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ZSEHETEELSEI .IE I I 0 I I IE Paessw-uso 011212 sr Til, ! 'me simon, class Um or and LUZERNE man scuooe. QED June ICQGS-QQ VH? tg' 0' - - - . Q' 'KAY-3 351 417' Qr?1izfr.sfi95 ' ' 'L ' e9'C91T Q' 5 ...vs Q 0' H M'Q425 - EU M y LZ EB ,fa Q Editor-in-Chief. YEARBOOK STAFF Business Manager.... Senior Editorsi. Junior Editor... Sophomore Editor.... History Editors. .....Edward Vernalis Jean Ringsdorf Ona Yurchakonis ..Barba Del Lovik ...Robert Oravitz Bernice,Gorewich Zigmond Karlotski Marilyn Mockaitis ...Emm Lou Davis .....Constance Yanchunis ....Mary Kester, Jan Sheposkee Activities Editors.... .....Ann Waverka Irene Zapotski Norma Moses Joan O'Konsky Athletic Editors.... ....Edward Dudes, Anthony Foglietta Art Editors.... Advertising.... Typists... Advisors.... ....Ear1 Atherholt, Charles Lucy .....Donald Veater Robert Oravitz .....Agnss Lonie Wanda Grabarek Victoria Burke Francis Koprevich Theodore Chzlina Joan Moses Anna Romonko largaret White Jeannette Karlotski Nellie Grivensky .....Miss Marion Wiener, Mr. Ford Reynolds DEDICATION Mr. Williams received his early education at Keystone Academy and graduated from Bucknell University in 1921. He came to Luzerne to teach in the high school in 1923 and assumed the role of principal in 1927. He was advanced to the position of supervising principal of the school in 19314. Since assuming this post, Mr. Williams has taken the initiative in instituting countless improvements in our school. AA commercial depart- ment was organized in 1935. The m st recent innovation has been the es- tablishment of well equipped industrial arts and homemaking departments this term. I . Williams has been a guiding inspiration to many students. His firm, yet friendly, way of adjusting problems, his adaptability to all situations, and his sincere interest in each pupil has made him a man well worth taking as a pattern. Because we shall always-think of him,not only as our superior, but also as our Wpalu, the Senior Class of 19h9 respectfully dedicates this volume to T. Stuart Williams. I r Ima BI atvt' N. Y. U. Victory Song Russ Davis Jr., '47 Luzerne dear, our Alma Mater, Thy praise wesdng with heart and voice. Thy orange and black waves proudly o'er us, While in thy glory we rejoice. When oourage fails and hopes are dying, Our thoughts shall ever turn to theeg Our watchword be till time is ended 9 Luzerne, Victory! rm, EHTU 18 W E QQ E'El .f5QQQ' W Q Q E S -E ' -4? QQ .5 'Q' 0419 ,Q . , M YE: IW 'M 4. W QQ? QQ E1 I5-396 -gs 'Q' 3 59 pf VM-EDKC IA Norma Moee. Q-M , ,, , uw, . , , . -. - ,.. .-Y-.,. . we Dorothy Allunis Dot is a vibrant blonde who be- cause of her last name was always first in the senior class. CYearbook hj Earl Atherholt UTexn, our Northern cowboy, made quite a sporty appearance in his west- ern get-up. He could out-draw any home 5 , make a fast get away on his motor bike. .A fYearbook hy Play 3,hl Louise Baglioni Lou is a fast talker who took an interest in everything from Byron to basketball. Annette Balcomb We certainly can hand Annette the prize for having a big interest in her studies and in Forty-Fort. Angeline Bartorillo Angie is one of those lucky people who never has a care in the world or never seems to, anyway. CDril1 Team 32 John Bellus 'JojyN is our own quiz kid. The student teachers inspired him to fur- ther his education at College Miseri- cordia, but wherever he goes, he's bound to succeed. Bernadette Birkbeck She never were make-up until her A A senior year but her gay, bubbling per- sonality made up for it. CP1ay 3,hg A Newspaper l,2,3,h3 Yearbook hy Pep Club 1,2,33 Cheerleader 2,3,hj Dolores Blassic Diminutive Lu always surprised everyone with her dynamic sense of humor and the energy to beat on the drums. KBand 2,3,h5 Orchestra by bre east of the Luzerne Sweet Shop, and 4 Lorraine Cnisak This witty blonde of the Commer- cial class was the life of every par- ty she attended. fPlay Committee 3,h Rose Cocchi Quiet and reserved is our senior class vice-president whose talent lie in playing the accordion. Clearbook hs Newspaper 3,h5 Pepettes 35 Anna Contino This cute brunette was always either laughing or laughing. Every- one is still wondering how she got h r nickname of WMinnien. CPlay Com- mittee 3,hD Arlene Corby A lovely girl who liked Luzerne High for she traveled from Larksville to get here. CNewspaper l,3,hg Year- book hy D S Florence Bloom Envied by everyone for her quiet ways and her lovely hair, Florence al- ways had a friendly word for everyone. Victoria Burke Tall and slim, her inborn poise and intelligence was admired by every- one. Ciearbook bg Newspaper lg Play bl Dorothy Byelick We understand how NDotW remained so slenderg that dashing from room to room each morning would be more than enough exercise for most girls.e CP1ay Committee hh Rosemary Casper Her eyes as well as her fast and furious twirling, very well expressed her bubbling Personality. fPlay hs Twirler 2,3,hg Pep Club by f .11 . 4. Theodore Culina Many outbursts of laughter can be traced to Tubby. He can be easily identified by his lanky shape and his fine taste for chewing tobacco. QP1ay Cpmmittee 3,hj Geraldi e Czekalski ,Dimples are a sign of sweet ess and beauty. Gerry has just the right amount of each. Chester Dragon Our all scholastic end, plans to play football at college and he is certain to make All-American. CFoot- ball 1.2.35 Baseball 2,3Q ' Edward Dudes nCutie Dudieu makes quite a hit with the girls with his curly blonde. hair and his basketball ability. CBaSketba11 1,2,3,hg Baseball ny .