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The TYCHOBERAHN Nineteen Hundred and Fifty Four Published by the Senior Class of Madison Central High School Robert I arr Editor Doris Skaar Business Manager Carl Anderson Photography and Sports Ralph Waggoner Junior High Anne Holm Art Sally Hergenske Advertising Arlene Roschild Promotiondedication OBJECTS of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, church, and community. To raise the standards of home life. To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teacher may cooperate intelligently in the training of the child. To develop 1 jet ween educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spirtual education. — Article I National Bylaws Wc dedicate this yearbook to the Madison Central Parent-Teacher Association in appreciation of the help and support this organization has given us this year and in past years.FINE ARTS Music Drama Publications ATHLETICS Fall Winter SpringMR. WILLIAM MARSH Assistant Principal Senior High Mr. R. W. HAUGAN Guidance Director Junior High MISS NINA FREDRICKSON Guidance Director Senior High MISS VIDA V. SMITH Junior High Principal 8During a year when tradition symbolized by the “Hall of Ivy" sets the theme for this book, it seems quite proper that our P.T.A. should receive the first bouquet. For it is they who represent the years of toil and sacrifice, of planning and carrying out plans, of faith as well as material aid. which is so necessary for our schools if they are to carry on one of the greatest American traditions, that of giving opportunity to every child to develop his abilities. So we pre sent a bouquet to the American P.T.A. and especially to our own P.T.A. here at Central. E. D. Brown Robert .Mu in Charlotte Ankcney Mathematics Coin mere la I Allen Argue Science Benjamin A. Ashman Bath Bartholomew .Mathematics Mat hr 111.I lies John C. Bond Mrs. Kstlier Carswell Kdward Colbert Mrs. Vivian Conley Karl Kckardt Industrial Arts Art Industrial Arts I'liyslolocy-Clvlc Music 9Mrs. Helen Kirkpatrick Hubert Kltto Junior IIlieli l ibrarian Itcmedial Lucy Krchtna Knnllsh-8. S. Victor l.anninK Social Studies Frank I.lndl Art lirda Markin Jaunita .Mauthr James MacLachlan Mrs. Mary Jo McBride Darleen McCormick Social Studies Knglish-Latln Art Home Kconomlcs Music John fi. McDowell Loll Mills Florence Morris Harriet Naplecinski Harold F. Pollock Social Studies Senior High Librarian Mathematics Kn II sh Speech L'oinmercUI-S. S. 10I. uc i It Held Frcncli-SpanUh Robert Rleifr Social Studies Elizabeth Kitzmann Kntlhh ■lane Roberts Home Economics Martha Rogers History •English Harold Rooney Marguerite Shephard Roland O. Spreclier George Stockton Robert TotUngham t'h.v Education Phy Education Science Special English Mrs. Jane Welkel Donald Wendt Homer Winger Marquerlle Wojta Mrs. Beatrice Wood English-Speech Social Studies Social Studies Mathematics l hy Education CUSTODIANS l.ell to Right: Ray Srhwoegler. Floyd Joluisun, Mrs. Ann Urban. Bussell Quant, Deter Wohlferd. OFFICE STAFF l.elt to Right: Mr . Cora I'odell, Mrs. Vivian Devine. Mrs. Marie Johnston. Senior High Office; Mrs. Rosemary Klein. Junior High Office. liOur Senior Honors Go To OUR SCHOLAR OUR ATHLETE OUR THESPIAN OUR MUSICIAN OUR CLASS WIT OUR CLASS PRESIDENT 12Qlai.4. ojj 1954- Donald Aldcrson Field niul Stream, Hume i; n miii OITiwr, Senior «»ii»mit t« « Robert Altizcr Field nnd Stream, Traek 10. Sern|» r o in mitt e c. • • 11 ii n (| lliiii'i'kepiitg. Junior Red Cross, Yre t-lin- 12. llockey-12. Tennis-11, 12. Four Lakes S|»nrt Carl Anderson .Mirror, Animnl, Four I.likes S| ort3. Carol Ann Anderson Choir, I 'slierettcs, 1 lo »-|iitnlity, Way and Melius. Senior Variety Show, lee Cream Counter. Senior Ibinre Coniinittee, Junior Dance Committee Emma Jean Anderson Choir, tlirl's S|»orts, I'sh-erettes. Hospitality, l ist And Found Eugene Anderson Field :md Streaui, Hand, Fnothull-11, 12, N'olley-hnll-12. Student Council, lli-Y. Club, Senior Variety Show. WrcutliiiK-12. Four laike llnskct-Imll. Ihmd oiTieer. Senior Class President. Senior t 'nmmittee Ai Bill Angell Joseph A. Balsanio Field and Strenm. Senior Field and Stream. I.......... Committee. Junior Com- hall-10, 12, llnskcthnll-10. mi t tec “M" Club. Hasehnll-12 Four Lakes Sports 13Steven Bell Elizabeth R. Barron .Mirror. Feature Kditor, bche-tra, Clmir. 'irl Sports. Student ('ouueil, All-Central. Annual, Ho-piliilitv. Library itind I took Kxehaujjr Monitor, Dramatics. »irl s ( l»b. Homo Room Officer, Sou- ior Commencement «»ni- mittec, .lunior Invitations Judith Bernard Mirror. F.ditnr-iu- Orchestra. Hand. Student Council, Annual. Hospitality, Candy Counter, Monitor, (Jiri's Club. Jenney Kissed Me . Drops (‘oinniittee, “She S t o o p s to ( ’oni|uer". I'rops eoiniuittee. Variety show, ('o-eliairuinn Senior In— Hampiet. Senior planning t 'oinniittee Carl Barry Field and Stream. Choir. lta-kcthall-10, Track-H». Scrap conunittee Home Room Officer. Four laikes Itaskethall. Junior Committees Linda Lou Bender Elizabeth Binger Hospitality. Oirl’s Club, Variety Show Csherettes, I lospitality. Ust and Found. Wavs and Mean-. ». C. Clinic. Oirl's Clnh. Variety Show. Ice (‘ream Counter. Senior lbiui|uet. Junior Committee Joan Benash (iirl‘s Sports, Hospitality. Candy Counter. 0. C. Clinic. Caps and flown-('oinniittee Carolyn Lou Bennett Mirror. Orehe-tra, Choir. Annual, Csherette-, Hospitality. Lost and Found, (i. C. Clinic. Monitor. (iirl's (iub, Mikado”. Senior Variety Show. Junior lied Cross, Ire Cream Counter, Senior Committee, Junior Committee 14Dwight 0. Brockert Jr. Kidd »ml Stream. Social Committee, Pen Committee, I'shers. Fleet rieians. Monitor, Stnjre Crow, Cord ('ominittee Theodore Butler Field and Stream, Klee-tri -intis, Vre tlinp-l 1,1 2 Jerry Carey ()r«die trn. Hand, it and President, T ra e k-11. Variety Show, Home lb tom OlTieer, Junior Refreshments (’luiinaan Sally Brey Choir. Student Couneil. Variety Show, Hirls Club John W. W. Burrows Mirror, Choir, Student Conned, Variety Show. Senior Committee' Hospitality, Candy Conn- Field and Stream, Fleeter, (lirl-s Club, Senior trieians, Wrestling-11 t 'ominittee Jeanette Brandon (iirCs Sport', Soc ial Cnin-mitto. Hospitality, Ways and Means, (I. C. Clinic, fiirl’s Club, Variety Show. Home Kuoin, Officer, lee Cream Counter. Junior Committee, Senior Committees Richard V. Bogdanow Katherine BlakePeter V. Cerniglia Ki« |il :i ml St renin. Itnml. Student Council, Senip 'oiii mil tee, “The Cnse of The Sulky Oirl‘ Senior Vnriety Show. Home li'omii OlTieer, Four Likes sport'. Senior t In." Niylit ('oininittee. Junior From Tieket t'luiirumii Jacklyn Ann Cole Mirror, Girls' Sport'. An-nunl. t'nmlx Counter, G. t . Clinie, Monitor. Hrmu-itie.' Cluli. (iirls Cluh, • • She Stoops To ('0:1-ijUer." lee Crenin Counter. Junior ('ominittee. Senior (’ominittee Bruce Coakley Field and St remit. Four Lukes Sports, Senior ('ominittee Gary Corcoran Field mid St renin. Fom Lnkes Itnsketlmll, I sher.' Robert Craig Field mid Stream. Or-ehestrn. FootluilI. 