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i DEDICATION We, the annual staff and members of the )95l graduating class, wish to dedicate this annual to our principal, Mr, George V, Gregor, for his thirty-two years of outstanding service in the teaching profession, twenty-seven of which were rendered in the Luxemburg area. He taught four years at the Gregor school and one year at the Liberty school, both in Kewaunee County. He came to Luxemburg in 1924, and since 1937 has been principal of the Luxemburg High School. His keen interest in students ' work and extra curricular activities dates back to his own years of educational training. He received Sophomore honors for his first two years ' work at the University of Wisconsin. He was a member of the debating team in the Agriculture Literary Society. During his first year at the University he was champion in the 158 pound class in wrestling. He wrestled for four years, and during his senior year won all his matches against the Universities of Michigan, Minnesota, Northwestern, and Chicago. As a result of this interest, Luxemburg High School also had wrestling since 1924. The first wrestling competition was with East High in which Luxemburg won all matches except one. Mr. Gregor entered the service of his country as a private, March J9J8, and was discharged as Sergeant First Class in charge of the detachment in July J919. He was overseas for a year. Since then he has been an active member of the American Legion, and for five years was commander of the local post, He has also served as Chaplain for the last five years. The Smith-Hughes Agricultural work was introduced by him in 1924, At that time there were only about 40 schools of this type in the state. MR. GEORGE V. GREGOR Principal Mr. Gregor has been active in rhe program of enlargement for the school, and was largely instrumental! in gening the Home Economics department added to the school. He is very much interested at present in a program of district reorganization that would provide a larger district for the school. He is chairman of the local committee on reorganization, Luxemburg High has grown from 135 in 1937 when Mr. Gregor became principal, to an enrollment of 256 in September of 1950. We find in our principal a man of sound decision and good judgment. When he plans his work, it is with vision, so that in years to come the school may profit by the work of the present. He has excellent discipline, yet he is able to win the respect of his students. We know that many young people, even though they are out of school for many years, will come to him for advice and inspiration; they always find him willing to listen and eager to help whenever possible. He does far more than is required of him; we know that his work often continues far into the night. It is because you have such a fine record, and because you have been such an inspiration to us, Mr, Gregor, that we dedicate this annual fo you. Besides being our teacher and principal, you have been a real friend to us. We ihlnk Emerson had someone like you in mind when he said, A, friend may well be reckoned as a master¬ piece of nature. " Page Two TO THE CLASS OF 1951 This edition of " Memories in Blue " will always be a monument to a great class that helped to write some of the most brilliant pages in the history of our school. Like knights of old who often dedicated the r 1 !ves Tl the pursuit of their ideals, many of the members of the class of 1951 were willing to work and persevere and sacrifice that their school might achieve one of its finest records in athletics, music, forensics and scholarship. Naturally every member of the school ts proud of this record. Such achievement s are more than mere material accomplishments because they are often associated with certain mental and moral qualities that make for success in any field of endeavor. I am, indeed, proud that 1 should be honored by this class by having this Annual dedicated to me But such an honor is also a responsibility and a challenge to be worthy of this distinction So it is that a teacher often stops to take inventory ■ You are graduating in the most exciting and most uncertain time in the history of our country and perhaps in the history of the world. In so many places we see, ' The old is crumbling down—the limes are changing. Rumors come to us of the military potentialities of the atom bomb and atomic artillery being tested in Nevada. The rumblings there are portentious of a new era in military history. The destructive possibilities of the new scientific developments in this field make us apprehensive of the future of man. Will the development of man ' s social and moral restraints progress rapidly enough to deter man from achieving his own destruction? It would appear that the only hope of mankind is education. It is a weapon that is superior irt its effective¬ ness to the atom bomb. It is a weapon for the purposes of peace. As a teacher I do hope that we have made some contribution in your lives that may help to alleviate or perhaps eliminate the necessity for our periodic lavish sacrifices on the altar of Mars. in the realization of this end I hope we may have aided you in achieving a better citizenship—intelligent, humane, generous, stable and just. May your citizenship incorporate something of the golden rule and the brotherhood of man that you may live intelligent, happy lives in your community. May your training keep you from chasing after the gadgets and the superficialities and the froth of lives without ever valuing and treasur- ing the deeper things of the mind and spirit. Your training should have given you a certain store of knowledge and certain skills in various vocational fields. It is hoped that the search for truth will be a powerful motivating force in your lives. But if you are discriminating in whai truth you select to nourish your mind I shall feel we have been even more successful as teachers But I believe the spiritual values far exceed the material. If we could say that we stimulated you to really wish to be somebody and to be of service rather than seek personal gain, it would be a supreme accomplish- ment. It will take hard work, loyalty, courage and unselfish service to carry us through these trying times. May our services as teachers, through you, make some contribution to that momentous task that lies before us. GEORGE V. GREGOR Page three THE il STAFF SEATED IffT TO RIGHT „rm„ . Charmar. of the Forensici Commits. Donald Sell. Assistant Edtlor; Marilyn Editor- TAMniwr V ' " i B C J“ ,,m » n of ,h ? A " Soctponj Gertruda Oahlke, Chairman of the Commitiee STANDING-jean Allard Chairman of the Photo Committee,- Donald Newer, Bwine.t Manager; Roger Rueekl, Auialant Buiineta Menage,. EDITORIAL We, [he Senior Class, take this opportunity to bring you this sixth edition of the Luxemburg High School Annual. We hope it will bring back memories of your school days in later years and that it will give a dear description of events of your high school days. As our high school career draws to a close, we take a brief look into the future to see what vacancies are left open for us. With the world in such a chaotic condition, we are given little choice as to what career to follow. Youth finds itself in a challenging situation today. But through trust in God and mutual understanding peace can come to this earth. As our generation takes over the leadership of the nation, we shall work to carry out the lessons of friendly international relations which we have been learning through our high school days. May God grant that the people of the world will soon learn to live in friendship with each other and that the youth ol today may venture forth to life careers in a world at peace. Page Folk TO THE GRADUATES To the graduates of 1951, I dedicate this message which is in keeping with your class motto — Life is what we make it ' You are all affected — not so much by what life brings to you — as by the attitude