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C, ,xfvb Vx bulk, We AW, !3UqMG.A'xv1-1-1 LQ AA-AJ xkkyy QXWJMGQMQ Q7 T7 xx .4 . 11 1261 ' 42315 ,S1'f'N, 6. A 4 aj94C53f?'!J"4QN Jlmciwgfm WJQEQECI4 f,32.5c"5N e Aix-gagpu .,, vqq- ' . 4 ' ' """""""" , ,- 'I- W ' A """""""l"", Tr 5 '1'- Q- guy- . .., U E Y E :Y I! W, W- I is -F V V ld , 'M"P"' ... " K - , .ra . . N H I . y , , A I H . 1 U -1 'Ll LPI.. 'V 1 :,.,, I ', ,I If MWMMWfW M 724Tjf"?WMfj,wW2,,jif,f', C9 W! MJW WWW U7QaJJQL dex-Q el! wwwfwgfv 222- ' WWQ, Q12 S1335 WMP! WEE., Q3 WM W Hit? xr WXJWKW L+-Z WAN . Q wY Qgyjfwfy, 'p'Qw'wV QE wwf fd W wwf 'WSW Rifilfaw pwffwfhfy " Q-' L f W gif i 1 M Q 2 22 W 2 . 6, A it '.,, 4 I 1 4uTWH:lllllrmm TABLE OF CONTENTS This is4Lu'ther North, 1957 - 58. A p'recibus'heritage is ours as members of this High School, and it is only fitting, therefore, that we pause momentarily, offering thanks to our Lord. Of the many blessings our school provides, that which stands foremost in our minds is a CHRIST-CENTERED EDUCATION. Throughout the year this education reveals to us a deeper knowledge of Him. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God." This truth Luther North seeks to impress deeply upon the hearts and minds of all who enter her halls. Now, let us see how we have spent this past year TOGETHER WITH GOD . . . LUTHER I-'ll My- ' ,, ., K Q 1 "f if . if "Q 2 ? sf f I-J' Q , 5- A R fm VqgAi5,,:. mm, .. . . 1.- ' swamp 3. L SCHOOL NORTH CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Page 4 As Cl student body we come together to worship our Lord, and privately talk over our every-day problems with Him. ,.: wi- N . L 4- 1 ' , . , 5 K is X , .:,, .A ..A. , Yu. Y , LN 2 ,pr 'G' V ' sf-T 5 ,317 ,. ,N ,Q K " 21-1143, 5xi'Ei",w W Y Y Q.. Q f ,A . .,: ? A . f z . M4 .W .www , M, TY 351' V' h V4 ',5?'kfk.,e:.' I N:gf5gQiasSf'g'j ww' 'fi fx P W .A 4' is gf .px Wen , , . 'wi fi,-ixafm"wx'."g,4f,.,,:,w:,..2,15 ' y l '5,N -Ngu ggai-qsm m,Q..j u-.Q ' i f-5: ,5kZa,5Y-?:,,iLff1'f,c'I I I-'Q ' ' - il ,. 1 K, 1, . ,.. x . N-11z2'fQ'f" - 1 w xx? L- -.2f'T,.. ,i3'.fK .,. ',':',,f, -L vi .Qu . 'X i V 1 51 w 4 ' IV f,,,,,,.w wmawm... N.v..,,.K-W-.Q' Lu ,g M ,W,,..WwM,,w.,..N.W.w-q'1fMQw+mn4 V ,L Q fi , , MW, Wvw.-Q-w, fb 'Y ww WW MWUW ,, as .1 5? 3 A W, ,yg,.,m,, 'M ,ff ii' Q fn, ami .ii Q 1153? ., gg : 1 H533 aan K' 'wx A 14 Q 0 i flu 15"'f'W.v2w. 'wifi , SW Q i 8 223 .' Lf y, ' ...QT- X .-Y w-r 4s..,- 4 . Q, , if wwsyqk 5 L It wr ,la I 3 J" xl 1 I P xt L q.?i?o S851 ,I M .Sn .am deg s li THE LUTHER N ORTH CODE We, the students of Luther High North, realize that our school is founded upon Christ and His word. lt is our love for Christ which motivates us to do that which is pleasing to Him. ln order to serve Him better, it becomes necessary to express our principles of Christian behavior in a manner that will bring them more clearly into focus for each individual. We, at Luther North, propose, then, to do this, by means of this statement of our personal goal. l. l will act in such a manner that my conduct shall re- flect my faith in my Savior and bring credit to my school. 2. At this school, l will comply with all regulations as set forth by the administration for the good of all. 3. ln addition, l will use my good iudgment and sense in areas not covered by specific rules or regulations. 4. l will treat the property of others, as well as the physical plant and equipment of my school, with due care and consideration. 5. l will uphold the standards of sportsmanship and fair play at athletic events and the like. 6. l will love and honor my God-given parents and teachers. 7. ln all things, l will endeavor to serve my God, my country, and my fellowman. This code has been in effect since March, l957. lt is e fashion our lives so that we may the pattern by which w GOD. walk TOGETHER WlTH Gerhard P. Schroth DEDICATION We, the class of 1958, are proud to dedicate our Log to MR. GERHARD P. SCHROTH . . . . . . because as a teacher, counselor, friend, you have inspired, guided, and understood us. You have earned the lasting respect of your students mainly be- cause of your love for your Savior. Your original ideas have made your courses a unique educational experience. We will always re- member "the prayer before a concert", "history charts", "Dr, Christiansen", "your stories both humorous and serious", and last, but most important, the way you have introduced music into our lives. Through your per- sonal guidance we have come to appreciate music as a beautiful way to praise our Lord. Thus, Luther North will always mean more to us, the class of 1958, for your having been identified with it. We now inscribe your name in our yearbook as a lasting mark of our deep respect and affection for you. Did l ever tell you . Pagc Page 10 Louis A. Menking, Principal MY DEAR GRADUATES OF 1958: Through Holy Baptism you became a child of God. Reared in a Christian family and associated with membership in a Christian church, you remained close to Him who became your partner in life. Eventually you were enrolled as a student in this Christian High School. Through daily devotions, through formal instruction in the Divine Word, and through intimate association with teachers and stu- dents whose standards of life were guided by the Holy Scriptures, you were brought into closer communion with your Savior. As you leave this secondary level of your formal education either to enter college or to seek employment, it is the prayer of those who have been privileged to serve you that you will continue to walk with God, strengthen your partnership with Him, and together with God face all of the problems of life until He calls you to Himself. Confidently you may therefore face the future, assured of His loving care, as together with Him you walk the pathways of life. Louis A. Menking Z t . Principal To our faculty may we say, God bless you cmd your work always. We say this mainly because through our daily conduct with such Christian men and women we are better prepared to face life. As students here at Luther North, we have been instructed in any number of educational subiects. But more important to us has been our religious training. By their love of God, these, our teachers, have helped us to realize that we have the greatest gift of all. May they also walk TOGETHER WITH GOD. Q, -,, s-Mew.. ,. W ,c it Martin C. Duensing, Assistant Principal The problem seems to be . . Page 1 1 OUR Robert F. Berning Advanced Drawing, Mechanical Drawing, Algebra, Gen- eral Mathematics, Assistant Frosh-Soph Football Coach, Freshman Class Sponsor Merle Bettermann Bookkeeping, Business Training, World History, Audio- Visual Aids, Camera Club Sponsor Elsa Birkner German, Sophomore Advisor, Chairman of Foreign Language Department Arthur E. Blecke Physical Education, World History, FroshASoph Football and Basketball Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach, School Insurance, Senior Class Sponsor Agnes Braham Typing, Shorthand Mildred Brower Physical Education, English, Cheerleading Coach, Pep Club Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor Beverly Bublitz English, Art, Art Club Sponsor Gust-av Derer Religion, World History, American History Donald Dinkmeyer Physical Education, Chairman ol Physical Education Department, Varsity Baske.b::II Coach, Junior Class Advisor Kenneth Domroese Algebra, Biology, General Mathematics, Freshman Bas- ketball Coach, Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach Robert Dorn General Science, Camera Club Sponsor Martin Duensing Assistant Principal, Church History, Tennis Coach Melvin Everly General Science, Biology, Track Coach, Biology Club Sponsor, Sophomore Class Sponsor Francis Fisher Religion, World History, Chess Club Sponsor Rev. Enno Gahl Religion Page 12 I NR Swvv ,Ak 1 A as 1 5 " ' ,W .qw f w 4.., .wh .,,. , w ' W i FA X Q W' 2 N 5 'si ' mf , Q 10 w Q 4 xg ii? ' v 11,5 ::. Q. Q 2 34 S f vi J 9 TEE va , H ' wx X. UWM Iggy, K' wi, Page 14 Geraldine Schmitt Office Practice, Advanced Shorthand, Chairman of Commercial Department, Placement Counsellor Rev. A. F. Schroeder Religion Gerhard Schroth American History, Religion, Chairman ol Music De- partment, Director ot Choirs H. Jack Stoffregen Algebra, Physics Mary Storbeck English, American History, World History, Senior Class Sponsor Donald Taebel General Science, Director of Band A. J. Tarnoski Chemistry, Algebra, Chairman oi Science Department, Science Club Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor Rev. Clemens Thies Religion, German, Chairman of Religion Department, Religion Activities Club Sponsor Herbert Treichel Problems of Democracy, World History, Chairman ol Social Studies Department, Student Council Advisor, Senior Class Advisor George Yursky Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Solid Geometry, Alge- bra, Trigonometry, Chairman of Mathematics Depart- ment, Varsity Football Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach, Key Club Advisor, Lettermans Club Sponsor, Bowling Club Sponsor Myrtle Zelke English, Typing, Calculating This page has been set aside to give recognition to these teachers who have faithfully served the Lord, thus IN APPRECIATION Miss Elsa Birkner . . . to Miss Birkner for her dedication of thirty-five years of devoted service to her many students of both German and history classes. She will be re- membered for her patience and understanding, her thoroughness as a class- room teacher, her efficient iob as class advisor, and her regular attendance at most student affairs. This shows her personal interest in students. She, in her own quiet manner, shows by her actions that life means much more than receiving, it means giving. She has lived up to this. Miss Birkner, you have become an inseparable part of Luther and will always remain respected and admired. Viel glueck! Mr. A. J. Tarnoski . . . to Tarny for his thirty years at Luther. His service has included every- thing from advising the iunior class, to finding the value of "X" in his algebra classes, from coaching a girls basketball team, to making hydrogen in the chemistry lab. But he will be remembered for much more. His friendly smile is symbolic of his humble personality. We can assure you, Tarny, you will not be forgotten by those who have been fortunate enough to have known you. .f i' fl LD Wfklflw M Reverend Clemens Thies . . . to Rev. Thies for his forty-one years of preaching God's Word. He will always be remembered for his inspiring chapel addresses, his patience in class, and his witty sense of humor and clever remarks. "Say, I like that," "Yes, God still loves you," and "the Governor says so" are a few of the say- ings for which he is known. But most of all, we will never forget his love for all people and how he displayed it. So, Rev. Thies, since you haxge reached the age of retirement, we would like to wish you much deserved happiness and God's blessing in the future. Thank you for all the things you have done for Luther and for the students personally during your years of teaching. Mrs. Geraldine Schmitt . . . to Mrs. Schmitt for the many times during her sixteen years that she has advised students and helped them plan their future. As head of the Com- mercial Department she has taught her subiects well and has related her valuable experience to her students so that they may profit by them. We will always remember her for the unselfish way she has given her time and efforts for our school. Since she is retiring after this year, we wish her God's bless- ing and good fortune in the years to come. So, Mrs. Schmitt, we thank you for the many times you have been a second mother to us. Page 15 OFFICE STAFF AND MAINTENANCE ,t ,,.Www-M-ff-M ' I Mrs. Schultz Mrs. Meier Mrs. Kamin To these people we, as students, deeply express our grahtude forthe many tasksthey have done dun CMS Loch' ing the year. We thank them for having helped make Mm' H""o'se" New, Luther a better school in which to work. Hudson ag 4 q-dwg, 45 'U' l' 'si' 75- sie Elmer Erme Page 16 7 R - 11,1 + f ff' ff ,Z 'p X pf X55 SX Q X , X g . 4Qf A 5 ' ff, x X X T 'lil Xfjf f- I X, if fl . V fff K ZX 11. .- E J ,-:ff 7 1, 'y.' ,f lr' f ff Z7 X H n - . fyyf i . ."':'31i:':?. - G, '15, 2 Q . -K X l I I ' 1 I . Z" 1 s I,-r, 1 'V fm ff , 5 ' ff X V T f T T 1 " 7'5" WK Z X E jf' V 4 Y Nix! TOGETHER WITH GOD . . . GRADUATES Y r Left to right: Marty Ischinger, Vice President, Nancy VanderHorst, Treasurer: LaVerne Auler, Secretary, Marv Bauer, President. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY FRESHMEN "At last!"-class rings . . . pictured bus Axassesc .I. . A . . Capella on T.V .... Intramural Program . . . rs. " " eaves LH Nsepiemggzbqg lggflgkgien fnissgnb day gg Luther . . . medals and crosses sold . . . St. Louis basketball " "" .. d fCdt minute periods . . . Mr. Menking, acting principal . . . kick mp gymQ:?J:: mon T3:iZsrsto..?nI3o'je.. S' Ciogisou lfnngjv aff tg: LPgIPcmon Dnve ' ' ' Clghi Congpmgn ' ' Honnfom' addition dedicated . . . Junior paper drive! - a big success Frgsh-gig: lnaagxcrnza ' ' our !'fI.hgraCiscEe,P.i,'r6:oangaA . . . Hey! Hay Party . . . Constitution Test . . . Paula and Th t f. t k '. ' ' Ch . t C t Warren Co-Chairmen of the banquet . . . new student MTE: IKale'Ani:'saIf oInieF::2:LBar5uniI:::1as :SSL Arm! activities room . . . proiects! . . . Junior-Senior picnic . . . the . . . . . . . . . T in in T H I h . ' I if 'hcgmphmsns and eLeCTon.s'g'ALndEeiIcI9ss president 'I.' ' gzhggetelecteiogiugdgt Dggiincil Igfeliijentotf .s.eISITlcen most rose op Minis 'U' 'PL' cms gs ei GD mp ' 'Mtraxpokine valuable cheerleader . . . exams . . . summer vacation . . . . . . razy ixe - p ary . .. areer ay . . . r. en ing rest? . i i JA of the way. inducted as principal . . . gym night . . . our first yearbook . . . exams . . . picnic at Whealan Park . . . we survived our first yearl SENIOR SOPHOMORE Last, but not least! . . . enrollment over 1,000 . . . Miss Hurrah! We're upper lower classmen . . . we're on our Birkner returns to Luther . . . 55 minute periods . . . home- way . . . split schedule . . . our party for the freshmen . . . rooms and chapel . . . campaign speeches and posters . . . Frosh-Soph hayride . . . "The Late Christopher Bean" . . . Marv senior class president . . . Candy Drive . . . Cats take patron drive . . . It's a wet Homecoming! . . . Reformation "boot" away from Milwaukee . . . graduation pictures . . . Rally . . . Curtis Campaign . . . magazines again? . . . S.C. Mr. Matthews helps S.C. run homecoming show . . . bonfire Convention held at L.H.N .... skating party . . . Denny . . . LaVerne reigns as Homecoming Queen . . . snow! snow! president of sophomore class . . . Faculty-Varsity B-Ball snow! . . . Girls Service Club organized . . . Reformation exhibition . . . Private School League Basketball Tournament Service . . . skating party . . . Patron Drive . . . break the . . . Loretta, Frosh-Soph basketball queen . . . Lenten Concert thermometer- 52,000 . . . "The Curious Savage" . . . Mr. . . . Science Fair . . . gym night . . . Youth Rally . . . Pizza Menking's 30th anniversary . . . Thanksgiving . . . new choir Party . . . open house . . . car wash . . . Spring Concert . . . robes . . . The Christmas Pageant . . . Girls Chorus appears exams . . . picnic at LaBagh Woods . . . summer vacation! for the first time . . . G.S.C. and Key Club paper drive . . . Mardi Gras . . . Washington Trip . . . "Mothers and Daughters JUNIOR Tea" . . . gym night . . . Olaf Christiansen visits Luther . . . A busy yearl . . . enrollment 950 . . . split shifts . . Junior-Senior picnic . . . the 1958 LOG presented to the Log cover contest . . . first Homecoming parade . . .floats . . . student body . . . Junior-Senior Banquet . . . Sunday, June oh, those hall guards! . . . skating party at the Hub . . . 8th-Baccalaureate Service . . . Thursday, June 12th- Candy Drive . . . "World's Finest Chocolate" . . . Wildcats Graduation . . . cap and gowns . . . diplomas . . . "We bid capture P.S.L. Football CHAMPIONSHIP . . . College Day . . . farewell to our beloved Luther", Page 18 CLASS IDEALS: Motto: Rev. 2:I0-"Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life." ' Song: A Faithful Shepherd Is My Lord Flower: Red Rose Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. John Bauer sf PAULA CORRINE ALBANO "Corky" Good speeches . . . a pillar of strength . . . "on my honor" . . . dependable . . . sweet singing voice. Activities: Student Council Secretary 4: Soph. Choir: A Capella 3,4: Luther Singers 4: Girls Service Club: Kitchen Crew: R.A.C.: Banquet Co-Chairman: Junior Class Council: Latin Club: Pep Club: Drama Club: Senior Science Club. LINDA ELSIE HARRIET ANDERSON "Lin" Likes to skate . . . tiny . . . talkative . . . long hair . . . oh, that laughl Activities: Freshmen Choir: G.A.C.: Volleyball. WARREN BRUCE ARNDT "Warrie" Smooth dancer . . . basketball . . . daddy long legs . . . sharp guyl Activities: Varsity Basketball I,2,3,4: Football 2: Pep Club I,2,3,4: Banquet Co-Chairman: R.A.C.: Lettermans Club: Senior Class Council. KARL H. ASMUS "Karl" Ambitious?? . . . witty remarks . . . baseball star . . . "Osmosis" . . . Math whiz. Activities: Baseball I,2,3,4: Lettermans Club: Junior Science Club. LA VERNE ANN AULER "L.A." Personality plus , . . cute walk . . . Denny . . . pep . . . always smiling. Activities: Cheerleader 2,3,4: Class Secretary 2,3,4: Student Council 3,4: Log Assistant Copy Editor: Soph. Choir: A Capella 3: Girls Chorus 4: Pep Club: Art Club: G.A.C.: Drama Club: R.A.C.: Spanish Club: Junior Class Council: Senior Class Council. VICTORIA E. BABILLA "Vicki" Gift of gab . . . long eyelashes . . . older fellasl . . . nice clothes. Activities: Sophomore Choir: Drama Club: G.A.C. WESLY EDWARD BARANSKI "Wes" Big words . . . corduroy shirts . . . anti-homework . . seldom heard in class . . . future Civil Engineer. MARVIN A. BAUER "Tink" Class prexy . . . always latel . . . hot temper . . . neat as a pin. Activities: Class Vice President l,3: Class President 4: Football l,2,3,4: Basketball l,2: Freshmen Choir: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3.4: Lettermans Club: Key Club: Projectors Club: Senior Science Club: B and G Sports Staff 4: Junior Class Council: Senior Class Council. WESLEY ARTHUR BAUMANN "Wes" Key Club president . . . one swell guyl . . . school spirit . . . cute . . . loves discussions. Activities: Key Club 3: President 4: B and G Writer 3: Sports Editor 4: Baseball 3,4: A Capella 3,4: Lettermans Club: R.A.C.: Pep Club. ROBERT EDWIN BECHTOLD "Bob" Fun to be with . . . Nancy . . . nice smile . . . white bucks . . . cute lisp. Activities: Bowling Club: Hall Guard: Pep Club. EDWIN J. BECKER, JR. "Eddie" Crew cut . . . Karens' better half . . . collegiate looking . . . easy going. Activities: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3,4: Hall Guard: Pep Club. DAVID JOHN BEHLING "Dave" Friendly hi for everyone . . . P.K .... doesn't say much . . . nice guy. Activities: Hall Guard: R.A.C. JUDITH MAE BENSON "Judy" Blushes easily . . . Des Plaines . . . curly hair . . . nice personality. Activities: R.A.C.: Senior Science Club: Craft Club. NANCY CLAIRE BERREITTER "Nan" Pretty eyes . . . Bob . . . the natural look . . . cute laugh . . . smart. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Soph. Choir: A Capella 3,4: Luther Singers 3: B and G Writer 2,3: Baton Twirler Corp. 2,3: Banquet Committee: Drama Club: R.A.C.: Library Assistant: G.A.C.: Latin Club. JUDY ANN BINGHAM "Bing" Bouncy pony tail . . . peppy personality . . . flaming red hair . . . loves nonsense. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Soph. Choir: Girls Service Club: R.A.C.: Drama Club: Pep Club: G.A.C.: Hallguard: Library Assistant. BONNIE LEE BOHN "Bon" "Cow pasture" . . . bundle of laughs . . . Bethel Queen . . . nice! complexion. Activities: Freshmen Choir: R.A.C.: Latin Club: Science Club: Crafts Club. ANITA JOYCE BREDEHORN "Brady" Known for her bangs . . . loves to dance . . . future M.D. . . . a big smile for everyonel Activities: Freshmen Choir. HELEN CAROLYN BRUCKNER "Bruckie" Conscientious . . . dark glasses . . . sweet smile . . . efficient. Activi- ties: Soph. Choir: A Capella 3: Girls Chorus 4: R.A.C.: Latin Club: Art Club: G.A.C. Page I9 3 W7 CLAUDINE CATHERINE CORSINI "Claude" Fashion designer . . . oh, that laughl . . . Nicky . . . pretty hair . . . loves to sew. Activities: Cheerleader 2: Freshmen Choir: Soph. Choir: A Capella Choir 3,4: G.A.C.: Art Club: Pep Club. BERNARD ERIC DEHLIN "Bernie" Man of o few words . . . little car . . . genuine . . . band . . . swell fellowl Activities: Band 2,3,4: Library Assistant: Art Club: R.A.C. LYDIA DIENER "Lydia" Quiet charm . . . German . . . wonderful person . . .future secretary. Activities: Soph. Choir. JANET RUTH EBERT "Jan" Nimble with a thimble . . . soft voice . . . potential homemaker . . . sweet and sincere. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Soph. Choir: A Capella 3,4: Luther Singers 4: B and G 3,45 Assistant Editor 4: Girls Service Club: Junior Class Council: Pep Club: G.A.C.: Hall Guard: Drama Club: R.A.C.: Banquet Committee. DOROTHY EMMA EKSTROM "Dot" Easy to like . . . sincere manner . . . seen but not heard . . . wavy hair. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Soph. Choir: A Capella 3: Girls Chorus 4: Drama Club: Art Club. JACQUELINE RUTH ELLGASS "Jackie" Short wavy hair . . . seen but not heard . . . future nurse . . . good friend. DUANE MELVIN FABER "Duane" Anything for a friend . . . one of the guys . . . quiet in a friendly way . . . ambition: police force. Activities: Bleacher Boy. WALTER P. FABRY "Wally" Big hunka man . . . tall tales . . . languages . . . always helpful . . . Russianl . . . swell fella. Activities: Football 3: Slovak Society President. JAMES EDWARD FARRELL "Jim" Studious . . . math . . . reserved . . . nice guy . . . a future in transportation or photography. JOHN JOSEPH FELCAN "Johnny" library helper . . . C.P.A .... talks fast . . . commercial course . . . science fiction. Activities: Proiector Club: Camera Club: Library Club: Library Assistant l,2,3,4. LOWELL JOHN FELL "Englishman" Dry sense of humor . . . English accent . . . merchant marine . . friendly to everyone. SANDRA LEE FICK "Sandy" Neat dresser . . . PJ. parties . . . small handwriting . . . lots of fun. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Girls Chorus: Drama Club: R.A.C.: Pep Club: Latin Club: G.A.C. Page 20 'Z' LORE ANNA BUERGER "Boogsy" Cute secretary . . . giggle . . . well liked . . . co-op parties . . . school spirit. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Soph. Choir: Girls Service Club: B and G 4: R.A.C.: Pep Club. IRENE MARY BUJALKA "Jo-Jo" Fran . . . white sheath . . . Veronica Lake . . . small . . . future secretary. DOREEN JOYCE CHRISTENSOB "Dee" Artistic ability . . . older men . . . here today, gone tomorrow . . . long hair . . . future commercial artist. Activities: Freshmen Chair: Soph. Choir. PEGGY SUE CHURCHILL Photogenic . . . Lane sweater . . . speaks her mind . . to pass speech. CARRIE GEORGIA CLEAVER Sense of humor . . . "Spark-Plug' . . . suit-ably dressed . . . twin . EARL F. CLEMENSON . true friend future nurse. llPegYV . ambition: "Cleaver" mischievous "Clem" "King of the ten pins" . . . won't be rushed . . . one of the boys . . . 40 winks, Activities: Bowling l,2,3,4: Intramural Basketball. K: is V' mfs, i .1-friv 4. 'erm' 'W CAROL ANN FRANKLIN "Frankie" John . . . pretty eyes . . . drags strips . . . funeeeeeel . . . a laugh a minute! Activities: G.A.C.: Art Club: Baton Twirler Corp: Pep Club. BEVERLY JOAN GABRIELSEN "Bev" Gets things done . . . G.S.C. president . . . Herkie . . . diet conscious . . . "Doc" . . . Mr. Schroth. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Soph. Choir: A Capella Choir 3,4: Luther Singers 4: Girls Service Club: log Copy Editor: R.A.C.: Drama Club: G.A.C.: Banquet Committee: Junior Class Council: Intramurals: Bowling Club: Pep Club. RONALD ARTHUR GALL "Merz" On the quiet side . . . carefree . . . nice smile . . . shy . . . future draftsman. Activities: Bowling Club: Basketball 2,3: Track 2: Intra- mural Basketball. WAYNE HAROLD GANGLER "Wayne" Bowler . . . loves nonsense . . . a laugh all his own . . . baseball. Activities: Baseball 3,4: Bowling Club: Lettermans Club. MARGARET ANN GARRETT "Peggy" Writer . . . loves English . . . sincere . . . glasses. Activities: Sopho- more Choir: Drama Club: B and G 3: Hall Guard: Senior Science Club: Bowling Club: Ceramics Club: Home Arts Fashion Show: Latin. JOHN A. GEHEB "Johnny" Cute . . . curly blond hair . . . quiet charm . . . future geologist. Acti- vities: Key Club: Science Club: Football 3,4: Lettermans Club. JEANETTE GERALDINE GEIER "Jeannie" Cute as they come . . . attendant . . . Dan's girl . . . loveable . . . plays cupid. Activities: Freshmen Choir: G.A.C.: Pep Club: Latin Club. JIM CARL GENC "Gene" "Thin man" . . . plays the licorice stick . . . polite. Activities: Band I,2,3,4. MARLEN GERHAUSER "Mar" Stylish . . . fun to be with . . . fond of talking . . . acts bored. Activities: R.A.C.: Handicrafts: Science Club. RAYMOND EDWARD GEWEKE "Ray" Ready smile . . . winning ways . . . "tickets" . . . always a iob . . . sharp guy! Activities: Key Club 3: Vice President 4: R.A.C. President 4: Log Assistant Business Manager 4: Freshmen Choir: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3,4: Track 2,3,4: Pep Club: Latin Club: Hall Guard. ALYCE JOY GIESLER "Alyce" Quiet . . . easy going . . . woman of a few words . . . future secre- tary. Activities: Bowling Club: Science Club: R.A.C.: Kitchen Crew. WILLIAM JOHN GOODGER "Bil" Tall guy . . . B-Ball . . . likes to talk . . . always latel . . . swell fella . . . broken glasses. Activities: Basketball 3,4: Baseball 2,4: Bowling Club: Kitchen Crew: Intramural Basketball: Swimming 4: Lettermans Club. JANICE MARIE GORDON "Jan" Sentimental . . . good listener . . . conscientious worker . . . loud blouses . . . "a tear fell." Activities: R.A.C.: Latin Club: Pep Club: Hall Guard. FREDRICK GROSCH "Fred" Jovial . . . loud laugh . . . Naomi . . . "Hans" . . . pidgeon toed. Activities: Football 2,3,4: Pep Club: Swimming 3,4: Lettermans Club. KENNETH JACOB GROSCH "Dingus" Manager . . . W. L. Basketball . . . wise guy . . . future mechanical engineer. Activities: Frosh-Soph Basketball l,2: Football manager 3,4: Pep Club: Lettermans Club. PERRY JAMES GULBRANDSEN "Per" Rugged . . . blond bombshell . . . LINEI . . . deep bass . . . black hornrims. Activities: Football l,2,3,4: Co-captain 4: Student Council 2,3,4: Class Vice President 2: Freshmen Choir: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3,4: Luther Singers 3,4: Track I,2: Key Club: Class Council: Lettermans Club: Pep Club. ROBERT RAY GULBRANDSEN "Robert" Line . . . talkative . . . outstanding tenor . . , dimples . . . always latel . . . French sayings. Activities: A Capella 4: Luther Singers 4: Track 4: Kenosha High School -A Capella I,3: German Club: Latin Club: Monitor Club: Track. HORST HACKEMER "Horst" Happy-go-lucky . . . Jan . . . always grinning . . . stubborn . . . German. Activities: Football 2,3: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3,4: R.A.C.: Curious Savage: Hall Guard: Senior Science Club. Pngc 'll 'Z uRsuLA ERNA HAUSNER "urs" Cute German accent . . . funl fun! funl . . . piercing laugh . . . good sport. Activities: Sophomore Choir: Pep Club: R.A.C.: Hall Guard: Intramurals. DENNIS ROGER HEIDORN "Heidy" S. C. Pres .... Committeesl . . . cute ears . . . L.A .... one ter- rific guyl . . . TRASHI Activities: Student Council l,2,3,4: President 4: Class President 2,3: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3,4: Football l,2,3: Basketball I,2,4: Baseball I,2,4: Key Club: Lettermans Club: Pep Club: Kitchen Crew. RONALD VICTOR HESS "Hess" Lane transfer . . . good skater . . . had trouble with his knee . . civil engineer. Activities: Hall Guard: Senior Science Club. LOIS HEUSER "Lois" Quiet in a friendly way . . . slight . . . genuine . . . studious . . future nurse. Activities: R.A.C.: Senior Science Club. HARRIET NANCY HOLDER "Nancy" Photogenic . . . keeps to herself . . . called by her middle rame . . . pretty smile. Activities: Latin Club. GLENN ROBERT HOLMBOM "H Bomb" Deep bass . . . sky scraper . . . friendly fella . . . conscientious. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3,4. KAREN HOLTORFF "Karen" Silky hair . . . big eyes . . . very pleasant . . . easy to talk lo. Activities: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3: Girls Chorus 4. RUTH CHARLOTTE ANN HOLTZ "Ruthy" Sweet voice . . . serious type . . . friendly gal . . . demure. Activif ties: Sophomore Choir: Freshmen Choir: A Capella 3: Girls Chorus 4. ROBERT EMIL HORVAT "Bob" Clever . . . "Bob's Beat" . . . intelligent lad . . . music enthusiast. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3,4: Luther Singers 4: B and G Feature Staff 2,3,4: Camera Club: Science Club: Ceramics Club: Proiectors Club: Tennis 2. THOMAS FILMORE HOWE "Howe" Funny many! . . . long and lanky . . .one of the guys . . . ambition: to be a great photographer. RAYMOND E. HUPKE "Hupcap" Typical teen . . . hockey fan . . . "Red" . . . temper . . . Joan . . . unpredictable. Activities: Football l,2,3,4: Sophomore Choir: Pep Club: Lettermans Club. AMANDA EVELYN HUSBERG "Mandy" Pop-corn popper . . . Science Club . . . pianist . . . peaches and cream complexion. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3,4: Science Club President: Art Club: Hall Guard: B and G Illustrator 3: R.A.C.: Library Assistant. Page 22 ANN LOUISE HAGEN "Hagen Babe" Feminine . . . scatter-brain . . . pretty wardrobe . . . "l don't get it." Activities: Freshmen Choir: A Capella 3,4: G.A.C.: Library Club: Intramurals. JUDITH ELAINE HARDERS "Judy" B 8. G "boss" . . . quiet yet efficient . . .always busy . . . "heart of gold." Activities: B and G Feature Writer 2: B and G Editor 4: Soph- omore Choir: A Capella Choir 3: Girls Chorus 4: Girls Service Club: R.A.C.: Senior Science Club: Junior Science Club: Drama Club: Bowl- ing Club: Pep Club. MARILYNN RUTH HARDT "Meme" Typical housewife . . . sympathetic . . . good listener . . . considerate of others . . . freckles. Activities: Freshmen Choir: R.A.C. NAOMI ADELLE HARKS "Na" DIMPLES! . . . aches and pains . . . Fred . . . emotional . . . nice clothes. Activities: Cheerleader 2: B and G 4: Pep Club: Freshmen Choir: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3: Bowling Club: G.A.C.: Cer- amics Club: R.A.C.: Banquet Committee. MARILYN LORRAINE HART "Mar" Full of questions . . . "aunty" . . . cute dimples . . . very sincere manner . . . ambition: to become a deaconess. JOYCE MARILYN HAUSER "Joyce" Ron . . . future nurse . . . sings with expression . . . one and only. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3,4: Luther Singers 3: B and G 3,4: Latin Club: Library Club: Drama Club: Science Club. fit Q V217 'Si AQ' 'ie MARTIN MONROE ISCHINGER "Isch" lmaginationl . . . brains and personality . . . sharp clothes . . . West Point. Activities: Sophomore Choir7 Freshmen Choir7 Student Council 3,47 Vice President 47 Football 2,3,47 Track 2,3,47 Pep Club7 Ceramics Club7 Latin Club7 Lettermans Club. GEORGE WILLIAM JANAC "George" Neat looking . . . relaxes in class . . . easy to like . . . interests at Schurz. Activities: Football 2,47 Basketball 27 Track I7 Pep Club. HELEN GERTRUDE JAROSCH "Helen" Beautiful smile . . . full of ideas . . . "Log Chief" . . . Al . . . well- rounded personality. Activities: Log Editor-In-Chief 47 Freshmen Choir7 Sophomore Choir7 A Capella 3,47 Luther Singers 3,47 R.A.C.7 Drama Club7 G.A.C.7 B and G 27 Library Assistant7 Pep Club7 Bon- quet Committee. MARK RUSSELL JOHNSTONE "Mark" Baritone soloist . . . "glow worm" . . . what a linel . . . poetry . . . strong women. Activities: Freshmen Choir7 Sophomore Choir7 A Capel- la 3,47 Luther Singers 3,47 Key Club Treasurer7 Football 2. ROBERT EARL JOURGENSEN "Bob" Quiet and composed . . . blushes . . . Nancy . . . healthy looking. Activities: Football l,2,37 Track l,2,3,47 A Capella 47 Gym Nighty Pep Club7 Senior Science Club7 Modeleers7 Lettermans Club. SHARON LORAINE KAMIN "Sherry" Transferred from Detroit . . . enthusiastic . . . willing worker . . . registered nurse. Activities: A Capella 3,47 Luther Singers 47 R.A.C.7 Detroit Lutheran-Nurses Club7 A Capella 1,27 Pep Club: Jr. Trio and Accompanist7 Girls 4. PATRICIA RUTH KELSEY "Pat" Pert . . . gym night . . . Tex's girl . . . chatter box . . . brains . . . flying rings. Activities: A Capella 3,47 Luther Singers 47 Fresh- men Choir7 Sophomore Choir7 Latin Club7 Pep Club7 Gym Night7 Junior Class Council7 Senior Class Council. DALE KEMPF "Ben" "Peaches" . . . brain . . . easy going . . . future electrical engineer . . . "Oh, the test was easy." Activities: Hall Guard7 Senior Science Club. LOWELL ERWIN KLEMM "Lowell" Future teacher . . . friendly fellow . . . nice to know . . . qulet. Activities: Bowling Club7 Drama Club7 Hall Guard. ANITA LOUISE KNUDSEN "Knudy" Dimples deluxe . . . commercial . . . sweet personality . . . works hard. Activities: Freshmen Choir7 G.A.C.7 Pep Club7 R.A.C. CAROL ANN KOEPP "Koepp" Office helper . . . quiet gal . . . short hair . . . future secretary. Activities: Pep Club. DOROTHEA E. KOEPP "Doro" "Cherub" . . . petite . . . wonderful girl . . . band. Activities: G.A.C.7 Science Club: B and G Typist 37 Band I,2,3,4. SUSAN GAYLE KOETKE "Sue" "Jeep" . . . 4 year cheerleader . . . "Sweet Suzie" . . . never com- plains . . . Capt .... beauty. Activities: Cheerleader I,2,3,47 Freshmen Choir7 Sophomore Choir7 A Capella 37 Girls Chorus 47 Pep Club7 G.A.C.7 Drama Club7 Intramurals. THOMAS FRANK KORANDA "Tom" Tropical fish . . . tall fella . . . likes art . . . quiet . . . always helpful . . . "lndian." ANDREA LYNNE KRAUSMAN "Andee" Good sport . . . pudgy? . . . cute . . . winning personality . . . lots of funl . . . gets teased. Activities: Class President 'I7 Student Council t,27 Cheerleader 2,47 Sophomore Choir7 A Capella 37 Girls Chorus 47 Pep Club7 G.A.C. THOMAS EDWARD KRENEK "Tom" Slim . . . unusual voice . . . pleasing personality . . . puns . . . future salesman. Activities: Drama Club. RICHARD ELMER KRUEGER "Dick" Blue car . . . Luther Singers . . . friendly guy . . . ambition: veterinarian. Activities: Freshmen Choir7 Sophomore Choir7 A Capella 3,47 Luther Singers 47 Key Club7 Tennis. VERA HELEN KUBIK "Ver" Little, but oh myl . . . spit fire . . . the tailored look . , . cute giggle. Activities: R.A.C.7 Library Helper7 Pep Club7 Drama Club7 Hall Guard. Page 23 'S T MICHAEL ROBERT LEHMPUHL "Mike" Newcomer . , . rocket ships . . . interest in math . . . mysterious . . . future electronic engineer. THEODORE MARTIN LENO "Ted" Changeable voice . . . clean cut . . . insinuating humor . . . neat dresser. Activities: Football Manager 3: Football 4: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3,-1: Ceramics Club: Pep Club: Banquet Committee. LORRAINE LIPPERT "Lippy" Typing whizl . . . pretty hair . . . cute giggle . . . sweet and pleasant . . . Commercial. Activities: Ceramics Club. JULIA IRENE LONG "Julie" Commuter. . , our gain, Glenbrook's loss . . . brains plus . . . neat. Activities: G.A.A.: Latin Club: National Honor Society: Senior Science Club: R.A.C. FRANCES ANN LUDOWICI "Fran" Small . . . unruly hair . . . always friendly . . . likes to laugh. Activities: Gym Night. RICHARD EDWARD MAINA "Tex" What a riotl . . . hunting . . . crazy walk . . . carefree . . . Pat . . . won't be rushedl Activities: Football l,2,3,4: Track I,2,3,4: Basketball 'l,2. GRANT MALCHOW Good looking . . . smooth . Activities: Track I: Latin Club: Drama Club. NICK WILLIAM MANDIS Class cut-up . . . big dog . Activities: Latin Club. PENELOPE MANDIS sharp clothes . . . Senior Science Club: . . dark eyes . . "Grant" ladies' man. Bowling Club: lLNicklV white Lincoln. npennyu Grecian beauty . . . left-handed . . . sweet personality. Activities: Senior Science Club: B 8- G Feature Writer: Handicraft Club: Girls Service Club. NORMAN GERHARDT MASKE "Norm" Elmer's side kick . . . future electrician . . . iunior ianitor. Activities: Kitchen Crew: Basketball I: Elmer's assistant. JOHN ANDREW MATTSEY "Johno" Easily flustered . . . sounds like Lawrence Welk . . . Oh, those iokesl . . . man of a few words. EILEEN R. MATZER "Matzer Babe" Short 'n' cute . . . Jerry . . . RlOT! . . . nice in every way. Activities: G.A.C. Page 21: NANCY LEE LACKLAND "Nance" Barbed wit . . , Bob's girl . . . scholarships . . . future chemist. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3,4: Luther Singers 3,4: B 8- G 3: Gym Night: Senior Science Club. RUSSELL OSBORNE LANGAN "Russ" Cat-man . . . ivy league hat . . . one of the guys . . . friendly hi for everyone. Activities: Football 3: Bowling Club: Latin Club. DIANE MARGARET LANOCH "Dibo" Sweaters . . . individualist . . . long hair . . . pretty complexion . . . alto. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3,4: Luther Singers 4: G.A.C.: Pep Club: Intramurals. RONALD ROY LARSEN "Ron" Polite and pleasant . . . blond hair . . . nice to know . . . ambition: to enter the business world. W. WAYNE LARSON "Wayne" Blue eyes . . . clothes . . . witty remarks . . . class cut-up . . . mysterious name. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Homecoming Bonfire 4. JANET LOUISE LAUSCH "Lauschie" Eyelashes . . . German fella . . . "Bucky Beaver" . . . hen parties . . . Geometry brain ?l? . . . RIOTI Activities: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3,4: B and G 3,4: Business Manager 4: Pep Club: Spanish Club: R.A.C.: Art Club: G.A.C.: Drama Club. .JO 1 'W' his W .Xxx tfxgstgxx Y CAROL LEE McCANDLESS "Mac" Model . . . good figure . . . tactless . . . boysl boysl boysl Activities: Hall Guard: Gym show: Drama Club: R.A.C.: Pep Club: Library Assistant. BRADFORD DEAN McCANNA "Mac" Curly hair . . . 245 game . . . one of the gang. Activities: Bowling Club: Latin Club. GEORGE MURRAY MENNINGER Strong . . . silent type . . . football . . . newcomer. Activities: Football. "George" CAROL IRMA MESSERSCHMIDT "Messer" loves sports . . . silent type . . . ambition: office worker. Activities: G.A.C.: Freshmen Chorus: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3: Girls Chorus. LORETTA HILDEGARTE MEYER "Lori" naturally confusedl . . . beautiful complexion . . . beauty and grace . . . doesn't catch iokes. Activities: Pep Club: Art Club: Intra- murals: Drama Club: G.A.C.: R.A.C.: Banquet Committee: B 8. G: Bowling Club: Latin Club: Sophomore Choir: A Capella: Girls Chorus. GAIL ASTRID MONG "Gail" cute lisp . . . Chinese name . . . future secretary . . . Nancy's pal. RUTH ELIZABETH MULLER "Ruthie" nice in every way . . . spunkl . . . rosy cheeks . . . busy-body. Activities: Girls Service Club: Pep Club: Senior Class Council: R.A.C.: G.A.C.: Sophomore Choir: Junior Science Club: A Capella 3: B 8- G Writer: Banquet Committee: Drama Club. PATRICIA JANE MURRAY "Pat" green hair? . . . felt skirts . . . future teacher . . . sincere manner. ANDY H. NELSON "Andy" crew cut . . . great guy . . . toothpicks . . . future pilot. Activities: Baseball 2,3,4: Football 3,4: Lettermans Club: Bowling Club. ALAN PETER NEMETH "AI" loves to ski . . . Helen . . . pleasure before business. Activities: Football l,2,3,4: Track 2: Tennis 3,4: Letterman. GERTRUDE ELISE NEU "Trudy" high in class . . . nice handwriting . . . petite. Activities: G.A.C.: Latin Club: B 8. G: Junior Class Council. DAVID LEE NORDAHL "Dave" wide vocabulary . . . black curly hair . . . neat . . . future doctor. Activities: Latin Club: Senior Science Club: Drama Club: R.A.C. NANETTE ELSIE NOSKO "Nan" future secretary . . . seen but not heard . . . good natured . . . long hair . . . potential smile CAROLYN DOROTHY OESTERREICH "C-aroI" giggleslll . . . "Gina" . . . sparkling personality . . . interest at Carthage. Activities: G.A.C.: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3,4: Luther Singers 4: R.A.C.: Spanish Club: Bowling Club. NANCY PECORI "Shrimp" nice things come in small packages! . . . cheerful . . . pixie . . future iournalist. DANIEL B. PETERS "Dan" makes classes fun! . . . sleepy-time boy . . . Chapel Singers? . . . Homework-ugh! Activities: Band 3: Latin Club, Bowling Club: Science Club: Drama Club. JOAN CLAIRE PETERSEN "Joanie" sports minded . . . natural blond . . . cute nurse . . . good worker. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Soph. Choir: A Capella 3: Girls Chorus 4: Girls Service Club: G.A.C.: Intramurals: Latin Club: Science Club: Pep Club: R.A.C. JULIA KATHERINA PETERSONS "Julie" possesses a charm . . . newcomer from Lake View . . . Latvia . . quiet gal. Activities: Kitchen crew: Hall Guard substitute. Pugc' 25 2 : fQ ROBERT THOM RASMUSSEN "Bob" iolly . . . one of the boys . . . friendly . . . ambition: Marine officer. ELLEN JOANNE REHBERGER "Lollie" Ken . . . cute school teacher . . . pretty complexion . . . soft voice. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Sophomore Choir. FERDINAND HERBERT REICHELT "Ferd" beautiful dreamer? . . . tall guy . . . cute . . . fun loving nature. Activities: Science Club: R.A.C.: Intramural basketball: Bowling Club. JUDITH MARIE RICE "Juds" come-hither look . . . soft voice . . . looks like a movie star . . . attracts 'em. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Sophomore Choir: A Capella 3,4: R.A.C.: Spanish Club: Drama Club: Pep Club: Library Assistant: Kitchen Crew: Hall Guard. DONALD EDWIN RICHTER "Don" oh, that smilel . . . Jean . . . likeable . . . P.S.L. all star. Activities: Football I,2,3,4: Pep Club: Basketball Manager: Freshmen Choir: A Capella 4: Spanish Club: Track 3,4. KENNETH WILLIAM RIEDEL "Kenny" pizza-deliverer . . . Ellen . . . hot rod . . loves nonsense. NICHOLAS GARY RODER "Nick" lun-loving nature . . . Claudine . . . determination . . . lawyer . . . first to have a car. Activities: Football l,2,3,4: Pep Club: Latin Club: Track. GEORGIANNE ROMANO "Gigi" nicknames for everyonel . . . fashion plate . . . iitter bug . . . "Gingiss" . . . crazy kid. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Soph. Choir: A Capella 3,4: G.A.C.: Cheerleader 2: Pep Club: Intramurals. JACQUELINE E. ROSENE "Jackie" pleasant disposition . . . known for her short hair . . . loves volley- ball . . . typical teacher . . . quiet, but lots of fun! Activities: Soph. Choir: A Capella 3: Girls Chorus 4: Baton Twirler Corp.: R.A.C.: Science Club: Pep Club: Intramurals. KRISTI MARIA SALM "Kristi" intelligent . . . true friend . . . long wavy hair . . . German charm . . . Ambition: business administraior. KAREN DORETT SAMEK "Kara" inner-personality . . . loads of sweaters . . . good notured . . blond . . . late. GLORIA ANN SAVITSKI "Toni" petite . . , curly long hair . . . spitfire . . . boys! Activities: Sopho- more Choir: Art Club: G.A.C.: Hallguard. I'.lgt' fit LAWRENCE HERMAN PETT "Larry" commercial course . . . easy going . . . reserved . . . pleasing smile. Activities: Soph. Choir: A Capella 3,4: Camera Club. CHARLES HENRY PFEIFF genuine . . . sensible fella ER "Chuck" . . . future chemist . . . professor. Activities: Key Club: Senior Science Club: Latin Club. JUDITH KAREN PFLIEGE R "Judie" "all shook up" . . . red pants . . . cute ways . . . short. Activities: Freshmen Choir: Soph. Choir: Latin Club: G.A.C. DOROTHY ELLEN PLOENSE "Ploensey" Junior Achievement . . . hair Activities: G.A.C.: Art Club: DARLENE DIANE PRATT EI Capalleras . . . curly hair smile . . . one of the gals. NANCY ANN QUADE blondie . . . dresses with a f Freshmen Choir: Soph. Choir Club: Pep Club: G.A.C.: B 8. styles . . . friendly gal . . . pet rabbits. Freshmen Chair: Soph. Choir. llDeeYl . , . ambition: bookkeeper . . . pretty nNunll lair . . . willowy . . . pretty. Activities: : A Capella Choir: Girls Chorus 4: Art G 2: Intramurals. sm 4 'I if . . H. WALTER ROBERT SCHILF "Wally" rosy cheeks . . . quiet in a friendly way . . . future accountant . . . cute. Activities: Track 25 Band 2,35 Camera Club5 Intramural Basket- ball. KAREN ANN SCHMIDT "Schmidt" mature personality . . . Dave . . . sweet and understanding . . . neat. Activities: Freshmen Choir5 Sophomore Choir5 Kitchen Crew5 G.A.C. JUDY GAIL SCHNEIDER "Schnatsy" petite . . . good sense of humor . . . Paul . . . gigglesl Activities: Freshmen Choir5 Art Club5 G.A.C. FREDERICK JOHN SCHNITTKER "Fred" tall, dark, and handsome . . . future engineer . . . wise cracks . . . cars. Activities: Band. NORMAN ROBERT SCHREINER "Norm" works hard . . . nice things come in small packages . . . horn- rimmed. Activities: Hallguard5 Key Club 45 Kitchen Crew5 Band5 Elmer's helper. SARA JANE SCHUETTPELZ "Sara" newcomer . . . honor roll . . . refined . . . future accountant. MARCELLA ROSE SCHULTZ "Marcy" sophisticated . . . clothes . . . beautiful hair . . . dry humor. Activ- ities: G.A.C.5 Latin Club5 Hallguard5 Art Club5 Drama Club. JEANETTE SCHWENN "Schwennie" cute . . . Dick . . . cats . . . wedding bells . . . dramatic. Activities: Bowling Club JOY LOUISE SEBASTIAN "Joy" Joy-ful . . . likes to draw . . . sense of humor . . . pretty clothes. Activities: Freshmen Choir5 Soph. Choir5 Pep Club5 Junior Class Council5 Senior Class Council5 G.A.C.5 Intramurals. GARY DOUGLAS SEMROW "Gary" always has a ioke . . . little man . . . good natured . . . swell guy . . . ambition: to be a chemical engineer. ROBERT NORMAN SIEB "Bob" deep bass voice . . . crazy speeches . . . future lawyer . . . one of the guys. Activities: Track I5 Baseball 35 Bowling Club5 Dramatic Club5 Latin Club5 Science Club. RUTH ANN SIEGMANN "Tyke" small and compact . . . future Air Line stewardess . . . well liked . . . nice smile. Activities: Soph. Choir5 A Capella 35 Craft Club. JAMES CHARLES SIEVERT "Jim" sports . . . good looking . . . nice smile . . . muscles . . . ladies' man. Activities: Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Lettermans Club5 Pep Club. SUSAN KAREN SIMONSON "Simonize" talks in her sleep . . . hair styles . . . "just one riot!" Activities: Freshmen Choir5 Soph. Choir5 G.A.C.5 Intramurals. ANDREA IRIS SOLOMON "Andy" big smile . . . athletic . . . stays to herself . . . ambition: wants to be a dancer. BARBARA CLARA SORENSEN "Barb" pretty hands . . . cute wink . . . kitchen helper . . . school spirit . . . fun to be with ,... Activities: Latin Club5 G.A.C.5 Pep Club5 lntramurals5 R.A.C5 Freshmen Choir5 Sophomore Choir5 A Capella 3,45 Girls Service Club5 Luther Singers 45 Kitchen Crew l,2,3,45 Assistant Stage Manager 4 ROBERT WALTHER STAIGER "Bob" big fella . . . quiet, but lots of fun . . . future engineer. Activities: Baseball 2,35 Football 25 Lettermans Club 2,3,4. ROBERT HUGH STEINBACH "Bob" has fun because he believes in it . . . "Pizmo" . . . suburban girl . . . ambition: to be a minister. Activities: Key Club 3,45 Pep Club5 Baseball 3,45 R.A.C.5 Sophomore Choir5 A Capella 3,4. Pzigv 27 S 'Qs CHRISTINE THOMSEN "Chris" sweaters . . . guys . . . blonde . . . short . . . Activities: Freshmen Choir, Sophomore Choir, A Capella 3,4, G.A.C., Drama Club, Latin Club, Library Assistant 'l,2. ROBERT H. TOELKE "Telk" P.K .... nonchalant . . . characterl . . . comments . : . Activities: Drama Club, Pep Club. MARILYN CLAIRE UNRATH "Mar" likes to talk . . . iovial . . . complexion . . . dramatic . . . South Dakota memories . . .very sincere . . , Activities: Freshmen Choir, Sophomore Choir, A Capella 3,4, Drama Club, Art Club, R.A.C., Pep Club, Latin Club. NANCY ANNE VANDERHORST "Nancy" cowbell . . . distinctive laugh . . . one in a million . . . packs a punchl . . . money! moneyl moneyl . . . great friend. Activities: Class Treasurer I,2,3,4, R,A.C., B 8. G 3, G.A.C., Log Business Man- ager, Drama Club, Class Council 3,4, Pep Club, Luther Singers 4, Girls Service Club, Freshmen Choir, Sophomore Choir, A Capella 3,4, Banquet Committee 3, Intramurals. JUDITH ANNE VANDLIK "Judy" sincere girl . . . very co-operative . . . reat dresser . . . questionsl . . . Activities: G.A.C., Ceramics Club, Banquet Committee, R.A.C., Bowling Club, Pep Club, Senior Science Club, Latin Club, Freshmen Choir, Sophomore Choir, A Capella 3,4. WILLIAM JOHN WACHHOLZ "Bill" seen but not heard . . . likes to sleep in class . . . ambition: wants to be a radio and television technician. MAYNARD WALL "Maynard" carrot top . . . plays piano . . . won't be rushed . . . stays in the background . . . ambition: wants to be a naval air pilot. ELWOOD PHILLIP WALMSLEY "Woody" rugged type . . . loves the outdoors . . . b'and hair . . . ambition: to be a chief forester. JUDITH AUGUSTA WATSON "Judy" freckles . . . artistic . . . has lots of luckl . . . dreamy look . . . Activities: library assistant I,2,3,4, Handicraft Club. WALTER WEART "Wally" glasses . . . hard guy? . . . carefree . . . easy going. JOANN MARILYN WEHOFER "Joann" oldest twin . . . talks constantly . . . nice clothes. Activities: Baton Twirler 2,3, Freshmen Choir, Hall Guard, Kitchen Crew. JOYCE MARLENE WEHOFER "Joyce" shy . . . "rather" . . . nice clothes, too . . . dimples. Activities: Baton Twirler 2,3, Freshmen Choir, Hall Guard. Plllll' 28 f'N"'A LORRAINE HELEN STOCKINGER "Laurie" true-blue . . . dramatic . . . loves to laugh . . . sweet gal . . . color- ful-"red" . . . Activities: Drama Club, Senior Science Club, R.A.C., Sophomore Choir, A Capella 3. GENE CARL STRANG "Gene" polite . . . quiet . . , interested in chemistry . . . seems to take life as it comes. KAREN TERESA SUCKOW "Kar" pretty long blond hair . . . Eddie's better half . . . pleasant person- ality . . . wants to be a secretary. Activities: G.A.C., Freshmen Choir, Sophomore Choir, A Capella 3, Pep Club, R.A.C. WAYNE MELVIN SUNDERLIN "Porky" good looking . . . casual . . . be-bop . . . cars . . . Activities: Foot- ball 2, Basketball 1,2 65? MARGARET SWEENEY "M-urge" beautiful complexion . . . merry . . . lunl fun! funl . . . ambition: to be a nurse . . . real neat girl. JUDITH STARR THIELE "Judy" baby doll face . . . Bob . . . diligent worker . . . serious type? . . . sparkling eyes . . . Activities: Band l,2,3,4, R.A.C., Senior Science Club, Log-Assistant Editor, Girls Service Club. RICHARD RAYMOND WEISS "Dick" chauffeured Cadillac . . . future businessman . . . one of the gang. DIANE CLAIRE WENZEL "Wenzel Babe" neat gal. . . wears sharp clothes . . . hard worker . . . water skiing . . . Activities: Pep Club: Hall Guard: Banqueft Committee. DAVID ALLAN WERNER "Dave" "Mr. Touchdown" . . . Oh, that walk! . . . Sophomore girl . . . enthusiastic . . . all around fella . . . Activities: Football l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,4: Baseball 3,47 Key Club 3,45 Pep Club: Lettermans Club 2,3,4: Freshmen Choir, Sophomore Choir, A Capella 3,41 Luther Singers 4. KENNETH DAVID WERTZ "Ken" Likeable guy . . . witty sense of humor . . . chief cook and bottle washer . . . Activities: Camera Club: Bowling Club: Library Assistant: Kitchen Crew 2,3,4, A Capella 4. JACK EDWARD WHITE "Jack" Athletic . . . one swell guy . . . Marla . . . track record-breaker . . . Activities: Football 2,3,4p Basketball l,2,3,4: Track I,2,3,4: R.A.C.y Lettermans Club 3,4. JAMES HENRY WIERZBA "Jim" Wise cracks . . . not very talkable . . . wants to be an engineer. M. JANENE WILLIAMS "Willy" Mysterious first name . . . wise remarks . . unusually quiet . . . Activities: Hall Guard 2. KAY MARCIA WILLIAMSON "Kay" Likes to complain . . . loud . . . outside clubs . . . ambition: to be a nurse. Activities: G.A.C.p Bowling Club. WILLIAM CHRIS WOEBEL "Bill" Appears silent . . . nice guy . . . blond hair . , . spends most of his time out of school . . . model trains. Activities: Track 3,4. CURTIS FREDRICK WOESSNER "Curt" Camera fiend . . . tennis anyone? . . . model trains . . . Activities: Senior Science Club: Art Club: Camera Club, Proiectors Cluby A Capella Choir 3,4. SHARON KAY WOOD "Share" Sharp gal! . . . pretty eyes . . . soft voice Activities: G.A.C.y Bowling Club. "CAMERA SHY" CAROLE ANN GALLIK "Annie" Sarcastic manner . . . unusual hair style . . . piercing eyes . . . Activities: G.A.C. JAMES GUNDERSON "Jim" Carsl carsl carsl . . . nice fella . . . likes to read interesting books. JOESEPH GUARNERY "Joe" Loves to argue . . . mad scientist . . . white shirts. WERNER PLATE "George" Lange's friend . . . ambitious? . . . shoe salesman. KENNETH WILLIAM SCHWARZ "Rusty" Future electrician . . . carrot top . . . black slacks. DENNIS ADAM URBAN "Denny" Short . . . one of the group . . . wants to be an electrician . . . Activities: Bowling Cluby "The Curious Savage" 4. WILLIAM R. ZIRZOW "Bill" Monotone . . . very very quiet. Page 29 ,140 Sf papybq 13 mar zfmsxlmf DEIWVY M YE PAULA MARK KNOWA' "oo mmvv 'vas waz." sy evfkyofvf " M057 FRIEND! V .5'6lV!0!? NANCY pfpgy "A Rum' smfaz me fvmYofvf." 7' 776' 7' M05 ATHZE M05 llfffly f0 5'!f!'6'6'f0 JOANIE ' 0,4 VE HEL EN MARIY "mv me wnv rv TMS' of:wvmfcs." "Heaven rm .4 ER ow raruRf." TYPICAL LUTHERITE 607657 NVZPIWPUAC ANUEE WE5 RA Y LOPETTA "A1vyrHnvG F012 L.H.N!." "Cure AS rhffy come," 0? 5' 7 5'E1V5't' 0F IIIIMOW 5P0l'll6fff LAUSCHIE 000 "ABLE To .mice on mire' ,4 Jaffa" REST 01365560 KHTES7' C'0l!PlF 6161 MARY JGANNIE 004' "JUST smvpco oar or mf emo Hex." 'wave 1-'we EAC!! cvzwff-Z." f 1' ,"". A,' if . . A li ri' . W sw Q- n , ' .L Q! Q 'ef-:SH Q f ,, ,wry ,. V. Af sf '.- if f Y v'i35?vxw 59 'EH 1' L M., 1. 5 " 3 -4' Q48 Y? X -v w. E N! X A 6 r C Q-9:16 A.. 'Mg' , A ,W , w G es? 23 A AA 'Q M, L!,,A-'Elm Mx !'1.f QW? in- 'Na UM 1 x ' 1.-f RW! f Lat 'vi fx Y ,,.k11-,iiigg-15:24 'frrafr-1-Q Q N T Z T X! XX f TOGETHER WITH GOD UNDERCLASSMEN Page 34- Left to right: Herb Hoefer, Vice-President, Tom Petersen, Treasurer, Gisa Voigt Secretary, Bruce Koenig, President. .IUNIORS HAVE A BUSY YEAR The iuniors are now walking the path of life. As they begin to mature, they come to realize the responsibility which faces them in the future. The iunior year is one full of excitement. It offers class rings, produces a class play, and plans a banquet. But best of all, above responsibility and excitement, the iuniors have come to know their Savior better. They are now starting to show good signs that they ' possess the ability to accomplish successfully their goals and strive to "Walk Together With God". Q ' im. FORM CLASS COUNCIL . B X - . -vw 5 all J. i .. .Q I an X g Q l I. hr '- " :K e 1 . . it - 1 1. T 1 ' KVM K Y:-.yi r 5 KW I r A . ' .J ' QA 5' 2 1. A T , s it K 2 , X1 Q45 Q, i 4 -fi X, A, ,V gg K iz K 1 K X2 R ' - f . , + ' Hi fa. 3 1.1.1 , i 1 iw fn , R 211 . 'R .C,, I 1 , rr . 1 , H - Q 4 f- fe ff f -' W C se. fa- f N " . . -is . , r e 1 f- as 1 K ., . RW W 'wo XP- "' W - T 3. rf'- . A ,Q ' tl A 4 X . Q 'ip t Q... f ' ' T' ,. -l i-5. 'S , X ' 2 AEN, J is 5: I r , ,. Y ' ' . , 5 X I f s . 1-. sr X 0 : if X X . A E, +9 'Q' . - si l ...,: ,f-.,,, J , Qt . M ..., , c . r -. .. H e , - QQA, : f -. i f'1g1 . f N. , is A ' We .Q 4. , , ,, - A NM' .' X , . r 1 - - , we, -5 A " J . ue, . g et L 'simmer ill! . ..: k 1' gi 11 1 X xx 1 r '1 if f l . ' : W .g .gs . 