12. M-Clult. lloekev-2, Bnse- bnll-U. 12 Richard Joseph Steven Crase Field mul Strenni Roberta Cassidy Hospitality, Girls’ Club, Vnriety Show. P u 1) -lieity mid Tiekets. Junior Ued Cross. Class h’int o m mitt e, Commenee-inent Committee Tony Cascio Field mid StrenniJacklyn Ann Culp Mirror, Choir, Aununl, 1 sliorottes. Ctindx Counter. (i. ( Clinic. Girls’ lull. Variety Show. .Junior Hint? ’nmmitlee. Senior t ‘omniittce James R. Daggett Field nml Stream, I'ep Committee, “She Stoops to Con i| u i r. ’ “(iooil I lousekeepinj;’ ‘ Kathleen Daleo Mirror. Annual, Usherettes, Hospitality, Ways mn| Means, !. C. Clinic, Girls' Cluh. Variety Show, Junior Hod Cross, Senior l'lmmin r Committee, Senior Bmi |Uet Committee Ruth M. Dana I’sherettes, Choir, Girls' Clnh. Co-elmirinan Senior Class Cards. Invitations Committee, Monitor, Candy Counter. “The Mikado ' Kenneth R. Dryden Field mid Stream. Choir, Finance Committee 17 Gerald Doran Orchestra, Baud, Track-12. HnselinlM2 Robert Duane Doran Fitot ha 11-11. Foil r-1 .nkos ItaskethnllJames Easland James Elliott Bruce Ewers Kirlil mill St mini, Wrtw-tlinj; M Knot hall-12. K« nr Inikes Spurts Stii lent t iiiiiH'il, Senior Committee. .luninr I'nmi ’ !• nraCoiis t 'oiuiniMce James Faust Kirlil mill Stream. Or-rhestra. I hind, Traek-11. Klrrt ricinns Will am B. Fell llorkrv-12 Kootlmll-12 Bruce Finn Kirlil mnl Stmini. Or-eliestra. Hand. Itnlid 01’-fieer. t 'Ii uir. Student Conned, Si Kin | Comiuit-trr, l i | ( 'mnniittee, Srrap 111 ini11i i . Annual. Klrr-trieiaiis. • Tlir Mikado, ’ “Sin Stoops tit Con-«|urr,” Home Knom Of liirrr. NN'irstliii -KJ, Hockey II. 12. Senior Dance • 'oiiimittri . Sriiim IMaitn in : (‘oiiniiittrr Sydel Figlcr Mi mil, Orchestra, liarnl. Serial ('ollllllit l',i-. Kiliaiir iMiiimittrr, Animal. J. ( ('linir. Dramatic , ii» |h’ c lull. Variety S Ii o w, 11 nii ItiHHil Officer. Senior Committees', Junior 'iunmittrr. Julia Ricarda Fender (Jills’ Smuts. Student ('ouneil. Cshcrettes, I ost and Kitund. Candy Coun-trr, (J. C. ('linir. M ( | l . Monitor, J iris C I u l». "Slie Stoops to ’(iii-ipier." '’(Joitd llusekeep-ii?tr. Varirtv Show, Junior l»rd Cro's, Chis . Motto and Colors, Chairman 18Nancy V. Gibson Mirror, Orchestra, Choir, Social Committee. I slier-ettes, Candy oiintcr, 0. ('. Clinic, Monitor, Girls’ Club. "Jenny Kissed Me”. "The Mikado.” "Good I |o:i ekee!iin”.' Variety Show. Home Koom Officer. Junior Hed Cross, Senior Picnic Committee. Junior Prom Decoration Commit lee Chester Frisch Field mid Stream, Choir, Monitor, Home Uoom Of-lieer Donald Gandolph Field and Stream, Choir. Fool Dull-11, 12, Trnek-10, ollevball-10. 11. 12. Ili. Y. M-CInh, Variety Show, Home lioom Officer, Wrest lints-1 1. 12. GolM2. Four Fakes Simrl- Robert Goehring Louis A. Goth Mirror, Choir. Student Council, Pep Committee, Finance Committee, Klee trieians. Stay - Manager. "The Ca-c nl the Sulky Girl.” "Mother Was a Freshman." J e n n y Kissed Me,” "The Mikado,” "She stoop- to Conquer," Variety Show. Junior Committees, Senior Conunittci Hi-r-8 student C o ii n e i I, Tri-lii t 'ominittcc William H. Gothard Jr. Field and Stream, Choir, Football-40,11.12. Da--ket hall-10.11.12. Track-10. 11. 12. Vollcylmll-10, Student Couneil, II i-Y. M-Cluh, Class Officer, Home Komu Officer, Junior Committee-, Senior 'oiuiuittees Rosemary Groser Girls’ Sport-. 1 -herettc-, Lost and Found, Candy Counter, M-Cluh. Girl-" ( luh, oricty Show Puh licity and Tickets. Jnn-« r Fed ’ro—, Ifiujr t ’»ni-mitt o, 'onimeueciiient t ‘oniinitte. Charles Guastella Field and Stream. Choir, Student Council. All-Central. M-Cluh. Chri-tmas Pageant. Home Itooin Of-t'ecr, II o e k e y-ID, 11.12. Senior Pienie Committee ( linirman. 10Elroy Gunderson Kit-Id and Stream Robert L. Guerin Field and Stream. Ft wit bnll-12 Grace L. Gugol 1 sherd to . Hospitality, Ways and .Means. Girl-C Club. Senior ltjiiii|iii-t t 'tiniiuittt-e. Ii'iiig Coimuil-let- James William Haack Kield and Stream, Clmir. llitsketlwill-IO Barbara Jean Hall Choir. Girls' Sports, I’sli-erettes . Hospitality. Iiost and Found, C. C. t linif. Variety S It •» w, Junior Hod Cross, Soiiior Daneo remittee Thomas Halvorscn. Miror. Student Count-il. Hi-Y Variety Show. Co Chairintm. Senior Han •juet Marie Harvey iirls Sport-, Student Council. Finance Coiniuittee. 1'shoret tes, M'liys and Means Cltair-uian, G. C. Clinic. Girls' 'luh. Senior t ’oininittee Don Hensen Football-12, Gasket ball-11, 12. Student Council. Ili-V. M-flub. Monitor. Variety Show, Home Koom t)n icer 20Dennis Herfel Nola Hetze Field mill Stream, Choir, Four Lakes Basketball. Senior I •mice Committee, h»nior From Committee Girl-' Sport-. Hospitality, host mol Found. Monitor,, Girls t lull, Variety Show I’uhlieitx mul Tie kets, lee Cremn Counter, II i ii Committe. Com-meiieeiuont 'oinniitlee Richard Hodges Field mul Strenm, Choir Anne Holm Mirror, Choir, Student Council, All-(Vulrtil, Social Coiuittee, Scrap Committee, Annual, Hospitality. host and Found. Ways mul Means, Monitor, Dramatics, (Sirls Cluli, “The Mikado, “Variety Show Home Kooiii Officer, Junior lied Cross, Senior Danee Committee, Junior From Deeoratioiis (Committee, Youth Council 21 Sara Holmes (•iris' Sports, Hospitality, Lost and Found. Monitor, Girls' Club, Variety Show, Senior Class Ni rlit Coiuittee, .lunior From ommittee Susanne Holm Asistant F.ditor of Mirror. Choir. Student Council, Sorinl Committee. Serop Committee. Annual. Hospitality, 0. ('. ('linie. Dramatics, “The Ca-e of Tin Sulky Girl, ’ “The Mikado,” “Variety Show, .junior lied ('ros-, Co-Chairman S mi i o r Danee. Senior Flmininj; ('ommittee. Youth Council, Chairman Student Council Dance Dennis E. Howley Eonald HowleyEdward R. Hommel Phillip J. Ingwell Bam lMill-12y Tn«n “r,v' from Mount Uoreh Mirror, Kootlmll-12. Sn-rial ( Yimmittee, Sernp Committee. Ui-V President, electricians President. Variety Show, Home Room HTicer, Hockey- 11,1-. Tciini -U, Four Luke Sports, ’o- 'hninnan Senior I) a u e e Committer, Cliairmaii of Lijrlitiii” Junior I’rom, Youth Couneil Mary Huber Hospitality. Girls' Club, Senior K«ni|iiet Committee Shirley Jackson (•iris' Sports, Student Con u e i I. Hospitality, Ways and Means. C. C. « linie. Girls' ('lull. Cheerleader, Home Room 01 fleer. Junior Ked Cross. Junior l rom Decorations Committee, Senior '’lass Night Committee Wayne Jolivettc Judy Karnes Mirror, Girls' Sports, Student Couneil. Social Committee, Scrap ('oininil tee. Hospitality. W a v s and Means. G. ('. Clinic, GirU Club. Variety Show, Home Room Officer. Junior Ked Cross, lee ('ream Counter, Home ('omuiing ’ommittee, Jun ior t ’ominittees, Senior ’ominittees 22Betty Klitzman iirl ‘ S ji o r I s, Student Council, Hospitality. I. »st nn l Found, ('lull. Variety Show, Capitol Christmas Fngeant. Jmi-ior Commit tee, Si n i o r ('omniittee Warren A. Kolstad Mirror. Truck -10,11.12 Senior Committees Mary Kinsella Choir. Student Council, Social Committee. Finance Committee. Annual. Hospitality, Monitor. Dram, aties. (iirls' Club, ••.fenny Kissed Me”, “The Mikado”. ••She Stoops to Conquer”. Home Fonui O f t' i e e r. ('o-Chairman I’rojrrnm Committee Junior From, Senior Class Night Committeee Thespian Jacklyn Koppcl Mirror, Orchestra, Choir Student Council. Soeia ‘ommittec. A n n u a I Candy Counter. Monitor Dramatics. .lenity Kisser Me”. ••The Mikado” "She Stoops t" Conquer ........ Housekeeping Variety Show, Co-Chair man Class Night Com mittee, .lutiior From Fn gram Committee, Youth ’ouneil § i Karen Ann Kunz Choir, dirls' Sport-, Stu-l nt Council. SiH-iiil Committee. Finance Commit le. Annual, Candy Counter, Ways and Means, Monitor. (Jirls Club F resident, “The Mikado”. Variety Show, Junior Fed Cross. Co-Chairman Senior Flnuiiiiig ‘oinmittee. ('o- ’hairman Senior ltauqiiet Committee Phyllis Kepler Choir. Student Council. Social Committee, Annual. Hospitality, Monitor. Girl Club, ••The Mikado”, Class Officer, Home Kooiu Otl'icer. Junior Fed Cross, Senior Flntiniiig Committee, Senior Ibinquet Committee 1 Ronald Philip Kneebone Field and Stream. Student Council, lli-Y Club. Home Fooni OlTieer, Senior Decoration Commit-lee. Junior From Decoration Committee Edmund Donald Kopp 23Carol Laufenbcrg Eddie Lyneis Field mill St renin. Mirror. Choir, Hockey-10, 11, 1 2, Golf-10, 11. 12 Merle J. Manion Field mid Stream President. Hand. Football-10, 11, 12. Student Council. SfM'inI 4 'ommittee, lli-Y. M C 1 u l». ire-President Senior Class, Home Room OlTieer, lloekey-10, 11, Four Lake- Sports Delores Rac McCann Mirror, ltand, Girls’ Sport- Student Council. Co-eliuirmnii l ep Committee, (». t'linie. Girls lull, Variety Show, Home Room OlTieer, lee ('renin I’ounter, Senior i 'In— Niiilit Committee, Co-chairman Junior Prom Decorations Committee Donna Lynch Mirror. Choir, Hospitality, C a n d y Counter. “Mother Was a Freshman ’. Junior lied Cross, Senior Committe. Junior oinmittee Choir, Student Council, Finance Commit Ire. Annual Hospitality, Ways mid Means, •, Clinie Monitor, Dramatics Club, cheerleader. “The Case of the Sulky Girl". “Jen ny Kissed Me".. ‘"The Mikado , “Good House-keeping". Home Ron HI Ollieer. Thespian Club, Junior Prom Decorations I'oinmittee, Senior Class Niyht Committee Beverly Mathison Girl-’ Sports. I'sherettes. Hospitality. Ways and Means. 4 i. 4 4 ’linie. Sen- ior i'oinmittee Mirror, Orchestra. Girl-sport-. Annual. Hospitality, Candy Counter, Ways and Means. Monitor, Dramatics, “Mother was a Freshman". “Jenny Kissed Me", Variety Show, Home Room Officer. Thespian Club, And Program 'ommittee. ('o-ehairinan Class Cards i’oinmittee, Junior Proiu Refreshment 4 'ommittee Malcolm D. MacLeod Sharon Lee Linde Four Lakes Basket hall, Junior Publicity Committee, Senior Picture Committee 24Pierre Mohos Irehestra, I intimities. Senior Man«|iii‘t I'mii-inittee Mike Moore Kiel,) and Stream, Fuot-ball-lO, 11, 12. Basket -I Mill-10, Vollevball-10, M-Club Russell, Moling Assistant SjMirts Editor. Mirror, Home Room Officer, Junior From Publicity Committee, Senior Picnic Committee Harvey A. Nelson Field mid St renin, Fin-iinee Commit to. Senior Caps mid Gowns Cont-mittee Donald L. McDaniel Student Council, A I 1-Central, I’shers, Electri-eimis Frances Ann Nilles Mirror, Girls’ Sports, I’s-herettes, Cnnd Counter, G. C. Clinic, “The (‘use of the Sulk Girl”, Senior Committee Jerry McGill Field mid Stream Delores Noisen Mirror. ( li o i r. Girl-’ S|H»rts Student Council, Anniinl, I"sherettes, Hi» -pitality. Lost nml Found, Ways mid .Means, G. Clinic, M-C I u l». Girls’ Club, “The Mikado”, Variety Show, Junior Committee, Senior Committee 25Constance Olson Student Council. Scrap ('onuuittee. I "sherd tes. Hospitality. Ways and Means, (i. C. Clinic, (Jirls" Cliih, ’«riety Show, Junior Committee, Senior "oinniittee Tony Parisi Field and Stream, Tennis-11 Four Lakes Sports. Senior Committee Marlene J. Owen Choir, flirts Sports, Pep Committee. Scrap Committee, Hospitality. Ways and Means. Hirls Clnli, Junior I ted Cross, lee «'ream t 'onnter. J u n i o r Committee. Senior Committee Gerald Parkinson Senior Picnic Committee. Junior Prom Public!.v 'ommittee Larry Lee Norder Vlto Lawr'ncc Oliva Field mid Sln-nin Fiel 1 .and cS,rr”P Committee, ariety Show, Robert B. Parr Field and Stream, Orchestra. Baud. Football Manager, Basketball Manager, Student Council. Pep Committee, Annual, M-Club. Variety Show. Tennis-11.12, Four Lakes Sports. National Honor Society. Badger Bovs State. Senior (’ominit-tee. Junior Committee Home Coming Pub. Committee Chairman Field and Stream. Junior Committee Senior Committee Ronald PeschelLorraine Peterson Choir, Student Council, Scrap Committee, Hospitality, Candy Counter, Ways and Means, Home It (mm Officer, Senior Commencement t ’ommit-tee Evelyn Post Choir, HirU' Sports, Student Council, Scrap Committee. Csherottes, Hospitality. Junior Ited Cross, Ice Cream Counter, Junior Prom Committee. Senior Dance Committee, Christmas Pageant Anthony J- PQllar» Field and Stream. Foot- lmll-12. H« Y, Home Koom Officer, Wrestling-12, Hoekey-12. Senior Committee Nancy Jane Reynolds Student Coucil. Lost and Pound, Ways an dMeans Hirls’ Cluli. Junior Prom Publicity Committee, Senior Class Cards Committee Richard C. Rogers Four Lakes SjH rts. Senior Picnic Committee Mary Leora Rowley Mirror. Orchestra, Concert Mistress. Choir, i iris. Sjxirts. Hospitality, Lot and Found, Candy Counter, Co-chairman. Senior Picnic Committee 27Alan Scholz Kirlil mill St mini, I’m. Orchestra, Rand Richard E. Serstad Kirlil mnl Stream. Foot-hnll-10, 12 Victor Schiro Kirlil mnl Stream, Orchestra, Hand, Pop Onin-mittrr, Scrap Cornmit-trr. Hi-Y. M. (Tub, Ilnmo Room OlTicer, Wrest ling-11. Hookey-12, K o u r Lukes Spurts, S r n i o r i‘Ins-. Night Committee Janet Simonson Mirmr, Girin Sports. An-uiiiiI, Cslierettes, llospi-inlity Candy Counter. O. C. Clinic. • TI»e Mikado”, Junior Red Cross, Junior Committee , Senior Committees Robert N. Schmidt Kirlil mid St renin Doris Skaar Mirror, Choir, flirts’ Sports, Student Council, All-Central, Social Committer, Annual, Uo'pital-ity, Candy Counter Chnir-niati, M-( luh. Oirl» Club, • • Thr Mikado”, Senior Class Secretary, Junior llnl Cross, t'hairiurin Srn-i ii r Picture Committee, Chairman Ring Com mi t-tre Carl Schuett Field ami Stream. Senior Dance Coiiunittre Theresa Shomberg Mirror. Choir, Girl-’ Sports Annual. I ln-pitul-ity. M-Cluh. Monitor, Variety Show. Senior Class Night 28David D. Smith Field Mini St mull, Truck'll, 12 Diane Smith hoir. Social Committee, i sherette I rent (I e 111, Hospitality, fnildy Counter. 'Jenny Ki»M d Me. “The Mikado". Variety Show, Junior lied I’ntw, Junior Itinjr Committee, Chairman Cups and • iown tfommittee Bob Sobck Field and Stream Senior Committee Geraldine Sorenson Hand. Choir. Girls Sports. Hospitality', Girls Cluli. Variety Show. Home Itoom OlTieer, Senior (’ommittii . .? 11 n i o r i ‘oiiunittee Joseph John Spataro Harry Specht Field mid Stream. Basket-bull-ln. Student Council. IVj Comittee. Scrap Committee, Home Itooui Of-Heer, Senior Picture Commute, Junior Prom Ticket Committee Charles D. Sprccker Field and Stream. Baud. Foot hull. Track, Volleyball. St mien I Council. Finance Committee, M-Cluh. Hockey. Four Imkes S|M»rt , Biff 8 Student Council. Senior Committed Richard William Steinhofcr FouthulMQ. 11. Basket-lmll-lO. 11. Golf-12, S»»n-ior Commencement Committee, Junior Prom Program Committee 29Geraldine Storlcy Mirror. I slierettcw, Hospitality, Ways and Means, (!. Clinic, Monitor. Girls’ ( lull. .Junior lied ( ros . Senior Committee •lunior Committees Maureen Joan Strand Choir, Hospitality, Ways nod Menus, Junior lied Cross. Ice Cream Counter. Cliristnuis Pn tnuit, Senior Committee. Junior t ommittee Judy Streiff Choir, Girls’ Sports, Scrap Committee, Annual Hospitality, W n v s and Means, G. C. Clinic, Gills Club. Home Coming Committee, Variety Show, Home Room Officer. Junior Red Cross, lee Cream Counter. Junior Committee. Senior t'«mi it tees Gisela Templin Mirror. Hand. Choir, Girl ’ Sports, Annual. Hospitality, Caudv Counter, M-Cinb, Monitor. Dramatics. Girls' Club. “ The Mikatlo”. Home Room Officer, lee Cream Counter. Junior Prom Decorations t’oinmittee Anna Augusta Tioia Hospitality, G. C. Clinic. Variety Show Margaret Ruth Swadley Mirror, Choir, Girls' Sports, Student Council, Pep Committee, Hospitality, Ways ami Means. Girls’ Club. Cheerleader. Variety Show. Home Room Officer, Junior Committee. Senior Committee Charles Stull Field and Stream, t lioir. Football-11, 12. Basket-ball-In, 11. 