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THE WOLF LOYOLA UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH 1982 - 1983 CONTENTS SPECIAL EVENTS 16 ORGANIZATIONS 30 STUDENTS 66 FACULTY STAFF 114 INTERMURALS 146 ADVERTISING 162 C0Y0LA UNIVERSITY LIBRARY NEW ORLEANS, LA. 70118 L 4 fl : . jv. : .. gur JH B¥ -2S A ■ 4r I » gpp - The Greeks top: Tri Phi sisters sharing a moment of smiles above: Theta Phi ' s football team huddle up for a pose right: ADG Little Sister Maria Falcon playing around with Delt brothers Robby Pierce. Robby Acosta, and Steve Inzinna 4 Ooening Section nti u z may not, ujun «t -football, BU ... 3 3 I 5URE 1 " PARTJ! left: sorority banner showing spirit bot- tom left: Beggars Brothers Kris Bonha- gen and Bobby Feigler partying at T.G.I.F. right: Roller keg party This was a year for the Greeks not to forget with the emergence of a new fraternity-the " Sig Eps " and the lost charter of another one-the PKT ' s. Still the popularity of these or- ganizations was more than evident this year, as the number of jerseys around campus greatly increased. Fall and Spring rush seasons brought about a new wave of potential ru- shees hoping to join the brother- hood and spirit of the fraternity and sorority life. Stated freshman Gina Pellagrini, " I went through rush out of curiosity and to meet new people. Whether you plan to join or not, ev- eryone should go through it just for the experience. " Opening Section 5 A Day In The Life Of A Commuter Recent statistics have shown that of today ' s college student, 75-80% more are commuters, and less are resident. Loyola, is no exception! A commuters life is full of many chal- lenges. A commuter has: many commitments; is usually a first gen- eration college student; is unclear about his career; and, usually is af- fected by his employment in his op- portunity to become socially inte- grated into the campus environ- ment. Below, is somewhat a pictorial essay ) of a commuter at Loyola. a a.- Kathy Dupuy takes time out to read in the park. b.- Thomas Samona eats lunch with friends in Hardee ' s. a- A familiar site outside of Bobet Hall- a study session between classes. d- Bobet Hall, the home of, " Common Cur- riculum " ! 6 Commuter e.- Circle K members working on an after- noon project. F f- The Good Ole. " G.N.O. " ! g.- Lunch in the Pub . . . h.- John McCook gives a lesson to commut- ers in the Pub! Commuter 7 T.G.I.F. top: Two students enjoying quiet afternoon above: Justin Duke and Jude Trahant swilling beers at T.G.I.F. right: A time to rest from the hectic week. ft Opening Section » t left: Friends relaxing at Audubon Park bottom left: Tom Gore and Patty Or- donez having a tongue of a time at T.G.I.F. below: Freshmen celebrating in the Wolf Pub Thank God It ' s Friday - beloved words that were etched in every student ' s mind at the end ot the week. Friday was a time to leave books at home and party with friends or celebrate quietly by one- self. However Fridays were spent, it was always welcomed at Loyola. Opening Section 9 all Fest ' 82 Friday, October 29, 1982-a day of axy and The Press. Also there was partying, eating, listening, a com- good food provided by Pilot. And, plete festival. Fall Fest ' 82 was en- there was good weather. (Well, joyed by everyone. There was even if it was just for a little while.) good music, provided by Apt B, Gal- B D E w a.- A student enjoying a Fall Fest dinner complete with barbecue chicken and corn on the cob. b- Wally LeBrun in combat. c- Vance and Scott of Apt B. d.- Apt B e.- Babs. at her best. 10 Fall Fest G m f- Rhonda Tycer portraying the good sis- ter. H » g.- The non-wet crowd at Fall Fest. h.- Terry Toombs portraying a princess. I.- Bruce Gasarch in combat. Fall Fest 11 Lucap ' s Child top: Susan Bellan spends some time telling Terrel a story above: A hug is worth a thousand words right: Volunteer students playing games with children 1 2 Opening Section left: Saddling up for pony rides in the Quad bottom left: Justin Duke and Lynne Carr give Lucap children a lift below: Happiness is two friends and a lollipop The day when faculty and students join together for a common cause- LUCAP ' s Childrens Day-brings happi- ness and smiles to numerous under- priveledged children. Most organi- zations give freely of their time and talents. Sophomore Susan Bellan says, " ... To know that I brought some happiness to a child for even just a while, can make all the differ- ence in the world. " Opening Section 13 Working ' To Make It Through Filing, stapling, xeroxing, and grad- ing-papers, papers, papers! Sound bad? Not really? These are just some of the things that belong to a familiar figure on the Loyola Cam- pus-a work study student. Work study students are located just about in every department on campus, such as History, English, Relg. Stud Phil, and even the Coun- seling Center. Others work in the Rec Center, and Central Reproduc- tion. So, as a result of finding out all of this information, the Wolf Staff decided to go to the two biggest depart- ments on campus that have a large number of students: Religious Stu- dies Philosophy and the Counseling Center, in order to get a good look at, " The Work study student. " B w c- d.- Kenneth St. Charles with supervisor Charlene Smith. " Work Study made me feel a part of Loyola " . Leslie Waters, secretary of Rels Stud and Phil., with Lucius Martin and Janet Crawford. The Religious Studies staff with Fr. Fagin. Jeannine Croffit with supervisor Juanita Jenkins. " I like the personal relationships in work study " . M Work-Study H ■■■■fcffaicfci : i lint minfm ! In ll 1 11 iii ■ 1 I r:- i - -. Ill F m e.- The. " Three Muskateers " of the Counsel- ing Center. H » Work-Study 15 16 Special Events 17 Jazz Fest ' 83 RAWFIS f Afi i ' COCHON Roast F Expensive, but fulfilling all expectations could rightfully be placed on New Orleans ' biggest party during the spring-the Jazz Fest. Held at the New Orleans Fair Grounds, the festival provided good food: couchon de lait, boudin, jumbalaya, and alligator, along with good entertainment: Irma Thomas, Roy Ayers, Roberta Flack, Alvin Baptiste and Al Hirt. Above: Irma entertains her town. Above left- A food tent at the fest. Right- One of the many craft tents at the fair. 18 Jazz Fest ' 83 A Mardi Gras Captain Says Farewell Loyola business senior Philip Fricano saluted his alma mater of seven years when the Knights of King Arthur, Fricano ' s carnival organization, took to the Westbank with its theme, " Halls of Memories . . . A Salute to Loyola University " . With 22 floats, 13 of which were double-deckers, separate floats for the King, Queen, and Captain, mini- floats for the maids and dukes, and a " Krewe of Prince Charming " float for the junior court which was comprised of members ' children, Fricano saluted everything from academic departments to summer vacation. Mardi Gras throw cups, coasters and doubloons all featured an impression of Marquette Hall and the university seal. Fricano, as captain, was the only member to throw maroon colored doubloons. The krewe took to the streets Saturday, February 12 at 6:30 p.m. Above-Far Left- Fr. Carter receives a commeration plaque from krewe captain Philip Fricano at the King Arthur ball. Left- Queen Guinevere VI, Christi Lyn Jacobsen, at the krewe ' s boil. King Arthur 19 Let The Good Times Roll Mardi Gras, alias Fat Tuesday, is the last day before Lent. The last day of three weeks of over-indul- gence. The last day of insane craziness before forty days of fasting. And for Loyola students, the last day of vacation before returning to the somewhat less exciting environment of the classroom and all its seriousness. As much as the streetcar, the French Quarter and the Mississippi River, Mardi Gras means New Orleans. x a. -One way to see Mardi Gras. a hot-air balloon! b. -The ever-present B-97 Fm Bee. c. -Jail anyone?? d. -A Mardi Gras float remembering a lost friend: M ' A ' S " e. -The captain ' s float of the Krewe of Shangri-La. 20 Special Events « a a.- His majesty, the king of Samson Deliah b- The ever-present Mardi Gras vendor, c- A Mardi Gras self-enthusiast Special Events 21 Shaping The Vision • • On February 18, 1983, shovels turned the soil on the beginning of a vision, a Communica- tions Music complex for the university. The $13 million comple x is the first step in an extensive campus master plan. To be located on St. Charles Avenue at Calhoun Street, the four-story facility will house both the Communi- cations Department and the College of Music. The Building will include classrooms, offices, specialized instructional facilities as well as a 600-seat performing arts center. The comple- tion date has been scheduled for November 30, 1985. 5 Above: Father Carter and Mr. Cronkite confer dur- ing the ceremony. Above right: Mr. Cronkite addresses the audience. Right: The shovels are turned. The special guest for the ground-breaking ceremony was veteran newsman Walter Cronkite, who was awarded a doctor of hu- mane letters degree from Loyola. Other ce- lebrities included Archbishop of New Orleans, Phillip M. Hannan, campaign chair-couple Mayor Moon Landrieu and his wife, Verna; for- mer Lt. Gov. James Fitzmorris, and Congress- woman Lindy Boggs. 