Maryville High School - Appalachian Yearbook (Maryville, TN)

 - Class of 1941

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Maryville High School - Appalachian Yearbook (Maryville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1941 volume:

LJ ,I f f 1 ' THE APPALACHIAN 1 9 4 1 MARYVILLE HIGH SCHOOL MARYVILLE TENNESSEE Published by the Senior Class of 'e v., L FOREWCRD For some years Maryville High School has kept alive the ories of high school days by publishing an annual It is in keeping Wllh this tradition that we the senior class offer this 1941 ediiion of the Appalachian in the hope that in the future years this keepsake will bring to life dormant memories of the happiest days of our youth 5 1 1 -jx L S, Z' .. m 3? I fl spirit, the laughs, the joys, the heartaches, the precious mem' i' i' i i lr I' Q 'I' ir Q DEDICATION Partxcularly 1n t1mes of stress we feel the strong 1nv1s1b1e bonds that unxte Amencans Amerxcans a blend of people of nch character frne culture and hrgh xdeals to WhlCh all natrons and races have contrrbuted Amerrcans have always loved and apprecxated therr democratrc rdeals hberty lustrce equahty rdeals whrch our forefathers upheld w1th dauntless courage It IS these rdeals that we are ever ready to defend vahantly rn the sp1r1t of true Amencans And so we choose th1s opportune trme to dedrcate The Appalachran for 1941 to Patnotlsm that tralt of Amencamsm whrch shall ever pre- serve thxs rdeal life-life as God meant xt to be' 4 4 4 C 4 4 i SW c :Hu FACULTY 4?-Q Iohn L Brewer Harry H Gcudmg Supermtenden! Pnncxpal Czty Schools Hzgh School 'Y' Mrs Eleanor Budgett Elworth Black xxx O3Q"j,,f' Speech Dxversxhed Occupcmons Mary Nell Black Steve Boretsky Science Athletxcs Socxal Scxence Alberta Coventry Claude D Cums Nmcx Gamble Mrs 'lone W Gcxudxng Hxstory Enghgh Murhemcmcs Languages 4 Mcthemcncs Physrcs is 7X lf FACULTY K5 N. I Marvln Lmdley Mrs Ruby Lee McCurry Helen Ott Paul Raffely Musrc Enqlrsh Lrbranan Athletrcs Mechanical Drawmg 'Ds '5 Bessre Ray Mrs Margaret W Rueter Marletta Sharp Mxrlam Waggener Enghsh School Secretary Home Home Economzcs Economics 1' Chas F Webb Mrs Iuamta R Wme Englrsh Business Department 5 AL' fx 5 THE APPALACHIAN STAFF :QQ B111 Buford Iohn Fouche Ir B111 Wagner B111 Lane Rosemary Iverson Ednor Assocxaie Busmess Assoczate Art Edzfor Edrtor Manager Busmess Manager M W Hardln Carolyn Costner Ross Honaker Drck Stroebe Lula Callaway Crrcularzon Features Sports ASSOCIUYE Assoc1are Manager Edxtor Edztor Art Edrtor Art Edztor Ffllllk KTCIYHGI' Iack Lamberi Ida Sue E111s Kenneth Presley Iosephme Mays Assomate Assomate Assoclate Typxst T5 p15f SPOIYS Busmess Fearures Edltor Manager Ednor 6 , 1 l I I ' I I Y K 'S 6: J B , Q X ' w Cn Q 'S ir 11 as 1 as t at 11 t -t 1, 4 -Y 4 4 lf B111 Lane Presxdent Annual Staff 3 4 Band l 2 Red and Black Thespxan Football 2 3 4 Var srty Club Boys Hrkrnq Club H1 Y Club em M W Hardm Vzce Presrdent Alcoa 1 Cheer Leader 3 4 Red and Black Drum Major 4 Varsrty Club An nual Staff 4 Boys Hrkmg Club HxY Club .,aA.fy ff 'f' if 6' sz' f,,4,4d,-L'-fl, THE SENIOR OFFICERS f f' ' Eula Gray Fortner Secretary Secretary Home Room 4 Thespran 3 4 Presrdent 4 Best Thespran FIYSI Semes ter Gxrls Hiking Club DAR P1lgr1m age Drums of Death cast 4.1 Iohn F ouche Ir Treasurer Treasurer Class 1 Vlce Presrdent Home Room 1 2 Presrdenl Class 3 Secretary H1Y Club Hadro Club Boys Hxkmg Club Annual Staff 4 Edrtor Red and Black 'S V44 'C -. 4 fa be 4 4 ff fr 1 .L -.f , A 1 l . . ...rh , ' f gf , - 4..,.Q YN 1 f lz"..1fx ' " V 0 ,gf I Q' K f ,-. , V . X. in- 14'-'-.' ,.-"s 1 K ' f'f',t'f,-c , . Nd fl A , ,YM ,fl ,Q 4 . L Li.. f .4fJ V' -f1l"",f - J 4, ,, . . . A . . , ,Q D f . , . I . ., QJ, . I . , I I I . 1 , : H :H . . . - : ' I 1 . ,gb 'MX . .. 1 f H' - N 1 9 R 'CJ 4 f lf Hugh T Baker ramatrc Club 1 2 Cat 1ne Tarls and Knave Hearts casts Photography Club Boys Hxkmq Club Chorr l 2 3 4 Thespran Radio Club B1ll Buford Beta Club Treasurer Thesprans Secretary treasurer Varsrty Club Presrdent Lrterary Club 2 3 Red and Black Basketball l 2 3 4 Presrdent Home R om l 2 4 Student Councrl l Treasurer 2 Bandl 2 3 Pres1dent4 Annual S fl 2 3 4 Ed1tor1nch1ei4 Drum Malor 3 Ca O Nme Tails Drums of D ath and Aunt Ierushy casts Boys Glee Club Cheer Leader 4 Helen Loulse Campbell Glee Club 1 2 Chorr 4 JW Charles T. Carrigan Sports Club: Football 3, 4: Vare sity Club 3, 4: Bays' Glee Club, 'R 6 3 5 9 Betty Ballard Secretary Home Room 1 Grrls Reserve Dramatrc Club Glrls Hrkrnq Club Drrll Team Red and Black Le Club de Correspond ence Etranqer Chorr 1 2 3 4 Maryvrlle Iumor Musrc Club Beta Club Thespran Evelyn Campbell Lone Iack Hrgh School Four Mrle l Gladys Carrmqer Dramatrc Club Drversrhed Occu patrons Don Caughron Glee Club: Airplane Club: Sports Club: Dramatic Clubf Hi-Y Club: Red and Black: Thespianf "Aunt Ierushyu and "Drums of Death" Casts. -1' Carolyn Costner Nominee for Carnival Queen 1: Student Council l, 2: "Aunt Ie- rushy" cast: Beta Club: Thespian: Red and Black: Girls' Hiking Club: Annual Stall 1, 2, 4: Band Sponsor. Yvonne Cupp Eleanor Dlckens Dramatic Club Girl Reserve Sports Club Diversified Occupa tions Richard Dunn HiY Club Sports Club Dtversi fied Occupations Edith Craft Everett 1: Greeneville 3: Glee Club: Choir 4: Drill Team Leader 4: Dramatic Club: Sports Club. , Harold Denton H1Y Club Sports Club Vrrginra Drake Travel Club Dramatic Club Four Dimensions Club Secretary Pho tography Club Treasurer Glrls Hiking Club French Correspond ence Barbara Elmore Dramatic Club Photography Club Nomxnee for Carnival Queen 2 