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 - Class of 1950

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TH E 7aeaune Him! 0106 90 M--"'is.. Q-5 Published by the Senior Class MANASQUAN HIGH SCHOOL Manasquan, New Jersey if ulltl' -! 0 't'0' i ' 0'8- ' I , '95-9 ,L 5 476, 5' 64" I I I Z, 4 '1 all FOREWORD We, the staff, have compiled a Diary of our memories of 1950. All the activities are carefully re- corded as they occurred, and credit is given to out- standing individuals in the school. We hope that as you turn the pages of our Diary, you will re-live with us the crowded, happy days of our senior year in Manasquan High School. .XXX Odfw L6 , BJWWWJQQW W' ofW5d3vff,f 007 9 WMM Bfcvffww g... '7fzMe Scene! adam M Sc Th e Ag students slaughter a pig. At the end of the day. The cafeteria staff. The band broadcasting for Station WILK 'ix ' x .. 3 e f i t a - . x U 4- 291' 1 1,1 41 f , ' 1 if . 1 -we-W fe f .-t 2 F O gf , . -. ' -. We Wt!! Naam 4o49e1f Um 4eiem! 1. ERNST F RANCK """' But when the Sun in all his stare Illumed the eastern skies He passed through glory's morning gate SQ' And walked in paradise. JAMES ALDRICH. . . . Um .E MR. GRANVILLE MAGEE Acting Principal Congratulatgons tc the Class of l95O - to you are graduating at the turn of an awe-inspiring, .-:tnderful century during which time progress in every ield nas been so vast. l feel you are most fortunate, -nas-riiuch as are experiencing a transition from what nas been called the Air Age into an apparent Atomic Era. Opportunites never loefore offered will he yours to make your presence felt in whatever sphere of endeavor you may select. Choose your life's work wisely, pursue it diligently, with great courage and conviction of head and heart. May you achieve lasting success and happiness. MR. FREDERICK EVANS Supervising Principal For one who has been here but a fraction of a year to write intimately to those who have been at Manas- auan High School for a much longer span of time, it is not an easy task. However, having enjoyed your friendship and cooperation, and worked toward many common goals in this period of months, l shall long cherish the experience, and trust that you shall, as you reminisce, reflect upon many worthwhile thoughts and acts, to guide you in the years just ahead. BOARD OF EDUCATION LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Willard R. Newman, Mr. Clois D. Blakeney, Mr. Charles W. Trafford. Mr. Owen, C. Pearce. President: Mr. Fred W. Evans. Supervising Principal tstandinqi: Mr. G. Roland Moore. District Clerk tstandinqi: Miss Alice V. Mulfcrd, Mrs. Doris S. Swader. Mrs. Sue L. Iensen. Mr. I. Maurice Stokes tMr. Abram D. Voorhees, Vice-President, absenti. Nm! Um afziencli ,ami Nclaiaau STEPHEN BARTOSH BS., Edlfi. Wayneslaurg College University oi Pittsburgh Chemistry, Physics GEORGE H. BOWER, IR. BS. University of Mzss. Mathematics and General Science SARAH CASEY BS. in Commerce Grove City College, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanaia State Co'lege Typewriting. Salesmanship and Advertising. lunior Business Training THOMAS I. CIRICOLO BS. Trenton State Teachers, New York University Bookkeeping, Typewriting, Central Finance, Music KATHARINE B. EASTBURN BS., B.C.A,, M.A. Womens College, University of Delaware, Beacon College, Co- lumbia University Shorthand I, Shorthand II, Typewriting II, Stenographic Office Practice LEROY T. FISH Becux Arts, Paris, France: Rui- gers, Columbia University Art, Mechanical Drawing MARTHA L. BELTING l.i':.E, E'i.I.'l. N. l. C. and Flxrgers Utiiversry U. S. History I, English IV GRACE BUCHAKIIAN E - .C. Temple University Health G Physical Education MATTHEW L. CIRCOLO BS., E:l.M. Trenton State Teachers College Rutgers University Band. Commercial Law Bookkeeping ROBERT I. CRAIG BS. Rutgers University Gen. Math I, Alg. I DOROTHY M. EMERSON BS. Trenton State Teachers College Temple University, Rutgers Uni- versity Health and Physical Education PAULINE P. FOSTER AB. Monmouth lunicr College, Mont Clair State Teachers College Elementary 6 Intermediate Algebra I-'REDERICA GOELLER BS., Efilvi, Trenton State Teachers College, Rutgers University English, Guidance KURT GRUENWAI-D B.S.S., lvl.S. in Ed. College of the City of New York, Rutgers University French. German JOHN G. HAVENS B.S. in Agr. Ruigers University, C g Agriculture Vocational Agriculture IEAN E. MAGIN BS. in Ed, Temple Un versity Music Supervisor HAROLD E. MANSON BS. Murray Si':'e 'Io,.ege, Ky, ate .:cn::r, nxgers Jniversry, N- l Ancient History, World History. Social Studies I BISHOP A OXENFORD Rutgers Umve srty Bollogy Chemxslry General Sclence HENRY M PHOENIX BA r. B Cclleqe of C11 o New York New Yo k Law S I' I New York Cry Spanxsh WILLIAM W ROGERS Um: rs ly of Ala ccma Indusinal Arts Shop ANNE V SELTZER rc e nsr Home Economxcs GRACE MARION THOMAS nn S Jrl vc Englxsh RUTH S WALSH I2 mr S C1 Lahn MILDRED G. MARUCCI AB. Duke University U. S. History II EDWARD A. MELEFSKY ES., Efilff. C1 Z 1.6 Engl: h I and Enghsh III IOHN A MORGAN Jmversr f Bxology Science CHAUNCEY W OAKLEY r r I S G e ers env C1 Plane 6 Solid Geometry Tngonomelry General Math III IOSEPH I PETERSON n I1 ll College Enqlxsh I Enghsh II VIOLA B QUINN on one-qe Lrb ,I cc 'I S are Teacfmers Lxbranan FLORA MAY SAGUI exel Insrme of Tec no Cf Home Economxcs CONSTANCE SOLDNER D S E B A 1 mversr y IN JI1,'CflX1 rncaenl e sr 1 English II III EDWARD I VOGELSONG e s Jas ara Pem' Science Physxcal Educahon 6, Socral Studxes HELEN M WILSON uma Englxsh I Enqlrsh III Not pxctured EDGAR M SHERMAN IOHN H SCHELLENGER V A Jrw rs1 y Health and Physrcal U S Hrslor and P A D I Educahon Y Soc Sludxes II Orchestra Instrumental Instruchon 9 me amz r, Q giiatmff MJ, Ci f 7? I ...em Jam lohn Randolph, President Allan Kleinkaul, Vice'President Shirley Laursen. Secretary X 4, Beatrice Bloy Treasurer 3 nuxtiber cf juniors fsck Charge of sshzienis at the 133112311 games :md were very SuC:ess1u1. The Itmior 131351, "Best F331 For- S presented on March 31, dzspklyed sf the class. The 1351 Junior Crzuvxty '11 hmzcr Prom he1d cn May 12. Mr. Chauncey Oakley. Chairman: Miss Martha Belting, Miss Constance Soldner, Mr. Kurt Gruenwald, Mr. Stephen Bartosh, Mr. Matthew Ciricolo, Mr, Thomas Miss Bening HOMEROOM c R 2 Miss Soldner HOMEROOM R R 4 Mr. Gruenwcxld HOMEROOM CHEM. LAB. Mr. Bcrrtosh JUNIORS HOMEROOM C R 9 Mr. Oakley 8 ZXX L HOMEROOM BIOLOGY LAB Mr. Oxenford HOMEROOM CR 11 Mr. Morgan ADVISORS Mr. Bishop Oxenford, Chairman: Mrs. Viola Quinn, Miss Flora May Sagui, Miss Dorothy Emerson, Mr. Henry Phoenix, Mr. George Bower, Mr. Harold Manson, Mr. lohn Morgan. The Sepnirzzg e Mgrisirel was presented on ffiizrgh 9 CIKCL lf Lit ' re IXQE1 3:5331 3p15.1iCr1L17:1. Many :I-ifritej sjiifrtiires Ceritrgbpgted 'e the eieeese A' We ,f . ...N f.-we.-v -1 fy-.ff--V ev Y- - . X A, d - -. .eg ,.,...,, J, en... ,,i:.:. l 3 Ken! Hemphill, Presidenl Ioseph Crisanti, Vice-President Carol La Vance, Secretary Lynn Swader, Treasurer I i z Harry Newman, President I Robert Myers, Vice-President Pat McGovern. Secretary Marilyn Maxwell, Treasurer ADVISORS Mr. Leroy Fish, Chairman: Mrs. Ruth Walsh, Mrs. Sarah Casey, Miss Grace Thomas, Mrs, Pauline Foster, Miss Frederica Gceller. ,,,- A, ,, ,. w-s ,,f.,.. ..4s, V...1 s,r,4DO e4,,r.v was presented on Fenrxte. inftny talented Fresnztierz If direction Cf M155 Prejer HOMEROOM R H 1 Mrs. Walsh Q ru Q fi Q31 ij ci ' 'rf "3 ,, Q, 5 ft, U 31' T2 511 0 cn Q tg gg! L2 IL U, 5 1, ' C2 C X Q 5 5 3 , eff 2 U. 1 T rf 3- KD :D 7 ffl CU 2 '-II O E 3:1 7'O 330 gl! 0 :u 'st lem fbiafuf: Um 'Zfe Slaff Burma TOP TO BOTTOM: Carl Buehler, Assistant Editor: loan Barkelew, Literary Editor: Skip Hurley, Art Editor: Christine Skokos, Typinq and Subscriptions: Marion Newman, Senior Editor: Kay Main. Sports Editor. man M355 Bening' 'l'ed Zeller Marion New de Mary lane! hler, ' Ann HY 1 k , H levy Cqrl B09 h man' MGIY I -d franc . cEATED: Christine Ficnceg P8U3'5hgly:,r.YB?,be1H9Sbitt, Bob Cbir!:Zuila!?euvP:lCGunneH ' . S , ' t ri-im ' .1 mn KGY C ' Tian Burkelew tt Lussier. lmny Wes. D t Farr, l0YCe An e ' Cumpbeu' Cone Zrunkhorst. lflnel Vogel' O Anderson. 10YCe Ruth Holmes- 3 'R 4 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF-Ted Zeller ASST. EDITOR-Can-1 Buehler LITERARY STAFF PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Ioan Barkelew-Editor Bob Cortiaus-Editor Clifford Hammett, Buddy Bedle. Ioyce Anderson, Mary Ann Hyde, Dorothy Farr, Carole Hayes, David Frank, Ray Brandes Alvin Applegate, Ruth Holmes, Jane McGunnell, Mary Campbell SENIOR WRITEVUP STAFF Marion Newman-Editor Frances Peters, Edith Kenyon, BUSINESS STAFF Colette Lussier. Iinny West, Christine Skokos-Editor Iqnet Vogel Ioyce Brunkhorst, Trudy Bramhall, SPORTS STAFF Mary Sherman, Ann Anderson, Kay Main!Editor Bob Nesbitt l 6 zdnzqhz' Gal . . . ART STAFF Skip Hurley-Editor Letty Bennett, Dorothy Stephenson Affilnqillq PiC!U1'eS- Working on the Dummy. Ray Brundes goes after film. EDITORS ARRANGING THE DUMMY SEATED: Ted Zeller. Miss Belting. Adviser: Marion Newman. loan Barkulew. STANDING: Cari Buehler, Skip Hurley, Kay Main, Christine Skokos, Bob Cortiaus. IN THE gig. fvullf - My Name in 7qfpe 351112 anh Gray l V4 41l " .