'Q :E Ki' X X Ei A- li .. ': f Xsfir gig l Junior Class Council ROW l: Friedel Acker, Chuck Adkins, Barbara Aevermann, Carol Ahrndt, Yolanne Albrecht, Chuck Alm, Bruce Andersen ROW 2: Marla Andresen, Gretchen Andrus, Burnette Ardagh, Barbara Sue Babiar, Daniel Bacchiere, Paul Bacon, Del Bahn ROW 3: Gordon Bahnsen, Arvin Ballert, Nils Eric Bark, Bruce Bartels, Ron Bartz, Carl Bauer, Joel Benbow ROW 4: Myrna Benson, Jeanette Berg, Pot Bergeson, Linda Bergt, Helmut Betcher, Ruth Binder, Linda Bobeng ROW 5: Wally Bock, Gale Bohanan, Ken Bohl, Bob Bonow, Rich Bonow, Charles Born, Frank Bowron ROW 6: Carl Braack, Ruth Braun, Karen Brelnig, Susan Briggs, Constantine Bruns, Darleen Buck, Charlene Burkhart ROW 7: Bill Carlson, Buddy Carpenter, Helene Chaveriat, Larry Christiansen, Carolyn Clesen, George Colletti, Tom Cousins ROW 8: Dorothy Dahlquist, DiAnn Danzer, Judy Day, Dianne Debs, Clifford DeCherrie, Pat Det- loff, Cliff Diehl ROW 9: Charles Dietz, JoAnn Durkovic, Roberta Ebel, Dave Ebert, Floyd Edwards, Frank Ehllng, Bob Ehrenberg ROW 'lO: Ken Eilken, John Eliasik, John Enge- bretsen, Alan Feddersen, Judy Feige, Ron Felan, Lynette Fick Page 35 Page 36 RECEIVE NEW CLASS RINGS . 'Q' . ' V "'- . , it Y is 'B . I Y , J' ' .Q :,' Z.. Z2 M ,,-,, L 'J . A , ,..,- ,. -' " - :-- - They're here at lasll I '31 . F ' fi ' g ,'.' I .- 3 Qivtl :ir mi, Q , - 5 5 ., ,-1 W 0' :I .iifh . K fi 1 , 'f 35 'I . ml . E tx ROW I: Ron Filip, Doris Fohlmeisfer, Gloria Ur X 'I' 'Q J "JM l " I Fricke, Sleve Fusek, Barbara Gabrielson, Gail , ' Gaieske, George Gardner ' V . f 1. pf I ROW 2: George Gauss, Eileen Gaverl, Ray 2 .. . :rr ,ci , - Q V Gavrilovich, Roger Goehrke, Karen Grandi, Mike Q .L 4' it - f AV 5' Grasz, Jacquelyn Green 3: 'R ' E Qf M' ' . ' Y ' 5, if s :ass . , f 5, - V ,,,. - f .M ', ROW 3: Arlene Greinke, Chester Griewahn, f Vngji vw- E, XX ill V 5 Bruce Groal, Bill Gruenes, Judy Guran, Sharon ' Q H 1 f.-'X' 1. Q i: I , if Halper, Joan Hanerl ROW 4: Carolynn Hardt, Ken Hartkopf, Ted Harll, Arlene Hosselmann, Bob Helmkamp, Art .A - g ,, 4 g, Hemler, Karen Henschel 5- 5 , Q 3 MW any K 5 1 ' in fs Q r . - 4 'Q K 2, -KQV' 355, ff a?.':xil'xuw . YEMBK . 45 EQ- ROW 5: Jeffrey Herhold, Delores Hewell, Ken I A I Hewell, Bernie Hildebrandt, Marilyn Hill, Mari- 1, lyn Hiller, Laurie Hillger b Q I z wifi, 1 . S y J'-s S iii """" ' I V' . :K R? . R bt ly. . Row 6: Dagny Hilslrom, Rudolf Hirschmann, ' 5 Herb Hoefer, Barbara Hoff, Arl Hoffmann, Kim Q Hollorff, Erika Hoppe ,kk N 2 E--K A A 4 -I 4' . I' . ef. f ' f, L! fi ' 'M f , I - ROW 7: Mike Householder, Don Huebner, Ray Israel, Bob Jacey, Nancy Johnson, Bill Jordan, . A 3 I Barbara Kapchinski 5 - - ,fy - g "fi ' -N 5. N., gn . ' 5 -f S: -n + s ' V, ,"'f,. 1 . 'fel' ii. . ROW 8: leila Keller, Judy Kemnilz, Pal Kill, 5 , W! Charles King, George Kilsch, Karen Klein, Dar- " Q f Y . lene Knudsen -N e Q, I K S .V gf '11 1 A .5-, A. V. . I Q. .. W, :.. 3 ky, I. . ' rg 1 ix W' 1 23 - I N ROW 9: Paul Koebel, Bruce Koenig, Fred Koenig, I ' Nancy Koeppe, Eileen Konecnik, Joe Kowalski, I . .-, S: , Lynda Kris? "" ' f " ' . P ., in iv., I ww GLM? gg 5. , g i I Row io: me Kfohn, noi. Kmpk., slain. "" ""':- Krueger, Elsie Jean Krueger, Jan Krulo, June V Kuhlmey, Mary Ladendorf ' X Q, fr G 1 -we e .... 1 TQ... , .W zz: Q I Q, 5 , .3 V ' C1 V+ U nnv. . X ... . f 'E V f , Rl pw , 'Q K Q .IM , Ml? - 1 is 32 'mic . N c .Y . ,L x ' C' '1 K 4 XX Y if Y Q cr z X if MAKE ST. LOUIS TRIP 'mg ., ' 2 is 'ix Qc E N Q I, X, . R, , . . Y , A,4 W, Y y :"1 A it X' k f "' A E: ii 4' , h ,M S. ' ' LQ 31 Q, . g K ,tg XL L X W Lx ,,. W -::: 1, V .Wy in . li 15 e K ,-:- ,Q x:,: i ' . S , 'R . . Qz' W' f .. 9 if' ,,.' E e Q.,, 4 f 5 - 5 - :. .... X , ' Y . , " X' if , J Q E R 4 ., J, y X , R y "': , ., hnvt, , f ' A if 4. I U i N - ,.f . 3 iix K ' QQ - K 6 ee . .LE tl., .'-'.,. y X lx Q J J -rv L in K A.wwr,E y e ,B ,,e.e .1 an if gc . ., "-,,,--q f S' 2 y ',-., - 'ilkn in thpl . 5 :51, ' 1,-A l I Eze., . 'YU E - CX: '::"' x i ' L ' 'ii l lik in g ww P "" 4. X 2 ' Ig, ,..: A ,, y t f, ' Q. it - in -A K ' K. X ie 1 A R, E' ROW 1: Paul Lange, Louise Leeney, Joyce Le- May, Judy Lenz, Fred Limmel, Bev llnke, Ken Long ROW 2: Kennelh Lung, Doris Lulinski, Bonnie Lynn, Kay Mahler, Georgiana Maier, Barbara Maiewski, Bob Molm ROW 3: Jeanne Marose, Eslher Marlen, Bill Mallsey, Dick Maxwell, Nancy Meger, Pal Meier, Howard Meinkow ROW 4: Paul Mohrhardl, Nancy Monlelbano, Karen Montgomery, Ron Moravick, Dale Muehl- schlegel, Carol Mueller, Fred Mueller ROW 5: Ray Nalzke, Bill Nehls, Bob Neubeclc, Howard Niemulh, Don Nordeen, Bill Oppenlan- der, Don Palmeler ROW 6: Donna Palmeler, Sharon Pascale, Jeri- lynn Pergande, Tom Pelersen, Edna Peirusek, Gail Pomrenke, John Raffay ROW 7: Dawn Rahlls, Ron Rauch, Margaret Rouser, Elsa Rehfuss, Carol Rhode, Dianne Richerl, Karla Rieder ROW 8: Elaine Rohm, Carol Roll, Bruce Roxen- quisl, Marilyn Roller, Kevin Ruhnke, Roger Ryan, Jim Sailer ROW 9: Jerry Solar, Joanne Saval, Chris Scha- den, Sallyann Schiemann, Jim Schiller, Chuck Schmidt, Ed Schmidt ROW 10: John Schmidl, Reinhold Schmldl, Siegriech Schmidl, Jim Schmil, Carol Schneider, Carol Schroeder, Joerg Schrey Page 3 1 Q A... ...K 4 Q I A "Will you go to the banquet with me?" W Y W x' li' J .5 '1-': 1 L my Q . I f f fe ROW I: Bob Schumacher, Jan Seefeldt, Lynn Siebel, Walter Sim, Sandra Smith, Warren i Springston, Carol Steinke ROW 2: Robert Stevens, Lee Stocker, John Struck, Dennis Streich, Annette Sutfern, Jerry , . Swanson, Anneliese Tantius i J' PLAN JUNICR-SENIOR BANQUET N.. , X r ROW 3: Dick Tetze, Jon Thomas, Betty Thomson, A ' Earl Thunberg, Karen Topf, Gail Tolman, Jayne Travis I now 4: Art mpvow, Wally Venn, ciw voigr, ,Q y W , Darlene Volek, Ted Waech, Janet Wagemann, ,, :U 4: ., ' 1 V- L ',, 6: Shirley Walenter , ,Q K ,1,,. I Sy, - Q .. ' AY' L .. . 7 f T? 'W 3 Xi Y, 'H F' X 4 x ., I . ' H-- Q 4 ' ROW 5: Margaret Walledom, Jack Walmsley, A Bob Walther, Jack Watson, Jeanne Weaver, K Bob Webber, Arlene Weith E Q , I ' J ' if wi f- K 8 f A ' 1, N V . . - :-. ' f n K X L ROW 6: Bruce Westerberg, JoAnn Weydemann, QKAEH , j Gary White, Carol Wichman, Kathy Wildkatsch, W A Carolyn Wischmeyer, Myra Wiwat If A Q? K X dy JS . f H my 'T 6 2 , , .Q 7 gy f Q .i - t .se is 3 ROW 7: Fred Woerner, Marilyn Zelmer, Ruth N Zimmermann 4. - k I L. '.I x K L 'Q sq A" , is 1 'R L' QM , CAMERA SHY: Jim Altmann, Alan Busch, Malvin Buxtin, Jim Deckert, John Faber, Ken Hornberg, Manfred Karweleitis, Fred Kirchner, Judie Larsen, Charles Linder, Richard Lutz, Gary Mehl, Walter Mundinger, Pete Pustorino, Michael Schumacher, Josephine Trute, Gerry Zielke Courtesy of Mrs. ZeIke's Junior Homeraom 27 Page 38 9 he L sk, T 3, ff 'Na K 9 U H me 02' vw, Left to right: Bill Fick, President, Judy Arndt, Secretaryi .loan Schwerman, Treasurer: Dick Schiewe, Vice-President. SOPHOMORES ARE THE HAPPY- GO - LUCKY CLASS The sophomores have now adapted themselves to their surroundings, and they seem to show this by their attitude. On the verge of becoming upper class- men, the sophomores will now start the final test to determine whether they are capable of fulfilling the requirements. Mixed in with parties and lots of fun, they begin to develop a serious attitude about their Christian education. For now they are learning that the greatest requirement is being God's child. They can see from the upper classmen, and they can hear from their teachers that to fulfill this require- ment one must "Walk Together With God". Page 39 Page 40 5 85.1 A good time was had by alll ROW l: Mary Adam, Judie Allstrom, Keith Alm, Paul Ander- son, Richard Anderson, Judy Arndt ROW 2: Roger Babillo, Herb Baisch, David Bales, Rosemarie Bunk, Diane Barczykowski, Karen Barlel ROW 3: Evelyn Bartlett, Carole Beck, Ruth Behnke, Wally Benedeck, Allan Benson, Ron Berg ROW 4: Sue Berger, Susan Bergmann, Darlene Bernuu, Jill Beutlich, Jeanette Blanken, Sue Block ROW 5: Joanne Boehm, David Borck, Janet Boyd, David Brainard, JoAnn Bresinger, Henry Bruckner ROW 6: Janet Buelow, Judy Burmeisler, Janice Calkins, Calvin Callahan, Don Campana, Phil Cappilelli ROW 7: Florence Choske, Larry Christensen, Virginia Clark, Karen Conrad, Carol Cook, Pat Cubak ROW 8: David Danielson, Sharon Deutcher, Diane Dewberry, Ernie Doering, Ted Doering, Judy Doumont ROW 9: Barbara Edler, Bob Ehlert, Joan Eichslaedt, Karen Elilt, Tom Esbrook, Catherine Faber ROW l0: Bill Fick, Alice Foerstel, Joyce Foreman, Anita Forssell, Claudette Frick, Don Fritz THEY HAVE INITIATION FOR FRESHMEN . 4 F? "" ' .5 ' - 1 Q A - 314 5 .P fi E Q- J -Tri!!-K .EL y l V . 1, ,Q ,Q Q . .,, A ' I -gy , ' , , I n A 4 - ' , -1-5' ' QW ff Q ' 'I " . C ,:,.. ,F . in 1 Pi o ,. ,-. in , , Yiwu. lid, Q. ..,. ' f, 1 , a N SBI! g Q L: , ef : E It - . , A " iv ::-- E . 4' 2 "" F 5 , J ""i'. Q., A 1' W X 'V' ,Q-K 'Q ,X a 5' f H MQ, ' F - 2:2 1 -f X .rig 'ig-i' : iv , U , , . . My - l 1 ' 'ra- ,tgxgw . 1 1 W in Z W I V E v M. ' X . f Q, , r 'tv Us I X. '--f""- . e X 4 J V X f A , V A ' I 'ie - ' xjy, if , . YZ , ,X 'Ilia v 5 .W me -A ,vi i Q 9 4 :L ' 5 " X '13 2 N fi " f A -1' 'zu " WL? 1 -' Yr ' il -' - - iff: --.-. xl. - V ' Th X ef' .4 4 tl it t E' A I +':"" " fe...--e I . . r X R 5 . 5 , -' el "B " ' , - i J mm ,Sr y, f' ' In V 'xo , . , A J iv vt GET CLASS PICTURES . WRXNF , ,omg H hx n x XS in ...A m y 9.4 : X Q if + ri" f S giSSS S .Ww7 1? S qzax . f me iff, N S , , - aw -:-- : f. 532 H r---5 e:S l R I . K' " iq nf W3 wr .5 S N ' D .tb 'LQ 1 1 ' ,ww X x. - A X x i - X N - - J vi X . 5? . If S S 4: vi: S 71' S ,J S K S S as M: x s.. : f - 'G :::wS:S.? l 1 A an 4, Q. 5 S i a. X " i 1 4 'A i , ,S In - 'R gs ' N .S f ' R: SQ2 i wi .- iu.,x:A :N X if i SS - . g al S, F! i " . Siif' S S: i SFS ,Eii, 5 xi, PK -1 S..SS J, ' , ' ' f. :- " ll - Sx -s :SJ ...rx :A .., SS 1 1 'V ev Q 'f x :,S EVM r iFSk X 'N a 1-3 N- J-, a , Q-SS "This is me?" ROW l: Henry Fritz, Marion Gaber, Dan Garlner, Dorolhy Gebhardt, Howard Geier, Kurt Geier ROW 2: Glenn Geweke, Phil Gieseke, Susan Gipperlh, Don Goudie, Joanne Grabowy, Lesler Grakauski ROW 3: Kathryn Grasz, Ron Grelhe, Ken Grosch, Rulh Gruelzmacher, Clara Haag, David Hagen ROW 4: Barbara Haines, Karen Hamillon, Linnea Hanan, George Hansen, Jeff Hansen, Lorain Hansen ROW 5: George Haslen, Bill Hauslein, Don Haye, Jerry Heidlauf, Carol Heidorn, Mark Heidorn ROW 6: Elaine Henkel Brenl Herhold, Bill Hildebrand, Arl SX Hill, Ida Holder, Sharon Holecek .XM V A . so , ,GQ S 7 K ar S Q t ' 4 imf g 4, iS X k A, . SS.. f f ' H , SN r S S, . U '- , A . 'W :SQQM we S :gA,. .,.SS fer an 15S Qxwn gegl S S S 'fi : as X -, A . P -vii?i my g,' S , Sem , N A .iS S E,,W5 Q " , - ' N rg ' X- - S SS :S E 3, ' ' SS S SSSSSS . ,M .Jw S ROW 7: Tom Horman, Waller Huber, Chuck Hulh, Karen lngrum, Ken Jankauskas, Carolyn Jannusch ROW 8: James Janos, Mary Jensen, Marlene Jorgensen, Jim Kaub, Karen Kerpen, Barbara Kerwilh ROW 9: Harry Kessell, Bill Kesller, Janine Kienzle, Karen Kier, Marilyn Kimske, Rulh Kinast ROW lO: Paul Kinney, Judy Kinniburgh, Gloria Kirkpalrick. Bill Klolz, Terry Koch, Howard Koepp Page Page 42 "May I have a picture of you?" ROW 1: Randy Kopeny, Karol Kornrumpf, Judy Kramer, Jeanette Krauss, James Kregg, Karen Kressmann ROW 2: Ron Kukis, Bill Lackland, Richard Lang, Lorelei Lange, Jim Leeney, Nicole Lehne ROW 3: Armin Lehning, Dorothy Lerner, Richard Lichtenhagen, Herbert Lienenbrugger, Charlotte Lier, Karen Lindemann ROW 4: Pat Loewe, Denise Logan, Judy Lombardo, Sue Lund, Ardith Luulmy, Genevieve Maegdlin ROW 5: Janice Maisel, Anita Manske, Robert Marker, Ron Marten, Kathy Martens, Wayne Mase ROW 6: Pat McDaniel, Bob McNally, Joe McPherrin, Marlene Messerxchmidt, Elisabeth Meyer, Ken Meyer ROW 7: Richard Meyer, Wilbur Meyer, Rhoda Michaelson, Robert Miller, Dave Mitchell, Mary Mohrhardt ROW 8: Harry Mowery, Mary Mulder, Sharon Muscat, Carol Nasby, Carolyn Nasheim, Nancy Nexheim ROW 9: Betty Ann Neumann, Shirley Neumann, Elfie Lynn Nielsen, Janet Nielxen, Dick Niemeyer, Mariorie Nordbrock ROW IO: Ray Oberdas, lngeborg Otto, Dennis Pande, Valentine Pantyuch, Marilyn Panzer, Wallace Panzer CROWN BASKETBALL QUEEN QF 5 is 6 lf W fm lc -: -. , , : M, Z 'V U . ,. :elif ' fm- :M aw --., ...Q ,,, -. . ,Q E: Ev ,L uw Y. f .rx W , if l .I " . :K Ax. ,, 5 8 we .- ish.. 'ft 5 1- if J M R is libs ' fm , 9 Yu sg R 1 w 'R 01 ' 2 ,L 'S '21 xg-v fi fi Ll s we , nv , ,it yr Y w 4, 'R ha: ala. S IA: -Q' 3 2 D 1 v .mg 'F- 'l 2 Eva? ' VA he ' . Q? 6 7 Xia .1. ,4 , :..f:, ., s-,531 K L A N, sr fr an 'x -.. .. s... .fc ii 1 . ll.. RECEIVE ROBES FOR fr SOPHOMORE CHOIR . c 'Y " A tg,-. X g vs 'F' - 0 'E Q C9 5 D1 , 1 ss. ,, . s .H W , L 3 ,... SM K .. R .V , EL X R 9 ,wg E.,:.,..3 T , 3' " 'T,:,?i2" ,L - s 1, an .x 3 ,, 5 S L 4 fi .8 "Need any help with your new robe." x A ' L I 5 'x t ROW I: Keith Parker, Allan Paschke, Merle Pater, Walter s. Pautsch, Walter Perlick, Barta Peterson ROW 2: Kathy Pethes, Richard Pietras, Lyndell Pittelko, . N 1 Y, ,, U L Larry Potter, Margie Pretzel, Norm Prien x L - R' 'X' ROW 3: Carol Ann Prueter, Ray Puetz, Edith Radatz, Barbara . R xr if , Rekow, Carolyn Reschke, Bob Revere ss 'V :Q W in 5, . ROW 4: Bill Rickman, Bill Rietschel, Karen Rodie, Sharon E l 5 ' ,l Radie, Carol Rohweder, Walter Rudzinski Kg Y - Q-v I -' i : ft. Y . 41 xN.,..1 f lim .. .' ROW 5: Lotte Ruell, Lesley Ryden, lnez Salnais, Bob Sass, :V in i Lois Ann Sattler, Donna Schalk , f ,..,- 4'.K.iL is ,F , ,M f 1' g ' .,. v f' ' X ii ROW 6: Bill Schassburger, Vern Schatters, JoAnne Schauer, , - ,,, 6: X, , Sa Janice Schellner, Barbara Schiewe, Dick Schiewe g 4 .L " . . -Q Q www' I xi: t ' Q-Y, i ' - A . ii ol f Y f.iQ.'lSl 1 Y L L r ...H an- V, N Q rire fl :L ' ,.-'gym Q .. . Q ROW 7: Cynthia Schillaci, Susan Schmidt, Al Schneider, Joy E in , i " Schneider, Carolyn Schroth, Marlene Schultz f : . e s X S - A 1 Q :Q KJ' S -T W ::: X V ii l ,V 4 il, L f . L, S' . N ..,. Q ' gt . 53: - W is l Qi, ':fS'5., QS A X 5 . K 5 ri, N ROW B: Richard Schultz, Joan Schwerman, Jon Schwerman, f in 'N 'fi Gerry Seidelman, Ruth Selke, Dennis Seroslzi xg 'Aw Q, Y 'A : .bn-was-s.aL.: . L. L , ROW 9: Caroline Shumaker, Elizabeth Sievert, Jim Slovacek, 4 3 ' ' ir' ' Larry Smith, Violet Smith, Walter Splitgerber llllll : awk . x ROW 10: Lois Stemler, Martin Stolz, Jim Stonequist, Dale Strong, Louann Sturm, Fred Suhr , Y 7 5, rf ' 'W C ' - Y X f 'W T C. L ' ff Page 43 Page 44 REACH THE HALF-WAY MARK ROW l: Karen Swenson, Mary Beth Tank, Nancy Theeslield, Betty Thompson, Charmaine Thompson, Karen Thoms ROW 2: Janet Thorson, Dennis Tierney, Diane Tillman, Robert Tincu, Eleanor Todter, Richard Traversa ROW 3: Nancy Troester, Carlene Tuisl, Bev Tuttle, Hertha Uniewski, Jeff Urquhart, Carolyn Voght ROW 4: Linda Voigt, Bill Voss, Ken Wagner, Dick Wall, Sharon Wallace, Mark Waltz ROW 5: Lois Warnke, Richard Wegehaupl, Bob Weglarz, Jerry Wegner, Evelyn Wekenborg, Ed Wendel ROW 6: Delmar Werner, Carol Westerberg, Wayne Wiberg, is 'tm Hua H J' John Wiedemann, linda Wilczynxki, Dick Williams Q Y K 1 in T ROW 7: Louann Wolf, Gordon Zakrison, Nancy Zarnt, Jim Zimmermann 5' Q' fi E X 1 f N ' , CAMERA SHY: Patricia Bergeson, Donald Dattalo, Dave Fleischer, Patricia Gallik, Sharon Hnrbxt, Susan Johns, David Kucera, Gerry Lanio, Chris Malott, John Mehrholx, Robert Schusler, Dale Schumacher if fa Left to right Lee Thornton, Vice President, Pat Simonides, Treasurerg Arlene Blanche, Secretary Jim Dau, President. FRESHMEN BEGIN A NEW ADVENTURE The freshmen, as usual, are new and inexperi- enced. They are full of new ideas and ambitions when they start high school, but as they become adiusted to their surroundings, their ideas change. Along with this follows a new area of freedom, this freedom changes from day to day as they begin to mature. Nevertheless, it represents a search for ideals, and from this many will succeed to finish high school, many will learn, many will receive a foundation of faith, and, best of all, many will "Walk Together With God". Page 45 Page 46 "l'd advise . . ." ROW l: Lois Ahrndt, Colvin Akre, Corinne Akre, Margie Allstad, Don Anderson, Gail Anderson ROW 2: Linnea Anderson, Richard Andrews, Sam Bobiar, Dove Bacon, Barbara Baermann, Leonie Baldewein ROW 3: Peggy Banner, Sonia Lou Burk, Anna Barlow, Eileen Bechtold, Sharon Behm, Larry Behrens ROW 4: Nelson Behrens, Julie Berger, Karen Bergmann, Janis Bernsee, Arlene Biever, Evelyn Biring ROW 5: Arlene Blanche, Bill Blashke, Bette Bobeng, Russell Bock, Dennis Bohn, Fred Bonke ROW 6: Phil Bredehorn, Lynn Bruckner, Mike Bruns, Robert Buck, Al Buerger, Michael Bugiel ROW 7: Andy Burkhout, James Bzdusek, Bill Cade, Dick Calhoun, Kenneth Carlson, Roger Carlsen ROW 8: Jack Cesar, Bill Clark, George Cook, Frank Crotty, Joan Curley, Sharon Curtin ROW 9: George Danner, Elizabeth Dasler, .limmy Dau, Jacquelynn DeCarlo, Henry Dehne, Roger Dittmann ROW IO: Douglas Dostert, James Drath, Jerry Eggers, Lenard Eisele, Carl Ekx, Tom Elkins THEY REGISTER AT L. . HN. H., T, .aw Q 1- 1 " o- .cf - V 5 v Q' H 'sv-hs! N- -1 .wk V 3 X, M xx J W: 4 W.. l e vs Fw ., , J. A '- A - B ueeer J f Q f 0 'Qu f it ,Q 1 v if-1.7: -X, ., 3 H. X.. Q 2 ' L ,, J if- any in -n Us JM ,. b L ma. Q0 Liss LNQK -,,., I, Q e Q JSC 8 W? XJ sf' -5- c. , "' X sc A as n Q 2 a -1 it 1 'yy - 2' , gs P1 B 4-' C,-i W A .. il' .1 ec L E mls. , 1 W 1, 5 . gig, Eg , 1 , if ,i U ,f ,.. Q i- T -f 4 L a ,5, Q. .E T sf for-fe ' '-e, Af lg Xi? Y . 1 tu 'i V52 . :-es L. - wi 1. , 5. 4 if ' 'fi 1, 1 li- .E-, t , ff' I : :II 4 . . , ,J y . 7 1 ' C f' ., T If Y T x' I ,S V .ef j ' 5 TY' H - My 5 n 1 f 1 . L I ' HAVE TROUBLE WITH LOCKERS . i V ,x me in .ii ' " Y' F 1 f iv ,, M QM T a n In X - iw., A v - in F 5 W in , i 3 ' T ' ' 5" ' .. R' 'NN L 'si 1, 1 X -f .1 Kiki f - . 6 AY, 1' y. ' Q r 3 X : Q: ci , Q. e :. -V 2, .: as .ga 3 QQQAIAB Y " qi Wee. s if ' R K - E 4 , . " -:iz T E 1 E ' A 454:11 :R R ,, , R M ' .' 17-iliiu YE +' .N gg E- V 1 , 1 V 'A R "' 2. .if , . qs' 1 V s.- N X W N N' ,- 8? 5 'bc ,wb ,. - :Q I : if '4'7 l N K i' 1 4 4 if ' fa 'J N-lg : J Q If 'orgy F qnb ,ff D 4... ui ll ii X, f' so Lal. -- F : if . F ' rf? ' -1 E aar , :J , I fr U K 4 7? , W' W 'aw Wheel , Q . 1773 W, S - X .4 , . i " Z' , , " l,. 