Band 2 3 4 Treasurer Class 3 Girls Hiking Club Girl Reserve Lead in Aunt Ierushy Secretary Home Room 3 Thes pian Cheer Leader 4 i IohnW Fa r Museum Club Sports Club Var srty Club Pres1dent4 Boys Glee Club Football 3 CoCapta1n 4 Basketball 4 Second Team All tournament Basketball Neysa Nerene Ferguson Dramatxc Club Grrl Reserve Aunt Ierushy cast French Cor responclence Club Thespran Imogene Glffln Lamer l 2 Grrls Hrkmg Club Marjorre Gooch Knoxvrlle Hxgh l Glrl Reserve Thesptan Grrls Hrklng Club Basketball Manager 3 Varsettes wlllul 1 15+ ll G Ke1th Ferguson Blue Rrdge G H1Y Cub Sports Club Iohn Edward Gates West Haven I-hgh School West Haven Connectrcut 1 Clarks vrlle Hrgh School Clarksvtlle Arkansas 2 Z3 Martha Grllespre Presrdent Home Room l Dramatrc Club Travel Club Lnterary Club V1cePres1dent B Sharp lVlus1c Club 2 Drstrlct Presldent Iunror Muslc Club Presrdent Maryvllle Iumor Musrc Club 2 V1cePres1 dent Home Room 3 Beta Club Secretary Thespxan Aunt Ie rushy and Drums of Death casts Red and Black Frances Guthndge Grrl Reserve Glee Club I Edna Hall Dramatic Club Girl Reserve R dio Club Choir 3 4 Sports Club Iohn Harbln Airplane Club H1Y Club Vice President Home Room 1 Literary Club Sports Club Red and Black Vice President Home Room Stuart Ross Honaker Treasurer H1 Y Club 3 Vice Pres ident Class 3 Football 2 3 Cap tain 4 Varsity Club 2 3 4 Bas ketball 2 3 Hed and Back Annual Staff 4 Maxine Houston Everett 1, 2: Basketball 3: Var- settes 3, 4: Diversified Occupa- tions. 445 Q 1-. 36 12 Bill Haney Friendsville 1 2 3 Diversihed Occupations Loutse Henry Student Councill 2 Annual Staff 2 Red and Black Ham Night Wmntng Play 3 Debate Team 3 4 President Home Room 4 President Beta Club Betty Hopkins Quarryville High School Quarry ville Pennsylvania 1 2 Cheer Leader 3 Vice President Home Room 3 Ham Night 3 Thesplan Girls Hiking Club Senior Class Sponsor Hostess for State Basket ball Tournament Iean Huddleston Cheer Leader 2, 3, 4: Manager B sketball 2, 3: Choir l, 2, 3, 4: Varsettes 4: Girls' Hiking Club: History Club: Sports Club: Thes- pian: "Aunt Ierushy" and "Drums of Death" casts. zl' Don Hurst Presrdent Home Room l HtY Club Llterary Club Varsrty Club 2 3 V1cePres1dent Varsrty Club 4 Football 2 3 4 All East Ten nessee Football Team 4 Basket ba 2 3 Captam 4 Al Tourna ment Basketball Fxrst PJ' WW M Rosemary Iverson Annual Staff Thespran Serqeant of Arms Beta Club Red and Black Home Economrcs Club 3 Lrterary Club Aunt Ierushy cast Ianelle Krzer Townsend 1 Basketball 2 Cap tam 3 Varsettes 3 4 Presrdent 3 Flag Bearer Dull Team Chorr 3 4 Treasurer 4 Beta Club Red and Black Aunt Ierushy cast Iunror Musxc Club Radro Club G1rls Hrkmq Club Dorothy Law Vrce Presrdent Travel Club Lrt erary Club Grrl Reserve Ham Nrght Wrnnrnq Play 3 Beta Club Red and Black Hrstory Club Sec re-tary Treasurer Home Room Hostess for State Basketball Tour nament Fm? lull l G-rv -or 'Z' 3- is 1' .53 I5 Iohn I Ingram ML seum Club H1Y Club Drver s1'1ed Occupatrons Lourse Ieffrres Dora Mae Largen Glee Club Chotr 4 Ctrl Reserve Photography Club Drxll Team Dramattc Club IohnA McAfee Ir Presrdent Class l Presxdent Home Room 1 Presrdent Home Room 2 H1Y Club Red and Black Radio Club Beta Club Thespxan l Flora McBath Everettl 2 3 Dxversmhed Occu patxons Edward McCul1ey Sports Club Varsxty Club Bas ketball 4 Co Captam 4 Bonny Kate Mantooth Everett 1 2 D1V6ISlfled Occupa uons Iosephme Mays Secretary Class I Carnxval Queen 3 Glrls Hxklng Club 3 4 Iumor Class Beauty Queen A nual Sta!! 4 1' ll I I ,qql 31 -n-,. 1' 14 Magdalene McCampbe11 C McCu11ey Don Matthews H1 Y Club Rosa11e Mltchell Gul Reserve Dramatxc Club Dull Team Secretary Home Rome rlgjy Jjrffl Fred M1ze Windell Myers Dramatic Club Girl Reserve Kenneth Presley Treasurer Home Room 1 2 Stu dent Council 2 Vice President Home Room 3 Beta Club Treas urer 4 President Home Room 4 Who s Who l 2 Choir 4 Annual S at 2 4 Mabel Ieanne Richmond Beta Club: Thespian: History Club: Music Club: Radio Club! Girls' Hiking Club: Literary Club: Dramatics Club: Class Secretary 3: Vice-President Home Room 4: Drum Majorlettelxj AIL4, Z. 'Vx 1,1041 fsxryja, aft, L, if i. 1. 71 .MMV M -, , 1 Y, cjp 4 V f , , ,ff 4, 4 A., M ' 1 ,Lf- P 1 I ff. .f sf! Ruby Pearl Myers Everett l 2 Sara Iane Phelps Girl Reserve Glee Club Home Economics Club Debate Team Ceclle Maxine Raulston History Club Dramatic Club Sports Club Diversified Occupa tions Maxine Seaton Dramatics Club: Travel Club: Lit- erary Club: Girl Reserve: Radio Club: Vice-President Beta Club: Secretary Thespians: Treasurer Home conomics Club: Secretary History Club: Iunior Music Club: REd"GI'lIi Black: Drum Majorelte: "Aunt ferudiyu and "Drums of Dea " casii C r Ioe Sharp Sylvra Patton Sh1e1ds Chr1st1ne S1ng1eton Canoga Park I-hgh School Cah forma 1 2 3 V1cePres1 ent Chxor 4 Charlotte Stevens East and Central I-hgh Schools Akron Ohro 12 Presldent Home Room 3 Gtrl Reserve Basketball 3 4 Varsettes 3 4 Glee Club Mary Ellen Shepard President Home Room l, 27 Girl Reserve: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Co- Captain 4: Red and Black, Vice- President Varsettes 3, 41 French Correspondence Club: Girls' Hik- ing Club: Cheer Leader 4. Htlda Mae Srmerly Glee Club Gtrl Reserve Dr11l Team Chorr A I Stlnnett Baseball l Sports Club Football 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Vars y Club Katherxne Sm1th Student Counctl 1 Red and Black 4 Bad 3 4 Thespxn Treasurer Home Room 3 4 Aunt Ierushy and Drums of Death casts French Correspondence Club l Mcxry Cather1ne Stoutt BSharp Musrc Club Grrl Re serve Drrll Team