SERGEANTS REYNOLDS CEILMORE CORPORALS CANDLER, A. VVEILL, D. PRIVATES LYBROOK LIVELY BAREFIELD BIGGERS, R. MIMS CLARK HEARNE BROOKS HILLER GILLESPIE, DRAKE WAKEFIELD PATTON, J MOSS RAVENEL FAUST EARLE BARROW PHILLIPS LAVVS BOYCE BUNN 39 Sffond W. . . ..... Captain First Lieutenant Lifulcnant GAGER MAIIONEY KREUSI PATTON, W. PICKEL DONALDSON BRYAN, J, JOHNSON, J. BREWER PERKINSON SWEETS LIPSCOMB RIMMER MCLEOD, V. UFFIC -YW I - .bs - N 110 -1Ll- -1Ill - F I::,EE: rxl rsxllzrxirsxl I 'E g,Ahl!-.hir--hir- alr- nm" -------H-'T I 7 4 ,, ,, 5 I 1, s ae L. . Company "DM ROSTER THURMAN, H, .... .... .,...... . C aptam WATKINS, T ..... ..... F irst Lieutenant DANIELS, A ............... Sf-rand Lieutenant VENABLE, W. ......... Srcand Lifutenant MCIVER, D., First Sergeant SERGEANTS MCCALLIE, T. FRANK FLETCHER BowI.Es MAGILL DowLER, F. CORPORALS LANIJIS CHAPMAN PATTERSON STEELE CAMPBELL, S. ALLISON, J. SAVAGE, L. PRIVATES MILLER, H. DURANIJ, F MORGAN ROBERSON SENTER BUTLER, E. MITCHELL, j. TATUM BENTLEY LAWSON HILLIARD HARGRAVES WooTEN STOKES DOWLER, W. KIRKPATRICK ALExANnER BICKERS, K. GILCHRIST IIENDER GILLETT BALLARD, F. MCIVER, H. CLINE SAVAGE, H. HEMPIIILL ALLEN, M. PUGH, R. PIGGERS, S. CHIVINGTON BRYAN, E. NEELY DICKERSON JOHNSTON, J. GWIN, M. WAITE ORR LINER MANNING, F. MARUS CURTIS CLEMONS, F. FOSTER LAND McCoY ,, Jw' T 'W My QQ? K I IHAL dalhuu -- MCGINNESS WILSON, H. LOGAN, N. ZACI-IRY ALLISON, B. AcHEsoN THACHER DIcIcs, H. BRANNAN THOMPSON, F LEACH ELDRIIJGE, W. SMITH, D. MAY CARDEN, C. PHELPS WEILL, H. ROSENBLUM SMARTT 9' lt - I A , . - A M m- Drum and Bugle Corps TA'I'E, R., First Surgeon! DRUMMERS Firxt Squad PRIVATE BROCK, R. PRIVATE CONNELL SERGI-1.-INT STEPHENS BIJGLERS Srcond Squad SERGEANT ANTHONY PRIVATE CALLAWAY, J. PRIVATE CUMMINGS PRIVATE RICE SERGEANT HANIJLEX' PRIVATE AUS'l'IN. V. PRIVATE LITTLE PRIVATE LESUEUR PRIVATE BRAIIINI: PRIVATE PARKER PRIVATE VVARLICK II. P. DUNLAP, Commalzdant ' Band JONES, E., In Command . First l.if'uIr'nan! NE WTON Saxo hour, .-Ilfo Srzoml Lirufrmzrzl I First S qunzl SERGEANT L'IIEUREUx, Bass CORPORAL DRANE, Rau Drum PRIVATE ALLEN, H., Cornrl PRIVATE CAS'I'I.IiS, Cornrf PRIVATE MOORE, Corm-1 PRIVATE BARBER, Clorinrl Third Squad SERGEANT DAVIS, B., Saxophonr, ullro CORPORAL LOVEMAN, Clarinrl PRIVATE IIILL, O., Cornrl PRIVATE BowLEs, T., Saxophonr, .-1110 PRIVATE BROAIJIIURST, Saxophono, Barilonf' PRIVATE GARNETT, T., Saxophonr, "C" Melody 92 DEMARES'l',Tf0Il1ll07li. . . Mash-r Sfryranl OR'I'MEXER, Snow' Drum . . First Srrgfanl Sfronrl Squad SERGEANT DUNCAN, L., Cornrl CORPORAL QQVVIN, J., Saxophonr, flllo PRIVATE HARBIN, Cornrl PRIVATE WEsTERooR, Corfu-1 PRIVATE MCIVER, L, Cornet Fourth Squad SERGEANT DAVIS, VV., Saxophonf. Tf-nor CORPORAL CANDLER, Snarr Drum MILLER, R., Saxophonr, I-lllo VVALKER, A., Saxophone, Tenor PRIVATE PRIVATE PRIVATE MOIJLIN, Saxophone, :lilo PRIVATE LANRESTER, Cymbals BAND DRUM AND BLVGLE CORPS 93 , ... '--. inmmat' 1- -.1, .,.,... ,r , . , .. ,V .1-..s...f Y... . -. ...f,1,.t-wa.wllaf4ll'm.nI.a :radii Q. . A W W v v 11, 5 Ll r I I --" vayf- wnsvfw' 'fm " ,iw - 1 1 -.-g- . ,A -,...., Jn.. ,,.'nm,.- -. .- P' ,.: -'Q k""'-- ' ' 4 Mu- no-1 ' " gmusnsvn-v M-1. L... W---X L v rags-wwe-..,.. .qi ,...,M:, ,, .,-eu EXICS H IST CAL ARY T RIILI ' 95 oo T REE .Athletics 111. ui-1? -iiiii ,-11 Q 'E N ': NW f Xxx Z . BRASWELL ASST FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF Under the able direction of Coach Gritlin, Director of Athletics and Head Couch of Football, these men, proven athletes of excellence in the South's fore- most colleges, have enjoyed an enviable success in their respective sports. lNIr. Griffin, hir. Braswell, hlr. Harris, N111 Sager and N111 VVren will long be re- inenibered by the friends and students of lllccallie as producers of never-to-be- forgotten athletic teams. lllziy they continue to have such success in the future. 97 Wearers of the HMM W Gflflffff P A. HUNT TATE R R , Aww TEES? mlm f 1 H' 515125535523 ?2fi?'R' C R OBERT s TUR SMITH, G. W MANAGERS D NQF bllj D 'rqnkbuy i Ai '.'l,4- H if.- aoilll H IO0 D sQL A OOTBALL F F. K. JOHNSTON, JR. NEWTON DICKS J. C. THURMAN Captain Manager Alternate Captain FOOTBALL The town boys started practicing on Monday, Au- gust 29iil, and put in a good week's work before school really started. The dormitory boys then arrived and the whole team got down to real work. The Tornado made great progress under the able leadership of Head Coach Griffin and "Bob" Braswell as line coach. On Friday, September 23, the Blue Tornado swept out of town hound for Atlanta, Ga., where the first game of thc season was played on foreign soil, Saturday, with the strong Tech High team stacking up a score of 21 to o. This score certainly did not portray the true amount of fight and spirit which the Tornado had that RESUME day, because they lost to a far heavier and more ex- perienced team, made up of not a few stars. The sec- ond game was with our great rival, the Darlington School, who had a marvelous team this year. This con- test was one of the closest games