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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1951 volume:

published by V' ' 'S di-Exp MW J-""""i' A-. X x ipma ie THE ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY OF LYNWOOD ACADEMY Volume IV - I 95 I EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. . . ASSOCIATE EDITORS . . ART EDITORS ADVERTISING MANAGERS . . FACULTY SPONSOR . . Mi+zi Smi+I1 Barbara Brown Donald Mapes Marilyn Schulz ArIine Gor+on Eunice Chaffin Richard Haskew Bill Sfevens MonI'e Burks Joan Kewley l VWN W l V 1 l I i , i a i Page 2 I I Always an admirer of counfry living, our beloved "ma+h" reacher, Edna Kilcher, has found 'lhai' life and her career have led her far away from 'lhe farm of her dreams. Born in Iowa in fhe midsf of fhe Corn Beli, she began her reaching ai 'I'he age of eighfeen in a liHle counfry school no+ far from her home. La'l'er she came +o Long Beach and Lynwood Academies where for a quarfer of a cenfury she has insfilled in her s+uden'l's somefhing of 'lhal' rural wholesomeness of which her soul breafhes even in fhe cify. Though she has noi- a chick of her own, many a s+uden+ has been +aken under her wing for kindly counsel. She will always be remembered by her si'udenl's for her sincere Chrisfian influence and for her palience as 'l'hey slruggled wifh 'l'he problems of mafhemaiics or wifh +he greaier problems of life. The s+aFF of 'lhe I95I SHIPMATE fakes pride in dedica+ing fhis yearbook fo MISS EDNA KlLCHER, knowing ihai' someday she will reap a harvesi' as generous and as rich as +he kindnesses she has sown in The hearfs of her siudenfs. Z W2-6 44040 ri 2 ffm ,,,f A school is as alive and growing as a Fielcl of corn or a spreading calc. The +hir+een years of Lynwood's operafion have been years of consfanf growih and development The sfafi fakes greaf pleasure in presenfing +he SHIPMATE of I95l in which +he progress of lhis year is picfurecl. Page 3 PART I. II. III. IV. V. VI. g I f 7 4 I Ee 1' TEE! I 6-,, -H Us ,. KAY, I ,- f 11' Ik ll- t 1 f' M413 fa v I , fj ,SQL def' 1' X. , "A -- - N' FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES AND FRESHMEN ACTIVITIES OTHER FRIENDS ww : :,,m,,:,. -L:-::gfjj'A' , Q 1' 2: : 1: , -,e ,E 5 Q 1 ww WM- .MW W MM- W Q W f ' ., xg ,W KWW , ,mv .,,, ws , Q gl :3 '7 1 M WW :MxbQW131gif4' - f 3 Ye'-1 1 my W 1 X1 i 31 QW 5 5 f A ,. f m ,, M, 2 4 ,A -N W yrssif . ,y .i4,EX,.M fx ,. Q AW.Jfti.' .... v,..W.,9g,U,,,,g,V.w,g N Q , ,f gy , f , H eQ ,W W4 'Q S9 ma ww EK I I I "'Z. cg , S-I f S , 1 Q s j flgx nf -- , - FN LF .- 1' S ax f -ji. I fi nqfaljs K f-Q ' -S 5.115 -'-x F, ' 1 A K N ,lg- ,ngba - -PIM - f' as 5- Q 1 r 1 ALI: -li It - 'ax 4 Q, HEX, E?.'F.x - f "- - Q if-, 'E if 'T-:Rik EE:-K x 'aft' III ui 1 x ff, ' .::.:5ai1!?5,A ., l f'25:EE'ES' Nj! X- 35552215 '-:ay 5 125 4:'.E:E bu Tx? K x - sv :Q I 'H x J Page 7 Page 8 The SHIPMATE of l95I is a record of pleasanl' memories of ano+her school year. As s+udenfs and ieachers we have mingled +oge+her in pleasanl' comradeship. We have shared each o+her's ioys and disappoinfmenfs. Daily, all of us have been sowing seeds in fhe gardens of our hearls. May fhe harvesi' be a rich reward of success and +rue happiness here in fhis presenf world, and an efernify of icy and bliss in +ha+ beau+iful garden of fhe fu+ure when 'l'he earfh is made new. W. Byron Dari, Principal H. L. WALLACE Bible EDNA SPILLERS Accoun+anf, Cashier fSecond Semes+er, MARJORIE KEENE Reglsfrar, Secrefary D. E. LUST Science W. V. COWPER Bible, Hisiory LILAH NAHORNEY Accounhunf, Cashier fFirs+ Semesierl Page 9 VIVIAN SMITH English A. W. ROWE Band. Insfrumeniafion CLARA CRAIG Foreign Language ESTH ER LEDINGTON Voice Page IO EDNA KI LCH ER Mafhemahcs STANLEY LEDINGTON Piano. Organ. Ari GENEVA ALCORN Home Arfs J. W. CRAIG Mechanical Arfs JOAN KEWLEY Library. English LOIS FOUTS Commerce C. S. SAWYER Main+enance SYLVIA SIMON Cafeferia Page ll Page I2 ' Zuma! R. R. Biefz L. B. Schick, Chairman C. E. Counfer. M.D., V-chm. J. A. Simonson A. C. Nelson W. W. Rulsle W. B. Dari, Secreiary K. C. Ashley, M.D. G. M. Campbell, M.D. W. G. Wirlh H. C. Hurlbuf Elmer Gilbert M.D. G. Lewis M. Emerson . Ermshar A. Mourer, M.D Xgfrs 'Q N- f Z ,NN ,Q N l ,.dN I ' 1- KX Z XX WN ?-3' ,f ,f Z5 if M!-xx - fx-. 3 wx- ,ff , , X - Eff f Q1 1 jj 1 Z: ' X . - .--f- ' :-- X S" V ' H737 5-"-42:1 , f.":-? 2"""' 5' A-lax.-F N'V"'x 4. T ' 1, T A k V77 O , f 'f i ff? ,--- ' f ,Alu W . - jiyxi ll.. 4 0 q1d"'J Y Pg I3 Page I4 gem STANLEY RAY PAT RAY GLORIA ARNETT Presidenf Vice-presideni' Secrerary Physician Medical Secreiary Nurse MoHo-We Build for Elernify Aim - Success Through Service Flower - American Beaufy Rose DORIS DEWEY PAUL BRADSHAW LYLE DEEM Assisfanr Secrefary Treasurer Assis1'an+ Treasurer Secrefary Physicisf Auro Mechanic BILL ATKINS La borafory Technician JIMMY BLACKBU RN La borafory Technician EI LEEN BOLANDER Secrefary LEON BRODIE Engineer EVELYNN BILLINGS Teacher VERNON BLAN KE Laborafory Technician CHRISTINE BONORA Nurse DONNA BUHRMAN Bookkeeper Page I5 Page I6 MONTE BU RKS Journalisf BRUCE CAMPBELL Scienfisf CARL CARDEY Rancher DALE CAHOON Radio Technician TONY CAMPU ED Physician BUD COOK Fireman LILLIAN deLUNA IRIS ERMSHAR WINIFRED FAWKES Nurse Secrefary SBCYBNFY MARTHA FERNANDEZ Teacher JOANNE GOODMAN Merchandiser JOY AN N HARVEY Secrefary DORIS FRISBEY Secrefary ARLI NE GORTON Nurse LEE HENDERSON Physician LISA HERTZBERG AMBROS JIMENEZ CHARLOTTE