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- a - % •» f-cc C9 0k os '■© Tike Uychoberahn Central School Jla (It Aon, 71 Ir Aeon Ain ' Knowledge is power"... He, the graduating cla.M o( 1962, gratefully dedicate thi yearbook to our parent ... "Respect is what we owe; love is what we give." 2PftRK DA to"... But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.”Z he Oychoberahn Stall Editor...............Sharon Sinn Co-Editor..........Jane Shapiro Art.....................Margaret Green Seniors...................Jeanne Stalder Juniors .... Rachael Standifird Sophomores.........Janice Paris Faculty............Lea Swanson Activities.................Roger Steeper Sports.......................Ron Searle Junior High. . . . Jean Stratman Business.....................Tia Nelson Photography..................Bob Foote junior cActivitie OrganizationA Sports unior J4ig.ltacuity ) " ’Tis education forms the common mind; just as the twig is bent the tree’s inclined.” 10One of the most effective partnerships can be that which takes place between the parents of pupils and the teachers in a school. We feel that we have such a partnership here at Central, and we hope it can continue to grow until every parent is a member of that partnership. E. D. Brown EARLD. BROWN Principal, Central High SchoolSenior ClaM Nome Noont cAdvizor 1961-1962 VICTOR LANNINGALLEN ARGUE - Mathematics MRS. BETTY ATKINS - Latin, English KAARE BERGE - Mathematics JOHN C. BOND - Industrial Arts MRS. IDA BORDERS - Home Economics EDWARD COLBERT - Industrial Arts MRS. LUELLA COLLINS - Business Education ALFRED COLUCCI - Social Studies PAUL DeROSE - Physics WALTER FANDRICH - Instrumental Music WILLIAM GOODWIN - Social Studies ROBERT HARRIS - Physical Education DARLEEN McCORMICK - Vocal MusicMRS. ELLEN MEISTER - Home Economics MRS. LILIA MUELLER - Spanish LLOYD NORTON - English, Social Studies PETER OLSON - Science MRS. MARY PANKE - English HAROLD POLLOCK - Business Education ELIZABETH REINARTZ - English JANE ROBERTS - Home Economics MERLE SOUE - Mathematics JOANN WALKER - Physical Education DONALD WENDT - Social Studies MRS. DELORES KUNTZ - Office MRS. CORA PODELL - Office ALFRED SPILDE - Custodial MRS. ANN URBAN - CustodialClaAAeA "There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."Cict£A Oil ice r A President. . . Mike London Secretary. . . Sue Hampel Vice President. . Ray VeloffWILLIAM W. ALDRICH Cross Country 10-12; Track 10-12; Field and Stream 10-12; Four Lakes Basketball 11, 12. DIANE ANDERSON Pep Committee 10; Ways and Means 11; Lost and Found; Ring Committee 11. STEVES J. ANDRE Four Lakes Basketball 12, Varsity Basketball 12. GARY AMUNDSON Chorus 12; Four Lakes Basketball 10; Field and Stream 10-12. KEITH J. ARMSTRONG Field and Stream 10-12; Track 11, 12. WILLIAM AYRES Ticket Committee 11, 12; Field and Stream 10-12. O JOSEPH BALISTRERI Basketball 10, 11, 12; Golf 11-12; Choir, Operetta; Ring Committee. CANDACE J. BARRON Hospitality 10, 11; French Club 11; Choir 12; Bowling 12; G. C. Clinic 12; Ice Cream Counter 12. FRANCES C. BEERY KENNETH R. BITNEY Four Lakes Football 10-12. SHIRLEY A. BLUM Latin Club 10-12; Bowling 10-12; Mirror 11, 12; Library Monitor 10-12; Girl's Club 10-12; German Club 12. JOHN C. BOWERS Student Council 10-12; Field and Stream 10; Wrestling 10, 11; A. F. S. Committee 11, 12; Homecoming Committee 11, 12. 19KAY BRADLEY "Arsenic and Old Lace"; N. H. S. 11; A. F. S. Committee Chairman 12; Band 10-12; "Solid Gold Cadillac"; Candy Counter Chairman 12; Student Council 10-12; German Club 12; "Connecticut Yankee"; Orchestra 10-12; "Stage Door"; All-Central 10-12; Latin Club 10-12. KAREN L. BROOKBANK Hospitality Committee 12; Junior Prom Committee 11. DOROTHY K. BROWN G.C. Clinic 12. JOANN M. BRUNO G.C. Treasurer 12; Cheerleader 10-12; Book Exchange Monitor 12; Operetta 10, 12; Bowling 10-12; Spanish Club 11; Student Council Al- • ternate 10-12; French Club; Usherettes 11, 12; Homeroom Secretary 10-12. HARRIET MATTIE KARL J. BUECHNER Student Council Alternate 10, 11, Junior Class Ring Committee 11; Homeroom Vice-President 10, 11; Homeroom Secretary 12. THOMAS L. BUCLASS Football 10; Hockey 10-12; Baseball 10-12; Track 10; Field and Stream 10-12; "M" Club 10-12. SANDRA BURCHETTE RONALD J. CALHOON A. F. S. Committee 12; Band 12; President; Junior Achievement. FREDERICK E. CARLSON Reid and Stream 10-12. JUDITH A. CARROLL Operetta 10; Usherettes 10-12; Hospitality 10; Candy Counter 11, 12; Spanish Club 10-12; Bowling 10-12; Prom Decorations Committee 11, 12. ELAINE CHRISTAKOS Lost and Found 11, 12; Bowling 11, 12; Band 10-12; Junior Prom Publicity Committee. 20BARBARA L. CLINE Band 10— 12; Bowling 10; Junior Prom Publicity Committee; G. C. Clinic 10; Hospitality 11; Lost and Found 12. JAMES A. CRAIG Four Lakes Football 11, 12; Football 12; Hockey 10-12; Band 10-12; Student Council 10. MARY A. CROTSENBERG Red Cross 10-12; Hospitality 10; Candy Counter 11; C. C. Clinic 12; Choir 12; Office Monitor 11, 12; Usherettes 11. CHARLES J. CUCC1A Four Lakes Basketball 11, 12; Basketball 10; Baseball 10-12; Homeroom President 10; Student Council 11; Latin Club 10. LUCY M. CUCCIA Hospitality; After School Sports; Ways and Means; Operetta WILLIAM E. CUNNlNCHAty Field and Stream 10-12; Golf 10-12; Student Council 10; Football 10; Basketball 10. JAMES L. DEAN Football 10-12, Wrestling 10, 11; Pep Committee 10, 11; Track 10-12; "M" Club 10-12; Blgds. and Grounds Committee 11, 12. WILLIAM C. DELANEY RUTH A. DENSON Bowling 10-12; G. C. Clinic 12; Choir 12; After School Sports 11, 12, Usherettes 11, 12; Lost and Found 10, 11. MICHAEL DUBOIS Band 10-12; Dance Band 10; Latin Club 10-12; Orchestra 11, 12; Track 11; Male Chorus 12. GALE DUSHACK THOMAS DYHR Baseball 10-12; Track 11; Basketball 12; Four Lakes Basketball 10; Band 10-12; Spanish Club 10-12; Student Council 12. 21BONNIE J. EBERLINE Band 10-12; Orchestra 11, 12; Latin Club 10-12; Library Monitor 10, 11; Candy Counter 10, 11; G. C. Clinic 12; Senior Cards and Invitations Chairman 12. AMELIA M. ENDRES Orchestra 10-12; Usherettes 10; Hospitality 11; Lost and Found 12. SHARON K. ERICKSON Hospitality 10; Usherettes 11, 12; G. C. Clinic 11; Choir 12; Homecoming and Junior Prom Courts. RONALD R. ESTERV1G Four Lakes Football 10, 11; Four Lakes Basketball 10-12; Field and Stream 10-12; Baseball 10-12; Spanish Club 10-12. WILLIAM J. EVANS Field and Stream 12; Four Lakes Basketball 12;. Senior Prom Publicity Committee 12. RICHARD P. FERREN Wrestling 10, 12; Field and Stream 12. MICH A El. FIGLER Latin Club 10-12; Football 10, 11; Choir 11, 12; Double Quartet 12; Basketball 10, Hockey 10-12; Track 10-12; All-Central Committee 12; Field and Stream 11, 12; Student Council 12; Homeroom President 12. JOHN HNBY KAY FREITAG Homeroom Secretary 10; Vice-President 11; Spanish Club 10-12; Usherettes 10-12; Girl's Club Secretary 12; Cheerleading 11, 12; "Fortune Teller"; Mirror 11, 12; Dramatics Club 10. tJkdik PATRICIA A. FRYE Hospitality 10, 11; Bowling 11, 12; G. C. Clinic 12. BARBARA FUSS Choir 12; Bowling 10-12; Spanish Club 10-12; F. T. A. 11; Hospitality 10-12; G. C. Clinic 11; Operetta 10. RUTH M. GOODRICH G. C. Clinic 12; Band 10-12; Band Librarian 11, 12; Mirror 12; Orchestra 10-12; Hospitality 10; Candy Counter 11. 22MARGARET A. GREEN Operetta lO, Bowling 10, 11; Lost and Found 10; Hospitality 11; Annual Art Ed. 12; "Stage Door"; Choir 12; Cheerleading 12; Homecoming Court 12; Social Committee 12; Usherettes Vice-President 12. TERRENCE GUESS LARRY HAMMOND SUSAN J. HAMPEL Class Secretary 11, 12; G. C. President 12; Student Council 11, 12; Finance Committee 10-12; Latin Club 10-12; N. H. S. 11; Homecoming Court 12; Choir 11, 12; Mirror 11, 12; Operetta 10-12; Homeroom Secretary 10; Office Monitor 10; Book Exchange Monitor 11, 12. JUDITH N. HANIFIN Ways and Means 10; Bowling 10; Library Monitor 10; F.T. A. 11, 12; Choir 12; Hospitality 11; Lost and Found 12. JUDITH K. HANSEN Hospitality 10-12; Junior Prom Decorations Committee 11. STEVEN HARM1NINC Wrestling 10-12; Track 10; "M" Club 11, 12 JUDITH A. HARRIED Hospitality 12. DONNA HARRIS Hospitality 10-12; Style Show 10-Bowling 10-12. EDMUND J. HART Band 10-12; Orchestra 10-12; Wrestling II; Track 11,12. TERRENCE B. HA RTF ELDER KAREN HATCHER Lost and Found 12; Librarian 11; Junior Play 11.KAY HECGESTAD Mirror 10-12; French Club 10-12; Bowling 10; Hospitality 10; Library Monitor 10-12; Ways and Means 11; G. C. Clinic 12; Book Exchange Monitor 12; "Stage Door"; "Solid Gold Cadillac". WILLIAM A. HENES Track 10-12; "M" Club 10-12; Four Lakes Football 11. P. ANTONI US HENRIKSEN "Solid Gold Cadillac"; A. F. S. Committee 12; Student Council 12; (A. F. S. Student 12. ) DIANE HILL Hospitality 10-11; Orchestra 10-12; Girl's Sports 10-12; G.C. Clinic 12; Bowling 12. GERALD W. HOOKER Field and Stream 11. MARYJ. HUGHES Bowling 10-12; Senior Planing Committee; G. C. Clinic 12; Junior Prom Committee 11. PATRICIA JACOBSON CONSTANCE B. JEWaL Choir 12; Ways and Means 11, 12; Homeroom Secretary 12; Student Council Alternate 12; Hospitality 10; Bowling 11; Senior Project 12. THEODORE S. JONES Wrestling 10; Field and Stream 10-12. MARY E. JORDAN Bowling 11; Orchestra 10-12; Latin Club 10-12; Choir 12; G.C. Clinic 10-12; Operetta 10, 12; Cheerleader 11-12; Pep Committee 12; FTA President 12; French Club 12; "Stage Door". MICHAEL JORDAN Band 10-12; Orchestra 10-12; Electricians 10-12; Annual Staff 10-11; Mirror Staff 10-11. DAVID A. KAMM Football 10-12; Basketball 10; Wrestling 11-12; Track 10-12; Homeroom Vice-President 11-12; Hi-Y 10-12; Student Council Alternate 12; French Club 10. - NICOLAS KARABS Pep Committee 10-12; Choir 11, 12; Ring Committee 11, 12; French Club 11; Junior and Senior Prom Committee. PETER J. KARABIS Choir 11, 12; Pep Committee 10-12; Ring Committee 11, 12; Homecoming Committee 12. DAVID J. KELLI HER Football 10-12; Basketball 10-12; Baseball 10-12, Band 10-12; Student Council 10, 11; Homeroom Officer 10-12; Spanish Club 10-12; Boys Double Quartet 11, 12; Choir 11, 12; Orchestra 12; Senior Project Committee 12. ELIZABETH L. KEIZER Homeroom Secretary 10-12; Choir 11, 12; Usherettes 11, 12, G. C. Clinic 11, 12; Social Committee 11, 12; Hospitality 10; Library Monitor 10-12; Senior Picnic Chairman 12; Publicity Chairman; Sophomore and Junior Prom. LAVONNER. KEMPFER Social Committee 10; Hospitality 10; Band 10-12; G.C. Clinic 10-12; Candy Counter 11; Junior Class Ring Committee 11. CHARLES M. KERWIN Field and Stream 12; Hockey 11, 12; KATHY KERWIN Choir 11, 12; Cheerleading 10-12; Operetta 10; G.C. Clinic 12; Bowling 10; Hospitality 10, 11; Library Monitor 11, 12; GEORGE L. KElTERER Golf 10, 11; Wrestling 10-12; Homeroom Vice-President 10-12; Field and Stream 10-12; Student Council 10, 11. DEANNE M. DLASSY Operetta 10; Bowling 10-12; After School School Sports 10-12. KATHY KNEEBONE Choir 10-12; Homeroom Officer 10-11; "Fortune Teller" 10; G. C. Clinic; Hospitality Committee; Sports. RONALD KOHL Football 12; Hockey 10-12; Electricity Club 10-12; Ring Committee 11, 12; Dance Band 10; Band 10-12; Orchestra 10-12; Field and Stteam 10-12. JAMES LALLEY French Club 10, 11; Cross Country; Manager 12. 