12. Track-10. 11. 12. Voleyball-10. 11. 12. M-Club, Home Room on icrr. Four Hakes Sports Joe Switzky Field and Stream, Senior CommitteesSandra Joan Turchik Bobert P. Tuttle Mirror Killlnr, Annual, I Ins) itnliti ('liiiinium. U’a mill Mr mis, ] Irani-ntir. Variety Show, I Ionic ItiHini Officer, Senior Claiming ommittee, (lax Sight Committee h ichI mu} Stream, Choir, Student Council. Annual, Tennis-11, Curd Commit tee Hollo Peter Vallem Mirror, I tucket Ini 11-10,11, 1 2, Wnptaiii ItaskctluilJ, Track-10, Stiidciif Coim-ril, Ili-V, M-Cliik (loll 10, II, 12. Junior i'Iiihs President, ( 11 j mid downs Committee Donald A. Veloff Field end St renin, Coot Inti I’12. Tennis. Darryl R. Vogel Field mid Stretiin. Mirror, Rand, Choir, Student Council, Sernp • ••iniiiii- tee, Pinmire Committee. Variety Show. Home Itooin (Iffircr, .1 u n i o r Committor-. Senior Committees Sam Vultaggio yield nml Stream, Tour hikes Sjwrt Ralph Waggoner ‘lioir. Student 'oimci . CluiimiHii of AIM'entrnl. A Mini;! I. hr:i in :i t i r s, Mother Wits ;i Fresh -mall ’. “The I 'in1 of the Sulkx Girl". “Jenny Kissed Me", “The Mi-kudo , “She Stools to t'oiujuer". Junior From Ticket Committer, Senior Finailer Committee Dyanne Wcdlakc Student Couneil, Mirror. Monitor. Girl ' Club. Finn nee. Senior Pnnee Queen 31 Marlainc S. White Richard G. Wills Field and Stream. Mirror, Kootlinll-11, 12. Track-11. Student Council. President, lli-Y, M-(’lul», Yn-riety Show. lloekcy-10, 11, 12, Junior 'ommittee. Senior IInner Committee John A. Wcrmuth Field mill Stream. Foot hull-11. 12. Pasketbnll-10 Tmrk-tO. Volleyball-Id M ('lul . Iltiscl ali-10, 11 Four Lakes SjHirts. .Inn ior Decorations Commit tee. Senior Decoration « ommittee Mirror. Annual, I'sheret-tes, Lost ami Found, Candy Counter, Ways and Means. Monitor, Girl-’ Club Cabinet. Variety Show, Mother Was n Freahman", ••The Case o I' the Sulky Girl”. ••Jenny Kissed Me”, ••The Mikado”. Chairman of lee Cream Counter, Christmas Pageant, J nior ( ommittee George Wilson Tom Wirth Field and Stream. Or-ehestra. Dnnd. t'hoir. Ilas-kcthnll-10, II. Daseball. 10, 12, Four Lakes Sports, Junior Drum Decorations Committee, Class Night Committee Ralph H. Wittmann Field and Stream. Elec tricinns, Junior Pron Lighting Committee, In citations Committee 32eiaAA, 1 1955 HOME ROOM 30C Top Row: S. Bcrpen ke, L. Ituek, .1. ’« sini, It. Unlev, K. Deluner Row 2: T. Kroon, M. (iiiitlninl, I). I|erin:i» son, S. Jordnn, K. Kxihne Row 3: S., V. I.elund. N. Marx. II. .Moseliknu, U. O'Krolev Row 4: It. I ol I % l . Sorenson, K. Spreelior. A. Tollelwm HOME ROOM 303 Top Row: . I till lent ine. It. Burke, L. (•« . sini. I, , fords A. Only Eoa 2: It. Dny. M. KUner. M. Kvnehenko, T. (lerotluinas. .1. Ilmike Row 3: .1. Iloven, (». K .1. Kingsley, I . Marx. K. Mow Row 4: J. Nnrum, K- S 1 " . !• °l‘heim. |». Overton. 1%. l eek Row 5: M. rwhel. U. U’ rtU, It. Snmp- m„i. I . Starkey. K. Sfrtrm“r Row 6: J. Tr;.i..o, .1. Virofr. T. 33 (Not pictured: K. Arentson, V tiun»lei on, S. IlerselileliHOME ROOM 315 Top Row: K. Amcrn, S. Briggs. 1 . Capnei. T. Cnrinodv, G. Clary Row 2: L. Cuccia, (i. DUtrud. K. Kpstein, G. Frank, .1. llainm Row 3: R. Harrington, C. Hill, .1. Huff, .1. Jenson, ,1. Johnson Row 4: L. lvrajnak, J, Krcutzmann. .1. Longtield, M. McCarter, Moe Row 5: V, Pedraeim . It. Putnam. A. Itn- ehild, W. Skanr, V. Skrani Row 6: It. Smith. M. Stein, ll. Wysslirnd HOME ROOM 323 Top Row: |). Armijo. I . Deli rend, If. Bini amii, D. Boles, It. I integer Row 2: K. Breedlove, '. Cauilella. M Chitwood, T. Cotter, L. Doss Row 3: It. Kastliagen, .1. Kmordeiio, Foalk, S. Jeffrey, V. Nelson Row 4: D. Xinodorf, K. I'nnnnn. D. Sen dera, I’. Sewell, (5. Wnlllili Row 5: S. Wells (Not pictured: It. Larson. S. Wallare, D ltoimuel (linger, D. Swenson. C. Webster W. Weinman 34HOME ROOM 325 Top Row: M. Andrea, N. Brown, J. Buchan- an. .1. Cmicr. (i. Collet ti Row 2: J. Culbertson, 0. Curtin. Fred- rick. V. (iro M It. Oruber Row 3: R. Harris, W. Krui?or, E. Morseh- hmiser. W. O’Connell, (r. Porrott Row 4: C. Ifyan. S. Schnnck. B. Stnflet, It. Stormer. B. Will moth (Not pictured: I . Johnson, I. Mo« hy) HOME ROOM 425 Top Row: C. Bn It ha .or. B. Beale, I). Cain . J. Certiitflia. T. Cliasey Row 2: ,1. hccrinn. .1. Emmerich. M. Oilbert. B. Ilnnold. It. McCann Row 3: M. Mueller, N. Nelson. It. Palmer. S. Pnrisi, K. Payne Row 4: I). Puccio, l . Schuuiann, C. Seals, J. Tsehudy, .1. Vitale Row 5: .1. Was. B. Wheeler, It. Wilcox (Not pictured: T. LeCJrny, T. Moon ) 35Junior Class Officers Don i’.cnlr. Vice President: Sally Uergenske. Secretary: (icorge ('olletti. I'resident 3ln 2@emortain Phyllis Waldon 1936-1953 Wanda Moncrief 1938-1953 36HOME ROOM 301 now . : h. Skaar. r. Hast, I). St am in. S. Seldesk, i». nrvnoid i». M,naeier, K. Slattery, d. Davies Row 4: h. I .auli, -I. llra er, .1. linker, .1. Miteh II. 11. .Lines, I', Henning. M. dor-dine, . Ninedorf. 1. Ilou lilon Row 3: I ’. Knsiiiski, M. Adams, •! I'.llis, .1. Hates tHarden f. Walden. It. Maloney, d. MeKiernan, M. Wdlinntli, X. Dailey Row 2: (’. Howes, If. Cluireli, S. Horst. S. Lewi . i Hill, I. Notvlnii, M . Seoles. D. Mack, M. (ierothanas Tow 1: A. White. |t. Melby, Mr. I,ainiiii'r, J. I.onr. K Dnlsi! HOME ROOM 313 Watson Row 4: K. darner, d. Salerno, J. Evans, II. Horn nersliaiisen, l». Hall, D. %«]tp. If. Xesson Row 3: M. Amler-on. S. Stein. ('. Henthnrn, H. Sent!, W. Ilallsell. D Launders. L. Lintncr Xamio t diva Row 2: S. Sehara. I . Ifyan. I , .lohnsou, I . Dun on, S. Miller. S. Wit .. M. I'minery. H. Culp Row 1: T. Bliss, ,T. Lev. Miss Kit mann, J. llerfelHOME ROOM 40b Row 4: I . Swenson. R. Faust, F. Holder, (». 15ur lick. K. Mortinelli, I . Fddl, T. Sartorio, Ft. Rowley Row 3: I , Rnrtholomow, J. Grapsas, (». Rowe, N. .lone . 15. Vitalise. 15. Kiseman. . Uelgeinon, 1 . Rogers Row 2: II. Sobek, L. Fedtde, S. Schaefer, K. Aril “son, I . Kurcboiie. S. Lnuihy, M. We dey Row 1: X. Meyers, R. I.indauer. Mi" Reid. I . 1’iilhini, R. ImlmlT HOME ROOM 415 Row 5: R. 11 ousel, S. Sehmelaer, V. Miller. T. Ruege. W. Reynolds X. Ruehert Row 4: .1. North, V. Smith, C. Salter, R. Ynekley, I). Gedko, I). Itnllentine, R. Stneeko Row 3: I.. McDowell, 15. Seluiuh, 1 . Is‘grey, S. Lueth, .1. Sabntke, R. Oct man. V. Newberry, N. Anderson, L. Keller Row 2: h. Shnse, K. Bly. S. Christiansen, 15. Halverson. S. Dyer, S. .Ineobson, A. Rockwell, 15. Mason, 15. Garvey Row 1: L. Wittrock, W. Conners, Miss Markin, R. DoranHOME ROOM 423 Kow b: .1. Haywood, I . Pntchin, If. Pnnkow, R. I looverson. It. Martinelli, R. Call, K. Loos Row 4: I . Sweet, W, Selimidt. 3. Hilliard, T. Ilii. tnl le, K. Sehnot’er. li. Hubbard, T. Elliot, li. (itillickson, K. Delaney Row 3: . Muling. L. Rintelinanu. K Koteii, l . Cleary, .1. De.Mnrs, M. IniholY, IV Ki eus, V Tom- plin, It. Meyers, S. Parisi Row 2: I , HoiTiiinn. X. Itrneger, .1. Tturehette, P. Jones, P. Pullarn, M. West, N. Butler, A. Scollisi, IV Jinkins Kow 1: K. Iljonistad. C. Wirtli. Mr. Tottinghnm, IV Adams, I,. Mnideti HOME ROOM 431 ..urt t: .1. 