Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS)

 - Class of 1944

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Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 13 of 72
Page 13 of 72

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Page 13 text:

FUUNDERS OF TEE TO - HE Replesentatlve Councll of the Home Room Fede1at1on cextalnly dese1ves a vote of thank fl om the entne student body fox 1ts wolk th1s yeal Each home loom elects one pexson fxom 1ts g1oup to sexve as home loom xepxesentatlve Once a week tll the leplesentatwes meet ln a gxoup to dlscuss ploblems of the school By electlng them 1n th1s mannel the membexs of evely home loom ale ln a posltlon to make sug gestlons dnectly to the 1ep1 esentatxves Vexy often ploblems concelnlng the bettexment of ou1 school ause 1n home loom meetmgs and ale taken by the LOUDCII membel to the next meetlng Tlns yeal Waltex Gage JI was plesldent Jo Hiillletl Hofsess SCLIELBIY and L D Compton txeasuxel FOI many yeals all the hxgh school students of Manhattan hate desned a place to dance and have lecleatlon whexe only hlgh school age people wexe pexmltted The Replesentatlve Councll declded to undertake the p1oJeLt of woxkmg out a solutlon to LIOHS Club Teen Town was stalted A commlt tee of Councll membexs fiom the lngh school wlth a 1ep1esentat1ve gxoup nom the nmth glade and Sacled Heaxt zcadc my met Wllvll the LIODS Club to staxt the new o1gan1z'1t1on On the commlttee we1e Waltel Cage Ross Mlllex Vngxnla G1Dgl1Cll B111 Johnston Saxah Uhlch Katheune Edwalds Duane Blough and Jo Haxuett Hofsess The laxge hall xn the Chambex of Commelce Bulldlng was glven as a sultable place fox dancmg The loom was entnely xedecoxated 1n pastel colo1s wlth mulals pamted on the walls A new Juke box was mstalled and supphed wlth all the lat est lecoxds Almost eve1y week new 1eco1ds are The Federation Council added to the collection Plng pong tables and games we1e set up axound the xoom fox those who ple fel games to danclng To obtam a membexslnp to Teen Town a fee of twenty f1ve cents was pald M6mb8lSlllD IS 11m lted to students 1n gxades n1ne to twelve 1nclus1ve elthel m the hlgh school 01 the academy Mem bexs of the Llons Club act as chapelones at Teen Town evexy Fuday night In the futuxe pexhaps 1t w1ll be open othex nxghts also Soft dunks axe always sold and sometlmes hambulgexs ox hot dogs may be obtamed The lepxesentatlves see that the coat check 1oom and the kltchen ale lun pxopex ly Also someone must be statloned at the dom to see that only membels ale admltted Guest caxds may be obtalned by membels who ale hav mg out of town guests pxovlded the guests ale xn hlgh school One outstandmg event of Teen Town occuued on St Pats Day Undel the duectzon of the home loom xepxesentatlves a gala dance was held Ray Stokeleys oxchestxa p1ov1ded the muslc fox the evenlng The hall was decol ated 1n the tladxtlonal Malch 17 colo1s of gleen and whlte F01 leflesh ments evexyone enjoyed cokes douglmuts and hot dogs whlch wele on sale Dunng the dance p1ctu1es we1e taken of the Councxl membels and of the cxowd at lalge Seven membexs of the Llons Club wlth then wlves acted as chapelones The spaclous Chamber of Com melce loom was glven ove1 as a game loom fox any who caled to paltxclpate W1thout a doubt thls ventule to glve hxgh school students a place fox wholesome 1ec1eat1on has been a successful one and the home 1oom 1ep1esentat1ves have eamed much cxedxt fox then haxd wolk on thls natlon w1de ploblem Rl'lRl'Sl'N1AlIVl Q OUNLII hlrnl Rmvs J mhn on Ga 1. Mlllu' Lary Wenzel 'N cond Ron lxoltmun Whltnuh H11 C lmzrnh Rmmnnln L nnpton ln-xt Row Stout Jacob LH Crxppen Wll on Quinlan Gage Not lll pnturt Ulrich Vall Romh 9 , , u , ' . ' S . . ' . . . - 2 1 1 ' ' .. ' - r n . 1 , 1 . - l L 1 L ' . . . ' ' ' ' I this problem. With the help of the Manhattan ' , ' . ' ' ' ' ' ' . . 2 , v ' ' .' ' ' . . 4 1 I ' S I I ' n ' 1 1 w I .,l 1' 1.'I"" -1 ' ' ,. 'r' U- 1 S , 1-4. '-. ' . ' . s.- '-'- , ' , A 'se-ss. I' " , ' 1 '. 's , "' ', f' , - 5- , ' , ' s , ' , .