22 Special Events Above: Artist ' s conception of the Communications- Music Complex. Left: Construction of the new center, which includes the demolition of Seton. Cummings, and MacDon- ald halls. Special Events 23 Goodbye To A Friend Called once, " The Disneyland of New Orleans " , Pontchartrain Beach will be closing its doors to its city after 54 summers, when construction crews begin driving pilings for a condominum com- plex beginning September 6th. Since 1929, Pontchartrain Beach has been the amusement park for New Orleans, and now it will become history. Gone will be the Zephyr, the Ragin ' Cajun and the Astro Wheel. No more log rides, bug rides or sky rides ... no more cotton candy, popcorn, movies or concerts . . . yes, this is the last hurrah, the last summer for a friend. Opposite page: Top- The Ragin ' Cajun, and the Astro Wheel. Middle-The en- trance to Pontchartrain Beach, Bottom-(L) - The Sky Ride, (R)- The Bug. This page- The famous log ride Pontchartrain Beach 25 ; ' iNfe 1 l ' - R December Graduation At 2 p.m., December 19, 1983, approximately 180 stu- dents received degrees in the Colleges of Arts Sci- ences, Music, and Business. What made this graduation so special is that it was the first ever to be held in December and to be held in the Most Holy Name of Jesus Church. After many committee meetings, students finally re- ceived permission to graduate in December instead of waiting for the month of May and the traditional gradu- ation commencement. Congratulations, Class of December 1982. Above- I can ' t believe it ' s finally happening! Right- Manny Cunard. director of student activities, leading the proces- sion of graduates. 26 Special Events Left: The final procession. Below: Bread Wine, the oneness of the spirit Left: Father Carter and Dr. Preston distrubuting diplo- mas. Above: Father Nicoll distributing communion. Special Events 27 v Graduation ' 83 Seventy-Second Commencement LOYOLA ITOIVERSITT . c v Orleans, Louisiana 28 Special Events ORDER OF PROCEEDINGS PRESIDING Most Reverend Philip M. Hannan, M.A., S.T.L., J.C.D., D.D. Archbishop of New Orleans MASTER OF CEREMONIES Robert A. Preston, Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs PROCESSIONAL Loyola University Band Joseph G. Hebert, Jr., Ph.D., Conducting INVOCATION Reverend Thomas Madden, S.J., Ph.D. Dean of Campus Ministry NATIONAL ANTHEM Barbara Walker WELCOME Reverend James C. Carter, S.J., Ph.D. President of Loyola University CONFERRING OF DEGREES, honoris causa Reverend James C. Carter, S.J., Ph.D. and Robert A. Preston, Ph.D. Philippe Entremont, Music Director, New Orleans Philhar- monic Symphony receives the degree of Doctor of Music, honoris causa Reverend William J. Byron, S.J., Ph.D., President, Catholic University of America, receives the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa ADDRESS Reverend William J. Byron, S.J., Ph.D. President, Catholic University of America AWARDS Reverend James C. Carter, S.J., Ph.D. and Vincent P. Knipfing, M.A., Vice President for Student Affairs Charles H. Bailey Alpha Delta Gamma Award Martin Francis Cunniff John G. Arnold Cardinal Key Award .... Lisa Marie Rousse CERTIFICATION OF DEGREE RECIPIENTS Graduate Studies: Director John F. Christman, Ph.D. Arts and Sciences: Dean Maria Falco, Ph.D. Music: Dean David Swanzy, Ph.D. Business Administration: Dean John E. Cave, Ph.D. City College: Dean Fredrick J. Dobney, Ph.D. CONFERRING OF DEGREES Reverend James C. Carter, S.J., Ph.D. CLOSING PRAYER Francis C. Doyle, LL.B. Chairman of the Board of Trustees RECESSIONAL Loyola University Band LOYOLA NEWORLEANS Far Left, Top-Loyola Faculty Members awaiting the beginning of the Graduation ceremonies. Bottom Lett-Philippe Entremont Top Right- ArchbishoD Hannan. Father Carter, and graduates . . . Lett- Rev. William J. Byron Special Events 29 30 Organizations 31 The Executive Board I i Vice-President I Cecilia Absher Director Of Finance I 32 SGA LOYOLA UNIVERSITY Student Government Association Getting It Said For Loyola The Course Consumer Guide, a publication consisting of evaluations of Com- mon Curriculum courses, was among accomplishments completed this past year by the S.G.A. The S.G.A. voted the Law School ' s, " Voir Dire ' Young, best congressperson. best funded event, and Chris The Student Government Association consisted of delegates from the col- leges of Arts Sciences, Business, Music, Law and City College, as well as the executive board and the Congresspersons-at-Large. Left- Chris Young, Business Delegation President. Below-Business College Representatives, from Left-Henry Garrigo, Jeff Griffin, Jim Hotard, Chris Young, Mark Garcia, Kerry Shea; front row- Sheila Earthman, and Joe Hanley SGA 33 Left: Music Delegates Aaron Ambeau, David Means, and Alison Gruber. Below, Left- Arts and Sciences Delegation from left: Mary Mclntyre, Kenny Beck. Andre Gaudin, Frank Llende, John Guidry, Scott Shea, Guyleen Castriotta. Front Row: Mary Ellen Burns, and Amy Gomez. Below Right- Congresspersons-at-Large John Killilea and Barb Ballweg. Below, Far Bottom- Law School representatives from left: Mike Jedynak, Kevin Mohan, Steve Kranz, Chuck Olsen, and Ed Rodriguez. I loyoty cHoua£ 34 SGA Loyola Union Called the essential programming arm of the Joseph A. Danna Center, the Loyola Union is on the move towards an upward swing for the 80 ' s. Balanced programs of cultural, social, recreational and educational nature are sponsored by eight committees and an executive board called the Loyola Union, for the University as well as the Metropolitan New Orleans community. Programs presented this year included art gallery exhibits, a tubing trip to Tickfaw, Easter vacation in Aukumal Mexico, and a day at the Strawberry Festival in Pontchatoula. Mime performances and musical groups such as " Harlem Hayday " , were also on the Union ' s agenda. Top-The Loyla Union; From left- Jan Decurs, Ralph Nelson, Tami St. Germain, Rochelle Des Vaux, Kristi Kloster (President), Michele Magill (Treasurer), John Sheldon, Ruth McCauley (Advisor); front-from left, Kathy Voisinet. Virginia Kinderlin, John Killilea Deidre Travis, Vicky Livingston, Bibi Simsic. NOT PICTURED: Tanya Vidal (Vice-President), Amy Gomez (Secretary), Terry Tooms, Huey Farrell, Henry Gariga, David Keets, Michelle Brandon. Loyola Union 35 On Vacation Mystery dinners . . . coconuts from trees ... $15 for a taxi, and that ' s per person, folks! . . . cerviche . . . pina colodas . . . pyramids . . . snorkeling . . . shopping . . . mass in Spanish . . . discos ... a ride in a fish truck in pouring rain . . . fast Freddie . . . knowing whether or not we would get Pack to New Orleans ... all sum- mizes a voyage to the unknown, to Aukumal Mexico, just an hours drive from downtown Cancun. This excur- sion was made by 25 Loyola wolves on April 1, 1983 . . . this was Easter weekend . . . this was a vacation ... Oh well, let ' s let the pictures tell the rest!!! Top row, across both pages- (36) Dawn Deanna Di Maggio. counting pesos for the exit tax. Why? Well, our travel agent (who, will remain nameless in this spread), said that we needed 350 pesos in order to leave Mexico. Guess what?! It was more — 450 pesos, and we found out when it was time to leave-at the airport! Oppo- site page-Howard, Huey Rhonda, celebrating the fact that we had a seat on the plane. Why? We had to leave two people behind . . ahliour efficient travel agent strikes again . . !@ Next, Huey, Lisa Lori are high atop a pyramid in Coba. This excursion cost $20 and $15 was for the taxi, which rode to full capacity — 7 people in a 4-door Ford. Back to this page, Middle-a pyramid at Coba; Opposite page, tar right, David Shelley enjoy a terriffic meal on the Lacasa flight. What ' s so special? The best meals that we en- countered were on the plane! . . . @l . . . This page again, tar left, Eddie Michele discussing relocation to Akumal . . , Lower left, Michelle Brandon enjoys the Mexican aroma . . . Right, Jeanne Le Grand has had too much sun in the fun! Opposite page, lower left, Eric, Albert, Salvador, Richard Chuck sampling Mexican lemonade (Margaritas) . . . Extreme bottom of page, Rhonda Michelle at our final party . . . Far Right, five delicacies to an American in Mexico: sugar-flakes, coke, Philadelphia cream cheese, fruit loops, and crackers; or more commonly known as zucaritas, coca-cola (hecho en Mexico), Philadelphia queso crema, fruti lupis galletas premi- um. Bottom Right, Chuck Bryan — Free at last!! 36 Union-Mexico A Union Mexico 37 « .- mm Kfe V ■■ »1 Jre. rt t © ■ 0 K sj F 3 7 J ' 1 W hjT J 1 IS ggf HL -■- w M iSSSMHi ' stU-. -•-.-.-. ' . ' - " ; ' V ' • ' . 1 - - - " " ' •- ' ' ::;;. ' -» ; ' • : - : : ' tt ; . ' ' ,• ' ,... " ttffi ' V ' " . ' ' ' . " ■- " " 2 ' • ' • ' ' ,Vi ' • ' ' , . ' ' • ' • ' • . J l ■ ' .• ' ' - ' . ' - " . ' • ' . »• : ii« ' ■ ' :;•. : . ' .;:•; ' . ' , ' • ' • . ' ' ' - V in Unity and enlightenment among the Loyola community through cultural, social, and educational activities can be attributed to the Black Student Union of Loyola Universi- ty. The BSU is made up of some very concerned students who are interested in bringing to the Loyola campus, a sense of brotherhood. Some of this past years activities sponsored by the BSU included: a cocktail party for all of the in-coming students, lectures by Maya Angelau, Julian Bond, and Judge Israel Augustine, a soul food tasting contest, and a school closing festivity with a perfor- mance by Louisiana Purchase. One positive step by the BSU this year, was the removal of the Jungle King video game, as it was found to be derogatory to Blacks, and so it was removed from the Wolf Den as a result of the Black Student Union. Opposite page: Top- Louisiana Purchase at their best; Darren Smith, BSU president. Middle- Crowd reaction to Louisiana Purchase. Bottom: Ron Jordan, BSU advisor; Bruce Jupiter, Parlimentarian, Fr. Carter, Michael Johnson, Treasurer, and Dr. Dynia, at Julian Bond ' s lecture. This page- Julian Bond. Affairs The Office of International Stu- dent Affairs is the center for infor- mation for all international stu- dents on campus. The office handles all immigration matters, and helps international students become adjusted to university life through cultural, lan- guage, academic and personal matters. The office also is the home of the International Student Association, a social and cultural organization, that sponsors many events on campus- To the right of this page, and on this page, are pictures of their biggest event, the Interna- tional Affairs week. This page: Top right- Dancers from San Alfonso. Middle Right- Japanese Dance Group; Immediate Right- David Kyle with a song and dance group from San Alfonso. Bottom: Far Right- a member of the St. Croix Steel Philharmonic Orchestra. Below- ISA staff: Barbara D ' Amico, Director, Bibi Jameer, secretary, and Maureen Dunn. English specialist. Opposite page- Top- ISA officers: Reuben Young, Thanh Dink, Vic- tor Oyola-V.P. Activities, David Kyle, Trea- surer. Vicky Fernandez, President, and Os- car Ancalmo, Executive V.P. Bottom: Pro- ceeds from the International Food Fest are donated to LUCAP for hunger week 40 I.S.A. W MK YOU T 1IEM1AIIUNAL m »»IIOI 21-25 % FOLK DANCE I.S.A. 41 Wolf Pub A hot pizza, a delicious crisp salad, a cold beer place?