Manasquan High School - Treasure Yearbook (Manasquan, NJ)

 - Class of 1987

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Manasquan High School - Treasure Yearbook (Manasquan, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 45 of 200
Page 45 of 200

Manasquan High School - Treasure Yearbook (Manasquan, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 44
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Manasquan High School - Treasure Yearbook (Manasquan, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 46
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Page 45 text:

Ear' i' MARY MARGARET LEWIS Good friends Chris Michelle Marydenyse Lisa Mary jean Sue Chris friends since 3rd grade Never forget New Year s Eve at Nelson s Srttmg on the cab fIoor r Prom Where did you guys go Rich always remember to march your troops Krm s house MLR never foret Steve Reagan Mark and Artie Oh no not both of them Parties at MD s house They were OUTRAGEOUS' Partners rn crime Mr Pawlukams thanx for 3 years will mrss you Mom Dad john Pat and Grandma thanx for helping me I love you Good times with Robert 61281861 Love You You are the greatest NOW and FOREVER Good luck seniors MHS BYE"' WAYNE CHARLES LEWIS GOOD AND BAD MEMORIES OF DRAMA CLUB CI-IONOR THESBIANJ CLAST YEAR PRESIDENT THIS YEARS PRESIDENTJ DECA CLUB CVICE PRESIDENTD CHORUS PROjECT SOAR BROOKDALE FUN WITH BABES IN TOYLAND DX 9 KORG REB SOLAR TRYING OUT FOR RICK jAMES AND HIS BAND TOM CONNERTON AND CBS VIDEO THAT WENT NOWHERE .JOB OFFER WITH UNIVERSAL STUDIOS THAT WILL BE PURSUED AS SOON AS I GET OUT BEST FRIEND MIKEY BEE THE MARINE MAN NEW MONKEES AUDITIONQIEAN JEAN THE DANCIN MACHINE' FINALLY LEAVING A WORLD OF PLASTIC COMMERCIALISM FRANK ZAPPA ,fl xt 1' MICHELE MAUREEN LYNCH Summers of 85 and 86 The fellas at North End pavrllion Arty and Andy Does Anybody HAVE a Heart Pat C Spunky Calvin Nothrngs Cooler than a Calvin Motz Sunbraln Patt H You Auntjemima Party Animal Out OF Control All the great times with Georgene Dave B Kelly ON Scott H Tern Kelly Karen Colleen Dave Terry joe Kathy Drew Thanks for being there for me Brian Brendan 8: Tara Sports ROAD TRIPS PartiesjR PROM Sean thanks never forget those times with good friends Drama Chorus Thanks and Love Mom Dad Rose Liz Simon and Tommy Good luck Class of87 Now were are the next parties fellas Do you know Corys Take Care Wayne L Sw... RENEE ROBIN MACCANICO Good Times Eileen Bill Kelly Sharon Maureen jim Beth B Mitch Drmitra Knstin Dawn Beth 64 Yvonne Florida mute 8: old men Lameness Walk from Duffys Blrnky Chitty wfSha Spiderlegs My buddy john N MIDDLE TOWN wfEr Demsen 64 Nicole Trips to Scranton Sessions wfDrm1tra Soph yr wfBrll M Christina 8: janet at the Arbors AH YES'john C rs a Annre' Cosmos Rose' Summer of86 Thanks Bill for making it the best' Tongue to nose The Great Escape' Lectures from Kris Move over Rover' War' THE 5 ZONKERS Er Me 84 Maur' Thanks Mom Dad Darren 8: Devrn I love you' Good luck to everyone Bc keep in touch" SEAN WILLIAM MAHONEY Cheer Cheer for Squan High you bring the censored I ll bring the censored Education right where it countsjohnny wheres the party' Here comes the weekend Amnesty International Theres a party in the cellar and there s lights on the wall Think Crunk Prom Party we do more before 8 A M than sane people do all day 2 28 Dash Ifyou could read my mind I d be blushing In closing Id like to commend all the students that managed to keep my emotional stability during the past four years and you know who you are I wish you all the best In the immortal words of Alice Cooper SCHOOL S OUT FOREVER I came I saw Im gone SEE YA"' 41 fr-"Y THOMAS PATRICK MARTIN Pla I ll Always Love You 86 FOOTBALL DOG D Boz try Class with jeff Hoos Iam going to make a salad Saito can I use your car? Trip to Del Roy Rogers Ebgs Best Of Times with Mike S Mike H Steve C Scott M joe I jim M Poppa Corey + Craig D Turk F Cort G IRISH TOM Great Parties Sarto Dad the windshield fell in Steve s pool Partres unror Prom Trrg Penn State Camp Play Some Cards? It s not cord BE YOURSELF AND DO WHAT YOU WANT DON T WORRY WHAT OTHERS THINK Love Ya Dad and Mom' Thanks for Everything Coach I rf- " . '- ' . 5 - I. ' 0 K ' ' f " N -M lx i - . I ., ' , ' ' , ' ' , , . ' ' ' ' rules GOOD AL'S Broken wind shield Dr. Hayne's Chemis-

