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, if 0 MM! v lilly p W n IA if I Tjwl , f A ' ,. f' Z7 - X I 5 131, x. , 4 1 I I Q if ' Aj J ,L f2f'7fJMf ,Q LQ, w' , A ' C? jk qC?fz,ff L' 'C' .V I : i I I-K lj Vx L Q. KS. Q , -fi N 1 ff-ZX? K5 - 'Pc 57,1 L. 'JC 9.1 f bf 'N 'fy Cfavi' 7 ff.. f 1447! ' 'Oz' 25 N K. , '-' - Q W il J J fi fp v il Llc-J A , uf, '62 ,ft 54 cf,f.f ' Q I AI J 7, cj, W v C- T42 QK 411 4 C E7-f' 4 4 C vc' Af' 'ja .fir . ' f .1 X Cc QQ F, . 2'.L Y QA. fx Q L., Y A X, 'f . 4' N gff' 7 -5 2' L Z. f K , -M Li Cp XZVPC , f r..- xx , - 1' 1 Wy pwgjg,-jyVff 153363 QL ,WWQW W wi MTW WM V59 VNGJCX' 'f4ff WR NQ 58' ff, ,J - 0 U 54 C-f . a- D Mp I Q ff xiii Sa X wg J . 1,1 Q . ' X 1 xl 1 ' NK Q I X - 1 ff w Jw ,sw QL W X W Y - if Q37 'x I 'BX A A JZ 1- jg, . kj Q my Ni - 4 Ffxgrl - N , ' Q 4 K-MAJ: P 32 Sf, ' ' Nfl. J K b Eg-A ,, M, ' Af Qflgf9M?fiQ 2f15?5f2f ffLgT'gW?Q4fW 6596135 05-A'b iffjfji df? ff 0 l i CTM' WW wmimkff . ' 'T Q, 'g,J'r 5v'u-AW' f L ' , V Kjf-,,,?e'j,.:':f!.a0. ijcjfjjl 1 094,-M-02. y ' :Lf ' T Wffgwf ' fiffjqiff, W Q? QSM W' ' Im QQ! 0 0, A .mflavwwo YM' QWIZ1 A X .- - Uliik 933:19 fag.. jg-JZZM M444 M 7fWZ g1Qif C,,W 2 ,:iJf Q' r',.-- 'N'M 1 . , U md, ,.,,, x a , A TYPICAL LUTHERITE IS fxgggp, ,, 4, Akgsf ' 9, Q9 '-'lg N. l Q , in A ,QW ww' ar- Y .. A 'n Q ? ,ii L ..:,,M.. .-fl- ' Q. M 2 ww!! . ww L xxff' X ,- . . .A VERSATILE PERSONALITY A CHRISTIAN POSSESSING ALL THE TRAITS 0F TEENAGER WHO 5 0 S Q ' f' O P 2 Q 5 I fri? if Fi V FX , -f--: W 5 fig f' kr I J ,..,--'--- N., f' u,f'. .44 E The library . . . cr constant source of informcxiion ...SEEKS DILIGENTLY AFTER KNOWLEDGE . . . , ,mfg-r,,,, ! My C'r1fQmf1n 5 A -'f Q, rifle A 4?Qui' :gf W Potential homemakers! ! l ll To the student at Luther, the search for knowledge heads the list of his daily activities. Interesting and challenging courses of all types are oiiered here at Luther. Over and above this is the tact that in each classroom Christ is the unseen guest, and His Word is taught daily through religion classes and chapel services. Commercial skill Scientists of the future? ' f' Uv 43 '-li Fl 1 B M wm .s QE' iv if f ggi g , 1 n ik , 5531: 5 . F J MMM .YET LEADS A RICH SOCIAL LIFE. Although the Lutherite spends much time studying, he still finds time to enjoy many extra activities. l-ie enjoys participating in sports, worlciriq on class activities, and joininq in on school sponsored activities. These activities aive each student an opportunity to develop his own talents and to discover new ones. The loyal court ge.. f 'W 1 Z if 5 North Shore up in smoke s+.sg1.fww1, - . 1 Q atm 49: .. - xi 4? fr, -ss .dr iw 3' -, m . If 111,-, uw f tw .. M' W as gl W rr la W -v' 1 y Qmj 'F ' M11 H W, 1 4, N. Ffh' ,FQ f.xF'P' ' u-wwf w v 'W 1 H fly? Eff' id gawk nv Q! LU law .F-P' - 'N' ' Q -- Q. '- -,-5:5 X Q G ..q, my 5 ss ,,., , Q x ,. K 1' 5 ?3. f?- I ll , ' ' - if vw 2 'fr ,, Q in F 1 M fksif XM 51 Q'x 5xfL PQ' ,... W QS is diva AQ A y 'W fywux we-. N by DEDICATION As the iirst senior class to spend all tour years at Luther High School North, ot all the memories we have, one of our fondest is that ol a most outstanding teacher, who has found a place in the hearts of many students. We feel that this teacher has set a wonderful example to everyone by showing a true Christian character and a firm Christian iaith. This person has willingly and cheerfully helped many students not only with their work, but also with personal and special problems. This teacher has shown much patience and understanding in the classroom and has continued to show this trait in extra school activities and outside work. Our class will never torget the wonderful times we have spent in and out of class with this teacher. This individual is Wonderful as a teacher, as a person, and as a friend. We, the class ot 1957, are very proud to dedicate this LOG to MRS. BEVERLY KAHZEL. MIS. Skull, Thorax, Pelvis, Femoral!! L fl' ll, ta: , ll MY DEAR GRADUATES OF 1957 You have received your diploma. You have met the minimum requirements set down for graduation. You are ready for col- lege or a career in business or industry. You are prepared for some of the problems oi life. While your diploma will give you an entree into some of the situations of life's future, you will soon recognize that this competitive society demands perfection. Perfection, therefore, must be your goal. Iudged by standards other than those of the world you will never reach this perfection unless you take Christ with you in your struggle for success. l wonder if the apostle Paul was not thinking of you especi- ally when he said: You are not your own: you are bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. Life means more than receiving. It means giving. You can only give what is yours already. Therefore, be sure that you get what God wants to give you -get Christ. Christ wants you very much. He gave His life and blood for you. He wants you to come to the full power oi your body, mind and soul. Christ is for you. If you are for Christ, you have an unbeatable combination. It is my prayer that you will enjoy a full life. Your principal, Louis A. Menking Martin C. Duensing, Assistant Principal Louis A. Menking, Principal t I OUR FACULTY. , '. Q' .gig 1 ,sw 1 ff' Wg? A ,,.1 Nildift fir , Robert F. Berning Advanced Drawing, General Mathematics, Algebra, Assistant Frosh-Soph Football Coach Merle Bettermann Typing, Bookkeeping, Sales Advertising, Business Training. Audio-Visual Aids Elsa Birkner On Sabbatical Leave Arthur E. Blecke Physical Education, World History, Frosh-Soph Football and Basketball Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach Agnes Braham Typing, Shorthand, Calculating Mildred Brower Physical Education, Cheerleading Coach Gustav Derer Religion, World History, American History Donald Dinkmeyer Chairman ot Physical Education Department, Varsity Basketball Coach, Director of Intramural Program and School Insurance Robert Dorn Algebra, General Science, General Mathematics Kenneth Domroese Algebra, Biology, Freshmen Basketball Coach Martin Duensing Church History, Religion, Tennis Coach, lunior Class Advisor Melvin Everly Geography, Biology, Track Coach Arlene Grundvig English, Spanish Dale Hartmann Librarian, Assistant Advisor ol Camera Club Gene Hass English, Geography, Swimming Coach Nancy Heign English, Typing, Shorthand Ronald Hoffman German, English Roxanne Huxhold English, World History, American History Beverly Karzel Spffr-f'l1, ll1111I1::l1, l.111h11 lflGye1 und D110clo1 rf D1Gmr1 Edward A. Lange f'l111i11111111 11? lfrlqliszh Dr 111111 1 1 lofl AdVlQC7l 110 111111 Cimlrlu Aclvirzm A. C. Matihews l,n1 1l1::l1 Harold Meier l'l1y::i1111, G1'Hr.111v11y, A R. W. Morhardt Hrfliwiffn, 1.111111 Grace Nyvall llfvlllf' A1111 f'l111i1111f111 Helen Patterson l.I1'lll!3ll, l'l1y::11'11l l.ll111 Ill ll William Puder H1-Ii'111111, S1 111111:zl1, l.r1l111 Lydia Robbert ll1111'11+'r111 ll1::1111y, W11 y Lflfll y 1 lllflfifl !X1i'11:1f11 Roland Schluesener Ulf-111l 511111, W1111fl l111l111z11111l ll.11:1, A:3111::l'1111 Vfll 11y Ffmllwiill C1 G Geraldine Schmidt fJll1I'4' l5lfl!'ll!'l'!, !Xflv1mff1l Shorlhcmcl P11111l1y Deymtmenr . . I , . f I111111111111 l1,1111111:1-1f'111 Gerhard Schroth AlIlflIlf'klIl Ii1::1111y, flllillllllllll cf M11 lf D11:u11111e-ni Dueclor f7l1f111:1 H. Jack Stoffregen l111'1l1::l1, 1.11111-111l Sf'lf?Yl 1 llllllllf Il Mary Storbeck A1111-111-1111 lli:z1111y, W1 1l1l lll to Donald Taebel Hr-11r1111l S1'lf'l l1'l?, l5llf?f 1 1 P11 1 A. J. Tarnoski ffhr-111i::11y, Al11fwlw1c1, I11n111 C lus AQ 1 Fmulty D0pn11l1T1e11 f7l1f11111111nr1llVl111hfHmC1111 G11 lf 111 0 Clemens Thies H1-I1f1ir111,l'11r'11l1y D1r1111111111 111 C llfIlIIllUl1 mf llel1q1J Herbert Treichel l1r1'1l11:l1, P1c.l1lo1nf: uf Demormgy Semor Clu 5 AGVISOI Faculty l7Jf'1'fIlllTlflYll f.llfIlllllfIH 1 f Souol Slllf 19S 14 OFFICE STAFF AND MAINTENANCE George Yursky Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Solxd Geometry, Varsity Football Coarh, Assistant Baseball Coach Mrs. Everly Mrs Hoffman MIS. Mew Elmer '--w-......,,,, 15 C o.' ' 9 Q ,Q .4 0 Ol . l 4 . J GRADUATES s Y W .. N we . fix ' Sk' X W N Q x 1 Ss 'S Zim ' Vx N Q N ' X x x X x X ,Q is ., I if 'Q x N S.-Swgvfwvgixhv. QQ' :Xxx fm .. N I5'.i5- tn' tkxix -w. , K A 11 T' . msg 4 in 5-. , . vp -X ds .. 5-29,31 is f ' ww H-4 3-ww aw, by-MQ , H vii iff: Wig Q3 ,Eff Q K H ,A yifbgigzf 532 vb,-'fum 'z ff 'S K wf f QQ ' ' A 'Q K' ' x --ifaisf ' ,A . Nffili .. 4,1A K .yfw ,UM-5,Q,.w'f was pvwew , g if' fwL.1mf.:.Wff. 1, ,. 4 .f w su ,M fi . .WM 'QQ ,XML 3e55wZ1JfrfN . 4 , KV A My , , h , ,Y-mwww f1Uf'Mf'?':- ' Mgfff-E1 R51g,aQ,Q,gfQ S 7 fggilii-1: 1, ,.,. V asm .xiii-W 141 ' , . -L1 . 1 W f ,7 rwa-If L' f '- is -' I ' :'ff: :5 .15 1 51'-Il . K .JJ , 1 X , ,.,A.- . A,1,. , ,,x. 1 , A td f X ' . sy-'X :E F L - ..,, 3 .fx -' f i ff A' 5192! L g: ':s 'g, wi I if ww ' -' -f ak , :ge-9:1 9' 32,i, gg 5Li5?wf'fifTA M- :- .q:., - 24 1 .. Lp, 'U I , Q 31 fi A '- ff .. 'I' f 2 'E 1,4 , 1 4 .- '- J' L' ' V . . W K qa., I qs' ---:' - 3 . fiifizg,-E'i?SSS?Z ?m??fi4YtPmP13'N x ? 511365-f '--- , :Deaf-uifiwM::a:vf ,Q Q 3 ' . A H ,Q .. 4 n SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right--Kent Moldenhauer, President ludy Eheirn, Treasurer Eunice Ebert, Secretary Harold Iahnke, Vice-president CLASS IDEALS Motto----The Lord is My Shepherd SongwLord, Thou Hast Been Our Dwelling Place Flower--Red Rose Colors--Blue and White The Senior Class, the first to spend all four years at Luther High North, is grateful for the many blessings bestowed upon this school. 