Martin High School - Martinian Yearbook (Goodsprings, AL)

 - Class of 1958

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Martin High School - Martinian Yearbook (Goodsprings, AL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1958 volume:

'Y Q '. - x ' MJ f fl All IAQ! l MM , v-if , iv x- , f i gq ax,-ix W A 'S Q S D-...L-1111-r if ,Q X f X Q 'T - X M g 'iw X X i - 1 JfI,l.2fL,SL Eg I M ZFX X K I .'i"'-"' QV Nfruv ' i f QLWSUIOOL 5 fl' A u Y. , , I if lv ' 5 UE? fl 1 j Q2 f U Q J' 1 ',-,',:l, :-4M k xx U , A , -K 1 A , if L -4- -,-.,, ii, - , N tif Q 4 1 K- ' ,, ,- - q Qx Y V - -AUM-xx S i. -,WA Y, X 1 X X M NX ' -.-Q g Nxxi t Lgx f- , P773 M17 Www, -W. is 5.3 , ,L 'MH 1 ,f . ' I ff ..,,., , f J x, .5 .DJ 1. if r X-,,.i, ' g V f fxr? cf. V- A, .f , ,xxx if - f, H ,, K Y K ,Rl A 7 in ig , f 9,f i i ii, V, 'iw , J I? i f N ,L K 4 A My W , . n ' S '44 g "' x " ' L A f ' N ' 4 Y 1 ic" 'f,, .5 4 if ' f f 596 "L V NV' 1' f ,' W: L - 5 k 1 I I I 1 I A ' ' W. 7 V 1. , "" :Q 'la' V ' Q 5 , .- Y! 2' L Q : ' . . I 7 , 40' f ' ., Q 41 3, , gy F Q gs 1 " A R ' ' W Y mi" ' J ,, I l r f Q X X W9 5 ' Q .. gf . kg 1 '1 Y xr -g 4 ,WV jf x Kev! ' X M , .... ,.-,.44 .. f M 434503, -gk .nf '-,,, 1H fg5,:V 2 . f I I , A 'f,,1,?f ,QS I A I f , , 1 z ffm 1 M U 5 P 1 1 .V V' X I ' 3. f ' 4- . .,, " f ez' ,F ,,, I 'L 'ish - 'Ir 'i Q ...----f ,fy fx a 'v-qt A 4 5 A . - "-"4 X K' r-,,,,'.,,i'4,.l"" 'ff fx. 4 ' gig 'ek' f - -- ' E - , ' .. ,. , ,gr rl 'K Y 'L' , H avg , , " "1 - ,,...f ' h fw f +' 'X ,M L 7128 g, -- .Q . 1 gf ,1'v1'f' 3-C, 'gg-1' -" f ,-wt-, .f . , ."?""' f W W V ...W Jkf,-'-2 ' "ff -' .f-"- ' ' 941, . "0-.7 11 .1 'pu' ,L - ' i 94' RQ, :gp-3'kiL,.,f-,AS , ,sv-Q .4 H, A,,,,,,... Q A J, ' ':f'4f."5. J.- V+ -fm ww W: w 'X :f1.iH " iffS2"9 W ' f " ti, I lv L ,fx H , -1 ,, , ' A, .FL ,gg ' 3- V ,, ' "' , K V' . , - f ...W :Muff Y , , Zyl 5 - ,Viv ??F,'5-'viz .f Li 1 4 Q mf M gf, 11 f MIX Qu . ,, 6' as ' A 2, r , f R 1' ,F f " 4 e , M , W ' --1,16 Q -ff- 1 M" ' ' Y f+-- 4' -f A . Y . , 'W . v M' Q Q 34,9 ' ' X, . K . A4 ., Y W W Q . . - K , Q,,3T A , V -. A X J V 1 iw f 5 QQ, -ff . in - BQ K 'jj , T' M k 5,-V us, ,., X 'F A W. R, ff v' K , i fm f 1 1 L P Q Q -fx. ' 5 kk O 3-ue1.4,g4-vi ,M " 5 - ..-ul-3151 Afrf. 4 , 2? ' 'PW . M 5 , 1 1 ' -v asf f K 'Wx 4' 4 29' 'L i .Zh 1 av gg ,W . -.. i M0-,., 'I , az A ' H671 ', f fr? fp fr , . Wi: 55 iw .f .,- - y 'w-' - f,', ri ' , fa L 4 LA fa I , ' ff ,A , if 2 'f 3, f 1 - X I, f x N-. U . rv ,k- -N-j-'::'W'n ' 'I 'Jf'g-Ha,-in 1 ,, ...C-:F N' aa 13: +- -,. .. , vg- , .i 1 V . g,:A gf' fy-2 lf' 3' 4-1 4--Q-u I I !,.. 9-.Q-..., ' Q ' -1 -., ,... .xii l'2T Z?fg:f " v 'JS' ' ' ,' .f.'.' 'J :'.r.1 Y - M: .51 "" A -S, 'A F- .V -Q '3'Z",-"W 7 +5 ,Q 5 .NC 1 1 1 - fl-.1 vm -f----1 E f ' - N f I Ek- '-f---- -1' 2.1 1 , ,- ,.,-f X 1, h -' . g , ,, 1 gn-.-.- 4 --...T- , f , 'X f , .i- ' -7 -. ... 4-11.24 f' f -f A- -1f----y7-g- :M -- :.' ' , . Q . ... Q, ,-M ,, -Q .... . ' ' 'f' !s-.....-nary' "" """ -l ,,, .' is Y 1- - 4' . K ' 0 , Q f 5 S ,x V WWW ' x ...-.--vQu11 vi g - , J F ,...x r un, ,. .Q vb, ,. In 2 U Q- ..- V v-1 all I -S- :lt ,. 4 X , . -' ...unix - 1 - .aa-,aw-f ' Q V J" ' ' '-"-YO C -'IQ-'ft' -i-' vg hm p V ual ,., QW . ' ' ' wa... ' 3 . I 4- uw fl.: Q12 ll I q '. . ' A - 1:1 ""'G'5'-- ' .,. vm. . ' .- , ,. fm- mm Q c Q s -A 1 xr -an . Q -QM, 4,3 Erbdi, f:-:,a,?L. x-.5 J '75 1 42 frf q' " ff 7 'wr A . . --Y '-f x-.'. . ' ' V Q X ' -Shut' 1 ,JW-?"' -'f . K. .- 1 T -J . . ll a -map' Mi ? v?,J,z' '. .s - may-Q fl '21, A ., lf. xx "fm VP ' if .,?.g,,,,w ,..7 x 1, ilru ' .nfl 'Q' 7 il' NZ" 2 "'x LY? A silfff' W W , ' .14 Q - 4 Iv gq'l.' ".ti" 4 A7 . ., M V1 Q5 ,.' L 1 ,V -, ., 5' N , ,......4an3!'i. mum H, DEDICATION BOARD OF EDUCATION TRUSTEES SUPERINTENDENT 'S MESSAGE PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE P. T. A. ANNUAL STAFF FACULTY CLASSES FAVORITES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS ADVERTISERS Miss Rebecca Glover, Mrs. Vivian Steadman, Mrs. Mary Winn, Mrs. Elma Hutchings, Mrs. Jessie Alexander, Mrs. Stacie Gurganus, Mrs. Gene Brakefield, Mrs. Louise Wall, Mrs. Virginia Jones. We affectionately dedicate the 1958 MARTINIAN to you, the ELEMENTARY TEACHERS of Thomas W. Martin High School, to show our admiration, deep respect, and sincere gratitude. 746641664 PA UL BUSBY Um Scdaal ELON IENT C. B. OAKLEY Dear Frrends I used to dream of my future Now I dream of yours You had no chorce as to where or to what rank you were born Des trny now should be your serrous consrder atron No man rs greater than hrs thoughts No man rs greater than hrs decrsrons No man rs greater than hrs farth No one would have ever crossed the ocean rf he could have gotten off the shrp rn a storm Hard work wrll conquer the worst of luck The glory ls not rn never fallrng but rn rrsrng every trme you fall You may resrgn yourself to the role of hod carrrer or perhaps you may become a space prlot Wherever you are my heart fullof love and bestwrsheswrllgo wrth you So be farthful and true to the best thatlres wrthrn you untrl the Master of allgood workmen shall put us to work anew Srncerely Raymond E Faught 4779 df' May you ever be mmdful of :hrs year of your 11fe 1n that If has helped you to be mentally awake mtellectually ahve and spurtually strong rn your trarnmg assurmg you a worthy place m SOCICIY Wrllram T Bra kefleld 1 79. 