- r . L Bernadine Evasic A lively girl with an impish smile is blonde Bernie who blossomed in the junior play. KPep Club 115 Newspaper lu Yearbook hy Play Com ittee hh Anthony Foglietta The silent WFQ- sn football career was hampered with injuries, but he more than made up for it by his strong manly appearance on the bleachers. CYearbook hy Football l,2,3,hg Baseball 3,hj Isabelle Fronczkiewicz Its not until you hear her that you'd ever know that so much noise comes from such a small package. Bernice Gorewich One of the busiest girls in the c ass who should have mimeographedj senior l her homework. fPlay 3,h5 Yearbook hj Joan Hart Slim and michevious is this Irish lass who always had a quick comeback for'everyone. Louis Hochreiter Ten to one, the commotion in Mr. Martin's room during lunch period was Lou forever up to his old tricks. CPlay comms ttee 3,10 Doris Hooper Flighty and excitable is tall, slender Doris. fPep Club 3,US Drill Team 37 Marion Hutsko Marion really appreciated Health class. It was the only time she had to fix her nails or read comic books. CPepettes 25 Drill Team 33 Wanda Grabarek Wanda's friendly nature is rivaled only by her big blue wondering eyes. fBand l,2,3,h3 Orchestra 2,3,hj Nellie Grivensky Quiet Nellie has a soft voice to go with her delicate ways and a smile for everyone. CNewspaper hi Yearbook 10 Dorothy Grula A sweet brunette who has always quite fascinated with P. D. and the intricate workings of the government. lP1ay Committee 3 ,LQ Anna Havach Tin and intelligent is attentive little Annie who was always seen walk- ing thru the halls at a snail's pace. fP1ay Committee 3 ,M I ' . Donald Kleinsorge we never saw him in class very much but when he did come, his lively personality brightened many a dull day. Francis Koprevich Francis holds the record for being in the most fights in High School, but it is unique since he never won any. All and all he is a good sport and lots of fun. CFootball 2,3j Michael Kovalcheck He'l1 believe almost tell him, but he is quite a wit and well liked by everyone. CPlay hh Edward Kulka n0ggieU was a fan of just about everything-golf, girls and looks- everything but academic subjects. Jeanette Karlotski Jeanette is an intelligent girl with an eye for the fellows and an extreme fondness for the L. D. k J. CDrill Team 33 Pepettes 25 Pep Club 3, hs Play 33 Yearbook bg Newspaper hg Dance Committeehl Zigmond Karlotski He appears quiet but to those who really know Hziggyn, he's quite a chap. Oh the jokes that he tells! CPlay by Mary Kester .Her equal amount of personality, looks and intelligence make Mary a well liked individual. CYearhook bl Lorraine Krasniak A commercial student everyone knew for her unangelic ways. She and Tony were a Luzerne High tradition. CPlay hs Pep Club 23 Minstrel 21 T L Charles Lucy Recently entering the ring, NChazN is well on his way to be- coming the Wwiglie Pepn of the class. If his gloves o not beat his oppon- ents, his wise cracks will. 'fPlay 33 Irene Mazur Irene spent most of her time roller skating and never gave the boys in L. H. S..a break. KPepettes 25 Play Committee 3,h3 Newspaper hj Stanley Minkoff A baseball enthusiast whose future is all sewed up at his father's tailor shop. If there's a radio in the back hehis sure to be happy. CPlay Com itte 3, 7 Marilyn Mockaitis Always a smile and always an eye out for Casey was our exceedingly witty Marilyn. She attended Sem for a while but then decided that L. H. S was the place to be. CNewspaper bg Yearbook hi Play DJ Joseph Kurent Joe claims to be quite a hunter. Each time he set out to catch a rabbit he ended up eating salomi sandwiches. fP13y Bphy Carl Kuttenburg Carl was a quiet boy in class, but really a Casanova with out of town girls. Agnes Lonie Agnes is a pert little miss with a big smile who had a knack for wear- ing red. CPepettes 23 Drill Team 33 Newspaper hi Yearbook hy Barba Lovik Barba, who was seldom seen with- out Jan, had her mind either on act- ing, writing, or in the clouds. CPep Club 3,h3 Newspaper 1,2,3,h3 Yearbook 3,hg Play 3s Play Committee hh B , .. .,-.. .. Robert Oravitz With his charm and intelligence this 12-A business man is headed for success with the Acme Stores, Inc. fYearbook hi Baseball 21 Michael Paraschak nBun ockN always seemed to be looking for trouble, yet he is a good natured fellow who takes nothing ser- iously. Marion Peard Marion is the girl with a warm heart an a warm smile for all her classmates and a hearty slap on the back for her friends. Ruth Pembleton we really are thankful that we could call kind and lovely Ruth one of us as she was a relative newcomer to our halls. -in - '-I- ' Maureen Monahan Bright-eyed Maureen loves to dance and may we add--Walter! KBand 2,3,b5 Orchestrag Play 3,h5 Yearbook bl Joan Moses A blonde girl whose sweet and lady like ways endeared her to her class- mates. Norma Moses Quiet, intelligent, and reserved is our extremely versatile twirler. Her ability as a thespian was proven in the junior and senior plays. lPep- ettes 13 Bandg Play 3,h3 Pep Clubg' Yearbook hh Joan 0'Konsky Sweet, dainty Joan is the kind of a person that anyone would want for a friend. Ciearbook hy Newspaper Mg Pep Club 2D J Joseph Serivage The entire student body agreed on the excellent merits of his guitar play- ing, taste in clothes and popularity with the ladies. CPlay 31 Janet Sheposkee Jan, who was seldom seen without Barba, was one of the best dressed girls in the senior class. CPaper by Yearbook hg Play Committee 3,hl John Slavish John's classmates showed their es teem by electing him class president for 2 successive years. He never let us down with either his wit or his am- bitions. CClass president 3,hJ Catherine Snyder This highly excitable Irish lass was always in there swinging when her classmates were chiding her. Neverthe less Catherine is our unaffected canary. KPepettes lj Jean Ringsdorf Jean's pleasing personality proves that she will make someone C73 a wonder- ful wife, or if she is career-wise, an excellent department store manager. CNewspaper l,2,3g Yearbook 2,h3 Pep Club 23 Pepettes 25 Play 31 Anna Romonko L! Quiet, intelligent, with rhythmic feet, blonde Anne is a combination that can't be beat. fYearbook bg Play bl Robert Runt Runt, a dark horse entry in the senior class finally edged out a deci- sion in his favor. He whole-heartedly approves. Theodora Rutcosky Where there's trouble, there's Ted- dy, but she is certain to be successful wherever she goes because of her light- hearted nature. ' 1 1 Sylvester Urban This carefree guy fs a great lover of music, as Miss Frederick will tell you whenever she recalls his rendition of NSwing Low Sweet Chariotn. QPlay 3,Lg Football hh Donald Veater WVon Veateru, the senior milkman, is quite a trick shot artist. Many the time he was seen in the gym, bask- ing in the admiring glances of the ladies. CYearbook hi Edward Vernalis He knew more about Pennsylvania :han any of us, in fact, he had up to the minute information about every- thing. CPlay 35 Yearbook hh Xnn Waverka The Cleopatra of our class, was neat brown eyed Ann, who excelled on the dance floor. lilajoretteg Year- book bl Marie Sobeck Though she left us earlier in the year we shall always remember lovable, mischievous Marie. CNewspaper tb Lillian Stouchko A quiet, delicate, but intelli- gent girl with airy ideas describes