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N THE 1956 SHIELD Volume lll LUTHER HIGH SCHOOL S 8700 S. Kedzie Ave. Chicoqo 29, Illinois OUTH ng y az., O GIVE THANKS UNTO THE LORD: FOR HE IS GOOD . . . LA z wiki , 'mi li ps W K. V Q? 1 F, 4 R bm- " 'fii ZS' , i N R121 9? iff: ' iggif. wg. x kN5Xf'lfgQ,A M. mms gm Q ,, vw: .md f 2 ' 'GLA 'W mp Q HZ? , X Q, .Ks :ii W, ii ss, QXJSW IASB? E .iii-2"'W'W . E lf 4 I DEDICATION O most gracious God, giver of ev- ery good and per- fect gift, thanks we render Thee fo r parents interested in our Welfare. Thanks We give Thee for a consecrated faculty and administration who have dedicated their lives to teaching. Thanks we raise unto Thee for Thy saving grace and the forgiveness offered unto us. Thanks we offer to Thee for sound bodies and minds protected by Thy watchful hand. Thanks we speak for the opportun- ities of Christian fellowship offered to us at Lutherg for all the undeserved blessings T h o u hast so richly be- stowed u p o n us during our lives. Especially do we thank Thee for the completion of our school through our new addition. For this and for all o t h e r treasures Thou hast given us we, the class of l956, with thankful hearts, REDEDICATE ourselves, and all our activities as set forth in the pages of this book to Him who has so gra- ciously bestowed upon us these gifts of body and soul. A 11. ...-.Ni TABLE OF CONTENTS SCHOOL .............................. The physical plant and the curriculum are the two major factors of our school presented here in picture and story. ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES ...... Whatever your talents, vocal, journalistic, artistic, dramatic, you will find use for them in some area of school life. ATHLETICS ............................ Luther students exercise their athletic abilities in our major sports of football, basketball, track and baseball or minor sports of tennis and golf. INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITY ............. Our faculty and office, cafeteria and main- tenance help serve as our daily guides whether we be seniors, juniors, sophomores, or freshmen. O GIVE THANKS 405 Page 12. No. 1 V Page 12, No. 19 . . . for a Christ centered curriculum taught in our new modern ,I Q X ' Q , ff .1 r aw Egg' of f X ff f if of XXX f X 4 5 I X !!,f!! Z M 'ff B J A 1 ff mlllllh-' 1 GD ff 449' INV' ff!! -1 1111 A Z ok T :EI Q I 1 '1 4, 7 1111 ni' 5 1,1- 1 Q X1 f i I1 , pn 1 3 ,ff XXX A 'C 3 S X ,111 ' i 5 GD Xi V 1 , 11, in I! Fx -H .N I I! I .5 XX xix g --.iiixx V , ' A 5 KX! ff M 1 fr XX ' 11 1? Q . K E Y F 1 fBuld q 1 C 11 R 11 Ch p 1 2 sf q 12 Faculty L nqe 3 Gy 13 Book Store 4 1' q R 14 Work Roo 5 K1 h 15 Library 6 S g R 16 Wcxshroom 7 C f t 17 fiillir R 2 51 t A1 IS Mu R m 10 1 d 1 1 At 20 12 f S X We A TOUR OF OUR NEW ADDITION ,X elle ' , nada Ii 1, , HL l,,4 um , ' 44-qs' V 3h l I4 47" I ll X I I r XS C 4Y4 'fi 09 XX- OOOO Q Q" X GD he lv Al X7 l ff Q C .Mig ,I I ' Ill 1 r4,l,l ' ' XX. w Il - OO.. he QD I like-N Xml Y ll I , fx L. - 51 YN ukkg I Lax X, dyiff V! XX fc4T'i-X I ' CVXXX-VX ,Vgkk X if I i K I C ,TI K X I I C I is' Fl A 33 450 Sq F C b C 602 O00 C S750 OUO Sketch Compliments of Whitehead cmd Billmon, Architects WE WATCH ED IT As the first scoops of dirt were removed on December 14, and the concrete foundation was subsequently poured, we watched from the sec- ond floor window trying to visualize the various finished rooms. Soon the walls began to rise and on April 17, 1955 official corner stone laying ceremonies were conducted. By the summer of '55 we found ourselves wandering through a maze of steel structure and concrete blocks. lt was beginning to look like a school. ln Novem- ber of '55 the first move was made into the in' dustrial arts room which served as a homeroom and study hall. By March all but a few final touches were complete and we were giving thanks in our hearts for the many new facilities now available to us. Dedication was held on Sunday, April 22, 1956. Following are a few in- teresting facts about our new building: GROW AND GROW 'Nu After numerous consultations with faculty, boards, committees, principal and superintendent, plans were drawn to our specific needs and recommendations. Much to our regret and sorrow, Mr. Albert F. Heino, architect, and Mr. G. Rainer, finishing superintendent, were called to rest before corn- pletion of the building. 'l'he architecture stresses vertical lines. 'lhe longest corridor in the school is 384 feet and all corridors total 843 feet. The gymnasium has a bleacher seating capac- ity of 1000, and a total seating capacity of 1800. 'lhe cafeteria has a seating capacity at meal time of 420. The library was designed to hold 7500 books of which we now have about half. 14 wiwwmiww "M-..,,shNNmwMM The addition of a wardrobe closet and larger quarters will add enjoyment to the few free moments of the fac- ulty. Page 12, No. 3 Serving our 650 students durinq our double lunch pro- gram is greatly facilitated by the efficient serving counter. Page 12. No. 16 ENJOYING OUR NEW FACILITIES Our new enlarged kitchen equipped with modern bak- ing oven, dish-Washing equipment, and a walk-in re- frigerator are a convenience appreciated by our cooks. Page 12, No. 15 Chapel services, assem- blies, and school programs are just a tew of the occa- sions when our bleachers are put to use. Page 12. No. 13 The selling of school sup- plies and books and the re- ceiving of tuitions, are the major business transactions conducted before and atter school. Page 12, No. 4 The two new shower and locker rooms are equipped with special drying rooms, supply cabinets, and over 900 individual lockers. Page 12. No. 8 A two year industrial arts program will be initiated at the beginning of the next school year, at which time the room will be equipped for shop. Page 12, No. 20 17 "l'1"Kl , ff' ff? A-mg-,gpffff-a"f ,sf AN' it " -"' ,,,- , Q AJLZ Q kr! ' 811'-'ff' ,lj Z., -'Z ' Q1 1,111 Gi ""' n ,,,,-ff" "" " 4 5 "T Q, gi 1 Q ,f4,i..-1'-ef itll,-,fl fu . gf, i ' 2252-"f"w vi-as et ,ff " w fr x in . 'W . if l x f Q, ' 71" --"" Q i 3 hide, is I ,,.-f- E li 'W' is Q i it ,is T-'ff r L tci' """' .Ml N :W sg - -'V iff .2 f-"H" 9.4 ff' 1 ' Q "rbi, 4 ' 0 i ' fc ,ef ' 51 1 .. 0 3:11 'fi-55 'H ,...,-W 1 ,3,5f,., A ' A - il T' ,,-,,.iqQ ' 'A all lg r.-few ' i Fw'-'+A X i, H U, .,,....-- HTINEIAV HIZGHX f"'1 I I r"1 I I n I I I L, I I I r-- ----- ---' I I L--.I I I L L--..-...---..- B7Ih STREET It I - I 'L ---- H I J 52-'lift lirrtrlfjht our trrslt corriyiletfv rwlir-ril year. litrrrtnul this time now facilities and additional courses: wore offered, organization of clubs, activities, and athletics played a major role in student lite. With the many new faculty members the total was raised to l4 while the freshmen, sophomore, and junior classes brouqht the student enrollment to 300. CJ , 5' "-- I- E ---- U1 nf- E z c: l"1 "1--,ji------J 87thSTREET I-IIINHAV HIZCIHX '54-55. With plans I'ttIt1lllCiOfi, Drwcrrilwcr' lflth lrnrls the first shovel of dirt luoinq excavated. Our cnroll- ment had now risen to 530 with the faculty nunilnor- ing 24. Although conditions were very overcrowded, students and faculty alike looked forward to a bright future. The many new activities, productions, and a basketball championship trophy all assisted in mak- inq the community conscious of a new high school. t 87th STREET I'- CI -I J: l'l'l Z7 E 77 l'l'l -I Z7 CJ U5 'U H1 rx -I Goods-no DO O-, Eeggggg: 5fLgEt::.5'f Q,--:CD-4fD:1c,.-w min. MF- .rn ,..:1. 51 rr:Q9,,o.ra7 01050: rn-H3 gznmpgfi 032123 Q91 H Q,.n.D"3- mD ' 'Rgyggms :r"mgg:5o P- gg-WUTKDQ 'U no 7:19 Q :J e25iD22 3iz5gQ5 N W H e g2S8eQ2 ,DH - 'O Q55 Hggcmmg 'trn59.E'. r-' O. YU DP-C Qoamase cog. go 552.9-"':H QM. U' U7 od QOCDG :QD-1 .-C ef Ddfnoe 903'S2T Goh. Q. E. :QQZU ...C R4?ffifPQEEi AV EIIZCI3 , HH X E.- M. :-c:::fm '531:Q2. Toi 619 3'2mg?3 5... ROQU- mm53k4'D. megan. 2 E.roo.Qe3S:,. 9.592739 gg-9-0.05: Q , HOQSQQ 561540392 cgnlgm gioefl : ,:in.-Ame omggai E25 is o.oQ0fDo g:mm0OZ3 ogg 50-" 5,,',,.c'o..-. Q- 5915: H.3:xrQ9.5 -Omg 'U mi 23 :vtliio 5 GCD? -LOHWQV nam 2'-X HQQESS Ui'-35 - mQ.2...5-b c:':E'QE' I-.p-f.k.UTw HX N3 87th STREET lil HHNHAV HIZCI 87tn STREET ll 65556. September found the new addition far from completed. An enrollment of 650 presented many new problems to a faculty of 30. Our patience and anxicty were rewarded when, in November, we moved into the first rooms of the new addition. By February, our qym and cafeteria, alonq with the other additions, were in constant use. The official dedication was held on April 22, with everyone saying, "O Give Thanks Unto The Lord." 'T A TYPICAL DAY FINDS US IN MANY CLASSES RELIGION, THE HEART OF THE CURRICULUM All ol us attend religion classes lor four years. During this time we study the Qld and New Testaments, Church History, and the Doctrines oi the Lutheran Church. Our religion pro- qrarn is supplemented by our daily chapel devotions, pray- ers at lunch time and at the openinq and closing oi the school day. CORRECT USAGE STRESSED IN ENGLISH THEMES Throughout our tour years ot required English courses, rules of grammar and basic composition are especially stressed in our themes and term papers. ln addition, we are given ct basic knowledge of a part ot the world's best literature. SOCIAL STUDIES SEARCH THE PAST ln our social studies curriculum, world his- tory and American history are required ot freshmen and junior students respectively. Sophomores are oitered world geography and seniors Problems in Democracy. "O GIVE THANKS" FITTING IN ANY LANGUAGE Each sophomore, junior, and senior has op- portunity to study German, Latin, and Spanish tor two years. The courses offer us a reading knowledge ot the language combined with an understanding of the peoples. MATHEMATICS NOW FOUR YEAR PROGRAM W'ith the conversion of ad- vanced algebra into a full year course for upperclassmen, we are now offered a four year program. General mathematics or algebra is required of freshmen, plane geometry is available to sopho- mores along with trigonometry and solid geometry. SCIENCE EXAMINES THE FACTS General science, required of ev- ery freshman, is designed to give to each student a background for advanced classes. These ad- vanced classes, namely, biology, chemistry, and physics are made especially helpful and interesting through laboratory Work, demon- strations, and experiments. HOME ARTS. WELCOME ADDITION TO CURRICULUM ln well-equipped, modern sur- roundings, junior and senior girls, for the first time in the history of our school, prepare for a full-time occupation. Child care, interior decorating, sewing combined with good grooming, and cooking are all included in our home arts course. 