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Text from Pages 1 - 158 of the 1959 volume:

 The Tychobcrahn presents a tribute to "higher education Wc wish to acknowledge and pay tribute to the institutions of higher education which distinguish Madison as a progressive, cultural-minded city. Although this book will feature photos of the University of Wisconsin, one of the great universities of this nation, we imply our dedication to all institutions of higher learning in the Madison area and in the state itself. Our cover depicts the hopes and dreams of many of our graduates - a university education - in this case symbolized by Bascom Hall at the top of the "Hill" - a goal for all to see and strive for. Our carillon calls our graduates to join the march to higher education - a familiar sound of the past and a call for the future. The great University Library symbolizes our heritage of past and present knowledge and understanding, an accumulation and concentration of facts and thought. The picture of the Education Building reminds us of the members of our faculty who have passed through these halls in this university and in other similar halls throughout the nation, sharing what they have learned with the students w-ith whom they work, and encouraging others to follow. The aerial views of the University of Wisconsin campus show us this school as a great whole and makes us aware of the many facets of learning - a stroll by the lake for casual conversation, an afternoon at the stadium, the cultural atmosphere within rooms of the Memorial Union, and relaxation and recreation on the Union Terrace. These arc all tangible evidence of the hopes and dreams of your potential future educa- tion.The University of Wisconsin campus from the air TABLE OF CONTENTS SCHOLASTIC Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores EXTRACURRICULAR ATHLETICS JUNIOR HIGH IJniverslty j WPerhaps the greatest service that a schoolcan contribute to its individual members, its community and to the state and country is to help each pupil to discover his own talents, and to make him dissatisfied until these talents have been sharpened and refined. Those with few talents can at least carry their own weight and add something to meet the great needs of their fellowmen. Those with many or important talents can help society almost beyond the imagination of man. WILLIAM MARSH Mr. Marsh. Central's assistant principal, keeps life at Central running smoothly through lots of work and extensive planning on his pan. NINA FREDRICKSON Miss Fredrickson, Central's guidance director, aids students in planning their programs at Central and in helping them to plan their futures after graduation. ■HH99BI This picture taken at the Homecoming Reception, depicts life at Central and shows the tendency of T alumni and old friends to return to their alma mater. Those who have been at Central, either as teachers or students, can say their high school had that "home- away-from-home feeling." The relationship which exists between the faculty and student body at Central is one of warmth and friendliness. We at Cen-__tral work together, plan together, and enjoy the results of our efforts together.ALLAN ARGUE Science - Mathematics MRS. BETTY ATKINS Latin - English MRS. RUTH BARTER English - Speech JOHN C. BOND Industrial Arts EDWARD COLBERT Industrial Arts MRS. LUELLA COLLINS Commercial ALFRED COLUCCI Social Studies ELIZABETH EISENMAN Social Studies WALTER FANDRICH Music ROBERT HARRIS Physical Education MARGUERITE HASSE Library ROBERT HERREID EnglishSALLY JENKINS Physical Education VICTOR LANNING Social Studies, Mathematics FRANK LINDL Art BEDA MACKIN Social Studies DARLEEN McCORMlCK Music MRS. ELLEN MEISTER Home Economics WILLIAM OLSON English, Social Studies ROBERT PARR Mathematics HAROLD POLLOCK Commercial, Driver's Education LUCILE REID French, Spanish ELIZABETH RITZMANN English JANE ROBERTS Home EconomicsHAROLD ROONEY Physical Education RICHARD SCHURMAN English ROLAND SPRECHER Science DONALD WENDT Social Studies HELEN WHITE Physical Education ANN JUNGINGER Not Pictured ELIZABETH PERKINS Commercial ScienceOFFICE STAFF ' Mrs. Cora Podell Nancy George (Not Pictured -Mrs. Delores Kuntz) NURSE Terry Bialozynski V Mrs. Ann Urban CUSTODIAL STAFF Peter Wohlferd William Ort Raymond Schwoegler Russell QuastWHO’S MOST ATHLETIC Janice Jorgenson John WeierBEST DRESSED Ann Marie Balestreri Jerry Nonman MOST FLIRTATIOUS GIRL MOST BASHFUL BOY Sheila Owens John Gunther And where are "Our Dreams” this year? Well, they're just too "dreamy" to present to you in simple, old snapshots, so you'll find them in the Senior section in their formal studio portraits - and they are this year - Lois Bjornstad and Jim Voss.JAMES ALDRICH "Sometimes happy, sometime sad, sometimes mischievous, never bad. " Football Manager 10. JACK ANDERSON "Some think the world was made for fun and frolic, and so do I." "M" Club; Field and Stream; Cross Country 10; Basketball 10; Track 10,12; Golf 10.11. SONIA ANDRUS1ER "When many are called, she'll be one of the few to be chosen." Orchestra; French Club; Spanish Club; Mirror; Operetta 10; Variety Show 11,12; Lost and Found 11,12; Dramatic Club 12; Play 12. JOHN APINIS "Here's a guy with a lot of looks, who also knows what's in the books." Choir; Annual; "M" Club; Spanish Club; NHS; Student Council President; Sophomore and Senior Class President; Football 10,11,12; Track 10,11,12; Basketball 10,11; Wrestling 12. ANN MARIE BALISTRERI "If eyes were made for seeing, then beauty is it's own excuse for being." Hospitality; Golf Club; GC Clinic; Bowling Club; GAA Council; Homecoming Court; Junior and Senior Class Committee. KATHLEEN BALLENTINE "They're only truly great who are truly good. " Band; Orchestra; Choir; Hospitality 10,11; GAA. JOAN BARTHOLOMEW "Always mischievous, always gay, did you ever see her any other way?" Hospitality; Usherettes; Tennis; Bowling. DENIS BEECHER "Life's a song, and I'm here to sing it." "Waltz Dream", "Cheaper by the Dozen, " "HMS Pinafore, " Double Quartet; Social Committee; Choir; "Our Town;" "The Mouse Trap, " National Thespians. CHRISTINE BEHRND "Boots, Saddle, to horse and away. " Girls Club. BETTY BERGEN "The maiden that carries with ease, the qualities that always please. " Choir; Triple Trio; Costume Club; Ice Cream Counter; Junior-Senior Prom Committees; Girls' Club Committees; Junior Prom Court; Variety Show.KATHLEEN BERRY "Sweet and true - pretty too. " Lost and Found; Ways and Means; Usherettes; Costume Club; GC Clinic. LEON BINGER "When everything is said and done, just call on him, if you want fun. H Field and Stream; Bowling: Choir; Golf Club. LOIS BJORNSTAD "We thought goddesses only appeared in dreams. " Choir; Vice President of Sophomore Class; Student Council Vice President 11; Girls’ Club President 12; Girls’ Club Committees 10-12; Finance Committee; Student Council; French Club; National Honor Society; Homecoming Court; Annual: Variety Show; Ice Cream Counter; Triple Trio: Honor Study Monitor. GARY BOEBEL "He'll leave great tracks in the sands of time. " Choir: Basketball; Baseball 10; "M" Club; Honor Study Monitor; Homeroom Officer; Junior Prom Decorations; Senior Picnic Committee; Field and Stream. JANE BOGART "Lovely to look at, delightful to know. " "Waltz Dream;" Choir, Hospitality; GC Clinic; Bowling; Costume Club. TONY BONO ANNO "Sincere and generous toward all he knows, a jolly man who has no foes. " Football 10,11: Hi-Y 11,12. JOE BRASHI "He’s quiet because he’s saving up his words for later. " Football 10,12; Baseball 11,12; Hi-Y. EMMA BREEDLOVE "For she’s a jolly good fellow. " Hospitality; Lost and Found 11,12; Usherettes. BRUCE BRIGHT "Happy am I; from care I’m free. Why can't everyone else be like me?" Mirror Printing Staff; Boys' Bowling Club; Sports Club; Golf Club. PEGGY CARDERELLA "She’s the peg of our hearts. " Senior Committee; Bowling; GAA; Hospitality; GC Clinic; Ways and Means.FAYTH CARPENTER "Her smile is her password. " Homeroom Officer 11,12; Student Council; GC Clinic; Lost and Found. KAY CARROLL "She smiles at many, just for fun, but we know Tony's the only one. " Hospitality 10,12; Bowling GC Clinic; Junior Red Cross; Choir; Tumbling Club. BEN C1MINO "Even though he seems to be shy, Ben is really an "all-right" guy." Football; Bowling; Golf; Wrestling. JOHN CLEMENTI "His pleasant smile is well worthwhile. " Cross Country; Basketball; Band; Sports Club; Choir; "M" Club; Field and Stream. SALLY COM INS "Did you ever see dynamite come in small packages?" Student Council; Finance Committee; Play 10,11; "HMS" Pinafore;" Orchestra; Girls' Club Committee; Spanish Club; Junior Class Secretary; Mirror; Annual 12; Social Committee; Homecoming Committee; Homecoming Court 12; Cheerleader; Choir. EMMETT CONNERY "What's the use of worrying when there’s so much else to do?" Football; Track; "M" Club; Field and Stream; Trophy Committee; Junior Prom Committee Chairman; Choir; President of Hi-Y; Pep Committee; Student Council. NICK CUCCIA "He's as handsome as he is tall, a friendly hello he has for all. " Play 10; Band Officer 11,12; Spanish Club; Vice President of Junior Class; Operetta 11; Senior Class Picnic. MAUREEN CULP "Good things come in small packages." Spanish Club 10,11; Usherettes 10,12; Hospitality 10-12. PAT DEMPSEY "She struts herself before the band, and we all think she's pretty grand.' Bowling Club; Latin Club; Band Twirler; Girls' Club Committee; Tennis Club; Golf Club; Usherettes. ROSALIE DIMAGGIO "Her warm brown eyes will melt your heart. " Student Council; GC Clinic; Bowling; Choir; Homecoming Court; Variety Show 10,11.SHIRLEY DOSS "With a song in her heart. " Hospitality; Variety Show; Ways and Means; Operetta 11; Choir; Triple Trio: Ice Cream Counter; Junior Red Cross; Ushererte 11,12. KAY DOTZEL "Her beautiful eyes win many guys. " Hospitality 11,12; Choir; Student