Marshall High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN)

 - Class of 1947

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Marshall High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1947 volume:

'E m al" V i ' 2 qw. Ii, VF, A zu . ' ' Qrtfif ff: dd 11+ if Ii W f i,,,f'Qj , 5 ,I . mwumg I 9' Q: H ,fMgg,i,,,3M,5gfh i e ,E qs 1 , Q X H 1 S lg Inf lewis.:-,X F Z? 'R LL li . , - ,P w.wv,,41 F- ,A ff. S ,HI 7 , 14 swf-eE,,,..:s M, A E A F f. ' a? V hqE5'55yar .Jw " am A QTJN T ,-fi' if wg: "fa 'H'-7 . - Eff? ,111 i , v-.QL MUS., . 3 ' 4? , ,.-' ' xg, - LL- ,J 4- mf' fp M 3 i 12' J L X 1 PW 'F Af! F s f 5' uf a 53 Hi" fl ,, :- 'i j 'H at r- Km ,Maj Mir Ex 65853. Hi: A , 1 i ff -wf,g,,-gin-f 91 uf. , A V 1 H. AH ,f fx f 3 W I el, f5"w,a,M, lwm.,-wffwfilk X ff ,H f Y FR, M ,WE L A 1- J I ,.... ,.,,:,,, fa , , ., , I t' xv ,gf K ,Li . M -::5.QifJ.f-Mk. J, ,.,...,,,,...- H.- 1 '.JlL,,::, Q09 -'QWMW' Aw ur ly fir .,.v N 'Q If i 4 NN S rzugjgmqsr gl . x f , E, Y 111 , 5-E 1 A. 434, L ' if: .. X X ' , Q ,-" f 12, 1 Q 5 1 YJ? 1 H 1 V- Mk 'X ' xy Q M 'ww -,fi 1' 37 f Q 'fi' Y-W ,',, 'LQ15 HL" , " ,, 3 'Haig xi uf 9 KZ. . gym x Rl ' Z 3 .V 1 g X, if Q., ' "' CVNX XXX xx 'X ' 5 1 J1,.,Q,Qf'r' M " 5' as xlxll ' F C 'kk N 'W'7,H ' VR' Fa: 5 Y li '-,. ,mr g X ' Q, 1- at i-sax:-V M5n,.,, W SXQMHJ ,., " E Iv. 'N-. ., g 5 ' - 'kfwfv f ' X ' ""'NlUM.9v ,L , V 'N a H . M X " . 4141 'H JP. J A """"', Y '5 I ff' f df "WZ-...., 'S "'f'? f 'Q' Wi - 'sf 'G X ' ,xr .,, h , .H l Q! W .VM M1 0139: I m.--,Y . . ""pF,ffT' u ,F . K ra, N QB by f-5 Jvvfvvy Q00 fix 3-'S f 25 R NW ,Q X-of lf! I px f'NQf XX---'fc' X aff!! Jn ,. rg fx? ,fffif 674 ai -xf I j . Q MX! .7 6 I I XDA? QF X39 X. VN 'WW 'T gh J G WAX? ff' .429 Ss kxX,,ff ,Q 0 f f N 6 fl QA' S 56 K5 x FS FJ Q X x x X N 5 , , fx 457 Z, . X xxx E ,fl b I W X :X 4- NJ 7 .xx K '- ' ' F ' X ff X45 V 6 J' ' R' I' f' Of 1 4-Qi If ff k X , N' ' X .X 1 ' L ' f fx: sg XG' ' "- A f QU 3' s f , YR N-- X if ' TX X' ' ' ,Q , A' ' .A xx IE 9 I J? ii 9 XR 6 X, ,X ' x t rv. V ju S X ' A I I Asif v K Jjfg lx X lr . X 5 ,I g X E f imp W fd ' 1 ' IL' U . Lf ui-IX-T 5' QQ- LX gi 1 - O 1:56 Q- ., I I ' . Q. VJ : If AA q-QNX X Xxx , XYq0X f ' v K! n CQDKQQK X 1E?.5,s:.:.- 0 f H , U3 0'Sf,,L'3--f ' LK j 'N . 8751 1 1w 'AW N' 7 Jiri x5EQL,fj , ff JZ' k 0, X ' ff! - f ' XX lf' " M Q , ' f-- of f in .F-Mx' 1 Q 77 - O O NX 7 ' ' df XH Q x ,+ x 'fwsMf X Q, fm of, A 6 P Q1 X ,f A4 yn H 'lalvi EEE rm 12 Q r .1 , -4, - 1 1 5 Y J L Ji I J S X f. ff"' 5 -'M O , 74' ' 'r , ' 4 ,,-,i,:,,, Y ,,,, A, Y, ,,m,v Yard, Xjjfj JJ!! L:-NM. A A---.,-.-'-..g:.ff--f..f- 'QQ You hdve reoelved om eduoouoh 1h cltlzehshlp l'h1s obllgdles you to become dchve 1h the Welfdre ol your oommumly Ahythmg whloh bredlis down demoordho processes should 1rr1+dte you Ahythmg Whloh mdkes your Commumty d b Her pldoe for dll the people to l1ve m should QIVS you d feelmor of sduslocuon Amerloo ls dt the Cross odds cmd hors poterlhdl 1OOSSllDll1llGS vvh1oh never before exlsted Chly os every member of every semor oldss ledves ohool Wllll d S101TllGCl ohorllehge to hght for the pedoe vvhloh should come IH the world to uphold The demoordho Wory of llle dhd to lmprove hvmo cmd workmg cohdluons for dll the people Com we solve our problems 1h the next few yedrs Do not foul us UAZQQXZV U Qazapea V ,2 VY 'V A X ,uf Y i- .Y-v' rw.-wmwm-vmwfm..-uma . A -- A Y v ce I . W9 ' Q x., .1 ' h s, T, .1 . L L.. Ti . . . , v . Q 1 f ' -J 1 . X MALL? X CQNN 49 7 N gy! MRS MARIORIE R CHAMPINE To know h r per onally wa to love cmd respect Her klnd and sympathetlc understancltng of the problems ot students parents and teachers of Marshall has lett 1ts lrnprlnt upon our school Her untlrlng efforts 1n helplng others has left us all Wrth a keener appreclatron of the flne qual1t1es ot servrce and charlty For 1t rs ln glvrng that We recelve 1t IS pardonlng that we are parolonecl It IS rn dyrng that we are born to eternal l1fe Amen ff' " e s s hor for her great qualities of mind and heart." I I ' I I I ' ll We Turn to Them for Help , Flea X Mrs Hawley the new visiting in taking over Mrs Champine s work Mrs Hawley lm sure will enioy work ing with Marshall students Miss Cs berg the nurse has done a praise worthy Job in keeping our Marshallites well Mr. Chapman, assistant principal and coach of Marshalls Championship basketball team, is and always has been a friend ot the students and tac- ulty. Mr. Chapman, right- hand man to Mr. Cooper, has been kept very busy this year, more than in previous years because the Basketball team placed in the State Tour nament o e of Mr Chapmans ambitions Congratulations Walt' Keeping programs and credit with his class is part ot the work ot Mrs Leemhuis senior counselor and Miss Coltman iunior counselor Stu dents turn to these two people tor help in securing Jobs and planning college prog ams - n il- I teacher, has done a magnificent job straight so a student may graduate . -X . I I - - , I I . . I - T . , English Miss Helen Chapman Mr. Richard Olsen Miss Hilma Shalbeck Miss Madeline Simonet KSpanishJ Miss Maybelle Boyson Mrs. Lois Long fNot in picture? English Mrs. Ann Capstick Miss Anne Dahl Mr. Oliver Severson Mrs. Harriet Kane Social Science Mr. Truman Smith Miss Margaret West Mrs. Carmallita Waddell Home Economics Mrs. Carol Engene Mrs. Adeline Feikema Mrs. Cecile Maclnnes fNot in picturel Social Science Mr. Erling Lein Mrs. Laura Montcmk Mrs. M. Wermerskirchen TIS eclucahon forms the commo 'X K Q V ' Q W 4 W A fr? Y 5, A 3"1f " s ! 4. ZX, is 1 av . . ff , Q' sf 'ff' N, f 42"-Ji ami ,V iw .. I HH X ,, Q ! J? 6 N ,rf 1- - I-'f' fb is ,A- , 5, , is? f mrf,fv 1-2 ll I 2- I I ' f H' 'I W3 yn, X I , sd' 1 'A " y. X :Z ggikw fx iffy 3 , 5 ff , 1 1 .1 - - M , , . 2 E l ' at 3 . K , 1- z Q " 'X a Vx K . A? ' x Q .V Ky iv.,-U'Yx,E 'Il , ., ' f ga I 1 ek y a f 1- ' '."f"5. '- -sgg nr M . awe? . Em Wy vf- Q 2 H 'r Q F L- yu ,- x ff YHJNW -if ff, - f 'fix J -,-iff?-fl! 5, x LT-5-ix. ,...-..-- .l.i.-2 ' 1.--" -i. xxx Leaders of Both Graduating Classes Iune Class Officers Ted Springer Treasurer john Kgmel , Vice President George Brown Secretary LeBoy Erickson H PreSideni .T Icmuary Class Officers loo Mezzenaa Presiden? Ieanne Steindori , Secretary Donald Lenhart ., Vice President Bill Henry . Treasurer I une Valedictorian and Salutatoricm ferry Ekberq , Valedictorian Ted Springer , Salutaiorian Q, R' Ictnuctry Vcrledictoricm and Sctlutatoricm Donald Lennart , Vaiedicioriar. Ioan Borak Saiuimoria 'X B.. r The Climax of DERSEN ANN Ag1lwras lw w ver Trl l 3 a Play 4 Po"l Comm 4 ANDERSON LELAND oputsy s an v w lr sllerfce IO V1sua Club l S Co n ll 2 Hono Som:-'y 3 4 Banquet Speeclnes Comm 4 ASKEW IAMES What an mear 4 1 Tera 3 fx Play 4 Baccala ea e Comr' 4 BAIRD BARBARA Nauglt l sk ny w l 'xe w oss St den Co nc 3 P or' o BAKKEN LARS Gea men ae o way wlse Comno 4 BORAK IOAN The w1sdo'n ot rra y rc tl v 1 l one 1 ee Club l IIVQI Tr1 2 res t ent Counc1 I7 4 Hono SOCIEIQ 4 H1 Ha en 3 4 Class Play 4 Cardmal Comm 4 ue Tr1 3 VICG Pres 4 Red Cross 3 oal11tao1an C alaureate Comm 4 Chauman 4 CARY VIRGINIA G1nn1e rr ways a ha never IH a harry r Glee Cl D Glee Cl b 2 G Ol 3 4 Class Play Comm SEYC 4 Pom Comm 4 CHARBON AU DORIS Dolly oc a e e low a gold on e 'lea Cross 4 S F YC 4 Cap f"xd Gowr Comm 4 CO!!VlGAY PHYLLIS Mc shall s aw lvlaaemmselle Cv ee u e Cofnm Cl s P ay o I e Cap and Gown Comm 4 A LUIS Slfes tue o e w lc te l1end ee Cl IJ S1lver T11 l 2 Haan l: O 3 Cvlee OII' 3 Red C oss 3 4 l B e reas4 Hono SOC16lY 4 Iuolge 3 Cla s Play Comm Commencement Comm 4 D ANDREA DAVID Glnsy Tloe best wa to have a l11end to be one Glee Club l H en You Cente 5 ' 4 Class Play 4 Cardmal 4 Bancpet Comm 4 DICKERSON IOAN Dead Eye ee11l l ln sm and t1on ver T 1 1 H ross I G Cl lk H1 Haven 2 Haa1o Cl.1b Z Span 1 Honor Soclety l Prom Comm 4 DORSETT MARIORIE Marge we o '11s and n e una else too ver 111 4 H1 Haver 3 C Play Comrr 4 P om Commvtee EDIN NANCY