KNOX Librarian Missionary Medical Secrefary Page I7 JOHN McCAIN Minisfer RICHARD MAGNUSON Agriculfurisf ALBERT MA RTI N Denfisf MONA MCKINZIE Denial Nurse DONALD MAPES Physician LEON MARTIN Farmer DARRELL MILLER LAWRENCE MILLER NORMA NELSON Page I8 Denfisi' Singing Evangelisf Secrefary GRACE OKOHIRA LaI::ora+ory Technician I GLORIA OTIS Bible Worker LYDIA PEREZ Nurse KAREN OLSEN Physician PAU LINE PATTERSON Secretary LOIS PRINCE La boraiory Technician SAM REIBSTEIN NORMA ROBERTSON MARILYN SCHULZ Den+isI Nurse Secreiary Page I9 GARY SIMPSON Engineer MITZI SMITH Teacher MARLENE THOMMEN Nurse JEAN ETTE WALSH Secrefary Page 20 DONALD SIRES Commercial Arfisf BILL STEVENS Denfisi- PAU L THOMSEN Agriculfurisf JAMES WELLS Physician Www I fff W 2 M ill' x MPM? X Q , , 1- U ., i ' M1 323 F' ' ,-.f ,iifi . f ,ls bij ,... 1' - AJ W f Page 22 LOUIS KANG, Presidenf BARBARA BROWN, Vice-presidenf JO ANN MATTHEWS, Secrefary PATRICIA VAN SCHUYVER, Assisfani' Secrefary WALLACE GOSNEY, Treasurer BENJAMIN JORDAN, Assisfanf Treasurer JO ANN APIGIAN IRENE ARBALLO ROBERT ARCHER KENNERLEY ASHLEY LAEL AXELSEN JUSTINO BALDERRAMA MARILYN BAUGHMAN GEORGE BECKNER JIM COTTER ADELE CYPHERS JACQUELINE DECKER EUGENE DE VOE LEOLA DUNLAP MARLYN EYER HARRY HAYDEN LARRY HINAGA DEE WAYNE JONES JUANITA JONES JO KIBBEY JOYCE KNEISLY SHARON KURTZ HENRIETTA LARSEN DONNA LOWRY NORA LYONS MARLENE MICKELSON RONALD MILLER JOHN MINNICK MARIAN MOGAR FRANCES NELSON NELDA NELSON Page 23 Page 24 HERB NYGAARD GERALD PAUL BILL PAULSON JERRY PEEK FLOSSIE PHILLIPS CHARLES ROBERTS RUTH RODRIGUEZ PAUL ROOKER GERALD SCOTT AUDREY SHAW LEA DIANN SMITH GAYDENE SWIFT GLEE TALBOT MELVIN TURNER JANICE VAN DEUSEN WELLESELEY WADE PHILLIP WEBSTER 0564 - - 45' ...Jn , af? f?'4,. Ma xl sf 5 ' " -I' "' J' 1 K ffl iff If f gi If 3. z I G 5 y r dal' Q' as . A l.. - 5 ' - .., , , 1. A4 ' ,4 Z Q1 5 . .L ig' 1 1'-L'1'I. '- , ff 7 ,411.4 ' --.4:'1g E XII' -'ie A .::cQ : 1 ff I 0 'Q O ', I' ' .Av 4 1 -' ' ., pv- V - A 1: , Q X Ls ' 93 . P 3 W ' ' if F Q 1, K ' 'f-f'?"':H-- f " xx 1 .c:' X ,s" O" - u 1 i Page 26 LaVerne Andress Richard Baies Maxine Bergman Janet Bradshaw Eugene Brock Elvera Brockel Roberf Brodie James Brown Patrick Buckley Eunice Chaffin Dianne Chase Paul Cole Alberi Dauray Edward Dewey Tom Dickinson Anifa Dunks Edwin Ermshar Lore'Ha Evans Ruih Fish Norma Gibson Alfred Goe Richard Haskew David Heeb Beifie Heli' Russell Hoxie Eusfaquio Ines James Jelfon Jerry Jouppi Lawrence Kielzke Shirley Kinder Daniel Kiose Amy Konya Dorofhy Kurihara Fernando La Garde Doreen Lenz Dallas Lighthouse Don McAlear Virginia McClain Toby McKee James McQuiston Elaine Magnuson Anita Marlin David Mayfield Bill Mockridge Anifa Morales Tom Morley Sfeven Morrow Dorofhy Moscoso Page 27 Page 28 Vivian Nash Carolyn Nicholson Ben Nicola Charles Paap Dorothy Plaine Audrey Remboldf Charles Shorl Luanna Swanson Roberl Swarm Dorolhy Williams Eleanor Winler DeVon Nieman Bill Reves Janet Webster Glenn Wise Florence Olson Beverly Ordway Sonia Rusi Jack Seeley Charles Wells Nancy While Jeaneile Woodell Burlon Bafes Douglas Beane Bill Beckner Carolyn Benson Paula Bolfroff Elizabeth Boylan Elaine Brodie Ellis Burlon Barbara Campbell Ronnie Cubisfa Rosina Danles Joyce Dauray Joyce De Lay Joyce Dick Richard Dick Wilburn Durousseau Beverly Eng Glenn Ewing Kennelh Fausl Marilyn Gilberf Rollin Gosney Donna Haessly Page 29 P1 I Page 30 Dolly Hambrighf Duane Hedrick Laurel Hendricks Jacque Hershey Harold Jones Bealriz Jordan Janel Koch Carol Kurfz Wesley Lindsay Iris Lindsey Virginia Lopez Carol Lowry Sylvia Lund Barbara Minnick Becky Morley Richard Mortimer Jerry Hinaga Colleen Lampley Norma Lucena Geraldine Moscoso Bob Hollz Marfhann Lang Barbara Ludlow James Neff Lionel Renlschler Sandra Scarlelf Esfell Olis Mike Ray Harriel' Redfern Phyllis Remboldf Ray Reneau Sfephen Riehle Bill Robinson Loreffa Roller Samuel Ruffner Joe Sanchez Freddy Schmid Mary Schulz Phillip Schwarz Belly Segrefo Orval Swarm Dorothy Truehill Robert Tucker Carl vonHofgaarden Arthur Washington Wanda Williamson Page 3l rr if, 95 'Lf if We :QW ,4ez'6ad dea -. Q-ii ' i 1 "ff 35 '?, .-,Q-P Q." in X X Vai-ii: "sf Q -L if 1 ' 5::E:..-'-- ,:FniIfQgi,.ix,, A -3 ,gh I ' " VA". " ? 7" ' " 4 it 5 'liiM'.'fF'!WT'1 li x ,TEE-f' i EE:2 N im!-" 'f'-11 frfzxx 'ii llniifuqfl 4 fl'-ff ' '14 --H :-L:',' -gg :' g--ul ,Xl ,f-g.- 'XX S ' Wfgfk' Q - iii-ff' " 12141 XJ " " N 1 L LE 15011 f K : f J - W -V sw 4 f ffEJ ' - N , I K 2 X ' ' gy'-A -"rf JF ,g"' M 15 1 .. N 1 x f , - . E-':"---f f f ' f 'Eff N g f '- 4 -. H M, ,W g 'x 1 I - 1' 457 fjfj:':'53'-Q' N U?-' N- J- 1' -3, H - . 251- X ,tl ' 2 - lx. 4 7 xx . xxx XX ,gf X 4-1'-x. . f, 7 N x 4 4',4X" N ' K 4 , X Q . X i t Pq 33 Siudenl' Faculiy Council, Firsi Semesier A. S. B. Officers, Second Semesfer ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY The officers of ihis year's Associaied Sfudenf Body deserve high honor and praise for iheir ouisranding work in sponsoring school funcfions such as +he annual school picnic, Person- ali+y Week, and +he Naiional Assembly programs. All of ihese have been of deepesl' inleresl fo +he s'I'ucleni's. Special honor should be given 'ro +he presidenis for 'rhe +wo semes+ers, Alberf Marlin and Bruce Campbell, who have worked under ihe direciion of iheir sponsor, Mrs. Alcorn. Pqe 34 Missionary Seminar Officers, Firsf Semesfer Missionary Seminar Officers, Second Semesfer MISSIONARY SEMINAR The hearf of our school cenfers around fhe religious programs and fhe ideals for which we sfand. There is much unfinished worl: fo do. The pressure and high fension of life is growing so greaf fhaf nofhing ofher fhan a fhorough preparafion for fhe fufure should be considered. From fhe Missionary Seminar meefings, clirecfed by Doris Dewey and Paf Van Schuyver, we have gained knowledge and inspirafion fhaf will help us during fhe coming years. Page , QM! ,V Q ,V -af, 'K rl 2 1-2 'I -.,.,. L "7 ,.Jms'NEv?? fwmmrkiii W ww ww! .ww 1 4 33 4 vim lssgg, M W , ' 0 ax. W , f N 5, MM. M M Q M358 21 I is TEACHERS OF TOMORROW CLUB HOMEMAKING CLUB Page 37 N..X, x QQ Q " L .X X gk W E. f 1 --fk Na m 'Q M.. X1 . . at , .