7. , Secretary - - - - -MRS. Treasurer - - - - - i ALTON GRAHAM WILSON HUDSON President - - Vice President MRS. CHARLES HARKINS - - - - -MRS. PAUL KIMBRELL DON DURHAM MISS SARAH JOYCE WHITE Annual Advtsor AMELIA KEY Busmess Manager RAYBURN KEY Clrculatton Manager GAYLE HERRON Feature Edrtor BEN NY HEST ER Snapshot Edltor PATTY GAIL HYCHE J un1or Representattve 5145! AQ. 1 CAROLYN TITTLE Co Edxtors Nbr XMX E I-1 r 'I '2 L C FARLEY CAROLYN RICHARDS A dvertrsmg Manager LAWAYNE NARAMORE Sports Edltor RONALD TOWN LEY Faculty Edltor MARTHA KIMBRELL Class Editor BOBBY GROVES Orgamzauons Edrtor CHARLES EARNEST Junror Representatrve N ff 1 W ,,Q,,,,4 , ...w..1rwwm I-, uxvx q K f wa www' ' x and if E facul 'X -Ol" Y""?' MRS IESSEK ALEXANDER Fxrst Grade Plcfure Lrvrngston State College No MISS LOIS FA UGHT Available Frrst Grade Jacksonvrlle Sta te College lf' in 'fi' A 'fi' MRS VIVIAN STEADMAN Fourth Grade Florence State College MRS GEORGIA RANDOLPH Fourth Grade Florence State College MRS MARY WINN Second Grade Howard College MISS REBECCA GLOVER Thud Grade Jacksonvrlle State College MRS ELMA HUTCHINGS Third Grade Jacksonville State College MRS. VIRGINIA JONES Sixth Grade Florence State College Mus. LOUISE WALL Sixth Grade University of Alabama MRS. GEORGE KINDLEY Junior I Homeroom Florence State College MRS. GENE BRAKEFIELD Fifth Grade Jacksonville State College MRS. STACHIE GURGANUS Fifth Grade University of Alabama 414 MR. CORLAS ROBY Junior II l-lomeroom Trevecca College MR. MILFORD COOK Junior III Homeroom Coach Birmingham Southern College .S I IJ tv' f"'-5? aaa fi ' 'iw Q ' ' -'E wg fag '-Q 'X R MR THOMAS GRAY Iumor III Homeroom Band Drrector Auburn MRS EDITH THOMASTON Semor I Homeroom Alabama College MR. MICKEY BARRETT Science, Math Howard College MR. HUBBARD DOTSON Coach Livingston State College MISS OPAL BRIDGES Semor II Homeroom Umverslty of Alabama MISS CASSIE GARRISON Senror II Homeroom Alabama College MISS SARA JOYCE WHITE Senior III Homeroom Florence State College G! , Wi' I fr '6 2 7 " I 2 - ... 4. , ' i 91, K 'C ,V V . ,--' , -v-gl K 'Y ,. av ' Elf A 1- ' A 7 4' -.ef ,:,Qf"' 'Y .Q .. ' I iii if x A Q K y X in wk YA sa A ' - - ' inD!"'v ,V .l V - 'H .qi 'Y it-J Y 1 " g EQ' vias? L, .L K us- . f-.A , .4 -,Qs ef., ang: ,z 1 e h li fn- is id, Q 1 0,-Jkt L-..- i-s 4,1 -40 isa ,as Sandra Argent Terry Baker Deborrah Beason Lee Boggs III Steve Brown Linda Busby Danny Butler Cain Chappell Vicki Earnest Marcia Franklin Lowell Gant Audry Gamer Ronny Gamer Melinda Gilreath Bruce Glover Suzanne Hartley Donna Holley Daphne Holt Carolyn Hooker Boyce Hosmer Shelia Ann House Sheila Hudson Bobby Hyde Joe Key Alivia McCullough Connie Millwood Lambert Parker Gary Peors Stanley Randolph Gayle Ready Larry Richards Kirk Sanford Sandra Sanford Susan Sanford Sharon Sartain Leonard Sellers Kent Shaw Bill Short Janet Snow Eddie Spirey Mike Spirey Peggy Thomas Alan Trotter Spencer Wills, Ir. Wesley Wood Steve Wright Paula Young Margaret Argent Elizabeth Benson Barbara Black Donna Burks Doris Jean Carey Patsy Chappell Kenneth Cook Terry Cornelius Johnny Crowe Joan Douglas Nadine Eaton Sandra Fuller Benny Garner Jimmy Garner Robert Gamer Jane Glover Beverly Groves Mark Henderson Micky Horton Rebecca Horton Debby Inman Brenda Keeton Martine Keeton Jewel Kilgore Randal Knight Johnny Lockhart Lynn Long Rodney McCullar Johnny Miller Q ag'6 A 4 , .,, 'Q' HQ Egg ,., 11 , 'Lg x Q. 40' -4' gb . J as X ., I A 3 v S f" ft- N -1 .A - Y l , X " W: I A ', 1 -w fs 'X is 11 0 4 sl V ,V- X 'Y I' I 'Q UL? -A ix' 4 Ei-'ie Q g f ,, W K John Dale Madison V, 4 -, A3 ,' 4, ' -D A Ronald Morrow Charolete Myers Ellen Purvis Carolyn Sanford Ginger Sanford Patrica Sanford Brenda Short Linda Snow Monty Stockman David Thomaston 7 so 4 6 5 A !?' K' , 8 A- -P J gi , 1 U ' t ' 4 S . Danny Thompson Larry Tubbs Deloris Wright Linda Alexander Cecelia Ann Ball Frank Benson Sharon Byrd Jerry Chappell Susan Chappell Harry Copeland Linda Courrington Joe Davis Stephen Ferguson Sharon Franklin Helen Gilreath Greagory Gross Fredrick Harsany Douglas Hartley Ann Henderson Rickey Henson Steve Hill Wanda Hill David Horton Gregory Hosmer Linda Ipock Susan Jackson Joe Jones Danny Key Karla Key Michael Key Monte Key Ray Kilgore Charlie Laird Johnny Laird Paul McFa1l Kathy Miller Rosa Millwood Ann Myers Anthony Myers Jim Nails Mary Ruth Nails Edsel Prestridge Larry Ready Donna Sanford Travis Sanford Kenneth Sellers Jimmy Short Karan Smith LaDonna Smith Charles Snow Ronald Snow Jean Stephenson Donna Stewart Joyce Ann Suicklin Virginia Stover Ronney Thompson Jean Tittle Pat Walters Trevia West Linda Wright Donald Alexander Bobby Baker Willice Bolton Becky Brown Helen Butler Horace Carey Carolyn Carmichael Jean Castleberry David Chappell Mary Chunn Brenda Cook Johnny Cotton June Davis Veneta Davis Elaine Fondren L. T. Fondren Mary Leigh Gibson Jenifer Glover Mary Goswick Brenda Gray L 3 7 , 0. if5.Nf.ET5 fs' x' . f wi4,,'J Sf" no more I - fb J 1'..v- 'F fs YL 'Q- Z Q wo IUSV J RQ? Q., . " , U g , v -I X . I . of '66 'x '1 ,gn 'isvzfi ' x '39 Jw 3 .. V -f Q ,J Q X Q ' ' . ' "" ft , I . 4? of .E ex , i IA. O 7 ,W 4 v cl -- 2 , 4- f K -1- "" -4 -A i M '-'Y '7 .'4w 'afar ,' K , 5 . 4' iz 1 at Q ' 1 -1 "r 9- 'in " ,. is A 'T n Q , it? ,VI ' - X , as -,-r-""'? 1 -v f fl- 4. L, ,fs 73.1 J :X -X ff' ' ,v, 4, . .Ja ,..I,Q3, . 4- .3 tiix 1 + L 1 --v 'TD V, Q' 1 X, 4 moto Nov Avuull! v 1 .JP , 1.-4' I '5. Ag ,. ' .av -3 'Q' X . ...Y ,FA Q A 'hz t Q' it ' G X '. fi 7 , all u..