Luther High School South - Shield Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1955

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Luther High School South - Shield Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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If Rfk NSA , . 4 1 X -4 '-Lf e W Y , K C I Q-'SSA 1, f My W K W "L wid . iw? .WU RAAF 4' pool xx A bg Y. m sl R X f 'X y- 1 'I 'ml ' I ' QfAX lwTc 1? ,Pj 4 M1 if 1 mb 5 X If if ff AJ : f P f. 1 . iw fiizf " Y? V PJ fnfjWf1g Q ii? '59 J g'Evy.S WJ 4. b k wgj?f,?ffL'4KA" MW iw wa , .- . F V.. f ,.' sly , X. U 'e I W W :Ax I ,A . 1,-. .sf , . if - A ' ,xg f' 1' Milf-ufs.mHa..,e:.Laag,'yf 1 L4 'X fy fy f H . A 2 ' f' P . Q -A : Fi.: 3 I x V igiqixlfi A 5 ' ' M yi- - UM J L :x iii ? ' - Af' ' P 5 . . afeggg l ' ' 6 3199! ' Luv Q Q1 , 1 at fc Q' WJ' Q-'Q of V ry: A, . , 9 ' 1 a . ' Eiga? ' I . wx 9 A M My X1 L 1 , S 1 .W 3 I , 1 ii 53 in if' -4 - 4 ,. ,V . . f ' .ff if . 3 f . Q Q 1 x n ', 3 ,J 13 rw ' k,If.A,f xfa K 1111, MMW V M WW, k yfiwfzlffil Wf2Efkii: 9f5i WV W ' J Q Q ,Q M Q52 fp? GMYM5 LUTHER HYEIZUQAEHEUL SUUTH if . of mf- Kfnl 'fwf- 'B .fkg V , -, . X, wwf, W',i,?,i V ' - Q K , l il J f , 'L-fi .ti gf giiayf, pkk!6Aij ,V If' ,,' f K A 1QQVgfh , , f V J, ' A Mai G iii. , V 1' , f 'J W ' . fl ' 2 Tift .1 , I by x - W' ff - , Fl- , ff f F' -- -is af-1 . f K Q- Y A+. A'A . M M I 2 Q 4 its i - ,ff f 3 A 1' ff s . . A .1 r Jw-iv V yi 5 ' l -MN N.-px . D' X . Xt' 157.5 Af "ff .9 ,f 'pn Q A ff' .M .1 ' 'X jf W ,J 3 0,v' Af wgiw 'W 2 ' lv ,, V . 1 , A igiiq . of - : u Yi? U 5 - - . ' -W J if - V ' ' Q , TSW ' R V 0 -f, ' ff 73'-A 5: VT ,5 -mum f iQ,1'f,wf" 'f , - f 1 li 'r ' ' .4 , '7 0-'viii T .gr . . 15' P ,- . i if ,. ,fiyi ew ' 4' -Fai' L 0 lk fm W '2'2x ai 'V-aft, .',W1i'j. Z 5, 92 r - ' Yiiiefiz' Q 1f' Q5-Z, - x I H+ "' X J .A A 0 ff' 'V :ffflg . ' r ' Q f 1lli1".4j f'L X462 f ' A, Yr 311 ' feat 9 7 ' 2 , V .V . rv ,uf .4 I e ff AH?i 12:32-Q ' 4 A S . .1 . . A, ff iq F 41 'S I ' . , s ' . . Svfffi f:i ef- T' ' yimw " f., , -Q-,ky ' - X' 1 --SQ , , ' 'SV f ':,gx,fa , ,,g:. ' 1 v X, + f' 51.4, I .J I ' L il, 0 C ld 'til ei ' f- ' s' jig, ' v A Conucralael aaa-J lo f hkvv Nr ' ' ' ' N . gg Eg .15 iz Ill n Eg -'FSF-G 1 -4 4. f a 4 ' I -..., , - . s S -ff' To The TeculTv oT LuTher High School SouTh: who have ConsecraTed Their lives To Chri5T amd ChrisTian EduCaTion, who have given generously oT Their Time, love, amd devolion, and who have paTienTlv guided us Through our high school days, we, The claws oT 1955, in aimQeriTy and graTiTude, dedif faTe This fmmml To you. rt t i . .xdolminiafrafion 1 'AW V - ,Haul iv , ss. J 'Mkt ,Q fi . L . Y Wi ,,.. - O In our daily contacts with those who have guided us we have witnessed thei consecration expressed in the words, "Take my heart, it is Thine own, It shol? be Thy royol throne." P ...I fill!!! W i 3nil?"' N H 'iii Zi! ,.....,-f Wir gmfmggggifgxgagissgxsxssiref m,wn1:a:w1,e ,.,. - - A U S Ill" lll0l'l"lHl!'I1lf!l'l'll Dr. Henry J. BoeHcher 9 ,,,,,,,,A WMM., Mmawwwwww ,yew Ai K --'mmf ........4g M 4 fo A li w 1-my W ,mx i I Cjur I'l.IIl'IyJll Walfer F. Sfeinberg W 'M-Q Om. llllqllllfl r Rm l 'S M- ml vp? . ,.. N. .N Umvwl P K,1L1Y.' Rv-xg C fkiavvv ffvv. N. Hxwfmwrf RN. R, S. muy.-v.-. 0 .,.. lf9f. . Xl' l7l0ll 1 T'3mQZ,v.Q.0ft C xv! K. Q, My-gsmfl -- Re-kxisfvvar ffvhlsicj LPWIR 'iff X ,Ke .1, f 'Sli ...ff- 4 ---...... 1 -.N ,M- M www ,X '45 .fp A N x .J 1 5' n 1 4 .I V L., I . Science Th 'Tax J. Sffvrfnmrr R LQMS Umkmcvyvr vw' M. lSv'fwI A M N, W.1N!,lf+'- 6 1 . f . . . All!! J41 -l1'w'l1'v.f Business Rrffilxf-N r' 'L Ed'm:mr'1 W, 1 1 1, x Mmv.4.4w? C lwv.,r 1 MaH1ema+ics Mfxx Hwwuf 1 UM, V M41-1' W, M,-V, w,m.f MW. ,X U1 J. Mr L v Q1 1 .fdn If in Iva rc' W flfllplllf. 5311: 'f-wk-, ufv 1 apf-w' YH lwvvih. Mm, Aww Fvif-Mlm-. Mw, A1 Fmfm, Mrs. 01,14 R,ndUw Ni Hmm fuw U1 rw pvfxp'-Ny 5 MfrvmH MS ww-:wc XHLUM. Mr. Hvrvrmr: MQ-li M' Lzm-s Aff xl! fwuh-5. JOAHVW KMvg'nM,', VVWM 59414 Bfpmme Youmd, C5Gc'rrf1if1 RMP Ar QM? Dlffmar, Mariynr' Stfwwvr Q. vi, , M I d C! , 0 Q i RWWX' 4 5' 3 Q "Take my will and make it Thine, lt shall be no .longer mine." has. been daily petition as students of Luther South. - Q- , v . U, add ea P,,r1i- . l DUI' C LASS H 1951 1955 oil fs CGQX 7' ,QP 51 "Our Redeemer" Study hall in the kitchen Election of class officers First music group WINTER Anxiety for new building Polishing desks Christmas party and service 52 New school doors opened Lockers at last A Chapel in cafeteria Total enrollment-150 Crossroads Maroon and White cleaningxday FALL WINTER M Clubs organized . any new faculty members Landscaping began to show Gym in the west wing Splash party Honor Roll Planting grass in the football field Total enrollment-300 First Student Council Basketball teams organized Facu lty-Va rsity Game 53 Homecoming - bonfire Sadie Hawkins party Class rings ordered Total enrollment-450 WINTER Varsity basketball takes 2nd place Parents nights "Million or more in 54" Cramming for finals 54 Hayride Music U. S. A. Junior-Senior banquet U. S. History classes 54 Homecoming and the rainy night at the "shindig" Trip to Valpo Yearbook plans Total enrollment-530 54 College Day National Honor Society "Meet Corliss Archer" Shield Week Basketball tournament victory New addition begun A 55 Washington trip Junior-Senior banquet Career Day Baccalaureate Service GRADUATION qmlie X Top row: Horberf C. Laubensiein fsponsorl, Grnyne Avery fSeQro fowl, Lewis W. KWZIQQ lsponsorl. S1 fl.Hom rwwi Fd ly-,fry fVIrupr'zwsfd4-rlij, P-ml S4 M411-vrmrw fps:-so 1 pillar-5 Homfl, Nun! Dawson ffreesurerl, GRAYCE ANN AVERY lGmcieh peaches and Cream complexion pre-Hy brown 'rressee sweef disposifion efficiemlr LOUIS EDWARD BAUER lI.ouj --Q "Hold Hw XPvGw'e" lwe-mguyg e perspxgy e XX Akfemor .XXX ' ROBERT HERMAN BORN Qliobj confroversial iwoarjry laugh '!Alibi Ike! Rembrendf JUDITH ANN BUCK Uudyj Rui Wen pin!! erwfhusicwf 'Ik good lisfemer sympefhefic falenfed 2 f ai 'I 'sw MJ' ESX f' ,ans -4r""""" 553' RUTH ANN BUSSE lRu+hl school spiriled good-nalured forward giggles MARCIA E. CALDWELL llvlarcial refreshing personalily a laugh all her own lllimeu iol4es newcomer JOHN RUDOLPH CARLSON lJohnl inolividualisl "Trig-brain" indillerenl guiel THERESA G. CHALMERS l"Tessy"l good sporl niclcnames dedicaled dry wil PAUL E. CHAMPION lPaull shools lhe breeze "Howdy Doodyw lan greal irnaginalion loolball ROSEMARY CHARKU RDA lllosel The sleady liind allraclive boolcslore sensible HELEN JANE CHASE ineleni dangling loracelels expressive eyes idle challer dramalic RUTH L. CONSTANZER lRulhl "Wrigley" enlhusiasl lovely lo loolc al l'Love Thal wallcll' modesl NEAL HOWARD DAWSON lNealj always a clever remark good sense of humor homework luglill handsome JOAN MARIE DRISKILL Uoanl lrue-blue friend guiel nalure genuine curious GERALD DAVID DUMKE ieeffyi "Comedy lncorporaledl' pencil drawings slwarp lasle argyles BARBARA JEAN EIOHMANN isafbi beller lale lban never unprediclable quick-willed prelly eyes JOAN ANN GILLE iJOa.iy "eager beaver" brown eyes ioinor peppl' WARREN F. GODFREY lWarrenl Hlesl lubcs and A-bombs" maller Ol lad ralional car?? THEODORE STANLEY COMBIS liledl man Ol few words 'lrural-ladl' likeable sincere CAROL ANN GRAUMANN lCarOll prolicienl ple-asanl amiable quiel' fs. f--v 36 5 .nl ,NS Q-.QF sv? QQQK 'TQ -env? GLORIA JEAN GRIFFIN I"Queenie never a+ a Ioss for words "PersonaIi+y Plus" busy as a Ioee Io+s of fun WILFRED C. HAMANN IMI-Iannmar' one of Hfie "boys" Irue blue eyes Ilannel sIwir+s well-liked MARILYN BERTHA HECHT IMarI compalrible good Jrasfe safisfied horses JANICE ARLYNE HENNIG pany direcf and +o Hwe poinf miIdIy disagreeable fun Ioving naIure easy on Hue eyes MARILYN JEAN Home wary seen buf noi Iweard Iriend in need June bride congenial NORMAN KARL HUPPERT INormI "InoI rods 84 dueIs" one-Track mind