WLilN to a NTU. Joseph Stravinsky If Club Swing Time ever needs an nM. C.W the job can be filled by capabl Joe who also shone as a football star. CFootball 3,h3 Play Committee 31 Dolores Tronkowski , NSkinnyN was the most athletic girl in Luzerne High. With her lively spirit and her heart of gold, we know that she will succeed in anything she does. 1 5 Margaret White Dainty and quiet is dark-haired Peggy but her musical laugh was one way to recognize her. CYearbook hy Play Committee 33 Ona Yurchukonis Blonde and active Ona had a talent for side tracking Mr. Kopetz in P. D. class. She was very fond of studying when she wasn't doing it. fYearbook hg Newspaper l,2,h3 Band l,2,3,h3 Orches- tra 2,3,hJ :K Wg- Yi Irene Zapotski A girl who had loads of spirit and a good personality, she spent as much time in the Sweet Shop as in school. CCheerleader l,2,35 Pep Club l,2,33 Yearbook hy Newspaper 1,23 Play hh James Zurinski Nature boy lives, eats and sleeps hunting and fishing. In 10 years he'1l out distance Frank Buck himself. CLASS OFFICERS Robert Oravitz, secretaryg Rose Cocchi, vice-presidentg John Slavish, presidentg Edward Dudes, treasurer. CLASS HISTORY h5 Freshman Year M6 On September hth 19h5 we took our initial step into the strange and hitherto unexplored realm of high school. In addition to the pupils who were with us through the first eight grades, many former parochial stu- dents were among our group. In this first year we remained in the back- ground as far as extra curricular activities were concerned as we were much too busy assimilating this new and exciting period in our lives. M6 Sophomore Year M7 Our Sophomore year well fulfilled all the expectations we had had as NFneshies.H Now, firmly entrenched in the pattern of the high school, we had several representatives on the Luzerne Line, in the newly established Pep Club and Pepettes, while quite a few of the male members in our class played football and basketball. M7 Junior Year h8 This was the year when we selected class officers for the first time and when the ballots had been counted, John Slavish was president, Edward Dudes, vice-president, Tony Foglietta, secretary, and Chester Dragon, treasurer. On the social side we were co-sponsers of the Junior-Senior prom and full responsibility was taken by us for the Halloween Dance. Our dramatic triumph,the play WThe Ghost Paradeu was directed by Miss Dorothy Connolly and had its presentation on April 6th l9h8. In the cast were Andrew Kempa, Edward Vernalis, Charles Lucy, Sylvester Urban, Bernadine Evasic, Joseph Kurent, Donald Kleinsorge, Bernice Gorewich, Bernadette Birkbeck, Norma Moses, Joseph Serivage, Earl Atherholt, Barba Del Lovik Jeannette Karlotski, and Maureen Monahan. The student director was Janet Sheposkee. h8 Senior Year h9 The year we had so eagerly awaited was launched by the election of class officers with John Slavish as president, Rose Cocchi,vice-president Robert Oravitz, secretary, and Edward Dudes, treasurer. Although there were but two Seniors on the squad their presence added immeasurably to the success of the football team. They were Anthony Foglietta as captain and as co-captain, Joseph Stravinsky. On the gym floor,Edward Dudes, lone senior member of the five, was captain of the basketball team. The Senior play arain Miss Dorothy Connolly with Dorothy Byelick and Barba Lovik as student directcrs, was presented December 15, l9h8. The cast included Anna Romonko, Norma Moses, Irene Zapotsky, Rose Mary Casper, Maureen Monahan, Victoria Burke, Zigmond Karlotski,Sylvester Urban, Michael Kovalchick, and Earl Atherholt. ff 1 , +MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEEDW f John Bellus Barba Del Lovik 4 I 'IBEST ALL-AROUND-N' Chester Dragon Dolores Tronkowski 'IMOST INTELLIGENT-If John Bellus Norm, Hoses X wsmoommssr DREssER+ Sylvester Urban Joan O'Konsky JA -FPSMOOTHEST DANCER-as Donald Kleinsorge Lorraine Krasniak M +fBEST ACTING ABILITY-1+ Sylvester Urban Barba Del Lovik -NMOST POISED-1+ Earl Atherholt Janet Sheposkee +N1c1-:ST SMILE-If Anthony Foglietta Bernadette Birkbeck 32,5 'N-MOST CAPABLE-1' Edward Vernalis Barba Del Ipvik l A 1 ' Lf! w1v1TT1Es1-++ wg f Edward Vernalis Ona Yurchakonis Q ,EW 17 4 ' 2.-+-f l NX f ,sm XXX W A 5 5 X S km NN . - X- 1 X X. '. . We xg, X -XL, X . xiii.. .. , X X X xi X X x Y XX XY X xf R: X 3 X EY X X X S X .XX XX X 128 ' is QS X' X Xe Y X X X X v Q X ' - XX iggx f XXXXSX AX X X Q. n vke 5, . NX. XXX? .XX4 Sv A XX, ix X X .wg W5 X, , 5. .X .X XS .. X4 , -ai: ix ,5 , X XX-Xia.. as X 52. 251f:f'f':5 :2- ll X XM 'Niki' SE'-:-,. X , my X .,.. .. X.-S .:sNXX,,:::.. XX X5 15. X, ' Q-X '1 .. ..., K 3, sy X -.'A :' fu XX - ..., : X- E Nr, .wifi f T 5 X W Avi, .TWH X X -K f 5 X X , S' . X XX . g ' 'f:2 if .. - P- M 3. . IEEE. .. XX XX XX xNNQ gr X 1 1 .XM Y , .XXNX - X .me t ' X 'NM QMS . - wwfw x - K . W X k 1 . k P . X .X.,. .X,Q..r , X X - 5 Q X X X ..b X ' Q' x . ,X. XXX. - , .fy x X: A -X A X Q55' X-A X -gk-5 'XX XXX :X ' xy, . , . X' if ,.., XKX- XXX' w' .. 1 - X YY -X X . - .Q Xxx X 'X XX W ' X X - Q , - X '3-iii xl Xw N. .XY xx :5 k'.XX,Er- x c 1- X v. ' xi' X iq Q 5 . xpg,XX.-P vw ., N-S X Xikxwk X . X . X A X f W-ff Sri if 'FQQJXX J Y' - - was 'X ----' - 6 f 1 . ' X gf X 3.2 X5 Q Q X sr K 1 X F X x 5 X X 2. X X Q M X 'X JN ix 5 K x 1 XS' X I N Xb 3 X X Ri X WX X X X SX ' X X, XX . X sk N AX Q x x K X X N X YNN XX: : X VX y xe A XX 5 X X X X Y 4 X X X x xx 3 X X X X X 1 5 X N wi Ni X J, Xi' EMXX 3 'Q X X , 1 QE wwww 7 is Ni. is LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the class of l9h9, thinking ourselves of sound and disposing mind, do make and df re this to be our last will and testament, and hereby make the following bequests: Norma Moses' powerful uppercut to Alec Trosk1 John BeIIus's yo-ya technique to Ronald fzekflsal. TEHHy CuIina's plug of tobacco to Tony Konigus. Jan 5EeposEee's height and eyebrows to Joyce Dickey. 'lfdrdrdidi KFasrTi'ak's Tony to anyone who will take him. Donald K einsor 's fondness of school to Daniel Shockloss. M e Kova c 's shyness to Tony Gushanas. Jeanette KarIoEski's fickleness to Ernestine Shara. Joan O'Konsky's stylish coiffure to Charlotte Howard. Wanda Gra5areE's perfect attendance to Romaine Koval. Tony rogIIetta's shoulders to Larry Kovacs. 