Dnverslhed Occupatxons Drck Stroebe Anrplane Club H1Y Club Pho toqraphy Club Le Club de Cor respondence Etranger Llterary Club Beta Club Red and Black Boys Glee Club Annual Staff B1l11e lean Walker Chorrl 2 3 4 Drlll Team Grl Reserve Dramahc Club in 17 "9 5 B111 Wagner Football 2 3 4 Thesplan Red and Black H1Y Club Varsity Club Annual Staff 3 4 Betty Waters Walland 1 Basketball 2 3 Man aged 4 Red and Black Secre tary Vars ttes 3 4 Band French Correspondence Club Carnrval Queen Nominee 4 In Memory of LEON NORRIS 1923 1940 , 3 i ' ,j-ff .iv in . . R ' . . . I' ' I i A. 5 ,, - l'-4 t i- 1' i i -i 1' 1' 1' I -A' I- f 4' 11' 4 1' -F i -Y ip -K 1' 'Y i -F 11' 4- st 4 11' 4 f 4 41 4 4 4 -Y 4: 4 4 4 4 4 4 1' v-v'l Iack Lambert Barbara Grllesple Pres dent V ce Pres dent THE JUNIOR OFFICERS l Lula Callaway lack Reed Secreiary Treasurer P0 r 'lllll' Q . 5' iq l Lawrence Alhson Earl Baker Barnawell Betty R B1vens Mason Boyatt Genevleve Bradshaw Beryl Breedlove Carl Bntton Nancy Anne Bryant B111 Carnnger Hazel Clabough Harold Clark Reba Fay Condry 5 Mary Ruth Curtiss , Ida sue suis wwf T Mary Ellis 21 3' 1' li Cledlth C Grffm Darrell Grles Marran Iane Goellner Morton Grubb Co1v1n Hammock Robert C Hatheld Ir Eugema Hawley Wanda Heaton Charles Henderson Paul Everette Humphrey Wanda Keeble Iohn L Keny Fred Krser Frank Kramer Ralph Lambert ri if 3 'Q' 11 'Q 3 'AA 72 Cs Q l - Iune Lcxne Harold Lecxtherwood V1v1an McCulloch Bobb1e Mcrynor Iune Montgomery D1l1on Moroney Ir Iohn K Mullendore Wllma Phelps Betty Anne Pzper Nancy lane Pouge B111 Proffltt Ehzubeth Proffltt mfr 'iff L1111c1n Profhtt VJ., ICI1'19tLl1C1I1ud j N fp I W Ioe Rorex Inj 25 '36 it Edward Rose Ben Ross Marmell Ross Shrrley Russell Gladys Scarbrough Edrth S1mer1y Mary L1ll1an Smgleton Cather1ne S S1sk MGIJOIIG Sm1th Tom Sm1th Arthur Spears Katherme Staley B Sutton Ir B1lly Tedford Polly Waters 31' L t""f 7' 6 :ig 24 -36 'D f7 . , J - T i I .. , ai 1' ll fy 4 v ' Y ni 4-5 n . '1L5!. 'x ,,.- f 1 ' 4 I Lg, , f K I 171 :far LV I ' K Q! ' - 4. 451 Q ' U, an . by .D 4- 5- 5, I t 'T' ' 1 F y KJ I ' .. s- V K L x v . 43 rl' - J . , tv A 1 J 1 v 1. M 1. L t A- f . . . y vt y ,U L . l . gf 11 J , . . A J lf . ', Q "- . t- 1 1 J. n K 0 I L. . , . ' 5 Z3 XVLVA QJLE4 1 4 H 4 4 4 4 F 1 am THE BLACK IACKS President Vice President Lillian Badgett Secretary-Treasurer ....,................................. Betty Lou Boycxtt Lillian Badgett Mary Tom Clark Betty Lou Boyatt Louise Clabough Evelyn Baine Opal Mae Burell Imogene Boring Eileen Barnawell Viola Caughron Mary Case Mary Barnawell Rena Mae DeHart 26 Miss Black Paul Blankenbeckler Ralph Broyles Lon Bible Iack Colvin A. B. Goddard Claude W. Best Walter Chambers Walter Anderson Frank Dyer Racey Peezel I. W. Davis --1 W quill B --- ' .J .........................,......................,............. acey Feezel ic - ffl Fm? lllll W Hg BORETSKY BURRHEADS Martha Lambert Helen lean Huffman Madge Huffstetler Vxolet Farmer Elxzabeth Elhs lane McCulley Ruth Lloyd Ernestme Harnson lane McCall Helen Elwood Iack Hancox Bxlly Hrcks Paul Mxller Z7 Earl Hord Ruth Hxcks Imogene Fancher Margaret Hale lack McCulloch Brlly Manley Ray Martm Clyde Hall Harold Kxdder Sam Hawley Barley Hampton Bxlly Hoyt Bob Mull w ' W 0 x W ' - 3x VJ' I . gy' Mary Lynn Kizer Rachael Johnson V lil ,ij v' I, . 1 lf V 'N J. Q . l ffl . . ww . - AQ DUO TRES President Vrce Preszdent Secretary Treasurer Nora McDamels Margaret West Vrrgrma Smxth Mary Phelps Barbara Trotter Mrldred Thompson Sue Parker Maude Perryman Paulrne Pettrt Mary Elrzabeth Wallace Wrlma Youngblood Beatrice Stantreld Myrtle Shell Mrss Gamble 28 Kenneth Stlnnett Mary Earle Phelps Nora McDan1e1s Edna Earle Walker Rex Stuart Lacy Rueter Carl Murray lack Young Wlllldm Polk Bxll Orr Iohn Wlllxams Mac Pate Hugh Potter L K Weagley Ixmmy Stevens Kenneth Stmnett QNX 1' I I 'tl t i r . ' - 1,.r"v's-.Aj 'fu x 4,1 1 -' I 5 ,,, ' f ' ' f , g ' 'iii , .A I tm-5... t.'V-.,,Q'-233, ,gl ' . - 4. It 1+ 4 1 1' ' f Z JH yr' 5 4. -A Q i i i if f i President Vrce Preszdent Secretary Treasurer Mane Brown Velma Cook lane Carrmger Ruth Bntton Wxlma Breedlove Mary Annxs Beals lean Bryant Hella Anderson Blllle Bradburn Iune Burchheld ,f , If M ff J! ff THE WIG WAGS J' fff lf' Irma lean Carpenter Paul Floyd Kenneth Bean Raymond Dxckens Andy Carroll Earl Bam Lee Glfhn Donald Farmer Tommy Atkms Meade Frye Ted Denton XZ Paul Floyd pm-ffya f' Barbara Ann Anderson Mxss Waqgoner 30 1 I , 'Hu X N one YW we -if Y r- 'f f , , J, 1, V fr w M 3 ' f1flj,CV.f' If - ' ...........................................,..,,............ Hella Anderson , Aj ' fr ,Q cl 1 l - -L. MRS GAUDING S HOME ROOM Presrdent Vrce Presrdent Treasurer Edrth Merle DeLaney Mrldred Hancock Mary Donna Hale Betty Eller Mrs Gaudmg Rosemary Davrs Margaret Howell Elrzabeth Crawford Grace Cupp Merlre Headrrck Dean Harbrson Robert Goodman Lowry Holt 31 Houston Goddard Edrth Merle DeLaney Margaret Howell .105 07,2 Paulme Covmgton Mane Holder Dorcas Crowder Helen Edmondson Mary Catherme Gregory Kenneth Gregory Claude Houser Paul Keeble Houston Goddard Raymond Earle Keny Iohn Hayes Eugene Hamrlton Iames Helton I -61 Vfff ff gl iw 622591 G tml l :J it I M secretary. ...l... fifffifffflfif'fffffffffffffffffffff ...l. Elizabeth Crawford frfrl 10:1 iff .. .I I I ew 'J , ' Fill' to -XJ My ,x Lt. It Nt,- HX 41, X . f V , 'V r x " xx Z w,,, , r aJb Awx Q M Guxufrfndowaxfwf A .ff Zfqf gh, flf L MISS RAY S HGME ROOM Presrd ent Vrce Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer Matel Moore Edna Ruth Mrller Iosephme Iames Ioyce Klmble Iackle O Dell Frances Massey Margaret McAfee Betty Lmdsay Martha McAfee Beth Leatherwood Clara Monroe Wxleene Huddleston 32 Phll McClannahan Beth Leatherwood 9 W Donald K1dd Helen Keeble Drckre Moore Nell Mornson Iumor Morton Dayton Kmg Mary Etta Myers Douglas Poage Mary Charles Keny Allen Law f Eugene McCampbel1 WB ,iq 9 r F y AJ!!! Donald Krdd Phrl McClannahan J pg? ,, Q .5-Lg Q4 V KL2 -N yy Fl U- . ' -. or Va f e I ' 1 Q sf tl? X: Z 3 W I -at r - ,Syst iff- dw . 