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t Foreword As we leave the hallowed halls of Luther Jackson that have meant to us in the past four years, we are confident that through the knowledge and eternal friendships w ' e have gained therein, we are prepared for the countless tasks before us. W ' e extend to you, our readers, the invitation to come with us while we relive some of the innumerable experiences and enrich¬ ments that have been afforded through superb instruction, chan¬ neled guidance and invaluable fellowship. Donald Vincent As president of the senior class of 1961, I would like to express our deepest grati¬ tude for all the patience and understanding that you have so earnestly given pis our four years at Luther Jackson High School. Realizing that education plays an iin- jjortant jxtrt in a changing world such as we live in today, we are deeply indebted to you the members of the Luther Jackson family, our parents and many, many triends. I’his indebtedness will cause us to seek more knowledge in the future. VVe feel that we ha ' e taken our first stejrs toward a promising future and we hope one of which you will be proud. Donald E. Vincent, Jr., President Lender the guidance of its sponsors, Mrs. Annie M. Fortune and Mrs. Harriette G. Hemby, the Yearbook Staff has made this project successful. This was made pos¬ sible, however, through the continuous efforts of the members of the staff. They took time out from many actnities to make this book a book that will be long remembered. I’he Yearbook Staff would like to thank the faculty and student body for their hearty cooperation. Gloria Thomas, Editor I 1 I To The Senior Class of 1961 : I iiave had the opj ortunity many times to express my sincere thanks and a])precia- tion to seniors and sponsors for a jol) well done to make their annual a successful project. Each yeai ' I get a great deal of .self pride and satisfaction to know that I have played just a small part in your develojunent. I am not only proud of the accompli.shments you ha e made but also the efforts on the part of your parents and your teachers. I feel that we have an illustration of perfect team work. ENeiy small or large successful business, or organization, has been built by working together with a common end in iew. I have no doubt in my mind that you will be a credit to this school, youi ' jjareirts and yourself. ' I ' ou must remember, however, that you cannot be successlul in life without forgetting per.sonal ambitions and .selfishness. The determination to get along with your fellow man should be your aim. I believe that you are prepared mentally, spiritually, physically and .socially to make your future one of success and happiness. Sincerely, 4 Assistant Principal ' s Message To The Senior Class of 1961 : riianks so veiy much for honoring me by granting me this privilege of partici¬ pating, in this manner, in your vciy fine Annual. ' ' our accomplishments have been many and I wish to congratulate you and your sponsors for a job well done. I do hope sincerely that your association with us has both stimulated and chal¬ lenged you to the extent that you will mo e forward with your eveiy endeavor, aKvays keeping in mind as you develop intellectually that spiritual development is also essential. I urge you to set your goals high, jrut forth your best efforts to succeed, but should failure confront you, then I commend to you this cjuotation from Henrv’ Ford, “One who fears failure limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity more intelligently to begin again.” It is my fondest wish for all of you that life will be kind to you, and that your innermost wishes will come true. Sincerely, 5 Mrs. Tcmpie Vest Mrs. Gwendolyn Faiintleroy Mrs. Claudia Hammond Luther Jackson High School Guidance Dej artment Guidance .services fonn an important part of the total school program. Each teacher is responsible for teacher-counselor duties. The Guidance Staff functions as a co-ordinating body. Regular individual and group counseling is the most important function of the Guidance 1 fejrartment. Other sendees perfonned by the stall include: scheduling classes, hcl]3ing students to select their programs of study, making schedule changes, the testing program, and helping students in their college and career planning. Mrs. ( laudia Hammond, Director of Guidance and 12th. grade counselor Mrs. Gwendolyn Faiintleroy, 7th. and 8th. grade counselor Mrs. ' I’enijne d ' st, 9th., 10th., and 1 1th. grades counselor 6 Principal, Mr. Taylor M. Williams and financial secretary Mrs. Jean D. Minor. Office staff: Mrs. Loretta Berry, Mrs. Jean Minor, Mrs. Patricia Hall. 7 Dear Seniors, Sincere congratulations upon your graduation. Each of you has l)een able, enthusiastic and willing to coojxu ' ate with the others in all of our undertakings. E idence of your willingness to cooper¬ ate has made a ])rofound impression on those who have worked with you. W’c hojx ' the future will bring you even greater successes. Sincerely, 8 Etta V. Allen Choir . . . F.B.L.A. lb ■ ' „ I I 1 Cardell F. Banks D O. . . . Robert L. Blackwell Band . . . Football. Anna M. Brown N.H.A. . . . Library Clara T. Carr Choir . . . N.H.A. Perrin ]. Carr Football . . . Choir . . . Modern Dance . . . Dramatics . . . Newspaper. Louis E. Dennis Industrial Arts . . . D.O. Clyde E. Denny Basketball . . . Cheerleader . . . Modem Dance . . . Newspaper Patrol . . . Yearbook Staff . . . F.B.L.A. I