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4 Q41 . X x A X sv, f' Hifniaffwif dZaZifAi-lHF5W5v'UfnA'W'lWa.2'E1"!lBf1ZHiWA1Q"Tl7l'v Efnmlwf on -A Wiliam ,mvnnwi..v, mlr1i'9!.nh!b. si i!l.:2R2i AH My IMIMHEBA THE PROSPECT JUNE 1957 Alice! a childish story take, And, with a gentle hand, Lay it where childhood? dreams are twined In 1nern0ry's mystic band. -Lewis Carroll MANUAL TRAINING HIGH SCHUUI. I-Irlwnrrl I.- Knrevi Princinnl Dedication To Those Who Have Passed Through the Wonderland of Knowledge Into a crystal looking glass, We wish that we could see, All our span thatjs come to pass And all that's yet to be. Now we, like the tardy rabbit, ran, Not having time to heed, Lest, life reach beyond our scan, Yet-much was lost by speed. We had no fabberwock to ight, No use for tempered sword, With a lesser weapoffs might, The pen, we struck and scored. Now like the elusive Cheshire Cat, We find the years have fled And all of high school that Is left, is treasured-in our head. M.M fdifor if Preface Like Alice each and every one of us has passed through a wonderland-the wonderland of "growing up." It was a place where the seeds of fantasy slowly grew and developed into blos- soms of reality-a land of make-believe sprinkled with stardust and sand. We lived in a strang exciting world of our own, a world full of white Rabbits, Mad Hatters, and talking Caterpillars. Time seemed to stand still and the future was something far away, a hazy shadow in the distance. Then suddenly, one day we blinked our eyes and it was all goneg the dream was over. This is. the stage of life we have now reached. One door has shut and a new one is about to be opened. We can close our eyes and try to recapture our lost dream or keep them open, wide and alert, ready to face the future and the dream of what is to come. That which has passed cannot be recaptured or relived, yet memories always linger on and are never forgotten. So be it with the remembrances of Manual. Let us keep these memories and cherish them forever. They are the key that will open the door to the next threshold of our lives. Sincerely, Roberta Rumsky STAFF EDITOR IN CHIEF .... .... R OBERTA RUMSKY ASSOCIATE EDITOR ..... MARY MALETTE Llterary MARIE ARGHIERE ROSANNE ROSS BEVERLY GOLDMAN PHILIP SCHNEIDER MARIE MARESCA MAX SPINDLER LINDA ORLOFF JOAN STURNIOLO SUSAN RADOM JOE TRANQUILLO JOHN VALENTINO Ed1tor1c11 SPORTS ....... .... L INDA GILBERT ART ............. .... P AT CALARDO TYPING ........... ...... C AROL BYERS ADVERTISING .... ...... E UGENE SILVER BUSINESS ....... .... M ARLENE KAHAN Faculty Adv1sers DR. DAVID LEWIN ..... .. . LITERATURE MR. MAX GREENBERG ..... ........... A RT MRS. ESTHER KAPPELL . .. .... BUSINESS CONTENTS DEDIGATION ......... EDITOR,S PREFACE ..... PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE .... ADMINISTRATORS .... SENIOR QUIZ ......... DEPARTMENT HEADS ......... LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT . FACULTY GROUPS ............ SENIOR DIARY ............ SENIOR LOOKING GLASS .... SENIOR DAY CANDIDS .... CLASS OF JANUARY 1957 ....... SENIORS GO TO A TEA PARTY SENIOR CELEBS, JANUARY 1957 CLASS OF JUNE 1957 ........... WHO'S WHO .......... SENIOR ACTIVITIES ........ SENIOR CELEBS, JUNE 1957 .... SPORTS IN REVIEW ....... CAN DIDS ......... GROUP PICTURES .... if x If f '-f' ,. Wm 6 45 Y 3: 'fw'w,V A -wk 2 QQ' ., - Edward L. Korey, Principal S X xv- ,. xy' a f Q i Printing! 1s'Jlflas'sz1ge TO THE GRADUATES: Certain years in history are known to historians as "Years of Decision." For you, 1957 will live in your memories as such a year. This is the year that some of you have decided upon continuing your education so well begun at Manual. Some of you are now deciding on where your first job will be. Many of you boys are deciding whether to enter the Armed Forces immediately, to complete the required military service that will be your contribution to the security of our country. Up to now, one year's activity has followed almost automatically from the last. From now on, you will be facing a series of "Years of Decision" in which your choice of alternatives will determine your happiness and your success in life in very impor- tant ways. Wihich course will you major in at college? Should you change your job? Whom should you marry? Should you buy your own home? Some decisions are obviously important at the time you must make them. Others do not seem so impor- tant at the time, and are lightly made, only to be regretted in years to come. Often a series of small decisions,unimportant in themselves, freeze into a pattern of life that is very difhcult to change. How can you be sure that the decisions you must make are wise ones? The education you have so far received should stand you in good stead if you are will- ing to use it. Getting all the information available, discussing your problems with persons with relevant experience, carefully weighing advantages and disadvantages, are all part of the process of deciding wisely. Doing all these things before the actual decision is upon you is a must. Making your own decision, rather than drifting and letting events make the choice for you, is very important. Most important of all is to make your choices within the framework of a sound philosophy of what you want out of life, and to make them according to a code of moral values. Too many adults live very empty lives because they have made their choices Qtheir vocations, the persons they marry, and the ways in which they spend their leisure timej without considering the spiritual needs that every human being must satisfy in order to live fully. May all your decisions be good ones, and correspondingly wise. Edward L. Korey Principal ei E- . x 4 V We. : 'l'i' 2 ,, 4 ADMINISTRATQRS , MR. N. BALTOR Adminiftmtive Amman! DR. W. GRIEVE Administrative Affismnt I 1, 4 .Q .V 'W B 1 MR. R. SIEGEL Dean of Boy! X ,ff ,,,,.f .,S4is'-R MISS G. MCDONALD Deniz of Girly Eb in ...J NT- . Y'-,,g. -'L X I lJx:...,:ZZf. 'T1 r f : --' -T ,,. NIL. bcwzrxar.. :vigor Daw If ffLCf', ',CQ" j-Qggr Cfjl 3' rag S HEADS MORRIS WALLACH,Acc0unlifzg and Bminefy QUENTIN OCONNOR, Matbematicf Pmftice M3 ,J-its BESS Z. SHUBIN, Mmif MAX GREENBERG, Art JMAYBELLE DANE, Sofia! Slzzciief HERBERT SIEGEL, Izzdzzyzvial Arts 10 E ,-1.,,.,..f , M,JnWwMwJhw'ff -,,,,W-'V x-nw' ,GU wr- imaw 5 3 ..- 1 11 - . , .f . 'iq - . " W, 1, ' , , 7 H Q45 Ji , A 1 ,mmm , , M W ' rf-w w HF W ff ff Q wr Jw 5 ,sm , 4' fi LAST WILL AND TESTAIVIENT We, the Senior class of June 1957, having met the enemy and conquered them fin a four-year battlej, do bequeath to the administration and faculty members, the following useful weapons as aids in their noble cause to instruct future Senior Classes: To Mr. Baltor, we leave a copy of "l984.'l To Miss McDonald, we leave Military Police arrn bands. To Mr. Siegel, we leave 138 and 'LThe Lineup." To Miss D. White, we leave x -l- y, sin 8a cos and the known fact that Einstein, too, failed math. To Miss Crocker, we leave budding Barrymoreis to enlighten future Drama Classes. To Mrs. Knepper, we leave a lifetime subscription to The Book-of-the-Month Club. To Mr. Morton, we leave pot-pies. To Mr. Elroc, we leave a jar of instant "Maxwell House." To Mrs. Oliphant, we leave 4-Way Cold Tablets, Charles Morreale SL The Ain'cha, don'cha, gonna club. To Mr. Valenti, we leave old skit costumes and a megaphone for conducting Stu- dent Council Meetings. To Mr. D,Ambrosio, we leave the Cheerleaders. fWhat more could a man ask f0r?j To Mr. Neumann, we leave Spain, Morocco, Economics and in addition, the Folies Bergere, To Mrs. Rothstein, we leave our history notes for her to decipher To Mr. Kaplan, we leave laughing gas. To Miss Rabe, we leave the patent on the color blue. To Mr, Bronitsky, we leave a copy of "Good-Housekeepingf' To Miss Beardsley, we leave new candles. To Mr. Cole, we leave a yearls supply of food for his fish. To Mr. Greenberg, we leave a copy of L'Anyone Can Draw." To Mr. Laskow, we leave one test tube, a bunsen burner and a gallon of HQS. To the Gym Teachers, we leave an automatic attendance taker and long playing records for warm-up exercises. To Mr. Fishman, we leave an album of '5Oklahoma.', To Mrs. Shubin, we leave uManual's Musicians?" To all Grade Advisers, we leave police protection during the first week of school. To next term,s Prospect Editor, we leave heartaches, headaches, and a hero's medal. To Dr. Lewin, we leave our sincere thanks for his help in making this book possible. To the relief of the faculty, the