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Wax gy . 5. J Q 1 3 . 1 Q Lv X ,Y X , v, M-,Q .X - X. x'T ff '11 . ,,X. A . . v-, Hz, , X , Z .V W b wg . . ' - x ,lr , Ifmgiq ,X- -p ' 1 9 'V QP" '33-4 fs . J , H s A rt, , 1 f'1t'1 , U Q. ' . ' ,-' . '-.K r' . Q, 4 . 3 - Aw , fl, HL' 4 1 1 X ' 4 M In in v .Q 'YM bfkjyiv Jw ' HRSX MQQQWL, is Q4 Qs' X L5 9' 'F' f a-' ,Q Z 4 'x 4. x ' F .-Y-if 1 4 f 1 J, E. 1 5 -,fi X A ' E '11 1 f . .wi f r-,, ,513 , ma, 4 "Q ' K ,' J L., Q ' 4 5 k , ,rf- mf' mf. N -m IJ? -H-, ww 'M ' '54 -L- E ,, K? we W .it UAQ BML LONNIE ICKE.. GLEN KUSENBERGERI BARBARA JACKSON ., LA NELLE FUES, BEVERLY JACKSON BETTIE JO TRENKELBACH JOE GULLEY BOBBY SUMPTER AUDREY CHEATHAM GARY MILLER .fdrl ,SL ELIZABETH RICHARDS ARTHUR KOEHLER NORMAN FAVOR SUE STONE .. Editor-in-Chief . , Associate Assistant Assistant Activities Faculty Snapshot Sports Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Circulation Manager Advertising Manager ,S?Cl!!pL0l09'l'dlJAl'l' BRUCE BURGER ofufker Zgurganl' uzcafirzrzfl ,Mg 1 Sarraf ' ,4 57 ,SGH llllilllb C 0,111.5 J45 pdincilaa of Burbank since its opening, Mr. Terrell F. Gates has been a major factor in the development of our school into one ot San Antonios outstanding educational institutions. Because were proud of Burbank and ot our principal, it is with the greatest of pleasure that we dedicate this l95l Bark to Mr. Terrell F. Gates. I A, ,Wir N... ..,, ,,,, , . ...... . .... , , , ,s .- vi -Hwv 'T H ,, 1mm 1-LW 1:51- The Alamo n a our of San .xdnfonio e udif The San Anfonio River The Spanish Governor's Palace Brackenridge Park La 'Villifa The Alamo Stadium Randolph Field - , ,, .,l.h.,,A, ...., -4 ,.. . ,,......- .......,,. 4. . MM? ,. Wm Wl4E M in mX:,.,.emf:Q- Q , Mm 1 '-""'MWNWbYmwk .cf WM . -.-. ., fx . ill 74?-Lf' 25-713 IQ f E35 1332323 .Q is . ggaa so . 5 . U iii J A V ,, E Q ?x',j Kxmsqmwmm 1 I E J z,v 1 x 1 543. 4 1' 'i' .'ili15'1i' , Egwlwbwwxx . U 1 W i Us w 4k ma , ur , San .fgnfonfo H 2 B b k's 1951 Bark In the pages of this book we have tried is the theme of this, ur an . to take you on a tour of San Antonio, a city unique in both history and scenery. San Antonio blends within its boundaries the spice of Old Mexico, the tang of the West, and the Ianguor and gracious living of the South. It has grown and developed from the best of all three. As our first stop on our tour we pause for a moment before the Alamo, the Shrine of Texas Liberty. In 1836, during the war for Texas Independence, the Alamo was the scene of one of the most heroic events in the history of our nation. All of the defending Texas soldiers chose to fight to the end rather than surrender to the troops of Santa Anna. Rallied by the battle cry, "Remember the Alamo," Texans defeated the Mexican forces at San Jacinto just forty-six days later. Al fou ht and died is a special privilege. To live in a city whereithe heroes of the amo g ix- iv, Visiting San Antonio's most famous mission are, left to right: J, E Glayzer, representing Mosque and Gavel, Walter Helmers, National ' ' ' - h In H n r Society president, Milne Garrett, Lyres Club president, C aro e o o Quick, representing Quill and Scroll, and Gene Nuegelin, president of Burbanlcs Student Council. "1 iv . um. x Q.. 'WW ? San .xgnfonio .SDCAOOZ ibbfricl Z?oar0! of gLAlCdfi0H Mr. E. W. Robinson, Vice-President Mrs. F. J, Winter, Secretary Mr. Paul Adams Mr. Gus C. Garcia Mr. James G. Kizer Mrs. O. E. Latimer Mr. Harry H. Rogers, President Mr. L. W, Fox, Director ot Mr. Thomas B. Portwood, Superintendent Vocational Edumnon N 45. af' if io- .Aww-Ma, . , M au, ,i,,,...:W N.. ,LW if s 4 I -11 l l l I W1 CQ, can be better than the citizens it trains in its schools. A city which wishes to main- . . . . . l tain a rating among the foremost communities in the country must offer the best in educa- ticn to its future leaders. We Burbank students are indeed fortunate that vve live in a city which recognizes this fact. ln building Luther Burbank Vocational High School thirteen years ago, San Antonio made available to the youth of the city an exceptional educational opportunity, a school whose curriculum was to combine with academic excellence, the four major fields of ' vocational study, Agriculture, Commercial, Industrial Arts, and Homemaking. X 3 , . ff I ,A . l f 1 4 i Yf v: f f wifyj i 2 "Ziff if i if'-4 ' st"c5:r2: ,,,A LUTHER BURBANK VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL 1002 EDWARDS STREET SAN ANTONIO 4, TEXAS Hay 31st, 1951 Seniors of 1951: Bidding farewell to the seniors each year is one of my most joyous, yet saddest tasks. It is joyous because you seniors have successfully completed your high school training and are nov ready to take your places in the world of work or further schooling. It is sad because each of you has left the imprint of your personality upon the memories of those you are leaving behind, and we will miss you! live up to the ideals that your parents and your teachers have taught you. Be true to your highest ideals -- serving God, your country, and your fellow man. Continue to grow and develop. The world needs you, graduates of 1951. Your parents and your teachers are counting on you to meet your responsibilities and duties in a forthright manner. We know that you will not disappoint us. Sincerely yours , Terrell F Gates Principal Q ,amid fi TFG:mjm .S?blC!el'lt5 in need of guidance, whether their problems concern school, work, or personality adjustment, can always find help in the office of one of these three. One of Mr. Gott's many duties is to deal with the school adjustment of Burbank's boys, while Miss Noonan's office is always open to girls seeking help. Mr. Gilbreath is prepared to aid any student in need of personality or vocational guidance. Mr. ciyde M. Gott Vice-principal and Dean of Boys Miss Mary Alice Noonan Mr. P. Y. Gilbreath Dean of Girls Counselor lil ln- .-.M H nc.. M., ...W ... Y ...M if Mr. Herschell Boyd Science gf- --Q Mr. John Adams Commercial Art Mr. W. C. Avey Sgt. Charles H. Brandon Vocational Carpentry R.O.T.C. Mrs. Helen Bills Arts and Crafts Mr. Carol Burton English AMr. .lohn Bryant Mathematics Mr. Gordon Bryan Vocational Agriculture Miss Clare A Conner Librarian Mrs. Mary Louise Cobb Family Relations Miss Eloise Crawford Mathematics and Science Mr W. Cavanaugh Commercial Arithmetic g jlfffevz 5 ii i W fi dfffff , 1. 4 av 'A' fn W' :fin i if g 1- f I' 3 I 212 ., g- '- L' ' ci . E ' Q gk: .:.:,, ,-.. h Mr. W.-mer Driskill D History aw, if ak i ix i Q fi A . ' 53155, 3 .,,, .U . it ,Q N Y' V fi- A , Miss Ruth Cross W American History I f 5 . M , .. ,' ' yr . Mr. Charles Dwyer X English , i W es K elf ,V ,W ,Q ' if X 5 4 1 'I' .Wim 5 4 rkfirsy 1 45 .f Mrs. Virginia Cutter Journalisrri and Yearbook 27 5 J 2 5 . :L 'X Mrs. Peggy Fichter Homemaking E I x . 'fl Mr. Dan Davenport 5, ' Athletics y gi' l 4 7 t t. Mr. Edward Dolezal Vocational Agriculture A- fi 'ff' .1 Mr. Ted Franz Mrs. Pearl Doolittle Social Studies English """ 4 X Mr, Leslie Gentry A I Social Studies and Mathematics ' 07 7' X Mr. Clark Gordon MIS. Lois Dowell " ?f .12 Alhlellcs Homcmakinq E .ig i s -4.6. MI' JOYTYGS l- GUlleY Mrs Dorothy Lomax Social Studies 1-Ypmg Mr. John Hockett English Mr. Burlen Horten Auto Mechanics Sergeant King R,O,T.C. Mr. John Hoffman Sergeant Maurice Marr Science R.O.T.C. MBS Laura Julien Mrs. Olidene McDermand Mathematics Commelcml Capt. Joseph Lydon R.o.T.C. Mr. Paul McCarley Athletics Miss Jane Mills Physical Erlucalion 'uniunnl---+ f'- M- --:nr -f-' - wr " f-1.1-4 ---- --Q-'14 -1,,,,,, -M-, 1 ,,..,,-,.l,.' , , Mr. Clyde L. Mueller M555 LUCY A. Posey Algebra Social Studies Mr. B. W. Quinn Mrs. Bonnie Parish Algebrcl Mr. Gil Oden Distributive Education Speech and Dramatics MT. .lOI'T16S RGl'tClOll: ii- pr' Mr. Alfred Pleper Vocational Drafting English li. Miss Laura Read English Miss Betty Jane Redus Mrs. Myrtle Piland Mathematics English Mrs. Moto O'Connell English Mrs. Herma Ragsdale World History Mr. Erwm W. Rennmger Radio and Electric Sergeant Elmer Rlgdon Mrs' Evelyn Scruggs R.O.T.C. Homemaking Mr. David L. Rusmisel Vocational Agriculture Mr. Charles R. Small Vocational Metal Mr. Henry M. Streety Mr. .lerry Swindler Health Education Athletics Music Miss Mazie Taylor Enqlish Mr. Charles Schrade English Mr, Herman Vetter Band Mrs. Lila, Wadford Penmanship and Reading Miss Jamie Tomblin English ,.,, lf. .. ,,.. -Y-- - -J . 4 1 Mr. Tommy Walt Physical Education Mrs. Laura Weir Spanish .Aix Mrs. Dorothy Wesl Miss Mary J. Meyer Secretary General Clerk l 4 Miss Jeanette Weiser Physical Educalion l s Mrs. Edna Willingham Homemalring 4 Miss Marguerite Yaeger Physiology Mrs. Verne Dean Harris Mrs. Georgia Broom Library Clerk Attendance Clerk WY' Mrs. Alice Yokey Mathematics Y xv. oyaf E05leI"5 of Burbank are the members of our achve Parent Teacher Association Under the leadershlp of their efflcxenf officer corps our parents gave countless lwours lasf year, strlv Ing alway,s for the Improvement of our school Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Parenls and feachers alike look forward to and thor- ou hly engoy the socval hour whnch concludes all "Qt X' . . W 'YL I,f tQ'f y ,ggi H V' 7 if 1 . fl, it if ' . .Y , Lx Pl i?."lg1li . 3 3 '4 V, ., , 2 I ' awip, . ', QQ, .i 15.1 . hx R' ' 3 ' tfs ' l 3 '3 l if iz Q af ' f.'v.'4'.v'9' 1' l l 1-Q5 P 4 :gf I F 3' 3 t 5 Miva-Ao , ' ...., vw ti" ' sf' -7 " ,. 1 ' 1' k. S A 1 W 3 , Af, 3 My . s ,K tif es . N ami f ' 4 ' H' W0 cgnfroclucfion to the statt of Burbank would be complete without including the behind-the-scene workers who keep our school in tip-top shape. The maintenance workers headed by Mr. Walter Becker, keep the physical plant of the building running at lull tilt. The cafeteria under the direction of Mrs. Nell Hazen serves economical, wholesome meals to the students daily. ' 't 'dhiimiik "i i ' ' 1' Q61 f ve 7 ls lf' af isis' 1 an xvmy, gag? f i 4 S ' , i M-Wins i, , Q S- I iizgf C , 'gpg O . . . . . A i x l fi ur class presidents pause in the midst of their many activities for is I a look at the San Antonio River. From left to right: Senior Class, Charles Sweetg Junior Class, Tommy Lauderdaleg Sophomore Class, Wayne Volzg and Freshman Class, Billy Stafford f ,5 xx lZP..jgVkeEW' Eklbtigf it would be hard to tind a spot that equals the San Antonio River, It is one of our city's greatest charms, tlowing through the very heart of the business'district. No sightsee- ing tour should miss this picturesque scene. A colorful theatre has been set on the banks ot this beautiful river, Tropical plants, shrubbery, and palms are found along the river banks, a favorite walk with tourists and natives alike. Where else could one find a city which combines, as San Antonio does, historical landmarks and natural beauty? P , , ,Q -,wwf-" WA, X ,s . A V. X xxxxxsiyxxiw's'4"wN'XX """'-vi. - . I gs rg X 2,'fi l ee'ec't 4 F'NN K ' .i fe -see "" .Q seal X We-V is '-es" - A-Qsmxxwsxswzswiis. 'kgu kdap ' 'W"'?? ua. .. ,gpg 'fur 5, y f Saw 'Fl w4.,. ' 3"3:,,yf5f-, f ua.. , .1 WM 2 4 if I v Q .4 is ll ' 34 Firm nina 1 'lx l' ' X 5. 1.351 wr V .4 A X.. , .4 ,4 . . .Xe-g.. Q14 xv Wm Jn' 'L .ss I N , 9 , , 1 gms 'V .TW 'P ,ja W-1,f'A ' Aw. N' 11 4 xi' N Kal, Qs . L'4gg,,,,9, wi.f,.g.L wkggggzm' ' 5 , .',v 'Q .1 -. N my iw 9 bi 'nl f Q NY- .ff s 'A 'Q 1 Af., x . 5" Q i' , ' if' . .QA J- .L I X 'P , ' . -ffQ4s X , , . 2. ' - 1 I , v X - 1.1.z2f' K ..53'4" N , ' s , ,ggi . , ' "f1"flff.,. fo , 4' , 1 4 Y ' Qfnxv v- 452 , 'xx 1 ' 4, K ' , 'Rf' ' +44 'XL v . . 1- Wigs 'rt' 2. 'fixg ' 3 'sf x M , "' B ' 1' N' lar .K ' - PU" 2 " ' R? 9 - . ' E in x ' .qui ---. ff 1 l x ', ' L 'iz'-' 4 - I-fm'-1' I' ix ug!-.....s.r F34 - 1 :sw 1 qi 1 , W' .Kimi , fi' iv .Q H ghia,i9x mv. Q Q..-O A CAM O Charles Sweet, President Mike Garrett, Vice-President Lo Nelle Fues, Secretary Christine Latta, i T amy Feweu, 1 'e"S"'e's Mary Jo Reed, Parliamentarian Betty Gulitz, Historian Henry Burns, I Glen Kusenberger, i - Sergeants at Arms e eniord of 1951 had a wonderfully happy year packed with work and fun. September, of course, is best remembered for that long-awaited ar- rival of class rings. Naturally, they were the prettiest rings anyone had ever had whether they had a red or blue stone or were iust plain in style! Next, the name cards and memory books arrived. What fun it was to exchange cards and fill in the memory books. lt was quite a iob trying to decide iust which friends to put down as the ones most likely to succeed! Then the big question of whether to graduate in caps and gowns or suits and formals confronted us. Turning to the tried and true democratic way, we voted on the problem and caps and gowns won by a nice majority. "White" December with the gay parties soon rolled around. We Seniors held a semi-formal Christmas party in the gym, which was most attractively decorated for the occasion. Music was furnished by some members of our own school band. "Smilin' Through," the Senior Play, was given in March and was rated one of the best ever. Trinity University's Skyline Room was the scene of the Junior-Senior Memory Lane Prom. This lovely courtesy extended the Seniors by the Juniors will always remain one of the graduates' nicest affairs to look back on. Rounding out the year was the annual Class Day Picnic, May 23, at Landa Park. lt was a beautiful day for an outing and every Senior had a simply super time. At last came the night we had all worked and waited for, for twelve long years- graduation. As we look back across our days at Burbank we are sure no one ever went to a nicer school, had a better time, or faced the future as well prepared as we, the graduates of 1951. fa Senior' sponsors, Mrs. Olidene McDer mand and Miss Marguerite Yaeger First big Senior moment, selecting the Caps and Gowns lo' Qfaducllon- Sarah Eloyce Atkins Jo Ann Barajas Band Head Maiorette, Lyre's Club. Benjamin Barloco, Jr. F. F. A. Treos., Student Council. Doreen Faye Barnes D. E. Club. Dan Albert Barth Bark Staff, "B" Club, Basketball Letter. Elizabeth Becker D. E. Club. Sidney Arlen Becker F. F. A. Adele Bemus O. J. Lt. Col., Student Council Parlia., F. H. A., Dramateers, Masque 8. Gavel, Not'l Honor, Quill 8. Scroll, Valedictorian Scholarship. Burbonlcs gym was at its gayest for the Senior Christmas party. Grace Alvarado Los Vieieritos, Reel Cross representative. D, E. Club. Martha Bentley D. E. Club. Ida Joan Berry D. E. Club. Mary Boatwrightl Bark Stall, Campus Comment Staff, O. J. Cor. Sec't, Office Ass't, Quil I 8- Scroll Charlie Bonn "B" Club, Football CO'CUpl Football ewan ii Wanda Juanita Cleveland National Honor Society, Masque and Gavel, Quill 8- Scroll, Orange Jackets-Col., Student Council, Spanish Club, Senior Play Cast, Campus Comment Stall. li W. 1 Letter, Bork Staff, James Brinker Bark Staff Mervin H. Burnham D. E. Club. Elisa Chavanna Rollie Clark Then came the day when we actually ordered those graduation robes! Henry Lee Burns Student Council, Lt. Col. R.O.T.C., Rifle Team, Drill Team, Robert Lee Byrn F. F. A. Charlie M. Caillouette, Jr. ' R.O.T,C. Col,, Student Council Rifle Team, Senior Play Cast. Treas., Dramateers, Manuel Flores Casanova John Robert Chambers F. F. A. Audrey Cheatham D. E., Bark Staff-Circulation manager, Quill 8- Scroll. Vocational Drafting, Student Council. 