2' at' J I v r x. W Qt sp A . . ,, MM. wi I "' i-in f' ,Q :A ' 5 E. 4 Which one is lhe Freshman? ROW l: Marianne Elsner, Diana Engmann, Pal Evenhouse, Timolhy Foss, Vera Fausl, Marly Felcan ROW 2: Nancy Fieck, Sally Fiedler, Karen Flscher, Mary Filzpalrick, Clyde Foster, Peler Franck ROW 3: Bob Freres, John Gabriel, John Gahl, Marlene Gangler, Don Garcia, Warren Garthwail ROW 4: George Gaux, David Genlzen, Joyce Ghilardi, Fat Gibbons, Dennis Gieseke, Ule Gillessen ROW 5: Lynne Globe, Karen Goehrke, Donna Grenn, Roberl Groble, Gordon Grosch, Bill Groskopf ROW 6: Ed Guetiler, Rulh Haas, Bob Hoerlel, Allen Hagen, Melvin Hagen, Lois Hagenauer ROW 7: Elaine Halama, Rilva Hallen, Bruce Halvorsen, Ed Hansen, Pal Harris, Richard Heidom ROW 8: Linda Helsper, Erika Henkel, June Hennix, Roger Heftel, Lorie Hessenlhaler, Karen Hildebrandt ROW 9: Marilyn Hirsch, John Hoffmann, Donna Houcek, Pal Householder, Lee Ischinger, Don Jacobsen ROW 10: Bob Jensen, Karen Jenssen, Jean Jenski, Chuck Jeschke, Belle Jayne Johnson, Bob Johnson Page 47 Q U ' 'wif' 5, 4. SQA ,,k. ly k GO TO THE FRESHMAN GET-ACQUAINTED PARTY ' 4 1 Freshman initiaiion-"The viper is coming!" , I i 'Q life' F 2' lee f - life 'fi "ls I . ll'e5ezeell1il. . e e J ,- --ff e ROW l: Karen Johnson, Eugene Junkerman, Cynthia Kaes, IA Carl Kahlleldl, Norm Keksladl, Kathy Kelsey ROW 2: Karon Kempf, Judy Kindness, Roberta Klaulsch, 4-,N '53 Sheldon Klemm, Nancy Knickels, Liliane Koenig ' ,gg . '. I Q Y ROW 3: Klaus Koelke, Marly Kolar, Mitchell Koper, Linda fwhiee iegdl f- J '- Koranda, Barbara Krabbe, Marsha Kramer iiifsxxil I d . , Ie., uw H W 1' A , ROW 4: Eileen Krause, Ruth Krause, Norman Kressmann, , 1" fd is A - ' -J George Krock, Norma Krueger, Bill Kruser I V ,e K- -I X ""' 'K j I f., , - -. f"' - -Ref , It I . ROW 5: Erika Kunz, Charles Kupcek, Pat Lange, Allan Larson, 6 '. I' In Jerry Larson, Larry Larson x ' 1 K I P .... ff. ' - I? ,.., L v b' li I I a n Rx L. W :ef w e u --x Hg- - ,lr- ROW 6: Ron Leslie, John Lichner, Judy Liebenow, Dave if fvsid-rl ' Linder, Gerry Linnernann, Dave Lorenz ,Q 'V . 2 "4 e. ee e 2 ity .2 My 432' 7 1 ,E :J fl xv I I. ' !' ' X" L K lf 'i .e , ROW 7: Janel Lorenz, Jim Macdonald, Dorothy Malinoski, jf ed -- 5 Maria Mandis, Jackie Maringer, Ed Marlin , . ,, Yr, A NI l fi 5 " - We I II I - 'I' " ..,, 5' 1 1 V I J now si Marilynn Mesen, Ed McKee, Roger lvlelll, David jg , 5 ,gif Meyer, Sondra Meyer, Donn Mielke i' ii I ' ik I ' ,Swv gee: , Q ROW 9: Wallraul Mederheek, Ellen Mueller, Marilyn Mueller, , If .. ,VHE AI 6 Mary Mueller, Paul Mueller, Roy Mueller , li gl " " ,, i " x ' - . ..l Q V E ' I UI V x : ' . ' : ..,. : if :Ii :III I Y X W YG ' , X 'V W V l l fag ROW IO: Lois Nehls, Vickie Nelson, Ruth Newberg, Ar! I I I i-S S ' A7-0 . , Nielsen, Ray Nordbrock, Carole Norman I " i f J fr Q. Y ' s 3532 , ' " '52 .ff . U 'iii -f 'ef ' Q E . f'f' A me ' v ' 4 l L K W H I l.f .X 9 Page 48 ELECT CLASS OFFICERS X. .... Q. Y' if S -We , ,gi , e R55 WF X x 1 'H' Q. H-dau. , I A Qi I I A was . x R "fins .8 ,Q N.. i w, I A' Q Rs' " Zi N 7' -C ,L. ' - ' A H x ' sims' ' .',':- -wx , 2 Il V- 'fu is Q i we i 4 J 3' is K X is 1 N .gif 45,3 K Xt Q W 'BY M I in HP ii: s . ..- ,' X N. I Q x ' f Q . . , Q S' 1' 1 -if 3.5 , f-: I I M, ky, is N3 I W vs-'Q Q. I I QL x 1l.fi5 K Y ,Em R ll - Q ',.XQQy:lx,!lgl - .fi I Y ' 'Y hi S5 I 1 : Q ' c. wigs "lf I am elected, l promise . . ." ROW I: Barbara Ann Novak, Charles Nyberg, Nystal, Don Oberg, Chuck Oliver, Marlene Olsen Bradley ROW 2: Barbara Olson, Donald Olson, Donna Dennis Owca, Melinda Paine, Pat Pusternak Ostrand, ROW 3: Elizabeth Penne, Tom Petersen, Emily Petersen, Walter Petersen, Bob Pethes, Russell Pflieger ROW 4: Tom Prais, Terry Proudfit, Irene Puder, Phil Quads, Larry Quirk, Ted Rauser gk ROW 5: Ken Rector, Ron Rector, Elise Rehberger, Linda Rehfuss, Sharon Reinke, Carla Rentz , fn ROW 6: Russel Riedel, lynn Rode, Ken Rompf, Ernest Rosenow, so ' Gale Rosenquist, Monika Runge Ns.. sa : 415 ROW 7: Bob Runge, Mike Ryden, Paul Samson, Dan Sass, Walter Scherb, Karolyn Schillaci by i W, Row 8: Wally Schmid, Bin schmiar, Helene schmiai, Lois 5 Schmidt, Vido Schmidt, Kurt Schmuck V. 1, lie: ROW 9: Mary Schroth, Larry Schubert, Ruth Schuhknecht, Bob Schultz, Herb Schwarz, Dennis Scollay :s:?f'- . w N c if Sr IR , , 4,-N. we G. , 'WS vi' vc: X Sw me ,I P 'i f X R RNA! X wx I Q? X NN, i ., S S -, - fi 'N' : :, 2 X: X i 5 X ,- Q, I I we an V 4 5, - ' uf' - : f ' K K ' .- - 5 4 fc Q 5 Y si I , .5 . , i . A R J' X .I - - :. :Q X K P' , - rir, S 1 E. S ROW 10: Allen Searles, Don Sellke, Sharon Semrow, Pot Simonides, LeRoy Smerling, Alicemae Sounde K I Xin Q ivy? X IT,-10.1, rl:iw?il",'v4ililw"'I,ix'3'viflI4ZQ'i'l7i'aSlQ'-i ' Would you please sign my Log? ROW 1: Gary Spickerman, Ron Starck, Lorraine Steinke, Nancy Stennfeld, Barbara Stermer, John Stetenfeld ROW 2: Amalia Stieb, Judson Stocker, Jacque Stolz, Dorothy Strandberg, Phil Streich, Ronald Strope ROW 3: Judy Sufiern, Lester Swan, Christine Swanson, Sandra Swearingen, Sandra Szymski, Bill Tempel ROW 4: Dennis Templeton, Herb Teuber, Albert Thiele, Dan Thiele, Frances Thompson, Lee Thornton ROW 5: Kathy Thoss, Diane Tinley, Terry Tobias, Mary Ann Toekelt, Gerry Trausch, Gerald Unziclser ROW 6: John Varga, Ron Vician, Don Vogel, Jim Vonlehe, Jerry Vrabel, Carol Wachholz ROW 7: Margaret Wagner, Sandra Wahls, Roger Walker, Dennis Walsh, Jenine Walter, Ed Wanatowltz ROW lx Susan Watson, Sharon Wagner, Dennis Welker, Wayne Wenzel, Edna Wenzlatt, Pete Wetterman ROW 9: Paul Wierzba, Judy Wilson, Kay Wilson, Dick Winski, Craig Wolfl, Henry Wulff ROW IO: Joel Zeddies, Judy Zimmer, Richard Zobott, Barbara Zweifel CAMERA SHY: Linda Durkin, Ronald Elg, Kenneth Elsesser, Judy Starck, Kenneth Waechter, Adeline Winkelmann Page 50 'va-1 RECEIVE FIRST LOG 2 . , 5 -.: , A, 5 fs. .,, ,V , -'Wei xi .Xa Q 1 1 6 A " , V35 1 ' g K5-L , I " x will A S' F I , in A-1 J' Q, 5 ..,. 'V fiv .. 2' :.,- I ' :Ai , flu ' zu 5 f I if-f'i':" . -f : ,,.,7gv,. . .-1 -' ii ' " : W Q' Y ii r J I , ii 3 -Q- W if , M : I ., K, .c - 'S ' ' ' :J 1 if 1, I 'I tb 1? 9 rj, : f '?. , fl V ' , S: .5 , " I' X . 'I I X X N X. .lan 'sy it ,X fc' 'v , 1 . EVP. 5 LU, :Trl -l",','. J Ellis-'f'l:' he 7 9 C. Y: xx J F - mall 5. 'Q : v,f 9. . Q4 ur vi. , L x.. V , .-., K 4' .t- I ' if 3 pi is k Q JL w xg v WT, vs 1 ' V. me YWSWW' HX 15 XX-X 1 af :fu ff T g m'-W XE EX K, X. , T 5 KW T f 4fQ ,-2?f32' if --S 'E E . T T ff QA? M x JE ' T EE? ig 'rl .20 ' T I ,-if E 'ij 7 fS in e. XX 495' T Exsfiffglfgt TOGETHER WITH GOD . . . ACTIVITIES qrfwff' ' him , " ,Qi 11 5 LOG - A - L - LOG STAFF Helen Jarosch, editor-in-chief "Up and over" Twas' the night before the 58' LOG was to appear There was excitement around Luther, the yearbook was here! The students placed their re- ceipts in their wallets with care. So they'd remember them next day when the LOG would be there. While Mr. Lange, who had worked hard, good chap, Had iust settled down for a long summer nap. The students, all eager, to the bleachers were led, While visions of the new year- book danced on in their heads. When onto the gym floor the LOG staff did walk, And about the new yearbook proceeded to talk. Judy Thiele, assistant editor Courtesy of Gabrielsen Movers. And what to our wondering eyes did appear, But the 58' LOG, at last it was here! What a relief to the students whom secrets did irk. Helen, Judy, Bev, LaVerne, Nan- cy and Ray, The LOG staff, in conclusion, has one thing to say. We've really had fun in com- posing this book, And we hope you enioy it as Y through it you look. Beverly Gabrielsen, copy editor Sshl Yearbook under construction! LaVerne Auler, assistant copy editor Nancy VanderHorst, business manager Ray Geweke, assistant business manager Mr. Lange, 'A 5 'CS' -apo. advisor iff' 1? 1 1 2, Y-af W b. 'sys' 'Q' 'l GWB 2: D if K .WM ..q:.. N t ' 5: ' Q: : bs , H 1 - , ' A . Q.: Q. Xmas' 2 Kill? ' W Q? Denny, LaVerne, Marty. Judy, Chuck, Al, Julie, Dick, Paula. Perry, George, Herb, Bill, Mary, Peggy, Mr. Treichel. STUDENT COUNCIL Appearing on this page, as can be seen, ls the Student Council, in number fifteen. As your representatives they try to maintain The school spirit, which we all should retain. Mr. Treichel, as advisor, tries to provide The Student Council with advice as a guide. Dennis Heidorn, as president, his iob does not shirk. We thank him for his many hours of work! Denny's "right hand" is Paula Albano. As secretary, she types the minutes iust so. lf you enioyed the Homecoming celebration this fall, Thank your Council, in charge of it all. Hall guards, lockers, conventions, student assembly, These are some proiects they arranged for so ably. Christmas trees, civic letters, and school halls all clean, These proiects will always find the council on the beam. But, first and foremost, I'm sure you'll agree, Christian spirit they maintain, most important to you and to me. left to right: LaVerne Auler, Peggy Banner, Judy Kemnitz, Herb Hoefer, Mr. Treichel, Paula Albano, Perry Gulbrandsen, Dennis Heidorn, Bill Fick, Marty lschinger, Chuck Schmidt, Al Paschke, Mary Jensen, George Colletti, Dick Winski, Julie Berger. Courtesy of Mr. Duensing's Senior Homeroom 214, ,lg ..-sifif-c 'X ' J- There's a group here at l.uther that works so dHigenHy To produce a sharp paper not once, but twice monthly. The gals who make this possible are Judy and Jan. Both do their iob well, as best they can. Mr.Lange3iob whhthem B advhoragam. But his iob involves more each now and then. VVorHng underthem are Hwee vhal dafh, And they aH are made up of many good chaps. Barbara and Conny present all the news, They tell us of Lutherite don'ts and the do's. Bob and JoAnn keep us posted on features, Columns and tatHes about aH Luther! creatures. Wes and Herb give us many sport scores, And dong whh dlthk comesquhe a bH more. Janet, the business manager, cares for moneysuppheg She keeps track of people who here advertise. Chcdahon and tydng 9aHs do thdriob well. They put final touches in the places that tell. The staff sponsors skating parties, which bdng us much fun, And print our directory, which is also well done. These people write articles for you and for me, And we think there's no paper such as our B 8 Ci Left to right: Judy Harders, editor-in-chief, Mr. Lange, advisor, Jan Ebert, assistant editor, Janet Lausch, business manager. News Staff-ROW 2: Anne Tantius, Joann Durkovic, Karen Conrad, Barbara Babiar, Inge- borg Otto. ROW I: Barbara Gabrielson, editor, Connie Bruns, assistant editor, Loretta Meyer, Jayne Travis. Feature Staff- ROW 2: Joyce Hauser, Carolyn Schrolh, Karen Elitt, Sue Lund. ROW l: Al Paschke, Bob Horvat, editor, Bev Linke, JoAnne Weydemann, assistant editor, Jeff Herhold. Courtesy of Mr. 8. Mrs. Earl A. Lausch. Page 54- V .Q'2l3'EiQf52T U W 1 T.. 1 ll I ,gy gf' ... . ,Eff ,, im fn 5 '.. ,,g,,,,', 1 """ Ushua- tif Q35 Ps., ' , M . 3 ' ' ' ff iii . s 4 ' . it 'iz IBM Editor Assis Judy Harders Janet Ebert NEWS STAFF Barb Gabrielson, Editor Constantine Bruns, Assistant Anneliese Tantius Ingeborg Otto Joann Durkovic Karen Conrad Barb Babiar Lois Warnke r Jayne Travis Loretta Meye 'K THE STAFF tant Editor FEATURE STAFF Bob Horvat, Editor JoAnne Weydemann, Assistant Carolyn Schroth Bev Linke Al Paschke Sue Lund Jeff Herhold Joyce Hauser Karen Elitt SPORTS STAFF Wes Baumann, Editor ' 1 H b Hoefer, Assistan er Bruce Westerberg Dottie Lerner Marv Bauer Judy Lenz Business Manager ........ Janet Lausch Circulation Staff Lynn Siebel, Manager Judy Day, Carol Mueller, Louann Wolf, Ruth Selke, Ruth Gruetzmacher Typists ................. Naomi Harks, Marilyn Rotter, DiAnn Danzer, Josephine Trute, Arlene Weith, Betty Thompson Proofreaders ...,........ Lore Buerger, Carol Nasby, Barb Haines Mr. Lange Advisor ................... Sports Staff: Judy Lenz, Herb Hceler, assistant n editor, Dotty Lerner, editor, Wes Bauman, Marv Bauer. D'An n Danzer, Jose- Typing Staff- ROW 2: 1 phine Trute, Marilyn Rotter, Lore Buerger, Carol Naslny. Weith, Betty Thomson, Naomi ROW l: Arlene llarks. Circulation Staff 8. Photographer-ROW 2: Ruth Selke, Louann Wolff, Bob Jourgensen. ROW 1: Judy Day, Lynn Siebel, manager, Ruth Gructzmacher. Carol Mueller. Courtesy of Mr. 8. Mrs. William Mandis. Page 55 Em M 55 A 'fir Lett to right: ROW 4: J. Engebretson, H. Hackemer, G. Kitch, F. Mueller, B. Schumacher P. Lange, D. Streich, B. Matsey, G. Mehl, G. Holmbolm, M. Bauer, D. Werner, D. Krueger P. Gulbrandsen, H. Hoefer, K. Woessner, W. Baumann, A. Hemler, W. Bock, K. Wertz B. Stevens. ROW 3: D. Kropke, L. Pett, D. Maxwell, G. Bahnsen, J. Fabry, J. Swanson, B. Horvat E. Becker, B. Anderson, F. Woerner. R. Hirschman, L. Christiansen, R. Geweke, D. Heidorn M. Johnstone, C. Schmidt, G. Colletti, B. Gulbrandsen, L. Stocker, T. Leno, B. Steinbach P. Mohrhordt, B. Jourgensen. ROW 2: G. Maier, C. Ahrndt, P. Detlofl, C. Clesen, J. Seefeldt, N. Montelbano, E Konecnik, J. Berg, Y. Albrecht, G. Andrus, J. Lausch, H. Jarosch, S. Kamin, J. Vondlik N. lackland, B. Gabrielsen, M. Unrath, J. Hauser, D. Hilstrom, J. Rice, A. Husberg D. Fohlmeister, G. Romano, J. Hanert, A. Hagen, R. Ebel, J. Wagemann. ROW 1: P. Rauser, B. Maiewski, P. Kelsey, J. Green, A. Tantiux, B. Thompson, C Oesterreich, B. Sorensen, J. Ebert, N. Berreitter, P. Albano, Mr. Schroth, N. VanderHorst D. lanoch, C. Corsini, C. McCandles, B. Ardaugh, G. Voight, C. Hardt, J. Lenz, J. Kemnitz L. Hilger, G. Pomrenke. In the music room, at 7:45, you will hear The A Capella Choir rehearsing so near. Maybe someday they will be heard all over the globe, But now every member is proud of his blue and gold robe. At practice they learn music and have such great fun. Those In the choir are proud of the iob Mr. Schroth has done. ls there a more beautiful way to serve the lord than in song? That is why the choir's practices are hard and are long. Courtesy of Thomsen's Bakeries. 6708 W Belmont l23 W. Northwest Highway Chicago Barrington I 1 1 1 1 1 I GIRLS' CHOIR A brand new choir which was formed iust this year Is the Girls Choir, pleasing to hear. Some sixty iunior and senior girls they boast. Of practice and hard work they make the most. While learning to sing they have much fun, And are aware for whom this is mainly done. Left to right: ROW 4: K. Wildkatsch, L. Meyer, J. Kuhlmey, K. Holtorff, N. Quade, B. Babiar, D. Hewelt, J. Rosene, B. Kopchinski, G. Bohanan, J. Durkovic, G. Fricke, M. Walledom. ROW 3: S. Koetke, M. Rotter, D. Voight, N. Johnson, S. Schiemann, D. Palmeter, S. Fick, J. Trute, L. Fick, E. Krueger, B. Lynn, L. Keller, C. Mueller. ROW 2: J. Harders, P. Kill, K. Topf, D. Ekstrom, R. Holtz, C. Messerschmidt, D. Donzer, H. Bruckner, K. Klein, J. Kruto, D. Richert, E. Rehfuss. ROW l: A. Krausman, N. Meger, C. Steinke, R. Muller, N. Koepe, Mr. Schroth, L. Siebel, J. Peterson, R. Zimmerman, L. Auler, L. Leeney. xx PL xgc 57 155 Ig W we . rf I if 3' U x 1 ,E 5393, Q f it we W. G5 U nQ,9 , 0 0 v l SOPHOMORE CHOIR FRESHMEN CHOIR The goal of these choirs is to be Members of the A Cappella's history. For the freshman it is a new and thrilling experience, And the sophomores, in black and white robes, look neat in appearance. Willing sophomores and freshmen, music they are proud to be making, For they know opportunities wait for their taking. And when they remember the main reason they've sung, They will have satisfaction for a job well done. 9 1 l'.iQ4' 38 e -A U Mvlc ra if RJ in Courtesy of Mr. S Mrs. John K. Jana: and Family These singers, as you all have been told, Are all from the choirs singing under our banner, and Gold. At 7:20 each morning the Luther Singers begin their And this alone proves they're truly loyal. The sophomores, too, receive credit where due, And all they attempt seems to prove this to you. These groups practice well to praise His name. This, as we know, is solely their aim. Performing in concerts, many can see, They are bringing fine music to you and me. Blue toil, Left to right: ROW 2: D. Werner, P. Gulbrandsen, M. Johnstone, D. Krueger, B. Horvat, H. Hoefer, L. Stocker, C. Schmidt, G. Colletti, B. Gulbrandsen. ROW 1: B. Thomson, P. Kelsey, J. Ebert, P. Albano, C. Oesterreich, B. Sorensen, Mr. Schroth, H. Jarosch, S. Kamin, B. Gabrielsen, D. Lanoch, N. VanderHorst. LUTHER SINGERS SOPHOMORE SINGERS Left to right: ROW 2: C. Huth, W. Benedick, B. Lackland, P. Gieseke, D. Danielson, M. Waltz, L. Smith, A. Pcschke, D. Werner. ROW lc C Ncsby, M. Tonk, C. Schroth, B. Kerwith, Mr. Schroth, R. Bank, J. Blanken, A. Foerstel, A. Mcnske, J. Burmeister. -.I 3, . ' si 'V' V, V RX x , as Af ,ga w 9, w ,tg x if , tw ABQ 4 X if Q Q Q: 4 E wi QM xv W? lx! ,Q W " ' f Sw H w ,,1 Q X V 'N X Q Q 5 wg VK? Q I A f gg? yi W 'ff ,-' may . . , ' .. 17" M ' N' ' 1 'F' V K. 3 gf, '4 W 5 A ' ' h ' Q I' W if Q' X . ,, 4 ai ff? v, M xi ' ' S PTEQ I 4 Q? I .. . J " . W4 Q,,,+,3x X , ff 4 ""a3Q I fs. W 5 gg A L , 1 K EW K .K ig h M . W Lg A us gf f ,f Q,fx'ff , ff W if f j, 'gg f Y is ' , If H. f V lg xl I. F A A- X ' ' xx ff? a x I W' R V . N QP f fx f N I W, . -f., Lin, A, x . .,.: - .,.. ' ,fr gf QQ ' . if ya ,T it at A , f ,- 1. f Q ' S L f. ' Q4 Y '1 P . 1 'A v M, L -, 4 . 'affix -M a i . 5 . V w R , 4 .k, ,. 4 J , nixm x U, V if 9 51 ,gg xv y M Y X wa! if W 5, KX K? ' f V, 'f I tg M M X YR wx Rx XF I dx Ek if L Q 'ilg X il ' 5, " f?M 1355+ tml kv 1 xx - K 'D ww' In - ' OE ,Q A 11 ..- ., ""' y - 5 ',g'i E ' X . 5 , Y A9 ,V A - :H N ' y X 5 4w.,gf1Q-sg? E 155 N' ' . ,J A W ' 2 ' Yi l ' I Q 1? 