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LQLLWBBJ L ' ' Q W' I V 'fog ' it SQ' 47 34fff2,f 327668, P W QZIAUB ,lyk xg, 0 LNB QW Q 1 X 4, 7 a . ,J W X . 5 E5 . N 3 I Q 4 H QE THUG' 1? U V ,im QCD 6-3 f-- .M ' x NK - g . xg-gk - . n x K -ffim-AT-lx GX MAYVILLJL' gfwma Wf X cf' M QS? .lv E E fixivifgiziw '5 - -4 L 6 N .56 E: ' Q. .fa f cuff x Q I X Mm J fj xM 'TYV PAEIC' xl.,- Q. IHA. V, if 4 w -W .. , V! V 5.5. f 4 Ni-- 'S -ca ax' Li V A4 in .3 Q: I ,iii ,-Liv, mr, w.. , fx-,FG-7 .. , - 1 V, ., 4, N ' 'g1'.,i'.'T.!ij,.' if- . , '41 . if ,H .. Qi' "lYf,fx 1 .fi Y .. IW X ". Q. .A - imaeaff A A A - ..' ggi:-Er.-"9 ,.1. .H ' ,: f ', 1 ,, .- - 1 - B, ,,--J .lf-',Ml,. :lQ,.' :4 1 I., ,,, , H. ,VO . , ,,,.- ,4,W..., . A . ,M ji . 3,33-,1 rx. , A .,,, ,g, gm. . .,,, ., .TA .,.-, , ..y,L 5.x . ,xxx t le xv ' ' g-9. Ji, 4 - , .fi 'ai ' em- . VS, 1-3: , ..r ,pn 1, -s,? 1- TI , AMPL- '1,'.2',,fs:?lw . . I .,,,. U, I. .MN 4, -X 1 .1 51h ,f i 1 ,:',,2'14 ' .L 5 4:1 if 1? . '-Eg - ,. -f. , Rs ni. .3 gilxx' 1- S1411 -,+A ,1 'VQ ..' iilgfjlkggrw ' " H 3955? . -, - f .- f . 1 ' 'T' f '1'-'XQ1-' , E ,v ,1.'. 1 li" 54, ' .. J,X..k - , wi, pf, .W .. M , . , , . W .. W' 1.51 iff", Tig-?'4 -,',x',-4 if' ' ,A.1-A t ,,.,A Q l. HV., My S, 2 mumnnlnn mm: he Rack zt a V O VAL U M E E l.. E V E. N El 73ublished by The Class 0 '30 mage: :gm ff .ww 'szsx V . X, -5'1" f. ' , N "5 ' f 67'x:l'!P'J941l YM MAYVILLE HIGH SCHOOL MAYVILLE, WIS. mzmmmmlmmm lU!ll1l llmmlmmmmlll EE as mmmmmzmmnn WmEB m m Hamm 65,9 .,... ., ..,,.,. !rr,?,RM9 Qfa Qledication THE CLASS OF I930 dedicate this "Rocket" to a class advisor who has labored unceasingly and whole-heartedly in their be- half, a teacher who has gained the confidence of her pupils, who has secured their best efforts, and who has proved herself a friend whom they will remember with gratitude and affection as MARY V. MORIARTY BB an mmmmnmmzmm mmmnumnmmm nmmmmmnmmn nmmaa m m Hamm ffl HM . ,..,.. , , , 1 1 , , ,, MARY v. MORIARTY U1 BE BE IIIIIIIIEE El DJ Balmml Imlmlmllmmmml lllmmlmlmmllm UEIDEIDIIBIDEID gb mm 3 S mnmnmmmnmm m mmmmmmnmm m umummmnmmm gg :mm goreword WE, THE CLASS OF 1930, present this volume of the "Rocket" to you in the hope that it may faithfully portray a year's history of High School life in all its various ph ases, and that it may furnish a record of the pleasant hours we have spent here. lf it succeeds in ac- complishing these things, we shall feel that our efforts have been worth while. H1 IDm D 6211225132 D QMS NWKKIMN INISVINTIIQZAWTIMDN U EIEEBEZIE D B - in L E1 E D CJ B 5 B mmmmm mmmmm m mfr- --ur-A --' .- , -iq' .7-1--. ' u 'ex Ii-hnw " ' A :M i-.,,I4, V 5 n V 1 -, 4-Kilim Am IL, GXQ ................. ........ ....,.... ...,,.... 1...2...2,..9 ...,..,.,., ........,.. . School Qoard MR. KURT RUEDEBUSCH MR. JOHN THIEL MR. EMIL MEINERS Clerk Direclor Treasurer U1 SUPERINTENDENT O. E. BUTH To lfze Class of 1930: CONSTANTLY keep high ideals before you. Set the stand- ard of your thinking and your living above that of the masses. The world today needs men and women who are courageous and righteous leaders. Adopt principles that will mold character and malce you an influence for finer and better living. f6J r it rrrrr . '930 DD UE IIIIEUIZMIEIIJII EEEm'.TJEII111III1T.! Z DEBUG DJ li DBEDIU C60 the gaculty You, who gave us education. ln addition, power and strength, You, who offered information, Brought us to our goal at length. You've prepared us for a ln the halls of life's own Where we will encounter Facing tasks with sl:-rner All the patience you have To both ignorant and wiseg Through the tedious hours Smiling, maybe in disguise, If we only could repay yr lfur the wonders you have This is all that we can offer vlQhliI1kS, fffflrl l'al'h flfld every YYIYC! Normrr Barlell '30 UU DB U1I1IlJUDl m l'fJ DEEEIJ U1 w W,,..,, ,-,..Wnm.....W......,..,m..,......,....H.i.H...,.1...........,...i............. W3 C5776 gaculty O. E. BUTH, B. A. University of Wisconsin Supcrinicndeni LORENE BRACKIN River Falls State Teachers' College English, Hisiory, Library LUCILLE BUSSE, B. A. University of Wisconsin Mathematics ROY CHRISTENSEN La Crosse State Teachers' College Physical Training, Music RAY DUNN Oshkosh State Teachers' College Manual Aria, Athletics ESTHER GRENZOW, B. S. Stout institute Home Economics egg ,........... ....., ...., MARY HOLLENSTEIN Mayville High School Secreiary lo Superinlendeni HOWARD McMAHON, B. A. Lawrence College Science, V ocalional Guidance Aas'i Coach ARNOLD MELZER. B. A. Beloit College History, Civics, Forensics MARY MORIARTY Whitewater State Teachers' Colleg Commercial MONONA NICKLES, B. M. University of Wisconsin Music LILA OLSON, Ph. B. University of Wisconsin English, Hislory C .......,.. !..2,..2..9 ..,,.,..... I Y WJ GX ,., , , .,, ,..,, ,, ,.,,,,,. .....,,... !,,2...?,.,9 ,,.,.. RUTH SCHIESSER, B. A. University of Wisconsin English, German INA ZILISCH, B. S. Leland Stanford Northwestern University English IRENE. SULLIVAN, B. A. Lawrence College Science l6,'i2BQu Clolby CE'be Teachers .fook gfaggard and q.QJom l studied the next paragraph." l left my Arithmetic at home in my other shirt pocket." "Shall we write on both sides of the paper?" it l haven't my book report ready." Did you assign a lesson for tomorrow? Tomorrow's Saturday." it u l didn't understand the question." "The other class didn't have as long an assignment as we did." "l had it all written out but l left it at home." May l sharpen my pencil?,, "l don't see why l failed." at l didn't have any study period today because of assembly." "l lost my paper." U01 GXQ ....A....,..A......AA .......,,,..., , ..., lllllllill C556 gfocket Staff STAFF Editor-in-Chief . .... Edward Bachhuber Ass't Editor . . . . . Dorothy Meiners Business Manager . . Joe Doherty Ass't Business Manager . . Robert Hamm Literary Editor . . Evelyn McCloud Ass't Literary Editor . . Anna Keup Art Editor . . . . Frank Magyar Alumni . . Maybelle Husting Humor . l..aVerne Bartsch Boys' Athletics . Nick Deanovich Girls' Athletics . . Ethel Murphy Snapshots . . . Gertrude Dedolph Photographs . Mildred Voss Music . . . Otto Lechner Calendar .... . . . Ruth Gehrke junior Representative .... Emil Malesevich Faculty Advisor, Miss Moriarty U13 Gig .......,.. ,,,......... ......... FR .......... l...2...2...9 .,.,,,..,... C1096 and the janitor Who's careless when the mud is deep? The Freshman. Who comes in and leaves on his hat, And makes a path around the mat? Who should be given brains to keep? The Freshman. Who fails to stop and think again? The Sophomore. Who spills the ink and lets it dry Upon his desk-who doesn't try To use some judgment now and then? The Sophomore. W!lKl'S reckless eight o'Clock to four? The junior. Who grins a senseless grin, and grinds The chalk beneath his heel, and finds An inkwell for the note he tore? The junior. Who's thoughtless as when we first met? The Senior. Who owns that crumpled paper on The floor beside the basket? 'Pon My word, he's a poor marksman yet, The Senior. things white? And who is he who keeps The Janitor. Our thankless, thoughtless, careless frames Of mind he overlooksg nor blames Us when he sweeps. NOW, WHO'S ALL RIGHT? Why, Mr. Guse. of course. 12 E ! E U B 1NUlILASS1!ES 3 E 3 3 E E 3 E E E mmmmmmm mm ygvgvzerggyngfpvm :vu 1-MFgK!'11w'Qrwm,sg1r-5 V. .-51' . A .K L , 8 Q , ,, ,E . , V ' ' ' ' 'L ' ' ' " A" "' 'X " JN' ' ' " fwf r- - Ml" 3-... H . gr '4 'Q .I ,z 1 Q 14 , . uhm - ' Jw , ' 2 M H,- .f 'fr' yy .L A I ,Q 'F - -1 .:. 142' 1 - . W ' la.. .fi . 1 . Q . - +5 3' -. if 3? v w 't L as J f: .V g , , QV 8, 1,-it I, 7 .1 ,4 IQ, ' ,Su a- ' 157. 31512 :V 1: 5? 1,1 ,:f.. .ag r ,- ,ai ' 'i 'H , 'R Q fu.,- ':'f ey .L gg. ,E 'f 5: T v , I 4 4 QL-, , J., ,, - 1., 7 11. ' ' if ' h I 1 1 ,ev . ,. -:'-- 4 W," - V. , :ui '- .fs -.' , I' f - " 'r.Qi - . . , .. V ' rx L .- ', .gg 5 .-f-13,4-3 1',:--117' v' -:A " H i T Q ,iuhs j Q 1: J .:, .y , mr , , . J! rl at xl, 4 . ,..5f,., I 1, 14, SN ++ M11 W M 1 rrrra Senior Qjffcers rmmm ROBERT RUEDEBUSCH OTTO LECHNER . . DOROTHY MEINERS . ROBERT HAMM . Glass Qoem Dear old school with bricks of red, And echoing corridors, Hosts of fleeting memories Are mingled midst your lores. We were safe within your care And happy, pure, and true, Knowing naught of tricks of life While sheltered there by you. Days have come and days have go And years have passed us by, Time to bid a sad farewell Too soon is drawing nigh. Facing now the storms of life Alone, we must come through, Brave and strong we'll battle on: So dear old school, adieu. Evelyn McCloud U31 he '30 GE. .. . .. .. ,,,.. ... ...,W,... i EDWARD BACHHUBER Steel" l "Tha Lord gave n few people hmmx, and Erluuird cw- dcntly had Il pullf GENERAL COURSE Stunt Show I3 Class Trcas. 13 Fair 23 Miisic Cuntcst 23 Festival 3. 43 Troubadors Z, 3, 43 Opcrctta 3, 43 Football l, 2, 3, 4, M 2, 3, 43BLlslrctl1all2, 3, 4. AMA 2, M 3, 43 Class Prcs. 33 Prom Chairman 33 Editor of Annual 43 Pres. German Club 33 Homecoming 43 Winnur, Edison Con' test 43 Class Play 4. CORDULA BARTELT "Tau would lqnuw her by her gentle manners COMMERCIAL COURSE Opcrctta 33 Sercnadcrs 2, 3, 43 Prom 33 Fair 23 Clce Club 1, Z, 3, 4. NORMA BARTELT "Eddie" "Music oft hath a wondrous charm." GENERAL COURSE Thcrcsa H. S. I 23 Orchcslra 33 Prom 33 German Club 33 Opcretta 43 Festival 43 Accompanist 4, LAVERN E BARTSCH "Nuts" "A small girl with a hug heart, And always glad tu do her part." COMMERCIAL COURSE Class Pres. 13 Stunt Show I3 Scrcnadcrs 3, 4: Clcv C.ulx 2, 3, 43 Music Cnntusts 2, 33 All-State Chorus 33 Homecoming 43 Festival 3, 43 Girl Scouts 2. 3, 43 Opcrctla 3, 43 journalism 43 Annual Stall 43 Class Play 4. WALTER BECK "Specks" "Dorl't look at me, gxrlxg at makes me nvrvuus " GENERAL COURSE Thcrcsa H. S. 1, Z3 Festival 3. 43 German Cluh 33 Glec Club 3. 43 Opcrctta 3, 4. CLARENCE BERNHARD "Fat" "Each day he drives from home his Ford, To graduate is has reward." GENERAL COURSE Theresa H. S. l, Z3 Prom 33 German Club 33 Foot- ball 3, 4. U41 GX, ......... .. ........ ......... lil ..,... .,. l ,. 2,252 .,,.,, HORTENSIA CUNDY "T6nSie" "I do mv duly, othev things trouble mc not." GENERAL COURSE Opcrctta 33 Classical Orchestral 41 Clcc Club Z, 3, 4, Fvstival 4. MELVIN CZOSCHKE "Mike" " 'Tis fcurcd hc will dn: of U'l7C'YwU1k.H GENERAL COURSE Prom fl. NICK DEANOVICH "BatCl'l:l" "H: wuuld 1llll'lC1 hug a football than anything else." GENERAL COURSE Football l, 2. 3, 4, AMA 2, M 3, 41 Basket-ball 3, 4. M 3, -lg Prom 3: Miisic I, -lg Annual Stall 41 Homecoming 4, Class Play -l. ' GERTRUDE DEDOLPH "BulJl3ling Hannah" "A hiuvldly hmn with nmny f1lcmls." COMMERCIAL COURSE Glu' Club l, Z, 3, 4, Scrcnadcrs 3, 4, Opcrctta 3. 4, Cirl Scouts Z, 3 43 Fair Z3 Prom 3, Festival 3, 4, Hume' coming 3: Annual Staff -lg journalism 4. JAMES DETHLEFS "Red" "Hcn:'s to the boy with thc red haw, Always nmdy to do his shave." GENERAL COURSE Football 3, -lg Stunt Show lg Fair Z, Prom 33 Class Plav 4. CHRISTIAN DOBBERPHUL "Einstein" "His blush would make lx vcd 'rosa while." GENERAL COURSE Band l, 2. 3. -lg Prom 33 Stunt Show 23 Homccoming -lg Festival 3, 43 Opcrvtta 3, 45 Troubadors 3, 4. wi JB SX ,.,.,..,. ....., .,. F . .. 23,9 ,.,,, JOE DOHERTY "Joe" "On the job, any time, any plucc, and fullv equipped, GENERAL COURSE Class Prcs. lg Stunt Show lg Class Trcas. 21 Fair 2' Boxing 2, 31 Clos Club 23 Football Z, 3, 4. AMA 2, M 3. 43 Prom 33 Mgr. Student Voice 33 Bus. Mgr. Annual -lg Homecoming 45 Class Play 4. HILARY ELSINGER "Tammy" "'l'wmkle, twinkle, little star. What a boxhful boy you are." GENERAL COURSE Fnuthzll l. Z, 3, 4. M 2, 3, -lg Basket-b:ull 33 Boxing 23 Class Vice-Pros. 3. EDWARD FALK "Eddie" "Ready and tvuc in every need, Such men, we know, are fnendx mdt-cd." GENERAL COURSE Fair 23 Prom 3g Gorman Club Kg Fuulball I, 2, 3, 4, M 4 MYRTLE FIEDLER "Stray" "Hur UUIYIYIIJ1 ix quiet, but tlovft judge her bv xt." COMMERCIAL COURSE Theresa H. S. l, Zg Gorman Club 3. HAROLD FISCHER "Fish" "A quiet, thoughtful, good Sl7lCC'I8 lad." GENERAL COURSE Orchestra 33 Frstivzll 3, 43 Pmm lg Band I, Z, 3, 44 RUTH GEHRKE "Weet" "My wnyls my wayg let nthurx dn dsfferrntlv if thcv choose." COMMERCIAL COURSE Girl Scouts 2, 3, 4g Glue Club l, 2, 3. 