'Smiling Through, our Senior Play was an outstand- ing hit. Dramateers-Treas., Ella Kathryn Coggeshall Bark Staff. George Raford Cook Basketball Letter, Sr, Class Sgt.-atfArms. Eva Cortez D, E. Club. Our favorite ghosts, Adele Bemus, Lonnie lckc, and LeMoyne Hodgesl Mary Lo Nclle Fucs Nrrlronnl Honor Sofrcly Reporter, Student Council, 2 Mmriuc 8. Cavcl, Drnrnnlccrs Secretary, Pan Amer' 7 4 icnn Student Forum Scfrvlaiy Class l95l, flank Stnlf, f A. P. A S Pl Sr liolrrislrrp. cniar ny Cast, Quill 8. Scroll, P.-T.A, Weren't Bob White, Gary Gossett, and Roselle Mencio excellent in their roles? f Ronnie Cornelius Davis D. E. President, Student Council. David Dewitt Bark Staff. Jimmie Ruth Dunham National Honor Society-Corres. Secretary, Orange Jackets-Corres, Sec., Shutterbugs-Treas., Drama- teers, Student Council, Masque 8. Gavel, F. H. A. Mary O. Escalera D. E. Club, Norman Favor Art Editor of Campus Comment, Treas. of Advisory, A, P. A., Quill 8. Scroll. Velia Fernandez D E. Club. Billy G. Fewell "BH Club-Pres., Future Homemalners, Sr. Class Treas., Two-year Basketball Letterman, Basketball Co-Capt Hazel Fry Campus Comment-Editor, Sgt.-at Arms Nc1t'l Honor Bark Staff, Student Council, Dramateers, A. P, A. Chairman of Membership of Quill 8. Scroll. . Gentle.. - v W -,--411 Henrietta Gamez D. E, Club. La Nelle Fues, Charley Caillouette, Mary Jo Reed, Bud Mull, Adele Bemus, Lois Tubbs, and Mike Garrett all contributed to the success of the play. Mary Jane Garcia D. E. Club. Mike Garrett Vice Pres. Sr. Class, Pres. Lyres Club, Homemalrers Club, Drarnateers, National Honor Society, "B" Club, Basketball Letterman, Student Council, Sr. Play, Advisory Pres., Masque 8. Gavel, Band. James Henry Gass F. F. A., Sr. Red Cross, Carpentry. Gary Gossett R.O.T.C.-Captain, Band, Spanish Club, Speech Scholarship to San Antonio College. Gilbert Herron Guerra Raymond Paz Guerrero Betty Gulitz Dramateers, Las Vieieritos, National Honor Society, Senior Play, Historian Sr, Class. Beniamin Joe Gulley Dramateers, A, P, A,, Football, Senior Play, Editor Snapshot Section '51 Bark. . Evangelyn Harris Orange Jackets-V, Pres., Homemalrers Club, Dramatcers. Betty Ray Hierholzar Walter James Helmets National Honor Society-Pres., Lyre's Club, Sgt.aI- I Arms, Operators Club, Student Council. Betty Gulitz as the housekeeper 1 and Gene tlaegclin as the friend of longstanding both played their parts to perfection. . Annette Lee, Bettie Jo Trenlrelbach, Jimmie Ruth Dunham, and Norman Favor put in long hours back- stage. Jesse Ancel Holden Distributive Education, Bark Staff. Bill Hudson Advertising Manager of Campus Comment, lst Lt. in R.O,T.C, Earl Aaron Hux "B" Club, Football. Lonnie B. Icke Editor-in-Chief l95l Bark, Masque 8- Gavel, Opera- tors Club, V. Pres. Advisory, Dramateers, A. P. A. Quill 8. Scroll, two years' Speech Scholarship, Senior Play. Berkley Rush Johnson Kennard Judkins Ernest Herrera Le Moyne Hodges Quill 8. Scroll, Homemakers, Shutter Bugs, Campus Comment Staff, Senior Play Cast. Fay Lee Hohon Phyllis Anne Kasper Band, Lyre's Club, Red Cross-Treas., "Y" Teens. Arthur Koehler National Honor Soicety, V. Pres. Student Council Art Co-Editor of Bark, Scholarship for highest rank' ing boy of Senior Class. Glen Hugh Kusenberger Associate Editor of l95l Bark, Quill 8. Scroll, Sgt,- atYArms Senior Class, President of Advisory, Voca- tional Auto Mechanics. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when Wanda Cleveland died in Arthur Meyers' arms. Joe Cullcy ,as the villain was superb. . ef , - M. . 4 iizgmsffff. Y i ft 'K , Q. .,, , ,nf L, tax . 3, A ,,- Y' L-.1 " Vx ii ffl! ,, flzfff ar , - K ,fs ,,.-uf sn r 7 t 2 1 Q R ,ff if E IVZ, ? f E1 Wi .- 1: 4 ess , ,f , : St "fx Rf gf 1 'gig -. AW . f f 1 I . it .Lift-J ., - . f 1 ,L ,V ,W . . f J . 1 Annette Lee Dramateers, Red Cross, Quill 8. Scroll, Senior Play, Bark Staff. Margaret Liscum Bark Staff Jesse Long T310-.. 1 l Q it 3 'tr ml' Ninta A. Mendez Arthur Leroy Meyer Trinity. Lt. Col. R.O.T,C., Battalion Commander, Drill Team, President-Shutterbugs. ci., . ..,.. .Y r i, ew M55 rf: Tia.. The Class, of course, entertained the actors altar the last performance at a lovely reception. Josephine Marie Lopez Bark Staff. Doris Y. Lord D E. Club. Fernando Loza no Thomas Eugene Malone lll V. Pres of Lyre's Club, Band, Sec, of Adv. Edilia Mata D. E. Club. Roselle L. Mencio Cheerleader, National Honor Society, "Y" Teens, Student Council, Dramateers, Masque 8. Gavel-Sec, Future Homemakers, Sr. Play, Salutatorian 8- Scholar- Ship. Drum Major, Lyre's Club, V. Pres, of Masque 8- Gavel, Student Council, National Honor Society, Senior Play, Melody Masters, Speech Scholarship ta Next big alfair was the Junior-Senior Prom. John Miller Bark Stall, Football Manager, Basketball Manager, "B" Club. Gary Zane Miller Bm Staff Chorles Minnes FFA Member. Kenneth Neal Carl Van Owens Shutterbugs, R.O.T.C., Rifle Team, Bark Protographer Junior-Senior Prom means the prettiest clothes Und nicest smiles for everybody. Margaret Monrreol D. E. Club, Student Council. Alice Moe Moore Bark Staff, Campus Comment. Rudolfo Morales Bernard Morris R.O.T.C., Senior Play. John Chaplin Mull Dickie Mullane F.F.A. Gene Naegelin National Honor Soicety, Pres. Stu- dent Council, Pan American Stu- dent Forum, Masque 8- Gavel, Senior Play, Speech Scholarship to Trinity. Mildred Erneal Nonney E i What on outing thc annual Senior Day Picnic wosl .. Q Charlotte Quick "" :-:. f Mole p'cn'cl Orange Jackets-Treas., A. P. A., Student Council, Qi R.O.T.C. Sec., Business Manager of Campus Comment. Pete Quintanilla Carpentry. Mary Jo Reed Adolph Ramon Quill 8 Scroll, Operators' Club, V. Pres, 8. Program Chairman of the Shutter-bugs, Fire Chief of Burbank, Associate Editor of the Campus Comment, Student Council, Alamo Press Association, Received San An- tonio Optimist Club Scholarship. Grade Recorder of the Orange Jackets, Par. of Senior Class, Sec. of the Senior- "Y" Teens, Masque 8. Gavel. Robert G. Reyes D. E. Club, R.O.T.C. Elizabeth Richards National Honor Society, Quill 8. Scroll. Jack Ryan Josephine Sanchez Spanish Club. Stella Sanchez D. E. Club. 4 Messe 'ff And still morel D. E. Art Editor of Bark, if 15 in If as , ,QQ ... fe wr. All ii fs Louis Sandoval V i Carpentry. hw 4 J we X . Bobby LeRoy Simpson ' -3' 5 " Georgia Ann Slavik D. E. Club. V- 1' RTE. 5516:-'r' .W- WW ,,.... I, ...,. ,V , N., W f - ...... .. II, .,-: .,. 7 S .A .9 .Q me ll li it Q, if A pi L M 1 3 'NPL .Q M K, . if M si l - s ,. X. ii l -ii i YF.. , ' . me -5, - ,. ,if ' 1' . :IA - A . gy H -A 3' 'iii Am - C 5 Q I 'ws A lx 4 Waiting to march into the Baccalaureate Services. Odelia Soto Bark Staff. Dorothy Mae Spiers Bark Staff, Campus Comment, Quill 8- Scroll. Sally Ann Steyer National Honor Society, Student Council, Pres.- Sr. "Y' Teens, Shutterbugs, Pres.-Inner Club Council, Drumateers, Masque 8. Gavel, Head Cheerleader, James Franklin Stocking Bobby Sumpter Sports Editor '51 Bark, A. P. A., Quill 8. Scroll, Dramateers, Pres. Homemalcing Class. Charles Sweet Student Council, "B" Club-Sec. and Treas., Pres. of the Senior Class, National Honor Society, Basket- ball and Football Co-Capt. Christine Tatum Marcelino Solar D. E. Club. John Soto Carpentry. Student Council, Bark Stoll, Campus Comment Stall, Masque 8- Gavel, Quill 8- Scroll, Senior Class Treos. Mona Gay Tice Campus Comment Stall, Quill 8. Scroll, D. E. Club. These Seniors are a mixture of the sad and ioyous as they await their turn. Milton Ernest Smith l V . ' N I F 4 'X ,Kg , 6 it 1 vue V it K ' I I i " be iii - ' .rf- '- . " 5 - Mary Louise Travieso 11 Q, if f i- ,. Q -, Q , if D. E. Club. 8' i l T- f' Q i -i 2' ', N . l Y -1 , V' ' 'J . f ,g l 1 'QQ 3 1 g if ' ' , . ' 1 T V i uf 1 l i 1 Mig. E?5TTifIgEl 'Q ' N -,.,..M..sw3 -. s xgwvfww eq trrmwyjl. LM ,ze .3 ,'3f'Z143' tibia? A ??5fE3.wm.,M tl T 1? A231 5 'H QQ no is 12 l'T1 '33 Fi?- '94 zu. og .,. .ci CE. 00 pn- O: Q-4 42 'L 1-5 5.2 Sl o .,,I' 10 29. .,.. 511 go 9.2- ?I px... Ly is 3 . . .3 V in ., I 5 if ' l 4 ' it J N l any ., 1. sfmzfviiiieifasi - -. 'iii - ' f . o 3, A ' ta P m - 3 0 . 3 Q A Q r i..??.:g,2.5.a1g C rp 3 - fi 0' : Q ' n :r ,JUL .... ln... . Lois Marie Tubbs Senior Play, Dramateers-Historian, lt's almost time now! Shutterbugs Sec. Ray Garcia Vallejo Bark Stall, R.O.T.C. Alto Lucille Vonclergrift "B" Club, Football Co-Capt., Basketball. Pan American Student Forum-President, Dramateers, Teens, Melody Masters, In a few short days the Seniors will have lelt Bur- bank forever. 'wsu Senior "Y" Teens. 'J-is 1 1. Roy Pennell West if' +1541-0 i 'Q . 5 - , Qs Stella Jean Wheells 5 .T Bob whale 3 fy . N 4 M., I Student Council, Band. . My i i y, f I 'Q i Mary Jane Whitley l 4-. Band, Lyre's Club, "Y" 3 Homemolzers, Sr. Play, V. Pres. Red Cross, S Edna Moe Sealey Post Graduate. 1 W A 7 S 5 , will 6 uni OV' wne 'ne Nws. Loma NN e Sponsox Nw. LesX'xe Gentry Sponsov Komvvw mud Yteixdenk Sesdxe Moe To Secvekonf Youk Oy 'Yveosmev ev doXe XXo keloxf NN Moms SQX .-oi-Nms Dena! 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So Snrney Som Nancy Kos X Cha e N um? " M 5? f " fr- Q eff 5 qt, A George Mallcemus i ,s .," jf K V f I . A . . ffa S - llzz :': Pornrro Lozano if x' 'X Billy Long , .51 a., A jf Gary Lanforo' Ken Kuwamurq 'iw 5 S . 3 :" .QQ 1 J .V xx 4 i W Kenneth Neumann 7 r A " ' , X'-' ' . ' in X f' -V ' Ernesfrne Navarro " N e I ,N Sam Morfmez rloff Marks - 'F' ri 5 i N Irene Rofhllkberger nk S 1 tb' , V, V Yolanda Rose gushrve Rodriguez 5 1 Alicia Reyes Tommie Newman A if N W K : , rf 442' BIW ko well r 4 n Z. fvfli L a , e A fun .v,,," SIQUQIHSI' - .I U ..,-' If . 'N X .a,. W 1 of N ,M g l We w , "1 , me 1 ' ' Fffg-'LZ' Kenner - -.--. '-. V 1" ' Vlbfef erry R h SIHGS Sahm unyan' Leko xkxedond ce Sw om Srffwh NNoXXev Sm Sue Skon Bohn Su Soy Hoy Ton kenoro T ec Nxce Memey ev 'Y ekscfn Tones Robevk 'Worn Espexonzo 3 'av -. f Gus Tresfmo Starkey 'Yuvek ' I -Q X Raymond NIxXXoueoX ix . 'W Seondh Wokks a .,.f h ' . Noche NN'xXX'xoms i f-:Q if , Q ' 1-4 ' ffv '. ,V t YXeXen NN'xXX'xs ' h""' ' fo, 9 0 ' ' k f 1 junio, 'he cf., ment Qf. 5 -. duCno'5gnior P55 of '52 A , ' , n vmxxe mwNxxxs 'Q' Gliff lm x X SH- 1hff'h,xg in M.,w'f. m. 1 5' Vg If Nizien Viniufio, Clcxfnior glafnd 'hjnnuol ' 1 6 A 'Wo I pfege A. wen! S Play - pro' Sesusxko epe o frhur Cans m.,.,g Ull ou In ,h Meyer '. Mr. G. 'hfee 'of' '-T e . , :infected Il Odenperforman he . f shined Ce, by I-W, , JL N. xx, Q J ,. A .1 ,f WW ff I 4 ex 2825? Q E diff ' f v 6 B 52 JIUIPIIUL. ,pw Top Row: Miss Ruth Cross, Mr. Gi! Oden, Sponsors, W. Volz, Pres., D. Covey, Sec't, R. Stendebach, Treas., E, Aguilar, B. J, Anderson. Bottom Row: B, Body, B. Boin, C. Barron, L. Beatty, G. Bemus, T. Biltebault, C. Bishop. H. Bowman R. Brister SOFA 0l'l'l ored Top Row: S. Brune, K. Bruton, J. Bucher, O. Bueche, S. Burke, M. Corconagvex, C. Cerniglia. my fv- gow Bottom Row: A. Corrales, E. Crosson, J. Dayton, A. Eli, M. Fernandez, B. Ferris, C. J. Fest. ir X V 3 M811 if . N Y 5? X W BME H 5 My wsgisw ' gr .H ,, ? X 'wr S swf: Qi I' I ?"' ii f"".'Zi5?? 1 'sgmfr ' 33551 Top Row: J. A. Fest, C. Flores, E. Frazier, G. Gars1,,T. Gill, A. Gonzales, J. Griffin. Bottom Row: B. Guerra, M. Guliiz, M. L. Gutierrez, G. Gwinnup, J. Harrison, J. Henry, E. Herrera. Top Row: R. Hopkins, D. Hornbeck, E. Icke, M. Ivy, C. Jackson, J. Jefferies, G. Jones. Boitom Row: R. Karrer, G. N. Kerlick, R. Krause, R. Luchak, M. Mabry, J. Mafieku, J. May. G.. G. Hime J. Holden s x vs 1,1 Sk gf z t E" - .. 2 A :Q . : Q kg' JJi3EfF .... . EL' 44 J Rf . K ' U' f if rvf-f riff? , 7 fl az? ' i 43. 1 R Top Row: L. McCoy, W. McDowell, L. Monlalbe, S. Montez, S, Moore, M. E. Morris, F. Niemeyer. Bottom Row: D. Olivarri, D. Overbeck, J. Pilgrim, W. Powers, B. Richrer, M. A. Rogers, S. Rogers. Y. Roio H. Russell Top Row: F. Salzman, K. Scurry, R. Schuler, D. Slaven, C. Sifford, L. Sifford, E. Simpson. Borfom Row: S. Sirio, G. Smith, S. Sfeproe, L. Stone, D. Stovall, M. Tally, F. Tetsch. 'l :f?'i31l ?9 MW! me JN K yiv' rl -M-.. ...J J. Tello ., Wy, , I wg. .- . 'I - f - Mn., y my .Q - 2 -V , ' , ? ' : QE-5.2. sg g gf 'iw , ,,., ? 2 . I -:- f 1-. :WW Feawgih - ff ..p-'::x!:--:- f Y ' f K ' 2 - Slim' ff' ' "" if D N55 ' I ,, , , ,-,... . , L, R. Towne, P, Voges, M. R. White, C. Worthing, C. 1 - . V . . .. -. Kim-' xv XNQ? :nun-an M u mf' 'QQ .Q Q X K i ig.: wx ' N N ' 4 .?NXkQl5Ki' F2 11 f H a: 1 'N' B . ' 1Fi" P-vw-va A N ' , .!. 2 L . . may Yocchum. C. Young gfedhnlefl Mrs. Alice Yockey, Sponsor Mrs. Virginia Cutter, Sponsor Billy Stafford, President Betty Sattler, Secretary G. Kohler, Treasurer Billy Tart, Reporter Sara Allen Ellen Armstrong Shirley Arnold . 5 B M Edward Boing ' iS2'7ff5 ., 5,5 I, ix ,f gill' 'f 1 5 V trim k V ' fl ? " 3- .- 11" .K ' X Vi -',, Claude Booher ag! Q,-'leg r g M Bruce Burger i- -S? ' it if ' iii? Q X' , Um, I l i 1- C ,tum 5' f isaal?-352 ' Y if rg 52218 l .2 , 5, Q !!!.l!l!fll!!