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38 LYCOMING COLLEGE 30 10026 2030 ( 2 3 t55?3XSS7xa W LYCOMING COLLEGE WILLIAMSPORT ■TUNE . 196 1 PA. THE ' ' rr ' rmf " fviff ' ' ' ' ' ' SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS THE ARROW 1961 H. David Wilt — Editor-in-Chief Paul Moisiades — Business Manager Dr. Arnold J. Curiu IA DEDICATION ' T ' IME has ticked itself across another year, and once again the opportunity has heen presented whereby we of the vearliook staff and the senior class of 1961 ma commemorate the worthy efforts of one of our more respected facult mem- bers. Throughout the ears this man has laid before the students who haye come in contact with him the beauties and the mar els of the world of science. Within the laboratory and the lecture hall, his wise insights into the intricacies of the physical and chemical worlds haye crystalized and gi en substance to what were onl ' ague and shadowy notions in the minds of future scientists and engineers. We who are about to leaye Lycoming take with us grateful memories of the fruits of this man ' s academic labors. We hope his years at Lvcoming haye left equally pleasant memories with Dr. Arnold j. Currier. FOREWORD A S Fiitlicr Abiam sojourned in tlic hind of Canaan and Odysseus paused for a pleasant moment w ith Calvpso on her isle, so too we ha e stopped here a little while. And this is how it was with us and what we saw here ami what we were. These are the memories that onee had substance in our lives. But there are other roads than this short passage- way we lea e behind and there are other books and other things to do. and there are dreams which, though perhaps absurd ephemeral things, will w eave their sjiell and lure us on. So let the world sa this about us when we pass: That we ha e done or tried to do a little more than those who went before. And if it is not good or if it has no meaning in the halls of time, w In that is something vou w ho read these words must iudt ' c. CONTENTS Page Classes 9 Faculty and Adiniuislratioii ... . . 39 Clubs and Organizations 59 Sports 89 Activities 113 Advertisements 132 Directory 158 CLASSES William D. Hartman CHIEFTAIN AWARD TTie greatest trihutc which Lxcomini; College can pav to a student is the presentation to him oF the Chieftain Award. Each year the student bod ' is carefullv scrutinized to select that indi ' idual w hose activities throughout his four years at Lycom- iiii; relk ' ci the diversified fields of college interest. lor this awiird. m.inx .ittributes arc essenti il. . ini)no these are a pleasing personalit ' , the ahilitv to work well with students and faculty, evidence of a good moral code, and a high scholastic standing. Recognizing these qualities and man more in the recipient of this honor, it is v ith extreme plea- sure that we present the Chieftain Award to Mr. William !). I l.irtman. 10 ! ' d s z ff fefM " " " Sittittg— J. Penni), R. Bastian. M. Elliott. Standing— " W. Hartman. P. Abrunzo, L. Miorelli, C. Howe. Iruska is an honorarv societ ' designed with the purpose of honoring juniors who have been active in the e.xtra-curricular acti ities. These individuals represent the spirit of campus leadership here at Ly- coming. Each year at Moving-Lip Day seven new members are appointed to the society. To these are presented the insignia of the society, a blue hat with a yellow letter " I. " One has only to examine the rolls of the society to discover the far ranging areas of student endeavor its members represent. There are members of the choir and of the dramatic organizations; there are participants in Student Government, publications and religious organiza- tions; and there are those active in various athletic groups. Also among its ranks are class officers and members of the arious councils on campus. F IRUSKA HONOR SOCIETY 11 ROMAIN F. BASIIAN 12 p. DOiMINICK ABRUNZO W . BURTON RICHARDSON FREDERICK M. SPANNUTH LOUIS J. MIORELLI WILLIAM D. HARTMAN 13 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MARSHA ELLIOTT Secretary PETER IlLISK Treasurer FREDERICK SPANXUTII Presidetit LOUIS MIOREI I I ' iccPreiidenl 14 p. DOMINICK ABRUNZO Biology B.S. Lambda Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Chairman 2, 3; S. E. A. P. 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 2. President 3, 4; Sophomore Class Vice-President; Junior Class President; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 2, 3, President 4, Program Com- mittee 4; I. F. C. 2, 3, 4, President 3. 4; Social Calendar C ' ommittee 2. 3; Student Union Board 2, 3, Social Committee Chairman 2, 3; Iruska Honor Society 3, 4; Who ' s Who 4; Religion and Life Council 3, 4; Student Leader 4; Men ' s Glee Club 1; Basketball 1; " Let ' s Go Abroad " 2; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4. BENJAMIN F. ANTRIM III Business Administration B.S. Alpha Gamma Upsilon I, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3, President 4; Business Club 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Canter- bury Club 1; I. F. C. 2. DONALD ALBERT ASENDORF Accounting B.S. Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2, 3, 4. ROMAIN FREDERICK BASTIAN Business Administration 3.S. S. G. A. 1, 2, 3. President 2, 3; Student Court 4; Iruska Honor Society 3, 4; Who ' s ho -t. WAYNE C. BASTIAN iMtithematics B.S. VICTOR A. BERTELLOTTI Mathematics B.S. Kappa Delta Rho 1. 2, 3, 4; P. S. E. A. 4. EUGENE C. BOWER History B.S. P. S. E. A. 3, 4. JOHN ALEXANDER BOWERS Social Sciences B.S. Kappa Delta Rho 2, 3, 4, House Manager 3, President 4; Var- sity Club 3, 4, President 4; I. F. C. 3, 4; Football 2. 3, 4. " A ' EMMA IRENE BRALIXBECK Psychology and Elementary Education S. E. A. P. 3, 4; W. A. A. 1, 2. JACK D. CAIN Biology B.S. B.A. ANN c;liy campbeii English B.A. p. S. E. A. -4; W. A. A. 1, 2, i: John Wesley Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Secretan ' 2, 3; Mcth(xlist Student Movement 1, 2, 3, 4, Freshman Representative 1; A. V. S. 1. 2, 3. 4, Welfare Chairman 2; U ' oman ' s Dormiton, ' Adviser 4; Resident Adviser 4; John Weslcv Queen 2, 3; A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3; Band 1,2,3,4. I. PATRICIA CAMPBELL Art B.A. A. W . S. 2. 3, 4, Vicc-Presideni 4. Student Union Publicity 3; Student Union Host 4; First Fl H)r New Dorm Secretary ' Treasurer 4. JAMES R. CASSIDI Biology A.B. B.A. Ll lO Wll 1 LWl CILLO Chemistry and Mathematics Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4; Pre-Engineers Society 2, President 2; French Club 4; Intramurals 2. RAYMOND W . CI EMEXS }tistor ■ B.S. EUGENE S. CONN Business AWniiiiistratioii B.S. PETER F. CONNORS fft ' Biology B.S. Theta Chi 2, 3, 4; Arrow Staff 1; Swimming 1. 2, 4; Outing Club 1. 2; Pre-Medical Society 1, 2; P. S. S. G. A. 4. E. A. 4; ]. F. C. 4; EDWARD A. CUNNINGHAM Biology B.A. Kappa Delta Rho 2, 3, 4; Pre -Medical Society 2, 3; Spanish Club 2. CONSTANCE E. CLIPP Executive Secretarial B.S. W. A. A. 3. EVELYN T. CWIK Mathematics B.A. JOHN R. DEITRICK English B.A. RICHARD J. DUNN Mathematics and Physics B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Chairman 3, 4, I. F. C. Representative 2; Intramurals I. 2. 3, 4; Mathematics Club 2; Newman Club 1. 2, 3. 4, Prooram Chairman 4. R. ANNETTE FRIEDBERG ENGLISH Psychology and English B.S. Dramatics Club 1; P. S. E. A. 4; V. A. A. 2; Vigilante 2. MARSHA LOUISE ELLIOTT Elementary Education and English B.A. German Club 1 , 2; P. S. E. A. 4; W . A. A. 1, 2. 3, 4; John W ' eslev Club 1. 2; Methodist Student Movement 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; A. W. S. 1, 2, 3, 4; Dorm Council 3; Arrow Staff 4; Bell Staff 1; Class Secretary 4; Campus Queen 3; Iruska Honor S(x;ietv 4; Who ' s Who 4; Rich House 2, 3, 4. President 3. I ' irf DAVID J. EMMANUEL Mathematics B.A. Sigma Pi 2, i, 4, Vice-President 3, 4; Pre-Engineers Sacietv 1, 2; 1. F. C. 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. L ' W i MYROX lliSTER. JR. Mathematics U.S. c;eorc;e e. i r, wkl Chemistry B.A. FRANK E. EREY. JR. English B.A. C. I.IX.AH I . II ' ,. English B.A. Dramatics Club I, 2, 3, 4; Philosophy Club 3, 4; John Wesley Club 1: Bell Staff 1. 2. 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4. II r,()i I) i;. (. iU)NER Accounting B.S. (.11 r,l r, I K. C.LENN English B.A. Sigma Pi 3. 4. First Councellor 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Men ' s Dorm Association 2; Bell Staff 1, 2; Campus Chatter 1, 2; Basketball Manager 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3,4; N. E. A. 4; P. S. E. A. 4. MILTON E. GRAFF Accotiiiting B.S. 4- GEORGE R. GRAMLEY Accounting U.S. Lvco Investors 4; Bell StafF 4; Tennis 4. KEITH R. HANN General Business B.S. LAWRENCE L. HARGENRADER Mathematics B.A. STEPHEN G. HARRISON Enolish B.A. Sigma Pi Social Member 3, 4; Pre-Medical Society 2; Bell Staff 4. WILLIAM D. HARTMAN History B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha 2. 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 4; Kappa Kappa Psi 1. 2, 3, 4, President 3; Phi Alpha Theta 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4; Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; German Club 3; 1. R. C. 2, 3; John Wesley Club 1, 2: Methodist Student Movement 1, 2, 4; S. G. A. Treasurer 3; Iruska Honor Society 3. 4; Who ' s W ' ho 4; Religion and Life Council, Vice-President 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; National Metho- dist Scholarship 3; Resident Adviser 3, 4; Student Leaders Conference 4. .lOSEPH STEPHEN HARVEY Biology B.S. P. S. E. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 4; Soccer Manager 2; U ' resding Manager 2; Baseball Manager 2. iJlWw V 4 ,; ' !!»■ i ' m- Sociology H. LEE HENDERSON B.S. ' | LINDA J. HODGE Biology B.A. Class Secretary I; Religion and Life Council 1, 2; Religious Emphasis Week 2; A Capella Choir 3, 4; W. A. A. 1, 2, 3; John Wesley Club 1, 2; Methodist Student Movement 1, 2, 3, 4; A. W. S. 1, 2, 3, 4. -: ' I .),■ li CHARLES DAVID IIOFFRITZ Biology B.S. Lambda Chi Alpha 2, 3, 4; Icthus 1. 2, 3, Vice-President 2, 3; I. F. C. 3; Wrestling 1. JO ANNE ERNEST HOLLIC K Atathematics B.A. P. S. E. A. 3, 4; W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; A. W. S. 1. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2; Rich House 2, 3, 4; A Capella Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Lvcominjj Singers 2. 3. 4; Band 1: Dean ' s List 3. JOHN MARTIN MORVATH Oiemislr) ' and Mathematics B.A. Siijma Pi 1,2, 3, 4, Historian 2, 3, Treasurer 3, 4, Rushing C h.iirman 3; Pre-Medical ScKiety 1; iS ' cuTnan Club 1,2, 3, 4; I. F. C. 4; Baseball 1. 2. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Democratic Club 4. CH RI rs II HOWE English B.A. W. B. E. L. 1 , 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4; Iruska Honor Society 4; Religion and Life Council 4; M. S. M. Representative 4; S. U. B. Publiciiv Subcommittee Chairman 3; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 1; John Wesley Club 1. 2, 3, 4. Vice President 4; Melhinlist Student Movement I, 2, 3. 4. Publicity I, Religious Life Representative 2, 3, 4; S. Ci. A. 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4. ROni RI 1 . ULIITMAN BusitJt ' ss Adttiittistrutioti B.S. Lambda Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4; Business Club 3, 4; Lyco Investors Secretary 3; Intramural Wrestling 4. JAMLS W. liLILL Political Science B.A. I . IRIDl-RICK IIIIRR Psycholog) B.A. PETER . IILISK B.A. Sociology Lambda Chi Alpha 2, 3, 4; Art Club 1. 2; Varsity Club 1, 2. 3, 4; I. F. C:. 2, 3; S. G. A. 2; Social CTalendar Committee 4; Bell Staff 1; Class Treasurer 3, 4; F. A. D. C. 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1. 2, 3, 4; Swimming I, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1,2, 3; Phalanx 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. " mr 1 ■ ' ' N, HfS «? ' - » ' ELAINE MARIE HYDOCK Psychology B.S. Dramatics Club 1; I. R. C. 3; Pre-Medical Society 1; A ' . A. A. 1, 2; Newman Club I, 2, 3; Arrow Staff 4: ' Bel! Staff 1; Campus Queen 1, 3; Republican Club 4; A Capella Choir I; Band 2, 3, 4. RICHARD BRUCE IRWIN Business Administration B.S. Alpha Gamma Upsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Pledge- master 3; Who ' s Who 4; Phalan.x President 2; Vigilante 2; Lyco Investors 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Business Club 4; I. F. C. 2, 3, Social Chairman 3; S. G. A. President 4; Men ' s Dorm Council 2; Student Faculty Committee on Student Activities 4. DENNIS GALE JACOBS Psychology B.A. Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; S. G. A. Representative 3; Who ' s Who 4; Resident Adviser 3; Basketball 2. WILLIAM B. JAMES Histon ' B.A. WILLIS GARRETT JUDSON Psychology B.A. Theta Chi 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; Phi Alpha Theta 4; A Capella Choir 2, 3, 4; Lycoming Sing- ers 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Resident Adviser 3, 4; Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4; German Club 2, 3; Methodist Student Movement 2, 3, 4. c ' ' 4 ' GEORGE V. KARSCHNER History B.S. RONALD E. KEHLER, JR. Psychology B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3. 4, Vice-President 3, 4; Varsity Club 4; L F. C. Social Chairman 3. 4; S. G. A. Representative 1; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 3, 4; Intramurals I, 2. 3. 4. MEADE F. KEMRER, IR. B.A. Biology Theta Chi 3, 4, Secretary 4; Kappa Kappa Psi I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Spanish Club 2; I. F. C. 3, 4; S. G. A. 3, 4; Student Court 3, 4, Chief Justice 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. ' A FRANK I . KFRR General Business B.S. I heta Chi 2, 3, 4, President 4; Business Club 3. 4; Dramatics Club 4; Outing Club 1; Lvco Investors 3, 4; Methodist Stu- dent Movement 1; I. F. C ' 2. 3; A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3. 4; Lvcoming Singers 3, 4. lOYCE AN Kl 1 ' E Art B.A. Dramatics Club 2; Pre-Medical Society 1, 2, Secretary 2; John W ' eslcv Club 1, 2, 3; Methodist Student Movement I, 2, 3, 4. Publicity Chairman 2, Secrelar) ' 3, Area Representative 4; A. W. S. 1. 2, 3, 4. Social Chairman 4; Woman ' s Dorm Council 4; Mav Dav Committee 3; Chairman Mother ' s Day Tea 3; Spring Carnival Committee 1; Rich House 2, 3. 4. Vice-President 3, President 4. I)() l 1) k l(.l 1 I B.A. Biology Lambda Chi Alpha 2. 3, 4. Ritualist 2, President 3. 4; Pre Medical Society 1: Spanish C ' lub 2; Canterbury Club I; I. F. C. 2, 3; President ' s Council 4; N ' ew Student Leader 4; Leadership Conference 4. KENNETH 1 KOETZNER Biology B.A. I. R. C. 1; Outing Club 1; Pre Medical Society 2, 3, 4; Span ish Club I, 2: Lutheran Student Association 1, 2, 3. 4; . li. E. L. L 2. 3. 4. Program Director 3, 4. ilW ID . . Kc;L. 1. General Business U.S. Sigma Pi 2, 3. 4: Business Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Lyco Investors 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Phalanx Treasurer 2: F. A. D. C. 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Oimmitiee 3. linglish DON i 1) KONEFF Lambda Chi Alpha 1, 2. 3,4. B.S. D.WID C. LEE . Iiii)iemalics and Physical Science B.A. Sigma Pi 1.2. 3. 4, Secretar - 3. 4; Art Club 3. 4; Business Club 2; Pre-Engineers Society 1, 2; Varsity Club 3, 4; Lu- theran Student Asst)ciation 2, ' 3. 4; L F. C. 3; Bell Staff 2, 3. Feature Editor; Band 2, 3, 4; F. L. S. 2, 3. lUNl I II ILIA Spanish and Psychology B.A. S. E. A. P. 1, 2, 4; Spanish Club Secretary 1, 2, 3, 4; W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1. 2. 3, 4; A. VV. S. 1, 2, 3, 4; Arrow Typist 2, 3; Bell Social Editor 3; Cheerleader 2, 3; Campus Decorating Committee 1; Spring Carnival Committee 3; Mav Dav Program 2. - ' -6 c« - •JIB! V% Ikv ■ ' DAVID J. I.OOMIS Psychology 15.A. BETTY L. MARTIN Biology B.S. LEON A. icCLEARY PsychologY B.A. THOMAS RANDALL McINTOSH History and Philosophr B.A. Phi Alpha Theta 4; German Club 3, 4; John V ' esley Club 4; Philosophy Society 3, 4, President 4; Practical Politics Sociers ' 3, 4, Regional Historian 4, Convention Delegate 3, President 4; Men ' s Day Association 4; Bell Staff 3. 4; Arrow Staff 4; Literary Journal Editor 4; Radio Club 3, 4; Young Democratic Club 4; S. U. B. Rules and Regulations Board 4. ROBERT G. McKIBBEN, JR. General Business B.S. Sigma Pi 3, 4; Business Club 3, 4; I. C. G. 3; Lyco Investors 3, 4; L. F. C. Scholastic Committee 4. WILLIAM M. MEADE III B.S. Sociology Kappa Delta Rho 3, 4; P. S. E. A. 3, 4; Methodist Student Movement 1, 2; A Capella Choir 1; Intramurals 1, 2; " Let ' s Go Abroad " 1. DONALD A. MIELE ology B.A. Pre-Medical Society I, 4; Bio-Chemp 2, 3. DAVID WILLIAM MILLER Chemistry and Mathematics B.A. LOUIS 1. MIORELLI Business AdministTntion B.S. ARV ' ()OD E. MITSTIFER Sociology B.S. CAROVE L. MUD.W I ' sychology and Philosophy B.A. W. A. A. 1; Newman Club 1, 4; Arrow Senior Editor 4; Campus Queen ?. 4; Philosophy Six:iet ' I, . 4, Secretary- Treasurer 4. I ' ALIl MDSLS MOISIADES English] and American Civi lization B.A. Arrow Staff 2. 4; Alpha Psi Ome a 2, 4. Philostjphy S(Kiety 1. 2; Spanish Club 1, 2: Dramatics Club 2. 4; I. R. C. 1. 2. Vice- President 2. Model U. N. C;. A. I. 2. 4; S. C. LI. S. A. 4. 1)1 iii i ii:RT Accoiititiiig B.S. S Willi 1 W MllPJ ' IIY. IR. .Miiiliciiiiirics B.A. lambda Chi Alpha 2. i. 4. High Delta i: Spanish Club I, arsitv Club 4; Radio Club 2; I. F. C. 3; S. G. A. 4; Student Union Planning Committee 1; BelJ Staff 3; New Student Leader 2. 4: Resident Adviser 2, 3; Baseball 3. 4. ROBERI Si i i ' lii ()R1 S History B.A. Alpha Gamma Upsilon 1. 