4: Music Con- tests Z, 35 All'Stzxtc Chorus 3: Class Vicclprcs. 21 Festival 3, 45 Prom 33 Screnndcrs 3, 41 Operetta 3. 43 journalism 4: Homecoming 43 Annual Stall 45 Class Play 4. U61 N... ......... i., ...A . .. !3..SR..E..KET 1930 M2 HERBERT GITZINGER "Blessed is he who invented sleep." GENERAL COURSE Prom 3. MILDRED GRIEPENTROG "Cuvly hair, a winning smile, Shc's n girl who is worth while." GENERAL COURSE German Club 33 Girl Scouts 2, 3, 43 Glcc 43 Opcretta 33 Prom 33 journalism 4. GEORGE GUSE "Hc's backward about coming forward." GENERAL COURSE Fair 23 Prom 3. ROBERT HAMM "Ghz" ..Mea,, Club l, 2, 3. "Guse" "Bobbie" "All men are volumes if you know how to read them." GENERAL COURSE Football l, Z. 3, 4, AMA 2. M 3, 43 Basket-ball AMA 3, -43 Stunt Show I3 Opcrctta 3, 43 Octet 43 Festival 3, 43 Bind 1, 2, 3, 43 Prom 33 Homecoming 43 Fair 7.3 German Club I, 23 Class Treas. 43 Annual Staff 4. SIEGFRIED HERBENER "Fifi" "Two gentlemen 'rolled in one." GENERAL COURSE Foorball 3, 4, M 33 Fair 23 Festival 33 Glce Club 3. MAYBELLE HUSTING "MibS" "Always jolly, always kind, Shes the girl we like to ind." COMMERCIAL COURSE Scrcnndcrs 2, 3, 43 Glcc Club 1, 2, 3, 43 All'State Chorus 33 Ripon 23 Girl Scouts 2, 3. 43 Prom 33 Operctta 3, -03 Festival 3. 43 Fair 23 journalism 43 Annual Staff 43 Class Play 4. E17 ....,... .......... l ....2 l U81 MILTON -IUSTNIAN "Crazy' "A knight of the night," GENERAL COURSE Theresa H. S. l, Z: Glcc Club 3, 4g Festival 3. ANNA KEUP "Annah" "The way she studies and refutes Gives the flunlqers fovty jnghtsf' GENERAL COURSE Glcc Club l, 2, 3, 4, Scc. lg Srrcnndcrs 2, 3, 4: Ripon 2, Festival 3, 43 Opurcttn 3, 4, Prom 33 journalism 41 Annual Staff 4. ATLY KOHLI "Chip" "Eat, drink, and be merry, fav tomovmu wc go I0 school." GENERAL COURSE Opcrctta 31 Festival 3, Cleo Club 2, 35 Prom 33 Gorman Club 2. ALVIN KRUG "Bul0ney" "lf my ambitions materialize, l shall be famous." GENERAL COURSE Band l, 2, 3, 4, Fair 23 Opcrcttzl 31 Festival 3, -lg Prom 33 Homecoming 4. MARION LAY "Her talents are of the silent mpc." GENERAL COURSE Theresa H, S. 1, 23 Prom 3, Gcrmnn Club 35 Glcc Club 3. EDWARD LEHMAN "Lemon" "Life is what you make it." GENERAL COURSE Football Z, 3, 43 Band 3, 43 Festival 3, 43 Orcbrstrn 3, 41 Prom 3: Music Contest 3, 4. GN, .....,...A. , 4.,., ,,... .---1-.-- FE '930 JB ANTOINETTE LANGE "Tooclie" "The ltardcf I try to be good, the wane I am." COMMERCIAL COURSE Glcc Clulw 2, 3, 4, Scrcnadcrs 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3 4, Opcrctta 3, 4, Girl Scouts Z, 3, 4, Prom 3, Stunt Show 1, Festival 3, 4, Homecoming 4, Class Play 4. OTTO LECHNER "Ottsie" "Not too scuoux, not ton gay, but a 'rare good fellowf GENERAL COURSE Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 4, German Club l, 3, Fair 2, Prom 3, Class Vice-Pres. 4, Festival 3, 4, Home coming -6, Annual Stall' 4. EVELYN MCCLOUD "Dolly" "Hawk A maid tlmt's full of fun, Ami xlue's bright as is the sun." COMMERCIAL COURSE Roosevelt J. H. Fond du Lac l, Scrcnadcrs 2, 3, 4, Glue Club 2, 3, 4, All'Statc Chorus 3, Ripon 2, Class Sec. 2, Prom Qucvn 3, Girl Scouts 2, J, 4, Opcrctta 3, 4' Festival 3, 4, Homecoming 4, Debate 4, Annual Stall 4: journalism 4, Crass Play 4, GEORGE MAASKE "Athos'f "lf you must rl1glAC, go your wav, 1'm m thc right, tlmta all I'll say." GENERAL COURSE Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Glcc Club 2, 3, 4, Truuhatlors Z, 3, 4, Dcbatc 2, 3, 4, Festival 3, 4, Stunt Show l, Fair Z, Ripon 2, Prom 3, Opcrctta 3. 4, Home' coming 4, Cla-ss Play 4. FRANK MAGYAR "Matz" "Hc's always 'ready to draw fm you," GENERAL COURSE Basket-ball 2, 3, 4, Football 1. 2. 3, Stunt Show l, Prom fl, Annual Staff 4. KATHRYN MAGYAR "Katy" "A voice of beauty and a smile of gladncssf COMMERCIAL COURSE Glu: Club I, 2, 3, 4, Scrcnadcrs 2, 3, 4, Girl Scouts 2, 3, -0, Stunt Show 2, Festival 3, 4, Opcrcrm 3, 4, Music Contests 2, Prom 1, Class Sec. 3. I 19 ......... ..,....... l l EUNICE MARQUART "Giggles" "A girl who has been full of fun, E'e1 since her school days have begun." COMMERCIAL COURSE Glue Club l, Z, 3, 43 Opcrcttn 33 Prom 3. RUTH MARQUART "Ruthie" "A quiet gnl-seldom." COMMERCIAL COURSE Glcc C.ub 1. 2, 3, 43 Opcrcttn 3. VERNON MARQUART "Happy am I, from care l'm fvee, Why a1en't thuv all contented, like me"' GENERAL COURSE Music 4. DOROTHY MEINERS "Dot" "lt's pep that makes the world go Wound." GENERAL COURSE Glcc Club 2, 3, 43 Class Sec. I, 43 Girl Scouts 2. 3. 43 Stunt Shuw lg Band 2, 3, 43 Scrcnadcrs 3, 43 Prom 33 Operetta 33 Festival 3, 43 Fair 23 journalism 43 Home- coming 43 Annual Staff 43 Class Play 4. ETHEL MURPHY "Eckie" "Shel: full of wit, and full of fun, And with ix smile greets evc1yom:." COMMERCIAL COURSE Screnadcrs 3, 4, Sec. 43 Glce Club 2. 3, 43 Music Contests 2, 33 All-State Chorus 33 Prom 33 Girl Scouts 2, 3, 4, Sec. 33 Festival 3, 43 Homecoming 43 Operrztta 3, 43 Annual Staff 4. ALOIS NEUBURG "Weasel" "And then she .stole my speech away." GENERAL COURSE Opcrctta 3, 43 Festival 3, 43 Prom 33 Glue Club 2, 33 Octet 44 i201 em ,,,1,, ,1,,H, ,4,K,A,,,x444 lillf,M,, 1930 IGNATIUS PIONKOSKI "lggie" "Go West, young man, go West" GENERAL COURSE Football 2, 3. 45 Prom 3, Football M 3, 43 Class Play 4. COURTNEY ROI-IDE "Many great men were bashful youths." GENERAL COURSE ROBERT RUEDEBUSCH "StilTy" "A great delmter bows before lovc's altar." GENERAL COURSE Band l. 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Music Contests 2, 4, All-State Chorus 31 Festival 3, 4, Gurman Club 31 Class Trcas. 3, Pres. 4, Stunt Show lg Trnubadors 3, 45 Opcrctta 3. 4, Quartet 21 Octet 11 HifY 4, Fair 2, Home' coming 4, National Music Contest 4. THECLA SALZBERGER "Teckie" "This girl is full of fun, and jolly, And can she talk? just like a Polly!" COMMERCIAL COURSE Glcu Club l, 2, 3, 4, Stunt Show 23 Festival 3, Ripon Contest 2: Scrcnadtrs 2, 3, 4, Girl Scouts 2, 3, 45 Prom 3, Opcrctta 3. 4, Homccoming 4. HELEN SCHMIDBAUER "SChmitty" "Some think the world is made for fun. Sa do I." COMMERCIAL COURSE Glcc Club l, Z, 33 Scrcnadcrs 2, 3, Prom 35 Festival 3. JOHN SCHNEIDER "Hans Jacob" "I love all girls from A to Z." GENERAL COURSE San Diego H. S. 25 Debate 3, 4: Octet 4: Festival 3, 4, journalism 3, -lg Stunt Show lg Opcrctta 3, 4, Class Play 4. l2'l .,.,.... .......... F .... ETHEL STEINBACH "EIrif:" "Silent, but earnest." COMMERCIAL COURSE Journalism 4. JOHN STEINHORST "St0nie" "Oh, I feel so romantic! COMMERCIAL COURSE Troubadors 35 Glen: Club l, 2, 3, 45 journalism 4' Opcrctta 3, 43 Festival 4. MILDRED VOSS "Milly" "There is no argument equal to a happy smile." COMMERCIAL COURSE G'cc Club l, 2g Prom 3g Girl Scouts 2. 3, 4, Trcns. 33 Stunt Show lg Fair 25 Homecoming 43 journalism -lg An' nual Stull -L GERTRUDE WELSCH "Gert" "A smiling countenance shows a rhcevful manner." GENERAL COURSE Glce Club l, 2, 3, 4: Scrcnadcrs 2, 3, 43 Orchcstrn 3, 43 Operctta 3, 4g Girl Scouts Z. 3, 4g Prom 33 Homecoming 43 journalism 43 Festival 4. HAZEL WHEELER "Hazy" "We warn you not to pass har by, Although her mannc1's slightly shy." COMMERCIAL COURSE Prom 31 Girl Scouts 2, 11 Glue Club I, 4. STANLEY WIESE "Sian" "A stranger in our midst, but well lsked where he is GENERAL COURSE Port Edwards H. S. l, Z3 Wis. Rapids 33 Band -Og Uctet 43 Glcc Club 43 Class Play 45 Festival 4. known. " I-221 A . ET ' 9 39 ga 14712075 GEORGE DEANOVICH . . Tresidenf NICK DALLKZH . . , Dice- qaresidenl MARION BACHHUBER . Sec 'y- Treas. ww .,..,, A, ., , 1 cgopfromores RAYMOND WELSCH . . . Pfesidenl MILDRED WENDT . . Vice-Presidenl LORELLA GUSE . . Secrclarp MARY MC CLOUD . Treasurer fm 65559 rrrr rrrrrrrrr ,...,.,.,... ILEHE , ESERELKAEQK rrrrrrrrr L?r30 r rrWrrQ,47? 'Freshmen LAWRENCE KINSLEY . . Presfdenl MAX KAHLOW . . . Vice-Presidenf CLEO BUERGE-.R . . Secrelary DELOR HERZBERG . . Treasurer P51 THE ROCKET I930 mm .MWWMWMMMWMMWWWWMWMMWMMWWWW mWMmQd?'a Gertrude Bachhuber Marion Bachhuber Theodore Bachhuber Dorothy Bening Milton Boeder Virginia Buerger Anna Buhalag Anna Bujanovic Nick Dallich Yavonka Dallich George Deanovich Alice Doherty Earl Gentz Valeska Hacker Lavina Heinecke Elmer Heublein Pene Aronin Robert Bernhard Leiter Birr Marion Bolduan Elizabeth Bradtke Gerald Costello Harland Daniels Werner Forster Howard Cehrke Lorella Guse Lillian Hirsig Aaron Aronin Rosemary Bachhuber Vernon Baehler Viola Baernwald Fred Baertschy Lester Beitz Norman Boeing Charlotte Bradtke Cleo Buerger Violet Coulter Dorothy Cundy Hiram Cundy Emil Deanovich George Dedolph William DeWitt Vilas Dornfeld Almond Elainger Arthur Falk Conrad Faust Willis Gehrke George Gensmer Marie Gitzinger Lucille Gleisner 92011 of Glasses .lUNlORS Virginia Holtz Gertrude jacquot Spencer johnson lvan Kinsley George Kosich Doris Kuehnv Gwendolyn LeMay Evelyn Luedke Erhard Luhn Emil Maleaevieh Olive Marohl Lorene Marquart Estelle Miller Vera Nehls Donica Pokrojac Eldot Quandt Faculty Advisor, Miss Olson SOPHOMORES Ruby F. Hoefflin Mary L. Husting Harold Koepsell Jeannine Kraft Milan Lindeman John Loehrke Fred Lohaus Andrew Magyar Mary McCloud Vernon Melcher Gerhard Meyer Faculty Advisor, Miss Schiesser FRESHMEN lrene Griepentrog Ale Gruber Louis Grubich Steve Grubich Harry Haschka Lydia Haschka Maybelle Herman Delor Herzberg Max Kahlow Alfred Kannas Lawrence Kinsley Helen Kraft Walter LaBamascus Verda Macheel Wilbert Macksam Violet Malesevich Lester Marose Frederick Meyer Harold Miller Gerda Naber Oma Nance Raymond Neisuis Helen Oeschner Faculty Advisor, Miss Busse i261 lrene Raasch Adeline Riley Helen Rohlinger Norbert Schaeffer Flora Steinbach Elfrieda Stoehr Erna Stoehr Allen Steuber Charles Wagner Edward Wagner lsabella Waas Kaetchen Wegner Margaret Wendt Lorraine Wheeler Ruby Wieseke Carroll Zwieg Wallace Pasbrigi Raymond Pilsner Edna Retzlaff Claude Setser Wilbert Schellpfeffer Merlin Strook Hazel Voss Paul Wagner Raymond Welsch Mildred Wendt june Palmer Lorraine Pieper George Rediske Helen Retzlaff Louis Ribbens William Seering Harvey Schellpfeffer Vernon Schellpfelfer Evelyn Schlegel Dorothy Schrab Harold Schroeder Helen Schultz Elvira Smith John Starr Vivian Steger Joyce Steuber Bernice Wendler Otis Wendt Charles Wiese Donald Zaun Violet Zimmerman Geneva Zwieg Ot Sqx , N fi? L 6 X gSU!1!!!ll!Il!1 Q , H D , E 3 EI . EJ mm EmmEM mm 3 1AMZ14fliWl1H1f1!HlES lmm miilllllflllml lmml E 3 E S E - 5 - E i 5 5 i - 5 E 2 I m I. J, 41: bug, I W . in.. 'a, 'A as r 5.-M Qu. ,A n paw, U, 5 1 T f f 'Y I riw ' ' - ', 1- J n . ' ' ' , ' ,. 5 1 ' . i '1V " k " " 5l -4 7 ' -J ! . f i -.,.,.,,4 N K C: V N N , f - . A. ,. . an J' rf ,, .M 1. br ' F . V ., Ju., r JE -- mf,-L W 1 'Mm "' Q7 W' . X. -. 4 " - J ,LQ 1' aff. -H, . Y, 4:4 --Yr . ,. v ' . i t ,. ' I 4 - - .X - , , .r ,, ' I W' 4 , V I J 4 ' - l 4. m 'I -V . . b - ' . ' 1 '4 ., . V- .. 4 , , L ' ' 7 - '-- A - . 5 :V r .4 - , ' '. f ' 4 Q- . 4 i vw 1 - 4 x if f- . 4 . ..: ' 4 K -' .. .. , ,f l . - -' .1 4 , Z. QL. -i:"- 4, 1 l V. f 4 Q A , ' ', ' -1 1 - 1" "N F "SVI" I Hs- 'J , f . 4 ' ' -. " ,ik .."' IL , 1 f,te4Q:w'4i3ire, n - 2 'f .1 A .Q ' .. -If " 5 7-4-A ,.r rw", f ,'-"1,.1:f 'W , ' . 4 - "' ." ' 1 1 , 1. . --'J E' 4. P -42--1 if :.' . ,1 ' - ' ' . . ' :.,. ' r 4, if- Qing -1.-3 xl. 44 N if ,. ' , rj V , w' ' fff Q-Q21 ' -4 I J . t 5 , awk -1. 1 -V - 5313. Q51-41.-VN ,aa .X - , , - . : . H 4. A .t .V K ,iii ,x .f fx. wg, 5 -,n , 1 . v ,We- . f 1 A '1 'Q 2 . . . x 4 . V ' A I ' , , V , , . . , A V , .Ju 1 ., 1. 4 I . . 4 . , , 4 ' . ,1 P' 17' 5 . ,. . J rl ' S' '7 'F 5, 4 5. . . V In V 'L 1 4.' - , ','?"' ' V4 4' t 'aff A A , .Ag I 4: -4 n 4 , ' I 4, V X f , - I I r: D A l . ,l,, h 'L ... , 1 , " xpfp., L. 