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Loyola University New Orleans, Louisiana Wolf 1975-1976 EOYOLA UNIVERSITY Fr. Carter Speaks to the Graduates Dear Graduates: Commencement is always a sad personal experience for me. It means that many students who I am just coming to know as individuals are now moving on and our campus will see much less of them in the years ahead. It is a par- ting which I always find difficult. The past four years have been years of growth for us all. We have faced many successes and many failures together. The experience has certainly been enriching for me. I hope it has been the same for you. More than that, I hope your years at Loyola have given you an opportunity to grow in knowledge and to reflect on those com- mitments which determine your stand with regard to life, its meaning, and its problems. I hope that Loyola has, as an institution, been able to proclaim those eternal truths upon which a man or a woman can erect an enduring per- sonal value system. I pray that a personal relationship with Almighty God is at the core of your commitments. I pray, too, that your years ahead will be filled with success for you as individuals and that your lives will constitute major contributions in service to the world around you. I pray that our society will be more just and loving because of your influence on it. I know this little volume will grow in meaning for you as the years go by. As recollections grow dimmer, they tend to become more meaningful. I thank the editors for providing you with an opportunity to reminisce as the occasion presents itself. God bless you all. Please come back and visit whenever you can. Very sincerely yours, James C. Carter, S.J. President 2 S28S0 Dedication This book is dedicated to Father McGill, who helped nur- ture the idea of reestablishing the Wolf and to Mr. Manuel Cunard who helped the idea become reality. • ' ■■■■:. •••■.. I Top Left: Fr. Ratchford, Dean of Arts and Sciences; Top Right: Mr. Marcel Garsaud, Dean of Law School; Bottom Right: Dr. Buttram, Dean of Music School Top Lett: Rev. John J. Burns, S.J., Dean of City College; Top Right: Dr. Bonln, Dean ot the Business School; Bottom Lett: Dr. John F. Christman, Director ot the Graduate School The Party Life " They . . . came for the party with a simplicity of heart that was its own ticket of admissions. " — F. Scott Fitzgerald The Work -.-. I i || ill Siir t. H-- mi ii fa + 2 i Focusing on The Individual -- - — M " I must be free. I must be self-impelled and able to say: ' I am because I will; I am my own beginning. ' " —Sartre (Jean-Paul) Age of Reason A View of Loyola Special Thanks to: Kay Argus Mr. Ralph T. Bell Robert Brault Luke Bruno Andree Couget B. Guano Dr. Gary Herbert Beverly Keundt Leonard G. Rozell Connie Von Salzen and Rogue, the Wolf Julien F. Jurgens, Editor Jerry LePre, Assistant Editor Introducing the Graduates of 1976 JOHN READ BELL Mobile, Alabama J. DANIEL BENNETT New Orleans, Louisiana SHERRIE S. BERGERON New Orleans, Louisiana PAUL LAWRENCE BILLINGSLEY Luling, Louisiana MICHAEL BLACHE New Orleans, Louisiana CONNIE BUGAJSKI BLACKWELL Howell, New Jersey WILLIAM A. BLASE, JR. St. Louis, Missouri ROBERT ANTOINE BLUNT III New Orleans, Louisiana GARY K. ABE Nicolaus, California PEDRO A. ABREU San Jose, Costa Rica ANDREA MARIA ACHARY Metairie, Louisiana RICHARD P. AHRENS Metairie, Louisiana KEVIN GEORGE ALEXANDER Kenner, Louisiana ROSA MARIA ALONSO San Juan, Puerto Rico MARTIN JOSEPH ALONZO, JR. Violet, Louisiana GUILLERMO ANDRADE Guatemala City, Guatemala, C.A. ARTHUR A. ANZALONE Metairie, Louisiana ELEANOR MARY BARTHE New Orleans, Louisiana FRANK W. BECKENDORF, JR. Arabi, Louisiana FRANCISCO J. BEGUIRISTAIN Azpeitia, Spain RICHARD JAMES BORDES New Orleans, Louisiana CONRAD ANTHONY BOURGEOIS New Orleans, Louisiana KEITH WAYNE BOURQUE Belle Chasse, Louisiana STANLEY JOHN BOWERS Metairie, Louisiana ANNA M. BRANS Metairie, Louisiana PATRICIA ANN BRECKENRIDGE St. Petersburg, Florida MAUREEN ANN BRENNAN Fort Lauderdale, Florida WILLIAM JAMES BRENNAN, JR. St. Louis, Missouri HUGHREE FENNON BROOKS, JR New Orleans, Louisiana CHARLES EDWARD BROWN New Orleans, Louisiana DARRYL BROWN New Orleans, Louisiana PAUL E. BRYANT, JR. New Orleans, Louisiana 70126 DANIEL B. CAPOBIANCO, JR. Plantation, Florida BELINDA G. CARR New Orleans, Louisiana 70114 TERESITA C. CARROLL New Orleans, Louisiana CAROLYN LOUISE CHEHARDY Metairie, Louisiana CHIA-YU CHU Rio De Janeiro, Brasil MARK EDWARD CLANCY Boca Raton, Florida ROSALIE CLARK New Orleans, Louisiana HELENA JANICE COBETTE New Orleans, Louisiana ROBERT LEO DeVOTO Ballwin, Missouri MEG MARIE DICHARRY Kenner, Louisiana DONNA MARIE DOERLE New Iberia, Louisiana JEAN BEATRICE DOHERTY Miami, Florida DOROTHY JOHANNAH DONOVAN Miami, Florida ROBERT