'B3r53 IEviE's 1211- style C21 and acting disability to Noelwah Hottenstein dna Yurchukonis' ability to sidetrack Mr. Kopetz to Susan Zurinsky. Ediard-Vdrnfig unabridged joke book to John Bagonis. Joan Moses' quiet dignity to Joan Flannagan. Rose CoccEi's typing ability to Dolores Foglietta. Stadley Midkoffs' baseball knowledge to Bill Pope. ie es' o sh charm to Vicent Sluzell. Bernice Gorewich's indispensability to Chief to Ruth Brady. Francis koprevIc5's power of concentration to John Mesaros. Joe Serivage's suaveness to Tom Garrahan. Jean Eingsdorf's quietness to Stella Mae Bottoms. Eary Kester's Vitality to Emm Lou Davis. Agnes Lonie's picture of Silver Cand only a picturel to Jo Ann Verbalis. Sylvesftf-:T 'Uf 5'an's picture of Agnes to Joe Petrasek. Donald Veator's ease of manner to Peter Dragon. Inn waverEE's conduct mark to Shirley Burns. Catherine Snyder's inspiring voice to Edith Dorosky. Dorothy ByeIicE's energy to Mary Lou Gallagher. Carl Kuttenburi philandering to Thomas Lucy. John Sladisdis presidential air to Hoagy Ritinski. Earilyn Mockaitis' free pass to the movies to Joan B ookes. Irene Za tski 's 50' .y friends to 5Romaine Keval, except Smitty, ores Tron owsRi!s athletic ability to Geraldine Pope. Our Home addresses to Mr. Wooditch even tho' he won't need them anymore. The excuses we used to get out of class to-Qgiss Gildea. Our superiority complex to.the Junior Class. Our pleasant nature to the sophomore class and all the others that will use our desks in the futures 650 mb EQFQQ3- -- O Q 9 5 L QQ I Q 9 'M IW ,GQ 5' 63 sw' A M Qgsx I 2,47 JOLLY JUNIORS Junior Home Rooms 11-A M . Hcttenstein 11-B H . Reynolds 11-C Irs. Ill! The juniors started the school year of 19118-049 with the election of class officers. Peter Dragon was voted presidents Daniel Shockloss, vice-president, Robert Seleski, secretary, and John Bagonis, treasurer. Our first job to undertake was the annual Junior Halloween Dance which proved to be a great success. The next big event was the class play, WA Case of Springt1me,'pre- sented under the direction of Miss Connolly. The members of the cast were: Daniel Shockloss, Carmella Amato, Ruth Brady, Glenn Shaver, Noelwah Hottenstein, Thomas Garrahan, Richard Titus, Susan Zurinski, Ernestine Shara, Dolores Foglietta, Mary Ann Petro, Lawrence Kovacs, Ray Morelli, Mary Lou Gallagher, and Emmy Lou Davie., Jo Ann Verbalis was student director: The students who helped in making the Luzerne Li es a success were Emmy Lou Davis as assistant editor-in-chief, Daniel Shockloss, sports editor, Shirley Burns, feature editor, Mary Ann Petro, Dolores Fogli- etta, Romaine Kova1,Rita Koprevich,and Stella Mae Bottoms as reporters. The boys aiding the football team were Ray Morelli, Alex Troeko, John Bagonis, Robert Seleski, Tony Gushanas, George Kasarda, Melvin Szysz, Anthony Konigus, Vincent Sluzela, and Albert Mazaika. Our basketball players who showed some fine talent in this sport were Thomas Gmuoa, Michael Uter, Richard Kerin, an Joseph Retinski. Members who represented the Pep Club from the Junior class rooms were William Regal, Emmy Lou Davis, Frank Slapar and Edith Dorosky. Students who contributed to the fine music of our band were Ruth Brady, Geraldine Pope, Lawrence Kovacs, and Richard Kerin. The head- majorette was Jo Ann Verbalis with Joan Brookes as one of the twirlers. With this year ending we will always think of this year as a very successful one and hope that the sophomores coming in will find it just as exciting as we did. IR. HOTTENSTEIN ll-A FIRST ROW: Daniel Voitek, Michael Uter, Anthony Konigus, Frank Serivage, Anthony Gushanas, Alex Trosko, Peter Dragon, Richard Kern, Daniel Shockloss SECOND ROW: Jerome Geraltoski, Thomas Lucy, Ronald Czekalski, Norman Kanmilowicz, Vincent Sluzele, Robert Petty, Joseph Ritinski, George Kasarda, Mr. Hottenstein THIRD ROW: Carl Disano, Jack Wallace, Robert Runta, Thomas Kupstas, Bernard Barry, Melvin Szysz, William Pope, Joseph Petrasek, James Garrahan, Frank Slapar. U . REYNOLDS ll-B FIRST ROW: Romaine Koval, Joan Brookes, Joyce Dickey, Joan Flanagan, Anna Mazaika, Cynthia Edwards, Bernadine Bruno, Charlotte Howard SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Gallagher, Catherine Tregan, Jo Ann Verbalis Priscilla Sobeck, Rita Urbanovitch, Carmella Amato, Shirley Burns, Mr. Reynolds THIRD ROW: Esther Hitchings, Concetta Savoca, Lorraine Kresge, Dolores Foglietta, Erma Nafus, Marion Kubash, Edith Dorosky, Sally Miller ABSENT: Zora Benec, Anna Mickus, Mildred Froncek, Frances Clark, Sally Petrey, Helen Alar. 'r 3. .1 V., M1 . dx ix, Z Sm, i ,Z ic. A ,, W F , x . Mal fl ,wk 51' Q29-b.v'. Q ' 'X 1: , Q 'T' ,. Q. Q ' W M K, Q, vw, my , :- ,f y fy. N 25 Q . f '- fi 57 - Q T' . fjgyb K f., .fm ., . 1 V si'- . f.- vh :ff 1.3, iff' fx -Q 1 ffvf :ya 'QQ Q if A Am ' y, 1 Q W . W U 'W ag-Q 6 Q f Q E Cl 'Yr M. PHOMOKE STARS Q, xii-il Q 4749 mf 7 a'---5 J 'li- ' 5 ,' S' Ns s a N Q V5 s 5 s 'Q YYS 5 4 5 -E' uso ' 490 O HJ U . KOPETZ 10-A FIRST ROW: Michael Mizenko, John Zim erman, Joseph Kachmar, Robert Alar, Eugene Grogan, Joseph Terlesky ,' SECOND RON: John Michaels, Richard Karlotski, Hugh Williams, Charles. Tomashofsky, Francis Osolnick, Mr. Kopetz THIRD ROW: Andrew Hutsko, John McManus, Edward Walitis, Francis Geraltoski, Bernard Tronkowski, John Podskoc, Robert Engle Q ABSENT: Leonard Krzywicki, Joseph Orant, Raul Sicurella, Matthew Stouchko , il nss clmons 10-B 1 FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Wallace, Marion Haraschak, Dorothy Martin, Janis Schwall, Cora Kasarda, Patricia Barry, Marie Theresa Hutnik, Eleanor Perchy SECOND ROW: Jean Hendershot, Henrietta Culina, Constance Chukinas, Ann. Marie Franklin, Ann Fritz, Beverly Sayne, Helen Stokes, Miss Gilmore THIRD ROW: Jean Isopi, Mary Lou Hochrieter, Mary Lou Tvans, Helen Jerostic, Theresa Zier, Barbara Hoon, Helen Watt'-vlch, Gloria Matkins, Doris Holly ABSENT: Beverly Martino, Alice Katarski, Dolores Syroid, Josephine Zachary. 