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Maroa High School - Trojanaire / Maronois Yearbook (Maroa, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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PIONEER rL fteet A 76e Se tcar (?£ Z44 ? 95 5 JtCasioa. 9CCckm As you go through the pages of this book, we hope it will recall many pleasant mem¬ ories of your high school years. We have done our best to make this annual one you will keep and appreciate. We hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as we have enjoyed working on it. THE CO-EDITORS ASSISTANT CO-EDITORS. ) € DecUccitto t We, the Senior Class of Maroa High wish to dedicate this annual to Mr. Shaw and his family in appreciation for the hard work and com¬ petent leadership he has shown us during the four years of high school. We, the Senior Class, thank you. TITLE PAGE FOREWORD CONTENTS DEDICATION FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES ADVERTISING Sufasu ite tde tt -fc Ajl Uul eju M ' 9 - u VyULs L 4j_ d . Q t w CK OasitL ( Y uJl ‘ l T -rfUc£ uj ) UMs 4 L • Ot - 414. -j uusu - (XjmjdL £ A -JL 0 ” UP - HL JL LS14— tr -£ 1- WILLIAM BERRY, Secretary ROBERT BOLEN, Clerk DAVE POPE TttaruKi tout 2 v SctucatcaK VIRGIL SMITH President ' P vie tt- f daciatioH Standing: Mr. Shaw, Miss Steele, Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Staudt and Jimmy; Mr. Chalcraft, Mr. Connelly, Miss Melvin, Mrs. Rush, Mr. Keyes, Mr. Smith Seated: Mrs. Howland, Mrs. Query, Mrs. Connelly, Mrs. Staudt, Mrs. Caplinger. President-Mrs. J. E. Connelly Music Vice President-Mrs. M. V. Howland Mr. Arthur Smith Secretary-Mrs. Walter Query Publicity Treasurer-Mrs. Julius Staudt Miss Mary Melvin Historian-Mrs. B. F. Caplinger, Jr. Social Committee Chairmen Mrs. John Rush A ttendance - - Membership Student Representatives Mrs. Donald Hughes Freshman - Benny Caplinger Council Delegates Sophomore - David Lewis Mrs. M. V. Howland Junior - Lloyd Rodgers Mrs. Chas. Kinkaid Senior - Gary Fox Finance Room Representatives Mrs. J. E. Connelly Freshman - Mrs. Joe Harmon Mr. Julius Staudt Sophomore - Mrs. Newel Braden Program Junior - Mrs. Erwin Mcllvenna Mrs. Harold Haines Senior - Mrs. C. L. Duxbury Miss Margery Steele Hospitality Magazine M rs. E. E. Crabtree Mrs. Harold Chalcraft Mrs. Norman Ferrell Legislation Rev. C. L. Duxbury This Page Sponsored by the P. T. A. s4kkujU Stefa Advisor Mr. Shaw Co-Editors Sue Jackson Ross Walden Assistant Co-Editors Nancy Hale Robert Biven Business Manager Betty Lienhart Jim Hughes Advertising Ruth Braden Orville Dash Don Westerman Art Creekmur Jackie McKinney Annual Sales Sandra Johnson Glenda Roseman Margaret Butler Shirley Lanter Ruth Jennings Sports John Duxbury Art Creekmur Eloise Simpson Snapshots Janice Riley Linda Pope Ruth Braden Class News Loreeta Rodgers B etty Colbeck Pat Mowry Calendar Curtis Smith Lyle Cole Alumni Orville Dash Gary Luallen Shirley Lanter Faculty Frank McFarland Halden Myers Lyndel McCay Photography Don Westerman Robert Broom Gary Fox Activities Loreeta Rodgers Betty Colbeck Glenda Roseman Joyce Haenny Pat Mowry Shirley Pittman Prophecy Sandra Johnson Ruth Jennings Class Will Ruth Braden Janice Riley Class Poem Margaret Butler Eloise Simpson Class History Roy Stephenson Jackie McKinney An Gary Fox Kenneth McKinney Superintendent Keyes, Assistant Principal Newman CHARLOTTE WIDICK Office Girl MISS RUTH BENNETT, G. S. Eastern Illinois State College University of Illinois Art, Elementary Art MRS. DORIS DOTSON B. P. S. M. Indiana University, Millikin; University of Illinois. Boys’ Chorus, Girls’ Chorus, Elementary Music MRS. FLORENCE BERRY B.8 Santa Ana Ju. College; University of Illinois; University of California at Lot Angeles. Pep Committee; G.A.A.; Girls ' P.E. Instructor. DARRELL BIGGS B. S., Eastern Illinois State College, University of Illinois Industrial Arts, Sophomore Sponsor. WALTER D. BOYD B. S., James Millikin University. Coach; Boys P.E.; American History; Freshman Sponsor. MRS. EVA BROWN B.S., Millikin University; Un¬ iversity of Illinois. Home Economics, FHA Sponsor. JOHN E. KITOWSKI A.B., M.A., Columbia Univer¬ sity, Northern State Teachers ' College. Chemistry, Biology, General Science, Driver ' s Training, Teacher - Librarian. MARILYN MACY B. S., Eastern Illinois State College. Speech, English I, II and IV; Junior and Senior Play Director. MARY ANN MELVIN, A.B., MacMurray College. English 1,11,1V, Latin, French. Junior Class Sponsor; Junior and Senior Play Director. MARION NEWMAN B.S., U. S. Merchant Marine Academy; Southern Ill.; Univer¬ sity Ill.; State Normal Univer¬ sity. Basic Math; Algebra I and 11; Geometry; Co-Sponsor of Junior Class; Assistant Principal. M. J.NICOL B.S., M.S., Ill. State; Normal University; Iowa State College; University of Illinois; University of Iowa. Agriculture; FFA Sponsor. WILLIAM SHAW B.S., Ed. M., Gustavus Adolphus College, Iowa State College, Kansas University; U. of Ill. Basic Math; General Business; World History; Senior Sponsor; Yearbook Advisor. MARGERY STEELE B.S., Eastern Illinois State College, University of Ulionis. Typing I and II; Business Ma¬ chines; Shorthand; Bookkeeping; Blue and Gold Sponsor. ARTHUR SMITH B.M., Illinois Wesleyan Univer¬ sity; University of Illinois. Band, Elementary Music. 2W 0 D%to i Left to right: N. Andes, B. Myers, H. Reed, C Pollard, J. Ward, J. Pennypacker. Absent from picture: J. Hoffman. Nelson " Red” Smith faKitonA John Osborne JOHN DUXBURY - " Dux " " John knows the answers, one and all. Just ask him anything about football. " Football 1,2,3,4, Captain 4; Class President 3,4; Class Treasurer 2; Blue and Gold 1,2,3; Annual Staff. ARTHUR CREEKMUR - " Grit " ’Frequently within my brain, I gently think a thought. " C.A.P. 1,2,3,4; G.O.C. 2,3,4; Pep Committee Officer 3; Class Vice President 4; Annual Staff; Flag Bearer 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Base¬ ball 1.2,3,4; Track 4. JAMES ROSS WALDEN - " J. Ross " " I might be better if I would, But it s awful lonesome being good. " Decatur High School 1; C.A.P. 2,3,4; Librarian 2,3, 4; Boys Chorus 3,4; Blue and Gold 2,3,4; Football Manager 3,4; Basketball Manager 3,4; Baseball Man¬ ager 3; All-State Chorus 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Speech Contest 2,3,4; Class Treasurer 3; Class Sec¬ retary 4: District Vocal Contest 3; Annual Staff; G.O. C. 2,3,4. GARY LUALLEN - " Clubby " " A basketball man, an athlete, yes; Does he like women, you can guess. " Class Secretary 2; Class Treasurer 4; C.A.P. 2,3,4; Boys ' Chorus 3; Junior Play Stage Manager; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Track 3,4; Annual Staff. ROBERT BIVEN - " Bert " " The census embraces millions of women. I wish I was the census. " FFA 1,2,3,4; FFA Officer 3,4; Land Judging 3,4; Beef Judging 2,3,4; Grain Judging 3,4; P.P. Team 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 2,3; Football Manager 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Band Con¬ test 1,2,3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Annual Staff; Speech Contest 2,3,4; Drivers ' Training 2; C.A.P. 4; G.O.C. 2,3,4; Student Council Officer;3; Camera Club 3,4; FHA Panel 3; Pep Committee Officer 4. RUTH ANN BRADEN - " Rufus " " She could smile her way out of anything. " Student Council 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Band Contest 1,2,3; Drum Majorette 2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. Officer 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; FHA Officer 4; Librarian 3,4; Home¬ coming Queen Candidate 1,4; Homecoming Queen 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Pep Committee 2,3,4; Girls Chorus 2,3,4; Speech Contest 3,4; Pep Squad 1; Blue and Gold 3,4; Camera Club 3,4; Cheerleader 3,4; Annual Staff; Christmas Chorus 1; Class Vice President 3; Dance Band 3,4; G.O.C. 4; C.A.P. 2,3,4; Hi-Tri 1; Tumbling 1; FFA Chapter Sweetheart 3. ROBERT BROOM - " Bob " " The strength of twenty men. M C.A.P. 2,3,4; G.O.C. 4; Student Council 4; Foot¬ ball 4; Annual Staff. MARGARET BUTLER - " Maggie " " Blondes are deceitful, so boys BEWARE! " G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3.4; Hi-Tri 1; Christmas Queen Candidate 2; Driver ' s Training 2; Blue and Gold 4; Annual Staff. BETTY COLBECK - " Jody " " Mischief lurks in those dark