you bring to life. Life is what you make it, because living, we are told, is at least 90% attitude, (t is not so much what happens to us, good or bad, that affects us, but it is our attitude toward those events. The intelligent person knows that life is more mental than environmental, so it must mean that you yourselt will determine what your life shall be. Shakespeare ' s Macbeth saw life as " a tale that is fold by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. " We see from this example that Macbeth became what he thought, he believed in nothing and lived for nothing. The life of Christ is the other extreme. In three short years of public work he accomplished so much that even today Christianity, if it would be accepted by everyone, would be the answer to this world s troubles. There might be limes in your lives, my dear graduates, when you may think life does not seem worth living. At such times remember this fundamental truth: if life is worth while, it is not because you found it that way; it is because you have made it so. Have you not read about the Negro poet Dunbar, who spent the first twenty-four years of his life bitterly expressing such thoughts as: " A crust o f bread and a corner to sleep in A minute to smile and an hour to weep in. " At the age of thirty-four, though his health had been taken from him, and he was about to die of tubercu¬ losis, he had changed his philosophy of life completely and expressed the same idea in these words; " A crust and a corner that love makes precious With the smile to warm and the tears to refresh us. " Our lives can be changed by the renewing of our minds and the perfecting of our attitudes. Again we may turn to the words of One who said, " Be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds that ye may prove whal is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. " A successful life is a disciplined life. We must all be disciplined to have a purpose in life, to have a vision. " Where there is no vision the people perish. " The world needs men and women of vision: it needs peop-e and nations who will not hold ill will or hatred toward others. The fruits of hatred are war and destruction of life and property. The fruits of love are joy and peace. You are entering a world in which there is still so much to do. Much of the unexplored regions of the world may have been discovered, but what a need there is for people of the entire world to get along peace¬ fully. Now is the time for each one of us to work at the science of human relations, and do our best to understand our neighbor regardless of color or creed. You will need much perseverance to make life worthwhile. Lessons of perseverance are found on every hand. An outstanding story comes to my mind. It is a story Tammerlene used to tell his friends about an experience in his early life: “I was forced to take shelter from my enemies, " he said, " in a ruined building where I sat alone for many hours. Wanting to divert my mind from my hopeless condition, I fixed my eyes on the ant carrying a grain oi corn larger than itself up a high wall. I numbered the efforts it made to accomplish this objective The grain fed 69 times to the ground, but the ant persevered and the 70th time it reached the top. This sight gave me courage at the moment and I never forgot the lesson. 1 Suppose you fail? H. G. Wells in his autobiography says he made seven attempts to start a career in London and all of them failed, but he went on and after his eighth start succeeded to be famous. Do not look for the easy way out of things. It is true that the masses of people prefer it, but the easy way has lost its thrill of victory. The time of least resistance makes crooked rivers, crooked paths and crooked men and women as well. " Armed with the right attitudes, life is a glorious adventure. Finally, my dear graduates — “Whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are of good report — think on these things. " Eunice E. Hannon Senior Class Advisor Page Fivt ANTON ANDERSON, B S. Steven Pomt Science and Athletic Geography Sixlh year at L.HvS. FRANK J. BLHQWIAK, B.S. Sr. Norbert College University of Wisconsin Agriculture First year at L.H.S. DOROTHY BRAUN, .S, Milwaukee State Teachers Modem Hi story-English Dramatics Sophomore Class Advisor Third year at l.H.S. LEILA BOERSCHEL, B.S University of Wisconsin Home Economics Second year at L.H.S. IRENE BOSMAN Is Crosse State Teachers Ervglish-Library First year at L.H.S. FRANK CHALUPA, B.S. Oshkosh State Teachers Science and Algebra Athletics Fourth year at L.H.S. LEONARD L, GREEN, B.E Whitewater Stare Teachers Commercial Third year ai LH.5. EUNICE E HANNON. BA, Uniweritiy of Wisconsin Social Science " Memories In Blue " Senior CUti Advitor Thirteenth year a L H S SCHOOL BOARD ANDREW KASHNIG, B S. Milwaukee Slate Teacher Band-Chorus First year at l.H.S. WILUS A. MITTLESTEAGT, B,5 University of Wisconsin Veteran Trainer EARi W, SHERMAN, BS. Milwaukee State Teachers English Second year at L H S JOHN J, PEOT Treasurer In office twenty years GORDON P. ZEMUKA Director tn office six years CHARLES S1EDL Clerk In oHice one year f DONALD SELL VaJedixTOrran MARILYN BARBIAUX Sftluiftior ' im lighi CLASS OFFICERS 4 CIETUS GLASER Pr« id nl MISS HANNON Class Advisor AUDREY BENZ Vi e President SEVERIV KUST Secrdary JUUAN ROMUALD Treasurer THERESA ROPSON Reporter Page Nine JFAN ALLARD A cute little pared from the post office. Class reporter 1,2 Studeni Counti I 2,4 Prom Committee 3 Prom Courl of Honor 4 Pep Band 3 Twirfer 1,2,3 4 Homecoming Committer 4 Homocoming Court of Honor ' " Memories in Blue " A Basketball I Initiation Commirum 3 Snow-Ball Court ol Honor 3 F,H.A, 3,4 ANTHONY AR6NDT Whether if " s a thrill blast or a toot that ' ll charm, noise from A horn makes my heart warm. F.F.A, Quartette 2.3,4 Pep Band 3,4 Wrestling !,3 Football 1 Football Manager 4 Basketball Manager 4 t Club ! ,2,3,4 Prom Court of Honor 1 FF.A 1,2,3,4 Music Club 3.4 ' Memories In Blue " ' 4 Homecoming Committee 4 Prom Committee 3 Initial ion Committee 3 MARILYN BARfilAUX It she were living during Father Marquette ' s lime, she would h ve heal him to Kewaunee Student Council 1,3 ' Memories in Blue " 4 Drum Majorette 3,2,3,4 One Act Play 2,3 Librarian 4 Prom Committee 3 Homecoming Committee 4 Initiation Committee 3 Music Club 3,4 Music Club President 4 Basketball I Pep Band 2,3.4 Senior Class Play 4 F.H.A. 3 Dramatics Club 2 AUDREY BENZ Quality is better than quantity Girl Basketball I Music Club 3 F.H.A, 3,4 Pep Bard 3 Vice-Preiideni 4 Homecoming Committee 4 Initial Ion Committee 3 MARVIN BERTRAND Modern day artist Football 1 2,3 Basketball I Baseball ' I Initiation Commiirtee 3 H mecofitirtg Committee 4 F.F.A 1 " Memories in Blue " 4 JAMES BRCDAEL Who is he that can hurt you, if you be zealous of good? Football 1,3,4 Basketball I Wrestling 3 Homecoming King 4 Pagp Sixteen 4 ARV1I [ A COLLINS 99.44% Pure. Prom Commillee 3 GERTRUDE DAHLKt Kind words are the mutte of the world. Prom Committee 3 f.H.A- 3 Homecoming Committee 4 Librarian 4 Chorus Accompanist 2,4 Solo Accompanisi 2,3,4 M Memor«ct In Blue " 4 Senior Gass Play 4 ARNOLD DART A Iht1e good comes out of a 1 1 evil; but less evil comes out of a tittle good F.F.A. 1,2.3 AlDEN DEBAKER When there’s fun and laughter. work can Stay until after. Pep Band 4 M A. 1,2,3,4 Wrestling 2 Christmas Plays 2.3 Music Club 3 CALVIN DEBAKER A heart of fools ti in their mouth, end the mouth of wise men is in their hearts, F.F.A. 1 Prom Committee 3 Prom Court of Honor 3 Initiation Committee 3 Pep Sand 3,4 Dramatics Club 1 Christmas Play 1.2 Homecoming Committee 4 Christmas Operetta 3 Music Oub 3,4 Senior Class Play 4 BERNICE DC J ARID IN Speech is silver, silence is Basketball l Librarian 4 Pag? Eleven Edwin dilcore History may repeat itself, bui they ' ll never make another man like- him, F.FA. 1,2,3,4 Wrestling 1,2,3,4 L Oub 1,2,3,4 JOHN DEPREY i prefer White Owl cigars, Red Owl groceries, F.FA, 1,2,3,4 Pep Bend 3,4 F F.A, Quartet 2,3.4 Music Club 3.4 Wrestling 4 MADONNA PETERVILLE Men may como big. boys may come small. It doesn ' t matter, she ' s the Inspiration of thorn. Librarian 3,4 Initiation Committee 3 Homecoming Commitlen 4 Prom Committee 3 Basketball E ANTHONY DORNER There ' s a man. in The making Fool bit El I Basketball 9.2 Baseball f Pop Band 2 , 3,4 Initiation Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Homecoming Committee 4 Snowball Committee 4 F.F.A. M F.F A. Quartette 4 Extemporaneous Speaking 4 Christmas Play 2 , 3,4 Music Club 3,4 F.F.A, Basketball 4 Senior Class Play 4 MICHAEL FRfSQUE I hate women, and I ' m glad I hate ' em; ' cause if I didn ' t hate ’em S " d like ’em. and i hate ' em. Band T ,2 F.F.A. 1.3 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Bate bail 1.2,3.4 Wrestling 1 ANGELA GILSON The glamour girt with the redi$h brown hair F-H-A. 3 Librarian 4 Christmas Play 3,4 Page Twelve cirrus GLASER A man he seemi of cheerful yes¬ terday , and confident to- morrow . Class Treasurer I Christmas Play 1 F.FA 1 l Club 3 4 Wrestling Football 1 3 Initiation Commit! 