-The Wolf Pub. the The Wolf Pub is probably the hot spot in the Danna Cen- ter. It Is just the place to unwind from classes, and have a cold beer to help you make it through the day. The Pub is also the site of many parties, particularly T.G.I.F. ' s., and many sports activities such as the Sports Trivia Bowl. Left- Phil Patterson and Pat Cush relax before the midday rush. Below- The Wolf Pub Staff. Back Row, From Left- Chuck Bryan, Brett Reidy, Lyda T ' ang. Matt Kochanski, Henry Garrigo, Phil Patterson. Second Row, from left- Albert Valera, Dan Arroyo (Director), Betsy Brennan, Carlos Thompson, Steve Gentile, Nancy Tate. Steve Macala, Barb Stuck- meyer. Front Row, From left- Pat Cush, Cathy Wenzel. Kathleen Tucker, Tami St, Germain, and Beth Strazzella. 42 Wolf Pub Liaisons Conducting campus tours, inducting new students to Loyola at Lagniappe, and assisting in any way possible at Exploration ' 83; These all sum up duties of someone im- portant to a freshman-a Loyola Liaison. Liaisons come from all areas of the country, in all sizes, shapes and colors. A Liaison is someone who knows and understands the problems of an incoming student. In short, a Liaison is a friend. Lett Exploration ' 83 Below- The Liaisons Standing (l-r): Guyleen Cas- triotta, Farshid Amirpanani, Merlis Broussard. Tom Delahaye. Steve Fetcko, Mark Tyner, Aaron Ambeau. John McCook, Patty Ordonez Seated- Ann Marino, Maria Lopez. Debby Duffy. Karen Moll, and Su- zette Songy. Liaisons 43 The Wolf 44 Wolf y ■7 - iu— -, Om s id i v . j mwm £ ? A Since 1923 it has been the weekly news organ ot Loyola University, supplying students, taculty, and statf with interesting stories, tunny cartoons, and useful information. It has won countless awards, and has become one of the most prominent college newspapers in the United States. It has seen many editors, including Gardere Moore, vice president and general manager of the New Orleans Fair Grounds, and TV reporter turned FBI agent Brian Kensel. It ' s called the Maroon. Above-The Maroon Staff. L-R, Back, Leslie Parr (Staff Adviser), Kenny Beck (Business Manager), Vicky Newsome, Jane Decuers, Pete Couste (Editor-in-Chief Spring ' 83), Jan Gbur, Tammy Collins, Tom Cortazzo. Front, L-R, Gerard Luisi, Lori Caradonna, Jay Malarcher. NOT PICTURED: PAULA GUIBAULT, Editor-in-Chief, Fall ' 82, and faculty adviser. Dr. Dolly Berthelot. 46 The Maroon V WWA tn« ij ttfltftt flWTdte SH? ti 3Ci; 0«b. By Tom Harmeyer It ' s all gone. I ' m in my favorite stall and all the old, familiar graffiti is gone. Maybe it ' s not too common to have a favorite stall, but if you hang around this place long enough, you find a favorite everything — a favorite table at Hardee ' s, a favorite racquetball court at the Rec Center, a favorite seat in 107 Bobet, etc. Yes, I ' ve even got a favorite restroom and in it a favorite stall. And until recently, I had some favorite graffiti in this stall. I had to find out what had happened to my walls of worldly wisdom. What could I do now — 1 had reached my place in life sitting on the toilets of giants, and now their legacy had been destroyed. Certainly, not everything written on walls is worth reading, but then again, not everything written in textbooks is either. Graffiti simply hasn ' t been given its due. The same people who repaint walls are the first to scream over book burnings. Yet, as a medium of communications, walls certainly outdate books. As far as we know, cavemen didn ' t have bison coloring books. And let ' s face it — it ' s probably a safe bet that bathroom walls are more thoroughly read at Loyola than, say, philosophy texts, for instance. A brief survey of Loyola students seemed to support this claim. Nearly everyone I asked claimed to read graffiti. " Yes, I read it avidly, " G., a political science junior, said. " It ' s good for a laugh. I ' m disappointed when there is no graffiti; it ' s boring to just sit there and look at marble. " G. sounded like a man immersed in the true spirit of the form, so I asked him, " Do you write graffiti? " " Yes, " he said, " I write advice. And sometimes I write profound things about women. " Believing I had found my guru, I asked him to enlighten me. He couldn ' t remember any of his words to live by and alas no walls still recorded them. Bittered by this loss, I asked, " who out there would exterminate the product of his mind? " I had to find out. My search led me to William P. Horrobin, director of WFF Management Services (the people who clean our walls). He said his department has a policy " to remove graffiti as it is found. " Though it seems he ' s been successful in his efforts, he said that his task can be " extremely difficult " depending upon the materials people use. As an example, he cited the marble in the restrooms of Biever Hall, saying graffiti there " is almost impossible to remove. " He then referred me to a cohort, Paul Fleming, Director of Physical Plant. o No figures were available on the average expense of combatting graffiti, yet Fleming estimated that $2500 was spent for " a graffiti remover on man- hours " repairing the damages of a major incident at the end of last semester, where the exterior of Marquette Hall had been defaced. Fleming said such acts take his people away from their regular duties,. Though less costly, the writing on the bathroom walls cannot be combatted so easily. " It seems to replenish itself, " Fleming said. Despite this, he receives complaints from some students who are offended by what they read. " If this were a bar or a lounge or somthing, maybe it ' d be okay; but I don ' t think this is good for the school ' s image. " I wondered, do students actually complain about graffiti? Are they really offended by it? I decided to ask C, a public administration junior. He ' s a regular kind of guy. " I like it except when it ' s crude, " he said. " Some of it is very creative — an unsung artform. " He said he was not offended by it. C. said he even adds his wit to the wealth, but " only on desks. I do it only to take out frustrations — usually about teachers. I don ' t usually have much frustration in the bathroom. " Frustration? Is my scripture merely a product if frustration? Dr. Jake Jacobs, associate professor of psychology, said, " Some graffiti is an expression of anger, frustration, whatever; but some of it is more philosop hic — creative. " It ' s a kind of anonymous communication. People can say things they wouldn ' t say in con- versation. " Jacobs says he often makes a special effort to read graffiti. " I use the far stall [where writing is most prevalent in a Monroe restroom] so I can read what is written. I want to receive that anonymous com- munication. " Until now, I had only spoken with men. Thus, 1 asked a female French senior to tell me about the graffiti of the ladies room. Ladies? Don ' t beleive it! " Mostly, there are drawings. I suppose they represent what some women think about in the restroom, " she said. I could only guess what that meant. Is there a dominant theme? " I asked. " Yes, but it ' s a bit embarrassing, " she offered. " Would I recognize the subject of the drawings? " " I think so, " she said with a blush. And we left it at that. Well, maybe all graffiti isn ' t meant to stimulate the intellect. Having ignored all else during my long and ar- duous adventures, I now needed one thing more than all others — my favorite stall. 1 knew I would face the sorrow of seeing bare walls, yet I knew also that a man must do what a man must do. Entering, I took my usual place, yet fought off the urge to make my usual glances left and right. Finally, I yielded on the possibility that a renaissance had begun. And lo, to the left, what did I see? " I like grils. That ' s girls, stupid. What about us grils? " And lo, to the right, what did I read? " To be is to do — Plato; To do is to be — Nietzche; Doo be doo be do — Sinatra; Scooby Doo — Scooby Doo. " A new era had begun! Life as we know it would continue! Graffiti lives! 47 I Hearing Since Loyola students never see the faces — other than in The Wolf — This is what the WLDC radio team looks like. Although they ' re smiling now, once it ' s airtime the expres- sions become as serious as the work they do. Below-The WLDC Radio Team. From Left-Top- Bruce Jupiter, Liz Liberation, Donald Klotz, Mike Hannau, Steve Callender, Erin Moore, Vicky Livingston, John Charles, Bibi Semsic, Tommy Cortazzo, Roby Chevez, Denise Horton, Richard Goldkamp, Leslie Lotten, Eileen Lumar, Didi Travis, Debbie Murphy, Joseph Abraham, Steve Duly, Melanie Nobles, Holly Coates, Jennifer Tem- ple 48 WLDC-Radio Seeing On the flip side, the WLDC television crew appears no less flamPoyant when off camera. On camera, how- ever, the entire team is all Pusiness in reporting, direct- ing, and producing the midday news. Left: From the top, Tift Pelias, Charlene Faustermann, Denise Bour- geois, Lori Caradonna. James Gordon, Steve Walsh, Mike Capel- lupo, Peter Kalischer, Stephanie Farrar, Maureen Sullivan, and Ron Yager. Bottom-Lori Caradonna, Eric Hess, and Sandy Breland. WLDC-TV 491 Ballet Paqulta, Walpurgis Night, and a Hungarian folk ballet were all performed by the Loyola Ballet Troupe at their annual spring concert held in Dixon Hall on the Tulane campus this past year. The Loyola Ballet consists of students of the ballet reper- toire and preparatory ballet classes which are under the direction of Gayle Parmelee. Top Right- Karen Beck. Maria Woolverton. and Margaret McCullen perform at Longvue gardens. Above- Marina Stavitskaya teaches an advance class at Loyola. Far Right- Robin Kotchan and Bob Cahill perform " Walpurgis Night " at Longvue Gardens. 