eyes. ” Lebanon High School, Lebanon; Mo. 1,2; La Center High School; La Center, Ky. 3; FHA 4; G.A.A. 4; C.A.P. 4; Pep Club 4; Christmas Queen Candidate 4; Senior Play; Annual Staff. LYLE COLE " Study makes people old. M Do you think I need a shave?” FFA 1,2,3; C.A.P. 2; Annual Staff; Poultry Judging 3. ORVILLE DASH - ”011ie " ”Nobody but my Mama and me knows what a good boy I am. ” FFA 1,2,3,4; FFA Officer 3,4; Grain Judging Team 3,4; Livestock Judging Team 3,4; Land Judging Teams 3,4; P.P. Team 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 3,4; Class President 1, Student Council 2; C.A.P. 1,2; Band 1; Camera Club 3,4; Annual Staff; Christmas King Candidate 3; Senior Play. GARY FOX - ”Foxy” ”A little nonsense now and then, Is relished by the best of men. " Driver ' s Training 2; Annual Staff; Blue and Gold 1,2, 3,4; FFA 1,2,3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Boys ' Chorus 3; State Art Contest 4; Carnegie Art Contest 4; P.T.A. Representative 4; Intramural Basketball Team 4. JOYCE HAENNY - " Dimples” " There ' s mischief in this little lady. " FHA 2,3,4; G.A.A. 2,3; Girls ' Chorus 2; Librarian 2; Driver ' s Training 2; Blue and Gold 4; Annual Staff. NANCY HALE - " Butch” Hard to know, but worth the trouble. Everything nice about Nancy goes double. " G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3; Hi-Tri 1; Tumbling 1, 2; Band 1,2; Band Contest 1,2; Twirler 1; Cheer¬ leader 2,4; Christmas Chorus 1; Girls ' Chorus 2,3,4; C.A.P. 2; Driver ' s Training 2; Blue and Gold 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Pep Club 2,4; Annual Staff. JIM HUGHES - " Whitey " " There are enough serious things in the world, without regarding me as one of them. " Band 1,2,4; Basketball 1,2,4; C.A.P. 2,3,4; G.O.C. 2,3,4; Blue and Gold 4; Baseball 2; Chorus 4; Annual Staff. SUE JACKSON - " Bubbles” " Cute and full of pep is she, Someday a farmers wife she ' ll be. " GAA 1,2,3,4, GAA Officer 2,4, GAA Camp 1; FHA 1,2,3,4, FHA Officer 2,4; Hi Tri 1; Tumbling 1,2; Girls Chorus 2,3,4; Christmas Chorus 1; Driver’s Training 2; Cheerleader 3,4; Booster Club 3; Pep Committee 1,3,4, Pep Squad 2; Librarian 3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Speech Contest 3; Blue and Gold 2,3,4; CAP 2,3,4; Camera Club 3,4; Magazine Sales Manager 3; Annual Co-Editor; Homecoming Queen Candidate 2; Christmas Queen Candidate 1. RUTH JENNINGS - " Freckles” " Pleasant smile, willing way. Never very much to say. " Hi Tri 1; FHA 1,2,4; GAA 1,2; Girls’ Chorus 2; Blue and Gold 4; Annual Staff; Christmas Queen Candidate 1,2,4; Homecoming Queen Candidate 3; Class Vice President 2. SANDRA JOHNSON - " Blondie " " Here’s a pleasant, quiet lass, Who has high standing in our class. ” Band 1,2,3, Band Contest 1,2,3; Student Council 2; Hi Tri 1; Tumbling 1; Speech Contest 2,3; Girls’ Chorus 2,3; Cheerleader 2,3; CAP 2; Pep Club 2; District Vocal Contest 2,3; State Vocal Contest 3; Drama Club 2; Homecoming Queen Candidate 2; Driver’s Training 2; PTA Representative 3; FHA 1,2, 3; FHA Camp 1; Junior Play; Dance Band; Annual Staff 3; Class Vice President 3; Secretary. SHIRLEY ANN LANTER - " Sal " " We’ve searched and searched to find a phrase. But somehow “friendly " is the one that stays. " G.A.A. 2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Driver’s Training 2; Junior Play; Student Director; Senior Play; Hi-Tri 1; Annual Staff; Pep Committee 3; Christmas Chorus 1; Librarian 4. BETTY LIENHART - “Linnie " " Many a smile she’s smiled. Many a song she’s sung. " Band 1,2,3,4; Band Contest 1.2,3; Girls’ Chorus 2,3, 4; Christmas Chorus 1; District Vocal Contest 2,3,4; State Vocal Contest 2; FHA 1,2,3,4; FHA Officer 3, 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. Officer 4; Hi-Tri 1; Tumbling 1,2; G.A.A. Camp 2; Student Council Office 2; Junior Play; Senior Play; Dance Band 3,4; Cheerleader 4; Homecoming Queen Candidate 3,4; Christmas Queen Candidate 3; Pep Club 4; Driver ' s Training 2; Annual Staff. FRANKLIN McFARLAND - " Frank " " A man of inches and every inch a man. " C.A.P. 1,2,3,4; FFA 2,3,4; Basketball Manager 1; Annual Staff; Boys ' Chorus 3,4; Football 4. LYNDEL McCAL - " Speed” ’A tall, dark, and handsome guy; He has what it takes to make ' em sigh. " Basketball 1; Track 1; C.A.P. 2; Football 4; Annual Staff. V 4; Camera Club 4; Baseball 3; Annual Staff. KENNETH McKINNEY - " Kenny " " Successful young artist, as all can see. " So proud of him some day we ' ll be. " Track 1,4; Driver ' s Training 2; FFA 2,3; Blue and Gold 4; Annual Staff. PATRICIA MOWRY - " Pat " " She seems shy until you know her. " Macon High School 1,2; FHA 3,4; Girls ' Chorus 3; Band 3,4; Annual Staff; Clinton Miss Merry Christmas Candidate 4. HALDEN MYERS - " Hal " " He came a stranger in our midst and won our hearts. " Antioch High School 1,3; Warren High School, Gar¬ ner, HI., 2; Band 4; Senior Play Stage Manager; C.A.P. 4; Baseball 4; Annual Staff. JOHN PARKER - " Jerry " " A handsome fellow, very clever. Is he forward? Never, Never. " Key West High School, Key West, Fla., 1,2,3; Senior Play Stage Manager; C. A.P.; G.O.C; Flag- bearer; Intramural Basketball. SHIRLEY PITTMAN - " Jo " “Happy-go-lucky, always free. Nothing exists that bothers me. “ FHA 1.2, 3.4; G.A.A. 1.2.3,4; Hi-Tri 1; Tumbling 1; Girls Chorus 2; Christmas Chorus 1; DriverX Training 2; Pep Club 2.3; Band 1.2; Librarian 1,2,3; Blue and Gold 4; Annual Staff; C.A.P. 2. LINDA POPE - " Sheepy " " She can pass and bounce the ball. She likes sports and excels in them all. " G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Queen Candidate 1; Hi-Tri 1; Pep Committee 1; Student Council Officer 4; Annual Staff; Senior Play. JANICE RILEY " She likes to talk fast because she can say more. " G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Hi-Tri 1; Blue and Gold 4; Annual Staff; Driver ' s Training 2; Junior Play Student Director. LOREETA RODGERS - " Reit " " She ' s been struck by cupid ' s dart, She rules supreme in one man ' s heart. " G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. Officer 4; FHA 1,2,3,4; FHA Officer 2,4; Hi-Tri 1; Tumbling 1; Girls ' Chorus 2,3,4; Christmas Chorus 1; District Vocal Contest 3; State Vocal Contest 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Band Contest 3; Twirler 2; Drum Majorette 3,4; Dance Band 3,4; Librarian 3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play Student Directory. A. P. 2,3,4; G.O.C. 4; Camera Club 3,4; Annual Staff. GLENDA PASCAL ROSEMAN - " Jerry " " A little girl who gets around. Another like her can ' t be found. ” G.A.A. 1.2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4; Blue and Gold 4; Hi-Tri 1; Senior Play Student Director; Girls ' Chorus 2,3,4; Christmas Chorus 1; Driver ' s Training 2; Annual Staff. ELOISE SIMPSON - " Kitten " " Sooner or later love comes to all. n FHA 1,2,3,4; FHA Officer 3; Hi-Tri 1; Blue and Gold 3,4; G.A.A. 2,3,4; Driver ' s Training 1; Girls ' Chorus 2,3,4; Christmas Chorus 1; Tumbling 2; FHA Sweetheart Candidate 3; Senior Play Student Director; Annual Staff. CURTIS SMITH - " Curt " " Quiet Curt is bashful too. He ' ll get by as all bashful guys do. " Decatur High School 1; FFA 2,3; Poultry Judging Team 3; C.A.P. 4; G.O.C. 4; Camera Club 4; Track 4; Annual Staff. ROY STEPHENSON - " Prof " " Ideas are plenty where he is placed, Even with Einstien he would have raced, " Librarian 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Football 4; Intramural Basketball 3,4; Annual Staff. DON WESTERMAN - " Elmer " " Onward, move onward, O time in you flight. Make the bell ring before I have to recite. " FFA 1,2,3,4; FFA Officer 3,4; FFA Livestock Judging Team 2,3,4; FFA Land Judging Team 3,4; Grain Judging Team 3.4; P.P. Team 4; Basketball 1; Band 1; Camera Club 3; C.A.P. 1,2; Junior Play; Senior Play; Driver ' s Training 1; Christmas King Candidate 4; Annual Staff. ' PoetK In ' 51 we started our long journey; It Is something we ' ll never forget. They called us " green " freshmen For we remember that yet. The next year we were sophomores. And we didn’t have much to do. But without the help of each teacher, We wouldn’t have made it through. Then finally we were juniors, In the year of ’53. While we were working on the Prom, We were as happy as could be. And now we are seniors, And our journey is