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Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine - Caduceus Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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iw w . f W . f x "1 . A 'VHA 'x u 1.l ' 51 . 5 Y ' J H as v I I 1 1 I 1 1 I I 1 I I I x 1 1 I I 1 I I A I .OY L STRITCH i E V. ii l i l ii teven Abram Celestine Amaefule John Andreoni Jeffrey Aoki Brian Bane T aniel Batlan Herbert Berger John Bradtke Robert Brockman Jan Brzozowski T hris Cappelle Elsamma Chacko Gregory Chaljub Valerie Chirurgi Greg Christensen eorge Christy Scott Cinel Steven Cohen Lydia Collins Daniel Conway ulia Cooper Kevin Cox Laura Cozzi Lee Crocker Juanita Decker andal DeFelice Crystal DeGraw Mark Diamond Thomas Duckett atie Dudley Margaret Egan Farshid Eshaghpour David Evans Lorene Fabrizius oleslaus Falinski David Frank Raymond Georgen Marc Gerdisch nthony Giamberdino Patricia Giuffre Thomas Goblirsch Stewart Goldman Lorraine Griffin ichard Griffin Bruce Groom Stephen Gryzlo Michael Gutziet David Harris illiam Hoffman Richard Horndasch Christine lngle Stuart lssleib Mary Jachec eslie Jacobs Debbie Johnson Jerrilyn Jutton John Kall Mitchel Katz imothy Kietzman Donald Kim Linda Kleitman Bradley Koloms Eric Kuhn ichael Landau Daryl LaRusso Michele Lauer Kenneth Liesen John Lind homas Losasso Michael Luu Anthony Massimillo Maureen Matula Terence Mayers irginia McDonald Kevin McEvoy Carole Meyer Ann Minciotti Robert Munson arol Murakami Patricia Naughton Joan Nawrocki David Nelson Timothy Nypaver 'ames O'l.eary Paula Olen-Mikrut Richard Olen Frank Parker Randal Peoples llohn Perri David Piazza Susan Porto Michael Pruchnicki Michael Rezak David Rosenbaum Donald Rubenstein Diane Ryan Stephen Sainati Ravi Salgia John Saxer Eric Schmidt Jonathan Schmidt Barbara Schwartz Robert Sharpe Daniel Short Helene Spivak Timothy Steck John Sterba James Stinneford Claudia Talland Lisa Toepp Thomas Tomasik Albert Tomcheney .Jay Tomeo Cindy Totel ifimothy Tsoi Donald Turner Jeffry Tyler Thomas Vail Barry Wallman Thomas Wascher Mark Weintraub Steven Williams Martha Woodhouse Michael Woods Walker Wynkoop James Zidar I I i l l i l :lass of 85 ,., 1 X' , ,T 'rn - my fi - 7 'av' .2 . 19 Q Q E t- li L ' av - 1 V R -- Qffb 1 "' 39 A . zu , 1 px, 1 ' "w" V+, IN, .31 N' 1 i,' Q e e K e 1 , ' 3 -ff 3- Q if es gi , .q ' 6 , Q A ,, 1 lx, V N , A. ..,, 33 . GGG 6 41? ei f ' 1' IQ fe Q , fg R ee . 5 as if Q G Q G Q Stritch School of Medicine First Year Class 1981-1982 2 'Q P pages ix! 2 i-Q 1.1 N -4 -is Last aprlng the offloers declded terms would run for one year, from Aprll to Aprll. Your offlcers for thls term ara: Randy Peoples, Presldentg Kevln Cox, Vice Presldentp BIII Hoffman, Treasurerg Brad Koloms, Secretaryg Julla Cooper, John Andreonl, Clase Reps. We all are representatlves of tha Class ol '85 at Student Unlon meetlnga, and are able to vote on Student Unlon lssues at these meetlngs. Jlm Zldar has been conflrmed as our offlclal rep on the Flnanclal Ald Commlttea, l msntlon thla now ln llght of the flnanclal ald crlsla we were all notlfled of last Frlday by Dean Tobln, WALKER WYNKOOP has taken the blood drlve matter Into his own hands, Hls organlzlng and creatlve Ideas have gotten 31 unlts donated tae of 9!20l GREAT JOB WALKER! GEORGE CHRISTY has agreed to organlze a party to be sponsored by our class and the Student Llfe Commlttea for the Med, Dent, Nuralng and Dental Hyglene students. Student Llfe Committee covers any loss, we get any proflts - Pretty good deal, huh? lt la tentatlvely scheduled the week after 2nd set of exams. Please help usl ERIC KUHN la dolng a superb job running the Class Notes. He'll be reporting the flnanclal sltuatlon of the 1st thlrd ol the semester ln the next news letter. Jlm Zldar - Flnanclal Ald Ftepresentatlve Report: On Sept. B the flnanclal ald commlttee voted to make the Ilmlted funds avallable even more dlfflcult for the average student to obtaln. These more atrlngent rulea stern from a almple problem: demonstrated need after GSL - 1.2 mllllon dollars whlle Loyola funds Qlncludlng HPL and NDSLJ equal 5600.000 Students who quallfled for low interest loans last year may not quallfy, this year. Marrled and Independent status students wlll be hardest hlt. Anyone who does not quallfy for the Ioan they felt they deserved or who has special circumstances, a formal appeal may be made to the commlttee, Anyone who feels they fall into thls category please contact me. JZ. There wlll be a Mlnlature Golf Tournament Sunday Sept, 26th at 3 pm at Fresh Meadows Mlnlature Golf Course on Cermak, about V: block west of Wolf Road on the rlght slde of the street, Fees wlll be 51.00. Three prlzes wlll be awarded: 1st and 2nd places, and "Most Honest Golfer." Prlzes wlll be a bottle of wlne, a McDonaId's gllt certlflcate and S, Slgn up wlth John Saxer and notlce the rules. Fees must be pald when you slgn up. Also a bowllng tournament ls In the planning stages. If you have any Ideas about It tell John Saxer, Dave Rosenbaum or Kevln Cox. The start of school brought the "lnvaslon of the Body Snatchers" as LF was spotted ln the hall talking to a tall, dark, and freshman guy. Keep us posted A Source at Brlan Bane's party spotted VC wlth a handful ol papertowels, cleaning off the drlnk she spllled on a handsome unldentlfled guest. She's slnce been spotted at some of Maywood's flner hot spots draped on hls arm. Glad your technlque worked BB's party was spiked wlth other excitement too - Ann Mlnclottl could barely be seen as she was clrcled by as many as 3 freshmen men. lt was elther her cologne or the 4 glasses of 2 , 3117 K fx- A, rs .l if rs. I .. - U T 'M - W .uv 2 If isa -5? X X - - fl 2 L .,:....., A, FZ I A . if U A E I Q K? t 4 42. P Brlan'a HBDGCIBI sangrIa" she had that kept the clrcle so close that one guest was reported as saylng "Who knows WHAT'S golng on In there?" But it waan't lust the women of the Class of '85 who were looklng Ior greener pastures - STEVE COHEN la lt true you've been out wlth 53 Ireshman glrls already? Maybe you'd better start putting notches on your SEAT BELT! TIM STECK and TOM LOSASSO are reportedly growing mustaches. more on that later Good Luck to our own "ROCKY" Koloms an hrs quest for the "Iron Man" tltle In Hewan over fall break Congratulations to Chrls and Paul lngle who'Il be celebrating thelr 10th weddlng anniversary over Iall break. These days you two are a LEGENDI Mlke Gutzelt le reportedly beslde hlmsell wlth joy alnce learnlng the news that RICHARD BURTON. LIZ TAYLOR and Merle Oamond wlll all be featured on the LOVE BOAT this fall Move over, Connors and McEnroe, our own LESLIE JACOB's took 1st place In womens seml-pro tennls In the state ol Nevada over the summer. Look for Leslies slgnature on designer stethoscopes thus Iall The oooeome twosome of TIM NYPAVER and MICHELE LAUER stunned dlners at Arnle's restaurant by eating then dlnner and psylng thelr DIII In celebration of MlchelIe's birthday The Mannes are looklng for a Iew good men, but JOAN LEWIS le quoted as saying she's "looking Ior ANY good men" The "mInI" Is back and Iew are wearing It wlth as much Ilalr as PATTY NAUGHTON and CLAUDIA TALLAND, ludglng by the ganders their game were getting Gamblers Anonymous meetlng, see KEVIN COX for details . . Onlookers gawked as RP led four pre-pubescent debutantes into a linen closet of the Med Center last month - was that Included on the tour too, RANDY7 Congrats to Lady DIISkocypecJ RYAN and her husband STEVE. The ROYAL WEDDING took place Aug. 8 Dld TONY M. really have BLUE HAIR a Iew weeks ago? CONFIDENTIAL TO KINK IN THE SINK: I advlse you to lose some of that Iat, then try to get Into the purple pantyhose. "Hey mon, the closest thlng to a human body Is a sheep." Abby Eshagpour SONG FOR SOUND by Davld Nelson The 5 Q S ix W quall egg entlces the skunk and hls rude affectlons but Phoebe pays court to her dlvlng board. Affectatlon Is everythlnk everywhere wlth only the Tapeworm dlssentlng. As Aphrodlte toyed wlth Henry's heart and Marle's head Nature's Bard wlll cut the flnal Scene wlth sheep and cobras as Prlnclpals. VuIcan's moon shlnes coyly as nebulas burst and fall in Hollywood. What do bombs sound like? Avold late and unseasonable Studles, for they murder Wlt, and are very preludlclal to Health. The Muses love the Mornlng, and that ls a flt Tlma for Study. After you have dln'd, elther dlvert yourself at some Exerclse, or take a Walk, and dlscourse merrily, and Study between whlles. As for Dlet, eat only as much or more than the Appetlte may crave. Before Supper. take a llttle Walk. and do the same after Supper. A llttle before you go to sleep read something that ls exqulslte, and worth remembering: and contemplate upon It tlll .e YL ti: .I 1 .Z I X A- s I K 'sg ,A ' I . . -x ,ul -I r- . ' -nfl? K' 4 you fall asleep: and when you awake ln the Mornlng. call yourself to an Account for lt. From John Stsrba: LUMC ls havlng a SKI CLUB thls season, for both alplne and nordlc skllers. We've planned 7 weekend skl trlps In the upper mldwest Including bus transportatlon, Iodglng, 2 day lltt tlckets, meals, partles and NASTAR races. AMSA INSTRUMENT SALE Nov. 15. AMSA members recelve a dlscount. If you wlsh to joln AMSA and receive a discount your sppllcatlon must be submitted by eany October. The AMSA SHORT WHITE COAT SALE wlll be Tuesday. Sept. 28 12:30-1:30 at tables outslde of the classrooms. Reps from Dall Medlcal wlll have samples on hand, and AMSA wlll collect money as they take your orders So, remember your cash or checkll CLASSIFIED: Joan Lewls: I sm selllng 2 twln beds IS50l35l. 1 secretary roll top desk ISSSJ. 