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Text from Pages 1 - 70 of the 1958 volume:

Jhe Jiqen Pmtod i By Tfifi QemM Luih i Jajck oiv QckooH VUguuO We, the class of 1958, have tried to make an annua which would present our school as you would like to re¬ member it — In years to come may you turn through these pages and recall the happy months at L.J.H.S. Time marches on! We Point with Pnide to oun Adminiatnation 3aculty, Seniona, Sjp.on.ta, ■fIctivitiea Claaaea Dedication To teachers—everywhere; but, especially to the teachers of Fairfax County, and most assuredly the teachers of Luther Jackson High School, we dedicate this issue of tho ' 1 958 Tiger. We realize that it has been only through your guidance, pati¬ ence, and teaching that we have reached this milestone of our lives, and as we turn our thoughts to the future, we leave happy memories of teachers who have helpaa us along the way. — A Teacher ' s Creed — I believe in boys and girls, the men and women of a great tomorrow; that whatsoever the boy soweth the man shall reap. I believe in the curse of ignorance; in the efficacy of schools; in the dignity of teaching; and in the joy of serving others.... I believe in wisdom as revealed in human lives as well as in the pages of the printed book; in lessons taught, not so much by precept as by example;. . . I believe in beauty in the schoolroom, in the home, in daily life. . . I believe in laughter, in love, in faith, in all ideals and distant hopes that lure us on. I believe in the present and its opportunities; in the future and its promises, and in the divine joy of living.. .. Principal ' YYleznaqe Dear Seniors of the Class of 1958, I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the seniors and sponsor for the outstanding job you have done to make this annual a successful and worthwhile project. This annual will serve as a book of past accomplishments and memories. I feel con¬ fident that it will be one of your most cherished possessions. Congratulations for the accomplishments you have made thus far. I am sure you will strive to be a credit to your school and your¬ self by using the training you have received wisely, and as you go out into rhe world, remember that no person was ever honored for what he received; honor was rhe reward for what ne gave. May your future be so planned and managed that the important experiences of your life will bring you both honor and success. Si ncerel y. Taylor M. Williams, Principal. 6 Our Principal, Mr. Williams, confers with Mrs. Hammond, and Mr. Tate. MR. HAROLD LAWSON Guidance 7 Miss Loretta Harrod and Mrs. Jean Minor keep busy with their many office duties. MRS. EMMA MOORE Elementary Supervisor MRS. MARGERY ROBINSON Visiting Teacher MRS. HELEN JOHNSON Helping Teacher, Reading MR. EDDIE HALL Helping Teacher, Music 8 faculty MRS. LUTIE COATES Core MRS. JEAN COXE Mathematics MRS. JULIA BROCKMAN Core MRS. GWENDOLYN FAUNTLEROY French MISS MABEL JOLLY Librarian 9 MRS. VIVAN FORD English MR. ROBERT GRIFFIN Music MR. JAMES GASKINS Science MRS. MILDRED HAMMOND Business Education Jaculty MR. EZRA GILLIAM Mathematics MR. DEAN HARRIS Music 10 Jaculty MRS. CARRIE JAMES Phy. Ed. MR. MORRIS SAMUEL Mathematics MRS. MAYME HOLT Spanish MRS. TEMPIE VEST English MR. RICHARD TUCKER Social Studies MISS FRANCES WILLIAMS Phy. Ed. 3 acuity MR. LLOYD THOMPSON Industrial Arts MRS. HYLDA PURCE Special Education MRS. GERTRUDE WILKERSON Business Ed. MR. DONALD WITTEN Physical Ed. MRS. MARY PHILLIPS Special Education MISS ARTHENIA TRIAL Elementary MISS PEARL MARTIN Elementary MISS MARILYN WILLIAMS Elementary 12 EVELYN VINCENT C(a24 Oftfaicena. EDWARD HANSBOROUGH Vice