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Martha's Vineyard Regional High School - Vineyarder Yearbook (Martha's Vineyard, MA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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I« f.Y; :■ ■ ■■■:■ ' ■ ' ■■- n : v -0 ' • ' ■“.•: ,,V ' ;.« i ' i r rtt ' . ■ 1 - .i , -• )- ' .j, " ,;. ' M ' •J ' f’ -t 1 • I 7f ;a ' ;yi ■?.i; .■ lit ' ■ ' ■ «‘i ' ' - ' ’a; :•.■ ■t,’ .■■ 1: tr ,ff: . ■ ' ' : ■ ' . ' i " . . s ' . .V. - ' .’-V ■• ' ■ m v. ' - • r “ VI ■U ' C .y ; ' ‘i-l- ' ' ,• V •V ? 4 i ' v ,jVi v; j •■ A » ' ' ' 1 • f ' “ I ■ ■; ■ ' J- ' I I r I)i; ’. ' I • ; ' r : ' j T: ••V •» V V- ck aim R D E VOLUME IV PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS MARTHA’S VINEYARD REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL MARTHA’S VINEYARD, MASSACHUSETTS I FOREWORD yard Regional High School must now depart. Gone will be the walks through the familiar corridors and gone will be the daily renewal of close friend¬ ships with students and teachers here. As we continue on our separate pathways to the future and participate in new activities elsewhere, it will be our privilege to recall the days spent here as Vineyarders of the Regional. It is my hope that the pictures and words in the 1963 VINE¬ YARDER will be to all classmates and friends the spark capable of igniting, into a bright and excit¬ ing flame, the fond memories of experiences and friendships here. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword _ 2 Dedication _ 4 Administration and Faculty_ 5 Seniors _ 17 Underclassmen _ 49 Academic Life _-_ 59 Sports __ 67 Activities _ 77 Yearbook Staff_86 Patrons _ 88 3 DEDICATION BECAUSE in the year of 1959 he and we entered together this new building which we alone now leave: BECAUSE together we started this new Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School on its way with hope of establishing a standard for others to follow: BECAUSE he has been our Principal and we are now the first four-year class, the first full product of our School: BECAUSE he has led us through our trials and tribulations : BECAUSE the School as we remember it will be the School as he and we have made it together: BECAUSE we believe our School will go on to greater things in future as traditions grow: BECAUSE he and we will always have together the distinction that together we were first, together the beginning of it all: FOR THESE REASONS we, the Class of 1963, respectfully dedicate this, our VINEYARDER, to Mr. Charles A. Davis, Mr. Charles A. Davis 4 SCHOOL COMMITTEE Left to right: Mrs. Donald Mills, Edgartown; Mr. Everett Dolby, Tisbury; Mr. Arnold Eischer, West Tis- bury; Mr. William Honey, Secretary-Treasurer, Tisbury; Dr. Russell S. Hoxsie, Chairman, Tisbury; Dr. David Rappaport, Oak Bluffs; Dr. LeRoy A. Erickson, Edgartown; Mr. Alfred Metell, Oak Bluffs; and Mrs. Louis Larsen, Chilmark. Not present when the photograph was taken is Mrs. Gordon Perry, Gay Head. The School Committee of the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School extends its most cordial and sincere best wishes to the Graduating Class of 1963. You, who have had four full years of our Regional High curriculum, go forth as examples of your community’s interest and devotion to its young people. We hope that what you have gained during your four years here will stand you in good stead wherever you may go. 6 SUPERINTENDENT’S MESSAGE In every educational institution throughout the nation the need for a sound evaluation of new cultures, new countries, new scientific theories and even new sciences is coupled with the need for educating more and more qualified people. In our school the response to this challenge has produced a signific¬ ant theme for this the fourth year of the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School. The theme: evalua¬ tion. More is expected of the high school graduate today, so you must go into the world with more to offer. You must develop your abilities, interests and achievements to high levels. In evaluating your scholastic records, I know that you are well equipped to face the challenges of life. I hope that your successes of the future will be seen as the answer to the cry for more. Not more numbers but more quality. I hold as a cherished privilege the opportunity which I have shared with the faculty in molding the academic framework within which we have worked. I value the contributions of the students in the develop¬ ment of our educational foundations. I hope that we have established a school which will have a long and distinguished history. I congratulate you and wish you success in your future endeavors. May you always be as proud of your school as your school is proud of you. CHARLES E. DOWNS PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE CHARLES A. DAVIS Sputnik I, the prime mover of the Sixties, the Tin-Lizzy of our space age, has, figuratively speaking, jettisoned the missiles of educational apathy into a deserving orbit; far out of the way of man’s eager curiosity. In the past the educational lag between theory and practice was no less than twenty years; but in the wake of our orbiting astronauts there has been a most welcomed renaissance in educational pedagogy and endeavor, which has closed the gap considerably and has recharged the atmosphere of our nation’s classrooms. The most significant change is in the attitude of the student. Although there are still those who would have you believe that the Three R’s stand for Rah! Rah! Rah! we take hope in the greater majority who have come to realize that education is the prosperity of youth and that our educated youth are our nation’s posterity. Herbert Hoover, at a reception given him by the State of Iowa on his 80th birthday concurred when he said: “that a nation is strong or weak, it thrives or perishes upon what it believes to be true. If our youth is rightly instructed in the faith of our fathers, in the traditions of our country, in the dignity of each individual man, then our power will be stronger than any weapon man can devise.” As we evaluate your past four years of school I am confident that your school has met that chal¬ lenge. I am happy and proud to have shared those years with you, and be assured that I will follow with interest your future endeavors and take a personal pride in your inevitable success. Good luck and Godspeed. 8 GUIDANCE COUNSELOR’S MESSAGE . a school should be evaluated in terms of what it is striving to accomplish and in terms of the extent to which it is meeting the needs of its students . . This quote, taken from the Manual of the Evaluative Criteria published by the National Study of Secondary Schools, is truly apropos when speaking about schools. However, it takes on more signific¬ ance when the reference is made to each graduate of 1963. For after all, our school will be evaluated in terms of how successful our students and graduates are able to develop a proper evaluation of them¬ selves. Their ability to determine reasonable goals and the means of achieving those goals will ulti¬ mately be their success or failure as well as the school’s success or failure. From birth you started to make judgements and evaluations about yourselves and your surroundings. This process has intensified through the years until you reached, you thought, the apex of this search in your senior year. However, with graduation this search will become the predominant motivation in determining your thoughts aud actions. You are leaving the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School where more people have been interested in you and your future than possibly there ever will be again. It is my hope that you have progressed in this search arid have taken advantage of the opportunities here in high school. It is also my wish that you all attain that mark of a successful person in the ability to make a just evaluation of your¬ selves and your fellow man. Good luck and Godspeed . . . JOHN J. AHERN COMMERCIAL MRS. GEORGE COSTA “Flattery will get you nowhere.” MR. ROBERT T. HYDE “Will those who aren’t here please i raise their hands?” ENGLISH MI SS BARBARA LASSEN MR. STACY H. THOMPSON vi W ' Aw mtSTOt mt « «!») {» • «e«r«» -— -i tOw iKtfeMS .1 “. . . And I thought you were a friend of mine!” “All right! Now, does everyone know where we are?” MR. GEORGE ROBERTSON MR. JOSEPH B. ROBICHAU “What flavor is it?” “Don’t use one sentence paragraphs!” 10 MR. ELLIOTT KNIGHT SOCIAL STUDIES MR. RALPH SNOW “. . . happens every day and should take 30 seconds, not 3 minutes.” “Do you mind?’ MR. BRUCE LITTLEFIELD “So that makes it right?” MR. A. DOUGLAS STEWART 3 MR. SAMUEL J. DEFEO MR. RICHARD H. KHERLOPIAN “I can see we’re getting a lot of physics done, but since you mentioned “I don’t want anyone to think I’m weakening!” “You’re not leaving this room until everyone is quiet.” SCIENCE MR. FRANCIS PACHICO MISS HAZEL SKARP PHYSICAL EDUCATION ARTS and CRAFTS MR. EUGENE BAER “What color of blue?” LANGUAGE MR. VINCENT DONNDELINGER MR. MILTON WEISSBERG “Per hoc ad astra.” “Let’s not get in a rut.” 12 MR. JOHN MAYHEW MR. DANIEL G. McCARTHY “There will be a test on Wednesday; anyway.” “There are two kinds of people in the world; the Irish and those who wish they were Irish.” MRS. PHILLIP D. DREW, JR. MR. SAMUEL N. CATALANO pi i W ' ' ' ’“J “Do it over again!” “Boys!!” MATHEMATICS MR. EVERETT ROBIE VOCATIONAL 13 MRS. WILLIAM E. GEYER MR. THOMAS P. MILLS MUSIC MRS. CYRUS S. NORTON School Librarian “We are here for studying, not for socializing.” SPECIAL SUPERVISORS “Let’s start again from the top of the page.” “Let’s all play the same notes, violins.” A MISS PARTICIA BROWN, R.N. School Nurse MRS. RICHARD 1. COLTER Administrative Assistant “What did you have for breakfast?” “Next time I Avill have to give you a detention.” 