EDWARD DORAN, JR. New Orleans, Louisiana VANASSA HERMINE DOUGLAS New Orleans, Louisiana DENNIS LESTER DUFOUR Metairie, Louisiana BRETT ANDERSON, DUGGAN Palm Bay, Florida EMERY EDWARD DYER, JR. Metairie, Louisiana BONNIE MARIETTA EASTERLY Biloxi, Mississippi CYNTHIA KNOX COCHRAN Columbia, South Carolina AUDREY A. COLEMAN New Orleans, Louisiana THOMAS JOSEPH COLEMAN Fort Worth, Texas KATHLEEN JANE COX Gretna, Louisiana CLAIRE BINET CREPPEL New Orleans, Louisiana 70114 MARIAN ELIZABETH CURRY Chicago, Illinois WENDIE JOAN DAIGLE New Orleans, Louisiana ROY MICHAEL D ' AGUILA Arabi, Louisiana HENRY S. DAVIES, JR. New Orleans, Louisiana DEBBIE TERESA DECKER St. James City, Florida CAROLE INEZ deLAY New Orleans, Louisiana MARIA LUISA DELGADO Barranquilla, Colombia, S.A. LLOYD R. EDGECOMBE, JR. Chalmette, Louisiana JOSEPH KENNETH EHRENSING New Orleans, Louisiana ISABEL BARNWELL ELLIOTT Jacksonville, Florida MICHAEL M. ENSENAT New Orleans, Louisiana DAVID MICHAEL FEDERICO New Orleans, Louisiana HERBERT U. FERRETTE II Jacksonville, Florida CELESTE FORD New Orleans, Louisiana DAN P. FORTIER, SR. New Orleans, Louisiana MARGARET M. FRANCK Atlanta, Georgia SHARON ELIZABETH FRASER Montego Bay, Jamaica MAXIE PATRICK GAGNARD New Orleans, Louisiana CAROLYN PORTIER GORMAN Chauvin, Louisiana CARL DENNIS GRAHAM Conway, South Carolina RAYMOND JAMES GROETSCH Metairie, Louisiana PHYLLIS PAULA GROSSMAN Ft. Lauderdale, Florida DENNIS WAYNE GUIDRY Galliano, Louisiana GAYLE ANN GULLIVER Metairie, Louisiana DENISE ELISE HAASE Metairie, Louisiana MARY ANN HAND New Orleans, Louisiana THOMAS CARLISLE HARGROVE Columbus, Georgia THOMAS GEORGE HAYES, JR. New Orleans, Louisiana GILBERT LARRY HAYNES New Orleans, Louisiana HOLLY ELLEN HEGEMAN Slidell, Louisiana CHARLES LEE HERNANDEZ San Antonio, Texas MARY LOUISE HEROMAN Baton Rouge, Louisiana MARION FERDINAND HESS, JR. New Orleans, Louisiana LOUIS JOSEPH HOERNER New Orleans, Louisiana EUGENIE MARIE HOLLIDAY Metairie, Louisiana JOHN L. HOORMANN, JR. New Orleans, Louisiana JOHN HOWARD New Orleans, Louisiana ROSEMARY JACKSON New Orleans, Louisiana MERCEDES M. JACQUES New Orleans, Louisiana GAYNELL ANDREWS JOHNSON New Orleans, Louisiana JORDAN DAVID JOHNSON, JR. Slidell, Louisiana GERALDINE ABADIE JONES Jefferson, Louisiana KRAIG JAMES KAFOED New Orleans, Louisiana JESSE THOMAS KELLUM River Ridge, Louisiana KEVIN FRANCIS KELLY Kingston, Jamaica W.I. LEROY LOUIS KENDRICK New Orleans, Louisiana DERRIL FELIX KILETICO Marrero, Louisiana LESLIE HART KING Clearwater, Florida WILLIAM L. KNOPF Louisville, Kentucky JOSEPH L. KRELLER, JR. Gretna, Louisiana fllA M LYNN SHARON LaBRECQUE Enfield, Connecticut ANGELIQUE MARIE LaCOUR New Orleans, Louisiana ROBERT CHARLES LADOUSIER Marrero, Louisiana MICHAEL J. LANDRY Gretna, Louisiana WILLIAM W. LANGDON Portland, Oregon JOHN EDWIN LASTRAPES Metairie, Louisiana ROBERT CLAYTON LAUER Metairie, Louisiana THOMAS L. LAVOIE Dover, New Hampshire EARLIN VINCENT LEE New Orleans, Louisiana SILAS LEE III New Orleans, Louisiana JEFFRY ARTHUR LEESON New Orleans, Louisiana HARRY KENNETH LEFOLDT, JR. Metairie, Louisiana MARILYN E. LESSENTINE New Orleans, Louisiana MARIA ELENA LLANSA San Juan, Puerto Rico SAL J. LOMBARDO Chicago, Illinois LEA MARIE LOUSTEAU New Orleans, Louisiana NEALE POWELL LUNDGREN III New Orleans, Louisiana WILLIAM JOAQUIM LUSSY Scranton, Pennsylvania CALVIN FRANCIS MacCRACKEN Keene, New Hampshire MARY MERCEDES MADDEN New Orleans, Louisiana LYNDA CHARMAINE MAELIA Miami, Florida JOSEPH EDWARD MAHONEY, JR. Northfield, Illinois EMANUEL ANTHONY MAIRE New Orleans, Louisiana VERTA M. MAR Gretna, Louisiana JANICE MARIE MARCHAND New Orleans, Louisiana ANITA MARGARIDA Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico steven jon Mcdonald Rochester, New York KEVIN JOSEPH McLIN New Orleans, Louisiana CHRISTINE MARIE MELIEZER New Orleans, Louisiana CATHERINE V. METZGER Vallejo, California FRANCES LORINE MICHAELS Coral Gables, Florida BRUCE A. MILLER New Orleans, Louisiana LARRY WALTER MOFFATT Park Ridge, New Jersey ABBIE MARIE MOLAIZON New Orleans, Louisiana ALFREDA FAY MOLDEN New Orleans, Louisiana MARY LOUISE MOLELLA Punta Gorda, Florida BERNARD JOSEPH MOORE, JR. Altoona, Pennsylvania DARRYL MOORE St. Louis, Missouri DOMINIC ARCHANGE MORTIN New Orleans, Louisiana DEBORAH EILEEN MOSCAL St. Louis, Missouri ESTHER MUROW Mexico City, Mexico CRAIG PAUL NACCARI New Orleans, Louisiana JOSEPH ISADORE NAPOLIELLO Cedar Brook, New Jersey GAIL MARIE NELSON New Orleans, Louisiana JACQUELINE LEIGH NICHOL Nashville, Tennessee INGRID LIND NIELSEN Huntington Beach, California MICHAEL STANISLAUS O ' BRIEN Morgan City, Louisiana JOHN TARLTON OLIVIER Sunset, Louisiana 2 82890 LQYOLA UUIV» LIBEAK1 WAYNE JOHN ORY New Orleans, Louisiana LANCE STEPHEN OSTENDORF New Orleans, Louisiana CHARMAGNE