Council. MARLINE DOUBLEDAY "Intellectual and hard working, you'll never find Marline shirking. " Band; Spanish Club; Hospitality; Library Monitor; "Our Town, " Music Committee for Prom 11. FRED DOYLE "Although I'm not so very tall. I'd rather be short than not at all." Field and Stream; Sports Information; Bowlihg Club; Wrestling 12. KAREN ESSER "It's a great life, why not enjoy it?" Operetta 10-12; Ways and Means; Hospitality; Costume Club; Office Monitor; Choir; Triple Trio; Candy Counter; Ice Cream Counter; Spanish Club. RUDY EWERS "Don't look at me girls. It makes me nervous. " Wrestling 10-12; Football 10-12; Track; "M" Club; Field and Stream. JUDY FAUST "A girl with a pleasing smile and a personality worthwhile." GC Clinic; Lost and Found; Ways and Means. BILL FERGUSON "There is much chance for a sensible man. H Electricians Club; Student Council; Annual 12; Thespians; National Honor Society; Pep Committee; French Club. TOM FINLEY "Now if I were principal ..." Electricians; Field and Stream; Spanish Club. PAT FOSTER "There's something about her you can't resist. " Choir; "Waltz Dream, " Hospitality; Bowling; Officials Club; Tennis Club; Junior Prom Music Committee; "The Fortune-Teller;" Spanish Club; GAA.NORENE FRANK "A three dimensional personality - depth in thought, heighth in personality, broadness in interest." Band 10-12; Orchestra 10,12; Choir 11.12; Triple Trio; Operetta 10-12; Play 10,11; Variety Show 10-12; All-Central Committee 10-12; Homecoming Committee 10-12; Annual Editor 12; National Honor Society; Thespians; FTA; Senior Class Nite and Variety Show Committee. SUE FRANK "Tall and quiet and very sweet, she's the type one likes to meet. ” Hospitality; Candy Counter; Band; Choir; All-Central Committee; Triple Trio; Student Council; Operetta 10,12; Class Cards and Invitations; Variety Show. BILL FREDERICK "A lad with a winning way, he'll go far some day. " Cross Country; Wrestling; Track; Band; "M" Club; Variety Show; Sports Club; Swing Band. NANCY FRIES "The reason men prefer blondes. " Bowling Club; Spanish Club; Costume Club; Student Council; Choir; Ice Cream Counter; Girls' Club Committee 10-12. TERRY GEDKO "Friendly then - friendly now, that's where Terry takes a bow. " Choir; Field and Stream; Bowling Club. SUE GEIF.R "Talent with a capital "artistic." Library An Work 12; Hospitality. MIKE GEIGER "He has a smile for all, friends are at his call. " Electricians; Field and Stream. DIANA GEISHERT "It's nice to be natural when one is naturally nice. " Lost and Found 11,12. DENNIS GERVAS1 "With laughter and fun, many friends he has won. " Choir; Cross Country; Hockey; Bowling Club; Boys' Double Quartet. BRUCE GIBSON "A quiet man, but quite a man. " Football; Basketball; Hockey; Golf; Hi-Y; Homeroom Officer; Track; "M" Club; Spanish Club; Choir; Ring Committee; Field and Stream.DIANE GLAS1ER "There'll be no tears, these were happy years. " Band; Orchestra; Choir; French Club; "HMS Pinafore, " Operetta 12; Lost and Found; Library Monitor; Candy Counter. ELIZABETH GOAD "She does unto others as if she were others. H Hospitality; Lost and Found; Bowling. SUE GOODRICH "Her mood doesn't change with the weather, it's always unclouded." Spanish Club; Social Committee; Hospitality; Operetta; Variety Show 10-12; Band; Orchestra; Ways and Means; Candy Counter. TOM GORMAN "Nobody can beat this Tom Tom. " Football; Basketball: Baseball; Field and Stream. JANET GRATZ "She's just what she is. what others report, a girl, a pal, and a very good sport. " Operetta 10-12; Bowling; Spanish Club; Girls' Club Committee 10-12; Costume Club; Choir; Office Monitor; Ice Cream Counter. JON GUENTHER "A shy guy, but oh my!" Track; Four Lakes Basketball; Wrestling. ANN GULRUD "A pert little package. " Bowling; Hospitality; GAA; Variety Show. SONJA GUNDERSON "If you would rule the world, you must keep it amused. " Hospitality; Bowling; Girls’ Club; Tennis. ? KAY HAMMERSLEY "Not too serious, not too gay, but a real good pal in every way. " Band; Orchestra; Usherettes; Lost and Found; Hospitality; Junior Prom Decorations; Senior Committee. MARY HAMPEL "Character is the diamond that scratches all other stones. " Bowling; Latin Club; GC Clinic; Office Monitor; Candy Counter; GAA; Mirror Staff; Hospitality.GARY HARRINGTON "And along came a handsome stranger. M DICK HARRINGTON "He's good in baseball, lots of vim, too bad there's only one of him." Field and Stream; Spanish Club; Baseball. JUDY HENES "Those who know her best, praise her most. " Band; Usherettes; Ways and Means; Lost and Found; Junior Prom Refreshment Committee; GC Clinic. KATHRYN HINRICHS "They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts." "Cheaper By the Dozen, " Hospitality; Usherettes; Library Monitor; AAA Monitor. BILL HOPPE "For whom the 'Belles' toll. " Field and Stream; "M" Club; Hi-Y; Basketball; Football; Spanish Club; Choir. MIKE HOTLEN "Girls are bothersome, but I don't mind being bothered. " Wrestling; Field and Stream; Bowling. BOB IRVINE "If the mike doesn't work, if the light doesn't light. Just call on Bob, he'll make it right." Electricians; Spanish Club; Golf; Student Council; Band; Senior Class Picnic. MAXINE JOHNSON "Wherever she finds herself in life she'll make a good addition. " Band: Choir: Variety Show; Homecoming Court; Social Committee; Student Council; Ways and Means; GC Clinic; Bowling; Tennis; Golf Clubs. PETER JOLIVETTE "Here's a guy with intelligence supreme, in all his subjects he's on the beam. " Band; Choir; Play 10; Operetta 10-12; Finance Committee Chairman; Student Council; Homecoming Committee; Co-Chairman Senior Variety Show; National Honor Society. TIM JONAS "A big man in stature, a man big in heart, always willing to do his part. "BOB JORDAN “An agreeable guy with laughter in his eye." Football; Track; Hockey: Cross Country; "Our Town"; Field and Stream; Electricians. JANICE JORGENSON "The most athletic girl is she, and this she most deserves to be." Girls'"M" Club; Lost and Found; GC Clinic; Candy Counter; Choir; Bowling; Officials Club. JIM JULIAN ", always dependable, whatever he does is especially commendable." Press Club; Mirror; Latin Club; Annual; Senior Planning Committee. BOB KAIL "True to Central High - a smile, a laugh, but never a sigh." RAY KELLIHER "Handsome features, laugh so hearty, he gives life to every party. " Band; Orchestra; Baseball; Basketball; Cross Country; Variety Show; Hi-Y; "M" Club; Senior Class Vice President; Band President; Dance Band. DOUG KENDALL "Friends and classmates are agreed, that he is likely to succeed. " Band; "Our Town"; Thespians; Finance Committee; Student Council; Choir; Operetta 10-12. JUDY KINDER "Everything she does, she does well, and she does everything. " Dramatics Club; Ways and Means; GC Cabinet; "Our Town"; Operetta 11,12; Annual Section Editor 11,12; "The Mousetrap"; Candy Counter; Class Night Co-Chairman. PEGGY KOPP "Happy go lucky, fair and free. Nothing there is that bothers me." Girls' Club; Bowling; Tennis Club. VICTOR LEDIN "The curtain rises on a brilliant future. " Play 10-12; Variety Show 10-12. CHARLES LEROUX "If capability and personality brought riches, he'd be a millionaire. " Student Council; All-Central Committee; Variety Show; Operetta 10-12; Student Council Government Committee; Band Officer; National Honor Society; Senior Variety Show Script Chairman.GARY LICHTENBERG "It was a long hard struggle, but I finally made it. " Field and Stream 10.12; Homeroom Officer 11. JEAN LINDE "A wonderful gal. and a jolly good sport; well say she’s sweet to make it short. " Costume Club; GC Clinic; HMS Pinafore; Hospitality; Bowling Club; Junior Prom Committee; Homeroom Officer; Choir; GAA. PATRICK LIVESEY "He’d stop St. Peter’s roll call to start an argument." Electricians Club; Field and Stream; Spanish Cub. BARBARA LLOYD "To a young heart, everything is fun. " Ways and Means; Hospitality; Girls' Bowling; GAA; GC Clinic. SHARON LONDON "A personality of vitality and fun." Hospitality; Usherettes; Ice Cream Counter: Bowling Cub. JEAN LONG "A girl who hits the spot, whom we really like a lot. ” Usherettes; Lost and Found; Hospitality; Junior Prom Committee; GAA. PETE LON1ELLO "Twinkle! Twinkle! Football star! What a bashful boy you are!" Football; Four Lakes Basketball; Baseball; Hi-Y. SUE MAIN "A model girl for a modern man." Mirror Staff; Annual Staff; Candy Counter; Bowling Cub. HARRY MANHART "A young man in his early flirties." Football 11; Choir; Field and Stream; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Dance Committee; Hi-Y. JANET LUTHER "Keen sense, common sense, and one for nonsense. " Hospitality; Candy Counter; Operetta 10,11,12; Variety Show; Junior Prom Committee; Social Committee; Cheerleader; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Mirror Staff; Press Club 11.JERRY MARBLE "Although he may seem awfully shy, he really is quite a guy." Electricians; Field and Stream; Track; Football 11; Student Council 12; Senior Dance Committee; "M" Club. MAXINE MARSHALL "Hair of gold, eyes of blue; you'll like her and she'll like you. " Hospitality 10,11.12; Bowling Club; Variety Show 10; Girls' Club. DALE MARTINSON "He keeps himself in shape for wrestling, all year around. " Wrestling 10,11,12. SHARON MATTIE "Little and sweet and nice to meet. " Junior Prom Committee; Hospitality 10.11; Lost 3nd Found 12; Ice Cream Counter 12. CHUCK MAZURSKY "To woo the maiden is his aim. Casanova is his name. " Student Council President; Social Committee; Basketball; Hi-Y; Cross Country 12; Ring Committee 11; Homeroom President; Senior Picnic Chairman; Honor Study Monitor. LORETTA McDOWELL "A very sweet girl, with a very sweet face, Loretta's a very exceptional case." Operetta; Costume Club; Hospitality 10,11,12. MARIAN McELMURRY "A small girl, a big heart, to Central an important part. Girls' Club; Hospitality Committee 