Lynwood Academy - Shipmate Yearbook (Lynwood, CA)

 - Class of 1955

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Lynwood Academy - Shipmate Yearbook (Lynwood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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X1 ,fm f QL J4 f W ki X D I V Ldifjjdfkfjwcz fl Wfijwffwi 0 V fy ff Wwfmf JUMP ff mdfwbawl My WW gf izzsziiriif 'KX HX f'UWl3fff MM N X X MMV H ju W WN x fwfipfix WW WU JM 3 Q ff? W T A Ski Wwffjwuh if N W' h f xg J -J 1 , I - XXL ,M AN, J jjjwa vip ' N 4! Q-X WI' uf Jhijf - ,V XA. U f-Nab X, JMX' I I'f-WJ? .lj V77 f' K 4 VYLV 1 ' F ' ' .fa ff ji AAA A X! . X If ,, A ' 1.7 5 ,lj A WX, it L.jN A I ' .ff Lf" 0jf4"" 7 A ,. an Q M M ff bf ' L 3 .' 0 A! 4 Q K- A J f 'E 'ii u 'E 6.-I, A 7 I I X xc NIM X, WW 'bfi ' ' Xxx U 5 X x '-XI , L ' ' . RN xx X ' XJX N . xx, X w Q , - 2' N Q X XL ' I Q-Qj :Sty Xml io v .-xx W " ij, ., 'K ' ' if' xv? fly! ' 1 J WJ X-my A N XM u xl' bf I I N I. A , I JR' Q lx l A my L x Fx NN X 'l Q , L JR Niwf' X . will im JNL!! , f - V - E v XJ f M "1 'K-4!+1 " P 115' 'Qs N Y- 5' 1' ' Q J D ' g .1 lp LLL -- LM JL u N Q V ,N ,x 7 I Mr, 1 1 'X Q r . x ,ff N ,ff ' ' X ' 3 L ff ? + L W f If ff 3 NE xx Ji , A I pix wi A P ' if be f 1 rf ' I ,JJ , ' Q W F L x I j V! V A F Jn xg f f V 1 f, Fl A' N U ' s Yi V V D wb - 'S 5 Sf 'f X u j xg 5 Q Q 5 w L pf, wi 5 ' 7,4 Q I Sa' M74 'V Vywgggf Qgzxikgifk fwmyfiffm W Auwwawf M22 Lee W W fb 2222535 fa,,fM fffw,-If, Ciikfiby 5 fm., LHiqgMfM E A wZj.NfMiWA ij WW aQQQg?qi Egiige A w1wQ?VJJ Ms mf w V w N , X I . 4- . A, gy Nw x I . 6 S AL J y . V. X Q I , 0-rv 1 - - L . Z, ,SL My X 5 Q, QE., M., - ' I . 1 4 I V Nj 6 4 , , yy!! ' 1 AAQ44, WW M ma 6 x'L Xh Y' 71f Q M57 .W if i Q. 'C' Hx M-Mu.. ' J ,- AJ! K ' . ' - F 11 .2 N ,LA fy VV ,J ,Lo ll' W , DQIL1' ,f,f, ff ELM , My 5 5, f Q k 96' ,Qwf Efifag vgi ff' JV f V V' H YM af' X . C ' l Nfl W' E UJMJKW 14-1MA ' ' X 5 ffff"' A Q 1 ' ,Nd 3: q A, 4, f ' C: L35 ' pi .ahM,47 MA 'x N . 'si X '1 74 4' -Q1 ' 9 5 ' A XSS f M Q A v f' rv rv 'X Us 31 ' M . ESR Q. AW4 J V 41 Ulffr if . ,XL ,iv ff , 4 QV ' W4 7 Af f f'f'!"'N , Q Q J ff ff Q X 9 7 . X Q. xi Q, 5 Nfln ' X f v f 0 -. 'K no xl F I ' i 7 fl! Sltipmat ' l. I fit' . v , .f '- - S t . . I 4, x . Y' ' T ., ' N ' r K' ' P " f S' Q 1 N . N- ' Q ' ' I , f, - , , . V 1 9 s ' . A 0 , I. , 4, 2- , . Aw 11M , A . 1 va' : W . 4 -. rw-Y.YIV-V-V-Y 4 2-2-'-' f :g.IgY42f" 1 -v.v-n':----:: Y'-54-:--:gt-f , ,., 0 ' ' R. 5, . -., -EZ .- 3-,-gf ..-.. , 1e'?,P.' nas 'ff -:aft """- L: -fr-f 5' . -?Mf:":5l'F9' . 1 . 1 Af.,- 4 -: r a ff.-'Ziff'-5,'c 7.3 Ala u fb? .654 C. , - ,,. ,57',f I A fy. 1- 'f' ' ',I!4., . gf . 4-I , , ... .v zf. wi, 'E A ,,, K-.I-T ...- 'r mf? gxy. 'WLT' 5,fj.,,.. aldrf' -. Lam Yi -R is K It is to these youth of action, youth with eyes on the stars, the youth of our own student body, that the staff wishes to dedicate the Lynwood SHIPMATE of 1955. 'the student body A mass of gaiety A rnaze of thoughts A blend ot personalities Youth, vital and alert Llnrnarred by time, standing Like springs first leaves Strong yet pliable, Cognizont of the challenge A challenge not unanswered. They stand undaunted, preparing To echo the call The call of service. Slgtpfwl WWW Another SHIPMATE another tsme to revuew the past and to anticipate the future' To students and to teachers alnke thus has been a year of Intense actnvlty It seems that school has scarcely started and now tt IS about to end At a trme luke thus our hearts are fnllea with mangled emo tlons sorrow as we realize the mnstakes we have made loy as we face the future with Its untold opportunntnes for greater achievement As the record of thus school year IS revnewed IH thus album of pleasant memories may the mrs takes of the past be quackly