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v 1 ,J I 1 A f X I 1 . , 4 x . ' I 1 H in 1 I f 1 1 ' 4 ,L 1 , 7 A in 1-x as M ,im , .?,.5 "Wal 1, , If f 3, ? r ? . 3 N, f ,. 5 x Y' 9 ffl L' 1' Y 7 4, 1 A' -7 1 - -f '4' 1' f ,iii .W WMF, , .1 " -1 Q I- Q QEVVQQD By the presentation of the Spinster we, the Staff of 1937, hope to perpetuate friendships, to recall memories, and to re- live experiences in the hearts of all our fellow students. DEDICATKDN TO SINCLAIR DANIEL President of Martin College in. recognition of His loyal and uiitiriug efforts toward the progress and development of the College and its Student Body this volume is respectfully dedicated X N x 'x -1 A--rr-Zwfzezw u, I .ggzh .i if 5153 :iff N111 Q K., O 5 CLASSES DEPARTMENTS ORGAN IZATIONS ATHLETICS FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS To The Senior Class: In looking back over the time we have spent here together, and that means six years for some of us, we realize that they have been pleasant years filled with accomplishment, but years that have Hown all too quickly. Now as we approach the day when we shall say good-by to eachother and to our beloved school, may this feeling of accomplishment dominate the spirit of the occasion and ameliorate the sadness of parting. May we look to the future with its promise rather than to the past with its ful- fillment. May we always realize that our school and our friends and associates are contributors to this unborn future and no matter what honors and successes come to us in later years that somewhere in each day's action that they are with us in the moment of decision. My wish for you, my friends, is that life will bring the truly good, and for me, that our paths may often cross. Sinclair Daniel flmuvha WWE Ylllihn- 1 a i 5 S X S is Q S X S X . S S. I MMU T 'E ,- if alias.,-fi ' . v i , . :1 - :v e-1":: 3 : Q' t 'f:' -f-fffizemr' ' '19-3-4E2f'hr+-ff.-sa3:'Sn,gx-W ::',:q:::11:rff-M4-.. .., ,..,. .-.o15...., .... .- ,. iw'-3,?:,T-4:7-vf,.,i-,Z -1 Ang 'X x SINCLAIR DANIEL President B.S., M.S., L.L.B. I AVA EVELYN ALLEN ADA S. WRIGHT B.S., M.A. English ALICE I. Mael-TARLANE B.S., M.A. Modern Languages I BE., M.A. I Education MRS. WALTER B. SMITH I B.S. Home Economics HELEN T. DANIEL J. O. KINNAMAN MARY E. MEADE L.L.B. Ph.D. A.B., M.A. Erzcpression and Reg-' Bible and History Dean 0fW0111Q11 lstfaf Mathematics Mikie 1 Page eight v,- 1 ,z,1ffiif,-I A- I , :I-ff' vi .'-J' 'ifwf Q... 'F'z1,:L1 'F' 2,15 -22'?jii' '15 Ti' 0212117 'ii1'if--'51:?rl'Q3i'?'f'Ii''ii'i.?Effi'1.'f4'L?,'It1: :Ji 'l:,,:' Jw-' 5""'-ig-ilfyina l,. -I ff-I:-' .V TFTYSIFTI Ti .-'-if 4' 'i Q,Q:f fit AQQZSI 11Tfi.:f'5 , , ,, I. H ,f-ff M - .1 ff-1:My":f., f1.,,:.f-,. - ,-g 1. , :. -v'1.'.: f , . , -.V-I 1 .:,-1 f-1 -,L 1 - fx .n' - , .' N-11--v I . ., -X X- ffffif rw ul 'fclff f .1 " g Ly. It H uf, .f ', .- 1 . . 4, ' ,, -I ' Q :' ,, 1 ' '- ' 1' ' L , -V 591.3 ' 33 'J "V f Hx , 151359111 urn ' . ' " 9 AB., MA. . hw' A WRM4 Physical Educationlv 4 dwg' ' 0-N' , Ihr? OLIVE PEPPER A.B. Commercial Department FACULTY MRS. CATHERINE BELL Hostess of Martin Hall MRS. JANE H. SHORT Hostess of Tennessee Hall MYRLA PECKil Q. ' M SQMN Music TTER TERESA PATTERSGN Art and Violin MRS. S. H. WGODWARD Social Sciences MRS. M. M. LINDSEY Sec. to President - , 1 rl --1 .4 -- V. .ij 4 , . W. nA . Y , k-" A i Q - 1 1 , I Q "f"Lff4'?f"f+ - E 'Page ninel SPINSTER STAFF Frances Taylor .............................................................. C0-Editor , Sara Ingram ........... ..,................. C o-Editor Floy Goolsby ......... -. ....... Associate Editor Dolores Fel' Dotto ...... .................,....... B usiness Manager Florence Abernathy ....... ..... 5 Xssistant Business Manager Mrs. Sinclair Daniel ...... ...................................... S ponsor Editorial Business Typists Katherine Stone Helen Thompson Iunia Darwin Christine Lane Jessie Reavis Anna Marie Deuser Martha Wiiisteacl Marion Hudson Page ten . Agnes Stanfield Louise Stanfield CLASSES I SES E 1 S 1 S S S S S SX 2i2:2:2:22:+. n oooooooo 5S'2:2:2:2:2:2z22 oiooooooo, '9o'o'o'o'o'o'QV 9 9 Q 9 0 0 6 0 A 32,4 air-cz.. 5 .. . l . L F1051 GOO1Sby ,,,,. .......... 5 ..... P 1'CSldC11f Sara Ing-1-am ------- ,,,,.,, V ice-President Frances Taylor .... ----------- S CCTCWTY Doris Mason ...... ------- T 1'C?l5Ufe1' CLASS HISTORY In our effort to push onward and upward, occasionally we are inclined to look backward. Our progress and success in the future are built upon the past. As we peep into the covers of the history of the Senior Class of 1937 we see highlights which have added many fond memories to our lot of cherished possessions. September 16, 1937, dates the beginning of our history. Itwas on that day that Martin College received one of the largest junior classes in her history. , Due to the kindness and friendliness of the teachers and Seniors, the juniors soon adjusted themselves to their new environment. We took an outstanding part in athletics, music, glee club, dramatics, and crowded all of the clubs with junior members. Une of the most gala events of the year was the Junior-Senior banquet. Another was the May Day festival in which sixteen Junior girls danced the May-Pole dance. Many enjoyable social events brought the school year to a close. , On September 22, 1936 we reunited as Seniors. Our class was lacking in quantity but not in quality. In reviewing this year's records we find in the members of the Senior class the spirit of willingness, loyalty, and co- operation in the various activities. As Seniors we have realized the duties and responsibilities that are ours and we have tried to acceptwthem as Seniors should. As the last pages of our Martin College history are being turned we see, on June 6, the Seniors donned in caps and gowns slowly marching down the aisle to fill their places at the baccalaureate sermon, and again on June 8, receiving certificates and starting out infto another world with the love and inspiration of their Alma Mater, Martin College, in their hearts. ' Lucy Margaret Troxler Class Historian Egg! YlllllllllfllfVQYIIIJJIIJJIIJJYJIIAYIJIIIJIJIIIIIIIIIIII , Page twelve I bl M' ' Q C I as " 3 C 7 FLORENCE ABERNATHY Pulaski Tenn. President Math Club '37, Sec.-Treas. French Club '37, Y. VV. C. A. '37, Ass't. Bus. Manager Spin- ster '37, Tramps '37, Tennis '36, '37, Dramatic Club '37, Maid of Honor to May Queen '37. LOUISE DOLLINS Minor Hill, Tenn. Basketball '36, '37, Tennis '36, '37, Commercial C 1 u b '37, Hobby' Club '37, Whites '36, Softball '36, Y.W. C.A. '36, '37, Tramps '36, '37, Vice President Stu- dent Council '37. 9, ELLEN BROWN Pulaski, Tenn. MARGARET DOWLEN Bordeaux, Tenn. Basketball '36, '37, G l e e C l u b '36, Tramps '36, '37, Hobby Club '36, '37, Dramatic Club '36, '37, Softball '37. I 1 7 VVILLIE ANN DALY Prospect, Tenn. Tramps '36, '37, Y.W.C.A. '36, '37, Basketball '36, '37, Whites '36, Hobby Club '37, Baseball '36, Tennis '36, '37, Softball '37. MA RY P. EATHERLY Lebanon, Tenn. Glee Club '36, '37, Y.W.C.A. '36, '37, Hobby Club '36, '37, Tramps '36, '37, Tennis '36, '37, Fine Arts Club '36, Drill Team '36, Reds '36. IUNIA DARWIN 1 Huntsville, Ala Basketball '36, ,375 Tramps '36, Presi- dent '37, Y.W.C.A. '36, Cabinet ,371 Hobby Club '36, '37, Treasurer Commer- cial Club '37, Ten- nis '36, '37, Reds '36, Fire Chief '37, Softball '37, Best Athlete '37, Spin- ster Staff '37. ANNE ENGLISH Pulaski, Tenn. Y.W.C.A. '36, '37, Commercial Club 7373 Tramps ,373 Dramatic Club '36, '375 Softball '37, Class Giftorian '37. wwf!--M Jlff' NW ELIZABETH DAVIS Prospect, Tenn. Basketball, '36, '37, Tennis '36, '37, Tramps '36, ,373 Hobby Club '37, Y. W.C.A. .'37, Whites '36, Softball '37, Best Sport '37. JANE ENGLISH C Pulaski, Tenn. Y.W.C.A. A '37, Commercial C l u b '37, Dramatic Club '36, '37, Softball ,37. wtf 2 , 5 u J. 