25WILLIAM R. LEE Band 10-12; Football 10-12; Tennis 10-12; Basketball 10; Hi-Y 11-12: Wrestling 12; Baseball 12. VIRGINIA L. LEWIS Choir 11; Hospitality 10-12; Homeroom Officer 10-12; Senior Prom Committee; Student Council 11; Costume Club 10-11; Clothing Dr. Chairman 12. BILL LEWIS Football 10-12; Golf 10; Hockey 11; Field and Stream 12; Usher's Club 11; Spanish Club 10. JAMES T. UBERT Electricians 10-12; Annual Staff 11-12. JOSEPH F. UGHTFOOT Homecoming 10-12; All-Central Committee 10-12; Honor Study Monitor 10-11; "Fortune Teller"; Student Council 10; French Club 10; Homeroom President 11-12; A. F. S. Committee 11; Ring Committee 11-12; S. C. President 12; Constitution Committee 11. KEITH LOAN MICHAEL LONDON Hi-Y 11-12; Reid and Stream 10-12; Basketball 10-12; Football 10-12; Track 10; Tennis 11; Baseball 12; Senior Class President; "Fortune Teller"; Choir 11-12. CHARLOTTE L. LOOS French Club 10-12; F. T. A. 11-12; Girl's Club 10-12. RONALD C. MAFFET Football 10-11; Basketball 10-11; Track 11; Homeroom President 10-12; Field and Stream Officer 11-12. PENNY MAGLIO GEORGIA MARKING CYNTHIA A. .MARLING "Fortune Teller"; Choir 10-12; Triple Trio 12; Student Council 10; Social Committee 10, 12; Homecoming 10, 12; Latin Club 10; G. C. Clinic 10; Candy Counter 12.WILLIAM MARQUIS Junior Prom Committee; Senior Class Project Committee. MARY L. MASINO Hospitality 10-12; Bowling 10-11; Junior Prom Committee. LARRY W. MAXSON Football 10-12; Basketball 10-12; Student Council 10-12; Class President 10-11; Choir 10-12; Double Quartet 12; Operetta 10; Track 10-12; A. F.S. 11. JoANN McDERMOTT Band 10-12, Junior Red Cross 10-12; Mirror 11-12; Operetta 10; Senior Plan Committee 12. ROBERTA. McNOWN Band; Orchestra 10; Tennis 10-11; Electricians 10-12; Spanish Club 10-11; Ring Committee 11-12; Social Committee 10-12; Mirror 10-11; Annual 10-11; Play Electrician 10-12. RICHARD T. McSHERRY Hockey 11-12. JOSEPH MEAD JAMES R. MEADOWCROFT Cross Country 10-11; Wrestling 10-11; Steering Committee 11. JOAN METCALF DANIEL W. MILLER Social Committee 10-12; Red Cross 10-12; Senior Project Committee 12; "Arsenic and Old Lace", Track Manager 11-12; Football Manager 12. JOHN F. MILLER Four Lakes Football 11; Four Lakes Basketball 10-11; Ushers 11-12. ELIZABETH ANN MITCHELL Choir 10-12, Spanish Club 10-12; Usherettes, Senior Project; F. T. A. 11-12; G. C. Clinic; Costume Club; Ways and Means. 27JOHN P. MOLING Field and Stream 10-12; Senior Committee. PAULETTEM. MONTALTO Hospitality 10-12; Bowling 10-12; Decorations Committee 10-12. RICHARD D. MORSCHHAUSER Choir 11-12; Football 10; "Fortune Teller"; Track 10-12; "M" Club. JAMES H. MUEHL French Club 10-12; Track 10-11; Electricians 10; Cross Country 11; Wrestling 11; "Stage Door"; "M" Club; Student Council Alternate 12. JACKIE MURPHY Hospitality 10-12; Bowling 11-12; Student Council 10; Library Monitor 12; Junior Prom Committee; After School Sports 10-11. WILLIAMJ. MURPHY Football 10-12; Basketball 10-12; Tennis 10-12; Ring Committee Chairman 10-12; Spanish Club 10-12; Field and Stream 11-12; Choir 11-12; "M" Club 12; Honor Study Monitor 11; Double Quartet 12. JANE NAMIO Operetta 10; Finance Committee 11; Homecoming Committee 11; Choir 11-12. CYNTHIA M. NELSON Operetta 10, 12; Choir 10, 12; Pep Club 10; Student Council 10; Mirror 10; Girl's Club 10, 12; Triple Trio 12; Annual 12. STEPHEN J. NOLES Band 10-12; Orchestra 10; "Connecticut Yankee"; Stage Crew 10-12; Spanish Club 10; "Stage Door"; "Arsenic and Old Lace"; "Solid Gold Cadillac"; Operetta 10; Electricians 10-12; Social Committee 10-11; Finance Committee 11-12; Student Council 12; Choir 11-12. ALE NORMINGTON JOHN O'BRIEN NANCY A. OLDENBURG Choir 10-12; "Fortune TellerTy-choberan 10-11; Triple Trio 12; Latin Club 10-11; Spanish Club 10-11; Social Club 10-12; F. T. A. 11-12; Student Council 10. 28HELENE M. O'LEARY Choir 10-12, Triple Trio 11-12; Bowling 11, 12; C.C. Clinic 12; Hospitality lO, Costume Club 10-12; Usherettes 12; Ways and Means 11; Bowling 11, 12. MARIE L. OLIVA Bowling 10-12; Spanish Club 10; C.C. Clinic 11, 12; Usherettes 11, 12, Junior Prom Decorations 11; Caps and Gowns 12; Book Exchange 12; Ice Cream Counter 12. JANET M. OLMSTEAD Mirror 10-12; Editor 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Hospitality 10; Library Monitor 10-12; "Stage Door"; Ways and Means 11; Prom Decorations Committee 11; Chorus 12; Prom Tickets Committee 12. JANE E. OLMSTEAD Mirror 10-12; Editor 12; Student Council 10-12; Library Monitor 10-12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Social Committee 11; Special Days and Events 11, 12; Ways and Means 11; Book Exchange Monitor 11, 12; Office Monitor 11; G. C. Clinic 12; G. C. Cabinet 12; Senior Project 12. ROBERT J. OLMSTEAD Field and Stream 10-12; Cross Country 11, 12; Track 11, 12; Decorations Committee. KAREN OLSON RONALD L. OPaT Cross Country 10-12; Track 10-12; »M" Club 10-12; Four Lakes Basketball 11, 12. JANICE M. PARIS Play 10-12; All-Central 10-12; Chairman 12; Latin Club 10, 11; Band 10-12; Mirror 11, 12; Ring Committee 11; Tychoberahn 11, 12; Book Exchange 11, 12; Student Council 11, 12; Future Teachers 11; Orchestra 12; Ice Cream Counter 12; Cards and Invitations 12. MARILYN S. PARNaL Costume Club 10, 11; Hospitality 10- 12; Bowling 11, 12; Style Show 11. HANNaORE M. PARNOW Lost and Found 10-12; Girls Club 10-12; Chaperones 10; Invitations 10; 12, Decorations 10. MARI E PATTERSON DAVID A. PETERSON Baseball 10-12; Football 10-12; Basketball 10-12; Band 10, 11; Spanish Club 10-12; F. T. A. 11, 12; Homeroom President 12; "M" Club 12. 29 WHO'S WHO IN '62 - Brainiest: Roger Steeper, Sharon Sinn, Jean Stalder, Bob McNown. Peppiest: Larry Max on, Kay Freitag. Most Athletic: Dave Kelliher, Mike London, Ray V’eloff, Joanne Bruno. Most Likely to Succeed: Joe Lightfoot, Jane Shapiro, Jane Olmstead. r vMost Musical: Amy Endrcs, Helene O'Leary, Bill Tipple. Most Dramatic: Kay Bradley, Steve Noles, Curtis Shawkey. Friendliest: Sue Hampel, George Traino, Carolyn Ruppe, Most Humorous: Phil Shallat, Teri Weiski, Sandy Rucinski.LEROY L. PIERCE JUDYTHE M. PIPER Hospitality 11; Red Cross 12; Choir 11, 12; Ways and Means 10; Junior Prom 10, 11; Bowling 10. MARIE A. PUTNAM Homeroom President 10; C. C. Clinic 10; Bowling 10; Social Committee 10; 12; Orchestra 10, 12; Mirror 12; Spanish Club 10, 12; F.T.A. 12; Hospitality 12. DIANE H. RANDALL Band 10-12; Orchestra 10; Red Cross 10, 11; Junior Prom 11. ANTOINETTE M. RANE Candy Counter 10; Bowling 10-12; Hospitality 11-12; Junior Prom 11; Usherettes 12. JACQUELYN L. REEK Hospitality 10-12; Bowling 10-12; Costume Club 11. JOSEPHINE RECER ERIKA REINHARDT Choir 10; A. F. S. Committee 10-12; Library Monitor 10, 12; Hospitality 10; Cirls Club Clinic 11; Ways and Means; Operetta 10. WILLIAM E. ROHDE Golf 10-12; Spanish Club 10-12; Student Council 10; Four Lakes Basketball 10-12; "M" Club 10-12; Field and Stream 10-12. ROBERT W. RODEN Spanish Club 10-12; Four Lakes Basketball 10; Field and Stream 10; Basketball 10; Track 10. JUDY A. ROGGE Choir 10-12; Usherettes 12; Hospitality 12. SANDRA M. RUCINSKI Student Council 12; Dramatics Club 11; Usherettes 12; G. C. Clinic; Choir 11, 12; French Club 11; Mirror 11; Prom 11; Homeroom Vice-President 12. 32WALYCE A. SC HI EC Choir 10-12; Costume Club 10; Social Committee 10; Hosp. 10-12; Girls Club 10-12; Usherettes 11, 12; Special Days C Events 11; Operetta 10, 12; Junior Class Committee 11; Senior Class Committee 12; Junior Prom 11; Class Motto G Colors 12. WILLIAM J. SCHMELLING Football 11; Baseball 10-12; Field G Stream 10-12. JERRY L. SCHNACK Track 11, 12; Field G Stream 12. RONALD SEARLE Track 10-12; Latin Club 10, 11; Annual 12; Senior Class Planning Committee 11. JUDITH R. SEELEY Homeroom President 10; Homeroom Secretary 11; Student Council Alternate; Chairman Social Committee; Operetta 10; Usherettes 10-12; Hospitality 10; G.C. Clinic 11; Ways and Means 12; Choir 11, 12; Bowling 10-12; Book Ex. Monitor 10-12; Co-Chairman Publicity Junior G Senior Prom. GLENDA L. SHADE Latin Club 10-12; Ways G Means 11, 12; Choir 11, 12. DAVID V. RUDD Social Committee 10-12; Football 10-12; Homeroom President 10-11; S.C. Alternate 12; Track 10; Latin Club 10-12. CAROLYN A. RUPPE Choir 12; Homeroom President 11-12; S.C. 10; Operetta 10; Spanish Club 10-12; Book Ex. Monitor 11-12; Mirror 12; Ways G Means 12; Ice Cream Counter 12; Junior Committee; Senior Committee; Homecoming Court 12; Usherettes 11-12; Bowling 11; Operetta 12. RICHARD W. SAUK Ring Committee 11,12. MARY SCALISSI JAMES V. SCALLON Fourlakes Football 10, 11; Spanish Club 10-12; Latin Club 10; Field G Stream II; Junior Class Committee; Baseball 10. STEVE SCHIEFELBEIN Football 10,12; Basketball 10-12; Baseball 10-12; Track 10; Choir 