Llllle ana C.1te ana o so ee T '3 C y Co'nns Hano SOCIEIY 4 Prone Co GERNER THOMAS We respe nla1 1n, term nat1on Banquet apeedes CO'1'1l ' e 4 Co Cl GI mor GULACHEK ROMAINE Romeo ay ln a wtlf you study and you stl dy alone o L 1 Ha e l acl' 4 Banq et Comm 4 HAAGENSON MARION 1 tbolg owever 'good ae kept to hersell ee Club l S1 v e 4 Class Pla 4 H1 Haven Banq et Comm 4 HAIK HELEN Halk O a nt yo slllr 1en yo e 'lne L 1son H T l .4 G ee C b 2 Red C oss 11 ent C 1 Ho oce Cla s Play Corrml ge a T 5 quet Comn' 4 CWG1 man 4 HARDIE DALE T e sma t , 'W St den' C C oss o HAROLDSON DONALD lnd1an e lea nmg anqe o Tracx 1 W 1, an wr HELLAND RUBY n be e 1 ez f 4, w ITG O os aven Q Je C IIlI'lGl C ttee 4 Ccmmencemer Comr' HENRY BILL o ely 3 p .1 n oclc C1 ee Basketball 1 W est ng Foo ba 3 H H Ven A C n 4 S Jae ' Clas P ay nt a"1 Baske Da C"a"'l, 'J Barq e Comm 4 HIRD MURRAY 'vi 'J e 1 a bool: T a Jer Co 4 Pror' Co IOHNSON EMILY e ee Cl A A J Y ur School Career IANUARY GRADUATES 41 n -s 9 .Z hi, 1 3 1,3 IOHNSON MARIORIE Ma ae ne e o t1e laen Lo n Glee Club l C Hadlo Club v H 1 S Class Play 4 Conrrence ent Comr' 4 KUNERTH LARRY Koone cone t al l"lSXClllflQ wa to Spend the day an, e Com LANG KEITH a on ae lead Gee ont lee so good St der 1rc1 H Haven 3 4 C 4 Ca 1na Corn lnt am Baelce ba' Cba 5 Com er e'rer1 C a11marl 4 LENHART DONALD Ler F cm wro we ant1c1pa1e won t 1 tmn 1Y aee Cl 1, H ro SCCl9Y 3 4 vaea1cto1'1an 4 Class v1ce P 4 nt a'n Ba retloall Clam 4 Commercerren Co LEWIS HELEN e le Je 5 e alo A e OSS ee V e St ae nc1 l e 3 Banq el Speedes MCCAULEY IACK a n l l el, he laol m 3olces'9 H Y 2 C 3 C a 5 Comm 4 C Y C Prom Comm 4 MCGOVERN ROBERT F ogqev ete a beard on nlgh r ae y P om MCSHANE NCRA a vV t o tecl 'neolo l e c own g o lS l G ee Seto H re C e orr n MATTSON GERALDINE e 111 me ln ee Cl .gl 4 C oss 3 H1 Haven 3 a s P a ortm 4 l e 4 P Commlttee 4 MEZZENGA IOE be t .J C' 1115 sono Foot l 4 Qapta 4 Bask S men C lnc1l l D y C mm 4 Hockey 3 4 Baseball 4 Class P ex S E Y C 4 Cap and Gown C m 1 ee 4 MIXELL IEAN W y lt w en 1 n can be 1 cl Omaha raslta l 2 Cl C Play Comm 4 Cap and Gown Co 4 MORTENSEN RONALD a iool 1 trat 1 tn ouah Bacc.xIal1ea'e Co nmlttee 4 ON PAUL oxry l an nevel met e Stu lent Coun ce lu Y C 4 o xercement Comm 4 PANKUCH DELORES Par Coolne y y t :.e11ou4 n lovmg yet s1nce1e ee Club l 2 Glee C S Vel 11 Tag D y Comm 4 Blue T1 3 4 Class Pla ludge 3 P1om Comm Cha1rman 4 PEABODY DON School mterleres wllh so many thlnqe De La Salle l Foo bal 1 el H Baeeball 3 4 Sl Y C 3 Stuaent COLlNCll 4 Commencement Comm 4 PETERSON GORDIE y sho a 1 aood nmes Banquet Comm 4 ROSS SAM Sambo 1 can do e erytlfnng bul behavq El RA 4 Class Play 4 SLYC 4 Prom Comm 4 ST CYR BRUCE Cy o 1G s e L19 ol WOIIYI slcetball ENRA 3 SLYC 4 H1Y3StudentCo Cl 3 Ban uet Cormr SCALES DCPLORES Dee 1 ske as any laulte she has us m do ee Plea Cross 2 Sllver 11 Class Play Comn 4 Taq Day Comm 4 Caml1nal4 Banquet Comm 4 SCHOLTEC PAT H atlnletlc prowess 15 ol Wlde lame rglma Mtnn l GAA 2 Cla P C 4 Sf 4 Cap and Gowr Co m SIMONETTI ROGER Sum neue let Sluldleb 1nte1e1e wltr my edgcator' ee o 3 4 Foot as e a a H1 v Cot. Tag Day Commvtee ra lc 3 Banq e Comm 4 SMITH IEAN Secona t o gkts are e wlse1 Seton Hy G1 e C u 3 1 G ub l aven 4 1 Ba alaureate Comm STEGER DONALD gentle ar a e none Audlo Vtsual Banquet CO"F"I'l1 tee STEINDORF IEANNE etty and eve n known ana lncea oy e e yone G ee C1 o ver ll C 7 5 u S 1o1 3 aven 3 S t Y C 3 Honot Socxet Clase Play Btenesx Manage C11 and Gown Comm 1 STENSETH IUNIUS Swer llow 11 4 tellou 4 etandax a e llQl1 and H1 ootoa H Y Stl dent COlnCll 4 aes Play 4 Hor e ee 1 lnt am Baeke al a,1a n 4 H1 Haven 4 Ca d1nal Colmrr 4 C'1a1 1' ar oacf"1 '1 reate m"l1ttee 4 WALLEN BARBARA :Sa b e. b na 1a w nat ally mce ee C oss 4 Hono Soclety 4 H1 Ha L T e nq et e o a 1one WICKLUND CLINTON v saw nottlnq nobody w1ll eve epeat 1t Pnncetor lvlmr l 14on L ennl -1 Banq e Commlttee 4 ANDERS MILO S '11 CAMERA SHY FREEDLAND ANITA wot a Play Comm 4 Banquet S,.eecl'es BOSWELL GEORGE 1 :ly Da Qatla eae Comm 4 Become Alumni of Marshall High ADAMS DONNA L lfl w 11b on 1 Corvne ADAMS RUSSELL H as ,e and ,la 1 a1 1s Russ all the ay H A 1 lootna 3 Hoclm Go 3 4 S F Y C 4 Cap ana Gown Comm ALEXANDER ALMERA 'lawen teises ard sweeyma lflxllpi e T S l' Y C 1' Banallel Com ANDERSON HELEN GALE A klnd and ae'11lc l a 1 lal l r11Cos ,- ANDERSON ROBERT Bac a , , C , a a elle I e e n W e Wasnourn 2 Track e ub I J S1c1 Club 4 H1 Haven Cap and Gown Comm 4 ANDERSON RONALD Andy e e e te lo when YCL a1e y 1 e a long 11r'e deal Bo Sco1ls l I Haven 4 BATTMER IOHN Man also 1 own ll ntcr Glee Club 2 J La dmal 4 Banq et Deco auons Comm 4 BENIEGERDES ARTHUR Benne shma 1 the co or VlllllE RA 2 V o Cap ara Gown COWIT' BENNINGHOF IANE larle ll m1n Qnl Wlll go a long way ent Cc lr Geo ub l er T11 2 C "o11l1 Ce 1 H1 Have'1 4 Blue Tr 3 4 Dog ar' C'1a ran3 4 Cardma 4 P an' Comm 4 BENO MARGARET Ma g1e e a on orever A l l H1 Have 1 I1 dge Ca J1ral 4 Ba q el Comm 4 BENSON EUGENE Gene e wo a 0 1t 'n he w1ll lake 1t anyway age C ew l 'K l g1 S11den' COJnCll l 3 lodge Stall 4 Cap ani Gofln Comm 4 BENTON HELEN Goldlaclci elty as W ln a ra'ne 'o ma ch le ye 'J a Com'n 4 BERGMAN MARIE wee Wo as a e ee Cl b l d C oss C d ' 4 P CO"'l'T BERGGREN DONNA MAE A mer o a Nl ver T11 l 2 Cabmel 2 G Gee ouncn 2 S ee Cl1 b e 3 4 D H Cl F 'zo Ed 4 Bac ala r le Co BIORKLUND DONALD Don s oe meh tl'an to T n ra Sr C H1 ' C mm BLACK CHARMAINE a ave b1q ma lc n G A A C C L: e T a nt Co c1l 3 a f Yo 11' Cenle BOCHNIACK LORRAINE l lVl9Y1ClQl'lf Yo ll1 Center 3 4 Pom o"1 BRAUN IACQULYN lu lc G k: 2 C n H1 Ha e 1 A Re P BROWN GEORGE BUTLER IIM L S r1'J s C C CACHIARAS IOHN 5 r r CHRIST GLENN wr C CHRISTOPHERSON ARDEN .se1al'e'l and o COMEAU PHYLLIS PV' rl! A 'I Y fealeb asievs dent C'Junc1l l 4 H1 Haven 3 a1r ol go b St de 3 4 Ca d1ra Q O awen 3 4 Ban Wll H Hal n a '111"a 'I Cll IPF 1 f-,Q Q I UNE GRADUATES f url CORBETT IUANITA Co ky A expert at mlxln work and fun Sllver Trl l Z Student Councl 3 Bed ross ee Cl b 2 GAA rl IOI 3 d e 4 Edltor 4 Hl Haven 4 Hono SOCIE Commencement Comm 4 DAHLQUIST MARLYS Tell 'ne pretg malder are here any Fore at home lke you? GA A e u 3 Sl B 3 4 Sec 4 Student Councll Haven 3 ludge 3 4 Cardlnal 4 Baccalaureate Comm 4 DEEGAN TOM llaw you know me DICKS RICHARD Bucky Dlclcs theme sorq SWEET l-0 ralne Pa nesvllre Hlgl' Basketball l Hockey 2 Student Councll 2 Haxen 2 Football 3 Basebal 2 3 4 H Y4 Banquet Comm 4 Cla s Play 4 DITMANSON ESTHER 1 e h e adrnl a her qu ays all thou h o llgl' school da e Club Glee Cllb 2 holr 3 4 Honor Soclety 3 4 Baccaluarea Comm 4 DONLEY MARVIN He would ather rlug a rllg skln tllarl anythlng else nd l Z Foo 4 Hockey 3 4 Banquet Comm 4 ClGSS Play 4 DOTY DAVID Bale A llltle norserlse now and then ls ellshea sy e WISGSI men Glee Cub Sr Gee Cu tall Olf l dent Councll 3 Cardlnal 4 Asso Ed 4 Prom Comm 4 DOUGHERTY LOIS Shes small b t so IS a sllclc ol :ly lrllte ton Hl l llve T u B nklnq 4 q let Comnn 4 DOUGHERTY MARY LOU Smlles Cl e ea y to nc and she generous ee Club l ee un 1. lu e olr 3 4 B e Trl 3 4 Ca dlnal 4 Asso Fd 4 Comrnen ment Comr' 4 EGGEN GEORGE As lrlendly as IIC da, ls o q Footbal 3 4 HlY 3 4 Hl Haven 3 4 Banquet Speeclce EKBERG IERRY A comblnatlon rare and tue an athlete a student and a good pal too St dent Councll l 4 res anal 'ball 4 Bas 2 3 4 Co Ca ck 4 Hon 4 4 HlY 2 3 4 Pres 3 Hl Haven 4 Corrmencement Comm 4 ELIASON FRANCES Francle A mald o who was glven so m cr of ea th so much ol heaien G antsb rg Hlgh Baccalaureate Cornrn 4 ELSENPETER BARBARA Barb e FG1 ana o eye are st lklng comblnatlon G A lu ge G C ub ver Trl 1 4 Card A F SLYC Z 3 HIHG 3 4 Red Cross 3 Commencement Comm 4 ERICKSON LeROY Frlck Whereve es fl ther lee Student Councll l 2 3 4 Football l ack23 HlHven2 HY3 Tl 3Pes4Hocey 3 4 Ca dlnal 4 Class Presldent 4 Banq et Speeches 4 FARRELI. WARREN Men of lew words are the best men Ca and Gown Comm 4 FESKE WILLIAM Bll He could araue