'We have had the opportunity of attending classes in a new school, taking part in chapel exercises, and in enjoying many outside activities together. Our only regret is that because of the split schedule the past two years, we did not get to know many of the underclassmen. Although after we are gone we will experience many memorable events, the memory of Luther will always be outstanding. Without the help of the faculty, the understanding of our parents, the support of the congregations, and the love of God, these memories would not have been possible. We sincerely hope that the Class of l957 has fulfilled the traditions of our school as successfully as classes in the past, and that, with the help of God, others may experience the happiness of attending a Christian high school. '41 ...Q-gi -vi at DONNA LYNN ABEL high heels . . . freckles . . . underclassmen's friend DONALD W. ADAMS Don quiet type . . . makes good speeches . . . nice to know DIANE JANET ALTERGOTT Di sparkling smile . , . peaches and cream complexion . . . nice handwriting ELSIE A. ANDERKA cackle . . . livewire . . . blushes . . . loves to talk . . . loads of fun WILLIAM S. BABINEC Bi1l Cuz . . . glasses . . . wild driver . . . hearse-hitter . . . crazy voice BARBARA JULIANNE BANK Barb brains . . . debater . . . future teacher . . . pleasant disposition ARLENE JUNE BARCZYKOWSKI Bari sophisticated . . . eyebrows . . . men , . . fashion plate . . . party line KENNETH A. BECK Ken red wavy hair . . . good guy . . . pe petual smile . . . friendly io everyone KENNETH L. BECKER Ken S basketball . . . crew-cut . . . like to complain . . . the old country MARTIN R. BEHNKE Hardshel1 ladies' man . . . prankster . . . toothpick . . . jokes! VIRGINIA H. BERNSEE Ginny poodle cut . . . engaged . . . orange lipstick RONALD A. BLANKEN Ron sports!!! . . . studious . . . shy . . one swell guy . . . intelligent JOHN JOSEPH BOBENG Johnny cars . . . curly hair . . . low voice . . . one of the boys . . . nice guy THOMAS A. BONNESS Tom 4-H . . . Packard . . . gets red around the ears . . . track mcm LORETTA CAROLYN MARY BORIS quiet in a friendly way . . .seen but not heard.. . nice to know BEVERLY NORINE BRANDT Bev Larry's gal. . . small waist . . . nurse . . . long hair SUSAN L. BUNG Sue Ginny's pal . . . pony-tail . . . out of school bunch GLEN NA LOUISE BURRS Glen 2nd alto . . .friendly . . . brains . . . drawl . . . sweet kid 19 ALVIN CARLSON A1 nut . . , voice cracks. . . qood listener DOREEN ELSA CARLSON Dor rrwmplexion. ..Swedrsh. . .hair-do's. . .easy qoinq JOYCE CHRISTIANSEN lr-w voice.. .qcod friend . . . stuffed animals.. . contagious qifqqle JAMES CLARK Jim unpredictable . . .easy qoinq . . . carefree , . . larqe family LARRY WILLAND CLEMENTSEN What a line.. .blonde crew-cut . . . Mr, Hartmann's buddy. . . one-tackle man WILLIAM S. CLOSSET Bill Drugstore . . . shuffle . . . crew-cut CARL DAHLOUIST Blaahll ...hero . . . tackle . . . picture in newspapers BEVERLY JUNE DEBS Bev relatives . . .aches and pains . . . fussy eater. . .good friend ...has crushes MARGARET E. DELFS Marge sweet kid . . . future secretary . . . St. lames Harmony Girls DANIEL DORTH Dan newcomer . . . German . . . sleeveless sweaters EUNICE CAROL EBERT drama . . . Ken . . . lonq hair . . .dreamy . . .beautiful smile Eunie ARNOLD J. ECKERT Eck liiq quy . . . one of the fellas. . . reserved JUDITH A. EHEIM Judy versatile . . .ambitious . . . Log worries . . .musical talent . . .extra activities!!! CHARLES D. ELLINGSON irrterlliqent . . . reserved . . .dry humor. . .math whiz ELSIE HELEN ERBES Els pop pearls . . . p.i. parties ..niqht qowns. . .nice dresser BURNEAL W. A. PICK Burny Key Club treasurer . . , photoqenic . . . sincere . . . friendly to everyone GEORGENE RUTH FICK George friendly. ..fond of talking . . . willing worker . . . Luther Sinqers ARTHUR J. FILIP Ari Choviesl . . .sports . . muscles . . . funeeeeeee! . . . one great quyll 20 MD' , 4A i rsre s Q , aj . i i. ' A 'lie ' we iitiifbiiiigif 'li' 3 4 77 ws Q Q NF F ,sms ,w-H0 Nm 41 fi? 5? R 33 Si MCQD ,wth MARI-VIRGIN IA FREITAG Ginger' George . . . wedding bells . . . makes nice clothes BETTY .TILL FRICK quiet and studious . . . good friend . . , helpful HENRY C. FRICKE Bebby' Hank' loves to eat . . . sense of humor . . . Iewel man RICHARD WILLIAM GAHL tenor . . .future minister . . . bench chatter RICHARD GALLERT Dick' Dick' Ann Landers . . . Hollywood . . .funny man , . . Softshell FLORA E. GAYNOR baseball . . . outspoken . . . positive BOB GIELOW smile . . . steady . . .quiet charm JANICE ANN GIFF shy . . . good-looking . . .neat dresser RITA E. GRETHE works hard. . . good friend . . .quiet charm MARLEN E LOUISE GROSCH Flora-Dora' GiHie' Mar' seen but not heard . . . home-maker , . . pretty eyes BARBARA ANN HAAG Barb' good natured . . . sense of humor. . .clown . . . line!! JOAN MARIE HAERTEL Pork Chops . . .sparkling eyes . . . Indian hair . . . cheerleader ROY F. HALVORSEN J oanie jewelry , . , fluffy long and lanky . . . lackadaisical . . . takes life easy NORMAN HAN AN wavy hair . . . outspoken . . .freckles GERALDINE HANSEN long . . . Navy . . . easy-going HAROLD W. HASSELMAN quiet . . . gets around . . . JAMES RAYMOND HEIDORN girls!!! . . .cute . . . late BRENDA LEE HEINZ glasses . . .barrel of fun . . . short'n sweet N orm' Gerry Hass 'heide Gumbah 21 I 1 RONALD A. HELDT Hot rod . . . qanq . . . jokes?? nnonu CATHRYN LOUISE HEMMETER Cathy cute . . . Harv . . . qiqqles . . . sharp dresser... attendant RONALD E. HERR flirt . . . tall, dark, and ? ...biq tease HARVEY DENNIS HIRSCH llnonll Harv sports . . . Mrs. K . . .speech . . , ruqqed . . . Mr. Touchdown .. . Cathy DIANE ELEANOR HOFFMAN nDin fun to be with . . . drummer and blue knees .. punchy JACK C. HOLECEK Carefree . . .band . . . redhead LOIS M. HOMBLAD nice dresser.. . sweet smile. . .art enthusiast ROBERT C. HURBANIS Herbie polkas . . . OH, WHAT A LINE ...Va1po!!! ...Student Council Pres. LAVERNE LEE IANNELLO Shorty boys . . . short.. . ballet . . . strawberry blonde KATHI ANNE IWICKI dark hair.. . nice smile . . . silent type HAROLD DAVID JAHNKE Junior sports!!! ... Iuliet . . . clean cut. . . Aud . . . what a riot WILMA J ANY Willie rod hair . . . St. Louis memories sense oi humor JANET JERAWSKI Jan or JJ' Navy man ...nice kid . . . shinqle KENNETH JESCHKE Ken' qoocl looking . . . Pontiac . . .neat LOIS JOANN JESSEN Windy L.P,s . . . hammy . . . Honee . . .club woman expressions TRUMAN H. JOHNSON ln the reserves . . .suave . . .band GEORGE HENRY KAUB wise . . . Birkner's Pal . . . lady-killer NORMAN E. H. KEMNITZ ..GimpY.. Kaub Shakespeare . . .one of the fellas . . . corduroy shirt by t .t Sis . KARL KETTELHUT Mouse' small gquy . . . manager.. . friendly . . . willing worker ANDREW A. KIRSTEIN nAndY1 congenial . . . inter-com . . .handyman . . . nice looking RUTH KLEINER Kleiner' Klinker . . . Mr. Berning's pal . . .nimble with a thimble JOANNE CAROL KOBAGE Jo' Br.-b's girl , . .friendly smile. . .good friend ROGER D. KRAUSE Rog' voice.. . Hoge . . .morning floor sitter PATRICIA ANN KRENZKE Pat' trampoline ...suntan .. .gym enthusiast... long eyelashes ALAN K. KRUEGER Al' sharp dresser.. .jitterbug . ..whrte bucks . . , Key Cluli DIANE KUCHENBECKER neat.. .Carole's pal . . . tailored girl DAVID KUHFAL Dave' band . . . Philosopher, minister . . . Dig that crazy lauahl SIGFRIED J. KUNZ 'sig' kicker. . .trumpet .. .polkas!! ...loads oi lun CAROLE KATHERINE KURTZ Ann's buddy . . .tiny voice . . . ieminine EARL KUSCH big guy . . . wisecracks . one of the gang BARBARA LEE LARSEN Barbie woman driver. . . Dov's . ..boys!!! ANN MARIE LARSEN sweaters. . .candy counter counter. . .petite JUDY L. LOSHBOUGH Tex horses!!! . . . Little Tex . . .short and cute JUDITH ELEANOR LUESSOW Judy striking eyes . . . sweet kid . . .doesn't catch on easily ROBERT F. LUKER Bob shy guy . . . sky scraper. ..iriendly . . .jazz and Hi Fi SHARON ANN MAHLER Sherry poems. . .plays and parties. ..jeweliy . . . voicliiioy skirts 23 CAROL ANN MAHNKE Carol quin-cracker . . . demure-look . , .never hurries . . . Boom! Booml Booml BRUCE V. MALCHOW German student . . .serious type . . . honor roll PAULA MARGARET MAISEL Pauli cuto . . . friendly hi for everyone . . . willinq worker JERRY MANDELKE Jerry sharp dresser . . . Nash . . . dark hair . . .curl AUDREY JOYCE MANSK Aud one and only . . . tons of enerqy . . , Homecoming Oueen . .. G,l. . . . Iunior JANICE ELAINE MASON Jan Caithaqet! . . .cheerleader . . . pajamas . . . sparkling person- ality . . . blushes easily RONALD PAUL MATTHES Ron handsome . . . loves German! . . .expressions VAUGHAN TERESA MICHAELSON Terry attracts 'em . . . typical teen . . . sweaters . . . pretty complexion ALAN L. MILLER A1 likes to arque . . . rodster , . . quiet quy KENNETH D. MINER Ken sports writer . . .cashmere socks . .. brown eyes , . . little SU . . . Iam with Sam KENT MOLDENHAUER Mo1dy 4-year prexy . . , everybody's friend . . . sincere .... philoso- pher.,.unLntention11l liufnor ROBERT MOLL Bob 'Tctentialt I . . . tenor . . . basketball . . . Filip's buddy KAREN LILLIAN MOORE Kare navy man . . . dark complexion . . . lots of fun . . . likes to write MANFRED D. MUELLER Bubb1es wt,n't keep quiet .. .funny lauqh... Car1's pal RAYMOND E. NADENIK Moo-Moo ham! ham! ham! . . . Casanova . . , speech . . . salesman . . . persuasive DAVE NASBY Tank choir prexy . . . St. O1af's . . . Mr. Schroth's Pal . . .class cut- up . . . anythinq for a lauqh ROBERT G. NELSON Bob rolled-up sleeves . . . school's a sideline . . .wavy hair WILLIAM H. NEUBECK III Bill c-rr conscious . . . the boys . . . pleasure before business 24 'nm , bv we ski X .sg X A Q. if 3 sw -i 's v E 'WS NSR X L ss t QW t X, ,,, lib X v al s W' l A L 1 ef 1gst.t ,t'Qggfftlf3 3 A. Ci 'Qs CHARLOTTE E. OEMIG funny laugh . . .good friend . . .neat JACOUELINE B. OHLICHER Earl . . . Iudy's Pal . . .fan clubs CHRISTINE MAY OHM Char Jackie Chris petite . . .natural beauty . . . twinkling eyes. . .distinctive qualities . . . crazy NANCY SHARON OMAN Butch Tomato . . . cnimals ians . . . puns . . eats everylwody .: lunch . . . do-nuts BETTY LOU OSTER casual . . . little one . . not seen VALERIE MARIE PATTISON Va1 soprano . . . soft voice . . . Saturday night cheerleader JOAN MARIE PITTELKO J oanie Suburbanite . . , true-blue . . . pleasing personality . . . always late JOAN B. PLETZ noises . . .always late . . , hair . . . deliberate mann 1 JUDITH LYNN POELLET Butialo . . . cfo Concordia band . . .short haii EDWARD JOHN PRINZ cute lisp . . . always pleasant MARGARET RUTH OUOOS intelligent . . .deadlines . . . Mr. Taebel , . . KENNETH RANZAU helper . . . librarian . . .kitchen crew EDWIN B. RHODE Judy uEdn u Marge B 5. uKen11 uEdn 1un's his middle name . . .laughs . . . back from Taft DONALD L. ROBERTS track man . . . real sharp . . .nice guy THOMAS M. RODE Tom takes lite easy . . . hatcs homework . . . golfer . . . woman hater EDITH MARIE SCHADEN Edie:' cute as they come . . . funny . . . commercial PHILIP K. SCHEEL Phi1 congenial . . . Don't worry about it . . . Mickey Mouse' ... blinks SANDRA LEE SCHIEMANN Sandy Mariners . . . underclassmen . . .laughs with Lois 25 HEIDE J. SCHMIDT Heid office helper . . . Niles . . . wavy hair and sparkling eyes JAMES C. SCHMIDT mad typist . . . conscientious . . . Guido's pal DONNA LEE SCHNAITMAN HJ-irnu Donna Babe come hither look . . . cashmeres . . . larqe eyes , . , library helper RANDALL SCHOENEGGE Randy witty remarks . . . biq quy .. ,hilarious . . .crazy hats ROBERT V. SCHOLZ Bob Paderewski . . . slowpoke . . . Editor . . . Iunior Class Play. ..r'hoir director FRED MICHAL SCHREYER wavy hair . . . one of Messiah qroup ROBERT SCOGGINS Bob :sixth period study . . . tall . . . library fines ROBERT EDWIN SCHROEDER Bob reserved ior someone else . . . keeps to himself . . . Ginny' RICHARD GEORGE SELLKE Selk l'Il no alona with that . . . qets teased . . . Fish . . . P.S.L. All Star LOIS E. SHIMKUS Lo llnqernails . . , qiqqles . . . dimples BARBARA ANN SIM Barb ltlondie . . . Delta Eta Beta .. .one of the qals AL SIMONSEN llas trouble qettinq places on time.. .library fines JOSEPH D. SIMONIDES HJ-oe.: baritone . . .Luther Sinqers , . . brains . . .Trinity NADINE L. SNYDER tiny.. .dark and pretty. . .quiet Dixie SUZANNE ELIZABETH SPLETZER Sue live wire. . .personality plus . . . twenty-five of 'em . . . oh that blond hair JUDITH GALE STADE distinctive . . .new . . .commuter J udy' SHIRLEY ANN STEIGERWALD Shir1' Spitfire! ...Cute . . . Bikes . . . club RONALD STEIGERWALDT mad trumpeter . . . national guard . . . floats 26 Hstag. 