0 6 H a xg - ME Q E E'E!S'QQ4S 9 5 Q? f,,,, 'Q ms SUPP Tl G . rm .. g ,Q5i 'E'- SL' 0' I I J 0 PQ 1 O Q 55 ' I K E, , ' I 9 151 , E7 Qvaza 9 HRS. MILES 9-A FIRST ROW: James Apolinaro, Joseph Byelick, Harrison Knell, Valaras Nevadonski, Michael Dosick, John Tuman, Morris Atherholt, Matthew Monforte, Sheldon Isaac SECOND ROW: Robert Gruver, Jack Allen, Bernard Stouchko, Peter Paraschak ' James Casey, Jerome Masonic, Stanley Grivensky, Eugene Fabiny, Jack - Sweetra, Mrs. Miles . THIRD ROW:' Clark Smith, Edward Martin, Ieonard Malusky, Donald Videgar, Frank Zurinsky, Robert Ottaviani, David Holly, John Malusky, Richard Shonk, Kenneth Hottenstein, Bernard Ieandri ABSENTx Donald Gruver, Evan Kleban, Leonard Endza, Thomas Rowland. MISS IAYTEL 9-B FIRST ROW: Josephine Bartarillo, Alice Drach, Marcella Bugdanovitch, Patricia Oliver, Mary Ann Machinist, Marie Reino, Shirley Bloom, Dolores Slapar. SECOND ROW: Ruth Ann Petro, Carmella DiBe11a, Audrey Kresge, Jean Konopke, Joan Tregan, Edith Hufford, Jean Philips, Norma Pisaneechi, Miss Waytel. THIRD ROW: Ann Moreck, Nancy Keller, Laura Zimmerman, Joan Sadusky, Laverne Arcangeli, Annette Pivalis, Jean Golembeski, Dorothy Lutes. ABSENT: Eleanor Bartarillo, Mary Ann Kazokic, Dorothy Lugar, Marie Molesky, Dorothy Shone, Rose Sokolfosky, Eva Daniels. MR. BRADY 9-C FTRST ROW: Anueline Bartorillo, Marnaret Fritz, Marion Morelly, Joan Sluzele, Mildred Brdaric, Lois Obitz, Sandra Edwards, Bernardine Charnitsky, Helen Simcak, Arlene Benson. SECOND ROW: Rohert Hercegs, John Gula, Susan Havach, Paula Luksic, Marion Carlson, Theresa Macey, Anna Zluky, Betty Jean Dickson, Mary McKernan, John Garrah, George Havach, Mr. Brady. THIRD ROW: Edward Killeen, John Connoly, Joseph Kurpis, Donald Jackasky, Jerome Zellnsky, Michael Novis, Robert Gray, Robert Gallaqher, William IeGrande, Allan Slicker, Michael Petro. me 8'A .X FIRST ROW: Ruth Thompson, Josephine Disano, Janet Woynoski, Rosemary Sigmond, Orba Yanchunis, Bernadine Orant, Nancy Karmilowicz, Betty Petroski, Valerie Steele, Roberta Atherholt SECOND ROW: Joseph Novis, Nancy Pearl, Bernadine Rasmus, Miriam Weber, Bernadine Sendgia, Shirley Amato, Eva Lloyd, Alberta Yanches, Frank Dibuo, James Petro, Mr. Banta ' THIRD ROW: Richard Bunn, John Foglietta, Anthony Drugash, John Barbosa, Levi Steele, George Rothery, Frank Derby, Thomas Moses, Norman Latoski, Robert Grula, James Savoca ABSENT: Rita Androsko, Janet Kascak, Margaret Sullivan, Daniel Zimmerman, Bwrtle Eastwood. V--ii-.-3 MISS BURNS U-B FIRST ROW: Shirley VanBuskirk, Jean Hendershot, Geraldine Lane, Jean Bizup, Marion Bloom, Rose Amato, Clara Grabariok, Janet Hottenstein, Tillie Mule, Marion Wood, Cecil Smith SECOND ROW: Patsy Sherwin, Regina Bellas, Albert Lovik, George Frazier, Charles Kopetchny, Peter Vassello, Dorothy Slavish, Coralie Hughes, Doris Baird, Mrs. Catron THIRD ROW: Martin Krasavage, Robert Urbanovitch, Barth Balcomb, David Ruth, Michael Juditz, Thomas Watkins, Donald Petty, Bernard Fronczkiewicz, Bruno'Gurnari, John James, Walter Konopke ABSENT: Donna Evans, Jean Hochrlotnr, Barbara Yurchak, Dorothy Kubash. IR. SHUPNIK 7-A FIRST ROW: Robert Eipper, Laura Wallace, Anna Marie Malusky, Sandra James, Jo Ann Billow, Esther Thomas, Frances Mule, Verna Tarreto, Sue Rowan, Thomas Matuyza SECOND ROW: Cecelia Vinovrski, Ruth Barry, Elsie Jensen, Donald Carey, Anthony Kotarski, Donald Lupinski, Patricia Murray, Barbara Krzywicki, Mr. Shupnik THIRD ROW: Richard Morgan, Albert Shonk, Fred Robson, Marvin Rothery, 'Ralph Derby, James Reed, George Hufford, David Zurinski, Thomas Sherin, John Barbose. , . I.,,.. ..,A,.., .-, , . ., .. X ana. v MR. c.AL1.AoHER I 7-B FIRST ROW: William Spudis, Bernice Barber, Barbara Arnold, Antoinette Angeli, Rita Mazeitis, Elizabeth Yanovitch, Elizabeth Jensen, Patricia Compton, Sofus Jensen. SECOND ROW: Karl Blight, Robert Kasarda, Richard Davenport, Arnenta Davis, Janice Sendgia, Evelyn Steele, Mr. Gallagher. THIRD ROW: Alfred Gurnari, Robert Kazokas, John Hebda, Stephen Carlin, Anthony Cecconi, Anthony Amato, Vincent Varankar, Paul Brown, Sam Rugpere. AFSENT: William Pembleton, Celia Allunis, Marie June. v-.... v HR. YAKUS Y-C FIRST ROW: Robert James, Grace Keller, Lorraine Malarkey, Lucille Montforte, Dorothy Blannett, Carol Ottoviani, Louise Bolonis, Sylvia Czekalski, Donald Meyers SECOND ROW: Dolores Vassello, Robert Nafus, Irene Nevadonski, Rosalie Silchak, Arline Stouchko, Charlotte Bloom, Emily Yanchunas, Mr. Yakus THIRD ROW: Jack Kovalchik, Ransom Agnew, Gerald Gruver, Jerome Urbanovitch, Leo Minkoff, Henry Knell, Robert Bachman, Alex Pavelick, Robert Latoski ABSENT: Robert Johns. Nancy lewis, Robert Hess. gs m .- .MV thy? ,.1, 'J- f 5 X k Ai' is g gi 542 1 z V Q ..:.,: 5522: ' 1 Q ..,. , 1 1 ' Q 5 5 W fx , K x -:Q--V . . . ..-,- -4: ,.,...... af.-4.:.:.-,Q aw S -- ' :Q , ' :,,. ,,..... 1 6, , 0 .. 39... Q ' x , A If ,N fm +652 NX. 84 'FW , w Nw Sw JQWQ X, yx MER 513, -Qu. ? I 5 . W N Aimsxxvw in Q Mx -axgckfv Iwi - -X Y gm. N , R ,gm uw 1w ? X 1 's - s S1 5 f aw, Q .xx wifi an 4 SQ K. fi? 5 s R ,Ain .. Q 4 Mk M 3 .h .,. u 4 N in f , ' - ,..,ur'v: ' .-A 1 Q 1 V 9 . xxx 2 ., gn kg M 3 s 5' x M x 5 -X E: if ' S X SQ +::::1 X 1 2 I ....-- w 1 Q: Q x 5. QQ - ,,':1:af::-:1.,: ta: A mf? y E345 sw mgx' f x Q gxwffig' x K gs ' ts 'guys 'Q ,vkfsf , 53: Neff X sun N- f A .2 vp X W . X Y --r The industrial arts department has been established in the Charles Street building and 1S supervised by Mr. Brady. A partition was removed to make the shop the slze of two classrooms. Equlpment conslsts of 12 work benches in wood,wood lathe, band saw, j1g saw, universal saw, jolnter, drill press, electrical work bench, electric solderlng irons, and mlscellaneous hand tools. The course is compulsory for all boys in the junior high school. Sections are kept as small as possible to allow for individual instructions. At present there are three sections of seventh grade, two sections of eighth grade,and four sections of ninth grade. Sections meet for one two-hour period per week, scheduled between eight and twelve o'c1ock. Instruction is centered on four phases of the course, namely, wood- work, sheetmetal, electricity, and art metal. Already some fine exam- ples of woodwork in the form of book shelves, wooden bowls, lamp 118895: and racks have been produced. ?--T Q - 7 .-.--.- . W EQDD QFXEE SE EC TE Q ' 0 I 5 Q . A 9 S QU' Q sr U TECT Ei! 'IA , me-L 69-QQ TEE SW-SQ Ng -1952154 ' . 