confidenf Traveler NANCY RUTH JOHNSON INMSI arrisric abiIi'ry "neaI as a pin" cufe IoIIows The fads X VERNON EMERY KARRIS Wernj "walking rainbow" always hungry enjoys Iife persuasive JO ANN RUTH KLOPKE l"Jo"l "Florence Nighlinqaleu considerale dependable willy WILLIAM STEVEN KOPAS lBiIll feels al home in class U30 meals a dayw blue "Ford" imilaior THEODORE EDWIN KUECKER liedl school direclory "Kings English" gels around diplomal TERRY LORIN LANTRY lTerryl Hlvlr. Presidenlm inlelliqeni smoolh line qenlleman LA VERNE mls LARsoN lLarsl clolhes conscious easily confused "Blondie" blushes DAVID D. LEHNHARDT lDavel weighl liller alhlelric real pal pUI'SUed LAVERNE GAIL LEITER Werniel "The Cashmere Kid' always smiling generous clever WILLIAM CARL LEWERENZ lWilIiel chess enlhusiasl Warren's shadow reliable earnesl Q' f? I Xiifxi' ,xx M- A -film -Q.,-.SP LORRAINE H. LITWITZ lLorraine whiz al shorlhand near and pelife appreciarive one and only ROBERT JON LUNABURG lBobl "Laughs al everylhing He says" big man on campus hard worker aclor EDWARD Jon-'N LYSEN fEdy anylhing for a laugh freckles Casanova red MARGARET M. MAC NEIL llvlargel "Does Daughrerw good nalured nonchalanl lalkalive HAROLD M. 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Um V N513 5' 1r'r w Y f'Xv:'fV Lk M, iv'-A iw w 1K"" ff", '1M:"- X Lmfv' Ax 5-.AW H W--rx l1"', Num' nM ,V ,X "X.wr V-ww" Mu 1 f .V- lx v1 ,AH IH' 1 68 f 'F ,di if Q-saga-awk..- , .-... l L nv.: Lorraine Lllwllf, Nancy Johnson, Nancy Van Dera, John Carlson, Jim Srnllh, A lun Oeslorre-ich, Belly Schneider, Charles Rau, Grayce Avery. l ll rn row: Judy Buglm, Barbara Elfhmann, JoAnne Kfoplce, Therega Clmimfxrgy RUM Bum.-, Marcia Caldwffll, alusfanl: Lnuise Schodrow. yqafionaf ,Honor ocielly Newly founded, the Nalional l-lfxnwr Snnlvly has already lalcen a prornlnenl place- In mhfvfv Ulu. Thus nalmnwldnf cmgavnzalmn has 1 fam fold purpose: lo creale Qnlhusiasm lor Qzhcwlar shlp, lo encouraqo service, fo prornofea lnaclnr shlp, and lo deyelape Chrisllan rharac wr. Durlnq lha pas? year Qnynnlnnn Sr-ninrS wffre Selccled lor lhls honor. Mornborshlp ln lhl Nl-l.S, is dcpenclenl upon lacully rncmnrnf-nfla lion and hlqh scholaslic, slandlncz. Sponsoring lhc Beacon Chaple-r hwrc- al Lulher Soulh is Mr. Ladwiq, our quiclanu counselor. 1 eg W QF? 5 D 2 -vit A " ,A hx .-E Q 5' .. " if vm Q Q ' E in-nf ' 7 ,.. , m W -. ...- J' Y K 1, - 4 . ,733 -::. Q . , km I I' 'J :QV " F 1 it x ':4 il Ja. ix TCR H ,f 'sf , , f- i ""5'4 xi' . xv eg 1, :XJ H- b Q 'ik Q., ia y , y C.. WA 31 -C: if . ,. f r-1, hx ,Wx 5 0 7 -f "" Q.-1 , '- , 5, ,iz 2 X55 Q s.. , 7 my x K,x" n un ions Twp rww: rlvwmvms J. Sxlvmr fsprwvwSrmW, WM Sriwxnh UUA fizfmil, CUHYQ, A, Hv-ffm 1' fm 1 w nm, BOfYf'VY' r W' C.nVwY N:-wk y fVi prrf55rf1'VvH, .lwrfy G 'HM fcvfv ffxrvj, Cyrxrlxx Lvl rm-v H1 1 Liv'-M. UQ-'vvvb bfntmm Bm-Hmlcf-, MMYIM Biodrfrmnnm, Evrfxn Bwm:Um'Yv, Juv' BNN, fXrlfm.1 , . lmyvms, Cfwvw Bmw Mark Pxmm U' vu, RLMV lsmw ww f3r11MrU-Lg .I,w. Blximxg, Nm-N Burk, Kwrmf'Hw Burrvwisfvr, C1mVIwH,- Cap'-fx, ,lwfxrwvw CKsrH-vu Krwrwrwwilw CPwr'i5MN5f Nufiwms l5fxwSfXrw, B-'xrlwm Dfxvvsrxrv IW Wm Ufxwsrwn, Nfw11 Unk'-1 rxr, 'l, Jqfww! Uiitrrmm, Awlvuw UUVQMT, Ar'if-rw Umm-m, Adrifwm E' km in HMM-rf FH.-1-, ku iw xi . N. I T M X N i Q mf in W 2 . 43? i' K K I I 1 ...f M, X -'x Mu N... , fl X W Q Q Q N H 3 'ff Q M E gy f I 'fav ,jg Nr: 'Q . 1 ' X .X E S .... VNMQ . 3:4 t K M mx z g -' vm. ,, W 1 "?"u"'-. K.. K l '- ':gfg.g.:. I ...:i.?.:?: , V - I '- , . x fx - .,., -. ,.,. Q., iw 1- 2 'A 'N. vw 2: xi xv 4 4 'wwf 'Q Q.. b .."w- ki ' . Y H E B X A 1 A 1 , , Y i .X Qs in 4: if K , - ,li :XX V, gs! -Q-' 'fm l 1--f 2 X ' A .5 X. ary ww- ,ww-I'5"' . , I V"'- -J rx ' fwawwrrv Am-ru Ernxi, Nlfkf' E'M:rIrwqfcvm, Rwlz'rf Vrsffffxq, Jfxdc Cgnfuk, Dcrmi Gfxmfauf, UWM, G':l'mufyr. VILMUV Gfahh, Judiih 0.15, Lucwfc GHWJS. Cdr0Wyrw Gmdfmy, R'-xy Cwfvssmw Judxth G""lf'f Rfxy CEVWIWVTAVN1, Cnrw Cv1M,'waUf3r, Abi,-11 PM xfxr 1, Emu: Hfmxw, David H.xNn:l'1mm, Enngmwv 1lf1urw5P', Vvlqrwym Huduw, Uwmfm HNHVM-r, .lcwyfxz HwQsTrex'm, Jay Havnrrvhr, Dfywd Hmxrww, Judiff Y'lLMmwwr' BwUxcqm' .1f15c'H:rwsky, Lnlfm Jwhmwcn, Fwd Jf7Yfif7D, Rf7Uxl!Xi Jufyrxlfgrvs, IVMVJIF Knlgegl, Uovmhi Kqmm, BL-my Kwnmfgrwkc, Gui- Kdmlf, Bcvcrfy OU! Sl hk7K5i df'l7YL5 FUI VU Ka mm-Mid puuposf-. NM eww do They udrwf Us M cfm modorm SQMUM ffulfd mn: lm? .xlw opvrv Mr US HM. L.u1Xhvvf1y5 fn wfsnffww. llwrf, Pmwm V , , --4. ,wg ,1 . Kdu :mm 'kk w 1.k,- , .my K , M W l '-' M w 1, .H W, J 4 ' Kwvixnr, XM1. I Kvmn, Lyn-J Kmuw lm-H1-rf Krm-111-I, LA Krumqm, SMI! my gf K1up5'.1-X Vmwy - lm-fvvwv GM rixf l-:Mwmqm Lau , . l, naw, ,lmidh Urn-lurk, Kfnfivfwr Lyiiw, CMM K 5. 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Mllnols, Ruln Miller, Marilyn Moses, Roberl Nadfasrly, Waynf- Nerreler, Waller' Nerneyer, Davld Nolfs, Leonard Noerenberq, Judill Oellen, Calvin Onl, Allan Oppmlloimw, lsle Pndy, Linda Palzer, Joyce Relerson, Slnaron Pelerson, Wcmynfx Rreuss, Karen Pulz, Diane Quelwl, Willlrwnw Rannpaqe, Sharon Ramen, Laurian-Anno Raunuf, Carole Reich, Ronald Remus, Clnarles Rlebau, Robert Rolwl, Anllwony Rollw, Donna Rul, Marlene Runqe, Slnlrley Ruys, Jolwn Srflminslce, Carol Sglloclrow, Eleanor scroenbacher Joyce scrum Judy Sclwulwrnann, Franlc Schulz, Marbellw seruus wvaynp Sclnurnann, Danley Seam, Marilyn Sedakig, Elwogd Seldler, Lois Sovle, Slmron Slvnrp, Janel Skvarla, Olivia Spllzer, Marlene Slanls, Marilyn Slepanelc, Hamer Slroolc, Judllh Slrulz, Ann wr? ,Q "FT- g, fin , M ,M Z, Q: whiff! xi , S' , ' 14, ,5 yt, wwf " 'll in JN my if" A' X 9. ,I , r. , ' - iv i A X l- rx ' L , -.., vii Q I A n. -.,.. sa " X he X, x fzj - f f tc - ear rrlua 5 W! - ' Sulmilis, Kenny Tanner, Janice Tews, Madelinr- Tliierne, Julio Tliiede, Merrivl Timpli, Gwendolyn lrrernaine, Gale Trimble, Judillw Triner, Jenn Vollc, William wminein, Wlmdi. Weber, Gerald Wendi, David Winfius, Rolwrlii Wnlll, Vlinyn Well, Hvrlnerl lender, Darlene loellielc, Linclfi Zifellw, Jnyci- Camera Shy Bauer, Mary Michel, Adele Moen, Pal Simqmeier, Peqrqy Tap row: Eddie Wiodbuscln, Donald Qualllfmder, Lesler Murna, Don Marlini. Snfend row: Bruce Redman, Charles Davies, Donald Clmprnan, Don Ryno, Bonnie Furln, Belly Jean Von Rliein, Sliaron Weary, Joan Timrnernfwan, Jeanelle Me-rlf. Bnllrnrn vow: Q-erlrude Gyeleis, Balbargi Merlc, Marierie Arnold, Jfaclcie Clieyeilier Simron Farrow. College Day Une ol llwe maior problems lacing many ol: llie sludenls liere al Lullner' is iigliall l allend col- lege? and if so "VVlnal college sbnll il be?ii llie solulion lo llwis problem was greally simplilied by llie calalogues, pamplwlels and personal advice made available by ll'ie Guidance Deparlmenl. Col' lege Day lwelped many lo selecl lne college lliey plan lo allend. Career Day llie seleclion ol llie riglil iob is an imporlanl laclor in personal lwappiness during laler lile. Films and wrillen malerials have all been willwin easy access ol every sludenl conlemplaling llwe clioice ol a profession, Career Day, wlwiclw brouglil a lwosl ol guesl speakers on numerous vocalions, helped many sludenls 'ro gel a more praclical view ol llie avail- able professions. HMM Vocafional Counseling Room 2lI, llfie office ol our Two Guidance Counselors, Mr. E. Ladwig and lvlr. H. Laubenslein, has been busy receiving a sleady slream ol sludenls in need ol lwelp concerning 'rlweir lulure plans. VN .Ms ,saving ,V vw. if WHAT D0 I WANT PQ R v W, 'J f are ', . , ii ' -Mei, llflll Ydiif.. FROMAIOB? gf' ,uf SOI' jam 0l'I'0lll Deaf., I4H1 7 A? lasfl Second floor window for "sidezwnHc superin- ffrndunisw. Wrenfhf-r's fmndirnp, VVAH-, bloom in spring. ..,,.s. ,.g. nb" JVM f , jiwii' A u I Q . xt Af,--uv- ATI' A 4 -V 0- . 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Uri Mnrcii IB, cirensed in Their riewiy pur- qiwued robew, They wok par? in We Sa-,red Comceri, ginqinq X . fXiIHiiii.. 