'N l J L 1 4 fig . ..,, ,.4 ..,,.. ................... , , l.,.f?..2...9, , .,. . Qllebate w i HE 1950 debate teams have had the most successful season ever witnessed by Mayville High School. Not satisfied with winning the .lvl Little Ten Championship, they followed the road of success to the Rvzggs doors of the State Capitol and came home with the covered title, 'll!k" f "sl ci' ' " Th 1 1 -.1 i ' b tate ,iampions . e teams were greetc on tieir return y - strains of music rendered by the City Band and cheers portraying the inmost feelings of the citizens of Mayville toward the teams. Speeches were made by some of the prominent men of the city. The two championship trophies, the Little Ten and State, were awarded Mayville High School at a forensic banquet held at the High School, May 12. Professor A. L. Franzke of Lawrence College was the principal speaker of the evening. The teams and Mr. Melzer, the Coach, are to be congratulated on the splendid record they have made this year. .waywa- wi SM "-----" ' Z3 cZf7"771cIfZ"V6 Cgeam George Kosich Evelyn McCloud George Maaske The question debated this year was, "Resolved: That the system of installment buying as now practiced in the United States is both socially and economically desirable The The schedule Mayville Mayville Mayville Mayville Conferen Mayville Mayville Mayville Mayville Mayville Mayville of the practice debates was Negative vs. Watertown at Affirmative vs. Wa1te1'tcmwn Negative vs. Lake Mills at as follows: Watertown. at Waterttmwn. Lake Mills. Mayville Affirmative vs. Wayland at Mayville. ce debates resulted as follows: Aff. vs. Waupun ....,...,. Neg. vs. West Bend ..... . Aff. vs. Horicon ...... . Neg. vs. Hartford. , . . Aff. vs. Hartford .... . Neg. vs. Hartford. .. , -ewjiwwi 1281 1007? 100 100 96 100 100 Opponents 90W 97 98 100 95 98 69559 .............. .............. ihkig ........, Bflhhhdhfi .,, ,.,.,, hggfl ............,.. mwmngjffb 3V'egative Cgeam Spencer johnson Robert Ruedebusch john Schneider The schedule and results of the second round were: Mayville Opponents Mayville Neg. vs. Deerfield .... . 1t'0',5 9795 Mayville Aff. vs. Hartford .... . 100 95 The schedule and results of the semi-final round, which enabled Mayville to take part in th: sectional finals, resulted as follows: Mayville Opponents Mayville Aff. vs. Fort Atkinson ...... .. 100W 9972, Mayville Neg. vs. Waslmington High .. . . . 100 98 By becoming victor of these two above debates, Mayville became the champion of the southern district of the state, The state finals were held at Madison, March 26, at the State Capitol. This last and concluding round ended successfully for Mayville, resulting in the following: Mayville Opponents Mayville AH vs. New Richmond . . . .... 10095 987. Mayville Neg. vs. Viroqua ......... . . 100 94 U91 GX ................ ............... ......... li .......... l...2...2...9 ............... gfomecoming YH OMECOMING-the very word gives a thrill to all who have partici- .V pated in one. It is a time when all students, alumni, and members l -PW .l il of the faculty unite in expressing their school spirit. The celebration started Friday night, October 18th, with a big "f Hobo parade which terminated with a huge bonhre at the Malt " Y-7-Q - A House rounds. Prizes were awarded for the best floats and the 8 best hoboes. Everyone contributed to the fun, and pep was aroused for the big events of the next day. The spirit of excitement reached its apex on Saturday, the red letter day of the year. The large attendance at the football game which resulted in a victory for us, gave proof of the fact that school patriotism is something tangible in Mayville. The dance sponsored by the Senior Class concluded the day's activities and "joy was unconf1ned". QK:'5l csenior Glass fplay "MAN OR MOUSE" Cast of Characters Mrs. Margaret McFadden. . Peggy Lou ............ Old Proby fProbascoQ . . Rainbow Runkel ....... joe Dawson ......... Nippy Simpson ........ jonathan Willoughby. . . Henrietta Willoughby .... Hope Willoughby ...... Benton Van Horn .... Jennie Van Horn. . . Russell Van Horn.. Mr. Watstmn ...... Miss White .... .Antoinette Lange . .Evelyn McCloud Edward Bachhuber . . .james Dethlefs . .Nick Deanovich . . . . .joe Doherty . . . .john Schneider .Maybelle Husting . . . . .Ruth Gehrlte . . . .Stanley Weise . .LaVerne Bartsch . . .George Maaske Ignatius Pionkoski .Dorothy Meiners Director-Miss Olson l30l GE ..........,..... ..,......,......... ......... li .......... !...2..,2..9 ,.,,,,,,,,,, .,.. ..,. . Jfzssembly Qprograms Q91 NUMBER of special programs were presented before the Assembly A in the course of the year. A Thanksgiving program was given by an D the Eighth Grade History Class. The Junior English Class presented a Lincoln-Washington program. The Rocket Staff gave a program for fs-iff the purpose of promoting subscriptions for the Rocket. We also enjoyed a musical program consisting of numbers by the junior and Senior bands, a violin solo by Miss Nickles, and vocal duets by Mr. McMahon and Mr. Christensen. The student body is greatly indebted to the sponsors of these programs for the interesting entertainment offered them. We were fortunate to have for our speakers this year, Mrs. MacDonald of New York, and Mr. Ward, a teacher at Bombay, India. N? YI 40 U W Ii ,A ad' gi I l Q1 Qieclamatory and Cclratory The district declamatory and oratorical contests were held at West Bend. The schools represented were West Bend, Hartford, and Mayville. LaVerne Bartsch and Marion Bachhuber represented Mayville in declamatory, with Spencer johnson and Stanley Wiese in oratory. LaVerne Bartsch won third place in declamatory, and Spencer johnson won second place in oratory. 'VNS ' unior Qromenade The annual Junior Prom given in honor of the Seniors on the evening of May 17, was the outstanding social event of the year. The Gymnasium was beautifully decorated with large modernistic panels which extended from the floor to the balcony. Between the large designs were smaller pieces forming a fence around the dance floor. The colors used throughout were sky blue and silver, the Senior Class colors. The same scheme was carried out on the stage, where silver angles flashed upon a blue background. Flanking the curtain on either side was a modernistic tree in blue and silver. The stage was lighted by floor lamps with modern- istic shades. Several hundred people, many from out of town, attended. The music was fur- nished by the Mid-Nite Rounder's eight piece orchestra. At 10 o'clock, the Prom Chair- man, George Deanovich, with his Prom Queen, Dorothy Meiners, led the Grand March. They were followed by Robert Ruedebusch, the Senior Class President, and his partner, Ethel Murphy. A cafeteria lunch was served at the Turner Hall by the Damensektion. The Prom was pronounced a complete success by all present. T311 THE . + . WOHOTS Idvx 1rd Bichhubcr Fvelyn McCloud George Maaske Edward Bachhuber is the winner of the American Legion Medal, awarded for a high record in scholarship and athletics. Evelyn McCloud is the winner of the Woman's Club Award, ten dollars in gold, given for scholarship and participa- tion in outside activities. George Nlaaske is the winner of the junior Association of Commerce Award for scholarship and participation in outside activities, other than athletics. Robert Ruedenbusch has the honor of being one of the ten students chosen from Wisconsin to take part in the National High School Chorus held at the Chicago Theatre Auditorium in March. The Chorus consisted of about 400 students chosen from all parts of the country. We are proud to possess a musician of Roberts ability and congratulate him on his achievement. U21 E Z 5 ..-......m....m.m.....IIIm.m....m.m-mul g mmmmmmmn 44DlPQ14Q1AXNlM1AWf1bI MENS U mm l3 D D N G 5 B LI E 'F mmmlxmmm "'1"5iW"'?"'I""?'FFIfr""""5f"'?5'7'ff my' -' a ' A ' ' , 1 M I ' 1 ' ' -1.11.1 ' -13? f , 1 I ' , Q 15, 'ff . ' .-.1 .f '- -1' - :. A r "?'4.? .,.-- Nh A . .4 7 '1:3f-.,,.,,1g . f if : r , ,M , 3 L 4 'j f . V r V , 'v , ., , , - ,K U, l . ' V I. 7 TN 'i .- . . . . Q - Wx ' 1- 1: 4 , E V' F . , " l ' 3 -,,. 7 E f .I lg 1573" 'J 7- 'T . .3. ,R V 32. '- xl-- V ,V ' 'f 2.115 Qi, -b . - gy, yr, ' - ,- 1' V.-in ,H - 7. - 1: , A Sm W rl' M 33.455, . 4 .. my'- ff ra- I l ' I ', if . . 'T ', v.- v- '-' ,Lf zz fi? d I WY if if I .i'- . ,. X., - W Q I , A- kr , 4, if 6-:IK .1 V' w wg. V4 ' , .. - , ' .Q ' "V W' G' ' H . , H . nl' V 1 1 .U GM ,.A,...,.A.A .,,,. M M, , 4l.1...., , ,.f,,,.1 111 1,1 W ,W.444W . glffusic gestival 'HE lirst program of this year's Tri-City Music Festival was held in ' the Mayville High School gymnasium on Friday evening, April 25. The combined bands, orchestras, and choruses of the Mayville, . Horicon, and Columbus High Schools, took part in the program. 'XWQXQX7' . . i The band consisted of about 90 pieces, the orchestra of about 20 fc-MQ . A pieces, and the chorus of approximately 150 voices. The program at Mayville was given under the supervision of Miss Nickles and Mr. Christensen. The success of the program was due, in a large part, to their efforts. The Student CUoice The journalism class has charge of the publishing of The Student Voice, our school newspaper. The aim and purpose of this paper is to express the spirit of our school, and to serve as a reflection of student activities and interests. THE STAFF Editor-in-Chief ...... ............ . . . . ..... Dorothy Meiners Assistant Editor. . . ..... Maybelle Husting Business Manager. . . ....... john Schneider Evelyn McCloud Special Reporters. . . . . Gertrude Welsch Antoinette Lange LaVerne Bartsch Typists .... .....,........................... R uth Gehrke Virginia Buerger Faculty Advisor-Miss Brackin S ,f 91. F- ll ssthlms. ,771 " ll .1 -Q J ' " fa .,!.- ,AA I33 I 6-X. THE ROCKET l930 + ++++++++ +4++++++4 ++ ++ + +++++ ++++ +++++++ + + + . +4 Qf. f + 4 T it riii unior .Wand ' 1. HEN Mr. Christensen organized the junior Band in the early part of ' i'-1 October, thirt -seven uuils from the Grades and Hi 'h School became Y XJ WI Y Pl tb - U ll? members. vi l 2 ' The junior band made its first public appearance when it played 4' 4171 ii' before the Assembl March 19 Mr. Christensen was very much pleased with the progress of his pupils and shifted some into the Senior band. Later he combined both bands. Following are the members of the junior band and the instruments played by each: Clarinets 'l.. Maaslte. V. Buerger, A. Aronin, B. Schwartz, C. Naher. H. l-i1Bomascus, N. Fischer, li. Hasehka, R. Voss, M. Goldberg. Ha rt Alros' l.. Beirz, D. ZAILII1, W. linderlie, W. Forster. 'l'rombone R. Osr, H. Bacliman, B. Malesevich. Trumpets--I.. Wlieelei'. C. Engel, V. Zimmerman, J. Dapp. H. Millan. Ii. llzelatz, F. elt. C. Faust. Baritones"F. Ruedebusch. M. Mann, C. Ribbens. Bass 'M. Loehrlte BilSSUUl'l C. WiL'Se. Flutesrfrli. johnson. M. Thiel. Snxoplwiies YH. Bender, V, Steger. I.. Gleisner. Drum -I. Billiiigrim. Dii'eCtui"fMr. Christensen T541 GX? . , , ,,.. ... .1,.. ...... .1930 ..... Senior Sgancf ,JKQG I-IE Senior Band was reorranized this ear with thirt -one members, X . .SE ' 2- Y Y twenty-eight of whom were experienced players. Nga ,' The band furnished music for all home football games. A "Pep" , 51? band, composed of ten memb ers, played for all of the home basl-:et-ball 'y b"d-'N' ' 1 tB' D' Hffdfd jx games est es .accompanying tie team 0 eaver am, art or , an ' 'L ' Horicon. The band, consisting of 90 pieces, took part in the Tri-City Music Festival which was held in Mayville, April 25, l-loricon, April 29, and Columbus, May Z. Eight members of the band will graduate this year. The members of the Senior band and the instruments played by each are as follows: Corners' -O. Lechner, W. LLIBOIIILISCLIS, I.. Birr, R. Hamm. W. DeWitt. Cltirinutsell. lllamske. R. Bernlunxl, D. Meiners, A. Lange, P. Aronin. D. Herzberg. I.. Ribhens, W. Kraft, A. Kiinnns. Altos-'D. Kun-lm, A. Magyar, P. Wagner. 