't Jxliifhrfi- MD X 34. I .Q ,,,k'kff,'i 7 3 1 nr N x 1 It x .1 , . ,fn , K , Qv fl , 1 X f x vt 1 x I E S' 19 74 ' I ': ., ,..1 ,, 7, . x , f" off ' ' , V A f 1, iff.. K V,,'f , 12:2 , ff, K, K I MJ I 'E . l rv u' . U ', K' X O9 X , HX . . X9 .f ,y . , Y--.----"--'------' A'-I--Q-",xl-------".""A-'--'- , ll ' ,--.--'vv-'A-------.--VA,A---v----VA..Y------- ' X . -----Q.,..-A-------..-.,--,---.w,.,,---,------ ' QQ' 'hx 'll l ,xt xx V if t s' .r Lvl pp A . H A Ril- i, si 3' nxt? xl . . . M J, . 6' A .. E ye THE OTTOES " nl ll' My rr IJ Ill Y 1 'jd ' ......................,...................,....................... Mildred Orr 'Ad MV Vice-President .........................................,..., Richard' Boylston l af f I . X 0 f- . . . , M ' f J f Preszdent Secretary Treasurer Sue Presley Betty Anne Tulloch Glona Stmnett Iamce Stevens Roberta Wrllbanks Elxzabeth Hobmson Iune Patton Frances Shepard Dorothy Vawter Mrldred Orr Ann Rueter Mxss Ott Ruth Russell Kathenne Smlth Sue Presley W Rxchard Boylston Robert Boylston Bull Piper Earvrl Whrtehead Grant Lawson Sharpe Nancy Renaker Catherme Smrth Luther Stmnett Iohn Sterlmg Harold Robmson Mmms Alexander Roberts Paul Stout Albert Wakelee WW 15: 0 F 4 4 4 4 4 4 W 'Rx '66 cj n- JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY FN Maryl Goddcrrd Mrs Ruby Lee McCurry Troy Hcrddox EdW1I1 Goddard WHO S WHO Betty Io Teffeteller Henry Callaway Ruth Taylor Prethest Most Popular Most Popular 31 'uw' ' Q- "' do 'Es 'Q . T gf ' I J l 1' I swf "1" I. S"-' -ff! -f ... fin 'ffwzff uf ' 0" 'Q 1 lwv 4629 4., 'W' 5 5 QM hr' 'Ki "E IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING F E' JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL TEAM Marvm Roulette Hoyt Mull Clyde Weeks, M P Hodson, Fenton Ferguson Kent Pnce, Ilmmy MCDCXHIGIS Don Kmq, Davxd Clark, Mr Goddard 37 1' I I III ' I , .' I . , ' 1' f w XV, " - 1 ' I x ,' ' , r ' , I . 4 f f -' A f . it Q' I' 'J 1 n H . . tt-, ' I 'v Tu- ' R U I . M. ' . 1 " 9" ,,..f 'TH' Ml 5. K A 0 -e V use-L 3.553 4 :M hrgnnww nk, -'QQ' A .L '- N ,QL gy: A Lf-51, 'iyf" ,jfh-.. . ' T -. . h- QQ ' ' fx . -' , I ,. I ,:- I I '-- - L- ., ,,,. - f f ' ' . I -' " F- ,5'. ..'i-'5 ft .L:"""G4f""5w x ' - . ' ,, Ltr" 1.-- g1g4.,..1-.-ff, w. If- -- , . .,.u.'f. ..,.,,,.e - f . 4,. ' wg K- .,., J W 31, .ANN W. . ' .. , - - . f, .,1:'lg- , ..,"'.. ,'4. ' . f l -fb ..f2-.-.F V .3 Q Lf Q W , . .UI ,. . -v. f .Y as-, U tv- ,sxggjri-v:L.isN . Llfhrifn ., In Y ive . A 4 -I Aw 'l , "1 It I I s 'L 4.5 vw-,R '. , ' '1 M. an I v- ,, ,ng ' ,913 'YI ,'.4 ii' 1 f' Q92 N . - Presrdent Bob Brown Vrce Pres1dent Guy Badgett Secretary Treasurer Henry Callaway Nancy Cates Mtldred Drtmore Helen Gxllenwater Bobble Lu Kerr lean Longmxre Manda Lu Looney Dorothy lean Carpenter Huthellen Crews Eleanor I-lrghtower Betty Crane Mary Brown lean Grbson Ella Mae Guthndge Helen Menton Dorothy Lane Margaret Andrews Mary Io Buiord lane Huddleston Carolyn Anderson Martha Bennett Helen Dunlap Sarandrew Delozler Frances Lambert Elxzcbeth Grllespxe lack Golden Davrd Clark Charles Aytes Mack Chastame Harold Hunter Bob Brown Eumce Anderson Helen Carroll Ruby Kmcaxd Iuamta Campbell Betty Fagg Fenton Ferguson 38 Ford Clark Charles Huffman I S Henderson Guy Badgett Clyde Kung Bobby Hrcks Henry Callaway Ruth Haun Betty Baker Maryone Dugan George Keller Hal Houston I C Hurst M P Hodson Willard Hurst Donald Kmg Kenneth Brown lames Bruden - 8-A - e 1' ll Treasurer Frank Shepard Kent Pnce A I Smrth R B Wayman Itmmy Russell Lucy Ann Prater Kathenne Stooksbury Barbara Sullxvan Margaret Stxnnett Ruoy Lee Moore Charles Trotter Irmmy McDan1els Elmer Mlze Dorothy Thacker Presrdent Ruth Taylor V1cePres1dent Betty Io Teffeteller Ilmmy McDan1els Barbara Sull1van Margaret Sutton Wanda Wrllrams Mary Lee Shrpwash Coleen Rose Mary Helen Pxerce Edxth Potter Elame McClure Ruth Taylor Iames Franklrn Roberts Wheeler Rxch Moms Moore Iohn Watt Wxlhe 'Io Morton Mary Lee Wrlllams 39 Eva Manley Shrrley Pendleton Betty Io Teffeteller Hoyt Mull Sonny Prater Ioe Walker Ierry Walker Iames Watts Margaret McDan1els Grace Moore Oneda Morrxson Dorothy Weagley Agnes Sterlmg Deane West 8-B Sgmy'ifffQf?f22222fff?fZI?f2QfQfffl l"lllll ,- Q b e Presrdent Russell D1ckens V1ce Pres1dent Betty Crawford Secretary Chesley Anderson Treasurer Bobby Krzer Don Everett Bobby Krzer Ed Heaton Robert Grabb Iohn Bnggs Russell Dxckens Hugh Dunlap D B Davrs Ir Iames Bennett Donald Iohnston Harold Brooks Buster Brown Albert Hook Wmsford Davxs Kyle Isbell Greta Cruxse Rrchard Hamxlton George Garner Ir Nma Iames Betty Io Hodson Mrldred Carter Betty Ann Fugate Ioan Hall Anne Gates Verna Lee Henry Grace Humphrey Loulse Huffstetler Blanche Holt Anna Mae Hrcks Flossre Hagelgans Audrene Anderson Mable Davidson 40 Georgra Kendnck Mar1one H111 Grace Bonng Nancy Burchfreld Kathenne Barnawell Dorothy Bennett Betty Crawiord Ons Beaver Chesley Anderson Iohn Keeble Charles Lawson Robert Iones Mark Allen Martha lo Hamson Betty Io Clemens 17 'af-I J'-5' C 'lllll' C ,V 1 ,K f 1.1 .' V Lim J ' A.: r W x t I 7-B President ..4.....,....,..........,.....,..,.... Marvin Roulette Secretary Treasurer Mac Law Recreatron Chazrman Bobby Morton Lors Moore Katherme Oxendme Gena Shamblm Alean Ramsey B1ll1e Ruth Patton Carolyn Pnce Trula Stout Mxnnxe Ann Trpton Zelma Walker Geraldme Long Iackulene Mrranvrle Betty Mannmg Glenn Orr Iohn Tetfeteller Eleanor Wlllbanks Alzce Sue Nuchols Vrrgtma Ioe Long Betty Overton Io Law Betty Osborne Mane Potter Sara Margaret Vawter Betty Paul Iane Leonhardt Dora Ruth Newberry Irmmy Norton Bobby Lambert Mac Law B111 Robeson B111 Varnell Homer Stmnett 41 Brll Overton Bobby Morton Roy Morton Len Roberts Mr Goddard Austm Chnstopher Charles Thacker Rex Porter Kenneth Roberts Thomas Watkms Edwm Trundle lack Wxlson Marvm Roulette Sam Knox Charles Walker -E i bil Qu PIANO QUARTETTE East Tennessee Champzons Pupzls of M1ss Lennrs Tedford Rella Anderson Mary Io Buiord lean Bryant Carolyn Anderson OUR LIBRARY 47 1 u R a lllll . , - A 1 ' s 1 . A 1 A ' ' 'Q "" 4 s ' as J' I Y ,LII Il - I 1 'Ill Q 4 4 1 if 4' 'F + N I ff czxg if 'I 4 'F 4 'F 'K 4- 4- nl MARYVILLE HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR Wrlma Breedlove Edna Hall Rena Mae DeHart Hella Mane Anderson Iamce Stevens Munan lane Goellner Margaret Howell Roberta Wrllbanks Brllre lean Walker Maude Perryman Edna Walker Sue Presley Mr Lrndley Helen Campbell Vxrgxma lewell Mxldred Hancocke Wanda Heaton Lomse Clabough Betty Ann Tulloch Betty Ballard Mxldred Thompson Iean Hudclleston Helen Elwood Hrlda Slmerly Margaret Hale Iohn Wxllrams Mary Earle Phelps Genevreve Bradshaw Ianelle Kxzer Nancy Renaker Chnstxne Slngleton Hazel Clabough Lxllxan Proffitt Ianet Rrch Betty Ann Pxper Edrth Craft Walter Chambers Rrchard Roylston Robert Boylston Harold Hobmson Hugh Trpton Baker Kenneth Presley Itmmy Stevens Brlly Tedlord I L Keny Bully Pxper Iohn Mullendore Iohn Sterhng Earl Bam Phll McClannahan Paul Keeble The Maryvrlle Hrgh School Chorr under the able d1rect1on of I Marvrn Lmdley has enjoyed a very successful year Thrs cho1r of flfty flV6 mixed vorces began xts work early rn Sep tember There has been a senes of f1Ve concerts Concert work for the future has already been planned The songs 1n the repertoxre of the cho1r are as follows R011 l01'ClC1Il Roll I Am An Amerxcan Open Om Eyes Hospodel Pom1lu1 Czechoslovaklan Dance Song Goin Home He s Gone Away My Homeland Tennessee Good mght 10 Muslc of Llfe 44 , A y. .X Us 1- t . 6. ' 2, 7' . . . 3. 8' 4. ' ' 9. ' 5. - ' . ' ' l B Fm? lull BETA CLUB Barbara Grllespxe Bobble Maynor Carolyn Costner Ianelle Krzer Mabel Ieanne Rrchmond Nancy Iane Poaqe Rosemary Iverson Betty Ballard Martha Glllespre Betty Ann Pxper Marmell Ross Ida Sue Ellxs Maxme Seaton Cathenne Slsk Nancy Bryant Eugenia Hawley Lula Callaway L1l11an Proffntt Betty Ruth Bnvens Vtrgxnxa Drake Dorothy Law Kenneth Presley Drclc Stroebe Bobby Hatheld B111 Buford Loulse Henry Mrss Ott Mary Dona Hale Vmrgmna Smrth Marmell Ross Catherme Smrth lean Huddleston Maxme Seaton Mabel Ieanne Rxchmond Barbara Gxllespxe Mary Annls Beals 45 HISTORY CLUB Dorothy Law M1ss Coventry Bobble Maynor Nancy lane Poaqe Lula Callaway HOME ECONGMICS CLUB 6,3 Martha Belle Lambert Lula Callaway Nancy Bryant Sec Lxllran Badgett Mlss Sharp Mrss Waggoner Rosemary DUVIS Iean Bryant Mary Annrs Beals Betty Lmdsay Cathenne Smrth Catherrne Srsk Maryone Smrth Pres Iackxe O Dell Irma Carpenter Lrlltan Proftrtt V Pres Betty Ann Plper Reba Faye Condry Elxzabeth Crawford Betty Eller Marxan Goellner IGHICG Stevens Betty Lou Boyatt lane McCall Ernestme Harrrson Roberta Wrllbanks Kenneth Bean ack Hancox V Pres ohn K Mullendore Mrss Black ohn Sterllng Paul Floyd Iumor Morton Tommy Atkms Morton Grubb Pres Walter Chambers Racy I-'eezell Bully Manley Walter Anderson Eugene McCampbell Raymond Drcl-rens Treas Paul Humphrey Sec Meade Frye Irmmy Stevens Claude Best Dlck Stroebe Eugene Hamrlton '36 B 'Ulu' Frances Massey Maxine Seaton, Treas. Ruth Lloyd FOTO FIENDS nl' 3 B111 Wagner Paul Hurst Kenneth Stmnett Charles Carngcm A I Stmnett Don Hurst VICE Pres1dent Arthur Spears Ross Honaker I W Farr Presxdent B111 Lane Coach Boretsky Kenneth Hodson B111 Buford Sec B111 Fmley Eugene Veal Iack Lambert Bob Mull M W Hardxn B111 Carrmqer Ed McCu1ley Coach Ratfety VARSETTES BOYS VARSITY CLUB ,lean Huddleston Ellen Shepard W1lma Phelps Charlotte Stevens Betty Waters Manager Mary Earle Phelps Sh1r1ey Russell N1na Gamble Sponsor Iune Montgomery MGIIOYIG Gooch Genevleve Bradshaw Maebelle Baker 47 1 'lllll' 1 1 I i l THESPIAN CLUB Marjorte Gooch Eula Gray Fortner Pres Marran Goellenor Martha Gtllespte Ruth Lloyd Lrlltan Badgett Carolyn Costner Rosemary Iverson lean Huddleston Mabel Ieanne Rtchmoncl H--1 Maryorle Smrth Betty Ballard Barbara Grllespxe Don Caughron Katherlne Smtth B111 Buford Treas Lrlltan Proffttt Maxrne Seaton Sec Carl Murray Frank Kramer Hugh Trpton Baker Vrrgmra Drake Polly Waters Neysa Ferguson Mrss Coventry Lula Callaway Bobby Hatheld Tom Smtth Iunror Fouche V Walter Anderson Pres FRENCH Ne sg FI S CQRRESPQNDENCE Vrrgrnra Drake Hcycocde qu on Ianet Rxch Betty Waters M H d M155 Huy Ellen Shepard mgmet O qes R055 Hgngker 18 i'llIll'C 3 l l - Catherrne S1Sk Kathenne Smlth Bobble Maynor Lula Callaway Barbara Grllespte Betty Lmdsay Betty Ballard Maxme Seaton Carolyn Costner Ellen Shepard Ruth Lloyd Dorothy Law Martha Grllespxe Betty Waters DEBATE TEAM Rosemary Davxs Nancy Ida Renaker Rosemary Iverson Bobby Hatfreld Drck Stroebe Frank Kramer Iohn Wxllrams Ross Honaker Iohn Fouche Ir Edxtor Carl Murray Asst Edrtor Mrs Wme Sponsor Llllxan Proffrtt Brll Buford Lacy Rueter B111 Lane M