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I II nil nil I mill II nil III III III III il III I iiiiii 3 8130 10026 2113 LIBRARY P i . ' i ' ' ' i ■■ ' ■;•■ -L ' : ' - ' Mk 4 m. M 1 1 W. ' K -»»... ji r- J H B ' ' w g U The campus is more than buildings and equipment . . snsfL ' It is people 9 sharing, laughing, hoping, dreaming, working . . . . . . together y, ' H. T i mA arrow 1971 lycoming college williamsport, pa. t rIT ' Kis+. LO 3 i3 I A3 C. 2 contents seniors faculty 19 administration 135 clubs and organizations ... 141 honors 167 sports 173 activities 195 ads 225 110542 i . f : • Jf-. r : ' -- f CHANCES Changes in seasons, years, ideas, [leople. . . . talking, laughing, learning, together, alone . . . erying. touching, loving. nio ing, sitting, in and around, protesting, war, diserimination, ignorance, . . . caring . . . e(iualit . peace brotherhood . . . feeling. . . ecstac -. depression. lo e, hate, good, bad . . . enjoying . . . music, friends, books. theatre, beer, sunshine, ice cream . . . seeing . . . smiles, tears, snowflakes, raindrops . . . doing your own thing . . . blue jeans, bare feet, long and short, hair, shirts and coats . . . being . . . high. low. in, out, free iieing me, you. together . . . being . Lyc-oming. sJ ULd i fi.a t SoJcji- t tat ciM f t. ojr OuUL -thaJi if Jtajtre. OAnrtjt, A o Xxjejl- mJtdAouctd, ' V. ' . JL-;r- THE WHITE HOISE WASHINGTON TO THE 19 71 GRADUATING CLASS LYCOMING COLLEGE The continued success of the American Experiment depends primarily on the qualities of heart, mind and spirit of our young people. As college graduates you have not only the training and idealism, but the opportunity and responsibility to build through further study or through your chosen careers the kind of society which will make further generations proud to identify with your accomplishments. I know that you will not fail to become part of a positive response to the needs of America: a response worthy of her resources and capacities; worthy of the historic courage and the wisdom and will of her people. Your studies have given you the tools to dedicate yourselves in a very special way to helping overcome some of the most difficult problems we face; and as you become further involved in these efforts, you will continue to discover more examples of the ways in which the complexities of modern life make it imperative for us to work together. The destiny of our nation is not divided into yours and ours. We share it. There can be no generation gap in America. We must all keep an open mind and forthright spirit, balance the courage of our convictions with the courage of our un- certainties, triumph over bigotry and prejudice and recapture the unity of purpose that has always been our strength. Your fresh ideas and candid approach can be a strong deter- rent to division and a valuable asset in building the alliance of the generations we so urgently need if we are to advance the cause we share. As I congratulate you on this graduation day, I do so in full confidence that you will answer this need both in your careers and in your daily lives. •«»«fi « «. i i ; ■; - 1. m ■ ' t ' . ? - f?U. ' H vr ; o .•;-; " ■ • ;VV H -1 - v ■• - y 9 : --:i?«sffe : ,te i -S: ' :i:.-. r ' . LOGAN A. RICHMOND, William F. Huber, accounting o z Q s s SI 4 FRANK E. TOSI Montoursvillc, Pa. a •i-H o o Q 05 He who is really kind can never be unhappy; He who is really wise can never he confused; He who is really brave is never afraid. Confucius WILLIAM J. CURLEY Dover, S.J. O O o Enjoy your life without comparing it to that of others. condorcet Hi C yF ra n .. JAMES R. TOWNSEND iV. Plainfield, N.J. ALFRED PINO Highland Park, N.J. KENNETH U. SNOWDEN Bluebell, Pa. JEXMFKH r W KST Washini ' ton. D.C. ROBERT D. JONES Kinston. Pa. •I— ( O o o 03 •I— ( o o o b " a PS o RICHARD Z. SINGER Altoona, Pa. R. JANICE FLER:iiKli Meadowbrook, Pa. A good mind is the best capital for the bank, as for everything else. stendahl •i-H S3 O O o art LEON JACOBSON, Roger D. Shipley, Max Ameigh. DOUGLAS S. DEREMER Easton, Pa. WANDA F. RABZAK Williamsport, Pa. CAROLE J. FLINCHBAUGH Littlestown, Pa. Art is a little corner of creation seen through a temperament. emile zola JUDY MORGAN W ' illiamsport, Pa. 03 !l -f STEPHEN H. HOGAN Cherry Hill .J. NANCY A. COLLIVER Stoystown, Pa. z = OS SUZANNE HOHL Shillington, Pa. u a Imagination is the only creator, its nearest and clearest manifestation is Art y ») s •n» SHIRLEY A. GOEBEL AVa- City, N.Y. DONNA CIPRIANI S. Williamsport. Pa. biology m S a L left (front to back): Allen L. Morehart, Wenrich H. Green, Lyndon J. Mayers, right (front to back): ROBERT B. ANGSTADT, K. Bruce Sherbine, Alden G. Kelley. THOMAS LIVINGSTONE, JR. Newton, N.J. SHARON M. HENSE Lock Haven. Pa. •i-H JAN AH. BAHBOH Springfield. Pa. RICHARD T.ZACK Georg,etown, Conn. •i-H We come into the world alone. We go away the same. rod mckuen KATHLEEN P. LAUBER Williamsport, Pa. ALBERT L. YETTER Yardlcy. Pa. JIIRISTOPHER M. MESSINA En die wood Cliffs, S.J. CLARE F. DOTV West Henrietta, .Y. MARILYN L.JACKSON .V. PlainfieUl, .J. •i-H X5 MARTIN J. KOCHANOV, JR. Trafford, Pa. J 2 2 HUGH J. VVELLER State College, Pa. Rejoice at your life, for the time is more advanced than you would think. oriental wisdom ASIN ' V p piJHIH IJH P H . r m " • 9fPv f ci ' jr K Hpft HyVr MflM jem E ■x TOj § 1 iSbb iKJ BOWIE L. MUNCH Slaterville Spring, .V. O DONNA L. EVANS Shamokin, Pa. NANCY E. TARASCHI Haddon Heights, N.J. GENE E. RUNKLE Feltoii, Pa. DEAN A. HANDLEY Morristotcn, .VJ. Reason without learning is like the untilled soil, or like the human body that lacks nourishment. kuhlil fiibran DOUGLAS C. THOMPSON Roarinii Branch. Pa. •I— I G. RICHARD STANIS Avoca, Pa. NICKOI.ASJ. MILLAR Sir iirr , V. V. •I— I i Freedom from desire leads to inward peace. lao-tse DAISY JIMENEZ New York, N.Y. •i-H Nature and wisdom always say the same. Juvenal DONN E. DOWNEY Harrisburg, Pa. CAHOLYN A BLARCOM Baklwiiisvillc, S.Y. FREDERICK M. JONES Williamsport, Pa. •i-H PATRICIA B. McQlTSTON Williamsport, Pa. GEOFFREY K. SLlFKll Conshohocken, Pa. i- -ft-.M " f ' MJ - .-J« " RICHARD T. RABOLD Williarnsport, Pa. o . o i oq-Q Q - O THOMAS A. CORTOLILLO W ' illiani ' iport. Pel. -s ;5 Evolution Out of the dusk a shadow Then a spark; Out of the cloud a silence. Then, a lark; Out of the heart a rapture. Then, a pain; Out of the dead, cold ashes. Life again. John t. tabb EUGENE VAN BENTHYSEN Milford, N.J. EC t HOLANJ. KUHNS Montoursville, Pa. business administration Robert F. Malcolm, Don L. Larabee, R. Scott Stauffer, Herbert Kane, JOHN G. HOLLENBACK, Elizabeth H. King. DOUGLAS (;. FAHRELL Mountdinsiclc. .J. DAMEL F. CORIZZO Par.sippany, .V. . W3 HI •i-H GAIL H. MILLER Bvthcl Park. Pa. The greatest wealth is to live content with little, for there is never want where the mind is satisfied. lucretius DOUGLAS C. BROWN Spruce Creek, Pa. C 3 •i-H HI W io can feel sure that he has ever been understood? We all die unknown. honore de balzac RICHARD J. McBRINX Newtown Square, Pa. C 3 2 (73 RICHARD C. DRAKE Lawrenceville, N.J. JOHN MORRELL Easton, Pa. Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty. JOHN n. McDowell Lx ' tnastera, Pa. a ££ 2: a. JOEL J. KREMEN Plainview, N.Y. a; •i-H J2 KOBERT D. LANGLEY Uimclowne, Pa. 01 HI np K H rj c K-f jELi s kbT Hf gSH Hf H| Bv! riki S yl H P I BH — 5 — a) ;- -3 C 5 a •i-H c o not want it said of our generation what T. S. Eliot wrote in his poem, " The Rock " — " and the wind shall say: ' these were decent people, their only monument the asphalt roads and a thousand lost golf balls. ' " We can do better than that. j.f. kt ' imcdy JOHNE. DEREMER, JR. Glen Gardener, N.J. EDWARD J. GENTHER III Vineland, N.J. M .i f chemistry JOHN A. RADSPINNER, Andrew B. Turner. David Franz FRANK M. DERTZBAUGH Mt. Airy, Md. JOHN P. CARLSON Williams port. Pa. ROBERT W, RABOLD, Roger W. Opdahl. economics HL ' 3 PW Mi K ' v9 , : ; » .i 31 A ' J ' B H - " . ii 1 BfKvir m 9 1 tP df -y- t .. ' -■ " |. : M n ■ W : Jf - } I ' 1 . • ■- 7 ' - . ' ■ - . ' ' Ji • f A ' :- ' ' ' 5 ?--3 . . W :: RANDOLPH F. GANE, JR. Newton Square, Pa. GREGORY C. SCHULE Morris Plains, A ' . . O O O KENNETH W. WHITE Westport, Conn. ;A i. (L to R) Emily R. Jensen, Francis L. Bayer, JOHN P. GRAHAM, David Rife, John A. Stuart, Gertrude B. Madden, David E. Sawver. english DOUGLAS KICHARDSON Rollinii Hilk, Ca. ' i-H " So DONALD J. VILLA Haddonfiekl, NJ. He who has no poetry in himself will find poetry in nothing. ioubert jot E U f a 1 KJ S R l k " " ' V P HH tJ H Hi MARY E. HUSKIN Montoursville, Pa. i j ' A ' iW ' r t N SUSAN L. CONDIT W. Caldwell, N.J. BARBARA J. HALE Raritaii. S ' .J. r a; ANDREW A. BUCKE York. Pa. KENDRAJ. SHUEY Hershey. Pa. • I— I a; MARY J. NIENHUESER Trout Run. Pa. No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings. liillUim Make SHERl A.GODFREY Williamsport. Pa. 110542 «r— j 0) PAMELA). KENNEDY York Springs, Pa. KATHRYN E. SIBURT Everett, Pa. ELIZABETH J. HEAP Ramsey, N.J. S " -I :: JON C. KOONS Huntington Mill, Pa. Keep your face always toward the sunshine — and the shadows will fall behind you. wait whitman It is the glory of some men to write well, and of others not to write at all. la briisycre ■. it f tmi i., ' ' } .fvmM ' mp smfmfV ROBERTO. BALDI Philadelphia, Pa. DIANE H. REED New Cumberland, Pa. «|-H a; JANELLE W . JONES Fort Mycr, Va. BERNARD P. FLAM, Joseph A. Murphy, Robert J.B. Maples, Phil G. Gillette, Paul A. MacKenzie, Max Berthomieu-Lamer, Lydie A. Dufour, Leo K, Winston. foreign language JOAN M. CREGORY Red Bank. S.J. French a; 03 bC bC •i-H .o MAHV A. McCLlCJUEON New Providence, N.J. German BARBARA J. SASSO Maplewood, N.J. French MARY ANN NAU Williams port. Pa. French It is only important to love the world . . . to regard the world and ourselves and all beings with love, admiration and respect. hei hcsse C 5 a; bJO b€ •I— ( J i 1 . Hp ■ " " dl " » JV l z flH WILLIAM A. SCIONTI Middletown, Conn. Spanish SUSAN M. WILKINSON Fair Haven, N.Y. Spanish LYNNE L. BILLMAN Kingston, Pa. Spanhh To communicate is the beginning of understanding. tinknoun C 3 bC LEAH J. BIRD AtUinta. Ca. 0) bO b€ •i-H o MAUREEN A. HAGGERTY Doylestown, Pa. Russian God has given us tongues that we may say something pleasant to our fellow-men. heinrich heint GHARLES A. KAUFFMAN Lancaster, Pa. Russian history Robert L. Larson, John F. Piper, Jr., LORING B. PRIEST, Robert H. Ewing. KEXNKlll K WOI.IHOM hippcnslnirfi. Pa. PALLINE M. QLLMAN Moiitficmrry. Pa. O •i-H ROBEH 1 G. TABER Williamsport, Pa. W - Q O C 2 cc - NANCVJ. ZINN Gettysburg, Pa. Life goes not backwards, nor tarries with yesterday. J. MICFIAELLOVETT Allison Park, Pa. DANIEL A. MILLER Coopersburg, Pa. kahlil gibran o C 3 •i-H O •p-H Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. george bernard shaw NANCY E. ANDERMAN Philadelphia, Pa. MICHAEL J. SCHWEDER Bethlehem, Pa. O •i-H LARRY W. KUNES Weedville, Pa. 2 N ■= O •i-H JOHN V. TURNER Muncij, Pa. WENDI L. GEHMAN Ambler, Pa. JOHN P. CROWE Williamsport, Pa. O •l-H v AnJ before my soul spoke to me, I imagined the past as an epoch that never returned, and the future as one that could never be reached. Now I realize that the present moment contains all time and within it is all that can be hoped for, done and realized. kahlil gibran WAYNE J. MORSE Stewartsville, M.J. JANICE 1. BROBYN Wilkes Burn: Pa. O LAURIE M. MIMS Rockleigh, N.J. VERNON WORLES JR. W. Long Branch, N.J. JACKL. BREECH Catawissu, Pa. O CU « MARILYN A. MICELI Pompton Lakes, WJ. O •i-it THOMAS . KRL G Haddonfield, N.J. Life isn ' t black and white. It ' s gray, all shades of gray. But we have a choice of picking Our shade of gray. violet weingarten RUPERTS. BECKER Allenwood, Pa. 172 •l-H CYNTHIA H. FUREY William-spurt, Pa. Richard W. Feldman, FRANCES K. SKEATH, Robert L. Lambert, Charles L. Getchell, Thomas Henninger, Kenneth R. Sausman, Jr. mathematics Z ' It. ), i. ! ,, I C 3 O •l-H 03 g3 WILLIAM E. DEHASS Beaver, Pa. EC a. O •i-H 03 03 NANCY L. FIRESTINE Tunkhannock, Pa. WILLIAM O. OLSEN Homer City. Pit. t 5 a •i-H s a; C!3 DARRYL R. DREESE Mifflinburg, Pa. One joy dispels a hundred cares. Chinese proverb GAIL A. MILLER Linden, Pa. o a s OS s ROBERTA L. LOWRY Munctj. Pa. SCOTT B. COLEY Thomasville, Ga. MARCIA G. WILSON Fair Lawn, N.J. C:AU0L A. AlUA Washington, Pa. C 5 O He is a man of sense who does not grieve for what he has not, but rejoices in what he has. cpictetus JON R. LOELINGER Irwin. Pa. C 3 o •i-H 05 OS s ARTHUR E. DORVAL Lutherville, Md. The secret of success is consistency of purpose. benjamin disracU 3 2 2: z o O •i-H c3 music GLEN E. MORGAN, Mary L. Russel, Walter G. Mclver, James W. Sheaffer. CHRISTOPHER R. ASKIN WiUiam.wille, N.Y. o •i-H C 3 BRADLEY C;. BHEWEK Wobtirn. Mass. When God created Man, he gave him music as a language different from all other languages. kahlil aU ' ran WILLIAM E. SPENCER Lewistown, S.Y. o s NORMAN L. RICHMOND Williamsport, Pa. Music speaks for the moment. susan m. Wilkinson CAROL KEEN Tenafly, N.J. Iff ' t to risht: Stephen Griffith, W. Arthur Faus, Robert C. Schultz, OWEN F. HERRING. philosophy MERLE V. PECK New Berlin. N.Y. RICHARD L. MARTIN William.spurt. Pa. political science Dennis M. Knepp, HELEN WEIDMAN, Thomas A. Banks SAMUEL A. DAVID Elinira. .Y. O ' o DAVID j. HOOFER Arliufitoii. Va. o 04 There will he revolutions we can touch one day instead of only those that timidly touch us. rod mckuen STENENG. MILLER Beech Creek, Pa. ROBERT L. DLUGE, JR. g| Ehjshiirg, Pa. JAMES L. HEBE Liberty, Pa. JAMESA. PIETROVITO Bataiia, .V.V. JOHN F. FILIBERTO Chester, .J. Human reason is a two- edged and dangerous sword. o •I— ( o o MARILYN A. SCHILLER Media, Pa. CD O •i-H o o o Justice without strength is helpless; strength without justice is tyrannical. pascal JAMES H. MOODY Fair Haven, N.J. HAYMONU U. REYNOLDS Phiinfichl. .J. WAYNE I. SM nil Clostcr, N.J. JOHN A. SPENCE Johnstoivn, Pa. psycho logy (left to right) Lawrence F. Hurr, Delores Kennedy, John G. Hancock, DAVID J. LOOM IS, Richard H. Craig. JAMES C. REBER AUcntown, Pa. We often find happiness in learning new things. dean uallcy DOUGLAS MacADAM Broomall, Pa. WENDY C. VOGEL Linwood, N.J. bJD ROBERT C.HOLBY Huntington Valley, Pa. Man may aspire to virtue, but he cannot reasonably pretend to discover truth. nicolas cluimfort KATHRYN S. NOTTINGHAM Riverside. Pa. Oh GAIL A. PETERS Wilmington, Del. LINDA R. NOTARANGELO Old Bridge, N.J. The heart has reasons which reason knows not of . bJD KARLENE G. WAKEFIELD Manchester, N.H. EDW IN S. BURNET Mendham, .J. LYNN M. WALLIS N. Plainfield, N.J. DENNIS M. JAKOBOWICZ Levittown. Pa. bJD SUSIE E. WHITE Woodbury. .J. Vague and nebulous is the beginning of all things, but not their end. kahlil aihran LINDA K. RASH Bethlehem, Pa. (L to R) O. Thompson Rhodes, William J. Urbrock, L. Paul Neufer, Richard A. Hughes, EDUARDO GUERRA religion o a; D.W IDL. REED Hu twsviUe, Pa. O • I— I a; JERYL M. REEVE Eas t Quogue, N.Y. I would have you know we are the breath and the fragrance of God. We are God, in leaf in flower, and often times in fruit. kahlil " ihran DERWOOD A. STRUNK Trout