President ROBERT DYKES Treasurer Secretary 14 JOE AGEE BEATRICE ANDERSON 15 HERBERT FULLER RUBY CHASE EDWARD HANSBOROUGH ROSE COLLINS WILLIAM JACKSON LESLIE NAPPER DELORIS HINES WILLIAM MORARITY PEARL JONES MANULITA MORRIS WILLIAM SMITH CORDELIA ROBINSON 18 Jhi£ We RemembenW In September 1953, we, the class of ’58, were orientated into Manassas Regional High School where we attended our first year out of the elementary system to which we had become so accustomed. During the year 1953-54, we as a class visited Bull Run Battlefield and Museum . The enjoyment we had couldn ' t have been if it weren ' t for our wonderful Eighth Grade Sponsors, Mr. Morris Samuel, and Mrs. Barnes. We shared the pride of all the Negro citizens of Fairfax County in the new high school in which we enrolled as its first Freshman Class in September, 1954 - The class ' s competitive spirit was greatly stimulated during our Fresh¬ man Year. Evidences were exhibited when Homeroom 9-1, Sponsored by Mrs. L. M. Brown, won the Miss Homecoming contest of ' 54, supporting Miss Wilma Harrod. Miss Merle Williams, also of the Freshman Class was honored with the title of Miss Basketball of ' 54 . We the sophomores of ' 55 presented a Valentine Ball which was a formal affair for all students, teachers, and parents who had the price of a ticket. For many of us, this was our first time to dress-up in silver slippers, evening dresses, and tuxedos. Because of the wonderful cooperation of the class it was a real success. The experience gained by presenting the Valentine Ball enabled us, as a Junior Class to present an even more successful Junior-Senior Prorb. With the assistance of two grand sponsors, Mr. Harold Lawson, and Mrs. H. Hemby, we accomplished all that any Junior Class could hope to. Now we are Seniors and anxiously awaiting the feel of a high school diploma in our hands. For all of us, this will certainly be a new way of life- college, a career, or marriage. . . Whatever the future, we are looking forward with great enthusiasm upon entering the world as young adults. 20 Clem Will We, the graduating class of 1958, of Luther Jackson High School, Fairfax County, State of Virginia, do hereby make public, and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any bequests made by other classes heretofore. We e members of the class bequeath our estate to the following: To the principal, Mr. Williams, and our teachers we leave our love, and grate¬ fulness, and appreciation for all they have done in bringing us thus far in our educa¬ tional career. To the Juniors, we leave our senior dignity, soiled books, our seats in the left- hand-side of the auditorium with the hope that they enjoy their senior year as much as we did. To our friends the Sophomores, we bequeath our eagerness and willingness to learn. To our good friends the Freshmen we will our ability to receive passing grades, and to be obedient to the teachers. We as individuals of the Senior Class bequeath the following: DICK HOUSTON wills Bus 97 to Shot Gun Wicks. BILLY SMITH wills his ability to play basketball to Franklin Bush. LAWRENCE NEWMAN wills his Government book to Paul Sheppard in hope that he will do much better than he. JOSEPHINE CHASE wills her ability to write Shorthand to Marguarite Brown. ROBERT DYKES wills his typewriter in Room 15 to Addison Wells in hope that he will someday receive a Certificate of Merit for typing 60-words per minute. CAROLYN LEWIS leave? her keen flirtatiousness to her devoted sister, Harolyn. BILL JACKSON wills his athletic ability to Mr. Bell with the hope that next year ' s football team will win more games than this year ' s. RONALD WINGER leaves