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.. pg, . EQ wx ,, 1, I4 R i 'L .. J. 5 2' rv fs 1 E. 1 ,, if V -. . . . '3 .-.5 -' l G .SI -' 5-grigg-1 " 134 uf.- W . fi. 'U' f 5 n if 1 1 r ,K 'f I. Q wf, 1 A v 4 s 5 x I G 5 5 ! 3 S s I S E 5 S i z I 2 THE H PANTHER al" 1 i .F j ' f,-X227- 6 Ei l 1 Mabank High School Published by The Junior Class 4 of 1955 Propertyof ANNUAL STAFF Emest Butler, Terry Johnson, Joe White, Bobby Craft, Linda Bauguss, Glenn Sutton, Margaret Thompson, Melton Frosch, Norman Thomas, Mrs. Chappell, Billy Joe Timms, Pressly Ann Allen, Sherilyn Wullschleger, Roland Elledge, Tenna Coleman, and Charles Easily. While you tum through the pages of your 1954-55 Annual, we hope it will contain your best-loved thoughts and memories of Mabank High School. With sincere wishes, here is your 1955 PANTHER. THE STA FF DEDICATION To express our appreciation to those who have made this Annual possible, we dedicate this Annual of 1955 to the citizens of Mabank and surrounding area who help make possible the fine education that each boy and girl receive. PRINCIPAUS MESSAGE First may I congratulate the members of the Junior class for the good job they have done on this issue of THE PANTHER. Genius is only the power of making continuous efforts. The line between failure and success isso fine that we scarcely know when we pass it, so fine that we are often on the line and do not know it. A little more effort, a little more persistence, and what seemed to be a hopeless failure may tum into very glorious success. There is no failure except in no longer trying. There is no defeat except from within, no really impossible barrier except our own weakness of pur- pose. I appreciate the privilege of working with you. Sincerely, w 1 P i a 1 I . I 5 I . 1 7 1 . 'll2l1'lr':.h'lli:Ll.l.lil' avlllrl'Ltnulhlulfi'lll.ull'llllnlKln'Hl'Hl ln'u'lll:unil'l"ll' ihv!-lu'lu lglui ZltillllaLhlllglllllillnlu :lll'mll'll lfll-nl.rl1nll:ll.!Ll1H!Lrr1l1i1l!I:!1nLl.lLlxl!M-llllrl E.C. BUTLER 5.5. ELLIS. IR ANCEL NEWMAN Superintendent Principal Coach Advanced Mathematics Business Editor E B,A., M.E. B.B.A., M.E. S. T. S. T. C. N. T. S. C. S. M. U. MISS MAURINE BROKER T. EARL DUNAH00 MRS. JOHN CHAPPELL' History, C ivics, English Agriculture English, Speech Senior Homeroom Freshman Homeroom Junior Homeroom B.A.. M.E. B.s.. MS- B.S.. M.E. 5, M, U, E. T. S. T. C. N. T. S. C. S. M. U. MRS, VERA FAYE ELLEDGE FRED POSEY MRS. CLAUDE REYNOLDS Homemaking Band Instructor Secretary and 3, 5, , M, A, B. M. Librarian E, T, S. T. C. N. T. S. C. 1 1 1 l 1 I I p I , I 1 I 1 i W W P W w W .lui-l'l::r.llb.1l..l1:'lllvl:lxll!i.ll.LlIl:1lll7l'l12.11ulh-llmlinllllvl l.llll'.?!llv'il!l.l'l'ln-Xxfhsllnllv''II'IILll:-li'11rl'!in1rril'Ut!llhlnlnllliuinlHlhfflnln'llllnil-Q".1.u1.1Il'!'l:nll'4lul1l 2 5015000 00 - -f XJ! 'R -9 t 4 0,57 if -fx Y BOBBIE CLARK FHA 4 years Baseball 2 years Choral 3 years WYNELLE BRASHEAR FHA 4 years Pep Squad 4 years Choral Club 4 years Paper Staff Class Reporter 2 years Basketball 2 years MELBA C HA NDLER Choral 3 years FHA 3 years Class Officer 2 years Assistant Editor of Annual Staff FFA Sweetheart Friendliest 54 Softball 3 years Student Council 1 year FHA Officer 4 years Paper Staff 1 year Paper Staff 1 year SANDRA FLANA GA N Best All-Around 55 Band Favorite 55 Football Sweetheart 52 Band President 55 Senior Class Secretary Speech Class Vice President FHA Secretary FHA 4 years Annual