Marshall High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN)

 - Class of 1947

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Marshall High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 16 of 80
Page 16 of 80

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Page 16 text:

hi, 1 3 1,3 IOHNSON MARIORIE Ma ae ne e o t1e laen Lo n Glee Club l C Hadlo Club v H 1 S Class Play 4 Conrrence ent Comr' 4 KUNERTH LARRY Koone cone t al l"lSXClllflQ wa to Spend the day an, e Com LANG KEITH a on ae lead Gee ont lee so good St der 1rc1 H Haven 3 4 C 4 Ca 1na Corn lnt am Baelce ba' Cba 5 Com er e'rer1 C a11marl 4 LENHART DONALD Ler F cm wro we ant1c1pa1e won t 1 tmn 1Y aee Cl 1, H ro SCCl9Y 3 4 vaea1cto1'1an 4 Class v1ce P 4 nt a'n Ba retloall Clam 4 Commercerren Co LEWIS HELEN e le Je 5 e alo A e OSS ee V e St ae nc1 l e 3 Banq el Speedes MCCAULEY IACK a n l l el, he laol m 3olces'9 H Y 2 C 3 C a 5 Comm 4 C Y C Prom Comm 4 MCGOVERN ROBERT F ogqev ete a beard on nlgh r ae y P om MCSHANE NCRA a vV t o tecl 'neolo l e c own g o lS l G ee Seto H re C e orr n MATTSON GERALDINE e 111 me ln ee Cl .gl 4 C oss 3 H1 Haven 3 a s P a ortm 4 l e 4 P Commlttee 4 MEZZENGA IOE be t .J C' 1115 sono Foot l 4 Qapta 4 Bask S men C lnc1l l D y C mm 4 Hockey 3 4 Baseball 4 Class P ex S E Y C 4 Cap and Gown C m 1 ee 4 MIXELL IEAN W y lt w en 1 n can be 1 cl Omaha raslta l 2 Cl C Play Comm 4 Cap and Gown Co 4 MORTENSEN RONALD a iool 1 trat 1 tn ouah Bacc.xIal1ea'e Co nmlttee 4 ON PAUL oxry l an nevel met e Stu lent Coun ce lu Y C 4 o xercement Comm 4 PANKUCH DELORES Par Coolne y y t :.e11ou4 n lovmg yet s1nce1e ee Club l 2 Glee C S Vel 11 Tag D y Comm 4 Blue T1 3 4 Class Pla ludge 3 P1om Comm Cha1rman 4 PEABODY DON School mterleres wllh so many thlnqe De La Salle l Foo bal 1 el H Baeeball 3 4 Sl Y C 3 Stuaent COLlNCll 4 Commencement Comm 4 PETERSON GORDIE y sho a 1 aood nmes Banquet Comm 4 ROSS SAM Sambo 1 can do e erytlfnng bul behavq El RA 4 Class Play 4 SLYC 4 Prom Comm 4 ST CYR BRUCE Cy o 1G s e L19 ol WOIIYI slcetball ENRA 3 SLYC 4 H1Y3StudentCo Cl 3 Ban uet Cormr SCALES DCPLORES Dee 1 ske as any laulte she has us m do ee Plea Cross 2 Sllver 11 Class Play Comn 4 Taq Day Comm 4 Caml1nal4 Banquet Comm 4 SCHOLTEC PAT H atlnletlc prowess 15 ol Wlde lame rglma Mtnn l GAA 2 Cla P C 4 Sf 4 Cap and Gowr Co m SIMONETTI ROGER Sum neue let Sluldleb 1nte1e1e wltr my edgcator' ee o 3 4 Foot as e a a H1 v Cot. Tag Day Commvtee ra lc 3 Banq e Comm 4 SMITH IEAN Secona t o gkts are e wlse1 Seton Hy G1 e C u 3 1 G ub l aven 4 1 Ba alaureate Comm STEGER DONALD gentle ar a e none Audlo Vtsual Banquet CO"F"I'l1 tee STEINDORF IEANNE etty and eve n known ana lncea oy e e yone G ee C1 o ver ll C 7 5 u S 1o1 3 aven 3 S t Y C 3 Honot Socxet Clase Play Btenesx Manage C11 and Gown Comm 1 STENSETH IUNIUS Swer llow 11 4 tellou 4 etandax a e llQl1 and H1 ootoa H Y Stl dent COlnCll 4 aes Play 4 Hor e ee 1 lnt am Baeke al a,1a n 4 H1 Haven 4 Ca d1nal Colmrr 4 C'1a1 1' ar oacf"1 '1 reate m"l1ttee 4 WALLEN BARBARA :Sa b e. b na 1a w nat ally mce ee C oss 4 Hono Soclety 4 H1 Ha L T e nq et e o a 1one WICKLUND CLINTON v saw nottlnq nobody w1ll eve epeat 1t Pnncetor lvlmr l 14on L ennl -1 Banq e Commlttee 4 ANDERS MILO S '11 CAMERA SHY FREEDLAND ANITA wot a Play Comm 4 Banquet S,.eecl'es BOSWELL GEORGE 1 :ly Da Qatla eae Comm 4