1 chalr fsllghtly tattered S25I, 1 sofa Igreen brocade type clrca 1963 8301, 1 chest of drawers 45303. "Teacher of the year" electlon was a tie between Dr. Thomas and Dr. Lavelle. Both wlll be honored at St. Luke's Nlght. Dr. Lorens Is Interested In seeing students to dlscuss the content of hls lectures. He ls concemed that hls conceptual approach for some students may not stress 4 W1 F.. X .5 . QQ Pam- N QW' . .Q 3' , 3 K af if Q3 VT' 1 EE 5? 4 ix fx s 1 -mv A , . - . 1 +4-Z" . x '7' 4 xq " 1 ., -LQ x 5, - f"i1Qaff.H:v1ff1-f'Q-aww 'YH K N! 436. sufflclent therapeutic application. His office ls In Bldg. 135: hls Ext. ls 3400. Dr. Karczmar sent notes to students that were not too successful on the last exam. He would Ilke to talk with these students and maybe glve a blt of advice on studylng for pharmacology. Remember, there were no falling grades assigned on the first exam. Tutors are available for anyone. The week after tests we'll be taking an oplnlon vote on the 2 Issues I explained In the last newsletter: sendlng flowers to funerals and Caslno Nlght. See also Kevln's report fnextl on Caslno Night. I have been assured that measures are belng taken to remedy tf1e "1ammlng" sllde projector ln our classroom - In fact It should be replaced or flxed by the time thle newsletter Is out. SPORTS - How's this for staying in shape all you weekend loggers and recreatlonlsts? Brad Koloms, second year medical student and behind-the-scenes Iron Man, recently ren ln the Budweiser Light World Championship Iron Man Contest in Kona. Hawall. Not only dld he flnlsh, which Ia qulte an accomplishment In Itself, but he placed 546th out of B50 people. PERSONAL G CONFIDENTIAL T0 J.C. James ls understandably fascinated wlth your suggestion but ls curious. Under the Influence of droperldol, can orgasm be l 1 I Y fi faked? To those who were qulck to crltlze Dr. Friedman for requesting extra time to complete his 9129 antl-convulsant drug lecture: The fanga that began to emerge were remlnlacent of the Dr. Gordon cruclflxlon. WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL ANYWAY? He could esslly have expected us to Ieam the materlal on our own and been responsible for lt as other profs. have. But no. he offered to glve us the opportunity to hear hlm present lt. He Is only human, and sometimes things just don't go as you have planned. fName wltnnela ny requestl. BIOCHEM. SEMINAR Oct. 28, "The Heferofraphlc Nlfdffcaffon by an Alcaligines Sp." Presented by Domlnlque Csstignetti, Loyola 4:00, Rm. 5892. MOVIE Oct. 29, Halloween, 6 P.M., 51.00. Theater. PARTY Oct. 29. Dental School sponsored. NOV. 8 Monday, Dr. Herlng fdlrector of NM 4 'nfl 5' if I Q 4- 5-41.-if nyc - 1' xjw U 'QVV ,.., .- P... K 'Z ,gi'7p""'2Tx's 1, vi, J.. L K X.. Y v 3 .,. : iw ,' i ' f . 9 4 -... It 5 ,. X . Q A v L' Ni' af1."1?'.1W6 l 'ff Q1 Lf?" K .1 - e Q 1 I 1 1 -1 , 5 , ' , 13 ff! is AAR.. L. H Q. , N ,, M 1 I . 1 , ,xx WING W ' S . . ,,,,,g..w ., W , 22" . . h Physlcal Dlagnoslsl wlll speak to us about the Instruments we need for next semester. Classroom, 12:00-1:00. BLOOD DRIVE We have collected 59 unlts of blood so far. There are plans to extend the goal tif funding can be Ioundl to 200 units. So keep the blood coming. Once there la a hard frost, students with allergies wlll be able to donate, so we'll look for your help sometime after the tests. Walker Wynkoop. "It would be a wonderful Idea to have all medlcal students have a shot, uh, lnducing food poisoning H.J. Blumenthal ". ,. You know, women glve childbirth to newborn chlldren." W.W. Yotls "The Infant wasn't getting up and walking around H.J. Blumenthal "ln large metropolitan area - problem with gonnorrhea because you don't know who your partners are." W.W. Yotls "You're supposed to help your patients, not turn them Into monsters." A.H. Friedman "How many here have had uh uh uh Am I exaggerating?" H.J. Blumenthal "The youngest reported case of gonnorrhea was a youngster, 6 yrs. old you know perhaps he ate a lot of hot peppers," W.W. Yotls "Where the hell am I?" A.G. Karczmar "Do the wet mount with a jerky motion." J. Russell "l'd like to lnvlte you to an elective in your cllnlcal years for sexually transmitted diseases which we provide to you P. O'Keefe CLASSIFIED Color TV, 25' diagonal, Maple cabinet, good condltlon, some problems with UHF. Circa 1963. 5125. Contact Joan Lewls. Speaking of fantastic, I thlnk all would agree that our own Sax Virtuoso Dave Harris and hle band Nightwatch made the night - and thanks to Dave, more than a few MSll's catharted their rock star fantasies on stage. George Christy was the mastermind behlnd this party and deserves credit for lnltlatlng and organizing the whole Idea. Remember Don R? Part-time med stud, part time football player? Well, just recently Don's team won the Metropolitan Football League Championship 1844. Rubo, allas red nucleus. played an excellent game at xv K fx ' ' Txisw , Y' ' E f J X N O ""5-Q1 Q, A' 1 .z if V ti - , N -I . G , . M , - tl. : ' . r - L . t I X 'E K Qt xx Q5 k we X. Q L-'D Y? mv, 1" " -7" ---....,,,.. "' ' .fre-r1.1 ,ae f ,,, gg any . L-fy, A, . Q muif- f'- , f 'SQ ' 0,6 sy, y an f .. if Q 17 P tlgm end and on the speclal, leading me Rlver Grove Cowboys to vlctory. The game may be seen on cable ln the near tuture, However, I feel It ls very Inconslderate that faculty, staff and other students ln this class feel that some of us have nothing better to do than hang around the medlcal school after scheduled classes. Medical school ls only a part of my llfe. I have other obllgatlons to work and to my famlly for whlch most people around here have no conslderatlon Just because teachers are dlsorganlzed or the admlnlstratlon is unable to get thelr class schedules straight doesn't mean I can be late to work wlthout some prlor notice. And I'm tlred of belng treated as ll LU Med Center I5 the only place In the world that exists. Name wlthheld. MONDAY DEC. 13 "Conformation of glycoproteins: NMR and circular dichrolsm studies of the antlfreeze protein of polar fish" Dr. C. Allen Bush, IL. lnstltute of Tech. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Aloohollcs Anonymous meetlng every Thursday at 7:30 In 2706. Open meetlngs the last Thurs. of each month, AAMC Protect: General Professional Education of the Pnyslclan and College Preparation for Medlclna Frl. Nov. 19 Lower Level Audlt. "Fundamental Skllls" wlth Dre. Bralthwalte, Brooks, Brumllk, Cross, and Frazler 12-4:30j. WED. DEC. 1 Tralnlng In Personal Values and Atdtudes wlth Dr. Cross, Mlcetlch, Moran, Ozar. Ralney, Renshaw, Stelnecker, Thomasma, Tobln Q2-41003, DINING Annle's Santa Fa In Oakbrook Shopplng Center: Good Mexlcan Food, nlce atmosphere, great margarltas, pleasant and efflclent waitresses, and relatlvely Inexpenslve. Not completely authentic, mn very mary. Hlgnly recommended: Chlmlchanga, and Chlmlchanga Florentlne. lBut lets be eerlous, all we really want ls the Iree lood lor Happy Hour ...l PARTEEEIII HEAR YE, HEAR YElll All are Invlted to an authentlc Roman Toga Party at the Kev'a place thls Saturday, Nov. 20 at 8pm. The palaoe la at 304 Cllnton Ave.. Oak Park, All togas wlll be personally and lndlvldually Inspected at the door. BYOB, S. D, QR and R wlll be provldedj TOGAl TOGAI TOGAI DEAR ABBEY: School la drlvlng me up the wall. What do I do? Qult now or later? ll'm startlng to feel Ilke one blg bezoarj. Dear "Bezoar" Student: l can really relate to your problem, and sometlmes I feel this way too but, buddy. we got no cholce. My advloe to you: hang In for another 4 weeks and everythlng would be over for a whlle. "Remember thls disease when you are Involved wlth patlants who era sexually actIve" H. Matthews "The rat flea ls our frIend." W.W. Yotls "Regularly they report on a regular baslsf' S. Lorens "OK, now let's take a hand vote - how many want lt and how many don't?" W.W. Yotls "Hopefully these patlents are Iew In number but they're annoylng when they show up." T. Smlth "You get a acrotel reactlon wlth a You know." W,W, Yotls "What Ruth doean't know won't hurt her Stu Goldman i E 1 , 1 1 51 I 5. I 11 'w . g. -1 I :il L9 il 'iw 5,4 P .1 ll' 1 VJ E! al 'Y i 3 .QI E: E1 y. 5 ,i' 4 Q11 235 fl! :gg 'gil .,,: iii? .'.,:I 1111 fr? I. : : Q! - Aw , V., .X -rf N .x qu ,.s 5 A x R 'r"ii:?h fi-1" .YJ l:'xkf?3f - r ..