50 Loyola Ballet Thornton Wilder ' s OUR TOWN Growing up, Marriage, Death, and after-life, all topics centered in one of the most popular dramas ever- " Our Town " . The play ran at Loyola from Novem- ber 11-13 and 18-20. It was directed by Charles Guajardo. Below- Pam Trautman and Robin Tatum por- tray Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Webb, gossiping over a cup of tea. CAST (in order of appearance) Stage Manager Dob Rutledge Doctor Gibbs Kenneth Kyle Joe Crowell Aaron Ambeau Howie Newsome Gerry Keane Mrs. Gibbs Pom Trautman Mrs. Webb Robin Totem George Gibbs Gavin Mahlie Rebecca Gibbs Lisa Ciolino Wolly Webb Kenny Colley Emily Webb Deth Thibodoux Prof. Willard James Saporito Mr. Webb Raymond Doudreau Simon Stimson Mike Copellupo Mrs. Soomes Zito Mack Constable Dill Warren ... David Mastronato Si Gary Segura Sam Crolg f . . . Greg Montz Joe Stoddard Jody Lentz Woman in Audience. Choir Member Darlo Rutledge Our Town 51 " A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum " was the story of the hilarious endeavors of the slave Pseudolys, and his fight for freedom. Throught his journey, he encounters Roman soldiers, prostitutes, and oth- er low-lifes, until he finally secures his freedom. The Loyola production of " Forum " ran from October 7-10 and 14-17. It was directed by Larry Warner. Top- The cast of " Forum " 52 Forum Cast Prologus Pseudolus Jay Malarcher Proteans Dwayne Carte, Tommy Samona, Ron Yager Senex Harold Gervais Domina Suzanne Duplantis Hysterium Mike Capellupo Hero Eric Kinch Lycus Lawrence Radecker Panacea Angele Phi libert The Geminae Laura Felicioni, Kathy Menighan Vibrata Tracy Levinson Gymnasia Kathy Turpel Philia Jorinda Junius Erronius John Vasser Miles Gloriosus Lance Descourouez Top Left- Pseudolus (Jay Malarcher) whispers to the audience. Lett- Hysterium (Mike Capel- lupo) and Erronius (John Vasser) listen intently to Pseudolus ' warning. Above- Miles Gloriosus (Lance Descourquez is admired by the Geminae (Laura Felicioni and Kathy Men- ighan). Forum 53 The Collection Harry N. Harold Gervais Bill Eric KLinch James James Gordon Stella Cheryl Williams Kathy Menighan Donald Brady and Ernest Ferlita di- rected Loyola ' s production of The Collection, a mysterious play aPout a supposed deception. The play ran for five nights in April in Marquette Theatre. Above-Bill seems unconcerned with Harry ' s questions. Above Right-Stella gives her husband James an account of her weekend in Leeds. Right-James confronts Harry and Bill with his wife ' s story. 54 The Collection lIS J ' 5rtf 1 m t l ||§fl|l| V M fl " P%- " " j HH p ; sf i ■ v i . S " - s ' j V EkP inWpy-V ' ' 1 Blu W ■ 1 Ji ML 2slC £ + " % w M F 4i,c i TWOm .- - ' ■;« ■ •§1 ■ Ei w 1 i 1 Ik .0 The problem of guilt by association wa brought forth from the grim days of the Salem witch trials in Arthur Mill- er ' s, " The Crucible " , whichran at Loyola this past April, and was di- rected by Fr. Ferlita. Top Left- John Proctor (Steve Evans), refuses to compomise his integrity. Middle Left- Abigail (Zita Hawkins mack). " sees " a yellow bird. Bottom Right- Reverend Hale (Gavin Mahlie). interrogates Tituba (Linda Dillon) before the court. Cast (in order of appearance) Reverend Parris N. Harold Gervais Betty Parris Martha Corey Angelle Gravois Tituba Linda D. Dillon Abigail Williams Zita Hawkins Mack Susanna Walcott Lisa E. Ciolino Ann Putnam Sara Fefer Thomas Putnam Paul M. Amend, Jr. Mercy Lewis Bonnie Detweiler Mary Warren . Beth Thib6deau John Proctor Steve Evans Rebecca Nurse Jennie E. Wilbur Giles Corey. . Mike Capellupo Reverend John Hale Gavin Mahlie Elizabeth Proctor Mary Theresa Burton Francis Nurse Mark E. Habert Ezekiel Cheever Kurt Heumann John Willard . James Saporito Judge Hathorne Scott McLetchie Deputy-Governor Danforth John Vasser A ' 6 M The Crucible 55 Circie K Under the direction of its president, Bill Hydrick, Circle K performed many activities this year including visits to local hospitals and institutions. The organization also sponsored various activi- ties on campus, including the lighting of a Christmas tree, bathtub races for charity, and the selling doughnuts at pre-registration. Top Right- Mike Shea, Bill Hydrick and Pat Cush in the bathtub races. Right Circle K Christmas activities- from left: Brian Veade, Sharon Kirtpatrick, Robert Bullington, Kris- tie Roe. John Killilea, Cecilia Absher, Bill Hydrick, president. Lower Right- Martin Benes on a streetcar, telling New Or- leans that Loyola is having a groundbreaking. Bottom- Circle K Top Row- Renae Rosenthal. Mario Bravo, Maria Crisaro, Craig Le Normand, Conrad Bourgeois (Advisor). Second Row- Mike Shea, Robert Bullington Joel Bour- geois. Bottom- Bill Hydrick, Anne Oestriecher, Keith Jossell. 56 Cricle K L U C A P In community centers, prisons, rest homes, schools, and residential treatment homes for abused and battered children; — they ' re everywhere — they ' re L U C A P (Loyola University ' s Community Action Program). L U C A " P is composed of students who want to get involved. L U C A P offers students an opportunity to grow and meet other people. Besides volunteer work, L U C A P offers semesterly retreats, workshops, and parties for personal reflection and fun. Above-L ' IPCA ' P. From L-R (Top)- Andy Fox, Steve Sheehy, Leslie Lyons. Bottom L-R- Candy Skufca, Marie Guertin, Joe Rowe, Dan Sifferlin (Director), and Laura Defley. L ' irC ' A ' P 57 Car id Key Front Row: Laura Chatley, Ellie Olivier. Jennifer May. Lisa Tippin, Tom DelaHaye. Mary Wilson; Back Row: Pat Agnew. Charles Gremillion, Betsy Benson, Cathy Rome, Liz Flannagan, Sally Payroffitte, Holly Coates, Sheila Potts, Tricia Aberly, Anna Doris, Tommy Cortazzo, Rob Ferguson, Standing- Dinah Payne. Interfraternity Council Left: Michael Brinks (Beggars), Rob Ferguson (ADG), Dave Mastrodanato (Sig Ep), Rob Zavada (ADG), and Justin Duke (Beggars). 58 Cardinal Key lnterfraternity Council Alpha Delta Gamma The " Incognito " party was just one of the many events that can be attributed to the biggest frater- nity on the Loyola campus-Alpha Delta Gamma. A.D.G. is an organization of brotherhood that main- tains qualities of love and mutual respect. They pro- mote spiritual and scholastic activities, service to others, and competiton in sports-all in a liaison with the Loyola campus. Above- The brothers of A.D.G. . their little sisters, and their advisor. Fr. Pillar, gather in front of " the house " on Freret St. Left- Carlos Thompson, an A.D.G. brother, at a dance held this past year, sponsored by A.D.G. A.D.G. 59 Since their beginning as a fraternity at Loyola, Beggars has proved time and time again that they posses a high frater- nal spirit within their organization. The Beggars enjoy socializing, and this past school year was no different. Hea- ding this past year ' s activities was a Ba- hama Mama, and a Pajama party, along with the traditional Winter and Spring for- mals. Right- Scott Shea and Pasha Meimann start the weekend early. Bottom-Beggars and their little sis- ters gather for this shot after a baseball game. 60 Beggars Sigma Phi Epsilon During its first year on campus, the Sigma Epsilon chapter of, " Sig Ep " inducted thirty-one Loyola students. The pledges spent their spring se- mester learning the fraternity ' s histo- ry and developing a sense of Proth- erhood. Left- Art Eschbacher. Evi Rodriguez, and Den- nis Van Deusen-T.G.I.F. Below- The 1983 pledges of Sigma Phi Epsilon Sig Eps 61 Theta Phi N YON The 1982-83 school year was a busy one for Theta Phi, with a swinging 60 ' s party, the traditional Christ- mas party, and many other social events. The organization also visited various residential treatment homes, including the home for abused children in October. Right: Members of Theta Phi, along with their big brothers, get ready for the Dixie Brewery party Bottom: Theta Phi members. 62 Theta Phi Phi Phi Phi Although the Tri Phi ' s leave no doubt that they take the sorority and its work seriously — the club works with underprivileged children — Gina Pellegrini (far left) and Cathy Cross display the club ' s lighter side as they sip beer during one of the sorority ' s many car washes. Below; Members of Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi 63 Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi encourages scholar- ship, social activity, and the associ- ation of students for their mutual ad- vancement by research and prac- tice. They try to promote a closer affiliation between the commercial world and commerce students, higher ethics and the civic and common welfare of the community. Right-Delta Sig members get together at a T.G.l.F. Above- The members of Delta Sigma Pi gather in front of Stallings Hall. ; mm 64 Delta Sigma Pi • ting Machinery Alpha Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Phi Omega - Alpha Sigma Nu Association of G Beta Alpha Psi Beta Beta Beta Beta Epsilon Upsilon Beta Gamma Sigma Biever Residence Council Blue Key National Honor Fraternity Student Social Work Organization Dobro Slovo English Student Association Gamma Sigma Sigpna Jr. American Dental Hygiene Association Kappa Delta Pi La Ronde Table Frdncaise Loyola Association of Music Therapy Students Loyola Association of Women Law Students i Loyola College Republicans Loyola Marketing Association Loyola M.B.A. Association ■. Loyola Russian -Club Loyola Soccer Club Loyola Society of Public Administrators El Salvador Solidarity Committee Loyola Finance Association Loyola Nurses Association Panhellenic Council Student Historical Associatio Volleyball Club Women ' sJSoccer Club Young Americans for Fre National Lawyer ' s Guild Pershing Rifles Camp 1-16 Phi Alpha Delta Phi Delta Phi Philosophy Club Pi Delta