3 Master of Ceremonies Inilirtlton 3 Prom Court of Honor 3 Class President 4 ' ' Memories in Blue " 4 Pep Band 2,3 Music Club 3 Wrestling Manager 3.4 Student Council 3 Homocoming Committee A Business Mgr., Magaime Sains 4 Extemporaneous Speaking 4 Senior Class Play 4 JAMES GOET5CH Push pull, or get out of the way. Football 1,2,3,4 ' Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Initiation Committee 3 Homecoming ' Committee 4 Student Council 1 3 Senior Class Play 4 GRACE KAEN Earnest efforts mull be success M. Basketball ] F.H.A, 3 Prom Committee 3 Prom Court of Honor 3 Senior Class Play 4 F.H A. State Fair Rep. 3 LYLE HEIM Like a good gun — always a straight shooter. Football 1,2 Wrestling 1,2,3 4 Class President 1 f.FA 1,2,3,4 F.F.A, Vice ' President 4 L Club 2,3,4 Prom Committee 3 Initiation Committee 3 Dramatics 3,4 ARM,ELLA HERMANS Kindness adds sweetness to everything. F.HA 3 Prom Court of Honor 3 Homecoming Committee 4 “Memories in Blue ' 4 Class Historian 4 Musk Club 3 f H A Slate Fair Representative DONALD HERMANS In India cows are sacred, to Don, pigeons are. Pep Band 1,2,4 Football 1,2 3 4 Basketball 1 Extemporaneoui Speaking 4 Class Secretary 3 Mu lie Club Secretary 3,4 One Act Play 3,4 Initiation Committee 3 F.F.A. 1.2 F,F A Quartet 2 Senior Class Play 4 Raise Thirteen Arnold jadsn Arnold is there His mind ts where? FF.A, 1,2,3,4 Wresting 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2 Fooiball 2 B rtd | GBRIMtA JONET The Blue Belles of Stolland had nothing on her blue Mondays. Basketball I Librarian 3,4 alien kaoletz Success lies in the future so I ' ll wait for il F.F.A. 1,2,4 Music Club 3 Christmas Play 3 Homecoming Committee 4 Initiation Cemmilk-u 3 P m Committee 3 BEVERLY KUST Someone answered the “ ' Call of the Wild ICopat, " Initiation Committee 1 Basketball 1,4 Snowball Committee 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Library Club 4 Homecoming Committee 4 Ct5tt Secretary 4 F.H.A, 3,4 DONALD LARDINOIS Of manners gentle, of affection mild; in wit a man, simplicity a child. f.F.A 1 2,3 HENRY LEGOES, JR, Never mind my wai$t line— I paid for it Football 1,3,4 Softball t Wrestling 2 Baseball 1,2 OMkttbtll 1 2 FF.A. 1,2,3,4 E F,A, Basketball 2 L Club 3,4 Homecoming Committee 4 Page Fourteen ETHEREDA LEROY If All the people had a similar nature The world would be different. Pram Committee 3 Basketball 1 CHARLES MICH1EL5 Vd retire right now, but I ain ' t got the M re ' football 3,4 Wrestling 3,4 Basketball 3,4 FJF.A, 1X3,4 L Club 3,4 ARD1S miESLER Lei it snow lei it fflin lo Ardts, tl seems oil the same. Prom Committee 3 Prom Court of Honor 3 Initiation Committee 3 Christmas Play 2 Dramatics Club 2 Music Club 3 Homecoming Committee 4 Pep Band 4 F.H.A, 3,4 Snowball Committee 3 Basketball 1 Librarian 4 WfNCIl MLEZIVA A man of dignity, culture, re¬ finement. We present Mr. Mleziva Homecoming Committee 4 Prom Committee 3 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 F F A. 1,3,4 Homecoming Court 4 L Club 3,4 VIRGIL NAU He it most powerful that has himself in his power Football 1,2X4 Basketball 1,2.3, J Baseball 1,2.3,4 Christmas Play 4 L Club 1.2,3,4 Class Secretary 1 Class Vice President 3 " Memories in Blue " 4 Senior Class Play 4 DONALD NEUSER | travel a in ancient times— No roads only bridal paths. Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3 Baseball 1,2,3 Wrestling 1,2 One Act Play l ,2,3,4 Christmas Play 3 L Club 2,3,4 " Memories in Blue ' 4 F.F.A. President 3 F.F.A. 1,2 r 3 F.F.A Public Speaking 2,3 Initiation Committee 3 From Committee 3 Homecoming Committee 4 Page Fifteen BARBARA NOOYEN When I make a date — 1 roller skate. F H.A. 3,4 F.H.A. Song Leader 3,4 f.N.A. Treasurer 4 Homecoming Committee -1 Initiation Committee 3 Basketball 1,3,4 Prom Committee 3 JULIAN ROMUALD, JR " A house divided cannot stand, " I m alt in One piece %0 just try to push me over, football 1,2,3,4 Basketball Manager 4 Wrestling I Prom King 3 Prom Committee 3 F.F.A, 1 , 2 , 3,4 L Club 2,3,4 Class Treasurer 3,4 Homecoming Court of Honor 4 Music Club 3.4 THERESA ROPSON The earth makes resolution every 24 hours, 1 make mine every year. Class Reporter 4 Cheerleader 3,4 F.H A. 3 Forensics 1 Prom Queen 3 Initiation Committee 3 Homecoming Committee 4 Prom Comrrvttee 3 ROGER RUECKL Ht? i our lemac man. Pep Band 4 Class President 3 Homecoming Committee 4 Prom Committee 3 One Act Play 3 Christmas Play 2,3,4 " Memories in Blue " 4 P.F A. I Iniihii.on Committee 3 Music Club 3,4 Dramatics Committee 3.4 Senior Class Play 4 DON AID SELL D. L. Sell, dealer in Chevrolets and distributor of fine knowl¬ edge. Football 1.2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3.4 Baseball 1,2.3,4 Class President 2 One Act Play 3 Initiation Committee 3 Prom Committee 3 Homecoming Committee 4 Homecoming Court of Honor 4 L Club 1,2,3,4 F.F.A. 1 Music Club 3,4 Senior Class Play 4 ERVIN STAHL I dream of -, with the dark brown hair. Student Council 2 F.F.A. 1,3,4 F.F.A. President 4 Football 1.2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 L Club 3,4 F.F.A. Convention. Green Lake 3 Prpm Committee 3 Prom Court of Honor 3 Snowball Committee 3,4 Snowball Court of Honor 3 Homecoming Committee 4 Homecoming Court of Honor 4 Music Club 3.4 Music Cl ub Treasurer 4 P-age Sixteen robert suess If the ocean were money and I ware a duck It ' ii om thlngi to think of. but no on has Hwfl luck. Student Council Pro . 4 Snowball Court of Honor 4 One Ac! Play 3 Christmas Play 2.3,4 F F A. 1,3,4 F.F.A- Quartan 3,4 Solo Accompanist 2,3,4 Prom Committee? 3 Initiation Committee 3 Snowball Committee 4 Homecoming Committee 4 Music Club 3,4 Pep Band 3,4 Senior Clasi Play J CLEM THEYS He knows wha! he ' i " be ting ' 1 about, F.F.A. Officer 4 Prom Committee 3 Snowball Committee 3,4 Wrestling 4 F.F.A. Basketball 4 F.F.A. 1,2,34 F.F.A. Public Speaking 7.4 RAYMOND WHlPP Truly fl man ' s man. Prom Committee 3 Softball 2 Dramatics 2 Athletic Equipment Manager 1 Glee Club 1 RICHARD WILSON Reliable as the books in my desk, always there, ready lor service, F.F.A. 1,2,3 FLOWER — Red Rose COLORS - Blue and White MOTTO — " Life is what you make it " Page Seventeen SCHOOL CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 3 School starts. They almost crowded us out — 77 freshmen and 4 teachers. 14 Luxemburg traveled to Wrightstown. Our first victory — 25-0. 19 Lyceum number presented by C. E. Jones. We never knew that water could change colors. 23 We went in for another battle only we came out on top. We defeated Algoma, 37-0. 28 Mr L impert came for magazine sales. Come on seniors, if you want a trip. It ' s lime to gel busy! 29 First conference game. Luxemburg at Gibraltar. We won, 7-6. OCTOBER 3 Initiation. Boy, was it a backward world. 4 Watch ilie birdie seniors, your pictures are about to be taken. « 5 Lyceum number presented by Jack Rank. 6 Brussels came down to Luxemburg, We still defeated them, 37-0, 10 Speaker from Pakistan, John Bahadrur. 