custodians and most particularly, Nathan, the ele- vator operator---WE LEAVE! The Prospect Editors Roberta Rumsky Mary Malette fParties of the first part in behalf of the Senior Classj 1 A ,X Chase Wm' Our Guides through tha Wonderland df Kdawlvdge Seniar Diary Dear Diary: Graduation at last! Can't help feeling sentimental. It's all over now but the memories. Why it was only yesterday that we were all so excited about becoming Seniors? How time does fly! Gee, things certainly did change this term. The school was getting a face-lifting and we got up early to watch. Even the clanging of the plumbers couldn't keep us awake during our first period. Remember all the excitement when we took our graduation pictures? Boy, was that a day! The photographer sure had his hands full. Then came orders for Senior jewelry. After spending all that money, we knew we just had to graduate. Our Senior play was going to be the best Manual had ever seen. lVe started to work furiously at writing a play. "OKLAHOMA" was our theme. Rodgers and Hammerstein would certainly be proud of us. Senior elections took place and that kept us on pins and needles for a day. Practically everyone threw his hat into the ring. The results were finally posted and the school drew a sigh of relief-for a while. No sooner were we Hnished with those elections, than Senior Celebrities were in the running. Another uproar took place. We drove poor Mr. Kaplan plumb crazy. After that everything seemed to fly by. Yearbook orders-35.50. Well, they're putting our names in the front, BUT 8550! fIt's only money.j So much was hap- pening at once-the Senior Tea, the boat ride, and, of course, the Prom. I guess the rest is all history. You know, diary, if I had to do it over again, it would be just as wonderful. Cficigiysaniom r n .1 I 5 E 5- Pm MDD S MQ 5- ' E1 ...- a li, M 1 f f 1 1 W, , aewym , , 3 , Q iii' . CLASS OFFICERS - JANUARY 1957 President Secretary 1 ..-gf Vlce-President ROBERT WALSH ANNE FLYNN GQ. Every Term 4 9052 Cerriflcnres .ASSISIBHI to Teachers Nvwman Club Basketball Team QHIICC Squad 'K Q Treasurer WILMAA REEDY YVILLIAM YYL' Arista 90? Meqal --.4 Jewels ggq Medal SIlldEI'lE'LOL1I1C11 Dvh'g.1rc Gown Lnlmmrtvr Assistant to Tcachcrs JOSEPH AB.-XTEMARCO 7 9052 Certificates Newman Club Treasurer 6 Letters of Commendation FOTOLLA AGR.-XPIDES Service to Mr. Siegel il-7j Perfect Attendance Q1-85 STANLEY ANDERSEN Assistant to Teachers l 9057? Certificate G.O. Every Term WILLIAM BARBIERO Honor Guard Football Team G.O. Every Term HUGH BARTLETT Secretary to Mr. McNamara Q81 Service to Mr. Ross G.O. Every Term SAVERIO BERTE Varsity Baseball, Bowling Team G,O. Every Tenn Service to Mr. Laskow, Mr, Beetle 5 , 1 X J mg 2. ' 5 ,,,-1 i 2 I Q., 27. 712 4,4-7 '33 'Vw 'I it 'Q Vg, . .yff-m ave wh! V'-rf-nf V A. 1 9 mx DIANE BIGELSON Arista Several 90? Certificates Assistant to Teachers 50 Service Credits ROBERT BOILY 2 9094 Certificates Football Team FRANKLIN BROTH Honor Guard 2 9092 Certificates Varsity Football Letters of Commendation JOHN BRLNO G.O. Every Term Honor Guard Service to Nirs. Judwin DENNIS BYRNE Perfect .Xttt'ndI1nCe Q5-61 I 905 Certificate JOHN CALLEJA ll Letters of Commendation 90'E Certificate in Record Keeping ru .-- 1 " ,'.f,.J ,.-,. ........ , . . f F 7-My 4 ff Q Q' a .V , ' -ff 1 - ,H .-,I 01, cv 7. , ,. ' 'w av'-.f K , 'xfvz zz' 'fx' -.-- , ..... . 4. ,. J h U ,1 vw "' ' Q I " hw v.. A, - K! : 'W' , 'mi - Hx- , . f Zi, ,,. J .P'.f.'ff 11.4 -L '- H' FLF Y-L H- r- , J ..-. A, Q -1 'ff L f-Q DY ' 1"'L AJ Lff .LM C..-..,,J L ,Jfff-wf.vfi,-, ki fJ O 1.1 xx f,HL'f'f, Mr, , ryffpi , wwf, f, C,.a.s2 Pre:,c.:..: ' 7 .S 4-9 x.. 1 "'-322 , f 1 H ' ,, -,,. JL.. 'FIV "'t'f E , , QULL','R.i Off! CDPPE. , f Cf:1:1:.tL " . .-V, . L'-if ' RO C0521 X , .- "' C--,,- , Q. EDWARD CROWLEY 2 9Of'? Certificates Newman Club Bowling Team Glee Club VERINIA DARDEN 1 90? Certificate .Assistant to Teachers Gold Bar in Gym fl-85 FERDINAND DE FELIPPI Newman Club Weekly Staff Main Ofhce Squad G.O. Every Term THOMAS DE GATI I 9054 Certificate Service to Mr. Bronitsky G,O. Every Term JOHN DELANEY G,O. Every Term LOL'IS DE MICHELE G.O. Every Term Perfeft Attendance f6, 7D Honor Guard 'QP Aw' Qin fx.-'49 4 5 b ..,. ,,,.,.uf" M f 4"-'Q 4,94 , ww! Y ,PQ Z! , ,,,, ,411 -, .. 'RN , K , if fn CHARLES DI PERI I5 90? Certificates .lunior and Senior Arista Honor Guard Lt. THOMAS DONER 2 Lc-ttf-rs of Commendation Glee Club Lunch Room Squad G.O, Every Term ROBERT EGAN Class President I3-52 Honor Guard G,O. Every Term MARILYN EINBINDER Several 9092 Certificates Arista Prosper! Staff French and Brandeis Clubs CATHERINE ESPOSITO Gown Committee Assistant to Teachers G,O. Every Term ROBERT FACCANI Service to Miss Turner G.O. Every Term DUI 5.-ALD FALLS RDEERT FHRRIS A iff, r,,-.g..,- Q.- -.. ,, U... .... 5 5 A.: Q-: 49.21.23 FLEECE 3 f L-1-L 1.2-223. ' " ' ED G.l.LLF.GHER Q ?'.'? Cf-:t.i'.2te '71 VJ fi f U E223 'Q iffi. I wi, 1.5 CL,-'-.IRE GEREHEII K- N-.fff ,f.' I Y ff , f , 2 3 ff f-ffiali ' f : A f Q5 .. .f,. Q fb c LI... Rn.. J.-22.1125 GIEGEL I ? Y? C,f::t,S'.zte L""f' of f ""'P'ChK19T. G,O Every Terri. ,.- Q., PQ, Q -1 vi, 7 A 9 W.: L- A I 'F 1 0-v-FN. 'Vx 1-4- ", gg 1 1 L. 1 Y'-. x C' 5' " , A . 5 " 5 QM. .45 V 0, gf f I .. .. 1 1 ' 1 rv Q -1 -.of ia, ZCP..1.i.1.IL.l. GOD Z.I.Z U:1i."' 1 fOE2?H GRIBBIX' Q4 3.7 fftiiat lf' 5.1.35 '-N'ILLI.l.f.I HALL GO Euerr Teri, Sif,.1': " f-1:3 Rf? ff.I.l.RIE HAMILTO . 9.7 Cerpicztf f- N . C V 3 Lfrttfrs 1: C, i.35.::2.r.t 1: Teachers JOHN HTQRLEY 1 PY? Cerzgizate E72 C,Cff.Yf.if.'i2.I:V'.. SUSAN JOHNSON 2 QV? Qfrziicaxes Assgatmt to Teachers Lizrarjr DQQZLC1 VN'ILLI,-XM JQSLIN MARY JEAN LIBERT 2 Letters of Commendation 4 9054 Certificates d ' IIUHOI- Guard Ii Letters o Commen ation GO. Assistant to 'licachcrs C AROLE KA PLAN Letter of Commendation Brandeis Club Service to Miss Rabe G.O. Every Term JOHN KOPCZYNSKI Service to Miss Rube Honor Guard CHARLES LAGANA 2 9052 Certiiicates Captain Soccer Team Service to Miss Crocker RONALD LEONARD G,O. Evcfry Term Service to Mr. H. Siegel CELIA LEVY 5 Letters of Commendation Arista C+-ld Bar in Gym Every Term G O s NQJH ' Q 4' ,-w Q.- -uv N wi "'-934 -w..,.M .wh 'ww -ww 5 ' t I NN ROBERT LOTT Honor Guard Book Room Squad ANTHONY LUCIANO 2 9052 Certificates Honor Guard GO. JOSEPH LUNDRIGAN Letter of Commendation Honor Guard Minor "M" Swimming G.O. DAVID M.-XZURE Arista Chiptnin of Honor Guards Football 'lieniu ANTHONY MAZZELLA Honor Guard Service to Mr. Ross JOHN MCCAMPHILL G.O. Every Term Honor Guard JAMES MCREDMOND G.O. Every Term Letter of Commendation Gym Secretary MARGIE MCSHEA l 9092 Certificate .Assistant to 'lieachers Gold Bars in Gym DENIETRIOS MICHAELOPOULOS 9052 Certificates Soccer Team .Ancient Greek - 4 Years MORTIMER MILNER 4 9O'1 Certificates Brandeis Club Honor Guard JOSEPH MORABITO 1 90W Certificate G.O. Every Term nf? 3? Q, H, I umm '-, '4 ,f 1 Ag 'Q if, ' ww,- Z fn me Z 'fi' X, Service to Mr, McNamara ,if-2-,P M C ,. MM fr, 1 aa L ,.., JoHN MUCCI Honor Guard .Assistant to Teachers Gym Secretary FRANK MURO Lf-tter of Commendation Assistant to Teachers M.ARlO NARGI Honor Guard Assistant to Teachers G.O, Every Term RONALD NIZZA Honor Guard G.O, Every Term RICHARD O'GARA 4 909? Certificates 4 Letters of Commendation RICHARD PERRETTA 4 90? Certificates Honor Guard Sergeant Baseball Team Secretary to Mr. McNamara ROBERT I'R1Y1"l' Sr'1'vin'r' to Ciyiii OffiCr'1 Libiury Squad II1i111i1' li11i11d G.O. lim-11113411 Evi,-15 YIYVIIII RISTO PYYKKO Swiiiiniinsz 'ik-11111 if-SJ Assistunt tn 'I'1'11c1he,-1'5 G.O, Eva-ry '11-1111 FRANCIS QLINN Studi-nt Cifmllifii Dr'-ls'-gatf' 44,1 1XsSi2tunt to I1A:iChc'1's CLO. Evmiy 'I C1111 MALRO RADESCHI Honor Cil1flI'Ci 900 Klvdnl 7 'W J6'W'rg1S fi Math RL-diils Svrvicc' to M12 Morton RQXYNIUND RHCICO .Xssismnt tu 'IH-Q1cI'1fA15 4 UW? C11-1'tinrz1tf'S C.O. Evwry 'IN-1111 S'IiEI'H.XNIE REHNBERG Swiiiiinine Cjluiid C1111Li.'idf'1'B.idQi' ff U ENVI? 111111 4 f J HM' 13? A 1 , .,,. ,, , f , if ,if 4 1, 1135 , ,,vV4,, Y, ' ,,' ZZ, X 1 ,, ff 'ff 1 W, , Mya? fo N H" M W 2 4, Y ' Ziff ff, nr! W 279 If ix Q pu' '-. GEORGE RENZ Swimming Tr-am 2 909 Ccrtincatc-s MARY RIQDLOFF Library Squad Assistant to 'Iif'5tCi'1CI'S First .Xid Cvrtificate HAROLD RYAN Scwvim' to Mr. McNamara ' l QW? Cflrtificatff 'Z L1-ttfrs of Cornniendation WILLIAM RYAN St'I'X'iCl' to N111 O-CiOHHOf 1 9O'2 Ccrtificnte 1 LC'liL'l' of Co111n1endation JOSEPH smuo ,XSSiSl.l!lI to 'Iwt'llChC1'S Gun S1'C1'Cti11'y MICHAEL SKIN.-XTO Kip ffiulx 1 909 Ccrtificatc CIO. 1 TOHF- :Q.l.AE."