-... Q , WW , 1 Mx W .1 my 5 xx x - v 3 in QM- W. .wg -- . QM, ,mx Qzib aff if ,, ,yy :Q Six TEMPERANCE CLUB BUSINESS CLUB Pay 39 Q S x 3 K I K 9 5 E .4 , ww nl f 1 M-f.,W .: 1. ui-f Nw-ww 1 Q, W-f , ,V M, lg- ' U If WN? my A Q Sim I wsifm ADW QQWW .W wr" 1. my www xemw REE? W was va 33 .,,... if 1 X fi 1 K . ., .. .... L ,eww f +. s X: v A Q 81 ll? ap. af if wa. . 3 3 fs Q Qi 4 9 WW4 be 3 'iii K isis, f SPANISH CLUB PHOTO CLUB Pge44 744 We lane Zack Sepfember 6, 7-Regisfrafion Day. ls if possible fhaf summer is over already? Sepfember 26-Log Campaign begins. Tories baffle fhe Whigs, defeafing fhem 706-66l. Firsf prize winners are Carolyn Nicholson and Beffy Segrefo. Ocfober 25-Log Picnic af Griffifh Park. Foofball game befween iunior and senior boys ends in fie O-O. Horses, merry-go- round, zoo. bicycles all added fo our fun. Ocfober 30-Week of Prayer begins, conducfed by Elder Arfhur Escobar. November I4-Nafional Assemblies give program, "The Mynah Birds," feafuring Skipper, Jungle Joe, and Ginger. November I4-Senior Class organizes. Sfanley Ray is chosen presidenf. November I6-Missionary Seminar gives dialogue, "The Greafesf Gift" Sfudenfs give Week of Sacrifice offering of 5105. November I8-Conference Fall Talenf Fesfival. Richard Haskew wins firsf prize in youfh's novelfy group and Doris Dewey receives fhird prize in youfh's lighf secfion. November 21-A. S. B. presenfs Thanksgiving program. November 25-Lynwood Academy band parficipafes in All Wesfern Band Review af Long Beach and receives special award. November 30-Junior Class chooses Louis Kang as presidenf. December 4-8-Personalify Week is sponsored by A. S. B. Highlighfs of fhe week include falks by Mrs. Ford Cady and Mr. Walfar Crandall and a sfyle show feafuring appropriafe dress for various occasions. December 7-Bruce Campbell is chosen as presidenf of fhe A. S. B. for fhe second semesfer. December 9-Choral Vesper Service on Sabbafh affernoon is given by Lynwood chorus and organ sfudenfs. December I4-Chrisfmas Carolers' program-Carols, readings, and fhe offering for Voice of Prophecy makes a beaufiful and impressive program. December I8-Chrisfmas Vacafion begins: everyone has fhe holiday spirif. December 3I-New Year's Eve recreafional program in audi- forium. Games, skafing, and noise all make for fun. January 2-School begins amidsf accompanimenf of moans and groans. January 4--Bruce Thomas speaks on "World War Two-and-a- Half." January 5-Sfudenf Faculfy'Council chooses new Missionary Seminar Officers. Presidenf, Pal Van Schuyver. Ofher officers, Ronald Miller and Jo Ann Apigian. January l0-Deep Sea Diver, Marguerife Shoemaker, fascinafes us wifh advenfuresome sfories of fhe deep. January 25-Band receives gold cup from Lynwood Chamber of Commerce for oufsfanding civic performances. January 29-Lynwood alumnus, Jo Ann Coggin, fells of her frip fo Europe lasf summer. February I-Senior Picnic af Mounf Waferman. Seniors enioy fhemselves by skiing, sledding, and snowballing. February I5-Junior class presenfafion. How nice fhe iuniors look foday in fheir new green sweafersl February 2I-Juniors picnic af Irvine Park. February 22-Washinqfon's Eirfhday. No school. February 26-Temperance Council presenfs Temperance Week. IOOCX, of sfudenf body sign femperance pledge. DeVon Nieman wins firsf prize in jingle confesf. March 7-College Day. The seniors have a wonderful fime as fhey preview college life af La Sierra College. March II-Junior-Senior Banquef. The dining room complefely fransformed info a beaufiful garden. March I2-Teachers of Tomorrow Club sponsors Courfesy Week. The film By Jupifer really has a poinf. March I9-23-Spring Week of Prayer. Elder Heppensfall is surely giving us inspiring and helpful chapel falks. April 3-Academy Day-The eighfh-grade seniors fake a peek af academy acfivifies. April 4-Our chorus sings af Glendale Academy. April 5-Campus Day-Guess we know who gof "skunked!!" April I2-The Glendale Academy Band visifs Lynwood. April 20-Lynwood Band gives silenf concerf af Newbury Park. April 30-"Chemisfry Wonders," a Nafional Assemblies Program is given in chapel. May 5-Seniors show fheir falenf af Class Nigh+ program. May 2I-Annual comes from Press. Special menfion goes fo Ambros Jimenez. Donald Sires. Marilyn Baughman, Flossie Phillips, and fo everyone else who furned in so many fine snaps. June I-Senior Consecrafion. Very inspiring. June 2-Elder Heubach delivers Baccalaureafe address. June 5-6-Final exams. Hold your breafh and keep your fingers crossed. June 7-Commencemenf address-Dr. Arfhur Biefz. Congrafu- lafions, Class of l95I! Page 45 . x fb- -- -:f ri ' is , ,wxl -.,:.- -. A Q, .gg , X - Q- x K 5 - - Q. - Lv- X A- M- c -ww-g 'W 'W x MN' x .,,. S 'J ..,., .N M .,., 1 www MW w'WYwf"QQwfQS1wQ1'Qm'KW53i3vw5FW "" Q 2: "", 1.5 A 0 L ..'