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. . VX 2, 'My, what lovely names! Agatha, Drucella, Zelda . . . Let's all join the Mickey Phink Club! " "And after that 'he' said . . " This whole thing is ridiculous! If a disaster stri I'11 hide right here." "The Juniors didn't initiate you and tear your bed apart, did they Janet?" 2:1 Of Becoming More Acquaintea' with Lutheran w '-51 2'- -gi ,. 'x -I-"O A typical hospital scene is one of "the desk." Instructors, students, and ward clerks are all an essential part of an efficient ward. Of Working Dilzlgentbf With the use of a beef lung for demonstration pur- poses on "Career Day," the Freshmen could apply their knowledge of the human's detailed respiratory system. xxs-A --b While working in the Isolation area of Pediatrics, Miss Ann Rahe increased her fund of knowledge of communicable diseases. "I wonder if I'll ever be able to feel a pulse!" "Study, study, study! ! Why do I have to do it when I'm so-o-o tired?" Increasing Our Knowledge and Skills . Skill is achieved in the administration of medica- tions by continued study of the pharmacology of various drugs. The "mock" disaster class in Disaster Nursing proved to be quite a "disaster" in itself! Al "You're not surprised, are you Jan?" Ofjoining with Others .ix A ve "l'f"f-X fix "What beautiful singing to put me to sleep--at 3 a.m. in the morning!" "I just love to iron, especially since I still have to do my Anatomy, Chemistry, Psychology . . ." 12 In Dorm LW "Happy Birthday, Carol! " i This MUST be the wor1d's record! "Careful, Judy, that needle looks mighty sharp! "And, I ALWAYS use it on my hair. That's right, 10070 pure Rootrot Gummed Limeseed Oil! " 13 This Halloween party proved to be quite a success--especially with the neighboring college students having been invited! Uf Enjoyable Times Car washes can be so much work, yet so worthwhile, especially when a student nurse is trying to earn money to attend convention! The winner of this year's "Miss Nursing Student" Contest was Miss Joyce Herman, center. Pictured with her are the runners-up, Miss Callahan and Miss Carroll. 14 with goodies at the Senior Christmas Party! " Participating in Student Activities "My goodness! Santa Nordholm even showed up "I can hear them siule! That is, the hotclogs sold weekly by the Freshmen." "Mm-m, these rolls that the Juniors sell really look ymnmy! " l 1 5 If there were only students to run the hospital on Christmas Day, it would be as hilarious as portrayed by the Juniors at ou.r annual Christmas party. :AJ j ME ni, x if wma 'x L - ' f 5 - K Q 9 I . iro ning 7 'L I Z V I , . I I F, ,J , Swim WAYNE AT FAIRFIELI gl Mill. EMA!! . Ana' cyf Cherished Our Goal zyfa Capping Exercises denote the first landmark of a three year course. The Exist stripe is a big day for new Juniors! 16 Events Approaching iPrqFessz'0nal urse! Baccalaureate Services held August 16, 1964 at Kramer Chapel, Con- cordia Senior College. Holy Cross Lutheran Church houses Graduation Exercises, August 16, 1964 X. Z i IN DEDICA TIUN MR. ROBERT McCORD, B.A. Instructor mf Sciences We, the graduating class qt 1964, dedicate "RqflectionsD to Mr. Robert McCord. Begin- ning in our Freshman year he taught us the fundamental sciences for our profession. Throughout the past three years he has re- mained not onhz an instructor but has also be- come afriend and an advisor. Mr. McCord has proved himsebr to be a capable and knowledge- able member of the faculgz. In appreciation, we hope that Mr. McCord will continue to aid in the preparation cj each student nurse jbr years to come. 19 Q 1 P ,.l .f. J H '1 lit ku: X , S Mr. Edgar C. Kruse Having completed his fifth term as Administrator of Lutheran Hose pital, Mr. Kruse has carried the responsibilities of numerous duties. He has displayed his devotion and loyalty to the student nurses and to all hospital personnel. By being an active community participant and a Capable administrator, Mr. Kruse has shown his willingness to serve, thus winning the highest respect of all. A dm in istmtion 20 M iss Virgin ia Wz'llz'ams0n RN., B.S., M.S. Having been Assistant Director of Nursing Education for the past three years, Miss Williamson has displayed her capability and qualifications to hold such a posi- tion. By coordinating various activities and by planning our ed- ucational program, Miss William- son has been instrumental in pro- viding us with an optimum curriculum. Besides the above she also teaches Drugs and Solu- tions and Professional Adjustments. Mrs. Carrie M. Filion RN., BS., M.A. Mrs. Filion, Director of Nursing, has instilled in all of us to strive for maturity and the highest of professional standings. Through her efforts the School of Nursing has become accredited by the National League of Nursing, of which we are greatly ap- preciative. By unselfish service and tireless endeavors Mrs. Filion has intensified our educational program, direct- ing use to become better nurses and better citizens in our community. 