-'Ef.L,l. Lzlfiir 2-2: GO 'DFZTJ C-- N ' " .X ,.,...-. . --4----4 -.- x NL-. ,. xr, ,.- K ..,.-...-.x .JL2 1.i ",--.. vm-- . r"xr"-Y'-' ...A.v.J,. ,,,-,-.-.. gift 1 x4--Y .l.Rf.Iif r . , fu, 1.,.,. ,,xr,,-, IDD A.: ' ,-,,Q ' JL5. i 27? CML., 1? Letter if Citi...-':i:t,... Dv-l"e:'i: qi Ita " F " SEEAiTIE.ff EGROI GO Every' Tut: CAROL SILBERMAF- 5 ff f ,,..,,,., 1 Lpzters ci CA .--..- .,.f A -'-"- "T ofa' YG Qfrpzax. ,,,,,ffg- f fe fr - 1 --,, '1 . 'J I ' , . ' ,jg 521 ' J, 'Wi 'f ' kZ,?,f7' 'V A ..' pig. V f iw.. -'Y 1 ,X 1 'f y, X AQ' if ,.. In-u Q- 5 ,qv Q Y '4 . Y- VA 5 fl? :' Y! K - 1, f 7 n pv- ,,f -., 1-N, as 'T "5 4 w 'tr I ' v 1 :..,, 1. , ,. - fi, - fri.- ,,.- .,,.. ,-.. 172g"'. "'-f,'W't '- --.,.1.., .-.1-,,--....- ,::.:i4.J :AJL - .:...i.ffD DCFL7 UH' Sf-IGLIYSRI 'glfff xr ,Q - 'J.l,'. T -, ,M QL-.. Q.: JM.. --- A Qlf-fD,l. EGKOFSKY I7 F-Ieigl Q2 QLgi'ii3,:L1 411. 11: Egillf 9.5352 fi Lli Craig? ROBERT9. SPINNER L 3i"f firiiizzfs f LL.,,Y,: .: ,' --, . gi-.- ?ff,22.'hQ Qf""' E'11E'?IE MYRNA SPRINGER ll 909? Certificates 2 Letters of Commendation Arista 2 Scholarship Certificates ANTHONY SROUR Major Letter in Football Honor Guard G.O. Every Term ROBERT STUART Bowling Team Assistant to Teachers G,O. Every Term ANNA SULLIVAN Assistant to Teachers President of Class Q2, 35 Newman Club Gold Bars in Gym FRANK ULTIMO 2 9051 Certificates Student Council Delegate C Service to Mr. Easterly G.O. Every Term 1, 7:3 'iff W6 ,ffffvfna W'-A Y' A ,ff Maxx, Q I '57-D RAYDA VENEGAS Assistant to Teachers Red Cross Certificate 4 Gold Bars in Gym G,O. Every Term JOSEPH VOCI 2 Letters of Commendation Service to Mr, Bonfield G.O. Every Terrn CHARLES WHELAN Letter of Commendation Honor Guard G.O. Every Term MARLENE WININGER 8 9072 Certificates Medal in Typing Arista Assistant to Teachers JOAN ZIMMERMAN 2 9052 Certificates 5 Letters of Commendation Newman Club fl-8D 138 Stall' .gm Q ,xx 'sk Vin 59 Y Iv Q Ps Nd 'Na Vx r T1 NJ' TIA :SE S Q F- X C75 ,Q -Z , 'W A N QUIOI' S ' rx mmf ff, ' f ' A- uf! y MJ J 411.1951 N if X cgm, CQ ff ZOWZ Ufoffz 6501174172 KKf?'3iQ 'wwf I Num, f , 77 72f,Q YR 4? 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JN fx" V 1 .,h- f"4 X X LX L I X Ff 5 If X. f' :EjKjX'X',4T2f !k,,W ix X V K K .N , 4'ff4f5vi' ff A X r ii , , - f Nxyxf 7 4 X4 K N Rijjfh, N f f M x A X :A fxJf,fwff,a.,"g'07, IIL1, Y A in f ' 12322 X5 L, f-'H Qffffffb 0 X9 Ffgfw . png 'H 4? i 'Tv .4 I RI f 17 5 -'B '-1 ' - 'Z ..ff1.7p,-, ' ,"' g 1' Q , , I I0 A -'-ff, X I, I ,,,,f: Zf -A A .- i - 7 4 '7':-,Y , C I rn I 3- .- 5115, at 'fl ' .T I " f, - e, ' . ' ' f. L 4 ,fag J I, V XS, l H If ff, if 5, ' "P--" . 'V " f ' - I' , 1 5' ' T, w' , -X -I- X E ggi fig! ff fy? f 2 I 2, I s 1 In AR , f 4 ' '5 If f , 2 f , fi ,- -1' 1 A ii 5.2 I I' f ip ' jf' 95 if Qfffw IL J Vw ,-., ' fm:-. 1 Nr' I5 , ,I - 1159, . 9 Q ' " , 1 ' 4 Y' g 'f ' rif'?'7': , "'f' , '5 gif Y " A" -- f ,az V, 2 ' k 'Q Z f , Q' 1 rg, A N""SA I I I ' ?'4 ff :iv -6 - 1 WLAN-H-1 J 3 fffy f 5. X 155 f iz, -f gif: X - f f e 154- E ,Vg A f 5 m' 's SJ -Jr I f 'qi Nw , I ,, Q P , 3 , f , I 4 Xl 3- 1 .5 ui 2, 2 G 451' , ,. A up 0 'ffm .X -, I ,I 1. . g S, 4 A f - :W I4-I, 1 Zn Ljid. 71, II IIA , C-.'e 4,-,,4IUa 1 7' W, vw., ,G f al 'PW' 1- '-'I-eff , ' 1 , Y if ' ,A f Q' W . V 4-5 - ' f-V "if ing I, 3 X X '5f f- ,Ik . 1 .ff V . 14 'TA -Q ' 1' 5 V ' g ' ' f 5 75, , K 'gfffnmygff ' f! ' fJf1'T--ff 'f-1 - A Is" -P: f? M , ,, . , ,,'f A , , , A 1 ' . . , fs ' ff I, ..,Aa1-ff ,I " " 'V 'a XZ, ,I. .I , . f If K F, 1, wa. - J -X1 W -- , I Q , f I 1-.1 x I , 1 -ff 3' ff ff ' ,' f..." V - , V, X' 4 If f I.:-I." 9 ' fffg I", 1 :IX , ' H, ,. , 5 "2 ' ' 4' 24? 'X gif' ,.,'ff f ff 5 V 'X ' ' 7 Q, 1 f f N-A f p 'J 4 , - -"Y ,B j 1,5 f fs I , ' -' -641, - ,f ,.y' ' 2 4 .5-.II l I 4 6.3! ALI? . l , 1 'H-4 , f 3 , x 4, y "4 57651244 ir' I A Q. p-1:4 .fffff III.,,, I I f"'1ncf's: , ,.,, I a ,,. '71ffff5 V . A , 5 , ,anti 1 3' 6 A Z , I A -tiff", X if g 'Ll-11152, 'I' ' K . III .4 If II -wf:f, -x--M. f"' ' .ei f49f! -. Hfrf ffyf 6 ' V 'S ' f QL I "xx ,J I ., V' I f 1 'V ' Q I - A f ,Y ff 2' N T' ' L, '-1 ' L I fi , f ' L Alf Y k v fig' 57'f1f-if f 'Xj-fi'-!!CIL? I , I ...A ff 1 I , I Z pf f . f ,I VN pp- x , f IX ad 2 pf f -4 A A f -112-A I ff I , Kia iii, , "I' I' ,J I 'f If ,I , I gk, IX I ' ' I!f,f-"f:.-:- ," fx!-f' gf H' -f 1 N- - ,f if Q f "4-g,7 I ' I , ' . if " Y' ' ?1i,- :' -. 'I . 'A '7 Ifff--:f' gf " 1 -JZ -4:51 - 1 , f, f mfg , f f few 1 ,g,1 , - . f ,.,, , f 4 Q., gf -. G' 7 . . I , N -C , . Xi X ,i I T Jigjif 'f' ff Qc!! N -' X., 2 -ff ""- K 'f f ' ,f J Y I 1 Q Vp" A ffif',ffP ,f 5 A ' N'-'J 1 P if ,T 5 f N. - Y lf k g I ff 5 4 5 +1 ' f' Six ' - .I ' , -Z - 'fff , , f ,pf if KfI5j:f - A- f- ' ,V L I I , XR 'JI ilk! AW ff' 1 fizwf NJN r ,I-f If I I we I .Ag NZ I J CLASS OFFICERS - JUNE 1957 if " I President NICK SECCAFICO Captain Fomlmll 'IW-:iin GERALDINE PIGN.'Yl'ARO 14 fH'J',f? Cf-rtificzites C.O, Prffsidi-nt HSD Arism Varsity Lvttf-1' 900 Iwfvdgil CLC. EXCC. Assistant to Ti-zirhcrs , V, 'Fave A W -uw," ' ,ww- My 9 Secretary NIARIE MARESCA DON SCIPIONE Miss Manual 'Ti I "Wi Uf'I'tif:lCllU' 909 Mrdzil f 1 Jewffl Pri-il-ct .Xttvndaiiw I7-83 Arista Honor fliizirds KLLJ Q5 QOH Cli'1'I1f1CL1U5 Fiiiitli4il1'I'm-:ini 30 Vice-President Treasurer 'fv -1 '- .g-.yf-v1- -4 ' A , ,- - J, - .-.,..,.. ,.,...,-.,.. ,...,- X 'W 9 K 45 QD , gg E- f- 9- nv' 4' I. ,-Q ,1- gl Q...-o '...L.1.- ."..J,i.- of 7- -, Y--v -f H52 .4.IJiiEC- ? Cf':t.ifetfi F JL-- f K- 'a, fOr r..-., X, , A-gf-N f-5 1.,,. " 'x r I--'if HOLD .ADLER 3' 'Tl 1 f . ,-v K1 7 f, 1s Qrfn, ' v-I riL..J Lltt ROY .-XNDERSEN 2 90W Certificates 5 lmttvies of Lloiiiiiicnclation Bio Squad G.O. Every Term C.-XRULINE :XNDREASSEN 21 90'P Cvitificxitvs Arista Pres, Social Studies Club Sw li vlxirship CI:-rtilic.itf's GEORGE :XNGELOPOS 2 QOC2 Cvrtiliczitfs Assistant to 'lk-nchf-rs Letters uf ClUIIlIIlt'TldfltlOl'l G.O. Evvry Terrn PETER .-XNTIOCO Pr:-siclwnt ul- Stud:-nt Council Captain of Honor Guards Assistgint to Tr,-achers Glf-e Club SQXBINA .-XQLIN.-XS Student Council 2 Terms Assistant to 'lvI'1lL'l'l4'l'S G.O. R4'prr'sf-ntL1tivf- Class President 2 Ternis BARBXR.-X .-XSCIOWITZ BUUSIVI' Assistant to Teachers Sr-rvicri in Math Urhcc J pe. J nv ,V www, , ,z f . Q in af 1 ,, f' WW , 'lf N Y ai " .. H4 Ay, 4164 yy .,,, ,.,,.r 'R Qpvw 'S A X fu' 1: f Y.. gt X , 'Q '19-, in ill' 7 '46 .- F be yn... xi, J K t BARBARA BADER Arista Numerous 907? Certificates Assistant to Teachers 9072 Medal FRANK B.-XGN.-XTI 3 9072 Certificates 3 Letters of Commendation P4'rf1'f't .'Xl.l1'IldilVIf"' Assistant to 'lf'2lCl'1fA1'S ELLEN B.-XLDINI Junior and Senior Arista Cher-rleadvrs 4 9059 Cr-rtificates Assistant to Teachers DON BALSAMO l 90'? Certificate Honor Guard Base-hull Team Assistant to Mr. Laskow CHARLES BANKS junior Arista Qi Lt-ttf-rg of Coinniendatiori 2 Scholarship Certificates JO.-XN B.-XRBUZZA 3 Letters of Commendation Perfect .'XIU'fldl1I1CC 'Z 90'2 Certificates Assistant to Teachers xl Nl ii' -..Z ,, . ,-.f 1 .. ..,... .A...J x 1 'L' Q,- 7,- ...I 'Z' ':.. ,mf l' ff' .vg- '55 1 an 4 y . 1 . --v--,' --- --v1,- --F JL...-- -.- . .. f A xfbvbn., , . 'ug -O - .--1,,:.5t. .f"" C' 1 , fix - 'p.- XJ fb ,- nm' 1c"" Qr --f f ,pf 44. -- .., .-.L, . .J,.. Lf-I V- ' ,J 'Z' f' TCH" T-I 4L..,,. CO 6 L J LM.,-.-.A 0 ,,,- r ,--,-.,, x,-V. ,,,, x IWO ic.'.f. 1'w JD MINNIE BENEDETTO Assistant to Teachers C.O, JEAN BERLINGIERI 2 Lrtters of Commendation Assistant to Teachers Newman and Italian Clubs C.O. Every Term LOUISE BIANCHI l 90W Certificate C.O. Member Assistant to Teachers NEIL BILLINGS Kip Club Swimming Team Honor Guard Gym Secretary ROBERT BLOM fl 905 Certificates 2 Letti-rs of Coriiiiiwndation 2 4- V-.uv T?" 4v"""' df" WV" .wvvf Swimming Tr-am Assistant to Teachers LAWRENCE BLIQMENTHAL 5 900 Certificates 5 Lffttf-rs of Commendation French Club Assistant to Teachers Mr'- q 4- - vm., L 1 MM: mf 5 W4 -by Q, I lf WW 4--, jan L JOHN BOCDON 4 Scholarship Certificates Assistant to Numerous Tfztchers G.O, Every Term LORRAINE BONGIORNO 3 Short Letters of Commendation 3 9029 Certificates Assistant to Teachers FE BONGOLAN 3 90? Certificates 1 Letter of Commendation .Assistant to Teachers LOUISE BOOJAMRA 5 Letters of Commendation 4 9094 Certificates Science Squad and Bykota 3 P,S.A,L. Leader Awards WARREN BRADLEY 4 Letters of Commendation Assistant to Teachers G.O. Perfect Attendance Q3-75 VVILBERT BRADLEY 10 909 Certihcates Service to Teachers Treas, Pres. Arista 2 Letters of Commendation Club "AD .--,-.... .J x N' ' "3L:x'rq 1 I ' 1 - x,.