- ,.,, ,mf N x W ww W 'W M W -N wk- ,sw .. - 6,955 ,Q ...., .. X fs3gm3ggy+,xx, , Y A , .. ..., , , M , W 'TQ m"'xfN'2XNB' Wfhiww '35 QW Af' , "" I QF XWN 1 ,55 ff- 5 A N1 W 3 1 fx ' 5 S'a'Qe5N'fmWJmwml: ' 'Q 3 V W A " ", ' S ' XA ,uw gy W 5 K I W, W Fun ' 'if ff? 'M' ""', " I lp 539' . Wm- ff: in , N- M 1 , 4- rr X my sill ,554 ' nv- 5'-. , .ggi s"A"",,,.s if Ks Ns .af 'sf f 5 4, Q I " - AP B-L-Q 1 5 ww ' R W 'R Sill' 'riffs W WWW 439 an - 1 v -ef 'Q -an me ww gm mf' si'Q:F,,-nazi W a ,Q ,sf Q J QQ K, - .W M IM LYNWOOD LOG STAFF NNE V35 ' smvmmi SHIPMATE STAFF 2 1 A 7 wi 1, 1 f 1 bi S f a E r I 4 .ln1 1 .W-. f N f ,.-8, mf, W mv- - Am... www. M, W .mmm-Q uw .A .J - ., M., yn-W xt im 95 M1 E A, A Q- Y fA.,,,J.nn! woooooooovxooooooooooooooooaoooooooooooooooooooo Andress. LaVern .. 34I9If2 Glen Albyn Dr., Los Angeles 65, Calif Apigian. JoAnn ..,............. I057 W. 56fh Sf., Los Angeles. Calif. Arballo. Irene ................ 526 N. Record Sf.. Los Angeles. Calif. Archer. Roberf ............ I332 So. Hope Sf.. Los Angeles. Calif. Arneff. Gloria .....,..,....... 5230 Calderwood. Long Beach, Calif. Ashley. Kennerley .... 26II Grand Ave., Hunfingfon Park. Calif. Afkins. Bill ...,,,.,..,..,............,. 4II E. 97fh Sf.. Inglewood I. Calif Axelsen. Lael .....................,.. 8I4 Birch Ave.. Hawfhorne, Calif. Balderrama, Jusfino 2629 Pennsylvania Ave.. Los Angeles 33 Calif. Bafes. Burfon ................ 6I57 N. Harf Ave.. Temple Cify, Calif Bafes. Richard. ........,..... 6I57 N. Harf Ave.. Temple Cify. Calif Baughman. Marilyn ................ 500 S. Poinseffia. Compfon, Calif Beane, Douglas ...,..............,...,... II82O Phillips. Compfon. Calif. Beckner. George ..,......,.. 3529 W. 74fh Pl., Inglewood 4. Calif. Beckner. William ............ 8349 Second Ave.. Inglewood 4, Calif. Benson. Carolyn .... ..,..,........ 4 80 Sf. Louis. Long Beach. Calif Bergman. Maxine ........ 3466If2 Tweedy Blvd.. Soufh Gafe, Calif Billings. Evelynn ........ 3503 E. Third Sf.. Los Angeles 33. Calif. Blackburn. Jimmy ....,....... I009 N. Ross Sf.. Sanfa Ana. Calif Blanke. Vernon ....... ..... 2 I58 Lime Ave., Long Beach 6. Calif Bolander. Eileen ......,..................... II20I Elm Sf.. Lynwood. Calif Bonora. Cfhrisfine ........ I30 N. Townsend Ave., Los Angeles. 33 Ca i . Boffroff. Paula ........ ............,.,. I I206 Elm Sf., Lynwood. Calif. Boylan. Elizabefh .,.......... IIO36 Sfockwell Dr.. Lynwood. Calif. Bradshaw. Janef ...... .......... I 53 N. Willow. Compfon, Calif Bradshaw. Paul ..,,.. ....... I53 N. Willow. Compfon, Calif. Brock. Eugene .... ......... 4 7I7 Sunfield, Long Beach 8. Calif. Brockel. Elvera .......... 334 Gracewood. Temple Cify. Calif. Brodie. Eileen ..... ........ 3 I3 E. 69fh Sf.. Los Angeles 3. Calif. Brodie. Leon ........... ...... 3 I3 E. 69th Sf.. Los Angeles 3. Calif Brodie. Roberf ....... ..... 3 I3 E. 69fh Sf.. Los Angeles 3. Calif. Brown. Barbara .. ........... Il2 Bluff Rd.. Monfebello. Calif Brown. James .... ......... 9 II6 Alabama. Whiffier. Calif. Buckley, Pafrick ..... ....... I 233 S. Towner. Sanfa Ana. Calif. Buhrman. Donna .... .... I I9 E. 83rd Sf., Los Angeles 3. Calif. Bulger. Claude .................... 50l9 E. Rosecrans. Compfon.Calif. Burks. Monfe ...................,.. I2I5 Concourse. Monfebello. Calif. Burfon. Ellis ................ I254 E. IO4fh Sf.. Los Angeles 2. Calif. Cahoon. Dale .........,...... 233I E. IOfh Sf.. Long Beach 4. Calif. Campbell. Barbara ................. 2262 Esfher. Lang Beach. Calif. Campbell. Bruce ........................ lIl05 Pine Sf.. Lynwood. Calif. Campued, Tony ........ l54 E. II7fh Sf.. Los Angeles 59, Calif. Cardey. Carl .....,.......... 30l9 Eisenhower Ave.. Arcadia. Calif. Cashaff. James ....,.....,......... I35 N. 2Isf Sf.. Monfebello Calif Chaffin. Eunice ........ Chase. Dewey ................ Chase, Dianne .,......... Cole, Paul ....... Cook. Bud ....... Coffer, Jim ,,,,, Cubisfa. Ronnie . Cyphers. Adele ..,,., 25320 Belle Porfe Ave.. Harbor Cify. 3500 Gale Ave.. Long Beach IO. . IO26 W. 38fh Sf.. Los Angeles 37. 7II Hay Ave., Los Angeles 22. 7504 Druerwood. Bell Gardens. 260I7 Belle Porfe. Harbor Cify. 3240 Easy Ave.. Long Beach I0. II352 E. Lamberf. EI Monfe. Danfes. Rosina ................ 325 E. 85fh Sf.. Los Angeles 3, Dauray. Alberf ............ 56I5 Live Oak Sf.. Bell Gardens, Dauray. Joyce ............ 5615 Live Oak Sf., Bell Gardens. Decker. Jacqueline ........................ SOI Nevada. EI Monfe. Deem. DeLay. de Luna. Lyle .................... I724 Michigan. Los Angeles 33, Janice ................ 9l2 W. Mable. Monferey Park, Lillian ,... I2l7 Afwood Place. Cify Terrace. Los Angeles 33. DeVoe. Eugene ...... ............ I 5582 Newhope, Sanfa Ana, Dewey. Doris ........,. Dewey. Edward ..,., Page 50 2204 Mayflower. Monrovia. 2204 Mayflower. Monrovia. Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif. Calif 2 Dick. Joyce ..... Dick. Richard ...... ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooboooooofu 5666 Shull Sf.. Bell Gardens l06I Burlinghall Dr.. Long Beach DiCI1lf1S0r1. Tom -....................... ,, 8042 Arfesia. Buena Park, DUHIKS. Arllfa ............ 302 N. Baile Sf.. Los Angeles 33 Dunlap, Leola ...............,...... I08I9IA Church S+., Downey, Durousseau. Wilburn 3205 Counfry Club Dr.. Los Angeles Eng. Beverly ..,,.,,,,,,, Ermshar. Edwin ........ Ermshar. Iris Evans. Loreffa .... Ewing. Glenn .. Eyer. Marlyn ,.,.,,,.,,,,,,,..,,-,,,, Fausf. Kennefh ........ Fawkes. Winifred ...... Fernandez, Marfha Fish. Rufh ...........,,.. Frisbey. Doris ...... Gibson. Norma ..... Gilberf. Marilyn .,.. Goe, Alfred ...,.... Goodlin. Bob ..... Goodman. Joanne Gorfon. Arline .... Gosney. Rollin 2033 EI Segundo Blvd., Willowbrook 60l School Ave., E. Los Angeles 22 ll072 Harris Sf.. Lynwood 4522 Tolberf. Long Beach 7 l80I-A 48fh Sf.. Los Angeles 43 6530 Falcon. Long Beach 5 62I W. Fernfield Dr.. Monferey Park 707lf2 W. 32nd Sf., Los Angeles 7 I826 E. 2nd Sf.. Los Angeles lO303 E. Palm. Bellflower. 525 W. Amerige. Fullerfon I099I Elm Ave.. Lynwood lI53 S. Garfield. Alhambra I060I Orange Ave.. Soufh Gafe. I024 S. Walnuf. San Gabriel I307 N. Spring Sf.. Compfon Sfafe Hospifal. Norwalk 3507 W. l68fh Sf.. Torrance Gosney. Wallace .... ............. 3 507 W. I68+h Sf.. Torrance I-Iaessly. Donna ,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,, 6IO2 Hayfer Ave.. Bellflower Hambrighf. Dolly ................ 2760 Eucalypfus. Long Beach Harvey. Joy Ann. 399i PIa++ Ave., Lynwood Haskew. Richard ........ 440 So. Sfafe Sf.. Los Angeles 33 Hayden. Harry ........... Hedrick. Duane ..,.,.,, Heels. David ....... I-Ielf. Beffie .......,... Henderson. Lee .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hendricks. Laurel Hershey, Jacque .........,,, Herfzberg. Lisa ...... Hinaga. Jerry ,,,,,,,,,,.. 3I46 Grand Ave.. Hunfingfon Park I986 E. Olive. Temple Cify I8I5 E. Anaheim. Long Beach 252 W. Duarfe Rd.. Monrovia 9847 E. Flora Visfa. Bellflower 946 S. Aflanfic. Los Angeles 22 I363 E. 6lsf Sf.. Los Angeles I 3I4 N. Gifford. Los Angeles 33 Hlnaqd. Larry ................ 3l4 N. Gifford. Los Angeles 33 I'IOl'fZ. Bob ............................ 5776 Wilson Ave., Hollydale Hoxie. Russell Hull. Claude ................,..,.,,, Ibarra. Rachel .... 6O7If2 S. Grande Visfa, Los Angeles 23 Ines. Eusfaquio ...,. Jeffon. James ..,.,.,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,, Jimenez. Ambros .... Jones. Dee Wayne Jones. Harold ........,.,...,.,.....,,,, Jones. Juanifa ........,.,.,.,.,,,.,,,.,, I860I So. Arlingfon Ave.. Gardena l6559 Graham. Hunfingfon Beach 735 Elm Ave.. Long Beach 2I828 Grace Sf.. Torrance Jordan. Beafriz .... 34l6 Michigan Ave.. Los Angeles 33 Jordan. Beniamin .... Jouppi. Jerry ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,..,,,.,,,, Kang. Louis, ........ ..... Kibbey. Jo .......... Kibbey. Wanda ..... Kiefzke, La wren ce Kinder. Shirley ...... Kiose. Daniel. ..., 34l6 Michigan Ave., Los Angeles 33 l098I Elm Ave.. Lynwood 3I8 Echandia Sf.. Los Angeles 33 48I8 Crenshaw. Los Angeles 48I8 Cranshaw, Los Angeles 9534 Vicforia. Soufh Gafe I74I Compfon Blvd.. Gardena 3500 PIa++. Lynwood Kr1eiSly. Joyce ................ 4268-A Imperial Hwy.. Lynwood Knox. Cha rloffe .... 560i Fishburn. Maywood KOCI1. Jdnef .................... 4207 Los Flores Blvd.. Lynwood Konya. Amy ,,,,,.,,,,., I43 Maffhews Sf.. Los Angeles 33 Kurihara. Dorofhy ............ 915 E. 4+h S+., Los Angeles 33 Kurfz. Carol .....,.,..v.,,,.v...,, Ku rfz. Sharon .,....... 658 W. 2Isf Sf.. Los Angeles 658 W. 2Isf Sf.. Los Angeles: 8574 E. Arfesia. Bellflower. IIIOI Elm Sf.. Lynwood 5762 Marshall Ave.. Buena Park, 422 N. Burlingfon, Los Angeles 26 944I Maple Ave.. Bellflower. Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif csiaf' Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif: Calif Calif Calif Calif. Calif Calif Calif Calif csnff Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif csnf' Calif Calif csisf' Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif. Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif -ooooooooooooooo1-oooeeoooooooooooc-1-ooooc-ooooo-o+eo Z oooooooooooeeoooooooooooovoooooosoooooooo LaGarde, Fernando Lampley, Colleen ............ Lang, Marfhann ..... 43l4 E. Blanchard. Los Angeles 22, 637 E. 74fh Sf., Los Angeles I. 5I8 W. Foofhill, Monrovia. Larsen, Henrieffa ....,....... 936 Clele Ave., Los Angeles 22, Lefler, Clinfon .....,...,.. Lenz, Doreen ,,...................... Lighfhouse, Dallas 30I W. Newby Ave., San Gabriel, 96lI E. Crescenf, Anaheim, 2l5 Harris Ave., Compfon, Lindsay, Wesley ......,,.,,,.... 22229 Denker Ave., Torrance, Lindsey, Iris .,,,.,.,,,,.,,.... 94-4 W. 5Isf Sf.. Los Angeles 37, Liu, Frieda ,,,.,v,.... ..,,...,, I 7II Marengo Ave., Alhambra, Lopez, Virginia ............ l43Il So. Downey Ave.. Paramounf, Lowry, Carol ....,.....,.,...,...,... l9I4 Oak Sf., Los Angeles 7, Lowry, Donna ..................,. Lucena, Norma 3832 W. I35fh Sf., I-lawfhorne, I9I8 Pennsylvania Ave., Los Angeles, Ludlow, Barbara ,,.,........ 354I N. Brookline Ave., Rosemead, Lund, Sylvia ..,.. Lyons, Nora ...,,. 95I9 Ives Sf., Bellflower, So. Hobarf, Los Angeles, McAlear, Don ..........,...,.,.,..,.... I64l5 Ardmore, Bellflower, McCain, John ,,...,.......... 43I5 E. l5fh Sf., Long Beach 4, McClain, Virginia .........,,,.,.. 60I2 Bonfair Ave., Bellflower, McKee, Toby ..,,.,.. 7l4 S. Hillview Ave.. Los Angeles 22, Mclfinzie, Mona .... McOuisfon, Jimmie Magnuson, Elaine . Magnuson, Richard IO9lI Sfandard Ave., Lynwood. III3 E. Fairview, Inglewood 3, lI606 Alloway Sf., EI Monfe, Il606 Alloway Sf., El Monfe, Mapes, Donald ....,.,......... 6625 Gardenia, Long Beach 5, Marfin, Alberf .....,.......... II6 W. Fisk Ave., San Gabriel, Marfin, Anifa .........,....., II6 W. Fisk Ave., San Gabriel, Marfin, Leon ......,,.A,..,,, I63l W. 38fh Pl., Los Angeles 37, Mafar, Angel .... 