about through. We are getting ready to leave Maroa High, To find a future that will be new. We wish to thank each teacher, And to show our appreciation. For they have done so much for us, And helped with our Graduation. Margaret Butler. Eloise Simposn. ' P ' urfiAectf ARTHUR CREEKMUR is now a famous ice skater traveling with the Ice Capades all over the world. His dream come true - surrounded by glamorous figure skating girls. LINDA POPE is now Mn. Bobby Vaughan. They live in Kentucky raising horses for the Kentucky Derby. GLENDA ROSEMAN is now out in California with Jerry and has just been chosen Mrs. California of 65. ROBERT BROOM is now the proprietor of Forsyth ' s biggest health resort. He specializes in steam baths. GARY FOX is now the number one actor of the day. He gained experience in the Jr. and Sr. plays at M.S.H.S. He is ready to try number six of wedded bliss with another beautiful starlet. BETTY COLBECK is now secretary for the Illinois Central Railroad. It ' s odd that she works at the same place that Mr. Tom Pennypacker does. LYLE COLE has proved himself quite a hero in the service. The President presented him with a medal of honor lately. He is soon to come home to Forsyth where his sign board is waiting for him. JOHN DUXBURY has now taken Ed Sullivan ' s place on the New York Times. He has taken over Toast of the Town and one of the pretty girls that has appeared on his show may end his bachelor days, so I heard. Since JOHN PARKER came to Illinois from Florida, he has developed a sure way to get a tan from lotion, if you don ' t have the money to go to Florida. He is quite wealthy from this and has a car for every day of the week. SHIRLEY PITTMAN has taken Judy Canova ' s place. She got her experience as a comedian in Maroa High School Classes. PAT MOWRY is running a lonely hearts club. Her best prospect is the driver of a black Chevie. GARY LUALLEN now plays on the team which has replaced the Harlem Globe- Trotters. He and Mrs. Luallen, the former Ruth McDvenna, are raising their own basketball team to take papa ' s place when he retires. MARGARET BUTLER has taken Ann Southern ' s place on T.V. Ann was ready to retire and Margaret was chosen because of the resemblance. RUTH JENNINGS is now the private secretary for Eddie Fisher. Debbie had better keep an eye on him!! Ruth got her experience writing shorthand every free moment at Maroa High School. LYNDEL McCAY has stopped smoking again. This time to be fullback on the Chicago Bears Football Team. NANCY HALE is now Mrs. Charles Ashcraft. They are retired as their six sons have taken over the " Gill ' s Walk In " in Mattoon. JACKIE McKINNY is now trying to get a patent on his latest invention of 5 cornered diapers without safety pins. JANICE RILEY is now the most popular spinster around. She is running a board¬ ing house for lonesome millionaires, and is seen frequently riding in a Buick convertible. LOREETA RODGERS is now Mrs. Robert Clifton. They run the " Coconut Pie Inn. " Their dozen red heads are Loreeta ' s prize pie samplers. HALDEN MYERS has now taken Roy Rogers place in movies and owns a big ranch, touring around and giving rodeo performances. In his movies, though, he loves the girls and leaves them. ORVILLE DASH is now a very profitable farmer. His hybrid rabbits are the best on the market. BETTY LIENHART is now a registered nurse, and has just opened a special clinic for bachelors. I hear she is doing good business. ROSS WALDEN Is now Mayor, Sherriff and Tax Collector of Forsyth. I heard they are talking about renaming the town Waldensville. SHIRLEY LANTERhas now taken Mr. K ' s place as a Driver ' s Training teacher. The school is about to go broke replacing telephone poles and dented fend¬ ers. KENNY McKINNY is now a partner cartoonist with Walt Disney. He got his experience from drawing in Miss Macy ' s Junior English Class. SUE JACKSON is now Mrs. John Rogers. John is still raising pigs. To Sue ' s disgust, their chilluns learned to say pig before they said Mamma or Daddy. BOB BIVEN has taken Jack Webb ' s place as Joe Friday on Dragnet. Only, he has added one thing-Friday has a girlfriend, different one every show. JOYCE HAENNY is now Mrs. Ronny Holland. Things are looking brighter since they haven ' t had a quarrel for almost a week. FRANK McFARLAND has his own stock car and drives every Saturday night at the Lincoln Speedway. He decided to go into racing after breaking the speed limit in Forsyth. ELOISE SIMPSON is now running her own beauty salon. Her favorite hair style is ’’Ponytails. " ROY STEPHENSON is still competing with Einstein. His latest invention is glasses for rabbits with blood-shot eyes. SANDRA JOHNSON is now the wife of Professor Alexander. Their eldest son, Alexander II, is so brilliant that Shakespeare ' s Macbeth has taken the place of his 1st grade reader. DON WESTERMAN now owns and farms his own farm. He and Mrs. Westerman, the former Elsie Hockaday, just received the honor of being named Mr. and Mrs. Agriculture of 1965. CURTIS SMITH now has the largest farm in Forsyth. He did it by marrying his boss ' s daughter, we understand. RUTH BRADEN is now Mrs. Leroy Wilson but races at the famous Indianapolis Speedway in her spare time. JIM HUGHES is now taking Eddie Fisher ' s place. He got his experience at the Senior Class Play. 44 TOM We, the Class of 1955 of Maroa High School, being of sound mind and healthy body, do on this last day of May seek new horizons but only with the golden memory of our high school days. We wish to make this our first and last will and testament. We, the Senior class bequeath to the Junior class our will to make our last year the most prosperous. We, the Senior class bequeath to the Sophomore class our eagerness to make money on magazine sales. We, the Senior class bequeath to the Freshmen class our ability to stay in school the full four years. I, ROBERT BIVEN, bequeath my acting ability to Joe Crowdson. I, RUTH ANNE BRADEN, bequeath my Homecoming crown and all it stands for to the next year’s Queen, hoping she will be as proud of it as I am. I, ROBERT BROOM, bequeath my ability to run on and off the football field and still have time to make all the holes in the scrimmage line to Philip Hunt. I f MARGARET BUTLER, bequeath my pretty blonde hair to Shirley Tompson. I, BETTY COLBECK, bequeath my ability to quickly find my man to Sara Dubson. I, LYLE COLE, bequeath my quietness to Lloyd Rodgers. I, ARTHUR CREEKMUR, bequeath my " way with the girls " to Larry Stinson. I, ORVILLE DASH, bequeath my reach to David Lewis. I, JOHN DUXBURY, bequeath my job as football captain to Bob Braden. I GARY FOX, bequeath my acting ability to the star of next year’s play. I, JOYCE HAENNY, bequeath my love for Mercury automobiles to any other girl who likes them. I, NANCY HALE, bequeath my left-handed desks to Jim Flint. I, JIM HUGHES, bequeath my ability to sing like Eddie Fisher to John Ray Kinter. I, SUE JACKSON, bequeath my ability to get the job done fast and done well to Peggy Hanks. I, RUTH JENNINGS, bequeath my long hair to Pat Hoffman. I, SANDRA JOHNSON, bequeath my studiousness to Jean Skidmore. I, SHIRLEY LANTER, bequeath my part in the cheering section to any¬ one who is able to do the job. I, BETTY LIENHART, bequeath my singing ability to Karen Rush. I, GARY LUALLEN, bequeath my ability to handle a basketball to Gene Runyen. I, PAT MOWRY, bequeath my typing ability to Marsha Morris. I, HALDEN MYERS, bequeath my nickname " Digger” to any other person who might like it. I, LYNDEL McCAY, bequeath my running ability in football to any boy who decides to got out their last year. I, FRANK McFARLAND, bequeath my football ability to Robert Woods. I, JACK McKINNEY, bequeath my ability to cook to any boy who would like to start working at the Colonial. I, KENNETH McKINNEY, bequeath my drawing ability to Dave Lynch. I, JOHN PARKER, bequeath my love for automobiles to CarCar Pope. I SHIRLEY PITTMAN, bequeath my ability to grow up fast to Ruth Skidmore. I, LINDA POPE, bequeath my athletic ability to Sandra Colbeck. I, JANICE RILEY, bequeath my clear complexion to anyone who wishes they had one. I, LOREETA RODGERS, bequeath my love for red hair to any other red hair lover. I, GLENDA ROSEMAN, bequeath my ability to get married before I get out of school