1 1 Achievement Day for the 4-H Club. 13 Luxemburg traveled to Sevastopol to defeat them and did, 27-0. 17 Well, what do you know, the Six weeks finally ended, 20 Luxemburg at Mishicot, Mishicot forfeited the game. Another win for Luxemburg, 20 Miss Clark gave demonstrations to Home Ec members, 24 Mr, Kashnig quit biting his finger nails, Christopher Andrew was born at } 1 A.AA l wonder if he will be another music director. 26 Group pictures for the annual were taken. 27 Homecoming. The game was with Casco It meant the championship for Luxemburg, 25-6. James Bredael reigned as king and LaVerne O ' Brien as queen. 31 Library Club held a Halloween party What a sight! NOVEMBER 1 Lyceum number presented by Kurt Singer. 2 3, 4 Our first convention. Oh! what a break. Teachers Convention. 9 One Act Play Contest at Casco. Luxemburg received an A rating, 14 Northeastern Wis, Home Ec and Agriculture Conference. 14 First basketball game with Denmark We won, 59-54. 16 Initiation of new FHA members. 17 Lyceum number by Karl Hoffman 17 Basketball game with BondueL We won. 23-24 What a long vacation. Just think, three days! Thanksgiving, 30 The band gave a pre-concert to the school DECEMBER 1 One Act Play got an A rating at Stevens Point We beat Mishicof, 85 16, 2 Band and chorus under the direction of Mr Kashnig presented a concert. It was a big success. We lost one of our students down the bridal path Tage Eighteen 7-0 My, but Nature is good to us. Snowstorm. 9 The One Act Play went to Madison and received a 0, 15 Another victory, this time over Gibraltar. 19 What a game. But in the end we won over Brussels, Girls Chorus went caroling. 21 The seniors received their worst Christmas present — class pictures, 22 Christmas vacation starts. Too bad it has to end. JANUARY 2 Well, we might as well face it. Back to school. We thought it would be diamonds, but instead it was cedar chests. 5 Today was the big game, and to think we won over Casco, 9 Another game, another victory. Sevastopol was the loser. Everybody is walking around with their nose in a book; no wonder. Semester exams. 10 They started decorating the gym for the Snow Ball, No wonder Jeannie is giving Ervin the looks. Arlene Tilot was Queen and Don Michiels was King, 12 Basketball, Luxemburg at Gibraltar. Luxemburg won. 16 Members of senior class play chosen. Basketball at Bonduel, Luxemburg lost. It was our first defeat in non-conference play. 17 Remaining group pictures were taken. 24 Can anyone beat this record? Miss Hannon was late for the first time in 13 years. Cars like to be coaxed when it ' s 31 below zero. 26 Another conference victory over Gibraltar. FEBRUARY 2 Basketball game at Brussels, Luxemburg won, 7 A state advisor gave a talk on nursing. 9 What a game and what a score. Luxemburg, 41, Casco 40. Luxemburg became the peninsula champs. 12 A movie was shown on Lincoln ' s birthday, " Gunga Din ' 13 Mr Gregor ' s birthday. We all wonder how old he is. 14 Valentine ' s Day, How many hearts were broken? 15 Theresa came back to school looking very sad. 22 Movie Kitty Foyle ' was shown on Washington s birthday, 22 FFA Speaking Contest. Julian Romuald received third in speaking and the quartet received second. 28 Card party for band benefit, MARCH 2 End of six weeks. 7 Lyceum by Lloyd LaVogx. 18 FHA demonstration. 21 Movie before Easter vacation, " Vem and Irene Castle. " 22-26 Easter vacation. APRIL 13 Lyceum — Colefta. 18 End of the six weeks. 27 28 Music Festival at Kewaunee. MAY 5-8 Senior class trip to Chicago. 12 Junior Prom, 31 Class Day. JUNE 1 Graduation, So-long, it ' s been good to know you, dedicated to LHS. Page Nineteen SOW I —G. Se V;elbcrg, C- Oilman, G. Stahl L RuecM, J, Pigeon. ROW 7 N Saidl, 8, Willame, V. They , L Rasa. ROW 3 0 Zerlner, C Srodola, S. Novak, j, VandenBush, G, Stahl. ROW ! -G, Vincent, M. R a dart. P. VanRoy, L Scharping,, L O’ nen. RO ' W 5—J Ngyicr, R. VendeoPlas, AA. Pigeon. D Nig horn, O. ZaiTl®r, ROW 1 A. Daul L Mueller, D. Jensen, N. DeMoolin, C Mpleslti, D. Canard. ROW 7 Mr Green, €la i Advisor. R. Bertrand, N, Gerondale. 0. Dalefercn , D. Mitcholt, S. Gazelta ROW 3 -G. Jone(, S, Dtrenne C, DuBois, M, Jo net, Q Kqilik, R. GuiMciir- ROW 4- C Jdsurt, M, Depraz, D. Depas, M. Derenne, B. Ledvina. V. Jadln, Y. Agamire. ROW 5 —J James, M. Greatens, R. Beirl, M. Deprez, R. Heim, L. DeJardin, J, Deprey P ge Twenty SOPHOMORE CLASS ROW 1—M, Kygel. J DaMke, AA linzmey r, J. Jandrain A. DeGraye, J Frijqye D, Bo wd-oiiva . ROW 2 Miss Braun, Dais Advtsor; A. ©willette, M. Du cal, C Michials, L legot . G Giaaer. P Moreau A Apts, ROW 3 J. led vine, M. Ben rand, M, Boscnky. H. Mafhu, O Gibson, fi , Arendr, G, GrrondaJc, G Dalcb ' ou ROW ' 4—L Malcof , C Jonel, R. Jossari. L Lemeni, L Friex r B- Cuvier, B GoeUdh. ROW 5 M. Collins, G, Cieilewici, D, Greater, H Gofers, J. travilliorv M, Mathu, J- Hoida. ROW J—L Adams, L Seiner. A. Trot. L Zeller, E. Nooyen. D Recketbcrg, M, Shimofiik ROW 2—0, Ronsman, J. Phillips, L Vanes . B. VanDenPIfis, L Romuald, D, Gauthier, C Plaurr ROW 3—L Pivonka, V. Nellis, I. Speer sthne.der, C. ScenzeM 1 . M, 0uqua»ne, W, Dahlke, A. Pivcmk ROW 4—L. Helens, B- Nelson, L Zellner, AA. Tebor% T, Penning®, C Ronsmari, J Prevost ROW 5—G. Prahl, D„ Velicer, C Wenel, H. Schorl, J. Derenne, A, Jadm, M, Schorr. Pag-j twen‘y-O ' F ' 1 FRESHMAN CLASS •! f. J £ j cja,din - ■ M3,he V 4 ' N. Frisque, A, Kollross, J. Mateo. D. Hermans, 0 Unrmeyer ROW sI ' ’L!!,T n p «“ ' , G ? 0d : B eey6, ■ 6 Bin ‘‘ J - Gi:ton - ■ ft " V- Ledvini, G. Barr,,,.. V f Bosetski, E. Mareolle. W. Dawl. H. Cumber. J. Bertrand, A. ingebose. V. Kr C hm». H , Oolervill : OV “ K 3 Varhu. ft, Mleiiva, M. Oepeau, K. Gazelle. i. Jonel. G, Bourgois. P Maihu ROVr i D Deterv.lle L Glaser ft. Bredael. H. Hermans, G. Gasche. ft. Daun, M. Evorard, J. Berger, G Budzban Kfchma ROW I -B. Slab I, S. Suehs, D. Ledvina, M Taushek, S. Thibedeau. ROvr 2 ft. iellner, L. Englebert, A. VanOenPlas, B. Michiels, J. ftass. J. OeBakcr. A leRov ROW 3 M. Vendeveld R. Whipp. It. liiol, R. Kusr M. Bcirl, E. Delcore. ROW t R. Nejedlo, A. Rabas, N. Jossart, J. Willems, B. St been, C. ftadueni, V. Karnopn ROW 5 G. Scholl. M. Tilkens. S. Whipp. M. Prahl, A. Ouradnik. ft James. W. Daiebroua Page Twcntv- wo SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT—N. Udvin , J. Allard, R. Buffi J Hoida T i Vaubh- STANDING—H, DeMow in. J™ Vanden Buih, Mi Hannon, W. Daleforou Mr Greco. STUDENT COUNCIL The student council has played an important part in our school events. During our lunch hour it has conducted a milk sale and has also taken charge of recrea¬ tional activities held in the gym; such as: basketball volleyball, and dancing. Any problem that may arise in the student body may be brought up to any one of the members of the council. A meeting is then called and the problem " ' 5 discussed by the members. After being settled, it must be agreed upon by our principal AAr, Gregor. President Vice President« « , . Secretary-! reasurer . . . Robert Suess .Jean Allard Harold De AAoulin Page Twenty ihf« ROW ROW ROW COW ROW ROW ' C DeM ' din, P. VsnRoy, V. Jad.n, M. Everard, A, Tibi, C. Joiian. 2 V Aqjurnih?. R Vv i I fame, L Scharpmg A. DuGrave, M, Ducat, M. Der« nnc, D. Udvina G Dahlia Ropsoo. J Hqida r M Rarbiauic, D, DePsa. N. Seidi, L toy R Mathey , G. Jonct, Mto toman, B ZuUner G. Barrel ' , M Oaul, E Gufflrtt . S. Oerenn , J Vandentoh, C. Slodob, G. Sourgeo 7 f’ ® V cr N lodvtn . G, Buyer B r Go lsch r L Freia. 5. Suehy I. Lament, w,. Joncl, M. Dcrrrvilb. 