'l1l'0I1llJ0l1CS"'C. Dohherphul, E. Heublein, A. Haschkii. QI, Loehrke, A. Krug, H. Koepsell. Piccolo- lf. Dezmovich. Baritone-V. Buerger. Basses R. Ructlebvsch, S. johnson. Sgixnphones--A. Milhrnntlt, H. Fischer, Qunntlt, M. Lintlenmn, XXV. Pnsbrig. H. Friese. Dl'Llll1S7H. Hnschkat, M. Strook, E. Gentz. wi my , , ......... . .... . .M-6 C9rcf2e5'Zra First Row: M. Strunk, Bunjog O. Lechner, Trumpet. Second Row: A. Milbrnndt, Snxophonug G. Wclscli, Pianog E. Lehman, Drumsg Mr. Christensen. Directorg G. Mauske, Clurinetg R. Rueclebusch. Bass. mfg HE past year was the "golden era" of the High School Orchestra. Under the capable leadership of Mr. Christensen, it succeeded in working up EN T 'Kg an extensive repertoire of good music. This last statement was proven f A f when the orchestra appeared at the Homecoming dance, the Farmers' yigiritute ie enior ass p ay an e sc moo tartiest roug out tie 5 I t' , tl S ' Cl I ', d th l 1 z ' h vh I Although several of the members will graduate this year, it is hoped that the High School Orchestra of years to come will keep up the pace which this one has set. GL if 7221s AW as rr j ' saw ' wi GX, ................. .............. ......... .......... lf? Cgroubadours First Row: C. Dnbherpliul, ul. Schneider, A. Neuburg. S. Wit-se M. Lindeman. R. Ruedehusch. Second Row: P. Aronin, G. Maaske, R. Hamm, Miss Nickles. Director. li. Biichhuher, S, lulmsun. li. Lehman. HE Troubadors were selected from the Boys' Glee Club. 6 i'-'IN Besides appearing on programs before the High School Assembly, qvgl the Troubadors sang at the State Grain Show at Beaver Dam. They made up part of the group that sang in the Operetta, Lelawala. The most important musical event of the year was the Musit Festival which was held in April and May, and in which the Troubadors took part. Their practices were held every Thursday at 3:15. 'email' - awww wi ..... .............. .... ...... ...F .... ?.3...Q...... .. fe 5676710611675 l'ii'st Row: R. Gehrke. l.. Bnrtsch, M. Biiclilinlver. G. B2lCl1lllll'7Cl', A. Kcup. M. Wk-ndt. l. XVl1eelei'. V, Holtz. Miss Nickles. Y. Dilllich. M. Mclflnud. M. I.. Husting. li. lNlCCloud. A. Riley Second Row: T. SLllZl'lL'l'1LICf, V. Nehls. O. M.i:roY1l, D. Benning. K. XX'egner. C. B.irtell. L1 Dedolph, N, llllfltll, A. lhlnge. D. Meiners, G. Welscli. D. Kuehn. M. Husting. V. Bnerger. JHIZ Serennders are composed of junior, Senior, and Sophomore girls. W, The Serennders made several appearances before the High School Assembly. They have worked steadily all year, meeting every Werlnestlaly' at 3:lO, and have accomplished some remarkable results under the ' direction of Miss Nickles. Members of the SC!'CI121ilC!'S were chosen to sing in the Operetta, Lelnwala. A majority of the Serenaders sang in the 'I'i'i'City Music lfestival which was held in April :mal May. President ...., Vicc'Presi4lent . , Si-cu-rali'y-Treilsurer l.llWl4All'lilI1 .., .. . Accnmpiinisr . , OFFICIERS l-Wi ,Ln Verne Burtsch Marion Bucliliubrr . . . .Ethel Murphy , .Ifvclyn lxlffllllllll . . .NlDI'I111l lflalrtelt N9 ..... . ....... . ....... ..l.93.0.... .70- First Row: D. McCloud, R. Ruedebusch, G. Kosich, E. Mulesevich, VU. Kiele, G. Mtmske. Second Row: N. Dilllich, T. Pmchhuber, H. Elsinger. C. Zwieg, S. johnson. E, Gentz. , Discussions on subjects of vital importance were held at the mCCIlI1gS. r. H. Daniels. 4 HE Hi-Y Club resumed its activities this year with twelve members V ,M . . . . . , . l J 9 . ,O . I , ,I Every member was allowed to take part in these discussions. M 'vii 4, ill Thiel gave an interesting and instructive talk at one of the meetings 'XWEJQIEZQIJ . . .. x- on, "The Methods of Conducting at Meeting. i ' A The Hi-Y Club played a basket-ball game with the Fond du Lac Hi-Y Club and were defeated by a small score. OFFICERS President . . . .....,....,, . ,Emil Mnlesevich Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . iiefX,,gs-2131 Arm o wi Ruben Ruedehusch ..,....Enrl Gentz , . .Nick Dullich AEM THE ROCKET l930 girl Scouts TROOPS I and Z Iflrst Row: M, Wel1rIl, IVI. I.. Husting, IVI. WQ-ndl. IVI. IVIrCIoucI, I.. Hirsig, I. W'Ixf-e-Irr, Y. I5aIIurIx, IVI Porte-r, I.. Gust Sem'umIRnw' C..Im'qunt, R Wiesekf-, I.. Bz1rtsrI'1, R. Gr-I1rI-cr, MissSull1van, IVIISS Bussv, Mrs, Dunn, IVIv:4s Crfnlow, G W1-lsr-Im, ,IQ.S:xIzI1fer5zer, If. IVICCIIOUCI. IVI. Voss. 'I'hirfIRf,w1 R, Hn:-IIIIH. IW. I5u'I1I1ll'vr'r, IVI Grwpf-ntrog, II vows. IJ. Ilrmnz, I. Nxvaax, :X IIujanuvlrI'x, mx. Inrugr. I7. NI:-ilxers, IVI. Hustmg, G. BafI1I'1uIaer, C. IJecIoIpI1, IJ. Kuehn, Y' Iluvrgz-r, G. l,eIN111y, K. XXI:-gncr TROOPS 3 and 4 I'1rstIlnw: R. Voss, A. I'uIs, Y. Ileannvim-Im, I. Maaske, B. IVIcfIoud. C. Husting, M. Stvge-r, .-X. Fore-at, I, Olson, I.. Ilolduan. V. Bulb. S4-ruml Row: I',GruIm-Im, if Rihlvc-ns, II Ilrnnovuch, Illlregul, O Bus-rg:-r, M1ssS:-un. Miss li--Ik, Miss I"nuIkrwr, M,'I'I1ic-I, C, Na-uber, M. Iiolduau. f I'Iuir1I Row: IVI. RuIuIv, V, Bur-rgf-r, I. Wil-sr, I'aIme'r, B. Wr11dIPr, I.. IIasrI'1Icn. V.flr11nu-rnmu. C' Ifum-rgu ll. Nab:-r, R. Iim'I1IxuIwr, M. H. IVIenns, Y. S21-fger, B. Schwartz, B. ,IuI1nw1n, II Oef-Ixsuf-r. ww THE ROCKET N30 6X9 l llllllllllllllllll lllll llll l l l Q59 93091 Scouts TROOPI6 . First Row' l' XX'ugnz-r, N. lllljannviflx, lf. Hernlxarcl, ll. lunge, R. Falk, XV. Kiel.-, N. Reisimzer. Mr. Mr'lVlal10ll. lf. Re'-isinger, A. Magyar, l"'. Pilsner, A. lfalk, C. Fauext. S:-runcl Row: II. Kos-pscll, Nl. Linclernan, fl. Costello, G. DQ-clolplx, R. Wrelsmnlx, R. llc-rnluanl, R. Pllsne-r, ,l lnelurlw, L. Luelxrke, M. Stmnlc, wlxgner. TROOPIY lfurat Row: C. DQ-jnnnvicln, G, Mrillounl, Nl. Rutaly, Billinglon, li. Malvsuvich, E. Nell, lf. llnsrlmlcn. Mr. lVlrfVlal1on, S. Slepinoviflx, l". Rufrclvlullsflm, l.. Rxlmlzens, lf. llejanovirlx. Sf-vuml Row: O. Qensmc-r, P. Aronin, S, Wiese, M. Uallirlu, N. Dalliclx, lf. Malvsovirlm, VV, IJ:-VWII, li, Wim-se. G. Bennvls. ww Scouting GIRL SCOUTS Q, HE Lone Eagles, White Pines, North Stars, and Lilies of the Valley d d . h . - S , 4. .. 14 W ma e great progress uring t e past year, progress in true cout . ,NI QJ spirit and leadership, progress in Scout rank. Last year only six industrious girls became Second Class. This year we have fifteen 3:i"7L5f"5i'5,'f ' 7 Second Class Scouts and the romise of man more who are nearin 'snags P Y g MJ!-T 3431- that goal. "Who is to be the first, First-Class Girl Scout in Mayville" is now uppermost in the minds of the Girl Scouts. "It is more blessed to give than to receive," accounts for much of the success and pleasure evidenced by the Christmas par ty. The outstanding events of the year were the trips to "The Cabin" and the over- night hike. "H ere's to our over-night hike on the river, Let's have another next year!" f!:..F 'Y -upf- i ill ffm l BOY SCOUTS , 1 HE Boy Scout movement went under way as soon as school started. With Mr. McMahon as leader, the Scouts had a big year. Meetings T were conducted in a business-like manner and consequently the Scouts X ,J passed more tests. i-' l LV 5iY.',il,,,,,,,,iiifr. iglii5.riiiC.Q2kQf9 N ix 9' 5. n. I infer-1Zsw..2., . Q ,V The boys did their share toward the Community Park by raking the old park site. Troop 17 performed various jobs to raise money for a trip to Northern Wisconsin. The fact that both Scout troops increased their member- ship attests to the great popularity of the Scout movement. The Badger Council held a basket-ball tournament at Fond du Lac on March 29. Troops from Fond du Lac, Kewaskum, Ripon, Horicon, West Bend, and Mayville took part. The Scouts were divided into three divisions. Troop 17 won two first places and Troop 16 captured second place. H21 mm mM MmDED mmJ ZAWHHHIVLIHHMUS E E 5 mi l m .1 S, .- 4-1 ' 'li ,ill '. 3. -1,11 14,24 Z 21343: r 1.-. ,F-L f , . 513. 'gf '3-lf' ., ,Sv-.f , 3, 5 - '- 'u gl .gift '- 1'54.l, TM" ljn 5. 4' .1 1, .KV :,-' uw . .gli ,Tiff '59 5: . e I1 .. lea' if ffl' . L - . , .252 ':.5,u,' 'gg WJ. ...FAH 'Lu . ,.,v ,l ff .1 Q21 ,IQEPS .7 pg. '1-fijii Z-tx v. .Y , 4-Q, W- V, 1-Y .. 1-."v TQ! v -+24 --: Q 43 .go -vi-: .-.3 ff, wav ,HV . 3122 34- 3 f - M. Q 'S' :wi ..- -fl UNF . " 'R 'g. " ". 'f" ' "q w V. A- ' X ., :' 13', l.. :J' .A-. 1 1 .r. :A .N Q V. - ' f 'I ' .-1:5 -- 1-",,j Q,xjf"'Z-"'7 xv A 5.1.-.3 L.,.....-1g..L,-.f, wi., . '-"F.,.u 'T iifir' 'tif W H . x ' 'Y r ',..- . .14 . 5- F , . Q"- , . 'f .r , Y " v .1 v 7 gf ff 12+ -' 1-.1 , Mgfw F ntvusfi 1g.1.,iE.E,:,a, .V rf. .- X-- .1. :ffl Xu: ,. 32. . ..A . "Q F . E. . .5 . .31 ' 1 1-5-5, .. -L.: 1 !,. 1 . 1 vi vga 1 .L ...jj .R-. YQ 1 , K V-ar , .3 ' f. - , f Q I f -. af v J ,, y , ...,. .R 1, . J.. ,,..9. L . is 4 V . s ' x x ' n ,4 K . , 5 PJ NH, , 4 .1 'A .-, x. 1 . X .I 5 'fa eff? x '. vq IN, , Ll' 11" rf- 'I' 1 sz, V 1 , , '-'fx' - 1? fi? ' , ' ' l:S'gE'v'- ' :1'-P11 1 -L. . . "JI . L 'E ' IM Cl A .W .,f1,f,1F -1-'gl 4 'Q nf? . U.f L I . wi -' .' if. J 1 4: M ., M 1. s' ' TIL , -N TL. "- .c . '31 , L sl' f Li F.. ak . Tl ii ' '. . vu If -- 1 .-wg. .. H 'S ' 4 .' . 'v X v' if T fir., 5',"x,W if 1 J .1-3. , H . f V " - .ii " , f - it L , -5 t 'E VT' ' , V-. .Q 3 MQW. - . ' .' -1 5:1 -P i ' 3 ' ,. .. -' , x 1 1- , uint' V ' ,.'.'. Q- . . 4. , " l5f1i'9..... 4 , if -,., at ,, .1 , . E, Q- I' 1, . -' ' ' , l -qi' g Q i N . E . , . .. . ' I I "- 'X' " ', I ' A H "" 6 nf , A - A . 5-. ,, :' ' ' . .. ' -14 , 1 - . , , Q, ' . ' 1 ' - '-:-- , 'L' nw, f' ,- f -L . , . 1 .4 SXQ ................. ......,,,, .,,.,. ,.,..., . F ,.................. fgtlvletics HE school year just elapsed was a banner one in Athletics at May- ville High, Her football team 'achieved the distinction of captur- ing our first Little Ten Championship, .The team played Aa long and hard schedule, but came through with a clean record in play and good sportsmanship. Our basket-ball team, after a slow start, ff proceeded to win its last three games. Spring practice revealed promising football material, and in spite of the loss of several regulars who graduate with the class of '30, prospects of another championship team next fall are favorable. The school is much indebted to Coach Dunn and Assistant Coach McMahon for their wonderful influence on the boys. Besides producing winners, they also molded men. Manager Kosich's work was also indispensible to the team. Drs. Bachhuber helped greatly in keeping the boys free from injuries. We cannot forget the despised subs who took the bumps while the regulars copped the glory. Athletics has awakened a line school spirt in our High School. Win or lose, may it never die! The whole-hearted support of the Community in our athletic endeavors was greatly appreciated. The football team wish to thank the business men for the fine gold foot- balls presented to them. It was through their moral support that the team was able to put forth its best efforts. The importance of athletics in the school curriculum cannot be overstressed. It promotes sportsmanship and fair playg it builds character, a clean mind in a strong body, it is conducive to scholarshipg it imparts a lesson that we can take into life, a team that can't be beaten. It demonstrates an invaluable lesson of citizenship, namely co-operation. Hair off to Athletics! -Q . L6 Y' 5 nl' V li T. - 1 arte! Wil GX., , , , ., FE ,.4.. ..., F ., . 2.3.9 l 4 . gootball Squad First Row: F. Baertschy, I. Pionkoski, M. Dallich, W. Finke, G. Gensmer. E. Deanovich, V. Schellpfeffer, H. Schellpfeffer, G. Meyer, G. Rediske. Second Row: G. Deanovich. N. Dallich, N. Deanovich, E. Bachhuher. W. Schellpfeffer, E. Quandt, C. Zwieg, R. Hamm, j. Doherty, E. Falk, DI. Dethlefs, H. McMahon, Assistant Coach. Third Row: D. Herzherg. R. Bernhard, M. Kahlow, I.. Kinsley, Lehman. L. Birr, R. Wclscli, S. Herhner, E. Malesevich, T. Bachhuher, C. Bernhard. Fourth Row: M. Lindeman, E. Heublein, R. Pilsner, F. Christ, H. Elsinger. R. Dunn, Coach, G. Kosich. Manager, H. Daniels. im ' ummmum ........, , ,,m,, . 1 , , QRMQ ,,,..,,,,, .... , GEORGE KOSICH Manager cgtlvletic Staff RAY DUNN Coach HOWARD MCMAHON Ass 'I Coach fm fm , . . ... W ,WW 1 1 irri ,, , . September 2 7 September I I Columbus . 0 Mayville . , . 3I October I 9 wi Berlin . . . , 0 Mayville , . I9 Beaver Dam .... . 0 Mayville . . 34 H , ,, ,.,,,,.,.., lgiulzgugl 1,..,.1.. M lnggllgullsugknlll llllvnllll l lulu gunawgnwuwu HHIHHHH' Oclober 25 West Bencl . Mayville . November 2 6 Ripon ...... Mayville . November I Waupun . Mayville . 47 fig .................. ......... ......... li ,..,,.,.,. F ..,. 