forglven and forgotten May the resolutnons for a better record grow stronger wnth each passing day May all of us gather from the pages of thus book a new lnspl ratnon to accomplrsh stnll greater thlngs un service for God and humannty Prnnclpal CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Dr W G Wirth .K if - Q 'rj - gif 'i pl n M A ,' . l O' fy They 1 1 guide the youth who seek fo light Masters in their fields The Battle of Actium, ll Penseroso The mysteries of Daniel and Bis They Revelation ection of angles, velocity of light make learning feasible. Administrator, sagely counsellor, f They riend- be all these and more. 5 W V COWPER Buble .J D E L ST H B ci :story lblitx.,-1 'V 4? M ff W UPL! Wff ffl XMM ,Jw C Qu-:Q f-N: 'K' L WMV' Fava., WMM. bwjk MA,wQ,,,MC,wN x-N mg? ffijcifflcd f,.q,yC'1NJ FWVNJ ? JONES rw ,rw-Q LA' Bbl 9111,-f3mw.0'e '5 lllllffff W J BOUNDEY EHQIISP1 Bible ij C paw! 55 WM4 VIVIAN SMITH SYLVIA SIMON Englush Cofeteruo 5 J 1' ac. 4 g - ' - V17 ' f ,fr ,.., X, , Q 'L frfixfu W . . U yilff? fb Lei 'Afcb 'F ' . . ,J ,P I 1 I6 J V4 me JL. wp Lf 6 YV 100,11 ,Q ' , ' LL 1 7j M.fvQi'Pf Qc' ., 'Jiri' -. 1 if rig I I if ' , ., A 1 , wmv 5 . 'wp in K I, ' Q? L ' 1 ' AXR K .7 W -" ,, , , ' .x, f -LG-i Q :Q 'L' fn , .If I R " , 2 ' ff DUANE PURDEY Accountant ' MARJORIE KEENE ' - 4 ,wt Registrar N ' 3 A GEN EVA ALCORN Home Arts EDNA KILCHER CHARLES WEEKS Mothemotucs Science .rw- Zuj W sf T' JOSEPH CRAIG Mechonncol Arts JOANNE HERMAN Chorus Volce Speech N.- Y' :Us CLARA CRAIG Sponlsh LOIS FOUTS Copmerce ,of 4441 Cc? vfzfy wwf ,La ,,.a,1f lf" ,141 ,z .4j ,fr -6 by X Jr! -,ffr f,,,4 f 'A' 1-1-, 4 f 44,-I if -7- 7 .Il L 4,6 '71 1fx 6 RUTH LUST Plano ESTHER LEDINGTON EDWARD TIMOTHY Voice Bond Instrumentotuon I W iff? BARBARA JONES Physlcol Educoflon Algebra JOHN KRELL Physical Educoflon Bsology -...J xy! N LORRAYNE WOLFSWINKEL f Cofeferlo Sfudy Hall LOUIE DAVIDSON EDITH DART Momfencmce Office MARGARET WHITE Llbroruon I S D Ex., '.!'5. fN9- O"-'Q X as? Q' WFS DON GIBBS Sanfa Ana Bus FLOYD JONES Alhambra Bus LLOYD GRAF Long Beach Bus KENNETH JONES Redondo Beach Bus sf- 'T' 'x f'..?,',.f Ev' I IO , MYRLE LAMPLEY Cafeferua BERTIE KRELL Office R I MCMANES Exposmon Park Bus PETER WOLFSWINKEL White Memorial Bus V 1 Ml? ' L kr 1 ji ' u 1 4 , 5 7 1 if? X adm' Q 4 YI 4, ' ge er IM"-fl?'wt,f,?,' A ' r t Q! Younger than spring, carefree Full of gciety ond life Gregorious cind friendly, An onimoted smile A cheerful, 'How ore you todoy?' The drone ot wheels on skote nights The companionship of Christian youth These sholi never be forgotten. 11 if '15 i 6- -0- T- Lloyd Arnolo Dov s Berrneisw 5 uvo B cz e Lynn Gosh!! L Hmm Phong Lows Dolly ond Borboro Roso rep resemotuves of the freshman closs on the Temperance Councwi Srudenf Foculvy Councwl leaders of the Log ond Shower Roorv fmmpomgns Beverly Brovher on Jw-nmy Brown Gordon Curr ,J Anne J Lin MUG Elvu Dokelow Mervole Eye ackxe Fnelc Lynn Goskuli Jeon Dunn -:oben Ferguson Dons Fush Jettobee Glllnlond 15,4 I :gi V Q avs he ' 1' I 1" Y'-'V ', Q ' ,, QS 'I' A . Q H ,. ., . In X V I - lx . 5 Q . .rf Q ' ' 1 ' if X' Y dl v Sondrfz Avlfwns Donn Brodws'k Roy BVfldShflW 1 X 1 r 1 X ' NP ' 'fhrrf i A v ' I J ' ' ' X 1 1 - fling x ' M " 1. " ' X K C 5 . A X Q- 4 Y Q Bob Greenleaf Kenneth Hake Sondra Hams Kenneth Glllus Dennrs Harlan Drgne Han Jeanette Hayden Wesley Jaster Lesley Jaster Roger Johnson nal, , Duane Lopez Vonda Larsen Rrcho rd Ludders Donna MacLean Gal Marfm Sandra Martln Clanton Mecdwoy Xandra Joiner Leslle Leggm Ruchard Kordnch Dean Lester p I W. ,a'. f' af 1 we . 16" . , -- rt, Dennre Melugan Larry Muller Betty Mudry Marilyn Munson Barbara Nott Gerry Odegaard Carmen Padilla 7 fl' 'Q i 0 -view' is--v t k 1' 1-19 ces- 'x Diana Petrick Lrllian Phang V?