to Tommie Lou Dawson. I, ELOISE SIMPSON, bequeath my long wavy pony tail to Joyce Weber. I f CURTIS SMITH, bequeath my red hair to Paul Sealback who won ' t have any if he keeps cutting it off. I ROY STEPHENSON, bequeath my ability to whistle everytime the timer rings, to next years typist. I, ROSS WALDEN, bequeath my ability to speak my piece to my brother, Bill. I, DON WESTERMAN, bequeath my farming ability to Ed Cooper. I, MR. SHAW, bequeath my ability to struggle through fonr hard years with such a troublesome class to Mr. Boyd. In witness whereof, we hereunto annex our official seal and signature, this twenty-seventh day of May in the year of our Lord, nineteen hun¬ dred and fifty-five. The Senior Class (?C z4 i f955 ' ZSiatontf On a bright September morning in 1951 we numbered forty-one Pioneers setting out for a four year journey to the promised land. As advisor we had Mr. William Shaw who was also new at our school. We knew We would need good leadership to get our trip started right, so we elected Orville Dash President with Sandra Johnson Vice Presi¬ dent, Jerry Cox Secretary and Don Coon as Treasurer. After a proper initiation by the old veterans of the wagon train we began to make the name ’’Class of 55” famous. During the year we lost several member to Indian attacks: Nellis Adams, Don Shockey, Betty Gilbert, Yvonne St Clair and Bob Priest; but gained as replacements Shirley Page!, Joyce Haenny, Kay Abel, Ross Walden. A fter reaching the one-quarter mark we started our second year With Sue Jackson as President and Ruth Jennings, John Duxbury and Gary Lualleu as the Other officers. After summer vacation Susan Perry, Doris Bivens, Don Coon and Jerry Cox failed to return. During the v ear Shirley Page! and Bill Henderson left our ranks while Curtis Smith Was an addition to our numbers. When the wagon train delegated us the financial duties we chose John Duxbury head of our organisation, while Ruth Braden, Sandra Johnson and Ross Walden were his assistants. We had the sweets con¬ cession bar our caravan and sold magazine subscriptions under the management of Sue Jackson. Floy Foster, Kay Abel and Duane MulUiv? left us during the year and Pat Mowry joined us. Nancy Hale returned after being gem the first half of the year while Nellie Dietz left again a short time after joining us For the final lap of our journey we again chose John Duxbury as President with Grit Creekntur. Ross Walden and Gan Luailsn as the other officers. We had gained an im- murvtv to both the Indians and the plague as m lost no members but gained John Parker, t l Voters, and Beaty Celbeck. At midyear Batxfefc Grubbs, pictured, joined ns but re¬ turned to Salinas, Kansas to graduate. S ABLE A. ALEXANDER J. ARCHEY a ARNOLD V. CLIFTON R. COOPER E. CRABTREE M DEALEY S. DUBSON D. FORNWALT J. GRAUPMAN L. HAINES R. HIGGINS P. HODGES L. HOWLAND M. KLEPPER B. LIENHART D. LEWIS D. MARLOW R, McILVENNA C. QUERY P. ROSE G. RUNYEN L. STINSON R. SKIDMORE B. STOUTENBOROUGH J. WEABER M. WILLIAMS Vice President Tom Meador Secretary Nancy Graff Treasurer Lonnie McClung President Kenneth Chalcraft G. Archer L. Braden R. Braden D. Burgener S. Colbeck D. Cole R. Connelly E. Cooper J. Crowds on G. Ferrell P. Gass R. Haenny P. Hanks B. Himes A. Hoffman A. Karban M. King J. Kintner D. Lynch J. Lynch M Morris J. Roberts Joe Roberts L. Rodgers J. Skidmore D. Smith F. Staudt B. Walden W. Ward J. Wattles F. Wikowsky S. Wilson Secretary, John Crabtree Treasurer, Jim Brown Vice President, Dick Thomas President, Patty Brown Top row: Larry Austin, G. Bennett, P. Bliss, D. Boyer, B. Caplinger, M. Creekmur. Second row: T. L. Dawson, K. Dealey, R. Dubson, P. Eastham, E. Fathauer, S. Foulke. Third row: M. Gardner, J. Greeson, C. Harmon, P. Hoffman, D. Howland, N. Howland. P. Hunt L. Ishmael D. Janies L. James B. Kinkaid D. Lakin L. Larson R. Lazell B. McFarland D. Morr F. Pope R, Runyen K. Rush J. Schroll J. Smith C. Stogsdill M. Stone D Stone A. Stoutenborough S. Thompson D. Vaughan K. Wattles R. Wood L. Wilson gw First row, left to right: F. Staudt, J. Archey, R. Cooper, V. Clifton, J. Roberts, K. Chalcraft, D. Boyer, L. Rodgers. Second row: L. Larson, S. Dubson, M. Stone, C. Harmon, J. Hughes, D. Thomas, H. Arnold, H. Myers, M. Morris, E. Fathauer. Third row: B. Biven, B. Connelly, P. Mowry, B. Lienhart, M. Dealey, B. Kinkaid, R. Lazell, Mr. Smith, L. McClung, L. Wilson, R. Wood, B. Braden, K. Dealey. Left to right: Loreeta Rodgers, Jan K. Archey, Sara Dubson, Marla Klepper. Top row, left to right: E. Fathauer , S. Dubson, J. Schroll, C. Stogsdill, P. Gass, M. Stone, P. Bliss, M. Klepper, D. James, B. McFarland. Second row: C. Harmon, G. Roseman, E. Simpson, N. Parker, A. Stoutenborough, T. Dawson, P. Vaughan, D. Lakin, M. King, B. Lienhart. Third row: P. Brown, G. Ferrell, J. Smith, P. Hoffman, S. Wilson, L. Braden, S. Jackson, N. Hale, Mrs. Dotson. Front row: K. Rush, L. Larson, L. James, S. Thompson, P. Eastham, R, Braden, L. Howland, L. Rodgers, A. Karban, M. Dealey. (pvtl ' Left to right: M. Dealey, L. Rodgers, G, Roseman, N. Hale, B. Lienhart, P. Gass, N. Parker, L. Braden, R. Braden. First row: P. Hunt, D. Thomas, F. Staudt, F. McFarland, B. Biven, L. McClung. Second row: M. Dealey, J. Hughes, P. Seelbach, J. Flint, B. Lienhart, S. Foulke, Mrs. Dotson. Third row: J. McKinney, R. Walden, B. Kincaid, W. Ward, B. Walden, G. Archer, J. Lynch. Fourth row: R. Lazell, R. Dubson, K. Dealey, L. Ishmael, T. Meador, D. Lynch. £«t4e tt6le Accompanist: Mary Sue Dealey. Left to right: D. Lewis, J. Lynch, B. Lienhart, W. Ward, J. Hughes, R. Walden, J. Flint, P. Seelbach, L. McClung. Top row N. Graff, P. Gass., P. Vaughan, M. Williams, D. LakLn, P. Bliss L Schrcll, D. James, S„ Dufeson, J, Roberts. Second row; K, Kay, L, Dacwson G„ Rcseman, P. Hanks, L Greesen, D m ftferiew. P. Rose, M. Klepper, 5„ McFarland, J„ Arche y. Third row; A. Stoutenbcrough, S. Colheck L Weaker, M. Butler, S„ Wilson, I Braden, N„ Parker, L Howland, G„ Ferrell, Fourth row: M, Dealey, L. Larson, M. Creekmur, P Eastham, P. Hoffman, S.. Lantsr, M. King, C„ Hannon, E„ Simpson, ML Hale, Fifth row C, Stogsdill, R, Cooper, B,. Llenhart, S, Jackson, Mrs., Berry R. Braden, E, Mcllvenna, L, Rodgers, M, Gardener. Front row: S, Thompson, L. James, J, Riley, L. Pope, 5 , Colbeck, M. Morris, President-Ruth Braden Vice President-Ruth Mcllvenna Secretary-Sue Jackson Treasurer-Betty Lienhart Point Chairman-Loreeta Rodgers First row: B. Lienhart, C. Query, D. Westerman, O. Dash, B. Biven, E. Crabtree, Mr. Nicol. Second row: L. Austin, J. Roberts, D. Thomas, F. McFarland, B. Braden, F. Wikowsky, B. Stoutenborough. Third row: J. McKinney, D. Stone, R Runyen, D. Smith, J. Wattles, E. Cooper, J. Lynch. Fourth row: J. Crabtree, D. Boyer, S. Foulke, D. Burgener, K. Dealey, R. Lazell, L. Rodgers. FIRST PLACE PARLIAMENTARY TEAM 7fe ZK i s4etivitte Officers for 1954-55 Were: President-----Orville Dash Vice President-Don Westerman Secretary-Robert Biven Treasurer---Ed Crabtree Reporter-- - Carol Query Sentinel-Robert Lienhart Advisor-M.J. Nicol Chapter Sweetheart PHYLLIS HODGES Our F. F A. Chapter can boast of many accomplishments again this year. Our land judging team of Bob Biven, Don Westerman and Carol Query was a sectional winner again this year. Also a sectional winner was our parliamentary procedure team of Orville Dash, Bob Biven, Dean Wikowsky, Duane Miller and Dave Boyer. John Rogers won the American Farmer Degree and State Farmer Degree winners were Dean Wikowsky and Duane Miller. A brief listing of our activities and accomplishments is as follows: Parent-Son Banquet, election of two Honorary Farmers, weiner roast and hayride with the F. H. A., a blue ribbon state livestock judging team, trips to Chicago to the International and Kansas City to the National convention, seed com plots, representation at F. F. A. fairs where we won more than our share of premiums, gifts to the Macon County Fair Association and home economics department, testing water of community wells, taking colored project pictures, holding a scrap drive, holding a litter weight and record book contest, buying chapter equipment, establishing chapter loan fund, holding com picker safety campaign, having fertilizer demonstration plots, having window exhibits, appearing on radio and television programs, having a chapter basketball team, putting in milk, ice cream and pop machines, election of a chapter sweetheart and holding degree ceremonies for members. Our chapter received the Bankers plaque this year for being the most outstanding chapter in our section. St. Top row: M. King, J. Skidmore, N. Graff, M. Stone, C. Harmon, K. Wattles, D. Lakin, C. Stogsdill, P. Bliss, J. Schroll, S. Dubson, D. James, E. Fathauer, M. Morris. Second row: M. Creekmur, P. Hanks, J. Greeson, M. Gardner, R. Cooper, A. Stoutenborough, N. Parker, P. Rose, D. Marlow, J. Archey, M. Klepper, B. McFarland. Third row: P. Vaughan, S. Colbeck, J. Smith, J. Weaber, B. Colbeck, M. Butler, J. Haenny, R. Jennings, S. Pittman, S. Wilson, N. Hale, L. Bradfen, G. Ferrell, B. Himes. Fourth row: J. Riley, T. Dawson, G. Roseman, E. Simpson, L. Larson, P. Easton, P. Hoffman, L. Howland, R. Skidmore, P„ Mowry, L. James, S. Thompson, K. Rush, P. Brown, Mrs. Brown. Front row: L. Pope, B. Leinhart, K. Kay, R. Mcllvenna, M. Dealey, R. Braden, L. Rodgers, P. Hodges, S. Jackson, J. Roberts, S. Lanter, A. Karbon. 