of the year, and re- sulted in a 7 to 0 win for the Tornado. Captain "Frog" Johnston led his team splendiclly, and late in the second quarter made the lone score with an off-tackle play, and he then drop-kicked the seventh point. On the next Friday the second trip was made to Sweetwater, where McCallie played T. M. I. This proved to be the be- ginning of a long line of hard breaks for the team, R. MCKINNEX' H. Dtumsn when "Frog" Johnston sulfered a broken shoulder, but the team came back nobly and downed the Cadets, 26 to o. The Tornado again proved superior to visitors on Friday, October 14th, when the team from Deshler School of Tnscumbia invaded and were defeated, 39 to 0. Although Johnston was out of the game, splendid work by the whole team, with exceptionally good speed work by "Doc" Thurman, gave them victory. Again misfortune haunted the team when Thurman twisted his ankle severely in the second play of the game with the Asheville Boys' School in Asheville, on October 21. Asheville had a splendid team of experienced, heavy J. LOGAN Makrixc men, and the Tornado, greatly hampered by the ab- sence of both Johnston and Thurman, did well to score, making the count 21 to 6 with Asheville on the long end. Then came the first city league game, which was with Chattanooga lligh School. The Blue team was com- pletely off form, with several men crippled, and the Maroon aggregation came through with a splendid ex- hibition of good football, winning 24. to o. Two weeks of hard preparation then for the last two games of the season, and probably the hardest two games staged. On November II the Tornado journeyed to Knox- ville, accompanied by a loyal number of students and JACOBS W. Burusn friencls. The Trojans emerged victorious, chalking two touchdowns and three safeties for a total of I9 points. Then came the week of the great game, with alumni and student body on edge for the struggle with the Red. One more, and probably the hardest blow yet, came in the first play of the game, in fact on the kick- off, when Russell Tate, fullback, suffered a severe frac- ture of the shoulder. Mark VVilson very capably took his place, but Russell's absence handicapped us, and Baylor came out on top, 20 to 7. The star of the game was the Blue captain, "Frog" Johnston, and "Froggie" certainly made a name for himself with his V. FERGUSON R. Tara wonderful ground gaining and the touchdown which he made almost alone. The team had one of the hard- est schedules this year that a McCallie team has ever had, and it is to be congratulated on the spirit shown, although fighting against great odds. The letter men this year were as follows: Johnston Ccaptainj, Thurman falternate captainl, McKinney, Jacobs, Walker, Logan fcaptain-electl, Carter, Fergu- son, VVatson, Tate falternate captain-electl, Marting, Gillespie, Butler, Hunt, Powel, Galloway, Durand, VVilson, Crockett, and Newton Dicks as manager of the team. A. CARTER W. WALKER Bill Butler, playing his last season for McCallie, certainly lived up to his reputation as a fighter, and Bill may well he proud of 'the record he has made this year. Vol Ferguson was ever powerful in the line, and was always in the midst of the fight. Bill VValker was another tower of strength in the line, although handicapped at times hy injuries. john Logan, captain- eleet, certainly made a commendahle record at center, and we may well expect great things from him as captain next year. "Boho" Carter, coming with ex- perience from last year, well earned his place on the second all-city eleven hy his tight alone, not speaking H. Powri, WATSON of his ahility and spirit. Jacobs was another tower of strength in the line, and deserved his place on the second all-city eleven. VVatson, a new man with us this year, proved himself a true McCallie fighter, and our best wishes go with him. "Red" Gillespie was certainly a splendid product of our neighboring city, Knoxville, always taking his place with the very great- est willingness to fight. "Dellie" Marting showed him- self to he a real runner this year, playing in johnston's position, and we are sure he will he greatly missed on next year's team. "Doc" Thurman, although handi- capped by injuries, lived up to his reputation as a Ckocknrr C. GlLI.ESPlE HUNT VVILSON J. GALLOWAY "speed merchant" and made some beautiful runs, and also ran splendid interference for his running mate. Russell Tate was certainly a "find" this year, and hut for a bit of hard luck on the Hrst play of the Baylor game, he would have proved himself to he supreme as a fullback. VVe expect great things of Russell as alternate captain next year. The captain, "Froggie" Johnston," led his team well throughout the season, and earned his place on all-city by his wonderful work in the Baylor game. Russell McKinney was changed to the position of end this year, and many times in his new role his speed and willingness to fight pushed the Tornado on for a good gain. Paxson Hunt is noted for throwing and receiving in the past, and his ability did not fail this year, for