Phi Pi Mu Epsilon Pre-Law Club Psi Chi Scabbard Blade St. Thomas More Law Club Upsilon Beta Lambda Women ' s Residence Council Red Beans Rice Literary Magazine Organizatiohs 65 66 Students 67 F! .ML S ' imen Let me live my life from year to year, With forward face and unreluctant soul, Not hastening to, nor turning from the goal; Not mourning for the things that disappear In the dim past, nor holding back in fear From what the future veils; but with a whole And happy heart, that pays its toll To youth and age, and travels on with cheer. So let the way wind up hill or down, Through rough or smooth, the journey will be joy; Still seeking what I sought but when a boy. New friendship, high adventure, and a crown, I shall grow, but never lose life ' s zest, Because the road ' s last turn will be the best. Henry Van Dyke Roberto Acosta Wilfred Acosta Frances Albergamo Adrian Alexander Gralyn Alexander Matthew Allen 68 Freshmen Robin Amato David Anderson Carol Andry Melanie Azzouz Sandra Bastone Belinda Baum Laurie Baumgartner Zipporah Bell David Berney Stephanie Beslin Margaret Bishop James Boldt Avis Borne Michael Borrello Barbara Bray Marca Bricher Elysa Bright Richard Brohamer Ron Brylski Jon Buchhold Freshmen 69 3ullington Murphy Burke Barron Burmaster Sabrina Burroughs Robecca Byers Cheryl Callahan Kathleen Callihan Stephen Cangelosi Antonio Caracci Dwayne Carte Francisco Casero George Casero Guyleen Castriotta Rene Cervantes 70 Freshmen Pandy Cieutat Steven Cimino Debbie Cinquigranno Maria Clementi Dean Colson Jan Colson Leo Conry Shannon Cooper Janet Crawford Patchrick Crawford Tina Crawford Douglas Currault Joseph Darke Rachelle Desvaux Dina Di Maggio Frank Dimario Robert DuPree John Duckworth Peggy Duvieilh Elizabeth Eckholdt Freshmen 71 John William Egan Patricia Marie Eimers Paulette Veronica Emelle Richelle I Farley Robert J. Feigler Patricia Sophia Ferrera Diane R. Finnerty Donna Marie Floyd Danny J Folse Susan Yvette Foster James Charles Fowler Andrew Jay Fox Chris P Fuegner Gregory T Sagnon 72 Freshmen Richard Gervais Richard Gist Dave Gregory Jeffrey Griffin Tina Grim Maria Grisaro Bernardo Grubstein Marie Guertin John Guidry Marija Guidry Scott Guidry Helen Haley Todd Hamrick Al Hanson Sarita Harris Franktt Hausman Julie Hayden Michelle Hennen Paige Hensley Elisabeth Hekig Freshmen 73 Aida Maria Hernandez Elizabeth Ann Hessburg Lisa Gaye Hickey Julie Catherine Hoffman Mark G Holden Denise L. Horton Tricia L Hotard Christina L Howard Wendy E Hubbell Stephen Raymond Hunter Juan Carlos Ibarra James J Igoe Janine M Jacques Hector A Jimenez 74 Freshmen a f JlJr Dennis Joseph Carol Keidel Jennifer Keller Maura Kerner Connie Kramer Kimberly Krautter Gina Lacy Julie LeBlanc Julie Lesser David Lion Caroline Little Victoria Livingston Frank Llende Mary Lococo Evelyn Longa Ettna Lopez Rene Lovelace Gavin Mahlie Mary Malnar Terasa Manix Freshmen 75 Guy Andre Mascara Aimee Therese Masterson Merlyna Ann Mathieu Soraya Del C Matias Louise K McClintock Heather Sue McGhay Susanne M Mckee Maria Clare McKinney Patrick McNulty Andrew J Meibaum Pasha Ann Meimann Dionella G Mendez John Anthony Messiny Regina Dawn Micelle I ■ | | i3ETrAP es i 76 Freshmen Crystal Mikell Ramie Miller John Miotke Jacques Molaison Scott Montz Erin Moore Russell Morris Tina Mortellaro Marc Mouton Moria Murphy Sheila Murphy Tina Nelson Victoria Newsome Melanie Nobles Kim Number Anne O ' Hare Martha O ' Hara Darilyn Olidge Dan Oser Julie Osterfeld Freshmen 77 Michael Park Regina Pellegrini Oscar Pereda Andre Perrin Lesilie Peterson Rita Peterson Sharon Pierce Maria Pierre Patrick Porter Thomas Portesi Russell Powell Monica Prida Thomas Quinn Linda Rapp 78 Freshmen Tom Rayer Darnisha Reddick Angela Rey Andrea Ribando Arthur Riera Theresa Rinderle Al Roche Charles Rome Shearita Rondeno Suyada Rosalez Thomas Ruli Michelle Rumpf Charles Sabadell Maria San Miguel Patrick Scott Pamela Sedmak Michael Shea Patricia Shea Miguel Siman Salvador Siman Freshmen 79 Bebe A Simcic Denise Lane Skelly Deborah Joy Smith Shannon Mary Spring Jill Marie St, Romain Michele R St. Romain D. Charles Sterkx Mirella Scaparone Suarez-Rivero Lloyde P Tafaro Lisa T Taylor Ana Margarita Tercilla Elizabeth Andree Thibodeaux Valerie Anne Turner Dominique J Twiggs 80 Freshmen Maureen Tydlaska Pam Ussery Stephen Valdes Chalita Valteau Robin Vander Abraham Van Heel Catherine Voisinet Richard Volterre Michael Waddington Evon Watkins Joyce Wellman Darren Wells Thadra White Terrilyn Whitehead Johnny Wiggins Adam Williams, III Rhondd Willidmson Anthony Winn Tracy Wirtz Maria Woolverton Freshmen 81 Si ■ omores Keep thou thy dreams — the tissue of all wings Is woven first from them; from dreams are made The precious and imperishable things, Whole loveliness lives on, and does not fade. Virna Sheard Freshmen Wendy A Wortmann Angela Marie Zarada Jill Marie Zimmerman Karen Anne Gaffney Sophomores Julio Abreu George I Alvarez 82 Sophomores William H Arata Doug David Arena Silvio Antonio Argiz Roxane Danielle Assaf Debra Ann Baker Carol Lynn Bangs Carlo M Barrow Angela Lynn Bartush Deborah M Belin Susan B Bellan Melissa Marie Bender Glenn Berry William Berry Alberto Beuses Barry J Bischoft Jorge Raul Blanco David G Boudreaux Annie M Bowman Gloria Marie Breaux Jennifer B Brennecke Sophomores 83 in K Brown Sheryl Patrice Bury William Calvache Trudv Catherine Cambre Dana Carol Canaday Bruce Anthony Candebat Jeanne Lynne Carr Wayne Darren Carriere Howard J. Castay Karen Grace Caswell Sabrina Anne Cazaubon Maria Celia Chamorro Stella Chevres Elizabeth A Liberatori i- Hiiiiiiiii sip 31 llPl 84 Sophomores Michael T Condy Karen A Crosby Patrick Louis Cush Desiree M Cachraoui Anita Colleen Davis Butty Z Davis Jody Z Davis Lourdes De La Camara Natalie De La Torre Patrick D. De Rouen Philip Michael Debard Cynthia A Connelly Kathy A. Dupuy Robyn Lee Dyson Rhonda Ann Egana Rudy Antonio Estripeaut Angela Marie Evans Grace Fell Cathy Ann Fernandez Brian S. Flotte Sophomores 85 Andrew William Francis Edward Enrique Fuentes Raymona J Giacontierre Diana Gillot Brian D Grant Monique Suzanne Guillot Amy Hammond Reg W Hanemann Suzette Marquerite Herndon Kurt Patrick Heumann Jeffrey Andre Hobden James Sidney Hotard Kelley M Howat William S Hydrick 86 Sophomores Carlos Alberto Ibanez Jarrett Ann Johnson Patrick Michael Julian Jo Ann Keelen Virginia Kindelan Peter Louis Kovacs Dana Marie Landry Yvonne Marie Lanoux Bruce A Lee Suzette Ann Legendre Clarence Emanuel Lewis Lorenzo Lorenzo Eileen Lumar Milo Kent Mannino Ann Marie Marino Ramon P Martinez Alejandro Matos Jan C. Mau George P Mayer Debbie A McCleary Sophomores 87 in McCook Tawny Mclntyre Jose Alfredo Mendieta Carlos Alfredo Miguel Diana I Morales Juan Carlos Morales Deborah Lynn Muley Laura J Mulligan Terri Anne Murray Ralph A Nelson Siobhan O ' Quinn Patricia A Oravec Patty Ordonez Christa L Partlow 88 Sophomores Emma Jean Paul Allison Ann Pepin John R Perez Laurie Lynn Phillpott Joseph J Pillveere Maurice Laurence Prince Charles C Rader Maria T. Ribando Agnes M Rivera Monica Ann Rivers Eva L Rodriguez James B Rogers Linda Rosenthal James V Ryan Kenneth A St. Charles Marcos J Sainz David Scarnato Sheryl A Schof Scott Shea Joan Sheehan LOYOLA UNIVERSITY LIBRARY NEW ORLEANS, LA. 70118 Sophomores 89 - Leslie Sigut Nelson C Steiner Lesley Marie Sullivan Robin Ann Tatom Cheryl A Tauzier Pedro Enriaue Tello Shirley E Thompson Terry R Toombs William C Tracey Matthew Triche Rennie J Truitt Rhonda Tycer Mark Tyner Mydge F Tyska 90 Sophomores Michael Joseph Valdes Dennis L VanDeusen Donna Rose Vigee Robert D Vitrano Chonna Maria Varnado Michael Wallace Jonathan B Water Jennifer Jill Weber Catherine P Wenzel Lolita Maria Williams Rob B Zavada Sophomores 91 iiors Day comes slowly up north, From the first thin white of dawn ' s Beginning to the last gold, dissolving When the long beams of the sun at last Lie level on the earth. It comes as slowly As our trees grow, our apples ripen, Or the day turns toward night. We have a long time to think about change And to be Tempered to what will come. We have a long time to hold life Within our hands and savor it And know it good — juniper and oak. From laying the fire to the last pale smoke. Harriet Plimpton Cecilia Absher Germaine Age Patrick Agnew Peter Apku Paul Amend. Jr. Farshid Amirpanani 92 Juniors Lisa Marie Bacques Deidre M Baker Robert Joseph Barth Troy Nathan Bell Elizabeth M Bensen Robert Joseph Bergeron Lamar P. Bourgeois III Gwendolyn Marie Bowers Merlis Joseph Broussard Jr Lynn Maria Buggage Stephen Michael Callender Ratael Chang-Muy Alejandro Chevalier Kevlin P. Clark Lisa A. Clark Holly A. Coates Elisabeth M. Compagno John Edward Cresson Roy L. Dauzat Thomas C. Delahaye Juniors 93 I De la Hoz Donna Elaine De Santis Marjorie R Ellis Lawrence Duane Erdman Art W Eschbacher Lynnette Marie Falgoust Robert S Ferguson Ivelisse Fernandez Huey P Farrell Kathryn L Fleming Gary D. Galano Amy E Gomez James E. Gordon Pascale S. Gouhier 94 Juniors Paula M Guibault John Peters Hammett Fleming J Hanley Michael Charles Harrison Michael Gary Hennessy Virginia M. Hoffmeier Jay F. Joyner Gene Kurt Kirkconnell David Alan Kyle Guy C. Larsen Wendell J. Laurent Nancee Elaine Lewis Gerard J Luisi Michele Ann Magill Alberto Martinez M. Alexis Matt Edward D Maus Douglas Alan Metzger Stephanie Gerelyn Meyers Troy P Million Juniors 95 loynan Karen Anne O ' Donnell Mary Alice Oesterling Cary Paul Oswald Elizabeth M Padgett Joy Lyn Petermann Julie Marie Raymond Shirley Stoma Rhode Thomas F Riley Lyndon J Saia Tami Frog Elsa Elionona Sanchez Birdie Lynn Sandifer Mary Jo Sapp 96 Juniors Marjorie Semprit S. Golen Slack Jennifer Smith Tod Smith Mamie Sterkx Michelle Sullivan Lori Sykes Derek Thomas Amanda Tomes James Treuting Mary Truxillo Suzette Valteau Mary Wilson Carol Zengel Juniors 97 mors This constitutes the romance of life. At every bend of the road There are new un foldings and each new day reveals undiscovered grandeurs. Life holds