4ctcvitce We began the year of activities with a joint hayride and weiner roast with the F. F. A boys the second week of September. In October we gave a demonstration on Civil Defense for the chapter members and also produced a 10 minute television show on WTVP. The following members of Home Ec m class gave the program; Betty Colbeck Mary Sue Dealey, Shirley Lanter, Linda Pope, Janice Riley, and Joyce Weaber. The first week of November was celebrated in our chapter in the following ways: Oct. 31. Sunday: We went to church in a group. Nov. 1 Monday: We put up posters to puDlicize the Chapter. Nov. 2 Tuesday: Clean Locker Day Campaign. Nov. 3 Wednesday: Student Assembly program with a secret specialty number and skit, TV program on Civil Defense. Nov. 4 Thursday: Family together night. Each member plans with her family to do something together at home or away. Nov. 5 Friday: Sent cards to shut-ins. Nov. 6 Saturday: We visited the homes of shut-ins. Many of die Chapter members made doll clothes and collected old clothes and toys for the Salvation Army in December. We had a potluck supper for our parents and initiated the Freshman girls by a candle light ceremony in January. A Millikin student from Syria compared customs in his land with customs in our land. The F. H. A. carried on a question and answer discussion after¬ wards. The January and February Chapter meetings were spent in furthering our knowledge of parliamentary procedure. On February 25 we held our second Sweetheart Dance. We served doughnuts and pop as our refreshments and danced to records and square danced with Mr. Query calling to records. A cake walk and fortune telling boo th added to the fun. In April we elected and installed new officers for the coming year. On May 12, the members of the home economics classes presented the annual style show for the P. T. A. Members of F. H. A. assisted with the serving of refreshments for all. The hobo day in October gave us the money to carry on the many chapter activities and to finish decorating the family living center in the clothing room. Pefr (?a fwKtttee First row: N. Hale, S. Jackson, R. Braden, B. Leinhart, S. Johnson. Second row: J. Greeson, J. Archey, B. Biven, Mrs. Berry, S. Colbeck, B. Colbeck. Third row: R. Lazell, D. Lynch, H. Arnold. Student (poundt First row: R. McDvenna, A. Alexander, Mr. Kitowski, L. Pope, P. Hoffman. Second row: F. Staudt, B. Broom, S. Foulke, J. Roberts. Standing, left to right: J. Riley, R. Braden, Mr. Kay, A. Karbon, S. Jackson, L. Rodgers, J. Flint, R. Stevenson, L. Howland. Sitting: P. Brown, L. Pope, S. Lanter. First Semester - Seniors Art Creekmur John Parker Top row; V. Clifton, B. Brown, H. Arnold, B. Kinkaid, D. Lynch, R. Walden, L. Ishmael, J. McKinney. Second row: J. Hughes, J. Kintner, B. Biven, J. Parker, C. Smith, J. Roberts, A. Creekmur, G. Archer. Third row; P. Seelbach, G. Luallen, L. Stinson, L. Haines, D. Wisnasky, F. McFarland, R. Broom, Mr. Keyes. Front row: R. Braden, B. Colbeck, R. Mcllvenna, N. Parker, P. Rose, D. Marlow, L. Rodgers, J. Archey, S. Jackson, J. Weaber. Top row H. Arnold, B. Kinkaid, J. Hughes, R. Walden, L. Ishmael, J. McKinney, L, Rodgers. Second row: J. Kintner, B. Biven, J. Parker, C. Smith, J. Roberts. A. Creekmur, G. Archer, G. Fox. Third row: K. McKinney, L. Stinson, L. Haines, D. Wisnasky, F. McFarland, J. Crowdson, R. Broom. Front row: H. Myers, R. Braden, L. Rodgers, P. Rose, D. Marlow, J. Archey, Mr. Keyes. Cue cutd tfoid Top row, left to right: G. Roseman, N. Parker, M. Dealey, P, Rose, N. Graff, S. Dubson, M. Klepper, J. Archey.. Second row: M. Gardner, R. Mcllvenna, J. Weaber, M. Butler, J. Haenny, S, Pittman, S. Wilson, L. Braden, S. Jackson. Third row: L. Pope, K. McKinney, C. Query, K. Chalcraft, G. Fox, R. Walden, N. Hale. Front row: E. Simpson, P. Hodges, K. Kay, Miss Steele, R. Jennings, R. Cooper, D. Marlow, J. Riley. Co-Editors- .K. Kay Who’s Who. R. Jennings Freshman Reporter - - - - Assistant Editors -- Sophomore Reporter- P. Hodges Junior Reporter-- Copy Editor- Senior Reporter- Sports Editors -- -R. Walden Band- N. Hale Glee Club- Art Editors -- FHA. -N. Graff K. McKinney FFA. Advertising Manager - - - Little Audrey-- Circulation-- Mimeo---- Business Manager- M Butler Roving Reporter- -S. Dubson Reporters-- Orchids and Onions - - - ■ M Klepper J. Weaber S. Wilson Can You Imagine? - - - - Library Reporter- J. Riley Typists-- •.Staff 0 D ' Uven4 ' f Left to right: G. Ferrell, P. Vaughan, N. Howland, D. Thomas, Mr. Kitowski. Sotpz ( oH eneKce (tytUtofrioKt tifi ' pootfaUl ?ccuh CAPTAIN JOHN DUXBURY COACH WALTER BOYD MAYOR ROBERT BOLEN CAPTAIN JOHN DUXBURY MANAGER ROSS WALDEN Front row, left to right: Ken Chalcraft, Dick Thomas, Carol Query, Ed Crabtree, Jim Flint, John Duxburv, Frank McFarland, Gary Luallen, Don Wisnasky, Lyndel McCay, Coach Walter Boyd. Back row, left to right: Assistant Coach Dave Catlin, Paul Seelbach, Bob Kinkaid, Roger Higgins, Bill Walden, Bob Broom, Roy Stephenson, George Bennett, Lon McClung, Barr Stoutenbourough, Larry Haines, Jim Brown, Harold Arnold, Bob Lienhart, Tom Meador, Dave Smith, Art Creekmur, Bob Connelly, Bob Braden, John Kintner, Manager Ross Walden. Conference All Games Mt. Zion Lovington Assumption Bethany Moweaqua Illiopolis Maroa W L T 6 0 0 6 10 3 2 1 3 2 1 2 4 0 15 0 0 6 0 W L T 7 10 6 2 0 5 2 1 3 3 1 3 6 0 17 0 0 8 0 Don Wisnasky led the Soya Champ ' s scoring as he caught nine touch¬ down passes and four others for extra points. Wisnasky received honora¬ ble mention on Jack Proweirs All-State Team at the season ' s end. FINAL TROJAN SCORING: PLAYER: TD 9 6 3 2 1 1 1 _ 0 _ 23 EP 4 0 1 0 2 0 0 J_ 8 TP 58 36 19 12 8 6 6 J_ 146 Don Wisnasky Dave Lynch Carol Query Lyndel McCay Gary Luallen Ken Chalcraft Art Creekmur Dick Thomas The 1954 Soya Champions were honored by three banquets. The first was a steak dinner given by Mr. Keyes at the Colonial in Decatur which was enjoyed by all. The second was a city-wide Testimonial Banquet at the Grade School, November 29th sponsored by the Lions Club, Lou Agase, tackle coach at Illinois, was the guest speaker and also showed films of the Illinois-Purdue game. A large trophy with the names of all squad members on it and paid for by the Maroa fans was presented to the team. The sixteen letter winners also received gold footballs presented by the Bank of Maroa. At this banquet Gary Luallen and Don Wisnasky were named the Trojans ' most valuable players and Wisnasky and Jim Flint were named 1955 Co-Captains. On December 6th the Maroa Firemen also gave the Trojans a banquet. LYNDEL McCAY ART CREEKMUR Senior - Fullback Senior - Halfback frank McFarland Senior - Guard GARY LUALLEN Senior - Tackle EDWARD CRABTREE Junior - Guard JIM FLINT Junior - Center Junior - Halfback Junior - Halfback •y v BOB LIEN HART Junior - Guard LARRY HAINES Junior - Tackle KENNETH CHALCRAFT DAVE LYNCH Sophomore - Quarterback Sophomore - Halfback LONNIE McCLUNG Sophomore - End DICK THOMAS Freshman - End S€040 4, ec uC Maroa High won the undisputed Soya Conference Championship in 1954 for the first time since 1941. The squad included 42 boys: seven seniors ten juniors, ten sophomores, and fifteen freshmen. The Trojans finished with a 7-1 record