14 FACULTY CANDIDS 15 MAINTENANCE STAFFS CAFETERIA PERSONNEL (L. to r.) Mrs. E. Magnuson; Mrs. D. Christopher, Cook- Manager; Mrs. M. Packish. CUSTODIANS (L. to r.) Mr. G. Hodgdon; Mr. R. Silvia; C. Ward. ' V| BUS DRIVERS (L. to r.) J. Stiles; W. Phaneuf; C. Maida; R. Maciel; H. Leonard; D. BenDavid; E. Maciel; F. Campos; V. Bergeron. ROBERT E. AMARAL “Amos” • Judy . . . Edgartown . , . wild over cars . . . fun- loving . . .“There should be one day a week— Saturday” ... a bomb . . . Band 1; Cross Country 1, 2, 4; Football 3; Track4. “A gentleman makes no noise.” RICHARD W. AMERMAN “Buzzy” “Wormy” . . . “Governor” . . . Coach’s pet . . . jokes . . . “Aw, Mr. DeFeo” . . . “I’ve got enough trouble without home¬ work” . . . Biology dissecting labs . . . Biology Club 1; Track Manager 1, 2; Football Manager 2, 3; Audio-Visual Aids Club 2, 3, 4; Football 4. “Men of few words are the best men.” Si PRESTON W. AVERILL “Pret” Sibley’s . . . Audrey . . . “Wanta bet?” . . . hates chickens ... a winning laugh . .. late for curfews . . . Dave’s house . . . not a- very fast getaway car ... slide rules ... Biology Club 1, 2; Track 2; Boys’ State 3; Prom Decoration Committee; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 3. f “My country is the world, mankind.” my countrymen are GORDON W. BASSETT “Tod” Old Sculpin Gallery . . . summers ... 15 yard penalties . . . dead parties . . . hurricanes ... no worries ... “I hate ta be broke!” . . . Jeep jaunts .. . . a terror when riled . . . easy going . . . Chess Club I; Basketball 1, 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Track 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 2; Citizenship-Scholar¬ ship Award 1, 2, 3; Football 3, 4. “The strength of twenty men” 1 ! I NEALE C. BASSETT I “Neale” I County Road . . . sports . . . vacations . . . lunch periods . . . red jeep . . . homework?? . . . weekends when his parents I leave . . . “Frank the Stein” . . . Chess Club 1, 2; Track 2, 3; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 2, 3. 1 1 “An athlete was always a man who was not strong enough for ivork.” NORMA JUDITH BELAIN “Judy” Lake Street . . . 1210J . . . Ray . . . neat dancer . . . sewing . . . get-up-and-go-girl . . . pert . . . calm .. . sophisticated . . . beautiful hair . . . Dramatics Club 1; Needlecraft Club 2, 4; Prom Committee 3; Junior Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity 4. “Beauty and wisdom are rarely joined.” Sponsored By CRONIG BROS., INC. RENEAR’S FORD SALES, INC. Vineyard Haven MERRILY L. BENZ “Mez” Butch’s . . . boys . . . guitars and jazz . . . parties . . . hot Oldsmobile . . . scooters . . . those junior girls . , . Mr. Rusbosin’s “Femme fatale” . . . “studying, ugh!” ... the center of attention . . . “Oh, Mom!” . . . Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 1; Band 1, 2; String Ensemble 2; Jazz Group 3; Prom Court 3; Prom Decoration and Clean-up Committees 3; Dance Band 3, 4; Vineyarder Staff (Literary) 4; Basketball Cheerleader 4. “A tempest in a teacup.” FRANK PERRY CANHA “Frank” “Leave me alone!” . . . art and off-beat music . . . parties and fun . . . First National ... “I have to talk with you!” . . . “Was I really hypnotized?” . . . “Egad!” . . . eats like the proverbial horse ... “I have 76 necktiefe” . . . “Remember? . . . straws . . . Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 3. “It’s the same the whole world over.” LYDIA CASE “Lydia” Richie . . .’58 Chevy . . . typing . . . charge ac¬ counts . . . September 28, 1963 . . . cheerleading . . . winning ways . . . effervescent . . . Chorus 1; Secretary 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball Cheer¬ leader 2, 3; Football Cheerleader 3; Prom Commit¬ tee 3; Prom Court 3; Vineyarder Staff (Typing and Subscriptions) 4; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 3. “There’s nothing half so sweet in life as love’s young dream.” RUTH ELAINE CHATTERTON “Ruthie” Bentley . . . letters . . . Boston . . . Connors Market . . . lunch line . . . New Hampshire . . . North Easton socials . . . hee stings . . . too much hair set . . . studious . . . “Bill’s coming down!” . . . heated P.O.D. discussions . . . seamstress . . . Chorus 1; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 1, 2, 3; Class Historian 2, 3; National Honor Society 2, 3, President 4; Orchestra 3, 4; Prom Decoration Com¬ mittee 3; Vineyarder Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in- Chief 4; German Cluh 4; D.A.R. Good Citizen 4. “Her thoughts are as still as the waters under a ruined mill” EDWARD L. CIANCIO “Ed” “Where are the girls?” . . . pool . . . cars . . . hunting . . . football . . . Karen . . . “Why do we have to start school at 8:30 A.M.?” . . . “Awright, you guys” . . . “Cut it out, Ern!” . . . “Alvin” . . . Rod and Gun Club 2; Football 2, 3, 4; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 2; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Vineyarder Staff (Layout) 4. “No legacy is so rich as honesty.” ERNEST F. CIANCIO “Ernie” “Door Prize” . . . trips . . . beach parties . . . dis¬ likes homework, cafeteria lunches, and supervision —in that order . . . all-round good guy . . . well liked . , . continual laugh . . . “OF Ern” . . . Hallo¬ ween stunts . . . “Little Harry” . . . Rod and Gun Club 2; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 2 . “He that is of a merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance.” JOHN TERRELL CLEMENTS JR. “John” Able Prom Chairman ... “I disagree with you, girls” .. . plays a real hot tuba . . . “How do you like my statue?” ... an organizer . . . determined 4-H-er . . . “Lonesome Traveler” . . . “Don’t be absurd!” . . . “Who needs women?” . . . future Picasso ... a real individual ... a huge pile of books... Dramatics Club 1; Literary Club 1; Glee Club 1, 2; Press Club 2; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 2; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Prom Chairman 3; Barber Shoppers 3, 4; Vineyarder Staff (Art and Literary) 4. “Men are never so good or so bad as their opinions.” JUDITH E. CONRAD “Judie” “Bud” . . . ’55 turquoise and white Chevie . . . “Green Hornet” . . . rocket fuels . . . “You nut!” ' . . . crazy people like me . . . lunch time, whee! . . . “Good time Gertie” . . . Oak Bluffs . . . Cheerleader 1, 2, 3; Yearbook Committee 1, 2, 3; King-Pin Bowling League 1, 2, 3; Rod and Gun Club 1, 2, 3; Journalism Club 3. “A stubborn and rebellious generation.” BRENDA LEE CUMMENS “Bren” West Bridgewater . . . toasted marshmallows . . . ketchup . . . “Ebb Tide” . . . “Instant Russian” . . . Tabor-two . . . V.H. 338 ... ice cubes . . . squabbles with Mez . . . “Now listen to this” . . . “Pm all though with boys!” . . . Dramatics Club 2; Secretary 2; Spanish Club 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 2, 3; Prom Decoration and Clean-up Committees 3; President 3, 4; Vineyarder Staff (Literary) 4. “ ’ not budge an inch.” Sponsored By DUKES COUNTY SAVINGS BANK EDGARTOWN POLICE BENEVOLENT ASSOC. Edgartown DEBORAH M. DE BETTENCOURT “Debbie” Parties . . . Dover Drag Strip . . . spying on Barney . . . gym classes . . . “Let’s shampoo Frosty and dye him blue!” . . . ’62 blue Impala convertible . . . off-Island boys . . . Biology Club 1, 2; Prom Committee 3; Chorus 4; Vineyarder Staff (Literary) 4. “To a young, heart everything is fun.” i KENNETH JOHN DE BETTENCOURT “Kenny” Girls . . . motor scooters . . . Room 13 . . . cars . . . hunting . . . farm boy . . . “Aw, come on!” . . . “Get out of my life!” Chess Club 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 1, 2, 3; Class Treasurer 2; Prom King 3; Prom Com¬ mittee 3; Vineyarder Staff (Art, Layout, and Advertising) 4. “The courageous captain of compliments.” NELSON ROY DE BETTENCOURT . “Roy” Edgartown . . . “Our Hero” . . . calm . . . sports . . . parties . . . school rules . . . “Why do seagulls fly to the dump?” ... a real athlete ... “I didn’t know the Prom ceiling was so low, honest!” . . . some people . . . Chess Club 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 3; Prom Decora¬ tion Committee 3; Kenneth Paul Silva 3; Football 2, 3, Captain 4. “Life is but a game of football.” PRISCILLA S. DONNELLY “Priscilla” Boston . . . Wentworth . . . weekends . . . likes to look at Albums . . . nights at O’Neil’s . . . coke ... a certain Mercury . . . bright eyes . . . sharp dresser . . . “Sherwood Forest” . . . Student Council 1; Student Speakers Club 1; Chorus 1, 2; National Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 2, 3; Prom Court 3; Girls’ State Alternate 3; Basketball 3, 4; Prom Committee 3; Vineyarder Staff (Typing and Sub¬ scriptions) 4. “The way to gain a friend is to be one” RAYMOND FAUTEAUX “Ray” A good smooth road . . . Edgartown . . . quiet . . . “Don’t get excited” . . . there’s a turbulence underneath that calm ex¬ terior . . . that smile . . . sports . . . Basketball 1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4. “Saying little, doing much, smiling always” JEAN M. FERREIRA “Jean” “Duck” hunting . . , hypnotizing Franswisco . . . V.H. 338 . . . constant giggle . . . great gift of gab .. . . weekends . . . “Where there’s life” . . . “Work, who needs it?” . . . “B’wana” . . . Biology Club 1, 2; Prom Decoration and Clean-up Committees 3; Vineyarder Staff (Art and Literary) 4. “As merry as the day is long.” Sponsored By CHAPPY FERRY STINCHFIELD, INC. LAURENCE A. MERCIER, PROPRIETOR Edgartown BARBARA ANN FURTADO “Barbara” “Barbsie” . . . Navy . . . M.S. . . . sweaters . . . dancing . . . homework . . . letters . . . Hawaii . . . food . . . shoes . . . English ... a crazy laugh . . . she’s wound up with a big key . . . “Mad hatter” ... Future Homemakers of America 1; Needlework and Crafts Club 2; Prom Committee 3; Chorus 4; Vine¬ yarder Staff (Typing, Literary, and Subscriptions) 4. “Her ways are of pleasantness and laughter.” DENNIS ELLIOT GONSALVES “Denny” Jazz . . . girls . . . saxophones . . . cars . . . work . . . drowsiness in school . . . born dancer . . . “Dennis Murray Dance Studio” ... a personality plus .. . Rod and Gun Club 2; Junior Varsity Basketball 3; Basketball 4; Track 2, 3, 4. “7 am what I am.” WILLIAM T. HAGERTY “Bill” “Hag” . . . football . . . motor scooters . . . parties . . . game wardens . . . “Come on. Ora, we’re going home” ... a store in Edgartown . . . “Byeieeeee” ... Biology Club 2; Football 2, 3, 4; Prom Decoration Committee 3. “Secref and self-contained and solitary as an oyster.” Sponsored By THE MARTHA’S VINEYARD NATIONAL BANK Vineyard Haven . I Vf PRESTON R. HANNA “Pret” Mary . . . hot Ford . . . Clevelandtown Road . . . Colter’s Garag e . . . transmission troubles . . . Boys’ Club basketball trips . . . school in general. . . Citizenship-Scholarship Award 3. “No man ever worked his passage anywhere in a dead calm.” RICHARD S. HARRIS “Dickie” Pizza . . . girls . . . long walks ... a medium crew cut . . . Main Street, V. H. . . . soda jerk . . . camping . . . driving . . . grocery stores . . . hunting . . . Chilmark . . . “Aw, come now” . . . delivery trucks . . . Biology Club 1, 2; Class President 2; Prom Committee 3. “A good mind possesses a kingdom.” PETER B. HERRMANN “Pete” Edgartown flames . . . sportsman . . . confirmed wig hater . . . weekend fishing trips with no pole . . . altar boy . . . punches walls . . . parties . . . U.N.H. Chess Club 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Rod and Gun Club 2; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 2; Football 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4. “Amiability shines by its own light.” ELIZABETH ANNE HYDE “Beth” Outgoing . . . “Don’t call me Elizabeth!” . . . rides in Liz . . . English assignments . . . friend to all . . . fire-places and reading . . . animals . . . lover of sports—claims she’s terrible at every one . . . Latin Club 2, 3; Girls’ Athletic Association 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 3; National Honor Society 3; Treas¬ urer 4; Vineyarder Staff (Literary) 4; Student Government Day Representative 4. “Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.” WALTER A. JENKINSON “Pat” Joan . . . iridescent plum ... 51 Fords . . . convertibles . . . outdoorsman . . . Chilmark Auto Service . . . freckles . . . sleep . . . West Ticklebury . . . forever laughing . . . “Oh those lawnmowing jobs!” . . . summertime, when the livin’s easy . . . Citizenship-Scholarship Award 2, 3; Prom Committees 3; Graduation Marshall 3; Vineyarder Staff (Layout) 4. “I’m a friend and easily influenced,” in, • SHIRLEY ANNE KELI.EY “Shirley” Warren . . . letters . . . motor scooters . . , working in the Central Office . . . summers weekends at Wellesley and Gettysburg . . . sweaters . . . A.P. English . . . Chorus 1; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 1, 2, 3; Needlework and Crafts Club 2; National Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Girls’ State 3; Prom Court 3; Class Treasurer 3, 4; Office Worker 3, 4; Vineyarder Staff (Art and Literary) 4; Vineyarder Business Manager 4; Basketball Manager 4. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” GLORIA JEAN KING “Glo” Danny . . . Mercury . . . dancing . . . “Number please?” . . . hamburgers ... a song by Conway Twitty . . . potential secretary . . . neat . . . chauf¬ feur . . . Orchestra 1, 2, .3, 4; String Ensemble 1, 2; Needle¬ work and Crafts Club 2; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 1, 2, 3; National Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 3; Girls’ State Alternate 3; Stu¬ dent Council 4; Vineyarder Staff (Literary, Typing and Subscriptions) 4. “Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.” KRISTEN JANE KINGSBURY “Kristi” “Krez” . . . off-Islanders . . . “Bumper, Boots” . . . Kim’s Triumph . . . “It’s all over!” . . . fires with Brenda . . . curfews . . . submarine sandwiches . . . bare feet . . . M.I.T. fraternity house . . . “Monster Mash” . . . President 1; Conservation Club 1; Biology Club 2; National Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 2, 3; Student Council 3, President 4; Prom Court 3; Prom Com¬ mittee and Decoration 3; Vineyarder Staff (Advertising, Liter¬ ary and Art) 4. “The price of wisdom is above rubies.” RUTH ELIZABETH LEGG “Ruthie” A personality to please ... I bully Doran because it’s fun” . . . house plans . . . pipes . . . “Yum! Onion rings!” . . . “Where would we be without food?” . . . “Kevin, if you don’t get off that phone a red tornado ... “I can’t stand suede” Biology Club 2; Prom Committee 3; Vineyarder Staff (Typing and Art) 4. “There is no great genius without some touch of madness.” Sponsored By COFFEE SHOP AVERY’S, INC. COLONIAL INN EDGARTOWN SHOPS Edgartown DANIEL JON MADEIRAS “Danny” Joan . . . hunting . . . fishing . . . clean-up commit¬ tees . . . “Aw, Mrs. Costa!” . . . school “Party guy” . . . lives for the weekends . . . talented music- maker . . . Chess Club 1; Vice President 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Jazz Group 3 4; Vineyarder Staff (Advertising) 4. “Man is the merriest species of creation.” MICHAEL J. MARTIN, JR. “Mike” “Bobby” . . . wild parties . . . “Freddie’s coming down” . . . “It’s all over” . . . distrusts females, but not much . . . facial expressions . . . trig tests . . . spides and moths . . . real artist Football 1, 2; Vineyarder Staff (Literary and Art) 4. “IFe have all been mad once.” GREGORY MAYHEW “Greg” Quiet until the alarm sounds ... a real fisherman . . . English classes . . . “Boy, Mr. Mayhew, you should have seen the one that got away!” . . . silent determination . . . “Hey! What’s the idea?!” Student Speakers Club 1; Biology Club 2; Citizen¬ ship-Scholarship Award 1, 2, 3; Track 3, 4; Na¬ tional Honor Society 2, 3, 4. “Knowledge comes only from study.” Sponsored By THE CLASS OF 1964 KATHLEEN McLANE “Kathy” Talkative . . . “Mooie” . . . Central Office pajama parties . . . “Oh, John” ... A. and Pooh . . . Hal¬ loween . . . gym class . . . Student Speakers Club 1; Chorus 1, 2; Needlecraft Club 2; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 2, 3; Prom Committ ee 3; Vineyarder Staff (Advertising) 4. “It is quality rather than quantity that matters.” EDWARD MEDEIROS “Ed” Brenda . . . sports ... a weekend all week . . . football . . . victories . . . U. S. History . . . Mercier’s . . . guitar . . . dead parties . . . livewire . . . always something doing . . . Chess Club 1; Student Council 3; Dance-Band 3; 3; Prom Committee 3; Football 3, 4; Vineyarder out) 4. Jazz Group Staff (Lay- “By blood a king, in heart a clown.” THOMAS JOSEPH MOORE “Tom” His ’’Lizzy” . . . the V. H. kids . . . parties . . . Mr. Snow . . . girl problems ... a wild laugh . . . “Do you mind?” . . . taught us all how to really twist . . . everybody’s friend—mostly Jimmy’s . . . pizza . . . French class . . . Band 1, 2; Class play 2; Prom Decoration Com¬ mittee 3; Barbershoppers 3, 4; Vineyarder Staff (Art) 4. “They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts.” WILLIAM A. MUCKERHEIDE “Bill” Bunny Bread . . . First National . . . hunting . . . enterprising mechanic . . . Edgartown . . . 1065 . . . future Charles Atlas .. driving . . . cars . . . homework, English, and short lunch periods—bah! . . . “Wild Bill” . . . Marching Band 1, 2; Orchestra 2. “TAe mirror of all courtesy’’ LINDA ANN NATUSCH “Linda” Future Florence Nightingale ... . soda jerk . . . sewing . . . accidents in chem lab . . . Senior English . . . punctual and neat . . . quiet . . . “That’s MY seat, John!” . . . errand runner during lunch period . . . Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Choraliers 1, 2, 3, 4; Homemakers Club 1; Needlework and Crafts Club 2; Girls’ State 3; Prom Com¬ mittee 3; Citizenship-Scholarship Award; Student Council Treasurer 4; Vineyarder Staff (Art, Typing, Subscriptions) 4. good conscience is paradise.” 