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,wb .Sf-' v fu L 'R u A ', ,f-wv,,-f-.,..-+..,-- - ....,..,-,,x ,., ,,, 412, ,M A W Z -H lr f' f Q w ffl "Swv ff WZ f fff 01 X xfqmg 'V Wx '44 '21 - 'W' ' f J ! 4 , N , , Y X, Yr "' 4 K iff .4-' I f CHARLES W. SPANGLE - 0 The Whole object of education is to develop the mind. Through education you should develop a sense of right, duty and honor. You should be able to pass judgment on events as they arise and make clear decisions, Q N? x lafw - K4 1 I, nf... Q-djil- -1-1: f ALBERT KAUFMAN 0 To Mr. Kaufman we gratefully dedicate this edition of "The Green Light." His example has been fine . . his efforts have been inexhaustible . . he has been our friend. YEARBOOK STAFF . . E. Ross, W. Steverson, Miss Diana. J. Vienna, M. Weaver, W. Weaver, Standing-C. Corino, M. Cianfoni, L. Liberty, M. Zomari, A. Eagley, J, 1VLcShea, J. Pap- pert, J. Bagshaw, J Galbraith, J. Crowell. ' Have you prepared your article? Did you Write your poem? Did you finish your ditties? Where are the pictures? These questions and many More like them were asked by Miss Diana, advisor to the Yearbook Staff. We wish to thank her for her guidance in the publication of this book. 0 Without the business ability shown by Miss Zibella, 'The Green Light" would not have been possible. We hope she will continue to give financial assistance to the succeeding classes. MISS ZIBELLA FACULTY . . . Seated-Miss Rogers, Miss Gardner, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Spangle, Mr, Kaufman. Standing-Miss Mertz, Miss DeGrace, Mrs. Sikes, Miss Shelly, Miss Dayton, Mr. How- ard, Miss Strong, Mr. Foster, Miss Diana, Miss Zibella, Mrs. Lamphier. Name College Charles W. Spangle+Alleghany College Clemma Strong-Geneseo State Normal .... Kathleen Rogers-Pottsdam State Normal .. Catherine Shelly-Geneseo State Normal ,,,r,,.. Edith Dayton-Brockport State Normal ..,,rr,,,,,, G, i . Grade Principal ,Y,,, First Grade , Second Grade ., . ...,. Third Grade ,, ,,.r G Fourth Grade Mrs. Marie GalbraitheTeachers' Training School , ,,,, ., Filth Grade Alice Gilman+Brockport State Normal ,,,,,rr, or , Clara Mertz-Geneseo State Normal G, G Albert Kaufman-lthaca College ,r,,r,,,,c Marie Diana-University ot Buffalo ,,,, ,,,,, G H Mrs. Ruth Lamphier-University ot Rochester Rose Zibella+College ot St. Bose , ....,,r,, ,, Raymond Howard-lthaca College ,,,,,r,, Ray FostereOswego State Normal , ,rr,,,,,,rr , Charles W. Roberts-Houghton College ,,,rr ,, Mrs. Iosephine Sikeselieuka College , r,,,, , Edith Gardner-Syracuse University c,.., Korleen DeGrace4Syracuse University , Sixth Grade Seventh-Eighth Grades .. Physical Education Social Studies i G English and Latin G ,,,, ,,,r , Commercial A, G, Music G ,, Mechanical Arts Science G Mathematics G .i ,rrtor,o, Librarian l-lomemaking OUR FACULTY . . Mr. Spangle is the head of our school, He believes in keeping the Golden Rule. Whenever we see him coming down the hall, You can be sure he has a smile for all. Albert Kaufman is next in line, Under his guidance the team is doing fine. ln success we all agree, Manchester at the head will be. Smartly tailored, neat and trim, ls Miss Diana, short and slim. As senior advisor she takes the lead, Doing her best to succeed. Chickery, Chick, Cha-la-cha-lot, Mrs. Sikes's singing sure hits the spot. You must admit she knows her math, She will guide us onthe right path. Miss Zibella has a business mind, She's always on time you will find. Her manner is strict because of her position, But you will find she has a sweet disposition. Mr. Howard is our music teacher, The Chorus and Band are his main features. The marching Band has been successful, The Chorus will rate at the music festival. Willing to help us in every task, In anything that we may ask, Mrs. Lamphier has done her best ln making the Senior play a success. ln Home Economics, Miss DeGrace is the head, Cooking dinners and making bread. Good grooming is also in that line . . We must admit she is dong fine. Who is the teacher of the Science classes, With all those noisy lads and lassies? Yes, Mr. Roberts, who works with us all . . l-le's always there at our beck and call. Need a helping hand? he asks . . That's Mr. Foster, ready to help us with our tasks We wish him luck in his new position, We know he will do fine, with all his ambition. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS . . ' 615 f -is A i. 25' -gh, 2- fm! stab: fy' A IN THE DAYS WHEN. . . 0 A group of pretty lads and lassies are shyly on the Way to school for the first timeg the girls with big ribbons and long stockings, and the boys all dressed up in their best knickers. Miss Thomas started us off by teaching us how to write. Miss Clint Was our Second Grade teacher. She did a fine job of teaching us how to read. Miss Sheppard and Miss Dayton promoted us from Third and Fourth Grades. The parties given by Mrs. Galbraith will never be forgotten. We still remember the afternoons spent studying geography With Miss Gilman. In the Seventh and Eighth Grades we were excited over the thought of chang- ing classes. T ' T Then came the thrill of being a "Frosh." The shy looks on our faces re- mained throughout the year. We were welcomed by Miss Bailey to the Sophomore room and had many activities during the year. Then We were luniors . . with a great responsibility. We had several homeroom teachers during the year. At last We are Seniors. We are all excited over graduation and hope that our dreams come true. President ...., ,..,.,. M ichael Weaver Vice-President ,... ...... E dward Ross Secretary . i . .. Iune Bagshaw Treasurer .. ....,.. Iohn Hayden CLASS OF '46 . . Open the door and let us peek in At the Class with vigor and vim. They're all busy at different games, And now we'll introduce you to their names. Audrey is always the first to arrive . . You've guessed the time is eight thirty-five. Next is Leta . . always on time, Now this should be on everyone's mind. Charlie's coming on the run, Very anxious to join the fun. Someone is missing . . We lack one more . . Oh, yes! lt's Mikie coming in the door. All is silent, roll call has been taken, Everyone is seated and the hall is vacant. "Hey, lanet," calls lean, "Your geometry done? lt should be . . she stays up until one. Eddie Ross is dashing around, Looking for paper When it can't be found. Talking continuously, you'll find Mac, "Be still," says Miss Diana. "You, too, lack." Chewing his nails, We find Mayor, We Wonder if this makes him gayer. I-luddled together are Betty, Iune and lane . . We Wonder Whats planned for the next game. Steverson and Maggie in the very last row, Discussing a subject in voices so low. There sits Bill Weaver, quiestest of all, Seldom says anything . . but always see all. Arguing with that certain boy are Muffy and Kay Doc is defeated and has nothing to say. Tempus fugit, as the poets say, Our years have passed in a pleasant way. Iune Bagshaw . . To be a housewife is June's desire, To that certain Romeo Whom she admires. Intramurals 1 2 3 4, Band 1 2 3 4, Chorus 2 3 4, Secretary Sen- ior Class. Mafalda Cianfoni . . This girl is having a hard try To get that certain Junior guy. Chorus 1 2 3 4, Commercial Club 1 2 4. Kathryn Corino . . Does she possess a gifted hand? Her poetic writing is really grand! Intramurals 1 2 3, Chorus 1 2 3 4, Commercial Club 1 2 4, lane Crowell . . Crossing the road, be on the lookout For the girl who is riding about. Band 1 2 3 4, Chorus 2 3 4, Press Club 3 4. Betty Dailey . . Eett's fulure is in a uniform of white, Comforting her patients and making them right. In.ramurals 1 2 3 4, Band 1 2 3, Chorus 2 3 4, Student Coun- cil 3. Audrey Eagley . . To that certain sailor her heart is waiting, No other boy is Audrey dating. Intramurals 1, Commercial Club 1 2. Ianet Galbraith . . In her studies she takes the lead, To be Valedictorian she will try to succeed. Iohn Hayden . . Ready for anything, humorous or sly, You must have