Page 12 text:

8 mi i 10 lN r lurhlm w R xl llls. ln ll Q If lwlr Self Government KEY T0 DEMUCRACY HE Student Councll Manhattan Hlgh Schools goxelnlng body has callled out many valled and successful Dl0j0Ct.S thls yeal All ln all the COUIILII has had one of 1ts best yeals slnce ltS 18 Ol gaIlll'ltlOI1 Membels of the Councll wele elected last SDI lng llld took OVPI lctlve duty ln the fall ThlS years COIIHCII IS composed of Challes Mlllel and Bob BICVSGI senlols Dolothy StOVE1 and Blll Edwalds lunlols Don Bustel and John Busenbalk sopho moles Jo Ann Scheu Glenn Mungel Calolyn GIOYEI and Gale Kloefflel ex offlclo membels and Jlm Fallell leplesentatlve at lalge MI Roy Dul hflm 19 facultv SDODS01 Elected as the Councll s 0fflCC1S fol the yeal wele Bob BIPWCI plesldent John Busenbalk VICE ples ldent D0lOtlly Stovel sc C1 etaly Chal les Mlllel tl6"tSlll9I and Jlm Fallell collespondlng secletaly The Councll dlVldEd lts ploglam fol the yeal lnto tlllee pal ts plannlng fol the pleasule development and good tlmes of the students and faculty selvlce lelated to the wal cffolt and ploJects undeltaken fO1 an wen bettel school school splllt and leputa tloll ln OU191 Kansas scllools Fol the flftll successlve yeal the Student Councll opened lts D1 Oglam wlth a tea to welcome the new students Thls sel ved as a good means of bettel acqualntlng new students wlth the school and theu fellow tlassmfltes Glen MUHECI was genelal challman of the flISf blg D1OJ9Ct of the Councll the fall electlon of class Off1C6lb Latel ln the yeal the Councll conducted a SUIVSY to set what the student body thought of havlng the electlon of the class Off1tPIS lll tht spllng at the tlme Student COUHLII lnembels all elected The school voted foul to one ln faxol of changlng the electlons so beglnnlng thls spllng all school 0ff1C6I5 wlll be elected so that tllev can take OfflCC at the beglnnlng of the follow mg school yeal John Busenbalk was challman of the spllng electlon Challes M11191 was IH cllalge of maklng football was plepaled wltll the asslstance of Bob Blewel and Glenn MUng6l fol the champlonshlp Sallnl game It was a slxteen page booklet contalnlng plctules and wllteups of the teams Oxel 1500 coples WEIC sold The elghth annual Plgskln P10111 one of the SOC1 tl hlghllghts of the yeal was sponsoled by the Stu dent Councll The COUDCII also wolkcd wltll and backed the WOIK done by the Fedtlatlon COIIHCII 111 OIQQDIZIDS Teen Town sponsoled bv tht LIONS Club Tllls yeal the Councll has done Outotalldlllg, WOIR ln connectlon wlth the wal effolt It was ln cllalge of Wal bond and stamp sales A commlttee conslst lng of Donna Roots Maly Allce Bolen and JO1lIl Stllhe undel the dllectlon of TIEHSLIIGI Challes Mlllel wolked dullng the fllst semestel and latel Maly Allce was appolnted cllallman of bond sales Sevelal successful bond d11V8S V616 callled out Student Day was a new D10JECt It was held lil Feblualy aftel a thlee week wal bond dllxe ln Wh1Ch the quota of 1200 dollals was mole than quadlupled The nlne students buylng tht lalgel lContlnued on Page 56' ,. Q ' t . I , I .xx 'T ,sit S'I'l'lll'lN'l ' l VII., Sm-urls! Row M . I 2 , sponsor, Buster, Klum-l'l'ln-r, Svhl-u, llrv 't-r, Stover, Glen ur, M illvr. First ll ' Ml wr, l":ll'r1-ll, lllls- ll rl , If 2 ds. 1 I V . . . . h . v H 7. . L ' I 1 ,ni Q . 4 's v . I . . l . . ' "lc I . . - ' 1 I . . I K . ' I 1 . ' 2 ' ' . ' ' ' . .-,.l. ,A ll. ., ' . ' I ,' ' ' l lf. - - .Q ' . . , . - programs for the year. A special souvenir program I v I - s' A ' ' l . -. '- . l' .v K C V . 1 . , . . . , . . . 4 . . - - . - ' ' ' ' , .' 'z . 4 . . . .. ' .'. K 4 . . V ' . . v 4 . I ' ' ' 'A c 4 . , , , . - x ' , . . - Q . v . 1 ' ' 1 A ' I ' ' Y V ' V . . sk, I . - ' 1 ' ' . . . . - , 1 . .' , '