2. 3, 4, Alumna Secretary 2, Trea- surer 3, 4: Varsit ' Club 1, 2, 3, 4; P. S. E. A. 4; Vigilante 2; S. G. A. 2, 3: Swimmi murals 1, 2, 3, 4. ng 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 2, 3, 4; Intra- ALLEN S. NORRIS Political Science B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha 1.2, 3, 4, President 3; Swimming 1, 2. »- ELSA EASTWOOD NORRIS English aud History B.A. Phi Alpha TTieta 3, 4; Sachem Honor Society 3; ReHgious Lite Council 2, Secretary 2; " Spirits May Come " 2; May Day Program 1, 2, 3; W. A. ' A. 1, 2, 3; A. W. S. 1, 2, 3; Dean ' s List L 2, 3, 4; Washington Semester Program 4; Vigilante 2; Arrow Staff 3; A Capella Choir I. STAN I. OKOTKEWICZ Bioloay B.A. JOSEPH J. OTT Mathematics B.A. DAVID C. PADEN A iisic B.A. JERRY ANN PENNO Political Science and Histor B.S. Iruska Honor Societ) ' 3, 4; A Capella Choir I, 2, 3, 4; Ly- coming Singers 2, 3; " Spirits May Come " 2; Model United Nations 3; Phi Alpha Theta 2, 3, ' 4; Rich House 2. 3. RICHARD A. PETTS Political Science B.A. JOSEPH E. POllLLIOTT Political Science B.A. Pre-Enpineers Society I, 2; Newman Club 3, 4. GERALDINE ANNE PR. TT B.S. Pre-Medical Society 2; W. A. A. 1, 2. 3. 4; A. W. S. 1, 2, 3, 4, Second Vice-President 3, President 4; Social Calendar Committee 3; Bell Staff 2; Campus Queen 2, 3, 4; Drill Team 3, 4, Co-Captian 4. 4 SHARON ROBERTA PRATT Hiitory B.S. ' omen " s Dorm Council President 4; P. S. E. A. 4; W. A. A. 2; " Spirits Mav Come " 2; Methodist Student Movement 2: A. W. S. 2, i. 4, Treasurer 3; S. LI. B. Special Events Chair man 2. 3. LOUISE B. PRIEST Nursing B.S. w i 1 1 r, p-Lip.T() r,Ki I r i)soN Socio ogy B.S. Alpha Gamma Upsilon I. 2, i, 4, Pled emaster i. House Manager 2; Varsit% ' Club 1, 2. i. 4; P. S. E. A. 4; Vigilante 2; Class President l ' . 2; Who ' s Who 4; Fimtball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; Wrestling 2; Basketball 3: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERI General Business lUSllEL B.S. Sigma Pi 3. 4; Business Club 2, 3. 4, President 4; Dorm Council 3; Phalanx Secrelan, ' 2; F. A. D. C. 2. 3. 4. COZY M. ROniXSON Spanish 13.A. EDWARD II. ROSEMSTOCK I ' sycliolo y ami Hiitory B.S. N GEORGE C. ROllSI I Economics B.S. JAMES DUANl lUIDV llisinn B.S. Lambda C:hi Alpha 2, 3. 4; Phi Alpha I beta 4; P. S. E. A. 4; Football 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Resident Adviser 3, 4. ARTHUR T. RYTTER hcorwmics B.S. Business Club 3, 4; Lyco Investors 4; Lutheran Student Association 4; I. C. G. Vice-President 3. RONALD WILLIAM SILVERMAN History B.S. Theta Chi 1, 2, 3, Historian 2, Scholarship 3; Varsity Club 4; I. F. C. 2. DOROTHY lOY SINGLEY Biology B.S. RAYMOND C. SINGLEY, JR. MathemiUics B.S. Football 1, 2, 3. HARRY D. SOYSTER History B.A. I. R. C. 1, 2, 3, 4; Philosophy Society 2; John Wesley Club 4; Methodist Student Movement 4; S. G. A. 1, 4; Dorm Council 1 . SHARON LEE SPROUT Psychology B.S. P. S. E. A. 3. 4, President 3; Methodist Student Movement 4; A. VV. S. 3, 4; Band 3. 4. ELI STAVISKY Biology B.A. Sigma Pi 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 3, President 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4; German Club 1, 2; Pre-Medical Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Russian Club 3, 4; Democratic Club 4. KARL D. STOCK Econ B.S. . ' ( ii ' g T ' • ea ' -.♦iMi-l f i L W ILBUR B. SWARTWOOD Bwiiuess B.S. EDWARD A. THOMAS B.A. Psychology Lambda Chi Alpha 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club i, Intramurals 1, 2; S. G. A. ' ice-Presicient 2; Student Traffic Court 2; Dormitory Council 1; Religion and Life Council 2; Student Union Plan ning Committee 2. JANE BARTON THOMAS English B.A. ROBERT CHARLES THOMPSON Socid Science B.S. Kappa Delta Rho i. 4; Business Club 2; 1. R. C. i: P. S. E. A. 4. Varsity Club i. 4; I. F. C. i. 4; Bell Stalf 2, .3; S. U. B. Host Committee 3; Intramural Fi otball 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Soccer 3, 4. Mtis 1 OiS i ' ,i I li lORBl l ' l B.A. A Capella Choir 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Section 1 lead 3, 4; Lvcoming Singers 3, 4; Student Organist Guild 3, 4, Secre tarv 4; VV. A. S. 3. 4; " Spirits May Come " 3; " Susannah " 4. Methodist Student Movement 2, 3: John Wesley Club 2. I) 11) BRUCE TRAVIS B.A. Sociology .Alpha Gamma Upsilon 2, 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Art Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 2; Varsity Club I, 2, 3, 4: Soccer 1, 2, . 4. Co C ' aptain 3. 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals I. 2, 3. 4. F. DANIEL WEBBER AccoiiHling B.S. DEANNA M.ARLENL WLI kllLlSLR i ' svcliolog) ' B.S. P. S. E. A. 3, 4; W. A. A. 1, 2, 3; A. VV. S. 1,2. 3. 4: Class Secretary 3; Campus Queen 4; A Capella Choir I; Vigilante 2. ::? i RICHARD F. WHIPPLE, JR. Miitiiematics B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha 2, 3. 4, Secretan ' i. 4; Icthus 2; I. F. C. 4; Dean ' s List 2, 3. DONALD MERVIN WHISTLER Business Adm ' ntistratiou Lambda Chi Alpha 3, 4, Correspondent 3, 4; Business Club 3, 4; Lvco Investors 3, 4. B.S. SILAS D. WHITE Psychology B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4, High Phi 4; Kappa Kappa Psi 3, 4; French Club President 4; S. G. A. 4; Bell Fraternity Editor 4; Band 3, 4; Homecoming Chairman 4. MARY ANNE LINCOLN WHITLEY Psychology B.A. P. S. E. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; W. A. A. 3,4; A. W. S. 3, 4; Campus Queen 2. J. RICHARD WIDMANN Social Sciences Alpha Gamma Upsilon 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Dramatics Club 3, 4; Newman Club 3, 4. B.S. JOHN E. WILLARD C ?emis(r) ' B.A. Theta Chi 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; P. S. E. A. 4; Methodist Student Movement 2, 3, 4; L F. C. 3; S. G. A. 3; A Capella Choir 4; Traffic Court 3. THOMAS D. WILLIAMSON, JR. Mathematics B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha 2, 3, 4; Pre-Engineers Society 1, 2. ROBERT COQUELIN WILSON General Business B.S. Kappa Delta Rho 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4; Busi- ness Club 1, 2; Lyco Investors 4; I. F. C. 2, 3, 4; S. G. A. 3; Arrow StafF 3; Football 2. 3: Intramurals 1 . 2. 3, 4. :rr -wta ANN L. WORLEY Secretarial Sciences Business Club 1; A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Lycoming Singers . , 4. B.S. GRAYDON I . Yi; XRICK Accounting B.S. W II I I.AM ROBERT YOUXC. History B.A. Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4; P. S. E. A. 1, 2. i. 4. DEWIS C.OIIDOX ()llS|| ' Biology and Ptnsicul Science B.A. Kappa Kappa Psi 2, .3, 4. Vice President .3, treasurer 4; Pre- Mcdical Society 1, 2, i. 4, Band 1, 2. 3, 4. Vice -President 3, 4. MA Vbtk M i J Seniors Without l i turi ' S Edward R. Anderson Alice Jane Diirhan Bell Samuel E. Belle Lawrence L. Biacchi Walter V. Boyer, Jr. Sandra Lee Brouse Charles R. Cook Robert Perley Crockett Robert A. Becker Richard Wesley DeW ' ai d Geraldine Taylor Fourt Daniel E. 1 1 ill IJavid G. Gooui ellow Fred M. Harris Miles W. Heisler Jay E. Hemskey James Marvin Jeffers Thomas J. Kaler Richard W 1 mheas Barbara McClain Frances Hilary Ronald J. McQuaid Kyle W. McQuillen David W. Miller Curtis C. Williams, Jr. Eleanor C. Punts Carol Maxine Pittinger C. Silt I ' oirsi Elizabeth Jane Salmon Ronald C. Sautter Joseph B. Sayah Arnold L Sherman l K HARD B. Showers Grant D. Steffen James C. Tobias |oHN l. Ill IU( II. jn. Margaret Ames Williammee m TERMINAL STUDENTS MARY JO GEISMANN Medical Secretary CAROL L. HARPER Secretarial Science CAROL ANN MISHLER Medical Secretary W. A. A. 1, 2; Methodist Student Movement 2; A. W. S. I, 2; S. U. B. Social Committee 1; Reporter 1; Cheerleader 1, 2; Dormitory Floor Secretary 2. MARILYN ALMA NELSON Secretarial Science Business Club 1; Methodist Student Movement 2; Arrow Staff 2; Drill Team 1; Welfare Chairman 2. SANDRA LEE STEINLE Medical Secretary Business Club 1; W. A. A. 1, 2; A. W. S. 1, 2; Special Events Committee 2; Arrow Staff 2; Dean ' s List I; New Student Week Leader 2. DONNA D. ZEISLOFT Secretarial Science JUDY C. YEAGLE Medical Secretary JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS LAURALEE JONES Secrcla r) ' DAVIU UhlNV Presideiil JULIA BELL Trcnsiirer r(x;er liexhardt ' ice-President 32 First Roir— M. Kii ' ,S(]ve, B. Goldman, S. Oliphant. |. Wcioci. Secoiul Ron—]). Burnhdm, D. Michael. D. Reece, Mr. Stite.s. Third Row-M. Miller, K. Allison. L. Greenlv. JUNIOR CLASS First Row— D. Heiney, R. Lienhardt, M. Hopen, V. Grabinski, C. Kofman, ]. Sneden. Second Row— J. Nichols, O. Barton, L. Goetz, J. Wade, S. Boyer, ]. Bell. Third Ro.r-E. CVnvden. C. Hill, J. Mc- Neal, J. Cline, P. Sabin, L. Craig, G. Bradford. A tU H .S- 1 fr -t 1 ' ■ ' A h ex r mH i j 7 ' I hI H B y 33 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS MARY vWIIA TLLK Treasurer niCllARD MUMAUGH President JOHN UU.N ' STON ' Vice-President BEVERLY QUAIL Secretary Fint Ron— G. W ' ootton, J. dinger, H. Scott. M. Schrader, C . Hunt. Second Roir— N. Gramlev, S. Kadlec, B. Silvernail, L. Sechrist, S. Hudini, C. Mischler. Third Rmv—S. Hopf, J. Yeagle, J. Smithson. SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row—B. Plushanski, A. Bennett, M. Coder, J. Rust. Second Ron ' — A. Altman, E. Craft, W. Benson. G. Kelsey, J. Kerr. Third Roir- D. Tuxill. R. Kolle, R. Coutant, L. Wolfe. G. Mathers. J. W ' ildsmith. Fourtli Roir— R. Little. R. iMumaugh, M. Milek, P. Farrell. J. Entrot. C. Hunt. 35 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS BtRTRAM LONGBOTHAM Presidetit ROlilRl DUN Treasurer IIIOMAS RICHARDSON Vice-President C A1U)L 11U IN Secretary 36 First Roil ' — E. Snover, C. Rowe, M. Law, M. Droll, D. Pepper, D. Piper, J. Haney, C. HufFord. Second Row— J. Embrick, S. Gowaska, S. Hamilton, M. Burr, P. Gitneil, D. Ertman, R. Larson, H. Smith, P. Green, J. Vanderland. Third Roii ' — W. Hover, P. Gouldv, D. Taylor. H. Tourtellott, R. Johnson, H. Moonschein, T. Cost, L. Holley, M. Knovvlton, J. Kocsis, J. Rosenthal, A. Stone. Fourth Row-K. Hanlon, M. Kepple, D. Caldwell, M. Boden, R. Markle, R. Fiske, S. Martz, R. Freet, W. Sokol, S. Burch. Fif( i Rou ' -L. Shuey, R. Nucci, L. Casserio, C. Thomas, F. Waters, V. Van Vliet, P. Sullivan, L. Stricklen. K. Treihle, P. Malm, C. Coussart, J. Crist. Si. t i Row-A. Munro, D. Hultsch, R. Yarrol, R. Kiper, D. Irwin, T. Paternostro, B. Harte, L. Dahlen, G. Officer. Seventh Row— D. Decker, D. McKee, H. Shrimp, M. Randall, E. Snyder, J. Rerij, R. Pope. FRESHMAN CLASS First Roir— K. Helmuth, D. Nisslev, D. Glace. G. Dumeny, R. Kiess, B. Rutherford, L. Robinson, M. Nagv. Second Row— M. Ottman, J. Johnson, S. Shiber. ' S. HoflFman, A. Walker, L. Jones, C. Cutting, J. York, D. Waddill, M. Lawton, C. Wea- thered. Third Roii ' -L. Carter, B. Ahrens, L. Maurer, E. Kirchhof, P. Gortner, H. Bissell, E. Shaffer, H. Bowen, R. Mar- tin, B. Boston, G. Norton. Fourth Row-M. Abrams, D. McMahan, R. Prince, K. Woolbert, J. Gavitt, M. Whitman, F. Feigly, J. Novak. Fifth Row— C. MacKenzie, E. Hunt, N. LaPorte, G. Hamer, M. Siblev, J. Thurston, L. Dickey, H. Brown, K. Wool, J. Shepherd. C. Decker. Sixth Row-D. ' right, N. Flory, D. Potter, J. H ale, J. Edwards, E. Little, A. Stewart, R. Girton. L. ' elshans, G. Schivelv. Seventh Row— R. Custer, i I. Embick, S. Gowaska, K. Satterthwaite, C. Rupp, L. Redmond, D. Roesch, J. Cornwall, K. Stone. Eiglith Row— L. Holbrook, B. Reichard, A. Bly, S. Baran, D. Hen- drichs. S. Norton, C. Higdon, N. Lozier. Ninth Row— G. Rothfuss, C. Becker, S. Fuller, J. Otto. Tenth Ron ' — F. Keller, L. Rabon, M. Schell. C. ' " Mei.xel. E. LaBorie. T. Powell, L. Tanner. 37 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr. Charles V. Adams - - - Montoiiis illc Bishop I ' red Pierce Corson - - - . Pliil.nlcl|ilii;i Mr. Tra.nk L. Dunham . . . . . W ' cllslioro Mr. Paiii Ci. CiLMORE ----.... W ' illiamsport The Rev. William . . Kleese ------ Baltimore. Mel. Mr. Ralph E. Kelchner ----- Icrsm Shore The Rev. I) vi(;iitS. 1-arc;e Pliilailelplii.i Mr. Lawson I). Maiter - - - - ----- | laiiisburo Mr. Fred A. Pennington Mechaniesburo Mr. W. Russell Zacharias -..-.- Allentown Mr. Jesse S. Bell .----.-. ' illianisp)rt Mr. Ernest M. Case - - Willi.imsport Mrs. a. Rov . - - . Willianisport InE Rev. I Ierbert VV. Classco - - . Clcarliekl The Rev. F. LaMont Hennincer - . . | larrisburg Bishop W. Vernon Middletoun - . . Pittsbiiri h Mrs. H. Marshall Stecker . - - . . j i( Carmcl Mr. George VV. Svkes . - . . Cranberrv Lake. ' . Y. The Rev. Lester A. Welliver - Willi, imsiiort The Rev. Shurida.n VV. Bell I larrisburg Mr. IIarolu .V. Biujwn Willianisport The Rev. Robert R. Crovle Alioona ln. I 1(11 ' , ( I S I liiiM M(intoiirs ille .Mrs. Iavio.n S. I.yo.n VMlliamsport The Rev. Ci ay Myers i C uiiilxMland Mr. Arnold A. Phipps Willi.imsport Hon. Robert V. Rich W ' oolrieli Mr. George L. Siearns, II V illi.imsport Judge Charles Scott Williams Willianisport ItftH t ' fftf 1 r«fi m m ' 1 1 ' 1 i! " ii 1 11: MM ti 40 Robert. Dr. Wertz, Joan, Duchess, Mrs. VVertz, Donna, Beth. To THE Class of 1961 : These have been exciting days in which to be on the College campus. The horizons of knowledge ha e been pushed back. The mvsteries of the uni erse have been challenged as never before. And now it is all over! But it is not reallv over. The fact of the matter is, vou lea e College to enter the most critical years of the ne.xt decade. What new horizons are to be pushed back? What new mysteries remain to be challenged? You are now more adequately equipped to live as responsible men and women in a demanding society than vou were four years ago. The task is larger and you must be ready to accept its burden and to disco ' er its joy. The College is proud of you. Wherever you go, the name of Lvcoming will go with you. You will be our witness in all the world. So, our thoughts and our prayers go with ()u. You ha e a great opportunit in the years ahead. The world should be a better pl.icc because vou are here. Very sincerely. PresicJeut 41 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF DAVID G. MOBBERLEV Dean of the College Professor of Biology B.S., Balduin-VX ' allacc College; M.S., Univcrsitv of Michigan; PhD., Iowa State University C;. IIEIL GRAMLEY Registrar; Part Time Instructor B.S., Albright College; M.A.. Bucknell University KENNETH E. HIMES Treasurer and Business Manager U.S., Dre.xel Institute of Tech; G.S.B., Rutgers University R. ANDREW LADY Assistant to the President ami Director of Detelofnnent A.B., Lycoming College; M.S., The Peniisvh iiv ' S ' i " . University DANIEL G. FULTZ Assistant to the Business Manager A.B., Lycoming College JACK C. BUCKLE Dean of Students B.A.. Juniata College; M.S.. University H. LAWRENCE SVVARTZ Director of Public Relations A.B., Lycoming College; M.S., Boston University DONALD GEORGE REMLEY Director of Placement Assistant Professor of Physics A.B., Dickinson College; M.A., Columbia University OLIVER E. HARRIS Director of Admissions A.B., The Pennsylvania State University; M.S., The Pennsylvania State Universirs ' M. RUTH GRIERSON Librarian With Rank of Associate Professor A.B., Alma College; A.B.L.S., University of Michigan; M.S., Columbia University HELEN FELLX Dean of Women B.S., East Stroudsburg State Teachers College l K HUMANITIES JOHN W. CllA.NULLr. Asiislant Professor of Art A.B., St. Anselm ' s College; M.Ed.. Boston University rniC " V. SAMJIN Dii ' isional director of Humanities Professor of EugUsh B.S., W ' eslcvan University; M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Illinois JOHN A. STUART Associate Professor of English B.A., William Jewell; M.A.. Ph.D., Northwestern University Hi • I . I I.I ' J IAN JA.MES IsiiiWiit Professor of Art B.S., Equivalent, Bostim Museum Sch(x)l; M.F.A., Syracuse University BOBEBl II. mi.XGlON Assistant Professor of English A.B., Univcrsitv of Pennsylvania; M.A.. Lehigh University; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania ic)ii 1 ' . (.n.Mi.wi Associate Professor of English Ph.B., Dickinson College; M.Ed., The Pennsylvania State University JOSEPH PECK. II Instructor ill Etiglish A.B., University of Pennsylvania; A.M., Universitv of Florida ELEANOR R. GARNER Assistant Professor of English A.B., in Educarion, George V ' ashington University; A.M., George Washington Universitv GERTRUDE B. MADDEN Instructor in English B.A., Universitv of Pennsvlvania MARION E. MAYNARD Instructor in English A.B.. Bucknell Universitv ROGER E. COGSWELL Assistant Professor of French A.B., Sorbonne University, Paris, France; M.A., The Pennsvlvania State Universitv OLDRICH H. KADLEC Associate Professor of French State Examination, University of Prague; M.A., Ph.D., Universitv of Michigan V JAMES W. SHEAFFER Assistant Professorof AJiisit B.S.. Indiana State CDllc c; MS . llnivcrsitv of Pennsylvania IIOWAIU) 1 . RAMSEY Associiitc I ' rufcsior of Religion R.A., Southern Methodist Llnivcrsitv; B.I)., Southern Meth Kli t Llnivcrsitv Ph.D., Columbia Llnivcrsitv WAI LER G. MclVER Assuciiuc Professor of ' cnce Mus.B., Westminster Choir College; A.B., Bucknell University; M,A,, New York Llnivcrsitv UhHNtR J. llUkS Associate Professor of German B.S., Johns I lopkins Llnivcrsitv; M.A., Johns I lop- kins Llnivcrsitv; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Llnivcrsity KENNETH G. JOSEPHSON Assistant Professor of Music B.S., Columbia Llnivcrsitv; M.A., Eastman School of Music 46 MARY LANDON RUSSELL Assistant Professor of Organ, Piano Mus.B., Susquehanna University ' Consenaton ' of Music; M.A., The PennsvKania State University JANE KEYTE LANDON Instructor in Piano A.B., Lycoming College L. PAUL NEUFER Assistant Professor of Religion A.B., Dickinson College; S.T.B., S.T.AL, Boston University W. ARTHUR FAUS Associate Professor of Philosophy A.B., Dickinson College; S.T.B., Boston LIniversity; Ph.D., Boston Universitv NEALE H. MUCKLOU ' Assistant Professor of Philosoyh A.B., Hamilton College NLD L. WLLLLi; Pari Time Instructor History; Religion A.B., Lycoming College; S. T. B., Boston Universin, ' WH|L 1 ■ ■■ l ' •i 1 H fc H I oH 1 K1 1 J 1 Kli. ' ' -■ " ' I IKi Lin AlUJ GUERRA Instructor in Religion B.D.. Southtrn Methodist University; S.T.M., Union lliLolo ical Seminary, New York PHIL G. GILLETTE Associate Professor of German and Syanish A.B., Dickinson College; S.T.B., Ph.D.. Boston University ENRIQUE GARCIA iistriictor in Spanish A.B., ' esli-van Univcrsilv NORMAN J. MEYERS ■ UsislaiK Professor of Speech B.A.. I lirani Cullcye; M.A.. University of Illinois 48 LORIXG B. PRIEST Director. Social Science Division Professor of History Litt.B., Rutgers University; A.M., Harvard University; Ph.D., Harvard University THOMAS G. BARXES Associate Professor of Histor ' (On Leave) A.B., Harvard University; D.Phil., Oxford University SOCIAL SCIENCES ELOISE GOMPF Assistant Professor of History A.B., Western College; A.M.. Ph.D., Indiana University ' AYXE A. ALLEN Ixstrtictor ii; History A.B., Lycoming College; M.A., University ol Michigan ROBERT H. EWING Associate Professor of History A.B., College of Wooster; M.A., University of Michigan -ii -| f MICHAEL M. WARGO Assistant Professor of History A.B., M.A., Bucknell University RICHARD T. STITES InstTtictor ill History ' B.A., University of Pennsylvania; M.A., George Washington University r.or.i r, 1 (.. 