a tlsh o lt ol watcl and make llm tlllnk hes better oll lee Cllb l 3 Cross 2 3, Hl-Haven 3, 4: CIIOIT 4, Clas' Play 4 Cordlnal 4 Asso lid 4, Baccalaureate Comm. 4. FISHER, GERALD: 'Sometlmes l SI' and thlnk' Cl.olr FISH. IIM: "Leo " "A rolllng stone gathers no moss but it Jets 'ome mighty' flne pollshf' Student Councll 2 Youth Center ', 3, 4, Hl-Haven 3, 4, Track 3: Football 4, Golf 4, Cap an Cown Comm. 4, FISH, LEOTA: "The world's no better ll we worry, llI6'S o longer ll we hurry." . lee ub , Sl'el T. , G.A. , Clee Cub 2: Bed Cross 3- Youth Center 3 4, HlfHaven , Blue Trl 3, 4- ludae 3, 4, Cardlnal 4: Commencement Comm FLAVIN, DELORES: "Her bla brown eyes attract alrls and guys " ue Trl 3, 4: luclae 3, 4: Hl-Haven 3 4 Commencev ment Comm 4 Sllver Trl 2- Bed Cross 3 FLEMING, NANCY: ' Nanc "Nancy wlth the laughlrq taco Seattle Waslungton 2, 3 Hl-Haven 4: Blue Trl 4, Youth Center 4 GAA, 4, Prom Comm, 4. FIESLAND. GERRY: "Great thoughts come lrom the heart" Barlauet DECOYGIIOHS 4. FORBES. RUTH: " e h rder l ty, e qooder be .Q worser l am" udent Councll l, 4, Sllve' Trl l, , lr ee ub l . . , SEY,C 3: Hl-Haven 3, 4: Cardlrla Cl'lolr43 ludge 4 Class Play 4: Bed Cross 4 Banquet Decoraf llons GARFIELD. GERALDINE: l'Gerry " H en joy and duty clash, let duty ao to smash " Band l 2, 3, ludae 2 3: G A A 2 3, 4, Youth Center 2 3, 4 Blue Trl 3 4 Hl-Haven 4 Car- dlnal 4 Banquet Speeches 4 GERDA, ANDREW: Andy Andy alnt rrlaa at nobody Hl-Haven 4 Youth Center 4, Banquet Comm 4 GIBSON, CHERLE: "Glbby " "Sllence and l are stranqers ' Youth Center 2 Blue Trl 3, 4, Chol: 2 3 4 Glee Club l GAA l 2 3 4, Pres 4 Caldlnal 4, Commencement Comm 4 GIRTZ, DONNA MAE: "Her welght ln gold lS not hall her worth ' GORE. BILL: "lust one blql splash " SEYC 4 Glee Club l Swlrnmlna Team 3 4 GORIN ALVIN W ft otbcll 2 3 BQ lc GRANDPREY PATRICIA 'ne ty tvtnkczble eye GROEN DALE Saw Cont Q1 I: Fl La ani C, wr Corn ose wtromln b nk'1 13 Q HALVERSON LUANA VV to e r' e'-rt HAMMEN WALTER vvfl we tn Nl 3 mg lfot HARRIS IEANNINE lean , new ro ed ee ll ef- 3 quo Co mnol 4 Bnnq let De orutlon 4 HART DONNA Hortse er eyes C1 e fu nl n J A f 0 fled Cro s ltl Cents '3 1 Cu dmc 4 Pror HAUSER IANIE :rect l ft qt Q Ric dl: tefzto Lrvn HENNING PHYLLIS fx cn '1 1 fx ex ttcnclsllg mtx nem oce e f ma Q liken you 0 Tr .5 4 Bonq ,let Lomre HOGEVEDT IZETTY Hoqy e l ko r 4 ITTI P l I C r HUBLER RONALD rlonnte t fly 'W lc ee Cl b 1 0 ' en 'l fied s 3 Se vtce C b 3 Cornrrcn ennent Lo Vt f' IEFFERS IANELLE Red A 'J often g l xr Z e H1 Haven 7 Honor ctety 4 D bote 4 e 4 Clase P 1 Student Council R Sr ec ft Clow Play 4 IENSEN ROBERTA lenx t SP0 re o 1 I pox oent Q e l: v V U e P or Comm 4 IOHNSTON ROBERT Bob Boonsl H and en F- trtle 1 ee H Haven lot P KANEL IOHN ort o t e fnoc une t at mek e :1 ot I dent Co tl 4 Y G b 1 'H ot 3 H nemo C In G dln 0 Ldlto 4 H Y 4 Bon e C os Ploy 4 Cttee leoiler 3 1 l oge'ren Vtce P es o Semo C osx KIMITCH THOMAS Tom ess nze r 'W ented sleep C, rdxncl 4 Aiso Pd 4 BG .q o Sree C ea Haven3 4 SLYC KROENING, GEORGE: "Gee I ..,C to -t J 1. the More :n " udent Counml osebcrfl , ', 1 ,otboll A C S. .1 Center 4 LAI-III, DAWSQN: 'Dawg x L v f-9. 1.11 .Q ,ng yer .1 - . 4, lee qs . ,Li e ', 4 .,, .3 udenr Co' C' , zrsel, . 1 v ' C .tr Centej I oven .a 4 ock,y , lteer eudete css Pay f' B nA q 'J Sneeches 4 LALONDE. GILBERT: "Cz: " " ' y W.tot ' tntnlc G to . tlnlnklw Ntmmtng l 2 Tl. Cu- ', ' . use ' Counczl f, T.f1.lc3 4 C LAMBERT, IOYCE: ' , op and Go' n mit A 'rtencx on ,. Q, . .,, ,pn L A ' 'l rp: 'rx Y., f' 7 - nw' ' A :A qv, - Cdr n E A LQPLANT. KATHERINE: Rflnqnt xx: A --A A 'JJ' C,te 'mgy '1.' 1. Aj ?'f:1ppy'w C A I, S1'er- i le, Cl., ' gg- V A QSO ., L, . Y . C, , me 1 . .,: ' Haven 3 Student Copnctl fl -fre-n. Corrrn l LARSON. MARION: 'A lfclcotd l .1- 7 F 'rt - ' 1 Cl.b me cement ' 1 gr," 7. .1 C 31,4 1 ..,: I ,tl C'o-, F ' 'zlnpr '71 'L -Q .A C. "11n'1l ' J Q' ..:1.'j 1 :rn -.': PIUY LEE, DONNA:W F, Q35 Fic' f , N Ep-: fi ' A 41,.'r ,A-r. 'f Q .'.. I Vlrfl. L'.fIl"AC1.lf LTTIYR LEPICH, MICHAEL: f .'1 re F. - r "M 3:5 .. 3' . C :. :icy he love: oc I I .yt 1121 Hu . LINN, RAY.. 5A A snlcfrffil 'l 3 A r.C'. . 'I 1 A ', .'.z ,n'.r A' LLY'RRI?TCI:IT,A MIGIIQNAE I Q X ,' I. If . "F I .5:'. .Kc 1.2.5 7,1..,: 111. I :' .. "I ,.., ' -.L ',., ' T, C 4 C. I ., ,..CC. . . J: . . , 1 I 4 Cf1"1:. . 4 r. .ff f .ccz fc.: A1 MQCGREGOR, HOBERTA: for 1 g'.ef1f,1r.': " 'ne one New York C1'y l 2 3 S MATHENY. MARILYN: iff.. T"1:CE' JJ 1'. 'Z A,f7:'.' :lace 'IAA I Q Sine' Tx 1 2 Gee C .: ig ?'ff1C'f.1, 17 , , . , Y, , .J f, A , fu,,.- . M . -...,. A . .,,e - time TH . ...., ,A4..f: . A. H,HA.A,, f- r- f- ' 1 ff. . 'of -, 1 ' 4 r .zf-r. , 1 ,':':.r.': 1 ,:r'.rf.fAr.nA-"A'fr,' nrt". 5 .1 'Q ff 16 MIELKE LOLA Laps e y be hy bt there twlnkle ln leer eye Banquet Decoratlons 4 MILLER ELMO lt 'natters not low long we llve belt how MINICHILLI BERNIE Worthy ot all tl-e glory heaped upon ll'T' ent OJl'lCll 7 rootball Ba et all a lc 4 HIHCJ 4 Baseba Cap and Gown Comm 4 MOORE DOUGLAS A laddle ln lflcalcl Orcnestra l Wrest llna 3 Baccalaureate Comm 4 Ca dlnal 4 NASH LeROY Chuck Se-Cong o noboay at beatlnq out boogle ardent Col nfll Band 4 H Haven 2 SEYC Bed C oss Baseba' 7 Bask than 2 Hono SOCIEYY 2 Chol 4 NELSON BETTE B tte s ways a e lovely ways G ee lb 7 e e l OIT H H ven GAA 3 Iudge 4 Cardlna 4 que' Decoratlons 4 N LSON FAYE She Wlll ne e ack trlends G A A Y h enter 1 ue Trl L 4 Cholr 2 3 Cardlna NELSON KATHRYN Katle Ca IOUS to her tlnaertlps e b ee u er F1 Ol 4 Cross 3 4 Pres 4 Blue Trl 3 4 Baccalaureate Comm 4 NOLAN BETTY Fun t lendgy ang asclnatlna Glee Cl lb omm OLSON CLAYTON Tls the rrlnd that make he man OLSON MARION A malden calm and serene seldom 'leard l often seen ent Col 'lcll l G A A L Blue T 4 'ted C oss 4 Banq et Decoratlons Corral 4 Art Ldl or Cardlnal 4 OSTENDORF BOB Always at hand when yo need a irlends Banqilet Comm PAGE GEORG We know llltle ot tne greatest men Glee ub l H Y 3 4 Hl Halen 4 Honor Soclety 1 Banque Spe clnes PAPPAS MARY eV eet as any glrl can r: Slxe 4 S C 3 Chol 4 Banquet Deco atlons 4 PETERSON VERN Pete Culet to be sure untll y ge to know nlrr B nd l 2 H Y l 2 3 4 Student Co oball 2 B e a 3 4 Hocke 3 4 Cap a Gown Comm 4 POLZIN BETTY Red A lot ol lun and red l-eaded too ue Trl 3 4 Hr Haven 4 Youth Center 3 4 Red C os Prom Comm 4 PREISS LILA aerltle manne IS natural' h PROSE, ARTHUR: rr ' 'Trlend to all, enemy .o none Portland, Oregonl 2, ,Banquet Comm 4 RAABERG, BETTY: 'Splendld to see d tull ot grace yo 'fl t,lrn rom anothe' to look at her lace," , , 2, Sllve ' , 4, G u , , Bld ub , , 4, H1-HGV, , 45 Iud e Satt , Pro omm . RASMUSSEN. HM: "Ras," "Why should the devll haue all the un?" u ent ouncl , Ban , 2, Footba 2, HlfHG'J6D , l' 3 4 Skl Clalb 4. Banque Comm. RAUCH, IOHN: "A good name TS better than :lches Car ancl Gown Comm 4 RICHTER, ROSALYN: 'Rosle Queen at heart' Band l , 3, Hl-Ha en 3, Y till! Center 3 Bue Trl 5 Banque' RICHTER. BONITA: HBODDISHV "She speaks wltt' a smlle a symbol ol trlendshlpf' Blue Trl 3, Banquet Decoratlons 4 ROSENGREN. DEAN: "For has a lolly good te ow" A Haven 25 Band 3' Banquet Comm 4, SALOVICH, IIM: "l runs ln the tarnll' ' Youth Center 3, Basketball l 2 3, 45 COrCGPtGlD 4 G ' , Tra 2, Cap and Gown Comm 4, SCHARDIN, IEANNINE: leannle A glqqle lS worln a hun' lred roans ln any market' Sllver Trl , 2, Red Cross l Glee Club l 2' Malorette l 2 3 4, H1-HGVSH 2, 3' ludge 2 SE Y C 3 Blue Trl 3 4, ClZOlT 3 4 Cardlnal 4 Prom Comm 4. SCHMIEDEN, DOROTHY: "Dot "She works tor the loy ot working" Bed Cross l, lr Glee Club 25 Cholr 3 4, Blue Trl 3, 4, Honcr SOCISYY 4 Baccalaureate Comm 4V SCHUMACHER, DUANE: "Wltt1 a twlnkle ln hls eye me comes gayly walkln by" lr Glee Club lp Sr Glee Club 2, Hl- Haven 3, 4: lil-Y 3, 4, Banquet Decolatlons 4, SEIDENSTICKER. LOIS: l'Belnq good 1S a lonesome lob PS lm never very lonesome" Glee Club l, 2, Sllver Trl l, 2 G.A,A l Cnolr 3, 4 Hl-Hoven3 4 Youth Center 3 4 Cardlnal 