'Z tiff . YD 'i Rf Af I -51 1 E a 3 2 'X fa Page thirteen 1 1 Q , 'I ll I 4 'I' i 5 l I A l ,l 1 ll 5 P N , N l N N ll N 3 N l E l N 'T N l N f N P N 5 N . N , N l N j N 6 N N N , N Q N l N , N l N l- N !, N l N l N N N 1 N . N 5 N , N 1 4 5 . l ll A 2 r 5 5 1 l ,l 5 fl lift" WMM DOLORES FELDOTTO St. Louis, Mo. Tramps '36, Presi- dent '37, Y.W.C.A. '36, '37 Cabinet, Basketball '36, Man- ager '37, Sec. Com- mercial Club '37, Glee Club '36, Hob- by Club '36, '37, French Club '37, Tennis Club '36, '37, Booster Club '37, Business Manager Spinster '37, Most Versatile '37. SARAH INGRAM Minor Hill, Tenn. Vice President Senior Class '37, Y. W.C.A. Cabinet '37' 37 Glee Club '36, ' , Sextet, Choir '36 ,373 Tramps ,373 Hobby Club '37' Whites '36, Co- Editor Spinster '37, Phi Theta Kappa ? 7 '36, Sec.-Treas. '37. DOROTHY FENTRESS Coodlettsville, Tenn. Student Council '36, President '37, Y.W.C.A. '36, Cabi- net '37, President Juniors '36, Vice President H 0 b b y Club '36, ,373 Tramps '36, '37, Reds '36, Glee Club '37, Sec. Dramatics '37, Commercial Club, Softball '37. MRS. KINNAMAN Pulaski, Tenn. Commercial Club '37 FLOY GOOLSBY St. Louis, Mo. Miss Martin '37, Pres. Senior Class '37, Associate Edi- tor Spinster, Y.VV. C.A. '36, '37, Hobby Club '36, Pres. '37, Whites '36, Sec. Math Club '37, Cflee Club '36, '37, Vice Pres. Junior Class '36, Tennis '36, '37, Basketball '36, '37. CHRISTINE LANE Portland, Tenn. Y.W.C.A. Sec. '36, Pres. '37, Clee Club '36, '37, Sextet, Choir '36, Tramps '36, '37, Hobby Club Sec.-Treas. '36, '37, Reds '36, Spinster Staff '37, Sec. Stu- dent Council '37, Dramatic Club '37, French Club '37, Phi Theta Kappa '36, PFCS. '37, Class Testator '37, v f' ' 'QW' , SARA RUTH NELL HA E L HAMMOND D I Prospect, Tenn. Minor Hill, Tenn. Y.W.C'A. ,36, ,37, Y. W. C. A. '36, Math C lub '37, Cabinet '37, Glee French Club '37, Club '36, '37, Drill Team '36, Tramps '36, Sec-Treas. '37, French Club '37, Student Council '36, Hobby Club '36, '37, Commercial Club '37. EVELYN LARGEN Pulaski, Tenn. Y. W. C. A. '37, Glee Club '37, Dra- matic Club '36, '37, Reds . '36, French Club '37S Softball '36, Tennis '36, '37, Class Poet '37. Hobby Club '37 Tramps '36, '37 Drill Team ' Tennis '36, '37, Theta Kappa '37. 36 Ph IMOGENE LESTER Hohenwald, Tenn. D 1 2 1 President Coni- niercial Club '37I Hobby Club '36, '37, Y.VV.C.A. '36, '37S Clee Club '36, '373 Tramps '36, '37S Tennis '37, Basket- ball '37. 1 Page fourteen E l X F R M ' I , M H I, . , , 3, , , H- , . ,,,,, .,.. X - -,L N, -ml. .. 3 .....-.-is -:ig3,jgf'.fq: Liv 1: .cel-M. 'fffgt AL. g,x1:p.:,-.-: U. vlhlsigg-l. t , K 3 ' . 4 - , . ,,, ,, .....H. -,.,4,..g..: w - -A , ,.,. 1, . ,, -V-1 -12,-A---:.'.::,,1-..,-J., ,A -- -Z l .. , l-L if' f Nb- v- -, 1 . . lt, .X i---- - .S 1 ' K. -13-. -e ..- ', . 9.-...f . ' - K . , J. .1' ' my FEff'F':"" ',-' f,,g" .PBEM ffllff "f'fff'f "' -23.74-15,-Y-::'f'f"m'l,Ff1?f Egf-?"f'ffT'.-' ff ' if?--fzw' ',1:':-' I1 ::.'t:'. .1 'f'fEg-.1-w' 9 ki' "1 I N ' l .l . ' 5' Q., -1 .-'lfi-'lx-t" ' ,'4'."f'5 4' l- :libs "N 5 . .tw , N f -.: , .,, f , 1 ,,.,,,ff,AU:3,.l7V1733 .. I .' , . ,U ., . . . 4, . , , . -I -, S . .N . l, , ,R .JA ,, lx, , - Y, , I Q wma Xl, , A l., K., .mm . V.. 'lf l il ll ,li DUKE LW W5 Cla55w:l B005 'Z Drill T5 Y W C-3 get I Club 337: 375 137. PR? TA' Dis Dm Co-me l , K .. ills ri llallagc 331 Class 3 Q31-'sig asa lf , li Club 'Q Comm '37 '37' I I1 'fa Fig: ,Qs -. ' 0.90 ' .s- I' il' .P-1 ,. v tgp R175 HI! -. n DORIS MASON Lancaster, Tenn. Treasurer Senior Class '37, Pres. Boosters Club '37, Drill Team '35, '36, Y.NN.C.A. '36, Cabi- net '37, Fine Arts Club '36, Glee Club '37, French Club '37, Class Grumbler '37 FRANCES TAYLOR Dixon, Tenn. Dramatics '34, '37, Co-Editor Spinster '37, Ass't. Business Manager '36, Staff '35S Sec. Senior Class '37, Y.W.C.A. '31-'37, Cabinet '32, '35, Glee Club '31, '37, Vice Pres. Math Club '37, Vice Pres. RAY MOORE Sparta, Tenn. Basketball '34, '37, Home Economics Club '34, Tennis '34, '37, Y.VV.C.A. '37, Tramps '37, Com- fmercial Club '37, Softball '37. HELEN THOMPSON Pulaski, Tenn. Y. W. C. A. '37, Dramatic Club '33, '34, '37, Class Pres. '32, '33, ,355 Spinster Staff '37, Most Pop- ular '35S Student Council ' Cheer L C1 '635' eaer3. Q. ANNE NICKELL Bold Spring, Tenn. Basketball '36, '37, Reds '36, Tennis '36, '37, Y.W.C.A. '36, '37, Softball '37, Commercial Club '37, Glee Club '36, Fine Arts Club '36, Tramps '36, '37, Dramatic Club '37. ' MARGARET TROXLER Haley, Tenn. Y.W.C.A. '36, '37, Tramps '36, '37, Fine Arts Club '36, Sec.-Treas. Hobby Club '37, Class His- 'torian '37, Reds . sly MARY N. PITTS Wayiiesboro, Tenn. Y.VV.C.A. '36, '37, Glee Club '37, Tramps. '36, '37, Whites '36, Tennis '36, '37, Basketball '36, Drill Team '36, Commercial Club '37, Softball '37. MI-LDRED WARREN Pleasantville, Tenn. Dramatic Club '37, Tennis '37, Y. W.C.A. '37, Com- mercial Club '37, Softball '37, Tramps '37 KATHERINE STONE fs Pulaski, Tenn. Pres. Day Stu- dents '37, Pres. Dra- matic Club '37, Hobby Club '37, Y. W.C.A. '37, French Club '373 Student Council ,375 Spin- ster S t a ff '37, Tramps '37, P hi Theta Kappa '37. MARTHA VVINSTEAD Pulaski, Tenn. Y. M. C. A. '37, Spinster Staff '36, 7373 Tennis '36, ,375 Tramps '37, French Club '37, Math Club '37, Softball '37, Class Prophet '37: Phi Theta Kappa '37- Commercial C l u b '37- ei' 1 G N N N N N R B N' N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N .B .IJJIIZY Nbgl"B,N l N L Page fifteen in vw.-s.r,e' 'H Q il, if-e+:awf:rss'E' 'Q' Q Ns. 4aaW""-1 -L: tx? .NYT III! y I ll' Egg lift? lv I gy! m JUNIQRS IESSIE REAVIS ANNA. COBLE Lawrenceburg, Tennessee - Shelby, North Carolina President Secretary LOUISE STANFIELD ANNA MARIE DEUSER Memphis, Tennessee Louisville, Kentucky Vice-President Treasurer f'l'III.?'lf.I.Yl'4YI,l' I'IIIIIIIIIIIXIIZJQ'?5"I'Il'IIlZ"I,l'l.D'A My Page seventeen I ur, of , . M, -xg ' B N2 .fa , '-X or WQJQCSHQJ. Jjgl JUN son cLAss,,E,f,5el?igf as . ' Top Row-Ruth Annnons, Hilda Baker, Lillian Beard, Bess Bondnrant, SnRntl1 ' Bondurant. 211d Row-Jean Bost, Vera Bristow, Sara Buford, Anna Coble Grace Cole 3rd Row-L1llian L. Collms, Eleanor Crow, Katheryn Crow, Katherine Clllllllllll Billie Couch. " 4th Row-Frances Dickey, Evelyn Elam. 2 Page eigl2,tee1'L an ,... ....4. ,.... ,,,A. , , , ,,,.l, , ,vhl ,HM WL,-,lwllhllqvlk , , ,rpr , , . .. - -- :..z::',"- .':Z:,:vi ii -g,, .d v . J - ' . ' "' . "" -. a 1 -Susan Gann, Sara Lynn Gilluni, Martha Gowan, Elizabeth Hilliard, Mary -Marion Hudson, Euna Mae Humphrey, Ruth Johnson, Naomi Long, Rachael McClelland, Elizabeth McCord, Susie Wfill Paisley, Ada Frances Quillen. Majorie Ralls, Jessie Reavis, Ura Reese, Agnes Stanlielcl, Louise Stan- Happy Starnes, Anita Stephens, Celene Sutton, Katheryn YVilson. l Page nineteen PREP RAT RY DEPARTMENTS Mary Jane Dorris Billie Ruth Marguerite WOOdWa1'd Columbia, Tennessee Wichita Falls, Texas Pulaski, Tennessee I Jeanette Marsh Carolyn Wagstaff Birmingham, Alabama Columbia, Tennessee SPECIAL STUDENTS Pauline GOHC1 T0-H11 Knight Jean Smith N-?l5hVi11C, Tennessee Pulaski, Tennessee Pulaski, Tennessee 11" T ' ik T.-.X fix -. 'v, .-, . ""'N X X fll -f-.jwzlvn 5: ,,lI,,?1!, I .'lA mf, ,U juni: ' TA- 7 Page twenty ' i A' Q 9 go':2:2:2o2ozo'o'4 f lfg Qo:o2Q2o:z2o:z:o6 9 Q o'o'o'o'o'o t,.,t",2g3gZg?' I 3 I Qisvv '09 00.033, 06.099 Q 'QQ 0 QQ: 0.Q Novo 9 55949 ' 4 X I gk R L ,Egfr E 3 Q Director-Miss Allen. - ' s Ist Row-Wyatt Martin, Williain Egrheart, Sinclair Daniel, Ir., Frances Ligget, N Patty Sue Henegar, Jennie Io Parks, Henrietta Redding, Mary Ann Peden. N 2nd Row--Billy Henry, Finis Whitfield, Betty jean Curry, Mary Henegar, Colleen N Callahan, Annabelle Stein, Bebe Zucarello, Bobby Carter. Q Not in picture-Mary Wade Long. 5 . N The very newest department and one which has caused a great deal of E interest and activity at Martin is the Training School. It is composed of eighteen selected pupils of the second and fourth grades. , Q The supervisor and director of all its, activities is Miss Ava E. Allen k of Nashville who has had much training in the field of child education. She E is a most capable teacher and one whom the children love dearly. The Q Training School provided a splendid opportunity for student practice teach- N ing, and under the supervision of Miss Allen the girls received many helpful E suggestions as to ways and means of correct presentation of material for N child development. As