his long list of absentees to Leslie Meadows. LARRY COATES leaves his good looks to all the unfortunate boys at L. J. H.S. JO ANN BOOKER wills her ability to do bookkeeping to Earnestine Williams with the hope that she will be able to pass the course next year. MARY GROOMS leaves all of her dresses to Collida Jordan; hoping that she will be able to make the necessary alterations in order to use them. 21 ur time has come e’ e stoo our thanks to you. We ex ten r teachers You ' ve been our friend in; ve cleared the patJS, courfo and fulfilled o fi And ever A guiding light a djugh Ciaati Poem CLASS MOTTO ' We’ve crossed the bay; the ocean lies beforeTtsr CLASS FLOWER: CLASS COLOR: Jackson, we have come to say That we have finally crossed the bay, Our happy hearts are in motion too As we attempt the ocean blue. Although the years have swiftly passed Our memories will always last, For to us you are unforgettable And not a moment here is regrettable. member Jackson, where lessons were learned; Where faculty and friends were all concerned. Th ink of our Alma Mater with cherished pride Let success be ours, as the ocean we ride. Pink Carnation Pink and Oxford Gray Naomi Harris Class Poet 23 Senion, JOE L. AGEE Ambition: Civil Engineer Activities: Basketball, Football, Baseball BEATRICE ANDERSON Ambition: Registered Nurse Activities: Choir, Honor Society, Student Council ALLEN BARBOUR Ambition: Government Employee Activities: Industrial Arts, Choir GRACE BLACKWELL Ambition: Music Education Activities: Band JO ANN BOOKER Ambition: Red Cross Worker Activities: NHA THEODORE BOYD Ambition: Army Activities: Industrial Arts GERA LINE BUTLER Ambition: Stenographer Activities: Choir, Band JUANITA BYRD Ambition: Teacher Activities: NHA, Patrol, Newspaper Staff, Honor Society JAMES CARTER Ambition: Architectural Drawer Activities: Student Patrol, Choir, Student Council, Industrial Arts Club MILES CARTER, JR. Ambition: Commercial Artist Activities: Industrial Arts Club JOSEPHINE CHASE Ambition: Stenographer Activities: Choir, N.B.L. A. Majorettes RUBY CHASE Ambition: Nurse Activities: Choir LARRY COATES Ambition: College Activities: Industrial Arts Club, Math Science, Library Club EDWARD COLBERT, JR. Ambition: Commercial Artist Activities: Industrial Arts Club ROSE COLLINS Ambition; Elementary Teacher Activities: Choir, Band, Honor Society, Newspaper Staff, Year¬ book Staff BARBARA DAVIS Ambition: Laboratory Technician Activities: Choir, Dramatics, Math Science, Spanish Club, Cheerleader ROBERT DYKES Ambition: Business Teacher Activities: F.B.L.A., Dance Group, Yearbook Staff, Dramatics, Honor Society, Newspaper Staff, Student Council. HERBERT FULLER Ambition: Doctor Activities: Band, Choir, Industrial Arts, Football MARY GROOMS Ambition: Private Secretary Activities: Choir EDWARD HANSBOROUGH Ambition: College Activities: Math Science Club, Band NAOMI HARRIS Ambition: Christian Missionary Activities: Yearbook Staff DELORES HINES Ambition: Nurse Activities: Newspaper Staff, Choir Library Club JULIA HINES Ambition: Elementary Teacher Activities: NHA, Student Patrol 24 Senion Dinectony RICHARD HOUSTON Ambition: Professional Baseball Activities: Baseball, Basketball, Football WILLIAM JACKSON Ambition: Undecided Activities: Football, Basketball Baseball PEARL JONES Ambition: Professional Dancer Activities: NHA, Modern Dance, Newspaper Staff SAMUEL KING Ambition: Government Employee Activities: Industrial Arts CAROLYN LEWIS Ambition: To be successful in all my undertakings Activities: Newspaper Staff, Student Council, Library Club, Patrol, NHA JOYCE MADISON Ambition: Cosmotologist Activity: Choir WILLIAM MORARITY Ambition: U. S, Army