4 Prom Comm 4 SHAUGHNESSY BARBARA Barb e hal llsk e es an full of un l 3 4 Treas 2 Youth Cen er Blu T 3 4 Red Cross3 4 Card1n 4 Prom Comm 4 SIBBEN KENNETH Kenny g vlo WTI w o can srnlle B nd 2 3 H1 Y S dent Co c 2 H1Y 4 Prom Comr' 4 SINIGAGLIO SYLVIA Srlly ol 1"l s co parcels small e glad tlcat Sul ly IS nt all lied C oss l nte ee Cl SKILLINGS IOAN Ioanle s better to be small an shlne then great and cast a shadow Glee Club l GAA Blue Tr 3 4 luage3 4 Cardlral 4 Banqu Comm 4 SPRINGER TED H s a .,1let man lou q 1te a rnan ent Councll 1 Il' Gee Cluo l ee Honor SOCIEIY 3 4 H1 Haven 3 4 VICE P es Y M CA Class Treas 4 Commencmen Comm 4 STAPLE WILLIAM Blll I s been some t1r'1e slnce books and I have met Mlchlgan Hlgh S hool l 2 Cap and Gown Comrn 4 STARK IANICE l care not who the name may be lust so IIS ed ver r1 Gee un 2 GAA 2 C olr 3 4 Blue T1'1 3 4 Cablnet 4 H1 Haven 4 Banquet Comm 4 STATLER TED MOVIE Cew 1 Stage Cew 2 3 4 Student C5 UDCII43 4 Cholr 1 2 Football Mg 3 Commercement omm STEVENS HELEN SIEVIE Beauty and bralns slt at the same table I Glee Club 1 Sllver Trl l 2 Sr Glee Cu 2 3 Blue Tr13 4 Student Counc1l 3 4 ludge 3 4 Buslness ar 4 aven 3 v n Coun1l 4 Card1nal4 Asso Ed 4 Commencement Comm 4 STOEZ LOIS Flendllness and Lovellness are two ot ber assets B ue Trl l 3 Glee C ub 3 S1lver Tr1 1 Bed C o 2 Rldlflg Club 2 3 News 3 Cardlnal 4 STROM DORIS Dorr1e She looks llke an angel and acts llke one too but who can te l what an angel wlll da? Glee Club 2 Youth Center 2 3 4 Blue Trl 3 4 H1 Haven 3 4 ludge 3 4 Card1nal4 Prom Comm 4 SUND IULIUS Bunny Hes the Joker of the deck Red Cross 2 Football 3 WY9SIlIHg 3 H Haven 3 4 H Y 3 4 Card1nal 4 Banquet Speeches 4 SVAC ELAINE Lame Mlghty sweet mlghty wtse the lun lust twlnkles ID he eyes Cross l S1lver T1 Blue Trl 3 4 Cholr 4 Deco at1ons Comm 4 SWANSON IIM He p1lts hls troubles ln a trunk and SIYS on the lld and laughs Youth Center 2 Baseball 3 4 B uet Decoratlons Comm 4 THOMAS IANET lan Shes eaalnq wlen lt comes t work and laughmg when 1t comes to play Student COLIUCII 4 Vlce Pre 4 Sllver Trl l 2 Pres 2 Pan Amerlc llb l nd Z Red Cr Il dge 2 3 Honor SOCISI 4 Blue Trl 3 4 Youth Center 3 4 Co Sec 4 Cheer ead s 3 4 Debate Cllb 4 Caramal Co IdlIOY 4 Commence ment Comm 4 THORUP STAN Stan and lls Wl' pret wh1cl" INST Student 3 4 Golf 3 4 ludge 3 4 Asso Ed 4 Commen erre'1tCor'lrr1 TOLLEFSON VERDE Ah tell me a wa to galn knowledge wlt out Study Basketball l 4 Mgr 4 H B A UPPGAARD SHIRLEY Fa e l1 e wlth a g ln and ou re sure to w1n VESTREM DONALD Putsy IS o soon that l am dune lor l wonder what 1 was beg n o e Cros l T l 2 3 Cap and Gown Comm 4 WEBER MARIORIE MGFQI6 l.1ve la1al and be 'ole ashbl rn l 2 S F C C 3 H1 Haven 3 lee D ue T 1 3 ls WESTERBERG DAN Westy A at wth '1 eve eady smlle St dent Coclncll 1 4 F o a sketball 2 3 4 YOJI erte s Commencement Comm 4 WHELPLEY MARGARET The Con clence s Ion e s rk Cty 3 H1 en 4 lol 4 C1 Baccalaureate Comm 4 Cla s Play WHITEFORD BRUCE Whlte a1f'ncv'- a 'I sl e ar s otball l WINKLER LORRAINE Wlnlcy '1 s n o o ee o 1 C 'lte f- Ba q e om YAHANDA AI FRED ,fr one e 1 2 Foo' 1 es l 'J l' 1. C and Co Nr C, ,1 1 : " "B d r, r 1 y d l " G A A , 2, , , . , t l, 2, 3, 4, Cholr 3, 4g 49 r1 , , , , al I 1 3 : " "' "A my ' rth 11 le IS a guy F 1 " a , - 2, 3, Track 2, tu un- 1 1 ' I 11 . 1 : " 1 " "lf go f thlg me in , w 're 1 1 l' ' ' t ' ' r , 2, 3, 45 Youth Ce r 3, Gl "gb 3, Blue Trl 4 1 : " " "lt H 1 rl l, 2, 'Cholr 3, 4, 13, , ' ' I, , ' 1 I 'et 1 : ' e" ol 1 ' 't 1 1. Stu' d , l ' , Sr Gl Club 2 H1-Y 3 4, l T s11 'T 1, 21 SY lg Cl' 1, , . 11 I I 1 :V I r I p Y :V , , 7 o , , , , r , 1 ' 1. ' ' , , , , 1 11 A Md' , H111 T T , 4, H1-HQ e ' lc , s.'13.Y.c, 34, 11, ' 7' l I ' A, , I l ' l, p , r ,ss 1 : " l' H 3 H 5 I 5 I ' , t- , , 1- , g 3. 'I I r Red I , lr 2, 1 . H 1 I I I Cnr 1 -: " U ' l 1 '1 1, 2, 3, , s 5 , , ' , - 1 an Cl , Ba l, ', oss l, 1 , 1, y 3, , , , '. , g rres , l - er , , ,A , ' f'Q , 1 . Councll Pres' l, Band l, 3, Youth Eentcrl H1-HCGVSH 11 : ff .1,2N3,4 N 1 : " c , 1 r y 1' . : 'A "lt s ' 1 . , ' u l r " H d .3 rack I I I, : 3' " .1 . ,. 1, rryw W . 1 , , ..Y 3, holr , - , C11 Cllx' 3, Bl r , 45 ludqe 4, Asso 'd 4 1 : " . " n hletlc guy l a. r r " - 1 3, 3 c tb. ll 2 3 4 Ba , , 7 1 h C 1 or 3 4, H1-Y 3, 4, Ba eball 3 A, A :I " s - SGT' .1 rr New Yo 1 , 4, Blua Trl 4, AHav , C1 r , A A 4 , s 4. 1 Z " .,y " "P t , 1, n ,1'1tfl. the 1: d." Fo YSFYC l,2,3,4,lfMHA34 , : " ' ' '4Her race 1:1 hor fortuhe '11 ol lt run: 1 t s me flqlxre " Gl o Cl'1' l 2 G A A 2 CHOIY 3 4 Sllver Trl l, Blue Tr 3, 4 Yonh Q1 er' 4 H1-Ha'.'.T1 4 n u 1 C 4 , : ' Al ' Hls f.r.rl' 'f . nyre' falls hifi ' A7 :ana l, ,ball 2 3 4 Cyrr1r1:5t1::: 3 4 'N:. 41717 2 3 Tr c, 2 ap A J ' 1 'orxrn 4 emor' s album ,Wm Q ,W , 52 .. Z .K mt If 2 ' adm 35 if my :gg E lik 9 S f ? I L A tell of planning graduation activities The tune committees proved to he soine ot the rnost efficient Committees ot record. They worked hard to furnish sorrie new ideas tor the graduation activities Marx' Doneiys suggestion tor something new forthe Banquet was to serve Turtle soup lout it was voted down by the Committee Ati the corn- rriittees seemed to have a good tirne white getting the necessary work done. tune Committees were: Cornrnence- rrient, Prom! Baccaiaureate, Cap and Gown, Banquet, Banquet Speeches, and Banquet Decorations. -mia... lg' I .v-. llth Grade-MISS E. STEVNING Front Row: Bauman. Clausen. Miss Stev 11A OFFICERS Donato Mezzenga, Pres.: lim Langlais, V Pres.: Karl Ontko, Trecxs: Barbara Quammen Sec. Undergraduates ning. Seilerth. Row 2: Baily, Roth, Stevens Mezzenga, Ontko, Iverson, Polzin. Row 3: Rouse, Williamson, Kulgman. Evcrngilist. Row 4: Hcxrnmen, Bianchi, Barth, Shaw, Harris. llth Grade-MR. LEIN Front Row: DeMuse, Parton, Mr. Lein. uarnmen Lcm lais Row 2 Fecht Bergquist Q , g . : , , Svitak. Lundquist. Schebloorn, Henderscheid. Row 3: Hansen. Pederson, Engstrom, Fo loin, Gelhar. llth Grade-MISS IRVINE Front Row: Schubel, Sellentine, Miss Irvine Czcxia. V. Hill, Grabner. Row 2: Simon. Soyett. Corbett Gre ory Demko Gauronski Downs . g . . . ,. Row 3: Arrxundson, Collier. M:Gladrey. Kit- chen, Belgum. L. Hill. Row 4: Sykes. Tumble Schafer, Youngberg, Bruer. Hanson. Epperly. Row 5: Fox. Wilderson. Shaughnessy. Sor Soleil, Barkmcxn, Perry. 20 N, - i at Marshall 11B OFFICERS Leland Renz, V. Pres.: Peter Shons, Pat O'Neil, Sec.: Delores Dickson, Treas. rj., in-'Q f 2' Pres,: llth Grade-MISS WALSH Front Row: Beckstrom, Gunn, Miss Walsh, Steger, Tollefson. Row 2: Hall, Van Dern. Swanson, McEndree, Perry, Dickson. How 3: Drake, Hasenbcmk, Sheldon, Lenhart, Berger. Row 4: Krogstad, Theros, Leipus. Bennish. Lapoint, Mato. Row 5: Mager. Donley, Cudd. Clausen, Thoreson. llth Grade-MR. SATTER Front Row: Anderson, Ellingsvlorfm, Mr. Salter, Dougherty, Manning. Row 2: Lewis, Ellis, Helwig. Wray, Cihak, DePrngelo. Row 3: Pennington, Gay, Roberts, Larson. Soice. Madden, Garfield. Row 4: Holland, Harris, Dalen, St. Cyr. Croft, Zappa. Ilow 5: Crooks, Renz, McVay, Eddy, Easter, Utterbe:g. llth Grade--MISS TURNQUIST Front Row: Pederson, Urbanlc, Miss Tum quist, Wolters, Gamelson. Row Z: Anderson, Mitchell, Christopherson, Matheny, Rassmu sen, Peck. Row 3: Gibson, Phinney, Inge S. brigtsen, Evangelist, DeCourcy, Dorso, Nolan. How 4: Krimbill, Oberg, Pearson, Carland, Grant, Sova. I l 9th GRADE OFFICERS Ierry Smith, Treas.: Bob Griften, Pres.: Iudy Hedburg, V. Pres.: Shirley Anderson. Sec. 10th Grade-MRS. MacINNES Front Row: Murphy, Carr. Mrs. Maclnnes, Pehousek, Durand. Row 2: Adams, Mowak, Fish, Kingsley, Carlson, Iohnson. La Ruche, McGrail. Row 3: Oberg, Bliss. Ryals, Plack. Olson. Wcsterman. Murray. Row 4: Carlson. Holliclcy, Henry. Logas, Murphy, Farrell. 10th Grade-MISS SIMONET Front Row: Kukar, Gustafson, Miss Simonet, Borsch, Beverly. Row 2: Clark, Stimmler, Rosengren. Cartwright, Dalros, Downs. Row 3: Aclcer, Folie, Wall, Corbett. Bittner, Abra- hamson, Mueller. Row 4: Christ, Ferguson, Bishop. Anderson. Harlooson. Christopherson. Row 5: Bacher, Corbett. Page, Klugmen, Haugley. 