W Hardm Brlly Hoyt Don Caughron NEWSPAPER CLUB Mannell Ross A B Goddard Mmam Woggoner Coach Lourse Henry Catherme Smrth Sara Iane Phelps Tom Smrth 49 l DRILL SQUAD Ltllxan Prolxtt 'Ehzabeth Crawford Polly Waters Irma lean Carpenter Gladys Scarbrough Maude Perryman Mxldred Thompson Betty Ballard Ianet Rlch Betty Ann Pxper Clara Monroe Catherme Stsk Nancy Ida Renaker lun Montgomery Barbara Gxllespxe Iackme O Dell Betty Lou Boyatt Martha lane McAfee Edxth Crait Lrllxan Badgett Rella Marte Anderson Madge Hufistetler Ruth Lloyd Frances Massey lune Lane era ,Cub f-664,41 Mtldred Hancocke Martha Belle Lambert Margaret Iean Mclklee Betty Ann Tulloch Ruth Brxtton Dora Mae Largen Mary Lynn Kxzer Margaret Howell Dorothy Iean Hmes Mary Tom Clark lane Carrmger Ieanne Bryant Mtss Waggoner M W Hardtn Bxll Buford lean Huddleston Ellen Shepard i 1 l I I I I l - . . . 'H V7 . Ianelle Kizer Rosemary Davis Lula Callaway J- , 5 50 CHEER LEADERS Mabel Ieanne Rlchmond Maryorre Teffeteller Maryorre Smrth ' .nan -im' Mary Dona Hale Bobby Hatfreld Nancy Bryant A B Goddard Houston Goddard Iohn Sterlmg Ioyce Klmball Katherme Smrth Douglas Poaqe Irmmy Stevens Colvm Hammock Sam Hawley Frank Kramer Harold Robmson Carl Murray BAND BOARD "" Betty Waters Bllly Hicks Allan Wells Rena Mae De Hart Harold Krdder Mr Lrndley Carolyn Costner Anne Rueter M W Hardm Eugene McCampbell Dorothy Vawter Robert Goodman Catherme Smlth Martha Belle Lambert Dorothy Weagley Lowry Holt Rrchcrd Roylston Nancy Iane Poage Tommy Atkms Robert Roylston B111 Buford Tom Smxth Roberta Wrllbanks Raymond Drckens Mary Barnawell Guy Badgett Bully Orr Betty Eller B111 Hoyt lane Carrmqer MARYVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND sar7"' 'lf A B111 Buford Presrdent Bobby Hatfreld Secretary Frank Kramer Vrce Presrdent Carl Murray Treasurer 51 ' 1 ' I I I ll ff 4 .' LQ., I ,r -T.-hz "'f""f'. 'r,.' ' .--1M Meade Frye Mary Annis Beals Maxine Seaton 1 'P A I 0' X Iv: . iq. . lf" ' s. A .. 1 H . x n - 1' 1 - 1 x lx ig : . x ' f . 1 X V . I . - I l DEPARTMENT OF DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS FQ lull I Gladys Carrmger Harold Clark Rrchard Dunn B111 Haney Iohn Harbm Charles Henderson Maxme Houston Iohn Ingram Lourse Ieffrres Fred Krzer Dan Lewrs Bonme Mantooth lack Matthews Flora McBath Magdalene McCampbell Max Mrze Lrllran Badgett Ellen Shepard Marlorxe Gooch Marran Iane Goellner Mary Ruth Curtrss Mary Charles Brrchlreld Carolyn Costner Mxss Black Vnvlan McCulloch Ie-an Huddleston Ianelle Krzer Eula Gray Fortner Mabel Ieanne Rrchmond Barbara Tot Elmore Belly Hopkms Vrrgmla Drake Lourse Clabough Hazel Clabouqh Elworth Black Co ordxnator 52 Sylvla Shrelds Wrlma Phelps Maxme Raulston Ma ry Catherme Stoutt GIRLS HIKING CLUB WN 72 ,A 'N 'KW'-'X 5 -'Q 5 Coach Raffety Coach Boretsky Coach Paul Raffety came to us thrs year from Iowa where he had an excellent record Wrth thrs successful experrence behmd hrm he developed a successful football team at Maryvrlle Hrgh Also thrs year he developed for us a champronshrp boys basketball team Coach Haffety has won hrs way rnto the hearts of hrs boys As the year has worn on he has turned ac quarntanceshrp rnto frrendshrp and has made fast and strong the bonds that brnd htm and hrs boys together by hrs understandrng of and lrkrng for hrs athletes Those who thrs year graduate wrsh for Coach Raffety and hrs teams of the future great success 4-3 Ross Honaker I. W. Farr Captain Co-captarn 5 A1 THE FOOTBALL TEAM Eugene Veal A I Strnnett Matthew Coleman B111 Wagner Kenneth Stinnett Kenneth Hodson Arthur Spears Don Hurst Bob Mull I L Keny Carl Murray B111 Lane I W Farr Ross Honaker Billy Hoyt L B Sutton Frank Kramer Cledlth Giffin B1llF1ndley Paul Miller Chares Henderson lack Reed lack Lambert B111 Proffitt B111 Piper Tom Denton Taft Watts Eugene Hamilton Ted Denton Although the football season of 1940 41 was not as successful as some others have been the boys did a good job. It was necessary to become acquainted with a new coach and a new system of play. So the team gath- ered speed and confidence as the season progressed. Considering the type of opposition the team encountered this year-one of the hardest schedules ever attempted by this school-coaches players and fans feel that the team made a good showing and deserves commenda- tion. Now that the boys are better acquainted with the new style of play used by Coach Raffety they feel that next year Maryville High School will put a team on our newly lighted playing field that will rank with the best in our section of the state. Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville Maryville 22 ...,...,,,,.......,, .,,, ,,,...,...... 0 0 ......,..., ................ ,..,,,... .,...,......,..............,..,.........,....,........,.... 1 13 55 Vonore 0 Madisonville 7 Iohnson City Rule 12 Everett 21 Clinton 12 Alcoa 0 McMinn 7 Loudon 8 Porter 0 Sweetwater 6 il 1- 33 4 0 0 7 0 7 7 - BOYS BASKETBALL B111 Pxper Manager I W Farr Bob Mu11 Artxe Spears B111 Fmley Eugene Veal Ed McCulley lack Young Manager Kenneth Hodson Don Hurst B111 Buford Coach Rattety A I Strnnett Coach Raffetys frrst year at Maryvrlle H1gh was certamly a successful one 1n basketball He developed a team wh1ch won the Seventh D1str1ct Tournament and gave Knoxvrlle H1gh an unforgetable f1ght 1n the reg1onal tournament The pass1ng attack was a great factor 1n the success of lh1S years team Pract1ca1ly the same team w1l1 return next year If the boys play w1th the same sp1r1t shown th1s year we should be f1ght1ng for ton honors 1n the state tournament I 5:5 . ' ln ess 2 51 Don Hurst Ed McCu11ey CUPMYIU Cofaptam 56 A, . 