-!mp if E Verlene Bell William Bertie Clara Biering -Ge X 'W ,, ig, eff ,ll Q R fl ,,. Charles Blackstogk Clara Blackwell '!,."" VAS? 4. its Charles Bode -4' C l It arole Cain Jlmmy Carpenter , 5' elf Betty Carter : ov Y' Charlotte Castillo Helen Crossen Alex Crouch Betty Curd ff l A Faye Currie Cnileta Daniels Hazel Dixon Tniiyn Elizondo Jeanette Elley Billy Ford Johnell Franklin Barbara French Sheiry Frey Evelyn Gandara Donald Hodges 'w ev -A GZIP 3 ., uv, I l llfv ' 1. A V ' .' S ig ' X i 4 Eddie Garrett Mario Garza Ilene Gilispie Pat Gossetr SI t' 3 1 xx Q I . K 'r Jimmy Gragg Jimmy Griffin Christine Guerrero Darlene Hohon Barlzara .Iahn A , Lois Johnson Fairy Jones Wanda Jones 7 r N, r, ev rf' ' 1- fa, r ' 'M' 5 ffm 'xr 2 l ll fo ir mi ng X" -43' 2 - , F' if l Al 3 'SF3 If 'S I Gloria Guerrero Annette Hogenson Albert Jordan Bill Kennedy Henry Krueger Palsy Lee Georgia Henefield Carllon Lemberg Gwendolyn Lindsey Ruby Mohler Spike Molrsche Gene Marlin Elliott Martinez Ralph Martinez Sandra Mathews Gay Meadows Robert Medina Donald Mimms Marilyn Moore David Moreno Virginia Munoz fi. ,- 'Q-, ". W ,hm Shirley Oberman 14 Shirley Odell Ray Ogden Oro Petty Patty Owens ' 'Y' Joyce Preis: Charles Price vr Sammy Quick Adelina Reyes Grace Rodriquez Socorro Perez Rennie Roslyn Tommy Rudwiclu Donald Saatlnoff Donald Schneider Se, Phil Petmccky Harvey Shaner Belyse Sherbandy Betty Shoclrley Mary Slffard June Simrath Q 0 1 4 li Betty Sligar Alton Smith Joyce Southern Marilyn Spangler Jackie Stendebach Ruth Vancil 5. Na fi .Q "? Becky Sweet Elizabeth Tetsch Betty Thomas -v- an Joyce Thomas Ralph Voss Eleanor Willre Wilfred Wilks Joan Williams if Norma Thomas James Tisdale . Charles Townsend Edward Willis Coy Youngblood Bilia Yznag I 1 15' T xi- I 'v ,X .Y I ix K , 1- T Q In Q:- ' 1 J at - 1 if -ae. gg Willie Trenkelbach - . , , Doris Trimble W I . I 5 L , K . hz, A ii i L44 l I if f + 9' f '? tif -.. ff Lloyd Tumlinson f, j x .-f 55.212 f T A .J K Y W Mrs. Lilia Wadford-9B--G. Aguilar, J. Alaniz, C. Alvarado, R. Canales, D. David, D. DuBose, R. Duffy, A. Espinoza, G. Gardner, M. Gardner, B. Gibson, A. Gill, R. Gonzales, l. Craciano, L. Gravell, V. Guerra, N. 'Huizar, R. Johnson, A. Lopez, S. Losoya, L. Martinez, A. Miranda, A. Montez, N. Morales, F. O'Bryant, J. Padilla, A. Quintanilla, H. Rivas, J. Treio, T. Robles, T. Salas, F. Salinas, F. Salinas. Q .J ...Q ...z .J -"fif.f I ,-sell SN i' ii' :hifi x E 'aft ' fi 'K W' Q 1 5 - - 1 4 . V X 4 X- n- ov FX-Ni 'YAQ '- -'Anita' f- --M Mr. Carol Burton-SB-P. Almaquer, T. Baskin, C. Cantu, B. Conora, G. Cooley, E. Cude, R. Daigle Dunn, A. Fitzgerald, C. Flores, L, Forrest, G. Gonzales, G. Guerrero, M. Hardie, E. Huizar, E. Keilivian McCall, G. Melton, S. Munn, V. Munoz, E. Ortiz, M. Peroz, T. Rogier, G. Ramoro R. Roque, J. Sanche, Schultz, D. Scott, T. Stiewig, E. Thames, J. Trevino, M. Torres, S. Stone, W. Vandergrift, C. Villareal Williams. W ,J 1 1 Mt. Henry Sueeiy-SB-w. Allen, D. Bough, J. Billings, J. Caldwell, J. Carter, R. Covey, M. Cristofoletti A. Dylla, P. Flores, A. Gutierrez, D. Hansen, M. Hardie, C. Heiman, J. Horlen, J. Jaeschke, T. Johnston, C Jones, L. Kinlraid, J. Kliefoth, K. Knandel, M. Kathmen, S. Lackland, L. Lobb, P. Miller, M. Mize, D. Morris S. Parks, C. Peabody, B. Richerson, B. Russell, D. Smith H. Teckemeyer, H. Teneyuca, R. Trevino, N. Wheeler P. Wiegand, N. Willis, E. Wilkinson, A. Zepeda. ' syfyjh .,,.,. gy I fe Q ' W ' " ,QW .,..4, XM we .-.-:-.... . new f T., . I!! . 2' Q IQ, ri flftfff , liixixf 75 offy yy, J if Q , , f .,, f 0 , Z X f ,E . W 7 Mr: Woodrow Cdvdndugh-85-R. Altamirano, L, Beltan, E. Boettcher, S. Bynum, F. Casillas W Connelly, R. Ebensburger, D. Falconer, J. Gibbons, C. Gonzales, H. Gonzales, M. Gonzales, J. Hemby K Knipper, E. Lopez, G. Martinez, A. Mazzurana, M. Moseley, P. Parish, E. Prestridge, J. Proc, J. Pruett M Pryor, W. Quintanilla, H. Raminez, A. Reyes, R. Reyna, B. Rico, F. Rivas, R. Robinson, L. Ruiz, J. Salazar C, Sandavol, J. Sparks, B. Stautzenburger, M. Strey, T. Summers, P. Thomas, F. Treio, J. Treybig w www e 4 111 Mrs. Helen F. Bills-8A-W. Aaron, J. Acosta, M. Aguilar, B. Bain, Z. Bennett, W. Bither, M. Bowman, D. Brents, B, Brinker, B. Cales, B. Calk, M. Cardenas, J. Daniels, H. Davis, V. Davis, V. Escobeda, B. Evans, H. Felan, B. Fisher, R. Flores, Y. Gallo, E. Garcia, P. Gillert, B. Gruver, Q. Hegwood, H. Hernandez, S. Hodges, E. Hoy, C. Jackson, P. Johns, B. Kahl, J. Lassere, J. Martinez, H. Malina, D. Moore, J. Pike, J. Rea, V. Samoro, J. Smith, G. Summers. Miss Lucy Posey--BA-T. Aguirre, B. Bailey, M. Balderrama, J. Bownds, D. Brown, G. Cornell, W. Crum J. Daniels, D. Delgado, I. Dralfeu, A. Felan, O. Felan, L. Ferch, S. Fowler, J. Franger, C. Gabbard, V. Garcia E. Gomez, B. Green, A. Hall, M. Hill, G. Huth, S. Joiner, M. Lopez, A. Macias, W. Mason, G. Montez, D Morrow, S. Quinton, O. Rolo, T. Ross, C. Rouse, W. Rueter, R. Santos, A. Thomas, C. Thomas, H. Tumlinson Mr. Tommy Wulf-SA-T. Atkinson, C. Butler, P. Davis, M. Fanning, S. Fellows, L. Gonzalas, G. Gonshor R. Holzmann, F. Mercer, J. Mimms, C. Ohlenburger, B. Parks, J. Perez, F, Ramos, J. i'Retta, S. Salinas, L Sanchez, D. Sanchez, A. Santas, C. Schneider, B. Scott, J. Seyton, R. Silcox, J. Simpson, D. Simms, J. Smith, E Sparks, C. Thompson, H, Tumlinson, M. Vasquez, J. Vick, L. Villarreal, H. Vinto, B. Whitman, C. Willinson R. Young, T. Lee. Mt. Erwin W. Heininger-SA-T. Aguilar, T. Becker, M. Vardenas, M. Cruz, E. Davis, V. Doria, B. Dukes C. Elley, J. Ellis, M. Flores, R. Fuetes, R. Hathaway, T. Hill, T. Jenness, A. Jordan, A. Kalmus, J. Kilpatrick B. Layayette, C. Liscum, J. Lowe, l. Lozano, E. Lusk, C. Mason, H. Martinez, O. Martinez, O. Mata, A Neimeyer, E. Pagonucci, P. Perales, J. Perida, M. Perez, H. Ricks, J. Rodriguez, W. Romanonicz, G. Valdez T. Villareal, H. Walker. 1 94 Mr. Iohn C. Hockeif-8B-R. Ardoa, N. Barbosa, K. Britton, C. Brown, E. Crawford, R. Gomez, M. Garcia, O. Gonzales, B. Hastings, C. June, M. Leiia, J. Mackey, D. Martinez, A- Me"deZ, A- MUC0d9, D- PGN, H. Pineda, P. Saathoff, A. Torres, S. Toscano, A. Trevino, V. White, S. Willis. ff .J M 'lx J. "I ' J J -a Mrs. Dorothy Lomax-8B-W. Armstrong, J. Baroios, F, Bustos, M. Cardenas, M. Carrillo, F. Cosillas M. Cavazos, R. de la Garza, D. Delgado, G. Dyal, l. Garibay, A. Harper, R. Hernandez, G. Hilbert, G. Holland, C. Kowalsky, C. Macias, H. Martinez, G. McNieI, R. Nelson, J. Ordonez, R. Pearce, P. Perales, J Pereida, B. Riley, E. Rodriguez, P. Sanchez, A. Santos, E. Schaefer, R. Slaughter, L. Trevino, R. Winsett, ff l i 1 1 l 4 1 Q . xx 1 - 1 5 l 1 l Mr. Ted R. Franz-8B-M. Baccus, A. Chandler, G. Cook, L. Dotson, H. Galindo, R. Gonzales, T. Haich, C. Herrera, E. Horn, E. Klein, P. Lopez, Ff Lorhridge, J. Mindaya, E. Mayer, R. Oprinchah, M. Ramirez, P, Y Rheinlaender, M. Rivas, M. Rodriquez, B. Ruz, W. Schul, N. Seffel, D. Smasol, R. Vela, B. Walker. l l Mt. Ierry Swindler-'IA-R. Bafilla, C. Beversdorf, D. Bowman, M. Carrillo, F. Cuellar, D. Fernandez, . V. Garcia, P. Gomez, C. Harwell, M. Hime, W. Howell, W. Hoy, W. Jackson, J. Jones, P. Jowers, B. Kilborn, J. Kitchens, L. Legnon, A. Lucio, H. McDougall, B. Mace, B. Mendiola, M. Monfez, B. Norris, J. Ozuna, M. Pearson, E. Ramos, A. Raske, Mf Rice, G. Robinson, M. Robinson, M. Rodriguez. l l 1 1 1 l 1 . , -. . . A 7,4 Mr. Dan M. Ddvenpori-7A-M. Anderson, P. Baker, L. Blause, E. Carmichael, R. Cary, V. Caslillo, A. Cole, F. Confreares, O. Cruz, R. Escobedo, G. Fernandez, A. Flores, M. Flores, A. Garcia, G. Gardner, B. Geisen, S. Haning, M. Holman, B. Jenkins, A. Jiminez, E. Johnson, L. Lassere, A. Laguma, P. Longley, C. Layslra, C. Luma, E. Mayurek, B. Merz, J. Moore, K. Oefingll, B. Pastran, N. Reyls, B. Salny, H. Smith, J. Trinidad, L. Turner, R. VanSandt, J. Ward, E. Young. Mr. John F. Hoffman-7A-T. Bady, R. Bandez, M. Branz, R. Caslilliia, R. Clayborne, L. Criado, A Crouch, A. Cudd, M. Dacbert, J. de La O, F. Dominguez, J. Dominguez, R. Dueclrer, E. Felan, L. Franklin V. Gallo, G. Garcia, G. Guynes, T. Hickman, A. Guizor, J. Humphreys, B. Keller, J. Klaus, P. Langorio, J. Mabry U r Miss Eloise Crawford-8B-A. Arredondo, C. Billebault, G. Boettcher, B. Bonn, R. Carreon, C. Charles R. Davila, M. Emley, A. Gomez, A. Gonzales, M. A. Gonzales, O. Gonzales, Y. Gonzales, A. M. Hernandez J. Kitchens, J. McGarity, A. Martinez, L. Miller, J. Moreno, E. Morin, C. Olivores, A. Perez, R. Perez, L. Quin tero, D. Ramerz, E. Thames, R. Trahan, D. L. Trinidad, M. Volz. Mr. Iumes Rundolf-7A-N. Alvarado, M. Barron, C. Gragg, G. Cantu, K. Carr, J. Chaney, K. Crain, R Currie, J. Ellis, M. Escamilla, H. Flores, L. Garcia, F. Gil, J. Hemby, C. Holden, V. Jiron, M. Jordan, M. Kohl J. Lewis, L. Little, C. Loyd, C. Luna, J. Marko, D. Martinez, J. McBride, S, Miller, G. Morales, J. Ozment, P Petton, A. Ramirez, J. Rie, C. Solario, M. Stofa, A. Thomas, R. Trevino, V. Verastigui, L. Wash, E. Wetteran B. Yeager. ' f.-.--fa.-e " 11::gi:ig3.3.5j . , iff -wx, 'wt I-it , 'E x 1 -XE , 9 ,W -1,3111-' if X2 , 4 ,X"-..Ll.iff sf 1 1 ,B :xiii J X 'Qs -li :-Qmtlze " , .- 5 421. Q' 2 ' , 'H , Y R- . 'si S+' 5 R W if W 5 V Mr. Alfred H. Pieper-'IA-L. Ahlberg, B. Barnes, C. Brandes, G. Cruz, B. Cude, J. Diaz, B. Durban, J Enlow, N. Evins, J. Galvan, G. Garcia, R. Gomez, J. Gonzales, E. Hallford, B. Herman, B. F. Hierholzer, A Jones, R. Lassere, B, Liscum, J. Macias, T. Mathis, D. McDonald, D. Melton, C. Mimms, R. Mussle, A. Pastran A. Perez, S. Pittman, A. Rabledos, E. Ramon, G. Recs, M. Saucedo, P. Sherbondy, H. Serio, P. Sowell, P. Stain thorpe, R. Tisdale, S. Tovar, A, Trevino, T. Warner. Mr. Charles Schrade, Mil! Laura Read-7A-V, Andrade, E. Atlrins, E. Burrier, G. Cadenhead, S, Contreras, R. Deleon, D. Deithloff, E. Diaz, J. Evans, A. Falcon, D. Fothergill, J. George, E. Gonzalez, I. Hernandez, L. Hernandez, J. Horner, M. E. Jett, W. Kothman, M. LaBounty, B. Lowry, D. Luna, J. Martin, D. Moeller, E. J. Nance, N. Oakley, A. Oefers, H. Piper, J. Roma, J. Salas, E. Sandoz, L. Sievers, N. Slaughter, R. Trimble, A. Tristan, D. Turner, J. Urquiza, V. Valdez, R. Vasquez, R Wheeler, A. Wingfield, T. Durham. if ...Nl JM. sw: H., 1'.sQe, .. sg' 3 ' ' EE Miss Mazie Taylor-7B-w. M. Aylor, J. Aguilar, R. T, Bonugli, C. L. Buske, W. M. Cain, L. Casanova M. Cerda, R. Charles, N. Cude, M. M. Cuellar, E. E. Dobbs, C. A. Gadkin, D. Gamboa, O. Gomez, G. Grant, B. F. Graff, S. J. Harless, I. Macias, B. Montez, R. Moreno, V. Nieta, B. Oyervides, M. Petty, E. Pineda, A Padilla, E. Ramos, G. Rodriquez, G. L. Rogers, T. Tomero, M. Ruiz, D. W. Schuessler, J. Smith, H. Turner G. Pripis, C. Valdes, N. Wheeler, M. Winsett. MIS. Herme Ragsdale-7B-J. Arocha, W. Barth, J Brinker, M. Buentello, P. Coggeshall, A. Drattlo, J. Essary, A. Estrada, W. Etter, M. Flores, H, Fluitt, B. Garza, L. Gill, F. Gil, M. Gomez, M. Gonzales, J. DeHoyos, R. Jett, L. Kindla, J. Laila, R. Lassere, R. Littlefield, C. Martinez, G. Moore, J. Myers, R. Olivarri, J. Perez, D. Pryor, R. Robles, L. Rogers, R. Roma, M. Saenz, B. Santillan, B. Schmidt, J. Tart, B. Tarrealava, E. Trenkelbach, G. Uriegas, A. Vasguez. WLM WW 2 ' i " il - E ll L - :ls all nluizz. inf- I 1 Enom: svn in al 'lf new 5. .qu , . N. . , g M-f f 5 lfggglk fa xi-.J s I V ev 1'L Mrs. Myrtle Piland-7B-R. Alvarado, Y. Banks, J. Canales, J. Contreras, N. Cortinas, B. Cosio, A. Cruz, G. Cruz, M. Daniels, M. Del.eon, J. Ellis, J. Espinosa, D. Garner, M. Gonzales, R. Gonzales, P. Guaiardo, W. Hardie, L. Henry, H. Herrera, H. Honesto, S. Lanlord, K. Little, K. Lowe, M. Martinez, A. Meyer, K. Neal, N. Osmont, P. Perkins, J. Pritchard, G. Reyes, A. Rico, R. Rivas, L. Robbins, R. Rocomontes, R. Rodriquez, D. Sammons, J. Schulz, D. Self. . ., "',', as ,L .v. ' "'- '.., ' f i 'N K X 4524. -.3 as A iv .L W' f 1 5,5 '11, 5. 5 4 gl my r 5 r 5. W -L f rn ,g N91 "W, ph as L M J H Mr. Iumes L. Gulley-7B-R. Arisa, M. Barrera, N. Baskin, J. Bryant, G. Cardena, M. Chapo, H. nosky, R. Diaz, M. Garcia, S. Gibbons, J. Godoy, M. Gordner, G. Haass, W. Harris, D. Hyatt, K. Henfeldt, D. McElby, T. Mendez, J. Munoz, F. Morris, N. Ohlenburger, G. Paul, D. Perleg, A, Ramos, A. Raske, J. Reer, B. Reyna, A. Rhodes, G. Riley, S. Rivas, J. Rodriquez, A. Rodriquez, A. Saenz, D. Sanchez, D. Sattler, A. Stadler, B. Villarear, O. Villarreor, L. Jackson. M WK - uf., .- in . Cfaddroom Cellerf shot at random around our campus catch a few of our busy students and teachers as they go about a typical day. all-N -in ir X- 1 1 J 1 ig ta , wir? """"'d w-as , ' '+G-'QQ mwxmWik R :X 3 ' " s 'J in 5' " 'nv A .. W ' A I A A . as-...., , if 1 . Ffa' B ' 'L-11:13-21:1-'Zff,r. Q 4 32215 1:25, 522:21 1 r f ' :Qgtf 3:3 .-2:23:31 , 6 A 33313 33.1. 1 ,. ini-' ', f 4 ' ' ' f . ' . - - V . .. . S s ' , ,. ' -x X . ., ., :Y F 43113, .. X 12? f- 'I 32 i 1. I ' . , yi 3 fggv F - frztzgg., I 5251223151233 Q W I A st-tw... 5.3 K .. 5 ,.s,l,,,,. .-1-fl-, ,.i,5jI-"lf ' s . ...HQ X A ,, ,. ' ss:-q..,.m www. X xf.a.,5wW ecrea. fion for all San Antonians is provided in the numerous parks which are an integral part of the city. None is lovelier or offers more diversified leisure time activities than Bracken- ridge Park. ' Here almost within a stone's throw of skyscrapers of steel and stone are acres of beautiful woodland, miles of bridle paths, an eighteen hole golf course, one of the South- west's most outstanding zoos, and the incomparable Chinese Sunken Gardens and theatre. The golden sunshine found in our city most of the year makes this outdoor play- ground a favorite even during the winter months. A visit to San Antonio's Brackenridge Park must be included on any sightseeing tour of our city. ' Club presidents view the beauty of the magic Sunken Gardens. From left to right, seated: Charles Bode, Operators' Club, Alice Lee Tetsch, Future Homemakers, and Sam Kennedy, Future Farmers. Standing, John Ellis, representing the "B" Club, and Kenneth Sides, Dramateers. Q9 WH 144591. -:Q X 4 1, fa f A xQAn fi 5 .fy H. we 2 ,vw ,1 . any wr ' 'ii'- Q Mil, , 3-5' . ...f 'Q 2.44: 'w rw M M 495- - ws ,viii olzaclerrfilo lems pertaining to the student body is sought. PWS- Sponsor Koehler Vice-Pres. Bell Sec. Ebensberger Sec. Voges Sec. Caillouette Treas. Bemus Parl, i M.. 4 ...iz - W A - . A . :gg , XA H 2 Top row: Barloco, 'Burns, Clark, Cleveland, Dunham, Fry, Fues. Second row: Garrett, Helmers, lcke, Latta, Long, Mencio, Meyer. is developed within the Student Council where the soluti Naegelin Miss Noonan Not pictured U.. ss fi V Third row: Monrreal, Quick, Ramon, Steyer, Sweet, Trenkelbach, White. on to prob- Williams Sgt.