1 1 ii Assistant Professor of Political Science A.B., Lafayette College; M.A., University of Pennsylvania IILLIX l;i;l,LsL WLIDMAN Professor of Political Science A.B.. M.A., Bucknell Universiw: Ph.D., Syracuse University I MIITOX SKEATH Professor of Psychology A.B., Dickinson College; M.A., University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University OTTO SONDER, JR. Associate Professor of Sociology A.B., American University; AM , Binkni ' ll University CARRIE E. MlLI.tK Assistant Professor of Psychology B.S., Kansas State Teachers College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Denver NATURAL SCIENCES GEORGE S. SHORTESS Divisional Director, Natural Sciences; Professor of Biology A.B., Jiihns Hopkins University; M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University BARILEY C. BL0C:K Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., M.S., Northwestern University JANICE M. STEBBINS Instructor in Biology B.S., Lycoming College GEORGE W. HOWE Professor of Biology and Geology A.B., M.S., Syracuse University; Ph.D., Cornell University JOSEPH D. BABCOCK Associate Professor of Physics A.B., Dickinson Colleoe; M.A., Bucknell University 51 J .MYXOID J. CUKRltll Professor of Chemistry A.B., Colgate University; M.S., The Pennsylvania State Universit ' ; Ph.D.. Cornell University ARMAND J. L. inI3.UiLt. Associate Professor of Mathematics College 0 mniuna!, Tirlemont. Belgium; B.S., Agric. College, Gembloux, Belgium; .M.S., Rutgers University MABEL K. BAUER Professor of Chemistry U.S., Cornell University; MS. Llni ersit cil Penns K.iiii.i IHA.NCLS L. KMGHIS Associate Professor of Mathematics A.B.. M.A., Bucknell University; D.Ed., The Pennsylvania State University JOHN A. RADSPINNER Processor of Chemistry B.S., Richmond College; M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute; D.Sc. Carnegie Institute of Technology tMI I ■ li f J 3 n No Mo J K Co k rr i N M M U H MC .» ' 5 ' 56 T7 Co 58.94 1 Ni Cu 54.71 63.5 ' li 221 S H 1 46 47 Pd As . lOA 107.«1 THEODORE K. rRUTIGER Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.B., Bucknell University 52 BLIDl) v. WHMEHILL Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S., Lock Haven State College; M.Ed., The Pennsylvania State University LHl OV ¥. DERR Professor of Education A.B., Ursinus College: A.M., Bucknell Universit) ' ; Ed.D., University ' of Pittsburgh UAVIU G. BUSEV Associate Professor of Physical Education Director of Athletics Head Football Coach B.S., in Physical Education, University of Illinois; M.S., in Ed., University of Illinois JOHN HENRY CONRAD Assistant Professor of Education B.S., Mansfield State College; M.A., New York University SALLY F. VARGO Instrtictor in Physical Education B.S., The Pennsylvania State University n DONNA K. MILLER Instritctor in Physical Education B.S., Lock Haven State College NELSON PHILLIPS Instructor in Physical Education Coach in Soccer, Basketball, and Tennis B.S., Springfield College 15. A. ROni r, I W . HABOLD, SR. Divisional Director of Business Aitniiuislralioii; Professor of Eco}wmics , The PcnnsvKania State LIniversitv; M. A., University of Pittsbursjh; Ph.D., University " f Pittsburgh I I 1 : III II Ki (. Assistatil I ' rofessor of Business Administration B.S., Geneva College; M.Ed., The Pennwlvania State Univcrsitv WILLIAM LEE BRICKER ss(sluii( Professor of fiiiii ciiig anil Finance A.B., University of Washington; M.. ' .. University of Washington BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 1X). L. LARRABLL Lecturer in Business Law A.B.. Allegheny College; Graduate Division of the VN ' harton School of the University of Penn- sylvania; Law School of the University ol Penn- sylvania DAVID C. ANDERSON f nslructor in Accoiiiitiiig (1 S W ' f r X ' irginia LIniversitv 54 JOHN G. HOLLENBACK Associate Professor of Business AAminislration B.S., M.B.A., University of Pennsylvania DONALD T. KYTE Assistant Professor of Economics A.B., Wesleyan University; A.M., Boston University RUTH S. MARVIN Medical Secretarial R.N., St. Camillus School of Nursing, Kalamazoo, Michigan i KF ' " " " Dbnii r - i f i fe: - tL. LOGAN A. RICHMOND Assistant Professor of Business Administration B.S., Lycoming College; M.A., New York University SECRETARIES first Roil ' — Miss Nellie Gorgas, Mrs. Helen Wadlow, Mrs. Ruth Kohr. Second Roir— Miss Connie Christ, Mrs. Barbara Earnest, Mrs. Barbara Hawk, Mrs. SvK ' ia Lono, Mrs. Barbara Dissinger, Mrs. Eleanor Main. DUDLEY P. BOSTV ' lCK Director of Food Sen ' ice BOOKSTOIU: S 1 AFF Mrs. Margaret Hcin .. Mrs. Dorothy Streeter CAFETERIA SI AFF LIBRARY STAFF Miss Ruth Gricrson, Miss Laura Coleman. Mrs. Mvrna Barnes, Miss Muriel Toppan, Mrs. Nora Bartlett. Miss Sandra W ' .iltnn. 56 Infiriiiary Staff— Mr.s. E. Lorena Wilt, Mrs. Liiidlme Dei- bert, Mrs. Ruth Burket, Mrs. Louise Parkin. RICH HOUSE MRS. SUE L. NEW Rich Hall Adviser MRS. SUSAN HASSKARL Physical Education Secretary An honor house for upperclass women. CUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS GOVERNING BODIES STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Pernicatino all areas of student life, the acicieniie as well as the the Stu- dent Government Assoeiation takes inereasing responsibilitx in the iurthering of campus affairs, and employs to this end all such means as are permitted bv the col- lege Iramework. The association does not wish to exist as an isolated group; indeed the Student Government Association in itself is a collecti e term which actually includes every student of Lycoming College. 1 he operating core of this association is the student council, composed of four representatives who are elected Inim e,n.ii class, five officers, and one representative from each of the campus organizations. All ijie energies of this organization are dedicated to the worthwhile and high ideal of a greater Lycoming College where the individual student might further his under- standing of the cultural and intellectual milieu. As each class leaves the college, much )( what it has learned and much ol the understanding which ii has gained ha e come through the efforts of this dedicated and cITicient organization. Sealed— H. Soyster, S. Murpliv. K. Parkin, A. Ilughcs, W. Kclirig, N ' . . ' ingcT, . Irwin, R. Lewis, S. White, W. Bouton. R. Coner, S. Oliphant. Standing— P. Connors, F. Schroeder, D. Anderson. D. W ' ih. CO STUDENT UNION BOARD The Student Union Board of Lvcoming College is composed of a board of governors having a chairman, six heads of committees, and a secretary and treasurer, and exists to provide a comprehensi e social and recreational program which will extend itself to every student on the campus. Putting to the best possible use all of the many facilities of the Student Union Building, the board plans and provides interesting and variegated activities with which the Lxcoming student mav enhance his leisure hours. Among the activities sponsored are: TGIF programs, providing entertainment of a light and frothy kind; in contrast with the more serious nature of the Wednesday evening Mid- Week Series which feature films, slide lectures, and talks by noted personages in all walks of life. And these are but two of the many facets of the Student Union Board program. Also it presents musical activi- ties such as jazz and classical concerts and dances among which the Crvstal Ball, the Mardi Gras, and those of Winter and Spring weekends are important examples. In the performance of the functions described above, the six committees, composed of some two hundred students, interact and the degree of success which the board obtains in its goals is due primarily to the dedication and sense of purpose on the part of these members. Seated-S. Shaw, N. Stretton, M. Coder, S. Sharpsteen, S. Hopf, B. Smith, C. Harper. Stimiiing—A. Sherman, C. Yetter, E. Craft. D. Heinv, P. Connors, F. Schroeder. . 1 ij fc ' t I w ■k V- K 0 m K ' •J H h fe ' a rll r 9 Hil |n ff - ' ■ jjEp MV V " ' ' ' " K 1 i h i Tli ta L v Ha 11 i J 61 Firsf Hou-V. Green, V ' . . l(,IF.itt. J. D.h.Iih. SlxuiuI l „u- D. I ' lpcr. 11. Ouciis, 1. Atchlcr, G. Gcrth. Third Ron-— J. Kerr, B. Longbotham, N. Butler, L. Sibole, W. Kauffman. MEN8 DOKM COUNCIL WOMEWS DOKM COl NCIL Sealeil-C. Glark. B. Silvernail, S. Pratt, S. Umding-]. Kline, T. Waters, J. Hdwarils, C. Hunt. R. Lewis, M. Schrader. H. Sc.itt, A. Campbell, M. Rutt. ;i fff i i Z- -= . S r U mi a K m im r 62 WOMEN ' S DAY COUNCIL hint Hon— a. Felix, L. Jones. Secuiui Roir— M, Mamnlcn, B. Martin, G. Bradford, S. Starr. RICH HOUSE COUNCIL J. Kline, L. Fitzgerald, L. Craig, C. Sieman, S. Kadlec. 63 WLCR 1 iu ' tour Luis .111(1 a iliM.- jfK.kf at work This year the campus radio station operated lor tlie first time imder a new name— WLCR. Another first lor the station is its membership in the Inter-Collegiate-Broadcasting Svstem. It is he- cause of this that man new and enjoyable pro- grams are bcinjj offered to the resident students of the college. The station is operated on a closed circuit and is entirely owned and managed by the college. During the school ear broadcasts are heard regularlw six nights each week From 7:00 P. M. until 12:00 . M. A variety of programs ilcsiyned for a more enli " htened student body is ollcreii. I hese range in content from classical music to nxk ' n roll, from campus to world news, Irom lacultv and administrati e inter iews to va- rict programs. The facilities and space of the station have been greatly expanded this year. The station ' s technical director, Richard Kolle, has in- stalled a new console and " The Dragon Room " has been annexed to pro ide space for round table discussions and student t.ilenl. First Kou ' — S. Earp. A. Oi.x. T. Miithdl, K. Koetzner. R. Kolle. C. Yctier. Second Rou ' -W. C ' hillas. C. Montord, D. Pease, C. Howe, P. Cromc. 1 ' . Culhiel. S. Berndt, P. Clevent;cr, B. Rcichard, L. .McNcer, R. C ' auj;licv, W. Benson. 64 THE BELL Thursday of each week is a dav for which the students, faculty, and adminis- tration of Lycoming College anxiously wait, because it is the day of publication of The Bell, our campus newspaper. This publication stri ■es to reflect life on campus and acts as a link between students and teachers. To carry out this purpose, major happenings are reported, opinions of issues which affect students and college life are given, and problems are brought before the campus in hopes of finding possible solutions for them. The Bell staff is abl advised bv Mr. Joseph Peck and Mrs. James Madden. Facilities in the Student Union Building have pro ' ed most aluable to the staff in increasing the paper ' s effectiveness and success. Special Christmas and Easter issues are accorded with enthusiastic reception. Because The Bell staff realizes its desire to serve the colleoe communitx ' , stu- dents work unceasingly to cover more school activities. This service makes the o - paper a responsible part of the college plan and makes it effective in carrying out its purposes. This increased importance of The Bell is a sign of the growth of Lycoming College. Sc.((c. -J. Entrot, J. Korengo, M. Jensen, D. Rutter, D. Potter, M. Yaple. Secjnd Row— C. Anderson, C. Bollinger, B. Kaz- amek, L. Wolfe, D. Ertman, I. Hurst. R. Thomas, H. Wein. Third Ron--C. Mnwrv, E. Frv, S. ' hite. 65 The ' 61 ARROW GEORGE WILLIAM ENGLISH Literary Editor KATHRYX PARKIN Clubs and Orgiitiiziiliotis Eidl ' H. iM lD WILT Editorin Chief ELAINE MAIUL IIVIXXK Faculty Editor THOMAS R. McIN ' TOSH Material Co-ordinator LAURALEE JONES Actix ' ities Editor I J M PAUL M. MOISIADES Business Matiaaer ROGER LIEXHARDT Sports Editor CAROLYN MODAY Senior Editor G. HEIL GRAMLEY, ELIZABETH A. KING, JOHN P. GRAHA L Eacuhv Advisers. M. NELSON, A. BENNETT, C. BOLLINGER, Al. PECK M. KELIHER, V. EVANS, Assistants. BESSIE ORNDORFF Ty iHg Editor JOHN A. BIRKMIRE Photographer FRATERNITIES INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL 1. F. C. OFFICERS The Inter-Fraternitv Council has as its principal purpose the promotion of the hettermcnt ol the Iraternitv svstem here at Lvcoming Collci;e. This hod regulates matters involving all of the fraterni tics. Mich as rules connected witii rushing, and scheduling of hatorniix activities. Tiic council constantly strives toward active and inspiring lead- ership. This hodv is the eo-ordinator of Winter W cekend and the co-sponsor of Spring Weekend. I lie council co-operates in the Intramural Program ol the school, and each ear contrihutes a nunilxr ol trophies which are presented to fraternities which have distinguished themselves in an one of the several sports in the Intramural Program. . schol- astic trophv to the fraternitv with the hi ghest grade point average and a tropin to the chapter which wins the song lest during Greek Week arc also awarded. First Roil ' — J. Sneden. P. Abrunzo, J. V(X)d. Second Row—D. Anderson, S. Oliphant, R. Kchler. J. Tarditi, R. Wilson, D. Lee, W. Kehriy. R. Whipple. J. Hnrvalh, F. Spannuth. 68 ALPHA GAMMA UPSILON College co ers a span of years that holds tremendous possibilities for the de elopment of an individual ' s personality. People of any age de eIop best in a congenial, stimulating atmosphere, and this is especially true of young men in their late teens and early twenties. Alpha Gamma LIpsilon with its carefully chosen men supplies this enyironment. Within the Alpha Gamma bnitlierhood, a close compact group of men who ha e the same common interests produce a spirit that can truh ' be called fraternal. While still a relati elv young fraternity— AGU was founded in 1922 at Fort Wayne, Indiana— it has been a youthful spirit of progressive thought and growth. Organized here at Lycoming in 1951, Nu Chapter has worked to produce men of high character and ability, who hold aloft the ideals of brotherhood, democracy, and service to the college and community. Thus as each year passes, to the new men who come into Alpha Gamma Upsilon there is presented the challenge to uphold and encourage the princi- ples and ideals which ha e become so much a part of college life. Seated— R. Norins, D. W ' idmann, B. Antrim, L. Henderson. First Roir— D. Taylor, R. Cutaiar, M. Feit, S. Rosenberg, E. Budney, A. Pollitt, D. Travis, S. Okotkewicz. Second Row— M. Weiner, C. Kofman, J. Orr, R. Irwin, D. Lee. Third Raw —Mr. Sonder. M. Kaplan. J. Moss, J. Tarditi, V. Eckert, W. Tomlinson. 69 KAPPA DELTA RHO K.ipp.i IX ' li.i l li(i was founded in 18% at Middlebury. Vermont: its mottii: I l() ()R SLIFIR OMNIA (Honor above all), its colors: Middle bur Blue and Princeton Oranoe. In 1953 a chajner became established here on the Lvcoming College campus. Although devoted to the interests and individual needs of each brother. Psi chapter also looks to the de elopment and welfare of the college of u hich it feels itself to be an integral part. With a jirogram that places emphasis upon scholastic, athletic, and social achievement. Kappa Delta Rho provides experience in the selection ol leaders and the formation of the rules and regulations necessary for the mutual for bearance and co operation of living together, both in the college community and the world conimunitv. For membership in Kappa Delta Rho is a lifetime enture. and each member neither recognizes nor encourages anything less than an honest effort. Thus Kappa Delta Rho stands for " honor, " ,inil its men rellect this in their constant endeavor to develop and sustain high intellectual and moral standards not onlv during their four vears of college but every day of their lives. Firu Rrni ' -J. Sneden, IV Wilson. J. Bowers, W. Mt-iide. G. Gnodcar. Second Rou ' -Mr. Stites, L. Wolfe, E. Cunningham, D. Diilesandro. V. Bertcllotti, J. Short, F. Fisher, W. Chillas. Third Ron-F. Wright, W. Kehrig, J. Poe, R. Thompson. W. Svvariwood, W. Price. 