6 v iheyi. A, Gilion, J. Macco, L. Sellner, A., A, KoLlron, C. Raduem. Advisor, E MarteHle LIBRARY CLUB Fifty-three girls have become members of the high school Library Club which was organ¬ ized under the direction of Miss Irene Bosman librarian. Ai their First meeting, which was held on Sept. 8, they elected the following officers: President Vice-President , , , . Secretary Treasurer . ■ ■ ■ ■ - . i . i ■ i« . Art y r a Deprez . ......... .Nancy Seidl ....Beverly Willame Members hold a meeting each month at which time the librarian gives instructions in carrying out various library routine duties. SERVICE is the motto of this club. As its motto indicates, tthe purpose of this organi¬ zation is to increase the efficiency of library service for the student body and faculty members of the high school. Page Twenty ' four F. H. A. ROW J— I R op von, A. Hermans, G, Haen, A Mietler, D. ledvfiu, A, Rabat, L, Adam . J, Mecco, ROW 2 V; Jadin, B, Nooyerv P. Vanfipy, M, Derenn , L G aser r A, Tilot, J, Hotda, E. EifeE. ROW 3—-Mist Boertch«l, Instrirctof, S. $uchs t E. Delcore, B. Stahl,. J. VandcnBush, G Stahl, L O ' Brwn, G Barrette, M. Daul ROW 4—B. ZeJIner, G Mleriva, E. Jonei, S. Novak, J Ledvina C Stodola, A. Eenj, M. 9ai«ri, J, Jonet ROW S J, Allard. I. Speert hneider, 0. Bertrand, C Sconzert, G- G aser, V- Kfchma. N tedvm R K. Arendt ROW ' 6—M. Tauthek, S Thibedeau, D, Velicer, L Seiner, J. Derenne, J. DaMke, D, RetWbcrg, A, Jadin, A. Quradnik, AA. Wathu, M, Tebon, SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Glaser, Secretary; G, Stahl, President; C. Sconzert, Vice President STANDING- J, VandenBush, Historian; 6, Nooyen, Treasurer; Mist Boertchel Instructor. Facie Twf ' i-nTy-five F. F. A ?Q A 1 —Mr WMow ak t L. Heim, C, They?. E, Sfahl, D Canard, A, Define r frOW 2 G. Slab I, R Serrrand G. Mote ski, G- MichteU, M Radart G. Vincent, S Gait-1 la ROW 3—S Wilton, D, Mlchielt, A Arendt, JL Romyatd, A. KfldJelz, W, Mleziva, L. Mueller. BOV ' , 4 M. Great ™, J James. J. D prey L DeJardin, A Dopier R Syesi. J Pep re v ft ° w 5 Ze,rl f R - VendenPfas, 0. Nighorn, H. Lcgois. J, Neuter, A iddln, G. Reckeiherg S6Al£O r LEFT IQ RIGHT— D, Conard, Secretary; E Srahl, President; L Heim. STANDING—L Vines , Sentinel; A, Decker. Treasurer; t They . Reporter; Mf. BlfiPwiak. Instructor. F=ige Twenty-ai F. F. A. ROW I X TJtot, J. GiUon, E, Bmt, D„ Hermsnt, G. Gerondale, A, VandinPlii, R, M(rj dJo. ROW 2 G Pr«HL D. Bowchonvilte, R James, D. Udvin , J. Berg«r, M. Rank, ,W Tilkem ROW 3 R Z ltn i B MictolU, N. Joiiarl, T. Pennings, L. Maker . D Deiervilk, L ZipIInef. R. Ferry L Wlenv ROW 4 H, Oetervilk, P. Mat+iu, G. Mathtj, W. Dahike, H. Cumber A, Engcboic, K. GazeUa. G Dftlebroux. ROW 5-0 Remin«n. G» Schott, R. Whipp, A, Guillen , J, Willems, J. Phillips. L Vanness, t Romuald ROW 6—C Mkhicli. H Golder . J, Cravillion. D. Great ens. H, Schott, L. Zaittor. H. Herman , G, Gaschc. ROW 1—Anihony Dorner, Robert Suess, ROW 2 Anthony Arertdt, John DePrey For the winter contest In December we sang " Coney Island Babe " and " Way Down Yonder in the Corn Field, " The F.F.A. speaking and quartette con¬ test was held here at Luxemburg this year. We placed second in the contest, singing; " Coney Island Babe ' , " Can t You Hear Me Calling Caroline " and " Ain ' t Gonna Study War No More " . Robert Suess, Tenor; John Deprey, Second Tenor; Anthony Darner, Baritone; Anthony Arendt, Bass. Pdgu ¥wfflfiJy-iev«n F.F.A. AND F.H.A. NEWS The Luxemburg chapter of the Future Farmers of America with an enrollment of 78 members has hacf an exceptionally fine year fn agricultural activity and entertainment. The outstanding program of the F.F.A. was the hog program which has spread out rapidly. Judging teams were sent to the Uni¬ versity of Wisconsin and Northeast Livestock Exposition. Delegates were sent to the State F.F.A. convention Green Lake. Entries were also made in the F F.A. speaking and vocal contest which was held at Luxemburg this year. Monthly meet¬ ings were held with good attendance; movies were shown after each meeting. We also purchased a pop corn machine and an electric clipper. Money was raised by selling pop, candy and pop corn at football and baskethall games. We also had a stand at the local fair. Dues are paid by members of the F.F.A, For entertainment the F.F.A. sponsored a basketball team which has enjoyed a very successful season, We also took trips to the State Fair and Jag Lake at Woodruff. During the winter a Snow Ball was co-sponsored with the F.H.A, girls and was well attended. President , , , , Vice-President Secretary , . . Treasurer . , , Reporter . , , Sentinel . , , , . ....... Ervin Stahl Lyle Heim .Donald Conard . . AJden De Baker ...... Clem Theys . Lawrence Vanness The second year of the F.H.A, organization began in September 1950, with the installation of the new officers which had been elected at the August meeting. President P , f . , Vice-President . Secretary. Treasurer Historian ...... .Gladys Stahl • .Carol Sconzert . , . Gladys Glaser . . Barbara Nooyen Jane Vanden Bush Winter Wonderland ' this years theme for the snowball sponsored by the F.F.A, and F.H.A. was a great success. Donald Michiels and Arlene Tilot reigned as king arid queen The theme was carried out by a large mural painting of a winter scene. An old-fashioned cutter added to the setting. A health program for all the members, a Pen Pat Club, and a spring fashion show are being planned this year. The local chapter was also host to the district demonstration contest. These projects have been completed through the cooperation of all the members. Page Twenty-sight SENIOR CLASS PLAY ROW V-D, Sell, G, Hten, G. Dah Ike, M arWay ( t . Hermans. t . ROW 2 Mr Sherman, Coach, A Arendf, C. They?, ft, Rueefel, V. iau, A Dorner r C DeSaker, C C-awr, R Suess, 1 , Goet ch. ARSENIC AND OLD LACE " Arsenic and Old Lace " , the Senior Class play of 1951, was written by Joseph Kesselring and first produced in New York in August 1941. The Brewster family, around which the story is built, is composed of as peculiar a selection of characters as can be found any where and the situations which result from their peculiarities are the foundation for a fine evening of comedy. In ou , production, the spinster aunts, Abby and Martha, whose arsenic mixing abilities have made murder a gentle art, were played by Marilyn Barbiaux and Gertrude Oahtke, Teddy the nephew who was convinced he was Teddy Roosevelt and his sane brother Mortimer the drama critic, were played by Jim Goetscb and Anthony Dorner. Roger Rueckl as Brother Jonathan, whose actions would give Karloff the jitters and his plastic surgeon companion Dr. Einstein, Don Hermans provided the chillier parts of the story. Calvin De Baker was the Presbyterian minister Dr. Harper, whose Church and ceme¬ tery lay along side the Brewster house and whose daughter Elaine, Grace Haen, fell in love with the unpredictable Mortimer. Anthony Arendt played Mr. Gibbs, the man who got away unscathed. Pound¬ ing the beat in Brooklyn were officers Brophy and Klein Cletus Glaser and Robert Suess aided by the Playwriring O ' Hara, Virgil Nau and supervised by Lieutenant Roony Detective Don Sell. Mr. Wither¬ spoon of Happy dale or Clem Theys when last seen - seemed to be near his end And then of course, those unseen characters—the bodies in the basement. ONE ACT PLAY SEATED. LEFT TO RIGHT J James, D. Neuter. N. Seidl, D Hermans. STANDING— l, Heim, L Miss Braun, Director THE WONDER HAT This year Luxemburg High School had a very successful one-ad play. Our presentation of the play, " The Wonder Hat " , brought us " A " ratings in the meets held at Casco, Shawano and Stevens Point, With these ralrngs we were eligible to enter the state meet a! Madison, Here we weie entered in competition with 16 other schools whose plays were also rated " A ' s " against 1 16 other high schools from all over the state. At Madison we received a rating on our performance. Miss Braun directed this group in their dramatic work. Her cast included the following: Donald Neuser as Harlequin John James as Pierrot Donafd Hermans as Punchinello Nancy Seidl as Columbine Lois Rass as Margot Many other students helped make this play a success by offering their assistance as follows: Darlene Depas and Myra Deprez served as prompters. Stage managers were Donald Greatens and Lyle Heim. The make-up and