1flA I ii ii-Mimi -ii Bmiii, I uwxw Mi, fl Q:A,1 i Piiiiwliw, Tw.,-, lou' iiref The choir represerifed Luihcr Soiifh ni The Si. Andrews Mimirel Show wiiiw ea mediey oi Siepiwen Fosier songs, OI Black MH C MW Nfxl " Joe! and Rirwq, Ring The Beanie." Wwe group also rock pdrf in Y" if OWVB Freedom Scwqfi 'U f Af f If " IILU lily l'0ll'U llllll Pl Hll' .HII9 llfllyj OH' AN' lily - XIII? v g-p-:Q 'r ,ei-k 1 run- , R 5 - 5-seam I 1, 'STL N ...E , , 'i Qu P Z, x fi' fi W wwe ff -. 'i 3 s .- ww .Q -.-X I pw Q3 A A ,ru ,A L 'W qi. 2 3, b. Q x M... A.. Q ' 1 .Ve- dir s m .x ,, ':- - ,Q H 9. . .cz v 5 V xx , 09-5 gm Cm ,gn M cr.,,,,, lhe Boyf, Glee Club served as an excellenT meani. Tor Freshmen and Sophomore boys inTere5Ted in choir worlc To prepare Tor membership in The A Cappella choir in Their Junior and Senior years. The boys, who pracTiced Twice a weelc, had a busy Schedule OT perlormances during The pas3T year. Among The selecTions They sang aT The music TeSTival, aT Several assemblies, and aT Parenrs Nighl, were iiBeauTiTul Saviour, Ye lcloly Angelf, BrighTi and "STouT l-learled Menf lov Vow : John Bunhrww l-,sy l?a'ripai1f-, Rfhard lmifnirvr, Vlfaynr- Nadasdy, -lim l4reuTzer, Karl Schwailf, Tgo 44 1 ward Kivchnf-r, Noirr Cv' or A f A rad, sill er-im.-i einer ' t Y Cgialll, Bob Lawlf-y li-A V ' ' K ' I VVT-ndlwr, Willirirn Krvlt " V Z- berond row: Neal Oppvn ,T Tieiinwi Phi. Andrfrsnn, bi l-Tarrinf1Ton, Robfi-rT F fill. t A llarwin Dimricli, Ra :wr , Samuelwn, RoTnvrT LiTvy,'f, if Q 3,3 llanlsey Srhumann, Criaiic-5 T 2 LQ-Jimi, un ci.-raw i2 mia Sloclclcsc, TToT'om row: Eincsl Wfh W: Uavid liapp, Ken Hi'nar'n Hamer Shfpanelc, rranlc Krause, Robrerl Pls-fl, Pau Oriugiag, RoTw'erl Ivlrusiw. lop row: Nancy SaTl1u5 Uwix Cn-rnwrlil, CHliI'l Spin-del Julie ilhieme, liz l?f:u'ffr .ludy Anders, Jean New Lorrie BuineTT, Linda Pumar Ardell Noleen, Mc-r yn Keller, Lois Buszin Narzy Soidwivgh, Darlene l-To rn, .loyc P Sr hoenbaclwr Fra n Tlurmr-iQTr-r, Jans:T Fling 4, Gwen lfapischlrr-I Auciii-y' Mean, Carol Johnson, Marr lyn Slams. .ludy Cond row: Caro Marhfnwf'-n Sandy Lialewslci, Nlyira Sinx mr-ilie-ld. Virginia Pi-lemon, Keim, Rachel F'eirrToi king, Carolyn Prem-, Pliyi . Sluclwy, Fran Ail'lern Mar iwTTa Main, Naomi S4 l rierT - T er, Alvina Marek. lulii'Tailx llryanl, Diana Giif,-go, cfan ice Karnensle, Sandra Pres ki Lirda Zoellifl. ird row: Sharon llarr eagl- Adrerie Tcrler, Judy Ah rf3ndT Eunice Jiuyrgs-ns Julie Belcher. Arlr-nie l-lol? mann Georgene Wilc- Karen Johnson, Va eric T-lenninq, EdiTn Fiuendk VioleT KilTs. ' BoTTom row: RcberTa Winans Pauine Breihan, Marbev Schuz, Gayle Sclimeclev Darlehe Eisler, Lou lvlaureix MY 0 , al lrvi 'lhe girls in blaclc and whiTei are a very prominenT parT oT our musical program. ln addiTion To preparing Them Tor A Cappella worlc The Girls Chorus encourages an inTereeT in music among Freshman and Sophomore girls, The group parTicipaTed in 'AdesTe liidelis and The Sacred ConcerT singing such songs as Bring a Torch JeaneTTe i, ilalse My Lile and LeT IT Bell and Lo. A Voice. Along wiTh The oTher choirs and The band, They sang 'BaTTle hlymn ol The Repub- lic as The grand Tinale To "Freedom Song. Viriirii Vi- vi ii-ii-in 7 nni rnuiri, Xiklfiy rifrurr' in ir' 'Lw- 1 Ciwiirri-i-, l:i rin fur: n lui, 'Vim iii Cfeiiivm-W irfiiiii W unix:-r .lfuinnv C4111-fi, Judy Q1-iii-N Miiiiyr' gfniiiiivr K iiiiri' Hrinix I lsllllll i ri if-W3 Ifiuiiir i"f-'ir'ii- VViiyni- Mu iiiiiin, .ii in Hi-ri in, Milf- Frnui, I7-iw, n iiunig-uiim Kai' Si r'wi1ri1, infusion Wiifiiy if-i niiiii liiidiin fudwni- iiiiif-in SU-Mir-rv Hfuiyii Vviiiiriuf riivvj lynn Iviisixrumsiri iGood riiings como in amuli piackfaqes, ix fi fifring de mrripiion for ine Qirlf, Qiee Club, The group, ConQis'ring of Tiiirfeen Junior and Senior giris, Couid be Heard nearmonizf ing iirai period on wufgn songs an iWhiie Were Young, 'Um In My Counrryf and 'Q Jesus Granr Me Hope find Comforifi The Giee Club performed M -,eyerfii Sourri Side riiurriiem, in iiddifion fo ine mfriool muwimal produrfionw. Frrinif Sf iiurYiiir'n, Hriwrird Ili-iin, Tory Roi-ix ,lirn fxisliw-n, iid Vviiiiie-vv, i i Wifi P Minn WWE Ili-nnis Burk, Curran-n 5'-irio, Curry Ni-1' 'i-nsfin, Mfxriiw Zfwiliik Ninn y .Mrk rf-, Mfiriyg VVU-lry, pludy Siriiik, .izzyfw F idiin, fkvii-'iii li :ni-i. Our band rim rnfade very dejrinife progress inin your. Membersnipniii,inrr'eni1ed io 25 and rney novo rnnoe wevoriif publif iippemwiricem Tiiey onieirfuiried Wie yiziioii- fi? one oi our Pfircnf w Niqhfi., rind were fiiiio on imnd io pifay ui dw P. S. L. iournfsmeni gnmex. Tne group iiiso pfariifipfared in We grand iingaie of Preedorn Songf ine inuienwe in nnern beiuiiip nepeggimied on ineiefme in ini,nurnenf,, Wiovofoiu, u woupdprione. page Amare drurns. il iyrebeil, und Q1 bmw' dar-irier Have been added ro ine equipment Jirls gm, cm 2 Kgrijfmuj lalgflllll The four Choirs, ihe bfmd and .1 mam! of Lurherires qarhered ar Sr. Arwdrevw Church on December IS cmd I9 To preserwf rhe hrs? rmmml Chrhfmd-Q Pdq eanr. The band prayed Chrisrmar Carol, before The page-emi and fhe chorrx pro- vided appropriafe hfarkqrmmd nm-Jr' for ihe varlcww Kefrinqsi I. The Prophecy 2. Qld Tenfamerwf Snfrihfer, 3. Mfmqer Scene 4. Shepherds Vhir 5. Weir of fhe Wrfremcrw 6, Firmle 6 V C 4 4 n I HUA ,Si'l'1'l'1'1' Lf IAIJ1' 11 u"' 1' ' V ' F' 1 -L' ,'.: r W N' w I K ?'r 1? "'A' , ,, W Mx. 14, ., 5474, w 1. Teamwork was The Cur WiTh The aim oT keeping The sTudenT well inTormed all happenings and evenTs The Council mainTains The bulleTinfboard in The main lobby and also has charge oT The daily Pfx. announce- menTs. The idea oT commiTTee work is very prevalenT and is The backbone OT all suc- cessTul underTakings. Such meeTings are numerous in our Council. A Tine example oT This Tis Magazine Campaign, super- vised by The Council. The OFT The responsibiliTy Tor ra ering The Tlag. .Sjfiwlmf ounci The nerve cenTer oT The sTudenT body - STUDENT COUNCIL. ' By This group oT sTudenTs is governed The l.uTheriTe's conducT and school acTiviTies. Dave l-lahn, Gloria C-riTTin, Gail Tremain Bo ' Y , nnie oung, 'Norm Conrad Nancy Van Dera, Mr. R. Dinkmeyer lsponsorl, Carol Newby, Terry LanTry Paul Schoneman, AlberT C-uTzwiller Dave LehnhardT Sandra Zalewski, Adele Knopp, Gerry Yakas, PaT Egan Council also assumes The ising and low- proceeds T Th' o is program will be used Toward Turnish ings oT The new STudenT Ac TiviTy CenTer. This year, The Council senT represenTaTives To The l.uTheran High School Con- Terence aT Cleveland. Ohio. There, The problems oT school liTe were discussed and soluTIons proposed. 4 'Ma X .,,,,..,'--"" . Q Vw E WN' -f..,, fx x BK X KSSXLQQQQQS L-1 ' 'M 5 'X X '03-4 X ffl I' 1 gym... f 'X- r xlllm llvl vw lqlqw lu.-1, llwvvwlw mf' lxlupll- law 12, Al C1 l l r:'.'l llurvwln- Ulu.-ll ul rm-.: Cu: 7 . ull fm-I x -76 af' sllll, Fu vlurm lll,-:ww ulgwlllr-1, lvlllv. m ll l,xVv1v:1- l awww, mul TM ' Marilyn l-V, All f-xu Hr- lj:-vll. lv, x vvmvy Clmvlurclu, av br lum mu. ul nw. Ll ml' Mulll, l '-vwv- W'-rrw f-v, Blu I Mlwm-y. .lufly hlf-, lf' xv lvlullx '-ff' 'G- iw- P055 l"0 H I 5 The Crowroadg, Lulher Suulhls olli- Clul sluclenl publication, provlcles um- ple opporlurwlly lor qaimimq experiemie in lou:-rmliwm. The momlhly paper Hurw- lalm sfhool me-vw, lmhlom, sporls, und sluflenl imlerviews. The publicallou Is dklribulecl lo all Soulh Side paslorf. and grade school principals. Mr. E llc-uys lspfmgcvrl, Cllurlf-S Ruu lwsl fwlqlwzl, livvly Sflameulwr lf-flnlm H7 fhu'-ll, A lflu Cy'-,lf-vn'e-llll lgpcllla ffl.l. lrlulil Sfllclllfwvx ll'llSlVN'4,S rmglyl, xluzly Burl lm-v.f 'ill Glfum Quillln llf-:luv f-Ill. Slaj I wp s l - Zivgf .570 ff. T, 9 R Pie pvr lspinngivrl, ries Cl ilrru-rs li-iTiTiirl n fill liesl, i-dilfnrl. "We The SHIELD sTaTT hope ThaT we have afconnpliehed The rnaior purpose OT our yeare boolc, namely ThaT OT reviewing Tor you The evenT-, OT The pasT year. From The beginning Ol Seplember until The Tinal deadline many houra have been f,penT in planning, Colleding phofographa, wriTing and assembling This boolc. The pleasure This annual brings To every reader will be iusT rewards Tor our eTTorT'i." Nanny .liuhnson larll, Juan llriskill lphoTrul, Bob Luna Tumi! lplxciliil liiuisi- Si Tiiadmw llypisll, JoAnne Kloplw llileraryl, BieTTv Snhneider llypisll, Gloria Q-riTTin llihiraryl, Nam y Van Defra lassl. liiislnifsa rrn1r.l, Challife. Rau lliusinfle-T m.'1r,l. ig. 