-r A' L. :uc lr, X. 1 l T' 1 i if -x, Y' X' N - Q Peter Pickwith 2 Bonnie Porter N, Q ' , ' A , t,, M . X Marrlyn Schuld Donna Smrth Sandra Sundin Charlene Taintor Bill Smith Lovernia Stephens Rita Sutton Richard Tucker ' lib Beverly Rae Q 5. Barbara Redden ,T- N . EQ , 1 I as Robert Reiswig if f X La Vonne Rogers . xii? 1 lL2'.'.- 3.231- " Carolyn Romaine f Barbara Rosa Mary Tupper Joseph Vuncannon l'l"0mC'5 Wflghl fi' Rrchard Walker Peggy Wrtt lnQe Zefbe .41 Si V u -f - '- - L, '1 Gary Ruffino J ' Jean Runge Carolrne Vrckery Q 1 ik ff I Carol Safstrom f ' xg Ronna Scott X 6 5 ,e ., -' W C A 1 1 I l L., L X., The sinking sun in the West In changing shades From pink to cerise to lavender Displays the beauty of nature And reveals natures God. The youth, spiritually rich Face tomorrow with the Galilean Their light rivals the sun When they walk with God. 15 James Denn s Asn ey f Kenneth Gosney Carolyn Nelson Barbara Rentfro Dennis Krleger Lrla Renrschler and Marnlyn Turner represenrornves of The sopho more class on the S1udenrFacul1y Councrl Temperance Council leaders of the Log and Shower Room campargns .leanerfe Ayala Norma Barney Geraldlne Barrlerr Dayud Beckner Donna Bohler George Bronson Ruth Ccnavan Lorus Burwell Davrd Charland Sandra Borg E zaberh Boyd Perry Bron E zaberr Branch drfh Branscum I4 Allen 1' J - l -el xy! D L X fed ' . I .X U X K . r l I A 7 r l 4 4!.,5 ' In Y of ,lk e Cf. Diana As ley ' 9 Us Xi I . ff" QMMV3' David CPNOY f Dudley Cobb 1 Al. ! Donald Cowper Donald Darly Jerry Dean Rrchard Drake Nelson Dickinson Robert Durkos Marulyn Fye Lorna Gardner Kenneth Gosney Barbara Graves Rebecca Hernandez Allen Hrckman N-f -bfvrufvvf Lynn Hrroshlma James Hull Lewrs Hockenberry Callre Ann Hoffman Myrna Hoskin in . f Sharon Hoss Loretta Fulton Sondra Hum Darlene lmal 4. Q... inf 'cz -of fl' fe ..' Y ov , Q ' R ,' .75 6 N ch ' . x I . x f ' yn 0- Q-4' 1'! bv in A-.v YQ- 's- has Q R 1- 1-1' 79 D-is Yvonne Johnson John Kirkpatrick Edmund Klecker Dennis Krueger George Lessord Roger Ley Roberf Loomus Dowd Lopez undo Lovett Iwo Lugo Deon Lunoholm ndro McDonoId Iv G f Cofhleen McDowell C 7 Ne! Mernll 5 lin 74 Don Monevre I , Donnice Mosnos Chonceford Mounce Fred Murry Shenlc Nutfer Peggy Porker Carolyn Nelson ...- Ads..- ., .-1 - .lx-1.. '-e 4.- C' I Q- Go: Porrlsh J J Pres on X Sylv Randall Be erly Ray Y- Dianne Reed Ba rbara Renrfro 'v David Richards William Rue Lila Rentschler Judy Reynolds i 1: i ' S1 l. lm .A Tim Salazar 1-x?N 1 N ' " if 11 L' Q Af' MIM' Sharon Sandwick Nm Roberta Sauza 'I' Fredene Schroeaer Glenn Sherrou -f-If Dolores Silvesrri Ethel Smurf Sherry Spier Vahn Sryre Adelle Tnrnorhy Marilyn Turner Allen Vargas Don Wilkins Carol Wray David Zavas Q-Q awk-g lu'N W9 3 G . , . ' 1 -r 4 I Q I J . " 'Cv ff ', U" . . ' .t f - I'1i Q ,X ,I 4, 1 -ff -if I .Y, 1 1.3 f fa ,.""-5.'I'sf2 . 1 ,,' ...-1,' ' . Wye.: 3. Li, 9 u 4 ' 1 un' . . . ,Q 2 ,. Aux-I V Q . 1 F ' -9 Q '5 ' K4 1' .57 177' Q 'L ',.J.,.'L ' ..-' . vlf Ik-fl, l .Url .lung 1' ' -.,-.,- ?!,.AJ.M-,tk 'f JZ' 55: 'gif' A - .Y 4, E? - . . 4 p Q .xy ,A , ,. . f , .. , ,f6Il'5.g-- af:- 4 QQQQ-Q, '- ff' 'sf V' F- ,ffl ' u J' V ff. . ' 1- ,Y7.' A . A. M A .. we. 1? . 'Wifi ' 1 7, A ' - .cg 1' Qt.. 1 .W ,' TW 1 ,j. - 25? ,P .4 ' .' W JZ, - :L . .2 ' 1 -P x ' . , gs., ,, '..' X 4 .N 'Y' .1 im' , mf .K-' . ,, AX- . -4, v.. .- 1 L A 1 . 9, Jin ! 9 sf K L ,I A 5 X .9 4 ' V -'E ' v A t . vvs E , ' x x I Q , , QIQH 2 35? isx -' is 'Y' .5 ,I s .'Q-,', Q 1 " , . 