costuming was cared for by Deloris Ledvina and Charlotte Stodola, Pn e thirTy DRAMA CLUB ROW I Radutnz, V Karoopp A. Ouradnik, L, GUser, S. Thibedeau, D, Hermanij J. jonel- ROW 2 Mill HArmory Min Bowman. Coaches; R. Mleaiva, M Da id, J. Maceo, E Dekofc, Mr Shertran, Coach ROW 3 G Bourgeoi , V. Kfchma, J. Vanden Bush, . Willamc, A. Apt , G. Buditbitn, M. B -d, R. ' Vhipp, ROW 4—-N Ledvina. S. Suehs, J, James, D. Hermans, M, Barhiau , B, Stahl. G. Barrenc ROW £ A Ooi-ner, C, G ser, ft. Ru cfcl P V, Nau, D. Neuter, 0, Schott, D, Ledvina, DECLAMATIONS -Lois Glaser, Joan Macco, Germaine Bourgeos, Jane Vanden Bush, Rosemary Wypysynski, Shirley Suehs, Marjorie Daul, Shirley Derene, Nancy Ledvina, John Hoida. ORATIONS —Bernadine Stahl, Gloria Budzban, Marilyn Barbiaux, James Neuser, Irma Speer- schneider, EXTEMP. READING—Carol Raduen 2 , Marilyn Barbiaux. EXTEMP. SPEAKING—Cletus Glaser, Anthony Dorner, Donald Hermans. FOUR MINUTE SPEECH—Lois Glaser, Beverly Willame. POETRY SELECTION—John James. Pacie Thirty-ont! CLASS WILL JAMES GQETSCH wills his h at back to the cats, VIRGIL NAU wills his good attendance record to Jim Neuser and Myron Deprev MARILYN BARBIAUX wills her curly hair back to the beauty parlor, AUDREY BENZ gives her tremendous height to Myron Deprez. BEVERLY KUST wills her ability to get a cedar chest for Christmas to Betty Zellner THERESA ROPSON wills Donald Leroy to the army temporarily, GERTRUDE DAHLKE wills her blush to Lois Ann Seiner JAMES BREDAEL gives the Irish back to Ireland. MARVIN BERTRAND wills hts liking for peanuts to Mr, Anderson. ERVIN STAHL wills his Jeatvious " to Roland Englebert of Brussels, DONALD HERMANS won ' t will Shirley to anybody, He wants to keep her. JULIAN ROMUALD wills his interests in Brussels to Robert BelrL ROBERT SUESS witls his ability to swipe dates to his classmate, Don Sell RICHARD WILSON leaves his shotgun to Mr. Sherman who can use it to pick Mayflowers in March, ANTHONY ARENDT wills his yearly trip to the barber to Mr. Gregor, DON NEUSER wills his senior year in school To a junior. ROGER RUECKL wants someone to will him a new Cadillac. JOHN DEPREY gives his union card back to the Musicians Union ALDEN DE BAKER wills his Bohemian blood to the blood bank CALVIN DE BAKER wills his liking for freshmen girls to Robert Heim. ARVILLA COLLINS wills her books back to the drugstore. RAY WHIPP wills his school-skipping style to Germaine Bourgeois, ANTHONY DORNER gives his Model A back to the Ford Company. LYLE HEIM gives his noon-hour place in Uflman ' s car to Marjorie Daul. EDWIN DELCORE doesn ' t have to will his deck of cards to Mr. Green because he has them already. JEAN ALLARD wills her knowledge of post office to Agnes Abts. ARNOLD DART gives his comic books to Richard Bertrand. BARBARA NGOYEN wills her voice to Miss Braun. ARNOLD JADIN gives school back to the Indians, ARDIS MIESLER gives Leonard Mleziva back to Pilsen. BERNICE DEJARDIN wills her quiet ways to Joan Ledvina. CHARLES MICHAELS wills his tackle position to Weldon Dahlke. DONALD SELL wills himself to any girl that wants him, WENCiL MLEZIVA leaves VandenBush in Sugar Bush where he knows he can find her. HENRY IEGOIS leaves a lot because he can spare it. l,LEM THEYS wills his knowledge to physics to Albert Einstein. GRACE HAEN wills her good time at the Junior Prom back to Clef us Glaser, MADONNA DETERVILLE wills her ability to get along with MANkind to Joe Stalin. MICHAEL GILSON wills Howard Laurent back to Casco. GERENA JONET isn t satisfied with what she ' s got, so she has nothing to give away. ALLEN KADLETZ wills Gladys Stahl back to Pieschek, ETHEREDA LEROY leaves Edward Theys butchering in the daytime only. ARMELLA HERMANS wills Duval a new tavern to go with the dance balk CIETUS GLASER concedes his lunch to whoever took it. Page Thirty-two DIRECTOR Andrew Kftihmg; DRUM MAJORETTE M, Ba biaux; CLARINETS D, Velicttr, Vt- Puqfllnt?, B. VandenPla , V. Adamite, D. Reckelberg, J, Jandmln, R NeHion, Aft Dei ' enne, G. Bourgeois. G, Vincent, S- Derenne. 0. Herman ,. N. Seidl, A, Metier,, ftA, Deprey; HORNS B Nooyt n J ledvina K. Arendtj FLUTES —L Scharpinq, C. Sccmztm; OBOE J Allard; SAXOPHONES C. Stodola, D Depas, J. Derenne. TOURNAMENT RESULTS Band Class B Award I 6 oulsandmgs awards Parade Class B Award 1 15 first awards Mixed Chorus Class C Award II 27 second awards Junior Band Class D Award t 7 third awards Page Thipfy-fGur BAND BASSOON G. Slflhl; CORNETS- A Arendl, R Sues , L. Mueller, S. Novak, 0. Goeisch, L Hoida, J Romuald, L, Rass ( G, Prah!, H. Goulder, L Glftier, BARITONES—M, Linzmeier, £. NoQyenj TROMBONES—J, Deprey, C. DeBakcr, R, Rueckl, A. DeBaker, L, Frrex, I. lemons; BASS G Kptknlberg, O. Zeitler, R. Stahl, A, Dorner; DRUMS D. Nighorn, D. Sell, A. GutNenc, J, Jgnel. STATE TOUNANENT RESULTS Jean Allard Bonnte and Marilyn Barbiaux Anthony Arendt, Robert Stjess Gladys $tahf Anthony Arendf John Deprey Class B Solo 1st oustandmg Class A Duet 1 st Class A Duet 2iid Class C Solo 2nd Class C Solo 3rd Class B Solo 3rd Pa jv T h if t y - f i V r MIXED CHORUS ROW 1—C Rontrw, G. Giaier , A, Hermans, 0. Kuit, G. Dahlkc, A, Gilson M. Ivbon, L. Adim», B Creview, B. Vanderi Plai. 2 J Lomt ‘ rtt| ,,,A - £ tJerdm, A ' i Kugei V, Theyt. J. Ho ids, M. Scholl, G,, G Haen, A Me is let, ROW 1 V Nellis, J Allard, M, Boseukt, 0, Gilson, 6 ZeJlner, M. Duquaine, E Jonet, j, Ladvinn, H. Mathy, M Detervitle Mr Kashnig, Director, ROW 4 J Prevost, C konzeri, R, Jcssarf, L Speersthneider, C Plautx, C Jonei. D. Berfrand, L O ' Brien. P Mouresu M. Linxmetor, L Fries, A. Benz, ROW 5 A. Abis, G Cseslewici, E. Nocyen, D. Velicer, L Seiner, A. DeGrave, M. Mathy, J Derenne, A, J din, M. Ducat I Rop»on, ROW 6 L Englebert A, Arcndr. A, KadEeU, J. Peprcy, L Romuald, C DeBaker, C. Glaser, R, Ruockl, A Dorner, R. Suess, A Jadrn, 0, Lardinoh, D. Hermans. ROW I I. Lcmem. M Collins, B, Dejardin, M Kugel, V THeys, J, Hoida. Mu Schott, G. Jonel, G. Haon, A Me isle r. ROW ? B V ndrn Pl«, H Cfctfi . ' , L Adams, M. Tebon A, Gilson, G- Dahlkc, S Kuit, A Herman , G, Glaser, C R nsman. ROW 3 V Neflit, J Allard. M Bosniski, O Gilson, B. Zellner, M. Ouquamc, E. Jonet, J. IciMna, H Mailiu, AV Detervilfa A Benz. ROW 4 J. Prevail C, Sconicrt, R Jojjarr, I, Speerschneider, C Plapfc, C Jdnet, M Bertrand, L O ' Brien, P T Moureau, AA iinzmeier, L. Friex. ROW 5 A P tl - B ’ Nooyen, G. Ceskwkz, E. Nooyen. D. Velicer, L Seiner. A DeGrave M Mathu, J, Derenne, A. Jadrn M Ducal, T. Ropson. Rage Thirty-sin MUSIC CLUB ROW 1 G. Stahl, L Friex, fi, Goetich, W . L Lcmen C St odd a ROW 2 D. Hermans, A, Domer, E Stahl, C. DeBoer, D, Sail, R. Su n. ROW 3 A Arendt, A. DtJ aktfr. L Romuald, J. DePrey J. Romuald, J Hoida CLARINETS M Ev.rsrd, D Fisher, R Mleriva, W, Schott, A. Ouradnik, R. Nejedio, FLUTES M, Beirl. N. Wdvina. B. Stahl. HORNS G hrsr ' A. 1 1 lot CORNETS—L- Romuald, G. ' Gerondate, J. Macco, D Detervilte M. Shimomk. V. Kernopp V. Krchma, TROMBONES U Horinam, H. Bwerviile. TUBA—L Vasinas DRUMS— E 81m. S. Whs OUTSTANDING A Anthony Arendt; Robert Suess; " A " Marilyn Barbiaux, Bonnie Barbiaux, twirling- " B " Jean Allard; " B” Anthony Arendt; " C -1 Gladys Stahl; " C " John Deprey, vocal. 1ST INSTRUMENTAL A“ J. Paul; B A. Speerschneider, A. Hermans, G. Bourgeois; " B " A. Corner, R. Suess- " B " A. Arendt, R. Suess, J. Kadletz, A. Dorner, S. Glaser, F. Hoida; " C " L. Mueller, S. Novak; " C " l. Scharping; " C " E. Stahl; Roger Rueckl; A M. Barbiaux; A M, Barbiaux, B. Barbiaux; " A” D. S ell, M, Barbiaux; D. Niqhorn D. Hermans; " B " B. Barbiaux. 1ST VOCAL B J. Paul; " B“ D, Hermans; " C " F, Hoida; D. Conard, A, DeBaker, J. Deprey. 