-at-Arms Villarreal Sgt.-at-Arms Davis ' Chaplain Dylla Report. Clark Report. Bell Hist. .X Q f, Q- hx, ,.., , Top row: Bady, Bennett, Billibault, Blackstock, Bowman, Brister, Burke. Second row: Davis, Elley, Elizondo, Fest, Garrett, Hale, Hornbeck. Third row: Jackson, Kennedy, Kuwmura, Lauderdale, Lozano, Martin, Melton. Bottcm row: Richardson, Rose, Rogers, Rudwick, Stendeback, Sides, Stafford. p-'N ' Stone Sligar Tart Tetsch Tetsch Trenlcelbach Williams White KM Volz Yoakum Young tm i 5 I, , H... -Q.. 5. , ,, I, Members not pictured: Payne, Quick, Wilson, Imken, Barnes, . WM ,Xl Galloway, Martinez, Price, Goodman, McCollum, Russell. 2,3 fx . v Y ' S 5- Mr. Gilbreath Sponsor Helmers Pres. Lackland Vice-Pres. Hockaday C ..6C. Dunham Sec. Dylla Farl. P 1W' .. K Q glmlakcwizing .Si'Aofar5Aila and service to the school, Burbank's National Honor Society s one ofthe outstanding groups on the campus. Hahne Treas. Fues Reporter DuBose Historian Williams Chaplain Fry Sgt.-at-Arms Bemus C7 Top row: Cleveland, Garrett, Gulitz, Koehler, Mencio, Meyer, Naegelin. Second row: Richards, Steyer, Sweet, White, Armstrong, Arnold, Bell. Bottom row: Bell, Bemus, Blackwell, Brune, Castillo, Chernosky, Clewis. 'ewier 41,1 kv Crosson Crouch Daniel Ebensberger e Griffin Holden Jgl-in kennedy Koehler lemberg, Mabry Martin ' Matthews Q McCoy Meadows 1' " Montez ,- at V' 'VI' lop row: Neimeyer, Power Rogers Rogers Rudwick Saathoff Sahm Second row: Sattler, Sides Smith Southern Spangler Stafford Sweet Bottom row: Tart, Tetsch Tetsch Towne Watts Willce Zepeda Members not pictured: Charles, Gandara Garcia McCoy Mullaby Schultz Segovia Shaner and Trevino H. Fry -nr, Lg Editor mpus Comment l"' Fues 'Edsolfa D. SpleI'S "WS O. Soto ... 'S Quick Lee liz Koehler vwlwsm 'K' Z, .f W GWR iw' .." vw , 3. . Cheatham ? A ,r r l L' X i if . L f 'A fr' . Sumpter s J ' t':' gl 1 E. .Richards ' Y? : . 'tggiiyt J. Watts 0lll'n.ClA5tlC rewarded by admission W. Cleveland .L A. L. Slaughter B. J. renkelbach ,A an Ev 4 A. Ramon M. Tice M. Boatwrlght L. Hodges '. Vetter Sponsor Garrett 'res. Malone Hudson B. Hockaday W. Helmers P, Kasper eriffi .xdcqiu ire A. Meyer M. J. Whitley by hard work in the Band are the passport to membe sclcct musical qroup, the Lyre's Club. T. rship in thus Clewis Ebensberger we .gf it if D. Hahne J. Watts feS .24 Couefecl ADHD? among speech and drama students is selection to the national society, Masque and Gavel. A. Meyer, G. Naegelin, B. J. Trenkelbach, B. While B. Mull, L. N. Fues, C. Laila, M. Garrett M. J. Reed, R. Mencio, J. R. Dunham, S. Steyer A. Bemus, W. Cleveland, G. Gosseff, D. Hahne ,.,..,....-.W.,.. WQNQN .NN hu' . .Nh w 5 J v 'Nm X-el 1. .N Q E -..-X 'J' W. Day, J. E. Glayzcr, G. Lanford M., Qdcn B. EbCnSbCfQCf, Sides Spollxol 8' MJ, . 225 could well be the name of Burbank's Art Department students, for this active group supplies posters, invitations, decorations, etc., for other campus organizations. You name it. they'Il paint it! J. Pilgrim, F. Lozano, A, Koehler, N. Favor, E. Richards MF- AdCll'T1S J. Ellis, E. Simpson, G. Trevino, S. Stone "'5"Uf'0' Vocational ort students not pictured: R. Beaty, M. Molina, T. Trevino, A. Juarez, R. Culver, S. Zamora, R. Jiminez, D. Moreno, J. Lindsay, A. Ramirez, J. Bonn, R. Rodriquez, T. Gill, R. Gomez. B. Fewell Pres. E. Hux G. Molkcmus D. Barth M. Garrett G Cook l 'X af., C. Sweet Sec D Treas N- Favor K. Nelson R. West C. Bonn Vice-pres. J. Miller D. Lacklond R. Villarreal , --J.- ,i--Y-G .. -vw.. -G ii? x E . V If gf f ,N s xy J Elliss ,av P. Htgm G. Haass G. Davis R. Flynn ,,,. M. Gulitz .xdfkdfic Adidfy and sportsmanship are the essential require- ments tor membership in the Ietterman's organi- zatton, the "B" Club. G. Garst R. Thomas 'GUI' D Helms C. Brisier G Tfevino B. Rowell Members not pictured: C. Pierce, F. Wallace Mr. Quinn Sponsor Not Pictured Davis Burnham Reyes Barnes Pres. Treas. Reporter Reporter Monrreal Dylla Mull Student C. Student C. Bark Rodriquez Sanchez Sirio Stone Talley Tart Wills roui ing lgecreafion for students being trained for the business world in Distributive Education Classes is the aim ot the D. E. Club. Teckemeyer Atkins Red Cross Berry Becker Cheatham Cortez Escalera Fernandez Gamez Garcia Holden Lord Matta Nanney Reyes Richards Sanchez Slavilc Solar Tice Travieso Aguilar Barth Chernoslcy Clewis Corrales Davilia Elley Garcia Guerra Long Luchak Mr. B. W. Quinn Coordinator Z- 8 .9LL6!2llf5 OH, tL2 JOL 8 ST-RMT M W Elizdbelli Reyes . ,, Agqlnghs JAQKE1, ,. 'Q if Office , 1351 'Q 'gym oorwffv , -'j,g,xf . H Q Elizabeth Richards J, sy " I M' E Credit gl. U 'N g lex' X' 9i,'.AX"n - 4'-'WP r ' ' s . ?4hMm'v.l: : ,.b. D I ni ,-l Mervig Burnham V Q 5 1 95VlC I5 V , ' ' S W I x 'F S ll'-0' L f ' i if Vw .I .... d I' ' Erneal Nonney fp' s' I . ,,:.,, Z I L I'-It Office 'Q 0 , - 5 Susie siiio 'sa 'J K I -3' ig, V I Ronnie Davis - Service -' . ii ' ,, 9 Y ,i 'ENE " ' " F M97 . 'wx K J Marvin Talley 6 ,Q 5 A 'Q , .14 Mail - 'J i it W 2 ' . i X 1 Sue Stone K 1 S N x 4 . - 'Q' Aii W 6 1, ! Q A , 5 - I. Hazel Barth Banking 5 no 1. 40 I. , Q, Ancel Holden i , .,.l- 4 X F Slockkeeping Elizabeth Bec er E lnsuran e C - iii i -X ::, ,, Q , . - war T ",. Q A ,. . n If l -.,. .,. 0 U s v R e ff e In Amelia Hiiioii 4 Biii Long Pm' Lf,'SifY"q Ollice Doris Lord , Delia Dovilio Banking Office Selling 1 4 l i l l i i 4 l l l i i l l 4 1 li ---N -f --,File , ,..., . -,..J1, .,...YW.. ,, me 8 sS?uJellf5 0l'l fL2 906 Q V V Georgia A. Slcvik ? . ..' ,. it Banking Ernest Aguilar .,,. g V' Service as 1 I . E V , 1 A I A if bg I ra m ' 6 " ugustine llodrique A , V apo, Service I Q eeping 1 5 .3 N ,V Henrietta Gomez . 5 ' Marking ...M 8 h on In Doreen Barnes Robe,-f Guerra B k' 9 selling Billie A. 569' 5:8 Us I .NB has ' M A li A Stella Selnchez Eve gortez , A U - O ice I ' A bg nfff V ' 4 A Q, 1 2 -ff. . Us . ., ,,..e'Ee.. gd' ,Id ,eg ri , 5 0 Mqgfimipizior Msyjrnsk Wear 'IN I -.iz Mary L Garcia 4 x , Selling ,ll qi Q, ' ' K 5 ' Y i 4 1 . ' Robert Reyes -- if Quang -fgr- A J JY, i f it 'ft U V ' " - I QQ, 4 1 W W 4 ls ll -fa Q - Edelia Mom 4 Roy Lucholck siockkeepang Delivery SS Eloyce Adkins Office Albert Corrales Selling .,-,,,,, .le 1 , Q. .gfuclenfd on fge og 1: - ' . ,- Sonny Sanchez :"' - , ,13 5 ac ' H ,. ,dl-ls... Alt A x bg' I "7 Freida Lewis '. ' Banking 1 af' .,,. .,.. - 45,5 Geor EII r 99 eY Packing -3 A 5. E 'fl F 1 ' Oralia Escalera Office . gl v i 1 3.5 9' 1 I .,.,-.,. , Aw ,104 P4 4? N! It I I o., R v Margaret Monrreal Thelma R. Clewrs Insurance Office fn . Q' 5,1 g 'T 3 X x E I Gene Turf Lenora Teclcemeyer Office Office 5 . in M H Miiffriflilc ly J :jf y r Audrey Cheatham 5 Banking r ii' 6 . . 3 x if ' Q ,T- , ,Q X KE 5 3 S Q- , Q vs Mary J. Garcia Selling 91 Velia Fernandez Office ex Q N - Mary .Travieso Office I t Huw .V:, J f 5 D ,FRY IQ Q! rg J 6 64' Q ,, Charles Bradshaw Jim Gugger Delivery Delivery i K 'Z A , v W gk JOGH BSVVY Dorothy Chernosky Office Office -vnu..-ev G. Guerra R. Morales ' P. Quintanilla W -x,, . ' I 'Sift .fd .yeanl Sfarf on fle guful-e! tha f ' s what boys taking Vocational Carpentry at Burbank get. Under the in- struction of Mr. W. Avey the boys put theory into practice as they construct buildings on the student farm. 4 'wc . Q A- . s "' L ' , J' Goss M Casanova N. 'Q an an , 3, - :lf mm , . M-QA., J yon L. Salas, F. Salinas. as 'Tia-e ef L Sandoval J Q19 S. Tello J Ellis G' -:M V 551'-s,: 'fx .. Boys nol pictured: A. Benavides, J. Cabido, J. Carter A Causey T. Causey, B. Collier, R, Fahning, F, Felon, J. Fulmer R Guerra L. Guerrero, G. Gutierrez, D. Hebst, -L. Linnert, M Gilbert R Moore, P. Quintanilla, C. Rohan, E. Rohan, J. Ryan R Saenz ln- -Eew. .'z..M i' ,f"""""4"' 1:1-v' Big proiects at the farm kept the Carpentry boys busy this past year. r' P.A.S.F. officers conduct a formal initiation. romofing Zlnclemfannbng of the Pan-Ameritan countries is the aim of Los Vieje- ritos, Burbank's chapter of the Pan-American Student Form. W... White Pres. Mrs. L. Weir always funl Beatty Porl. L. A. Davilia Reporter Sponsor K. Sides V' - . Informal 'cep A. L. Tetsch "t J, Zepeda initiation is 585' Sec't Wt' Naegelin L. N. es 3 B. oumz M W. Cleveland Alvarado G. Gossett FD. Davilia . San'chez G. Smith -rg, I ..,,. A X ' . ' , 2 .1 .fir X L . , A l A V ' ' li '.,.. - ' . -1 8? xx A, 1 -I . . ., .V 55552 we . .P ' 156,11 I . lr fl, , I 1 A. Reyes 1 fl - V' .fig A 5? l J. Bucher W. Day R, ogden s. Bell P. Lozano A. Cleveland Members not pictured: A. Canales, M. Cantu, S. Cosme, E. Son Miguel, D. Segovia, E. Ybarra, G. Zapata. F. Garza, E. Jett, R. Medina, C. Sanchez, L. Sanchez, M earning Ay loin? v is the motto of the Future Farmers of America. These boys run the 75 acre student farm by practicing what they have been taught in the Mr. D. Rusmisel Sponsor Not pictured: M S. Kennedy Pres J. Sutherland Sec't. classroom. r. E. Dolezal, S Mr. G. Bryan Sponsor ponsor. L. Williams Vice-pres. R. Karrer Historian lop row: J. Chambers, B. Byrns, B. Barloco, S. Becker, B. Johnson. Bottom row: J. Goss, E. Herrera, C. Minnis, D. Mullcne, M. Smith. wives mfg. 2 MVUWJ J. Frazier D. Gray J. Griffin J. Griffin Top row: R. Ogden, B. Huddluston, J. T. Jones, H, Krueger, T. Lauderdale. Bottom raw: L. McCoy, B. Rowell, A. Smith, W. Smith, C. Townsend Members not pictured: R. Arrendondo, T. Atkinson, R. Baldwin, G. Bald win, H. Barron, T. Baskin, J. Billings, D, Browing, O. Bueche, S. Bynum J. Caldwell, R. Canales, C. Cantu, J. Carter, H. Casbeer, W. Cassey, M Charles, D. Cracknell, E. Cude, J. David, G. Dubose, B. Dukes T. Espinoza, K. Evans, M. Flores, P. Flores, A. Gill, C. Goodman, G Guerrero, D. Gray, T. Hoy, C. Jenschke, S. Jenschke, R. Johnson, D. June, G. Keene, J. E. Keys, R. Krause, A. Kuykindall, T. Lee, J. Lassere, R. Luchak, E. Mangold, J. Manis, J. Martinez, J. Massey, W. McCoy, C McDonough, J. Miller, M. Molina, P. Moore, S. Moore, H. Murhpree, B. Nottis, P. Norton, J. Padilla, J, Perez, C. Pryar, M. Pryar, Q. Quintanilla, T. Robles, H. Ramirez, J. Retta, H. Ricks, F. Rodgers, B. Ross, A. Shisk, H. Smith, C. Sparks, E. Stone, J. Trevino, L, Vaughn, J. Vick, W. T. Weaver, J. Vick, E. Wenzel, J. Williams, R. Walfshahla. I 1.- C. Bishop BURBANK FFA CHAPTYQ QAN ANTONIO TEXAS LX Judging eamd displayed real skill this past year as they brought back prizes from every meet. The banner displayed here is just one ot many won. The Project Show, which attracted nearly all ot Burbanlds sixteen hundred students, gave the Future Farmers ci real chance to show the skills they learn on the tarm. Choice livestoclk, vegetables, and skills were all on display! MAL E -N 8 ,W -xii,-.4-if 6xAi4ifz'ng prize livestock is no novelty for Burbank's student farmers for they bring home even more than a fair share of the winning ribbons every time they enter a stock show. At the first annual Project Show held at the farm this year, and open to all students at our school, the boys brought out some ot their prize animals. 7 N. ,S 5 x fl-v Q ' ,1f!!.s-,t N l l t an . l l i l t t J i vvlllwmw if--W - l l . ,,.4....-rllll. ., JI- .,., J.. Wvun . .nvuws - owarol Wew arizona most adequately expresses the purpose of the Future Homemakers of America- learning to live better today so that their lives and those of their loved ones may be better tomorrow. 9- .. JN Mrs. P. Fichter Mrs. L. McDowell Sponsor Sponsor P11 A. L. Tetsch Pres. G. Koehler Tetsch Vice-pres. Sect E. lcke Treos. C. Blackwell B. Ebensberge Porl. Reporter 'iw Top row: A. Bcmus, B. Fcwell, M. Garrett, E. Harris, R. Mencio. Bottom row: M. J. Whitley, B. Bain, S. Burke, C. Cerneglio, H. Crosson. Top row: M. Fernandez, B. Hockaday, J. Henry, G. Malkemus, V. Munoz. Bottom row: K. Neumann, P. L. Owens, B. J. Richardson, Y. Rose. .pw fi' R. Shuler K. Scurry J. Southern J. M. Towne R. Towne Members not pictured: M. Aguilar, M. Buccus, D. Barllell, K. Carr, M. Carnillo, M. Cavaias, T. an M. Charles, B. Clark, A. Chandler, C. Elley, D. Falconer, S. Fowler, J. Franger, R, Fuenlis, E. S. M N J. S. S. Garcia, V. Glazer, B. Gonshow, O. Gonzales, M. A. Gonzales, M. Gonzales, L. Gravell, Harper, J. A. Harrison, A. M. Hernandez, C. Holden, E. Jett, P, Johns, S. Lackland, LaBounty, B. McCollum, A. McGarriely, G. McNeil, L. Martinez, E. Morin, G. Monlez, Oalrey, D. .Olivarri, J. Odonez, D. Pate, P. Reinlaender, M. E. Rivas, F. Rivas, Rodriquez, W. Romanovicz, B. Rudy, P, Saarhoff, B, Stiegler, J. Sparks, C. Thomas, Toscana, A. Thomas, C. Thompson, T, Trevino, I. Tavitos, E. Wilkenson, V. White, Willis, J. While, P. Weigand, J. Holden, G. Kerlick. ' The Junior School Homemakers gre as aclive as lheir bigger sistersl E. Wilke l I J 1 l 1 1 l l 3 5 J 1 Q 4 i .i a 1 4- A 1 1 i l i 1 1 R i i i . J i l 1 4 1 Q l i l ' i l 1 i i 1 l l f-1-ul 'rmz,U1, r' these band students call themselves and they're well named. They have mastered the popular field enough to have their own radio show! Mr. H. Vetter, band director, assists them. A, I ,. 3' Y .3 ng? .- . E -59 1 VV ., .,.. i . V- x ., We f ff W Da if' J. E. Glayzer 4 ' 7 1 A- Meyer N., A X S' Gr- , me Q, 3 5 if j x i K . Ji Bucher D' Hchne M. J. Whitley D. Saathott --114 'Wi .L f Ci T. Rudwick G Ono' I Miss M. Yaeger J. Long A. Ramon D. Bohls Sponsor E. Bohls J. Bucher S. Burke G. Glaeser G. Lindsey F. Tefsch Pfes. Vice-pres, SBC'f-HBOS ni'-. , ar-N' K. Scurry .gzoofing id jeff Jolly, shooting pictures, that is! Members of the Shufferbugs learn all phases of photography as part of their club work. run-.Vw--A-if - --W- mwfl in all phases of a teen-ager's lite-social, personal, and spiritual is the broad aim of the HY" Teens. Mrs. B. Parish S. Steyer A. R. DuBose Sponsor Pres. Vice-Pres. M. J. Reed Sec t. B. J. Trenkelbach Treos R. Mencio Prog. Chr. M. Hale Soc. Chr. H. Bowman Pub. Chr. S. Bell Service Chr. L. Smith Music Chr. J. Swain Devotion Chr, S. Brune Reporter H. Davis Editor ' Top row: K. Kasper A Vandergrift M J Whitley B Body L Beatty Bottom row: V. Bell S Burke C Cerneglia D Covey A Davllla C. Fesl F A. Fesf S. Gilbert P. Gosselt E. lcke B. Jackson M. Mabry S. Montez F. Neimeyer D. Overbeck "' W. Power B. Richter M. A. Rogers Top row. I. Rolhlisbcrgcr, F. Salzman, K. Scurry, R. Shulcr, J. Henry. liulturn row: R. Vancal, P. Vogcs, J. Walls, C. Youngblood, J. Zcpcda. lNAf:fTIl'if:Y'. not pictured: B. Guerra, B. Jackson, B. Malkcmus, P. Wclgand, S. Payne, G. Baylor. .Q-A - . wif? N W.. . 