2.3.9 ...,........ Gonference games BERLIN M:1yville's first Little Ten game resulted in a 19-0 victory, Berlin being her victim. Bachhuber scored two touchdowns on triple passes and also broke away for several long runs. Our first touchdown came on the second play of the game. The entire sec- ond team saw action most of the last quarter, and they also out-played Berlin, Mike Dallich scoring a touchdown. Berlin never threatened seriously. Captai n-Elsinger COLUMBUS Mayville won a decisive victory at Columbus. During the fray, the 27 Red and White Warriors who made the trip saw action. The Iron Men scored 19 points in the first quarter, and the second team played during the second quarter. 13 points were scored in the third quarter, and the subs again held Columbus on even terms. This 31 point victory started us well on the way to the championship. Captain-Daniels BEAVER DAM Mayville celebrated her Homecoming by trouncing Beaver Dam 34-0, a real atone- ment for last year's crushing defeat. "Bubala" booted four consecutive place kicks after touchdown. Most of the game was played in Beaver Dam territory. The Goslings threatened but once. The feature of the game was a 75 yard run, made by Daniels, for a touchdown behind good interference. Mayville's backs continually broke away for long runs. Captain-Daniels WEST BEND West Bend brought a husky and confident team to Mayville, but were defeated, 13-0. Mayville's initial touchdown came of the second play of the game as a result of a pass-Bachhuber to Nick Dallich. Thence, to the third quarter was a see-saw affair. A Mayville pass brought the ball deep into enemy territory. The pigskin was then carried across the goal through straight football. West Bend threatened several times, but the fighting "Red and White" line held. O'Meara of West Bend played good ball at fullback. This was undoubtedly Mayville's hardest battle, although she missed up on one opportunity to score. Captain-Daniels E482 Illlllllllllllllll Illlllllllvllll fill IIEZLHHII lllnl m nguglnfinmnl uunuuuuuu dvnigin-gang unnnnuullluuuunuuuu 1uuuiunuu WAUPUN A large delegation of Waupun rooters followed the undefeated "Prison City" squad to Mayville. It was the crucial game of the season, and would most likely decide the championship of the Little Ten. According to the Waupun paper the game was already sewed up, but we took advantage of the breaks, and scored a touchdown in each quarter. The crowd went wild when Eddie Bachhuber, behind perfect interference, took the kickoff in the second half, and ran 90 yards for a touchdown. It was the longest run registered in the Little Ten Conference in the official '29 season. George Deanovich scored a touchdown on a pass in the second quarter. Malesevich and Daniels demonstrated their line plunging ability by each scoring a touchdown. Mayville's goal line was crossed for the first time in the season when Howard, Waupun's fullback, scored a touchdown in the third quarter. The 25-6 score does not indicate the closeness of the game. Waupun threatened several times, but we dug our cleats into the turf and held when it became necessary. Mayville's pass defense completely wrecked their highly touted passing attack. Captain-Daniels RIPON The last game of the most successful season Mayville's Iron City gridders ever experienced, was a victory over the fighting Ripon team, 19-0, "Schnitz" Schneider, a former coach at Mayville refereed the game. Dunn, as usual, sent in many substitutes, and at least 25 Red and White players saw action. "Eddie" returned a punt 60 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter. Twelve Seniors played their last game in Mayville uniforms. Captain-Daniels . 'w,,i .I Gfibiiifffzb isnigp gf . l49l .....,.. ,,,., ,,., !. .2..,2,..9 ..., .,,, , ,,. .,.... . r i U01 Gxg m ....m.....,. ..,............. . ,. . . ,.............. U11 GX T H.E .IRQ ,.... .. .Ja fl' 12 CWI CWI en E. Bachhuber . .... Halfback 1. Doherty ..TackIe T. Bachhuber . . . .... Tackle H. Elsinger . . . . .Tackle C. Bernhard .... ...... G uard E. Falk ..... .... G uard L. Burr ....... ..... H alfback R. Hamm .... Halfback N. Dallich . .. .......... End E. Malesevich Fullback M. Dallich .,...... Fullback R. Pilsner .... . .Tackle H. Daniels ...., ..... Q uarterback' R. Welsch . . . . . . .End N. Deanovich .... .......... C enter' I. Pionkoski .. Halfback G. Deanovich . . . ........... End C. Zwieg ..... . .Guard -'Captains INDIVIDUAL SCORING T.D. P.A.T. H. Daniels ........... 8 7 E. Bachhuber 6 1 E. Malesevich . . . 3 0 N. Dallich ..... 2 1 M. Dallich ..... 0 G. Deanovich . . . 0 J. Doherty... 0 22 9 KfWgJf'?3l fgztbletzc 53anquet Y IGHTEEN members of the Championship Mayville High School "im football team were awarded gold football emblems at a banquet held Qld, at the gymnasium on December 20. The banquet was sponsored by ftlfis V the Woman's Club and Business Men. illvlgrfwffl . . f Mr. Thiel gave the address of presentation and awarded the gold J - footballs to the "M" men. Mr. Bussewitz, Principal of the Horicon High School and President of the Little Ten presented a full-size silver football to the school. Mr. Dunn accepted the silver trophy on behalf of the school. Other speakers at the banquet were Howard Hancock, assistant freshman football coach at the Uni- versity of Wisconsin, Mr. McMahon, assistant coach, Mr. Riordan, formerly of this city, Mr. B. J. Husting, Mr. L. S. Keeley, and Mr. Melzer. Mt. Buth acted as toastmaster. Vocal selections were given by Miss Nickles and Mr. McMahon assisted by Mrs. Christensen. Emil Malesevich contributed a violin solo. The boys are grateful to the Business Men and members of the Womans Club for the interest they have taken in them. U21 . . . ......... ......... !...?..?..9 . ...,,., 4 Sgasketball Squad First Row: Coach R. Dunn, IVI. DaIIicIi, N. DaIIicI1, G. Deanovich, N. Deanovich, F. Magyar, E. Malesevich, H. DanieIs, E.. Bachhuber, Manager G. Kosich Second Row: G. Gensmer, C. Zweig, R. PiIsner, T. BacIxI'1uIaer, H. E.Isinger, E.. I-IueIJIein R. Welsch, M. KahIow, R. Hamm INDIVIDUAL SCORING F. G. F. T. Pts. Position Daniels . . . 27 70 Guard Malesevich . . 8 26 Guard Bachhuber . . 5 I9 Forward Magyar . . . 8 I8 Forward DaIIicIx, N. . . 7 IS Forward Deanovich, N. . . . 7 I8 Center DaIIicI1. M. . . I 7 Guard Deanovich, G. . . . 0 2 Center 63 A 52 I78 . f wi SN :Seasons games BEAVER DAM The outcome of Mayville's first Conference game at Beaver Dam on january 8, ended disastrously for Mayville. Although the team led up to the last five minutes, Beaver Dam caged a field goal to defeat us, 20-19. The real margin -of victory lay in Beaver Dam's ability to make nine of her free throws, while Mayville caged but two. Captai n-Daniels HARTFORD Mayville's first Conference victory was at the expense of Hartford. Mayville came back with a strong passing attack in the second half, and scored 23 points to Hartford's 11. Daniels was high man with 14 points. Captain-Nick Deanovich COLUMBUS Mayville's reception at Columbus was as frigid as the 20 below zero weather, and she was defeated in their cold cigar box, 25-15. The game was hard fought throughout. A different result would have been achieved had Mayville made more free throws. Captain-Nick Deanovich HORICON Before one of the largest crowds that ever witnessed a game in the local gym, Mayville suffered defeat before an inspired Horicon team. The visitors led at the half, 9-5. Our team was desperate in the second half, but our shots failed to find the hoop. Several of our caged shots were not allowed. The game was hard to loose, especially at the hands of our ancient rivals. Captain-Nick Deanovich WEST BEND Our team put up a pathetic game of basketlball when it suffered a 28-7 defeat at the hands of a strong West Bend quintet. Not a field goal was registered by us. RIPON Mayville played an improved game at Ripon, and the score, 19-9, does not disclose the fight our boys put up. The count at the half was 10-5 in their favor, but in the third quarter we ran our score up to 9 and it appeared possible for us to win. Our defense was strong in the second half and Ripon made but two field goals. The last 5 points were scored via the free throw route. Several of our baskets were disallowed be- cause the referee interpreted sliding on the slippery floor as steps. COLUMBUS Mayville came close to wrecking Columbus's championship hopes, but the sharp shooting of Poser, Columbus's forward, gave them the edge, 25-20. The half ended, 11-10, but in the third quarter our opponents out-distanced us. Daniels found his shoot- ing eye in the last few minutes of play and quickly caged two baskets. Columbus stopped l5-41 .. , , ., F 239 ,,. :,.,,. ,,.... . M 65359 .,...W........... .......,.. ILhlE. ......... RJRSLEJRIT ,....,.... L2519 ,.,......... .-M.Q,g'2 the rally by taking time out, and after play was resumed, stalled until the gun cracked. This drew up our offense and they were able to sneak in several baskets. Captain-Daniels HARTFORD Friday, February 21, Mayville scored her second Conference victory of the season, 29-15. We emerged from the league-cellar after a prolonged stay of about a month. Our lead was 15-9 at the half. Hartford came back strong at the beginning of the third quarter and soon ran her score up to 14. Our team suddenly came to life in the last quarter, the game ending, 29-15. Captain-Daniels WEST BEND Coming from behind in the last quarter, a fighting red and white quintet achieved sweet revenge for a previous defeat in registering a 27-24 victory against West Bend. The score at the Hrst quarter was 5-5, but West Bend held the edge at the end of the first half, 12-9. Our team started slowly in the second half and at the end of the third quarter, West Bend held a 19-14 lead. Our boys refused to be discouraged and a thrilling last quarter fight gave us a 27-24 victory. Captain-Daniels HORICON Van Brunt gymnasium at Horicon was the scene of our third straight victory, the last of the season, when the Orange and the Black fell before the Red and White, 12-11. The first quarter found us at the short end of a 5-2 score. At half time the figures stood 7-3 against us. Daniels caged several exceptionally long baskets in the last quarter, and with two minutes left to play, our boys led. Inability to connect on re- bounds accounts for the lowness of the score. Deanovich, Magyar, and Bachhuber played their last game for their Alma Mater. Captain-Daniels BOYS' INTER-CLASS BASKET-BALL For the second year in succession the Class of 1930 copped the class championship. In the o ning game, the Sophs lost to the Freshies in one over-time period, and the Seniors dzeared the juniors. In the second round, the juniors trounced the Freshies, while the Seniors took the Sophs into camp. In the final round, the juniors cinched second place, while the Seniors took the final game from the Freshies. GIRLS' INTER-CLASS BASKET-BALL The Seniors lost to the Sophomores in the opening game of the tournament, while the Juniors defeated the Freshmen. In the second round, the Seniors beat the Freshmen in one over-time period and the Sophomores continued their championship march by defeating the juniors. In the final round, the Seniors lost to the Juniors and the Sophomores became undefeated champions by beating the Freshmen. f56l EIZDDEIJII EJ E H IJU M UD IRQ mmDmm E EI Q Q E E U E mI 'rv s .r xl. 1 , r, 4 4., L ,il , J -r 5. A "- x,- - 1 4' Q A., fl W. :.1 Q i . 5 X. 1. . 1 sw ,., 1 w .gi :yi S -1 Mg. K E I .-1, , . ..- 3 . .- '-f K. Mfr., , .gg Z. . . . , .,. 1 4. 2, '44 -5,4 3 , ,Ffwb '2- FL '-5 .. . YS' .-5 'I if-.Z.". 1 rm q w- 4 M r- fi l1'ffif11 iw. 1 qqggs 'WSF 1 . 1 1 . 4' 1 1 f i V. V4-17.1 ,- . A . " li s .-:ff F F' uw" R' -'L 'nn ' : ,ft 'Iii gg.:-.-4. .. w.L'r.'-.-4 '- Af Q-fl: 'wa N f: ' H. lvl, f' - .,-. ,,.- ,r . -5- Aw' . ' . A. H . ' " . 'J-fy f -.-f ' 31 ky-5.51, :-Hv.m- .., ,... .,, ,ke . ,.' V. ,, .gl 1 Q L.-.K A ,W .x '-. f-,Z-J: gi. 12" ,aj+..,5. ' " 2111. .'2A.,' r., . x AMY 3 ,Q .NP-J. an - a , , ,. 4, .1 -, " A. ,.v-- Q ,L, - ...F 1:01, . 