he interrupted a pass in the Asheville game which led to a touchdown. Hugh Powel is the kind of a man on whom you can always depend to give his all to his team and to his Alma Mater, and this year was no exception for Hugh. Jim Galloway played football this year with his same fight and will- ingness to work hard for his team. Harry Durand was one of the very efhcient ends this year, and served in his position well. hflark Wilson is a man always ready to go in and give all he has, and we expect great things of Mark next year. Crockett, a new-comer this year, was a true fighter, and the time never came when he laid down on the job. 2 THIRD AND FOIRTH FOOTBALL SQUADS FIFTH FOOTBALL SQUAD 106 f , A , 1 . .4 ' ef '. iPENNAlNl'li it e H of Q i " 4 I i .R E 1 The SOCCC1' Team lUcCallie was the first school in Chattanooga and in this section of the country to have a soccer team. Her teams have always made a good showing. "Red" Gillespie is captain of the team, and has the very capable support of several last year letter men and of several new boys who are at lNIcCallie for their first year. On February IO the team made a trip to Gainesville, Ga., where they played the Riverside Academy. On the following day the "Tor- nado" played the Atlanta Soccer Club in Atlanta. The results show that they played a hard game and showed a marked degree of efficiency. A very spectacular game is expected when Riverside meets McCallie on her own field in a few weeks. A great deal of the credit for the success of the team goes to lylr. Harris, who is directing the team this year. 4 l I07 ww-1 ,,..:r':1 fri-, ,X iw -faaf-zifxifl 1'-iw.'7'-ML, 1 J -+ s I ---Q 'if ff' lub-wife' ' .y fi X PM - F H "4 ll 44.4. ! N IOS .LM B N M IEW ""7"""""' " X f N If Q H, e f ,,.,,.,,,.-,e,-t,,.,. -i Y HA Y.-11 . straw I, 5 ' , miweui -,J - ' f- ' -,J as r if ma N ,a,gsrgT be ' Q---1 5 :-:za A ' .......,--..-.-Y- -'.-i-i--- A F wr,-330, I!! - L' "' ' QQ rs Starting off the season with only two letter men back in harness and one of these Captain Russell Tate, handicapped by a col- Baslzetball lar bone broken in the Baylor football game, McCallie after a slow start has at last hit her stride, and as 'the Annual goes to press is rounding out the final games in preparation for the Dixie Interscholastic Meet sponsored by the Chattanooga Times. Russell Tate and Paxson Hunt are the only monogram men returning from last year's squad, the remainder of the team playing their first year on the varsity squad Duncan and Breitenbucher form the regu lar forward combination, with jim McLeod in reserve for either a forward or center position James Garnett has been jumping center for the Blue team, and has found himself after a poor start Watson and Tate form a tight defensive combination at the guard positions and their work has been outstand mg through the whole season Tates shoulder has healed and Watson, though bothered in the early season games by a bad ankle IS also in good shape IIO gf Kaffe Wi? Fw h. L ' l I tl . . ' . 17 - 1. 1 Q5 . . . . fl Y . . , . - l 1 i 'fl ' . l il ii sy , 1. 'rl hz H ' 'll all i . . 'A r lil J ' E Li" li if gl rf: i 5 fi' - W 1 l 1 lb 1 My X ll i i gl ll lin ,El 4 1 jgjqif' ' i- fflf,-ff - ,1 lf LQ e"':ie1,,..-:,s-...r 'J 1- WWW, I . "w5A"'? k 1 4 T ,, li I t M71.. A n I I FL 5 wi Fi' 4 if Fl f A- Vq. igf-ig Basketball The pair of guards has perfected an air- tight defense, and Watson also leads in the team s attacks, being the most accurate shot on the Hoor Fisher, the third guard, was out the first of the season with measles, but will be in shape for the closing battles of the year Scholarship deficiencies took Baily and Hunt oil' the squad for a time, but Baily is back in trim after completing some back work Others of the squad include Hudson, Talbot DuPre, and Mitchell, who have all seen service in some games The season schedule for the Blue includes games with Chickamauga, City High, Cen- tral, Notre Dame, Bradley, T. M. I., Dar- lington, Hixon and Tyner, to be topped off with the Dixie tourney at the Memorial Auditorium. , l -X A --'real wx .-.. 'irzfi 'fa 2, 'Z""','f'2' i1, gg 'i' K' i Q f ,vit 4. L-K-an 'LH ' i"1'lJ4S-.-.4232-. r:'1"!fi..s,- M1351 A , , ' 3- 43:1 'fy 1' t. sae 5 iii' 4 'Wifi E . LEW .1 v X - Q, . ' H ' ' s 5 iii if... ' 1 -, ,., I r I 1 , Z X N I 4 Bl' W 4 ii es . ,H ae H 14 ' ,i 1 1 9 - , 'i ri 5 A fi i X 531 A f ,W . Hi X i ,,,., , i if 1 lf, r i ' A z i '- 3 Q E' : 19, 1 37 . x. I " : ff I in A W i F 4 3 , 5 ' 1 I 1 I , xl 3' '51 X f -- -sfrew, fiwf Q-ifE3'x- , U fpfa-,gram ' N 5' ' rf- ,-f- - 11: 1,-- .11-. -1, ,. M i -'? lTll.lXi 1- ,..f,.,. :, . 1 'sE',.-ef' ? z T 1 Y 'mv - Kfiiliifi-f i ' -'- W' 7 r :-q:ar-fqv- u mr'-J" u - -. -T-Z" 75' 1 lf:l13ARL,"2.JI1,iUl?T' 'T5fl'll.Tf!?l.-ILT-1fJT.'."1212. 40152 .I1J-1If,L.Z" ' "T' .i'1.TI'2 C'3TE-211111 ll-T-1"Lfll.Ti .13i,Y.TiI51L2 TIIIRIJ Il,XSKIZ'I'Ii XII 'II XXI lf0l'R'I'II ILXSKITI I4 XII 'I I XXI II2 '11 N +- fi.