many surprises. Joseph R. Sizoo Carlos Arazoza Lynnette Bartley Valencia Battiste Jan Benanti Martin Benes Lionnelle Bienvend 98 Seniors Denise Bourgeois Therese Bowman Paul Bruno Alina Cabrera Michael Capellupo Lori Caradonna Janis Carlson Cynthia Cemo Parrish Collier John Collins Tracy Creager Martin " Irv " Cunniff Ann Curran Frank D ' Amico, Jr. Krina Darley Patricia Darwin Elizabeth Dauzat Michael Davis Pamela Davis MaryBeth DeMars Seniors 99 isiMarol h Deffendal Lance Descourouez Dale Deshautelles Linda Dillon Marc Dorsey Kerry Duane John Duvieilh Stephanie Farrar Charlene Faustermann Robin Fazende Sheila Fedor John Finckbeiner Maria Fisher 100 Seniors Roy Flores Anthony Ford Paul Franklin Marguerite Freeman Linda Gallagher William Gallinghouse Timothy Gantz Ada Garcia Elena Garcia Carol Garretsun Lisa Gasper Jeanette Gbur Steven Gentile Patricia Griffin Harry Grimes Patrick Guillion Linda Guillory Maureen Haile George Handy Grace Harris Seniors 101 i Hebert -enderson Sergio Herrero Joan Howard Christine Hutchinson Judy Hutchinson Joann Irby Patricia Jackson Lisa Jacques Gwendolyn Johnson Sonyo Johnson Eslia Kalsic Carli Kaplan Denise Karnbach 102 Seniors Gerard Keane Thomas Keiffer Kathleen Kelley John Killiea Gail King Kristy Kloster Timothy Krentez David Kuecks Joseph LeBlanc Margaret LeCarpentier Theresa Ledet Ingeborg Livieres Letitia Locker Deborah Logan Maria Lopez Diane Luccia Salvador Mandry Robert Martin Ronald Marx Juan Mateu Seniors 103 i , Mattern abeth Maus Donna Mayer Rafael Mayoral James McClendon Melinda McGovern Mary McGuire Laurie Mitchell John Moliason Richard Mortellaro John Murray Kevin Myers Mark Myers Raul Navarro 104 Seniors Rhonda Nicks Karen Nigro William Olivier Victor Oyola Clarence Parent Jon Parrillo Rhonda Pausina C. Tift Pelias William Peltier Vicky Perez Rodrigo Perez Angele Philibert Nancy Polk Elizabeth Pollock Suzanne Raz Matthew Reilly Joseph Ricca Jeffrey Riddell Glenny Riess Shannon Robinson Seniors 105 jusse 3 Saavedra Bruce Salmestrelli Keith Sampson Eleanor Sciortino Toni Scramuzza Margaret Sharkey Erin Shea James Shortal Kay Sibille Guillermo Siman Darren Smith Laura Smith Angela Sneed 106 Seniors Vincent Solito Marion Stampley Maureen Sullivan Kanji Takeno Mayine Taylor Michael Tifft Brian Veade Tonya Vidal Steve Walsh Jeanne Ward Trevor Watkins Mark Weiser Matthew Weiser Elizabeth Weiss Ronald West Catherine Williams Mark Williams Stephen Williams Wanda Wong-valle Ronald Yager Seniors 107 ate Law The older I get the more widsom I find in the ancient rule of taking first things first — a process which often reduces the most complex human problems to manageable proportions. Dwight D. Eisenhower Ruben Young (senior) Jude Ezeji James Arnold Daniel Calahan Ligia Cheng Joyce Cohen 108 Graduates Gerald Daigle, Jr. Jean Giustiniani Carmen Granados Oscar Herrera Lisa Kerner Timothy Keyes Adrienne LaCour-Hower Louis C. LaCour Alejandro Larrazabal Diane Lloyd Michael Mbakwe Kathryn Neilson Alejandro Palau Duncan Simpson Trung Huu Vuong Julie White Gratuates Law 109 - ' • " ■ -sv " " 110 Classes Classes 111 ' K7 Classes 1 13 114 Faculty Staff 115 HHHl t ' HHl H Since July 1, 1975. Manny Cunard, Director of the Joseph A. Danna Center and Student Activities, has served the Loyola community in a manner that can only be labeled as a labor of love. Words cannot express the dedication that Manny has given the Loyola community throughout the years of his service. Hardee ' s food service. Prismatic Artists, BNO, and the video and listening lounges all leave indication that someone cared, and showed it. Manny has truely shown that student life in frats, sororities, intramurals, and other organizations are all an essential factor in a person ' s educational experience at Loyola. Manny also has been a big supporter of the Wolf yearbook, and has stood by it in times of need. Manny resurrected the yearbook in 1977. and since then, the book has been produced for the past four years, with this book making the fifth. This is the first book that has been completed entirely by this yearbook staff, with Manny serving as a consultant in times of need. And, this editor can truely speak for the staff when I say that it was an honor for us to have been associated with this man the past two years. And so, in honor of Manuel R. Cunard ' s departure from Loyola University, the 1982-83 yearbook is hereby dedicated to him, and to his eight years of dedication to Loyola. Manny, good luck in Colorado, and may you give to them what you gave to us-yourself! Francis C. Doyle, Chairman Board Of Trustees Rev. Michael Alchediak, S.J. John F. Bricker Rev. J. Patout Burns, S.J. Rev. William J. Byron, SJ. Rev. James C. Carter, S.J. Dr. Elmo J. Cerise Rev. Thomas H. Clancy, S.J. Rev. David M. Clarke, S.J. James A. Comiskey Celestine Shannon Cook Charles J. Derbes, Jr. Harold S. Dey Rev. Vincent J. Duminuco, S.J Rev. Gerald M. Fagin, S.J. J. Robert Fitzgerald Rev. Daniel L. Flaherty, S.J. REAR Charles C. Gremillion Roy F. Guste Dr. Mildred F. Jefferson Rev. John F. Keller, S.J. Bro. James M. Kenny, S.J John P. Laborde Rev. Clyde H. Leblanc, S.J. Rev. Roland J. Lesseps, Rev. William Mclnnes, S Rev. Leo A. Nicoll, S.J. G. Frank Purvis, Jr. Rev. Hilton L. Rivet, S.J. Rev. Stephen C. Rowntree, S.J James E. Smith Moise S. Steeg .::.;■.. James C. Carter, S.J. President, Loyola University 118 Fr. Carter Far Left- Mr. Norman Roussell, Executive Assistant to the President. Left- Mr. John F. Sears, Director, Planning, Management Evaluation. Academic Affairs Left- Dr. Robert A. Preston, Vice President, Academic Affairs, Below, From Left- Mr. Willie M. Zanders, Assistant Vice-President, Academic Affairs; Joel D. Bourgeois, Asst. to the Academic Vice President; Elizabeth W. Samuels, Assistant to the Academic Vice President; Michele R. Ray, Exec. Secretary to the Academic Vice President 119 Maria J. Falco, Ph.D., Dean Claire J. Paolini Assoc. Dean Patrick L. Bourgeois Assoc. Dean Chemistry Chemistry: Dr. Walia. Jeanne Alexander, Nancy Hopkins. Dr. A. DiMaggio (Chairman), Dr. Petterson, Dr. Wendt Communications Communications: Mr. Benham, Mr. Bell, Dr. Miller, Dr. Chiasson, Dr. Lorenz, Dr. Hammel. Front- Dr. Blue, Dr. Mancuso. Dr. Berthelot. Mr. White. Mr. Kalischer. Education Education- Dr. Smith, Sam, Dr, Cahn, Jackie Jung, Addeye Gilbert, Dr. Kline, Chairman, Dr. Levitov, Dr. Murray Military Science Military Science- Back Row, SSG Vanhooks, SGM Parrish, Caot. Hernandez, SSG Edwards, Lt. Col. Buffgrdi (chairman). Glen Boisvert, Dorothy Hawkins, Mildred Rubit. Capt. Salter and Maj. Gregory M.F.L M.F.L.-Col Sovinsky, Dr. Saba- tini. Dr. Vazquez, Dr. Dewell, Chairman, Dr. Paolini, Dr. Hassel- bach. Lisa Isegnole. Dr. Ross, Dr. Mabe, Fr. Rogers Psychology Psychology-Dr Lundy, Dr. Clack, Dr. Doll (Chairman) ■::■■ ' ■ RelS Religious Stud.- Fr. Duffy, Dr. Janz, Dr. Gnuse, Dr. Gregson, Fr. Fagin (Chairman), Dr. Sheridan, Jo Ann Lo Buono, Sister Fara, Dr. Richard Fr. Ed Arroyo, S.J. Sociology Dr. E.L. Beard Biology Fr. Bienvenu, S.J. Greek Latin Stud. Fr. David Boileau Philosophy Prof. Don Brady Drama Speech Dr. Maurice Brungardt Chairman, History Dr. Bernard Cook History Dr. William Cotton English Dr. Bobby Cummings English Prof. Buddy D ' Aquila Visual Arts Dr. Philip Dynia Chairman, Pol. Sc. Fr. Hacker Fagot, S.J. Psychology Rev. Ernest Ferlita, S.J. Chairman, Drama Speech Bro. Gebhard Frolich, S.J. Visual Arts Fr. Joseph Fichter, S.J. Act. Chairman, Sociology 124 A S Faculty Dr. Dawson Gaillard English Dr. Henry Garon Physics Dr. John Gessner Sociology Bro. Alexis Gonzales, F.S.C. Director Film Buffs Inst. Dr. Barry Good Biology Dr. Bruce Henricksen English Dr. Gary Herbert Philosophy Fr. Alvin Holloway, S.J. Philosophy Chairman Dr. Jake Jacobs Psychology Dr. Richard Johnson English Chairman Dr. Kamel Khalaf Biology Mr. Stephen Kline Visual Arts Dr. Edward E Levy Dental Hygiene Fr. Roland Lesseps, S.J. Biology Chairman A S Faculty 125 Dr. Tony Lopez Mathematics Chairman Dr. David Moore History Fr. Henry Montecino, S.J. Philosophy Dr. John Mosier English Fr. Leo Nicoll. S.J. History Dr. Rosary O ' Neill Drama Speech Fr. Peter Peacock, O.F.M. Music Fr. James Pillar, O.M.I. History Dr. Jack Pollock Dental Hygiene Dr. Conrad Raabe Political Science Dr. Ed Renwick Political Science Dr. Sandra Rosenthal Philosophy Fr. Stephen C Rowntree, S.J. Philosophy Sister Grace Swift, O.S.U. History Dr. Marie J Villere Medical Technology 126 A S Faculty Dr. Lydia Voigt Sociology Dr. Dale Williams History Dr. Ray Witham Mathematics Fr. Ben Wren City College Staff Arts Sciences Staff: From Left Steve Farengo, Mary Guidry, Mary Ellen Arceneaux. Scarlet Curtis Lucinda Anderson A S Faculty Staff 27 - " S: Joseph M. Bonin Dean I V IsL ' , SSS timiwlL " ' ; ' John E. Cave Dean Drs. John Folkenroth John Brockhoeft From Left- Dr. James Baskett, Dr. Michael Dalton. Dr. Conrad Bourgeois. Dr. Robert Keller, Professor, Allen Boudreaux, Dr. Lloyd Brandt, Dr. Jesse Barfield. Drs. Ronald Milliman Clyde Jenkins Dr. Margaret Paranilam. Prof. Corinne Bensabat, Dr. Herbert Hicks, Prof. Eliza- beth Coote, Dr. Ernest Nordtvedt College Of Business 129 Fr. Jacques Yenni, Dr. Shu- Jan Liang, Dr. Jerry Dauterive, Prof. Ruby Ramirez, Dr. William Barnett, Dr. Michael Sibley, Dr. Ron Christner Dr Michael Saliba, Dr. Lee Mundell Staff Business School Staff: Miss Kelly Roux, Sister Camille Simoneaux CSJ, Mrs. Dianne Cousin, Mrs. Gwendolyn Wright, Mrs. Sarah Attaya Faculty- Back Row- Profs-John Mahoney, Philip Frohnmyer, Laura Deckner, Crawford Best. Jack McCracken, Bill Horn, Dean Angeles. Front- Richard Greene, Larry Wyatt, Edward Kvet, Sylvia Pengilly, Tony De Cuir, Dean David Swanzy, Dr. Patrick McCarty, Dr. Paul McGinley. College Of Music 131 Lav school Law School: Back Row- Luz Molina, Beverly Colbert. Prof. Fine, Francis Schumaker, Dianne McShea, Keith Vetter, Michael Vitello, Pamela Jackson, David Normann. Gerard Rault, Diane Pierce-Gonzalez, Tom Ruane. Middle ■ Prof, Richard Goins, Angela Davis-Wilson, Rene Crowe. Prof. Thomas Sponsler. Prof. William Neilson, Prof. Joseph Lawson, John Nelson, Prof. Basile Uddo, Ramona Almont, Anita Jackson, Beverly Colbert Front Row- Dot Heath, Dean Schwab, Prof. Dennis Rousseau, Dean McAulay, Asst. Dean William Crowe, Fr. Larry Moore, Prof. Louis Westerfield Law Clinic: From Left- Back Row- Prof. John Nelson, Luz Molina, Carlos Gomez, Evangeline Abriel, Frederick Anman. Front Row, Ramona Almont, Lela Leflore, Janice Isaac. 