Mamaroneck High School - Mahiscan Yearbook (Mamaroneck, NY)

 - Class of 1948

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Mamaroneck High School - Mahiscan Yearbook (Mamaroneck, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 89 of 120
Page 89 of 120

Mamaroneck High School - Mahiscan Yearbook (Mamaroneck, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 88
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Mamaroneck High School - Mahiscan Yearbook (Mamaroneck, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 90
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Page 89 text:

NATIONAL HONQR SCOCClllE'lFY Characfer, scholarship, leadership and service are whal fhe Nalional Honor Sociefy sfands for and are The bases on which sfudenf members fo fhis organi- zalion are chosen. The officers in fhe Mamaroneck Chapfer of The Nafional Honor Sociefy for +he year I947-I948 are Dick Hillsley, presidenl: Cyn- fhia Hodgson, vice-president Jean Orion, secre- fary: Paul Roman, 'rreasurer and Miss Alicia An- drews, sponsor. For a sludenf fo qualify in scholar- ship he or she musl' be in fhe upper rhird of fhe class. To qualify in leadership and service The sfu- denf musl' be ali acfive member or leader of some of 'lhe exlra-curricular acfivilies such as fhe music organizafions, fhe language and olher fypes of clubs. The sfaff of rhe Record or Mahiscan, fhe afhlefic feams, fhe General Associafion, or dra- mafic producfions. The membership is limifed each year fo fiffeen oercenf of fhe Senior Class. Five percenl of fhese are selecfed in May of 'rheir iunior year and fhe 'esf in December of fheir senior year. This way lhe Honor Sociefy has a carry-over of members each year. The fradifional fapping ceremony in assembly was used again fhis year lo inducf fhe iew members and have fhem receive fheir gold Jins. They are official members of fhe Nafiona' -lonor Sociefy affer affend- ng an inifialion usually held if one of fhe members' iomes - wifh refreshmenfs erved afferwards. The Nafional Honor Soci- rfy has raised a money irst Row: Grace Kaplan, Joanne Yau Noppen, Betty Lou Dreyer, Marian Trefzger, Sally Pearse, Ianet Rein- hart. econri Row: Dot Hood, Florence Vidile, ,lean Orton, Dick Hillsley, Cynthia Hodgson, Paul Roman, Nancy MacArthur, Miss Andrews. hird Row: John Goldsmith, Sally Monson, Paul Brodtkorh. Don Schil- ler, Terry Vier, Joe Gordon, Tenny Scharl, Pete Mosher, Iean Roberts, Phyllis Dixon, Sigrid Norrlwall, Carol Conklin, Virginia Minor, Sara Lagani. mrth Row: Mickey McMillan, Ralph Valle, Skip Fink, Dave Drexler, Don Nichols, Jim Ireland, Bruce Campbell, Al Schreck. Tim Fowler, John Lightfoot, Bob Riegel. Brent: ,Tack Sanborn, Nancy Gutt- mann, Carol Sheparrl. scholarship of one hundred dollars since l93l To help some member of lhe senior class confinue his or her educafion. This does nor necessarily mean a sfudenf planning 'ro affend college. This year an evening bridge was held in fhe library during lhe laffer parf of January. Pennanfs wifh fhe name of fhe insfifufion, year, and sfudenl' who won 'rhe scholarship in previous years decorafed 'rhe room. Coffee and sandwiches were served. A prize for 'rhe high scorer af each fable was given. The Honor Sociefy has posled orange and black keysfones in 'rhe home rooms following each reporf card period. These keysfones conlain fhe names of fhose who have aflained fhe firsl' and second honor rolls for fhaf period. To be on fhe firsl' honor roll all one's marks musf be ninefy or above, and for fhe second honor roll, one musf have af leasf 'rhree eighfy-five's and no marks below eighfy. The Honor Sociefy has also senl congrafulafory nofes To fhose on fhe firsl honor roll. The local chapfer of fhe Nalional Honor Sociefy was insfalled al' lvlamaroneck High in I93I. During fhe pasl sevenfeen years many of our sfudenfs have sfriven successfully fo become members of fhis organizalion. Even 'rhose who have nof been lapped hold Jrhe Sociefy in high regard and are beffer sfudenfs and persons because of ifs exislence.