0|M lt. d. Nnlepinski. L. Pettiboiie, IV. Ililjers, I . f ish. . droves, .1. I5randnn, hick, T. Ctinnon Row 3: II. Pollicr. IV Theobald, S. Patterson, li. Zimmer. P. Downsf IV. Knetlier, li. JeflVott, IV Ran- dall, I,. Lord Row 2: IV Colvin. L. Johnson, li. Freitag, K. Roll, X. Morsehauser. M. Martinson, S. I iu fen berg, J. NVal .ke, S. Rutzlaff, Lord Row 1: .1. Myers. ,?. Rhode, Mr. Polloek, It. Kn ne, J. SelmepbaehConcert BandBAND 1 Mir band activities this year were highlighted hy the purchase of new uniforms. These uniforms were made possible hy the efforts of numerous organizations and individual-. The Mirror, the school news)taper; the IbT.A.; the Arthur !•'. Careys; and Mr. Walter I'andrieh. hand director; must he given a great deal of credit for their personal and financial support. JLtrum major James Kreutzmann Band President Jerry CareyConcert OrchestraA Cappella ChoirDouble Quartet T. Clinscy. N. Iti'iiwn, (!. Clary, Webster, I). Smith, D. Day, .1. Kreut .mnnn, M. Stein, I«. Mor.sehim user Triple Trio D. Skaar, S. Holm, K. Kim ,, M. Kinsella, A. Holm, It. Hamm, S. Kigler, .1. Koppel 47Row 4: I . Day K. Wagoner, -I. Kivut .mimn. M. Stein Row 3: A. K use hi Id, .1. Kmnnlonn, .1. .Jenson, S. Linde, L. Wittrnek, S. Stein, ('. Lmifcnborg, S. .Ionian Row 2: .1. .Mvers. Moling. A. Holm, S. Filler, S. llolni, K. Kpstein, l». Itnrron, ». Teniplin Row 1: U. Frank, J. Kuppel, Mrs. Xupiceinski. C. Lnufcnhorjr, M. Kinsella DRAMATICS CLUB Cnder the direction of Mrs. Harriet Xapiocinski, the Dramatics Club again this year was the major s atrce of the actors in onr two plays. "She Stoops To Compier.” (opposite page) and "liood lloiisckee, ing This year was highlighted for the Dramatic Club by its admission to The Xa tional Thespian Society. The picture on the left is a reproduction of a display honoring those from Central who were admitted to the society.  V Good Nancy Gibson as the older daughter Gertrude Templin as the housekeeper Young Lovers CHERYL MOLING and TOM HENNINGThe Politicians Robert Altizer and Glydewell Burdick 51 James Huff The Prexy Marjunice West The Good HousekeeperMirror kow ti: Row 5: Row 4: Row 3: Row 2: Row 1: li. Moilin'. D. riteem, l». .Mincer, I. nuoire, r.. i.ynms, if. riiiist, l(. iiomnia K. Wills, I). Vogel, M. Stein, f. Anderson, W. Kolstml, K. Uelmier, T. Curmodv. I . MoIkhi, I . Stain, L Goth .1. Burrows, I,. Newton, .1. Loy, l . fupaei. Mill I.. Kiiitelinniiii, It. I trucker, K. Koten. N. Jones. K. Moss. F. Nilles. I.. Me Dowell M. Swndley, D. Noisini, •. Tcmplin, D. Lynch, S. Jordon. S. Unde, It. Willinotli, J. Ji-n-eii, M. I’e-eliel, L. t’ueeisi, X. Gibson M. Kowley, J. foie, L. Krajimk. A. Holm. M. White, J. KnppjM'l, S. Filler, J. Simonson, ». Storlev, J. Culp, K. Pfllco It. Vallein, D. Skmtr, K. Barron, S. Holm, Mr. TottiiigliAin. J. Iternard. S. Turehik, T. Universal 3 — - A 7 — A 7 T » 7T. Tin Madison .Mirror, Central's bi-weekly newsj»aiK r, is one of tlie busiest student activities in the school. Plus re| ortmg Central's many activities, the Mirror also celebrated its thirtieth anniversary this year, placed among the top ten in the Wisconsin Tuberculosis Press Project, and jut out a very special April Fool's issue. Heading the Mirror stalT this year was Judy Bernard, the editor-in-chief. Others im|K rtant on the staff were: Sue Holm and Doris Skaar. assistant editors; Betty Barron, feature editor; Kollo Valient, sports editor; Sandra Turehik and (icrald-ine Storlev, junior high editors; Tom Halvorsen. copy editor; and Carl Anderson, photographer. Mr. Koliert 1«ttingham was general advisor. Miss Ann Junginger was business advisor and Miss Lucy Krrhma was junior high advisor. 52Annual Row 4: 5. Tempi'll), N. Marx, (' .Bulthnxor, V. Crosse, B. Bn»egerf K. Wnggeaer, ('. Bennett, J. Buchanan, K. Moss, J. Frederick, M. Peschcl Row 3: T. Shouiberg, J. Bernard, S. Jordon, S. Linde, M. While, E. Epstein, It. Willmoth, J. Jensen, X. Gih-'"ii. J. Streifl. A Rosehild, J. Simonson Row 2: J. Cole, K. Kunz, A. Holm, S. Bcrgeilsko, S. Holm, C. LnulViihorg, ! • Kepler, M. Kiusella, .1. Ivoppel. S. Figlcr, S. Turchik Row 1: 1C. Parr, r. Anderson. M. Stein. .Mr. Herreid, It. ltd non. I). Sknnr, L. Cotli TYCHOBttAHH This year’s "Tvcholicrahn” is an entirely different, and, we hope, enjoyable. In ok. Although still the same size, this year's book has main new features: Double page introductory sections, individual junior pictures. 1 letter and bigger pictures throughout the hook, and a much expanded junior high section. Major credit for our 1' 5-4 annual goes to: Editor, Robert Parr. Business Manager. Doris Skaar. Junior High Editor, Ralph Waggoner; photographer, »rl Anderson; Sports Editor. Mike Stein; Art. Anne Holm; Advertising. Sally Bcrgenskc; Promotion, Arlene Rosehild; and thief typist. Charlotte Balthazor; we hope you will get as much enjoyment out of this hook of memories as we did | titling it out. 53IRow 6: Row 5: Row 4: Row 3: Row 2: Row 1: STUDENT COUNCIL L. doth V. Gunderson, l . I tea It , B. Finn, A. White. Guastella, I . Bartholomew, V. Reynolds, A. Scholz. K. Anderson, J. Kreutzmann, li. Waggoner, I). Vogol, K. Keizer, C. Spree her, K. B,jorn tud, I . Henson. N. Brown, M. Gariluud, ('. Bn It ha .nr, S. Jeffery, .M. Harvey, 1.. Wittroek, S. 1‘arisi, It. Willtuotl»f J. llerfel K Skaar, M. Willinolh, I . Kepler, J. Jensen, M. lYsehel, B. I In mm, S. Brey, J. Iternanl. M. Swndley, A. itoschild, l . Met'aim. S. Holm, J. Sehiiephtirh, J. Knp| ei. N. Junes, J, l.u , T. Ilalvorsen Mr. I . Wendt, C. Unit cullers', R- Willis, Miss F. Morris. K. Urn her. Miss K. liit .mann, It. llonuiiel ALL-CENTRAL COMMITTEE Row 3: Guastella. I. Ilurdiek, T. Bliss, M. Stein, It. (Jruher. It. Imlioff Row 2: I . Johnson, M. Chitwood, A. Holm, I). Cleary, K. Barron. S. Bergenske Row 1: I). Skaar, Miss K. Ititz- ninitn, It. Wagoner 50SOCIAL COMMITTEE Row 3: I). Itrockcrl, It. Willmotli, .1. lirandon, Karnes, I.. u» « iji. N. tSihsnu, .1, Ko| |h I, It. lloinniel Row 2: (!. Frank, D. Smith, K. Kim ., S. Holm, K. Kolen, X. .lows, I). Skaur Row 1: S. Figler, M. Kiusella, Mr. Colbert, I . Kepler, A. Holm PEP COMMITTEE Row 4: It. Ililgcr.s It. Parr, I). Droekert. C. Wirtli. ,1. Mite Ill'll Row 3: I.. Itiiiteliiiuim, I.. Goth, It. Finn, C. Webster, .1. Culbertson. K. Koteii Row 2: M. Swadley, .1. .Icnseii. I . Downes, I !. Kpstein. .1. 11 ought oil Row 1: D. MrCanii, Mr. D. Weiult, .1. Kmit .iiinuiiELECTRICIANS Row 3: I.. (loth, T. Butler, J. Faust, If. Wittmnn, If. Zarh Row 2: K. .Sweet, ]{. Delaney, (• .Burdick, ’. Johnson, If. Fell. It. Randall, If. ItuholT, If. Smiiti Row 1: J. Kmmerieh, I). Brockert. Mr. Nprechor, R. Hommel, II. Finn USHERETTES Row 5: (i. Ilugd, N. Marx, I. Mushy, V. Orosse, C. Bennett, B. Dnieper, .1. Buelmnan, M. Harvey, II. Fiscus, I . Downs, .1. DeMnrs, II. StoVlet Row 4: S. Durst, K. Breedlove, Hill. C. Hill. J. Fender. If. Dana. F Nilles. A. Rockwell, S. ('lirislianson, N. Dailey Row 3: C. Anderson, L. Johnson, L. I.intner, D. Noisen, A. Ifosehild, I . Dunow, If.llrowr, J. Siinonsen. J. Watzke Row 2: K. Daleo, J. Culp, M. MrCarler, M. Kaline, L. Maiden, K, Anderson, J. Traino. J. Virnijf Row 1: (J. Storley, D. .Smith, Miss C. Ankenoy, M. White, !