1 P ii ii JON S. NICKOWAL “Nick” Hunting . . . camping . . . T-bone steaks ... a regular outdoor man . . . reserved . . . money . . . “Who put the trash in my driveway?” ... a former Adagio . . . Girls? . . . Press Club 1, 2, 4. “A time to keep silent and a time to speak.” Sponsored By THE EDGARTOWN NATIONAL BANK Edgartown GAIL ANN PARSONS “Gail” Eddie . . . Navy . . . “Parsnips” . . . South Beach . . . bowling . . . Hawaii , . . smooth operator . . . cheeseburgers . . . cook-outs . . . goodies . . . Student Council 1; Future Homemakers of America 1; Dramatics Club 2; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 2, 3; Prom Committee 3; Chorus 4; Vineyarder Staff (Advertising, Subscriptions, and Typing) 4; Basketball 4. “Beauty is nature’s coin, and must not he tarnished.” JOSEPH ROKICKI “Joe” Motor boating . . . weight lifting . , . water skiing . . . spinach . . . laziness . . . Charles Atlas . . . brains and brawn . . . “Big Joe” ... “Aw, jeepers” . . . Citizenship-Scholarship Award 1, 2, 3; Student Council 1; Biology Club 2; Football 3; National Honor Society 2, 3, 4. “A strenuous soul hates cheap success.” AUDREY JUNE SCHWAB “Audrey” “Cyclone” . . . “Bubblenut” . . . food . . . Preston . . . talk, talk, talk . . . Plymouths . . . telephone . . . M. V. Airport—summer of ’62 . . . Mr. Morey’s pal . . . “Breaking up is hard to do”—making up is harder ... a laugh and a half . . . Biology Club 1; Needlecraft Club 2; Prom Decora¬ tion Committee 3; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 3; Chorus 4; Vineyarder Staff (Art, Literary, and Advertising) 4; Girls’ Basketball Manager 4. “Women are beyond all doubt the mothers of all mischief.” Sponsored By MARTHA’S VINEYARD PRINTING COMPANY Oak Bluffs JAMES ANDERSON SEARLE “Jimmy” ‘50 Chevy . . . Poughkeepsie , . . summer , . . “Yes, no, maybe?” . . . our little “Alfie” . . . junior girls . . . homeroom problems with Tom . . . chem ex¬ periments that flopped . . . Chess Club 1; Biology Club 1; Citizenship-Scholar¬ ship Award 2, 3; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Barbershoppers 3, 4; Vineyarder Staff (Advertise¬ ments) 4. “Good words are worth much and cost little.” SALLY ANN SHURTLEFF “SaUy” Arizona . . . ’56 Blue Fords . . . Pit Stop . . . “MMM pizza” . . . rings . . . Volkswagens . . . Corvettes too . . . Joan Baez . . . Teddy bear . . . inspiration from a certain picture . . . Chilmark . . . Dramatic Workshop 1; Class Choir 1, 2, 3; Chancel Choir 3; Band 3, 4; Skiing Club 3, 4; Chorus 4; Audio-Visual Aids Club 4. “Good will is the mightiest practical force in the universe.” RAYMOND WILLIAM PAUL SMALLEY “Ray” Green Chevy . . . Boys’ Club . . . romantic inter¬ ludes . . . Judy . . . Regional’s own track star . . . “Cut it out!” , . . jungle noises . . . record break er . . . Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket¬ ball 1; Football 2. “The force of his own merit makes his way.” Sponsored By EDGAKTOWN HARDWARE, INC. HALL’S DEPARTMENT STORE Edgartown ELMER FORREST VANDERHOOP “Elmer” ’61 green Opel . . . ’55 blue Ford . . . algebra . . . fishing . . . driving . . . “Good things come in small packages keep calm . . . Chess Club 1; Biology Club 2; Citizenship-Scholar¬ ship Award 2. “Quiet as a plow laid at the furrow’s end.” DOREN R. VOETH “Doren” A certain redhead . . . money and spending it . . . sailing master ... “I disagree” . . . firemans’ meeting ... “I could write a beautiful fugue from that” . . . promising jazz musician . . . talented guitarist . . . intellectual pursuits mostly . . . Cross Country 3; Orchestra 3, 4; Jazz Group 3, 4; String En¬ semble 3; Vineyarder Staff (Literary) 4. “The language denotes the man.” JOAN WALDRON “Joan” “Mrs. Walt” . . . North Road . . . freckles . . . Chilmark . . . plum Ford . . . farmer . . . “Mother Hubbard” . . . future femme fatale . . . friendly i.. Student Speaker’s Club 1; Basketball Cheerleader 2; Prom Committee 3; Class Historian 4. “Friends are born, not made.” Sponsored By CORINNE BEAUTY SHOP VINEYARD GAZETTE THE COUNTRY STORE THE DAGGETT HOUSE Edgartown KATHLEEN JANE WILLOUGHBY “Kathy” “Rat” ... a real friend . . . telephone calls . . . second home at O’Neil’s . . . getting up mornings . . . P. J. parties . . . dancing eyes and smile . . . gabbing with the girls . . ' . Student Speaker’s Club 1; Chorus 1, 2; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Citizenship-Scholarship Award 3; Office Worker 3, 4; Vineyarder Staff (Advertising, Typing, and Subscriptions) 4; Basket¬ ball 4. “Honest men esteem and value nothing so much in this world as a real friend” WILLIAM GOFF “Bill” West Tisbury Road . . . sports coats . . . physics class . . . hair cuts . . . quiet . . . Chess Club 1; Prom Decoration Committee 3; Physics Club 4. “Sometimes I sit and think; sometimes I just sit” CLASS OFFICERS: PRESIDENT Brenda Cummens SECRETARY Lydia Case TREASURER Sbirley Kelley HISTORIAN Joan Waldron VICE PRESIDENT Daniel Madeiras Sponsored By HARRY’S LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING DARLING’S OUR MARKET GARLAND’S RED AND WHITE MARKET Oak Bluffs K- The Senior Class of 1963 wishes to express its sincere thanks to Mr. Joseph Robichau, who has been our Class Advisor for four years, and Mr. Elliott Knight, who has been with us for two years. Both as friends and as teachers they have given unstintingly of their time to aid us in our various class activities: they have given us sound advice and judgments, and have faithfully done their du¬ ties as class advisors. Whether our problems in¬ volved details of a class meeting, a dance, or the Senior Play, Mr. Robichau and Mr. Knight were on hand to help us. We are greatly indebted to them and wish to express here our deep feeling of gratitude. A WORD OF THANKS TO OUR CLASS ADVISORS 36 CLASS HISTORY As Freshmen, we entered the Martha’s Vine¬ yard Regional High School shyly, for the new school was a strange place to us. However, it did not take long for us to become acquainted with the new environment and new teachers. We met our advisors, Mrs. Winifred Eggers and Mr. Joseph Robichau, selected our courses and received our schedule cards. At first there were many trips to the Guidance Office to change our courses and classes. After we had revised our schedules- and settled down a little, we held our first dance, the Freshman Hop. We worked diligently on the planning, the decora¬ tions, and the refreshments, and as a result the dance was a success. The year went rather slowly until spring; then, all of a sudden we were out of school and facing a whole summer of work. Our advisors, Mrs. Eggers and Mr. Robichau, continued helping us in our Sophomore year. At the beginning of the year we sponsored a dance which was enjoyed by all. The Class of 1963 witnessed the first season of football at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School that year. We were proud of many of our Sopho¬ more boys who took an active part in the sport. At the end of the year we were all anxious to order our class rings on which was stated— The Class of 1963! To celebrate this important event we held another successful dance. As Juniors we acquired a new advisor, Mr. Elliott Knight, in place of Mrs. Eggers, who 37 had resigned. To honor our boys who were still participating in football we sponsored a Foot¬ ball Dance early in the season. Also in the fall, we received our class rings. Many of us started to make plans for college entrance, and once more there was a great rush of our class¬ mates to the Guidance Office. Then we looked forward to the biggest event of the year, the Junior Prom. We selected committees which spent many hours planning for the big event under the leadership of an able cbairman, John Clements. Our time decorating and planning for “My Blue Heaven” was well spent for the Prom was a great success. We were happy to see our classmates, Susan Grimmet crowned Prom Queen and Kenneth deBettencourt, Prom Kill " . Following the Prom came the graduation of the Class of 1962. Walter Jenkinson, selected as Graduation Marshal by the departing seniors, spent many hours practicing ceremonies with them and conducted himself with dignity. It was sad to see our friends go, and we thought about next year when we would be in their places. 38 Finally came the big year. We were, at last, Seniors! At the beginning of the year there were many activities, and even then we knew that our last year at the Regional was going to fly. One of the first orders of business was the selection of the different Yearbook Staffs; everybody signed up eagerly. The Senior boys worked very hard to sup¬ port their team for the last season. To encour¬ age them and to ’greet the visiting Nantucket team, we held our second Football Dance. We were proud and happy when our boys won most of their games. In October we had our pictures taken for the Yearbook and by December we were busy exchanging prints. On top of all this, most of the Seniors were taking examinations, sending out applications, and trying to decide what school, college or job they would be head¬ ing for in June. Before we knew it, it was 1963! In the early part of the new year, we started working on our Senior Play, “A Night On The Town,” which was directed by Sally Shurtleff, Ruth Legg, Judith Conrad, and Doren Voetli. In February we received our invitations and name cards; and we were rudely reminded of what lay ahead. Class Day, the Senior Banquet, The Graduation Ball and finally our Commencement exercises. The spirit of the Class of 1963 will remain with the school forever in our school Alma Mater, written by our classmates, Sally Shurt¬ leff and John Clements. As we look back on September 9, 1959, the first day as Vineyarders of the Regional High School, we remember the card tables used for teachers’ desks, the unfamiliar voice speaking on an unfamiliar public address system calling- lost students back to the office, and the many faces expressing curiosity. As a result of the efforts of many dedicated people, we have been able to see improvements in the school, and even more important, in the work and interest of the students. The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School has graduated its first four-year class, the Class of ’63. 