351g5?Q' YEARBOQ-C surf FIRST ROW: Agnes Lonie, Arlene Corby, Jean Ringsdorf, Janet Sheposkee Barba Del J . Lovik, Nellie Grivensky, Margaret White Isabelle Fronczkiewi C t , cz, ons ance Yanchunas, Norma Moses SECOND ROW: Mr. Reynolds, Bernice Gorewich, Victoria Burke, Anna Romonko Irene Zapotski, Mary Kester, Joan Moses, Maureen Monahan, Joan 0'Konsky, Rose Ann Cocchi, Miss Wiener THIRD RON: Jeannette Karlotski Francis Koprevich, Edward Dudes, Teddy Culina, Donald Veater, Earl atherholt, Zigmond Karlotski, Edward Vernalis. ' NEWSPAPER STAFF , mnmw Lou Davis, Charles Lucy, Tony Fogletti, J X v B It FIRST Row: Daniel ShocklosS, Emmy L011 Davis, Janet Shelwskeef Barba Eel Lovik' Bernadette Birkbeck, Shirley Burns, Jean Ringsdorf, Steua Mae Boxnomgetro SECOND ROW: Constance Yanchunis, Irene Mazur, Rita Koprevlclfs n ' Anna Romonko, Victoria Burke, Joan O'KO11SkYa MTS' Kal? M155 G1 oremnie THIRD HOW: Jeannette Karlotski, Arlene Corby, Nellie Grivensky: Agnes Gooch Joan Moses. Dolores Fogletti, Bernadine Evasic. Joan Flannagan, Rose - W SENIOR -PLAY 'LOVE IS TOO MUCH TROUBLEH The Senior Class presented WLove Is Too Much Trouble,H a hilarious comedy, on Wednesday, December 15, 1958. Under the superb direction of Miss Connolly, this proved to be one of the best plays ever produced by Luzerne High School. The student directors were Barba Lovik and Dorothy Byelick. The scene of the play was the students hangout,NThe Poison Pot CAST OF CHARACTERS Joe, a boy with troubles .............. Toasty, owner of HPoison Potn ......... Connie, working her way through college .... Monica Bates, absorbing atmosphere .......... Pinky, Joe's best friend .............. Sugar Lou, a southern belle ........ Shirley, belle of the campus .... Oggie, the studious type...... Ebb Dunham, student.......... Flo, her sister............... Cliff Hayward, a bandleader... Dr. Pillsy, Dean of Men ...... Mrs. Bates, Monica's mother ........... nies Ross. Dean of Women .............. Joseph Kurent Bernice Gorewich .Anna Romonko Norma Moses Sylvester Urban Maureen-Monahan Irene Zapotski Earl Atherholt Rosemary Casper Lorraine Krasniak Micheal Kovalchek Zigmond Karlotski Bernadette Birbeck Victoria Burkei UNIOR PLAY A CASE OF SPRINGTILEY' The Junior play, a comedy in three acts, was presented Wednesday, February 23, l9h9 under the direction of Miss Connolly. Jo Ann Verbalis and Joan Brookes were student directors. CAST OF CHARACTERS Bob Parker, who is on a spot... .. Mr. Parker, his father ........ .. Mrs. Parker, his mother ........ .. Betty Parker, his sister .......... .. Dickie Parker, the kid brother ............. Gwen Anderson, Dickie's Nflamen ............ Joan Abernaker, the principal's daughter... Eddie, her brother ......................... Louella, the Parkers' maid ........ .. .... ... Mr. Abernaker, the high school principal... Mrs. Brunswick, P.T.A. member............... Mrs! PoTlAo ne I.OOlOlllC Ill if Mrs. Hill, P.T.A. member...... .. Miss Bright. from the zoo.................. Lawrence Kovacs Ray Morelli Mary Lou Gallagher Emm Lou Davis Danny Shockloss Nolewah Hottenstien Ruth Brady Thomas Garahan Carmella Amato Glen Shaver Dolores Foqlietta .Susan Zurinski .Ernestine Shara Plainclothes Man, The Hlawn... ... Richard Titas .Marv Ann Petro I P' ,,. Q Ng .s wx . ii I . .ni f! 2 K i 54 N si 9 sri? A H Eff? s 0 GJ . h A V Q . XKRS Q Qs' 'E fl, 0 QL 'ff E? ,, 4 I 'E 1 9 r E ,, Q . 5 E Q Q- zu . 1- 9 7 V 0 Hi, mf' ff: I' xl f A P R rp EE 'I FOOTBALL SQUAD FIRST ROW: Asst. Mgr. Albert Lovik, Andrew Hutsko, John Bagonis, Joseph Stravinsky, Anthony Foglietta, Anthony Konigus, Robert Seleski, George Kasarda, Mgr. Edward Dudes SECOND ROW: Asst. Coach Shupnik, Francis Geraltoski, Vincent Sluzele, Leonard Krzywicki, William Regal, Anthony Gushanas, Alex Trosko, Raymond Morelli, Head Coach Brady THIRD ROW! Albert Petrasek, John McManus, Benjamin Mollusky, Albert Mazaika, Edward Walitis, John Michaels. Joseph Kachmar, James Ford. MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBABKING Although the Luzerne Lions went through the season without a victory, the team fought hard all the way under the direction of Coach Brady. Every opponent of Luzerne had the advantage of weight, experience, and larger squads. Another coach might have given up with only seventeen candidates out for the first practice season, but coach Brady did a fine job of holding the team togetherQ He could have dropped out of the league, but his idea was to build up for the coming season, to givethe lnderclassmen the experience-neededto win games. His job was a diffi- cult one. Luzerne had one of the most difficult schedules in the valley. Injuries sidelined many of the players and sometimes the coach had a tough time getting a starting eleven for the next game. But this season has not been altogether in vain. The boys havelearned much this past season and will make up for the drubbings they took when they meet those same teams next year. X -T' 2.3 x X A. . X -Q ' - ' gy ' 2: .. . X N .Sw 95 fx 5312: ,,.. .3 x X it '33 B. ' esp New Nt Y QE X SM X X X N x QQ N' wc A X r. K R N w me X 'X Q 5 . , . 1. X Avg Sr QQ Q 'NSA 'cw if 'x 513 qw? , x -si? .A r lv, Qu . fbw W 41- fff ' YL . , , K bx M gp Q X 9. x . 'SN , O X 5 pg g X . -av .. gk N 2' BASKETBALL. TEAM SENIOR VARSITY FIRST ROW: Walter Krasavage, Michael Uter, Alex Trosko, Captain Edward Dudes, Richard Kern, Joseph Retinski, Bernard Trorgkowski SECOND ROW: Frank Linkowski, Mgr.5 Richard Shonk, Robert Rahl, Francis Geraltoski, John Podskoc, Paul Sicurella, John Malusky, Asst. Mgr. JUNIOR VARSITY ' i h 1 N 1 FIRST POW: Joseph Kurpis, Harrison Knell, Jerome Ilasonis, M c ae ov s sscoun Row: Clark Smith, David Holly, Joseph Byelwk, Jack Allen, John Malusky, Mgr. 4 , Luzerne Ogponent 35 Pringle 36 25 Marymount 16 37 West Wyoming 35 U5 West Wyoming 36 35 Nanticoke 23 ' 11 Kingston 57 EXHIBITION GAMES VALLEY LEAGUE First Half Luzerne 2h Exeter 31 Luzerne no wyoming 37 Luzerne So Pittston M3 Luzerne 32 Plains 37 Luzerne M9 Larksville 39 Luzerne h9 Edwardsville h? Luzerne M6 West Pittston h7 Luzerne h8 Forty Fort 66 Luzerne 33 Shickshinny M2 Second Half Luzerne no Exeter 36 Luzerne 38 wyoming 27 Luzerne U9 Pittston hh Luzerne hl Plains 31 Luzerne 39 Larksville h6 Luzerne 36 Edwardsville 32 Luzerne 50 West Pittston S3 Luzerne 51 Forty Fort h6 Luzerne 38 Shickshinny no . The Luzerne Rough Riders attained fair suc- cess this season under the guidance of Coach Shupnik and sparked by Captain Dudes. Although they did not win the Valley League pennant they downed Edwardsville, the league champions, in two encounters. Despite a good record of exhi- bition games Luzerne just about broke even in the first half of league play with 5 wins and h losses. The team was a stronger contendor in the second half but still had to be content with 6 wins and 3 losses. .0 ' n nf -- . - ,- ,,- .Sq 'ja-gqw-ffl-f ... A sAs:sAu. sguAo .--.