ANN PADUA Metairie, Louisiana HORST LUTZ PARTENHEIMER New Orleans, Louisiana DARLENE ANN PAYS New Orleans, Louisiana MARGARET ANN PEARSON St. Cloud, Minnesota DAVID JOSEPH PELS Pilot Point, Texas LOUISE MARIE QUICK Dunedin, Florida ROBERT REESE Harvey, Louisiana J. TERRY RICHARD Port Barre, Louisiana MIKE J. RICHE Plaucheville, Louisiana MARIE E. (MELISSA) RING Chesterfield, Missouri illllfl ' m GREGORY LEE ROSE Quincy, Illinois LOUIS JOHN ROUX Metairie, Louisiana 70005 JULIAN RONALD SANCHEZ San Antonio, Texas ROSA M. SANTIAGO Bayamon, Puerto Rico ANN MARIE SCHEUERMANN New Orleans, Louisiana LARRY J. SCHNADELBACH New Orleans, Louisiana ROBERT LEONARD SCHROEDER New Orleans, Louisiana LOUIS JAMES SEGAR, JR. Chalmette, Louisiana ERNEST JOSEPH SEGRAVE New Orleans, Louisiana JOHN RAYMOND SHINNERS, JR. Mobile, Alabama JAMES TITUS SIDOROWICZ Windsor, Connecticut NELSON JOHN SIMMONS, JR. Dunedin, Florida ELLENESE BROOKS SIMMS New Orleans, Louisiana MARIANNE SKWARA Trenton, New Jersey JANIS ELAINE SLADE Gulfport, Mississippi GARNET TAYLOR SMITH New Orleans, Louisiana RUDY STARLIN SMITH Gretna, Louisiana BARBARA KAY SOKORA Stuttgart, Arkansas LAURALEE MARIE SORTO New Orleans, Louisiana CATHERINE JULIA SOUTULLO Gretna, Louisiana ARTEE SQUARE, JR. New Orleans, Louisiana LESLIE MARY STEPHENS New Orleans, Louisiana SYBIL JEAN STEUART New Orleans, Louisiana GRETCHEN ANN STOCKFLETH Metairie, Louisiana HOWARD EMILE STUMPF, JR. New Orleans, Louisiana RONALD ANTHONY STYRON Metairie, Louisiana TED WAYNE SUMMERFORD Charleston Hgts., South Carolina WILLIS MICHAEL TASSAIN New York, New York GEORGE TATE, JR. Pike County (Magnolia), Mississippi CAROLINA C. THOMPSON Nicaragua DONALD FRANCIS THOMPSON Tampa, Florida CHRIS MICHAEL TODD New Orleans, Louisiana ANITA LOUISA TOLBERT New Orleans, Louisiana RONALD TOMCZYK Little Ferry, New Jersey MARYCLARE C. TORTORICE Chalmette, Louisiana ANNEMARIE TUSA New Orleans, Louisiana CLAUDIA CLAIRE VASILOVIK Chicago, Illinois WEBSTER JOHN VEADE, JR. Metairie, Louisiana PAMELA ANN VERNON Belize, Belize, Central America EUGENIE VERONICA VIDAL New Orleans, Louis iana BARBARA E. VIRGADAMO Metairie, Louisiana STEVEN KEITH VOGT New Orleans, Louisiana JAMES CARLISLE WADE Miami, Florida CARL J. WAGNER, JR. New Orleans, Louisiana HENRY GREGORY WALKER, JR. Alexandria, Louisiana MICHAEL HALLARON WALSH Covington, Louisiana M. SUSAN WALTER Washington, D.C. GREGORY JAMES WALTERS New Orleans, Louisiana JERRY ARTHUR WALZ Shdell, Louisiana ZELMA LOUISE WASHINGTON New Orleans, Louisiana BERNARD JOHN WELLMEYER, JR. Metairie, Louisiana CAROLYN YVONNE WERSTEIN Tampa, Florida THOMAS MICHAEL WHELAN Tampa, Florida MARGARET RUTH WILLIAMS New Orleans, Louisiana LEV D. WILLIS, JR. Metairie, Louisiana HENRY WINECKER, JR. Holiday, Florida GERALD MARION WOODS New Orleans, Louisiana HAROLD WAYNE YARNOLD Canadian, Texas RAYMOND RUDOLPH YOUNG New Orleans, Louisiana DONALD JEFF ZIMMERMANN Metairie, Louisiana Highlights of the Graduates of 1976 ABE, G.: Psychology, B.A.; ROTC, Psi Chi, Scabbard Blade, Dean ' s List F S 74 and F S 75, Distinguished Military Graduate. ABREU, P.: General Business, B.B.A.; Member Betta Gamma Sigma, Member of the International Student Association. ACHARY, A.: Secretarial Admn., B.B.A.; Beta Gamma Sigma, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities Colleges, Dean ' s List, LP L Scholarship, Outstanding Sophomore Award. AHRENS, R.: Communications, B.A.; Interested in Music, Art, Film TV Tennis, Ac- comp.: Student Union Committee Chairman, Have Had Campus TV News Show, Been on Tour with University Chorus. ALEXANDER, K.i Accounting, Bachelor Business Administration. ALONSO, R.: Gen. Bus., Business; Water Ski- ing, Photography, Seer. International Students Assoc. Seer. Student Govt. Assoc. Representative Student Govt. Assoc, Honor Member of Beta Gamma Sigma, Represen- tative to Womens Residence Council, Ad- vanced Placement. ALONZO, M., JR.: B. Criminal Justice, B. Criminal Justice. ANDRADE, G.: Accounting, Bachelor Arts in Commerce. ANZALONE, A.: Accounting, B.A.C. BARTHE, E.: Social Welfare, B.A. BECKENDORF, F., JR.: Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Criminal Justice; Dean ' s List. BEGUIRISTAIN, F.: Accounting, B.A. in Commerce. BELL, J.: Psychology, B.A.; Playing Drums, Music, Sports Cars. BENNETT, J.: Journalism, B.A.; Editor — Maroon. BERGERON, S.: Humanities, Bachelor Liberal Studies, BLS; Bowling, Skating, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8012 Secretary. BILLINGSLEY, P.: Law, Juris Doctor; Law Review. BLACHE, M.: BLACKWELL, C: Guidance, Master Ed. BLASE, W., JR.: Political Science, B.A.; Phi Kappa Theta — Social Fraternity, Pi Sigma Alpha — Pol. Sci. Honor Society, Student Director of Intramural Sports, Dean ' s List 1975-76. BLUNT, R. Ill: Physical Ed„ B.S. BORDES, R.: B.A., Business. BOURGEOIS C: J.D. BOURQUE, K.: Med. Tech., B.S. BOWERS, S.: Law, J.D.; Assistant Editor, THE CODE, Loyola Law School Newspaper. BRANS, A.: Computer Science, B.S. BRECKENRIDGE, P.: Journalism, B.A.; Pres. — Soc of Professional Journalists, Rep. — College of Arts and Sciences Collegium, MAROON — Reporter, Copy Editor, Ass. Editor, Editorial Board Rep., WLDC-TV Ass. Producer. BRENNAN, M.: Political Science, B.A.; Dean ' s List, University Fellow, President Pi Sigma Alpha, Member Student Union, Intramurals, Student Rep. College Curriculum Committee. BRENNAN, W., JR.: Gen. Bus., B.A.; Member of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity. BROOKS, H., JR.: Social Studies, Bachelor; Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society, Alpha Theta Epsilon Honor Society, Cum Laude. BROWN, C: Management, Bachelor of Arts Commerce, B.A.C; Manager Trainee — Bank of New Orleans City College Student Union. BROWN, D.: Music Education, B.A.; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, University Band, M.E.N.C. BRYANT, P., JR.: Gen. Bus., Bachelor Comm. Sciences; AMS. BUCHER, M.: Physical Education, B.S.; Major — Physical Education, Member of: Phi Phi Phi Sorority, P.E.M.C, Cardinal Key Nat. ' I Honor Sorority, Student Union, Student Director of Intramural Sports, University Fellow. BURAS, B.: Management, Bachelor of Arts in Commerce; Cross Keys, Administrative Management Society, WLDC Production Staff. BURGUIERES, E. Ill: Gen. Bus., B.B.A. BUSH, M.: Management, Bach, of Arts in Commerce; Tennis, Football, General Physical Fitness, Banking, Commercial Loan Officer, Officer Director of Various Civic Organizations. CAPOBIANOCO D., JR.: Accounting, B.B.A.; Karate, Travel. CARR, B.: Russian, B.A.; University Fellow, Member of Tau Tau Chapter of Dobro Slovo — National Slavic Honor Society, Student Instructor for Psychology, Member of the Rus- sian Club, MFL Student Representative to Loyola University ' s College Assembly. CARROLL, T.: Management, Bachelor of Science in Commerce. CHEHARDY, C: Elementary Ed., B.S.; Im. Sports. CHU, C: Computer Science, B.S.; Photography Club, Air Club, Dean ' s List. CLANCY, M.: Biology, B.S.; Alpha Sigma Nu, President, Beta Beta Beta, Historian, Basket- ball. CLARK, R.: Sociology, B.S.S.; Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. COBETTE, H.: Guidance Counseling, Masters of Ed.; Working with Student Groups. COCHRAN, C: Dental Hygiene, Dental Hygiene Certificate. COLEMAN, A.: Psychology, B.A.; Student Council, 2 Yrs., Cross Keys, Psi-Chi, Dean ' s List, Campus Maid, Sweetheart, City College. COLEMAN, T.: Political Science, Bachelor of Arts; Pi Kappa Alpha, Etta Tetta Mial WLDC, Travel, Politics, Communication, Observation. COX, K.: Dental Hygiene, Bachelor of Science; Member of Junior American Dental Hygiene Association 1,2,3. CREPPEL, C: Counseling Psych., Master ' s. CURRY, M.: Dental Hygiene, B.S.; Leading Roles — Spring ' 74 Musical, Spring ' 75 Musical, Fall ' 75 Musical, Jr. American Dental Hygiene Assoc. — 74-76 Member. DAIGLE, W.: Marketing, B.A.C; Cross Keys (Vice President; Secretary), Administrative Management Society (Secretary), Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities. D ' AQUILA, R.: Political Science, B.A.; Charter Member and Treasurer of Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Sqciety, Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Politics. DAVIES, H., JR.: Crim. Jus., Bachelor; Police Sgt., Dirt Track Motorcycle Riding, 32 Mason. DECKER, D.: German, B.A.; Skydiving, Ski- ing, Wolfpubber, V.P. of Canoe Trail Club, Languages, Music. deLAY, C: Ele. Ed., B.S.; Swimming, Boating. DELGADO, M.: General Business, B.B.A.; Tennis, Swimming, International Business Enterprises. I Belong to the International Stu- dent Assoc. DeSONIER, J.: History, B.S. DeVOTO, R.: History English Lit., B.A.; Presi- dent Student Government Assoc, Blue Key Frat., Phi Alpha Theta. DICHARRY, M.: Mathematics, Bachelor of Science; Magna Cum Laude, Vice-President, Aipha Sigma Nu, University Fellow, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Ur ivT ' sities, Dean ' s List. DOERLE, D.: Dental Hygiene, Certificate; Membe. of ths Dental Hygienist Association. DOHER " Y, J: Sociology, B.A.; Member Phi Phi Phi ; oro ity, Member of Dance Enter- tainment Ooi imittee. DONOVA i, I ).: History, B.A.; Phi Alpha Theta, Loyola Un versity Student Historical Associa- tion. DORAN, R JR.: Accounting, B.A.C. DOUGLAf, .: Sociology, Bachelor of Arts; Club Lagn ( pe, Black Student Union. DUFOUR, D. B-Criminal Justice. DUGGAN, II.: Performance, Bachelor of Music; Pianc Award 1973, 1976, President of Music School, 1975-76, Who ' s Who in American C lleges, 5th Place, International Bach Compdition, 1973. DYER, E., Jit.: Accounting, Data Processing, M.B.A. EASTERLY, B.: Finance, B.B.A.; Member of Beta Gamma Sigma , Outstanding Freshman — 1972-73, Who ' s Who Among College Students 197 5-76. EDGECOMBi:, L., JR.: Commerce, B.A. EHRENSING, J.: Music Therapy, B.M.T. ELLIOTT, I.: Sociology, B.A.; Photography, Pottery, Tennis Club, Film Buffs Institute, Delinquent Counselor. ENSENAT, M.: Management, B.B.A. FEDERICO, D.: Education, B.S.; Kappa Delta Pi, Dean ' s List. FERRETTE, H. II: Communications, B.A.; Alpha Delta Gamma National Fraternity, Stu- dent Union, WLDC Technical Consultant. FORD, C: Dental Hygiene, Bachelor of Science; Student Government Representative for Three Years, Dancer in Repretory Perfor- mances. FORTIER, D., SR.: Criminal Justice, Bachelor ' s; J.P.S.O. Deputy Sheriff, 20th Academically, E.J.H.S. 1970, S.G.A. City College Pres. 1975-76, Numismatist Com- puter Programmer. FRANCK, M.: Sociology, Bachelor of Arts; Sociology, Art, Dean ' s Honor Roll, Volunteer at Infant ' s Home, Civitan Member. FRASER, S.: Psychology, B.A.; Student Union, Photography — MAROON. GAGNARD, M.: Criminology, Bachelor of Criminal Justice. GALPIN, L.: Elem. Educ, B.S.; Deans List. GAY, E.: Management, B.C.S.; Tennis, Basketball, Becoming a Instructor, Teaching Typing Shorthand, My BCS Degree. GLAPION, L.: Journalism, B.A.; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. GOLDBERG, J.: Law, J.D. GOODEY, L.: Drama-Speech, Bachelor of Arts; Member Alpha Psi Omega and Pi Kappa Delta Honorary Fraternities. GORMAN, C: Journalism, B.A.; University Fellow, Honors Program Resident Assistant, SDX — Society of Propessional Journalists. GRAHAM, C: Management, B.B.A.; President Beta Gamma Sigma, Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universities, Music Auto Racing. GROETSCH, R.: Comm., B.A.; Campus Photographer. GROSSMAN, P.: Law, Juris Doctor; Phi Alpha Delta, Student Bar Assoc, Women ' s Law Club. GUIDRY, D.: Communications, B.A.; V.P. of Finance, Comptroller — Student Union, Parlimentarian, Rush Chairman — Alpha Delta Gamma. GULLIVER, G.: History, Bachelor of Arts; Sec. of Pi Chi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta 1974-75, Cardinal Key, Alpha Sigma Nu, Sec. of LUSHA 1975-76, International Graduate Summer School, University of Oxford Eng. 1975, University Fellow, Who ' s Who. HAASE, D.: Finance Mgmt., B.B.A.; IM Soft- ball, IM Powder Puff Football, Member Tulane AFROTC Angel Flight, Commander Tulane AFROTC Angel Flight. HAND, M.: English, Bachelor of Arts; Member of Alpha Sigma Nu, University Fellow, Member of Who ' s Who in American Univer- sities and Colleges Dean ' s List Each Semester. HARGROVE, T.: Management Marketing, Bachelor of Arts in Commerce. HAYES, T., JR.: Marketing, B.B.A.; z xn Photography. HAYNES, G.: Management, Bus. Admin.; Basketball, Football, Swimming, Alpha Phi Alpha Frat. HEGEMAN, H.: Journalism, B.A.; Cardinal Key, Loyola MAROON Editor, Ass ' t. Editor, Rep. Arts Science College Assembly, SDX — Soc of Professional Journalists. HERNANDEZ, C: Accounting, Bachelor Business Administration; ROTC, Pershing Rifles, Rifle Team, Alpha Delta Gamma, Scab- bard Blade Honorary Society. HEROMAN, M.: Communications, B.A. HESS, M., JR.: Business, Bachelor of Arts in Commerce. HOERNER, L.: Marketing, B.A.C. HOLLIDAY, E.: Psychology, B.S.S.; Cross Key National Honor Service Fraternity — Presi- dent Secretary, Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Honor Fraternity, Who ' s Who Among Students in Colleges and Universities. HOORMANN, J., JR.: Criminal Justice, B.A.; Swimming, Sailing, Skiing. HOWARD, J.: Management, B.C.S.; City College Repr. (S.G.A.), A.M.S., Cross Key. JACKSON, R.: Guidance and Counseling, Masters of Education. JACQUES, M.: Business Manag., Bachelor Commercial Science; Tennis, Drama, Dental Hygiene, Cooking, Reading. JOHNSON, G.: Guidance Counseling, Master of Ed.; Sewing, Cooking, Reading, Bach, of Science — Nursing Dillard Univ. JOHNSON, J., JR.: Marketing, Management, Bachelor Commercial Science. JONES, G.: CJ., B.C.J. ; Member of Cross Keys, Alpha Sigma Nu, City College Student Representative to SCAP, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities Col. KAFOED, K.: Accounting, B.A. C; Commer- cial Pilot, Amateur Radio Operator. KELLUM, J.: General Business, B.B.A. KELLY, K.: Management, Bachelor of Business Administration; 1972 V.P. Inter- national Students Assoc Member Loyola Soccer Club 72 73. KENDRICK, L.: Economics, M.B.A. KILETICO, D.: Journalism, Bach, of Arts; Photographer for Maroon, Graphic Designer. KING, L.: Dental Hygiene, Bachelor of Science; Member — Kappa, Kappa Gamma Sorority, Member Alpha Epsilon Delta — a Pre-Med Honor Society, Dean ' s List. KNOPF, W.: Finance, B.B.A. KRELLER, J., JR.: Law, Juris Doctor; B.S Degree in Finance from Louisiana State