21 Y RECORDING IUSINESS SA TIONS IN T J OU RNA L , FUEIWG fumes L E DG ER NEATNESS AND ACCURACY: KEY WORDS IN BUSINESS For those with intentions of preparing for the business world, shorthand, transcription, oitice practice, typing, general business, bookkeep- ing, and salesmanshtp classes are rnusts in their program. ART LENDS A HAND IN PUBLICITY Designed to aid in the developing ot our talents, art has now become a two year course. These classes are largely responsible for the posters and signs which enhance our bulletin boards and the rnain hall. NEW EQUIPMENT, FACILITIES SPARK PHYSICAL EDUCATION Required ot every student tor four years, the physical education classes train us in sports- manship and give us opportunity to condition our bodies. The addition of new badminton, volleyball, and basketball equipment along with our trampoline has encouraged our ath- letic eitorts. Tl-lg .M i " VQJML.. . E- . r?'f:'!3U'F!4F. O GIVE THANKS Page 12. No. 12 Page 12. No. 10 ..ffh ppfff g flt fo the glory of God in our ORGANIZATIONS and ACTIVITIES Tb 'X ' 1 I -W.,-NQMM, CU1Ol Newby IQCIIIOII EUQGHG ECJQCFS Ron Pepin Cbusiness managerl, Chai- lassistant editoil, Mr. Pieper Isponsorl. lotte Burmeistei' Ipublicity chairmanl. SHIELD STAFF BUILDS THEME ON NEW ADDITION "O give thanks unto the Lordg for He is good . . Your staff ot '56 has attempted to review for you God's bountiful goodness bestowed upon all of us here at Luther South during the past year. We will have succeeded and been duly rewarded it each time you review this book in tuture years you will say in your heart "O give thanks unto the Lord." .I-if Carol Kraai, lanice Bruhnke Itypistsl. loyce Heitnei, Doiene Dawson, Lor- etta Zimmerman twiiteisl. 'Qi-'S 'W SHIELD WEEK, MOST SUCCESSFUL EVER Assembly, M2023 A. D.'7---Contest-fffShleld tcrqs---fpdtrohs pluqqers- - postersfcmnouhcements. Edch of these served its purpose in remind! ihq us to support our yearbook. The number of hooks sold cmd throo pcxqes ol pdlrohs ure ludicdiiorrs of C1 successful week. '1 o W, G I V E THANKS li 'S' 1 nwsvw- N S-r . if 1 Ili W1 YW L Q fs 'tall ? 'A1. AA.,,,kV T my !lll WH . W t -- Assistant editor ludy Gehle, editor Al Ciutzwiller, and feature editor Ruth Born obtain information for a feature article on home arts. News editor Gloria Lehner, sports editor Eugene Eggers, business man, aqer lay lclelstern, and sponsor Mr, Denys discuss layout possibilities for the Crossroads. The student publication of the Crossroads has concluded its fifth year with many accomplishments to its credit. Among them were an improved feature page and more pictures of events. One of the main objectives is to interest and train students in the field of journalism. This experience helps obtain compe- CROSSROADS tent people for senior editorship. The purpose of the paper is to print current news, interesting features, and an informative sport page. Top row: ludy Keini, ludy liauren Gladys Roelvert, Gale 'l're:naine, Fran Burrneister, Marcia Starvel, Ron Roessler, Barbara Dawson, Charlotte Burrneistor, Sire lersild, Iudy Strook, Dorene Dawson, Marilyn Stanis. Middle row: Loretta Zimmerman, loyce Binahain, Claire l.ythe, Marilyn Conrad, Earl Lornlieraei, lmis Oehler, Carol Grrnninfi, Iudy Klaus, Kay Lrneliack, Front row: Lynn Nicholas, Arlene Ohr, Karen lohnson, Sandy Zalew- ski, Virginia Peterson, Adrienne Terfler, lcyce Heitner, loanne Capoti. '11 I I I fi Iulie Threme, Mr. Klitzke tlilurarianl, Iudy Anders, Fran Burrneister, Karen lohnson. Alvina Marek, lvlorietta lrflain, Carol Schultz, Shirley Runge, Sharon Duran, Arlene Hoffman. ludy Ahrendt, Audrey Kiinkas. Marilyn Stanis, loanno Carveti, Indy Goss- Olivia Skvarla, lvlarilyn Miller, row, Evelyn Biederrnan. ludy Koellinrg. WORKROOMS AID LIBRARY EFFICIENCY The new library workroorns and additional facilities have rnade the work of the student librarians an easier task. These qirls work during their study periods at filing cards and books, stamping cards, coverinq books, and helping their fellow students find needed inforrnation. We surely appreciate their kind and considerate attention. STUDENT coUNclL Roqer Rickard, Charles Ziemer, Gerry Yakas, Dr. ludy Gehle, Gale Tremairie. Pat Egan, Dinkrneyer fsponsorl. Ken Hqmqrm, Sue lersild, Ron Pepin, Adolph Wendlina. Ken Chemeler, Nancy Thieme, Char- lotte Burmeister, Roger Samuelson, Iulie Thieme. HOMECOMING, A MAJOR DUTY OF THE COUNCIL Among the numerous projects that your student council has under- taken this past year are the Homecoming celebration, which was rated as a roaring success, the chapel committee, and the cafeteria council. Another project for the year has been the discussion of a code oi con- duct tor the students. Three council members found the annual student council convention held at Luther North a profitable experience. The accomplishments in the past year are evidence of an active and Work- inq council. 30 HOMECOMING, ROYALTY REIGNS AT HOMECOMING The big Homecoming Weekend began on Friday evening with a blaze, as the l3 foot bonfire was lit and the snake dance, led by the cheerleaders, was b e g u n. During the festivities, Mr. Steinberg presented the queen, Elaine Vondran, and her attendants, Karen Iohn- son and Sandra Wolii. Saturday, amid confetti, too-toos, and Homecoming mums, L u t h e r' s mighty B r a v e s played Wheaton. During halt-time ceremonies, Roger Rickard, student coun- cil president, crowned the queen. The girls' escorts were Allen Borchert, Gene Halter- man, and Bob Scholtes. ln the evening, a Home- coming party, sponsored by the student council, was held at St. Iohn the Divine parish hall. 'R 'L This page compliments of Luther South Gu Top row: Charlotte Burmeister, Buth Born, Barbara Behnke, Margaret Roloft, lim Kreutzer, Arnold Busse, Karl Schwartz, Tom Hedge, Alan Borchert, Phil Schwartz, Martin Behnke, Delbert Krause, Fred Dornback, Marilyn Kelter, Nancy Sold- wich, Barbara Dawson, Sue lersild. Middle row: Doris Cornwell, Carol Stanis, ludy Lense, Ron lordan, Ron Pepin, Gerald Overhau, Roger Richard, Bob Walraven, Iohn Graft, Al Var- go, Bob Bickerson, Bill Harring- ton, Victor Gebauer, Shirley Krueger, Elizabeth Beuter, San- dra Woltt, Mr. Messerli Cdirec- tort. Front row: leanette Merk, Iudy Kortf, Sandra Zalewski, Vir- ainia Peterson, ludy Keim, Rachel Frederking, Nancy Sat- lcus, Earl Lemberger, Myma Az Q, W my ,Q Summerfield, Diane Gliege, Lor- A V Z 3, V 1 -r j b etta Zimmerman, loyce Bina- ' " - ""' ham, lane lung, Darlene Eisler. .. ' A I 'T T.. I . , Z, E gk If T B tw Z' D I W I N T2 We op row: ar ara eimer, onna Schmidt, Lillian Gamauf, or. it 1 A' S I1 A dell Noleen, Darlyne Helm, Diana Schmidt, Gladys Roe- bert. Middle row: Barbara Bryant, Gloria Rabey, Fran A'Hern, Wilma Nieman, Marlene Wer- ner, Valerie Henning. Front row: Marilynn Scheftler, Dorothy Miller, Naomi Schrei- ler, Barbara Hettlinger, Hanna Fuchs. MUSIC ROOM AIDS A CAPPELLA The privacy of the new music room made practicing a more enjoy- able experience tor the A Cappella choir. The titty Seniors and Iuniors, singing to the glory of God and tor the enjoyment of others, sang tor the Christmas program at the Museum ot Science and lndustry, the dedication ot the new addition, the Christmas festival at Our Redeemer, and the Spring Music Festival. Song highlights of the year were "Hallelujah Chorus" from the Messiah, portions of "Iesu, Priceless Treasure" by Bach, and "Carol of the Drums" by Katherine Davis. GIRLS GLEE SINGS MANY A GLEEFUL NOTE The Girls' Glee Club, only in its second year oi existence, has an advantage over the other singing groups. Because of its small size and versatility, it has been able to make many more appearances than the others, at church dedications, anniversaries and banquets. The group played a major role in the German Christmas program at the Museum of Science and lndustry, and also took part in the Spring Festival. They sang both religious and secular songs, among them being "As it rlliell llpon the Night," "Lord Iesus," "Tea tor Two" and "Little Black rain. 32 Top row: Gale Tremaine, Bonnie Furth, Yvonne Gebauer, Donna Pomeroy, Elaine Kaufmann, Ann Galik, loyce Schoenbach- 4 1 I in er Nancy Thieme, Gail Kost- ' - n ' bade, lanet Meyer, lanet - , at 'Q ' V F ' , 5' J Boehm, Lois Buszin, Linda 1 i 3 Af Az A lf Fuerst, Kathy Bubolz, Marlys ' l 7 2' 6 J " T? tm lohnson, Elaine Halb, Pat Mar- ' tenson, Sandra Thrill, Darlene i Wicht. Second row: Mary Cravens, Al- vina Marek, Marcy Reid, Silvia Andreason, Marilyn Conrad, Marietta Main, Shirley Runqe, Karen Wolff, leanine Eich- mcnn, Carol Schultz, Iulie Bel- cher, Carolyn Fieqel, Nancy Olson, Betty Von Rhein, Adele Knop, Linda Zoellick. Third row: Carole Clark, Karen Huladek, Sharon Rampage, Ar- ' lene Roche, Helen Riedelbach, ludy Schuh, Ioan Houseman, F Violet Kiets, Pat Garrett, Bar bara Borqen, Carol Lynch, ' Pauline Breihan, Carol Kluae. ff 'V V Front row: lanet Iohnson, Grace Q 'Y it 3 Q P Knoll, April Messerschmidt, 2 W li - t Nancy Ohlinqer, Debbie Aker- ' if, 3- n mann, Eunice Iuerqens, Nita " Hornberq, Pat Freitag, lanice Vick, Barbara Breitenbach. I L z 3' 5 I Top row: Calvin Oetjen, Roqer Laurich, Dan Schuman, Robert Lawley, Wayne Nadasdy, War- ren Topper, Robert Lux, Ronald Hite, Warren Sievers, Tom Boehm, Ken Koepke, Charles Kreutzer, Phil Anderson, Al Hanz. Third row: LeRoy Souhrada, Paul Haak, Hamer Stepanek, Bob Fleck, Kenn Rout, Neal Oppene heimer, Larry Kirbs, Charles Peters, Charles Dirks, Ronald Voiqt. Second row: Bob Fish, Dave Mc- Sfiliflfi, ESrf,yMfffSZgnlO5fQf - d' , ' h d K , G I R LS S I N G FO R OW N E NJ OYM E N T