for the progress of the school itself, it is generally agreed that its E members have received a comprehensive year-,S WO1-14 110t Quly in the fund- amental subjects, but also in extraactivities such aslsupervised play, danc- 5 ing, dramatization, expression, music, and art. Some of the public perform- Q ances include: The presentation of "The Town Mouse and the City Mouse". E The Elf Who Stayed Behind , selections given by the Rhythm Baud and N chorus, the Minuet, and numerous readings given in chapel and on college N programs. Q All in all, the Training School has been a huge success this year and its N continuation will be a great asset to the College, : Page twenty-two 5' iiilylllfllilllllg 1 s s s s n s s N s s s N s n u it A it S N s Q s s S s 5 s Q is E Q s m R s Q S s S s 2 N it .., 2 SATURDAY STUDENTS One of the newest departments of Martin College was established for the benefit of the public school teachers of Giles and surrounding counties. This group which is known as "The Saturday Teachers" is made up of teachers in service who come to Martin College every Saturday for courses which include, History of Civilization, English Literature, Grammar, Edu- cation, and Ge'ography. Their tutelage was under the direction of Miss MacFarlane, Mrs. Wriglit, and Dr. I. O. Kinnaman. Ist Row-Grace Sills, Edna Bishop, Eddine Davis, Mary Webb, Leora Beard. 2nd Row-Loyd Wilbiirn, Pengilee Alred, I. A. Brown, Florence Powell, Essie Newburn, Leo Peppers, Flora Grey Jordan. 3rd Row-Roy Knott, I. W. Jones, O. K. Quillen, VVil1iam T. VVebb. N S X n y - N Page twenty-three J11'11IgyllgigffflllfjygilpylfgfPIIIIII!IlA'Il'IIIilIIl'.lIlI?lIllZYI2 Ml''fl'IIIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIlllllllllflllfllllllVfflllllllflll FINE ARTS The Fine Arts Department has developed into one of the most out- standing departments of the college. This year there are more than forty-five students who are taking courses in this department. ' Violin and art under the direction of Miss Teresa Patterson, Expression, Mrs. Sinclair Daniel, Piano and Voice, Miss Myrla Peck constitute the Fine Arts Department. There are also courses offered in Harmony, History, Music appreciation, Sight-singing, and Form and Analysis for those desiring college credit or certificates. Last Winter two recitals were given in which the students from the piano, voice, violin, and expression departments participated. In the spring Miss Doris Mason, assisted by Miss Anna Coble, contralto, gave her grad- uate piano recital. Miss Evelyn Largen gave a graduate recital in expression, assisted' by Miss Evelyn Elam, soprano, and Miss Jean Smith, pianist. I Much credit is due to the Eine Arts Department and the entire school is proud of the excellent Work they have done. D ISt Row-L. DePriest, Goad, Humphrey, jean Yancy, B. Marsh, Wagstaff, D. DePriest, Sinclair Daniel, Jr. 211Cl Row-Ralls, Hudson, Reese, Eatherly, J. Marsh. 3rd Row-Largen, Howell, Gowan, Daniel, Mason, Smith. 4th Row-7Bost, Couch, Baker, Elam, Gann, Miss Peck, Coble. A Page twenty-five :- N S 5 N M 5 N ,N E 3 fi 'S E M 25 A M R M .S F 5 H ,E Q5 S Ps ,S N S 5 la N N 5 N Q N N 2 in 2' .Jill HOME ECONOMICS Ist Row-Humphrey, Perry, Sutton, Wilson, Ammons, L. DePriest, K. Crow, Hil- liard, E. Crow. 2nd Row-D. DePriest, Howell, Stephens, Hudson, L. Stanfield, A. Stanfield, Reavis, Ralls, Ruth, Mrs. Smith. L September, 1936 found nineteen bewildered Freshmen entering the Home Economic's Department of Martin College. They soon found that Home Economics consisted of more than dress making and cake baking. Under the supervision of Mrs. Walter B. Smith the courses of study included original designing, color harmon.y, dress construction, house designing and furnishing, budgeting, and house management, child care and training, ex- perimental cookery and meal planning. In each course individual projects were planned and carried out. One of the main projects of the department was the management of the tea room. This gave each girl of the Home Economics Class an opportunity to learn managing, buying, and selling. The class was hostess to several social occasions throughout the year. An exhibition was held the last week of school at which time the students displayed the products they had made during the year. Smocks, dresses, books, children's clothing, and numerous small articles were shown. The new equipment which has recently been added to the department includes two electric stoves and indirect lights. Page twenty-six l L l CDRGANIZATICDNS l - 1 p 4 I ' 1 4,049 f oo oo QQQQFQKNN ooooooo W9iQQQQQy Whwwwwb ' 59049 ' I 1 L 1 1 1 I Ei ii ii v .,f2,,,z,szz.. foo Q 455 gg:g:Q:':Q:':'zQge stg wvfjaw' 1 I THE STUDENT COUNCI L. Officers Dorothy Fentress .... ------------ PFCSMCUT Louise Dollins --,--,.- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.................. V ice-President Christine Lane ....... ...........-------------------------------------- S CCTCUWY Agnes Stanlield ,,,,,,, ,,.,.,,,,, H ouse President of Martin Hail Jessie Reavis ,,,.,,,,, ,..... H ouse President of Tennessee Hall Floy Goolsby .... -------.-----Senior Class Representative Sara Buford ................ ......... I unior Class Representative ' Katherine Stone ............... ........ D ay Student Representative Dean Mary E. Meade ,.... ........................... F aculty Advisor The Student Council is an active, essential organization of Martin College. This group of girls, chosen by the students, forms the executive body of the student government. These girls are confronted with problems formerly faced only by the faculty and so they, and through them, the other students, come to understand the wisdom of rules, all of which are made for their ovvn protection. The purpose of the student government is to train each student to be a better citizen, to equip her to live with others in a co-operative spirit. She is made to feel the responsibility that is hers, she is impressed with the .importance of consideration for other people. Students under a government of their own learn to be self-reliant, dependable, trust-worthy. These qual- ities are undoubtedly requisites for successful living and so, surely, are invaluable lessons. .lfYlIIlIZJ'.IIllZl'Zal'.I'.IIIlI.fl'.lI.IIIIIIIII IfII'IllllllllllllllllllllafllnIEJ' X x 'Eg M Page tfwew ty-eight 4111111 Uflumj Wi! Qsufjf iiioifaif ll1mrl4ar1Inl'l1lllw.nrlArl1'A7nWlzllnvlinvnflaizlzrliylyanw... Christine Lane Sarah In ram Katherine Stone Martha VV111StCH.Cl Nelle Harvx ell Pl-I I Tl-I ETA KAPPA Qfficers Christine Lane ...,...,.... ................. ........,..,,,,,,.,.,,,..,, P r esident Sarah Ingram ................. ....... S ecretary-Treasurer Miss Mary E. Meade ........ ....................... S ponsor The Phi Theta Kappa is a Junior College Honorary Society whose aim is to promote scholarship, to develop character, and to cultivate fellowship among the students of the junior colleges of the United States. In 1931 the Alpha Omega Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa was established at Martin College. FortyQeight members have been elected. Students ranking high in scholastic Work, possessing qualities of good citi- zenship and moral character are eligible for membership in the society. The members are elected by the faculty. The main social event of this society is the Annual Phi Theta Kappa breakfast which is given on the last morning of school for all alumni and active members of the Alpha Qmega Chapter. This year this society joined the Book of the Month Club and presented the Martin College Library with several popular modern books. . if Miss Meade has been the sponsor for the past five years. Page - tw enty-nine l 4 l i V .1 . I Ist Row-Lane, Mason, Reavis, Hammond, Fel, Dotto, Miss MacFarlane, Darwin, Hudson, Fentress, Ingram. V 2nd Row-Reese, Humphrey, Quillen, Baker, Thompson, Goad, Perry, Ruth, Wag- staff, Dorris. 3rd Row-Nickell, L. DePriest, Dickey, Bass, Daniel, Gann, I. English, Troxler, Smith, Stephens, S. Bondurant, McClelland. 4th Row-Elam, A. Staniield, D. DePriest, L. Stanfield, A. English, B. Bondurant. 