-f Tlle1ECampbeii. Editor, Pmrxc: vivgrario Gaiiuccio. SECUNu::,gi. M G - ,N 0 ' , za GY l ue Lussier, Dolores Chrabasz' :Kbara Stradlef' lean smnh tice: Howard Applegate, Mrk Rulllh Holmes. SEATEDZ Co e . - rer, Gail l-Gnqley' - d Mort. Robe" wot I khorst. Lucille Clar . c1'ANDlNG: Patricia Scheu An Carl Buehler, Brehd' W - Ruth Wells, l0YCe Bum U 'lson, Rvbefl en' r Diehl. lime eu' Miss Helen W1 Mui, Sherman, Elearlo - Y efsky. rr-mm Row. Bmketew. lane MCG!-Umeu' Ioan EDITOR MARY IANET CAMPBELL This year's Blue and Gray staff improved their monthly publication by adding many new and interesting features. They emphasized not only school news, but also devoted certain parts of the paper to educational information. They held a dance, cake sale, and basketball game as part of their social activities. Miss Helen Wilson, Blue and Gray advisor, left Manas- quan High at the end of Ianuary and was replaced by Mr. Edward Melefsky. Salesmen ready to leave The paper was managed by Mary Ianet Campbell, Editor-in-Chietg Dolores Cravis, Assistant Editor: Robert Howard, Sports Editor: Orval Hurley, Art Editor, Barbara Stadler, Adver- tising Managerg Pat Clabes, Business Manager: Iune Wier, Exchange Editor, and Mr. Ioseph Peterson, Business Adviser. ag. 1 iff '.-' ' ' 1i?:11'?- aezmf-Gi I I I W l I I s 5 f P . 4 wa 4 V ,gi it it kg WE. xr giz 4:3 aff M My K xi. , 5 ,, -. 543,54 If k , A, ,WY 4 V, ,V , Q My ww , ,Z V if W ' 7 'i MZEW I If 9 Q, V Wm Bam! Mafwhecl on Zhe Zlielcl nnennshiiiiiiliiiiiif uusunnuausnuuf 4 ,IQ am FIRST ROW Ioan Stokes Mary Lou Felmster Clcnre Frsher Dons Osborn Ann Mooshle Co Ccxptarn SECOND ROW Murlorre Lcxrrrson Patncxa Clcbes lane McGunnell Gwen Schroeder 'fhrrley Larson Dons Edgar Ioan Bcxrkelew Co Cuptam Band Marchmq m Asbury Park ,"'!"' i-.,.Wr, ,,,f 'Mm Q Q 'Sp aww Q ,O .A ,f b ,QM ...dndlkegwul DIRECTOR Mr. Matthew Ciricolo Drum Maiorette, Iinny West TRUMPETS: Allan Kleinkaul, Robert Hurley. Frank Harris. Charles Guthrie, lerry Hart, Ruth Shibla, Barbara Naden. Edward Cornelius, Ernest Reed, Ted Nelson, William Morrow. TROMBONES: Gloria Hurley, Malcolm Ryder, Mary Camp- bell, Russell Vollner. BARITONES: Ray Brandes, Robert Geissler. SAXOPHONES: Frances Iorqensen, Phyllis Miller, Phil Cook, Carole Becker, Norma Sotield, Ray Weeden. FLUTE: Lynn Swader. CLARINETS: Bob Iorgensen, Rocco Patemoster, Ray Coolley. Bob Messick, Kent Hemphill. loan Markle, Gail Welsenbach. Phyllis Stokes, Earline Walters, Iune Bates, Barbara Tilley, Lois Brunkhorst. BASS: Allan Block. BELL LYRE: Elizabeth Degenhardt. DRUMS: Wally Osbome, Ronnie Matthews, Lester Rice, Ann Skirlis, Alice Robins, Chrsitine Leupke, Dorothy Gilliken. Anita Clark, David Franck. ACCORDIAN: Lois Wightman. 'W Iinny West 2 l , l , it ' 'ku , e 2l a g X Y -Q. js. if 62 - Y-'00 ff-f -xx Y X K i QL, i Y A X . 1 f, f 4 T .X 4' X X., I ' 1 I " l...-!' "'g?!fA, I , 'U ,ii heyy 6752. U 'K' ' MS xv T za ,A - f ft 'Q Ag, 5 44 Q N Q ,cm 6 ff N f X X , f - I If at .-,, 1 1 X 9' J, ' ' 5,3 Q 2, -.A w' N, is V25 , f xx V 3 485 ' 4 m y A, Q , f' uxm ' , .nf , 4, ,,m.,,' MO", 3,11 1, "'fZ,'3L.Z9f,g4ya11ig,: " f K, ' . - ' A ?"v2r Gi . J. .,,,,,f:f,,, f ,,:Hw,, . W ,,Mw,,,..,mM,, ,, ,M 1, by . I '- f .5 c '.rff o'W E D pi 4 Q A ng shi.: gf 'r gg! 4, pjaf Q. x-fm F, A, 5.2.4 sew , QV' ,.f,'l-' V - 5. 'Q7f"" 4 KT A7 V -1 . R tm, r V ':' .1-My-L ' 1 V K - .f ' , 1 1, L A."'f:g' H of 59' 'vt wx 'L NT- I la 4 nv 'I i - ' vi? -x " 'X I 'nf 2 3 . .ff .4i-Q'T. 4,. y JI .' .7 9 13. f K' .4 y x . v 1 wr,, .L .L ,syn , www, - .,Q47f'f's. 1 4 ' s. m,.n,!"' X 5"'v'm, , I in f ,- ' 'fn 'L ,17 1 , f 1 1. .- . ' 9 f My 3 4 L - , 5 ,g r , , 'X 8 4 ,..1j5g,,lJ 'H Q . n F 9 'Wil' M 6 'Wm 14... . I A M M 'lb 1 113-L4 . 1 " 1 T5 11,T'S:'g,3'e I' ' va N Lia 's 'Q wif. 1 'ls ,ish-5-"5 L, 53,111 "QB ,553-3 v ,,-k . , ' 1 Y 225:31 A 'Aff' a .lan " MVB? 4 5 V' 'f 4..l'1.l, 5 W" - 'fwfxf' M. J? ' I ,. .,, ,I xx kj .r , 'l:T"'5'9Aia9!5" 'f "F 1' .V - . wwwE,: , -, A 5 1'-f " "VJ,-A,, Y QQWFJ' me' 'A '7 ., ' . f- ,V .HL ,5 ' ,4,, ff.. 5, f,fnf , v W ' kv. A-Q y, QW.5 :1, N, 1' ,N Q " V' ,kv f, +V, 5 'l, A. V , L WY' f ,ww N! If A I Mfg., Mug, ,ff ,.,., ,nw . B I , ,, - V "' .. u. ,:ib+411vvw1 '56 :QV M , V. ,fihiffiffl , Q.,-Q, " vi f 9, T .gm 1 ui , . . . -,, ' Q ' 5, 441,-.wir -4 .' - 'na , '23 .af ' 'S . any Q 1 S ' - X 4, 9 J: J, ,.: A ma: M s,f't yx 1 6' . M V- :f' ff... 1' 712 7 V'-2:'fQL'Qa f A , , 4 JE! ,U 1-5-,vfffic-. V ,X sf faq, Wwe of 1q0Zi0-It., M A N A S Q U A N Starting Lineup LE RE Cooke Van Duzer 57 46 LT LG C RG RT Beaudoin Sukowski Keith Zarra Newman 52 42 59 48 51 Co-Capt. QB Bruen 58 Co-Capt. LHB Rl-IB L. Morgan N. Morgan 40 41 FB Haydu 44 SQUAD ROSTER 21 Bontour 60 K. Clayton q 22 Lattimer e Bl Driscoll q 25 Mort 62 Stoner b 28 Pringle b Rowley b 28 Andre g 30 Pazienza 31 H. Newman e Bramhall Holmes b Megill c 33 Cattnach b Burke t,q 37 Glab b Crisanti q 38 Trafford b Ienkins g 39 Brown b Huber g 43 Goss b Slocum g 45 Anderson Coy b 47 Roberts e Newman, 49 Bauer b Upton 50 Kenney gb Tuzeneu e 53 Tilton t Pudney t 54 Brower e Pearce t 55 Morton Hurden t 56 Sauer t With 7,000 on hand witnessing a tingling traditional Thanksgiving tilt, Manasquan battled the Point aggrega- tion to a scoreless tie. Both teams play- ing the best football of the season provided the spectators with or real thriller. There were numerous scoring opportunities but when the two teams approached the promised land neither was able to register a score. Manas- auan's threat came just before the first halt ended, with Len and Norm Morgan running the ball to Points four-yard line. But Point took over on a fumble and staved off the Big Blue until the half. Point threatened in the third period when they carried the ball to the nine-yard line but could get no further. Thus ended one ot the most brilliantly played games of the season. 749112 Slack 7011! .five awww "XJ V, ,F OFFICERS Presxdent ..4...A......... . . . Vice-President ....... . ..,.. A Bruce Marlin . Bob Collins Helen Krot Arh S -fi' Q JZ' 1 WNW! awww afvfwny QQM 2 wiv? lt'l IOYCE ANDERSON A good nature and dxsposmon rs always needed Commuters Club l Sec and Treos U s 2 3 4 lr Dromor lub 2 Vrcellres H R 2 Study ClJD 'I Treos of H R 3 D noe Commr tee 3 4 Student Councl 4 Trecrs Chest Staff 4 Stal' 4 ALICE ANN ANDREWS Kmd unselflsh and true these attnbutes belong to you Clothmq Club l Tuxrs Club 2 Dru Q C 'IIN' rc1o Cu ALVIN FREDRICK APPLEGATE IR He was a scholar and a rxght good one Archery Club l Photography Club 2 Moth Club 3 4 Lrbrory Councll Q Stu den' Councrl 3 Iumor Play Commrttee 3 Temple Motn Ex m Team 7 SCI ence Club Pres 4 Press C un 4 Year ook 4 Senror No'nn trrq C rnmrt ee 4 N Y U Moth Ex m Teom 4 Temple Moth Exam Teom 4 Notroncxl Honor Socre y 4 GLORIA B ABADRABO As sweet as she looks Xue-r urn 1 RICHARD ALLEN Ah Ior the Irie ol a deer hunter Football l R les Club l 4 Stu y C ua Z Chess ond Check rs 3 ANN MARIE ANDERSON quiet and pleasant loss gains many Irxends A hl trc Counml Hep l Comm Club Ir Dromotrg 7 Study Club 3 Photoq o1y4 Sec of H R 4 Treors C st ARNE ANDERSON A good dlsposmon rs more valuable than gold F otbolll 2 3 4 Bcrske bolll 3 4 Seomanshrp Club 1 Rules Club 2 4 Chess ond Checkers 3 EDITH LOUISE APPLETON From her brush magxc pictures grow Entered Monosquon September l947 D q Foncrers Club 2 Dromotrcs Club shered for Commencement 3 Pho oqrophy Club 4 Usher for Chrrstmos Curnocr and oem r Ploy 4 YV! ADELAIDE ARMES "She may be little but oh my!" Archery Club lj Photography 2, Girls' Gleo Club 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chsrus 2, 3, 45 Clothing Club 3, Dog Fznciers Club 4. DOROTHY ASHMORE "A blush is beautiful. but olten inconvenient" Sewing Clul: lg Deg Fcmcicrs ll Study Club 3, 4. KENNETH BAILEY "To be quiet all the time is not healthy" Bxsketizull l. CHARLES EDWARD BALL good man always has a good excuse Fmt red Mcrnasquan Sep emlver l947 ectmanship 2 Fireleader 2 3 4 S een Council 3 B ue and Gr y 4 lOAN ELIZABETH BARKELEW Her pleasing ways meet our praise Nurse Aid Club l Frestmcm Follies Q u un 1lZ Twirler 2 3 Usher C Q Sud rt Councl 'W e C1 G C1 U 4 Usher ' r Gr:rduat1 n J 4 Cap am c l'w1r rs RALPH H BAUER To graduate is my highest ambition slcerall l rack l 4 Rue 7 Fools 4 asrcc na ocor 4 ROBERT ROSARIO BEAUDOIN He appears to be shy but theres mischief in his eye e cr 1 r rr a .iden cun il Rep 2 rio q :zplw .1 Cwess and Crieckers ROBERT BEDLE Smiling cheerful always dependable nothing about thats not commendable 5 pw 'ht l s rx J 2 P are L is was e HA .. . e L- : S ' 7 ' l , , 7 tu- ' t fn A t 3. I ' . p l ly Ct dent Co C 5 ' , 5 ' F, 4: SQ. l t 9 t A l u: Blu- nd r y' e, 7 . rc ' 'C M: Press Clur: y C t ' f '. 