9 2 t 41 Y Qro cv zrvfw ll 1 f5aQ, J I w Eff? Hill" l . , C 4 Q li ' if " V i OIS Hicero 0 the lcwo of '55 HGH IdM OU S, Q B L N... MOTTO Ch tO H p O n re onsors AIM Heaven ur ome C ORS Coral an harcoa W TM, I I Q I 5 Q A n C it I 3 ii 2 ' 3 " "' Q1 ' +1 .Q If 'Ei , . ' , A i.. ag, ' I it - 3 i ' .A ' JK r i .3 A - r. Q . i if '- P- U ' , , n No 1' ' X - , 1 ' 4 t -r f ' Q' N' . xi' ' 7 'Q' X , " A William Gaskill President 'l ..,J 'IL ' f Frances Gutierrez Vice President A Harrie i more Secretary Deanna Fisher Assistant Secretary Arthur Lizer Treasurer Richard Prince Assistant Treasurer Rona ortimer Sergeant at Arms I 'is Ur O e L ' F f J h K II Sp f O H OL 1 d C I Douglas Arnold Rglpl Arnold 5 15 ,, ev- N R9 gpq ri Judith Atkins Terry Bates Cherilyn Bolander Gordon Euliss Marie Fashing , gf' ,- x....,,.,f- if Deanna Fisher Howard Flynn William Gaskill Jane! Grllesple Barbara Gullrlond FK .C--1 r 21 Horrrelr Gvllmore Gwen Goddard ,acquelrne Groger Arvhur Lnzer Dowd Loyd .MQ f' 4..- Lynn Mallery Douglas Melugnn Marrlyn Metcaif l s-I T17 Ronald Mortumer Don Richards Carolyn Neff James Ruchards Y" 'T as ,gn- U -v Suzanne Neuendank Phyllls Nrx Naomi Oleda Eunvce Orozco Aya Oka no QQ Rvcha rd Payne Ruchard Prunce Crystal Proffnff Bruce Ramsey Bob Randall Dennus Redfern 'sv' Edgar Rosa Barbara Sabun Charles Salazar 35 i' .--v Z 2 If FN 25 n C i - X Guru, an V 5 l C Q I C r ut- g- 2 ' X. 1 , 'X - fn ' ws ax My I s XX! , - A ,4 , x la 3:-' I A 'A 4 f . . r r A IJ. M f' . 'f A 3 4 C ' - K flgz. l Q -ill x 1 QD Q . . I K Q! W:-:Y Joan Smurh Donna Whne Lunda Smnh Samuel Wulson i' -11 Ervin Taylor Dea Anna Tell Martha Walsh YQ? fx x u Y-:Y , r 1 X 26 -cg:-' Marilyn Smivlw . arricio Suter ' Navhan Sweet Norma Trankle Donna Webb Clifton Wells -1 -4 x4 I3 Bull Wise Vernona Woodward Marjorie Worden ID- -f-'-v Y Yah' 123 sr' ge? X fx-nf-.-,.. . 'ff Nfl. . ,- X : ff' 'ff' if x 1 enioro Lcero o the lcwo o 55 JT f' i Jon Relswrg Marlene Biggs June Campbell Sally Van Schuyver George Rentfro Elmer Chrnstner James Heldoorn Duck Baldwin Geneva Alcorn William Boundey Presldent Vrce President Secretary Assrstant Secretary Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Pastor Parlnamentaruan Sponsors MOTTO He Conquers Who Conquers Humself AIM Perfection COLORS Mmt Green and Cocoa Brown FLOWER: Lady Jane Gladiola 5 GAIL ARNETT RICHARD BALDWIN REGGIE CALLENDER JUNE CAMPBELL N1 MARLENE BIGGS CHERYL BURWELL BARBARA CADDEL JOYCE CHING K IN ELMER -Av CHRISTNER ' "7 144' i RICHARD DAVIDSON HELENA CLARKE NORMAN COLLINS MICHAEL DUEWEL pi C341 Q0 iv JAMES EGAN MARGARET COUNTER GAILE FASIG CHARLES FINNEY f Q"" JOAN COX 1'1- ,.,-Q 3 1 I, , ,,.. Y, , f I f I pyff' 4 A , i . ,, . 9 ,Lf .444-v 43- , - , I -Q. .- l' ' ' A-5 1 -Y v --' ,- .JUDITH GANT DONNA HAESSLY DONNA GILBERT JEANNE HARLAN DONNA GREEN LAWRENCE HAWKINS HENRY GUZMAN ROBERT HABSTRITT Y JAMES HELDOORN WARREN JOHNSON ,Z Y S.,,,, I4-449 DARRELL JONES RONNIE HEMMERLIN PATRICIA HOXIE MY RNA JON ES PRINCIE LOU JONES ROBERT KUNTZ ff 'in 'Y JOHNSON QT H1 gil! BURTON bg Nl'N PATRICIA LANCE MARJORIE McDOWELL LINDA LANG LORENE MCGAVOCK EILEEN LESTER ROBERT MAI LAND PEGGY LEWIS GLORIA LOPEZ DAN MILLER I 5644 RAY PIA WILMER MILLER SHIRLEE REED MARILYNNE PELLYMOUNTER ,wwf .ION REISWIG f tx-1 BONNIE PEYTON GEORGE RENTFRO K ROSALIE RICHARDS "" JAMES "" PHANG iQ' VIRGINIA ROSA KENNETH SMART WALTER RUE KENLEY SMITH fha! ,..., 6- DANIEL SAWZAK GARY SOU LSBURG FRANCES SCARLETT VERNETTA SCHNEIDER CHARLES SPIER ish. S1 SALLY VAN SCHUYVER CRYSTAL STEVICK SHARON WELLS CHARLOTTE SURLS WILLIAM WITT fi if 'C' ELISE THORSON JAMES WORDEN VERNELLE VANCE ROSALINDA de VERA lno pucfurel Q duff? '9Y'1'?" N f 1 1 in W' l 45? 1 nf' i Action stimulates growth Idleness is stognotion Enthusiastic, idealistic They shine like storsg With the zest of youth They lead and serve. See the men running? They run like Greeks On Olympusg they run The roce of lite. 37 8l1iU1CU' FIRST SEMESTER Elnse Thorson Dec: Anno Tell SECOND SEMESTER Wolfer Rue Jane? Glllesple Vnce ElderW V Cowper czelagwuo la Looaonary Presldem Secretory Dresndent President Advisor C They po T the oy To the Mosre wth so gs of pro se ond words of lfe The Weeks of P oyer 1h Elde L ee Sondefur ond Elder Hen y Be gh b ought ene ed co sec otons for fo thf I ser ce O Q f e f ff E a '- - I Borboro Cclddel ........... Secretary In w r i n i i . r wi r 'r r r r r w n r i i u vi . 