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' f I iF Au ou.r A V e«Ct tl r cuw. u.« r RoWrT tj ONES ftNS RlNO ER SON BtRrMLri RqVvnsoiW CarroU Rvt-V PUBLISHED BY THE SENIORS OF LUTHER JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL Merrifieid-Fairfax County, Virginia This TIGER for 1960 marks the end of an¬ other phase in our lives. As we bid good-bye to these hallowed halls that have meant so much to us in the past five years, let us pause and glance back on some of the activities and or¬ ganizations that have played a great part in our lives. Perhaps at a future date when we pick up this book it will bring pleasant memories and thus serve as a connecting link with the past. The graduating class offers this yearbook to you as a record of our last year at Luther Jackson. 1 ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS We, the Senior Class of ’59-’60, proudly dedicate this “TIGER” to Mrs. Lutie Coates. Her efforts have been untiring, her services unfor¬ gettable, and her loyalty and devotion to the cause of education unmatched. We will ever hold a place in our hearts for you and pray that you may enjoy many, many happy years in retirement. “A perfect woman, nobly plann’d To warn, to comfort, and command And yet a spirit still, and bright With something of angelic light” Wordsworth Administration and Mr. iy. 3. lUooJson Division Superintendent of 3 airfax County Sefiools We, the Senior Class of Luther Jackson High School, pay tribute to Mr. W. T. Woodson who has served the past three decades as Super¬ intendent of Fairfax County Public Schools. We have experienced many changes in our school program. Now as we complete our course of study, we feel that the many changes which have taken place under the leadership of Mr. Woodson have contributed greatly toward an improved education a 1 standard for all. THE STAFF Principal’s Message- To the Senior Class of 1960 : I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the seniors and sponsors for the outstanding job you have done to make this annual a successful and worthwhile project. This annual will serve as a book of past accomplishments and memories. I feel confident that it will be one of your most cherished possessions. I would like to congratulate you for the accomplishments you have made. I am sure you will strive to be a credit to your school and yourself by using the training you have received wisely, and as you go out into the world, remember that no person was ever honored for what he received; honor was the reward for what he gave. May your future be so planned and managed that the important ex¬ periences of your life bring you both honor and success. Sincerely, 7 MEMBERS OF THE GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT From left to right: Mrs. Gwendolyn Fauntleroy Counselor; Mrs. Tempie Vest, Counselor; Mrs. Claudia Hammond, Guidance Director. Mrs. Margery Robinson, Visiting Teacher Mrs. Emma Moore, Elementary Supervisor CHEMISTRY There is a limit of accur- ancy inherent in any ex¬ perimental set up. It de¬ pends on the precision of the measuring device used. It is the aim of every Chem¬ istry student at Luther Jackson High School to per¬ form the various opera¬ tions and measurements with such skill that the ex¬ perimental accuracy will be limited only by the appara¬ tus used. CHEMISTRY B 10L0GV a 0 .y Ol BIOLOGY Visual aids in the form of charts, pictures, slides, filmstrips, master Vu- Graph, Ken-O-Vision or, motion pictures, are ex¬ tremely valuable in the study of Biology. Many top¬ ics such as the processes and functions of living or¬ gans, or the behavior of plants and animals in their natural environments, can be studied in the laboratory by this method, better per¬ haps, than any other. Is boiling water hot? An Eighth Grade Science Class shows how reduced atmospheric pressure affects the boiling point of water. The boiling point becomes extremely reduced when a partial vacuum is created. The Ninth Grade is engaged in a microscopic study of proto¬ zoans and methods of purifying water. Miss Josephine Adams A Cadet Teacher from Virginia State College. 10 VLr. James Gaskins,, Chair¬ man of the fiyience iDepart- v bt-A,,x,JfLr ;1 u Mathematics A class in Algebra I Transposing in equations GEOMETRY CLASS Theorem proving right triangles congruent and Geometrical De¬ signs. I Canguage Mrs. Mayme Holt Chairman of the Language Arts Dept. This scene from an eighth Grade Spanish Cl ss reveals that effective classroom grouping may be achieved with the use of such equip¬ ment as earphones and tape recorder. Here, six students are working undisturbed from a taped assignment while the remainder of the class proceeds under im¬ mediate instruction of the teacher. Mrs. Tempie Vest English J gLl |fc 40 (,4t Mrs. Gwendolyn Fauntleroy French J? c stf Q- V- Mrs. Helen Johnson, Helping Teacher i n reading, is demonstrat¬ ing the use of the tape recorder as an aid in improving reading. Mrs. Harriette Hemby English Social Studi ics To the left is Mr. H. L. Lawson, Chairman of the Social Studies Dept. Below is Kenneth Ford reporting to a class in Government on “The Role of the United States in World Affairs.” To the right is Mr. George Felton, History Instructor. Above a class in World History is in progress. 15 Mrs. Mildred Hammond Chairman of the Commercial Dept. Mrs. Tillie Warren Business Miss Bessie Hill Cadet Teacher from Virginia State College A Business Major Commercial Gducatiov SIX- COLUMN WORK SHEET closing the ledcfr Homema.king Mrs. Dorothy H. Hall Homemaking For one of the fund raising activities, the N.H.A. girls made Christmas corsages. From left to right are: Mildred Gibson, Eay- rene Lyles, Mary Col¬ lins, Joan Hunter, and Elaine Thomas. It’s fun for boys to pre¬ pare various dishes. These boys are prepar¬ ing tossed salad. They are from le ft to right Isaiah Evans, Calvin Byrd (center) Isaac Goins. industrial Arts ichard O. Jackson Dept. Chairman A First Year Industrial Arts Class studying’ in the area of woodwork. They learn some of the basic operations of the woodworking industry while making useful and attractive projects. 18 «• A CLASS IN METALWORK The persons in the picture above are: Percell Ewell, machinist; J. Fields, welder; C. Banks, shaping- metal.; W. Allen, polishing brass.; L. Dennis, folding metal.; D. White, welding.; H. Mansfield, drill press operator.; M. Johnson, polishing.; G. Smith, designer.; and others not shown. A GROUP OF FUTURE BARBERS L. to R.: J. Ellis, O. Hunter, D. Johnson, S. McRae, E. Moss, E. Walker, G. Turner and behind A. Wells is J. Vanison. 