1. ' gg. - -5 - f . 1 " 15- 153.4 3.4 RL., -' .:..'i'-"g, .. A ,. i, Sy-,n 9. ' swf """.1' 5 -.zur-" M mf. :vi ' " -C' .Ii - ..1f,,, Ln ' 2.- - 1 , .5 , 1 n ,.. gl' ,J S1 Eg,-.f.',.-, ,.m,,.1. - L. y. 1 .r ,L fx ' 0 ' ' I v .I'. x "'1 ' ' 1 -1, ,4 r 'N-4 1 ,, . t .-,.,. 1 Q'-5-L . Fa 4'-4 ,r...". g 4 s 1----vu ,-. w N.- B, 5.5, .V ' 44- . :,. .v -, f .f .v ,E . -.N N. fi. X5., ,v. t . 1: 4 , . 1' '13-M V w ,,. ..,', up . 1 -mv. .-1 . 5,.1. 'v 'Q - -W 4 f ' ' 'Ji' R 'Lf ,'l"T"7 Y.-I .1 J ,gf A-A 'VJ-431. 2,42-f., Q fs. A . QQ A .V jf-A jx , aj- . , 2 mf ue . VP. eg ..........,... ............. ......... IE ....1.... !...2..2..9 .............. just in With brains all wrecked, And thoughts unchecked, We submit these jokes to We've done our best, Heaven give us rest, just laugh at one or two. you. Dorothy Bening: Gee! I wish Lent were here! Ruby Wieseke: Wh0's that? Flora S. fin gym classlz Anna, can you stand on your head? Anna B.: No. it's too high up. Ruth G.: Marguerite Star had twenty-two requests for Little Mother. Maybelle H.: Did she play it twenty-two times? Dorothy M.: No, she made carbon copies of it. Czoschki: The Irish came over to get free land which was very cheap. Dobberphul fgiving Physics topicjz You weigh the substance with a 5 pound ounce. You then measure 05 10 degrees of 30 angles. Debate in History: Beck: An airship takes on a cargo of 30,000 tons and flies through the air like steamships can. Iggy: ls Coon Sanders a nigger? Miss Zilisch: Evelyn, did you get a letter from Current Literature? Evelyn: No. Miss Z.: Well, Edgar Nell did, and I thought you did too. Maxine Neumann: Did anyone ever dis- cover the moon? Mr. McMahon: Yes, quite a few did last week. 0 57 jest "Patz" Baertschy Ito Mr. Dunn after the game at Madisonjz Say, Mr. Dunn, was them co-edses that.sang Saturday at the game? Mr. Dunn: Yes, why? Patz: Oh! I didn't know if they were students or just men. Yovonca Dallich: The referee blew the ball and threw up the whistle. Miss Busse: What is a property tax? Bernice Schwartz: It's a tax on something you own, like your feet. Miss Olson fin History Classy: James Wil- son of Pennsylvania was one of the most lib- eral members of the Constitutional Convention of 1787. He attended three or four Scotch universities. Student in English Class: If you fly when you're in an airplane, do you How when you're in a steamboat? Anna Bujanovich: Those boys look so much alike I wonder if they are brothers or twins. Miss Zilisch: Who wants "The Merry Wives of Windsor"? fMany hands go upj. Miss Zilisch: How many do you need? fUproarj. Miss Zilisch: I mean the plays! E. Bachhuber: What are you studying that German book so hard for? A. Neuburg: Well, we have an exam in Sociology next period. Lehman: Did you catch that fish with hook and line? Iggy: No! with reel and reel pole. Melzer in Social Problems: Some people can trace their ancestors back to the time the Mayfiower landed a hundred and thirty years ago. GE .......,...... .,,............ .......,, .,,,..,... !.ii?i,i2i,9 ,,,,m.,.,,.,.. CZQMI C5176 Qlay Safer Game CZQ?f2en ? Virginia Buerger will stop chewing gum? Herbert Gitzinger doesn't look sleepy? The "Three Musketeers" aren't together? Miss Olson forgets to ask for Current Events? Wallace Pasbtig doesn't ask questions? Carl Bolduan gets his Bookkeeping in on time? Mr. Buth hasn't one more announcement to make? George McCloud doesn't have to be sent to the office? Hortensia gets to English Class on time? Milan Lindeman learns to behave? The Senior Class writes a perfect intelligence test? LaVerne Bartsch can't be heard laughing? Edward Bachhuber hasn't his lessons? Ruth Gehrke isn't slamming someone? The Faculty forgets to come to school? Everyone subscribes for an Annual? We wouldn't have to write exams? Everyone passed? Kathryn forgets to giggle? Students will have an affinity for studies? "Toodie" hasn't an out of town case? Someone doesn't have to go home after his report card? Miss Schiesser hasn't trouble with her car? Sprzng giesolutzons LaVerne Bartsch .... . . . ..., ............ T o laugh and grow fatter Howard Phalzgraf ..... ...................... T o be next year's football star Hilary Elsinger .... .................. T o become less popular with the girls Ray Welsch ..... .... T o quit feeding on yeast on account of its raising power Pene Aronin ..., ......................... T o become more prominent Carl Bolduan .... ......,................ T o play more and work less Gerhard Meyer ...,.. ..... T o keep on riding the bicycle Joe Doherty .......... ................. T o be a bachelor Robert Ruedebusch .... .... N ot to fall in love with anybody Adeline Riley ...... ..... ..... N o t to bum school anymore tai FX, .....,,.,....................,............ ,............. ........ PATIENT O. Lechner A. Lange A. Keup R. Pilsner A. Neuburg H. Elsinger M. Czoschke C. Dobberphul J. Steinhorst H. Gitzinger DISEASE Lonesome-itis Tardy-iris Study-itis Boy Scout Mania Stage Frightis Too tall for his height Dwarf-itis Blush-itis Dance-iris Sleep-itis mxmxm CURE Attend Normal New alarm clock Take her books away Make him join the Mexican army A copy of "I-low to Speak in Public" Amputate his hair Ask "Tammy" for advice. 35.00 fine and costs for each blush join the Follies A Portable day-bed Western Stories ......... . . . . . . .Ignatius Pionkoski College Humor. . . . . .. . . .Edward Lehman Life .......... Edward Falk Little Folks ............ "Fifi" I-Ierbner and Clarence Bernhard Country Gentlemen ...... . . . . . . . .john J. Schneider Boys' Life ........ The Girls Woman's World .Vanity Case Vogue ..... Gertrude Welsch True Confessions ........ . . . . . .Evelyn McCloud Physical Culture ......... . . . . . . .Gerhard Meyer Red Book. . .james Dethlefs. Ace-High .... Alois Neuburg U91 True Detective .... Mr. Buth Adventure ...... Anna Keup Short Stroies ............ . . . . . . . .Melvin Czoschke Radio Digest. . .joe Doherty Out-Door Life .......... . . . .Edward Bachhuber Good House-keeping ..... ..........George Kosich Literary Digest. .Miss Zilisch Saturday Evening Post .... .............RayPilsner American Girl .......... .........Mary H. Means Phoroplay . Gertrude Dedolph Popular Mechanics ....... Guse Current Events. . . Miss Olson C5176 Senior QW 3 Cys is for Anna, A studious lass, And also Al Neuburg, The "Tunney" of the class. is for Bachhuber, A wise little chap, And Beck and Bernhard, Who do like to scrap. is for Cordula, Christ, Carl, Cundy, and Czoschke, Of all the live, There's one who is husky. is for Doherty, A breaker of hearts, And also for "Dolly", Who has stopped many darts. is for "Einstein", Dobberphul for short, And "Eckie" and Elsinger, In Gym they hold forth. is for Fiedler, Fischer and Falk, Very quiet, you see, They don't care to talk. is for the Gertrudes, Two in number, And Guse and Gitzinger, "Gitz" likes to slumber. is for Husting, A girl who is smart, And Hamm who has stolen Many a heart. is for "Iggie", A cowboy to be, For stalwart, strong, And bloodthirsty is he. is for justman, Who likes to act silly, And Jimmie, too, Who often quarrels with M is for Krug, A lion among ladies. While Kohli is as meek As a lamb among babies. is for LaVerne, Lehman, and Lay, A very nice trio, What do you say? is for the Marquarts, In number they're three, illy. With Meiners, "Mean, and the Magyars, Quite a group, you see. mu is for Norma, A typing shark at best, And Nick, our captain, An athlete with zest. is for Otto, A sheik of the class, His "hot" ties stun you Whenever you pass. is for Perfect, Which we all strive to be, But even the best make mistakes As you see. is for questions We all like to ask, They're very necessary To complete a task. is for Ruedebusch, A handsome young man, And also Ruth Gehrke, Who does what she can. is for Schmidbauer, Steinhorst, and Schneider, And Salzberger, with Steinbach To make the ranks wider. is for "Too:lie", A driver you know, She misses the corners, And puts "het" in low. is for you, The reader of this, If you read it all, There's nothing you'll miss. is for Voss, Her first name is Milly, Whene'er she goes out, She says, "Gee, l'm chilly!" is for Wheeler, A Chevy she drives, Which surely does squeak When the breaks she applies. is for excellent, Which we all like to receive, It's very hard to get, l am led to believe. is for "yes", The answer we give Mr. Buth, However, when checked up, We usually tell the truth. is for the Zoo The home of the "Sophs", "Look out Freshmen, That's your next stop!" SN .,, , , 1 2 E611 QSM 4 + 4. , , , H , N91 GXQ .,........,......,..,...............,.,.,.....,............,..,.. ..., ......... ! . ?,.,2..9 .,.......1,.,... , , . .,,,.......... .,., 5633 GQEESQ fE!1 E FRERSRFHELII F ?W?f? MWW HN Q,g6PB 5643 4 SKK, , ., ,.... .,,,...., F5 , ,., F ., 2.3.9, M73 5651 Sm 1 + + .,..., , ., ..,. F 239 E663 SE , , . , .,.,.,.. ......... ......... !...2...2,,9 , . ww 6E ,4.. , ... . ... ......... ,,.,, . l...2...?...9 , Senior Glass f-?Gstory 'WO score, eight months ago, there gathered the largest assortment of green material that had ever assembled in the corridors of May- ville High School. The question at hand was to see whether, within 'Y ii the next four years, it were humanly possible to whip, force, or pound this conglomeration into a Senior Class. The four years have almost passed, and that green but energetic group of 1926 now stands at the threshold of a different world. Let one of the class tell us of the accomplishments outside of the regular curriculum that were made in changing this raw material of 1926 into the finished product of 1930. floffi' 7 + During our Freshman year, we obtained the name of being the fastest, peppiest, and most active class in school. just to be different from other classes, we gave three dances, besides taking a very active part in the Senior Stunt Show in which we took second place. The class was very well represented on the football held, to say nothing about the basket-ball squad. Inter-class tournaments found the "fightenest" aggregation that ever represented the Frosh. In the fall of '27 we returned to assume the role of "sophisticated" Sophomores. There were only about sixty-five of the eighty-two members back, but we carried on our work with renewed effort to make up for the ones who weren't there. The year was packed with activities. We started the social events by giving a dance in which the whole school was entertained at our expense. Again we were able to demonstrate our originality by putting on a circus in Room 105 as a part of the Fair given by the Senior Class. Clowns, freaks galore, our "Million Dollar Lady," our own menagerie, and "Fifi," the strong man, are some of the events which will never be forgotten by those who were fortunate enough to witness them. This year we find more of the class out for athletics, band, orchestra, and forensics. Inter-class events found tough com- petition in the Sophs. Third down and one to go! In the junior year, our ranks were reinforced by several new-comets from Theresa High School, bringing the total up to about sixty mem- bers. While we gave a balloon dance for the football team at the end of the season, all of our efforts were concentrated on the Prom. This memorable event took place April 13, and the half a thousand merry-makers in attendance proclaimed it the biggest and best ever. The gym was stunningly decorated in japanese effect. 'Twas the climax of our junior year, and we felt that our efforts had not been in vain. Again our class contributed its share toward extra-curricular activities. We find eight men making the football team and three on the basket-ball team. Inter-class basket-ball finds the juniors taking first place. Half of the debate team was furnished from the ranks of our we Gpshg .......,.......... .............,.. LRklE .....,... 