--......1,..,...., FIRST ROW: Bernard Tronkowski, Robert Rahl, Edward Dudes, Anthony Fogli- etta, Francis Slapar, Robert Seleski. SECOND ROW: George ,Kasarda, Robert Petty, Norman Karmilowicz, Leonard Kryzwicki, Walter Krasavage, John Bagonis. THIRD ROW: Frank Linkowski, Mgr., Francis Osolnick, William Pope, Paul Sicurella., Coach Hottenstein. ABSENTz Harrison Knell, James Ford. The starting line up for this year under the direction of Coach Hot- tenstein includes: Robert Petty, C3 Francis Slapar, P5 Norman Karmilowicz lbg Vincent Bagonis, 2b5 Bernard Tronkowski,SS3 Edward Dudes, 3b3 William Pope,'LF5 Harrison Knell CF5 Anthony Foglietta, RF. The diamondeers defeated Exeter S-l and Wyoming 13-5 in pre-season games. Kingston was tied 5-5 in a game called in the seventh. The sched- ule follows with scores recorded as to the date we go to press: April 25 Away Luzerne Swoyervine 3 April 28 Home Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Township 10 Hay 2 Away Luzerne Plains ll May 5 Open Luzerne May 9 Away Luzerne Ashley May 12 Home Luzerne Swoyerville May 16 Away Luzerne Wilkes-Barre Township May 19 Home Luzerne Plains llay 23 Open Luzerne May 26 Home Luzerne Ashley V Awww fffff 4 . ADVERTISIN 1 Q55 L. Q 9 ie '7 I C7 a .Q QQ 0 0 5 I Q QW Q i E1 C E Q is: - - , gli? Q . ' -.EQ . f ! 5155, .1221 Aw 'I''I'i I I'+'I I''I Z Z ! ?'I'-I Z Z !'- 'I I' P'K I l ! ?'l I I I I I''I I I I ?'I I I I I''I I' 'I I' 'I I I I I I I I I I I I'i I' 'I I I I' Dam-ing At The Rose Room S0 Main St., lmzerm' Newly Decorated Dancing 8:30 - 11:30 Every Weclnesalav. Saturday and Sunday Nite PATBOIIS Mr. and Mrs. John Mullay Mr. and Mrs. John Grivensky Mirian Weber Professor Gus Barnes Juke Mizaml Mrs. John Bottko S4'll9L'llll8IllS Army and Navy Store Mrs. Mary Havach Mrs. Swan Gamble Dave Dattner Joseph Dattner 'I I I I I I I I' 'I I I'+'I I I I I l I I I I I I I I I I l I' 'I I' 'I I' 'I l I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' I 'I' 'I' I 'I' I I 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' Stephan Pep Culina Mr. and Mrs. John Grula Mr. and Mrs. William R. Thomas Pauline's Beauty Shoppe Mr. and Mrs. A. Gorewich Boys of Kachmar's Store Mrs. Isabell Eustice Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Contino Miss Laura Moses Arronoo E. voL1'E Economy Store 853 N. St. Luzerne, Pa. Fresh Meats - Frozen Foods FRESH VEGETABLES Phone King. 7-7752 Free Delivery Mr. Bernard Re Bernies Beauty Booth Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Zawaszski Mr. and Mrs. Frank 0'Konsky Mr. and Mrs. John Burke Mr. and Mrs. Michael Charnetski Mr. and Mrs. Dan Leandri Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Waverka Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ford John J. Kopetz 10-A Homeroom Mr. and Mrs. Veater Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Long Mr. and Mrs. George Bernard Mr. Howard Smith Miss Audrey Kuttenberg Mrs. Viola Kuttenberg Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Moses A Friend Mr. and Mrs. George Casper 'I I I' 2'4- -I' 'I' -3. 'I' '!' -2- '1- 'I' 'S' Z'-'Z 'E' -2' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'E' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'lv 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' E 'I I ! I l I I ! I I I I l l l l'i! 'I I I I' 'I I' ' . 4-4-4+4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-44-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-44-4-4-4-444-4-4-4-4-+4-4-z 4- 4- 4- 4- 4 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- - 4- .4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- .4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- : 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- I 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4- 4. 4- +'i'l'4 l l l l' 4-4-4-4--1-4-4-4-z-44-4-1-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-44-4-4-4-4--:-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4- l'nmplinn-ms of J. Morgantini 8: Co.- lil-IXEILXI. Nll-IIRVIIANDISE Ph. 7-4771 , , Sidelko's l'lu-nv XX ymnmg.: 223 RADIO SERVICE AM. F.M. T4-lovisimn - Amplifivrs - Auto Radios nv gmar! Be Thrifty l'lu-nc-graphs - Motors Shop A, The 30 Main Sn--or Luzerne Thrift Shoe Store Phone 7-4771 106 Main St. Luzvrm- Edwardsville NViIkcs-Barre Complimonts of Plmm- 7-41155 Electrical Appliances A .- Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zackary Compliments of , l Spinicci's Service Center GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS Compliments of 305 Main St. Swoyerville, Pa. Fred W Feitusch . Q l 2''I'4''E''H''I''I''I''lvlnl-'lvl'+i+C'+i+l'+'bi04l'l'i ii'Q'4Qi+64i+4++1+46Qi+iv4-l+64l46IvOI--I--lvl-'INIHI' 'lvl' 'lvl- 'IHI' 'l l !- -Q-.Q-v1,., 'Z' 'F- J. +++i+6+++ +9144 +++++ i++++++i+i+ ++++++++++44++i++4+i+ iii +++++++ i++++ +++ ++i+++++ii+i++++ iiiii +++i+++ ii!! i 1 Q + + 1 i + i E Q Q i i From- Estixnntvs Robe PLUMBIN 213 Courtdale Ave. Cabinet Sc Parry 8: Kelly Compliments of Vvww+v+v+w+vvvw++4?+6+++++++++++iGQiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii01 Dial 7-7521 Compliments of Courtdale Coal Co. rt Oravitz Courtdale, Pa. G and HEATING MORGAN BIRD, President Courtdale, Pa. ALEX SELESKI, Treasurer Compliments of Kessler's Market Crown Nut Company 1 PRODUCERS OF TOPPERS 227 Kelly St- Luzerne, Pa Peanuts Phone 7-9382 Dial 3-3724 Matthews Millwork Co. Stanley Witkowski Fixture Specialists St. Luzerne, Pa. PLUMBING Sz HEATING 42 E. Main St. Miners Mills, Pa iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 'lflvlvlwlvi a1lv'l l l l l l l l lv'lHlNlI'lNl lv'lNl1lNlv COMPLIMENTS OF STATE SENATOR PATRICK J. TOOLE Lou's Economy Store Fine Meats and Groceries Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Free Delivery Dial 7-9301 Prop. Lou Gelb 255 Main St. Luzerne Compliments of Luzerne Motor COMPANY BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES Mr. and Mrs. Charles Waverka +1-+-N-neva:-new-r++++++++4-Q++++++ i :sri wffilr' ' fr 06 'I l I l ! I I I l''I I I I'4 I I I'++'! I I I l I I'6'i'I'04'4'4'f+4' 'I I I I I I 1 I I''I I I I I I I I I l I I'9'l P'P'f'P'P'l I I I''I l P'I I I' 'I I'+'l I' 'I I I I ! i'!- 'I I' ,',P'I I I I I I'4 l Z I' Q9 4' 6 9 'I' O' 4 4' 6 0 0 'I' 4' 'I' 'I' 'I' 4' 6 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 4' 'I' 4' 'I' 'I' 0 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 4' 'P 'I' 'I' 'I' 4' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' I' I' 'P 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 1' I' 4' 'I I'-I f' Cut Rate Market .Iusvllll l lNlll'l', I,I'0lb. 'I I''I I I I l I'I l I I I l I I I'+'I I I I I I I I I l l I' .ll Klum sl. l.u NIl'I.X'l'N .Q 4illUt'l'Ilill'IS zvrnv, l'an. Russell C. Davis Funeral Home l'lmn.- T-llllikl 5248.3 ll Illlt'II Sir.-.