Page 88 text:

F1'r.rt Rwzii, Luft In Right: Juily Clark, Nancy linker, Anna Stainegna, llettina Cooper, Regina Bender Roberta Maguire. Mary Jane lfritzinger, June Porto, Miss E. W'ells, Marilyn Mate, Jeanne Mitchell Charlotte Latte-n, ,loan Devine, Jenny Rago, Jane Ann Hughes, Joan Manning, Mae Quirk, Dorothy Morse, l-lilith Ciraco, Sn-lla Petruzzi, Frances iinaclagnola, XVilma Lamonreanx, Dorothy Farrell lla Voris. flara Calzona. SL't'um1 Row, Luft to Rflflit: Noel ltooth, Carol Lightfoot, Noel llenriques, Sharon Kelly, Katherine Crillo Arlene Sn-iniml, Jennifer Content, Juily XYarren, llarbara Trimm, Sandra Croll, Gina Guttmann. Marilyn Ness, Lois lisselhorn, ltetty Renrlcl, Faroline Soper, Marie Faillace, Patty Rigano, Lind: XYicner, XYren Bizzard, Mililn-fl Lawson, Sandra NVanderman, Caryl Posner, Jill S-Chiller, Sue Van Noppen, ltetty Stow, Arlene Raneri, Ann Mayrose, Eleanor McNamara. Third Row, Left tn Right: Eleanor Reerl. Lois Pope, Barbara Bowler, Virginia McMullen, Joan McLoughlin Minnie Sinistore. Lonnie l'agliaru. Kathleen Catsill, ltarlmra 5iEll'lITl8!'lll, Ann ltunting, Dorothy Hilton Ann Merritt. Joan lleltuono. Mary Mnsser, Theila Cloiiticr, Mary Ellen Sullivan, Vivian Shore, Ant fiiovannone, Margaret De Alleauine, Rose l'alina, Ersaliue Alexander, Norma Castagna, llfarion Batsakis Joan Alhelli. Filith Hall, Katherine Laseter. Lucy iiersliovitz, Mary Mills, Evelyn Justesen, Phylli! Ye-omans. Elsie Nainacher. Marjnlyn Yamlerhorst, Jeannette lleolchi, Ttarbara Soriano, Sallye Silver Alice Peatman, ltorntliy Swan. I"uur!li Row, Lrfl to Ririhf: Joan iiaillarilet, Lois Nesbitt, Lesley Harper, Bette Myers, Tinka Risk Maflclon Operer, Rita Poccia, Marie Henlmerger, Arlita Holt, Patricia McCauley, Sally Nelson, France llruno, Jenny lfraioli, Alice Yizaf. Josephine lionacci. Carol Miller, Rose Ann Micalizzi, Jennii Totnassetti. lleatrice Lopes, l'attie Stierer. M'c'nfly lhattentielrl. Virginia Roberts, Mary Lon Fastiggi Felicia Lee, Gloria Manu. Jean lliirling, Veiltify Jackson, Nancy Burden. GIRLS' GlLlElE C J A great number and variety ot songs ranging trom lullabies to dance tunes were teatured by the Girls' Glee Club this year. Under the skilltul direc- tion ot Miss Evelyn Wells, they did an excellent iob ot singing at the Christmas program and in the annual spring concert. Girls' Glee Club rendition ot "Patapan," "Vir- gin's Lullaby," "Rock ot Ages," with several carols sung with the A Cappella Choir, made the Christ- mas program even more ettective. Their singing trom the balcony truly sounded like that ot angels. The otticers ot the Glee Club helped to make it a smooth running organization. Joan Devine was the president: Charlotte Lattin and Gloria Mang, vice-presidents: Jennie Rago, secretary: and Jeanne Mitchell and Marilyn Mate, librarians. Joan Devine. president. and also senior accompanist was aided by Jane Ann Hughes. Since Miss Wells had to get back to Junior High tor a class the 5th period, entertainment was planned tor most ot the rehearsals, which were held 84 this year on Tuesdays and Thursdays at twelve thirty. The entertainment was either imported tror the iunior and senior classes or was provided b the girls themselves. Among the entertainers tror Girls' Glee Club were Felicia Lee, Lois Ann Pop and Sue Van Noppen who played the piano, Bettin Cooper and Dot Morse who sang, and Bobby Me guire who sang and played, Outside talent include' Mima Lee Newkirk, Antoinette Doria, Mary Lo Pierce, Diane Stamegna, Emma Petruzzo, and Joa Durling with her sister Jean. Some days the gir worked with Joan Devine on one ot their sonc atter Miss Wells lett. The spring concert, ot course, was the high spc ot the year tor the Girls' Glee Club. They san "Virgins Lullaby" by Stairs. "Cherubin Song" lNc 7l by Bostnianslcy, "The Star" by Rodgers, "Ligt Divine" by Rubinstein arranged by Lorraine Wa ters, a Harry Wilson Arrangement ot "Cindy", mountain dance song, "My Heart at Thy Swee Voice" by Saint-Saens and "April" by Buchanan.

