Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS)

 - Class of 1942

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Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 6 of 64
Page 6 of 64

Manhattan High School - Blue M Yearbook (Manhattan, KS) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 5
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Page 6 text:

DR W E SHEFFER Supcrlntcndcnt of Schools 1 1 1 NI l1lXl 1 1111 1 1g1 11 u111I11 1 IS h 111l1lml111 I n1v11s11x 11111 11 Ltta Kettc Club S1lln1 W1sl15l11 lJ11l Il 1 r 111 orx IIIIVLTSIIW of LIIILIQBH L111x1rs1ty 011111111 KS! ll I1 IIXNI4 '- sslsl llll 1 1 1 11 1 1 Us 111111111 1111 INlllfIQl1I S111 11s11r of Scnnce 1 uh Q ,, 11X S11r111 IL OFLl1lT 1 1311111 xS1 h 1g..1111111rx1lo1 11 101 Id Ju1111r 111d 5911101 11g,l1 x S 1 1 Il 11 1 I-'llgll 1 MA KU 1 wx x e 1 Iurllor 1, s X 1 1 1 l11l N1 1011 lll ADMINISTRATION GUIDES N ESSENTIAL part of any school system IS ltS ad mmlstratlon Often a thankless effort, we now pay tubute to the dlllgent eff1c1ency of our own ad m1n1st1at1on and faculty If the school year has been a successful one, and th1s has been a xely successful year, It test1f1es to the capable guldance of the school s admln 1st1at1on The success of a school 18 dlrectly proportlonal to the capaclty of 1ts admlnlstratoxs Effectlvely the suc cess of a natlon rests upon the efflclency of the teachers Ill the schools D9m0ClaCy IS taught by D13CtlC9 and It IS best practlced 1n the schools Thls yeal has been a Vltal one for the entlre VVOlld and to the 89111018 who are endlng thelr hlgh school Cd.lGClS and stepplng out 1HtO th1s unsettled world It has bee11 especlally trylng There has been llttle to encour age those semors whose status IS so undetermmed and 1n deflnlte MHS has contrlbuted to the cause materlally for some students and faculty members, not satxsfled to re mam on the home front, have become a portlon of the tlghtlng forces of Umted States Much of the credlt for th1s successful school year can be lald at the feet of Mr Bergman, P1'1I1ClDdl, and Dr Sheffer, Super1ntendent and the corps of teachers who often carry the brunt of youthful student antlcs Throughout the year the faculty has alded not ln galnlng scholastlc knowledge but also so operatlve maturlty Transactlng the bUS1 th cho SSI! 11 r1l ll N1 1r A B1r1s1 NI Berger H B1 11111 Is S T1 1 11 1 1 11111141 X 1 1 Ii Boles P Broun E Lampbc-ll 111 k 1 11111 1 Lraxs ford NI Dexter J Dobson 2 .. . . . . i Y - . v . . 1 . L' K xy 1 . K I 1 6 K1 . . 1 , f v lx! I K1 1 I ' , . K 1 1 1 . , . A. li.-All -11111-115' 1' IIl'g1'. . 1-z "ll -, S. P14 SXlY1llll2i1 A. M. -'l'1'1l'I11'l'S' 1'11I- ' l- -, 1' l ': l'11ix'1-'xilyg I' .ll.f - - - - . -, - - VA, , , C0- . S' - I 1.11:1,1,1 I5:xlII5I':lI 111-.11111.11, 1-...11111.11-1-1111. 11. s.. 1c,s.'1'.1'. ICI! 1 -1111 l'11iv1-1'1:il3' "f 11111111-1: S1 111s111' 111' .l1111i111' 1'lz1S:1. MA 1 I G lil'Ili1llCll---Syl':111 11 11v1-, rxll A'i1-:111 His- In t A. B,, K. l'.3 Y' "'-."'111' ' ' C 1 'l . ..,'. '. S1111s11r 11f 1l,ll, lllilllil-Ill'l' lllSll11I' -1i5'l1s11111. Blzall -111.1ti1's, I' .. ' 1 '11:11'l1. li,S..K:111.':1s XV-sl11yz.11:M.S..1'l1i1-:11.11l'. IIUI 'Ill'l' H1 Ll-IS H1'z1111lsX'ill1', M11. lii1l111:5'. -1'-1 V, ' S1 Us-'1, " " . '1.' "3 'fl-. A R. rl. Iili VN--1' ' gfVld. M11. -l ls .1 21111 . . W 1 B,S,, l',.'. '., 15. M. 1' 111 ff ' :ss 'L rj. ' f' l-ZIJIT 1'AMl'I5lGI,l.- Att' 1, Il . '1 z D ' ' In 1 I-I "slr KS., l'.'.'I'. I l'I11111111'iz11 M. A. l'11i1'1'rsity 111 1':1lif11' ia. l'hi1':1g11 l'. ,V 1'l.AliI1'l'I 4'liAXVI"lllill-Sl 'ills' H'll. Q Fl. li,A.1 MIIUAM I I-IX'l'lClI M: js 'ills .Ir1111'11:1lis111 :nd . ' 11111 flish. HS.. MJ. I'.S.f'., 1'.S,1'.H.. fir-clay: 1'li1'I1-T '- 1li11I X"s- S' U. ' A 4 .Il'Z.',' 'I IPHHSON-S11 'il 1'1111ty .'-l . Fl. B.S., I.. 1 I -' - . ' . 'Sl ',,'. . H: ys: f'l1-r:1d1 I'.. lf-"1 Q: .'. YT. N.Y. . S 1 1. ' . " 1'iIy. 1'.S.C.l-I. 11'-111-y: YS. '. S1 x1-1' 111 .X1'1 1'lul1. '. ' 1 ' A , ' . .

