MacDuffie School - Magnolia Yearbook (Springfield, MA)

 - Class of 1959

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we X .KJ , 2 an Aff- -'51' I 'tx 'V -Vg. ,K-if .gn Q ,T .si Q . i . '32 2 ,f 4. ' . 4 1 , X , . -kf L1-lj vwff f ' yi if 'Mn ,Jw A' . " -Q J' 'Vff I ' Q 'Q JM, ,kr .Y . ,-1, . I Y-Q 5 ,Q w . f 'ffigfif , ,gawli 'fp' 75.3 E. if Y l 1 'Sh 1 2 ., .gp f uv 9 J QQ' 14 A fp f 'W 1 1' 'X' Q .Biff x,n Y S, M ml" .ww 1 gil '1 1' X ,1- -cl' N W""" Q z 5 S 0 or ff? , X W! M W MQW Y bf Y Q f ,5fffJji?Qz Jffj My WJ W wvjztjjfj Ml, O f26LZQ ff!a,Z2'0wc5 LJOLL CUZ! in HJJQSL Uftfo 110111, Qbfbcjy 6YUL YVLO'Ulf U.aLQQ55 Lpulll 0- M Qfamdob , X 1510! CL JQLUKUL LLYLCilUk5fCLHCUVlg Hua, SUTLUJ1, Lbs eww cmd xgmdinfi, we Q f lake wha wg thu aim cbvlrlktsis wlfhm. vw? T., ff ,vw ,W fL V Xi XL 5QL1.5bL1QL,., Subih.-. LOa+uLbld... Umuld um-4 em 5V-fm L: udidi Umm cbulia OLZCICLQFL 06 num 7 VSDNQWQWQ ff ,K f-ff ,Lk Cllli 'roi ima .suldnd tb fm fwpmgbxmnhfwffz 4--"H sp 2-ff W' f N Q? WLZX F , SRU .mms on wdlv, tI'1.w,lmwnarL Jlclcv. .. . Jim bwfi. Sha 18 Ji-UUL NHL USE,-5 stalwcud:12H 1211.61-l.,Q.0'LLS' Lu1awa,m,4u.6w kfwqam on JLWL own. SLM. F5 SO? Dedication Day after day, patiently, you have taught usg to be aware of the loveliness of our language, to read with understanding, to think and to express our thoughts with clarity and grace. On this firm founda- tion of knowledge, our future education will be built - with gratitude, we dedicate our yearbook to you. Literary Editor SHEILA RAVITCH Assistant Literary Editor MARY WETHERBEE Photography Editor DIANNE DAIGNEAULT Assistant Photography Editor CAROLYN BATES Art Editor MARGARET BURNS Assistant Business Manager Business Manager LYNNE MERRICK CAROL CONE EDITORS Editor-in-Chief OTIS CROSBY Typing Editgf ASSiSfafL2 Af! Editor BAILEY GUIBORD CAROLE PICK VACULTY 4 N 5r V X, LN- , V W V 'X JA, THE FACULTY RALPH D. RUTENBER, JR. CLEMINETTE D. RUTENBE Headmaster Associate Head A.B., Princeton University A.B., Agnes Scott College A.M., Columbia University R GEORGE A. FLAGG CATHERINE S. BLAKESLEE Assistant Headmaster, Mathematics Dean' A.B., Harvard University A-B-t Mount H0lY0ke College A.M., Columbia University A-M-s UUiVefSitY Of Chicagfl Summer Session Cornell A M , W X N me 4, get VI g fliifriiffig , ' ' ' Yr . , A ala. .V if, s :,. Q z K aw , A "JT fmilrx- V , ff , of M- 'f+4.'!l-f iq-3' - 1 .. in v ,fm . . A ' K XYQA1 ., - V. ig p ' iii " - . JENNIE I. COUTURE Mathematics B.S., Boston University University of Vermont PEARLE PUTNAM Science B.S., Simmons College A.M., Columbia University THE FACULTY .v i ,V Vkky .sm . Q ..'ii, ' ,Q 4 H' -- 'Q x ' -Liz X l dt it if 3 ROSA YERANIAN French AB., Mount Holyoke College A.M., Middlebury French School Summer Session Boston University Summer Session Harvard University Universite de Paris fSorbonnej ROBERTA M. GRAHAME English A.B., A.M., PH.D., University of Minnesota X 'wif raw il xl x , ' THE FACULTY THEO-JEAN HEALD RUTH C. CHILD History English A.B., New Jersey College for Women A.B., Mount Holyoke College M.I.A., Columbia University A.M., Ph.D., University of Michigan VERA H. FULLER MARGARET A. PERRY English, H istory, Arithmetic Reading, History, English A.B., Hiram College A.B., Mount Holyoke College B.S., Ohio University Summer Session A.M., University of Michigan Middlebury College Mount Holyoke College THE FACULTY PATRICIA C. LYONS NANCY FISK Physical Education Latin B.S., Skidmore College A,B,, Wellesley College Tufts University University of Grenoble MADELEINE ARNAUDET French B.C.E., Paris Academie-Universite de France BS., lVl.A., Columbia University MARJORIE FEENEY Mathematics A.B., Connecticut College THE FACULTY ANNA GADAIRE JANE ANTOUN Science History A.M., Toronto University A.B., Smith College CLAIRE BACKE DOROTHY E. HENDRICKSON English, Reading Latin A.B., Smith College A.B., University of Wisconsin Boston University THE FACULTY RITA L. HUNTER DOROTHY PHANEUF Typewriting, Geography Art B.S., Boston University Fashion Art School University of Cambridge, England American International College Oxford University, England ROBERT H. HARRIMAN JOYCE H. TAYLOR Science, Arithmetic History A.B., Bowdoin College A.B., M.A., University of Connecticut American International College THE FACULTY ROY W. MARVIN CALLIOPE SHENAS Director of Clee Club Voice University of Vermont A.B., Wellesley College Baldwin-Wallace College Longy School of Music JOAN ROLLINS KATHERINE MCGOVERN Piano French Juilliard School of Music A.B., Smith College Norfolk Summer School of Music MCGHI UfliVCTSitY Columbia University THE FACULTY RUTH M. BELL HELEN M. JEJEIAN H01-lfS6m0ih8f R.N., Holyoke Hospital Wheelock College MRS. BOWLER C MRS. COLAPIETRO Secretary Secretary JOAN BARONE Physical Education Boston University Sargent College Springfield College SENIOKQS NQX ff N f K X md ll, 4',' .,,' WWW" h 1 2f'qaf'f2 56,99 1 so FQ? x ,iillu bl, ww mf, 5 ' -J---,,. -'iff-4" - ui"""" fi ,- ,,X 1--"" Q A , X Z SENIORS PM QLLALQ LUISA EVELYN ALEXANDER uLUiSa,, 85 High Street Portland, Connecticut ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 3, President 49 Magnet News Board 3, 4g Current Events Club 3, 43 French Club 33 Science Club 4-g Blue Team Basketball 3. "Vitality bred by knowledge" Our versatile, flute-playing Glee Club President . . . "I don't have a thing done" . . . a non-conformist . . . Polka Dots and Moonbeams . . . fun-loving . . . procrastination plus . . . lion? . . endless store of knowledge . . . What's the rush for, Luisa? J 914-L ' JM, """' ' I rfCfi,c.-5 --4,.,g ,,.,t'Cf ,E is rn Wee, M , V 4 ,Ze-el ,if Y- 1,2941 LQ 'lb AMBITION: To understand the world SECRET AIVIBITION: To be able to whistle on key PET PEEVE: People who spell my name wrong YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: September 11th. ,W ,ff ,N we 4 if ii ll fit SENIORS 1 1 l V W v J Wi U fllw 1' : 1 ,Mimi U N l Ml VA X WV All 2 I VAUGHNE BOGDAN BASINE K A fi "that tall one over therev Country Club Road Avon, Connecticut ' ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 3, Glee Club 3, 43 French Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 43 Red Basket- ball 3, 4, Red Hockey 3, 4, Red Volleyball 3, 4. "Her life is but a stroll upon a moonlit beach." Vaughne as ,in Vaughne Monroe Cidiotlj . . . long straight blond hair . . . often pensive . . . "Oh, I guessl' . . . found living, loving, and laughing . . . arguing with idiots . . . thinking, reading, and doing . . . 4'C'est la queer" . . . ' 6'You've never heard of the 18th Amendment?" . . . horses, men, and art . . . "What is wrong with Kerouac for a book report? l' khan... , fs, AMBITION: Independent individuality SECRET AIVIBITION: To keep my private life private PET PEEVES: Archetypal people, time, intolerance YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: February 9th Q WW LA any N VH 1 fi? Q, ,Q , c IM , off? 5 99' 23353 ffzflffj JW f I Y X X., -rl E , ,mp fi l'r7,E't,t7 AMBITION: To go into welfare guidance work SECRET AlVIBITION:To make a dedication on bandstand to all da.gang dat hangs out at lVIac's PET PEEVES: The cat lovers in the Hfishbowlw and the 'lbackwoodsv of the second floor of Down- ing Hall YEAR ENTERED: Freshman BIRTHDAY: May 3rd gr C0 of G JN, ,IS 2 ftnlessi W CAROLYN WOODHULL BATES "Lynn and Batesiei' Liberty Street Chester, Connecticut ACTIVITIES: Junior Red Cross Club lg Current Events Club 1143 Science Club 4, Vesper Service Club l, 2, 4-5 Glee Club 2, 3, 4113 Glee Club Secretary Treasurer sl-5 Assistant Photography Editor of Magnolia 11, junior Varsity Hockey Co-Captain 45 Junior Varsity Hockey 4-3 Varsity Hockey lg Red Basketball 2, 33 Red Volleyball 2, 3. "She put her troubles in the bottom of a trunk, sat on the lid and laughedf' "Oh Honestlyli' . . . Our Batesie, the girl whose moods are subject to more changes than the stock market . . . a surprised giggle .'. . Nebbish? . . . Madison and Follies . . . Oh! I am sooo FAT! . .. piano . . . parties . . . the Freud of lVlac's . . Always playing the wit or lending a willing ear and a ready hand. Silggppggtggllwalw VM J wx" P5lLlf"f?v" UW fjywil yfjmvt 02 L9 dylwyy U what tlw' . ., X 5351 .ip4"Il'L ES: 39 Ge HGLMQHE ut ,2, , 11 , , '1 r g41 s Club X esper er i ' 3 4 ramatic , , g e retar an Club 43 las ar h Lite a and ping oard of .6 Mbg oftbxl leg R d Volleyball 3, L 4g S ' o -Ch 'rW'1. K 4, " ine . - 1 l ade to be share ,' x O r era ac' us bl nd? . . s p 'stica- t1o e l . . . You'r k' ' gl . . oston . . . more "nit ' . . . of Mass. ' . . . ve f Ufgcl jokes . . . Vic sident of lo. A. P. .'. loomsie's Salon . . . Dl1H'l6,S U eat un standing . . . English Class' only Xplcyhkim . . . the beach . . . pleasant humor . . . LV trese oyable. V 2 CEL, AMBITION: To marry a doctor SECRET AMBITION: To go abroad PET PEEVES: Alarm clocks, vegetables and people who are so smart they make themselves sick YEAR ENTERED: Freshman BIRTHDAY: November 11th SENIORS DEBORAH KIMBLE BLOUIN NDebbieU Old ,lboy Farm South Berwick, Maine ACTIVITIES: Current Events Club 3, 4g Business Board of Magnet 33 Junior Varsity Hockey 3g Varsity Hockey 4g Red Team Hockey 3g Red Team Basketball 33 Red Team Volleyball 3. "Laughter often comes from the most unexpected places." Loves to read . . . oh, darn' . . . "me too" . . . quiet . . . loves a good joke . . . can generally be talked into going up to the sub . . . always looking forward to the time when she can go skiing again . . . anti-radio . . . shy perhaps . . . retiring and peaceful spirit. ML r A QM lj AJ H X , u M1 fy Wifi W me W 76609, y 1 Q-S AMBITION: To become a housewife SECRET AMBITION: To own a uHostess" cup- cake factory PET PEEVES: Girls jumping on the Hoor in the ' room above mine. YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: November 28th SENIORS BARBARA BOWEN ffsafzff 85 Park Street Binghamton, New York ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 33 French Club 49 Vesper Service Club 43 Current Events Club 45 Blue Team Hockey 4. "Beauty is as beauty does? Sophistication, personilie . . A ar in Ttghsci- entious yet the quintessen e ga ' glglh usion . . . fun loving . . . fr . aff tic 'rsonality . . . fans at her t . . Per- petually n a . Xb l I 9, ll ll vlwlilljl jill? wflwllj or Sliwlll ,bt U JVW- lf W M Nyl Lllllvl f 'I lgy' g, ---.- fp :ff AMBITION: To shoot par golf SECRET AMBITION: To be a model PET PEEVE: Mohawk Airlines YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: .luly 29th SENIORS I lt Q X np way I 35 2-nb .U AMBITION: To learn to Water ski SECRET AIVIBITION: To be an actress PET PEEVES: Buttoning collars, and people who call me Nick Names YEAR ENTERED: ,Iunior BIRTHDAY: September 14th IANICE MIRIAM BozBECKIAN 65-lane! 74 Welland Road Indian Orchard, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Magnet Business Board 3, 4g Red Cross Club 419 French Club 4g Current Events Club 49 Basketball 3g Volleyball 3. "Let the world slide" Always losing books . . . What? Me worry? . . . sports cars and sports . . . a wide circle of friends . . .a water skier . . . who can act? . . . geometry books and driving rules . . . probably will end up head of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Sports Cars . . . beware of low flying pony tail. dbg I .Lam ikrioj xncu-lug wicm Qowxvgv ,VP G...uc,l 'irc-4.2: Tk,-U alia wr so-Hat. QMCQ -.of w1eQd-L C'tf"Ot Q33 uf wwe! aka, ,MA Mamma! -f'r.flbuqf Qsvv-Ab-M wget Mawr Eiffel" -if-uw wad' aa awed-A Afifvvaz fe'QfQfwWL ' fm! CLO-lui a,Q,Q . GWJL, wiA,1v,,ja: ' was A fva:.:.x W f LL, Four Story Hill Torrington, Connecticut ACTIVITIES: Red Cross Club 13 Dramatic Club' 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 2, 3, -lg Librarian of Glee Club -lg Leaders Corps 3, 43 President 4g Vesper Service Club 1, 2, 3, -lg Junior Prom Decoration Chairman 3, Magnet Business Board 3, 4, Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 43 Captain of Cheerleaders 3, 4, French Club 43 Art Editor of Magnolia +1-g Red Team Volleyball, Red Team Softball 3. "Write injuries in sand, benefits in marble" Lets have a party . . . my funny valentine . . . let- ters from Missouri . . . playing the piano . . . could have danced all night . . . walking in the rain . - . quiet New Year's Eve . . . cooperation . . . an artist at heart . . . perpetual clown . . . casual sense of humor... what, me worry? . .. Hey, did I get any Mail? . . . secretary of the A.P. C .... Frank Sinatra. x I sm. -az, C X , -WDW 'X yu AlVlBlTlON: To be skinny SECRET AMBITION: To marry a veterinarian PET PEEVES: People who d0n't say what they mean or mean what they say. Pessimlsts and nar- row minded people. YEAR ENTERED: Freshman BIRTHDAY: December 21st SENIORS 5 C 4. A A AMBITION: To be understood . . . l SECRET AMBITION: Mmens sana in corpore sanow PET PEEVE: Hypocrites YEAR ENTERED: Sophomore BIRTHDAY: April 30th MARY ANN CHALFANT ':Chalf" and "A nn" 101 Magnolia Terrace Springfield, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: French Club 4-g Magnet Business Board 2, 3, 4g Current Events Club 2, 3, 45 Photog- aphy Club 43 Magnolia Literary Board 43 Blue Team Volleyball 2g Blue Team Softball 3. "She never failed a friend and never feared a foe." Ann . . . serious or gay as circumstances demand . . . capable of quick repartee, sprinkled with sar- casm and cynicism . . . independent thinker . . . dark eyes often dancing with fun and mischief . . . loyal, interested, understanding friend . . . down with Massachusetts politics . . . can't sit down . . . argument for argument's sake . . . most often mis- understood . . . MacDuHie's comedienne. SENIORS CAROLYN ELIZABETH CHEN EY "Chem" 62 Bellevue Avenue Springfield, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Magnet News Board 2, 3, 4g Magnet Business Board 2, 3, 4g Current Events Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 2, French Club 3, 43 Red Cross Club 45 Science Club 4. "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, an excellent quality in womenf' That diabolical laugh . . . 1,11 think about that . . . loves to spend money, wisely, of course . . . so skeptical . . . an arched eyebrow . . . nothing ven- tured, nothing gained . . . soft and gentle manner . . . relaxed . . . blue Caddies . . . Northampton . . . subtle smile. 'ta-rg . an - .-rfb 1, ,X I llll I lllli ll '-4"cJmIP 55325 zu Wm "Up-j'Q' mg-35 Z,4:s2 BNET' rx-veg? ..,c, USEE UHTZE 5244 agen' EIN? 55585 mcnfbbldg U -We-r P C.S'r4!J" 14 agus CD:-1-97 F :tgp-':: KF S 5 QQ SENIORS KU t .ft L AMBITION: To travel in the Orient SECRET AMBITION: To have tea and crumpets with Kruschev PET PEEVE: Long toenails YEAR ENTERED: Freshman BIRTHDAY: June 9th ANN DAVIS COLTON 6CAnn5! 30 Mountain View Street Westfield, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: French Club 4g Glee Club 3, 4g Secretary-Treasurer of Class 2g Current Events Club 2, 3g Science Club 1, 23 Red Cross Club I, 2g Student Council 4g Magnet Business Board 3, 4g Magnet News Board 43 Co-Chairman of Junior Prom 3g Dramatic Club 3. "I have tried in my time to be a philosopher, but cheerfulness keeps breaking inf' That's trite . . . organized confusion, streaks of self- righteousness . . . a sometime cockeyed optimist . . . gullible . . . vivacious and loquacious yet so- phisticated and gracious . . . unusual laugh . . . always between diets . . . dangling her shoes . . . dressed neatly and smartly . . . "Let's have a party . . . " SENIORS CAROL ELIZABETH CONE "Carol" 268 Washington Blvd. Springfield, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Current Events Club 2, 3g Science Club 2, 3, 4-9 Vice-President of Science Club 3, Business Board of the Magnet 2, 3, 4, French Club 4, Student Council 43 Magnolia Business Manager 43 Tennis Team 2, 3, 45 Varsity Volleyball 2. "T he great cause of that delight we receive from a fine composition." Carol . . . self-controlled and self-sufiicient . . . pro- ficient, conscientious, adroit, whether collecting ads, studying, or skiing down Cummington slopes . . . tranquil and modest . . . possessor of a slow pretty smile . . . a sincere, capable, warm per- sonality . . . fastidious. 9 i i ,, -,.,-,ii-' ,ll ii.-. , -..... e . . ' . , ,IL3L"'i'- --',,. 1...-1g ..i-+ ,.,.-Q ,,.,..-L .-.-f-FLM -,f ...i- ..