- ip. K if fu ' L 'Cn "Irs going to be long today" Fi. Miner .. classic hardball neuroanatomyf' Castro .. psychooeramlca Hillenbrand "This is a stellar handout." J.X, Thomas "Calclum, calcium, calcium" J.P. Fllklns "You're going to have diabetes again and again," J.P. Fllklns "Get the bag out." C.L. Webber "lt's not just a flIterll" C.L, Webber "ls there e problem here?" A. Gordon BLOOD DRIVE REPORT Over 80 units of blood have been collected so lar. Bill Hoffman has been working hard st arranglng more donations so that we can extend the drlve past 100 unltsg so we hope to keep the drlve going all year. Remember those that repeat get a S5 TGIF or 2 lunch passes. Please donatel ' J: , Walker Wynkoop, Uke everyone elae l'm beginning to wonder about how best to prepare for part ,a ' X7 'G I 3 X F U tx I N-,N -It 4-at ,.- Q dr 7 9 Ll l 19 I of the Boards that we will be taking in June. Tlm Tsol has done a super job of organizing ln order to get group rates for the Kaplan course. Those who can afford lt know that the Kaplan system has merit and, at LU at least, has a good track record. For those of you wondering if their might be an alternative to the Kaplan course lor lf you're manic enough to want the Kaplan course and a home study coursej l offer the Munson Minimal Money Method, a non-proflt cooperatlve idea solely for sophs, To have a good coop requires planning and an organized approach. This takes time lwhlch ls rapidly becoming a scarce lteml. If there are other Ideas and proposals ln the class, they should be brought lorward and dealt wlth now, not just before llnals when nobody has time to consider lt, The results of our last "oplnlon poll" were: ll Funeral flowers: send to parents only - 26 votes: send card slgned by everyone In class - 21g other 28p the "other" consisted mostly of people that wanted both of the choices above, and to Include grandparents and siblings. To resolve the issue, I decided the followingg flowers and a card slgned by the class will be sent to parents' funeralsg cards will be sent to grandparents' and siblings' funerals, We have three new additions to the Class lx 4 sb I V, Ji 12 'f luv, .I All of '85s Mike Flezak, Stevan Salnatl, and Jay Tomeo. Welcome guysl This brings our offlclal Class count to 129. Any more questions? Ask Lydla Collins, President of our newly formed Photography Club. As for the matter of Organ Systems lectures running overtime, l'm sure most of you are aware that Doctor Brslthwalte fcourse dlrectorl feels It ls important that we get our breaks end that the classes run on schedule. She asked that I, or my designate, announce to the lecturer to please summarize the lecture when there ls 30 seconds remelnlng. I was appointed by the MSU to lnltiate the renovation and redecoratlng of the Student lounge. Two hundred dollars was allocated for that purpose. Anyone who has a flair for lnterlor decorating and wishes to help, please contact me. John Andreoni. FEBRUARY 16, WEDNESDAY 3:30, L.L. Audltorlum Ambuletlon af Newborns with Staphylcoccal Bacteremla. Harold Blumenthal, Ph.D., Loyola-Strltch. APRIL 5 Deadllne for National Boards Part I Appllcatlon. BARRYSTER Thle column ls being provided as a source of general information In the field of law for the purposes of self education. Any questions or comments are welcome. What ls Law? Various deflnltlons exist for the term law. "You frequently see people llke this walking around on the street and you wonder, Are they acromegalics7" L. Bekerls "Some people get ofl the plane and dive right Into the sack." S. Lorens "While sleeplng your pharynx contains what you went to bed with." Dr. Gross "Next time I show you some skin." Dr. Eng "And on the next page of your handout" Dr. Davis "This la a real case, but we'll make lt hypothetical." Dr. Goldberg The donor room ls prepared to take any student that drops by: just let them know that you are e student lno appointment neededl, Walker. The graduation committee has met several times in the last month - the first matter to consider: a speakei: The following have been nominated: ISAAC ASIMOV, GUYTON, WATSON tof Watson and Crickl, i I '7 1 'il H Q. I - '-if 'Q .Vi . - , 1 I. U, , : , . lf., I . A 1 2, 'VE' 'S -15: I SQ' I i 1 l it? ' ' it .5 ' f lv P' . I 1: f ' 1 cg I . - at Q 5. ' 'i A- ve. ti? it . -Q 22 mms- nf BERNE, LEVY, WYNGARTEN, SIR JOHN ECCLES, DANNY THOMAS, LEON KASS, JOHN STONE, AND BROOKE SHIELDS. The commlttee wlll make a ranked preference Ilst of the nomlnees. There are many parameters whlch are Involved wlth thls ranklng, such ss: the class preference, the speaker's fee. admlnlstratlon approval, and lmpresslons of those who have heard the speaker ln the past. The clerkship track lottery ran smoothly - It took exactly 30 mlnutesp 17 people used the optlon to change thelr orlglnal choices by being present at the drawlng. Jeff Aoki was drawn flrst, Tom Tomaslk last at 8129, but S10 rlcherl MIKE GUTZEIT revealed that he's been practlclng hls physlcals wlth BILL HOFFMAN fdon't worry, BILL, he dIdn't tell us any VITAL STATS, but we got a pretty good Idea anyway after MIKE'S wlle NANCY asked JIM STINNEFORD for your phone number ...I Admlt It MIKE LANDAU the real reason you sit ln the front row ls to bolt out that door in record tlme to see your cute new glrlfrlendl Ever slnce Julla Cooper started dating a resident she met st P-DOG, ahe's been ravlng about all the 'hands-on' experience ahe's been gettlng. IShare the wealth, honey.j MIKE LUU, tha Vletnamese Sex Machlne, clalms chicks have been clamoring all over hls body - apparently mlstaklng hlm for Mr. T. The Bookstore flnally got s new shlpment of "DR. SPOCK'S Parentlng Made Easy" after they were swamped wlth requests by TERRY MAYERS, MARK DIAMOND, WALKER WYNKOOP, DAVE EVANS, FRANK PARKER, STEVE SAINATI, AND PAULA OLEN-MIKRUT Staylng at Loyola meant "Looking for love In all the wrong places" for BOB MILLAFI and BRUCE LOWRIE. They're waltlng to hear about thelr pendlng transfers to Iowa and Case Western Med Schools. And BOB, ls that rumor of s December weddlng true? Add stlll another scratch-out to those Little Black Books glrla, TOM TOMASIK just announced hls engagement Nothing but RAVES for those new do's on PATTY NAUGHTON. TOM DUCKEIT, DAVE FRANK. and CLAUDIA TALLAND Unfortunately, DEAN RAINEY relected the Caslno Nlght Auctlonlng of "A Nlght wlth SUSAN BRAITHWAITEI' APRIL 14 Mlcro Seminar Role ofthe M Protein In the pattrogsnesls al SSPE Dr. N. .Lan Q x ff if Yn- x I Q 1 .2 I5 23 Nell Luraln. LUMC 4:00 PM, Thurs. Rm 5692 APFIIL 21 Neurosclence Semlnar: The Modular Organlzatlon of the Neocortex Dr. Vernon B. Mountcastle, Johns Hopklns. CASINO NIGHT Thls year's fundralser is belng held on Frlday, Aprll 22 and promlses to be an extravaganza which will make last year's event look Ilke a "Pub Crswl"llI Thls year's prlzes already include a round trlp for two to Florlda, a home computer, a color TV, a blcycle, etclll Sexual Response of the Female lReview by Adaml Llmlted showlng at LUSSOM, Rm. 2706. The house fllled early, to standlng room only for thls tlmeless classlc. The audlence was not dlsappolnted and each went away satlslled ln hls or her own way. The performer was superb and so llfellke that thls vlewer was convlnced that the actlon was genulne. The plot was deep In thls short fllm. Sexual Response of the M618 IFIeview by Evel Thls tllm was not for the wesk at heart. Although the orlglnal was replaced by a more vlrlle and competent performer, It dld not detract from the fllm. In fact it allowed e better look at what males have to offer In today's world. Thls vlewer was shocked to dlscover the large number of freshman males who crowded the theater. Thls leads one to wonder how many were from Callfornle. The actlon started slow, but grew qulckly and flnlshed with a musing flnale. The wlde lens photography and sound effects added lmmensely to the enloyment of thls fllm. Recallectlons of my Class of '85 Llnda Kleltman Remember when Dr. Lavelle couldn't stop laughlng We sang happy blrthday to Dr. Wezeman Dr, Llpsius descrlbed "lrreverslble death" Denesh had troubles focuslng the sllde projector Dr. Manteuffel got hlt by a flylng screen Stu Goldman sang "Obturator oh would you help me move my leg?" Dr. Haberland kept saylng "De NeCFl0sls X x J xf A Y. JU' .. .09 x, N M :lf-fi ' :Lf.E,.if5,kw-X -s .. .i , N X .P f gags-X114 E... P li ,neu , , .1. fa ,,,.. 21-Z ?5fFlfV ffl , 25 . 4:4 Y ,sk 44 8211 5, ,,f. ,M - . . '-- , -was 7, 0 fr s . ' 4 . ' y C .,- f . ., 'E . 5' . 'I 1 1: -zfzeol fl' A . , 1 , ' 5 z. N.. 4... ' '-+....N,4 ...Q .x 4: X F P l of de TALamooae" Brad Koloms was the gulnee plg for Dr, Brazls In Neuro all eyes were on Joan Newrockl and Dave Nelson whlle they danced up a Storm We missed the FREI TEST on the Micro test Terry Mayers made a great bunny We heard Kuh-plll-uh-ree pronounced ls thle a tort or contract case? DEAR ABBEY, Why? signed Confused Dear Confused: Why Not? tl think you are crazyj "The second pulmonary embolus may klll the pt. and that's what you're trylng to do." "The sex status I don't. uh, race and sex l'm not sure." J. Goldberg "Now what happens? Age, sex, racel" W, Wood "All patients wlll eventually swallow." Dr, Gattl The basic sclencelcllnlcal transltlon was a popular time to transfer: CRAIG GERARD to Bowman Gray, VIVIAN TOM to New York Medical, BRUCE LOWRIE to Case Western tweddlng plans lor Octoberl, BOB MILLAR to Unlv. of Iowa Imore wedding bells ln Decemberl and JOAN LEWIS to Martln Luther Klng School of Medicine. We also lost three to the MD.