-I l.llZ!'I'lll'. l'za. ' ' l'llIY.X'l'l'I SIIUWICUUM 61 K'llAl'l'Il. Compliments of 'I I I I I I I I I I'4 Z !- 'I I' 'I I' -1- 'Z-+ I I' A FRIEND -.. 12' ' .... Dial T-5043 0mv'i Of Ernest Benscoter fl' 'I l I I I I I I I I ! !' 'Z 'I I' Dr. :md Mrs. W. H. Tlhmlmert 4, th-mwzll llunlingr Coal - YV0ml - Aslws HIST Millvr SI, lmzerm-. Pu. l .rl Compliments ul' ..g..g. Trucksville Mill 'I I I I I I I I I I I I'+'I- 'Z 'I I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 5 1' 1' 'I' 'I' 'P 'I' 'I' 'I' I' 4. , if 'I' i. +. 'I' 4. . 1' 'I' 'Z 'I' , E 'P 'I' 'I' 'l', 'I' Q., 'I' 'P 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 4' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' ofa 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' 'I' '5 l I I' John M' Kester GLIDDEX FEEDS Ulf' Millvl' Sl- l U9l'lll', PH- llaby Clliuks Phone Dallas 58 44444 l':ull King. T-ZI3t'4ll f44444 Compliments nf 4444444' Nellie's Beauty Solon ,- 4 sg l'mp., Nm-lliv llnlullus 4444' Compliments of +44 44 +++g+++ Leonard Calaide 44444449444 E ? - A 5 C 2 P 1 T P-l V I A iv - A 7 Z fx m .g. .yu ,Xlgn-Ig.-1 Sr, liingrston. P Pizza Sumlwiclws TONY'S TAVERN 225 lvlllllll Sire:-1 lnlzvrno. Pa. Darts Sllllfl'll'b0lll'll Phqun- T 3347 669 IHIMH' bt Maher Funeral Home Zllill N. Maple Aw. Kingston. Pau. Plmm' 7-6813 4444444444444 4 44444444 l'0XGltA'I'l'llA'l'IONS .+++q+ M St. Anthony's Daughters S ++++g. 4444444 Complimnnu of C. B. Curran Sl'Hlt'l'lNG GOUDS l'0UlpllmCIlll of Howard Frantz I lll'ISll 1lI'I.X'I'S ti lilUN'l'IllllCS -. , . lm I-1-nnvll Nl.'rlu-, l':l. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 44-!'4'Z'4'!-4445 44444444444444 44 44 44 444 44 444 44444444444 4444 44 44444444 44 4444 44 4444444 444 44 4444 4444444444 44 -E- 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 i 4 4 4 4 4' 4' 4 4 4 4' 1' I' 'b 4' 'F 1' 1' 14 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 1' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 'P 4' :E 4' 4' '4 i 'I 4' 4' 4' 1' 4' 4' 'O I 4H4 +4 + 4 + I + + + E Q Q + + 1' :E 9 E 1 i i +++ 4+ ++ + H+++++++++++++++++++++++i ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++?++P++++++i+++ ++++++++ 2 2 2 I 2 2 I 2 2 Uollgrutululious I rum LUZERENE NATIONAL BANK Loans Confidential Convenient ww - T' svwv- :'.. 'l'0G1l-'I-'l'i l-4'-l l-'l-'ll l l l-'l l-l-'l l l-'l'-l'Il l'l l-'l-'lNi'IMI'-l--l--l-1l--l--l-+-l--l-'l-I-'l--l--l--l--!--l--l--l-'!--I-'l- -I--!--5 -2- -!- -I--P 4- -I--P+ -2- -2- -2- -1- -l- -I . 6-I-4-I-'I-1-'I-'I' 'lHl'1 l l ! l-'l'-l-1 l-1 l'+'l'-l l-4'-l-'l l l'-l''I-'l l l l l l'+'l' .p'4 l lNl'4'4-l 1-+'l !-'5'-i-'l 1 l 3 l'4 !'-l l l l l l'l l Wl' John J. Machinist 147 K--'li 5il'4'l'i Compliments of NIl'I.X'i'N N 'illH4'l'IliIl'I5 l l'-v l,l'IiX'4'l'.X' I,iIOIl T-H7715 Luzerne Poultry Market ' 185 Main St. Luzerne, Pa. ' ., . '1'HoM.xs vovrlxo, Prop. 00001115 Cafe Phmw 7-9217 137 K4-Ili Nl. I4llZl'I'lIl'. l'n, Sli:-imp Pizza lmlmvi- 'l'uii l'Iioiw T-fir-T3 Compliments of Sammy Mullay Luzerne American Legion Phone I-4938 V W. v. Sullivan P0St 525 l'l.l AlHIN4,i at IIEATING L!-Ili B4-nm-tt St. Luzerne. Pa. Sales Service i O'f-l l'O'l'i04Nl Di'1-'l--l'-l I-'f'l--l--l-'l--l--I--I-+'!--l-'I-'I--I--IMI-'I-'I--I--iw-:--l-.g..g..3..l.4,,g,,,,,5,,l..l..g.,g..g..g..g..g..3..g..g. g.g.4..g..g..g..1..g..p.g.q..g..g..g..g..g. ------'- ---'--1--:sr----f - -'--H A- 1- -- -----1 - ---u- + 'B + Q . +Q9+++++++++++4++++++++4i4+Q44++4i++i+44ii44++iii+i+ii+ii4+++Qii+i4++++4+: + 9 + I I + + I -I- I I + I I GLEN BOTTLING COMPANY + + za E + 1 + + + :Io I E SHAWNEE GINGER ALE . SPEED-UP 3 I I I I I I + : I I I 27 YVilsO11 street LARKSVILLE, PA. Dial 7-2334 E I I + I I + + + + I -s- ' I 3 SchOenwether's 4. 4' -x- + 1 , ECONOMY MARKET E E Phone 747260 Res. Phone 7-3476 H I 4. 836 Bennett St. Luzerne, Pa. I I I + 1 Evans Lumber Company I I W I I + I P + 1,l'M1sE1: and BUILDING SUPPLIES , I 3-'I M. A. Uter, 1Ta1lOr I 595 Bennett St. Lazerne, Pa. :Z + 4 E Earl C' Evans, prop' 24 Hour Service on Dry Cleaning I + 2 I WE DELIVER 3 E 2 Q Main St., Luzerne Phone 7-0091 ff I I I + -x--l--5+-1-4--1--1-+-l-4--1-+4--1--1--1--:Q-1--n--I--x--1--m+++++4-+++4-4-+++++-n-+-n-4.+-x-ls--1-+-1-+-n-4--a--1-+-H+ p-I-4--1-+-1-la-4--n-+-1-x-+++-x--z--z' Hin,- iii I Q Q Q 9 4 6 9 1 6 Q - + Q 9. Q 0 Q 4 Q Q Q i I Q 9 E 9 9 I I i I 4+ CD 0 E 'Fl E Q I! F9 u O -n iii F' Ci bi co -s 5 an 'U Fi. 5 ff' 20 9.1. 'E' av 'U m -s T Cf o -s cn Kovacs Market Complete Food Market HUMPTY DUMPTY STORES E Al-l-oss l l-om Luzerne National Bank Free Delivery Dial 7-1139 Lumme, Pa. -1- 2 -1- 5 Compliments of -1- 3 Renville Radlo E N ovak's COUf8Ct1OTl01',-. I Sales and Service -1- All Electrical Appliances ' 107 Main St. Luzerne. Pa. 163 Bliilll St. Luzerne, Pa. -. J. A, Renville, Prop. ' Il! Compliments of Chukinas Photo Service + . PHOTOGRAPHER Dr. Herman Dattner I E 350 Union St. Luzerne, Pa. -l- I . + Judkovic's Market J. C. Blassic It ECONOMY STORES I PLUMBING- Sz HEATING E Phone 7-3789 59 Main st. l I 679 Walnut St. Luzerne, Pa. Luzerne, Pa. 2091+FQiiQiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiii 2 5 S +444 4+++ iiiii +++++i++++i +++ iii s. 'I' 'I' iii 'l l l l l l l'4-'I-'P'I''lvl'-If'I--I-'I'-P-lvl'-If-l lvl lNl'-l--lv'l l l'li l l'9l'-l l-'lNlv4--l'+-l--I'-If-If-I-flwlvlwl'1Iv-l-'l'-lHl'-lv-lHl'-lHlNlNl'-l'-lv-lHl l- Kozokas Cafe Compliments of . 764-766 N rtl St. Luzerne. Pa. Geo. CFOSSIDS Restaurant 0 I 'l l l l !'+-l''I''I''l l !''I l P++'h7i'+i l l l'+'! I'+'l l l l l l l l l' Sea Food Sandwiclws THSU' Sandwiches Shuffle Board Darts 96 Kvlly Sf. Luzerne. Par Music Ev.-ry Saturday Nite Phone 7-9308 Seitz Cafe Compliments of VAIRI. mul ANNA Sl-ZITZ Mr. and Mrs. Frank DiBuo T45 North St. Luzerne, Pu. i 'I' Luzerne Shoe Repair 'l l l' 'I' h-I co C V 5-1 r.: CL T' F' C N as '1 I fu :P'l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l I' 1-'l l l l l l l l l l l P'l l l l l l' Pritchard's Drug Store 3.7153 . 1rN. '. J. Arcangc-li, Prop. S I I IFR IX Imp l'ompliments of G. Greenwald, Furniture Western Auto Assoc. Store Your I-'rigidairv D4-ala-r 175 Main St. Luzerne, Pa. Geo. R, Hgwitt' Qu-,wr 46-50 Main St. Luzerne 'l l l l'i'l'1Nl l !'l'1 l l l'll l''I'+'lHl lHlHl lNIHl'99440004'l l l lI'l'4'lf'l'1l l l'l'-l'iv'b'lf'lI1l b'l'+'l P POOOOOOOOOOQOOQOQ 4.-I' . 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Suggestions in the Luzerne High School - Per Annos Yearbook (Luzerne, PA) collection:

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