-:T-,g-L W M-5: ' ...-f-- T., . ,ff- --'ll - g.'-iff-'T-.1 ..,-f""'- vif.:..14" Z -if-27" 4 ' AMBITION: To travel around the world SECRET AMBITION: To own a tropical island PET PEEVE: Hair cluttered with bobby pins YEAR ENTERED: Sophmore BIRTHDAY: October 20th SENIGRS CONSTANCE ANN CONGDON CGC0n99 67 Park Avenue Bedford Hills, New York ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4g Magnet 3, 4: Magnet Editor and chief 4g Vesper Service Club 2, 3, 4g Leaders Corps 4g Cheerleaders 2, 3g Current Events 4g Photography 4, Eager Heart 2, 43 Commencement Play 2, 34 Red Team Volleyball, Softball, Basketball 3. "Believe in yourself, and what others think wonlt matter." That voice . . . annoying Bambi . . . Raaalph? . . . "wha happened?" . . . President of the A. P. C. . . . happy times . . . act nonchalant . . . 'gmail come yet?,' . . . thoughtfulness . . . perpetual proverbs . . . you have relatives? . . . sincerity and laugh- ing eyes . . . cooperation . . . a little devil with a smile and a song . . . wxsfilfb' NXWAQ ,Q Qauiffi Wagga WWE A 331 t 1 K AMBITION: To understand life SECRET AMBITION: To bum across Europe PET PEEVES: Insincerity, over-demonstrative people YEAR ENTERED: Sophmore BIRTHDAY: April 3rd kXSkL. exam, X CQNCNLV SENIORS MELIN DA CONKEY 6GLynn53 125 Church Street Ware, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Red Cross Club 1, 2, 45 Science Club 43 Current Events Club 43 Glee Club 2g Vesper Service Club 1, 2. "Always ready to do or dareg No matter when, no matter where." We find Lynn a friend to all . . . a possessor of the ability to laugh a great deal at other people's jokes . . . always advocating every weekend . . . sheis never refused to join in an insane escapade . . . always saying '6Oh, go play in traffic" . . . sleep, one of those things she wants to find time for eventually. 'Wigh t cg AMBITION: To own a real foreign sports car SECRET AMBITION: To learn how to play golf PET PEEVES: My Renault, and getting up in the morning YEAR ENTERED: 8th grade BIRTHDAY: May 16th SENICDRS FN x A A I A A '1 ,N- A4 AA A Af- ,AA ,, - ,-f',f: Aff, s ,K 1- , I, A , P fs A C ' N 'A r AMBITION : Chemistry research SECRET AMBITION: To become an expert fence climber PET PEEVES: Emily Post and Amy Vanderbilt YEAR ENTERED: Freshman BIRTHDAY: October 2nd NANCY JEAN CONSOLATTI fCJean,9 205 Westbrook Avenue Delphos, Ohio ACTQVITIES: Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 3 Vesp 'vice Club 1, 3, 43 Red Cross Clu 3 ad 's orps 3, 43 Business Board of of C ss 3 SJV. Hockey-Tea 43 Blue Team Hob y 2, 3 Effieam le 33 Blue Team Bask ball ,K33 Blu m Baseball 2, 3 the g Q CSidCHt of glass 13 Secretary cfggaitgufgfjgt which exists nowhere but in your lgxan thus make yourself inclispensible P ecise ani negt-72 . good sense of humor . . . on, sta e, it isn? nice" . .. many opinions on Q-evqu . v to eat fwhere does it show?J . . . loves ,ga 1 the point of getting stuck on tg if Q uring gym class . . . sympa- 125 ' en r . . . Vi Q-' l 'L ' N- ev df X1 xi ,o V ll , l iw SENIORS V six ,WM 5235 L XS X A K9 4 S' M ' y Nl OTIS POWEL CROSBY "Cricket,' Pojac Point R.F.D. F52 North Kingstown, Rhode Island ACTIVITIES: President of the Senior Class 43 Treasurer of Class 3g Vice President of Class 23 Current Events Club 4-5 Science Club 43 French Club 4g Cheer Leading 2, 34 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Red Volleyball 3. "I once had a wise leader who used to say, take your job seriouslyg never yourself." A quiet devil . . . combing curly eyebrows . . . "What a riotv . . . lifting hems . . . perpetual iight to master French . . . What am I gonna do?,' . . . nametapes . . . casual precision . . . "Seeniors - theeer's goooing to beee a ...,.. " wh 6 5:9 ' "N,,4 i 7--"""'. 1 V-- -rf 1' AMBITION: To be a second Picasso. SECRET AMBITION: To sit on the left bank of Paris PET PEEVE: Shoes YEAR ENTERED: Sophomore BIRTHDAY: October 14th SENICRS s fe L 5 ,W ol' JC Lf AMBITION: To teach second grade SECRET AMBITION: To finish knitting a pair of socks PET PEEVE: Knitting socks that I never finish YEAR ENTERED 7th grade BIRTHDAY: October 3rd DIANNE MAE DAIGNEAULT G5Di5, 23 Riverview Avenue Longmeadow, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Red Cross Club I, 2g' Current Club I, 3, 49 French Club 11-g Latin Club 25 Photography Club 4g Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Leader's Corps 3g Cheer Leading 1, 2g Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 43 J. V. Hockey Ig Varsity Basketball 3, 4g J. V. Basketball 1, 2g J. V. Softball Ig Varsity Softball 2, 33 Volleyball 25 Red Team I, 2, 3. "Laughing, cheering, moving on" Six years at lVlacDufHe . . . a famous father . . . greetings . . . guess what . . . always on the go . . . smile . . . pizza . . . an infectious laughter . . . conscientious whether working or playing . . . HI thought I'd die" . . . pleasantness . . . head scratcher . . . always looking for time . . . one of the calmer chemists . . . sporty type . . . living and loving. SENIORS MARGARET McALLISTER DEXTER Cdpegii Grassy Hill Road Lyme, Connecticut ACTIVITIES: Student Council 1, 4, Prefect 4g Vesper Service Club 1, 2, 43 Leader's Corps 3, 4g Junior Red Cross Club 1, 2g Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Typ- ing Staff of the Magnolia 4, Varsity Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Varsity Volleyball 3, Junior Varsity Basketball 25 Red Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4g Red Baseballg Red Basketball, Red Volleyball. "Glad and willing service is a triumph of great enthusiasm" Efficiency and vivacity . . . enjoys almost any sport . . . behind the wheel of a certain light blue V. W. . . . imperious . . . "Let's get organized and do something constructive, honeeeyf' . . . lanieee. . . wry smile . . . effervescent . . . amiable imp . . . basset hounds . . . "Didn't you know . . . " 13Qn7Q ol "i.L,v,C,lC, XO ixiou. ww VISZOCILID lUb1SL Cliff, 1'7'LL-,LQ SfDL,t,h Cwwfm CL Exim, ,lCm,k-KJV fi .2 C .QCl.Jv3 - If fLQu.Q , V RQ Q C, ' . . Q 'A 1 -1 P. AMBITION: To grow just a little bit taller. SECRET AMBITION: To run a real elevator in Wallace Hall PET PEEVES: Top shelf of the dummy and un- observant people YEAR ENTERED: 8th grade BIRTHDAY: April 11th J SENI f flliyftili lla l lj n A ply, K1 .,q,1 PX A l l ll "tl Klttllfi PWA ,A, ,iMV X U! f SM X, ,W , l ff I f Xi LVVX QW to la 'R EL SQ SALLY E D -EIER 7 Dryden Drive Meriden, Connecticut , My ll ACTIVITIES: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Eager Heart 2, 3, 45 Science club 4g Latin Club 2g Vesper Service Club 49 Literary Staff of Magnolia 4-g Red Team. 5'All the world's a stagei' Madison . . . sailing . . . swimming . . . live, love, laugh, and be happy! . . . "Pm absolutely frozenw the merry world is round, and we can sail forever . . . g'But, Dr. Child" . . . memorable dramatic club performances . . . looks on the light side . . . ah, sweet sleep . . . well grounded . . . oh, gees. f lil KJ 1 . -. xi vt 1 I ! lx M m Ely K C. Xklizlili I, Xyffllb Wi N W ij? W ft lu! lv l ll ill M We I alll intl!! we i Zi' ms so ix I mllkqssnll' jf all K o AMBITION: To be an actress on the legitmate stage SECRET AMBITION: What does almost every girl want? PET PEEVE: Certain males YEAR ENTERED: Sophomore BIRTHDAY: June 28th fibe-,Qs r QDNnaY3ci D 'JZ CLESXQA cr-'vi 3.015 YWQC'-x'lf , X,.Qgpq1, 4X'3'sCp'ife'.. C,3,f,,.J'b QM-.-SD QQTCDDS5? 3 1 -X: Gibb, SUSAN DURAND DUKEHART G5Sue35 203 Sutton Manor New Rochelle, New York ACTIVITIES: Current Events Club 43 Leader's Corps 4g Dramatic Club 4g French Club 49 Vesper Service Club 45 Magnet News Board 4. "The devil couldrft come so he sent his grandmother" Sue, the girl with the variety of moods . . . endless supply of weird songs . . . stranger games . . . and rustic witticisms . . . 'Tm going to really work this week-end" . . . practical joker . . A always doing those appreciated little things for those around her . . . red hair and freckles . . . what else could she be but a devil. Cbcvisg-7 Ljieicbtf jlwwo 'AfNXx 03 fa ff ANN , 17 tw AMBITION: To have twins ' SECRET AMBITION: To live in Greenwich Vil- lage for two weeks PET PEEVE: People who don't shut doors YEAR ENTERED: Senior BIRTHDAY: August 25th SENIORS AAAfmvvxNfvv'Vvx RKH HALL ttf rp will IQ 2. AMBITION: To teach SECRET AMBITION: To be a psychiatrist PET PEEVE: Camilla! YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: October 12th MARGARET LINDA FENNER Ltpeggyvn Wilbraham Academy Wilbraham Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Glee Club fl-g Red Cross Club 4: Blue Hockey 3. "Nothing ever interferes with my work unless something comes upn "Where's Sally?" . . . art talent . . . dimensions divine . . . Hirtation . . . attention without inten- tion . . . Peg . . . neat . . . attractive . . . coif- fure simply suburban... an authority on adoles- cent males... it ain't candy... looking for a blind date, or a cheap mail carrier SENIORS NANCY RUTH FERGUSON "Nan' 206 Albermarle Street Springfield, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: French Club 2g Science Club 2, 3, 4g Current Events Club 49 Cheer Leader 2, 3, 4-g Chorus 4. "Silence is golden" Fergie . . . forever Bruce. . . loves music, driving the "Merc7' . .. always taking trips to the Berk- shires . . . midnight chats . . . U.S. Marine . . . a little shy perhaps... school spirit... calm and collected. f ii 'D ,Epi lj I f AMBITION: To be a nurse in a hospital for the handicapped SECRET AMBITION: To-? .loin-? the Navy PET PEEVE: People who get upset when they only get an 80 or 90 YEAR ENTERED: Sophomore BIRTHDAY: May 2th ' J Mo .QJAMOC w oil-13-1:11 fif jay? AMBITION: To skipper a yawl in the Bermuda races SECRET AMBITION: To grow a little taller PET PEEVE: Tall people YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: July 14th SENIORS SUZANNE JAQUETH FITZ "Suzy" "Fritzie,' 90 East Main Street Stafford Springs, Connecticut ACTIVITIES: Captain of the Red Team 41-3 Science Club 4g Camera Club 43 Current Events Club 45 Varsity Soccer 3g Junior Varsity Basketball 3g Red Hockey 3, 4g Red Basketball 3, 45 Red Softball 33 Varsity Hockey 4. "From a litle spark may burst a mighty flame" Little Fitz . . . every inch packed with dynamite . . . ardent sailing enthusiast . . . always seen with Jinny . . . perpetual optimist . . . proud of her rock collection . . . and in this corner - the red team . . . anybody for a game of anything? . . . doesn't have to worry about trips to the scale V. , . personiiication of life. J M50 UJZQK io vw' 5 XQXQXI X145 XO Oi-fx KO LIL X. Q 'Af' N593 554 QQ' X fvjk Ovf' '7 41,09 J MEX- 41,94 tIt1ilflTllMZ?ffWWlffWi 1 WMI We I M SENIQRS Wal Wi fit ffffvf W IM VIRGINIA FRISBIE FITZ ' , ul. ,, Wt znny JO East Main Street Stafford Springs, Connecticut ACTIVITIES: Blue Team Captain 4g Camera Club 45 Current Events Club Llg Varsity Soccer 3g Var- sity Hockey -lg Blue Hockey 3, 43 Junior Varsity Basketball 35 Blue Team Softball 3, 49 Blue Team Basketball 3, 4. 4'Fr0m a little spark may burst a mighty flamei' Which one? . . . lt's ,Iinny . . . petite and powerful . . . c'est blues. .. any mail! . . . hates soft, hard, boiled eggs . . . Skimum . . . loves sports . . . tres precise . . . party girl . . . full of fun . . . Where's Suzy? . . . good listener . . . Twins DO meet twins. lil-. No 41?- -4 in It 1 5' s " 7u AMBITION: To be a skibum SECRET AMBITION: To p, PET PEEVES.: Soft hard get a lot of mall YEAR ENTERED: Junior stay taller than Suzy boiled eggs, people who BIRTHDAY: .luly 14th Dmn'PXv3u. .Lx ami-iz. -zbmlv-Bro ivvU-3-f9'15-9t'0YNf- C-Bains. ug do-"v-.ows' A-ul: ei: mwclsos ,aa mom- -who 19"-walk Of- he-eifw U-wah-L J- wo-u.0q9,w'b5rwo.nJ-O. midweek, x-Xovv-'L X-OC'-C9-0 UNL- P5 H'-clwfswv... T I I -f il -Q 1 . -... ,,- - , ,Q fl 1321+ x X AMBITION: To be succesful SECRET AMBITION: To travel PET PEEVES: Sticky tables and hypocrites YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: August 27th HELEN PATRICIA FOUST 19'-Q Pat 917 Prospect Avenue Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Lo I X2 ACTIVITIES: Prefect 4g Student Council 4g Glee Club 3, 4g Vesper Service Club 3, 43 Magnolia Lit- QJTL Qu erary Board 43 Varsity Soccer 33 Red Team Volley- - ball 3, 43 Red Team Basketball 3, 49 Varsity Vol- QDDJHDUJA leyball 35 Red Team Field Hockey 3, 4. WML-1 'Hu "A leader is best . 'l when people barely know she leads." 19 Q, Ld Enthusiastic and persistent. . . last minute rush to duty . . . meticulously dressed . . . "Do I really look like my twin brother?,' . . . calm, composed ex- U terior, but look again there's a glint of mischief in ll those blue eyes . . . a helpful counselor . . . sincere in all she does. 20 U 0' , Lew, if 9155 '67 Q-Conf 'J' fu -Cy, Spd K fa Y ,ff 0 e fi SENIORS ao' M4 1 A f Q.. 0,7 -P Nc, ef JN fy 67 F Lo ji! cj! x'-7 T XI' I., v7 EEEPE R GILLESPIE Oysa QC '6Elsie,' 125 Ocean Drive West Stamford, Connecticut ACTIVITIES: Prefect 45 Student Council 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Leaders Corps 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 Vesper Service Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Red Cross Club 1, 25 Science Club 45 Freshman Rep. of A. A. 15 Vice-President of the A. A. 25 Secretary of the A. A. 35 Varsity Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Baseball 2, 35 Tennis Team 2, 3, 45 Junior Varsity Basket- ball 15 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 45 Red Hockey Team 1, 2, 35 Red Baseball Team 1, 2, 35 Red Basketball Team 1, 2, 35 Red Volleyball Team 1, 2. "Blushing is virtue's color" A definite personality recognized by ambition and ability . . . sincerity . . . always swinging a tennis racquet . . . 'Tm embarassed" . . . auburn hair, eternally wavy . . . willingness, responsibility and ingenuity bring distinction to whatever she does . . . freckles galore . . . squeals of laughter . . . a daily letter . . . a quiet worrier . . . Q,cx-ih'a:n:1fU, QCMCTQL 5 L' Lg, K AMBITION: Live, love and be happy SECRET AMBITION: To be able to control my Hat feet PET PEEVE: People who don't laugh at my jokes YEAR ENTERED: Freshman BIRTHDAY: December 5th SENIORS AMBITION: to win the G'Miss Rhinegoldn contest SECRET AMBITION: To play a part other than a Russian PET PEEVES: Base people and vulgar expostula- tions , YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: August 6th GAIL FRANCES GIPSTEIN "cam 90 Dartmouth Road Longmeadow, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Magnet News Staff 3, 4-3 Dramatic Club 3, French Club, Vice-President 4, Glee Club 43 Blue Team Basketball 3, 4, Blue Team Volley- ball 3g Blue Team Softball 3, Varsity Volleyball 3g Ping Pong Tournament 3. "She walks in beauty and dwells in peacef' Gail precise, punctual, and a perfectionist . . . hardly overbearing . . . a subtle sense of humor that betrays a more subtle skepticism . .. capable and able . . . well groomed . . . uthat was not necessarylv . . . a bit of a philosopher . . . Phi Delta. . . Hil . . . always getting letters . . . looking for stationery during 3rd period . . . a very nice gal, c'est tout. SENIORS MERRILLY JOAN GRANT "Merril', Wyckoff Park Holyoke, Mass. ACTIVITIES: Dramatic Club 3, lg Magnet Busi- ness Board Llg Science Club 33 Photography Club -lg Blue Team 3, 4. "Her time is forever, everywhere her place." "Merril" . . . toujours gay, toujours late . . . petite and neat . . . amazing capacity to start history projects-two weeks after they are due. .. "I just donit understand!" . . . New London summers . . . lost Mondays . . . always dieting . . . light green Ford, will travel . . . persistant pessimist . . . college weekends. . . a pleasant personable person. it Q33 V AMBITION: To have enough time in which to do nothing SECRET AIVIBITION: To understand . . . PET PEEVES: Rules, Tuesday morning YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: March 11th fgpf. N. 5 Q, ff l W ggi? ffgifefef Vjfjdfnf r Qt ' 9 9 ' Q5' if Gffagfeiiftfff ,jg exif ffl af 6' 5-X-e,pJ-ea-f-ss- . C,0'Q,L.Jv-'wigs-.-GL.13 lKk.J....o6'LA-Pf..A T,-,,,:I.lL.,f,L. , Q T WT-f I YT WEE' W M In I it J UN be f AMBITION: To go around the world on the Yankee Clipper Ship SECRET AMBITION: To live in a Swiss chalet PET PEEVES: Gabby Hayes' beard, "Tourists', YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: March 28th rf' fx XA ELIZABETH BAILEY GUIBORD ff! 