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Text from Pages 1 - 62 of the 1955 volume:

. a Lutter Jackson HUglr Seliool M ernfield, v irginia 1965 CONI HITS DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION SENIORS CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN EIGHTH GRADE ELEMENTARY PATRONS ADS DEDICATION To the Senior Class of 1955: I would like to congratulate you and your sponsor for the outstanding job you have done to make this annual a successful and worthwhile project. It is indeed a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to express my greet¬ ings to you for having the desire and willingness to reach the goal you have. I hope the training you have received will enable you to go out into the world and be a credit to yourself and your school. We, the members of the faculty, of Luther Jackson High School feel con¬ fident that each of you will adjust yourself in this society of ours to be respect¬ ful, successful, and worthwhile citizens. To all of you I extend my best wishes for a happy and successful future. Sincerely yours, Taylor M. Williams Principal MR. ROBERTA. TATE: B. S., M. S. Assistant Principal MRS. CLAUDIA HAMMOND Guidance Counselor Secretaries MRS. JEAN MINOR MRS. HILDA W. LUCY BARNETT, THOMAS WILLIAM President of Senior Class; Student Patrol; Athletic Club; Dramatics Club; Ambition: Vocal Soloist. BALTIMORE, SHIRLEY CELESTINE Senior Choir; Dramatics Club; Student Court; Basketball Team; Ambition: Home Economics. BENNETT, WILLIE ODELL Student Council; Athletic Club; Newspaper Staff; Ambition: U. S. Army. BARBER, MARY EVELYN NHA; Dramatics Club; Ambition: Typist. BLACKWELL, JOHN CARROL Athletic Club; Yearbook Staff; Newspaper Staff; Ambition: Electronic Engineer. BARNETT, MARY ELIZABETH NHA; Dance Club; Student Council; Basket¬ ball Team; Ambition: Physical Education Teacher. CARTER, WALTER JEFFERSON Athletic Club; Ambition: Businessman. BRANNOM, SHIRLEY ELAINE Student Court; Choral Club; Dramatic Club; Newspaper Staff; Ambition; Typist. CARTER, WILLIAM LEROY Athletic Club; Student Court; Ambition: To be a success in life. BROADUS, ADAIR ARNEIDA Dance Group; Band; Ambition; Secretary. FORTUNE, DAVID LEROY Football Team; Athletic Club; Newspaper Staff; Student Patrol; Ambition; To become a success. DAVIS, CONSTANCE ELAINE Yearbook Staff; NHA; Dramatics Club; News¬ paper Staff; Ambition; Seamstress. HINES, WALTER A. Athletic Club; Ambition; To become a success. GIBSON, CHARLOTTE C. NHA; Ambition: Stenographer. JACKSON, ALVIN WILTON Athletic Club; Ambition: Football Career. GIBSON, JUANITA D. NHA; Dramatics Club; Ambition; Typist. JACKSON, FLOYD WILLIAM Athletic Club; Science and Math Club; Ambition; Physical Education Teacher. GIBSON, MATTIE LOUISE President of NHA; Dramatic Club; Ambition; Registered Nurse. MORORITY, LLOYD EDWIN Athletic Club; Sports Editor; Student Patrol; Ambition; Physical Education Teacher. JOHNSON, MARY FRANCES NHA; Ambition; Secretary. RICH, THEODORA BRANCH Athletic Club; Ambition; Physical Education Teacher. LOCKETT, ELIZABETH ANN Dramatic Club; NHA; Dance Club; Senior Choir; Ambition; Songstress. SAMPSON, ADDISON LEROY Athletic Club; Yearbook Staff; Chief Justice, Student Court; Ambition; Veterinarian. MUNDY, NORMA NANCY LOU Dramatic Club; Ambition; To become a success. v SAMPSON, RICHARD EDWARD Athletic Club; Yearbook Staff; Ambition; Physical Education Teacher. NEWMAN, EDITH MAE NHA; Senior Choir; Ambition: Elementary Teacher. TAYLOR, HARRY CORNELINA Choir; Dramatic Club; Student Council; Ambition: Musician. PAYNE MARY FRANCES Student Council; Choir; NHA; Basketball Team; Dramatic Club; Ambition; Physical Education Teacher. 