'SIS ,if lf S. -i mb wi! rosa he . . 2, ,Qu ,H ! ,few WALTER C. STEPHEN Wally' floppy wave . . . droll manner ROBERT STROM Bob' Ierry's pal . . . doesn't like work LENARD SWEN SON Swede' 'Whitey . . . geography brain VIRGINIA LEE TAYLOR Ginny' motorcycles . . . fastidious . . . literature enthusiast GUIDO THOMSEN Iim's buddy . . . shy DONALD JOHN THOMPSEN Don' good looking . . . man of few mords . . . intelligent JOHN TINCU Tinc' always tired . . . mysterious . . . newcomer . . . IN GRID K. VOIGT Inky' demure . . . sincere . . . Ach,Yal! . . . 7:00 a. m. student JOHN WILLIAM VON LEHE Louie' cute . . . looks like a movie star . . . girls STEVE VRABEL hates homework . . . loves to sleep . . . math brain RONALD CHARLES WALKER Ron' yeah! . . . friendly fellow . . . won't be rushed RICHARD C. WALTERS Dick' leather jacket . . . homework, ugh! . . .freckles MELODY J EANNE WALTZ Mel' Heart necklace . . . refined . . . engaged ROBERT W. WEBB Bob' winning personality . . . neat . . , Christmas pageant CAROL LAVERA WEBER shorthand whizl . . . doesn't catch jokes . . . white blazer JOHN B. WELLEN Johnny curly hair. . . short . . . youngest in class KAREN LENORE WENDT commercial . . . loves to skate . . . Sth period B and G RICHARD ARTHUR WEN GHOFER Rich real nice guy . . . cars and more cars . . . sincere 27 BARBARA JEAN WERTZ Barb lunchroom qirl . . . can't make up her mind . . . Arcadia's loyalist EDWIN J . WICKERT Ed relaxes in class . . .glasses . . . crewcut SHIRLEY ANN WILKE Shirl ncvturally confused . . . qift of qab . . .cute GEORGENE NORMA WILLE Gee Gee South transfer . . . piercinq eyes . . . Donna's pal ALVIN GUSTAV WILNER Al witty . . . be-bop . . . nonchalant . . . friendly JOHN MC CLORE WILSON Sleepy Who me, ret? . . .dimples , . . hero . . .Tait JOHN WOLFF cool cat . . . Kaiser . . . smooth LO ANNE LILLIAN WORTH Lo'e vivocious . . .little red shoes . . .jolly qiqqle NORMAN WUNDER Norm Nadine . . .quiet fellow . . . black pc nts JUDITH D. WUNSCH Judy hewkles . , . blond streak . . , St. Luke's MARILYN ELEANOR YOHPE Mar Veronica Lake . . .the club . . , 13.1. Parties GEORGENE LEONE ZAPEL Genie Happy Go Lucky . . . true triend . . . mysterious writer HERBERT RICHARD ZIMMERMAN Herb excited talker.. . I don't know . . . small quy CAMERA SHY GEORGE CURTIS JOHNSON artise . . . actor . . . mysterious . . . Oh that voice! MARLENE ESTHER KASPER Kasperiies outspoken . . . newcomer LEE RAYMOND I General . . . Southern man . . . lonq stories . . .Marines RONALD WAGNER Ron Ken's locker partner . . . 28 H' fx Q 5 in I , as if .-ffl? Q ,Wi ' I 1 1-91.'w Q A.- w V AN' nw WHO'S WHO MOST POPULAR Kerii Moldenhauer and Iudy Eheim MOST VERSATILE Ioan I-laertel and Bob llurbanis CUTEST In-hn VonLehe and Chris Ohm MOST ATHLETIC lfai Krenzlce and Art Filip MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Robert Scholz and Margaret Ouoos TYPICAL LUTHERITE Ian Mason and Ken Becker EEST SENSE OF HUMOR Dave Nasby and Sue Spletzer MOST FRIENDLY LoAnrie Warih and Al Wilner BEST LINE Dick Galleri and Barbara Haag CUTEST COUPLE Calhy Hemmeter and Harvey Hirsch PEST DRESSED Iohn Wilson and Arlene Barczykowski BALL AND CHAIN Audrey Mansk and Harold Iahnke gp, 'Z N in is '52 525, 11+ Q , X uu. .FW 0 44 7? Q X . ' 4.1 ' '- A I O l J gl fx gs. UNDERCLASSMEN ' 5SBS 5gY.Zbb5'y5 X'Y! 'R9'8eFQf'in4P12'Qs9NQ'i?lM'3'x 'Nev-W,-1-: - V Q' I 1 K ' I 5 R 'X U X fl B. wnfwxfff Lf,-if use ,Q b 55. Q .f if Qf 4 , .. , S., , A iw wwf Wifi. ,Avg S er - . -. f2.ffJ:f, 1X --N ,L M ,, mv Heir Z?sv?f?i,zQ-A ti? L1 ' Q Q 4 2- we ar X 5 f X fs Q 15:55 'wi ' -arf 4531 3 Q ni -vw NY! f K w x S . ...,,.. ..... , K. Y X sig: w.::q.:.:igJ?2E: xr QQ? x'f . .. . 2 33 x 5 ,X X 4, W F A S ,Q '1 ,, 5 I Q fig? ,. n-Sak A .1 fx -K Nj Rm, 6 Q 1 'yi x N vs 'F.: -2551 5 - -- X Q QW? Q Q wig if SEN WUNQ' ' ' My ,f , N , rffulw fwffif? i '53 Wi'-Yi ww? nf ,Q gmzv-1 wf :V ,4Q,ww,gf.f1 sf W ,X . f 'H X E- I fir, W iv 'R P - 'Y 13 -' z.: .tif - ye- , xxx N h 'YW Q Y 4 'K X - -:A X ,, .Lf ' , f ii Q- :ff-xnjgg'-mw5,52j:fg If ,W M .w f ws-H . wma , W, ,Q .1 1 Q' ww f W A, 4 :V . Iv: 2-135 n'?Mg:.p, , 5 wi f 'Sf V 2, 45:5-I? ,I ,H Km ff Qgfgfgf 'AMN X fi: J V V 'W JM: , ,fl wgwwizf - f X 4 W 5455 2-E ,, -.::,a,72'm.-pl A hs 4: , N,i,:?M.sf' 13284 1. . . 1, i vy: -iii Rlzru WA: G .A V4 M-wiv 55,1 W1 ','5fw5g- : :gf .. we . 1 vt . 5 2133574 . 1? -:QSPQFM Qf5 Q3?Qi , , L., xy4,1,Lzg,gNi, wg, .Q mf' vf Lg, ny ,N pw - .3 , .. W W f wa Lwfgigm 5, .I Y.,-V4 M , X V4 . NEW Q Vjyg ,f., .... h'-wi., 541 fs ,fyxfikgiw mfK:4:y:.NM, M vim , 5 , - , ,yfpgr Y ,.:gfea' ,, '4,A , g - fi' H .55 Vg-f gh W1 'FH .gilff fi N'ij 'f i:? f Rig 551.1 - fl 4 '51 x, 'K 'W 'VX '-' ' lf-1 'GG - . FSE 3. lf- Tfihxff www gi fgzyfgw ,sf JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to riqht: Dennis Heidorn, president, LaVerne Auler, secretary, Nancy Vans clerhorst, treasurer, and Marv Bauer, vice-president, As seniors, we would like to thank the Iunior Class tor making our last year at Luther most enjoyable. They have the leadership and school spirit needed to carry on as seniors and to set an example to the underclassmen of loyalty, sportsmanship, and Christian character. The Class of 1957 hopes that with God's help, the juniors will continue to keep up their past record of outstanding achievements and carry on the traditions of Luther High North. :: U :g?23,,1, +R Q 4' - Q ,J 2-3 --A me ,e -' -f I . l l. . XX A - ' ,. ii I 6 A,,, ,i ,, ., . +L ,, vs. 1- ,it G V ,H W l gt k , Q X JUNICRS , 5- X ' --- V - ,, . ef -i f A- , - , - J I N . . . ,: Q ,...... 7 - kck K Q in N m ii . kj Lk , - . , I M -A EE H H.. K: 'ev - :,, 'V ' W 1 K L , - ,- - T ., if A . Q -fQ --'A r - ' L - .,.:,., v x Q :,,, 5, ,H K V :' J . X :T l 'I , V z-VN ..., ' yv rm Q: M I 755' V sffe '15, it ,.,' a ' - 1 r . 2' - ff L I .,,A,A: , i .,AA,. ' Q4 , ,' - X M yi -w e W lf, ': . .. .- M - .. l A l 5,2 ,.,,,,: - X 3 ':Z - L -,'-3 st A ma ' '- E-: f i A '.,, ? ,v-' A-FQ: G ,L V Q- ' Q A,.. 'RW 'S' 45 ' - X' , ..--,L x K N , .... Aibx . 1 4-- f , sb' ..,, s A' - 15, li l fv,- 7? 'W l , Q , ,R 1, 5, y y . - , I, f f ff., h -- . ev A-I N 1 M I D 1 V , K L' L. if K t , f t ,L -- ' ' X ., fwf- sf ..a,, . , V ' L' y ' - gr, Q, - i - W' 1 Q ,', I ' , : ck -- ' kv, r 'W 1 :-: -:. , .. at L ' -I H 'K 1 . fr- QL if A 1' ff- r ' ', 'Q l , . . L , - ' A x .. -2 ,.:1-: 1 .- - -- ' E' ': 3 fi.. A. in : ..: - ja i -ff ' in ' .. - ROW l: Paula Albano, Linda Anderson, Warren Arndt, Carl Asmus, LaVerne Auler, Vicli Babilla, Wes Baranski ROW 2: Marv. Bauer, Wes Baumann, Bob Bechtold, Eddie Becker, Dave Behlinq, Iudy Benson, Nancy Berreitter ROW 3: ludy Binqham, Bonnie Bohn, Anita Bredehorn, Helen Bruckner, Lore Buerqer, Irene Euqalka, Peggy Churchill BOW 4: Carrie Clever, Earl Clemenson, Claudine Gorsini, Burnel Dehlin, Lydia Diener, Ian Ebert, Dorothy Ekstrom HOW 5: Iackie Ellqass, LaVern Erhardt, Duane Faber, Wally Fabry, Iames Farrell, Iohn Felcan, Lowell Fell BOW 6: Sandra Fick, Carol Franklin, Bev. Gabrielsen, Ron Gall, Carole Gallilc, Wayne Ganqler, Peqqy Garrett ROW 7: Iohn Geheb, leannie Geier, lim Genc, Marlen Gerhauser, Ray Geweke, Alice Giesler, Bill Goodqer ROW 8: Ianice Gordon, Fred Grosch, Ken Grosch, Ioe Guarnery, Perry Gulbrandsen, Horst Hackemer, Ann Hagen ROW 9: Iudy Harders, Marilyn Hardt, Noami Harks, Ioyce Hauser, Ursula Hausner, Denny Heidorn, Ron Hess BOW 10: Lois Heuser, Nancy Holder, Karen Holtortf, Eleanor Holtz, Ruth Holtz, Tom Howe, Ray Hupke 33 ,,e ' ROW l: Amanda Husluerq, Marty lschinqer, llf-lun lamsch, Marlys lohnson, Mark lohn-'nf1, Hula lfJlllfl0l lSGI'l, Pat Kelsey ROW 2: Dale Kernpl, Tom Kirwan, Betty-Marie lfjellin, Lowell Klemm, Anita Knudsen, Carol lfrmprw, Drvmthy Koepp luOW 3: Sue Koetke, Tom Koranda, Andrea Krausman, Tom Krenek, Richard Krueger, Vera Kttlnirk, Nancy Lacklarid ROW 4: Iulia Lana, Russell Lanqan, Diane lanoch, Ronald Larsen, Wayne Larson, lanet l.,Ullf1Cl'1, Bill Leqans LOW 5: Ted Leno, Lorraine Lippert, Fran l,udowir'i, Rich Mama, Grant Malchow, Nick Mandis, Penny Mandis ROW 6: Norman Maske, Iohn Mattsey, Eileen Meftzei, Gccirfgc- lvlenninqer, Carol Messer- azwhmidt, Loretta Meyer, Gail Mona ROW 7: Ruth Muller, Pal Murray, Carol lVlc'CIancllo::, Brad McCanna, Gertrude Neu, finaly Nelson, Alan Nef-meth HOW 8: Dave Nordahl, Nanette Nosko, Nancy Pm-uri, Dan Peters, loan Peterson, lulia Peter facfn, l,awrenc'0 Pott ROW 9: Chuck Pleifer, ludy Pflieqer, Werner Plate, Dorothy Ploense, Darlene Pratl, Nancy Quado, Rob Rasmussen HOW 10: Barbara Readwine, Ellen Rehberqer, Fzed Reichelt, ludith Rich, Donald Richter, l-ff-n Riedel, Nick Rader 34 -JS A ox. ' s-.., . M., Ii JUNIORS -L ,Gt . 'Ol g A si f 1 ' we , 4' V! ww ., .. :K ,W I , 98 t 3 il 1'2 ' ' X' , , W. f , L f Y is ii f -5. 'W Q' vi L fi ,rs K4 'Z il tm ' gf! x N ' 95' O R . 5 9 Q X ' r if A 1 1 2 .K A Q 62' 6 'T' 4 mf 1 sv' in vw I I. , E 1 Tl' in -es M, Q X N .ij L u .2 N wt G ,, yj 3. f 5- -.Qfgi Ji LM 5 Y' K S L X at S t , , I is 2 K. ic? tx tx x sl? l ls N f . Qiizibgg KO v gin Y' Ss . '- W .it- as ' Qs ,, .V f , 5 s ' V fx L. 'L 1 'Q JN ffl ifqaifs - S A .4 .. l r s Q rt 5 . - B ,Q . W5 Q X ,J I. My : Q . s . N: r R x w YN X Xsx gra- 4 . Q. x 3 E 22 fx S ' 1 X-N . Q .. ' fi? 9 xii' .IUNIORS ROW 1: Gigi Romano, Iackie Rosene, Karen Samek, Gayle Sandow, Gloria Savitski, Rhoda Schaar, Walter Schili ROW 2: Karen Schmidt, Iudy Schneider, Fred Schnittker, Norm Schreiner, Sara Schuettpelz, Ken Schwartz, Ieanette Schwenn ROW 3: Ioy Sebastian, Gary Semrow, Ruth Sieqmann, Iim Sievert, Sue Simonsen, Andrea Solomon, Barbara Sorenson ROW 4: Bob Steinbach, Lorraine Stockinqer, Gene Stranq, Karen Suckow, Wayne Sunder- lin, Margaret Sweeney, Richard Tavenner ROW 5: ludy Thiele, Christine Thomsen, Bob Toelke, Marilyn Unrath, Dennis Urban, Nancy Vanderhorst, Iudy Vandlik ROW 6: Maynard Wall, Iudy Watson, Wally Weart, loann Wehofer, loyce Weholer, Diane Wenzel, David Werner ROW 7: Ken Wertz, Glen Westphal ,lack Vxfhite, lim Wierzba, lanene Williams, Kay Williamson, Bill Woebel RCW 8: Bill Wachholz, Curt Woessner, Sharon Wood, Winifred Zimmermann NCT PICTURED: Doreen Christiansen, Violet Gerke, Iames Gunderson, Marilyn Hart, Glenn I-lolmbom, Bob Horvat, George Ianac, Ioseph Lange, Ken Nichols, Carol Oesterreich, Bob Olson, Kristi Salm, Robert Sieb, Robert Staiqer, Elwood Walmsley, Weiss Richard 35 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to Riqht: Tom Peterson, 'Treasurer Iune Kuhlmey, Secretary Herb l-loefer, President Chuck Schmidt, Vice-President At the close ot this year, the sophomores will be halfway through their high school education. Next year, as upper classmen, they will have more responsibilities to carry and more opportuni- ties tor leadership. The senior class is sure that they will be able to accept their responsibilities and to make the right use ot their opportunities for leadership. 