19 Diversified Occupations Diversified Occupations is a form of co¬ operative part-time education, designed to provide vocational industrial training op¬ portunities for high school juniors and sen¬ iors. It is a cooperative enterprise between business and industrial establishments fur¬ nishing part-time employment and training to students during school hours. Through this employment the students learn the manipulative part of their jobs under actual working conditions. At the same time the school furnishes the technical subject mater¬ ial related to the job being learned. Above and to the left is Mr. Edward Shipman demonstrating to Leonard Lee some technical points in the art of upholstering. Above is an efficient clerical group working on assigned projects. In the foreground is Juanita Gaskins and from left to right the students are: Thelma Ewell, Cleotria Duncan and Brenda Marshall. 20 Mrs. Ann Fortune Chairman of Art Dept. Mr. Albert A. Grant Art Cadet-Teacher Virginia State College Miss Mabel Jolly, Librarian “Next to acquiring good friends, the best acquisition is that of good books.” 21 The Band sets the pace for many activi¬ ties throughout our school. Under the direc¬ tion of Mr. Robert Griffin, the Luther Jack- son High School Band has appeared exten¬ sively throughout the metropolitan area adding color to parades and assemblies. Musi c Mr. Robert A. Griffin Chairman of the Music Dept. 22 Elaina Taylor Head Majorette Haney Pearson Drum Major M oveiies Barbara Bushrod Band Sweetheart” Music Life’s most elegant and artistic expression of emotions can be made through music. High on Luther Jackson School’s list of organizations is its musical aggregations. Above is the Luther Jackson Choir composed of members representing grades Eight through Twelve. 24 Mr. Donald Witten Director of Physical Education Physical Miss Frances Williams Physical Education Saucation Mr. Charles Price Physical Education Physical Education offers a variety of important activities for the develop¬ ment of both boys and girls. These pictures depict the skills used by students in a game of Volleyball. One of the boys is spiking while the girls are moving in a fast action game. uc tion river 26 HRp, 1 Mrs. Jean Minor, Financial Officer. Mr. Phillmore Hall Helping Teacher in Music OUR CAFETERIA HELPERS From left to right: Mrs. Sadie McCloud: Mrs. Lucy Hall, Manager; Mrs. Gladys Martin; Mrs. Myra Richards. A Cafeteria Scene OUR CUSTODIANS From left to right: Mr. Theodore Johnson; Mrs. Etta Richards; a special helper; Mr. Leonard Napper, Head Custodian; Mr. Andrew Jackson. 4 I ,, 0 - tV Senior Class off iccrs SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS A general executive session of the class officers. Members of the group are: Ronald Reaves, President; Dianne Mercer, Vice-president; Irone Hicks, Treasurer; Doris Thomas, financial Sec.; Haney Pearson, S.P.A. representative; Gloria Wiggins, News¬ paper Reporter; not shown is Cleo Duncan, Corresponding Sec. Seniors WILLIAM ALLEN—Vocation Baileys Crossroads Band 1; Industrial Arts Club 1,2. Ambition: Air Force PAUL BARBOUR—Vocational Clifton, Virginia Industrial Arts, 1,2,3. Ambition: Government Employee NATHANIAL EUGENE BRAXTON, JR. —Elective Gum Springs, Virginia Band 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Track 3,4; Bus Driver 3,4. Ambition: Air Force HELEN ELIZABETH BRENT—Commer¬ cial Herndon, Virginia Ambition: Typist ROBERT BRENT—Academic Herndon, Virginia Industrial Arts 1,2,3,4; Math and Science 2,3; Safety Patrols 1,2. Ambition: Engineer CLARENCE BUSH—Ac. Herndon, Virginia Industrial Arts 1,2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; Base¬ ball 3,4. Ambition: Automotive Engineer WILLIAM JOSEPH COLLINS—Academic Annandale, Virginia Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3; Dance Group 3. Ambition: Auto mechanic ACIE CLEOTRIA DUNCAN—Commercial Manassas, Virginia Newspaper Staff 1,2,3,4; Cheering Squad 3; Dramatics Club 4; F.B.L.A. President 4; D.O. Secretary 4; Senior Class Assistant Secretary; S.P.A. 1. Ambition: Secretary ALBERT ELLIS Vienna, Virginia Band 1,2,3,4; D.O. Club 4; French Club 2. Ambition: Government Employee JOHN FRANK ENGRAM—Academic Baileys Crossroads, Virginia Spanish Club 2,3,4; Choir 3,4. Ambition: English Teacher or Electrician RHODA ANN EVANS—Academic Alexandria, Virginia S.P.A. 2,3; Choir 2,3; N.H.A. 2,3,4; Math and Science Club 3,4; Patrol 4; Debating Society 4; Dramatics Club 3,4; F.B.L.A. 4; Modern Dance Group 2,3; Newspaper Staff 4. Ambition: Stenographer THELMA MARIE EWELL—Commercial Manassas, Virginia N.H.A. 4; Patrol 2,3; D.O. Club 4. Ambition: Secretary SARAH FARMER—Commercial Alexandria, Virginia Science and Math Club 3,4; F.B.L.A. 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; N.H.A. 3,4; Library Club 4; Debating Society 4; Newspaper Staff 4. Ambition: Stenographer JOSEPH FIELDS—Elective Baileys Crossroads Ambition: Barber KENNETH FORD—Elective Merrifield, Virginia Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball 3; Track 3,4. Ambition: Undecided 4 JUANITA GASKINS—Commercial Manassas, Virginia Library Club 1,2,4; Modern Dance 1,2; French Club 2; Patrol 2. Ambition: Political Science CARL LARINZO GATLIN—Vocational Alexandria, Virginia Arts 1,2,3; Baseball 1,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 4. Ambition: Professional Football Player WALTER GRAYSON—Academic Vienna, Virginia Band 1,2,3,4; Patrol 1,2,3,4; Library 2,3,4; Newspaper 3,4; Industrial Arts 2,3,4. Ambition: State Trooper or Engineer EDWARD EUGENE GUNN—Vocational Fort Belvoir, Virginia Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 4; Art Club 3. Ambition: Air Force BRENDA JANE IIAIGHT—Academic Vienna, Virginia S.P.A. 1; Choir 1,2,3,4; F.B.L.A. 4; News¬ paper 3; Dramatics Club 4; French Club 1,2,3. Ambition: Pianist or Typist SPELLER LUKE HALL—Academic Falls Church, Virginia Baseball 3,4; Basketball 3,4; Football 4; Track 4; Math and Science 3,4. Ambition: Civil Engineer or Physical Ed. Teacher ERNEST ROGER IIARMON—Academic Centreville, Virginia Football 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Choir 2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3. Ambition: Printer JAMES HARRIS—Elective Falls Church, Virginia Industrial Arts 1,2; D.O. Club 4. Ambition: X-ray Technician ROBERT SAMUEL HARRIS—Elective Franconia, Virginia Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 4; Basketball 4; Base¬ ball 4. Ambition: Radio T. V. Technician IRONE HICKS—Academic Falls Church, Virginia N.H.A. 1; Newspaper Staff 2,3,4; Drama¬ tics Club 2,3,4; Honor Society 2,3,4; Basket¬ ball Scorekeeper 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3; Library Club 1,2,3,4; Math and Science Club 3,4; Student Council 2,3; Modern Dance Group 1,2,3,4; Cheering Squad 1,2,3; De¬ bating Society 3. Ambition: Undecided - DORIS JOHNSON—Academic Vienna, Virginia N.