Page 5 text:

345 2 This book represents a synopsls of youth youth at nts best with nts glornes efforts trials sacrlflces lngenulty lnltlatlve, brllllance joys loves hatreds cheers fears slmplxclty and complexity We have directed our efforts ln an attempt to characternze that youth and those who mold the men and women from this mass lrresponslble adolescence We pay trxbute to those who serve and wall serve on the fronts of llfe nn the splrxt of democracy Youth llVlhg ln the world of today planning for the world of tomorrow Q Published by The Journalxsm Classes of Manhattan Senior Hugh School May 1942 onfenfs Admmlstratlon Qtudent f,0llI1Cll SLIIIOI SlCtl0n Honor SOClLtX Lncluclw men D1 1m1 md Nlusxc C lube -Xtl1l0tlC4 Soclal Exe-nts Blue NI Queen 7-lie

Page 7 text:

B S Kansas Stlte Tezrhtrs Qnl STUDENTS THROUGH YEAR lastic factory which specializes in the production of good American citizens, the school board performs a service which cannot be overrated. Serving on the school board which has inaugurated many neu improvements and ac complishments ale M1 P J Neuman, president, Mr Ray H Pollom,w1ce president Mr R C Barr, treasurer, Mr Tom McClung Dean R W Babcock, Mr G W Guin, Dr K F Blscom and Miss Clara Spllman, clerk of the board Courses offer ed in MHS are Commercial Mathematics, Home Economics, English, Science, Social Science, Public Speaking Art, Printing, Manual Arts Vocational Agri culture Music, and Physical Education In each of these fields are selected subjects better to enable the student to prepare himself for college or l1fe This year sex eral neu courses wx ere offered to aid the huge War effort carried forward by the United States New shop courses and an advanced algebra course were made avallable to aid students who were to become part of the huge war effort program May we again pay tribute to the fine spirit, cooper ative attitude and general excellence of our administra MR F V BERGMAN Pxmclpal tive bodies and faculty Devotlng their attention so that we might become better citizens, capable of carrying on the democratic way, to the fulfillment of the dream of liberty and freedom, our administration and faculty have led the way to a successful school year I lII'wllllX'L, ,,, C Llubs P Durhlm I Flmler Frnst If ly NI K 'lrrett 4 o II Hou hton I hmm H Kugler lege 'it Fmporm A llllXt'I'lS of tolorldo friduate Study T uh ers 1 nllege Columln 1 University 101 lil l H-XXI Toronto Kansns World li sun Bs x S 1 L n DUI'll su 5 uns: r ni stu dent Louncil lb-X NIA1 LLDI R Lureka Lngllsh and Speech lx li Imporil Loloiado U lLll0ll L 1 x Prln IIIL, 1 l ns u ll A Jurx lrhig lll l ill ox lbll 1 NSU lx S IIHPOIII lun lllSUI' D l HIL COLID Iledmont Sp enh BS KST1 Fm li ll ll If 1 L.l X 1 o 1 eometrw A x adn ite Studi lx l ,Spun FLOX LF! B1-I kOON Nlerlden French -XB Isl Lnnersltx or U1 Iulo Sponsor of French 'Ind Splmsh HAPOLIJ Kll LIR Abilene Xoc-'1tlon'1l X TICUIIUYL B -X KSC Sponsor of FFA 3 . , fn I 1 y . n 7' .' . . 1 . . , . . . , , . I ' . . . ' . . . 2 .' S ' .'.' 1 lv v . l 1 ' , . 1 , u u a Al, - , . , ' , , , . u '. 3 M. .- ' " '.'t5 T 1 3 I 2 ' I ' ez ' i ' ' i . . - , ' i.' nv, ,,' l'. '.".1., EI l ': g I'h.M., XX'i,'-nlsin l'. 'pi ui ' C . A 'J 4' G - ' . ' ' ' -- , B,S '.S.". '. 'I 'L Q ' ' , Flllill l'II2NS'l'ff.lul " "Ly, ' t' '. iS.. K.S.T.lI. 9' ICLBCIIT FLY-A Jon, ISI s' '. B.S. sl 1' Pulley. ' ll" 'fl '. Spb s ' uf Xlllsil' l'llllr. Mll. 'ICIP 42AllRl'IT'I' N1-mlm-shzl. Girls H01 lth Zlllt l'l1,'." 'nl lflrlm-ulion. li.S., '..'.'I'.l'., li 'ill Cu xiii: l'. Sp, .4 nf G.A.A. and Po 'luh. X l' ' '.-J' . e-. L Y, 1 1r':. Av! t' 'll 1':.let. ' W1 r . . . - . . . , v ,Q 1, Illul. flolmirus-B11 ln. 5 - 5 .nh 1.L , ur' 4 .' L 1 '. sm-' snr ..f u.1:. . . ' " D' ' "wr: . Q' D .1 . ua .. 1 , L' F. '. J 1F ,,l, flilllfl .x 'FC- ' .'4'. gg' 'H . gt -', ' 1 . ' .-., .. . . . . .

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