•!. PostUSHERS Row 3: .1. Kiiimaricli, D. 15 cork a it, If. Sturmar Row 2: If. Yaeklay, I). Schumann, If. Harrington, If. Wall Row 1: .1. lirni gor, Mr. Linill, If. Faust MONITORS ] ‘ r j . I). Itcagnn, D. Skaar. (i. T m»ij»1 iit. 15. Itrncgar. I!. Mo «, N. Mayors, S. I,aul anliarg. Mr. Marsh K. Kuuz, If. Dana. S. Linde, M. White, It. It iitoii, It. Iturke, K. Fpstoin, N. Gibson, I . Kepler .!. Fob , S. Itergeiiske. S. .Iordan, 1. Frank, D. Wedluko, .1. (’assiui. It. Willinoth, .1. .Tenson l . N S. Ilolmas, A. Holm, .1. Ki )i|h,I. M. Kitwlln. .1. Fender. I . DownsGIRLS' CLUB CABINET Row 3: Miss Koiiert , Mis . |{ei«l, Mr. Asliinnn, Miss Fredriekson, Mi.-- Muekin Row 2: Ik Skmir, Ik Met'aun, Hill, '. (Jrosse, I till Hut .or, S. Tureliik Row 1: (J. Templin, K. Kuii ., Mrs. Perkins, M. Harvey, I). Wnlliike GIRLS’ SPORTS Row 6: T. SIioiiiIktj;, (». Templin, F. Nilles, M. Harvey, L. If inteluuinn, S. Stein Row 4: M. Swwlley, S. Wells, S. Linde, L. Witt rock, . t'nrtin, .1. Fender, Hill. X. Morsel unixor, K. Freitnf?, M. I'ewliel, .1. Seliuepbaeh Row 3: M. Chitwood, IJ. Itowe, K. (Jroser, It. Daley, Ik Noiseii, Hill, M. (itirtlmul, I!. Burke, N. Jones, L. Newton, K. Kosinski, Ilelgorsou Row 2: I). Post, Moling. J. Myers, J. .Soinwisoii, Ik Pells. (!. Frank, H. Teniplin, I'. Ilenllmriie, S. Ix'wis, lk Jenkins, I,. Fedele Row 1: S. Purisi, J. Frederiek. J. Pole. Miss Shepnnl, J. l.oy, X. Meyers, S. MillerBOYS’ M CLUB Row 5: l» (irulier. I« . Purr, U. Moore, T. ('husoy, Spree her, K. Keizer, .1. Wermuth, .1. Johnson Row 4: A. I’u I l.irn. ('. Stull. I . Harris. T. Williams U. I Seale. M. Mnnion, K. Itjonistnii. .1. Itnlsnino Row 3: (I. Colletti. J. Kaslaiid. .1. Ijoti", I . itelirend, H. Hnndnlph, M. Stein, If, Wills, Y. Seliiro Row 2: .1. Culbertson, l(. Ileniiaiis m, W. Hander , »n, L. Ihis . K. Anderson, I). Hensen, T. Herothnnas Row 1: If. Valient, Mr. I . W. Hot hard GIRLS' M CLUB Row 2: I). Xoiseii, I). Skimr, If. denser Row 1: (I. Tetnplin, Miss M. Shepard. .1. Fender 11JUNIOR RED CROSS row 4: It. linrke. K. Mom. It. Willmotli. K. DjiIi o, J. Simon son, J. ( nip Row 3: I). Lynch, It. I hill, It. Croser, I). Sknnr, .1. Virnijr Row 2: K. I'iwI, A. Holm, S. Hergeiiske. .1. Pender Row 1: K. Kun ., .M. Stroud, Miss .1. Man Hie. I . Kepler FIELD AND STREAM I’residenl .Merle Mini ion: Vice-President — Vito Olivn: Seerelnry — Hurry Speelil; Wnnlens: Tom Ilennine, Hick Dny, Bruce Conkley, Jim llerf'el, Jerry Hisrnd. Kon I’c.sehel, Itoli I'nrr, Jerry Wnlilin, Hill O’Connell, I toll Knust, Itoli tl'mip. ’ ;i:ine Itnllen ine. Hick Serslnd, John llillnnl. Ihm S-huntuim, Cnrl Sell nett. IJoyil Lord03fit The Faculty FourCrazy Cats Our New Stage Angels? lift Here’s a Toast —For the second consecutive year Head Coach Harold (Gus) Pollock accepts The City Series Trophy from Mr. Rhodes at the Shrine Banquet Just About t 0BACKFIELD: l«ouis iissini. IVil Williams. Mr. Polhek, 15111 (lotlmrd, .lun Lasluud LINE: Ituli D ruber. Dick llcrmniison, hull Craig, •!•»« Bn Inn mo. 'lorn Perot lianas, hill Oiimlirsnii. I hil hehrcml The Football Story of 1953 Proviso: In our lirst ?nmc of tin your. Central traveled to Maywood, III. lor ii game with Proviso’s large tricky squad. Although most ol the hoys had never seen more than throe or lour quarters of Big 8 |»lny, the Downtowners gave a good account oj themselves before their inexperience caused several mistakes whieli lead to their downfall. The game was played in a downpour. Beloit: Although IHi K HKBMANSON, Unit DIM -hKR AND BOB (.’llAID did a line job on defense, Beloit’s heavy line and fast haeklield spoiled Centra IV Big 8 op4 ner, 20-0. The .Stateliners held the Orange and Black offence at liny all game as the haeklield was unable to gain any large amounts of ground. East: Showing much improvement. Central ran Hast up and down the Held almost at will Highlight of the game was a long 80 yard pass to end IMIIL BKMBKND for a touchdown. Janesville: Central made it a happy homecoming with an upset victory over the fast Janesville squad. WllK CASSINI tackled a Bluebird runner in the end zone for a safety and the winning margin. MEBI.K MANION, TKD WILLIAMS, and JOK BALSAMo (leaded tile standout defensive play that stopped tin Bluebird attack. Park: A lust •minute length of the Held march gnv» Park a 11-0 verdict over the Downtowners after tie two squads lia | Imttlcd to a scoreless tie for till’d quarters. Knrlier in the game BILL DOTILVBL) had led a Central drive that gave out on the 10 yard line West: With TKD WILLIAMS and LOBBY DOSS heading an alert defensive squad that recovered a fumble and made two interceptions that led to touch downs. Central wrecked West's homecoming 18-0. Horlick: Although Central played its heart out and fought with all all the spirit and determination, the Beil Devils were just too much for the plucky Downtown eis . col. LETT I. HKKMANSON, BALSAMO and II ABB IS all turned in a Hue performance as did tin rest of the squad. Kenosha: Kenosha scored touchdowns in the lust minutes of both halves to take a 13-0 win from the Downtowners. Both squads exchanged touchdowns on blocked kicks. Central made several excellent back to-thc-wall goal-line stands as Central's last team ef fort tailed to give them the win. 70SEASON STANDINGS AND RECORD COACH BOB HARRIS Central 0 Proviso 19 Central 0 Beloit 26 Central 19 East 0 Central 9 Janesville 6 Central 18 West 0 Central 0 Park 6 Central 6 Horlick 27 Central 6 Kenosha 13 Beloit W. 6 U. T. 1 Racine Horlick 6 1 Kenosha 5 2 CENTRAL 3 4 West 3 4 East 2 5 Janesville 1 5 1 Racine Park 1 5 1 BACKFIELD: Lorn boss. Merle Mtniion, Mr. l’nl look. harle Stull. (5« or»r t'olletti LINE: Dick Wills, Kugene HjonMud, Don Hondo I |»li Jim Long, Diek Harris, S. S« hl » k. Don llensen Four Lakes Football Central's Four Lakes foot bull team under the «li -reetion of Mr. Frank Lindl ended il season with a not-too-impressive record, whieli put the Downtowners in Hrd place w itli 2 wins nn«1 I losses. This year' s«|»iiul was small and handicapped by lark of experience. The Four Lakes League consist- of I teams; F.ast. West. Wisconsin High, ami Central. Central played each team twice, beating Wisconsin High twice. 71Basketball B. Gruber L. Doss G. Collin; W. Gunderson Central 54 Fond du Lac 49 W Central 68 Beloit 65 W Central 47 Reedsburg 37 W Central 49 Racine Park 59 L Central 69 Janesville 65 W Central 69 Ripon 68 W Central 61 La Crosse Central 76 L Central 45 West 34 W Central 65 Kenosha 66 L Central 68 East 37 W The four Icttemien who will not In- seen in tin line-up next venr: Jnek lloven, Kill (iotlmrd.Kollo Vjilli'iii. jiml Don llriison with «’onc li liohhy Atwin D. Beale Central 52 Horlick 44 W Central 43 Beloit 54 L R. Harris Central 76 Racine Park 51 W Central 47 Janesville 62 L Central 58 East 64 L Central 66 West 50 W Central 46 Racine Horlick 52 L Central 39 Kenosha 74 L MIDDLETON REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Central 60 Prairie du Sac 44 W Central 51 Middleton 63 L r V T. Eroen T. MooreW r e s t I i n g Row 2: T. Kish, •! Ilnindon, Olson, II. Kwers, T. tlcrot lianas, B. Kano, L. lYttibonc Row 1: B. Rowley, li. McDowell, Mr. I.imll, li. Peck, It. Palmer, J. Vincent Our wrestling squad of 195A-54 turned their l»est season in the three years wrestling lias hern an organized s|x rt here at Central. The loll nving years should bring even better teams, for of the ten lettnnen this year, eight are sophomores. Hockey Row 3: C. OuthtdlA, It. 1’rnig, li. Wall, W. Nelson Row 2: It. Doran. It. Mur, V. Sehiiro, S. Schlock, A. I’ullarn, Mr. Stockton Row 1: E. Lvncis. It. Moiiimel, It. Wills, W. Fell, T. Butler I lu h K ke team this year skated well but couldn't seem t » pull those games out of the lire. Their season was high j join ted by their wins over W est and Antigo. I he only returning lettermnn this year was Dick Wills. 