Classroom Editor Band 4 years Choral 1 year Newspaper Staff MARTHA GORDON Choral 3 years Choral Officer 1 year Pep Squad 3 years FHA 3 years Baseball 3 years Basketball 2 years Basketball Manager Volleyball 1 year JOY BELLE GUNDERSON FHA 4 years Choral 3 years Basketball 2 years Sophomore Class Officer Softball 4 years -J? I' 'Dj S' bg Erfay Y, ss " I at Glu L. YI I 7 I Q N is gh ix' Qflgsg K' n ww Et.. ' y . V, 7 1 , ,fs V- fs . W? .' A- V 1, 4 , lf' X Q I A eq QQ YU-L SHIRLEY HALL Choral 3 years Volleyball 1 year FHA 4 years Baseball 2 years Paper Staff 1 year Pep Squad JOHNNY HAMMER Wittiest 55 Treasurer 2 years Football 1 year Track 2 years Baseball 2 years FFA a years Student Council 2 years Choral 2 years Basketball 1 year Football Manager KATHRYN KILLIAN Basketball 3 years Pep Squad Softball 4 years Choral Club 2 years FHA 4 years FHA Historian Pep Squad Reporter Pep Squad President Cheerleader- 3 years Most Likely t6 Succeed Class Officer 2 years Student Council EARL McKEE Baseball 2 years Senior Class Favorite 55 Band 2 years Senior Class Reporter FFA 3 years Student Council 1 year BOBBY SA PP Football 3 years Tri-Captain 1 year Choral 2 years Student Council 2 years FFA 4 years Friendliest 55 Track 2 years Class Officer 3 years FFA Officer MARY SIMMONS FHA Choral 1 year ANNA LEE BRACY SUTTON FHA 4 years Choral 2 years E: PRUDIE TAYLOR Choral 3 years FHA 3 years Softball 2 years Paper Staff 1 year SUE WHEAT Basketball 4 years Co-Captain 53 Band 4 years Band Reporter 55 FHA 4 years FHA President 55 FHA Vice President 54 FHA Treasurer 53 Softball 4 years Volleyball 2 years Class President 53 Student Council 1 year A NITA WILLIA MS ON Class Favorite 2 years Senior Class President Class Officer 3 years X- FHA 4 years Choral 2 years Band 1 year Basketball 3 years 4:51 . 'a UO'-042' .P , l H.,groRY ENGGISN Student Council 1 year Annual staff 54 Paper Staff 55 WILMA WILSON f Fl-IA3years X nn Baseball 2 years IZ N Basketball 1 year Volleyball 1 year 1- - 4 Choral 4 years ig Pep Squad 1 year JU NE WOOLVERTON FHA 4 years Vice President FHA 54-55 Student Council 2 years Annual Staff 54 Junior Class Treasurer Paper Staff 55 Majorette 4 years Choral 2 years Band 1 year Baseball 1 year Basketball Manager 53-54 Student Council Treasurer 54-55 FHA Area Officer SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS KATHRYN KILLIAN, Treasurer: ANITA WILLIAMSON, Presidentg BOBBY SAPP, Vice President: EARL McKEE, Rep.g SANDRA FLANAGAN, Secretary. U51 I a..,.4 M SENIOR CLASS FAVORITES EARL McKEE - ANITA WILLIAMSON I u r I 1 I I i I lnllhrfl:n'f"lh'Ku!,, n11l':ill.l.lllnflwilllulklvlll'ull:Un-lll11Zi:vllHnl'I:nl711'Q.'I'wrllflnhnuunli.:l:Il'LlH1ll:!rr2l,:lull'li'lih'l:lllllll'l'-H'llll'ulllllgrlnrlQ:-I-lu.'l'h PRESSLEY ANN ALLEN Freshman President Friendliest Girl 55 Sophomore Favorite FHA 3 years Band 3 years Annual Staff LINDA BAUGUSS Majorette 2 years Drum Major 1 year Basketball 3 years FHA 3 years Band 3 years Annual Staff 55 CHARLENE ALPHIN Basketball 2 years FHA 3 years Choral 2 years Baseball 3 years Volleyball 3 years ANITA BOEHME FHA 3 years Basketball 3 years Baseball 3 years Choral 2 years Pep Squad 2 years Volleyball 3 years LINDA ALPHIN Choral 2 years FHA 3 years Baseball 1 year Basketball Manager VADA BOEHME Choral 3 years FHA 3 years Annual Staff Tennis 1 year M JAMES BRASHEAR Football 1 year CORINE CABANESS Basketball 3 years FHA 3 years Baseball 3 years Volleyball 