'le' 4, Treasure Chest 4. Ba' tb 5 T 2 3, 7 l.s Cub l, .g t all 2, 3, 45 Exit: Club , 5 ' tl ll C er . Fglflitll l 2 E 4: S 'lm r'tsh'p T :ir- irxcj Cerps lf "Tu Z C C' . J CE tc r A, Q Cl Clul: 4. Fizilzull l, 2, Rules I, Freshrricri Fil- lxes If C: Qc.. ere ,lm trels Z5 Beys' Czlee Cluk, 2, 3, 45 M ad fhcrs , 4, lutrrtgr 113' .' Virzzety S2111-J fy furzr 4: Chr t.. Cczniuiz 2, f, '- fgtrzrzj Qxgfer' 2- S nztgr .11 Cuiezxt GERTRUDE MARION BRAMHALI. Everythrnq ends wrth a song Freshman Follres l Clothmq Club 1rls ee Club l 3 4 Mtxe Chorus l 2 3 4 Chrtstmas Cantata l 2 3 4 Sprmq Concertl 2 4 lun or Varrety Show 3 Opere ta 3 Year book 4 RAYMOND L BRANDES IR I hate to see a thmq done by halves ndl 2 4 Or estral 2 Baseball l Athlettc Guards l Fresh man Folltes l Track 2 3 4 Latm Club 2 Sophomore Mmstrels 2 Math Club 3 4 Lbrary Cour1c1l3 4 lumor Play and Varxety Show 3 Honor Socrety 3 4 Semor Play 4 Yearbook 4 MELVIN I. BRINDLEY It s mce to be natural when you re naturally mce Rules Llub l 2 Photography Club 3 Chess and Checkers 4 C uo 3 G1 ls G-lee lU LETTY BENNETT An all around good sport Fcmctersl 2 4 Pres l Qu BEVERLY M BOHRMAN Gay hearted and tree N7 cg Fan ters Cl rurru S udy Club ANDREW BOVENZI Ill just srt back and watch the world go by ask l Sudy Club l Drrver BERTHA BRADLEY One who wants to help lumor Dramattc Club l Tuxts Cluo 2 een or Phot qraphy Clu 3 lumor Va T1E'Y Show 3 Commercml oec anal Treas 4 Sec Hove o m EMILY A BROWN Good nature smiles rn her face Entered Martasquan l949 lv' Clur y lub 3 Glrls Gee Clu 4 lftxeci Chorus 4 Atrletxc Counctl 4 .. ., Dog ' 1 . . : . 7ot'dy Cl 7 ng r ' C' b 4. 1 'Lf' Club l, Z, 3, 45 Clee Club I: g2.,,J' D: C ' C ub 2g Co J ters' Club 4 f ,-f lg 1' C" 3.4, K y.: 4,5 'L filet. ' l Ill 1 I , E 'etball : I ' .5 ' S' G Club 27 Pres. H. H. 3. Radio Club 4. .. .. ' f 3 'b V: A . op ' Club, A . . 7 . .. I O 4. ' I ' l. BJ . . 3. : ch . . 3. 4: 27 G' ' Gl . . 7 ' d 7 ' 7 . f 1 1 P ' ' 2 . . : ' , . . 1 ' . . 1 i : ' 5 ' , 1 , A I i t U . - ' : ' . : ' : . .. , . , ,. . . ,, . .. A I.. A.. .Q 3: ' ,Z ,' szudcv.. "1 A . . . I . ' : t , IOYCE A BRUNKHORST Hurd work reaps a plentiful harvest Dramatic Club l 2 Girls Glee Club l 2 Mixed Chorus l 2 Sophomore Minstrel 2 Blue and Gray 3 4 Honor S ciety 3 4 Play Committee 3 4 Dance Committee 3 4 Press Club 4 CARLI BUEHLER IR He set his heart upon the goal not on the pnze Entered Manasquari l948' Baseb ll 2 Blue and Gray 2 4 Editor 3 Press Club 2 Mixed Chorus 3 Boys Glee Club 3 4 Class President 3 ,Tumor Variety Show 3 Homeroom President 3 President of Student Council 4 Asst Editor of Treasure Chest 4 N tional Honor Society 4. LLOYD C. BUELI. lR. His mind his kingdom- his will his law Aviation Club 17 Photography Club 27 Math Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, 47 H ll Patrol 3 4- National Honor Society 3 4. BETTY BUSH A friendly gal everybodys pal Nurses' Aide l7 Study Club 2, 47 Driv- ers' Culb 3' Secretary C. F.. 3. FLORENCE E. CAMERON "Pleasure lies in activity" Dcq Fanciers' l7 Girls' Gfee Club l, 2, 3, 47 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 47 Spring Concert l, 2, 3, 47 Freshman Follies l7 Baccalaureate Choir l7 lr. Photography Club 27 "M" Club 27 Cantata 2, 3, 47 Sophomore Minstrels 2: Student Court 37 Operetta 37 lr. Variety Show 37 All- Stafe Chorus 3, 47 Ring Committee 37 National Honor Society 4. BETTY CLAlRE CAMP ' "The meek shall inherit the earth" , Clothing Club 1, 2, 37 Future Teach- ers oi America 4. FRANCES BROWN Slow but sure otlnnq Cluo l 2 Study Cul, iq Fanciers Cluu 4 GEORGE BRUEN For he was so tall and strong etic ricil l 2 ll B s eoall l 2 3 4 Baseball l 3 4 Cness and Checkers Cub 3 l, orary Coun il 3 4 Vice Pres 4 X 1 Q wx 1 fi! f5 1llS' 'IVIIW J L, T I Il'Ill 9 'll PATRICIA M CLABES Hcnr ol gold eyes of blue Nurses Arde Club l Treas l Pm: loqraphy Club 2 3 Secretary 2 Twrrl mg 3 4 Blue and Gray 4 Grrls Glee Club 4 LUCILLE R CLARK Full ol lun and fancy free lf Club l Student Ccurtml Rep 3 Glflb Gee Club 4 Chrlstm rs Lan atc: 4 Blue and Gr ly 4 ROBERT COLLINS Men are not measured m mches B rack C Avro libll rw R s lUD vers Lua Pros J Dan e Commrtee 3 4 Student u C1 4 lr Pl y 5 MlXSd Chorus 3 4 Boys Glee Cluo 4 Blue and Cfrcty J Vrce Pres Class 4 t L Blue and G aw 2 B 3 rrrm tee ? 4 Orchestra A 0 rr CK call N trcr' MARY IANET CAMPBELL Acquxrmq wxsdom with each studxous year xer r CG urfcle Se re arf 4 Ass Asst Edr 4 Dance 4 Pl D nce 4 llcr or .ns WILLIAM CHAMBERLAIN Wxt and qood humor rn hlm abound we re always glad when he s around vmtrcn Duq FOHCICIS w phomore Minstrel Q7 Bernot Drama tvs Club 3 luruor Play B Bules K. 4 Semor Play 4 DOLORES IOAN CI-IRABASZ There s inendshrp lurkmg m her smrle ca Fdrtrrers l '7 Blue nd Gr 4 Ass Ellt r 4 Cheerleaders 2 BETTY ALMA CHRYSLER A nxce grrl wxlh a mce way lumur Drdmutrcs l Freslrmm Fel lres l Tuxls Club 7 Usher for Sopllo more Mmstrel 7 Plrotoqrcrplry 3 Com mercrul Club 4 GLENN COOKE Hrs popularity IS well deserved otscrll l rcnery l Rules 2 Orc C u Url C Cormmt ee 1 3' BARBARA I DeNIKE She prohts most who sews best C trxnq Cu l H 'ter orn Presr ent l Student Ccun xl Rep esentatrve 2 4 Secre ry of lumor Clcxss 3 Usher ol lumor Play 3 Cent al Fmurlce 4 Nu tx na hon r Socrety 4 IOYCE DEVLIN I can resxst everythmq but temptatxon Dm A or 5 J lfuxed Ch rus l 2 3 4 Freshman Pol lr s l Soplecm rc Mus rel 2 Chr1s r 5 C ac l 3 4 Qprm oncert l 2 3 4 lumor Vane y Slow 3 Usher lumor Play 3 Scruor Chorus 4 Prom. C rr nr tec 4 ELEANOR ANN DIEHI. ' merry heart makes a cheerlul countenance :Fe ani r3y , 3, 7 Girls' '- 'L 5 Ush- ff oss Night sg Usher cr urajuutlpu fy , .E 4 'C cuuct . MARION L. ERICKSON "Shall I compare thee to a summers day' lit-Y 'Nl' E: lg cc 'imzil ffd B3sk-iE.g:1 DOROTHY FARR "Merry as the day is long" Cans' Cgnirxufsrs Cluig l- Latm Club I Else :ni Srizy If Siphxicre Lim- -.,s- -. pmss..- i, :ms M. fu--F. Q., 1- Isis: fu: :K ":rLe'j' Clif.-J Q- "-1-if "'w- 'X' -., . K.. ".,,..,f- 'ANA'--rs 45 ss..- ,Mes , . ua.: ,queue-. . .131-fr1:: 4- IIYKIILIZIC Cuff 4- L'sE.f:r CAROLYN FEAKES "She is a charming person to set people at their ease" "-A "'f-.- ef.. .w'G"' ' --- C'--Y ffl 'IGI ,-,,.l.3bx1J If. .,-1 ' L11 rl. C..-. rugs... c-,...,.-,' i, QM., ,,,., ,J tg , ROBERT CORTIAUS A quxet manner often means the most rler Cru P Sl e L1 rar QW? is 4 fr ms cn G D eczs re FLOYD C COULTER Happy am I from care Im free why arent they all contented lxke me elvnan Follres l Se re' ry an Tre surer ' Q crmcmshlp Club 1 F ot as fl ut Boys e 4 H ed Cworus l 2 open 2 C rrstfna 1 1 T 4 S more lfms rc' 2 treasurer olPlotoqrr1 phy Club 2 lumor Play 3 lumor Vurr ety Show 3 Athlet C Councrl 3 VIVIAN FLEMING Shes always m lust perfect humor lfhxred Chorus I 4 C166 Clul 4 IXIUISF s A 1 Tu 1 2 p HQ C G 7 Operettcr tu v C .1 C rr Semor Chorus 4 CHARLOTTE H FEAKES Heres to the charmer whos drmples we pnze heres to the qxrl wxth a pcnr of blue eyes MARY LOU FEIMSTER pleasant q1rl wxth a pleasant smrle u 1 Fan rms v 4 R CLAIRE P FISCHER The musxc m my heart I bore long after 1t was heard no more UI 4 l rw J 'T u wr 111 ms mas C p rrfg C Il MIGNONNE A FISCHER Shes neat sweet and muqhty petxte UI QV 1 U NANCY ANN FOWLER Its great to be alive C1 rrrs G IS N1 u r H. '1 eunfrl L DAVID FRANCX Hrs talents are of the sxlent class Scrence Club I an Jer Bcrsketlfall DAWN FRASER he s tall and shm she s neat and tnm Freshman F lhes I Lbr y Ccuncrl 'rr 1 Gray 4 Sophomore 1 ms rel 4 Orches ra I 2 Var ss and C"l9Clff'3' I1 r nor SOC1 tj T HOWARD GANONG Once a friend always a friend ll I C l Ru Cuz: .Jwers Culeq DOLORES IANET GOTTSCH A friend among many Read11'1q Club l Nurses A14 A nav l Club Q Sudy Cu 4 ANITA HELEN GUARINO A friendly heari with lols of friends ua b 1 u 4 Sud C ll'S ALBERT CLIFFORD HAMMETT A swell guy always looking for a good time C Dol ' den Pm 4 C 3 4 Cla s Comm I ee 4 licisurer pl IOHN HANCOCK l'lS prone to mischief able lo perform it Vane rus DOLORES V. HAUCK "A maid of quiet ways' fehretury Q T.e:1 ure: . GERALD FRAZEE "Good humor is one ol the best articles of dress one can wear" Aviahcn Club l, 4: Secretary if Deg Fanciers' 27 Rules Club Eg Vice-Presr dent of Home-room 4. DIANA FRIGERIO Skill io do comex of doing V1 , 1 ra 4 Nat na H n r some! u uo 2 Class Trecxs 3 om mittee for Sophomore Mnstrel Ir Va ne-Iy Tr Play Vice Pres Commerc1al4 RUTH A HOLMES Ever loyal ever true to do what task she has to do Lrttn Club l Secretary of Homcroom l Freshman Follres l Blue and Gray l Sparush Club 2 Treasurer of Sopho more Class 2 Uster for Sprtng Can t ta 2 3 Student Counctl 3 lun or Play 3 Usher for Graduatlon 3 Treas urer of Student Counctl 4 Secretary ol Homeroorn 4 Semor Play 4 Dance Cammrttoe 4 Blue and Gray 4 Press Club 4 Gtrls Glee Club 4 Chrtstm s Cantata 4 Treasure Chest Staff 4 NJ ttonal Honor Soclety 4 CAROLE HAYES The hand that made you tarr hath made you good Student Council l 2 Dramattc Club l Freshman Folltes l Girls Glee Club M us 4 Capella Chorus l Chrrstrnas Cantata 1 2 3 4 Sprung Cantatal 2 3 4 Sopho more Mmstrel 2 Iunror Varrety Show 3 Blue and Gray 3 I-lomeraom Treasurer 4 Yearbook Commrttee 4 Semor Play 4 Prom Commrttee 4 The Vocalettes 4 Nattonal Honor Socrety 4 xx ROBERT M HOWARD Better a had excuse than none at all En ered Manasquan l948 Rules