'i fn Kfavrrs, Cup! Sffxnrs. Curr Kvair Nfxniy sun Ci rw 'es Hfhman. Q Mmm, .bmw Grfle rvf.1rx,f V 1' f'rs1Haf1 M"'f'r, 1 ' v.: Rrrnghi GMMSHN fiif- VVr'L1lL1S r' Cherry W1 M rx Enusrwr Srnmdrcw., vnf- K1 11"-L' NV. Bufwfr 1 lx: run- -1E Russel Ad M 1' f 'wr ling .l+'dVWQ7+t' M v M rfnw' Sr-.avev xi rw Pwr,-1-, rv Aw v "7rl'f-r'rHr"ry Trwrww Chaimffrs Mrxrfznref Iv NJ QL r C if' -vw: wr nw. The purpose of fhe Drama Cbub was rc provide an oppermnify to Yearn The hrnda menrals mf achng and ro help ire memberr fwerfcme farage frighr and sen Conscience .fdnlflllli 'lf The Alumni Can? gef back +0 Lufher, we WUI bring Lufher fo rhemf! was rhe incenhve behind Jrhe wformdhon of rho A- LUMN1 INTERLUDE. The paper, pubhwhefr rhree Jrimes a year by a group of Qrudenfs, brings news of gchooi life ro rho former Lujrherires and arse Qerves as a means of keeping ihem in Conrad wirh one anfvfher. Q e eff! new. Wirh rhese alms in mind, The 40 paula H, pfarhcwpenrQ rooic par? rn rharndes, rhfamr Leriying, and pnnfomine. Y L HOV:-V2.1 Wrnqxr:S, W L r Puff Qyrrrvrg kyvrfhn PM rmrnrh .Jerry Smnn, Ps rr vs Ei rmwnn fiufh k funn-1, rhsnh fl Hs-nnliz, 1 Knfwkf-r Willirxm Kop 1 lxrwxsuvr-WE, BMX VVr1v'fh .lr rv rr 51 hw nhfw her, V yn Quin-rv, bxuwfnn 1' L.xV--rrw bxrswn rprr-srdr-n'X March 4' Cgrvvrqha RUN! VVI.mrSMv' Sfhvf xl ,yr rr',7 Berrntw Leonard Q R 11 he-N Prederkrng. zfy Mu-'vff Dwrwhy MQW' 'FWS -rim lnnl. .1 Memborw ef We Iwinzicym Ac Tlviiiev Club, if' fhcvlr cfewfre fm pfxr'HCiplafe pe v'f,c vrmlfy In Kiwi' fiom buIlf4Ifwq nciHvHie5, have emqaqed in vevemN vvorffwwhile profecfm Amomq Wweee were Wwe spomorlnq of ea rlofhimq and Raed roNeCM0rw, We showing of eevemf mofiom pic'- fures and Wmdrips ow mission mbjecfs, We prewerwfafiom of speakers on imsfimiiomni work and upon our Nigeria mission Edd. They alacw 'Md mimifafure QOIKJ Crewes and pexrficffpweci fmfflvely In Our Hmpef pmqmm. Evil 7fyh.m1'fu1 , rj ,3,w,f, 1-num2f+ " .fgfffafiffm CJAA K Imp vwvvi Judy Kffirn, Mum V 'W 'Q Q-Ne MNH, .unfy W:--,fr-r I UILM, lwfx Mwvffwf-., l7wxv'yvv'- N'-Wm Ur 4-.1- mvwvl, HHH-1? l Hxewwr' ll. l..- lliwmv.-v J Q-kx H Rllhf, LM pw- llwlfvvw-nvvv Miuilyrw Hun fy MMU-m Uwxu. S1-fund rwwi Hdfy J v-.4 rv Vw: film-fry Nmwy 1-1cU+',J,xrU1w Kqrwwvrw-,ki WWW-. 'Sim My Fam Bm vvwr- UTM I3vrvrv- Uxxwwfwfw Jkm .lmm VM-4 ry Lnryl, Av! '-1vf- Mwrw-X, Vw-, lr v'1- Mark. lifdhsvvw vw: T-Jwmx y UM vw UMW.: Cllilwlv IVR- 1- Vw--.A wiwmfn My Kxlltf 'mf-1 GM! K mir' -v'k -WV' H v"' Uff'f" M-Wm 'un 1- LLQZILK' lily llllll I VIH Al uf HIHJJIIVPJ KOH! IV? llwe ldclc ol af mom large enough To nwrrmmolllmle llwe efwllre sludenl b0dy fs--sllqxlefl llwe use ol our PA. Syslem llmpel, Daily Qlevolioms were lweld in GC' me- for flue lwwmerooms following llwe llwird period, and were ccmduclecl by members el our Rel q um Deparlmeml and visillnq paslors from llw Scmllw Sicle Cl'lLIVClTGS. Rev. E. Paul, ol Fwresl Park, was The quesl speaker al our wpevlnl Cllr-lslmas Servlce, wlwlclu was lweld ,m lxwllblllkll Llrllwerarw Clwurclw. V if aria, 06Jlf6lfl0I15 IAl'l..flHlllJ J v l'l'l'll'l' IW? YC., K ,n ,ff il' ful, We V iii wffsignwlswersf uosf C l"l1Ul' f ll 7 R ff!! lriivel is broadening if: an adage lono accepTed by socieTy. lravel Club mern bers, Tollowers: oT This rnoTTo, visiTed places- bc-Th near and Tar. lhey used The mosr econonnical and convenienT meThod oT Travel, nwoTion picTures, and slides To Travel To Soulh Arnerica, AusTralia, Phoenix, Ari- zona, and Sprindheld. Ill. lhe orqaniZaTions main evenl was iTs annual sprinq Tour. Top row: Adrienne Doven, Biile qale Hubacher, Janel Park, Alice Mass. Mr. Wood lspon sorl, Bill Lewerenz, Delberl Krause, RuTh Busse lVice Presi' denll, Bob STevensori lpresi- denTl, Judy Buck lSecroTaryl, Louise Schodrow, Terry Lanlry, Charles Rau, Fred Schroclrow. Second row: Wyllis STarl:, Rose mary Char'urda, Marilyn l-lechT, Marilyn l-loler, Lilas Jaschinsky, Donna Schmidt Diana SchrnidT, Carol Grau- rnann, Nancy Van Dera, BeTTy Schneider llreasurerl, Joanne Kloplce, Roberf Kucera, Albe-rT GuTzwiller. BoTTorn row: Arlene DilTrnan, Carolyn Glries, Joan Rusnalc, Barbara Mooney, Hanna Fuchs, Barbara Zierner, Gudrun Kar qard, Marilyn l-larnisch, Mar- lene Werner, Phyllis STuclcey, Nancy Soldwisch, Judy Klaus, V4"?1,. F -Han aficra 6644 Due To a Tremendous increase in meme bership The l'landicraTT Club was Torced To divide inTO Two secTions, however, The Two qroups rneT ToqeTher once a monTh. The girls have had a double purpose behind Their acTiviTies, They have provided enioy- menT Tor Themselves and also Tor The re- cipienTs oT Their worlc. They have made duilTs Tor Addison, aprons Tor The Old Follcs Home, and TelT cushions Tor our Tue Ture STudenT CenTer. 'lop row: Judy FleTCher, Gwen lirnph, Judy Slrool, Elaine KauTrnann, Joan Timrnerrnann, Wilna Niemann, Donna RoTh, Carol Speidel, Arlene Milelich, Arlene KoesTer, Sharon Weary, Joyce Ziellce llreasurerl, San dra Underirier. Second row: Georqene Wille, l-lelaine Bahaveolos, Julie Bel Cher, Arlene HoTTrnann, Mari,yn Conrad, Judy Noerenberq, Wanda Waqner, Nancy Wes- sel, Lois l-larschriek, Jackie Chevalier. BoTTorn row: Carol Shinslce, Car- ole Clarlc lSecreTaryl, Mrs. Leirner and Miss Kirk lspon- sorsl, Carol Lynch, Barbara Merls. This piiqe cornp'irnenTs ol The TfxaV9l Clllb T. Rfunfild hlrdlirlm, Bill Vollc. G1-cvrqr: Behnlce, Dave Dreilzler llrc-fisurrrrl, Kon Carllen, Calvin Of-lion lVic,e Prcsidenll, Ed L If If lf' If If If I! If If lr lr- If Knrull. Franlc Schumann, Jdhn Grail, Brurr: l-loan, Waller NGS rf-lv lgrerrelaryl, New Dawson, Ren Wcvlll, Wai'i'ren Gfvdlrzvy, Ed Rrilhw, lv-'ln Gmmlsis. 1 civn li ic N 05061 FCA CJAIA lhrouqhoul lhe year, lhe Scienlilic Re- search Club has enioyed guesl spealcere, movies and demonslralions. The club ie allilialed wilh lhe Science Club ol Arnerif cfs, which sends wrirlen malerial and acliml subiecl marler for The smaller clubs. The essocialion also sponsors a Science Fair. lim ww: Fri-d Johnson, Frank lfmiise-, Allred l-lam, Efnl lem liz-im-r, Gr,-rsrqr: Sclioenrmrhei, Bill Ku-ll, Roqflr Sexmueleon lVirr- Prc-sidenll, Carl Rude. Bill l-larrinfilrvn, John Buc-flner, Don Budoll, Howard Dehn .lrinn Olivier, Paul Douqlfzs. Sf-wind rriwi Mr, Isrfiel lspon wil, Bob Schornfichcr, Arlhur lihnsirn, Kfirl Schwfarlz llredS urrerl, Martin Behnlo, Ed Kiiilinm, Paul Schnnlce, Dave Meyer, Phil Schwaifz lprxsi dffnll, lion Marlini, Charles Ziemer lSerrelaiyl, Lloyd Pow l ri-, 5, Bill Grnlmvelr, Slephen Hoover. Bulforn row: Bi'l Wilce, Richard Krueger, Pele Peferson, Ernesl While. Ruhr, CM llie Radio Club Ollered fill rriclicu ming boyb fi chance lo leixrn more iiboul lh ii luyorile pfasl lime. Erich member limi i .1 cr blfxl rmlio mel clurinc lhe rcnui e in Y 3 year and lhe club has asm lalcen ci fi lrip lo Slalion WGES. 