-Ph.D. program here at Loyola: DON RUBENSTEIN, RAVI SALGIA, and MARC GERDISCH. We lost a few, but gelned two: KATIE DUDLEY coming to us frorn St. Louls Univ, and MARTHA WOODHOUSE, from Creighton. Katle ls currently In medlclne at Loyola, and Martha ls In Medlclne at St. Francis. WELCOMEI Offlclal class count is 123. Dr. Ralph Lelschner was voted OUTSTANDING BASIC SCIENCE TEACHER by our class. He was presented wlth a plaque at the St. Luke's Dlner, and asked that I pass on his sincere thanks. Our wlld card lottery system is working very well. The lotterles are averaging an BB'!e flrst choice, and 12'!e second choice rate. There have been several lotteries where no one has gotten their 3rd or lower choloel Congratulations to BOB BFIOCKMAN on hle engagementl Remember when Llnda Kleltman the only thing keeping you going was looking forward to going home at the end of the day, and on cell days you just resigned yourself to being depressed you were at Hines' canteen your resident asked an obtunded patient who was the C--fm I 'x president of the U.S., and your patient replled, "Uh, nobody," and your resldent quickly sald, "you'ra rightl" , We are ln the process ol worklng with the Associate Dean's office puttlng together THE Career lnlormatlon nlght. The Residency application process will be explained. x S 1 C " ' ' Q f in ffl Q 3 x . ': 4 ! xv' is 'I 7 .6 2 ,E Q1 . , 2 2 f'iV 67- Q " 21 5 'W -, ' x 1 ' ' .-Q J ' 9 5 af, Q Q, S . , M V , 4 -X . 5 - ,,,, g,,, ,. ,,,.,,,,i, 3, mn, M-'.1f,-Q'-+. V-,,4,A L. cv ww v.3,. , ,, V x Q '5 X fi 1 -fb -L - 'E L . -. .5 . ix f,.v i- ., 4 W x -.15 Q. K . 1- ' . 1 '1"x v X. ,,.., V Mvrwn wrff-,n 14,:.'f,,gyg-r Ing e Yszwiw vyhff- 'M-1 ' Q . Q V A ,gr ' -Q - p 'jiQ. 5 , r. .. K ' I - ,sf . "3 h if x V .. ' ' 1 ,, X . ,.-,M-,, mt, riwpumn Vim Meitman ,Q Kuhn iw-43-1 112 1 ,f ' .r X 1 -f - ,A nsmf Lwfw me Mqc4vmTl0 'M Ufiwwf M ' . x ' s 'A t N 6 x Q ' S , 3 ' , 4 if -sf -f v 5 Vw. f 'mv fi r- 'la-mh'fv' HW-mu Nwlann Pivxgavfw' 0'LMfv 5',1N1-W VW' bww- N14 , . X . , if J Q f 1 4 - Y X , , , l R 'V Q' K ' S L Y' 1 '95 Q 3 ' 1 -.-'X " "' Iwmw- Jaw-v.w DJ v-"ww isiwvv mlm Q' rj, r-:jr S ' ' 4 F ' 1 . I Q W. f - ' '-11 Y 'www 'vw '.f . ' S: i ' 30 D U A Lpages Steven Abram Celestine Amaefule 32 hLG'iu"..n.x---is E..ff"NI John Andreoni X HOMETQWNZ MADERA' Success does not necessarily worthy of us as persons. A goal, MY "SPECIAL CALIFORNIA mean Met we must eam a great whatever it may be, is what gives PEFISON": SIDECIAL-I-Y: FAMILY deel ol money and live in the meenlng to our existence. it is the MEDICINE biggest house in town. It means carrot on the edck that keeps us MEMOFIABLE ACTIVITIES: only that we are daily engaged in striving toward e goal that we have Independently choeen and feel ls striving - that keeps ue interested - Met gives ue a reason lor getdng out of bed In the momlng. -1 cuma Night I, .G - Boxer Short Party 14-F0 -1 "' "'Lt '---.'T1"..,. .D -4p, .t,'?,'3,.,"::.,:"aJ:""'1-I. ' 'ff ,W my MOST CREATIVE PATIENT: :wage me-lfv"' ,.,-1 on 'A :ij 5' Bevsluv, BNWT - -if ' - - 'l ws' by my sex-cllnlc couple for my "-' R co-therapist and me. 33 .IEP I-'REI AIIKI P YIIIIIII X S VST! I5 Engagement announced Mr and Mrs Joseph C Santos Sr . nounce the engagement of their dough! Patrtcla Ann, lu Jeffrey Exjiro Aakl River Forest. Ill He ts the son of Mr a IVlrs Mitsuyoshx Aokl of Madera The engagement was otftctally , ncunced by the hrmde's father during dmner at the Smugglers Inn Restaurant Fresno attended by relatxves of prospecttve brtde and groom A mast the engaged couple was made by me un of the brtdeflect, Tony P Santns Stralhmure The brtdevln-be ts a 1974 graduate Jeffrey Aoki Brian Bane Daniel Baflan "You can always tell a Harvard man, 3 -gg but you can't tell him much. Dad fa- gx BEST WISHES TO 'VT' THE CLASS OF 1985 Herbert Berger L I ' E . www - Q gf Q M I' ar Q 4 V Mg,,,,ku THE K WARD j r CONGRQTULRTIONS r i Class QF M85 HLUE Can LNOAAXQ Gln'-5'Ux'lnj new u l,4zZ,,LA0NL'?fLgfyA fjizql 2, ..,..---- John Bradtke Robert Brockman Jan Brzozowski 3 .--...I-LL X 'ft-'s!tr'.':':.'. 36 Chris Capelle , X 3 . It is not my fault that I am not AOA. 37 Elsamma Chacko Gregory Chaljub Valerie Chirurgi 38 I entered medical school with the 3 D's dedication, determination, and drive . . . to Denver, San Diego, Tampa, anywhere but Maywood. Thank God for coops 1981-82 was the best year of my lite. l saw less of Loyola than before I started school 1983-84 was the worst year of my life. The party was over as 3rd year began, and my only birthday card was from Father Fahey Alter going to Loyola, you'd think the only basketball team on earth was Notre Dame. But after watching them kick that ball around, you realized they were more of a rugby team Here's to Stu Goldman, a true Iowa Hawkeye fan. Here's to Don Kim, the other phantom of the class. And here's to never having to work another service with Bill trepeat after the Attendingi Hoffman. fe X N , I V4 3 ight Greg Christensen 73 'Q" ,F -t . . 1 I Q 1' X-I I . 3 I f I X 8 if 4 wi' 1 5 ' hr S 7 ff' , t , A4 xx I 5? photo by Michael Evans 39 George Christy Scott Cinel Steven Cohen Look what Loyola can do for you .,,-.gif ,, QNX M 5 F: ,ft J ,xg 'A 1 31557 an ' c7 BEFORE AFTER E f Q 9 , - A t 5: . - Q pf N- utter'- ND .A.x - 1.-P X A 40 W if 1 mewae, Et-mx Rm G I A ii ,tu X...-, ,tglv ff-pf fl " ' i git' h 5 'fx . if ,'. l Q x. .. 5' P-vi. X 'W if 1.11 5 1 : . '33 "'-, .ff Q -555, Pi' ' zu... . ' 1 4, A, sift. P ' . ' fs ...wx Lydia Collins , .- V I ..- ,QW , ,.. ,,, .vf L , f-.- A is .-.-9' N1 M .. --Sf . f Q -3 J' as' M JS x w x 3 rv I 5- D, . XG N' IC X A ' V f , , --: x X - M , , ' fix X .:- K -,. ' A ' - 'Eff ' , .V ' jfii - . Q , -fe, " "1-A NWNQXW f 4 . X ,jxtll Daniel Conway Julia Cooper f I Kevin Cox WORK TO LIVE THANK YOU CLASS OF '85 FOR MAKING IT ALL WOFITHWHILE! I 42 ii .M ,- . Laura Cozzi W -4.1 if 'rea 6 ir 2 Lee Crocker JU8l'lif8 DBCKSI' Dams-I I. Jr? Just goes to show ya' - little shavers grow up to be big ones. Randal DeFelice ,nl 9a46ef4a4faa4, aadifeuzllnot allaanyoatale teatedalowyoaa pawnmlatwlm tlete4teome4We wdllattlecame tanepwaddeaway yoataaaataazda 160410.43 7182 7k we af 16664 an endian, Had mae! aladq Z4 afewzaame, Sec! 72,-I2 7282 Q Val ,L ,R K - .K ' L - - ff 'Q fi' if Q Y f ,. 45 Thomas Duckett Katie Dudley fr' xv 'E x 'va 4 11 K- . I X N P i ":.,." . CY -Jaw . f .f . . A I P I XJ .ig . Q ' -' ' ' g J 1 4 46 1 .4 'S AL! J' v. 'X Margaret Egan I X Y in Q What the Farshid Eshaghpour David Evans 1:21 Uqx -It . F Pg, f F -". f 0 . g ,, -xg ' , f 'K'. - .. f' 13 R v4 '- '. NG ., ,v..fw'-41. X Ask N me fix x X fu NY E f if x ' x ,Q , X' x-"3 ' 19- Fmwjfr - ' - - ',-lx 'z' 5- K ga, r'f'i-f' Lorena Fabrizius jfs- 48 D531 .L Boleslaus Falinski David Frank ,. Y M-1-2 . o K :J f 5 Q . , ...bb 3 Q, . .Agp fi-N ' T53 4 1,-5 - swoon -em I WESOENT I , . Qvmtzf Winn? 21154114 U '15 'OPMAWE vim 49 Raymond Georgen Marc Gerdisch 1. A . . x,:. + Anthony Giamberdino si jx,,.Q.Sw P X 'ix - 'i 'NX , 651. Q . ,gvgx -i5.15'if1-Nfff 1 N .v N 'i X .5 s kt Nt U ,swf-.,,K :X N X t ,sg W, . wg ww. fb, it f P, ,'i'E'2fl . X , K N Fsrx .us-Sam . t.,., W X 5 TF. . Q., 5? . X Il. 'Y ...W Q Vi K J fs bl "And let your best be for your friend. If he must know the ebb of your tide, let him know its flood also. For what is your friend that you should seek him with hours to kil Seek him always with hours to live. For it is his to fill your needs, but not your emptiness. And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharings of pleasures. For in the dew ol little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed." This is to all my friends without whom l could never have survived the last four years. May you all find the happiness you deserve. Patricia Giuffre Thomas Goblirsch xy ttf' L .gf Stewart Goldman 1 J.. -'.-.F-'I '- .-.. ' -I., I, -2 .. ,, F .py4.U.-'Y-..,.7,frA , -t, - , H .3,.::-1-1 'ggi--g-g4,g.1:g7f,-,-f A 'fa-fav . - 1, q,cZs.1.4c+ ,.,jjg" " - 2 ' y -. - gqgrn ' 19:-g?:f-231.53555 A l H .gvqy f V. .gk 7 x ,,H-J f ' . ffm? . .I 3'- , I-f.:,, 5, .. ---- 4, A wi ,.'?f:-'1 , y " '- . Kp: I. 4 - 'N W ' , -I' -' f. " . ' Wh 1 , ' . qt A '- ls. 'few N ' -- .111 I ' -. ,.-4-+.:.:.' . U: .. ., . E' ,A s ,.-- .-.. , s.. 1. . ' I' riff" . ' 4' i1'K1'Q" Cfl"'75ff"2f- I Q,' . gi.. ' l. A me. - -:..-aa. N .::.. t 4, I Lied To You' fThe Hlstory and Physlcal Songj On the ward they sent me wlth my white coat Welsh-Allen In my pocket, a lump lnslde my throat. The patient I was to see sald "You're just a kld". He told me to get out of there. I can't belleve what I did. A-sf -iss. 1, . e, .N -f' - L h sgQ3sM,Y... ' . I SBIG IUFIQS WBTG YBSOYIBFIL FIB dI'Bl'lk 190 beers B diy, I Bild hls IIVBI' WHS BIIIGYQBG, I faked the H 81 P. Chorus I Iled to you, I Iled to you, I Iled to you. Cause I dld not see hls anatomy. I Iled to you, I Iled to you. I ned to you. But I was home by half past three. I dld not see hls tundl but I put down "the dlscs they are so sharp and clear, 1116 MBIQIDS UIBY B78 YOUI'Id." About hls genltalla, thls I dld not see, but I wrote down on my H G P, "they looked alright to me." Hls DTR's were normal, at least I thought they must. I oould not feel his popllteal, so I said it was S+. Chorus 'Sung to the tune of Bruce Sprlngsteen's "I Came for You" 8 Q ,aff . .