Club 3 Press Club 3 4 Edrtar 4 Blue and Gray 4 JAMES C HUBER never lets school mterfere wrth his educatron V rs ty Golfl 2 3 4 Avratton C b l Drivers Club 2 Seam mstup Club 3 I V Footbal 3 Future Farmers of Amerxca Treasurer 4 HARRY D HERBERT Ah' Sweet mystery of school Arflrery l Study Club 2 Drtvcrs Club 3 Rules Club 4 Manager Bas ketball 4 ROBERT H HEULITT What should a man do but be happy Avr rtron Club l Photography Club 2 3 Mrxed Chorus l 2 3 4 EVELYN IUNE HOLLOWAY Neatness rs the secret ol charm Dog Fancters l 4 Study Club 2 V ce Prestdent of l-lomeroom 4 BARBARA l HUGHES Laugh and be merry Glee Club l 2 4 M1X9d Chorus l 2 4 Cornmuters Club l Usher for Fresh man Foltres l A Capella Chotr l Cloth mg Club 2 Drrvers Club 3 Treasurer cl Homeroom 4 Natronal Honor Sect e y 4 GLORIA H HURLEY Her musxc hath charm rs Glee Cluo l 2 3 4 Mxx rusl 2 Spr nq Concert l 2 3 4 Freshman Folllesl Arccompamstl 2 3 4 Bacc Chorr l 2 Shore Conference Band l 2 3 4 Study Club 2 Sophomore Mm strels 2 French Club 3 Senror Chorus 4 Accompanrst for Oc et 2 3 PATRICIA H HUHN Lxle to her IS one bxg song En ered Mwnasquan Sep ember 1948 p msh Club 3 M Club 3 4 Fu ure T ach rs of Amerxca 4 ORVAL HURLEY Art ns power Baseball 1 Pres Av1at1on Club sketball l 2 3 4 Rules H R Pres 2 VrcePres Class 2 'lraclc3 'vlath Club3 H R Vrce Pres Natronal Honor Socxey 3 4 Vrce Pres 4 Blue and Gray 3 4 Art Ed 4 Vrce Pres Student Councl 4 Dance Com mrttee 4 Art Ed Treasure Chest DOLORES F HURLEY Sxlence more muslcal than any song N rs s Ard l 3 Secre ary l Pr o n 3 Sen1orPhotoqrap1y2 M Club Z Sturdf Club 4 MARY ANN HYDE Bom wlth the grit of laughter Blue and Gray l 2 Nurses Amd l Press Club l Lrbrary Ard l Latrn Cluo Secretary 2 Sophomore Mmstrel Senror Dramatlc Club 3 lunror Varrety Class Nrqht Usher 3 Pho oqraphy Club 4 Senror Play Usher 4 Dance Commrttee DIANNE IACKSON Here is your lady Entered Manasquan 1n l94" Blue and Gray 4 LILLIAN IACKSON' Why do today what can be put off txl Tomorrow Clothmq Club l 2 Tux s Club 3 S u oert Counczl Z Commercral Club 4 RUTH ANN IACKSON True tnends are hke dramonds precxous and rare lwurses Ard l Z Vrce Pres L dent ouncrl 3 4 Rlrq Co'nm1 tee 3 EDNA MAE IOHNSON Funs her mxddle name Nurses Ard l Blue and Gray 3 4 es ofH R Ush r 2 3 Orc Cz Gee u M1x d Chorusl 2 3 4 Xmas a 4 Sprmg C 7 l Q5 HOWARD R KING He sits wrth that mx chxevous qnn Ru es Club l 2 I V Basketball 2 Photography Club 3 Chess and Check ers Club 4 Pres 4 RICHARD M KING A sober lad and true as steel Basketball l Avratron Club l Press Club 4 RGdlO Club 4 Athlehc Coun c1l2 3 Vrce Pres 3 LAURA ANN KLING A debutante I shall be IVIlX9d Chorus l Av1at1on Club 2 llustc l 2 Study Club 3 Cornl Club 4 4 Pros Pnotography Club 2 ROBERT STAFFORD IORGENSEN Musxc bnnqs Joy to every heart nd l 2 Or estra l Photography Club l 2 Basketball l H H Pres l Drarnatc Club 3 M1XSd Chorus l 2 3 4 Boys Glee Club l 2 3 4 A Capella Cho1rl 2 3 Cantata l 2 3 4 Freshman Follres Sprmg Concert l 2 4 Shore Conference Band l 2 3 4 IUUIOI Var1ety Show 3 Oper etta 3 Band Concert 3 Bacc Choxr l 2 3 Senxor Play 4 All State Chorus 4 WALTER KEITH Shrek among women Entered M H S Sophomore year from lrvrngton Rules Club 2 Football 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball 2 Chess and Checkers Club 3 4 EDITH KENYON Smxlmq lace and true heart are qualxtxes to be chenshed Cothmq Clubl M Club l 2 3 4 I.1brary Counc1l2 3 4 Photography Club 2 Sophomore Vlmstrel 2 Cheer leader 3 4 Iumor Varxety Show .3 Iumor Dance Comm 3 Year Book Stall 4 RICHARD ARTHUR KREPPER A capable and courteous gentleman Archery Club l Rules Club l Chess and Checkers Club 2 4 Math Club 3 Studen Councrl 4 Natronal Honor So c ety 4 ll I 1 'I 2 I Pr . . . l: e l, , : hes- 3 .1 tm 1, 2, 3, 4, ms' 1 Cl 11 1, 2, 3, K 45 Q , , , g Can- H- tat l, 2, 3, : ' oncert l, 2, 3, y BQ ,,3,4, C11 ,2,3,4p 3 cl . , . I 2, 3, 7 , 1 : . if 3' 3142 1 1 H. R, . . l ' : H " , , , 1 l , : . . J : 2 ' ' : l A , A I . J , I ALICE LAEHDER Efficiency is a virtue 'T' ecke s -1 SHIRLEY ANN LA FETRA Let the world slide rsos Aid l 2 3 Pres x 1 Cli G C .1 pe a C p r ci bcrmc r MARIORIE IEAN LARRISON A merry heart goes all the day Glider Clu cg Ffinci rs Llul, u y Club PETER T LA VANCE We are bu! men no gods are we Bus 3 se llnn c.,c 1,1 MARGARET LAYTON A willing worker GERAIDINE CATHERINE LOFTUS All life is one big laugh s s DONALD M. KREUZBERGER "A good man to call upon especially when 1here's work to be done" Sec. Glider Club ly Phctcgrzphy Club Q afnansnip Training Club 25 Rules "J: g Chairman Bids Ccrnrnitwee for engzr lf:1nc-g ticnz .Q : cfey '. HELEN C. KROTT ,I I "Happy am I. for I do what I like" Pies. H. R. l, 2, 37 Sewing Club l Study Club 2g Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Sec. Senior Class 4g Mixed Chorus 4. WILLIAM MADDEN Tall and strarght rs he Fresh Follies Fresh Basketball Man ager Football l 2 3 4 Chefs Club l Photography Club l 2 Library Coun c1l2 3 4 Pres 3 National Honor So ciety 4 C KATHRYN MAIN My mind to me a kingdom is En ered M H S in lr year r Grover Cleveland High Mixed Chorus 3 4 Girls Glee Club 3 4 Tuxis Club 3 Operetta 3 Cantata 4 National Honor Society 4 RICHARD MAIN Nothing great was ever achreved without enthusiasm Entered M H S Ir year from Cald wel High Study Clul 3 Radio Club LAWRENCE LONGO "Why should life all labor be?" lress Club l, 25 Dramatic Club l, 25 Sopliorrioro Minstrel 25 Study Club 3, 4 IOAN T. LAUGHRAN "God lelt her to her lauqhter" Entered Mfznasquan 19495 Drivers' Club 35 Girls' Glee Club 45 Mixed Chorus 4. MARIE COLETTE LUSSIER "Determination makes for success" "M" Club l, 2, 3, 45 Sec. 2, 45 Vicee Pres 3' Freshman Follies Sophomore Minstrel Sec Archery Club 2 Bacc Usher 2 Blue and Gray 3 4 Sec 4 Dramatic Club 3 Ir Variety Ir Play Usher Margaret Daum Concert 3 Senior Play Cheerleader 4 Treasure Chest Staff National Honor Society 4 PETER MACLEARIE Up my friend and qurt your books Hal Patrol l 2 3 4 Seamanship Clubl 2 3 Fresh Football Manager S udent Council 4 MADEIINE ANN MARASOVICH A lover of pokes is she Clothing Club l Study Club 2 3 Tuxis Club 3 hess nd Ch ckers 4 : , 5 r : ' 1 , w 5 re , 3 I . 4 . . ., . . ., . lr , . , 1 ' . , . 5 . 1 ,. . . ., ., . . . .. . ' 5 . 5 - t . . , ' . tom , . . 5 5 ' 5 ' I I ' ,.: ' ' . 1 ' 1 , . . - 2 ' - 5 1 ' . . ., - 5 . , . . - ' .15 C 3 e . l l 5 J 5 ' . f s ,, ar f ,j - W, ' 1:31, " fffff W ff jig, , 5 ' 2 Q: - BRUCE MARTIN The force of his own merit makes his own way IC' x s A s .uoamzmslup I Ll e C1 on F IANE M MCGUNNELL Nothing is impossible ol a willing heart '1'n'11 Clu 2 r Elm P arc 4 Twirler DIXO ms 2 ee: 4 Treasure Chest Staff 4 THOMASI MCKEOWN IR always has an answer for those who want lo argue' -, Lryi .. , r. 3 fr m SQA li :.l- Tye Alai: fp sn-hall 'Y 4g 1 Z+,'t:,:.. J g .,T' GET e3'r. C 5 I. cQ"l12:' Lg :" lf'9C'1 . ALFRED McLAIN 'Your only labor is to kill time' "Lire crime-rs cl .A.ITl9Il'lG l, , A7 Scamzmship CluL V. IEAN ANN MEASURE "I live the lile I love" Hifi? flpxrsgr' I: Stud nt hillfl Q1 'I.,. L.. fs' 1. Ny- F I,,,.l,,.' 4 .,,....,,, g,.,..s V ..,: ..., do . ANN ELIZABETH MOOSHIE "Kind, good nclured and sweet is a ccmbination hard to ben!" ffxisns .fail 1' ffixijf Club Q- T'.'.'::1fr 'Q 1. "..g. . f-,.,,. '2. '11, ':.r , , o.,,ffr1,--,.., -,, . ,..,.-,-.s 4. ,Q RONALD MARCEAU Smile when you say that Q Jus iln ss in am IOAN PHYLLIS MARKLE Always working never shirkinq along her path success is lurking Q Gam s r 'Tl re lffms rel 4 Chess an 'N G ce s F me '1 P t o m I Pla, Lil rcuj Caun I Q F' BARBARA IEAN NADEN Her talents are of the sxlent class bmd 3 4 C tmnq Clul l Tux1s Cu 2 .gluav Clur C mme-rczal C IANET MORRIS lark as bllthe as she s Cn MARY IANE MORTON A maxd ot quxet ways l. lt Munasau n December 1 lu J RICHARD D MORTON I-'nendly and a lxttle shy All nn all a reqular guy racrc l FRIEDA MUELLER Dxmple m her chm Mxschlef IS wlthm Club l 2 Commulers Cut l Treasurer Fresh Cass Gxrls Glee Club l Mlxed Chorus Study Clul, 2 D q Farmers Clut 4 ROBERT M NESBITT I-Ie s the lund of who xs everybodys Inend rrtxon Club l 4 Foctln ll l Fancrers Club 2 Rules lub 3 Track ALICE LOUISE NEWMAN For she ns tall and stately rue nd Gray l 7 rress Clulu KEN NEWMAN The world belongs to the enerqetxc lnlmecl M ll v ir Clrkrs Cub l qewmq Clur 2 Hall Parr l2 Study Cul, 4 urrls Glee Clu.J ner Htfglu Arcl v uln w a O G G' 1 e r res scrence rc, ll r e ,I lf UM MARION I NEWMAN Very agreeable lull of Iun Lrked Indeed by everyone C Q5 F IXF 4 Vice Pres 4 Q cr CH If rr rstmcrs Cant ta 4 Sp Inq rr P 4 Q rs 6 c 'III' 'I 'P r 'r'r"1x'ee 4 VC s Cf rv 4 Irf LOIS NOLAN The mrldesl manner the genllest hear! J 4 S CHARLES V NORRIS muieu' Coun 1 4 Natronul I come and go as I please I CW D me Y 4 f cry CIuL, I .lax IANET NORRIS Her good Iellowshrp was never hresome I'I I0 LI I 4 Tre S'udf " Mrxf- IOIJS C1rIs QJIVC C J WALLACE IE OSBORNE IR To a stranger he rs quxet baseIJaIII Chef IJ I PhoIoqr'1pI1,f CJ 2 S I CI ROCCO PATERNOSTER A carefree Ilfe has he 1 1 c s Bcrske aI I Bas-SDQIII I4 qzrghf ILIIJ7 u ,I OWEN B PEARCE 'Cares are enemres of Irie' D srce-':1'I' I. 