'K "Gib,, YO-L 029gRoxbury Rd. Scarsdale, New York ACTIVITIES: Science Club 3, 4g Vesper Service Club 3, 43 French Club, president 43 Current Events Club 4g Coral Group 45 Decoration Committee for The Jr. Promg Magnolia Typing Editor 4g Business Board of the Magnet 3, 4g Junior Varsity Hockey Co-Captain 3, 4g Blue Team Hockey 3, 4g Blue Baseball 3, 4. "Nothing was ever achieved without enthusiasm" Oh-that French! Enthusiastic leader . . . Loves rugged outdoor life. . . world wide bound . . . col- lege weekends . . . mischievous looks . . . gullible MacDuHie's "fox" . .. Riding on the dummy . . . Secretary of the A.P.C. Club . . . Swiss Chalets . . . Boots and Kitty . . . understanding . . . High ideals . . . good hearted. fig Jw? Mfg! tif IDM. Pl'-le. B' we WC SENIQRS MM-Q Q- sl-W.. ...,,..m,.., .FB af'-":"""9"' G-uv--K JM , ,I MIU HING HO iCMiu59 A-43 Estoril Court Garden Road- Hong Kong ACTIVITIES: Glee Club Accompanist 4g Science club, president 4-. "Many talents bring great clividendsf' A winning way . .. a devil lurks behind that solemn exterior... Hong Kong's gift to lVIacDuf- fic . . . envy of every struggling chemist. . . QNO, Fm not going to Lenox" . . . brilliant virtuoso . . . monopolizes the mailman's pack . . . "What?" . . . HI don't know" . . . funny face . . . 1 1:17 Q it e if ,rx KY Q W 5 5 l fl AMBITION: To be a doctor SECRET AMBITION: To be a great person PET PEEVE: People screaming around the dorm YEAR ENTERED: Senior BIRTHDAY: October 6th SENICDRS nw JW - s C AMBITION: To be what I am and not what others think I ought to be SECRET AIVIBITION: To be co-ordinated PET PEEVES: Society and insincere people YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: February 6th LYNN IVIEREDITH HOLMES "S0phia', I2 West Silver Street Westfield, Mass. ACTIVITIES: Dramatic Club 3, 41-g Science Club 35 French Club 45 Magnet News Board 3, 4. "Every ilzdividual nature has its own beautyn Our Sophia Loren . . . black, black, black . . . people Watching and squelching unfortunate friends . . . "How asininew . . . always a good sport . . . neatness and punctuality? . . . will probably end up being a house mother at Williamsi .. French with an Italian accent. . . SENIORS PATRICIA ANN HORGAN . ccpazsa 126 Main Street Three Rivers, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 3, 45 Latin Club 35 Cur- rent Events Club 4g Magnet Business Board 4g Photography Club 43 Red Team. "That action is best which procures greatest happiness for the greatest number." Pat. . . carefree and generous . . . always willing to lend a helping hand... parties at Boston... mathematical genius... renowned for those fan- tastic I. Miller creations . . . nightmares of whiz . . . opera lovers beware - the Metropolitan is sure to have a new attraction - gigantic roar. az. AMBITION: To own a t-bird SECRET AIVIBITION : To be a mathematician PET PEEVES: Whizg old men of 21 YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: September 2nd SENIORS l Z' f f W I. ff 'N .7 1 lil - . at X yi " 'fgff t.- lp 52 68565 av 249' ' 1552? .gisv AMBITION: History teacher SECRET AMBITION: To buy two one way tickets to Mars PET PEEVE: People who habitually complain YEAR ENTERED: Sophrnore BIRTHDAY: .luly 15th LORRAINE MAY HOVEY "Rainie,' 264 Burbank Road Longmeadow, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Curent Events Club 2, 3, 4g Science Club 2, 3, lg Magnet Business Board 4g Dramatic Club Ll: Basketball Varsity 3g Baseball Varsity 2. 3: Hockey Varsity 31- Volley Ball 2, 3. "Two Souls with but a single thought, new hearts that beat as one." Thinks lVIacDufHe will become two refugees for lost boys and stray black kittens . . . holy cowl . . . likes to eat fmaybe too muchi. Enjoys sleeping - loves to talk especially at 3:00 o'clock in the morning . .. wants to be a history teacher... probably will end up being a conoisseur of French food . . . pleasantness . . . delighted possessor of a one way ticket to 'Mars . . . Sports, Books . . . a history teacher who eats, sleeps and talks. SENIORS MARY JANICE KARP "Ianice,' Boston Neck Road Suffield, Connecticut ACTIVITIES: Red Cross Club 13 Current Events Club l, 2, 43 Magnet Business Board 3, 4g News Board of Magnet 3, 43 Dramatic Club 3, 43 French Club 33 Science Club 4g Red Volley Ball 1, 2, 3g Red Basketball 1, 2g Red Baseball I, 2. "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill." Always laughing . . . another new formal . . . pas- sive resistance . . . suspected of having her own private trophy room . . . salt water I and sandy beaches . . . a great friend . . . constantly punctual! . . . Miss Couturels avid pupil . . . known to forget before a dance . . . excursions to New York. for K ln , N it i l yn. llkx LL AMBITION: To become a scrub Nurse X SECRET AMBITION: To be a house mother at that certain men's college PET PEEVES: Intellectual Snobsg whiskers YEAR ENTERED: Freshman BIRTHDAY: December 10th SENIORS y MIM L V ll AIVIBITION: To be a nuclear physicist SECRET AMBITION: To be a calm chemist PET PEEVE: Cigarette smoke in the morning YEAR ENTERED: 8th grade BIRTHDAY: June 23rd SARAH THOMPSON LAMB "Sarah', Hastings Hill Road Suiheld, Connecticut ACTIVITIES: Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Current Events Club 3, 4g Science Club 45 A.A. President 11-g Var- sity Hockey 2, 3, 4g capt.g Red Hockey 2, 33 Var- sity Basketball 3g J.V. Basketball 23 Red Basketball I, 2, 3g Red Volleyball I, 2, 3g Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3g Red Baseball 1, 2, 3. "From her shall read the perfect ways of honorf' That musing smile . . . seen with hockey stick, basketball, or baseball . . . sincere . . . earnest worker . . . walking grammar book that always of- fers advice. . .' Oh, Mary, but I didn't see that re- action! . . . Oh, darn! . . . destined to make a moon rocket or I-J-K Bomb . .. 'Tm dead... forever why . . . a true friend. xg . , ,Mt W 4' XA ,y gy ,jf . .f Yi' fi 'Rd X J L' fr' f TO ANWNWQP gil Y Q , fy alps 9 0 tag gk nk, 0 -X Mfr. f 9 ,Ae out fl UCC' . ,X lg XXJJ5 J lf, VXA VW' ' ' ' fa LLL fm 3,54 Q10 ANN Lois LEBR1TToN N VJ vox 7' "LeBrit'i or 5 gt XOQI Q Wells Road Granby, Connecticut 'Pl' ACTIVITIES: Student Council 2, 3, -1: President of Student Council 45 Vesper Service Club l, 2, 3, 415 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Leader's Corps 3, 45 Red Cross Club 15 Latin Club 25 Class Secretary 25 Sci- ence Club 415 Varsity Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 35 Junior Varsity Basketball 2, 35 Junior Varsity Captain 35 Varsity Basketball 45 Red Team Hockey 1, 25 Basketball and Volleyball l, 2. 3, -15 Red Team Basketball 2, 3. "Her character is like a diarnondg it scratchetlt every other stone." "You just don't understand" . . . an infectious giggle . . . private mail service . . . UNO, seriously, .thoughv . . . tell joke, will laugh . .. forget your troubles, come on get happy. . . tres sensible. . . always in a dither, never in a fog . .. lVlacDulIiels answer to Earl Wlarren . . . ask Ann, she'll help . . . keep marching I gtg , ,, , , , at ,,,,,,4,. as 1V ' if l"5 ,xt , 42, - 7 X., f AIVIBITION: Itls conspicuous by its absence SECRET AIVIBITION: To understand my father's jokes PET PEEVE: Tradition YEAR ENTERED: Freshman BIRTHDAY: January 11th SENIORS A ANN IVICNAIR "McNutt" 6 Mitchell Lane Hanover, New Hampshire ACTIVITIES: French Club 3g Leaders Corps 3, 45 Glee Club 45 Varsity Hockey 3, 43 Softball 35 Blue Hockey 3, 45 Blue Basketball 35 Blue Volley- ball 3. "I survived that trouble, so likewise may I survive this onef' 'gShhh . . . ugar" . . . always getting .confused in history . . . Ann plus Dartmouth men . . . i'Oh, no, you know him too?" . . . a flash on figure skates . . . a whiz on skis . . . can't keep her quiet at the French table . . . like a dynamo with the interest of a social workers.. "What, worry?" ob' o U s",v,y i yy.PipJ"! I if V I ' g ' iafiflfgfis fj,f'Wfi if if LV JP if ,v ! QC Lp 5 AIVIBITION: To become a nurse SECRET AIVIBITION: To marry a doctor YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: October 25th ef Wake F r C Watch 'lie ,fnwvy 1 me we tw, favwwfafof MQ NJMMQUR l, ll u up ' jg: I lILO llfliffll 0 -firfnail 'MIUQ g ftmilcuwlgvatvn 132- K AIR V6Z! Stlleel. BeaCllSil3zl1l1lllJscott Massachusetts Cb 'ly6J,Q- ACTIVITIES: Red Cross Club lg .Current Events A ak! Club 1, 2,'3g Vesper Serviced Club 33 Business Board ' of the Magnet 3, 4: Science Club -lg Assistant Busi- ' ness Editor of Magnolia 4: Red Volleyball Team 3. - "Asfz1ll of life as life itself" , E Sparkling sense of humor . . . alert . . . viyid imag- h ' ination . .. sure its Peter Merrick, Lynne? . .. an Q-Lf 'enthusiastic and perpetual story teller... Richard i Freenie . . . HI hear music but there's no one thereii . . . a good listener and understanding . . . high ideals... open mindedness . .. a tall and I graceful elf who's always up to something . . . usual- Qmfltltlfwm -- O OW O O 5 a ft Q C7 sv I 623 QD Q s.fL. T' 1 IN' K ' Vg, X I ,.,L-f""x-PEL, .f- 5- 'I xt J' - "N I-N LK il 157 AMBITION: To go to Switzerland SECRET AMBITION : To be a French professor PET PEEVE: People who whine YEAR ENTERED: Freshman BIRTHDAY: June 24-th SENIORS JANE ELINOR MULLEN "Mull" 54 Rustlewood Road Milton, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Senior Prefect 43 Student Council 43 Class President 2, 3, Leaders Corps 3, 4g Mag- net News Board 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Red Cross Club I, 2g Cheerleader 1, Vesper Service I, 2, 43 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, Blue Hockey I, 2, 3g Blue Basketball 1, 2, 3g Blue Volleyball 2, 33 Var- sity Basketball 4. "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." "Mull" . . . an angel with a slightly tipped halo . . . a friendly smile with a spontaneous greeting . .. a word of encouragement and help, accompanied by independence of thought and action . .. sincerity and contagious enthusiasm . . . "Howdy" . . . You know what I like! . . . always getting terrific letters . . . "Pickamatoses" . . . she partakes of long and lasting friewps. l aff Ulu. 5 Mn. 0Du4QJM'dk - '40 ,, f an Y, Zf"5'..'.4ff?!gZ f,,,b N bw C I fig Q! LL L AMBITION: Physical Therapist SECRET AIVIBITION: To sell choc-la milk, regla milk, sammwitches, cashew nuts, peanuts and maga- zines on the New York Central Railroad. PET PEEVE: People who just aren't coordinated! YEAR ENTERED: 8th grade BIRTHDAY: November 13th SENIORS LINDA GAIL O'CONNOR GG 650 Amherst Road South Hadley, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: French Club 43 Magnolia typing staii 4g Tennis team 43 Basketball Varsity 4g Red Team Hockey 4. "An optimist is a person who says the bottle is half full when itis half emptyf' 4'Windy" . . . tennis . . . the, girl and the game . . . seen behind the Wheel of her big white Pontiac . . . quietf?l . .. an alhnity for the opposite sex. .. one of the many engrossed in a character study of her history teacher . . . love that Springfield traliic . . . fabulous! . . . bright eyes, warm smile. Y g l K K. ship E53 News AMBITION: To finish four years of college SECRET AMBITION: To own a convertible PET PEEVES: People who bite their nailsg girls who are silly YEAR ENTERED: Senior BIRTHDAY: October 8th as SENIORS H AMBITION: To have one successful day SECRET AMBITION: To lose my green and white shadow YEAR ENTERED: Freshman BIRTHDAY: February 25th ANN LOUISE FEIFER EGF1:fe95 25 Green Lane Springfield, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Current Events Club 43 Red Cross Club 1, 4g Science Club 3, 43 Latin Club 2. "All her excellences stand in her so silently? Ann . . . a combination of conscientous student and enjoyable social company . . . of diminutive stature . . . outwardly unaware of her natural mental bril- liance . . . "laugh with me, not at mei' . . . a blend of vivacity, common sense, sincerity, and sympathy . . . often in a midnight dilemma whether to sleep or work. ISM, li - P lla futzfw lea laced. tl wat' SENIORS . fu f willful edlfywi wg at fm l CA oLE LYNN PICK YIM M6519 gat llwlfiwznYicllZ?Zv-ll I4 W1 - ' ' ' West Hartford 7, Connecticut ACTIVITIES: Variety Club 8th grade3 Red Cross Club 1, 2g Eager Heart 23 Commencement Play 23 Vesper Service Club 23 Current Events Club 2, 33 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 French Club 43 Assistant Art Editor of Magnolia 43 Blue Hockey 1, 2, 3g Blue Basketball 1, 2, 3g Blue Volleyball 1, 2, 3. "Here's to the whole world lest some damn fool take 0f6flS6.,, "Eeeeeeeeeek" . . . what's outside? The world, people in general and men in particular! "Cackle! . Cackle!" . . . extensive and caustic vocabulary . . . strange noises . . . i'Roomie! I !', . . . skiing morn- ing, noon and night fin dreamsj . . . fashion school . . . our ulengthlyn gamin with intention dia- bolical . . . '4Pig! ! l" . . . Cochonl! 5. , L I JL AMBITION: To know SECRET AMBITION: To experience PET PEEVES: Regimentation3 those realists! YEAR ENTERED: 8th grade BIRTHDAY: November 19th SENICDRS CAROL HUNT PRICE "Fudge" 54 Crescent Road Longmeadow, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: French Club 3g Science Club 39 Red Cross Club president 43 Current Events Club 45 Red Volleyball 3. "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions? "Surprise Package" . . . quiet and sincere, but with a ready smile and a glib remark... dancin to Lester Lanin . . . football games in the rain . .. '6Don't be a fatheadli' . . . anything edible . . . ar- tistic? . . . Just ask George! . . . often seen casting furtive glances at her Pa's new Mercedes 300 SL! . . . a crack bridge player . . . an experienced loafer during the summer. . . will probably end up sing- ing lullabies to 12 cranky kids.. . hopes to leave her remarkable nickname where she got it... at MacDuHie . . . s a W 5'-y Z, Q9 41 fig? if ' ZW, 9 is lei AMBITION: To own a nightclub SECRET AMBITION: To be the art critic for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts PET PEEVES: Marks, homework, men's after- shave lotion YEAR ENTERED: Sophomore BIRTHDAY: January 2nd V f C A X f . 2' 'X-7 S , gl A Cf X2 YD x jf ft XZ' 55' Q ,fx 0 V - A f jf! rj' I. f df . 1 f f V f J ,V sENloRs X26 BDF W, fgf' gc 7 O ff msc, If .jx K4 j-7S'HEI'LA L RAQQTCH A! NAL? Z7 V420 heilzigf . X ' Seuth in Streg lW1 n, Connecticut jx IQRACT ITIES: Glee CIIBY2, 3, ' 5 Vesper Service 2, U Z! 3, 45 Magjef News Board 2, 3, 4, Magnet Business J j,Boardx2j3, 43 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Eager Heart . l lifx 2g Ccgmmeneement Play 2, 3g Current Events Club ' Red Cross Club 3g French Club 4, Literary Edi- ,JJ tor of Magnolia 4, Red Hockey 23 Red Basketball My lj? 2, 39 Red Baseball 2g Red Volleyball 2, 35 Varsity D Volleyball 3. l "D0n,t take life too seriouslyg you canit get out of it alive anyhowlv A combination of patience, wisdom, humor and friendship . . . crippled grapejuice . . . alert and eager . .. commits herself generously to whatever she undertakes . . . a persistent worrier . . . 6'Vogue" . . . "Oh really, you're kidding mel" . . . early morning humor . . . "What time is it"? . . . Intellectual and domestic ability personified. l3:Jn'YCT1'Qll X Lf uf A Q '33 AMBITION : To write for the Wall Street .lournal SECRET AMBITION: To own the Wall Street fournal PET PEEVES: "My hipsng the high price of con- temporary cards YEAR ENTERED: Sophomore BIRTHDAY: December 25th SENIORS Aga A!! - T R.--r AMBITION: To have twins SECRET AMBITION: To marry a millionaire PET PEEVES: Boys who wait weeks before writ- ingg Scheduling photographs for the paper YEAR ENTERED: Sophomore BIRTHDAY: June 26th ROSALINDA BROOKE ROBERTS "Linda', 862 Longmeadow Street Longmeadow 6, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Magnet News and Business Stall 2, 3, 45 Magnet Business Board Manager 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 45 '4Spotlight on Youthn 45 Hockey 25 Volley- ball 25 Junior Varsity Softball 2, 35 Blue Team Basketball 25 Blue Team Softball 25 Senior Follies Assistant Chairman 45 Senior Prom Co-Chairman 4. 