Page 15 text:

The Climax of DERSEN ANN Ag1lwras lw w ver Trl l 3 a Play 4 Po"l Comm 4 ANDERSON LELAND oputsy s an v w lr sllerfce IO V1sua Club l S Co n ll 2 Hono Som:-'y 3 4 Banquet Speeclnes Comm 4 ASKEW IAMES What an mear 4 1 Tera 3 fx Play 4 Baccala ea e Comr' 4 BAIRD BARBARA Nauglt l sk ny w l 'xe w oss St den Co nc 3 P or' o BAKKEN LARS Gea men ae o way wlse Comno 4 BORAK IOAN The w1sdo'n ot rra y rc tl v 1 l one 1 ee Club l IIVQI Tr1 2 res t ent Counc1 I7 4 Hono SOCIEIQ 4 H1 Ha en 3 4 Class Play 4 Cardmal Comm 4 ue Tr1 3 VICG Pres 4 Red Cross 3 oal11tao1an C alaureate Comm 4 Chauman 4 CARY VIRGINIA G1nn1e rr ways a ha never IH a harry r Glee Cl D Glee Cl b 2 G Ol 3 4 Class Play Comm SEYC 4 Pom Comm 4 CHARBON AU DORIS Dolly oc a e e low a gold on e 'lea Cross 4 S F YC 4 Cap f"xd Gowr Comm 4 CO!!VlGAY PHYLLIS Mc shall s aw lvlaaemmselle Cv ee u e Cofnm Cl s P ay o I e Cap and Gown Comm 4 A LUIS Slfes tue o e w lc te l1end ee Cl IJ S1lver T11 l 2 Haan l: O 3 Cvlee OII' 3 Red C oss 3 4 l B e reas4 Hono SOC16lY 4 Iuolge 3 Cla s Play Comm Commencement Comm 4 D ANDREA DAVID Glnsy Tloe best wa to have a l11end to be one Glee Club l H en You Cente 5 ' 4 Class Play 4 Cardmal 4 Bancpet Comm 4 DICKERSON IOAN Dead Eye ee11l l ln sm and t1on ver T 1 1 H ross I G Cl lk H1 Haven 2 Haa1o Cl.1b Z Span 1 Honor Soclety l Prom Comm 4 DORSETT MARIORIE Marge we o '11s and n e una else too ver 111 4 H1 Haver 3 C Play Comrr 4 P om Commvtee EDIN NANCY Llllle ana C.1te ana o so ee T '3 C y Co'nns Hano SOCIEIY 4 Prone Co GERNER THOMAS We respe nla1 1n, term nat1on Banquet apeedes CO'1'1l ' e 4 Co Cl GI mor GULACHEK ROMAINE Romeo ay ln a wtlf you study and you stl dy alone o L 1 Ha e l acl' 4 Banq et Comm 4 HAAGENSON MARION 1 tbolg owever 'good ae kept to hersell ee Club l S1 v e 4 Class Pla 4 H1 Haven Banq et Comm 4 HAIK HELEN Halk O a nt yo slllr 1en yo e 'lne L 1son H T l .4 G ee C b 2 Red C oss 11 ent C 1 Ho oce Cla s Play Corrml ge a T 5 quet Comn' 4 CWG1 man 4 HARDIE DALE T e sma t , 'W St den' C C oss o HAROLDSON DONALD lnd1an e lea nmg anqe o Tracx 1 W 1, an wr HELLAND RUBY n be e 1 ez f 4, w ITG O os aven Q Je C IIlI'lGl C ttee 4 Ccmmencemer Comr' HENRY BILL o ely 3 p .1 n oclc C1 ee Basketball 1 W est ng Foo ba 3 H H Ven A C n 4 S Jae ' Clas P ay nt a"1 Baske Da C"a"'l, 'J Barq e Comm 4 HIRD MURRAY 'vi 'J e 1 a bool: T a Jer Co 4 Pror' Co IOHNSON EMILY e ee Cl A A J Y ur School Career IANUARY GRADUATES 41 n -s 9 .Z