fiilmf'tlGZ'rT,te,RtSrEiteS 55255. Leslie Krause, Edwin Breitene The Girls' Chorus, composed of freshmen and sophomore airls, made buh' its initial appearance this year at the Christmas Program. ln keeping FYOIH YOWI DOHQKIS Films, Robert with the season, they wore dark skirts, white blouses and red carna- iiSeS'VC'EInCiS Klggg1hBOb 111551 tions. ln this past year they have lent their talents to the successful Kmhsel BIKCO Redmandchmleg presentation of Praise God the Lord Ye Sons of Men, and Abide O List, Toe Hofsteqdter. Dearest Iesus," and also a few secular sonas. BOYS GLEE JOINS IN CHRISTMAS PROGRAM Composed of Freshmen and Sophomores, the Boys' Glee Club is known to most students by their maroon ties and white shirts. They sang "Praise God the Lord Ye Sons of Men" at our Christmas program, and in our chapel service the familiar hymn, "Beautiful Savior." Public appearances of the qroup have been limited as they sinq mostly for their own pleasure. These first two years of training also prepare the boys for later years of advanced sinainq at Luther. -l N-f wr Standing: Karen Krueger, Nancy Wessel, Donna Burendt, Stephen Hoover, Sharon Weary. Back row: Darwin Trumpulrs, Wayne Mulligan, Leonard Iohnson, loan Trmmerman, lean Hedin, Mike Ernst, Roger Rennie, Ted Mathieu. Middle row: Marlys Weary, Gloria Lehner, Nancy Tackle, Frank Schumann, Howard Dehn, Darryl Pirok. Front row: Dennis Beck, Sharon Serrrs, Iudy Stronk, Carol Martensen, Martha Zrirlllivlt, Lynne Magnuson, Anthony Rohl. BAND ENTERTAINS AT GAMES The major activity of our concert band was supplying entertainment during the halftime of football and basketball games. Composed of students from the three upper classes, the band played at the Christ- rrias program, spring concert, and programs and assemblies through- out the year. Since the beginning of this year, new music stands and instruments have been added to the combination band and music room. LUTHER SOUTH LOOKS FORWARD TO FUTURE BAND MEMBERS Fifth to eighth grade students from Southvside Lutheran grammar schools comprise the grade school training band. Under the direction of Mr. Wellander, these students meet twice weekly for rehearsals. Organized as a means of getting experienced musicians for Luther's concert band, these students will form, in part, the Lutheran grade school band begun this year. Mr. Vifellander gives lessons to these students by traveling from school to school. ,is A-f' FREEDOM SONG, HIT OF '55 The theme ot this musical production, held at Calumet High School, was the "History oi America in Song." Six diiierent scenes, each depicting a certain era in our coun- try's history, were presented by the tour choirs and band. The iirst scene showed the Revolutionary War, while the second depicted the Pioneers moving west. The next scene was a minstrel show, revealing the liie ot the South. "A Sunday in the Park" was the theme tor the fourth scene, while the titth emphasized modern times with a "Black Light Revue." Combining the choirs and band in the "Battle Hymn oi the Republic," proved to be a stirring finale to an already inspirational production. R Back row: William Volk, Robert Biller, Neal Oppenheimer, Al Kosel, Marlys Weary. Front row: Marcy Reid Cmodel- ingl, Mr. Denys Isponsorl, Da- vid Flesvig, Laurian Rauen, Iudy Lense, Diana Iohnson, Mary Ann Vargo. Lett to right: Aprildawn Messer- schmidt, Marcia Simons, Gale Tremaine, Gladys Roebert, Dorene Dawson, Iackie Pfeif- fer, Marilyn Conrad, Rachel Frederking, Yvonne Gebauer, Gloria Lehner, Doris Cornwall, ludy Houren, Vic Gebauer, Loretta Zimmerman, lean Rutz, Carol Bauchwitz, Nancy Wes- sel, Iudy Cwehle, lane lung, Adele Knop, Alvina Marek. Front row: Carol Newby, Nancy Ohlinger, Ruth Born, Karen Krueger. ARTISTS LEARN, "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT" Organized to acquaint its members with art, and to help them "learn by doing," the Art Club's meetings have been very productive this past year. Efforts were devoted chiefly to still life, pencil drawing, and enameling copper jewelry. MUSIC CLUB SEES CARMEN One of the big attractions of this year's music club was the attend- ance of the opera "Carmen," rendered by the Metropolitan Opera Com- pany. Also a delight to any musical ear was the movie which the club viewed, of the London Symphony Orchestra. During the year, a number of talented students presented programs as entertainment and enlight- enment. Popular, classical, and light opera recordings were reviewed. Thus, the Music Club has broadened its knowledge of the World's greatest composers and musicians. CAFETERIA PROGRAM ORGANIZED BY COUNCIL With our move into the new cafeteria, the responsibility tor organizing and enforcing a lunch period schedule was giv- en to the students: thus the cafeteria council was formed to supervise the neatness and de- corum ot the lunchroom. Eugene Halterman, Loretta Zimmer "W 5w man, Rev. Spaude ladvisorl, Dave Himmler. ALUMNI STAFF KEPT BUSY The Alumni Interlude brings the news ot Luther and former Lutherites to all alumni. This paper is printed twice a year and sent to all graduates. The starl also assists in the prepara- tion of mailings to alumni lor their banquet, alumni basket- ball game, and business meet- ings. Dave Himmler, Arlene Eichhorn, Earl Lemberger, Evelyn Biedermann, Bar- bala Behnke. 37 Mr Kaul? tsponsorl, Ianeon Bernet, Nancy Kinast, Grace Knoll, Marllyn Emiy, ludy Fligg, Pat Marlenson loan Halvorsen, Barbara Bedenkop. MISSION ACTIVITIES CLUB SPEAKER STIRS INTEREST IN BRAILLE The purpose ot the Mission Activities Club is to stimulate interest in Christian mission work. To accomplish this, various Christ-centered activities have been undertaken by its members. Encouraged by the talk on "Mission work among the Blind," seven members enrolled in the Braille course. Their knowledge ot Braille will enable them to transcribe religious literature for the blind. The club participated in two canvasses at south side churches. Members ot the club are writing to pen pals in our toreign mission fields. wwwmmmwwma0:ma1,:7 fwwa wwswmh, H l F. -Q CHRISTMAS, A TIME FOR REJOICING AND GIVING THANKS d consecutive year, Luther South. was invited to participate in "Christmas of All Nations" at the Museum ot Science and lndustry Our pro- gram portrayed a traditional German Christmas in the ho h me an c urch. Baking and decorating a Christmas tree were activities prevalent in the home while the birth ot Christ was dramatized in the church scene Here at school each homeroom displayed fitting decorations for the seasor 1. Individual parties were given in the homerooms after which our annual Christ- mas service was held at Ashburn Lutheran Church. F or the secon 1 Top row: Sue lersild, ludy Strook, Marilyn Miller, Mr. I-lotlen tsponsorl, Audrey Mead, Karen Krueger, Carol Stanis. Middle row: Gudrun Karcgard, Doris Cornwell, Marlene Blau, Marilyn Stanis, Shar- on Duran, loan Hedin. Front row: Marcia Simons, lane lung, Roberta Winans. ROMANS INTEREST LATIN CLUB Organized to learn more about the customs and lives ot the Romans, the Latin Club concerned themselves with activities which would tur- ther this knowledge. Some time was spent on projects, the proceeds ot which went to charity. AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS CLUB AIDS CLASSES Under the supervision ot Mr. Besch, the club has been engaged in such projects as running movie pro- jectors, taking care of microphones, running the P.A. system, making tape recordings and using the phon- ograph. The enthusiasm ot the mem- bers tor the many movies enjoyed in the past year is one ot the attractions at the club. Another exciting event was a tour ot a well-known T.V. stu- dio with its modern equipment. To conclude the activities tor the year, the Club held a picnic on May 15th. Top row: Mr. Besch tsponsorl, I-loliort Biller, Karl Schwartz, Harold Lachman, lay Helstern. Second row: Ronald Voight, Lau- rian Rauen, Bob Larson, Paul Douglas. Front row: Adrianne Scatchell, Pete Peterson, Paul Haak, Ray Grinning. 40 Standing: ludy Westeriield, Billiegail Hubacher, Lois Matheis, Miss Lindquist, sponsor. Sitting: Marilyn Hamish, Kar- en Schumann. Top row: Gloria Lehner, Ruth Born, Ron Pepin, Gene Eq- gers, A1 Gutzwiller, Ken Sulzer, Gene Halterman, Barbara Behnke, Victor Ge- bauei, Marlys Weary, Lois Mathels. Middle row: Arlene Eichhorn, Carol Newby, Carol Kraai, Charlotte Burmeister, Lilas Iaschinsky, Earl Lemberger, Iudy Lense, Gladys Roebert, lerry Yakas, Iudy l-loureri, Lois Oehler. Front row: Ioyce Heitner, Lynne Nicholas, Loretta Zimmerman, Dorene Daw- son, Claire Lyth, ludy Gehle, Kay Lineback, Ioan Miermeister. BUSINESS MACHINES CLUB ATTENDS TRADE SHOW With the attendance oi the Business Machines Trade Show at the Amphitheatre, the Business Machines Club became better acquainted with various types oi business machines which they might use to assist the other organizations at school. The participating members have learned the operation oi the mimeograph and have duplicated in color. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY GROWS LARGER This year, thirty-one seniors became members of the National Honor Society, a nation-wide organization founded lor the purpose of creating interest in scholarship, leadership, and service. Membership is awarded to those students who have achieved high scholastic ratings and the approval ol the faculty. 