10,11,12. CHRISTINE MERCER "A swell gal, a real friend, a true worker to the end. " Hospitality 10,11,12; Mirror Staff; Press Club. KEN MORHOFF "He has looks that ring the bell. On top of this, he's just plain swell. Football 12; Field and Stream; Hockey 12; Caps and Gowns; Junior Prom Ticket Committee. HOLLIS MITCHELL "Not loud, but her tone rings clear. " Spanish Club 10,11; Hospitality 10,11; Lost and Found 12.THERON MORRIS "A good example of the model Central High student; fun loving, sports loving, girl loving. " Choir 12; Basketball 12. KEN NEWBERRY "We are certain you'll agree, Ken has loads of ability." Basketball 10; Golf 10,11,12; Cross Country; Field and Stream; Mirror Staff 12. JUDY NOLL "Her soft brown eyes put one at ease; we believe this girl was made to please." Spanish Club; Lost and Found; GC Clinic; Pep Committee; Costume Club; Ice Cream Counter; Junior Prom Decorations; Senior Class Picnic; Choir; Variety Show. JERRY NORSMAN "Tall, blond, and let me at him." Basketball; Cross Country; Golf; "M" Club; Choir; Student Council 10; Field and Stream; Junior Prom Decorations; Double Quartet; Social Committee. TOM OGDEN "He's the sort of a chap who follows you into a revolving door and comes out first. " Orchestra 10,11,12. PAT O'LEARY "She looks like an angel in disguise, but the fun just twinkles in her eyes." Student Council 11; Pep Committee; Hospitality 10; GC Clinic 11,12; Choir; Costume Club; Triple Trio; Ice Cream Counter; Junior and Senior Committees; Operetta 10,11,12. DAVE OLSON "He has printers' ink in his veins. " Choir; Basketball 10; Cross Country 10; Homeroom Officer; Golf Club 10; Bowling Club 11,12. NANCY OLSON "Full of fun and to us dear, she'll add joy to any year. " Band 10,11; French dub; Variety Show 11; Candy Counter 11,12; Hospitality 10; Ice Cream Counter 12; Girls' Club Secretary; Class Night Committee; Bowling 12. KATHY OVERTON "Like gravity she has the power of attraction. " Student Council 10; Band; Orchestra; Choir; Social Committee; Latin Club 11; Junior and Senior Committees; GC Cabinet; Hospitality 10; Candy Counter 11,12; Office Monitor. SHEILA OWENS "No, nothing happened; I just believe in smiling. " Red Cross 10,11; Mirror; Costume Club 11; Student Government Day Committee 10,11; Press Club; AAA Monitor 10; Homeroom Officer 11.12.ROSS PARIS1 "Music hath charm, and so hath the musician." Orchestra; Band; Dance Band; Junior and Senior Prom Committee; Band Officer; Operetta 10,12; Basketball 10,11,12; Track 10,11,12; Cross Country 10. LARRY PAQUETTE "Everyone loves a clown. " Field and Stream; Choir; Double Quartet; Operetta 10,11,12; "Cheaper by the Dozen. " ALICE PAULSON "A short circuit with a plus charge. " Band; Ways and Means; Hospitality; Candy Counter; Variety Show 10. EILEEN PERRETT "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." GAA 11,12; Bowling 12; Girls' Club; Senior Prom Committee. JOE PETERSON "Time tells on a good man - especially a good time." Sports information. JULIE PETERSON "Music is said to be the voice of an angel. " Band; Orchestra; Choir; Triple Trio; Annual; Girls' Club Treasurer; Student Council; Latin Club 11; Mirror 11; Operetta 11,12; Variety Show 12; Ice Cream Counter; Band Officer; Junior and Senior Prom Committee; Hospitality; Candy Counter 11,12. JORGE PLAZA "He came, he was, he conquered our hearts. " Senior Committee; Football 12. DOMINICA PULLARA "Here's to the girl with the heart and the smile who makes this bubble of life worthwhile." GC Clinic: Junior and Senior Committees; Choir; GAA; Bowling 12; Style Show 10; Tennis 12. RON REEK "Silence at the proper moment is wisdom and better than speech. " Baseball 10,12; Cleanup Committee 11. LUELLA REUTER "Her face is a fortune and it runs into an attractive figure. " Orchestra; Choir; Bowling 10,11; Spanish Club; Ice Cream Counter 12; Junior and Senior Committees; Costume Club 10,11; AAA Monitor 10,11.JERRY RIDDLE "Not quiet nor loud, nor short nor tall, but just a mixture of them all. Football; Baseball; "M" dub; Hi-Y; Track; Field and Stream. DON ROBERTS "The world was made to be enjoyable, and 1 will make the most of it." Field and Stream; Sports Information. JEANNETTE ROGERS "A maiden good without pretense, blessed with kindness and common sense. " Latin Club; Girls' Club; Choir; Book Exchange Monitor. SHARON ROGERS "A wonderful gal. and a jolly good sport, well say she's swell to make it short. • Usherettes; Costume Club; Girls' Club Committee; Office Monitor; Bowling; Girls' Sports. SANDY ROHDE "She’s winy to talk with and pretty to walk with. " GC Clinic; Choir; Triple Trio; Pep Committee; Costume Club; Ice Cream Counter. JIM RUSSELL "The more you see him, the more you want to see of him. " KARLA RYERSON "Wherever she meets a stranger, she leaves a friend. " Ways and Means; Lost and Found; Variety Show 12. ALICE SANDERS "She entered a stranger; she left a friend." Girls' dub. GERALDINE SCHACHTE "In cheerleading she sure looked smart but Ray has really got her heart." Choir, Cheerleader 10-12; GC Clinic; Candy Counter; Caps and Gowns; Tumbling. RAY SCHARA "A good time now is worth two gone by." Field and Stream.JAN SCHMITZ "Never a dull moment. " Lost and Found; Usherettes; Choir; Girls' Sports. TOM SCHNEIDER "In a machine age, a nation needs men who know machines. " Spanish Club; Field and Stream. STUART SHAPIRO "Wavy hair, big wide smile, Stu will be remembered a long, long while. " Football; Wrestling; Hi-Y; "M" Club; Field and Stream; Social Com mittee; Senior Dance Committee; Homeroom Officer 12. DAN SHEA "Nobody takes responsibility more seriously or amusement more lightly. " Football; Cross Country; Student Council: Finance Committee; Wrestling; Latin Club. JIM SLATTERY "He cuts the ice. " Football; Hockey 10-12; Field and Stream; Sports Club. BOB SLAVNEY "A man who speaks his mind is well spoken of. " Class Night Chairman; Student Council; Vice President of Madison Youth Council; All-Central Committee; Choir; Football; Mirror; Basketball. MARCIA SPETH "Ability plus enthusiasm plus trustworthiness equals true service." Mirror Staff; Girls' Club; Dramatics Club; "The Mousetrap, "; Makeup Chairman. DAN STEINHOFER "Whenever a helper you may need, you'll find Dan a friend indeed. " Bowling; Field and Stream. GARY STORLID "He may be quiet, but you can see, he's full of fun as anyone can be. " Choir; Field and Stream; Boys' Double Quartet; Hockey; Tennis; Sports Club; Bowling; Golf. ERNEST STORM "Our dashing" young man in more ways than one. " Cross Country; Basketball; "A Waltz Dream, "; Junior Prom Committee; Football 12.BERNADINE STOUT "You'd never know her hair was red from her sunny disposition. " Choir; Hospitality 10,11; Tennis 11; GAA; Ways and Means 12. KAY STRAIT "To name all her virtues is hard as can be, for what Kay hasn't, neither have we. " Operetta 10; Hospitality 11; Costume Club 11,12; Usherettes 11.12; GC Clinic 12. JOHN STREIFF "He's a fellow who's never shy, the girls all sigh when he goes by. " Choir; "M" Club; Field and Stream; Spanish Club; Senior Committee; Football 11.12; Hockey 10.11,12; Golf 11.12; Homeroom Officer. HELEN SUBEY "She works with a wonderful will and way as she follows the course of each busy day." Choir; French Club; Hospitality 10,11; Ring Committee 11,12; Girls Club Cabinet 11,12; Senior Committee; Operetta 10; All-Central rommittee; Mirror; Annual; Student Council Secretary. RICHARD SWEET "Carefree? That’s me." Band; French Club; Annual; Mirror; Electricians 11,12; Student Council 11,12; Bowling Club; Golf Club. ALLAN THORSON "He's sure a whiz with that voice of his." Choir; Double Quartet; Operetta 10,11,12; Basketball 10; Field and Stream. JANICE ULRICH "Happy, laughing and smiling, onward through life she goes. " Girls' Club; GAA. JERRY ULRICH "An athlete, a friend, a mighty swell lad. just to know him makes us glad." Field and Stream 10; Spanish Club; Electricians Club; "M" Club; Student Council 11,12; Student Council Vice President 12; Junior Class President; Track 10,11; Wrestling 10,11; Football 10,11,12. ROSEMARY URSO "Her contribution to the sum of things is herself. " Choir; Hospitality 10; Usherettes 10,11; Operetta 10,11; Junior and Senior Committees: Ways and Means 11; Candy Counter 12; Ice Cream Counter Chairman 12; Monitor 11,12. BEVERLY VANDERHOEF "Ever true to her word, her work, and her friends. " Bowling 11,12; Costume Club; Usherettes 11,12; Lost and Found; Junior and Senior Committees; Monitor 12.KAY VAN DYKE "The gods did more than just their duty, they gave her brains and added beauty." Student Council; Sophomore and Senior Class Secretary; Orchestra; Student Government Committee; Junior Prom Queen; National Honor Society; Latin Club; Homecoming Committee; Ice Cream Counter; Junior Prom Decorations; Annual Staff; Variety Show; Homecoming Court; Youth Council 11; Girls' Club Committees. PAT VELOFF "Quite quiet, quite nice. " Hospitality Committee; GAA; Class Motto and Colors 12. LEO VASAITIS "The good humor man. " French Club 11,12; Student Council 12. BONNIE VITENSE "With diligence and skill, nothing is impossible. " Hospitality; Candy Counter; Lost and Found Chairman; Ways and Means; "Waltz Dream;" Choir; Mirror; Social Committee; French Club; Ice Cream Counter. JIM VOSS "Did you ever see a dream walking?" Dance Band; Operetta 10,12; Band; Orchestra; Cross Country; Four Lakes Basketball. PHYLLIS WAGNER "I refuse to walk in the tracks of others, I'll make my own. " Homeroom Monitor; Hospitality; Prom Decorations; Social Committee; Class Night Committee; Bowling Club; Float Committee. JOYCE WATZKE "A mile a minute is a good speed but a smile - a minute gets you there faster." Costume Club; Usherettes; Girls' Club. JOHN WEIER "A star on the field and on the floor, the dream of coaches and many more. " "M" Club; Football; Basketball; Baseball 10; Golf 11,12; Student Council Treasurer 12; Hi-Y 