55? Faculzy ' ay,-ji. ii. . .fl 32 7, 1 .. r 1 -' MR. ROBERT MCCORD, B.A. Insiructor of Sciences. N - Q 4.fF'l"1 'r""b , . 1... i Z MRS. JANE BADGLEY, R.N., B.S.N. Instructor of Medical-Surgical Nursing. MRS. BETTY GUDMUNDSON, R.N., B.S. Instructor of Nursing Fundamentals. Wifi. MRS. LUCIA HARLEY A.D.A., B.S. Instructor of Nuuition. f - 453 -Ya 0 If ' Effnf - I- ' X . it MISS BETTY NORDHOLM, R.N., B.A. Instructor of Medical-Surgical Nursing. 22 XJFN xiii.. MRS. LORA THOMAS, R.N. Instructor of Pediatrics - .QU MISS NORMA I-TUYCK, R.N. Instructor of Senior Experience. MISS DORTHEA I-IENSLER, R.N., B.S.P.H.N. Instructor of Medical-Surgical Nursing. 'O EE' 1 In CIRCULAT Mgr- PETA'- z . . Q-Rue.: .: -mmf! .. ,Z syn MR. E. DAN BUTZ, B.S. MRS. GENEVIEVE LINDQUIST Instructor of Pharmacology. 4 ,-.. H MRS. ESTHER EI-IRMAN, R.N. Instructor of Emergency and Disaster Nursing. , fi A5 .,.,, 1 , ,gif X K MRS. CAROLYN GERIG, R.N. Instructor of Nursing Fundamentals. MRS. KATHLEEN WOODS, R.N., B.S.N. Instructor of Maternity Nursing. THE REV. WILF RED SCI-INEDLER, B.D., A.B. Instructor of Religion. 23 R.N. Instructor of Operating Room A j9'liatz'ons Diversw 'E' MISS WENDELIQEN Director of Nursing Education To learn the principles and techniques of Tuberculosis Nursing is the aim of the training received at the Veteran's Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana. The Junior student affiliates here for four 1 weeks, thus increasing her knowledge IQ of this long-term communicable disease. I I Views of V.A. QS? 5 ' MRS. EVANS Instructor of Nursing "Happy Birthday to our housemother, Mrs. Morrett! " Nursing Concepts i "Our home away from our home away from home" Heart of "the little city" , , 'ffl MA- I? 1 . rf X MR. BROWN Director of Nursing Service Instruct The Senior student spends three months on psychiatric affiliation at the Logansport State Hospital. Here she is able to learn the normal personality development and structure in addition to the basic mental disorders. In clinial practice she can apply this knowledge to meet each individual's needs by developing inter- personal relations with the patient. , 1, l qv' . . .K 'Q - ' 5'-- - A . N. - J .H 0 X 5 - X H A o -I , '32 , . ., 1, Xi. I A U 1 I . I as . jj il' 'I 5 Q ,fffd . ., ,,..l "-' C ."" 4 . I ni . -is ""- 11f,,f-.fnliilfi MISS DEE MISS McDOWELL or of Psychiatric Nursing Instructor of Psychiatric Nursing 25 p w K' www HWES1' WAYNE AT mnfnam IORT WAYNE. INDIANA Ulf, , A , I ' UZ' 5 35 f2'f 1' , Q A D500 -. H 10' town nomj Since good health is so important the student nurse, Mrs. Flannigan, Health Nurse, assists in all yearly physical examinations and in any health problems which may arise. I 8- Q7 O R f, 'fs' lf' "wtf Z X ,ir A Vrgr j . K I r ,Axis to M its o Mrs. Eversole, Housemother, also acts as social director of the students. She 1 schedules all upcoming events on the Q school calendar and assists in planning ' for any social activities. Efficient Workers Form 'izpqg Mrs. Gaskill acts as the Registrar for the school, with one of her main duties being the keeping of current records. 26 it Librarian: Mrs.Mathews. Absent: Mrs. Ferguson Switchboard Operators: STANDING5 Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Orr, Mrs. Givens, Mrs. Villiams SEATED5 Mr. Garmon knwvw Essential Part fy' A a'mz'nistmtion cf" Housekeeping Personnel: SEATEDg Mrs. David, Mrs. Barnhart--Linen Room. STANDINGg Mrs. Hower, Mrs. Fiedler, Mrs. Hower. ABSENT5 Mrs. Moorman fgrfuf ,ae "Zi,6 Custodian: Mr. Teadarden Department Heads MR. ARNOLD GEMMER Personnel Director and Public Relations MR. ELMER BUTZ Administrative Assistant MR. ROBERT REEDY Administrative Assistant MR. R. RECH Administrative Assistant MR. OTTO SCI-IEIMA NN Controller MR. HAROLD CORDES Credit Manager DR. RICHARD CRAIG Chief Radiologist DR. WALTER GRIEST Chief Pathologist REV. WILFRED SCHNEDLER Chaplain 28 MRS LUCIA HARLEY Chief Dietitian -...ww MRS. CLARA STEINER Purchasing MR. DAVE PARROTT Inhalation Therapy MRS. L. KNAACK Housekeeping ,. AS, ' x , 44 . ,'.. W. ri, of . I MRS. S. GRAPER Patient Relation Co-ordinator ' sl 'K -s 1 :..:-:: 2 :1.1:. . 'A . ii MRS. W. MCKENNEY A K .. Medical Records aaa X MRS MA RIE HENDORF Adrnitting MR. R SYMONDS Laundry Manager MR. HOWARD WICKLIFF Plant Superintendent Z QL MRS. B. CALLAHAN Labor and Delivery . ,J-Y MISS E. GERBER South Fourth, Surgical Head Nurses MRS. M. DAFFORN Newborn Nursery Q2 -M 1 MRS. D. I-IANKEY South Second, Surgical NOT PICTURED: MISS A. SCHWEHN North-East Fourth, Surgical 30 MRS. C. FLETCHER West Third, Medical 4, 1 MRS. M. IVES Long Care Unit MRS. J. MINIER West Second, Orthopedics - Q wr ,,x:g X q, A A-. . - MISS L. RAYL Post-Partum s:'a:.:f.':'E5' ' 1 Q .'2.V1'-,' 3: MRS. J. THIMLAR North-East Fifth, Medical f- vu'- MISS M. PARADY Recovery Room MRS. R. REI-IM West Sixth, Medical S O' MRS. O. WATERMAN Operating Room 31 asf' MISS B. PURDY Emergency Room E ' i MRS. M. SORG Pediatrics X S .f ss f MISS I. ZAGEL Psychiatry Nursing Service Supervise web f I MRS. M. MAXWELL Assistant Director, Nursing Service 1. I 1 , Y. MRS. J. MARTIN Supervisor, Days MRS. H. FUZY Supervisor, Days 32 an MISS D. OVERMEYER Supervisor, In-Service Program :- MRS. H. MIDDLETON Supervisor, Days N age: Total Patient Care . 