Jean C. Grant Basketball . . . Cheerleader . . F.B.L.A. . . . Newspaper . . Modern Dance . . . Choir . . Yearbook . . . Patrol. Genevieve L. Honesty Patrols . . . Shirley Johnson French . . . F.B.L.A. . . . Spanish . . . Yearbook Staff. Charlotte M. Kye F.B.L.A. Sheila M. Lewis National Honor Society . . Band , . . Math and Science . . . French . . . Dramatics. Kenzie R. Locke I ' ootball . . . Patrol. Virginia L. Marshall Basketball . . . Cheerleader . . . Yearbook Staff . . F.B.L.A. . . . Modern Dance. I Marlene E. Morris CUioir . . . Math and Science. f Violet ]. Pearson F.B.L.A. . . . Cheerleader . . . Basketball . . . Spanish . . . Pa¬ trol . . . Band . . . Modern Dance . . . Newspaper. Clarence Pitts I Leroy J. Robinson F.B.L.A, Barbara J. Seegars Choir . . . French. Charles L. Simmons French. Carol P. Smith Choir. George K. Smith Industrial . rts. Franklin D. Smith Industrial Arts. Shirley M. Scott Honor Society . . . Choir . . . Math and Science . . . F.B.L.A. . . . S.P.A. . . . Spanish . , Yearbook Staff. Wanda J. Scott Honor Society . . . Choir . . . F.B.L.A. . . . Math and Sci¬ ence . . . Dramatics . . . Year¬ book Staff . . . Spanish. Elaina .-1. Taylor Honor Society . . . Cihoir . . Math and Science . . , Major¬ ette , . . French . . . Cheer¬ leader . . . Dramatics . . . Year¬ book Staff. LaVerne Z. Taylor Library . . . French. Gloria ]. Thomas Honor Society . . . Math and Science . . . Choir . . . Cheer¬ leader . . . Journalism. . Teal . . Yearbook Staff . . Math and Science James A. Vanison Industrial Arts. Donald E. Vincent, Jr. Football . . . French . . . Year¬ book Staff . . . Modern Dance. Edward B. Walker Industrial Arts . . . Track Baseball. BilUe A. Wells Flonor Society . . . Band . . . Math and Science . . . Spanish . . . French . . . Dramatics. Pauline C. Young Choir . . . Library , . . N.Fr.. ' . Billie Wells M arianne Xewitt Janice Payne Senior Meinhers of the National Honor Society Elaina Tavlor Gloria Thomas Gloria Black Scott Sheila Lewis Linda Cox FACULTY Mrs. Carrie B. James Mr. Dean C. Harris Mr. Edward Shippen Mr. Eugene Skinner Social Studies Mr. George W. Felton Mr. Cecil M. Robinson M rs. Rosalee Griffin Mrs. Dorothy Hall Miss Miss Frances Williams Thelma Pointer Man ' Henderson Mrs, Tillie Warren Mr. Ciharles Price The Luther Jackson Golf Club won the 1960 State VIA Golf Chamjnonship led by their medalist and state individual champion Jesse Hines. The club: Mr. George Felton, coach; David Moody, John Lee, Perrin Carr and Jesse Hines. The 1960 football team was led by Cajitain George Strange. Out of the thirty-four members of the team, we had a number ot outstanding players while some ended their careers. Jesse H ines, our All-Fairfax County Flaltback and candidate for the county’s Most Valuable Player Award was our leading back. George Strange was our outstanding lineman. ' I ' lie Luther Jackson I ' igerette.s can certainly claim honors in the hctory Hall. They were undeleatecl for the season 1959-1960 (8—0). ’ictory isn ' t the only -alue these girls have receic ' cd. L ' nder the direction of Coaches Miss Frances E. Williams and Mrs. Carrie B. James, these ycnng ladies ha ' e learned that there are more higher values than winning. Such values include: Self-discipline, good sportsman¬ ship, respect tor authority, gi c and take and how to get along with others. If for no other reasons, these values should prove that Raskethall is a worthwhile activity for girls at Luther Jackson. FRONT RO li’ — Kneeling: Clyde Denny, Virginia Marshall, Patricia Denny, Violet Pearson. SECOND ROW — Standing: Manager: Rosalie Brown, Scorekeeper: Beverly Tay¬ lor, Martha Brown, Alora Johnson, Janice Payne, Frances Rucker, Shirley McRae, Irene Lambert; Jean Grant. Coaches: Mrs. Carrie B. James and Miss Frances E. Williams. I i 1 1 i I I i I 35 And heic they are!! I ' he lix ' clicst pep group in Northern Vhrginia. They are the Lather Jackson High Scliool C ' -heerleaders. The cheerleaders under the direction of Miss Barbara J. Dodd have really urged onr teams on to victoiy. I ' heir red and gold vveskits have called NOT — Take me to your leader, but instead — “We Are YOUR Leaders!!” I’he student body res]x;nded to this call and ga e the support that was needed. They traveled, they yelled and WE WON!! mighty leaders are as follows: FRONT A’Olt’ — Kneeling: Elaina Taylor. SECOND AO IT -- Kneeling: Violet Pearson, Lillie Wagstafr, Clyde Denny. THIRD ROW — Standing: Audrey Peppers, Christine Houston, Doris Ilyden, Jean Grant, Gloria Thomas and Mrginia Marshall (not shown). I 36 Seniors of the basketball team — Milton Gunn, captain, Albert Price, Mr. George V. Felton, coach ; Jesse Hines and Thomas Grayson. The Luther Jackson Tigers came out of each liucklle with a roar and remained mighty throughout the game. The record last year was 15 ' - - 6L. At this writing we hope that the finished record tor this school tenn will be 18 ' — 2L (two ha -e been lost). Under the capable direction of Coaches George Felton and Charles Price, our team should become MIGHIA’ ALL .AMFd-GC.AN CJITZEXS. The Luther Jackson Baseball Club consists of a small hut energetic groujr wlio jrlay a very imjrortant part in our total school program. I’he coaches for the baseball team arc Mr. Richard Jackson and Mr. Eugene Skinner. Idle Luther Jackson 1960 track season was eventlul. At the 1960 Virginia State meet, Robert Pearson ran the mile the fastest in his heat and placed 4th in the meet. Coaches are Mr. Charles Price and Mr. Edw ard Bell. Members of the team are Thomas- McCoy, James Madison, John I’hompson, Robert Pearson and David W eathers. I 1 With the addition of the Intermediate school, the health, physical education and athletic jrrogram has become broad and varied, d’he health and weltare of the en¬ tire school is dejjcndent ujjon th( ' oj erational aspects of our program including a full time su])erv ised clinic lor both boys and girls. Our athletic laogram has exiranded to jrarticipation in six sports, d’hcy arc: loot- ball, basketball (girls and boys), Ijascball, soltball (girls), track (boys and girls), tennis (boys and girls) and goll. This program utilizes twelve coaching assignments which include nine men and three women. Mr. Donald Witten is the director of this department. 