1 1- L0 X "4--.-r4- I - ,Inq 0 ,Li 14. H Q Q.. lo,. I I , . . . . , . . -, - 7 Y r :Hu GIRLS BASKETBALL Betty Waters Wxlma lsbxll Ruth Brrtton Helen Edmonson Mae Belle Baker Vrolet Farmer Dorothy Carpenter Genevleve Bradshaw Mary Phelps Iune Montgomery Charlotte Stevens Shlrley Russell Helen Huffman Ellen Shepard Coach Boretskys g1ls basketball team concluded a very successful season wrnnrng n1ne games losmg srx and tyrng one These grrls had one of the best passmg systems rn th1s ent1re sectron Th1s comb1ned w1th therr splendrd sp1r1t and eager cooperatron made for a well rounded team In sprte of the tact that Coach Boretsky loses two good players by graduatron he looks forward to a greater season next year 31 114- Genevreve Bradshaw Betty Waters Captain Manager 57 Ellen Shepard Co captam 1 ' r . I I , ' ai l A . , L t Q x 4 4 l g .. Fm? r 1... --2 :HU E v Mabel Ieanne RlChmOHd Carolyn Costner Maxme Seaton M W Hardm Anne Rueter 'UQ HOSTESSES FOR THE STATE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT Betty Hopkms Dorothy Law APPRECIATION The members of the staff through th1s paragraph express therr apprec1at1on and thankfulness to Marjone Gooch who al though not off1c1a1ly a member of the staff rendered much valu able servlce 1n the preparatxon of the copy for th1s book 58 M WMV ,i x lb I - 0 , 3 an A 'rs tw? M 4, W! I I S U Q Q ' 'Z i f i if 1' f 1' 'I' -P I W :gx M, B . ix x 1 - . oh, . an yo 'Q N f Wx . v I P" I I Y ,I A I S - 7 J X 4 Y 41 4 4 4 4 ? l' 1' ll ' -- BETTY HOPKINS Sponsor of the Semor Class 60 s - f i 1'l ll - GENEVIEVE BRADSHAW Sponsor of the Iumor Class 61 , I , s Y mx 1 ' ,' I A I - LILLIAN BADGETT Sponsor of the Sophomore Class I2 i A ' . m - ELIZABETH CRAWFORD Sponsor of the Freshman Class 63 QM? 62,49 piggy www cw: X! 1, 2 WW 5 S WMNwwE9 QE' fmfffgcii as iw W if EI S 2? QQWQJL Q5 N Q gk? E i?-Q W mn? kgs!! Wfwfwwfiw WWW ' 4 fue, bi,5,: G35 9 wx Q '55 ? J 5757 QeA. Qiwifwdffw Fwy iv. 2 , QQ ' X Q as QQ 1 an E0 My X ff X Of Ay K W '-1 Firestone Tires The Mark of Quality Jett SSIVICG Stat1on North Broadway Road Servxce Phone 450 MARYVlllE BARGAIN STORE Where You Get Bargams H P GRANT and LUKE IACKSON Phone lWoTbuTq3ms sfnvlcf muon CAPITOL THEATRE Of Course Everybody Prefers to Attend th e Capxtol Because Every Week they are Assured of the Frnest Entertalnment Our Many Years of Experxence Quahfy Us To Do Any and A11 SHEET METAL WORK Satlsfactonly Call Us Phone 143 over at 0VERlYS Wllhamson Warm A1r Furnaces Wmter Alr Cond1t1on1ng OVERLY Custom Bu1lt Roofmg Slate Roohng Radmtor Covers 411 " nussuvs BLOUNT MOTOR COMPANY THE LITTLE SUPER MARKET FOODS AT LOW PRICES d d dby KCRb COMPLIMENTS OF BLAZER S ESSO SERVICE Ph 588 T ty F H S Sales Service Maryville, Ten O an Oper o i C I 'We Invite You In' KIMBAll S JEWEIERS 428 Gay Street Knoxv1l1e Tenn Cal I H BRDWIIS DAIRY or PURE MILK AND CREAM Phone 609 W MARYVIllE DRY CIEAIIERS MID DYERS A B Hopkms Prop Phone 60 WE WISH F OR YOU THE BEST OF LUCK IN EVERY UNDERTAKING CANDY KITCHEN Comphxnents Insurance Bonds Loans Bank of Maryvxlle Bldg Comp11ments Products ol Supenonty Rockford Tenn. Phone 5501 Complxments of e MARYVIllE ICE 86 COAl C0 Congratulauons to the Semor Class Compllments F R 0 S I' ' ' 1 f of of 1- C-GIHESPIE lmfsronf nunv th ' of . urn ' cu: Compliments of ROCKF ORD MANUFACTURING COMPANY Rockford, Tennessee PAINE MOIOR C0 Pontlac Sales and Servxce G M C Trucks Knoxvxlle Hlghway Phone 8341 TENNESSEE GAS COMPANY West Broadway Phone 1080 HENRY AND COX 1423 E Fdth Avenue Phone 21816 Knoxvllle Tenn Dzslnbutor Toms Toasted Peanuts Fme Candles and Peanut Butter Sandwlches ClRClE DRIVE SERVICE SIATION ONE STOP SERVICE Duff H Anderson Prop Mdryvxlle Tenn l . ' 1 . ll 1 H ' I I 1 . I8 FOOD MARKET Cates and Stanley Sts. We Dehver Phone 818 Our Axm Complete Satxsfactxon HENDERSOTIS BARBER SHOP 4 Kmd Courteous cmd Effluent BARBERS Your Pcxtroncrge Apprecxcrted Glve Us Q Tncxl Rear ol Blount Ncmonal Bank Maryvxlle Tenn BOB HENDERSON Manager Cornpllments of CITY D UG COMPANY Hcxrry M Bud Oren D Lowe S e r v 1 n g Maryvxlle cmd Blount County w1th only the best 1n drugs sundnes foods cmd dnnks Follow the Road of Systematzc Savmgs Fznancxcrl Independence FIRST FEDERAl SAVINGS QANDJ lOAN ASSOCIATION OF MARYVIllE Maryville Tenn. Insured Home Scrvmgs Loans Compllments STANSBERRYS FOOD MARKET 110 Washmqton Ave Phone 130 ww Exclusxve Agency ln Blount C or Star Brand Shoes Poll Purrotts hoerncrker hoe Store Gordon Bennett Walter Blcmfeld In J. M. CElY , R , . . ' n Let Us Help You of . . , to ' ' A o.f .. - T 69 Compllments Davls Motor Company 3 C0 VIN COAL 0 Smce 1924 We re Servmq You Now and Hope to Serve You Contmuously Phones 81 381 H BROADWAY FURNIIURE AND HEATING C0 lack Colvxn Tyson Colvxn Furnaces Installed Cleaned Repaued New and Used Furnlture Warrn Mornlng Heaters Phone 1298 of l C . Coal - Coke - Treated Stoker .1 . ... 1 .J vo BROAD!-SCRE FARMS Grade A Pasteunzed Darry Products You Can Whrp Our Cream But You Cant Beat Our Mrlk Robert Mggajmpbell Tr Phone 189 Iamigqeearson THE HOPE BROTHERS L0 Knoxvxlles Oldest Iewelers Dlamonds Watches Iewelry Engraved Cards and Announcements 613 Market Street SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLY TO Statxoners Ofhce Outhtters 407 WEST CLINCH AVENUE Knoxvxlle Tenn Telephone 3 7145 Comphments BLOUHT HOTEL T A Boylston Prop KHAEEL AHD BRAKEBILL What Sterlmq rs to Srlver Th1S name IS to your Photograph MC CONNELLS 309 W Broadway Umversal Electrlc Ranges Ph11co Refngeratlon and Radms Bendxx Home Laundnes Crane Hot Axr Furnaces 24 Hour Electrrc and Refngerahon Servlce 71 l ., . , .. I of n Knoxville 1 ll I I . SUTTON TRANSFER CO. Local and Long Distance Moving Best - Cost Less Office-10 Phones Res.