3 MRS. M. BURRIS Supervisor, Evenings MRS. L. VACHON Supervisor, Evenings .m"-"""' MRS. D. BROWN Supervisor, Nights 33 MRS. G. MOORE Supervisor, Evenings MRS. A. ROBERTS Supervisor, Nights REFLECTIONS q'szfayz'ng up late of the librapr cyflong lectures Q' "alm0st,'fallz'ng asleep zu class cj in creasing knawledge gf learning ana' cyfprelbaralion to become a graduate nurse! A1eaa'errzz'es X165 gagskx 'A v z A gm? M E 5212? . j N f3fif b x 4i ll Q? ' E . T , f E x :H !c-A.,-- -- X '1,,,,,,"i z f I ' R571 w nv--'nun : f ffg 'gf - 1 1 z f 3 : tl Z f i ' - ' . , ' v. 3 :N i 1 ' E iii R' Z.. A od . sm fsfvi H 55 T ill 5' xg 1 i s Y , ',- . 1: ,rwx - . . ,SK lgL,".l'-P! . Q 552. 1, 2 2f4fIQ36"f3'3'Wf? Q 2.315 Freshman Students Learn Basie Skills "Hey, Giff, 1et's surprise Mrs. Harley and make our chocolate cake with cottage cheese onion icing Y" Xi, "I wonder what he'd say if he knew I were culturing his kiss?" i "Sing along with Karen and her spinal :N mnnometer !" 36 5-F' .ff FIRST YEAR CURRICULUM Introductory Professional Adjustments Anatomy Physiology Chemistry Psychology Religion Nutrition Microbiology Sociology Pharmacology Medical Surgical Nursing History of Nursing af" "But, Gwen, I'm just sure Mr. McCord said that the cranial end of the femur attached to the gluteal end of the vertebrae!" "And, Nancy, my mother said I'd never even be able to boil water !" 37 .,,,,. wat' Nancy and Marcia learn the mechanics of the sfigno . . . sphickno . . .syvchno . . . oh, you know, the blood pressure cuff! Xv xi" xi N, As Miss Hahn and Miss Metz demonstrate here, the ten-minute pre-surgical hand scrub is a vital part in the success of any operation. The Junior year in the educational program places emphasis on nursing theory, related to clinical exper- iences. The study and care of patients with similar health and nursing problems, associated with the principles of human relations, forms the fundamental basis of the nursing care given by the students. Medical and Surgical Specialties u - ami J ,, C 3255 1 f'. ' ' ' MLW' i 'um .I "lu ikk' it 'fy ark," 'Q' . -S ia' tt , s 'Pr 1 ff RS . i ,,f' , f, A . , ,V .- I. rs J -'Mx fag"- xX V i i , if X .. I The student gains knowledge in the use and principles of traction in the treatment of many orthopedic patients. Here Miss Ehrat and Miss Ballard gain helpful points from instructor, Miss No rdho lm . 38 Wei.. .--'- F,,,...1- SECOND YEAR CURRICULUM s 1 Pharmacology S? 'A X-'V J JMR The Family Nursing of Patient with Tuberculosis Nursing of Patient Requiring Surgery Recovery Room Medical-Surgical Nursing: Endrocrinology Orthopedics Geriatrics Neurology Gynecology Urology The Eye The Junior students, during the surgical rotation, spend a part of their time in the classroom with instructor, Mrs. Lindquist. Comprise Majority cya unior Tear Working in the Post-Anesthesia Recovery Room indeed takes efficiency and adeptness. Miss Connor is getting ready to use the suction equipment, so vital to the recovery of many patients. 39 ,ia 3143. . 7 ' 1 N E 'le W6 fwfr' Miss Ballard assembles equip- ment to assist with a physical examination. r k Qi -3555 'Q fi l . 'f i 1 I n gfffilf ., xfxggfk Developing interpersonal relationships comprises an important part of any profession. Miss White- man speaks with a patient. 4:5 lv" -4 N Charting can also be a learning process as Miss Kems illustrates here. THIRD YEAR CURRICULUM Maternity Nursing Nursing,of Children Pediatrics Premature Nursery Psychiatric Nursing Senior Experience Constant Care Unit Emergency Room Co-Charge of Clinical Unit Professional Adjustments Il Diaster Nursing Miss Saffen, while in Senior Co-Charge, gains added knowl- edge in transcribing doctors' orders. Mrs. Rehm, Head Nurse and Miss Huyck, Instructor, offer additional help. From Senior Studant . Miss Carroll, while working in the Emergency Room, begins to gather the needed instruments for the doctor. 41 fx-rv Rubies aw Sll0Wll 7 at '1 3010 3'30P,M K 7130,D 8:30p M T!1.','g?:,:t5-Q7 Miss Bark gains experience in infant care during her rotation of Maternity Nursing. To Graduate urse! Miss Brermeke, while in Senior Co-Charge, learns the essentials of intravenous therapy. Q mf' -qi' "7 A M Miss Muhl learns that among many other duties, desk work is necessary for an efficient unit. 4.. More specialties in nursing are encountered during a student's Senior year. At this time she acquires added knowledge of her responsibility in the management of a nursing unit and of her realm as a graduate nurse. Study of the phases of development of the human being and of his place in the family and society all help to increase the breadth and scope of nursing care given to the patient. mi. .