'Q , ,l A. X J ' I Let. to right: ROW lz M. Heidorn, G. Geweke, N. Schriener, C. Schmidt, W. Baumann, president, D, Werner, J. Herhold, B Steinbach, G. Colletti, ROW 2: Mr. Hass, T. Hartl, M. Johnstone, R. Geweke, B. Westerberg, B. Fick, M. Bauer, J. Geheb, C. Pfeiffer, P. Gulbrandsen, Mr. Yursky. K is for the Kiwanis Club which gives them their name. E is for the efficiency which is their aim. Y is for the youthful attitude they hope to maintain. C is for the civic work they do. L is for the loyalty they offer to you. U is for the unity for which they strive. B is for brotherhood that they provide. A very different club this year, Their motto is, "Whotsoever ye do, do to the glory ls one fhafls iusg been Sforfed here. of God." lt contains twenty girls willing to serve, And 0l0'19 fhls POW 'he bc-'YS have lmd- And from this aim they do not swerve. Some of their proiects were "Mardi Gras" and Drive, But these aren't mainly for what they strive. Just helping orphans is something they treasure, And serving people gives them pleasure. Whatever they do, they do it with their might, And they try to do this exactly right. Courtesy of the Key Club. llzflilgnrughthiggrzfgmll.f.JsrrQtLu:, J, Kemmtz, C. Mueller, B, Gabrielsen, president, Miss Huxhold, ROW 2: R. Muller, J. Ebert, J. Thiele, J. feterson, N, VanderHorst, G. Pomrenke. ROW 3: B. Sorensen, P. Mandis, J. Berg, J. Kuhlmey, J. Wagemann, J. Weydemann, l. Buerger,. P. Albano not pictured. -1-1 Paper C7 2 J , he M ' ik s . ' l l Left to right: ROW I: A. Tontius, B. Ardaugh, M. Gerhauser, A. Weith, M. Hardt, D. Koepp, J. Ebert, N. VanderHorst, J. Benson L. Heuser, R. Muller, G. Pomrenke, E. Rehtuss, Rev. Thies. ROW 2: P. Mohrhordt, B. Steinbach, B. Thompson, A. Hasselman K. Topf, L. Auler, C. Rhode, S. Koetke, V. Kubik, J. Travis, G. Maier J. Thiele, J. Swanson, J. Peterson. ROW 3: L. Leeney, K. Rieder, C. Hardt, A. Giesler, N. Berreitter A. Knudsen, L. Buerger, B. Bohn, C. Ahrndt, C. Koepp, J. Bingham, H. Bruckner, J. Harders, E. Konecnik, J. Kemnitz, J. Pergande J. Green. ROW 4: D. Danzer, L. Fick, C. Mueller, L. Hillger, J. Lenz, B Sorensen, C. Oesterreich, B. Gabrielsen, N. Johnson, J. LeMay, M hotter, ti. Linke, A. Husberg, J. Long, C. Clesen. ROW 5: E. Gavert, J. Lausch, S. Fick, G. Totman, M. Andresen, N Lacklond, J. Wagemann, G. Andrus, B. Gabrielson, J. Seefeldt, J. Berg, L. Meyer, J. Rice, J. Gordon, J. Vandlik. ROW 6: Y. Albrecht, B. Kapchinski, B. Babiar, K. Breinig, H Hackemer, D. Maxwell, B. Dehlin, R. Geweke, president, D. Behling, H. Hoeter, A. Feddersen, B. Jourgensen, J. Rosene, H Jarosch, J. Kuhlmey. Left to right: Seated: G. Pomrenke, J. Doumont, S. Swearingen P. Householder, K. Fischer, E. Miller, E. Rehtuss, K. Johnson, K Kempt. ROW la R. Zimmerman, J. Eichstaedt, A. Weith, D. Hilstrom, K Tapt, D. Fohlmeister, N. Berreitter, K. Grandt, Mr. Matthews, L Fick, C. Clesen, J. Hauser, D. Bernau, J. Travis, I. Otto, A. Tantius A. Barlow. ROW 2: N. VanderHorst, J. Harders, B. Gubrielsen, J. Schwerman C. Schroth, K. Martins, J. Kemnitz, M. Nordbrock, B. Thompson L. Sotiler, M. Rotter, J. Maegdlin, A. Stiebe, E. Konecnik, K. Rieder N. Zarnt, K. Swenson, M. Schultz, J. Ebert, J. Thiele. ROW 3: B. Schassburger, D. Seraski, R. Hirschmann, H. Hockemer, P. Gulbrandsen, W. Wiberg, K. Hewelt, B. Koenig, M. Householder president, D. Williams, D. Streich, L. Klemm, F. Mueller, H. Niemuth T. Krenek, B. Neubeck, A. Hemler, T. Tobias, B. Helmkamp, B. Nehls D. Kropke, K. Hartkopt, B. Nystul, B. Miller, C. Bruns, D. Bales l. Hoffman. ROW 4: J. Seefeldt, L. Stockinger, J. Bingham, R. Bank, L. Voigt L. Meyer, J. Berg, Y. Albrecht, B. Kapchinski, J. Krauss, H. Jarosch J. Kuhlmey, J. Wagemann, J, Rice, S. Fick, C. Pethes, C. Mueller B. Snrr-nsew. I RELIGION ACTIVITIES CLUB Back in action again this year ls the R.A.C., one of the most important clubs here. Among their many projects is Youth Retreat Day, About this many fine things we say. Sponsoring lectures and movies so all can hear Of priceless Christian good will and cheer. Courtesy of St. Lucas Cemetery. DRAMA CLUB Plays and props and little skits, ls the drama club in little bits, At meetings the stage is roundly discussed, And to future actors this is a must. If you like the big theater in proper reductions, Be sure to see A.C.M. productions. SLOVAK SOCIETY Left to riqlit' ROW 2: Rev. Mohrhcirdt, B. Heihold, S. Bobiar, J. Lichner, Mr. Derer. Lclt to viqht: ROW I: E. Petrusek, J. Durkovic, B Bobior, J. Soval, G. Mujer. 'tBuenos Dios, Senor," X't'h:1t ore these clubs for? To teoch customs of other countries, we ore told, And hc'p its members these longuoges to unfold. LATIN SOCIETY Left to right: ROW 3: R. Krouch, C. Bauer, K. Geier, H. Mowery, A. Hemler, A. Hill, J. Wotson, D. Maxwell, R. Geweke, T. Esbrook, B. Fick, G. Mehl, M. Buxlin, H. Hoeler, P. Bocon, R, Morovick, H. Kessell, D. Streich, B. Jacey, C. Alm, C. Schmidt. Lett to right: ROW 2: K. Martens, J. Blonken, K. Conrad, K, Grondt, E. Gavert, J. Vandlik, J Wagemann, J. Kuhlmey, S. Schiemann, J. Durkovic, S. Briggs, K. Breinig, B. Babior, B, Gobrie.son, M. Andresen, J. LeMoy, B. Linke, K. Montgomery, P. Wekenborg, S. Holecek, N. Zarndt, M. Mohrhordt, Rev. Mohrhardt. Leti' to right: ROW l: S. Bergmann, D. Lerner, M. Adam, B. Thomson, N. Berreitter, J. Kemnitz J. Boyd, J. Thorson, C. Hordt, A. Monske, G. Moier, M. Pretzel, M. Jensen, M. Mulder. Left to right: Seated: B. Steinbach, A. Paschlce R. Michoelson, D. Hilstrom, J. Leeney, P. Mohrhordt. g . it T -1- SPANISH SOCIETY ROW 3: E. Konecnik, D. Schultz, D. Richter, T Koronda, T. Howe, B. Westerberg, D. Fleischer M. Householder, P Gulbrowdsen, W. Larson B. Haines. Left to right: ROW 2: J. Kinniburgh, B. Herhold J. Lousch, H. Uniewske, P. Pustorino, J. Rice Y Albrecht, C. Bruns, A. Lussky. Left to right' ROW I: M. Schlutz, J. Maisel, B Steinbach, L. Auler, C. Oes'erreich, T. Peterson J. Eichstaedt, V. Clark, Rev. Molirhordt. PQIQI' fi I- x 3 . if Q 2. ...N R 3 M...-M , lt-fi to right: ROW 2: J. Horders, D. Donzer, Lois Heuser, B. Bohn, J. Vundlik, J. Schmidt, B Gulbrundscn, C. Woessnei, A. Fedderson, D. Kempf, T. Cousins, B. Horvct, T. Waech l R. Hess, B. Heimkqmp, K. Hartkopf. I lm-ft to siqht: ROW l: P. Garrett, A. Husberq, R. Hirschman, J. Long, Mr. Tornowski, A. Gin-s'vi, J. Benson, M. Gerhouser, Flasks, test tubes, and bunsen burnersg Are things of use to this club's learners. The above mentioned are involved in work they do. And it can be most interesting to me and you. If on a table you should find microscopes and slides, Then you know here is where the Biology Club 'bides. One useful performance they enioy is dissecting, But the marvels of life is what they're inspecting. ,5,e. .- 32 K X1 x asgizffixikfesf l 2 Courtesy of Senior Science Club .. A .,..... M...,,ws,,. , W... ...,..............,......a , 'X a -fx -. xxx! JW -v, A Q-ug vb- Q4 aw 41--" 2 CN E' .L...Jili1'. CAMERA CLUB Left to right: ROW 2: Mr. Dorn, B. l.'.ilier, W. Garthwait, F. Kirchner, T. Hartl, A. Lehning, Mr. Hartmann. Left to right: ROW l: Mr. Betiermann, S. Wallace, E. Dasler, R. Hirschmann, D. Seroski, l. Baldewein, R. Sass. On the subiect of cameras and what must be known About them, at meetings the members are shown. If you are interested in the field of photography, Then o member of this club you should certainly be. Lett to right: ROW 3: P. Bacon, 8. Nystol, M. Householder, G. Mehl, G. Menninger, R. Helmkamp, H. Hoefer, R. Martin. Left to right: ROW 2: T. Peterson, J. Schmidt, B. Jacey, B. Westerberg, K. Hartkopf, A. Feddersen, R. Hirschmann. Left to right: ROW l: Mr. Fischer, R. Troble, Chuck Ditz, lpresidentl S. Babiar, H. Schwartz. Lett to right: Seated: C. Bruns, J. Hoffman. CHESS Playing chess did you say? Well, let me tell you that you may. You won't hear these players attempt to boast, CLUB But enioy playing chess to the uttermost. Page 66 Everyone who receives a letter for a sport ls in this club, and to an initiation must resort. A bunch ot guys with fun as their aim, The Letterman's Club is their name. LETTERMANS M CLUB ri Lett to right: ROW 3: M. Bauer W. Arndt, B. Westerberg, D Maina, D. Tetze, G. Menninger B. Staiger, F. Acker, Cliff Diehl W. Baumann, H. Hoefer, J. White D. Richter, N. Bark, Mr. Everly. Left to right: ROW 2: J. Geheb, N. Roder, A. Nemeth, P. Gul brandsen, R. Hupke, J. Sievert, B, Jourgensen, P. Pustorino, F Grosch, R. Gahl, B. Koenig, B fr Jacey, Mr. Blecks. Left to right: ROW l: K. Hurlkopf, D. Werner, M. Ischinger, K. Asmus, C. Alm, C. Schmidt, D. Fritz, A Nelson, W. Gangler, D. Bahn, K. Grosch, G. Colletti, f J BOWLING CLUB Left to right: ROW 5: P. Bacon E, Schmidt, R. Moravick, T. Hartl J. Geheb, T. Howe, F. Reichelt N. Manske, G. Malchow, D. Peters B, McCanna, C. Linder, L. Klemm H. Betcher, H. Hoeter. Left to right: ROW 4: E. Clemen- son, B. Revere, F. Woerner, J Watson, P. Koebel, B. Bechtold B. Ehrenberg, R. Berg, M. Schuma der, P. Gulbrandsen, D. Gartner W. Perlick, W. Vehrs, K. Hewelt N. Kressman, K. Asmus. Lett to right: ROW 3: R. Stark L. Smerlinq, D. Werner, D. Cam pana, N. Schreiner, R. Bonow, D Dattalo, K. Wertz, R. Meyer, R Bonow, W. Gangfer, A. Nelson A, Benson, J, Janos. left to right: ROW 2: A. Greinke K. Grandi, C. Oesterreich, J Lausch, C. Clesen, L. Fick, K Conrad, B. Kerwith. R. Ebel, K Wildkatsch, K. Henschel, N. Horks J. Hanert, G. Gaieske, N. Koeppe Mr. Kreidt. loft to right: ROW l: Mr. Yursky C. Wolff, J. Vrabel, N. Berreitter, K. Klein, N. Zarnt, L. Ryden, R Kukis, A. Lussky, J. Kinniburgh K. Martins, D. Jacobsen, J. Boehm C. Prueter, R. Pflieger, There's a game l'm sure you'll find is fun, One which is enioyed by everyone. They try very hard to knock down pins, Courtesy of Blcnchek Super Mm, Mon, Add these up, and the best team wins. Page 67 MODELEERS CLUB Left to right: ROW 3: P. Pustorino, l Klemm, H. Geier, R, Mehl, J. Eggers, M Buxtin, L. Fell, B. Lackland, B. Blashke Left to right: ROW 2: Mr. Sthleusener H. Schwartz, M. Bruns, G. Grosch, R Carlsen, A. Treptow, R. Hess, B. Jourgen sen, B. Kruser, B. Groskopf, R. Zobctt Mr. Blecke. Left to fight: Row 1: G. Coueni, G Guus, P. Mohrhcrdt, W. Pautsch, C Wolff. CRAFT CLUB Left to right: ROW 3: K. Kelsey, B Krcbbe, J. Watson, K. Pethes, K. Thoss D. Hewelt, N, Johnson, N. Montelbuno S. Schuettpelz, L. Fick, R. Haas. Left to right: ROW 2: K. Klein, C. Ahrndt B. Stermer, S, Watson, R. Krause, C Swanson, B. Edler, J. Hauser. Left to right: ROW I: A. Weith, E. Meyer S. Halper, Mrs. Nyvall, K. Topf, A Foerstel, S. Semrow. ll.lQl' 68 Go - Cats - Go A familiar chant, not too slow. We cheer our team to victory, We like to yell, can't you see? Programs, ushers, assemblies and such, All our iob, we work so much. In our white blouses we look very neat. When cheering for L.H.N., we can't be beat! Have you ever had a Hall Guard's task- With suspicion for a hall pass ask? Be glad we have these kids on the beam. They keep our halls so clear and clean. Left to right: ROW 4: B. Schumacher, C. Born, A. Feddersen, B. Bechtold, R. Hess, D. Kempf, G. Mehl, B. Westerberg, B. Neubeck, R. Geweke, L. Fell, D. Behling, K. Ruhnke. Leli to right: ROW 3: J. Mattsey, E. Thundberg, C. Woessner, P. Garrett, P. Mandix, C. McCandles, J. Rice, H. Uniewske, A. Ballert, R. Reuch, W. Springston, T. Peterson. Left to right: ROW 2: G. Maier, V. Kubik, J. Wehofer, P. Cubak, L. Nehls, J. Long, J. Wehofer, J. Ebert, M. Pruser, M. Gaber, N. Lehne. Lett lo right: ROW l: S. Wallace, F. Chask, S. Lund, D. Lerner, C. Hardt, L. Hillger, J. Doumonl. ,mgarfuu L These library assistants, bleacher boys, and kitchen crew, Work so hard around Luther, for me and for you. KITCHEN CREW Lett to right: ROVV 2: K. Wertz, G. Mehl J. Engebretson, T. Hartl, Mrs. Halvorsen Miss Locht, Mrs. Oehimann, Miss Web stev, Mrs. Kolial. Lett to right: ROW I: M. Householder, D. Werner, J. Boehm, J, Petersons, P Albano. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Lett to right: ROW 2: J, Burmeister, L. Krist, A. Tantius, K. Johnson, R. Zimmer- mann, J. Boehm, J, Trute, D. Fohlmeister, E. Gavert, J. Bingham, B. Kapchinski, H. Jarosch, W. Zirzow, B. Peterson, J. Seefeldt, L. Sattler, J. Watson, A, Hus berg, M. Rotter. Left to right: ROW I. Mr. Hartmann, G. Pomrenke, B. Thompson, L. Siebel, N. Berreitter, C. Clesen, S. Burk, K. Rieder, S, Watson, S, Holecek, M. Pretzel. -.-1 Y I Li ' Tri.-xrf.1s.., Z- in . I I he ggflsgi, , 5: if -. QM32?kx.. ft BLEACHER BOYS Left to right: Pushing bleacher, W. Springston, ROW 3: D. Urban, G. Bahn- sen, D. Krupke. Left to right: ROW 2: T. Koranda, W. Mundinger, D. Faber. Left to right: ROW I: F. Bcuron, E. Schmidt. Pngi' TIT :ll-.1-.1 .iilfelfn Di' 1 1 ,.."-jf .. 01,- I Q , . . ,. T - - fc? . . J. r T S Tit 'A-fn. iq: X 'ffl 1 V 1- , --3.11 "b -.fy ' 1 .' r T.. ,K' '.1.:,lL,l:I. fl! ll K ,f - . 1. I C. -.14,1'-',,-5j,41" I . 9 r.,'f' . '- f iff'-" L'..:fi'i" L N , 3 N5ggg,,,- Mfafpit ,, ., - .-'Jg X of f . , , ...MQ xx I X.. . .,:'-TM I :Q 5:1 NLP, A L? - If . ,L h--:nz sz.: f.: si L I f '.f . 5 f ' 1 1 l -Q. , ,--..,-Lax, 1-D , Q, I 5 j , Q 4 qbyfvt ti.. L: nl' , IQ? .Q-Z-5, ilk... I. l I . -11" J'.1,' V 1 A x . . fi., 'bt x D ' - .tiff V 4:-TN ' M . f iff if J' T, 'I J's'l-L.fs',' X x'!', '7' T' " -.1 4 ' '-,J 2' Q -C ' ' N an ' -4 gf! -.i :V 1 -' . 4. - ,L Xs,'x-,, K 'IgA 1 , f T yi:-I , tr - ,Ty sw - I ,J rf "' ' Sf f-:I 4' Ve 1 5 ' Q , ' ,gf '72 s ix NRA-.-'., pb I -rib 'T' ' : C Ci- ' ' -T I , f . " ff' 'TsujR?i4'..,"',9', yi fix" 1 'L' ,v!U54g5'e,- 7 r .fx-'F .-If -N-S-'il WJ' K"f--'51 '-9' "'5L-Pllwfifx: 'L'--4Z-'rF-f.- 5 ' 1,:l'ffqf' ' Q wfgcx yf I - 53 -x":s'S'x4 ' TU. 'yisffrf . :Q-N41 .gm-' 14:35 T '.'-'na ':- "'.' -"- .' UN f,4r'3ff . T T szfe-11'f:T4ff:fff .sr-was 5. f4,2:" ?3'7'T ki' f?'f.f'af. 1-sf' 1 f '- E rr: we - I' s ' H-t'xBP4"'x 'f'17Q.' ' ' N Lx'::yNlNMxa 25.1-.f312ga'?5,' I "inf-3 - , 4. "',f:,"1.'.?f"'E T '-2: w:!!S,C. K- , , QI' if .-f.a:':g . . 1- --Q ' . ,T .T , , " i .VQQ 'K' VWQQ' ,six-xx., xA :v J -, , .1 -I I. . Q Tr-Eg. 'xxgffcl . 'HJ L sv! .391 - . V 'fig 50:9 'fs' lil: . ls' I rf-ff, iq ' - 1 ' - tx '.-arf ,pq -' , g..M.- C- 5.5, ,'Je',1 :yur -Q,-2 xeX,xQF.xEMJ if K' ', .", '4'- 1 Y ' 111K x... K mx-5'-'H . , 'ci-an -- - 1 ,'g,,'-,cf,1-'yf i ' v , 5g'f,.Jj:l4: lg,-lug 4 ,,-q 239- FT, :J It 'vilfgh 'W- XS' f""f"2? 1' ".7- f 'V' L5""'!I'a' 30" a ...Y 'f ."' , V1 " . A 'V ' '-'l y.,q. .L R iyvpxt-d,.,,.-A-.-,T -- 151 Q .r . .frfrj . ,w r 4 Q 1 'K-.5 gnnoflfxlril- ' sgwvpgx ' " Y!!-, 41--f.'q c', -- Q. IM7. 4 T' dim. 35 9.1 'figl J- "1'-,.- 101' ' P' lg- .AI E fgflwkfi N 5? uf-WL-N 'hs L.-7f3'f-f-"19"w .T'Cff,g: W' x- 3' ."N'-..- W N--"3S",2j"1-..4 WF" N: 1 XJ: 4,1 - w-rilivof f 'Q ' x ' I . 4 .0 0" ,.:.,, 47-1-5, ,h 7 TOGETHER Wm., GOD SPORTS 1. Left to right: ROW 3: Mr. Yursky, Mr. Schluesener, R. Hupke, M. Buxtin, D. Hagen, G. Menninger, G. Mehl, D. Fleischer, M. Bauer, J. Eliasik, R. Maina, K. Holtorff, H. Mowery, J. White, A. Nemeth, Mr. Blecke. Left to right: ROW 2: B. Fick, Manager, D. Werner, P. Gulbrandsen, N. Roder, D. Richter, D. Schu- macher, C. Adkins, J. Heidlauf, G. Linder, T. Leno, J. Berg, J. Geheb, R. Malm, H. Hoeter, G. Janac. Left to right: ROW 1: G. Colletti, J. Swanson, A. Nelson, P. Pustorino, F. Grosch, J. Sievert, P. Bacon, R. Goerke, D. Fritz, M. lschinger, P. Mohrhardt, K. Grosch, Manager. VARSITY FOOTBALL . .Q . o Y, Our "Wildcat" Varsity closed the season with a record of two wins, two losses, and two ties, placing fourth in the conference. Coaching the team again this year was Mr. George Yursky, assisted by Mr. Roland Schluesener. The first game of the season was against Milwaukee Lutheran at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This was not a league game, but the two teams play yearly for a traveling trophy, the "Boot." The Wildcats won the game, 19-12, to the cheers of some 200 L.H.N. rooters, who had come on buses to see the game. For the first time in the history of Luther North, our team brought the coveted boot back to Luther! Other exciting games were against Luther South, the annual Dad's Day celebration, and the Homecoming game. The team scored 103 points to their opponents' 71 and gained 1,334 yards. They completed 66 first downs to their opponents' 47. The Co-Captains this year were Dave Werner and Perry Gulbrandsen. Dave Werner was honored by the team at a football pep assembly at the end of the season, receiving the most valuable player award. He scored the most number - of points, 43, and was the leading man in rushing, with 405 , 4' yards. Perry Gulbrandsen had the best rushing average A with 5.3 yards per try. Quarterback Al Nemeth completed 5 out of 13 passes for 82 yards, and Jim Sievert completed , kd gl 7' , N. -3,-., H. . R 4 .-0 '-7-"'4': L I g 145114 Uqs 5- .3 " a s, .3- "-Z rv. K Q . Q 'Sf A .. . A: ,,s,,4g.-2. .- Page Courtesy ot Ability Die and Mold Co. 4 out of 11 passes for 70 yards. Don Richter and Dave Werner had the honor of being elected to the P.S.L. All Star Team, and Jack White and Perry Gulbrandsen made the second string. Captain of next years team is Pete Pustorino. Thanks go to all of the members of the Varsity "Wild- cats" for the hours of practice they put in after school to better the team and for the fine showing they gave for our school at the games. fs.,- .. , -. . '- - i .-'T ,, , f as ws ..., k M, G- ..k, N .f s : . if I' f J Q X V' z ' N f' If f X 'zip :SV X twig, I h i f r' - X 1 .Z fl k K if gs, K .V ijirkwik. ' 1 X w www' ' X 1 - x, K R, t , . N 'Ski X P x Q W Ni if Q N X QR 1 W Q X N S N , 1 5 1 Courlesy of Mr. BIecke's Senior Homeroom 217 NX F,-'ppl MU' W5 ' ,J x,- W ,,,, - E--W Sq f ..g,,r.'u, f - ,J QC f'ei'rA f' f 4 L ' M. X 3 Y? , if 5 . v Wx 'W N1 mf A V ., 'V , f vqwwm M-f 4' f., f ' .4-1 W. , MAA A A ,F . ' Aywlsgfvi' . fwmmmmmv .fx M -4 I fy, f ' 4' 125352 I X Courtesy of Homecoming--1957 THE RCYAL COURT Rsx .- WL fx Lxfx fsi. M Q .. "H f A X ,S gg" .3 'X - A .J mm 3 M AXXQQQN, ' Q X, X, X Eifgm' E6 3. W, ww X by ff' X5 xxfi X54 R mfs gt Q X 'wx xi 5 ,f x Vmtx ,ML 'I xck f- -Li iq" Q ww X ,f SUE Courtesy of Mu. und Mrs. E. Auler and Skin ff LA VERNE ANDREA ,.- X Plwl IJ Lett to right: ROW 3: Coach Blecke, G. Cook, M. Kolar, R. Oberdas, D. Sellke, W. Mase, B. Rietschel, T. Doering, R. Berg, H. Fritz, L. Smith, J. Kaub, R. Grosch, Manager, Coach Berning. left to right: ROW 2: J. Hansen, Man- ager, B. Runge, D. Schiewe, R. Puetz, B. Kestler, B. Marker, J. Wiedemann, H. Geier, D. Gieseke, K. Geier, R. Freres, E. Wendel. Lett to right: ROW l: E. McKee, W. Meyer, G. Trausch, J. Schwerman, L. Thornton, J. Dau, D. Calhoun, B. Revere, D. linder, B. Herhold. FROSH - SOPH FOOTBALL This year, for the second consecutive time, the Frosh-Soph Wildkits remained undefeated. They had five victories, no defeats, and no ties. Despite the fact that they were handicapped by many iniuries, they came through the season with this fine record. The Wildkits were coached by Mr. Arthur Blecke, assisted by Mr. Robert Berning. The team scored 126 points to their opponents' 31. The other teams gained 580 yards, while the Wildkits gained l,488. The Co-Captains of the team were Jim Kaub and Dick Schiewe. Jim Kaub was chosen the most improved player. .S-1... Left to right: ROW 3: J. Heidlauf, D. Fleischer, H. Linenberger, B. Fick, D. Hagen, Mr. Blecke. Lett to right: ROW 2: J. Dau, T. Esbrook, M. Kolar, D. Schumacher. Lett to right: ROW I: W. Splitgerber, E. Wendel, R. Puetz. Left to right: ROW 2: Mr. Domroese, B. FROSH - SOPH BASKETBALL Headed by coach Arthur Blecke, the Frosh-Soph basketball team ended their season with a league record of nine wins and three losses. Dave Hagen, a sophomore, was captain of the team. The "Wildkits" came through in their usual manner to do a good iob this year. Outstanding among the players were sophomores Dave Hagen, Jerry Heidlauf, Dave Fleischer, Bill Fick, Dale Schumacher, Herbie l.innen- berger, Ed Wendel and freshman Jim Dau. Freres, G. Donner, D. Selke, B. Runge, Muller, B. Anderson, ROW l: L, Thornton, D. Winske, J. Varga, J. Gahl, A. Hagen. gl- 77 tn. s 'rrvvlgy 1 t t I, I --gg . ' .Mt-m-.qgvrprgp Lett to right: ROW 2: S. Koetke, J. Lenz, J. Kuhlmey, Y. Albrecht, B. l.inkc. left to right: ROW l: l. Auler, J. Kemnitz, A, Krausmon. 