11, 12; Finance Committee 10-12; Latin Club 10-12; Field G Stream 10-12; Student Council 11; Homeroom Vice-President. ANIEL L. SHAPIRO Spanish Club 10-12; President 11, 12; Student Council 10,11, Treasurer 12; FTA 10-12; Tennis 10-12; Electricians Club 10-12; Boys State 11; Mirror 10-12 M-Club 10-12; All Central 10-12. CURTIS N. SHAWKEY Pep Committee 10-12; Latin Club 10-12; French Club 12; Student Council 10-12; Homeroom President 11, 12; "Arsenic G Old Lace," "Stage Door," "Solid Cold Cadillac"; Flectricians Club 10-12; Homecoming Committee 12; Tennis 10-12; Ty Staff 11. TF.RRl SHAUL JANE A. SHAPIRO Band 10-12; Orchestra 10-12; Sophomore Class Secretary; Ways Means 10-12; Pep Committee 10-12; Chairman 11, 12; Student Council 10-12; Latin Cluh 10-12; Cheerleader 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; FTA 11, 12; A.F.S. Committee 10-12; AFS Germany 11; Girls Club Vice-President; Annual Editor 12. CLAIRE SHEA Latin Club 10-12; Girls Club 10-12; Ice Cream Counter 12; Buildings G Grounds 12; Usherettes 11, 12; Choir 11, 12. GEORGE L. SHELDON "Arsenic Old Lace, " "Stage Door, " "Solid Gold Cadillac," "Fortune Teller;" Dramatics Club lO; Junior Red Cross 10-12; Band 10-12; Orchestra 11,12. FREDERICK C. SHIDEMAN French Club 10-12; Electricians Cluh 10-12; Student Council 10-12; Social Committee 11, 12; Wrestling 10-12; Golf 10-12; Buildings G Grounds 10-12. CURTISS SINCLEAR Homeroom Vice-President lO; Homeroom President 11; "Stage Door," "Solid Gold Cadillac, " "Arsenic G Old Lace;" Four Lakes Football lO; Track 10-12; Hockey 11; French Club 11,12; A.F.S. Committee 12; Electricians Club 11-12; Band 10-12. SHARON E. SINN Choir 11, 12; Student Council lO, 11; Homecoming Committee 10-12; Finance Committee 10-12; Girls Club Cabinet 11; Annual Staff 11, 12; Ways Means lO; Candy Counter 12; National Honor Society I I . 12; Class Steering Committee 11, 12; Annual Editor 12. t I I GERALDINE SMITH Lost Found 10, 12; Bowling 11; Hospitality VI; Choir 12; Senior Project. RUTH SMITH SUE E. SMITH Bowling 10-12; Style Show 10, 11; Band 10, 11; Orchestra 10; Hospitality 10-12; Senior Planning Committee 12; Study Monitor 12; Costume Club 10, ll.MARGO M. SOHRWEIDE Spanish Club 10.12; Red Cross 11, 12; G.C. Clinic 11, 12; Choir 12. PATRICIA A. SPOOLHOFF Girl's Club 12. JEANNE L. STALDER Band 10-12; Choir 10-12; Pep Committee 10-12; "Connecticut Yankee," "Stage Door, " "Cold Cadillac;" Senior Project Chairman; Latin Club 10-12; Dramatics Club 10-12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Annual Section Editor 11, 12; Candy Counter 10-12. RACHEL A. STANDIFIRD Choir 12; Candy Counter 10-12; Student Council 10, 11; Annual Section Editor 11, 12; Latin Club 10-12; French Club 12; Triple Trio 12: Book Ex. Monitor 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12. CAROL K. STEINHOFER Hospitality 10; Candy Counter 11, 12; Bowling 11,12; Choir 12; Ice Cream Counter 12. J. RODGER STEEPER French Club 10-12; Student Council 10-12; Tennis 10-12; Basketball 11; Homecoming Committee 12; Annual Section Editor 12. CATHERINE A. STITCEN Library Monitor 10-12; Office Monitor 10; Choir 12; Candy Counter 11, 12; Lost G Found 10; Junior C Senior Class Committee. BARBARA A. STORM Hospitality 10-12; Bowling 12; Junior Decorations Committee; Class Colors G Motto 12. MARILYN J. STORMER Bowling II, 12; Hospitality 11, 12; Ways G Means 10, 11; Dramatics Club 10; Junior G Senior Class Committee; Girl's Sports; AAA Monitor; Mirror Monitor. KAREN J. STUESSY Hospitality 10-12. JOSEPHINE STUT2 Bowling 10-12; Hospitality 10-12; Decorations 10-12. BARBARA E. SWANCE Choir 10-12; G.C. Clinic 11; Ways G Means 10; Ring Committee 12; Bowling 10, 11; Class Motto 12; Junior Decorations 11.LEONA RE E. SWANSON French Club 10-12; Spanish Club 10-12 "Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court;" Girl's Sports 10, 11; Bowling 10, 11; Dramatics Club 10-11; Library Monitor 10, 11; Annual Staff 11; "Arsenic G Old Lace;" Building CGrounds Committee 11; Choir 12; Annual Staff 12. GERALD A. TAYLOR Field and Stream 10-12; Senior Publicity 12. LINDA M. TAYLOR Girls Sports 10-12; Style Show 11, 12; Hospitality’ 12. i TOM TAYLOR VICKI TAYLOR THOMAS C. TEASDALE Choir 10-12; Golf 10-12; Double Quartet 11,12; Basketball 10-12. PATRICIA A. TERRY Choir 11, 12; Hospitality Club 10,11; Student Council 11, Alternate, WILLIE C. THOMAS Track 10; Four Lakes Basketball 11, 12; Football 10-12; Field G Stream 10-12. WILLIAM R. TIPPLE Hockey 10-12; Field G Stream 11; Latin Club 10-12, M-Club 10-12; Band 10-12; Orchestra 12. GEORGE T. TRAINO Football 10-12; Hockey 10-12; Field G Stream 10-12; Operetta "Fortune Teller;" Track 10-12; Choir 10-12; Homeroom President 12. RONALD TRICGS TERESA A. TROTTER Operetta 10; Bowling 11, 12; After School Sports 11; Choir 12; Triple Trio 12.ELIZABETH A. ULRICH Hospitality 10; Costume Committee 10; Red Cross Committee 11, 12; C.C. Clinic 11; Ways C Means 12; Rowling 11, 12; lee Cream Counter 12; Library Monitor 10-12. RAYMOND D. VELOFF Basketball 10; Track 10-12; Band 10-12; Choir 11, 12; French Club 10-12; Wrestling 11, 12; Football 11, 12; Hi-Y 11, President 12; M-Club 11, 12; Double Quartet 12; Homeroom Officer 12; Class Vice-President 12. KENNETH VODAK Hi-Y 10; Field C Stream 10; Operetta 10; Choir 11,12; "Stage Door" 11. JEANM. WAGGONER Candy Counter 10; Spanish Club 10-12; Red Cross Club 11, 12; G.C. Clinic 11; Ways G Means 12; Bowling 12; Junior Prom Decorations 11; Costume Club 12. DARLENE R. WAGNER Costume Club 10, 11; Bowling 10-12; Ways G Means 10, Hospitality It, 12; Junior G Senior Class Committee. JAY A. WAGNER Student Council 10; Track 10,12; Field G Stream tl, 12; Four Lakes Basketball 10; Mirror 10; Ring Committee 11, 12. RICHARD N. WACNER Field and Stream 10-12; Sophomore Dance Committee; Stage Hand 10,11. LEE L. WALDON Football 10-12; Basketball 10-12; Track 10-12; Field G Stream 10-12 M-Club 10-12; Operetta 11; Choir 12; Student Council 12; Wrestling 12; Homecoming Court. VICKI M. WARNES Orchestra 10-12; Student Council Alternate 10,11; Homeroom Officer 10-12; Social Committee 10-12; FTA Treasurer 11,12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Book Ex. Monitor 11; Hospitality 11, 12; Bowling 10-12; Cleanup Chairman 10; Class Night Co-Chairman 12. PATRICIA A. WEISMAN Hospitality 10; Ways G Means 11; Candy-Counter 12; FTA 10-12; Finance Committee 10-12; Junior G Senior Class Committee; A.F.S. Committee 12; Dramatics Club 10-12. NANCY K. WERNER Choir 12; Play 11; Clothing Drive Chairman 12; Junior Red Cross 10-12, Secretary 11,12; G.C. Clinic 10-12, Secretary 12; Ways G Means 10; Ring Committee 11. ROBERT R. WHEELER Choir 10-12; Field G Stream 10-12; Operetta 10,12; Football 10-12; Sophomore Dance Lighting Co-Chairman; Junior G Senior Class Committee.RICHARD A. WHIPPLE Track 10.12; Hockey 10-12; Orchestra 10-12; Band 12; French Club 10-12; Field C Stream 10. 11; M-Club 11, 12. MARGARET E. WHITING Hospitality 10-12. CAROL A. WILLIAMS Hospitality 10; Bowling 10, 11; Ways C Means 11; Mirror 11; Book Ex. Monitor 12; Choir 12; Student Council Secretary 12; Operetta 12. JOHN M. WOLD Choir 12; Wrestling 11, 12; Baseball 11, 12. LORRAINE E. WOLFF Costume Club 10; Lost C Found 10; "Fortune Teller; " Usherettes 10-12; Mirror 11,12; Mascot 11, 12; Hospitality 11; Social Committee 11, 12; Operetta 12; C.C. Clinic 12; Ice Cream Counter 12. LARHEE WREND Band 10-12; Hospitality 10,11; G. C. Clinic 12; Homeroom Secretary 10-12; Usherettes 12; Student Council Alternate 12; Bowling 11, 12; Ice Cream Counter 12; Junior C Senior Committee STEVEN L. YASKAL Football Manager 10-12; Basketball Manager 10-12; Baseball Manager 10-12; Band 10-12; Orchestra 11,12; Spanish Club 10-12; M-Club 11,12; Junior C Senior Class Committee. ANNAMAE F. YOUNGER Hospitality 10, 11; C.C. Clinic 12; Social Committee 10; Junior C Senior Committee CAROL A. ZIN1 Bowling 10-12; Spanish Club 10-12; "Fortune Teller;" Lost C Found 10; C.C. Clinic 11; Ways 0 Means 12; Choir 12; Student Council 12; Ice Cream Counter 12; Operetta 12; Junior C Senior Class Committee SENIORS NOT PICTURED Michael Ashe Judith Barti Michael Butler Dona Campbell Frank Caruso John Carter Richard Cramer Larry Daane Vem Dollard Janet Eastman Terry Edwards Terry Gunderson Earnest Holly David Johnson Laurel Kalin Tim McFarlane William Mead Charlotte Nedrebo James Pcrtzbom David Pharo Thomas Schlitz Philip Shallat Sharon Walker Ten Wciske Daniel Westbury Ronald Williams Charles Yancey 38VICE-PRESIDENT CARY MORK 5ft1 •n„,a D M. Alderman R. Anderson B. Arendsee J. Armstrong J. Armstrong T. Arnold T. Balsamo C. Bambiough F. Bartholomew J. Bender M. Berg 4 F. Berglund R. Bethel R. Betts S. Black K. Blandino T. Blankenheim P. BouIware J. Brashi K. Briggs J. Buckmastcr J. Burchette R. Burmeister J. Butler V. Carlson B. Camine C. Chapman J. Cleary J. Clemens F. Cobbs R. Conway V. Copus D. CoxE. Craig N. Crary J. Crockett J. Crossman D. Crotsenberg T. Cuccia a I fi C0 D. Culp J. Cunningham M. Deadman A. Dennis T. DiSalvo D. Dotzel M. Dungan P. Eldridge P. Ellen J. Engleberger S. Engelhart M. Feeney S. Feggcstad J. Fields G. Finn J. Finnegan D. Gilbert B. Green B. Grosshandler J. Guastella S. Gust D. Gutwiler Q © © a k V S.J aik R. Foote E. Gardner P. Gartland G. Gavin G. Gervasi 41j. Han if an H. Hansen J. Hanson B. Hardy VV. Harlan R. Harms S. Henthome R. Hibma A. Hicklin G. Hierlmcier D. Hoffman D. Holtz G. Houldsworth J. Houston S. Hull D. Hummel J. Huza M. Hyland P. Jacobs R. Jacobson A. Jakab B. Jeffcott B. Johnson J. Johnson C. Jones H. Jones P. Jones 9 D S. Jones O. Karan J. Kinder C. Kite J. Kneebone J. Larson 42J. Larson S. Lemberger D. Leslie M. Link C. Lloyd P. Loeb F. Lonicllo J. Mair M. Maloney A. Masshardt B. McCaffcrty C. McCafferty B. McCrary J. McDonald N. McElmcrry N. Miehus ft ■v . --i. C| I J. Miller J. Miller J. Miller N. Miller R. Milward D. Mulhill 43The theme of the Junior Prom this year was "Romanesque." The