2227 Terrace Hgfs. Ave.. Los Angeles 23, Maffhews, Jo Ann Maxwell, Priscilla ..., Maxwell, Warren ,,,,.,,,, ,,..... I530 E. 55fh Sf., Long Beach 5. I203I Denholm Dr.. EI Monfe, I203I Denholm Dr., EI Monfe, Mayfield, David .,...,....,.,.,, 2608 E. I27fh Sf.. Willowbrook, Mickelson. Marlene 408 S. Chicago Sf., Los Angeles 33, Miller, Darrell .,,...,..........,., ,,,,,,,,,...,.. IO844 Ofis. Lynwood, Miller, Lawrence .... I3604 E. Ramona Blvd., Baldwin Park, Miller, Ronald .,,,............,.,. II835 Alondra Blvd., Norwalk, Minnick, Barbara .... I434 So. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, Minnick, John ..,,.... I434 So. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, Mockridge, William ..., 9403 Van Ruifen Ave., Bellflower, Mogar. Marian ..,.,.,..,.. l052I Condon Ave., Inglewood 2, Morales, Anifa ..,. l65 N. Record Ave., Los Angeles 33, Morley, Becky .....,.,.,,,,,........., l38I Molino, Long Beach 2, Morley. Tom .......,,,.,,,,,,.,...,... I38I Molino, Long Beach 2, Morrow, Sfeven .,....,...,..,,......... 7956 E. Kingbee, Downey, Morfimer, Richard .,,,,........,......,. llO65 Pine Sf., Lynwood, Moscoso. Dorofhy 557 N. Commonwealfh, Les Angeles, Moscoso. Geraldine .. 557 N. Commonwealfh, Los Angeles, Nash, Vivian .,....,..,,,.......,......,,,.,. III69 Elm Sf., Lynwood, Neff, James ....,.,,.,,,.,............,..,,. 87l9 Creeland Sf., Pico, Nelson, Frances .,,,,.,. 3627 Aureola Blvd., Los Angeles 8, Nelson. Nelda ,,,..... 3652 W. Vernon Ave., Los Angeles 8, Nelson, Norma ....,.,,,,,.,.........,..,,, 95II Olive, Temple Cify, Nicholson, Carolyn .....,...,..,,........ 919 S. Meeker, Baldwin, Nicola. Ben ..,..,..,.,. 6227 N. Golden Wesf, Temple Cify, Nieman, DeVon Nygaard, Herb 57 E. 55fh Sf., Long Beach 5, 3I5 So. Poinseffia, Compfon, Okohira, Grace .. I963 Pennsylvania Ave.. Los Angeles 33. Olsen, Karen ............ 38l2 Dwiggins Sf., Los Angeles 63, Olson, Florence .,,.,.,...,,.,..,,...,,..,,, 8206 Wilcox Ave., Bell, Ordway, Beverly ...........,,... 2008 Plaza Del Amo, Torrance, Ofis, Esfell .....,..,.,,... ...... I 2204 Leffingwell Rd., Norwalk, Ofis, Gloria .,....... Paap, Charles .. Paul, Gerald ..,,.,, I2204 Leffingwell Rd., Norwalk, 275 Niefo. Long Beach 3, lO92l Elm Ave., Lynwood, Calif. Calif. Calif. Calif Calif. Calif. Calif Calif. Calif. Calif Calif. Calif. Calif. Calif Calif Calif. Calif. Calif. Calif. Calif. Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif. Calif. Calif. Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif. Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif. Calif. Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif. Calif. Calif. Paulson. Bill .... 578 Tru ro, Hawfhorne, Peek, Jerry .....,.... ....... 6 56 Gerharf, E. Los Angeles 22, Phillips, Flossie ....... .............. 2 I0 So. Chesfer, Compfon. Plaine, Dorofhy ........................ I520 N. Main, Sanfa Ana. Prince, Lois ............................ 372l Cerrifos. Long Beach 7, Ray, Mike : ,.......,,..... 956If2 Via Carmelifos, Long Beach 5, Ray, Pafricia ............ 956If2 Via Carmelifos, Long Beach 5, Ray, Sfanley ...,.,.................. Reclfern, I-larrief .... Reibsfein. Samuel I7303 Bixby Ave., Bellflower, 932 E. Cenfury Blvd., Los Angeles 2, 3802 W. lI9fh Sf., Hawfhorne, Remboldf, Audrey .................... lIO38 Pine Sf., Lynwood, Remboldf, Phyllis Reneau, Raymond ................ Renfschler, Lionel Reves. William ............ Riehle, Sfephen ...... Roberfson, Norma Robinson, William Rodriguez, Rufh Roller, Loreffa, Rooker, Paul ........... Ruffner, Samuel II038 Pine Sf., Lynwood. l02I7 Alexander, Soufh Gafe, IIIO W. l64fh Sf., Gardena, 3604 Muirfield Rd., Los Angeles, 2l6 N. Ellery Dr., San Pedro, IOI6 S. Delfa, Rosemead, Roberfs, Charles ........................ 236I W. 30fh Sf. Los Angeles I8 oooooou Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif 900 E. 63rd Sf., Seaffle,lWash lI2 N. Boyle Ave., Los Angeles 33. l5l7 S. Monferey Sf., Alhambra, 652 Barry Dr., Long Beach 5, 3I6-A Oaks Ave., Compfon. Rusf, Sonia .......... ................ I I8I8 Exline, EI Monfe, Sanchez, Joe .........,.......... 2lI E. Ave. 28, Los Angeles 3l, Scarleff, Sandra ........................ 8I7 S. Walnuf, Inglewood. Schmid, Freddy ............ l3659 E. Ramona, Baldwin Park, Schulz, Marilyn ........ 25l7 Sanfa Ana Sf., Hunfingfon Park, Schulz, Mary ............. ........... 5 IIB Ashworfh Sf., Bellflower. Schwarz, Phillip ................ 4315 E. Saunders Sf., Compfon, Scoff, Gerald ............ 9I9A Easf Esfher Sf., Long Beach, Seeley, Jack, ......,... Segrefo. Beffy Shaw, Audrey .,...... Shorf, Charles Simpson, Gary Sires, Donald ...... Smifh, Diann Smifh, Mifzi ..... Sfevens, Bill ........ Suzuki, Sarah ....... Swanson, Luanna Swarm, Orval ...... Swarm, Roberf Swiff, Gaydene .... Talbof, Glee ............ Thommen, Marlene .. l0604 Hildrefh Ave., Soufh Gafe, IIOI3 So. Prairie, Inglewood, 323l Buena Visfa Ave., Lemon Grove, I249 Ravenna, Wilmingfon, l20I7 E. Ifllioff, El Monfe. 3208 Aviafion Blvd., Redondo. IIOO7 Linden, Lynwood, I23I3 So. Horley, Downey, II343 Anneffa, Lynwood, I6l6 E. Firsf Sf.. Los Angeles 33, 335 Warren Way, Arcadia, l928 N. Punfe, Baldwin Park, I928 N. Puenfe, Baldwin Park, I26 So. Chicago Sf., Los Angeles 33, 4-2I9 Gaviofa Ave., Long Beach 7, 3938 Lugo Ave., Lynwood, Thomsen, Paul .,...... 4373 So. Van Ness, Los Angeles 37, Truehill, Dorofhy ........ I4OO E. l7fh Sf., Los Angeles 2I. ' Tucker. Roberf ...........,............ IOO08 Anneffe, Soufh Gafe, Turner, Melvin ........... .............. I 45I5 Dalwood, Norwalk, Van Deusen, Janice .................. 824I Comoleffe, Downey, Van Schuyver, Pafricia 3823 Walfon Ave., Los Angeles 37. von Hofgaarden, Carl .... 68 W. Markef Sf., Long Beach 5, Wade, Welleseley lIO86 Pine Sf., Lynwoocl. Walsh. Jeaneffe ....... ............,.... 9 035 Hillrose, Sunland, Washingfon, Arfhur Websfer, Janef .,,......... Websfer, Phillip .... Wells, Charles ....... Wells, James . ......... .. IOOO4 Croesus, Los Angeles 2, 26IO Oregon Ave., Long Beach 7, 26lO Oregon Ave.. Long Beach 7, lO8ll Caessina Ave., Soufh Gafe, IO8ll Caessina Ave., Soufh Gafe, Whlfe. Nancy ........................ 42l5 Los Flores. Lynwood, Williams. Dorofhy ................ I0962 Jackson Sf., Lynwood, Williamson, Wanda Winfer, Eleanor ..... Wise, Glenn .... ..... ........... Woodell, Jeaneffe l32 Jay Mills, Long Beach 5, I847 Sf. Louis Ave., Long Beach 6, lO72 Orange Ave., Long Beach, 4326 Imperial Hwy., Lynwood. Pia Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif Calif csnfl Calif Calif Calif. Calif. Calif. Calif. ge 5I ciao! Zena 7?57-7952 Plan now to spend happy hours with old friends and new friends in your school, LYNWOOD ACADEMY. FIRST SEMESTER Period l ...... Seplember 3 lo Oclober I2 Seplember 5, Regislralion llllw and l2'rl'1 grades. 8:00 a.m. lo 3:00 p.m. Seprember 6. Regislralion 9ll'i and IOII1 grades, 8:00 a.m. lo 3:00 p,m. Seplember IO. Classes begin. Period Il . . . Oclober I5 To November 23 November 22-23, Thanksgiving Recess. Period lll ...... November 26 lo January I8 December I9 fo January I, Clwrislmas Recess. SECOND SEMESTER Period IV .... . January 2I lo February 29 February 22, Wasl'1inglon's Birlhday. Period V . . March 3 lo April I8 April 7-I I, Spring Recess. Period VI . . . April 2l Io June 6 May 30, Memorial Day. May 30, Senior Consecralion. May 3l. Baccalaureale. June 5, Commencement. 0140: ,f x4 1 4 Al 'yy 'f 1 Q f' Q ' .fffy f 1- I ,ZW f , Nliii V 4 2 "4 ,fffL1'L,,f ix 4 5- llfiiigiifl x 'V,g'flil1?jl,74" 'VEeA X 15 xiii- 4,32 - , ,f,4.2Ri? Nat' 2151 L" Z " -255'-5EY:w!.! Ee. , - W, f X f A ' b - f n f"" 3,Q151 -1g 2 iii? '53?Q.fl'f3.fl21411-9324111 1 ' '- 4 Ill!!! li" if MEX ti - lIf22Q5a::f ,ghf A W1- 1ig ,32M 1 A :2 - -,' 2235 , -'-13 'ft -52211 ,, , - . -'E 2221afW W' X 'fii f A Q53 2 wr - - + :uw ' 2 4 if Z ' 1' I ,V Vi' "Q In X 7, X 'W HQ ! H F QSM 1 if ' .ml eh..-6451 1 :LZ . 1 : - digg: Kraeg.. HK4 - ---f-M, I . iii 'exif N g f 3111 KK I P 'Him GT, ' : 'Vw - '4 L LE 1 -ff z we '- ' EEE 525' we ' "' 1 -. sw XX Xiu: , ' N X4:s,MQ.x, VN N H - Page 53 V ' - -n gfaner Studio PHOTOGRAPHS THAT LIVE o PORTRAITS o WEDDINGS o BABIES o GRADUATION PICTURES I342 E. Colorado Sfreef, Glendale 5, California - Phone Clfrus I -5036 Give a Bible or a Book M as a Gift on any Occasion Southern Ca ifornia Book and Bible House 3I3l Pasadena Avenue Los Angeles 3l, California Telephone CApifol 6l 36 ghe WBICII Company I000 Wesf Washingfon Boulevard Los Angeles I5, California O SCHOOL AND CHURCH FURNITURE P4554 Keauiiful ra. f Szerra College KNOWLEDGE CULTURE WISDOM FRIENDSHIP PREPARATION , . EN Fcg::'FormFa:LonglVrl1'e ENJOYMENT La Sierra College Yau,-5 for ArIing+on, California U- .I y - 'w Congratula fiona eniora of '51 Hircam's Market LYNWOOD BAKERY Phone Home of Danish Balrery NEwmarlc I-4646 II443 Long Beach Boulevard Lynwood, California Phone: NEwmarlc l-54I8 CO. Decoraied Calres for All Occasions 1 All vegefable slworfenings used in our producis. l0925 Aflanfic Blvd Lynwood, California AWARD SWEATERS CLASS SWEATERS CLUB SWEATERS ALBION KNITTING MILLS 84l7 S. Hoover S+. Los Angeles 44, Calif. TH. 623I P 56 'II 'I I RECOGNIZE THESE PEOPLE? A year ago Allen Fuiimofo, Bob Morrow, and Beverly Fausf, were af Lynwood Academy. Now fhey are members of fhe biggesf PUC sfudenf body in hisfory. This fall PUC offers you more oppor- 'runifies fhan ever - new buildings, new courses, new sfafe accredifafion - everyfhing, in facf, fhal' you expecf of a firsf class college. Buf s'l'ill PUC is proud fo uphold fhe high Chrisfian ideals fhaf her graduafes have carried fhroughouf fhe world. You'll be proud fo claim Pacific Union College as YOUR college - always. For informafion, wrife: The Regisfrar PACIFIC UNION COLLEGE Angwin California DUMMETT HARDWARE 0 Complefe Hardware 0 Home Appliances 0 Sporfing Goods NEwmarlc I-0357 ll225 Long Beach Blvd. Ted Dummeff Lynwood, Calif. Mad Sine I I439 Long Beach Boulevard Lynwood, California NEvada 6-l980 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1951 Dr. and Mrs. Carl Ermshar 'I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I U I I I I 0 I I I I 0 I I I W I I U I I I I I I I I I I H I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0 I I I I I I I ----4 Page 5 7 0 I I I y I N I I N 4 I 4 N 1 I N P P P P P H I I I P P P P I U I I P f--- - N on ratulations to the Class of 1951 9 Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Scott I Furnishing Gradua+ion Announcemenfs and Personal Cards +o +he Senior Class of I95I ENGRAVED DIPLOMAS-CLASS PINS- TROPHIES Z eofzfzaaalaan 2I4 Wes+ Pico Blvd., Los Angeles Women's Ready-'Io-wear f Men's-Boys' Clofhing and Furnishings I R E L Y N' S Lynwood, California II4I4-I6 Long Beach Blvd. NEwmarIc l3308 I """"""-'-' """""'I"" ""' 'Y 'Y' 'P ' Farmers Insurance I CONGRATULATIONS I I I f,u,X E PERMAN,A.KOCH fN FARMERS ' Exferior PAINTING