Run, Fa. REV WiL •OUTOui!? o •i-H bO 0) EUGENE M. WHITE WiUiamsport, Pa. 1 C a a Q sociology and anthropology left to right: J. S. McCRARY, Julia Rux, Maurice A. Mook, Virginia R. Arroyo. PRISCILLAS. TABER William sport. Pa. TONY K. SCHEPIS N. Plainficid, N.J. O o C 3 3ENISE C. SCHULTZ Fairfax, Va. SUSAN J. SAYLOR Camp Springs, Md. O o C 5 DAVID B. WEBB Abington. Pa. HOBVN A. JOHNSON Westivood, N.J. k ATllLEEX P. MORSE iranklin. Mtiss. O o o C 3 INGRIDJ. PALMER N. Plainfiekl. S.J. o o o nw. JEANNE A. SAkAL Hershey, Pa. c -S lRolyn e. hughes ddlctown. Conn. If we cannot find peace within ourselves, it is useless to look for it elsewhere. O o o V3 la rochcfouciittld - ' iJ O o o 173 RANDY S. JONES Perkasic, Pa. BARBARA I. WILLIAMSON Baltimore, Md. BONNIE L. PFEFFER Lafayette Hills, Pa. O O O C 5 If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships. franklin d. roosevelt LINDA r. mec:kbac;h Williamsport, Pa. FAYE L. STOCUM Jersey Shore, Pa. o o o C 3 S i» i A v. 7 CYNTHIA S. BLISH S. Byron, N.Y. GERALD A. MARTIN, JR. Street, Md. SANDRA L. VANDUSEN Lancaster, Pa. He who understands others is learned. O o C 3 SVL lA F. KARNEY Williainsport, Pa. MARILYN M. BLECHNER Bedford VilUige, S.Y. bO o o o KATHA M. FIESTER Hughesville, Pa. I MARIE A. SEERS Milton. Pa. O o C 3 JANET E. BRADW AY C ' « )r May. .J. bO o o o The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man a reflection of his own face. William thackeray JUDITH E. GANSZ Brooklawn, N.J. ROBERT V. CHESNEY Kiilpmont, Pa. O o o THOMAS L. BRINTON MUlhind Park, NY. JAMES W. SMITH Phiinfwld, J. UAXTDM. KOi ' lTSKY Shamokin. Pa. O o 5 3 . ■ 3r ' - ! «su ;- ; j ' TC yrfT-P GEORGE E. WEBB Chester, N.J. 1) u Garv Dartt, ROBERT F. FALK. MARGARET M. MYERS York, Pa. ROGER L. HOUSLE New Milford, .J. education Forrest E. Keesbiiry, John H. Conrad, Louise Schaeffer, JOHN J. ZIMMERMAN. B u k (1 to r): Clarence VV, Bureh, DA ID C. BUSEY, Nelson V. Phillips, Bndd Whitehill. Front (1 to r): Donna Miller, SalK Vargo. camera shy ANN E. ABBOrr ANN L. AULT JAMES L. AVERY DAVIDA BAIH STEPHEN W. BARN1N(;EK jefferyc. befumo william m. bowler john l. carroll laureen a. connolly david e. constable pamela k coyle r(jbert w. dalrymfle pall l davidson derby j. deatricii dale k. erdly wellsii.c;a(;e,jr. DAVID II (;eor(; CHARLES A. (;iN(;SBUR(; LYDIA E. (JONZALEZ R. RICHARD (;R()VE EDWARD J, CUESSEFELD SHIRLEY L.(;UILD DAVID W HALL MEIAIN E HALL, JR. DA IDB HARDINC JOIINC, IIARTZ DOUCJLAS K. HEIL DA ID A HERDMAN DA ID F. IHNE BUILER JOHN I. HOUSER DA ID H. JACKSON ROBKRr A. JACKSON JOSEPH A JEZEWSKI I.KONAHDW JOHNSON NEIL li. KAUFER SUSAN C.KAUFMAN CONSTANCE J. KYLER michael j. laska dewittc. lathrop f. paul lee jeffrey d. lemke mordec;ai b. lipshutz elizabeth m. lyon ABBYJ. .MACHAMER RONALDS. .VlcELWEE THOMAS W METZ(;ER WILLIAM F. MOULTON PATRICK J. PARUSO STEPHEN P. RICE RENNELW. RODARMEL PAUL A. SCHAEFER DALE F. SELCHAN JOHN B. SHAFFER STEPHEN P. SHAW ANNC. SHUMAKER RUSSELL H. SLOCU.M LAWRENCE T. SNOW JOHNE. SPILLAN DWKillT E STAMBOLIAN DIANE STOWNSEND CJARY R. VANKLEECK BORIS VVAINIO ARTHUR WASIHNCnON Dl AN EM WEEKS DAVID. V WYNN STANLEY P. Y ASTRO LESTER B. YOUNC WILLIAM WZENDT SENIOR OFFICERS President: Rob Baldi ' ice President: Jimmy Smith Treasurer: Randy Loeliger Secretary: Cindv Falcsik :!l ' .;;,li!5l. ;?;5; :;j!: ' ' H ' ' r ' « ' Ki; ' 7:v: ' .::l!? administration James G. Scott, Assistant Diicctcir (it Adniissic HolxTt J. Gluiik, Kegistiar U illi.m, 1.. Bakt-r, Stiidinl Aid Diifctor (1. to r.) 01i er E. Harris, Director of Dexelopment; Dale V. Bower, Director of Alumni Affairs; Bruce L. Swanger, Director of Public Relations; Joseph La er, Jr., Director of Publications. Deans of S(u leut Services; (1- to r.) Susan |. Albert, Douglas Keiper, Anna D. Weitz, Robert (). Patterson. (1. to I.) J.iiiH ' s R. Jose, Uean ot the Colk ' KC; Jack C. Buckle. Dean ot Student Services. Harold H. Hutson, President o( the College. OFF ' CE OF HE PRESIDENT S I I.l.l AMSPOKT, PA. 1771 To the Class of 1971: Your class has helped to guide me through my sophomore year at Lycoming College, and 1 am grateful for your patience and leadership. Recent years have witnessed important changes in college campuses. The symbolic ivy disappeared from the walls long ago, and the ivory towers have given way to centers of concern for persistent human problems. I hope that, several years from now, you can look back upon the Lycoming years as a stimulating blend of scholarship and concern. You have reached a significant level of attainment. May this accomplish- ment challenge you to move ahead of us, your elders, as you strive to " right the ancient wrongs! " With every good wish. Cordially yours, J .-X-c f-M- - cLvvi-S-- - Harold H. Hutson President ; - sm ..: .. ' .■• ' " " ' • ' • 7 ■ ' • -Jii ' i- i ' yy-. ' " ■■ miM: . ' i} ' S -H - 0 9l 1? i3i -:: ' j iSi — ■■ ' - J, ' : ' -,irJj Ci ' --r-t " - ' jS? ' ? " ' vV - ..v;. . -■ •:- S ' ' -i rt3su» " w - « - sjtf s; - arrow staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Gail Muller BUSINESS MANAGER: King Adkins JR. EDITOR-IN-GHIEF: Linda Perkins ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGER: Douglas Sector STAFF AD ISOR: R. Scott Stauffer CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS Lynn Flock, EDITOR Roberts Kern FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION Barbara Wayne, EDITOR Carolyn Hughes COPY Nancy Auderman, EDITOR Kyle Messner ACTIVITIES Linda Kramer, EDITOR Ginger Ma - PHOTOGRAPHY William E ans, EDITOR Norman Cetuk William Lewis Todd Livingstone William Davis Vicky Satterthwaite LAYOUT Shirley Goebel, EDITOR Donna Cipriani, EDITOR Nancy Firestine Karen Salveson SENIORS Mar Ann Nau, EDITOR Kathy Kelly LITERARY Susan Wilkinson, EDITOR Kathryn Mothershed SPORTS Skip Guenther, EDITOR Wilham Burland SECRETARY Patricia McQuiston SUBSCRIPTIONS Cherolyn Messer GENERAL STAFF Pamala Bateman Pete Kengeter Jud ' Myers a.w.s. a o o • I— I a; a; Left Window (1 to r): Ruth Wilkinson (first vice-president), Karen Knoiise, Nancy Raybuck, Shirley Smith (secretary), Carolyn Clilford. Right Window (1 to r): Bobbie Lowery, Kendra Shiiey, Nancy Firestine (president), Gail Pearce (treasurer), Linda Perkins. Not pictured: Ginn Samuel (second ice-president). J-H a o •i-H o •I-H out l( Kllla ).Kk): K. ' ud M.UVM Wl Isou. (■ Sarah R.-rtraud. X leeii McCart , M , Zinn. il n Smitli. the bell Editor— Janice Hakes Managing Editors Estlu-r Williams. Boh Howden Executi e Editor Dawn Minier Business Manager Jack Spiilan AcKertising Manager Debbie E ans News Editor Joyce Stair Associate News Editor Judy Hill Feature Editor Susan Snyder Sports Editor Tim Wagner Copy Editor Betsy Johnson Layout Editor Ann Bell Circulation Manager Jack Seymour Art Editor Stexe Hogan Photographers Bill Lewis, Dwight Witherspoon Advisor Da id Sawyer Staff: Cindy Brosnahan, David Bloom, Phylis Mongiello, Tom Henel, Mike Shall, Kathy Donnelly. Stephanie Karpinski, Andv Bucke, Barb Mitchell. band Hon Buid, Cheryl Canfiekl. Holi CiHiiiilir, Janet Decker, Dennis Doebler, Clare Doty, Nancy Ellis, Dot Everhart, Wendy Ci ' hinan, David Giesa, Lois (Jilhcrt. Marcia Gordon, Robert Griepenbing. Dennis Haas, Elaine Harris, Jim Hathavva ' , i llaiiKhwoiit, Jo.m Heineman, Judy Hiscar, Bariy Hiitchins, Da e Jackson, Rich Jenninj;s, Barbara Jones, Dean Kelchner. Joann Krcit er, Snsan Landshof, Carol Lindsay, Jan McDonald, Harrs Mer ine, Kath Morse, Barry Newton, Rick Rhodes, Dennis Richmond, Nonnan Richmond, Steve Shank, Kendra Shuey, Ellen Siefjal, Joe Simonetti, Bill Spencer. Nancy Sweetland, Annette Vea er, Jndy W ' erkheiser. Bob Wydro, Ken Zahora. choir Marrianne Wadeck, Pamela Kimmel, Janice Helhouski, Jane Spare, Roxanne Rode, Darlene Goodrich, Carol Boyce, Carol Keen Diane Whitaker, Martha Daive, Lealie Yancev, Cvnthia Brosnahand, Bonnie Sheets. Linda Bloom, Sne Cotes, Mollv Woods Shirley Smith, Missv Marshland, Alice Fiske, Miriam Crary, Beth lluskins, Belss Black, S.mdv He " ' ■ ' ' ' " " ■■ c- : ■ ■ - ■■ Rub ' erg, GwendoKii Mocnninn, We.itherls LeibensbcrKcr, Sue KoIImmii, Gntihcn Knipc, B.nb.i Virginia Sannicl, I ' atricia Ace, U)is Pasck, Chis Askni, John Max crt. Rick Miller, Bill Dt Zimmerman, Peter Harer, Ronald McEKvee, William Mo le, Brnce BncklcN, George Wea er, Rober. .