-155 During Senior Experience, many students spend one week in Pharmacy, as does Miss Flaig. To occupy a child during his hospital stay is one of the essentials for his well-being. Miss Lohrbach appears to have found the right approach. -EDN, Miss Jacobs and the narrator seem to have captured Tommy's attention with the bible story, during his stay on the Pediatrics Ward. Ffa ii I' 'x K , rin. , 'ca 7 'Q yi W Students REFLEC TI ONS . if clown living with noise in the hallways 'till 3 ann qw 'golf' sessions if class meetings qfparties qfjielel trzlbs qv living together ana' of long-lasting fienelshzlbs! THE 1964 APPENDIX Lutheran H0s119z'tal School qv Nursing F oft Wayne, Ina'z'ana Seniors- PRESIDENT VALERIE DORA CALLAI-IAN Fort Wayne, Indiana "She openeth her mouth with wisdom, and in her tongue is the law of kindness." -. y, 46 -ww-.My VICE-PRESIDENT GLORIA JEAN RUPP Fort Wayne, Indiana "AlI things are accomplished with poise and perfection." FACULTY ADVISOR MISS BETTY NORDHOLM We, the graduating class of 1964, shall always remember our competent advisor, Miss Nord- holm. Throughout the past three years we have become much acquainted with her, realizing what an important part she was in aiding us to reach our goals. Due to her encouragement, determination, and enthusiasm we have all re- spected and admired her. By exemplifying professionalism and high goals, Miss Nordholm has indeed been a most helpful advisor, in- structor, and friend. Class M1964 K I Q SECRETARY LINDA LOUISE MENGERINK St. Mary's, Ohio "Never too busy to join in the fung always on hand when there's work to be done." G STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES JUDITI-I FAYE BARK Ossian, Indiana "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with aII." WILMA MARIE LUEBKE Fort Wayne, Indiana "A time for speaking and a time for being still." 4-7 A TREASURER BETTY LOU ANDERSON Auburn, Indiana ll lute determination." CHRISTIAN GROWTH CHAIRMAN DIANE CAROL AUBREY Fort Wayne, Indiana "B1essed are the meek . . . " The truest wisdom is a reso- winks! 5 4351 Q CAROLINE BAUGHMAN Madrid, Spain "To want is to seekg to think is to speak," A53 x 1 . 9 CLAUDIA DEE BELL Anderson, Indiana "A pleasing smile and always cheery." RUTH L. BECKMANN Hammond, Indiana "Few know her as she really is." 1 VAUGHNE VICTORIA BOI-LN JUDITH ANN BRENNEKE Fort Wayne, Indiana Woodburn Indiana "The wit of one and the wisdom "Beauty lives with kindness." of many." 48 If e 10' KAREN LOUANNE BRUMM Fort Wayne, Indiana "Oh sacred hunger of ambitious minds!" JANICE MARIE COX Ridgeville, Indiana "Be not too zealous, moderation is best in all things." ,Wi s, X 1 E LYNN JO CARROLL North Manchester, Indiana "The mildest manner and the gentlest heart." 49 5 Q JOYCE LYNNE BUTTS Bluffton, Indiana "Life is not so complicated if you can see the humorous side." I RUTH EMMA DOTTERER Paulding, Ohio "She worries not, she hurries not. Her calm is undisturbed." JUDITI-I ELAINE EARI-IART Ossian, Indiana "She puts her best efforts into everything." JUDITH ANN FUCHS Fort Wayne, Indiana "The reason firm, the temperate will, endurance, foresight, strength, and skill." MICI-IELE RAE FLAIG Fort Wayne, Indiana "A little mischief by the way is fun to spice each day." 50 JOYCE ELMIRA EBERLY Ligonier, Indiana "Deeds, not words." SANDRA KAY GREINER Fort Wayne, Indiana "Everything succeeds with people of sweet and cheerful disposition." 8+ 1 Q JANET MAE HARTSOUGH North Manchester, Indiana "Is she smiling? No. Then tis not she." 6 JOYCE ELLEN HERMAN New Haven, Indiana "A pleasing nature wins many friends." REITA CARMEN HODSDEN Valparaiso, Indiana "Youth comes but once in a lifetime." BERNICE ANNA HORSTMAN NADINE BETH JACOBS Florida Ohio Elmore, Ohio "Light of step ahd heart was "She's full of life, she's full of she." fun." 51 ,i A II , .94 4 f' 'N V JOYCE FAY JONES Star City, Indiana "Life is very short, very un- certain, let us spend it as well as we can." .AP ANNA MAE LEHMAN Bluffton, Ohio "Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and her paths are peace." Q I LOIS ELINOR KESPOI-IL NATALIE SUE KASTING Indianapolis, Indiana "Doing what can't be done is the glory of living." Garrett Indiana "Knowledge comes b t wisdom lingers ' 52 CAROL VIOLA LOHRBACH Fort Wayne, Indiana "Her eyes sparkle with the joy of living." CAROL ANN MCELVAIN Indianapolis, Indiana "Quiet, thoughtful, and sincere, she does all things wel1." W ? BARBARA ELAINE MUELLER Huntington, Indiana "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in setting of silver." BECKY ELIZABETH MUHL Richmond, Indiana "Smal1ness lacks no might, mischief, or wisdom." PRISCILLA RUTH PARLIMAN ANN EI-ISE RAHE Cleveland, Ohio Fort Wayne, Indiana "She does her work with a "A drop of golden sun." cheerful heart and turns her work to play." 53 SUSAN DOROTHY RINGENBERG Fort Wayne, Indiana "Friend of pleasureg wisdom's aid." ig! NANCY ROSE Fort Wayne, Indiana "Fearless minds climb soonest unto crowns." ELAINE ESTI-IER SAFFEN Fort Wayne, Indiana "To love abundantly is to live abundantly, and to live forever is to love forever." SANDRA KAY SANDS DOROTHY LOUISE Huntington, Indiana SCI-IIEIDERER "The love of life is the pursuit Woodburn, Indiana of happiness." "A quiet dignity and charm 54 of gentleness are hers." JANET MARIE SCHICK ELEANOR LOUISE WEBB Richmond, Indiana Berne, Indiana "A good industrious girl is She, 3 truer "Humor is the pensiveness of witg the friend there cou1dn't be." essence of loveg the element of genius." RITA PAULINE WULLIMAN RUTH ANN YANKE Berne, Indiana Howard City, Michigan "A friendly girl with many friends." "A cheerful countenance betokens a good he art." 55 A'5Ef 9?