decorations were among the most beautiful ever in the gym. They featured candelabra and columns which added to the effect of "Romanesque." Couples danced to the music of Dan Garson’s orchestra . King Mike Rohr and his queen Carol Petterson reigned over a court consisting of Gary Mork, his date Pam Jacobs, Ruth Harris, and her escort Joseph Houston 45T. Olson C. Paltz J. Patau T. Peterson D. Pharo K. Phillips T. Plante P. Poppa C. Poster K. Prenot K. Puccio C. Quackenboss L. Raether P. Ragatz M. Remington R. Roberts 46G. Shea P. Sherburne W. Shore D. Smedegard D. Smith M. Snell dSfe 4 % ki ■ a T V" ' =•' afi -f- a ■u S. Sonne nsehien T. Soules L. Stephans J. Stone B. Strand o s iii G. Strand J. Stratman J. Strong J. Sundby D. Sunderlagc as v J. Thompson E. Thornton L. Thurman M. Tiedeman G. Tifft J. Sweeney J. Switzky T. Sy K. Taylor T. Taylor K. Tetdaff R. Tilkcr A. Utter B. Utter T. Ullrich J. Vallem L. Vick % © 4+ 47C. Vincent J. Virnig J. Voll J. Voss B. Wagner ft ou o (S D. Wallace S. Wardle J. Wheeler C. Whipple S. White S. Wilder L. Williams M. Williams J. Wirka S. Wonn P. Wood S. Woods T. Woodworth J. Worden R. Young JSlot Pictured N. Abitante R. AHums J. Ashley F. Behrend M. Blum S. Caruso C. Ccrniglia J. Finn J. Garner V. Hamilton J. Harden J. Harrington R. Huber L. Johnson L. Lehman B. Mcddings S. Meddings K. Perry W. Schreiber T. Sharkey E. Stormer D. Sunderlage S. Thomas B. Thompson D. Thunder T. Watson D. Yager 48PRESIDENT TOM SCHMELUNC SECRETARY BETTY ELLIS VICE-PRESIDENT DICK PESCHELM. Aeschlimann D. Aldrige W. Allred R. Anderson M. Annen S. Anundson B. Arendscc S. Babler B. Bakke B. Barr S. Barr C. Bartholomew J. Beecher F. Bcilcr J. Bennet P. Bentley M. Bergemann R. Betts L. Bjornstad J. Borge M. Bowers R. Brewer B. Brockett W. Brown C. Burgess P. Burton T. Byme C. Bystol M. Cairc F. Cardarella S. Castle M. Cerniglia R. Cerniglia R. Chadwick L. Chambers frA ? A • I irfij. M. Comins P. Conley B. Crane L. Crary A. Cross D. Crossen J. Crotsenberg M. Crume A. Cuccia C. CulpD. Currie J. Currie V. Daniel E. Davis C. Dcakman C. Deiucr M. DiMartino E. Dintemann W. Donahue P. Doss M. Dunlap D. Eberline M. Edwards B. Ellis D. Esscr D. Evans R. Everhart J. Evert E. Farr M. Farrel F. Fasel M. Fass D. Felland S. Fenn E. Fillner P. Finnegan C. Fischer K. Fischer M. Fisc us D. Foyc J. Franklin J. Frederick T. Fredrick J. Freeman W. Frcitag B. Fries R. Gallagher B. Gandolph G. Gilbert S. Gillen D. Green wold W. Grintjes G. Grundahl R. Guastella M. Gunderson S. HaJnstock P. Hammersley I-. Hatlebcrg G. Medquist S. HeftyS. Hendrickson P. Henshaw P. Henson D. Hi!gent B. Holton T. Huber D. Huett S. Hughes J. Hunt E. Hutchins J. Hutchins A. Johnson C. Johnson J. Johnson J. Johnson J. Jordee J. Judd K. Kanvik S. Kayes T. Kempfer R. Kcnison K. Kennedy P. Ketterer R. Ketterer J. Kingsbury S. Klassy C. Kohl D. Lalley J. Lange S. Lanman V. Lanning L. Laymon J. Licari K. Linde M. Littel D. Loy M. Mack T. Marquis P. Marvin S. Maxson L. Ma urski M. McConnel C. McCord J. McCuigan S. McKloskey E. Mcadowcroft T. Michaclis M. Mixlivecek D. Moen J. MontgomeryC. Moore P. Morgan R. Moss B. Ninedorf J. Ninedorf J. Norniington R. Oliva W. Olson B. Overton L. Pattis R. Paskin A. Pattereon K. Patterson N. Pauli M. Peckham J. Pedracine R. Pcrr ' R. Peschel J. Petersen C. Peterson C. Petterson M. Pfister D. Pharo D. Piper J. Pope a p p. i oj C. Poster L. Pulver B. Quackenboss J. Quiniby R. Riemen K. Roberts M. Roberts J. Rohr J. Rohr J. Rosal L. Rosenthal T. Ruedisili J. Ruppe J. Ryans D. Ryerson S. Rynes R. Sabroff S. Sarbocker M. Scallon J. Schiro M. Shiro J. Schlict T. Schmelling J. Schmebcr S. SchneiderI.. Schultz J. Schwictenberg K. Schwebkc B. Scott D. Schwocgler M. Sells J. Seymour M. Sharkey J. Shi deman R. Shriver B. Siegert A. Smith G. Smith D. Smithson J. Sobbe T. Spatola G. Spyros J. Standifird K. Statz D. Steinhofer H. Stolen C. Stone L. Stone J. Stormer H. Stovall L. Strommen A. Studsville R. Sweet J. Swenson K. Switzky B. Thadcn M. Thomas C. Thompson H. Tomcany D. Trcinin D. Van Clcaf K. Vanderbilt D. Vanderbloemetl W. Van Dyke J. Vcloff G. Vodak J. Vogel E. Vowles B. Waller M. Wardle B. Wayne S. Webster J. Wehnnann K. White W. WigdalV. Wilkins D. Williams A. Willimston S. Wilson T. Wing D. Wolff D. Zilley L. Zimmerman L. Zimmerman NOT PICTURED K. Aberle B . Adams L. Banks T. Connery R. Dcbclak F . Degenhardt E. Fuss L. Hargrove C. Harris M. Helgcson R, Johnson B . D. R. D. D. D. W. A. R. H. B . C.(Activities "Every noble activity makes room for itself."J e[lection i « HOMECOMING COURT: George Traino, Margaret Mike London, Sharon Erickson, William Murphy, Carolyn Ruppe, Ernest Holly. 58Green, Lee Waldon, James Dean, Jane Shapiro, David Kelliher, Susan Hampel, Willie Thomas,Student Council President . . Vice-President Treasurer . . Secretary . . OFFICERS Joseph Lightfoot . Susan White . Daniel Shapiro . Carol Williams EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ADVISORS .... ALL CENTRAL . . A.F.S.......... BLDGS. C GROUNDS FINANCE .... HOMECOMING . . . PEP ........... SOCIAL......... Miss Ritzmann, Mr. Wendt ..............Janice Paris ..............Kay Bradley .............Tracy Nelson .............Kathy Meyers ..............Phil Shallat ..............Jane Shapiro ............. Judy Seeley 60ROW ONE: N. Karabis, J. Schmelling, J. Schmelzer, J. Miller, J. Patau, P. Karabis. ROW TWO: J. Staldcr, K. White, A. Johnson, K. Rogers, K. Blandino, J. Crockett. ROW THREE: P. Shallat, C. Shawkey, T. Rucdisili, J. Shapiro, Mr. Wendt, S. Hcnthome, M. Jordan, B. Brockett. Committee finance Committee ROW ONE: C. Johnson, S. Hampel, S. Schicfelbcin, S. Noles, J. Weherman, J. Johnson, J. Pcdracinc. ROW TWO: B. McNown, B. Grosshandlcr, K. Tetzlaff, K. Myers, Mr. Solie. S. Webster, J. Standifird. S. Sinn. cAll - Central Committee ROW ONE: J. Lightfoot, 0. Karan, M. Figler, R. Paskin, J. Montgomery. ROW TWO: K. Bradley, R. Harris, C. Kite, M Cemiglia, L. Mazursky. ROW THREE: J. Seymour, D. Crot-senberg, J. Paris, J. Kinder, M. Bowers, G. Hcrlmcicr, L. Zimmerman. 61Qround£ Committee ROW ONE: R. Goodrich, J. McDermott, H. O’Leary. ROW TWO: C. Shea, J. Stratman, J. Dean, J. Hani-fan. Socia I Committee ROW ONE: B. Ellis, S. Bablcr, D. Miller. D. Smithson, J. Worden. T. Byrne, D. Rudd, B. McNown, C. Petterson. ROW TWO: J. Jordee, S. Feggestad, A. Robinson, K. Briggs, L. Wolfe, B. Keizer, S. Lcmbcrger, M. Green. T. Nelson. BOTTOM ROW: J. Strong, C. Marling. N. Oldenburg, J. Seeley, chr., V. Warnes, M. Putnam, A. Endres, P. Ragatz, M. Bergemann, K. Stau. J4om ecom ing. Committee P. Karabis, P. Shallat, B. Brockett, N. Karabis, J. Bowers. STANDING: R. Steeper, C. Shaw key. 62Curtis Shaw key, Jim Wonlcn, Georae Sheldon, Steve Noles. Jeff Wchrmann, Sue WhiteTony Hendrickson, Jurgen Patau, Jeff Wehrmann. John Schiro, Jim Worden, Curtis Shawkey, Steve Nolcs, George Sheldon. Sue White, Jeff Wehrmann. THE PLAYERS Mrs Laura Partridge . Me Keever.............. Blessington............ Snell.................. Gillie................. Metcalf................ Narrator............... Jenkins................ Bill Barker............ Kay Bradley Jeff Wehrmann George Sheldon . Jim Worden Curtis Shawkey . Steve Noles . . Phil Shallat . . . Tom Sy . . Ron Paskin Estelle Evans . . . Dwight Brookfield. . A. P............... U. P............... l.N.S.............. Miss Shotgraven . . Miss Logan .... Miss L'Arriere . . Little Old Lady . . . . Kathy Puccio . Curtiss Sinclear . . . Jurgen Patau Tony Hendrickson . . . John Schiro . .Tracy Nelson . . . Sue White . . Pat Weismann . . Kay Heggestad7. V.cA. ROW ONE: J. Hanifan, M. Putnam, J. Johnson, V. Wamcs, D. Peterson, M. Jordan, N. Oldenburg. ROW TWO: M. Gunderson, V. Daniel, b Boiler, M. Berg, P. Bentley, M. Bcrgemann. ROW THREE: J. Quinby, C. Moore. Q rU Club Cabinet K. Myers. 88 ' Bradley, J. Olmstead, ( M, Club 0[[icer.i Bill Aldrich, Bill Lee, Hierlmeier. Mike London, Glenn 66Our Mew Jjinguaye laboratory Central was fortunate to acquire an electronic miracle of modern education, a "language lab", for its Language Department. Here is Miss Lucilc Reid, Central's "languanaut", manipulating the controls for a flight into the French atmosphere. Jfatui Club Mrs. Betty Atkins, Advisor Qerman cu Mrs. Eleanor Rusch, Advisor Spaniik Club Mrs. Lilia Mueller, AdvisorOrchestra 1962 686970BAND SECTION LEADERS Clarinets-C. Kite Flutes-B. Ellis Saxophones-C. Sheldon Comets-B. Tipple Baritoncs-T. Dyhr French Homs-M. Jordan Trombones-M. DuBois Drums-J. Sinclear Bassoon-B. Foote DIRECTOR: Walter J. Fandricn 71L At Q A ( W. A -Sftl . (dfc»:dlL. " IL 1 ilk r.l "Music is said to be the speech of angels." 729 g 9 f A g 9 g L Jfefe iW.t iv 9 f fj n. f%■-« d . 4fc . 