11,12; Student Council Treasurer 12; Hi-Y; Latin dub; Finance Committee; Junior Prom Decorations; Field and Stream; Honor Study Monitor. NANCY WEIN "A girl whom we all admire, she's everything we desire. " Operetta 10,11; Ways and Means; Ice Cream Counter; Candy Counter; Variety Show; Choir; French Club; Mirror Staff; Costume Club. DAVE WESLEY "If wise remarks were a grain of sand. I'd be a desert. " Football; Basketball; "M" Club.DAVID WEST "Never frowning, never quiet, when there s Dave, there’s always a riot." Field and Stream; Homeroom Officer 10,11,12; Bowling Club; Operetta 12. MARCIA WEST "Feeling low? Feeling Blue? Marcia Is the girl for you." Costume Club 10,11,12; Hospitality 10; Lost and Found 11; GC Clinic 11; Variety Show 10. DONALD WESTBURY "Happy am I, from care I'm free, why isn't everyone as content as me." Field and Stream 10,12; Football 10; Bowling; Golf Club 11,12. BOB WHIPPLE "In many things great and fine, but as drum major he does shine." Band; Drum Major; Track 10,11,12; Wrestling 11,12; French Club; Basketball 10; Student Council 10,11; Operetta 10; Ring Committee 11,12. JUDY WIESE "Ready for anything you might ask. be it fun or be it a task. " Red Cross; Junior and Senior Committees; Ways and Means; Hospitality; Usherettes. JUDITH WILLIAMS "A disposition as mild as can be; she'll go places you wait and see." Hospitality 12; Girls' Club. RICHARD WILLIAMS "He sparkles on our diamond. " Field and Stream 10,12; Football 11; Four Lakes Basketball 10,11,12; Bowling Club; Basketball 10; Baseball 10,11,12. ELIZABETH WILSON "A wonderful girl, sincere and true, who could that fit much better than you. " Latin Club; GAA; Hospitality 12; Girls' Club. PETER WOLLNER "His talents, like water pressure, flow undiminished in every direction. " Track 10,11,12; Basketball 10; Wrestling 11; Operetta 10; Electricians 11,12; Band; Orchestra; Ring Committee 11; Social Committee; "M" Club; Dance Band 10. HOWARD YASKAL "A swell guy, a real friend, a true worker to the end. " Football 10,11,12; Baseball 10; "M" Club; Field and Stream; Photographer.ELLIOT ZIMMERMAN "If you take away the cornerstone, the building will fall. " Student Council; Pep Committee 10,11; Chairman 12; Homecoming Committee 10,11,12; Auditorium Committee 11; Thespians; Play 10.12; Operetta 10,12; Choir; National Honor Society; Ring Committee XI; Latin Club 11; Annual 11. LINDA ZWICKEY "True friendship is a rare.and wonderful thing." Hospitality 10.11.12; GaX 12. Not Pictured JAMES VITALE LAVERN WAHLINLucrile ReidCLASS OFFICERS 1959 JOHN APINIS President KAY VAN DYKE Secretary RAY KELLIHER Vice President CLASS COLORS; Blue and Silver CLASS MOTTO: Past in our hearts, the future in our hands” GRADUATION DAY Iune 12, 1959EXPECTING VICTORY SENIOR'HOME ROOM 303 Not present when pictures were taken: RAY DUNSE DIANE KILLERLAIN DENNIS ROSINE LARRY AUSSE JACK BLANKENHEIM KAY BEYER BRIAN BRIGGS TERRY BRINKMAN LANETTE BURKELAND PHIL CLEMENTI RON DOMMERHAUSEN GEORGE ENGLISH DONNA ESTERVIG NICK FIORE PAT FISHER KAREN F RE IT AG KEN GRAUVOGL JOHN HARRIS ROSEMARY HORVOTH ARNIE JENSEN JON JOHNSON VAL KARAN CAROL KING DICK MILWARD DAVE NORSETTER KIRSTEN PETERSEN ANITA PIE RICK BARBARA ROHR RITA SARBACKER NANCY SEELEY MARGARET STEELEHOME ROOM 305 NEIL BEST JENNIE BLODAU JUDY COAKLEY JOHN COLLETTI JEANNE ELVERT BARBARA FREDRICK JERRY HANNIFAN JEAN HALVERSON LORENE HANOLD BERNARD HARTMAN JANET HATLEBERG LINDA HOOVERSON TOM JONES MARY JOO BILL KOVACK BONNIE KRAMER LARRY LONGFIELD STEVE MATTESON dennis mcdowell RALPH MITCHELL JEAN MOHRHAUSER BILL OLSON ANTONY PULLARA DICK PUTNAM TOM SCALLON GEORGIA SPATARO BOB WING JULIE YACKLEYHOME ROOM 321 ED ALLEN CASSANDRA ANUNDSON SANDRA BAHR HOWARD BAMBROUGH JOHN FELDT KATHLEEN FITZGIBBON DEAN FLEMING TOM FRANCE JAMES GREEN SUSAN HOVEN MARCELLA HUBER MYRON ISON BONNIE JINKINS ROBERT JOHNSON JERRY KINDER LINDA KNEEBONE NIKKOL LITTEL MICHAEL MARKING DAVID MAROTZ PAT McFADDEN TIM MICHAEL JIM OLSON DENNIS PIPER HANS ROTH HENRIETTA SANDERS DEENA SLAFER ELLEN SMITH GAYLE SMITH JEROME STULL FRED UTTER MARGARET UTTER JOSEPHINE VITALE EDDITH WAKE MARY JO WILLIAMSJunior Prom Royalty - King Richard Putnam and Queen Georgia Spataro ENCHANTED EVENING The Junior Prom of Central High School was held on the evening of January 31 as Bob Lcysen's Orchestra played to the theme of an "Enchanted Evening." King Richard Putnam chose Georgia Spataro as his Queen. Mary Scalissi was escorted by the Junior Class Vice President, Dick Berens, and Secretary Nancy Johnson's escort was Robert Irvine. Robert Irvine. Nancy Johnson. Richard Putnam. Georgia Spataro, Mary Scalissi, Richard Berens.HOME ROOM 323 MIKE ARNOLD JERRY BECKMAN ORIN BOEBEL TOM BOWES JEANETTE BRAXTON LEON DAHL JIM DAKINS JANICE DENEEN JUDY DEMARTINO BRUCE DIETRICH BONNIE ESTERVIG DICK GENSKE KEITH GRAVOGL DONNA HARMS JANICE HOLVENSTAT RALPH HOLDER JOHN KAISER DENNIS KEPLER DICK LENZER GLORIA LEWIS JOHN LYNCH RUSSELL MEYER GLORIA MONT ALTO EUGENE OWEN DONNA PERKINS CAROL RIDDLE GARY SEYMOUR GERALDINE STOFFELS BECKY WERNER JIM WESTHOME ROOM 417 Noi present when pictures were taken: PATTY LABARRO STAN NINEDORF PHILIP RAY KAREN BAUMAN DAVE BUGLASS TOM CONNERY DICK CROTSENBERG CAROLYN CUCCIA JOHN CUCCIA PAT ENGLER JOE GERMONO JOHN GERVASI KATHY GRAPSAS LEVI HARDEN BARBARA HARING VIRGINIA HILDEN BERNETTA HILL NANCY JOHNSON DAVID KENISON BILL LORENZ MADELINE PELUTTERI JUDY SCHULTZ CLARA STEARNS KAREN SWEET BILL TOMKINS LYNN VICTOR TERRY WILCOX JOHN ZERWICKHOME ROOM 430 Not present when pictures were taken: LYLE MANN JIM HOFFLAND STEVE BARTHOLOMEW DICK BERENS ROGER BOEKER DONALD CONNERS RUTH CONNERY LINDA DEFAUW JOANN ELVERT JOHN ENGLER BEVERLY FRIEDE JAMES FRYE NICK HANUCHEWIZI JAMES KEMPFER BOB KOZAK DAVE LONIELLO PAT McCANN MARILYN MITCHELL MARILYN MURPHY JEAN NELSON TOM OTTUM PETE PATAU JUDY PECK DICK QUALE ELEANOR RAY PAUL SCHAUB MARY WALLACEHOME ROOM 306 Advisor: MRS. BARTER •SOPHOMORE SPECIALISTS" Georgia Hacked Jackie Buchanan Hobart Hart Judy London Sharon Vant Jon Christianson Ray Ketner FIRST ROW: M. Rubin. J. Rynes, C. Raine, R. Crabtree, P. Morrick, Mrs. Barter, F. Muehlemann, S. Edge, J. Christianson, J. Tucker, M. Burton. SECOND ROW: B. George, M. Palmer, C. Nelson, L. Donath, T. Von Arnd’t, L. Barth, S. Garlick, J. Corbett, J. London, D. Uphoff. THIRD ROW: C. Gohre, J. Deneen, M. Julian, M. Horsfall, J. Buchanan, C. Yancey, B. Femrite, J. Olson, T. Hauge. FOURTH ROW: F. Theel, D. Bedohn, P. Macaluso, J. Siclehr, D. Stoffels, P. Zilley. Not Pictured: S. Jacobson. C. Lannon, J. Tantillo.HOME ROOM 315 Advisor: MR. PARR "SOPHOMORE SMARTIES" Arleen Parmcntier Jeanne Voss Joan Davies Kay Van Arndt Dave Jolivette Rastna Apinis Hobart Hart Kay Larson Ron Dinteman Betty Bakke Angie Fiscus FIRST ROW: J. FitzGibbon. C. Reuter. D. Sielehr. J. Herrick, A. Schiro. J. Engclhart. K. Peschel, B. Sweet, M. Engelberger. D. Jolivette, F. Sperry. SECOND ROW: M. Johnson. P. DiMaggio. S. Levakc, B. Bakke. S. Sabroff. K. Kilgore, M. Rohr, B. Gill, K. Domack, L. Cuccia. THIRD ROW: R. Clifcorn, J. Ashe, J. Engelberger, J. Traino, J. Peterson, J. Frank, E. Bennett, D. Harris, H. Hart, P. Roberts, R. Gunderson, S. McGrath. Not pictured; A. Cardarella, E. Hvett, S. Sandra.HOME ROOM 317 i Advisor: MR. WENDT "OUR ATHLETES" Butch Engelhart Chuck Knecbone Tom Corbett Fred Muehlemann Ron Dintemann Barry Sweet Dick Stoffels FIRST ROW: C. Hovey. M. Snell, S. Boode, J. Puccio, V. Maki, Mr. Wendt, S. Schmeling. P. Knee-bone, G. Hackett, M. Caruso. L. Kendall. SECOND ROW; A. Parmentier, R. Apinis. S. Wallace, R. Collins. L. Wein, C. Smithson. L. Cowell. E. Williams. S. Harris. G. Boles. THIRD ROW: R. Hubbard. F. Devclak, J. Novick, J. Wood, K. Powers. B. Patchin, B. Hilgers, R. Coghlen. FOURTH ROW; J. Frederick, R. Erickson, H. Smedal. Not Pictured: J. Davies.HOME ROOM 322 Advisor: MR. OLSON "NEATEST SOPHS" Stu Kamin Chuck Kneebone Ron Judd Joe Puccio Barry Sweer Joe Gervasi Fred Muehlemann FIRST ROW: N. Narum. L. Clark, M. Vitence, B. Theel, Mr. Olson. M. Caliva, V. Cramer, E. Fer-ren, S. Haywood. R. Cragg. SECOND ROW: B. Yaekel, B. Ross, B. Lloyd, J. Blankenheim, M. Dil-labough, K. Larsen, J. Schwichtenbcrg, M. Ellestad. THIRD ROW: G. Schultz, P. Oscar, R. Surer, B. Hann, J. Scudero. Not pictured: R. Judd, A. Bennett, B. Rasmussen, J. Small, C. Bystol, J. Grignano, F. Johnson, R. Sprague.HOME ROOM 413 Advisor: MR. HERREID "PERSONALITY PLUS” Mary Kraskey Sandy Edge Pal Donner Mary Scallisi Pat Morrick Karen Haessig Georgia Hackeit Pauline DiMaggio FIRST ROW: E. Slaback, J. Worden, M. Barr, S. Kamin, K. Haessig, M. Kraskey, M. Sweet, J. Voss, C. Degenhardt, A. Goad. SECOND ROW; L. Bakkcn, D. Galloway, S. Nichus, M. Patterson, T. Pan-kow, S. Du Charme, J. Copus, J. Raether, E. Mitchell. E. Hill. THIRD ROW: J. Ashley. M. Irvine. R. Bross, D. Smcdegard, J. Moore. M. Castle. P. Rudd. D. O’leary, D. Fruth. FOURTH ROW: M. Mannering, P. Mayden, T. Corbett, D. Ramsey, C. Knight. Not pictured: J. Bates, K. Dybdal.HOME ROOM 425 Advisor: MRS. PERKINS “MISCHIEF MAKERS" Merle Sweet Judy London Bill Hilgcrs Ernestine Mitchell Joe Scudera Stu Kamin Joe Puccio FIRST ROW: S. Bogart, R. Ogden, A. Fiscus, J. Gcrvasi, P. Donner, Mrs. Perkins, M Kenison, D. Dry-den, S. Vant, M. Snell, L. Houldsworth. SECOND ROW: S. Phillips, M. Cuccia, K. Elvert, A. Ger-mann, C. DiMartino, A. Melville, B. Henes, R. Ketner. THIRD ROW . D. O'Connell, C. Vinje, C. Kettlcson, B. Mayer, C. Carlson. FOURTH ROW: R. Miller, P. Phaneuf, R. Dintemann, D. Coffey. Not pictured: J. Bonno Anno. C. Hannon, M. Gulrud, S. McCord.THE MOUSE By AGATHA The Players Giles Ralston -- - - - Mollie Ralston --- - ----------- Sergeant Trotter--------------- Mrs. Boyle --- - --------- Miss Casewell —--------- Mr. Paravicini------- Major Metcalf - - -Christopher Wren - Peter Patau - Margaret Utter Elliot Zimmerman ■------Judy London ----- Judy Kinder -------Joseph Germono -------------Victor Ledin ......