-J I 1 Y v I , 1 I f X v T4 us 3. t J Y' A TRACK SEASON 1927 Vllinning the lirzzt city championship since 1923 for McCallie. the 1927 team, starting slowly, developed into one of the best teams which has ever represented the Ridge school on the cinder paths, and restored Mc- Callie to her old place at the top of the heap. From the time the city track meet was started some fifteen years ago, through 1921, an unbroken string of triumphs was registered for the Blue and VVhite. Baylor broke the chain the following year, but McCallie came back to win in 1923. Three Baylor victories then followed after which the Blue, nnder Coach Gritlin, regained the place it had held for so long. ln the Baylor relays the McC'allie teams finished second in the 440-yard relay and third in the 880. Journeying south to the Southern Relays at Georgia 'l'ech, McCallie captured third place in both the half- mile and mile events. Two victories in dual meets were chalked up over Baylor and Boys' High of Atlanta by close margins, the victory over the Cadets being undecided until the final event had been run. At the Southern Championship meet, held at Sewanee, McCallie finished third in a field of twenty-one schools and ran up 21 1-2 points. ln addition, the half-mile relay quartet won the championship of the South. za ,.,,, -we 1. S22 e e The city championship was won handily by Mc- Callie in the final meet of the season with a twenty- point lead, Baylor, City, and Central being closely grouped for the other three places. The work of Johnston and Thurman in the dashes was outstanding, both setting new school records for the loo and 220. Each covered the distances during the season in xo 1-5 and 23 2-5. In addition, Thur- man set a new school and city record of zo feet, 9 1-2 inches in the running broad jump. Thurman also won individual honors in the city meet with I3 points. Tate also set a new school record in the discus throw, with a heave of II3 feet, 9 inches. Jacobs' time of 4 minutes, 50 seconds in the mile, while not equalling the record, was the best a McCallie athlete has turned in since the days of Bill Stutz. Milligan in the pole vault, half-mile and relay, and Turney in the high jump, were responsible for many points of McCallie's total. Drane, Smith, and Daniels added points in the relays, with Daniels also running in the 440. VVatkins, who was the first non-letter man to finish in the cross-country, was awarded a monogram, and ran the half-mile in several meets. Captain Flowers, the quarter-miler, had the mis- fortune to break his leg at the start of the season and was unable to compete, but was at practice every day lending his support. 116 TRACK TEAM '-Nr' M! f ,M .yr JACKSON go. F. J ' BAILY QED MITCHELL U-'B QCAPTAIND c. J LATHAM. Qs. sq The BBSCBHH SCBSOII Practice was started soon after the mid-year examinations, under the leadership of Mr. VVren as coach. Very soon the spring air was resounding with the noise of practice as the IQ27 nine started its season. In a few weeks a very acceptable team was whipped into shape, with Stuart Mitchell as its captain. The letter men who were back included Stuart Mitchell, Boh Urihhle, and Reed Latham. The team made several good trips, including one three-day trip to Atlanta, to play the Tech freshmen, stopping enroute to play the Darlington School of Rome. The leading hitters on the team were Mitchell, Grihhle, and Latham, who furnished many a timely hit when it was needed. Bob Grihble, the team's most effective moundsman pitched several splendid games. Baily, a new man last year, also showed up well on the mound, and when occasion demanded he U8 l F.-....-.a.. li II I I il :I I I l, I I III II I I. I I I I. II III II II I I 'I Ii I . -...... une I ,I I I I I I ,I I, II played a good game in the outfield. Fisher, VVhite, and Stephens alternated behind the bat l I with an equal degree of proficiency. Mitchell, in addition to his duties as captain, held down his old position at first, having had much experience from former seasons. Latham was one of W the best shortstops developed in McCallie in many years, always playing his position with the necessary fight and spirit. ,Marting, playing his first season on the varsity, showed up well I fi at "the hat corner" and also in the outfield. Gillespie was a very important cog in the machine I at the "keystone," and was elected as the captain of the 1928 team. jackson served well as utility ' man, playing both second and in the outfield. Bill Harris was manager of the team. Although I not a championship team, the members fought hard and always did their best for McCallie. I I We are sure that the 1928 season will be a great success under the leadership of Captain Gillespie. l I I I I I I . I E I I I 119 .wi ' If ffl'- ue-J"f"'E 3. I Q X A Q I W J L "II -j.. .. -' I 1 ,Ml "' 1 " 1 'K 9?-A I . ,dx , Y .. 5 - NM A- ' ' .. I ' A. " -... , . , W , I . ' Q V "I, ' .'uQ,:Qi" " W., -A U-'iv-in-ia-.V -V in- A 7 ' ,I., e.- .I. c I I .II--...'If..- r I N-I , ,4.,,...' 