1 l'hil Schwaitz, Kali Sctliwiiitx Bill llalrinqton, llaul Schnalco llamld I.achmann, Peter IDOIC-rsson Darryl Pirok, Mi. Israel Cspoiisoil Pant Doualas, Earl Lernhoiqei Lonnie Navis. S. R. C. TAKES FIELD TRIP TO UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO The Scientific Research Club, affiliated with the Science Chili of America, has enjoyed a very active year. Their rnaior activities in- cluded a field trip to the University ot Chicaqo's institute ot Basic Re! search, and a quest speaker, Iohn Krc oi the American Chemical Association, who spoke on "Adventures with the Microscope." Movies in the field ot science were shown at some ot the meetings ot the club. I Top row: Frank Krause, I Charles McNichols, George Schoenbacker, Ted Mathieu, Fred Witthans, Noreen Gre- gor, Ken Hamann, Carol Ellenson. Second row: Ioan Baumgart- ner, Noel Bubolz, Karen Wolff, Don Quattlander, Marlys Iohnson, Arlene Ste- vens, Adrene Tertler. Third row: Corinne Bonas, Carolyn Glines, Ioan Noack, Marilyn Hruby, Betty Ro- senberg, Mary Craven, Gloria Rabey, Marilyn Sea- ver, Rev. Spaude Csponsorl, Front row: Betty Kassans, Di- ana Tiemann, Karen Iohn- son, Lois Babey, Ianet Iohn- son. Back row: Tom Hedge, Ted Mathieu, Roger Samuelson, Frank Horton, Gene Eggers, Harold Lachmann, Richard Knoska, Dave Wittmer, Mr. Schramm Csponsorl. Middle row: Mr. Dinkrneyer tsponsori, Bon Iordan, Ed Knoll, Carl Max, Ed Simo, Bob Rickerson, Don Martin, Bill Buetler, Ron l-lrklicka. Front row: Nick Christoft, lim Chippas, Dave I-lahn, Ken Sulzer. SPORTSMEN CLUB TRIES ICE FISHING The Sportsrnen's Club is one of the new clubs of Luther. Their most interesting experience was an ice fishing outing. Some ot the Winter sports that the club enjoyed were skating and tobogganing. The pur- pose ot the club was to becorne better acquainted with the various sports, the equipment used, and using this equipment properly and safely. NEW LETTERMEN INITIATED If you observed a new crew cut, or one student shining another's shoes, this was all part ot the annual Week oi initiation ot the Letter- men's Club. In addition to this gay activity the club operates as a service organization to the school by acting as ushers at basketball games, chapel, and other occasions as the need arises. CC Top row: Gene Halterman, George Zoellick, Dave Witt- mer, Kent Olson, Iohn Yudt, Ken Young, Ray Gregor, Carl Stolberg, Richard Yudt. Middle row: Ken Sulzer, Den- nis Gacek, Ed Simo, Mr. Schramm, advisor, Adolph Wendling, Ken Carlton, Dave Hahn. Front row: Fred Iohnson, lim Chippas, Hay Rampage, Frf nk Horton, Iohn Buett- ner, Ted Wendler, Ken Ha- mann. "GOT A HALL PASS?" Duties ot hall guards are many and varied. They consist of keeping corridors clean, checking students for hall passes, and assisting visitors and guests. To be a hall guard, a boy must be passing in all subjects and have a neat appearance and a courteous attitude. ACTIVITIES PLANN ED BY G.A.A. BOARD Back row: Loretta Zimmer- man, Sue Iersild, Gloria Lehner, ludy Anders, Marge Roloii, Barbara Dawson, Charlotte Burmeister, Mar- lys Johnson, Judy Houren, Middle row: Adele Knop, lanet Del-leer, Gale Tre- maine, Fran Burmeister, Gladys Roebert, Iudy Keim, Carole Ellenson, Ia n e t Sharp, Front row: Ioan Miermeister, Martha Zoellick, Iudy Gehle, Kay Lineback, Arlene Ohr. G. A. A. SPONSORS COOK FEST ON FARM Top row: ludith Strook, Sharon Weary, Karen Schumann, lulie Thieme, Marcia Starvel, Lois Matheis, Laurian Rauen, Lee- Ann Yexley, Pat Martenson, Donna Schmidt, Nancy Sold- wisch, Ianet Meier, Vanya Wolff, Ardell Noleen, Nancy 'lhie-me, Diane Schmidt, Mary Vargo, Carol Wolgemuth, Mari- lyn Miller, Sandra Thull, Dor- othy Miller, Karen Wolff, Ruth Massat, ludy Westeriield, Gwen Timph. Second row: Sharon Serio, Carol Martensen, Gerry Yakas, Ruth Mihok, Marilyn Stanis, Gayle Muth, Nancy Olson, Lois Oehl- er, loan Preske, Carol St'nis, Naomi Schrieter, Lynne Mag- nuson, Betty Rosenberg, Linda Zoellick, lanice Tanner, Susan Matyas, Shirley Runge, Mar- lene Werner, Roberta Winaus. First row: Sharon, Rampage, Don- na Miller, Aprildawn Messer- schmidt, Adriene Scatchel, El- eanor Schodrow, Sandra Pres- ki, Ioan Noack, loan Rusnack, Lynne Nicholas, Adrene Ter- iler, Marilyn Seavers, Nancy Ohlinger, lanice Vick, Helen Budelbach. l Back row: Evelyn Biederman, Marilyn Hruby, Gwen Kap- ischke, leanine Eichmann, Iune Fiepel, ludy Koelling, Donna A x A A- Backard, Barbara Behnke, No- reen Gregor, Gale Kostbade, linet Boehm, Bonnie Bohne, Linda Fuerst, Lillian Gamauf, Elaine Kaufman, Maxine Bol- ger, Cathy Bubolz, Elaine Halb, Sharon Duran. Third row: Adele Knop, Arlene Dittman, Noel Bubolz, Marlene Blau, Arlene Hoffmann, Aud- rey Kunkes, Doreen Dawson, Yvonne Gebauer, Bonnie Fuerth, Mary Klien, lulie Bel- rher, Carol Kraai, Diane Gliege, Fran A'Hearn, Nancy lackle, Arlene Eichhorn. Second row: Pauline Breihan, Ccrolyn Glines, Violet Kilts, loAnne Capeti, G-udren Kar- gcrd, Kay Lindahl, Arlene Griefendorf, Diane lohnson, Marlyn Conrad, ludy Gossrow, Sharon Durand, ludy Klaus, Edith Freundt, lcnice Bruhnke, - Mary Crcrvens, loyce Heitner, Marjorie Arnold. Frcnt row: lanet Iohnson, loan Halvorsen, Doris Axell, Nita Hornberg, Corinne Bonas, Carol Clark, Karen lohnson, loAnne Kramp, Darlene Eisler, leanette Merk, Sharon lieidtmgn, Mari- lyn Emery, Barbara Brieten- back, Marie Fredrick, One oi the first socials oi the G.A.A. was to sponsor a Cook Fest on a nearby iarm. Everyone cooked hotdogs 'till they just couldn't eat them any more. The G.A.A. board, who plans the activities for the year, has done a splendid job in really coming up with new ideas. A lecture on the latest fashions by a community representative attracted a large and inter- ested audience. Other activities ot the G.A.A. included a splash party, mother and daughter banquet, basketball, volleyball, softball, and bowling. To obtain Working capital, the G.A.A. has sold candy bars at our basketball games in our new gym and decorated hearts on Valen- tine's Day, Luther South's Drill Team was invited to march at the Oak Lawn Roundup for its first appearance. This was the first year that Luther has had athletic activity for girls and the enthusiasm shown for the organization has been reflected in the try-outs for next year. There was a large turnout of 72 girls of which 39 were chosen. The football games were made more colorful and en- joyable loy the formations which the Drill Team pre- sented. The girls also render their services as ushers for some of the school activities. Co-Captain: lane Langy Captain: Elaine Vondran. Left wing: Evelyn Biederf mann, Naomi Schriefer, Dorothy Ernst, Charlotte Burmeister, Ie-an Rutz, Ellen Hasemann, Iudy Anders, Marleen Blau. Middle-front to rear: ludy Korff, Arlene Chr, Kay Linelnaclc, Ioanne Ca- peti, ludy Keirn, Diane Gliege, C a r ol Kraai, Dorothy Miller, Gladys Roehert, Bonnie Furth. l Right wing: Dorene Daw- son, Marilyn Conrad, dpi' Karen Muth, Rachel Frederking, lanice Burhnke, Sandra Wolff, lanet Sharp, Francis A'llearn, loan Rtisnack. ROLNlK'S BAKERIES 3108 West 59th Street Ghovehill 6-0379 0 .Tx f ,nf kX?'si,,syLj 'Y Qi Qi X3 3 W n 'Q 5,14 Q 3 www S X EA 1 Q 553' . Y 'sf Q 5 fs ' , XM! . A ,ff x. y, I. 1? rw! ,I 4 a ,v? U 84 dis? F fs Q ' A -as .. Jw I x MQ w ,.....,,,4 , V 'S 33" 632' 'IAQ "THE REMARKABLE INCIDENT AT CARSON CORNERS" Presented hy: The Senior Class ol l956. Dlrected lay: Miss Lois Dorow Scene' Hamilton Park Fieldhouse Trrne: Novernlter l2 CAST Dr. and Mrs. Caldwell-Gene Halter- man and Gloria Lehner Mr. and Mrs. Prince--Wayne Mulli- qan and Loretta Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. HOQE-fS7'RULlQI Rickard and Lynne Nicholas Mr. and Mrs. Woodbridge -Don Mar- tini and ludy Lense Mr, and Mrs. Wriqht--Mike Ernst and Barbara Behnke Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis eRon Pepin and Arlene Ohr' Miss Frank Marlys Weqry Mr. Kovalesky Fred Iohnsctn Holi McGinnis Ron Sperlinq Bert Hendricks Dave Hirnmler Elizabeth Wriaht-- Evelyn Bieder- rncnn lanet- -Iudy Houren Carol 'Carol Grinnina Madae ---- ludy Klaus Tommy Prince- Victor Geliauer Alice Woodbridge-Shirley Krueger Susan Caldwell --Gloria Rabey lo Hoqerse Elaine Vondran Bill McGinnis'-'Gene Eqqers Painter--Darwin Trumpulis Although Kovey lleftl was accused of pushing Billy Criqhtl to his death, it was all a mistake and the death was ruled accidental. "You shouldnt pick him up, Dad." "Ladies and qentlemen of the jury. You've heard the evidence and a lot of other things." Miss Lois Djrow, director, shows "Bob McGinnis" how to express himself to "Kovey." Stage hands lllitll :Quilt r props and set them in place. O GIVE THANKS .dau Page 12. No. 13 ig W .Wx , WA-. ,. Pdqe IZ. NO. 3 . .for training in Christian sportsmanship in our program of gf Top row: Bob Lux tmanagerl, Bob Reedt Richard Knoslca, Dave lJVittrner, Martin Behnke, Bay Gregor, Ken Young, Torn Hedge, Lloyd Powless, Art lahnsen, Mr. Schramm Ccoachl. Second row: Carl Max, Harold Lachrnann, Frank Horton, Bon Hrdlicka, Bill Buetler, Ed Simt., George Schoenbaclcer, Mr. Meier Ccoachl. Front row: Dave Trapp, Iim Chippas, Don Martin, Bob Biclcerson, Dave Hahn, Bob tlottstedt, Bofioi Samuelson, Gene Eggers. vicroiziiss , EXCEED DEFEATS For the very first time, Luther's mighty Braves have finished up with a winning record at the end ot the season. They were victorious in four games, lost two, and tied one, the highlight game ot the season in which Luther tied North Shore, the P. S. L. Champions, 13-13. Much ot Luther's success this year is due to Quarterback Ken Young, whose passing ability paved the way tor many touchdowns. Because many lettermen will be leaving this lune, Coach Schrarnm feels that next year's team will have to strive hard to maintain the record set this year. ,Ma 52 L I K uk:-.1 E1 Vw 1. This page compliments oi THE AIRETOOL MFG. CO. B416 S. Vernon Vlncennes 6-2784 i i K, . . gy . V. Q. X' r If ' " 'VV' Top row: Bill Driskoll tmanagerl, Wayne Schultz, Haworth Lester, Paul Ruble, Tom Brauer, Arvid Grigaliunas, Wayne Nadasty, Steve Chippas, lim Driskoll, Don Futloth, Gary Hedman, Bob Brunton, Iames Kerigan, Mr. Meier tcoachl. Second row: Charles Levine, Ken Chmelar, Lonnie Navis, C-len Koester, Calvin Oetien, Frank Schumann, Art Akerson, Charles Kreutzer, Ken Herman, Tim Dumore. Front row: Danny Klaub, Pat Egan, Wayne Paeth, Mike Egan, Bob l-lill, Ralph Holmes, llarifld Kratz, Russler Adler, Haworth Lester. Preparing the boys tor varsity playing is the main objective in Frosh-Soph tootball. lt takes time tor a player to develop blocking and tackling techniques. Coach Meier is confronted with these problems. A tackling dummy and blocking sled were used tor the first time this year in training the team tor the hard knocks ahead. Five practice games were played by the junior eleven and one was won by them. lt isn't an im- pressive record but valuable experience was gained. FCOTBALL REQUIRES TRAINING This page compliments of Homerooms 102 and 1035 EEE? GAME OF MAN Mer Y Luther Luther S K I L Luther Luthet This page compliments of South South South South South South South POWER TRANSMISSION EQUIPMENT CO. Melmszo Pork, III.: Chicczqo, III.: Pittslmrqh, Pri, IIowm:I Kosthodo, Presidemt Homme ...,....,. North Park .... Glenwood No. Shore Vvheuton I.uthe-I NO. Elqm ....,.,..... 