3 esr J CJJy 7 - WILLIAMS, STANLEY Athletic Club; Ambition; Carpenter. PEARSON, MILDRED Senior Choir; Ambition: To become success¬ ful in my singing career. PHILLIPS, GEORGIA ELIZABETH Senior Choir; NHA; Dramatic Club; Year¬ book Staff; Student Court; Ambition: Reg¬ istered Nurse. RICHARDS, BARBARA Dramatic Club; Newspaper Staff; Editor of Yearbook; Student Council; Ambition: Sec- ROBINSON, ROSA ALTHEA N HA; Ambition: Seamstress. STONEY, DOLORES Student Court; Dance Group; Newspaper Staff; Yearbook Staff; Dramatic Club; NHA; Am¬ bition; Secretary. TAYLOR, DELORIS ANN Cheerleader; Senior Choir; Dramatic Club; NHA; Student Council; Ambition; Nurse. TERRY, KATHERINE ELIZABETH Student Council; Senior Choir; Editor-in- Chief School Paper; Yearbook Staff; Ambi¬ tion: Secretary. 1 J VAUGHAN, VIRGINIA MAE , NHA; Senior Choir; Student Council; Cheer¬ leader; Science Club; Dramatic Club; Am¬ bition; Stenographer WHEELER, EUNICE JACQUELINE Senior Choir; Dancing Club; Cheerleader; Student Council; Ambition; To open Kinder¬ garten. WHEELER, FRANCES DELORIS Senior Choir; Dramatic Club; Newspaper Staff; Ambition; Typist. WOODEN, KATHERINE Senior Choir; Dramatic Club; Newspaper Club; Ambition: Secretary. CLASS HISTORY In September of 1950, we, the first Senior class of the Luther Jackson High School, began our high school education at the Regional High School of Manassas, Virginia, We went to Regional High School because there was no school for us in Fairfax county. We were eager to learn despite the hardships and inconveniences that we encountered. The greatest of these difficulties was transportation since the Fairfax County students lived long dis¬ tances from the school. Our first year, the eighth grade, was the orientation period during which time we were quite happy about our new experiences. To us high school was a challenge and we were de¬ termined to prove ourselves worthy of citizenship. There were approximately 130 of us, repre¬ senting four counties; Fairfax, Fauquier, Warren and Prince William. We soon organized our class and set our goals for the future. At the beginning of the Sophomore year, we were acquainted with high school life and ready to work. Most of the members of the class began to show promise in their classes and other activities. This was really the beginning of our climb through the rugged mountains toward graduation. Our principal, Mr. C. N. Bennett and the teachers were very understanding and helpful to us in the problem of organizing our schedule of classes and any other perplexities with which we were confronted. This was the last year of Fauqier County students attending Regional High for a new school had been built for them in their county. We felt the loss of our friends but we kept struggling because we knew Fairfax County would soon provide a new school for us. The sophomore year brought new responsibilities and opportunities and we accepted them gratefully. This was the year when we became the leaders in most of the organizations. That year we held the major offices in the Student Council, the choir and many other activities. We had to work harder in our classes so that we could have time for the extra-curricular activities. When we became Juniors, we tried to act sophisticated but we had been too happy before this sudden change and it did not suit our personalities. This was the year of preparation and we had to prepare ourselves to meet an entirely new school, faculty and educational institution. Toward the end of this school term, we began to feel how much we really enjoyed studying at Manassas but we were soon to move to Luther Jackson High School in Fairfax County. After completing the Junior Class, amid expressions of joy and sorrow, we bade our friends of the other counties farewell for we would soon be leaving them. We greeted each other in September of 1954 in the Luther Jackson High School with a new burst of enthusiasm. As Seniors, we felt the heavy weight of leadership drop suddenly upon our shoulders. We had