4. "They Conquer Who Believe They Canw Roberts-girl reporter . . . Exeter . . . 5'Bless it" . . . a great organizer . . . a maroon and white scarf . . . regular member of the French table . . . '4Guess who l heard from today?7' . . . Summers in Maine . . . never a dull weekend . . . 'Ll need newspaper articles" . . . Philadelphia deb parties . . . Linda, always mailing letters, always willing to help... 'LI-low divine!" SENIORS SUZANNE LEE RODIN lGSue93 30 Tekoa Terrace Westfield, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 4g News Board of the Magnet 3, 4g French Club Treasurer 43 Red Cross Club 13 Chairman of Senior Follies 4-g Blue Volleyball 2, 3g Baseball 1, 2. "On the stage she was simple and affecting - it was only when she was off that she was acting." "Snell . . . disorganized, vivacious, unruly, and bored . . . uThat's amazing! huh, Sue?" . . . 'fle ne sais pas" . . . great actress f not only on the stagel loves to meet unusual people . . . tennis any- one? . . . eternal dieter, but always eating. . . un- inhibited . . . Chemistry whiz! ll . . . instigator . . . sincere, sensitive and idealistic... loves a party . . . definitely individual. - ftp? r f Q32 as J X x AMBITION: To lead an active, unusual life. SECRET AMBITION: To commit the perfect crime PET PEEVES: Homely hands and unexpressive eyes YEAR ENTERED: Freshman BIRTHDAY: October 5th SENIORS a . if 71 If 9,59 X be g x CJ if gy AIVIBITION: To teach high school SECRET AMBITION: To play Joan in Shaw's HSL Joani' PET PEEVES: Irregular Spanish verbs, intellec- tual snobs YEAR ENTERED: Senior BIRTHDAY: February llth DAWN EDA SANGREY "Dawn" 152 Sumner Avenue Springfield, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Dramatic Club 43 Glee Club fSenior Librarianl 4g Magnet Editorial Staff 4g Basketball 4. "Heaven would often be unjust if it answered our prayersf' "Ez for war, I call it murderi' . . . often the prelude to flying chalk and erasers . . . Blah! . . . a passion for reading Hdeepn novels to the chagrin of her more 'cshallowu amigosi' . . . a future headmistress of lVIacDuHie H9811-J . . . TGFF . . . aiohief advo- cate of the Howard-South underground tunnel... possesses a most uncanny knack for "getting caught". A911111 Wulf v Jah jaw? UAH! 7 .de gznwhad AOMMAMQ . ,J ld! rggaga AL,7,,4,4a!ffz .7 ja ,y1f,4,f,,,, L,-4 jfgffazv-446. W IZ Alwf 4725'- ANNE CUTLER SARGENT 'gAnne" Penfield Hill Road Portland, Connecticut ACTIVITIES: French Club 3, -lg Secretary of French Club 4, Science Club 3, 43 Dramatic Club 3, 49 Vesper Service Club 4. Blue Team 3, -lv. "The mildest manner and the gentlest Byron heart." Qu'avez-ous? . . . Oh! Jean . .. sure, I'll go to Friendly's . . . my roommate told on me again . . . I have coffee, tea, hot chocolate, orange and grape juice . . . always trying to conquer French . . . Con- certs... usually staggering under a load of cos- tumes . . . neatness plus . . . that town and country look . . . "That's rightll' . . . serenity on the go . . . I 7!' gn, N 9 Lf Irina' AMBITION: Medical research SECRET AMBITION: To travel around the world PET PEEVE: People who don't like fresh air at night YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: May 2nd SENICDRS C5 KW Cx .Lv Qflfl AQ IT AMBITION: To marry a V.lVl.l. cadet SECRET AMBITION: To acquire a true Southern accent PET PEEVE: A certain Studebaker YEAR ENTERED: 7th grade BIRTHDAY: May 31st MARTHA ANN SCHOALES "Marth', 95 Magnolia Terrace Springfield, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Red Cross Club 1, 2, 4g Science Club 1, 3g Current Events Club 4g Magnet Business Board 4-. "Life is a jest as all things showf, A constant sparkle in her eyes... readily sympa- thetic and understanding... individual way of expressing herself. . . a unique laugh . . . MSO!" a staunch degrader of Blandford... "that's ridiculous" . .. an authorithy on good radio pro- grams after midnight. IDQQJ1 D G, ' ,434 5+ Lefcfcf SLO rg- flexed? icuii 7ZQ7,,f5fgJ,Q,L,-Zig,-,H llzhvwwafbfvv gwfaifk haven, an f5a,Sf-ac2c6f,7 '5 awvd' ajg Q XLW55 'S -fable vffljfs.-5 pcagf 74500 fffkfidf-42fD6"S , If I mzfeuccj-5. Bio 4241! Lyn fjcdtidifai ,MQ7 VAJS' gaecwefofcuf I Q55 5 P ff? Ve S y ufzxcpff 0, ,C '7 UIARIAN SEYMOUR 'gPatti,' 8 Bowler Road East Rockaway, New York ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 3, 11-g Latin Club 3g Mag- net Business Board -lg French Club -l-: Science Club -lg Bed Team Basketball 3. "Some think the world was made for fun and frolic and so do I." Our Patti with the uoh noilw . . . typical New York- er. . . cheerful even on Monday mornings . . . Patti and her constant . . ff also!" . . . the pizza kid . . . Princeton invitations . . . fascinating scrap- book . . . always a loyal lVlacDufl:ieite . . . knitting needles dropping... "It was really hystericallw .. her Sunday children. X Tc V 1. L - K x 1 4, L. .. K,-ldv x, n vb s k x K-yxyyl fc" u 1 e'f' X., " g.u.. X s..,,L V U 1. VY.-ff' HXLLLL U- L xxx., sr L C N w AMBITION: To be a teacher or a social worker SECRET AMBITION: To run a progressive school for girls PET PEEVES: People who eat constantly and nev- er gain a poundg People who borrow things and don't return them YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY. May 26th SENIORS WI JT- J' IA 5 ' W C L ,,f O V! AMBITION: To own an oil well SECRET AIVIBITION: To be a house-mother at a fraternity house PET PEEVE: People who can stay on diets YEAR ENTERED: Freshman BIRTHDAY: October Ilth SALLY SHEARER 665510199 118 Craiwell Avenue West Springfield, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Latin Club 1, 2g Red Cross Club I, 2g French Club 2, 3g Magnet News Board 2, 3, 4g Science Club 43 Dramatic Club 3, 43 Blue Team Field Hockey 1. "God forbid that I should go to heaven in which there are no horses." Destined to be the head of the French department at lVlacDuiHe . . . "Hi yan . . . sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping . .. oil wells . .. will probably sell ten gallon hats and race horses. SENIORS GERTRUDE HOOK SMITH "Trudi', 84 Woodsley Road Longmeadow, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Science Club 4g Student Council 2, 45 Prefect 45 J.V. Basketball 2g Volleyball 29 Varsity Basketball 3. "It is not work that kills, but worry? Forever under-estimating . . . sportswoman . . . so silly yet so serious . . . tennis tournaments . . . sin cere. . . study, study, study . . . mid-night sessions . . . skiing . . . always in a dither . . . indescribable giggle . . . susceptable to tall masculine charm . . . "Really?" 1' l .,,.g 4, K Q , lid- -: ' I . ,. -W -.--P W, P"-lg 5 L ltfcitcfcc U4 Iiifillfl 'C Q Z- 2- AMBITION: To graduate from Vassar SECRET AMBITION: To be happily married PET PEEVES: Monday mornings, modern jazz, and tradition YEAR ENTERED: Sophomore BIRTHDAY: August 21st ' . 'EY fli '. SENIORS gg? WH 1 W f I, ll 1 X 5- - 5 , W. ,XIA W7 it W we M wma I Sli- sr AIVIBITION: To be an Airline hostess SECRET AMBITION: To take a certain college week-end PET PEEVE: People who compare me to my other half YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: September 12th NANCY KAY STEVENS 56NanCy5? 114 Lake Street Hammondsport, New York ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 3, 4g Prefect 45 Student Council 4g Softball 35 ,l.V. Basketball 33 Varsity Basketball 49 Blue Team Hockey, Basketball, Vol- leyball 3. "ills nice to be natural when yousre naturally nice." I'm from Hammondsport . . . Nance . . . 4'Oh No! l" . .. Always on the ball... take me back to the Champagne valley . . . terror on a basketball court letters and laughters... has 5:30 A.M. ad- mirers too . . . versatility . . . "Can't, too much homework, Barbl' . . . no stray ends . . . always picking up the common room. . . trains and planes . . . our gal Friday. , ' 1 I v I V ,' V. 1 , VM T SENIORS 1 ,- Up Q ,feflvjlll 'CW J: kllfydfgjlfufll we f 1, jlwwof' in 6 lf if U, SUZANNE MARTHA STEVENS "Suzanne,' 114 Lake Street Hammondsport, New York ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 3, 443 Vespers Service 4-3 Prefect -1-3 Student Council 45 Soccer 35 .l.V. Bas- ketball 3g Varsity Basketball 49 Softball 33 Blue Team Hockey 3, flg Blue Team Basketball, Softball, Volleyball 3. "Iris nice to be natural when youfre naturally nicef, Suzanne . . . another smiling Stevens . . . never failing . . . pillow of strength . . . rings the duty bell twice a week . . . stories from Champagne Valley . . . both friendly and befriended . . . will be remem- bered by all for her vivacity and radiating charm. l'Wy f F 1 A ,fl Itlif ,gawk Q lst .ff Q, "T R Z' fi-S59 'T-T?-T AMBITION: To be a success in my chosen occupa- tion SECRET AMBITION: To have a weekend at Cort- land PET PEEVE: No mail on Sunday YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: September 12th SENIORS .,-f'ff- Ax ff, If 1 l I 11 , ,E vi qt. L11 J AMBITION: Social worker SECRET AMBITION: To hook a man PET PEEVE: People who think that pigs like paper YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: August 15th SUSAN BOYD STREETER ccsuess 86 Oakwood Drive Longmeadow, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 3, Ll: Student Council rl: Prefect 43 Red Team Basketball. Hockey 3. MT0 be rather than to be seenf' Sue... quiet. yet one of lVIacDufHe,s first impres- sions... a quick blush f"Oh, he quietlwl Men!! plagued by disappearing garbage pails and coke machines inevitably jammed... "The duty list for this week . . . " . . .early always . . . choir rehearsals... silently amused by "people with prejudice" . unassuming. SENIORS MARY-EILEEN TEAHAN CCT!! 163 North Pleasant Street Holyoke, Massachuetts ACTIVITIES: Prefect 43 Student Council 4g Lead- ers Corps 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 4g Dramatic Club 3g Vesper Service Club 45 Blue Team Hockey, Volley- ball, Softball 3. "Quick sensitivity is inseparable from ready understanding." "T" . . . a heart how spacious . . . "Oh, no! What a riotli' . .. a ready and willing counselor with a kind word for all... '5Hey, you guysll' . .. fun loving book worm . . . always finds time . . . How- ard Hall fan... all these add up to our reserved f?l and devilish friend. . I -PA.. ,f,.,,- D"9' Qff-uvfula -"--ri,-g, ' Q-i.6Bs.aJ" 'v ' Viv vs! sfbtw I ,li'i':-'C-Qui , rs-gig, ag, 6 A j ua?'5h4-0 'in-'gd-M-N 0.4, .4-I., 6,59-.a-J--'--u, ' 2-54 rt, -its-f-a.f.w-iu , :r-1-Y'-nav...-c., -'Vg -ipaq.,-.,.:,.q. ' 5--e.ay,,.g, fo ' f!L6F'54.4 .I 5 r'r' J- '31 7 if vgeg.. A f - -.ww ..1' .,g,vL. 1-Q , .a..4. . ' 'S- '-'V Susa- at :gi-'N 4,L,.g, AMBITION: To work for the State Department SECRET AMBITION : To be very successful PET PEEVES: Chronic complainers, gritty bath- tubs YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: .Iune 28th SENIORS 'age alog T , AIVIBITION: To be happily married SECRET AMBITION: To be a pickle tester in a pickle factory PET PEEVES: Sweatpants and people who al- ways quote prices YEAR ENTERED: Sth grade BIRTHDAY: October 17 CLAIRE JEAN VISCONTI "Claire,' 680 Westheld Street West Springfield, Massachusetts ACTIVITIES: Current Events I, 2, 3, 4g Red Cross Club Ig Treasurer of Latin Club 2, Magnet Busi- ness Board 3, 4, French Club 33 Science Club 4g Blue Team Volleyball 2. "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance? "Oh that's faaabulousln . . . boxes of torchy let- ters . . . British tweeds . . . Scottish shetlands . . . congenial . . . "Hi yaln . . . maneuvers her rather oversized white convertible with exceptional ease . . . beautiful tans . . . beachcomber . . . bright lights . . . sailing . . . Black Point . . organized and efficient . . . meticulous . . . frequent trips to Suf- field . . . forever Claire. SENIORS CAROLYN ELIZABETH WARDINSKI G6Betz79 4-Il Main Street Suffield, Connecticut ACTIVITIES: Red Cross Club 1, 2, 33 Treasurer of Red Cross Club 45 Vice-President of Latin Club 23 Current Events 3, 4g Science Club 4g Var- sity Hockey 3g ,I.V. Softball 3g ,I.V. Basketball 33 Blue Team Hockey 2, 3g Basketball I, 2g Volley- ball 35 .I.V. Hockey 2. "I can promise to be candid though I may not be impartialf' Betsy . . . honesty is the best policy . . . Mitsey and the men f?j of the academy . . . please get out. . . I gotta get the car home . . . night W.W.A.lVI. meet- ings and Sunday morning breakfasts . . . the ability to work hard even on the things she doesn't like . . . Toughy Beans . . . always knows the answers . . . one of the few who appreciates Miss Heald's jokes . . .. baby food without a spoon . . . I'm just ex- hausted . . . here's to Boston and all points East. -I K0 l lm I ll ily N an AMBITION: To be a secretary SECRET AMBITION: 'elf I told you, it wouldn't be a secret." PET PEEVE: People who think they are some- thing and aren't triangles fthe romantic kindl YEAR ENTERED: 8th grade BIRTHDAY: May 4th SENIORS ,- 'X ,A I Ll I ludlg AMBITION: To have twelve children . . . f lj SECRET AMBITION: To pitch for the Red Sox PET PEEVES: Too much homework, dateless Saturdays YEAR ENTERED: 7th grade BIRTHDAY: October 19th MARY GIST WETHERBEE "Maher" 1251 South Branch Parkway Springfield, Massachuetts ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 3, 43 Science Club 1, 2g Current Events Club 25 Secretary-Treasurer of Current Events Club 3, 43 Class President lg Class Vice-President 43 Assistant Literary Editor Mag- nolia 4g Varsity Hockey lg ,l.V. Hockey 2: Red Team Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball l, 2. "Who learns by Finding Out has seven-fold The skill of he who learns by Being Toldf' Mary. . . always under a pile of books . . . '4Can't wait 'til next year and Wellesley!" . . . ever ready for a debate. . . the thirteen fallacies . . . psycho- analysis at an amateur level... "Oh Sue, scintil- latelv . . . vacations on ski trails . . . Hlfrankie- Boy" but also Dvorak... visits to the ever-empty library shelves . . . fabulous marks . . . "But, I'm NOT an intellectual snob!" SENIORS JUDITH ANN WHEELOCK Hludyv Babcock Hill Coventry, Connecticut ACTIVITIES: French Club 35 Dramatic Club .33 Vesper Service Club 3, 43 Science Club 45 Current Events Club 4g Leaders Corps 45 Red Team Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball 3. "There was a laughing devil in her smilef' Possessor of that irresistible little grin . . . our hopping hula hooper is always on the go . . . watches life go by outside the fishbowl . . . likes people... advocate of Sunday afternoon walks. .. cute as a button . . . quietg for a while . . . l -2, . Cv 1 X c , X. sk -of-f' ,,C"Y 45 Q 'lf I 'CJ ' N, , V J' 0 - .. f of v Nfl Y, , .13 N' -1 if KS L, -NC" 52 - X X ' 7 lf -Z x, X XQXO ef' .-5' QL' li 3' . ' .XJ 1 4 - A A . 1 ax , I af? C' if f" pl 4 - of , X ,Q ,,... 44 ,1 ' X K, I , N . .QV C. v -f " A " vs -AK XLR' X X-"S fx ' ,N .QSC ti ,,, , X X, ,jxbvv !,KX.b, ' bdf Ye' C C' V s ' X A f. ff . Q1 .P-9A.r3N f W 7 ' KI' Q , ,QD I' 1' . N-f ii ' AIVIBITION : To work with the mentally retarded SECRET AMBITION: To ary be an African mission PET PEEVE: My roommate YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: July 14th W Q Q. ' ' X fi . ' ' cfs' . ' J' ,. if QT7' H' V SENIORS ifwifffrffi ff if 'U :ff U Q: Qu Xf AX .TMTDQ QQHKQ: ,ey J Q f'iu.,f.fu.,Q.,v 'S .3 AIVIBITION: To go abroad SECRET AIVIBITION: To go on a week end and stay there5 to live life PET PEEVE: Boots YEAR ENTERED: Junior BIRTHDAY: January 30th ELEANOR DAVIDSON WHITE CiLee53 266 Everit Street New Haven, Connecticut ACTIVITIES: French Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 35 Current Events Club 3, 45 Science Club 45 Senior Class Treasurer 45 Vesper Service Club 45 Blue Team Basketball 3, 4. "No pleasure endures unseasoned by variety? Rosy cheeks and wavy hair. . . windows high, please . . . "Oh great!" . . . easy to get along with . . . sweater collector . . . '5Oh, what a brat!" fher current adversary, be he noisy neighbor or broken fingernailj Do we have anything to eat? . . . laughing heart. . . gentle ways . . . living life as it comes . . . endless lists. vo vveff we SMH remember The eloqs cmd happiness weve ffoun l life we'H CLIGVISI7 L.l0kLY ldQC,I -EJ whsdw VVE'l'S bound. e M Wfweri QU Hes wfcmclecf Jfo We pcvef Qour love cmd lwoneehi CIIWCKLF lCLS5E QC DLLW 6.5 'CYlCVlClSlW.lP5 SWICXSY MACDUFFIE SERENADE Smoke Gets in Your Eyes ....., Never! O, Lonesome Me i ,..,..o.. ..,..,,,, ,....,.. T h e day after vacation I'm a Fool to Want You ...,..., ........,..,......,......... I llegal food Ainit Misbehavin , ,,,,,,A,.,4,,,A,,,,,,.4,4,,A4 ,,,,, ..., ..e.e.,.AA A i n't got much choice It's Not For Me To Say . ..,........,...,,.,.....,, ,....,......,..,......,.., W hat's for lunch Hels Got the Whole World In His Hands ..,... ., . With college recommendations You'll Never Know ..,..................,...,........,. ,.,,,........,.,.4..,.,........... I 711 never tell Drink, Drink, Drink ..... ..k..A.................. .r.....,..,.........,,,.. M i lk, Milk, Milk I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan ...... .........,...,., 3 ill effort Someday My Prince Will Come ........,.... ltis Apple Blossom Time ..,., It Could Happen To You ..... The Lovely Thing You Do All Through the Night ......... I'll See You Again ,,,....,... A Still, Small Voice ,.,,...,.., The House I Live In . ,,.,....,. , l've Got You Under My Skin You Make Me Feel So Young .,.,.. Put Your Dreams Away ....... Sunday No, stupid, magnolia Be a Boarder Like call? Eager Heart '...Man...Ha, He, Ha..." These Foolish Things ..........,.,..,.. ....,,.,...,.........,...,,. Full Moon and Empty Arms ....., ...........,.............,....., Nevertheless .,........,,....,.....,,,.,,... ,........ Fools Rush In ,.,.,............,....... Whatill I do ....., .,.....,,.,...,... Thanks For The Memory ., I didnlt kno MACDUFFIE BEST SELLERS Rally Round the Flag, Boys ..,..,. Lord lim ,...........................,.... The Exodus ...,,............,...,.... The Captive and the Free .....,. The Last Hurrah ....,..,....,..,.. The Human Comedy ...,.... Great Expectations ....,,... The Moon Is Down ..,,,,........... Town ..............,....,...,......,...,.. The Diary Of a Young Girl .,,,... The Professor's Umbrella ...,... Our Surprised By Joy .,....,..... The Ides of March ,......., Music To My Ears , .....,,. , Band of Angels ........... The Summing Up .......,...,.... The Friendly Persuasion ...... The Story of My Life ...,.. The jons don't work Babo "Little one,..." You'll get frustrated Source themes .. ,..............., C'est la vie! w we had to wear boots Tourists I didn't sign out MacDuffie Mail on February 12 James June 9th .. Boarders and day-hops "No Bible Hour" Ours is funnier College And the Hash light is on Springiield Tells too much "Who stole my rubbersv? "I got some mail!" ...,.. Achievement tests "Summer Suns" . ,.i.....,. You know it "Pm snowed" GC . . .And if you don't" 'Routine YQUNQSIHHS ,ga t 1 5 . .. L ,CRL K ' ri wp.: X x.. -.WL-N " s v L , K E v X I ,fi . . BABY PICTURES 1. What are you doing, 2. If the shoe fitz. doing, doing? ,i '. W E .., 5 ,.,.. J fs. I 1'5fQ56Ei'f::?fEf. -' M ff' -F 4 Y 'iist5ifi5.t'f..1 ,fbi V' K i.,.u4.i- 4 .. -"rfb ,:. f A fe .pzagfaigdiiii yu: N . - f' .1 , :..s. .. -,.':,x, Ln., . za P1 . . : r -1...-la, .1--wp . v .vm ffv hyrfgif .-2 S -f1'Z..'.w' " 1 if J MM 4' f cj ' 3 .sa ik , . Q, mi shag .1 V. z Q .55 X A s . , 5, A.. , 1 Q 449' .va 1 W' A S 1 X .Risk if 4, ,F 45, ,E 1 5 5 1 4 51122 . is V -' ' .623 gg. .34 w ' ,QQZ is 'A ' i SN gi ,is . fmffmf if Q S r E 2 7' Mhifl X P 5. N 3. Can't have it. 4. I wish someone wou.ld roll up my sleeve. 5 ., wivf-535 -W K +12 . , . L w , 'Q is Wx 5. Teddy went to Arthur Murray! 8. Ma! Just a little piece? ll. I'm waiting for the mailman. -.,fg.jf!ff ' .Zi Q , -r 2 ., A NVQ, Q . f. .. .M-fm I 4 w V 3 ,,.., - I, .,,..v, , 1 n1,w z . - -fi. f ., f, fm 5 ,. 6. Quiet, Im concentrating. 7. What a wink! .. 5 , ' 6 ..ffQ5ieiL. .g2.s'gj5'I:? A 'Qi V . ' ' -el X . 1. :- .p w .r e f f . 1 E ff r . - P: '- ' : . .. 'B ,s g A 4.-W K A HMLSWIF -- H " M' 1 ' """ -ai ' "H If ' . . 41 , ' ,nv V ' ,. 3 9. I'm tired of sitting here. 10. Like my simonizing job? Q y 9 1 ,....,,.... l.f..NN-Ms... .: ' 'S i ' s ,. -'iii 35' K5 in WJ 1 Q as ,QW . , . ..,, . ....,. .- -..., K z. .... ........ .. - .f ieri W' . ' Q. ifi it '-TQ: " ' 1 ' we fkczy ...:f.'- 2..-s:a..'. , - in - f .6 K --S. . gggsf g KW... 4 ' Q..." .. , e. V . -4. . 12. Happy-go-lucky. 13. Oh, those men drivers 14. That candle fascinates me. 15. Even the army is being dominated by the females. 16. Like my new limousine? 20. Don't throw that snowball BABY PICTURES 17. Bangs are the rage 21. This chair is a little high - it 1 . 13. I g0l 8 raise in mY 19. What could he more fun? allowance. L. ,LAZ V 5 5 '1 V t . 1 'th r hl . , . a me O Conquer W1 Ou e P 22. Which way is north? 23- MY Ulffles name 15 I , Rappaport. 141.44-'1 W Jn A v K I I 27. No gold nuggets here! 24. Too cold for a swim. 25. You don't say. 2'T,tPa.f f' ,. H 7 tif . . L: - . .. in .gt . .. LJ + e 26. You are so high up! 28. What does this mean,Y '-eff? "3 5. 'f i M 29. I'm so nervous. 30. Oh, that strmgy meat! , ,,, . f " A iii .7 in . 5 ai ' :ft ". :' .. ""L V il ., , 5 hifi' 31. That was the funniest story! . , 303 '! . N .LLX, , Lf, F Yi , . Q, . , .... .. Q :QW - 's ff' ij i'fQf'3' fl L fifffffl f f' Vi is if ii .X f .Q Q t 431 ,ff wi .5 'J Wwktnw r s 4 if , J fi NRE A f ... i "bf iii? 323 'W .nh vw . Lie.: ,Mb yi st S W. .x g ,.,. 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K- 3 2 ra 1 if fs 3 W , S HP Sv 'Z n th c. ! Q ' MK R as , Q, fm , .. M-,5 5 qu it If M,-W ki . 'uf Qu , ms s , 'L , Yum f 3 . E sf ' . 2 K fy 3 3 .5 4 32. I don't think puss 33. Just sitting and thinking. 34 is very happy- satellite! , Not another Russian i K I W... Q.,- i -1 '11 ui Y' av . J X J Z . 5 N" E . , , , sat gt -H Sp Q. 9 . Y 5 . t qiiq W Yiiiiiiiii K . , Y y 77.. 3 tt' .L if as . f A ,ij ., XJ . qfQ.,Lf..wtx 3 K - --my. -, H .vw f22..'.l' ' . '.., f H 1'ftfgq'1'Jfi21.,' . 3 " A . WW 1 1 1 it f1'g5gg- t 36- and did you hear. . . 37. Home, James! 38. What beautiful eyes you have! 40. Help me button my strap, 411. Flying high. 42. I'm being Zorro. please. l,,. ' ua f f . . " wr' ' f 'Q . . M , tv, W .5 5 H W M52 wig 3, f N 2 -f gefigifffg, ,E ., M As :im ,Q I qfigiffi' vi 2, 4 2, xiii 1, 1 1 1, . . 1: . -51,5 ' , 4, ffffgx R' 2 wf- 'f ki Q, -.Q 'fy yu Ai fwsav!g':.,! ., 4' if 422 3 .5514 1 if 'idx " Z 2 ' 'SL mfs . sg f Mg.. .f2..3.,:, i ,. F25 fi 4 ii i 1- 3 1 ' 44- D0 YOU lik? 45. Chicken in the basket. 46. He stood me up. my new dress? BABY PICTURES 57' .wf-,..-nm ,.,.. , .,..,, . fii -1 3 5, zz 11 ,..,f..., A 5 .... fgw V ' . .- f 5 f ' ,'A 'f A si . .i .s 5 t i 5 5 5 in ,. Lbs . 47. Guess whom l'm waiting for. x S eize "' 3. . , -. ., k 'ff Wi' 50. Twice as nice. 53. I like a clean play noni 57. I'm on the safety squad. 4.8. Nice Putgyqati 49. Baby it's cold outside 51. Darling, that light is so bright. ..www.a,f,. ,,Xs,..,+wz, 4 W Ugg.. Zen,-N,-,..,,r.,f1yQ .fi,.4.,,.,, 3!W.s..2,L-. ,X f .e Ms 41 2 59 ,A?3f5rLv2'2 X QQ-f-:i"v'f.4f:f A . v '3?Ef'ff 5 g,.5w.4,:g4g7M 2 V f 'rg -.,,:..l.. .. A - "" ' . L 'V "' . M57 . ,ZW . r W I .. f 1 f ky 2, . 1 " ' ' l.TVT!25e1.. ,.... V Mf gn affgffeb , 4 , " - A ,... ut- K ,x 3' .Ak. In . . .W , all 54-. Rub a dub duh, Pick's in the tub. 5 58. Those big brown eyes 52. Will the meeting please come to order. 56. What a funny place 55. Guess what I'm holding. for a candle! t. .ml 59. Pm stuck in here. Guibord Fitz Twins Gillespie Merrick Mullen Chalfant Wetherbee Colton Conkey Cheney Bloom Bowen Sargent Cone Roberts BABY 16. LeBritton 17. Dukehart 18. McNair 19. Congdon 20. Horgan 21. Schoales 22. Wardinski 23. Wheelock 24. Drier 25. Consolatti 26. Daigneault 27. Alexander 28. Fenner 29. Streeter 30. Visconti PICTURE KEY 31- Shearer 32. Karp 33. Gipstein 34. Seymour 35. Basinear 36. Bates 37. Foust 33- Rodin 39. White 40- Grant 41- O'Conno1 42- Hovey 43. Burns 44. Crosby 45- Price Ravitch Holmes Pfeifer Lamb Stevens Twins Smith Teahan Blouin Pick BozBeckian Sangrey Ferguson Miu Hing Ho Dexter UMDERCEJS 55 N EN JK gf ,CLQQ I V -. 5 f ' g- X fa?-QQST lffi' 11- ii, l -v-""""-"N Third Row: A. Gibbons, P. Dow, S. Pratt, B. Roessel, J. Kushner, J. Hasbrouk, A. Sollenberger, S. is .bf SN 'Xi ' X .Ay . .k Qs. - X N1 . , . X. .J i x . . 1, X agar p " 1 f ,JUNIOR CLASS , . N ix f . . I ,Q Left to Right, Kneeling: V. Costigan, D. Bush, C. Callahan, P. White, F. Post, J. Gentile, S. Shep- erd, A. Dickinson, M. Romanos, -S. Hacker, N. Conover, S. Bowers, K. Garvey, M. Ley. Second Row: K. Collins, L. Tolerton, M. Summerville, C. Wells, S. Lane, P. Pope, M. Horton, R. Cobbs, J. Tremble, C. Raimondi, P. Wright, C. Clark, W. Morgan. Gregg, E. Kreis, E. Richards, N. Taggart, N. Gritlin, M. Convery, A. McPherson, D. Council, S. Wallace, K. Lewis, L. Bloom. Fourth Row: H. Halkyard, B. Warmington, S. Bergeron, J. Espy, S. Sampson, A. Wallace, J. Har- rison, S. Dalton, M. Morse, C. Curtis, J. Brownlee, S. Palmer, J. Pfunder, M. Panettieri, A. Brown, C. Downs, M. Burricter. The class officers are Marcia Horton, president, Penny Pope, vice-president, Ros- alie Cobhs, secretary-treasurer. The Juniors have completed a busy year, and as a result they own class rings and are still boasting about their prom, HSortilege of the Deep,', which was held in February. With a final class picnic, they are beginning to prepare for the biggest event of all, their senior year. The Junior class was one of the largest that MacDuflie has had. There were sixty- three members, sixteen of which were new girls. The new members were Sarah Powers, Metta Burrichter, Caroline Calahan, Nancy Conover, Janet Dickerman, Susan Gregg, Nancy Griffin, Susan Hacker, Marilyn Norse, Faith Post, Susan Pratt, Barbara Boessel, Alice Sollenberger, Maida Somerville, Lynn Tolerton and Ann Wallace. M H F K , I, 1 r , ri ,., X. ., .V b .. . . 1 , f . V V. . , A i mtl. i 5, - U. fx, , X .- . . ., k. f - .,,.., . -' . .r ' ',.- ,E k . j - . QOPHMORE CLAS? we Left to Right, Kneeling: K. Lund, J. Fine, M. Baker, M. Somerville, D. Nash, A. Brusnicki, M. Black, P. O,Koon. Second Row: K. MacVicar, P. Borden, M. Wardner, M. Palmer, M. Stiles, H. Frasier, M. Brad- ford, E. Thomee, R. Kayan, C. Bagster-Collins. Third Row: S. Bates, A. Young, S. Lockwood, E. Sweet, S. Dnat, B. Comstock, B. Martin, L. Tor- rey, D. Dunning, K. Parker, C. Wliite, V. Smith, A. Bailey, D. Magee. Fourth Row: K. Bradsher, C. Reynolds, B. Crawford, V. Moss, G. Kuss, F. Godak, B. Knode, P. Samuel, H. Finlayson, C. Giokas, S. Cristowsky, H. Hartshorn, L. Mosedale, G. Edgar. Nineteen new girls entered the Sophomore Class this year making a total of forty- seven. We were happy to welcome Cynthia Bagster-Collins, Susan Bates, Catherine Bradslier, Barbara Comstock, Brenda Crawford, Susan Donat, Judith Fine, Heather Fraz- ier, Gail Kuss, Susan Lockwood, Karen Lund, Deborah Magee, Virginia Moss, Patricia O7Koon, Vickie Smith, Marion Somerville, Elizabeth Sweet, Lonny Torrey, and Cynthia White. The class elected to oflice: Marty Stiles, president, Marsha Palmer, vice-president, and Heather Frazier, secretary-treasurer. Kay Parker represented the day hops on the Student Council, and the borders chose Pat O'Koon. Diane Dunning served as vice-president for the Athletic Association. M.S . t- . H: c,,..FR,55HMAN cLAss,,i i, ,Q ' ' K . .x . , -. . ,. N ,N I A - . . V 3' 1 1 1 if-' -L,-1 f a., . ' -' 1 'V , 3' 2 T X x ' . .R X W A' Left to Right, Kneeling: S. Alyward, K. Beckvold, C. Hanson, P. Lipsett, C. Russell, S. Harding. P. Mace, C. Pllblad. Second Row: G. Gordon, V. Doyle, S. Leffingwell, J. Thomee, T. Mathis, R. Giodona, V. Zerra, S. Barber, P. LaRochelle. Third Row: J. Sheckter, C. Martin, W. Wallace, C. Washburn, M. Hiscox, M. Mallis, L. Miller, B. Morce, M. Smith, J. Rhodes, J. Downey. Fourth Row: D. Hammond, A. Godwin, A. Fineberg, D. Miller, S. Riche, D. Hahn, R. Goldband, M. A. Pagos, J. Bromley, J. Visconti, L. Sagers, W. Main. This year the Freshman class welcomed 19 new day students. They are Susan Barb er, Jackie Bromely, Judy Downey, Valentine Doyle, Alice Goodwin, Gay Gordon, Donna Hahn, Donna Hammond, Sherry Harding, Wingate Main, Carol Martin, Tina Mathis, Di- ana Miller, Lee Morse, Lucy Mueller, Jane Schecter, Janet Visconti, Whitney Wallace, and Valerie Zerra. Howard Hall welcomed Sue Aylward, Karen Beckvold, Amy Fein- burg, Marion Hiscox, Pam Lipsett, Phebe Mace, Charlene Pilhlad, and Clair Washburn. The class oflicers include Jane Thomes, president, Sally Leflingwell, vice-president, Tina Mathis, secretary-treasurer. Valentine Doyle and Clair Washburn were elected to the Student Council. The Freshman had a skating party and a picnic at the end of the yearg and all who went to the dance at Loomis Academy had a wonderful time. J T JUNICDR SCHOOL Fir.stJRl?w.' C. Schoonover, K. Michaels, C. Shuman, B. Gaudreault, M. Goldstein, J. Posner, C. o nson. Second Row: E. Robbins, N. Corwin, D. Carlisle, J. Tucker, L. Hatch, B. Adams, B. Moore, L. Hoffman. Third Row: M. Holland, S. Page, T. Wallace, A. Brand, A. M. Rodney, J. Planson, L. Lane, C. Flagg, N. Paul. Fourth Row: J. Snyder, S. Reynolds, C. Gallan, C. Denton, F. Baker, J. Funder, B. Moore, M. Macdonald, H. Dunning. The entire Junior School this year is a new addition to MacDuHie. Its thirty-three members are: Charlene Schoonover, Karen Michaels, Constance Shuman, Betsy Gaud- reault, Marjorie Goldstein, Judith Posner, Carol Johnson, Eileen Robbins, Nancy Corwin, Deborah Carlisle, Joan Tucker, Louise Hatch, Betsy Adams, Betsy Moore, Lois Hoffman, Mary Holland, Susan Page, Gertrude Wallace, Ann Brand, Ann Rodney, Janet Planson, Linda Lane, Carol Flagg, Nancy Paul, Jane Snyder, Susan Reynolds, Cheryl Gallan, Carol Denton, Frances Baker, Judith Pfunder, Beatrice Moore, Marcia Macdonald and Helen Dunning. J T THE CANDLE LIGHT SERVICE MlVlacDuffie is a friendly school, where many girls have learned, that companion- ship and happiness are never bought but earned." The words to this song are probably unfamiliar to the new students, but soon they too will experience the truth of these words, as I and all the old girls have discovered from having been here a year. One of the outstanding features of lVlacDuff1e are the two qualities of happiness and companionship which helps to make this school what it is today. The first day was strange to all, new faces appearing everywhere, but as we are gathered together tonight during this Candle Light Service, the strange faces are now familiar and as the night lingers on we are all becoming old girls. During this year we shall share many wonderful times'together -the Christmas party, the bazaar, heart sister week, the proms, the sad but beautiful graduation, but most of all the wonderful acquaintances we have made during the year. As we are all gathered around this cheerful fire tonight, we can pretend that the flames are ever- lasting, symbolizing the Spirit of lVlacDuHie. As the fire is fed with wood, so is lVlacDuf- fie with spirit. B. G. J, , I 5 v xx C fRCTMTlES ,J kr 1 l . X., , . 