'W 9 . f - 1 ' ASF' if E V ' Y ,J kr sr..- 12: V x I .0 1' . rl ' ri" 23? J . W' K :J 1' 3' i Top row: Miss J. Tomblin, sponsor, C. Brister, pres., J. Glass, P. Kasper, A. Lee, C. Quick, M. J. Whitley. S. Arnold L. Beatty V. Bell C. Bode R. Brister V C. Cain Yffnaewrf Cgnfereaf in, and service tor, others, is the goal of all members in the Junior Red Cross. M4 Clark 'N J. A. Fest R. Flynn J. Henry B. Hockadoy O. A. Petty B. Sweet R. Thomas D. Trimble . Mrs. B II ' ' ' The Junior School Group is extremely active. Spousal' S E- Wlllls J' Zcpcda gg Supp ying rofecfionidf for the machines used in Burbank's visual aid program, the Operators' Club renders a real service to the school. Miss L. Posey Sponsor Burke, R. Clayborne, R. Davis, P. Ebensberger, B. D. F. Hierholzer, T. Hill, B. Herman, M. Holden, G. field K Lowe J Martin C Maecias L Miller R I - f - I - 1 - 1 Members: W. Armstrong, J. Baccus, C., Beversdorf, W. Bither, MI Bowman, C. Bragg, R. Bryan, J. Gonshow, W. Hardie, W, Helmers, R. Herrera, Holland, B, Howell, B. Kahl, L. Kincaid, B, Little- Nelson, A. Raske, A Ramon, R. Reyes, C. Rouse, Miss E. Crawford Sponsor L ll OFFICERS Charles Bode President Frederick Tetsch V.-President Roger Bryan Secretary John Baccus, Willie Reuter, Charles Rouse, L, Miller Reporters l l l t i l l i i i l i L....... Mr. L. Mueller Sponsor Student Council Officers: M. Bowman, pres., B. Bonn, vice-pres.: C. Bragg, Sec't-treas.: W. Romanovicz, parl., A. Jordan, reporter, M. L. Strey, sgt.-at-arms. Members: N. Alvarado, T. Atkinson, A. Baird, G. Baylor, C. Blackwell, R. Bonn, M. Bowman, C. Cain, M. Emcly, F. Freed, C. Gabbard, Y. Gallo, l. Braciono, J. Homan, M. Holman, E. Horn, B. Keller, J. Kitchen, G. Koehler, A. Jorden, P. Lopez, J. E,nLow, E. Mazurka, S. McCall, M. Molina, R. Nelson, N. Oakley, J. Ozment, D., Pate, A. Reid, B. J. Richardson, L, Rodgers, M. Russell, P. Saathoff, R. Santos, N. Slaughter, R, Slaughter, M. Spangler, M. Strey, J. Treio, P. Thomas, B. Lassere, W. Romanavicz, W. Vandergrift. unior 3400! aaa era are these two clubs, above, Student Council: below, National Junior Honor Society. National Honor Society Officers: W. Bither, pres., S. Fowler, vice-pres.: C. Gabbard, sec't.: R. Young, treas.: J. Franger, reporter. Members: M. Andersen, M. Baccus, B. Bain, L, Blouse, D. Bowman, C. Butler, G. Cadenhead, A. F. Evle K, Crane, E. Diaz, R. Duecker, G. Dyal, A. Dylla, R. Escobeda, D. Falconer, D, Fernandez, D. Fothergill, S. Fowler, J. Franger, C. Gabbard, V. Garcia, R. de la Garza, J. George, A. M. Hernandez, M, E. Hime 1 1 M. Hill, C. Holden, J. Kilpatrick, L. Legnon, J. A. Lowe, H. McDougal, G. McHeill, A. L. Niemeyer, B. L. Norris, N. Oakley, J. A. Ozmont, C. Peabody, M. Reeves, P.'Reinlaender, J. Ries, B. Rico, E. Schaefer, B. Stautzenberger, M. E. Towne, R. Trevino, L. Turner, L. Wash, R. Young. Mrs. L. Wadford Sponsor .Z romofe je! owzi ila and to encourage a sense of responsibility are the aims of the Junior "Y" Teens. Mrs. D- Lomax Miss L. Julien Sponsor SPOUSOI' i 2 fx . Members: K. Carr, V. Castillo, M. E. Cruz, D. Delgado, D. Delgado, R. Duecker, A. Falcon, M. Fanning, S. Ferch, S. Fowler, J. Franger, M. B. Hime, J. Horner, M. E. Jett, P. Johns, A. Jordan, C, A. Kowalsky, L. Legnon, P, Lopez, C. Luna, B. Mendiola, B. Morris, P. Parish, M. Perez, F Riva M E R' as, O. A. Rolo, W. Romonovicz, B. Ruiz, J. A. Salazar, A. Santos, J. Sparks, C. Thomas, F. Titus, L. L. Ourntero, B. Riley, . S, . , uv Trevino, V. Valdez. OFFICERS - NINTH GRADE Faye Nell Mercer President Betty .Io Richardson ., Viceepresident Barbara Whitman Secretary Marilyn Dgy ., Treasurer OFFICERS - SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE Penny Pairsh ,. President Mary Ellen Cruz ..,, Vice-president Joan Salazar . Secretary Wanda Romanovicz ........... ...Treasurer l I 1 1 l i l 1 l r J l . 4 i l i 1 l 1 1 l l i 1 1 f-an-ni - s 1 W-xx s ssmxxx gXYx5?5 sxsmmxxwx X .. , ,,k. we W.y.wazmwxs.'mnnW-.- ,. Z 5' , -... . N 1 sf- .1E:2:1i"'w-1'21f f D l .X . -' izgtittgfilgizz 1 1 5 .K 523515 'CJXZ3 S wiiiftfi me z ,Ml S V3 J I 3 Mwsxxs, xi fi , ff? s i x -View Ai A .s-N i Nwaxssmsz., padf I"6LI'l ell!" still lingers about the old adobe building which was originally used by the Spanish governors of Texas as. an office and residence. Great ceremonies took place in this ma- jestic structure in the days when the viceroys ruled a vast wilderness empire. Located in the patio behind the palace is the old wishing well. There are many tales of buried treasure in this charming garden and old timers tell of a ghost who counts coins in the moonlight. ,A- L Leaders of Burbank's live maior activities who stand before the wish- ing well are: Arthur Meyer, bqnd drum maiorg Hazel Fry, editor-in-chief ol the Campus Commentg Lonnie lcke, editor-in-chief of The Barlxg Wanda Cleveland, colonel of the Orange Jaclcetsg and Charley Caillouette, R.O.T.C colonel. P MM A, be we u i 0 1 fl I 5 H U r I . .. A " A a.hYifQ-mfg 5 Iya- 4.x -' 342 ECHL throughout the year worked hard collecting the stories cmd taking the pictures that make up this - your l95l annual. lf these pages faithfully reflect life at Burbank then our job has been worthwhile. Carole Hoofard Sue Stone O 0 . 0 -- 'lf Yoo 0966 046 A. L. Slau Robert Flynn H 0 X842 x0'llxe O0 my was Lb ghter -.Nmx C9 Q0 ,AG 'l 0 sow Norman Favor Mary Boatwright Dexter Lackland George Malkemus Elizabeth Richards Evfmgellfle HGfFlS R Tommy Lauderdale LaNelle Fues Christine Tatum l Mrs. Cutter Sponsor Odello Soto Barbara Jackson WW ff r .M 650 Q may Annette Lee .ui Bobby Sumpter Wu Hazel Fry .xly U, ,,,. x-MA' -..-A--x Audrey Cheatham Arthur Koehler Glenn KU5enbe'9ef X4- f Q60 xo N.. oe Gulley , ,, ,...g,,,, W, ,, H , nl, ,....g ,,, ,Q ,, , , Yami-.. J? . H Gwqwi G Hazel Fry f .keeping gurdangergi igoznfevl , on all the news about our busy school had the Campus Comment Q35 fav Y, 'til staff hopping! Every two weeks during the '50-'51 school year under the able direction of Editor-in-Chief Hazel Fry a five-column commercially printed paper was published. A. L. Slaughter Johnny Hernandez Award Qonfest Comment Wins X w 1009? 'ixifqittxes is Charles Bode Adolf " is ' ufiw Qi if .V 2 Ramon W JF' Canines Ready , For Brownsville Bark Wingq Mary A. Rogers Jeaneil Watts W rating? mace Coniesl an aggncgiggisyr. Lg- A 4 ,QPR C D. Aw. lu.-y.'X K I ix. V :AI m what! C0095 wilxeei 05 ..,.v J' .1 9-AXX some we t s Carru a Time Again! xXYxe i. oft ig Night Is November 3 Faye Currie Bill Hudson Norman Favor LeMoyne Hodges xp.. Mrs. Cutter, Sponsor Senior Activities Begz with rom Friday Igected with G Exercises May 29 R Sandro Matthews h T EW Madeline Ahr Rul owne H017 ard Shirley Steproe l QLCIH5 'I 'ts' ig Mona Tice 1 ,hes Wf'fiSpeech , 1 Most SA A Q' Charlotte Quick . f NK Adele Bemus Festival Excitement for All, Fr1dQ'5rLApril13 Three Burhanlzers In Au sms B Mary Boatwright f Dorothy Spiers NO 691' Q y ,GQ-e X ,n im 1 'bled f8,- D Wanda Cleveland QQ sw, Christmas Shops C . .A . io 9 Studen. W Gifts j- Q'bfQ,5E'fl 5 :M C Q5 C .. A v f -.. Y 4 A M Al 1 . , Ag., lROI2ClC1I2C9, LC1Ughf6Ii Tears Melody Masters Present Show ' For Soldiers at Fort Sum Club As ,Sizyog'gA Present Play Norma Thomas Edward Willis Alex Crouch Oo 919 l V A l l z t t l l l i t .Spairif an Cszruice, these two words stand for Burbank's pep squad, the Orange Jackets. Led by Colonel Wanda Cleveland and sponsored by Misses Jane Mills and Jeanette Weiser, this group, 85 strong, lends its support to all worthy school activities. Colonel W. Cleveland n i , .pol P t 1 l l t l l l l l E l P lr l -M. :adage , EJ......, . .iv-15... 1 fn-aiming ,""1...x. 4 -fi 4' .mFHO' Our peppy cheerleaders, Alice Lee Tetsch, Sally Steyer, Roselle Mencio, Shirley Jones lead loyal Burbankers in a 4 cheer for the Bulldogs. Half-time activities add to the color and excitement of any football game. A drill featuring a bullfight was presented by the band and O. Jfs at the Tech game. '91 if . ft 1 la. ,Q , Q 'H '2 llxlq s it 4, ,Q gle- 1 1 l 4 1 1 4 O. J.'s pledge their loyalty to Burbank as they proudly Sing "Orange and White Forever" at the pep rally preceeding the Tech game. Junior Jackets, budding O. J.'s, smile for the cameraman! 0, Q sy ' ' Q " of -Q tg e Q- 'sz' Y if ' ,i li gf, I 5 i .tg ' we S I MM ,, X " K iii W, , S! 5 J .,. 1.- 4 1 l The Orange Jackets cheer for the Bulldogs at one of their rousing rallies during football season. 1 Offi Cer s Towne Q Gbo ut their wort uqck and f L ' Dunh Gm 90 X51 K u We 5' Same C. QOSNXQ Que! I ' 1. ww U in get .1 M ,F , in-3 E5 ,437 "i w , ywwg x I . A "WM" I' O-L 1 :V , Nm p. snows Q- 'wx c. CWW5 ' X. P. YXOWSOU V. V . ' "H 5? Q insiruqfs' Harris get M Q 'V Re Ons fro S los, if v ,L 7 ed. m Grade Refzlnute 1' P des ofder NX N100 ' 'X G ,pxexxoo A , YLxc.'ncv6s00 PSCQQO px 'Yovme fiyx , 9. Name F. ww QM Nlonv 3' G- Loekkev ci? 3 . 5 J se k O' gown Gondoro K t .: F. Hogenson ,, ' . M 2' --'v " L D Crum argon U. MXN l Names B. 1 . Trcnkelbcch NN , Gev eXond QQGWS O X05 l 9, N 3? 2' , lin pliunm , lffe 4 r I 1 'N Spf x v Q., E GYS3 O. J. leaders Bemus, Cleveland and Ybarra disiuss drill plans. e,o Q E l I off K - 5 F . a Umm Q 3,.f95'i 62 C, 1 04,41 C 00030 ,qi e r 5. E rg,-T06 x A 4? , x, qt ' .P - 2 Gaye n y S 04,454 Wonder what U. Col. Bemus 5. C ' and Major Trenkelbach couldnlt ' 'lewd agree on? ,x ff a W Wei? ' 53,70 f 3 A 44 3 l 'X ' C70 l a ' ' G l . . J 5 , Gr V KX! eeo, 4104: x 'VK ' y eh 0u,, , 'm -95! N ow J C. Blaclrwelf A 'gy ' 4l,,or J' H"'fy J ado X Q' V W, , Y11V UIU5 ' N as 4 ' . Cleve ofde l fond l 'Bbq l 9291- S l 2 MenCl'Q 5- Jones l 1 l 4 1 ,1- Q.. ,. v. , xigggt . Q , Y t .i , ,.,,.J-rs l - , :, xv. hi s ,J Wnaling udic is their business! And, Burbank's Band does a very excellent iob of it too, judging from the many awards this group wins in competition. Mr. Herman Vetter directs the band. wf'mx MAJORETTES New 2 fw 'W um , Rim, ki 4 , . vs Jo Ann Baralas 'rf 3 we same Ann wins fi 5+-W-1 yur, N ri"l 'fi Violet Sahm 1 11 l Z lf 'i ' Drum Maior Arthur Meyer HJEE 4 i " 2" -M----uiaiiiuirf----- -9-' K Band trips add spice to the life of Burbank's music makers. Here they are piling aboard the bus for Gonzales. At their destination, students tune up be- fore the parade-At last all ready to march! nz -mf is HY c,.,r.g5g A lF?Plf WARE I 'I Q1 Hot and tired but having fun in Austin at the Band day! A if 'WM we et 54 Q9-, ..,1 , Q, J, J. ,. K M, .gy zz 2 . sez. N K get 'V ,n fe Arthur Meyer iw M 1 1 15, A Y ar ig , , Qc: " .5 5 is Betty Hockaday ff: , G G A my ossell Margaret Cantu 'fly ,V 5 - -L Nw 2 , Y , ., X. Q 33 it Q5 N , 'Wai fi tw? 4: Bob White Carolyn Worthin QM ,E 433 4 L e f li , I Shirley Roger KUY A"de'f'0" Jfgg y Billie wins 'lf we My - , Billy Stafford Dayton Hohne 'l,l-,' ' Jack Mille gl .- Thelma Clewis Mikge.GarreH Je An n BereieS ff 538:45 e ,f it A D Jerry Bucher V Irene Rothlisbergeiiit-Q e,,e,.,, 'E' 'AQJ K. Betty Ann Sattler fr ix Perry Runyan . S'l ' D' k Mary J. Whitley 'vm lc ey Donald Schneider, Donald Socllloff ,,.. , so M 'gg wr if B 1 Q Violet Sahm A Betty Lou Curd it Elaine Afm5ff0n9"M4f , , H d R ll r Jeanette Eney Ovndio Flores Veggie psig., Carl Yoachum Hazel Dixon Betty J. Thomas l l W, mme--,V Y . I KW-1. ill: Mi 6 4 i 2 f B 1 are 4 Qi .N 'K is :fu 2, Y Freddie Tetsch M B, Caroll Brister V V in 5l0nleY Turek Maurice Carcangues Gene Morlm Bernice Ebensberger . X Ph l' l 4 1 5 t P kv L lx W 79? 5 r if Q 1 3 . .. - i i Eddie Willis Becky Sweet 7 'S Kasper l Walter Helmers Marllyn Spangler e - S vigil ,erin M of fy . x of M - K ii ' 'e'2 Q Qi I- W W Xede .. ff - . 'via Paul High x 4,. Q J. E. Glayzer Robert Booher K Colton Barren l -, A 1 Lou Lott Dora Lee Careio Silvia Meadows Joe Houslon QNQQQXQ- sh ig . .,,., ' M 'ar .. may V idiom J K t A . wg ...b 'I Om Petty i Kathern Brutton Jeaneil Watts J ww 1 " .. sg 153-im , . ., '55 X- f, .. if 1' 5: l A , .. " Qi: W i Q I I ni , . .ii 55 -. Q f M Q ' li lim .. c li. figfiiiz I Q "'-- 5 jg, 1' 9 1 ia V "' r 1 :51 , l ' r ,fi - , L w ug, 1 s ,:. 4 an f 15521 i 'V 3 I A A 4 5 .3 yi 1 ! Q VE. Q e Melvin Russell 1 'V' E BellY Shoclfleb ' Emory Snoddy . Sh SF 1 Gary Langford Wilburn DOY Fairy Jones erry my Lupe Sanchez Gloria Gwinnup Charles Jordan ,fu .5 l i as sf "1 T A lm wi X i N. .,,. . . ' r W "' it 'G" lr- Q. i" il? li S 'Via M d ' A Doyle Scott M -V ., l eq J, 1 .V John Denthlotf of W' Y gws il Y ' Barbara Jahn Q Arlene Ramey Thomas Rudwlck Allene Baird Raford Brister R. O. T. C. Officers. First row: Lt, Col. H, Burns, Capt. H. Hill, Capt. G. Gossett, Col. C. Caillouette, Mai. D. Bohls, Capt. G. Jones, Capt. J. Gonzales, Lt. Col. J. Long. Second row: lst Lt. E. Bohls, lst Lt. R. Montemaior, lst Lt, J, Matieka, lst Lt. A. Gonzales, lst Lt. J. Sanchez, 2nd Lt. A. Canales, lst Lt. F. Bryant. Third row: 2nd Lt. R. Flores, 2nd Lt. R. Flores, 2nd Lt. R. Garcia, 2nd Lt. A. Lorenzo, 2nd Lt. G. Aguilar, 2nd Lt. J. Owing, lst Lt. B. Morris. we Cjcwlef Carina A program gives high school boys a basic military training which is most important. Captain Lydon heads Burbank's R.O.T.C. as commandant with Charley Caillouette as Cadet Colonel. . Planned Recreation is also part of the cadet corps program. Lucky cadets making the trip to Houston found a typical R.O.T.C. picnic as a part of the schedule. Rifle team members pictured are, left to right: Maj. D. Bohls, 2nd Lt. A. Canales, Pfc. C. Owens. Top row: Lt. Cal. H. Burns, lst lt. R. Montemajor, 2nd Lt. J. Sanchez. ltti H rs-Q-W'-'H' A Yw Ev COMPANY E-R. Barnes, M. Casanova W. Casey, M. Criade, E. Cude, R. Flores F. Garcia, R. Gomez, A. Gonzales, J Gonzales, L. Gonzales, G. Gossett, R. Hop kins, A. Hinoiasa, R. Hyatt, R. Jiminez, G Jones, L. Lane, J. Long, J. Mania, E Martinez, R. Mantemaior, R. Morin, R Ogden, K. Paul, R. Perez, J. Ramirez, V Ramos, R. Ruthledge, M. Stevens, J. Trevino COMPANY B-R. Arrendando, D. Barbosa, C. Brandes, A. Canales, R. Canales, R. Cantu, J. Carrillo, J. Chaney, S. Contreras, M. Dacbert, D. Davila, J. Dayton, R. Delon, L. Elizondo, R, Escobedo, A. Espinoza, N. Evins, A. Flores, H, Flores, V. Gallo, T. Gaiton, A. Garcia, G. Garcia, P. Garza, J. Gonzales, R. Gonzales R. Harris, T. Hatch, G. Hime. I ' 'tb R'E"Y.l!l M W""U'flu COMPANY B-L. Hernandez, A. Jiminez, V. Jiron, C. Lloyd, T. Lucio, D. Lynch, J. Macias, J. Matieka G. McGully, J. Mendoza, L. Miller, G. Morales, E. Meyer, R. Oprenchalre, F. Ortiz, A. Pastran, J. Perez D Ramirez, A. Ramos, N. Reyes, M. Segovia, A. Trevino,. R. Trimble, J. Trinidad, R. Vela, V. Verasliqui T Warner, E. Wettron. 