15. McNallv, A. P. Jones. Fmirlh Roii-J. Boyd. P. Dietrich. H. Patterson. R. Poor. I, IV I hint . I). Blilev, R. I ' orlcr. 70 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Founded in 1909 at Boston Universitv, Lambda Chi Alpha was brought to the Lycoming campus in June of 1951. Its development since can be traced to two things: the spirit of its members and the great national fraternity that thev represent. This fraternitx- is the largest of the American Interna- tional Social Fraternities, standing today with o er one hundred fifty-two chapters. As a unit, the 70,000 brothers and alumni of Lambda Chi .Alpha ha e set as their ultimate goal the attainment of truth and justice and the well being of humankind eyervwhere. Showing thcmsehes to be aware of these goals, the brothers of Lambda Chi throughout the past years ha ' e exerted themselves in all realms of campus and fraternity activities. Scholasticallv they have stood at the head of the five campus organizations and in the upper quarter of their national organization. The annual highlights of the Lambda Chi social season are the White Rose Ball and the Founders Day Banquet. The brothers are especially proud that for the third straight ' ear, the Crescent Girl of Lambda Chi has reigned as Lycoming ' s Homecoming Queen. Seated-W. Hartman, R. Schultz, R. ' hipple, D. Knight, R. Kehler. N. Rayder, S. White, Mr. Chandler. First Row- S. Murphy, P. Abrunzo. D. H.jffritz. D. Whistler, B. McHugh, P. Sabin, T. Fortin, B. Corbett, R. Dunn, D. Tuxill, B. Cloud. Second Rovr— L. Richardson, T. Clifford, M. AUenbaugh. D. Heiney, F. Schroeder, E. Thomas, W. Jacobs, T. Wil- liamson, X. Azinger, M. Peters. Third Ron ' — W. Hoffman. J. Rudv. 1. Lingenfelter, T. Yeagle, J. Fetterman, J. Colclough, R. Barrett. R. Wahlers, J. Bunce. 71 SIGMA PI The Si ma Pi Fraternit ' was fountk ' d on Feb. 26, 1897, at V ' inccnnes LIniversitv, Vintcnncs, Indiana, for the purpose of forming a hrotlierliood of .iiid for college men, w itli the objectives of promoting scholarship .md ciilture, ad aneing the cause of education and raising the standard of morality In the ears since, Sigma Pi has sent men into all walks ol liio; its .ilumni are engaged in manv occupations and professions anil it is the heliel ol the members exervwhere that there is no better place than the chapter of a fraternitx for the training of xoung men to take their place in the American scene. riu- brothers of Beta Lambda Chapter, foinided at Lycoming in 1953, supi ort these ideals. The feel it is the res;:onsibilit ol the fraternity to maintain and develop the standards ol chi alr anil culture ithin the college setting, prepare the members to cope with the problems ol lile and imbue them with an appreciation of life ' s real values. The pledge program of Sigma Pi reHects this attitude. Each pledge must meet the reijuirements of the college and the I rate:nit for initiation. Prior to his initiation, he is given a three-month period of constructive training and instruction. In the cars that follow, his membership both in the fraternity and the campus life about him is guided b the idea that success in life de- pends largely upon his ability to work with and understand his fellows. No other agency can pnnide a young man yith this aluable training as well as the fraternitv can and docs. First Ron ' — D. Emmanuel, D. Sliaffcr. E. Slavisky, J. Hon ' ath, D. Ice, G. Glenn. Second Roir-G. Prathcr, L. Cillo, S. Harrison, W. Staviskv, R. .McKibben, W. Ainsworth, I). Dvke, |. Snyder. J. Parsons, W. McQuaiil, R. Rishcl, J. Stone, W. Stover, A. Bouvier. F. Spannuth. Thinl Row-), llodin, II. IuiIIn. R. Jone . J. Wilbur. O. Rceii, J. McCmII, C. Bayer, I lvn D. Kcilman. 72 THETA CHI Although Theta Chi provides its members with an acti e and varied social life from September to June, its members and the chapter as a whole are always readv to take an active interest in worthwhile college activities. Since its founding in 1856 at Norwich University, Norwich, Vermont, under the motto " Alma Mater first and Theta Chi for Alma Mater. " the fraternity has been a positi e force for the constructi e and continued development of the highest tvpe of citizenship among its members and has constanth ' worked to perpetuate its basic fundamentals. That the members of Epsilon Beta Chapter reflect this community spirit is pointed up by the fact that they were awarded the President ' s Cup— svmbolic of excellence in leadership, fraternal- ism and contribution to the college— for the vear 1959T960. In answer to the freshman rushee who asks: What can I get out of a fra- ternity? The brothers of Theta Chi ask: What can you put into the frater- nitv? For it is their contention that the fraternitv is a valuable part of higher education pro iding the members with both a campus home and a socializing agencv, and the success of such a societv must be measured by the degree each member is impressed with the fact that pri ileges and honors also entail obliga- tions and responsibilities. SecUed-f. Wood, S. Oliphant. F. Kerr, M. Kemrer, J. Willard. First Roxr-Mr. Gillette, R. Litde, J. Persing, B. Goldman, R. Garrett, J. McNeal, P. Pierce, V. McNelly, J- Eidenier, Mr. Gramley. Second Roir-R. Mumaugh, D. Anderson. R. Lien- hardt, P. Connors, D. Bumham, W. Moffatt, D. Paden, J. Doolin, B. Thjmas. Third Roir-Dr. Ramsey, W. Foster. G. Jud- son, J. Krebs, R. Silverman. J. Hoffman, D. Cook, Mr. James. 73 FREE THINKERS I irsi {oii l . K(i ma. J. ISillini lnii. IJr. Stuart. )i. Mubbcrky. Dr. U.inivts Second Row-}. Uunston, H. Lowell, W. Kolonosky, R. Stites, W. Miller. PRE-MED First Rou ' -K. Adams, ]. Dunslon, A. I Inch, K. Kelly, Dr. Gistellii. R. Jdnes. Secovd Ho v- ' . McXelly. F. Mayes. D. Yiiushaw, C;. Reams. R. Kiess, I " ) W ' lirster. R. K.iiscr. C Kelscv. M. Scliell. O. Mitchell. D. McLaurin, M. Swanev. M. Kossove. RELIGIOUS LIFE COUNCIL First Ron ' — Dr. Knights. D. Loomis, O. Ijaitmi, J. Beighlev. Sccuinl iluw— B. McHugh, C. Hill, R. Little, W. Bouton. Third Row-Mr. Sheaffer, Dr. Faus, Dr. Ramsey, Mr. Nenfer. JOHN WESLEY CLUB Firsi Roil ' — K. Rickert, L. Fitzgerald, S. Kadlec. Second Row— R. Little, J. Wildsmith, W. Bouton, ]. Eidenier, Dr. Faus, E. Cowden. Third Rou ' -B. I cmyhotham, G. Franke. C. Hill, ]. Kerr, G. Mathers, M. Whitman. METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT First Row-]. McXeal, S. Kadlec. M. Elliott, K. Rickert, R. Little. W. Bouton. Second Hoii-J. Kline. S. Pratt, D. Rutter, L. Fitzgerald, J. Eidenier, J. Willard. Third Roii -A. BIy, D. Sherman, R. McMichael, S. Hopf, H. Soyster, C. Mishler, G. Franke. Found l ow-G. Mathers, J. VVildsmith, L. Lozier. M. Warner, S. Norton, R. Custer, B. Hart. Fifth Row- G. Judson, B. Longbotham. M. Lawe, N. Jones. E. Little, L. Dahlein. M. Whitman. Si. l i Rmv—C. Howe. B. Burnham, L. Hndse, C. Ott, W. Coder, J. Nichols, W. Furst. NE IAN CLUB Firsl Rou ' — Father Zemitais, Father Corcoran. M. .Mlenh.iu h, S. Gowaska, I ' . Abriin i . . lr. Richnioiul. Sfcoiiii Rmr— L. Bongiovi, J. Bonacuse. F. I ' eck. Third Rou--R. SanMillan. J. Codignotto. G. Buehler, J. Iloehn, J. M. Ilorvath. L. Bruner. Fourth Kou ' -R. Ounn, R. Lytic, T. Richardson, D. Pepper, B. Feli.x, M. Boden, D. Miller. Fif( i Row-]. Poulliott, M. Hayes, D. Furey, T. Rider, K. WckiI, H. Staib. Si.xl)i Rou ' -D. Kerner, J. Hensen, M. MacMahon, S. Baran, S. Starr, K. Kellv. C. Osmanski. Seventh Rim- I P itirn .-tr .. . Rayder. B. McHugh. A inger. 76 ORGAN GUILD St ' a ' .cd— ' Shi. Russell. K. Rickert, L. Fitzgerald. Standing-C. Oot, O. Barton, W. Miller. M. Schell, D. Decker, A. Bly. LYCOMING SINGERS Seated— Wt. Mclver. L. Greenly, A. Worley, R. Little. Standing—]. Hobbs. J. Wildsmith. M. Furst. ). Lciomis. D. Michael. F. Kerr, O. Barton, D. Paden, J. Smithson, D. Burnham, J. HoUick, P. Sabin, D. Cook, G. Judson, C. Thomas. 77 LYCOMING COLLEGE CHOIR One of the most active groups on campus is the L coming College Choir. Under the direction of Mr. Mclver, the choir has estahlished a reputation throughout the Hast and in the mid-West. It has gi en concerts at such places as the Methodist Quadrennial Conlerence in Washington, D. C, and on the National Broadcasting Company ' s radio presen- tation, " Great Choirs of America. " This year ' s rcjx ' rtoire includes such works as .1 Bach C ' an- tata, Negro spirituals, and several Russian niunbers. A dcili cated and talented group, the choir does much to sjiri-.u! the name of L coming College. MR WALTER McIVER Director THE BAND PERSONNEL Bettv L. Martin Robert J. Markel Ann G. Campbell Sharon L. Sprout Meade F. Kemrer, Jr. David L. Tuxill Eleanor L. Little Rebecca P. Pope Darla J. Nisslev Dennis G. Youshaw Robert E. Baker, Jr. Jeffrey M. Novick Ann L. Bennett Linda l L Sechrist Silas D. White Thomas M. McClelland Janet F. Nichols Hubert D. Bowen Phillip L. Schonour Meredith A. Schell Robert S. Custer Dale Taylor W. Garrett Judson Robert G. Little, Jr. Thomas J. Powell Michael Kosso e Michele A. Boden Burrows C. Boston MR. KENNETH JOShPHSOX Director 79 KAPPA KAPPA PSI first How— D. Youshaw. W. hlariman. G. Ci MKlfar. Second Rou ' — S. White, C. HUl, M. Kcmrcr, P. Sabin. BUSINESS CIA B First Rou ' — R. Ruffaner. G. W ' Dotton, J. Tarditi. A. Rvttcr. R. McKibben, R. Rishcl, Mr. Bricker. Second Rmt ' — Mr. Hollen- back, W. Tomlinson, W. Hoifman, E. Conn, U. Kolman, D. Weber, G. Giebel. Third Ron ' — W. Karniol. M. Feverzcig. D. Taylor, K. Thompson, C. Montford, A. Stewart, R. Markcl, R. Fisk. LYCOMING INVESTORS First Ron— 1 . Miorelli, E. Litiii, I) I ' liiri, I. ken. Mr. Bricker. Second Koir— D. .MiiiiiiiHit. . I lortman, R. Sautter, B. Goldman, R. Ernst. Third fioir— D. Weber, J. Tarditi, P. Malm, J. Hoehn, R. McKibben, C. Kofman. Fourth Roil ' — P. Kulp, G. Wootton, G. Gramley, A. Rytter, K. Thompson, M. Hayes, R. Fisk. Fifth Rou ' — C. Munt- ford, V. Eckert, W. Karniol, W. Tomlinson, D. Taylor, W. Jefferson. DEMOCRATIC CLUB Seated— D. Caldwell, C. Decker, C. Hanford, M. Ottman, B. Thompson, M. MacMahon, A. Peterman. Standing —J. Rouner, J. McNamee, E. Kirchhof, B. Nucci, ]. Ott. Mr. Stites, M. Burr, J. Deitrick, H. Staib, W. Engler, T. Paternostro. M. Gibbs, W. Stover. 81 Left to fiig il-Mr. Lch. E. Kirchhol. V. Ortniaii. . JctftTson, J. Uoolin, L. Sibole, D. Pcasf, T. Mcintosh. PKACTICAL POIJIICS Pill ALIMI A TIIETA First Ron ' — Mr. Stites, J. Rudy. J. Cassidy. W. Buulon. W. Hartman. J. McN ' eal, G. JudsDn. W. Young, J. Hesen. Mr. Ewing. Secrtmn-tmi-W K.irninf. D. Jacohs, ' l ' .- H P « ihin. Dr. Gompf. Dr. Priot, T. K irv lin.r. Mr All.n 82 Kathleen Kelly, Silas V ' hite, Rick Miller, prepare for work in the lab. FRENCH STUDENTS The French students ha e, for the first time this ear, begun to take their place with the rest of the language groups on campus. Thev have met and elected a president, Silas White, who has worked with them to create what we hope will be a con- tinually growing organization. The addition of a laboratory where tape recordings in French as well as other languages can be played, has inspired these students to form a genuine interest in a work- able learnino field. PHILOSOPHY SOCIETY First Roar— Dr. Skeath, Dr. Faus, C. Modav, Dr. Ramsey, L. McCleary. Second Row- Mr. Muckluw, T. Mcintosh, VV. Thomas, P. Peaslev, I. Novick. 83 GERMAN CLUB irvl liou )r. Ini-.. t limit. | Kirr. 1. MaiiKiicii. Second iou-l). l skv, L. W ' dlK ' . I. Strickkn, J. Entrot, M. Warner, M. Embick. I . I lanion. Third How—D. Sherman, G. Norton, M. Schell. A. I loth, P. Schonour, C Ahrens, M. Yaple. SPANISH CLUB Seated-C. Robinson, R. Whidden, K. Allison. M. B(Klen, K. Rickert. Second Rou-M. Milck, . 1. Miller. I.. Sechrist, J. Ycaglc, B. Felix, C. Decker, D. Butter, S. Bertellotti, C. Schivelv, J. Shepherd. Third Roie-M. Kenirer, 1). Padcn, P. .Ahranis, I. Rarrv. R F.iov i Sl.,..„, ,kir. II St.iib. B Tlvmas, Mr. Gillittr Mr Cr. i., I 84 p. S. E. A. p. Abrunzc). L. Goet -. Mr. Conrad, Dr. Derr, J. Shanabruok, R. Siegel. RUSSIAN CLUB Seated— ¥. Kiizma, J. Smithson, VV. Kolonosky. Standing— Mr . Stites, H. Lowell, H. Buwen, K. Klotz, E. Staviskv. Dr. Kadlec. 85 W. A. A. A. W. S. i ji ; i;.,u J. .NilIiuI , J. cbsicr. Sft oml liuu ' —S. Hopt ' , W. CuHct. J. O ' Con- nor. Third Hoir— 1). Gladfelter, C. Ja- cobs. I ' irst Ruu- ). .Miciidcl. J. C. Pralt, P. Canipbcll. SfcoiiW imi-J. SinitliMin, L. Junes. B. Felix, M. Hickerson, J. Kline. AKSl n CLLB First Row-]. Sneden, D. Dyke, J. B-mcrs, L. Minrclli. Second Row-C. Reed. L. KauHman. I.. Wnlle. R. Pac. VV. Kehrig, H. Judis, J. Boyd, B. Richardson. R. Barrett. N. Rayder. G. Glenn, I). Tuxill, G. J.mes, R. Kehlcr. Tlurd Hou-S. Murpliy, M. Soroka, J. Wilbur. R. Jones. W. Ainsworth, R. Mumau h, R. FiK r, R. Hein . ALPHA PSI OMEGA hirst Koir— Mr. Myers, L. Junes. Second Row— W. Hartman, P. Moisiades, G. Judson, D. Wilt. LYCOMING PLAYERS Seated— L. Jones, S. Gowaska. First Row— C. Higdon, K. Kelly, C. Howe, E. Shaffer, C. Hunt, D. Piper, W. Hartman, P. Moisiades, K. Parkin. Second Row-C. Hufford, D. U ' ilt. Mr. Mvers. 87 -« ' «» ■ ' f ■-. ' .-; ■ -. ; ' ,v- SPORTS ., i,-- LYCOMING COLLEGE COACHING STAFF — 1960 Left to Rig i(— Rowland Mvers. Assistant Coach; Budd Whitehill, Backfield Coach; David G. Busev. Head Coach; Clarence " Hank " Green, Line Coach. 1960 RECORD Lycoming Susquehanna 18 Lycoming 12 Scranton 20 Lycoming Ouantico 23 Lx ' coming 12 Edinboro 6 Lycoming 10 Wilkes Lycoming 13 Muhlenbeio 34 Lycoming 7 Maryland 20 Lycoming 26 Gene ' a 15 LYCOMING COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM — 1960 First Roii ' -Fred Bouvier. Don Dyke, Stan Okotkewicz, John Wilbur, Burt Richardson, Grant Jones, John Snyder, Don Aurand, Martv Allenbaugh. Second Rou ' -Pete Colby, Don Gottschall, Bob MacAdam, Morgan Peters, Dave Mover, Pat Pierce, Floyd Fisher, Dan Dalesandro, Charles Kreilick. Third Rou-Tom Pifer, Bill Ainsworth, Clarence Lutz, Lynn Shuey, Mike W ' arehime, Dick Allen, Brian Laszewski, Jim Gress, John Lentz, Dick Black, manager. Fourth Roir— John Chiava- roli, Fred Gustkev, Len Diller, Joe Blaschak, Roger Staley, Jim Horvath. Gordon Sweelev, Bob Jones, Charles Shaffer, Dan Wurster and Lee Henderson, managers. mmam mimf Burt Richardson running through any obstructions, one at a time. LYCOMING vs. WILKKS LYCOMING . KDIMJOKO " Before " " After " In I V„it Nice try, but Burt is already in the end zone. LYCOMING vs. WILKES LYCOMING vs. WILKES lug of War, but Burt manages to break loose. LYCOMING vs. EDINBORO The ' arrio s stop a run in time. LYCOMING vs. P:I)INB0R0 uri runs into opposition. LYCOMING % . KDIMMHiO Opposition runs into Burt along with Jack Bowers. LYCOMING vs. EDINBORO Warriors " advance is blocked. 1 J[ ■ " Ui ■ . ■ ■■■ ' — , ■ .7ff ' b4 ILT fl H - B n Jii li H Burt is tackled from behind. LYCOMING vs. EDINBORO Quanticu Marines bring in the reinforcements. LYCOMING vs. WILKES The ' arriors attempting a gain. SOCCER TEAM- 1960 First Roil ' — Coach Phillips, Bob Barrett, Jerrj ' Short, Pete Husk, Dave Travis, Hank Wein. Mike Burr, Assistant Coach Daughenbaugh. Second imr— Bruce McXallv, Fred Feigley, Nick Raydcr, Tom Kahicr, Gerdi Kelsey, Bob Sarno, Mike Kossovc. SOCCER - 1960 L ci tliiiii; Lycoming Lycoming Lvcoming Lvcoming Lycoming Lvcoming Lvcoming Lvcoming Lvcomini; 1960 RECORD Siisc|ucliiinn;i 1 ?;ibetiito n 1 Lock 1 i;i en 4 Wilkes 2 Lincoln 3 Western M-irxKinil 1 West Chester 3 Drew 2 Gettysburg 1 Wiigncr 4 10 6 4 6 Coach PHILLIPS and Assistant Coach Dauohcnbaugh Half-time rest and snack. 96 McNallv running the ball. LYCOMING vs. WESTERN MARYLAND Kelsey readv to intercept. LYCOMING vs. WESTERN MARYLAND Il ,iII si rung the ball through the opposition. LYCOMING vs. WESTERN MARYLAND 97 LYCOMING COLLEGE WRES 1 LLNG rEAM-1960-1961 First Rmi ' -Coach Budd Whitchill, L. W.ilfc, J. P.k.-. Capt. W. Kclirig. F. Eppingcr. R. Pac, J. Zelasny. Second Rmv-D. Irwin, P. Abrams. R. Jones, D. Dyku. T. Richardson. G. Rossctti. Third Ro i-P. Dutrovv, J. Confer, D. Griffith, R. Laub, K. Mumaugh, K. Harry ' . Ahienl—W. Jacobs, .M. Peters, J, C xlignolto, WRESTLING - 1961 Lycoming Lycoming L coming Lycoming Lvcoming Lvcoming Lvcoming Lycoming Lvcoming Lvcoming l.vcomino 1 RECOr.l) 36 JiinialJ 36 Lincoln Cicttvsburg S 1 lofstra 3 iXorthcrn Illinois 18 Alhriuht VN ' ilkcs 17 Eiizabethtou n 5 ■ 2 1 loward 1 Rochester Institute ol 1 cell. 9 35 Western M;ir l;Mul BUDD WHITEHILL Wrestling Coach 98 Joe pins his man! (123 pound class) LYCOMING vs. LINCOLN Bill Kehrig maneuvering towards a pm. i I ill pound class i Bob Pac pinning another opponent. (147 pound class) 1 9J LYCOMING vs. ILKES Kehrig ( 1 30 pound class) liill Kehrig enjoying his work. (130 pound class) m meets . temporary obstacle. ( 1 37 pound class) The nKsi.icli- is Imallv o LTt(imc. aiul Iiilni . ' it liK in, in ' HT " pound class ' ,.. -• t ■d m ihit • r- " Bi .n 41 nW BH ' ' 1 w f . 