553EJSEMX .......... M2362 ,........1......,,. .WWWQ,g'B class, and one of our members took second place in extemporaneous speaking. We were well represented in the operetta, "Once in a Blue Moon." Well, we have arrived at the point where we hate to see the school year draw to an end-our Senior year, with the largest class ever to graduate from Mayville High. We began our activities this year with a Mixer party for the whole school, followed by the Homecoming celebration, the largest ever given. At the close of the football season, we "copped off' seven of the gold footballs given for winning the Little Ten Championship. Four of the State Champion debaters are embraced under the colors of the Blue and Silver. First place in inter-class basket-ball was again claimed by the Class of '50, The class play, "Man or Mouse" was given on May 27, before a large and appreciative audience. Our most capable staff published this edition of the annual, the pride of the Senior Class. And now, in making our grand finale, we again take the lead by being the first class of Mayville High to choose caps and gowns for Commencement, and when we receive our diplomas on june 10, we shall bid farewell to Mayville High School, taking with us cherished memories of the days we spent here. --foe Doherty, '30 umnggunmmnnmmmrmmmmnmzmmmmmmmmmmnnmmmggmnm ' CLASS JKCOTTO: 'uzfhe horizon widens as we climb" CLASS COLORS: :Blue and silver CLASS FLOWER: While 'Rose mmggmmmmmmnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmggnnm: i691 Gxg, ,. ,,,., , ,.,...., .,,,, ,K .......... l .... 2 ....... Galendar Sept. 3-M. H. S. opens with an enrollment of 226. We begin to take notice of the clever Freshmen. Sept. -1fFootball practice begins. We cer- tainly have a husky looking team. The boys discover that they don't need to be perfect pic- tures, but they have to have pretty good frames. Sept. 5-The Faculty enjoy a picnic "a la Park". Due to Miss Zilisch's efforts, fish was added to the menu. Sept. 6-Freshmen go downtown to look for Fair after reading in the Mayville News: "Fair in this locality today and tomorrow." Sept. 10'-Nomination of class officers. Big campaign on. Sept. 13-Campaign still on. Please take notice. Sept. 17-Senior Class election, Robert R. offers his services as President. Eddie and joe head the Annual Staff. Sept. 19mjr. girls look for a manmfor Pres. Sept. 2l--Our team plays a practice game at Cooney. Scoremfl-0, in our favor. Sept. 24-George D. elected President of the junior Class. He becomes very popular with the girls. Sept. 27- Berlin plays here and were beaten, 0-19. Mixer Party in the evening, given by the Seniors. Everyone pretty well mixed, including the Freshmen. i my Sept. 50-"Tammy" comes to school on crutches. Don't say that we haven't a hard- working team. Oct. 1-Annual Staff holds first real meet- ing. We do have an ambitious looking Staff. Oct. 2-85 days until Christmas. Oct. 4fGirl Scouts and two Leaders left on an over-night hike. Wimnder why they wouldn't tell us where they were going to camp. Oct. 5-Mayville team went down to Madi- son to see what our University can do in the line of football. Oct. 8-Miss Zilischnlate again? And why the plastered eye? Oct. 11fWe give Columbus a goose egg. with 31 points to our credit. Columbus-Lief Erickson Day program also. ai i el V 9 K- 429 381957 fi C F' AAYNW' , ' Q' pfl-E.5!i'lSl'll . MN F ' ' -fa ic' ' lar! v3 i. , ,A 0"' Oct. 15mReports out. "Did I only Hunk in three?" Oct. l6iPlans being made for the biggest and best Homecoming. Oct. l7mThe Girl Scouts awarded Tender- foot pins and Second Class badges. Miss Busse also receives a pin. Oct. 18-Celebration in earnest. The Hobo Parade brings out a crowd. A lot of credit is due the Business Men for the Advertising and decorating. -N . , .. . , .. ......... . + WWW 1 Oct. 19-Big day! We win the Homecom- ing game from Beaver Dam, 34-0. Oct. 21-Some still feeling the effects of the hilarious week-end. Edison Contest prize goes to Edward Bachhuber. Oct. 22ffBanquet for the Teachers of the High School, Grades, and Normal School. First snow fall. ,. I . h V . 75 K ! X , 110. 1 it -1 i .1L?F:Ig'!' A if .111 " H ggsfvlz m 1 l l lMS25E5l3 A f ,ef1?fl'i,- :-M'-:Nfl ' Wiwvlfv ' Hffdlwlif ,H 'li ,a 'J . Y V if f F 1 'Q l Oct. 254Apron Day for the Senior girls. "Tie me to your apron strings again." Oct. 24 First real journalism class. It was decided that they try to finance the paper with- out Ads. Oct.'25-We show West Bend how to play football. 13-0. Hurrah for the Red and White! Oct. 29-First rehearsal of choruses in "l.elawala". Oct. 30-The witches were out, but nothing happened, except that Ziegler's old brewery wagon made its appearance. i 71 Nov. 1-Back to the woods, Waupun! You're licked! Nov. 4-joe D. has deserted "Lizzie", Did "she" fall apart on the way home, joe? sr, AVA ! Q, V4 Olxfxo f'Lr tri' 113 ff mlm' . ml!! t s , , em K S 1, f f I 'llx X 5 U? W ' ay Q - if Q ' 'I nk! ml. if 10 , 37 Nov. 5-The Magician, Heaney, gave us a good demonstration on how to produce rabbits, and make cards disappear. He ought to be a good poker player. Nov. 6-We win the game from Ripon, and also the Little Ten Championship. Good work, Boys. We're proud of you! Nov. 7fFaculty enjoy a lark on the time- worn excuse, "Teachers Convention". Nov. 8-Seniors begin having their physiog- nomies reproduced on the photographic plate. Q f Ye Q0 gi ,, f 753 ,Q 454 - Fi! fall u ' fl k l F f D T, -5' -- B H. - ,, , 5 J Nov. 9gThe members of the football team and Coaches were entertained at the Dr. Alphonse Bachhuber home. You bet the eats were delicious! Nov. ll-Everybody back for a half day. Armistice program in the evening. Nov. T I2 "Some of the boys sang at the Grain Sfiow at Beaver Dam. Nov. l 1 proofs hacla. Nov. I rl The Seniors begin getting their "Do I really look like that?" "Aunt Lucia" is given by a large tist of local people. Nav, Its First II'y-Ulll for the Debate team. Nov. ll Bfg rush to the jewelry store. The junior rings have come. We bet they wont stay where tl1ey're supposed to be very long! Nov. Z2 The junior Class gave a Radio Party, Quite a bit of static. Nov. 25 joe D. sprained I is ankle in Gym. Too much standing on his head, ma,be? Nov. 26 Short Thanksgiving program. Thanltsgiving vacation begins. Now watch the turkey trotl Dec. 2--18 more days "for to tote the weary Ilhllj. U . Dec. Claus, 6 Freshies write letters to Santa Dec. 7 First "Student Voice" issued. The journalism Class "gave" everybody one. Col- lection will follow the next hymn. Dec. U 'Dress rehearsal for "I.eIawaIa". Costumes are gorgeous, hat some are rather snug. Ask Dee. Ill Dee. II Dec. 12 making thin Dec. I5 the Nth. the lingiish men and soldiers. "l,elawala" goes over big. Still "WL' tread the mills of toil, Up and down in eeaseless moil." Girl Scouts spen.l a busy two hours gs for the Xmas party. Superstitious? Beware! Friday Dec. l6'fflNIayvilIe plays a practice game at Xlffayla nd. The Deanovich boys didnt seem to cherish much love for the referee. Dec. I8 The Girl Scout Party is a great success. Wlho says there isn't any Santa Claus. Dee. I9 The Woman's Club and Business Men Sponsor an Athletic Banquet. Together with the "Canaries singing bass", and the sil, very accompaniment to "jingle Bells". everyone enjoyed it lots. Dec. 20 Mea gets a hath on the fountain, The teachers migrate. No school until next yea r. jan. 6 Back again! lfverybody turns over a new leaf. First display of Xmas jewelry and sweaters. jan. 84-XX'e play our first Conference game. Despite all of jimmy Dethlef's splendid, "Are Wfl ya wid me's", we were destined to lose by a score of I9-Zl. jan. 9'fBig Farmers' Institute. "Ottsy" Lechner wins hrst place in IXIaratlion Coffee Contest. Virginia Buerger is close second in doughnuts. No further returns have been re- ceived. jan. l0fSeniors are exposed to an Intelli- gence test. I.aVerne B. presents a new "heavenly body". Fire in shack. Many go A. W. O. I.. jan, 13-I.aVerne, in grief, follows her speed test ltltu the waste basket. jan. lil -Game with Hartford. Lots of pep. We won. of course. jan. l5fThe eve of Exams is upon us. "Oh, I must study night and day, Or else to a failure I'll fall prey." jan. l6fThe first spasm of exams is over. "My fate is in your hands" is heard on all sides. jan. 18--Wet gave Columbus 25 points and took li for ourselves. We believe in being generous. jan. 22-There ain't no Independence any- more, it seems. Opinions were quite divided in the History exam. jan. 25 '-Vffhy prolonll the agony? The last installment of exams is close at hand. Great shivering and gnashing of teeth. jan. Zyl"-Doris Kuehn comes to school with windows. We lost to I-Ioricon hy 2 Isn't that just too bad? storm points. jan. 27"-Girls are punished. Boys again march out first. jan. 284"Of all sad words of men or pen, The saddest are these. "I've filunked again." jan. 29flt's all over now but the weeping. Report cards are out. Quite a crowd in the office. I wonder why? jan. 50f"Bubala" plays soldier in the Li- bra1'y. WIISIl,f that helmet becoming? GE . ,,. ,. ......... Feb. 1"Senior Class meeting. Mr. Butli gives a speech on dress, Big discussion on whether or not the Class wants caps and gowns. Feb. 5- Mrs. McDonald of New York speaks to us in Assembly. Feb. 7'AMr. Melzer gets to school at IZ:-15 What's going to happen! Feb. 9 'Annual Staff gives us an interesting program, Wfonder if Amos 'n Andy know what keen competition they have! Feb. lOfl.aVerne is surprised on her birth- day. Shes sweet sixteen, but we don't know about the rest of the lingo. Feb. llfllerbert G. is caught napping in Study Hall. He refused to answer any summons. Feb. I5 'Miss Zilisch instructs Gertrude Bachhuber to produce a beard over the week- end, for the play. Feb. l-l-Did you get a valentine? Colum- bgis defeated us by five points. Was that nice? Feb. l7""'XX'eet" guards the referee during a basket ball game. Original dumb-bell act! Feb. IS 'XX'e get the caps and gowns for graduation. Feb. 10 Spring fever becomes quite notice- able. Feb. 2l"'We beat Hartford again, 29-15. Feb. 2-lfThe Meiners' family is increased by four members for the evening, because of the storm. Feb. 2i"Frank Magyar gets himself locked in the typing room at noon. What's the matter, Frank, wc-ren't you hungry? Feb. ZS 'Xllfe defeat West Bend. Talk about excitement! Dance after game. Mar. 5fMiss Zilisch begins her lectures on Psychology. 7 w ,D Mar. 5' 'We win our third debate from Hartford, and with it the Little Ten Cham- pionship. Mar. 7'-"The last game of the year, a Scotch one at that. 12-ll in favor of Mayville. Mar. 10-Theres no hope for small pox anymore. Everybody ordered to be vaccinated. March l5"'The Affirmative beats the Nega- tive. What's the clever idea? March I5 'The Animal Staff gets their ton- sils sunburned trying to find Mandel's Fn- graving Plant, and a Parking place. March l7"'St. Patricks Day. Freshmen colors in evidence. March I8 Vaccinations The absence lists are growing. are beginning to collect toll. March 19 -A very delightful Musical pro- gram. The B. B. game. juniors lost their first interclass March 2l"Our debate team goes to Madi- State finals. We expect them to the "bacon". son for the bring home March 2-1 B. B. Championship. That was natural of course. "The Senior boys win the Class March 25 'The beginning of the end of winter. The Staff plows through snow drifts to get to school at 7:50. March 26"'The boys have two solid hours of fun. The girls play the first games of the Class Tournament. March 27 The History classes are shocked by the applesaure on one of the front desks. Who was giving a floor talk! .iisfii du lMr,W lrilfl ,. mu, M ,, 7,, i,4lir J! V . QM March 28 -The State Debate Championship is ours. The trophy cabinet is filling rapidly. March 3lfMany visitors. including Mr. Giles, the State Inspector. l wonder how he like-tl us? April lfliig day for the wise-crackers. Did you bite? Gxg, .......... ............... ......... . l...2..?...9 .., April 3fAnother big girls' tournament on the screen. The Freshies are appropriately given the green sweatshirts. April 4-The Sophomores win the Cham' pionship. April 8-LaVerne B. and Marion B. go to West Bend for the Declamatory Contest. Spencer J. and Stanley W. represent us in Oratory. April l0eWe received third place in Declamatory and second in Oratory. April lIf'Interest awakens in golf. April I4+juniors start preparations for the Prom. April I5-Big Scandal! Everyone takes a shower at the same time. fApril Showersj. April 16-Vacation. Bet the teachers will miss us. April 22iEverybody glad to come back. Bluffing is easier than helping at home. April 23f"Tammy" has his curls shorn. The teachers will have to pull his ears now. April 24-First Class Play practice. Peggy Lou tells Hope to come and stay for a week some line day. April 25-Music Festival. Big day at school. Some non-musical students use the Festival as excuse to skip. April 28fDay of reckoning for those who skipped! April 29-Music Festival at Horicon. Pene almost gets left. April 30-More tears! Why do we have report cards anyway? May lfMay Day. Where's the may-pole and may-baskets? May 2-Music Festival at Columbus. Very few non-musical absences, due to warnings. May 17-junior Prom. Thrills and heart- throbs May 20-Night school held. We work under inspection. May 27-Senior Class Play, "Man or Mouse." You guess which. May 30-We march to the Cemetery. Too bad we couldn't have our finals first. june 5-Senior Exams-our last chance to make good. "Teachers, have mercy!" fix Q52 tif? Q! 4 J L z J L. X 0 Z Q . 