'Q-'X ,guggl 4 " 'X 36? ' 1 'f'-' tr' t"""fs Vinyl This page ctirripiirnenis at TALMAN FEDERAL SAVINGS ri L.CJ.fxN 115th and Kedziri HEruim-tc 43322 OUR STARTING FIVE 66 Luther ....., .....,. M iiwaukec 75 72 Luther ....., .,.,.... R acine 63 64 Luther ...,.. .......... W atther 55 70 Luther ...... ........... C hristiari 73 65 Luther 46 Luther 66 Luther 74 Luther 64 Luther 73 Luther 71 Luther 80 Luther 62 Luther 68 Luther 75 Luther 85 Luther 65 Luther 55 Luther 72 Luther 59 Luther 67 Luther 78 Luther 60 Luther 54 Luther 75 Luther 68 Luther 56 Luther 54 Luther 2 Luther .r.tL Latin Luther North 57 North Shore 67 ............. Alumni 43 Gage Park 62 ,,...... Harvard 63 iVLP.M.A. 45 Wheatcin 58 Eiqiri 48 University Hiah 57 '54 Glenwaod 48 Principia 55 ..... St. Louis 58 " 80 1-.eliy ...... ,.,. . . Walther 40 ...,.,....Narth Share 56 ....,...PI5GI1C1S Parker 65 Luther Neith58 Christian 52 North Park 67 Timothy Christian 63 Latin 37 Harvard 55 Christian 37 North Shore 75 ' TG aames. ,. tirxrnent flflmiifi, i Back row: Don Martin, Ken Carlton, Fred Dornbaclc, Dave Wittmer, Martin Behnke, Kent Olson, Ed Sirno, Mr. Dinkmeyer' Ccoachi. lwront row: Tom Brauer' tmanaqerl, Ron lordan, Tom Hedge, Ken Young, Ken Sulzct, Dave Hahn, Ed Knoll ttnanagerl. BASKETBALL AT ITS B EST Qur varsity basketball team experienced its best season to date with a 23-6 record. The fine playing also netted the boys four trophies. These trophies were a result of wtnning the league title, second place in the tournament, and the Luther North and Walther games. Although our mighty five were lacking in height, speed and accuracy were the key factors. Championship playing was evident as the Braves won ll consecutive conference games to clinch the league title only to lose their last game when the pressure was over. Many of the final games of conference play were thrilling, but the thriller of the season was that with Harvard in the second round of the tournament. With seven seconds remaining, the ball was awarded to the Braves and the Winning one point margin was attained with three seconds left in the game. This page compliments of Luther South Athletic Association 56 Fresh-Soph Basketball--Mr. Schramm Ccoachl, Art Iahnsen, Dwight Annaux, Carl Stolberq, Bob Lux, Richard Yuclt, Paul Spinlca, George Zoellich, Arvid Griqalinnas Cmanaqerl. Front row: Ron l-lrdliclca, Ken Chemlar, Norman Carlton, lim Driskoll, Iohn Fischer, Bill Driskoll, Adolph Wendlinq. FroshTSoph basketball playing improxred eonsider- fflieillihiclillnliqielltf1lQ2SQ5eE5tlitXl,7t?2if X552 F R E 5 H ' 5 O P H 5 H OW fifitliifftlffZifixliifiilfidiigfiftii?2iQiiifG2T15 PROMISE FOR 325226213355 ti'5f5G?g1?,1H52'in Otliiiitfilutiilli N EXT YEAR preparing better players for next year. Loft to nqht: Kcncn Johnson Indy Houlen, Gerry Yukos Flon Burmeistcr, Noel Bu bolz, Ioan Miormoister. "ARE YOU READY? LET'S GO." You You You You lenson, Audrey Kunkczs The team is IU the hnddlo, The Coach is C11 the head, VVQ ovorheord the conversation, Th1s is what they said: W'-,HU FIGHT "Wo qoito wing wc qoitcx Win, 1ol's go." wwiru F-I-GHT ' 1 F-I-CHT 22251 hqh? hqhl iiqhtl Are you roonnq for the boys? Yeah mon. ' ' Are you rncxkmq any noiso? Sure Om. Are wc qonno win tonight? If we fiqht. Well oil Iifxhl, well ull riqhi, lei's iiqhl. This page complirnents of M1. and MIS. L. Mumcr Loi? ffl liqhti Low Rubery, Lynne Muqnuson, Carol E1- Gole Tremcine, Iuhe- Thiemei OUR BLUE AND RED RIBBON TEAM This year tor the first time our Braves Won the Private School Leaque basketball cham- pionship. When the season was over, we were proud ot the team tor having Won its first un- disputed championship, but we were especially proud of them because ot the Christian sports- manship which the boys exhibited in victory and defeat. P.S.l.., First Place Tournament, Second Place Luther North Traveling Walther Tiavelinq Trophy Trophy Top row: Iohn Fischer, Roger Laurich, Ronald Hite, Warren Seivers, R o n a l d Ahrendt, Georqe Zoellick, Herb Dye. Front row: Charles List, Larry Kerbs, Tim Dunmore, Bob Neaves, Elmer Orloff, Danny Klaub. A freshman basketball team was included for the first time in the physical education extracurricular activities. Coached by Mr. Messerli, the boys met diliqently for practice every night after school. Although they lost the four games played, they have accomplished their purpose, namely, to gain experience and an opportunity to develop proficiency for the frosh-soph team. f l f F t h lf met iiftilfg 123522 12 Seirihiuiiufdubllginpiiif5352? MARQUETTE PARK - f h d h lth l d f d flifowiillpai holdin Znilieiifiiililfiilfii 9 Of goo HELP TQ GQLFERS . Ted Matthieu Dave Nierncyci Rcnald Reich Charles A .A f A This paqe compliments of HENRY STUCKART 2519 Archer Avenue Track is formed around individual events rather than the usual five, nine, or eleven man team. Events under- taken loy the looys in the track section ot the meet were the l00, 220, 440, 880, mile run, relays, and low and high hurdles. ln the field section they undertook broadjump- ing, high jumping, shotput, and discus throwing. Special meets attended were the Wheaton Invitational and the Private School League meet at the University ot Chicago's Stagg Field. Top row: Ken Hamann, Arvid Grigalunis, Dennis Back, Richard Knoska, Paul Cham- pion, Bob Lux, Karl Schwartz, Fred Dornhack, Ed Rothe, Terry Lantry, Ste- ven Hoover, Wayne Nadas- dy. Middle row: Mr. Schramm fcoachl, Warren Godfrey, Ken Paeth, Roger Samuel- son, Neal Dawson, Al Oes- terreich, Ken Carlton, Don Martin, Victor Gebauer, Dave Dreitzler. Front row: Ronald Geise, Fred Iohnson, Ierry Smith, Dar- ryl Iochens, George Behnke, Charles Levine, lim Chip- pas, Bob Fleck, Frank Schu- mann, Calvin Oetjin. IN TRACK, IT'S EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF This page compliments ot RED-E-COLD and SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM ll7 2347 S. Michigan Top row: Mr. Dinkmoyor Fr tcoachl, Harold Lochman, Frank Horton, Dave Witt- mei, Tom Hedge, lim Smith, Ken Young, Ken Vansclow, Ken Sulzcr, Ed Simo, Mr. Israel Ccoachl. ont row: Vern Karris, Karl Max, Dave Harn, Eugene Eggers, Nick Christoff, Iohn Beutlnor, Robert Warthan. NO-HITTER ADDED TO RECORD This page compliments of MEADE ELECTRIC CON INC. Electrical Engineers, Hammond-Chicago Our baseball team experienced its second year in the Private School League competi- tion. New gray uniforms with red trim were worn tor the first time. These uniforms and the use of their own field added to the morale of the team. Helping to improve the season's record was a no-hitter recorded in the win column. Even with these aids, however, and the usually fine work ot our pitchers, games were lost be- cause of inexperienced fielding and batting. 0 GIVE THANKS Page 12, No. 6 ,gl---W . . . for the wholesome growfh and development f The IN DIVI DUAL PERSONALITY FACU LTY Rev. Christian Adam Religion-Second year A thorough knowledge of blue- prints is a necessity, especially when building your own home. Rev. Adams is a part-time instruc- tor at L. S. and lull time institu- tional pastor for Kankakee. Mary A. Barker Home Economics-First year "A stitch in time saves nine," and the ability to create your own wardrobe is still better economy. Gordon O. Besch Science-First year Corky and his daddy spend many an enjoyable hour together both indoors and out. Allen F. Brueckner English-First year During the course oi the year we received frequent inspirational chapel talks from Mr. Brueckner. Edward P. Denys Robert S. Dinkmeyer Lois E. Dorow Art, English-Third year The art of handling children is a new subject Mr. Denys has added to his home curriculum during the past year. Physical Education-Fiith year Many evenings of study were spent in this warming atmosphere, leading to Mr. Dinkmeyer's masters degree from Northwestern University. English-First year A good book, a comfortable chair, and our English teacher is ready for a comfortable evening. K sf, Evelyn E. Hackel May N. Henning Caroline E. Holm Spanish-Second year Mathematics-Second year Mathematics-First year Looking after the wants and needs of The jolly addition of Lawrence to the Mrs. Holm was welcomed to the staff little Nancy permits our Spanish Henning household limited the serv- at the beginning ofthe second semes teacher to serve us only in a part ices of Mrs. Henning to the first se- ter. Her previous teaching experience time capacity. mester. has been with the Indiana school system. Y Curtis A. Hotlen Foreign Language, Social Studies- 3? Third year We seem to have evidence here that teachers, too, spend time on home- work. Rev. Harry N. Huxhold Religion-Second year The responsibilities of a building pro- gram for Good Shepherd of Palos Park have also been among the joys our teacher has experienced during the past year. Herbert W. Israel Science-Third year All kinds of preparation are neces- sary for a newcomer. Of course, by now we all know it was a girl, Lynn Mary. Darrel P. Kautz Religion-Fifth year Now who Wouldn't be proud of a garage like this, especially if you built it yourself, as did Mr. Kautz. ,asf iii t 93? .NX FACU LTY fav-'fl' five-4 wr. '23-'.:.'2Q ....,,,,,,.....4M FACU LTY A , ' ry-inf-ar' uni. .ii 05. 5, ,SP Y, Mm-M' ' W -W J' -, --ii. ' Cv ...Tai-9 Arg 5 f :. ... ,4h8W5,,,,W, A , ... it rr Q? W' 4 ... Q , "' "' .lvmhf S' M Q?" A if sfl' " ' 'Y 1- W .li M ss r .W Q f if Wx M-wb-1 mg., -'V Nerf bp S . ,Agri .. .. r. .A ,- Q .K ro, Q ,f ,pf 1 ft fsfdi r ' iff N? isfrfixffsfariffffifjil - '1,,,,'g 'Q W -' .