5th Row--Beard, Gowan, Abernathy, Ammons, Dollins, Cole, Long, Lester, John- son, Bost. . 6th Row-Cummings, E. Crow, K. Moore, Goolsby, Coble, Dowlen, McCord, R. Moore. 7th Row-K. Crow, Daly, Harwell, Deuser, Hilliard, Gillum, Buford, Davis, Warren, I Tavlor, Ralls, Sutton, Pitts. 4 Y. W. C. A. Officers W Christin.e Lane ...... ................. ............... P r esident Jessie Reavis -.. ................ ...................... V ice-President , Sarah Ruth Hammond ..... ........ S ecretary and Treasurer 4 Sarah Ingram ...... Q .......... .............. P rogram Chairman Dolores Fel' Dotto .... ........ R ecreation Committee Junia Darwin ............. ......... R ecreation Committee 5 DOrOthy FCHUCSS ....- ........ S ocial Service Chairman DO1'iS Mason ........... ,..,,...,,,,,,,,..,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,-,, P .i311i51j Marion HuClSO11 -....... ....... P ublicity Chairman b Miss Mac Earlane .................,,,,..,..,,,..,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,-,,,,., Sponsor 'I i The Y. W. C. A. aims to maintain a spirit of Christianity throughout the student body. Regular weekly vesper services are held. This club also g leads in the school social activities which include parties, teas, luncheons, i outings, stunt night, a Christmas tree for the negro children, a Manless H Valentine Dance, and an Easter Egg Hunt. l . .. . FlllllllllllllllllllllllinwllllllillillllilllllllIllA Page thirty I V 1 D 1 9 s I L l l f l I l l l ,N N N E .E il l 1 K i l'ilii'.il' A l' 4 '4i.i' .- i ll t. .7ilgg3'1'l'3lll3ll'..3i'l'.i'. .l'l3.1'il' 4 Q ANNA MARIE DEUSER M 140-word Gregg Kentucky Star! Q SUE BoNDURANr N Silver Pin VV1nner Q JANE ENGLISH 5 80-a-minute typist Q Miss DeLovely! C ' N N N MMER IAL CLUB Q co c N , E E Officers V N Imogene Lester .... .................. ............. P r esiclent Q Frances Taylor ......... ...... V ice-President a Dolores Fel' Dotto .... ............. S ecretary N Iunia Darwin ........... ...... T reasurer E Miss Qlive Pepper ............... ........................................ S ponsor s Commercial Club is brand new! Born Qctober, 1936, a club without a F history, with a future that stretches to the stars! N Because we are loyal we stress loyalty. Because we are tolerant we N stress tolerance. Because we know, that to be our biggest selves, we must, N we pledge the best we have and are-to life! R Through courtesy of the Gregg Writer, picture below is reproduced, W with quotation. , A 5 "Flash! Martin College Commercial Club wins first prize, annual stunt 5 night, against keen competition! With typewriters arranged in orchestral E formation, white-shirted, black-skirted, tam-o-shantered drum corps gave Q performance to the tune of 'Parade of the Wooden Soldiers' placing laurels Q of victory unquestionably on their collective brow!" B Seated-Quillen, Pitts, Deuser, Fentress, S. Bondurant, Lester, Goolsby, I. Marsh, E Resse, Goad. . S Standing-V..Bass, R. Moore, Dollins, Taylor, Darwin, Fel' Dotto, Baker, Cole, E B. Bondurant. 5 ...W ......,. .... 1 , N N, 'Q N N N N 5 5 'Q N N Vi if ' I xx. , 1, Iiffddf f Page thirty-one I3OOSTER'S CLUB Standing-Gann, Fel' Dotto. y Ist Row up-Fentress, Johnson, 1 B. Bondurant, L. Stanfield. 2nd Row up-Mason, Ingram, Reavis. 3rd Row up-Cole, Bost, Lane, Taylor. 1 Dgfig M3503 ,,,, ....,.... P 1'6SlCl611'E Christine Lane ..... ...... X fice-P1'eSide11t Mrs. Daniel ....... ............ S ponsor The official handshakers of Martin College are the members of the Booster's Club. Wl1e11 visitors come to the campus, the Boosters introduce themselves and show them around. The Boosters are at the height of their handshaking during the basket- ball season. They greet the visiting teams, show them to their roomsancl i insist that they make themselves comfortable by using everytliing from bath towels to face powder. Then they serve supper to both the visiting team and our Martin team. After we win the game. the Boosters serve refreshments to both teams. It is the aim of every member of the organization to see that each guest receives a warm welcome, so that a visit to our school will always be keenl anticinated. Y ,ZTIIIIIIJIIAYIIIJYJFIIIIIIIIJ'IIIIIIIIIIllia Vllllllfllllll Page thirty-two .l4Z7.J'..Il!'I47AI4ZI..ZJ'4ZI'I,I,ZIl If .JZ Zilillflllfflffliilllllllll'Z 4'f7-I7 2 W Zi' A73 ,Ist Row-L. DePriest, Johnson, Ingram, Elam, Stone, Fentress, D. DePriest. 2nd Row-Lane, I. English, Wagstaff, Thompson, Goad. 3rd Row-AA. English, I-Iowell, VV:-lrren, Mrs. Daniel, Nickell, Largen. 4th Row-Abernathy, Dowlen, Collins, Bost, Taylor. DRAMATIC CLUB Qfficers Katherine Stone ..... ................. .............. P r esident Evelyn Elam .......... ....... V ice-President Dorothy Fentress ...... ........... S ecretary Sarah Ingram ............ ....... T reasurer Mrs. Sinclair Daniel ........................................................ Sponsor The Dramatic Club has proved an enjoyable, instructive activity of last- ing value to every member. In addition to the actual experience of appear- ing on the stage the full and varied programs in the Weekly meetings have offered a study of street and stage make-up, basic dance steps for choruses, amateur play production, outstanding contemporary dramatic figures, classical drama, and modern drama. At one meeting Mrs. Floyd Crilbreath, Pulaski clubwoman, reviewed "Idiot's Delight", Noel Coward's Pulitzer Prize-winning play of 1936, at another time Mrs. Daniel reviewed Maxwell Andersons sKXfVl11fC1'S6t,, which won the award of the New York Critic's Circle. Stage productions have been successful, financially as well as artistically. The season opened with a presentation of mock marionettes in "Little Red Riding Hood". The first play, "Bird's Christmas Carol" was presented just before Christmas. The next production was a beautiful Christmas pageant "The Light That Shone". During the second quarter "I-Iold Every- thing,', a farce in three acts was given. The proceeds from this play WQ1-Q used to buy new stage scenery for the Dramatic Clubs of the future. Three one act plays were presented during the last quarter of the year, ,WMA I' Page thirty-three Ist Row-Goolsby, Taylor, A. Staniield, Gowan, Ingram, Hammond, Darwin, Fel'- Dotto, Fentress, Eatherly, Collins, Stone, Ammons, McClelland. 2nd Row-Warren, Long, Nickell, D. DePriest, Reavis, Perry, Dowlen, Dollins, Johnson. 3rd Row-Sutton, Lester, R. Moore, McCord, Stevens, Bost, Pitts. 4th Row-L. Stanfield, Hilliard, E. Crow, K. Moore, K. Crow, Dickey, Howell Abernathy, Gann, Elam, Daniel, Davis, Coble, Mason, Harwell, Miss Gay, Wagstaffi Smith, Buford, Winstead, Lane, B. Marsh, Deuser, Quillen, Starnes, Humphrey, Wilson Daly, Troxler, Ralls, Hudson, Cole. T R A M P S Officers Junia Darwin ............. ............... ..................... P r esident DOlO1'es Fel' DO'EtO .......... .................. V ice-President Sara Ruth Hammond ...... ........ S ecretary-Treasurer Miss Gay ............-------.----------.--........................................... Sponsor The Tramps is the hiking club of Martin. College. It has the largest enrollment of all the clubs. It meets almost every Saturday of the early fall, spring, and summer months to go on hikes to places like Hick's Cut, Fort Hill, Pigeon Roost, and Pond Hill. After the hikersnreach their destination, they cook their supper which consists of juicy broiled steaks, hot dogs, or hamburgers with buns, pickles, onion, pork and beans, cookies, fruits, and coffee. Needless to say the Tramps "go" for the food. After this main feature of the hike, the Tramps play games or sit around and talk, depending upon the quantity they have eaten. Then the girls divide into groups and as they walk back to school they "get harmony" on everything from "Qld Kentucky Homei' to "Dinah,'. By the time they get back to school and see the other girls dressed for dinner they look very much like Tramps. J ,T wllllmlllmiilllllaflwmmlalilllllifilffgam'lll4rf1llf.114 p Page thirty-four l l l is l i Vl'.lil'i'll'ill l'l' 'li li '.lii4'.li'i!i '.ll li'4li lll'll 0 ' 5iJ.TlI'iZIl1lfJZlZ'ZllZ,1I,ZI1IzZIIA. - 412452 II' Xu Nelle Harwell, Frances Taylor, Floy Goolsby, Florence Abernathy, Jean Smith Anna Marie Deuser, Martha Winstead, Miss Meade. MATHEMATICS ctus Gfficers Florence Abernathy ................. ..................... P rcsidcnt Frances Taylor ,..,,,,,,... ........... V ice-President Floy Goolsby ............. ................. S CC1'C'EEl1'Y jean Smith ,,..,,,..,,,..... .........,.. T reasurer Miss Mary Meade ........ ............ S pOnSO1' T his club open to members of the Senior Mathematics class, A nd high-ranking Junior Mathematicians T ries to unravel secrets of T hales, Pythagoras, and other notables. L eaving serious work for class time E ach .seeks to obtain Mathematical R ecreation in the conclaves of the club. I 'KJ 9Z'II'IIlll'll'.0'J'A Page thirty-fi-v Ist Row-johnson, Taylor, Fentress, Humphrey, Dollins, Lane, Ammons. 2nd Row-Reavis, Davis, Dowlen, Perry, Troxler, Eatherly, Miss Meade, Harwell, Stephens, Daly. p 3rd Row-iMcCord, McClelland, Couch, Goolsby, Coble, Darwin, Fel' Dotto, Bost, Mason, Hudson, Hammond, Ingram. HOBBY CLUB Floy Goolsby .......... ........... P resident Dorothy Fentress .,.,.,.. ...................... V ice-President Lucy Margaret Troxler .... ....... S ecretary and Treasurer Miss Mary Meade ..... ...... ....... S 1 Jonsor . The purpose of the Hobby Club outside of plying one's hobby is to "eat, drink, and be merryn. The meetings are held each Saturday n.ight in the Hobby Club room, and there one may see anything from Miss Meade and her knitters to girls writing letters to "that One and Only". Two nienibers are joint hostesses at each meeting. The club stunt this year was a "Gypsy Twilight Scene" which was very beautiful. In fact, there's no place to go that serves the purpose as well as the Hobby Club when one wants a bit of friendly comradeship and a cup of tea. Illflllllljlllllllll WllllllllllllllllllfllIII! Page 1: ifrty-six li 11111Au'I1lLrl1lJ1nsfL:'nrAv4uv'l:v'1I'l,1ll1l1l'7I5llAHIIIIHIIHYAHHIDYIIIIll fl Ist Row Mxson D DePr1est Coad Howell Baker Miss Peck Daniel Lane Nixon L DePr1est 2nd Row Eatherly Wa stab? Gowan I Marsh Fentress Bristow B Marsh I gram Pitts Sutton Reese 3rd Row Smith Goolsby Taylor L Stanfield Coble A Stanfield Elam Gann GLEE CLUB The Martin College Glee Club has for several years held a prominent place in our school, town, and throughout the middle portion of Tennessee but it was not until this year that its reputation reached its height. It happened this way. On Oct. 16th a group of twenty-eight very excited girls, Dr. and Mrs. Daniel, Mrs. Carr, the director, and Sinclair, left Martin College for the Texas Centennial at Dallas where they were to sing on Oct. 19th, "Tennessee Day", at the request of Gov. Hill McAlister. The trip included two broad- casts over W.M.C., Memphis, a ride to and from Dallas on a special coach via the Missouri Pacific RR., two days of sight seeing at the Exposition, and the climax-the broadcast from 9:00 to 9:30 BM. Oct. 19th from the Gulf Building on the Centennial Grounds. At the second quarter Miss Myrla Peck came to Martin College to be the head of the piano and voice department as well as the director of the Glee Club. The first program after Miss Peck's arrival was a concert at the Wfest Rnd Methodist Church in Nashville which was followed by a thirty minute broadcast over XVSIX. A secular program was given at the Spring Hill High School two weeks later. The glee club often gave sacred pro- grams at the local First Methodist, First Presbyterian, and First Baptist churches. Page thirty-seven A. P 'l X H X ff.. 3 v :Xl .X I 'mx . T 'N 'fs 2. w, -ni I 'l ly" nj! Tv! lx .X T' xl :.F1 YQ! :si K 'Q ff! V2 f xl 5.7 A l F45 if 5' 3 Tiff rf Q' 'i 95 ap? K li. bf' U vs fx . I I A .Q nl ll 'z fig' I AW 7.3. fx-1 xl:-E . P .1 511, R5 N11 gg-x ij E55 RQ xi 'il N :N HN FN. lj 1 N14 K 4 :fi N um v i .J Sl XI. iii L-ia i-F44 , . rs A, V gas .Q-Qi 1 Q ' li I-.EJ 1 .I rg? ' x .3 ' '1 1. 1 ' v A, .11 if jr' .7 f I f wwf f lf' 2 V 4-X f N36 f- - W Qpgigffuqfffzfaxsm Gigi.:-3-x .-Q.--'fgx -'4 f lil-' " 99.1.1-' .x.. f ' .V ...N . ,,...Y,. K t .gm 'Q 4 ,. X--g....0...A-my -Nfl . -:- I- - ' . . zefiaf 'K 'f 'S 1 1. . J ' f -Y? NH P N- ' 'E . - . 5 A ia v .5 V 4, V, - .: . - v ca lf? :rg ff ' if ff if iw - , Q 2 f - - -1-nw-X '-..N.w,.E- K - , Y , V R f 4 V . 9125+ - : f 4 Q. , . -x - - 'f ep If F' O if ' Qi , f1::3.f.I..,-:':-. i f? E 2 I . , A V? fb " 5Wf:'ff A er .,.-v-.sw-mi' . f P- ' 'Mg 3 2 221:.:1"',5:-: . A fy ,J ' J - A :ig . y .- , Q 2. ,f 5 ,vw sy. .yf i gg . 6122 4 . I : ',., . . ,fMyf,a.f , fr . f fvyjf ,q s I U A X .3 , 1, I .4664 0 ' fl 1' f .,,g4p:!:f'fc'.f1 fm.N W' M 17 - . f - ,, 2',,,, W, ' . - f':.fMaf-1.54 4211-i.f .lofi 'ffffff 'f' ii-if? , V.. 'ff ' f. ' W V.. -1- ,f '- x, If ,, ' -'vwfifwz' .3 xc. swf? -, in," " ..:-':v.,Q14'Mf'r"'1'fm::., faA1:.w-621' " -42-Lv: 9 1 1 l , b , , Q A J as 5 y 9 'B Mai f f we if O W ff? M f 9 sw ' N o f 4 gk M b y + 4 EY y Q an 1 , N 2 ' 4, A ff Q 1 ,Q ' 1 07 53 .fig . - . Qgka-M: , , " ' , x Q ,Sf -9 fu 7 14 1, 3, Q Y Y , if N Q f- f A f' A fa r fav Q 5 2 Y - wiv . ..,,, , .- US Xxx 5 W X Nb :M , ,Ex e, -. , ii? -B x Y faiisi . X V. .9 X-XX E ' ex wk 9 fN.x. X in ' X . . wg . . QW. . ,Mn . ,, 12 Qi? mam- ., X- ,S P 'wQV?-Qxfiix.. 5 Q X K . .X .1 ' -A '13 K QSM Six KX' - k Ax' O2 .X X X ' i U M . d X V: l -.i7L"..E- at '- v X Y Sie X he ,. ' A . ,. X. . . ,, . ,... , H. . . 'L :Ss , xx' .AX .,........ ATHLETICS v 09' ' 00 oo 52 "z'o':'z"" 1 , ,o,o,o,o,o,o o o ,o,o,o,o,o,o,o,o 9,4 ofofojofofo 2 wo' o'o'o'o' QQA9 Stephens Darwin Sl D a vi s P age f ofrty BASKETBALL Miss Bessie Gay, former Phy- sical Instructor at Vanderbilt University came to Martin in September and assumed the roll as head of the Physical Education Department and it was under her capable coaching that we again put on the hardwood one of the outstanding teams of Tennessee. A team that won't be beat can't be beat might well be said of our '36-'37 squad. The record for the season included eleven victories and one defeat with a total of 436 points to 302 for the opponents. Outstanding forwards for the season were: Junia Darwin, McClelland and Ray Moore were ably assisted' by Dolores Fel Dotto, Ada Frances Perry, Imogene Lester, Bess Bondurant, and Mary Howell. Defensively Floyd Gools- by, Anita Stephens, Anne Nickell, Bee Davis, Louise Dollins, Willie Ann Daly, Sue Bondurant and Dora Deane DePriest were tops. With Miss Gay urging them on, the bas- ketball girls showed an unprec- edented lighting spirit throughout the entire season. All of the games that were played here in the Martin. gym- nasium were loyally supported by the faculty and student body. The girls-were organized into a "pep squad" with Ruth Johnson as the very enthusiastic Cheer Leader and Martha Gowan and Hilda Baker as two very peppy Assistant Cheer Leaders. The "pep squad" stood by the team, always urging them to iight, fight, light! They were proud of their team not only because it was a winning team but because they always played the game fairly and squarely and never gave up. Y wlxfkl '.i'w-1.1 if "-7-':1:-- . ' 5-::..:"1fg',j l,'f'll2-if'f1-T575 - - - 'ei '-I::.:'3 51: fra. :fn ::. ':'.1.g:w::':gfa'--e .4 -rj., :'-gs--I-1 -'qv' -- " ' " ., ..,:.:4...:-..-.- , L, 47' f fi 1 -' " ' "1 1:---H -'n A- cc 'sf-N ' -u ' N f.- AL 'L' 'L " fllfllaffllafllllll SCHEDULE N Blarthi 34 here 38 dere 37 here 30 tjere 34 aere 25 there 40 here 42 there 46 dere 29 there 29 there 42 436 ickell General Shoe Pats PUace fkustni Peay Salant and Salant Sakun and Sakum Iietracts GeneralShoe Salant and Salant Austin Peay Mass. Knit. Mills Mass. Knit. Mills Genend Shoe 21 18 28 21 27 33 Z5 22 41 18 24 24 2 Fel' Dotto ,V i H was rf: .refs FI'r??5" 22" ' 1,- 'ii N few :LV 1 '.:.Y71, .UPC - :iff-21. - -:f .,,, ,. -..,4,,, 1, -YM V. .. A ISt Row-Stephens, McClelland, Daly, R. Moore, Goolsby, Nickell. 2nd Row-'Fel' Dotto, Darwin, Davis, Dollins. 