-2 ,K .If .. Q-'U' 'a M Lorraine Griffin J 2 - 'MX , F! Afg- . 4.47 Richard Griffin Bruce Groom DESIDERATA Now there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a member of the jewish ruling council. He came to jesus at night and said, "Rabbi, we know you are a teacher who has come from God. For no one could perform the miraculous signs you are doing if God were not with him." ln reply jesus declared, "l tell you the truth, unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." "But," said Nicodemus, "how can a man be born when he is old? Surely he cannot enter a second time into his mother's womb to be born!" jesus answered, "l tell you the truth, unless a man is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, 'You must be born again.' The wind blows wherever it pleases. You may hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit, vi "I-low can this be?" Nieodemus asked. "You are a teacher of Israel," said jesus, "and do you not understand these things? l tell you the truth, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony. l have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe, how then will you believe if l speak of heavenly things? No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven-the Son of Man. just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but ro save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of Gods one and only Son. This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God." fjolin 3: l-Zlj Stephen Gryzlo Q A 'nr' -M ,W M ww, A, .. 4 , 'mf i WA, , Michael Gutzeit .ii ,A vwsqw' 'f , Y, Q W1, f I '. JL YF me -- L--. .. , f lqgix' N ' J, if :W KT? KX? 'TQWJ Lag?-'Y IYMHHLEQ' David Harris William Hoffman f B01 I WAN ?m'6'1'1'fW V f f-Effglflf Er'ff.' w ' WAfyfQ"f5 Nifwwaffgf , ,g, mzfvmlw' ws nga mkrx :vi . zfiggfznwwr gl ygrmmnans H , E511 'l:"- 2 nrazw mn-rw W9-90157 ' ' M .1 5 7 ? Xjyx som' ag? ' ,wav 7' .H Q Q ' Hgh fy' l X 1' .52 l A" l' 5 ffl . . K WW IQ, 'L V A 1 919. TE F412 ' 1 1 ' Z' l -7 f1f' Q. 5ff 'f2 ,mf - , - 1 NN A7Jg5T "SZiL'15f,!Zf"" Wa. wat' ,?EEF17N6'1Qf THIIMM' , ' Bn'152Wr27wwmZ'5"w - 'AWN' if'9""'EAD' L. L" ll WMM! ' ' fbirtrfffumsljr , I A 45 K .14 67' X W ' N.,-f a.-or mauve.-: f , IF U X xi! - f A fp' , - X lf -.L X"' 5. 1 V a ' . X ' - '-3 Z :if '- l vi ' f ' --" 17: l V "Jr ,, l ,-l 4' ' 3551 .W - A.: ,-,- ., ,l ,l.,.., 1-1,1 AH.-:,,,f- , , F' , fill., e f' i at ,I ,f ,,, A 'J ,:,,., ,, , ' "' 4 grew ' X 'iv , ' ff. ' 1 '- Sam J'.-gg.w2l'5'- 52D' .q3 - if-fi il' ,A 1 '-" if-1 ,. V? 'H r r lx 2 t :M ' Q: l-A ' 'A V Ag ni: , :hr-.N l Y K , -lf ' 4Mf'ffc':T,3 " , , V' Q Anesthesia "No, I cant do an extra gall bladder on my schedule- He trunks waanng hrs Operating-room cap around the hospital l lee DH at threel" ' 9 X is COO' , H ' 'cu Q ,. .. if Mulllple guna cnarns Q- Abhormally :- ' 1 ,V , heallhy tan t ,, llmm leavmg 1 Z' hospstal ' E L ' at 230 PM every dayj lik' -.fb-,,f'1" ,L - .' Ffj' Lunch Item that all wear, but no one else knows what ll ts 3 Prolessuonal ' journal Watch Only ' anesthesuologusts wear watches- surgoons take therrs off every 1 llme they scrub, and lose lhem ,A L: , Goll shoes ffef ' 1:5 le X -' N f 1' ' if 43" tax'-Y ifaneslheslologusts r 31' L I , . y: r X K .Eg YL 3' l. Wah ll on l l V ,Kb S F' T' X' l E- 1 'H Q l Q' M fb rw l ,ab S ll ' 3' X :F 4 if I 1 'KLUJI DJCSDQ ooo People AND S.mah'ora I Can Never lb .lo F 1' ! 2-an efxlftmdn :hy -Engl. mu ff' - --M--+--V rr-:nm f- w-L , fr p-an-nun S 9"4 -cuuleutw ' lg' v rw-1 .wt -an-.thu -'Q 4 . 'dm mlulrnattqf ' ' 1 5 evmgq- 1 lamulibr-vu. I vu sua..- 1 , Ill '7 ll l BM .- - nl .- Q- "Qu"'v:1'::"a1T:-mrmu. Y 4 Doa Nu t , .lmiJ larmn --mmgllluq-fq. " '9xfL-L ,- 'X '.IZ?3."CflI5-"' " ' ' 'J---L -- f X u on Lu. . f 2 Y: 5 "".:f3f:."- M Q5 3' 52' ta, N. . 4 ,xmhtxflu 9, .- Qi ua. 4.4 ' , , ' L 4. . N-Nlrzmblxlh mush' mffsf' Auusuxnmf Tuniivbhndt ' - M Y ' , af. f in ' f:g - Naam, ' 9'ff"", .1X5a7f-- 1- L , M-Js..L'L ... .LTR ai'L'4,'Jl1 nim ' -. Q - Gnu Znamy 4'5" 'il' ' melhwf """ 'rm' 'L ' .. umm. -' rv.:- 1 f ry "Tl wwvvu..L lun Md Jin lg 371.1-...Jn gnu, . ,,,,v,,1,,,,., U It all nd 0-d J an. ld. X mn mn 40 Dv HP- N- - .n....k-4 mm-:nl 1, ,N x can msg nf Wm , X " ,gat 5-. -0 unlmirynrilun um-ul 'Bu Huwuuar ,,,-':jL.... ' I- 5 Richard Horndasch 56 Christine Ingle Stuart Issleib f ,f 57 Mary Jachec Leslie Jacobs AAA AAAA AAAAA 1' . - .-.' .1.i':fF: J lf"s ' 15'-A" I. 1:1 .YN Q .5 K... .JF N at .82 P121 A Debbie Johnson Jerrilyn Jutton IDX x . H244 X L. 59 John Ka" Mitchel Katz If 1 A ll 1 Class, I want you to know I love all of you very much, and I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord, and our Messiahl My colleagues, how I wish with all my heart that you, my classmates might be saved! How I pray to God for you! l can testify about you that you are zealous, but your zeal is not based on true knowledge. You have not known the way in which God puts men right with himself, and have tried to set up your own way, and so you have not submitted yourselves to God's way of putting men right. For we cannot have peace with God through Timothy Kietzman personal achievement, but through Christ everyone who believes is put right with God. God's message is near you, on your lips and in your heart - that is, the message of faith that I proclaim. lf you declare with your lips, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your hearts that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For we believe in our hearts and are put right with God: we declare with our lips and are saved. The scripture says, "Whoever believes in him will not be disappointed." This includes everyone, because there is no difference between Jews and Gentilesp God is the same Lord of all, and richly blesses all who call on him. Truthfully l can testify to you that my life is at peace with God and I would not have it any other way. iAbove text adapted from Romans 8:38,39g 10:1-4, 8-15I .gif f- . .Ji J , f gi:Z5r 1 Xl - if? L FS ti Q f l -. lt- r - .M .I U-ri' ll X gran -v 4 4- ' QL- G . Q- A . x -fx Y Q 'ii---. ' - - tj M 5 'dl uf X tn I 5: ' CY 1- , i. 2 Q ' ,U , V' N ,N 4 1 .3 A 'Ss . - ff' s Fe ' -1-.-I f- if J Q 'ffl4ajr-',- 1 fi. W l J ' 3 ' .0- ln an insane society, the sane man must -5 appear Insane. Spock Once you've given up Integrity, the rest is, easy. J. R. Ewing Physician surpluses Specialties with largest estimated surpluses In the U.S. for 1990 In rru mber ol physicians YI Bw 710.450 .7,5f!J General 57' 177-We e 9- ll of-I surg ry Q.. . . Obstetrics- ' ' -5,450 gynecology f 1' -4.7W F: 'L' Q- Gerveral ' Azz? ' Eg Cardiology S 9,100 Dregrlosric radiology Orthopedic surgery Ophthalmology General in ern I medicine Pul rrionarv diseases 2.50 9-Q""x"' ' ' .zf"?55i't-. ft X, , i. .- 5,435-L firm .,:f::z4 ' General Iarririy practice wma. r..n....n tlrmrr sw... emacs-.. Mean. wtnrv me . -ft., Au..-,--rv Lomwnee 61 Donald Kim Linda Kleitman Ftemember when Basic Sciences We sang happy birthday to Dr. Wezeman 17 times one week Tom Moulton came into our class to announce the lecture series "Death 8 Dylng" For hyperventilatlon, "GET THE BAG OUT!" The Cadaver flipped off the table Dr. Thomas knew he was balding because lt took him longer to wash hls face In the morning De Necrosis was In De TALamoose Dr. Yotis sald "You know," Medlclne I You thought you heard an early dlastollc murmer but your intern sald you dldn't hear it, but your resident said you did hear it, but your cllnlcal instructor said you did hear it Surgery Your resident would yell, "Hold lt Up Higher!" And no matter what posltlon lt was ln, the retractor was never hlgh enough OBIGYN You learned the new art of OBIGYN surgery, forgetting most of the good technique you learned on General Surgery Pediatrics Mltch Katz went on a transport and the ambulance caught on fire Psychiatry Every time you asked. "What day ls lt? Who was the president before Fleagan?. you realized that you, too were dlsorlented and had a memory loss Medlclne II You were up all night putting ln lV's, and you got to the point where you couldn't look at someone's arm without examining it for potential stick-a-ble veins Extramural Electives You realized that there really are humane hospitals out there where attendlngs believe that senior students don't need to be on call or work on weekends Now. weren't those the days? Hope thlngs can only get better Bradley Koloms 'vu is l C' Q ff g in E15 BL r 13 DCNK7' 07 Eric Kuhn g ggg , pw ' x , Ni y xc i Thank you for all your support during the Sophomore COOP. Best of luck to all of you. Reflecting The friends I met while at LUMC, Will always be in my memory. A mix of people we had there, And how much work We did bear. We studied long hours to get at least a Always remembering that "P:MD". And when the cramming was done We found ways to have our fun. For we all knew so well, That partying made our stress easier to dispell. With the clinical years we applied, The knowledge of basic sciences we tried. Now we wait to hear the news, Of Where we'll be assigned to soon. On our graduation ceremony day. The Class of '85 will come to say, How we grew in mind and heart, To become members of the Science and the Art. by Michael D. Landau Class of '85 63 Michael Landau Daryl LaRusso iikgfxfn fm 'gf L5 4 , N xv ww, 43541911 ofvhirfx ze rf 38214 Mu' .J Lfzfary, 12' -H1 .uw 11 Lf,-,ff JJ M1 :I5...ny .25 L.: 6111, ,if me Jaw ,Zum ,na 1.121 rx 'Qian .2211 ,J M144 .Lf mf .W ,am Jw., un, KJ aww, 41 me A... We 214,11 me ..f Maw, cf W .W 4 .:,,,:f 'ffigm Moa 1.1 .wanf,u .QI we Af... fp, 1,9 QAM' my mf Jax ,Q1 ,Q mamma f f f 'b 'Q f in fo ..cYlalLL4J':J, .0 Jr r4"'l.lae'J GJ .11 ."0YLkkt M Q. ,if .Zim fu Q. .ZW Wm fn., Q.. 7, !A'11,'.4v WM., ef 4., Lf. 15419. 