39 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Joseph Rokicki and Ruth Chatterton CLASS MOST COURTEOUS Gregory Mayhew and Elizabeth Hyde MISS SENIOR CLASS Merrily Benz 40 PERSONALITY PLUS Edward Medeiros and Kathleen Willoughby FAVORITES CLASS WITS Edward Medeiros and Kristen Kingsbury MOST STUDIOUS Joseph Rokicki and Ruth Chatterton 41 42 MEMENTOS OF ’63 CLASS MOTTO To the past, our gratitude; to the present, our thoughts; to the future, our hopes. CLASS SONG Music by Doren Voeth Words by John Clements Our friends are here We’ve finished these four short years Our fading steps sound sadly through the halls. We made our choice To go our separate ways The future gleams with all our separate hopes. Chorus Echoing footsteps Lingering laughter Memories revered here Vineyard High, we share your glories Wherever we may go. Farewell, our friends, Goodby to our families too We’re leaving to face all the world alone. CLASS FLOWER Orchid MARTHA’S VINEYARD REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL ALMA MATER Words written by: John Clements Sally Shurtleff Vineyard High, our Alma Mater Mid the cool clear sea. Through the years our cheers will echo Down the halls with thee. Chorus Hear the water. Smell the pine trees. Seagulls gliding by. Vineyard High, we hold your glories Ever near and high. Mid the sparkling blue Atlantic Under skies so clear. Vineyard Isle, the green romantic. Memories held so dear. Chorus Sparkling water, Swaying pine trees. Seagulls gliding by, Vineyard High, we hold your glories Ever near and high. 43 MY BLUE 44 HEAVEN 45 CANDIDS “Oh, Audrey!” “Ready . . . Aim . . . “I feel sick . . “Say girls, do you hear a cracking sound . . .?” “Melvis” 46 MORE CANDIDS “A white sport coat and a pink carna- “Parlez-vous francais?” tion” “Look what we caught . . . Dad!” “The fashions are getting shorter and shorter this year!” “Miss America” “Once upon a time . . .” 47 Has the amiability of Shirley Kelley, The appearance of Priscilla Donnelly, The artistic talent of Ruth Legg, The cheerful manner of Jean Ferreria, The clothes of Brenda Cummens, The complexion of Merrily Benz, The conscientiousness of Ruth Chatterton, The conversational talent of Audrey Schwab, The determination of Kathleen McLane, The hair of Judith Belain The musical talent of Gloria King, The optimistic views of Deborah de Bettencourt, The originality of Judith Conrad, The quiet manner of Linda Natusch, The sensibility of Gail Parsons, The smile of Elizabeth Hyde, The spontaneity of Barbara Furtado, The steadfastness of Joan Waldron, The sweet disposition of Kathleen Willoughby, The vivaeiousness of Sally Shurtleff, and. The witty personality of Kristen Kingsbury THE PERFECT GIRL THE PERFECT BOY Has the artistic ability of Frank Canha The athletic ability of Roy DeBettencourt The calmness of Bill Muekerheide The cheerfulness of Edward Medeiros The conscientiousness of Richard Harris The conversational ability of Thomas Moore The co-operative nature of Walter Jenkinson The courteous manner of Neale Bassett The dancing ability of Dennis Gonsalves The determination of William Goff The eyes of Peter Herrmann The friendliness of Kenneth DeBettencourt The good disposition of Ernest Ciancio The honesty of Edward Cianeio The independence of Richard Amerman The individuality of Robert Amaral The industriousness of Gregory Mayhew The intellect of Joseph Rokicki The laugh of Elmer Vanderhoop The leadership of Daniel Madeiras The mathematical ability of Preston Averill The musieal talent of Doren Voeth The neatness of Preston Hanna The originality of William Hagerty The physique of Gordon Bassett The quiet manner of Jon Nickowal The running ability of Raymond Smalley The sportsmanship of Raymond Fauteux The variety of interests of John Clements The winning smile of James Searle and The wit of Michael Martin I UNDERCLASSMEN FIRST ROW (I. to r.) L. Araujo; E. Fischer; V. Danberg; E. Francis; V. Burnham; M. Denningham; S. Fischer; W. Andrews; C. Athearn; P. Brown. SECOND ROW (1. to r.) D. Downs; S. Edgar; D. Drew; T. Bennett; D. DePriest; A. DePriest; J. Bunker; C. Averill. THIRD ROW (1. to r.) W. Black; F. Fenner; T. deBettencourt; K. Duarte; T. daRosa; M. Ciancio; J. Beckman; H. Engley; J. Cronig. CLASS OF 1964 The Junior Class has been active in many things this year. Our first big project was a bottle drive which the class organized and carried out successfully. We sponsored a football dance in November for the visiting Nantucket team and we also held the traditional Valentine Dance. Of course, the .prepara¬ tions of the Junior Prom have kept the class busy all winter. We have been working on our third class play, with Mr. Snow as director again. Twenty-two members of the Junior Class were invited to join the National Honor Society. Two of them hold offices in the Society, Two Juniors also hold offices in the Student Council. Many mem¬ bers of the class are active in athletics either as cheerleaders or as team players. Juniors are prominent in the chorus and orchestra, and in the band which plays at football and basketball games. Membel of the Junior Class participate in the Spanish and French singing and conversation groups and the Spanish and French plays. Judith Leonard Class Historian Sponsored By MICHAEL FONTES, JR. MR. AND MRS. JOHN B. NICHOLS Vineyard Haven AMARAL BROTHERS—PLUMBING HEATING ALBERT’S BARBER SHOP Oak Bluffs FIRST ROW (1. to r.) J. Hoglund; K. Luce; S. Medeiros; L. Marlatt; C. Goulart; R. Harrington; C. Magee; N. Freitas. SECOND ROW (1. to r.) L. DiMestico; J. Frank; R. Jackson; E. Issokson; C. Murphy; D. Mayhew; M. Kurth; J. Leonard; M. Garvin. THIRD ROW (I. to r.) W. Luce; K. Metell; J. Mello; P. Greisser; J. Hathaway; D. Howell; G. Hill. FIRST ROW (1. to r.) Jan. Norton; B. Thomas; L. Litchfield; B. Viera; F. West; J. Swartz; A. Swartz; R. Smith. SECOND ROW (1. to r.) J. Sutton; B. Tankard; N. Sylvia; A. Rogers; S. Sherwood; A. Sylvia; M. Smith; E. Thurher; G. Packish. THIRD ROW (1. to r.) P. Scott; J. Silva; P. Nickowal; W. Smith; R. Nutton; R. Tankard; R. O’Neil; A. Waldron; Joyce Norton. FIRST ROW (1. to r.) A. Ferreira; B. Berube; K. Entwistle; D. Averill; S. Duarte; L. Dickson; M. Barrett; A. Davies; D. Deitz; D. Duarte. SECOND ROW (1. to r.) C. Convery; N. Bettencourt; P. Downs; Y. DeBettencourt; T. Dolby; R. Combra; K. Belisle; M. Coutinho; S. Alley; E. Denningham. THIRD ROW (1. to r.) D. Cronig; H. Child; J. Araujo; J. Combra; W. Bassett; L. Enos; D. Asselin; B. Abbott; T. Boyd. CLASS OF 1965 In September of 1961 we began our Freshman year at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School. Early in that year we held a dance to augment our treasury. Soon after our dance we held a food sale in Oak Bluffs. Our most important event of that year was a Valentine’s Dance which seemed to he enjoyed by all. Now, as Sophomores, we have held a Christmas dance and a very successful bottle drive that covered the entire island. We have formed a committee to work on ideas for future projects to be presented to the class. The committee has helped in organizing the class meetings and projects. Sports, music, and clubs have been a source of interest for many of our class members. Sponsored By SEWARD ' S MARKET GREEN’S FLORIST SHOP MENEMSHA INN COUNTRY STYLE Menemsha West Tisbury 52 FIRST ROW (1. to r.) C. Jernegan; N. Moreis; M. Leonard; M. Mayhew; L. Martone; M. Francis; J. Manning; Y. Garvin; L. Mitchell. SECOND ROW (1. to r.) M. Mansfield; R. Pacheco; G. Frank; B. Levett; D. Gordon; E. Niemiec; R. Huntington; B. Gonsalves; M. Fischer. THIRD ROW (1. to r.) C. Figueiredo; W. lacono; R. Grant; D. Metell; W. Kszystyniak; N. Norton; D. Luce; M. Nunes; C. Metell. FIRST ROW (I. to r.) L. Veira; S. Tucker; B. Worden; J. Suprenant; J. Sawyer; B. Sherwood; D. Whittemore; E. Richards; F. Roberts; B. Trebby. SECOND ROW (I. to r.) G. Rokicki; M. Whitney; N. West; B. Smith; A. Rocha; B. Willoughby; L. Silvia; A. Whiting. THIRD ROW (1. to r.) D. Perry; J. Robichau; T. Swift; D. A . Seward; B. Swartz; D. E. Seward; W. West; R. Rogers; P. Vincent. FIRST ROW (1. to r.) L. Canha; A. Canha; C. Alley; D. Boyd; J. Athearn; N. Brooker; C. Bachus. SECOND ROW (1. to r.) N. Colter; J. Correllus; L. Costa; R. Bieber; A. Boren; M. Anderson; B. Baptiste. THIRD ROW (1. to r.) N. Bettencourt; D. Buranich; J. Amaral; F. Baird; J. Athearn; M. Carpenter; R. Bassett. CLASS OF 1966 FIRST ROW (I. to r.) S. Devine; B. Coutinho; P. Cummens; S. Grant; S. Frasier; C. Kinnecom; J. Hagerty; L. Figueiredo. SECOND