----------Holbert HartTRAP CHRJSTIE “Somebody may warn to get away” Directed by Mrs. Ruth Barter, this tense and exciting mystery was presented on Central's stage on November 14, 1958. As the curtain opened, one murder had just been committed. There was a promise of another as the murderer devised a trap for his next victim.MONITORS ROW 1: Mr. Wendt, J. Kinder, J. Roger . M. Steele, B. Werner, N. Wein, C. Cuccia, K. Beyer, J. Blodeau, Mr. Marsh. ROW 2: J. Nelson. B. Vanderhoef, K. Freitag. B. Kramer, G. Hackett, J. Luther. M. Hampel, A. Pierick. B. Fredrick. ROW 3: K. Carroll, S. Rogers, J. DiManino, N. Olson. R. Urso. J. Wiese. J. Peterson, M. Mitchell. ROW 4: H. Subey, V. Karan, M. Doubleday, D. Glasier, M. Utter, C. Mazursky. USHERETTES ROW 1: S. London, J. Faust, P. Dempsey. K. Hinrichs. J. Elvert, Mrs. Atkins, B. Vanderhoef, K. Strait, K. Berry, S. Rogers, S. Doss, B. Rohr. ROW 2: J. Elvert, J. Deneen, K. Elvert, B. Fredrick, M. Joo, D. Killerlaine, B. Henes. B. Jorge. ROW 3: C. Riddle. G. Boles, S. Harris, C. Nelson S. DuCharme, J. Tucker.DOUBLE QUARTET Jerry Norsman Allen Thorson Gary Boebel Myron Ison Denis Beecher Theron Morris TRIPLE TRIO Ralph Mitchell Lois Bjorns tad Susan FrankMR. FANDR1CH BANDPep auds and football formations began the year for Central’s band under the direction of Mr. Walter Fandrich. As the year progressed, the band played at basketball games and pep auds. The Mid-Winter Concert was next, followed by the Pop Concert which featured several solo parts for Individuals and sections. A concert at the Monona-Grove High School followed. The band ended the year with performances at the Spring Concert, in the Memorial Day parade, and at Class Night. ROW 1: Julie Peterson, Sue Goodrich, Kathy Ballentine. ROW 2: Nick Cuccia, Chuck Leroux, Ray Kclliher, President; Jim Voss, Peter Jolivette, Peter Wollner.ROW 1: J. Streiff, H. Manhart, B. Olson, G. Seymour, R. Boeker, J. Colletti. ROW 2: B. Dietrich. L. Binger, B. Wing, B. Hoppe, N. Hanuchewizi, J. Stull. ROW 3: E. Zimmerman, M. Ison, D. Putnam, J. Worden. P. Jolivette. ROW 4: J. Apinis, J. Norsman, D. Olson, A. Thorson, D. Kendall, D. Milward. CHOIR ROW 1: M. Mitchell. D. Pullara, J. Peck. S. Rohde, N. Wcin, J. Linde. P. Foster. ROW 2: E. Smith. L. Houldsworth, G. Spataro, P. LaBarro, J. Rogers. B. Stout. ROW 3: N. Johnson, B. Jinkins, P. O'Leary. L. Kneebone. D. Glasier, B. Bergen. ROW 4: A. Pierich. G. Schachie, S. Frank, K. Esser, B. Viiense, J. Kinder.MISS McCORMICK ROW 1: J. Puccio. J. Johnson, E. Connery. ROW 2: D. Beecher, J. West. H. Roth. D. Ger-vasi. ROW 3: R. Mitchell, T. Morris. J. Olson. G. Storlid, J. Clemente. Christmas carols in October became familiar as the A Cappella Choir, directed by Miss Darleen McCormick, prepared for the annual Christmas Pageant in the State Capitol building. Following this program and the school Christmas program, the Choir sang at the Mid-Winter Concert. The group ended the year with a special aud program at Easter time, with a performance in the Spring Concert, and at Graduation exercises. ROW 1: S. Comins, D. Slafer, L. McDowell. S. Goodrich, K. Overton, J. Vitale. ROW 2: H. Subcy, J. Jorgenson. J. Bogart, K. Ballentine, N. Frank. ROW 3: R. DiMaggio. M. Hampel, J. Noil. J. Gratz, L. Reuter, N. Narum. ROW 4: M. Johnson. L. Bjornstad, S. Doss, N. Fries, K. Dotzel. J. Schmitz, J. Peterson.A NEW IDEA IN CHRISTMAS PARTIES . . . The Central student body instituted what may become a tradition at Christmas time, when the entire group met in the gym during the seventh period on the Thursday before Christmas vacation. This time was formerly given to individual home room parties. Miss McCormick led group singing; Mrs. Brown accompanied the Christmas songs on the piano. Later, the entire student body moved out onto the gym floor to dance to a specially-purchased stack of brand-new "45V (including, of course, the now-memorable "Chipmunks"). Did they have fun? Look at the snaps below and you’ll see they did.Sr The Concert Orchestra, under the able direction of Mr. Walter Fandrick, began the musical schedule with the annual Fall Pop Concert. Shortly after this performance, they began preparations for the 48th Annual Mid-Winter Concert. The Spring Concert gave the girls in the orchestra a chance to show off their spring formats as well as their musical ability. The Orchestra ended its successful year with the performance at Graduation. KAY VANDYKE Concert MistressTHE MADISON MIRROR Val Karan Janet Luther - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- News Peter Patau - - ------- Features Marcia Speth -- - junior High Editor-in-chief Myron Ison ----------------- - Sports James Julian - -- -- -- -- -- -- - -Advertising Mr. Schurman - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -Advisor ROW 1: J. Braxton. P. Patau. J. Luther. V. Karan, Mr. Schurman, Advisor; M. Speth, M. Ison, C. Cuccia, B. Hartman. S. Andrusier, R. Horvath. ROW 2: A. Pierick, K. Beyer, J. Blodeau, D. Dry-den, B. Johnson, B. Olson, S. Goodrich, M. Hampel, N. Wein. ROW 3: D. Putnam, B. Gill, A. Fiscus, R. Apinis, M. Wallace, B. Frederick, M. Vitense, J. Julian. Getting out a school newspaper is a job that requires skill, endurance, patience and a little luck. Since the Mirror was again published by a commercial printer, the editors were required to make several trips to the printers to get in lay-outs and to proofread the paper before it was printed. Delays in getting articles and in meeting deadlines were the causes of some very frustrated editors around room 420. Some of the staff members were called upon to do their own typing and ran into difficulties because they couldn't read their own writing! The photographers, not to be outdone, sometimes came up with pictures that didn't turn out. Although the job was difficult, the staff enjoyed their work and managed to get one issue of the Mirror out each month.TYCHOBERAHN 1959 How’s the annual doing? Good, I hope In recent years the Tychoberahn has developed into a book of 152 pages. There are about 800 of these books distributed every year. Producing an annual is a full time job for those who are on the staff. The Tychoberahn has had various themes in the past dealing with some rather abstract ideas. We hope that the present theme meets with your approval. We think it is very significant and timely. Probably every person pictured on this page is college bound or will go to some school in the Madison area for "higher education. " Norene Frank was the Editor of the 1959 Tychoberahn. Kay Van Dyke and Lois Bjornstad were Senior editors; Bill Ferguson was the Faculty editor; Sally Comins was the Junior High editor; John Apinis and Gary Seymour were the Sports editors; Helen Subey was the Business Manager; Deena Slafer had the Junior section; Judy Kinder was the Extracurricular editor; and Julie Peterson was the Photo editor. FUTURE TEACHERS ROW 1: J. Julian, J. Blodeu, A. Hann. D. Slafer, Mr. Colucci. Advisor; B. Olson, S. Goodrich. B. Vitcnse, G. Boebcl. ROW 2: J. Ulrich, J. Peterson, M. Utter, J. Nelson. M. Speth, M. Hampel, J. Rogers. K. Overton. ROW 3: M. Arnold, V. Leiden, E. Smith, B. Estervig, B. Werner, B. Dietrich. ROW 4; P. McCann. J. Germono. N. Fiore, L. Paquette. Absent: Kay Van Dyke, Norene Frank, John Weier, Ray Kellihcr, Ed Corcoran. "M” CLUB ROW 1: J. Riddle, B. Hoppe, B. Jordan. H. Yaskel, J. Weier, Mr. Pollock, J. Ulrich, J. Norsman, J. Marble, E. Connery, S. Shapiro. ROW 2: A. Jensen, P. Wollner, T. Gorman, B. Gibson, J. Anderson. J. Brashi, P. Loniello, J. Apinis, G. Boebel, R. Ewers. ROW 3: B. Briggs. D. Buglass, L. Hardin. A. Hann, K. Gravogul, R. Mitchell, B. Olson, B. Lorenz, J. Streiff, N. Fiore, K. Gravogul, D. Milward, R. Holder, M. Ison, E. Allen, j. Colletti, P. dementi. ROW 5: T. Connery J. Hanifan, M. Arnold, J. Englehart, T. Corbett, D. Putman.STUDENT COUNCIL ROW 1: Miss Ritzmann, D. Kendall, B. Jinkins, J. Weier, C. Mazursky, J. Ulrich, H. Subey, E. Zimmerman, B. Kramer, Mr. Wendt, F. Carpenter. ROW 2: J. Nelson, B. Irvine, E. Connery, J, Marble, S. Frank, S. Comins, L. Bjornstad, B. Slaveny, B. Ferguson, M. Utter. ROW 3: P. Patau, G. Seymour, T. Connery, J. Johnson. N. Johnson, S. Hoven, B. Estervig. A. Picrick, ROW 4: A. Flscus, S. Schmel-ing, K. Peschel, V. Karan, T. Mischel, B. Hartman, C. Rane, K. Larson, J. Voss, J. Englehart, J. Christianson, L. Clark. C. Kneebone, S. Kamin, D. Dryden. ADVISORS OFFICERS Miss Ritzmann Charles Mazursky - - - Mr. Wendt Jerry Ulrich - — - — - - Vice President Helen Subey John Weier - -- -- -- - — - The Central Student Council gives the students a chance to observe and participate in representative democracy. The Council is an important organization by which the students and faculty can meet together to gain better understanding of mutual school functions and problems. This year, in addition to the four regular standing committees, the Council has set up several temporary committees. These include: the Constitution committee, set up to revise the constitution; the Polio Survey committee, which promoted the idea of polio shots for every student, and the Honor Roll committee which is looking into a new Honor Roll System for Central. The Council also sponsored a clothing drive, which was a big success. Student supervised study halls also went into effect this year.FINANCE COMMITTEE Raising money for the Student Council, the Finance Committee sold "Mums' at Homecoming, compiled and sold telephone books and prepared post-game dances. ROW 1; D. Kendall, A. Parmentier, J. Weier, Miss McCormick, Advisor; S, Comins, J. Worden, M. Sweet. ROW 2: C. Cuccia, N. Narum, L. Bjornstad, M. Pelleteri. ROW 3: D. Shea. D. Putnam, B. Olson. PEP COMMITTEE Building the “Central Spirit, " the Pep Committee presented pep auds during the football and basketball seasons. ROW 