-,. "Y I '-iv' Paula Hooker Steve Hudson Jan Hyche I . C. Hyche Robert Jent Jimmy Jones Sheila Keeton Yvonne Kelley Jennifer Key Robert Key Jimmy Clay Laird James Lockhart Judy Lockhart Margaret Minor Barbara Mize Ronald Naramore Eugene Parker Nina Perry Larry Randolph Eddy Richards Ann Richardson Darlene Richardson Bertha Sadberry Jerry Sanford Linda Sanford Glenda Short Roger Short Edgar Smith Janice Smith Lorraine Smith Ray Smith James Stevenson Thomas Sullivan Bradley Teague Gary Tubbs Phillip Turner Marvin Weems Jimmy Wright Elaine Youngblood Albert Alexander Reba Jane Berry Harry Bolton David Brassfield Nora Brown Dorthy Bruner Shirley Busby Betty Ruth Chappell Bonnie Fay Chappell James Chappell Margie Chappell Jimmy Cook Gaynell Comelius Bonnie Cottrell Carl David Craft Elizabeth Ann Dunn Nancy Ferguson Diana Garner Howard Goodwin J. N. Goswick Lonnie Griffin Johnny Gross Phylis Groves Judy Gurganus Linda Hamilton Damon Hartley James Herron Allen Hill Jackie Hill Doris Holt Nolan Hudson Hollace Hyche Patricia Ann Jenkins Johny Jent Drucilla Jones of No! Shown ,, W V fgwv 1' ' 29 WT? f? AJC a..N fl A4 r ' ' :MSP 1' A '3' 1? v , , 1-w.- , yt t. y -HAI A, A W, '-.- l T tg -V ,ma f 3 sau IWW .fn J Phillip Jones Reeta Keeton Eva Key Gerald Key Beckie McCol1ough Greg McGaha Shelby Miller Tony Miller Sue Minor Loyd Morrow David Odom Giles Odom Gary Oliver Shelby Parker Billy Perry John Perry Linda Richardson Mike Robbins Johnny Sanford Martha Sanford Morris Sanford Ann Short Scott Short Conard Smith Jackie Snow Marsha Snow Tommy Stockton Danny Threadgill Steve Tittle David Turner Clint West Voncille Wright Eddie Bates Barbara Ann Bolton Linda Gale Bolton Jane Brakefield Carlon Bruner Flossie Burks Laura Busby Wayne Capps Loretta Castleberry Elaine Chappell Dennis Chunn Linda Cornelius Joan Crowe Fred Davis Paul Davis Bonnie Nell Earnest Marilyn Eamest Jo Ann Ferguson Betty Garner Linda Fay Gray Beckie Gurganus Elizabeth Handley Gretchen Harsany Brenda Hartley Doris Jean Hosmer Billy Ray Jackson Linda Kay Jackson Wanda Sue Jones Diane Key Mary Doris Key Philip Dale Key Tommy Key Norma Ie an Lockhart Sheila Lowery Thomas Miller 4,4 '64 Q . - , V Xa i , ,, Q' - 1 K 5: 'B . y V ' ' 'Ease ez A 1 B B if I , Q B Qfrsf fr 4' 1 1 XT I 'Q as Aat a fa J , au M l ,J ., R I n i 1 C , .l '- x by V 3. 3 A y ' z K 4 ' -7 ,-1 V I l l -1 9 ,,i -J ff, 1 070 AIU 2 ,mm ww -:C 3? -lf" "ff '72 9' ri L Lrnda Mlnor Ioe Mulhnax Enoch Narls Marte Narls Martme Narls Lourse Parker Jerry Pate Bobby Patterson Brlly Rrchardson Thomas Sadberry Jerry Sanford Mlchael Sanford Tommte Dean Sanford James Short Wayne Short Anthony Smrth Iwana Smrth Wayne Smrth Wayne Smrth James Snow Nora Ann Snow Irmmy Sullrvan Shirley Wallace Margaret Walters Roland West Faye Whitehead Keith Wright if '3- 2+ 7' I in 'Q K f f ff 'x V1 I 6 9' -- M +-E Elaine Adkins Eizabeth Akins Bobby Alexander Lymese Blackston Sarah Blackston Arlon Bruner Karen Busby Margaret Carter Wilma Cornelius Francis Craft Diane Custred Jane Davis Faye Dooley Lawrence Dunn Betty Freguson Ja mes Ferguson Charles Gant Shirley Gant Martha Garner Mary Elizabeth Garner Linda Goodwin Sammy Griffith Ike Hanley Charles Harkins Ronnie Henderson Dennis Holt Johnnie Hyde Paul Wayne Jones Mary Key Nancy Key Raymond Key Sammy Key Retha Kilpatrick Grady Jean Lewis Ginger Morrow Bonnie Norris Paulette Parker Garry Perry Betty Price Patricia Price Ronnie Robbins Jerry Sadberry Barbara Sanford Betty Sue Smith Bobbie Sanford Denny Sanford Freda Sanford James Arley Sanford Ronnie Sanford Sue Sanford J. R. Seals John Self Carol Smith Judy Teague Patrica Waid Leon Whitehead vi .3 v f lx,-A -Q4 If X ik ,r my . 'li ' f .. . , ,fs ' X 'Q r . 4 1 K y ga fi v g , f V? it 4. X I l 'Q ,J 2, A .A 1' '37 . , .ab rl 7 X "f",H., 'UN ,Q 01 'Q 3 ,3 Q I 1.1 ul!! Xuan 3 xx of Allen Alexander Linda Barber Hugh Blackwell Diane Brasfield Jimmie Brown Barbara Busby Martha Carmicheal Gail Carter Grant Castleberry Eugene Castleberry Mary Crowe Lane Davis June Dobbins Mildred Farley Helen Ferguson Glenda Franklin Jimmy Garner Neil Goodwin Wanda Green James Hartley Martha l-Iatji Mary Hill Jo Ann Ingle James Jenkins James Key Johnny Kimbrell Tommy Kimbrell Kate Lockhart Robert McD1ldo 3, f vw Barry Northcut Carey Oakley Johnny Prlce Ibn 'K ,lm irfxf wa- 'A Brenda Sanford Helen Sanford James Sanford 'T Ralph Sanford f , 4-uf 1? O 4- + G++ 1 ol, Patsy Smlth B111y Stevenson Hllda Sulllvan sr NSW Bxlly Tmgle Q. 1 1, 'Qi Bobby Tlngle Leacy Turner Dons Wllhams Mlldred Wxllcutt -s 1 33 'V' V Hlllman Wught Roger Youngblood 7 11' S. 1 n Q '. Q ' ' Q A .' 1 L , A W' ' ., 3 A V . , 7 ' N A 1. . mx m :ff fgqhffv U XA K 1, V . , A ,IA J- .. 7 xv 'I 'af I . A In 1',"'f!.w?'m '+ f Q ff , Y ia- , n 7 : 4 R R fs . ' 4 M ,W ,N fm, 1 ' , ' . ' 4 v .f nm, I ,TW ,, six, ff , Eqiggfyr kk A . 1 ' .', Aw ,-Q. f J A, 1 x Kg h - ' in Q, , Q W 12 m Q' I ,N 4 . . 12' 1 eq S V . , ,ig.,f.....- A I - ,FA x , 3 r 6 f 1 1 w M., ' ,Y TNQ' K? '3 I I K, , f' A 4 .., 4' f . ' ' , In ' , 4 ' Q - A . I . ' ' 5 :zy- ' 4' if . , .' - WP- W'-I 'M "5 4,- , ,mg - .5 Y-A Q33 . .51 "bf ' Y A ff . ' i ,4 . Mr. Cottrell Zac? Benny Hester, Gerald Key, Leon Gant, Don Durham. a . Miss Kimbrell, Mrs. Dobbins, Mrs. Custred -,,-ww" '- ,, . 1.5 , . 202,15-fl' A 4 ' A ,pf Vining v - :Q 4 K fnieshmen Pi I rf. U X M,- , , ' YOOIUSY I v 3 ,. wwe V V, Nl'-44 tg 1 . 1- 1 - J , - l f-' 0 .3 1 I 1 ' Y ,X F .. ,334 a Q J -4 ,af V, fe , 2 M, ,xx r W,,,d M X , V A 1' 539. A 'K ' R fl' 3 , 1 4 , - ,Sr 4 - ,C ' - :NJA ' fy' by 5 EE ,, y , kg, 5 M1599 S 5 r! Ji .J , t i N. 