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Patrol 2. Ambition: Bookkeeping Accountant nJACK JOHNSON JR.—Academic Merrifield, Virginia French Club 3. Ambition: U. S. Army or Brick Mason i MARVIN SAMUEL JOHNSON—Voca¬ tional Alexandria, Virginia Industrial Art Club 2,3; Band 1. Ambition: Entertainer or Commercial Artist TIM JOHNSON—Academic Alexandria, Virginia Basketball 4. Ambition: Undecided EDDIE PANCHO JONES—Vocational Fort Belvoir, Virginia Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Football 4; Baseball 4; Track 2,3,4; Industrial Arts Club 1; Dramatics Club 3,4; French Club 3. Ambition: Professional Basketball Player or Air Force ROBERT CALVIN JONES—Academic Falls Church, Virginia Baseball 4; Track 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Choir 4. Ambition: College Graduate LEONARD LEE—Academic Merrifield, Virginia Industrial Arts Club 1,2; French Club 3. Ambition; Air Force HAROLD ANDREW MANSFIELD— Commercial Falls Church, Virginia Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4. Ambition: Government Employee or Pro¬ fessional Basketball Player BRENDA LOUISE MARSHALL—Com¬ mercial Fairfax, Virginia Patrol 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Dramatics 4; Cheering Squad 2,3,4; Modern Dance Group 2,3; Softball Team 2. Ambition: Government Worker DIANNE MERCER—Academic Vienna, Virginia Math and Science Club 2,3,4; French Club 3; Dramatics Club 2,3,4; Honor Society 2, 3,4; Basketball Team 1,3,4; Cheering Squad 1,2,3; Library Club 1,2,3,4; Debating So¬ ciety 3,4; Newspaper Staff 2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Modern Dance Group 1,2, 3,4; Student Patrol 4; Vice-President of the Senior Class. Ambition: Nurse or Teacher PATRICIA ANN MILLS— Commercial Falls Church, Virginia Modern Dance Group 2,3,4; For¬ ensics Club 4; Patrol 2,3,4; News¬ paper Staff 4; Dramatics Club 4. Ambition: Secretary HANEY R. PEARSON—Aca¬ demic Vienna, Virginia Math and Science Club 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 3,4; Modern Dance Group 3,4; French Club 3; S.P.A. 1,4; Student Council 1,2,3; Newspaper 2,3,4. Ambition: Mathematician JAMES ROSCOE THEODORE PETERSON—Elective Falls Church, Virginia Football 4; French 1,2; Band 1, 2,3,4; Modern Dance Group 2; Industrial Arts Club 2; Baseball 4. Ambition: Music Teacher or Air Force PRENTISS DARNELL RANDALL—Academic Woodbridge, Virginia Basketball 2,3,4; French Club 3. Ambition: Auto Mechanic or Physical Ed. Teacher RONALD HOWARD REAVES—Commercial Springbank, Virginia Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Baseball 4; Newspaper 1; Industrial Arts Club 1,2; Choir 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Dramatics Club 4; President of the Senior Class. Ambition: Businessman CARROLL SLYVESTER RICH—Elective Falls Church, Virginia Baseball 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Dramatics Club 1,2; Basketball 2,3,4; Track 4. Ambition: Army BERNARD ROBINSON—Academic Vienna, Virginia Basketball 2,3; Dramatics 2; Patrol 2,3; Indus¬ trial Arts Club 3. Ambition: Undecided EDITH ROBINSON—Elective Alexandria, Virginia Ambition: Nurse DORIS SCOTT—Commercial Vienna, Virginia N.H.A. 2,3,4. Ambition: Secretary RUBY MARIE SCOTT—Commercial Manassas, Virginia Patrol 1,2; N.H.A. 4; D.O. Club 4. Ambition: Clerk Typist or X-ray Technician JEAN SMITH—Academic Vienna, Virginia Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Library Club 1,2,3,4; Mod¬ ern Dance Group 1,2,3; Student Patrol 2,3,4; Basketball Team 3; Dramatics Club 3; Spanish Club 2,3; F.B.L.A. 4; D.O. 4; Newspaper Staff 4. Ambition: Teacher JASPER STEWART—Commercial Herndon, Virginia Industrial Arts Club 1. Ambition: Government Worker or Mechanic MARY ELIZABETH TAYLOR—Commercial Chantilly, Virginia National Honor Society 2; Library Club 3,4; N.H.A. 4. Ambition: Stenographer DORIS THOMAS—Academic Falls Church, Virginia Math and Science Club 2,3,4; French Club 3; Dramatics Club 2,3,4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Basketball Team 1,2,3,4; Cheering Squad 2,3; Library Club 1,2,3,4; Debating Society 3; Newspaper Staff 2,3,4; Modern Dance Group 1, 2,3,4; Secretary of Senior Class. Ambition: Nurse FRED THOMAS—Elective Manassas, Virginia Choir 2,3,4; Industrial Club 1,2,3,4. Ambition: Army Career LAWRENCE THOMAS—Elective Gum Springs, Virginia Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 4; Baseball 4. Ambition: Government Worker MONTEY E. THOMAS—Commercial Alexandria, Virginia Patrols 1,2,3; N.H.A. 2, 3,4; Library 3; F.B.L.A. 4; N.H.A. 2; Choir 4. Ambition: Cosmotologist ELIZABETH ANNE WALKER—Commercial Manassas, Virginia Library 1,2,3,4; Modern Dance Group 1,2,3,4; Dramatics Club 2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 3; French Club 3. Ambition: Secretary THOMAS WADE—Academic Baileys Crossroads, Virginia Basketball 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4. Ambition: Undecided FLORENCE BRENDA WATKINS—Elective Alexandria, Virginia Math and Science Club 4; Band 4. Ambition: Undecided ADDISON WELLS—Vocational Merrifield, Virginia Patrol 2,3. Ambition: Barber DONALD WHITE—Academic Herndon, Virginia Choir 1,2,3,4; French Club 3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3,4. Ambition: Engineer GLORIA WIGGINS—Academic Vienna, Virginia Math and Science Club 3; Newspaper 2,3; French Club 2,3,4; Cheering Squad 2,3,4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Patrol 4; Library 2,3,4; Debating Society 3,4; Modern Dance Group 2,3,4. Ambition: Nurse or teacher AUDREY WILLSON—Ac. Manassas, Virginia Dramatics 4; Math and Science 3; Journalism 1,2,3, 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Industrial Arts 3; NHA 4; Patrol 1,2,3. Ambition: Teacher ROBERT WRIGHT—Ac. Baileys Cross Roads, Va. SPA 3,4 (President); Football 2,3,4 (Co-Capt.) ; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Math and Science Club 2,3,4; Library Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Debating Society 3; Forensic Club 4. Ambition: Undecided DONALD WILLSON Manassas, Virginia Industrial Arts 1,2,3; Ambition: Undecided Class History In September, 1955, we entered Luther Jackson High School as eighth