77Zm7?Zw2y.ZbzaAe94fza'Aaf172zZ 5 PONSOR ' NANT A , V, 0 I2I 'XTHLIETIC SPONSORS I22 OOK FOUR Clubs and Organizations BUTLER, VV. The First Term Senate FERGUSON, V. CSecretaryJ . . . JACOBS . , . .... . Juninr OWEN. . . . Sophomorr L1'r'rLE . . . F rrshman 125 .I --.Y f'-A ,-54. . Prfsidrnt Srninr "" '2'T,f. Student Councilors and Prefects 4ABERNE'l'lIY MILLER CASON GALLOWAY GILLESPIE DUNCAN, T. CI10wN1Nc Drums XNATKINS MR. WREN --n:..:-f...nannQ.s - . M ff' -f-Af? V 5..- ,-,ISHR f, ,.' f ... , n. 7 1 1- ls 42-1,!! 126 OWEN , UAkNE'r'l', J GILMORE Bow1.Es, T MURFF FERGUSON, V PETERS KILGORE Moons .., H, .,,,,fur'-.-4 'f' WI IH Q! Rl The Young Menis Christian Association Being the only organization in school which is run entirely by the students, the Y. bl. C. A. undoubtedly does the foremost Christian work of the school. Evening prayers are conducted on Sunday nights by the officers of the Association. Frequently speakers come out from town to talk to the boys. The HY" room in Douglas Hall, with its news- papers, magazines and games, is a very popular place on rainy days for the boys to gather. Several of the oH'icers of the Y. RI. C. A. went to Lenoir City to the "Hi-YU conference this year, bringing back with them many new ideas for the improvement of the association. 127 AEEAY AnERNE'rm' A xmaksox ANGLE Ausnx, G. AUSTIN, V. BALLARD, li. BARNli'l"l' BUNN BURKE CAkl.'rnx C'Ak'rEk CA'rE Cn.xMnEEI.A1N Y Cm.nvvEl.r,, XX Cxoucn Uma' Le n White lJAxxE1.s, Il. DUPRE DW'liI.l.Ii ICARNl'IS'I', C. YCARNEST, VV. l'.NGI.IiIIARll'l' FARMER FINCIIER GAr.mwAx' GALYON GAkNE'1"r, J. fIII.CllRIS'I' GII.I.ESPIE, C. Gn.M0RE IIANDIJEY IIEARNF lI1l.I,, VV. Literary Society 128 VVORKMAN HILLICR IIIXON HOWARD HUNT IVINS jouxsox, A. KIil.I.ER KIRKPA'l'RlCK I.AwsoN MCCAH, MCCALLXE, S. MCCRAVEY MCIVER, D. McLEon, J. MAk'rxNr: Mn.I.1r:AN Mms NEVVIZLL fJAKliS PAKKS PETERS PHILLIPS Puczu, C. SnAMn0Uc:u STEPHENS S'l'lREWAI.'l''r TATE, R. 'I1HURMAN, C' VAUGHAN VVALKER, VV. WALLACE YVESSELS XVIIITE Daniel Webster Literary Society D. BAREFIELD BIGGERS, R. BRADING BREWER BROWN, VV. BROCK, B. C'ALLowAY CASON CLARK CROCKETT COLDWELL, DANIEL, D. DRAKE FARRAR, H. FARRAR, W. FERGUSON, II. FLETCHER FRASER CEAGER CERAY HALL, C. IIAYS HARMQN Houma H UTCHESON JACOBS JOHNSON, 1. KOPETOVSKE LAPSLEY LEAK LESUE UR X29 LIPSCOMB LYBROOK MCCALLIE, MCMAKIN MAGILI. Mzxssm MI'I'CHEI.I., MURFF PAWLEY PEABODY RAVENEL RICHARDS SHERROD SNIPES VVAKPIFIELD T I.. SHICS FCI'liII1OI'e ,Null-:sow lixmmw linuxxxw lixuvx, R. lirxx CARR Cuxlz l11l.1,1.-um Ihxxn Idxvvs ooper Literary SOClCty 130 Lum: Mclvrik, Ii. Mclilxxrzx, 'l Mxmrik, C. M1'rcma1,l., J. Moss S.,xv.xr:H, ll. Srax'rl-Lk SMAR'l"l' XVEILI., 11. ALLEN, M. BENDER BIcIcERs BIGGERS, S. BRYAN, E. CAMPBELL COALTER CONNELL DICKERSON DoNALIJsoN Demosthenes Literary Society DOVVLER, W. IELIJRIDGE, D. CIILMAN GILLETT HEMPIIILL KELLY KRUESI LINER LITTLE MCLEOD, V. MILLER, H. 131 MILLER, M MILLER, R. MORGAN PATTON, J. PICKLE ROBERSON RYDER VVAITE VVILSON, H. VVOOTI-:N f" U 'er UIICIC RCITIUS A1.1.1s0x, B. Br:N'1'l.m' ISRYAN, J. Bkooxs GARDEN, C. C1.EMoxs, F. CHIVINCTON DICKS, H. FLDRIDCE, VV. OWEN, H. HARGRAVES Lmcu Literary Society THOMPSON ' ...- .....-P. .1 - - xv fs. W':S-'la-:.Fli3n3lQ!qhilIF"l7"'7 1, 1--1 1' Y16-A .- 132 ,41- MCCOY Mfwmxcz, F MAY MARUS Okk PHELPS RIMMIER ROSENBLUM SMITH, D. STOKES TA'1'UM THATCHER .X ,gh umm.. fI,.Q ,162 . 4...-LM. .,. A.--1 1- wk .,. + I, ,,,g,, . 5, ,,g,.,,,,,,,: - A :r Ldriwvmu N.-.Qi f... N Q I , . W1 --...f ,.-+--ce-.3 tan Lf, ' '., ,f l , 'A 11 fq -- Au ,FL ,A3 .. gm gf I 3 A -. ...L s f or-A 1'g"J YXEJ f' ' - -f .' ' 5 I" " I I u "Q .f.1+f1:'I - '- - A , l . ' 1 1.57 gf. , Woodrow Wilson Literary Society EALEXANDER IALLEN, VV. ANTIIONY BALLARD, F. BowI.Es, B. BOYCE BUTLER, E. CALLIS CUNEO CURTIS IUAVIS, R. DowLER, F. DURANI1, F. 'wsgqgigp gr Ki' ur" vp'-E '1"1U"""'?'?--XL FAUST FOSTER FRANK QIILLESPIE, VV. HICKS JOHNSON, W. JOHNSTON, H. KILGORE LAME LIVELY LONGLEY MACLELLAN MAIIONEY MANNING, W. 133 , fi f" ' n N .II 1, , vm, Haj, ,, . .e.. .a..xeL-Q-.. L,.::V5" ,jo A ,. ,.:.s4'?s-,AQQHA 4 'W-' -,.,,4 . ., Q. . 5:3 MCGINNESS NEELX' PARKER PARRo'I'T PUGII, R. REED RICE SAMUEL STEM, L. STEM, W. SMITH, W. T ATE, M. XNARLICK 1 '-VA,-...,,.I.-. I.-.. A in . Q Pennant Store STEPHENS IXHELREUX E,xuNles'1' MCCAI.L ALLISON, M. NHWELL I Staff MR. IJALE EARNEST, VV BAILY FISHER DAVIS, B. EDVVARDS The Pocket Testament League Now in its fifteenth year at lIcCz1llie, the Pocket ,l1CStZlll1Cl1t League ranks as one of the outstanding school organizations for the formation of Christian Character and leadership. To be il member 21 boy must carry his pocket Testament with him wherever he goes and must read one chapter each day from it. 135 Alabama l51"1'r.lck, li. I,Aws0x I,1'1"1'l,lf LEA K ENCLEIIARIYI' llosnxu :.n n.-an. Bxocx, B. IJRANH UII.CIIRIS'I' HALLARU, B IIANULHY B0wI.Es, T. JACKSON 136 - ---1.