78Track 1954 Carl Moc — Broad Jump Coach Harold Kooncy's Track squad t1ii ear t eam res coii--■sisleni | mint-winner Tim Chasey in the high jump. Don Schuman in the half-mile. Jem Doran in the mile. Louis Cassini in the hroad jump, Dick Mermanson in the weights, and l.arrie Doss, Hill Conners, and Tom ierothanas in the dashes. 79 Tom Bliss Dan SchumannRow 3: I ). ilenseii, .J. Hnlsiuno, V. K» ll. I). Beale, T. ‘hnsry Row 2: (Wirth. K. I'nrlmiu, I . Morrick, .1. Mitchell. I.. !» • Row 1: M. Andrea. V. ('miners. If. llnrri s this hook goes to press Central has lost its first six panics: Middleton 20 Central 15 Beloit 3 Central 1 Beloit 1 Central 0 West 3 Central 1 West 3 Central 1 East 4 Central 1 Cent ml started its season with only two lettermen. I’ 1 Craig. and Don Hen-sen. I lensen. one of the outstanding high school pitchers of the Madison Area, has hurled well in early games. ()ther standouts ore Bob Craig in the out held and Don Beale at shortstop. 80 Coach PollockGolf Row 2: M. Stein. .1. Johnson, K. Vnllem. P. Overton Row 1: K. I.ynei». ('. (Jua-telln The 1954 Central High golf team lias a nucleus of four lettcrmen. lead by the Junior Chamber of Commerce City Champion. Rollo Vallem. The other three emblem winners are Charles Guastella. Mike Stein and Jim Johnson. Kd Lyneis, and Phil Overton make tip the rest of the team. Tennis Row 2: M. Kvnchniko. Mr. Hindi. 4. Ih'vrn. It. Finn. .1. F. nelicnko, K. Parr. It. Holes Row 1: J. Hraeger, E. tinnier, B. Sknnr Not pictured: If. I’utnam. If. Altixer The tennis Mpiad coached bv Mr. Frank Hindi this year looks forward to a better season than last year. The squads four returning lettennen are; M. Kvachhenko. J. Hoven. K. Putnam and K. I arr 81HOME ROOM 203 Row 3: K. Itrown, If. Allen, If. Menjninin, If. Anderson, If. I Irani mover. I). Row 2: l . Carl sun, S. Hroekinnu, .1. Ilruzcf, l . Mirrenkolt, l«. Castle, A. ('a rev Row 1: C. Alexander. S. Anderson. S. Bon- der, S. Itiielinuan, I . Mol .t, I). IW-st, I . (Vrniglin Seated: K. Mink. M. Ashton, Miss Bnrtholo- mow, M. Itr: rjrs. .1. Morons HOME ROOM 204 Row 3: J. Kllis, K. Kllis, T. Kllosl.ul, T. Cnrria, .1. Knjrsberjr. If. I’uwin, If. Ooske, .1. Conroy Row 2: M. Kiwiis. I!. Donnor, M. DiMnrtiuo, .). Kit gibbon, A. Fiore, I , Cuoein, If. Dutniiiorliniisoii, T. Connors Row 1: T. Faust, A. Colvin. T. Konlk, L Kdge, M. Krooninn. (J. Krutli, M. Cmints I'. (Snrtlnnd. If. Cliisninn Seated: .1. Davies, J. Colo, T. Cooley, I). Clirisninn Advisor: Miss I loin HOME ROOM 206 Row 3: C. Hartman, K. Jnxd .wewski, K. Funmnker, .1. Null. It. Ilolvenstot, X. (frnpsns, .1. Johnson Row 2: M. Ilorriok. .1. Hennings, M. A. tirnoo, I). 11 ii bo r. D. I lout home, M. Muz-zetta, M. Holmes, I). Hylnml Row 1: (i. Crowe, N. Hoppe, .1. Mart wig, M. Ilerl’el, I), (tusl, A. Droves, X. Dood-rioh Seated: X. I logon, (I. f!rn , Mrs. Conlov. A. Hibson, If. MulliganHOME ROOM 213 Row 3: .Miss (In I lather, M. ladilolu, I . Lonjr, .1. Maly, ( . Masshardt, 1 . Loy, M. Maiidrriiio Row 2: If. Leland, J. Kittlcson, M. Launder, S. lire, I . Mapli, M. Mncaluso, K. Kendall, 1). Kripps Row 1: .1. Lord, K. McDowell. L. I .a Mo re, D. Knil, K. Mct'tillcn, A. Marlin, .1. Muck. A. Mnrlinson Seated: .1. MacLeod, d. Kneelmne, A. dor- dee, S. Ketterer, ,1. Len .er HOME ROOM 221 Row 3: li. Pariiienticr, ,1. Monsou, ('. Pes- ehel, S. Moss, T. O'Connor. D. Parkinson, .1. I o| r, d. Planter, M. l iail Row 2: ’. Olson, d. Mislivccck,, S. Mol I or, A. Oakey, d. Morrell, d. Payne, P. Paquette Row 1: L. Moyer, d. McKeown, X. Mitchell, l . Ninedorl', S. Pieus, d. Oslrom, F. Oscar Seated: If. OIhoii, d. Moling, Miss Krchina. D. Phillip, S. Myers. HOME ROOM 223 Row 3: l . Hose, I). Sehinclzkopf, If. Sehni fer, D. Rohr, If. Scott, A. Severson, I'. Ifolir, T. Shomfoorj Row 2: I). Snell, L Schwartz, d, Schwieh- tenheiy, F. Singer, d. Scallon, S. Smith, I . Sehmelzer Row 1: M. Scolea, (i. Scalissi, D. Rickey, M. Sehnchte, D. Sehiro, K. Simpson, d. lfich-ardts, d. Ifeda Seated: Itenninger, Kemiimier, Miss Kind, It. Ifetalliek. It. Porter Sf»HOME ROOM 231 Row 3: K. Wigdnl, L. Waldon, K. Went, D. Whaley, K. Wing, M. Whitt , R. Starkey, (’. Strange Row 2: J. Winskill, M. Vallein, R. Taylor, It. Svetniekn, K. Wilcox, If. Walter. .1. Wheeler, I. Stevenson. Row 1: .1. Whalen, It. Stearns, K. Turnbull, B. Whiting, I). Stormer. R. Turner, T . Wagner Seated. S. Swnnee. K. Thompson, Mrs. Carswell, .1. Spreeher. T. Wills HOME ROOM 102 Row 4: M. Cords, D. Conk, M. Farrell, K. Farrell, .1. Kvneheiiko, A. D’Aiitmii. It. Alhreeht, It. Itrnger Row 3: M. Crot.senherg, S. Dockery, .1. Brantmeyer. .1. Baldwin, W. Dale, .1. Cn-liva, U. Cardarelln Row 2: K. Breedlove, L Donate, I'. (Hare, M. Ituss, It. Cuceia, I . Anderson, K. Dense mou Row 1: R. Collier, I . Brown, S. Dietrich, .1. Erhtuan, C. Eldridge, .1. Connors Seated: R. Itch rend, M. Anicro, Mr. Win- ger, It. Buckles, A Cardnrella HOME ROOM 103 Row 3: V. (Jervnsi, .1. Finn, L. Hesse, A. Ilotiiiu, D. Ilildlmindt, D. Fisher Row 2: .1. Finn. D. Hughes, M. Harper, E. Hill, If. Hitt man, D. .lennermann, E. Har-voille, E. Haring. D. (Sodding. K. (iero-tlumas, M. (Jerrow, D. Heath, I). (Su .-y.etta, V'. Oorsline Row 1: F. Johnson, L .Johnson, It. Jlolvcn- stiit, J. Ilalvorsen, R. Herrick, I . Harvey Seated. M. Ison, D. Jacobson, Mr. Rieser, (1. Houser, I . Fedelt SUHOME ROOM 106 Row 4: L. McKay, It. Metz, R. Jomi , K. K rciitzm.iiui, Miichlcmanu. S. Ijoniello Row 3: U Miller, K. Lyons, K. Lc(!re , .1. Knil in, V. Magiieseh, X. Kinney Row 2: N. Mdz, It. Millard, |{. Kopp, S, Maly, .1. King, V. Klein Row 1: M. Metier. M. Marletie. K. X'alcpin- ski, C. Mitchell. I . Keller, '. Knight Seated: C. I cong, C. Lewis, Mr. Argue, T. McCann, I’,. King HOME ROOM 201 Row 4: -I. Knndall, A. Schwartz, l . Kiddle, I . Repliuger, .J. Kuseh, .1. Rohde Row 3: K. Kti'kaiifV. .1. N’oisen, T. Parrish. I . Pnecio, L. Rockwell, I . Rohr Row 2: .1. Pl'ister, .1. tinmen. T. Sehninns, A. Parroni. I). Piper. I', Nctiicfciliciu Row 1: .1. Piitzer, I . Rowley. .1. Seinnid, S. Schumann. V. Ramsay, .1, Reece Seated: l . Olson, L. Oliver, Mr. Kit to. .1. O'Connor. K. Peterson HOME ROOM 202 Row 4: L. Wilkinson, 0. West. R. Skolaski, W. Steele Row 3: .1. Shomher”. K. Vinje, F. Stevenson, .1. Stone, P. Wallace Row' 2: I). Waller, -I. Stone, .1. I'rso, It. Snyder. M. L. Yack ley. N. Sicgcrt, S. Siev Row 1: l. Wall. L. Sperry, K. Switzky, P. Slavnev, M. Sewell, 0. Slater Seated: F. Smith, R. Tollefsou, Mis Wojta, .1. Whiting, K. Wollner 87HOME ROOM 113 Row 4: T. harry, l . Beecher, G. Cadmus, I). (’imino, IS. (Veehini, I). Bennett, IS. Brown, .1. hnislii, ,1. Anderson Row 3: (’. Cairo, K. (Salientino, J. Bogart, L. Bukina, IS. Bonner, IS. Bergen, T. Bono Anno, .1. Angel I, I). Christensen, If. Brown Row 2: S. Corn ins, M.. Cardarella, S. An- drusier, M. Crossen, T. Clnise, IS. Ciniino, T. Cun non, .1. Aldrieli Row 1: S. Calhoun, S. Anderson, Mrs. Ro- berts, t!. Ashton, (I. Bnchcl HOME ROOM 117 Row 4: A. Ilerfel, l Hurtling, T. Jonas, S. Frank, IS. Hartman, I . Kendall, K. Kurus, N. Cuceia, L Henrieksou Row 3: M. Gr os hong, K. Fisher, I . Holder, J. David, I . Denrscy, T. DeiVII, I). Gordon, T. Gedko, .1. Jorgenson, S. Goodri« h, K. Dotzel Row 3: M. Groshong, K. Fisher,, I . Holder, Foster, I). Geishert, I). DeiVII, S. Gunderson, J. Horriek, IS. Ilartwig, D. Gervasi Row 1: I , .