graders. We were very timid because of the many reports we had received concerning high school. It did not take us very long to become adjusted to our new environment. The year passed along swiftly and soon we found ourselves elated freshmen. During the freshman year, our class sche¬ dule gave us much concern, but soon we were participating in our school activities with vigor, vim and vitality. Jean Smith, Irone Hicks, and Dianne Mercer became cheerlead¬ ers. Robert Wright made the baseball team, Robert Jones made the basketball team. Nathaniel Braxton and Ronald Reaves be¬ came football players. In the sophomore year, we acquired new responsibilities and gained new experiences. Many more members of our class participated in co-curricular activities, which increased our social mobility. One of the outstanding achievements of our class was made by Rob¬ ert Brent who won second place in the State Industrial Arts exhibit. Several other mem¬ bers were inducted into the National Honor Society. Among the inductees were Robert Wright, Gloria Wiggins, Doris Thomas, and Irone Hicks. As we entered our junior year, we were a little more mature. We began to assume a greater responsibility and as a result, we worked energetically to fulfill our obliga¬ tions. Some of the outstanding achievements of this year were as follows: Haney Pearson won an award in Trigonometry at the Dis¬ trict Science and Mathematics Conference. Robert Brent won first place in the metal spinning area in the State Industrial Arts Exhibits. Doris Johnson was a delegate to the N.H.A. National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. The fall of 1959 brought back to Luther Jackson sixty-four determined and very mature students eager to press on and to achieve the rewards that lie ahead for those who sacrifice in the quest of learning. We hope that our record as shown herein will shed more light as to our determination and capabilities. Now as the curtains close on this chapter of our lives, we are looking forward to a more wholesome life in the future. When we are more mature, we are sure that we will look back over the memorable years at Luther Jackson with fond admiration for our many friends and experiences, and have a deeper respect for those who have guided us through the many varied activities. 41 3RIS .1 0WAS VM e dletc r i m RONE Crimson And Qold Class Colors School life! Ah ! The charm that lingers ’Round earth’s morn, as unseen fingers Touch the chords that thrill our being To its depth, till eyes unseeing For the tears, look back recalling All the joy of old, enthralling Hearts and mind. Classmates of old Let us prize our crimson and gold. Good as gold, may we forever keep our hearts along life’s way, While truth’s golden sunbeams server All the black clouds from our day; May the crimson, red as scarlet Keep us ever true and bold! May our lives be long and star lit Guarded by our crimson and gold! Crimson and Gold! Go with us ever As the ideal of our dreams ! May we find life, as we sever Just as worth while as it seems! May we each accept the mission Fate holds covered from our goal, Sure, whatever its condition, Victory’ll crown our Crimson and Gold! Senior Super lit ives Girls Doris Thomas . . . Brenda Marshall Brenda Haight . . Cleotria Duncan . Dianne Mercer . . . Mary Taylor Juanita Gaskins . Thelma Ewell . . . Elizabeth Walker Brenda Haight . Helen Brent .... Doris Thomas . . . Rhoda Evans . . . Dianne Mercer . . Ruby Scott . Montey Thomas Sarah Farmer . . . Irone Hicks . Pat Mills . Gloria Wiggins . Audrey Wilson . Jean Smith . Doris Johnson . . Rhoda Evans .. Elizabeth Walker Brenda Watkins . Doris Scott Su perlatives Most Popular . Most Athletic . Most Attractive . Neatest Dressed . Most Versatile . Most Congenial . Most Talkative . Most Energetic . Most Playful. Most Musical . Shiest . Most Romantic . Most Cooperative. Most Aggressive Most Pleasing Personality Most School Spirit. Best Dancers . Most Studious . Shortest . Tallest . Most Sincere . Most Talented . Most Reliable . Most Artistic . Most Provoking. Most Juvenile. Most Cheerful Most Courteous . Boys Haney Pearson . . Ronald Reaves .. Addison Wells .. . Donald Wilson . . . Robert Wright . . James Peterson . Eddie Jones . Addison Wells . . . Carl Gatlin . William Collins . . Jasper Stewart . . Leonard Lee .... Jack Johnson .... Robert Wright . . . Robert Brent .... Robert Jones .... Harold Mansifield Speller Hall . Robert Harris . . . Kenneth Ford William Collins . . Ernest Harmon . . Marvin Johnson . . Walter Grayson . Lawrence Thomas Carroll Rich . Prentiss Randall . All in fun, Dear Classmates THE STAFF AoiAtMis ReiaemBer mk ■ 1) I ABB • - KfiEMi m a m MAWmiMi tmmwm ' i-ifel 3 u n • i o r s ETTA ALLEN CARDELL BANKS CHERYL BIGELOW GLORIA BLACK LUCY BROOKS ANNA BROWN BARBARA BUSHROD DIANNE BUTLER BETTY CARPENTER CLARA CARR PERRIN CARR AGNES CARTER YVONNE CARTER NORMAN CHASE ANN COATES WILBUR COATES LINDA COPELAND LINDA COX LOUIS DENNIS CLYDE DENNY ROBERT DODSON JOSEPH ELLIS PERCELL EWELL CAROLYN FULLER DORIS GASKINS MILDRED GIBSON JEAN GRANT REGINA GRIMES MILTON GUNN EMMA HAWKINS GENIEVE HONESTY CHRISTINE HOUSTON JOAN HUNTER OLIVER HUNTER DORIS HYDEN SHIRLEY JOHNSON SHIRLEY JOHNSON CHARLOTTE KYE PATRICIA KYE JOANNE LEE CARROL LEWIS GLORIA LEWIS SHEILA LEWIS KENZIE LOCKE FAYRENE LYLES VIVIEN MARSH VIRGINIA MARSHALL THOMAS McCOY VIOLET PEARSON GARFIELD ROBINSON LEROY ROBINSON SHIRLEY SCOTT WANDA SCOTT BARBARA SEGGARS CHARLES SIMMONS EUGENE SHEPPARD SHIRLEY McRAE MARY NEWETT MARY NEWMAN JANICE PAYNE FRANKLIN SMITH GEORGE SMITH BEVERLY TAYLOR ELAINA TAYLOR LAVERNE TAYLOR ROGIA TEAL MARGARET TERRY GLORIA THOMAS DONALD E. VINCENT BLAKELY WEAVER BILLIE WELLS PAULINE YOUNG GARLAND ADDISON CLARANITHA BARNS JUDITH BELLFIELD CORNELIUS BROWN ROSALIE BROWN MARIE BROWN CALVIN BRYD JOHN BURRELL CARROLL M. BUSH BARBARA CARTER ALVIN CHASE PAUL COATES s o P (i 0 m o r s MARY COLLINS SYLVIA COLLINS HELEN CUNNINGHAM ANN DANIEL JOHN DAVIS PERCY DAVIS PATRICIA DENNY OLIVER DUFFIN FELICIA ELLIS MALLOY ELLIS WALTER ELLIS RUBY EVANS JOHN GARDON ANN HALL BERNICE HARRIS GWENDOLYN HOLLAND WARREN HOPAN MARY ANN HUFF MARION HYDEN ALORA JOHNSON CAROL ANN JOHNSON EDNA MARIE JACKSON HARVEY LAWSON BARBARA LEE JOHN LEE REBA LEE VERNON LEWIS HENRY MARTIN JUANITA McCORVEY MARGAR ET McCOY REBECCA McDANIEL HAZEL MOSS GERALDINE MUNDY ROBERT PEARSON CLIFTON PINKETT BEVERLY RANDALL LORRAINE ROBERTS ROSE ROBINSON FRANCES RUCKER ROSE SCOTT JACKLYN SIMMONS DOROTHY STEWART HOUSTON SUMMERS ELAINE THOMAS DONNA TOMPKINS DWIGHT