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Text from Pages 1 - 54 of the 1956 volume:

FACULTY and To the Senior Class of 1956; Iwish to express my sincere thanks and ap-r preciation to the seniors and sponsor for the out standing job you have done to make this annual a successful and worthwhile project. This annual will serve as a book of past accomplislm ents and memories. I feel confident that it will be one of your most cherished possessions. I would like to congratulate you for the ac¬ complishments you have made. I am sure you will strive to be a credit to your school and yourself by using the training you have received wisely, and as you go out into the world, re¬ member that no person was ever honored for what he received; honor was the reward for what he gave. May your future be so planned and managed that the important experiences of your life will bring you both honor and success. Sincerely, Taylor M. Williams 4 Mrs. Jean Minor, Secretary takes dictation from the Assistant Principal, Mr. Robert A. Tate. Mrs. Claudia C. Hammond, Guidance Director Mrs. Hilda W. Lucy, Secretary 5 Mr. EUchard O. Jackson B.S. Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club Miss Frances Williams, B.S. Physical Education Driver Education Dance Group Mrs. Tempie Vest, . .B. Social Studies English Mr. Harold L. Lawsoi B.S.. M.A. U.S. History Government Student Patrol Mr. Morris A. Samuel B.S. Mathematics, Algebra Geometry Mrs. Annie M. Fortun B.S., M.S. Art Education Mr. George W. Felton B.S. Physical Education Social Studies Basketball, Baseball Miss Mabel R. Jolly A.B., M.L.S. Librarian 6 Mrs. Carrie B. James, B.S. Physical Education Girls ' Basketball Majorettes Mrs. Mildred Hammond B.S. Commercial Education Yearbook Sponsor Mrs. Julia Brockman B.S. Core Miss Liculle E. Murray B.S., M.S. Biology, Chemistry Student Council Science Club Miss A. Gertrude Bumbrey, B.S. Commercial Education Mr. Ezra C. Gilliam, B.S., M.S. Mathematics Mrs. Dorothy Mullings, B.A., M.A. Spanish, English Newspaper Sponsor Mr. Richard Tucker, B.S., M.S. World History, Social Studies Mrs, Lutie L. Coates, B.S., M.A. Core (8th grade) Mrs, Gwendolyn Fauntleroy, B.S. French, English Jr. Red Cross Sponsor Mrs. Jean S. Coxe, B.S. Mathematics Mrs. Vivian M. Ford. B.S. English V4l| 8 Mrs. Sylvia Alexander, A.B. Third Grade Miss Arthenia Trail, B.S., M.A. First Grade Miss Margaret Murrel B.S., M.A. Sixth and Seventh Grades Mrs. Bettie I. Cooley, B.S. Second Grade Mrs. Hylda M. Puree, A.B., M.A. Special Education Mr. Donald L. Witten, B.S.. M.S. Physical Education Athletic Club, Football Mrs. Deloris G. Evans, B.A. Third and Fourth Grades 9 Mrs. Margery D, Robinson, B.S., M.A. Visiting Teacher Mrs. Emma O. Moore, A.B., M.S. Elementary Supervisor Mr. Cecil M. Robinson, B.S., M.A. Head of Elementary Department Mrs. Helen E. Johnson, B.S., M.A. Reading Specialist 10 SENIORS Se«U(n O ccen ROBERT BURLEY President of Class Ambition: Engineer Activities: Chief Justice of Student Court, Choral Club BARBARA THOMAS Vice President Ambition; Registered Nurse Activities: Cheer¬ leaders, Majorette, N.H.A. JOAN SHEPPARD Secretary Ambition; Physical Education Instructor Activities: Yearbook staff. Choral Club, Patrol PEGGY SMITH Student Council Representative Ambition: To attend College Activities: Cheerleader, N.H.A. 12 MARY ANN BARFIELD Typist, Modern Dance, Curtis Bennett, Air Force, Captain of Patrols, Football, Dramatic Club CURTIS