'With God's help, they can. .1 -1 5 7? f 2 O Q x ,, , R ., ig ge t it N N F 25 I: b,,- f l 1 ' I 3 gf gg' we tidy? sllggl EEZ .Y K .:..,L . Ql N , .,., ,A . R t we Lt, .7 , . .,,, . E312-ff it , 3, 1 A k V , X Twig J . ry' 2 qzh M, 5 Qs, V, q, rs, - Dr? S is Q ,fi .X , N 2 Zzllq . 'ffl ,. i W E 'A ' , uv A we ,f., 'fi W' 5 xf , 4 H 2 e are ff? ,rp L1 . H ' ' 53,6-, ir- X S - Z I QQ 'N , C 'N 0 Ax t' , ' fu., 2, Q., 5 ., sl , fn: es l QS ,ia ' W Qs. ! N 3 Mt, ,A .5 QD , X9 C A-:-- C me M, Il U51 mx. Y 'X ., aa, 5 vs ' ff V K ,S rw wytfQ5i l'le gf Q- af-if, -ig 3 . . 6 ' -F -rx R, K N y , ,. g i ti, N .5 'Z W lg A f 44 5 , t Qbll, V :y My I ,MZ - tx L , 4 ,hge yea uf, V9 ,ggi ,ge uh Q , , .J iss: W ' - V r. Q A X ' Xi gee! A,..,. ,, Q any ,il .,.. ,WT T Q Y . I -::,, , V A ir? ., j , . .- '.., Q I A Q - h f aww , SQPHOMORES 37 ROW 1: Carol Ahrndt, Barbara Ae-vermcnn, Yolanne Albrecht, lim Altmann, Howard An- dersen, Marla Andresen, Gretchen Andrus HOW 2: Burnette Ardaqh, Barbara-Sue Babier, Daniel Bacchiere, Del Bahn, Arvin Ballert, Nils-Eric Bark, Bruce Bartels POW 3: Ron Bartz, Myrna Benson, Ieanette Eerq, Pat Belqeson, Linda Berqt, Helmut Betcher, Ruth Binder HOW 4: Linda Bohenq, Walter Bock, Gale Bohanan, Ken Bohl, Charles Earn, Carl Braach, Ruth Braun RCW 5: Sue Briggs, Constantine Bruns, Dar- leen Buck, Mike Burqemeier, Charlene Burk- hart, Malvin Buxtin, Bill Carlson POW 6: Helene Chavcriat, Larry Christian, Carolyn Cleson, George Coletti, lim Corl, 'tom Cousins, Dorothy Dchlquist ROW 7: DiAr1n Donzer, ludy Dey, Dianne Debs, lim Deckart, Pat Detloit, Clilt Diehl, Charles Dietz POW 8: loAnn Durkovie, Roberta Ebel, Dave Ebert, Floyd Edwards, Frank Ehlinq, Bob Ehrennerg, Ken Eilken HOW 9: Iohn Eliasik, Iohn Enqebretson, john Fcber, Alan Fe-dderson, Iudy Feiqe, Hon Felan, Lynette Pick ROW lU: Ronald Filip, Doris Fuhlmeister, Barbara Gabrielson, Gail Gaieske, Georqe Gardner, Georqe Gauss, Eileen Gavert HOW l: Mike ieseke, Roger Goerkke, Karen Grandt, Michael Grasz, Iackie Green, Arlene Greinke, Chester Griewahn POW 2: Bruce Great, Bill Gruenes, ludy Curan, Sharon Halper, Ioan Hanert, Carolyn llardt, Karen Harr HOW 3: Ken Hartkoph, Ted Hartl, Arlene flasselman, Roliert Helmkamp, Art Hemler, Karen flfinschel, Ieffmy Herhold liOW 4: Delores flewelt, Ken Hewelt, Bernie Hildebrandt, Marilyn Hill, Laurie Hillqer. Marilyn Hiller, Daqny Hillstrom ROW 5: Rudolf flirschmann, Herb Hoefer, liarfu Hoff, Art Hoffman, Kirn Holtorff, layce Hrineyman, Mike Hrruseholder HGW 6: Dun lliif-liriur, flayrnmnd Israel, Bob lavey, Drmnarae lahriscin, Nancy lahnsan, Bill lrfrdan, Piarlvara Kcmpchinslcr POW 7: l.tirNf-ill Kath, Leila Keller, Dennis Kelley, Fred Kirchner, Georqe Kitsch, Karen Klein, Darlene Knudsen HOW 8: Paul Koebel, Bruce Koenig, Fred Koenia, Nancy Koeprre, Eileen Konecnik, Sue Kauha, Irie Kowalski HOW 8: Fred Krohrn, Dale Kropke, Elaine Kriieqer, Elsie-lean Kruqer, Janice Kruto, lune Ktihlmey, Mary Ladendoef HOW IO: Paul Lanrrc-, liidy Larson, Lou Ann Leeney, loyve l.eMay, ludy Lenz, Carl Liebiq, Charles Linder -ut' 1 Z -- H--ef,-v 1 Q X ,Ffh . QI p.. MM - we .M T N' 5 ' H7 W f ' M . ' M M X 3 , Q, ff f 1: R 4 1 M , 1 r- -3 W X x , 'fi Q t ,I , L'-5:1 g A x 1 -YI' N M- M 'K i J X '- X Q' -' I ..., M . .Q M M Q C i t f M , .fe M 'aw 'M Y N f 'A X . C , ' , A A , 2 ' iii M 3 ,il MIN s r We R I ., E , sr ,' ,N f 4' f ,,-i ..,, 1 W ' wax ff J Y - r... fy, , K Q A Q., L .Zh mil: 5 V .M . 4 .Mr- ' .N Q ,.. A ., g K' , ' ' M. iz 'L 'M ' X , . t.,. E 3, Q Mt 8 f-., , M -Mx, L .5 .A C ' M4 M y in Q if .TM y L Q: -A x ,gg 1 gb lr. 3,4 y 9 Ns., Q has M. A ,Q W x K if 1 M 1-fig. new wx .N it y X ,XM F. It 2 S N W 5, if ' vw 'ltr--M,L , C it Q H ' 1 . F W ' ,E W K Q . N , ,R W f , .Z W ' . .: K , l M 1 X C- ' . Q M. . X M YP' A '24 ' ' 3 M K . , 3 Q, X X 1 - staff L. W: ls. X K S kkkl A fir - i Jw M it f my 7- f M- Af? ,X X 2 'ir M f . Q. i , , M H , , ' 'L' ' A , , ..,. my K , A . X - ,rm mr rg, , t fAQi SOPHOMORES 38 A 'Q-ef, Eff, 2 1 V Q, b , .A WS 2 K f ' , , . S n , if Q. N ' E S t, 4'qL A , ,N Q ., , Je , if wi , ry ggi , E , izl 'j X -'-M bei, ., R j v M P u -W'W it S-gn --f'- ' 1 -A W R 'N , i ' f f r 'rw i if Qrxf, , 17. lM'?l2HcE??2i A r ig i . t -eff W :: :rr in Q W if A 5 N .4 W if 1 -2. l . R V f - 5 u 1 S -W f i 5. gtzfria .K , . i We 4vb :K .4 lx l :li ', , D tk u ' . . A VQQ, , M:T,.ff:, J : 5 .3 T irvzgfgj 4 W i , , t M :Q 's i f:31 Q '::' y y hx i. :M if of ' , it A Q ' ' ii' , S E ,S i . jun. J It A v 7 Q -D - , Y, H 'P K in t my E A wi K W1 ii: 1 a S 1 S r: S 'wr W -V . kim X ifih, - eil L wa , fm t, . .J , in t , , , 5-J f N in l . V, M' f N A K SOPHOMORES 39 ROW l: Bev Linke, Ken Lund, Doris Lutinski, Bonnie Lynn, Kay Mahler, Georqiann Maier, Barbara Majewski ROW 2: Bob Malm, leanne Morose, Ester Martin, Bill Mattsey, Dick Maxwell, Nancy Meaer, Gary Mehl ROW 3: Pat Meier, Howard Meinkow, Paul Mohrhardt, Nancy Montalbano, Karen Mont- gomery, Ron Moravick, Dale Muehlschleqel ROW 4: Carol Mueller, Fred Mueller, Ray Natzke, Bill Nehls, Bob Neubeck, Lyle Nicoline, Howard Niemuth ROW 5: Don Nordeen, William Oppenlander, Don Palmeter, Donna Palmeter, Sharon Pascale, Ierilyn Perqande, Tom Petersen ROW 6: Edna Petrusek, Gail Pomerenlce Pete Pustarino, Iohn Raiiay, Dawn Rahlis, Ronald Rauch, Margaret Rauser ROW 7: Elsa Rehiuss, Carol Rhode, Dianne Richart, Karla Rieder, Roll, Bruce Rosenquist Elaine Rohm, Carol ROW 8: Chris Schaden, Marilyn Rottei, Roger Ryan, lim Sailer, Jerry Sally Schiernann Salat, Ioanne Savol, ROW 9: lim Schiller, Charles SSchmidt, Ed Schmidt, lohn Schmidt, Reinhold Schmidt, lim Schmidt, Carol Schraeder ROW 10: Georqe Schiey, Mike Schumacher, Robert Schumacher, Lynn Siebel, Ianet See ieldt, Sandy Smith, Warren Sprinqston ROW 1: Marlene Stabenow, Carol Steinke. Bcb Stevens, Lee Stocker, lack Straclc, Dennis Streich, Annette Suffern HOW 2: Ierry Swanson, Anneliese Tcntius. Dick Tetze, Betty Thomson, Iohn Thomas, Earl Thunberq, Karen Topi ROW 3: Gail Totman, Donald Traska, Iayne Travis, Art Treptow, Iosephine Trute, lack Ulrich, Wally Vehrs ROW 4: Gisa Voiqt, Darlene Volek, Ted Waech. Janet Waqemann, Margaret Walle- dom, lack Walmsley, Bob Walther ROW 5: Iohn Watson, Arlene Weith, Bob Webber, Bruce Westerberq, Io Ann Weyde- mann, Gary White, Carol Witchrnan ROW 6: Kathie Wildkatsch, Carolyn Wisch- meyer, Myra Wiwat, Fred Woerner, Ioan Wohlfeil, Ierry Ziellce, Ruth Zimmermann NOT PICTURED: Friedel Acker, Charles Alm, Paul Bacon, Gordon Bahnsen, Carl Bauer, Hebert Bonow, Richard Bonow, Clyde Bum cuist, Alan Busch, Buddy Carpenter, GCN idk, Steve Fusek, Iudy Kemnitz, Charles King, Fred Limmel, Diane McDonnell, Kevin Kuhnke, Sieqriech Schmidt, Carol Schneider U 4 ii ll' 'fbtalaefey 'al 4, f f efff w-dfyfgfw yxgj ffm Y . ,gf riff, 'W i'?y,,Q,f,f My SOPHCMORES 40. . 1. .Pa - . -.ww V A A-1-ann-ihue ,ff WV lv -.....-1' 'hr Q A yn? Left to riqht: Sue Berger, treasurer, Iudy Arndt, secretary, Bill Pick, vice-president, Dick Schiewe, president. You have just completed your first year at Luther. We hope that you will take every advantage offered to you here in your three remaining years. Vie, the Senior Class, hope that you will not forget us, and we wish you Gods richest blessings. O 41 ROW lz Mary Adam, Keith Alm, ludy All- strom, Richard Anderson, Iudy Arndt, Herbert Baisch, Dave Bales. ROW 2: Rosemary Bank, Diane Barczykowski, Carole Beck, Marilyn Beggs, Ruth Behnke, Wally Benenedeck, Phyllis Benedetti. HOW 3: Allan Benson, lack Berg, Ronald Berg, Sue Berger, Susan Bergmann, Darlene Bernua, lill Beutlich. HOW 4: lanet Blanken, Susan Block, Adolph Boehm, Ioanne Boehm, Diane Bogardus, David Barak, lanet Boyd. HOW 5: David Brainard, loArin Bressinger, Virginia Brown, Henry Brudener, ludy Bur' rnoister, Ianice Calkins, Calvin Callahan. HOW 6: Don Campana, Phil Cappitelli, Flor- ence Chaske, Larry Christiansen, Virginia Clark, Karen Conrad, Carol Cook. HOW 'fx Pat Cuhak, Dave Danielson, Don Dattalo, Sharon Deutsher, Eugene Diener, flrnio Doertng, Ted Doering. BOW 8: ludy Doumont, Barbara Edler, Bob Ehlert, Ioan Eichstaedt, Karen Elitt, Catherine Falmer, Bill Fick. HOW 9: Dave Fleischer, Wayne Forberg, Ioyce Foreman, Anita Forsell, Daren Fredrickson, Sharon Fremaux, Claudette Frick. HOW IU: Don Fritz, Pat Gallik, David Gartner, Dorothy Gehhanlt, Howard Geier, Kurt Geier, Susan Gepperth. FRESHMAN - ri wg sf Q in ., ako? .ai if 'i 5, Q r f VS-Di ni 'EM' y W r.,,. .. has 'B v. 'iii ilk wr i if B swf X, .F gr is I vre, A M 3 L , as M Y M .A 'g x - X, W NN. A N X. Z- ' ' 4, si. New rg, 53 TW Q b svfiiff A 'lt t L , N4 S NX - N , ..,. tx L N x l l it 'S . 9.3 Q' it . 'U' f N , X as M ,. who .:,. wnwiyv r 'tt Mai s v X K -.i!g5Lr . W A 325. Q... ,wi 1? t: Q 1 ---' . X if ' lm ,N ws. . N , A A 1 4 A A VIH? w d Y' ly K K V- ... r 1 . t Y, -O R, D or y NNW QQ A rf. X . l ' B - . ., N ,,, fr X we N .Q . .aw- ., ra f .yr , 5 : , K L, 'suv : - VN K fl A l x X - qw 4 P , . V ,. fn- - fi W Y? ' K B' A. E t v ,.. 5 it , QQ - or ss: J f l' S Q ' rg xr -i , l , Q O r e. is X A ui s , vw 4 , Q Q A My i , ,N M . x K A K Q V ...,, SRS? ' -- , QL 4 , N as Xl -Wi. . 1 iiwiif., K E as w, Sb ...,:g, A . , U ww t W' ' ' mx-5 A .. is -A A rg- M r i, ., in ,. , V ,gg ,AA -1 S w xii-nw in M 1 ,grifgsax G if - SQ X - if - -sv : asia' , gf af L it if W x -. wi NN K Q . -A ii-SEQ r i wi-X is .O , Qi ig S f X .wr 5' sis ' 431 GB - S Q -A -ii, K . Y ..-,f ,S K Ss AB E is xx X X FRESHMAN 9' xi . 'W Q' -f l Q f i 'VW 3 N: 1 5 ., - ' .4 is A 3, QM ' , , -.rg , 1 mt W- ,, it X ty 7 x , -T i ,- :LE '!'N5V'f 21:5-.Imp ., ,, 2 . -- 'A -- eff- MK- - , - ' . -,,-- if rggfgsig' V 1- qi 4 C , K 'L . . it Q. , . sway' X , A-nw ff ,,-33.3351 rf -es ' L fi if S X W I 8 ,Q Q K' yi: X M ix V' if 5 t g M 'L if I 1 4 Q1 l 'lg' XJ' iwaf s 5 5 QP? 4 elf s W W in Q X rr H em cg 1- 'X if s is 5 x . 