ROW (1. to r.) R. Gibson; R. Engley; M. deBettencourt; J. Figueiredo; M. Gazaille; J. Elias; J. Duarte. THIRD ROW (1. to r.) T. Hodgson; R. Francis; P. Duart; A. Ferreria; M. deBettencourt; K. Galley; D. Cryer. FIRST ROW (1. to r.) M. Richards; C. Shew; P. Niemiec; R. Ortiz; L. Pacheco; D. Shelton; J. Manning; B. Leslie. SECOND ROW (1. to r.) J. Parsons; E. Marchant; B. Leonard; P. Lawrence; L. Meekins; S. McLane. THIRD ROW (1. to r.) J. Nevin; A. Rose; R. Natusch; J. Madison; E. Quill; R. Scheffer; R. Leighton; E. Landers. FIRST ROW (1. to r.) B. Welch; L. VonMehren; F. Willoughby; C. Silva; J. Sprague; L. Silva; J. Vincent; J. Waters; C. Smith. SECOND ROW (1. to r.) J. Tripp; D. Trott; S. Snowden; E. Silvia; A. Tankard; P. Whiting; H. Tilton; J. Silva. THIRD ROW (1. to r.) N. Swartz; W. Wilcox; J. Willoughby; S. Waller; S. Steere; J. Sutton; H. Ward; J. Stone; L. Spiro. UNDERCLASS OFFICERS FRESHMAN Vice President James Madison President June Vincent Secretary Judith Correllus Historian Carol Smith Treasurer Herbert Ward Advisors Mr. DeFeo Mr. Kherlopian SOPHOMORE President David Seward Treasurer Margaret Mayhew Secretary Margaret Leonard Historian Marjorie Coutinho Vice President Cathy Convery Advisors Mr. Snow Mr. Robertson JUNIOR President Evan Issokson Secretary Sandra Kelley Treasurer Judith Frank Historian Judith Leonard Vice President Jeffrey Cronig Advisors Mr. Donndelinger Mr. Littlefield 56 UNDERCLASSMEN FAVORITES MR. AND MISS JUNIOR CLASS Bertha Viera Robert Tankard MR. AND MISS SOPHOMORE CLASS Elizabeth Denningham Allen Whiting MR. AND MISS FRESHMAN CLASS Audria Tankard Roger Engley Sponsored By COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF VINEYARD HAVEN, INC. DAVID’S 57 LILLLVN’S .MARTHA’S VINEYARD TRAVEL BUREAU Vineyard Haven CANDIDS “I’m a little buttercup . . “Drums are my beat.” “See the big egg I found, Cathy!” “Hey, Jim!” “Nevermind!” “I told you my father had a big swim- “I do” tiling pool.” 58 LIBRARY As our school Library increases in volumes, more benefits are offered to the student. Our shelves may reach their 4,000 book capacity by June. It is a fine collection. This year many of our language students were fortunate because our library now has many new books of the Spanish and French lan¬ guages, a great asset in their studies. The book section is increasing along with subscriptions to many magazines which our library contans. Supervised by a qualified librarian aided by stu¬ dent librarians, all students are wel¬ come to use the library for reference work and outside reading during study halls and after school, as well as for special class projects and for reading pleasure. ASSEMBLIES This year our assembly programs were both academic and educational. Well-known experts of the Island came to speak to us on marine biology. Is¬ land history and other special topics. We have also been addressed by guid¬ ance ' directors of colleges, business schools, and nursing schools, and even by recruiting officers of the armed forces. These guidance assemblies have been very valuable in helping us choose our careers and giving us con¬ fidence in our plans. We are grateful to Principal Davis and our guidance counselor, Mr. Ahern, for making all these assemblies possible. DRIVER EDUCATION The Driver Education class was de¬ signed to teach young people the cor¬ rect way to drive and to give them an opportunity to earn their licenses. The class met twice a week for ten weeks. Usually special movies which emphasized habits of safe driving were shown at the meetings. Those who completed the entire course suc¬ cessfully were “certified” by the State of Massachusetts and became eligible for reduced insurance rates. Sponsored By ATSCO OIL CO. MARTHA’S VINEYARD CO-OPERATIVE DAIRY, INC. Vineyard Haven Edgartown 60 MATHEMATICS When the school first opened, the Mathematics Department here was new like all the rest. New teachers were working together and making a go of it. Since that first Regional year, this Department lias grown and matured, always with the future and the students in mind. Now, after four years, the Department is something we can all be proud of. It offers each student the type of mathematics he is likely to be needing in his life¬ time, and it is tailored with a good teaching program to help all serious students to master the subject. The courses offered cover a broad range from Shop Mathematics and General Arithmetic to Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and even a touch of Calculus. CIVICS In the Civics classes, community group life and community welfare are the main topics of study, including our homes and families, Americans as workers, the United States Govern¬ ment, and the Constitution under which it operates. This freshman course teaches students how they, as citizens in Aniferica, can use their spe¬ cial gifts to help create the satisfying life w ' hich they desire for themselves and for others. OFFICE WORKERS Administrative assistant in the cen¬ tral office, Mrs. Richard Colter helps eveiymne, answers phones, and keeps files . . . and with only two hands! She is assisted by volunteer High School girls who find the experience helpful. Often this job becomes inter¬ esting and exciting, because we feel that we are helping to run the school as we type out important bulletins and even the daily menu. Sponsored By THEODORE P- HENLEY, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER DONNELLY SONS JOHN L. BLACK, BUILDER J. ALEX HOGLUND, PAINTING AND DECOR. TLNG Edgartown 61 BIOLOGY This has been a stimulating year for the Biology classes. Thanks to Mr. DeFeo’s enthusiasm, the students have learned to take a real interest in the science of life. While we have done the usual book study and labo¬ ratory ' work of a Biology course, we have carried our activity further to after-school labs and week-end field trips on the Island. Also this year we had our first Science Fair, together with the other science classes. Proj¬ ects were made by students in all sci¬ ence courses; and three prizes were awarded in each of the divisions. Bi¬ ology, General Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Here some Biology stu¬ dents are shown with their Science Fair projects. BIOLOGY CLUB Members of the Biology class formed an active club under the leadership of Mr. Samuel DeFeo. This Club gave students additional time to practice laboratory techniques and to work on special projects. The main project of the club was a tree nursery which was started on the school grounds. This nursery not only supplied specimens for classroom study but also will provide decorative shrubbery for the school in the future. PHYSICS The Physics class this year has de¬ veloped a healthy respect for Sir Isaac Newton while following his foot¬ steps in the study of gravity, force, motion, and the measurement and structure of matter. Electrical, elec¬ tronic, mechanical, and other projects were undertaken and perfected for dis¬ play in the February Science Fair. Heat and light were also studied in the course. All these activities under the able direction of Mr. Stewart were found to be interesting and in¬ formative by the students. AT«Kic momts K. M. PACKER Sponsored By R. M. PACKER CO., INC. 62 Vineyard Haven CHEMISTRY Designed to meet college entrance requirements, this course has in¬ cluded study of the principal ele¬ ments, their reactions in combina¬ tions, and their uses in pure or com¬ pound forms. Each student preparing for college has heen required to com¬ plete a paper or a project, and the projects have heen part of the Science Fair. The project must he related to the coui ' se studies and laboratory work, and each student has devoted much thought and effort to his task. SPANISH CLASS The classes in Spanish offer three years of language study to provide the student with basic understanding, speaking and writing of Spanish. The Spanish alphabet, vocabulary and pro¬ nunciation are stressed. Agreement of adjectives, tense differences, and con¬ jugation of verbs are investigated to give the student the tools for conver¬ sation and translation. Individual thinking and self-expression are en¬ couraged through the language stud¬ ied. Spanish history and geography augment the course. SPANISH FOLK-SINGING GROUP Once a week the Music Center has come alive to Latin rhythms when a group of second and third year Spanish students have met to prac¬ tice singing of Spanish folk songs in preparation for the special Language Program presented in the spring. Leader of the group is John Clements; Marjorie Coutinho is accompanist at the piano, and Mr. Weissberg is on hand as advisor. What next? Shawls, capes, castanets, tambourines, and maybe El Toro. Sponsored By BERNARD’S GARAGE G B CLOTHING STORE GERRY’S COFFEE SHOP PHILLIPS HARDWARE STORE Oak Bluffs 63 TYPEWRITING Typewriting I, an interesting and helpful subject, is required in the Commercial Course, but also is open to any interested student. The aims of the course are the teaching of prop¬ er techniques, development of auto¬ matic use of the keyboard, and of the ability to follow directions and to think constructively. During the first typewriting year the classes are given moderate speed drills, problems in tab¬ ulation, personal and business letters, and even lessons in grammar and punctuation. The second year is dedi¬ cated to increasing speed and accu¬ racy in typing letters, office forms, reports, and legal documents and also to. meeting production standards. SHORTHAND Both Shorthand I and Shorthand II are taught by Miss Barbara Lassen. This year’s Shorthand I class was striving mainly to master the basic fundamentals and correct writing pro¬ cedures of shorthand. Next year, when these students enter Shorthand II, they will try to achieve greater speed and accuracy. The dictation for transcription taken in Shorthand II is later transcribed in another class, transcription, where students are taught punctuation, spell¬ ing, and correct form for letters. OFFICE MACHINES The office machines class is taught by Mrs. Costa and consists of five senior girls. The purpose of this class is to teach the students the use of the different types of adding machines, the duplicator, the dictaphones and the mimeograph machines. During free periods, these girls help many teachers by typing and duplicating classroom worksheets. 