1; J. Noll, E. Connery, P. LaBarro, Mr. Wendt, Advisor; E. Zimmerman, Chairman; J. Vitale, P. Patau. ROW 2; S. Schmeling, S. Rohde, P. O’Leary, G. Hackett, J. Buchanan, M. Mitchell, D. Dryden. ROW 3; R. Boeker, J. Germono, D. Lenzer, B. Ferguson.ALL-CENTRAL COMMITTEE Promoting good public relations, the All-Central Committee sponsored the Student Council Faculty Tea and Dad's night. They were also responsible for procuring the new pennants. ROW 1: G. Seymour, S. Frank, L. Kendall, Miss Ritzmann, B. Kramer, Chairman; R. Apinis, H. Subey, R. Bross. ROW 2: V. Karan, J. Nelson, B. Slavney, D. Joliveite. SOCIAL COMMITTEE ROW 1: M. Vitense, Ernest Ferren, K. Sweet, J. Marble, L. Kneebone, Miss White, B. Jinkins, Chairman; P. Wollner, K. DiMartino, C. Kneebone, M. Rubin. ROW 2; K. Pes-chel, P. Morrick, A. Fiscus, D. Slafer, S. Shapiro, B. Hann, C. King, M. Engleberger, M. Kenison. K. Overton. ROW 3: S. Goodrich, J. Luther, P. Wagner, J. Bogart, M. Johnson, K. Carroll, S. Frank, K. Grapsas.SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club fosters an interest in the language which goes beyond the everyday classroom study. Spanish plays, games, recordings, and even jokes in Spanish, highlight the monthly meetings. Because of the number of Spanish and South American students at the University, the group is sometimes privileged to have talks by invited representatives of our Latin neighbors. ROW 1: J. Johnson. B. Briggs, D. Kepler, J. Hannifan. J. Luther. T. Pankow, K. Smithson. ROW 2: B. Haring. J. Braxton. P. La-Barro, B. Estervig, E. Smith, B. Werner, J. Nelson, Miss Reid, Advisor. ROW 3: N. Fries. K. Peterson. N. Seeley. L. Hanold, B. Rohr. D. Estervig, S. Andrusier, J. Blodau. ROW 4: B. Hartman, J. Zerwick, T. Jonas, T. Schneider, T. Jones, L. Clark. ROW 5: T. Connery, T. Bowes, F. Muehlman, D. Buglass. FRENCH CLUB The French Club provides an opportunity for students of French to widen their language interests. Each year members of the club attend a French play or pay a visit to the "French House" on the University campus. At their monthly meetings the group has programs of skits, games, songs or talks. ROW 1: L. Kendall, D. Sweet, J. Davies. R. Mitchell, Miss Reid, Advisor; M. Ellestad. ROW 2: M. Rubin. L. Hooverson, B. Jinkins. N. Johnson, E. Wake, B. Werner. K. DiMartino, M. Vitense. ROW 3: B. Ferguson. B. Whipple, D. Glasier, H. Subey, S. Andrusier. J. Deneen, J. Nelson, ROW 4: P. Patau. L. Vasaitas, D. Kennison.LATIN CLUB The members of the Latin Club learn about Roman history and gain practice in using Latin. A Roman Banquet was planned at the end of the year. ROW 1: P. Dempsey. D. Shea. B. Estervig, B. Kramer. Mrs. Atkins. Advisor; P. Patau. ROW 2: A. Pierick, K. Frietag. K. Beyer. K. Gtapsas. D. Estcr-vig. J. Rogers. K. Dotzel. C. Anundson. ROW 3: R. Boeker. J. Germono, J. Luther. M. Hampel, R. Apinis. A. Fiscus. ROW 4: L. Houldsworth, S. Bahr. M. Rohr. G.C. CABINET The club officers, and the sponsors and chairmen of the various Girls Club Committees make up the membership of the Girls’ Club Cabinet. They plan and direct the activities of the Club and unite the efforts of the committees. ROW 1: Miss Eisenman, Miss Mackin. N. Olson. L. Bjornstad, Mrs. Perkins, K. Overton, Miss Reid. ROW 2: D. Slafer, B. Vitense, H. Subey, J. Nelson. K. Beyer. Not Pictured: Mr. Olson. Julie Peterson.FIELD AND STREAM OFFICERS Many boys are members of the Field and Stream Club, which emphasizes conservation At the bi-monthly meetings, there are programs consisting of films, field trips, and speakers on different topics of outdoor life. Mr. Lanning is the advisor. H. Manhart, D. Herington, B. Gibson, J. Marble, B. Tompkins. ELECTRICIANS The Electricians give much time, both in and out of school. Members operate audio-visual equipment, recorders, and the lighting and the public address system in the aud. ROW 1: B. Jordan. J. Kinder, B. Briggs, Mr. Sprecher. Advisor; P. Wollner, J. Marble, Irvine. ROW 2: B. Irvine, D. Lenzer, D. Sweet, M. Geiger, T. Finby, B. Ferguson. ROW 3: B. Johnson. B. Kovacs, L. Longfield, L. Clark, B. Hartman. A. Hann.VARIETY SHOW-1959The past in our hearts, the future in our hands,Central High School is located only a few blocks from one of the nation’s great universities, the University of Wisconsin. It seems only fitting that with the recent interest in higher standards in education and an interest in higher education itself, we should devote an issue of our yearbook to these ideals. Central has been proud to have become part of this interest with the establishment of an "Honors Course" in English which is comparable to the university course of Freshman English. There has also been some acceleration at Central within the field of mathematics. These examples indicate only the beginning in the trend toward stronger interest in academic work. Within this last year, programming at Central has shown a definite student trend toward stronger academic work, with more elections in the fields of mathematics and the sciences, and. in general, an attitude of definite interest in and of planning for the continuance of further education. Therefore, we have used "higher education” as the theme of this book, and we have used photo material from the University of Wisconsin which symbolizes not only this great university itself, but "higher education” in any school, college, or university which promotes this ideal.jayCOSTUME CLUB The girls In costume club have displayed an interest in serving. They work under the guidance of Miss Jane Roberts. The members help produce the necessary costumes for the dramatic productions. ROW 1: N. Wein, J. Bogart, M. West, H. Sanders, K. Peterson. J. DiMartino, G. Stoffels, E. Ray. ROW 2: B. Vanderhoef, K. Strait, S. Sabroff, P. Fisher, Miss Roberts, Advisor. ROW 3: J. Deneen. K. Frietag. F. Sperry. M. Vitense. USHERS The ushers were organized this year by Mr. Alfred Colucci. They usher at football and basketball games. ROW 1; H. Bambrough, Mr. Colucci, Advisor, F. Utter. ROW 2: R. Meyer, R. Cliffcorn, J. Kempher. ROW 3; L. Vasaitas.GOVERNING BOARD Ann Balistreri, Mary Jo Williams. Jean Mohrhau-ser, Eileen Perret, Dominica Pullara. Miss Helen White is the advisor of the Girls' Athletic Association. G.A.A. The Girls' Athletic Association is an organization for every high school girl. Such sports as soccer, basketball, bowling, volleyball, tennis and golf, are offered in order to meet the sports desires of anyone wishing to join. The sports are offered after school and during seventh hour. A girl becomes an active member when she has attended at least one sport for the required number of times-thus earning one activity point. Four activity credits entitle a member to a certificate, 8 entitle her to the letter "M," and 16 earn the gold pin. The Girls’ "M" Club is composed of those girls earning enough activity points to wear the "M." This year there is one girl who has earned the "M" - Janice Jorgenson.Janet Luther Marilyn MitchellaaVIUI.iI . n ' BIG EIGHT STANDINGS Park Kenosha West East Janesville Horlick Central Beloit SEASON’S RECORD Nicolet East Janesville Kenosha Park Beloit Horlick West Central Central Central Central Central Central Central CentralThe Central football players were honored in the annual banquet sponsored by the Bank of Madison. BACK ROW, left to right: Dick Riesen, Banquet Chairman; Coach Harold(Gus) Pollock; and John Weier, Co-Captain. FRONT: Jerry Ulrich, Co-Captain. John was chosen for the Shrine All-City Team for first teams of both Madison papers, and was given Honorable Mention in the Big-Eight. Jerry', the other Co-Captain, was given a second place on both newspaper teams.Coach Lindl FIRST ROW: John Weicr, Bruce Gibson. Jerry Ulrich. BUI Olson. Bob Jordan. Nick Fiore. Stuart Shapiro. Tom Connery. Jim Sielehr. SECOND ROW: Coach Pollock, Ed Allen. John Colletti, Peter Loniello, John Apinis, Rudy Ewers, Joe Brashi, John Streiff, Emmett Connery, Dave Bug-lass. THIRD ROW: Jerry Riddle, Joe Engclhart, Jerry Hannifan. Dick Putnam, Ernest Storm, Amie Jensen, Tom Corbett. Dave Wesley, Nick Hanachewizi. Bill Hoppe. FOURTH ROW;Dick Miller, Russ Meyer, Ron Dommershausen. Cecil Degcnhardt, Jon Novick, James Olson, Mark Snell, Bob Theel, Gary Schultz, Phil Kneebone, Mike Caruso, Jack Blankenheim. FIFTH ROW: Gary Storlid, Stuart Kamin, Dave Jolivette, Jim Herrick, Joe Puccio, Larry Ausse, Dick Coghlan. John Christianson, Tim Jonas, Randy Erickson, Joe Rynes, Bill Tomkins.Central Preps Orange-Black Tops Nicolet Eleven, 27-13 Regents Retain City Series Flag; Weier Stands Out Kenosha Measures Central (Swal 'o Th« staff Journal) KENOSHA — Kenosha came from behind in the second half Friday night to whip Madison Central. 