10th Grade-MISS STEVNING Front Row: Omlie, Sybrant. Solberg, Miss Stevning, Mudge, O'Neill, Ferraro. Row 2: Diskerud. Shavkle. Kind. Yahanda, Zappa, Taylor, Stone, Greimel. Row 3: Lien, Snow, Stigen. Gideo, Hawkins, Eystad, McCollough. Row 4: Kinnan, McVay. Rockwood, Minnich, Conway, Page, Buck. l0th Grade-MR. SMITH Front Row: Benton. Osell. Mr. Smith. Auney. Bolstad. Row 2: Olbteilb. Mahoney, Ieimberg, Koistenen, Puado, Corbett. Row 3: Ackerson, Ienkins, Overturi. Smith, Bianchi. Row 4: Grim, Helland, Rube, Bennish. Mellon. Row 5: Beebles. Bird. Mollers, Hoel, Anderson. X7 1 'IV All i, ,..-4. ,Q A.. 4 9th Grade-MRS. FRANCIS Front Row: Rogge. Larson. Miss Frances, Hadberg, Seiferth. Row 2: Olson, Peck. La- Combe, Svac, Iohnston, Schardin. Row 3: Heath. Treiethen. Begin. Pankonin, Kane, Tripp. Row 4: Peterson, Czia. Dooner. Krog- stad, Gellhorn. 9th Grade-MISS LEIDL Front Row: Erickson. Patterson, Miss Leidl, Perry, Knutson. Row 2: Corey, L. Anderson, Wilson, Sova, Halverson. Hammen. Row 3: Houg, S. Anderson, Weber, Wiggin. Ogdahl. Row 4: Tarasar. La Combe. Geske, Paterson. Row 5: Robinschaud. Hanson, Fecht, Borne, Tophen. 9th Grade-MR. IONES Front Row: Smith, Meyer. Foster. Mr. Iones. Houg, Pverturi. McGreavy. Row 2: Langlais, Kotz, Pregher. Brown. Haider, Hawavchi. Row 3: Graig, Iergenson, Iordan. Sullivan. Thompson. Row 4: Peterson, Iuller. Living- ston. Grisland. Osborne, Shiema. Phinny. 9th Grade-MR. MEIXNER Front Row: Sybrant. Mr. Gannon, Mr. Meix- ner, Smith. Griffin. Row 2: Rippel. Hinrichs, B. Comeau. Hilgeson. Lewis. Row 3: Rohner, Lubrecht, Richardson. Hanson, Bauman. Row 4: Nelson, Ince. Harstad, Larson. K. Comeau. Sth GRADE OFFICERS LeRoy Griffin. Treas.: Iohn Shirley. V. Pres.: Patricia Peevles. Pres.: Larry Lang. Sec. 9th GRADE-MISS TRUMBLE Front Row: Davidson, Lillianquist, Miss Trumble, Harris, Bledsel. Row 2: Arnsdort, O'Brien, Oberg, Peterson, Rogers, Cranhold. Row 3: Marko, Miller. Anderson, Short. Hed- strom. Row 4: Mahoney, Bredimust, Thomp- son. Williamson. Snure, Rassmusen. 9th Grade-MRS. MONTANK Front Row: Phillips, Levercome, Stelenson, Mrs. Montank. Lund, Holicky, Lamhrose. Row 2: Sletholem, Yurecko, Lind, Schebloom, Ieli- nek, Oswald. Row 3: Pettis. Thereaux, Tacka- berry. Omacki. Che-cos. Row 4: S. Skinner, Larson, Hanson, Netland. Row 5: Anderson, Ward, Lattimer, Zirlc, Charadon. 9th Grade--MRS. POVVELL Front Row: Colbert, Koss, Mrs. Powell, Pyliatiuk. Russell. Row 2: Floding, Richard- son, Hemple, Robinette, Migliaccio, Fruvog. Row 3: Lind, Maylend, Keay, Iohnson, Sum- stine. Row 4: Thompson, Nordin, Shackle, Elliason, Klitzke, Dooner, Schubel. 9th Grade-MR. BURMINGHAM Front Row: Devine. Haver. Nickleson, Mr. Burmingham, N. Petersoi, Barsto, Hornby. Row 2: Clemons, Bartlett, Donley, Chesny, Summerfield. Iacobson. Row 3: Genty, Ben- jegerdes. Iverson, Viguard, Bergman. Row 4: Helland, Hart, Bodnir, Christ, Wright, Peters. Row 5: Rogstad, Huesberg, Maas. Krimball, R. Peterson. 7th GRADE OFFICERS Elizabeth Ierabek, Secs Ray Forstad, Treas.: Ruth Chase, Pres.: Don Palmer. V. Pres. .n 'lf-5' -an Modern Classroom: Student Government Spe cial-MISS LEIN Front Row: Iensen, Healy, Stevens, Chris- ianson, Lyttle, Brothe. Sandell. Wojciak. Row : Peterson, B. Arndt, Newman, Ellickson, nderson. Milton, Kissel, Beaudette. Row 3: iss Lein. Kedin, Silbemagel, Heilmer. Buck, . Arndt, Piroch, Callender. Sight-Saving-MISS HUTCHINSON Front Row: MacDonough, Gatten, Mac onough, Fitz. Henry. Hauser Row 2: Liman- ik, Stark, Mark, LaBerge, Nickolatos, Louis' lle, Miss Hutchinson. Row 3: Lyse. Peterson, ishish, Yelland, Gyorfi, Iohnson, Sawyer. tStudents in Mrs. Turley's advisory are also n this picture.l th Grade-MR. SEVERSON and MISS DAHL Front Row: Matheny, Faucher, Thokelson, T , , . Hammerstrom Mr Severson Miss Gellhorn, Iohnson Maurer lensen Row hornley, Hohrer, Armstrong, Ellwanger. n, Sticka, Kitto, Cope, I. Hill, Karste- Clarke, Gilsrud. Row 3: Casper. Zappa, ison, Iindra, Hadtrath, Iacobs, Kossart, Means, Systeby, Kinnen. Row 4: Gra- Chase, Dicks, Leverton, Wefel, Gillman, I. Hill, Kadechka, DeAngela. Row 5: Fe:-idler, Williams, Anderson, Pemberton, Ianos, Dorfe, Rogers. 7th Grade-MRS. CAPSTICK and MRS. WERMERSCKIRCHEN Front Row: Wendling, Laley. Coulter, Rey- Rosenau. Mrs. Capstick, Mrs. Wermer- hen, Ierabek, Maylancl. Lambertus, Shep- Row 2: Oswald, Kadechka, Eklund. Christotferson, Thomson, Borak. Bly, Nelson. Row 3: Floding, Miller, Kulla, LaMere, Ward. Lilja, Gellhom, LaCombe, Sybrant. Row 4: Hesner, Olivera, Lenvik, Bonnick, Stewart, Iohnson, Ruff, MacDonald. Hauglie, How 5: Forstad. Abrahamson, Iohn- azorick, Bause, Nordin, Galbraith, Hop- Salovich, Elsberry, Hasslinger. The Editorial Staff CO-EDITORS Ianet Thomas Iohn Kanel ART EDITORS Marion Olsen Tom Kimitch SPORTS EDITORS Dale Groen Dave Doty CLUBS EDITOR Iane Bennighof SENIORS EDITOR Mary Lou Dougherty FACULTY EDITOR Gerry Garfield CLASSES EDITOR Donna Berggren SCHOOL LIFE EDITOR Barbara Elsenpeter ASSOCIATE EDITORS Helen Stevens Donna Berggren Iane Bennighol Gerry Garfield BUSINESS MANAGER Bill Feske The Last Word 4 Ah, the Cardinal statt. L They're a great bunch ot kids, aren't they? Clt says here, cause We Wrote it.I Well, as this is being Writ- ten, soulful music is playing and everyone is Waiting, Waiting Ctor the boys in the little White coatsl Yes sir, the above picture gives you an idea what We did in room lU2 tor three straight months . . . nothing. Mr. Ol- sen promised all the statt a great big feed when the book is done. Gee, l love those White Castle ham- burgers! Well, the men in the White coats have arrived and they're taking us one by one. Mr. Olsen's bawling like a little kid. l better put my money away, l can't bribe myself out ot this. So long buddies. Come and visit me on Sundays, cell lU. W v. .. tn 9144 4' ' .1 ,-.4 F555 - ,.,, n j 4 In . .'. I une Staff I anuary Staff R 1:.L bt,E.S .B.El ,M.Mh.,L.W'k ,G.Gl'ld, CWD- plargrzjlelglacki vac senpeter at eww m Ier at le Sitting: Dave D'Andrea, Helen I-laik, Iunius Row 2: M. Pappas, L. Halverson, B. Shaughnessy. H. Stevens, L. Sidensticker, sleffselh' Marge lohnson' I. Shardinl R. Forbes- Standing: Keith Lang, Ruby Hellend. Ioan Row 3: Mr. Olsen, I. Harris, L. Fish, I. Bennighof, M. Dougherty, I. Thomas. Barak' Delores Scales' Row 4: B. Feske, D. Berggren, D. Strom, M. Lubrecht. B. Nelson. Row 5: D. Doty, I. Kanel, L. Erickson, D. Groen, I. Battmer, T. Kimitch. CXLX if --ui 'N LX ff WN, M X 4 'X Qi Ifiajfy V 'gp QU N ML 'L ' ' Tri Gamma R. Prescott President G. Theros Vice President D. Allen , Secretary I. Carland Treasurer Last year the district Hi-Y was under the leadership of LeRoy Erick- son, President Ted Springer, Vice President Ierry' Ekberg, Secretary, and Vernon Peterson, Treasurer. Clean Speech, Clean Sports Delta Sigma G. Eggen President G. Page Vice President T. Springer Secretary D. Schumacker Treasurer Phi Chi I. Croft President P. Shaw Vice President C. Lundquist Secretary B. Svitak Treasurer Iota Tau G. Brown President D. Groen Vice President D- DOW Secretary I. Cachiaras Treasurer 30 I , . Q , f -5333131 Through twenty-live years ol unselfish service Sig Chris- tensen has been the counselor to the Marshall Hi-Y. The ideals on which his leadership is based have been an in- spiration, and for his services, the members of the l-li-Y are , , 1 indeed grateful. Clean Scholarship, Clean Living Torch Club APACHE Allan Erickson President Richard Donley Vice President Icxmes Remarke Sec.-Treasurer PHILEOS Charles Bird President Bud Williamson Vice President lim Eddy , Sec.