1 Qollfi june 10fCommencement. "Our dreams come true." june 11-Alumni Banquet. After the hand-shaking, we find it difficult to manage all the silverware. june 12-Big parade over the bridge to the Parkg also lemonade contest. Winners an- nounced next year. May 12'-Big debate banquet. FAREWELL! zfikf '7 N GN 'W :95rae:w1?5!'15e91!i wg' -z,-qgltfaiicalw' si ,.-Q ni l,. 'Sl Ne if , ..fQ.jS U41 ,.,.....,....l uuuuulullnlnuu m iiiijmg nnnunnnnn mugugnmnwiiiifhi llnlllunl Muiuguugllug lllrllllvrrlll Illmlmlll .fast will ana' Testament of the Glass of 1930 We, the Senior Class of the Mayville High School, County of Dodge, and State of Wisconsin, being of crammed mind and well trained memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, in manner and form as follows: Such traits, acts, and graces which have fallen into our possession in our four years' sojourn here, we dispose of: First, To the Faculty we leave countless days of peace, wishing them luck and all the grati- tude in the world for all they have done for us. Second, To the juniors we give the time from 8:10 to 3:03 with the hope that they will use it in earnest study, as we have done. Third, To the Sophomores we leave our wonderful class spirit, which has carried us through four years of joyous associations. Fourth, To the Freshmen we leave our pep and our good behavior. Fifth, We find in our work that it is our dut to serve others, so we will sacrifice a few Y personal treasures also: Edward Bachhuber bequeaths his poor grades to "Soup" Finke, the Einstein of the Eighth Grade. Cordula Bartelt bequeaths her loud voice and bold manner to Mildred Wendt. Norma Bartelt bequeaths her enjoyment of noonday strolls to "Spud" johnson. LaVerne Bartsch bequeaths her sunny nature to Nick Dallich. Walter Beck bequeaths his heel plates to Mr. Christensen. Clarence Bernhard bequeaths his much worn copy, "How to Grow Thin in Twenty-four Hours", to Gerhard Meyer. Carl Bolduan bequeaths his permission to occupy the seats of Mayville High for an un- limited time to "Bubala" Daniels. Frank Christ bequeaths his gym shoes, size 12, to Adeline Riley. 75 Hortensia Cundy bequeaths her ability to declaim to Howard Phalzgraf. Melvin Czoschke bequeaths his stature and poise to Anna Bujanovich, together with his well-arranged program of study, every minute being accounted for. Nick Deanovich bequeaths his captaincy of the football team to Merlin Strook. Gertrude Dedolph bequeaths all troubles with her glasses to Doris Kuehn. james Dethlefs bequeaths his bottle of Golden Glint to Emil Deanovich. Christian Dobberphul bequeaths his rosy blush to Gertrude Bachhuber, in case she loses hers. joe Doherty bequeaths his "pull" at the office in obtaining excuses for being tardy to Virginia Buerger. He also leaves a box of "boughten" candy to Mr. Buth. Hilary Elsinger bequeaths his height and curly locks to Valeska Hacker. Edward Falk bequeaths his "dates" to Nor- bert Schaeffer. Myrtle Fiedler bequeaths her ability in the gymnastic rings to Vera Nehls. Antoinette Lange bequeaths her job as pa- trolman on the Horicon road, together with her masterful control of a Chevy, to Miss Moriarity. Otto Lechner bequeaths his interests at the Normal School to Pene Aronin. George Maaske bequeaths his wondrous "gift of gab" to Elizabeth Bradke. Frank Magyar bequeaths his artistic ingenu- ity to Estelle Miller. Kathryn Magyar bequeaths her beautiful voice to Evelyn Luedke. 639 ,,,..,,,.,,... ...,...,,.,,... ..,..... .......... F .... 2...?:..9 ..........,.. ..,, , Eunice Marquart bequeaths her giggles to Elmer Heublein. Ruth Marquart bequeaths her athletic achievements to Emil Malesovich. Vernon Marquart bequeaths his quiet, sooth- ing voice to Flora Steinbach. Evelyn McCloud bequeaths her poetic ability to Virginia Holtz. Dorothy Meiners bequeaths her "Grit", a real dog, to "Pinhead" Haschka. Ethel Murphy bequeaths all her heart trou- bles to Hazel Voss. Al Neuburg bequeaths his success as an extemporaneous speaker to Ray Welsch. Ignatius Pionkoski bequeaths his graceful- ness on the dance floor to "Sis" Bernhard. Ruedebusch bequeaths his bass voice Lindeman. Robert to Milan Thecla marks to Harold ments completed in advance, to Donica Pokratz, Salzberger bequeaths her History Gertrude jacquot. Fischer bequeaths his Typing assign- Ruth Gehrke bequeaths her power of tak- ing dictation from Mr. Buth without becoming "fussed", to Mary Hollenstein. Herbert Gitzinger bequeaths his alertness and wide-awake mind in classes to Earl Gentz. Mildred Griepentrog bequeaths her argu- mentative ability to George Kosich, with the hope that he will take every opportunity to use it. George Guse bequeaths his prominent sta- tion in the city of Kekoskee to Mary Hart Means. Robert Hamm bequeaths his Oldsmobile, IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, We have consin, this lst day of june, A. D. 1930. hereu I fully equipped with connecting rods and bear- ings, to Miss Schiesser. Siegfried Herbener bequeaths his "pull" with the teachers to Kaetchen Wegner. Maybelle Husting bequeaths her luxuriant growth of hair to Lillian Hirsig. Milton justman bequeaths his knack of acting serious to Wallace Pasbrig. Anna Keup bequeaths her aggressive man- ners to "Buddy" Faust. Atly Kohli bequeaths his ambitions in avia- tion to Allen Steuber. Alvin Krug bequeaths his ability to play the trombone to "Ajax" Koepsell. Marion Lay bequeaths her love of romance to the Stoehr twins. Edward Lehman bequeaths his freckles to "Red" Wagner, with a sample jar of his fa- vorite freckle cream. Helen Schmidbauer bequeaths her interest in het school work to Lorella Guse. John Schneider bequeaths his wonderful ability of bluffing to Marion Bachhuber. May she graciously preserve this power! Ethel Steinbach bequeaths her success in selling candy bars at basket ball games to Lorene Marquart. john Steinhorst bequeaths his boxing gloves to George McCloud. Mildred Voss bequeaths her monopoly on the boys to Ruby Wieseke. Gertrude Welsch bequeaths her place in the Orchestra to Yvonka Dallich. Hazel Wheeler bequeaths her well trained hair comb ro Max Kahlow. Stanley Wiese bequeaths his stand-in with "Phiz" to Gerald Costello. nto set our hand and seal, at Mayville, Wis- fSignedj THE SENIOR CLASS. ,. , 1 . I r. ...ff " f ,7 ,.,, ' P1 ! --. E76 J Ilflvflllllrl Illmlllm Illuvvvll muvgvvguesmugirx ulllnrulu Eiiignngnnngnvvnuun un Elsabea Anton jacob Aronin Bernice Beitz Armella Bodden Helen Breslow Maurice Ehrhardt Kermit Erdman Dorthea Fuller Margaret Garms Harlanb Cnerlich Caroline Hacker Viviene Harrison Loretta Heinecke Palmer Henning Mildred Hoepner Norma Jesse Marcella justman Rueben Kohli Verna Lenz Esther Loehrke Marie Mack Francis McCarthy Arnold Muche Edgar Mueller Edgar Nell Clemens Neuberg Verona Pitzschler Walter Radke jacob Ribbens Arthur Schuman Harold Schwarze Bernice Travers Cordon Travers Eugene Volkman Leila Wieseke Charles Wild Leola Zahn Marcella Zahn cglumni I929 Mayville Mayville Lomira West Bend Mayville Knowles Theresa Appleton Milwaukee Mayville Mayville Milwaukee Mayville Fond du Lac Fond du Lac Lomira Theresa Kekoskee Mayville Mayville West Bend Mayville Mayville Mayville Mayville Nenno Theresa Mayville Milwaukee Mayville Mayville Dubuque, lowa Mayville Mayville Mayville Milwaukee Brownsville Brownsville U71 Dodge County Normal News dealer Bank Stenographer Dodge County Normal At home At home Lawrence College Stenographer Ford Carage Janssen 61 Seitz Stenographer Dodge County Normal Business College Stenographer Stenographer At home At home Stenographer At home Stenographer Dodge County Normal Dodge County Normal Pioneer Print Shop Dodge Connty Normal At home Music Instructor Standard Oil Station Marquette University Dodge County Normal At home At home Dodge County Normal Dodge County Normal Marquette University At home At home GN., .,.,,,,..,,,,, ., . .,....,...,,, ., ,..,., , ,......... F ,...2 ........, JB C9117 gpc1fT0775 We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the following business men who have helped to make the 1930 Rocket a financial success by subscribing for it A. K. Sweet Shop Atlantic Bc Pacific Tea Co. Walter Aldach's Electric Shop Dr. A. E. Bachhuber, Sr. Dr. A. E. Bachhuber, Jr. Hugo Bachhuber, Ins. Agency Bachhuber Bros., Inc. Bachhuber's Print Shop Baertschy Dairy A. H. Bauer R. H. Bleck Frank Boehmer Busy Bee City Meat Market Crescent Garage Sam Deanovich C. W. Doctor Dr. R. A. Doctor james Dorst Doyne 84 Rayne Lumber Co. C. Engel 8: Sons Faust Meat Market First National Bank R. A. Gohr George Heim Dr. E. H. Heinrich Dr. V. H. Helmbrecht Husting 8: Husting I. G. A. Grocery Janssen 8z Seitz Co. Carl Kiele A. F. Knoop Koepsell 8: Gruber Louis Kurtz, jr. Labby's Lunch Room Lechner's Soft Drink Parlor 78 Bert Mann Mayville Auto Co. Mayville Bottling Works Mayville News Pub. Co. Mayville Oil 8: Fuel Co. Mayville Service Station Mayville Transfer Lines Mayville Variety Store Emil Meiners H. A. Mueller 84 Sons D. Naber Co. Walter Naber H. L. Nitschke H. Nolde Northside Grocery People's Meat Market Dr. E. Pichotta Chas. Ruedebusch Co. Ruedebusch Implement Store Second Ward Grocery Store R. F. Spiering Standard Oil Co. State Bank Str0ok's Soft Drink Parlor Thiel 8: Kletzien i Thielke Hardware Co. Herman Toser Wadham's Service Station Walter Bros. Electric Shop Welsch 8: Lacey George Wheeler Wisconsin Power 8: Light Co Wis. Radiator Furniture Co. Wisconsin Telephone Co. Zimmie's Barber Shop Louis Zuern, Granite Works,tit .......t.inn.tninnnn THE envioble reputotion which gi2EEEEr1:1'! "" ' gg off!! the house of Mendel enioys fa - ffl? X2 with schools throughout the 9 ' middle west, has been built QX A hr" upon consistently giving the ev ,gf '-pw-:Z 1 1 U H '52, highest qucility of work, the "Lid: ffm' 5 most extensive co-operotion, I I, cincl keeping its price within econommol bounds --"-' miiimgiweHim ,, WlSCONSIN'S BEST AND LARGEST ENGRA NG PLANT AND ART sruoto v i Wllilllfflllml X lllll lllll ll Wh lllll W I N m l llsllnl mnlwhnm -X IIIIIAM II ffm y I llll .,. YFEIS GIF. WAS EBGRAVE9 BY Mandel E E!'A1"l: Studios inxuuausnama wwxs X791 an KLWWV figgw -lk my This Yr-ar Hook is a product ol nur plant. TH E CRAFTSIVIAN P R ESS PARIJI-1IiX'Il.l.F., WISCONSIN. m 1. w-nwu-w- -w-fm-wax, A-'Hunn-I X255 X Of fig f we Q? fffrf 01, ' Zvi.- - A W QV 4' if X , Q 0 if 327 Q7 CZIZ2 77 0, Q TEIUUIU i game? 4 ff, fi' ,f M X X fl gr ix- N' f-ix ww, -A in 1 XX -ffifx EXXXX Q UA YVILLE Cam nt., 35-U . .1 .1 A ' 4 , . fgf, ' . -L. vf. x - uw- P wT'z1',' 1' 1 , . 5 !Pf' W 1 . P 'js N - , 4 :. ,, v 2, 1 33 f Q ' "' . vii b Z f f ' 1 0 Q TY ,DAIQIC

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