noticed the gleam in his eye. Richard Howland . . Tho Dick isn't a farmer boy, That kind of work is his only joy. Leta Liberty . . Lee's hair is our delight . . She always has it fixed just right. Commercial Club 1 2 4, Vice- president Press Club. lane McShea . . Here is a girl both helpful and sweet, Smiling and bashful and very petite. Chorus 1 2, Intramurals 1 2 3 4, Student Council, Commercial Club 2 3 4. Iean Pappert . . This is the girl we will find With that cheering Squadron on her mind. Intramurals 1 2 3, Cheerleader 2 3 4, Chorus 2. Charles Potter . . As a good sport at the head of the line, Charles is the one that we will find. Band 1 2 3. Edward Ross . . Always late, never on time . . He's in his seat thirteen of nine. Basketball 2 3 4, Baseball 2 3 4, Football 3 4, Treasurer 2 3, Vice-president Senior Class. William Steverson . . Short and active, full of vim . . He's sure to be Sinatra's stand- ln. Basketball 1 3 4, Baseball 3 4, Football 2 4, Band 1 2 3 4, Chor- us 1 2 3 4. Iohn Vienna . . At seventy-thirty Jack starts to roam To that certain State Street home. Michael Weaver . . As Captain of our Basketball team, We always find lVIickie on the team. Basketball 1 2 3 4, Baseball 1 2 3 4, Football 1 2 3 4, Student Council 3. William Weaver . . Rather shy . . trim and neat, As a smooth dresser he can't be beat. Basketball 2 3 4, Football 4, Ping Pong 3 4. ' Margaret Zomari . . The jack of all trades of the Senior Class, Is Margaret, our cheerful lass. Intramurals 1 2 3, Chorus 1 2, Commercial Club 1 2 4, Student Council 3. FAVORITE SONGS . . Iune Bagshaw . , L Mafalda Cianfoni ., Catherine Corino lane Crowell A.AA..,, , , Betty Dailey ,.,..,.e Audrey Eagley Ianet Galbraith . Iohn Hayden ., , Richard Howland Leta Liberty , Iane McShea , ,,,,r,, , lean Pappert rdddrriiirdd Charles Potter o,o,,o,,, Edward Ross A ,.,.. , William Steverson Iohn Vienna , A Michael Weaver William Weaver ,, L Margaret Zomari ,. ?2, gE' F1fT' J Av ' "0 l Can't Begin to Tell You , L Bell Bottom Trousers Dreams Make Believe .L ooi,, Coax Me a Little Bit L iiii , , ioioi l'm Glad I Waited for You l'm ln Love With Two Sweethearts .L i,,o, so ,..,.rl .,,i.. A Hop, Skip and Iump . ,.,iiioiiio L ioi...,. Here I Go Again , Smoke Gets in Your Eyes ,, ., Stay as Sweet as You Are or Love Me One More Dream You Won't be Satisfied L Give Me the Simple Life , How Many Hearts Have You Broken? or One-zy, Two-zy, l Love You-zy , ., l'll Walk Alone ,.rr,, Day by Day 1' K JUNIOR CLASS . . First Row-D. Vanderwall, J. Vanderwall, M. Steverson, C, Burke, P. Ahearn. Second Row-D. Halderman, M. Hessney, N. Nelson, J. Digaloma, I. Raeman, J. Geise. Third Row-L. Hessney, N, Hawkes, R. Galbraith, Mrs. Lamphier, D. Huffman, P. D'Arduini, D. Vienna. 0 "Grab your partner, circle 'roundf' This was the Iunior cry at their first big event, a square dance. Under the leadership of their officers: Donald Ryan, President, Donald Huffman, Vice-President, lane Digaloma, Secretary, and Catherine Burke, Treasurer . . the luniors have had many successful activities. They are now looking forward to becoming Seniors. We hope that they Will have a happy year. . m et' Qu X f Q T A - .J JUNIOR HIGHLIGHTS. . . Name Catherine Burke l-hil D'Arduini lane Digaloma ,,,,I Robert Galbraith lay Geise ,, ,, Y, ,.,... David Halderman Arlene l-larlott George Hawes .. Norman Hawkes Louie I-lessney Mary Hessney C, Donald Huttman Harold Pierce oo,,o, lrene Raeman Donald Ryan ., Mary Steverson ,, Dorothy Vanderwall Y t,,,,i.i. , Iune Vanderwall Donald Vienna .. Pat Ahern , t,,,tt, , Nancy Nelson ......... ...,,..,,,.., Nickname Tiny , ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,r it Cocoa ......,,, ,,...,.. Short Job rr..,...,.. Iazz .ti. ,...,,,,, ,w,,,... Geisey , ,..,.w,...., . Lead Toes .....,tr, Peachey ,ttt,t...... Admiral vw.,tt... ,.t. Uncle Corny Sweetness .,.. I-less ..,,.....,....,.,....... Hutlie C , ,,... ,,,,,, . .. Sticky iti....,,,,,, , ,,.. . Skinny ,, ,,,,,,,....,. .. Pete ,,,,,,,,.. .,,,,t, Peanuts . Y, Porky ,.,.,... ,,,,,.,. Dolly ,..i,.r.,.........,,. Smouse .,,,...w,,,,... Cloudless .,...,,,. Butch .,,, ,,...,.......... Heurt's Desire ? ? ? ? ? To take Clark Gables place To have blond hair My Ford back in shape To be Dr. Geisenstein Lighter feet To be thinner Blue eye farmerette A good joke lust one date No competition A steady girl To be in the movies Corn-ted Willy A mind of my own More letters from Frankie To drive lke's car A certain sailor Money to go to Utah To keep trying tor that Guy A steady date MRS LAMPHIER . . . . THE BIG FOUR SOPHOMORE CLASS . . First Row-M. Boardman, R. Crowell, J. Pierce, N. Garno, M. Hayden. Second Row-M. Grievson, J. Weaver, B. Vanderwall, Miss Zibella, G. Schultz, E. Steverson. Third Row-F. Cerovolo, D. Hawkes, D. Vienna, J. Quick, B. Coriddi, B. Hawes. Fourth Row-S. Cerovolo, H. Ross, K. Ross, J. McNally, R. DeGroote, M. Pettrone, L. lenna. Not too young, Not too old, Not too shy, Not too bold. 0 These are the Sophornores and, as the ditty' says, they are just a bit beyond the Freshman stage oi inability lout excusaloility, yet they have not acquired the Wisdom oi the Iuniors and Seniors. Again, although they are not as blushingly bashiul as Freshmen, they have not developed the intriguing approach oi Sister lunior and Brother Senior. The Sopho- mores are quite obviously the unofovious in-betweens. FRESHMAN CLASS . . . First Row-W. Hyde, B. Eurke, Miss DeGrace, N. Herman, D. Wylie Second Row-R. Boisvert, D. Dell, D. Reubens, E. Procko, H. Steverson. Third Row-G. Ciardi, C. Sawran, A. Ricci, R. Ryan, N. Cianfoni, P. Angeline, YOU KNOW WHO... 0 Who goes up the Wrong stairs? Who adoringly looks up to the mighty Seniors, saying to himself, i'Some day l'll loe a Senior and then i'll show 'emf' Yes, you know who . . it's the dynamic Freshman. 0 Too important to ignore are the Freshman Class officers: Herbert Steverson, President, Nancy Herman, Vice-President, Elizabeth Procko, Secretary, and Alfred Ricci, Treasurer. Under their leadership, the Class has had a good start and Will carry through to their senior year. 'x if , Eighth Grade . . First Row-F. Ricci, R. Hyde, L. Digaloma, M. Hildebrand, M, Ciardi, D. Goodman, J. Grievson, R. Bologna. Second Row-E. Ryan, A. Vanderwall, E. Govenor, E. Ross, A. O'Donnell, Miss Mertz, A. Leone, A. Liberty, E. Vanderwall, M. Lyke. Third Row-C. Lowry, R. Pierce, A. Quick, H. Fish, R. Warner, M. Cain, P. Hudson, C. Fabiani. Seventh Grade . . . First Row-G. Potter, W. Hessney, J. Schlecht, S. Steel, D. Rose, J. Bromley, H. Hile- burt. Second Row-S. Governor, G. Mumby, A. Pappert, A. Lush, J. DelGotto, G. Robinson B. Boisvert, P. Angeline. Third Row-H. Robinson, A, Coriddi, B. Hessney, M. J. Vangelisti, B. Toney, L. Hay- den, W. Warner, E. Englehart, J. Weaver. Sixth Grade . . . First Row-A Ceravolo, G. Wylie, N. Hayden, E. Cirulli, M. Issa, V. Bromley, C, Mis- leany. Second Row-H. Diazio, G. Jarjoura, P. Loury, J. Twenty-Five, M. L. VanBenthuysen, E. Vanderwall, K. O'Donnell. Fifth Grade . . First Row-O. Lush, O. Huober, G. Weaver, A, Fairchild, G. Pappert, F. Steverson N. Vienna. Second Row-R. Record, L. Boisvert, P. Dell, P. Herman, A. Ceravolo, P, Vanderwall P. Green. Third Row-D. Bagshaw, J. Hessney, S. Hyde, N, Pierce, J. Cianfoni, F. Huling, R. Pet- trone, J. Hessney, I. Hessney. Fourth Grade . . . First Row-N. Hessney, J. Hudson, R. Raymond, S. Corino, V, DelGotto, L. Angeline S. Manion, E. Diazio, T. Nicholson, J. Philley. Second Row-J. Ross, P. Lizai, E, Vanderwall, S. Vienna, R. Geise, R, Digaloma, P Ryan, V. Pierce, C. Volpe. Third. Row-I. Liberati, I. Ciardi, B. D'Arduini, J. Steele, G. Hall, Miss Dayton, A Hurlburt, D. Geise, V. Ross, M. Geise. Third Grade . . . First Row-J. McNally, J, Hessney, D. Deyo, M. L. Manion. Second Row-M. L. Mumby, L. Richardson, L. Lush, V. Sanders, R. Herman, A, Van- derwall. Third Row-E. Hessney, R. Toney, J. Boardman, B. Wylie, M, Pappert, L, Vandervvall, H. Govenor, A. Liberati, M. Hudson, Miss