'rx Cum II 2 4 ef CILAI I C s" I 2 3 4 Pho Gr Nr Chr: Z Rmg Cornmwee- 3 D Wes Cu 4 Nam P Iwxmr SOFIGIJ DORIS ELIZABETH PEMBLETON 'Be she lrttle she rs herce" Ar ery CIu' I C nmq CH 2 S ,Hu CI.xb 'I Dog FJ cers 4 ,. I-7I3II1"I'IC CIQLIL I, Z5 593. HLRZ- I?'f,rn I 2 3: CIU, SGC. Q: Trezs. Fr.-nrh Clui. E: Student Csurt Cffrier 4, Il 'I C11 ,tus I, 2, 45 GIfIS' G16-Q Club I, V 2, 3, , " - . 5 ,lr Cap-lI .O ,V I5 Cir' fl Q,2,E 5 r' 'C Cs. :Ji I, 2, ', Freshman Fcihesq Sfph- inisro LI' . I: -I5 Op4ret': E5 Ir. V. 'etyg A Dixie C',.i..1"ef:- 3, 4, Plzy Cz. . . 't. ' 5 fs Cezirr F1155 Sfsmzr Chzrus 5 .FUI- ' b A , rf"c 45 Ilzrnmutgnq Cxnrnittl- gm fis- fy I C I 3' A I ure CEL:-sz Stuff 45 Nairgnzrl Hcrxcr SQ- CICIY 4. ., . H Latm CQ' IQ I, 2: Usher I, 2, 3, 5 pfm- ' isE1CQuE: 35 ' " .O :Q 5 'I .sr as ' 1' . Ahh' 'X , St' '1 CILIC 2, S, 4. "I.1'CIu2g I, 2, 35 Dbq Fi Cfrs' CI I Q I, 2, , sas. I, . ' Club uf ,d I V Ci ' 35 I ' '- CI'EQ 3,4 ' I ' 5 C . CA' I1 7 I ' fr 2. 5 Iufy ,mb 3, 4, E31 f I, 2, 3, 45 Or hegrc I, 2 F5 . EL I 5 ' ' : Chef C"It Ig Yixifi r v r C -5 St d' Club 3, 4. BERNIE PRENTICE Living from day to day Glider Club l 2 3 Radto Club 4 BETTY PYLE Hair and heart of gold Study Club l 3 Rules Club 2 Treas Club 4 Cafeterrcr 2 3 4 2 Central Frnonce Doa Fancrers Tr as H R Grrls Glee Club l Mrxed Chorus Spring Concert l Usher Freshman Fol lies Usher Band Concert 2 Usher Sophomore Mmstrel Usher Ir Vzrrety Usher Ir Play FRANCES M. PETERS "She is capable and a likeable girl" Archery Club lg "Nl" Club 2, 3, 4i Stu- 'jen ij uncl 2g lr. Playg Dance Com- rmttcf- up l,1l.rary Ceunorl 3, 4, Seo. 47 Chcerleaderg Treasure Chest Staff 4. LEWIS PETERSON Triendly. but a little shy All in all a swell guy' A rletic Council l Searnanship Cluo 2 Rules Club 3 4 ROBERT PIERCE He ts not as bashiul as he seems u y lub V1cePre R mdnship Club 2 Rules Club 3 4 3 2 PAUL POLLAK A little nonsense now and then ls relnshed by the best ot men seball l 2 4 Bas ball 4 Sec Seamanslntp Clubl 2 Banl Hall Patrol 2 Rul s Club 3 4 CHARLES W QUACKENBUSH HAROLD RASMUSSEN Hrs content IS his possession To be well mannered is to be Study Club l Hall Patrol l Student nch wnh fnends CO'-1f1C1l 2 PhOlOCJfGPhY Club 3 Chess En ered M H S Senior year from and Checkers 4 Caldwell Photography Club 4 GLORIA HOPE RICHARDSON Truth hath a quiet voice 111111u 01s u J l Spams 1 C ub L Study Club 3 GlIlS Glec Club ALICE S ROBBINS A maid of winning charms Cbestru l 2 3 Study Club l Pres lr Dramatlc Club 2 Pres Sewmq Cluo 3 Commercml Club MARY IANE ROBINSON Silence I5 golden Glee lub l Student Court 2 Study Club 3 Dog Fancmrs Club 4 MALCOLM A RYDER Strong tn will earnest 1n endeavor Aust n Ru 1111, 4, Sc1en,- Cu., c, , rc.1es.r.1 4. VIRGINIA SANDFORD "A manner unaffected and sincere" 0 I Clzthmq Club l, 2g lNu1'se's A1d 35 Stud: Club 4. ROBERT SAUR "My appetite comes to me while eating" Rules Club l, 25 Chess and Checkers Q, 4g Pacino .., J, . A ,HQA4 A: 2' EDWIN W RAUTH man with winged feet C1 J s et acc 2 T css Il uns 1 p ,1 C JD es C HAROLD RICHARD REUTER He II find a way C tel 1 t1 us CHRISTINE SKOKOS Here IS everythlng advantageous Ll F111 FS G C Qrus 1 Ch11s1111as Convert l X1 1 Os 1111111 CQ11111 1 Qu 4 to l1Ie CI 4 F es 11113111 GG Club 3 4 Mrx 2 A Capella Cnarr 111 1 a 4 Sprm H R c11c11 Clul 3 Ir Var of NOC l0l1OS 4 Dam' 4 Bus Ei Treasure Clrcst ARLINE A SAYRS matter what she does she does rt well 'Il ll GWEN SCHROEDER Laugh and be merry q Fan IQ 1 v 1 MARY A SHERMAN e stxll cares not a p1n what they say or may say S '1 IGSI 170 1 1 C 7 Scp11c111 IO rn strel Q af 4 Sec Usler Marqa Daurr Concert 1 C Sem P ry C1 le-Jdcr 4 reasure Chest Staff 4 RUTH SHIBLA A fortune IS fnendlmess rd 1 2 udent Councrl l 3 Fresh Fallres xs Cua 2 Pe-s amms-rcral Cluo L er X I1 re llms re Us er ALEXANDER SMEATON JR A lrkely good humored fellow a pal Q f111 111 1 ase C I1 Uswer Commence r lf 119 v Cwurde 121131111 Grade Na11 H 1 1 Sccle 1 ras v1 11111 C1 l Freshman l1"'ICOHC1l spam f1 uns L1 Qc Tr 11 P19 PI-IYLLIS SMITH I want to be an angel 9 una Club 1 2 Comme-1c111 Cllllj 3 4 Natronal Horror Socre y 4 ARTHUR SMITH I may be small but I have my way as 611111 Ba Q fmqrap 5 Clul uder' founctl 4 I "npr "No . K ff 2. "1 QU.: - fuss ltf' -1: F T1 f ::.fI..I C1 -1: '.f1xfl :. :if 1, 3 f -'q Cgzlg SLC fful I, f 1' 4' '1. -'VTJIZGMIFI Qzrtao CL1111. 1,-ef? 45 Sfmzer QE111'gs5 '.'g::le"fs, Eating- zrxgzc 1-imstrel. . gi .D n u 1 1 fu Club l, 3: D5 Q' rs' Club 25 Ceruzzrc ual Qluk. 45 Tx 1 lc! 3, 4. "Sh ' ' , Nurse' Ai. 1, F 1111:n 111055 l1l1i,llQI7lfDl11 '-'lub -5 . C 111'- ' Q5 Blue and Cr' 3, 5 C . 35 1 ref . - 3- r. P1.1y5 "M"Clu11 45 N 'ar 1: p 'leer- K 1 B111 , ,3, 4, Pres. H. I-1. l, 2, 3, 47 gf , - . Tu -Q 3 5 r . C ' 1 ' 47 'sh fapfxar Q 1' 1 15 h 5 , 5 Sienna CQ C011 2, 3, 1 C 5 - .. . . .. . I .. NWA: 35 5. 151. 55: . E A ' " Bak 1' 7 13 15311 l, 2, 3, 4, Day Q5 "JI'1,1l 5:0 ',1y, 1.. Ccum 1 1, 5 1 1 FCE lflifll- . A' if H15 1 1 114g 11Is'G1, 'I " 1, 2, , 5 ' gd 17'El1fs5 Al1f1'c 111 ' 25 fa cr, C111 5 5 35 ' ' 15 1w1111s'1f115 R 1. C121 3, 45 1, f:.- eas. I ' C41 't 1, 2, 3, 5 'q 11.11.3511 T s. 4. ' . , 2, 3, 45 . , Pres. Z, 3, '51-Pr . Fr- 'N 3 tg . i-.y, ' 3 l1llCC 3: 7 1 C, 5 e .. 1, " ff Cffmrrfoc 11 - . ' 111111 3 1, 2, S ball 2, 3, 45 Ci 11' A , : wff- Pl1a1'E1"'g35St ua 1. .r ' 'f. DOTTY STEPI-IENSON A gxrl wxth a ready smxle ,I ee 2 'nmuters IOAN CAROL STOKES A merry heart a Irxendly smxle ssl T' ELAINE STRUBLE I meddle wxth no ones busxness but my own BETTE IANE STURROCK Easy come Easy go plul w HELEN SYLVESTER 'For good times are made to be had" VIRGINIA ANN THOMPSON "Best things come in small packages" L ,LL Q OQICYKGYCXA. ,UAE , WILLIAM SPAYD Im lust a country boy at heart VIC Q II P IOAN E STANFORD No noxse rs here IS SG S"II'l Jr' 'i ,ov-D I-IATTIE VIRGINIA WALLACE A laugh goes Iar but a grggle goes farther Nurs S Ard l Archery Club 2 Study c u 3 Mlxed Chorusl 2 3 4 G1rls Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Sprmq Concertl 2 3 4 Chr1stmas Cantatal 2 4 'N ANN MARIE WALP Srlence xs more musxcal than any song En ered M H S Seruor year from T ms Rrver Hrqfm Commercral Club 4 EARLENE WALTERS Good natured quretness covers her over Cl l Study ut, F ncers Cub 4 Band 2 3 IOAN TINNEY Lrfe rs but to her a book r c s Ari l n lub REEVES VAN DUZER An all around good sport Lntered M H S Soph ye r from Toms Rrver Hlqh Seamans up Club 2 Rules Club 3 Athletlc Councrl 4 Football CORA LEE VENERABLE A good Irrend Indeed to all who know her Nurses Ard 1 Pres Archery Club Chess and Checkers 3 M Club l 2 rs Glee Club l 2 3 Se Capcllr Cnorr l Sprmq Concert l 3 4 Chrtstmas Can atal 2 3 4 IANET MARIE VOGEL Glxstemnq hair eyes of blue One has yet to mee! a frrend more true ent Councrl l 2 3 Se M Club 2 Dance Commrttee 3 4 Usher Chrrstmas Cantata 2 Usher Sophomore Mmstrel Usher lr Play Usher Graduatxon 3 Play Comrnrttee 3 Usher Operetta 3 Grls Glee Club 4 Usher Se-mor Play Chrrstmas Can 1 a 4 Sprmq oncert 4 Treasure Ches ROBERT WALTERS Haste makes waste Why hurry' Study Clubl 2 3 4 Student Patrol Ns PAY MARIE WARDELL A lool may talk but the wxse are quret l1111q C111 LJXIS CMJ C 111111131 1,11 IUNE IRENE WEIR merry heart that laughs at care IN 1 Guards l Dog FJ11c1e1s Club 2 and Gray .1 4 ANN MARIE WELLS Chatter chatter as she goes f1'11 IC all T1 x1s 1 J A VIRGINIA WEST The vcrce IS the flower of beauty 13 Qlll' Llllll C .11 C tl O1 1es 1 Q 1 4 F1951 lt, 1 G11ls C1 p11 111 re M1nsl1e1 rt 11 Va C0111 Ch 1.15 em P 3 ac Il Qr E31 .1 Blllg Con C Q1 et IJ 4 in P .vom 1 asure CH t S c1 IORRAINE H WHITE S'1llness accompzxmed wrth sound so so Charms more than snlence IOHN ALVAH WOOLLEY For srlence IS the wtse mans true domam -1 G1 Q1 EDWARD ZELLER No matter how large or small the task he can be rel1ed upon to carry 1t laxth lully to a uccessful conclusxon 1.1 Q L1 -i IES FF NOT PICTURED NANCY CLAYTON FRANK SUKOWSKI Lyle 15 shgft cm-9 wlll come Memly he rolls over the sea ol trouble So have a good t1me whxle you re TCS Cl LUCKY IS Club l 2 Young aclf l 2 B s ball l F gall l 1 I Jeagecamf-R Gaim-Ze SENIOR PLAY "CLAUDlA," a ccrtxedy drama in three acts by Hose Franken, was the major dramatic production of the year pre- sented by the Senior Class under the direction of Mr. Robert Craig. The theme of the play centers around the trials and tribu- lations of a young married couple, Claudia and David. They live on a farm outside New York and have hired a perfect couple, Bertha and Fritz, to work for them. Although Claudia is physically of age, mentally she is still a little girl, with an attachment to her mother, Both her mother, Mrs. Brown, and David are unhappy about this but between the two ot them exists a complete understanding of Claudia's problem. Claudia passes three important milestones. First she tries to arouse jealousy in her husband by making love to a young author, lerry Seymoure. Second, she discovers she is going to have a child, and third, she tinds out that her mother only has a very short time to live. At the close ot the curtain Claudia