-. „. . -. Hnlslander, Bradly Brewer, Robert Breitenback, Ronald Baiighman, Dave Huddleson, Jim Staih, Kenneth Barber. Hensler, Nancv Colliver, Eli ibeth Edleman, Ronakl Banghm.iii. .... „ II, Ra Gar , John C.nlson, J.i . Robert Glex enger, Engene DeGens, Ste cheerleaders (front to back) Shirley Goebel, Kuth Wilkinson, Natalie Kpinm ' r. ( hristv Hces. onnic Bullock. .liid Kalcnowski, C. ' aroK n an Blarconi, Captain Carolyn Cliflord. Absent; Laura Binns. men ' s residence council list row, 1 to i) Jt-niiilfi West. Ciiiilv r.iNiu-, (2ik1 rou ) l)ou« UfrcmtT. DoniKi Fishfi, Marsha Wilson, M( ll ooils. Linda Sht-ctz, Dt-an Kfi|x ' r. (.3rci row) Carl Shaiiiioii, Harold Nl(n iuc. Jim L(M)iian, Sand Hciislrr. w Icr student government council torn brinton: president art Washington: first vice-president jan bradway: second vice-president jody wolfrom: secretary bill solis: treasurer donna hempton: corresponding secretary barb Jones: office secretary general council rob baldi lyn Schiller Steve hogan andy bucket dave hooper torn henel barb edleman norm cetuk torn schimmer dean ross barb lovenduske missy marsland ginny shepler Steve straube dawn minier don soulder bill dean Janet hill dari cox dave whitfield tom milberger kathy mccoll jim looloian joe texter helmut falter angelyn zecha barb mitchell John t ' iliherto: president (Ia id nil: first vice-president knrt kranikel: second ' ice-president John Carlson; treasnrer Mplia I ' lii Omega, national ser ite Iratcrnitx . Xi I ' i (. ' haptt ' r, lias been sersing Lycoming College and the surrounding eommunitv ' since December 14, 1963. Our aried acti ities include tiie Cannon (at littnie football games), a ' roy-Cvlotliing Dri e for Betliune Douglas Community Center, assisting at C hapel Services, usliering at the Scottish Rite Artist and Lecture Series and tiic Heart I ' md. !i-Mil)(i U)7(l 71: Cl.iri- DolN. Muli.icl I,nv,-tl. Hov Siiiilli, W lut.u re, Holni I Cl.vrTiKer. Andv Buikc, Kich.ird .U-iuiiims. N!,iih., liil..k i. I),u id K.urrll, I ' hillip St.p.uuk. All.ii Sutto... Dtiiii.s Doibl.-r, Kelihiu-r. Alpha limma a ) GENE VAN BENTHYSEN RENNEL W ROOARMEL JEFFREY C BEFUMO 7 " ' VIH -■i KENNf DAVID B JACKSON GARY E BROWN jqhn ROBERT V CHESNEY CJiunma Rlio cliaptei ot Alpha Sigma Phi uas installed at Lycoming College in May 1965; prior to tliis time it was Alpha ( amma Upsilon until the two merged. The lVaternit ' was founded upon (Christian prin- ciples which included the second law, die aw ot brother!)- lo e. The objectives and goals of Alpha Sigma Fiii are best stated in the purposes of the fraternit) which are to foster education, to maintain charity and to promote patriotism. Colors— cardinal and stone Flower— talisman rose Founded— December 6, 1845 at Yale University- Established— Lycoming College, 1951 THOMAS P SHEPHERD FREDERICK C WINNER JAMES CARVER The Brothers of Kappa Delta Rho wish to extend congratulations to the graduating class of 1971. May you continue to have many happy moments throughout the years to come. During the academic year the Brothers of Kappa Delta Rho participated and excelled in many activities. A Christmas party for under- priviledged children was held. Our annual Business Man ' s Banquet was a great success. Also, the Brothers KDR captured six trophies for their athletic prowess and float building abilities. Trophies were received for first place finishes in soccer, basketball, softball, the overall sports trophy, and two trophies for tlie best float in homecoming competition. The halls of the house were also given a new " pop art " look. Finally, under the direction of Brothers MacAdam and Richardson, a great academy award winning motion picture, " Slezy Rider " was produced. In tribute to the 1971 seniors of KDR, the underclassmen would like to give special thanks to them for their contributions to die house for without them KDR would not be in its present state of harmony. MARTIN W SLAUGH RICK A LEPLEV RICHARD J MC BRINN | V fc ' ■ Am JOHN H S H ambda t Alpha DONALD J VILLA CHRISTOPHER M, MESSINA THOMAS R. PORTER A. MARCUS PERKINS III KING E ADKINS.JR RICHARD B DEUBLER WILLIAM C. KICRNAN DOUGLAS J SECTOR NICHOLAS J. MILLAR ALBERT L.YETTER III MARTIN KOCHANOV TREASuflER ALFRED PINO GEORGE E WEBB ROBERT 0. JONES MARC S NASOFF THOMAS V. KRUG, JR. CHRISTOPHER T MEYER 1 JAMES KUELL t C JEFF SMITH JERRY THOMAS WILLIAM A OAT ■■■iM H MICHAEL A RUBIN A H ROBERT bald! IB H MARTIN W INGRAHAM FRED R HOLT THOMAS B FAHRINGER JOHN E YOUNG ROBERT J BUHL CARL E DICKENS. JR BRUCE W WHITAKER JOHN WORRELL III CHARLES S BAHURIAK, JR JAMES E CASE ALBERT W OAUBENSPECKIi GERALD A MARTIN. JR. CHARLES J. NAOMI CHARLES M ROSENBERG ROBERT GILBERT. JR )IO4AR0 E LAUBERSHEIMER Lamhclci Clii Alplia was founded on till- priiK i|)lc of forming a wi-Il rounded iiuli iduai. Lambda Chi Alphas func- tional purpose is to aid in the develop- ment and maturation of the character of each brother. B - doing this Lambda Chi Alpha feels that it is allowing the indi- idual the chance to gain valuable in- sight into the workings of his own life, now as well as later in his life. The two inottos of Lambda Chi Alpha " Everv Man a Man " and Naught Without Labor " gives further proof to the aims of the fraternitv. Lambda Chi . ipha has worked liard to produce men who can work well as indi- viduals and as a team, this is done through the perpetuation of the brother- hood. Lambda Chi .-Klpha feels that an indi idual that can adjust well to serve in a brotherhood such as this will find it a simple task to adjust to ser e in the brotherhood of man. JOHN H KAUFFM N Sigma Pi was established at Lycoming College in 1953. It is one of the largest national fraternities on campus. To date, there are over eighty chapters of Sigma Pi throughout the United States. The fraternity strives to develop character with high standards of morality in all fields. Many Sigma Pi brothers have contributed greatly to Lycoming ' s varsity athletic program. Colors; lavender and white Founded: ' incennes University Established: Lycoming College 1953 Flower: Lavender Orchid ALAN J TURCZYNSKI DENNIS J SHALLCROSS tgma pi RONALO L ShambAoC au appa | p5flott -S i t( JOHN C SCHOLTCN ROBERT M WYDRO JEFFREY FMCCANNA RANDALL L D;SEND BERNARD 200K STEVEN S SHUEY lii GREGORY J DAVIS LEON P BECK DANIEL F COR1220 WAYNE I SMITH NORMAN L MYERS Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded in 1899 at Illinois W ' esleyan L ' ni ersity. From this beginning if has risen to he the largest fraternit) in the United States with o er 300 ehapters. Lycoming ' s Mu-Theta Chapter is the only fVatcrnitN ofVeampiis. TKE was first hrf)iight into existence at Lycoming in 1968 as a colony and was chartered in April 1969. The foundations of TKE are character, scholarship, and brotherhood. COLOHS; Carnation red and grey FLOWER: Red Carnation ELMER R UDSCr DONALD W HUGHES ' ♦5 ' I: ROKRT L HAWTHORNE DEAN A HANOLEY tctjot! WESLEY G OERR RICHARD T RABOLO heta (C i The brothers of Theta Chi extend siiici ' re congratulations and wishes of good fortune to tlie Chiss of 1971. It is the same feeling of brotherhood which prompted Theta Chi to be founded at Norwich L ' ni ersit in 1856 that we now hope this class will carr ' forth into the brotherhood of mankind. Theta Tii of l ycoming College has existed as Epsilon Beta Chapter since 1955. .At its outset the brotherhood was aware of the many res|X)nsibilities and intellectual concerns they had to the campus. This is ex- pressed in our motto, " .