--:g:5ij:P1:f . f -' , - WWT:i'5-S551 5 .. Y ir? ' if - fr -9719, fio m . rimfliqmi . R K . .:., Rosabelle Kirk BusinessfSecorid year The first week of April brought many new and educational expe- riences tor one oi our sponsors on the senior trip to Washington, D.C. Lois A. Kershner Physical Education -First year Golfing in summer, skiing in win- ter, and when the weather' does not accommodate, a low lines ot bowling will be invigorating. Lewis W. Klitzke Librarian--Third year Celebrating 25 years ol teaching in Lutheran Schools and receiving his masters degree, have made this a most thankful year for our librarian. Herbert C. Laubenstein Social Studies- Second yoar Books and more hooks are a ne- cessity when working towards your masters degree or when brushing up on child psychology tor that third addition to the fam- ily. Edna A. Leimer Margaret C. Lindquist English --Filth year Business ---Fitth year ln between themes and compositions, Mrs. Conversation never comes to a stand-still when Leimer finds the piano a relaxing and enjoy- Miss Lindquist serves guests from her collection ahle pastime. of hone china cups and saucers. Norman R. Meier Carlos R Messerh Mathematics, Social Studies-Second year RQCJISTTUT MUSIC Third YQGT Mr. Meier looked upon the arrival of Kathryn A Master of Music is the title recently and as a new addition to the family, a multiplica rightfully granted hy Northwestern University tion of joys, subtraction of income tax and a to MT MGSSSIU division of time. David W. Moore Science-First year Mr. Moore might well be called our traveling teacher as he commutes close to 300 miles per week in going to and from school. Robert W. Pieper Mathematics4Fourth year The experiences of today become the living joys of tomorrow when cap- tured on motion picture film. Dr. Herbert A. Rodeck Foreign Language, English-First year Press cameras, or any other type are familiar pieces of equipment to our one time professional photographer. Thomas J. Schramm Physical Educationflfourth year Another future Lutherite, Michael, ar- rived in March. Early predictions in- clude everything irom football player to musician. FACU LTY Joan G. Schroeter History- --First year The tropical lish ol the hioloqy lah prove to he interestinq to Mrs. Schroeter, who also maintains an niqtiaiiurrr in her Own home. Rev. Louis J. Schwartzkopf Reliqiorr Second year' lrtev. Schwartzlcopi, previously a missionary in China, now serves as lull time pastor ol llyde Park liitlierrrrr ffhiirch. Rev. Elmer J. Sedory Reliaiorr First year lrzilher South and Gloria Dei Luth- eran Church are lioth thankful for the services of our pastor who re- rently :tame to us from Kansas. Rev. Carl F. Spaude lleiifriiirr First year The only pastor ro serve on our stall full lime, Rev. Spaude was vailwl from l.aGran4re, lllinois, and now serves as assistant pas- tor at llsfrrrfe Conqreiiyaticnri. Ronald E. Wellander Music First year The sweetest music Mr. Wellander heard during this past year' un- douliterlly was the Wedding March played lor him and his lirido on Easter Sunday. George A. Wollenweber Fusiness- -First year A pilots license, a plane, and a Sunday afternoon make up cr hob- iiy anyone miqht enjoy. Loyd I. Vanderpool Business First year We rearet that we could not oh- tain a picture of Mr. Vanderpool who served us during the first semester and has returned to his home in Western Illinois hecause ot ill health. 70 7 . 'S - -1 OFFICE PERSONNEL i 'f 'Vi' Mm. Arleltn Mundi, SKEFIFXUEIIY Mm. Lucille Knepke Alterlcicxnve SF-C'I'4"-ICTIY Mm. Ember' Sandlwurq, Bcwkkeepm WE NEED THEIR HELP MIS. Ann Endm, Mis, .inn IviPi5'x1'I9, Mins. O1-QCA Rfldlkfz 4' Siandinq: Barham Siasiak, Guciiun Kaiqard, Rgfhoita Winans, Ianice Bruhnke, Aiielno Diiiman, Ioyite Fax, Danna Schmidt, Betty Rmsfsnberq, Diane Schmidt, Indy Fiiqq, Madeline T12-ws, Lelty Katlvar, Ruth Maasai, Iune Feipei. Sealed: Toanne Kiamp, Carol Clark, Martha Zaellic-ic, Dawn Yaunq, Ioan Baiiinqarniai, Caialyn Giiness, Kay Linehacrk, Sharon Duran, Carolyn Feiqel, Carol Maiiinson. Mi. Herman Moiwke, Maintenance Fnqinefzr SENIORS Mr. Hotlen fadvisorj Tom Hedge fpresidentj JOHN ARBET "John" Newcomer Quiet Oh, that car! Mature BARBARA BEHNKE "Barb" Artistic Becoming clothes Mature Elegant MARTIN BEHNKE "Martin" Hearty laugh Co-operative No time for girls Reserved EVELYN BIEDERMANN "Evie Long blond tresses Sweet Expressive eyes Dramatic JOYCE BINGHAM "Joyce" Smiling personality Real friend A Cappella fan Lively CORINNE BONAS "Corky" Diminutive Her share of males Soft spoken Future stenoqrapher SENIORS ALAN BORCHERT "Al" Cars, any size Tall drink ot water Oueen's escort "Winky" RUTH BORN "Ruthie" Unpretentious Music lover Mr. K's gal Friday Demure JOYCE BROWN "Joyce" Horses OH on a tangent Dashing Bracelets JANICE BRUHNKE "Nuukie" "One of the crowd" Pleasing smile Drill Team Serene NOEL BUBOLZ "N0nee" Lots of energy Acrobatics Pony Tail Cute KENNETH BUCK "Ken', "Back of the room" crowd Sleepy eyes Perplexed Homework, ugh! CHARLOTTE BURMEISTER "Char Oh! those eyes Natural leader Devoted One lucky guy JO ANNE CAPETI "Jo" Informal Around when needed Refreshing Campaign manager KENNETH CARLTON "Nate" Sports Nothing much to say Easily enthused Shy smile NICHOLAS CHRISTOFF "Nick" Roller Skating Slow laugh Easy going Target behind home plate SENIORS BARBARA DAWSON "Barb" Strength of the Alto section Cheerful Ready when needed Loquacious DORENE DAWSON "Dar" Mile long words Vivacious Gesticulator The "Pepsodent" smile NEAL DAWSON "Neal" Air Force intentions Carefree Light Blond Questions JANET DE HEER "Jan" Likes to argue School-spirited Energetic Mischievous ARLENE DITTMANN "Dit" Giggles Pleasing smile Art enthusiast Bangs ARLENE, DORGETT "Ar" Piano, part time Blonde hair True friend Tall and graceful ADRIENNE DOVEN "A" Phoenix, Arizona Short, but lively Flirtatious Christmas cards ROBERT ECKMAN "Bob" Bright red hair Seen, but not heard That deep, low voice Bowling fan EUGENE EGGERS "Gene" Sincere Football Scientific-minded Honorable ARLENE EICHHORN "Ar" Nice things come in small packages Loves to travel Trim Gay SENIORS Mr. Schramm fadvisorj Ken Young Cvice presidentj MICHAEL ERNST "Mike" Darwin's better halt H2023 A. D." Band member After school activity ROBERT ETHERINGTON "Buzz "One of the boys" Earl's buddy Lauqhs at his own jokes Iester DENNIS GACEK "Dennis" Doodles Hobbies Racquets Determined LILLIAN GAMAUF "Lillian" Music Pleasant Future teacher lntelliqent VICTOR GEBAUER "Vic" Logical Pianist Rushed with work Reserved JUDITH GEHLE "Judy" Vivacious Sensible Busy as a bee An honest opinion SENIORS LUCILLE GLAS "Lucy" Friendly Patient Pleasant personality Business Career CAROLYN GLINES "Carrie" Energetic Always goes alonq with a joke Pleasant company - Cafeteria JUDITH GOSSROW "Judy" "That lucky guy" A smile worth waiting for Warm personality Conqenial RAYMOND GREGOR "Ray" Sky scraper Homework? Masculine Quips unlimited CAROL GRINING "Carol" Feminine Compatible Bowling Around when needed ALBERT GUTZWILLER "Al" Easy to talk to Sympathetic Casual Enterprisinq BRUCE HAAN "Bruce" Listener Friendly Always has his pencil His part-time job DAVID HAHN "Dave" Sports and more sports Muscles Gentleman A certain girl-"Dimples" EUGENE HALTERMAN "Gene" Blushing-boy His own lauqh Sensible Photography and cars MARILYN HARNISCH "Mar" Always smiling A friend in need Tactful lmpartial SENIORS THOMAS HEDGE "Tom" Enlivens a class Athlete One lucky girl Tall, dark, cmd handsome JOYCE HEITNER "Joyce" Brown eyes Quick mind Giggles Woman driver JAY HELSTERN "Jay". Always helpful Well mannered Man ot his word Intercom-handyman DAVID HIMMLER "Dave" -- Little minister Co-operative Hardy laugh Bowler JUDITH HOUREN "Judy" Lively Well liked Spontaneous laughter Charm BILLIEGAIL HUBACHER "Billie" Blondie Mysterious Neat and petite Palm and collected LILAS JASCHINSKY "'Li" Did l pronounce it right? industrious Knows what she wants Taken FRED JOHNSON "Fred" Remarks plus Mighty Mite I tell you, "I didn't do it." School-spirited RONALD JORDAN "Ron" Romeo Enjoys a good time Basketball Better late than never MARVIN JUERGENS "Marv" lndirlerent Soft spoken His own ideas Z 7 Z zzzzz-- r l SENIORS Judy Gossrow fsecretaryj DONALD KAISER "Don" Leisurely Courteous Know any jokes? Lone wolf BETTY KALINA "Betty" Lovely Long Hair Captivatinq smile That certain something "School? I love it." BEVERLY KANE "Bev" Cafeteria Her own mind Unconcerned Relaxed DAVID KIEHN "Dave" Girls? lust one Artistic Future Air-Force man Sincere JUDITH KLAUS "Judy" Smart dresser Good talker Determined Willing worker MARY KLIEN "Mary" Reposed Good-natured Genuine Quiet-charm SENIORS EDWARD KNOLL Manager His school sweater Willing helper Salesman LETTY KORBAR "Letty" Tall and slender Laughing eyes Brunette Bombshell Likes to argue CiEd77 CAROL KRAAI "Carol" Attractive Drill Team Record Collector Neatness plus DELBERT KRAUSE "Del Ruddy complexion Twinkle in his eye Mischievous grin Future Sailor boy SHIRLEY KRUEGER "Shirl" Always laughing Sportseminded Loves to eat Fads GLORIA LEHNER "Glor" Pepm' Personality Plus Talkative Committee woman EARL LEMBERGER "Cheese" Ever-present toothpicks Model railroad Willing worker Talented JUDITH LENSE "Judy" Calm, cool and collected Alert Her own ways Domestic KATHLEEN LINEBACK Blushes Petite First-rate artist Gracious CLAIRE LYTH Informed Dedicated Thinker Frank "Claire" l6KayH SENIORS JAMES MCCLAUGHRY "Jim" Rugged "Let's sit in Back" Mischievous Quiet DONALD MARTIN "Don" Football W One and only Mr. Flat-top "Our hero" DONALD MARTINI "Don" Ladies' man Available Lanky Laughter ALICE MASS "Shorty" Lively An answer tor anything Contagious laugh Bowling and skating LOIS MATHEFS "Lois" Pretty eyes Likes to talk Enthusiastic "Sunshine" .IEANETTE MERK "Jan" Nice laugh Bill's little Red Head Peaches and cream complexion Lovely little bit DAVID MEYER "Dave" Curly eyelashes "Looked up to" Chuclcles Food JOAN MIERMEISTER "Joan" Short and sweet Efiervescent One and only Charm DOROTHY MILLER "Dot" Bermuda socks Comb and brush Photography Giggler WAYNE MULLIGAN "Wayne" Muscle-man Color conscious Nortlrsider His trombone SENIORS Ed Simo ftreasurerl GAYLE MUTH "Gay" Carefree Guy lnterestinq converscitienalist Likeclble KAREN MUTH "Kay" Mysterious "Twin" Attractive Feminine CAROL NEWBY "NeVvb" Witty Intelligent Conscientious Talented