-R- , .. e'-'-ng.. .L+:...4 f-.1 , ,4..u...,v .Q 4 1 , . -- -. Q A ni ygjwlw r' a-7, In IIN J r 012 A SX X --W-iw YQ,, --- ' fi' ' PENNANT' L' 1 ,,f" ' ff , I 6 x N ' E P 1 B N ' 1 i 1 I A I , gm I Carolmas Club N GILMORE MR. RAINEY ax JOHNSON, W. LONG 1 HILLER LYBROOK 3 W00'l'EN GILLESPIE BROAIJHURST DWELLE M055 MCIVER, L. X ' ' SHERROD HILL, W. ' , RAVENEL KELLER A N EARLE BURKE Moomz STIREWALT ' PA1'roN, J. CROWELL SCOTT BAILY 1 MR. DUNLAP MR. WALTERS i K V l V I 1 N1 1 ' ,mi 137 A 4-fe, . I WW3 ,L -'fl- KI' l W , 'f'-,J M' X f A ,f 1fxxTW7'dffm1'W I' :Qi ' wha ,NWN r,, , ,W mga, --As 1 'A .'iTWAf,. XmLN:f1f".x'.3fv -. Florida Club TATUM ZACHRY MCCOY KIRKPAWICK NETTLES FRASER JoHNs'roN, J. P. KILGORE PAWLEY MARSHALL JACOBS MARTING ABERNETHY MR. PUKDY NEELY DRAKE Georgia Club BALLARD, F. WEssELs CANDLER, VVHITE HIXON VV. I DUPRE CARLTON CANDLER, A. BRFITENBUCHER FINCHER GRAY ANDERSON K Cllowxlxm: BREVVER REYNoLns LHSUEUR WAKmfna1.n MCMAKXN Mlulsk, M. IIALL entuclcy GARNE'l'T, J. 140 Club Pmlzom' Swuwrs lIU'1'c111NGs Iv1Ns DUNCAN, T DAVIS, B. HAYS TURNEY, J. ,,.. .. T.. '29 The Mississippi Club MCLEOD, J. OWEN MCCRAVEY MCLEOD, V WATKINS GWIN, W. LAWSON 141 Tennessee C Puuurs IIILL, O. F,xRNEs'l', XV. IUANIEI., D. COLLINS CAS'lLliS IZARNEST, C. ISAREH: 142 lub PARROTT CAkkAvvAY MIMS FARRAR f:ALYON BROWN ALHXANMZR RIMMER Knoxville Club GILLESPIE, VV FAUs'r HILL, 0. ALEXANIJER HILLIARD GILLESPIE, C. I BARBEE BROWN GALYON PETERS I-Iunsox SN1PEs 2 , . ,I+ ff, .XY ' Q'-N. 7 H' J" X X X xfmvf V X I CHATTANOOGA CL If B I Y 'I pi ,wi v E H V X , - ,- . A - J it S.. I E A 4 AN H ? nj.. . 1 V k 'I H ' ' . 1 l'92 B 1' - ,Lf The Tornado E. J. Wann, Jr.. . . . . . . . . Editor-in-Chief Annu- Nrw-xox . . . .... V Hanging Editor Warn Pxmm . . . . Associate Editor ,Nzwmrz Dlcxs . . .... Athlstic Editor Ton Duwcnm . . . . . Aninant Athletic Editor FIIDBIICK Euwnns . ..... Social Editn Jw Tuma? .... . . Auinant Social Eiitor M. M. mum, Jn. . . . Quizsmy seam ' Louu REYNOLDS . Q. .... Feature Editor i B.QE. IAVIMAN . . . Anittant Future Editar i Guam: BAILY . . . ...... Exchange Editor 1 . Bowan Cuumwmr . . Circulation Editor , HINIY SWQITI, ji. . . n . . Swinging Door Editor ' I 'E A 1 X, QQ f . T 1 3 Q A 14.6 t - X 1 QS 557, 4 L i i in qw" u 1-Bu' mm A i 'I V U, t . 101414400 R-1 Q!! 4--or v' fait, , , .111 E.. :L , , , , - ' ' ,sr .. 'gf 1- . - ' i KT 'I , fi ' - M f ' "' ' A ' ' ' ' ' t f. -1. ' . ., 5' if 1 ..5,,.',Lk37w:f'3'3Lf?1'L -' f f-3 ' 4 fx" ' -4' .4tA.,3z. .... mv. ,t.i gal- i.- Alt . 4,ii .LM 1 t.'- ' ' -4' i i TORNADO STA FF 147 X The 1928 Pennant E C Dwnu, Jr.. ..... Eduor na Clauf Fun Enwnns Auinant Edator an-Chu! Manx K Wxuou, jx Buaiseuf Manger Ronan' Lawn MCCALLIB Auutant Banners Mdlllglf . . Literary . Military Phalagrdfh: . Athletic: Stnaograplur . . . . Edxlor . Bminn: Manager M S Mclnwnmn . . . . Pleotagrajlnc Eduor 'Q 4:44:40 PENNANT STAFF 149 150 ,, ,Q s .Q ? R' xi x. nbabababsb pENNANT 444441444- I. : QB COMPLIMENTS OF LOOKOUT OIL AND REFINING CO. MANUFACTURERS OF MOUNTAIN LAUREL SI-IORTENING JACOB REED'S SONS PHILADELPHIA FOUNDED I824 BY ,IACOB REED OLDEST UNIFORM MANUFACTURING HOUSE IN THE UNITED STATES Students of leading military schools and colleges in this country are out- A fitted in Reed's uniforms. The uniforms wom by the students of McCallie School are finished ex- amples of the quality, finish and workmanship of Reecl's productions. JACOB REED'S SONS NORWALK TIRES Main 3200 HSUDDEN SERVICE" KNOEDLER Br MEREDITH TIRE SERVICE SEVENTH AND CHESTNUT S'rau:'rs 2453'- -I so f ' Wife N1 7 -XXX xx ' QXXKQ Q X! ,XJ7 4 . 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COMPLIMENTS OF THE READ HOUSE BARBER SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF DR. W. H. EMIG VETERINARIAN 1094 MCCALLIE AVENUE MCCALLIE BOYS TAKE CARE OF THAT OLD MAN, BOY! An old fellow like him, you know, has to be looked after by somebody, and it might as well be you. The old man referred to is yourself-Iifty years from now. That's A long time off, but nevertheless a time that's bound to come if you live. While you are young and active and just starting on your career, it's time to provide for that old man. The best way to do it is with the Provident En- dowment Policy, falling due at the age of 65. By taking it while you are young you get the benefit of a low rate. PROVIDENT LIFE fd Are the Owneligolgefli-:i.iANcE Lira CG. JOHN E. GILBREATH, General Agent E' .tv ETX-1 ' Mi i - ,, 11, X ' 'I ' 1 Im tu fe- l928 .IQ 131333 Qeitllin ...Say F701UeTS FROM THE. OF Retall Fl.OI'1SfS A Assoc1at1on WHITE SWAN LAUNDRY 227 EAST ELEVENTH ST. CHATTANOOGA, TENN. E. C. ROACH MEAT MARKET 2212 MCCALLIE AVENUE E. B. 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COMPANY Packers CHATTANOOGA TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF Hassler Brothers NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. Auto Service Station QF VERMQNT U. S. Inspection in All Departments BI6 CHESTNUT ST MAIN 3936 T. C. THOMPSON, Manager .1 Q V X nous-:bac-:cv 4:44444- I928 COMPLIMENTS OF MARTINJHOMPSON COMPANY ATHLETIC AND SPORTING GOODS 706 CHERRY STREET PHONE MAIN 998 COMPLIMENTS OF TRIGG DOBBS E-9 CO. WAOIZSGIZ Grocers M. T. GWIN FURNITURE CO. 1300 Dobbs AVENUE Hemlock 21 I "SEE US WHEN IN NEED OF FURNITURE" C. H. Quinn fe? Co. REAL ESTATE AND COMPLIMENTS OF The Volunteer State INVESTMENTS . Llfe Insurance CO. 706 WALNUT STREET Main 1975 CHATTANOOGA, TENN. SIGNAL MOUNTAIN Greever CO. Signal Mgizlnzrin, Overlooking A anooga Special Winter Rates Until May I 826-27 jmns Buu.mNc 550 PER MoN'rH , Mam 2467 EUROPEAN PLAN CAFE TX fl- 1 wx 'X s 1111111430 ri .