11 my .225 we Ju ffm? .--ev fnmf J 1.4 I y. my ,Mai Av all eil:-: .21 f42:f,a.'.f.fQ' fffnfzn W ,Q ' nag 01711 'fi 'ul 64.2.41 1 ww Michele Lauer , 1 my .1137 64 fu.. .4 Y-J? .,r T Kenneth Liesen John Lind -K fng 4. mm ' ,AJ 65 Thomas Losasso Michael LUU -s il A GZ? r -ff 4 , . 66 I9 ,mf arf' 1 . 'Q 2 Anthony Massimillo Maureen Matula 'l""M-A. Af. ., , 5 i A 1 1 2 . 515 Z -'ipsex 2 , gg, 5 5 ',.v : N: P i , Z :xml mm -W K: 'HQ w-f, , B W' .2 '. Ss, -1 , . af' ' 1 X m" A' ""-e---s. ww.,-.Q 1 1-'in ,-'Nui - si:-.. SQA-v T :-. -4,.4,f X x .,5.:.v ?3"2 XXV 0' if fn TIGER .- - mwwmavwrwrwwza o:ae1.s4w4msfe,w n n esmaiw::mSff,mWz0JfMEm"2i6 ' 1-1 MI : r M napa? Jima.-nvo Hams as mfsznsmr NUM ' - - WHWI WW wnsmarswazsmsnzn- ' - .Q 4 151' - nogpun flf: x'f -Ai... Terence Mayers A-use '-...4 kg. Q' . Virginia McDonald w .i rl-,-51' A' W , ef? f 4"i6:li7-2 ' A i ,M . x- A: a . 4 Z- i - 'r Wi? A ll' 'K I it ' ii ff' ,Y H bw Kevin McEvoy "l'd rather die while l'm living than live while l'm dead." Jimmy Buffet "Every doctor in the world is a charlatan, except mine who is a very wonderful man." Mark Twain "Remember, wherever you go, you'lI be there." Buckeroo Bonzi Wi family portrait Maroon Bells, Colorado Summer 1984 MY SIGNIFICANT OTHERS pg--'t 4 J F2 ,sg QA.,.a69X. , 5.35 I ,-b I 69 ' ' fri I It itll 41.53 ', .x , Carole Meyer Ann Minciotti .4 A Wm 'S W n 55i3E'iT"'fL?23fe M fa urn: ' v finauifee QM I 'rum rszemzu Q "' 1 F S! Carol Murakami There are places I remember all my life, though some have changed. Some forever not for better Some have gone and some remain. All these places had their moments, with lovers and friends I still can recall. Same are dead and some are living In my life I love them all. Though I know l'II never lose affection for people and things that went before. I know l'll often stop and think about them In my life, I love them . .. Lennon and McCartney 'N U F ei W -A -x 12.411-"'i A 1 ' I' ' .. x Si-. ' 1' hrnnl-again Patty crulslng on the Love Boat. Patricia Naughton 71 Joan Nawrocki f' . V . R 4 . X f , 4, --.W-.,-.. David Nelson s 1 I ...,......-...- lk, , 1 -,vw 4 A - Timothy Nypaver James O'Leary -5 E 73 Paula Olen-Mikrut Richard Olen Q :X First there were two 'br 'xwq , M., Nz-:,,5 f . p- , -,mme .. ..-,A Aggx.-.., X4 A 45 ,.t-13-TQ Xbt-N:-:-'-.6-.xa'f?ig:j4:::1,?-4-:glg3:g:g:5:,:5:.:5,-,,.5.4 ....,,., Qll. Q I :- ' ' ' A ' -... ' Y . ,. '--' ,I 1 8,3 2, 1 . U S935 .... ' ' kj "Lei--JP' ..x1 " '..-- RAAF'-X , A H A xii? " SWF: . - " 55- S-W " f we -' .. -:Ati - A ,H .33-X gt t ' ' ' " '35-f .. r X. 'Q 'X gif? Ta flfi- 4 " ' t ' "N xrgf' ' . ' ' Tr .- H ' ' Q 'ix' ' , -1' M - ' 5 sa .456 ' P - ,, " ' - A N: .sh T .. 4 42- , r .,.- 1 e txrggfff. i A 1- -N .4 T , W ,1'i"'q3.f A ' ,..x:'. ..- X Q.-Xu . ,gi-- ." Then there were three . . . 'M' 'JL -+1 e - f Soon there wlll be four. ' ' ,mb Y ssa Z 'LA 1- .. - To Family: Thanks for ' your inspiration. Also, I'd THE KEGENW OF like to thank friends like i THE UNIVERSITY OF . . and L.C. C G ON RECOMMENDATION OP THE FACULTY HAVE CONFERRED UPON Gail F. Parker-Eady THE DEGREE OF Barium' uf iiileiririne WTYH ITS YRIVILEGES AND OBLIGATIONS 1 was in unmumus is nm snr: or vwwzson nf. Wim f. f' Wmbyvl f2f4:,.i'.ff4w Frank Parker 75 Randal Peoples John Perri David Piazza 76 F'lREFuGE lil QJDVERSTT-V Susan Porto lgriixlrills is rrrr OPTLMEN T , ,N E , me Elmo A Wrovisioil lil OLD rice A Dlrisizollfij ,Sly .dm l'0S'l' , T- 1 MT V '- fi : E T1 T 22 Lfqwf idk T MM 54 lege T e ., T Q is -. X5 ns 3- ?l9fAi,T!3L My own mosT memoroble experience wos during o CABG in CV surgery oT Hines. AfTer being yelled oT repeoTedly during The cose for noT using The sucTion enough fos well os doing iT poorlyj, I resolved in my mind To do beTTer wiTh The nexT opporTuniTy. Heoring The nexT insisTenT demond for sucTion, boldly I plunged The sucTion Tip blindly inTo The pericordiol spoce, A horrible sound wos heord olmosT immedioTeIy os The disTol segmenT of The sophenous vein grofT wos being sucked off iTs proximol ohosTomosis on The oorTo ond inTo The sucTlon boTTle. Needless To soy, my services were no longer required during ThoT roToTion. Yes, memories like These fond There's plenTy of 'emj will sweeTen dll my remembronces of LUMC. Thonks To everyone for four fun-filled yeors. IT hos been o million loughs ond loTs of priceless memories. 77 '-lx 5 was Af" ZW :T QQ 'wifi T E ,L', , xi' J' If 1 1' 2' l I . 4 ,1 1 Z. Michael Pruchnicki Michael Rezak David Rosenbaum f-3' 1 x ll 1 , 'mf' !.'5 78 I Jqqrmql x I5 bali' E 1 .wh K iii JJ' Donald Rubenstein -Ci lx. I ,N Y Iv JJ , I ., X. maart? ' 7 V .V I .Abs A ,N tit-T V, 1 .X -. NAAQQEN: f. It-455 WHMY .- I . f Nm' we V' A ,., ' , M XNQ,EV , ,,LUi1U.-I57. .g MNH VJ Pk'Nbq-Q? . Y i1':9fY?V1uIt4'bY V E 'Jlmfrsle A TAQSII- ' frtgglt lfffxfk sues 1 .3519 -- . ima ' .. Q. '. ' ij 1 'M 'A-'--' 'J"'5 ': fl -I l Q . 1-.-.' ' it flirt' IQ gig- Q5 ' 4- .- I mfs 'R X-V": ',,L,-slew. X . - V- -LN 'mint t .' f ,- I N j' '-1+ K4'f' wx I' ' u ' N-"T r. . 5,1 5 X Y J .I H K- s., RF .' r jd., f l I 'J' XifI:f42'P I ,-gig," ' .Ql-g-l22f- ,ff?,.7-, - Tfvtf at lf' A vgb., J fly' Q x Q - ' 'iaith ,I 1' l ' f? gf . NG :ff-Lfhrpgii - L UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS CLASS OF 1981 If there is one wish I have for all of us, it is that we remember what it is like to be ignorant and unconfident, and to remember the kindness and patience of many of our teachers. Let us try to ease the way for those who come behind us instead of perpetuating those old school traditions whose time has past. The goal of Q medicine is to heal and comfort. How can we help others unless we also help ourselves? Good luck to all! Thanks for many good memories. Diane 79 Diane Ryan Stephen Sainati L7 1-nu.-. To all those frustrated by trying to keep up with an ever-burgeoning body at medical literature, the words of Salomon. the son at David, the king in Jerusalem What prottt does a man have ln all his hard work at which he tolls under the sun? A generation ls going, and a generation is comlngg but the earth is standing even to time lndetlnlte , . , And myself. have seen all the hard work and all the pronciency in work, that it means the rivalry of one toward anotherg this is also vanity and a striving after the wind , , Just as one has come forth from his mother's belly, naked wlll one go away again, just as one came. and nothing at all can one carry away for his hard work. which he can take along with his hand. And I saw all the work of the true God. how mankind are not able to find out the work that has been done under the sun: however much mankind keep working hard to seek, yet they do not ind out, And even it they say they are wise enough to know, they would be unable to find out , . . To the making of many books there ls no end, and much devotion to them ls wearlsome to the tlesh. The conclusion of the matter, everything having been heard, lsi Fear the true God and keep his commandments, for this ls the whole obligation of man, fECCleSl0S19S 1135 424, 151 8217: 42:12. 131 i Y W o ' u S R H c 0 L N A L s Y s T M A 2 r li E B - , .1 E Xiliqei 0 T Q 3: fin' : mi I r f ,N O 'J A aa . Q I A f ft 4' 0 L in L 'gil 0 sz F v o u .. 'l' John Saxer Eric Schmidt E ' PQI .4 I TS If I had my life To live over, l'd Jonathan Schmidt -.Wi 151:11-gm-9.-:- 1 ,Z3g4v.-453211:::'y.,:,..'.-115.,,- -sf rss:4:-1-:-1-2-.f.-ws, ,:, -. rf'-I if-x-:.:1-1 s . 4, Q1 Q 'W 2 gsm s , fs.. f dare To make more mlsTokes nexT Time. l'd relax, I would '- f Iimber up. I would be sillier Than I have been This Trip. I would h 1 5 Take fewer Things seriously. I ,g h 4 E , would Take more chances. I V would climb more mounTains " "' " and swim more rivers. I would 'A eaT more ice cream ond less beans. I would perhaps have ' : more acTual Troubles, bul l'd .V V ' have fewer imaginary ones. . Ega- Nadlne Sfalr I B5 years old , f P 3 Loulsvllle, Ky jf 6 .,.,li fDon'T say This in A0 yearsg Z3 i ' 'f P' ' , ' ,U ni I I , 3 . ,I-C, Fixx f E42 -x V ..-v ' '- E A' ' LII' ' I , r - ' fmvxvyvn iw - 1. ,V ' .7""5:bJTf5'Tl N , if: -N Y To Mlke and all pseudo-ST, ' a n 45' Luclans- - , V. F Remember: Jack, Barb, . 