2' i l 5 l 1 . ww, .- ,r .N . . '2"l' .rl!"!l 57119 'df CHEERS TO THE CHEERLEADERS Congratulations to the cheerleading squads of this year for the terrific iob they have done in promoting school spirit. Thanks also to Miss Brower for all of the work she does as cheer- leading coach. The seven varsity cheerleaders were ably cap- tained by Sue Koetke, a senior, who has been cheering for four years. The two other senior members of the squad were LaVerne Auler, serv- ing her third year as a cheerleader, and Andee Krausman, cheering for her second year. Having moved up from the frosh-soph squad last year are iuniors Judy Lenz, who has been cheering for three years, June Kuhlmey, and Judy Kem- nitz, both cheering for their second year. Serving for the first time as cheerleaders were juniors Bev Linke and Yolanne Albrecht, substitute. The group of girls not only cheered at all varsity football and basketball games, but also worked on the proceedings for Dads Day, on the festivities for Homecoming, and planned pep assemblies. The six members of the trosh-soph squad were Joan Schwerman, captain, Mary Mohrhardt, Mary Adam, Karen Hamilton, Barbara Zweitel, Mary Jensen, and substitute Judy Burmeister. They became known for their enthusiasm and pep in Courtesy ot lnset: M. Jensen Senior Homerooms 207 and 205. supporting the frosh-soph teams. We can be proud of both our squads because of their striking appearance---the varsity in navy blue sweaters and white pleated skirts, and the frosh-soph in white sweaters and blue and gold pleated skirts-and because of their un- usual acrobatic cheers which supported our teams. Lett to right: ROW 2: J. Schwerman, M. Mohrhardt, M. Adam. K. Hamilton. Lett to right: ROW l: J. Burmeister, B. Zweitel. ,fa J! ? ' f if 4 F! I x Ev! X' ,f J yy XJ, C tyfThB rye l 17 ,, K wt W " Y sk' " + X ,,3 x Yu UM Page- 811 fs wiv? 'X rf N1-2 X Courtesy of Mr. Kreidl's Senior Homeroom H0 Q3 E4 'Nm 2 I ' " sv , 3, . Left to right, ROW 2: Mr. Dinkmeyer, N. Bark, R. Filip, H, Meinkow, J. Schmidt, R Wegehaupt, D. Bahn, D. Streich, manager. W l: H. Mowery, D. Heidorn, B. Goodger, W. Arndt, J. Sievert, J. White. Congratulations to the Luther North Varsity Basketball team for the fighting spirit and team work they showed this year. We can be proud of the Wildcats for the fine iob they did repre- senting our school on the basketball court. Coach- ed by Mr. Dinkmeyer and his assistant, Mr. Domroese, the team, after losing their first seven games, came back with typical L.H.N. spirit to break a school record by scoring the most points by a Luther basketball team, 93, against Elgin. One of the biggest thrills of the season was playing at the University of Chicago in the P.S.L. Tournament playoffs. In order to get to the university, the Wildcats beat Wheaton and Northshore. They lost the first game of the semi- finals to Harvard, the eventual champions. Amid the cheers of some IOO L.H.N. rooters, the "Cats" rallied in the final period of this game, out- scoring Harvard ll to 3, but lost the game by the close score of 47 to 49. In the last game of Luther's basketball season the Wildcats turned in a victorious score of 64 to 59, beating Luther South. lt was the third time Luther North had beaten South this year, and the victory also gave the Wildcats third place in the P.S.L. Tournament. As for individual honors, Warren Arndt took most of them. He was named captain of the team and Most Valuable Player at an award assembly. Warren broke the school individual scoring record with 30 points against Elgin. Although he missed the first four games because of iniury, he was high scorer of the team with 296 points, an average of 14 points per game. He also led in rebounds with 238. Bill Goodger was second in rebounds with 225. Bill led in free throws, getting 60 points from the line. Jim Sievert was second in scoring with 275 points. Jim was the best in free throw percentages, making 7470 of his attempts. He also led in assists with 83. Jack White was third in total points, 252, and had 83 assists. Denny Heidorn helped the cause with his 125 points. The team ended the season with a record of I5 wins and IO losses. trophy. Warren accepts 3rd place P.S.L. Courtesy of Mr. Yursky's Senior Homeroom 23 Page 81 Left to right, ROW 3: Mr. Menking, Mr. Yursky, P. Bacon, B. Carlson, P. Koebel, B Malm, B. Fick, W. Baumann, J. Schmit, J. Dau, K. Geier, Mr. Blecke. ROW 2: C. Schmidt, J. Sievert, B. Kestler, D. Bohn, C. Alm, A. Nelson, K. Asmus. ROW l: R. Wegehaupt, A. Larson, manager, T. Peterson, manager, R. Wenzel, manager W. Gangler. BASEBALL In the spring of the year baseball bats, gloves, and spikes can be seen around L.H.N. The eighteen members who used these articles this year were coached by our principal, Mr. Menking, and assisted by Mr. Blecke and Mr. Yursky. Returning from last years team are Andy Nelson, Wes Baumann, Karl Asmus, Wayne Gangler, Del Bahn, Chuck Schmidt, Bill Fick, Chuck Alm, and Bob Malm. The season opened with a game against North Park Academy, and from then on the team had a heavy schedule of seventeen games. The team proved themselves quite capable on the baseball diamond and met their opponents with plenty of school spirit. Page 82 Courtesy of Mrs. Storbeck's Senior Homeroom 213 , -1519, wif F" , . V ll yk Ht' x . x Q, M f W K W' Y we X g i w I 'if X f 1' , V.. ,. .Q , .A if 4 4 ' ' . k ' A ,Q XX M " ,g P3 Q Quwumf S NEA , 5 f fwfff fjlfxf J,' I I' I' 'z Y . . ,fc f A ' f ffnrfi I 27,1 ,. 5 AA M v , A T 1' ' 'Q wx' - H 1 L ' J ' ' J x x g - V , , x .5 51, R 1' M , W ,Nw N f 5 "5" if gg? FQ If C ty fsd MTh p Page83 igc 81 TRACK The track team this year consisted of thirty-four boys who were coached by Mr. Everly. Their season opened with a meet against Elgin Academy and ended in the P.S.L. Tournament. The team proved themselves great "Cindermen" this year by meeting their opponents with good com- petition and Christian sportsmanship. "'5"3?'Ti'XiW't'Z ' A f Lett ta right, ROW 3: Mr. Everly W. Fabry, D. Richter, R. Geweke D. Fleischer, G. Mehl, G. Men ninger, D. Hagen, C. Diehl, J White. ROW 2: D. Brainard, P. Pusterinc B. Jourgensen, H. Mowery, C Bimbo, H. Geier, D. Fritz, B Gulbrandsen. ROW 1: B. Walther, E. Walmsley R Mohrhardt. lelt to right, ROW 3: D, Gieslre, D. Tetze, W. Mase, R. Johnson, L. Behrens, Mr. Everly. ROW 2: D. Walsch, manager, D. Winski, J. Stocker, L, Thornton, J, Gahl, S. Auler, manager. ROW l: C. Ekx, J. Stetenfeld, M. Bugicl, G. Geweke, N. Behrens. Courtesy at Carl Hardt C 8. H Electric Company 9 fa TENNIS The tennis team of L.H.N. went into action again this spring under the direction of Mr. Duensing. The team consisted of five boys who played in both single and double matches. We certainly can be proud of these fellows who gave much of their time so that they could defend Luther's name in tennis competition. SWIMMING The swimming team this year, coached by Mr. Hass, placed third in the P.S.L. Swim Meet. Many individual honors were taken by Bruce Koenig, Ray Gavrilovich, Ted Doering, Al Nemeth, and Ernie Doering. Although the "Poolcats" were somewhat new here at L.H.N., because of the experience gained in the past two years, they are looking forward to a bright future. Left to right, ROW 2: A. Nemeth, F. Limmel, F. Acker, Mr. Hass. ROW I: P. Wettermann, R, Gavrilovich, B. Koenig. ef 2' 1 x 5"-Q., QL Left to right, ROW 2: R. Rauch, manager, A. Nemeth, F. Acker, Mr. Duensing. ROW I: K. Hartkopf, N. Bark, D. Streich. GOLF This is the third year the golf team has been in existence, and it is again under the direction of Mr. Dinkmeyer. Although the team is small, they had the qualifications of a good golf team. We wish them much success in the future. Left to right: R. Filip, Mr. Dinkmeyer, D. Schumacher. Kneeling: B. Jacey. Pug 5612A ,Mfg aff fro 'fyf WMS? , 5, 174 vf. .. C0lY6fi'!37lllr07!0W M067 vnzumffzc' Foafwzz PZAYEAZ 4 M, 70 KM 'ifvfpg ,, ,. 'I ' Q2 , A mf Wfwy y4ffffff::!iZ,f,??'i'?ff""'7ff' 0 UWC' Sffyfyfpa Hmfwffgbgff 57005,-V - 6: r" W' , - 1 fc 'wc NYU L g X5iQQ3Q" jj 111, 5 2 S 3 5 sw M ,rw 3 s . in NJ 552292, Qi! 'Ve 852 R Ev ' X is X ' ' AE wiv 77:95 QV 1 14115 124W E72 755' X127 Y JYW4 C "Z Z- 56475 ,if igffkfi 1f'ff'0Y fwifzfisw Y x L 4 ix vw ,dwfmpz PM YJ' .Qfww f7,:, y fyywc fffa-wif 50,149 cIP6lf'7' gf yimfa QEAENAEJ F' f 64! 771V 6 . wmv F.ff.fiP5s"rff '7WE'!.5"5 Z!fV'f'5 '.f 0 k ,ywr 425 zvffa' P156 J Q 'BWS7 AlV.5'7E!8V 6.06575 X x 8 was M A 12756517 JUA'7VfAf"-- OWEN UF f!EL4!37,5' L 1780 sw- saffff' wvzgnffffxff 4 101157 Y Buzz 521 ss fafvg : , . i Ji 619111016 f?a'c'0a IC 770m 0Ay fi?66f5'7EA7f0fV f'Af7'f? 43' J f NV fff'fv'?!sfi V AWARD 45'S'.6-W?B! Y 140.97 V41 4143.467 4,01 27540 2714 Yff? -- -' , wfmaw S n P 3740 57' V141 474 gf F 515,65 'ffffff'.f 6zcf.c35WNzifc'E8iS' NV -43?'770lV 'A R 93 5 L Sllff . VOTED c'W4f'AfH A 634 06? P' ffgkf c'oA4i'5 V fflfn 8169105 1 3 IV F193 Hf0fV SHOW 1970051 6402-72 0Pe'faA 'fwfv BUMM V 0147 I' P1766 Enggfr 7926 .s'f0f,c 0 w'fE fwfrfg 618:-1415 FA 57" MA Y I C'1fzfc'f'C 70016 C 04 7' 2 RN x I fail.. 704767 HYG 727 M051 6 1 A 'fMf5',f9y 444101416 S, 104 VF ew sffow 01 VEB 5' V 66 5'A'Aff0,Qg' 7'WfVf?9 wxiffkfafafmf Wffw' 'Jawa ff - APR ' '? 1 ir, 9' JPZIMEWIEEZ W T116 M266 X .sr4r.evPoa,p,g,f OMF 01- riff! S!6ff75 45'ZAl!07? F1141 mfs ,444 47 awe FIASMMANM V !'7!c3Ar'f6' P155 'Uh fi 013074 , ave F1605 11 - JW!! Qlfffy rm L 1414170 XM ,UUE 19xJ1'J454.. . 16 S 'ZATQCIK5 P466f0Y ,mov A410 Mo y wsfr 572 10015 zffvcow 's xfamfj 5l06ffV6F!flD no Q-1 4? fb Mlm if 1 if iff- E aiu 1 ,,f,fN Vis i -v f :N A n, XM tw vffk-4. kjfafw 5. Q f - , 1: x. A. X, Q. xvgu Q' M - f A if Q 'fir ll frm S X -'Q my 5 5, ,K ,W fffifwgs N QS 1-"Mb S W Mk :JMR W W I Kit Avii .J I B ' DIFTS' 007 7!!A-' W IIVOUW 75? Eff Swf T60 H S1 Z. wc rw? y P4 'PW T0 76-VW P0117 6 F '21-W, 7115 mv 752 of 4fw4c7x0fv ffdppy. Wdzzowfgy A A-B-B-C-D-D- and Junior Mr. and Mrs. Adam Mrs. A. Adam Chuck Adkins Carol Ahrndt Lois Ahrndt Aid Association for Lutherans- Branch 1285 Aigner's Pastry Shop Calvin Akre Corinne Akre Mrs. Joseph Albano Paula Abano Yolanne Albrecht Marge Alfstad Judie Allstrom Altho and Grace Linnea Anderson Samuel Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Andresen Marla Andresen Gretchen Andrus Nils Bark Annette Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. D. Appelgren Jose Arauio Junior Mr. and Mrs. N. Arciola Arlene and Karl Judy Arndt Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Asmus Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Arndt C. W. Arnolde Herbert Arnolde Karl Asmus Auler La Verne Auler Mr. and Mrs. Peter Auler Skip Auler B Barbara Babiar Sam Babiar Ray Babilla Roger Babilla Mr. and Mrs. Ruel Babillo Vicki Babilla Daniel Bacchiere Mr. John Bacher Wande Bacher Paul Bacon Del Bohn Arvin Ballert Mrs. J. C. Bank Mr. and Mrs. D. Bonner Diane Barczykowski Mr. and Mrs. W. Barczykowski Mr. and Mrs. E. Barkenhagen Sonia Bark Barney's Food Center Bruce Bartels Florence Bartz Carl Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bauer Marv Bauer Mr. and Mrs. A. Baumann Wes Baumann Mr. and Mrs. A. Bechtold Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Peter Becker Ruth Behnke Larry Behrens Nelson Behrens Mrs. Alice Bell Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bennett Mr. Charles Benson Mrs. Charles Benson Jim Benson Judy Benson Jeanette Berg Ronald Berg Mr. and Mrs. A. Berger Julie Berger PATRONS Sue Berger Patricia Bergeson Linda Bergt Darlene Bernau Mrs. Bernsee Janis Bernsee Mr. and Mrs. Viclor Berreitter Mr. and Mrs. Beses Helmut Betcher Mr. and Mrs. Merle Bettermann Mrs. Pearl Beuesh Jill Beutlich Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bierbaum Ronald Bierbaum Richard Bierbaum Ruth Bierbaum Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Biery Arlene Biever Mr. and Mrs. Bingham Judy Bingham Mr. and Mrs. Carson A. Biorn Mr. and Mrs. George Bischof Olga Bisgard Jeanette Blanken Arlene Blanche Bill Blashke Sue Block Bob and Nancy Bette Ann Bobeng Mr. and Mrs. J. Bobeng Gale Bohanan Miss Elaine Bohl Ken Bohl Arthur C. Bohn Arthur F. Bohn Bonnie Lee Bohn Dennis Arthur Bohn Ethel Bohn Helen Boldt June Boldt Al Bonness Borchardt Glass lnc. Charles Born George Boyd Janet Boyd Mr. and Mrs. W. Bradford Beverly Brandt Beth Ann Brauer Ruth Braun Mr. and Mrs. Brautigam Karen Breinig Mr. and Mrs. R. Browder Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Brower Miss Mildred Brower Miss Brower's Junior Homeroom ll6 Mr. and Mrs. John Bruckner Lynn Bruckner Herbert Bruening Miss Bublitz Alvin Buerger Mr. F. Buerger Mrs. F. Buerger Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bukovy Charlene Burkhart Judy Burmeister Andy Burnett Mr. and Mrs. A. Busch 8- Grover H. W. Buss Malvin Buxtin C Bill Cade Phil Cappitelll Bill Carlson Kenneth Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Carlson Carolyn and Lois Bud Carpenter Mrs. Roger Carpenter "The Chopean's" Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chaveriat Helene Chaverlat Chris and Rich Mrs. Josephine Christensen Larry Christensen Larry Christiansen Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Churchill Grace Clausen Carrie Cleaver Mr. and Mrs. Earl Clemenson larry Clemetsen Mr. and Mrs. W. Clemetsen Carolyn Clesen George Colletti Mr. and Mrs. Colletti Carol Cook Mr. Alfred Cooper "Corky" Mrs. C. Corsini Mr. C. Corsini Claudine Corsini Tom Cousins Miss Tina Criscione Frank Crolty "CUBBY" Sharon Curtin Dorothy Dahlquist Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Dakantanne Mr. and Mrs. Dallmeier Dolores Dallmeier Di Ann Danzer Jim Dau Judy Day Mrs. Clara Dean Donna, Dick and Gail Dean Earl and Laurie Dean Frank and Estelle Dean Judy, Pot and Edward Dean Marshall, Ardelle and Sharon Dean DiAnne Debs Dee Bernard Dehlin Mrs. Bernice Dehlin Henry Dehne Diane Dewberry Mr. and Mrs. L. DiCirio Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Dick Clifford Diehl Mr. and Mrs. F. Dileonardo Dimples Dimples and Shortsluft Mr. and Mrs. DiSteiano Pastor Otto Doering Ted Doering William Dolecel: Don and Carol Don and Marline "Don and Ruthy" Judy Doumont Bob Drechsel Lorraine Drechsel James Droth Mr. and Mrs. Dick Dubs Mrs. Emilia Duchai Mr. Duensing Mr. J. Walter Dueuer JoAnn Durkovic Mr. and Mrs. L. Ebel Don Ebert Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ebert Axel and Grace Edwards Charles and John Edwards Floyd Edwards Jerry Eggers Miss Elsie Ehling Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ehling Frank Ehling Bob Ehrenberg Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Ehrenberg Joan Eichstaedt Eileen and "Ginger" Eileen and Jerry Ken Eilken Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Eilken Mr. and Mrs. G. Ekstrom Nils Donald Ekstrom Mrs. C. M. Ellgass Mr. C. M. Ellgass Jackie Ellgass PFC Larry Ellgass Mr. and Mrs. George Elrombe Emil's Conoco Service John Engebretsen Mrs. J. Erickson Mr. J. Erickson Anne Ericson Pat Evenhouse F Mr. and Mrs. Harry Faber Silas Andrew Febry Walter Fabry Bernice Farrell Mr. and Mrs. George Fausse Mr. and Mrs. Martin Fasse Mrs. Ann Felcan Mr. John Felcan Sr. John J. Felcan Jr. Martin Felcan Mr. and Mrs. J. Fell Lowell Fell Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Fick "Guggie" Fick Karen Fick Lyn Fick Sandy Fick Fidelity Gear Works Clarence Finstad Hillman Fischer Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Fisher Don Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. N. Flammang Dave Fleischer Doris Fohlmeister Bruno Foerster Mr. and Mrs. Foreman Joyce Foreman Arlene Formberg Fran and Earl Frankie and Johnny Janet Franklin Mr. and Mrs. S. Franklin Ronald Freres Marie Friedl cuofiartveusd-Jvcelnsa. G Beverly Gabrielsen Barbara Gobrielson Mr. and Mrs. H. Gaede The Rev. and Mrs. Enno Gahl John Gahl Miss Gail Gaieske Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Gaieske Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gall Ron Gall Ca-role Gallik Patricia Gallik Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Gappert Karen Grandt Mr. and Mrs. E. Garcia George Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gaston George Gaus Mrs. Gavert Eileen Gavert Ray Gavrilovich John Geheb Kenneth William Geheb Theodore Geheb Mr. and Mrs. William Geheb Mr. and Mrs. William Geheb Mr. and Mrs. L. Geist Bobby Geno Sr Jr Page 97 Charlotte Gena Emil Gena Jim Gena Susan Gepperth Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gerhauser Marlen Gerhauser Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gerhauser Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gettinger Glenn Geweke Ray Geweke Mr. and Mrs. W. Geweke Miss Ruth Gielow Phil Gieseke Adolph Giesler Alice Giesler Alyce Giesler Mr. and Mrs. Don Giesler Ray Giesler Mr. and Mrs. L. Gitf Girl's Chorus Evangelynne Globe Miss Loretta Glitzenstein Mrs. Mary Gniewek Mr. Walter Gniewek Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goetz Bill Goodger Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goodger Mrs. James P. Gordon William Keller Mr. James P. Gordon Janice Gordon Donald Gosswein Don Goudie Joanne Grabowy Carol Gran Marlene Grosch Jackie Green Arlene Greinke Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Gresens Chester R. Griewahn Ken Grosch Bill Gruenes Mr. and Mrs. Gruetzmacher and Ruth Mr. and Mrs. Arne Gulbrandsen Judy Guran Mr. and Mrs. A. Gutekuns Th. ..4.. H H's Barbara Haag Clara Haag Ruth Haas Irene and Fran Habel Ann Hagen Dave Hagen Mrs. G. Hagen Mr. Tom Hagen T. Hagen Mr. and Mrs. C. Hahn Don Hahn Mrs. George Hahn Barbara Haines Bal: Jacey Miss Elaine Halama Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hall Ritva Hallen Mrs. Halvorsen Karen Hamilton Joe Hammel Norman Hanan Mr. and Mrs. R. Hanisch Mr. and Mrs. H. Hansen Jeff Hansen Lor Hansen Shirley Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harders Fred R. Harders Judy Harders Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hardl Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hardl Carolynn Hardt Marilynn Hardl Mr. and Mrs. T. Harks Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Harlow Ken Hartkopt Page 98 PATRONS Mr. Walter Hartkopf Mr. Dale Hartmann Mr. and Mrs. W. Hasselman Mrs. Agnes Hauser Mr. and Mrs. Al Hauser Alvina Hauser Mr. Lloyd Hauser Mr. and Mrs. Hans Hausner Steve Haverty Mr. and Mrs. A. Hedrick Mrs. A. Heiden Carol Heidorn Mr. and Mrs. Harold Heidorn Mark Heidorn Linda Helsper Arthur Hemler Walter