for the season and a 6-0 mark in Conference play. MAROA OPENS WITH 6-0 WIN A 25 yard pass from Dave Lynch to Don Wisnasky in the second quarter provided the only score as Maroa opened their season with a 6-0 non-conference win over Saybrook. The game was played on the Maroa field. MAROA ROUTS MT. ZION 25-0 The Trojans got their conference season off to a good start as they routed the Mt. Zion Braves 25-0. Art Creekmur opened the scoring with a one-yard touchdown plunge in the first quarter. Dave Lynch returned an intercepted pass 25-yards for a TD in the second quarter and then threw to Don Wisnasky for the extra point, giving Maroa a 13-0 halftime lead. Wisnasky and Ken Chalcraft finished the scoring on a pair of 15-yard touchdown passes from Dave Lynch in the last quarter. The game was played at Mt. Zion. HEYWORTH HANDS MAROA ONLY LOSS Maroa lost their only game of the season 12-0 to Hey worth on the winner ' s field. A 60-yard run and 70-yard pass interception gave the victors the decision. TROJANS TROMP ELLIOPOLIS 26-6 The Trojans won their second conference game as they tromped the Uliopolis Pirates 26-6 on the Maroa Gridiron. At the halfway point Maroa led 19-6 on Lynch ' s six-yard run, McCay ' s 42-yard touchdown dash and Query ' s extra point plunge, and Luallen ' s 13-yard return of an intercepted pass. A 30-yard scoring pass from Lynch to Wisnasky in the last quarter and Thomas ' extra point completed the scoring. SECOND HALF RALLY WINS 12-6 Maroa came back from trailing 6-0 at die half to score two TD ' s and down Assumption 12-6 on the loser ' s field. A 40-yard pass play from Lynch to Wisnasky tied the score in the third quarter and a three-yard TD plunge by Query in the last period gave Maroa the win. MAROA WINS HOMECOMING 38-6 Maroa won their homecoming game as they easily romped Moweaqua 38-6. Lynch started the romp with one-yard TD plunge in the first quarter. Touchdown passes good for 12 and 50 yards, both from Calcraft to Wisnasky, and Luallen ' s extra point kick gave the Trojans a 19-0 lead at the midway point. Query ' s 2-yard plunge and another pass from Chalcraft to Wisnasky going 35-yards gave the winners a 31-0 lead going into the final period. A 12-yard TD pass to Wisnasky closed Maroa s scoring. The losers lone TD came on a 60-yard end run against the Trojan reserves. MAROA SHUTS OUT LOVINGTON 19-0 The Soya Champs clinched a tie for the Soya title with a 19-0 win over Lovington on the winner ' s field. Touchdowns were scored by Lynch and McCay on short runs and Wlsnasky on a 45-yard pass play from Chalcraft. A Luallen to Wisnasky extra-point pass brought the score to 19-0. MAROA TAKES SOYA TITLE 20-7 Maroa High finished their season with a 20-7 win at Bethany for a 6-0 conference record and the Soya Title. Dave Lynch opened the scoring with an 18-yard run in the first quarter, but Bethany tallied a TD and extra-point for a 7-6 lead early in the second quarter. A pass play covering 43 yards from the Chalcraft to Query for a touchdown and a Luallen to Wisnasky pass for the extra-point gave the winners the lead for a 13-7 at the half. Lynch scored the final TD on a 10-yard run and Luallen added the extra point for 20-7 win. TROJAN RESERVES FINISH WITH 3-1-1 MARK The Maroa reserves had a successful season along with the varsity as they finished with three wins, a loss and a tie. They opened their season with a 13-0 win over Mt. Zion on the Maroa field. Bob Connelly scored Maroa ' s first touchdown as he intercepted a pass in the end zone and raced 100 yards for the score. Meador added the extra point and McClung scored TD in the final period to close the scoring. Maroa ' s second came, filled with rough penalities, was fought four quarters to a scoreless draw at Assumption. They suffered their only loss as they fell before Bethany 20-13 in Maroa. A Butch Brown to John Kintner pass was good for 60 yards and a TD. Norman Howland added the extra point in the first period. Bill Walden dashed 54 yards for Maroa ' s other touchdown. The Moweaqua reserves fell before Maroa 12-0 on the winners ' field. A Brown to Lonnie McClung pass and a 60-yard run and lateral play by Walden and Connelly provided the two TD ' s. The Maroa reserves closed out their season with a 14-0 win at Lovington. Paul Seelbach tallied both TD ' s on 43- and 31-yard runs in the first quarter. Walden and McClung added the extra points. Front row, left to right: B. Caplinger, L. Ishmael, R. Connelly, B, Walden, J. Brown, T. Meador, B. Kinkaid, G. Bennett, L. McClung, Manager R. Walden. Second row, left to right: Assistant Coach Catlin, J. Crabtree, R. Wood, S. Foulke, L. Austin, N. Howland, R. Runyen, R, Braden, J. Kintner, D. Smith, D. Howland, Coach W. D, Boyd. f 954-55 S zo6t6aM Squad Left to right: Coach Boyd. A. Alexander, L. McClung, C. Query, D. Lynch, Manager R. Walden. Kneeling: J. Hughes, K. Chalcraft, G. Luallen, D. Wisnasky, L. Haines, J. Brown. Second ' PCace; ( enoco ( oH enence Maroa 50 43 Farmer City Maroa 53 56 Warrensburg Maroa 87 59 Deland Maroa 75 63 Bethany Maroa 65 68 Warrensburg Maroa 65 63 Argenta Maroa 51 50 Argenta Maroa 51 56 Mt. Zion Maroa 79 55 Bethany Maroa 67 74 Macon Maroa 81 65 Lovington Maroa 54 56 Niantic Maroa 61 55 Mt. Zion Maroa 74 51 Beason Maroa 83 53 Arthur Maroa 82 74 Lovington Maroa 65 72 Areola Maroa 52 69 Mt. Zion Maroa 74 68 Kenney Maroa 54 67 Kenney Maroa 55 50 Niantic Maroa 68 63 Assumption • Conference Games • Macon County Tournament •• Monticello Holiday Tournament During the regular season Maroa won 14 and lost 8. The Trojans scored 1446 points to their opponents 1330. These records do not include Regional Tournament Flay at Clinton, Illinois; February 28 to March 4, 1955. Coach, WALTER BOYD, Captain. GARY LUALLEN LARRY HAINES, Junior ALLAN ALEXANDER, Junior KEN CHALCRAFT, Sophomore JIM HUGHES, Junior _ CAROL QUERY, Junior JAMES BROWN, Freshman LONNY McCLUNG, Sophomore DAVE LYNCH, Sophomore t954-55 “Stt 6eCfaM StatcA cA Player fga f g fta Luallen 477 172 36 128 Chalcraft 226 113 50 131 Wisnasky 299 110 37 111 Haines 181 95 52 121 Alexander 56 15 27 33 Creekmur 5 2 40 11 Hughes 76 16 21 15 Brown 26 12 46 9 Query 20 7 35 16 Lynch 19 5 26 16 Biven 7 1 14 5 McClung 5 1 20 4 Maroa 1397 549 39 600 Opponents Player g Rebounds reb ave. Wisnasky 21 251 12.0 Chalcraft 22 218 9.9 Haines 22 180 8.2 Luallen 22 172 7.8 Alexander 17 48 2.8 Hughes 19 32 1.7 McClung 9 8 .9 Brown 14 11 .8 Query 11 9 .8 Lynch 12 7 .6 Creekmur 4 2 • 5 Biven 4 1 .3 Totals 22 932 42.4 Player g Carol Query 19 Dave Lynch 19 Butch Brown 14 Lonny McClung 20 Fred Staudt 20 Jim Flint 19 Allan Alexander 4 Bob Lienhart 20 Paul Seelbach 17 Dick Thomas 19 Bill Walden 12 Wayne Ward 12 Maroa Totals 20 Opponents Totals 20 ft OQ 3 ave. 62 49 22 423 19.2 63 45 22 309 14.0 50 73 21 276 13.1 58 74 22 260 11.8 55 22 17 48 2.8 64 1 4 11 2.8 33 26 19 37 2.3 56 10 14 29 2.1 56 9 11 23 2.1 68 13 12 21 1.8 60 2 4 5 1.3 50 4 9 4 .4 58 328 22 1446 65.7 22 1331 60.5 Assists as. Rank 29 6 48 2 33 5 104 1 39 3 36 4 0 10 11 7 4 8 3 9 0 10 _0 10 307 ”B " TEAM SCORING P Ave. 224 11.8 176 9.3 111 7.9 154 7.7 152 7.6 137 7.2 15 3.8 43 2.2 29 1.7 31 1.6 16 1.3 14 1.2 1102 55.1 750 37.5 ft 79 83 56 70 18 7 5 5 9 11 3 _2 348 VtHde eatecC 954- 955 SqutuC Left to right: Manager S. Foulke, Captain C. Query, D. Lynch, B. Walden, J. Flint, Manager B. Kinkaid. Kneeling: B. Lienhart , F. Staudt, L. McClung, D. Thomas, W. Ward, P. Seelbach. 