'fi 5 lop row: l.ynn Magnuson, Janel Sharp, Jean Purley, Liz Reuler, Ronald Sloclrlose, Plnil Ander- 1 6ll'l'l0I"6l Our Camera Club lwiglriligliled llwe years aclivilies by sponsoring a Hpiclure lalcingw conlesl open lo llwe enlire sludenl body. Ribbons were presenled for llie besl plwolograplws submilled. Acguainling mem- bers willw proper piclure conlenl and llwe arf of developing were parl of flue regular club sclnedule. ip af Ts W 47 if V.. Q' ln- - son, Reber? Lifwifz. Bob Hafl- sledl, Dave Finlel, Gwen Ka- pisclwlce, Joyce Jordan, Slvaron Serio. Second row: Naomi Sclwrieler, James Barringer, Torn Brauer, Bob Lunaburg lpresidenfl, l-larold Laclwrnann, Bonnie Young lVice-Presidenll, Slnaron Duran. Bollorn row: Judy Sclwulw, Donna Brandi, Virginia Pelersen. Aff CM Tlne lulure Rembrandls, and Roclcwells ol Lullier Soulli lwave formed an Arl Club, wliicli provides ample opporlunily for lliem lo display llweir lalenls. During llwe pasl year llwey did figure drawing, carving, waler painling, and pencil slcelclwing as a parl ol llieir club acliyilies. Top row: Allan Onll, Danley Sclwumann, Roberl Lawley, Ro- i ber? Born, Roger Riclcerson, Roberl Biller, Neal Oppen- lweirner. Second row: Ralplw l-lolrnes, 'Q Gayle Trernaine, Nancy Wag ,374 ner, Slwaron Pelerson, Arlene a'.,V,,.A Slevens. Sandra Wolff, Alfred Kosel. Bollorn row: Adele Knap, Mariys 17 Weary, Judy Lense, Mr, Denys lsponsorl, Madeline Tews, Carol Jolwnson, Noreen Gregor, 11 111wI A111-1111v P1-111111, 1V11111111 C11111w1-11, A1111111- 1Jf11111f11, V11 1111 C511-111111111, .1111111 C1111s1111, G1111111 1,1-11111-1, 131111111111 151-111111-, M1111111 R1111111, 111111111111 C:1111 1111111 1111s 1?111.1111, 111111111 G111r1 11111, 141111 .1111111111, 1'111m 171-11111, 11111111 1111',11111, 1111111 1111111, 1111111 111wC 511111-y 141111-111-1 .11111y f11-1111- C111111 N11w1y, ,11111y 111111111, M111y 14111113 1111111 Y11111111111, A11111111 111111111111 1111-11111111y1. CQW1111 1f11111s1111111, 111-Hy K11111111, 191-111v Y111111, f,111111y'1 13 fxr' 111-11, 11111-1111 Zim 1111111111111, 1'111 1111111, 1111111, C11111 W111, 141111111 S11111111111111, 1111111 111w: .1111111 1V111111111111,1111, 14111-11 M11111, C9111 11 M1111' 11 y11- 1111111111 avva, Ml, K1111'1H 111111111-1 111, .111y11- 111-11111-1, 11l11'y KT111s',111N 11'11-s1111r1111, 11111111111- 1111-1111111, 1'1f1111y 1411111511-, yfykiiv A16 One 111 1119 1111151 111111111111 111111 11 1111 111 q1f1111z111111111. 111 1,11111er 51111111 1 1111 1V1l1 C1 " 1111. 1111111111 111111: w111111y1 11111111111 1111 q1'1111p 11111. 1?11111yC11 -1fw0111 1 11111 1 11 11111 11111119 1411111 1111111 111111 S151 J ! 111113111611 1.11111e1111e'1 qnvc 11111-.11 11 1111 11111 Xvcvrc .5 ll J I If I Cf 1111115 111 1116 weQ111y 111011111111-, 111 1 11111111 H u X M1 I . 4 1 1 - 1 QW' "1 1119 11fWf111 1'11l111"'1'1" '1'1'f1l'U 11112111e1r1be1w111111q11111111111111111 11111 111111 -11 11Q1,11111: 11l11g111L1 1111: your W111, 1116 R01 11111 expemcm C Ql1lI1J, 111111111p1'1111o1y 1111111011 111e 111111191 D121 ',.1 131211111163 1ex1111.1ve11y W1111 10111111-1, 1111: 111e11'1bcrm 1,111-s111y 11111111111 111 11111211, 1,112- VQ11111 11111f111 111m111Q1'111111111 111111 1181111116 11111'1111111'w1111v11111,:11.11111101,11111111qe1,111111 11111w1111u121'11. A 1,1 111111 v1.1.1-1 Km, M111111-1 3 5 " 'QQ ' T Z 11111-111-, K11111n1r 1-11115111-11, 111111 0 61. 21 u rm 11111111-11, R11111-r1 111111, 11111y X Q11 S 131111, 1V111111yn 1411111-11 11111r11-1, K 1 ,, T K1-1111111r1, 31111111111 15111111-1, .1111111 1 w V I ' f' 1 ' T I N N '- , . - A 1' 7 N , 11111-1111-, 1111y11- C711111111, V O 1 -1 - ' 5' . A 1 - 1 17 " , , -1111111 111w: 1111111111 5111111111 1V111' 11--D . ,Q ' , mf V1 ,X 1111121111-1111, 111111111111 B1'y1m1, R1 J 11-11 111-111, 911i1111y 131111-1", B111 11111 111-111111111-1 1311111 M111111 1111111111-1111, C11111' 17-111121114111 11411111 'J11111111111111-111 111111111111 1-11 111-1111 M111111f. 11'11111 11 .Ay 3111111111 P1-1111111-111-, 1111 M111-11 F1111111- .111+ar111-r1S. 1v11n. 111-111111111 1w11111s1,11, N1-11-V 11111111 111111111111 11111-1 15111114 1111y1 N11111y .11-1111, 1 C5 0 oglfin This club was organized in The inTeresT oT sTudenTs who wished To engage in exTra acTiviTies wiTh Tellow LaTin sTudenTs. Une oT iTs obiecTives was To acguainT iTs mem- bers wiTh The cusToms and languages OT The LaTin speaking counTries. This club, along wiTh The Spanish club ioined in giv- ing Tinancial supporT To The yearbook. Top row: Sue Kopack, Joan Dris- kill, Gerald Durnke, Mariorie RoloiT, John Carlson, Barbara Behnke, Charles Rau, Carol STanis, Joan T-ledin. BoTTom row: Ted Gombis, Theres: Chalmers, Mr, l-loTlen lspon sorl, Eugene l-lalTerman, In- grid Thiel. ?oani5A LuTher SouTh's oTTicial Toreign relaTion agenTs are The members oT The Spanish Club. EligibiliTy Tor This organizaTion is resTricTed To Those speaking The Spanish Language. The group gaThers weekly To become beTTer acguainTed wiTh The cus- Toms and lands oT The Spanish speaking people. Among The clubs proiecTs have been a cookie sale, a Trip To The Museum oT Science and lndusTry To see a Spanish PageanT and a collecTion oT Toys Tor un- derprivileged children. is- ' ' TW ,y 1 'NS x T Top row: Lois Oehler, Gloria Brown, Ken Sulzer, Helen Chase, Elaine Vondran, Sandra Zalewski. BoTTom row: Vern Karris, Barbara Dawson, Miss Lyons lsponsorl, Joan Capefi, Roger Rickard. ...ik This page compIirnenTs of LaTin 81 Spanish Club Daw? l'llVTNUli:V, llfifwlri liump ulis, Bill Levvoronz, Bill Errisl, Paul Douglas, Tom Bmuer, Jay Hel' slush, Robcril lcilvvill, Mr. l"lfxrYv mes lsponsorl lla-vr: l-lvihri llrirfusuif-il, Kem ounq lvico presidrenll, Paul Dchomrmfm lprrrsidririll, Mr. T. :clwamm lspffnsoil, Keri Vfmsi: ow lsecrelaryl C3l.i'lIUl"l'l'l6llfI5 Our Lellermarrs Club is a raiher ex- clusive organizalion, due lo The lad rhal you musl have earned a sporis leller in order To become a member. Despile This reguirememl lhe club held a large mem- bership 'rhis year. The boys assumed lhe responsibilily for making lhe baslcelball schedule, pririred ori pencils, available To sludemls and lor dislribuling programs al lhe various evernls. i E rofecford C ug i'Guardians ol lhe iilmslrip and lceeperf. of lhe sound Track" is an excellehl descripf lion ol our Proieclors Club, This organizaf 'rion is chiefly one of service, because lhese boys are responsible lo a greal exe ieril lor 'rhe successful operarion of our audio-visual program here af Luiher Soulh. Qc ii k ,El i miie T qs, is :'- if T g ff" . : 1 wwf N, A . 1- sf' .1 .. F ,,., ,. V K nl. 1 ,A I Z L . -WWW . A iw . ,,-,keg , .b , , ' 4 rf: , 0, W is 'HS if ' ' X JK ba. 6 ' . :,, .QW .. is 13 ' ii iii n I 5 A La -f'- . -cw' s. se' 8 5 3 S - 5 ul Q 5 .we , , ,, , Y M s me W 4 'T ' - 2 gm! is . 0,9 Qur Pep Club holds The responsibiliTy oT promoTing school spiriT and cheering here aT l..l-l.S.S. One OT The largesT in The school, This club has a Three-Told purpose: To supporT The aThleTic Teams of The school, To promoTe good sporTsmanship and To be oT service To The school. The club members can be idenTiTied by Their maroon and whiTe badges and Their special cheer- ing secTion aT all aThleTic evenTS. fgimrufive 6201114112 Top row: Gloria Grililiin lpresi- deriTl, Fran BurmeisTer, Judy Buck, Bonnie Young, RuTh Bus- se, JoAnne Kloplce, l.eTTy Kor- bar. Barbara Dawson, Char' BurmeisTer lSecreTaryl, Sue Jersild, Nancy Van Deira. BoTTom row: Kay Linebaclc, Carol Newby, Judy l-louren lVice- PresidenTl, LaVerne Larson, Mrs. P. Dlfxrcy ladvisorl, Mari- lyn Sfanis, Joan Gille llreas- urerl, Judy Gehle. Tr 3rd ip row: Marilyn l-lruby, Eve Biedermann, Yvonne Gebauer, Lillian Gamaul, Derollny Gerr- mann, Slwaron Dorner, Janice Henning, Ardell Noleen, Mari- lyn Keller, Barbara Belnnlce, Linda Fuersl, Rulli Consranzer, Barbara Eiclnrnann, Judy And' ers, Lilas Jascliinslry, Maxine Bulger, Joyce Jordan. row: Marilyn Conrad, Hel aine Balnaveoios, Elfreda Leig nr, Carol Graumann, Carol Kraai, Marlene Blau, Judy Leim, Audrey Kunlres, Arlene Eiclcliorn, Janice Kamenslre, Sharon Duran, Gwen Kapisclwlce, Ann Conslanzer, Noel Bubolz, Janice Brulwnlre, Joyce Bing nam, Janef De Heer. Qnd row: Adrienne Doven, Fran Fr T i i A'l-lern, Beverly Baie, Joyce Heifner, Nancy Jaclrle, Judirlw Arliendi, Carolyn Glines, Diane Gliege, Corinne Bonas. onl row: Carol Lyncln, Violei Killz, Karen Johnson, Pauline Bieilian, Darlene Eislei, Sui- Kopacln. gi row: Elizabelli Reuler, Ar lone Slevens, Carole Zoelliclc, Barbara Mooney, Louise Sclie drew, Ruin Massal, Diana Sclimidf, Joyce Sclwonbaclier, Karen Preuss, Marierie Roloif, Donna Sclimidl, Adeline Per licl'i, Elaine Vondran, Arleen Mileficii, Nancy Soldwiscli, Carolynn Sievens, Sandra Wolii. 