23-19. for its second Big Eight High School Conference football victory in three starts.HOMECOMING COURT 1958 FIRST ROW: Kay Van Dyke, Rosalie DiMaggio, Maxine Johnson, Jerry Ulrich. SECOND ROW; Sally Comins, Lois Bjornstad, Bruce Gibson. THIRD ROW: Gerrt Schachte, Ann Marie Balistreri, John Weier. FOURTH ROW: Stuart Shapiro, Bill Hoppe, Rudy Ewers, John Apinis.CROSS FIRST ROW: Theron Morris, Ray Kelliher, Bill Frederick, Gary Boebel, Dan Shea. SECOND ROW; Dick Berens. Ralph Mitchell, John Frederick, Dave Loniello, Rex Bros , Ron Dintemann. These pictures were taken at the State Meet at Hart ford.WRESTLING 1958 Howard Barobrough had a season’s record of 12-3. He placed second in the Big Eight, second in the City Meet, and third in the Reedsburg Sectional. Rudy Ewers had a season's record of 8-4. He placed second In the City Meet and third in the Reedsburg Sectional. Rudy Howie Bambrough, Levi Harden, Jon Johnson. Bill Frederick, Dale Martinson. Tom Connery, Jim Green, Bob Whipple, Jerry Hannifan. Rudy Ewers, Coach Barosko. Bill Frederick had a season's record of 4-3 until a hand injury forced him out of competition. Bob Whipple, team captain. had a season's record of 6-8. He captured third place in the Reedsburg Sectional. BobFIRST ROW: Manager Merle Sweet, John Colletti, Ken Grauvogl, Dick Berens, John Weier, Nick Fiore, Manager Mike Arnold, SECOND ROW: Bruce Gibson, Ray Kelliner, Bill Olson, Gary Boebel, Dick Putnam, Chuck Mazursky, Jon Guenther. THIRD ROW: Theron Morris, Jerry Nonman, Arnie Jensen, Ralph Mitchell, Ron Dintemann, Dick Stoffels.BASKETBALL BIG EIGHT STANDINGS W L Janesville 12 2 West 10 4 Kenosha 10 4 Park 7 7 Horlick 6 8 East 5 9 Beloit 5 9 Central 1 13 SEASON’S RECORD Central 46 Waupun 36 Central 41 LaCrosse 54 Central 45 Beloit 71 Central 44 Park 48 Central 36 Janesville 60 Central 54 Reedsburg 53 Central 34 West 58 Central 49 Kenosha 67 Central 38 East 56 Central 53 Horlick 57 Central 61 Beloit 57 Central 54 Park 67 Central 59 Janesville 72 Central 42 East 55 Central 47 West 67 Central 48 Horlick 57 Central 43 Kenosha 59 SUB-REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Central 46 West 59 Central 72 Mt. Horeb 77’58 S o p H O M O R ’59 E FIRST ROW: Jim Sielehr, John Christianson. Ron Judd, Mark Snell, Fred Muehle- mann, Jim Dineen, Fred Dcbelak. SECOND ROW: Barry Sweet, Stuart Kamin, k Joe Engelhart, Dick Stoffels, Dave Jolivette, Chuck Kneebone. ABSENT: Harold Smedal, Bob Rasmussen, Dick Miller, Ernie Ferrer.FIRST ROW: Rick Suter, Dennis Gervasi, Bob Jordan, Dennis Kepler. Nick Hanuchewizi, Dave Buglass, Brian Briggs. SECOND ROW: John Streiff, Clay Vinje. Richard Coghlan, Carl Reuter, Richard Milward, James Olson. Ralph Clifcorn. ABSENT: Robert Theel, Paul Phaneuf, Ron Dommer-hausen, Leon Dahl. HOCKEY 1958 Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central Central 2 East 5 West 1 East 4 Rhinelander 3 Merrill 4 West 2 East 4 Rhinelander 2 West 3 East 10 WestSPORT SNAPSTENNIS FIRST ROW: Ralph Mitchell. Ron Hubbard. Bemie Hartman. Rex Bross, Dave Jolivette. SECOND ROW: Amie Jensen. Jim Frank, John Zerwick, Peter Patau. Not pictured: Holbcrt Hart. Roger Boeker. TRACK FIRST ROW; Tony BonoAnno, Mike Caruso. Jim Sielehr, Bob Whipple, John Frederick, Jerry Marble. SECOND ROW: Leon Dahl. Bob Jordan. Ralph Mitchell. Pete Woll-ner, Marlin Irvine. Not pictured: John Apinis, Dick Berens, John Colletti, Jon Guenther, Jerry Hannifan, Nick Hanuchewizi, Bill Lorenz. Tony Pullara. Bill Tomkins. Jerry Ulrich. Ross Parisi. Due to yearbook deadlines, pictures of spring sports had to be taken during Spring Vacation. Many squad members were not practising regularly or were absent during this week. Three returning lettermen. John Weier, Jerry Norsman, and Bruce Gibson, will GOLF strengthen the Central golf squad this spring. Coach Wendt said there are many promising juniors and sophomores bolstering the squad. Due to a constantly growing interest in golf at Central, he believes that a good season is in store for the golfers. John Jerry BruceNick Fiore, Rick Sutcr, Jim Dincen. Dick Crabtree, Chuck Kneebone, Joe Englehart. BASEBALL 1959 The Grauvogls, Jerry Riddle. Theron Morris, Ron Dintemann, Ernie Storm. Not pictured: Ray Kelliher, Ed Corcoran, Joe Brashi, John Gervasi, Myron Ison. Keith Grauvogl. Dick Miller, Mark Snell. Coach Pollock ’ i Tlli i i hi SPORTS SNAPS R. W. HAUGAN Guidance Director VIDA V. SMITH Principal Junior High School MRS. HELEN KIRPATR1CK Librarian MRS. ARDITH MORBEN Secretary HOMEROOM 202 TOP ROW: J. Eastman, B. Eberline, P. Denson, M. Crotsenberg, T. Dyhr, T. Edwards. B. Engelhard!, S. Erickson. FIRST ROW: L. Dahl, R. Calvin. M. Dilorenzo, R. Estervig, B. Daany, B. Cunningham, R. Edgran. M. DuBois. MARGUERITE WOJTA HOME ROOM 203 RUTH BARTHOLOMEW TOP ROW: T. Bouglass. B. Ayres, J. Beecher, T. Allred, E. Caruso. W. Aldrich, K. Armstrong. THIRD ROW: K. Buech-ner, T. Cobbs. C. Aiello. J. Balistreri, K. Bitney, E. Abbott, M. Cazzini. SECOND ROW; G. Anundson, J. Bowers, M. Butler, S. Blum, F. Bartholomew, S. Burchette, D. Anderson. FIRST ROW: Miss Bartholomew. N. Berrenkott, J. Carroll, J. Bruno. C. Barron, J. Badano.TOP ROW; T. Hartfelder, M. Figler, J. Hart. J. Finby. L. Hammond, B. Hencs. G. Hansen, S. Harmening. THIRD ROW: F. Fiedler. C. Fitzpatrick. B. Fuss, A. Hansen. J. Herried, T. Gunderson. R. Heath. SECOND ROW; R. Goodrich. P. Hauser. J. Hamfin, J. Hansen. K. Heggesiad, M. Green, V. Fisher, Mrs. Peterson. FIRST ROW: F. Furrer, S. Hampel. C. Franklin. P. Frye. MRS. CAROL PETERSON HOME ROOM 204 HOME ROOM 206 MRS. GRACE ILTIS TOP ROW; D. Kam. M. Jorden, R. Kohl. G. Ketterer, T. Jones, E. Johnsen, T. Hunter, W. Lewis, J. Jiche. THIRD ROW: S. Kelley. C. Johnston, P. Jacobsen, E. Kalzcr. D. Hill, L. LeMay. M. Jordan. M. Hughs. SECOND ROW: E. Holly, J. Lulley, G. Housel, S. Henning, C. Jewell, L. Kailin, K. Kneebone, D. Klasse. FIRST ROW; N. Karabis, P. Karabis, C. Kurwin, W. Lee, D. Kelliher, D. Kanfer, K. Kerwin, J. Libert.HOME ROOM 213 TOP ROW: S. Noles, W. Murphy. V. Nelson, W. Morschauser, R. McNown, J. Miller, L. Matuszeske, L. Maxon. T. Lewis. THIRD ROW: D. Miller, G. Miller, J. Murphy, J. Muehl, R. R. Morschauser, J. Namio, B. Mitchell, M. London. SECOND ROW: C. Nelson. N. Oldenburg, J. Moling, V. Lewis, R. Oesleby, T. Mc-Shery, C. Meyer, C. Loos, R. Maffet. FIRST ROW: D. Norming-ton, P. Montalto, J. J. McDermott, C. Marling, H. Mattie, M. Masino, S. McMahn, T. McFarlane, Mr. Winger. MR. HOMER WINGER ELEANOR RLJSCH TOP ROW: R. Sauk. J. Russell. J. Scallon. R. Roden. D. Peterson. THIRD ROW: L. Pierce. W. Pien. T. Reek. W. Rohde. R. Opelt, H. Parnow, J. Piper. J. Olmstead, G. Sabroff. SECOND ROW: J. O’Brien. J. Olson. M. Oliva. J. Olmstead, E. Reinhardt. A. Rane, J. Ruland, W. Schieg, K. Phillips. J. Rogge. H. O’Leary. J. Reek. FIRST ROW: J. Seely, M. Parnell, M. Scalissi, M. Putnam, C. Ruppe, J. Paris, R. Olmstead. HOME ROOM 221HOME ROOM 223 TOP ROW: D. Westbury. R. Wilcox, R. Williams, D. Wesibury, J. Wylie, R. Whipple. M. Traver. THIRD ROW: V. Taylor. R. Triggs, R. Veloff, D. Wagner. L. Walden, Wm. Tipple, L. Walff, P. Terry. SECOND ROW: R. Wheeler. J. Wold. T. Teas-dale, C. Zini. A. Younger, M. Williams, B. Ulrich, T. Trotter. FIRST ROW: J. Waggoner, S. Yaskal, P. Yacklcy, N. Werner, P. Whiling, G. Traino, L. Wrend. ELSIE KIND HOME ROOM 231 TOP ROW: G. Sheldon, G. Schnack. T. Taylor. P. Shallat, B. Schmeling, J. Taylor, R. Strand. THIRD ROW: G. Shaw-key, R. Steeps, D. Shapiro, C. Shea, G. Shade, C. Stitgen, N. Shields, Mrs. Carswell. SECOND ROW; S. Sinn, J. Stal-der, K. Stuessy, G. Sperry, R. Schmitz, J. Seeley, M. Sch-rweide, C. Steinhofer. FIRST ROW: L. Swanson, J. Shapiro, R. Smith, M. Stormer. B. Storm. J. Stutz, B. Swance. MRS. ESTHER CARSEWELLHOME ROOM 102 THEODORE ABBOTT TOP ROW: J. Cox. G. Coburn, L. Briggs, E. Coburn, C. Cerniglia, J. Cleary, T. Arnold. THIRD ROW: J. Brashi. P. Cuccia. J. Cas-cio, R. Brewer. D. Daane, R. Carnine, M. Deadman. SECOND ROW: D. Cronenberg, J. Crossman. K. Blandino, Blandino, J. Benders, E. Conners, S. Black. FIRST ROW: R. Betts, N. Crary, W. Crane, Mr. Abbott. F. Cuccia, C. Chapman, R. Anderson. HOME ROOM 103 ROBERT RIESER TOP ROW: J. Houston, G. Hierlmeier, W. Wayne, D. Holz, B. Donohue, L. Geiger, G. Gervasi. SECOND ROW: P. Glad-em, A. Hanson, R. Delaney, P. Fisher. S. Henthorne, R. Harris, S. Gust, D, Gilbert. G. Gavin. FIRST ROW: Mr. Rieser, J. Hanson, B. Harms, L. Haring, H. Hedrick, H. Hansen, G. Houldsworth, M. Dungan.TOP ROW: A. Masshardt. T. Hunt, F. Middleton, J. Larson, G. Mork, K. McConnell, R. Jeffcott. THIRD ROW: J. Johnson, S. Meddings. N. Miller. P. Mohrmann, J. Kinder. C, Kite, J. Miller. SECOND ROW: J. Jones, J. Miller. Miss Crossman, S. Lcm-berger, J. Kane. R. Johnson. FIRST ROW: Mobry, M. Mussey, S. Jones, T. Morrick. J. Johnson. O. Karan, W. Meddings, B. Johnson. HOME ROOM 106 HARRIET CROSSMAN MRS. DORTHY KRENZ TOP ROW: D. Rartvedt, T. Schultz. R. Scheu, D. Schnack, G. Pernot, J. Patau, B. Rogers, C. Poster. W. Olsone. SECOND ROW: D. Smedegard, S. Rowin, K. Puccio. P. Sanders, L. Nelson, E. Nelson, N. Nichus. B. Sarbacker. FIRST ROW; B. Neil, C. Shaw, B. Noll, D. Piper. T. Rounds, J. Olson. S. Nelson. G. Olson. Mrs. Krenz. HOME ROOM 113HOME ROOM 201 TOP ROW: J. Wheeler. E. Vaughn. T. Woodworth. T. Soules, C. Whipple. J. Worden. G. Strand. J. Sundley, P. Triggs, E. Stormer. SECOND ROW: J. Switzky, K. Tetzloff, S. Woods, J Vallem. D. Wallace, J. Voll, B. Utter, B. Younger. FIRST ROW: A. Smith. A. Utter, K. Taylor. J. Voss, T. Taylor, R. Young. SAMUEL BOROSKO MRS. HELEN BLOMOUIST TOP ROW: J. Colletti, M. Cerniglia, P. Burton, F. Cardar-ella, J. Currie, R. Anderson, R. Betts, M. Crume. THIRD ROW: D. Crossen, B. Brochett. B. Cimino, S. Barr, C. Bystal, J. Crotsenberger, R. Buskager, K. Anderson. SECOND ROW: D. Aldridge, J. Cords, S. Babler, B. Cutts, W. Allred, A. Cuccia, S. Anundson. FIRST ROW: J. Beecher, B. Barr, M. Comins, F. Beiler, T. Byrne, M. Aeschlimann, C. Connors, R. Cerniglia. HOME ROOM 117TOP ROW: L. Dillard, J. Franklin, L. Hatleberg, R. Dcbelak, S. Hailcberg, O. Doss, L. Good, J. Davis, SECOND ROW: L. Hargrove. K. Ewers. A. Hanson, E. Hohlsiein, A. Hierlmeier, B. Germann, B. Fries. Mrs. Worden. FIRST ROW: N. Hambcrgh. J. Evert, S. Hendrickson. T. Gundlach, R. Everhart, S. Fix. S. Hainstock, F. Degenhardt. HOME ROOM 120 MRS. KATHERINE WORDEN HOME ROOM 121 MRS. MERRIE WISIOL TOP ROW: D. Meadowcroft, B. Klitzman, D. Loy, T. Muslof, J. Licari, P. Kostnski, R. Ketierer, M. Leggett. THIRD ROW: J. Jordee, S. Klassy, P. Marvin. A. Johnson, M. Mislivccek, T. Lunde, J. Johnson. M. Kelley. SECOND ROW: S. Maxson, J. Matoba, J. Koehler, L. Mazursky, J. Hunt, J. Judd. M. McConnell. S. Lanman. FIRST RCW: K. Linde, J. Malm, T. Kempfer, D. Moen. T. Uwler, D. Mattie. P. Morgan.HOME ROOM TOP ROW: J. Sanders, C. Peiterson, S. Sarbacker, R. Oliva, T. Spatola, P. Perkins. R. Perry, J. Picard. THIRD ROW: J. Stand-ifird, G. Spyros, P. Sperry, M. Pfister, M. Staser, L. Schultz, R. Ray. J. Ruppe. SECOND ROW: L. Pulver, G. Smith. R. Rabe, B. Puccio, R. Sperry. D. Smithson, J. Seymour, M. Schiro. FIRST