BENNETT Air Force; Captain of Patrols, Football, Dra¬ matic Club. ARTHUR BEVERLY Engineer, Yearbook Staff, Student Court, Dramatic Club BLANCH BLACKWELL Stenographer, Choral Club, Newspaper Staff, Basketball LUCINDA BROOKS File Clerk, Newspaper Staff, Choral Club, Modern Dance MARGARET CARTER A successful housewife N. H. A. WALLACE COSTNER Physical Education Instructor, Captain of Football team. Student Council, Basketball BLONDELL CUNNINGHAM Practical Nurse N. H. A, 13 LILLIE GASKINS Elementary Teacher, Choral Club, N.H.A. Student Court MARYE GIBSON A successful homemaker. Choral Club, Modern Dance, Basketball RANDOLPH HARRIS To attend college. Track, Basketball. Football RAY HARRIS Mechanical Engineer, Football. Basketball, Track, Baseball PHYLLIS HARROD Secretary, Yearbook Staff, Choral Club, Basketball, N.H.A. CORA HEADEN Seamstress, N.H.A., Choral Club 14 CLARICE HUNTER Cosmotologist, Modern Dance, N.H.A., Student Patrol FOREST JOHNSON State Policeman, Student Patrol, F.B.A. GLORIA JONES Government Worker, Newspaper, N.H.A. Basketball JUAN LAWSON Physician, Student Council President, Dramatic Club, Basket¬ ball ARNOLD LEWIS Professional Baseball Player, Baseball, Foot¬ ball SHIRLEY McCOY Typist LESTER McDaniel A ir Force, Student Patrol, Basketball, Football MARY MONROE Elementary Teacher, Choral Club, N.H.A. 15 DORIS MULLINS Registered Nurse, Choral Club. N.H.A. MINETA MURRAY Registered Nurse, N.H.A. HARRIETT RECTOR Nurse, Student Patrol, Basketball, N.H.A., Modern Dance JEAN REED Elementary Teacher, N.H.A.. Yearbook Staff REGINALD RICH Professional Baseball JANICE ROBINSON Registered Nurse Choral Club. N.H., Yearbook Staff, New paper Staff. 16 CECIL TERRELL Ambition: Typist Activities: Baseball Track ROLAND CLYDE SMITH be a success in life Art Club EUNICE WHITE Cosmetologist N. H. A. HAROLD WHITE Brick Mason Baseball, Bus Patrol, F. B. A. ELCETIA WINGER Art Teacher Modern Dance, Patrol, Newspaper Staff CLASS HISTORY Our firstyear at Manassas in 1952, was like the beginning of a new life. We had before us a great challenge and many objectives and goals to accomplish. There were approxi¬ mately 160 students in our class at that time representing four counties; Fairfax, Warren, Fauquier, and Prince Wil¬ liams County. During the first year the class was organized and we were ready to meet our goals. During this year the students of Fauquier County were transferred to a new high school in Warrenton, Virginia , causing our class to be fewer in number. Yet, this did not alter our plans to do great things. Our sophomore year found us accomplishing many of our goals and optimistically looking to the future when we learned that a new high school was being built in Fairfax, our own county, and that we would have to leave dear old Manassas the following year. Throughout the year, all of the students were excited a- bout going to the new school. Their thoughts were confused with sadness which comes from leaving behind something cherished, while at the same time wanting to engage in a new adventure. So in September, 1954 we were students in the beautiful Luther Jackson High School in Merrifield , Virginia, where we were members of the junior class. The first year at Luther Jackson was the most exciting in our class history. Even though we had to leave so many of our understanding teachers and classmates at Manassas, we found new friendships in our teachers and students at Luther Jackson, along with spacious quarters and the best equipment at our disposal. The many changes which occurred during our high school days may have lessened our number, but it served to broaden our intellectual and cultural life and provided invaluable contacts and experiences. 