40 Mrs. Joan Falls, our school nurse, is a member of the Fairfax County Health De¬ partment and is a coordinator of the Health program in the school. Among the responsibilities are those of clinic care of students and a source of referral for health problems needing health department facilities. She is also responsible for follow-up care in the homes of students needing health care and recommendations. 41 Talking it over concerning the upkeep of the school building arc Mr. Dennis Lancaster, Mr. Leonard Napper, (head custodian), and Mrs. Etta Richards. Not shown are Mr. Pendle¬ ton Grisby; Mr. Andrew Jackson, Mr. Theordore Johnson and Mr. Norman Sulton. I ' he cafeteria staff is headed by Mrs. Lucy M. Hall. Her co-workers are left to right; Mrs. Gladys Martin, Mrs. Sadie McLeod, Mrs. Myra Richards and Robert Richards. Not shown is M rs. Ella Rector. Senior Directory Allen, Etta V. 707 S. Payne Street Fairfax, Virginia Banks, Cardell F. 615 Telegraph Road Alexandria, Virginia Barrett, Caroletta M. 514A Forney Loop Fort Belvoir, Virginia Bigelow, Cheryl R. 130 Pleasant Street N.W. Vienna, Virginia Black, Gloria 1). 931 Apartment I) Fort Bek oir, Virginia Blackwell, Robert L. Post office Box 144 Merrifield, Virginia Brown, Anna M. 476 West Street N.W. Vienna, Virginia Bushrod, Barbara V. Route 2 Box 11 Lorton, Virginia Butler, Diane V. 6053 Maple Street Alexandria, Virginia Carpenter, Betty J. 936 Griffin Drive Alexandria, Virginia Carr, Clara T. Route 1 Box 218 Herndon, Virginia Carr, Perrin J. 6028 Maple Street Alexandria, Virginia Carter, Agnes L Route 1 Box 41 Alexandria, Virginia Chase, Nonnan C. Route 1 Box 502 Alexandria, Virginia Cox, Lynda B. 926 A Fort Belvoir, Virginia 1 )ennis, Louis E. Route 2 Bo.x 12 Lorton, Virginia Denny, Clyde E. 422 Shre e Street Falls Church, Virginia Dodson, Ronald L. Route 1 Box 304 Alexandria, Virginia Ellis, Joseph M. 447 West Street N.W. Vienna, Virginia Evans, Isiah Route 1 Box 98 Alexandria, Virginia 43 Senior Directory Fuller. Carolyn A. ,i91 1 Maple Street Alexandria, Virginia Honc ' sty, Gene ' iev( ' L. Route 1 box 502 ’ienna. 4rginia Gibson. Mildred J. Ixoute 1 box 64 ■■Mexandria. Virginia Houston. CHiristine M. Route 1 box 48 Alexandria. Virginia Grant. Jean C. box 1203 A McLean. Vdrginia Hunter, Joan P. 6016 Munson Road Alexandria, Virginia Grayson. Thomas F. 404 Liberty Street Falls Church, Ahrginia Hunter, Newton b. 6016 Munson Road .Alexandria, ' 4rginia Grimes, Regina M. 5941 Oak Street Alexandria, irginia Flunter, VV. Oliver 6014 Munson Road Alexandria, Virginia Gunn, Milton L. 616 Pitts Street . ' Vexandi ' ia, Virginia Flyden, 1 )oris V. Route 1 box 494 .Alexandria, 4rginia Hall, Daphne M. 5633 Old Dominion Dri e McLean, hrginia Johnson, Shirley 22 Stacey Road Alexandria, irginia Hall, Mildred A. 101 Poplar Street Falls CHiurch, Virginia Kye, Gharlottc M. Route 2 b(!x 6 Lorton, hrginia 1 lawkins. Emma C. 5900 Munson Road Alexandria, hrginia Kye, Patricia A. Route 2 box 6 Lorton, A ' hrginia I lines. Jesse R. 816 Quander Road Alexandria. Virginia Lewis, Gloria FI. Post office box 264 Merrifield, Virginia 4-1 Senior Directory Lewis, Shelia M. Route 3 Box 68 Manassas, hrginia Morris. Marlene E. 411 Orchard Street X.W Vienna, urginia Locke, Kenzie R. Route 1 Box 21 Alexandria, hrginia Mundv. Edna E. Route 4 Box 334 Fairfax. Virginia Lyles, Fayrene A. Route 1 Box 56 . ' Mexandria, Virginia Xewett. Marianne 933C Barlow Road Fort BeK ' oir. 4rginia Madison, Delores J. Ivoute 2 Box 275 McLean, urginia Xewman. Mary 532 Orchard .Street X’ .W 4enna. X’irginia Marsh, Vivian L. 501 Shre ' e Road Falls Church, hrginia Payne. Janice D. 205 V. School Street Fairfax, ' irgi nia Marshall, urginia L. Route 1 Box 77 Fairfax, urginia Pearson, 4olet J. 1900 Lee .Street Falls Church, 4rginia McCoy, Thomas C. Post office Box 164 Merrifield, urginia Pitts. Clarence Route 2 Box 384 . lexandria. 4rginia McRae, Shirley J. Route 1 Box 518 Alexandria, 4rginia Price. W. . lbert 31 .Stacey Road Alexandria, 4rginia Moody, Da id N. Post office Box 27 Merrifield, urginia Ouander, Irene E. 840 Quander Road .‘Mexandria. 