3rd Row-D. DePriest, Dowlen, Howell, S. Bondurant, B. Bondurant, Lester, Perry. , ,1 1 f f 1 McClelland . , , , . ., 1 1 , , . f' . " f "f- - ,, ' 1v,f' n"""""Z"""7".?"'f 'W - ,- i .,,,. L , . , L ,f,, f .1.,-.',, ,,.,'..,r., ff, f.4fT,,K, 44-, ',lf1,,fj" f,,. ,f.,f.,f :Eagan all I x ,,,.... I -Q55 Page forty-one At the beginning of the school year the girls at Martin are always greeted by two grand looking tennis courts. The girls do not waste any time getting the beneht of the courts either. From the very lirst day of school until cold weather the courts are "taken", XfVith the coming of spring the girls start playing with even more enthusiasm than they had the autumn before for they are practicing for the Annual Tennis Tournament which is to be held in May. Nearly every girl in the school enters into the tournament. The tournament is to be held after this has gone to press so we cannot give the winners. There will be a single's champion and double's champion 1 honored by the school as a result of the tournament. N X. 2 E N s N Q E Q s 5 5 Q 5 Q Q Q 5 s h. Lv Ist Rowfli. Crow, Sutton, Beard, johnson, Nickell, Harwell, Dowlen, Hilliard, E. Crow, Daniel, Warren, Fentress. 2nd Row-Humphrey, Stephens, B. Bondurant, Deuser, Daly, Starnes, Lester Col- lins, L. Staniield, Gaim, A. Stanfield, I, English, McClelland, A. English. l 3rd Row-Taylor, Smith, Bristow, Dollins, I. Marsh, Coble, Goolsby, Davis Wfin- stead, Bost, Paisley, Buford, Darwin, S. Bondurant, Fel' Dotto, Cole. 3 Page forty-two - -'H-'f'.'."','15," 1-T-1' ' :H 1':i'J2..1f,.1" i?.f'!',f1F"l W: 5:2 1 . :Q ,wr-.n.1:-':-I 4 53, l-ix. V -- .. . g'.,..:u , -1.0. 45+-y K 1--H ,Q i I it . 4. Ng:-. 1 ', ' ,' --1 , 1: -- -pr. ., .-fp' gu:.m.--N' xl i.'.r..g -M:-Q',?x3ixQfE-v .-,, ,, , . . .4 V ,,, .. ,. L , . , 1 it .., . H.V,.xl...,'k,, s L 'Q 5 5 N in N 5 N N 5 5 N E S riflllzrlflllla S Q F T B A L I- rllillimfmmlm First Base ,,,,, , ...... Wiiisteacl, DaViS Second Base ...... ......... S tagg, Long Third Base ..... ............. D Owlin, FCTYY Short ,,,,,,,,.,. ,.,,,,,.,.,...,,., D ixon, Brewer Pitcher .... ....... G oolsby, Fel' DOUG Catcher ..., ........,... N ickell, ' Moore S. Center .... ......... D arwin, Belle R. Field ...... ........ D ollins, Howell C. Field ...... ....... G illum, Dickey L. Field ....,. ,...,. I ohnson, Starnes 5 E 5 E w w g E N 5 E E ISt Row-Starnes, lfVinstead, Dowlen, Goolsby, Daly, Howell, L. DePriest, Ammons. 2nd Row-I. English, A. English, Johnson, Deuser, Cole, Davis, McClelland, XXVHY- ren, D. DePriest. 3rd-Row-Perry, Cowan, Lane, K. Moore, Ingram, Long, Nickell, Dollins, R. Moore, lflumphrey. Di the many sports in which the girls of Martin College participate the one which they take part in for the sheer enjoyment of the game alone is softball. Wfith the coming of spring the girls seem to have an uncon- querable desire to knock balls. Gut come the bats and balls from their winter hiding places and the fun begins. The girls choose sides and challenge each other for games. They enjoy these games so much that they feel that they must have more space for their excellent batters, so they have some of their games down in the Sam Davis Ball lfarlc. Page forty-three 'S E s Q Q Q fi Q w - s s s s a s Q N E N 'iw -S21 Q5 mi .- , - .Tn--l .ra N rm . wufm PHYSICAL EDUCATION 'fm-'M Miss Bessie Gay, director of physical education at Martin College this year gave instruction in many different types, so that the girls would have an opportunity to receive instruction in whatever field of physical education that they preferred. Each quarter there was instruction in one or two new types so that the students might take part in several sports if they wished. The courses offered during the year were tennis, softball, beginner's tap, advanced tap, folk dancing, minor sports, and interpretative dancing. Tennis for beginners included a thorough understanding of the rules of the game and supervised practice in the correct form and strokes. ' JIZII' "ff 'tc" V g i Q E Q 5 A 2 - . if S S E i E E E N N 5 N 5 N W N 5 N E a Softball was carried on in practically the same manner with probably more stress on practice than theory. V J Minor sports included many games such as dodge ball, soccer, volley ball, relay races, and hobby. Although there was no regular course in archery, Miss Gay gave in- struction to all who were interested in "hitting the bull's eyen. - Cf all the courses, however, dancing was the most popular. Instruc- tion in dancing is new at Martin College, and the girls took advantage ot their opportunity. As a result of Miss Gays elliorts and the girls interest in dancing, the Annual May Day Festival was given entirely in dance. Page forty-four N oxwvuwm a Q N QT Q N SAN, N X NX f W xi n ' w.":'. . K X. 'LN New S Q QE X1 wxkgg ,., ,h L, 4, . . N E v Qs.. 'X nn. .KS 'xx 'S' ' 'mi i-,w.x.,q Q .M N 5. .K ' ' ,S wb - N i x " F . Q -. . -- X - -' N , - ,Q . ' .vs 5 X XS. X Q R Q. A., ggi, g Q-'Q N l xH-A . Q Q T Q . :Qfwff-fw- ,wS' M , , ff" x V .- :ff ' ' if ff? sg K gf P k kfziix ' K- fi -gifrgr 'f-.:..'?:v 'X -' 1 sf -' , f - 'SM QX Ii. wil' Fi ji- -,Lt'.s-.,gIQFg'f S A Nw .7 . , Le-'-.F Q gp? X Nfifi--2 ss f- x Nifff-f:??f , . f'. 1' - 'Y' N? 'Q'-Eli" ' .T "N 1' I 3 X, ..xq,.,. 'e,,.,., . . . .1 1 . - - , J ',,l,,2 H 1 .x N Er N,"w x " Hugs fix 13 -Q-L. XS n. 5 .qv Q 'nl l . dpi- ' - 511 ,, gm- 5.-5 1-,hifi K .V 'L N X 7-S 5 ' -s N K ' 4 ' ' v +. -H . . , ' . x 1 Q' 1' ti: ' Q: ,NNN wf , X Y 5 X 'F - Vx X r S x " N ' 1 , L XM' Q f K - x . x 9 K A X - v 1 FX .5 S xc , S if ' is 5 ggmg Q QQ X, N:f. 5,NQ.,QL ibiikk, Xlmigsfgexgi 'Y ' nfl? wx - Q, N X .x ,X 5+ ..,...,: '..-x, .N..... -. . , .P .M X .' ,si H ji, wifi? I! ,f A ' :' .+L ,941 , 1 -1, 1. 1 mo Jiivgi "erm, .f fzgili 153 ,L ri 1 1-55 -Q?" V ? H35 CQ? 'P ,-- I YL 5,11 ie- 1' nl.. 11 f"'.! ' :QP ' H2 -F 'se 3. 4. '-Q F, 1 J' I 1 b ue' 54 1 5.5541 I ,vw-.f,7 , . . rl N H, , -a I I 1 V. -QA WZ M 1 , 1 I 1 1 I 'I 1 r I' Q' L. .. .A N 1 .4 2' "1 ' ll x w :lu 1 1 's- . ' w 'H ' . 1 f' 7 . ' -I N Il 1 ,LP 2 F I W . I Q41 I ggi, gd , ,X I 1. jx .. x X X Q x V X .If X 'N K 1 X N , x N-.U ' FEATURES X II ' , ' If X , , i x ., , o4"k6 0 0 4028 :':'z':' :2'o'z':':'o"' Q ooooooo0 "'o'o'o'o'oo Q ook 008 ' so 4 ooo 5,596.45 ' 17122: f x ' 23113.12 A.. X 'Z-fa-:1-- :up-11-V K 9? i Y i fy' , 'f 41' X1 Q ' MISS MARTIN EZ? i'33'Qn5 Q 'S iqeg I Y 5 -V llflffjlf fm'Ly1-u1'gl:,l, l"l.UY KICJCJISIH' f ':p1'r7:1'A1 IJ,,'f,' j j j ' ',f":t?Q'Z':"',, any M :L I ,, .X 'M VV'-X - V, H N N 5 Biff? L , ..., ALJ W H O 'S W I-I O all 3:-J. H nn C.-Nic, wins LJUl'fa3tU1'9u'YBb ,llaLRx.fFH' ' mefwn Thnmpsa A ,, ,,x, ., 1 . ., -. , M -QQV Amr E ' . -. f. ive- 51.-Q . Nm, .,., 1 Q . . V .,., ., . ,. . Q . ,. .X ..,, ix, K , S X gg X . :faint in Q x wx XXX W X X N 5 X x an ff ,sw Q X. li. 5 i' 5? wi D J Q JC-35-12, Aiea vl s vmalvleu-re, QQ-as Y bor-ng 'ba Khfklzen C.:-any in W, Page ,forty-nine These scenes are from "Births Christmas Caroli' which was presented by the Dramatic Club. The above scene is from the second act in Mrs. Ruggles' home. The lower scene is from the third act in the Birds home. I 'M Page fifty F R as Qi N N I , N xi Q YN I5 1 N Ii If by IX .M I Ix 1 -'I FII I., gl J It ' liikwi II Ii' sfi Q-J Fil . . fri Vi-I I'ifl HW I K II N 5 N -:I I- I I-If R, I If N I X I Y ix INT IV . Ifw If NI I N I Qi IX'- Di IIN, .N I III IQ any Q bl IN I. i IQ Y-xl 553 -. I I,,h1 if! I I KI ix, INN. I. I K I KN ig ii' I 1 X. I -. I. rr 91. , ' I . I r fa er. :naw nw N N q8...,m,,S x.. an M N - ' -. .. -. . . .. 4 . , .. , . . .. , - . ... .. . . . ' - " ' . .. zz: ' - - . ..,.p,ff , 4, , -.1.,. ,..,,f'n.51f-1 ,-11. ' Um :., " - 'Tu -'iw y3cL'.:' xii- 1Qg5qij41Sf4.,"1f3-3-n-:.- - x-5 ::w,'N:.3-ta:1,Ir:2::'::':"::x: :gr -'::,.: :- .::.1f--'mug -Emarluiru:--: s'-fqqzz:-gr-f1E"E rg'1,1'E:i1-pau-:Fuzz-sn"fsglf -'E'wg::Qgn.:.'qriL grzi-:1-.:::Lw..:'e:frv:1..,.: 1 -:1i,F'Uf4'ilI4lilr1r:'v5::fr :::E.,u::4:zI'1:'fn:"' ':!'." ::"" H if " Y. MV' .U I!i"'-Eff-555 'fx a'?iv"f2s2. i r15E.1Qizz2:::f a1sf22-2S:m:::22:.m ' 1-f-:'1-ff1'H-42421-252fur!"I "-J" r""'- 't Y X The above group was taken at the Kid Party-Easter Egg Hunt given by the v.vv.c.A. The group below was taken at the Valentine Dance given by the pY.VV. CA. after the crowning of the King andy Queen of Hearts who were Anna Coble and Florence Abernathy, respectively. I ' X J .J W ,, , I 1 I ff f' ,f ff 1, ff ,fi ,f 4.14, fl 'f1::1::f,i" ,UG f. ' , Cqfzi 1150 5:2 Page fifty-one' . ' I M -ggfisefii-rlfgxff f'.JLi...fi2:-43.L':: ,a1,:z:251:g:e:a:1.gzfgiifffiggifelfisis-..141-Q252:52 .