Manasquan High School - Treasure Yearbook (Manasquan, NJ)

 - Class of 1987

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Manasquan High School - Treasure Yearbook (Manasquan, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 41 of 200
Page 41 of 200

Manasquan High School - Treasure Yearbook (Manasquan, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 40
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Page 41 text:

WERNER ROBERT HUEHN Mazda 626 airborne pinned Blazer 4 wheeling. Parting 8: good times at the cove pit wfWinston CEggbertj crimson crown Allire on a Tuesday T Bird times Mc D's Driving thru Where's thev fish? Matt where's the mall? Sandy 8: the killer squirrel jason Indiana 8: the X Mas treefdisorderly conduct IfI was a bungie. . . Manheimer nice cut. Krissy, Sue and the Fooltown crew-Uzjoe chuck 2 AM Millstone pilgrimage Mr. Raus and the Huehn Salute Rusty Tac Fellow Felchers PeacefLove and Mr. ManheimerjB High speed off duty cop chases Thank Gandhi I'm outta here . . . rhomboid 4 by 4 Thanx mom dad twins STEPHEN CHARLES HUNT Never Forget the good times wfTimmy,jamie,jack, Larry, Tom, Pete, Luke,Jason, Scare, Beth, Rainbow, Mari, juan, And all the others. Jammers at jamie's - Dummi's Base- ment. Vail '87. 6th 8: 7th wfjack. Giants Game wfChris. McCanns . . . Neil 10f86. Dylan 8f86 . . . U2 12184 . . . Bob marley and the Wailers. CSN . . . Hendrix . . .Stones . . . Led Zep Stones Doors Bippin Rasta 8: Linears Magic Bus. Cut Day Gig Pizza party. Cahill. Train Bridge A Leak at Krauzers. Animal House. Easy Rider. Getting Dial In the Girg. Good Times, Bad Times. Brielle NightsfwsSas- Sone. ZIMZAM. MAC Forever. THANX MOM, I LOVE YOU. ELIZABETH G. IMHOF Seems Ive Got to Have A Change of scene . . . Ive got to leave Before I start to scream . . . But someones locked the door and took the key . . . DEAD. ZEP. FLOYD . . . Beth weve had some good times. "I dont know . . . It must have been the roses . . . " "I smell bacon" joelle. "Put your hands up to the sky". Good times with Gil . . . Lisa. "RBC. BLUES". CRAMMED IN DOERLERS GARRAGE. One "Staty Starry Night" "Id rather be IN Some Dark Hollow Where The Sun Dont Ever Shine" . . . Im Going . . . And I aint Comin' Back Thanx mom 8: dad for everything. "THESE ARE THE TIMES TO HOLD ON TO . . . AND THE TIMES ARE GONNA CHANGE . . . " Q, I I I JOSEPH IPPOLITO QUALL DAY" USQUAN FOOTBALL" ffl HOOS, Saito, TOM, "BOZ" MARTINJIM MORGAN, CORY, CRAIG, STEVE,jACK, POPPA, AND The rest of the family. You guys are the best! ROCKIN' out in the cadoo at the softball field. "53" memories of the Cadoo. dead end street at 3 a.m., Hoos you dog. late nite trips to Delaware. Tuesday's rock nite at Saito's. It was 11 p.m. on a school night Mike heard footsteps coming up his stairs, all of a sudden ka chu Mike put out his hat and knew it was time. to rock "33" wrestling 84f85 - Matt, Danny, Mike m., Wolfeshloey D., and Curty. Great times with Triciajr. prom. Christmas vac. 85186 "HAY YOU" LUV YA TRISH! S .. A WILLIAM IPPOLITO 37 TERRE E. IVINS

Page 40 text:

BRIAN THOMAS HOLT I Love -IAVA The marpal dumster co. Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Bur Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Here I am rockin in a garbage can. zoro xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s. Your Busted But we still love you. THE UNNAMED BAND"! HOLLY ANN HOLZAPFEL Bonjour - Best of Friends Kelly ever since 4th thanx for everything many great times Linzy all the times shared Steph all our talks about ?'s. 2 Christina Aimee Dans If allowed Megan! "The Closet" She's not going anywhere! Kel snowy puzzles - Kerridys cave - The Motel rooms chinaman - Concerts Grateful Dead Neil Young NYC etc. Calvin The Summer's Sun. MBLM wfShar 8: Lin Barb Monday Lin will recall. Don't walk in front of me i may not follow. Mom thank you for adding so much love to my life, Dad 8: family ILU. What time is it? time to go! Season's changed 8: So did i . . . Auvior - KRISTIN ANN HONEY Friends are hard to come by, but I came by 3 of the BEST - Dawn, Maureen, 81 Bethann - you'll always hold a special place in my heart. Great times wfDawn, Mo, Renee,-jen,jim, jen, Beth + David. Special Times - Pizza Hut wfDawn, Beth's sleepovers + cat accident, M8cM's -l- popcorn, war at Dawns, Victorian novels, indoor soccer wfjen + Martin's s-ball wfSue, Love you always Mom 84 Dad - thanx for everything, I'll never be able to repay you. Mom, your one in a million Clove yaj! To my favorite brother Pat - don't ever change!! -1" MICHAEL BRIAN HOOS FBALL 86 GOOD TIMES with the Best of FRIENDS "BOZ" SAITO STEVE SCOTT TARA PATTY STEPH HEATH TURK CHRISTINE POPPA CORY CRAIG MORG WHAT A CHARACTER IPP nad "33" GOOD AL'S!! Yachtclub? SAITO's times at S.G. Beach!!! Pool Par- ties 86 the CADILLAC Trips to U. of DELAWARE MOM 8: DAD I Love You THANKS for EVERYTHING DANIELLE LEE HOPTA Peace Love jOyful times remembered - Lin - bff always Zm anymems, Sherri, 81 Robyn in heart 4 ever. Yvonne goodx's mi casa poker? Ray baked idaho Lin B. Holz. never forget Big's house wfBats, Mountain 8: joe - Summer '86 - NYC make nice buffalo soldier kinky Reggae - MAR- LEY - this place was the whitest "observing the hypocrites mingle with the good people we meet." Concerts wfLin mr. shnitty baby - U2 - FOREVER party girl lost? Rutgers 8: Spectrum All who made me laugh ' got to have Kaya now We'rejammin - POLICE - kill the buzz eat the vegetables. Love once shared wfBilly Thanx MoM DaD 8: Fam God Bless 8: love 2 all 2 much 2 say - doors - "this is the end" the beginning . . . 36 JAMES MICHAEL HOWARD Great times with Brian, Rob, Bart, Bill, Dan, Bruce, Pat, Paul, Nick,jon, Ann, Scott,john, Matt, and of course Shabancy. Crescent Reno. Street Hockey. Never forget summer 84' with Kelly. A night to remember. TOO BAD they ended. Meg's parties Let's do a klinghoffer. Guido chase.jr Prom. Nights at Faux's - Man or Myth Tweed Breakers - Lift Thanks Donel Night in the car - Big trunk. Endless rides 8a conver- sations. Hemlich. Marcia's 7-11. Sid Vicious is alive and well and has an iron stomach. Thank you Mom and Dad. Good luck jack and Pat Love you always . . .

Page 42 text:

ii Y? BENITA JEAN JACKSON NANCY ELIZABETH JARDINE SUSAN ELIZABETH JOHNSON Buggm wfthe grrles rn 86 Lee KAREN Bobby Eddy Ed REmomn KLOVE Hank and Kerry summer wfthe HBO s Rockman Terrance Mrtchell Rrche and ames my old flames understandmg and scre chrllm rn the lmcoln and Lee hangrn w love coolm at Hanks To my grrlle Krva you and Ron Forever Karen and darrenn oeskl love eatln at Rutnys Belmar Beach all the fellows T and Adam couple Recee and Manu Shawnyzeek Being bad at sues party All my love to W1ll1e Thanx Gram Dad Mommy Aunt eanle and77 PEACFH' ITS FINALLY OVER LOVE YA MOM 84 DAD COL LFGE BOUND GOOD TIMES WITH MICHELLE 8: KATHI EEN ALL NIGHTERS PAT 84 JOHN BEST BROS I LOVE YOU GREG B A DREAM COME TRUE JS LAKE GEORGE NY CAMP FUBAR POCONOS MRS JAY S ITS WHERE I FOUND MY HONEY THANX A MILLION EILEFN HEADLINER RIDER NEIL YOUNG DYLAN 84 PETTY THE FIRM CLAPTON SPRING STEEIN LED ZEP STONES GREGORIA GOOD TIMES WITH DANA 81 KEITH STUDLY SAT BENNIES 8: DA VOS PROM PARTY AT BETH S CHAUFFER JOHN 8: COMPANIONS MICHELLE 8: EILEEN THE JADES TER LATES SQUAN 87 Thanks and Good Luck to all my best frrends Krr Jen Ter Betty Skr rn the flour' Ledge of wemon T V Fortune teller Buymg big stuff at Shopnte odre s movrn rn Pra and Tom The crash Katnne study hall buddies 1 famrly love you mom and dad Loy Goy Bru Nancy and Bryan AND the new llttle addltlon to the famrly Although rt wasnt the best I found the best of frrends Love you Danny SO HARD TO SAY GOODBYE YET SO EASY TO LEAVE" QA "Qsj'rl" DIMITRA KARAGIAS ANNE M KEANE LAURA LEE KELLER Hangrng w Good Frlends Lmda Kathy ohn Paul Laura L17 Renee -l- the Rest of You Summer of 86 Fla VSL SHOOTERS Great fnendshlp and fun x s w Lmda' glass door Forever RIPP" Summer partys RFNT LESS week ends CL1l Treat"D Ducklng IH Brrelle Can I Dr1ve9 The crurser saddle up' Late nrghts wfthe crew mldmte swrms HOP FENCES at Baders the Tandum ndmg on an end less road to nowhere Rrdmg It Trll It s Gone" retreat -I- rooftops barely Made IT" C Room 40 Flrng New Years Eve 85" Thanks to my Frlends and especrally my Family ILY Good tlmes wrth Chap at Marcra s the prom and everywhere else and good flghts too' GREAT TIMES w1th my GREAT Frrends Marcra Andrea and Lyn IRREPLACEABLE MEMORIES wrth my Close frlends esp Sera wrld brrd etc Nrck I mean Dan lend me your car and your steps THANKS to MARCIA and CHIP for my SUPER BIRTHDAY' Rrdxng on an ENDLESS ROAD TO NOWHERE w1th Jamre and Brran Fun trmes wrth Pat 1 and 2 Super trmes wlth all my BREAKER BUDS ara all so very GERREN and sweene G too' Take care everyone esp SHABANCY be good Good Luck to All especrally my super brothers SEAN and STEVE Thanks MOM and DAD Love Ya" ANNA BANANNAIIII 38 Good Trmes wrth Gayle L1z Margaret Amy 8: Drmrtra Band Twrrlmg 13 8a Drum Majorette You re wrltmg Trrps to Vrrgrnra Washmgton D C New york 84 Flonda J Proms 2fChemrstry Perrod 8 Flrck rt up' Do you know what I mean?" Unforgetable summer of 86 Robby 2 Ann Tom He s here' Welbey" Fun trmes lrke Duckmg nn Bnelle and gomg to 18th Ave Beach Geeda and lumungas What? Fmally on November 25rd AMANDA Ill never forget you Georgre Grrl Thanx Grama and Gayle for always bemg there' Be good geeds' I Love YOu Mom and Dad and Thanks for everythmg Good luck class of 1987' A x X V I 5 rg I1 I g Je G -5 .L S, fjll' 1,4 45 - P - - . -4 h nf-2 h ' A F' J LY l 1

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