University New Orleans. LaBRECQUE, L.: Dental Hygiene, Certificate; Jadha, Cinema Committee, Historian of APO- LSL, Powderpuff Football. LaCOUR, A.: El. Education, Bachelor of Science. LADOUSIER, R.: Accounting, Bachelor of Arts in Commerce; Dean ' s List 1975, Knights of Columbus Council 4222 — Recording Secretary. LANDRY, M.: Management, B.A.C; Golf, President — Administrative Management Society 74-75. LANGDON, W.: Piano, Bachelor of Music. LASTRAPES, J.: Marketing, B.B.A. LAUER, R.: Accounting, B.A.C. LAVOIE, T.: Trumpet, Bachelor of Music. LEE, E.: Guidance Counseling, M. Ed.; B.A. Music Education, Dean ' s List, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. LEE, S. Ill: Political Science, Bachelor of Arts; Photography. LEESON, J.: Management, Bachelor Business Administration; Member of BEGGARS Fraternity of Loyola University, Treasurer 75-76. LEFOLDT, H., JR.: Business Admin., Masters. LESSENTINE, M.: Reading, Master of Education; Kappa Delta Pi — Honorary Education Society. LLANSA, M.: Communications, B.A.; Dean ' s List, International Student Association. LOMBARDO, S.: English, B.A.; Played in Orchestra, Taught in New Orleans Public Schools as a Substitute Teacher Past Year. LOUSTEAU, L.: Mang., Bach, of Arts in Commerce; Member AMS. LUNDGREN, N. Ill: Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts; Honors Student, Philosophy Club. LUSSY, W.: Journalism, Bachelor of Arts; Chairman, Student Union Cultural Committee, President, Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi. MacCRACKEN, C.i Criminology, B.C.J. MADDEN, M.: English, B.A.; Reading: T.S. Eliot, John Donne, William Blake, Writing; Short Stories, Poetry, Playing Badminton, Caring for House Plants. MAELIA, L.: Psych., B.A.; Psi Chi, Honors Priviledged Studies, Phil. Club, Student Union, Student Instructor, Community Ser- vice. MAHONEY, J., JR.: Communications, Bachelor of Arts; Main Interest Jazz Music, Member of Phi Kappa Theta, T.V. Producer, Director for WLDC and Worked for Depart- ment of Public Relations. MAIRE, E.: Business, Bachelor of Arts in Commerce. MAR, V.: Admin. Superv., Master ' s. MARCHAND, J.: Reading Ed., Masters in Ed.; Reading Education. MARGARIDA, A.: Psychology, B.A.; Psi Chi Club, International Student Organization, Stu- dent Instructor in Psychology. McDONALD, S.: General Business, B.B.A.; President Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard Blade, AROTC DMS, Resident Assistant, Big Brother. McLIN, K.: Communication, B.A. MELIEZER, C: Dental Hygiene, Science; JADHA, NOW, Tennis. METZGER, C: Dental Hygiene, B.S. MICHAELS, F.: Music Therapy, Bachelor of Music; President of Alpha Mu, Who ' s Who, Dean ' s List. MILLER, B.: Law, J.D.; Editor, The Code, President, Brendan E. Brown Society of Inter- national Law. MOFFATT, L.: Mathematics, Bachelor of Science. MOLAIZON, A.: Sec. Education, Bachelor of Science. MOLDEN, A.: Accounting, Bachelor Bus. Adm.; Interests: Tennis, Travel. MOLELLA, M.: Dental Hygiene, Certificate. MOORE, B., JR.: Psychology, B.S. MOORE, D.: Finance, M.B.A. MORTIN, D.: History, Bachelor ' s Liberal Studies. MOSCAL, D.: Secondary Education, B.S.; Secretary of Loyola Student Union, Judge on WRC Discipline Board, Member APO-LSL, Member Cardinal Key Honor Sorority, Alpha Delta Gamma Little Sister. MUROW, E.: Music Therapy, B. in Music; Dean ' s List. NACCARI, C: Management, B.B.A.; $ K 0(Phi Kappa Theta), Wolf Staff. NAPOLIELLO, J.: Finance, B.B.A.; Pershing Rifles, Scabbard Blade, Alpha Delta Gam- ma, Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Sigma Nu. NELSON, Q.: Law, Juris Doctor. NICHOL, J.: Dental Hygiene, B.S.; JADHA, Dean ' s List. NIELSEN, I.: Dental Hygiene, B.S.; Dean ' s List, Junior American Dental Hygiene Assoc. — Treasurer. O ' BRIEN, M.: Philosophy, B.A.; President, A S, Student Government Association, Secretary, Philosophy Club, Representative, Mens Resident Council. OLIVIER, J.: Management Marketing, B.B.A.; (Library Manager) — A 2 n Professional Business Fraternity, Sailing, Tennis, Dean ' s Lists — Jr. Sr. Years, Photography. ORY, W.: Management, Bachelor of Arts and Commerce; The Administrative Management Society — Loyola Univ. Chapter Membership Chairman 1972-73, President 1973-1974, Member of the Year — 1973-1974, Outstan- ding Senior Award — 1975 (For Achievement in the Field of Management), Chairman — Se- cond International College Chapter Conference A.M.S. — 1974-New Orleans, Ad- visor 1975-1977, Blue Key National Honor Fraternity Sec-Treas — 1974-1975, President 1975-1976, Cross Keys National Honor Ser- vice Fraternity — Loyola Univ. President 1 976- 1 977, City College Student Union — President 1974-1975, Coordinator 1975-76, City College Student Union Bernard " Bernie " W. Klotz, Jr. Memorial Service Award — For Outstanding Service, Leadership