'xii EEE ROW l: Glen Geweke, Phil Gieseke, Lester Grakauski, Cathy Grasz, Ron Grethe, Ken Grosch, Ruth Gruetzmacher. ROW 2: Clara Haag, David Haqen, Barbara Haines, Karen Hamilton, Linnea Hannon, Jeff Hansen, Lorain Hansen. ROW 3: Mark Hansen, Tom Harman, Karen Harvey, eorqe Hastens, Billy Hauslein, Ierome Heidlauf, Carol Heidom. ROW 4: Mark Heidorn, Elaine Henkel, Sharon Herbst, Brent Herhold, Bill Hildebrand, Arthur Hill, Ida Holder. ROW 5: Sharon Holecek, Richard Hribar, Wal- ter Huber, Chuck Huth, Ken Iankauskas, Carolyn Iannusch, lames Ianas. ROW 6: Mary lensen, Susan lohns, Gail lohn- son, Marlene Iorqensen, Iim Kaub, Karen Korpen, Barbara Kerwith. ROW 7: lay Kessell, Bill Kesler, lenine Kienzle, Karen Kier, Marilyn Kimske, Iudy Kinniburqh, Gloria Kirlcpartrick. ROW 8: Bill Klotz, Terry Koch, Iim Koeppe, Howard Koepp, Randy Kopeny, Karol Korn- rumpf, leanette Kraus. BOW 9: lames Kreqq, Karen Kressmann, Linda Krist, Dave Kucera, Bon Kukas, Bill Lackland, Richard Lana. ROW 10: Lorelei Lange, Ierry Lanio, Karen Lauq, lim Leeney, Nicole Lehne, Armin Lehn- inq, Dorothy Lerner. ROW l: Richard Lichtenhaqen, Herbert Lienen' luruqaer, Charles Lier, Karen Lindemann, Fred Lima, Patsy Loewe, Denis Loaan. ROW 2: ludy lmrrilsardci, Dennis Laqerqurst, Susan Lund, Ardith Luske, Genevieve Maeqd- lin, Christine Malatt, Robert Marker. ROW 3: Ronald Martin, Cathy Martins, Wayne Mase, Pat McDaniel, Robert McNally, Marlene Messerschmidt, Kenneth Meyer. ROW 4: Betty Meyer, Richard Meyer, Wilbur Meyer, Rhoda Michaelsan, Bob Miller, Mary Mohrhardt, llarry Mawry. ROW 5: Paul Mueller, Sharon Muscat, Nancy Nesssheim, Betty Ann Neumann, Lynn Nielsen, lanet Nielson, Dick Niemeyer. ROW 6: Marqre Nardbroch, Ray Obardas, Dan Olesek, llenrette Olsen, Wacter Oomens, Otto lnqeluora, Dennis Panile. ROW 'fx Marilyn Panzer, Wallace Panzer, Allan Pasrhke, Merle Pater, Walter Pautsch, Walter Perliclc, Barta Peterson. ROW 8: Cathy Pethes, Dick Petres, Lyndel Pittelka, Ruta Pricehera, Marqe Pretzel, Nor- man Priori, Carol Ann Prueter, ROW fl: Ray Puetz, Edith Radatz, Barbara ltelcrrw, Carolyn Reschke, Bal: Revere, Bill llrvhrrran, Billy llicrtschel. ROW IU: Karr-n Rcrdre, Shawn Rodie, Carol llrrlrwrvler, Walter Ruflzrnsski, Leslie Ryden, lmttr: Ruell, lnf':iS'1lnaj:s. FRESHMAN i Q TQ. Q Q ,QQQ,Q .r I X .Q - , - W g QQ 4, !Q,:Q Q in wi in M. was Q q W. 'r . 'W' L K X, 'Q t ' , I fl 5 lt N XX vr Vg' 5 3. r , , X, lf Li A FW' - AI, 5-1 5 N we . -hifi -L l .l V 5, 5 ' , ' 'F SQ Qi, '15 5 Rx i W 4 X Q r- -t Q .Q 'X ,3 LN -93 ss. Q' , Q Q . Q Q Q Q Q Q ::' Qi.. X Q 3' W L, , Lf' 15? K r , Q' sg if - -r. ' , W' NWS: I wr. 3 i n tl Q ,ni Q - .. 'T' - 255' gg 1 A , Q ' , Ig: Q ,M iQ iw me 5,5 . r Y H - - ' , I 'N rf Q Q are f My . iw- L F5 f XF 'YM Ni l r xx ,Q .IEQQIQQZ fl' Q QQ. Q Q 5- QQ X X Q ml: sn . Q Ag Q Q t... QQ Q Q, Q ,x I QM Q .XQQQ xii 1 , L, -. 1 -W ti B , N F 4' B -. Q .1 I F X xl ' . X w B 'H xx R K, Q! Q X we gs r lr Q, Q A' fe-wk Q QQQQQQ px N vt, . Q, Q Q M gg .N W f W Q me xr . M r Q ' rf . W .tt P Q N . Q . Q Q . . Q Q E ,L Q Q Q3 A Q HQ Q Q Q-A uk., wr Q Q , , . . ivan Q QM Q . ,Nt :Q QSM Q rm - , -A fill 1 t L ,fu 'rf' ' 4 t rx, ...,, , 'f K Q U W t U X 3 r X 1 Q -' QQ QF' X. M 5 rw, , , , l f' s all I ' J v B r '53 3: rt, K lf V' - ' P t, -.3 Q, X . t. ... wi . .r,., , ,..., Y ' ,,., Q Q f'..f W .. fl' 4. X X - t. X . N --N Q 2' . QQ,,Q Q Q 1 Q QQ ,tier Q V X 1 ,Q ' R x 'Y Hs: XI.: .gm Ur ii hx W N 3:3 ,Q , Q at 'S-5,4 um N4 M' NH X . E , gg' lips! i Lv NPG? . gif 1 , C 'Mg ov if y in 'ST' ,,2. .Q as . t. NMA, tis WS 45. V f- l ff Q5 ini I Ss if is . sf -' ' -rvi I if Aki W Qt t Q 5, Q. Qwimiffriifffie i,U37??'Sf V Y Z. 'Wt-4155345 S6 Q fi .t is rv , -cl? wi yi wx if f - :M .. ,f we .-aug. riff' ' i 0 4: 4 . X sf. 'S k , ROW l: Thomas Sandberg, Bob Sass, Lois Sattler, Michel Schassburger, Ioanne Schauer, Barbara Schiewe, Dick Schwiewe. ROW 2: Cynthia Schillaci, Al Schneider, Carol Schneider, Ioy Schneider, Carolyn Schroth, Bob Schuler, Dick Schultz. ROW 3: Dale Schumacher, Ioan Schwermann, John Schwermann, Gerry Seidelman, Ruth Selke, Dennis Seroski, Terry Shanlley. ROW 4: Donna Shaw, Caroline Shumaker, Elizabeth Sievert, Iim Slovacek, Larry Smith. Walter Splitgerber, Lois Stemler. ROW 5: Martin Stolz, Dale Stranq, Lou Ann Sturm, Karen Swenson, Mary-Elizabeth Tank, Nancy Theeslield, Betty Thompson. ROW 6: Charmine Thompson, Karen Thoms, Diane Tillman, Dennis Tierney, Robert Tincu, Eleanor Todter, Dick Traversa. ROW 7: Carlene Tuisel, Bev Tuttle, Dawn Urban, Ieifrey Urqhardt, Linda Voigt, Bill Voss, Ken Wagner. ROW 8: Dick Wall, Sharon Wallace, Mark Waltz, Lois Warnke, Ierry Wegner, Ed Wen- dell, Delmar Werner. ROW 9: Carol Westerberg, Wayne Wiberg, John Wiedemann, Dick Williams, Louann Wolf, Helen Wunderlich, Gordon Zakrison. ROW 10: Nancy Zarndt, lim Zimmerman. NOT PICTURED: Roger Babilla, Karen Bartel, Alice Foerstel, Darlene Goettsche, George Hansen, Ruth Kinast, Ianice Maisel, David Mitchell, Donna Schalk. QT? .U l I . S I7 f'I-1 ' -. Fr' dr I F N it 1 ' 4 .4 4 .4, I ACTIVITIES 90 1 V yt ,'v 3 L wif-M f SW QE - Q- H! 'vs Vx, A 1 N33 'S Q Y 5 1 'HMI GN! -Mt A 3 ,qfwi Q X t'z:zfu'x'X'fXkA,f if Q EMMJ? Qtr: ke 3 ,. i ww PNY we s--if ,, , ! 9 l 3 ' 5 P P Y I 7 I Y Z f if, aptly 1 'f ex if ti, Sedted, left to iight: l.aVerne Aulei, Perry Gulhiontisen, lutty Eh it Mary lensen, Bob Scholz, Kent Muldenhauei, Harold lulinlzt'-. laschlne, Geo - -. 'ti e STUDENT COUNCM This year the Student Council has done much to promote school spirit and participation in school activities among the students. With Mr. Treichel as advisor, Bob Hurbanis, president, and ludy Eheim, secretary, the Council has accomplished many things. Some ot these include the establishment of a new hallguard system, the setting up of a Code oi Conduct, the changfng oi the number of attendants for Homecoming, the supervision oi the Christmas decorations, and the starting oi an intramural program. We feel that the Student Council has done much this year lor the good ot the student body, and we would like to thank them for their work. Courtesy nl Mrs. Schladezt 31d period Senior English Class. 49 ist Denni l l in thu 1 Q hmil 'ill 1 Standing: Marty lst-hinder, Dirk Swhiewe, llc-ill ling 5 r ye 4 ll ttz 5 'S,. 'X X 'J Morgar ret IIIVI fllltlfjl , Stcrtt Edit :sports erii AX WWYJW' Quoos, assistant editor, Ioan Haertel, business Mr. Lange, advisor, Bob Schqlz, editor-in-chief. ors: ludy Harders, feature editor, Dick Gahl. tor, Carol Weber, news editor, Margaret Ouoos, Hcrtv Schulz. 'l'yrfi::t:z: Dorothea Koepp, Nancy Vanderhorst, Ianet Lausch, Marilyn Holter, fin SU illustrators and Circulation Stafl: Lynn Siebel, Margaret. Hauser, Plril Scheel, Amanda Husberg, George Iohnson, Carol lvlueller. rrrtmsy ol the Moeller-Halleman Funeral Home. 5 - I BLUE AND GOLD STAFF This year under the leadership of Bob Scholz, editor, and Margaret Quoos, assistant, the Blue and Gold has brought to the students the news, sports events, and interesting and informative feature columns about the students and teachers. Besides working hard at putting out the paper, the Blue and Gold start also puts out the Student Directory and sponsors the Skating Parties. We Wish to thank them tor all the hard work they have put into the paper, making it one to be proud ot. K mr .gl Sports Slull: Dick Gulrl, Larry Clemelsen, Nun:-y Lczclzlcxnd. Row 2: Wes Bcrumcmn, Alon Krueqer, Herb Hoefer. Fecxlure Stull: ludy Kernnrlz, Gerlrude Neu. Muruurol Gurrotl, Iudy llurdoru, Bula l-lorvut. Huw IZ: Arlene Bcrrf-zykcrwnki, luyve Hauser. New Stuff: Ruth Mueller, Nancy Be-rreiler, lecnelle Berq, Bcrrburcx Gabrielson, Judy Poellol, lclyne Travis. Row 2: Carol Weber, Constantine Bruns, Elsie Erlues, Marty lschinqer. Clrurtesy cal the Penny Pinchers. 51 111 ix ff '. Aw -Q.. 4 u. s Jflf- 'vr N5 A CAPELLA CHOIR This year the A Capella Choir, under the direction ol Mr. Schroth, pertorrned three concerts and ap- peared on CBS television coast to coast. The Freshman Choir was not oraanized until the second semester. They did a line job in sinqinq in the Lenten and Sprina Concerts. Some ol the music they sang was The Nutcracker Suite and The Sona oi Christmas. The school is equally proud of the Sophomore Choir. They, too, Sana in the major concerts. K-init We are proud ol the three fine choirs we have at Luther and would like to conqratulate them tor doinq such wonderful Work. any ot Altmugntl and Allemntt. 9 Q 9? Q v .N , 7 rf A Q Y W, h . W W 5 Q M xii? 1 ' Q ' .-:..-- 1 .:,:. M Bag 'Sf ff if ' AQ - -Q - Q ' 1 Q, FQ w V Y' 'dgbefhgmn :gn N SOPHOMORE CHOIR FRESHMAN CHOIR b 5' oak 09109 vU LUTHER SINGERS How lg flrffiiiif-Iiri Vivi-1, lufly Lll1f?lIIl, Ntiiivy llf'IIt'ii ', Vfil Prrttisaon, PGI i':l YiZi'C1', llrilrin lfiifizwwli, Nurivy lock' Ifiiifi, Iifyw-llf1i1:14-1 How Z: IV-ii' fillii'lfIIltii1f'It, loc Sim I' ifiiiflr-zz, Mink Ifiiiiizitoti, Dirk Girhl, Dove Niiwiiy l'liil Swlif-ffl, Hola Srhc Luther hos two groups of singers known os the Luther Singers ond the Sophomore Singers. These groups ore selected from the A Cdpellot ond Sophomore Choirs. Their morin function is to sing for the Chapel services eoch doy. Besides this they perform for vorious orgornizotions dnd for different churches. One of their foremost dppeorotnces wos with the Lutheron Choir ot Chicogo. We hope thot both groups will continue their good work. :W 1 ..ji ,ZZ 3551? Q - if-if I A 1' I- X S' Q. N f- 1 - ' V ll' mf . X K 3' lf 'L 3 E: 3 4 Row l: Cwiscr Voigt, Bcity Thornsori, gl 5 E' ji Noncy Montelhcxno, Karen Montgomery, . A, I Ag , , 6+ S 4 Z lednette Berg, Yolonne Alliiecht, lone! , 'ic 'if' 'V Q ,W - Q ,, Wogemonn, Eileen Konovnik, Donny 1 - 6 x 9 9 ' 6 , ,1 Q Y' ' X if f Hilstrom. f . ,, 9, J S n Y' How 2: lorry Christiansen, Fred WIWGI' fl ner, lohn Strc-ich, Girly Mchl, Heili , ,X M Foul Mohrhmdt. Senior Erifilish Clkliiti, 54 vi Hmmm siwkmi chtwk Schmidt, Courtesy iii Mis. Sc'hi'Gdc's bil 1 Peii M This year our band can proudly be known as the marching band of Luther High North. Besides play- ing at the basketball games and football games, they displayed their new blue and gold uniforms by marching in the Homecoming Parade. For the foot- ball games they performed different formations along with the baton twirlers. Considering that they had little time to practice, we are proud of what they have accomplished this year. 'I - i'- Row l: Curt Woessner, Mr. Dorn, Mr. l-larimann, Mr. Bettermann, advisors, Truman lohnson. Row 2: Sharon Wallace, Diane Tillman. Armin Lehninq, Ron Steiqerwaldi, lohn Gelcan, Dale Kropke, Barbara Wertz, Terry Koch, Row 3: Bob Miller, Ken Weriz, Lawr- ence Peii, Edwin Wichert, Donald Adams, Marvin Bauer, Fred Limmel, Fred Kirschner, lohn Hailey, Bob Horvai, Ron Morabiclc. Row l: Georqene Wille, Lois l-lolmblad. Amanda l-lusberq, Mr. Tarnoski, ad- visor, Nancy Oman, Ioyce Hauser. Row 2: Dave Nordahl, Mark lohnsione. Bob Hurbanis, Al Krueger, presideni, Norm Hanan, Bob Scholz, Curl Woes- sner, Herb Zimmerman. Row 3: Ron l-lerr, Roqer Ryan, Don Roberts, Ron Blanken, Marv Bauer, Tom Bonness, Andy Kirslein, Charles Elling- son, Ken Weriz. KEY CLUB V KJ, Q in N , S I Xmhigy' s Row l: Burneal Pick, Dave Nasby, Mr. Treichel, Ken Becker, Dick Galleit, Bob Steinbach. Row Z: Wes Baumann, Bob Hurbanis, Perry Gulbrandsen, Bob Scholz, Dick Cahl, Iohn Vim Ifmi Row 3: Dave Werner, Al Krueger, Harold lahnke, president, Kent Moldenhauei, Dennis lteidoirt, Ron Blanken, Ray Geweke. The Key Club, which is sponsored by the Kiwanis Clubs of Chicago and under the direction of Mr. Treichel, has again lived up to its reputation as being one of the busiest clubs at Luther. The club sponsored the Candy Drive from which 310,000 was raised tor band uniforms and stage equipment. Among other things they checked coats at the basketball games, sold hand tire extinguishers, washed cars, and held a newspaper drive. We would like to congratulate them on the wonderful job they did for our school this year. 377 Courtesy oi the Key Club. 57 5 if ART CLUB Row I: Ruth Zirnrnurniarrn, George Iohnsan, Mr. Matthews, r.cIvrstwr, lirrr Leeney, Elsa Flehtuss. Raw 2: Annaliese Tantiirs, DrAnn Dan' zer, Sire Srrletzer, Carrrl Schroeder, Iayne Travis, Brrrnette Ardaah. Row 3: Itrdy Lenz, Marilyn Holter, lmis Ann Sattler, IaAnn Durkovic, Iasephine Trrrte, lanet Seeloldt, Lois Halnrlilad. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Seated: Allan Benson, Ian Krrrta. Row I: Bill Svhasslvrrraor, Indy Day, Donna Schnaitman, Lynda Krist, Mr. Hartmann, librarian, Karla Rieder, lrrdy Schneider, Henrietta Olsen. Row 2: Georqene Wille, Iayce Honey- man, Bev l.inl-ze, Gloria Kirkpatrick, Kathy Wildkatsch, Sally Schiornann, Marilyn Hill, Karen Mantaamery, Doris Lutinski, Diane Tillman, Maraaret Flair, ser, Iayne Travis. Row 3: Eileen Gavert, Gale Bohanan, Iudy Feiqe, Barbara Ilalwrar, Ken Ran- zarr, Bernard Dehlrn, Wayne Weilvera, Iohn Felcan, lanet Seeieldt, Gordon Zakrisan, Amanda Hrrslwera. KITCHEN CREW Raw 1: Chris ldacht, Gail Iahnswn, Mar- lene Messersrhmidt, Ken Wertz, Carol Weber, Ken Flanzarr, Maraaret Dells, Barbara Wertz, Mrs. Halvarsen. Row 2: Bill Rickman, Harry Mawrey, Herb Lienenlnruaaer, Betty Irll Frick, Fred Kirschner, Iuhn Enaelvretsrin Patricia Beraaesen, 58 LETTERMAN'S CLUB The Letterman's Club consists ot all those who have received a letter in any sport. You probably have seen these boys selling hot dogs and ice cream bars at the basketball games. We hope that in the years to come this club continues to show by their example good school spirit and sportsmanship. Bow l: Ken Becker, Del Bahn, Marty lschinaer, Carol Asmus, Ken Miner, Wes Baumann, Chuck Schmidt. Bow 2: Ron Matthes, Bob Iourgensen, Perry Gulhrandsen, Mr. Yuislcy tAdvismD, Donald Richter, lim Sievert, Bob Hurbanis. How 3: Dave Werner, lohn Geheb, lack White, Tom Bonness, Art Filip tPres1dentJ, Rich Maina, Hon Blanken, Alan Krueger, Harold Iahnlce, Denny Heidorn, Ken Nichols, Dave Nasby. Row 4: Carl Dahlquist, Tom Rode, Warren Arndt, Sig Kunz, Handy Schnoe-age. Dick Sellke, Harvey Hirsch, George Kaub, Marvin Bauer, Iohn Wilson, Kent Moldenhauer. 15' QQ 452' -B-4 ,uf Mx fQ, V99 Vwfl ,K 3 Waltz of the Flowers STORIES OF CHRISTMAS Under the direction of Mr. Treichel, assisted by Mr. Matthews, Mrs. Schrade, and Miss Robbert. Music provided by the A Capella and Sophomore Choirs, under the direction of Mr. Schroth, and by the Band, directed by Mr, Taebel. I The Blessed Story in Ca o ' ff, fr 1' -Q 1 - 'Liv ... xx ' 'Tfhrisrmcn is uhm 'JIVIFILIH lg V The NCIIiViTy Trr-pak from thrx Nutr-mc-km Suitv 000 .. , . ., ,. , MW ll We-9 9 9 yr l r ! 3 ray r ! r T ! n rL r! rlr T k 3 T 'Pl 1 ' E t lg lg 2 - KX, Wg f? t- :En -I ln X V an N I P1 v N . A , ib. , . Vi , , 1 , .. ..,, I in el v T 1 1 I .ln T! lwtlv . T if no 'Q .4 ' A 'f -' 2 Q Q M fy M 23 . r el 1 L v vhs, V ,S v , -V W ' A K v .l 'wif 5 v -K , , ' Q x K ' , W ' Q l 1 A Q , 4, F3 D -. l 1 1 T l - L - L+ 3 .' , v 5 J I A 4 Q H' T ' ' ' ' n A J li, K V ' X' T T .V PEP CLUB Hurrah for Luther! Hurrah for Luther! Someone in the crowd is yellinq hurrah for Luther. One. Two. Three. Four! Who 'ya qoinq to yell for? LUTHER! That's who! BATON TWIRLERS lackie Rose-ne, Delores Hewell, Sharon Halper, Arlene Hasselman, Nancy Koeppe, Karen Klein Clpadml, Ioan Haneri, Carol Franklin. No! pictured: Nancy Berreiter, loann and loyve Vvlehule Barbara Maiewski. l . if 'Q .-14 Q , ' if -D D l 53, '.,l '-as Q.. mem: . 2 - Salwar ga 8 ,vs W5 fx SP? 4 . L. Q ,QQ K ' . A AA G 4 . 4. 4 35 X x . 9 . - X Q f -A S X. i - . J k A - I 0 . x - 4 5 .-v 2 - ' - ' -. xb I 1 1 0 4 ,,- . 9 ci Q ' 0 I O ' 1 . . X ,3' P 4 .Sy W ijgfgg 0 'I I A A 4 Us . 4, Y h 1 K Q wiv s VMQ1 K .-Q, '1 f X 6 A 'gif .xg x RS WWA wigs.. . - . W' . wc' Sk - .- is ' .iw Q- y .K f A . fm v Z in A s :Afxfwffk , Q Q Q . E X K5 K, GQ Q? - S fgfkw si .mf Q dw- ' 'K Q f. - 3 x ix QS--N ,, f A X- S X P x - ' XS L .W ' A X xv .. A 59 N- ff ...X X ' x sq X - - ' ,, x f . 'sk S A X Q' ' fi . . . . Q- V. . . . . S swf. if S N X srl S S Sig? X ms WQKQQY Q X ,wx Kr wx 64 ,qjws .A 5 A -5 xg- X . . .- X , A-SS 5-fl - xv. X A N - 1 X wg .uv X -aim we fm gk, A :SW Q. X H: x SV A is 1w.eA iw K M S X . S gg s ,M , A. ew iw 'Sf ff Q +-S HSSP K ww BX ., 29: E w ' Wm fsjisixsf Wm. a XS s N? Q L, wi QW? V F. X , 'L iw .T w Nam-fvblif . Xf 5.-.Maw-3 Li M K A 4, , if f A fi Qggwgg . h - 7 gg 3 :S my 5 , sn, 3, Q 2 ik' wh ' f V- N! S? Q vp- .gy 2 w 4, W1 Hg' 4' A ..S.::,- ,. wa QQ '-1 4 A xl- lk Q X ' l W M V.,,, . . N 3 ,. V ,Q fl 1 X Mi I, gaximg-.,, . ,fy-, A, , its . 9573 .A 7 2 FSO' 502 .W I VARSITY FOOTBALL P. S. L. CHAMPS 1956 Row 1: Wes Baumann, manager, Larry Clemetsen, Ken Miner, Russell Langan, Horst Hackemer, Andy Nelson, Marty Ischinger, Dave Nasby, Ken Grosch. Row 2: Ted Leno, Bob Hurbanis, Fred Grosch, Dick Maxwell, Don Richter, Ray I-lupke, lack White, John Geheb, Nick Rader, Perry Gulbrandsen, Dave Werner, Iim Sievert, Bob Iourgensen, Al Niemuth. Row 3: Denny l-leidorn, Mike Gieseke, Kent Moldenhauer, Ron Blanken, Sig Kunz, George Kaub, Harvey Hirsch, Rich Sellke, Randy Schoenegge, Marv Bauer, Rich Maina ,Art Filip, Carl Dahl- quist, Harold Iahnke, Walter Fabry. Coaches: Mr. Yursky, Mr. Schluesener, Mr. Blecke. One of the greatest thrills ior all of the students at Luther this year was the Winning of the P.S.L. Championship. In all the games the team showed a great fighting spirit, determination to win, and good sportsmanship. There were many outstanding players on this year's team, two oi whom were Kent Moldenhauer and Art Filip, the co-captains. Art Filip was also given the Most Valuable Player Award. Our final record for the season was eight Wins and two losses. The team's highest scorer was Sig Kunz with 37 points. Art Filip gained the most ground, 519 yards. Dave Werner intercepted the most passes, and Harold Iahnke completed 16 out of 30 passing attempts. The leading pass catcher was Ron Blanken. Rich Sellke and Art Filip were both selected for the All-League Team. M f'fii1ltrmyfii the Ability Die and Mold Co. 66 Courtesy of Sz-hneider Realty Company. ,-V . 1 Sue Caihy Audrey L rlesy :A lhe ll 9 Chris Jan Y 4 X ? 2 X X I 'W 2 21? 3 , L lik, gb! . 5. ,r 'ix ,. ,A + 'f'2,K 351,55 Fl ,Q.5,2gm'2Qr6fg , .f ff-:gg SEER? 56 ff mfs ff! ff , ' V 13 tv aft.: 5 0 q' 'Q gf x X W x f 8 ' ,,, 'SSW' f , A ' NWN! 'li' A A-S .- . FOOTBALL How li Ken Haitkopt, Paul Mohrhardt, Kuil G1-ier, Bill Kessler, Frank Ehlinq, Dave Biainard, Ierry Swanson, Georqe Colletti, Bill Hickman. Row 2: llerh Hoeter, Bob Schumacher, lim Kauln, Tom Sandlnerq, Pete Pustorino, Art Treptow, Art llottman, David Hagen, Ed Wendle, l.arry Smith, Bill Meyer, Don Fritz, lelf Herhold. How 3: Coach Blecke, Howard Geier, Siq Schmidt, Bruce Anderson, Harry Mowery, Iim Derrkort, Jerry Heidlauf, Fred Limmel, Holi Malum, Mike Malum, Mike House- holder, lack Bera, Dale Schumacher, Dick Schiewcr, Coach Bernina. The Frosh-Soph Football team had a very successful season this year with five wins, no losses, and one tie. Some of the outstand- inq players on this year's team were the cocoptains, George Colletti and Bruce Westerberq, and also Dick Maxwell, who received the Most Valuable Player Award. Many thanks to the coaches, Mr. Blecke and Mr. Bernina, for the wonderful job they did with these boys this year. FROSH ,M gm. , , lr ' Fw as ,. Uv -r A ,W - 9, fp ltq ,fg- :S 1 I-J Row l: Ed Wendle, Ron Filip, Nils Bark, lim Kaub, Herb Hoefer, Chuck Schmidt, Walter Splitgerber. Row Z: Coach Blecke, Dave Hagen, Harry Mowery, lerry Heidloff, Ken Bohl, Howard Meinkow, Ed Ackert, lim Schmidt, Ierry Swanson and Bill Rickman, managers. SOPH This year our Frosh-Soph basketball team finished fifth in the P.S.L. stand- ings with a record of eight and four. They scored 727 points against their opponents 655 points. High scorer for the season was lim Schmidt. Howie Meinkow led in rebounds. Ierry Heidlauf, a freshman, led in shooting with a .393 percentage. Also, towards the end of the season, Harry Mowery and Iim Schmit moved up to varsity. This years team showed an improvement over last year's record, and generally made a very good showing. Raw I: Rich Meyer, Dave Brainard, Wally Splitgerber, Ieff Urghardt, Ray Pitz, Dale Schumacher. How 2: Ray Oberdas, Bill Pick, Dave Fleischer, Bill Reitchel, Howie Geier, Ed Wendle, Coach: Mr. Domroese. M HZ' ,. XJ? wr Nm Sm 'he M sl' Ittiw It INIIII Wiistiri, Vtwrrrwri Arririt, Art Iihi, Iirrxtx Ihrrzrfh, Iitrrriiri Irrhriizri, Keri Iii t-Iwi. :Nw 2: Llirrvii I71rrkrri+'-y-':, hiri Siwxw-:' I-r--I: Xthit it It Siiiik-i, Iiiii tr. i'rItIt'i, hi ii hitrrikirri hirr bt Iiirirrrr, IN Hiqh scorers tor the svsusori Wow: Wilsrwri with 2653 points, Ifrhrike with QLI4, Arrrdt with I5I, Fiiip with I43, Grid Bwckelr with I3I. Lcmrif irirr iii assists wfrs Kerri IEOCIQQH' with 72 mid iii Irrho thrrws, Iirri Strive-rt with 7fv'. rrrcrde. I,0r'rd' iriur iii defensive rvhorrridiriq was Hcrrvoy Hirsch with ISN, with Iohri Wiisrwii I9C'ICIII1yl iii Oifeiiisivw I'C'bOL1IitIII'lKj with IU3. The totcri rxglvoiriidiii-.rr wus Iecxd hy Harvey Hirsch with 215. Hamid Icrhiiiw srfcnrod tho riiost Irew throws, rwwrutriiirq SIU. With Krwii Pmcirfkrir' Grid Hrrrrviri Icririikw ms thw vosczcrptcrrris, the temii hcrs provwd that Luther has C1 tciririi mood GIIUUAIII to stfriiri rrp tw rrriy other sagtiooi iri the Privfrte Srirurwi Imrrtrrrv. ritt I L tri It Ivitrrirrttrrttriiriir tkiiriirtriiy, ,if Wir X x. Xt , gtk , V R sf gt A fs twig' 0, , fi f t r ft at I t : Q X iw, , f 3 3' 2 i .M 'is f f 'M A X XXX! N. jf ff 1 F' f' , 'X XR wt at R,iN it S L-A , 1 X V- H- KX mx t t Qt 5 x is E i f 1 x it ,QWKXAQ M XXX t X fb,-' A-4 . gin fy H 5 S A 'wk 1,5 ,ff Q f Q ag 4 EJ X z 1 H-...J Courtesy oi Pattison and Lundel Printers. fyfy, I 1,tYl'Hf 1 Wt 3 'ufz t.t.. ' 1 Ft t Eff: Lx QE?-if sa Q Q Q Ms X 73 ,I Q--v.....,,.... x,..... .'.-: wfw EW if a., N 5 -'Q-AIG faux , 6 ? F , E 5 '- A xx at xx -.xp-'M A Ny., Couriesy of Mr. cmd Mrs. E. Auler. D if x f' ' in Ni M. Frosh-Sophs Cheerleaders rexqn at Fresh-Soph Party Cocxch Brower CHEERLEADING iid-, I S i ning, Lows Wir, ufffrp MER 11155, I . , ,lv i U N U gum, Lili' N 1 QQ! , Cul . . ,,. V , M L ,. nil E QTHER EV! 