is still the same engaging young woman. However, Mrs. Brown and David agree that she has learned "to hold close with open hands," which promises a rich and happy fulfillment of her marriage. SENIOR PLAY CAST AND PRODUCTION CHAIHMEN SEATED: Iinny West. Ruth Holmes. Carole Hayes. Tnxdy Bramhall. Marion Newman. Colette Lussier. STANDING: Bud Bedle, Ray Brandes, Bob lorqensen. Mary Sherman. loan Markle. I Glwfdza ? X l xx 3 K Awww? enxoxp me solos pil' Chvfus as Cfonww Chxislm CHRISTMAS ACTIVITIES CHRISTMAS CANTATA PROGRAM Processional4"Deck the Hall" tWelsh Carol? Traditional CANTATA "The Christ Child" ..., ,..., . . . C. B. Hawley Soloists: Soprano: Virginia West, Elizabeth Schenker, Gertrude Bramhall, Lois Ann Cameron, Elle Alto: Beverly Forgerson, Florence n Rogers. Cameron. Baritone: Robert Bedle, William Gregory. Tenor: Iohn Hancock. Accompanist: Gloria Hurley OFFEBTOBY Guest Soloist: Miss Doris Todd "Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of tfrom the Messiah? .,., Zion" Handel "Come Unto Him" itrom the Messiah? . . . . . . Handel "Virgin Slumber Song" . . , ...., , , . , . Reger "Cantique de Noel" ., , .. ,. ,.,.. . ... Adams "White Christmas" ., . . , ,..... Berlin Accompanist: Gloria Hurley Carol Singing . . . ..,Audience and Chorus Becessional-"Silent Night" ..,........,,..... Gruber Trimming the Christmas Tree Ccrroling in the lower hall 52 CW ata "1 'ZW A , W t Q if' A..- 3'.,'i3'- 'N1g,fW'W' , Mx" W K, -1 Q mmm In ,,w:,w..., 'v-. , 4 jf! h g ' f, M, V , I fri: 7ft'f ' 3533? rffifx ' 1- Mr - f5..i'x: I . ' 5551532 If 5: T,,'.,,I, ,1,, .fy pq-I -. ,Mjrx . - ,.z,, . 1 X, ,- 2 5 , 9 Q 4 ?.. 'fir ,w'9 S 'P Qin vi, K 1 T, -Fx' W3 R TNQ- 'W '--p --. ...Y W , ,Mn ff'-----L K. ,J ., J-, -..M ......, lu.. Same Mme Saw Saena -CQ, I E V 63" ,A ix qw!" Mitt Q A ,, wm'k?""-'ck , J ,Mf,,,,..4,w,,WwM WMM - ,. I X? I-.K ,U X W , gabfffff QQQKMMZWZW 54154 W Qjiflfiizwgza The Student Court is elected each yeor by the student body cmd consists of cr judge ond fifteen members. The membership is opportioned in the following mdnner: Eive seniors, four juniors, three sophomores, two freshmen, cmd CI judge, who is usuglly one of the seniors. Nmf 0m Gam .fawd aullfz '7eel'fa The duties of the Court gre to uphold the constitution of Momosqudn High School ond punish ony violators of student regu- lotions. A yecrr of commendable service hos been rendered by the following officers who met in Clossroom ll during club periods, cmd were responsible for the proceedings: IUDGE, Thomas Mclieownq PROSE- CUTING ATTORNEY, Adrienne P o l g n di CLERK, Gail Langley: SHERIEE, Marion Newman: RECORDER, Mory Lou Eeimsterg IURY FOREMAN, Phyllis Giffordg ADVISER, Mr. Oxenford. TOM MCKEOWN Iudge of the Court s 1 9 Saw Zfne Jfanafa Sacielyfi Hue The National Honor Society of Secondary Schools is the highest honor attainable while one is in high school. ln order to ioin its ranks a student must prove that he has school service and leadership to his credit as well as scholastic standing. The National Honor Society was established at Manas- auan in 1933 hy Dr. Marion C. Woolson for the purpose of eznphasizinq individual academic achievement. Ctficers for this year were Bruce Martin, Presidenty Orval Hurley, Vice-President: loan Markle, Secretary, and David Franck, Treasurer. Mr. Edgar A. Sherman was the advisor. HONOR SOCIETYvAPPOINTED IUNIOH YEAR SEATED: David Franck, Skip Hurley, and Ioan Markle. STANDING: Lloyd Buell, Ioyce Brunkhorst, Huy Brcndes. Dionne Friqerio, Mr. Edgar Sherman advisor. 0' so Q 41' C 'V 4 t 7? 1 O Q U O L1BRAR SEATED: Mrs. Quinn, George Bruen, Ted Zeller, Bob Cortiaus, Frances Peters. ZND ROW: Gail Weisenbach, Lynn Swader, Carol La Vance, Ioan Markle. Lois Edwards, Mrs. Richards. GRD ROW: Bob Hoffman, Ray Brandes, David Franck. Bill Madden, Lois Blakeney. TOP RCW: P. I. .Bassel, Charles Bram- hall, Nadine Ashmore, Clara Lou Bla- lcck, Beverly Forqerson, Diana Friqerio, Kent Hemphill, Russell Schweikart. Gal' paampl' .fidfzalzq Sefwice QFFICER S X r l 0 a0Zu6425a11'faae2f!m Wizieeqz v NURSES AID CORPS The primary purpose of the Nurses Aid Corps is to be of service to hcs- pxals and childrens homes in this area. '.'.'.th this obyective in rniria tlze ccrps was very busy all year helping in various capacities. The first activity was to help fill fifty boxes for Red Crcss overseas shipment. Atfer that was completed Christmas Scrapbooks were rrtade for the children at the Brisbane chloi center. Fifty valentine favars for the :rays cf patients in the Pol 3 Vfard at Morirnauth Memorial Hospital were delivered by sorrie of the members. Favors for St. Patricks Day aria Easter were serit to the hospitals as well as feeding-bibs for the poliapatienfs. The cfficers of the club were Presi- clen' Molly Stinesg Vice-President, Frieda D.rriqily Treasurer, Carol Lee Yatesg Secretary, Anne Lirioiojrenp Ad- v1sor, Miss Eeltina, PRESS CLUB The purpose of the Press Club is to atve complete and accurate accounts of all school activities for publication on the school page of the Asbury Ptirk Press. Those reporters who had egarlt artif cles published received press cards, while those who wrote sixteen articles were taken on a special trip by the Press. Miss Frederica Gceller, The olui: acl visor, deserves much credit for the suc- cess of The organization this year, The Cfficers of the Club were: Editor, Robert Howaray Secretary, Lois Brunk horsty Asst. Editor, Barbara Erunkrlorstg Scrappook Eaitcr, ltaifoirt Paulsen. 13.0 EI Alf, lffsf lfud, CYT, lfS, 'll Hgh Soliiol is it 'Jofcoi to learmia 52.1 CCIl'ilnGS. .H iflfrl' TQ ZECZHTG C fll9fflI"" ISQI5 ie T IYCYTP Mr. Fish, the chili advisor, wtrs ase sistecl by lffizjoxie Ltirriscn, Presitl.-:lip lean Measure, Vice Presicieritg Ann Moosriie, Sc-or-itary, aricl Eciy Pvle W4 Body, 7fzoa7fz 7fzeq 250 7fzwZ' Well RULES CLUB f- rnf-tiers cf 'ze hues dm, IIISA f 11 ff 3 IEQLI. 1'l ILE Cf2'f"?II " ' " O . I.. ,,.,, L,-. .' I IJ JC.. L Y fzrmz '.-1 :I 1, I-., -x .,::1',-fi: ,n rw' 1 xf,-'I 'II S wrfgfz: Tmu rm! wus gzssslsmi Ify Iilck K'.'r-Ish, V102 Pmsxfifintp Dave RQSS, S0r'1c-fr1ry- 'fx z5.1rf-1, if il '. I 'vgrl 5, i I Y 2 'T 1 A 5 . I ' ! -M ' I ,fnif A I S, 'f ,. . .Y 1 ' Q ' ' 1. - ' ' f 'lr -5'1" H A , 5,-r , 5 ' ly . mt 1- ' V 1' ffgr ' 1 3+ ..., " 1 .' ' 'Qu , ,fi , gf Q, H I 1 Q: XA f' f .uf 44 --,. L OAS.. ,A,,,,,,.,..v1 Af. .W . 1. f-In 1 wr v hum ,VM 'I147 46 I CLOTHING CLUB ,,. fu. ., , pI',fI1II1fj Lugz, QIQLIICLIIJS 115--If in flfaveizpmfynt of serving skmlls and mention of noffdlc-Work inierfzsi, IAEIIIIZQIS have brightened ffm Chris? ' 15 af 'IL zny 1'-S5-f',rTL1natO5 Ly fnukirlq I Hwwks f : L11x,I'-I-p:1'v11fq',.i :hill- rf I1 m 1 ii,r1ui1n'r LSUIIIV' Lf thrwu fm LIS? m Haul C1535 Lbxfvs se-nt ic Engl md. As Q1 pmvffct fur pffrscnul uso, they IIIIIIVI Qjlgrrs which were coizmvfi Qc- ' :img tg tim cpzzzgvlbxpn ani Egzir IE: 5-E wh: lo: 'im chi, IIIIIIIII the pusi year were Lyn Swzuier Presygienrg 11,15 Svflelgi, VIIC?'PI'9Sld2I1'j CIIILI L11- Vuufo, Se:rei,:1yy Illss, FIJII Sagu., -1,:'.'.4g1'. AVIATION CLUB ' H L'1"irf-st m Livigtigtt I5 if what N - Z ic 1 13,55-Tfs .i::.. . , .f CllYQ 1I"' , "3'.grQ "1:fe'?rQ'1i::'." " ' 6I fgzu fuzz Wy." C. .Q . .L 1. Ji? FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA , ..,. ,f ,,,,e.r,: V. HN.,-,.-., -V-. .AR-J., ...A. M- ., ...... leur., F 3i'1'.'e mire-st 1 zjrzful- ,.:1sirg:1j 5 ss :nfs :xi These- Cfl'-'.A1"S ire Qxisely 'fe regular f1'3:i'1..'-1:l :Quise- - tue suderit 3 :Entire io ini- Erzs suizgeet kn".'1.f-ping-i as well five the liesf fcrrriirizj eiliriiques. IZKTZSCIHJII Ff..-3., is 1: 'iertiier 'ziiicl Ff.A. 2r::r.1:t:'1:ri and " cterids the :3"':en'13: which 1:3 Treitzn, N. f fzznuzry. - Qui :ffxcezs were: Presgclenf, . Epzjriq Viie-President, Alfred Lrizig Secretary, lolzn Gzmesg Trezrs- fl 'zrries l-lubery Repfrter Neil Cur- ir Texrurxel losepli lxl':KCl'Jeyg Ad- 'tse-: lfr. liuveirs. We ina! rqclfiui ' frm Um Man COMMERCIAL CLUB Students find the Commercial Club sri excellent oppzrtumty for improve- rifnt ef their business arts as well cs CTZLLGIKTIXQ trier: 'xxiili :fice require- ents. The leaders ef the fgriugr were Emir Fzxii Q1 Presicieiifg Diirrtc Friqeric, Vice- Fresicieiizg Berth: Ezgeiley, Secremry- 1 4 f lregsurer, and mrs. Casey, lrisiructor. THE SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Premetien of drzziutifs and develop- zrierit ef student tzlerit are the Semer Qfxrzictii Clubs chief zlztis. This year rnerrirers filri turns pre- serfiriej prcqrzms iurirzg rtzeetmqs and serie were Chesexi .er pzris it G play' czriiei 'Drums lr the flight." lri the spring 'fir Qrtup r.-.rem io New Ygrk tc see cr pepper Brzgxglwcy pre- dueizi. 'hcse respertsiilf .ir the suicesslul sul: ::t1'.'i'1es w-3" flzss 3. ll. Themzs .lr1i'.'1ser: Reine :rgrk Presijerr Fzhert 'ffhriteheur I te-Presidexty Eir- rgzru Tilley, Seirf-'zfyg :md feyee zurrguqxs, Treasurer. 