18 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT To utter " goodbye " - requires but a simple motion of the lips, yet it becomes a task, when from the heart we realize that we must take leave of the pleasures enjoyed at Luther Jackson High School, We, the Senior Class of 1955-56, do hereby declare this our Last Will and Testa¬ ment. To the faculty, we leave our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the splendid cooperation which we have re¬ ceived from them. To our parents, we wish to express our thanks for their help in encouraging us to reach our goal and re¬ ceive our diplomas. To the underclassmen we leave the following: Mary Monroe wills her Spanish book to Wilma Har- rod with the hope that she will keep it free of fingerprints. Arnold Lewis wills his ability in sports to Donald Hall suggesting that motion is needed and not a cook book. Elcetia Winger leaves her artistic ability to Wayne Wilson. Arthur Beverly wills all his girl friends to Wilbur Duncan and Gilbert Carter. Barbara Thomas leaves her French tongue to Barbara Hawkins. Robert Burley bequeaths his position as Chief Justice of the Student Court to Jessie Cochran. Lucinda Brooks wills her ability to eat as much as she wants and keep her slim figure to Mary Grooms. Reginald Rich would like for his ability to stay out of trouble to be left only to James Barnett. Ray Harris wills his ability to get to school on time to all the students who are late. Clarice Hunter bequeaths her ability to get along with her teachers to Anita Thomas. Randolph Harris leaves his height to Theadore Jones. Wallace Costner wills his feet to Coach Felton. Lester McDaniel wills his ability to play basketball to Roscoe Grayson. Eunice White bequeaths her ability to be full of fun at all times to Barbara Bush. Jean Reed wills her ability to read shorthand to all of the students in the Shorthand I class. Blanch Blackwell wills her Government book to the next senior class inhopes that they will do better than the present senior class. Cecil Terrell wills his ability to operate the basket¬ ball time-clock to Jaines Brown. Margaret Carter bequeaths her ability to be quiet on IS 32 to Josephine Chase. 19 SNAPSHOTS Here and there 20 SCHOOL LIFE FEATURES STUDENT COUNCIL The officers of the Studeni Council prepare fora meeting; Left to Right: Curtis Bennett, Fabinia Teal, Wallace Costner, Roscoe Grayson, Juan Lawson, President; Ada Scott, Secretary; Peggy Smith, Deloris Whitney and Manuelita Morris. STUDENT PATROL STANDING, Left to Right; Jessie Cochran, Marvin Johnson, Leo Allen; SEATED; Forest Johnson, Laurence Stoney, Leonard Honesty, Walter Grayson, Wilma Harrod, Mary Goins, and Harold White. STUDENT COURT Left to Right; Gail Newman, Jessie Cochran, Robert Tate, Roscoe Gray¬ son, Mary Goins, Lillie Gaskins, and Curtis Bennett. 22 YEARBOOK STAFF The members of the Yearbook Staff begin making plans for the 1956 Annual. Left to Right; Gloria Jones, Edi¬ tor in chief; Joan Sheppard, Phyllis Harrod, Barbara Thomas, Janice Robinson, Business Manager; Mary Monroe, Linwood Terry, Arthur Beverly, Photographer, and Lucinda Brooks. ART CLASS Art I and II students combine their talents in painting, sketching, carving and puppetry. 