Page 90 text:

Germain Climb The German Club, under The sponsorship oT Mrs. RuTh Allen, has enioyed a very successTul year. The meeTings were held monThly, aT which Times pro- grams perTinenT To The clubs purpose were given. The ChrisTmas meeTing was held aT The home oT Richard l-lillsley where sixTy members enjoyed The German games and carols. Many members aT- Tended "Tannhauser," a very popular opera by Wagner. The oTTicers oT The club are: Richard Hills- ley, president Richard Broun, vice-presidenTg Alan GurwiTT, secreTary: and William Miranda, Treasurer, Latin C iuilb Under The capable guidance OT Miss FaiTh Wal- lace, The SenTus Populusgue Romanus had a success- Tul year. The principal acTiviTies oT The club were a Trip To New Yorlc To see The play "Medea," a visiT To The Roman and Greek wing oT The MeTropoliTan Mu- seum oT ArT, The enTerTainmenT oT The Rye l-ligh School l.aTin Club, and a ValenTine Tea conducTed by The members oT The Virgil class. The oTTicers were: Allen Thompson, presidenT1 Sigrid Nordwall, vice-presidenTg PaTricia Englander, secreTary: and David Wilkinson, Treasurer, Itim-tR111ti: Alice Peatinftn, Noel limnli, Mary lillen Sullivan, Linda NViencr, Lucy Gershovitz. 5t't'wirI Row: Robert lvyler, -lohn l':twtronox'o, Hrinnie llt-espelink, Arlene llrown, janet liottlizirl, ,lurly bimpson, bharon lxelly, Emily bhimkin, llztrlmrzi Stewart, Joanne McHugh, Joan Yan Yalkenlmnrg, llian llarysh, llettina Cooper, Nancy linker, Tliirdvkotuz Albert Stern, Neil MCNe-ish, Leslie Stewart. Sue Libby, Nxiry Ley, Lorraine Nliglinccio, Sally N-illllllllllll. Peter Xloshcr. Allen ilwlllllllllrtlll. l':it lfnglzinrler, lien XYilli:nnson, Szindrzt NYzinderm:tn, V Evelyn Schmitt, Till Schiller. Fnlirfli Row: l'cte Schindler, Grahrtm lVTlriun, Henry Elion, Stokes Nelson, llarharzt lilendennintz, George farl, l'at Fish, llob Nichol. It-ztnette Klttehell, ,lnrly lilztrk, Lilihit- Ileverish. Edith liniglriniler, l.0ia Esselborn, lieth llrexler, Lois Pope, Xlndefun Upcrer, Tinkzt Risk, Kathie Lnseler. Tohn XXTOTSSIHII, -lanet Reinlmrt. Jennie Robinson, liynthixi Hodgson, fynthizt l':1rll, lfzinny fiziillet. Klztrizin ilnnies, Clara lfalzonzl, Bob Sclunuzilcer. Fifth Roni: Vincent Reid, Bob Reichnril. tiordon Nichols, lieorge Klein. Alfred Smith, Ioan Foster, Eleanor Reed. Ethelwyn Rice, lDorothyfAnn Swan, Zoe Kennedy, -Abrlita Holt, l-.csley Harper., Indy NlCAviTy, Gloria Klang, liarbikrzi Drake, .Xnn Xlvrritt, Mary Tune liritzinger, Lois Nesbitt, Sally Nelson, Bette Myers, lletty Stow. Filirt Razr: liettv l.on llrevt-r, Sully l'ezn'sc, Sheila linlillwrig, lieth llrexlvr. Florence Yidile, Kziy Munzer, Ethel liinsbiirg, Ilick li'ernnd. .hiltlllld Rmb: George Rapp, Margery l.:tnli. john Sanborn, llctty jane XY:itt, llill Nlirztndzi, Richard Hillsley, Richard Brown, Carol Conklin, Robert Riegel. Third Row: lloug' Vollmer, Neil Macneish, Al Yollmer, lfred Aloe, l':u1lfi Rothenberg. l.ili:1n Schiff, Ronnie Irelztnrl. llob farlson, Sal Fztillnce. Robert l-Inglclmrt, Rieliaril lllock. l-Id XYright, Dick lfnstiiqgi, Anthony Laifoni, George Rnbe, joe tiorilon, jerry Yan llyke, liill helen-rd. Fuilrth Row: Peter jennewein, Tolly XX'o0dbriilge, Paul llrodtkorb, Peter Schindler, A. J. Stone III, John llunn, Hill Day, Jack liiolztn, llob Schneider, llill Soper. Henry Heil, ,lanies Ireland, Dave Drexler.

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