3- 1- Joyce, The Sulllvcns, He- ' ,V - drldge, Rlchle 81 Leonard, The 3 fi Orwlcks, The Browns, The -e u 3 Golnors, "no problem man". ' "jusT now", cafcnlng 81 ' dodglng Transports, every- ', , A Thlng's pregnant, PlTons, Sou- 4 frler ,. and Ca1hy's. Y . , "UCLA-isn'T TnaT in New York?" "before Rick joined The esTablisnmenT" Barbara Schwartz qw f 4 fr a- 4 V: 1 -7 -9 -2 9' tl ,..4 -wx Robert Sharpe 5 S .sk A K N -his FOUF! YEARS AT STRITCH Freshman Year: Bunny Ears. Poker Games. "What is the liver? It's a big sponge!" "Get the bag out!" "l'll never go into psychiatry." Here come the Schmidt brothers. David Frank gets into a fight at Comiskey Park. Wait until the clinical years - no more bullshit! Sophomore Year: Let's learn about war gases! Who cares what the bacillus eats for dinner. More poker games. Let's see how many medical students we can fit into Giordano's! David Frank gets into a fight at Comiskey Park. Uh, You know! The scrotum - it gets big! In your next lecture handout page ...Wait until next year - no more bullshit! "l'll never go into psychiatry." Junior Year: At least in the basic sciences we didn't have to pul up with this bullshit! Still more poker games - "The big Mo" emerges. Ellie, you are about to see the biggest mismatch in Ftose Bowl history Oops! Wrong team. Wait until the Super Bowl - The 'Skins will bury the Raiders. Ven you do barium enema, how many times you squirt? Feefty or seexty times. David Frank goes to Wrigley field and doesn't get into a fight. "l'm going into pyschiatryf' Making perverted faces at Joan Nawrocki. Bob 8t Kevin's moving service. Senior Year: Even more poker games. Screwed by the match. Positive nice person sign. Postive happy sign. Turning 30 at last - Opaa!! Lunch with "Bob and Haze". THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES, EVERYONE!!! Daniel Short '-uk-ex, N Q? i, 'Q 5 no + I N! I I g T il . 5 , ..,,,.-9m-ani---- 'h f 1. ... V7 ... ' - - "7 Ki'-z ' Q - FJ l 'FX 1 f--l 1 i vet The secret of life Sliding down, gliding down, ' , 'f'f'L.,l is enjoying the passage of time. Try not to try too hard, ' ' ,gs is 5 , Any fool can do it, it's just a lovely ride. 5 ll, 4 rl " . A .. . ' .5 there ain't nothing to it. Now that thing about time ,' , ' f If . Nobody knows how we got is that time isn't really real. If jj - jk I' ji S to the top of the hill. lt's just your point of view, , ' 1' V , E1 t A . Since we're on our way down, how does it feel for you? Q f' ' fgfj " we might as well enjoy the ride. Einstein said it ' y -1 The secret of love is in opening up your heart. It's ok to feel afraid, don't let that stand in your way, Cause anyone knows that love is the only road. Since we're only here for awhile might as well show some style Give us a smile lsn't it a lovely ride, 'Eid he could fl9V9l' UI'ld9I'Sfal"ld lt all Planets are spinning thru space. A smile upon your face, Welcome to the human race, Some kind of lovely ride. I'Il be sliding down, l'll be gliding down. Try not to try so hard, it's just a lovely ride. James Taylor 83 '?,"'.Q9. if 'ire 4' Y' ' Helene Spivak Timothy Steck .v ar f ,L FACTS OF LIFE. . . eM!'lil34illtEi5l'Uiiilei1liL ,, 1 l 1 B' Eipglltlflllifii5Qllltl1fff'ililllif ll,nll'Jg'lll1 w t r MQ me 1 .,r tlsig..-egg-1,!, T' j'I?!'571,b,,' 'frff'f'Q,x T if iw,-3 pf.: 1 6wY,.l fini ff -: 5,9 t-m,..,..t.l -nee. ,anon .n.,.n.n.tr.v.alnf Love ls rne answer, but nnue rou're eaiung for rne answer, rex reteee some pretty gona Questions woody Allen ,il t gl ,ff fx, X in -f-'X 'ww - - 1--' , tsl: ik-3 ml 1 Q-Nzlml l lex, iff' ' " i i gl f pXf' X wwf leisure time is rner ftve or sn hours when vnu sleep ar nignr tzenrge Allen. rmrneti cnern An alcoholic 15 someone vou d:rn't Iike who drinks as much as vou dn Dylan rnenas , ,. Jfvl? V , X 1 ,-' 'ggvlewfxxar f 1 1 st 'X , , rw A r ff Q06 CHX Q it l -lj f PHX" L ff X :Se fwji A K fi, Lf, 5 ll g 'N-X2 -3 ' lr mxlfi t lXDoFtre I lx kv X.. rg., N A ? NM- r There is no virtue in not Pnoving nnar ran be I-tnovri Ataens Huxley tnagtnncznn is nere important than knowledge Albert Einstein strut ls rtne, and gentes is splendid, but :ne rtgnr een- racts are more valuable than etrher Sir Archibald Hclndoe, Surgeon Nobody ze so rtever rnnr he knows nner ne is doing an , 2-Wh X rhe une 'I ' - John trvtng 5 ' l ' I ' ' I ei! el el .el el Qi'HPra l if li-, lee il? 5 ,, "-, 1 A,-ljfif,-' ' 31 li: lil 'bil Y Y J X Just got engaged on Easter Sunday, 3 April, 1983, on island of San Salvador. Dlvlng with Niagra Scuba Club ot Upstate New York. Rest of Class of '85 was sucking eggs in Renal Organ Systems lectures for a week. John Sterba Loyola University Medical Center with Downtown on horizon. Taken from Cessna-172. Picking Sandy up at work in my company car. Whoredoggles helping us celebrate "tie-ing" the knot at Sandy's and my rehearsal dinner, 22 December, 1983, in Buffalo, N.Y. Next day. lt snowed 2'h feet during the wedding: took 2 hours to get to our reception. THE FAR SIDE In lilllliilm nj, 1 1lfMfQEI!IP'l, 1ifl'74l A ' 'f 'IL T ,l -.ms , s . . - ' . , N ..-if W0 1 James Stinneford B-ar 1-vw-x , 1 M, ,.-'A I X. ,--T N A. K, ' +L .mvm ' " T 'T T -7 X- Y. Q , - .xx 5 I .fm W- .X ' T 3 . 4 'MI T Q L 'Y 'X I misss I T I B' V . ..,Q'x.x -ss 3' + ,. . . Vkbllhi beg your pardon . . . But where Lcome fwm, ITS consldered a compliment to hztfly with a goodfrumpetmg after-dinner." 1? ? A 1 u , . XX,. ..x. gi 3, A, Q ,QM x . W gQ M ,:,. , Riff- 3' T 1 ss TT ff Q IT WAS THE of times, it was the worst of times . BEST Claudia Talland Lisa Teopp "Man seeks to form for himself, in whatever manner is suitable for him, a simplified and lucid image of the world, and so to overcome the world of experience by striving to replace it to some extent by his image. This is what the painter does, and the poet, the speculative philosopher, the natural scientist, each in his own way." Albert Einstein T021 PED4 ECPD5 cz? 6 7 Chip and Dale 1. ., Q'.' 5:3 l is - W , v. f-k 'f T.. ml.-. Mk, . 54 .- ',, ,, J F ff 4 J ? , - favs 1 Xa..-5 Q Private Benjamin in Hawaii Q- -X FBSCO . .K it ' I -6 .5 .t "1 'f , , N i Iii-fi Thomas Tomasik 43 .rx 86 Alben Tomchaney Jay T0me0 'bpd' ,M- X . g rn u l "W 2:5391 -2x"1S1:,:!'i1'.iS5v1:.- - ., E -- ',Q,:.5f:yg3-5-gm , ,' X 2 x X .N fx: ,. ' .:iX2'jjii5'g-j'S1Q-Q-'vsf'E' ' -S' . 'ikgixgrg'-,:q1.:::' ,1:fI,:, . .Six Y ,--, . v H 9fmwar:,Q:,fs. --.'- t , 211 reiiaf . 555- V .USSR ,:, :ii liiikggywixfgfrf " .' ! Q- vp Fm, L 4 I 4' 87 Cindy Totel 'W mnsh I dmni B know now whm Imdwt know then." g 559 : 4 - Bob Seger me-4 TirnoThy Gee Lidng Tsoi PermdnenT Residence: PiedrnonT, Colifornio Locol Residence: River ForesT, illinois FovoriTe Medicol School: Loyolo UniversiTy-STriTch Residency: lnTernol Medicine Timothy Tsoi Mernoroble experiences: P-Dog: 73 sTeps x 42. FirsT nighT on-coll: lV's: 42 sTicks, 3 successes, O deoThs. Medicine: 42 weeks of lV's on coll, Pub on Fridoy's. Surgery: Long hours: holding reTrocTors: Robin. Psych: lnTerviewing fomous celebriTies. Peds: GeTTing peed on: corrying Gurnby oround. Med ll: 8 more weeks of lV's on coll, ObfG-yn: "Pushl Push! Push!", 'Con I coTch The nexT one?" Nuero: "Now Toke your finger, Touch your nose. Then Touch rny finger. You con open your eyes." Sexuoi DysfuncTion Clinic: "So whoT wos your eroTic surprise This week?" LuckiesT Experience: ST. Luke's Prize:no IimiT dinner ond drinks for Two oT ChesTnuT STreeT Grill. Chicogo WeoTher: WinTer '84 : 90 degrees below wiTh wind chill. VocoTions: Door CounTy, Wisconsin Dells, Orlondo. Cor Trouble: "Your cor broke down? Pick you up? Sorry, rny cor jusT coughT on fire." 88 Donald Turner Jeffry Tyler , , f ' sonsJosonondDonleIJcy Bm son Joson. " -,.. L, B9 Thomas Vail . If . l, W .Lk Bartry Wallman 1 A ABI-Quint T T T WE.JuRm2M DENTQST Y pd Mom-Dad, I need more tuition - please!! Thomas Wascher Mark Weintraub ,cf A-Q Q ---' A 1 Y X. A A .1 Y A - Q ,, ZS. - x y fi 1 4- ,I Y , ,, ,Y 91 Steven WlllI8I11S Martha Wggdhguge There was a young housewife who lived in a zoo, She had so many children she didn'T know whaT To do She gave Them some broTh wiThouT any bread. Walked ouT of The kiTchen and sTudied pre-med. She suffered Through physics, The kids became cooks, Her husband did laundry while she hiT The books. Said she, "Medicine really fulfills all my wishes: IT sure beaTs The heck ouT of doing The dishes." Anafomy. micro, pharm. physio Too - Julie and FaiTh, HeaTher, Adam and Lu - They're all inTermingled, you know, and The facT is This lady has never lefT Family Practice. my Family! Michael Woods k L3 Walker Wynkoop James Zidar QYARSIT O ra 5 ES X 1-53,55 mhz lpresiheni zmh glfarultg of the fjllugnln gifnilxersiig uf fllhicngu jtritrly Lsrllnnl uf gmehicine zumnunce Qhe Ulnnfcrring uf the Pegrcc nf Qgudnr nf gmchicine on Ifjunc eighth Ninrinsu hunbrch unh cighig-fiuv Clllyiragu, Qlllinuis Steven Abram Prellmlnary Surgery Vanderbilt University Nashville John Andreonl Internal Medicine University of Michigan Ann Arbor Jettrey Aokl Family Practice Ventura County Medical Center Ventura Brian Bane Preliminary Medicine LA County USC Medical Center Anesthesiology Brigham and Women's Hospital Boston