3 years Most Athletic 55 LYNELL BRASHEAR FHA 3 years Pep Squad 2 years BEVERLY CLARK FHA 3 years Choral 2 years Baseball 1 year Q ERNEST BUTLER Business Manager of Annual Staff Most Likely to Succeed 55 Football 54 Grass Judging Team National FFA Band TENNA COLEMAN Class Officer 52 FHA 3 years Band 3 years Basketball 2 years Volleyball 2 years Annual Staff BOBBY CRAFT BILLY DOROUGI-I Softball 3 years FFA 3 years FFA 3 years Choral 2 years FFA Reporter 3 years Class Officer 3 years Annual Staff 55 Baseball 3 years Dairy Judging Brush Control Band 1 year FFA Officer ROLAND ELLEDGE JAMES FLATT Football 1 year FFA 3 years Track 3 years Choral Club 1 year FFA 3 years Class Officer 53-54 Annual Staff Choral Club 1 year CHARLES EASLEY FFA 3 years FFA Secretary Football 3 years Baseball 3 years Annual Staff 55 Track 2 years MELTON FROSCH Football Letterman 2 years Track 3 years Softball 3 years FFA and 4-H 3 years Grass Judging 3 years Annual Staff 55 TERRY JOHNSON FFA President Football 2 years Basketball 3 years Track 3 years Vice President of Student Council MACK SAPP FFA 3 years Choral 2 years HARVEY McANALLY FFA 3 years Football 1 year Basketball 3 years Student Council FFA Sentinel BILLY RAY STEVENS FFA 3 years Football Manager QQ' lla: flue RAY RAYMOND FFA 3 years FFA Secretary Football Manager GLEN SUTTON Basketball 2 years Captain 1 year FFA 3 years Track 1 year Softball 1 year VIEOBMAN THOMAS Football 3 years Captain 1 year Editor of Annual Most Athletic 55 Class Vice President Basketball 3 years CAROLYN WAGGONER FHA 3 years Choral 2 years 'Wm MARGARET THOMPSON Class Favorite 55 FHA 3 years Basketball 2 years Baseball 2 years Annual Staff Volleyball 2 years BILLY JOE TIMMS Football 1 year Grass Judging 2 years FFA and 4-H 2 years Annual Staff Track 1 year Softball 1 year JOE WHITE Football Captain Best All-Around Junior Favorite Junior President Basketball 3 years Track 3 years BILLIE WOODS Fl-IA 3 years Volleyball Baseball 1 year SHERILYN WULLSCHLEGER Ma jorette 55 FHA 3 years Band 2 years Softball 2 years Student Council Annual Staff JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS BOBBY CRAFT, Reporter: JOE WHITE, President: NORMAN THOMAS, Vice President MELTON FROSCH, Treasurer: TERRY JOHNSON, Secretary. JUNIOR CLASS FAVORITES MARGARET THOMPSON and JOE WHITE I' n P A 1 I l . 1, V n n I r. 1 1 1 1lllH'lllll1'l1l'1l1lfl:ullllllIAnIl.Rll1IrlI.l1ll11U1llNllllIll'll:l111NllnJu'ulH11RHIl.l.ulll.rl1lNullrlhvllrllllllflilhlriiullnlilnlulllurlullululu rl1ll1ll'rlrll H nifllrllrlh-llllllrlinllkililxll sg HR QW .sf S W in uiu t Q at 'AY at , S ,, N X x ul' -' 2: " it :-' fi ' Wi K 2 , i n VLL , 1, 5 , t S :W a X' k E ' , ,, x A NM . Q . A iq- .V J. R. Mixon Geraldine Phillips Merlyene Ruff Laveme Sands Maxine Sands Aubrey Smith Elaine Snowdexf Wynelle Stegall Ann Sutton Pat Thompson Nan Tinsley Lawson White Anlene Whitton Leonard Woolverton J Nay, " as 51 n 9 Mgr-f Etta Anderson Joe Athey Sandra Bland Kenneth Bums Elizabeth Clark Donald Dorough Mary Downing w, T. Dyer Joann Eves Tom B. Green Carolyn Hall Robert Harper Monroe Hunter Linda Killian Carolyn Mitchell Ancel Newman Class Sponsor if A-1 4. fa f ! if !1 i Na SOPHOMGRE CLASS OFFICERS Geraldine Phillips, Rep.: Carolyn Mitchell, Secretaryg Wynelle Stegall, Rep.: Analene Whitten, Treasurerg W.T. Dyer, Parliamentariang Sandra Bland, Vice Presi dentg Lawson White, Presidentg Leonard Woolverton, Sergeant-at-Arms. SOPHOMORE CLASS FAVORITES Carolyn Hall Leonard Woolverton I I 1 I I I 1 i 1 I I - I I l'z".ll'Jl1l"l1.1.l-l.!Zl'Ial'lrwin':'l1:llLll.lllIl!l'1lnnl1llr.lrllil!:llll lrlliilallll-I'llll21l.l!Z.ll1lllll.nl1l.v1.!ll7f1:leIll-S:LKIllrl41lial'1.tilll:rll:l4ll'n1luxll.lZl.l':ll.ll,l'1uIll1v1H!l'Ll.IlI'.l1uKl1 I . 