20 TOuu 0 04444 Maroa 28 25 Farmer City Maroa 53 52 Wanensburg Maroa 48 32 Deland Maroa 42 31 Bethany Maroa 38 33 Warrens burg Maroa 58 49 Argenta Maroa 47 38 Argenta Maroa 52 44 Macon Maroa 79 35 Bethany Maroa 59 22 Niantic Maroa 62 35 Lovington Maroa 53 41 Beason Maroa 58 48 Mt. Zion Maroa 57 54 Lovington Maroa 61 14 Arthur Maroa 49 27 Mt. Zion Maroa 57 31 Kenney Maroa 64 61 Kenney (Overtime) Maroa 62 43 Niantic Maroa 67 35 Assumption z 6etfciCC 5. BUCKET BOYS C C r 0 r I Bottom row: Bob Biven, Harold Arnold, Art Creekmur, Joe Kinkaid, Barr Stoutenborough. COACH BOYD No Picture: Duane Miller, Ken Chalcraft, Tom Meador, Orville Dash. SCHEDULE AND SCORES Apr. 9 Maroa 5 Mt. Zion 3 Apr. 12 Maroa 2 Lakeview 8 Apr. 15 Maroa 0 Warrensburg 2 Apr. 23 Maroa 6 Kenney 3 Apr. 26 Maroa 5 Warrensburg 6 Apr. 28 Maroa 4 Lovington 0 May 3 Maroa 4 Macon 2 May 6 Maroa 1 Mt. Zion 2 May 15 Maroa 7 Niantic 4 May 15 Maroa 9 Niantic 4 May 20 - Maroa 3 Macon 4 ■ 7 ' tac6 Syucut Standing, left to right: Coach Boyd, K. Chalcraft, G. Archer, R, Haenny. Kneeling: G. Luallen, L. McClung, B. Walden, P. Seelbach. The 1954 Maroa High track team competed in two meets, finishing fifth in one and sixth in the other. The Trojans finished sixth with seven points in the Macon County Meet held April 22nd in Decatur and won by Macon with 61 points. Paul Seelbach finished second in the 440 yard dash and Dave Boyer third in the 880 yard run for the Maroa total. Maroa picked up 11 points for a fifth place finish in the Cenois Conference Meet held April 29th in Decatur and won by Mt. Zion with 65 points. Paul Seelbach was the only Maroa winner as he won the 440 yard dash in 56 seconds. Dave Boyer got a fourth in both the 100 and 440 for four points, and Ken Chalcraft with a fifth in the 880 and Gary Luallen with a fifth in the mile got one point each (tyeenietutenA Left to right: Nancy Hale, Sue Jackson, Ruth Braden, Sandra Johnson, Betty Lienhart (Basketball Outfits) FOOTBALL OUTFITS ale tctcvi £ue tt4 September 6 - No school-Labor Day. 9 - P.T.A. Meeting. 10 - F.F.A. - F.H.A. Hayride. 17 - Football Game with Saybrook. 22 - Football Game with Mt. Zion. 23-24-25 - No school, Maroa Centennial. 30 - Man called for class rings and gradua¬ tion announcements. October 1 - Football game with Hey worth-Freshman initiation party. 7 - Football game with Illipolis-we won. 7-8 Teacher’s Institute. 11 - First Report Cards! 14 - P.T. A. Meeting. 15 - Football game with Assumption. 22 - Maroa Homecoming-We beat Moweaqua-Dance after game with Larry Lonnie’s Orchestra Playing. 26 - Land Judging contest-Our boys won. 29 - Football game with Lovington-We won 19-0. November 5 - Football Game with Bet hany-We won 20-7 making us the undisputed Soya Champions. 12 - Senior Play Good Job Seniors! 15 - Assembly program about Malaya. 18 - Illinois Central Railroad Movie. - 19 - First Basketball game with Farmer City-We won. 23 - Basketball game at Deland-Weldon. 25-26 Thanksgiving. No School. 30 -• Basketball game with Warrensburg here-our first loss. December-1954 1-2 A ? boys to Chicago 3- Armenia there 6- F.F.A. basketball game vlth Argent 7- Bethany here 8- School movie 9- P.T.A. 10- Lovington here 14- Mt. Zion here 17- Chr ; stmas dance 21- Arthur here 22- Christmas not-luck plenty of food 28-29 Konticello Christmas Tournament. January-1955 4- Ker.r.ey hure 7- Niantic h re 10- F.H.A. Initiation pot luck suoner 12-School movie, V’armnsburg here 13- P.T.A. Meeting 14- Bethany there 19-20 good old semester exams! 21- Picture day. Argents here, end of first semester 24-Macon fhsre °5- Assembly showed a film 26-27-28 Basketball tournament at Kt. Zion. February-1955 1- Macon there 3- F.A.A. Initiation far freshmen " iris 1- Niantic there -5 All si =te music contest 8- Be.ason here 9- School movie cancelled wrong film 10-11 B°y »nd one half out-good old snow 11- Lovington there 15- Mt, Zion here 16- P.T.A. moved ur cause of bli ard 13- Kenney there 22- Assump¬ tion here, last basketball game 23- School movie 25- F.H.A.-F.F.A. Sweet¬ heart Dance 23- Regional tournament, Heyworth March-1955 Ut h Six weeks 9- School movie 10- P.T.A. Meeting 12- Music Contest at Ar enta for Chorus and Band 15- F.F.A. Bsnnuet for Parent and Son. Anri1-1955 1 - Jr. r ' l»y-nr ' -t 4 ,7 f’ood 7- r th c ix v " eke 11- Drivers ' Training Safety Demonstration 12- P.T.A. M®ei inr 17- School novie 19- Choral Festival o£_ Band Estival May-1955 6 - Junior and Son’or Prom, Good job Juniors 11- School movie 12- P.T.A. v »»etins 20- Clops Nirht 22- Baccalaurate 26- Picnic 27- last day of school ’nd Commencement ni t. ' rtyomecotHtHty, f Friday evening, October 22, 1954, after the Maroa Trojans had defeated MoweQua ' s football team 38-6 Ruth Ann Braden was crowned Homecoming Queen, The theme of the dance was " Chapel in the Moonlight. " Stage, left to right: Jim Flint, Betty Lienhart, Terry Lienhart, Gary Luallen, Ruth Braden, Sandra Lynch, Nancy Parker, Elsie Hockaday. Escorts, left to right: Carol Query, Don Wisnasky, Edward Crabtree, Paul Seelbach, Ken Chalcraft, Bob Lienhart, John Kintner, Lonny McClung. Candidates, left to right: Pat Eastham, Maureen Gardner, Sandra Colbeck, Nancy Graff, Phyllis Hodges. Tftafi a, (?e teH tia£ ' rtyiyA, School SoueetAeant ' pl zt Left to right: Phyllis Hodges, Sandra Colbeck, Mary Sue Dealey, Ruth Braden, Sandra Johnson Ruth Braden was the Maroa High School Centennial Sweetheart of 1955 (tyU4t K04 and 2,uee t cutdcdated Standing: J. Brown, R. Lienhart, J. Crowdson, D, Thomas, D. Westerman, L. Rodgers, Seated: B. McFarland, B. Colbeck. R. Mcllvenna. S. Wilson, L. Howland, P. Hoffman, N. Graff, R, Jennings. Absent from picture: G. Luallen and D. Wisnasky. Friday December 18. 1954 the annual Christmas Dance was held in Maroa High School Gymnasium with the Walt Loftus Orchestra playing. Last year ' s King and Queen. David Boyer and Beverly Caplinger, crowned Gary Luallen and Ruth Mcllvenna the new King and Queen of 1954. ffuHton, ' Ptacf ' DanCatp AcM ten Miriam Craven-----Ruth Braden i v io »nr - - - Jdiiuid juiimuu iiduici craven Roberta Baker- C 4 HnoVipc Masssasa ,..s. wile jacKson cu nugnes ---------- Lilac Do 111 A mA« _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____ raui nuiw - - - - iwaa vvaiucu ( L pnrnp A m pc — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —— — — — — — RnK R{ imn ucurgc vines --------------------- dud Diven XTa 1 TnnAA —. _ — _ — — _ _ _ _ _ r n am Miss Scribner- Cf t fra X anortpr — — — — — — — — — . oldgC Mdlld cl - -- -- -- -- . Student Directors- _________ _ __ . Janice Riley - ------ - lviaiAiyii ivuiuy Miss Mary Ann Melvin ScHt i (?k ia t Play ' " pox 76e ‘Pete " Scoop Cramer- Pauline Schneider Spider Kowalski - -- Sally Ann Martin- Jeanne Everrett- Pete Anderson- Miss Bertha Collins Mr. Norris - - - -- Norah Lane-- - Eugenia Patrick- Mr. Henry Kowalski- Mrs. Henry Kowalski - - Make-Up-- Stage Managers - Students Directors Directors - - - - Gary Fox - - Nancy Hale - - Orville Dash - - - Sue Jackson - Betty Lienhart Don Westerman - Shirley Lanter - - Ross Walden - Betty Colbeck - Ruth Braden - - - Bob Biven - - - Linda Pope -Loreeta Rodgers - - -John Parker Halden Myers Loreeta Rodgers Eloise Simpson Glenda Roseman • - - -Miss Macy Miss Melvin w 144 NANCY ADKINS Brown ' s MARILYN AUSTIN Sta uber ' s DELORES ANDES Bob Jones University THEDA WHENNEN Mrs. Adams SHARON BENNETT General Electric LEROY BLAZER A. E. Staleys DAVE BOYER Farming H ' 54 PAT CONNELLY Mac Murrey PHYLLIS CRUTCHER At Home SANDRA DORSEY Mrs. Fleming RUTH HOWARD At Home ELSIE HOC KADAY Kilbom ' s RODNEY HUGHES Gordon ' s Standard Sta. MARILYN ISHMAEL Beauty School BEVERLY CAPLINGER Brown ' s JEAN COLLETTE Lincoln Lab. CHARLOTTE JACKSON Thompson EARLENE KAISER I.S.N.U. Normal JO KIN RAID U.S. Army JEAN LORTON Beaury School PAT LUALLEN Brown ' s SANDRA MATHEWS At Home LILA MAYALL At Home DUANE MILLER C. W. Implement LINDA PASCHAL Mrs. Harris JAN POLETTE Mrs. Maltby CLEO RANDALL Mrs. Rose SYLVIA STAUDT Normal U. VIRGINIA VAUGHAN State Farm Ins. FRANK WEIKLE Carpentering DEAN WIKOWSKY U.S. Army GUYNEITH WOODCOCK Post-grad, M.H.S. NANCY McILVENNA Mrs. Pryde MRS. BERRY P.E. - M.H.S. Ruth p rnden Kenneth KcKinney Ruth. Jennings Eloi?e Simnson I Joyce Kaenny Don V t r nsn .-V -5 • ’ - % Karcaret Butler Janice Riley Sandra Johnson Shirley Pittman Bob Biven Setup - Sc up Sentinel IK ? 27, f ?55 ENERGY CONSERVING UNION IS FORMED An energy conserving union has been formed among the inmates of Sing-Sing. The union was formed to conserve valuable energy among the prisoners. On the list of energy conserving ideas are the following: 1. Cushioned seats and pillows for all chairs to improve sleeping conditions. 2. Noiseless bells to make sleeping easier. 3. Elevators to save energy used in going up and down the steps. 4. Change all physical education classes to sleeping periods. 5. Different candy machines so energy won’t be wasted pushing down handles. 6. Automatic door openers on all cells. 7. Water fountains that run continually to save energy used in turning them on. 8. Lower baskets and shorter floe in gym. 9. Pneumatic drills to replace pick axes. 10. Lighter books to carry. 