'B 1' , Y ,Q A5- l 'Q .5 l . , V V ku .N Qi. X I: v K 912 t 1 rl fa x, El Row 1: Bob Steinbach, Del Bohn, Chuck Alm, lim Schmidi, Andy Nelson, Dove Werner, Cfirl A h kS h 'd W G 1 D ' H 'd smus, C uc c mi 1, cyne cxnq er, enms ei om Row 2: Coach Menlzinq, Wes Bauman, Harold Iahnke, Ron Blcmken, George Koub, Rich Sellke, Bill Fick, Bob Stcxiqer, Don Adams, Bob Molm, Couch Yursky Absent Bob Sieb BASEBALL Coach--Mr. Menkinq , V , K ' li Asst. Coaches-Mr. Yursky, Mr. Blecke , . , X ,qgx 5 gigs? S gw2.?,,Zr,, , , , ,AN 5. A , ' .. . g -- A ' asv- .. , JM . A -, .M We, wp Q.- .f , .MK . 5.. , iw N . Mi awww. . ' V..-... ,. Xia: 5 T . A - H, 3-'mf ssmxy if' A A A . N. A .Q - Q x 5, X. 692 we . . J. . .. .... A QP' . sixty: - l ' Nzvii' J w e Ai' , an LL . I q N 'XFX If If HIR 3 X lid! i' N. nm .QP Wann Nrifvff A 4 'I SN., HHER Y Ji 1 X .XA NX. ' an nan. Q TRACK Mr. Everly, coach Varsity Row 1: Siq Kunz, lahn Babenq, Rich Maina, Dick Tetze, Tom Bonness, Don Richter, lack White, Ray Geweke. HOW Z: Mr. Everly, Nick Rader, Ron Matthes, Bob Iourqensen, Ron Walker, Larry Clemetsen, Marty Ischinqer, Herb Zimmermann, Paul Mohrhcrdt, George Colletti. ljrrmh Scirrll llwvv l: lltrwfrrrl Gvivr, llarry Mrrwery, lirrvfr l'Irri::r-hr r, KvrrCiror:c'l1,Grrry Mehl, fflill l-jlf'l1l,Cif'f rrrfr Krt:1f'lr,l3otO Prrsltorrricv. lirrw 2: Mfrrl-1 llwrrlcrrn, Hrchrrrrl Wall, Inrry Swrrrrfzwrr, Stove Fusek, Bal: Wal- ther, Dun Fritz, Willvur Moyer, David lirrrirrrrrll, Hill Sf'liu5:s:l:irrr,gor, Mr. Everly. Vrrrrrtr-:ay rrl llirf 'lrwrrrittoss 78 GOLF Mr. Dinlcmeyer, couch Left to right: Mr. Dinkmeyer, Tom Rode, Bob Iccey, Bruce Westerberq. TENNIS Mr. Duensinq, couch Kneeling: Ken Hcrtkopf, Al Niemeth. Stcmdiriq: Nils Bark, Friedl Acker, Ken Nichols. 79 SWIMMING TEAM Mr. Hass, couch Row l: Fred Grosch, Bruce Koeniq, David Mil chell, Larry Clemetsen, Karl Kettlehut. Row 2: Mr. Hass, Keri Grosch, Iohn Enqebretson Fred Limmel, Don Roberts, Ron Walker. TILL WE ALL COME IN THE UNITY OF THE FAITH, AND OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SON OF GOD, UNTO A PERFECT MAN, UNTO THE MEASURE OF THE STATURE OF THE FULNESS OF CHRIST. Ephesians 4:13 yd W 6 M QS ww 418916 wwf! xww WW ,Wh 0 A Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Abel Donna Abel Barbara Abermann Mr. and Mrs. Henry Acker Mrs. Anna Adam Mr. and Mrs. E. Adam Mr. and Mrs. Altred C. Adams Donald Adams Marilyn Adams Aerocrafters Hobby Haven A Friend Carol Ahmdt Paula Albano Yolanne Albrecht Mrs. Evelyn All Mr. R. Anderka Marla Andresen Gretchen Andrus Bumette Ardough Armo Industries Warren Amdt Dr. and Mrs. Arthur LaVeme Auler Mr. and Mrs. E. Auler Barbara-Sue Babiar Vicki Babtlla William Babinec Paul Bacon Del Bahn David Bales Arvln Ballert Corinne Ballo Barbara Bank Mr. and Mrs. I. Bank Wesley Baranski Mr. and Mrs. Walter Barczykowski Barge William P. Barnick Mr. R. Barowski Peter Bartyrs Mr. and Mrs. Bauman Wes Bauman Mr. Iohn Beatty Carole Beck Mrs. Emily Beck Mr. and Mrs. Elmer W. Beck Sr. Irma Beck Kenneth Beck Ed Becker Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Becker Ken Becker Rose Becker Mrs. V. Becker Charlene Beggs Dave Behltng Alyce Behnke Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Behnke Marilyn Behnke Ruth Behnke The Belniaks Mr. and Mrs. L. Belzer Wally Benedeck Phyllis Benedettl Allan Benson Iudy Benson Alice Benteler Olive Benteler Ieannette Berg Mrs. Martha Berg Ronald Berg Susan Berger Pati Bergeson Sue Bergmann Ltnda Bergt Darlene Bemaw Mr. and Mrs. Berndt Ianice Bernsee Mrs. Otto Bemsee Mr. and Mrs. Victor Berretter Helmut Betcher PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Merle Bettermann Iill Beutlich Rev. and Mrs. A. Bielenberg Mr. and Mrs. George Blaha Harry W. Blank Ron Blanken Rev. T. Blanken Vt Blankenberg Sue Block Iohn Bobeng Mr. Ioseph Bobeng Mrs. Leona Bobeng Linda Bobeng Adolph Boehm Mr. and Mrs. I. Boehm Sr. Ioanne Boehm Rev. and Mrs. W. Boehm Ltnda Boers Mr. and Mrs. E. Bohl Elaine Bohl Ken Bohl Bonnie Bohn Mr. and Mrs. Bolz Mr. and Mrs. F. Banness Tom Banness Loretta Boris Chuck Bom Ianet Boyd Bev Brandt Mrs. E. Brandt Mrs. E. A. Brandt Mr. Edward Brandt Ioanne Bressinger Mr. and Mrs. Brettner Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Broeckel Wayne Bronke Barbara Browder Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Brower Mildred Brower Virginia Brown Helen Bruckner Darlene Buck Buddy Lore Buerger lrene Bujalka Sue Bung Dave Burkhardt ludy Burmeister Constantine Bruns Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Burrs Glenna Burrs Roberta Burrs C Ianice Calkins Al Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Carlson Doreen Carlson Bud Carpenter Central Specialty Shop Miss Lee Anne Cerone Mr. Harry Chipain Mr. and Mrs. H. Christiansen Ir. Mr. and Mrs. H. Christiansen Sr. Ioyce Christiansen Chris and Art Sam Ctccione Virginia Clark Larry Clemetsen Mr. and Mrs. W. Clemetsen Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Closset William Closset Elaine Clynch Eldon C'munt Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Colburn Mr. and Mrs. George Colletti Karen Conrad Mr. Hugh Cooper Tom Cousins Pat Cubak Mrs. Esther Cuntz Mr. and Mrs. Curtis D Mr. and Mrs. Dahlquist Mr. and Mrs. Dakan Mr. and Mrs. Ioe Dallman Delores Dallmeier Mrs. Iohanna Dandusky Di Ann Danzer Mr. and Mrs. Harold Danzer Iudy Day Mrs. Anna Debs Beverly Debs Dianne Debs Mr. and Mrs. E. Debs Mr. and Mrs. M. Delis Marge Delis Delta Eta Beta Pat Detloff Mr. and Mrs. Walter De Zur Clara Dombrow Daniel Dorth Iudy Doumont A. E. Drevdahl Victor Drevdahl Mr. and Mrs. I. Drttlein Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Duensing Iames A. Dwyer Dave Ebert Eunice Ebert Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ebert Martha Ebert Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ebert Amold Eckert Edmund Eckert Mr. and Mrs. M. Eckert Edison Building Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Eheim La Verne Ehrhardt Robert Ehrenberg Ioan Eichstaedt Eileen and Ierry Ken Eilken Karen Ellitt Mr. and Mrs. C. Ellgass Iackie Ellgass Pvt. Lawrence Ellgass Mr. and Mrs. T. Ellingson Iohn Engebrotsen Mr. and Mrs. Engel Mr. and Mrs. Anton Erbes Elsie Erbes Paula Evers I' Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Falduto Allen Pedersen Miss Alberta Ftck Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pick Bill Pick Burneal Pick Carole Pick Mrs. Christine Pick Mr. and Mrs. George Fick Georgene Pick Lynette Pick 3 Finger Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. William C. Fisher Doris Pohlmeister Lou-Ann Forbes Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Foreman Ioyce Foreman Ann Poster Mr. and Mrs. Iacob Freiman Mr. and Mrs. H. Freitag Betty Iill Prick Claudette Ioan Prick Gloria Pricke Mr. Ernest I. Fritz G Barbara Gabrielson Beverly I . Gabrielson N. Gabrielson Dick Gahl Rev. and Mrs. E. Gahl Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Gaik Gail Gajeski George Gardner Margaret Garrett Daniel Gartner Henry Gatti Eileen Gavert Mrs. Gavert Mrs. Louise Gawryck Iohn Geheb Clara Gehrke Mr. and Mrs. M. Geier Iim Genc Gene and Iudy Susan Gepputh Marlen Gerhauser Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gerhauser Glenn Geweke Mr. and Mrs. W. Geweke Ray Geweke Mike Gieseke Ginger and George Mr. L. Gift Mrs. L. Gift Ieanette Glaubttz Mr. and Mrs. I. Goaden Darlene Goettskhe Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Goertz Mr. and Mrs. Howard Goetz Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goetz Bill Goodger Pred Goodheart Mr. and Mrs. A. Goldschmidt Mr. and Mrs. C. Granath Karen Grandt Iackie Green Arlene Greinke Mr. and Mrs. R. Greising Rita Grethe Ronald Grethe Mr. Edwin Griffin Ken Grosch Kenneth P. Grosch Mr. and Mrs. Prank Grosch Marlene L. Grosch Iudy Guran H Barbara Haag Clara Haag Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haag Marylou Haag Mr. and Mrs. H. Haertel Iim Hanert Ioan Haertel Mr. and Mrs. Hall Gloria Hall Sharon Halper Mrs. Muriel Halverson Roy Halverson Karen Hamilton Hanson Park Studio Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hansen Ieffrey Hansen Lor Hansen Lorain Hansen Mrs. M. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Harder Mrs. Augusta Harder Iudy Harders Carolyn Hardt Marilyn Hardt Mr. and Mrs. Eder R. Hardwe Mr. and Mrs. Harks Tom Harman Dale Hartmann Karen Harr Karen Harvey Gene Hass Arlene Hasselman Mr. and Mrs. Hasselman Christa Hausner Ursula Hausner Mr. and Mrs. L. Hauser Carl Heidom Mr. and Mrs. George Hetdtman Nancy Heign Mrs. Lovella Heimel Brenda Heinz Mr. and Mrs. John Heinz, Jr. Margaret H. Heinz Mrs. Minnie Heinz Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Hemler Art Hemler Mrs. Elizabeth Hemler Mrs. Martha R. Hemler Cathy Hemmeter Mr. and Mrs. H. Henschel Mr. and Mrs. Roy G. Herhold Herkie Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hetzel Carl Hewelt Kenneth Hewelt Bill Heldebrand Art Hill Marily Hill Mrs. Hirsch Sandra Hirsch Rudolph Hirschmann Mr. and Mrs. Hoeter Herb Hoefer Leroy Hoff Diane Hoffman Mr. Hoffmann Mr. and Mrs. R. Hoffmann Nancy Holden Jack Holecek Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Holecek Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Hollon Clay Hollow Glenn Holmbom Karen Holtorft Eleanor Holz Ruth Holz Mike Householder Don Huebner Humboldt Mgr. Co. Amanda Husberg Charles Huth Miss R. Huxhold Mr. and Mrs. John Ianello Laverne Lee Ianello Mr. Victor Ianello I.H. Woodworking Co. Inc. Charlotte lomen Bill Insel Mr. E. Irsch I Bob Jacey Miss Gail Jahnke Mr. and Mrs. H. Jahnke Harold Jahnke Jr. Ken Jankauskas Mrs. G. Jany Lee M. Jany Wilma Jany Tony Janse George L. Janos Helen Jarosch Mr. I-'red Jaus Jeanette and Dick Mary Jensen Jerry and Maggie Don Jeschke Mr. and Mrs. E. Jeschke Ken Jeschke Mrs. Amanda Jeske Mr. and Mrs. E. Jessen Lois Jessen Richert Jewelers Jtnks Mr. and Mrs. Werner H. John Jerry Johnson Oscar Johnson Robert Jourgensen Mr. and Mrs. E. Julian Ed Kapp Mr. and Mrs. John Kappel Barbara Kappy Mr. Wally Karsowski Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Karzel Mr. and Mrs. John Kasper Mr. and Mrs. Mils Kasper George Kaub A Jim Kaub Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kavanough Mr. and Mrs. Carl Keller Mr. and Mrs. Karl Keller Sr. Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Kemnitz Mrs. H. O. Kemnitz Ken, Sam, and Ernie Elvis Dean Harry Kessell Bill Kestler Janine Kienzle Mr. and Mrs. Stillwell T. Kienzle Karen Kier Carl L. Kilian Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Kilmer Marilyn Kinske Ralph Kirschenberg Mr. and Mrs. A. Kirstein Betty Kiellen Mr. and Mrs. John Klein C. Kleiner Cleaners and Dyers Dr. and Mrs. E. E. Kleiner Ruth Kleiner Wm. C. Kleiner and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Herb Klopp Mr. and Mrs. Paul Klose Bertha Knoppel Mr. Henry Knueppel Alice Kobage Mrs. Betty Kobage Joanne Kobage Louis Kobage Mary Kobage Walter Kobage Paul Koebel Mr. and Mrs. George Koehler Mrs. Keeler Ernest Koenig Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Koenig Carole Koepp Dorothea Koepp Herbert Koepp Eric Koester Eileen Konecnik Randy Kopeny Torn Koranda Mr. and Mrs. August Krapprnan Miss A. Krause Mr. Leo E. Krause Mr. R. Krause Jeanette Krauss Tom Krenek Mr. and Mrs. E. Krenzlce Rev. and Mrs. A. R. Kretzmann Dale Kropke Dick Krueger Elaine Krueger Janice Kruto Dave Kucera Bertha Kuchenbecker Diane Kuchenbecker Mr. and Mrs. F. Kuchenbecker PAT RO N S Fred Kuchenbecker Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Carole Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Josef Kunzle George Kurik Louis Kurtz Stanley Kurtz Henry J. Kush Laboratories Inc. Dr. and Mrs. A. S. Mlchaelson Rhoda A. Michaelson Vaughan Michaelson Midnight Al Miller Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Miller I. Bill Lackland Nancy Lackland Mary Ladendorf Kenneth Lange Lorelei Lange Robert Lange Corrine G. Langosch Diane Lanoch George Lanoch Largo Barge Barbarba Larsen Mr. and Mrs. Edward Larsen Mr. and Mrs. S. Larssen S. Larssen Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Lausch Janet Lausch Lou Ann Leeney Al and Joan Lemke Harry Lemke Judy Lenz Phyllis Lenz Dorothy Lerner John S. Lewondowski Mrs. Julia Lichtenauer Carl Leibig Charles Linder Bev Linke Lorraine Lippert Christine Locht Patsy Loewe Julie Long Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Loshbaugh Fran Ludowici Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Luessow Judy Luessow Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Luessow M Mr. and Mrs. E. Mahler Kay Mahler Mrs. Minnie Mahler Sandra Mahler Sharon Mahler Carol Mahnke Mr. and Mrs. C. Mahnke Janice Maisel Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Maisel Paula Maisel Georgiana Maier Mr. and Mrs. Paul Maier Barbara Majewski Mr. and Mrs. J. Majewski Mrs. Virgil Malchow Mr. and Mrs. Malm Esther Malten Ronald Molten Mr. and Mrs. Julius Mandelke Mr. F. Manski Mr. and Mrs. E. Maringer H. Mark Jeanne Marose Ruth Marten Kathie Martens Norman Maske Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mason Jan Mason Pastor and Mrs. C. R. Matthtes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Matzer Pat Meter Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Menking George Menninger Mr. and Mrs. R. Mentinl: Mtchaelson-Black Research Mr. Leo Miller Mr. N. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ruth Miller Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Miller John Mtlleville R. Miner G. Mittelbrun Joyce Moldenhauer Bob Moll Mrs. Paul Moll Karen Montgomery Mrs. Esther Moore Miss Karen Moore Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Morck Jr. Carol Moritz Mr. and Mrs. Carl Muehlschlegel Dale Muehlschlegel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mueller Phillis Muhlenbroch Pat Murray Muslret and Hendrtksen Phannactsts Mr. and Mrs. George Nadenik Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Naeser Mrs. Joyce Nagle Mr. Jack Nahrstadt Nancy and Tom Nanette Nasko Ray Natzke Navy Pier F1unkie Charlotte Neber Bill Nehls Ken Nichols Curt Nicholson Dorothy Niciolek Mr. Ralph Niedert Irving Ntes Emst Nilsson David Nordahl Mariorie Nordbrock Mr. Jack Norris Norwood Cleaners Lyle Nudlne Mrs. Grace Nyvall 0 Charlotte Oemig Mr. and Mrs. Karl Oemig Mr. and Mrs. R. Oliver Inga Olson Mr. and Mrs. John N. Oster P Marilyn Panzer Al Paradies Sherry Pascale Allan Paschke Mr. and Mrs. K. Pattison Val Pattison Perry and Vaughan Kathy Pethes Edna Petrusek Mr. and Mrs. Herman Pett Lawrence Pett Joan Petersen Lotta Petersen Chuck Pfiffer Richard Pietras Mr. and Mrs. Pittelko Joan Pittelko Lyndell Pittelko Esther Ploeger Dorothy Ploense Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Plyruate Prof. and Mrs. D. E. Poellot Mike Poellot Mr. and Mrs. Herold Polley Gail Pomrenke Precision Clinical and Abalytical Laboratory Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Prinz Ed Prlnz Carol Ann Prueter Martha Prusait The Rev. and Mrs. Wm. Puder George Puelbe Q The Ouellas Mr. and Mrs. August Ouoos Margaret Ouoos R Mr. and Mrs. R. Raedeker Margaret Ramsey Mrs. Paula Rauhe Margaret Rauser Mary Ann Reisner Carolyn Rescheke DiAnne Richert Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Richter E. Rteck Karla Rieder William L. Rieder William L. Rieder Edmund Rode William Rode Sharen and Karen Rodie Mr. and Mrs. Rodie Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Roeder Carol Rohwe Bob Rohweder Mr. and Mrs. H. Rohweder Carol Roll Mr. and Mrs. David Roth Mrs. Hilda Rossow Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rotter Marilyn Rotter Walter Rudztnskl Dick Rusch Roger Ryan Leslie Ryden Lois Ann Sattler Joanne Savol Christine Schaden Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schaden Donna Mae Schalk Bill Schassburger Mr. and Mrs. G. Scheel Philip Scheel Judy Schelthoff Mr. and Mrs. George Schenk Scherer Tools Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schermer Billy Schiemann Sally Ann Schiemann Sandra Schiemann Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schiemann Barbara Schiewe Mr. and Mrs. E. Schiewe Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Schiewe Cynthia Schillaci Bill Schlegl Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schmidt Edward Schmidt James Schmidt Heide Schmidt Reinhold Schmidt Rose Ann Schmidt -t PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schmidt Carol Schneider Joy Schneider Bruno Schoenegge Clara Schoenegge Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Scholz Robert Scholz Mrs. Arlene Schrade Mrs. Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schroeder Arlene Schroeder Dr. D. L. Schroeder Mrs. Minnie Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schroeder Carolyn Schroth Ralph Schultz Dale Schumaker Mike Schumaker Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schwanenberg Ken Schwarz Bobbie Schwerkert Joan Schwerman Joy Sebastian Mr. and Mrs. R. Sebastian Mrs. Roberta Sebastian Second Period English Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Sedwall Mr. and Mrs. O. Sedwall Janet Seefeldt Mrs. Norman Seehaier Ray Seehafer Billy Seifert Judy Seifert Mrs. W. Seifert Sr. Mrs. Elmer Sellke Mrs. George Sellke Ed Semlor Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sertz and Doolie Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Setzer Mrs. Audrey Shaak Sharon and Ralph Lodik Shemerdian Jack Shimkus Mrs. Lillian Shimkus Lois Shimkus Lynn Siebel Mr. Otto Slebenmonn Ruth Siegmann Mr. and Mrs. W. Sielak Elizabeth Sievert Mr. Leonard Io Skala M. E. Skala Miss Frieda Skibbe Mr. Walter Skibbe Smart Floors Linoleum Contractors Mr. and Mrs. Smith Larry Smith Sandra Smith Mr. and Mrs. V. D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Snyder Sparky Walter Splitgerber Andrea Solomon Barbara Sorensen Karl Sorenson Bob Staiger St. James Harmony Girls Lois Stemler Mr. and Mrs. Fred Steigerwald Walter Stephan Mr. and Mrs. Paul I. Sterbuck Robert Stevens Steven's Grill Mrs. Augusta Stott Lorraine Stockinqer Mr. and Mrs. Stoftregen Betty Stoike Martin Stolz Gus Stritt Mr. and Mrs. K. Suckow Karen Suckow Mr. and Mrs. Roy G. Suckow Sue and Randy Annette Suffern Wayne Sunderlin Arlene Sutter Dorothy Killian Swanson Karen Swenson Lenard Swenson Margie Sweeney Sarah Swenson Weimar Swenson 'I' Table 7 Anniliese Tantius Richard Tavenner Tamy Mrs. J. N. Taylor Virginia Taylor Sue Taylor Terry and Perry Richard Tetze The Linnemann's The Redhead Judy Thiele Rev. Thies Rosena Thomasson Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Thompson Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Thompson Betty Ann Thomson Christine Thomson Bemice Thunderg Diane Tickman Timm's Food Mart Eleanor Todter Mrs. Fred Todter Hildegarde Todter Robert H. Toelke Ill Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tomicick Karen E. Topf Gail Totman Richard Traversa Jayne Travis Lillian Travis Mrs. Ray Treskow Troy Printing and Office Supplies Josephine Trute Le Roy Turner Beverly Tuttle U Marilyn Unrath Dennis Urban Jeffrey Urquhart V Prof. and Mrs. W. Vahl Mr. and Mrs. Fred Vanderhocht Mr. and Mrs. E. Vanderhorst Judy Vandlik Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vandlik Walter Vehrs Katharina Vetter Mr. and Mrs. Vietinghoff Ingrid Voigt Darlene Volek John VonLehe W Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Waechter Mr. Carl Wagemann Mr. George Wagemann Janet Wagemann Mr. and Mrs. R. Walker Ron Walker Marge Walledom Mr. and Mrs. Herman Walter Mr. J. Waltz Mrs. Joseph Waltz Mark Waltz Melody Waltz Mr. and Mrs. Al Warnke Joyce Warnke Lois Warnke Jack Watson Mrs. Virginia Watt Mr. and Mrs. C. Weber Weber's Pastry Shop Mrs. A. Weidner Mr. and Mrs. Harold Weimer John Wellen Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wendt Karen Wendt Marylan Wendt Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Wenghofer Diane Wenzel Delmar Wemer Barbara Wertz Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Wertz Kenneth Wertz Bruce Westerberg Carol Westerberg Jack White Mr. and Mrs. G. Wichert Edwin J. Wichert Mr. E. H. Wierzba Jim Wierzba Kathie Wildkatsch Mr. and Mrs. A. Wilke Shirley Wilke Sondra Wilke Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wille Mr. and Mrs. E. Wille Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wille Kay Williamson Al Wilner Mr. and Mrs. G. Wilner Don Witt and Co. Myra Wiwat Joan Wohlfiel Lo Anne Worth Bruno Wronski Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wunder Mr. and Mrs. Wunderlich Mrs. Elizabeth Wunsch Mr. Harold Wunsch Y Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Yohpe Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Yohpe Marilyn Yohpe Mr. and Mrs. Fred Yost Mrs. Marge Yurlco Mr. and Mrs. George Zapel Gene Zapel Nancy Zarnt Eleanor Zelmer Joe Zeypher Jim Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zornow J t E ' 1 M, MZ M Mig i i 1 1 1X 1 1 1 1 I X X XX Y1 ! 1 :XX X1 11X V! 1,1 ' 1 :IX1 1 1' X 1 '- X1 5 1 WX 1 11,111 11 11111 X NLM XX111X1 X XX W 1X11111I JXQW ,1 X X X 1 1 11 1:1111 1X X XM! 1 1111 1 X 1 1 1 1X!111 X 11111111 1 1 1 1 11: '11 X 1111 11X1X 1 1 11 H 11741 wg X111 111X f11 T 19119 1 X111 11 11 'M1111 ' Q11 1XXX X1 XXX X 17 111 '15 1 'L 1X 1X 1 1 1 1 11! W f 1112 111 11 ' 1 1111 11 11 1 .11 11 1 . XXX ' 1.111 1111 11:11 111111 i V '5 1:1 X XX 1 1 3 11 111 1 111 1, .I 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 X'X11 1 X 1111111111 1 1 1 11 11 ' I 1 ' 1 X1X X 1 ,1111 1 1 1f X111 X 111 XX 1 X 'x ' 5 X11 'L. 11 1 1 1 , 13' 1 151 X X X1 -'. 'X '1 11 11 1 7-L ' 1 1 11 1 1. 1 1 X 1 11X i 11'T'1 1 X 1 X111 1 1111' ' 1 ' '1111 X I '1111 11111 1 ' . X 1'4XXXX 11 1 1 X XXXXX1 1 1 1 1 I l F 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q . . 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Suggestions in the Luther North High School - Log Yearbook (Chicago, IL) collection:

Luther North High School - Log Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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