Shelly. Second Grade . . . Seated-N. Boardman, C. Herendeen, R. Hadden, R. Groat, C. Ross, J. Steele, J. O'- Z Donnell, Miss Strong, R. Hadden. Standing-J. Steele, M. McNally, N. Green, L. Hoyt, M. Boardman, A. Daizio, R. Rich- ardson, J. Toney. First Grade . . . Seated-M, Groat, R. Hawes, A. Cianfoni, A. Ciruelli, C. Rogoza, W. D'Arduini, A. Ci- ardi, R. Lamphier, P. Potter, B. J. Wood Standing-E. Herendeen, J. Hayden, B. Cartwright, S. Proctor, Miss Rogers, N. Mid dlebrook, N. Hawes, C. Groat. Guess Whg , , , H866 Answers on Page 42B ACTIVITIES ff ? f , HN ' f 1 5 I H g h "Have your books checked." Miss Gardner Miss DeGrace Mr. Foster and his Shop Mr. Roberts "You said it." Student Council . . . 0 Our otppreciottion goes to the Stu- dent Council tor making it possible for us to voice the needs ond Wishes ot the student body. It is the duty of this group to tormulote rules concern- ing student conduct and octivities. Commercial Club . . . 0 The activities sponsored by the Commercial Club were mctny this year. Their chief purpose was to rcrise funds for the publication of the 1946 yectr book. Their success Wcxs due to the efforts of all its members. Library Club . . CHORUS.H First Row-J. Bagshaw, C. Sawran, L. Digaloma, E. Procko, J. Digaloma, M. Stever- son. B. Vanderwall, C. Corino, B. Dailey, F, Ceravolo, R. Crowell. Second Row-M. Boardman, J. Crowell, H. Steverson, I. Raeman, G, Schultz, W. Stev- erson, E. Steverson, M, Cianfoni, M. Grievson. Third Row-P. D'Arduini, J. Grievson, C. Fabiani, C. Lowry, K. Ross, J. Galbraith, S. Ceravolo, R. Bologna, J. Geise. BAND.H First Row-M. Grievson, J. Eagshaw, P. Loury, M. Steverson, M. J. Vangelisti, J, Schlecht, J. Galbraith. Second Row-E. Governor, R. Boisvert, H. Steverson, B. Dailey, P. D'Arduini, M. Issa K. Ross, W. Steverson. Third Row-G. Robinson, S, Ceravolo, E. Steverson, J. Grievson, W, Warner, F. Ricci R. Bologna, J. Crowell, Mr. Howard, M. Hayden, War Stamp Committee . . . 0 Every Wednesday noon Manchester High's stamp salesmen were on hand to sell Defense stamps to the student body and faculty. ln the last tour years the sale ot these stamps was very encouraging. Although we in Manchester were not at the fighting front, we tried to do our part on the home front. Mr. Wylie . . 0 Mr. Wylie, better known as "Charlie," has been with us ior the past three years. Dur- ing that time he has cooperated with the fac- ulty and pupils and has willingly helped in all school functions. We hope that he will be with Manchester High for many years to come. Soft Snaps . . . Williarn Weaver at play. Going my Way? Look this way, Charles. Our Mike Weaver. See da birdie. lnseparable. Miss Zibella Mr. Roberts on a field trip. S-t-r-i-lc-e! Nice picture . . Sophomores. Looking for sornething, Mr. Roberts? A discovery. Miss Gilman oft guard. "No, no," says Mrs. Lamphier. Patience is a virtue. Seniors are We. VARSITY BASKETBALL . . . Manchester Manchester Manchesterw, Manchester ,c,, Manchester Manchester Manchester Manchester Manchester Mr. Kaufman. J. Vienna, M. Weaver, J. Hayden, J. Geise, E. Ross, P, DJArduini, D. Ryan, L. Hessney, W. Steverson, D. Huffman, Clifton Spa Naples , .,,,..,,,, Shortsville Gorham ,,.,,,...,,,,..,,,,, DeSales ..,, ,,,,,,,,,,, , ,. DeSales ...... , Bloomfield Clifton Spa BASKETBALL SCORES 23 Manchester Manchester ,,,,., Manchester ,,,,, Manchester Manchester ,,.. Manchester Manchester Manchester.. Manchester Phelps rr r ..r.. .....,.. . .r Quarter Final Manchester, 32 Hilton ,,,,,.. , Naples , .,.,...,. M17 Middlesex VCS 27 Phelps . ,,,,,,...... 