Page 44 text:

STACY KRIEG Thanx for a real good time its been a trip' Good to be back with the Squan crew both old friends and new My buds from younger daze skunk and all the new people I have met fyou know who you are"j never forget summer of85 HALATH sunny stun shawimacess sitting those long late nites what is that? bug bowling and milk carton pigouts after to be jolly" NY Climbs squeeze Kimmy in Karolina Circus activities' bye BK we ll always miss you Good luck to everybody especially my sis Erin Thanx to Mom and Dad love you all ADIOS MHS" jOHN STEVEN KOVACS jR To my best of friends C Davis s Scott M Warren N jeff P joe S Pappa Turk M Santos And good times at No ble s 6: Saito s and IP s camping sommer of 86 Good Times with Football Team 85 86 B South Champs Break fast Club 2nd period Steven Don Phil Marianne john 8: joe and thank you Lisa for everything we ve had lots ofgood times nd more to come And thanks to my family And good times with football friends andj Morgans Fun times at army camp beach with Lisa and Washington Blv 5-GN, THERESA MARIE KUBU Thanx to my friends Patty Scrap Scott Chris Shan Tara Mich Amy Shiek Liz Sue Pam Hoos Boz and the rest of the gang Unforgetable times at SAITOS Morgans MEKINS 85 Cierps Montes Shannons and all the others Class 85 Ftball 85 86 Field Hockey Good Luck Nerds The Bucket Frozen Eyelashes The Fence Absolute Weekend RAMBO XMAS MANIAJ Watching over me Heather Dee Mike My Bro P Head Thanx Mom Cierp and family Mom Dad Wendy and Vic I love you and will miss you lots Thanks for everything FRANK jASON LaRUSSO jAM MASTER jAY Body Building Number ONE ARNOLD RUN DMC jason Fresh Friends at ACME Terri Barry jen Curt Mike Karen Brown and Ray Friends in Belleville Gary Marc Pep Bo Ant Frank and Every one else Driving with the O Neills remember the close calls Thanks to Mom Perry Dad jane Matt Brian and to the rest of my family I love you To the Monsters Samantha Rebbeca Racheal and Max the Goon Good Luck to Steven Rydinsky in the future of Karate and life Good Luck to Pj Burbic and Chris Cory Good bye Manasquan High School and the faculty T m the Greatest of the Great Get it straight Im Great ROBERT ERNEST LECLERCQ I THINK THAT OURS WAS THE BEST SENIOR CLASS TO GO THROUGH HERE I HAD A LOT OF FUN THE PROM THE BALL MY TRIP IN FOOTBALL AND TRACK THE PLAYS WERE THE BEST THOUGH LIT TLE DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT STUPIDITY GOES ON IN THEM IM GOING ON MY FOUR YEAR COLLEGE VACATION NOW SO I D LIKE TO THANK MY FELLOW STUDENTS THE ADMINISTRATION AND MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY GOOD BYE 40 BRUCE ROBERT LEFEBVRE DIENDA 4 great years with Bill GeoffPj Bill MCG Philjogn jamie Nick Chris joe Duke and Frenchie Frosh MSG Fla 87 sax Genes1sfD1re Strait Freddie Clipper Crew 84 86 Nice DEVILSXLOVE MUR S WAGON97 Last seenW SHO TRASH jerry s Arts Center B Ball Point or Money Wheel77 Thanks Mom and Dad and D and P LATER X s ' 5 A X ' F , . sessions good time johnny + teepd -- ozs - tis the season ' . ' . EVE 85 Special Times with Special Friends - LIZ UANDA- X . 1'