3rd rowi Janice Tanner, Carol ST.-inis, Naomi Sclwrieler, Karen Sclnumann, Dorolliy Miller, Marebelli Sclwlz, Julie illiieme, Sliirley Runge, Lorella Zimmer man, Laurian Rauen, Marcia Sfarvel, Judy Slroolr, Lois Oeliler. 2nd row: Susan Malyas, Carol Bo Zoelliclr, Joan Noaclr, Myrna Surnmerlield, Karen Mullri, Vir qinia Pelerson, Qiivia Slrvarla, Janel Slwarp, Linda Zoelliclr, Robeiia Winaris, Judy Trimble, Joan Rusnalc, Carol Marlenson. Hom row: Arlene Qlnr, Marilyn Seaver, Joan Miermeisler, l-layle Scliroeder, Sue Miller, Sandra Zalewslri Adrene Ter- ller. Marilynn Sclielller, Alice Mass, Eleanor Sclwodrow, Cliai iyl Wallers. gi,4.,4. Conlinuing ine organizaiion formed lasr year, llie G.A.A. li Cie, Tried lo fulfill iis purpose of girls' sporrs acriviries in The sclwool. Wirb llie problem ol inadequale laciliries, llie board planned ouiside ae- riviries lor rlie girls including bowling, rumbling, volleyball, lennis and sell' ball. The G.A.A. lfias sponsored 'rlneir iradirional Ml-learis Dayi' in February and a splasli Parry in Spring. Z5z1lUAlIg Slrlkes and guller balls played an imporlahl parl im lhls years -sporls program. A league ol I8 Teams bowled each Friday al Schalk s Evergreen Towers from Seplember 24 lo April I. Hamdicaps and averages were compuled weelcly. The lop learn was The Pin Carolers, and high bowler was Judy Buclc. s nag ewvpxlrvwrlls ol llw build ol Lufher High SLh'.:f,:l gvullr .Atl hw, V E in "Take my hands and let them move At the impulse of Thy love." might well remind us that in our athletic program we not only strove to win, but to ,- y develophhealthy bodies and mold Christian character and sportsmanship. fied op row: Neal Dawson. ,, Y vardifg j00!All! A ...B A M.. -q ug. ..... Prank l-lorTen, Paul Champion, Bill SholTes, Torn Hedge, Lou Bauer, Bob Lunaberg, Ken Young, Harley Mullins, Richard Knoska, Ken Vanselow, Bob Reed, Bill Hamann, Paul Schonemann, Mr. T. Schramrn lcoachl. cond row: Mr. N. Meier lassT. coachl, Nick ChrisToTT, Gerald Dum- ke, Don MarTin, Ed Sirno, Eugene Eggers, Dave Hahn Ken PaeTh, Ed Lysen. onT row: Fred Vanselow, Don STelTer, Bob Ricker- son, Dave LehnhardT, Vern Karris. Our l'MighTy Elevenll closed The season in TourTh place wiTh Three vicTories and Tive deTeaTs. The schedule oT games sTarTed OTT wiTh a deTeaT by boTh Racine and Milwaukee I3-I2 and 32-I2 respecTive- ly. Then The Braves de-TeaTed our rivals LuTher NorTh I2-6. Their luck changed when NorTh Park deTeaTed Them The nexT game l8-6. In Their comeback, The Team Trouncecl Glennwood 25-O, The second win OT The Three game ToTal. UnTorTunaTely, in The nexT Two games. The Braves were beaTen 25-20 by NorTh Shore and I3-7 by WheaTon. The Dadls Day crowd waTched The boys capTure TourTh place in The P.S.L., when The Team upseT Elgin 32-O. Coach Schramm sTaTed ThaT The Team did Tairly well Tor Them- selves, buT hopes ThaT nexT year, wiTh Their added experience, The Braves will achieve a higher sTanding. This page complimenTs oT ROLNIKS BAKERY 3lO9 WesT 59Th STreeT GRovehill 6-0379 , 'Ws',.ziT ' r Y ' 'f , 1 i l- l 'P Y W Y .t . - my X.,- "Experience is The besT Teacher" is The moTTo oT The Frosh-Soph FooTball Team. The boys learned ThaT execuTing The plays wasn'T quiTe as easy as observing Them. The Team, coached by Mr. C. l-loTlen, compleTed The season wiTh Two wins and Three deTeaTs. Their ex- perience in The school OT hard lcnoclcs will cerTainly come in handy when They're playing VarsiTy TooTball. 311956 'SOFA jlldgaf Top row: Mr. C. l-loflen lcoachl, Bill KreTT, Ron- ald l-lidliclca, Bob Penh' Tel, Wayne Naclasdy, Fred Dornbads, Dave WiTTmer, ArThur Jahn sen, Loyd Powless, Nor man Conrad, Bill Beul ler, Dennis Bvclr, Harold Lachmann. Second row: Leonard No bis, Charles ,evine, Jim Chippos, Darwin DieT riclc, Dave VVendT, Roq er Samuelson Bob l-loTT sledl, Carl Max, Georqo Schonebacher. FronT row: Ronald Griese, Ralph l-lolmes, Wayne: Schullz, Dare Trapp, Ken Hamann, Ronald Reich. Q31-swam ,s si-u-J This page complimenTs oT ACORN ROOFING SUPPLY CO. 2655 WesT 48Th STreeT , omecom ing Homecoming weelc-end was undoubledly one ol The highlighls of 'rhe 1954-I955 school yedf. The annual snalce dance around a lwelve fool one inch bonfire served as a lciclc off for all ol lhe leslivilies. lrnrnedialely lollow- ing lhe dance, lvlr. Sleinberg presenled our queen Gloria Griffin and her lwo al- 'rendanls Noel Bubolz and Elaine Vondran. Cn Salurday, lhe slands were crowded wifh speclalors eager lo see The game, and, of course, The queen. Cur Braves baffled Norlh Parlc on lhe field. Al halle Hrne, Sludenl Council President Terry Lan+ry, crowned The queen. The girls were escorled by Ken Sulzer, Allan Oeslerreich, and Allen Vargo. Salurday nigh? 'rhe Senior class spon- sored a l-lornecoming Shindig, and The parly was a success, despile lhe lacl lhal if was held during lhe heaviesl rainfall of lhe year. This page cornplimenls ol Mr. X1 Mrs. Lesler Murnfi Q! M422 if a ww H QM. WS? 5 S' goofgaf .xdcfion 1 ....-..fQ.i'1 ' , , A K . 74, ! - , W. A , ma.: :www x . ' 1-..- v 'ing' ' N .A On .740 giricliron This page complimenfs of RED-E-COLD REFRIGERATOR CORPORATION George Sdvoenbacher, Pres. 2347 So. Michigan Avenue Cal. 5-H565 Zzzalwfgaf X U4 rniify The Two Trophies broughl home by The Braves are evidence Thai They ex- perienced a successful season. The Team, who loolc a Tiflh place P.S.L. slanding, played championship ball and losl several games by only Tive poinls or less. The high poinl ol The enlire season was The Braves' viclory in The P.S.L. championship Tournament highlighled by The l-larvard game. Dave Willmffr, Ed Simo, Dave l-lahn, QFQJA 'SITA The younger edifion of The "Migh+y Bravesm Tinished The season wifh a 5-7 record in The Privale School League. The mosl exiciling game oT Tlfe season was wilhoul a doubl Their 35-34 win over Norfh Shore in overlime. Team co-operalion and sporlsmanship cornf pensaled Tor The boys laclc of heighl and experience. d msdv lmnrmiiifil l'Uii-lim T. This pniii- irumplim Top row: lvlr. Dinlemi i lfmfl Tam l'-li dd Jim Smilh, Kon Youn lassislanl manager Bollmn row: Ron Jcr in Ed Lyn-n, Ken Sulzfi El Ocsloiii,-icli lmana Top rfvv: lvli. Sihiirrv liwixrlxl, Bil B ul Arlhi.r clans:-n, R l i lux, lNlornnian C rw il BKYTTW RUUCT, WiIY'lT Bqllnivi row: larixnlc ll r r Rrwlvi-'T Tlewli, ll null Budii I, Clmres Kun hliirwmiiw lla w hlornieroorn Q07 N S ol? Lufher Soufh 58 Lufher NQVHW 7 f Lwlwer SOUTH 93 Chrisfiam S Ournanuln Lufher SOUTH 42 Universify High gf . Lufher Souflw 77 Harvard '1fll'fll.7l0l'1J .jab m eef uno! Af fAem Ae .STUI ?an1lLeauf1' uf :Jr .7Aee H 3 CJ LJmr?h Park LuTMer Nfwih Elqim Clemw cwfuc L Cihrviumm LJUVHW SHUVC Lfurvurd Lnfim Purker VVHcufmn LJ.L3iqH IIlln'I'l'll I l LSL,-. .1 bl Lufher 42 Luxher 35 Luther 22 Luther 50 Lufher 55 Lufher 55 Lufher 55 Lufher 43 Lufher 63 Lufher 35 Luther Soufh Soufh South SOufh 5oufM Soufh Soufh Soufb Soufh Soufh Soufh K j. lljaraify lg J, Judy Houren, Eiaine Vondran, Noei Bubolz, Gerry Yalcas, Joan Miermeisier. i f, 5l,e,4-5,,,,4 Zi Adrene Terfler, Fran Burrneisier, Gale Tremaine, Bonnie Young, 9 ' Julie Tnierne, Karen Johnson, Sandra Zalewski. This page compiirnenfs of RAY'S CARTAGE CO. 3555 So. Normal Ave. Q' Qs ' X nk? Qi, X Top row: Bob Warlhen, Ed Lysen, Dick Mills, Ken Young, AI Con- rad, Rolland Nobis, Noel Lehner, Ed Simo, Mr. R. Dinlc- meyer lcoachl. Boffom row: Bud Walfers, Rich- ard Marks, Paul Champion, Tom l-ledge, Dave Wiflmer, Ed l-leiclenrich, Eugene Eggers. ga5eLa!f"f37-'i 1 T X This year Lulher Soulh was officially enlered in Privale School League baseball compelifion for The lirsl lime in lhe hislory of l'he school. The leam equipped wilh a group of promising juniors and seniors made an excellenl showing for Themselves againsi lheir len opponenls. "Slugging" Ken Young was guile an assel To lhe Hlighiing nine" on several occasions. Top row: Ken Vanselow, Dave Wiflmer, Rolland Nobis, Ed Simo. Bollom row: Bud Waffers, Paul Champion, Eugene Eggers. This page complimenls of l-lomeroom 205 8: 209 . 