the special responsibilities because we were attending a new school and we had no traditions or customs to follow. Since we were experienced in High School life and leadership, we took the lead in fostering many organizations and taking advantage of the oppor¬ tunities offered there. During the years, we lost many members of our class, the first graduating class of the Luther Jackson High School, but we also gained classmates from other schools. We have worked diligently toward our goal and we are soon to be rewarded. It is one of the greatest events in our lives to be the first Graduating Class of Luther Jackson High School. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Harry Taylor bequeaths his position in the Student Council to Jaun Lawson. Thomas Barnett wills his size to Theodore Jones. Edith Newman wills her quiet dignity to Merle Williams. Adair Broadus wills her quiet disposition to Carol Willingham. William Carter wills his shop utensils to Willis Richards. Constance Davis wills her sewing ability to Clarice Hunter. Dolores Stoney wills her typing aptitude to Marie Hinton. Georgie Phil lips wills her pleasing disposition to Anita Thomas. Shirley Baltimore wills to Harriet Rector her basketball techniques. Mattie Gibson leaves her ability to sing to Phyllis Harrod. Shirley Branom wills her typing ability to Lucinda Brooks. Elizabeth Lockett wills her slenderness to Eunice White. Rosa Robinson wills her gym suit to Thelma Ewell. Mary Frances Johnson wills her French II Book to Margaret Carter. Juanita Gibson wills her height to Hattie Wilkins. Katherine Terry wills her ability to get to school on time to Lillie Gaskins. Lloyd Marority wills his ability to participate in sports to James Hall. Mary Barber wills her Biology Book to Donnie Jackson. Mary Frances Payne wills her popularity to Eunice Wideman. Frances Wheeler wills her typing ability to Joan Sheppard. John Blackwell leaves his ability to play football to Lenwood Newman. Leroy Sampson bequeaths his position as Chief Justice of the Student Court to William (Billy) Smith. Theodore Rich wills his weight and height to the smallest boy on the football team. Deloris Taylor leaves her Gym suit to Carolyn Thomas hoping that she will use it. Willie Bennett wills his grades to his sister Margarite Bennett. Katherine Wooden wills her Government book to the Junior Class, with the hope that they will do better than she. Mary Barnett wills her ability to keep playing basketball to Barbara Grayson, Lillie Gaskins and Phyllis Harrod. Virginia Vaughn wills her ability to read shorthand to Blanche Blackwell. Eunice Wheeler wills her smile to all the students at Luther Jackson High School. Mildred Pearson wills her ability to type and write shorthand to Blanche Blackwell. Richard Sampson leaves his athletic ability, popularity, and gray eyes to Juan Lawson. Charlotte Gibson wills her dignity and charm to Alberta Copeland. HOME ECONOMICS Mrs. Dorothy H. Hall: B. S., M. S. Lillian Boulware and Pauline Height are learning the art of correct table-setting. Joan Hines, Barbara Hawkins are learning to stitch correctly on the sewing machine, while Betty Thomas, A. Strother and R. Robinson are studying the guide sheet. LANGUAGES Mrs. Gwendolyn Fauntleroy, B. S. Le Cercle Francais A scene from an impromptu fiesta in a Spanish town being demonstrated by a group of students. Mrs. Dorothy K. Mullings, B. A., M.A. 4 Mr. Harold L. Lawson A Government class discusses the ballot Miss Lorraine G. Simms B. A. These students are in the metal shop; they are making a dust pan. Mr. Richard Jackson B. S. These students are working out problems on the wood-turning lathe. GENERAL SCIENCE AND CHEMISTRY Students in a General Science Class are having their first experience of working with the microscope. The students in the Chemistry class are