-Treasurer Ir. H1-Y President Bob Krimbill Presiding officers of group meet- ings. Bob Parshall Chippewa Iames Casper Iroqois Irving Nielsen Comanche Y-TEENS Y-Teens' social lite included many interesting speakers and programs, ranging from rugged sports in the gym to plain old- tashioned "sings" in the Little Theater. The officers tor the first semester were as follows: tor Blue Tri, President, K. LaPlant, Vice President, I. Borakg Secretary, C. Downs, Treasurer, B. Wallen, tor Silver Tri, President, B. Kinsley, Vice President, I. Osell, Secretary, B. Yahanda, Treasurer, S. Benton. The second semester otticers were as follows: for Blue Tri, President, C. Black, Vice President, l. Urbank, Secretary, M. Dahlguist, Treasurer, N. Gibson, tor Silver Tri, President, C. Bol- stad, Vice President, S. Cranhold, Secretary, I. Osellg Treasurer, E. Pederson. Pictures from top to bottom: Silver Tri Blue Tri Blue Tri i.xfxill1,aift lx 1 f .A C I f"Y"", 1 Q 1 J 'vw MEET YGU THERE YOUTH CENTER OFFICERS HI-HAVEN REPRESENTATIVES I. Kernel President P. Conway and B. Henry D. Vlesterberg Vice President F Hirst semester, V I. Thomas Secretary fcorrespondentl uggtorixiezicigg Zgjsggiir M. Mcrtheny Secretary Crecordingl B. Quammen cmd D. Mezzenga D. Lee Treasurer fsecond semester3 Youth Center Youth Center Hi-Hcxven 33 They Keep Our- School Runnmg Smoothly Senior Student Councxl Second from Top Ierry Ekberg lane! Thomas Icme Sheldon Roger Prescott Tom Westerberg Red Cross Boitom Kcrtherme Nelson Roland Scxtro"n Ienme Pxroch lean Meyer Presldent Vxce Presldent Recordlng Secretary Correspondmg Secretary Treasurer Presxdent Vlce Presxdeni ws. 34 .J 'S-, gf And Hold Our Trad1t1ons H1g11 Ns-f S Nw-an Stage Crew Top Ierry Auguston Dave Schuman Ted Statler Iumor Student Councll Helen Larson Sandra Kranhold Carolyn Olson Frances Hanson Davmd Nasby Manager Assxstant Manager P A Manager Second rom Top Presrdent Vxce Presxdent Recordxng Secretary Correspond1ng Secretary Treasurer 35 O I I nga, ' 1 ' fi L iw ff. ' ' Ja . gzub il M t L ' A ' '- t : S M W . 3 I . m 5 Q a Q X 0 ,,,, , I , in Music Hath Charms Below we have the Marshall music department represented by the Choir directed by P. I. Burmingbam, the lr. Glee Club under the direction of Miss M. Vincent, and the Band under the direction of Mr. Smith. Mr. Roam has since taken over the direc- tion ot the Band. THEY PUBLISH Co-Editors I. Corbett, D. Lahti Knot in plciurel R- 1935911 First page editor K- LCIPICIM Second page editor W. Vlober Third page editor S. Thorup Fourth page editor L. Fish , Exzhcmge editor l- Ieffers , Feature editor R. Hublcxr Business Manager fe ffl' E '5 9-'LV' ., Q 7 If x 141,25 , Ff' Q if Q I f -lx .nikki iwxiuwythfi l f' Y 'iDo you have any news-any kind at all?" is a pleading gues- tion that all the ludge reporters ask. Deadlines, pictures, and headlines are the numerous tasks these students do, besides looking tor news. Giving up study periods and working alter school has be- come a habit of the roaming re- porters. Because it is fun giving service to the school, these ludge reporters would do it again. Variety Is The Spice of Life Officers for the 41-f Club crre G. Worn, President P. Arnold, Vice President V. Sellentine, Secretory. C. Gibson is President of GAA., with D. Defsing, Vice President S. Anderson, Secretoryg and I. Beckstrorn, Treds- urer. The first semester the Honor Society was bedded by I. Stensetb, President I. Ekberg, Vice President ond M. Iohn- son, Secretory. Pictures fro T p t Botto 4H G. A Honor S ty J. w ,YW "' x! 'wif KM r fi X1 4- if' 6 N7 I QQ? .f-iq QII4 - 4'7'4f f vi,-,l ..,-..-i.i Actions speak louder i n ATHLETIC BOARD-Mr. Shcrwbold, Mr. Sutter, Mr. Chapman, Mr. Iones, Mr. O'Brien, Mr. Meixner, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Fisher. rs. , f 'NV A H I " ' CHEERLEADERS-I. Peterson, L. Winkler, I. Thomas, I. Corbett, F. Stevens, K. Mortensen, D. Lahti, I Kcmel. 40 Season Summary ' The athletic season started out with a bang with the opening of the football season. Although the boys didn't come out on top they made a good showing, The Marshall mermen were off to a good start by winning all of the meets decisively but were defeated by Southwest in the city meet. Captain Gil Lalsonde was out- standing, taking the state diving cham- pionship. The hockey team got off to a good start by beating the two top teams in the league, but due to in- juries they were forced to take a minor place in the final standings. Our cagers then took the limelight by tying for city championship, then going on to take the regional title. The wrestling team showed promise by placing two men in the state cham- pionship meet. Hopes are bright for the gymnastics team next year as many lettermen are returning, than words . xx! A .2 It "CONNIE" Marshall Marshall Marshall Marshall Vocational South .,,...,,.,,.. ,,.,,,. 7 West .,..,, Ed1SO1'1 . .,,, ,,..,. 7 "CAPPY" Marshall Marshall Marshall Marshall at Marshall 6 "MIKE" ,o,,,orl3 Roosevelt ,, .. U O Henry .. 6 U Washburn , 7 ,,,,,,,ll North . ,. U E372 ,W 'Ny' Q. " . 1 , H 1 X 7 r S' 'K 5 hggf Q H, 5 in I MN Q 1 W ff' . ' ,, sv , , If: ,M fo K - 5145 If 1 4 , a , ' 'A V 4- P941 " A ': f.'-ezz gfgr' x vi 'fx f"40'f2 "2 1, .V , ,Q W f .. S, M N .QA , by ,MH f. af ff fflxfii- 1ff1f,,1g-133'-,greg-wut f SWR' 93' N5-,z if Q wmmm 3 Kr N 'T ,' 1 if A-.p.. S3 ax 'S ' Emmy ' W, '? at 4' We ' N W 3' iw 3 V L fn A if 3 W " ...M , 'W x" Q Q 2 'E h K 'N' 5 " ' 'WI f g AEI 1- K M A . """' 3, 1 ' 5' J vp " Q , - JJ: Mx il? Y , f "ff I Q - jhvu , Fi fx f ' ,K , v V j , , .,,. ,fx rf. 4 A Q A 2 l-6 S Q I Q.. gl gy ' I H A 3 ini N Y: lp , a . . ,Q , 'Fixx 5 J V w A A V n MA . -f' """'1 " ' Q., 1 A ' 2 1 s ' ' x 4 J' Xs X 4. y W wi: 8. 4 1 gkglffizi xr z3QQ XSGK ' ', 'rx' V L, 5 1 1 1 ?5f 3 4 5 SWIMMING lffarshall 56 Henry Marshall l Vocational Marshall BU Edison lwfarshall 54 Washburn Marshall 43 Southwest Marshall 52 Roosevelt Marshall 47 North Q E I l. Future Champs. U b Y 2. Gore splashing to victory. A is 3. In circle: coach Shawbold. '- ,mfg 3 . 9.7 ffx 1 4-C1 .f 10 Row l: D. Anderson, B. Williamson. captain G. Lcxlonde, B. Hellcmd, D. Thoreson. B. Gore. Row 2: B. McRecxvy, I. Bishop. B. Smith. M. Cragun, D. Gobel, H. Dalros. C. Minnich, Mgr. HOCKEY rf .WH J.. Ur,-4. NYM.- ,.rs..C1.r MSVZV J.. ..r . CIYSIICILI orffholl ctrsholl ossloll 3 Roosevelt I 3 West C l Cemrol 2 1 South I 2 Southwest . 2 QI I Henry 2 Nb SI 7 Edison 0 Right: Stars on ice. In circle: Coach O'Brien 1, ' pri-4' 'H-rm AA r I f ll Us . fm WM . ,.f,.,..V aww? W as ww. . .again wiki' . ,x- - gui . Row 1: L. Erickson. D. Dicksrud, I. Mezzengcx, T. Westerberg. G. Brown, I. Langlias, T Iohnson, H. Adams, I. Cachiaras, Manager. Row 2: V. Peterson, D. Dicks, M. Donley, I. Corbett, B. Ostendorf. A. Benjegerdes, I. Shaug nessy, P. Schoens, A. Erickson, Mr. O'Brien. f W GYMNASTICS I il linux - B1 ' .'.1l,'i3' Q '-1 Q 5 ' w za? ' ' .f"" , . lm avi. ., fr 2 , va. K mae ' 4 Q 7 , . "', 1 ll' SPN 4974 Q 9? ,QQVQQ 1 r ??5 , 1 Qw 5 K 1 I In f I s YY' I vi '. x 'Q 7 .1 ' an up 5. ,-. 4 U'-5 -' up was ----ivff 9 QW ' '. I if f 1, x . ' A A -W, 0 n V ' il! Z3 if! ALUMNI sxcu ucm: X ff Ve JL ,fixx ' ' N Wim H ,ai M My iii i aa"is1gt 1 f 4, 3 s Q v l I J I 0 x In Q 3 in 3 I at 1 if 4. 