1 R 5 V 1-gh, Z4 . , ,a A Am 1 . A . -, ' - " w . . ls., , 7 T ' ' Q 5 . 'I If I- Jn Top row: Mr. Schrnmm .J ,, ,il ,- I lcoachl, Kor CarleTon, Bill 5 ' X in : Hamann, Neal Dawson, :fx rx I 5 i Dave Kroll, George Lux, l i Bob Lunaburq, Fred Dorn- K beclr, Bud WaTTers, Kon L PaeTh, Don Marlin. BoTTorn row: Vlfarren Godfrey, Jim Chippas, Roberl Wal raven, Bob HoTTsTedT, Allan OesTerreich, Ronald Pepin, J Jerry SrniTh. -'Q ., ' my .Siu WiTh The approach OT spring The Traclc Team began cleaning Thcir Traclc shoes and loosening up Tor a busy season. Because The Team reTained many oT iTs same members as lasT year, The boys had a head sTarT on Their compeTiTors. l-laying a busier schedule Than The previous season, They parTicipaTed in Tive meeTs. plus The all imporTanT annual P.S.l.. meeT aT STaqq Field. The Team brolce or Tied mosT oT The exisTinq school records. UWA -. -T mgfwf This page cornplirnenls oT AUGUST SIEVERS SONS CO. ' 62ll So. Racine Ave. ' YW WA 5-2023 'SWL .fend go Despile The Tac? Thai' P.S.L. compeli- lion in golf is mol as keen as in olher sporls, Coach Roberl Dinkmeyer has placed a slrong emphasis on if here af L.l-l.S.S. Because They lacked league opponenls, our boys relied on infra- mural play for praclice. Dick Sfrulz, Dave Kiehn, Ro- berf Warfhen, Ron Roessler. ennifi 'I . . Our Tennis Team, coached by Mr. C. Messerli. played several of Their P.S.L. conlesls af Marquelle Park. The six boys parricipahng worked for The mosl' parf on Technique for The coming year. Sealed: Mr. Messerli lcoachl, holz, Bob Kuick. S+andinq: Arlhur Bohl, Gerald Dumke. This page complimenfs of Carl Sfocklose, Augusl' Sfocklose 8: Son Mr. Dinkmeyer lcoachl, Terry Lanlry, Bruce Wac- E aroon anal ?fUAif0 may 4, , 'Sludenls will assemble around llie loolball lield lor parlicipalion in ..... Bike racing Relays Broad jumping l-lurdling and all ollwer scheduled evenls. The days aclivilies will be concluded wilb a Facully vs, Seniors baseball game. ., J i 5 A ,, '1f'4?'a -. 4 . raw. sw '11 -v Q af' vs.. g. M? ,yur ann Q-iw?-1 'sw f 'Ms QS: J I lf if fi .-ws-s.-. ,N 'Ml-iii' ' -f-X .swf 7- N ,- J N V . A . ww? -..' J"'i,,1.-Q up A This page conplimenls nl EDWARD BERNDT ?5l'? Arclmr Ave. xM 1x wg is my Q -w Q F XXV xx . .- Ku K' Q , , 4 A 5. j IZ, 5,53 ,,,. LQ- f V f : 21 . f RK, QD J :, W mg,-g,.s 'Il I 4.14. X ig fc: vi f CQ -9- -H , ,A x x . .....- ,.,'- AA r V , 'SFR 'AESFK . W 3 W, L , w - --wif. Q. -, - g :L- nb' YW Q UA!! 41,10 303 I. Aw-mx C, vr,1 ,f an Crm YTVIG, Ummm' !5. .'. Ei ,an1f-r , K uw '?. Cimvkurdxa, Rfsr-rvmry lb. S, l3wHwW,', Um NU. Crwxwgwlf rv Um! If, 4. lifwvx, UH! Nl. Cimsfx Hr-L-vw Hi 5, Hu' L, ,Mum H, Cf mmf-1 fvv, RUN' W. M. IM-,w NNW NS. I 'f1, A vs r4rx, N'-fx YO. f, ffffHf.f,f--4, Mmwy i4, lJvi5W',J1f1fw fl. .A.A. v if : Q:-1 . .2:.:-252' C71 ,QM swam 'UI ...EQ 49" vw.-Q, iv ypnuf' H5352 ,laguna 1 wif' A-14" V5 ,J f ,. ,z-1' N '7 1 4 H Z1 I H 'J Hd IN 1? li N4 N5 Wx H NH I'? YO PI 7? 71 M 25 R A. lfwxff, lx Imam 1, 1vmlw1r'1. lwl lywwrvx ld YUM N4-Q, 'NAf41x4,1v 7 Tvl1lTuww1.H1. Huw Ivhwrwy, B1xv'Y-:vu M1H'H1s, H-mlhg C . M-sh-www iw AYMN V1wHw, Kwrw Rm. 11, Kay Run, Civwxrlw- R Jfw, Fai V u .. MW mm, I.1m SHWLJYYLIVN, IKHI! ' SWMM, .Hm S . .MIM-xd:-I, B:-Hy Sgwvsvvfvirt, Phunk Sh-Us-V, Uwvw Qhwvrv. fx.1l'wwv SMH. fv'v N mn, BA SMR .1rw, Sdiy Vxm ll ,Xy4a, Num X, Vkarw-.w!w.x, In-J V .1vvA.f- 'my Kwrw XN.4Hvrl., Ciw.er4vN fm" M11 Cwxum- .fdnff 61116, 40 if Q f'LJvwkf' ywvnm w EM rwvwsrw, Navi-114 fmrvmrw, Lyn kfrwnxvv Q'l'wlx1 Harm-arm, lml Nw W Mfnrxhu Hfrvwvwx fxww' :vi M I 5 My R I Wy I 'i vw ' 3 Nnmy.-nf, Nfwuwvw .fwuvv-HH, Nam y kmvr- Vmu kmphx .lwxmru +M,,..., mu Kx1m'ww N1-sf lavvfvy Tm-my l gvmyfvx lmwvf Mr. and Mrs . Franlr P. Anderwald Mr. and Mrs. Roy Angell Mr. and Mrs. E. Anlonides Mr. and Mrs. Roy Avery Mr. and Mrs. Offo C. Behnlce Dr. E. P. Bia leclce Mrs. E. P. Bialeclre Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Birlnholz Misses E. and F. Borchardf Mr. and Mrs. Roberi Born Mr. and Mrs Ted Breihan Mr. and Mrs. Don A. Brosseau Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bubolz Dr. and Mrs. R. C. Bubolz Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Buck Mr. and Mrs. E. Bumhour and Family Mr. and Mrs, Fred W. Burrneisier Mr. and Mrs. Edward Busse Mr, and Mrs. Paul Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. John Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Chalmers Mr. William Chalmers Mrs. F. Champion Mr. and Mrs. J. Francis Chase Mr. and Mrs. George Conrad Mary H. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Kenneih M. Cornwell Miss Lois A. Cornwell Mr. and Mrs. Glenn V. Dawson Mr. and Mrs. John DeHeer Mr. and Mrs. Dehn Mr. Warren A. Deny Mr. and Mrs. J. Dieirich Mrs. Mary Dobroviis Miss Eleanor M. Drews Dr. and Mrs. G. A. Drolsom Mr. and Mrs. R. Droiziger Mr. and Mrs. Walfer Dumlre Mr. and Mrs. E. Eggers Mr. and Mrs. W. Eichmann Miss Joanne Fedder Mrs. Anne Flaherly Mr. and Mrs. John Fleclc, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Fleclc, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Foreman Miss Anna M. Franlc Mr. and Mrs. Geisler Mr. and Mrs. Charles Glines Mr. and Mrs. Arfhur Godfrey Clara Graumann E. W. Graumann Mr. and Mrs. T. Greenwood Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Grube Mr. and Mrs. A. Gufzwiller Mr. and Mri. F. W. Hamann Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Heiiner Mae A. Hercilc Miss Elsa Herzog Miss Mildred Herzog Mr. and Mrs. Homberg Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Holsflander Mr. and Mrs. H. Houren Mrs. A. G. Hoover Mr. and Mrs. E. Hoover Esiher Hornburg Mr. and Mrs. E. E. l-lorlon Mrs. A. Jensen Miss Chrisfine Jensen Chrisline Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard? Jersild Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. F. Orville Johnson Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Jordon Mr. and Mrs. F. Kargard Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Keim Mrs. Ruih Keller Mr. and Mrs. E. Kefierer Mr. and Mrs. A. Kiehm Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kilroy Miss Eloise Kloplre Mr. George Kloplre Mr. and Mrs. Gilberl Kloplre Mr. and Mrs. Luiher Kloplce Su and Bob Kloplce Mr. and Mrs. George F. Knifrer 8: Ray Knoll and Family Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Koehler Mr. and Mrs. E. Koenig, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. L. Koenig Miss Edirh Kolrermann Mrs. L. Kosika Mr. and Mrs. Leo W. Krafl' Mr. and Mrs. C. Krupslce Mr. and Mrs. Alberr Kunlcis Marie and Andrew Kuring William J. Kurschlce Mr. Charles Laniry, Jr. Mrs. C. B. Lanlry, Sr. Rudolph Leslca and Family Dr. C. T. Lewerenz and Son Mrs. Freida Lilzmaurice Mr. and Mrs. Edward Liiwiiz Mrs. Marfha Liiwifz Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lumb Mr. and Mrs. R. Lunaburg Mr. and Mrs. Ed. H. Lysen Mr. and Mrs. J. Madeia Mr. and Mrs. Alberl' Maleski Mr. and Mrs. Mariinsen Mr. and Mrs. R. Marlrs S. Mashy and Family Judy Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Mafhefs Mr. Forresl' W. Mafloon Mr. and Mrs. Carl Max Mr. and Mrs. A. Mead Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Melcheri Mr. and