1 m r Ik % vr m 3- : r:, BASKETBALL 1961 L C()M1 G CCJLLLGt BASK.E IBALL I tAM-1960 1961 Firsl Rmi ' — Don D.iii htnb.iu li. AsNistant Ci ach; Jack Snedcn. Bob I Icini , Lou Micirfili. Jack IJovcl. Bi b IcH)r, Nelson Phil- lips, Coach. Second Hon— Luke Kauffman, Bob C ' uz io, Marv Bills, Bob Porter. Dave Miichell, Bill I.andis, Hal Judis. BASIvETB ALL - 1961 BASKE ' H; I I SCORES L c()min(; L a)mino Lvcomino Lvcomino Lvcoming Lvcomino Lvcominc ' Lvcomini; Lvcomino Lvcomino Lvcomino SI Mansiiclci 84 Lycoming 70 Wilkes 7i Lvcomino 7 W cstcrn M.iiv k iiul 84 Lvcomino 54 Lchanon V ' aiicv 60 Lvcomino 73 Lincoln 84 Lvcomino 83 LcK ' k 1 Ia en 69 Lvcomino 87 Elizabethtoun 70 Lvcomino 50 Susquehanna 62 Lvcomino 91 l)o if ,S9 Lvcomino S2 1 lartw ich 40 Lvcomins ' — " -1 Philadelphia Tc xtile 79 Lvcomino 62 1 lolstra 99 75 Rider 83 74 Dickinson 70 57 Wagner 67 78 Wilkes 72 92 Juniata 82 8.3 Scranton 72 81 Drew 50 76 West Chester 88 84 Upsala 61 90 Eli ahctlitcn n 77 102 LYCOMING COLLEGE SWLMMING TEAM- 1960 1961 First Roil ' — Dave Truxill, Pete Connors, Steve Reiser, Bob Norins, Steve Rosenberg, Jerry Short, Ken ThompMin. Roti ' — Coach Rauf, Martv Sher, JefF Fisher, Walt Manning, Chuck Mowrv, Bob Duff, Phil Schonour. Secoynl SWIMMING - 1961 SWIMMING SCORES Lycoming 41 FranklinMarshall Lycoming 43 Millersville Lycoming 65 Bloomsburg Lycoming 45 Howard Lycoming 55 Morgan State Lycoming 45 Lock Haven Lycoming 61 ' ilkes 47 52 29 49 40 49 33 Lycoming 25 Dickinson Lycoming 61 Howard Lycoming 35 Gettvsburg Lycoming 47 Lock Haven Lycoming 59 V ' ilkes Lycoming 54 Bloomsburg 62 33 59 49 35 41 Get readv ■ . . set . . . GO! (LYCOMING s. Howard) A Half-Twist. Marty in Pike Position. (LYCOMING vs. Howard Ready ... Set ... G.. jackknife. Bottoms-up! liiK)ps! Slipped! l i mr m 1 iiii J||9[ iShShh rai BBiTiB 111 H mQ mjMi K TB| " H ■ V i M ' ■■■•■v ' -W 4 1 ■4 1 19 i ' ' % im 1 la H » ■ II H i M 1 1 IB MAJORETTES Left to Right-B. Martin, J. Yeagle, C. Osmanski, L. Tanner. CHEERLEADERS First Rou ' —K. Allison, M. Fursvthe, R. Corter, L. Jones. Second Roip-J. McNeal, J. Cline, W. Moftatt, R. ' Pink. SPIRIT! - 1960- ' 61 LYCOMING DRILL TEAM A lA First Rou ' -G. Pratt, N. Lozier, M. Kepple, C. Higdon, L. Meincke. Second Ron ' — P. Sullivan, M. iMcMahon, R. Long, E. Hunt, C. Irwin. Third Ro v—C. Rowe, S. Norton. Fourth Rmv— E. Snover, J. Johnson. Fiftlj Rmr— J I. VVhitelv, J. ' ade. Sixth Rmr-S. Aikenhead, i . Flory. Scrend; Ran ' — M. Swanev. F. Waters. W( )MEN ' S IMKA-iMURALS , s part of Lvco ' s Phxsical Education pro- gram. Women ' s Intramurals help to dexclop teamwork, spirit, and eo-o|5eration. MEN ' S INTRA-MURALS Signals ...2. ..4. ..5... Thev Wo n s. mi X pf f VftV m m ,. LAYIN- £it.3tdfe?=s: -m riXi i ; fIS- Wii ACTIVITIES NEW STUDENT WEEK ' ;its And tricnd " c;irr (»n. " In order ti) help tlie ineoming Freslimen beeome ac- quainted with Lvcoming College and adjust to their new life, a week of special activities was set aside before classes started. To assist and guide the contused hosh during this New Student Week were upperclassmen who held group meetings for the purjxisc of answering questions about col- lege life. The services of these New Student Week Lead ers were fullv appreciated hv each and c cr freshman. Social acti ities such as teas, dances, talks. nio ies. and swimming were designed to help the freshmen become ac- quainted and make friends. Manx frosli loiind possiiilc interests among these extra-curricular activities. Other ac- ii itics such as taking placement tests, registering, and buy- ing Ixxiks and supplies also had to be included before classes started. At the Matriculation Service on Sunday, President Wertz gave a message to the new students, inspiring them to seek new heights and goals. When the time came for the first class, the eager freshmen lelt read ' to set out on the new adventure with their best loot lorward. . c Student Week had been a success. DRAMATICS LInder the direction of Mr. Norman Mvers of the Speech Department, The Lvcoming College Players ha ' e made great advancements during the past vear. Being one of the most acti e groups on campus, they have presented two major productions. The first of these, presented during the fall semester, was Henrik Ibsen ' s Hedda Gahler. This plav, written just before the turn of the century, deals with a beautiful and rather intelligent voung woman who finds herself married to a man she does not lo ' e. However, being too inhibited by the folkways and mores of her social milieu and in- capable of changing a situation in which her existence has become to her a meaningless bore, she proceeds in various ways to destroy herself and the li ' es of those around her. During the spring semester the Lycoming College Choir combined with the Players to present to the campus, Ben- jamin Britten ' s rendition of the Beggar ' s Opera by John Gay. The music direction for this production was handled by Mr. Walter Mcher of the Music Department. Much of the increased interest in dramatic activities at L coming College is due to efforts of the members of Alpha Psi Omeoa, the national honorary fraternity for students who have excelled in the various fields of the theatre. The motto of Lycoming ' s Mu LIpsilon chapter of Alpha Psi Omega is " Seek a life useful. " The colors of the fra- ternity, amber and blue, are those used in the modern theatre for liohtine effects. My dear, I ' m sure uu e been so much help to Eilert. ' 11 ! 1 - ■ . - •if: fi ' ' i mtb i iivv really, George, let ' s not aroue. Hedda slept here. Miss Mary Jo Geismann LAMBDA (III I I ' ll Homecoviing Queen 116 HOMECOMING 1960 The Hrst major c ent of the sehool xear which each student eagerly awaited was Homecoming, a whole week- end devoted to greeting the returning alumni, cheering the victorious football team, parading the student built floats, crowning the homecoming queen, and dancing to the music of the Mavnard Ferguson Orchestra. The festivi- ties began with a formal reception, given by the president of the college, for the facult ' and administration. Other highlights of the weekend included the annual initiation of the new members of the choir, the traditional tug-of-war between the freshman and the sophomore classes, the fire- side chat with President Wertz, and the first big dance of the year followed bv the cabaret and Boor show. The ex- citement of the " big game " day reached a peak with the crowning of Miss Marv Jo Geismann, Crescent Girl of Lambda Chi Alpha, as Homecoming Queen. With the campus wide open and all students participating due to the slight letup of academic pressures, a feeling of gaiety pervaded. And it was with reluctance that we departed from such fri ()lit and settled once again to the task of pursuing that c er elusix ' e " A. " Miss Mar ' Jo Geismann being crowned by last year ' s queen. Miss Laurie Jones 1 IK)N . MR II 1 Lycoming Choir (IIRISTINE KLIMMER AlyUu Gtinntta Upsiloti lOIS BRLINER 118 BEVERLY QUAIL Thela Chi MARY JANE OTTMAN Deiiiocriitic CJuJj JERALDINE PRATT WesJey HciU 119 DtAWE UlKKllllSFR Sigma Pi S WDRA IIOPF DEt l)LI l l ' WiTsily C.luh 120 CAROLYN MODA Philosophy Society CHARLENE DICKER Spanish Club ANDREA HUGHES I. C. G. 121 MAY DAY 1961 MISS CAROLYN MODAV Senior Honor Attendant MISS CARE.N CLARK jtinior Honor Attendant First Roir— Marsha Elliott. C;iri)lyn Moday, Pat Campbell. Caren Clark. Second Rmr— Donna Michael, Carolvn Moday. Len- nora Jones. Mar ' Jo Gcismann. Laurie Jones. Miss Pat Campbell Mar Dor Q iieeti 123 The Student Activities Book Store. " Clean up or we ' ll close up. " — Ihev did. Birclificlil I iiiinof in the Student Activities Building. H If RELIGIOUS LIFE Students oct ttJi ethci tu talk nut pmbleins concernini the campus. The Religious Lite Council has developed a juogram of religious activities for students to add spiritual growth to their de ' elopment. Chapel and vesper services are held and conducted by students as a weekly part of their college acti ' ities. A new and highly interesting program this year was the Religious Emphasis Week " Pow-Wow ' s " which were held at the homes of members of the facult and administration. Students were invited to attend these programs to discuss items which they iclt would interest them. These get-togethers fur- nished faculty members as well as students with a means of becoming better acquainted. Airs. IviriCT and Mr. Fruitiwr Jisluss student affairs. 125 STUDENT UNION BUILDING 1 • There ' s a winter wonderland inside too. 9 -f. They ' ve got me tagged amund here. Nothing Uke a cabaret to rest one ' s feet. TTie " Greeks " had a ball. ARTIST AND LECTURE SERIES Lycoming College does much to further the cultural interests oF its students bv making avail- able to them such noted persons as those presented throuoh the Artist and Lecture Series. Amono the highlights of the programs for this year have been: a performance bv The Bishop ' s Companv of two one act plavs. The Devil and DatiieJ Webster and An Episode for Sparrows; a concert of jazz and dance music bv the Mavnard Ferguson Orchestra; an evening with Adele Addison; a lecture by Miss Agnes DelMille, the world renowned choreographer. Much consideration is given to the careful selec- tion of a arietv of artists from all fields, thus ensuring a performance to the taste of even the most discriminating indi idual. tHr BishoDS Compai W ILLIA.M I). A C;i 1 THOMAS I) I ' ll I r, In Memoriani During the vcar the untimelv death ol two stiiclciiis hniiii;lit sorrow to the campus. WiHiam D. Angle, a member of the Class of 1961, died in an airplane accident May 5, 1960. Thomas D. Pifer, a member of the Class of 1962, died in an automobile accident October 23, 1960. J2o LYCOMING COLLEGE ALMA MATER Helen B. ' Moderalo -ffl — From J. Bralims Adapted by W. L. Ma son i Tj i XP iJ ' 4 i ' -m — • — 3- ' c ing to Lv - com - ing with clar - ion voice of praise. Tile thun - der - bird A Chief - tain of old, stand - ing sent - i - ncl in the sun. Old Main guards the :X: =J= 5 ?5 3 4- ' 1 t T speaks for the glo - ry of yes - ter - days - The bhie of ■ hon - or, gold of val - or, mem - ory of bat - tics lost and won, - of our in - tan - ta - tions, ded - i - ca - lions =t 5 i l i ' - ' ' i I " ' V ' ' (M- m i ii ii ° ' y wf born of - sky and sun. We blaze a - trail of I ' ghl through our val - ley prais - ing our warr - iors bold. A - bid - ing - ly true, old friend - ships and new find «- w i j :! d : : hold - ing a torch of - flame for our Al - ma Ma - ter, . il - lus • tri - ous be her worth in tht bonds of Ly - com - ing, long may her sa - chem pro - claim her no - bic ffr- r- W- -e frfr- ii With tri - bal de - o name. birth with high ex al - ta tion we pledge our - con - se - era tiuii, we chant to her ere - a tion. tioi) ai± w r I J I i . H i 4 ' ' ' - ' 14 d Vl 129 PATRONS Mrs. Walter H. J. Hoffritz Mrs. Mary Emmanuel Mr. Joseph B. Harvey and Mrs. Caroline M. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Stan Okoikkwicz, Sr. Mrs. Ruth K. McNamee Mrs. Harold C. Husk Mr. Donald K. James Mr. Orie a. Hargenrader and Mrs. Elizaukth Hargenrader Mrs. Bert Henderson Dr. and Mrs. Albert Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Robson Mr. and Mrs. Silas 15. hue Mr. AM) Mrs. B. Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Vi alter B. VCilson Mrs. Anastaslv Moislxdks Mr. and Mrs. I,. R. Tkwis Mr. and Mrs. James W. Connors Mr. and Mrs. E. C Cochran Mr. Stephen Youshaw Mr. and Mrs. William Meade, Jr. Mrs. Anna T. Koetzner Mr. and Mrs. Livio Cillo Mrs. Willis Judson Mr. and -Mrs. Meade K. Kimhi k. Sk. Mr. Richard F. Whipple Rev. AND Mh-. Ikv K. Siii.hmvn Mrs. Evelyn I,. histler Mrs. Anna Miorei.i i Mr. and Mrs. Ed akd T. I iiomas Mh. W II. I I- H. ri( TT. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jack G. Koim w Mr. Floyd J. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Don i d J. Kmoht Mr. and Mrs. J. Kkrr Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kline Mr. George L. Hartman and Mrs. Ra( iiaei. . [Jartman Mr. William T. Howe Mr. George H. Irwin Mrs. M. a. Widmann 132 J. C. GREENYA 20 West Fourth Street Watchmaker — Jeweler Diamonds, Watches Clocks, Jewelry Guaranteed Watch and Clock Repairing Phone 322-7401 Willianisport Saddlery Co. LUGGAGE and LEATHER GOODS 42 East Third Street Willianisport, Pa. Coin Operated MAYTAG LAUNDERETTE Open Continuously 428 Washington Blvd. WILLIAMSPORT Dickey-Grugaii Hardware Company Contractors Supplies. 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Ba -B-2ue .321 MarkH St. WILUAMSI ' OKI. PA. Famuiih lor Subs Plume 323- UIO Take-Out Orders 144 Coniplinienls of Capitol and Rialto Theatres 3ss Bottled By Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. WILLIAMSPORT, PA. Under Appointment From Pepsi-Cola Company, New York, N. Y. DOUBLE U STEAK HOUSE 912 Arch Street WILLIAMSPORT, PA. VALLEY FARMS DAIRY Quality Milk From JSearhy Farms McVAMARA ' S PAINT CENTER 612 West Fourth Street Artists ' Materials DeVilbiss Sprays • Equipment for the Student and Professional Gun Repairal Service • Exchanged Parts Hose and Connections Moore Paints Window Shades Maintenance Paints for School • Home • Commercial Home • Farm • Industry Made • Repaired • Hung WILLIAMSPORT, PA. Phone 322-4634 145 MARSTON CROCKETT Agents Masonic- Trmplc V illiain | ort 6. I i ' nn;i Williaiiisp rt MIRROR AND GLASS CO. 317 Railway Sired Phone 322-4764 DUFFY ' S TAVERN 17 W. Willow Si. V illiain |i rl. I ' ;i. OKSOS WINDOW CLEA.MX; CO. Phone :i23-6760 APPRAISALS I ' HOPF.KTV MANAGEMENT NOTARY FKYMIKE AGENCY Real Estate Insurance Dial 323-3637 443 Mai k ' i Si. WILLIAMSPOIM. I ' A. riic Hoiiu ' of ( ualitv l)air Pnxliicls 146 SWEET ' S STEEL CO • WILLIAMSPORT, PA. For Bread at Its Best Reach for Stroehmann ' s BREAD 147 CROTTY BROTHERS, INC. Food Service Maiiageinent 137 ISV l errv Sireel Boston 16, Mat«8arhu8ett8 Since 1930 . . . the Food Service Management That Keeps Everybody Ha iity Coniplinionts of WOOLRICH WOOLEN MILLS Woolricli, Pa. Est. 18:{0 148 From the Friendly City of Williamsport Williamsport ' s Great Furniture Store RELIABLE FURNITURE CO. 18-30 East Third St. " It ' s Easy to Pay the Reliable Way " for over 50 years Lycoming Printing Co., Inc. Offset and Letterpress Piinters Equipi)ed to Print YOUR Job — Large or Small 410 Penn Street Phone 326-9583 BANK OF NEWBERRY 2001 West Fourth Street Member Federal Dei sit Insurance Corp. SANITARY CHEMICALS Soaps, Waxes, Disinfectants Floor Maintenance Our Specialty CLARKSON CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC. WILLIAMSPORT, PENNSYLVANIA 149 WILLIAMSPORT COCA-COLA TV CABLE Trade — Mark® offers liiitllid uiiiUr autliMrily uf • 5 channels — all networks The Cora-Cola Co. by • Radio-dispatched service trucks WILLI. MSPOKr (( ( A-COLA • Complete coverage of Greater BO ri LING W«mKS, INC. Williamsport • Finest electronic equipment • Fully equipped laboratory Lowest monthly service charge §3. 50 per month TRI-STATE Two taps for the price of one niSCOUNT CENTER for your own use Lycoming County ' s Williamsport (iahh ' do. only Discount Dcparlinciit Store Il.{ William Si. iMioiu- :i2.j-:jtoi CoriK ' i ' of Dewey v. iiinl Mrnnirial e. C. A. RFKI) CO. Pdjwr Cotn( rtrrs Factory WTT T I MSPORT. PA. ILU: FI-FCTKIC CORP. Vi iliiaiiis|MirU Peiina. Maniifarliirers of Physical anil Mrdical E4|iii| iii( ' nt 150 Compliments of ' BOXWEU ' Willianisport Paper Box Co., Inc. Foot of Center Street Willianisport, Pennsylvania BANK OF SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, PA. SOUND SOLID SUCCESSFUL Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, LYCOMING HOTEL WILLIAMSPORT, PENNSYLVANIA 235 ROOMS 235 BATHS Air Conditioiietl Guest Rooms, Many With TV Excellent Food in Our Coffee Shop or Cocktail Lounge Single Rates $5.00 and up Double Rates 8.00 and up 151 WILLIAMSPORT TV CABLE offers • 5 channels — all networks • Radio-dispatched service trucks • Complete coverage of Greater Wiliiamsport • Finest electronic equipment • Fully equipped laboratory • Lowest nionthlv service charge $3.50 per month • Two taps for llif priie of one for vour own use W illiaiiKspoil (lahlc do. Il.{ W illiain Si. nioiii- lilliMOl COCA-COLA Trade — Mark® Itullli ' d iinilir aiilliorily if Tlir ()i) a(!iila ( ' .«. liy WILLIAMSPORT COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, INC. TRI-STATE DFSCOIM CEMER Lycoming County ' s only Piscount nepartment Store Comer of I) -»«-» Avr. ;in l Mrnioriiil r. C. A. KEEI) CO. Papvr Coiircrtrrs Factory — W ILLI ISPORT. V . ILLE ELECTRIC CORP. illiaiiii port. Penna. Maiiiiffirliirprs of Physical ami MtMlical E({iii| iii( ' iit 150 Compliments of ' BOXWEU ' Willianisport Paper Box Co., Inc. Foot of Center Street Williamsport, Pennsylvania BANK OF SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT. PA. SOUND SOLID SUCCESSFUL Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. LYCOMING HOTEL WILLIAMSPORT, PENNSYLVAMA 235 ROOMS 235 BATHS Air Conditioned Guest Rooms, Many With TV Excellent Food in Our Coffee Shop or Cocktail Lounge Single Rates $5.00 and up Double Rates 8.00 and up 151 ROSS HOTEL no Rooms— 70 With Baths Television and Parking Caterins to Permanent Guests 47 West Fourth St. Phonr 326-4138 Jesse S. Bell Earl R. Williams BELL AGENCY Real Estate 47 West Fourth Street WILLIAMSPORT, PA. Best W is lies Class ol l%l THE AKKOW STAFF Compliment- ol CAPITAL BREAD 152 Mary Macintosh Services PERSONAL LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING RENTAL LINEN BLANKETS SPREADS by MERIT Laundry Dry Cleaning Co. 1222 Edison Ave., Sunbury, Pa. Congratulations to the Class of 1961 M. W. KELLOGG CO. The Power Piping Division Reach Road Willianisport, Pa. Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF 1961 HANN Litho-Print Co., Inc. Offset Lithography and Letterpress Printing 324 Park Street Williamsport. Pa. Phone 322-6.511 or 343-4144 153 SPENCER The Quality Line of Heating Boilers For Homes ( ' lHir(lir Schools ( ' ollriirs Aj)arlmriil • Iiistitiilioii and Ciuninrrcial and In lii triai 15iiil liii;i Spencer Boiler Installation in the Student Union Building Lycoming College, Williamsport, Pa. SPENCER H E ATE R Lycoming Division s " ' ' -o«r 4kCO peHH ' ' 154 Beller Clothes for Men and Boys 7ofc Jppciinntce is a Priceless Asset Williomsport, Po. Makers of Tasty Foods Sime 101 fi Hiimi Made Pretzels Tasty Potato Chips Crispy Pretzel Stix BUCKEYE PRETZEL CO. 65 Eldred Street WILLIAMSPORT, PA. Coniitletc f.omniprcial ENGKAMNG A U PKLMLNG SERVICE • DESIGNING ENGRAVING • PKINTING BINDING A new streamlined modernly equipped Printin : Plant with facilities for every type of Commercial Printinj; . . . including Folders. Catalogues. College and School Yearbooks. Phone 326-1771 (,HH PlIiUSHING CO. M ' illiiiin-ixirl. I ' :i. 156 LYCOMING COLLEGE D. Frederick Wertz, President Lycoming college is a coeducational liheial arts college which grants the Bachelor of Arts degree. The liberal arts program is basic to the professions of medicine, dentistry, law. theology and teaching, and is desirable for those planning to enter the fields of science, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and engineering. Lycoming believes that a liberal arts education is still the best hope for an enlightened citizenry. It believes that vocational and professional specialization — an obvious necessity today — should be built on a foundation of liberal education embrac- ing the humanities, the sciences and social sciences. Students may concentrate their studies in one or more of the following areas: Art Mathematics Biology Medical Technology Busi.ness Administration Music Chemistry Philosophy Cooperative Engineering Physics Economics Political Science Education Psychology English Religion Foreign Languages Sociology History Students preparing to teach in the public schools must select an academic major in addition to completing professional courses required for certification bv the Penn- sylvania State Department of Public Instruction. FALL SEMESTER BEGINS SEPTEMBER 21, 1961 Orientation Week Begins September 17, 1961 1961 SUMMER SCHOOL First Session June 12 to July 21 Second Session Jnly 24 to Sept. 1 Director of Aclniissions LYCOMING COLLEGE, Williamsport, Pa. Phone 323-9411. Ext. 12 157 STUDENT DIRECTORY AliRAMS. MHIIAII 1022 Slanford Dr., Wvnncwocxl. Pj. AliHAMS. PAllI JOSEPH 684 Wall St.. Elmira. N. V. ABRUNZO, PASQIIALE D., 632 Fourth Ave., Williamsport, Pa. ADAMS, G. KENNETH (1401 Wash. Hlvd.) S606 Grovt-land, Baltimore, Md. AHRENS, BRINDA Il-L R. D. 1 . Dallastown, Pa. AllRENS. LIK.II I ' . 667 John St.. Wantagh. N. V. AIKIMII.VU. SllSA.N M. ibi Washington, Oakmont, Pa. AI.NSWORIIl. UIIIIAM J., 1 N. Goixiuin Ave. Kingtson. Pa. AI.IJN, C. SVI. I. 707 Franklin St.. Williamsport, Pa. ALLEN. LOIS S. 927 First Ave., Williamsport, Pa. , LLEN, RICIIARIJ WAYNE . 24 Sixth St., Williamsport, Pa. ALLENBAUC;il, . L RTIN D. 1215 N. . ugusta . vc., Baltimore 29, Md. ALLISON. KATIIRYN J J46 S. Oak, Mount Carmcl, Pa. ALTMAN. AL. N I. . 317 E, Second -Ue., DuBois, Pa. AMICK. W. rilOM. S New Paris, Pa. ANDERSON, GVNrillA M,, 20 Charlesworth Ave., Avoca, N. V. ANDERSO.N. D.W ID R. R. D. 2, Hasekcll Rd., Olcan, N. V. ANDI RSON. PAIBKIA, 1605 Marlin Pkwy., Williamsport, Pa. ANTRIM. Bi NJ.WllN F. 104 W. Maple Ave., Merchantville 8, N. J. ASENDORF, DONALD A., 329 S. Burrowcs St., State C.illege. Pa. ASKEY, BETTY M. 345 Lundy Dr., Williamsport, Pa. AIIR.XND. DONALD R. 505 S. Broad St., Jersi-y Shore, Pa. AZINGER, NOR.M N ' M.. 5I)1 W. Fourth St.. William. rt. Pa. BAIRD, DALTON C. Park St.. ms. I a. BAKER. ROBERT E., JR. 321 Georgia Ave.. Bethlehem, Pa. BARAN, SANDRA M 2225 Mahaffev Lane, Williamsport, Pa. BARRETT, ROBERT J, . 33 N. Market St., Mount Carmel, Pa. BARRY, EDWARD J., IV R. D. 1. .Milton, Pa. BARTON, ONALEE R. R. D. 2, Jersey Shore, Pa. BASTIAN, WAYNE C . 89 Broad St., .Monigomer)-, Pa. BATCIIII.OR. nlOMAS N., II R. D. I, Spring City, Pa. BI fKl R. t HL L 607 Orchard PL. Williamsport, Pa. Bl DIOIU). JWIIS W. 320 Lyon . ve., Williamsport, Pa. BI II N. lUC 11 IU) 1 . BIICIILLA. JULIA II. BELL, JULIA E. BELLE. SA.MIIEL I . BENNETI . ANN I BENNETT. ROBl 1! 1 (. BENSON. ROBLItl L. BENSON, WILLIAM II. RLNYO, ELIZABElll . BERNDT, SHARON L. BERRY, C ARI T. BERRY, GR. M M. BERRY, HARRIS D.. JB. BERRY. ROBERT W. BERTEI.LOITI, VICTOR A. 116 Bavview . vc.. East Islip. N. . 504 Highland Ter.. Williamsport., Pa. 2518 N. Second St.. Harrislmrg, Pa. 637 C ' emeter St., Williamsport, Pa. State St., Millville. Pa. 306 Bangor Rd.. Cynwyd. Pa. 815 Market St.. Williamsp irt. Pa. 19 .MufdiKk .Ave.. Glens Falls, N. Y. 123 Front St., Corning, N. ' . 114 W ' inchell Dr., Syracuse- 9, N. Y. 801 Bennett St., Elmira. N. . . . 300 Union .Ave.. Williamsport, Pa. R. D. 2. Williamsport. Pa. R. D. I. Williamsport. Pa. RIDDLE, JOHN E. BIEBER, LARUE II. BIERLY, BONNIE L. BILLINGTON, JOHN N. BILLS. MARVIN R. Ill 205 St. Nicholas Ave.. Hillsdale. N.J. 212 .Main St.. Waisontox n. Pa. 845Vi E. Third St.. Williamsport. Pa. 325 Glover St.. Jersey Shore. Pa. 228 .Avon Rd.. Narbeth. Pa. 203 Seventh St.. Rencvo. Pa. 323 Harding .Ave.. Folsom. Pa. BIBK.MIRL. JOHN . ., BISSELL. HAZEL G. (1048 Walnut) 51 S. Main St.. Smithsburg, Md. BLACK. RICHARD E Liberty. Pa. Bl S(1I K. JOSEPH F., 947VS Bcllefonle Ave., Lock Haven, Pa. BLIU . D.WID M. 965 .Arlington Rd.. Erie. Pa. BLINZLEB. JOHN P. West Creek Rd.. Emporium, Pa, Bl IIM. SIlPilEN I. 1421 Campbell St.. Williamsport, Pa. BI.Y, .ANN LOUISE 108 Canal St., W ' atsontown. Pa. BOBKOSKII,, RUSSELL L. 807 WildwrKHl Blvd., Williamsport, Pa. BOCK. EDWARD .M.. JR. 225 .Adams St.. Williamsport, Pa. BODEN. .MICIIELE A 702 Bristol Rd., Oakford, Pa. BOHR. ROBERT D. 530 Woodland Ave.. Williamsport. Pa. BOLE. .MELXIN D. R. D. 2. Williamsport, Pa. BOLLINGER, CAROL D. 181 Highland .Ave., Metuchen, N. J. BOLL.MAN, RICHARD P R. D. I, Sinking Spring. Pa. BONAC USE. JOSEPH A. (938 Franklin) 1413 Church .Ave., Scranton, Pa. 1!()M.1() 1, LAW lU.NCL J. 1415 Richard Ave., Williamsport. Pa. BOSION. BURROWS C. Picture Rocks. Pa. liOlTTON. WILLIAM I). 248 N. Spraguc. Kingston. Pa. BOIIX II R. Al.rlU;!) J. 5 East Pearl St.. Sidnev. N. Y. BOWEN. HUBERT D Pigeon Rd.. Ripley. N. Y. BOWER. EIK;ENE C 810 .Market St., Williamsport. Pa. BOWl RS. JOHN A. . 101 Madison Ave.. Park Ridge. N. J. BOW TS. RONALD I Bljochard. Pa. BOYD. JOHN C 1106 Allston Rd.. I Lixericmn. Pa. BOYl R. BARRY L 923 Park Ave.. Williamsport, Pa. BRACIIBIII. JOHN T 992 Vallamoni Dr., Williamsport, Pa. BRADFORD, CIERALDINE M. 2135 West Third Si., Williamsport, Pa. BRAUNRIC ' K. EMM. I. 1 rout Run. Pa. BRIO.N. LVLI R. 1!.. I.S4. Liberty. Pa. BROBST. . RTHUR B.. JR., 86 W. Union . ve., Shickshinny, Pa. BROOKE. CHARLES A. 1634 W. Southern .Ave.. So. Williamsport, Pa. BROWN. HELEN E 342 W. Green. Hazleton. Pa. BROWN. JAMES E.. JR 969 Second St.. Williamsport, Pa. BROWN, JOHN A. 2298 Kenwood Ave., Williamsport, Pa. BIUINTR, lOIS I. 412 Grant St., Williamsport. Pa. IRIDNTX. I DW Aid) A 214 Pinewood Dr.. Levittow n. Pa. BUI HI in. (.lOIU.E II 4 N. Shamokin St.. Sham. kin. Pa. BUNtL. JOSEPH 2812 .Merion Rd., Camp Hill. Pa. BURCII, STEPHEN E, 4520 31st St. South, .Arlington 6, X ' irginia BUBKEIT, HAROLD E. 2501 Riverside Dr., Dul«iist mn, Pa. BURNIIAM. DAVID W., 72 N. Norwinden Dr., Springlield. Pa. BURR. IK HALL N. 392 Rose Lane. Rockville Centre. N. V. BURROWS. RICHARD K., 1335 Faxon Circle. Williamsport. Pa. BUILLB. NLWLLL F. S 38 Harrison Ave.. Scranton, Pa. iniRLY. DONALD A. West Milton. Pa. CABRI BA. RAMON J.. JR.. 82 Prospect Hill Ave., Summ;t. N.J. CAIN. JACK 1). 711 Cherry St.. Williamsport. Pa. C.M.DWTLI. DORIS J. 3741 Woodland Ave.. Drexel Hill. Pa. CAMPBLLL. ANN (.. 143 S. Nice St.. I rackvillc. Pa. CAMPBELL. J. I ' MBICIA. 623 Wagner Rd., Lafayette Hill. I ' a. CA.MPBELL. TllO l. S R. (123 Bennett) 254 Sustjuehanna Ave., Renovo, Pa. CANADAY, H. RID ;E 1651 Jane St., Wantagh, N. Y. CARISON. JOA.N 1. R. D. 2. Williamsport. Pa. CARSON. RDTII II. II 54 I hired St.. W illiamsporl. Pa. CARTER. LENDS J. Spring St., Chester. Conn. CASERIO. LIIIIIV M. 102 Myrtle Ave., Ilavertimn. Pa. CAUCillEV. WIIIIWl R., 550 Harding Ave.. Williamsport. Pa. CHASE. WIIIIWl . 37 E. Garfield Ave.. DuBois. Pa. CIIIAV.SROLI. JOHN I. 2(11 S. Market St., Shamokin, Pa. CHILI AS. WILLIAM I 708 N. Pine St., Lancaster, Pa. C IIRISI ENNSEN, (.Ml I ' 47 Keeler St., Springlield, N. J. CII.I (). I l lO W, 132 W. Jelferson St.. Williamsport. Pa. CLARK. C ARLN J. 513 Sivarlhmore Ave.. Ridley Park. Pa. CLARK, DWII) B. 1107 Elmira St.. Williamsport. Pa. CELTS. Ii() Al 1) I . 1622 Catherine St., Willi: lort. Pa. CLEMENS, RAXMOND W R. D. 2, Williamsport, Pa. CLEMENT, MARTHA W., 1501 IX-wey .Ave.. Williamsport. Pa. CLCVENC;ER. PATRICIA a. Magnolia Rd., Pembertiin, N. ' ,. C LEWELL, W ILLIA.M S. ( I 199 Franklin) 425 E. Center St., Nazareth. Pa. CLIFFORD, THOMAS B.. 181 Sylvania Rd., Rochester 18,N.Y. CLINT. Jl BRY A. 123 Oliver St., Jersey Shore, Pa. CLINGTB. JWIES . I. 227 S. Fourth St., Leivisburg, Pa. CLOKTA. ROBERT D. 2400 NeM iKrry St.. Williamsport, Pa. CLOUD, BRIAN L. 1232 Wakcling St., Philadelphia 24, Pa, COCHRAN, MARVIN A 97 Peach Lane, Lancaster, Pa. CODER, M. RV ANN, 240 Weslovcr Dr., Ne«- C ' umlierland, Pa. CODIGNOITO. JOHN E 2975 Johnson PL. Wantagh. N. Y. COIIICK. D.WID G R. D. I. Williamsport. Pa. COLBY. PETER (.. 607 Windsor PI.. Moorestown. N. J. COLCLOIK.H. JOSIl ' ll (... 7III1 llilllup Rd.. Upper Darby. Pa. COLYTR. WILLIAM R. 1620 Elmira St.. Williamsport. Pa. CONA.NT. ROCiER R. 266 Elderwood Ave.. Pelham. N. Y. CONT.AIR, EARL W. IK 8 Hayes Ave., Williamsport, Pa. CONFER, JOSEPH II. 174 Main St., Mill Hall, Pa. CONNOLLY. PA 1 RICK J. R. D. I. Jersey Shore. Pa. 158 STUDENT DIRECTORY — Continued CONNORS, PHTER F 1546 Kenneth Ave., Baldwin. N. Y. CONVERSE, G. ROBERT Fairview Drive, Montoursville, Pa. CONVERSE, SUELLEN Fainiew Drive, Montoursville, Pa. COOK, DENNIS F Box 425, Bolivar, Pa. CORBETT, FREDERICK B. 3400 Old Town Rd., Bridueport 6, Conn. CORNW ' ELL, EUGENIA M., 126 James PI., Pittsburgh 28, Pa. CORIER, ROBERTA A. 2 South St., Alill Hall, Pa. COST, I. TERRY 1707 .Melrose Ave., Irwin, Pa. COUSART, C.VROL F. 708 Seminarj- St., Jersey Shore, Pa. com ANT, ROBERT V. 840 Kedrow Ave., Morton, Pa. COWDEN, C. EARLF 141 Cedar .Ave., Oil City, Pa. CO.X, ARTHUR J. 481 Manheim Ave., Bridoeton, ' N. J. CRAFT, EDMUND C. Dutchtown Rd., Belle Mead, N. J. CRAIG, LORETTA A 19 McNarv St., Houston, Pa. CRE ' ELING, RICHARD L 604 Park .Ave., Williamsport, Pa. CRIST, JOANNE E 336 Oliver St., Jersev Shore, Pa. CROSBY, CHESTER W. 5 Stevenson St., Seneca ' Falls, N. Y. CUNNINGHA.M, EDWARD A. 10321 2 High St., WUliamsport, Pa. CUOZZO, ROBERT L. 329 Park Ave., Williamsport, Pa. CUPP, CONSTANCE E. I 325 Mansel Ave., Williamsport, Pa. CUSTER. ROBERT S. 330 Merion Rd., Merion, Pa. CUl AIAR, ROBERT B. 7405 Rowland Ave., Cheltenham, Pa. CUTTING, CAROL L R. D. 2, Dallas, Pa. CWIK, EVELYN N. . 181 Randall Circle, Williamsport, Pa. DAHLEM. LYNN ANNE 8 Libertv St., Dover, N.J. DALESANDRO, DANIEL S Tyler Lake Rd ' ., Barnsboro, N. J. DALEY, JAMES M 625 Jordan Ave.. Montoursville, Pa. DANGLE. DON.ALD P R. D. 2, Montoursville, Pa. DAPRA, RICHARD A,, (567 Grant) 537 Tenth St., Oakmont, Pa. DARLING. NANCY I., Long Ridge Rd., R. D. 2, Danburv, Conn. DAVIDSON, JOHN S. " 518 " Penn Valley Rd., Narb ' erth. Pa. DAVIDSON, THOMAS P. - 950 Louisa St., Williamsport, Pa. DECKER, CHARLEEN 88 Penn St., Montgomerv, Pa. DECKER, DIANE E. 607 Glenwood .Ave., WUliamsport, Pa. DECKER. ROBERT A. 358 E. Church St., Lock Haven, Pa. DeFRANCIS, MARIE D., 318 New Milford Ave., Dumont, N. J. DEIME, BERNARD J. 716 Funston Ave., Williamsport, Pa. DEWAN, FREDERICK G. 667 Grier St., Williamsport. Pa. DICKEY, LORINDA L. 347 C;eorge St., Turtle Creek, Pa. DIETRICH, PAUL C Salona, Pa. DILLER, LEONARD C. 521 E. Ninth Ave., Tarentum, Pa. DILLER, WILLIAM J., JR. (362 Woodland) 45 Ln. of Acres, Haddonfield, N. J, DINDA, PAUL E 1042 High St., Williamsport, Pa. DINNISON, GARY L. R. D. 1, Linden, Pa. D1SSINC;ER. Barbara M. 60Vi Ross St., williamsport. Pa. DINNISON, GARY L. R. D. 1, Linden, Pa. DITT. STANLEY C, (68 Brandon PI.) Second St., Belleville, Pa. DOEBLER, EMILY E 1024 Cherry St., Williamsport, Pa. DOMENY, GEORGE R. R. 820 Broad ' St., Montoursville, Pa. DOOLIN, JERRY R., JR. 239 S. Green St., FrackvUle, Pa. DROLL, MARJORIE E. 1610 Floward PI., Baldwin, N. Y. DUFF, ROBERT S. 3 Rockaviav Dr., Boonton, N. J. DLINLAP, DOLORES A. Boi 581, Bellefonte, Pa. DUNN, RICHARD J. 17 .Arch St., Williamsport, Pa. DUNSTON, JOHN H. 624 Park Ave., Williamsport, Pa. DURR, ' OLKER 452 Germania St., Williamsport, Pa. DURR ' . CHTER, CAROLYN S. 246 Lincoln .Ave., W ' illiamsport, Pa. DURRW.ACHTER, LEE G., 317 Thompson St., Jersev Shore, Pa. Din ROW, PETER L. 1101 Sixth A e., Duncansville, Pa. DYKE, DON.ALD V. R. D. 1, Bo, 162 B, Bellefonte, Pa. EARNEST, BARBARA B. ECKERT, VICTOR A EDDINGER, RODNEY E. EDWARDS, C. JANE EDWARDS, ROBERT E. EIDENIER, E. C;ERALD ELLIOTT, .MARSHA L. EMBICK, MARY J, NE EMMANUEL, DAVID J. . ENGLE, JOHN C;., JR. ENGLER, WILLIAM II., 1 .. 943 E. Third St., Williamsport, Pa. ,, 56 Penna. .Ave., Tuckahoe 7,N. . 659 V ' eaver St., Montoursville, Pa. 424 Hillsdale Ave., Syracuse 6, N. Y. 182 Hillview Dr., Springfield, Pa. 335 North St., Arcade, N. V. 1485 Penna. Ave., Pine City, N. V. 321 Third St., New Cumberland, P.i. R. D. 3, Dallas, Pa. R. D. 4, Muncy, Pa. H5 Lafayette Pkwy., Williamsport, Pa. ENGLISH, GEORGE W., 1340 Four Mile Dr., Williamsport, Pa. ENGLISH, R. ANNETTE, 20 Washington Blvd., Williamsport, Pa. ENTROT. JOCELYN A Union Dale, Pa. EPINGER, FRANK P. (68 Brandon PI.) 1708 Watkins, Bethlehem, Pa. ERNST. ROBERT E., 1338 Teaneck Rd., West Englewood, N. J. ERTMAN, DAVID F., 43 Tumble Brook La., W. Hartford, Conn. ESCHBACH, JAMES C 928 Grove St., Williamsport, Pa. EVANS. M. VIRGINLA ... II34 Fairview Ave., V yomissino, Pa. EX ' ENSEN, E. PAUL 414 Tuohv .Ave., ' pitman, N.J. - rdmore. Pa. liatnsport. Pa. Rd., Wi Milmont Park, Pa. St., Catawissa, Pa. Williamsport, Pa. Williamsport. Pa. 701 F. GAN. MICHAEL C. F.XGNANO, JOSEPH P. FARKAS, JOSEPH J. FARRELL, PATRICIA . ' FAUS, ROBERT A. FEESE. LARS O. FEIGLEY. FRED T. FEIT, MARTIN G. FELI.X, BARBARA L. rETTERM.VN, JAY A. FIESTER, MYRON L.. FINK, RONALD L. FISHER, DOROTHY F FISHER, FLOYD A. FISHER, JEFFREY M. FISKE, R. NEIL FITZGERALD, H. LOUISE 305 a FLORY, NANCY L. FOOR. ROBERT D. I ORD, ANNE C. lORD, CAROL S. FORD. CRAIG E. FORD, PATRICIA A. FORSYTHE, ,MYR. L. FORTIN, THOMAS D. FOSBROOK, WALTER (1199 Franklin) 24 4th St., Fi?ldsboro, N.J. FOSTER, WILLIAM A 1319 Dill Rd., Havertown ' 7 rOULKROD. FRED A 871 Memorial Ave., Williamsport, Pa. FRANKE. GEORGE E. 3582 Indian Queen La., Philadelphia 29, Pa. FREET, ROBERT C Route 1, Fayetteville, Pa. FREY, FRANK E.. JR. 1120 West Southern Ave., So. Williamsport, Pa. FREY. JAMES M., (839 High) 133 N. Market, Mount Carmel, Pa. FRIES, ANNE D. 213 Confab: Pkwy.. Montoursville, Pa. FRIES, ROLLIN L. 928 W. Third St.. Williamsport, Pa. 106 Grandview 145 W. Edwin St., 402 ' irginia .Ave.. A. 241 South 2056 Sheridan St., 15 19 Memorial .Ave., 2832 Boudinot St., Philadelphia 34. Pa. 70 Linden Blvd., Brooklyn 26. N. Y. 515 Southmont . ' e.. So. Williamsport, Pa. 226 West Si.xth St., Mount Carmel, Pa. JR. 163 S. Broad St., Hughesville, Pa. R. D. 2. Williamsport, Pa. R. D. 3, Franklin, Pa. R. D. 2, UnadiUa, N. Y. Wyoming St., W ' illiamsport, Pa. Highland Dr., Marcellus, N. Y ' . St., Levvistown, Pa. ReisterstoAvn, Md. R. D. 1. Box 173. Everett, Pa. Providence Rd., R. D. 1, Matthews, N. C. Providence Rd.. R. D. 1. Matthews, N. C. 639 Market St.. Williamsport. Pa. 60 Ross St.. A ' i!liamsport, Pa. 49 Highwood .Ave., Eng ' ewood, N. J. 1903 Riverside Dr.. So. Williamsport, Pa. FRY, C. EDGAR. JR. FULLER. SUSAN L. FULMER, CARLTON J. FUREY. DURANT L.. Ill FURST, M.ARGARET A. , 21 N. Grant St., Shamokin, Pa. 77 Waldron .Ave., Glen Rock, N. J. 1134 Green St., Allentown, Pa. 1309 Locust St., Williamsport, Pa. R. D., Salona, Pa. GAGE. MARY K. 330 Cherrv St., MontoursvUle, Pa. c;allagher, maryann c. 529 N. Arch St., Montoursville, Pa. G.VRDNER. HAROLD B., 238 Randall Circle. Williamsport, Pa. GAVITT. JUDITH M R. D. 5. Towanda, Pa. C;E1SMANN, MARYJO E-1, Brynwood Apts., Wynnevvood, Pa. C;IEBEL. GREGORY 120 Horton Highwav, iviinsola, N. Y. GIRIO. RICHARD J. 935 Elizabeth St., Williamsport. Pa. GIRTON, RUTH E Main St., Millville, Pa. C;LACE, H. D.AVID 2403 Lincoln Dr., Williamsport, Pa. CiL.ATEELTER. DORIS E R. D. 1, Dallastown. Pa. C;LENN, gilbert K 27 N. High St., Duncannon, Pa. GLOSSER, WILLIAM E., Ill (71 Ross) 1240 Dauphin, H ' yomissing, Pa. C;0ETZ, LIANE V IO6 Hunter .Ave., Staten Island 6, N. Y. GOLDMAN, BARRY 8114 5th .Ave., North Bergen, N.J. C;OOD, JOHN E. . 754 Hawthorne .Ave., WUliamsport. Pa. GOOD. JOHN M. 718 Rural Ave., Williamsport, Pa. GOODE, R. GAR L 1013 BushkUl St.. Easton. Pa. (;OODFELLOVV, DAVID G 714 First St.. Williamsport. Pa. CiORTNER, PATRICIA L., 2228 Newberry St., Williamsport, Pa. C;OTTSCH.ALL, I. DONALD, JR. R. D. 3, Wellsboro, Pa. (;OULDY, PAUL J 1016 Cherry St., Williamsport, Pa. 159 STUDENT DIRECTORY — Continued GOWASK.A, SUSAN J. SI Etmori- PI., New Providence, N. J. C.RABINSKI, IIU.IM I). 