'B r f A it Sr Bl H 74 Q Edna Alexander Junior Appling Huel Blackston Mary Bolton Molly Bolton Norma Bolton Billy Brasfield Clearsie Bruner Johnnie Burks Larry Busby Linda Busby Linda Carter Gail Chappell Jimmie Chappell David Copeland Douglas Courington John Davis Mary Ann DeLenne Larry Dooley Charley Dunn Jewel Dunn Jo Dunn Joan Farley Wanda Franklin LaNe11 Fuller Dean Garner Anne Graham Jimmy Griffith Peggy Gurganus Betti Hambric Peggy Harkins Carl Hyde Larry Jackson Alton Jones Jerry Jones Mary Nell Jones Anita Kelly Clyde Kellem Jewell Key Margaret Key Myra Key Paulette Key Sue Lowery Louise Minor Joan Naramore Joel Nara more Annie Margaret Packard Janice Parker Patricia Pate Edsel Perry F. G. Perry Montez Purvis Nettie Reed Nesbitt Sanford Patricia Sanford Shirley Sanford 'Y X aww 'Q 'N . 's . .- at fl- .. .7 A- 'Mx ,aiidf Joan Seales Terry Short Wanda Short Donna Smith Jimmy Smith Martha Smith Bobby Stockton Ida Mae Strickland Elaine Tittle Donzell Waid Virginia Waid Betty Whitehead sop YES vu Q -'Y 124 Qs? 3 a , KR i if N, X, fi N . fW'?k'7f vi' "F" fT"1""'2f 'W-xxx? 5 L? r I 1 Nathalie Adams Terrel Adkins Elaine Appling Louise Burrow Janice Busby Sara Carmichael Robert Carter, Jr. Faye Cook Barbara Craig Billie Dobbins Judith Drummond Rachael Dunn Glenda Durham W. T. Ferguson Rubye Franklin Judy Gam Judy Green Judy Griffith Wayne Gross Billy I-Iambric Helen Hartly Peggy Henderson Tony Herron Jewel Jackson Joann lent Jimmy Keeton Alton Key Davis Key Jo Ann Long Gaye Mize Barbara Mullinax Jimmy Nicholason Ted Prestridge Alben Price Eddie Richardson Ruth Sadberry Betty Ann Sanford Effie Sanford Ferrell Sanford Joe Sanford Alfred Smith Allen Stephenson Carolyn Stephenson Barbara Threadgill Edison Waid Faye Waid Ben Wall Linda West Jerry Woods T00 BUSY 'A .f i if 'lt Ji TW i if f 3 , X R ,V 7 1 45 iors 97 5 TW? f'? 40' :Q f of 'M-v ...ff 1' 'T ,k.....r re- Z X Ak if TOMMY BATES FAYE BLACKWELL BRENDA BUSBY BARBARA CARMICHEAL PAT CASTLEBERRY HENRY COPELAND QUEZE COTTRELL BILLY CUSTRED BOOBA DAVIS GLENDA DELENNE BRENDA EARNEST CHARLES EARNEST ANDY FILYAW RAY FRANKLIN GRADIS GANT JIMMIE GANT LEON GANT VONDAL GOODWIN LYDABE1 H HA RSANEY EUNICE HICKS DAMON HITT PATTY HYCHE CAROLYN INGLE CLAYTON JACKSON QUINTON JONES FRED KELLY JAMES ROY KEY QUIDA KEY SHIRLEY KEY BRADY KILPATRICK BOBBY KIMBRELL EVELYN LATHAM FAYE MIZE LARRY MORROW ANN PATE BRUCE PATE EDWARD PERRY PRICILLA PERRY TERRY QUILLAN CHARLES RICHARDSON JAMES RICHARDSON JEFF SANFORD KAYE SANFORD DON SHORT AUTRY SMITH SONIA SMITH SYLVIA SMITH EDWARD STOVER OLEN RAY STOVER DAVID TURNER EUNICE WILHITE f EET P' f Rl Q Vx 5""' no move I mmm ani' A mme vo mn C 5' X -Q ha S' -3 X Q' 4644 n..., v-'Q X S I J 'T' L JMU QT E' M my F2213 M WW WM NS is W 57' 14 ff? 1Q3ifQ1Q gT R Seam! ' Q www W , WX f Q 5 QB QWW i,Q.iWXw Ai fp ' Q jwwwfdzlf W A IOI'S 1 fm, ' 2 bw ' . .ff I , 4 ff 4, JM A, V A K 61 Y fi, 'Wifi V 'w' Y 99 , ' A 1 "1 R445 is t fu 1' A o- x hx ' 1 M ,, V W Q X 5 ,Q , -if ' 'iii-Q .V . waxy, , 21,2 ,xiii , 'N' " X - 3.17,- ..f nf 5,55 Z 1 V ,y ,T V gif. mv',Q't'L A, ,1 , W lim His 474. , b .Lg lv . a' .. , 172 ' f Z, 1 ,ff 4 7 Jaff a,-. 'l I H-A 5 fsgiff ff 'z V 'f ag 'G M wigkf. , 4- L ' ' w . ,yi A A 3. - ,wife ,, 9 J 2 R 1 b f' 'Y f, , , "N If ' : ,? JA A if 246 f W1 --'- Ll H? X 1I'4f 1 I 4 , I 1, 1 .M Q - .rw ' 4, W U L .57 N47 Q yigw f ' B' , Sfswl A QV ks, V: , yi 4 1 H M- Mn Ia? 22 'f 1, C rw? w, 175 'WQ in-any-s 'har' is X910 -Q :OF R54 ,gunne- :vw-an !N's XAN JONES Love 1S the condrtron of the mmd at the trme when II IS out of con druon LEWIS KEETON Its tough to make a mlstake but even tougher to realrze that you re so unrmportant that no one notrced AMELIA KEY If you have personalxty you don t need anythrng else 1f you don t have personalrty there s no need of havmg anythmg else Yi' GERALD KEY s"""""' Love makes the world go round -..,,f' that s why I m so drzzy RAYBURN KEY "If you can't understand yourself, don't expect anybody else to. " MARTHA KIMBRELL "Character 15 the dramond that scratches every other stone. " LAWAYNE NARAMORE "Humans like horses can't kick and go forward at the same time." EVELYN PARKER "A person isn't stupid if he is smart enough to know that he is stupid. " DWIGHT PRESTRIDGE "Be a friend and you will never want for friends. " SUSIE REED "When a fellow breaks a date, he usually has to - when a girl breaks a date, she usually has TWO." CAROLYN RICHARDS "lf you want a place in the sun, you've got to accept some blisters." RAY SELF "Full of wit, full of pep, never quietg that's my rep." 3' X1 I1 1 . , M z 55 f f we ,,: fl? ,L X. -rg-:if I--vs 'Z'-v+"-"' fax J X4 gn- 75- RVN 'f'c.:::f 'fir' Rv P if SARAH JOYCE WHITE Sponsor Patience is her most admirable trait. CAROLYN TITTLE A person who has a chrp on hts shoulder 15 lrkely to have wood h1 her up RONALD TOWNLEY W1se men are dead or dymg 1n fact I don t feel so well myself DENNIS WINN Lazy but not dumb TOMMY WINN It is not how long w live but how well we live 74e Seachfz 0 Vice President Secretary - - Treasurer - - Junior Red Cro I L. C. FARLEY RAYBURN KEY - - - -TERRY GROSS --AMELIAKEY - - RAY SELF emu 7 Iafdqew Bobby Groves, Ronald Townley, Lewis Keeton, Dwight Prestridge, Manville Custred Lawayne Naramore, Ray Self, Gerald Key, Carolyn f , M 14' 1 '15, - ix ri .,- 1 , Rayburn Evelyn Terry Ronald Amelia Lewis Brenda nf -J Tommy Benny ""1' 1 5' U' I lg Susie 5.45.3 Ely :age 1 Q 3,9 2 1 ,g 'sf .YH K? ks Z' Q . Q f ' . w-fffeffi - a n fi 2 . ' M""W4 rf 4:5 1 .. -lgfgf'-,f. '5 V' T' A r E ? W ,r vi - 'fs' ' H . L V h h I Martha V I, Tif,fL5,,q ,.1,-,ag-A, 1 2 , Xan 35-'T r N jig v-rm 'Q ir 1:2 y ay. 52. .'v. E if -ia N f fi- f ' A' .V ,x M 5 el by J il f 7 Z X .li P- f Y . - ., V, , , Rai' Gayle Clester Terry L. C. 4? Q rw , 1 I' Qt , fi l lla. 