1,3 + , V WPA 'ik Elle ig f '........r1 . 'rfggaifs wif ' . xlnlir--V, . g xi. COMPANY F-D. Austin, J. Cavido, F. Garza, S Granoto, A. Huizar, J. Jiminez, J. Johnston, A. Jordan A. Jaurez, C, Kama, R. McGrew, A. Moeller, B. Morris J. Owing, R. Rodriguez, B. Ross, J. Tisdale. COM PANY G-D. Bohls M. Barbosa, A. Causey, A. Crista foletti, W. Dubose, R. Flores, R. Herrera, H. Houston L. Lucthcke, R. Martinez, J. May, E. Ortiz, F. O'Bryant A. Perales, A. Ramirez, F. Salinas, G. Warden, T. Hill L. Alvarez, C. Billebalt, J. Bryant, H. Burns, F. Bustos, C, Caillauette, A. Causey, J. Contreras, A, Cruz, G. Cruz, R. De lo Garza, R. Davila, M. Emley, l. Garibay, F. Gil, R. Gomaz, B. Hastings, R. Hernandez, H. Hill, G. Holland, N. Huizar, C, June, J. Keene, S Lianza, J, Mackey, A. Martinez, C. Martinez, R. Medina, C. Mason, A. Mitchell, J. Munoz C. Owens, A. Padilla, D. Perales, R. Perez, G. Pryor, A. Raslze, J. Retta, E. Rodriquez, R. Roma, J. Sanchez, E. Thomas, S. Toscana, A. Trevina, C. Valdez, L. Villerreal, W. Willis, I. Garcia. 1 ff' COMPANY A-G. Aguilar, C. Blaclrstoclr, E. Boettcher, E, Bohls, M, Bowman, L. Buchanan, A. Corralexs, A. Felan, R. Garanzuay, J. Garza, V. Gerra, B. Gonshor, G. Gonzales, J rlcmby, T. Hill, R. Holzmann, R. Johriston, S. Joiner, B. Kohl, A. Lopez, S. Losoya, R. Mauricio, W.- Mason, D. Morrow, C, Ohlenburger, H, Rick, R. Robinson, M. Torres, T. Zepeda, J. Peoples, T. Johnston, H. Cortez. ,sa i all W. ..,h-Q cMgA6gAfo at Burbanlcs activities snapped by the photographer reveal their wide scope. ill Busy Bark staff members count money after a hard day taking pictures. Ui The journalism trip to the Texas High School Press Association in Denton in December is always eagerly awaited. I3l Burbank was honored by hearing Dr. Max Reiter conduct the San Antonio symphony in a concert in our auditorium shortly before Dr. Reiter was taken ill. 141 The Campus Comment Dance in the early spring featured a western George Washington this year. l5l One of the biggest proiects the paper attempted this year was the Christmas issue de- voted to aiding the Christmas Seal Sale. Staff members called on Dr. Austin Hill for facts and figures on San Antanio's tuberculosis rate l6l Fun for all was had in the Bark subscription race featur- ing a hot rod race. l7l The Orange Jackets put on a whale ot an assembly to boost the sale at Student Directories. Cheerleaders Mencio, Tetsch, Steyer, and Jones choose Alamo Stadium as their favorite sightseeing spot. r i K l i l i l I i ne of fAe Woof Coils!!! spots in town is the Alamo Stadium, home of the Mission city's football teams. The gigantic oval located on an abandoned rock quarry on a crest overlooking the city has such a unique record that it possibly outshines all other gridirons in the Lone Star State. Three Texas high school football champions have been decided here, two pro- fessional squads have exchanged TD's under its towering lights, and a number of big time college clashes have also been staged here. The stadium has also been the scene where the state's top-notch bands have performed. i i l Surely this marvel of concrete, which was built in l940, can compare in size with any gridiron in the Southwest as it has a seating capacity of 25,000 and, when the oc- casion occurs, it can hold a thousand more. ...4 - , ..,. .swxxXxxxxxxxxxNwp,yxXv,NA , K , ki . i:1'2'11i-'equi , 1' sg A E Q Q X 7: . . 1 V. iff' Q ' , , s 1 'gp 0 ,. ft, A wx NNN- X i pref. P 'Wt . JQQTELSEL3 ,. V 'ww Nl i 1 bmivs X ,A v m, , . sxm5XXQksXX I A R tmiwkfcssxxfqtg, XX Burbank A Team Burbank's 1950 gridiron season was highlighted by George Garst's placement on the All-City honorable mention list and election of Roy West, Charlie Bonn, and Charles Sweet as tri-captains of the Bulldog eleven. Football mentors Clark Gorden and Don Davenport removed the wrappings from their '50 grid Canines when they iourneyed to Browns- ville in the season opener. The Golden Eagles trounced the orange and white 53-0 as the inexperienced Pups suffered their first loss. The Bulldogs also suffered another loss in George Garst when his ankle was broken in the opening minutes of the game. Coming back strong in their second outing -the orange and white whitewoshed the Central Buttons 13-0 September 28 with pint-sized Charlie Bonn doing the honors as he rocked up a touchdown scamper of 52 yards. Flying Charlie later pitched a periect strike to glue-fingered Charles Sweet in the end zone for the final Pup marker. Keeping their winning streak going, the Bulldogs traveled to Victoria on October 6 to maul the Stingarees 18-6 as Roy West ran over two touchdowns and Charles Sifford chalked up another. But all good things must come to an end, the Hounds met their Waterloo in their first Conference tilt as they were rudely manhandled 48-6 by the Brockenridge Eagles on October 14. Field-general Roy West was the only scoring threat as he banged over the lone Burbank marker. A rampaging tribe of Horlandale Indians went on the warpath in scalping the Paleface Bulldog crew by a score of 26-0 at the Redskin's own teepee on October 20. Sterling line play was demonstrated by Canine guards Carroll Brister and Andrew Carrizales. On October 27 the orange and white invaded the newly-built Alamo Heights Stadium as they attempted to corral the Mules, but their hopes were shattered when the Burros eked passed them, 7-0. The valiant Bulldogs thoroughly outplayed the heavily favored Heightsters until the final minutes of play when the northsiders cashed in on a Pup miscue to win the game. The hustling Hound eleven ended their three game win famine when they registered their first Conference victory in spilling a scrappy band of Lanier Voks by a 13-0 margin. Garst ran over both touchdowns. The entire Bulldog crew deserved much credit for their excellent showing in downing the determined Vaks. It might have been Armistice Day all over the U. S, but it sure didn't stop the Jeff Mustangs from storming to a 55-7 triumph over the Burbank squad. The galloping Garst bulled over the only Pup marker. The Bulldogs played their campaign finale against the Tech Buffaloes which resulted in a 21-7 victory for the Bisons and thus dropped the curtain on Burbank's football season. Charles Sweel-Ccptain Roy West-Captain Charles Bonn-Captain x Eiifiiiwcrs gr' K5-fffwrfsz-2v"1f.e..W ' , 1 'sh ,f i giiffisw . - Q, , it 1 1-5.1: if V,-gig 'is We ,gl 523773 iw", , . ii ' A I W if- . ' A 1 in W, me V -- .ig-21 -wi f W V . -f . B55 , ., ii' i' " -"' 'W . "" Q-, ,- ., L. V ,Ww- e ,..,.,., T - -'-- W- S it .nlu.- ,.,, ....1.-..A,V , J Sutherland End J. Ellis End E. Hux Back gg... 14 1 4 1. . - 4 ' ,Eval . . V f if ll f . l l +L' 5' C- Siffofd W je 1 - V K. Nelson W X Tackle lk W..- A? fe ' .. F. Wallace , . fl qff A l K' 1 . ,,,. 4725 x My 3.5 -I R i K , Back N, X kr kv' A' Y R ti 'Y ' , If D it ' 25? X 1 f" 5. U s .R F .. . ' A , ' . ' V ' L 1 I fwyvw. fpwiiijk x I 4, W 3 w K Kuwomura . . F4 - 1 V 5.5 .Af .if .. V , V, v A Buck ' X . K "A, fr f .I i B. Flynn l Center ' L. In G. Molkemus i W bfi? 3 4' . . ,ag Bock . l ,. "' M 5- ' 1 K 4 -f-:-. I 3. A 5' W .,- -' l U ...V iv 'M' by 1 2 IG. Cooper I M - n 1 We M5 ' 'O' 1 eu.-,fd x, Aww par f 4 wk., M iq ' af " mf. G, Gcrsl E vw .'g,,.k-Af " my " Back , f C. Brister W- .2 wffilrl 'nf' Cenler , .., W4 0, . ,gg 9 ,. Qg M. , mmf, aging '15 w xfEgQ'AYTf' kt? 1 l J I w 1 w 1 W1 1 7 '51 f 4 1 A 1 ESA wiinx , 3,-1--' 1, 2' A W-fm' g my 5 r gf Y E mi X, .8 fy .A W me 2 .MQW v. gg, W A If Tx A Aa .A,, 2i,,i.,,,:,,i3, 1 .iw ...E 1 --, 0 5LbL,Eqzfzng.W ,, . , 'Y ' f "1 fs, 'gf - A F . 5' Q02 , . , .,: :. , h-, L ' Q f' - X529 'Jim fm,,,,. X . Q ,.:. A 4, f"' e3fvM:Y , L,,M ,,, V Wffgfi - , fl k ww f , rf K mai i Wzwfmi ' " . ,gsm , ,Qu " ' ' . 'Lful 44- 1 'f 1--aT-L . " 'H , , ' ' . 11-" S Q9 SMP 1 fir -. .-ya. Mg .FM - ,mei f .f J 5 . ' 7 r x Coach D. Davenport Coach C. Gorden Couch P' Mccarley S Coach A. Erfurth Coach T. Watt Coach 'I' Swindler ' 'A-'f -nniAi-"'5'miiiniiln- - :A Clockwise: l. Sifford l25l sweeps around end in the Tech game. 2. West llll breaks into the clear against the Mules. 3. Ellis l2Ol goes for first down in the Brackenridge game. 4. West llll plunges through middle as Butts try vainly to bring him down. 5. Sweet l29l battles for pass with on Alamo Heights player. - Z, vs-.J W6 QW A Tech player is dropped after short gain by Bonn ll0l and Brister l34l. K it K, savvy' ,rs r 'axis sky 5 sl L QQ 4 A . . 5, :- i fx With the help of Nelson lQ7l and Flynn l36l Bonn llOl streaks for the goal in the Alamo Heights game. West llll evades tacklers for a quick gain in the Tech game. Malkemus U31 makes big gain around righ' end against the Edison Bears. Ma . . W .,K,. ,W at l 1 1 1 l 1 4 i 1 1 1 . 'I' M. ' R ' Y gl 3 k 44 54 H Vrfjihg., 5 M R. Vlllarreaal . 3 Tackle ' X Y Q. Q A C D. Coleman C Back r .. X -' f . Q . - W fa D. Helms ig W y A , K K -VEQ End V i A- I A 41 T D. Locklqnd f f f,, M. 1 and W f. W S QV ', WM ..g. , , Q Alkali: I W 5 E R. Guerro A Guard 3 ' C q M. Gulitz if X Guard 1 f , U v na ' C T41 ,V l 'lffgTf1'???f:ff'5'j3,k . ..-g - 7' ' j. M if ff 1 4 41 2145 - -rx 'il it f f , . C. Tlglerlna J N I-E .. l . as Back fig? ,S ' f' wgggmife- lf Q. Rowell + Tackle l , ,W , S. Cortez 1 . 1 X X "M ,, , Lila if .Z Back ,,,,,,-f..,..vf" X he 'Qi 1 3 iiB'Tff'W 'Www M rf 5 A. Carruzales 'K . ' J - ,YW J l awk . Q ' C H' f ' r ' f U , A f',.. 9 r J. Gvlley C 1 Guoro "QA La Q 1 1 L. Williams ' Toclclu I 'Y ,M .4 jg . A x Q f f . r. , , 1 X' A S1 :A ' 7 .fnzff ll F . zu. , S, is if , f xf if 'wffirzf i 'QQ jf i MANAGERS was i' Jimmy Bonn John Miller Y if 1 K 2 Y 35 Q1 K we is 'W as A K 6 Q f was Mc ,-, Y " 1 Ji' :-4 , i, S-.. iw a ffm f ' E . . f xl, Ji N x L n i 59' v ..:. ,Ks LL 1 'HY . A ' '1. ' L-' this - fii'i?wfur s - ha., 1 Q-eff' Sw A 1 I.. Coaches in conference with Wesf. Coming home after finishing "l95I" grid season. Malkemus 1331 takes the ball down the court as Haass 1451, Davis 1351 and Lacklond 1531 assist. Davis 1351 iumps for the ball as Lackland 1531, Haass 1451 and Sweet 1551 get set for action. The Bulldogs kicked off the City Conference lid successfully by dowftiftq BfUCl1'S Eagles 55-37. Harlandale's Indians sploched the Dogs' undefeated League slate by nosinq them out in a 58-56 scorinq bee, The fast-breaking McCorley hoapsters dropped four more district tilts be- fore edging past on upset-minded Hot Wells quintet 44-43 with Gayle Haoss and Davis pacing the Pups. Burbank continued its onslaught by squeezinq by the Edison Bears 3736. The three game winning streak kept rolling on as the hot Canines once more brought home the bacon with a 47-46 victory over Brackenridge. But as all good things must come to an end, the Bulldog bosketeers were subdued in their next few outinqs. Letters were awarded to the following Bulldogs: Roy West, Billy Fewell, George Cook, Charles Sweet, George Malkemus, Garrion Davis, ffnvle Haass, Johnny Hernandez, Raymundo Villareal, Earl Hux, Dexter Lockland, Carroll Brister, Mike Garrett, Sam Cortez, George Cooper, and Alfred Ramon, Returning for another seoson in the new 7AAA District are rriidtermers Lackland and Haass. Full year players are iuniors Nfilkemus, Davis, Hernandez, Villareol, Cooper, Ramon, Cortez, and Brister, Re'U"1l"9 letfefmen get advice from Coach McCarley. Left to right, first row: G. Haoss, C, Sweet, L. Swank, R. West, B. Fewell, Second row: G. Davis, R. Villarreal, G. Cook, and E. Hux, A Y V it G. Cooper M. Garrett G. Hoass Cortez R West G. Cook Not picfured Hernandez P' Firsf row: R. Stendebach, G, Haass, L. Sifford, J. Ellis, Second row: P. DeRoo, L. Swank, A. L. Slaughter, S. Martinez, J. Fulmer, R. Thomas, R. Gutierrez, E, Simpson, Third row. C. Young, D. Moreno, B. Collier, J, Jeffries, T. Trevino, D. Hornbeck, C. Logon, J. Garza, Fourth row: J. Boatwright, H. Casbeer, R. Brister, B. Beckham, J. Sandoval, P. Quintanilla, R. Mauricio, Fifth row: Mr. Terrell F. Gates, principal, Coach A Erfurth, J, George, M. Conn, F. Anders, J. Davis, J. Houston. - HIGH SCHOOL "B" TEAM - - JUNIOR SCHOOL "A" 8. "B" Team - First row: Mgr , R. Bandy, R. Coffey, lcaptainl, C. Price, L. Carter, C. Jordan, W. Kennedy, J. C-ragg, lcaptainl, J. Carpenter, W. Bertie, E. Willis, Mgr., Second row: A, Lopez, L. Martinez, G. Bell, J. Chapman, J. Simpson, R. Orasco, J. Houston, R. Martinez, W. Pryor, Third row: J. Mackey, S. Jett, M. Hardy, R. Voss W. Mansfield, B. Parks, B. Martinez, L. Villereal, M. Torres. - "B" SQUAD - Fourth row: R. Holtzman, W. Reuter, D. Brown, G. Dyal, M. Kcthman, G. Becker, J. Segovia, H. Galindo, R. Santos, Fifth row: V. Davis T. Atkinson, R. Johnston, J. Vick, T. Galloway, J. Tisdale, M. Bowman, R. Trevino, Capt., R. Fitzgerald, Top row: J. Perida, M. Rodriguez, V. Daria, T. Aguilar, J. Harlen, Capt., C. Rouse, B. Walker, E. Flores, J. Rodriguez, A. Quintanillo, Coach Jerry Swindler, Mr. T. F. Gates, principal. Co-Captain B. Fewell Coach McCarley rxolains some of the fine Doints of the cage game to his "A" squadmen. Left to right: first row: G. Malkemus, B. Fewell, A. Ramon, G. Davis, G. Haass, D. Lackland, M. Garrett . Second row: G. Cooper, C. Brister, C. Sweet, J. Hernandez. Standing: Manager J. Ellis, R. Villarreal, Principal T. F. Gates. The 1950-51 Bulldog Cagers were the only team to place two men on the All-City honorable mention list even though they were one of the clubs to finish at the bottom of the City Conference ladder. Blond speedster George Malkemus and versatile Roy West both landed hon- orary berths. ' Cage pilot Paul McCarley unwrapped the bunting on his '50-'Sl hoopsters to see returning Iettermen Billy Fewell, Roy West, Charles Sweet, Garrion Davis, Earl Hux, George Cook, and George Malkemus perform well in their first outing against TMI. After riding roughshod over three tough ball clubs, the run-them-to-death Hounds dropped the 'l2th annual South San Tournament crown to an inspired Tech Bison quintet by a 49-35 count in the tourney finals. Burbank's surprising Bulldogs had previously downed Gonzales, St. Gerards, and Harlandale prior to the championship tilt. ln each of these contests, the little Pups had to come from behind to cop the duke. On December 20 the Central Catholic Buttons sweated out a 35-34 thriller over the small orange and white crew before a packed Central Gym crowd. The Canines were sparked by Billy Fewell's 13 points in the final frame when the southsiders came within sneezing distance of the Buttons only to have time run out. The rampaging Burbanksters came right back to their winning ways with a triumph over Victoria in the San Antonio Invitational Tourna- ment in an overtime affair which saw the Stingarees bow to the hustling Pups. Defending tourney champs San Jacinto tamed the Bulldogs in the semi-finals 53-44 to drop the Dogs out of competition. - January 2 saw the Bulldogs take to the hills as they tracked to Kerrville to play the mountain country five in a double-header. The orange and white reserves dumped the Antler second string in the first game while the Tivy varsity outlasted the "A" Pups'40-36 in a closely contested fray. ' iii ' 'Sf ' -' , , ' Co-Captain C. Sweet Principal Gates looks on as Coach Davenport checks his "B" team boys. 1 I , 'S Y wa. I 3 . -' f' is .2 I 'lu ZR Q X W P55 as W az f Q .xx W i 4 ,,'-,, Zgyrix' M :Q I J 4 5 K "' 4 Top row, L. to R: McDowell, Culver, Logan, Thomas and Allen. wi . . fi f 35 S i Bottom row, L. to R- Trevino, Cabtdo, Gonzales, and T l'On9o"0' Managers Willis and Slaughter. After waiting expectantly for the ominous crack of the starter's gun, the T951 Burbank track squad raced to G N50 of second places, a sixth slot in the City Meet, and a qualifying mile relay team for the Regionals at San Marcos. Ready to pound the dust for new track maestro Jerry Swindler in their most glorious feat of the season was the mile relay foursome of Jesse Jeffries, Wayne Volz, Mickey Conn, and Gus Trevino as they swept past all other District competition to land in the Regional cinder carnival where a couple of tough breaks eliminated them for a shot at the state title in Austin. Consistent point getter throughout the Bulldog track slate was sprint and weight star, George Garst who scored in every outing except the tough District Meet. Bespectacled hurdler Paul Hight was also a steady point-maker as he skimmed over the high's and low's lor individual honors, despite an iniured knee that bothered him throughout the season. Little Johnny Cabido shipped in with some tallies also by placing in every mile run event that he entered with the ex- ception of being nosed out in the District race where he finished a good fourth. Vaulting George Cooper used his pogo stick to do considerable damage by scoring his share of points in the pole vault. Cooper climaxed his string of placements in tying for second place in the City Meet. Broad-iumping Sammy Parks leaped his way into the District finals to tally a point here after he had previously scored in other triangular meets. Parks' jump ol 19' 5" was good enough to place in the District Meet but lacked a few inches for the San Marcos event. Other top century ond sprint men on the Canine track team were the fleet-footed Roy Culver, Billy Collier, Richard Coffy, Wayne Volz, and Coy Pierce. Carrying the orange and white banners in the distance runs were 880 men Ken Kuwamura and Robert Thomas, miler, Cosme Tiierina, and the baton passing mile relay quartet of Jeffries, Conn, Volz, and Trevino. The Bulldog field events saw Kirk Nelson and Wayne McDowell pitching the shot and flinging the discus, with Nelson chalking up quite a few points in meet competition. Top row, L. to R: Trevino, Jeffries, Garst, Nelson, Cooper and Conn. Bottom row, L. to R: Pierce, Parks, Kuwamura, Hight, and Volz, Q r -ia, ,,,, , 'Q I J W 'it ls -iii ' pf 3 E. Hux A. Ramon G. Molkemus G. Davis Lcclcland R. Villarreal Brisfer 4 1 1.1 ev-7-4.-Vp, Wxu, ...A-U-V - --- l. Haass 1451 out lumps a Tech player while Sweet 1551, and Davis 1351 look on. 2. Villarreal 1541 after a free ball in the Edison game. 3, In the Brack game Malkemus 1331 sinks crib shot with Davis 1351 in background. 4. Villarreal 1541 has jump on Edison player with Brister 1431, Cooper 1511 and Hernandez 1321 ready to pounce on the ball, 5. Scramble for the ball in the Lanier game includes Malkernus 1331, Lackland 1531, Haass 1451, and Sweet 1551. 1 2 ,em Jeff ' ries fakes OH O17 'he mile ,el CY. -1. we me ve' We we OV- B 1 n G0 ISX M0 v05 Qu x . e QQQNPX' QOL U 0 Xexoi X cw' X0 xo' x1 vow' be XI 0 I J, Y A 3 9- 5 1 e xcellenf for In ove, the hurdle 'Nah Pier ce on d K u Wdmurn ge, Off , o Han in a s prihf U 'OSI 1 . . E 1 . I 1 1 s 3 M ,OO AXSQX Y-es Ko We 94-ff QBY Ko Koxm ov, 'm svn! Q Ro we 9 ook, Vow-s gas QKK 0 Ym e 'yu W9 6 an vxehon dems 'tix OK K Omg qkiw W9 'om . x uw, We 'oxoosiw I If ,,v, SCX-,oo xkwowimg We -NON First row: Billy Beckham, Charlie Bonn, David DeWitt, Paul Quintanilla, Pete Quintanilla. Second row: Johnny Hernandez, Lowell Jones, Leonard Sifford, Mike Garrett. Missing from picture: Pedro Correa, Carroll Brister, Donald Stovall, Sam Martinez, Adam Balderrama, Domingo Soliz, Albert Saenz, Jack Babcock. KOMIIAILQ auf fae .S?70l't5 ,HCll4I'0 at Burbank are tennis and baseball. Both boys and girls in iunior and in high school participate in these two during the spring months. Misses Jeanette Weiser and Jane Mills coach girls' tennis while Mr. Paul McCarley coaches boys'. Intramural tournaments in baseball are held in the various P. E. classes. Beverly Malkemus and Beverly Jackson, girls' doubles team, placed second in the district tennis meet. Joyce Swain entered as Burbank's singles' entry. These three all won their tennis letters. Harvey Shaner and Paul Taylor, iunior school boys' doubles team capped second in the City Championship finals while Carroll Brister, high school boys' singles' entry, placed third. Other high school boys coming out for tennis were Jackie Williams, Kenneth Beaty, and Earl Simpson. In the summer of '50 Burbank's Legion Baseball team placed second in the City Playoff. Returning to participate during the 'Sl season were pitchers Dom Soliz, Pedro Correa, catchers Adam Balderrama and Carroll Brister, infielders Johnny Hernandez, Leonard Sifford, Don Stovall and Sam Martinez, outfielders David DeWitt, and Alfred Ramon. L, Sifford gives ball a ride. Miss Weiser, J, Swain, B. Jackson, and l. llcinnndcz, D, DeWitt, and L. Srlfosd compose views B- Malkemus. on 1951 ball season. .14 mmncinf of gargeaf San .xdnfonio is La Villita, a 200-year old Spanish "Little Town" which has been restored and reconstructed. Occupying ci square block just off the San Antonio River and almost within the shadow of modern skyscrapers, La Villita has re-created on old way of life. The village houses projects for the promotion of Latin-American culture. This charming scene from another age draws hundreds of tourists each week as well as providing facilities for many parties and meetings of San Antonicns. Burbanlrers visiting La Villita are Annie Ruth DuBose, representing the "Y" Teens, Jesse Long, Shutterbug president, Caroll Brister, Red Cross president: Bob White, P.A.S.F. president, and Ronnie Davis, D, E. president. rw 'ir xldey Ya-,QQ we -' :I ' H'-JL -,, 384' QYQQ an r ' A, H: 'Q aight, il .4 ,Q 2 ,J :gg x I, X Z rv: I Q I 'E it 5 ki Q . fsfwx fist'-Sh A X N-,. ,. xii! T ' Y? ' if. Efrvsaiiffg -" fm. "' Q eww - V , --.-...ww V 9 .N . , 'x ,. , iw 2,553 4 M- ' ww- Lv- ' X RVN --:----.. -Qkt.. ,, A H? ......, ' -':. 4 tg--3 . 131'-2 ff ' I +Q,-.Q Qi- gguw-M . ' M-, , www ',.,,,,v .f .- 1 K 5 gg ,- Q1 K ' nn, 1 .Q , Q Q1 i Kegan? I A x V 2 'Q away f - nn 1'--sz 'A ' -f - A 1' ' ' Y 1 , 71, ff " -,mm affl f, , I , K ' 4 ' V 1 , YV? JA . , 4 A Q w ' X V,.,nq.M"f..vfi- id" , W? " 2 0 n . Yifigk- ' V , N141 Js af as if Wkzh yi! 1 ' ai--3, 1 Q ' X " L. I M wg ' X , Q ' , 3 ?v,Aw"s, 7 4 .4 4? "i1s i! W Q ' A . -1 , ff 1 Q. ' ., - 'E' ' v.1 ,V 'Jxfb Q A A5 ' ' f f Q 1 1 , xl , 5 1. 5 Q. 1 D' '?VL. -f' 1 1 2 ff' - im'- K P ing g if -4 fi- I is, , X, J qc V ,il is 'Q 5 5 jf , A xg I ,F Q 'Inf J x I s I i . I wig' .M pk 7 .3 A , ix' tl Q, With the fall semester comes the color and excite- ment of the football season. l. Faculty members, Mrs. McDermand, Mrs. Cutter, and Mr. Hoffman are caught at one of the games, cheering away. 2. Yea, Longhorns! The Texas-Arkansas football game at Austin was the highlight of Band Day for Bur- bank's music makers. 3. Of course, it's that rough and rugged "A" team. 4. Some other football fans and Bulldog backers are, naturally, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbreath, Miss Noonan, and Mr. and Mrs. Gates. 5. Coach Swindler and the Junior HA" Team are shown working out. 6. Look familiar? lt should, because its an after- game party in the gym, 7. The "B" Team boys learn the att of blocking. ....,.,, Another big hit ot the year is the annual PTA- lland sponsors' carnival also held in the tall. l. One of the popular acts of the Variety Show at the carnival was 'Shine on Harvest Moon" by Wanda Cleveland and Robert Arredondo. 2. The singing duet of the evening featured Mary Jane Whitley and Maurice Carcanagues with i'Let Me Call You Sweetheart." 3. My, how school has changed! Here we have readin', 'ritin', and 'rithmetic taught to the tune ot a tapping beat. 4. "Oh, you beautiful dolls"! Bringing down the house were our glamour gals Carl Yoakum, .lerry Bucher, Gary Lantord, and Wilburn Day. 5. We find Mr. Gates attending one of our pep rallies. 6. 'iVictoria, here we come!" On their merry way are Leonard Siftord, Shirley Paine, and Ruben Stendebach. 7. "Cotton Candy and a Toy Balloon" was the title ot one ot the often-visited booths at the carnival. A' 'H-an ,, HUGE 'dlhwmufq Y.. asf. ,se 335 ,jp 5.1 l"'x -4... 'V t l l i l I l l l I s l Love those out-of-town football games! The Victoria trip provided fun for all. l. How in the world did Mr. Oden manage to take a snooze on the way back? 2. Everybody had fun as can be seen by the smiles worn by Mr. Vetter and Mr. Gilbreath. 3. .lourneying on through the train, we see Mr. Gentry and Mrs. Sahm. 4. Just taking it easy is the way we find Miss Noonan. 5. lt's slumber time for Miss Conner and Miss Wieser coming home. 6. Yea, Burbank! Cheering our boys to victory were Annette Hogenson and Jimmie Ruth Dunham. L..........-+, -W , A . M, R 'ag , hhnnv' Look, a new type of locker! How about giving us the combination, boys? Coats and ties are in style again it seems when Emory A Snoddy, Jackie Williams, and Drue Helms get ready for Bark pictures. Just killing time during the noon hour. "So Tired" are Mr. Lande, Mrs. Cutter, Odelia Soto, and Gary Miller after taking Bark pictures. Having fun and wearing happy smiles are these noon time co-eds. The "Old Gray Mare?" No, it's iust Sally Steyer and Roselle Mencio in the Choral Club Min- strel Show. Dexter Lackland, Gayle Haass, and Robert Flynn exchange coats and ties getting ready to smile for the birdie. , , i 'e e " . - ' -. Q ' 'Nw -. P . in . gt ar Q 'ap A1 v'Q Q 3 v x Q...-rely. if 'H'Tg'qp" 06' sm A f af". V Q N T i i, . J ' "LS ' a-, ' 4 :mf . X341 f f J M.. '. QW 44296 . -ws-' fs . fvf-PQI' Q5 3,-. K' I ' nryik .xg 3' .I Time out for eats for Dorothy Chernosky, Erneal Nanney, and Mrs. Ellis on "That Foot ball Special!" Faculty members and parents pose at the concession stand on the train. A ul-lappy Birthday" to Coach Garden with a gift from the football boys given at one of the pep rallies. Euibanlcs football players leave the field after the Tech game. Crowded? You bet! Especially when its time to go to the Trade Fciir. Standing under the "Smorgasbord" sign we find another group of Burbankers. fi 'ff , rf! aj' S fit. i tiitggyeg pmt? , arf 'A' se 337 Qi R E A 4 t Earl Simpson, Mary Ann Rogers, Jo Ann Fest, Jeaneil Watts, and Jimmy George on the Burbank Special. Students examine a tank at the international Trade Fair at the coliseum. "I was sorta wondering" seems to be what the Burbank boys thought of the booth on Korea at the Fair. It's candif time at the tair tor Bernice Ebens- berger, Jimmie Ruth Dunham, Alice Lee Tetsch, Adele Bemus, and Betty Hockaday. Captain Lydon speaks at the Armistice Day assembly, Yum, yum! Rollie Clark and Helen Davis are served refreshments by Sally Steyer and Adolph Ramon at the Student Council Faculty Party. . ij? 'I ,F P-., i X 5 .. :' 2 , .-gL,gj, ',yr Q .' .,a3,'-, 7' .li-1' P .'i.i.1' 1 s 1.1 f' - 'Ihr .QR-ax - K - -iv Q 4 g,,wC3.. i ffffi x iff lt's election time for the iunior and senior Student Council presidents, and a real voting machine is used. A new event was the FFA Project Show. One ot the popular attractions was the rabbit clis- play. Get your hot-dogs, cold drinks, and home- made cake right here! A project show plus refreshments, What more could you want? Petting the cute little rabbits are some en- thusiastic show visitors. Future OJ's are these 7B girls cheering at one of our pep rallies. l. 2. 3. 