4 g W i JAi li i ? ?4 at P P lsri t ff ' W EQQ S S 1 yy K .,L il - B- . 33 : 5 Iirzn an J at .smmfvm , ,,,,m,,,s,.. , , --fA ,gylnt g H - ' fgwnsy- . . I " Y .Br if-' :' 4, .QP-.:.--if f i if if -F o ' a , 4 -'-Lk I - ' vffi' gg xii, -rkr :- -2 -- K- K L' k " "" ii' , A , YJ ,- AUM' vi .Q -rn l ,V-,,g,.?,gyg,3,g,:il Grady Lynn Donald McAnally Bettie Mince Lavern Neighbors Martha Odom Myra Odom Annie Parker Edna Parker Iouquetta Perkins Joy Shewmaker Virgle Sharpe Reggie Smith Hollis Tapp Joyce Tarleton Margie Teague June Boehme Carl Bracy Dick Bramblitt James Coleman Bobby Conner Porter Elledge Alton Frosch Homer Gregory Betty Gunderson Patsy Hall Billy Hammer Joe Hubbard David Jennings Montie Johnson Bobby Keeble Earl Dunahoo Class Sponsor .. ttya Sw 41' 'E' ,:7 -Az. , asf K , -. Ap , ft' , a l 'GS X ,Z A 'iiiiffiig -' : Sie? ,, f . fg- . A fl ? iff,-s ,W . .W -ff-f-gsg k lit -tie r-,gas-.1 W if: K QQ I 'X 5 AU Ya as s . . my z ,, .. 4, ,Q FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Dick Bramblitt, Vice President, Margie Teague, Social Chairmang Patsy Hall, Ser geant-at-Arms, Montie Johnson, President, Martha Odom, Rep.: Betty Gunderson, Secretary: Reggie Smith, Treasurer. FRESHMAN CLASS FAVORITES Betty Gunderson - Dick Bramblitt ' I I I I . E I , I I I I I I i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ltltlelllhlrlllu slhlllIlIll:lI.IILInnl.Ilrlllllillliihlil,n:.llhu1li'lnIl!! I.1.ll.-:l.I!AIanrlJIll:.lllllllnIIl'Lll.l?I1'll-1'I.lll!nlullIllIHL'1 IllllnunllI'lluhlalull.:'fllJlrn!.!.luIxllrlullillarl MRS. ALVA JONES Sixth Grade Bn so Q Mo Su N.T.S.T.C.. E.T.S.T.C. MRS. J. S. FLANAGAN Fifth Grade B. S. . M. E. F. T. S. T, C. MRS. E, C. BUTLER B. 5. . M. E. B T. S. T. C. MISS MAYME JORDON Third Grade B.S.. N.T.S.T.C. MISS GERTRUDE RICHMAN Second Grade B.S.. N.T.S.T.C. MRS. C. T. HALL First and Second Grades , I B.S.. M.E. E.'r.s,T.c. MRS. E. L. DELLIS First Grade B. S. . M. E- S. M. U. - A MR. R. H. WHEELER Principal B. S. . M. IL N. T. S. T. C. MR. LOYD PRESS B. 5. . M. E E. T. 5. T. C. MISS WILLIE MAE LAMB Eighth Grade B. S. . M. B E. T. S. T. C. MRS. I. W. GRAY Seventh Grade B. S. . M. F. E. T. S. T. C. ,... .- I 3 Ei . ' gfyfi 1 -f.- ' f lffi' 557 ' A 'S A , fwfr ...tiff z EIGHTH GRADE - Miss Lamb Groom, Jenkins, Dyer, Mixon, Barker, Hunter, Massey, Gordon, Cabiness, McMil1in, Tinsley, Lamb, McGlaren, Williams, Hammers, Frosch, Phillips, Stegall, Hutchison, Harper, Lorry, Craft, Mixon, Howell, Eves, Busby, Dorough, Hyde, Killian, Boyd, Bullard, Gordon, Atherton Thompson, Holloway, Childress. SEVENTH GRADE -- Mrs. Gray Jenkins, Bland, Wood, Wilson, Davis, Dunn, Beverly, Dunson, Thomason, Lynn, Stone, Taylor, Cooksey, Massey, Byers, Sapp, Latham, Brown, Kirkpatrick, Norman, Killian, Hall, Bullard, Bell, Nabors, Thomas, Scoggins, Craft, McKamie, Wood, Sands, Gordon, Marable, Groom, Dyer. SIXTH GRADE - Mrs. Jones Woolverton, Hatchel, Stegall, Darden, Davis, Bamett, Brown, Bums, Price, Lester, Mixon, Howell, Rand, Carson, Thomason, Gray, Middleton, Atherton, Clark, Hyde, Reynolds, Tapp, Conner, Busby, Pool, McG1aun. dllluudl FIFTH GRADE - Mrs. Flanagan Clark, Groom, Reed, Tarlton, Newman, Thomas, Stone, Wheat, Barker, Evans, Clark, Sharpe Mixon, Barker, Frosh, Sutton, Harper, Salter, Marable, Woolverton, Lockwood, Price, Williamson, Middleton, Tarlton, Reynolds, Andrews. FOURTH GRADE - Mrs. Butler Sharpe, Hunter, Boyde, J. Boyde, Tarlton, Reynolds, Jenkins, Dunn, Pleasant, Ward, Raymond Roberson, Stone, Baker, F. Stone, Busby, Jan Killian, Judy Killian, Walters, Groom, Howell, Snowden, Perkins, Flowers, Mixon, Boatwright, Sapp, Nix, Bell, Sexton, Brown, Mrs. Butler. THIRD GRADE -- Miss Jordan Neighbors, Hall, Hyde, McDonald, Langford, Alphin, MoAnally, Newman, Sexton, Pleasant, Lunsford, Neighbors, Warda, Roberson, Hammer, Price, Clark, Boulware, Peavey, Armstrong, Marable, Eubank, Beverly, Chappell, Norman, Sapp, Smith, Jenkins, Long, Stone, Baker, Miss Jordan. SECOND GRADE - Miss Richman Michael, Killian, Buchanan, Baker, Teague, Andrews, Cooksey, Stevens, Greene, Groom, Darden, Freeman, Coleman, Bailey, Eaton, Busby, Boehme, Gibbs, Toney, Dunson, Clark, Boyde, Tarlton, Jackson, Stevens, Adair, Lester, Dyer, Mixon, Kennedy, Neighbors, McKarr:ey, Brown, Miss Richman. - '-i. ,.,,,.,,..,..,............----a K K sl PT' FIRST AND SECOND GRADE-Mrs. Hall McBeth, Claybum, Stone, Pool, Mayo, Clement, Beets, Childress, Roberson, Neighbors, Roberson, Knight, Weldon, Dupree, Norrell, Ward, Flowers, Boehme, Boulware, Rand, Mrs. Hall. FIRST GRADE - Mrs. Dellis Tapp, Athey, Gibbs, Dorough, Wullschleger, Jones, Langford, Grooms, Foster, Nix, Wooldridge, Belcher, Baker, Hall, Hamilton, Barker, Lynn, Bullard, Alphin, Neighbors, Neighbors, Williamson, Adair, Huddleston, Williams, Smith, Hyde, Clark, Jenkins, Lacy, Seirton. GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY Press, Hall, Wheeler, Jordon, Butler, Dellis, Flanagan, Jones, Gray, Richman, Lamb. x 1 1 V P l W w r l I . .nlltiuul-l'n!u-.ln,ll..n:!llu'l.lnunsInhlrllll'l.l.l!q-llglulilvl'4ldn7l,:.'Il1lr.z-ulhnlnllln1.l'l"1hlllKlil'4n.Jll'lll'ill'nllulhllulhI1'ylnlllllfl1.l1L'1nili'l!l..':ll:ll.lHnlll1vLIIxl..ln HJ!!! ffh 1, ii V Q -2 S i 2 Best A11-Around JOE WHITE SANDRA FLANAGAN Most Likely to Succeed ERNEST BUTLER KATHRYN KILLIAN Most Athletic CORINE CABINESS NORMAN THOMAS Friendliesr BOBBY SA PP PRESSLEY ALLEN O Q N. Cutest ALT ON FROSCH ANALENE WHITTEN Wittiest JOHNNY HAMMER CA ROLYN HALL I . I I I I I I I 1 I I I I i I I I I I I I I ull.lZl1.nll.1!I!,.'7l'l1:lxin1il:lllLll.r.l'u'l'lKllQl:llh'l'l'llllurn'Ill'Ilnlvrnll1'K:.:luv'lll'1:llKLlZT..Il!lIH4:lrunllun-I..InnlIllwlliIIi:hillH.ll'll:u:hv'nllll:l.'ln1l',l.1!"Ill-lui!!.l..-.l:'. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Kathryn Killian, Secretaryg Norman Thomas, Parliamentariang June Woolverton, Treasurerg Bobby Sapp, Presidentg Harvey McAna11y, Sergeant-at-Arms: Terry Johnson Vice President. STUDENT COUNCIL nJ I QQ I G5 ,2 x. N'-1,2 ,sa Y Ummm Q I K K F.F.A. OFFICERS Terry Johnson, President: Bobby Sapp, Vice President: Harvey McAna11y, Sentinel Johnny Hammer, Treasurer: Bobby Craft, Rep. : Charles Easley, Secretary. -. MMM t . 