146 Johnson Ave., Mahxvah. N. J. GRAFF, DONALD V . (1664 Marlin Pkwv.) R. D. 1, Sa.xonburg, Pa. c;RAFr. MILTON h. 1664 .Vlarlin Pkwv., Williamsporl, Pa. GR All I. IIIOMAS C. 851 W. Central .Ave., So. Williamsport, Pa. GRAMLKV, CaORGF R., 15 N. V. 1st .Ave., Delrav Bcadl, Fla. GRA.MLFV. NANCA A. Lvtoming College, Williamsporl, Pa. GRANT, HICIIARD, III 2425 Rilchcv St., Williamsport. Pa. (;Rtl£N, PAUL R. 8S5 Nelson Drive, Middlctown, Pa. GREENLAND, JACK S. R. D. 1, Allenwood, Pa. C;REENLV. LINDA J. Center St.. .Millville, Pa. GREGOR, KATIIERINE .M. 1009 Allen St., Montoursville, Pa. GREGORIAN, JOHN B. (656 Franliin) 28 Lenox St., W. Newton, Mass. C;RESS, JAMES C. 4200 Colbornc Rd., Baltimore 29. Md. (;RIEC0, LAWRENCE W. 918 Rural Ave.. Williamsporl, Pa. GRIFFITH, DWTD .M. 110 Myrtle Ave., Garwood, N.J. (.lUMM, I ARRV C. 42S Mullxrrv St., Montoursville, Pa, CillERRA. LAETA W. 80 Eldrc ' d St.. Williamsport, Pa GUSTKEY, FREDERICK J. (812 Pcnn) 822 Stone, Osceola Mills, Pa. GUTERMUTII, WILLIAM W. (.180 Union Ave.) 594 W. Oceanview. Norfolk, ' a. GUTIini, PAUL C. 22 Bcrwvn PI.. Glen Rc k, N. J. MAIL. i;dward J. IIAJZAK, JOHN P. HALE. JIIDIIH 1 . HALL, l). NN . HALL, lEIFODORF C. II WIIR, GAIL M. 813 Davis St.. Elmira. N. Y. 102 Lingic St., Osceola Mills. Pa. 16 Maple . ve., Paoli. Pa. 2019 Roosevelt .Ave., Williamsport. Pa. 858 Springhaven Rd., Springfield. Pa. 515 Fifth St., Tvrone. Pa. IIWIII ION, S.WIllEL J„ III, 66 Hutchinson St., Clark, N.J. 11 M i. JOSEPH c;. 405 W. Mountain Ave., So. Williamsport, Pa. ILWIPION, PA I RICK R. 746 E. Third St.. Williamspon. Pa. HANIORD, CARL L. 1098 Elm St., .Montoursville, Pa. ll.X.NIN, Rlllll 927 Louisa St., Williamsporl, Pa. II.SNLON, KAIllllLN A 811 C;rant St.. Easton. Pa. IIANLON, lANNl .. 2020 Cedar Bridge Rd., Northfield. N. J. HANN. Klllll It Prtictor Star Route. Williamsporl. Pa. HANNIR. I.ARin 1 26J Jordan Ave., Montoursville, Pa. IlANSllAW, ROinill G., 585 Newcomer Ave., VVilliamsp irt. Pa. HARDING. KLNNl 111 L.. 20.1 West Park Ave., Mverstown. Pa. HARt;ENRADER. LAWRENCE L. I 100 Washington Blvd., Williamsporl, Pa. IIARPIR. CAROI I. 152 R.K ' kland Rd., Ilaverlown, Pa. IIAIUUS. C IU)I . 144 Percv St., So. Williamsporl, Pa. H.XRRIS. IRLD . l. Box 251, Picture RfH.-k.s, Pa. HARRISON, STEPHEN c;. 221-2.1 Ilartland Ave., Queens Village 27, N. Y. HARRY, KERMIT B., JR. 50 South Fifth St., Newport, Pa. IIARSCII. 1X)NALD E. Box 79, Linden, Pa. HAR1, liini I. 54 Hamlin Are., E. Aurora, N. Y. ll.XRFMAN. DONALD W Warrensville, Pa. HARIWI.XN, WILLIAM D. Box 157, Danville, Pa. HARTZEl.L. JOHN E. 549 CJeorge St., So. Williamsporl, Pa. HARVEY, JOSEPH S. 1719 Four Mile Dr., Williamsporl, Pa. IIAITON, C;AIL a. 47 Washington St., Long Branch, N.J. HAWES, BARBARA A., 716 Piltsford ictor Rd., Piltsford, N. . FLAYES, MICHAEL J. 501 Belmont Ave., Williamsport, Pa. HEANEY, JOHN S. 8 Austin Rd., Yardlev, Pa. HELM, HOWARD E., JR. 225 V ' . Southern .Ave., So. Williamsport, Pa. FIEINCELMAN, DOROTHY E, New St., .Mujicy, Pa. HEINEY, DAVID M. R. D. 2, .VIontoursv ille. Pa. IIEINTZ. ROBERT S. 2141 Delaware Ave., Renovo, Pa. HELMUTH, KAREN M. Aquashicola. Pa. HENDERSON, H. LEE Box 164,, Pa. HFNRICHS, DEE 1725 Lycoming Crk. Rd., Williamsport, Pa. IIERBSTER, JOHN M 606 Main St., Walsontown, Pa. IIESEN, JOSEPH II., JR. 1318 Watson St., WUIiamsport, Pa. HESTER, JE. N . I. R. D. 2. Munc). Pa. HICKERSON, MARTHA A., 4830 Leiand St., Chevy Chase, Md. IIICKEY. C;ENE p. 15 E. Chestnut St., Shamokin, Pa. 111LH1R. CARL U. O. 1619 Taylor PI., Williamsport, Pa. I1IC;D0N, R. CARLA 5 Berkelev PL, Glen Rock, N.J. HIED. JAMES R 529 W. Foster .Ave.. Stale College, Pa. HILL, CARL E R. D. 1, Berwick, Pa. IllLl. RAYMOND L 383 W. Third St., Williamsport, Pa. IIIMIS. 1111 1 IA D. 701 Mulbcrrv Si., Montoursville, Pa. llOliHS, JUDlm 1 SI2 N. .Main Ave., Scranton, Pa. IIOCII. ALliLlil . R. D. 1, Cogan Station, Pa. H0IX;L, LINDA J. 110 W. Mahoning Si.. Danville, Pa. IIOFIIN, JERO.ME J 541 Charles St.. St. Marvs, Pa. HOFFMAN, JAMES L. 517 High St., West Milton, Pa. IIOFF.MAN, SALLY F. 154 Beverlv Rd., Camp Hill, Pa. HOFFMAN. Wll I L M F. 217 N. Hanover St., Carlisle, Pa lion nil . C DWll) 508 Anthwvn Rd., .Merion, Pa. HOLIiHOOK, LINDA L. 134 Pleasant Hill Rd., Owings Mills, Md. HOLLICK, B. MICHAEL 20 Ross St.. Williamsport, Pa. IIOLLICK, JOANNE F. 20 Ross St., Williamsporl. Pa. HOLLY, L. HELEN R. D. I, Ceres, N. Y. IIO.M, DIN WINC; 442 Hepburn St., Williamsporl, Pa. HOOMR, HARRY II. 1168 Russell Ave., Williamsporl, Pa. IIOPFN, C. MARILYN 3 W. ClearfieKl Rd.. I laverlown. Pa. IIOPl, SANDRA J., 69 Sunnyside Ave.. lUnipsuad, L. L, N. Y. IIORFON. IK)RIS J. 16 Church St., Phelps. N. Y. HORN Al II. JAMFS J. Box 146, Emporium, Pa. HORN A 111. JOHN .M. 110 North Street, Keiser, Pa. HOSFORD, L. JAY 320 Canandaigua St.. Palinvra. N. Y. IIOSTETLER. H. RICHARD (1211 E. 3rd) R. D. 2. Milllinlown. Pa. HOWE. J.VMES II. (162 Woodland) 331 E. .Market, Clearfield, Pa. li() ER, WALIFR J. 104 Orchard St., Mechanicsburg, Pa. HOY I, J. RALPH, JR. 1721 Lycoming Crk. Rd., Williamsport, Pa. IIUANC;. JULIANNA, No. 1, Lane 153, Po Ai Rd.. I aipei. Taiwan HUDSON, 1 RI , JR., (567C;rant) 751 Lil ertv Blv.l.. Pa. HUDSON. I li lN T.. JR. 2115 King St.. Williamsporl. Pa. mil I M N. IU)I!1 RT L. 214 Thompson St., Jersev Shore, Pa. IIUI loni). ( II HLES G. . State Street, Skarualcles, N. Y. IIUGIIIS, 1 IC 1 P. 512 W. Edwin St., Williamsporl, Pa. HUGHES. G. ANDREA . 512 W. Edwin Si., Williamsporl. Pa. HULL, JAMES W. 27 Kinsey St., Monlgomerv, Pa. UULISCH. DA ID I. 7012 N. 12th Si.. PbihuUlphia 26, Pa. IIUNI, CAROLYN R. 2 Washington S«|uare ' illage. New York 12, N. Y, HUM. IMIYN D. 552 .Market Si., So. Williamsporl, Pa. MUM, J WHS F 114 Pardee . ve., Svracuse 4. N. Y. IIUNIIR, ROBIRF M 925 Tucker St., Williamsporl, Pa. lIUItR. L.VWRENCE F. 1624 Almond St., Williamsporl, Pa. HUSK. PETER Ml. Kemble Lake, Morristown, N.J. I n DOCK. ELAINE M. Sonestown, Pa. IRVIN, DAVID E. 719 So. C;rand Si., U-wislown, Pa. IR IN. CAROL J. 318 Kent Rd., Springfield, Pa. IRWIN, RICHARD B., 257 Princeton R.I., Rockville C enire, N. Y. JACOB, HOWARD C. 324 Russell Ave., Williamspon, Pa. JACOBS, CONSTANCE W., 2442 N. Fourth St., Harrisburg, Pa. JACOBS, DENNIS C; 2442 N. Fourth St., I larrisburg. Pa. JACOBS, WTLLI.WI F., JR 97 Valley St., Dulioislow.i, Pa. JA.MES, UILLIA.M B. S..ulh Maple Ave. ' , C;reens I arms, C onn. LFrERSON, WILLIAM 706 Penna. Ave., l-orl Washington, Pa. JENSEN, MARTHA C. 50 Grampian Blvd., W ' illianisporl, Pa. JENSEN. STANLEY M. 50 Grampian Blvd., W ill.amsp.irl. Pa. JOHNSON. JANICE M R. D. 1, Monlgomerv. P... JOHNSON. JUD .M. 33 Ml. Vernon PI.. Jamestown. N. V. JOHNSON. (JREIHA E 38 Ricks St., Clay-Ashland, Liberia JOHNSON, RAV.VIOND A 505 North St. ' , Midi. mown. Pa. JONES, ALFRED P., JR. (428 Oakland) 1760 Sanderson, Scram. m, l ' .i. JONES. EDW.VRD R., (59 Ross) I 10 Seventh St.. Philipsburg. Pa. JONES, G. GR.VNI 2007 C asadel Ave.. Ballimore. .VId. JONES. L. UR. LEE 929 Poplar St.. Williamsporl, Pa. JONES, LEONORA I. 171 Scarl oro Dr., lork. Pa. JONES, PHILIP .M. 29 E. Stale Si., Albion. N. Y. JONES, ROBERTA K. Box 31, Weslfield, Pa. JUDIS, HAROLD J. 458 I. Slsl St., Brooklyn 1, N. Y. JUDSON. W. GMUIl II H. I). I. inn. N. . 160 STUDENT DIRECTORY — Continued KADLtCK, SVL I. L. 23 Fifth St., Johnson Citv, N. Y. KAISER, RALPH H. 932 Mary St., Williamsport, Pa. KALER, THOAIAS J. 303 E. Church St., Williamsport. Pa. KAPLAN, MORTON 102 Cadwalader Dr., Trenton, N. J. KARCHNER, DA ' 1D H R. 26 Stanton .Ave., Milton, Pa. KARNIOL. WTLLLAM G. 506 N. Eiohth St., Sunburv, Pa. KAllFFMAN. LUKE II. ' Leek Kill, Pa. KAZAMEK. BRENDA J. 1505 Brier Ave.. Johnstown, Pa. KEHLER, RON. LD E., JR. 200 Broad St., Ashland, Pa. KEHRIG, WILLIAM H. 754 Webster Rd., Webster, N. Y. KEIPER. ROBERT E. Center Grove Road, Dover, N. J. KELIHER, MARY J. 701 Belmont Ave., Williamsport, Pa. KELLER, DA TD A. 10391 ine .Ave., Williamsport, Pa. KELLER. FRANCINE H. 1 E. Spruce .Ave., Moorestown, N. J. KELLY, A. K. THLEEN 50 South Main St., Montrose, Pa. KELSEY. GERDI D. Mill Street, Benton, Pa. KE.MRER, MEADE F., JR. 201 Shau- Ave., Lewistown, Pa. KENDIG, MARGARET F., 800 Market St., So. Williamsport, Pa. KENDRICK, WILLIAM E., JR 65 Cedar St., Millburn, N.J. KEPPLE, AIARDI K. Box 10, Delmont. Pa. KERNER, DA TD ' . 540 Packer St., Williamsport, Pa. KERR, FRANK L. Route I, Titusville, Pa. KERR, JERE E. Tannersville, N. Y. KEYSER, SUELLEN 1107 W. Fourth St., Williamsport, Pa. KIBBE, KENNETH M R. D. 2, Williamsport, Pa. KIESS, ROBERT C. Proctor Star Route, Williamsport, Pa. KING, ROBERT L. 1301 Tinsman Ave., Williamsport, Pa. KING, THOMAS F. 817Vi Funston Ave., Williamsport, Pa. KINGSLEY, KENYON W. 316 E. Fourth St., Williamsport, Pa. KFRCHHOF, ELEANOR G. 29 Jerome Ave., Glen Rock, N. J. KLEVE, JOYCE A State Street, Millville, Pa. KLINESTIVER, TERENCE G., 219 Randall Cr., Williamsport, Pa. KLOTZ, KARL H 2702 Brown Ave., Williamsport, Pa. KNECHT, ROBERT O. (428 Oakland) 37 Blvd., Malba, Whitestone, N. Y. KNIGHT, DON.ALD A 166 Lexington Ave., Westwood, N. J. KNO T.TON, MARGARET I., R. D. 2, Box 163, Hollvwood, Md. KOCSIS, JO.AN A 3201 Brown Ave., McKeesport, Pa. KOETZNER, KENNETH L. 447 So. Wellwood Ave., Lindenhurst, N. Y. KOFMAN, N. CH.ARLES 319 E. Linn St., Bellefonte, Pa. KOHLER, CAROLYN G. 127 W. Chestnut St., Shamokin. Pa. KOLB, KAREN Y 340 Harding Ave., Williamsport, Pa. KOLLE, RICHARD A 12 Clay Pitts Rd., Greenlawn, N. Y. KOLMAN, D.AVID .A 485 Atlantic St., Bridgeton, N. J. KOLONOSKY, WALTER F. ... 1511 W. Lynn St., Shamokin, Pa. KORENGO, JO.ANNE G 828 Louisa ' St., Williamsport, Pa. KOSSOVE, MICHAEL, 166-35 Ninth Ave., Whitestone 57, N. Y. KOZ.MA, FREDERICK, JR. 31 W. Ridlev .Ave., Norwood, Pa. KRANZ, ROBERT A 310 Wodland Ave., Williamsport, Pa. KRAUSHAAR, CARL E., JR. 1044 Dewey Ave., Williamsport, Pa. KREBS, JOHN W 712 Lincohi Ave., Williamsport, Pa. KREILICK, CHARLES A 1019 High St., Williamsport, Pa. KllIINS, JOEL D. 3211 2 High St., Williamsport, Pa. KULP, PHILIP B. 609 S. Fifth St.. Perkasie, Pa. KllMMER, CHRISTINE M. . 721 Beechwood Rd., Media, Pa. KURKIAN, AIELINDA J., 203 St. James PI., iMerchantville, N. J. KYLLO, JERROLD C R. D., .Annandale, N. J. LaBORIE, EUGENE G. LANDIS. WILLIAM L. LANDON, ANDREW G. LaPORTE, NANCY A. LAPP.ANO, JAMES R. LARSEN, ROBERT J. LARSON, JOHN E. 465 Weidel Rd., Webster, N. Y. 459 Tinsman Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 431 Jordan Ave., Montoursville, Pa. 808 West 15th St., Tyrone, Pa. 271 S. Second St., Steclton, Pa. R. D. 4, Penn Yan, N. Y. 50 McDougal Dr., White Plains, N. Y. LASZEWSKI, BRIAN R 37 E. Luce .Ave., Monessen, Pa. LAUB, RODNEY J (600 Mulberry) R. D. 1, Lewistown, Pa. LAW, ALARY ANN R. D. 2, Middletown. N. Y. LAWHORN, ROBERT A. Castle Rock, Newton Sc|uare, Pa. LAWRENCE, JANET S. 18 Springfield .Ave., Cranford, N. J. LAWTON, M.ARY L. 14 Colonial Rd., Port Washington, N. Y. LAY, CHARLES R. , 16 Eck Circle, Williamsport, Pa. LECHNER, DOROTHY K., 1411 Faxon Pkwy., Williamsport, Pa. LEE, RICHARD J. 314 Adams Ave., State College, Pa. LEECH, THOAIAS E. H ' lmer F )lks Hospital, West St.. Oneonta, N, ' . LEHMAN, CHARLES A. 508 ' allamont Dr., Williamsport, Pa. LEHMAN, ROBERT D., 1745 Memorial .Ave., Williamsport, Pa. LEITNER, GEORGE L. 214 E. Green St., W. Hazleton, Pa. LENTZ, JOHN E 141 .Arch St., Jerscv Shore, Pa. LEONARD, NANCY L 56 Ross St., Williamsport, Pa. LESKO, BASIL 1700 Memorial .Ave., Williamsport, Pa. LET A, TON! LEE 1 29 Mulberrv St., Williamsport, Pa. LETTEER, CHARLES E., JR., 847 Second St., Williamsport, Pa. LEWIS, RICHARD H. (1608 Marlin Pkwy.) 415 E. DuBois, DuBois, Pa. LEWIS. ROBERTA M 365 Broadwell Ave.. Union, N. J. LIENHARDT, ROCiER C 15 Elswav Rd., Short Hills, N. J. LINGENFELTER, JACK K 310 26th Ave., Altoona, Pa. LFFCHARD, VAN CLAIR. JR. 2431 Euclid Ave., Williamsport, Pa. LITTLE, ELEANOR L. New Enterprise, Pa. LITTLE, ROBERT G. New Enterprise, Pa. LONG, RUTH ANN 1416 W. Fourth St., Williamsport, Pa. LONGBOTHAM, BERTRAM, JR. 886 Hastings St., Baldwin, N. Y. LOOMIS, CYNTHIA A. R. D. l,Trov,Pa. LOOMIS, DAVID J. R. 55 Ross St., Williamsport, Pa. LO E, SUSAN ANN 1018 Woodmont Ave.. Williamsport, Pa. LOWELL, HORACE H. 1030 Louisa St., Williamsport, Pa. LOZIER, NANCY ,M 18 Morris PI., Oceanport, N. J. LUPPERT, CHARLES W. 204 West Second .Ave., So. Williamsport, Pa. LURWICK, GENE CAROL, 75 Pennswood Rd., Brvn Mawr, Pa. LUTZ, CLARENCE N. (1421 Countrv Club Lane) 447 Catherine. Steelton, Pa. LYNN, GLENN H. ' R. D. 2, Williamsport, Pa. LYNN, THOMAS H 1020 Packer St., Williamsport, Pa. M.1CADAM, ROBERT C, JR., 448 CIranite Terr., Springfield, Pa. .MacBRIDE, WALTER D. 1818 N. Brook Dr., Lancaster, Pa. .MacGORMAN, EDWARD L., 32 Maple Ave., Williamsport, Pa. M.ALM, PETER N. 110 William St., E. Williston, N. Y. .M.AMOLEN, MAXINE M. 518 S. Broad St., Jersey Shore, Pa. MANEVAL, LARRY R. 1555 W. Southern Ave., So. Williamsport, Pa. MANNING, WALTER H., aarion Dr., R. D. 1, WUliamsport, Pa. .M.ARKEL, ROBERT J. 229 N. William St., York, Pa. MARKLE, JOSEPH FI. S. Main St., Hughesville, Pa. .MARTIN, BETTY L. 1203 W. Mountain Ave., So. Williamsport, Pa. .MARTIN, J.AMES H. 1001 Broad St., Montoursville, Pa. M.ARTIN. ROBERT E. Galeton, Pa. MARTZ, D. STEPHEN 205 Landis Ave., Wavnesboro, Pa. MARUSCAHK, GARY F., 1212 Allegheny St., Jersey Shore, Pa. M.ASE, RICHARD D 921 Laurel St., Elmira, N. Y. MATHERS, GORDON L., 213 Seventh Ave., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. M.ATTER, CHARLES F. 642 Franklin St., WUliamsport, Pa. MAURER, LINDA M. 110 New St., Muncy, Pa. M.AVES, L. FR.ANK Lemont, Pa. MAYS, PENNY ANN 360 Cassatt Rd., Benvvn, Pa. MAZZULLO, BENEDICT J., 616 Mulberrv St., Williamsport, Pa. McC.ASLIN. LEON E., 400 N. Lovalsock Ave., Montoursville, Pa. McCLEARY, LEON A P.O. Box 85, New Columbia, Pa. McCONNELL, EVELYN E 408 E. Water St., Hughesville, Pa. McCUNE, JOHN C, JR Box 83, Aaronsburg, Pa. .McENTIRE, JAMES C. 340 Tinsman Ave., WUliamsport, Pa. McFALL, DONALD R Box 113, Penfield, Pa. McGILL, J. FRANCIS 23 Luzem Rd., Dobbs Ferrv, N. V. ■McHUGH, BRI.AN J. 140 Irociuois St., Webster, N. Y. McINTOSH, THOMAS R. Methodist Parsonage, WatervUle, Pa. Mcn ER, BEULAH 1521 Elmira St., WUliamsport, Pa. McKEE, DONALD I. 2245 Johnson PI., WUliamsport, Pa. McKEE, JAMES R. 1001 First -Ave., WUliamsport, Pa. McKEE, LULU C. 227 WUliam St., WUliamsport, Pa. McKENZFE, CAROL R. - 200 Highland Ave., Moorestown, N. J. McKIBBEN, ROBERT G 1314 18th Ave., .Altoona, Pa. McLAURIN, W. DONALD 195 Lawrence Ave., Inwood, L. I., N. Y ' . McMAHAN, DAVID R. (199 Franklin) 154 Middlesex Rd., Darien, Conn. . lcMAHON, MARY ELLEN 856 Louisa St., Williamsport, Pa. 161 STUDENT DIRECTORY — Coiitimied McMiCHAEL, RICHARD H. (123 Bennett) R. D. 2, Shickshinny. Pa. McNALLY, BRUCE A 935 Westclale PI., Springfield, Pa. McNAMEE, JEANNE M. 4012 Nichols Ave., S. W., Washington, D. C. McNAMEE, JOHN P. (68 Brandon) 4012 Nichols Ave., Washington, D. C. McNEAL. JON E 205Vi W. Henry St., Elmira, N. Y. McNEER, LARRY M Mahoning Manor, MUton, Pa. McNeil. JOHN S. 268 Burtis Ave., RockvUle Centre, N. Y. McNELLY, H. ICTOR 526 Lincoln Ave.. Hawthorne, N. J. MlQUAID, RONALD J 302 Green Hall, Harrisburg, Pa. MEADE, WILLIAM M., Ill, 25 NnrthfieUl Plaza, Northfield, N. J. MEINCKE, LYNN MARIE 1 B.-rklcy St., Baldwin. N. Y. MEIXEL, CLIFIORD L. R. D. 2. Jersey Shore, Pa. MERKEL, TIMOTIIV 1. 302 Oak St., Jersey Shore, Pa. METZC;ER. MARVJEAN E., 1421 AUin Ave., Williamsport, Pa. METZGER. ROBERT A. N. Baltimore St.. Dillsburg. Pa. MEYER. AR IN J. 2406 Willow Glen Dr., Baltimore 9, .Md. .MEYER. BERN.XRD J 1404 Walnut St., Williamsport, Pa. .MICHAEL, DONN.V M R. D. 4. Muncy, Pa. ■MIELE. DONALD A. 410 Hawthorne .Xve., Williamsport, Pa. .MILEK, M.MIREEN J. 288 Naubuc . ve.. Glastonbun, Conn. MILLER, ARDITII E. 160 Whittle Ave., Bloomfie ' ld, N. J. .MILLER, CLINTON 1. 311 Union . vc., Williamsport. Pa. MILLER, D. EDGAR MahaHey. Pa. MILLER, DA 1D . R. D. 2, Emporium. Pa. , 1ILLI;R, DEMSE C. 71 E. Linden Ave., Englewood. N. J. .MILLER, (;. WAYNE 623 Eighth St.. Selinsgrovc, Pa. MILLl R. GORDON II. 209 Church St., So. Williamsport, Pa. Mil I I n. Ill lUiERT R., 1029 Washington Blvd., Williamsport, Pa. MILIIR, M RV JUNE " I Louisa St.. Montgomery, Pa. MIII.ER. MlllOlil) fRICK), 73 N. .Main St.. Montgomery. Pa. Mills. RKIIMtD W School Lane, Huntington, N. Y. MIORI I I I. LOUIS J 317 Carlclon .Ave., Ilazlcton, Pa. MISIIIIH. C ARf)l. ANN 853 E. Madison St.. Lancaster. Pa. MIICIIILI., NA1II. NIEL O., 540 Packer St., Williamsport, Pa. MITCHILL. I ' . DA II). JR. 715 High St., Williamsport. Pa. MITSTIEER. RWOOD E 1318 Race St.. Williamsport. Pa. MOOAY, CAROLYN L 323 Bayard St., So. Williamsport, Pa. MOEE ATT, W. YNI M. Margeric St., Lee. Mass. MOllNEY, UILIIAM M. R. D. I, Bri«ikville. Pa. MOISl ADI S. PAUL l. 144 W. Third St.. Williamsport, Pa. MOMIono. CHARLES W 64 Liberty St., Arcade, N. Y. MOMC.OMEin, RONALD C... 62 S. Fourth St., HughesTille, Pa. MOONSCHEI N, HENRY C, JR. 602 W. Franklin St., Horseheads, N. . MORRIS. JAY L 2215 Hudson Ave., Altoona, Pa. MOBKOW. FRED E., JR 507 S. Wayne St., Lew islown, Pa. MOSS. JOI I. W 208 E. 39th St., Brwiklyn 3, N. Y. MOW BY. CHARLES D 226 .Vrch St., St. .Marys, Pa. MOVER. 1)A ID L., (812 Pcnn) 2116 Lit)erty St., Allcntow n. Pa. MUl I LI B, LINDA E 1217 Tucker St., Williamsport. Pa. MUMAUGH, RIC;H. RD P. 2624 Bcale . ve.,, Pa. MUNRO, . LFRED B Island Route, Lock Haven, Pa. MUBPIIV. SAMUEL W., JR 1916 Spring Rd., Carlisle, Pa. .MYERS. C.XBOLINE A. 650 S. C ' oldbrook .Ave.. Chambersburg, Pa. MYERS, BOBEBT R. 1300 Louisa St., Williamsport, Pa. N.AGY, MILDRED . . NELSON, .MARILYN . NELSON. TIIO.MAS S. NICHOLS. JANET F. . NTERLE, J.WirS E. NISSLEY, DARLA J NOR INS, ROBERT S. NORTON. GABY B. NORTON, SUSANNT 1 NOVICK, Jl FEREV .M., NUCCI, BOBERl r. . I4S Hempstead .Ave., Lynbrook, N. Y ' . 1133 C.lenwood Rd.. estal. N. Y. 738 W. Church St., Elmira, N. V. ... 6931 Rutland St., Philadelphia 49, Pa. 921 Park Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 666 Pontview Ave., Ephrala, Pa. 535 Parkside Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. B. D. I, Forksville, Pa. Medbury Bd., Chester, Pa. 888 Montgomery St., Brooklyn 13, N. Y. Main St., Deep River, Conn. OKOTKEWICZ. ST.XN J. 230 Indianola Dr., Indianola, Pa. OLANDI. P. MIL K 143 S. FernwotKl .Ave., Pitman, N.J. OLIPIl. NT. STEPHEN C:. 