4 73Helene O'Leary Tracey Nelson Marie Putnam Theresa Trotter Nancy Oldcnberg Tia Nelson Rachael Standifird Sharon Sinn Jboubte Quartet Bill Murphy Rick Shore Ray Vcloff Larry Maxson AI Shade Jim Johnson Mike Figler Dave KcllihcrCheerleader4 Judy Bender Sandy Runstrom Joanne Bruno Muffy Green Kay Kerwin Mary Jordan Jane ShapiroTHE SCOREBOARD COMMITTEE organized itself at the end of the 1961 season. We found this project to be one filled with not only a lot of hard work, but also one filled with much satisfaction. We held bake sales and we printed football programs to earn part of our money. Individual contributions from alumni, faculty, and interested persons also helped us reach our final total of six hundred dollars. Finally on December 2, 1961 the board arrived and was installed. Since its installation, the Central basketball team has not lost a game in our gym. The Scoreboard Committee was fortunate to have Mrs. Bob Harris as its adviser. Mrs. Harris worked long hours and provided the necessary guidance to make this project a success. It is the feeling of everyone on the committee that without Mrs. Harris our goal would never have been reached. Mr. Pollock, Mr. and Mrs. Argue, and Mr. Marsh were also valuable advisors to the committee. Although the Scoreboard Committee organized this project, it was the efforts of interested students, parents, faculty, and alumni that made the new scoreboard possible. We, the SCOREBOARD COMMITTEE, with to thank these people. MtMUTESrl5Ec0NPS £ 10 PERIOD : : mi pm .... home visitor 7779ZJfte OyckoberaU n 1962 Sharon Sinn. . . . Editor Jane Shapiro. . Co-Editor Jean Stalder . . . Seniors Rachael Standifird . Juniors Janet Paris . . Sophomores Muffy Green............Art Jean Stratman. Junior High Kay Bradley . . . .Typing Ron Searle .... Sports Rodger Steeper . Activities Bob Foote. . Riotography Tia Nelson. . . Business Lea Swanson . . . Faculty The '62 Ad Staff - Fabulous! This group above set a new world's record for Tychoberahn ads. Nancy Oldenburg. Vicki Wames, Steve Webster, Tia Nelson, and Barbara Brockett.JANE OLMSTEAD Editor-in-Chief T)Ue -Mirror THE MADISON MIRROR is published fourteen times a year by the students of Central High School. Before each issue comes out, there is a lot of time and some frustration put into it by the junior and senior editors. There are late stories to round up, typing to be done, pages to be set up, advertising to lay out. and headlines to be written. Finally,there are the seventh period trips to the Campus Print Shop where the final proofing is done. Then the finished product is distributed in homerooms for all to read and enjoy. JANET OLMSTEAD JEANNE CROSSMAN Co-Editors, Page One DAN SHAPIRO RON PASKIN Co-Editors, Page Three SHIRLEY BLUM CAROL KITE Co-Editore, Page Two KAY HECCESTAD RUTH HARRIS Co-Editors, Page FourCostume ROW ONE: F. Boiler, M. Rogers, Miss Roberts, J. Hanson, H. O'Leary. ROW TWO: R. Statz, A. Johnson, M. Snell, J. Hanifan. Clectrician Club ROW ONE: J. C. Sinclcar, B. Gamer, F. Shideman, B. McNown, J. Libert, J. Standifird. ROW TWO: S. Keyes, S. Webster, J. Montgomery, S. Klassy. Jield Stream Club Officer ROW ONE: K. Vodak, R. Maffit, M. London. ROW TWO: J. Meadowcroft, J. Finnegan, K. Armstrong. 84jHo nit or£ ROW ONE: J. Stratman, C. Marling, J. Staldcr, M. Green, R. Standifird, J. McDermott. ROW TWO: L. Wolfe, C. Nelson, S. Sinn, K. Bradley, J. Paris. ROW THREE: K. Frcitag, D. Kelliher, R. Veloff, D. Rudd. ROW FOUR; J. Olmstcad, S. Blum, K. Heggcstad, C. Ruppe. ROW ONE: J. Bruno, J. Miller, J. Miller, A. Hickman, J. Muehl, J. Olmstcad, S. Wood. ROW TWO: D. Wallace, G. Shea, B. Kchcr, K Kcrwin, C. Jewel, E. Reinhart?.. B. Swance. ROW THREE: J. Huza, S. Hampel, G. Larson, M. Oliva, K. Stuessy, C. Stcinhoffer. ROW FOUR: K. Mycis, R. Bethel, C. Johnson, J. Carroll. ROW ONE; J. Bjorostad, J. Schlatter, Miss Reid. ROW TWO: F. Shidcman, J. Bowers, F. Beilcr, P. Bentley, J. Stratman. ROW THREE: M. Remington, T. Woodworth, R. Riemcn, M. Pcckham, S. Sonnensche in, V. Lanning. ROW FOUR: C. Sinclcar, C. Poster, C. Shawkcy, R. Steeper, J. Miller, R. Calhoun, J. Johnson. 85Usherette ROW ONE: S. Sarbackcr, J. Larson. Miss Hassc, J. Stratman, L. Copus. V. Lanning. ROW TWO: R. Bethel, I.. Lehman, I). Crot-senberg. A. Utter. ROW THREE: M. McConncl, S. Hcitc. K. Pattersen. ROW ONE: J. Rogge, M. Green, E. Re inhart. L. Wolff, C. Jewell. ROW TWO: H. O'Leary, S. Rue inski, R. Denson, C. Ruppe. ROW THREE: J. Seely, A. Rant, J. Carroll. ROW ONE: T. Blankcnhcim, J. Miller, R. Perry . ROW TWO: J. Rane, J. Vcmig, J. Rohr, J. Butler. ROW THREE: B. Evcihait, D. Laison, S. Klassy. U lierA 86 ■■87J e member, SeniorII ben...c4 TJribute Z)o...I m ■ u Z)!te J ed Atilt • • • And a tribute to the who made this excellent Victor Herbert operetta all-school production involving the cast, chorus, artwork, lighting, costuming, ticket sales, promotion, creativeness and cooperation of almost all the studentshundreds; of Central High sluden i possible. Tills was virtually an dancers, orchestra, stagecraft, ushering, and in short, the anil faculty in school. CAST OF CHARACTERS Con Kidder.........Keith Loan Kid Conner.........Rick Shore Grctchen...........Tia Nelson Captain Hendrik............... Van Da mm............A1 Shade Aunt Julian.! . . Nancy Oldenberg The Governor . . . .Jim Wo ale n Tina ..............Dawn Huett Gaston.............John Schiro Sheriff...........Steve Webster Burgomaster . . . .Jeff Wchrmann Willem.............Steve Nolcs Madame De la Fleur . Kathy Myers Mr. Pcnnyfeather. . . Terry Wing Town Crier . . . Jim Montgomery Four Daughters. . Sue MeCloskey, Mary Gunderson, Bev Barr, Kristin Schwebke Dancers...........Mary Jordan, Pam Jacobs, Agnes Johnson, JoAnnc Bruno, Chris Bartholomew, Jan Evert, Genie Bowers The operetta was under the direction of Dar-leen McCormick, assisted by Mrs. Ruth Barter. Mr. Fandrich directed the orchestra. Larry Kell-iher was accompanist. Costume production was directed by Elizabeth Reinartz, choreography was by Mary Jordan, and the electrician was Jake Standifird. 91. . . . National Monor Society. The emblem of the National Honor Society is the keystone and the flaming torch. The keystone bears at its base tlie-letters S, L, C, ami S, which stand for the four cardinal principles of the organization: scholarship, leadership, character, and service. As the keystone is placed by the builder to hold the perfect arch in perpetual, stability, so the structure of our education must be held firm by the virtues represented in this symbol. The flaming torch stands for our purpose to bear forward the searching light of truth, to lead that others may follow in the light, to keep burning in our school a high ambition for the enduring values of life, and to serve with unselfish loyalty to truth and honor. This society stands for excellence of achievement not only in one line, but in many lines of endeavor. Scholarship alone will not admit a student. To scholarship must be added leadership; to leadership, character; and to character, service. Kay Bradley Sue Hampel Robert McNown Jean Staldcr Rachael Stundifird Jane Shapiro Sharon Sinn Rodger Steeper Stephen Noles Curtis Shawkcy Kay Hcggcstad Jane Olmstcad Janice Paris David Rudd Phillip Sha Hat Gary Gervasi Tracy Nelson Ruth Harris Susan White Glenn Hierlmeier Katherine Myers James Schlatter. . . (Representative Central High School is always favorably represented by students who attend out-of-school functions. Here are some of our ambassadors: Sharon Sinn, the Tychoberahn editor, represented us at Girls’ State held here in iMadison last spring. Jane Shapiro was chosen by her class and the faculty as Central’s D.A.R. Good Citizen of the year. This award is given each year to a senior girl who has shown outstanding traits of scholarship, leadership, and character. Bob McNown and Dan Shapiro were chosen by the faculty to represent Central at Ripon College for the annual Boys’ State last summer. They spent a week on the campus with other boys from Wisconsin high schools studying the various forms of government in our state. The delegates held mock elections for many local, county, and state governmental offices. During their stay at Ripon. The week was climaxed by a huge political rally where candidates for the important state offices gave their platforms, and where the Governor and other state officials gave speeches. David Rudd was a representative to this year’s Minnesota-Wisconsin Residential Seminar on National Goals. This was a two-day series of lectures and discussion on the role of the federal government in world affairs, both economic and political. Rodger Steeper and James Schlatter were each awarded Hill Family Foundation Scholarships to spend a week on the campus of Saint Olaf College in Northfield Minnesota last summer, where they participated in the Science-for-Youth Institute. During the week they attended lectures in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, worked on individual science projects, and visited nearby science laboratories. The purpose of the institute was to acquaint the lx)ys with science as it is taught on the college level. . Jfr. c4rcpie Allan Argue The Central High School student body showed its esteem and affection for one of its favorite teachers when more than seven hundred and fifty signatures were inscribed on a scroll that said, "Please get well and come back soon 93 Salute Our Sports Star4 Mike London: In team, All-City Football 1st team, All-Area Football 2nd team, All-Big 8 Football Honorable Mention, All-State Captain, Football Co-Captain, Basketball Dave Kelliher: 2nd team, All-City Football 2nd team, All-Big 8 Football Honorable Mention. AU-Arca Football Co-Captain, Football Captain, Basketball Ernie Holly: Honorable Mention, A11-City Football Willie Thomas: 2nd team, All-City Football BUI Aldrich: Captain, Cross Country (individual honors, Cross Country page) Charles Kcrwin: Co-Captain, Hockey Ron Kohl: Most Valuable Player, Hockey BUI Tipple: Captain, Hockey Dave Kamm: Co-Captain, Wrestling State Wrestling Meet Ray Veloff: Co-Captain, Wrestling John Wold: State Wrestling Meet Claire Whipple: State Wrestling Meet Glenn Hierlmeier 2nd team, All-Big 8 Football 2nd team, All-City Football 2nd team, All-Big 8 Basketball 2nd team, All-City BaskctbaU Gary Gcrvasi: 2nd team, All-City Basketball 2nd team, All-Big 8 Basketball7Jo Qermany . . Tliis past summer it was my opportunity to represent my country as an AFS student to Stuttgart, Germany. It was a summer filled with many new and wonderful experiences. German school life turned out to be quite different from Central. I lived with a German family whom I shall never forget. They did so much for me, which included taking me to many of the countries of Europe and seeing that I experienced the life of a German. After the first few days I soon became a "member" of my German family and participated in its activities. 