-:.-1111:-:W .4 --,-,mn -J----,-,.h----...,. nm, W . q H -Ll i!""C'.. JIT''lf':',P,9:3:1:.'.if3L'1:':":13.....:-,.a,:,,.,, -,,. .,-.v.-V-.--..--7.f . --. -.v,., ...-at--7-. - -H -, . . if " - ,', "i" "" --4' "--1 2 fi-rg:-r. '-4 -1:1 .'::'.-:-2'-4-:t'?1. ,j- tat- -. .. , --...,i.x2Li:':P."::f:1fj::':':-.'1:'3f,:1-"'g-L4-:wg.,..ZT,,,..:,:l21ff..:...,,'-- ,Hull 1- Jfifr' . ,l g .ii A I F . H A . , --A K A p l , K , . Y A- ..,..,.., ...Jul --,, -'.g,1f ,A., cv4,,:, f-fy MAY DAY jK,2lfl1C1'i11C Stone 'I I , f , , A ,f f ,f Page fifty-two OITIICC :Xl5Cl'l1ll1l1j xii, Q B' 'V , .h4,,.,,V ,af fv- K I x I . ix. f M tr X Tx I M 1 N. 51 if rx.. A :wx Nz C 5 n N Ii ' 4 N N Mx-N l, w K1 rs? PX PN N1 x, 1-'1 '-1 Xu I ga r X gi 1 fi Vx an N x, W1 5,-1 ., Al I.--X Q1 W :xg um. 5 Wx 'I s X- WW C X ff ax k 1 Yi N .N rifij EL - Y- if .bl Fl N Kr " '13 K1 it x "1 ll N I i V x fx, IQ' 2 If -. ,P N If-A gq-M3 fx 1 1 --I lg 1 14 E ' 'e ,cf J, X, fx xx, 4 1 Qu Y .mi Qjbx? A9 4,0 XO' PQLJW XO. llllllll IIIIIIIII Sinclair HC Gasoline Pennsylvania Opaline Motor Oil SIMS Sr SMITH IlllllllIIlIKillIIIIIIllllIIIllllIIIIilllllllllllllllllllllllilil IlllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllill Nu-Way Cleaners Qperating Clovers Continuous Flow System Hoffman Steam Presses and Altering Mrs. S. C. Reed, Prop. IIllIllIIlllllIIIIllIIIIllllIIIllIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllll IIllllIIIllllllllllllIlIlllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Railway Express - Agency Incorporated Serving the Nation for ' 98 Years Ill llllIllllllllllllIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllll ll Windsor Village , Cafe Regular 'Dinners for Reasonable Prices ' Millard Piuchmann, Prop, Open Day and Night IllllIIlilllIllIZ!IllIllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllll XllllllllillllllllllllllllllIIllIIllIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll Builders' Supply Co. All Kinds of Building Materials L. I. Callahan, Gen. Contractor N. 2nd St. Qne Block off Square Phone 76 Pulaski, Tenn. IllllllllIllllllllllllilllllllllll Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllxlllllllllllllllllllll COMPLIMENTS GP Kulins 5-10-25c Store Everything in Phone 278 : E School Books, Stationery and 1 E PULASKI TENN- - Qltice Supplies M C B M C B A O O A O O R L O snonr at sroixir, R L O T L S . T L S I E T 'Quality Shopv I E T N G E N G E E R lJL1lZlSlil,SllC1l11 E R S S qlllllllllllllllllllllllll Page fifty-sifx I Ixus' :fly Q . " 1 ,, " L' QI- " 'i?.'g" ': A '15 'rf' f " 'a 5'l'-' ' ,p "' I' isi' .- Q'fjf1fYf,'i1f55Wil' 'il"i'f:1Q 1 ,. S ' ZORQE: W. P. REEVES AND SON DRUGGIST A Good Place for the College Girls G to Shop 640ur Service Is Your Services, CGMPLIMENTS QF With Compliments to , Martin Colleofe Pulaski Beaut from b Shoppe , E Cohnis Busy Store "Our reputation is a - n guarantee to you ' "We solicit and appreciate Phone 424 your Patronage" PULASKI HIGHWAY EXPRESS Direct Daily Service between Nashville and Pulaski Connection for all points in the United States Phone 529 P 01.99 fifty-seven Drink COCA-COLA Ill Sterilizecl Bottles lllllllll lllllllll llllllllll IllIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIllll W. T. Earhart Auto Repairs Wrecker Service Phone 202 125 N. Second St. Pulaski, Tenn. IIIIIIIQIIIIIIIfIfIIIIIfffffIIffffIIffffffffff.'.'ff.'.'.'.'.' ' Lathamis Beauty Shop "VVe Rule the Waves" Permanents, Fingervvaves Personality Haircuts Phone S5 t When Hungry, think of p Cheek's Bakery and Cafe Home of Quality Food and Bakery Products Pulaski, Tenn. Phone 5 Page fifty-eight COMPLIMENTS OF M. Cohen and Son Wholesale Grocers Pulaski, Tenn. llllll lllllllll llllllllllllll Illllllll lllllllll P. C. Edmundson's and Son P Specializing in Shoes Hosiery, Accessories for every member of the family N. E. Corner of Square Pulaski, Tenn. Shoes are never old: Retain your sho-e comfort by letting us repair them properly. Ralston Shoe Shop in d Pulaski BOOlQl1 81 Son Service Station 5 Poultry and Eggs as Sinclair Oil Ice and Coal . K. 1 . ' O I B ackbumr If We Handle the Best At U. S. Highways 31 - 64 Pulaski, Tenn. n Phone Q0 I llIllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllll IIII'llllllllllllllllllllllllllI-llllfll Illllll lllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllI Sc 31 1 : TEXACO X . BEN - Fire Chief Gasoline Motor Oil and Havoline I - : Motoy STORE Wax-free SZ: SZ: In refinery sealed cans for your protection A lubricant for every purpose Home Ofwned THE TEXAS co. T. L. BROWN 106 Local Distributor "You can live a little better if you shop a little better" Shop at A St P FOOD STORES Page fifty-n iwf 'v NI . COMPLIMENTS OF A THE COMMERCE UNION BANK Columbia, Tennessee WOCO PEP Does What Gasoline Canit Do 69 rg Q99 TAIOLENE PULASKI OIL CO., Distributors ' Pulaski, Tenn. ' COMPLIMENTS OF MILKY WAY FARMS Page sixty . X GIL T. MAY Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Millinery - Accessories Pulaski, Tenn. 13110116 97 ABERNATHY GULF PRIDE Grain and Feed SERVICE Company STATION : COMPLETE GULF SERVICE WHOLESALE and RETAIL Dealers in Intersection lst and Znd Streets All kinds of Grain, also F 101110 M931 and C01'1'1- B. F. Eslick, Prop. mercial Stock Feeds Phone 174 lllllllIlllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllll lllllllllll lllllllllllllllll lllllllllllIIIIlllllllllllIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllI A COMPLIMENTS oi-T ESSO MARKETERS STANDARD OIL COMPANY of La. XV. R. NVi1iiH111S Agent Page sixty COMPLIMENTS OF Pulaski Canning Co. Massachusetts : Packw Of . . . T 11 , B , C , Ii111tlQ1I1g Mills ' Omg' Oes eans Om Greens Columbia, Tenn. Pulaski, Tenn. WEST SIDE Esso STATION HARWELL- P STONE CO. COMPLETE Dry Goods, . Furnishings, "One Stop Service" - Ready-to-Wear and Shoes U. S. Highway No. 64 at - North Side of Square 4th Street ' Pulaski, Tenn. S Pulaski, Tenn. S Phone 33 Phone 595 ' "Send Your Clothes E t CoMPL1M1-QNTS , " X: to the Laundry" z E ' or Watts Laundr z Y W. W. Evans ai CQ. - Pulaski, Tenn. Columbia, Tenn. Page sixty-two IllllllllllllllllllIllllllIllllllIIIIlllIIIIIllIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllll Rackley Brothers Automatic Service Specialized Lubrication Phone 103 ' lllllllllll IllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllli llllllllll IIIIIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllll lllll If you Want the news about local happenings in Pulaski and Giles County, 1 u Read the PULASKI CITIZEN Job Printing Cards - Programs Telephone 26 lllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllll lllll Hotel Richland On the square J. P. Knight, Prop. COMPLIMENTS GP I-I. L. Williams 811 Son Groceries and Field Seed Pulaski, Tenn. PULASKI PURE MILK CC. Complete line of x Pasteurized Milk, Butter- milk, Butter, Chocolate Milk, Ice Cream and Cheese CQMPLIMENTS QF .I . W. I-Ienry X li-fi SHERIFF 234 Page sixty-th CGMPLIMENTS OF PULASKI GIN AND GRAIN CO. Grains - Cotton - Feed E. E. Williaiijas, Prop. lnunul lllllllllllllllllll llIIIIIIIIIllIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllilllllllIlllllllllllllll 2 Bennett, May SZ CO. Funeral Directors and Embalmers - Furniture and Rugs Phone 67 Westside Square ' Pulaski, Tenn. , YOUNG and McALISTEB Tinners and Plumbers Supplies and Heating Acme Quality Paint Repair Work a Specialty Phone 98 No. 11 South First Street Pulaski, Tenn. Page sfixty-four Wise Motorists Use That good Gulf Gasolin and Motor Oil" Blow Sz Coffman Distributors Pulaski, Tenn. BEST THEATRE - Wishes of Best Luck to Each Student of Martin College pf 4 l l 1 1 i l il l 1 l i l l i 1 l i I l v l 2 1 l l l I i ee, tif i -i 4 J 'l riff we V rirrriiriirir MODERN FGOD STORE "Make Our Store Your Store" Quality Groceries,1Fresh,Fruits, and Vegetables Phone 155 Illllllllllllll lllll lllllllll llllllllll Pulaski Drug Co. Anything in Drugs Phone 61 No. Side of Square R. R. Brownlow lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Western Auto Associate Store Home owned by Howard Smithson Pulaski, Tenn. IIIIIIIIIIQIIIIIIIIIUIIIUUI""""""' """"' UH., ,HHH Hannlnnnnnnnnunnuuulluullunuuu - 'Odorless Dry Cleaning" 1 Dependable Dry Cleaners "VVe specialize in Dainty Ga1'1nents" 2 E. A. Hendrickson We Deliver Shop at Garber 81 Co. Columbia's Busy Dept. Store Ladies' Ready-to-Wear 5 and Millinery Abernathy I Hardware Co. y ra . 