132 Law Lett- Fr. John Payne, Chaplain. Below- Law Library: J. Wesley Cochran, Win-Shin S. Chiang, Charles S. Finger. Marcia Serrir, Joan Pelland. May White, Lillie Thomas, Jane Morrison, Irma Buller, B. Renee Averett, Marguerite Ray. Gloria De Cuir. Law 133 Frederick J. Dobney Dean Faculty Staff: First Row, L- R: Prof. Richard Lucore. Asst. Dean, Dr. Dee W. Harper, So- ciology, and Dr. Anthony Waters, Philosophy. Second Row, L-R: Kathleen O ' Gor- man, Asst. Director, Loyola Institute of Ministry, Dr. Robert Ludwig, Director, L.I.M., Mau- reen Mckeon. Third Row: L-R, A. Robert Maurice, Joyce Green, and Meryl Bel. Fourth Row: Donna de Santis. College Admissions: Ron Jordan, Dr. Rebecca U. Brechtel, Jo Ann Williams, Sue Messinger, Lydia McAulay, Jeanne Legrand, Darlene Kaim, Sondra White, Fred Schwartz, Nancy Szalwinski, Dawn Corrado, Troy Baldwin, Clara Alexis, Joan Wall, Maria Roan A d m ■ i s s i o n s Registrar ' s Office: Dr. Bobs Tusa, Registrar, Lydia Ledet, Cushenberry, Asst. Registrar. Peggy Buckley, Mike McDonald, Yolanda Taylor, Alice Thomas, Elenora R e g ■ I s t r a r Offices Of Admissions Registrar 135 ampus inistry Staff: Dan Sifferlin, Mary Lou Gunther, Cindy Seghers, Fr. Tom Madden S.J., Dean, Libby Tisdell, Fr. John Payne Media Center Staff: Mike Carr. Frances Russo. Lolita Williams. Sister Anne Ramagos CSJ. Director Far Right: Mattie Stone, Director, Upward Bound. Right, Mary Lee Sweat, Librarian 1 ' s.is li ' . ■ 136 Media, Ministry, Library, Improvement Graduate Studies » ' - -- ' -. ' -t ..- ' ' 7 - . Vt ' rtJK 1± r.rt Dr. John Christman, Director Lorraine Broderick Administrative Asst Institute For Human Relations Rev. George F. Lundy, S.J. Director Grad. Stud. Human Rel 137 De« Council Dean ' s Council, from left- Malcolm Hess, Fred Schneider. Sally Peyrefitte, Paul Amend, Sheila Potts, Lisa Isegnoie, Darren Jordan, Lynette Falgoust, Dean Paolini, James Shortal, Judith Diedling, Laura Chatley, Scott Noya, Justin Lagarde, Roy Jones Student Affairs Far Right- Mr. Vince Knipfing, Vice President, Student Affairs; Right- Mr. Joe Kavanaugh, Asst. Vice President, Student Affairs. 138 Academic Student Aff. gnMpM k. Student Activities Danna Center Staff: From Left- Dan Arroyo, Mark Alexander, Manny Cunard, Director, Dawn DiMaggio, Patrick Richoux. and Ruth McCauley. Residential L ' rfe Residential Llfe-From Left- Maria Lee, Robert Reed, Director, and Daryl Hancock. Commuter Services Commuter Servlces-From Left- Lynn Buggage, Deborah Bryant, Director, Bettina Buval and Jason Obey. Not pictured: Tammy Collins, Alfred Mijares, Yvonne Zavithsanos, Raymond Delmar and Georgette Thompson. Counseling Counseling and Career Development- From Left- Edith Jones. Bob Miller, Chris Bogar and Meg Dachowski. Director. C iseling Mr. Jose A. Rodriguez. Counselor Financial Aid Mr. John F. Cado, Asst. Director, Mr. Robert J. Turek, Asst. Director, Alfretia Cloudet, Coordinator. Student Employment, Ann Orgeron and Ruby Jackson. 140 Student Affairs Finance Student Finance: Dave Roberts, Judy Vogel, Dave Moynan. Faye Toepfer, Wes Moynan. Not Pictured- Julee Thomas Health Center Health Center: Janice Warren, R.N., Administrative Director. Sr. Giovanni Siracusa, L.P.N., Resident Nurse, Chris Hutchinson Rec Center Pec Center Staff: Back Row- Craig Bogar, Director, Rene Gutierrez, Chris Wright, Willie Davenport. Matt Stralery, Jacobo Cordova, Peter Torres, Ramon Del Arroyo, Arlene Ferrer, Jim Shortal. Herbert Roth, Terry Bravo, Judy Seger, Asst. Director, Second Row: Beatrice Calveche, Vicky Fernandez, Carmen Matias, Front Row: M.J. McQuenny, Mary Beuttenmuller, Kim Marchand. Cindy Frowntellter, Tesse Ledet, Laura Rosenberger. Matt York, Livia Jacques, Raul Navarro Student Affairs 141 Bus " oS Finance mo ) • ' " liTlilwWnwliJiiBjtiiiiiiii!!, ' . ' -. Jf fi ». ' • . John L. Eckholdt, Vice-President Don McCulla Assistant to Vice-President Thomas R. Preston Coordinator Asset Control Safety Personnel: From left- Mary Jolly (Director), Susan Gilbert, Beverly Walsdorf, Nadine Louis and Jean Egan, Bookstore Staff: Back Row, l-r, Kay West, Fred Tancke, Michael Guimont. Larry Ruddell, Jules Lacoste, Gordon Schafer, April Meachum, Wendy Burger. Front Row, (l-r), Maxine Schnell, Helen Finnegan, Grace Daray, Rochelle Morgan 142 Business Finance Purchasing: From Left- Marguerite Jackson. Herman Beasley, Ed Bravo. Director, Sidney Mazerat, Chris Young, and Gloria Frazer. Computer Center-L-R, Back. Mary Klein. Joe Lo Cascio. Bob Farreell, Barbara Vaughn. Jack Nicholas. Celina Wilson, Ken Beasley. and Rhonda Nicks. Front- Kay Poole, Susan Kelly, Jan Hawkins, Rhonda Register, Gloria Breaux and Felicita Martinez, Left- General Accounting- Back Row Steve Camilla, Beverly Smith, Douglas Dougherty, Jay Calamia (Director), front: Dorothy Seymour, Sheryl Flneran, Peggy Armand, and Pam Fradella Below- Left Corner- Post Office ■ Raymond Hall, Clerk, and Mary Lou Ballein, Clerk-in-charge. Below. Right- Danna Center Maintenance Staff. ♦• Top-Left- Mr. Charles Young, Vice President, Institutional Advance- ment; Right-Alumni Affairs-Dolores Laurent (sec). Dr. Beverly P. Murphy, Director. Middle-Left: Mrs. Joan G. Tolhurst, Director, University Rela- tions. Bottom: University Relations Staff, from Left-Paula Devlin, Media Coordinator, Sandra Cordray, Wri- ter Interviewer, Russell Cresson, Uni- versity Photographer, Karen Bag- gett, Publications Manager, Rita Sweeney, Secretary, and Ruth Lar- gay, University Editor. . Above, top: Rev. Thomas H. Clancy, S.J., Vice-President For Communica- tions; Top Right: J. Michael Early, Vice President For Broadcasting and Gener- al Manager of WWL. Left: WWL Can- dids 146 Intramurals vv ' " Ai 1 -aMR , - P-« WttKKK ' " • ' ' »». ,. 147 K AIN ' T NOTHIN ' MORE LOYOLA THAN INTRAMURALS {£? •— s ssasfc PRARE DOGS BARK TO NATIONAL The dominant force in Intramurals this year at Loyola was the Prarie Dogs, a team composed of stu- dents from the Law School. After capturing the mens ' aa title at Loy- ola, the dogs went on the road to the nationals. Their adventure proved successful by placing two members on the All American team, captain W.J. LeBlanc and Dave Bourgeois. Other members included Charlie Spinuzza, Tommy Milazzo, Steve Duvalle, Andre Couchain, Pete Connick, Dave Persons, Jim Fitzgerald, and George Le Farber. Dave Bourgeois and W.J. Leblanc proudly display their All American trophies. Intramurals 149 He ootball Kicks Off Intramurals The f „oTball leagues opened up an exciting intramural season this fall. Divided into two leagues (AA and A), the men competed each Saturday near Bayou St. John in City Park. The Bud Suds defeated the Mighty Flux 19-14 in the Single A Championship game. In the Double A finals, the Prarie Dogs squeaked by the Black Plague 29-27. Both Co-Rec and Women ' s intramu- ral games were played closer to home in the residential quad. War, Famine, Plague and Death topped E.T. 26-13 to win the Co-Rec cham- pionship. The women ' s champ was The Super Sixers who beat Theta Phi Alpha 20-12. In a less traditional sport, Craig Bo- gar won the Frisbee Golf Champion- ship while Rene Lovelace finished as the runner-up. Above right: David Rhodes goes airborn for a pass in a heated Co-Rec game. Right: The Super-Sixers. Front Row- Laura Ro- senburger, Laura Klapp (Capt.) Kimberly Mar- chand, Angela Bartush, Beth Strazzella. Back Row- Maria Falcon, Jackie Lynch, Suze tte Songy, Judi Hymel (Capt.), John Smith (coach) Kimberly Brust. 150 lntramurals W?i Lett: War, Famine, Plague and Death. Front Row Willie Davenport, Angie Bartush. Shasta Bell, Ann Hedrick. Middle Row-Jim Shortal, David Rhodes, Back Row Derek Williams, Jim Sill, Rob Ferguson, Laura Rosenberger, Marie Bookman, Roland Daniels. Below: Bud Suds. Front Row- M. Triche, J. Oliver, D. Breaux. Second Row- G. Alexander, G. Simpson, B. Barbe, W Armont, M. Valdes (official). Third Row- A. Joseph, D. Freeman, S. White, C. McCollen, F. Lend (official). Back Row- R. Guttierrez (official), J. Shortal (Student Director) L. Toussant, I. Smith, M. Adams. E. Johnson. K. St. Charles Below Left: Tri Phi ' s Susan Bellan tries to elude Denise Bourgeois of Theta Phi Alpha in a hard-fought battle in the quad. Below: In a Co-Rec game, Joe searches for a receiver downfield. Intramurals ISI T! " e Indoor Champions Some of stest-paced sports action the intramurals offer stu- dents i ace indoors. Besides volleybc ;nd soccer, student ath- letes t ttled for bragging rights in tennis , racquetball and basketball. in the Co-Rec volleyball cham- pionship, the Spikers outspiked the ISA Allies in a two game match 15- 13, 15-9. The ISA Punkers defeated the Roadrunners 15-10, 15-13 to win the Women ' s championship. In the Men ' s division, Pimpo ' s Kids beat the ISA Lemons in AA competition while the Nuts whipped the Coasters to capturing the A crown. Unlike volleyball, soccer had just two divisions. The Internationals shut-out Little Feet 2-0 to become the Men ' s Champs. In the Women ' s divisions, Theta Phi Alpha up-ended the Fourth Floor Frerets 1-0 to earn their championship. In doubles events, racquetball and Two-on-Two Basketball (Co- Rec) proved competitive. Winning in Co-Rec Racquetballs were Kolp and Simons, while McQueeny and Norris won the Women ' s champion- ship. The Men ' s AA title went to Brano and Dorbry and the A champs were Berry and Sabadell. The two- on-two basketball winners were a Glynes Herbert and Gerald East. One-on-one basketball was also a popular game in the Rec-Center. Clarence Guillory beat Mike Powers in men ' s unrestricted play and Ger- ald East defeated Willie Davenport in the Men ' s Restricted bracket. In women ' s play Glynes Herbert beat Velda Wilson. The restricted wom- en ' s title was won by M.J. McQueeny who out-scored Kim Marchand. Another individual sport was ten- nis. The men had three different leagues (AA, A and B) while the women had only one. Winning the women ' s tennis title was Monica Brown with Jeanine Jacques being the Runner-up. The Men ' s AA cham- pion was James Boldt, the A champ was Trey Reiber while David Klotz won the B league. John Cary, Steve Du Valle and John Smith were each runner-ups in their respective leagues (AA, A and B). 