experimenting with hydrogen which they have just prepared. Pictured are (Left to right:) Jaun Lawson, John Blackwell, Lloyd Morarity and Dolores Stoney. Miss Lucille E. Murray B. S., M. S. Mrs. Beatrice A. Harrington Mrs. Lutie L. Coates SECOND YEAR ALGEBRA CLASS SOCIAL STUDIES CLASS -- 8-1 Section These girls in a beginners typing class realize the importance of keeping their eyes on the copy. II BOYS ' PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS RLS ' PHYSICAL EDUCA 1 ION CLASS Mrs. Carrie James B. S. THE LIBRARY Gateway to strange lands, books, globes and tmagination-- Miss Mable R. Jolly A.B., MSLS. YEARBOOK STAFF BARBARA RICHARDS - Editor CONSTANCE DAVIS DELORIS STONEY SHIRLEY BALTIMORE JOHN BLACKWELL RICHARD SAMPSON LLOYD MORORITY LEROY SAMPSON MARY BARNETT NEWSPAPER STAFF Left to right: Lloyd Morority, David Fortune, Katherine Terry, Barbara Richards, Willie Bennett. Second row: Wallace Costner, Katherine Wooden, Arnita Loucas Barbara Grayson, Frances Wheeler, Marjorie Morority, Deloris Stoney, Ronald Winger, Shirley Brannom, Virginia Vaughn, Leanord Honesty. Third row: Robert Dykes, Gloria Jones. NEW HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA These NHA girls prepare Christmas baskets for the unfortunate. Left to right: Barbara Grayson, Mattie Gibson, Barbara Thomas, Geneva Lansdown. 9 o ' T ' I’oT Jo — I v „ , lNIOR chorus Mr. Troy R. Bartlett B.S., M. Ed. Mr. Dean C. Harris B. S. EIGHTH GRADE CHORUS MISS HOMECOMING Wilma Harrod Section 9-1 Misses Barbara Thomas and Mary Payne ride with the Queen in the Home¬ coming Float. LUTHER JACKSON’S TIGERS Donald L. Witten B. S., M. S. Left: Morarity receives a pass for a touchdown. Below: two Varsity players in action Left to right: Willie Bennett, Floyd Jackson, David Fortune, Alvin Jackson and Walter Hines. Second row: John Blackwell, Addison Sampson, Lloyd Morority and Richard Sampson. CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Marjorie Morority, Deloris Taylor, Mary Payne, Mary Monroe, Barbara Thomas, Virginia Vaughn, Frances Wheeler, and Eunice Wheeler. ITTHITi BASKETBALL TEAM Left to right: Kannon, Jackson, Grayson, Hines, Coats, Barnett, Burton, Morarity, Houston. C. Ben¬ nett, Thomas, Pearson, W. Bennett, Fortune, Man¬ ager Lawson, Coaches Witten and Felton. Who will get it? Mr. George Felton B. S. Left to right: Grayson, Winston, Payne, Winger, Baltimore, Jones, Gaskins, Whitney, Barnett, Harrod, Hawkins, Monroe. BASKETBALL TEAM These girls jump the ball THE JUNIOR CLASS THE SOPHOMORE CLASS MRS. EMMA O. MOORE - A.B., M. S. Elementary Supervisor MR, CECIL M. ROBINSON - B. S., M. A. Head of Elementary Department. MRS. MARGERY D. ROBINSON B. S., M. A. - Visiting Teacher MRS. HELEN E. JOHNSON - B.S., M. A. Reading Specialist F MRS. DELOISE M. CORBIN B.S. These students are assisted by Mr. Robinson in putting up the bulletin board for Book Week. MISSARTHENIA L. TRAIL B. S., M. A. These First Graders enjoy the music of their Rhythm Band. If These girls and boys seem to be learning about the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving. “BABY” LUTHER JACKSON BABY EDWARD COLBERT BABY KATHY VINCENT BABY WANDA RUSSELL In a contest sponsored by the Student Council these babies won first, second and third honors. Baby Edward Colbert represented Sec¬ tion 10-3, Baby Kathy Vincent represented Section 9-2, and Baby Wanda Russell represented Section 11-2. PATRONS Mrs. Sylvia J. Alexander Mr. William Ball Mr. Troy Bartlett Mrs. Julia Brockman Mrs. Hattie B. Brown Mr. Cornelius W. Brown Mrs. Marie Bush Capt. Leslie R. Coates Mrs. Lutie L. Coates Mrs. Deloris M. Corbin Mrs. Annie Deskins Mr. E. D. Edwards Mrs. Estelle Evans Mrs. G. M. Fauntleroy Mr. George Felton Cap. Theodore P. Ford Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Fortune Mrs. Dorothy H. Hall Mr. Henry Hall Mrs. Claudia C. Hammond Mrs. Beatrice A. Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Roland Harris Mr. Dean Harris Mr. and Mrs. John Hawkins Miss Josephine Henderick Miss Juanita Henderson Mr. R. O. Jackson Mrs. C. B. James Miss Mabel Jolly Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Jones Miss Elsie F. Lewis Miss Mildred P. Martin Mrs. Jean D. Minor Mrs. Emma O. Moore Mrs. Dorothy K. Mullings Miss Lucille E. Murray Miss Margaret Murrell Mrs. Mildred Owens Mrs. Ora Lee Phillips Mrs. Etta Richards Mrs. Fannie Richards Mr. Cecil Robinson Mrs. M. D. Robinson Mr. Sunny Seagers Miss Lorraine L. Simms Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Stover Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tate Mrs. Rodie Thomas Miss Arthenia L. Trail Mrs. Robert Vest Mr. Conway Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Allen Webber Mrs. Evelyn Welch Mrs. Etta Winston Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Williams Mr. Donald Witten Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Wright Mr. B. Young Mrs. M. Young BOOSTERS Miss Virginia Ball Mrs. Paul Fives Miss Gertrude Gardner Miss Mildred Hall Miss Thelma Newman Mrs. Thomas Newton Lcdr. M. R. Novak Mr. Lawarence Rich Miss Jane Smith Miss Irene Solomon Mrs. Annie Williams Mrs. M. A. Zimmermon COMPLIMENTS OF LUTHER JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL ezv 7ea.c£e i£ President-MRS. JULIA B. SHEPPERD Vice President —--MR. ROBERT S. PAYNE Secretary-MRS. EDNA M. COLLINS Assistant Sec.-MRS. JUANITA H. GIBSON Treasurer-MR. EARNEST L. PINN Chaplain-REV. E. E. TERRY Compliments of Best Wishes to the Class ' 55 VI EN NA PHARMACY Vienna, Va. Free Delivery- Phone Du 5-7550 VIRGINIA TELEVISION RADIO CO. 28 Maple Avenue Vienna, Virginia Home Call - Du 5-7712 BUILDERS PHARMACY Ml SC. SALES CO. 438 S. Washington St, Falls Church, Va, Phone Je 2-2966 Merrifield, Virginia Phone Je 4-3743 Art Supplies - Office Supplies Typewriters - Filing Adders - Repairs Congratulations F rom STATIONERS 126 N, Washington St, Falls Church, Va. Je 3-1580 Maple Avenue Vienna, Virginia Watches - Jewelry THOMAS G. EASTHAM JEWELERS 100 W, Broad St. Falls Church, Va. Engraving Je 4-2200 Cr 3-2250 EVERHART JEWELERS 113 N. Payne St. Fairfax, Virginia ALMA SHOPS Falls Church and Arlington Virginia Compliments of ' ’STORES Vienna, Virginia Appliances Pyrofax Gas Dept. Ben Franklin 5 10 Stores Department Store Phone Du 5-7880 Du 5-7881 Best Wishes to the Class ' 55 MERRIFIELD Merrifield, Virginia Your best bet for the best garden material at the best prices. Phone Je 3-3900 Compliments of Phone Je 2-1760 2700 Lee Highway TREEMONT BUILDING SUPPLY HARVEYS Falls Church, Va. HISTORY HUT Je 2-1336 Merrifield, Va. RUNYON AND PRICE Excavating Service 115 Mary Street Falls Church, Va. SERV-ALL CLEANERS 107 E. Broad Street COLONIAL Falls Church, Va. Phone Je 2-5110 AMOCO FAIRFAX CLEANERS 100 Hillwood Avenue Lee Highway and Gallows Road Falls Church, Virginia One Day Cleaning Service Phone Je 2-4885 Phone Je 2-5222 Best of Luck Compliments to the Class of ' 55 COLONIAL SERVICE STATION DEPT. STORE 100 Hillwood Avenue 1059 W. Broad Street Falls Church, Va, Falls Church, Va. Je 2-1244 Phone Je 2-5222 MERRIFIELD PET FOOD SUPPLIES Merrifield, Virginia We Deliver Merrifield, Virginia Phone Je 2-9888 Je 4-4646 tCAdfest 5 Z IOi STORES 104 E. Broad Street GENERAL STORES Falls Church, Va. Merrifield, Va. 4775 Lee Highway Arlington, Va. Je 3-9770 Records Record Players Je 2-9568 E. E. SERVICE CENTER Sheet Music Cameras, Films PORTER STUDIOS 104 N. Wash. St. Merrifield, Virginia and 101 E. Broad St. Falls Church, Va. Je 4-0930 Je 3-7547 MERRIFIELD SERVICE GARAGE JESSIE DESKINS 24 Hour Wrecking Service Plumbing and Heating 307 Shreve St. Lee Highway Merrifield, Va. Falls Church, Va. Je 2-5553

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