-Mma Mater first and Theta Chi for .-Mma Mater. " QX has welcomed these responsibilities and concerns by their activity in all phases of campus life, illustrated b - our stu- dent government members, inter-collegiate athletes, class officers, and Lycoming alumni— Theta Chi ox roast at Homecoming. OX has also shown interest in community life as the brothers participated in the annual Heart Fund Dri e and ga e it ' s annual Easter Fart ' for underpri iledged chil- ped into an organized brotherhood, orientated both inwardK ' and outwardly toward overall Ix ' tterment of mankind. COLOR: Military red and white FLOWKH: Red Carnation FOUNDED: 1S56 Norwich l ' ni ersitv EST. BLIsilED: 1955 Ly- coming CJollege Epsilon Beta Chapter GARY W HA6ESTA0 STEPHEN C WOLFEHTZ PHIL 6 GILLETTE The oppressed prisoner, who can break away from his jail and does not so, is a coward. kalilil !j,il ian 4; sachem (1st row, 1 to r) Cindy Falcsik, Baibara Utter, Pam Kennedy, Mary Ann Nan, Gay Sla ton (2nd row) Dean Jose, Lester Young, Norman Richmond. John Carlson, Dr. Mook, Bobbie Lowery, Pat McQuisten, Lynn Gallagher, Andy Bucke, David Frey. (1 to r) Jenny West, Andy Bucke, Joan Gregory, Steve Hogan, Laurie Mims, Chip Kauttman, Marilvn Micelli. woman of the year NANCY [.. FIKESTINE ANDKEW A. Bl ' C.KE lycoming roundtable (1. to 1.) Barhani EdU-ma.i. JiKin Gresoiy, Pamoh. Kennedy, Cindy Falsik, Su an Wilknisou, Hnth Wilkinson. Shiilev C.oehel. ' 1 lu ' Lycoming Hoiindtal)! ' is tlu- woinens honor society on campus, soon to be affiliated witli tlie na- tional society of Moitail)oaid. Members of the Roimdtabli- are chosen for their schohirsliip, leader- slii]-) and participation in extra-cur- riculai acti itics. antl personality ' . ■Jlic aw artls gi en 1) - the Hound- table are the Siher Chalice for sophomore women, (lold Chalice for juniors, and the . mulet Xw.ud for seniors. phi alpha theta (1st row, 1. to i) Ruth ' oii, Lainif Minis, L nii, Nancy Zinii, Janet Bi.idwax (2nd row. I to r) Nani Andcrnian. Cathv Petcrs Marilv n Miceli, WVndy Gehnian. l)ax id Hcrdnian. Mr Ewiiii; (3rd row, I to r) Robert N ' alania, Dr. Priest. Mr. Larson. O O-Q Co O 3 Co 1 §3 Co - " J 4«i S-i sj O Co CO CO S " c? tyO v?:;.. - -. ■■■■■ ■■. • :y -.i-;?. •- " f ' uT ' -V f i ' . ' iij.; ■: J. ' ;•, ' : ? v y ' W- i.y - • y «v -1 ' - ■ ■ l)-.- P? ■ ' v3|f ■ ' - V Ss ' " 5 Vj gf- ' V? ! . ' -v ' • - ■x- J ' % ' ' ' r5 football Kou I; (1 to 1) hr.Kci.iU-, B.iklc , bmuio, Ihompsun, KiLli.iidsuii, OUt-ii, (JIu-mjcn , K(»i)it k , Kauili]].ii]. SclixM-tUi, Siiiitli, Drt-«e, Srok.i. Millt-r, Porter, McBriim, Ciirle , Kimes. Row 2: (1 to r) T. ReilK, SaKaggio, Chambers, Nloyer, Peterson, V ' argo, Hook, Nellen, Martin, Hoflert, Franke, Myersi Hinkle, McUonald. Row 3: (1 to r) Dragon, Solis, Sherman, Joy, Bahnriak, M. Reilly, DiMichele, Spitler, Tabolinskv, Wiser, Fanellj, LaRocca, Latagliata, Shockloss. Row 4: (1 to r) Shambaiigh, Ostrowski, Haczewski, Gaisf ' ord, Goodrow, RiisEc k, Salman, Stover, McNesby, Grieb. Row 5: (1 to r) Dresher, March, Washington, Romeo, Gephart, Jackson, Carson, Lewis, Rohde, Franklin, Schannaiier, Grosso, Sekscinski, Mesaros. Row 6: (1 to r) Fiorvanti, Coleman, O ' Halloran, Gerber, Regener, Azzato, Lodge, Manuel. Tlu- 1970 football team liad a 3-5 record and one of its most suc- cessful seasons in tlie past feu- years. All three of their wins were big victories for the Warriors, . fter a tough opening loss to .-Mbrigbt, the Warriors up.set Wilkes 21-19, ending their 31 game winning stieak and the first time tlie - were defeated on their home field siiiee 1965. Lycos second key ietorv was over Juniata, who in the past 10 years had defeated Lycoming, in their final game of the season, the Warriors hosted Delaware N ' alley in the first .Annual Fez Bowl and came out on top 13 to 6. soccer Row 1: (1 to r) McCloghrv, Bendiitk, hchtiik, Mihork, Bcltoii, ,Sh(ii,.rd, i alt.r, Hammct. Hcnv li: (I to r) Brainard, Sutton Shaw, Baldi, SLAl ' fiH, NIILLEK, Michalowski, Glancey, Fooid. Row 3: (1 to i) Phillips, Rosenberg, Gettler, McNeil, Daubenspeck, Lindonbcig, itk, Uisell, Spadoni, Fehr, Sisco, Bahner. The 1970 Soccer team had the best season in the history of the sport at Lycoming. The team led by co-captains Marty Slaugh and Dan Miller posted a 6-5-1 record. The season was highlighted by big vic- tories over Rider and Washington as well as a tie with the always tough Drew team. Exchange stu- dent Claus Bendrich led the War- rior squad in scoring. The home field advantage played a part in the Warrior successes as the team gained 4 of their 6 victories at Sheridan field. With only 2 seniors graduating, the prospects for an- other successful year look bright. I iiBpn basketball liciiil Kiw (1 to r) l.dii Snlpi i(i, ji.n Titus. Str c Huvscll, Al K.iiif ' fman, Mike Herman, Wes Forsluc ).Kk low (I to i) Tom Smith. Hiik hobi ' i tsoii. Toiii Beamii. Dennis |akn[)ou iiv. Steve Cojian, Rieh Henninger, Lon Hill Dill ' to tiiacliiatinii, iiijiirii-s, and iioiinal attri- tion takiiivz; a lii li toll of cxpt ' iit ' iui ' d playi ' is, coacli nutcli Buicli was faced witli a dexelop- inont of a strong nucleus for the future. Through tlie first eleven games the Warriors were only able to win one game. Tlieir nucleus consisted of one senior, Dennis Jakubowicz, one soi homore, Wes Forshee, and three freshmen, Kich llenninger, Tom Smith, and Ste e Cogan. Tiie second half of the sea.son showed ast im- pro ement. The Warriors won six of their last ten games and clima.xed the season with an exciting 94-93 upset over Scranton University to knock them from the conference playort ' s. Rich Henninger became the first fresimian to score above 500 [XJints in one season at Lycoming and the second varsitv playei to exceed the 5(M) mark. Next year should prove to i)e a different story, since this young team has now gained some v .du- able experience in their 7-14 season. wrestling Pioljahly tlu " greatest tlisappointmoit of the winter sports program was the failure of the wrestlers to extend a string of thirteen winning seasons. The wrestlers did not have a losing season as they finished with an 8-S record. The team was inex- perienced in many of the weight classes and most were as- signed to freshmen. Two freshmen, Steve Wiser of Bellefonte at 167 and a ne Coodrow of Levittown at 190, had good first halfs. Unfortu- nately Wiser was injured against Elizahethtown and Goodrow missed the final four matches due to a respiratory illness. These events may have been the turning point in the team ' s effort to continue their winning wa s. Three other wrestlers, ail upperciassmen, had a good year. Bruce Whitaker, a junior, had a 12-2-1 record, Adrian Marsh, a junior, finished with an 1 1-4 mark, and Dave Webster, a sopho- more, finished with a 6-5 mark. In the Middle Atlantic