musician LYNNE NICHOLAS "Lynne" Worker Prim Enyoys Sinqinq Big Brown Eyes LOIS OEHLER "Lois" l-luir styles Sense of humor Sincere Plecxscznt personality ARLENE OHR "Arl,' Little dynamite Drill team Determined Tulkcrtive SENIORS BRUCE PARADIS "Bruce" Quiet Easy-going Short Must I? JANET PARK "Jan" Small Pleasant Good friend The steady kind RONALD PEPIN "Ron" Active Dependable Hard worker Sincere ADELINE PERLICH "Addy" Music Shy Interested "Silence is Golden" WILLIAM PETERSON "Pete" Little, but-oh my! Maqic and hypnotism Good natured Easy qoinq JOAN PRESKI "Joan" Bangs Pert Personality Cute nose "Steady qal GLORIA RABEY "Gl0r" Good for a laugh T lk t' a a ive Interested in travel Curious ROGER RICKARD "Roger" All right!! Laughs at anything Good speaker Leader ROBERT RICKERSON "Ricky Well dressed Football His own ideas Last in line GLADYS ROEBERT "Gladie" Lawyer Pleasant A friend in need Level headed SENIORS RONALD ROESSLER "Ron" Sportsman Lots of fun Agreeable Engineer MARJORIE ROLOFF "Marge" Accordionist Good bowler Interesting personality Helpful GEORGIA ROTH "George" Conversationalist Agreeable Loyal Enjoys life MARILYN SCHEFFLER "Mickey Likeable Pleasant Enjoys living Considerate DIANE SCHMIDT "DI" Twin Friendly Choir Sensible DONNA SCHMIDT "Donna" Secretary Roller skating Obliging Active choir member PAUL SCHNAKE "Paul" Scientist Slow, soft voice Serious Intelligent ROBERT SCHOLTES "Bob" lobster l'Iomework??? Individualist Tardy again ROBERT SCHOIVIACKER "Bob" Stamp collector Reliable Easy going Cars KAREN SCHUMANN "K" Pleasant Brown hair Expert at shorthand Cute SENIORS t 1 l l PHILLIP SCHWARTZ "Phil" Food and more food Hunk of man - W Easy going Ruqqed NANCY SHORES "Nancy" Soit voice Good companion , Blondie 5 Sincere '- EDWARD SIMO "Ed" t Sketches i Athletic l Quiet Q Carefree t RONALD SPERLING "Ron" t Leisurely ' Congenial Sociable Enjoys livinq MARCIA STARVEL "Marcy" Nurse Pleasant talker Novelty jewelry Interesting KENNETH SULZER "Ken" Basketball Acute mind Easy qoinq Friendly DARWIN TRUMPULIS "Dar" Big hearted t Cartoonist Sound effects t Never a serious moment ALLEN VARGO "Al" Enjoys life Good natured t A certain Pontiac Good taste ELAINE VONDRAN "Dimples" Amiable Drill team Sports Queen MARLYS WEARY "Marlys" Hard Worker Friendly Long stories Ambitious 85 .J SENIORS MARLENE WERNER "Mar" Smiles Future teacher Listener Ping-pong JUDITH WESTERFIELD "Judy True friend Records Girl of few words Big brown eyes RONALD WOLFF "Ron" Easy going Wcrvy hair Informal indifferent GERALDINE YAKAS "Gerry" Prudent Well-liked Musical Nurse KENNETH YOUNG "Ken" No time for qiris Born athlete Quiet Composed FAITH YOUNGER "Faith,' Baton twirler Definite plans Eas oin Y CJ Q Lutherite-two years JOHN YUDT "John" Sports enthusiast Sensible Reserved Quiet NANCY ZIKA "Nancy,' Talkative Truthful "Sunny side up" Good natured LORETTA ZIMMERMAN "Lor' Sense of humor Ambitious Our niqhtinqale Iudicious WALTER MURPHY Camera shy , '57 is .' ' 5 -1. 4, g-W... I ' I 1 ' if Z Q , 2 5 I SIV ..,.,q . I ' QW ' , ' l as g i 12 Av ,,,: . Rm- X 'T' L l l -1? wry Q gr? I Q . ...W K 1. is . . ' , 5. gl G M SVS I I . H. ,Q Q L- ' 31 ff-1 ,N if Q ,.-.-.v, ,.,- . .,. S . S Gigs ,rg l ,v , ,f ' W A zz" 1 N 'M ,fin l , - is .. 4 Wi? E511 . 1 Qi ' 1- flue " K " ff .,,.1 ' .V - L hiv M:-ggi V .,. , ...M ll ,214 K ,. ,Q A- , , ,. Q' , . A, .Qi wa gg , H S K .,,.,. ,, ,. v -f' "" 3 Q M Q. film ? - . - ' 22 -M. A H 1 b 3 VW-V ll- I Vx ' 1- Q Q :z - .... 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Knieiiem, Shiiley Knoska, Hichaifl KOIH, Iudith Krause, Flank Kiett, William Kimxlzm, Iainfii Kilmer, Karan Frank Horton Cvice president! JUNIORS 88 in in , 'Q' 'Mi fi N, if 'FW L Vs 131' , if aw Nw Wi .. .. 4 Qs , mx 'H-N-1... K.. Si ' x G. an X . W M 'WI 1 f W" -1 T5 ..:-5: 5 1-z t , U,,..5,,,i, as . A U 4, . , , 'S -'42 Qi fi X it mtv ' avid v-,IT Q 5 1 K. t tl if 5 2 St 'fix "P"!'f I t M c 73:- if P Y W 1, .,..,, , X at .---. V .,.. 'S 5 nz f ,,,, X T Q 'Q 4 K K 4. W2 K '1-Q., 'X 1? 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Knop, Adclc Koehler, Sandra Kuester, Arlene Kosel, Allred Kasika, Marlene Kramp, Ioanne Krueger, Richard Kunkes, Audrey Larson, Verner Lawley, Robert Levine, Charles Locke, Patricia Lutzer, Erna Lux, Robert Lynch, Cami lVlcNiChrsl:1, David Magnuson, Lynne Maqnusan, Maryarim, Maine, Marirglia Maasai, liuth Matyas, Susan Mead, Audrey Mmwcxu, Nmxvfw ai Melk, BGIIJGICI Michel, Adele: Millem, MC1I11Yll Moon, P01 Mmses, Roiumi Yulmufi, Lestm Nudusdy, Wuylxe: Nuvis, Lonnie Nmreler, Woltm Nubis, Loomxxd Oclicll, f:fIlViIl MNH, Allan f7f'j'OI1hG1II1vI, N4-ui Overheu, Dntk Pudy, Lmdu Potmson, SIXQIIUII PQICISQH, Wfxyrxf- Q Plrzuszs, Kumn Qucxtilcxndem, Donald Quohl, Willmm Hr,111u'Gqf1, Shmwu HCIIIPYI, Inxlxiclrm , , hlflifll, Vqwllilhi , HVINLIH, kfhflllfwy His-lrcxxl. Hculwrl Hwhl, Amhfmy HMM, Drwrlncx , . lmlvlrf, Frm! HVEIVIO Shulvy Pat Egan li1uf,u,1::cxl SOPHOMORES 94 Q my il nr W A 2 1.1, ,x , ' ' Z5-: :L j. '-., , , - EE"T 'a.f. .,. .,..- V " - aW5'M' "' x 'a 7 iii gf: 2 ,NV 2. Ll J. 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Q 2 12.-3, yi 3 X xx X Craven, Mary Dahms, Jeanne Dalleck, Linda Dinnon, Diane Dircks, Charles Driskill, William Dunmore, Tim Dye, Herb Eichmann, Ieanine Ellenson, Carole Emry, Marilyn Farrow, Dennis Feipel, lune Fikeys, Douglas Fischer, Dieier Fisher, Floberi Flaws, Richard Fliqq, Iudy Fox, loyce Franz, Carole Fredrick, Marie Galilc, Ann Garrett, Pat Greifendorf, Allyn I Gnqaliimas, Irene Grininq, Raymond Haak, Paul Haan, Dale Hahn, Charlene Halb, Elaine Halvorsen, loan Harder, David Wayne Puelh fvice presidenll FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Marcy Reid f11u'1wuuyl llcxuismurm, Imam llf-vhl , Edwuul llOflIllCIll, Guxy Ilolrholz, Kermcllx lloxlmurm, KOYITIOHI llill, R uhm I llilv, Hrwnulrl llwllmcin, Nfbllllklll l lwlzllr-mltm lmxw-1 'll llwlm, llvllvnl K01011 Nick, llrlxlllfl llwlnlwurfx, Nllcz llulmlvk, Kuwxx lslvlmlfll, Nnmvy ltllllD1w, llvml lerxnlmgs, Linda lrwhnson, Diana Mug lohnson, lcmel lohnsfm, Mculyn lohnswn, Marlyas Kllltlll, l,,r1ml Korris, WGYIl1i Kcssens , El1zc1luclh limbs, lnwxenuc Klncxst, Ncury Kloulv. Dcmiol Klinfqlvoil, Gmuqg Kluqe, Caryl Knoll, Grccu Koepke, Kenneth Koester, Glen Koschnlizki, Emll L 1113 Q i 2 l .,.,,...N., , 3 3 1 v S "2 1 l m K ' ' A 'W , ig 'f I . 4 , ' gi. ,.,. 1 yl V X ,I ,T H Q t R Q 4 .f.,A:n,s-.., 2 i "Q if - .211 Q: S ,, Q ig K 5 4 f , Z :V u ., an la and In I' hw t i f 5 1 5' -.1 f?-1, -: W K i Q 1 A 'V r 'wa f - f '2 - '1:f5?ff- islfbzie Q X, ,Q , I yi ""' , A ,Q 3 M I , 2 l1-A - ,, 291:55 my ,. as ...h 'OL in J A ilu' H.. yew , 22,5 " . 59 4' " 1-M 72 . -' gg, Gi - an -, In 1 P ng:-' .:. ,-- Q .QE IQ., , A Q as ,,.. t aka an Q 3 ,gm V 'x Q. ffl! . X- . ,, x , , A 'Q fix, qt 5 +fi',,,,QL'g,gy.xm,,L Sv W, ,. xx wgx,K,,w4i,,r ff 5.5, 5 ': ,.. ,.,. W- W -1 F""-5 ' Jie fa... ..,. 1 ' V ' 4 Tjffz?-'l E- , Ii, " A m '-ff'f:e-'Ia-.V , S , 'M 5? "" 1 gr ew , Q. . nl Q , 'i ., -Z. . Q4 if 'hy uns. 44 E ik ar: is - 7 K H Y fr 'fu if 3 'N gb., D js. a mr it 'K ' Q!" - rx " L m l . W il- ,,, 3 .r 12:21 -',... " -- ,x KE-24, , - 1,.:,..: , 2 ,,, - 3 .5 WF E213 -J ff :lx A '-wa. fa. ' R 'R Q ' 'Src-M , ,, V, Q5 ' -V, r sr ' ,W -::, X ' is 'j. N' I r f 1 X Y . 4,- . .ki X X 3 , . 1 L 6. dx, is .. 3 K "- r Q' will f grams, A. 1 , 1. fer. Q fl 2 M 421 K. "- Q E ra-Eg r -:f: f f v ga. , and ' 231, K rx , , ' W " :Y if S ' ' 1 -I it gi U 'Jjl E X i '-it vm., K ' r 4 'Y wi V. ' ' L -2' I ...V r - f ' l .V l ' 14 f'i'f2:,5, 1. wr-...M Kosek, Iwo Kostbode, Gull Kronzcuw, Drrfme Krcxlz, llurrrlrl Krause, Vlrcrrles Krarrsa Lefzlre Krause. Purrl Kreulzer, Charles Kruger, l-lirihurd Krrblsh, Korrrwlh Krrh, lcxrfkre Krrlcll, Arrrwlll Larson, Bulu Lcrurich, Roger Lester, lluwczrlh Leilz, Daryl Lirrdchl, Kathryn Lrnderrrflnrr, V illifmr lisieclci, lrrdy Lisl, Charles lrrcczs, Donna Lrrnde-err, Locrroycl MCDonlPl, llrvlnflrtrr lvlndswrr, Dcrlo Muleskn, lurro Murqrs, lleirrz Ivlurlerwen, Patricia lvlmthei, Charles Messerschrrridf April Meyer, lfmelt Mrchalski, Sharon Mrerlsr-hirr, Marilyn Mr. Meier lssponfzorl Karen Wolff Crrerrflrrral FRESHMEN 99 FRESHMEN Miller, Donna Nabei, Thomas Neaves, Bob Neumann, lda Nick, Paula Oelze, Elaine Ohlinaer, Nancy Olson, Nancy Qrloff, Elmer Paelh, Wayne Paluch, lahn Perlich, Marilyn Peters, Charles Philei, lane! Posch, Caroline Poulos, Carolyn Rahey, Lois Redman, Bruce Reid, Marcy Rempeil, Roqei Repec, Ed Riedelbach, Helen Rinas, loyce Roch, Arlene Rock, Ierry Roloff, Robert Rosenberg, Belly Rout, Kenneth Ryno, Don Salller, Linda Scalchell, Adrianne Schellin, Carl Schmidt, Carol Schultz, Diana Sharpe, Charles Sieqle, Linda Seiveis, Warren Silvio, Nancy Spinlca, Paul Stadin, Robert Slasiak, Barbara Stuertz, Lily Thull, Sandra Tiemann, Diane Trakys, Anyta Varqo, Mary Ann Vick, lanice Voiqht, Ronald 100 ,r , , ,M . . ., 1. Qnwrvw ww Ra .,,, , ,Z , QIV. ,,,.,,. ' 5? iggqf Q 4... , , , 47 ui Ei I X Fa .,:' " , A .0 U 2 .sk ,. Ag W ,'A.'A 3 .""""-', X !Vnxm We K l l R i c ri ,wi n , 1 Sm W' lhs YM ww 91 HZ 41, , 3,.7 . ,. ,gi . A tx fx 'B+ 1 S SI N 'lr -.. an N-wr.. ll ,l wx, ,gn A f 1 WE i,' 2, : ' 4 - H" -:e,. ,:. fymx - .-It -Q X fx 1 Y 5 ,,,. ' "i-'i1- Y M swf " 1. A I ,. li, , -.. .,.,. V In .,., r f 1 if. .iw ii if: K .R 1 W 1 s - ctw I El' x R i 5 , W sfwkwf l if , rf., " Q 1' yur vu, , 'RM' v QB i'ii W 9151, , 4 1 G K E' W in fa 'Wm V .H I- Rr. ,. I. A .... . ""' ny 'lx ,QQ Q ,.: Su, ix Q N mr, uf yr, 2 Y Q 'as i -1-.,,?:, : wwf k af' NEW FRESHMEN ARRIVE IN IANUARY Top row: loanne Kluever, Fred Talsmar Edward Trost, lack lvlf'f05,f Xzlvin Seban, Darryl Hotziield, lackie Pheifler. Second row: Randolph Werre, Shirley Schereikis, Manford Strigun, lim Pendersen, Carol Bauchowitz, Alan Kilburq. Third row: Diana Hoover, Martin Schmidt, Karen Klarna, Conrad Ritter, Sharon Heidmcrn. Front row: loyce Reiter, Harold Remperi, Nancy Schindler. 101 . m xwf W 1 , , ,M - f r V-,grgwwg 'iw fy v Q -S l1'SVeiiLd, , -. 