-TUTQ' L D ary O We lflw Q0 t t Pu 3m - ffl Fm 'I '3f?lT1-2270 I solemnhz pledge mysef bqpre God and in the presence typ this assembhr to pass my lk in purigr and to prac- tice my profession faithfulbr. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingbf administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to main- tain and elevate the standard if my profession, and will hold in con- fdence all personal matters com- mited to my keeping, and all famihr ajfairs coming to my knowledge in the practice Q' my prwssion. Wi'th loyalgf will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and de- vote mysebf to the wehfare of those committed to my care. -Nightingale Pledge 2 In--f CLASS OFFICERS: Elaine Pollack, Secretaryg Malinda Hartman, Treasurerg Carol Whiteman, Presidentg Victoria Lorenz, Vice-Presidentg Susan Wieden- mann, Christian Growth, Chairman. ,4 ff-A' ' i Class cj 1965 MISS N. HUYCK Faculty Advisor 56 Amstutz, Lilahg Van Nuys, Calif. . Ballard, Clela, South Nyack, N.Y. 'Z V ' . Qs N . Becher, Carol, Fort Wayne, Ind. Connor Elizabeth, Honolulu, Hawaii Bowers, Karen, Lima, Ohio I Ehrat, Margaret, Wauseon, Ohio Eisenbise, Bommie, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Gerken, Ruth, Auburn, Ind. Hahn, Virginia, Antwerp, Ohio Hartman, Malinda, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Hasz, Dorothy, Jonesville, Ind. Johnson, Barbara, Mt. Ivy, N.Y. Kerns, Glenna, Pennville, Ind. Lorenz, Victoria, Anderson, Ind. Martin, Jo Ann, Lima, Ohio Metz, Roberta, South Bend, Ind Mueller, Shari, Huntington, Ind 57 I ,. ,. I . ftp! F Worrell, Jo Ellen, Clayton, Ind. 58 Niemeyer, Maryann, Ft. Wayne, Ind Payne, Ruth, Crown Point, Ind. Peterson, Lois, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Pfeiffer, Beverly, Detroit, Mich. Pollock, Elaine, Delphos, Ohio Richmond, Donna, Fairfield, Ohio Ringger, Janice, Bluffton, Ind. Sklenar, Ida, Roanoke, Ind. Snyder, Judith, Plymouth, Ind. Sprunger, Sherryll, Berne, Ind. Veiss, Ilze, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Walter, Sally, Columbia City, Ind. Wiedenmann, Susan, Eustis, Florida Whiteman, Carol, St. Petersburg, Fla. Wilkes, Diane, Rochester, Ind. CLASS OFFICERS: Beth Ziemer, Christian Growth Chairmang Carol Luderm an, Student Council Representativeg Charlotte Pussel, Presidentg Janet Schoenefeld, Vice-Presidentg Marcia Buehler, Secretaryg Gwen Koehlinger, Treasurer. Class M1966 MRS. C. GERIG -, -,,.., Faculty Advisor he in 59 If .,f' 3. 1 1 X if X F ,fm , , , .- .4 i 'T N .P Q C' 9 ff 'R gi 9' E , 2' f ew, y a A 3 1 1 7 I I ,sm- .a ff lx ,. ' I 5' 'F' - -- sv--' 5 I I Akey, Arlene, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Allen, Diane, Glen Ellyn, Ill. Bingman, Darlene, West Unity, Ohio Bishop, Carol: Ft. Wayne, Ind. Black, Janet, Portland, Ind. Black, Paula, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Boocher, Judy, North Man- chester, Ind. Breidenbaugh, Anne, Indiana- polis, Ind. Buehler, Marcia, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Clark, Donna, Stryker, Ohio Emans, Nancy, Celina, Ohio Engelhardt, Charlotte, Fran- kenmuth, Mich. Fields, Diana, Geneva, Ind. Folk, Sharon, Warsaw, Ind. Fox, Mary Alice, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Gifford, Ruth, Cannonsburg, Pa. Hardy, Barbara, Mishawaka, Ind. Hawkins, Carole, South Whit- ley, Ind. Heintzelman, Nancy, Indiana- polis, Ind. I-Ierbst, Marjorie, Lowell, Ind. Houk, Kathy, Montpelier, Ohio Jones, Catherine, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Koehlinger, Gwen, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Lindemuth, Louise, Minster, Ohio Luderrnan, Carol, Bryan, Ohio Meyer, Welma, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Miller, Dorothy, Cincinnati, Ohio Moughler, Linda, Edgerton, Ohio Mueller, Rosalie, Mishawaka, Ind. Mylin, Karen, North Man- chester, Ind. Neuenschwander, Marjorie, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Payne, Alice, Crown Point, Ind. Penn, Kathleen, Huntington, Ind. Pike, Christine, Flint, Mich. Post, Mary, LaPort, Ind. Pussel, Charlotte, Rocky River, Ohio Quackenbush, Joan, Sherwood, Ohio Rager, Mary, Van Wert, Ohio Rehme, Marcia, Cincinnati, Ohio Schmidt, Linda, Peru, Ind. Schoenefeld, Janet, Ft. Wayne Ind. Schwebel, Kathleen, Wil- lowick, Ohio Stilke, Ruth, Mundelein, Ill. Suddith, Roberta, Rochester, Ind. Toney, Dianng Napoleon, Ohio Tsetse, Karen, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Van Bergen, June, Mishawaka, Ind. Wallace, Karen, Front Royal, Va. West, Carol, Defiance, Ohio Wulliman, Deanna, Berne, Ind. 7 - se ..,-ix: . Dfs F' F I NZ. SS Q' a i' fiiisgjf. 