64 SEWING With the guidance of Mrs. Drew, the Senior girls, as well as other sew¬ ing classes, have created many beauti¬ ful and useful items for their ward¬ robes. Pictured are several Senior girls displaying garments, illustrating their versatility an d skill in advanced cloth¬ ing techniques. They strive for per¬ fection in workmanship as well as speed in construction. COOKING To learn how to cook properly is a wonderful experience. Mrs. Drew has assisted us in cooking many fa¬ miliar and exotic dishes. We have also been instructed in proper prep¬ aration of an island trademark. Beach Plum Jelly. Cleanliness and neatness are im¬ portant requirements in our cooking class. We are all very proud of the modern equipment. Cooking is cer¬ tainly an adventure worth its salt! INDUSTRIAL ARTS During this school year, the excel¬ lent shop facilities of our school have come into full play, both in prepar¬ ing those for trades after school grad¬ uation and in rounding out the char¬ acter of the students by working man¬ ually as well as mentally. Mr. Catalano has shown his stu¬ dents the most efficient and the saf¬ est way to handle power tools and hand tools used in the shop. Sponsored By BOATHOUSE BAR HARBORSIDE LIQUOR STORE HARBORSIDE INN CAROL APARTMENTS Edgartown 65 BOYS’ PHYSICAL EDUCATION Coach Francis Pachico, in comply¬ ing with President Kennedy’s Physi¬ cal Fitness Program, has placed more stress on calisthenics and keeping “in good shape.” The boys are engaged in numerous activities throughout the year; including football, volleyball, basketball, and baseball. To judge the success of his program, Mr. Pachico gave six United States Marine’s Phys¬ ical tests. Needless to say, many boys came out on top! GIRLS’ PHYSICAL EDUCATION The girls’ physical education course not only has the customary games of basketball, volleyball, and the like, but also offers the girls the chance to display their dancing ability. Taught by diagrams and records, the girls have learned square dancing, modern dancing and many new exer¬ cises. ARTS AND CRAFTS The art classes meet once a week uixder the supervision of Mr. Baer. Studies include perspective, abstrac¬ tionism, human proportion, and uses of artistic media such as pastels, scratchboard, and water colors. Mr. Baer has also instituted the use of the show case near the Library for student art displays. These attract much interest. HOMEPORT Menemsha BERGERON’S GARAGE 66 Oak Bluffs Sponsored By DORA’S SEA FOOD RESTAURANT Vineyard Haven A FRIEND FOOTBALL FIRST ROW (1. to r.) J. Robichau; E. Niemiec; R. Tankard; E. Ciancio; W. Hagerty; T. Bassett; N. DeBettencourt; P. Herr¬ mann; R. Ammerman; E. Medeiros; T. Bennett; M. Nunes; G. Frank. SECOND ROW (1. to r.) Coach McCarthy; W. Kszystyniak; N. Norton; W. Bassett; J. Dorney; L. Donaroma; R. Jackson; A. DaRosa; A. DePriest; D. Depriest; A. DeBettencourt; J. Bunker; F. Metell; T. Lawrey; H. Child; Assistant Coach Pachico. SCORE BOARD 42 Provincetown ... .... 0 M.V..,- .. . 6 Old Rochester ...20 _ 28 Tabor __ .... 0 M.V. 14 Provincetown . .. .. .. 0 M.V. . ... 0 Apponequet _ .... ..27 M.V. .24 Nantucket _ ....... 0 M.V.. ... 2 Nantucket _ ... . 0 Coach, Mr. McCarthy; Pachico. Captain, Nelson DeBettencourt; Assistant Coach, Mr. Sponsored By VOSE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. EDGARTOWN FIREMAN’S ASSOCIATION, INC. Edgartown 68 FIRST OFFENSIVE TEAM FIRST ROW (1. to r.) A. daRosa; G. Bassett; J. Bunker; A. De- bettencourt; E. Ciancio; L. Dona- roma; P. Herrmann. SECOND ROW (I. to r). W. Hagerty; R. Jackson; N. DeBettencourt; M. Nunes. FIRST DEFENSIVE TEAM EIRST ROW (1. to r.) A. daRosa; L. Donaroma; E. Medeiros; T. Bennett; J. Bunker; G. Bassett; R. deBettencourt. SECOND ROW (I. to r.) P. Herrmann; W. Hagerty; R. Jackson; R. Tank¬ ard. SECOND TEAM FIRST ROW (1. to r.) W. Bas¬ sett; A. dePriest; F. Metell; E. Medeiros; R. Ammerman; N. Norton; J. Dorney; D. dePriest. SECOND ROW (I. to r.) J. Robichau; H. Child; G. Erank; T. Lawrey; E. Neimiec. Sponsored By ISLAND TECHNICAL SERVICE OAK BLUFFS MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION, INC. NELSON J. deBETTENCOURT AND SONS GAY HEAD SIGHT SEEING CO., INC. Oak Bluffs 69 CROSS COUNTRY FIRST ROW (1. to r.) E. Issokson; D. Metell; H. Ward; R. Francis; W. Luce; J. Nevin; R, Leighton; N. Swartz; Coach Pachico. SECOND ROW (1. to r.) R. Natusch; R. Smalley; W. West; R. Fauteax; J. Araujo; D. Gordon; R. Comhra; K. Metell; D. Luce; J. Sutton. TOP RUNNER Raymond Smalley SCORE BOARD Vineyarders_23 Vineyarders_23 Vineyarders_29 Vineyarders_30 Catholic Meet in Boston State Meet in Boston _ Bourne _36 Old Rochester _ 29 Falmouth _22 Stang _25 Vineyarders 12th out of 28 - Vineyarders 5th out of 13 Sponsored By TOP SIX RUNNERS R. Fauteaux; R. Smal¬ ley; K. Metell; D. Luce; W. West; R. Comhra. RELIABLE SELF SERVICE MARKET, INC. THE CLASS OF 1966 Oak Bluffs 70 TRACK FIRST ROW (1. to r.) N. deBettencourt; W. West; M. K. Metell; T. Bennett. SECOND ROW H. Child; E. Bassett; N. Bassett; R. Combra; D. Luce; J. Robichau; Nunes; R. Smalley; D. Gonsalves; G. Mayhew; R. O’Neil; G. Frank; Issokson; W. Bassett; J. Rokicki; P. Herrmann; R. Jackson; G. Coach Pachico. HIGH JUMP (1. to r.) G. Bassett; T. Bennett; R. Jackson; N. deBettencourt. Sponsored By OLD TOWN FLORIST SHOP CONNORS ' EDGARTOWN MARKET JORDON’S BARBER SHOP COLONIAL DRUG STORE DISCUS Gordon Bassett SHOT PUT (1. to r.) T. Bennett; N. deBettencourt. .►I ' J ■ Edaartown 71 BOYS’ BASKETBALL (L. to r.) D. Gonsalves; R. Fauteux; M. Nunes; T. Bennett; R. Tankard; R. DeBettencourt; K. Duarte; P. Hermann; A. DaRosa; R. Jackson; D. DePriest. MANAGERS Daniel Madeiras, David Drew, Richard Amernian. COACH Mr. Francis Pachico JUNIOR VARSITY (L. to r.) E. QuiU; M. Car¬ penter; D. Seward; D. Seward; T. Dolby; H. Engley; W. Bassett; R. Engley; D. Cryer; A. Whiting; R. Comhra; D. Gordon; R. Leighton. MARTHA’S VINEYARD SHIP YARD BEN FRANKLIN STORE Sponsored By DUKES COUNTY GARAGE HAROLD W. DUGAN—CONTRACTOR BUILDER Vineyard Haven 72 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL (L. to r.) E. Denningham, G. Parsons, E. Francis, G. Packish, D. Duarte, K. Luce, M. Denningham, A. Tankard. STANDING (1. to r.) C. Magee, S. Kelley, P. Donnelly, B. Smith, V. Danberg, J. Belain, B. Cummens, K. Willoughby, P. Brown. Sponsored By HERBERT R. MERCIER’S GROCERY STORE EDGARTOW N PAINT SHOP Edgartown H1TE BROS. INCORPORATED ROBIN HOOD ' S BARN, INC. 73 CAPTAIN Carol Magee Under the leadership of Carol Magee, the football cheer¬ leaders did their best to encourage victories for the Regional. At home and away, their cheeri ng spirit added much excitement to the games. VINEYARDER The cheerleaders are, left to right, Judith Frank; Carol Magee; Linda Silvia; Pamela Brown; Kathy Luce; Renee Ortiz. The alternates, left, who also should be thanked for their time and performanees are Allyson Davies; Donna Ortiz. I ICHEERLEADERS CAPTAIN Judith Frank Vineyarder Basketball Cheer¬ leaders for the 1962-1963 season are Merrily Benz, Donna Ortiz, Allyson Davies, Carol Magee, Aurora Ferreira, and Judith Frank. The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders cheered for the girls’ basketball games as well as the Boys’ Junior Varsity. They are: J. Correllus; N. Colter; L. Costa; N. Brooker; J. Athearn; and R. Ortiz, Captain. The alternates for the Junior Varsity Cheer¬ leaders were Ann Boren and Linda Pachico. Alternate Varsity Cheerleaders were Linda Silvia and Joan Hoglund. 