Conference tournament, Lycoming w as second behind Wilkes. All in all the prospects for starting a new winning streak look extremely bright for next yeai ' . iJW , • " " WSTUW WRESTl W WRESTUW ' ' % . »JSS -COM HOW I; (I, to I.I l),i l);iM ' lloppci. D.iii Aimilo K.ui.lh. IVii Fr,.i.klin, Inn, W illi Mllln, TiMi I ' lMit cnhofl, Ihivr ' ' hstci. lollil StoMT, Paul AikIom) Vimlil. Don Uri«ht, N.itli.iri Kolwcll. Clinik ll.uvcwski, Adiicn I,i l.cuis, l.iik CnsoTi, .Steve Wiser, lii nee Wliil.ikei. HOW I: (k to nies Huiu. ' t, Dumlit Witlispoon. ROW 2: (I. to r.) loin B.ikle . ROW i: (k to r.) Wavne Goodrow, ml (:li,nnl)eis, |efl S.ilin.iii, Seott Dreseher, l).i e ROW I : (1 to 1.) Dick Zack, Ste e Ho»in, Todd Wvnn, Rich Parker; ROW 2: (1. to r.) Greg Grant, Steve Marshall. Norm Richmond, Tom Krng; ROW 3: (1. to r.) Stese Mnthler, Bill Anf ' richt, Jack Marck, Bill Oat. The .swimming team got oft to a real roiigli start, losing their first fi e meets. After the tide turned tlioiigli, tlie)- won six of their last eight meets to compile a 6-7 sea.son. They were led by seniors Bill Oat, Dick Zack, Tom Krug, and Ste e Hogan. Two underclassmen, Ste e Muthler, a sophomore and Ste e Marshall, a freshman, were consistent winners in indi idual e ents during the winter. Five swimmers represented Lycoming in the Middle Atlantic Confer- ence championship at John Hopkins, in which they placed sixth in team standing. With a better start next ear the swimming team should be able to get above the 500 mark. swimming track Till- Warrior trackmen got off to an c-xct ' llent start by winning thfir first three meets. They then lost to Sus(juelianna and bounced back to defeat Mansfii ' ld S7-57. They were led by seniors Don ' el)li, Doug Brown, Joe Tcxter and Rich Drake. Tin- Warriors ended their season witli a 5-3 record. In tlic Miildlc Atlantic Confer- ence championships the Iaco thinclads placed eighth in a field of si.xteen. The trackmi ' ii ma ha e to do some rebuilding next year, since the nuck-us of their team will be lost due to graduation. I he team members are; Doug Brown, Jim Burget, Bob Burket, Terry ( ar er, Jim Collins, Richard Credo, Rich De. ugustinis. Donn Downe -, Rich Drake, Tom Fowl- ston, .Mark Harrison, a ne Ileike, iialph Hook, joe j.iworski, Richard Jennings, Nathaniil Lodge, John Lyter, Paul . larsden, ( harles Mc- Call. Mike McCormick, Robert McClain, Wayne Murphy, Gunther . ellen, Roger Poorman, Jeff Salman, Bill Sconti, Greg Short- way, Joe Texter, Donald Webb. y :% n golf F -■-■? — T ■=-r ?:- = i ? g u t£ d -S rhr 4()lt toani j ot off t(J oiif of tlifir best starts by winning the first )i e matches in a row. The then chopped a heartbreaker to Suscjue- lianna Q ' l-S. ' j and lost to Juniata before winning another four matches in a row. Tlie ended with a season record of 9-3. Tlie team was led b Rich Frofeta, Sewell, Emmett (- ' ourtright. and Marc Nasoff. Ly- cominsj finished si. teenth in tlie Middle .Atlantic Conference Golf Championships. Next year looks e en l)etter for the Warriors. S Af ' ti-r losing their opi ' uing meet to Franklin and Marshall, the Warrior tennis team won four in a row- before being shut out by Rider College. The team was led by standouts Bruce Sale, Joe Phillips, and Klaus Bendrich. Their season mark was 7-3-1. Their one tie was against Elizabethtown which ended in a .3-.3 tie before it was cancelled by rain. The team has a lot of youth and now experience and should continue their winning ways ne.xt year. The team members are; Klaus Bendrich, Creg Buss Dennis Herbert, Jim McAdams, Da e Mittell, Joe Phillips, Jim Plummer, Bruce Sale, Tom Schimmer, Seth Schonberg, John W ' iemann. tennis Baseball Lycoming 1 . . . . Wilkes 3 Lycoming 1 ... . . Delaware ' alley 3 Lycoming 3 .. , , . . Delaware Valley 5 Lycoming 2 .., . . . Upsala 5 Lycoming .. . . . Upsala Lycoming 3 ... . . . Dickinson 4 Lycoming 6 .. . . . Dickinson 4 Lycoming . . . . .Juniata 4 Lycoming 12 .. . . .Juniata 2 Lycoming 3 .. . . . Elizabethtown 4 Basketball Lycoming 64 .. . . . Bowie 75 Lycoming 60 .. . . . Susquehanna 75 Lycoming 92 .. . . .Alumni Game 88 Lycoming 92 .. . . .Quinnipiac 85 Lycoming 64 .. . . . Millersville 101 Lycoming 78 .. . . . Wilkes 80 Lycoming 82 .. . . . Upsala 87 Lycoming 67 . . . . . Bloomsburg 87 Lycoming 67 .. . . . Philadelphia Textile 96 Lycoming 82 .. . . . Hartwick 95 Lycoming 90 .. . . .Susquehanna 95 Lycoming 88 .. . . . Muhlenberg 106 Lycoming 117 .. . . . Wagner 97 Lycoming 80 .. . . . Delaware Valley 91 Lvcoming 94 .. . . . Wilkes 87 Lycoming 72 .. . . . Dickinson 94 Lycoming 93 .. . . . Elizabethtown 84 Lycoming 94 .. . . . Juniata 121 Lycoming 64 .. . . . Albright 83 Lycoming 86 .. . . . Washington 74 Lycoming 92 .. . . . Drew 80 Lycoming 94 .. . . .Scranton 93 Golf Lycoming 12 .. . . . Lebanon Vallev 6 Lycoming IVA.. . . . Frankhn and Marshall A Lycoming 9J2.. . . . Ehzabethtown 8 ' A Lycoming 15M.. . . . Wilkes I ' k Lycoming 15M.. . . . Upsala 2M Lycoming 8JL. . . . Susquehanna 93 Lycoming Aii . . . . .Juniata 13M Lycoming IIM.. . . . Delaware Valley 6M Lycoming 9}L. . . . Scranton 8J Lycoming IVA.. . . . Muhlenberg 6J Lycoming 10 .. . . . Bloomsburg 8 Lycoming 8 .. . . . Mansfield 10 Swimming Lycoming 36 Gettysburg 58 Lycoming 36 Franklin and Marshall 59 Lycoming 24 East Stroudsburg 70 Lycoming 46 American University 50 Lycoming 57 Canisious 56 Lycoming 41 St. Bonaventure 61 Lycoming 55 Dickinson 40 L coming 36 Elizabethtown 59 Lycoming 57 U ' ilkes 38 L coming 52 Lockhaven 43 Lycoming 59 Morgan State 54 Lycoming 53 Kutztowii 41 Lycoming 43 Kings 52 Tennis Lycoming 1 Franklin and Marshall 8 L ' coming 9 Delaware ' alley Lycoming 6 Scranton 3 Lycoming 7 Susquehanna 2 Lycoming 5 Dickinson 4 Lycoming Rider 9 L coming 5 Upsala 4 Lycoming 5 Juniata 4 L coming 2)2 Drew 6% Lycoming 4)2 Elizabethtown 4 2 Lycoming 6 Wilkes 3 Wrestling Lycoming 10 California State 27 Lycoming 24 Thiel 11 Lycoming 37 Alderson-Broaddus 3 Lycoming 14 Oswego 22 Lycoming 36 Juniata 8 Lvcoming 8 Lock Haven 28 Lycoming 17 R.I.T. 16 Lycoming 21 Central Connecticut 16 Lycoming 23 Mansfield 13 L ' coming 22 Delaware ' alley 14 Lycoming 3 Wilkes 31 Lycoming 17 St. Francis 19 Lycoming 30 Scranton 8 L ' coming 9 West Chester 27 Lycoming 16 Elizabethtown 20 Lycoming 5 East Stroudsburg 35 i Track Lycoming 112 Lycoming 86 Lycoming 81 Lycoming 41 Lycoming 87 Lycoming 77 Lycoming 77 Lycoming 69 Haverford 33 Delaware ' allev 59 Western Marvland 64 Susquehanna 104 Mansfield 57 Dickinson 92 Washington 11 Juniata 76 r H j ' l ' J ■■I W 1. B :. A d H E ij H V S ► ' -. I ;; I w m ' ■■XU: M w m « ' ■■1- yi ' f. • ■ " ■ -S.. ' V f " " -i !JiSf f y t ■- ' . :U--- -;= ;Ci:r= .s ,- ' ■- y i .-:- ' : ■;? ' V -i :-- rtrt2ju» i- " ■— . ■ ' - ..-••■ ■: , ;r. ; •■-» ;:.-■ ;- :■«?%►; ■M tss C; Wk ' " ' ' " iH H Muyjk f PS H 1 nrnwOl Ai 1 ' H U Hn i0 ' ' - " 7 Bk 4 1 1 ' ' ' ' ' ]i i U) III When you come to the end of the rope, tie a knot ana hang on. -ttii (Idiiicl homecoming committee ' I H ' P B 1 - - ' ■■ " ■ rS jStj B (1. (o I.) SU- c ll()«.iii. DouiM Kisli.i. U.iiiK oy.l. l.ind.. linitu.i homecoming 1970 I he tirst prize winning float of Kappa Delta Rho. The Charli.- HnkI (.)uint.l lo()tl),ill. Iloats, tnod. Minus . . . winning. Mit ,i. kl)H . . . conceit. (Miarlii ' Byid . . . ( " liailic Brown, li.ippi- noss is. people toui ' tlicr. llonu ' coniini; 1970 . . . tlicsc times tlu ' v are a ili.mninii. ■Yon ' rc A Cood Ch.irli.