42 Victor , r .,,,,,,,, 36 Shortsvllle .,,,, 20 Gorham r ...,.... H26 Rushville ,,..,,, , 39 Vlctor ., ,,,,,,,,,....,, M23 Bloomfield ,,,,.,. V38 Iohn Vienna IUNTOR VARSITY BASKETBALL . . . Kneeling-H. Steverson, E. Steverson, D. Vienna, R. DeGroote, D. Dailey Standing-M, Pettrone, H. Ross, Mr. Kaufman, J. McNally, S. Ceravolo. FOOTBALL . . . Kneeling-J. Vienna, S. Ceravolo, E. Ross, W. Steverson, D. Dailey. Standing-W. Weaver, D. Ryan, M. Weaver, J. Geise, L. Hessney. BASEBALL . . . First Row-S. Ceravolo, M. Weaver, J. Hessney, A. Ricci. Second Row-P. D'Arduini, J. Geise, J. Vienna, D. Vienna, R. DeGroote, G. Ciardi Third Row-L. Digaloma, P. Angeline, Mr. Kaufman, E. Ross, L. Hessney, W Steverson. Cheerleaders . . . J. Pappert, M. Boardman, B. Dailey, J. McShea, J. Digaloma, M. Steverson. lives in this venture we call De mocracy. Let us now cooperate bravely for Qld Glory by founding CEI fi in every human experience to the Memorial Building Fund. Not E to be ignored are the Service Mens Club the Returned Veter- ans Basketball and Baseball Teams and the County Service- men s Officer whose duty it is to aid the boys in gaining the rights cunning in expressing its sincere gratitude to you who stood up so Our brothers and sisters have invested their time, their loyal devotion hours of physical suf- fering and mental torture . . yes, and in all too many cases, their "When Iohnnie Comes Marching Home Again . . " l'When lohnnie comes marching home again, Hurrah! Hurrah! Yes, Iohnnie, Billy, Mike and all the other boys . . . We'll give them a hearty welcome then, Hurrah! Hurrah!" 0 And that is what we tried to do. Now' we can thank God for the "Great Day." You will all agree that there is a new peace in being able to see our re- turned fathers and brothers gathered once again in the drug store or in the barber shop, when we walk down the street. We have started living again. That can be seen in the eyes and smiles of the parents and grand- parents as they go about their daily tasks or heard in the childrens laugh- ter as they boast of their big brother who was a Lieutenant in the Army. lndeed, it is a wonderful time to be alive. But there is more to the story than that. Now that we have welcomed our loved ones home, the more difficult work begins . . that of organizing a peace in which there is work for allg a nation in which there is security for all. This can be accomplished only through the efforts of each and every individual citizen. By that l mean for each to vote in elections, think about current' problems, take advantage of opportunities, read the daily paper, and to be active in affairs of the village. Elders . . it is up to you to encourage these returned young men and women to take not only interest but active part in local affairs. For the smooth operation of each tiny community aims for complete cooperation in solving State and Federal problems of this truly great country. We are all proud to be able to say that Manchester has made its be- make their dividends well worth the cost. Their due is unques tionably a high rate of interest in terms of universal peace u more than that, each individual is entitled to a happy normal life in a World which is economically stable and where each one has an opportunity to develop his own God-given abilities and to fit them into a wholesome satis fying pattern of living Familiar Faces . . Service with a srnile-Mary Digaloma Need a repair job.-Ted Greth Guess who-Mr. Wylie Working on the railroad.-Tony Lowry Going my Way?-Howard Vienna Give me a hand here-Tom Ternisky Hold everything-Wasyl Ross Taking it easy-Iohn Weaver A settin' . . waitin'-Elmer Hyde What can l do for you? The Howland Garage Welcome home, fella. Posing? Need a shave? Tom Dalberth MOSTER STUDIOS Q. C. PHOTOGRAPHER -Fon- HTHE GREEN LIGHT" 27 CLINTON AVENUE, NORTH ROCHESTER, N. Y. BEST WISHES . . EMPIRE STATE from PICKLING COMPANY J. M. STODDARD :-MANUFACTURERS or-1 Sz SONS "Silver Floss" SA UERKRA UT :-Phone 7-I-: SHORTSVILLE . . SHORTSVILLE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1946 . . R. B. CROWELL Coal : Produce . . MANCHESTER MRS. J . TWENTY-FIVE FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES COLD CUTS Phone 245 Manchester Enjoy Frozen Foods . . A. D. GRIEVSON Phone 21 2 Manchester CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1946 . . GULF GAS STATION Arnold Howland : Proprietor Corner Main and State Sts. Manchester CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS or 1946 . . REXALL DRUG STORE FOUNTAIN SERVICE Main Street Manchester CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1946 . . For Your . . FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES Come to the . . MARKET BASKET Iohn Geise. Manager Manchester BEST WISHES FROM . . E HAWKES BROS. P7 Bakery 44 Main Street Manchester BEST WISHES . . LEON H. COOLEY Meats : Groceries Phone 209-I Manchester CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1946 . . GRIEVSON Sz SCHLECHT A Dairy 44 . . MANCHESTER CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES . . JOHNSON Sz BENNETT Phone 236 Main Street Manchester JULIUS LIBERATI MEATS - GROCERIES VEGETABLES Phone 251 78 South Main Street Manchester COMPLIMENTS OF . . LEHIGH VALLEY RESTAURANT . . MANCHESTER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1946 . . MILT BOWLES :-GOOD FOOD SERVED RIGHT- 75 South Main Street Manchester COMPLIMENTS OF . . IUST'S SHOE STORE SHOES - HOSIERY SHOE REPAIRING RED JACKET TELEPHONE CO. LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE SERVICE . . SHORTSVILLE SHORTSVILLE : MANCHESTER PAUL A. GERSBACH . . COMPUMENTS OF - - IS OUR SPECIALTY D- W- BRIGGS Phone 85 Prescription Pharmacist Palmyra Street Shortsville , , PALMYRA COMPLIMENTS OF . . BEST WISHES - I STATE BANK PALMYRA COFFEE SHOP OF Good Food AT REASONABLE PRICES Main Street Palmyra CONGRATULATIONS . . BEST WISHES I I CARL H. CLEMENT Meats : Groceries KARL LEBRECHT IVlEN'S CLOTHING : DRY GOODS . . PALMYRA Main Street Shortsville BEST O' LUCK, SENIORS! BEST WISHES . . GRAND BAG Sz BEN FRANKLIN PAPER CO- Department Store H. Arthur Gilman : Manager 1:-I R- BEAUCAGE' Manager . . SHORTSVILLE , , PALMYRA BEST WISHES - - CONGRATULATIONS . . F. LYNN GILLIGAN Men's Furnishings Main Street Shortsville O'BRIEN Sz HICKEY MEATS - GROCERIES Phones 38 and 39 Main Street Palmyra CONGRATULATIONS TO THE , CLASS OF 1946 . . DENNY S ' - MICHAEL DELIZIA For ' ' DINING 1 DANCING Barber Shop M. I. Denny 61 E. T. Schaefer, Preps. Phone 211-W - - MANCHESTER 149 State Street Manchester CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS . . CLASS or 1946 . . V. CERAVOLO MAX C. MORRIS Phone 268 H I MANCHESTER . . MANCHESTER BEST WISHES TO BEST WISHES - I THE CLASS OF 1946 . . MANCHESTER POST OFFICE GERTRUDE MANION Main Street Manchester Co1v1PL11v1ENTs OF . . PHELPS HOTEL 0 0 LIBERTY BROTHERS U General Hardware Chzcken on the Rough PAINTS DINNERS Phone 295 Manchester . . PHELPS Co1v1PL11v1ENTs OF . . CCMPLIMENTS OF . . S T 0 T T'S ELECTRICAL Lallfldefefs Dry Cleaners PHELPS BEST WISI-IES TO BEST WISHES THE CLASS OF 1946 . . ' ' E- HERMAN CLIFTON MANOR Beautician . . MANCHESTER 26 Crane Street Clifton Springs CALL AT . . PEARSALL'S For . .A SWEATERS : SKIRTS : DRESSES :--Style Without Extravagance-: Phone 263 Palmyra COMPLIMENTS OF . . PALMYRA CANDY KITCHEN Main street Palmyra BEST WISHES FINN AUTO SUPPLY COMPLIMENTS OF H . . CADY Sz BURNS :-Phone 10-M-: 203 Main Street Palmyra CONGRATULATIONS . . ELLIS M. WELD FUNERAL DIRECTOR FURNITURE - RADIOS HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES . . Clifton Springs G. M. KENNEDY Sz SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS AUTO SUPPLIES-SPORT GOODS FURNITURE Electrical Supplies : Household Goods ELECTRIC REFRIGERATION Phone 30-1 Palmyra Bristol Street Canandaigua CONGRATULATIONS . . BEST WISHES I I 2 FASSETT S JOHNSON jewelry Stores Furniture Store for . . . DIAMONDS : WATCHES : s1LvERwARE COMPLETE HOME OUTFITTERS PALMYRA WILLIAMSON 181 South Main Street Canandaigua COMPLIMENTS OF . . RUBERY HARDWARE . . PALMYRA COMPLIMENTS OF . . SHADDOCK'S SHOES AIR STEP-ROBLEE-BUSTER BROWN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY . . CANANDAIGUA BEST WISHES . . BREEN'S MARKET MEATS and GROCERIES Phone 80 305 Main Street Palmyra DE GRAFF'S . . . BOOKS : STATIONERY : GIFTS WOMEN'S APPAREL Phone 507 68 Main Street South Canandaigua THE BUSY MARKET . . Owen L. Ford. Proprietor QUALITY MEATS and GROCERIES FRESH FISH Phone 58 Canandaigua WHEN IN CANANDAIGUA MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME AT . . ANDY'S LUNCH WHERE THE POOR FOOD IS ALWAYS GOOD! Canandaigua : New York CONNOLLY'S Dry Goods Stores PHELPS CLIFTON SPRINGS SENECA FALLS CANANDAIGUA CONGRATULATIONS . . BURKE'S RESTAURANT THE BEST THE MARKET AFFORDS -Served at a Reasonable Price!