Activities: Basketball, Football, Dra¬ matics, Library Club MANULITA MORRIS Ambition: Engineer Activities: Honor Society, Dramatics, Math Science Club, Yearbook Staff BARBARA MUNDY Ambition: Receptionist Activities: Choir, Dramatics LESLIE NAPPER Ambition: Undecided Activities: Industrial Arts, Football LAWRENCE NEWMAN Ambition: Army Career Activities: Industrial Arts Club LAWRENCE RANDALL Ambition: Electrical Engineer Activities: Honor Society, Choir Math Science Club, Yearbook Staff BETTYJEAN RICH Ambition: Typist Activities: Library Club, Choir CORDELIA ROBINSON Ambition: Clerk Typist Activities: Student Patrol, NHA GLORIA ROBINSON Ambition: Art Teacher Activity: Library Club FRANCIES SCOTT Ambition: Elementary Education Activities: Honor Society, Choir, Student Council JUNE SMITH Ambition: Elementary Education Activities: Choir, Cheering Squad, Majorettes, Patrol WILLIAM SMITH Ambition: Professional Baseball Activities: Baseball, Basketball, Football EUNICE STOKES Ambition: Housewife Activities: Library Club, Newspaper JOHN TAYLOR, JR. Ambition: Army Career Activities: Football, Baseball, Industrial Arts Club AMY THOMAS Ambition: Cosmotologist Activities: NHA, Library Club EVELYN VINCENT Ambition: Social Worker Activities: NHA, Patrol, Cheerleader, Dance Group, Basketball, Yearbook Staff NORMAN WALKER Ambition: Bookkeeper Activities: Newspaper Staff, Band PHYLLIS WESLEY Ambition: Typist Activities: Choir, Newspaper Staff 25 RONALD WINGER Ambition: Electrical Engineer Activities: Newspaper Staff, Basketball 7 he 1 teanb ok Stafib LEFT TO RIGHT: Evelyn Vincent, Larry Coates, Rose Collins, Manulita Morris, Mrs. Hammond, Sponsor; Robert Dykes, Lawrence Randall, Geraline Butler, and Barbara Davis. Celebrity Chant WE WILL HAVE THESE MOMENTS TO REMEMBER ’Baby , it’s cold outside. ... 4 i A 1 1 28 At ■Homecominq THE CHEERLEADERS THE BATON GROUP THEY CHEER LOUDEST Joe Agee, End William Jackson, Halfback L Sanchez Kannon, Guard Richard Houston, Halfback Herbert Fuller, Guard R. Reaves, End C. Gatlin, Fullback Stanley Houston, Guard Wm. Smith, Qtback Otis Weeks, Center A. Newman, Qtback Wm. Morarity, Fullback P. Sheppard, Guard N. Brayton, Tackle J. Edgerton, Tackle 7fte 1958 Jootball Ueam Coach Bell LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Houston, Eddie Jones, William Smith, Thomas Montgomery, Harold Mansfield, Franklin Bush, Joe Agee, Sanchez Kannon, Archie Harris, Robert Jones, Richard Walls, Prentis Randall, William Jackson, Ronald Reaves, and John Wood. Basketball Will he make it? Where is the ball? 34 wtivf foucarie . Jbniven Education Phy ical Education Health Education STANDING, LEFT: Jacquelin Wright, Manager; RIGHT: Irone Hicks, Score Keeper. BACK ROW: Janice Payne, Brenda Marshall, Rose Rector, Virginia Marshall, Bertha Thornton. FRONT ROW: Clyde Denny, Violet Pearson, Louise Denny, Gladys Ford, Judy Hudson, Evelyn Vincent, Doris Thomas, Norma Jackson, Joan Smith. Qinla ' Basketball Who’ll get it? Almost, but not quite. 36 i ° fs Student Panticipation ■Amociation Student Count Student Patnol mm Ylational Honon Society, t Mrs. Holt works with the Newspaper Staff on proofreading copy for the TATTLER. The Modern Dance Group rehearsing for the Christmas Play. Barbara Davis and Lawrence Randall rehearse for their parts in Two Lunatics . 