'Hie work expected of a German teenager is not much different from what our parents expect of us. Dishes and yardwork were some of the ways in which I helped my German family. This summer was one in which I learned many things, which included not only much of the history of Germany, but also of the similarity of the German and American peoples. In closing I would like to quote the American Field Service motto: "Walk together, talk together, 0 ye peoples of the earth. Then and only then shall we have peace." . . . 3rom Denmark Right now I am still enjoying the most interesting part of an AFS student s many experiences. Never had I thought that it would be so interesting and fun to go to an American high school. It is interesting because it is so different from what I am used to, and it is good fun because the other students have a good sense of humor. For a short time, however. I am leaving for my homeland Denmark. I am now going to miss Central High. This school gave me such a warm welcome that I at once felt home here; I got accepted with my good points and with my bad points. Naturally I feel home here. I have made many firends here and 1 know that I will miss both friends and Central when 1 go back. I also know, however, that I will never forget the wonderful year I have had here. P sf}jvv uA fik i fc 96 cA. 3. S.c4thletic£FOOTBALL 1961, ROW ONE: Tim Arnold, Lee Waldon, Don Hoffman, Dick Peschel, Tom Schmelling, Ray Veloff, Bill McCrary, Bill Lee, Jack Harrington, Tony Balsamo, Don Dotzel, Mike Rohr. ROW Traino, Ed Dintemann, Mike London, Bob Wheeler, Jerry Cleary, Mr. Pollock. ROW FOUR: Dave Tom Plante, Joe Houston, Willie Thomas, Dave Kamm, Glenn Hierlmeier. 98Jim Craig, Len Stone, Larry Maxon. ROW TWO: Jim Veloff, Tom Rounds, THREE: Dan Miller, Mr. P. Olson, Mickey Edwards, Bob Green, George Kclliher, Bob Jeffcott, Steve Sehicfclbein, Bill Murphy, Chuck Cemiglia, F 0 O T B A L L 99 Central cjr£,ve Central jCen°s Central East CentneVark gaci°e CcntieHor li k Racine 11 Central Janesville Central Beloit Central West 7 13 6 26 12 14 6 28 6 20 O 12 O 33 BIG EIGHT STANDINGS West w 7 1 t 7T Beloit 5 O w 0 Horlick 4 • O East Park 4 3 o 1 0 Kenosha • o 3 0 Janesville I 5 0 Central X 0 5 8 1 0ketball Harold Cu« P°llock junior High. Robert Herreid Cross Country Sam Barosko Wrestling . . . IVko Qet JZig, JZe£ult£ Jrom a §mcill §choolCROSS COUNTRY SQUAD, FRONT: Bob Olmstead, Paul Ketterer, Joe Burchctte, Bill Aldrich, Dan Roberts, Jan Judd. REAR: Jim Johnson, Jim Wheeler, Joe Franklin, Steve Webster, Dave Smithson, Ron Opelt. (MISSING - Rich Roberts). Central High School had its most successful season in its cross country history. Although the team did not win any dual meets, it placed well in all the big invitational runs in which it was entered. The team climaxed the season by winning the State Sectional and going to the State Meet at Hartford. In the Sectional Meet Central won first in a field of eleven teams and proudly carried home a glistening addition to the trophy case. Competition in the big invitational meets is very close and a team is doing very well if it places within the first five. Central was third in the West Invitational and defeated eight other teams. The team was seventh in the Hartford Invitational but came in ahead of eighteen other teams. Central was fifth in the State Meet and defeated four other teams. The difference between fifth and third in this meet was decided by only a few strides at the finish line. Bill Aldrich was Central's outstanding runner and gained a state-wide reputation this season. Jan Judd, a remarkable runner as a sophomore, added invaluable points. Jan was the City Sophomore champion; he finished twenty seconds ahead of the nearest competitor and set a new course record in this meet. Great credit goes to Ron Opelt who improved greatly throughout the season to give the team the scoring balance that it needed to place so well. Bob Olmstead's position in the State Sectional was the key scoring that enabled the team to win the trophy. 102 Trophy Winners - Sectional Champs!We'll miss these Seniors 103 Cross country is a five-man scoring race. Central’s success was due to a team effort. Rich Roberts, Dan Roberts, and Joe Franklin all managed to give us good fifth-man position for solid scoring ability. In the City Meet Bill Aldrich, who was first, and Jan Judd, who was third, were placed on the All-City Cross Country Team. Bill Aldrich’s brilliant running lent excitement to every race in which Central participated. In running against a total of 531 runners this season, there were only a total of 7 places ahead of him in nine separate meets. In dual meets he ran almost without competition and finished hundreds of yards in front of the field in some cases. He won the Big Eight individual championship for the second year in a row. Central cross country fans are going to miss the thrill of seeing Aldrich pounding out that last hundred yards in a blazing finishing ’’kick. " BILL ALDRICH . . . Central’s finest Cross Country runner 1st......................West 1st.......................East 1st......................West 1st......................East 1st. . . . West Invitational 4th. . Hartford Invitational 1st. . •................City Meet 1st........................Big Eight 3rd...........State Sectional 3rd......................State Meet Bob Olm stead Ron Ope ItCity Champi - 1962 FRONT: Bill Tipple, Steve Kayes, Ron Mil ward, Dave Hilgers, John Sundby, Mike Farrell, George Traino, Ron Kohl. BACK: Mr. Luchsinger, Mr. Stockton, Charles Kerwin, Jim Craig, Terry Ninneman, Tom Buglass, Jim Gamer, Mike Figler, Dave Schwoegler, Mike Rohr, Gary Houldsworth. (MISSING: Dick Whipple). Bill Tipple...........Captain Charles Kerwin . . Co-Captain Ron Kohl . . . Most Valuable Season’s Record WON 8 LOST 2 STARTING LINEUP Central 1 Harding (St. Paul) 12 RW Bill Tipple Central 6 West 1 C Ron Kohl Central 5 East 1 LW Charles Kerwin Central 2 West 0 RD Jim Craig Central 3 East 4 LD Mike Rohr Central 6 West 1 CITY SERIES G Jon Sundby Central 5 M. Grove 0 W L T Central 5 Alumni 4 Central 5 1 0 Central 5 East 2 East 2 2 2 Central 5 M. Grove 1 West 0 4 2 Central enjoyed one of its most successful seasons with an 8-2 season record, a 5-1 City Series record including two shutout wins, and the City Championship. Leading scorers for the season were: Dick Whipple with 10 goals and 1 assist; Ron Kohl, 8 goals, 6 assists; Bill Tipple, 6 goals, 7 assists; Jim Craig, 5 goals, 5 assists; and Charles Kerwin, 5 goals, 4 assists. Dick Whipple also turned the "hat trick" (three goals in one game) against East. 10411 VeitUng. 1961-1962 FRONT: Bill Meddings, John Wold, Ray Veloff, Co-Captain; Steve Harmening, Jerry Schultz, Fred Shideman. REAR: Boh Green, George Ketterer, Dave Kamm, Co-Captain; Claire Whipple, Bill Lee. SEASON RECORD 5 Wins 5 Losses 1 Tie Central 28 Wisconsin High 18 Central. 13 Lake Mills 28 Central 24 Beloit 18 Central 7 East 32 Central 38 Sauk City 9 Central 20 Wisconsin High 20 Central 21 Monona Grove 18 Central 5 West 39 Central 31 Racine Horlick 10 Central 12 Janesville 21 Central 16 Middleton 22 COACH BAROSKO Other good records: THESE BOYS WENT TO THE STATE MEET... John Wold 13-9-1 2nd - Regional 3rd - Big Eight 2nd - Sectional 5th - State Dave Kamm 13-7-1 2nd - Regional 2nd - Sectional 3rd - Big Eight Claire Whipple 9-7 2nd - Regional 2nd - Sectional Bill Meddings (103 lbs.) 4-7-1 Steve Harmening (120) 4- 7-1 4th - Big Eight Jerry Schultz (127) 7-6-1 4th - Big Eight Ray Veloff (133) 10-5-1 3rd - Big Eight Fred Shideman (138) 5- 5-2 Bob Green (180) 10-5-1 3rd - Big Eight 105Gary Gervasi, Tom Plante, Bill Van Dyke, Mike London, Dave Kelliher, Glen Hierlmeier, Steve Schicfclbein, and Don Dotzel. Tjhe 1961-1962 Season This year Central had its most successful season since Mr. Harris has been head coach. Central was in title contention up until the last few games of the season. We lost some heart-breakers by one point, which included one point losses to West and Janesville. We will all remember that Janesville game in the Field House when Larry Lovelace sank an almost impossible shot from half court with one second left to defeat us 52 to 51. Much of Central's success can be attributed to Kelliher’s poise and leadership, Ger-vasi’s quickness and smart defensive play, London’s ruggedness on the boards, Hier-Imeier’s scoring and board work, Dotzel's defensive ability, and Van Dyke's scoring potential. The season ended with Central in third place and hopes for next year are two places higher. Gary Gervasi and Glen Hierlmeier were selected on a Wisconsin State Journal All-City team, and we at Central salute Mr. Harris, our "Coach of the Year. " Mike London and Dave Kelliher are the two boys on the first team that will be leaving us. They will surely be missed, but our future looks bright. 