'yt Fw' ? gs Q S nf' 1. -,' "T 425-I-R, ', Carolyn V- Asc, QQ' in A 4 ' , I .. .... i Elaine . in f . Y-qv 1 Gerald 'wb ff I Dennis . an 'P -45 '..2"' .fi l lx Bobby Don 'B 'Ml ""'I My 5 ,L ?T Q p 1 4 ll I-:bug-1 g H -i -.11 Q27 , A fb 42. 'Q G '?'.?:'fi fl. ' if 21:11 fqsl M , - Q Q 4, . L, X 'Y 0605 CHARACTER OF A HAPPY LIFE How happy is he born and taught That serves not another's will: Whose armor is his honest thought And simple truth his utmost skill! Whose passions not his masters are, Whose soul is still prepared for death, Not tied unto the world with care Of public fame, or private breathg Who envies none that chance does raise Or viceg who never understood How deepest wounds are given by praiseg Nor rules of state, but rules of good: Who has his life from rumors freeu Whose conscience is his strong retreat Whose state can neither flatters feed Nor rum make accusers great Who God does late and early pray More of His grace than gifts to lend And entertains the harmless day With a well chosen book or friend - This man is freed from servile bands Of hope to rise, or fear to fallg Lord of himself, though not of lands, And having nothing, yet has all. - SIR HENRY WOTTON We, the class of 1958, have experienced many failures, but our achievements outnumber them greatly. These achievements we hold with memo- rable fondness in our hearts today. After eight years of hard studying, we began with excitement our freshman year. With Miss Garrison as our leader, we received numerous honors, and our scholastic rating was high. In that class we were pleased to have Miss Homecoming of 1954, several Martin Warriors through football and basket- ball, and we were tops in all of the fund driving organizations of the school. Excitingly, with our freshman year behind us, we stepped forward to the advancement of sophomore. This was a very thrilling year for us. We won second maid to Miss Homecoming, and the Beta, Dramatics, "M", and Thespian Clubs were opened unto us for membership. During this exciting year we enjoyed several class parties with Mrs. Thomaston, our home room and history teacher. We shall never forget those parties and history classes. As our exciting Junior year dawned, we began to realize that there was only one year left after it We opened our eyes to the fact that along with our amusement we must have a time for studying. With Mrs. Tyndal as our guide, we were very successful in our strivings to make and to do better. Although she has moved, she will always hold a place in our hearts. We proudly gave the Seniors a banquet, the joint Christmas party, and happily won first place in the homecoming parade and third maid to Miss Homecoming of 1957. We were thrilled to have one cheerleader from our class to cheer for our Martin Warriors. This past September we entered Thomas W. Martin High School as Seniors This year has proved to be the most wonderful of all four years of high school. In November Miss Homecoming of 1958 and her escort reigned. Then in December we had the pleasure of having Mr. Martin High and three other favorites chosen from the Senior class. We boast of having the co-cap tain of football and three cheerleaders. With this Senior year coming to an end, we wish to thank you, Miss White, for the wonderful en- couragement and inspiring thoughts that you have given us throughout this year. There is only one thing we request of the readers of the MARTINIANg enjoy reading this history and when you think of the class of 1958 - LET YOUR THOUGHTS BE GOOD ONES. Aw Wd! We, the Senior Class of the Thomas W. Martin High School, town of Gorgas, County of Walker, and State of Alabama, being of sound mind and memory, and in a somewhat generous mood, do hereby make, publish, and declare this, our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by us. We, as a class, bequeath to you the Senior Class of fifty-nine our joint estate. We leave you Miss White, our greatest treasure. She is an under- standing friend and guide, so treat her with kindness I, Manvllle Custred, will my handsomeness to Ray Franklin. I, Clester Dunn, will my character to Edward Perry and Jeff Sanford. I, Don Durham, will my height to Charles Earnest. L. C. Farley, will my ability to get caught chewing gum to Patti Hyche and Charles Earnest. Terry Ferguson, will my ability to have more car trouble than Carter has little liver pills to Queze Cottrell and Ray Franklin. Brenda Franklin, will my love for hotmd dogs and black and white Mercurys to Vondol Goodwin, Clayton Ray Jackson, and Jimmie Lois Gant. Elaine Franklin, will my neatness to Priscilla Perry, Sonja Smith, and Barbara Carmichael. Glynn Franklin, will my desire to play basketball to Terry Quillen. Terry Gross, will my 'Hot Lips' fto play a trumpet that isj, to Bruce Pate. Bobby Groves, will my good excuses to get out of class to Olen Ray Stover. Gayle Herron, will my desire to play football for the Detroit Lions to Larry Morrow. qThey couldn't afford me anyhow.J Benny Hester, will my dimples and love for the outdoors to Don Short and Billy Custred. Xantippe Jones, will my position of being most courteous to Quida Lane Key, Faye Mize, and Ann Pate. Amelia Key, will my Senior positions to Eunice Wilhite, Kay Sanford, and Eunice Hicks. Gerald Key w1ll my abrlrty to keep a grrl