G. Hening Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hennessey Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Henschel Jeff Herhold Mr. and Mrs. Ray Herhold "HERKlE" R. V. Hess Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hess Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hess Lorie Hessenthaler Lois Heuser Ruth Heuser Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Heuser Delores Hewelt Art Hill Marilyn Hiller Laurie Hillger Carl A. Hin: Ralph Hitzeroth Mr. and Mrs. Hoefer Herb Hoefer John Hoffman Ido Holder Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Holder Nancy Holder Sharon Holecek Carl E. Holmbom Dwight Holmbom E. R. Holmbom Glenn Holmbom M. C. Holmbom Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Holtorlt Mr. and Mrs. Martin Holtz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holzer Mr. and Mrs. C. Halzinger Lois Holmblad Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hoppe Mr. and Mrs. E. Horvat Mike Householder Pat Householder Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Howard Gerry Howe Thomas F. Howe Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Howe Barbara Hubka Mr. Don Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hupke Amanda Husberg Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Husberg Mr. and Mrs. George Huss Mrs. F. Hutchinson Charles Huth Miss R. Huxhold Karen Ingram Mrs. A. Ischinger Dr. A. M. lschinger Lee lschinger .l Jack and Joan Jan and Horst Elmer Jandt Mrs. Jany Lee Jany Wilma Jany Mrs. George Jarosch Mr. and Mrs. George Jarosch Helen Jarosch Jean and Don Mary Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jensen Robert Jensen Karen Jenssen Mr. and Mrs. Jerawski Jere and Lorrie Joan and Jack Joan and Ray Joe and Penny Johnny's Barber Shop- 6l44 Milwaukee Bob Johnson George C. Johnson Karen Johnson Dean Janes Dr. Harry R. Jones Bill Jordan Mr. and Mrs. L. Jorgensen Bob Jourgensen Joyce and Ron Judy and Paul Mr. and Mrs. T. Juern Mary Just K The Koetke Family Don Koetke Sue Koetke Eileen Konecnik Barbara Kopchinski Randy Kopeny Mitch Koper Mrs. Robert Kopp Tom Koranda Miss Kitty Kornitzky Joe Kowalski Judie Kramer Marsha Kramer Mrs. Adella Krause Eileen Krause Ruth Krause Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Krausman Jeanette Krauss Krecker Florist Catherine Kracker Otto Kracker, Florist Jack and Joann Krecker Jack and Jill Kracker Otto Krecker Martin Kreldl Mr. and Mrs. Edward Krenelr. Tom Krenek Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Krenzke Jr. Cynthia Kaes Carl Kahlfeldt Miss Harriet Kaithchuck Mrs. Kallenbach Miss Elaine Kambach Mr. and Mrs. Dell Kamin Patricia Kanaoos Karen and Dave Karen Kerpen Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kerwith Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kasdorf Mr. and Mrs. George Kaub Jim Kaub Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kauke Leila Keller Mr. and Mrs. Pat Krenzke Dr. and Mrs. A. R. Kretzmann Anne Krickhuhn Freda Kriete Lena Kriete Dick Krueger Elaine Krueger E. W. Krueger Mr. Ralph Krueger Richard C. Krueger Janice Kruto Mr. and Mrs. S. Kubasko Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kubik Vera Kubik Yvonne Kucera June Kuhlmey Mr. and Mrs. J. Kulak Miss Kathleen Kelsey Patricia Kelsey Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Kemnitz Dr. and Mrs. H. Kemnitz Judith Lynne Kemnitz Dale Kempf Mrs. H. F. Kempf Karan Kempf Ken and Arlene Harry Kessell Pot Kill Carl Killian Marilyn Kimske James Kirchhoff Gloria Kirkpatrick Raymond Kirkpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kirkpatrick Mr. Edmund Kitzman Herbert Kleimhardt Mr. and Mrs. John Klein Mrs. Emma Klemm Mr. and Mrs. Erwin A. Klemm Sheldon Klemm Miss Evelyn Knahe Anita Kundsen Mr. and Mrs. Knudsen Joanne Kobage Mr. and Mrs. John Koebel Mr. and Mrs. C. Koehler Bruce Koenig Liliane Koenig Alfred W. Koepp Mrs. A. H. Koepp Carol Koepp Dorothea Koepp Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Koepp Howard Koepp Ruth Koepp Nancy Koeppe Eric Koester Erika Kunz Mr. and Mrs. John Kurhoiec SlSgt. and Mrs. William Kurhaiec L Bill Lackland Nancy Lackland Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Lackland Mary Ladendorf L 8- W Painting Service Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lamont Inga Langaker Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Langan Russell Langan Mr. Lange Mrs. B. Lange Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lange Lorelei Lange Patricia Lange Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Lange Rev. and Mrs. Diane Lanoch Mr. and Mrs. Judy Larsen Allan Larson Paul H. Lange Philip Lange M. Lanoch Mrs. Irene Larson Ronald Larson Wayne Larson Mr. Wilfred Larson Glenn lausch Janet Lausch Pat leach Armin Lehning Nicole Lehne Mrs. J. V. Leigh Mr. J. V. Leigh Mr. and Mrs. Lenz Judy Lenz Dottie Lerner Dotty Lerner Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Leno Mary Leno Joyce LeMay John Lichner Herb Lich Marie Lich Minnie Lich Mrs. A. Lick Karen Lindemann Charles Linder Bev Linke Mr. and Mrs. Edward Linke Mr. Charles G. Linstead Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lippert Lorraine Lippert Denise Logan Carole Long Julie Long Mr. and Mrs. Richard Long Sharon Longfield Janet Lorenz Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Lorenz Pat Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Wm. E. Lowery Christine Locht Mr. and Mrs. F. Ludowici Fran Ludowici Mr. and Mrs. Lee Luker Ardith Lussky Bonnie Lynn M M and R Food Shop Carol McCandIess Mr. and Mrs. S. McCandless Mr. and Mrs. B. McCanna Brad McCanna Mrs. McVey Mr. and Mrs. John Mackey Bill Maher Mr. and Mrs. H. Mahler Kay Mahler Mrs. Ruby Maina Mr. and Mrs. F. Maicinik Georgiana Maier Mr. and Mrs. B. Maierus Barbara Maiewski Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Maiewski Thomas Maiewski Mr. and Mrs. V. Malchow Robert Malm Mr. and Mrs. Malmquist Marla and Jack Anita Manski Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Manske George Marcus Jackie Maringer Mrs. C. Markle Mrs. Marks Mr. Marks Miss Esther Marten Kathy Martens Edward Martin Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mason Jan Mason Marilynn Mason Masten Bearing Sales Russell Mathews Mrs. Anna Mattsey Bill Mattsey Mr. and Mrs. John Mattsey John Mattsey Clarence and Erna Matz The Matz Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. H. Matz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Matzer Mrs. Frank Mazurek Gary Mehl John Mehrholz Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Menking MERZ Miss Edna Messerschmidt Gloria Messerschmidt PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Messerschmidt Mr. and Mrs. J. Metzinger Elisabeth Meyer Harmine Meyer Harry A. Meyer Meyer and O'FIanagahn Sandra Meyer Rhoda Michaelson Elsie Miles Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miller Mrs. G. Miller Mrs. Leo J. Miller Waltraut Moderhack Mr. and Mrs. John Modieski Mr. and Mrs. Julius Modory Mrs. A. Moelenhoff Mr. G. Moelenhoff Fred Moeller Mr. and Mrs. Moeller Elmer Mohr Mr. and Mrs. Moll Mrs. T. Molinari Alice Mong Einar Mong Gail Mong Nan Montelbano Sharon Muscat Carol Mueller Miss Mary Ellen Mueller Fred Mueller Mr. and Mrs. R. Mueller Mrs. J. Muller Janet Muller Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Muller Ruth Muller Spotnip Mundinger Judy Murray Patrick Murray Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Bill Nehls Lois Nehls Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Vicki Nelson Alan Nemeth Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Navta Nehls Al Nelson H. Nemeth Fr. and Mrs. Fred Neu Richard Niemeyer Mrs. Thomas Noonan Mariorie Nordbrock Helen Norton Mrs. Alice Nosko Mr. Steve Nosko Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Nothnagel Barbara Ann Novak Charles Nyberg Bradley Nystul O Mr. and Mrs. H. Oalfsen Mr. and Mrs. George Oehlsen Mrs. G. M. O'Brien Ed Oesterreich, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Oesterreich Joanne Oesterreich Chuck Oliver Barbara Olson Miss Bertha Olsen Glen Oppenlander Mr. and Mrs. J. Ostrom P Mrs. A. Pack Donna Palmeter Mr. C. Palmieri Mr. D. Palmieri Kay Palmieri Wallace Panzer Kenny Parchem Mrs. AI Pascale Sharon Pascale Allan Paschke Mr. and Mrs. K. Pattison Val Pattison Pearl Pecori Peter Pecori Peg and John Penny Walter Pedlick Arlene Petersen Joan Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. Petersen Tom Petersen Mrs. Dorothy Peterson Emily Peterson Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Peterson Bob Pethes Kathy Pethes Edna Petrusek The Pett Family Mr. and Mrs. Herman G. Pett Lawrence Pett Mrs. Fred Pfaff Edna Pflantz Chuck Pfeiffer Mr. and Mrs. H. Pfeiffer Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Pflieger Myrtle Pflieger Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Pick, Jr. Paul Pillar Mr. Walter Polch Mr. and Mrs. W. Pomrenke Mrs. Clarence Pratt Mr. Clarence Pratt Dennis Pratt Alma Pretzel Lillian Pretzel Margie Pretzel Carol Ann Prueter Mr. and Mrs. E. Prueter Irene Puder Pete Pustorino Q Kenneth F. Quade Joan Quade Donna Ann Quast R John Raffay Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Rasmussen Mrs. Q. Rauser Margaret Rauser Ted Rauser Barbara Readwine Mr. and Mrs. J. Rehberger Mr. and Mrs. R. Rehberger Elsa Rehfuss Arthur Reinhart Barbara Rekow Carolyn Reschke Carol Rhode Judith Rice Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Rice Dianne Richert Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Richter Miss Richterkessing Rev. and Mrs. V. C. Rickman Edythe Rieck Bill Rieder Karla Rieder Mrs. Anita Rode Mr. and Mrs. A. Rodie Jeanette Rodie Karen Rodie Sharon Rodie Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Rohweder Bob Rohweder Carol Rohweder Carol Roll Jacqueline Rosene Mr. and Mrs. N. Rosene Bruce Rosenquist Marilyn Rotter Walter Rudzinski Kevin Ruhnke Miss Amilda Rullis Mrs. Rutz Mr. and Mrs. Emil Rutz Lesley Ryden S Mr. Eugene Sadowwski Jerry Sala? Mr. and Mrs. A. Salm Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Salmon Mr. and Mrs. F. Samek Karen Samek Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Samuely The Rev. and Mrs. Carl J. Sangers Mr. and Mrs. John Sosko Dan Sass Mr. and Mrs. L. Sass, Jr. Lois An n Sattler Mr. and Mrs. C. Savitski Joanne Savol Edith Schoden Mr. and Mrs. Schoden Donna Scholk Mr. A. C. Scharf Mrs. A. Schatz Jacob Schatz, Sr. Jacob Schatz, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. G. Janice Scheffner Mr. and Mrs. W. Scheel T. Scheffner Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schenning Sandra Lee Schieman Sollyann Schiemann Bill Schiemann Mr. and Mrs. William Schiemann Mrs. Florence Schill Kenneth Schilf Walter Schilf Carol Schimels Mr. and Mrs. C. Schlichenmaier Mr. Schleussner Ernest Schlueter Marle Schlueter Mr. and Mrs. E. Schmalzer Bill Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. C. Schmidt Ed Schmidt Helene Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schmidt Mrs. H. Schmidt, Sr. John Schmidt Lois Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Schmidt Reiny Schmidt Susan Schmidt Donna Schnaitman Carol Schneider Joy Scheider Larry Schneider Mrs. Schneider Mrs. Elsie Schnittker Fred Schnittker Carol Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schreiner Clara Schroeder Naomi Schubkegel Mr. E. Schuemann Mrs. Norman Schuettpelz Sara Schuettpelz Bob Schultz Mr. aud Mrs. Clarence Schultz Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Schultz Marlene Schultz Mrs. Roman Schultz Mr. Raymond Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schulz Art Schumaker Caroline Schumacker Kenneth Schwarz Mr. and Mrs. W. Schwarz Mrs. Wm. C. Schwenn Page 99 1 Mr. and Mrs. Schwolow Mr. ond Mrs. H. E. Schwolow Jay Sebastian Mr. and Mrs. R. Sebastian Roberta Sebastian Janet Seeleldt Mr. and Mrs. G. Seehusen Mr. and Mrs. M. Selke Ruth Selke Ted Selke Mrs. A. Semrow Mr. and Mrs. C. Senrow Gary Semrow Senior Homeroom 23 Sharon and Jim Sheffield Foundry Company Jack and Alice Shlnske Jim Shoe Mr. and Mrs. H. Shry Mr. Adam Sieb Mrs. Estelle Sieb Joseph Sieb Lynn Siebel Mrs. S. Siebenwurst Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . H. Siegmann . C. Sievert Mr. and Mrs. R. Sievert Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Simonides Pat Simonides Sue Simonson Larry Smith Erwin Smuda Andie Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Harry Solomon Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Sonderman Mrs. D. Sorensen and Sandra Ray M. Sorensen Mr. and Mrs. E. Splett Walter Splitgerber Mr. and Mrs. Springsten Mr. and Mrs. H. Stach Stahls Bakery Mr. and Mrs. Staiger Robert Staiger Mrs. W. Staiger Joe Stalin Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stark Dr. and Mrs. E. Starner Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Stege, Jr Mr. and Mrs. A. Stein Miss Helen Stein Herman Steinweg Nancy Stennfeld Barbara Stermer John Stetenleld Bob Stevens Amalla Stieb Mr. Ed Stiller Board ol Elders-St. Luke Mr. and Mrs. W. Stocker Martin Stoll Mr. and Mrs. E. Stondick Fred Stoneberg Jim Stonequist Mrs. Storbeck Dale Strong Page l00 PATRONS Gene Strong Joy Strong Mrs. Strang Mr. Strang Mr. and Mrs. A. Street: Phillip Streich Mrs. E. Sturm Karen Suckow Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Suckow Annette Suffern Judy Suffern Sugar Mr. and Mrs. M. Sunderlin C. Sutter Dorothy Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Sweeney Mrs. Grace Sweeney Mr. Martin Sweeney Karen Swenson Len Swenson Mrs. W. Swenson T Mary Beth Tank Theresa Tanney Anneliese Tantius Mr. Tarnoski Mr. and Mrs. Tegtmeier Mr. and Mrs. Roy Tenner Mr. Roy Tennis Mr. and Mrs. Emil Terem Dick Tetze Bud and Loraine Theel Theo, Pete and Pudge Dan Thiele Pat Thiele Rev. and Mrs. C. Thies Betty Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Thoms Karen Thorns Charmaine Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Louis Thompson Christine Thomsen Betty Thomson Mr. and Mrs. Aldon Thorson Mrs. Bernice Thunberg Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tobias Terry Tobias Eleanor Todter Mrs. Fred Todter Hildegarde Todter Bob Toelke The Rev. and Mrs. C. H. Toelke Karen Taft Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Topf Jayne Travis Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Traub Richard Traverse Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Treptow Art Treptow Josephine Trute Barbara Tumalo Beverly Turtle Doris Tutinski U Betty Ullrich Mr. and Mrs. T Marilyn Unrath Virginia Urban Jeff Urquhart Ursin Shoes V . H. Unrath Mr. and Mrs. E. VanderHorst and Grace Faith VanderHorst VanderHorst and Meyers, Decora- 'OTS Nancy VanderHarst Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vandlik Judy Vandlik Mr. and Mrs. Miro Vandlik Mr. Paul Vandlik Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Vandlik Mr. and Mrs. G. Van Weelden Wally Vehrs Mr. and Mrs. Veitch Fred Vergan Mrs. Elfrida Vilners Mr. Julius Vilners Pat Virgo Vim Sports Paul R. Vogel Company Linda Voigt Darlene Volek Mr. and Mrs. H. Vollner Mr. and Mrs. Charles Voss Miss Loretta Voss Mr. and Mrs. T. Voss Jerry Vra bel Steve Vrabel Mr. Steve Vrabel W Ted Waech Albert Wagner Margret Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wagner Mr. Jacob Wagemann Janet Wagemann Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wagemann Sandy Wahls Mr. and Mrs. Waldschmidt Mr. and Mrs. R. Walker Ronald Walker Richard Wall Maggie Walledom .lack Walmsley Mrs. LaVerne Walmsley Edith Ward Mr. and Mrs. Albert Warnke Joyce Warnke Lois Warnke Mr. and Mrs. Walter Webb Irma Wegner Jerry Wegner Bob Wehofer Mrs. J. Wehofer Mr. J. Wehofer Joann Wehofer Loyce Wehofer H. A. Welth Mrs. William Weith Pat Wekenborg Mr. and Mrs. A. Wekerle Ed Wendel Edward Wendt, Jr. Di' ne Wenzel Mr. William Wenzel Wayne Wenzel Mrs. Florence Wenzel Joan Werderitch Delmar rt. Wen-e. Mrs. W. G. Werner Mr. W. G. Werner Miss Barbara Wertz Mr. and Mrs. H. Wertz Kenneth Wert: Mr. and 'Mrs. Werygo Bruce Westerberg Carol Westerberg Richard Wettour JoAnn Weydemann Mr. and Mrs. W. Weyer Mrs. E. R. White lack White Carol Wlchman Mrs. Emma Wickboldt Mrs. A. Wiederwilt Ann Wierlba Edward Wierzba James Wierzba Millie Wierzba 'aul Wierzba Mrs. Emily Wildatsch Kathie Wildkatsch Linda Wilczynski Dick Willlams Janene Williams Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Williams Mrs. Warren C. Williams Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Williamson Bob Williamson Kay Williamson Carole Willmlng Willy Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Wilson Dick Winski Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Woebel Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Witt T. Witt Lou Wolf George Wood J. C. Woodward Roy Wooster E. Woppenschnur Mrs. J. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Miss Joanna Nancy Zarnt Y George Yelich Z Zander Mr. and Mrs. W. Zarnt Mrs. M. Zellke Anne Zieringer Judy Zimmer Jim Zimmermann Robert Zirzow The Log Staff would like to thank everyone who helped to make this Log a success--Mr. Lange for advising us land solving our prob- lemsl, Mr. Bettermann for giving his time to take pictures, the photo- graphers of Walinger Studios, Mr. Norman Koenig of the King Com- pany, and all the students and parents who have contributed their time and money. We hope that whenever you look back at this, your Log, you will remember the many eventful days we've spent here at Luther walking "Together With God." '.q:j:!3.-WWFFW. Lf-wwf!--,SU-. V--',gyM:.T..' 1. - nf . V -ww -1'---w - ' .g1vf'1:'P'l'a',-q1-uwvgf.-- - - 1- , -- 'w-r :!- -f,-. 1 ..,q5::f-E-Pip'-1q?T 11 -V -ifkvfaqggp u3r:g5:,:qggwy1-:--,- 1. , A , F . '.v zz' Q.: t , '.5,' ' , Qzwrjmf Q .Q . Q . Q o , mv fn? , - AUTOGRAPI-ls NJ, jj few qggfg MJLWZZ WMZMQHMQW SX? 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Suggestions in the Luther North High School - Log Yearbook (Chicago, IL) collection:

Luther North High School - Log Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Luther North High School - Log Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Luther North High School - Log Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Luther North High School - Log Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Luther North High School - Log Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Luther North High School - Log Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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