106Big Eight Standings East Beloit Central West Park Horlick Janesville Kenosha CENTRAL R. PARK CENTRAL BEAVER DAM CENTRAL JANESVILLE CENTRAL BELOIT CENTRAL R. HORLIC CENTR CENTRAL Sophomorei 1961-1962 FRONT: Russ Cemiglia, Pfcrron Doss, Ed Dintcmann, Joe Franklin, Tom Schmclling, Dick Peschel, Lyle Crary. REAR: Dave Crosscn, Mike Sells, Loren Hatlcberg, Mickey Edwards, Tim Byrne, and Bob Kenison. Big Eight record: 5 Wins 9 Losses T)rach 1962 RETURNING LETTERMEN, 1962: Bill Henes, John Wirka, Dick Hibma, Jerry Schnack, Tom Rounds, Bob Olmstcad, Jim Muchl, Ron Ope It, Dick Morschhauser, Larry Maxson, Lee Waldon. (MISSING: Bill Aldrich and Ernie Holly). COACH ROONEY COACH HAROLD ROONEY'S 1962 squad boasts 13 returning lettermen. This group, very strong with juniors, was undefeated in dual competition last year. Outstanding men are: Lee Waldon, Ernie Holly, and Tom Plante in the sprints; Bill Aldrich, Ron Opelt, and Bob Olmstead in the distance runs: Jan Judd and Don Dotzel in the 880.Track is definitely on the way up at Central; Coach Rooney had 49 boys turn out for the 1962 season. Distance runners - 440 yard run, 880 yard run, and the mile. Field events - pole vault, broad jump, shot put, discus throw, high jump. Sprinters - 100 yard dash, 220 yard dash, 180 yard low hurdles, 220 high hurdles. no LOO KIT THE SIZE OF THIS SQUAD!!J3a£eball BASEBALL LETTER MEN: Mike Rohr, catcher; Dean Smith, outfield; Gary Gervasi, outfield; Tony Balsamo, shortstop; Dave Kclliher, pitcher. COACH PETER OLSON takes over as baseball coach for the 1962 season, replacing veteran "Gus" Pollock, whose teams have rated very high in the past few years. Central took the Big Eight championship only two years ago, and last year went to the semi-finals in the State after edging Gresham in thirteen long innings for Dave Kelliher. Prospects look good for this season also. Pictured here on this page are lettermen, 1962 candidates, Coach Olson and starting pitcher, Dave Kelliher. Mr. Pollock symbolically hands over die bat to Mr. Olson, (not pictured as candidates: Dick Peschel and Glen Hierlmeier). © fi Cl Mh Jl M Bill Cunningham COACH RICHARD SCHURMAN has hopes for a good season based upon the ability and experience of the three stalwarts pictured above. This is the nucleus of the team which qualified for the State Tournament at Green Lake's famed Lawsonia course. Central was only two strokes behind the West team in the sectional, 409 and 411, which then went on to take the State meet. Schlatter was medalist in the Sectional Meet. Cunningham is a veteran and a three-year letterman in the sport. Schlatter and Remington are only juniors. Like other Central sports, golf is also on the way UP. Zjennii 1962 1961 COACH ROBERT PARR predicts that the squad at the left will have the best season that a Central tennis team has has "for several years." This is the team that placed fifth in the Big Eight last year. All the boys have good experience and should be much improved and steadier this year. A sophomore, Todd Ruedisili, shows great promise and should find a place on the first team . 112junior J4ig,h "Youth is the opportunity to do something and to become somebody."SAMUEL BAROSKO English Social Studies RUTH MRS. SALLY BARTHOLOMEW BASTING Algebra History Gen. Math English DONNA BERNER Chorus T. Trio MRS. HELEN HARRIET BLOMQUIST CROSSMAN English Science Social Studies JOHN MRS. JUDITH MRS. JEANETTE MRS. GRACE DOVARAS ENDLE HALL ILTIS Band English English Biology Social Studies Social Studies GARITH KANGAS English Civics ELSIE KIND Algebra Jr. Bus. MRS. HELEN JOHN KIRKPATRICK OLSON Librarian Biology ROBERT MRS. ELEANOR RIESER RUSCH Civics English German MRS. TANIA MRS. KRISTINE SELDEN SHEEHAN Art English MRS. EDWINA LORI VAN HOMER MARQUERITE ROLAND THOMAS DE HEY WINGER WOJTA LUCHSINGER Math Math Civics Algebra Geometry Special 114J4omeroom£ H.R. 201, Mrs. Thomas ROW FOUR: J. Bierman, S. Arnett, B. Boiler, J. Bold, D. Anundson, R. Bogardus, K. Bartlcin. ROW THREE: M. Allen, B. Arnold, J. Bakkcn, J. ‘Albrecht, J. Bar-cevich, T. Baron, L. Bergemann, M. Barr. ROW TWO: J. BonoAnno, S. Ayres, L. Austin, M. Aldridge, D. Beckett, J. Boulware, V. Berry. ROW ONE: S. Bam-brough, K. Arnold, M. Allen, S. Alexander, L. Balscr, J. Benell, M. Bjor-nctliuu, S. Bentley, N. Berg. H.R. 202, Miss Wojta ROW FOUR: C. Cratsenbcrg, C. Cay-wood, T. Brewer, C. Conners. ROW THREE: W. Buffs, G. Craig, P. Cap-adna, M. Davy, R. Danks, J. Car-darclla. ROW TWO: C. Clifcom, S. Cantor, M. Craven, M. Caruso, P. Caruso, B. Burmeister, L. Crowley. ROW ONE: C. Burchctte, S. Bible, T. Burrow, A. Brewer, R. Bystol, G. Buchanen, S. Cline, J. Colston. H.R. 203, Miss Bartholomew ROW FOUR: T. Doyle, S. Fix, M. Dayton, R. DiSalvo, J. Feeney, P. DiMartino, G. DuBois, M. Duane. ROW THREE: M. Full-wood, J. Doyle, R. Fix, D. Dyhr. G. Fricdland, L. Franklin, D. Fiscus. ROW TWO: S. Derse, G. Early, C. Downs, J. Elsing, E. Dunse, B. Fiscus. ROW ONE: P. Friskc, L. Dybdal, N. Ellis, P. Erickson, S. Flinn, R. Frazier. 115H.R. 204, Mr. Kan gas ROW FOUR: E. Gorden, J. Geiger, C. Grintjes, T. Geislcr, C. Garrett. ROW THREE: M. Hagen, M. Gardner, F. Ged-ko, L. Hanson, R. Gerou, M. Hampton, B. Hamvig. ROW TWO: E. Gallagher, C. Gardner, M. Hegge, N. Goff, P. Garvey, D. George. ROW ONE: B. Hawke, C. Cart land, D. Grignano, B. Gladdem, R. Hefty, L. Harman, D. Harder. ’m F, | H.R. 206, Mr. Olson ROW SIX: H. Houston, J. Kramer, K. Lcvalc, D. Hauec, L. Lewis, R. Leach, T. Rowing. ROW FIVE: B. Hughes, C. Jordan, E. Leowidge, J. LaFlash, R. Kearns, B. Knox. ROW FOUR: P. Hus-tad, J. Hull, D. Keating, S. Holmgren, J. Kerwin, J. Kennedy, J. Johnson. ROW THREE: M. Hestccly, J. Klein, J. Hoffman, C. Kingsbury, D. Hoffman, J. Hildebraust, S. Hennessey. ROW TWO: I.. LcGrcy, S. Kowaczck. K. Kowing, L. Hill, J. Kailin, B. Holden, S. Hicrlmeier. ROW ONE: J. Jensen, C. Larson, J. Libert, S. Jos-heff, B. Howe, L. Hclleckson, E. Hummel. NOT PICTURED: A. Hierl-mcier, J. Helgescn, T. Karabis, J. Kinder. H. R. 213, Mr. Winger ROW SEVEN: E. Nelson, W. Loguc. ROW SIX: M. McCabe, B. Lightfoot. P. Marsh, J. Mead, C. Navis, D. Nelson. ROW FIVE: P. Mulhall, R. Nelson, E. Muehlcmann, R. Lonicllo, J. Malm, R. M ur. ROW FOUR: R. McCord. A. Mon-talto, D. Miller, K. Marvin. R. Maloney, J. Lutz, Mr. Winger. ROW THREE: I. . Matusjcskc, L. Littcl, J. Nevil, N. Logan, S. Maas, J. Martin, N. Littig. ROW TWO: L. Millard. E. Mitchell, V. Matrose, K. Milward, N. Marble, C. Lloyd, J. McConnell. ROW ONE: M. Morgan, F. Neely, B. Morrissey, L. London, S. Marking, C. Moen, K. Merlin, M. Marling. 116H.R. 221. Mr.. Rusch ROW SIX: R. Olson, T. Oscar. R. Ray, E. Pagcl. ROW FIVE: P. Pudlo, E. Pier-ick, D. Peterson, D. Rosonficld, D. Ottum, C. Paris!. ROW FOUR: T. Nlcm-czyk, J. Ottorson, R. St. Dennis, E. Pohlman, J. Russo, J. Reamer, P. Owen, L. Powers. S. Ran en. ROW THREE: J. Peterson, R. Paris. R. Paltz, M. Reynolds, S. Patridge. ROW TWO: J. Peterson, P. Perkins, M. Pcchic, B. Nordness, C. Olson, I-. Reuter, A. Rohner. ROW' ONE: M. Pereira. M. Rizer, M. Roll, S. Ross, C. Sannes, P. Sauk, C. Run-strom, M. Ruffcom. C. Rudd. H.R. 223, Miss Kind ROW FIVE: C. Thul, J. Thomas, S. Scarlc, B. Schrciber, T. Schiltz, J. Scliaub, S. Spengler, D. Todd, P. Sperry. ROW FOUR: D. Severson, R. Staldcr, D. Strand, R. Suehle, C. Tortoricc, L. Shapiro, J. Shcrbnmc, P. Smith. ROW THREE: J. Schmitz, J. Stout, T. Sorenson, J. Strand, J. Troia, R. Tiedeman, J. Sweeney, I.. Studcsville. ROW TWO: J. Stalhcim, V. Steeper, K. TaJlard, S. Sonnen-schein, J. Shivers, M. Schwebke, E. Shideman, J. Stevens. ROW ONE: A. Schroeder, J. Schmidt, M. Smith, R. Sohnveide, J. Souder, M. Soules, H. Thunder, M. Thomas, M. Taftc. C. Thaden. H.R. 231, Mrs. litis ROW FOUR: W. Weaver, A. Wilder. L. Wagner, J. Valenza, D. Williams. ROW THREE: J. Waggoner. A. Wopat. K. Zweifel, J. Wake, C. VanRoo, L. Walls. ROW TWO: K. Vimig, S. Waldron, N. Ward, D. Yancy, S. Williams, J. Utter, N. Washburn, C. Wilson. ROW ONE: E. Post, J. Winner. J. Wadsworth, J. Waggoner, J. Ulrich, M. Weiss, P. Wake, M. Vogt. 117H.R. 102. Mrs. Hall ROW FOUR: W. Allison. T. Bark in, M. Busch, R. Boshcrs, W. Bissott, R. Cemi-glia. ROW THREE: R. Dcgcnhanit, W. Evcnson, J. Bystol, M. Austin, R. Balilcr, W. Blandino, J. Dalbcc.' ROW TWO: K. Allred, C. Brcitzkc, M. Arnold, T. Cook, S. Denoen, C. Eslyn, D. Doss. ROW ONE: M. Com ins, C. Burrows, J. Briggs, 1. Debclak, B. Chrisco, C. Berray, L. Appcll. H.R. 103, Mr. Ricser ROW FOUR: D. Goglio, T. Hughes, T. Greene, G. Holder, B. Hughes, B. Goglio. ROW THREE: W. Faris, J. Hyatt, P. Hendrickson, P. Hampton, J. Goldsby, R. Hayes. ROW TWO: J. Hustad, J. Hobbard, C. Houston. F. Fix, B. Harris, S. Houghton. ROW ONE: K. Goff, P. Fenner, L. Fix, B. Hunt, S. Gcrvasi, P. Gcrou. NOT PICTURED: L. Gust, E. Hildebraudt, J. Holton. H.R. 106, Miss Cross man ROW FOUR: D. Miller, L. Johnson, T. Miller, N. Johnson, T. Johnson. ROW THREE: D. Kripps, T. Kruger, D. Leong, D. Melum, B. Mazursky, G. Loniello, G. Kopp. ROW TWO: V. Ipscn, E. Lawrence, L. Johnson, P. Kjin, J. Koplow, S. Lehman, S. Miller. ROW ONE: M. MacMillan, J. Marvin, D. Malas, P. Lucio, S. Masshardt, D. McBain, K. Knudtson. 1187th Qrade H. R. 117, Mrs. Blomquist ROW FIVE: R. Johnson, L. Gladdem, P. Maloney, J. Lynaugh, J. Justiliano, R. Keating, S. Iwauter. ROW FOUR: J. Licari, D. Kosinski, M. Kopelberg, W. Johnson, C. Josheff, B. Kivela, R. Ishmael, N. Loniello. ROW THREE: S. Ham men, J. Hur, M. Klitzman, L. Malas, J. Kinder, G. Larson, J. Klinkner, T. Hampton, J. Kundcrt. ROW TWO: K. Hcggc, B. Henricksin, D. Kjin, S. Knutson, S. Heath, M. Harnung, S. Hole, J. Harrington. ROW ONE: C. Gray, E. Lerner, N. Jenkins, J. Johnson, C. Godding, S. Jordan, D. Hastings, S. Larson, S. Jenkins. H. R. 113, Mrs. Basting ROW FOUR: D. Rahn, R. O’Dell, R. Seitz, J. Nevel, D. Nichols, J. Par-rino. ROW THREE: R. Richardson, T. Smith, L. Slade, B. Olson, C. Petter-son, D. Peterson. ROW TWO: L. Peterson, L. Morgan, C. Morton, D. Mueller, C. Muetzel. ROW ONE: K. Neely, J. Porath, P. Pnetteplace, L. Pharo, R. Smith, S. Scheel, S. Scalissi. H.R. 123, Miss Van de Hey ROW FOUR: G. Wiersma, R. Stucssy, B. Victor, A. Verdin, C. Utter, W. Soudcr. ROW THREE: S. Urso, D. Waller, D. Williams, M. Wee, P. Wong, S. Switsky. ROW TWO: R. Williams, J. Voss, P. Williams, J. Williams, L. Smithson. ROW ONE: C. Vogt, M. Vitale, S. Wagner, K. Swenseid, L. Thompson, C. Thompson, D. Stone. 119H. R. 120, Mr. Barosko ROW FOUR: D. Pete, S. Rahn, M. Paten, D. Paul, R. Parisi, L. Olson. ROW THREE: G. Oliva, M. Meddings, L. Miller, J. McConnell, M. Paskin, K. Osborn, P. Mcabe, T. Morgan. ROW TWO: P. Mead, S. Newton, N. Noll, B. McConnell, P. Notes, A. Mitchell. ROW ONE: I. Odell, L. Raisbeck, K. Rasmussen, B. Mazursky, B. Pulver, R. Petratta, J. Norton, J. Oros. H.R. 121, Mrs. Selden ROW FOUR: G. Fritz, L. Armstrong, P. Connery, P. Decs, J. Bliley. ROW THREE: R. Coleman, R. Gilpatrick, V. Friday, T. DiPiazza, B. Gernan, J. Arnold, T. Aldridge. ROW TWO: S. Brockett, E. Geiger, L. Foist, B. Boshers, C. Downs, S. Cnare, M. Coffey, A. Becker, J. Burke. ROW ONE: P. Chinault, N. Capitani, T. Edwards, V. Blaska, D. Bystol, R. Berg, M. Cuff. H.R. 125, Mrs. Endle ROW FIVE: R. Thecl, M. Soehle, S. Reynolds, I. Rawlings, J. Toebaas, R. Snell, C. Tappen, D. Rohner. ROW FOUR: P. Tofte, R. Tongc, R. Waller, J. Stewart, G. Smith, R. Zanaya, R. Sweet. ROW THREE: F. Thomas, G. Vcrgeront, R. Waggoner, R. Ruff-com, K. Vlasak, M. Zanoya, E. Washington. ROW TWO: M. Smith, M. Vann, M. Smith, K. Siegert, K. White, M. Rowe, C. Schultz. ROW ONE: C. Stone, B. Schuch, B. Vance, V. Schrocder, E. Seldal, M. Swen-dseid, J. Won, C. Worden. 