- RELIABLE SCHOOL SUPPLIES . . HUTTON'S The . CORNER BOOK STORE fAt the Railroadj 28 South Main Street Canandaigua ALICE R. FARRELL . . DRESSES 1 coA'rs : GLOVES LINGERIE : Hos1EEY . . CANANDAIGUA J. C. PENNEY C0. Department Store Where the Nation SHOPS and . . SAVES! South Main Street Canandaigua F. H. MCELWEE . . :-FUNERAL DIRECTOR-: Home of . . QUALITY FURNITURE Phone 562 , , CANANDAIGUA 211 South Main Street Canandaigua CONGRATULATIONS . . ASSOCIATE STORE W. M. Sh 1 , em owner HAROLD L. PEACH RADIOS BICYCLES SPORTING GOODS TIRES BATTERIES Jewelgf Phone 45 180 Main Street South Canandaigua . . CANANDAIGUA WILLIS MEN'S STORE The . . McGREGOR sPoE'r SHOP BEST WISHES . . STAR DRY -k CLEANERS . . CANANDAIGUA . . CANANDAIGUA CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! from . . . DAVIDSON Sz SON 7 GRANT S S h 0 e S Self-Serve Store PHOENIX HOSIERY -Known for Values- South Main Street Canandaigua South Main Street Canandaigua COMPLIMENTS . . . IEWELRY - WATCHES DIAMONDS - CHINA Jeweler and Sil ersmibh ""u':::::'. W f,'2:':.::a:. FRANK GRABNER'S Shoe Hospital INVISIBLE HALF-SOLES A SPECIALTY CANANDMGUA South Main Street Canandaigua Ready't0'WeaT CONGRATULATIONS, sEN1oRs! Dry Goods BAND BOX f CLEANERS I I CANANDAIGUA 65 South Main Street Canandaigua BEST WISHES . . ZACK'S AUTO SUPPLY EVERYTHING FOR THE AUTOMOBILE 225 South Main Street Canandaigua SHENKMAN'S . . THE MEN'S AND BOYS' STORE CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS For Graduation and Vacations South Main Street Canandaigua SEELEY says . . Let Us Teach Your Dollars More Cents CLOTHES-HATS-FURNISHINGS 59 South Main Street Canandaigua BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1946 . . COSS PHOTOS -FOR BETTER PHOTOGRAPHY- Corner Main and Bristol Streets Phone 702-W Canandaigua GRIEVE'S Taxi Service :-spscuu. RATES-: Phone 830 Canandaigua COMPLIMEN TS OF FRANCIS LAMPHIER CONGRATULATIONS . . WAYNE Cut Rate Drugs . . from , , , DRUGS-SUNDRIES-COSMETICS HOF F-MAN DRY CLEANERS Phone 614 South Main Street Canandaigua - - CANANDAIGUA BEST WISHES . . . EARL T. ATKINSON Canandaigua Greenhouses Cor. Gibson and Charlotte Streets Phone 560 Canandaigua BEST OF LUCK, SENIORS! FRENCH TAILORING AND DRY CLEANING Chapin Street Canandaigua DEE'S SERVICE STATION for... CAR REPAIRS - LUBRICATION MOBILOIL and GAS Phone 671 Newark COMPLIMENTS OF . . CHAMBERS FASHION SHOP . . SHORTSVILLE CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS OF 1946! PETE DHONDT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 235 South Main Street Canandaigua BEST OF LUCK, SENIORS! BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1946 . . PREASA MOTTELO FRUITS - VEGETABLES MEATS - CANNED rooms Phone 234 Manchester BEST WISHES OF . . JOHN ROSE 5101415 FLOWERS SERVICE STATION Phone 248-I 305 South Main Street Canandaigua Main Street Manchester COMPLIMENTS or . . MILLER'S RADIOS - RECORDS MUSICAL SUPPLIES 185 South Main Street Canandaigua , I ENTERPRISE RRESS pR.NT.NG puBL.SH.NG R J 0 DESIGNERS AND PRODUCERS OF 0 THE GREEN LIGHT THREE WATER STREET Phone Nine-Two SHORTSVILLE N Y Guess Who . Betty Dailey Leia Liberty Mike Weaver lean Pappert Iohn Hayden lane Crowell Mafalda Cianioni Edward Ross Margaret Zornari Iune Bagshaw lane McSlT1ea Audrey Eagley Iohn Vienna Catherine Carina Richard Howland -gP'f" W N'

Suggestions in the Manchester High School - Green Light Yearbook (Manchester, NY) collection:

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