2ND INSTRUMENTAL " C " L. Mueller; A S. Glaser; " A " D. Hermans,- " A " J. Paul; D. Hermans, " B " M. Cravillion, " 8 " A. Speer¬ schneider; B ' F, Hoida,- " 9 " A. Benz; " B " D. Prahl; " C " M. Derenne; " C” G- Bourgeois- " C " J. Hoida- " C " F. Hoida, A. DeBaker, C, DeBaker, j. Deprey; " C " C. DeBaker; " C " B. Goetsch; L, Rass ' " C " N. Seidt M. Deprey,- " C " B. Goetsch,- " A " D. Sell. 2ND VOCAL " C " R Rueckl; A R. Rueckl, D. Hermans, A. Corner ; " A " B. Nooyen,- ' C " C, DeBaker; " C " R, B. Nooyen, M. Moureau, R. Suess, A. Arendt; " C " R. Rueckl, R. Suess, j. Deprey, A. Arendt’ " C " " B " B. Nooyen, J. Paul. Suess; " C " C. Sto dola; 3RD INSTRUMENTAL " C " L. Scharping, J, Allard, A. Benz; " C " J. Deprey. 3RD VOCAL C ' C. Stodola; " B " A. Dorner ; C " S. Derenne; " B " D. Prahl, L. Rass, C. Jossart, V. Wery, C. Stodola. S. Derenne, J. Kadletz, M. Ferry, M. Moureau. Page Thirty-rflighT ROW 1- -V. Nau, C. Michiels, D. Michiels, E. Stahl, J. Bredeel, J. Romuald R, VandenPtas. ROW 2—Ass t Coach, Mr. Chalupa, M. I risque, G, Cravilllon, W. Mleziva, D, Sell, D. Neuser, J. Neuser, R. CHAMPS Heim, Coach, Mr. Anderson. ROW 3— Manager, A, Arendf. G. Stahl C Mtehiels, D, Hermans, J, James, H. Legois, J. Goetsch, M. Greatens D. Dalebroux, Manager, R; Bertrand, Myron Deprey Don a id Sell James Goefsch Ray Vanden Plas Henry Legois James Neuser Fag- foiTy-tsvo Michael Frisque Ervin Stahl Milton Greatens P.ig-Q Forty-four Coach Anton Anderson came up with another of his specialties again this year, an unde fealed season, as wet! as, a championship! The spirit and will to win was outstanding among the players and gave them courage during the many tense moments the season af- forded. The starting lineup consisted of the following: Ervin Stahl at center, James Bredae! and Don Michiels at guard, Julian Romuald and Charley Michiels at tackle, Ray Vanden Plas and James Neuser at end. The backfield consisted of: Don Sell as quarterback, Don Neuser and Wencil Mleziva as halfbacks and Richard Pieschek as fullback. Other members of the team who saw service during the season were: John James, Clar¬ ence Michiels, Myron Deprey, Jerry Cravillion, Don Dalebroux, Milton Greatens, Virgil Nau, Don Hermans, James Goetsch, Robert Hiem and Mike Frisque. Don Neuser and Don Sell were chosen Co-captains of the team for 1950, SCORES Luxemburg 25 Wrightstown 0 Luxemburg 37 Algoma J V ' s 0 Luxemburg 7 Gibralter 6 Luxemburg 37 Brussels 0 Luxemburg 27 Sevastopol 0 Luxemburg 1 Mtshicot 0-Forfeit Luxemburg 32 Central J V ' s 0 Luxemburg 25 Casco 6 Total 191 12 INDIVIDUAL SCORING TO PAT TP D. Neuser 9 1 55 D. Sell 7 5 47 W. Mleziva 5 1 31 J. Goetsch 4 0 24 M, Deprez 3 0 18 R, Pieschek 3 0 6 E. Stahl 1 0 6 V. Nau 0 2 2 J. Neuser 0 2 2 Total 30 n 191 Paye Foiry-five BASKETBALL CHAMPS OF 1951 ROW I M Frisque, Art. Deprei, R, Pieschek, V, Nau, D Sell. ROW 2 A, Arendt, H. DertAaulin, W, Dailcbroux, JL GooTich, Art Pigeon, E. Slab I, D, Oatabroux, J, Romuald. M Anderson, Coach, DONALD DALEBROUX HAROLD DE MOULIN JAMES GOETSCH The basketball team of 1950-51 enjoyed the most successful season of any team in the history of Luxemburg High School, Through the efforts of Coach Anderson, the team went through the Peninsula Conference without defeat, and at the same rime establishing a new Conference scoring record for a single game with 91 points The team came through with 679 points while giving up 384. The team also faired very well in non-conference games winning 7 while losing 1 The other loss came a? the hands of Gibraltar in a tournament game. The boys encountered some keen competition in such teams as Bonduel, Winneconne, Omro and others. Those most responsible for the successful season were Myron Deprez and Virgil Nau at the forward posts. Don Sell and Mike Frisque at the guards and Richard Pieschek a! center Ervin Stahl was available for substitution at any time he was needed Myron Deprez with his height and skill at rebounding was a great asset to the team and pushed in the buckets when they counted most. Don Sell played very fine ball and was the team ' s second highest scorer with 285 points. He was one of the better defensive players on the team. He has the school ' s 4 year scoring record. Virgil Nau was the team ' s leading scorer with 300 points which is a record for Luxemburg High School He also has the school single game record with 28 points. Mike Frisque did a fine job of bringing the bail down the floor and setling up plays for others to score. He also did a fine job of dumping In baskets when they were needed Richard Pieschek at center played good ball taking rebounds of both defensive and offensive boards and keeping opponents scoring on rebounds. His height and weight were very important in rebounding. Ervin Stahl was ready to take over ar any position. He played good ball at guard as well as center. He also took his share of rebounds and was a good defensive player. Don Dalehroux, James Goetsch, Wencil Dalebroux, and Harold Demoulin were ready to play if needed- Reserve strength played a big part In some of the team ' s victories. Ervin Stahl, Mike Frisque, Don Sell, Virgil Nau and James Goetsch will not be back for next year ' s team. but Coach Anderson will have Myron and Richard Pieschek to build around. TEAM S C O ft E 5 1 N DIVIDUAL SC O R 1 N G N-Denmark 54 Luxemburg 59 FG FT F TP N Bonduel 45 Luxemburg 49 Virgil Nau 123 44 57 300 IM-Alumni 37 Luxemburg 57 Don Sell 102 81 67 285 Mishicot 41 Luxemburg 85 Myron Depre 85 34 77 20-1 Gibraltar 33 Luxemburg 51 Richard Pieschek 62 30 37 154 BrusseEs 36 Luxemburg 64 Mike Frisque 41 24 48 105 N-Omro 29 Luxemburg 53 Ervin Stahl 21 16 24 58 N-Winriecorme 36 Luxemburg 48 James Goetsch 7 6 0 20 Casco 42 Luxemburg 75 Don Dalebroux 3 0 10 6 Sevastopol 35 Luxemburg 55 Wencil Oefcbroux 1 4 0 6 Miihicot 34 Luxemburg 65 Harold Demoulin 0 0 5 0 N-Bortduel 52 Luxemburg 39 -v- Totals 450 239 339 U39 Sevastopol 31 Luxemburg 91 Gibraltar 43 Luxemburg 77 Brussel 48 Luxemburg 74 Casco 41 Luxemburg 42 Po int % Opp. Won lost N ' Algoma Normal 63 lu xemburg 67 1,139 780 17 2 N-Central JV f s 35 Luxemburg 50 T4jibrahar 40 Luxemburg 38 M-Non-t on f er c nee T Tournament game Page Forty-eight BASEBALL B | ■ w - it It " t a- i IT ' j ML L - ' tf M ROW 1- M, f risque, J. Goeuth, R. Pieschtk, V. Nau, E, Stahl, D, SdJ, W. Mfeiiva. ROW 2 Mr. CMu, Atiiitanf Coach; H. DeMoulin., D. M, Oeprei, S- Gfcialiii, D. Dolcbroux, J, RoitiuA d Maoag ; AAr, Anderioo, Coach. The baseball learn of 1950 had a fairly successful season winning 5 and losing 6. In the tournament played at Algoma the luxers won the first game 11-9 over Kewaunee in a twelve inning game. The championship game was lost to Algoma 8 0. SEASON RECORD Luxemburg 5 Brussels 4 Luxemburg 2 Gibraltar 13 Luxemburg 2 Sevastopol 1 1 Luxemburg 0 Mishicof 1 Luxemburg 5 Casco 6 Luxemburg 1 I Kewaunee " 9 Luxemburg 0 Algoma 8 Luxemburg 21 Denmark 13 Luxemburg 6 Denmark 7 Luxemburg 4 Kewaunee 3 ‘ Mishicol 6 innings Kewaunee — 12 innings Paye Forty-ru nr P?OW l D. AAiebick, C They , l Heim, C. Mtchieis, E. Dekorc. JQY, 2 C, Gl«wr. Manager, K. Ttlo:, A. Jadm, R. VafidenPIas, C Mtehtols, M, Vandevo(d r Mr, ChaJup . Coach. WRESTLING The 1950-51 season was the mosl successful wrestling season in recent years. The wrestlers nad more matches this year than in any recent year. Under the coaching of Mr. Chalupa the team won three our of their four matches. Mr. Gregor has been working with the freshmen and the outlook for the next few years is very promising, More surrounding schools are putting wrestling on then curricular activities, so it will be easier to get matches with teams closer to home These are ihe results of the season: Dec. !5 Janesville (Visually Handicapped) IB Luxemburg 23 Feb + 8 Easi Green Bay 6 Luxemburg 35 Feb. 14 Janesville (Visually Handicapped) 24 Luxemburg 20 Feb. 22 Fast Green Bay 16 Luxemburg 26 Fdwm Delcore, I 2S pound class, and Don Michiels, 145 pound class, were undefeated in four matches. P t Fifty B-TEAM WRESTLERS ROW I S. Furry, M. TiSkent, G Vineeni, fi, Whipp, M, Shimonik, B. tAicuien, V. Krrfimt, P, Maihu-, ROW 2 C GlG AAaibu, H. Cumber, R. Idlrver, G, Prahl, E- Trudeau, N JoMart, A. VandenPUs " L” CLUB BOW J N«u»r. D Daicbroux, V New, M Dr Prey, I. Romuald, J. B ' edad, D Mkhiels, M Greater ROW 2 A Win J, Goeivh, D