1 -f ' 'il' -lf i .':f' -- s-1I""'- A LATIN CLUB First Row: C. Martin, S. Barber, C. Hanson, B. Moore, L. Hoffman, C. Denton, A. Goodwin, P. La- Bochelle, S. Hacker, J. Downey, L. Mueller. Second Row: K. MacVicar, B. Comstock, S. Harding, M. Styles, J. Kushner, G. Edgar, S. Bates, V. Smith, D. Dunning, A. Bailey, K. Beckvold. Third Row: T. Mathis, P. White, P. Lipsett, S. Donat, M. Baker, P. Borden, M. Wardner, C. Washburn, C. Pilblad, M. Sommerville, S. Leffingwell, S. Lockwood, C. Bagster-Collins, R. Kayan, P. O7Koon. Fourth Row: H. Finlayson, J. Arnold, J. Espy, G. Kuss, V. Moss, K. Lund, C. Russell, D. Bush, F. Baker, J. Pfunder, B. Moore, A. Fienberg, J. Visconti, B. Martin, M. Hiscox, M. Burrechter T. Bradsher, C. Reynolds. The officers of the Latin Club are as follows: Consuls, Judy Kushner and Gail Ed- gar, Quaestors fsecretaries and treasurersj Vicki Smith and Sue Bates, Aediles fpro- gram committeej Bobbie Comstock, Twinkie McVicar, Marty Stiles and Diane Dunning, Tribunes fart and decorationj Anne Bailey, Fran Codek, Whit Wallace, Judy Pfunderg Censors fattendancej Sherry Harding and Heather Finlayson. The Latin Club has grown considerably this year. It now has sixty-six members, almost three times as many as last year. One of the high-lights of the Latin Club,s activities was a film shown by Dr. Massimo Giordano on his travels through the European countries. This year at the bazaar, the club sold games, candles, cosmetics, Christmas stockings and school supplies. The Latin Club also put on two enjoyable plays during the year for the members, one of which was spoken solely in Latin. J' K, 7 Luisa Alexander Betty Martin PAGE TWO THE MACDUFFIE MAGNET, SPRINGFIELD, MASS. THE AG ET Vol. XVII, No. 3 March, 1959 MAGNET NEWS BOARD STAFF EDITOR , ,, Constance Congdon, '59 BUSINESS MANAGER - Rosalinda Roberts, '59 NEWS BOARD Meredith Black Carolyn Cheney Ann Colton Mariorie Convery Anne Dickinson Gail Gipstein Suzanne Hacker Holly Hartshorn Janice Karp Lynn Holmes Deborah Magee Wingate Main Karen Michaels Jane Mullen Marianne Pagos Marsha Palmer Carolyn Raimoncli Sheila Ravitch Rosalinda Roberts Suzanne Rodin Excerpt from THE MODERN HANDBOOK OF ZOOLOGY BY DAWN SANGRIZY Homo Sapiens MacDuffieae-found collectively concentrated in Spring- held, Massachusetts. Roughly divided into two groups, the elder and the other, the elder species being sub-divided into four classes, senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman, younger varieties ex- hibit a tendency toward untidiness and a marked affinity for noise and ALUMNAE EWS ,loan Bassinger, '55, who is a senior at the Mount Holyoke, has been ac- cepted at the medical schools of Yale, Rochester, Dartmouth, Boston Uni- versity, and Tufts. She has decided to attend Tufts. Sandra Tolerton, '55, married Dud- ley Struthers Thomas, Jr. on January 3. They plan to reside at 15 Daven- port St., Iowa City, Iowa. Ellen Lee Reynolds '54 CMrs. Lee Bakery is the mother of a daughter. Laurie Anne, born on January 10. The Bakers live at 37 Fuller Lane, Hyde New York. Linda Sagers Dawn Sangrey Sally Shearer BUSINESS BOARD Deborah Blouin Janice BozBeckian Margaret Burns Ann Chalfant Carolyn Cheney Ann Colton Carol Cone Jean Consolatti Carole Curtis Sara Dalton Merrilly Grant BEFORE Say, you And disorder but this gives way to other characteristics as the individual ma- tures. The homo sapiens be found talking fof assembly, in study Mosshammer, '53, married Donald Neuman on December Hovey Sherwood, '54, has Bailey Guibord Patricia Horgan Lorraine Hovey Janice Karp -Lynn Merrick Sheila Ravitch Patricia Seymour Alice Sollenberger ,vw Nancy Taggart Claire ViscoQ',xQs l' driving the fam? class, strugeli glish, m either her second child, Susan been born last May 28. '58, whose name was omitted from the list with their col- attending Garland TAGEE -iruary 3, the ,lub voted s tO. the voted to , ie art- 52:-Xiaas alline, NX .2 5 M3665 GAOW S n-- sito cet' Q . 509 desi' XQOQ slack 3899 90950 95 9 . 9 5- ge hind . ye- . 99,55 Kg, 50 sides, ht i,bo9' 999 GQ-256 ,atv Get orga 550 agen 0. 0,19 'fl Beg your oi, 989 Kew Q- T' ' troubles are Q00 Ya- Qfbqx SX6305 dflildllqj everything in '56 EHYVQXGT fb- . t Wi Fans problems then, Kev Qscgioefx xx, Xweigep. 09292. ninf tigiiguiplghog that's the way yt Qoea X, X999 1 S699 ,859 5,2964 " g P 3 L happy anywhere rig l ' SGH C05 59' 'X' Q-,.YTx,,5 , A Held Hoboken or L Wig. ,go Y, ggi 42-jf ai, en meeting on February 18, - r W s- 5. at we sae 5 ds is - f 1 L ' ci is -- . eye 9 , ,xg Q, ,go an -m ers 0 tie atin u were You have an idea 11,0 Q59 ,gm QQ Q, xy X5-1. NX . . thing- EVCl'y0I1C she WW YN' Orb YV 'QM efl' Y' 9' 'mm Sllclesnf Italy bY Dr' Glor- ' ' YJ? an C005 5, . 009 QQ V' doe' dano, who also explained the slides. own woes and try to r 0 Q6 S A901 qt? ofa 3:59a ooo Pl. dx f h h . f b.t1 . PS A' ,Wit Qga l . X9 Q. 35 'ans were ma c or t e s owing o c sc .1 i iappier. oun bg, eb, W. C, 0 age ld F. h M h A . l 0 or gen g 'f oft, dw si es on tance at t e arc meeting, you say everyone shoulc. ATL 1 Q0 N90 Y, 46 . . ,t .0 H gs? X. O0 , with Nancy Conover and Bambi one whole song each day? G00 93,6 Q- QQ 5, Q Amngful llfc I A . h can't sing? Of course 5 Wi' 42,09 ING DIN Sums In C urge' ' ' ' ' . ago get ddfbix' ' On February 15 the French Club ,ghd was YXOW'-S 'Sago held its first meeting of the new year. .5 ' . A lm The theme of the meeting was the Qowtqgatiex JE period of the Renaissance. Nancy After the narrow green at sunset, ,. of jasmine wrung with showers, Conover, Cricket Crosby, Carol Cone, The spring windis cold, the moo, Rain in crocus cups, wavering white, and Bailey Guibord gave talks on vari- l05S, ' Shaken bells, to ring all c1earness- ous aspects of life in this period. The A star rising is watery daybreak, Cups of home, to bear all light. Art Museum of Boston loaned pictures A black veil taken from a cross. -R,M,G, which illustrated Renaissance life. THE CURRENT EVENTS CLUB l Left to Right, Kneeling: S. Fitz, M. Grant, J. BozBeckian, P. Pope, J. Gentile, V. Fitz, B. Wardinski Second Row: M. Somerville, 0. Crosby, E. White, G. Gipstein, L. .Merrick, B. Guibord, A. Chal- fant, C. Russell. Third Row: P. Horgan, C. Price, S. Dukehart, B. Bowen, D. Blouin, C. Congdon, L. Hovey, J. Rhodes, L. Bradford, N. Ferguson. Fourth Row: C. Raimondi, K. Garvey, N. Taggart, K. Collins, S. Dalton, E. Richards, K. Lewis, L. Alexander, J. Wheeloch, C. White, N. Brown, D. Daignbault. The objective of the Current Events Club is to develop and further interest in cur- rent events. Through outside speakers, debates, or films, the members may reach a bet- ter understandings of the happenings of the world. This year, the outstanding Elm was presented, uThe Russian Sellv. It was greatly enjoyed by all who agreed that it was extremely informative. The oflicers are Lynne Merrick, President, Judy Gentile, Secretary-Treasurer, and Miss Heald, who has kindly consented to be the faculty advisor. E. M' M' VARIETY CLUB First Row: C. Schoonover, K. Michaels, C. Shuman, B. Gaudreault, M. Goldstein, J. Pos Johnson. Second Row: E. Robbins, N. Corwin, D. Carlisle, J. Tucker, L. Hatch, B. Adams, B. Moore, L. Hoffman. Third Row: M. Holland, S. Page, T. Wallace, A. Brand, A. M. Rodney, J. Planson, L. Lane, C. Flagg, N. Paul. Fourth Row: J. Snyder, S. Reynolds, C. Gallan, C. Denton, F. Baker, J. Funder, B. Moore, M lVlacdonald, H. Dunning. The Variety Club is composed of the students from the seventh and eighth grades. For the school year of 1958-1959, Mrs. Backe was club advisor, Joan Tucker, president, and Debbie Carlsile, secretary-treasurer. l d d lc' items to be sold at the Christ- The activities of the Variety Club inc u e ma ing mas Bazaar. Various yarn and felt toys were made by the girls. A play, G6Along Came Harrietw, was presented to the student body in the spring. S. C. R. ner. C. MACDUFFIE SELF-HELP SYSTEM Left to Right, Sitting: M. E. Teahan, N. Stevens, M. Dexter, S. Stevens, J. Mullen, E. Gillespie. Standing: P. Foust, G. Smith, S. Streeter. The MacDuliie self-help system has now been in effect for seventeen years. The cleaning of dormitory rooms throughout the Week, the general cleaning up on Satur- day Work hour, and the tidyness of the day school is supervised and headed hy nine prefects, all seniors. They are chosen by Mr. Rutenher, with help from the student lvody and faculty. The girls chosen to lze prefects are announced at graduation in June. These girls work closely for the benefit and lgetterment ofthe entire school, and handle, as they are also 'members of the Student Council, the minor disciplinary problems of the school It is a very great honor, responsibility, and privilege to lie a prefect at MacDuliie. This year the prefects are ,lane Mullen, Senior and Wallace Hall prefect, Elsie Gillespie, Main House Prefectg Mary-Ellen Teahan, Howard Hall Prefectg Nancy Stevens, Downing Hall Prefect, Peggy Dexter, Suzanne Stevens and Pat Foust, dining room Prefectsg Sue Streeter and Trudi Smith, the day school Prefects. J E M STUDENT COUNCIL l Left to Right, First Row: V. Doyle, S. Bowers, M. Dexter, A. LeBritton, C. Cone, P. 0,Koon, C. WaShbUl'H. Second Row: L. Hatch, K. Parker, S. Stevens, P. Foust, E. Gillespie, M-E. Teahan, J. Pfunder, G. Smith, A. Colton, N. Stevens, S. Streeter, J. Mullen. The Student Council, composed of nine prefects, nine representatives elected by their classes, and a president elected by the entire school, has several functions. Work- ing independently, the Council supervises the school's disciplinary system, handling all but the most serious problems without appeal to higher authority. Thus has developed our honor system, the success of which depends upon the co-operation of every girl. The Council also has a voice in other matters, and may frequently suggest changes for the improvement of the school. The faculty and the Student Council Work together to promote school spirit, order, and efficiency in our daily life. The Council writes letters to Moon Teck Kon, MacDuHie,s Korean foster child, and administers the funds for her support. The president this year was Ann LeBritton. The boarding prefects were Peggy Dex- ter, Pat Foust, Elsie Gillespie, Jane Mullen, Nancy Stevens, Suzanne Stevens and Mary- Eileen Teahan. Sue Streeter and Trudi Smith were the day prefects. Ann Colton and Carol Cone represented the senior class, Pat 0'Koon and Kay Parker, the sophomore class, Valentine Doyle and Claire Washburn, the freshman class, and Louise Hatch, the junior school. A L L VESPER SERVICE CLUB Left to Right, Kll66lillg'.' A. lVIcPherson, J. Wheelock, C. Congdon. Seco1zcIRow: M. Burns. A. LeBritton. P. Foust. lVl. Dexter. J. Mullen. Third Row: S. Stevens. E. Gillespie. E. White. B. Guiborcl. S. Dreier. lVl. E. Teahan. R. Cobbs. J. Consolatti. Missing: L. Bates. S. Ravitch. L. Alexander, C. Crosby. On Sunday evenings, the boarding students gather informally in the Wallace Hall Lounge for a Bible Hour. Members of the Vesper Service Club conduct the short Worship service of prayers, hymns, and readings. This is followed by the discussion of the Bible, religion, or other pertinent topics, and the singing of hymns, which contribute much to the school's spirit of fellowshi P' 1.12. M GLEE CLUB Left to Right, Kneeling: E. Kreis, M. Dexter, P. Seymour, C. Congdon, J. Consolatti, E. Tomee, S. Harding, S. Leiiingwell, S. Bowers, A. Bailey. Second Row! S. Gregg, A. McNair, D. Sangrey, M. Burns, L. Alexander, H. Halkyard, S. Ravitch, L. Roberts, P. Wright, W. Morgan, M.H. Ho. ' Third Row: S. Bergerone, S. Rodin, A. Gibbons, L. Bates, A. LeBritton, M. Wardner, P. Horgan, S. Lane, J. Brownlee, D. Dunning, A. Sollenberger, R. Cobbs, B. Warmingon, J. Mullen, C. Crosby, A. Colton, G. Gipstein, M. Horton. Fourtli Row: D. Daigneault, G. Bloom, E. Gillespie, M. E. Teahan, M. Wetherbee, G. Smith, J. Fine, M. Morse, J. Pfunder, S. Lamb, S. Streeter, S. Stevens, N. Stevens, P. Foust, V. Basine, L. Callahan, P. White, N. McPherson. The sixty-member Glee Club, under the direction of Roy W. Marvin, has enjoyed an outstanding year. Nineteen new members were added after the September auditions. The Club's Christmas Bazaar project, singing telegrams typed on the spot and delivered by bermuda-clad songbirds, was a huge success. Other activities included concert-dances with the Lenox School and Suffield Academy in April, as well as the annual carol con- cert and performances at the March Fashion Show and at Commencement. For the first time an experimental group, the Friday Afternoon Chorus, provided singing experience for non-members under Mr. Marvinis direction. The ofiicers for this year were Luisa Alexander, President, and Lynn Bates, Secre- tary-Treasurer. Dawn Sangrey, Bambi Burns, and Heather Halkyard were Librarians, and Miu Hing Ho was Accompanist. L A THE FRENCH CLUB Left to Right, Front Row: C. Cone, O. Crosby, S. Ravitch. C. Gipstein, B. Guibord, lVl. Burns A. Sargent, A. Chalfant, D. Daigneault. Second Row: J. Espy, S. Shepherd, F.. Richards N. Conover, B. Bowen, P. Seymour, S. Dalton. E Kreis, J. Hasbrouk, S. Dukehart, P. Dow, E. White. Third Row: K. Garvey, C. Cheney, N. Taggart, K. Collins, B. Rossey, C. Curtis, V. Basine, C Pick. J. BozBeckian. P. Wright, J. Pfunder. This year the French Club officers were Bailey Guihord, presidentg Gail Cipstein, vice-president, Anne Sargent, secretary, Sue Rodin, treasurer, and Bambi Burns, pro- gram advisor. The French Club has grown considerably this year in comparison to other years. Under the supervision of Miss Yeranian, the club has enjoyed many successful meetings. The members have participated in discussions concerning the Renaissance, and have learned many French songs. The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston lent the French Club some pictures portraying the French Renaissance. We have also seen picture slides of France, all of which have promoted interest in French culture and art. At the Christmas bazaar, the French Club had a booth gaily decorated with French posters, at which sandwiches, apple cider, and hot coffee were sold. The club was suc- cessful in raising money for our foster child from Korea. As every year, the French Club was an enthusiastic group and the members participated in speaking French with one another while learning more about the country itself. B G LEADERS CLUB Left to Righz, Kneeling: J. Espy, M. Dexter, C. Congdon, S. Bowers, E. Kreis. Second Row: S. Dukehart, L. Bloom, A. McNair, M. Burns, S. Gregg, S. Pratt. Third Row: J. Wheelock, J. Consolatti, N. Brown, M. E. Teahan, E. Gillespie, C. Downs, R. Cobbs. M. Convery, A. LeBritton. Missing: J. Mullen. Under the organized direction of the Leaders Corps, all the dances, school parties, and skating parties were indeed enjoyable. The annual Christmas Bazaar, held for the benefit of our Korean foster-child, was a huge success and was conducted by the Leaders Corps and individual clubs of the school. The Heart Sister, Halloween, and Song Contest Parties were all planned and run by the members of the corps. The club has greatly increased since last year tllld under the direction of President Bambi Burns and Secretary - treasurer Sue Gregg, it has done an excellent job. B.B RED CROSS CLUB Left gn Eight, Kneeling: S. Wallace, P. Pope, S. Richie, J. Rhodes, M. Smith, C. Wells, P. Samuel, . gar. Second Row: M. A. Romanos, C. Washburn, S. Aylward, L. Tolerton, E. Wardinski, C. Price, K. Lewis, P. Wright, P. Lipsett, C. Pilblad, M. Hiscox. Third Row: S. Palmer, D. Bush, V. Costigan, A. Fineburg, M. Sommerville, J. BozBeckian, H. glaalllgyard, A. Sollenburger, E. Warmington, M. Panettieri, N. McPherson, B. Rosell, C. Cheney. . urrictor. This year, as in the past years, the Red Cross Club has greatly grown in size. At the first ofiicial meeting last fall, the Club announced after an election that it had chosen Carole Price President. She in turn worked with Miss Couture, the faculty advisor in the club matters. The Red Cross Club sponsored the White Elephant table at the Christmas lfazaar held in December and made about 325. which was to be added to the amount sent from the school to the Korean Orphan MacDuHie has adopted. Among the other beneficial works that the club members do is dressing dolls for the Munson Childrenls Hospital. L.R PHGTOGRAPHY CLUB Left to Right, Sitting: S. Fitz, P. Horgan, V. Fitz, A. Chalfant, J. Espy. Standing: P. Borden, U. Conover, C. Congdon, C. Cheney, D. Daigneault. Although the Photography club is the smallest in the school, it is far from being the most inactive. This past year is the first year that such an organization has been in- cluded in the school life. No oliicers were elected, but there was a faculty advisor. Miss Heald acted as right hand, lense cleaner, and aided the girls much as they struggled to get sharp, properly centered pictures. One of the most enjoyed assignments for the class members was to do a study of Thanksgiving and what it meant - in pictures, of course. S.C.R SCIENCE CLUB First Row: R. Cobbs, C. Martin, N. Brown, M. H. Ho, P. Samuel, J. Downey, M. A. Chalfant, C. Bloom. Second Row: D. Bush, V. Costigan, S. Wallace, C. McVicar, C. Kuss, M. A. Pagos, D. Hahn, S. Dreier, S. Pratt, B. Martin, H. Hartshorn, C. Reynolds, D. Council. Third Row: J. Brownlee, C. Cheney, M. Malis, S., Richie, J. Kushner, C. Raimondi, J. Espy, S. Bergerone, C. Giokas, .l. Cristowski, M. Panettari, A. McPherson, R. Kayan, P. Mace, A. Sar- gent. The Science Club is the largest club in the school this year, and we have Miss Putnam as our advisor. There is a meeting held every month according to the schedule. In September, the club went to see the planetarium and from this trip, learned much about the stars and heavenly bodies. In February, two gentlemen from the Springheld Telephone Com- pany came and talked to the club about one of the newly invented marvels, the solar battery which changes the sun's energy into electrical energy through silicon. They had interesting demonstrations and all the members enjoyed this meeting. THE SCIENCE CLUB First Row: P. Dow, M. A. Romanos, G. Edgar, S. Aylward, V. Zerra, S. Fitz. Second Row: L. Hovey, C. Russell, S. Harding, R. Giordano, B. Guibord, P. Seymour, G. Fitz, S. Shearer. Third Row: J. Wheelock, D. Hammond, A. Goodwin, K. Collins, L. Tolerton, B. Wardinski, E. White, K. Parker, M. Styles, D. Magee, A. Dickinson. Fourth Row: C. Cone, N. Ferguson, T. Smith, P. Foust, L. Callahan, C. Visconti, O. Crosby, E. Gillespie, S. Lamb, L. Alexander, L. Merrick, J. Hasbrouk. The school bazaar in December provided the club with the opportunity to sell in it's lfooth stationery and Christmas Wrapping paper. Every member did her best in this ba- zaar. At the January meeting, the club decided to continue the subscription of uLife" magazine which is helpful to both the chemistry and biology classes, and to give 340. to the March of Dimes. There were other trips, scientific movies and outside speakers during the school year. The club enabled its members to widen the members' knowledge through all these activities and the club wishes to thank it's advisor, Miss Putnam, for aiding in so many ways. M.H.H THE DRAMATIC CLUB Left to Right: S. Hacker, T. Mathis, D. Miller, S. Rodin. "Fu 2 iff.. , 'fIf?'f-'.F,:eZ-25 -3f'M'5' -" Isa. " 'X'-'MX'f..' Af' 'T nf- f ' k - ' f' " ' ' f ' 2 . ' TQ V - Y' - wg. .555 , .