and Dedication to City College Loyola University — 1976, Student Government Rep. Loyola Univ. — City College 1973-1974-1975, Chairman of City College Senior Night 1975-1976, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges — 1974-1975-1976, Named Honorary State Senator by Lt. Gov. James E. Fitzmorris Jr. — State of LA. for Leadership to Loyola University Community, Named Colonelon Executive Branch of Governor ' s Staff of State of La. — Service to Loyola University Community — 1975, Named Honorary Member on Staff of Sec. of State of La. — Service Loyola University — 1975, Stu- dent Rep. City College Sen. of Bus. Admin. — Planning 5 Yr. Budget 1976. OSTENDORF, L.: Acctg., B.B.A.; Student Government Association — Academic Comm. Chairman, Student Rep. of BA Cirr. Comm., Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gama Sigma, Who ' s Who Among College Students. PADUA, C: Biology, B.S.; Vice President of Eta Lambda Chapter of Beta Beta Beta Biological Society, Louisiana Heart Assn. Grant, Cardinal Key, Dean ' s List, Tennis, Sail- ing. PARTENHEIMER, H.: Management, B.A.. PAYS, D.: Dental Hygiene, Bachelor of Science; Member of Junior American Dental Hygiene Association. PEARSON, M.: Dental Hygiene, Bachelor of Science; JADHA. PELS, D.: History, Bachelor of Arts; ROTC DMG, Resident Assistant, Scabbard Blade, University Fellow. QUICK, L.: Communications, Bachelor of Arts; WLDC-TV Producer, Director, Anchor Person, Cardinal Key — Secretary. REESE, R.: Accounting, B.A. RICHARD, J.: Psychology, B.A.; Dean ' s List, Advance Placement in English and French. RICHE, M.: Psychology, B.S.S.; Member Alpha Sigma Nu. RING, M.: Psychology, B.A.; Student Union, Resident Assistant, APO-LSL, Psi Chi, Car- dinal Key, Alpha Delta Gamma Little Sister. ROLLEY, P.: Dental Hygiene, Bachelor of Science; Phi Phi Phi Sorority, Cardinal Key Honorary Sorority, Beta Beta Beta Biological Society. ROSE, G.: Communications, Bachelor of Arts; TV Production, Photography, Guitar. ROUX, L.: Marketing, B.C.S. SANCHEZ, J.: Marketing, B.B.A.; A A V , Loyola Rangers, Beta Gamma Sigma, Scab- bard Blade. SANTIAGO, R.: Psychology, B.A.; " Inter- national Students Association " , " Cheddy " . SCHEUERMANN, A.: Accounting, Bachelor of Business Administration; Dean ' s List, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi. SCHNADELBACH, L.: Communications, B.A.; Still Motion Picture Fhotography, Managing Editor, News Director of WLDC-TV. SCHROEDER, R.: Criminal Justice, Bachelor; Tulane University Concert Marching Band, Associate of Arts from Tyler, Texas, Assistant Scuba Instructor, Quill Scroll Award for Journalism. SEGAR, L., JR.: Accounting, Bach. Arts Comm. SEGRAVE, E.: Management, B.A.C.; Associate Degree Business Admin., Associate Degree Data Processing. SHINNERS, J., JR.: History, Bachelor of Arts; Member Pi Chi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta History Fraternity (Pres. 1975), Member Alpha Sigma Nu, Honorable Mention, Danforth Fellowship Foundation, Delegate 1975 Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference. SIDOROWICZ, J.: Accounting, B.B.A.; Phi Kappa Theta. SIMMONS, N., JR.: Accounting, Bach, of Bus. Adm.; Alpha Delta Gamma: President, Inter- fraternity Council: President, Beta Alpha Psi: Vice-President, Student Union: Dance and Entertainment Chairman. SIMMS, E.: Administration, M. Ed.; Chairper- son of the Walker School Cluster Human Relations Council, Member of New Orleans Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta, Inc., Member of Westbank Civic Community Organizations. SKWARA, M.: Psych., B.A.; Psi Chi Member, Philosophy Club — Secretary, Student Instructor in Psych. SLADE, J.: Secondary Education, B.S.; Dean ' s List — Spring 75. SMITH, G.: Management Bus. Adm., B.B.A. SMITH, R.: Accounting, Bac. of Arts in Commerce; Photography. SOKORA, B.: Elementary Educ, B.S.; Student Union Hospitality Com., Women ' s Residence Council, Disciplinary Board, Kappa Delta Pi. SORTO, L.: Psychology, B.S.S.; Secretary, Cross Keys National Honor Fraternity. SOUTULLO, C: Law, Juris Doctorate. SQUARE, A., JR.: Management, Bachelor of Arts in Commerce. STEPHENS, L.: Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science; Member of Kappa Delta Phi , Interest — Art. STEUART, S.: Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science; Alpha Pi Omicron — Lambda Sigma Lambda, Cardinal Key Honor Sorority. STOCKFLETH, G.: Medical Technology, B.S.; Alpha Alpha Alpha (Med. Tech. Society) — Historian ' 75, Beta Epsilon Upsilon — Presi- dent ' 75, V-Pres. ' 76, Dean ' s List, University Fellow ' 75, ' 76. STUMPF, H., JR.: Communications, Bachelor of Arts; WLDC-TV Production Crew, WLDC- Radio Announcer. STYRON, R.: Trombone, Bach. Music Ed.; Class Rep. and President on S.G.A. from Music