Page 14 text:

10 TODAYS GRADUATES- TO ORRUWS CITIZENS nl I ll 1 Walklr rtnmn r I C l U N THE evenlng of May 18 our flnal cul taln went down the end of the last act oul SCHIOI yeal Some of us W616 happy and some of us wele sad but ln the healt of all could be found a deep sentlment f0l MHS In the comlng yeal mole than 6381 befole we wlll leally be made to leallze how much tllls school leally has meant to us Most of the boys wlll leave f0l a blancll of the SCIVICE somewhele IH the states and then to DESLIHHLIOH Unknown Du11ng thls school telm of 43 44 the leallty of thls Wal has been folced upon us as we lost sevelal of oul boys to the SCIVICC befole they WSIS able to complete then senlol yeal These all llght guys left Cheel fully hopefully and wlth a splllt thats bound to bllng on then tl umph Calloll Roehl Dlck Clevlston Flances Lov ell Johnny Boles and Bob Rogels chose the navy as thell tempolaly Caleel They must know the IODES by now and well depend on them to show then fllends back home the How s and Whys and Whats of belng ln Uncle Sams navy In the fall of 1943 we chose Oul class colols loyal blue and cleam and oul class flowel the Amellcan Beauty Rose Educatlon leads to knowledge knowledge to success IS the motto of oul senlol class of 44 As membels of thls class we wlll nevel fol get oul tllumphant football season Those games W616 oc caslons maklng evellastlng memolles Those boys had wele belng ably suppol ted by the gn ls and boys on the bleachels Gllls yelllng Johnny you can make It Scalp em Jlmmy Knock lm down Bob and CIIGEIIIIQ' the whole team The Junctlon C1ty game was enough to g1V6 anyone the chllls It was thls yeal that we bloke all l6C01dS Gosh t was wondelful' Then to glve the season the ap plopllate flnlshlng touch we had oul annual Plg skln Plom Was It evel solld wlth a capltal S' It was that nlgllt that we clowned oul Plgskln Plom queen and klng MIIIIG Domlno and Bob Slack All yes anothel nlght to lemembel O KEEP us on the llght t1 ack we elected tlllee leadels HOWHIG Elmel plesldent Cllalles Walkel vlce plesldent and Dwlgllt Koltman sec letaly tleasulel wele oul thlee efflclent class of flCC1S At the top ol OU1 entlle govelnlng body the Student Councll Bob Blew 61 was elected D1 esldent It was thlougn hls able admlnlstlatlve ablllty ln coopelatlon wlth the othel councll 0fflCelS the Student Councll the Fedelatlon Councll the stu dent body and the teachels that such beneflclal HCLIVILICS as oul ual bond campalgn democlatlc electlons D1gSk1I1 plom and malntenance of oul sacled llonol roll wele successfully executed Flom oul class W618 C1131 les Mlllel Bob BICWCI and Jlm FSIIEII as Councll leplesentatlves and Jo Ann Scheu and Glenn