-or 313 313391313115 3531 3335333 .,.,..,.. ......... l9'2B -1' 2 2 Q Aviation Gas 4Chatt:-tnoogass Own A Super Fuel- Q ' Is the choice of hundreds of the most discriminat- ing motorists in Chatta- 4 nooga- BCCEIIISC-'- Tlmose motorists have found it to be--after rig- 4 orous test--the most cle- pendable, most satisfac- Q tory motor fuel they can use. 4 -SOLD BY THE- 3 Southeastern Q11 Co. Q and Affiliated Dealers 1 Q Convenient to You Q ff mm . 11 - ipasspawo- 4:44:4- 4 .R 19 8 Q Q 4 COMPLIMENTS OF 4 Q UNIVERSITY RIDGE DRUG 3 OF 4 CHATTANOOGA CGMPANY 4 Q Q 2 ,oi MARK K. WILSON 2 COMPANY Q Q 2 High Standards BUILDING 4 St,-Ong Faculty CONSTRUCTION 4 4 Unusual Equipment Q Q Successful Student H Q A Activities ENN ESSEE Powzn Bmw Q Q GA, TENNESSEE Q Q R Q Q COMPLIMENTS W g Arlo Ayres Brown A STRICLLAND Q PRESIDENT PATTERN WORKS Q Q Q Q - oosofoe - HSD - 0111313131 111121411 w e ff THE lVIcCALLlE SCHOOL FOR BOYS ON BATTLEFIELD OF MISSIONARY RIDGE CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Founded by Rev. T. H. McCallie. D.D. ii We believe in our students. They are the best advertisement McCallie has. That's . why we advertise in their annual. ii FOR ATTRACTIVELY ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE APPLY TO HEADMASTERS S. J. MCCALLIE, M.A., Ped.D. J. P. IVICCALLIE., M.A., Ph.D. H523- - ooeofaeoe- - .Ji nb-8113131 1111131- l ee COMPLIMENTS OF Eurelca Foundry CHAMBERS SHOE RENEW SHOP Our Slogan is Quality Our Purpose il to Render Ssnvics. ThtW'llLj 'thHtfO C0mPany acu.winm.ngii1.iii'i:f 'ima ur Delivered Promptly. 2511 VANCE Ava. Hsu. I66 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF TOID LSIICITCSS Jo ANDERSON FOR SNAPPY TAILORING coME TO 1. HoRow1Tz Alterations and Repairing a Revelation TEXACO GASOLINE AND MOTOR OIL. -THE OLD STAR LAUNDRY Has Been Laundering for the Third Generation and Doing It Well PHONES MAIN ll3, MAIN 1232 'SS- A N59 ' e XX A-X Yun X QMS ' l ,ff- N Ty 'l i E Z nw !" "'5" Nelson C--Pop-Q, Lawing KODAK FINISHING Done Right and l'lr.n..y,, 3 "I L' Righl on Time fd' A' -I ROLLING REPAIR SHOP 'T ' BRING 'EM IN AT 9:00 Al Your Servzcc GET ,EM AT 5:00 DUNCAN 8: DODDS ' fwf- HEM- 2962 Englerth Photo Supply Co. T152 f'Il0l'I'X Strom-t M. 2050 McCallie Boys Are Always Welcome AT The eacl House Cftyzs' Cfvfc Center DIRECTION AMERICAN HOTELS CORPORATION NEW YORK W H WEATHERFORD P d I W M MCGUIRIL M g ' H' A I Ware E99 Wareus Franklin Motor Co. 1225- road Street Store for Men DISTRIBUTORS OF Suits to Order, 325.00 FRANKLIN MOTOR CARS 3' B "Clothes Thai Arc Made Better CI-IATTANOOGA TENNESSEE Than 5007715 NCCCSSUVEIU ' I 8 ,, "" Q 2 2 g OOMPLIMENTS OF THE 4 Q SOUTHERN FERRO ALLOYS CO. Q AND Q AMERICAN LAVA COMPANY z Q THE OWNERS OF WHICH SHARE IN THE PRIDE 4 4 OF CHATTANOOGA-THE. MCCALLIE SCHOOL 4 Q Q Q 2 2 I GYJSHLID 3 Q CARTER BRQS. Q MANUFACTURERS or-' 3 "RIT-RAC" RUGS AND 3 Q MATT RESSES Q g QIWSECX9 Q 3 Q Q 4 X x 4 - 14111147 W . if Q , x Xe 81313133 ' lititltiv , oi I I92a 1' HAMILTON COUNW HERALD COMPUMWS OF WILL SI-IEPI-IERIJ, Publisher EVERY FRIDAY Fon EVERYBQDY COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS or NEWELL SANITARIUM DR, C, E, BYINGTQN C. V. BROWN 6: BRO. C. A. LEAVITT Real Estate Union geiIxi:':lLA3'gei1xiEurance Insurance' Rents' Loans sos 5EiJIi:r3:iilIi35gIdg. D PHARMACY . COMPLIMENTS or rden 6: Curry HIGHLAN ningham, Prop Shepherd Ca Geo. C. Cun Phone Hemlock 55 1512 East Main st. Chattanooga, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS or COMPLIMENTS or A FRIEND DR. J. L. BIBB Conmmms os Tennessee River Milling Co. V Distributors ot GREETA WERT SCHOOL Monash! Bend Products M7 VINE STREET Real Flour and Chicken Feed BEEN DOING l'r SINCE l9II COMPUMENTS OF We .I',3',f.lZite?S..3?..2'.Z3'23..?,5.ZI2'et'c Nick.A-Jack Hosiery Mills Chattanooga Button and Badge Co. CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS or COMPUMEN-rs 0, A FRIEND BRAINERD GREENHOUSES C -'Q ' ,456 ...I V . 'ff I Will! -Elf . I u V , if N - for aeeqiargababrbgab l I 0 1 28 , f .fe - .Q I' V x. 4-'Brisas PENNANT QQQQ LOFTON'S GRANDVIEW FARM RESTAURANT PROVIDENT BUILDING THE RIVIERA CI-IA'rI'ANooGA BANK BUILDING Delightful Places to Eat SODAS, CANDIES AND CIGARS MUSIC EVENINGS Ask for the McCallie Special a the Riviera i THE Lookout Nurseries GROW!