Daniel Batten Transitional St. Barnabas Hospital Bronx, New York Herbert Berger Internal Medicina University of Michigan Ann Arbor John Bradtke Internal Medicine SW Michigan Area Health Education Center Kalamazoo Robert Brockman Preliminary Surgery Presbyterian St. Lukes Chicago Jan Brzozowskl Obstetrics-Gynecology Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia Christopher Capella Psychiatry VA Medical Center UCLA Sepulveda, California Elsamma Chacko Internal Medicine SW Michigan Area Health Education Center Kalamazoo Gregory Challub Radiology University of Texas Galveston Valerle Chlrurgl Internal Medicine VA Medical Center Martinez, California Greg Christensen Emergency Medicine Akron General Hospital Akron, Ohio George Christy Internal Medicine Emory University School of Medicine Atlanta, Georgia Scott Clnel Urology Presbyterian St, Lukes Chicago Steven Cohen General Surgery University of Illinois - Metro Group Hospital Chicago Lydla Colllna Obstetrics-Gynecology Mt. Sinai Medical Center Chicago Daniel Conway General Surgery Loyola University Medical Center Julla Cooper Medicine-Pediatrics University of Michigan Ann Arbor Kevin Coil Psychiatry Cedars' Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles Laura Cozzl Preliminary Surgery Loyola University Medical Center Lee Crocker Anesthesiology Loyola University Medical Center Juanita Decker Internal Medicine University of Illinois Urbana Randal DeFellce Family Practice Oregon Health Sciences University Portland Crystal DeGraw Family Practice St, Marys Hospital Madison, Wisconsin Mark Diamond Radiology University of Chicago Clinics Thomas Duckett Urology UCLA Medical Center Los Angeles Katie Dudley Preliminary Medicine Northwestern University Chicago Fsrshld Eshaghpour General Surgery Medical College of Wisconsin Milwaukee David Evans Anesthesiology San Diego Navy Hospital Lorene Fabrlzlua Medicine-Pediatrics Loyola University Medical Center Boleelaua Fallnakl Transitional Mac Neal Hospital Bemryn, Illinois David Frank internal Medicine Virginia Mason Hospital Seattle, Washington Raymond Georgen General Surgery Loyola University Medical Center Anthony Glamberdlno Anesthesiology Northwestern University Chicago Patricia Glutfre Obstetrics-Gynecology University of Michigan Ann Arbor Thomas Gobllrsch Obstetrics-Gynecology Lutheran General Hospital Park Ridge, llllnols Stewart Goldman Pediatrics University of Chicago Clinics Lorraine Grlffln Family Practice Charleston Navy Hospital Charleston, South Carolina Richard Grlttln Family Practice Charleston Navy Hospital Charleston, South Carolina Bruce Groom Family Practice St. Francis Hospital Peoria, Illinois Stephen Gryzlo Orthopedic Surgery Northwestern University Chicago Michael Gutzeit Pediatrics Medical College of Wisconsin Milwaukee David Hants Preliminary Surgery New England Deaconess Hospital Boston Urology Lahey Clinic Foundation Massachusetts Wllllam Hoffman Preliminary Medicine Loyola University Medical Center Anesthesiology Massachusetts General Hospital Boston Richard Homdaech Medicine-Pediatrics St. Francis Hospital Peoria, Illinois Chrletlne lngle General Surgery Mt, Sinai Medical Center Chicago Stuart lsslelb Transitional Resurrection Hospital Chicago Mary Jachec Internal Medicine SW Michigan Area Health Education Center Kalamazoo Leslie Jacobs internal Medicine University of California lrvine Debbie Johnson Internal Medicine St. Josephs Hospital Chicago Jerrllyn Jutton-Larson Preliminary Surgery Sinai Hospital Baltimore, Maryland John Kall Internal Medicine Mayo Graduate School of Medicine Rochester, Minnesota Mitchel Katz Pediatrics University of Connecticut Farmington Timothy Kletzman Transitional Brooke Army Hospital San Antonio, Texas Donald Klrn General Surgery Loyola University Medical Center Linda Kleltrnan Internal Medicine St. Marys Hospital San Francisco Bradley Koloms Transitional MacNeal Hospital Berwyn, illinois Ophthalmology Loyola University Medical Center Erlc Kuhn General Surgery Walter Reed Hospital Washington DC Michael Landau Family Practice Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Torrance, California Daryl LaRusso Family Practice Cook County Hospital Chicago Michele Lauer Medicine-Pediatrics Loyola University Medical Center Kenneth Uesen Family Practice Mayo Graduate School of Medicine Rochester, Minnesota John Lind Preliminary Medicine Lutheran General Hospital Park Ridge, Illinois Radiology Loyola Unlverslty Medical Center Thomas LoSaseo Anesthesiology Mayo Graduate School of Medicine Rochester, Minnesota Mlchael Luu Internal Medicine LA County Medical Center Anthony Masslmlllo internal Medicine Nassau County Medical Center East Meadow, New York Maureen Matula Transitional Chestnut Hill Hospital Philadelphia Terence Mayera General Surgery Valley Medical Center Fresno, Calllornla Vlrglnla McDonald Preliminary Medicine Northwestern University Chicago Radiology Loyola University Medical Center Kevin McEvoy Urology LA County-USC Medical Center Carole Meyer Pediatrics University of Arizona Tucson Ann Mlnclottl Pediatrics Childrens Memorial Hospital Chicago Robert Munson Internal Medicine Wilford Hall Air Force Hospital San Antonio, Texas Carol Murakami Internal Medicine VA Medical Center-Wadsworth Los Angeles Pstrlcla Naughton Obstetrics-Gynecology Jewish Hospital of St, Louis Joan Nawrockl Obstetrics-Gynecology Loyola University Medical Center David Nelson Preliminary Medicine LA County-USC Medical Center Timothy Nypaver General Surgery University of illinois Hospitals Chicago James O'Leary Obstetrics-Gynecology Portsmouth Navy Hospital Virginia Paula Olen-Mlkrut Pediatrics Loyola University Medical Center Richard Olen General Surgery Loyola University Medical Center Randal Peoplee Preliminary Surgery Loyola University Medical Center Neurosurgery Loyola University Medical Center John Perri Psychiatry University of Illinois Hospitals Chicago Davld Plazza General Surgery University of Illinois-Metro Group Hospital Chicago Susan Porto Obstetrics-Gynecology University of llllnols Hospitals Chicago Michael Pruchnlckl Anesthesiology Michael Reese Hospital Chicago Michael Rezak Preliminary Medicine Presbyterian St. Lukes Neurology Presbyterian St. Lukas Chicago David Rosenbaum General Surgery Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Los Angeles Dlane Ryan Obstetrics-Gynecology University of Chicago Clinics Stephen Salnatl Neurology Mayo Graduate School of Medicine Rochester, Minnesota John Saxar Family Practice Baptist Medical Center Kansas City, Missouri Eric Schmidt General Surgery Hospital of St. Raphael New Haven, Connecticut Jonathan Schmidt Preliminary Surgery Henry Ford Hospital ENT Henry Ford Hospital Detroit, Michigan Barbara Schwartz internal Medicine Indiana University Medical Center Indianapolis Robert Sharpe Psychiatry Loyola University Medical Center Danlel Short Preliminary Surgery Loyola University Medical Center Helene Splvak Obstetrics-Gynecology Mount Zion Hospital San Francisco 1'lmothy Steck Internal Medicine Loyola University Medical Center John Sterba Family Practice Naval Regional Medical Center Bremerton, Washington James Stlnnetord Family Practice Hershey Medical Center Hershey, Pennsylvania Claudia Talland Preliminary Surgery Loyola University Medical Center Llsa Toepp Psychiatry Letterman Army Hospital San Francisco Thomas Tomaslk General Surgery Loyola University Medical Center Albert Tomchaney Family Practice St. Josephs Medical Center South Bend. Indiana Jay Tomeo Family Practice MacNeal Hospital Berwyn, Illinois Cindy Totel Pediatrics Kaiser Permenente Medical Center Los Angeles Timothy Tsol Internal Medicine Loyola University Medical Center Donald Tumer Anesthesiology Jackson Memorial Hospital Jackson, Florida Jettry Tyler Radiology St. Francis Hospital Evanston, lllinois Thomas Vall Orthopedic Surgery Duke University Medical Center Durham, North Carolina Barry Wallman Family Practice Northridge Hospital Northridge, California Thomas Waecher Preliminary Surgery Loyola University Medical Center Neurosurgery Loyola University Medical Center Mark Weintraub General Surgery Oakland Navy Hospital California Steven Williams General Surgery University of Illinois Hospitals Chicago Martha Woodhouse Family Practice Eastern Maine Medical Center Bangor, Maine Michael Woods Obstetrics-Gynecology University of Nebraska Omaha Walker Wynkoop Transitional Beaumont Army1Hospltal Texas James Zldar Internal Medicine University ol lchlgan Ann Arbor Staff Virginia McDonald Lydia Collins Lorene Fabrizius Helene Spivak Randal Peoples Photography Lydia Collins Randall Peoples Kevin Cox Carole Meyer Julia Cooper Timothy Tsoi David Nelson Crystal DeGraw Steven Williams Linda Kleitman Thomas Tomasik Leslie Jacobs Helene Spivak Patricia Giuffre etc. Contributing Departments Dean of Students Office Pharmacology Medicine Otolaryngology Neurology Urology Orthopedic Surgery Ophthalmology Medical Physiology Pediatrics Pathology Biochemistry Anatomy Community and Family Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology Microbiology 96 f , . 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