40 7he Chain. ■ ■ —■ ' ■ ■Pi; » n %s i ’% £« f k! ■ SJnatnumental YYluaic Claw 41 Cadet teacher, Mrs. O. Redman from Miss B. Stanley, also Cadet teacher Virginia State College, helps Joan with a machine adjustment. from Virginia State College, points out the kinds of life insurance to a General Business Class. V I LEFT: These students in the Office Practice Class learn to use the adding machine and the electric typewriter. Mrs. Coxe observes as her students in General Mathematics complete their seat work. Mr. Bell attempts to explain a problem from the board, but most of the students are more interested in the camera. Manuelita explains a Geometry problem as classmates look on. • E-E ' X jJ f - ■J 1 ■ y 1JM -- ' Q,oven.nment Senior students concentrate on the job to be done . ABOVE: The students in the background have learned that reference books are necessary aids. £nqli h These students find that diagraming sentences can be fun. aC Cla c GOOD QUEEN BESS I , La Corrida de toros, Pasatiempo Nacional de Espana BONJOURI H O M E E C LASSES O N O M I C S Never a dull moment in the Homemaking Department with wash¬ ing, ironing and cook¬ ing to be done. This is a man’s job. 50 pan ■ 51 WIN7TR Clementany Deloris Ford Amita Lucas Alric Newman Virgie Coleman Rose DeNeal Albert Brown Bessie Summers Jean Carr George Morgan Geneva Metcalf Margarette Brown John Wiggins Roselind Carter Jackie Wright Charles Bush Norma Jackson Patricia Williams Albert Wooden Bertha Brooks Eamestine Williams Fabina Teal Jean Elmore Alvin Thomas Mary Roberts Jessie Elmore Robert Duncan Marion Brooks Lillian Scott Paul Sheppard Norcie Grooms 54 Emma Walton John Brown Delores Harris Donald Lawson Claudia Gaskins Bertha Thornton Cynthia Dorsey Joseph Brown Sanchez Kannon Judy Hudson Richard Wall Margaret Hyden J u N I O R S Mansfield Smith Martha Butler William Ellis Theodore Jones Richard Washington Sally Davis Samuel McKenny Bobbye Willingham Rose Rector Elwood Harried William Smith Elwood Jackson 55 Sophomonea rsss •naif ft I 3ne hmen 7 he Eighth Qnad ib - — ,■ I Sheri Lynn James In the Baby Luther Jackson Contest sponsored by the Student Participation Association, little Sheri Lynn James won first place, representing Section 8-6, and little Gwendolyn Branch was a close second, representing the Senior Class. Gwendolyn Branch 58 Patnons. ' Addison, Mrs. Inez Bell, Mr. Edward Carter, Mr. Albert Carter, Mr. William Costner, Mrs. Annie Chambers, Mr. Lawrence L. Felton, Mr. George Frye, Mr. C. W. Gales, Mrs. Geneva Gaskins, Mrs. Alberta Gilliam, Mr. Ezra C. Gray, Mrs. Frances N. Gray, Mr. Isaiah J. Gray, Miss Jeanne F. Griffin, Mr. and Mrs. Robert U. Grooms, Mrs. Elizabeth Gross, Mr. Freddie Hall, Mrs. Dorothy Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Mildred Henderson, Mrs. Channie Jackson, Mr. Gerald Jackson, Mrs. Louise Jolly, Miss Mabel Jones, Mr. and Mrs. William Martin, Pearl Y. (Miss) McCoy, Mrs. Lillie M. Mercer, Miss Osie Milton, Mrs. Mary Pearson, Mrs. Lillian Pleasant, Mrs. Cleo Powell, Mr. Raymond Reaves, Mr. Ronald Rich, Mrs. Alice L. Robinson, Mrs. Annabelle Scott, Mrs. Ada Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Tate, Mrs. Lorraine Tate, Mr. Robert Thompson, Mr. Lloyd A. Thomas, Mrs. Margaret Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tucker, Mr. Richard Vest, Mrs. Robert Vincent, Mrs. Evelyn Wells, Mrs. J. B. Wiggins, Mrs. Marion Williams, Mrs. Audrey Williams, Miss Frances Williams, Mr. Taylor M. Witten, Mr. Donald L. Autoquaphi. 59 BROWNSE ABOUT SHOP Fairfax Shopping Center Cr 3-3841 Compliments of TOMMY ' S BEAUTY SALON KING KERLEY ' S DRY CLEANING-LAUNDRY Shoe Repair Falls Church Virginia Je 2-1713 FALLS CHURCH PAINT AND WALLPAPER CENTER Falls Church, Virginia Compliments of DR. JOSEPH G. BASCO, DENTIST Vienna, Virginia Compliments of FALLS CHURCH STATIONERS POWER CLEANERS Falls Church Virginia Across from the bank . BROWNS ' HARDWARE Falls Church Virginia Fall Church Virginia — YEARBOOKS

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