54rginia Moore, Phillip E. Route 1 Box 480 Alexandria, 4rginia Robinson. Garfield D. Route 3 Box 83 Manassas, 4rginia 45 Senior Directory Robinson, Leroy J. Taylor, Elaina A. Route 1 Box 136A 2814 Lee Highway Fairfax, Virginia Falls Church, ' irginia Scegars, Barbara J. Ixonte 2 Box 29 Cinnston Rd. Taylor, La Verne Z. Lorton, Virginia l eal, Rogia R. Route 1 Box 73 Siinnions, Charles L. 5705 Maple Street Fairfax, Virginia Alexandria, Virginia Thomas, Carolyn E. Route 4 Box 531 Smith, Carol P. Route 1 Box 52 Vienna, Virginia Chantilly, Virginia Fhomas, Gloria J. 21 7 Pleasant Street S.W Smith, Franklin 1). Vienna, Virginia Postoffice Box 334 Merriheld, Virginia Vanison, James A. 546 Malcolm Road Smith, George K. Route 1 Box 34P Vienna, Virginia Chantilly, Virginia Vincent, Donald E. 31 Stacey Road Strange, George Route 1 Box 54 Alexandria, Virginia Alexandria, Virginia Walker, Edward B. 6003 Maple Street Scott, Shirley M. 531 Highland Street N.VV. Alexandria, Virginia 4enna, Virginia W ells, Billie A. 165 21st Street Scott, Wanda J. Eort B(4voir, Virginia 312 Shre -e Street Falls Church, Virginia ' ' onng, Pauline G. 219 West Drive 4 ' aylor, Beverly J. 627 S. Payne Street Fairfax, Virginia Fairfax, 4rginia ' I ' he Luther Jackson Choir has “raised” many songs on high — some in glory, some in tenderness and some in sorrow, but these songs are sung with tlie zest and feeling that would make any composer proud of the group rendering his composi¬ tion. Linder the direction of Mr. Dean C. Harris, the Luther Jackson Choir has and will still make accomplishments worthy of the great. We are proud of our band and rightfully so. The honor the band has bestowed upon our school has amounted to awards and a host of complimentary remarks from listeners and onlookers. Each honor that is given just adds a little more work for Mr. Robert Griffin, the director, and the band members. They do not mind, for music is the soul of man and has a right in the halls of ALL institutions. i8 sS 1 1 I u The Future Business Leaders of America, under the supei-vision of Mrs. Tillie Warren and Mrs. Mary Flenderson, consist of students enrolled in commercial edu¬ cation. Our main goal is jtroducing (jualified young business leaders. The Barbering Club, under the direction of Mr. Lloyd skills ol barbering. pson The Student Cooperative Association council with the aid of classroom rejjresentatives, have plans on the way for assisting the school in safety, welfare, building and grounds, ddie officers are: Ave Brown, president, Ronald Martin, vice jrresident, Peggy Fletcher, secretary, Sheila Grayson, treasurer and Mrs. Rosalie Griffin, sponsor. The officers along with the other members of the council, the Stud t Participation Association, work diligently together to “promote the gene I w ' clfare of the .school. The officers are: Gloria Black, president, Mariai? Newett, vice president, Shirley Scott, secretaiy; Melba Lee, treasurer tJ Mrs. Jean S. Goxe, sponsor. ' I’hc National Honor Society is a school organization for outstanding students. Membership in this society is considered one of the highest honors that a student can receive. I’hese members have excelled in this attainment of Character, Scholar¬ ship, Leadership, and Service. Mrs. d ' empie d’. Vest is the sponsor. dhrough the Science and Mathematics club these students are able to better understand and apply themselves to science and mathematics, two fields of great imfX)rtance. Mr. James Gaskins and Mr. Eugene Skinner are sponsors. V The Luther Jackson Industrial Club studies the characteristics and working prop¬ erties of various types of wood. Mr. Richard Jackson is sponsor of tlie Industrial Club. Here is a segment of action on the journalism front. Students are engaged in various activities. Carolyn Fuller (wearing the earphones) is playing back a recorded speech made by an assembly program speaker. She will abstract the highlights of the speech. Typist, Patricia Kye, often sei-ves beyond the call of duty. Editor-in- chief Lynda Cox standing at right, considts with Barbara Bushrod, business man¬ ager, on important issues. Mrs. M. VV. Holt is S])onsor of the Journalism Club. 1 52 j I The French Club listens to a Recording. The officers arc: President, Rebecca McDaniel; Vice President, Rogia Teal; Secretary, Frances Rucker; Treasurer, Carroll Bush; Reporter, Barbara Scegars; Chaplin, Paul Coates S.P.A. Representa¬ tive, Jessie Wagstafl and Miss F. L. Miles, Sponsor. ' Fhe Spanish Club, Los Estudiantinos, (under the sponsorship of Mrs. M. Holt), is making a tape recording of the reading of a play in Spanish entitled “El Ainante corto de vista” (The Nearsighted Lover). 53 ' I ' he Junior Chapter of the New Homemakers of America is headed by an executh ' e cabinet composed of a chairman and co-chairman from each of tlie four sections of intennediate students enrolled in Homemaking classes. Miss Thelma Pointer is sponsor of this group. The objectives of the Luther Jackson Chapter of New Homemakers of America are: 1. To develop our potential abilities 2. To develop a better understanding of our family members and to contribute to their well-being 3. I’o inteipret the value of Home Economics and a basic part of our total education 4. To promote good-will through getting to know our neighbors at home and abroad Mrs. Dorothy H. Hall is the sponsor of the Luther Jackson Chapter of Homemakers of America. I The student patrols help with the smooth running of our school from day to day by keeping the corridors from becoming congested and loud noise at a minimum. They further offer assistance to the bus drivers with loading and unloading of the busses. “Without these efficient jratrols who give their service voluntarily our school would not operate as smoothly,” says Mr. Cecil M. Robinson, the sponsor. Friends of the Library “It is books that teach us to I ' cfine our pleasure when young . . . They ai ' e a guide in youth . . . L ' pon books the collective education of the I ' aces of nran depends. Miss Mabel Jolly is the sponsor. 