1 x, L FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Those who intend to be teachers have Qrfrrnized a new club at Manasquan known rrs 'ne Future Teafners cf Amer- iia. Tneir purpose is tc encsuraqe sfu- aerxfs ta 5-:Ter the teaching profession. ffurrna the rrieetznqs, the members flrscussel szzrxe przijems fated Ly an eagaatzr, as '.'lEll as the requirements :gr enzerina the field. 'lmsy preserrteil a play en'r'le'l "The l.r"le Refi S'5E.',f,lh:use" and perform- ances were given at a student assembly aryl a P. T. A. Meeting. ln the spring the qraup Went ta Tren- l'.Il Carte Te:f:lrer's Culeqe wrilgi their adviser, lvfr. C. 'JK Oakley. f-levied the organization wr-re Gail '.'feisf-nhaek, President, Dor- ctlpy l'arr, ViceAPres dent: Sally Bell, Secretaryg -and Nara Zeller, Treasurer. .J "l l. IV mmm - We 7fzal' Mm Mm, .f wr v THE LATIN CLUB Tlrrv Latin Club, under the direction of Mrs. Rutli Walsh, has had a play, a dinner, and has made recordings. All these activities were in line with the clui, theme based on interest in Roman lrnquaqe, culture, and customs. From the program cflered, members have de- rived numerous benefits which related To actual,n study. Tlrose who led the club Were: Sue ltlarner, President, Valerie lackscn, Vice-President, Carolyn Madden, Secre- tary, loseplnne Rose, Treasurer. IUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB :-.': rt Vrana, our '1J'f'lSUY lirs l1lL9'lll'. 'int the rrierrillers if tlie luzii Br Lfr :rn its Clin., in the art of applyinq zttrkgfrtrp ana in the de-'leleprnent of ir, livifiurl flrarriatic ability. Slifprt skits .ini tiraznatrc passages are stuzlreul in Qrflor Z: acqug nt the students with cer- Ief' Crzaraifefizaticn. Ilia Tniers, President, Lois Wight- rrpan Vie-President, and Anya Hen- clfrircs, Se:retary-Treasurer, have heerr tie Cla: s :Qmpetent leaders ings year. 63 JJ -if 7fze fu ew ogg FIRST ROW: Clara Lou Blalock. Lois Steen. Barbara Stadler, Lois May Edwards. SECOND ROW: Miss Emerson, adviser. Edith Kenyon. Pat Bowers, Colette Lussier, Ann Vivian, Mary Sherman, Frances Peters, Barbara Brunkhorst, loan Knock. THIRD ROW: Roselle Morgan, Rosemary Tassini. loan Larson, Vera Nelson. Susie Daversa, Norma Becker, Pat Meade, Iinny West. Marjorie Alex- ander. Hattie Wallace. FOURTH ROW: Elizabeth Degenhart, Ann Lindgren. Barbara Bishop. Ioyce Brunkhorst. Alice Morton, Virginia Rauth, Pat Huhn. Emily Brown, Frances Iorqensen. FIFTH ROW: Mary Kenny, Eunice Gilliqan, Mary lean Brundaqe, Lois Herbert, Carol Smith, Zora Theirs, Valorie lackson, Iean Aurnhammer. Pat Errickson, Lois Brunkhorst. The principal objective of the M Club is to provide a chance for Manasquan girls to participate in extra-curricular athletics. Miss Emerson, the advisor, has had the members taking part in a diversified sports program ot which the high- light was basketball. Colette Lussier, M Club President, was ably assisted in directing activities by Pai Bowers, Vice-President: Frances Jorgensen, Secretaryg and Pat Meade, Treasurer. is i Q ,awww ,4 ,Q MW ,azz gem warzz, s ATHLETIC COUNCIL 'L 'Tulle a b a ba1r1er year for an asqaarr p ILS tba as to me ex elle1'1t work o V1 by me Ala. 1 Asso 1at1or1 wb1cb was sup IJ ed by Mr G om 11lle Magee and Mr arm S r1e1ler1qer Tb C unfwl s ld AA T1clcets football II 1 a'1 s and beld a Sprmg Dance to r 13 u asf to su For I the atblet1 program T ourpose I tas oraar11zat1o11 IS t ebb urage good by rtmar1sl'11p st1mula'e l1ool Splfll anfl mprove the scholastrc rar s a gen 'I ATHLETIC COUNCIL OFFICERS Norman Goss V1cePres1denl Coach Schellenqer Ad tary Ir Cr L1 er w C 'fre leaders of thrs year S mer Arnold zum Presxdenl norms Hauck sem Cour1C1l tary Treasurer a a D l res Hauc 'UP SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT Eleanor Dlehl Dolores Hauck Arnold Zarra Norman Goss FIRST RCW STANDING Norman Rob nson lean Mehler Emrly Brown Loxs Herbert Glenn Cooke Margaret Layton Alan Carr Ioyce Hayes Eugene Eckert SECOND ROW Tom Dnscoll Donald Neu, Donald Holey, Kenneth Brcwn Norman Morgan Sandor Haydu 0 0 C 11.5 bfs een ' 1 o lvl - f 't.s,o",. do ' C 1 'Ox e ' .l lei C C' ' , ' JG ' rso . re. 1 . l ' C' ol 1 e. o fo o o . . I , ..o ': T a' e IIl1'.TflS booto. o 'o he , or 11- 1 ' ' ' o .oo - 'J 'bo ' , I . sc. ' ', ., i I ' So- l'l I Clb. Amalfi Zarra, Presideutg Norman Goss, VlC?AlDI-3SlflC-Zllj 'fl ' 3 o o lc, Secre- . n . I 'wfvesrro 1ero.l, l ' -, l -I. ' - X , 1 al Q I f CQ Q 5, x Lui' gf. .4 .iiifs . ' I Ylv' 'I'-"I: Xxx! , V , A . 1 1 LP' ORCHESTRA CSNDUCTOR Mr. Edqar M. Slierman CQQflCEFfTlJlAS'lER O. B. Pearce JXSSETANT CONCERTMASTER Nora Zeller l.IBRAElANS Reine Vfildrick, Lois Wiqlwtman VlOl.lNS: O. B. Pc- irce, Nora Zeller, Beverly Clayton, Robert Edwards, llrprmstznie '.'.'' Eina lchnszzn, leyce Hayes, Sally Saner, VVillia:n i.f:':: :jx Ari: Page, .lrnitfi Ciirl-c, lxntes Smith, Barry Blank SFING EASE: Eff-...y Yard Pl.f+.f'lO ACCORDI.3.NE: Alice Eclfizins Leis Vvliqhtman NANO: Reine '.'filflrick, Dwvid Franck, Lais Edwards, Anne Pearce, E xi: 'itz lfiziie lean Marten SAXCFHCNES: Phil Cfclc, Ray 'Weeden Frances Jorgensen, Irnny st IfLi'1.lHfNETS: Fiifr' fcrqenseiz, Kent Hemphill, Suzanne Dauersa, ii wr' llfesszclc, Lcxs Brunlchcrst li?-lllufi ffflf: Islnizi Klfinkatit Clfirles Gufhrie, Charles Trafford li?-.P fl 'EZ EZCFH: F :y Ermpifs 'll'tilTECllELi: Clfziz Eiurlf-y, lflary lanet Campbell, Mglcaliri Ryder lJlfLUlflJ: lizgiiic lfluiiliews, Lester Ftice ' Gan Be Sung anfrq ' BOY'S GLEE CLUB l F' V l 'C 1 IS l lll J' 'll I l I I K 1 I Y' GlRL'S GLEE CLUB fhe Girls Glee f.11:s fezn Lfxgzn ' :1:g:r:x1:i':'eQy f"- 1- ,-'. . x,r.l.,, JJQC. ECI my 4 cg1:.s. r:.e zz. sfy' if siphzr scmirs. The Club :mer TQ prwctlce ,41ZI.'11fiI and Ina- S nad 3 r:erz::,e.s..1p Qne hunfirei and rgrcup as nizie up ncres, junxzrs and mei every week tn far the Chrrstrnus prtng Cznfert. MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus was made up znasfly of the members cf the two glee L L, fi Rubs. It had cm attendance cf about ne hundred students every Monday Jrtnrg Acfrvty Perifxi. Uniier the W-'xziersnrp cf Mtss Iedn Muqin, time qxup hrs hid fl very successful year. A C1 he siqninq votces consist of scprdnos, ltss, tenors, and basses. Baizfhef' '7aaZ' C' . 4 A I 2 g THE VOCALETTES 'ine Voculetfes is Q qrvup of qirls 'zgzn the CUIZYS Glee Clui sei-eyed for 1. zvgng the best vciies. The qrsup represents ine Glee Slut .n vzrisus s::.:l jules, in cssernilxes, and many :trier ccxvrtres. The Yicxlettes zre simetiunq new fer M:n.:sq11:r1, stnce 'hey were organized tizxs your Ly Miss 1, :tr Mxqxn. Wtlftfflfu SCIENCE CLUB Manasquan high school Science Club, a member of the Science Clubs ot America, is dedicated to the ideal ot coupling scientific knowledge with practical application. The club has had its members give talks and demonstrations in order to give the student a better understanding of science. The members have established a Science Award in memory of Mr. Ernst T. Prank. This award will be given annually to the senior who has shown outstanding leadership, serv- ice and academic achievement in science. The otticers ot the club were Alvin Apple- gate, President, Kenneth Newmany Vice- Presidentg lohn Randolph, SecretaryfTreasA urerg and Mr. Stephen Bartosh, Advisor. 31' . ..,i MATH CLUB Power to reason, interpret, and apply izioepts of niaiheniatcs are the essential .iris of Math Club. Membership is limited to lungors and seniors who are taking college gtregiaratory matheniatics. The club tries to supplement ine program of its members with mathernatlcs not included in high school courses. Each year a team of three is chosen to reg'-resent Manasuaan 1:1 Teznple Universitys and N.Y.U.'s niathernatics contests. Those chosen this year were Alvin Applegate, Ray Brarides and Bruce Martin. Math Club ottgcers were Bruce Martin, President, Lloyd Buell, Vice Presidentg Mara- vene Miller, Secretary, and Ray Brandes, Treasurer. Mrs. Poster was the instructor. Ill- STUDY CLUB Those iri charqe of the Study Club were Marilyn Maas, President Shirley Larson, Vice-Pr-esideritg Delores Hurley, Secretary- Treasurerp and Miss Constance Soidner, Supervising instructor. .Em Gonfadian pfeafiel STUDENT PATROL Uncle: the able guidance of Mr. Chaun- 'K f T-xx cey Cakley, the Hail Pairoi has afxen the school 1r1'.':1Ipxaloie service during the past year. 'Wgimut Lis eifgoierit operation order could not have been maintained. Those led ine patrol were Kenneth New-Jniafi Captain, and Ciiffora Hanitriefi RADIO CLUB I 'I' Izhsx :Vp 11..I x+'5"4 VISUAL AIDS CLUB .EQZ. .1115 f7ff'.LT3 L ,5. 3 CI VV ., PHOTOGRAPHY CLUBS , . ,-.,h..x,-., .,,.- TO, Th ey 21,5 S Og f U I ...J I I L1 me mu, 'Www zum vm? ft fx. Til F I-df Y- 'urn f 2 J 1 ' x Q 4 ' ' 5? X -.. .J z . L- '- .fW + x - ffw, - 5.-AI, , 1, . K :."5?T4 , -'1 .. .1 f ri? 23.5 1: 1 , Q , 4 -+1 1 f - Wim . Lx --,K . E 1 ' '1 . , .j fa- 1 - ' , Q ff- , , , I- . ,U K g - 3: . 