to Qurnton Jones and James Roy Key Rayburn Key w1ll my abrlrty to get along wrth Mrss White to Autry Smith and Damon Hut Lewrs Keeton w1ll my 1nab1l1ty to get a girl to Davrd Turner and Leon Gant Martha Krmbrell w1ll my geometry notebook to Henry Copeland and Lydabeth Harsany LaWayne Naramore wrll my abrlrty to watch basketball games from the bench to Bobby Kimbrell Evelyn Parker Wlll my courage to take second year typmg to Brenda Busby Shirley Key and Sylv1a Smrth Dwrght Prestrrdge w1ll my razor to Bruce Pate and Ed Stover QI don t use rt anyway y Susre Reed wxll my love for speed boats and 52 Customrzed Mercurys Qdon t mrnd the color just as long as rt 15 whrtey to Faye Blackwell and Carolyn Ingle Carolyn Richards w1ll my posmon as Chauffeur in Chref to Brenda Earnest and Tommy Bates I m out of gas! Ray Self wrll my abrlity for gettrng hurt playing football to Brlly Custred Carolyn Tlttle w1ll my love for whrte sports cars Wllh red rntenors to Evelyn Latham and Glenda DeLenne Ronald Townley w1ll my abrlity to get 1nto trouble without trymg to Andy Fxlyaw and Fred Kelly Dennrs Wmn w1ll my abrhty to grumble to Brady Kxlpatrtck and Charles Rrchardson Tommy Wmn w1ll my desrre to chew gum to Gradis Gant and James Richardson In Wrmess whereof 1 Tommy Winn hereunto set my hand and pen to thrs our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT whrch cons1sts of two pages whrchl have 1dent1f1ed by wrrtmg my name on the margm thereof Slgned and wrtnessed on thrs 26th day of May rn the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and flfty erght Witnesses Mg., 1 Lawyer , 1, 1 4 1 7 I. . ' . u I, I . .. 0 I. V . . ' . 1' . ' . . u 1 ' , -f 1..-' , n , ' ,, L 72' In times such as these, when the world seems to be dominated with talk of rockets, missiles, and so many other things concerning outer space, even a prophet cannot be positive of a person's destiny. For this reasonl shall endeavor to tell what I "believe" the future holds for my classmates. Through the cloudy mists of time this is what I see in the future. Manville Custred, the famous movie star, is busy with plans for the new home he is giving Glenda for their fifth wedding anniversary. Lewis Keeton is his architect. We always did depend on Lewis for our all work. Brenda Franklin is now a lawyer. Her latest case was defending Gayle Herron, the famous disc jockey, in the law suit that Dennis Winn, the grouchy owner of the BL 81, PM fBuy Less and Pay Morey chain stores brought against her. It seems Gayle ignored one of his commercials to play a Jerry Lewis record. Mrs. Wilford Chappell and Mrs. Lee Davidson, nee Susie Reed, Elaine Franklin, just opened their new day nursery. I believe it consists entirely of their own children. Terry Ferguson, the laugh king, recently debuted his new variety show. His first guest was Don Durham, the noted scientist, who has found a fault in Einstein's Theory. Bobby Groves' Petro Oil Company sponsors the show. Terry Gross and his orchestra are responsible for the new dance craze, the 'sock spring. " Vocalist for Terry's orchestra is the teen-agers' idol Benny Hester. Amelia Key is now teaching the third grade at Martin. Evelyn Parker, the President of the P.T .A ., has embarked upon a new project - securing records for transfer students. Ray Self is now a dentist. He and Tommy Winn, the famous surgeon, are tied for the Nobel Prize in the field of medicine. Carolyn Richards has at last reached her life-long ambition. After teaching home economics for five years, she's beginning to practice what she preaches. We always did think Gerald Key was out of this world. He proved this by being the first man to travel to the moon. The FBI sent as its representative on the ex- pedition their astronomy expert, Xan Jones. The Detroit Lions just received their bid to the Rose Bowl. The coach, L. C. Farley, said that they owe it all to their star quarterback, LaWayne Naramore, but I believe that L. C. 's coaching helped a lot. Clester Dunn now owns a huge ranch in Texasfbetter known as the Panhandley. Dwight Prestridge, director of the new movie SHOOT AND RUN, starring the most famous cowboy of them all, Glenn Franklin 1 known to western fans as Will Rturnj has decided to use Clester's ranch for the movie. We always knew Rayburn would do wellg therefore, it is not surprising to see him as President of Walker Senior College. The students at Walker College have just elected Ronald Townley, their Physical Education teacher, "Professor of the Year." What is that white flash I see? Oh, it's only Martha Kimbrell andl in my new Corvette scurrying off to a designer's convention in New York. We really are a busy pair. With our teaching we really don't have much time to devote to CalMar Originals, the dresses we design for tall girls. I believe the future holds many interesting and pleasing experiences as well as a lot of hard work and disappointment for my classmates. It is my belief that all your important dreams will become realities. 1 fa rites J 5 , E vw wo-Q 'V 3 I in-mi? i YE 1 f gf' 'X ' it 1 1 , 'J 4 77h.vw QR Y GROSS 0 fa ,,..., 7714214 Salud iw f s-I IW .,.... ,. MISS ELAINE rv A f Q , .1 H 'K x" xx 1 , Hi 5 I 1 .eg iiQ if ge 3, ma' I fm. ,Q 'Q 'fs BOBBY GROVES MISS IDUISE 9. as Q D, tw? M? ., , L?W3qmwW,, ww WFT? pr 53 .1 wh. D 5 as ,...4 gaiigi 5? A E AW www .3 , my ' 'E 1 QF BW cv-N' is-Q1 Rs , gf 1 'X " r 5 W. 