-IRS or EVERGREENS AND FLOWERING SI-IRUBBERY E.As'r or MISSION RIDGE U PHONE HIaMI.ocIc 297 Fountain Square Drug Store "On Fountain Square" COMPLIMENTS OF Silberman-BIocI1 Company "THE HOUSE OF SWEETS" CIHIA1'rANoocA, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF Watts Portrait Co 711W MARKET ST. MILLER DRY CLEANING COMPANY BSE WE CLEAN EVERYTHING f AN f ..v.s -5' Y ,V -R . Y ,A , ' I ELEVEN I -Xb XQXIXIAL I 'ff TXTYNNTTWA' ofoeqwaeoe-IW SSSD l9'28 ' MILLS br LUPTON SUPPLY Co. TE.MPI..ETON'S' Chattanooga., Tennessee Jewelers "Super-Service" , Agents for Johns-Manville Roofing I2 Wal Eighth Sl- WESTINGHOUSE AGENT-JOBBERS ufusl O17 Marker" Hedges! Orchard SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TENN. -if APPLES, CIDER COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN F. CARDEN D. A. LANDRESS Phoenix Mutual Life Ins. Co DRAKE-WISEMAN CO. 414 Vine Street "Everything Good to Eat" V PIIOIIES Mahi 1234, 567, 235 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THE WHEELS OF PROGRESS Are under your street car. Community growth depends on efficient and ample i street railway service-the growth of the street railway depends on your patronage. Ride the trolley to and from town and help Chattanooga grow. Too, the street car is safe. The Tennessee Electric Power Company x xn 'Www- -KNH. -one-2555. abacus li 0113131 ititititif I9'2B e' x , y, .. fr M. B. EAVES fd BROS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL I ' GROCERS ' W1-un' A' jon! ' Wm iflwl ii! fffile M ousted coffee, which might b months old. would be as fresh as Stagmaiefs VACUUM CUP BLEND Packed in An Alr Ti ht Can u - " F f J V t bl STAGMAIER ea co. W' sf" es? " es INCORPORATED upreme PHOTOGRAPHIC ' FOR ECGNOMY WORK VD IN ALL ITS BRANCHES O cooK. HEAT School Groups and Portraits AND A Specially FREEZE WITH ,, G A S KID The Clme Stuchos I2 Ferger Bldg. QUICK. CLEAN CHATTANOOGA, TENN. DEPENDABLE W will s 18114649 'W Q l928 " Q Q 3 4 4 The 10,000-Gallon Tank Which 3 A Holds the Fuel for Supplying 4 Q the McCallie School Heat- 4 Q ' ing System is a I Q Q SOUTHLAND Q Q Q Q TANK 3 Q we Q Q Q 4 BUILT BY 4 2 CHATTANOOGA BOILER 85 3 Q TANK CO. Q 3 CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Q Q Q Q ooeofefoz- . f' .li O- .Q xf xx xx - A ww- PENNANT ----1 -- l9'28 COMPLIMENTS OF Ice Cream "THE CREAM OF THE TOWN" The Mertins-French COMPLIMENTS OF Cleaning Co. Archer Paper Co. We Clean and Dye Everything 1 124-26 MARKET ST' MMN 1551, 1557, 4530 LEADERS IN THEIR LINE MQCALLIE SCHOOL LOOKOUT PLANING MILLS W. S. Dickey Clay I. B. Merriam Coal Mfg. Co. Company "25 Years Successful Business" MANUFACTURERS OF WHOLESALE-RETAIL CLAY PRODUCTS COAL AND COKE Corwin EAs'r I0'rH AND Hous'roN STS. CHATTANOOGA, TENN. Main 105' 15.2 xx- A 5 Q2 ' X .li - Am' A N' XI x. asabaoao- pENNANT 4:44414 l928 GAOER lil E GAGER LIME Ea" MFG. CO. 607 PROVIDENT Bu1LmNc. CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Our Complete Shop at Your Door Fea- tures the Modern Way of Doing COMPLIMENTS Small Jobs or W. D. Swaim fd' Co. A FRIEND Plumbing, Heating lI5 Wnsr 61-1-1 ST. MAIN 3634 "Our Work Pays Because It Stays" THE BRIGHT SCHOOL An Elementary School for Boys and Girls from Kincler- garten to the Sixth Grade COMPLIMENTS OF Eureka Foundry Company e xx- iwive- Q N319 . iii, ...X XE 1 , I A ifititit r. IQI at ' NICE ANKLES BECOME BEAUTIFUL ANKLES WHEN THEY WEAR ARROWHEAD ANKLE-CLINGING HOSIERY o-:.1g.:o Women who are particular to "count the cost" have found in Arrowhead Ankle- Clinging Hosiery a pleasing combination of beauty. smartness and genuine econ- omy. Men find Arrowhead socks to be trim and smart in ap- pearance, Marathon-like in wearing quality and eco- nomical in the "long run." H O S I E I2 Y 902' all ide 9311119 RICHMOND HOSIERY MILLS ROSSVILLE, GEORGIA .xx-4!' .dS' ' ii a if mv . -sslIl?? "'-ar Water Tube BoiIers and Horizontal Return TuIJuIar Boilers STEEL CASINGS, STACKS, TANKS, TOWERS AND STRUCTURAL STEEL AND STEEL PLATE WORK The WEIISII and Weidner BOI.1eI' CO. MAIN OFFICE AND PLANT CHATTANOOGA, TENN. BRANCH OFFICES NEW Yomc, NEW ORLEANS, KANSAS CITY, SAN FRANCISCO, MEMPI-IIs, HOUSTON, GREEN- VILLE, S. C., HAVANA, CUBA, CHICAGO, MEXICO CITY. - Q -.4-.-.-quam-1 , nur' we. ,..17 -'W-Q lf- .W ij' . 4 H41-V, .' ' u 'HA 453-2-,Q ' .411-- .,f 'ff "3 --1 4 'AT .Q pm, 33522. .TA 11' gm ., . ru -f- 1 . Vx-'.'4f'?'. 4. ..,- .,. k Q . m . - , ,gi .- .t -Q . .W " ,K ' -X "IPL -' ,M .livin , 4 - 1 4 ,V ,- . -4, A, 4 , , Eli-' T,2 Ni.7 .7 A x, I , 1' 4 ..1'.Hi.,,'fj:i -4 'N r-il ,, P 5, llfvli, E , V, .fb . w . E rr. A' V., x 1 4 2 4 " - . -. , '54 . w .gf ' , . . 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Q, ' , . . lb, 1 -f A if ra, - .-ff-.f'.4U9.. my . "'1:, ' 41 'f Ty . -'L -- '.,p. - ' f 7- ,-1 fa--3,v..f"9'L . 4 .,. Q -, -4 .1 ,, .U G . 1,-51,11-,Q . 1,-Ju--ig .1- . - . " "f.',Q"'. A1 4 -41' 1 . Q rw.. lla QJQ '- .' -fig!" ,,, ,i' '.','W - 'g .v'f','-'--l,a 'ti'-".+v--iflif' H' 5 Aff Q .2 4 W' . . - 'af f.-iwft'1"tlf.-xv 5 5 - i . ,Jn . . . 1 . 4 1,0 .05 .. ,aqigf-Wk'i,15F 1' 9' Y- in F. 1 ' ' " , 'flu C4-9 ""P?!A!4 'Q'...-- . 'il' - I. ,it .-4 Fvalcvi, 5 L A I Q V gk T... -l.,, A wif. Q v, .v 1 . .. .1 ,- , kg, ,vga --V " - , .M -+ " A' i ' V . ,U Qs' i5i"7Qf3 :fn 5','Vf"f1,3.x Al- 'lr'-'lm' Q 1' 21 N-"Q 4 X' - ' A , . Q 'Q a,ET..wif.M xl' 1 " ,. U 1, , .55 V. - M A fl f. 5' -ws' as 4-4, .Fi v a- fl N, Y wp. .W IQ. H- N ,. wg, M .gif X wav "xx" 'ri' is gags- x gi 1 'jx . , U" ,' 'i v-f' ' 4- " ,. 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