11. No doors to open on lockers. 12. All classes in one room so inmates won’t have to walk from class to class. Officers on the ECU have been elected and are: President-Larry Haines Vice President -Jim Hughes Secretary---Orville Dash Treasurer-- — - - Roy Stephenson STRANGE RUMOR FLYING AROUND PRISON The rumor is that 36 prisoners in Cell Block three are planning an escape in the near future. The Sentinel has heard that for some reason tne guards don’t care whether they escape or not. In fact some guards are furnishing keys and guns to the prisoners. FINAL SING-SING INTER-CELL BASKETBALL STANDINGS RELEASES The final standings have been released for the Sing-Sing Inter-Cell League. TEAM WON LOST Cell Block Three 55 0 Cell Block One 10 20 Cell Block Fifteen 10 30 Cell Block Twelve 10 40 The Solitary Confinement team finished with a 20-15 record, but their games were taken from the standings when it was found they were using a player who wasn ' t in solitary confinement. Art Creekmur of the Solitary Confine¬ ment team led the league in scoring with 10 points in 35 games. . Cell Block three set a new one game scoring record in their last game when they won 6-2. The game was stopped at the half when a stabbing occurred under the basket. It was only the tenth murder this season. Lonny McClung set a new foul record by fouling 200 times during the past season. When asked why, he said, " The referees are against me because I squealed to the warden 35 years ago. ” BASEBALL TEAM LOSES STAR PLAYER The prison baseball team lost its star player recently when they were playing a game with Alcatraz. It seems a homerun was hit over the fence, and Gary Luallen volunteered to go find it. He never came back. Luallen was hitting . 055 at the time of his departure and has made only 55 errors in his first 55 games. THAT IS THE WAY LIFE GOES IN THE BIG PRISON. UD, I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this annual as much as I have enjoyed working on it. In later years as you look through your annual I hope it will bring back memories of your years at Maroa High. Sue Jackson I have enjoyed immensely working on the " PIONEER” for 1955. It has given me great pleasure to work on this annual. I hope it brings back fond memories and pleasure for the readers as it has for me. J. Ross Walden Although we have had many problems while working on this annual we have also had much enjoyment from it. I hope that everyone who reads it w ill get as much pleasure out of the 1955 annual as I have had in working on it. Nancy Lee Hale Although we have worked very hard on this annual, it has brought us pleasure and satisfaction in completing it. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed working on it with the other editors and seniors. Bob Biven Congratulations - 1 L BOOK SHOP Class of 55 School and Office Supplies RESTAURANT Greeting Cards and Gifts W. Grand and Highway 48 Clinton, Illinois W. AUER - F. COX H. G. BEATTY CO. r JEWELERS Established 1848 Hardware, Housewares Appliances Gifts, Silverware, China Sporting Goods Paint, Radios, Stoves Clinton, Illinois Clinton, Illinois Since 1902 C. F. BALL Dry Goods - Infants’ Wear Women’s Ready-to-Wear Phone 650 Clinton, Illinois Compliments of CLAUDE W. THORP SONS CO. Clinton, Illinois MAROA FARMERS LEMONS ' CO-OP ELEVATOR MARKET F or Daily Delivery Grain-Seed Phone 82 and a Full Line of Maroa, Illinois W ayne Feed Open Daily 6 to 6 Maroa, Illinois Sun. 8 to 11:30 A.M. ROBERT STOUTENBOROUGH W.R.STOUTENBOROUGH P?E Insurance HATCHERY Real Estate Purina-Nutrena Feeds Loans Maroa, Illinois Maroa, Illinois Compliments of " DTR. MRS. Maroa, Illinois Gifts for All Occasions 84 Years of Faithful Service Registered Diamonds - Nationally Known Watches - Sterling Silver No Price Penalty for Courtesy of Credit H. POST SONS Jewelers for 84 Years Phone 3-9781 Prairie at Merchants Street Decatur, Illinois DE WITT COUNTY NATIONAL BANK Organized in 1872 Member of Federal Reserve System and F, D. I. C. Clinton, Illinois Friendly Service RUBLE FUNERAL HOME It Is Our Aim to Be Worthy of Your Friendship Ambulance Service Day or Night Serving Maroa and Decatur Phone 54 - Maroa, Illinois Save Money At CHATHAM FURNITURE “On the Square” Clinton, Illinois MARQUISS FARM SUPPLY Limestone, Phosphate and Fertilizers Dry and Liquid Fertilizers Bulk Anhydrous Ammonia Phone 984 - Box 127 Clinton, Illinois E. KENT AND COMPANY CHECKERBOARD SOYBEAN CO. Grain, Feeds, Custom Grinding “Lumber Since 1859” Purina Chows Ospur Elevator Clinton, Illinois Clinton, Illinois Phone 849 HOLTZ CHEVROLET COMPANY . INC. Telephone 52 West on Junction 10 and 54 Clinton, Illinois Best Wishes to the Class of 55 E. K. BRADEN Local and Long Distance Trucking of All Kinds Mixed Fertilizer - • Lime and Phosphate Custom Farm Work Maroa, , Illinois Office Phone 1623 Residence Phone 9R20 BOYD SHELLING CHENEY ' S SUPER MARKET CARL E. BOYD Congratulations, Seniors Shelling of Maroa High. and Delivering Phone 50 Kenney, Illinois We Deliver BURKE GOTTLIEB’S ND CLINTON GUNDY CHEVROLET SALES and SERVICE For more than 50 years we have served this section of Illinois with the best of clothing and furnishings for the man and his boy. Phone 27 The Home of Oshkosh B’ Gosh Maroa Overalls DUNCAN ' S Best Wishes to the Dry Goods - Variety - Shoes Graduating Class Ball Band Footwear Phone 16 Jb%. jCetfte tfeed Maroa, Illinois Maroa, Illinois Best Wishes to the Class of ’55 Phone 6 LONG ' S SERVICE STATION Philco R. C. A, ‘ft Westinghouse (standard) Television LINVILLE HARDWARE CO. Phone 74 Maroa, Illinois Phone 75-R-2 Compliments of Compliments of CAMERA ART STUDIO THE POP-CORN SHOP Decatur, Illinois 146 North Main Street Decatur, Illinois G ROVE ' s MARLATT’S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION RESTAURANT Phone 5064 Washing, Tires, Greasing Batteries, Oil Repair Service Junction 48-51-121 TOMMY MARLATT Decatur, Illinois Maroa, Illinois Phone 99 SPORTS CENTER, INC. Sports Equipment for larson ' s Every Purpose HARDWARE 215 North Main Street Plumbing and Heating Decatur, Illinois Sylvania TV Phone 45-R2 Phone 6772 Maroa, Illinois FOOD STORES Phone 34 Maroa, Illinois HERB KAMMARMEYER Store Hours Monday - Friday 7A.M. to 6P.M. Saturday 7A.M. to 9P.M. W. L.AUGHENBAUGH New and Used Cars - Your Pontiac Dealer Phone 4 Kenney P) po Titr and Electrical APPLIANCES “On the Square” Phone 83 Clinton GRIMSELY’S FLOWER SHOP Phone 10 Clinton, Illinois Night Phone 9401 9 S. W. Corner of the 0 pl uoe u Square. Member F. D. I. C. LET US HELP JOHN WARNER BANK Mg Clinton, Illinois Complete Banking and Trust Services McFEETERS IMPLEMENT COMPANY McCormick Tractors and Machines International Trucks Refrigerators and Freezers Junction Routes 10 and 54 Clinton, Illinois Special Fast Repair Service While You Shop, We Will Install Watch Stems, Watch Crystals Watch Crowns, Rings Sized Watch Main Springs Watch Bands Installed While You Wait WES CREIGHTON JEWELRY STORE 130 E. Prairie and 540 N. Water Decatur, Illinois MACON MUSIC TOLLY ' S “Your Complete Musical Department Store” 227 N. Main Decatur, Illinois MARKETS. INC. “Better Foods Priced Right” Decatur - Springfield BRENNING ' S CARL HUGHES TEXACO SERVICE LUMBER Roofing, Insulation, Greasing Washing Plumbing, Heating, Tires Batteries Electrical Supplies Decatur, Illinois Phone 8-2621 1620 N. 32nd Street Decatur, Illinois “Delicious and Refreshing” THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Decatur, Illinois GOOD FOOD fOU OUtiUtt VISIT EL COA INN W. W. CREEKMUR Steaks - Chickens Dancing Every Night Except Sunday No Minors Allowed Maroa, Illinois NORMAN LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING COMPANY, INC. Established 1870 In by 9 - Out by 4 ! ! ! 520 South Main 1130 West Wood, 413 W. Grand 25b N. Main, 720 E. Wood Time Table Pick Up and Delivery Service Decatur, Illinois Oliver Sales and Service - You ' ve tried the rest, now try the best. Phone 14 Maroa, Illinois -VI U -— Watch Repairing 3 Day Service 246 North Main Street Decatur, Illinois A LITHOGRAPHED YEARBOOK DALLAS • TEXAS -vj iJLv. f V, V! ' ■ , ■ y to " Vi- ■• ' • ,, i . ' A. Vt K y iK f T ' W V • - ; A • : r ' . ' .;»■ » .v; ■ v V ' -, I X» .cv ' is. v ' . • .S ' - y ,i M ; i; ' V- i»v •-, v ., ' ii f ,?v V 1 , -iAW i f !■ VMJ,

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