23 Mr, W. G, Eberhardt, Represen¬ tative of IBM, demonstrates the electric typewriter as these Typing I and II students listen. This beginning typing class has learned to keep their eyes on the copy; a very important technique in learning to type. THE NEWSPAPER STAFF Center, S E A T E D; Lucinda Brooks, Assistant Editor, Blanch Blackwell, Editor. 24 Carefulmenu and grocery plan¬ ning is most important in the foods unit in Luther Jackson High School, SEATED Left to Right; Shirley Mc¬ Coy, Jean Reed and Eunice White. STANDING: Barbara Streater, Pearl Alexander and Blondell Cunning¬ ham. Their lesson well learned, the girls who worked together as a family group, take pride in sitting down to luncheon. Reading Left to Right: Blondell Cunningham, Mar¬ garet Carter,Barbara Streater, Jean Reed, Shirley McCoy and Eunice White. Officers and a few members of the Luther Jackson Chapter of New Homemakers of America. 25 1 A scene from an impromptu fiesta in a Spanish town being dem¬ onstrated by a group of students. Gail smiles as the other students seem to be having difficulty with the pronoun. Juan Lawson, Joyce Hunter and Robert Burley study the map of France as classmates look on. 26 CHEMISTRY Chemistry students performing an experiment in the laboratory. BIOLOGY Students of Biology, as they study the internal anatomy of the frog. GENERAL SCIENCE The class in general science listens as " Tracy” Newman reports on limited natural resources. 27 f UPPER PHOTO: These students in Algebra I are working with equations of the first degree with one unknown. LOWER PHOTO: The students photographed are engaged in a discussion of their work built around the theme, " Government Close to Home " . Bessie Summers explains information from the chart. These eighth grade students are working on a unit entitled, " What Teen-agers Should Know About Etiquette " . 28 Tyrome Holmes and William Peter¬ son are working out experiments with electrical circuits. Cecil Terrell and Arnold Lewis are working on a coffee table, while Harold White and Leonard Honesty work on other furniture. 29 Book displays and good books go together like a horse and carriage THE LIBRARY The Library has many activities, above; the members of the Library Club arrange an attractive bulletin board. Below, the girls line up as Dianne Mercer checks out books. 30 TE E BAND The band strikes a rehearsal pose as Mr. Bhrtlett directs. 31 MISS RUTH ANN JONES Miss Homecoming - 1955 THE FESTIVE OCCASION.CALLED HOMECOMING 32 ATHLETICS A ninth grade physical education class participating in calisthenics. This health education class is study¬ ing the value of foods and nutrition. DRIVER EDUCATION CLASS Driver Education students observe the parts of the automobile. 34 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM Top to bottom: Verlee Nivens, Julia King, Blanche Blackwell, Julia Hines, Phyllis Harrod, Barbara Haw¬ kins, Joan Smith, Evelyn Vincent, Deloris Whitney, Carolyn Thomas, Harriet Rector, and Gloria Jones. I Deloris Whitney makes a foul shot as Blanch, Gloria, and Phyllis wait for the rebound. Deloris Whitney and Phyllis Harrod jump the ball. 35 Top photo; Varsity Football Squad coached by Mr. Donald Witten, lower right. Second photo; Arnold Lewid receives a pass; his teammates block for him. Right; Bill Brown prepares to receive the ball from Houston Archer, center. 