-- f,T " 1.. -x ' Lffx. - f -- ..,, f -. .J X-L- 2-A-, W '- Z ,L ' r r ,,,, L-- -f x- r -QLJ0 pn ,, fe' W, Q 1. H, .4-L fg, ,- Pl' 'Q A f., L1 xf' W -is 'Y' f""' ,. L,--.,., 4, L 1-" -vAfv-x-- f ,vf VU- Lf--, Y- G O iff:- ,LGITU ffy-Y-Lvf-,Y , - V -LZ f LCMG O .: . ,. , , , 1f,f. , L f '- L,-,..f K, ,. ,,... ,J I - fp- I V N . 45- M qjj. ' 14,1 J 4 1 'Q .i 4 'V W S, iw- 'lu' 3 41-'f-1-- Qtr? GIG. E'.'ir'r T Q A ,PW , 'Eff TWf"'.' '-Tfzt ....'- L. - ,,,",4.. ,,.X... Tl ' ' ii? 31 .--73 Liff,i 1:4 31- .- rglw gs 'Lv-Lf - ' ---2:4 f' , . .... .-. -, ..... A.- - Q r, "vi, - ,..- .f iffn- D f ,',v1:TY- l Lexar :f CIf."iZ.'i?.fiC21 ' fix. Ci- 1giVR'iiris1" LQRETT' QE.. 'Y'9.fN' Qefhiiatis FRPQSK QiR,4.TOZZOLU : 3-7 Citxiigiis Q Lett 5 if Q:7i:Q'i3i1:r Pfffa. ittiiiiii' Liilfr Ggri 2 EDWARD CAREY .Assistant to Teach'-rs Letter of Commendation Band and Orchestra Member of C,O. JOYCE CASTELLANO 3 Letters of Commendation 3 Perfect Attendance Certificates .Assistant to Teachers f 2? 'km- X ' X GRACE CASTIGLIA 90? Medal 4 907? Certificates Letter of Commendation Q-N an VINCENT CASTIGLIA 3 909? Certificates Honor Guard G.O. Every Term 'N School Band 'W 4. M M4 'Viv JEAN CAVALIERE 1 9024 Certificate Scholarship Certificates Service Pin fn. yy-Q.. DANIEL CAVALLLTZZI Football Team Bio S uad fl l 905 Certihcate is -egg- I . mu.. M -AW MICHAEL CETTA 2 90W Certificates Baseball Team 4, 6, 8 Captain Baseball Team K8 FRAN CHASTAIN C,O. Every Term Assistant to Teachers 90? Certificate Short Letter of Commendatim CHENG TEM KEOW Assistant to Teachers G.O. Every Term Perfect .Attendance Red Cross Certificate CAROL ANN CHIL' SAN O G.O. Every Term 3 90f'? Certificates 4 Letters of Commendation Service to Mr. Neinstein Q3 85 EDDIE CHOBAR G,O. Every Term President of Class Q35 Honor Guard JOSEPHINE CICALA Arista 909? Medals - 5 Jewels 25 9052 Certificates G.O. Every Term -JH..-, 49 ' A in-X Y fb-, ' - Q., ... .J Os- 1-f 1 3, fs, , -ji A: ,....5I-i., l iff wif A--fx-x-- ,r. , ' J i'R'x' GOV' F-,.,-. f.f -,,1- f-ff vw f W .... u-., JV.. ...,.- ... lf 1' .,. 4 7 f 'S ,f V1 av -v, Av' f-I -.f 1' '13 Af' bi -.1 .. Q. vu.. ? 1- f- r- X, af' '- 4, ,, C' xr FPL ,.x , f. - .J -.,...A,, A 'r k, f .J.,..-.. Gu ,DW , -x, , .... I.- E fwfr JEAN CORTESE il Li-ttvrs of Coiiiiiir-ndzltion Perfect Attendance 1-5, and Chef-i'lt-adm-r Assistant to r-lJ4'.lf'lll'lS M.'XRI.X COSENZA 2 QOC? Ci-rtihezitr-s Serviff' to 'lxl'2N'll4'l'S 2 Letters of Coiiiiiir-ndntioii .Xssistant to Ti-iiehr-rs IGNfXTIL'S COSSENTINO Varsitv Baseball Student Council Varsity Basketball Assistant to Tt'aCl1f-rs THOKLXS COSTELLO Si-rviCf' to Vff'ilfJlll'I' Luneh Patrol Nevvmiln Club LUIS COLVERTIER Riflf- Ti-am 7 A 12 M... MV -.1-,uf-" 201 f,,,. X T ,ww fl' 0, wx' ,mf Vw ' Q53 "' 1 Am- 4 we --v -- X fc f.. .X ,.y,.A., ,.. 'f-uf iz' 1' ul? J w W ' 'P -QM , MM, wt,- gum., Wow! Short Lvtter of Coiiinii-nd.ition A ServiCe to Mrs. Codofsky "hw" G O ' JOSEPH CRISXLLI 900 Kfediil 7 :X JL'w1'l 4 WV? Cll'I'Ilf:lflltl'S .Xssistant to VIx4'IlClll,'I'S KVO. Every It-rin in 1 4, ,, f - f ,fm QW ,,, 1 I, f .nf 1, ,. . . if, - 4.- ANGELO CUCUZZA G.O. Representative f5j Assistant to Teachers oo. 1, 3, 8 JOSEPH CUCINIELLO 2 9094 Ct-rtihcatvs 2 Short Letters of Commvndation CLO. Every Tr-rrn Stuclf-nt Council 2 Terms GEORGE CULLEN l Letter of Commendation G.O. Member ANTHONY CLOCCO 2 90? Certificates 2 Letters of Commendation Assistant to Mr. McCoy G.O. Every Term ROSALIE CTQOCCO Glee Club Library Squad Home Economics Certificate Cnft'ti'ria Squad ROBERT CURTIN Newman Club 8 Terms .-Xssistant to Teachers 2 Pc'rfeCt Attendance Certifkates Short Letter of Commendation JOHN C1Z'VEKL'S 5" -A--A M- Tw-1. - Wrd Term O O. 4 3rd Tum S.XL'L DAITCH ' 'Lf 'Q C,sffr1:,,L - -f .,,..,.L, fi O, Evfsr-x Tfsyfl Ssrvifiv to Mr. Marshal Hfznsr Ggard P.-XT DALY G O Evsrr' Terri C016 Bars i: Gait. I QW? Csrzitifiati in Hcrrf N tc M355 S '5 ALI-'RED DAKIELR C126 C115 Pax Argipricar. Shows Dire-ctor - YY Diffs DONALD DQXNGELO 905 Medal 4 Scholarship Cffrtiicaifs G O. Exicgti'-'fr ' Arista RONALD DALPHINEE 6 Lftbrs of QC-1':1m6r.dation Rfprf-sfnmtiw: Student Cour. Bylgom and Ff"T.CT'. Clubs C,O. Every' T6rm c.1 A 'vu Mc 14' W,- ,,, ,4 " 2 as ff . if " , . . 'Q . .1 Ama.. -fm an 11: s. - ' vu -Q, i+ .ful '-v K, ',v 71 ,ag ff 1 I? 2, -A ,va fr x ',J X 'Q , J N2 O IOn.N DAX Lfrufa. ' ae-.. .1 ff 'Sf O Ez Tiff: is T--ss?-' ' :ggi QTL ' ROSE DAYEF-'PORT 4915 Qsrgigstfs QL-1:1-is if QLYJ1, ' whzpir .fkzxstl ,kssis is T-fish LEO DAYY 47 Service Credits BLQQ1 SCAC Sfrwi if1'M1ss F1xlg'.' Q sptsr. L'x.Qh:c-its THOMAS DAWSON Fcctbglll Trash "M" Q Litter if C.crr.r:s:d Frsshrgiix Ngmirals JOAN DE ANGELIS Gold Bars in Gyms. Asszszzxz to Tsgihers O O. Ever? Tift: Class Sffiritarjr 2 Terr' THERESA DELFINO 2 917 Cfrtiicgres Sclzolarsh-ip Certificate Lfttirs it Cor:'.rxsr.d:ti MICHAEL DELLACATO 2 Letters of Commendation Assistant to Teachers Basketball 'learn Honor Guard THOMAS DEL PRIORE Student Council Delegate C4-7 Service to Mr. Manos Honor Guard C43 G.O. Every Term LOUIS DE MATTEO G,O. Every Term DIANE DENNIS 1 9074 Certificate Short Letter of Commendation Assistant to Mrs. Tennenbauni Gold Pin in Swimming JAMES DENNY Varsity Swimming Team G.O, Every Term 1 QOC? Certificate 1 Letter of Commendation JOHN DE PAOLO Assistant to Teachers 2 909 Certificates 2 Letters of Commendation Honor Guard ,A i I nu W is xi fail' W' I W ,Ri C . J' A-f' xiii nw' Vi- ,A ff? if iff' if ts' we--fs. 'S' .1 , Atal' 1 'K-'-W" S? DOROTHY DE TOY Arista 2 QOW Certificates Scholarship Certificates NICHOLAS DEVITO 2 L4-ttrirs Commendation Perfect .Attendance K2 yrsj NELLIE DIAZ G.O. Every Term Service to Mrs. Weiner 9fJ'? Certificate Gold Bars in Gym DOROTHY DIEHL 2 905 Certificates French Club tl-75 Vice I6-7l Junior and Senior Arista Service - Miss Rabc l,Ol'IS DI FAZIO G ,O. Eve rx' lc rm to lcaclicrs Honor Us-rtific.ite in Art Llub -I.XNE'l' DI GENNARO Arista '2 Scholarship Certificates Boosters 10 90W Lit-rtificitt-s Pres RICHARD DILLON Library Squad G.O. Every Term RALPH DI SALVIO ll QOH Ct-1'tihc11ts-s 'lPI'4'f1SLlI'L'1' of Student Council Q75 Candidate for G.O, Exec. Bowling Teftni Q73 JOAN DLIQG 9002 N111-diil 7 6 Jewels Iii' QUE? Certihtxitrfs junior and Senior Arista G.Q, Every 'ligrui HARRY DONIENECH Letter of Commendation Student Cour1Cil Dw'lI'g.iL4' EDVVARD DONAIO Swimming 'lizini Assistant to 'Iilfi1Cl1Q'1'S Letter of Cfvmmfgndation Q5 2 5' 3 Perfect .Attendance Certificates ANNE D'ONOFRIO QW? Medal -- 6 Jewels 1513 9094 Certifit'1itc's Junior and Senior Arista Student Council Q7, 83 qvffm - 9 g--A ,V 911 , F ---T-.. 'M- 0 ' eff,-, 'WW .-. ,'fQ'n- pf' Wh rg-W. 2. .fn 'PSE I ii' ' f '5 ,-, - ' ,lg Q- is 22 -..t M95-"' 'Wh' ELIZABETH DONZA I WV? Certihcfitv' 2 Short L1.'IIl'I'S of Comnif nd it On G.O. Rr-presm-ntative Assistant to Teachers JOSEPH DOWDING QOH? Certificate Honor Guard 4 Terms G.O. Every Terrn Assistant to Teachers GEORGE DRAKOS St-rvicv to Teachers 4 QW? Certificates 6 Letters of Commendation G.O. Every Terrn ROBERT DUGGAN Bykota Club President Arista Scholarship Certificates 11 9092 Certificates IVIICHAEL DWYER Senior Guard G.O. Every Term Gyni Secretary Q75 ANN MARIE ECHEVARRIX Letter of Coniniendzition Service to Teachers Gold Bar in Gym G.O. Every Term NITZA ELZHEYARRIA 4 90 'r Lfr'1'tif:lCi1t1tS 15 Lvtters of Lloiiimendation Assistant to 'liezichcrs ILO. Every Term MARCIA EPSTEIN 1 90'? Certificate Short Letter of Llonimend Assistant to 'IW-archers G.O, Every Terrn XAVIER ESPOSITO Junior and Svnior Arista G.O. Every 'I'errn Assistant to Teachers PEARL ELLISS 2 905 Ccrtificates 60 Word Str-n Certificate Assistant to Teachers G.O, Every Term XVILLIAXI FABRY Chemistry Squad 2 909 Ccrtihcates ation ,. ,W V 49' f -.ef 'Vw UML I ,M r ' flu 2 Perfect Attendance Certificate 1- A, V " Lunch Guard LILLIAN FARERI Letter of Cornrnendation Assistant to 'Ivgrchers Gold Bar inpffyni CLO Every' Ierrn fx, .1 '57 7' if '::. ct' ,, 0 Nga' V 1 1- 3' ANTONIO FARINA 2 90W Certificates - 5 Letters of Commendation Perfect .Attendance f2y G,O. Every Term SARAH FARLEY TG 9022 Certificates Perfect .Attendance 4, 5 1 Short Letter of Cornrntndzrtion Assistant to Mr. Schneicr CERT FALYST ELO, Every Term CARMELLA FELICE 13 900 Clertihcates Service to Teachers Glee Club f'6,, .XL FIGLIOLIA 0 90W Ciurtificates Assistant to Teachers Sf' Clluhs CLO Ex'cry Term ROBERT FILOSA 2 Short Lettf-rs of Conunendation Honor Guard G.O. Every Term CIYITA FIORE D-,Z UH 'f,- , Cffigtif' ,.-.1'Qf,u.1.- :LL . QHQR fa.. 1-.., ..., B- 1f " ,VF :UT 4.'