WADE JESSIE WAGSTAFF LILLIE WAGSTAFF 1 DUMONT WALKER JR. LEWIS WASHINGTON DAVID WEATHERS KEITH WEBSTER BROCK WELLS EDITH WESTLY DANIEL WHITTED PEGGY WILLIAMS EDNA WRIGHT RUBY YANCY ? i ‘One Student Council As an organization dedicated to assisting the administration and faculty in effectively leading the school community, the student council strives to maintain a cooperative and positive relationship between the student and studies, organizations and activities of the school. The officers of the S.P.A. are as follows: Robert Wright, President; Gloria Thomas, Vice-President: Shirley Scott, Secretary; Pamala Walls, Assistant Secretary; Chris¬ tine Houston, Treasurer; Gwen Holland, Parliamentarian; Haney Pearson, Chaplain. Suture Business Leaders Of Am erica Growth is essential to any active organization. Growth in numbers, growth in services, and growth in stature are only a few of the goals of our Future Business Leaders of America. The importance of each individual member in the growth of the chapter is em¬ phasized. The officers of the F.B.L.A. are as follows: Cleotria Duncan, Pres¬ ident; Wanda S ott, Vice-Pres¬ ident; Patricia Kye, Secretary; Virginia Marshal, Treasurer; Rho- da Evans, Reporter; Rose Scott, Parliamentarian. TURE SINESS ADERS 1 ERICA 1 i 2 1— |M aIionai l 008 SOCCETX fi y Lgy. - -s. Lj 1A tr ' ? Z T. flv ! Jk -mLJ w A £Lr f ¥ ' jftSpf jr% M “ IB -i 1 ff ft m % jgfM m 0 El ili National The Honor Society is composed of students who maintain superior scholarship as well as high moral character and leadership ability. The Honor Society stimulates in stu- Honor Society dents a desire to become scholarly members of the school family. Membership represents the highest recognition a student may earn here at Luther Jackson High School. Science And Mathematics CluS In a leading nation such as America when the world is producing new found inventions and almost impossible explorations, there are increasing demands for study in the fields of mathematics and science where students may ex¬ plore the vast unknowns. Through this, better things for better living are created. The officers are as fol¬ lows : Gloria Black, Presi¬ dent; Marrianne Newett, Secretary; Sarah Farmer, Treasurer. jfie battler Staff The Tattler Staff, reporters and technical staff are engaged in duties prior to the December issue of THE JACKSON TATTLER. Dianne Mer¬ cer, editor-in-chief, lists on the black¬ board articles yet to be submitted. On the back row are typist, Jean Smith, staff photographer, James Peterson and typist, Patricia Kye, re¬ ceiving suggestions from Mrs. M. W. Holt, faculty sponsor. On the front row are Haney Pearson (sports editor), Jacqueline Baskerville (as¬ sistant business manager), Sheila Lewis and Rogia Teal (reporters), and Irone Hicks (editorial staff). Huffier Jackson Capejios The Luther Jackson Capezios (modern dance group) have been or¬ ganized for a year and a half. Through this group ideas and crea¬ tiveness come about in the art of dance. Dance is one of the few arts in which an individual can and does express his ideas through a variety of movements. 3r encfi Clue Le Cercle Francois les officiers President, Billie Wells, Vice-Pres¬ ident, Barbara Bushrod, Secretaire, Jacqueline Baskerville. Tresonier, Gloria Thomas, Rapporteur, Elaina Taylor. 3ovensic CluS The Forensic Club is a branch of the English Department which aids in the development of speech. The persons on the stage are members of the Forensic Club who are participating in the “I Speak for Democracy Contest.” New Homemakers Of America The officers of the New Homemakers of America for 1959-60 are: President Vice Pres. Secretary Assist. Sec. Treasurer Reporter Parliamentarian Sponsor Yvonne Carter Joan Hunter Jean Grant Regina Grimes Barbara Carter Carolyn Fuller Diane Butler Mrs. Dorothy Hall OfieOkespians The officers for the “Thes¬ pians” for the year 1959-60 are: President Dianne Mercer Vice-President Robert Wright Secretary Gloria Thomas Assistant Secretary Sheila Lewis Assistant Director Gloria Black Director Harriette G. Hemby industrial Arts Club The Industrial Arts Club aims to provide students with relaxation from school routine and to provide an opportunity for the development and encouragement of interest in worthwhile handicraft projects. Mr. Richard 0. Jackson, sponsor. av ■■ ■ £i6rar y Club The Luther Jackson students are encouraged by the Library Club to read more and better books. This organization also assists the Librarian by performing many library duties. The officers for 1959-60 are as follows: President. Sheila Lewis Vice-President . Dianne Mercer Secretary .Jacqueline Baskerville Representative of Student Council Beverly Taylor Patrols The student patrol is a safety organization which plans for the safety of students enroute to and from school. Other duties are to assist in the corridors of our school by encouraging orderly transition from class to class. The patrol of¬ ficers are as follows: Brenda Mar¬ shall, Captain ; Jean Smith, Secre¬ tary; Jean Grant Assistant Sec., and Mr. C. M. Robinson, Sponsor. Miss Homecoming, 1959-1960 Miss Rosalie Broum 60 cfi eerleaders The Luther Jackson Cheerleaders really put forth an effort this year to boost the morale of the players and their followers. In thei red and gold pleated skirts and Tiger vests they led the victory yells for many of our football and basketball games. We at Luther Jackson realize the import¬ ance of the cheering squad. p i. 1 f §§11 p m ipfe I Hg i Varsity CluS The “Varsity Club” is an organiza¬ tion of boys who are interested in clean and wholesome sports and who show an eagerness for the advance¬ ment thereof. Members of this group are from left to right (first row) William Edwards, Carl Gatlin, Percy Davis, Eddie Jones, (second row) Ronald Reaves, Carroll Lewis, Carroll Rich, Eugene Sheppard, and Nathaniel Braxton. Qolj Clu6 The “Luther Jackson Golf Club” has endeavor¬ ed over the past three years to interest more students to take part in the great American pastime with moderate success. A tournament is held yearly among players from Districts I and II in the V.I.A. The members of this group are Mr. George Felton, sponsor; Jessie Hines, Ronald Reaves, John Lee, and Robert Brent. Captain: Ronald Reaves (No. 10) Co-captain: Robert Wright (No. 15) Managers: Dwight Wade, Ronald Taylor Sfie “ jigers” of ’59-’60 Charles Price Head Coach George Felton Assistant Coach I Speller Hall Quarterback Eddie Jones End Nathaniel Braxton Fallback Senior 3ooiSall Players 1 1 Robert Wright Guard SCORES Jackson 0 Fairmount Heights 6 Jackson 20 Douglas (Leesburg) 0 Jackson 20 Manassas . 