36 THE VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Left to Right: Coach Felton, Guy Collins, Houston Archer, Roscoe Grayson, Oscar Gatlin, Jerry Dykes, Robert Thomas, Ray Harris, Curtis Bennett, Wilbur Duncan, Leo Coates, Lester McDaniel, and Wallace Costner. WON 12 SCORE LOST TIED 3 0 MISS BASKETBALL - 1956 Deloris Whitney of Section 11-2 was crowned " Miss Basket¬ ball of 56 by our Principal Mr. Williams. 37 ) The Cheerleaders Left to Right: Evelyn Vincent, Barbara Hawkins, Gail Newman, Julia Hines, Center: Peggy Smith, and Marjorie Morarity. The Baton Group Left to Right: Merle Williams, Barbara Thomas, Patricia Williams, Gladys Ford, Marlene Morris, and Wilma Harrod. The Dance Group BACK ROW: Audrey Wilson, Elcetia Winger, Lucinda Brooks, Valernetta Jones, Claudia Gas¬ kins; FRONT ROW: Clarice Hunter, Norma Jack- son Manuelita Morris, Juanita Gaskins, and Doris Thomas. 38 vote UNDERCLASSES ' T e CuHcon, Section 11-1 Section 11-2 40 41 Sections 8-2 and 8-5 -13 When entering the Elementary Wing, one is always greeted with a beautiful and timely bulletin board. Here Mr. Robinson and some students put the finishing touches on the bulletin board for " Book Week " . These Sixth and Seventh Graders are busy with their Math seat work, as their teacher. Miss Murrell, looks on. 44 In photo. 1. the Third and Fourth Graders are studying about " Thanksgiving”. In photo 2, the Third Graders are studying a unit on " Why Be Thankful " . These students are studying a map showing the development of Virginia as their teacher, Mrs. Evans, keeps a closewatch. 45 These Second Graders have pretty smiles for the cameraman. The students here of the Special Class have been discussing a unit on " Time " . 46 PATRONS Mrs. Sylvia J. Alexander Mr. Mrs. Troy Bartlett Mr. Robert E. Betz Mrs. Julia Brockman Miss A. G. Bumbrey Miss Dorothy E. Bush Mr. JohnD. Bush Mr. William E. Carter Mr. William H. Carter Mrs. Lutie Coates Mrs. Bettie 1. Cooley Mr. Mrs. Guy Collins, Sr. Mrs. Josephine Corum Mr. Timothy Corum Mrs . Jean C oxe Mrs. Clara C. Drumming Mrs. Deloris Evans Mrs. Gwendolyn Fauntleroy Mr. George W. Felton Mrs . V. M. Ford Mrs. Annie Fortune Mr. Omar Furr Mr. E. C. Gilliam Mr. Marshall Gordon Mrs. Dorothy Hall Mrs. Mae W. Hall Mr. Mrs. James E. Hammond Mr. ; Mrs. Raymond W. Hammond Mr. Willis Hayes Mr. Dean C. Harris Mr. Albert Holland Mrs. Josephine Holland Mr. Russell Holland Mr. Sidney Holland Mr. Esther Honesty Mr. Richard Jackson Mrs. George James Mrs. Gladys Johnson Mrs. Helen Escridge Johnson Miss Mable R. Jolly Mrs. Bessie Lambert Mr. Harry Lee Mrs. Lorraine Mabry Mr. Mrs. Robert Manuel, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Joseph Minor Mrs. Emma Moore Miss Lucille Murray Miss Margaret Murrell Mr. Leonard Napper Mr. Vivian Winford Owens Mrs. Viola Peney Mrs. Isabel Pope Mrs. Hylda Puree Mrs. Fred W. Reimer Mrs. Etta Richards Mr. c Mrs. George Riley Mr. Cecil M. Robinson Mr. Charles Robinson Mr. c Mrs. Lloyd Russell Mr. M. A. Samuel Mrs. Ada M. Scott Mrs. Courtney Sheppard Mrs. Julia Sheppard Dr. E. C. Skull Mrs. Elizabeth Smith Mrs. Margaret Smith Mr. Mrs. Robert A. Tate Mrs. Christine Taylor Mr. William H. Taylor Miss Arthenia Trail Mr. Richard Tucker Mrs. Delancia C. Weaver Mrs. Lucy Wheeler Mr. Edward White Mrs. Margaret White Mrs. Nettie M. White Miss Frances Williams Mr. Mrs. Taylor Williams Mr. Donald Witten Mrs. Robert Vest Records - Sheet Music Compliments of PORTER ' S STUDIOS 104 N. Wash. Street and 101 E. Broad Street Falls