1 3 After tiie royal prccegifgior. wended it: reaal way toward the coronatron platloriii Char rnaine Black war: cro:-:ned Queen ofi.far:1i.all,1lQfif3 Hornecorning to reign in .utatelni fafsliion over a gala day of le:- tivities Beride lier on tiic tlirone was Bernie Tffinicnilli olorninant lqina of tne occasion lcnnny Kanel, M C, tlieii took over tlie program which war: dedicated tc tlie entertainment ot the royal couple and their supiecte Attractions including fl violinizt, a pianist, and a vocal 'fit were fpgrnieliod p 'A,' Edison Our own Bob llanfseen 'ill arad and vccalisi, and tlie RCCliCilQI3 precision dancers, brouglit tlie proqraii. tc a fittincr conclusion Tire royal tarrrrly, Conrsrsatrnq ol lcrnq and queen, attendants, Lorraine Winkler and lflarron Larson, prrnce and prrncess, Bob Grrllrn and lady Hong, trarnbearers and crownbearers, were also honored at tlre game as they toured the lreld in an open convertible On account of bad weather conditions tlre game was post- poned until tlre lollowrnq Mone day, wlren tlre lflarslrall eleven trred tlreir luck at Down Dern Tornsf but Carne out with a defeat of 7-o. llancrna to tire faootlrrna rr.uF:rc of lonnny Lowell, tlre gappily Celebrated day ended wrtlt tlre Harvest Hop rn tlre trrrls ayrri 4 A-4 Futest glrl Cutest boy Prettlest glrl Handsomest boy Most popular glrl Most popular boy Best tlgure Best Physlaue Smoothest glrl Smoothest boy Sharpest personallty Sharpest personallty Typlcal Marshalllte Typlcal Marshalllte Best dresser Best aresser S1ll1GSl glrl S1lllSSl boy Best dancer Best dancer Pepplest glrl Pepplest boy Most SGYVICG t Marshall Wlttlest glrl W1lf19Sl boy Quletest glrl Quletest boy Faculty drag Faculty drag Most glamorous glrl B1gQGSl wolf Populamty P011 lltll Grade Wlnna Fae lngebr tson Boger Prescott Ioyce Swenson Leland Benz Pat O Nell Pete Schorls Audrey Van Deren George Theros Lalf erne Allckson Don McClure Marllyn Delander Larry Harrls Na lle Heron llnl McVay Bosemary Perry Blll Schafer lorralne B rger Dale Eddy Marllyn Bono lohn Youngberg Delores DIXOU lerry Schena llm Roberts Ioan Peterson Bob Perry Laura Peck Dlck lensen Patsy Wells Paul Oberg Margle Muller Dave St Cyr lllth Grade lean Muller Paul Auguston Marlon Anderson Bob Kroenlng Pat Snow Torn Westerberg lean McCullen Dave Anderson Murlel Gorman lerry Newman Bclth Harper Bob KIHOH Barb Klngsley Marshall larson Wanda Merrlck Tlm lohnson Connle Klng Don Henry Eleanor Murray llln Ferraro Polly Downs Bob Mannlng lohn Blshop Mary Durda llm Eddy lean St Clalr Harry Omle Merldeth Carlson Boland Satrom LaBue Hennlng Westley Hougley Qlll Grade Betty Perry Paul Thompson ludy Houg Bob Berg lanet Houg Bob Grlllln Pat Mlller Inn tluesberg Glorla Phllllps Fred Schubel Vlola Benlergedles lerry Smlth Frances Hanson Bob Wllllamson Helen Larson Blll McGreavy Ester Hanlon Harry Hanson Don Larson loyce l-larrls Dough Olsen Dlck Kroger ludy Hedberg HOWIG Means Mary Sova lerry lohnson Helen Gllhorrl Boger Blpple lanlce Petterson Fonnle Peterson Cutest glrl Cute-st boy Prettlest glrl Handsolnest boy Most popular glrl Most popular boy Sharpest personallty Sharpest personallty Typlcal Marshalllte Typlcal Marshalllte Pepplest glrl Pepplest boy W1ll1GSl glrl Wlltlest boy Quletest glrl Quletest boy Faculty drag Faculty drag 8th Grade Pat JGHHIHQ Tom Golen lane Houg Stanton Hawlclns Lols Anderson Leroy Grlftln Stella Blckley Davld Nasby lackle Butler Kenneth Colbert Helen Stewart Dewlght Pregler Pat Pebbles Bob Krlmball Margaret Mltchel George Bobertson Gall Warren Bob Erlckson fth Grade Sue Clark Doug Means Shlrley Dlcks llm Leone Buth Cha e Donald Iendra Gwen Lasslle Donald Palmer leanre Palmer TOIH Hassllnger Pepper Borak Bay Elclund Betty llrlbeclc Bonald Ander on Bolnona KOI'E?Sl1OSl1GTl Orval lohnson Betty Black Farnst Gllhorn o J ' ' ,, , . ,,.. ' T l l ,. , ,,,,,. , , , , ,, ,,,,, J ' , , C A .,.....c to L, 4 c,,c,,c,. c.., C , 1 LN, 4 4 I A Most service to Marshall,YHarriet Lenhart . . C , ,Pat Soberg , ,, . Sandy Kranhold ' o ,,,,...,, , ,, ..l. ' , , . ' I .. . . , ,,,, , , ,,,,, ,v , , , I 4 "7 v I V ,, , . . .. I , N X 'f ' C ,f ...C C Cf ' Hffff ff C Q S l-leading the cast of the lanuary class play, "Iunior Miss", given November second, were Keith Lang as Mr. Graves and Margie lohnson as Mrs. Graves. loan Barak as ludy Graves and Bob McGovern as Haskell Cummings, ludy's first big date, provided a glimpse oi teen-age problems. Iunior Miss, a hilarious comedy, is always a hit because the characters are so realistic in their portrayal ot an average American tamily's life, G Sendai: eluded pfaeeienl' aniafz 114544 ancf 7ua:ecfa Gaudi' QQ 5 "Tuxedo Court" takes you into the lives of various families living in a third-rate tenement section of a large city. The Benzetti family furnishes plenty of trouble with Nick, the oldest son, lohn Kanel, becoming involved in a juke-box racket because of his lust for money. Mike, the newspaper reporter, played by Dick Dicks, and his wife Linda, lanelle letters, help Nick solve his problems. Dawson Lahti played Sven, whose antics produced many laughs. How can we ever forget Anna and Poppa played by Ruth Forbes and Wally Pederson, or Marv Donely as Stew the crook? it AZ .415 , 3 7 Um: I a JF w' , 1 . lf 'W fiiywfi '11, ,I New Mi., ly 'mV'1Wf'F"9 Q ,g W5 , I - I . A is , it gg Y 4' 'T 'I 1 .1 1' 3 C fl -f-if " 1 5 ' 3' -'ijgi ,x r h , 3 3' 5 "' f?if?, Q ' my,-4" mfr ' " N xr . 'H W A-3QLA"'K .fix tif YZ :,,:,z . .iw , ma' ,- f'T.'ffff' 7. 5 f , .Q ..,,,4 1 MTW, ,Af 1? ,. ' c .W 5 .aifeffug-?'f f ' .a 3 fy .A 'tif V n - , ' 55 N K . -:J , nf V ygfx 42 5:- A 6 ,xx 8 V - - Q ' iif3SQ5v ,rg 5 ,fu V 2-1. -in - ...--..- 'T-www.- - -,,-... .Ah 4 1 f K 3 A. f if v Io 4 H5 . 4 'X 31' 17 A -Q . w -42 5 1 . Qe - W l LN, V o w 4 it ' 5 'Q 1' I A A 3 I " if 5 I U .9 ff w. 1 lf' I 3,1 1 'ii if ,- Q f Y Q1 o ' 5 4,. z 1' Q W,-H' r A f 5 . , all ' ' 1 , , 4 wi ' f. 1f4'?f.'4'fQ', f, W.. 5 ..,..,.f.. 1 "Un 5 5-Lf.. 55' 5:11. 'S Q M, N., . ,. N J' 6 . .,4f Q, ,E Complunents to the Class ol 47 O For Over 30 Years O We ve Had the Pleasure O of Servrng Men and Boys O Wrth Frne Apparel ION ART CLOTHES The I947 Cardrnal Staff wlshes to express 1ts apprecratron to Lre brg Studros Mr Franz of Harrrson and Smrth Mr Segal from the Bureau of Engravlng the entrre faculty tor therr co operatron Mr Olsen our advrsor the Star Iournal the Trrbune and Rod Newberg for specxal prctures 30614 NICOLLET AVENUE BEST Wrsnss THE HOUSE OF HANSON Atlantxc 0421 ED SPARROW BLUE RIBBON MEAT MARKET CHOICE MEATS FISH AND POULTRY FOR FINE WORK SHOE REPAIRING PRESSING CLEANING HAT BLOCKING L O N D E N 215 East Hennepm SAMPSON S FOOD MARKET GROCERIES COLD MEATS Fresh Frurts and Vegetables Frozen Foods 990 15th Ave SE GL 2926 BROWN S MALTEDS You Wrll Always En1oy One of These B R O W N S 600 Washmgton Ave SE Gl 1626 BETTER CLEANING' Renew the Beauty ol Your Garments Our Cleanrng Methods Wrll Do It BRIDGE CLEANERS l5lO 4th Street SE Mrnneapohs Mrnn M Houg Phone GL 9889 Thrs Fall Buy Your College Books New and Used MINNESOTA CO OP Fxfteenth and Unlverslty TERRYS FOOD MARKET Open Evenrngs and Sundays 430 Fourteenth Ave SE ALS D X SERVICE 700 14th Ave s.E. GL 9860 GREASING-WASHING ACCESSORIES . . I J ' . O , , ' . - I , A , Q 411 East Hennepin Ave. I C11 . . . I 1 I I E. . . - 734 ' C wGWkW C? M08 ffwkady Magna, m 71 I W, Y 1 1 w W I'-' 44? ' 3015, j f- Qi S. j I 0- V WdcQ'?b'g if WWW Wg MM JQA W if LZZWGW W2 W? gms W wfqzfifffffxi Wx M3MQQ ggi? ij Z Q 'QWW TWIN w f I I Y W1 M' Q Qwjgiggw 0 W am Q N 5 294244 fgzfg,1'70'f mm 'KWWYNQ 9384, dj 5 A, 1' vga MQW ' 5' 573 C 6 Qffgavyd f ,f f'f7,, vm Z ff: Q 'bf tix 0 7 'i a 5 l..v W wx Hfwjwmqjg W fi 3 My wg .- W - - . SCD U U n ,, 6 ,,,",,, ,, 1 d warf" '1' 0 O N Lal I r '- - 3, .h 02 A A , "'X ' f?----::v::m- -- ,.,,,, x ,-3-iyurr-ti f, M x W J , 6 W' O i i Q 'Q '-'x:mr:4teR c:53?3x:., .M i M li ff f V V H" xy 7 1-3 ' W "' 42 WW 9 x ' "' 0 , , f Zglfyw W 'W O 5 ' W af , ,Z ' W ': 'I 0 F . V W J Sw if gg, 'M X fa 4 55 0 M W J W 0 7 ' m oo Wes 'Z 2 7 , 0' , -f , . .- W W 0 0 kf R 1 5 30 ' W 0 0 ' W J ' 9 ? 