-892-M Maryville. Tenn. 17 dnnlri-muh , V "East Tennessee's Most Modem School of Business" Gay at Union Knoxville, Tenn W1111ams Brothers Man uiacturers Flour Meal and Feed 152 East Maln Street Maryvxlle Tennessee Comphments P A Waters Buy Everything CLARK AND .TUNE KNOXVILLE Compllments Bl0UNT MERCANTNE C0 of of Musical from of in I - I J 7 C - - 72 Comphments COllEGE ClEANERS Geo Garner Prop Washxngton Avenue Maryvdle Tenn Phone 612 Every Phase of Beauty Culture Sc1ent1f1ca11y and Thoroughly Taught at the KNOXVIIIE BEAUTY INSTITUTE A Progressrve School 4225 S Gay St Tel 3 9826 HITCH RADIO SERVICE Motorola and R C A Radios CROSLEY Refngerators and Ranges Comphments SOUTHERN SHOE STORES 212 West Broadway Mcxryvrlle Tennessee The Essential or Identz canon The Really Personal Gzftl- The Effectwe Remembrance- YOUR PHOTOGRAPH The Webb Studio Photos of Permanency and Character of . . . ' I - - Mrs. O. S. Norton, Pres. of '14 73 Compliments BLOUN T COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY LAMON S Hrghest Quahiy Dany Products Phone 200 Comphments Alcoa Motor Co Guaranteed Used Cars Ex1de Batter1es 6. General Txres Phone 1091 Safeguard Your FUTURE' NEW CLASSES Have Been Formed In All Sublects En ollmenls Accepted from I e 1 to Iune 15 Now IS the t e to make the step that ass res mdependence KNOXVIllE BUSINESS C0llEGE Member Nat onal Asso ato of Acc ed ted Commerc ISchooIs Knoxvrlle Tennessee Dlal 31230 Frank L Rouser Co c PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES Motxon Prciure Equxpment and Accessones Phone 3 0409 317 W Church Ave Knoxville Tenn. , . of I . ., In . r un ' im u you of future success and financial ' - 1 " i ci i n r i ia " ' , I l i 74 SULLINGEITS BATTERY SHOP Official Willard Service Station Battery and Electrical Repairing Telephone 119 Comphments BOND WOOLF 86 COMPANY THE J 8C K STORES Incorporated The Home of Manufacturers WESTINGHOUSE Lumber ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Oqk F1OOI1ng Every House Needs Westinghouse Wholesale only We Appreciate Your Business Be Sure with Pure LANE AUTO SERVICE Speczahzmg in Weaver Wheel Aligning Service 409 East Broadway Maryville Tennessee General Repainng Phone 73 Automohve Service 75 I. of O O , . H ll ' ' ll 1 ee - 91 ' I 1 I -i 1 Compliments of ROYAL IEWELERS Optxcal Department Its Easy to Pay the Royal Way at all tunes STOP AT THE SIGN shop your store B O W E R S OF THE ORANGE DISC FIISI for everyday values rn top quahty IVIEN S WEAR BOYS WEAR GIRLS WEAR SPORT GOODS CAMP EQUIPMENT RIDING TOGS P E IRWIN Dzstnbutor GULF REFINING CO PRODUCTS V- Y UQ STORE , WASHINGTON HIGH SERVICE STATION Now under new management and ready to serve you wlth a complete l1ne ESSO PRODUCTS Phone 1063 76 ll I ll .. ,. 9 I . Q - I ' l .w 'I '7'l'.1L.L1.l:l-lfff'1II-. . -J - I of I I I - 1 l I AMOS AND ANDY ESSO W A K E R S SERVICENTER Students Sweaters Young Men s and Grrls Sport Oxfords Aerotype Esso Esso Motor O11 Essolube Motor O11 Atlas T1res and Battenes Complrments Broadway at Wxnter Street BLOUNT SANITARY lAUNDRY M 111 T essee mv e enn PHONES Telephone 204 OfflC6 Uptown Broadway Maryville Tennessee Your BEST Furruture Store Come In Well Trade MAJESTIC JEWELRY C0 1 sos F. Broadway Comp 'ments Elgm Waltham and Kenwood Watches Conven1ent Terms Expert Watch Repmmg HUEESYEHER AND COMPANY All Work Guaranteed 77 l 7 ALCOA FURNITURE CO., Inc. - L. - Y I Comphments Ghlbert s Sam H. McCammon Roy E Ammons McCammon Amrnons FUNERAL HOME Mctryvxlle Tennessee Phone 345 MARYVlllE PRODUCE C0 I Comphments G AND F GRIll Ll Comphrnents B Y R N E DRUG COMPANY I I of ' X Wh 1 oem T. C. A KE Fruits Vegetables Confections N of of I .. n ....... ... L , . - n 78 I Compliments Compliments of of s '11 Clark's Flowers andwm Shop Compliments CAM I-I STERLING O W Schaeffer Sales Agency UNDERWOOD STANDARD AND PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Sales Rentals and Repairs 421 West Chnch Avenue KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE Phone 3 2181 Telephone 9125 West Side Service Station Ph0ne1200 TAXI Gulf Gasoline and Motor Oils DGY and Nlqhf Sefvwe Complete Lubrication Clean Rest Rooms Tourist Service Whlte Star Line Broadway and Montvale Sts 79 of Iohn P. Lindsey L i Congratulations to the Graduates from S H Georget2Sons Gay at Wcxll Knoxville Tenn Compliments ol GEO. L. BUFORD Byerley s Pnggly Wlggly Good Thmgs to Eat Comphments Service Barber Shop Comphments BOB WELLS Q Q My msaums R mm N' 'E The School that places Students 970' WWW Wffffgn CHILLICOTHE BUSINESS COLLEGE cmu.xco'rms no I .4 Bu LDN PF1 SE T SIN COLLEGE P ANT IN MERICA Comphments Comphments 7ade Everett Lon M Reed C0mP11memS S1 Wllllams Plumbing an MI' Cl18I'leS Gll0S Hggtlng Cgmpany 80 NFV FET , . . H , ,, O C of - 1 0 of in 'm u' s , , Q2 ,!g,"f E 11:55 I 'ull ' H7 'fill NNI! ' L? ' 1 -vig 5 'Sli-255 6 , I. an '55 1 cu n snnoounn F WW-A nfamlsu 'W' smcagurv I, ll l a f n , . ? .5 3' . , FJ' ij QB1 f, 1 fL- . ' . I- ' . H- I ,. - -' 'z 1.1-., ,-JM is-f :.-al' Jill S -d'f3fif-iiltiffiff H4555 fiom 1 ISS COM 'Q HE LAQQQST Eu ESS ' 1 L ' P A of of V . of d 1 J I I W - 1 ., X , ,Egg ,

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Maryville High School - Appalachian Yearbook (Maryville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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