Mrs. G. Meyer Miss Leona Meyer Mr. Ofio W. Miellce Mr. and Mrs. Miermeisler Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Mills Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mooney Gladys Mooney Mary Dee Morgan Veronica Morgan Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Murdoch Mr. and Mrs. John 'Nicholas Mr. and Mrs. George Newby Mrs. Newsome and Margarei Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Niemann Nobis Family Mrs. Marie Noleen Mr. Roland Oesierreich Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Oeslerreich Mrs. Ruih Osburn Mr. and Mrs. Leslie J. Paelh Mr. William Paeih Mrs. G. E. Penson Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Perlich Mr. and Mrs. Peferson Mr. and Mrs. James Pogue Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' H. Poore Mr. and Mrs. L. Preslci Mr. and Mrs. L. Quiniel Mrs. Olga Radilce Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Rasch Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Rau Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rouhurl Mr. and Mrs. David F. Redman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reid Mr. and' Mrs. W. F. Roessler Mr. and Mrs. C. Roloff Rev. and Mrs. W. Roih Mr. and Mrs. Willard Rubach Mr. and Mrs. H. Runger Mr. and Mrs. A. Scheffler Mr. Louis Schlorfl Mr. and Mrs. E. Schrnidi Mr. and Mrs. G. Schmidfke Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. O. Schodrow Mr. and Mrs. G. Schoenbacher Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Schomacker Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Schoneman Mr. and Mrs. H. Schoneman Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Schriefer Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Schroeder Joanne Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. O. Schulz Miss Arlene Schwandf Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Schwartz Mrs. A. Seiberf Mr. and Mrs. Warren Seidler Mr. and Mrs. William Sherman Miss Helen Sievers Mrs. M. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Erwin J. Soldwisch Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sommer Mr. and Mrs. Geo. S+. Germain Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sianke Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sfarvel Mrs. Selma Slegmah Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Slelier W. Sleller Mr. and Mrs. George Sfevens Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Celesfia Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. B. Tegel J. Sfevenson William Sirempel Sullivan Edward C. Sulzer er Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Thiel Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Tremain R. E. Valren Mrs. Jean Va Mr. and Mrs. nselow Lena rd Van Dera Mr. and Mrs. Lew Van Dera Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Wachholz Docior and Mrs. O. F. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Daniel E. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Walraven Joseph Walz Leo. Warnike Weinhold R. Wenzel Carl Werner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Wiedow Fred Wiercio sh Mr. Arlhur Wille Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer M. Wille Edw. Win+erhel'r The Wi'H'hans's Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss A. Yazu Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wirlmer Erwin Wolff Wuerffel mbeck W. G. Young W. Zalewski Mr. Augusf Zielke Mrs. Bernice Ziemer Bruce Lee Ziemer Dr. E. F. Ziemer Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George Zoellick Joe Zoellick lsr Luth. Class of 'SI Alumni Associafion Anonymous A Friend Complimenis Complimenfs A Friend A Friend of a Friend of a Friend "Gee Bee's" Homeroom Ilb Homeroom 20l The I. B. O. T.'s A Nony Mouse The T. N. T.'s i ' Beins Marker Beverly Venelian Blind Mfg. Co. 7609 So. Halsled S+. Mali C. Birk Plumbing 9I I5 So. Kedzie Ave. Casson's Drug Siore 8658 So. Slony lsland Cily Bc Suburban Healing 8: Sheei Melal Co. Inc. PO 7-2300 Claris Dress Shop 2024 Wesi 35lh Slreel' C. H. Dehning Co. 665 W. 63rd Sl. E. X: R. Aufo Service 6434 So. Kedzie Ave. Emkay Inc. 6850 So. Cof+age Grove Ave. Fosier Park Marker i 8352 So. Ashland Ave. Fred's Sfanclard Service Sfafion 95fh 8: Loomis Harper Cleaners 8: Dyers l554 E. 87+h S+. A. F. Heino 8: Associafes l004I So. Wesiern Ave. Jim's Sfandard Service S. W. Corner Archer and Weslern Ernsl' Kaufmann Religious Supplies 209 So. Sfafe Sf. Kil'rz's Bakery 2809 W. 63rd Sl. Ave. Fred 8: John Klein Painr 8: Hardware Corp l0l4-6-48 So. Weslern Ave. Kuecker Sleamship Services 6 N. Michigan Ave. Lang, Weise 8: Cella Real Esiafe 308 W. Washingion S+. Mr. Glenn E. Lanfry. Alforney ai Law 6I34 So. Pulaski Rd. Mid-Wes? Jewelers Pivonka's Clolhing 4053 W. 26th S+. M 8: J Shell Service Sfalion 342l Archer Ave. Rehling's Oualiiy Marker 5702 So. Ashland Ave. Remperl Really Co. 600I So. Kedzie Ave. Mr. Ray Schalk Evergreen Towers SchalIer's 9645 So. Weslern Ave. W. L. Sievers Consfruclion 8848 S. Ada Soufhwesr Marker Sfrauss' Bakery 2025 Weil' 35th Sl. Uidl's Qualiry Mears l4l8 W. 5Is+ S+. Urbauer's Bakery l4l4 W. 5lsf Sf. Vogue Florisl' l640 Easl 79'rh S+. Willow Springs Service Siafion 8700 Archer Ave. Wally's Service Slaiion 3000 Broadway Aug. WiHmer's Sons l4l6 W. 69+h Sl. Zimmerman and Sandeman Funeral H I6-48 W. 63rd Sf. We exlend our sincere ihanks lo our pafrons and all olhers who have assislecl in 'the produclion of 'lhe "Shield", 07116 6 sf 'H B, ' . .s.,. ,, 'NB vww W-ww-.-W ww. .., Q 5' ,SMX qw qw 'FF W- .e.ww1J.e'i', ., :g Q-3. 5. QE wif W -r . '-., ,Ef:I:7 .- k k iwgagjfli K . kg .. a, -,, K1w+'a' Q N F . s w in ig: ' H 5 X 92? Au w n ..:-V2 . 4, ,A X. vt -1, 1' , 3' xl Q .iff-1 ' fr '4f'-T3 ff. :V . V. - ? Q P f 2 .. 5.15 x -yi ,fivggf ff? 35 A 3 , Wu Jr" A -.39 .MVS Q . . .hx X5 - V 1 N V... xii if i, ii' N' A4 N I s 3 ,J , . - . 'X YJ ' , - r. 'N Nj f "VF, R V Ta.: '- X Q "iw ' r Us Q. 1 -V Q ,T :L , . x -Jkr' ' ?-yr , W 1 QS? N Q . ,Vf X .1 , , - V x. . t W , K 4 . ' ,fi . ,, , . SS VM., , .2 . . it 'V VW, .H , V Q -W A 'Qi N ,V ... I , .Vx ,W V 1 Y' . I- PZ' x r V 5 ,,.. , V W ,. . f. :'- -,xx -x ., .Q '1 ,, '. 1-1 f . 'f 1 . x j JV!! , . ,V , ,I E .J A JMP , Q, 5 " W' 'W' KX ' xv pg -, ' ..af5.,,1"f 21",-1 ,L - A ' a 1 Q' 2 f . an ' . wa' 4 V NIMH ,i .I z, ,. QW ..:f - 1 , '. ' f,,, A ,... 1' '-Q14 ,N K ' ' V- A g Jr, Lf. yas.-VI Q. I .. 'V Lf I Y , ., , 4 fb' , NV -V 'P .J ., - ' 2 L ,mi 1 7 l ' 'A . R .ffiffs l ' " ,V-1 .QQ Vi. x . 1 , V V' Vigw,-:'2gP,51!',' N Q ' A f 'ka . j m f f r yy., .' - 1, '11-.L'.W:i"-1 if 15 V3 5252:-'Xi'12 " ' -V .,5,.T,9 iifqm J v I' QQ M ye 4 4 ' ' 5 . . n I V- 3:55. .,,. sr v f-.5 . . f V - ' . H expbvgf- gm" K , ,my Q., QQ ' . x fp- J X 4 ,P ' ' ' ff- ' Nil' ' 1 '-V .F'1.5"', U'ff"f 'z , :JH '!',5'5f'." i A fg L J?-Y-f ' '7'j,. J- ,f -Lag. "W:b?L- fs- mul ,, ' ,?2',Fj".fg'-VY? 'Nl , V--V TEZVV1 i- u 'V ...Q f . -, F fa 'fffi' ' QV 85 1 " 3.,3S1j.-,g,,c: H - ,, Q-me v ' . J . f " ff ' as ew- v Y. .f wk, .MO fig ' wf f H f 'ef' : - . I-fff11!.gMQi V . - NY . Q .W A 324-1, Q54 ' F ' Q u , f . wif L ' . ,AQV ,V 'J -gl . ji. ', ww- Q x,4t1.25u-,. H ?' .f.s...f1'. wwer., , rf , Q .V V V-,I-,Luz V ,A . V! 1 A . 4533. f,:. W -- 1 ' . 'H ,ek , 4 , Q, Veil f mx' AJC!! "li, xx . J7 ,J ' 'K 0 Qi 47- Q4 A X. . Zf f- 1 Qlffllff 'Q fl n .LA v . A M A ' o 1 1 J r 1 j' ry 1 ' ' if! f 4 A ffl .1 ' 'f , ' -I K . 4 Ik? . f 1 f -I I I f , .fs - " ' ' L c J ,-ff I . L I 1' '4' ' -V ,U,,-5,1 X ri W uf Af 3 , WJ Kg QXWZVQWT WW! wyff , an Www QU S b i,, xox- pray LMJM afwb v W- W , f GN 2 - sfiigqg J' 1 M' ,dv k ZMWJMJCWEJ Z .1 W M ' Myffpfwwwfejwff W if '. 0' f iw 1 Xl ' . h W0 llalwpw ,IJ H- G f . JW! 00 My W ,, , f 1 I . Urovdzgffxkaww Ojgmfgg X

Suggestions in the Luther High School South - Shield Yearbook (Chicago, IL) collection:

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