4 Q 'Sf y Q F.F.A. y xxxlllullllw 'a W1 s QW!! :Wx F.H.A. OFFICERS Wynelle Stegall, Pianist: Sandra Flanagan, Secretary, Betty Gunderson, Song leaderg Sherilyn Wullschleger, Treasurerg Tenna Coleman, Assistant Pianistg Anlene Whitton, Historiang Pressley Allan, Historian, June Woolverton, Vice Presidentg Anita Williamson Rep.: Melba Chandler, Parliamentariang Sue Wheat, President. F.H.A. HIGH SCHOOL BAND CADET BAND BAND OFFICERS Emest Butler, Vice President, Tenna Coleman, Treasurer, Anlene Whitton, Pressley Allen, Librarians: Jim Coleman, Secretary, Sandra Flanagan, President. X n Lavfll' 4 X X Band Favorites SANDRA FLANAGAN JIM COLEMAN CHORAL OFFICERS Ann Sutton, Librarian: June Woolverton, Presidentg Sandra Flanagan, Secretary and Treasurerg Geraldine Phillips, Vice President: Pressley Allen, Rep. CHORAL CLUB PAPER STAFF so fr . , MABANK GRASS TEAMS Melton Frosch, Ernest Butler, Mr. Dunahoo, Billy Tims, Roland Elledge, Alton Frosch Homer Gregory, Donald McAna1ly. NSE N 'N f XSS! ANLENE WHITTON Football - Sweetheart - F. F. A. il Emily Post wasn't there! ! , l , , Let s slt the next one out! I Sure, I'11g0 to TCHU3- ' - - ' the Prom ----- 3 The battle of A the muscles. How d1d that semor These are the famous get in here? what goes on- UPSMC 'down MVS! must come off. Shu: yo' mouth, I i ! i i L n 5 I l I 1 1 4 I x I I l A"Af'l'.ll,!.ll.1l.IIx'ZlL!lWllK.Hll:i!lll.vnlil-11u.lfl.'ll':ll!!ir:lJii !ll2l'll1lll'Kli1r.ll-l:A1::bx'.Lllll?rll.'-illnlllflxilliful4l5lfl.:Z11l'm'::lll'l':!.:"Lll.4l!'vL -J.'lJ lll'11l1lx.1lanl?lAlx...Z.iPllll'lL.1. FOOTBALL BOYS Frosch, White, Lynn, McAnally, Thomas, White, Dyer, Butler, Newman, Jennings, Tims, Johnson, Johnson, Elledge, Hammers, Brashear, Hammers, Raymond, Frosch, Bramblitt, Coleman, Easley, Sapp, Green, Smith, Stevens. Captains JOE WHITE BOBBY SAPP NORMAN THOMAS Lettered 3 years Lettered 3 years Lettered 3 years A11-District A11-District A11-District End Guard Tackle A ' Q i . , , r , 5 1 N N MELTON FROSCH HARVEY MCANALLY W. T. DYER Lettered 2 years Lettered 1 year Lettered 2 years End Tackle Guard CHARLES EASLEY DICKIE BRA MBLITT ROLAND ELLEDGE Lettered 1 year Lettered 1 year Lettered 1 year Center Quarterback Halfback TERRY JOHNSON LAWSON WHI'I'E TOM B. GREEN Lettered 2 years Lettered 1 year Lettered 1 year Halfback Fullback Fullback JAMES COLEMAN ALTON FROSCH ERNEST BUTLER Letfefed 1 Yea' Lettered 1 year Lettered 1 year Halfback Guard Guard DAVID IENNINGS REGGIE SMITH BILLY JOE TIMS Lettered 1 year Lettered 1 year Lettered 1 year Center Quarterback End JOHNNY HAMMER MONTIE JOHNSON BILLY HAMMER. Lettered 1 year Guard Guard Quarterback Those lucky captains, D Who missed that b10Ck?'? Don't push, please! I! Y Where did he come from? what ig happening???? The best Ones yet! 2 I "Just Ducky' BASKETBALL BOYS Raymond, Manager: Sutton, Johnson, Frosch, White, Newman, McAna11y, Thomas, White, Stevens, Managerg Johnson, Green, Coleman, Easley, Smith, Bramblitt, Frosch. NORMAN THOMAS COACH NEWMAN GLENN SUTTON Forward 3 years , Guard 2 Years C0-C3 Ptain Co-Captain HARVEY MCANALLY JOE WHITE TERRY JOHNSON Center 3 years Forward 3 years Forward 3 years LAWSON WHITE REGGIE SMITH JAMES COLEMAN Forward 2 years Forward 1 year Guard 1 year ALTON FROSCH MELTON FROSCH CHARLES EASLEY Guard 1 year Forward 1 year Forward 2 years TOM B. GREEN MONTIE JOHNSON DICKIE BRA MBLITT Guard 2 years Forward 1 year Guard 1 year Big Three He Goofed??'????? Jump high, Anita! OUR HERO The Captains ---- -and Dig that crazy shot?? Which twin has the toni?????? O M Q Q NSN O' g Q O ' 1552 L I i :I " " qi? iizii f - O xy" 'E x ' ii 1 I . " if G if Q G .. 