School, Member of Kappa Delta Pi, Member of Concert, Jazz, Brass Ensembles. SUMMERFORD, T.: Mgt. ADP, M.B.A.; Ma- jor U.S. Army, Golf, Fishing, Interest in All Sports. TASSAIN, W.: Psychology, B.A.; Dance Club, Psychology Honorary Club, Music, Art. TATE, G., JR.: B.C.S.; Basketball. THOMPSON, C: Psychology, B.A.; Member of the International Student Association. THOMPSON, D.: Biology (Pre Med), Bachelor of Science; Associate Member — BBB Biological Honor Society, AAT Fraternity (3 Yrs.), Tennis, Golf, Water Skiing, Student Union (1 Yr.), MRC (1 Yr.). TODD, C: English, B.A. TOLBERT, A.: Journalism, B.A.; Maroon Staff, Piano. TOMCZYK, R.: Journalism, B.A.; Director of Public Relations Loyola Student Union, Layout Editor Maroon, ADG Fraternity, L.U. Public Relations Staff. TORTORICE, M.: Guidance Counseling, M. Ed. TUSA, A.: Medical Technology, Bachelor of Science; Member of Medical Technology — Alpha Alpha Alpha. VASILOVIK, C: French Drama Speech, Bachelor of Arts; Member of Alliance Fran- caise, Member of Cardinal Key Honor Society, Lead in CANDIDA, Directed STATUS QUO VADIS for My Senior Drama Project, Accepted for Audition at the Alley Theatre in Houston. VEADE, W., JR.: Management, Bachelor of Business Administration; Beta Gamma Sigma, Dean ' s List, Graduate Cum Laude. VERNON, P.: Medical Technology, B.S. In Med. Tech.; Treasurer oifr d fiMed. Tech Society.JuniorYr.— Member B 2 y Med. Tech Honor Society, Reading, Playing Piano, Bird Watching, Dancing. VIDAL, E.: Journalism, B.A.; BSU, L.U.C.A.P. VIRGADAMO, B.: Mathematics, Bachelor of Science; Arts and Sciences College Assembly, Secretary — Honors Program, University Fellow, Alpha Sigma Nu, Intramural Sports, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. VOGT, S.: Management, Bachelor Business Admin ' t. WADE, J.: History, B.A.; Beggars Frat., Stu- dent Union 4 Years, Chairman Dance Enter- tainment, 1st V.P. in Charge of Programming. WAGNER, C, JR.: Crim. Justice, Bachelor; Police Sergeant, 32 Mason, New Orleans Consistory, Motorcyclist, Cross Keys, Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Fraternity. WALKER, H., JR.: Juris Doctor; St. Thomas More Club, Chairman Student Bar Banquet- 1975, Legislative Assistant, L ' Order du Bon Temps — Charter, Member. WALSH, M.: Comp. Sci., B.S.; Dean ' s List, Arts and Science College Assembly, Chess Club. WALTER, M.: Marketing, B.A.; On Dean ' s List, Member of Beta Gamma Sigma — Business Honorary Fraternity, Made Who ' s Who Among College Students, Participated in Intramural Sports, Secretary of the Loyola Canoe Trail Club, on Hospitality Committee. WALTERS, G.: Accounting, B.B.A.; Member of the Last Loyola University Basketball Team, Received 4 Year Athletic Scholarship. WALZ, J.: Law, Juris Doctor. WASHINGTON, Z.: Social Welfare, Bachelor of Arts; Activities — Community and Humanitarian Projects, Interests — Social Work and People. WELLMEYER, B., JR.: Management, B.A. in Commerce; Member A. M.S. WERSTEIN, C.: Theology, B.A. WHELAN, T.: Communications, B.A.; Alpha Delta Gamma; President, Vice-President, Loyola Student Union; Vice President, Recreation Chairman, MRC, University Park- ing Committee. WILLIAMS, M.: Accounting, Bachelor of Business; Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Fraterni- ty, Reading, Sewing. WILLIS, L., JR.: MBA. WINECKER, H., JR.: Law, J.D.; Central Budgetary Board of Student Bar Association, Politics, History. WOODS, G.: Law, Juris Doctor; President — Loyola Law School, Chairman of Loyola University Board of Appeals, Loyola ' s Representative to the Law Student Division of the American Bar Association (LSD ABA), LSD ABA Liaison to the American Bar Association ' s Section on Bar Activities, Freshman, Junior Senior Representative to the Student Bar Association — Loyola School of Law, Blue Key National Honor Fraternity — Vice President, Twice Recipient of the American Bar Association ' s Silver Key Award, LSD ABA — 13th Circuit Resolutions Chair- man, Student Government Association ' s Loyola Law School Representative, S.G.A. Presidential Search Committee for Loyola University, Loyola University Committee to Obtain State Financial Aid, Delta Theta Phi — Legal Fraternity — Treasurer, Tribune and Vice President, Delta Theta Phi — National Convention Elections Committee, Loaned Ex- ecutive to the United Fund for Greater New Orleans, Comptroller — A.R.C. -New Orleans, Law Day Chairman, Article Contributor to THE CODE and STUDENT LAWYER, Loyola Law School Awards Night Committee and Award Winner, Dedication Committee — Loyola School of Law. YARNOLD, H.: Finance Mgt., M.B.A. YOUNG, R.: Sociology, B.S.S.; American Society of Safety Engineers, American In- dustrial Hygiene Assoc, New Orleans Bonsai Society. ZIMMERMANN, D.: MBA.

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