'W in 1 X' 40 J 5 Na+ W f 'Af ' - if 4 DQH 9 If I OM M gg - I W ff QNX 6 ' , Q5 .h I 6 I f' as up o W W W9 MZ Cala' f-B dk' fi Q7 Q' ef-me C 0, H xx f Gp-obo . Gen-'X LQQ, Conqrotulotlons ond Best W1Sh9S to the Groduotmg Closses of 1947 East Hennep1n and Fourth Smce 1893 EAST SIDES EIN? T STOBE ATICIIIIIC 2383 Donold B McReo f WASHBURN MCREAVY NORTUARY Estobhshed 1857 Colm hment of CAMPUS AND VARSITY THEATERS Comphments of ST ANTHONY MEAT MARKET 237 East Hennepm GRIFFIN DRUG CO Ie se E Gmflm Prop 322 East Hennepm Ave ATlcmt1c 8354 Ifhnneopoh Mm 1TIT1111'1 11 Jourq 5 H05 STURE ATlor1t1c 18153 413 EAST HENNEPIN AVE MINNEAPOLIS KUGLER SINCLAIR STATION 18th and Como Ave SE Mmneapolxs OLSON IEWELRY CO 211 East Hennepxn Avenue BR1dgeport 3590 SWANBERG 6. SCHEEFE CO THE HOME OE BETTER BUYS 14 Un1vers1ty Ave NE MA 8931 MARV S PHARMACY Mor m u 828 Como Ave SE GLcldstone 9815 . , I W V' J. ' 13' . I A IS I Q ' e v Compliments of - - I , ' I, V' St ltz C, "1gYI1Ll'11O 1 Graduate DR W N MCCREA 327 14111 AVE SE 29 Wwe CI Be t Wlsre 0 me Clem of 47 ELSENPETER DRUG CO VV e e me T m Cme T eet 3400 Un1vers1ty Avenue S E Cicdetone 114! rbter rar OSCARS BARBER SHOP 1302 4TH ST SE HARVARD BARBER SHOP 604 WASHINGTON AVE sf: GEO I MUNCK HARDWARE 1519 Como A e SE 1' rm pe Wlnnesoto TWIN CLEANERS O1 - DAY SERVICE FOUR DAY ZAUNLRY SVRWC1 414 14th Ave. SE GI Opercxied jhff Kncheneer K TCI 11 DP DTGNET AMD OUT? TTT RS NE to 1352 2635 Un ve S11Y Ave St Pa 1 M nn CAMPUS CAMERA AND RECORD SHOP 1327 Fourth St S E GLcrdstone 7777 Co nphmem OI BOYUMS BIG TEN GROCERY ery ay Lo C GLcrd tone 1918 1523 Como Ave SE NELSON SHOE SHOP 431 Fourteenth Avenue SE C1 SNYDER BROS DRUG 400 14th A e SE. 588 PETES COLLEGE CLEANERS 427 FOURTEENTH AVE SE Hete Pcuiu O 'OMC 1,315 - - - I 'TE Q 'ff' " iS T I fi Q Free E':11111G19S S r 1 J . . . GL. 19 I I I 1 r ., . u, 1 . Best .a tc: the . , , Fm Yiwu Pr1,noa,'mr,Qn Hecfurdp rar C1 of 4! 1 ' ORTIE'S CORN SHOP TWO SUPP119' SQA ss Q1. 5 1 1 hs ' l 1 11 I 1 W' M S 71 H I ' ' . . I , Tfv' " D ' W Pri er' Fo net 'I icuii I nl n Congroftul Home . . v . . . ' 1 .. O A 1-1: . . . . 1 1 ea V v GL 1 I An START NOW . . . to put a little aside regularly in a Savings Account here. . . , You'll bo surprised how the total grows at Anthony Falls Offlce Flrsi National Bank E Hennepin at 4th St Minneapolis L Fed :Dm Corn an coNsTANTLY aoon Pooo STADIUM CAFE YVONNE BEAUTY SALON o Year on tlie Cainious 805 Washmgton Ave SE BR1dgeport 7076 PER1 IANENT WAVLS S5 50 and Up CONGRATULATIONS . 4 . To tlie Class of '47 From Their Class President, Leroy Compliments of GIBBS NELSON IIORISTS Artistry in Flowers 2100 W Larp nteur NE 6551 NE 5154 FOURNIER S ROSE HILL DAIRY STORE 2521 W Larpenteur Ave NE 9262 MIN NEAPOLIS CASKET COMPANY INC 400 P1erce Street N E Mmneapohs 13 Mmn DINSMORE QUALITY WORK FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE llain Ollice and Plant 632 34 Monroe St N E ATlant1c 8131 WAICHES DIAMONDS We Teac four Wa c t Tell the T utlo E W RUDD Ieweler 720 Washmgton Ave SE Minneapohs ZIPOY S Bedford at UDIVGYSIIY Ave GL 1833 34 FANCY GROCERIES I EATS AND BAKERY o I on ' I Mrs rr era e sit lnxsrnln u ' I I Oak and Washington Avenue S.E. Comphments IAMES M FOSTER DENNST CARR S DAIRY STORE 601 UNIVERSITY AVE SE WILSON HARDWARE Q, IEC, A GL 1515 812 WASHINGTON AVE SE L E LARSONGSONS fo pbULULG W h 1 fok Congrotulcmons to the CIGSS of 47 SMITH WELDING EQUIPMENT CORP 2619 33 Fourth Street SE I CHURCHILL STANDARD SERVICE 1000 U 1y ITENS PURE OIL KAMPUS KLEANERS UNIVERSITY NATIONAL BANK YOU PAY C ec4n DG LG OI Everyone 718 Wcrshmgton Avenue S E I 4 4 I 1 a I B1f11c:1fgQg Cff VJ QC O1 SII'OH'I'1T1I ' EOORE55 OUR S9 Il LTY . , . . ., . . ARTQSTIC Sf E RET '1 PII as ing on cx ci ' Yiuxr fQe.ig21:,.Qrf1f'ifCi Service STSTL . I Qt tr ,f 'Ji' Il Minneapolis Minnesota GL, 'BH A 1"WNI"'nfY'1':' - ., A 4 XJ I A 1 - . niversi Ave. S.E. f.fALn 91-H ' ' CLDIILlJlllllCIll:'S of KERSCH PHARMACY 1500 E. Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. Compliments of . COMO CLEANERS GEnevcr 2431 1516 Como Ave. S.E. BF T V ISIFS DINKY TOWN DIME 324 FOURTEENTH AVENUE S E GLadstone 9933 Mmn apohs Mmn Congrcxtulcxtlons And Best Wlshes CROWN IRON WORKS COMPANY 1229 NF Tyler Street CRANES Best Wzslles from ACME PRINTING 6. STATIONERY CO. GL. 7878 421 Fourteenth Ave. S.E. RALPH ARNESON IEWELER 1.119 Fourth Street Southeast L Q OI e mlll lfllHI'1GC1DOll CAMPUS FOOD MARKET Oren I ermge OI Your C nvemence Brovxr e Burr Ed Alex Con Ulm ex l COLLEGE CAFE Via hmg on Ave SE MlnH9QpOl1S Minn M U1 Qxqtt 01 f 'IEEE S 'O ff 11001 O e 1 85 Assomx All Qc O1 lor 324 Fourteenth Ave SE GLadstone 5969 .S J. 1 A, D . 2 .I . I G GFA 1 I ' . ' AQ lV,l'1 F V O ' U ui ' is 1A I 1 mls o 'J' G12's'Z CC:rz,pl.:1.ems of S 49 -1 M N M N N 'X TEIJZI Sc , Tllld C1113 Stppnes 4 wk Gilt? for " 1: sg' RAINVILLE COMPANY FURNITURE and FUNERAL HQME 216-218-220-222 East Hennepin Ave. BRidgeport 1148 Minneapolis Delicious ICE CREAM NUTRITIOUS FOOD EAT MORE Compliments of KERSCH PHARMACY 1500 E. Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. CONGRATULATIONS . . . Class af l947 EVELYN CLEANERS Cams DRESS PANTS 328 Central Ave MA1n 1826 A Friendly Banking lnst1tUt1an THIRD NORTHWESTERN NATIONAL BANK Corner Piith and East Hennepin SUNNYSIDE GREENHOUSE PLANTS and HSOWERS Ninth Street and Fifth Avenue S E B get rt IOSTEN S Slnce 1037 Flne Class Rings and Announcements 'tepr senta ive H A PETERSEN Foshay Tower Arcade Mxnneapolis 2 Minnesota OF IT .. . I H L e t' - . . for All Occasion: Hd' ga 2127 ' ' ' SCHAFER BROS INC oRocER115s AND NEATS Comphments of Member o Alhed Grocers Fourteenth Ave SE AT1crnt1c 5323 S EXPERT ENGINE REPAIR WM SIMMS HARDWARE 800 Fourteenth Ave SE Mmneapohs Sportmg Goode heodquorrter 411 Fourteenth Ave ss Gradsfone 1231 Gladstone 7231 KING NICKEL SCHNEIDERS CAMPUS 71 HGH PHARMACY Tasty Ho murger ond French Fmes 506 Central Avenue 500 Washmgton Avenue S E -I-HOS LYNES SONS Gloodstone 1076 206 East Hennepm Ave Mmnecxpohs C 1 1 Omp umm Co nplm ent f COMO CLEANERS GEnevcx 2481 1516 COMO BOQKS' BUCKS' BUQKS' 1foR GOODNLSS SAKE New ond Sceond Hand TRY School Book Noteoook Stcmonery A11 Umver 1ty Supphe S P E R I N E S 404 Fourteenth Avenue S E 411 UHIVGISIIY Ave S E 389 f'Enevc1 2541 - 1 I . I 1 405 . . . ' I Au, ff , ' FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS V ts o . I 1 F O . Q. . g , ' ' . . . G1. 1 OA A UI 1 ' CNQNQJRATU1 A110115 CAG w 01 N342 UNIVERSITY FLORISTS LEWIS BOLT AND NUT 410 Fourteenth Ave S E G1 2370 COMPANY Mmneapolls Mmnesotcr TO WHOM IT MAY CONCEI-'IN 1 e 1v A O1 fx 1 IOIC 10 11 F11 1 C IJ 1r11' ING 7 I 1 'UIf"I A"UI,A'I'1JIl5' ,51IffEUI4H N Y X. J J K . . , ff 1:g1 :K E' F1 fi N. , , 1 SQ 1 Ei ff 15I,fQ1,' . iff ' 11 P11 .1 Ei','.'.7",'I.1 - 5 . '- : 1. '1 xg ww. 161 '111 hr' '1Cf1r"fQ21 i.':'.'e 97311. ffgrpf if"' 12 f1f2' r1e7':C11:1 1 1, " 11: f1 1, 11,1 'f ITYVZFI ffS'f'lfUI4j,'j Ye ,lrflv Y'11 1101:-fi IvV1lI1fv:s WWIII1, v1"e1 Pills I1 y ,. 'if '11 1: 1 I ,- 1: 'gil i f:1',:f-1 'mi ferri t ii1e1:w: .ri Cfif. 1, :Over 11:.1 ei: 1, 1. ::.11,' 1,111r,:1c1f V1f1'11e: KvIJ71IIIC Wwer PM.: Q11 yf llf 'tcm 611111 11 'e T1 , 1K size 2 111. I 3 1, Tr-1. '1 ,irtrzi :gif 1' 3:1111 rilfwiyy 'ffif' IDI die C1',.I'1I F ' 1,1 1,-:1m 111 1 11 11 jar. LTJXSEP Iifw.w'1f,:'ff111 15 ','OI' 1.16 0.13 ? 1' .uve ILIKIJIY 1 lift 111' '. we eangaafwfaifcand Qacidaaled YOUR CARDINAL PHOTOGRAPHERS OF 1947 ,ffzgwdz fda, :za 1 I .7 THE MARSHALL HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES WITH THIS YOUR I947 CARDINAL PHOTOGRAPHS TELL THE STORY '7fze f my szwna 333 EAST HENNEPIN AVE MAIN 2614 I ' n ie 6 WE ARE HAPPY TO HAVE SERVED YOU, X 4 I M N I Yqwkx xxx if XS 'mxwxx xN42Q I , EIU ' Ak ., f M.. , if , X , . gf 7 9 N I Q Q I I ' Q x x Q X. x x NXSXN5. ,I ,, a , .0 I N-7 U 5 f I' - k 5 Q V f T Q -----""" ff Q ' XXX V ' ZA T g- T.: , lx K, . iw """ "' , 9 - ' Q 1 1 2: .r-A ' ' I x ' N "N, ':-i 2 U 2 2 fag' 4 ., ,X 3' ' wx K ,Q-1142 J' fi X ' A X t Q . .fx l'f ' ' J -S Ae f k J? ' 'Ja ' 4 wx, jp 7 D "Hob is lk Q H v ' A Sf Xi .K jf- A '-4 L , A A ax K lr- F D. W E xx U 'fx Fm if 7 I My I 4 X 0' X Q ' '- , E : fsqz X , ff ffgfffa f .Q A W-ff X Q-,Q..1,a K4 LL JA . 2. 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P' ' , A9M?r s.! yj , ,, X , Wg fm- G ' QX1 0 X N f' 21, j Aj V " ,XA KQV 11,5 ,X A . ' ,A ,Q L, , f fp, ,J cf 7' x 'E A X 'SC .Q RQ' 'X 0 -Q 1 n . x' ,W AM! y u Y wo , ' K , V ' O 4.3 I kv--,A :W w 'S Qficf X 5 W' 1 if V if N' ' vi., A 'sf' 7 ' Q , . 5 1 H I' X -A N ,Hr Lf, f V . Q7 -1' 4 H L, .Jia x 9 'x 1 HW CQ I X Ky pm N 241 gg! ,X M ' 5 J- 'XF 'AB 5 ff' V , I J Ly' O z X . f ,QXC4 ,, V K 6 . '

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