(olivette, U. Kclliher, Miss Rogers, X. Frank, N. Fries HOME ROOM 121 Row 3: S. Ixindon. K. Newberry, C. Leroux, L. Lnmonl Y. Meier, W. MeMahon, G. Mitehell, L .McDonald, V. I«edin Row 2: S. Knight, A. Kong, D. Martinson, It. Misliveeek, I . Loniello, J. Larson, (!. Kosinski, L. Lninont, M. Mills Row 1: C. .Mazur k , IS. Lloyd, S. Mattie, J. Linde, D. Martin, L. McDowell, I . Kopp. I). Manning Seated: G. l oiiielln, J. Long, .1. Moen, Mr. Mae Lachlan 88HOME ROOM 123 Row 3: I’. Peek liain, I). Pral'ke, .1. Robert- suii, I). Olson, It. Schneider, N. Pierce, N. Olson, Ik. Rowin Row 2: Pierce, J. Puccio, B. Rose, I . North, I). On key, S. Rogers. K. Ryerson, 1). O’Neill Row 1: I . O’Leary, L Pmpiette, .). Noll, I). Pullara, It. Pankow, If. Slavney, A. Paulson, L. Kustcherg Seated: K. ,1. Riggs, K. Schmitz, Miss Mc- lli|uhatu, L. lieu ter, S. Rohde HOME ROOM 125 Row 3: I). Vi tense, ('. Wntrnpuhl, M. Soule, N. Wein, K. Storm, (J. Wrubella, K. Zitu-nieruian, (’. Whitesitt, J. White, F. Wagner Row 2: T. Wilcox, P. VelotT, (I. Frhen, 0. Westbury, K. Tnntillo, It. Stansell Row 1: M. West, It. I rso, It, Sweet, It. Wilkinson, 0. Steinhofer, P. Wollner, F. l iter, L Wvsshrod Seated: II. Suhey, N. Stone, Mrs. Weikel, It. Whipple, It. Stout HOME ROOM 120 Row 3: K. Steal, II. Friselihier, W. Mix , 1). Rockwell Row 2: .1. Wold, It. Perkl, T. t'onlin, M. tiros hong Row 1: Mr. Stockton, ••. Conners, .1. Iteeve, N. SabaConcert Orchestra Boys’ Chorus noGirls’ Chorus Concert Band 01"A Sergeant of the King’s Hussars" JUNIOR HIGH OPERETTA The Junior High presented "Creatures of Impulse”. an operetta in two acts. hv V S. fiilltert this year. Don (enner took the role of IVter, a village youth. The village miser, )I 1 ltloomhlchardt. was | ortrayed hv John l.en er. I hree village girls. Jeanette. I’ierette, and Yvette were | or 92 “So Do I""The King's Hussars” "Kiss me. k'.ss me!” “In the dark of the midnight moon” travel hy (iail Slmfer. Maxine Herfel awl IVnny IJrown. reflectively. Darlene Kripps appeared a Mistress Martha, owner of the inn. and I'ipet.e. her ttieee. was | laved hy Marv Ann (Inure. Sergeant Kloque. of the King's Hussars, was portrayed hy Kenneth Kruetzinann.. The mysterious . Id lady who east s|k Us on the “Creatures of Impulse’ was l.ihhy Schwartz. !W “Allow me to offer you a guinea”Football Row 5: .1. Pl'inter, Mr. Riwr, Mr. MrLacliInn, Mr. Higlcy Row. A: C. Lowi .1. McCann. O. Parkinson, M. I son, I). I Mui'hlcninini Row 3: I . SchiiiHlwr, A. Schwnrtz, Ik Frdelt , Ik Met .. S. Moss, D. lliMcbnindt, .1. Finn Row 2: !»'. Millard. F. Smiti . B • . B. Ssbufcr, •Uonhtrdt, K. Vinjfi T. I Row 1: I). IVdrncint . A. Suiitli. J. Motison. I). Srhmclzkof, T. Wills, I). Kiddle"gaom '? Wont Clin meters in TIip Order o( Their Appearance Mothei Joe Trot Rosa __ Teensie Rose •Janev Bettv Kiddle _ Miss Winston Poppy ------- Jimmy John Mrs. Biddle George Biddle Rescued woman ----Sandra Swance Kreutzmann Ann Gibson ------Dixie Martin . Mary Lou Yackley -------Sheila Siev — Darlene Kripps -----John Lenzer __ John O’ Connor _____ Alta Groves ___________ Tom Wills ____Libby Schwartz Directed by Mrs. Jane Weikel Student director and prompter — Janet Hart wig i. ellBasketball Row 3 . Mr. Winger, V.. Wing, IV Cuecia, T. Fior» . M. A ht«m, J. Montmit Row 2 . U. AUen, I). Vedracine, A. Smith, D. SchmeW.kopf, 1 . Fedele Row 1 . W O son, U. KeWiher,, J. Motrett, C. MuehlemannIN MADISON PIPER’S ITS GARDEN CAFETERIA SMART APPAREL FOR MEN Madison's Most Popular Eatituj Place AND BOYS ★ Good Food KARSTENS ON CAPITOL SQUARE ★ Well Cooked ft Costs Less and Tastes Teller .It Piper’s MADISON IT’S ALWAYS... MUSICIANS ASSOCIATION LOCAL 166, A. F. of M. SQUARE AT STATE FOR YOUR MUSIC FOR EVERY OCCASION DANCE — CONCERT — BAND RECEPTION AND BANQUETS SUMMER FUN CLOTHES 302 State Street Piione : 6-1352 98r I. o ir n r s — Make every occasion a special event .... “Say it with Flfncers'’ RENTSCHLER’S Stork 230 State Dial 5-X885 GREENHOUSES __ REGENT AT HIGHLAND (I. ) . Mm Sun, Inc. M A DISO X 3, WISCONSIN — Fouxdki) 1S82 — Seventy Second year 21 N. Pinckney Street on Capital Square O X E S T O K : O .V L Y J K V E I.ERS DIAMONDS — WATCHES — SILVERWARE FINE CRYSTAL and CHINA t o x ( 1 A r r l a r i o n s r o T E C L A S S o F I 9 5 4 IMVIKSITV ro-oi T IV O S I O K E S 702 STATE STREET 1325 UNIVERSITY AVENUE 99 (ircclinC And first Wishes To The Class of 1 9 5 4 . COMMERCIAL STATE BANKWi'Lco ticH, 9nc. Distributors of FRITOS CHEETOS POTATO CHIPS Complete Line of Snack Items Main Office Plant Madison Branch Monroe, Wisconsin 2049 Atwood Ave. 100ED. SCHMITZ SONS CO. MEN’S and BOVS APPAREL SHOES SPORTING GOODS 22-24 West Mifflin Street MADIS0N3. WISCONSIN SUED 22 E. Wash. Ave., Dial 7-1441 J MADISON 3, WISCONSIN ★ ENGRAVED ANNOUNCEMENTS ★ PRINTED ANNOUNCEMENTS ★ PARKER 51 FOUNTAIN PENS ★ GREETING CARDS ★ HEYWOOD - WAKEFIELD Factory Representatives School Furniture MADISON BUS COMPANY HOME MAKERS Hardware Appliance Inc. 123 West Mifflin St. DIAL 5-3065 MADISON. WIS. WEBER’S Restaurant 2 1 8 S T A r F Next to the Orpheum Theatre Madison's Oldest and Largest . . 101WISCONS1N-FELTON SPORTING GOODS CO., INC. 29 W. MAIN STREET ® ( ome In amt See Our Complete Line Of Sporting Moods Today. here Ceutrolite Meets ( entrolite" BADGER CANDY KITCHEN 7 West Mam Street • V I' T S CNF. .IMS • .V ( S P .1 F S Chunk 5-3538 Best Wishes Class ’54 wXWe Are Happy To Say Hello77 Courtesy and Cooperation Congratulations to Class of 54 THE AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK ONE NORTH PINCKNEY STREET MEMBER FEDERAL DKP )SIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 103For YOUR Convenience ★ Drugs and Prescriptions ★ Fountain Refreshments ★ Gifts ★ Cosmetics ★ Tobacco Supplies ★ Candy y ★ Greeting Cards It's li () l P li X .V ★ Souvenirs It’s GOT to be Good! ★ In 16 conivnit'Ht local inns Bordens mttnelnhm 1 V Ww wrM w KJ MILK ICE CREAM 6 2 9 W. Washington Avenue REXALL DRUG STORES PHONE 5 -4551 104Madison Bank 6? Trust Company 23 West Main Street COM PL E T E A X K I X G T R U S T S K RVICE licit Wishes To The Class of 1 9 5 4 . MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT IXSURAXCK CORPORATION Com pi.imf.NTs Of . . , X CARMEL CRISP 3 SHOP STATE AT JOHNSON 105To all the members of the Graduating Class From Imjl i. ite K Cs. Osimlwirii and East Sidtr IOC n s ii r e y ii r S a v i n (j x W i ( I, If o M Ii s A V I X G S 3% HOME SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 108 N. Fairchild Street Dial 6-0558 E. G. Hampton — Secretary OMEGA WATCHES JEWELER 130 STATE STREET MADISON. WIS. Telephone 5-9005 " 'or Dependable ( our icons Delivery Sendee" DIAL 5 2 9 2 9 Madison Dilivery Service 1221 SOUTH PARK STREET FOR THAT SPECIAL OCCASIOX VOCR Goirx PROM .... The Bridal Shop 507 STATE STREET Dial 6 8681 MAYER PRINTING COMPANY PRINTERS FOR THE 19 5 4 TYCHOBERAHN 107C n V C R A 7 r L ATI O N S TO THE CLASS OF 1954 SPUDNUT SHOP Madison’s Oldest TV Dealer • Remember there is no substitute for Experience .... EVAN’S RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICE DIAL 5-2651 or 5-729-1 10SAuicxyuifili 109Aatcxj’ui'pJi noAuio f'lQsp,ll 111

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