- , - , 1 THE DRAMATIC CLUB Left to Right, Kneeling: C. Hansen, J. Tomee, M. Grant, S. Palmer, T. Mathis, J. Snyder, V. Doyle, S. Bowers, D. Nash, M. Black, S. Shearer. Second Row: M. Malis, S. Rodin, D. Sangrey, G. Gipstein, C. Congdon, S. Dreier, president, W Morgan, J. Karp, C. Becvolt, P. O,Koon, P. Wright, C. Wells. Third Row! G. Bloom, L. Sweet, S. Shepard, E. Richards, A. Gibbons, B. Crawford, L. Hovey, L Torry, H. Fraiser, S. Ravitch, A. Young, S. Hacker, C. Bagster-Collins, M. Baker, M. Palmer. N. Conover, M. Burns. Fourth Row: J. Gentile, J. Fine, K. Garvey, L. Holmes, M. Pagos, D. Miller, S. Richie, E. Gillespie, J. Pfunder, S. Dukehart, M. Horton, S. Pratt, L. Tolerton, C. Downs, M. Hiscox, P. Borden, M. Wardner, C. White, E. Tomee. The curtain opened this year with the October club elections, which brought two new ofhcers to the Dramatic Club: Sally Dreier as president and Wendy Morgan as secre- tary-treasurer. Tryouts were then held under the direction of the club advisors, Dr. Ruth Child and Miss ,lane Antoun. Twenty-seven new members were welcomed into the club, whose total membership is now sixty-two. The Christmas Bazaar proved a successful incentive to both boarding and day stu- dent members, who baked many delicious goods to be sold at the club's booth. The forty-ninth annual performance of the traditional Christmas play was given this past year. Parents and guests from near and far came to see EAGEB HEART. THE BITTER SHADOW, written and directed by Wendy Morgan, and a FOOLISH VILLAIN, written by Abby Gibbons and directed by Sally Dreier, were presented to the student body with many compliments. The graduation season brought to the MacDuff1e stage another famous play: THE WINSLOW BOY by Terrence Rattigan. Into every performance Went many long, hard, and sometimes discouraging hours to bring such fire entertainment to the audiences. S' D' EAGER HEART Left to Right: J. Fine, M. Hiscox, W. Morgan. Prologue .,.. Eager Heart ..,., Eager Fame Eager Sense Joseph ..,.,,,....' I Mary ......,.,..... Old Man ..........., Young Man First Shephe rd ,..... ..... Second Shepherd ...... .A.......,..,,..... First King ,....... Second King .... Third King .,...... Angels ........4..,,.. Angel Chorus . The play was under the direction of Dr. Ruth Child, and th by Mr. 'Roy D. Marvin. Janice BozBeckian Wendy Morgan Judith Fine Marian Hiscox Sally Dreier Jean Consolatti Tina Mathis Valentine Doyle Cynthia Bagster-Collins Susan Shepherd Diana Miller Sue Hacker Suzanne Rodin Betsy Gaudrault Marjorie Goldstein Carol Flagg Patricia Horgan Susan Streeter Betsy Knode Sarah Lamb e music was directed S3 D Q if? VS fffd ff X519 N KQQXQ ' ff 5 fglx sg N 3 U9 A. A. COUNCIL Left to Right, Kneeling: M. Mallis, B. Adams. Second Row: S. Fitz, S. Lamb, V. Fitz. Third Row: D. Dunning, M. Ley. The MacDuHie Athletic Association aims, by competitive sports, to promote an in- terest in athletics, to develop skill and sportsmanship in every student, and to increase school spirit. Through the year, different team sports are played, and varsity and junior varsity teams are organized in each. In the fall there is field hockey, in the winter, basketball and volleyball, and in the spring, softball. For individual sports, ping pong, badminton, and tennis tournaments are set up in the winter and spring. MacDuFIie also has a tennis team, which plays other schools in the fall and spring. The traditional Red and Blue Teams offer chances for intramural competition in all of the above sports. This year the captain of the Red Team is Suzanne Fitz, and the cap- tain ofthe Blue Team is Virginia Fitz. The other members of the A.A. Council are: president, Sarah Lamb, vice president 7 Mary Mallis, Secretary-treasurer, Martha Ley, freshman representative, Dianne Dunning, and junior school representative, Betsy Adams. S L CHEER LEADERS l Left to Right, Kneeling: J. Gentile, P. Pope. ganding: N. Ferguson, L. Bloom, A. Dickinson, B. Burns, Captain, P. White, S. Wallace, M orton. This year the cheerleaders have once again helped to cheer the hockey and basket- ball teams on to victory. At the games with Northampton, Longmeadow High School, Mary Burnham and several others, the cheerleaders under their captain, Bambi Burns, have pepped up the games and kept the spirit high. I VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY Q Left so Right, Kneeling: V. Fitz, E. Gillespie, D. Blouin, S. Lamb, A. McNair, A. LeBritton, S. itz. Second Row: D. Daigneault, M. Ley, S. Gregg, J. Hashrouk, L. Bloom, C. Downs, M. Dexter. This year the Varsity Field Hockey Team, with its captain Sarah Lamb, played an excellent season. After many practices, the team became coordinated, and we Won all three of our outside games. The exhihition game for Parents' Day was a l-1 tie. There was a practice game, our liest, against the Springfield College Freshmen, which we lost 3-0. The summary of the other three games is: vs. Windsor Mt., here, 4-lg vs. Northampton, here, 2-Og vs. Northampton, there, 2-0. JUNIOR VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY Left to Right, Kneeling: S. Shepherd, S. Bergeron, B. Guihord, J. Espy, S. Bates. Second Row: J. Consolatti, G. Kuss, V. Moss, M. Horon, P. Wright, E. Kreis, N. McPherson. The Junior Varsity Field Hockey Team, with its co-captains Lynn Bates and Bailey Guihord, was a great help to the Varsity, hoth in practicing and supplying substitutes for games. VARSITY AND JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Left to Right, Kneeling: C. Wells, S. Sampson, V. Fitz, S. Bergeron, M. Dexter, A. LeBritton, N. Taggart, S. Fitz. Second Row: G. Smith, E. Gillespie, H. Halkyard, H. Finlayson, E. Warmington, J. Pfunder, N. Stevens, S. Stevens, D. Daigneault, M. Ley. The Varsity Basketball Team of this year has done a good job under the direction of Mrs. Lyons and its captain, Martha Ley. With the knowledge of more skills and more organization than last year, the team won the majority of its games, all of which were very exciting. The Junior Varsity Basketball Team was very eflicient this winter in Winning most of its games and providing substitutes for the Varsity Team. Its captain was Suzanne Fitz. THE TENNIS TEAM Left to Right, Kneeling: Elsie Gillespie, Gertrude Smith. Standing: Carol Cone, ,lane Mullen. Everyone at lVIacDufhe looks forward to the spring season which is also the tennis season. The five girls on the tennis team this year were: Linda O'Connor, ,lane Mullen, Elsie Gillespie, Carol Cone, and Trudi Smith. Any girl in the school may challenge a member of the team, and if she is the victor, she joins the ranks of this small but enthus- 1ast1c group of girls. MacDuHie is unusual because it is essentially a tennis playing school. C. C. Q? , 'DQW77 Ligxdxfiffxnk, 'f"Vm,5 p1g'?fv21fi,. '5L,L1'Vf-5 U3 x3f41?FiT L3'Kb'1. TQ 31 'imma ww QQ WWW M '55 QROWQ xml? Ui Q- Wflfffgmf' Tn? W5 ,VD nie :DN -f fgggfq maize 30023 M4 ao? WDA? -ii UGXZU '13 NWI-L 'DQOP xwm gibvfgu nbafiswflbf I1'?"afYW ffflfwvl, Agia bk- PTV'x'fSf-ui L35 0347 GQSPY pgfgcmi' Q T?-faixi-QQ 5LLw'Nw1?-Q Km TTQH 'DQC, '5Z'Wx..xTZ ' W g:.,wfi7 4.16 JL L,'XiAx1oLJx7 505' ,U.!. ! E? my-'W K2 C-ggi 5 -I V: D? Qmqp Agua, IQBLUOCNX4-12 K x ff X J I WK X f 1 , V x 6f V 5 ff -is xv lp- -4' gl ,- X , ' JF fm! W' 'ff?' 4 'f?.fEi' ff Qi , V 3 1 .L A NX QL,xxLLu 'VW xg, L, S . g -.f . Clfl' V fl N. CD Z .if ,- . 4' ffm f Q. Us ,r 'X ,.., P2 , MN ,ge-H wfiii was E J mi r 3' '37 N vm ,, , - Q .1357 ,...-..-f ff , , , it 9 lim 4 ,, 5 A '1 .. H, i K - farm . mf 1,1-iv 1' af f, -A Jef, K ML 9' , , ,YWMY .-,Kg ,, :nf ,L , k V , if gal? 3 N13 .1 jf W .. A . s 1 t .-ff' ff- + 4 . . 4 'ir' .WT Ei: if W :ik i. ,Qi 4 'wk rv LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT: CLASS OF '59 The Seniors, Class of '59, being in as sound mind as can be expected hereby re- cord their last will and testament. Lee White and Luisa Alexander leave their room to anyone who can snore back at the garbage trucks. Vaughan Basine wills her size and animation to Judy Gentile. Lynn Bates leaves her coordination on the hockey field to her sister Sue. Gael Bloom. wills cheveux blondes to Horty and Bloomsie Jr. Debbie Blouin leaves her glowing smile to Sue Gregg. Barb Bowen and Nancy Stevens will their unknown visitor to Nancy Brown and Martha Paneterri. Janice BozBeckian leaves her book on driving rules to Ginny Costigan. Bambi Burns wills the post-supper struggle for the green room piano to Nan Mc- Pherson. Ann Chalfant leaves Penny Pope many pleasant lunch hours with members of her uownn class. Carolyn Cheney leaves the longest six years of her life. Ann Colton leaves a bottle of biology worms to Carolyn Clarke. Carol Cone leaves the task of collecting year hook ads to anyone who is lucky enough to Le Business Manager. Connie Congzlon wills the HNew York, New Haven and Hartford" between Spring- field and Stamfordg plus the added joy of Monday morning duty to Joey Espy. Lynn Conkey wills three seats in the lack row of 5th period study hall to Heather, Betty and Simone. ,lean Consolatti leaves her ability to eat without gaining weight to Sue Gregg. Cricket Crosby leaves her ability to forget names at MacDuHie dances to anyone who needs it. Dianne Daigneault wills her father to Nancy Brown. Peg Dexter and ,lane Mullen leave the patter of tiny feet after 9:30 to -Collins, Griffin and Callahan. Sally Dreier leaves to make room for another lucky girl. Sue Dulcehart wills her chemistry experiments to some senior with three hands. Peggy Fenner wills the remaining amen" of Wilbraham to Sally Sampson. Suzy Fitz wills her straight hair to Abby. Ginny Fitz wills her big appetite to Simone. Nancy- Ferguson leaves to enter the realm of the unknown. Pat Foust and UT" will their tire fighting ability to Miss Heald. Elsie Gillespie canit afford to leave anything behind. Gail Gipstein wills a conveyor belt to carry books between Howard Hall and South. Merrily Grant leaves late as usual. Bailey Guibord wills to Nancy Griffin a bathroom ubig enough for two." LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT: CLASS OF '59 M ia H ing wills the Chinese language to anyone who won't speak English. Lynn Holmes leaves her "neat" hair to Sally Dalton. Pat Horgan leaves her French accent to Sally Dalton. Lorraine Hovey leaves her notebook of misunderstood chem notes to anyone who can figure them out. Janice Karp wills the memories of the year 1957-58 to Nan McPherson. Ann LeBritton leaves her ability to close the coke machine to any willing teetotaler. Ann McNair wills her attractive limbs to Charlene Pilblad. Lynne Merrick wills all her duties to the Tula-Wooket girl - Sue Aylward. Linda 0'C0nnor leaves the traffic problem of a commuter to anyone with enough pa- tience to cope with them. Ann Pfeifer leaves a hoola-hoop to Alice Brusnicki. Carole Pick wills five years of toil to Bea Moore. Padge Price Wills her nickname to whoever wants it. Sheila Ravitch wills her infamous blue dress and desert boots to Abbie 81 Wendy. Linda Roberts leaves her frequent udivinew week-ends to anyone who would like them - and the trouble of keeping marks decent at the same time. Sue Rodin leaves her organization and neat system of studying to Janet Pfunder. Dawn Sangrey leaves Miss Antoun the opportunity to help Washington make foreign policy. Anne Sargent leaves her ucloset kitchenn to anyone who can stomach it. Martha Schoales wills Sherry Palmer her cubby hole so she will have a place to keep her shoes. Patti Seymour leaves her appetite to anyone who is twenty pounds underweight. Sally Shearer wills her extraordinary ability in French to anyone who will take it. Trudi Smith wills her long legs to Judy Gentile. Suzanne Stevens leaves her ability not to comprehend French to Rosali Cobbs. Sue Streeter wills an in nite supply of coke to all comers. Claire Visconti wills to Ginny Costigan their frequently planned trips to George- town and Washington, D. C. Betsie Wardinski wills her ability to find trouble to lVlitzie Baker, who doesnit real- ly need it. Mary Wetherbee wills her trips to the always empty library shelves to next year's history class. ,lady Wheelock wills her ability to get detentions to her little sister, Sue Lockwood. We, the class of '59, leave lVlacDullie with a sadness in our hearts. We leave the buildings that sheltered us, the teachers that nurtured our minds and our friends who shared our troubles and our joys. We leave so much and yet we take so much with us. We take with us the indelible stamp of living at lVlacDuHie. We take a spirit that shall never fade and memories that can not quite l'e memories. As we prepare to walk our sev- eral and new roads we leave a part of our lives and hearts here. But most of all, we leave our love to you - lVIacDuflie. S. C.R WESTERN UNION OVYXEQTIC SERYUCE J irv 44-r'erYA1fm-IAL ffmfife F 1, R RTL may LE7TE11 6 ' QR 5m,.zEff.+..P '- 7ELQ'C373F7fYl L d R Nl H-1 LE77' :'q'YwD5'Q'--'35 V!5D,0rz 115'-lfn Cf'75f-ii NO. Y gkgxigg 70 me Y5gLg,u.N'r'r?c V' ,N-me Fflep' W O ef-'TT'-3 fifFf5f MJUNE 1rf2 Y Q5T" RELLNYCJN was 6'l'2El'iT stron' nu, p,LjL,g HND - Making prop: UFC ireemmg us wen STOP-A Pfmemwiera IEFFOICT is wow- rf,-45 S,,,5.,,T ,avr QONCQ-NTRFTHON 5ToPQ Love fc, RH-L 2,7-OP' if I - CLHD5 QF 'gq PS, bEE You Pu' RLLHUWHQG' LUNCF-16055 S1-op: NEED TWO Gf'4"U9g PLBCG: FOR Mar MPS NEc1B'f.SH, Walli- We ,YQ , yy . 1-56154 ,Q Z9 Q4 -- V-f I Kf 'Q r ., rrwgxfkncln KK , x E Yliff XNS. -Kg IZBQ MQCDQ , n 5 I-Cent le 'Sao ix? I XR OU! QL bgr 668 Q65 X RIME: O, They who through amipathy Unite to form the A.P.C. And lucuhrations erudite Conduct by shrewdly shrouded light, K.K.'D become, if only could, With draped form and pointed hood 56 NX WW i. Cgifk !N E X , XXDVERTXSEIVKENTS X5 H fgkixk-JE! 54 V A Parent Prof. and Mrs. A. H. McNair Tabor Academy Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kahan Mr. Mel Otte Mr. John Otte Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ravitch Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ravitch Miss Lee Ravitch Mrs. Abraham Ravitch Mrs. Abraham Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Max Stricker Mr. and Mrs. Milton Burnbaum Mr. and Mrs. T. Ronald Zive Dr. and Mrs. Sol Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Lamb, Jr. Mitsey Baker Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Wheelock Mrs. Paul Wamberg Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ferguson Mr. Lawrence C. Ferguson, Jr. Mrs. Peter J. Sehubnel Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Ferguso Mr. and Mrs. Wells C. Bates Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Ferguson A Friend Mrs. Hamilton Bates, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Irwin B. Cone Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Streeter Mr. and Mrs. Francis Daigneault Jim Tufts The Gruesome Twosome Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Shearer Mrs. Howard Tinney Mr. and Mrs. John G. Merrick Mr. and Mrs. David C. Colton Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Colton Mr. and Mrs. Francis I. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Colton Mr. George F. Colton Mr. and Mrs. A. George Grant Teela-Wooket The Wagonerls The Fitzis Dip Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey S. Bowen Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Price The Dads Mr. James Mullen Mr. Robert A. Vogeler, Jr. Miss Kristina Olsson Aunt Rosie Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ho Mr. and Mrs. Willard D. Congdon Mr. and Mrs. Morton Dukehart, Sr Miss Margaret O'Connor Robert Lynes Pat Horgan Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Horgan Richard Towers Al Campbell Mr. Charles Howard Levine Thelma Hovey Sherwok ,54- Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Hovey Sue, Sue, Emily, Jane Beauty and the Beast Tiny and Chick-a-biddie Maida, Joey, Lynn, Simone Mr. Paul Pick Prof. and Mrs. Alan S. Foust Dr. and Mrs. Walter William W. Teahan Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Gipstein Dr. and Mrs. James J. Visconti Dr. and Mrs. Donald-G. Wetherbee Mr. and Mrs. L. Joseph LeBritton Mr.' and Mrs. The ta Chi M. A. BozBeckian MDobby" and the "Walrusi' Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Anonymous Mr. and Mrs D.R., Jr. R.B.C. H.T.D. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs The Web M.M.R.A.K. Llani Mr. and Mrs. The Village Dr. and Mrs. Liz Rodin Beau . Wayne Holmes . H. N. White Dr. and Mrs. . William H. Smith, II Stanley J. Alexander Ernest S. Seymour Dr. and Mrs. . Algernon Roberts . John M. Chalfant Byron Hiscox . Robert D. Guibord Joseph Basine Oscar Rodin Rev. and Mrs. Abram W. Sangrey GCDaffy77 Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Maron Nakashian Dr. and Mrs. Roger Cheney Mr. Thomas Vennard L.H.M., Jr. Dress Scrlon L, W Jllaaa CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1959 Your Yeorr Book Photographer 286 Bridge St. Springfield, Mass. Compliments of FRIENDLY ICE CREAM B'SHARA'S LUNCHEONETTE COMPLIMENTS Flowers From OF 9 M. J. KITTREDGE, INC. SCHLATTER S, 1354 Main St. Springfield, Mcxss. Jewelers Springfield, Mass. Headquarters for 1386 Mcrin St. 437 Buy S1 Sterling Silver, Goh-1 Piued as 14 K charms RE 2-3107 RE 3-9013 :Sf Charm Bracelets WARE WOOLEN COMPANY CENTRAL PHARMACY Complimients of the AMERICAN SAW 81 MANUFACTURING COMPANY Springfield, Massachusetts WOMEN'S APPAREL GIFTS MEN'S WEAR O W N ofongmeaolowg Anedf ,glaeciahg .gimp H O P 149 1.oNGM.f:ADow STREET cormsn or' B1-:NED1c'r TERRACE HERATON -KIMBALI. HOTEL SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS A FRIEND To the Class of '59 who we think are mighty fine best of luck through all the ,fem SPRINGFIELD BLACK Sz WHITE and be you always of good Cheer Pl.'1OI'1e The Freshman Class Fairbanks Auto School Est. 1909 INSURANCE REDUCTION TO ALL FULL DRIVER EDUCATION GRADUATES Tel. RE 3-0458 20 Dwight St. Springfield, Mass. THE STAMFORD RUBBER SUPPLY COMPANY gig for fewelry of Fme Qualuiy 1390 Main St. Springfield, Mass. THE RED LION SHOP, INC. LONGMEADWV COMIVIUNITY MARKET Now open Thursday eve g Compliments of MR. Sz MRS. EDWARD CROSBY rv -U K N Peter Skinner Timothy B. Knifiin Everett Post Steven B. Smith 1 iam rosser ' Win' P Y X F., l l Howard M. Wechsler Jeffrey Jay Hutner Robert J. Werner 'I Ted Saunders John La Farge Fredrick Chas. Hecht, III N Ira Russel 4 " - 0 f, o OJ Bob smith l 4 l p T John P. Hammond Frederick P. Jeter Andrew Munroe Robert Dunn Wetherill 7 James T. Cattell J Y Peter K. Swett Dryden E. Clark James Barney 4 V A. Timothy Wales inf! -5,-, Walter Nymark Arthur B. Shattuck -JaY RCYUOMS Complimens of W. F. YOUNG, INC. MANUFACTURERS OF ABSORBINE JR. Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of N AGLE PHARMACY M657 684 BELMONT AVE. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. 'Tcfshions with or Put I-Iowever you travel . . . - X J I ii J 1 R 35 b ,A i gs ,Fw LY' Z - -4 Q ,' grfzf. E I1 1- - . 1 - f M.-.11ef4f+i53M 1 ' i V , V ' 1 1 if " . -.1 ' I! ffl gg' 5 up ', Q F". E f '-gf, Y'. Q' ', We- i' MEEEQV "'SH4"""W .gm .1 jf i ., fl' A N . 41-14 .N A .X ' gf 5 ,W ,gl in :li-imeliie-en X 1- J .- , .. ,.. ? t - 1, B0 sv N- ucv v RKJ HYLADIUNKF Xe Dixf X 'Iwi-'lf' 1 4 gi -is x N .nun I unnlnuuun in U u p 'lu n HW wf"'mL1 'Hr Wx T 'ml V f, f 3 'ff 3 "wmv Q ee rn f V 4 Y , -- - f " f- w- 'van' i - - ?:.AQ:.-:fin-5-.anfgigfz-filfiggifi-ggi, 2-2114-E-ffffiii Ji?-?':g::?1--1. f ff-.2 I t's worth visiting the Qeparate Shop AN AUTHENTIC GUUNTRY STUBE ON TI-IE GREEN IN LONGMEADOW. MASSWGS .q9. 49. .q9. .Q9. .Q-9. 4.9. .q9. .q9. 4.9. .Q-9. 49. .9.7. .Q-9. .Q-9. .Q-y. 419. .Q-9. .gay .Gy .qfg. .Qg. .q9. .Q9. .q9. 35323335594332232339232'3.3?23.2?fE.?3f,'29?f,'2.?2'3,??ff2,?Q12,3Q3,39Zg33.EZ,?f?6'?.5f,Q?6f3?2,?,3923,?Q3,?35t.323? Compliments of Compliments of .. .,.,. .,..., mg GRATEFUL PARENTS W e M I N Q , - The innersole that breathes I MacDuttie grads P- I've a message for you, About the best insole you can have in a shoeg It by TEXON they're made - you're in for a treat, A wealth ot glad tidings - for your shoes and your feet. They breathe away moisture - they'1l never wear out, They comfort your teet as you walk aboutp So when next in the market tor a new pair of shoes, Specify insolos by TEXON - they're always good news. TEXON, INC. Inc. South Hadley Falls. Massachusetts MR. SL MRS. J. B. BASINE Compliments of SUFFIELD PUBLIC MARKET ARTISTS IN THE FITTING OF EYEWEAR THOREN Compliments of the OPTICIANS SHELTON HOTEL IN THE NEW MEDICAL CENTER 120 Maple Street SPRINGFIELD Congratulations cmd Best Wishes to the class of 1959 THE DAVID C. COLTON INSURANCE AGENCY WESTFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of The Professional Building Pharmacy 130 Maple Street "Prescriptions Our Specialty" Free Delivery - Compliments of RALEIGH DRUG STORE CONGRATULATIONS P. E. MURPHY PRESCRIPTION oPT1c1AN 329 Bridge St. Springfield, Moss. ' For All Your Records lt's - ' SPRINGFlElD'S FINEST RECORD STORE ll7 Stcxte Street - Neotr Morin A. D. ELLIS MILLS, INC. MONSON, MASSACHUSETTS f M I if f ws W IfS 4,01 V !v?if, '03 Vu SJ' A N6 ,gf xg If UN Sl Q91 XA' Of S YMIJC, f - QQ! 'U ,XL2xf, NACI 143105 X513 S ..-,, J! Ofxgvk I Vx OJ .gf--f NV if 63pmQ+yq vc. ' XQWEZN vw X 5 S503 .N ll ' yd xxv kj Q5 HOWARD HALL SX' Wo. C5 fhegzi, 1 "ri UU IW gjyc4!qJQYl4n: fy.C:l..'sOXfkSL1LJ f'Z7l14'CUM,QjLjgfg,4,,q fl: 1 , Very, Brest gN'is1'1es to the QZ'LiA4A f7NNQ'f"vZi'1aQgS'Y6YQf?9 UWM 5!,fC,zCQ?fLf3l,k.gLQw., from the 1 I Kg , Dapdah Brothers?-L Q1 PROFESSIONAL BUILDING DRUG Q Gt I, 18 M I S L Qsfgwfirr, COLONIAL MARKET5 ape t. E 7 Q ,, Springfield, Mass. 'l ci-gill-"MJ 32 Maple Street U-V ACLKA.. 'L RE 37521 Vg MacDuffie's headquarters "Cf UOOuJ OJOT 'Mia Q1 B1,c4,1A 1,44 94 , fruits jmcfx fur ice cream groceries Congratulations To The Class of 1959 LEY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Best wishes, kids THE PLASTIC COATING CORPORATION Holyoke, Massachusetts PARKER DRUG STORE 1907 Wilbrahcxm Road Springfield, Mass. Compliments of Phones ST 2-2616 - ST 2-4117 LOUIS H. SELWITZ, Ph. G., Pharmacist A' At Sixteen Acres Shopping Center 1 NEW ENGLAND BLUEPRINT G9 CL f5L"f'kO'Egi 'WSUJN I L . QCDQAUQCJQ' Xr,lj"X4'y,Q1-yx QQ CBJ -mono, vac Qu,-A QDXQVL3 C .QL wx f,?5g5XfYX.Q6 'SWAC M1155 3 Gdufm LJ P03 U O2 , 5,Q L-Lkfe Cv Qxxbqrzjx .'Sgx.AfwvxfvriLrU ..., gl: 'Ikcff-o-we ffgow X Tw-UL W1 01 NPQSUN Compliments ,of , 61 ng sfvuxiz-xv cum XJJIVJ TV-if X 'W. LEE COSTIGAN Qicxnfkxmkkvm-fi Cdfivf-rfb KD N'-L' F in NA FRIEND A COMPANY, INC. - xl Ly?-X Cf1.Cl5Ok.,v.wN, fvglq ln fx . 'if' h XY as V,-2.fvyA.1Q5-1. kjijp gk,L,1 A Q KQGAMNLLSL KJ-Q Q. KQUJYQJQVZJ isxiu-,Qov-Q 1 FA? x XQNQJQX kilt mx' fQ1."'J"' fx-'TCF-LQ' L.Io"N '33 k,', JK. -L Y " Xp . k2J Lgiigxw m',q,-,,JL,V Compliments of SPRINGFIELD COAL Sz OIL CO. I fa! 3 ix X INN ' L. 2 ' . ' 4 'I K ' w.n I. if . . Lm m W ! l, f new l THE INDIAN ORCHARD COMPANY Compliments of A FRIEND RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS excellent CUPS . des1gn PLAQuEs ml d TRoPHxEs 5 I e craftsmanship superb quality YOUR CLASS JEWELER DIEGES 81 CLUST 226' PUBLIC STREET, PROVIDENCE, R. I Boston - New York MANUFACTURING JEWELERS 0 1' ,Ui E 'iid' , 'I A ,fzffifjf JMLM X525 VW KWH WJ J 41 W f F' .. ' i f X fy, ,fir , f Oil f My Edgartown Massachusetts HARBORSIDE ,INN on the Island of Martl'1a's Vineyard A complete American Plan resort offering all activities for a wonderful vacation. Swimming in the ocean and pool. Sailing and boating in our own fleet of boats. Relax in the sun. Enjoy marvelous food. Dance in the quaint Boathouse Bar. Send for full color folder. Harborside Inn, Box MC, Edgartown, Mass. lane Convery '57 Marjorie Convery '60 N Compliments of Compliments of STATE LINE KNEIL COAL COMPA NY POTATO CHIP COMPANY Compliments of Compliments of MR. 81 MRS. ELROY WEBBER A FRIEND 'ff A N -f f 2 ,J Q .T - .43 , ,, ' "-'4 'Y ,cf L I K E 0 Tiff? 3 fx ami -M itrta a NOTHING TO LICK f'CEli2Q:f:i-.friix wvwww -SIMPLY PRESS! fi 'W K 2 it K Aie sgkx THE DRY SEAL ENVELOPES seal without licking lust lift one flap, press down the other - matching sheetsg and combination packages and this envelope is sealed. It's a Self-Seal of envelopes and Writing paper in White and Envelope that needs no moistening or lick- in color-lOc to 39c. . . . at tive and dime ing. Try some soon - and see how con- storesg stationery, drug and department venient these envelopes are! storesg and in U.S.E. Horneline Stationery at Envelope packages: separate packs ol Supermarkets. UNITED STATES ENVELOPE COMPANY Springfield 2, Massachusetts o 14 Plants from Coast to Coast Best Wishes From STANLEY HOME PRODUCTS, INC Westfield, Mass. Factories in Westfield, Mass., and London, Ontario Stanley Leads with more than l5U Quality Plus Products to save women time, worry, money. Cll Polishes and household cleaning preparations KZJ Dusters, Mops, Briishes, etc. CSD Product-s to improve personal grooming. Origina-tors of the Famous Stanley Hostess Party Plan GS fH By RURLGAS Serves New England dth G M Compliments of A FRIEND JOHN S. LANE 8z SON, INC I l Keith Sz Horgan Pharmacy Compliments of SNYDER'S MARKET 25 Sumner Ave. DAGGETT Sz RAMSDELL, INC Tel. RE 4-5646 350 Fifth Avenue New Ydrk 1, N. Y. Quality Meats Fresh Vegetables The Iunior Class extends their fondest Wishes for a successful future. Qx b 1 l V? gi.. of X 94 X ,4 'N ,f .vw KS VXNQPLJ Xl Q 4 Ll' NX' , .QQ ,AN LIP Ny' V305 N xl' Qlwp F" A + 1 5 f J X0 J5yQ'J3' ,OV Nob. , A X59 -.25 ,X v ,JXVBXAC r . . . .X cg PQ gk A L!! A Record is more than a gift - a compliment :JJ Rexx . oy' I QM l' ll, S ,J ,J J, My Feng MUSIC IN THE ROUND li . "V 0 CJ BEN KALMAN RKVJJ JB Compliments of '38, l6 Hampden Street - 2nd Floor A Finest Recordings on All Labels At Substantial Savings Tel. ST 8-0193 - RE 4-0223 Open Evenings MAURICE F. BLOUIN, INC. A FRIEND Success cmd Happiness to the Class of '59 from Uncle Ralph Ci I'1i.l'le'I the swam sunt french gurls wear 2223: l There is high salt content in the water this year - everything has taken on sea airs and a nautical look. A "LEFT BANK" French sailor knit with overblouse look l and a new figure inside lyours with the help of ex- ZEEELA clusive Jantzen French Bra Cups to give uplift, sepa- Q ration and complete assurance, Sl7.95. ln various combinations of Red-White-Navy. Don't Miss the boat -better hurry in today and select yours. It you're strictly a landlubber, there is a Jantzen swim suit to tit .9 :2:Z,2,Z:E:Z,IQ222l21Zl12QZ,Qi2:E2EQQQQ-21252LZ-2.Ef2ll2Q:Q,s - - -:fl-1-:vii-I-1:::':111:2:1: 1-1-:-cf. '- 'zz-2:1242:2:2:2:2:2:1x:-:--.-: " 1 . A 5552555555525E555E5i535'5E5fE5E11Q5I55553E5E55E5E55E5fEf3:'3::':I' ' ' 1- ,,.,Efe2a5sE2g'g2gf525521i1Ef21i515Q'Egigglf,gfziiizigggf1-sf' ' f -qi 2251512522212zf2f22i?i12i1Sff IH' ' -qi l fr -- W l and flatter you, too. 11:5?3?55i5E5E5iE55E?E?? ' ' ':::-1P?f::" 52:55:35: 5 Carlisle's . . . your passport to the finest in women's sport fashion . . . Muin Store 0 Phone Womens Sports Clothing ne Re 1548 Main sneer + springneld, Mass. Re so Well remembered with much love Pl'1one:LO.7-5lb7 "RWM ongmea ow j BEAUTY SALON .tk W ISI Longmeaclow,S+. Longmeadow, Mass. Air Cond Hioned May you sail on the sea of happiness and land on the island of success. The Sophomore Class Compliments of MR. 8: MRS. JOHN M. BRUSNICKI THE LADD TOOL CO. Manufacturers of Carbide and High Speed Tools Complete Regriricling Service ZOO Bloomfield Ave., Windsor Conn. MUrdock 8-4844 SPRINGFIELD MOULDERS INC. PRICE ASSOCIATES For That Tired Feeling try GHOYUMPINDAH LAKE WATER Guaranteed Analysis Animal Enzymes - 270 Vegetable Protoplasm - 3 'Zi Mineral Hydrochloride - 17, Baccilli Streptococci - 152 Hache Two-oh 802 ASK YOUR DOCTOR MAIN HOUSE My fa gs X s ZA EN U U I if I I i -v lg! I bl . . . . . . -qbxlqr 5 4:7 'ty' XJ X I 4-26 VX W ff C7 F626 f f X - W my K 6 'X Y .QW Q,Qfg,2ff'vfi'f2 N M' deff 722226, .xifxckk gvxlby 1 V 651 5' .xgE6, Cer, Wx a mf M ffqffegg, hex Q, Qvwj-09 jf ,QAXQ D 55 fi., 05? JQQDV 9C?fXQ7D97fC,,f93 Q 9:09 H .I W ff-xi" 3 C5396 iff' ww yy QTGZO 1125? x91KagQ'9QMR . OP rw f , -2 - C639 b N M WD X Wishes From Wallace pgs? Qc, WX jfwy MLQQSQIQO f 522,95 fQffjQf,,f'ffQ gf,-mf .mama 74,6 if . Q SA ff 24.8, -fd-w-4 4. W-az? XQYQ , W. is T. A f" V ' ,QV ww- MW M g-115194 MAA TI-IE COFFEE HOUSE MEDICAL CENTER 130 MAPLE ST. HARVEY 8z LEWIS CO. BELMONT DRIVING SCHOOL, Inc. CHARLE H. A I S NTHUNY LIMITED AND FULL DRIVER EDUCATION LICENSED EOR COMMERCIAL. QUALIFIED EOR INSURANCE REDUCTION 39 Dwight St. RE 9-0334 I STANDARD OF THE WORLD STERLING A. ORR Distributors IU MILL STREET SPRINGFIELD, MASS. RE 7-2664 Jwirfjlj DX I Nw! QU K fwffx - f X OE , mm L. X 0 X -J ff ' . I f-U fl yr If W Xoyf rf wr , mr ,X . 1 In ' Nj Q! ' 1 , Nj app lX1.?'WL"XX , fl tk rj, JY WU fvyzw 539' A ?yQ9yAy Oy QM '90 ,ry JAX JXP, ffvpffqfiigjxgmaller we-9 dorm, the higher fx' I' . Q ' rw LW 'IV Q' O, D I X! Xl, jjj JE! jj? Olfqhgkf GJ Nl U MPV! FN th8Xprice' xy XQCL4 Jw fl gf? R Jr . qjx lx J V! My '1WjWjy'ffS x 1,53 1 Y ' IN I Em My jj 'L M W f A X, Ox M jc N JI DX J! xl , E sm V+ off 'not ecrsily trornslcxtcrble A Q 78 Island Pond Road, Springfield , ,ii W I , ,gd1'ff5 f pl 1959 4 ff: 1' fu d ff iffff, ..,. f fm ,A W ' A A if- .4 C1 U, Q '-".- 2254 7? CIE W Fwy 0 SQLLL Cp fw XO, Y' Ci'jfJ,QxY XL . wwf? C VX QL LQ Dv CL Ctjjfklfly 'Wm V'2O QWQLUQW Q :W x OJQS B XQJV K 139 ASU JW 'WS , kr LQXL' qlify' M F W w MCQXPOO JCQV of MJUQX U WL xx , in Af MMM U ,mf ww A Q? Wifi? Sgiwif of 2 Claiiii I, . .fb fp I KC? Ulnd JV XAUKLVJVJU MY ! My ff QW N , U' V W W b W wiv ,Gob 00 O LX I Gm!! fg 732 Gigi. M R Q -X ' 905 N f1fc5L ,W3 kb cj' . qfbxf LCN YW Alf! AMM 0 09 l XV , JY 'ru 9 , . 8 HM M U Q x A O K My ,yi WNV PW NW M Q XO? fqlwd U 0 W WN My I IWQD . , Flbfzifffj ,JJ w fall U ' h, ' if: jj jj!! L,M Li' mit' Qs, -'.' U few? , A ft ,jI'vf9'JLf,vff po! QW fix ,W4' 'Rf Qgff ,4,0,5,S, 1 WW- Eu , www . 7 3 , i i ,ill ' ' ! X ff' WL:'.1U'4aj mwgifw wfffff 1 "" ' i 1 A 1 W , if + MS'N55e?zbQ ,,,. i In ti in VA -r sL1c'm,6ULzrwfA07Z?,7 Q-N ff W n 4?7gff' "4fffZzzi, f X is ..z,f,,,L,wj all - M X MW j E ' P ,f 'N nf JL ' X wk ,M 1,2 mxgilffji f f Mn f 4 gif lf? jf ' X J DW My w 11,757 iv '4'Yiw? 1 fff'M ,d f6'f'jkU ff ,H ,L K I WJ M W L Ay, Vw fby,ilf5f'!0 I Y 'X - Lf ? 19" I' MA , 1, iff 9 W , ,JW :UW H M ff - 6 WW uw 1 4X my DVM 3 ' jlvdfw PW X ,m M 'Wk vw

Suggestions in the MacDuffie School - Magnolia Yearbook (Springfield, MA) collection:

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MacDuffie School - Magnolia Yearbook (Springfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 104

1959, pg 104

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