7 I --- Qs f 1 ogctiuitieo griday rayer fund.: ' Besides seosons of proyer ocfivities include singing fo shuf-ins sending gifts fo an needy groups L t n Q The corolers the Voce of Prophecy group ond ihe tree Iooded wth gfts these hove estobl shed o froditon for Chr srmos time ff N, 1 K , 9 O uf O , i , i a - a 'a i ' . ' , .Q 1' I s gg , 1 as 1 Q I p Q ff A , f I 'I Q . i' IJ iv 4 PRESIDENTS James Heldoorn. .First Semester Elmer Christner.Second Semester FIRST SEMESTER Emily Hendrix ........... Girls' Terry Bates ..... . . Boys' Frances Gutierrez ............. SECOND SEMESTER Vernetta Schneider ....... Girls' James Phang .,.. ..., B oys' Patricia Hay .... ,..... Geneva Alcorn . . . 40 'C' Vice President Vice President . . . Secretary Vice President Vice President . . . Secretary . . . Advisor oaooocicatecl tuclc-:nt only Collectively the Associoted Student Body occomplishes the work of o titon. This yeor the ASB hos sponsored The Log ond Shower Room compoigns ond hos occentuoted school life with vorious progroms ond ossemblies. These octivities oct os o bond uniting students from oll walks of life, stimuloting eoch to higher service, fusing the student body into one fomily of hoppy individuals. Nl ,Q x J 3 ,V ft' M y . X I H' A., x'. n V . X i F r ll fi Ol-ai l 3 Q -Q f QM, C in f gi! If X x flu Student - aculty ouncrl Coordrnafmg the Srudent Body rn harmonxous octron Assoclated Sfudenf Body Presrdenls James Heldoorn Elmer Cl' rsrn r Grrls VncePresrden1s Emrly Hendrlx Vernerto Schnerder Boys Vuce Presrdents Terry Bates James Phang Secrerarres Frances Gutrerrez Patrlcra Hay Missionary Seminar Presrdenls El: e Thorson Walter Rue Vlce Presldenf Second Semester Janet Grllespre Secretarles Dea Anna Tell Barbara Caddel Class Reoresentatrves Sensor Lrnda Lang Junuor Ervnn Taylor Sophomore Dennls Krueger Freshman Lrllran Phang Lynwood Log Edrtor Carolyn Neff Shapmafe Edrror Pafrrcra Hoxle Advisors Mrs Geneva Alcorn ElderW V Cowper In emperance ouncrl The crusade to shatter vhe Glass Curfarn Terry Bates Presrdenf Sally Van Schuyver Vrce Presrdenr Patrrcra Sufer Secretary Treasurer Pu 42 e C? ' my Q N i Q Q ,T . x r ' , J . . f, 1 ' M Q e ' ,f ' . -. 1 f l " L 2 i . lg n- KO . . ' n l .s L 5 0' . fs C iii' THE BUSlNtSS EFHCTENCY CLUB manages to mrx trral balances rournal enrrres and seosrde campfrres to rust fre rrgh consrsvency Off Cers Pa rrcra Hay Presrdenr Robert Hobsrrrrf Vce Presrdenr Garle Fasrg Secretary Henry Guzrn Treasurer RJ bf nv! i' 7 l THE SPANISH CLUB ,Hola amrgol Venga Vd a la prnara Olfrcers Charles Sprer James Phang Presrdenrs Else Thorson Gary Soulsburg Vrce Presrdenrs Donna Green Vernefta Schnerder Secrerarres Marlene Brggs Porrrcra Hoxre Assrsronr Secrera res Elmer Chrrsfner Barbara Caddell Reporters Sharon Wells June Campbell Musrc Drrectors Y , 1 M 1' ' -T T . , - ... Hb ' , rs ' s T ' . , , Q , L 5 ' 'Q 1 X 44 D' I H u 0 V S I - Kg ' ' 'rl I 1 ' J i ,, , l ' l V I 'Z I' l , fl ' , A AA ' s .af uoicccl THE LYNAIRES Joanne Herman, Director. Girls: Sharon Wells, Vernetta Schneider, Princie Lou Jones Virginia Rosa Sharon Sandwick Patricia Hoxie Betty Branch Gail Arnett lnot picturedl June Campbell Accompanist Boys Ben Estrella George Rentfro James Phang James Heldoorn Sam Wilson Charles Spier David Zavas Dick Baldwin h l Edward Timothy Director an James Heldoorn President June Campbell Secretary Terry Bates Manager Howard Flynn Librarian Walter Rue Student Director 1 S lil -lvlwog BAN D 04 ov' ctcvaheo TROMBONE TRIO Howard Flynn James Heldoorn D ck Baldwm Joanne Herman D recro iv .