Church, Va. Je 4-0930 BOYS ' AND GIRLS ' SHOP All ages thru teerjs 209 W. Broad St. Je 2-6433 Falls Church, Va. Compliments of THE LUTHER JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION President , . . Vice President Secretary . . . , Assistant Sec. Treasurer . . . , Chaplain . . . . Mrs. Julia B. Shepperd . Mr. Horace Shepperd . Mrs. Edna M. Collins . Mrs. Margurite Harrod , . Mr. Earnest L. Pinn . . . . Rev. E. E. Terry Watches — Jewelry Watch and Jewelry Repair Thomas G. Eastham, Prop. FALLS CHURCH JEWELERS Art Supplies, Office Supplies Typewriters - Filing Adders — Repairs FALLS CHURCH STATIONERS 100 W. Broad St. Falls Church Virginia 126 N. Washington St. Falls Church Virginia Je 4-2300 Je 3-1580 CHAMBLINS MARKET Fairfax Virginia " Honest Abe” UNIVERSITY STUDIO Cr 3-1170 1839 - 7th St., N.W. Washington, D.C. THOMMY’S BEAUTY SALON Raymond Tolson Photographer 1334 N. Capital St., N.W. Washington, D.C. Phone: Hu 3-8446 Phone: Ad 2-9393 f EVELYN’S DRUG FAIR ! Fairfax Virginia i 1 VIENNA PHARMACY i i EVERHART JEWELERS Maple Avenue Vienna Virginia 113 N. Payne St. Du 5-7550 Fairfax Va. Cr 3-2250 1 r - C. C. WELCH ' S MOBILE SERVICENTER 1 McLEAN DRUGS 1 1 McLean, Virginia i- McLean Virginia El 6-9581 El 6-4444 I i ARTHUR REED Landscape Gardener 89 Leesburg Pike Falls Church Va. Je 2-0714 HOUTZ STORE Groceries, Meals, Beverages Old Dominion Drive Da 5-9006 Springhill, Va. MARION’S DRESS SHOP E. D. EDWARDS SHOES “Footwear for the Entire Family” 474 Leesburg Pike “Home of Nationally Known Brands” Falls Church, Virginia Maple Avenue Vienna Va. ■I- MERRIFIELD SERVICE GARAGE 24 Hour Wrecking Service Lee Highway Merrifield, Virginia Je 2-5553 MERRIFIELD SUPPLY COMPANY WILLIE’S MARKET Merrifield Virginia Phone: Je 2-9888 MAPLE AVENUE VIENNA VIRGINIA Compliments of HARVEY’S HICTORY HUT Merrifield Va. FRIENDSHIP GRILL General Contracting Custom Homes Fairfax Virginia BLAKELY F. WEAVER Contractor " Where friends meet to eat” Cr 3-9803 McLean Virginia Je 3-2008 GEORGE BURRIERS GARAGE Grading Top Soil Day: Je 4-3411 Night: Je 2-7728 J. H. 0. V. CARPER McLean, Virginia Gallows Rood Merrifield Virginia T elephones El 6-3344 El 6-9595 2 J PARKER LEWIS GENERAL STORES LADY FAIRFAX, INC. Merrifield Virginia Dresses Je 3-9770 Sportswear RUSSELL’S PET SUPPLIES Lingerie “We Deliver” Lee Highway Merrifield Virginia Accessories Je 4-4646 Cr 3-2350 Fairfax Virginia Hours: 9:00—5:30 WALLACE MONROE PHARMACY Cr 3-9801 MEARS TEXACO STATION 234 W. Broad Street East and Main St. Fairfax Virginia 438 S. Washington St. Falls Church Va. Cr 3-1616 Phone: Je 2-2966 NICKELL HARDWARE Fairfax Virginia Hardware, Tools, Paints, Glass SUPERIOR TV A B MARKET Installation Service on All Makes Radios and Record Players “All work guaranteed” H. Edward Webster, Prop. Lee Highway Dunn Loring Road Merrifield Virginia Fairfax Virginia PARK ROAD MOVING TRANSFER CO. 1013 Park Road, N.W. - Ad 2-1491 Washington, D.C. — Wr 2-1281 Chrysler — Plymouth Direct Dealers R. B. CLARK MOTOR CO. 624 S. Washington St. Falls Church Va. Je 3-1100 Compliments of JAMES H. RABY GRAHAM DRUGS 1520 Arlington Blvd. Je 5-1000 JEFFERSON VILLAGE PHARMACY 612 Arl ington Blvd. Falls Church Va. Attorney and Counselor at Law Je 2-9393 Compliments of Mt. Horeb Baptist Church 217 - 16th St., N.E. Washington, D.C. RIVERS’ ESSO SERVICE STATION 11th at Park Road, N.W. Washington, D.C. Phones: Ad 2-1491 - Wr 2-1281 i . 1 • -

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