Sell, C. Glaser. R. VandsnPbs, P Picscbek, £ Srihh R. Heim, G Criviltiaii ROW 3 E. Delcorr, C Mfchielft. J James, D, Hermans. L. Heim, C. Michielt. «. ft r qu , W Mleziva, A Arcndl. Page Fitiy-on ROW 1- G. C villi on, A. GuHletie, S- GazeWa, M, Shimonek O. Linzmiscr, J Willemt, C, They . ftO ' W 7 G. Stahl, ftA, Groatom, A Domer, R, VandenPias, D. Greater , H Gould© . Mr. Blbowiak. ROW 3“K. Gazette, A, VandenRIas, D Hermans, E- Bins, G. Gerondal©, R F rry r G Dalob ' ouv, G. Mathis F. F. A. BASKETBALL With the help of our new agriculture instructor, Mr. Blbowiak, we managed to have a very good season. We probably did not get the practice that a basketball team usually gets, but in the games that we did play we learned the qualities of leadership and learned to work hard. We played such leams as Algoma, Kewaunee, Casco, and last year ' s Alumni. We hope that we can keep on having these teams because in addition to teaching us lessons In good sportsman¬ ship, they have been fun r Page Fifty-two ROW B- Mooyen, M.. Maihu, D. Vdiccr, L Seiner, L. GUj k, J r Dgrt»nnr. ROW 2 M Deul, $. Suehs, B. Kust, V. Krchrna M Saierl, .Will Bo rtch«l t Coach, ROW ' 3 R fyVeziva, G. Bourgeois, E. Jonet. J. ledvma, C. Srodola, J. Jonst F. H. A. BASKETBALL Miss Boerschet and her girls have a good time every Tuesday and Thursday when they practice baskeibafL Eash class has a team. The tall center, jean Derenne, does a good job of putting in baskets. The other forwards that help her are Barbara Nooyen, Charlotte Stodola, Delores Velicer and Shirley Suehs. The guards are Lois Ann Seiner, Beverly Kust, Lois Glaser, Joan Jonet, and Joan Ledvina, They all saw action when they played Casco and were behind all through the game With two minutes left to play, Luxemburg came from behind and defeated Casco by the score of 40 to 39. Page Fifty -Bure® CHEERLEADERS UPPER LEFT — Theresa Ropson LOWER LEFT — Phyllis Moureau UPPER RIGHT Yvonne Agamite Theresn Ropton Jul ' n omun d JUNIOR PROM Some Enchanted Evening " the theme of the 1950 prom held April 19 was carried out by transforming the gym into a tropical jungle. Palm trees, birds, flowers, and butterflies were used as decorations with the huge star in the ceiling as the center of attraction. Gail Shepardson and his orchestra furnished the music with Julian Romuald and Theresa Ropson reigning as king and queen Others in the court of honor were: Ervin Stahl and Jean Allard, Calvin DeBaker and Ardis Miesler, Cletus Glaser and Grace Haen, Anthony Arendt and ArmeHa Hermans. P ye Fifty.hy N T A T I O N This is station KLHS broadcast¬ ing a review of the Luxemburg High School annual Initiation Pro¬ gram winch was held October 3, It was under the competent direction of Miss Eunice Hannon, The contestants included 75 freshmen, 2 sophomores, 2 |uniors and 6 teachers. Everyone enjoyed the evening of fine entertainment. homecoming Our victory over Casco 25 to 6 on October 27th, made our homecoming a success, ft also made our team peninsula champs lor the year 1950 King James Bredael chose LaVerne O ' Brien to reign as Queen for the dance in the evening. The dance was held in our gym which was decorated in appropriate homecoming settings. A large crowd attended and en¬ joyed themselves dancing to the music of Duke Janda and his orchestra. Pa-.; - Fifty. von SNOWBALL vVnh the co-operation of the F. F. A, and F. H + A, our annual Snowball was a great success. It was held on the evening of January 13. Music was furnished by Bob Malada and his orchestra. Donald Michiels and Arlene Tilot reigned as King and Queen and led the grand march. !he court of Honor included: AAary Duquaine and Gerald Stahl, Carol Sconzerf and Gerald Cravil Hon, Joan Hoida and Robert Suess, Gladys Glaser and Milton Greatens, Nancy Ledvina and Clarence Micbiels Pagt fifiv-eiglii We wish to take this opportunity to extend our appreci¬ ation to everyone who has contributed in any way toward the success of our annual. We wish to thank all the busi¬ ness men who bought ads, Mrs. Andrew Kashnrg, Mr Goetsch, the students who contributed pictures and especi¬ ally Miss Eunice Hannon, our advisor Sincerely, The Staff Sixty alumni ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT A, Speer schneidei, J. Paul, M Fr sciLfe X Bournotflll®, J K adieu, M DuboE . M Romuald D. SEegmund, R, Beiaw, M Firry, M fleeter ROW 2 R. Kfchma, G. Jor l, E. BaierE, 6,. Cravillion, M. Jonct J Paul, R, Dnbeker, 8 Sconztrt. L Johnson, E. Heim, A. Ge ella ROW 3 P. Encileberi, J, Oax. J Ravel, I. Vincent, V, Wcry, H. Engebose, D. Barblaux, H. Gvt ckir. 1. U» ' drke, F. Holds, $. Glaser, ROW I H Pronto, M, Mogreau, O Great ens, Aft. Hoff mart, C. Zuege, M. Orflka, E Col in, L Goralt, L Credcwicz, D, Prahl, l. Mleziva, E, Jlsa. Look Your Best The Cut of Your Hair Counts SCHWABS SHOE STORE John Schwab, Prop. LUXEMBURG IMPLEMENT CO. P. J. COLLE 2 barbers 2 chairs Phone 114-W Luxemburg, Wis. Complete line of Shoes and Rubbers for the family X-Ray Fitting Phone 77 Luxemburg, Wis. DeSoto-Plymouth Cars International Trucks McCormick Farm Machinery International Freezers, Refrigerators LUXEMBURG MOTOR CO. and Milkcoolers Fox Forage Masters Jamesway Barn Equipment Luxemburg, Wisconsin Ferguson Tractors and Implements Pontiac Sales and Service New Idea Farm Implements G. M. C. Trucks Eagle Forage Harvester Barn Cleaners FARMERS TRADING CO. Phone 55 Luxemburg, Wis. Estate Gas Electric Ranges Kelvinator Refrigerators Electric Ranges Zenith Radios Anything you need in your home ZEMLIKA ' S DRUG STORE Complete line of Drugs, Veterinary Products Fountain Service SELL ' S CHEVROLET ' S SERVICE Louis Sell, Prop. Phone 62-W Luxemburg, Wisconsin A. M, HOPPE 8 . SONS Department Store Phone 49-W Luxemburg, Wisconsin Compliments of Compliments of RED OWL STORE GAMBLE STORE No. 434 George Lemervs, Mgr. ' Tony " Regel, Mgr, Phone 13-W Luxemburg, Wis. Luxemburg, Wis. Pago Sixty -two MIKE ' S SERVICE STATION U. S. Royal Tires Phillips 66 Products Luxemburg, Wisconsin LUXEMBURG GAS APPLIANCE Barbiaux Bros. Phone 30-W Shellane Bottled Gas Kewaunee County ' s Leading Gas Distributor DIAMONDS - JEWELRY SILVERWARE M. S. THOMPSON Jewelers For Your Dollars Best Buy Give Thompson ' s Jewelry a try Phone; Howard 1790 1267 Main Street Green Bay, Wis. A. J. Geniesse C. G. 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The Friendly Yard That Treats You Right Green Bay Phone: Adams 710 New Franken Phone: 29-R-4 COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE DRINK ROYAL CROWN COLA Best by Taste Test PAR-T-PAK and NEHI BEVERAGES NORTHLAND NEHI BOTTLING CO. CLIFF WALL MOTOR SALES, INC. Your Oldsmobile Dealer 426 N. Washington GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE LOANS CARTIER-STEWART REAL ESTATE CO. REALTORS Phone Howard 3772 Frank Cartier Phone Adams 3205 303 Beilin Bldg. Green Bay, Wis. RELIANCE PUBLISHING CO. YEARBOOKS A SPECIALITY P. O. Box 526 Greene Ave., Allouez Rube Gerondale Geo. Pavlik Green Bay, Wis. LUXEMBURG, WISCONSIN Page Seventy four L ( B A L S Sheet Metal and Plumbing Heating Plumbing Luxemburg, Wis, Pag Srveftly f Ivc F ge Sev rifysi

Suggestions in the Luxemburg Union High School - Memories in Blue Yearbook (Luxemburg, WI) collection:

Luxemburg Union High School - Memories in Blue Yearbook (Luxemburg, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Luxemburg Union High School - Memories in Blue Yearbook (Luxemburg, WI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Luxemburg Union High School - Memories in Blue Yearbook (Luxemburg, WI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Luxemburg Union High School - Memories in Blue Yearbook (Luxemburg, WI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Luxemburg Union High School - Memories in Blue Yearbook (Luxemburg, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Luxemburg Union High School - Memories in Blue Yearbook (Luxemburg, WI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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