3 Q fa' . LTQESHQ: Vollh, Lois Volk, leanene Wall, lackie Wendlinq, Adolph Weyer, Lorraine Wichl, Darlene Wiedbusch, Eddie Wilce, Donna Wilken, Charlene Wohlqemuqh, Carol Vxlolff, Karen Yexley, LeeAnn Young, Dawn Yudr, Richard Zinke, Ronald Zoe-llick, George FRESHMEN 4' z -1 STAFF EXTENDS THAN KS We, the Shield staff of 1956, Wish to express our gratitude to our patrons and all others who have assisted in making this publication possible. The Phi Beta Club The Varsity Basketball Team Capitol Newspaper Agency Bein's Market Compliments of a friend A friend A friend A friend Ahern Cycle Shop 4540 West 63rd Street All-State Door Company 2563 West 79th Street Antonides Pharmacy 4324 West 63rd Street Behr Iewelry Company Lobby, 141 West Iackson Beverly Pet Supplies 1332 West 95th Street Matt. C. Birk Plumbing Company 9115 South Kedzie Avenue Chicago City Bank and Trust 63rd and Halsted Coleseum Parking Lot 1519 South Wabash DeLuxe Food Shop 6218 South Western Avenue Ed and Lorrie's Food Market 6146 South Narragansett Frank's Barber Shop 3209 West 103rd Street Hahn Bros. Groc. :Sr Mkt. 1819 West 103rd Street E. Hayden's Real Estate 3120 West 111th Street Herb's Market 7646 Halsted Avenue Keeler Bedding and Upholstery 4132 West 26th Street Compliments ot Millie's Beauty Shop 11143 Harlem Avenue Hal and Frieda Miller 9145-51 Commercial Avenue Oehler's Ridge Pharmacy 1826 West 103rd Street Mr. and Mrs. Bert Padder 8850 South Iefiery Avenue Price's Cleaners 10400 South Kedzie Avenue Ralph's Market 1821 West 63rd Street Sam's Food Store 3211 West 103rd Street Mr. Ray Schalk Evergreen Towers Scha1ler's A 9645 South Western Avenue Studebaker Sales Company of Chicago 2401 South Michigan Avenue Trost Model Shop 3111 West 63rd Street Uidl's Quality Meats 1418 West 51st Street Urbauer's Bakery 1414 West 51st Street loseph Vacha and Sons 4710 South Western Avenue The White Pharmacy 3300 West 95th Street Willow Springs Service Station 8700 Archer Avenue Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Anders Mr. and Mrs. 1. C. Andersen Miss Grayce Avery Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Baumgartner Harold Becker Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Behrens Miss Bernice Behnke Mr. and Mrs. Emil Behnke Mark Behnke Miss Martha Behnke and Mrs. Martin A. Behnke O. C. Behnke and Mrs. Herbert Beier and Mrs. Walter Biedermann Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Bill and Arlene Mr. and Mrs. 1. Bingham A. Bonas Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Boren R. and R. Born Mr. and Mrs. T. Breihan Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Brown Miss Eileen Bruhnke Mr. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. A. Borchert Iames Bubolz R C Bubolz E H Bumhour B Buchanan Fred W. Burmeister Harold Butscher lames Capeti Wm. Carlton and Mrs. D. Chalmers Miss Theresa Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Chalmers Chapman G. Chappell Robert Craven Mrs. Loretta Bruhnke Mr. . Dr. . . . Mr. . . . Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr Mr C Mary and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Neal H. Daw Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dolly hristie F. D'Angelo Glenn Dawson G. W. Dawson son - Iohn De 1-leer Dehn lohn Dietrich Mrs. Wm. Dorgett Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Doven Thos. W. Drew Dorothy Dust Al Dykema Mr. Robert Eckman Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Eckman Mr. and Mrs. Edw. A. Eggers Mrs. Erna Eichhorn Grace Eichhorm Mr. and Mrs. Walter Eichmann Pastor G. Elbert and Mrs. Louis Ernst Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Eschbach and lamily and Mrs. Robert Etherington Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. R. Farrow and Mrs. W. Ewert C. Fiegel W. C. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Miss Florence Fleck Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. lohn Fleck, Ir. Robert Friedrich, Sr. Edward Fruendt Walter Fuerst Alfred Funick Fred Furth F. Garnauf Iames I. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Gehle Everette Glas W. W. Gossrow Arthur Greifendorf E. W. Graumann C. Grube Walter Guderjan A. Gutzwiller Herman Hahn Eugene Halterman F. A. Hamann Howard Harder Ray Harnisch William H. Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Donald Haupin Mr. and Mrs. E. Hecht Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Hedge Mr. and Mrs, William A. Heitner Mr. and Mrs. Paul Heyer Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hill Mrs. Irma Hitzfield Mr. William A. Holmberg Mr. and Mrs. H. Houren Linda and Howard Houren Ron Howard Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. W. Huhacher I. Huladek E. Iaschinsky Gerhardt S. Iersild C. W. Iohnson F. Orville Iohnson Carl Iung G. Iungfleisch Lee Kallis T. Kargard and Gudrun Lawrence Kassl K. I. Keim E. Ketterer Arthur Kiehn I. W. Kirnbauer P. Klama Dorothea Kleherg Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Klien Walter Klomhaus H. Kluener George F. Knitter Walter Knitter Edward Knoll Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Knoll August and Dolores Knopp Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. M. Koehler W. A. Koelbel Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Pauline Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Loose Frank Lucas R. Lunaburg Walter Martensen E. Mathefs Arthur Matz L. McDoniel McGrath Edward Merk Miss Laura Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Edward Meyers Miss LuElla Mickley Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miermeister Clifford Miller Fred A. Miller Mr. and Mrs. R. Miller Con rad Minkalis Mr. and Mrs. R. Misiak Mrazelc Drugs Arthur Mundi Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Muth Vernon T. Nelson Kenneth Ness Miss Bertha Neumann Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George Newby E. Nobis Oelze R. K. Oehler Olson Leslie Paeth Kenneth and Wayne Pat and Del Ioseph Pavlin lames K. Pedersen Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. I. Pepin C. E. Peters Edward Pfeiffer Rev. and Mrs. C. Pfotenhauer Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pierson Gene Pietro William Polzin Mr. Alan Post Miss Emma Post Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Post L. W. Preski Mr. Frank Puhr Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A .Putz George Rabey Karl Rabey R. Rampage O. E. Rasche George Rauhut Mrs. Bertha Koenig Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Koltermann Miss Edith Koltermann Bill Kopas and Ieanette Merk Mrs. Frank Kosak Mr. and Mrs. Iohn A. Krauss Mr. Arthur Kreitzer Richard Kreitzer Sally Ann Redman Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Reich Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Rempert Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rempert Helen Riedelback Mr. and Mrs. E. Roch Mr. A. H. Roessler Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Roessler Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kruger Mr. and Mrs. A. Kreutzer Arthur C. Krohse Clarence Krohse Fred Krueger I. F. Kruger Arnold Kujat Miss Marie Kuring Mr. and Mrs. W. Lackner, Ir. Mr. Gustav Lau Tom Lee Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Audrey Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lehner E. H. Lense Lester Erwin Lietz W. W. Lietz Lineback Harry Loeher C. F. Lohrentz, Sr. Miss Sandra Lohrentz Rev. and Mrs. W. M. Roth Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Rubach R. C. Rudder Hermcrnn Runge H. Samuelson Ios. F. Scatchell Mrs. L. Schaifner Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. E. Schinder Erick Schmidt E. R. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. I. Schmidt The Schmidt Family Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schnake W. W. Schomacker Edwin Schoneman Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Schrieier Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip S. Sch A. L. Schumann Phillip Schwartz wartz Il Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Seban Mr, and Mrs. Warren Seidlcr Mr. and Mrs. Mike Shereikis Mr. and rs, William F. Sherman Mrs. Adaline Sieberi Mrs. Christ Sievers Mr. cmd Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mary St Mr. and Mrs. E. Soldwisch Ioseph Spinka Roberi Splalt William Stanqe Frank Starvel rutz Paul Sluckey Misses F. and S. Stunckel Miss Karen Suesse Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Sulzer Mrs. B. Teqeler Mrs. Helen P, Thorn Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Toepper Edward Trader Mrs. Anna Treder Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. cmd Mrs Mr. cmd Mrs. E. Trerriaine cmd Gale T. H. Trimble S. V. Trurnpulis Wilbur L. Vick . Richard Vinke O. F. CDocl Wagner and Smoky Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Weisbach C. Werner', Sr. Mr. and Mrs. C. Werner, lr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. Kenneth Mr. cmd Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. H. Werner Edward B. Winaeri . E. R. Winqert Wurl A. Yakas Yexley Mr. and Mrs. W. Zalewski Mrs. Bernice Ziemer' Bruce Lee Ziemer Dr, E. F. Zierner Mr, and Mrs. A. Zirnrnerman Mr. and Mrs. G. Zoellick Mr. and Mrs. Toe Zoelliclc Mr. and Mrs. ,lohn P. Nicholas Congratulations Graduates St. Paul's Ev. Luth. Meri's Club 5055 W. Ohio St., Chicaao Audio-Visual Aids Club G.A.A. Bowling Team No. l Four Girls Four Senior Girls Eight Senior Girls The Girls' Club Homeroom l0l Homeroom 201 Sophomore lrlorneroom 204 Iunior Homeroom 205 The Latin Club Lunch Table l-APS Senior Lunch Table l-E-l Lunch Table 1-B-2 Lunch Table LB-7 Senior Lunch Table l-C-l Lunch Table 1-D-6 Iunior Lunch Table l-D-9 Sophomore Lunch Table 2-B-7 Lunch Table 2-B-9 Senior Lunch Table 2-C-4 The Girls from Lunch Table 2'C-8 Sophomore Lunch Table Z-C-9 Lunch Table 2-C-i0 Sophomore Lunch Table 24D-4 "for His Mercy endurefh forever" l Chron. 16:34 .,j fn, . Ki. qyw QW 529' I -1 I MV '- fy Aj L AW il ' v. .I Vff, ff X 6 0J ,L WW 5 'xnfvw JL -VV ff ' JQGWQL 'Xanga F WW M OMQW4 -L Q' X' KM LMA "J Lfkovb- auf If M 3 6 if ML Vvby ,U , A fx ff Q Nu yx WMM A if ' 'EFIX l aw? N QW jf Mu uf 7' V' ' if W jgfffywf 5' wiv VX fggabbblky fj ,4 J ' J If .3 wifi A rf' fb . My iwiifgffix jf ! pf? A fp 6 v M1 MM fn JA L K

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