55 W’hat can we say of thee, esteemed senior? I ' his, vve hclie ’e — that without your presence tor four years at Luther Jackson our treasury of ability, leadership, co¬ operation, initiati c and ersatility would be oid of a precious gem, indeed. I ' hese are the (|ualities that combine to gi ’e us a senior like Gloria Thomas. We hail thee, Gloria as a youth of boundless energy and de otion in whatever you pursue. nati ' e ol ’icnna, hrginia. Miss Fhomas ill bear her latest laurel as ' aledic- torian of her class. I’hrougliout her high .school years she has been a member ol the Honor Society, was the only senior in her class to iulhll the ' ery exacting rec|uire- ments for membership in the Fmgiish Honor Society. She is also active as a member of the Math and Science Glub, Dramatics Glub, CHioir, Library Glub, New.s])a])cr Stalk, ' earbook Stalk, Modern Dance Group and she is one of the most ' ital among the Luther Jackson chec ' i h ' adeis. It takes worrls like radiant, zestful, i ’acious and winsome to describe her per¬ sonality, and precision, thoroughness, creati ’eness and ingenuity as features that characterize her as a scholar. Gloria is now enroute to college to major in P.sycholog ' and minor in mathe¬ matics. We wish you success in your future educational pursuits and we are grateful and pioud to ha ’e yon number among the ])roducts ol Luthei ' Jackson. I 56 “Of thee We sing Of thee we sing our praises and congratulations to one of our faithful seniors. Her title is “Art Editor,” but her job has encompassed “The Whole Yearbook.” Someone has to see that the job is done and credit should be given to Janice Payne. Much of her time, efTort, energy, and sacrifice went into the pages you are reading. M iss Payne is from the Community of Fairfax Courthouse, Va. Here at school Janice participates in many many activities, among which are the Girls’ Basketball Team, I ' he Spani,sh Club, The Luther Jackson Choir. Above all of these accom¬ plishments, Janice has been in the National Honor Society since the 9th grade. Her most accomplishments are found in the works of Art. Through her paintings, Luther Jackson has won many awards. If one were to walk past Janice one certainly would not suspect the “feeling” she puts in her work. She carries an air of nonchalance. To site an example in reverse of this suspicion — a faculty member saw one of Janice ' s pastels. This struck the teacher so much that she asked for the work. “This pastel,” states the teacher, “reminds me of all my problem children and to look at this work each morning gives me the courage to face all problems that may arise.” Thus we sing praises to Janice Payne. We hope that her studies in Art Education at Virginia State College, Petersburg, Virginia, will be challenging and rewarding. Good luck Janice and thanks for a job well done. ' Wur Sponsor 57 Ho% - proud we ai ' e of our Inieniiediate Queen. Donna Bro Ti. For us Home- coming % -as a new and exciiin? experience. Donna is the first queen from the Intermediate Deparmnen: of Luther Jackson Hieh School. Seeing: our Donna cro% -ned ea ' e t:s tlte thrill of a lifetime. Miss Homecoming - 1960-61 Miss Margaret McCoy is a very charming Homecoming Queen. She is a Junior and has represented Luther Jackson at many of the opposing Homecoming Activities. She is respected by her classmates and by the student body. She has par¬ ticipated in many of the extra-curricular activities at Luther Jackson High School. This is an honor bestowed upon a young lady who deserves this honor and she carries the name of “Miss Luther Jackson Homecoming of 1960-1961” well. 59 1961 Class Song In till ' tuiu ' ni “Look toi ' tlio Sihi ' r Lininti ' ' o ()h Luthi ' t Jackson, how can we tliank you For your clear ision of a bright star? ’our l acliant beacon, youi ' guiding jjreccpts, I lave helped to make us all what we are. .■ nd so, we promise thee Allegiance and adoration By paths we choose in this changing world. We’ll make oui ' banners respect and sei-vicc And let our li cs belore your eyes unfurl. Sometimes you thought that vve were ungrateful But in our hearts we constantly knew That all your teachings, your strong beseechings Were just to make us forge on anewc And so we want to say: Don’t worry we have the courage; We’ll make you proud you fostered us here. Oh, Luther Jackson, we want to hail you Because to us you’ll evermore be dear. Class History The battle is o -er. Victory has finally been declared. W ' hat new challenges lie before us now — after such a tiring but educational struggle? Let us take a quick glance back into our “Hall of Fame” and see how this all began. September, 1956, one hundred and eighty proud (but not too eager) eighth graders gathered in the auditorium at Luther Jackson. What a day that was. This was where our fight for education began. Our eighth grade year proved to be a bit difficult. It wasn’t easy getting accits- torned to new teachers, new lessons and changing classes so frequently. But life nrakes a way — This year dragged on with a slight decrease in our population. September, 1957, we ar ' e freshmen at last! The first is over. We won the fir ' st battle. Lile is rrrore ccrrrfortable now. There are so many activities and many clubs to join. Naturally we took full advantage of this. Many of us jrrove to be quite suc¬ cessful. Tints, the fight goes on. September, 1958, we are now sophomores. Our fight is half completed. All