- 9, sv--. '35- if., ...f 1 c.,-' nur 'N -, 9' 'rs 4 ai L""'Z' "".' TD' .. ..,.- L.,.Z 51, 2.1 C,iLI.IfEf.L' , , . :nmol f' -'L"f ..-A-. QAM. Ji... .. 41 V AEIQIT Qpf. ,C ffl,- Q ?1'7' Qijigiiy' 1 Lfiiif 1: 'llfl' Pxfjtl-'LAP-'I' A FJFATES f ,,,L,',Zg:,,: za., Mji' F112 C.,,' J"'4' 'T ,, " "" "' L.. 17- '2, Ga.: Ba: .2 Gj-rr. Luffy T 1 "H A I f' jyflflgigu pR5AjjQEgE GREGORY GATTO fl FJ 55,155 fr I fi'f Cwtgicatfs ,- ' , F2424 QL-: if "" 1 4' - Lf,n,,Y: fi fvvfwg tar., 'c fem A 4 -'--- f- Q' A-'--' Y ' fg faf - Q-J .- . f f F IRE-WE FRQER fx.II,,H.1.EL TJATTO S' :gr Ofirf-strz G O Huff", l TY' f,a.f.,... X14 0.632 J-6 1 Lf-ttf 5 0. C -.fn-.r..Qr. VM ,Q Off.1'f.f'T.CZ ILOY F1 .-5- wr , fr! ,Z-f K -'Ar f Qrvw- zufrq RONNIE GAY Hoiim' Guard Kip Club ffl--,lj fi,O. Eyvry 'livriii Pr'1'fr,-rt .-Xtt1:ndzmCr- K4-53 ANTHONY GERACI 2 900 Cm-itihmites Lunfhruoiii Guard Gym l,ocki-r Guard 2 Lvtu-is of Commendation ,ff wt' fllv L.. 44" .f-sl, nf ,,, f-ff LINDA GILBERT A .Kristal ,, '- Captain of Boosters f , Prvsidr-nt Drama Club ,wr Executive Assistant Weekly - 'W' X . M. . ' ' E V , 4 vw--N. EVELYN GONZALEZ Student Courifil Assistant to 'li1'ClCl1f,'fS Nursing Cffrtihcate Gold Bar in Gym ROBERT GOULD 8 9024 Gtfrtificutes 5 Lf,-tti,-rs of Commendation Pi-rff-ct Attwndzince Certificate G.O. Every Term .4XNNE'l"l'E GRANARA Student Council G.O, Every 'lif'ITIl Assistunt to Teachers rl wwfjf I M '17, ni A 5 Z ,M f- fv at Q - 4: "' GEORGE GRANITI Assistant to Teachers G.O. Every Term DOROTHY GRECO Assistant to Teachers G.O. Newman Club WALTER GREEN Assistant to Teachers G.O. Every Term SVEN GRONVOLD 4 90? Certificates Several Glubs 5 Letters of Commendation G.O. Every Term STEVE GROSSGOLD Arista 5 Letters of Commendation Mt-timber Basketball 'leam Basketball Captain 7, 8 CHARLES GROTH Bowling 'l'c'ain UQ Honor Guard ..,,: it f-,H .J !,,,: 22'-'-fl.?..J .Z-.. L,EE,E12T.f it A2112 3" fr 5-27: ROEER '- ' 'Davin IUHI Q Q E,,-, TLV, -,.,, fp!-' fr bf -if ,Q 4 1-P ,-Z V C. , 5.0 yx.. I 7 42 L- p 1...- W 1 -a Ou., Q .f- pf 1. ,- is... ERROL HYATT Bronze, Silvvi' and hold Mm-dal Srrviu' to Vlll'.lCh1'l'S Track Team FILMENA IOVINA 2 9O'Q'? clL'l'tll:lULlll'S Assistant to Tc-achcrs NM vnan and Social Studic-s Clulms G,O. Every Tcrm EVELYN JACKSON First Aid C0rtiHCatf- .Assistant to Touche-rs G.O. Gold Bar in Gym Evvry ROBERT JACKSON Honor Guard Q5-6D Assistant to Tcachcrs NORMA JACOBS Assistant to TL-ache-rs G.O. Evnry Term Swimming Club Booster THOMAS JACOBSEN Tcrm Q r Srrvifc , V . 'Wir ,C .X- M ,, N he ,M I ,. f 'Q , :srl 1? of 4 qv' 2 I 'S hs- 4 L EV 40" f,,,.,, "' QQ... , 2 fngvvf Uk' 'FQ 'B 5 Lvttt-rs of Commendation 8 907 Ct-rtificates f V .-A., Service to Dr, Grivvc SM Q46-sf 1-Fvqk 5 .., 'W' ,Q ll, NORMAN JENSEN G.O. Ev:-ry Term Manzigvr of Swimming Team 3 lf-rms Honor Guard 2 Terms THALIA JERVIS Srtrviva- to 'lX1'IIC'T1f'I'S G.O. Evvry Tvrm Art 1.1-agus: Sth Tcrm HARRY JOHNSON 5 QUCZ C1-rtificates 4 Lcttr-rs of Commftndation S1-rvicc to Mrs. Ducat ANNIE JONES Lotte-r of Commendation Pvrfvct Attrndancv L73 Economics Club C71 Boostvrs and Glec Clubs RONALD JORGENSEN 2 905 Li-ttrrs of Common 2 85'i Ct-rtilitatvs Assistant to Tcachcrs HENRIETTE JUNKER ll 9O',? .cll'TIlHL'Iltl'S Assistant to Tcachcrs dation GEORGE KABOUCHY 12 909? Certificates .Assistant to Teachers Senior Activities Committee Italian Club DELORES KADLUB 5 9054 Certificates Assistant to Teachers .Arista French and Bykota Clubs MARLENE KAHAN Arista Assistant to Teachers 9092 Medal - 2 Jewels 28 90W Certificates HELEN KANE 1 Letter of Commendation Service Certificate Assistant to Teachers G.O, Every Term HAROLD KASTNER .Arista 90? Medal - l Jewel Assistant to Teachers Various Clubs SANDRA KATZMAN l 9004 Certificate Brandeis Club Boosters .Assistant to Teachers up 'W ,f fn Q' fm' MW 41464 1-'Q ,ur eff-f mm, ff? , v--., 1 T 'H' I ima 'twaatqbv I' fx fufnx Q. X, . 4""' fi 'T 4 , ' v AY Hg D .I W. ' 2 A f ,i JOSEPH KEANE Honor Guard Student Council Gym Secretary Assistant to Teachers MARGARET KEANE 4 Letters of Commendation 5 9077 Certificates Student Council Rep. Perfect Attendance C53 PATRICIA KELLY Short Letter of Commendati Assistant to Mr. Siegel Three Gold Bars in Gym G,O. MURIEL KERR 9054 Medal - 2 Jewels Arista 9090 Certificates DOROTHY KERSEY 5 907 Certificates Senior Arista 4 Letters of Commendation Sec. of Student Council C6j KAREN KING 9094 Medal - 2 Jewels OH 9050 Certificates in all Majors Arista President Newman Club , ff' M QW 'MW yn 3 X UWM IM A WML! Wien-Luca. 54051, Qf'XL,M,f.,a v5 MQEQ I 0ffZZ?"ff 'aw 7' fm Q 'Q XL ,MIM 9 IW, WWW fmaijwm QM Vffn, ff-are 0+ Wf WZ MW azizbfww 4444 35345351 Qffmfbf' 2 M I ff-,J If , If ,yyipb A'L."QL' wi 1 'ahah 5 W? ia . .21 35240, Efzzmf x 1' '.1 , ,I fi tx Qi A, 4 Aff Q! '44 1' 11 "Wie, ' gJ.fJZ,1Qf, :J 3, 4 501 CO- 61,04 0!Qww,Q'z,,, - -g - f O , ,f , 1' fo Q 1 gf yo' r'JJ!U7" 5 I Q 5 A H Xi rl, 'Q 8- ,Q Z .J!f3o?'fc, if - Q' Aff Y -:fd Lffw' Ziff AQ f GOTQQ CHARLES KIRDAHY 3 90W Certificates Swimming Team Senior Orchestra Newman Club EMILY KLEIN l0 90? Certificates 'Z Scholarship Certificates 48 Service Credits Arista LEONARD KLEINMINTZ G,O. Swim and French Squads Orchestra 2 Terms Honor Guard DONALD KLUNGLAND 5 Letters of Commendation Assistant to Teachers G.O. Every Term ELAINE KOLOGY 2 907 Certificates G.O. Every Term .Assistant to Teachers Gold Bars in Gym Every Term DOLORES KOZNIK 2 907? Certificates 'Z Short Letters of Commendation Class President .Assistant to Teachers - 'png' W, 'M -. "',p' ft Ig Q Q "'i -R J . 1, ,, t '-. ff' fx 'urs ff, W ft rl-.. ef Wf- M, if 1 49"-tt fix -,ai J, . 4- WW 'Cm' 'Ox PHYLLIS KRAMER 90W Certificate in English Switchboard Squad Assistant to Teachers MARILYN KRAWIEC First Aid Certificates CII. Evr-ry Tr-rm Gold Bar in Gym ROSEMARIE LA BLA Assistant to Teachers l 9099 Certificate G.O. DIANA LA CALAMITA 8 909 Certificates 2 Letters of Commendation Arista G.O. MARIE LA SALLE G.O. Every' Term Gold Bar in Gym Assistant to Teacher RUTH LAU 3 90'L Certificates 4 Letters of Commendation Assistant to Teachers G.O. .--,v,---,--,- -..,. .....,.,. ... .....- -,...,....- -LX,T. - v f44-l,--V M, - ,H , 5 YP-' YJ . KV,-fr.'!.' its E 'Iv tn Q r xr '- L-xi I f .-1.. ,i.."'if: 1 lf, fb 7' f .J':... .,.... I . hi. - f -- 'ff' YV:- , U23 LITRER H1111 2-314 T A G O Eze: ww'- .. 9.555 ' ' ,- -,Q HQ'.'-49.3 Liffff, 9151.525 LOFTIX' if EQ 7 Ci7t.i'1'i5 ' fa ' Glffi Cl-i 1 Lit? iii... """ J- ' - 1 Lett? 1fC,1Tf.T': L,f1'f12 W' ,Z f 'HW' ' I C1125 . 'fir' -, , 1, -H-' ' -' A f-7 ' ' f if MWA ,Mff , 7 9 rgrzupb Lgyyjjg QHARLE3 LOPEZ . 3' ff, f ,,,-.Li,ti G O Ever'-' Tiff: 2 5i,,:,,fQ':Uf,Y,,,,.,f,.', Q73 Cviiiir' ,V ,, ,T .....,. ,..--... ,N , Winn G VJ ,:'.'iT'f ri iii' 3 9: "- fhjv-V ,:::"' f P" ""' " ..-.. Y,- , Tri. I 'T' Y" f ,,..f ARLENE LORD Glee Club Assistant to Teachers G.O. Every Term Gold Bars in Gym ROBERT LUNDY Honor Guards G.O. Every Term DENNIS MADDEN Honor Guard Swimming Team G.O. Every Term MARY MADSEN 907 Certificate Gold Bar in Gym G.0. DIANE MAGDALANY 9 Letters of Commendation Assistant to Teachers MARY MALETTE 90? Medal 20 9057? Certificates Arista 2 "M's" - Cheerleading, Journal- ism I ,vw raft' "' " 4-ff .f , ,5- if ,,..,- -wen' ji we jf' fn- fee 'T L 'Us TONY MANOCCHIO C.O, Every Term Assistant to Teachers Secretary and Locker Guard AGNES MARESCA Assistant to Teachers G.O. Every Term Gold Bar in Gym Every Term LOUIS MARINAKOS Glee Club Soccer Team Captain Major "M" Soccer Team Service to Mr. Ross VINCENT MARRANO 901721 Medal - 2 Jewels 18 90? Certificates Arista 2 Scholarship Certificates JOBYNA MARSALA Library Squad Glee Club Science Ofhce Assistant to Teachers JOSEPH MARSIELLO 12 90W Certificates Arista 6 Letters of Commendation G.O. Every Term ANDREW MARTINEZ Honor Guard 2 90? Certificates Assistant to Teachers ' G.O. Every Term 'fl-VN, Q5 A A- 4 u t .-1 V ,,,- A WW... J! .K f "'a' FRANK MASCIALINO Assistant to Teachers Track Team Student Council 6 NICHOLAS MASINO 2 90? Certificates 3 Letters of Commendation Mr. Manual f7j BRIAN MASON Honor Guard G.O. Gym Locker Guard W Assistant to Teachers ,, 1 7 ., 'M l V, .- , WT? ---. - Honor Guard 1 V ' H ' 1 Letter of Commendation A ' ' ' I I if f . f A- Av y I N .,., 2 w ' 1 .