1'mSwfedI O Those "Dark Halls !! . It's a bird--No, it's a plane! BASKETBALL GIRLS Alphin, Anderson, Coleman, Killian, Thompson, Press, Hall, Snowden, Downing, Whitton, Williamson, Boehme, Brashear, Cabiness, Alphin, Bauguss, Eves, Gunderson, Sands, Clark, Parker, Wheat, Sands. COACH PRESS SUE WHEAT MARGARET THOMPSON Forward Guard CORINE CABINESS CHARLENE ALPHIN CAROLYN HALL Forward Guard F01-ward ANITA BOEHME IOANN EVES ELIZABETH CLARK Guard Guard Forward LINDA BAUGUSS ELEAINE SNOWDEN KATHRYN KILLIAN Guard Forward Forward 1 I i 1 1 5 n 1 i i I I H i 1 K V llW:l!.1u:lllnh:'kllkl'1!ll.l-alll wll::lli:lll:-lllillllfljilvllr'lfLV!ll:llll.1!Ll:.lllll'!':l!lIAilll:nllil21.1llIl1i!'A1:llullZhlwl:lxlllilllxll :Ill!ill'IIll'I-ll'1lllllllllln:.Mr:.n5.ll5l'lr:nni'llrwwllwzxl !?'lllKf we - SPONSORS: Mrs. Chappell, Mrs. V. F. Elledge. Mrs. V.F. Elledge, Ruff, Downing, Snowden, L. Brashear, W. Brashear, L. Killian, Boehme, Mitchell, Mrs. Iohn Chappell, Hutchison, Perkins, Childers, Craft, Long, Harper, Thompson, Wullschleger, I. Eves, Bland, Teague, P. Eves, Bauguss, M. Killian, B. Thompson, Woolverton, Myra Odom, Gunderson, Martha Odom, Tinsley Phillips, K. Killian. MAJ ORETTES Sherilyn Wullschleger, Jo Ann Eves, Linda Bauguss, Myra Odom, June Woolverton. HIGH ,SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS Betty Gunderson Geraldine Phillips Martha Odom Kathryn Killian Nan Tinsley E JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM Coach Press Hammer, Frosh, Massey, Gordon, Groom, Jenkins, McG1aun, Thomas, Hall, Beverly Wilson, McMi11in, Norman, Kirkpatrick, Coach Press, Busby, Groom, Marable, Dyer Craft, Killian, Massey, Cooksey. . ?,?,.,,, get .Ju t t igggew as-if v . WJ. , ,- , M MM, - Y ,mr , , ,, 5 S, :: A 1, S. V CAFETERIA WORKERS Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Sutton, Mrs. McKee, Mrs. Sutton. BUS DRIVERS Athey, Mr. Sutton, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Cabiness, Mr. Trull SCHOOL TRUSTEES Wisdom, Mr. Jones, Mr. Green, Mr. Butler, Superintendent, Mt. Smith, Pres Mr Paschall, Mr. Compton, Mr. Williams. MABANK HIGH SCHOOL I w l 1 n I I x I Y 1 I I u I I P r r r'l1blYll:ll'lI!!.1nlKllZl-lil l2lll.lllfLlnr'l:l'll1li:Il!nll1'IlJ:lll!r'IrsvIilllldll'Illlul.l1ll.llll.l'-l1l":ll1lnlhl..l!HLdY2!0l!,S!Nalv11SII!lnlvlivliil'1.tllll!KllLl1llvnJl1xln.l:lnu':ll.l1n'L!llllA'1Ill:-1nw'l.:. S aving s and Inve stments cu U' H fb IP E. o s: U1 C+ o cn ru H 4 fb 4 o F .Qt9tRAL 03525 4' Q'595 ETBSZ :anno . -Tn 5? 'fb as 04110 xNSUp ss' S' Ilya -I I ITI EQ R E5 ENV NN S PM D P MQMBEV' To the Best Junior Class Ever Compliments of Wai! -1'-I-I EAT E 12 "Finest in Motion Picture Entertainment" Compliments of 1: LAN AGANS CHEVROLET Mabank, Texas IIVESTIGATEWM sAvnucs... JE MABANI4 INSURANCE COMPANY GERTIE SUDDUTH, owner "Best Wishes" Compliments of I T2 I CH MAN S ,A SERVICE STATION 1:21 E ND Compliments of --Good Luckvv T EYAS POWER at LIGHT MAR KE T W Mabank, T Athen T Congratulations to The Junior Class .55 D12-2 M125 W Mfwwfi ',,'l 3-' .....,w . ,u ..... R ,N f . n .-' n, . .. ..., . l'.-' I ,U 1 - 1 " 2112" - lg.-,.lQ.1.K',. '- .--"' -2: . - . "lv: l. . ,.-hh... Ru, -L mst. , sl,-H-'.-' . ,.x---, . 1 -E-'. '- ' ' .f 3,- .' gqizgg.-g'..... ,W-,SX '.-,.' '.'-,':.'--.'.'.-',:'....T'1 .X ' X-" 'lp .-.-. " .-' ,4-.-"'?::.--- ' 4.1,--,1','...... . ' -.1111 1 ' -- ,.:x::,'.- .-.wgltil N," :,...,..x ' " 1 .-'.-5 -.',o.'1'.'.'.' . -j.- .-1 v' - " ,0", . ,.4-3.-Q.. '--x ,.- '1',f'.--gig".-.1'.'. .:.,-.i-.1 V.. A T.. 1 ,a',.-,.,..- ...',, V. , ,I 15' 1 95,3 A.. -V . 1312122 :J-:.' f .- ' ' ,-5.5.5.-, -- I-gig,-5, - , 111 'A -' I .