the school rules and regulations have become a daily routine to its. We have at last developed that feeling of “belonging.” September, 1959, we are beginning to feel “victorious.” Don’t dare tell us that we are not the most musical, athletic and scholastic Junior Class that Luther Jack- son has ever known. One event we will always remember was the Junior-Senior Prom. We had waited many years for this. Thus, our fight was coming to a September, 1960, we are seniors — glorious, supreme, dignified seniors! We have taken a rough beating, but at last we are at the top. Unfortunately many were “knocked out” in round ten. Some received minor injuries; however, they patched their wounds and rejoined that faithful army of eighty seniors. Now we face an e ' en greater challenge — the fight for life, liberty and happiness, will make it, however, because we will always carry with us that wonderful, inspiring feeling we found within the walls of Luther Jackson. Thus, Luther Jack- son, you will fore ' er remain in our hearts. 61 Would Happen II? Elaina I’aylor would becouie shy. Jesse Hines made an A” in any of his courses. (doria Lewis would become roudy. Joan Hunter had little legs. Etta Allen stojjped wearing “short” skirts, billie Wells would stojj being no.sey. Regina Grimes would get in a hurry. Milton Gunn would become serious. George Strange would stoj sleeping in class. Kenzie Locke would stojj smiling. Cieorge Smith would stop cutting class. ' anda Scott cut her hair. Jean Grant and Virginia Marshall lost friendship. Barbara Bushrod shouted at people. Xewton Hunter would leave the girls alone. Shirley Scott and Gloria Thomas’ legs grew straight. Gheiyl Bigelow didn ' t possess those dreamy eyes. Perrin Garr lost his singing ability. Ronald Dodson and Norman Chase stopped walking the corridors. Carolyn Fuller and Dianne Butler would stop showing their 32’s — teeth that is. Gloria Black didn’t possess her dramatic ability. Janice Payne would come back to earth and tell us how it is on the moon. Cordell Banks and Donald Vincent didn’t stand np for their rights. Louis Dennis, Edward Valker. Leroy Robinson and Franklin Smith would take life seriously. Doris Hyden, Mildred Gibson and Fayrene Lyles became enemies. Shii ' ley McRae didn ' t enjoy resting. Pauline ' S’oung and Mildred Hall lost their sweet disposition. Patricia Kye refused to lend a helping hand. .Mbert Price couldn’t date Violet Pearson. Marianne Newett would tell H. P. about “him.” Agnes Carter would get fat. Garlotta Barrett would gain Milton Gunn’s friendship in public. 62 II ()1 Clarence Pitts, his classmates and school associates wisli to cherish the memory of a congenial, cjuietly humorous, and sincere indi idual. W ' e wish to pay tribute to this youth in the words of these two passages: “lire flower in the garden of creation is a young mind, ofTering and unfolding itself to the influence of divine wisdom, as the heliotrope turns its sweet blossoms of the sun. Dictionaiy of Thought ' Thus of Clarence we say: I I remember the gleams and glows that dart I .Across the school-boy’s brain The song and silence in the heart, That in part are projrhecies and in part . re longings wild and -ain. I And the voice of that htful song Sings on, and is never still: boy’s will is the wind’s will, .And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts.’’ O O Longfellow’s “My Lost Youth’’ ! I 1 My! How We Have Changed 69 Last Will and Testament Retina Gi imes leax es lier ahilily In style hair to Jackie Sinnnoiis. Jesse klines lea es liis basketl)all ability to Pcrcv l)a is. Elaina Taylor leaves her special steps to Ruby R ans, hoping she will be a dnim majorette next year. d ' boinas Gravson leaves bis wardrobe to Alfi ' ed Green. Janice Payne lea ’es bei ' slim api earance to Delores Rich. Gloria Lewis leas es bei ' cpiietness to Mary Gollins. Pbillii) Moore leas ' es bis ability to dance to Ilaivey Lawson. Diane Bntler leases her long, beantiful fingernails to Rnby Evans. Joan Hunter leaves her fat legs to Bessie Harris. Glyde Dennv least ' s bei ' ability to lesist sucking her thumb to Glara Jones. Gbarlotte Kye leas ' es her ability to stay out of trouble to Mary Wfilliams. Gloria riiomas leaves her cheering uniform to Loretta Mansfield. .Shirley Johnson leas-es her ability to read and svrite shorthand to Shirley Ik Johnson. Gbristine Houston least ' s her ability to get along svitb the boys to Alice Garter. Irene Quandcr least ' s her ability to get aiong svitb others to Rose .Scott. .Shirley McRae leaves her beautifully arched feet to Alora Johnson. Doris Hyden Ic ' aves her dancing ability to Edith ANt ' sley. Wanda Scott leas ' cs her ability to type to Mr. Felton and others svho “hunt and peck.” Patricia Kye leas ' es her ability to get “A ' s” in typing to Gharles Ghicjicster. Mildred Gibson leases lier smile to Rosalie Ifrosvn. 1 )onald Vincent and Albert Price ssill their athletic sei ' .«atility and charm svitb the other sex to Gharles Grimes and Mels in Moore. Milton Gunn and Das ' id Moody lease their eyeglasses to all the sightless students at Luther Jackson. Rogia ' Peal leas-es her Hollywood cosmetics to Iretha Ifrooks. Garolyn Puller leaves her ability to embarrass jieople in a pleasant way to Beverly Randall. Nesvton Hunter leas-es his roi-nai-itic ability to Roscoe Hunter. Violet Pearson leas-es her basketball ability to Gharlene Teal. W ' c. the graduating class of ' 61. leave to our most svorthy sjionsoi ' , Mrs. Eortune, peaceful nights l-)ecause we will no longer gis ' e her gray hairs. 