7x Paint - Electrical Goods . ' Radios 'Quality Goods at Fair Price, lllll llll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIllIIIllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll COMPLIMENTS OF Kerley Furniture 2 Company Columbia. Tenn. Page sixty-five CROSS-ROADS SERVICE U. S. Highways 31 and 64 GULF PRODUCTS C. S. jackson, Prop. Phone 35 24 hour Service llllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPPPPPPPP eePPPPP'PPP'Pee STATION Pulaski Tenn CoMPLiMENTs LOYD - I OF 5 DRUG COMPANY i p. Q E 5 THE 5 South Side Square - Phone 55 ' ' UNION 5 E BANK "You can always shop to advantage at the Rexall Drug Company" Pulaski, Tenn IlllllllllIlllIlllllIllllllllIlllllllIllllIIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll RAMBo-BRow'N Mofroa CoMPANY mo Pulaski, Tenn. eHEvRoLET The Complete Car -C - Q P Completely New Page sixty-six lllllllllll IllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll R. L. HOST JEWELER Watches - Diamonds Gift Wares South Side Square ' Pulaski, Tenn. IflllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I. DENBO WHOLESALE PRODUCE Always in the market for Chickens, Eggs, Hides, Wool, and Ginseng llllllllIlllllllllIIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll High Grade Goods Low Grade Prices THE ROSE STURE Phone 77 Pulaski, Tenn. llllllllll llllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllIllllllIlllllllllllllllllllll GORDON'S "A Shop for Ladies" Columbia, Tenn. Sunshine Cleaners "Dependable as the DaWn" West side of Square Phone 478 Roy Springer, Owner Call for and deliver IIIlllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllll CURRY MUTOR CO., INC. Donon AND PLYMoUTH 7 Sales and Service Switch to Dodge and Save Money Phone 181 No. First Street Pulaski, Tenn. Page sixty-s llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll M. S. Church Auto Parts Company "Most anything for most any make of car" Standard Replacement Parts No. First St. Pulaski, Tenn. Illlll lllll lllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllll 1, Hagan Brothers DRUGGIST The Service Store Pulaski, Tenn. Phone 31 It Pays to Shop at PENNEYS, INC. A Columbia, Tenn. Quality - Style - Service Tiolene Woco Pep No. 6 Tire and Battery Company At the Crossroad of the Nation Thompson . I IIIIllIIllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll Page sixty-eight llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllll Pulaski Quality Service Store Everything Good to Eat O. E. Smith and Son No. First St. Phone 143 and 144 IllIIllllllIllllllllllllllllllll Illllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllll Burt Brothers Dependable Furniture Stoves and Ranges No. lst St. Phone 70 Electric Refrigerators Radios COMPLIMENTS OF Kuhnis Beauty Shop Quality - Service Satisfaction Mrs. A. Curry, Mgr. Phone 53 IIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllll nn "A Good Place to Eat" THE TAVERN Mrs. John Wilkes, Mgr. Pulaski, Tenn. COMPLIMENTS OF RICHARD EQ DOTSON Attorney-at-Law 'O Floor Treatments . Disinfectants and Sanitary Products THE SELIG CO. 40 years of unsurpassed Service Charles Shatzen-Rep. ATLANTA, GA.. CQMPLIMENTS or A FRIEND Short Beauty Shop '-CUMPUMENTS OF Three facts about chic: 1. Hair well groomed R 2. A good shampoo 3. The correct permanent Rebecca G. Reynold, Mgr. Page sew enty JONES MOTOR CO and WARDS SERVICE STATION DeSoto, Plymouth Phone 2 lllllIllllllllllllllllllll COMPLIMENTS OF THOMA D NLA S U P National Farm Loan Asso. COMPLIMENTS OF The Winstead Shoe Shop COMPLIMENTS OF Arthur Jones Supt. of Schools llIIllIllllIIllIIIllIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllIIIllIIllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllll COMPLIMENTS or GEORGE SANDERS Register llIIIIIIIllllllllIllIIlllilllllllllIllIIllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllill COMPLIMENTS or CHAS. R. GILBERT, JR. Agt. Nashville Banner IllIIllllllllllllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllll ENGRAVINGS IN THIS BooK by Bush-Krebs Engraving . Company LOUISVILLE, KY. Z..-me llIIlllllIllIlllllIllIIIllllllIIllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll COMPLIMENTS or WILLIAMS Heinz 57 varieties llIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllll IllIllIIllllIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllll COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND llllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIllllllIlIIllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllIIIIIIIIllllIIIlllllIlIIIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllll COMPLIMENTS OF .G. B. Abernathy County Court Clerk C.oMPLiMENTs or W. J. REED Trustee COMPLIMENTS OF R. E. LEE THIS ANNUAL Printed by The Benton Review Shop Fowler. Ind. lllllIIIlIllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllIlIIllIIIllIllllIIIllIIIIIIIIllIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllll PHOTOGRAPHY DONE BY ROBERTS STUDIO ,' Page seventy 'Q X P 11 L .X 4. . 'g 'MY Y' 4 Uwv- X v .X U .Y -.1 on -- I ia --1 ... N PJ' '11, ' ,"'2J!'U . pNrya.,.., ., " ' '- , ' - --w Y,-,.,, , Q. ' VN, M ,V-,-X, .A V .N M, , ,. H - -- F-A., ., - , . ,,,,, ,A , - - ,A D xy x v-X, g 'K,.."x'.t1 fi .-.-LL-:":1L'X" .TL 'fs-1 :.'.gy:':1rgsg..rv:: '.rp,g'p,pq'::::::1umg,55g55f- ,,f,,,, ,,,':2'-:,".f1,.,g,g:..:' :::'1:-L, W -HT.. TTTFT, , ,, 15. . . .':-1.r- rv 4.'-. ---- ..- .. " '- . , .- x, f- . --. A 5 . ,. - ir, jx Agn. - -,:.,J:S:'?f6igi:'f'NfT5S:sg.':g,1 ay Qtvwgfgggzy+,g.:f'ftb::rt::-1.421!T?.'w-15,:54,5::2::,fm:+:r:Q-,gg,5,.,1,5g,:g5g!g53s7:q::::l:sz:z,g'r-1::::1E:EziL2i5:2.iL-Q,g53fgp:51gg,5g,g5ggv' --:5f.5.E,Q. q.::,21.:4i:fL12g1g:L.:11:..:,j:-gy iiiifkfgtg'ljff1113311fgg1ffj5j3gl11:".g1 'w,fgH?ff,g jpvigizg-'g..,ij,g,5il,::.j:Lg3y,q5g:.:Eg,s,,,,,35g,, . lj, ,I ,iq : . V .X W.. - .,. .,,,...X...... T, n. . . . , .x-- 4.b1:q"v.::::u:...7'L -1---wwl-.5-.r ... ...1,:'..Q-ze.!'.. .":t1,g:g,r:3:17gfjijifikjq,031333.Nzgwgfmg-f:3gg::?55iL::5f3353ff2gQQ.,:llgigfifgz-ipji'-g5jf5L433jg:gg1537rgiz.-,sgl?,3gfgiff:Qg:i35.,5555-755555:,ggig595gtg-gfgl-,zggftsgggggjg319:11V,,,l, i5f,,q53v,,, , ,M ,y.,y,,, 9 'r A . f 1 N Ve qi. . .,p- ., ' N 2... 1' p , X 1, n 9 Y . 1 ' K ' s V I . r . 5. 'x 3FTE1'f,':-Ji':m?I:t:.:f:1?:1::" pf':4:'E::"41:1f4-L1:i',i.'f1:'3'4- T" "Qf1'IlL1i'Lj' 35'-f is 3-' 25' --" f ' " 141-: A'--f-r -TPTJ ' 'ill' 'f' f-iii.:-f-1-3. 95:5-Q"-'E T'f"':. 11" ,'? -'i-"?fi3I-- 'Ti-1'-mrpsl .iff-'41-----1 1-l1:r.:...:.....::.41.... :QA in . B .,1"' . - 1- f' . . . -- . ' ff' .- -A -- -f - - -- ---1 ' 4 - -- -- . - - - -- f--Y ... ., Af, ,31,.., .- , , K -,...,,, .M -N--1--A--...-:,:.zzg-.':------LH -..,,..L...,,,i- f -'-V ff'-9 :si 2 ' " " X ' - .W---. . A' " 1' .- -Jififfi'faux-1-"1-:z:5ZE5?s:5':rx:-xnfifriiv ' '11-Q-1-1 ----.- v-Y """' -- yy. J 2f4f"l'7J. ,QJSMKB ' ' lf'rX s 1 Of? uff'-3 , R ffwviiyj J f if fiiff ' 'iii gyw. . x Q. A ' . . v 5 1 1 'P Wx 4 ' . ,Y .. QQ:- . xg A , 6 iw rv I r ,

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Martin Methodist College - Spinster Yearbook (Pulaski, TN) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 13

1937, pg 13

Martin Methodist College - Spinster Yearbook (Pulaski, TN) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 62

1937, pg 62

Martin Methodist College - Spinster Yearbook (Pulaski, TN) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 18

1937, pg 18

Martin Methodist College - Spinster Yearbook (Pulaski, TN) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 34

1937, pg 34

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