Page 17 text:

Become Alumni of Marshall High ADAMS DONNA L lfl w 11b on 1 Corvne ADAMS RUSSELL H as ,e and ,la 1 a1 1s Russ all the ay H A 1 lootna 3 Hoclm Go 3 4 S F Y C 4 Cap ana Gown Comm ALEXANDER ALMERA 'lawen teises ard sweeyma lflxllpi e T S l' Y C 1' Banallel Com ANDERSON HELEN GALE A klnd and ae'11lc l a 1 lal l r11Cos ,- ANDERSON ROBERT Bac a , , C , a a elle I e e n W e Wasnourn 2 Track e ub I J S1c1 Club 4 H1 Haven Cap and Gown Comm 4 ANDERSON RONALD Andy e e e te lo when YCL a1e y 1 e a long 11r'e deal Bo Sco1ls l I Haven 4 BATTMER IOHN Man also 1 own ll ntcr Glee Club 2 J La dmal 4 Banq et Deco auons Comm 4 BENIEGERDES ARTHUR Benne shma 1 the co or VlllllE RA 2 V o Cap ara Gown COWIT' BENNINGHOF IANE larle ll m1n Qnl Wlll go a long way ent Cc lr Geo ub l er T11 2 C "o11l1 Ce 1 H1 Have'1 4 Blue Tr 3 4 Dog ar' C'1a ran3 4 Cardma 4 P an' Comm 4 BENO MARGARET Ma g1e e a on orever A l l H1 Have 1 I1 dge Ca J1ral 4 Ba q el Comm 4 BENSON EUGENE Gene e wo a 0 1t 'n he w1ll lake 1t anyway age C ew l 'K l g1 S11den' COJnCll l 3 lodge Stall 4 Cap ani Gofln Comm 4 BENTON HELEN Goldlaclci elty as W ln a ra'ne 'o ma ch le ye 'J a Com'n 4 BERGMAN MARIE wee Wo as a e ee Cl b l d C oss C d ' 4 P CO"'l'T BERGGREN DONNA MAE A mer o a Nl ver T11 l 2 Cabmel 2 G Gee ouncn 2 S ee Cl1 b e 3 4 D H Cl F 'zo Ed 4 Bac ala r le Co BIORKLUND DONALD Don s oe meh tl'an to T n ra Sr C H1 ' C mm BLACK CHARMAINE a ave b1q ma lc n G A A C C L: e T a nt Co c1l 3 a f Yo 11' Cenle BOCHNIACK LORRAINE l lVl9Y1ClQl'lf Yo ll1 Center 3 4 Pom o"1 BRAUN IACQULYN lu lc G k: 2 C n H1 Ha e 1 A Re P BROWN GEORGE BUTLER IIM L S r1'J s C C CACHIARAS IOHN 5 r r CHRIST GLENN wr C CHRISTOPHERSON ARDEN .se1al'e'l and o COMEAU PHYLLIS PV' rl! A 'I Y fealeb asievs dent C'Junc1l l 4 H1 Haven 3 a1r ol go b St de 3 4 Ca d1ra Q O awen 3 4 Ban Wll H Hal n a '111"a 'I Cll IPF 1 f-,Q Q I UNE GRADUATES

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