44 Oxford Rd., Rockville Centre, N. Y. O ' ME.ALY, THOMAS L. 449 Wilson St., Williamsport, Pa. OOT, CAROL R. 29 N. Main St.. Earlville, N. Y. OPP, RODNEY II Box 181, Muncy, Pa. OBNDOEE. liESSIE L R. D. 1. Box 1I9D. Lilly. Pa. ORR. JAMES L 748 Vallamont Dr.. Williamsporl. Pa. OR r.M. N. FREDERICK W., Ill, 37 Barnsdale Ril., M.idison. N. J. OS.MANSKI, C . BOL A Box 374, Emporium, Pa. OTTM. N, MARV JANE 93 Van Allen Rd., c;ien BiKk. N. J. OTTC). JOHN C. 1015 N. Market St., Williamsport, Pa. OWENS, BLAKE C. LeContes Mills. Pa. P. C. ROBEB T E.. 2405 Sparrows Point Rd., Sparrows Point, Md. P. DE . DA ID C. .3940 Lewis Ave., Erie, Pa. PAIGE, DARLENE S. 120 Union .Ave., Maplcwood, N. J. P.ARKIN. KAITIRYN L., 927 Memorial .Ave.. Williamsport. Pa. PARRY. W. DA TD 1709 Melrose Ave.. Irwin, Pa. PARSONS. . RIHUR JOHN, JR. 462 IX ' nvyn Rd.. Drexcl Hill, Pa. PATI RNOSTRO. IIIO.M. S . ., 351 Lyoii Ave.. Williamsport. Pa. PATTERSON. J. B.NRBY 26 1 homas St., Clifton, N. J. PEASE. DUDLEY L., 3294 Rush-Memlon Rd., Honeoye Falls, N. V. PECK, FRED n., 1321 W. Southern Ave.. So. Williamsport. Pa. PECK. M.SRY ANITA 50 West Main St., Sidney. N. Y. PENNO. Jl BRY ANN 52 Elmira St., .Mansfield, Pa. PEPPER. DWll) S. R. D. I. Pennsburg, Pa. PERBV, WILLIAM II. 138 W. 180th St., Brcmx 53, N. Y. PERSINC. JOHN II I 1045 E. 3rd) 508 Main St.. W ' atsontown. Pa. PEI ERS. MORC;. N W., JR 308 College Dr.. Allcntown. Pa. PETERS. STANLEY L. Box 34. Newport. Pa. PF.TIER. W II I lAM E 409 Lincoln .Ave., Williamsporl, Pa. PEITS, RICHARD A 1004 Cherry St., Williamsport. Pa. PHILLIPS. DWll) I. 1625 Ritchey St., Williamsport. Pa. PHILLIPS. DON Ml) 1. 793 Pcnna. Ave.. Williamsport, Pa PU BC I . PAIRICK II. 62 I dnor Rd.. Baltimore 18, ,VId. I ' IPI R. DAVID R. WoiKlslock ' alley. Conn. PEANKI NIIOBN. RALPH II 331 Hastings St., So. Williamsport. Pa. PL Nr. ROBERT J. (445 Clayton Ave.) Muncy Valley, Pa. PI.OMS, RICHARD C 105 liolfman Ave., Williamsport, Pa. PLUSH WSKI. BAHI1AR ). Union Norton Rd.. Clinton, N. J. I ' OI . Jl RRV .A. Box 348, Meclianicsburg. Pa. I ' OILHT. F. ANTHONY " 21 W . I bird St., W Pa. I ' OI ' l;. REBECCA P. 9 alerie Ave.. Monlpelier. I. PORTER. ROBER ' I C. R. D. 2, Lebanon, N. J. PCJR II R. ROIIl R I E. North Main St.. Jersey Shore. Pa. PORTER. S. NDRA 189 Watanga .Ave., Corning, N. Y. POITER, DONNA H 936 llaverford Bd., Bryn Mawr, Pa. POULLIOTT, JA.MES II. 412 Third Ave., Williamsport, Pa. POULLIOTT, JOSEPH E. 412 Third Ave., Williamsporl, Pa. POWIIL, FIIOMAS J., 31 Amsterdam Rd.. Bochesttr 10, N. V. PB.MIIIB. BICilABD C. 1102 N. I7ib St., Harrisburg, Pa. PRALI, JERRY . NNF. 34 Harvard St., .M.intclair, N. J. PREUSS. ERi D A.. JR. R. D. I, Tanglewixid, .Muncy, Pa. PRItS ' l, LOUISE B. 1320 Walnut St., Williamsporl, Pa. PRINCE, DO.NALD 405 W. Durham St., Philadelphia 19, Pa. PBINIZENHOFF, WAYNE K R. D. 4, .Muncy, Pa. PREUSS, W.VRREN W ' ., 455 Wastena Terrace, RidgewoiKl, N. J. PURNEEL, LEE E. 286 Dixon Ave., Pittsburgh 16, Pa. PUTNA.M, FB. NC1S .M.. JB. P. O. Box I. Sunbury, Pa. yU All . HI Aim . N 519 .Montiie .Ave., .North Hills, Pa. CAKES, WILLI.A.M D. 522 W ' . Third St., Williamsport, Pa. O ' CONNOR, JUDITH J Box " G " , UnadiUa, N. Y. ODELL. W ILLI AM K., 2031 Lycoming Crk. Bd.. Williamsport. Pa. OFFICER, C. M I M. 679 Rose Blvd.. Baldwin, N. Y. RABON, LYNNE 97 Kendall Blvd., Oaklyn 6, N.J. R.M)SPINNER, HELEN M., 432 Oakland Ave., Williamsport, Pa. RANDALL, MONICA A 148 S. .Main St., I lughesville. Pa. RAYDER, NICHOLAS F. 310 Rock Ave., No. Plainlield, N.J. REAMS, CARL 1 365 Fisher St., So. Williamsport. Pa. REB.NLANN. LESLIE ANNE 836 Wilde .Ave., Drexel Hill. Pa. REDVANLY. RUSSELL B., 130 Arlington Ave., llawihornc, N. J. BEECE, DONNA L R. D. 4, Muncy, Pa. REESE, SAMUEL M., JR., 501 Woodland Ave., Williamsport, Pa. nil STUDENT DIRECTORY — Conlinued RfcRHMin. K. BARTON. JR. 4 7 Hepburn St.. Milton, Pa. REISER, STEPHEN C 946 Red Road, Teaneck, N.J. REIST, VILLI. M S. Cogan Station, Pa. RERIG, J. NE . . 555 N. Locust St., Hazleton, Pa. REYES, , BR.AH.AM (68 Brandon) Guadalajara, Mexico RICH.XRDSON. LARRY W 719 Buffalo St., Franklin, Pa. RICHARDSON, THOMAS H., 920 First Ave., W ' illiamsport, Pa. RICHARDSON, W. BURTON, 529 Malonc Village, Auburn, N. Y. RICKERT, K. THRYN L. HE. 10th St.. Vatsonto«n, Pa. RIDER, THOMAS F. 1206 Lafayette Pkwv., WUliamsport, Pa. RISHEL. ROBERT J. ' Boalsburg, Pa. RlSTALl, EDSEL P. Warren-Kinzua Rd., Warren, Pa. RITCHIE. MARLEEN B. Pat Mar Farms, Orangeville, Pa. ROBINSON, COZY M 328 Erie Ave., WUliamsport, Pa. ROBrNSON, LOIS E 305 Barrv Lane, Wallingford, Pa. ROBSON, LESLIE A 101 Hilh ' iew Dr.. Springfield, Pa. ROESCFI. DARIEL JEAN 3 Svcamorc Ave.. Glen Head, N. Y. ROSENBURGH. STEVE M ' 16 Ball Terr., Maplewood, N. J. ROSENSTOCK, EDWARD H. 1775 Fredna -Ave., WUliamsport, Pa. ROSENTH. ' VL, JEAN A 14 Burr Rd., Commack, N. Y. ROTFIFUSS, GUY E. L 1032 Rural Ave.. WUliamsport, Pa. ROUSH, GEORGE C 65 Ross St., WUliamsport, Pa. ROWE, CAROLYN V 315 Nichols St., Clearfield. Pa. RUFF.ANER, ROBERT E. R. D. 1, Hemlock Lane, WUliamsport, Pa. RUPP, CONSTANCE J 18 E. Portland St.. Mechanicsburg, Pa. RUSS, ROSEMARY R. D. 1, WUliamsport, Pa. RUSSELL, JANE A. R. D., AUenwood. Pa. RLIST, JANE E. 29 Snedecor Ave., Bavport, N. Y. RUTHERFORD, BILLIE D., 9 Barbara Dale Lane, Annapolis, Md. RUTT, .MARILYN J. 624 Brvant St., Stroudsburg, Pa. BUTTER, DIANE L. 210 W. Franklin Ave., Wilmont Manor, Del. RYTTER, ARTHUR T Route 37, Shohola, Pa. SABIN, PAUL E 103 Main St., Towanda, Pa. SANDERS, LARRY H 821 Diamond St., WUliamsport, Pa. SANDISON, ROS. LIE A., 320 Diamond Ave., Gaithersburg, Md. SANKEY, JOHN P. 298 Blanchard St., Osceola Mills, Pa. SANMILLAN, RAFAEL E. (123 Bennett) 913 Ellison St.. Falls Church, Va. SARNO. ROBERT J 1220 Walnut St.. Jersev Shore, Pa. S.ASSAMAN, RICHARD L Sylvan Heights, Emporium, Pa. SATTERTHW ' AITE, KATHERINE . Swamp Rd., Rushland, Pa. SAUPP, CONNIE ANN 3 1 Bennett St., WUliam,sport, Pa. SAY.AH, JOSEPH B J614 Princeton , ve.. illiamsport. Pa. SCADDING. BABEIT E L., 534 Rock Glen Dr.. Wynnewuod, Pa. SCHEAFFER, RICHARD L., 633 W. Fourth St., WUliamsport, Pa. SCHEID. AaEEN B. 530 Woodland .Ave., WUliamsport, Pa. SCHELL, .MEREDITH A. 127 Church St., Moscow, Pa. SCHEMERY, DAVID L 204 WUliam St., WUliamsport, Pa. SCHIVELY, GAIL D HI New St., Muncy, Pa. SCHLEE, ROBERT L 816 Poplar St., WUliamsport, Pa. SCHONOUR, PHILLFP L. 150 Hillcrest Rd., . Iohnton, Pa. SCHR. DER. .MARGERY A Germantown, N. Y. SCHROEDER, FREDERIC W. 521 Ogden .Ave.. Clearfield, Pa. SCHLILTZ, C. ROBERT, 638 Howard St., So. WUliamsport, Pa. SCOTT, HILDA M 565 E. Parker Ave., PhUadelphia 28, Pa. SECHRIST, LINDA M. Mont Alto, Pa. SENIOR, THOMAS G. Spring Street, Latrobe. Pa. SESTINA, DAWN E. 18 Brandon PI., WUliamsport. Pa. SHAFER, D.A TD A. 517 W Diamond .Ave., Hazleton. Pa. SHAFFER, CHARLES W., JR., 2349 Linn St., WUliamsport, Pa. SHAFFER, EMILY M 259 E. Water St., Hughesville. Pa. SHAFFER. STEPHEN R. R. D. 3, Mosquito Valley. WUliamsport. Pa. SHAMEL. DAVID R. (68 Brandon) 61 Alcott St.. .Acton. Mass. SHANABROOK, JULIA A. 258 Conwav St., Carlisle, Pa. SHARPSTEEN, SUSANNE 632 Park St., Honesdale, Pa. SH.AW. SUSAN A 44 .Macon St., Lindenhursi, N. Y. SHEPHERD. JUDITH A., 2356 Fairiiew Terr., WUliamsport, Pa. SHER, MAR! IN R 604 N. Muhlenberg St., AUentown, Pa. ■=SHERM. N, ARNOLD I. ... 55 Elizabeth St., Hartford 5, Conn. SHERMAN, DA E A 711 Second St., Nescopeck, Pa. SHERWOOD. ROBERT C 533 Tenth .Ave., WUliamsport, Pa. SHIBER, SUE 1 518 Edward St., Johnstown, Pa. SHIELDS, THO.MAS J. (68 Brandon) 625 Highland .Ave., Jenkintown. Pa. SHIPM.AN, NEIL J 337 Weldon St., Montoursville, Pa. SHOE.MAKER, LAMES O. 1912 .Avery .Ave., WUliamsport, Pa. SHOLLY, RICH. RD W 308 E. Devvart St., Shamokin, Pa. SHOOK. GL.XDYS L R. D. 3, Muncv, Pa. SHORT, JERROLD 404 Upland Rd., Havertown, Pa. SHOWERS, RICHARD B., 811 Glenwood Ave., WUliamsport, Pa. SHRIAFP, HAROLD P., JR R. D. 1, Montgomerv, Pa. SHUEY, LYNN R 258 S. 19th St., Harrisburg, Pa. SHULER. RICHARD C. 140 Third St., Hughesville, Pa. SIBLEY, MARY ANN 45 WainwTight PI., Stratford, Conn. SIBOLE, P. LOWELL 100 W. 10th .Ave., Conshohocken, Pa. SIEGEL, ROBERT J. (68 Brandon) 565 Gibson .Ave.. Kingston. Pa. SIEMAN. CAROL A 39 Mellon Lane. Tenafiv. N. J. SLLV.AC;NI. MARY ELLEN. 336 Clavton Ave.. WUliamsport, Pa. SIL ER, NELSON S., 6028 Palisade Ave., West New York, N. Y. SILVERNAIL, BONNIE E. 4810 W. Seneca Tnpk., Svracuse 15, N. Y. SINGLEY, RAYMOND C. JR.. 2406 Linn St., Williamsport, Pa. SMEAD, JUDITH ANN 1725 Malvin Court, WUliamsport, Pa. SMITH, BARBARA L. 302 W. Central Ave., So. Williamsport, Pa. SMITH, H.AROLD L Lehigh .Ave.. FrackvUle. Pa. SMITH. JEANNE V 6 Del Rio Dr.. Rochester 18. N. Y. SMITH, YVONNE E. . 2100 Lincoln Dr., WUliamsport, Pa. SMITHSON. B. JOYCE 461 Third St.. Washington. Pa. SNEDEN, JOHN R 22 Roosevelt .Ave.. Hawthorne, N. J. SNOVER, ELIZABETH 1 119 S. Scott .Ave., Glenolden, Pa. SNYDER, JOFIN W. . 736 Winchester Rd.. Broomall, Pa. SNYDER. N.ANCY L. 546 Peace St., Hazleton, Pa. SNYDER, ' . ELEANOR R. D. I, Hughesville, Pa. SOKOL, WILLARD R. D. 2, Denver, Pa. SGMMERS, GERTRUDE A. 223 N. Loyalsock Ave., Montoursville, Pa. SOROKA. MICH.AEL 62 Gaxrow St.. Auburn. N. Y. SOYSTER. HARRY D 225 Seventh St., PhUipsburg, Pa. SPANNUTH. FREDERICK M. 733 W. Foster Ave., State College, Pa. SPOTTS, MARLIN R., (121 1 E. Third) Main. St., XaUev View, Pa. SPROUT, SHARON L. Picture Rocks, Pa. STAIB, HARRY A. 1466 Washington Blvd., WUliamsport, Pa. ST.VLEY, ROGER L 92 Tall Oaks Drive, Summit, N.J. STARR. CAROL L Ralston. Pa. STARR. SYLVIA . I. 909 MaxweU PI., WUliamsport. Pa. STAVISKY. ELI 511 Winter St.. Old Forge. Pa. ST.WISKY. WILLIAM, JR 720 S. .Main St.. Tavlor, Pa. STEBBINS, DI. NE E E. Mud Lake Rd., Baldwinsvilie, N. Y. STEBBLNS, W.AYNE G R. D. 1, Cogan Station. Pa. STEFFEN, G. DAVID 2825 W. Fourth St., WUliamsport, Pa. STEINLE. SANDRA L 229 Mechanic St., Girard, Pa. STEWARD, ALEXANDER H., 2826 Merion Rd., Camp Hill, Pa. STOBBART, ROGER L. 641 Revere Rd., Merion Station. Pa. STONE. .ALICE E North Bend, Pa. STONE. JA.MES A 1042 W. .Arch St.. Shamokin, Pa. STONE. KAREN L 4656 Old Boston Rd.. Pittsburgh 27, Pa. STONGE, JAMES R 322 Campbell St., WUliamsport, Pa. STO ER. WILLI.AM C, JR., 241 Market St., WUliamsport, Pa. STRAYER. JOHN B 481 Bayard St., So. WUliamsport. Pa. STRETTON, NOELLE I.. 3007 Plyers MUl Rd., Kensington, Mo. STRICKLEN. E. LUCILLE, 6126 Fairdel .Ave., Baltimore 6, Md. STRITTAl.ATTER, JOHN H., 415 Clayton .Ave., WUliamsport, Pa. SIU.XRT, LESLIE MAY. 209 Reillywood .Ave., Haddonfield, N. J. STUGART, HAROLD L 335 S. Main St., HughesvUle, Pa. STULL, ROBERT W Bloomingrove Rd., WUliamsport, Pa. STUTZM.AN, THOALAS D Quarry Rd.. Muncy, Pa. SULLIVAN, P.ATRICIA A 1301 Locust St., WUliamsport, Pa. SUTLIFF, ROSEM.ARY M.. 1 555 Overbrook Rd.,, Pa. SWANEY, ALARY JANE 241 Belvedere St., Carlisle, Pa. SWEELY, GORDON G R. D. 1, Jersey Shore, Pa. SWICK, KAREN R 1020 Vine Ave., WUliamsport, Pa. T.ANNER, LINDA J 409 .Austin Ave.. Pittsburgh 16, Pa. TARDITI, JOHN J., JR 2517 Long Beach Blvd., Sprav Beach, N. J. T.AYLOR, DALE BRUCE 3406 Breck Ave., Grove City, Ohio 163 STUDENT DIKKCTOKY — Continued TWLOR, UAll RICHARD 105 Hammer Ave. Ji hnstnn, I ' a. I I PEL. SlrSAN J. 609 Vallamont Dr.. Williamsport, Pa. IHAMSEN, RICHARD W 16 John Circle, Norwood, N. J. THEAMAN, MARK A. (656 Franklin) 50 Cushman Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. THO.MAS, BRUCE K. Round Lake, N. Y. THOMAS, CARL A. 2033 Reed St., Williamsport, Pa. THOMAS, CAROL D 1220 Spruce St., Ashland, Pa. THOMAS, EDWARD A. 605 Bowman St., Williamsport. Pa. rilOMAS. HENRY C... 120 West 7th Ave, So. Williamsport, Pa. III() 1 S, RKII RD C;. 2?0 Montour St.. Monloursville, Pa. Loyalsock Rti.. l ' orks ille. Pa. 149 N. Second St.. Frackville, Pa. (1139 Louisa St.) Germania. Pa. Glcnislay P. O., Jamaica. W. I, 509 S. Wayne St., Lewistown, Pa. 627 Highland Ave., Carlisle, Pa. I ll() l S. i;v)l!l Rl R. niOMAS, WILLIAM C. IIIOMKE, B. CALL THOMPSON, BARBARA V. . THOMPSON, C . ERID rilOMPSON, KENNETH D. niOMPSON. R.XY.MOND A., JR. 1652 Catherine St., Williamsport, Pa. IIIOMPSON. WILLIS C. 634 S. 27lh St.. I larrisbur(;. Pa. limHSTON, JEAN .M., 545 College . vc., Staten Island 2. N. Y. loMllNSON, WILLI. SM H., 821 Delaware Ave., Oakmont, Pa. lORUI RE, L. ARLENE R. D. 1, New Park, Pa. lOllR lELLOn. HARRY ' K. 404 Homestead PL, Warren, Pa. 100 Lafayette Pkwy., Rochester, N. Y. 820 Louisa St., Williamsport, Pa. Sicwartsvillc, N. J. 1640 Lincoln .Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 2108 .Midland Ave, Svracusc 5, N. Y. 219 Spring St., Dulxiistown, Pa. I 208 Baldwin St., Williamsport, Pa. in W IS. DA ID B. IRAVl R. II. JllDini IRl IBl L. K AIinnN I rURM R. I RM N . IIIMI I . D II) I,. iwicc, c. noL . . TYSON, BURNETL M US I R. C . II I 1 M ' 27 .Mulherrv St., .Montoursvillc, Pa. VANCE, HARRIEIT LOUISE 1401 E. Ihird St., Williamsport. P.i. ANDIRI, ND. JOHN W. 525 Tamarack St., Ulica, N. Y. N LIE1, IR(.INIA U. 350K Rhoads .Ave., Newtoun Stjuare. Pa. ANZANTEN, ALBERT C. 4 Drcvcoit Lane, I laverford. Pa. MII.INC.ER, DOROTHY R., 3 .Maverick St., Marblehead, Mass. ADDIII. DORIS 901 Remington Rd., WynnewocxI, Pa. l)l . IWI 1 B 88 Toole Ave., Pitlsfield, Mass. W AC.NLR, ROBERT F. (901 Louisa) 5 ictor .Ave.. No. Warren, Pa. WAHLERS, ROBERT P 996 licnhawk Rd.. Baldwin, N. Y. WAI.IZER, KENNETH A 221 Wilson St., Jersey Shore. Pa. WALKER, ANNE G Box 245, Na ' nuct, N. Y. WALKER, E1X;AR M., JR. 212 Nichols St., Clearfield. Pa. W. LL. CE, TERRY II. 1 3 I0 Strafford Rd., Camp Hill, Pa. WAl 1 IS, WILLIAM C. 40 Upper Market St., Milton, Pa. W ARI . DONN. O. 744 Eric .Ave., Williamsport, Pa. WARIHIML, MICHAEL . . R. D. 3, Hanover, Pa. W RN1 R. M. RY . NN 25 " A " St., Brunswick, Md. W AlERS, H. I AlTll 1919 Elkridge Hgts., Elkridge, Md. WATKINS, JAMES C, 5 Mayfield Rd., M.R.. Mechanicsburg, Pa. WATSO.N. P. MIL E R. D. I, Turlxrtville, Pa. WEATHERED. CAROL ANN 50 Smith St., Niantic, Conn. WEAVER, LEONARD P 929 Tucker St., Williamsport, Pa. WEBB. KENNETH L. 526 .Arch St., Mnntoursville, Pa. WEBBER. F. DANIEL (46 Washington Blvd.) Ave. " H " , Riverside, Pa. W EBS lER, J. NICE M. ... 486 Bayard St., So. Williamsport, Pa. WEIN, HENRY N 6639 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia 28, Pa. WFINER. MlCHAll W 163 Ocean .Ave., Br.x.klvn, N. Y. WELSIIANS. LOIS J. 434 Rural .Ave., Williamsport, Pa. WENZEL. HENRY ]., JR. 625 Fifth Ave., Williamsport. Pa. WHRKIIEISER. DEANNA M. R. D. 4. Easton, Pa. WERTMAN. LOUISE B. Ill Pepper St., .Muncv, Pa. WERTZ. HESS S.. JR. 702 Park Ave., Williamsport, Pa. WERTZ, J. RICHARD 1034 Penn St., Williamsport, Pa. WIIALEN. KATHLEEN 104 Green St., Muncv, Pa. WIIIDDIX. RUIll ANN Linden, Pa. WIIIPI ' I I . PRISCll 1 J. 123 Staver St., Jersev Shore, Pa. WIlll ' PII. RICH Mil) I.. JR. 514 Beecher St., Elmira, N. Y. WlllSlllR. DON .M. Mifflintown, Pa. WHITE, SILAS D. 515 Somerton .Ave., Philadelphia 16. Pa. HUMAN. H. MORTON 150 E. 72nd St.. N. V., N. Y. WIDMWN, J. MES R. 420 W. .Main, Lock Haven, Pa. Wll BUR, JOHN F 826 W. First St., Elmira, N. Y. W II DSMllH. JCWEPH N., (908 Franklin) R. D. 3, Danville, Pa. WILLARD. JOHN E 2403 11th St., Altoona, Pa. W II I I WIS. RICHARD H. 524 Washington St., Montoursville, Pa. W ILLl.WISON, IHO.MAS D., 502 S. Main St., Jersev Shore, Pa. WILSON, C;E0RC.E E 205 Elm St., allcy Stream, N. Y. WILSON, ROBERT C . 503 W. South St., Carlisle, Pa. WILL II. DWID 413 Ruial .Ave., Williamsport, Pa. WINDER. ELINOR I. 54 N. Main St., Monlgomerv, Pa. WINNER. lOIIN A. R. D. 2. .Montoursville. Pa. W INFER. J.WIES E 1155 Louisa St., Williamsport, Pa. Win III, LARRY 1. 1722 C;recn Ave., Williamspoit, Pa. WOLFF. LEE W. Millheim, Pa. WOOD. C;E0FFREY R. 721 Roselawn Ave., Pittsburgh 28, Pa. WOODY. ALYCE D. 525 Park .Ave., Williamsport. Pa. WOOL. KATHRYN P. 728 Louissi St., Williamsport, Pa. WOOLBERT. KENNETH C. 9 Rice St., Trucksville, Pa. WOOMER, JERO.ME K. Highland Street Ext., DuBois, Pa. wool ION, C.LENN T. 30 E. Floral Ave., Plcasanlville, N. J. WORLEV. ANN L. 1640 .Martin Pkwv., Williamsport, Pa. W RICH I, DAVID E. R. D. 2. Cogan Station, Pa. WRK.III. D.WID W. Spruce Hill, Warren, Pa., JANICE L. R. D. I.Canton, Pa. WURSTER, DANIEL C. 400 Lincoln Ave., Williamsport, Pa. VAPLE. .M. JANE VAPLE, MARY M. YARROLL, RAYMOND YEAC;LE, JUDY C. YEAC.LE, IHOMAS W. YEARICK, (.RAMK)N I VLARICK, M. R IN J. EnEB. CHARLES F. YORK, JL.XNNE A YOUNC;. P.MRICIA J., YOUNC;, WILLIAM A. ()UN(;. wii.LLWi R. VOUSHAW, DENNIS C. YOUTZ, DA ' ID A. 506 Chestnut St., Johnsonburg, Pa. 506 Chestnut St., Johnsonburg, Pa. P., 6809 Lynford St.. Philadelphia 49, Pa. R. D. 1, AllenwoiKl, Pa. R. D. 4, Muncy, Pa. Grove St., Avis, Pa. 167 S. Jones St., Lock Ha en, Pa. Hunlocks Creek B. D. I, Pa. .. 503 Greenbrier Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 1776 Huntington Tpke., Trumbull, Conn. 916 Penn St., Williamsport, Pa. . 1309 Warren Ave., Williamsport. Pa. . 424 Seventh St., Philipsburg, Pa. R. D. 2, Muncv, Pa. ZALYBA. ANYA ZANER, EVA M 3534 W. ZEIC;LER, CONNIE ZEISLOFT. DONN. 1). 247 W. Third St ZEI, SNV. JOSEPH D. 217 Fairvieu Ave 1E(,IIR. lERRV 1., I3K Washington Blvd., ZI.M.MER.MAN, RICII.XRD D ZLMMER.MAN, WILLIA.M F. 2122 Cummings St 1022 Spruce St.. Easton, Pa. Fourth St., Williamsport, Pa. Main Street, Clavsburg, Pa. , Bloomsburg. Pa. , Middlesex, N.J. Williamsport, Pa. 1610 Elliott St.. Williamsport. Pa. Williamsport, Pa. 164 Hist. LD 3131 .L9 A3 1961 Hist. 3131 .L9 A3 1961 [5023U] DOES NOT OIHOOIATE The Arrow. [S023U] v DOES NOT CIHCBUITE . fo y

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