- ANGELO MAZZA Member of G.O. No Lateness Student Council nt' Q ,L Q,." ' I- Q i 4 PETER MCBRIDE Assistant to Teachers G.O. Honor Guard ANN MARIE MCCABE 4 Certificates Newman Club Social Studies Club Assistant in Emergency Room KENNETH MCDONALD 5 9093 Certificates Lunch Room Guard QBJ G.O. Il-85 Honor Guard VIRGINIA MCGOWAN 90? Certificate French and Newman Clubs Assistant to Teachers Hostess at Freshman Tea THOMAS MCGUIRE Photography Club G.O, Every Term Service to Dr. Lewin JAMES MCHALE Honor Guard C5-77 Class President fl-3,81 G.O. HAROLD MCKENNA ,Krista 15 900 Certificates 3 L:-ttf-rs of Coninic-ndation Assistant to Teachers THOMAS MCLAUCHLIN 15 Certificates Nt-wnian Club Track Team Kip Club MICHAEL MCMAHON C.O. Every Term LINDA MEINER 10 90W Certificates Minor "M" For journalism Weekly Staff Arista SONIA MENCHACA 9096 Certificate C.O. Every Term Assistant to Teachers JOHN MENNELLA 'E QW? Certificates 2 I,i'tt.-rs of Commendation Si-vt-ral ClLll'DS CIO. Every Term ROBERT METCALF Assistant to Teachers Several Clubs C.O. Every Term DORIS MEYERS I6 Certificates Service to Teachers C.O. GILDA MILLMAN Assistant to Teachers Boosters JAMES MITCHELL 1 Lg-mfr of Commendation Track and Basketball Teams Perfect Attendance Q1-51 M ETA M OLON EY I Letter of Commendation Assistant to Teachers C.O. Every Term SA RA M ON AC O 4 Letters of Commendation .Xssistant to Teachers Class President Q4-5D 9052 Certificate in Steno. xl -Y.-v W-, CLS, Priif' I' FTXI wi -gf Y J.. .'- ...L.....-.' . l""-' '., 'Z-1 - fl -f- ' f- 5 'W 1 , P? Qzhi. at Grai -z ,LL yfw' 953 5-5 ' iii ill. 3.f1'F,2H'1' P" ..12:e. V 'AALL-.iff ff-- f T v . pu., LEE.E'1 WLM' f- L-:fe 'Z W '-f ,Q - f ,,- -, Km RALPH 3.509.231 JUYPH MUSTO ng r,,.f 'LW ,:'.iE.Ef2Y.Z 1: Tiaiker ,L ..4. .A,, f ., ' ,J Y 1. f "' ' -iff 4 "' .W - J K, 1 - C' R. L AVID j.ffJpfJ-LQ. PAT 5U.'SL'MEQI Q10 fffiliigti- .L.SE,Sf3I'.f :Q 5-its Bartlett Letiffrs Czri., 4 G Q 1-15 lwta 3 1 f " EE " '-"' 7' N eu' Q 'L if f W XJ' H. aRLis MORREALE SAL 515595551 ' qw, f,,,g,Z,L: ?f"f Cfrzgicazi A " -ff? 4' 1. f .-12:2 - 1 jivrn 3 ,V,. 1, ' 'hr' an , GLORIA NIXDLER l,ihi'411'y Squad Nuising LiL'l'lifIC11tCS .Xssistrint to 'l'm-ache-rs Cold Bm' in Gym ANGELA N.-XNNI 9052 Cm-rtificatv l L:-ttcr of Commendation Assistant to Tezichers G.O. PHYLLIS NARDUCCI Assistant to Ti-achers G,O. Il-83 Reid Cross Certificatfl MICHIXELENA NATALE Arista Iii 9092 Cr-rtifmatcs C.O. Evr-ry Term Prr-sidrnt of Class C6-89 LAWRENCE NEWMAN 2 900 Cv-rtificzitvs 2 Lf-tt:-rs of Commvndation 0.0, IRENE NIEMINSKI Ii QW? Cf-rtififzitcs Short Lvttvr of Commcndation 4 Cold Bars in Gym G U Ev'-ii 'liwrm W... ,f-I C. ,YH ,,,, M., I , ,I-., W. .41 I , , P' fm.-f I if Mm V MV' 'wh a, an , ,If fl f ,- 1' ,V f, " uf' 'V' fm, - MARIE NICRO Assistant to Teachers 'I Lflttt-rs of Commendation CLC, Evf-ry Term Red Cross Cr'-rtificatff M.'X'IiILD.X NOBLE I QUT? C1-rtififatc 1 L1-ttvr of QiffII1IIIft1'ldZiT.IOI'I .'Xssist11nt to 'll'llCI'lfjI'S CIO. Pt-XIRICIA NOLAN I 900 C1'l'tifIf'f1tf- Assistant to 'l'f1iChe1's CLO. Ew-iy '11,-1'1i1 THOMAS NLCLENT Lirutc-nunt, Honor Guard I Lvttm' of Comms'-ndation Sr'i'viu- to r-1iK'LICII"I'S WILLIAM O'BRIEN Yivv-Pit-s. of Class Uv ILO I'.x'r'i'x' Ir-rm 2 Lvttws of Cominvndntion EDWARD OIJONNELL l WV? Cm-i'tiiic'z1t1' Swiviu- to Mrs. Dncnt ILO. Evvry Ylkrm Q I,w-ttvrs of Coinmrndntion f -,1-x.-- .1 ,J , ,,.- -.,:'. 1 lr, , ,J 1.---1 f f J 1.,i. . ,,,...... J s 4 R fu 'V' ' .f -J 4 r -vw 5. , W7 I.. 4' rf r" - , -5,, ,.f- v-vu-.- V H , X, --vY, fill' xx v 1 1 5,4 :LUN L L ARLENE PERRY Assistant tri 'lit-.ivlivrs C17 I'lx't'1x"lR-1111 fmld Bzlrs in f-yin Rvd Cross Llffrtificzttt' W' CAROLE-ANN PESCIILIOLO 7 9057 Cf-rtificutcs Assistant to rlic-ztchers Arista fa PM 4 Lvttcrs of Connnt-nclzition ARISTIA PEI KOGLL' 2 Lette'-rs uf ffuininc-ndution 2 WV? Cf-itificutt-5 Wt-f-kly Stuff S1'CrQtary of Studvnt Council any MARCEL PETRILLO A Assistant to 'I'-'tithe-rs Pt-rfect Attvndznnce ll,5j , Sotrvr Vllfillll Fr:-nch Club if GW 1 , .1 , , , , 4, -Mx ws, LOUISE PEIROLINO pwrff-Ct .AxIU'YICl2lVlff' Cf'1'tifiCat6 G,O. Representative , ,Mm f vs L1-ttry' ol Clrtiiiiiivndtltirvn wff? Service to Mfr. Randzzzzo 1:7 57 i A ,W ,- DIANE PIERPAOLI -I 'SHIVP Cf'L'tif:1C.1I4"S L' Pun .AxVIlf'1'lCt+I1 Club 'N 3 FLO. Skit 7 Tth Ittrin 'ff' ', , ' 1r1'W"" ,. ,wif BEN PIETRI Swiiiuning Tfarn Manager rlirzwlx 'IF-urn Hr-filth Education Sf-Crfrtary HARVEY PILSON G O, Evf-ry Tr-rm Srrvitf' tri Mr. Bndl-r Honor Guard MARTHA PINEIRO I 9054 ffr'1'tif:1CatrA Library Staflf Gold Bar in Gxm Every Icrin G.O. Ex'r'ry' Trsrrn ROBERT PIZZA 75'? Clffrtificatrts Italian Club Swimming Train JOHN POLIS FLORENCE POPKO Assistant to Teachers Newman Club FrrnCh Club G.O. Every Term "xrj,-if f-- -w-,.,.-- . . , .L A 1 ... " "'-f' ,.-.... R - l ' Q" ' L: f 'L-. ,,v " Am' K A ' ' ,-, r"N ph 'U ""' rl- 'W ffm -A ' 4, 4 F 1' '. , " Y, af ' f- ... .Q ,. f -. f - v - 2' -1-f- 3.-f-V fy ':-,L-W "--ff f fi fN G .1 ...f - -:. "" 5 A f Y- "' Tgqkv- Q Ki? JW ' 4,1 i lf 1, N 'Z' ' " ,Q 14, 45 -,. .1 Q'-"" V i 1, ,,.-,- - .,,. Y J px :x7:fY r.:-.:n :Q-.:,ZZI HH' A -A .111-pf' M L-1 - nn.. " fkwt' 4f""' ,.. 7- . " ' . W J J .Lv " vo I ,-v .J mi 'pf' -,, . Q., 'E QL xr H A,.--,. AA :i-,, 1, , K., BRENDA RIQHICHI X-I S1-lviw In Mrs. Boltucli I'5x'lv,vt,1 Clluln lflfl-Q Culd Bum in fiym l"f'1'ff'Ct .'XT.IL'Ild.lIlL'f" 3rd 'Ilc-rm MICII-IXEL RILEY I UW? Cmtiflcate I Ls,-ttf,-r uf Lforulllvndzxtion Sr-1'viCL- to Kfiss lurnefr G.O. HELEN RIVERA EII1I'I'gC'HCY Roum Squad Cold Bar in Gym Assistant to 'II-achers YO I..fXND.'X ROCA G O. Rl'Ijff'5f'I'lIZ1tlX'f' f7Q Sfmvicf- to 'Ik-zxchcrs O - I.l'ttl'lkS of C41I!lITlf'I'1Cl2llIO1"l 5 9052 Certificates ROBERT ROCLCIO 6 Lwttfw uf ClOIIlII'lK'l'lClf1IlUIl F11-nCh Clluln fi O .X55lSt2lr1t to 'Ill 41t,l'1f'1'S R XYKIOND RODRIGUEZ 5 WV? fff'lIlf:l1,llUS Fwifllnxll I 1 Qllll Ilfwmfl fyuuld I'f1Iv1.t .XlI'I'1duHCr: 6th Tf,'I'IH ff in we 'nh' W4 ,f may 10,1 Qu- 1 X 7 ,.,.. ,,, ,WW 'W ,W 6' m, ,,.4.v" Q., , .v VINCENT ROJO INYVWIIIZITI Club 'ldzmk lf-nm 2 Yrs Library Squad .XIDX ROMERO l IA-tu-r of Clommfndation Srxvicr' in Ofzficr- Plrmrgvncy Room Squad SG Gold Bars in Gym ROSANNE ROSS '5 WV? Cc-1'tif1cz1tf's 5 L.-L..-rs of COITlTIlf'F1d3IlOI'1 p1r,QIJf-ft :und VW-r-lqly Stgffg Brandeis Club ELIZABETH RUGGIERO .Xzxita WV? Mfdal - 1 Jewel Clhvnlf-fldf-r 4 Tcrms 20 WV? Cc-rtifmatcs ROBERTA RLBISKY UW? Mvdnl - 4 Jvwcls Vim--P1'vs, Sm-nior Arista Editm,w1'-in-Chic-f "P1'usp0Ct" an "I..mte'1'n" Pu-sid'-nt Brzmdn-is Club GLORIA RLSSO Mr-dnl Yollc-5' Ball 2 Cold Bars in Gym CIO Evcry Tcrm GL' 1 'P E- l 7- .9 sf' 'J -.r J' ,- f-mx' .- 1 "1" rw S .J Qs.-, if rf 45' Wi . 9' ,ef f' T1 1 ln- ,.....- E7 FRED SKEIINHIIJERIVIAN f f ' 1 ' l .JU 1 QA-i'tiF14'.1tw l 1,1-ttvi' uf QiHlI1lIlK'I1CiLlIiOH G.O. Evc-rv 'IR-im CIONS'l'.XNCE SCIMONE I' i.". 90,1 Cmitihcgitr-s Sr-1'x'i1'v tri N111 Sim-ge-1 fi: "Wil Liiiiw li l,i'ttr-is uf Lloiiimcndzition JOSEPHINE SCOGN.,XIN1If9I,IO O O. EX'4'I'X' 'i'r'l'Il1 L1-ttf-r of Clmiiiiivndzition 1 809 Ci4'Iitiflf'fltf' in Stvn-Typv Assimzint to 'ii1'.lC'iN'IA5 JOAN SCIOVERS 4 "NVQ Clritifiizitm 5 Lf'ttf'1's of Clorimirindation Assistant to 'l'r':1ChQi'S G.O. JOHN SCULLY G.O. Evvry Tr-rm 4- fx' I , ff M,-. vw ' f , W 'W 'M' f, 'fx ' .,W, ,W -v-. A v . , - - Q.-.1.,,.... -4" ' M" "Z ,J 24,1 wi.. 1- A if if 2 f "fy, 7' wwf aan W fy i f V , r 1 , ,go 'fm . QQ :mi , ,W ,-,,- fi L.. , 6""""" vm., W- i G ,1 i V jf., Vfvfwwwf I JEROME SKIL'Rl 'Q f4f'l'i Ci-rtificzitc-5 I Jfttvl' of Clomiiif-ridation RiHr' OIQPIIIH ' fi,O NI: mln 1' ' 1 1 -f Z- .XRNOLD SEGERHOLM . i,- f1,O. 1, 7, 7, 8 iofiff .Xtlvrldilrifv ,XWI1I'C.i ,jr JHN SIilN'ACGIO Suffix lvniii Sf'I'Vil'4' to Mr. rxiixillflilfl DOROJ HY SHORE I 947352 CIwitifif':1tf' .Xssistnnt tn Irzmhfgis G.O Ev:-ry 'li-rm STANLEY SIEBENBERG Assistant to 'Ii4'Jlf'hL'l'S Pvrfe-ct .Mti-ndnncc 3, 5, 7 Nnturi- Room Squad Chi-mistry Sqimd AUDREY SIMMONS , f V . V .4 90 1 C.vrtiFic'.iti's fi I,vtti-rs of Qiomiiicndation Swimming and Bykota Clubs li O. FRED SIMON ILO law-iw' Ivriii 6 Imtim-N Uf4CiOlllIlN'DCiflliOH 4 'FUN CiK'1'lli:lK'Ill0S Sludvnt Council f ""' ' 1 "fjLL' Y f -- , , f- -- 1 f k .1 , Llff.. "3 F ,, G J , L., .,., rJrJ I . X 2,4 f'f " "Ie ' Q -f 44 Y" 1 ,- ai ff - ' 'Z .4 ,.- . 