'f " 4 ---an - 4 ? ,,1r"' . .35,a1.'., g,:.1,,:5sw , - ' gi x. . Q ..,, .wx ,N KQ H f 'Q 11 , N, V., ,,- r it Q' Rv 3,-L.. ,- 2 ,-I fd mb 'X -TL 7 1 fm 4 ' Q ,Q sf 2 W 'En V P Y B' A N nb N, 4 5 M, Q Q6 f-' 951 -I L Ziemer, Beth, Toledo, Ohio Not Pictured: Schelle, Susan, Goshen, Ind. 61 ..,. 35, 1 .' r .-.-,.,, A if A X .QP 1 'Wx .Q-Zi . . 'QTT9 1-yi" ,- , ax ,- ...- NT sf'Qr?f" 'i?':T.' -'f .5 ' ' 5, 66 :ff J fb' . 1 i . ,,, .. I it REFLECTIONS . if student boajf rneetings of ear washes ana' qfbake sales Q' outings ana' picnics qf agreements ana' a'isagreernents qv meeting a'eaa'!ines QF working late hours ana' of having fun! -4 A etio ities YQ im A -1 5, PRESIDENT Sandra Gre iner STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT ROW--TOP to BOTTOM: Carol Lucler- man, Rep., Donna Richmond, Treasurer, Carol Lohrbach, Christian Growth Ch., Wilma Luebke, Rep., Sally Walter, Program Ch. BACK ROW-- TOP to BOTTOM: Mary Post, Secretary, Judy Bark, Social Ch., Vaughne Bohn, Vice-President, Charlotte Pussel, Rep., Val Callahan, Rep. Studeot Government Promotes 64 Say Dz'sczl17!z'ne f' f JUDICXARY COMMITTEE: Louise Lindemuth, Sec.5 Ann Rahe, Joann Mar tin, Kathy I-Iouk, Vaughne Bohn, Ch. Louise Lindemuth assumes one of the duties of keeping the bicycles in repair. 65 REFLECTIO 1964. . . Words are all to weak to define what constitutes the way of life of a school of nursing. Likened to numerous other schools, Lutheran means clinical practice and theory, student body meetings, parties and letters and packages from home. It means Capping, receiving our stripes, and our Graduation. But we at Lutheran think life is garnished with a bit more. We feel that we attain more than aca- demic achievement and professional skill. We receive a maturity, an insight, a better understand- ing of life. This, the 1964 APPENDIX shall attempt to protray in "Reflections," 3 School Publications APPENDIX Miss I-Iuyck, Advisor EDITOR Judith Fuchs BUSINESS STAFF--FRONT ROW: Rita Wulliman, Gwen Koehlinger, Maryanne Niemeyer, Asst. Business Mgr., Dorothy Schiederer, Business Mgr., Roberta Suddith, Vaughne Bohn, SECOND ROW: Ann Rahe, Ruth Cerken, Wilma Meyer, Ilze Veiss, Paula Black, Wilma Luebke, Victoria Lorenz, Becky Muhl. .V - -' x - 'Q 11 ' 'I v I , . . W-mwah,-,u .,-.,h,,,,,.,,.............---e---o- , , , I , . . ,,,... V P "" Q I , . 'f I I 'K O -P-"f'1"" I ' 'H . EDITORIAL STAFF--FRONT ROW: Midge I-Ierbst, Vaughne Bohn, Judith Fuchs, Editorg Judy Snyder, Asst. Editor, Elaine Pollack. SECOND ROW: Ruth Yanke, Joyce Herman, Rosalie Mueller, Linda Mengerink, Karen Bowers, Lynn Jo Carroll. 66 Depict Student Lje EDITOR J anet Schick LAMPLIGHTER STAFF Carol Lohrbach, Janet FRONT ROW: Schlick, Vaughne Bohn, Ruth Yanke, Barbara Johnson. SECOND ROW: Rita Wulliman, Elaine Saffen, Ann Lehman, Joyce Herman. THIRD ROW: JoEllen Worrell, Michele Flaig, Elizabeth Connor. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Dotterer, Elaine Pollock, Beverly Pfeiffer. L Lu.,-1 I I.A . . .-Forward with Purpose ,Z The tenth birthday of N.S.N.A. was cele- brated at the 1963 convention. use -wv 'wiiniipl I.A.N.S. OFFICERS SEATED: Ann Longacherg Corresponding Secretary Judith Fuchsg President Phyllis B1'iD5OD.j First Vice-President STANDING: Carol Kingg Treasurer Maryanne Niemeyerg Recording Secretary fSubstitutej .wth 3- 1 .. 6, v Boardwalk scenes of Atlantic City, New Jersey, site of 1963 and 1964 conventions of N.S.N.A yn., R 'Q "1 451 I ' .Cl 5 W O . . ik J if R . -,X H . ""' . I . - , FX ., I ,EAA - W - xxx' N .X ug.. N gh, -P N agents ' Q' X-e ,ggi ' l . pr- J I ' X . f V . X 45 ' nz . . ' A FRESHMAN CHOIR: ROW 1--K. Mylin, J. Boocher, R. Gifford, B. Hardy, J. Van Bergen, N. Emans, K. Wallace, C. Hawkins, R. Suddith, C. Bishop. ROW 2--M. Rager, J. Black, K. Penn, D. Clark, L. Moughler, L. Schmidt, D. Wallace, A. Breidenbaugh, M. Buehler, D. Wulliman, M. Neuenschwander, G. Koehlinger. ROW 3--D. Allen, C. West, M. Fox, D. Toney, M. Robbins, J. Quackenbush, R. Stilke, C. Jones, M. Rehme, D. Miller. ROW 4--C. Pike, C. Engelhardt, N. Heintzelman, D. Fields, W. Meyer, C. Pussel, L. Lindemuth, P. Black, K. Schwebel, R. Mueller, M. Post, S. Folk, C. Luderman, J. Schoenefeld, D. Bingman, B. Ziemer. FRESHMAN CHOIR OFFICERS Music Committee Member Q2 C . Bishop Choir Director D. Miller Music Committee Member K . Houk Pianist C. West 53 Voices Blend in Clzomles 1 C7 Cf' v . 69 la E E Stuaient urses Exemplw GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS Seated left to right: Connie I-Iitzeman, Treasurer Dorothy Hasz, Secretary Monica Wadewitz, Publicity Chairman Larry Dickmander, President Paul Pollotz, Food Chairman Bert Schmidt, Program Chairman Janet Schick, Membership Chairman GAMMA DELTA Gamma Delta means Christian growth and Christian fellowship. This is the purpose of the international organization which has a chapter on nearly every major college campus, and which is open to all Lutheran college students. ,. 