'H First Maid - GLENDA DELENNE Escort - LEON CANT if 3,2 fffi. Second Main - 5HlIiLl.Y GAR1' Escort - CHAIQLES HARKINS lk ig: . pl f--1' mi f ,nv ,fi- Sf ja ai xfwf R bw sf , ,Z1,4 'F 1. r 1 1 1 9 5 E I ,gp C mm'-an sv cf W' '?"X .f " , 40 A S135 A -5A a if 19 .Qfgdhi 'cng 'Me 25:4 Wal Carolyn Rrchards Sonja Smrth Barbara Carmrchael Susle Reed Brenda Eamest Eunlce Hlcks Prrscllla Perry Mlss Garrlson Evelyn Latham Gayle Herron Elame Franklin Martha Klmbrell Carolyn Trttle Shrrley Key Carolyn Ingle Kay Sanford Amelra Key Glenda Debenne Pam Hyche James Rrchardson Tommy Wmn Charles Earnest L C Farley Rayburn Key Dennrs Wlnn Don Durham Bobby Krmbrell PRISCILLA PERRY CAROLYN TITTLE MARTHA KIMBRELL BRENDA EARNEST - MISS GARRISON - - Pres1dent V106 Presrdent - Secretary - Treasurer - Sponsor 7 775 Coach Cook TerrellAdk1ns Ben Wall Gerald Key Bobby Groves Manv1lleCustIed Damon Hrtt Ed Stover Wayne Gross Coach Dotson Andy Fxlyaw Brlly Custred Alton Jones Tony Copeland Henry Copeland Ray Self Dw1ght Prestndge Olen Ray Stover Bobby K1mbrell LaWayne Naramore Joel Naramore Booba Davxs Carolyn Rxchards Ela1neAppl1ng Brenda Earnest Susre Reed Peggy Hender son Gayle Herron Queze Cottrell Ilmmy Keeton ED STOVER BOBBY KIMBRELL HHJRY COPELAND - - COACH DOTSON - - COACH COOK Presldent -V 1ce Presrdent - - - Secretary - - Sponsors -.WT .......,...,.W ... EQ N' laguna--M-fp.-1 E, , 1 X 4 me 1 Q1 ..'X i J. I 1 9 Z T F A . , A, iw vi 'fy Ill 6 ' Aix Ni if ,,,:g4 f J' - if" frflfiii-ffl .3 'V ' rl I ' jfs: fyf' ' sg", " , wa'-' fx ' " WMWMI 3 1 l ff , ' .sw 4 m:"' .f f M 'ff-Q - . " I , v Q my yf rv f 4 A 'if' " NK 1 r I A - f ,N . 315. - , i ff x , Q? ' 7' in if A ' 1 QQFY A A ulhvla K Q Q ef' G Q Q 9 vga -4 , . ,, V A ' K 5 ' 1 s 5' QQ wa , 4 'ws 1 ie 45 s., f, 1 I", g 1. 45 ' :gif i S' w . . . H Q a2 'E ! V i f Q9 sf W9 in Hi 'we , a i v QI N ,4 df-4, N ,Q " - " . ,vi ff ' 1 f , . , M J,qA:..4i,K 6 V , f' . rv L Nkfii L ,. Q1 -r A uf if -F ' W' 2 N iv ' ' I Q! Lf! Q ' f A' ' ' 2 P' , Q , ' W' 4' fr- , 'rm qi , M Af - v - S' sf , J, ,1 """ armani: E516 . , W2 f Q Q K-A Q ., mf 9 - 5 ' 1 2 . -1 - ' N , fl 4 f 5 ,, x ? M h -'rv 3 ' H W' "V -.' if w H, 2 . mf? 4 . ' ' - 'J " - ' U 'IG' .9 5 .2 w ,, ' fa 1 ,V 'jg' " , ' 4 Q i , I f Q 'f' ' f A JW 12' Y ' M f A , 1 - - if f l Q w M, 9 K , :- ww ' JA ' -- fl 1 w... " 1 AA" 4 T P Q . ,iyggf W' 0 , mm-M" A , fx f f t HQMJ w 4 f I is A " 5717? if gk' ZIV " ,ff 'Y ' Q . 5 Q as 2 K fa . is, , wh . We A ig JC 0 . f'f. 74e Www ' 65444 Billie Joan Dobbins, Peggy Henderson, Barbara Threadgill, Judy Green, Judy Griffith, Barbara Mullinax, Queeze Cottrell, Joann Jent, Ruby Franklin, Ruth Sadberry, Glenda Durham, Carolyn Stephenson, Sarah Carmichael, Linda West, Miss Bridges, Rachael Dunn, Kay Sanford. 'LI 'Y 1 . v E . i -r-ra , M, i , 746 gem Gail Carter, Shirley Key, Leacy Turner, Priscilla Perry, Jimmie Chappell, Anne Graham, Miss Bridges, Glenda Franklin, Lane Davis, Mary Lee Crowe, Martha Hatji, Mildred Farley, Jo Dunn, Eunice Hicks, Elaine Tittle, Faye Mize, Faye Blackwell, Sonja Smith, Judy Griffith, Annie Margaret Packard, In 1 x' s f O 'Gr 4Q - .i I -fltx . T, I 5 ug Q4 f O ' . . Qc , . .1 A ' 1 g - 1' 55" ' 'J I r- ' x . 4. 4 ' 1 V ' :ff 1 , I 'ilu 5 he tw' gd! 'N 'A ' 1 f 1 '. 'Q ' . ..,. ' 1 5 A f f .- g ' K- "ax . ' ev v- 1 Y X . ' 4 C "K v S 1 X if -4 -f Q. , l Q49 1 ' , - S ' ka ,- , . 1 - Y w .. Y' , A I ' -. - , ,. i ' N + ' 1 .qr , in X , ' 4 ,ing , . A , 3 ' I 1 . ' i? , , A 1, 'Y ,4 ' .nl - 'f 31 Q h -23-I: ' W 'bv x I A ' , ' W5 2 bf I A V A .. Q51 6 I. A ' dxf ,gl ,A A 1 . 'S-1' f' U ' M4 I fit' 5 ' -1 X ' I , A vw- g W 'V V' , . 'w 1. ,, .f:r'1'. ' lf. Q.7j,4,-' . 1 'QQ " J' 2 W E "i""x3?Y' 5-Q? if 'L . 1 ' 1 Q A ' ...P 5, 34,'f, mg: gtk: - QA "im C . 1 if :L ' 'Uni if 1'- z "-Af ',, .3515 v .1 AF, , V, -- 'J - ,Q ', f- 'f'.' " ZW A 3 V L V 2 an at 1.1L . . AI A . I fv H "' '- fga'Bas Wziziiwl 4. , , -fi el" V s , "'H'5i'. ,f",3,'2 I gf 'IE' 5 . -' 'Q 1.,mu,,. ' - ,311 4 493- gb-Q' . ee . . ,ugh 45:4 ,lLiA?'z,'Z?f,-rg. xv-A' . . D' Lf, Y f A. "4,,".3,g '-tj. '. . ' . Q 'Q , ' jff,.'f'6.' V, :2,, Q , 'hh . , V I V . .fy jr 45 . Hifjyb, -gf?--Llc ' . ,.,4,-3'.- -M Q,l , C - -. . ,Q .H , , uf, 7- A3 Qlxiib' if .sigh , ' - '- I 1 :,f2',-f'-f"." -"P-'Q 'Q , ' ' 'I' 'V-"'6fa't3'f:fr"g'f:g?ifftig V' 2,?L,s L- ,Lau ,a ,sv . ' f - . 4' ""C'E'5'l" - . - ' . -wf-" uv- - H3513 -ff' 'r f. 4 fra Q M 'gt .wg H ?,.,'C.2- ,- 4, V... 5 gy '. ' W . v 5 J ff 1 Q I " x ' 4 - ' 'lj 'Sit ' fl' . de, fw N -:ssh ".s'r-f1.- .- , X ' ArY',cB3'. yi: K ' " ' A -. . f,,,!:3r 9 ' ' x z 1-43' ,MQ-Q4 , NW Gm 1-if f il . 'n ' . V o a ' ' x '55 z ' 1 . 5 .rf H 'wax Q A ,i ' 2 j 5 . ' ' 1 x d"" g N? K' . fa.. 43 ' . -' ., x 91 1 M--12. M M.. X 1 'B' vig.. .hi Q V hi' il, M .Tj A 5 . , Q... 2' JRQA 'ffgf Q av' 4- Us x '. ' 1 ww --wx 1 M is -..,.,,, ,A ,I .. S ,Q N 'QV -Ax. in ,, 'ff-6 -mga, ,,p, . aw- 1 cath tics 'WM :Aw , ' Av, W' 'T"Q4f'I , ' ' ,. pf 4 zu? 8 1 ' XS ? if 2 Q mf 9 1 ZA E we A 'WCM it A , nf 2 'bv S S f-ou.: wa. k"""Wsw,, Captain ED STOVER Co-Captain LA WAYNE NARAMORE dew' I' YV 515' W, gtg rf' f' 1., ie , f, 1 . I .P 4 m sk A x fm! 1 Pavww n . ,1- f , f , f W ww A -f 7' 8 ?xa"59y 1' ' . , is ..g .,y ' wr' few"-' Q . Wg 4- , .mjk f f mfg, Liga.. ,, .,1 V JAA, A . 4- Q , n , P X . if 5 lp? i. M ,,,.r K Q33 H-wg, QL' :R wi, , iid? 32 ' ':"'f5?wb?'f. I .V .1144-Jn!! -31. ' y. QM rrqyf, m Vik il ' ff Ll '73, X - 1 4 gig? , xxx wi 1 7 gk 3.55 fe, ' k N r 'j sfffiy ,Y 1 M7 vsfgi' 534 A 'V Y H '1 H . :Q wg? 4 ,wr Vt M' , , w ig ' , ,ggi M-' 3 'Q-if pw. ' A ,fa ' . , JW, ', 'V Q 5 W I, , 4 fig L, ,. 