5 Q 454 Q5 ,. I mg , 1 4 'IT 3' " ' Lu' X , 7 -ef 1 Q3 ,mf n - 3 nf -Y Hx L-17 MARY JEAN SPINELLI 2 9090'I'tliTCfltl'S Letters of Commendation Newman Club G.O, Every Term PHYLLIS STERN Assistant to Teachers 7 Letters of Commendation IO 9072 Certificates JOSEPH STROPOLI 3 9024 Certificates 2 Letters of Commendation Candidate for Mr. Manual City Council Delegate BARBARA SWAILES 90W Certihcate Service to Teachers JAY TANNEY 90W Certificate in Chemistry Assistant to Teachers Brandeis Club G.O. PHIL TARTAGLIA 2 Letters of Commendation Assistant to Teachers G.O. Every Term Perfect Attendance 3rd Term , We ' ' X fm li, 7,544 mc ar- W ' bn' ,A-.. ' bin? YO" 4. DOLORES TAYLOR Scribes Assistant to 'lrachers GO. JOHN TESTAGROSE 907 Mr-dal - 3 Jewels Arista, G.O. K3-81 80 Srrvicr- Credits Nature Room C5-81 JL'DITH THOMAS Junior Arista 5 Letters of Commendation IO 90? Certificates 8524 Scholarship Certihcate ROBERT THOMPSON Football, Bowling Teams Honor Guard Assistant to Teachers LJQCILLE THORNTON it ENV? Cmtificntrs Imttvrs of Commvndgition Bixindcis Club Eiiivrgency Room Attendant DOUGLAS TOMPKINS CMO. l 9O',i Certificate RAYMOND TORRES 1 QW? Certificate G,O. Every Term Class Treasurer Assistant to Teachers SEBASTIAN TRINGALI Assistant to Teachers Honor Guard G.O. ANGELO TRITINI 907 Certificates 7 Letters of Comrnendation Sports Editor Weekly 2 fwiajor 'Sis' 'VERA TROY.-XTO l 9O'? Certificate 1 Letter of Commendation Glf-e Club Assistant to Teachers JOAN ANNE 'VACCARO 10 9052 Certificates 3 Letters of Cornmf-ndation Cheerleader Candidate for G.O. Office MARILYN VICHNES G.O. Every Term 5 907 Certificates Assistant to Teachers Gold Bars in Gym ht" Q-ef' ,.f' ffwzm 1K 449' ,.,Z W" ,rz -V: A, ,Wa if -V Wx .. ' 1 ffffhw, fr 'Vw 'UWM- ,quam ANNA VON LOSBERG 1 9055 Certificate 2 Letters of Commendation Assistant to Teachers Gym Leader CHARLES WALKER Track Team fl, gl Student Council 153 1 Letter of Commendation Perfect Attendance VIVIAN VVASHINGTON 8 Lf-tters of Commendation Gold Bar in Gym Every Term F5 907 Certificates LOOK TOON WEE G.O. Every Term Class President ROBERT TNETNER 2 Letters of Commendation Bio Club I 9O'J? Certificate Honor Guard IRENE WEISSNER 4 90W Certiiicates .Assistant to Teachers Gold Bars in Gym 5 Letters of Commendation JOAN WEXLER QOW? Medal Numerous 90W Certificates Assistant to Teachers Iva. 19 1-1 CONSTANCE WHITEHORN f Glce Club Booster , L Library Squad - ' Class Secretary 'S ' CAROLYN WILDERMUTH 5 Qofn Certificates "'-r Senior Arista V D Assistant to Teachers - Weekly Staff A is ls xx., ,. JOAN WILLIAMS Assistant to Teachers French and Bykota Clubs Majorette, Booster Service Pin We hs SHIRLEY YORK l Letter of Commendation G.O. Every Term Cold Bars in Gym Assistant to Teachers X290 DANNY YOUNG CLO. Every Term Honor Guard 4th Term Social Studies Club JOSEPH YURMAN 2 90W Certificates Baseball Team Basketball Team Assistant to Teachers RALPH ZANFARDINO C,O. Every Term Letters of Commendation EVA ZEYLEMAKER '2 9052 Certificates 3 Letters of Commendation Assistant to Teachers G.O, EDWARD ZIMICKI Football Squad Baseball Squad C.O. Every Term Mrs. Oliphant directs the members of the Senior Activities Committee SENIOR ACTIVITES Writers of the Senior play discuss some problems with Mr. Fishman or f fi nn SQSI 'G X f SE me , M W J Q K. NIOK CELEQSM 'Q XJJ 34, W J 6 D gk' A f, I I is ali W U ff MX. X , X ,.A..:q.. :Ai O O Awgwf XM ' Q ...9 XJ . N Nt X QW! Q J , 'ff' 1' A EQ Q H f 5 , fel , QQAMM M 'MQW 1 A 5 ' 2 Wf ff L 1.1 . , J If 68 mm Q4 W4 X AA QTL 'V' 7 Qfmwflfb 35' 350343 X 'Wfwwaaf f' - AX iffzwlamw I J 6 7 np .J L W , Q N Ug fctg F HN Q03 X Q ar' JU QQ X s J my 1 0 1, V X , M V f M Q M gf +4 A 0 Q 1f G QQUOQ Mfg? L Em, A V .fuss 1957 WW aw' SPORTS IN REVIEW FOOTBALL .... by Linda Gilbert Nick Seccalico chosen captain of team. Final score for the season-one win, one tie, four losses. SOCCER . . Soccer returns to Manual after an absence of ten years. Mr. Manos is the new coach. SWIMMING .... A great team splashes its way to a successful season-eleven victories and one defeat-under the tutelage of Mr. Rosen- thal. We place second in borough and compete in Cities. BASKETBALL Mr. Siegel's men tie for third place in Brooklyn 1. Varsity takes Faculty. TRACK . . . Mr. Riccio takes over as coach of a fine young team. BOWLING ..... Bowling team does well. A club is formed in Spring of the year. BASEBALL ..... Mickey Cetta is chosen captain of team. Hopes run high for a terrific season. 1957 Sports Calendar FOOTBALL As always the football team lost a number of men in June, but with the men still on the team they all hoped for a good season. Returning to play as guards were Carl Gambello, and Vinnie Carbonaro, center Carmine Parisi, quarterback Nick Seccanco, half Lenny Bartleto and tackle Gordon Marco. Nick Seccafico was elected captain of the Manual eleven. Under the direction of Mr. Caruso, the coach, they tried hard to have a good season. The Hnal total was as follows: one win, one tie, and four losses, but below is just a little of the action that most people will remem- ber of the l956 season. NEW UTRECHT 27-MANUAL O On -Friday, October 5, the season opened against New Utrecht at Boys High Field. At the end of the first half the score was only 7-0 in favor of New Utrecht, but the boys knew with a little push they could score. In the second half New Utrecht brought a ground attack against our team and this led to an undisputed vlctorv. F' ff YEA TEAM! Football Swimming Soccer Faculty-Varsity 4 fl MIDWOOD 7-MANUAL 7 On Friday, October 12, the Manual eleven met Midwood for an almost win. In the Hrst half Don Cavaluzzi scored to put us ahead 7-0. The Midwood team went on the score and that tied things up. An intercepted pass by Carl Gambello stopped Midwood with seconds left. It was an exciting contest between evenly matched teams. LAFAYETTE 29-MANUAL 6 The third of November was a bright and sunny day but not so bright for the football team, as they bowed to Lafayette. It looked as though this game was going to be a shutout for Lafayette, but we scored in the second half. BOYS HIGH 49-MANUAL 24 Again, the Manual team tasted defeat, but this time to a strong Boys High team. From the moment Manual kicked off to Boys High, our opponents launched a powerful air and ground attack which gave them a decisive victory. Nevertheless, our boys turned in a- fine job, developing a striking offensive. MADISON 0-MANUAL 14 On Thanksgiving Day the Manual football team shut out Madison 14 to O. This was the last game of the season and to make things more interesting the winning team received a live turkey. SOCCER After an absence of ten years the Manual soccer team returned to action under the direction of Mr. Manos. Even though they lost every game the team never stopped trying, and spirit ran amazingly high. Outstanding were Lagana and Elias Ceo-eaptainsj and Vassilakos. Many times our team played with fewer men than regulations call for because we were short of men. TRACK Coached by Mr. Riccio, captained by Mike Iovine, our track team went forth to do battle with Manual's foes. Returning to run were the following men: Greg Clark, Bob Ciola, Vinny Rojo, and others. Many new boys tried out for the team this year, it was so large that a junior varsity team was formed. Jose Reyes, Bill Riola, Tom Gates, shot putters Carmine Parisi and Vinny Cabanere. Junior Var- sity men are as follows: Romarsky, Nickey, Ludden, VVest, James, lX4ills, Delgado, and Holland. The Brooklyn Championship lX4eet was renamed the Charles QDOCJ Dittberner Memorial Meet this year, in honor of Manual's great track coach Doe Dittberner. Doc coached cross-country at Manual for 34 years and developed many outstanding athletes. Permission was granted to use Doc's name on the plaque symbolic of the championship. The plaque is large enough to carry the names in panels of the winning schools for the next 40 years, It bears this inscription: "Charles CDOCD Dittberner, Coach, Manual Training H. S., 1922-1954? At the Borough Championship Meet, the team placed ninth in competition. Four boys on our team won medals: Bob Viola, Greg Clark, Mike Iovine, Bill Riola. BASKETBALL The 1956-1957 Manual basketball season was one of the best seasons the team has had in many years. The team finished with 6 wins and 4 losses to tie Fort Hamilton for third place inBrooklyn I. The Steve Grossgold, who a ine ioh under the backhoard. on the team were Gallagher, Ronald Gum'-'a, Sal Oliva, Bernt Phe and Tyan Londa. The highest scorer on the Blue and Gold Bemt Elle 1'-ith about 19 a ganie. VARSITY-l7ACL'I.TY GABIE The Varsir:-Pa-eulzjr game played early Xoyember. The teachers m the team 1'-'ere hir. Di fxiartini, Sir. Siegel hir. Abrahams, Sir. Riccio, hir. 1fcCoy, Sir. fsfazos, Dr. Lewis Sir. Rosenthal, Sir. Veisler, hir. Gray, hir. Radovich, and Sir. Fishman. The Paeuln: '.