70 Faculty Autographs 71 Senior Autographs Familiar Sayings R. A. Tate Say fellow. Where do you belong? R. Jackson You had better let me check that. G. Felton Don’t look at the clock. F. Williams Flave you lost your mind ? C. Robinson Be QUIET! 73 Familiar Sayings D. Witten Hey sonny, let’s put some alcohol on it. J. H. Brockman What ails you? 74 I ADVERTISINe WASHINGTON COCA-COLA Compliments of BOTTLING CO, INC. JOHN W. QUAINTANCE 1500 King. St., New York Life Insurance Co. Alexandria, Virginia 4021 Wilson Boulevard King 8-0125 Arlington 3, Virginia B S CAR WASH 6520 Columbia Pike SNACK BAR Alexandria, Virginia (Bailey ' s Cross Rd., Va.) 100 King Street Sunday 9 am — 5 pm Monday thru Friday . . .8;30 am — 5 pm Alexandria, Virginia Saturday.. .. ... 8 am — 5:30 pm Compliments of KETTERMAN’S PETER PAN Gifts of Jewelry 5 and 10 Store, Inc. Expert Watch Repairing 138 Maple Avenue West Gifts for All Occasions 116 Maple Avenue Vienna, Virginia Vienna, Virginia KEN McPHAIL, INC. TREMONT BUILDING SUPPLY HARDWARE Lumber, Millwork, Building Supplies, Paint, Hardware, Feed, Paints — Glass — Tools — Houseware Straw, Hay, Grain, Lime, Plaster, Vienna, Virginia Cement, Glass 2714 Lee Highway Dunkirk 5-7882 Falls Church, Va. Jefferson 2-1760 The Senior Class Appreciated the Support Given Our Yearbook by the Following Patrons Mrs. Ardel Allen Mrs. Carrie L. Allen Mrs. Daisy Allen Mrs. Essie Allen Mrs. Gertrude Allen Mrs. Laura Anderson Mrs. Mannie Armstead Rev. and Mrs. E. E. Arter Mrs. Ida Autman Mr. and Mrs. Rollin S. Baldwin Mr. Francis Ball Mr. Robert Barnes Mr. Edward Bell Mrs. Loretta Berry Mrs. Cora G. Bigelow Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Black Mr. ’illiam Blackwell Mrs. Bessie Blue Mr. Ellsworth M. Booze Mrs. Frances Boswell Mr. Villis E. Boykins Mr. Frank Braxton Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel E. Braxton, Sr. Mr. Nathaniel E. Braxton, Jr. Mrs. Annie Briggs Miss Marie Britt Mrs. Julia H. Brockman Mr. Boyce L. Brooks Mrs. Mary Brooks Mr. Robert Brooks Mr. Art Brown Mr. Benjamin C. Brown Mrs. Claribel Brown Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Brown Miss Margaruite Brown Mrs. Willie Mae Brown Mr. William S. Brown Mr. Winfred Brown Mr. Daniel Bryant Mrs. Naomi Buckner Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Butler Mr. George Bunaugh Miss Louise Burke Miss Mary Burke Miss Patricia Burkette Re -. and Mi ' s. Roger Bush Mrs. Bernice Bushrod Mr. and Mrs. Cab in Bushrod Mr. and Mrs. Coui ' tney Bushrod Mr. Earl Bushrod Miss Eleanora Bushrod Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D. Bushrod Miss Gwendol)Ti Bushrod Mr. Maurice Bushrod Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Bushrod Mr. and Mrs. James Butler Mr. and Mrs. Porter Butler Mr. Solomon Calhoun Mr. and Mrs. John Carpenter Mrs. Dora Carter Mrs. Jean Carter Mr. Joseph Carter Mrs. Kathleen Carter Mrs. Lillian J. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carter Miss Rosalind Carter Mr. Stanley Carter Mrs. Georgia Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cihambers Mr. and Mrs. Rhodie Chloe Mr. and Mrs. 1. P. Clinkscale Mrs. Frances Coates Mrs. Kathleen Coates Miss Man ' el Colbert Mrs. Edna Collins Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Collins Mrs. Mamie Conner Mrs. Dorothy Cooper Mr. .- rthur Costley, Sr. Mrs. Barbara Costner M rs. Jean S. Coxe Mrs. Geneva Dagner Mrs. Celest Davis Father John C. Da is Mrs. Louise Da is Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dclap Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Dennis Miss Alma Deskins Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Deskins Miss Mildred Deskins Mr. and Mrs. William Deskins Miss Carolyn DeWitt Miss Barbara Dodd Mr. Samuel Dodson Mr. James Dorsey Miss Lauile Dossey Mrs. Inez Duncan Mr. Charles Dupree Miss Toni DiA all Mrs. Odessa Eady 77 Mr. and Mrs. Earl Edwards Mr. Ezra Edwards Mrs. Constance Ellis Mr. and Mrs. James Ellis Mrs. Gwendolyn Fauntleroy Mr. George Felton Mr. Jerry Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds Ferguson Mr. William Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Willie Fisher Mrs. Pearl Fletcher Mrs. Betty Foglia Mrs. Dora Folks Mr. and Mrs. James Ford Mrs. Virginia Ford Mrs. Annie M. Fortune Mr. and Mrs. Frazier Mrs. Florine Fuller Mr. Theodore Fullerton Mrs. Viola Gaither M Sgt. and Mrs. Richard Gales Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Galloway Mr. and Mrs. Lynelle A. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Heniy Garrett Mrs. Agnes Gaskins Mrs. Ethel Gaskins Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gaskins, Jr. Mr. James Gaskins Mrs. Marvel Gibbs Mr. Edward M. Gill Miss Joan Grant Rev. and Mrs. Clarence Gray Mr. and Mrs. Charles Green Mr. Charles Green Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Green Mrs. E elyn B. Gordon Mr. Robert Griffin Mrs. Rosalie Griffin Mrs. Laura Greene Mr. and Mrs. James Hackette Mrs. Mayme L. Hale Mrs. Dorothy H. Hall Mr. John I lall Mrs. Claudia C. Flammond Mrs. Gail Hansborough Mr. Dean C. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Earl Harris Mrs. E elyn Harris Miss Gladys Harris Mr. and Mrs. Norman Harris Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hawkins Mrs. Ruby Hayes Mrs. Harriette G. Hemby Miss Juanita Henderson Mrs. Louise Henderson Mrs. Maiy Henderson Mrs. Naomi Hill Mr. and Mrs. Russell Holland Mr. William Holland Mrs. Mamye W. Holt Mr. Charles Honesty Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Honesty Mrs. Esther Honesty Mr. and Mrs. Iivin Honesty Mr. James Honesty Mrs. Wilma Floober Mr. and Mrs. Willard Horton Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Houston Mrs. Flattie Howard Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hunter Mrs. Edith Flunter Mrs. Pocohantas HufT Mr. James Hungerford Mrs. Rebecca Hunter Mr. Charles Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jackson Mrs. Louise Jackson Mrs. Marylee Jackson Mr. Ivichard Jackson Mr. Willie Jackson Mrs. Carrie B. James Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jasper Mr. John A. Jenkins Mrs. Ester Jennings Mrs. Lenora V. Jcrnagin Dr. and Mrs. Harold M. Johnson Mrs. Helen Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Louis Johnson Adrs. Marie W. Johnson Miss Patricia Johnson Mrs. Sylvia R. Johnson Mr. Walter Johnson Rev. and Mrs. W. E. Johnson Miss Mabel Jolly Mrs. Beatrice Jones AFr. Geneva Jones AFr. George Jones Mrs. Lillian Jones AFrs. Ruby W. Jones AFr. and AFrs. Hari ' y Johnson AFrs. Geraldine B. Kannon AFrs. Primrose Knox AFr. and AFrs. Charles Kye AFrs. Turner I ansdowne AFr. Harold I . I.awson AFrs. Lola LeCounte AFrs. Corrine Lee AFr. George W. I ee 78 Mrs. Dorothy Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lewis Mrs. Rosa M. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Aubrey Lindo Mr. and Mrs. Ross Logan Mrs. Catherine Lorick Mr. John Lowman Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lyles Mr. and Mrs. Burtran E. Madison Mr. John Mack Mr. William Mansey Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mansfield Mr. and Mrs. David Marsh Mrs. Blanche Marshall Mrs. Irene Marshall Mrs. Mamie Marshall Mrs. Mary Marshall Mr. William T. Marlowe Mrs. Lucy Martin Mr. George Mask Miss Maxine Mays Mrs. Marion McCombs if Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Metcalfe ' Miss Fannie Miles I Mrs. Marie B. Mills Mrs. Jean Minor Mrs. Mabel Minor Mr. and Mrs. Junius Monroe Dr. and Mrs. Harry J. Montgomery Mrs. Marcel S. Moon Mr. Saunders B. Moon Mrs. Emma O. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Moore Mr. Samuel Morgan Mr. Lewis Morarity Mrs. Tom Moss Mrs. Eva Murray Mr. Leroy Murray Mr. Charles Navapan Mr. and Mrs. James Naylor Mrs. Mai-y Naylor Mrs. Myrtle Newman Mrs. Thelma Newman Mr. and Mrs. Harry Newett Mr. Edward Oliver Mrs. Louise Oliver Mr. and Mrs. Kingston Orange Mr. Atana Payne Mrs. Margaret Payne Mrs. Maude Payne Mr. Robert Payne Mr. Willis F. Payne Mrs. Josebcll Payton Mrs. Naomi P. Pearson Mrs. Viola Pheney Mrs. Lillian Pinkett Miss Thelma Pointer Mr. Robert D. Presler Mr. Charles Price Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Proctor Mrs. Winnieford Quinn Mrs. Rosetta Randall Mrs. Ethel Reaves Mrs. Ellamae Rector Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rector Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reed Mrs. Fannie Richards Mr. Roscoe Richards Mr. and Mrs. George Riley Mr. Wallace Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Cecil M. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Francis Robinson Mr. and Mrs. George Robinson, Jr. Mrs. Lillian Robinson Mrs. Clara Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Rose Mrs. Evelyn 1 ' . Rucker Mr. Robert E. Russem Mrs. Martin .Schindler Miss Frances Scott Mr. and Mrs. W ' oodrow Scott, Sr. Mr. Woodi ' ow Scott, Jr. Mr. .Ambrose Shift Mr. and Mrs. Villiam Shepjrard Mr. E. K. Shipman Mrs. Edna M. Simmons Mr. Eugene Skinner Mr. Albert D. Smith Mrs. Doris J. Smith Mr. Franklin Smith Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Smith Mr. George K. Smith Mrs. Gladys Smith Mrs. Maiy E. Smith Mr. William W. Smith Mrs. Mary A. Stallings Mr. and Mrs. Harold Strothers Mr. Elwood Summers Mr.s. Alice Tancil Miss Mildred Tarlton Mrs. Lorraine Tate Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Tate, Sr. Mrs. Christine Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Taylor Mr. William H. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Chavis Teal Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lee Terrell Mrs. Clementine E. Thomas 79 Mr. and Mrs. ' Fhoodoro Thomas r. and Mrs. Cornelius Thompson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Thompson Mr. Lloyd Tliompson Miss Nina Thompson Mr. George Tong Mrs. Dorothy Travis Mrs. Norma J. Turner Mrs. Doris aillancourt Mrs. Mary Vaughan Mrs. Tempie T. Wst Mrs. E ’elyn Vincent Mr. Ale.x Walker Miss Jean Walker Mr. James A. Wanza Mrs. Tillie ’arren Mr. Burt Washington Mrs. Mamie Washington Mr. William A. West Mrs. Burton C. W ' hite Miss Marlene iiitties Mrs. Marion C. Wiggins Mr. and Mrs. John Vigginton Mr. Douglas Williams Miss Frances Villiams Mr. Gilbert Villiams Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Williams Miss Louise Williams Mrs. Margurite Williams Mrs. Mozelle Williams Mrs. Nettie Williams Mrs. Romaine Williams Mrs. Salome Villiams Mr. and Mrs. Taylor M. Williams Miss Thelma L. Williams Mrs. Virginia Williams Mrs. Elcanora Winston Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Winston Mrs. Hilda Wiston Mr. Donald Witten Mrs. Rosa B. Wood M iss Sadie W ' ooden Mr. Wilson C. Woodland Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Wright Miss Eunice Wright Miss Ruth Wright . ttorncy J. Clarence ’oung Mrs. Mattie Young Mrs. Pauline Young 80

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