3. .z 1 -- T.:-f ,.. . any-V, 5-g 54' .1 5.- ' :l .'i' V1-YK ,12- ll if Views of Gamma Delta retreats . ...ff 70 Christian Ideals 5123 ' rags V a KL VX ' f I Orphan, Sung Bo Won, was spon- sored by NCF this year through World Vision Inc. NCF Retre at NURSES CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Nurses Christian Fellowship, a part of the international group, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, is open to all Christian nursing students. Its purpose is for Christian fellowship and growth in knowledge and service to the Lord Jesus Christ. s ww---I 5 2 .IW-We S . za Q 1 1 Ms. l I I L5 ' .Y ., .,,,i N I gy ' 1' X , Q7 gl ,,,M.H - - ,s f NCF OFFICERS--FRONT ROW: Malinda Hartman, Secretaryg Elizabeth Connor, Presidentg Lilah Arnstutz, Missionary Chairman. SECOND ROW: Linda Moughler, Treasurerg Diane Allen, Co-Prayer Chairrnang Donna Rich- rnond, Publicity Chairmang Karen Bowers, Prayer Chairman. 71 I I 'M' ' 1 .-"., 11' - Q5 Q, 1 x 3 A !'.-1... ,Q .5 ..,x, , , in :- ::2f"f' -x 'fa AA vw' xx , 0 n- I FL' , ' Wm.-a 1- . ' - 5 .5 .x...": -xxx '1 . -f , x 4 I M ,, .,x.V .qw -wx .sw ,,,, -s-. K .'x.1':' x fu, ' Qf.. L, 4 WN". x' X Srl-M 4-ww To the students and faculty, Thus another year has been added to the his- tory of Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing. We hope that through "Reflections" we have given you a satisfactory record of the year's events which prove to be meaningful. While there have been numerous struggles in publish- ing this book, it has, indeed, been an inspira- tional experience. The 1964 APPENDIX Staff could not have completed it without the help of our advisors, Miss I-luyck and Mr. Gemmer. Without the professional help of The American Yearbook Company and Mr. Jim Arthur, representative, the book would have been very difficult to produce. Thanks also to the time and consideration given us by our excellent photographers of Clippen- ger Studio, We aclmowledge all of the patrons and advertisers who helped so greatly in bring- ing this book to you. And, thanks to the fac- ulty and hospital personnel. Thanks to the real people for whom this book was written and whom it was written about . . . the students of Lutheran. The 1964 APPENDIX Staff Elbzlogue MOELLERING MEMORIAL UNIT Pictured here is the architect's sketch of the Moellering Memorial Unit, now under con- struction. This 96-bed structure is to be completed by fall of 1964. The unit will contain facilities for the care and treatment of patients whose illnesses or injuries require prolonged care . Y F a v HA GERMAN Construction Corporatzon Genera! Contractors 1907- 1964 403 Strauss B la'g. Fort Wayne, Indiana 0 Q bxw-' STUDENT LIFE Table A CA DEMI CS Page 34 ADMINISTRA TION Page 20 Congratulations! VESEQUS FINE FLOWERS The UMW Sfwff 1208 South Calhoun Free Parking in Our Own Parking Lot 134 East Wayne C60-Ft. South of Storel Telephone: 743-2207 24-Hour Answering Service Quality - -Service - -Value Telephone 742-3178 May We Serve You with a Complete Line of Uniforms? Established Over 75 Years RODENBECK-HOCKEMETER FUNERAL HOME ." 'N afmafcmcfmcfmcfmafwcfmayfacf gi ' Mfg fuaffncffncfwacyfncffuaffaaffaaywa 'N I N lf:,igf: 1331 Maumee Avenue 742-0393 Fort Wayne, Indiana Ambulance Service "Fort Wayne's Preferred" D. 0. McComb ana' Sons Funer al Directors Ambulance Service 1140 Lake Avenue Telephone 742 -2 182 Home Loan ana' Savings Mortgages, Loan gl Savings Accounts 132 East Berry Street Telephone 742 -6448 Leto's Pima 1019 Broadway Telephone 743 -7300 Congratulations, Seniors! Compliments of Bea's Bridal Shop 2426 South Calhoun Street Phone 745-2530 Business Cards--Formal and Informal Wedding Announcements Statements Envelopes Napkins Markle , Indiana Box 25 DELVIA W. STICKLER FARM BUREA U INSURANCE Auto Fire THE LUTHERAN BOOK STORE Life Hospitalization ll35 South Barr Street Mortgage Savings Fort Wayne, Indiana Don Relue "Bibles, Religious Items, Phones: Books, Recordings" Office 744-2131 3415 Warsaw Res. Poe 63f Fort Wayne, Ind IfLAEHN'S FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service 420 West Wayne Fort Wayne, Indiana Telephone: 742-0228 CITY GLA SS SPECIALTIQ IN C. Pictures - -Mirrors Auto Glass 2124 South Calhoun Fort Wayne, Indiana Telephone: 744-330 l IND USTRIAL PIPING AND ENGINEERING CORPORA TI ON HENRY FREY 1340 Grant Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana PL UM BIN G-HEA TIN G- VEN TILA TI ON AIR CONDITIONING A UTOMA TIG SPRINKLER SYSTEMS Telephone: 742 -5152 MORE " WOMEN IN 01d WHITE X Weill' art f Tun Lg Ulllll 812 South Calhoun . PWWWMW Fl-'ClephOl'1eI X ant a Book . . . Any Book? . . .Ca1l!" Xggxi j ,T-up I ' f ir. fl REIFF PHARMACY . ga -4 ..., , If I Prescriptions V O -I X C er of Fairfield and Dewald MAND N SHOE