- "-- - ,.g, - .-, -. 11115155 ,iii-1-3 1. ill- .-:--.-,1 ,-.o.f.-'. H, 11- .1 fi!!-1-1'.1 J: 1-'.-.- ,.g.g-1-'.-.-,v .-- .1-1.1 ' '. ,fg.:-1fzo'.-'.- .Q 1: ' .- I : g.3,u.,o.,',.',n' ,: 7 g , 2-. gn-'.-'.-1-',s , 5- " .G '.- -"v'o"x931, ' - -.'-C' ,.,.,.-Q pl.-xg -.,, -,-.,-. z x,-0.1.0. ,0.,,,A. .5-, ' -' -'.-'.- -Q-:,3-7 11- - -1:5 "-'.',-'.v:"-,'g- -11:-f 'n 1' "-,' fl ' ,.f.,,j::, . --,1:-,' '-:-11 -11,2-?' , L., ,,- FA? lVVE'2'S co-oP GIN As5.N or MABANK "To the Best Junior Class' D12. z IVYIZS. HAM I I-'TON O suppuss 6' X55 "es, "' we U 0 NOTEBOOK W! I! .- -Lf: f l W Compliments of 4 T E. e12EE N AND SON M I AV 12 I C.-l-I S 54 to S 1.00 STORE VARIETY STORE Compliments of l 1 . WA! TRUCK AND TRACTOR ' 'Good Luck Juniors ' ' JATZTZELL HYDE? HARDWARE AND FURNITURE -l- izfzemembev 14. WOL'EN'S DEPT . STORE Th S f B Q 1 y U g l oooa L if 'K ,...,...,,..t11 Q ,11. 1 .i,4R1,:, 1 R Qpff BtLkthJ' f55 LAST MINUTE x 3? E W5 M "Mabank's Own Paper " IDA? AMBULANCE Phone 59 and 99 ELA BAN K M A BAN K 2 'BANNER SON FUNERAL HOME T. L. IENNINGS, Edit A ywhere - Anytime F th Best in M usic" Zine D11 T Compliments of BTZOC I4 MUSIC CO. Terrelly Tex. fjggjmzf TIRE AND ELECTRIC T, E, THOMPSON, Owner Compliments of YOUNG: INSURANCE AGEN CY Mabank, Texas Compliments of 5412.2 MES. I gain? NNJ-4. 'BIZOKEE ICITY c ,gg R CLEANERS , ', ' Og If "Quality Service ,SUI-xiw and Cleaning" DISTRIBUTOR new Compliments of Compliments of I DST .Jo12DAN ' DA: 12Y lN4A1ZT" EXPER T MECHANICS "For the Best Ice Cp?'enam" " flu' fl, 1 QL-f Compliments of -4' F 15 BROS. I ,p ' " Furniture, K 5 b"' ,- A Hardware, p Z E VA" ' A 8' BEAUTY SHOP as Appliances - 30.6 6. Leon Boatwright Mabank' Texas P pvlppll M, Owner -1 I-lLJDDl.'ESTON'S IMPLEMENT Mabank, Texas TIZM COUNT Y MOTOR co. SALES - SERVICE ' Mabank, Texas Cong ratulations ! "Visit Us " Mffffm STUDIOS Phone 168 at "C:n'vY BARBER SHOP " Mabank, Texas "See Us and Save" Congratulations ! From PNLLJSON -AND 'l2El'D LUMBER CO. A 'l:'l2lEINl'D COMPLIMENTS OF George Watts The Waldings W. M. Covey Ard Roberson Paul Pearson Red McDonald Doshie Freeman A Friend Hulet Jones Lee Gray J. T. Snowden Mr. and Mrs. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Cooksey Mrs. Willie Jo Jordan Miss Claudine Norton , ,--.. -- Mmaerzmk WE, THE .TUNIORS OF 1954-55 DEDICATE THIS PAGE OF OUR ANNUAL TO OUR PARENTS. MR. AND MRS. PRESTON ALLEN MR. AND MRS. ROY ALPHIN MR. AND MRS. IRVINE ALPHIN MR. AND MRS. I. E. BARKER MR. AND MRS. CECIL BAUGUSS MR. AND MRS. CHARLIE BOEHME MRS. E. E. BRASHEAR MR. AND MRS R. G. CABINESS MR. AND MRS R. L. CLARK MR. AND MRS R. Q. COLEMAN MR. AND MRS TOBE CRAFT MR. AND MRS TEMPLE DOROUGH MR. AND MRS. W. R. HUDSPETH MRS. VERA FAYE ELLEDGE MR. C. F.,FLATT MR. AND MRS. CARL FROSCH MR. AND MRS. ROLAND FROSCH MR. AND MRS. W. D. JOHNSON MR. AND MRS HARVEY MCANALLY MR. AND MRS E. A. RAYMOND MR. AND MRS T. H. SAPP MR. AND MRS R. H. STEVENS MR. AND MRS HOIL SUTTON MR. AND MRS VIRGIL THOMAS MR. T. E THOMPSON MR. AND MRS. M. A. RICH MR. MART WAGGONER MR. AND MRS. JOE WHITE MR. AND MRS. BILL WOODS MR. AND MRS. S. G. WULLSCHLEGER Tay A7ayln--ua vwznoox lor Publishing Company-Dal' ak X , 54- am pi' ,M HL af, 14 ,, Q ff. 5 55 El le.,1p,1 H 'S 5.-Q 5. W, fa 1 Ku QQ if M Q. "Y J. . rg- I? V , , F? if W If EA , 5 F '. sl '21- 1. r v 5 , af!-1 k 4 9 5 5 E P 3 3 a I Z E l I E 1 Q 3 5 5 5 Q ww www' X'

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