-5 gl SENIOR GIRLS TRIO Pr nc e Lou Jones Vernerra Schne de Sharon WeIIs FALL TALENT FESTIVAL PARTICIPANTS BII Rue Pa rcla Hoxe Walter R R YI'7 S, fp, ehoruo V rg n a Rosa Ronald Mo 1 me Secretar es 3C 'A uf" Q. 11 Jumor Gvrls Socker Game Sophomore Cclusfhenucs Y W8 Freshman Hugh Jump Senior Tumbling Teom Lynwood s Strong Mon Freshman Volleyball Game Junior Basketball Game Sensor Touch Football Team L T u 4 1 a f V,Ly4 "f N QI? . - 3 ' 'l x X .X Tm vi 1' COMMERCIAL A skull so worthwhnle fhof one Third of Lynwood s students ore enrolled an erfher Typrng I or II CHEMISTRY Acids bases ond solts Together wrfh Avogodro s Low rnoke screnfnfuc phe nomeno expllcoble lcworoom SPEECH CLASS Tronnung an enuncncmon duction ond unterpretcnon develops posse un the socnol clrfs ART Shodung ond perspective rnlxed with ort opprecrofion. BUT who? ns This? The Thinker? Better rncxke it on ob, slrcldlon. ccento caaxrme .earntng to bake, protl, ana - not sponl-wrll prepare tnern tor future roles M M SEWING Patterns Cham strtches pleats and tucks Practmcal knowledge makes for thruft K fl 1 AUTO MECHANICS Busy nanas work on prstons carba retors and vaives Greasy trngers Yes but a srnrle at sattstactron tor a tab well done WOODWORKING Sana carefully th t spar tor ron Derseveren e Comes all a d rorr sktll the prude of a Workman ilu erewo J THE LIBRARY WORKERS Guordmg the word Treosury of The school THE STUDY HALL MONITORS Sxlermce us golden ond These gurls preserve If THE YARD CREW They keep us proud of our school. 50 THE HALL MONITORS With o cheery smile for everyone, f flint jleep THE JANITOR CREW Laughter with every push and pull Linking THE CAFETERIA WORKERS THE KITCHEN AIDS Pretty and equally efficient. THE CHECKERS That last professional "touch." A friendly word with v ry serving -WL' L ,, ,- i' , Cpulsliccction f""5 Shipmat Patricia Hoxie .... . . . Editor-in-Chief Frances Gutierrez . . . . . Associate Editor James Phang .. ........... Literary Editor Charles Spier ............. Business Manager Larry Hawkins .... Assistant Business Manager John Krell, C. C. Weeks . . Photography Advisors Vivian Smith ..................... Advisor , . if 1 l lv- fha fog Carolyn Neff .. . . .. Editor-in-Chief Patricia Hay ....... . . Managing Editor Marilynn Lampley . . . ..... News Editor Donna Webb .... . . . Feature Editor Edna Kilcher .. . Joan Cox ..... Darrell Jones ... V. . . ii Q4 ' ... Alumni Editor .... Copy Editor .... Business Manager Terry Bates ............ Advertising Manager Art Eberhardt . . Sandra McDonald, q Photographer Sondra Hunt, Ervin Taylor ................. Reporters Lois Fouts ...... Duane Purdey . . John Krell ... ... . Literary Advisor .... Financial Advisor . . . Photography Advisor Student c1Qooter Y Y K 'Q Q51 V G 'ICJ fg?7HV Pr I- . 4. The "lcebox Lynwood Academy March 15,1955 Dear Lynwoodites, At this last minute before deadline I wish to thank everyone who has helped to make this book: Charles and Larry for their especially fine ad section, Jim for his outstanding division pages, Frances for all those ninth periods she devoted to the cause, Mr. Krell and Mr. Weeks for their long hours in the darkroom, Mrs. Smith for co-ordinating our efforts, and several teachers for their patience in accepting tardy passes. But most of all this page is devoted to those loyal patrons of our academy without whose help our annual could not have been financed. Their names are listed below, The next time you see them, would you please give them my deepest thanks? Dr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Allen Dr, and Mrs. Harold S. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Altig Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow G. Krieger Kennerly C. Ashley, M.D. Doctors McLennan and Strahle Mina M. Ashley, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Don C. Moshos Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Beckner Dr. and Mrs. Chanceford A. Mounce Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Branch Dr. and Mrs, Joseph Mudry Dr. and Mrs. L. C. Burwell Dr, and Mrs. Floyd E. Neff Dr. and Mrs. George M. Campbell Dr. and Mrs. Elmer A. Nelson Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Y. Ching Dr. and Mrs. Samuel H, Phang Dr. and Mrs. Dudley M. Cobb, Jr. Dr. and Mrs, Charles C. Prince Mr. and Mrs. R. Daily Dr. and Mrs. Earl B. Ray Mr. and Mrs. George N. Dickinson Dr. and Mrs. A. H. Reiswig Mr. and Mrs. Lester H. Fasig Dr, and Mrs. Ezra E. Richards Dr. and Mrs. Elmer W. Gilbert Dr. and Mrs. Jesse C. Richards Dr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Gray Dr. and Mrs. F. H. Schroeder Dr. and Mrs. Louis O. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Evert Soulsburg Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Y. Hiroshima Charles A. Spier, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Harold J. Hoxie Dr. and Mrs. B. F. Styre Dr. and Mrs. C. Vincent Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Wright So, fellow students, here is the T955 SHIPMATE. Months ago the staff dedicated it to you. We hope you like it. X X 'A Sincerely yours, ' H ,A mm' 'flfvw - Xf A. 5 School Stationery CDMPTON OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY 811 EAST COMPTON BOULEVARD NE 8-4146 NE 6-1465 OPEN 8 AM.-6 P.M.-MON. Em. Tum. 9 he X 1 X 5' 5 . I I ' E' : X, , .xg xxx: X. 5 1 IXY N 'x I 1 N 1 X xx yr X X X I N XS WNY' 5fX9 55325: W- I Y A4 ,gf 1 J 1 iff fm , it V ,4 'peek l N -. ' L .1 X X Y C V 4 X ,, ft. y NX' 4 Kg Us x X x XY Q X sxfx big -IJQXLYXXXQ, 100 East Elm Congratulations Class of 1955 Uenfzaf llumgez o. Phone NEwmork 1,1196 - Nevada 6-1018 Compton Caltforma Lady Atrendant Member Order of Golden Rule NEwmark 1 1345 NEvada 6 2216 ROB RT D TRAGER LYNWOOD MORTUARY 3197 lrnpernal Hnghway Lynwood Calrfornua w II wear? You have a rlght to expecr that college wt I prepare you to do somethlng What you are prepared to do depends on you and on the educatsonal cholces you make P U C wnth Its three schoc than any other Seventh day Adventrst College Technucal School Ten spec t c 2 yea co rs of stu y to st den s h want ed ately act cal ra n ng E am es Agnculture Office Management ladro and Professuonal School F tteen curr cula lead ng ta the Bachelor of Scence deg ee at the end of four years E arnples Chemls lry Elementary Educatlon Publ c Reluhons Luberal Arts School Fourteen four year c ula lead ng to the Bach e r of Arts Deg ee E omples Husmess Ad Istratan Hnstory German Engl sh Theology Electmmcs For full detauls and a new P U C bullettn wrute to The Regustrar l F l C C 0 L L Angwln Calufornua 'Xxj F xx 41 N IX N, NI It I V1 Fx 59 , St. I ' ' X, l . 7 l 2 xy l L 1 l It E . 1 I X' , 1 Il 'fx qi I I ' ' 2 .xy I U A Xi, fl ,el p I C C f 53 iff? X Q ,QQ K 1 A Y! V Nl J 1 X lx' -1 kg X ,WI X, fl Xl 1 X kt I ' i . CT I A Q Q XI ' 1 ' N , ,, I I ' 4 I SNK 'l X Y organlzatxon offers you a Wider range of clhofce in your tralnind gl N I A, I' Y S ' . X V r u - I i 1 - urrlc- xx N? X ' s d r u i i - X io Imm I l r lo r . x- X. xl pi' I I I . x l - . x : I ' - . - : . ' min- XI' T B I p z , '- ' I ' . ' sl ,' '. ' I x .l Q ' f' X P A C U N l 0 N E G E J - lf X I X w s R Q, V X ' s. 2 THE BEST FOR LESS u ! C74 Lon ,IKZLEELIZH 6 LIL, 9th ind . LOS Angeles pLeGSonT 3 1531 MI 84175 Hoo er ST Los A gele 4 LEFIDHLE SRDITHRIUITI HDD HOSPITRL SCHUUL UF NURSING ISOBEQS LULSOFI EFTDRLE CRL 1' 5 ' -v , S I HQ, , , ' . v . rm s 4 ,Calif T I ave n u E G L , IF. sy nr . 