1 ' ' . " L X I u 9 I i KNEEIING: Thomas M K , O Ccaeh Iohn Schellenger. STANDING: I. Keith, Arne Anderson, George Bruen, Manager Harry Herberl. VARSITY BASKETBALL wx ., 1 rgxgea me Ga' "V " ab,lgtyafAl1Sh:re Perward Gearqe Braeri, 3115 Leiraard lrffirgai, plus the clever flacr play if Skip Hurley Teal Zeller, aria lffal. lieth, fvlaiasauari Highs basket- baQl ieazri under the aile Ceafluina ef leaf. Schellemaer had little 3:11513 stackxlg 'ap a percentage ef .933 in the Share Cerifereriee. Alter yelling ei? 1: a slew sfarl Q11 prefceriference aariiee the B33 Blue Came :wa rarnpxig ever Lana Branch, Leeziarai, Lakewcad, Faiiisezi, Freehela, Keyparl and Atlantic Hiighlarias LH Succeesiii grail the Buceaiieers from Bea Bank praveii if be iz fheri Qri iieir siae. Fellevfiig th1s, l-lalfriiai aid Pllfif Pleasant rrevea ie ziiatclrl lar 'Qa""r . .en uviavr... Coaches Voqelsonq and Schellinger Asbury Park Round Robin Keyporl vs Manasquan c ecwn rval Hurley, Paul Pollak, William Kenny eonard Morqan, Ted Zeller, Waller 0 .j Ca1?M0wWJwJ f il ' A 0 Ulwffffzff Gf'J,.,d7a..AffL6Z7 M5043 0 Wfg4,fjfZ'iZ5fzfJ ffibgzawfplb- eww eezzm SENIOR POLL 4-5Wost Likely to Succeed RUTH HOLMES, CARL BUEHLER 'Personality Plus CAROL HAYES, WALT KEITH Chatterboxes IOAN LOUGHERAN, FLOYD COULTER Have Done Most for Manasquan RUTH HOLMES, CARL BUEHLER Easy on the Eyes ANN MOOSHIE, BUD BEDLE QBest Dancers IOYCE DEVLIN, CHICK HANCOCK vi, 4 V Swusically Inclined IINNY WEST, BOB IORGENSEN CBest All Round MARION NEWMAN, SKIP HURLEY Hlost Sophisticated EDITH APPLETON, TED ZELLER Qlass Flzrts MARY SHERMAN, DICK MAIN 5Best Athletes EMILY BROWN, WALT KEITH JUNIOR PLAY "gum Since fue" J A' Y 1 MHS. QLQVEH TCHIINY CLOVER MH. CLQVER ESLUD EHWTN SUSAN BLAKE PETS! ERWTIJ MARTHA WILLARD OETTCEH SIMIVIDNS , HENRY QUINN .. LUCYBELLE LEE PRESTON HUGHES T Hilth Hglm-fs f1r7Bw w -11' ar . BwL1ddyBed1rf Egb Cizllms Lislette Lussmil :andy Brxztjralr Ergzzces Peters BAT Chczmberlaim Paul Larson Cirrole Hayes Elzyd Cculter 14 flea! Sign of 5 ' BASEBALL 1 It gf ,Q f 5 A ' 73 , 4' 2 X fb M' If EX 'lilo 9, X N C, in , FRONT HOW: Glenn Sommerville. Manager: Bch Brown. Tom Brower. Allen Clarlr. Paul Pollack. Ken Clayton. SECOND ROW: Lester Rice. Alex Smeaton. Tom McKeown, Norman Goss. Dick Mort, Bob Donnelley. Dave Ross. THIRD ROW: Charles Bramhall. Manager: Milton Gravatt. Dennis Garwcod. Harrison Pearce. Charles Trafford. Harry Newman, Donald Meqill. TOP ROW: Coach lack Schellenger. Bill Mills, Iohn Bishop. larry Larson. Paul Pollack. catcher BASEBALL APRIL 1 1 Leonardo . . Away 14 Lakewood Home 18 Rumson . Home 21 Freehold , Away 25 Keyport . Away 28 Atlantic Highlands T , Home MAY 2 Red Bank . , Home 5 Hoffman Away 9 Point Pleasant Home 12 Neptune Away 16 Toms River Home 19 Open 23 Matawan Away W, 7z,us,mz94zz,es,4M4zz,e7W. .. M U QL, , 1, flf ' Jw 0 resge e ark gems 52? tl? Ma!! 0 If AA Y iff: , 4, V. V. Q iii! I ---:.::: wi: it 2 V' 5 ' it .' ::g'?'F?'?5P-e.,,34,, N "1 W' . ' n ff H iif- , 'f "" " N' 4 I -- n.gsSi.,Q 5 iE3.,i-'I-jig : 4, '- f"fi:rQ,g .. ' -- -A 194 Xa .' '- ,. 53? elm.: T - H -' " 'ul J K A 'U - 38 . 0 0 0 Q . Q . O . I s 0 1 a A . . . o 0 1 0 n 3 '53 "' 2, grzmnusnm J' an 2 E51- Easzes! 0 MM Pleaswz es! fo Shop 72 Easrest to Reach Pleasantest to Shop ln 715 Broad Street Hotel Berkeley Carteret Newark N .I Asbury Park N J 119 Park Avenue 362 Sprmgtield Avenue Plainfield, N J Summit N .I 82 Comphments Rollo Translt Corporatlon Operator of The Flnesr Buses Bullt i' Broadway and Maple Place Keyport N J s U Q 66 ' J. ' 99 , I 0 BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1950 FORMALS Sz CO Aebury Park N J MEN S AND WOMENS FORMAL WEAR Authonzed Pontlac Sales and Servlce Complete Repour Shop P O N T I A C PONTIAC AND HYDRAMATIC PARTS H M UNDERHILL, Inc MAnctsqucm 7 2351 State Highway N0 35 Brlelle N J 8 'A' ' 0 L , I O A' ir A 4 ' Complete Line ul' O C 0 I , I Jfofe mncefknce IH 981 H P NS cra tsmans cups and quality PLAQU E .IEWELERS FOR YOUR CLASS RINGS TWO OUTSTANDING TREATS Ablhafwts ICE CREAM dll? 0q6ll CD ICE CREAM Products of Abbotts Dames, Inc 85 OT cob amos E . J ME 5 I' I CH M o S . TROPHIES MANUFACTURING 3 ggwglfpg nifcrsmlclus sosron - 17 JUHN STREET, NEW YORK 8,N.Y. - rnuvu Q9 . tg f Abbolts Duiries, Inc., rmunnim H C QUENZER C0 5c to S100 Store extends hearty conqrcrtulcrtlons to each member of thls yecrrs qrczducrtmq class and smcere good Wlshes for future success Cxty Store Varlety Country Store Courtesy 100 Mam Street Manasquan, N HENRY SCHROEDER PAINTING DECORATING 300 Atlantlc Avenue Manasquan, N J Telephone 71197 86 0 0 0 'A' 'k 'A' The Beautiful New OSPREY HOTEL Manasquan Beach New Jersey Success and Good Wishes to the Class of 50 AND MILK BAR Manasquan SHORE BOWLING CENTER Compllments of COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN COMPANY 366 FIFTH AVENUE New York Clty WE DELIVER PHONE 9 0559 LIN S PHARMACY INC R g Ph PRESCRIPTIONS 1500 F Street Belmar N I e Town and Country Agency REALTORS WASHINGTON BOULEVARD Sea Gut N I af C try om SEA GIRT AVENUE Wall Townshlp N I 1 9 7 0 Chas. Kaufman. e . cxnn. Offi SPring Lake 3-3423 E ' g SPring Lake 3-3386 Y Town Office: oun 'ce: HUHN S Comphments DI'lV9 In and Soda Lounge Flscher Baklng All Cream Ice Cream Company Cutstandmq Sedcis and Scmdwlches A Asbury Park N I 18th Avenue and F Street BELMAR CLIF FRANKLIN GEO PINCUS COSREC RADIO 8: TELEVISIUN EMERSON F1-XDA ADMIRAL 114 Mcun Street Mcrnasqucm N MA q 72286 HENRY SEYBUCHLER PAINTING and DECORATING Manasquan, N J 9 if 'A' 'K' . ak Sales cmd Service nas uun - U O Coats Sportswear MARY S DRESS SHCP 1308 F STREET Belmar N I Popular Pr1ces Mary Duval Prop Phone 9 0715 Compllments STANLEY S LUNCHEONETTE SPRING LAKE N I THIRTY-MINUTE WASH if BENDIX WAS1-IERS EXTRACTORS DRYERS 700 9th Avenue Belmar 705 Arnold Avenue Pomt Pleasant MEYER S VARIETY STORE 5 10 25C Sl 00cSUp 135 MAIN STREET Manasquan New Iersey Estelle s Telev1s1on Center New Showrooms at 1301 THIRD AVENUE Spnng Lake All Home Appllanc s Telephone Spnng Lake 3 0468 REISS BROS ESSO SERVICENTER Highway No 35 and llth and F Streets BELMAR N I Phone Belmar 93308 67170 BENNETT :S HEIGHT CO New Iersey HILL S PHARMACY INC E G FURY Reg Pharm 1300 Thlrd Ave Spnng Lake N I . . . ,I of - - - af . af if DUMONT - R.c.A. - PHILCO SPHING LAKE if . . , . . . . f 90 LANG S AUTO SUPPLY PARTS SHOP SERVICE 1100 F STREET Belmar New Iersey THOMPSON MEAT MARKET The Place to Get Good Thmqs To Eat 112 MAIN STREET Manasquan No Phone LEWIS LUMBER COMPANY Spnng Lake New Iersey Telephones 3 1800 3 1801 Lumber Mxllwork Mason Materxal Pamt Hardware Plumbxng SQUAN DRUGS S Marquhes Reg Ph I Pavla Reg Ph 98 MAIN STREET Manasquan N Phone MAnasqucm 73828 ASBURY PARK TRAVEL SERVICE World Wxde Reservatrons In H111 s Druq Store 700 MATTISON AVENUE Asbury Park N I THE PANTRY SHELF Comer North Mam and Atlantxc MAnasquan 7 3951 Dehcatessen and Groceries Salads Breyers Ice Cream MAnasquan 72200 1 DORRER S BRIELLE MARKET Inc ROUTES 44 AND 35 Bnelle New Iersey ABROMOWITZ DEPARTMENT STORE nc POINT PLEASANT New Iersey -Ar . .. . - i' wk . I . . . ,. . wk Cor. Broad Street . . I. 1' ar I . 'A' lil Comphments Manasquan Candy Kitchen HOME MADE ICE CREAM ND CANDIES 90 MAIN STREET Manasqucm KNIGHTS BRIELLE ESSO SERVICENTER Highway 35 and Rxvervxew Dnve Bnelle N I MAnasqucm 7 1056 PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION Cour es in Acc untcmcy Iourncrhsm Se retcxrial Science Commercial Medical Secretarial Finance BACHELOR DEGREES Catalogue Free On Request RIDER COLLEGE Founded 1865 Trenton N I THE WRIGHT STORE or MANASQUAN INC Hardware Pcnnts Machme Tools Housewares Appliances 140 MAIN STREET Mcmasquan N I MAncrsqucm 71417 1361 MAE HARVEY GIFTS IEWELRY COLLECTOR S ITEMS 108 Mcnn Street Mcmasqucm TIP TOP BARBER SHOP LOUIS SACCO Mam Street Mcmasqucm Compliments TASSIN I BROTHERS Mcxnasqucm of 1 . A u FOUNTAIN SERVICE Teaching, Business Administration, I' if - . - . 'K' 'A' 'A' oi ' f 'k 92 ND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND Patrons MRS MR MR MR MR MR MR MRS E G HYDE ALFRED I ARMES ALEX SMEATON WESLEY LAEHDER RAYMOND L BRANDES LLOYD C BUELL SR RICHARD B GRAHAM MICHAEL UDEATZKY MRS ERNST T MISS MARTHA SEYBUCHLER MR EDWARD A NEWMAN MR U F NEWCOMER MANASQUAN COSMETIC SHOP BURKE S PHARMACY ALEXANDER S CLAYTONS HILLTOP FRANCK WORTHINGTON S GROCERY 2006 Hlghwcty 4N Spnnq Lake Hexghts 91 i' IVIR. A . . . MR. S. . MR. S. MR. S. MR. S. . MR. S. . , . MR. AND MRS. HOWARD GANONG DR. S. I . MR. . 9 One plcture IS worth a thousand words Especlally when that p1cture IS made by fz171tv4LM4zxtt1 The experlence of Two Gene alons of Photographers went graphs to tell an everlzrstmg story Yes Two Generanons ol Photoq aphers offer a specmal servlce to Edttor and Class AdV1SOf A servrce whrch mcludes not only makmg Portra1ts Groups and Candrd Photographs but also suggestmg 1deas for addmg interest to the YEARBOOK The small Yearbook and large can be made lust as mterest mg by makmg every photograph count We wlll gladly show you how A N1 E R A A Q TE R Formerly Hollander :S Feldman 1705 Chestnut Street Phlladelphla, Penna 94 66 O I 99 'C s S' into making most of the photographs in this book . . . Photo- C P I 1 L O 'l fs , A P. , .1 Q,f2 ,4A ?Z CAMPUS PUBLISHING Hm.,:g.:l.A YEARBOOK SPECIALISTAS AUTOFRAPHQ 1 I L

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