STORE Telephone: 744-1251 115 W. Wayne Fort Wayne, Indiana 79 MOELLERING CONSTRUCTION C OMPAN T IN C ORPORA TED 3400 Engle Road Fort Wayne, Indiana KORTE PA PER COMPANY O 1825 West Main Fort Wayne, Indiana Telephone: 742-1411 SOUTH WA TNE PHARMA CT PRESCRIPTION DELI VERY SER VICE 3004 South Wayne Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana Telephone: 744 -O48 1 If OEHLIN GER LOCK AND SA FE SER VICE 425 E. Washington Fort Wayne, Indiana Telephone: 742-7496 C 3 HSHOE STORE 121 W. Wayne Fort Wayne, Indiana EL5E2f FUNERAL HOMES O Ossian, Indiana Waynedale, Indiana CLIPPIN GER S TUDIO Fine Photography Since 1926 1 Pm Q CONGRA TULA TIONS 1 If - 1 S -0494 I11 s fe l'll":g:." a s CLASS OF 1964 1 - H Slglglgx Avsasoaa-0 V ,Fw Q "lt has been a pleasure being your photographer for the 1964 APPENDIX. May all of you have the best of luck always." Sincerely, L. R. Clippinger, M. Photog., A.S.P. 503 W. Wayne at Faz'U'Zeld Ph. 742-5416 --4- - '-1, ,45W0,yn ... 7'llP YUIIH TIIIRST AWAY SEVEN- UP BOTTLIN G CO. 3107 Brooklyn Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana C. M. SLOAN AND SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS PRIVATE AMBULANCE 1327 Wells Street Telephone 742-6132 P Ng . li gH's Fun to p U sa th. 4 Gilt a Bun f ings gO pf MJWZ yi 10p better h nnrntnt ' V Wit QK6 Compliments of Wayne Cana'z'es Inc. 1501 E. Berry St. Compliments of Cardoneit 2020 Fairfield Avenue Underwood - - Olivetti Agent Dtjjjfs Service and Sales All Makes of Typewriters, Adding Machines and Calculators Serviced--Rentals Phone 743-3917 Duane H. Duff, Owner--Manager 1833 Wells Street Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808 Compliments of Rogefs Markets 7 Convenient Locations Congratulations to the Class of 1964 Graduation Day--August 16, 1964 from "Duty is Ours . . . Results Are God's" Best Wishes and Good Luck from MEDICAL ARTS SUPPLY CORP. Brink and Erb 3412 Fairfield Inc. 744-0568 2109 E. State THE BRIDAL SHOP Fort Wayne, Indiana Where Your Beautiful Wedding Begins Telephone 742-7114 3707 South Calhoun Open Evenings To the Physicians in the Fort Wayne area we extend our deepest Arthur F. Aiken, M.D. Nevin, E. Aiken, M.D. William C. Ashman, M. Joseph H. Baltes, M.D. Wallace, E. Bash, M.D. J. C. Baumgartner, M.D. Ralph Beams, M.D. E. H. Bergendahl, M.D. Theodore Beutler, M.D. R. M. Bolman, M.D. J. W. Bowers, M.D. Frederic W. Brown, M.D. Perry A. Brucker, M.D. George D. Buckner, M.D. C. Cooney, M.D. Richard Craig, M.D. C. W. Da.hling, M.D. Fred Dahling, M.D. L. W. Elston, M.D. R. W. Elston, M.D. Patrons PHYSICLANS 1964 APPENDIX. A. N. Ferguson, M.D. William Gerding, M.D. Charles Giffin, M.D. Wayne R. Glock, M.D. John C. Gould, M.D. Walter A. Griest, M.D. A. M. Hasewinkle, M.D. Philip Hershberger, M.D. Richard Hipskind, M.D. Walter T. Jurgensen, M.D. William A. Kleifgen, M.D. Walter S. Kruse, M.D. F. L. Land, M.D. Elfred H. Lampe, M.D. Robert P. Lloyd, M.D. Robert M. Lohman, M.D. Frederick Mackel, M.D. George C. Manning, M.D. Edwin Morey, M.D. L. J. Mortenson, M.D. PARENTS To the paternal helping-hand, we, the 1964 APPENDIX Staff, give Mr. and Mrs. Walter Akey Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Rev. and Mrs. L. J. Fuchs Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gerken Mr. and Mrs. James George Rev. and Mrs. C. A. Gifford Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr R. C. Bark Mr Waldemar H. Beckman Mr Herbert Buehler Mr Harold Brenneke Mr Clemence Butts Mr Melvin Clark Mr William A. Cox Mr Charles Dang Mr Isaac Dotterer Mr Fred J. Ehrat Mr P. H. Eisenbise Mr Flaig Mr Wilfred E. Folk Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr John P. Hardy Daniel Hamough Arthur Herman R. C. Jacobs Mr Mr Mr 84 gratitude for graciously patronizing our Gerald R. Nolan, M.D. Jack W. Patterson, M.D. K. F. Perrin, M.D. Fred Perry, M.D. James P. Scudder, M.D. Eugene F. Senseny, M.D James E. Shaw, M.D. John Short, M.D. Robert R. Shugart, M.D. Philip Smith, M.D. Sanford Snyderm an, M. D Robert Stanley, M.D. Paul L. Stier, M.D. Edwin Stumpf, M.D. Robert G. Taylor, M.D. Richard W. Terrill, M.D Lloyd Vogel, M.D. R. W. Wade, M.D. Gerald F. Ward, M.D. Roland B. Wilson, M.D. our whole-hearted thanks. and Mrs. Arthur G. Kasting and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and MIS and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. Sylvan Lehman Cecil Mengerink Robert Metz Robert Muhl Robert Niemeyer D. C. Payne Lester R. Penn Edwin Pfeiffer Franz Pussel William D. Rager Philip Rahe John A. Robbins Arthur Scheiderer George Schick George Snyder Beam an Suddith Naumi C. Tsetse E. M. Webb Marvin West Raymond Worrell 0f Contents 'EW7283 STUDENTS Page 44 N Hi A CTI VI TIES ADS :AJ j ME ni, x if wma 'x L - ' f 5 - K Q 9 I . iro ning 7 'L I Z V I , . I I F, ,J , Swim WAYNE AT FAIRFIELI gl Mill. EMA!! p w K' www HWES1' WAYNE AT mnfnam IORT WAYNE. INDIANA Ulf, , A , I ' UZ' 5 35 f2'f 1' , Q A D500 -. H 10' town nomj

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