- Bmwi homecoming candidates Jennifer West, The Black Voice, Missy Marshland, Choir, Mitzi Bensinger, AU ' S. Karen Molnar, Lambda Chi Alpha. Barbara Mitchell, Alpha Phi Omega, Gail Pearce, Theta Chi, Sandy Moore, Kappa Delta Rho, Jean Arnold, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Marilyn Miceli, Sigma Pi. Mit i BensiiiG ' i. Uoincntmiwn Qiiicii parent ' s weekend gt ' iii ' iatioiis, sistt ' is, Ijrntlu ' rs, inotht ' is. fatlieis , . . Mums for Mom, football for Dad . . . Presi- dents ri ' eeptioii, hruneh, ciimier out! ... a time to talk, to laugh, to he a fainih . . . Parents Weekend. ■ Robert Modit-nian Da id Frve AT H i m. ' - Hi ' i " -- .- E K L I K ■ ■.y. . Winter clouds sweep autumn ' s moon. A snow flake falls. More; a bush is covered. graduation Sii March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns or the sharp stones on Life ' s path. kahlil gibran ' • ' :fu The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man s foot long enough to enable him to put the other some higher. tlumun liinitj hiixlitj Today we are on top of the world. Tomorrow we begin again. ■f i v. v: ... ' - K - ' - . ' ; Loo c around, the grass is high, the fields are ripe. Its the springtime of my life. patil simon senior inde Ann Elizabeth Abbott King Ernest Adkins, Jr Nancy Eleanor Anderman .... R. Christopher Askin Ann L. Ault James Lee Avery David Alan Bair Larry Robert Baird Robert O. Baldi Jana Hart Barbor Rupert S.L. Becker Jeffrey Christopher Befumo . . . Lynne Lois Billman Leah J. Bird Marilyn Marie Blechner Cynthia Susan Blish Barbara Patterson Bloser William Michael Bowler Carol May Boyce Janet Elizabeth Bradway Jack Leroy Breech Bradley Graham Brewer Thomas Latimer Brinton Janice Irene Brobyn Douglas Geist Brown Andrew A. Bucke Edwin Swanson Buinet John Philip Carlson John Laurence Carroll Robert Vincent Chesney Donna Marie Cipriani Peter Budd Coleman Scott B. Coley Nancy Ann Colliver Susan Louis Condit Laureen Ann Connolly D avid Emmett Constable Daniel F. Corizzo Thomas Anthony Cortolillo . . . Pamela Kay Coyle John Philip Crowe William Joseph Curley ....... Robert Wayne Dairymple .... Samuel Arthur David Paul Thomas Davidson William James Day, Jr Debby J. Deatrich William Edward DeHass Douglas Scot Deremer John Ervin DeRemer, Jr Frank Marion Dertzbaugh, III Robert Lawrence Dluge, Jr. . . . Arthur Earl Dorval, Jr Clare Frederick Doty Donn Eugene Downey Richard Charles Drake 133 Darryl Ralph Dreese 51 Dale Keller Erdly 78 Donna Louise Evans 94 Lucinda M. Falcsik 133 Stella Louise Faranda 133 Douglas Gene Farrell 133 Kathryn Margaret Fiester . . 112 John Franklin Filiberto . . . . 68 Nancy Lea Firestine 33 Robin Janice Fletcher 85 Carole Jan Flinchbaugh . . . 133 Lynn Carter Flock 73 David Charles Frey 73 Cynthia Herz Furey 125 Wells Henry Gage, Jr 124 Frank Randolph Gane, Jr. . 40 Judith Elaine Gansz 133 Gwendolyn Louise Gehman 52 Edward James Genther, HI 127 David H. Georg 82 Charles Allen Ginsburg . . . 95 Sheri Ann Godfrey 129 Shirley Ann Goebel 81 Lydia Esther Gonzalez . . . . 49 Darlene Ann Goodrich . . . . 63 Sandra D. Goodyear 109 Joan Marie Gregory 57 Ralph Richard Grove 133 Edward Jan Guessefeld . . . 129 Shirley Louis Guild 31 Maureen Ann Haggerty . . . 54 Barbara Jean Hale 90 David Wesley Hall 31 Melvin Earl Hall, Jr 62 Dean Allan Handley 133 David Brook Harding 133 John Calvin Hartz 49 Robert Patrick Hawley . . . . 45 Elizabeth Jane Heap 133 James Llewellyn Hebe . . . . 80 Douglas Karl Heil 21 Sharon Marie Hense 133 David A. Herdman . 98 David Frank Hine-Butler . . 133 Stephen Willis Hogan 51 Suzanne Marie Hohl 133 Robert Coffman Holby . . . . 87 David Jon Hooper . 26 John L. Houser 56 Roger L. Housle 57 Carolyn Elizabeth Hughes 100 Elizabeth Mae Huntzinger .92 Mary Elizabeth Huskin . . . . 35 Marilyn Lou Jackson 42 David B. Jackson 52 Robert Allan Jackson Dennis M. Jakubowicz Joseph A. Jezewski, Jr Daisy Jimenez Leonard William Johnson Robyn Ann Johnson Frederick Mark Jones Janelle Wilson Jones Randy Scott Jones Robert Davies Jones Sylvia F. Karney Neil Howard Kaufer Susan Cardell Kaufman Charles Abraham KaufFman ... Carol Elizabeth Keen Beverly Ann Keller Pamela Jo Kennedy Pamela Myers Kimmel Gretchen L. Knipe Martin Kochanov, Jr Jon Craig Koons David Michael Kopitsky Joel Jacob Kremen Thomas V. Krug, Jr James Kuell Rolan J. Kuhns Larry W. Kunes Constance J. Kyler Robert D. Langley Michael John Laska DeWitt Clinton Lathrop Kathleen Pierson Lauber F. Paul Lee Jeffrey Dean Lemke Mordecai Benjamin Lipshutz . . Thomas Livingstone, Jr Jon Randolph Leoliger J. Michael Lovett Roberta Lee Lowry Elizabeth Morris Lyon Douglas William MacAdam . . . Barbara Ann MacEwan Abby J. Machamer Warren Bruce Mading Paul Dewey Marsden Gerald Arthur Martin, Jr Richard LaRue Martin Mary Virginia May Richard John McBrinn Jeffrey Francis McCanna Mary Anita McCutcheon John Harper McDowell Ronald Smethers McElwee . . . . Patricia Blakemore McQuiston Linda Page Meckbach Christopher Matthew Messina Thomas Warren Metzger Marilyn-Ann Miceli 110 Nicholas Jan Millar 133 Daniel Arthur Miller 41 Gail Ann Miller 133 Steven Glenn Miller 118 Laurie Marie Mims 43 Barbara Ann Mitchell . . . . 69 James Husted Moody . . . . 122 Sandra Jean Moore 25 Julia Keller Morgan 125 John Morrell, III 133 Kathleen Patricia Morse . . 133 Wayne John Morse 74 William Francis Moulton . 96 William James Moyle, III 36 Gall Hulst Muller 66 Bonnie Lynn Munch 67 Margaret Mae Myers .... 119 Mary Ann Nau 36 Mary Horner Nienhueser . 67 Jean Elizabeth Nolan . . . . 129 Linda Ruth Notarangelo . 54 Kathryn S. Nottingham . . 84 William Allen Oat 121 William Olan Olsen 47 Lloyd Benson Osgood . . . . 79 Ingrid Jeanne Palmer . . . . 133 Patrick J. Paruso 55 Merle William Peck 133 Linda Pellegrini 133 Gail Ann Peters 34 Bonnie Lynn Pfeffer 133 James Anthony Pietrovito 133 Alfred Pino 133 Donald A. Plant 32 Thomas Ray Porter 91 Richard Thomas Rabold . 77 Wanda F. Rabzak 90 Lark Judy Rand 133 Linda Kathy Rash 105 James Clark Reber, Jr. . . . 64 David LaRue Reed 133 Diane Hinson Reed 20 Jeryl Marie Reeve . 83 Raymond Uel Reynolds . . 124 Stephen Paul Rice 97 Douglas Irwin Richardson 120 Norman Lee Richmond . . 50 Rennel W. Rodarmel .... . 59 Gene E. Runkle . 71 Jeanne Ann Sakal . 53 Barbara Joanne Sasso . . . . 133 Susan Joyce Saylor . 43 Paul Arthur Schaefer .... 123 Tony Kenneth Schepis . . . 35 Marilyn Ann Schiller .... 133 Gregory Christian Schule 83 Denis Claire Schultz .... William Anthony Scionti John Michael Schweder Marie Alice Seers Dale Franklin Selchan John Blair Shaffer Michael Jeffrey Shall Stephen Phelps Shaw Kendea Joann Shuey Ann Greevy Shumaker Kathryn Elizabeth Siburt ; Richard Zane Singer Goeffrey Rene Slifer Russell Huntington Slocum . . . James William Smith, Jr » Wayne Irving Smith Lawrence Taylor Snow Kenneth Howard Snowden . . . John Alan Spence William Elwin Spencer Gary Robert Spies John Edward Spillan Dwight Edward Stambolian . G. Richard Stanis Faye Louise Stocum Steven Louis Straube Derwood Alden Strunk, Jr. . . . G. Robert Taber, IH Priscilla Susan Taber Nancy Elizabeth Taraschi . . . Joe Robert Texter Douglas Clair Thompson Alice Marie Tosi Frank Edward Tosi Dianne Shouldice Townsend James Robert Townsend . . . . John William Turner Barbara Jeanne Utter Carol Ann Vaira 72 Eugene VanBenthysen 78 Carolyn VanBlarcom 126 Sandra Lee VanDusen 133 Gary Russell VanKleeck 133 Donald Joseph Villa 65 Wendy Christine Vogel 133 Pauline Marie Vollman 63 Boris Wainio 133 Karlene Gail Wakefield 66 Lynn Marie Wallis 24 Lawrence Edgar Wange 43 Arthur Washington 133 David Blake VV ebb 129 Donald Robert Webb 103 George Edward Webb 133 Diane Michaele Weeks 25 John Charles Weiss, Jr 103 Hugh James Weller 95 Jennifer Patricia West 24 ChrisHna Alice Morrison White 133 Eugene McKinnon White, III . 