152 lntramurals 9 ? $J - $ mi L »»r«.wi.« L A Left: Pimpo ' s Kids. Front Row- Hector Jiminez. Frank Casero, Joe Rowe. Back Row- Rene Guttierrez (official), Orlando Recio, William Calvache, Patrick Daly. Marros Sainz. Lourdes de la Camarg (manager), Soraya Matios (official) Alfred Mijares (official) :-::: : :::: j 1 PA V 04 i ? A 9$a m ■ Above: Theta Phi Alpha Soccer Team (L-R) Pat Griffin, Katy Kelly, Tracy Flanagan, Juliet Hogue, Alina Macias, Cathy Corona. Ann Curran, Left: Hot and Heavy and the net Opposite Page Top: The ISA Punkers. Front Row- Ivette Ri- vero, Vicky Fernandez. Ada Garcia, Back Row- Orlando Recio (Official), Michelle Du- bee, Nancy Propp (official), Barbara Brag, Frank Vaseco (coach), Mary Molnar, Soraya Matrias (captain). Rene Guttierrez (official). Middle: The Spikers. Front Row- Marg Mc Ta- gue, Carol Foley, Mary Malnar (captain) Bar- bara Bray. Back Row. Robert Robledo, Hector Jiminez, Frank Casero. Dave Gregory. Bottom: The Internationals. Front Row- Pedro Tello. Rene Cervantes, Karl Heinz-Zelt (capt.), Miguel Siman. Back Row- James Boldt, Bob Nawrack. Chris Lesser, William Lalvache, Raul Navarro, Guillermo Siman. Not Pictured: Yvens La borde. Joe Pillacere, Tim McLaugh- lin, Farshid Anirpnami. " I P fa (WBwAW lntramurals 153 A JTPOURRI of games The i sports closing out the in- tramu si season were ultimate fris- bee, rl ie sports trivia bowl, golf, the Turkey Trot, and the annual free throw contest. The ultimate frisbee championship was captured by the Plastic Attack who defeated Local Motion 12-7, 15-8. The sports Trivia Bowl II was held on November 10 in the Wolf Pub. With sharp minds and quick hands, the Bushwackers captured the championship. On the golf course, Chip Chiepa- lich won the Men ' s AA crown by out-putting Jack Capella. The Men ' s A Champion was Steve Decell, with David Dupree taking runner-up hon- ors. In Women ' s golf, Chris Partlora had the best swing as she won the championship. In an event which requires more endurance than any of the others. Bob Pelletier completed the Turkey trot in the fastest time. Scott Noya finished with the closest to the win- ning time in the male division. The Women ' s winner was Kathy Tucker with Debra Norton being the runner- up. Jacobo Cordovia sank the most shots to win the free throw contest held in the Rec Center. Finishing in second place in the men ' s division was Al Hansen. The Women ' s free throw champ was Angie Bartush with Judy Seger close behind. P f Top: The Golf Champions. Chip Chiepalich (Men ' s AA). Chris Parflow (Women), Steve Decell (Men ' s A). Middle: The 1982 Turkey Trot Winner. Jim Shortal (student director), Bob Pelletier (Men ' s Winner), Debra Norton (Women ' s Run- ner-up), Scott Noya (men ' s Runner-up), Kathy Tucker (women ' s winner). Right: The Sports Trivia Bowl Champions: The Bushwackers. Jim Rodgers, Mike Valdez, Joe Rowe, Chris Hunter. 154 lntramurals lntramurals 155 Ne oemester, New Sports With a s in semester came a change i ;rrframural competition, as aft ition was now focused on r sports, with bowling, shuffle board and basketball bringing in 1983 Intramurals. In five-person basketball competi- tion, the Lakers defeated Farce to capture the mens ' AA title. In Mens ' A competition. Camp beat the Average White team while in the womens ' division, High Voltage beat Granny ' s to capture their respec- tive titles. Rhythm strutted their stuff by whipping the Wooden Heads. In H-O-R-S-E competition, Powers and McQueeny seized the men ' s and women ' s crown. In bowling, Clark struck away his op- ponents in the mens ' division while Marchand out-bowled her female counterparts. Shuffle Board saw Fowler taking the championship for the Co-Rec sea- son. Top- Farce: Jim Shortal (Student Director). Greg Dooley, Pete Broz, Chris Custellang, Neil O ' Toole. Jose Almado. Rick Whelton, Frank Vizzi. Scott S. Kelly. Pat O ' Reilly. Right-Lakers Rene Gutierrez (official), Clarence Guillory, Derek Williams, Bill Sheppard, Jim Shortal (Student Director), Reggie Grosse (official) Roland Williams (Coach), Reginald Johnson, Roland Daniels, and Jeff Laufer. 156 lntramurals lntramurals 157 ' .=, -ring Fever Spices Sports As the .. i i ier grew warmer, com- petitii became more heated, with racquet ball, and badmiton inticing the Loyola community to play a sport. The Prarie Dogs again proved domi- nant, this time on the baseball field, as they defeated the Beggars in the men ' s AA championship game. The Nuts were victorious in the mens ' A competition, while Theta Phi Alpha won the womans ' division. In the Co- Rec League, The Wooden Heads defeated the generics in the title game. In Men ' s AA, A and B Leagues, Moore, Straham, Brohamer won the racquet ball titles in their respective leagues. In the woman ' s league, Mafias captured the A title, and Scott won the B championship. In badmiton singles, Bravo won the men ' s title as Bell captured the woman ' s title. On March 11-12, the 3rd annual all- nighter was held in the Rec Center. Fun and high spirits were on the agenda at the all nighter. The pie eating contest was one of the many fun filled games. 158 lntramurals 1 Top- Prarie Dogs: Craig Bogar (Director). Bob Nawrocki (official), Dwayne Gray. Mike Vitiello, Grant Downing, Steve DuValle, Dan Persons. W.J. Le Blanc. Dave Bourgeois, Bert Donnes, Tim Sheridan, Charlie Spinazza. Middle- Nuts: Craig Bogar (Director), George Alvarez (official), Matt Kochanski, Bill Behrens. Steve Roth, Jim Shortal. Rick Tessier. Rick Carroll, Bob Browning (supervisor), Tom Portesi (official), Mike Valdez (official). Lance Descourez, Steve Williams and Tony Nion. Lett- Theta Phi Alpha: Michelle Higgins, Denise Bourgeois, Ann Curran, Angie Bartush. Cathy Corona, Barbara Bray. Katie Kelley. Jeanne Le Corgne. Tracey Flanagan, Pat Griffin, Cheryl Schof, Mary M„ Glynes Herbert during the 1982 Woman ' s weight lifting. lntramurals 159 ■-. ' . - Work That Body The L community got physical as summer drew near in events involved sheer endurance, brutai determination and untiring dedication. In tennis doubles, Murray and Buell survived to win the mens ' division ti- tle. In Another racquet sport, badmiton, saw Marchard Decell winning the championship. In tour person volleyball, the ISA An- teaters survived Undue Influence to capture the title. The High-flyers defeated the Taste Buds in ultimate frisbee champion- ship game. In competition geared for the indi- vidual, weight-lifting and a 5K run proved succesful among partici- pants. Top- Mens weightlifting champions: Ted Longo (judge). Jim Shortal (Student Director), Matt Straley, Steve Cimino. Mark Garcia (judge), Dave Lion and John Stewart. Right-ISA Anteaters Bill Cordova. Frank Casero, Pat Daley. Mary Malnar, Seroya Matias 1 160 lntramurals :«t. " Left-Women ' s Weightlifting Champions- Ted Longo (judge), Shasta Bell, Angie Bartush, Kim Merchant! Glynes Herbert, Velda Wilson, Craig Bogar, Director. Below- Steve Cimino gives his all during the deadlift event. 162 Mk ■ ■ ■ ■ Advertising 163 4 k »WV Warren Arseneaux 200 Broadway, Suite 1 14 General Manager New Orleans, La. 701 18 (504) 866-2791 Manufacturers . Wholesale . . . Retail . . Dry Ice ICE CREAM ICE CREAM NOVELTIES JMbKL REAM " " Melba Ice Cream, Inc. " The Complete Ice Cream Store " 2033 Metairie Rd. Metairie, LA 70005 831-8702 1706 Franklin Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117 945-2911 Open Seven Days A Week 5201 Magazine New Orleans 891-2376 Accurate Letter Company, Inc. 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Two years ago, four students met with the dream of returning a Loyola tradition; at last, this dream has become a reality. As always, this book has had supporters who stood beside us, even when things looked worst. Chief among these are Manny Cunard, our advisor Dr. Lloyd Chiasson, our Josten ' s rep Bill Hopkins, and of course, Fr. Carter, President of Loyola. But, our greatest benefactor has been the Chairman of the Com- munications Department, Dr. Larry Lorenz, who took the responsibility for a fading tradition which had little support from other faculty members. There are also many others who must be thanked for their contributions: the C.R. Gibson company for the permission to use excerpts on the title pages of the class divisions; Mrs. Joan Tolhurst, Mr. Russell Cresson, Paula Develin, and the Maroon for the use of many needed pictures; and, special thanks to Mr. Robert Steiner of the Times Picayune States-Item for any professional pho- tography he supplied us with. We would also like to thank Melody Kahm and Jane De Silvia of the communications department, for being there when needed most. This book is the product of one and a half years of planning, hard work and committment. It is our pleasure to present this, the 1983 Wolf Yearbook to Loyola-a tradition here to stay. 4h k Z {J%ltS -% fc Howard J. Castay C Editor-in-Chief J William S. Hydrick Co-Editor Staff Photography Editor: Mike Shea Classes: Kathy Dupuy Kathy Eckert Intramurals: Doug Currault Organizations: Maria Ribando Contributing Assistants: Patty Ordonez, Patricia Shea, Kim Milling and Lisa Clark. Advertising: Allison Castay Advisor: Dr. Lloyd Chiasson iw{

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