MUHg61 as ex OfflC10 membels We attended sevelal dances aftel football and basketball games ln oul hlgll school gym but on the evenlng of Feblualy 12 we attended anothel all school affall the Gold D1gg6lS Ball sponsoled by the Junlol class The gals showed the fellas who was boss that nlght and the males took the femmes fol 6V61y cent they had No small Wold llke Fun O1 Swell could CXDI ess how much we leally enloyed oulselves that Hlghf Oul senlol play was a mystely entltled A Mul del Has Been Allanged and Jlm Fallell Challes 1Cont1nued on Page 201 WARD I' I MI- R Stull lt l ml Z lxzrunl 1 Ilr M II I kt tbull 4 I1 1 l rx Ill on ll Tl fl TI Il IISWAIIxI'Ii n I UI lnu NNKIIILI Hum III lr nu ul1I :rung QI l lun Aw 1 lrlnu M n lr nm un M :mall ll n Bum L II I I fl UWlI uns ll 1. o lnl 1 1 1 lr .AIIHILITI N 1 I KI ll r kmtlllll S3 t C mmultlt r lllll KORIMAN l lnnn III 1 l I' I' R 1 1 tnlt up IIDIIII' ilu lntru Z 4 St..lg1 Crlw l Natl nul Honor Soul El ll-, pr.-s' l -nt - , KH . ww' 4' Hry- vi -1--pr -sill:-nl f.l'l'JIS r1-r I l- ' ' . I D ' ' . Y 1 , . ' Q ' . . - , . .y V . - 1 . . . .' - . Q . v - . ' Y I ' . Q . . - . . .' 1 . 1 . ' ' - 1 A . , . . ' . Y ' . . '. . ' I ' ' 4 ' , - ' ' 1 ' ' 1 1 ! . 7 1 H .. ,, . v ' . . . ' .1 . .y ' 1' ' .' ' . .' ' . lu- ' . - -I A 1 ' 1 . 1 1 1 4 . I v y Y . . y . , .Y . ' Y , . v . 1 . ' 1 1 ' ' ll 1- . ' . . . 'H ' . . ' . HO I 1 I S er 'ou -i ' 1 Hi-Y 2, Il. 41 II, R. ' . . , , I I'rl I . ZZ: Cl Ir 2. 3, -I2 I"mltIl:llI 2. II, 4: II: :4- I ' - 2: 'I'ra-' l. 2, Il. 4: I'zlgfult 2: I' 1 C ll . 2: ' ' ' . ' - Class I' -sa, 4: Jr.-Sr. Un n . Zig H. R. V' -1--I'r1-s. Il, -I. . v I ' , . S CHAR . 'll' l ' I I'rum Vo lnl. -I 1 Ii-Y LZ, Il, -I1 I' I. playlng fol all tlley wele W01tI'l, glvlng It all they cm, .1 1 sr. cms, vit-1--lu-.-1. .1 1 sr.-.ll-. 4: ll. lc. S...-ml Uhr. 1 ' ' ' -I C SVI' " Club 2. II. -IZ .' 'A I 3. -I2 'I'r:lvI1 2, 41 -A '- ' H Int ' . 2, 3, -I: "Ev - Si ' - ICH-" Il: "A M ' 1-r Ilzls II1-1-ll . .- .. ' 1 - 1: .. A' 1' " 42 IVIls" I Nw: : "s 2, 3, 43 1' U I H ' I ' ' r ' Ill - Stuff -I: I'l - 1 -I: Sr. Sm- k Cum: . -I: I , ' . 2, Il, 4: Or 'h. 2, Il, 4: An nun -on 1-nl Cn lnl. -I1 Color. ' ' ' ' FI ' '. I IVI t 0 C n , -I 3 SI: 1: - Crm' C53 . . ' ' y - . , , , ' of .'1-ivlllm 243 IH-p Il: nd 3, -Ig Ifootln II Sl :Il-nt M: 1 :luv 4: . ' ' I Iills ' : .' mr s u - : 0 II. ' -' ' ' I ' I - ' .. DW I " ' ' ' fllop 'vs ' t t' 'v K'nullciI -I: Cnllllll. Chr. - , - , - - - 3, -I: Hi-Y 2. il, -I: C I in lt -I: UI: ss 'I' 1-ns. -IZ Jr.-S , 32 ', , . ' H. . S 'L'-'I'r-lm. 2: Sci' '- UI I 2. 3: If ' y 1 b -IZ ' ' ' . ', II, 3 " L I ' Ig . 'll ' " 'ly.

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