ROW: J. Sornson, D. Steinhofer, R. Paskin, R. Ryerson, J. Petersen. L. Rejahl, J. Ninedorf, R. Sornson. MRS. FABIA LANDINI HOME ROOM 125 MRS. JEANNE BURULL TOP ROW: B. Thomas. A. Vance. V. Wins, L. Wakefield, L. Stone, L. Wagner. D. Weitzel, B. Younger, J. Wake, D. Wylie. THIRD ROW: L. Zimmerman. B. Waller, L. Zimmerman, T. Westbury, D. Van Cleaf, J. Veloff, D. Vander-bloemen, G. Vodak. J. Stout. SECOND ROW; S. Webster. H. Tomcany, J. Stormer, K. Vanderbilt, K. Switzky, G. Weitzel, H. Stovall. B. Thaden, T. Wing. Mrs. Burull. FIRST ROW: J. Weinzath. R. Van Gelder, R. Sweet, T. Taylor. D. Uphoff, V. Wilkins, R. Valenza, B. Vance, J. Waggoner.HOME ROOM 433 TOP ROW: P. Johnson. C. Baumbach. B. Rockwell, P. Friske. B. Franklin. M. Maynard. V. Andrewjeski. SECOND ROW; I. Dambekaln, M. Kundert, P. Carpenter. B. Brown. S. Faust. FIRST ROW: L. Olloff, N. Williams. J. Smail. S. Lannon, M. St. Dennis. L. Andruss. MRS. HELEN FREDRICKSON HOME ROOM 46 BACK ROW: C. Bay. E. Davidson. R. Clark. R. Hobler. C. McCafferty, B. Hartman, C. Boles. G. Genske. A. DtLor-enzo. FRONT ROW; J. Reamer. R. Bussey, H. Bystol. J. Capitam, L. Rist, R. Moen, T. Carpenter. Not Present: F. Lehmann. G. Phippen, F. White, T. Kropp, J. Baukin. MR. GEORGE STOCKTONSTUDENT COUNCIL J. Lightfoot J. Johnsen J. Matoba F. Beiler R. Paskin J. Bender G. Holzworth G. Wiizei C. Barron President J. Paris S. Sinn N. Niehus D. Shapiro j. Worden Secretary TOP ROW: J. Crockett C. Chapman H. Mattie S. Henthorne J. Vallem N. Miller FRONT ROW: S. Fix A. Johnsen M. Comins P. Frye M. Stacer CHEERLEADERSFOOTBALL B. Murphy M. Figler C. McCafferty T. Buglass A. Cuccia J. Sunby T. Teasdale Mgr, S. Yaskal L, Stone D. Shapiro E. Holly L. Maxson C. Bowles D. Kamm M. London J. Baukin J. Puccio J. Finby C. Cuccia J. Deon R. Jeffcott S. Scheifelbein G. Hicrlmeier G. Traino Central Central Central Central Central B. Lee Capt. D. Kelliher RECORD 0 East 14 7 Cherokee 15 0 West 13 12 East 19 13 Cherokee 26 The team was hampered by small size and inexperience. They generally gave a good account of themselves the first half, but faded in the 4th quarter. In the first game with Cherokee Ernest Holly ran 84 yds. for a touchdown. In the second game with East, Holly ran 62 yds. for a touchdown, and Clarence Bowles ran 81 yds. on a kickoff return for a touchdown. Mr. Rieser Mr. Kitto 0 Central West 32BASKETBALL TOP ROW: Mike Jordon, E. Holly, M. Figler, G. Hanson. C. Cuccia. D. Kamm. S. Scheflbien, E. Coburn. SECOND ROW: Mr. Abbott. R. Williams, D. Kelliher, D. Peterson. B. Murphy. L. Maxson. J. Dean. L. Pierce. FIRST ROW: N. Crary. R. Steeper. T. Teasdale, B. Lee. R. Veloff, G. Gervasi, T. Buglass. RECORD Central 21 West 38 Central 16 Cherokee 35 Central 25 Wis. High 38 Central 25 East 61 Central 33 Cherokee 49 Central 18 East 44 Central 38 Wis. High 44 Central 23 West 48 Central 30 East 65 Central 25 West 54 Central 21 Cherokee 59 Central 46 Wis. High 53 Won 0 Lost 12 Mr. Abbott The Junior High cagers had a good season despite the 0 and 12 record. The boys played well, but were at a disadvantage due to height. The boys improved all through the season. They gained valuable experience in fundamentals and adopted "pattern" basketball theory as a foundation in future years. TRIPLE TRIO 9th GRADE M. Scalissi. M. Mazino, J. Piper, J. Namio, C. Marling, H. O’Leary, N. Oldenberg. Not pictured: T. Nelson, B. Mitchell. DOUBLE QUARTET T. Teasdale, P. Shallat, J. Wheeler. D. Kelliher. R. Veloff, R. Williams, L. Maxson. Not pictured: M. Vodak. TRIPLE TRIO 7th AND 8th GRADE J. Kinder. C. Kite. S. Lemberger, K. Blandino, P. Burton, S. Wallace. C. Shaw. J. Switzky. Not pictured: L. Hargrove.JUNIOR HIGH BAND Mr. ManzJUNIOR HIGH ORCHESTRA. The Tychoberahn staff wishes to thank Mr. Robert Foss. Assistant Director of the University of Wisconsin News Service, for the many beautiful campus photographs that he supplies us for use in this book. The photo used on our cover was done by the Black Photo Service and repeated on pages 82-83. The picture of Bascom Hall on this page is from the Black Photo Service, who also took the pictures of our band, orchestra, and choir. Our senior photographs and most of our groups were taken by Miss Nan Ritter and John Riley of the Harry S. Manchester Photo Studio. Our friends at the Madison Newspapers, Monte McCormick and Lew Cornelius, have been of help this year as in years past by giving us some photo material and some "vital statistics. " Mr. Clarence Olson of the Capital Times is responsible for the photo of the Homecoming Court and several football action shots. We have enjoyed working with the firms who have given us service in photo supplies and photo finishing work - Star Photo Service, Carter Lueders and Frank Bergmann of Bergmann’s. and Photo Copy Service. We are grateful for all the assistance and cooperation we always receive within the school itself in the hustle and bustle of arranging groups for photos, taking candid shots within the classrooms, reserving the use of rooms for extra work, and. in general, sometimes making minor nuisances of ourselves. Thanks for bearing with us. To Learn the Secret of Financial Independence, Join the Ranks of Systematic Savers at the BANK OF MADISON "The Bank With the Friendly Atmosphere" Located at 1 West Main Street on Madison's Capitol Square Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.ANCHOR MADISON'S 65 MILLION DOLLAR MUTUAL SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 40 YEARS OF UNINTERRUPTED SERVICE When it comes to saving money, ANCHOR comes first. At ANCHOR you have the security of an insured savings and loan association which has built up substantial reserves (7.2%) over many years of service while paying a consistently high rate of earnings (currently 3 1 2%). ANCHOR has made invaluable contributions to the forward growth and development of this community, offering our savings members the greatest security possible, as well as insurance of their savings up to $10, 000. 00 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of Washington, D. C., a Federal Government agency. Yes, indeed, your money is safe, insured safe, at the Anchor Savings and Loan Association. And do you know, chillun, it's nice to have savings when needed and it's just loads of fun saving and building security once you get that saving habit? It's your future now -do make the most of it. The very best of success, and our wish -May your dreams come true! A1 C. Steinhauer, President ANCHOR SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Where You Save DOES Make a CASH Difference! 2 South Carroll Street Madison, Wisconsin ALpine 6-7737Best Wishes From Madison's Department Store of Quality and Fashion CaAoyvJ Congratulations Central High School Graduates Accounting - Business Administration Court and Conference Reporting Secretarial - Medical Secretarial Bookkeeping - Stenographic Hundreds of Central High School Graduates Have Attended Madison Business College and Have Achieved Excellent Business Positions MADISON BUSINESS COLLEGE 103 Years of Teaching Better Business Practice 215 W. Washington Avenue Madison, WisconsinFASHION RIGHT WARDROBES Choose From Many Fine Styled Lines Such as . . . Miss Pat Jantzen Ernst Engel White Stag Personal Helene For Your Sportswear Needs W. J. RENDALL’S Best Wishes to the Class of 1959 HILL’S 202 State St. Madison, Wisconsin - Look Sharp -Rent Your Tux From NEDftgQ’S Square at State 520 State Street Madison 3, Wisconsin ALpine 6-5401-02 RENTSCHLER’S STEIN’S FLOWERS SHOES - MEN'S FURNISHINGS 230 State St. AL5-8885 410 South Park Street Telephone AL. 5-4940 Greenhouse - Regent at Highland "World Wide Delivery Service" Congratulations to the Class of 1959 WISCONSIN TELEPHONE COMPANY 122 West Main Street Greetings to the 1959 Graduates Compliments of CARMEL CRISP SHOP State at JohnsonT«« T » Ii»«i To a Teen s Taste. . . Our Cleverly Contrived Fashions That Capture Your Fancy Main Floor Downtown Second Floor East Side MADISON MUSICIAN'S ASSOCIATION Music for Every Occasion Dance - Concert - Band Receptions and Banquets 302 State Street AL 6-1352BEST WISHES In Madison TO It'8 THE CLASS OF Smart 59 Apparel for From Men and Boys FRANK FRUIT CO. KARSTEN’S 301 S. Bedford St. AL 5-5161 On the Capitol Square WILLIAM BUSCH Greetings and Best Wishes Air Conditioned BEAUTY SALON to the Class of 1959 Where You Can p Service With COMMERCIAL STATE BANK or Without an K s — JBJ Appointment 1 Open Thursday Evening 8 v— Save Time 102 State Street on the Square Best Wishes Class of '59 20 Hair Stylists to Serve You BADGER The Salon That Offers You Complete Beauty Service CANDY KITCHEN Dial AL 7-2591 Since 1924 Madison's Finest Candy 636 State St. Plenty of Parking 7 West Main Street "On the Square"FRITOS AMERICA'S FAVORITE CORN CHIP Distributors of Complete Kinds of Snack Products Compliments of Main Office Madison Branch Monroe, Wisconsin 2049 Atwood Avenue UNIVERSITY to OP BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '59 Books and Student Supplies 702 State St. Wjsfikh ED SCHMITZ SONSSTART YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT NOW! at the AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK 1 North Pickney Street Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. TAYLO PUBLISHING COMPANYFine Dinners Denis Beecher, Janice Jorgensen, Kay Carroll, and Jorge Plaza enjoying the fine selection of HALLMARK CARDS GOFF’S 108 King Street tcctoyrafiAaBest Wishes to the Class of 1959 Compliments of W. O. ZIMMERMAN PLUMBING and HEATING AL 6-0265 Aii Exclusive Service... DOLLAR for DOLLAR V: SAVINGS It ell match your savings with Life Insurance and still ; ' you interest a M adixm Hank ami I rust (.oinpanv 33 WEST MAIN STREET 1 MEMBER OF THE f Ol Cj4cctoy%CLfi t4,s4ectopiarfcctOtyVCLfifos4utopiaKi- r

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