Page 46 text:

ROBERT ANDREW MCCABE ELIZABETH ELLEN MCCORMICK Its over' Ill always remember Times wlth Paul The Monkees concert wrth Lyn Kara and Deanna New York Ctty wlth Dana Ranger games with Dad' New York Cnty Wlth Mom and Ann Summer of 86 wlth Mlchelle and the jack Wagner concert' Slxth penod wlth Lyn Thanx to my three BEST Frnends Paul Dana and Lyn Ann Good LUCK m Hugh School Have fun" August 1984 I LOVE YOU PAUL' Thanks mom and dad Ill Love you two alwaysl' LATER MANASQUAN' wi- W'-.hw-I BETH ELLEN MCCRINK THERE YOU STOOD ON THE EDGE OF YOUR FEATHER EXPECTING TO FLY WHILE I LAUGHED I WONDERED WHETHER I COULD WAVE GOODBYE Thanx to anyone whoever put a smlle on my face Dmg you ve been an un forgettable Xpenence Luz what a LONG strange tnp rt s beenjo nt s just the begmnmg KEEP SMIL ING KEEP SHINING DEAD SHOWS bus TRIPS HER SHEY PARK Aerosmlth Nell Young summer of 85 Doelers STARY PARTY I AM A CHILD I LAST AWHILE to all those NONser1ous people my fellow chefs SKATING AWAY ON THIN ICE OF A NEW DAY Luv Ya M + DI FINALLY DECIDED WHERE MY FUTURE LIES BE YOND THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD THINK CRINK NOTHING LEFT TO DO BUT SMILE .v-'Q"' Nrce Chesters Dulck' LAFING NON Canng Summer 86 Grgm Mountain Helen C161 jerry Uh Buddy JRITIHICH Your Welcome TARA joe Babe 6:10 Peggy Gene Rad Dodn Relatxves The Blonds A Lrl Upset Maybe At The Porch Antncrpatnon Bayslde Non at the Hunt It HAPPENS Seml Sort of Half Way Kmd Almost Maybe All Done Youre Bummed Owning the Tamt7 Couldnt Tell Ya Your M1lk1nIt So Ahhh Hows Ahhh Whats New? The Boys Your Torture and so rs your Breath Got No Cash You Gotta Crawl 87 Ill Be Hangm Somewhere You Amt Check You Out UNGA BUNGA BINGA BINGA BUNGA BONGA SAY WHAT7' SRV YOU LL SEE PERPETUAL CHANGE THE DUKE OF WHISTER SHISTER SHEEAR SHIRE IMSOGLADIMSOGLADIMGLADIMGLADIM GLA BUGS IS GOD" IF A MAN HAS SIX APPLES AND SEVEN YOU ARE A MENTAL CASE IF SIX WAS NINE? AS A WISE MAN ONCE SAID ORANGES HOW MANY PEOPLE REALLY KNOW THE AN SWER9 AND HERE I STAND NO TALLER THAN THE GRASS SEES I DONT REMEMBER I DON T I HAVE NOTHING MORE TO SAYYYY SAY ISN T THAT AN ELEPHANT? 42 I It was the best and worst of nmes summer of 84 PARTY S wfT1m Brnan Rlch Tnsh Mnke Csn REMEMBER Pennjen nnfer Terry Colleen jody Elleen Heather Kevm Perry john Mnckjason Dan Ray Cort Crabbmg wfT1m Rrch Bnan Trp Bru 4 wheel PARTY S AT PIT POOL TRACK Lets Part 8: Laddes GRIZ Good Tlmes wfjenmfer Lee Terry ALWAYS REMEMBER MOM 8: DAD DON -JOE BOB MARYAN N IT S TIME TO PART' GOOD BYE TO ALL GOOD FRIENDS I THINK THAT WILL MEET AND MEET AGAIN' WILLIAM VINCENT MCGRATH PATRICK MICHAEL MCLEAN JOHN THEODORE MCCLOSKEY

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