75 SPORTS CANDIDS i 76 ? . -MZ ss, wm:. ACTIVITIES ? ■ i - ' ■- STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW (1. to r.) W. Andrews; K. Kingsbury; Mr. John Ahearn, advisor; B. Viera; L. Natusch. SECOND ROW (1. to r.) J. Sutton; M. Carpenter; B. Leonard; G. King; B. Denningham; K. Belisle; G. Frank; R. Scheffer. OFFICERS KRISTEN KINGSBURY President BERTHA VIERA Secretary LINDA NATUSCH Treasurer WENDY ANDREWS Vice President Our Council, comprising twelve representatives of the stu¬ dent body, is the means by which the students are given a voice in managing the affairs and prob¬ lems of the school. The Student Council also engages in money¬ raising projects for the Student Council scholarship awarded to a member of the graduating class each year. Sponsored By SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY FIRST NATIONAL STORES 78 Vineyard Haven LESLIE’S DRUG STORE THE FLEA MARKET THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW (I. to r.) J. Leonard; J. Hoglund; L. Marlatt; E. Hyde; G. King; S. Kelley; P. Donnelly; K. Kingsbury; R. Chatter- ton; J. Frank; S. Kelley; C. McGee. SECOND ROW (1. to r.) J. Cronig; G. Mayhew; J. Rokicki; P. Brown; W. Andrews; F. West; E. Fischer; J. Borges; D. Ortiz; B. Thomas; M. Smith; N. Freitas; R. Jackson; E. Issokson; J. Hathaway. OFFICERS AND ADVISOR MR. ROBERT HYDE Advisor JUDITH SWARTZ Secretary RUTH CHATTERTON President ELIZABETH HYDE Treasurer JEFFERY CRONIG Vice President Under the direction of its advisor, Mr. Robert Hyde, the Noepe Chapter of the National Honor Society had a very suc¬ cessful year. Early in the spring the members conducted an impressive can¬ dlelight induction ceremony. The mem¬ bers of the society have worked hard to keep up the standards of citizenship, scholarship, leadership and service of the Regional. Sponsored By DR. BERNARD ISSOKSON, OPTOMETRIST THE SNACK BAR VINEYARD VENDOR ELIZABETH ROGERS, BEAUTICIAN Vineyard Haven (L. to r.) E. Hyde; G. King; R. Qiatterton; S. Kelley; P. Donnelly; K. Kings¬ bury; G. Mayhew; J. Rokicki. 79 INSTRUMEN ORCHESTRA 1 SENIOR ORCHESTRA xMEMBERS (L. to r.) D. Voeth; M. Benz; S. Shurtleff; R. Chatterton; D. Madeiras; J. Clements. DANCE BAND (L. to r.) M. Benz; E. Medeiros; W. Luce. Sponsored By CARTER’S HARDWARE ELECTRIC VINEYARD DRY GOODS CO. 80 Vineyard Haven De SORCY CONTRACTING CO. BRICKMAN’S, INC. TAL MUSIC JAZZ GROUP Last year the Jazz Group started as a group of students who like Jazz and wanted to get together to play. The group continued this year with the same objective but obtained greater results. Last year the group was its own audience; this year it offered its services for dances and parties. The most important and interesting function of the group is to improvise and vamp most of their music as they play. The members of tbe group tried to diversify their repertoire but still stav as mucb within the broad limits of Jazz as is possible. Sponsored By (L. to r.) E. Medeiros; D. Madeiras; Mr. John Mayhew, advisor; D. Voeth; W. Luce; M. Benz. AL’S PACKAGE STORE OLD COLONY SERVICE CORPOR.ATION EUGENE BELISLE, PLUMBING HEATING THE EDGARTOWN DRUG CO. Edgartown 81 VOCAL MUSIC CHORUS c-i,a- C Silvia; T 1 • B Viera; L- ' . ’ 3 Smitl ' i . w A cw A ’Tankard; (stand ■ D. Shelton;M- “’ . ' l’sa;vyet; C- Continho. T® p. Downs OW (f ' ooe gj-coND ' RO ' ® ' DeBelteneon ' ' ; M- ®“con«ery, p ' ®‘o " oE. Francis. ' i ®-S, Shnrrte : a All . £ ' Morch.n.; L. Aran, (stand (Seated) B. Viera; E. Marchant; R. Beiber; D. Boyd; N. Moreis; L. Natusch; C. Metell; J. Manning. (Standing) C. Shew; C. Alley; E. Garneau; D. Downs; C. Convery; R. Smith; K. Belisle; C. Smith. R. Smalley; J. Searle; G. Rokicki; J. Tripp; T. Moore; W. Luce; J. Beckman; J. Clements; R. Harris; G. Hill. Sponsored By K. L. GALLEY CO., INC. DEPOT CORNER SERVICE STATION, INC. Edgartown WINTUCKET DAY CAMP BARRY’S AUTO ELECTRIC LITERARY CLUB ROW 1 (1. to r.) B. Willoughby; K. Entwistle; J. Vincent; A. Davies. ROW 2 (1. to r.) E. Hyde; Mr. Joseph Robichau, advisor. Under the guidance of Mr. Robichau the Literary Club has had an active year. The members enjoyed reading famous literary works and discussing them freely and thoughtfully. In this way everyone came to share a deeper appreciation of good literature. SPANISH CLUB ROW 1 (1. to r.) M. Anderson; P. Niemec; M. Richards; P. Cummens. ROW 2 (1. to r.) L. VonMehren, J. Figueiredo; J. Hagerty; Mr. Milton Weissberg, advisor. The Spanish Club, which this year is all girls, is advised by Mr. Milton Weissberg. The club listens to Spanish records and letters, and members learn about Spanish speaking countries by giving reports and watching films. The girls also use a tape recorder to improve their speaking of Spanish. The big annual project of the club is to help put on a Spanish program in April during language week. Sponsored By AMOS SON, PLUMBING HEATING POOLE’S FISH MARKET West Tishury Menemsha CRIBBAGE CLUB FIRST ROW (1. to r.) B. Levett; D. Trott; D. Metell; T. Hodgson. SECOND ROW: (1. to r.) R. Natusch; Mr. Bruce Littlefield, advisor; J. Cronig. New this year, the Cribbage Club was established under the direction of Mr. Littlefield. The purpose of the club is to introduce the game to those who have never been taught how to play cribbage. Also, the club offers those who already know how to play cribbage a chance to challenge their fellow students to a race of the little pegs up and down the board full of holes. GERMAN CLUB FIRST ROW (1. to r.) C. Atliearn; J. Swartz; J. Leonard; L. Mitchell; J. Surprenant; M. Mayhew; B. Thomas. SECOND ROW (1. to r.) B. Cummens; L. Canha; Mr. George Robertson, advisor; D. deBettencourt; R. Chatterton. “The new key to language learning, which incorporates what might be called the “natural” method of [ticking up and repeating what is heard, is being apjtlied in the German Conservation Club. Our slogan is “If a five -year-old German can do it, we can.” We stress the enjoyable aspects of learning new things, while jtroviding the more serhtus service of introducing students to both the new language and the new method. Sponsored By ARNOLD ANDRADE—MODERN TAXI CRONTNG’S REAL ESTATE ARNOLD ANDRADE—M.V. AN.SWERING SERVICE MANSION HOUSE 84 Vineyard Haven CHESS CLUB FIRST ROW (left to right) R. Francis; R. Engley; J. Hoglund; N. Freitas; J. Willoughby. STANDING: R. Smalley; J. Duarte; Vincent Donndelinger, advisor; Mr. Carpenter; J. Athearn. Under the able checkmating of Mr. Donndelinger, the pawns of the Chess Club have had another interesting and educational year. The boys and girls have matched wits to improve their skill and strategy in Chess. At their Wednesday meetings they solve problems and hold tournaments. AUDIO VISUAL AIDS CLUB ■ . , .v: m M| FIRST ROW (left to right) M. Leonard; S. Shurtleff; P. Vincent; K. Metell; R. Gibson; H. Tilton; B. Leonard; E. Garneau; C. Alley; C. Backus. .STANDING: E! Issokson; J.. Mello; R. Amerman; J. Bunker; C. Webb; D. DePriest; A. deBettencourt; Mr. Knight, Advisor. With the direction of Mr. Elliot Knight, the Audio-Visual Aids Club has had a successful year. The of the club is to teach its members how to operate the movie and slide projectors which are available in the school. Through the club the members become qualified operators for the audio-visual aids equipment and those students, when free, are able to operate the projectors for various classes. LITERARY STAFF (right) Barbara Furtado; Kristen Kingsbury; Gail Parsons; Shirley Kelley; Jean Ferreira; Thomas Moore; John Clements; Doren Voeth. SEATED: Merrily Benz; Brenda Cummens; Elizabeth Hyde; Gloria King; Audrey Schwab. ART STAFF (lower left) Thomas Moore; Shirley Kelley; Jean Ferreira; John Clements. SEATED; Linda Natusch; Ruth Legg; Audrey Schwab; Kristen Kingsbury. TYPING STAFF (lower right) Ruth Legg; Kathleen Willoughby; Gail Parsons; Gloria King; Barbara Furtado; Priscilla Donnelly; Linda Natusch; Lydia Case. VINEYARDER ADVISORS Mr. Richard Kherlopian Miss Barbara Lassen Mr. Robert Hyde 86 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE YATE’S DRUG STORE Sponsored By OLIVER’S PAPER STORE ISSOKSON’S SANITONE DRY CLEANING Mneyard Haven STAFFS EDITORS Assistant Editor: Barbara Thomas Editor: Ruth Chatterton Business Manager: Shirley Kelley Assistant Business Manager: Sandra Kelley ADVERTISING STAFF (lower left) FIRST ROW: Audrey Schwab; Kathleen Wil¬ loughby; Kathleen McLane; Kristen Kingsbury. SECOND ROW: Daniel Madeiras; James Searle; Kenneth deBettencourt; Richard Harris; Thomas Moore; Gail Parsons; Shirley Kelley. LAYOUT STAEF (lower right) Kenneth deBettencourt; Daniel Madeiras; Edward Medeiros; Walter Jenkinson; Edward Ciancio. SUBSCRIPTION STAFF (left) FIRST ROW: Priscilla Donnelly; Lydia Case; Barbara Furtado. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Wil¬ loughby; Merrily Benz; Linda Natusch; Gloria King. 87 PATRONS Mr. Albion Alley, Jr. The McDaniels Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bettencourt Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Metell Mrs. Allan Butler Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Moore, Jr. The Reverend and Mrs. S. Read Chatterton Mr. S. W. Osborne Mr. and Mrs. Henry Corey Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Peters Mrs. Anna B. Flynn Mr. and Mrs. James S. Rego, Jr. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Manuel J. Santos Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Frisch Mr. and Mrs. George R. Searles Mr. and Mrs. George Frye Mr. and Mrs. Gordon F. Shurtleff Mr. and Mrs. Sydney P. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Clifford B. Stiles Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Keniston Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. and Louise Thomas Mr. George-Henry Madeiras Captain Stephen Joseph Michael Tonra, Jr. Mr. Nicholas W. Marathas Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Tyra TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY IK Wofid ' t 8 ' ▼•♦ ' DooLl A Tiylor m d« 88 M i-MilliMIII: til «mmSi III.

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