2 M 1 .7 t Q7 "" 71 ' o v I V L I ,. A A A b N 1 1. ' ' N lg X ' x ':-' 1 X xx ' Eb gi ff! if C5 Rami Wi' 75 is xci. omfzarzy cgoufgefzn Calm fZLCl d771 soox AND aims House O S h I f T h Ch p 5 1876 SE TCh y fr 5 L AU, Congratulations S iors of 5 Umm 1 cz f 62 Q X f. N. Q4 E I Q e- W, 5 c " 0 School and Church Furniture 0 7 I Richman - 52 210 out Hi I Sreef elep one a man - 152 as ev Chase Drive Los Angeles 7, California Glendale, California B L he Hx . lx at X v ,Y 1 "nw 7 g x 5 , ls. ' o 1 ifgi - ' "Elf qi . I , 1 J , A nn' 'ng ' - en 195 ' I T58 CONGRATULATIONS LYNWOOD ACADEMY FROM CHRIS MYRON STUDIOS 16809 BELLFLOWER BOULEVARD BELLFLOWER CALIFORNIA TO 7 2868 Speclclnznng nn Weddings and Ccmdud Albums I 63 X gm xx Q W JL 3 3 LA SIERRA ,J KQOFFSIEO C llege Students Mahfzn ago: like isle 3 K 'Nr xg S ix tat f f kat, Carefully Plann d ! vL4,Lj 14.142, 70-uf 7 oroughly Chrlstlan f Q Unqueshonably Standard gpm-J MJ Adequately Duverslfled iw rmataon and Bulletms wnte-ttf 2 THE DEAN S OFFICE La Suerra College Arlington Calntorma 64 " W' Q 4 ' C' A aAl' -ff" , l - ix l 0' ' Y , l doth " I ' is li 3. ' 6 ' ' il sniff., M, QI Q JW aww RA -691,2 SQ? Xi N32 MWWWL '52-L 9 'X YL 'X 'P e 'L-el -f AML J JV-Suck QAM., O + ,I-gd-+L, N-H+-Ovli Q AA Q be in 5 J T WML bmp 3 Q JFS' AXL W Cf' 9955 flags, 'f'L9JU4,:,nI,A cj R1 K' H 3 aw? QJLXP, X of Awww ww W WM MQMW ,MM J, X My wfwigw 1 NM M Wwjffwf f Sf XFX 6 1140475 Gal 1 . ' -f f i iff QM gl Q, , as J . A 'N .4 .J.,,,-,,xHg, AJ A-Ny, sg . S, dc, 9 ...x Y 1 U'-4.14, - ' , . . A V X O Q5 0 ,A bw I G cf AX R, Q ' '17 f rx 'L' K . W J" J' Q -Q5 v ,L iq M f. -X U L -A X X G AAL -Qkh, QU FL vi ,AAJQV K Q ,H - 4 2 , .4 - Lx,AQ .Aicyxvju fx kg, -LC o In l R -M-k,l. Q l CQ f .L ,V A' , r tj, I fx-QAJ Lg,-Adxyvllilvkp . xi, Z C? ih , 1 A F X1 K .. U , . ' ' X ,XL ' X f Nw My x ' NF I w W' V I i 0 W I AMO , ' rw ' 'Q -' L" ' Qfcp ' 1 0 ' -n' sgix Ax , -'X I 1 l I . W fuss S f 'A' ' ' ' 15 'xr' K xp-., ' , . N be Lqx, -N ' 'VD X , 0 ,Aer . t'fe!lfl'0Il .......... Pususwzns or YEAR looxsrol me oxscnmmnuwc SA NHXX , fi 'N fm 2 ear 0 K use X gm 3 .1 mzrovza Lf0!'llLl1 ' -2 Q, L- x . XJ' XXX va '- . , is Wx - 'li 59 Q5 'ZO"ir1fjZZ4xWd '66'f7'y"jf,g,6f'fff 607410, fs-JQMM QW-0 vpym, 5 v if fi ji X JVM X55 J XS My Xwpwbfvwlgf jg! f is jjgffmfijgizyfxfy 3 if M 25 wi Qff M Q? fl mwqym x 5 se M EQ lx Gif Qs SM K f 'M M W C' pf' f L ev 1? M Qgif' 1 lzmf V, , ' VIAA A lnt wj ff 9 J if wffqlbbb it NL N V575 ,J wp in 11,37 20' Ax U-fb 1 PM X ,JVXN 1 L bf yi N M X V 'sf , Q yy jg, . vt if x NI f Y Warn" X 3' . n -K 7 I ' xx ' of U W aw h if tj' R oi T, 9 f if AQ 7, A G s A .Y Q. W J. 3553411 gb I be 5 X .57 5 - T Xjbvjjoi K5 V1 E: 5 50' ij iq Q 'jr . ef M n . J , ' fi! A pg gf if V X if VAX! W Y Qf xx MQ! ' ."1- ,U ' I CW9 'KKEQMQ aff' 3 f v 1 ,X 'fy FA W ' Q 5.27 R NVMXF ,AIX "fl Nh? . :pd A '35 2,4 '. , , ,lf , Q MJ iff' 4 ff! J ff ,115 I b , Xyff ,-f"A1!'j : ,' , M0 Hp! A fl!! fif V lu' X f f A X 44,0 , ,ffI"A ' L , l1 M I, . V Z: ixfv Lf, f' ll, I Opt ' ff, , W' ,ff rw ' f , if' V ,! ' P ', ,XM 1 ,K . ff f 1, ,,ffx 36 'iff JI. ',"'f7 1 lf VJV: ,ff ,w ,: .4 ' I -V ' v 0 W by '777' I ,ILM A fu ' . i M avi, MJ V fv yi f 4, A, ,Lf , ,J V , JV 2,6 .2 I .1 f',A A 12. : VU I V , v ! Vlvlx, My if ' P ffff,fv" f JU! My LJ ,42'.fVL, M j '4 .1 'lf I A QM 5 4 1. . fu l la, L A . , Lf LX X A' x , 1 -. . X rl x , tl lx ,X i 1 V 'N K1 ' 2, K A V L .kk .' 1 L 1 'x 1' fgl 4 V , , ,T gm 77 r , A 14 ' gf - fi 5 x bl fl 'U l X J fy! ,In x 377- 5, J. ,-421, nhl aw A YA,, -1 f " 0 , f , Q 1 7f D W xxx' -,VW D2 ,, k 17 , 2 M- f. fq gx

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1955, pg 52

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