6 Jackson 0 Walker Grant .... 8 Jackson 18 Parker Gray . 0 Jackson 0 Peabody.22 Jackson 0 Va. Randolph.12 Jackson 0 St. Emma. 0 Jackson 6 Addison . 13 Jackson 6 Maggie Walker .... 41 Ronald Reeves Quarterback Carroll Rich End 64 ■ 0 ° 0 1 ' - Dianne Mercer Guard 4r v Mrs. Carrie James Assistant Coach Miss Frances Williams Coach She (jigers Basketball is a fa vorite sport among the students and patrons of Luther Jackson. The Tigers have given great performances under the direction of their coach, George Felton. The members are proud of their upgrading from a Group II team to a Group I team and the players are giving great concern to all school of Group I of the VIA. Left to Right, First Row: Percy Davis, Harold Mansifield, Speller Hall, Prentiss Randall (Capt.), Tim Johnson, Thomas Grayson. Second Row: Robert Wright (Manager), Carroll Rich, Jesse Hines, Houston Summers, Ronald Reaves, Eddie Jones, and Coach George Fel¬ ton. PATRONIZE THIS MERCHAN An active P.T.A. of any school is necessary for the success of a good school program. The Luther Jackson Parent-Teacher Association plays an impor¬ tant role in school-community relations. The Association carries on many varied activities and among them are that it bridges the gap between the home and school, sponsors many varied fund-raising activities for the support of the school, and promotes the welfare of the personnel of the school. Above are the officers of the P.T.A. for 1959-’60. (Standing from left to right) Rev. Roger Bush, Chaplain; Mr. Claudius Brown, President; Mr. James Payne, Treasurer. (Seated) Mrs. Romaine Lewis, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. Mamie Washington, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Christine Morris, Vice-President. KARIN ' S FLORIST JEfferson 2-4141 Flowers for All Occasions George Raptis Bill Dukas 7 Corners Shopping Center Falls Church, Virginia WALLACE AND MONROE PHARMACY 438 South Washington St. (Lee Highway) Phone JE 2-2966 Falls Church, Va. 68 JE 2-8880 WILLIAM STALCUP FURNITURE COMPANY 234 West Broad St. Falls Church, Virginia Falls Church, Virginia McDANIEL ' S SERVICE CENTER Accessories, Washing and Expert Lubrication 955 West Broad Phone JE 2-2127 BUILDER-DEVELOPER of BLAKLEY MANOR BLAKLEY F. WEAVER Route 2, Box 224 TW 3-7048 McLean, Virginia Compliments of ARRINGTON CLEANERS 131 W. Maple Avenue Vienna, Virginia Phone DU 5-9010 WHITE STAR VALET Dyeing — Shoe Repairing — Storage 1-Hour Dry Cleaning Service Falls Church, Va. 165 Hillwood Ave. 112 Northwest St. JEfferson 4-9830 69 Compliments of Compliments of LORD FAIRFAX ALMA SHOPS CLOTHIER, INC. Featuring Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear Apparel i08 E. Broad Falls Church, Va. Falls Church — Clarendon Virginia Compliments of BROWN ' S HARDWARE CO 100 W. Broad St. Falls Church, Va. JE 2-1168 Compliments of BOY ' S GIRL ' S SHOP 209 W. Broad St. JE 2-6433 Falls Church Va Compliments of Greetings GREEN ' S BARBER SHOP to the Class of 1960 “It’s always our pleasure DR. E. FRANK BOURNE to serve you.” Eye Specialist 4820 Lee Highway Arlington, Virginia 4818 Lee Highway Arlington, Va. Compliments of KETTERMAN ' S POWER CLEANERS Gifts of Jewelry (One Hour Service) DUnkirk 5-8485 Vienna, Va. Lee and Broad Falls Church, Va. Phone JE 2-2722 R. Ketterman 70 MERRIFIELD SERVICE GARAGE, INC. 2Jt-Hour Wrecker Service Complete Automotive Repair Phone JE 2-5553 ARFAX PRINTING COMPANY 102 E. Fairfax Street Falls Church, Virginia Phone JE 3-0011 Compliments of BROWN ' S MEAT MARKET 6865 Lee Highway Arlington, Virginia Phone JE 2-9641 R. S. MYERS, INC. 306 S. Washington St. Falls Church, Virginia Phone JE 2-3325 JE 2-1551 ROBAR HALF HOUR LAUNDROMAT 110 East Fairfax St. (At the Radio Tower) Where We Do Your Work For You Phone JE 2-9617 Falls Church, Virginia ANCIENT OAKS GROCERY 1665 Lee Highway Falls Church, Va. Open 6:30 to 11:00 P.M. Phone JE 2-9863 JOS. L. BROWN SON Blacksmith Wheelwright Acetylene arid Electric Welding Radiator Cleaning Repairing Phone EM 8-2033 P. 0. Box 328 Manassas, Va. Compliments of ROLLIN ROAD RESTAURANT Vienna, Virginia Compliments of ACME TIRE AND SHOPPING BAG AUTO SERVICE Super Market 722 N. Henry Street Leesburg Pike Alexandria, Vi rginia Bailey’s Cross Roads, Virginia Phone OV 3-1100 Phone: JE 2-4860 Get Clothes Cleaned — Faster More Economical Compliments of VIENNA SPEEDWASH 152 Maple Avenue E. FRANKLIN DELICATESSEN Vienna, Va. (Never Closed) CARRY OUT Next to: Wright Hunt, Inc. 4822 22nd Street • Agitator Washers • Coin Operated Arlington, Virginia Compliments of WRIGHT HUNT, INC. Where You Buy the Best and You Buy for Less Vienna, Virginia Phone JE 4-1212 JACKSON TAXIDERMY STUDIO R. M. Jackson — Prop. Taxidermy in All Branches Routes 29 and 211 2634 Lee Highway Between Merrifield and Falls Church For a Fast, Good Wash HAWTHORNE ' S VIENNA it’s the PHARMACY FALLS CHURCH CAR A Wa lgreen Agency Drug St ire WASH Free Pick-up and Delivery Annandale Road, at Arlington Vienna, Virginia Boulevard Phone DU 5-7550 Mgr. Sylvester Whitehead TINNER HILL BARBER SHOP Professional Barber Service Hours: 2:00 P.M.-8:00 P.M., Mon., Tue., Thurs. 8:30 A.M.-9:00 P.M., Fri., Sat. CLOSED WEDNESDAYS Phone JE 2-0526 Props. H. E. Webster David Scott SUPERIOR TV Installati on Service on All Makes Radio and Record Players All Work Guaranteed Lee Highway Donn Loring Rd. Merrifield, Va. Photostat Blue Prints White Prints Drafting Supplies WATSON ' S GROCERY STORE QUICK PRINT, INC. 1220 Madison Street 103 E. Fairfax St. Alexandria, Virginia Tower Square (Open Sat. 10-5) Hours — 7:30 A.M.