133 Kenneth Williams White 40 Susie Elizabeth White 123 Susan Margaret Wilkinson . . . 105 Barbara Irene Williamson 114 Marcia G. Wilson 76 Kenneth Evans Wolfrom 116 Williams James Wood, II 38 Vernon F. Works, Jr 53 Carol Lindley Wright 39 David Alvan Wynn 72 Stanley Paul Yastro 21 Albert Lewis Yetter, III 133 ' Lester Brace Young 24 Alvin M. Younger 80 Richard Tryfon Zack 30 William Wilbur Zendt 91 James Andrew Ziegler ' Iancy Jane Zinn 77 acknowledgements For the last two years the ARROW staff has been making an effort to create a successively better year- book. The goals have been to reflect tlie atmosphere of our college days within the pages of the ARROW. To this end, many people have lent their time and talents. To be creative without adequate funds and to collect pictures and materials from " unknown " sources requires a patient, steadfast, and ingenious person. It was my good fortune to work with this type of people. The ARROW staff of 1971 has worked long and hard to prepare this annual and I am greatly in- debted to them for their efforts. In particular I would hke to thank Shirley Goebel, Donna Cipriani, and Nancy Firestine, for their long hours; especially those given when others had headed home for summer. This years award for patience and understanding goes to Mr. Dale V. Bower, Director of Alumni. What he has put up with . . . ! Best wishes to Linda Perkins and the 1972 ARROW staff May your book be even bigger and better than the 1971 ARROW. Thank you, Gail Muller Editor-in-Chief J The life of flowers is hope andfidfiUmeiit and peace; tears and laughter. kahlil fiiljiaii MRS. MARY H. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. DR. AND MRS. DR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. BOWLER DONALD C. BROWN JOHNC. CARLSON RICHARD F. COLLIVER JACOB D. DOWNEY ROBERT]. FLETCHER JOHND. GOEBEL WILLIAM J. HAINES WILLIAM A. HEIKE JAMES HERTZLER MR. AND MRS. RALPH W. HUGHES MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH INCOGNITO MR. AND MRS. MARTIN KOCHANOV, SR. MR. AND MRS. ALBERT E. LANGLEY MR. AND MRS. ROBERT E. MITCHELL MR. WILLIAM R. RIGNEY MR. AND MRS. EDWARD SAKAL MR. AND MRS. GEORGE E. SNOW- MR. AND MRS. ROBERT M. WEBB REV. AND MRS. NED E. WELLER MR. R.S. WENTZ i ; ■■ .-■•i " ' - Vi M»t . " ■ " " T » - : ' ' --v- - i- " .- ' i x ••■ ' Sastw - ri .!! s?itf« LYCOMISG COLLEGE Lycoming is a co-educational, liberal arts college granting the Bachelor of Arts degree. The liberal arts program is basic to the professions of medicine, theology, teaching, law, and den- tistry, and is desirable in engineering, science, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine. CURRICULA Arts and Science Coop. Engin. Med. Tech. Pre-Med Business Admin. Coop. Forestry Pre-Dental Pre-Ministerial Religious Ed. Elementary Ed. Pre-Law Secondary Ed. AREAS OF CONCENTRATION Accounting Math Economics Mathematics Religion American Civil. English Music Retailing Art French Near East Culture Russian Banking Finance German Philosophy Sociology Biology Gen. Business Physics Soviet Area Chemistry History Pol. Science Spanish Literature Psychology Theatre Incli idual Interdisciplinar ' Majors FALL SEMESTER BEGINS: SEPTEMBER 8, 1971 Director of Admissions LYCOMING COLLEGE Williamsport, Pennsylvania 17704 Phone 326-1951 ALL NEW CODER ' S CLEANERS 537 Market St. Price The Only Dry Cleaner to Offer You All Three Service Quality Specialty Dry Cleaning Where All Work Is 100% Guaranteed For Your Finer Garments Mail Orders Accepted J.S. Rudnitzki, Inc. 131 West 4 th St. riir Diaiiioiui (. ' ciitoi of SiiRt ' 1905 Fidelity National Bank of Pennsylvania Dianioiuls— .itthcN— Jcwohy Williiiinsport Daii illc MLLAGE TEA ROOM MemluT F.D.I. C:. Opposite tin- I. coming Hotel CARPENTER HARDWARE, INC. 414-416 Washington Boulevord Williamsporf, Pennsylvonio Phone 323-6350 Route 15, South Williamsport, 17701 717-323-9801 Sheraton Motor Inn 9 ALL COLOR T ( BANQLETS TO 600 ( FREE PARKL C. V 450 Car. Sff A W VC POOL SA laSA BA THS ( LIXIRIOIS ROOM C FKEEOlT-OF-TOI( [k J HESER t 4 TIO. SEHUCE jX MCHTLt VQ E TERTAl MEST featuring the distinctive SIU t -»«. ' " Keslaunuit and jCpumc ' ' ,1 !,!» i Kcstaunuit ' ' ' ' J J LIVE ENTERTAINMENT NITELY Where FJei anl Atmosphere, Quality Service and F-Kcellenl t u.sme Are A»a,lin8 You Daily . . . 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. SUNDAY DINING 8 A.M. to 9P.M. Sheraton v Motor Inn Congratulations to the Class of 1971 Neyhart ' s Inc. Hoyer s Photo Supply Inc. EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC 18 West Fourth St. WILLIAMSPORT, P . " )(iui Kf Til FiisIudu " W II I IWI I ' OHI . I ' iL yal Plaza 915 E 3rd SI, AMSPORT, PA ' FRIENDLY FULL SERVICE BANKING " AT NORTHERN CENTRAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY WILLIAMSPORT, PENNSYLVANIA Newberry Office 4th and Arch St. Downtown Office Phone 326-2611 4th and Pine St. Loyalsock Office Washington Blvd. at River Ave. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve System Let Us Help You With That Problem GRADEN JEWELER Compliments of BRYFOGLE ' S FLOWERS The jewelry store that carries nothing but jewelry 408 Pine Street Williamsport, Pa. W. TCHES DIAMONDS GIFTS LAY AWAY PLAS 11 W. 4th Street COUNTRY HOUSE RESTAURANT at Ph. 322-4201 Williamsport CITY IE .MOTEL South Side Compliments of ANDRUS MUSIC STORE REGAL BLUM JEWELERS 135 W. 3rd Street Records — Radios — TV Instruments — Mu. ic — Pianos Ralph B. Bower, Manager 356 Pine Street Williamsport, Pa. Compliments of Phone 322-8736 HILLTOP SUB SHOP FARMS J.C. Greenya Jeweler 46 West Fourth St W ' illiamsport, Pa. UMttA WILLIAMSPORT ROUTE 220 LOYAL PLAZA the area ' s number 1 department store Carl H. Steele, Dealer Royal Typewriters E. Third St. Market Square Saks • Service • Electric • Standard • Portable Compliments of RELIABLE FURNITURE COMPANY 18-30 E. Third Street W ' illiamsport, Pa. Where You Can See " Ethan Allen " Kroehler, Simmons, G- " E, etc. 7 • ■ To 7 00 P.M 7 ai4 " IReaeaurattt 606 St spor Pa, U S Route =15 ned 8. Operated By Mrs E.jgene A Mark CENTRAL MUSIC STORE Largest selection of Cassette and 8 Track Tapes of Discount Prices Also 45 pops and LP ' s of all kinds and categories 123 W. 3rd St. Williamsport Dial 322-6458 Compliments of BALL TRAVEL SERVICE W. 4thSt. Williamsport, P;i Phone 326-0506 Airline and Steamship Reservations also Student Tours Twentieth Century Bakery SPECIAL OCCASION CAKES REAR OF COURT HOUSE C. A. SHIRE JEWELER 21 ; W. Fourth St. WII.LIAMSPORT. PA. KELCHNER ' S SANDWICH SHOP 127 W 3rd Street State Theatre Building Scotch Sirloin Room — Patio Room THE LYCOMING HOTEL AND MOTOR LODGE Central Air Conditioning 210 Room Hotel 50 Room Motor Lodge Private Meeting Rooms Fourth William Streets, Williamsport, Pa. Hotel 326-5181 John T. Nicolosi — Vice-President and General Manager n cmn shall not pass this way again. Any good thing that I can do, or any kindness that I can show, let me do it now! Let me not defer it or neglect it. For I shall not pass this way again. Printed By BRADBURY, SAYLES, O ' NEILL-PARAGON College and Independent School Affiliote of Parogen Presi ■•■fX-- ' •: • t -» " li ' T " 4, -■- » ■ hist. LD 3131 .L9 A3 1971 r.? - v :. . , . tOES HOT CIRCULATE °5 ' .2 Lycoming College The Arrow. hist. LD 3151 .L9 A3 1971 C.2 DOES NOT CIRCULATE 1105 2

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