1 f 1 yiifgs-2 M . Qin' . ' L ,L x f 4452. '- ff.,-5, V , ,gi qazggqgfw f ' 41 iff' f if '- x if fn y q.,gA ,pw , SQ 515 G+ xfmr' .-f ,f-'if' A 332 if if if ' J' . :,Jf,." 4 at 4: nv J . ,M f',gZ,g ., 1 ' Y I my A fr, f yibiffli . ,X JL ' af., 'r , 2 i . . ,Af -1 V, -'Mtv W " K"' V.f,.,f , my 'ff' Q50 ," J' Q4gQi"37f11:"?X?z"Z Q ,Ld Af W , f i ah L 'W' if.: , , 11? , ,-AV? V: 4 Cf' i,:,,V. g1?'?3q-,fa :er V A sf? ' ' ff Y , 9,1 . rfvam f Martin Martin Martln Martln Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Curry Oakman Dora Carbon Hill Parrish Coroner West Jefferson Cordova Meek 'Y 9 il T U ul Tl muff o 1 , Y x 4 ' ,Q 3 'Ugg' ,F 0. mm i V, 1 Q , an , ,,,. NW' 15 S U .. M, Y! um rm munfm I-11 1.4. , ir: wmv A329-'a 17 Ji 2 U E-A YMUI' 17, r l 1 r NRVW x ,121 if 3-'ff H Y I 836 N ,S - jf u LAWAYNE NARAMORE Forward BOBBY KIM BRELL Forward A LBERT PRICE Center C O A C H E S COOK and DOTSON V-.. Q. 0? . .14- W o 'SHI-L 1 ii KH N, , !F ig! 5 , r , .1 "Vu, Hoff' ..u H . fly, lv ' x- or u g, ,, ,sn , " Qu, st .FQ-.fonw'uunue'-' gin' ,nQ"'N.Nue-Y' ,'u, Q . 1 f .3 If fi- .yn R rin! f?QiU?4'4 W" nun: ?,:a'w49,'f."" . aw,-,,k-ut'5'l'Ql1s..'4' we su. v.k.e-Quik. ,g -. . W ,gIQS'l , if .1 N if ff U- 12 Y, 4 ,f w ,F F1 Jw V A104 K ffilafux vi Q 4'0Cf1lUQ ,1::IlJQ I .g. 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GEORGE UNDERWOOD GR OCERY BATES 8: SCHEILE CAFE PRIDE CLEANERS BURK MERCANTILE G E LAMB FURNITURE CO CARBON HILL SNOW KING STOCKTON COTRELL GROCERY BOOSTERS Mrs Allce Lockhart Dewey W1nters P LE ASE Mr Vernon Cook Mrs Vernon Cook OUR S R. C, Alewine O PATRONIZE A D V E R T I S E R MANVILLE CUSTRED M Science and Glee Clubs Football Baseball Martin Quartet CLESTER DUNN Science Club DON DURHAM Beta Dramatics and Science Clubs Co Editor MARTINIAN Junior Class President Basketball C FARLEY Beta Officer 56 Sc1ence Club Co Editor MARTINIAN Senior Class President Vice President Student Council Basketball Football TERRY FERGUSON Science and Glee Clubs Football BRENDA FRANKLIN Thespran Society Dramatics and Glee Clubs Scrence Club Treasurer School Paper Staff Band ELAINE FRANKLIN Beta Science and Glee Clubs Homecoming Queen 55 GLENN FRANKLIN Science Club Basketball TERRY GROSS President of Thespran Society Band Glee Clubs Senror Class Secretary Mr Martrn High 58 Queen sEscort 55 Martin Quartet Edx tor School Paper Football BOBBY GROVES M and Science Clubs Annual Staff Favorite 58 Junior Class Secretary Base ball Football GAYLE HERRON Beta and M Clubs Vlce President Thesptan Society Cheerleader Homecoming Maid Annual and School Paper Staffs BENNY HESTER Thespian Officer 56 Dramatrcs and Glee Clubs Annual and School Paper Staffs Band Bus Driver Martin Quartet Football XAN JONES Glee Club Band LEWIS KEETON 'M and Sc1ence Clubs Favorite 57 Football Baseball AMELIA KEY Beta Scrence and Glee Clubs Thes pran Society Annual and School Paper Staffs Senior Class Treasurer Student Council Home coming Queen 58 GERALD KEY M and Science Clubs Class Officer 55 Martin Quartet Bus Driver Football Basket ball Baseball RAYBURN KEY Beta and Science Clubs Annual Staff Vice President of Junior and Senior Classes MARTHA KIMBRELL Dramatrcs Glee and Sc1ence Clubs Local and County Beta Officer Local and County DAR Citizens Gul Oratorical Contestant Jumor Lrbranan Thespran Society Best Thespian 55 Annual and School Paper Staffs LAWAYNE NARAMORE M Club Basketball Foot ball Baseball Annual staff EVELYN PARKER Glee Club Band DWIGHT PRESTDRIDGE M and Science Clubs Football Basketball SUSIE REED Science M Glee Clubs Beta Treasurer 57 Freshman Class Secretary Home coming Maid 56 Rotary Classic Representative Cheerleader CAROLYN RICHARDS Beta Dramatlcs M Science and Glee Clubs Thespran Soclety Junior Librarian Office Assistant Homecoming RAY SELF Science 'M Glee Clubs Red Cross Representatlve Football Basketball CAROLYN TITTLE Beta Vice President Thespran Society Secretary 57 Dramatrcs Science Glee Clubs Student Council Treasurer MARTINIAN Co Editor Favorite 58 Oratortcal Contest Wm ner 54 57 School Paper Staff RONALD TOWNLEY Science Dramatrcs and Glee Clubs Thespian Society Annual and School Paper Staffs Football Basketball DENNIS WINN Beta Scrence and Glee Clubs Foot ball TOMMY WINN Beta Science Dramatrcs and Glee Clubs Thespran Society QueensEscort 58 School Paper Staff Football 0 a o r I '. ' . 1 ' : L. . : ' ' : ' 5 ' : " " : : - and Student Council: Science, Dramatics, and Maid '56g Favorite '58g Cheerleader: Annual Staff. L: 1 l . 4 n e V 2 I --in-i . . Sm P vs 'slr , ? :tx ,D .Tr QNX 'N-L . T394 X -1 in bf Q -5, 1 if ' 's""r'.- .44 i Q Q X "T X M EM! My LM My M x W J N " x i A' -l A--M f--- Y l L ' Rx- i xx ' i" 5- I I' P lf! M i z! Q 5,1 ' MXND N Q Q 7? i

Suggestions in the Martin High School - Martinian Yearbook (Goodsprings, AL) collection:

Martin High School - Martinian Yearbook (Goodsprings, AL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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Martin High School - Martinian Yearbook (Goodsprings, AL) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Martin High School - Martinian Yearbook (Goodsprings, AL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 91

1958, pg 91

Martin High School - Martinian Yearbook (Goodsprings, AL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 39

1958, pg 39

Martin High School - Martinian Yearbook (Goodsprings, AL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 80

1958, pg 80

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