-7:00 P.M. Falls Church Virginia Groceries — School Supplies Lumber Millwork Roofing BUILDERS MISCELLANEOUS SALES COMPANY Merrifield, Virginia Quick Delivery JE 4-3743 Compliments of FALLS CHURCH DEPT. STORE Falls Church, Va. JE 2-1244 KI 8-8850 L L DELICATESSEN SONTULLO ' S 445 So. Wash. St. Groceries — Choice Meats — Fruits and Vegetables Beverages of All Kinds (Opposite Hechingers) Falls Church, Virginia 156 Duke St. Alexandria, Va. FALLS CHURCH AUTO TOP COMPANY 104 Shreve Street Falls Church, Virginia Auto Tops Seat Covers Upholstery Clements Berezoski JE 2-9608 State Wide Real Estate Service Property Management JOSEPH W. SEAY COMPANY VIRGINIA HOMES AND FARMS FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA Joseph W. Seay 113 West Broad Street Home Phone: JE 2-0218 Office: JE 2-2620 Compliments of ROYAL CLOTHIERS OXFORD SHOP 741 Seventh St. N.W. Washington, D. C. 228 W. Broad St. Formal Falls Church, Va. Rental RE 7-7144 Outfitters The Sweetest Gift of All — Flowers Compliments of RECTOR ' S FLORIST Vienna Shopping Center DU 5-7772 McLean, Virginia DRUG FAIR, INC. McLean Shopping Center McLean, Va. EL 6-4887 i Phone DU 5-9863 VIENNA TV and Paint Center (complete line of paints) Zenith — Motorola Sales and Service Records — Auto Radio Service L25 Maple Ave. Vienna, Va. Guaranteed Service DU 5-8G66 VIENNA RADIO AND TV SERVICE Zenith — Sales and Service — Motorola, Stereophonic Hi Fi Phonos, Auto Radios — Tape Recorders — Records — Tapes Reconditioned TV Sets 125 Maple W. Vienna, Va Carl H. Endress, Jr. KEN McPHAIL, INC. Hardware Paint — Glass — Tools—Housewares Vienna, Virginia DU 5-7882 Botany 500 Arrow Griffon McGregor Northcool Knox ALLYN ' S MEN ' S SHOP, INC. 2 convenient locations Springfield, Va. Vienna, Va. FL 4-5151 DU 5-8800 Uompliments of PETER PAN 5 10c STORE, INC. 138 Maple Ave. West Vienna, Virginia 113 West Broad St. JE 2-2620 STATE WIDE REAL ESTATE SERVICE JOSEPH W. SEAY COMPANY Property Management Virginia Homes and Farms Falls Church, Virginia Joseph W. Seay Home: Tel. JE 2-0218 FALLS CHURCH CAMERA SHOP Northern Virginia ' s Graphic Arts and Photographic Center Trades — Rentals — Repairs 301 S. Wash. St. JE 2-2885 Falls Church, Va. DU 5-9009 KING-KERLEY Dry Cleaners and Launderers Office and Plant 444 S. Wash. St. Falls Church, Va. Branch Store GLYNDON SHOPPING CENTER Vienna, Virginia 75 JE 2-3000 Compliments of HUBBARD REALTY COMPANY Lee Hwy. Merrifield, Va. Millwork Paint Lumber Hardware Buildin g Supplies Feed Strain Hay Lime Plaster TREMONT BUILDING SUPPLY 2714 Lee Highway Falls Church, Va. JE 2-1760 Luther Jackson High Class Rings Supplied by W. C. SAUNDERS COMPANY 3110 West Marshall St. Richmond, Virginia LEE FURNITURE, INC. (Budget Accounts) The House of Quality Merrifield, Virginia Phone JE 2-1098 The SENIOR CLASS appreciates the support given our Yearbook by the following PATRONS Miss Josephine Adams Mr. W. W. Addison Mr. Joseph Melvin Akers Mr. and Mrs. John Allen Mr. and Mrs. Avent Mrs. Marie Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barnett, Jr. Mr. Edward Bell Mrs. Loretta Berry Mr. Herman Boswell Mrs. Elnora Branch Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Braxton Rev. Delvin Brent Mrs. Elmyra Brent Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brent Mr. William Brent Miss Marie Britt Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Brockman Mrs. Annie Brooks Mrs. Mary Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Brown Mrs. Mary M. Brown Mr. Clifton N. Burgess Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Bush Rev. and Mrs. Roger V. Bush Miss Louise Burke Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Byrd, Sr. Miss Thelma Byrd Mrs. Elsie I. Caldwell Mr. Leonard Carter Mrs. Martha Carter Mrs. Pearline Chester Mrs. Doris Clark Mrs. Arthur Coates Mrs. Dollie Coates Mrs. Louise K. Coates Mr. and Mrs. James Colbert Rev. W. E. Costner Mr. and Mrs. Allen Connor Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Corum Mrs. Jean Coxe Mrs. Mary Coxe Mr. Maurice Creek, Sr. Mr. Cooper G. Curtice Mrs. Elsie Dale Mr. Benjamin H. Davis, Jr. Mrs. Inez Davis Mrs. Carrie M. Deskins Miss Ethyle Deskins Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Deskins Miss Mildred Deskins Mr. and Mrs. William Deskins Miss Virginia Dorsey Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Duncan Mrs. Mable Ellis Mr. William B. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ellison, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Evans Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Evans Mr. John W. Ewell Mr. Lee Ewell Mrs. Rose Ewell Mr. and Mrs. John F. Farmer Mrs. Gwendolyn Fauntleroy Mr. George Felton Mr. Eugene Fields Miss Jacquelyn Finner Mr. and Mrs. Melvin L. Ford, Sr. Mrs. Annie Fortune Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fortune Compliments of A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Louis Furr Mr. and Mrs. G. Mi ss Claudia Gaskins Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gaskins Mr. and Mrs. James Gaskins Mrs. William B. Gentry Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Gillis, Jr. Mr. Marshall Gordon Mr. Thomas McGray Gordon Mrs. Lucille Grayson Rev. and Mrs. Charles T. Green Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffin Mrs. Ada Haight Mr. Carroll T. Haight Mr. Floyd S. Haight, Jr. Mrs. Matilda Haight Mrs. Ruth Haight Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hall Mrs. Dorothy Hall Mrs. Eleanor Hall Mrs. Flora Hall Mr. and Mrs. Phillmore Hall Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hammond Mrs. Mildred Hammond Mrs. Bessie Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Harmon Mr. and Mrs. John Harper Mr. and Mrs. Alphonso Harris Mr. Dean Harris Mrs. Elizabeth Harris Miss Gladys Harris Mr. and Mrs. James Harris Mr. and Mrs. James W. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd G. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hemby Dr. and Mrs. E. B. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Leon Henderson Miss Bessie Hill Mr. and Mrs. J. Sidney Holland Mrs. Josephine Holland Mr. and Mrs. Ben E. Holt Mr. and Mrs. Francis Honesty Mrs. Joanne Horn Mrs. Janie R. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Asbury Jackson Mr. Lawrence Jackson Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Jackson Miss Norma Jackson Mr. Richard Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Jackson Mrs. Carrie James Miss Helen Johnson Mrs. Ida Johnson Mrs. Ida H. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Johnson Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson Miss Mable Jolly Mrs. J. H. Jones Mr. Paul L. Jones, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones Mrs. Alma A. Joseph Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kelley Mrs. Pearl Kenney Kinsey’s Dry Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. Elizah L. Kirkland Mr. Herman Knot Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lawson Mr. and Mrs. Ernest LeCounte Mrs. Hilda A. Lee Mr. Joseph A. Lee Mr. Robert Lewis Mrs. Romain Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mansfield Mr. and Mrs. Warren Morarity Mrs .Mary H. Marshall Mrs. Gloria Moxley Mr. Henry May Miss Maxine Mays 78 Mr. and Mrs. Homer McClendon Mrs. Margaret McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Stewart McIntyre Miss Dorothy M. Mercer Mrs. Dorothy V. Mercer Mr. Marvin Metcalf Mrs. Mary Metcalf Miss Fannie Miles Mrs. Nellie H. Mills Mrs. Jean Minor Mr. Junius Monroe Mr. Thomas R. Monroe Mrs. Emma 0. Moore Paul’s Market Mrs. Edna W. Murchison Rev. S. K. Murray Mrs. Mary Naylor Rev. and Mrs. Millard F. Newman Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Payne Mrs. Josebell Payton Mrs. Minnie L. Payton Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Rockivoid Peyton Mr. and Mrs. William Peyton Mr. Willis Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Charles Price Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Reaves Mrs. Fannie Richards Mr. J. C. Richardson Mrs. Dorcas Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Robinson Mr. Kenneth W. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Allen Saunders Mrs. Justine Scott Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses 0. Scott Mr. Edward Shipman Mr. Eugene Skinner Mr. Charles N. Smith Mrs. Doris J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Stewart J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. John F. Starnes Mrs. Dorothy Strother Mrs. Janett Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. James Sye Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Tate, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Taylor Miss Jacquelyn Tinner Mr. and Mrs. Winston Tinner Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Thompson, Jr. Mrs. Estelle Thompson Mr. Lloyd A. Thompson Mrs. Tempie Vest Mrs. Odele Wade Mr. and Mrs. Alex W. Walker Mrs. Donnie Walker Mrs. Tillie Warren Mrs. Mary Weathers Weaver Beauty Nook Mrs. Lucille Welcher Mr. and Mrs. Brock Wells Mrs. Correna Wells Mrs. Louise White Mr. Alton Williams Mrs. Deloris Williams Mrs. Florence Williams Miss Frances Williams Pfc. and Mrs. Stanley Williams, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor M. Williams Mrs. Irma Willson Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Winston Mr. and Mrs. Donald Witten Mrs. Ethel Wright Mrs. Rudy Young 79 £asf Will And (5csfamenf We the Class of 1960, of Luther Jackson High School, Merrifield, State of Virginia, in sixty-four individual and distinct parts, being about to pass out of this sphere of education, do make and publish this, our last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills or promises by us at anytime heretofore made, or maybe, carelessly spoken, one to the other as a thoughtless wish of an idle hour. As to such estate as it has pleased the Fate and our own strong hands and brains to win for us, we do dispose through our sponsor, Mr. H. L. Lawson, who will administer this Will and Testament in ac¬ cordance with the wishes of the Class of 1960. We bequeath to our beloved principal, Mr. Taylor M. Williams, a heavy mortgage on our future, our deepest reverence, our sincere affection, and the whole and limited wealth of our eternal memory. (Please forgive every gray hair and wrinkle we caused during our brief stay.) To Mr. Robert A. Tate, we leave the echoes of our resounding voices and clattering steps in the cor¬ ridors of Luther Jackson High School. To Mrs. Hammond, our guidance director, we leave the familiar and long sought after answers to ques¬ tions why . . , when . . , and where . . . ? We give and bequeath to the dear faculty, who have been our instrucotrs in all the wisdom of the ages, a sweet unbroken succession of restful nights and peaceful dreams. No longer need they lie awake through the long watches of the night to worry over the uncertainty of whether this one is doing her work tonight. To our most worthy successors, the Junior Class, we leave our coveted seats in the back of the audi¬ torium. We bequeath to the student body of Luther Jack- son High School, as a whole, some rare schemes by, which they may succeed in getting their parents to PTA meetings and other successful activities, thus proving to the principal and teachers that we are not all orphans. (Contact main office for informa¬ tion ) To the dear young freshman who will enter in September, we bequeath a booklet entitled “Psycho¬ logical Tolerance” containing invaluable information on illegal locker entrance, walking the halls and how to talk to your teachers into letting you go out to a non-existing activity. The following may seem but trifling bequests, but we hope they may be accepted as valuable assets to those who may receive them. To: Kenzie Locke, Robert Wright leaves his athletic ability Gloria Wiggins leaves her physics ability to Gloria Thomas Cleotria Duncan her typing ability to Jackie Smith Thelma Ewell would like to leave her secret of “How to obtain knowledge by osmosis” to Virginia Marshall Montey Thomas leaves her ability to get along well with others to Mary Ann Collins Pat Mills leaves her “Blonde Streak” to Doris Hyden and Ernestine Moss. Jean Smith leaves her ability to “Peter Gunn” to Elania Taylor. James Peterson, his musical ability to James Matthews Speller Hall, his football ability to Philip Moore Leonard Lee and Albert Ellis, their ability in D. 0. to James Vanison and Joe Ellis Carroll Rich, his ability to get along with people to Percy Davis Eddie Jones, his girl friends to Milton Gunn William Collins, his drumming skill to George Wilks Brenda Marshall and Doris Thomas, their basket¬ ball skill to the team of 1960-61 Harold Mansfield, his charm and personality to Wilber Coats Prentiss Randall, his romantic ability to Robert Pearson Kenneth Ford, his music ability to Houston Summers Irone Hicks, her slim profile to Jackie Baskerville Dianne Mercer, her ability to learn th e cheering squad steps to Doris Gaskins William Allen, Ed Gunn, Bob Jones, and Mary Taylor, their eyeglasses to all the sightless stu¬ dents of Luther Jackson Tim Johnson, his ability to graduate to Bernard Robinson Audrey Willson, her amiability to Sheila Lewis and Gloria Black Ronald Reaves, his thirteen letters earned in sports to Percy Davis Haney Pearson, his wide waistline to Walter Ellis and George Dickson In witness whereof, We, the Class of 1960, the testator, have this our will, written on one sheet of parchment, set our hands and seal this fifth day of June, Anno Domini, one thousand nine hundred and sixty. 80 % It II ' f J I ' 1 5 IV 1 A.xtou.r NaUanAV BraX h HeUn Breu ' V MCftftlf iKtl Euitii r qjiw. BrcecAtn U ut r BRENi VtarsVpAl i.EONfr.|ki L HNS R NO .OtiSOR EP. SON RWyES CarroU R ' -Vv ansoN AV4RENCE Cleo+rifs D urvcan ar tNee u Uu £NN £ ARtAE R naiinq ARNVO N RNES RONE NSON uses n % a N I ANNE Mtvt R RCt ah U L LruisON Spon son 0(115 EAN loRiS QNVRS ituja

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