4 5 6 lt's registration day and is- suing books are Patricia Trevino, Jackie Williams, Drue Helms, and Le Moyne Hodges. What have we here? Oh, it's some of our band members, Roger Bryan, Gary Gossett, Gary Langford, Dayton Hahne, Raymond Martinez, Walter Helmers, and even Mr. Vetter all blacked up. Just make believing is the act of sneaking out posed by John Baccus who is cornered by Donald Bohls, Adolph Ramon, and Jesse Long. Pat your foot and clap your hands! lt's the Circle C gang playing for the Orange Jacket Assembly. ls it? Could it be? You better believe it! lt's the Faculty Wranglers consisting of Mr. Vetter, Mr. Streety, Mr. Oden, Mr. Mueller, and Mr. Hoffman at the O. J. show to sell Student Directories. Some ot the senior football players being honored at a pep rally received letter "B" pins from cheer- leaders Alice Lee Tetsch and Sally Steyer. lll That's Myrna Mabry entertaining the "Y" Teens at their initiation. l2l Mack Bowman retiring Junior School Council president, congratulates Ralph Gonzales, newly elected head, while Gene Naegelin, outgoing, Senior Council leader, wishes Bernice Ebensberger, the first girl in the history of Burbank elected to this high office, all the luck in the world. l3l The Councils, Senior and Junior, sponsored the outstanding assembly of the year when Dr. Bernice Moore moderated a panel discussion on per- sonality for both schools. Ml Roselle Mencio speaks her piece at a Masque and Gavel meeting. l5l Each Christmas Burbankers open their hearts and their purses to help less fortunate people in San An- tonio. The Christmas baskets filled by Burbankers with gifts of food and clothing placed around the tree in the hall make a happy holiday for many a poor family. The Council sponsors this activity. lol D. E. Convention Delegates, Davis, Reyes, and Burnham read the Governors proclamation declaring D. E. Week. 3 ts T1 1 ,gg 5 0 Q if f 'ti ' , Us , ,A . H ii X N 2 , 15,4 7, ,mhj M. P I . 5 i swf if jf AKJ lil One of the activities keeping Council members busy all year is the placing ot pictures on the permanent record cards. l2-31 The National Honor Society banquet is one of the outstanding events of the spring. Honor guests included Mr. Terrell F. Gates, principal, and Mrs. Hugh Bryan, presi- dent of the P.-T.A. K4-5l Twice during the '50-'Sl school year Student Council sponsored faculty get-togethers. Bunco was the popular entertainment at both affairs. l6l The climax to the Homemakers big style show in May was the military wedding with "bride" Evangeline Harris and "groom" Robert Sumpter. l7l From these earnest young musicians grow Burbank's top-notch "A" Band. if .N 11 9 xxxxxxx xxxxik x . X xx "ig Nix x ,...x cxxxxxk XXXXXXXXX,, X SSAP fl I Q .1213 I.2HgEf:".Sx'1:1' A N s t fare- X--. ' U x. , f ifffftssssrgg "" QQ i 'Nxwxxxxx Wx vp E . i ,.f:f12:a11.5 XM at 1 Q35 U3 jifiiiii 3 Xxx Q, 3 M1111-1.1:-E 5 X 31311-tv l YA 14 1-2-'L-111.---:L 4 Xxxxxxxx 'X NN . Yxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1 A xxmxxxxxxxxxxxwxxm Wigfary .gnafafafionrl are as much a part of the San Antonio scene as the Alamo. No tour of our city could be considered complete until at least one of these famous places had been visited. Randolph Field, the "West Point of the Air," is probably the most colorful of these th ma ic ofthe Air Force. A installations, surrounded as it is by e g his country today received his training in our city, San Many a soldier serving Antonio. Our Junior School presidents Penny Parish, "Y" Teens, Waldo Bither, National Honor, Mack Bowman, Student Council, close our tour of San Antonio with a last look at the familiar and beautiful Randolph Field Tower. L, WJ, v- -- -1' J 4 4 1 4 1 4 w 4 1 Wm, - , ,, 7, 4 BETTY and MIKE White Castle Cafe 103 N. Park Blvd. noon roon com DRINKS TELEVISIDN B. 3-7413 CONGRATULATIONS To The BURBANK SENIORS of 1951 From The First Assembly oi God Church Lancaster and Dittmar Sts. C I, I 0 ll M S B Y 'mp 'men S Chevrolet Company of Home of the famous Dyno-Test n ' iff g A Block South of the Transit Tower 457 S. St. Mary's G. 0111 SAN ANTONIO - AUSTIN - HOUSTON FORT WORTH - HARLINGEN fbuakanfd gudinedd engage Approved by State Dept. of Education as "BUSINESS IUNIOR COLLEGE" C. W. DURHAM. Pres. G. 0012 Corner Travis and Main San Antonio 5. Texas 732 W. Military Drive Phone: K. 8357 - i' Tim Hart Plumbing Co. Licensed and Bonded 'lr Plumbing Fixtures Repair and Contract Work O I0 . DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. San Antonio. Texas C"mp'imen's of SI-IAEFFEBS MARKET The ,, San Antonio Buick Co. Qualify Gfocefies - Mem Fruits - Vegetables ir 'lr 501 B""'d"'aY 3417 so. Flores sf. F 1361 K. 3931 Congratulations Seniors oi 1951 INTERNAIIDNAL HARVESTER C0. 1344-1400 So. Flores Street SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS E FARMALL TRACTORS, MCCORMICK FARM MACHINES. INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS, INDUSTRIAL POWER. REFRIGERATORS 6. HOME FREEZERS " From the Good Earth to the Table it's Harvester All the Way" Southside Funeral Home Graeber Lumber co- Southside Ambulance Co. I-UMBER -' ROOFING - PAINT HARDWARE Southside Funeral Insurance , Co. 'A' 6301 So. Flores St. 705 Nogamos sl' Phone: Garfield 3927 Phone W' 2-2339 San Antonio. Texas , Compliments N. ef ' Hix Machine service , 1314 Fredericksburg Road - P. 6171 411 S. Flores C 9581 SHOP at Sears 1 and SAVE!i , ,gg I! Qiylqlns U A , azgigggggi ! ! in , ! n IW 1 E llll I - - - Q ' 1 .' fi' A - line V '. i Niiiiiiiiii i C -1 ww 11 iw i - 1 5 ' 111111111-llllllll ' Irllmimm E Ilulln lf1'f1Pf1l ! mIl EiE l !iM!. jm- I-i l!! C suns BRAND NAMES qood names fo 3 Compliments of Young-McDonald GDRDDN PRINTING Company CQMPANY Building Materials and Supplies 211 N. Presa San Antonio, Texas 1025 Nogamos at Powell C 4 6616 V 1 V r I 5 r I i Burbankers Ray Vallejo. Robert Flynn. Audrey Cheatham, Bettie Io Trenkelbach. and Charles Goodman are iust a few of the many students who find Handy Andy a convenient shopping center. HANDY-ANDY SUPER MARKETS are located so that you may be served by them where ever you may be in San Antonio. By patronizing Handy-Andy you are helping to build a greater San Antonio because Handy-Andy is owned and operated by San Antonians. In each Handy-Andy Super Market you will find a grocery department. meat department. fruit and vegetable department. bakery depart- ment, and a drug department. HANDY-ANDY SUPER MARKETS Store Store Store Store Store Store Store Store Store 1 2502 Broadway. . , . ,C. 7971 2 2302 Cincinnati ..... .S. 4-5748 3 2000 Main Avenue .,......, P. 1112 4 923 S. Presa .. ... .. . .G. 5872 5 1000 Fredericksburg Rd.. . .S. 4-5341 6 1238 Highland Blvd.. , . .... K. 9241 7 2716 Fredericksburg Rd., . .P. 2-4762 8 851 W. Cincinnati. . . .... P. 8921 9 2801 Nogalitos ..........,. L. 4-2358 Store No. 10 5520 So. Flores. .. ......., K. 0431 Store No. 11 3401 San Pedro. .. ...., P. 2-4746 Store No. 12 5905 Broadway .... .,.. U . 6-4221 Store No. 14 902 N. St. Mary's ,... ., Store No. 16 1704 Blanco .... . .... 7 Store No. 17 3903 So. Presa .,... . . . Store No. 18 3200 McCullough ........,, Handy-Andy Bakery-245 W. Iosephine. . 8091 9221 8621 8422 0131 The Handy-Andy Bakery. 245 W. Iosephine Street makes special cakes for birthdays. weddings. graduation parties. and other festive events at very reasonable prices. Let us make a special cake for you. We know you will be more than satisfied with our finished product. L...-.-,,.. ,,,, ,H Congratulationsi Seniors Grand Lodge 0rder of the Sons of Hermann Fratemal Benefit Society 515 S. St. Mary's St. F. 9261 YATES Studer's Laundry-Cleaning-Storage NO APPomTMEN'r NECESSARY C W' Delivery Service or La::1Zrq:sF1-ee """" 0, cash and curb at a saving F ,,,, If 7, , Finishing I d s ll 613' A Phogogrqphic 0402 SAN Pmbzo o Nrxv vo lung muy., f 641 s. sa. Marv's G. 2471 S"PP"" is ' Keep School Memories Fresh with Portraits by TRINITY UNIVERSITY Congratulates Burbank High School Seniors oi 1951 upon their scholastic achievements and invites them to visit Trinity for discussion of their college plans. P. 9186 3115 W. Ashby Place WARFIELD SMITH HARDWARE 8: SUPPLY SERVING THE GREATER SOUTH SIDE Plumbing Supplies - Paint - Electrical Fixtures and Supplies Complete Line ot Tools - Sporting Goods Household Appliances 6 Linoleum 3412 S. Flores St. - L. 4-0791 'W - .,. vw --.-Y - Vrfr JIIUIIIL,--ev V V. g11x F r V l r t P . t L t V 1 L t t I Here are just cr few of the students you will find at Mid- town Roller Drome, for an evening of skating. Stop in sometime and visit with us. idtown Roller Drome 325 E: Crockett Street B. 3-2484 1-.....,...A,A....,,,-,,,,,, W- , 4, , ,A ,Awww AW TRIANGLE Congratulations to the Class ol '51 SALES COMPANY if ONE s'roP SERVICE 1, 2 ,Q , E 1501 South Flores F. 6731 ' . I - ' a f 7 '4y Wurlitzer High Grade New G Us Plan since 1877 Instruments 6 Accessories Tuning. t "3?f?Lf.'L?,.2 210 W t H t St. Fannin' 4261 DACBERT Pumo co. as O" 639 Pnxitt Ave. G. 0458 Bowman Sporting Goods 514 N. Main Ave. E. oosa uk IOHNSON SEA HORSE MOTORS LYMAN 6. DUNPHY BOATS 'k Fishing Tackle - Guns 6 Ammunition "Meet After School" Young's Drug Store if 2214 Nogalitos St. L. 4-3601 San Antonio, Texas PIGGLY WIGGLY San Antonio Company E. A. BASSE Owner it 1 A Compliments Play Refreshed of T . . . Have A Coke Paul Anderson Company Drawing Mdterials Printing Brocrdyvay qt Travis PEERLESS CLEANERS Before the game, during the game. alter lhe game. 4 1 3 No galitos lrosly boule gl ice-cold C C I ns refreshing. Belmont 3-9140 mmm Wm- nn-.ann of m wc. me so-uw .- San Antonio Coca Cola Bottling Co. Band Uniforms our Specialty BEDGDOD BROS. Red 6- White Stores Your Friendly Neighborhood Food Store No. 1 1309 Frio City Rd. Ph. F. 9702 No. 2 1511 W. Theo Ave. Ph. K. 8314 TEXAS' GREATEST JEWELERS 203 EAST HOUSTON STREET, GUNTER HOTEL "Texas Oldest Iewelers" 1 1 513 E. Houston St. Compliments Gillespie Motor Co. SALES SERVICE 321 Broadw ay 1114111 - G. 1411 Great China Mark EI GROCERIES. MEA'rs AND VEGETABLES 2220 Nogalitos St. Phone I.. 2-6481 Free Delivery Serving Palm Heights Area KAU1' MAN 'S INC. Texas' Biggest Stock of TEXAS BOOTS TEXAS SHIRTS TEXAS HATS TEXAS SUITS I-'or Burbank Texans KAUFMAN' 102 S. Flores St. G. 1454 Compliments to Class of 1951 P . . 'V-:-A':LOVEf'Prep:-" Tel. L. 2-0018 1005 Victoria St. FAVDRITE CLEANERS ne oi the Most Modem Plants in the City H ats Cleaned and Blo k c ed Reweaving - Work Comer Nogalitosland Harriman Place Qwner: Pete Ggtgsezl Ir. Fmmin 8822 Former Burbank sfuauf PIONEER I . .Z . - .........,....... ,55- w'ii?."551ts WHITE WINGS ?""""B11f-1 ENRICHED FLOUR Qaiiitifigggl' X 1. 1' I w"lff'WfI65 Blscgis MIX A A INIICIIII "'.1'::.'.1'.'1" Kitchen Favorit es For Home B I 5g5:gggg:55:z:z1s.fgS:Cf"iiiQ 'si akrng 1 11 1 .1 ....,... Y nv-. VW , , -1un1. , nlL.,. N on-v GLOVER'S CLEANERS 2315 Nogalitos St. I.. 4-4467 The Most Modem Plant On the Southside We Pick Up and Deliver TRENKELBACI-I 8: KUNZ Congratulations to the Class of '51 GENERAL CONTRACTORS 3805 S. Gevers - K. 5865 750 Iennings - L. 4-3231 Congratulations to the fine young men and women who comprise the Graduating Class oi 1951 of Burbank Vocational High School. May they continue to merit the love and respect of their families and teachers as they go from their school world to a business world. ' THOUGHTFULNESS OF ROY AKERS Jiri? O YZA XIT I-13 .A Lfv mv-mo otsre.. "" x 1 r A if -4 A , ,gf-:tr 2:1 'L"Ef3?if n VI. slll ,af 'ggi' if Wm., 2' + f' t 'f - .rf HH iriifi. fl 'lllllll U ,aw .. W' U rw W .fi ' --' -i """ -A ix -. -i fell,-9 -7 . io - ' 2 a f .1 Y Iust as Texas is renowned for its top brands. so Ioske's of Texas is famous for its hundreds of the nation's fine brands of merchandise. Come in to Ioske's and see our latest fashions and broad assortments. It will be a pleasure to have you visit us. FAMOUS BRANDS AT W Sm ly the Aland, Su Alf0lh LAL, 'Dil' 4 518010 V' SOME We sincerely appreciate Luther Burbank Vo- cational High School, the administration, the faculty, and the entire student body. We ad- mire the type of training and educational program that this school gives. Since we started cooperating with this part- time training program we have used the fol- lowing office training students-all ot whom have been intelligent, ambitious, and well trained: Billy Edgar Lucy Trevino Edith Keeble Cliiton Barber Colleen Patterson Virtes Pullen Robert Charles Coble Iohn Lee Holden O. I. Nowotny I ames Moeller Our hats are oft to you, Luther Burbank Vo- cational High School, one of the outstanding Educational Institutes ot the Southwest. Lytle W. Gosling 8: Co. TOWER COLLEGE of Business and Accountancy Secretarial Training for Burbank Graduates 407 E. Travis G. 5363 G- 2 I? L ' Service Station 2923 Pleasanton Road Phone W. 2-8329 H. M. McCLURE :BlWVol.s au fq 5'fELC,1'Z1 75, ,...,.. , ,, , . Y. .W -- -ll. CONGRATULATIONS Learn to Earn in one of the South's SENIORS 3:3318 and Most Modern Beauty I Ierseyland Creamery Iohnson s Beauty 2601 S. Hackberry K. 3661 130 Main Plaza C. 7287 H. 8 H. Used Cars BEST BUY IN TOWN Corner Nogalitos 6. Theo E. E. Hood 8: Sons CONTRACTORS Mission Road W. 3-0661 ,Asc 5 I-lN's In 1, PAINT 61 'Wiiil:'I:7PAPER 2415 NOGALITOS 'fp ,125 EZ' L. 4-3322 W- V YA ,YA BRUCE'S FOOD MARKET ..... BURKESHIRE CLEANERS A.A. BOLNERS GRO. 6. MKT. .....4. ALAMO WELDING SUPPLY CO. ECONOMY snos REPAIR ..,.. U. K. GARAGE ........,,..... H. c. GRANT SERVICE STA.. . HARMoN's ,.......4,4....., KALLISON'Sg .,... . J. c. MCDUFFIR ......,....4, NOGALITOS LUMBER CO. .... S7-ISS' FOOD STORE .......,, THE GOLD FLOWER SHOPPE. WINNS SERVICE STATION ,... Compliments ot a Friend .258 Barrett Place K. 5169 , . , .1509 W. Theo. L. 2-0686 . . . .2900 S. Flores. K. 9-9441 . . .541 S. St. Mary's. F. 0177 509 W. Commerce, B. 3-0047 ..... .119 E. Martin, F. 2294 . .419 Cavalier Ave.. K. 8679 . . . .1709 Nogalitos. B. 3-0494 . . . . 1245 S. Flores. G. 2304 . . , .102 Barrett, K. 9431 . . . . .217 Nogalitos. F. 2261 . . . , . .709 Pleasanton Rd. . , , , . ,402 Barrett Pl., K. 9995 701 South St. Mary's. G. 7530 Congratulations! ---- Graduates ot 1951 The Office Man's Department Store SAN ANTONIO HOUSTON CORPUS CHRISTI BROWNSVILLE Q," "' """' """:4' !"F' -- .' Y-fvvlur E 5 F I i L: Q X, 1 r 4 3 1 ? 'S n' f i Y 3 1 s ' 3. f H an 3, -.r-,sr A .xr-:SL 1 x . ., ,' , 1 , - - ,X f , , -5' 1 .-A ' - Q ' ,,',b"' ,E " I., T' 'l' 'Z

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