In+erior ,g , PAPERHANGING A SPECIALTY P :IZIIIEIEIIZEEZEIZQiiilzf P P P P P Ph : NE k I-77l2 RATLIFF and LENOX Dist Ag+s. l 4232-os Puff: BM. NEwmark 2-6568 I Lynwood, Calif. N N I N N U N 0 0 N P PIANOS 0 Every insfrumeni' seIec'I'ed 0 Used Sleinways, Masons 8: Hamlin, elc. I New Spinefs- Moving and Tuning I20I4 So. Paramounl, Downey TO. 2-2780 M,-e-af.f.f.,- Page 58 F "''"""""""""'"""""""""""" 'U FOR THE BEST DEAL IN SPORTING GOODS SEE "BILL"I 0 JACKETS 0 UNIFORMS 0 ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT U N I T E D 90I So. Hill Sfreef, Mlchigan 2233 Plumbing 8: Heafing Gas Appliances Sancleri flumbing Co. 3228 Mulford Avenue - Lynwood, CaIifornia Phone NE. I-I408-NE. 6-2776 EXPERT REMODELING and REPAIRING C""'P'I"'e"+S of Your Cleaners 81 Tailors 2 I: "WE CATER TO You" suns MADE TO ORDER I SURANCE I SI1ir'rs, slacks, and iacI:e+s ready made I Aflanfic Ave., I.Yf'IWOOd, Calif. Long Beach Blvd.. Lynwood BEN DICKENS, Mgr. Phone NE. 2-5404 NEwmark I-4349 GREETINGS CLASS 017' 1951 A ga .HtlJkell, Ju. 2. F" 'D Za Siena new AAAAAwvv ,vvVNAAA,CnAAAAAAAAAn p.n. P Congratulations to the Class of 1951 Dr. and Mrs. George F. Paap CQMPLIMENTS ROYAL CLEANERS PEARSON PAINT STORE NEWma"l' 2'l '45 3883 lmperial Highway NEwmarlc I-I434 Free Piclc-up and We Operate I I4l6 Long Beach Blvd.. Lynwood Delivery Service Our Own Plant Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1951 ROBERT D. TRAGER Member, Order of the Golden Rule NEwmark I-I345 Q WHEN Yllll EEE lllER YllllR EER I ll CAREER P' You will compare the advantages, and measure the values of training offered in Seventh-day Adventist Nursing 1 Schools .... The more than 800 graduates and students of the Glendale Sanitarium and Hospital School of Nursing , will testify to the excellence of their training in this school of the West .... Situated on a 25-acre, park-lille estate near the Verdugo Hills, a modern 225-bed hospital provides the facilities of a fully accredited school .... A staff w of competent instructors assures the student of a thorough training her career in nursing. For illustrated booklet, write ll SCHOOL or NURSING Q Glendale anitarinm and Hospital E- If Glendale 6, California ' Congratulations to the Class of 7951 ji Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Mourer Typewriters and Adding Machines ll : Smm, - Corona Congratulations New - Used - Rentals I Class of , I' iff g Western Typewriter Company 1 gf 6424 RU9bY - LO- 34337 I Doctors McLennan 8: Strahle fl Huntington Parlc, California l 1, Compton Office Equipment Company 1: Underwood Typewriters -- All Makes Portables Sales - Rentals - Repairs .1 4l6 E. Compton Boulevard, Compton, California l' Newmark 2. neo-4 x Nevada 6-1465 1: x- xxxxxxx xx, xx xxel' Page bl 'P I l l 'r 1 u 1 ll f. .Ham and Son I I369 Atlantic Boulevard NE. 6-2902 Caterers ot Fine Ice Cream 0 Wholesale - Retail o Pies - Ice Cream - Cakes tor Any Occasion 0 Individual Cakes - Novelties 0 Complete Line of Pure Fruit Punch Open Every Day 7:00 A.M. to I2:00 P.M. Congratulations Class of '51 Genital .fumdm Ga. Phone NEwmarIc I-I I96 NEvada 6-IOI8 I00 East Elm Street Compton, California Congratulations to the class of 7951 eanvplelf ancf Kieffnm Mecficd Qaaup George M. Campbell, M.D. Richard R. Kiettner, MD. Norman R. Campbell, M.D. Zmazq S few Wine 74mz50 Zena 0H0'2Q0"4Q0"-'C?20N-7 201201101 LOS ANGELES ENGRAVING CO. 4I8 Easf Pico Los Angeles I5, California AII Makes Por+abIes .Morgan Zypewrifer Company 7l3I Pacific Boulevard HUNTINGTON PARK, CALIFORNIA Logan 5-7388 Recondifionecl Typewrifers Renfals Congratulations to the Elma of 1951 Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Durham U- -- J Pag CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of l95l Mr. 81 Mrs. George Harvey :-'::::: ::::::-A-'::-'- I :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: H d + f Ph'I T. V. ' . ea quafefs or 'co :L Congratulations r NYGAARV5 , Classof 1951 Since l923 ' G-if+s ' Coslume Jewelry ' Ceramics-Housewares I, Toys-Games ' Philco Producls ' Hofpoinf Bendix ' A B C ' Lewyf Vac. I 1 Ne. l.5sso - Nev, 6-4395 :I r Dr. and r . A. . 2ll E. Comp+on Blvd., Compion, Calif. ' M S V Gorton 1 Ganqaalalaiiomt 51444 of '51 1.lA i' X L 0 7 A- C W - zswlj a- 4, -H - greg' 3 IANKININAXS CD SED .Dx.C.'J.As.1DEr1NflNf ge 64 X1 X- Ui! 14- 'vt ,,A, ANQ W J N F 1 xg. . -Q- c Q I J., W x v . , I L J, -1- 4 , , -,E . h 3,.,,.' . - ..f-, . Y- ,' - V , -- - . -V n f s 3 .' 2. , X . . - : . . , E ' ' 5 .. A s I 'V' Xf, - "' . '1- 4 V A . vf . . X 4 . .- 1 f - ' A, L , K, 4 ., - 1 1 X , 4 Q . 1 . . , X f -N ,. v x .,v 1 , 1 A ,N .. .A .Y . N, X 1' I' 1 1 V. ,-1 ' . . I 'r N' 1! xx A J 1 , - 'JL' x., ,, ,. 'Y' .

Suggestions in the Lynwood Academy - Shipmate Yearbook (Lynwood, CA) collection:

Lynwood Academy - Shipmate Yearbook (Lynwood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Lynwood Academy - Shipmate Yearbook (Lynwood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Lynwood Academy - Shipmate Yearbook (Lynwood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Lynwood Academy - Shipmate Yearbook (Lynwood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Lynwood Academy - Shipmate Yearbook (Lynwood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 18

1951, pg 18

Lynwood Academy - Shipmate Yearbook (Lynwood, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 10

1951, pg 10

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