120c4dminUtra tion MRS. ARDITH MORBEN Office PHIL SPRECHER Junior High GuidanceFRONT: J. Bouzek, M. Damman, B. Ccmlcm, C. DiLoren20t D. Yancey, M. Brown, R. Lewis. BACK: J. Coates, P. Hurbul, D. Hovcland, C. Orth, R. Triggs, H. Fischer, L. Ulvestad, T. Gibson, T. Ticdt, R. Geiger, R. Me Hand. (Missing: E. Lincoln) Jfome J oont 46 £T)om Sawyer Tom Sawyer......................Art Wopat Sid Sawyer......................Tom Morgan Huck Finn......................Dick Gerou loe Harper.............Mike Gardner Mrs. Harper . . . .Virginia Steeper Becky Thatcher................Joann Klein Mrs. Thatcher .... Jo Ann Benell ludge Thatcher................Steve Arnett Alfred Temple .... Mike Fullwood Ben Rogers..............Rip Van Roo Jim Hollis............Theron Miller Jeff Thatcher...................Pat Mulhall Amy Lawrence .... Kathy Merlin Susan Harper................Nancy Ellis Gracie Miller...........Linda Harmon Jane Hardin.............Martha Weiss Injun Joe...................Wayne Logue Muff Potter.................Nils Olsen Dr. Robinson......................Steve Arnett Sheriff.....................Bruce Olson Preacher.....................Tom Barkin Attorney. Defense .... Tim Geisler Prosecution Attorney . . . Russ Nelson Aunt Polly..............Julie Stalheim Schoolmaster Dobbins . . Doug NelsonCornels Clarinet Section Trombones junior J4and di Jolin Dovaras, Director Saxophone Section Percussion French Horn Section 124 Flute SectionVocal QroupA • • Of Miss Donna Berner - girls, and Miss McCormick - boys Douglas Nelson Mark Busch Daniel Roscnfel Kecs Grintjes Sybillc Kowaczck, Bonnie Hawke, Mary Klitzman, Sharon Cline, Caterine Downs, Paula Lucio, Jean Jensen. Gordon The el William Faris 126OFFICERS: J. Kinder, D. Nelson, J. Williams. NINTH GRADE ROW ONE: N. Goff. J. Kinder, D. Nelson, T. Burrows, V. Steeper. ROW TWO: L. Bergemann, R. Guerin, N. Ellis, A. Brewer, L. Balsar, S. Sonnenschein, J. Wadsworth. ROW THREE: E. Pagcl, L. Reuter, L. Legrey, S. Fix, A. Wopat. EIGHTH GRADE SEATED: B. Bissett, L. Fix, P. Lucio, H. Ottum, J. Williams. BACK: C. Berray, B Hout, B. Mazursky, B. Olson, P. Williams. SEVENTH GRADE SEATED: N. Loniello, S. Cnare, M. Smith. BACK: J. Kinder, S. Reynolds. 127 Mr. Riescr is the faculty advisor.ROW ONE; D. Zweifel, L. Franklin, R. Sochle, M. Davy, E. Pohlman, R. Nelson, D. Miller. ROW TWO; R. Kearns, R. Ray, E. Mu chi man, L. Shapiro, T. Sorenson, R. Loniello, D. Strand, J. Troia, S. Hcnnescy, D. Gerou. THIRD ROW; J. Bierman, T. Oscar, D. Ottum, R. Guerin, S. Fix, E. Pagcl, J. Geiger, J. Strand. ROW FOUR; Coach John Olson, T. Gibson, B. Ticdcman, K. Levakc, B. Stalder, C. Caywood, S. Arnett, J. Kinder (Capt.) Coach R. Ricser. football 1961 CO-CITY CHAMPIONS 4 Wins 1 Loss SEASON RECORD STANDINGS Won Lost Tied Central 16 Schenk 0 Central 4 1 0 Central 6 Van Hise 28 Sherman 4 1 0 Central 7 West 0 Van Hise 2 2 1 Central 7 East 6 West 2 2 1 Central 18 Cherokee 6 East 2 3 0 Cherokee 1 2 2 Schenk 1 4 0 End - John Bierman Tackle - Steve Amette Guard - Ralph Guerin Center - Rich Kearns Guard - Dick Gerou Tackle - S. Hcnnescy End - E. Muehlman Quarterback - Steve Fix Right Half - Tom Oscar Left Half - Ed Pa gel Fullback - Jim KinderFRONT: S. Holmgren. B. Fox, C Caywood, Capt. J. Kinder, D. Strand, J. Bakken, T. Oscar, R. Stabler, Mgr. T. Karabis. REAR: Mgr. J. Reamer, C. Tortorice, C. Cr t nlu-rg, D. Dyhr, R. Kearns, R. Guerin, E. Pagcl, L. Shapiro, J. Strand, Mgr. G. Thcel. J a hetball A I j Coach John Olson SEASON RECORD Central 37 East Central 55 Schenk Central 30 Sherman Central 55 Wis. H. Central 38 West Central 33 Van Hise Central 27 East Central 37 Sherman Central 33 Schenk Central 55 Cherokee Won 5 Lost 5 STANDINGS East 10 0 Van Hise 9 1 Sherman 6 4 West 6 4 Central 5 5 Schenk 2 7 Wis. High 2 7 Cherokee 1 8 COACH JOHN OLSON has again turned out a Junior High squad that is well-trained and fundamentally sound. Much credit for the consistently rising status of Junior High Basketball is due to the untiring efforts and coaching ability of Mr. Olson. Every year there are one or two boys who are able to make the big jump from the Junior High team directly to the Varsity squad. In the last few years Kell-iher, Balsamo, Gervasi, Hierl-meier, Dotzel, Plante, and Van Dyke have achieved this step. Cheerleaders S. Joshcff, S. Hicrlmeicr, B..Hawke, B. Burmeistcr, R. Hefty, J. Stevens. Jim Kinder Captain and Most Valuable Player 129c4dverther£THE TYCHQBERAHN STAR' wishes to thank many people who helped in the production of the 1962 yearbook. Among these m3ny friends are: Mr. Marsh, Congratulations, Graduating Seniors! from Miss Vida V'. Smith, Mrs. Ardith Morben, Mrs. Delores Kuntz, Nan Ritter of Manchester's, Carroll Hanson, Commercial Photographers; Tom Butler, Ed Stein. Tom Barlct, Dick Sroda, Arthur Vinje, and Dave Sandcll, all of Madison Newspapers, Inc.; and Carter Lueders of Bergmann's Photo Centers, Inc. Thanks, too, to all the faculty members and students who cooperated so willingly during the stresses ami strains of picture taking, news gadiering, etc. during our hectic year. When you think of tomorrow.. .think FIRST OF FIRST FEDERAL Because: You know your money is as safe as it will be ever he because all accounts are insured up to $10, 000 by the Federal , Savings am Insurance ■■■ FEDERAL SAVINGS Corporation. —---------- AND IOAN ASSOC.ATION OF MADISON 124 STATE STREET MAOtSON 3. WISCONSIN l a.nii JEAN’S CAMPUS TALLS 549 State Street Outfit from JEANS .graciously modeled by Sharon Sinn for tops in eating get... SEE. .. BERGMANN’S PHOTO CENTERS, INC. .. .For All Your Photo Supplies Darkroom equipment, cameras, projectors, film... WIENERS Two Stores To Serve You 102 King Street Midvale Shopping AL 7-2267 Center 5 11 Midvale Blvd. CE 8-5101 Best Wishes To You, Seniors!... from the MADISON ICE RINK 1834 Commercial Avenue For further information concerning rink use .. .call CH. 9-9931Meet Mr. Spudnut Best Wishes. Seniors Who Says "My hat's off to the Class of 1962" H R THE SPUDNUT SHOP Stores "The Best Spudnuts in Town" Two Locations: 334 State St. Spudnut Coffee Bar AL 5-8682 927 University Ave. AL 6-6714 1131 Monroe Street Madison 5, Wisconsin since 1924 CUuhvA Madison, Wisconsin ... the department store with Tomorrow’s Trend Yesterday s Tradition Shop at Baron's where it is a tradition to bring you the newest trends in fashion, sportswear, accessories and furnishings. .. Relax while you shop.. .lunch at our famous Epicure Tearoom Congratulations, SeniorsCongratulations To The Class of 1962 Headquarters For Madison's Home Builders "Where Your Home Begins" For Studio Cards, Novelty Gifts. Party Supplies Visit us. . .Next Door to Orpheum Theater MARLING LUMBER CO. Best Wishes, Seniors! RENDAHL'S SUPER MARKET Certified Fine Foods 820 S. Park St. Tel. 5-5884 Madison. Wisconsin E. A. Rendahl, Mgr. East Washington Avenue At the Bridge Three 411 State Wolff Kubly Hirsig Westgate 17, Exclusive Service... DOLLAR for DOLLAR SAVINGS. We'll mutch your savings with Life Insurance and still pay you interest SgA —----------------- Ma lison Hank lIMlI Trust Company 73 WIST MAIN STREET 1 M£m»£R Of TM£ f OlI C Call AL 5-0016 Fish Hatchery Roadyy m. A SOUVENIR OF FOREVER A fine professional photograph does two things for you ... It represents you at the instant it is taken, and it keeps that You alive for later generations to see . . . You will grow older, of course, but our talented artist-photographer will keep today’s You forever young! . . . 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Congratulations To The Class Of 1962 From THE PERFUME SHOP 6 41 West Main Street 615 Slate Street 14 East Mifflin Street Congratulations Central High School Graduates Accounting-Business Administration Court and Conference Reporting Secretarial-Medical Secretarial Bookkeeping-Stenographic Hundreds of Central High School graduates have attended Madison Business College and have achieved excellent business positions. 106 Years Of Teaching MADISON BUSINESS COLLEGEUNIVERSITY CO-OP Congratulations To The Graduating Class Of 1462 the LESTER CORPORATION Ik?st Wishes to the Class of '62 Two Stores: 702 State Street 1325 University Ave. Personalized Auto Service Pick-Up and Delivery 7-1146 FIRST CENTRAL BEAUTY SALON 341 State Street at Gorham Hair Sculpturing Individual Styling BEST WISHES Now Three Locations: . . .at 125 State Street . . .The First National Bank Building . . .and at Northgate Shopping Center For Fine Clothes of All Kinds. . . ANTOINE'S 662 State Street SENIORS! 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HERMAN SEED CORPORATION '[itfae 312 Slot Slrttl Slim . r«gulor . ond bow In all material Ovti 4.000 lit from which to ttltcl Modiion only •xdutivt lit thop C merics's (jrestestTie %lue f In Madison It's Smart Apparel For Men and Boys COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSORIES PHILS SKELLY SERVICE Snow plowing fie Service Calls All Minor Repairs Skilled mechanic On Duty 22 N. Carroll St., Madison, Wis. On the Capitol Square 2 NORTH Park St. Phone Al_ 5-6007 MADISON FROM AMERICA'S DA1RYLAND -CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS ! d ![cuLUon 1, WiiconiLn .. .To the Class of 1962 Celebrate Graduation with a delicious dinner at the HOFFMAN HOUSE 514 East Wilson Hoffman House restaurants also in Rockford, Illinois and fabulous Ishnala near Wisconsin Dells Madison’s Only Specialty Knit Shop ... Knit a sweater . . . Sew a skirt Get Your Yarn at The YARN BAR 553 State Street Best Wishes to the Class of 1962 BROWN’S BOOK SHOP 673 State Street

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