-:heezed and puffed and groaned and snorted, but 1'-'hen the final 1-rlxistle blew, the score read: Yassin: - Pacule: - 43. SWDDHXG A powerful lsianual team, coached hir. Rosenthal, raced to victory after victory. Taking to the water, in early October, our boys triumphed over lxiidwood, Erasmus, New Utrecht, hiadison, Lincoln and Boys to plaoe second in Brook- lyn. Brooklyn Tech was the only tram to down our mermen in the 1956-1957 season. On January 26, in the City Championships at New York University, our Mfed- ley relay placed second. The men on this team, Sims, Sichenzia, and Lehan, were awarded silver medals. The 200-yard relay with Oiffeil, Denny, Raplee, DeGaray, and Blum placed fourth. Some of the ouistanding men on the team are as follows: Kevin Coyne and Ben Pietri who swam in the 100-yard breast stroke, and Al Raplee and Andy Evans who swam. in the 21M-yard freestyle. In the 100-yard back-stroke Larson and B-ob Albanese did fine work. Others on the team who also brought home wins for Man- ual are as follows: Ben lwlanualla, Brian Frawley, Terry Daly, Peter Basil, Al Sanchea and Biilte Griidin. THE HARRIGAN MIEBIORIAL MEET The Harrigan Iyfemorial Mfeet The Joseph A. Harrigan lslemorial lwfeet was held on April 12, 1957 in honor of one of IN1anual's finer teachers. It was the 10th annual meet and the ten-year trophy went to Evander Childs with 95 points. The trophy for this year was won by Bayside with 13 points. After the last event the trophies and medals were presented to the winners by lwirs. Harrigan. BASEBALL Play Ball! As we go to press, this yeafs baseball team seems off to a Hying start. The Blue and Gold began the annual :Strike Out and Home Run" season, by playing a 3-3 tie with Lincoln High-last yeafs City Champs. They dropped the next game to lvladison, 6-0, but sprang right back to wal- lop Erasmus, 3-2. This mighty little team can well afford to brag about some of its fine outstand- ing players, among them: Joseph Cullen, Joe Yurman, Nick Russo, Nlike De Palma, John Daud, Pat Ivlatteo, Don Hopestock, P rank Lamantia and their spirited captain -lxlickey Cetta. Good luck boys, catch whatls poppin, and weill end up this yeafs City Champs. K' ?,xXi I H 146 YEA Kip Club Rifle Faculty Basketball TEAM! Track Basketball Handball F1 DISTAFF SIDE Time out One. . . two . . . three He's no dummy! Staircase v ,Q , F. 4 "uri f ' 1 -ig Ks 5,2545 fn 'iw fi 1 , "1-, i n' L' TRAFFIC I'I8lHVfEf.' EWT -4, ,f ,ggggeea 1-.1 Elevator ui dw -Qwirxkir ,lf ,"2? 7- -. Mr. Neumann pointing out the scene of his Tangiers escapade. Mrs. Ducat dispensing Shakcspcarc-an gvms. Mr. Kaplan: historian among the test tubes. "You've just been accepted info Arista" - Miss Brardsley. "ln this dass 1,771 b055."' - Mr. Goldberg. Miss Douglas showing us how to makcf Conncctions. Mr. D'.-Xmbrosio preparing us for the History Regents. Mrs. Cappa looking pretty, as usual. Miss Sormani rvminisces about her many years at Manual. Mr. Morton Caught reaching for the- -rx THESE 1 2 5' bx D in ........... ,wo ,F-HN' --.i. ,..... --W., -N... 'Mn' -..-......,...,.,..... ,.-....,.,---....,-...ul-aka 5.6 N, X-V-4. 3 ,4WN""'4 H V Q-..,..4.,..,,.e ,-....,,,,-Nas-Q--...., A--N... WE WILL REMEMBER . .. 'Deaf Dzarjf' - Mr fwiilharf.. Mrs. Rotinstefr. ar.r.o,r.cP5 2. Qpiz for ffff.'Q1'TO'f-' Mr, Ross c?fcQ:ir.g perrzarf... :beard cards. Mrs. Smdicli. 'So j,:u'ff fate again? Mrs, Pffffr P:'.jojrfr.g ek good fake. B-its Corxstoclz plar.r.Ir,g 2. young 3'IZL,1:ix."AS Lure, 'IJ if nc: IGF.. qu-ries Mrs. Oliphant. Miss Gold on the Clharm. Mr,Vzlfnti calling the rr,f:etir.g to ordfr. Mrs, Kastle, put your pistfl down, ' 0 DEMOCRACY AT WORK Student Council :RWM Tw ' if GO. Officers 80 -df" Librarians CUR LIBRARY Squad Researchers , ,,f'Sf7' Woodxxfork OUR SHOPS ,li Homemaking Sewing SCIENCE CORNER , eff' mi 'iv Nature Room Qin: Chem Lab Bio Preparation Mit' ,Mt AT ORK TlH1CSlTi111lS A M ' .,ff., f"?'f Artists Orators Linguists LUNCHRCCM Cafeteria Squad Bread Line Kfaster Chef ' nf W J, rg 's"""+-...,,, J- fit? 'i. ? Ziff! gf L gd n-:riff Clerks Bank Staff Honor Guards Late Squad WRITERS AND ARTISTS Yearbook Staff: Geniuses at work 'Weekly Staff: "Read all about id" Yearbook Tjfpists: Queens of the keyboards Prospect Art Staff: Mr. Greenbergk chain gang n fl 1 ' fave?-'S ., 1 ,IH-,,., rl wi' R 5 R RELIGIOUS CLUBS iv 'Q Brandeis Newman Bykota F H 'wi H ,W M M WZ: Flu ' SH, fri ' W7 J N ,. LL an 1 1 SQUADS Cfhcerleadcrs Spanish Club Boosters 138 Squad Book Club Secretarial Ian. Gown Committee Home Economics Stoekroom reefin rom 6 616.6 prekcf jeacder - 7710. QAPAGFLF Aliventi, Felix Balsamo, Donato Coniglio, Dominick Cullen, George Cuooco, Anthony De Luca, Jos-eph Frizalone, Anthony Gatto, Mike Gay, Ronnie William, George Madden, Dennis Martinez, Andrew Masino, Nicholas Matteo, Pat Rathjen, Chris Rocco, Robert Ruseello, Nick S-chneiderman, Fred Scuri, Jerome Seccaico, Nick Stevena, James Torres, Raymond Aecowitz, Barbara Bianchi, Louis-e Coleman, Yvonne Fiore, Ciwita Granara, Annette Marsala, Johnya Muratore, Barbara Murphy, Carol 0L'en, Dorothy Thorton, Lucille Van Losherg, Anna Whitehorn, Conetance Electrify your sewing machine, 359.50 up. SL 6-9633. Open til 8 P.M. DEAN SEWING MACHINE REPAIR SHOP MUR'S Kodalzs - Flash Bulbs 6 Hour Developing Service School Supplies, Greeting Cards 55-A FOURTH AVENUE, Brooklyn, where you CAN FIND BARGAINS on new and used sewing machines. 7th AVENUE at 4-th STREET Brooklyn 15, N. Y. LAMB'S BUSINESS TRAINING SCHOOL The School That Gets Results Accelerated Courses in Gregg-Pitman. L Established 1912 Stenography, Typewriting, Accounting Comptometry, Graded Speed Dictation, Civil Service Preparation, Brush-up Courses, Intensive Review INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION SUMMER SCHOOL DAY SES Inquire Today - Telepho - DAY-EVENING SION 9:00 TO 1:00 ne SOuth 8-4236 370 NINTH STREET fcor. 6th Avenuel BROOKLYN 15, N CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GRADUATES from THE PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OF MANUAL TRAINING OFFICERS Mr. Edward Korey, Principal Mrs. Helen Pilson, President Mr. Oliver Duchemin, lst Vice President Miss Lynn Mettler, 2nd Vice President Mrs. Alice Fox, 3rd Vice President Mrs. Dorothy Pawlowski, Recording Secretary HIGH SCHOOL Mrs. Helen Duchemin, Financial Secretary Mrs. Dorothy Smolinski, Recording Secretary Mrs. Zita Malette, Treasurer Mrs. Mae Miller, Good and Welfare Chairman Mrs. Ethel Manson, Program Chairman Mrs. Florence Camerane, Social Chairman V excellent design skilled RIN G s P I N S cra11smanship MEDALS , Supelb c HARMS qualify C u P s P L A Q U E s TROPHIES YOUR CLASS JEWELER DIEGES 61. CLUST BOSTON I7 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 8, N.Y. PROWDENCE Manufacturing Jewelers Compliments of CLASS I - I Prefect-MISS SERBIN Compliments of CLASS l-2 Prefect-MISS WALSH Compliments of CLASS 2-3 Prefecl-MISS WELDON Compliments of CLASS 2-9 Pre fec!-MISS MCCUOEY Compliments of CLASS 3-20 Prefect-MRS. GAFFORIO Compliments of CLASS 5- I 5 Prefect-MR. WEINSTI-:IN Compliments of CLASS 6- I0 Pretec:-MR. LAUFER Compliments of CLASS 6- I 3 Prefecx-MRS. WALLACE Ulster 8-2500 EASTERN PRESS, INC. Printers of The Manual Prospect 33 FLATBUSH AVENUE BRCOKLYN I7, N. Y Compliments of CLASS bl-I I The Class That's Always On The Co! Prefect-MRS. SCAFURO Compliments of CLASS 8CI-I3 Prefect-MISS COLDBERC JONAT UPHOLSTERY Slip Carers and Drapery New Furniture .Wade to Order 294 SEVENTH AVENUE SO 3-5503 Brooklyn 15, N. Y. ST 9-7711, 7973 SPARAGNA Plumbing, Heating, Appliances GETVERAI. CON TR,-ICTING 71 FOURTH AVENUE Brooklyn 17, N. Y., PARK SLOPE DELICATESSEN Birds Eye Frosted Foods Home Cooking. Delicious Salads 253 SEVENTH AVENUE SO 3-3530 Brooklyn 15, N. Y. Compliments of STEINBERG STATIONERY 249 SEVENTH AVENUE Brooklyn 15, N. Y. GE E-1900-1. E-9255 PROGRESSIVE Sports Center of Brooklyn Basebfall. Fmtball.. Basketball Uniforms Made Utility Jackets, Bowling, Hockey, kl.f,AfChE1'f COHEN 8 LEVINE KOSHER MEATS at POLITRY 4004 1 3th AVENUE 5326 NEW LTI-RECHT AVENUE GE 3-3330 Brooklyn 19. N. Y. Ernie 8: Stu Brooklyn 15. N. Y. SO 3-3373 By Appointment Chinese Sf American Restaurant Famous Combination and Family Dinners Smializinz in Orders to Take Out 4413 13th AVENUE UL 4-9692 Brooklyn 19, N. Y. V. PETER MASTROROCCO Optometrist - Eye-Examinations 136 SEVENTH AVENUE Brooklyn 15, N. Y. 2Hl THE HONOR CORE Bids You Adieu Prefect-MR. NEIDERMAN Compliments of CLASS I -3 Prefect-MSISS DOUGLAS Compliments of CLASS 2-8 Pfefeff-MR. R. xcss Compliments of CLASS 3C I O Prefect-MRS. SUNDICK PAT KENNY'S ICE CREAM PARLOR S LUNCHEONETTE Ice Cream Cakes Our Specialty 254 SEVENTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FELLOW GRADUATES Compliments of SH I Pl-erect-MR. upon

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